Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: July 7, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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;" Sampson Will Call at the Capi- Dynamite Cruiser Will Open Fire
ftSty Will C pittft ate to Shafter's Brave tal City on His Way Home. on Santiago at Noon Today. He Gives Further Partioulars of th
A rmy at Noon Today. Naval Battle OffSantiago3-.


P .-MP-- .'< O- ", lmricm Flet to Proceed to Hiam Traty-foer Hors Dteay Grmante at Re.- i S [ ,[eI HYE Al l A
,N- .a..' k ReMug Saigo. qnst of Foreig Consl i -

Si the Death of General Linares and Sampson is Now Looking After the Cristobl Cel u Wa
h Cap i re of Adirl Cervera. LEE WILL SOON BE LEADER SAMPSON WILL AID SHAFTER- is in Command of the AmericanlPeetL

B.invEA ,CO--AT ATE D Pitshngh Will Now Get a Chance to The Long Delayed Bombardment of
0= MA COWGATULAT Go to the Pront With His Armyl Santiago to Begin Today, and Washington, July 4-At midnight the Jared. e t on board the
.c e Wa aid thP Corps-Good News for the Will Last Until the Bpnish navy department posted a translation where C1 ToemsI
iW wrig i of the cipher message received trom and one ma n ws na,' .'
er tir- Spani rd Made a ?le adid Fight. Volunteers. Forces Surrender. i Commodore WatA n. Admiral Cerreva al
wh were Special to the Tribune. -The message was stintlar to that re- mndint oscen it the fUse I
ceived to-day from Admiral Usampeon. thosn o the Oqtsado. uses cs
b capared. Sai July 4.-As Adral er- o t Special to the Tribunebut contained additional Information owners, and are iow oMn ne
S', s r -' err. who wu siphu?.d to3da0 by the s*^^ to the Tr;bun. Spee' to the Trlbu- e.......
hVie-oJrSWho-Was-captureen to-day byotheS tWatson's dispatch was as follows: "Abou
A e. lamrMan i et, ste ped upon the gang Washington, July 5.-Now that there Washington, Jul -The surrender of a'Plya del Fate, July i3-At 9: A t30 to- Aovay ae s a
way of the gunboat Glon c-ter, Comrn- t no question concerning the early fall Santiago has not 't occurred, but at day, the Spanilh squadron, seven Chp a er tiurah d by the
meafler tWainwright said to him: of Santiago, the war and navy depart- 12 O'c tr4-morow. if the Spanish uarodoh the seaklent gsrtrtg
lt "I eoawratulate you, sir, upon having ments have been planing for an attack general has not notified General Shaf- in all. Sinluding one unba merc c A m
tihe day, made as gallant a fight as was ever on itvana, and the capture of that city ter that he w111 surrender the dity to the o ..The harboreet wasntirely o The pI o lo Wl
i . ve.. w. t t6md upon the ea." together with General Blanco. American army, the siege guns will be- within an e rl 3d 8 Tilned roles *OR
IFla, g Bob" Evans, commander A dispatch was received to-night gin their work of destruction and Ad-itn an Colo, except the csed forty- and ore bt ed. 0O
tightt Of the lowa. had the honor of capturing from Admiral Sampson, off Santiago, miral Sampson wHI order his fleet of tob Colon, hi w as theB beldn card sot oa bn er the
"agrl te ass hl boats of the Viscmya while saying that an expedition is being fitted war ships to begin the bombardment of five mle to the westwa by the Bro. s b .
the the Spaniards were pulling away from out for an attack upon Havana. the city. iYn- Oregon and Texal. s e to .h I S tae
Ie- the wrei .When Captain LEvans re- It is stated that Admiral Samlson'.a The dynamite cruiser Vesuvlus en- 'The Cbhriistobal Colon surrendered to "I have lst muie m l tel
me t om the eet ith the prone fleet will proceed to Havana m etedthe haer to-day, firing a number the Brooklyn.. the flagship of Commo- the guntoat ,mdl yii
li n ined sfroam the flhewth the prloner feet willproceed to Havana mmedate of charges of gun cxton that they dorecey was beaedtoprevent ha hie
n trI.lam the Viscars he sald ly upon concluding operations at aan- would strike the water ao hal mile r rom sfning, squadron wa loobaet eptvet t
In 'is I left the Christobal Colon/far to the tlago. ahead, as it was believed that the "x- her from si ilng. squadron oa looKtm owt f C
or wtr an hrgo a and the Ogon When this news was delivered to sc- on of the n cotton would explode "None of our ofleers or men were In- Cr itobal Colon. W
r Wward a r and the Oegon Wen news was delivered to e-all of the ub-marine mines in the chan-
osa giving her heB." retary Alger, he sent for General Miles, nel. The vessel advanced slowly and
IE: .Iest and a plan of attack upon General the -work of the terrible exptolve was T3 NAVY CONGRATULATD. I RS BA3~TO AT
4i'sIss .AXPAL4 ID IN WAT. lco's flores was at once discussed. evidently ucceseful for the vessel wa
Whe not officially announced, it riding at anchor In safety, this afternoon -
e not oclally announced, vit ai within a mile of the city water front. Secretary Loi Sends a Cablegram tO iSuealier he fot Va I
i f Imbe of e n peatad z That 0ar0r Would the general opinion that they decided to The most accurate reports received fdsaja aipn P tai 'aitia.o
T, a iaha a e re areW ais direct General ithugh Lee to at once from the Spanlards show that not less Admir term n at 6lntlo. Lande th
praireitihe Srevnth army rp r than three hundred Spaniards were
th Nlhuas0 prepare the Seventh army corps for killed and eight hundred were wounded pecial to the Tribun. Specialto r
r b 5 e1to1 the nArtle ynvlg magrchmei orders and to be ready u soon tn yesterday's norvl engagement.
f Ors. i gan .e ot thty ibe see- as pos mibMle to go to Porto Tmp& to em- Among the lead er lle inn Washington. July 5-The follow eYor, J
p ,ad n beforete @ aotln report a be ark upon an epedMton against Ha- the Spanish a W was G neral Vera del telegram `was ent to Admiral Saampon & Lrr ar, nLnaLbBs
i. te st Mon es andan.Ray, who commanded a dlvaon of the fly *ecretary Lon on the Pnth t reCemd the follow .ig lp
do a the ue e ie l ad van l tpanish army under General Ltnares Jdy, just after the ofcial report of the (ara 2lptoa dt- i
qr 5t9.- Ceva flee t. 'I fTe seet tfeq pleneral Lee's corps will be Joined by At the request ot the oonsul* of tor- Jy ?tr d nled tm ibe '
it0o4w a tineg o-f therVast, for every General Shatter s army which has made egt, nation the American forces will get naval victory had b recelvdtrogt
W eier nk d or suc a plendld record Lt nStiago. ot beg the boardment os the cit secretary of s
SquSIp. hbe left there, ut will be reinforced by ready been sael escotend through their a dea ere
Mbposs : a to 4 b balked to have ten thousand eroo now p t TWo. ,American and Cuban lines. Among the comrade,. mratet acnowledement of ladigs0iee0 f o .
b, Very3 Bb 6v operi i easeln cuo- The movement onSan Juan, iorto refg were a number ot Cluba syn your heroism aad ear th t mr das r f- .a. lW
very heavy tr rsoeprs in oCs- The mavtement eon wan Por e athoinO rsn who have otN dared to pro- "All honor to the brave.e sddm
A on t se oanvsse, re- Rico will he postponed until all the claim hr sympathy for the In argen ou hav tn he d.
s '. t g. e the eded at there v~smet were troops needed to attack Havana have until the present time. They to ed You have w-tn the glory e rm nea i
i;,or sa ltp at de si .aa wro been landed. General J. J. Coppinger whe they reached the Cuan Nmhe ande Amercan navy John 00." i vve
greeted mat old friends from whom food; nmo aa hr olar n
ua o an e ino edosbet sdwat AI r will command the Porto Rico expedi- te~a had been parted seine the begin- A a Psrnr rT. tBA- l~ -
o- mem t mey oethd thae Crversea's tion. n in of the present revolution. e a by ftor w soro G __-a
aeK ems & btteolda d fIorlibTArt yAAA TO r CAUHT. NaS an Agrasmentrwith Barton does goi'ae
I;.i-.,.J the Spanh vessel r were seen -- Dae it Back tofhe the .l3im location. ,
..Imqd oat of harbor o santiaro. Admiral Cerver Talka of Hi At. But to Photograp"er's Outt Wll he -- k
th flarrop ork, with Admiral tempt to Bun the Blockade. Used bW "Amon leet Him. Special to the Tribune. ordr to ott Tampa -
seoen oa we a sreyn miles Hong Kong, July .--A report is cur-
aBlwaiy eastward. SpecIal to the Tritbune. Special une. -rent here from authoritY that canu not The ne Tr TOriune t Tatdie
The New o the fight at Off Santiago, July 6.-In answer to a Waas tu, July 6.-Withio week be doubted, that Germny s co-Pa'IIted te .fl tiail
:. L 1 ew6 F "Co H~ntlnoily put Question as to why he made the dash Commodore Watson's Eastern squadron pleted aorangements with Phaiporna 'ure tfirtd tho gaBttewP teS3m
|| Ii^about otheionr vessels from the harbor of Santiago, Admiral consisting of the Battleehipe Iowa and c a n'P e s reorhM!
&sjthatlwtvlhtaMe to theyanlairda Cervera amld that he was forced to. In Oregon, the cruIsers-Newark, (flaqblp). The meteb iast J h'. -b I een Jlacticrtanplrt Cooo. t^ Ml
S dic.l Bapson was lying in watt obedience to an order from General Yaie. Dixile and Yosemlte, and the made after, bat ated before, prior to .ad e aitg lSlav esi.d .
-.,erI isp pi that lct wet li some ot elanco, who was acting under instruc- Colliers Abarenda, Sctndia and Altxan- the present sitluatlon. sn orders, ae ateg~
S a alrshp of f hI sqadlron. He Uona from the home government, der, and perhaps the supply shp Del- 1 dIreultI t lo eava md ao taw
sr i get a chan e ,heeboeT. am the Be said that be made a dash for the monico, will sa from Santiago. Pan Changed d. b ront ly rrb o i
ht A merican vesete were able to west as there wa only the Americau According to the expectation of the s---that "tom t- b
on that side it the ent of the ht ate and destr the Slh fltChtamanga ltloi Park. July 5-- e to u.
Shm- M erf to Sq. bor. l e thought he would be able to commanded by Admiral Camar-a. The jlroad companies yesterday after. Timorie Guen .
pel t.the run outrnthebattleships, anf the Brook- ft has een determined that the noon had all tral on the i at This order wse dd
Sp t th h.---t Ie I l-y followed, he could easily whip her. squamron will not be delayed by orders Roesolle and RlngQold to a thebt the tranmsorts ha'e beenordered,.o
Jrl ym 4-OAt the *gWet He now acknowledges hi mlsatake, to bombard any of the ports on the regiments of troop ordered to the fsfll a
K Bf tiir IoI oc ff r o Vr Wa lg, Adjmlu.- and admtts that ,he underestimated the coast of Spaln or in the Canaries, but lront FreMaty. The iowur a y t] W w' *- -
i'tw Gehneral Corhln cabled ^fter to- ne tlin Qiualltlesc the Almerican crlb- shall proceed after Camara at a c hp-t b a rot a y. train toTh Sb th' :w 'wsw. *,
.. ...t..daser. .a......ls H se tato eu'e. re Pigrae.tost esemawtsowo w sto's.

& to sned u r Pole a U era He sal that or cruisers are ping rateg to gt GOnettWis6 wuan no was to 0& -
iWa .'L or oe anUd m that he eqal to any battleship the Spanish Both of the collers at Santiago are in oOamd of the ev-P-'ts. and hisl R "v. rth o th t
moted. navy, tll full of coal, and with the Abarenda staff, who were to leave las nihtO Pre bytete u sl "
t *the fleet will have plenty of coal for a IChadrton. At Rosrvle te t rainmen in a few ay to p l by
rga. Xn WON'T s. long voyage. received orers frem Washtitoa re the soldiers n
---= ___- Three of Cama-ras vessels entered ttie scind the 6der to move the troooa tirely broeen up by te r
"!PI. tl c the Tribune. Conmw od of the rmy to jet dea s u cal to.day. It mIs mdc- d om this that the de- lfnorcemuts to CBha.-8-vaenaiat5
ifr Tampa klethere Sater A tht Glory. OP O 1 apartment has made a complete change Judge A Ctei.., dii ll
I ^ top fo7 Tamp= lePt here heater Hub tht Gor. T P8 FOE of plans. had blowa to the gasl
ten more train loads of SpecIal to the Tribunt. ths term of the crinat o
ll av ee 4o-morrow. Washington, July i--It can be staT Vacancies in Shatftr's Army to be Troops Moving. spe of the var hs
o-night upon undisputable authority Filled as Rapidly as Possible Special to the Tr ibune. tng gea plat
a Agga "4 U"SIMtGat General Miles will not go to San- SSpaoepecial to the Tribune. rg gey -Ti afe
Sto leave On da he teleaphed General Washigton, July 5.--ecretary er tSecond and Third Wlon court to o
In -e olerar o be rer et e be h~te andeunced that troopE will Isd- A fourth and sixteenth Pennnylvanla,
h. ll, .Og t-.b e o~ar L pb e. . o . 1 i ....
diton d The reo isons fl r the ocha ae &ancies caused by lsckness, wounds rIton for embarRuo,. The change o t mo ,
s that Ohe ri e and death an also to offset the in the plans of the war department is
"mso. T shird thatGeaerdl cUt i comeeten to conduct strength of General Pando' army stated here to have necessitated the I

Saval prion wsl be e wta ed otheioheis now prtSontia ,of ar and tha nhecollier San Austtie ave
0 th ln M l .W If eW? s tho go eAt n v e No d erm undue haste aIn the movement of trooams
Stabe Areflecti o a te s In dlrecting that General hatter and to the front.
f h he a react un ona m Admiral Sampson so-operate, the pS t a- T
Pemennswiani ,vahuzzle at
l iamil Ve veT a and site n hundred d e es the bombardment of santra. tale
Uderd K~hajf Ssniiao Sners~~ will he bronght t go to theIr discretion.
tebo nhtt, Sae tiawekorNaval officers to-day di cusmed the o admr mara's fleet, July tnth thhol
O U n i t e d M .r l a maar awe e kffo rto fdm rClmCr as'e a nn cd h eo g
u .-., Humredand hep i~~s~pot n of A dmiral Cc erau and the Wisnpofts and torpedobooat dsstrsPn
tGe la A Im~aval w prina wl be estab ied, other onicers now prisoners of war on a the coler e
,,.. *aswm. SiV *A. Amavoft W(.,r mth, the American vm, No determlna- an te c t Agutie
,orr~~oasap~- 5te mlet~cn A s M r P returned, and It Is bladed that they- s
orpo s,_ bl at othih a ets tUoa had been reached u a to a lte hour. wll go fo hero to at to rotetthe .
as:~=~s Be~iit O Is ahown tw te now- Al of 'the Stansh prisoners were oast cits.
mmd egewl go to a mxheqsLIepeantHiS- ,f.red yesaterdayfr&om the mewcs6
qS 0e ~lb ac ftame, fo Admiral York sad othf vessel to the St. Lous, ~ V 6 e 67 ?o4,, 7
e .S~ a~sa die I much beter itted for their
~_ .npqu n O than the regular navalSpeci to tthe T .

1Wusrveei and th mOat Important pls. ef troos are
on- .t sent to New To Tr -u h _
= -9'... . .:. .-., ,....... -. : -

1 4 I: t

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S Softu. a

Eassevegt'v I


ao should S

r"~fk:t ~ntlr


Dewey and te ppinhe hUt are
the themes, among the Important items
i -1 ] r.. ; that come to P daily from Cuba, that
just now hold the public mind in a
IPfII f trensy of interest These famous is-
lands, of which there are 1.200 in num-
S O hA Mw beer, with an arda of 150,000 square miles
lie to the north of Borneo. The total
ISLf.. OpRoe s Post- population of the entire group is aboul
SI seven million, hee fourths of whom
S Cfi. are ubect to Spain, or at least have
Ca m0 h been; the remainder are governed by
VW SBa OCR #,I their own laws and customs, established
tag1 Prepadi Dall san according to independent native princes
S .... nAmong the larger islands are Luson,
.. .........1.. Mindaneo, Sanar, 3Mndoro, Panay,
. ............... 3 6m Leyte, 6 Negros, Masbate, Zebu. The is-
.. .......... ... U $40 lands lying between Luzen and Mindan-
eo are called the Bisayers, there being
OP NQ$N 1 A TNAE upward of a thousand lesser islands of
i p~ge In a & which little is practically known. The
forests abound: in ebony, logwood, gum
h u a ginettd to ,rei trees and bamboos. The Tagals and
SsotoaCs miDon order, Bisayers are the most numerous native
r isiadlt rt rces who dwell in cities and cultivate
aO es a rtll of ew low lands. Of these two millions and
a half are converts of Rome, while many
f thOe Bisayers are professed Mohamid-
t m AaVed as 5PPII- assB. The mountain districts are in-
habited by Negros, who in the features,
a ad oommunutcons statutes and mode of living resemble
es to W. F. STOVA.l the Alfoors of the interior of Papau-
probattb aborigines driven back before
y is U ie 5 M. Db5inbeftt the Inroads of the Malays. It is not
St p'-'t t generally understood why there is such
S D )ID)ATE an antagonism (between some of the
.."- AT mixed or hybridized races, a limited
Congrweman, portion of whom are professed Chris-
itret of Fnrtda. tians, and the Roman Catholic Priests
L AL B4Pk nt, who have been killed indiscriminately
1 bp county. by thesesae s sngeealots, while joining
the insurgent forces against the domi-
kolos now what a moo nation of Spanish inruence in the lead-
ing cities of the Philippine islands. In
ough Rders have forced climate, productions and resources the
o te b t resemblance to that of Florida is num-
Sthe brghte es oerous and striking. The variety of
fruit trees Is great, including the
e coming Tourth of July, orange, citron, breadfruit, mango,
Sdo t by burning your cocoanut, guva, bananas, pineapple,
sugar cane, cotton, tobacco, indigo, col
ee, cinnamon, vanilla, cassa, ginger,
o naturally arise Does pee, and other products Except a
I consider himself a for- few wildcat, beasts of prey are com-
a a or- paratively unknown. The jungles how-
ever are said to abound in monkies,
1wW merchants of san- snakes, and the rivers and lagoons with
Inta to quote prices for crocodiles, better known in Florida as
ide. alligators. If inclined to be poetical,
S" on be In a one mlgh; add that huge spiders tarran-
oon tulas, white ants, mosquitoes, and other
th his last stal took venomous insects constitute a better
Soff-set to the heligraphic and nocturnal
k-gori3us-day" .bu-eees corruscations of Irridescent light, that
Y cotIly to Spain, when 9summers so beautifully from the flre-
.u ten i : dles, brlluant queen beetlesinterspersed
ii.- with the melody of myriads of birds
ds fteet will have phe9-nt, turtle doves, and many va-
iadstren the Wation rietl of paroauets, and birds of para-
itb of bottle. dise, with which the forests abound. In
f rt From the way of substantial mellilluence it is
S in. ramc the I'added b'a sgesins'versed in classic art:
S in that n- tat hive of wild bees hang from the
.i a esb and along side of these are
","" r the nests af humming birds dangling
ls BB.4Bht a In the in the wind." That Commodore Dewey
a chaie Wo ith his Yanle hosts will soon succeed
nth s am" of 04. Itn -rrtr-ctng substance that is far
S" m e t. gm r eospriaMde~rUy than that
of "h ney. in the honey comb,". i patent
to every careful looker on In ManiU.
ije4l0 that is a tt eibit Over-4ndulgynce in cooling drinks
el oflt n leads to a hot time for the patient
e .- ~ sfore the family physician can restore
st s eaerst o1- hilm to a normal state of health.
latbiiSI .hapetnesity or
M ~tal t9ead ts onsem In the .stine, the coastwise citi
olftona clq -s, sea at ialan wll proceed to go into the
M pantom e0t Industry, with heavy
two V thisk01 It, the. ctcannadins as a side line.
*jdA _.v_. w-acfhl ana
Se i fO 8P Let us poelpois this question of a'
let w euenant general untIl the war is over
S. en le it be, as Alexander the Grea
s her s s .p'=s:ald toemoset worthy."

ti i ha had c ts ; ha.bter weighs 310 pounds, but he can
ija~ etieat paes, get a "move en him," much in advance
S of other genMrals.
Opha tea old town and
*.L' h ~-s. y hot tme The otillon-leader and the cowboy
I1 f r~l.P n close at work well together in military har-
..5 o ,-r.tb.aatter Uses. ,
XjAha censB eaeB Roosevelt's Rough Riders are out to
n-i aPijfl maobsd n'iS 'U*pat5. adst tep will win them.

p. as longer re

ra~~~p01 ,r~ t5



Ohsr the tiam
phsl sdiheLb

r oer snd Weak ..rAND TE WRPR.. ..o
F om New YorkH veMlg Post. The conquest of daln is6h pres Taepl
Naval experts are not going to see so must necessarily go on. The limitation S 5t, -L
t Catarwts M d BnOchia TroubIe- many disputed questions settled in this Ls ceslaed only to their extent ilhBth : Lr '
L Had no Appetite- Now Better in war as they hoped. What modern hemispheres No interference of an uy Nha-te
* ery Way-. Delicate Child. ships can do against modern forts, how toreign power Germany Russia or atfi ha -- !
Some time since I took a sudden cold great a role destroyers will play In IFrance singly or combined, will be per- gave me aM
and could not get rid of it. Beingsubject naval battles, will still be debated after mitted by the United States. The blood hSobt tiad,
Stocatarrhand bronchialtrouble I conghed all the light that can be had from the relation and geographical ties that bia da r. Ad .s"d
t terribly. I lost my appetite and grew experience of the present war. It is England to America, will force a recog- wit y eifh a e
poor and weak and I did not feel like the personal equation which vitiates nation on the part of those uropesan my iabsent esal
work. I began taking Hood's Sarsapa. the conclusions. Spanish gunnery has powers which have remained la the at- as advised to hle
Srilla. In a short time the cough disap- been so bad that it has done little to titude of armed neutralltis. The dash- Cove for maR
peered, I slept well, had a good appetite determine the power of forts to resist Ing youhtiPrussian prince orremperor eola. I ave it. j
and I was better in every way. Last ironclads. Spanish mechanical skill who seems to be spoiling for a ght,. but asi0 bottle. h-U
spring I was not feeling well, I had no ap- has been so poor that the effectiveness who has been thus far held in restraint thank God Ia. *
petite and no strength. I resorted to of torpedo-boat destroyers in Spaisah by the old and wise counselors of his hearty woan. -
Hood's Sarsaparilla and soon felt more hands proves little or nothing. Here cabinet, can have all the war he wants~ a 9 IL iOad. & M o'&
like work. My little nephew was a deli- is our old friend the Terror, which th If he dare to make a declaration. Of Re'ular eis U i r
eate child and had a humor which trou- newspapers have sunk so many time course he will not force a conflict with Guarante ours or Pri t
bled him so he could not rest at night, at Santiago running out of San Juan such odds against him. There are mil- MALARIOR WITI
SHe has taken a few bottles of Hood's Sar- to attack the St. Paul and going back lions of Germans in America, who, wtlle TABLE T .. "
separills and now he has a good appetite disabled. The Spanish destroyers are they have a love for their father land. G u an e, "":
and is able to sleep." MIs ABBIE J. in fact, all- the while breaking down are too intimately interested In our GU. dS
FREEMm South Daxbury, Mass. One of Camara's at Port Said is said nation's prosperity to lend aid to rulers Ae.or sMW refle.oa
SU o t Sarsa tobe in need of repairs. Will this stop or despots at home. To think of deterr-
flO ( ^S reaeIl the building of destroyers? Probably ing this government from its fixed and TAK _)
c parma not, for other navies will say. Give us unalterable purpose of completely wip-
Isthe OneTrue BloodPurifier. All druggsts. 1. the boats and there will be a different ing out for ever all Spanish domination Notim here -geSV
d'S i re the best atdner PAY THE WAR TAXES CHEER- on this western continent, will have no W d -th & Ja
i pill, aid digestion. 2M FULLY. more effect upon the leaders of this war uneaigneAd. ad that
F Y than that of the German emperor send- ae the se of hti n d
TIGHTENING THE BLOCKADE. The new taxes laid for the prosecu- ing his vessels to Manila to fill their me In the to tas* -a d
Not theleast rtant of the many ton of the war-other than those which sails with the east wind. nt orl me wei a t3
pieces of starring news which have been became operative on the passage ot the Hence the onward march of our arnn cause or prehoew tolC .: L
coming so thick and fast lately is the act. There ought to be not even a de- and navy to alese and hold Porto Rico and 10_ot oqWlb es i
announcement of e t o the sire, still less an effort, on the part of is a certain and inevitable as the ristng about 1 bsinSe ut'w
blockade s o th cover the southern good citizen, to evade the payment of to-morrow's sun. This famousI *- Gt sY Cnislisal .
blockade so as to cover all the southern 1istissA
ports of Cuba available for carrying of an of them. War is an expensive land is one of the most desirable of the 1st. A.D., 1
supplies to the Spanish. The difference business, and the cost has to be paid greater Antiles-it betng a hundred
between a blockadeof this kindandthat by somebody: it is a very small bust- miles from ast to west and forty miles bOt TebtmL a a s1 t
which has hitherto been maintained can ne on the part of any citizen to try from north to south. Its temperature To4R=' ao ne.
hardly fail to be of signal effect upon to shirk the share which naturally falls is of equal limits, the thermometer r tt 5a-
the situation at Havana. So long as it upon him In saying this, we do not idg above86 degrees or fallingbelow 5,0. sarsg. aS
was possible to convey considerable refer to the payment of taxes by manu- The atmosphere is the cooleet a i- heai- S od 80
quantities of supplies to that stronghold, facturers of special articles, and the thlest of any of the West Indies. Son iia, s s;,
especially in the shape of live stock, lIke. That class of taxes might, of Juan, commonly called Puerto Kico, in
from Mexico or elsewhere, as is said to courTe, be ruinous to the people engaged the northeast, is the principle port l
have been the case hitherto, the effect n particular lines of business, if not Ponce in the southwest, and Mayagues
of the blockade, while severe, was not shifted, in whole or in part to dealers, in the west, are also important ports. "
calculated to be quickly crushing. And nd by these in turn to consumers. / The area is 3,00 quare minls, and the '
in that effect the moral induence of the What we are thinking of is the taxes population nearly three quarters of a
situation mut not be overlooked. The paid by individuals, directly or in million.
receiving of aid from the outside, even directly, in the various little happenings The rich and exuberent verdure, the -as-a -i
if not very great in quantity, is apt to of every day life. The fact that you lofty mountain rangn and the great,0d v g
give rise to a great deal of encourage- have to put a two-cent revenue stamp fertility of the soul, with rippling i
ment. It feels the hope of a future on a check should not make you use streams of water in ample quantities lor, :,- -
turn in affairs which may result in ulti- fewer checks, but, if possible, more of irrigation purpo.e, conspire to make
mate relief, and it tends to produce an them. Every time you draw one you Porto hico an object of envy to th;e.
Impression of weakness on the part of give two cents to help support the Uni- varied agriculture o f the Ce*ntrAl-
the blockading power. Now that we ted States government when it needs American possessions. The quality of
are preparing for a decisive blow at han- money to carry on the war. It is an the sheep and splendid herds of cattle .
tiago, it is well to Impress on Havana extremely small sacrifice. So, when which are extenMrvely reared, L the-best..
a proper conviction of the relentless and you pay a little more for your cigars or and most desirable Of any growna o the
insuperable force which the United tobacco, or have to put a stamp on a West Indie islands, while the products
States is capable of bringing to bear telegram, you should not feel irrited' of the rich alluvial sofa extending from 'a
upon it. Cruel and heartless as it may by it, but on the contrary, you should the base of the hiL and -.o-5S. B
seem, the most merciful as well as the be glad to think that in the course of ranges through expeuse valleyn ared sorf9
most effective policy to pursue In the a year you will have contributed a little the most remarkable known to a .. .'s/ L J
blockade is that of unsparing rlgor something toward the support of the era of sugr, cotton, coffee, tobaoo. and I.T 5F s
since such a policy alone gives promise rmy and navy. Anybody who begrud- m y their tropical tuits. On to P ort '
of bringing the struggle to a speedy gee these little payments to the govern- Rioo Is now the ory, and Its tisssioncs
close. ment or makes it a study to reduce i among the pCbhlems o "'the v r ne Al
T them to a minimum must have a very future. Who hbaS fast iant te A t
TAMPA AND THE WAR TAX. "poor notion of patriotic duty. Ameritca flag pon itIafererrtsrks -
The war tax on tea, stocks and According to an uncopywrighted dis- remains onlyG oa L fewdayw to he*
bonds, beer, spirits, tobacco goods, patch, the boy king of Spain said to his RA.p T- f- HAVA &-WAT?
bank checks and blls of exchange, in- mother recently: "'Don't you think it. J
surance telegrams, telephones banks, is about time for the European concert Let it ie ilahitood t 'the~ t 0e6i
billiard rooms, bowling alleys, mort- to play some peace overtures" template demonstration agabt e.
gages, tc., that goes into effect to-day apanish e".ctte by te e
will, it is calculated, cost Tampa at the When Od a Glory was fluh to the h n vy is -eta aient of to e mind. r
rate of 2,000,00 per year. Th"i seems oreese at Gu",nmmo, the next thin was its a.un ..nht aon, Inmtended:
was a United sMates poetofice. They (aaa s C
burdensome, but it is a burden that we w nit to ceekmltee Atlral -Camarm. **t
shall not feel Let it be remembered are probably charging box rent by this plan has beeh reriously disecued ato i t-e
that in one way and another this citytime. Wahlnteon -for se a t im.
has already gathered in nearly $3,000,000 The wonder of all is that Mr. Letter If, after the fall of'- Santag, San
out of the war. That is by means of wasn't patriotic enough to select the- Juan and Havana, tht tooshprthene
the war Tampa has had an opportunity glorious Fourth as a good thme to let ble, Quixotic thing termed gpa
to make that amount that we could all that money go up in smoke. 9bonor," shall, like Oliver I li
* not have made unless the war had been for "more," then shali tbey AeeeievNm e n*e
in progress, and yet the war is only two The Spaniards are becoming such than enough "
months old and the amount above rep- adepts at sprinting that they find It the An actual invasion or a f4rma
resents the entire sum that the war tax easiest thran in the world to run out of cupatlon of Spanish pQots ais au~:i
will cost Tampa for a whole year. coal. tended. either of these weoul ne.ee.
Tampa has no kick about the war tax. Linares and Cervera are both short of state a large army. Our soldiers
is off and the war books closed Tampa ammunition. Sampson and Shatter will he left at hom~ e Our squadron coni
will still be the 'winner. Tampa will give them all they need--a la Dewey. demolish batt a dozen of the prils ih
derive a large revenue as the mnUiltary ports of Spain. l
and naval depot of the Island of Cuba, Toung America will now proceed to This wold e carrying the war Inta
and much more from the additional lay a few spare thunbs on the powder- Arica in a stle ine By v
commerce created by our conquests if bedecked altar of patriotism. t the Don in his knee '"
our merchants and moneyed men show The Santigoans are now dieting on S.B. ns the edtar- ot Ge Bu te
ordinary judgment and energy. wick Times, is oonductiro a madsa'e o-
Tampa hasno kckaboethe war tax. horsefesh-this is the beginning of the cent fgtm for the cause o clean potics.o -
We are too patriotic for that end. Th Tmes deserves the port of
people of G(lynn county, because of the '..
If there is any one thing that this war Rooeevelt may yet ride into the chair fight it Is making and the fearl si ,Me a
has proved up to the handle it is that of the governor of the Empire state. est manner in which the ght isa made i
our navy is clear fighting grit all the Rs is one of the moat lne aisIva-
way throoht. Never once haa It failed 'Rah for Rooaevelt! He is the mold ecnlary writes e t ohe otx Oa mWS. f 9
under the test. Not an officer or a man of which foro, are made. the courag 'of his'.coIotn. ahHlin

hasflinched from any danger, but many always be found where the fit kaiy
bve wept because others were sent to- de his a ne :

ntvl serves Every man ne thean In GeB -,
fe death without them. Dewey daredopg 50 ot w r t y
the torpedos at Manila;. Bagley died fe-- newspaper dwn rclthe isheIph alt hnsd ime
in the attempt to do a battlership work gve 0 1 dwell o in etheouht enthat cod cas wlct
with a little eggshell of a torpedo boat M ,r,. M tO tacon News-Mr. Tri umse and old
Ct rdhem en and Habson throwing his ds a take of t he bt ib n and was co -
life like an old ars into the channel at W ? d he of the bt n petro
Santiago were merely types of our whole 0 aretitet Lorida. He is a natural born journalt
anvto sthemorviceto.svery man in d Ot d thattheiara h.e ont
wanted to go with Hobson l at t evW to mode urusy t warian a rebio athingi t
Newersey Is still the paradise of th la soft vi edthaeu'sinor"
gold-brick men. The farmers of that iU re vite taes asrt o wor hetUL" t.-
beaithe a stte have been dropping t MAA ya of In hot wetor t e k t t
each nto the hat of a stranger wo lgve hma ? In hot weaonther t I that vei pash i. onI
them written assurance" that they.' anemia p dwel on the thought that cold cash will
would not be drafted in Cuba. Evi .l i take one to th e ....s LIe
en Uy the tothamn papers do not circa- i n the s iU the A Tb ;arbed Ut e ohrjW rd the trcho are
late in tle Mosqllto state watc t A"a ym can b a& that ha he A talords have contribute V
C euved at ame ti jme t as tomodern warfare .
Genie el Elanco is said tohe chafing -. 'as 'ft .'' -.. SB g
over his oiotion. Oh, what a differ- MiLr. Ptum o N*w .Jps has been
ence ther usl be when Sampson, withr g otii a liS- ^ dier ____ T i..=:.
the Vesuvius on the side, Is battelili S@ 1S'S
down the wals o otd Morro! ... ........
Oagta wtH try the plebiscite plan yaiC,., I.Lb
(with eight modcatons), to learus t.. ee ..
ether tW ont5ah desire ei -t ..... a tug:t. seuls A-
Xesaw*bue Uncle Sam will acqulVaW V g n r eeo _4 a
IftW Xwn Islands, '. Am*aakWIg 'n
)tr S-ghatter inky he roglng the 4twb the weaisst W- l,
game from the bench, but: he _hasar i)- I
r-Zste4d bastters so that he can get ou 1014 TA,
"satho U He without any unneces' gsLw4 -

-MR be T VOheasi la ars aid BRgilar Says Th Bas ku lo Chauge i the Eipected at Sntiago SudIy With
t tt Itolde Shalter. mlia Situatol. Eighty Five Hndred Troops.


l Fqui irst n llinois Went Aboard the Ships They are Responsible for the Latest His Shlip Have Moved Into the Up.
Ia"i T&i*A ItB lest Night-Two Vesela Moved Stand Reported to Have Been per Harbor and Guns are Being
.-Oin 0Out of the Slip-Order PFrom Taken by the Insurgents Un- Taken Ashore to Strengthen
S-tbs Washington. der Agninaldo. the Land Fortification.

I V it bsae. Special to the Trtbune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune.
ti a.-. The tate.de- Washingongton, June 2une 9.-The navy de- Off Santiago, June 28, via. Kingston,
eo wed eieal Information have been issued for the departure of apartment. late this afternoon, received June 29.--It was definitely stated here
t'Admirnb Camara. corn- another large army expedition from the following message from Admiral
5e 0ani iamer e squadron, Tampa, composed of about nine thou- Dewey, who is in command of the to-day that General Pando, with eight
tbe to or. ee' i fiset to pas sand men of the Second division of the American fleet in the Philippines: thousand five hundred Spanish rein-
Ib'kr qan s o and tht the Furth army corps, under command of "No change has occurred in the sit forcments from Manzanlllo would reach
a*Mre" than bhal way from Brigadier General Snlder, and six bat- nation here since my message of June SP.ntlago Sunday morning.
I -te0pote end of the tertes of artillery, three light and three 17th. Five German, three British, one Tnt, n .ws ,-i cateed Genero. Shatter
heavy. The preparations have been French and one Japanese war ships are to be x,., ic_-l cautious and be now
ttha"anewwas to expldle preceeding quietly for some days, and anchored in the harbor of WManila. has his ,crces concentrated so that there
of te B amn squadron although the stores a gong aboard "General Aguinaldo. the insurgent is no possibiPty of teing flanked by the
w -f -aed by. Cotmodor at Tampa, a rigid censorship at that chief, has established himself at Cavite enemy.
point has prevented any word going under the protection of the American General Shatter has positive infor-
r d t ts et prcm d out to the expedition. gunl He is now organizing a formi- motion thai L ney-one otoasand tope
iitp. WhICm b now tboW pre- The actual departure from Tampa was dable army. are now camped In the vicinity of San-
thier Torkm ny yard to epeeted by the war department to oc "The progre made by General Agui- tiago.
Mme.Us sadrsm cur to-day, although there may be una- naldo haa been wonderful, and he has Immediate steps will be taken by
].>> , t megt an are to earr the expedition. The war- mane manner. My relations with him third of has pre-ot foice and five thou-
meY fAUiF)l (=- a- ships eonstituting the naval convoy are have been extremely cordial, though our Land Cubans between the Sppntsh forces
SBStrto bmW not dln losed, but they pp bably will conferences have been only of a personal that all the guns that could ,be moved
1 tM . J tht Mn' l clr de onebattleship an several cruis- nature. DEW-IY." itrot the ships have been carried ashore
eL^ TGeea tw he ert ond and divs crat While the officials of the navy depart- corrmne tded Fy Cent al Linaefr in
S. ral der' Second division of ment refuse to discuss It, there is every command sf the Santoago tcrcee, and
Sb t navy do. the Fourth army corps is made up of reason to believe that kAdmlral Dewey Pando, wbc ie lt commap3 of ths forces
toa C* the nava three brigades and nine regiments, as stated In his message that the insur- coming tc the aid of the Santiam forces.
q p Mt. fow: gents, under colomand of General 'Agul- Admira Seampson has ascertained
r he so l Fi1rst brigade. Colonel I. de Rusey naldo, are not now anxious for the es- that Adn',.sl Ce,'era's fleet has moved
S tfthe c eommandg-Eleventh United states tablishment of an American protector- Into tie ntr harbor of Santiaco., and
ai d senfbreseuts ^ lo ftr, Nineteenth United Slates In- ate. the city.
di o t s intr. tIt is known that the insurgents have
r tee n~ l e. ats of Second bilgade, General L H. Carpen- lately stated their desire for complete Men's Psotective Alociation.
ij V& dadiee trom rer eomr&nandlng-Flrst district of Independence, and It is believed in
s __e oo at evey .-port Columbia, Second N-ew York, Fifth Washington that the German's are
M&AM-. .'A& b Me pr"_ Mar landL The farmers and wood dealers had
S Third brade General H.Hall partly responsible for thehage other meeting at te city al yete
Hall, The American authorities do not an-
-- commandln-Third Pennylvania. One tcipn erfen fromG day A series of preambles and iesolu-
Hundred ant FIfty-seventh Ohio, First et ail ntererene ro tions were offered by President J. C.
i Illnois. Green, looking to the final and -perma-
S Whether same regiments will be taken nent oiganlzatlon. The secretary, W.
*^*.o ^ from other divisions cannot be stated TOO PBEVIOVS. W. Hooper, was directed to have printed
definitely. I: is known only that Gen- an article of a-reement, copies of which
i-ofahe Frst Will b eral Snyder's division has been looked The War Department is at its Old ace.to be sent to every dealer in the
upon by the war department as the one county for their signatures. Returns
w" L a Gwd to tbe best equipped for an Immediate start Uame of Deceiving the Public, of these are to be made in time for the
gyA1xWsl UeBuai The batteries will be designated by Gr.-,- next meeting, which will be at the city
*i.._.- "- eral Randolph, in command uf the artil- WVashlnglon. June .--iTe war de- hall. Friday. July 15 inst., at ten o'clock,
lery at Tampa. partmcnt announced tl-nlght that nine am. Toere was much interesting die-
t the expedition Rot aw -ay It .thousand mrn. under t-e eral Snyder, cushion by various members on all
Flo ra .to e It n owill arrive off Santiago about next Sat- left Tampia ate this afternoon icr San- points of Inrteret, and a price agre-d
.otb s5 Cr bfoa urday. The tri, doubtless will be to lat ths f n or an- upon h ood hereafter be
i th eastward, around Cape hayafo. along The report stated further that the delivered in Tampa, until rvrtener notice.
A". f"or comanile the same route as that of the Shaftter fleet of transports, bearing the troops Viz.. green .pitie at $3, dry p'ne, $3.25
i- wd wil fnO on expedition. This will bring Shafter's wilt ante off Baquirt Cuta next h tun- lockwood at $3.50. Inese pi(e -s and
.r ierBnm ter. force up to about 30,000 men, made up day night articles of agreement are of course sub-
S s-- wee tswa a ather- of the 16,000 men he took with him, Gerl- It is believed that thiu report ie given Ject to the final arrangemerc with which
i- eve ning thn eral Duffield's command an the Harvard out to deceive the public as there has every dealer is expected to comply.
afitd O Wed S se ng and Yale, anc General a'yder's division been no report of the arrival' of any Wh'le waiting the art val of the farmers
..a tm o5stm oiZ of from Tasnxa. transports at Tampa since six arrived and others, Clark A. Crum from Chicago
oST hW'1r.h5,^ pievsm It was learned at the war department was called on to address the meeting,
T iB'- 'Davd i to-day that General M3les probably will which he did with telling effect.
**?' kl i_ auran r proceed to Santiago wi ian the course-hih he did with telling effect.
of a week the exact date not having EGYPT IS WITH US. Fe.t ,' oa,
id aK~nLWt beenl determined,
.jl. a O^ to Oen- The Government ReAsed to Allow The British schooner White Water,
* usf heavy ar- a the Spaniah Fleet to Coal. Wiliam Badden, captain and owner,
the e entered yesterday.
yeeter- Special to the Tribune. Her carxo consisted of 1.200 bundles
sl l, Cuh July e--At 8 o'clock to-teTbne Cairo. Egypt, June 29.-Adnmiral Ca- ot bananas, 66,000 plalatains, 1,600 pLie-
-ig the fr fCl--At clock n mara, commanding the Spanish resreve apples.' and 2000 cocoanuts. She cleared
bid e gt the first office rept h et squadron which arrived here yeteday from an British Honduras, cry-
hoere ved m the front since y rday from Cadiz, asked perssion r the ing a crew of eghit, nd two a, an.
r' an government to-day to coal his fleet. ing a crew of eIght, and two paeienges.e
6- 1itefo" Te 1 cts fr p ca TheAn eri frces A large number of soldiers haunted the
Sthlrce The rAn eri an force he aied The Eg ian government definity vicinity of the F,C. t& P. R. R. docks
ea tej ve othm before aem, but at trae at refused to grant the permission requist- where the catfngrws being discharged,
.-knwn s A Ln ta A e ed. believing that the Spanisn fleet hasikeet erys banana that
ILa A tl he 8 a t hadl been, coalienough to enable it to steam to the picking up every stray b a e that
Ri oslfi oknown-' for'md s6& Into- the ad st 5 Of 8Intl t go. nearest Spanish pert came In slrt, and once or twine swarm-
-ff-.e... R.i.les, At..dYai this morning the strutIle It is said that British pressure was bLng all over thedecks, much to the dis-
*t --CogtV.,e- a _m ed ,oand before soon the brought tc beer to compel the Egyptian comfort of the deck hands.-
... es^ vAei n bfadb driven the S ltses fe government to refuse the request.
Z-. _' SCM the lty into the fortifications on A CHIDID ENJOYS
ta- ,P r tie'gime ( is the opgo ate side from that which -wat
Sm~-er, the first take a t "- Diff rcult Undertaking. The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and
lotis5 four swsi e se-w* e Jisbeetants of Santiago had l soothing effect of Syrup of Figs, when
SbBBP .I55r1tu o tthe heaurF to the moenataJs for protection, ad Special to the Tribune.
R s g y PleSd t there was absolutely nothing to check Washington, July 2.-A message re- in need of a laxative, and if the father
C'ubi o wliru th the t*Amerletaadvance. The blo. kadlng celved here from an operator near the or mother be costive or billious, the
' Si a'Sto t lee bS had e oded lnee to the entrance battlefield to one of the administration most gratifying results follow its use;
yeS VgS pe sthe r of the haiet and contleed to send a officlas this afternoon gives other de- so that It is the best faitiv remed
IiJ1. 4s1* i s su c and shell Ito the shore taste of the battle between the Amer-
__la p cas andd the Spaneiards, and states that known, and every family should have a
A i Aa The5.- % Pe objat of Admlr al sinuon ap- the fighting r as resumed at day break bottle. Manufactured by the Cali-
S sd l W... nr ed to hbe to force the Spanish fleet this morning, and continued throughout fornia Fig Syrup Co.
Sto come uSer cover add fht In the day. spense, at eleven
the _o.. I sn d'he as' u SSeSSul, The dispatch states that the fighting After erday sue t lem
.' biat the b-O of tile Am.rc.a wn terrific on both sides and 0 the, o'clock yesterday the District Of Coltm-
atess tflt and was paid Sw by the lcnf of ille, and wounded are being rapidly brought to bla volunteer regiment received orders
'inQaL. 57s, the no r of at least five hundred the rear for treatment, by the surgeons. to break camp They passed down
Atr et- "ato.' t rooshdde Jtkilng from the number of wounded Franklin street in heavy marching order
LPP1. After Gteral /wton's troops had the operator says that our losses are far to the Sotuth Florida dpot, and -were
/ .-tmred tis.scIty, three Spaisah men of beyond the original expectation of ort- conveyed to Port Tampa In the open
-.., ar opeld fire, and the shelts burst clis, cars especially built for transporting
ms_~an or. among the Americas troops, doing ter- The officials or the war department troops from this city to the port. There
iLntr o camPe rtble eimptlo5 Nearly one whole are very much concerned and are tear- they at dnce embarked on hoard the
ha fcen y o the r nth c~tavlry was ful that the capture of Santiago is prov- Catnnia and set sail to relinorce Oen-
h~i5 wip[ted out by Use explosion o4 one of the tig far more difficult and baxardous eral Shatter, to the delight of the entire
i e f. than was reckoned upon, when the at regiment.
5* W~ m h ( General hafiter had pot gotten all of tack nas begun. Win your battles against disease by
ta B'i. 1et Temp 111 heavy field artilery traissed upon in yr batl e ainst e by
a_ boad thles, the city .befaor the flghtlng was re Tting promptly. One Mttirnute Coug

k-' ,1 .C. .At least fifteen thousand troops at- -C
ia""e'htacked the Americai saod for at leas Special to the Tribune. taken early it prevents consumption.
NO r5 six howrs the fighting was fast and fu- Madrd, July 2.--An offcial dispatch And in latmr stages it furnishes prompt
.. riolis. Neither side otould clale a vie from Santiago states that yesterday, the
is -',. i' los', but the Spaniards retreated to e (the Amcrlca s) advanced with- rellet. B. LeonardL
Ve In their laL tro ld in the fortress on in a league of the ciy, and that hia
.e1 ,a-. the utweesf n side of the island American squadron approached the har- Harrian wife, o ,
bo .yn fl--'--(3 s d ..... . ... Tbae Ha~rris, who is sergeant of Co.. C,

u n.ehoc in Yborl' l Lo I of Life. seral Blaco cables that nothls irs t Flo1rda egiment, before leaving
\ riay ev.en-1 -- known of Ge.neral Escalo's coln for Santiago. Tom Is a soldier trom
uba, al tof Speeqlat tihe Ti'rule.' whii started from tMasanlllo las the sole of his feet to the crown of his
W fwa-o. July 2.-Reports recel- week to reinforce General inarxes at boysead, and will he one ofhis state Floridmake
dM f adfra t eom e armp Cuba say tha Santiago. boys that will nor his atate and make
V 4 O dmrimig the &dSav e of a eners.La.wton's himself famous as one of the heroes of
imm t0 brigade. the avce of ife was teritaoe. the day. Coi. and Mrs. Harris will re-
te brigade, te los of ilfe was terrible. Blanco Sends Reinforcements. turn home to-day.
S a T VYery Latest. Key West. June 50.-A vessel of the -For strong nerves, good digestion,
of wof s -- bockading squadron arrived here to- sound sleep and cheerful spirits, take
Was hinghton, July i .-Th latest re- picked up fifteen miles off the coast of
tk P.otr- er e Yed to-nlgbj from the b&tle- Cuba. He was in a small boat and blood and regulates the whole system.
o's '" t Setth aw d -that the American loss wU heading towards Key West. The Cu Sold by S. B. Leogardi.
' a s I re. h at e 11 00 killed and .000 'ban said that he had slipped away from
,ueuu: w~ d. Havana. and that last Sunday General Mr. I. S. Giddene, county treasurer,
I WMn. CDs TheI ft dm Pe was k*"e b the Blanco had dispatched ten thousand has his announcespen in to-day'spagper,
an6 War 'AMp s in the harboe of t"n- troops to Sarlergo. seeking a re-Indorsement for the peOi-
Rtiao These sh- p kept quIet tbrough- tion that he has so satisfactorily filled
: .5Mpg l ON the egage enet ysoterdam. but this Wsison as Avried for several years. He has made the
d .ornln& s oon as the American for- W 0on Re Arrred. county an ideal official, always accom-
mtattt e advsome so as to be in range, the -- modating and polite, and it would in-
^ ll-la-k onP aapcw-do Ire. e Washington, June 30.--Commooo-re deed be a hard task to find a man that
At least a doan shells burst in the Watson has reported to thb navy d'- could fill the position with more credit
a mt i-jabzaldst of t American line and at least pa-tament that he ha- a i ved off S.n- and satisfaction than Isbon OGiddens.
ive hundred weft killed and wounded, t.ago with his flag-hip Newark, in wh'ch He will be elected without an'y opposi-
SThe dysamtte eruiser Veseuiskm and he called from New York. The cru ser tion.
f-t bacl shipa of Admiral =nm.aton 's New Orleans, which will form one of
S uSnaa n base been at work all day Watson's eastern squadron, has started The editor of the Evans City, Pa, Globe
n f N the sbore, hit they dd little Trom the Santiago blockade line to Key writes, One Minute Cough COre Im
Sdamage as the Spaniards h r etesited West to prepare for the voyage. rightly named. It cured my coildres
4 --- thu_ e elty which could got he reac ed after all other remedies failed. It tores
kwa pc Ld- iaW Umthmldo Afehr shaelftNow One Fleet. coughascolda and all throat and'lung
#& Bus3ta l 4 sha have been dea tclhed troubles. Sold by & V. Leonard.
:*a N orwa '~61e4 k and Tar=& to -,-
to 4 W bomts a r ,a e nded ORre Santiago, June t28, via. Kingston,
6 4Ar s li aid jeSS Jne S L-B order of Admiral Sampson From Friday's Daily.
&- 5ai" that the th9 3yitng squadron under command of Judge Barren Phillips was the ree-
SId W tts 1 dmurin Cormnodore Schtey. has been merged In- pleat of a andote present yesterday
o ; has lost at USaS to the fleet under the admalns corn- eveatlg. Coneln IEkert Ralston. oom-
m.andlu- the Third regiment Penasyl-
S w ,vanla tohuntees asked a Tribune re-
S- Nk h--A-ehe. blflsnes, consti- porter te oand the Judge a trfeatise on
get~:1q it-os.i 'Federal Practice." with the anUtho s
Sa bisa ai a hen dtliverod bstoy ich tro m t which be had lust receved
Xj*'w-a aobi ail asemb Q cr ere y votamne-
Ir' in0 from the publishes. It was a hand-
E.i .. : ;- Br ttUe p" Amown as DeW.tf so mm boamd work in two volumJs of
XS *i.. adW Rtoenm They j peA which CoL Sa~to on and RomA. 'M. Gar-
S_ iit SM to, take and nvet ripe. S. l tnd. late attorney general of Unitted
Sg..silbS. aer .'--.; -tates are johat author

trict f Mollabl B Wi1 Sli t W1ft


And Then the Maryland Begiment George .Joly DrS
Will Start to the Front-Artillery Thnkinti gIt' WVA
is Now All Ready for Instant Mii mi _
Departure. F oth a

From Saturday's Daly. From Tuesday's D J
The First Illinois regiment of volun- Georgei L8h. StwhuWa 4e
teers is now well on Its way to Cuba vats in battery BIPM3thI
This regiment embarked on the tras-w
ports Gate City and City of Macon Wed- lrtfllery 5 and Pr*.i
nesday night, hbt the vessels did not zet of .Battery 1 S3. eSt
away from Port Tampa until Thursday artery w iere fital"
night. aftisoon while piktF
The transports Specialist and Unloalst vrh ordin ane silea-
continued tb take on artiilery stores and oro andVh. TA e
supplies nearly all yesterday an y and
last night were already for depart 4 am -
with the exception of having the troops The cars were onB tieti
onboard. Thee vessels and the steam- been dd ot to
ship Oomancee will be boarded this xtendel t
morning by eight hundred artilleryenen Whe the arttilery eadqw
and four hundred linantryue, who uateT The me had stat
will act as guard to toe oxtllery car and whie It was r
The steamslip Catamia took 09 a& ow '. t do S r mff st-- lme
go of provisions yesterday and th isth
morning will be boarded by the FIrt obet *n the, r.
District of Columbia regiment of votun- 'te' unload ad hofa -
teer. This regiment has been heated b be tamwedm b oth
for several week in the garrison reeer- enshed. Th eir iL
vation. Orders were Issued t-r the
regiment to break camp at dayigh ti this msed- to wimh an sena
morning and proceed at once -to Port man was breathing when
Tampa togo on board the Cs tsa"1 their conmedes
The second New York and tkB M Fifth ey weretAhe ib.
Maryland regiments, which, with the They w Ue-tae t Ard
First Dtetrict of Colmbia, have formed everything poblboLewasm
a'Ibrigade commanded by Genesri Car- by Capt. F. aFicFrk, sias
center, are aso un order rs .to hold at tah camp, N. ih
themselves in readiness to move ata
moments notice, but no transporftahave feastut of the sad de atv o
yet arrived upon which they can em- the fatt haths fiance
bark. to Tampa from New Trt
The engineer corpe and the signal oe toa r.e-h l
corps have already started for Cuba on here st after e td
the steamer Hudson. The vessels torm- The funeral oteclwab th
ing the' present expedition are going o'clock. The services we
to seas as t as they are loaded with- by lFather Kelly, chaip
out waiting for the arrival of convoys. nih Nw
The steamer Louisiana started last ninth New York
Monday with a cargo of hospital stores local priests..
and provsions. The Hudson sailed The funeral of readgl
Wednesday night -with provisions and 4 o'clock yesterday-after
the engineer corps; the Gate City and
City of Macon sailed Thtreday nigHt. were buried in the aili
The Specialist, Unionist, Comanche Undertaker Lovene.sen h
and Catania -ill sail this morning and the arrangement
the other transports expected to-day
will sail Sunday or Monday. DRANK CARbOLl

11 111 IIHI I I11111 1 : 1 -IJ11 =Death of a Teoast i
+.1 Blockade Extended to All Ports + Teamster George Jolly,
+ On South Coast of Cuba. + of the Third Ohio infanfy
+ +- ilaly palsoned Suunday
+ Washington, June 29.-The Preel- + .arbolic acid. -
4+ dent has issued the following + bc
"+ proclamation, extending the under his bunk, where ha
+ blockade of the Cuban coast from + the hibit of ke5t ng a di
+ Cape Frances to CaTie Cruz, In- + The acidad d ,&nwi esk w
i. elusive and also blockading the +
+. port of San Juan, Porto Rico: + the same kindpoSftniks.
+ 'Whereas, fpr the reasons set 1. JoSTy S "ufler' liat-Atey"
L+ forth In my proclamation of April + the mistake, bat he was z
+ 22, 1898, a blopgadeotf" rts on the +until'tooatefo
Southern coast o Cuba from unt a
+4 Cardenas to Bahia Honda, incus- hbe of any beat + him.
4" ive, and of the port of CLenfuegos, + master took a dRZnr at
+' the south coast of Chba, was de- + bottle, butu dscer.- tl tU
4' dared to have been instituted; +
+ and + tIme asd +in t-rtu
+ "Whereas, it has become destr- + was given aidttlea %sd, 1
+i able to exten-d the' blockade to + Jolly died IIn g _Facei
+ other southern ports. + night a in ws
+ "Now, therefore, I, William Me- + nlt and wi tid 75
+4 Kinley, President of the United + by Vndertaker LoveoAref
+ States, do hereby declare and + tary cemetery. The wage
* 4 proclaim that, in addition to the + members of the wagol'tru
+ blockade of the ports specified in 4 Jo+y'' de w
+ my proclamation of April 22, 180, + Jolly a deaI was entr
+ the United States of 'America has 4' and that he bad no lan*rhl
4' instituted and will maintain an + ting ulicide He oa frn
r + effective blockade a 11 of the +
+ ports on the south coast of Cub a, -t .
+ from Cape Francis to Qpe Crua + "- 'TIONA ,b Or
4 inclunse, and olso of-tb port of C0HAMPION
4 San Juan, in tIeaebdQA4poPorto*o "_.. "
4 Rico. ,
$ Neutral veosels lyrtgtm amy of + -aad t aay of the Bet0 -
4 the ports to wh eh- the blockade + Co. have. Citen
Sis by the preat proclamation pwerto b
4 extended, will be allowed thirty. po4e' ,
' 4 days to issue therefrom wth car- 'I thorouie trial, a. a,a
4' go, more than you claein
t' 4' takes thee ting oat of ls
*I iZ-14 1,I I 4I=-1 1 1 *114ll'I+ '1l-' lone. Aftlens IFoet-Stb
cure for hot, achth, aerv
For Soldier Only ing feet. Sold by l-
-- shoe hetorre, xrc e
The Southern Extpress Company, in dress Aien Ot(ese4 I
whoe territory al the camps of the
United States army are located, with ntaJoc Huamor -lzatt4
the exception of the one on the Pacific army, .reporisd to e=
coast has taken the Initative, and all the aes' ausqst t at -d-a tI'
other express companies have agreed Fo0th -aryn qaops. -S
io concur in making a uniform reduc- was until recently sal
ton on all express matter dipped to 5*i Units. fat;es' I S
soldierat itCe field. It has been-agreed omcer of finest aeasiolP
that a straight cut of % per cent on ex- Qnfesi idape waos
press matter for all the sotdiers be gtven g Rteedl e s welt ni
from any point In the United States having eea. for twoyeS
Thts action prompted, as it wa, by pure plortda tjOs -a their
patriotlsam, and a desire to help those z en *tsMslb pqLa i
who need it, is to say the est, corn- ough t -acttcia sad distip
mendab le. as more than 100,009 men in many friendB In Tempa
the field are the direct beneficiaries to have him eMej. to
point, and give him a cori-
Enteredand Clears. A h v r.

The officials of the Tampa- custom ifth h'^
hbbue are engaged makIng out their
monthly, quarterly and yearly reports.
As only neuttal vessels are beIng used petror racr,
in the foreign trade, the exports andman
imports are not quite so large, yet thIL ho the middle o- Cai
falling off of th e volume of -inee is bhiad been sred n te i
not so great as might he expected. ur- o udis of the V
htg the month whlch ended Thursday, that he must reogniws S
two foreign vessaet entered, and sour least. o:-
oleared; tonnage 1,974 and 1.,1l respect-
i~nw qk"1.^ALVU=A %rSMP"02*ridr f 1MI_ TWA

5 O as -m tthe efat dsh squadrnih s aormA.
SIn commentig on the great victory The best ships of Spala's navy have
achieved by the American heroes at ceased to exist. They are wrecks along
b*sfIs sm "dhWs 1;I s sO. Santiago, the Savannah News says: the coast of Cuba. They were better
Pa01 C.Is r lm iii are p eere=tt "General Shatter and Admiral Samp- ships-very much better-than those
aded"' by RHoods PMils. They do ter work son have done their work well, and the which Admiral Dewey destroyed in the
American people accord them the full harbor of Manila. In fact, they were
lT ne measure of praise to which they are en- as fine ships of their class as are to be
it ott Pato post titled. It is true that Santiago is not found in any navy in the world. Ad-
"-0 0 1W .0 m F , yet in our possession, but it might as miral Sanpson, however, has more pow-
Baet afer dime p0L. well be. There is no doubt that the erfu .hips than Admiral Dewey has.
Ii ii4O. s Lcenta AI drugrista P i I Spanilads will surrender when the ar- But eac.. -auiral did the work assigned
E Pr, imw ly and Pre pad by C. L Hoed C, iLs mistice is ended, if. indeed, they do not to him remarkably well--so well that
The only P lto tskmwuthl Hod's &*ers'v mic
e,, ,;*............. ... do so sooner, the world is wondering how he could
............ GERMANY AND TE PHILIPPINES. General Shafter could have taken the have so utterly destroyed his enemy,
S '. ............ The strong fleet which Germany Is city with very little effort when he de- and suffered so few casualties among
AIf*OWB I A TRAL. bilmotsisr at Manila is said to have handed its surrender. The reason he his own men, and so little damage to
=cwased the adia&nistratfirn some concern did not do so is, undoubtedly, that he his ships."
IA s la i h mOut Admal Dewey and the Philip did not want to sacrificee a single one of United Statee Senator Roach objects
p:_,: .. d Jpine question generally. There are now
AM to- ve or aix German men-of-war In the his soldiers unnecessarily; neither did to the annexation of the Hawaiian Isl-
" t* Bay of Manila, sent there ostensibly to be wish to inflict unnecessary injuryiuP- ands because they "are likely to be
it. sft W~ ~fs dpsd lo W protect German interests, when, accord- on the Spaniards or the people of San- swallowed up by the sea or an earth-
Stqi --.b. b .ilbd of sac ing to general understanding, there ae tiago. quake." We suppose the senator would
Sharply mre tha score of Germansquake." We suppose the senator would
M ant~a Under the circumstances, it Why the Spaniards asked for twenty- not object to the easy acquisition of
R"'C ;"W-A: d/t mU t an &V90t
is entirely proper that Germany should tour hours in which to considere.A Gen. real estate on Manhattan Island, and
be represented there with forcefor shrdl Shatter's demand for their surrender is yet the authorities on such unpleasant
y mj ui e soss-esleutt ltO t be represented there by force sulcient not clear, unless it was that they ho0e subjects consider that New York is in
teOVA lotok aer Germa subjects, .tre to get out of the city by some unguard- much greater danger of falling into the
4. i-yi.-g, e g~ b Present ntavai force Is preposterouslyM
l :.i'keS .~ I "ont luga England is much more deeply ed pass and join the forces of General Atlantic ocean than Honolulu is of be
SlnTDATE interested in a commercial way in the Pando, who, it was stated, has been ing dumped into the Pacific. The Ha-
.Phtilp pines than Germany is, but she trying to reach Santiago to assist them. wailan Islands are the tops of moun-
orCod s, ha not tho ct it necessary as yet to It appears from our dispatches th tains, with foundations .broad and deep,
ihst Distriot of Florida. send an entire fleet there to look after
Sentre fleet tere to morning however, that Gen. Pando has nd their volcanos are safety valves.
-3 thin"
i o h Cou However, we do not think it is ttme to reached Santiago. New York li all undermined by the sea,
L hbis re pite for its health's Lke an alarmnt view of Germany's pro- The Spaniards knew. of course, when the process of undermining is still in
laid and good friendMole 8t gramme n the East. We can be quite the Spanish squadron attempted to progress, and how many more sky-
*,*a taen lp his life work of certain that Germany will not pick a leave the harbor that it was no longer scrapers the remaining pillars of wast-
twev.tc a g in the wind, quarrel wth us merely for the fun Of
.the thnn. The emperor ls given every possible to successfully defend Santiago. Ing rok will stand is a wide open ques-
S' indication of wanting to be in the grab The squadron would have remained if tlon.
tOc the byde elae m that the < there going to be a scramble for ter- there had been a fair prospect of being Charlotte
s We repre nted in rory in the East, and it is notorious able to hold the place. Therefore the arbor feel hopeful over the prospect of
W.Wsie s-ad Ithe dlrtion R o that he does not take our talk about dash which the Spanish squadron madearbor feel hopeful over the prospect of
er and the Rouh Riders, making war for umanity" as any- for the open se ant that the S a fine yield of fruit from the present
Sthey illy observe that ing but a huge oke This may e hisor te en se meant that te heavy blossom that the trees are putting
S or hreeso for being forehanded in getting general and the Spanish admiral re- on. Groves are now being highly
1-. & K. W. is now getting its in a likely position in case anything guarded it as impossible to hold out any fertile before the ran season sets
tsay b=tiness. e Special troop turns up. If the protestations of our longer against the American army and
06W down the road to Tampa -English friends are worth anything, we navy.
eriimi night. where fifteen thou- shall not be left to fight our battles
Si~ u ed for re- alone if Germany or any other porter Ad if Santiago was untenable for the Governor Bloxham has issued a proo-
f5itess mt s a M ofin- interferes In the war between the Uni- panish warships, the Spanish army lamatlon offering $1,000 for the appre-
It is thoughttht this expedi- td States and Spain or attempts to die- there can have n'o hope of being able to pension and conviction of the persons
il fri Port Tampa some tate the terms of peace. And for the hold the place. The warships were a who assassinated Hon. George P. Ca-
LS Suppement. present Admiral Dewey is very well
- De S plem to take care of even forDidable tower of strength. Their absence nova of Baker county on the night of
able to take care of eve
to be- tarted son by a regation of ships that Germany has leaves the harbor open to our warships, June 5, 1898.
l otLe01o.n wil e called Mania. hat the admiral is which can now attack Santiago and the Genr Joe heelerr is the score
e ae d It would be de-ready tor any contingency is indicated Spanish troops cooped up therein and two years old but when he wants
ked' ift AM would be de- by an incidefit which is regorted to have and two years old, but when, he wants
isair-ot, osby a i nIP trbf f o Kon h The thought that the Spaniards mean to get a good view of the enemy s po-
MW T.ereen e' occurred before he left ong Kong. to resist further is not for a moment to the
P~is*i Prace Henry, the emperors brother, sielton be climbs a tree. That's the
51y t, I eris ts" who is in command of the rmanfeet,beetrtained. There i be no fur- kind of a Zacoheus he is
rs ll.-naIed slTus- remarked to Admiral Deweg that Ger- tber fighting there. The victory is com-
o ay eI &"1 Le hp- many would have a few leni-ot-war at plete. Don't get absent minded and stanip
S'p lirke H .that would onila Just to see wha was going on And particularly is it complete so far your hat every tLen you put it on.
vx* Is not on th5 "A!l right, Your Hlghness," the Ameri-
a nt on ta admiral is said to have replied, "bt
caution your ships to keep out of the
'TdiTampah have not Amnerican line of fire."
IWaiIri7 forth Iotuliy on lerritt has now arrived at Manila,
i b c a ed to e- ith 10,000 soldiers. Dewey.s fight-
1atllo t.. .sle in strength has been doubled by
4 eais G1 e aidtionof the monitors Monterey
tIrom he freh ws onadnock .and the cruisers Philadel-
i ila`rs,* on phi aand Chareeton. With this force
7i5i *te order he will be Quite-able to take care Of hinm- 4o
'aBA 0 self, even in the improbable contingency y '- 'T
.aGermany's active pqrtfclpatlon In '

Lietn Tere is one irtue in ie revenue 'il
S aisla-. a Harper'Ca weakly, aPd that is, as
USpeavei has been pointed o0t by ithe writer on
fiana al quagtlcsl h that taxes will be I
. bght omedlireJly to to ihese who pay
thaem. We dpabt if the price of beer '7, tt'. ss
l w'Ill be any higher to the consumer on /
d W hittl t ascotint of the Increased tax, bu prob- i
W aily the quantity of beer in a glass will
Wherrtl'^ be amtier. The price of tea also will /
be increased, and every time a citizen
d drawa* a check or taxes a receipt or ex-
aotes a conveyance of mortgage his at-5
S teMtion will be called to the fact that
he is helping to support the government.
uf thr ese taxs are annoing, of course.
SL? "bUt they are necessary, and under the 1
present conditions they will be cheer-
Ste fllyltt botly sosn But all taxes at all times
Otaght to be thus brought home to the
^ tti w ....a g tlspaylJr; in other words, the taxpayer
i ...1 .. -1 ought always to know Just what the
O 5V kin-i wrat he government is exacting of him Then
S S the Oa"oiinw to he wll he in a posotlon to criticize tax 1' ii. 1'ttl' '1'. r, i iI'r l,,- i,.txl.S i'slo lut
ie"W lese t, bills intelligently, and his representati- Cancer by the use of ihit kinit". Thisi deadly,
B i^^ fiiUtBrir ldrt-t' vea wtl'be carefuthow they lay imposts disease srms to be beyond tho control of the ph'
-'": ,,.., t-&ia_ n him, without coasidering what the local, sensible

f The Democrats should carry congress
Ss d-, > t se year. The party leaders ahotld see
Stht pObui attention is not diverted
From the main issue at home by the war
di l rr. A Democratic congress will
n. not mean a lack of support for the ad-
a slr titton in .the prosecution of the
ace the war. but it will mean that an effort will
Sbe made to put the burdens of the war
i po anl of the people aike, according
s to titsr abMlty to pay. Democratic
*^Ot.l-asGuoes this year to important, as the
- f Aht f e congress will be preliminary
..L_- -to the great fight of 1900. Victory in
? xe co0a s-oal elections will arouse
Ie :-. pt -and grie it hope and courage
IS obian fort'eenal amatAt on the citadel of the
rp a 4y r. The people must be shown
OFtZ.l"'S-^ @ tj. tiae Spanibb war to be worth its
5' 2W0 1 1 te0 %5t. to turned to tin
1454' 4eB etimseisost of the Amern.
of those who seek
~bith owe open~ spre~me int be

--e bo d. to .ot
eonir .,-tlme

sermon at 3t. J~Lhe t_,ei odoin
anytervles are held. 'A. ew La ig ete
the stewards of the church htS4Lheup as-
tor, Rev. Posey, arrested on a cal1'
of breaking and entering the chaur+khd.4
He was bound over until next term a
county court. It was the impression
that he would attempt to preach others
to-day, so an injunction was missed by
Judge Hocker restraining him from do-
ing so. The way things are now, it i.
quite probable Rev. Posey will not
preach there to-day. How the rase wll
terminate, time alone can tell.-Galheef- SO
vine Sun.
Bryon's cynical definition of military
glory "to be killed in battle and bave
your name apelt wrong in the news-, M *1
papers next day," promises to be pretty l f
well lustrated in the present war. 1 e ,,tS.
Proper names translated by cable and
then subjected to a treatment by the
Mergenthalers are likely to be more its aCti~af
or less tortured. '--P.e.-----
General Shatter is not only gsaitns its *any li
popularity and tame, but he is aIlo MMA.eitlbt*A =. d
gaining weight. A Phladetphia sews- B POUaw -
paper quotes him at 320 pounds, ind a S P c Pi a
Western paper raises the general's isi C Anyw fah h
avoirdupois average to 335. may &at M It ta It

The Wellington Board of Straaegy be- 'r u j
lleves that the Hon. Sydney Mudd y sbtitrt '
should be kept and used as a coaling u
Time may come and time may go, but -.
Boston will never, never, never forgive
Spain for inventing the phantom fleet PRtORC tOiW t O tE
When the Vesuvius gets tmlrugh with CC. WHITAIR, .
Santiago that ancient city vill look like oATTORS Y AT LAWm
another Pompeii. win psetisi Seats ts PS lI
Pralmalte0tis o 1vs teo ah L I,
It's a little awkw- rd at first, but lehase BSek -u ip
keep on stamping and you will get used, -L Bt
to it. T E R .
There is no use suffering from this TAMPA, Ex. -at.BS~ akBid7g, i
dreadful malady, If you will only get -.
the right remedy. You are having pain Josew B. Wall, .tL. W, e
anteed to cure or price refunded. Fos. WAL. & STBVENS.
all through your/body. your liver is out
of order, have no appetite, no Ufe or am- Wll w a th~e ~ di e
bition, have a bad cold, n fact are com- DistatOle ;
pletely used up. Electric Bitters is the rFir e al e tBakidtltht0l3,
only remedy that will give you prompt L o, ANT
and sure relief. They act directly on t. PH
your Liver, Stomach and Kidneys. tens ATTOR N (Z A LA -
up the whole system. and make you $"' a -
feel like a aew btah They are guar- Prompt aisoiTs v tP.f1
ale at S. B. Ieondril & Co's drug stor5se a
Only 50 cents per bottle. FISANK M. SIMOWMff !

"4 _. . ... _: (

Offi in&
of Court I




illnp"t Ut cure &
ysicians, and
e treatment .

hsol e -theruthles foc h-rpai otegaty

No. 9-Ch t

Bonds. Stocks, G
Provisions :'" '.t
Bought and Sold for Cat
Carried on Margin* ;;
We respectflly moatet s.oasGa Se wgi
eate orders o aIl the leading s gd I
oommooftis dmeal Ip. '
We aelo ee, i m tr.L p
p in aad ifraen1w simh e s. L o I
experimae, asd g-arsli 5WIM&il va
also have ireo-.nl-man taor ifr ii
sirse tro e A
By our system dr of MOe lg iNL
patumos we alsmysners a 'MrLgULstwI
s-e ceet. or maoe in rreasr, I*At==iii

S operating-table, and proceed to wi, Id their keen instru- enced trder ea operate qfe
ment. A sutrgical operation should be always regarded as s toe withsha ,mres ns.
heroic treatment, andc a absolutely ueceasary to save the patient's life. s cent. omstmj oi Wyeaem .a
/ When resorted to for diseases which can not posihbly be benefited there- 4are sbjest to sish dtraE .ws -
by, this treatment is simply barbarous. poyed. No aopeau ead~e * rl
Cancer is a disease for which the doctors know no treatment but a oil
surgical operation1 and at the same time, such treatment never did cure We ai oef arlf or se B=miWi ilI
or even benefit Cancer. and never will. It is so absolutely unnecessary BOND prtMelips tdiat AsetdpNii .
that all who submit to it, plac- their lives in jeopardy. Cancer is a For .athar i tormei a lM daiee
blood disease, tihe poisronl in t.he, bld,. anTd ein not be cnt out. Missourl Investnmlunt

5. S. S. Cures Cancer C-
and it is the only cure, for it is the only roem.idy that. reaches the disease. The surgeon's Y R
blade cuts the ulcer, but the poison remains ia the blood, and never fails to break out afresh.
When my son was six years old, r-e'Il sore appeared on his lip, which gave him a great deal of
pain, and commenced to spread. The doctors said he had Cancer, and advised that an opewtios sd If ..-
was necessary. After much reluctance, we consented, and they cut down to the jawbone whi ..h l U c
they scraped. The operation was a severe one, but I thought it was the only hoe for my boy.. '. .a
Before a great while the Cancer returned, and began to w rapidly. We gave hm .ma.my M ra re -
dies without relief, and finally, upon the advice of a friend, decided to try 8. S. r (Swidt's ley W hi- -)Vy i- _
and with the second bottle he began to improve. After twenty bottles had been taken, tha@lanser
disappeared entirely, and he was cured. The cure was a permanent one, for he is now eighteen
years old and,has never had a sign of the dreadful disease to return. J. N. Mwmsoo,
279 Snodgrass St., Dalla, Tx
Being a virulent, destructive poison in the blood, it takes but little reasoning to me tlat th
only proper treatment for Cancer is a blood remedy, one which, has unusual merit and can tome
out the poison. Swift's Specific (S. S. 8.) is a positive and permanent cmr for Cano r, a
proved by the abundance of teatiniony of those whom it has cored after alU other treaitnst had
failed ad, in a number of aeeal after all hope had vanished. It goe right down to their ry eaa.s
of the disease and forces out eviry trace of the taint in the blood, thus riding the tem ofi i
forever. Being purely vgtable, and t dhe only blood remedy guaranteed to cpmabe p : -.
oiry, potash, or other mineral i builds up and strengthens instead of pnlhng down the
SBeware of the nife-it is dangerous and offar no hope. 8. 8. 8. ures y a
permanently, and is the oly car for demly Cane.. U
Our book on er will beentfreeto any addr t Spwift COo., A4 J ,, -





i ~~ o-

i-Wedsda iP4
t 0two "5 schooner. Henry M.
apt George Baker corn-
vea with her cargo in sixteen
E iwter, in Tampa Bay yesterday
rvenel was the property of the
i-SaUvarese Co.. chartered by the
Cent to carry the material used
atructlng the docks at Dry Tortu-

S'5 -'71''~`

ski-. I

I ,
.. r.,
-9 ~Spra

The Stanbury Is of sixty tons burden,
'and was loaded with something over a
rbundred tons of iron girdersand c
Spigsa, a large portion of which was
S tored on the decks. Off the mouth of
little Manatee river, a squall was en-
S countered which laid the vessel so tar
V. ;T a over that before she could right herself
sht e filled and sank. The crew took re-
tfge In'the rigging until taken off t '
the tSg .Burton E. Coe, which happened
to be near at the time.' They were put
E- C aboardd the steamer Manatee, and
SU S rI t back to Tampa last nlgpt.
The Stanbuwy will be raised at once
y the owners. and the cargo will be
5 -;on afr delayed only about ten days. The crew
.... t. otf ix are congratulating themselves
a t the accident did not o6cur on the
I Lt St Golf, else they might not have returned
i to tel tlMe tae.

U: p.r&, -on board,
itch bt- T"0=the Con1t7y ComnUSlons ke a
SBeas diepartch Bi Raednetiom in Setat and Cons-
Taxes for tw Year 1898.
itstolnday, .o regiar monthly meeting of the
( 'tlahe Board of Coumnt CCmmIoaioners was
the Almr~ante ehd 7eterday morning in the cowsty
tll m 0au t54 house. The most Important busl-
r5 la as- em tikansacted. was to fix the tax levy
i ~er n th eor utyeta r 89 The books of the tax
A ft Md aasess or were received and found to he
S6w~ ort n every detapH and then ulpo
t1bbhu the a seeaeen t he levy or the y was
asits5 asd as foows
County revenue.. -......... mills
Sir o CS oty schoole.................. mtis

so chat : witeres t on bonds andsindk-

Ntl't h oa at b e ..... the 8
wsJi i- ......1 -mills

o tar county purposes and 3-4 of a
-.. -. .- . ..

s mill for sBtt purposes on the year It.
epostvet of the counts a ocert ro e ted
..... m aor oznty Irpoes and 3-4 of a

^ ^^1^j and oarderd Stled. The report of the
M S,-' eountn treamurw of 'cash on hand was
i e...a. fund...: ...... ....85908
) .. ....... ............. s O
J" ifond................ .... 7
N p luand torfeiture end..... 5. ibi
-" "l Aftec The 6oltax collect r and copoty ludge
e rei mBde the fodowlog report:
reel6010, e- censes collectedifor ( a'pConty lsitenses collected for
State lcensee collected for (uno) i34 84'
gg County licenses collected for
S(June). ........... ..267 16
^, GBs The collector reported 79 polts col-
dati J i A petition was received from a num-
S of residents In th e ltte natee
aeo=on.'sMsking tht a new road e o'r-
dertd constructed for the convenience
e 4wtde citizens. The pettlon was
'wticrted and J. ia Sweat. N. W. Lee and
0 i'W. 5Wa were appointed to lay out
Uwite road and bbase the snoe.
t.t- ULns)ther petition of the same kind tnr
motrsc rod' in thte ame section was
eeheed, and granted and I AL Thop
lee'-1"^ eon# Jon GiHlIard aL 3 J. M. WiLkns
wre,aootnteda aa nooomittee to lur-
,vely' and blase the road on the line sg-
SAetton for a nerwxroad In the nelgh-
xsIhapS O of Curlew creek was received
WL Wrated6 and J. K. WUa3n.3G: B
a WoC eodilu and A A. Campbeei were ap-
pointed iS& s vep sad blase the same.
Pea rnpaon to erect telephone poles
i^^^liS^^^'^f^s! nA e g ust 'wpyantd W-.

^*m. a^rs' .: gTlPoen wftln Crtoesu? lj9n of the

""ga^-->it.I is E ef Roug ho BQloob RiderB,

..e-'5saja4. | FLAGLI I0 GOIRROU.
t-rw Yonder Has the bay i T a a a o. i
That p olnerb cavaliers a e Offers to Build a Hospital Ni
E chasted. saw upon their unknown the Royal Palm.
In far and faded years. New York, July 5.-Henry 3. Flag
That to their eyes so calm and placid has offered the Red CroK all the ne
_- seemed. sary land for a hospital site and $5.
So br~ht and wondrous fair; with which to build a hospital j
They drifted on with silent lips, aod north of the Royal Palm Hotel at Mia
The HolY Godat was there. Fla.- for wounded soldiers and sail
He also offers the use of the new pi
Here lies a fortress old, a flelf i-irh; The hosptai may be built on this, or
Tine useless cannon hide their heads can be placed on the adjacent land.
beneath which there is a considerable area. T
The anow-wbite sands of peace, offer has be aee ceDted by the F
Cris if hr. Flagler will undertake
The aulf winds warm, te orange or- sir le l une ta
chards stir. have the first hlmeital building. 100
And from dark trees like wIale. by 30, ready for occupancy within o
In loeg festoons and threads of gossa- week, and to construct another simal
The rh gray m ue fal. one Immediately, Ifa necessary. "T
depth of water at the pier will ena
And ships eome In from tropic seas. any of the. transports to land woun(
and go., men .*rectly at the hospital.
And sails the Gulf wind fan:
And 65w do know, or seem to care to Mr. ,iagier wlill at once -sta.rt t
know the building. The Red Cross adm
That here that march began istration has informed the secretary
Swa of the fact, and has offered the
That set that crown of empires In the rf tbe ho pita, fla eqota pph e with pt
West, o the hospital, fully eqipped with p
And gave the nation's birth, siclans and nurses, for the use of 1
That stand like gracdout queens, above government. Twentw-flve nurses t
the rest. the New York Red Cross wimll be a
pon thethe rones of earth. immediately am r.Fla
The town is fair, and fairer yet the having offered to take care of them
Bay, the Royal Palm Hotel until the hoepi
And -warm the trade-winds blow
Where lateen-sails moved on their lone- is ready and other quarters are p
ly way, vided for them.
Three centuries ago.
You get everytnlng o any mortal
Denota's hands lie deep beneath the
Deota nd li deep beneath e e Tribune ten hours in advance
Dun are his cavaliers: the Jacksonlle paper and twenty-fi
he cypressed waters murmuring o'er hours in advance of the northern pap
his grave,
The silent pilot hears. Rev. Rowbathen.* Dade City,
In that far river where they laid him in the city yesterday, attending the
down, John's Presbytery bai meeting.
Where the ring-doves sigh.
And oft the full moon drops her silvery,
crowb, c' Lawyer H. P. BaJu y le ft the city y
From night's meridian skies. t-.rday fo .Manatee on legal bhiane
And here. where firsi his banners rau- and will oe absent several days.
ght the breeze.
The peopled towns arise; Miss Edith Warren leaves this morni
And his great faith, toat piloted :i snas to spend the summer in South Carolil
Beneath uncertain sktes.
And dared the wilds by Christian feel
untrod, 4$9* 5 9 5 -
Is strong with hope to man; .
And here, where touched the nes A
world's ark of God. I
Fair skies the rainbow, s span. *
0 Tampa. Tampa. near the Gulf' i warm
tide' 4-
Who would not linger here, m
Where, on the homes the orange-gar- L
dens hide;
June smileth all the year? o rd
Where never comes the auturmin n.ir thi 4
Nor summer's flercirr glow. i
Where never cease the nmcking-birds' b o
to sing, .
Nor rose new to blovh h
-H. Burterwrtn. +
The Plant System i Offering Great +
Inducements to the Pablie. Our l.utqness in Pipes
-- ; astonishe us,. Our pur-
,The Plant y-stem' announces cheap chases ID past 30 days.
rates to a number of points In the nea ,500; our sales 4uite as
future on account of convntor andour sales e a
meetings of various organizations. The + much. We give our buy-
first will be the annual reunion c-f the : er credit fir this increased
United Confederate Veterans in Atlanta $ busiunss ill tile above arti-
'en Jury 20, lasting to July )o. A rate + cles. He has bought the
of $10.30 for the round trip from Tampa
to Atiaaa is announced with propor- sampe ine f several
tionate rates from other points. Ticd-as manufacturers. Fine Briar
wil be sold on July 17. IS, and 19, god goods aL the price of com-
to return dintu July 31. mon goods.
On aceount of the anrcul moetii uo v I am just in receipt of
the Natilo~I E jucat;onal Xssuciation + sample lot of Briar Goods,
in WashIngton D. C., on July 7th to 4
12th. Inclusive. ticket wUll be sold from 4 15 gross, put up 6 dozen
Tampa to Washington tor one fare tor in box, which can be prof-
the round trip plus $2. MneiMb.rship fee. $ itably retailed for 10 cents
Tlokets will be sold to-day, o-morrow = each.
and Thursday from al: ioiuts, and writ :Another shipment of 25
he lislted to return until July 16. i'pvn 4 Anos th retipmet 5 o 25c
deposit of the tickets w'.i the uoint gross, to retail at 5c to 25c,
agent at Weshlneton, they ma:. be ex- t expected in a few days.
tended until 31st.
The other e -ats. "ill an- . W B. GRAY.
notnced later. "

The Evidence e case pronii Hood's W holesale Dr Goodls,
^m^F^^u^ cuies rteuauum, ~aipepuf. ca- I *
srrhJ..st dtai reelhug,ecrofula, slt rheum j I31l 15th St., Tampa, Fla,
t '- |- d t dl blood ueawe. I 4,
') S are prompt, esctst, aiway
eLus ;.ae, easy to operate. 2Itc.


j i^ ^For Table ~se.
: Absolutely Pure. Old Whiskies and Brandies for med.i
al purposes. Imported and Domestjc Wines and LA .-
: of all kinds.

i :MS .& J 00" ., -
Wholesale Liquor Dealers and 4mporteMi
4, *4 99 9 9 9 9 9 4 9 'C4 t 9CC 4 9 49 9 9 5 550 049*
o Promptness in Delive y,

d Accuracy in Filling Oire.a :
d are thetwo 18w ...
md a. d0

"d C. S.
are raong in boat
be-- --

S ,-- -.

lirve Oil moomil Dom m s

;weemd 'gi~bar~aesd0

cc i'-_ --e

.- s,

lier I

..U.e DEU
st Keep the Newes, Lne of
ml. FURN.ITURE in the ci ty? '

er It
to Honaker a& Co.. 5o7 FraKindl BSt., TSaIpa

Dnei a a

nce ent'
S We ..Starting peciy low pri Valu Ge

an l-nge Shirts and Drawers, Light-weight --nderwea-
S eiThat illr Inorease the an r rth Sep '

t he most COmplete. See our lines offered at 0t, 15 e
the Of Your Dmes and Do ars..
en The spring and summer season business Is a.. ,
ler close. We must make low prmm in Ord0 tlz~."

ita our stock. Then low prie will be 1 found Qio ieL.. .

a s caDrypl oodsu M iof Jackond "
': w Gents' Furnmishing toods h `

o We are making specially lowp riee n Genes' Oh sl
ers lenge Shirts and Drawers, Light-weight Un ,erwe.:
either in suits, or in shirts and drawers serate.
Ouroi Ane -o f1 o beVd
Mat -O _yra .b Ein, C. L-a rtwO. K i
X ismostcomplete. seeourlines offered at ldepe
e-r and 25c.

714. 16 and 718 Franklin At., Tampa. ra. ,
I- II I-JII1- II1 I e. II lr J H-1J4 01.1

P residesaL oVie Pesdm. pakrm

.q.e CAPITAL $100,000,00.8 ;.

+ Largest capital of any bank south of jaksof Lvii1e. lbHi""
business. Every accommodation oonsrmiantdi H u a -
+ banking granted. Have unsuirptesed fadol"tse : F---
Sfor making collections at al points in I. I sTy
the United States. poit
BOARD O(F DIRBCTOkS: Jno. N C. Staetos, Je. I A;
+ Manrara, ego Meyers, Zibae Kins, C. L. Jo0m0er PaO P1 er,
and S. IS rft. ;

SBSHOPPING BY MAIL. Established Pretrtf 0o" 0 Q

S4 4 E Importers and Retailers of "ia .
0 We have a regular organized department under to ."
0 vision of one of the firm for this braneh of our brW l4e 2
t at a distance en send for samples and may depen .j-O1-
any order entrusted to us filled With the same premuiN
care, and at the same prices as if permonally selected. W
O -LI. Our store aas been specially constructed for the pawBqft "
of a Dry Goods kiusiness. Ii is the largest, beet f tte dp ~-e-
best constructed. contains all that erperisnoe en.a tag:s*
to render it the- "teful, comfortable mand atttav '
+ kind. It is acco ." one of the sights of Los eo. '-
"Bacon's d .r" contains prst y D ',.
Goods mailed free onapplication. ..i

425, 425, 429 E. Market bt., above Preston, L i ..ille ,K.
S. . ...... t.......

W. H. Price, of Tampa was arrested
here yesterday on a telegram from the
sheriff of H liborough county, on a
charge of obtaining money under false
premiense. Deputy Sheriff Gordon made
the arrest, and an officer came here
from Tampa to-day and took the pri-
oner back.--Orlando Reporter.
Editor Joseph Howells of the Astabula
Sentinel, Jefferson,. Ohio, sad brother,
rof the world r med novelist. Willam
Dean HoweUs, in the city making a
brief vistt to him son, a member of Corn- -
pany E. 5th regiment, Ohio volunteers.
Edlor tHovwells o the guest of Judge 0.
a arr.
.Lrst Lietenant W. L. Jewell of Com-- 1
pany B, Fitth battalion of state troops, a sald:
Ues tendered his resignation on account ~p j
Business engagements, saying i hisD U W . Y CEEMONI
yervtcee sh M, O 'be needed by the-:gov- W Attorn
nmemnt in any capacIty, he will cheer- Will ---- d itha gr
lay respond. deal Tort if you p
hiide U ndeJh a stylish a
ll the troops remaining n Tama are i ho Unde h a stylish ai
a to get started The transports hlghie W rito lmmer 8nit f
r ere from New York have not the i of t C4e snappy a
se veed. and one o f enera hat- nobLt. boroi1b men of ta
ti f B- be r intte at w teAin cheviot a
t PWsteMtto te ntoUnoon a te fan prclts stylish C
memitis of t WWrlde cie sime levied rteds, for
o".x% cU be eld at s, for
on' r0. m e wi bed ge, an of men a

L o bw ,Q ea ernP a, W-.. r, ei
LHo ih; nb WOrd te boys. d

.;`~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~R~~-S" W~~ ~' q V- ~
pZ $-


I l


YVctory For Brave AMericans

e Streets Of Sa

a Ki.ston, Jliy Pd

Ift tbsrd to Mhod and Ate Itise
7 l 0ia teaoe wSe com- artend t

Wesd at' thL bumet it Is
Oit.bOvtwan two a&d three
.4; ,Qmtr HtAt 4C tbae oMce

W-i~ L osa tb Rthe o Riders,
j Iafe g~fOgy, Twenty-
UOTT, Tehirteenth Infantry,

P. OBRBOR Sixteenth In-

.. PtBII~ M, Twenty-

TAi&OB3 Minth Cavalry
is t, stomach.
b.at.ry.L LIaco, Twenty-

A BRBTT, Twenty-fourth,

L'- L-DUCAT, TDwenty-fourth
dn region of the

T PODGDG* Twenty-

AaNT. J. AU-
:ii e sidde and arms
AR Sixth n afay-

ib Sixth Infantry.
Smth Infantry,

Eo, Third

.T .... t

i io oundd-

: CD"i, nrantory.
H .YBb ftv^

the po
the bis
the Th
that ti
In a
ports 1
The F
come I

feint t
to rem
that tb
bor to
&ad fe
sert or
great b

n t ti
(hre G


1 1 ILVIUHII U llO-U alts Ti an
our lies in Its desW. d
BaIMtl Set of ColoK r Pessted h by "In concluo, I now exte .ro
S 1 heartfelt thanks of the regiment. bellev-
th f t ing that the memory of you will ever be
the Po of the t stamped upon our mind."
After the address the color wearers
marched back to the lne and the regi-
AnD C AtD TU AUW C mental parade was held. The regiment
SA HE ANS was then marched in review, and was
heartily cheered by the large number
&any Prominent Oficials and Citi- of spectators.
zens Present-Order Isued De- Commniaions Received.
g a Battan to beCo Las: .ir the commissions of Colonel'
minded by Capt. Davidson. C. P. L,.l., as commander of the First
Florida regiment of United States vol-
ND WOU NUEU From Thursday's Daily. chaplain were received, and these off-
SU The First Florida regiment of L notedd cers have entered upon the discharge ofORT
states volunteers now has a sEnd of their duties.
colors that is second to none in ten arm) Several other changes will be announ-
of volunteers or United States regui ru. ced in a day or two as the promotion of
Who rve the Enemy to The colors were presented to e regi- Col. Lvell has occasioned several c- e la
ment just before regimental drill es- ancies that will have to be tiled. The Plateau Was t
teraay afternoon, and ,when toe regi-
Intiago. ment marched from the parade ground AC TIVE SEVICE.
on Palmetto Beach to the camp In Lt-
Soxto Park, no prouder men tould De
found than those composing the rst The Naval eerve tand a Good
respondent here of the Associated Florida. Chance of Being Accepted. Special to the Tribune.
The stand of colors consists of aJul4.-Not
a i t sethat Germany. France large silk United States flag, and anele- om Thursda Daly. Jurag July .-No
tstEs, have reached an under- gant regimental flag made of blue silk, stares the Amercan a
R relative to the Phlppine Is- with the name of the regiment and the An enthusiastic meeting of the Tampa staes th Amercan a
coat of arms of the state arranged in an division of the Florida Naval militia, The boys In blue bathe
artistic manner upon it. The tag was commonly called "Naval Reserves" was
sau these three powers do not in- urronded hy a fringe of gold, and held last nlgt. and when It was an- ten on bullets, especia
o actively interfere until hostilt- above the coat of arms was the great nounced that an officer of the United fired by the enemy, las
aee, after which they will com_ &merican eagle with extended talun. States navy will be here in a day or
o parent' the United Sates or The stand of colors of the regiment two to examine and enlist the divson shp Is worse than pool
"rita gaIning possession of the was purchased through popular sub- for active service, the members ex- vitory is recorded I
of tOe PhSlpPae Itsrand scription raised by the' lmes-Union and pressed their appreciation by hearty
a the -war Is over an Internetenai CtUizen, and the governor very appro- cheers, stron-holds. With on
pl be rop similar to the riately elected on. George W. Wll- Leutenant Cnomander C. C. onwei of men the whole apa
coiress in 188, to settle all son, ecittor in chief and general manager of the United States navy is the officer
t g oestpowers. willbe nvited of tohat journal Wto present the cours selected for this work. He wil arrive routed. The forward
*inctdk g the Unit State and to the regiment in behalf of the people at Port Tampa to-day, and some time
vIt sas certainI that Ger- of Florida. ;his week will come to Tampa and ex- Abnerlcan -tro o0 1
a eertaiamine the men ofthhe'-irst t lorida d. led at day t wb
then demand a slice of the Mr. Wilson arrived in Tampa yestEr amine the men of the irst Florida dl ed at daylight when
thee i- slds Or other day morning, accompanied by a num- VI5IoOL
So br other opes- d Jacmsonvilg e people, by e ws Every member of the division presentera movement all al
tS of the Aociated met by L. C .Canova, the Tamp rep- last night Igned the volunteer roll, The order of tbe
h received onfirmation of the resentative of te Times-Unon and snowing their Intention to en iTt In the
fats 'm.ra authentic sources. Citizen, and escorted to the Tampa Bay regular service. They will all have to andenth cavalry, the
me authority says Germany IsHoteL In the afternoon Mr. slon be examined before being accepted. Dwenty-st infantry .
earhority sys many is o n e e r A recruiting ation will be opened in
I thrvrtig trade In provisions, and and a number of prominent army oru- A recruing aon will b e opened inthe N
yJlypeas, beans and canned goods, cers and visitors went out to eSoi to e armory to-day, and Iv 01 e open the Ninth cavalry, n
i ammunkion and mall trma Park to witness the presentation until the full complement s secured. ton, with the Rough R
ph Hamburg commission- mer- Among the prominent officers present, the left.'
, who ate selling both to Spain when the regiment was lined up on the A Social Session
ie United States. The latter, It parade grouca, and the colors % ere pro-
s.t ,I to lrtig targe quantities of sented were: Brigadier General James grom Piday's Dally.
otapsitem uwsed for saltpeter from Rusn Lincoln, the newly appointed com- FrOm Friday's Daly. A CO A 0 VITICI
G OermaS alkali works, manner of the Third division of the One of the most enjoyable events that
these goods, It Is asserted, are Founn army corps; Colonel C. L. Ken- has taken place s;nce the'ar-, val of the
dI from Eaenhgen, mainly by nan, oi the Third Ohio, commander of tooopsg in Tampa w as the social gr on meeting of the HilUb
ing'vllla ine. toe First brigade of the Third di- of toe Benevolent and Protective Ordei Demoeratic bxecati
German government has ordered vision; lieutenant J. Hugh Stepnens, of Elks which was held in the roms
three cruisers be kept in West personal aide to General Jacob Kline,f c the Crescent club, of this city, last From Saturday's Daily
waters from the autumn., division commander. All of the ot4rers night. The aession was given under ocra xe
Pite of the war the German ex- of the secona Georgia; a number of ore- the auspices of the Elks of the Tbiny- Te Democratc ExeR
to America are as large asever. cers of the Thirty-eecond Michigan; ecoid Michigan regiment of volunteers. of Hlllsborough county
'ra tfort district exerted last several of the officers of the 69th. New This regiment bae a large ;tunber o: hall at 11 o'clock yee
S6.381874 mark; similar reports York and the Third and Fliih Ohio, and nemb"rs of the rder atong td Iued a cl or
,om other districts. a large number of men trom al o the and they were granted the use rt the ad ssued a
S ther districts. regiments camped at i-almetto 3eah.. ,lb ome 1 for tIe t .ial e ossi~Jo. The tlon to be held in this
n a v ol. C. P. Lovell, the newly appuint- d Iun was greatly enjoyed by al! ,n at- July 27, for the purpose
Oy a Feint colonel of the First 'lorida rougit hi I'oan'e, and when tha L.iur t 11 candida-tes for county
o --t- t regiment out on the parade ground in clock canll, the cut :cna':' tI'ers. :o
I to the Tribona spendia shape. After te regiment ,le L ebz. ,t brothers"' 'a proposed and acing other buasiLne
iMIlgton, July 1.--t is stated to had been lined up and was brought drank in eience. 'fTh u.;aal ites wre before the convention.
at the iwar department that the to "'parade rest" the officers rode to iposed ad promptly collected by the Th s the rst meet
on anstiago to-day was only a the front and 1ion. George W. W'ilson officers appointed for that purpose. tle committee since
o attract the attention of the delivered the presentation address. Ir. Taken as a wh :'- the serslon was a
from the attack on the fortifica- Wilson said: grand success i eery paitklular, and convention, at which t
I To the boys of the Florida Regiment: tt Is to be hoped that another sessIon tee was elected. The,
. Morro Castle and the Estrella The grim and stern necessities or war will be held bic're the departure of the 30 member of the co
r in possession of the American decree action and not words. Tn-re- troops,. and the gt business
It twte now be an easy matter tore, facing tne gallant boys of Florida, the election of a cbai
vye the mines In the harbor so who offer their lives to the service of The PnnsylvaniaBoys. tary, a unantmo
tne nation; I snail he brief in preventing B. kn was el
le Amerloan slhps canenter, the colors, discharging a simple civil- Third Pennsyl a r was elec
American battleships Iowa, In- an's outy as the medium of ranger The rd ennylvna nt ter night
MsmPahusetts and Oregon, the from the donors to your custody. United statess volunteers are the best Kn
o0ii .. .i I c ome to you, It is true, in the plain satisfied set of men in the army. Fine iWs Y
owerftd .veseels In the United clothes of the civilian, conscious ihat of0 etS, good camp site, and two pay After some discutsio
ry WilU be sent into the har- the man who remains at home has du- days close together, Salt water bathe time for holdfg te cc
attack Admiral Cervera's fleet, tieynot as trying and dangerous as the' woe a day plenty to eat, and not too decided tha ednes
roe the Spaniast to either de-'laiot who volunteers his life to his mc h work k eps them In the best of
rn their country, but e duties o the ivilan huor. Not a single case of serious o'clock, would be the
urn their are none te less important in timeof llr-sa has bef veorted in this regi- Satruday, July 16, wa
naval authorities believe that a Uar, both to you and the nation a t sIrce It at-'it I in Tampa. the day for holding pre
tattle wil occur Sunday morning. I pi-toen, these colors on behalf of the The m'.i_ of this regiment freely e x-
subscriberi of the flag fund to the First P -S t1' nsei*,es. f, m the colon 'down the various districts
reat Los of- Life Plorida regiment of volunteer eeln ag to the superiority ot their preE-n aeleet delegates to tbh
'that hen they return to oIdelin camp, tcer the Ch!ckamaga grounds tilon The basis of r
peace, no dishonor or staon wtni be upon t t ad wate. o th atte precinct w
I to'the Tribune. 4 slrg.. k.eadlin their silken unity, and o COMP Sro t themher with var w
t n,,.PJty L--There has been wh oti....ry unali be writtenItecno the l io. orp i:-. bmonchitla, etc., all of delqt5 g for each thirl
shing l rday between the Amern- sentiments of every citizen of Fiorida, I .- haoe disappeared In the health the cv ,ttdt on the BtU
When en-preas a patriotic confdnoe --A\''.S ig- _b-es and waters of Tsmpo iial ticket, who rece
woosm zdrl General Shsrter, and that the 4'lorida regiment will prove Bay3. They all dnisre they do not eo at b
anlMM rops at Eatisgo,. and worthy of a brave and genero ,ple. offer vt rig I'ke as tmnch from heat er f ote the
no ofial report, of the number In presenting this regiflental manner here, as in the North. in 1aK, and one IdIi
a.d i ouned, on the American that now unrunrl, you will see woven in the fraction In excss
' beW received by the war de- i fabric symbol of our great country. We live in a country of which the amounts to ten or mot
.. .... u.- w. a ri .Treasure It tenderly, as you do honor principle scou-ge is stomach-trouble. The ooimmrts dece
lt, it' mi Itowr that the Ameri- when in the uniform of a soldier, It ts more wide- pread than any other democrat to pathtp5
.:o the day, and have advanced I present this flag, the sacred disease, and. very nearly, more danger- of deisgates, including
line t Spanish breast works-stars and. stripes, emblems of lerty oun is that it is so little undertood. Qlted stnce the isa
I th be^. of she .t The los and the ho'; iank now binaIng and unit- If It were better understood, t would The call for the cove
,s. t1 Saertsa s580_ a been ug nti as: on as one, i.mom-ate tbel be more feared, more easily c-ed, less by the committee, I
but .the ene has been driven itrc>. Fold tnem to your hearts anod universal than it is now. another ooitmn of tO
and let 48& the number o r'-llh thiein undaunted and fearless in So thome who wih to be cured, take pape5 in the county
S. .ne d'icba.ge oi your duty to .iviLiza- Behaker Ditges!ve Cordial, because It copy the sanme and pub
S< ---- tion. wItrh honor to the state that sends goes to the root of the trouble as'no until the convention.
Waiting lor Bportk you forth to do battle in Obedience to other mndot-ins does. The pure, harm- .---
ue nation whose Integrity you must up- lees curative herbe and plants, of which
i T -"- hold. It is coinced, are what render It so
bi-toilZJut .aAt 9 o'clock to May the blessings of God hbe with you, certain an-d, at the same time, so gentle
lltO e Jutly -,-'At 9 o'clock t and if tue cruel Spanish bOullet should a cure. sm tim ,s
rSe 'toAlate d that noth- lay amy ,f you beneath the Cuban sod, It helps and strengthens the syr' T 4F
lftd n wht, eeed sorm the may e stars and stripes stand senti- purifies and tones up the ysytel.-_^' I"
sta nnt-ha e hx e x lpe ted some nal at your crude resting place, and the Sold by diuggiets, price 10o.ents to he 6* ^
- r~eye s as soon as Goenerai Shaf- wild flower the tropical sun weave t. per bottle.
esiwd oial reports from his themceli.e3 into !mior-tellee, as your l
memory will be entwined around the Mr. Hayden f-KPe; aed Mis Maud l i m

S r' hting. hearts of ths American people. J Ha.,3 "Ae ma; W<-< c' 1 g
ri4e Hosa fighting. Witth k ienediction of nerti ter; Ct li ''insg a S. 'octe ; t T ir- -nce
..... all bav moen. heart throbs tor our 3 C rc .y JuJ:,- HIt. eon. Thee cer*
r. Citba. July 1. 4 p.m.-At 2 o" counLt and ourtfag, I entrust these mr -w.ts poro n l tb Juld e Haitison
This afternoon, after five hours c,-ors to y keeping. i .. rhi r-re eoC of C -on Frnnk Har'is.
fi tlr ng, the Spa itrds began THr r GESPONSE the fat-er of t -. .'- a. d a few.
Sther entrenchments and re- Upon con on of Mr. Wilson's ad- -.'tels ae-d fiend. .M.. McKay Is
g aito the dty t Santiago. dr.as, Cuionel ell received the colors son of Capt. aod Mi Donald McKay 3t
A twrsan troopa are steadily sad- and placed them n charge of a color! .- this cIty, and h a pro&. esive young

y in the front and have nevr stand of color tenant Fowler of the yotnS cooei w'sh tor.m joy and r
l~onar wounded been colt- to ise address of t eMr. son" leo I
p bro t to the rear. Many of Lieutenant Harry W. wier, adJu- Mr. Ivy 'Register, the present tax as-
w de from tite eectaa of the tact of the First batta&I of the regi- sessor has his announcement in to-day's
. by the ause bullets. meot then delivered the r le Tribune, solictIng the support of this
hOesired by General Sha- said: re friends tbiougbout the county for re-
S d fightig, a been "It is wth a feeling of t keenest election. Mr. Register has made an FAs5.e1l ^

The lateCt eport received freon th
"tttld sl that mager Amertcans
tess wanoed bast the nmamber'canhot
One of thb Ame ican soldiers had boti
ndtfjhbot , aad -w wound in -th
fa~.fcrt be Urtbd to ~tlaanlhng
S t-U- ,, *-

ue as ]



eld by Siege ue& s-ad t&e Ea t

out Firing a SitSot.

Tbe platea was
thing bt victory of artillery A .
nmy in the tce. nmMt t"o l
in blood and fat-.eaW thrt
I y hen ttey are clartba the v~
thetr markman- gagCelst atr..
.Victory after 7Wile bM

ish azyr can be and kna tmH
movement of the The tor&t, a tx s
atlCo was star- the airoenadla. w
there was& a gn beaIP d forfl OI ePi
,g the Ine. telU lasmy ta r
tie was the First corner sad tShe~bl lk
Third. Sixth and a alsb flac
one squadron of fAshetl wsa t* sm. l
ler General LAw. to the rsght tof Ute (4ti
Riders. mased on1 awreutiy lea at tbai
hot w asfIed rom the

g cALLD. lB 10 Uo

rough Coanet I FV.-

utive committee An Wafnast w'T.
r met in the city SIflstt 'a
terday morning, Ouy oar '
Scoumty conven-. Thedistortui
city Wedneaday T. nuA, Scl o Aou
me ot ndmni g
faces, and trans .4O of a (e I
as may come frCommipto(y
Slod)R aM all.bra-a
tag of tMe exec- and elea ,bip-- l
the last county catar'hl MbacttiMM
the new commit- sod WrM&SU"S Kt 5-
re were 22 ,pf the Clmes f, -SMtlag lM
tbreeunt so IetntSPSr
mnmittee t.rm New i.Nw aSitA hte.1
transacted Was fThe TaTDOi Wdtti
rman and secret is w &~a ttW S
us vote Hon. G. e red. beos ., s jl
ed chairman, and tLimly hnbs,os4lM t 0
was elected secure p. leiela 4htytsi|
to doash a trul otihe
n as to the proer 501515 MM" esk
&ad ibi saiebda u
invention, it W p ram
sy, July 21,. s sute ias'S
most ooeaeai tsIo3sh
a decided ut9ofas aesstlot fat
ecnLot meetiB p toin 9 f oWt"mB m
of the doouy ito ..:venbi IS j
i county con a
repSranetilon of thos e i aiSiV
cided to te oe Musd1iW0
my votes cant for calM, Ssi_-j^j I
ite and Woong'eas- p00080
Oved the bghshst SUGL
a enerai election 891 . I
seal delegategaml juo1r ^ s
thereof "when medit wIl hb pra p
-e. eie spu tald sfm
led to invite at &IB eLseS S' S
us in the election iIawu t5 n 58
those 'owo have thiso ft a Mi- A
t election". t o m.. -.,^
Uiton, as adopt ..
be Tithes.,
are requamted to
/sh in ea ch -en --

o. .= ^^

naa~r gmorra
batbb I 7!t!~
b58he -lm
a irhrEamatkhe aedi

P. 0, "ia
solM by

. ,



C :.. ,.. r
'' '~ ' ~' '`-

'' c_ ,u~a~'1Q

S .,..YIna1sscn nan or ae- m u
- ri"e a. wiln he unI t to satisfy
S- the sum of S41l ad costs aau rso
Skth.er certain wrst of execution toseued
bt f the Honorable CtrCult Court,
l jI- ta Ihsk eang the date of the 11th day of June,
A D. M o sgainet Nicolae sotana,.
o a In favor of the O oroe Cigar Co..
.. a$ directed to all and adinclar the
,shbft of the Stat of Florida, com-
AL A zn a m n them o evy upon the goods
A lb'&1 aette n lis and tean ments o
-the std Nicolas ana. or so m ch
S" therof as will be sucient to satisfy
S the sm of $19.65 and cos, whereupon
= fOim n t 8 o :D B I did on the 14th day of June srTy upon
S t 8oae trand d ii sell within the isaf t ours of
jstBniitte ke o. sale before the court house door In the
^^ -'_ ,wi t city oI Tampa, on the 1st iooday in
Tpa toamimal With Augu, it being the lat day of said
month; to the igbhest and best bidder
ts for cash the folowing described prop-
S erty, to-wit: 3 shares of Capital stock
of the mantam Cigar Co. of the par
"e-is vaole 00o each as shown by cerill-
i 5mg.0 Dty. cate No.., issued to N. Sniana March
4 e1oW n Iet Wuiar 4030, A. 1n Is8 for 151 shares and certi-
lar e no. issued to N. Santana. March
w* ,r1i0h l 41t-'M Oof the n 4th, A. D.,1868 for 147 shares.
st iri-| vipaisas S 30. More. Levied tpon as the property of N
.1 b1n x ~~. wi Shlntanna red sold to satisfy said exceu-
was tons.
l sB mxi amats T. K. SPENCER.
M ie d. afndis tSheriff HilSoroogh Co.
CS the Ba.aatton of Atty. for Plaintiffs.
I* be ff of sne-eani-
Digef s' tho ner oMASTER'S SALE.
8 .1-rn BY vIrtue o0 a decree rendered by
s wo.id the Hon. Barro Phillip, Judge of the
-lnog mg law so Circuit Court, fth Judil dcirceut of
jbji ale %WJng. Be Florida, In and fWor Ifo borough
.r i at cet at th s QvhicOuny.1 In fhlocery mtIng, in a
U'.5 dM B at tb 'ci)a ertai cause pese ng ii said Court,
sToel this Bogasng to r& dated on the 30th day of June, A. A.
o It e of ageryz 1 wberein PhinrpW and Fuller are
ic cnam nta ad L.4.X Greene. et 'al..
go fsnt n ar" e e-fedadn&M, I will sellai public
i t Wti b aoting city oNsA01 Maeter in Chancery, before
-J. -o a a the Court house door in the City of
oWSWrOSr rwd ife Z- Toampa HIborougah County. Florida,
Ii. es e taaorto Wolont 6ol UWoday, the first day of August.
Ait E1 isf t ad retagistered 15- that befog a legal sales day, during
"a let dt A tlrsanM dieum- the gal bhors of sale to the highest
iShaL eh s~&e .e a sotitte deas and est bidder for cash,. the following
-iema0t0 rea seikr aad Chief deecrbed tract or parcel of lands lying
`-l7 1 dartmet, the and being In the County of -HEllsborough
a ,*' wn Was s lad ov and State of Florida, and described as

S Master in Chancery.
C<. JB. JOBQION, Esq..
Solicitor for %ikpplainajnt.
Taqpa, m-la, Jane 1898.

In tme Ccctit Court oft-he Sixth Judi-
ca Circuit o the State of f"lofida,
in'and for HUlWborough County; in
ehaacery stt1i
The ThaorPl a ajll bn Toan A*s*-
elaWto, v Jeheo B. Browniog and
Ja BR. B _OWohr

of Jdne, A.D.. 198. 4c 36; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of aw 1-4. a
C. W. ST7BVB t n 1-2 of sw1-4 of ne 1-4 of aw 1-4
F. M. IMONTON, Master in Chancery. see 30 township 32 south; n 1-2 of nw I
Solicitor for Complainant. of ne 1-4 of nel- 4 of see 4. towav hip
tis of In t.i n south all iAn range a t, the
t Of IT It O Oof nw 1-4 of asem 2, township 33. sou
tacWr t and the, ow 1-4 of nf 1-4 of sec 16
-- township 1. south of rant w 26 east
Is theCieuilt Coartof the &Sxth J udicil ir- a 1-2 of nw 1-4. and the n 1-2 d S :
cuof ti suree o Flindr t an an i.rHii sh- of sec 34; the se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of see
bur-tUh ouanrry township 9, south of range 25 east, 1
T *,Onen, t aonit exrisu C ,puner .y be 4, 5., 67, 3L. 1. K nd 11 of sebdlvisl
aln p5Iu pro 0.00 114 or dh
its uN Jrsey, sihIams.n Lubos, W. of Medora, and sots 1 t I. 12 1 1
bouOa Tian. sad Tboamk it n epi. sUte 16. 17, 18. 34. 13 3, 7, and 38 of blo
Aw ra n m u wae owt;e bouAm sasd five of the subd rision of Medora.
i radlng u e the tlm nao eau lodL)1 And also the following realestate a
Ose o., "osh & Loomuen, --, hran, a,:es uated in the County of Citrus: n -1
eT e e. 1 : n 1-4 of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and w 1-2
IU alL WHO s IIT Ma CONCe ote: nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 ne 1-4 of w 1-4, an
NJotice is hereby given that the above 1-2 of nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 9; ne 1-4
entitled suit wherein the Liebig Manu- ne 1-4 of see 10: ee 1-4 of ne 1-4 of i
factnring Company Is plaintiff, and 32; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 36, all in tow
Thonas F. Stubbs, W. Scotla Tlson, 1 nd ship 17. south of range 16 east; ne
Thomas R. Peoples. late partners In of ne 1-4 of sec 18, township 17, south
trade, doiq business and trading under range 17 east, ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of M
the flm name any style of atubbs. township 18. south of range 17 eas
Tison & Company are defendants, has 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 16, townshlp
been Instituted by attachment, and that south of range 17 t; w 1-4 of ne
writs of attachment therein have been of sec 15, township 17. south of rat
duly Issued according to law, and levied 1g east, se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 10; n
upon the following property, situated in of ne 1-4 of sec 14.and lot five or ne
the State of Florida, and various coun- of se 1-4 of sec 35, all in township nt
Ute therein, and more articuarly de- teen, south of range 18 east; ne 1-4
scribed as follows, to-wit. the ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 27, lot one
The following property being situated block 14 of Floral City. and the e
in the County of Hlilaborough. A three of saw 1-4 of sec 35, and the ne 1-4 of
eights undivided interest In lot 2. of sec ne 1-4 of sec 18, all In townshp 3l so
17, and the se 1-4 of the se 1-4 of sec 18, of range 19 east, a -2 of ne 1-4 of s
both In township 31 south of range 17, township 18. south of range 19 east;
east; also a one-half undivided interest e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 27, and the w
in the se 1-4 of the se 1-4 of sec 7, frac- of ne 1-4 of sec 28, both in township
tonal se L-4 of sec 8, the e 1-2 of the south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of nw :
sw 1-4 of sec 8; lot one In sec 17, sw 1-4 and he 1-4 of sec 29, township 20, sn
of nw 1-4, sec 17; lots one ond two of of r 19 east, sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec
Meeker's subdivision of aw 1-4 of nW 1-4 tp 17, south of range 20 east; the w
sec 17,e 1-2 otfe 1-4of secl8,e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 14. and ne 1-4 of
of sec 18; ne 1-4 of ee 1-4 of sec 18, all 1-4 of sec 20, township 18, south of rat
In township 31. south of range- 17 east, 20 east; nw 1-4 of oe 1-4 of sec 8; ne
and all of the nw 1-4 of the sw 1-4 of of tw 1-4 of see 8, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of
sec 34, township 28, south of range 16 14; lot 19 in Thompstnsv-ile, sec 18.,
east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4, less two 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 22, all in towns
and a half acres in ne corner of sec 13, 19. south of range 20 east; n 1-2 of
township 27, sooth of range 16 east; se 1-4, and se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 5; nw
corner of lot one In sec and lot one of se 1-4 and se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of se 1-4
In sec 6, township 28, south of range 15 sec 8. ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 26, and
east; ow 1-4 of ow 1-4 of sec 28, town- 1-4 of se 1-4'of sec 36; all In townshil
ship 10, south of range 15 east; n 1-2 of south of range 20 east; sw 1-4 of sw
n 1-2-of se 1-4 and n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of se cf nw 1-4. and sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of e
1-4 of sec 34, township 28, south of range ton nship 21, south of range 20 east, a
16 east; sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 3, and s 1-2 lees ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16,
n 1-2 of me 1-4 of sec5., township 30, south township 19. south of range 21 east.
of range 16 east; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4 And also the following real estate i
of se 1-4 of see 11. township 32. soubh uated in the County of 'Marion: Ne
of range 16 e; nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4. and nw 1-4 of ne
36, township 27, south of range 17 east; of sw 1-4 of sec 13. In township 12, so
nw 1-4 of se 1-4 and n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of of range 20 east, fractional se 1-4 of
se 1-4, and se 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 30, 1-4 of sec 4, township 14 south of ra:
township 31, south of range 17 east; ne 30 east; nw 1-4 of sec 11, township
1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16. and se 1-4 of sw south of range 1n east; ne 1-4 of ne
1-4 of sec 23. township 29, south of range of ne 1-4 of see 18, township 15, so
22 east, w 1-2 of ne 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec of range 19 east, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of
12, township 30, south of range 22 east. 7, in township 16. south of range 6A ea
And also the following real estate sit- se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of DeWtit Park In sm
uated in the County of Sumpter, And and the W 1-2 of nw ,-4 of ne 1-4 of ;
cState of Florida: a 1-2 of aw 1-4 of=c Witt Park, except lot 5, block 7, m
3, fractional w 1-2 of sw 1-4 of sec 14; block 8, and lots 10, 101, and 12
se 1-4 of sec 23,fracional se 1-4 of ne 1-4, block 9, and blocks 11, 27. 28, 29, 881,
and fractional nw 1-4 -of ne 1-4 of sec 82, and lots 14 and 15 of block 12, i
26, fractional nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of see 36, lots 6 to 12 Inclusive, and lots
all in township 12, south of range 20 to 23 Inclusive is block 14,
east. all of the ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 in Sump- lots 6 to 10 Inclusive, block 17, and
rer oCtya of sec 36, township 19, south 9 In block 33. and lot 15 In block 13,
of range 21 east; sw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and lots 17 to 30 incrl 've in bloctt 16 in
sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 30, and se 1-4 8, township If, of range 18 e
of sw 1-4 of secl.townshlp 20, south or and the w 1-2 of of see 3, in tov
range 21 east, and sw 1-4 of ne 1-4. and ship 15. south ot '- 18 east.
sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of section 39, and se 1-4 And also the fc real estate
of sw 1-4 of sec 1 in township 20. soast pated In the Count, Levy: The
of range 21 east, sw 1-4 of nb 1-4 of see 1-4 of se 1-4 of eec 13; ne 1-4 of BW
32, township 18, south of range 1 east; of nw 1-4 of sec 16, township 15. so
se 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 12. and fractional range 14 east; ne 1-4 of see 16, towns
se 1-4 of Iaw 1-4 of se 25. townthin 21. 15. ou l of range 15 east;: w 1-4 ol

nd to t
of pa, z

be genereIl h
nade 67 Jnhiacms

16, and aU cos t-sI .
e"k Dated at Tanp, Florlda, thlsa hat. te
day of June, A. a IMD 11 -
of sheriff of 9tlaborough Conaty, F ts. -
of F. M. 19motom, Ai "
d e Attorney for the plaintiff.
of o ap
In- 0 O fl
1-4 Under and by virtue of a deteS
of sale rendered on te 22ad day of Jr
nc- A D. 181, by the Hon. W. A. NO~m
se Judge pro h1c vice, tn the esasse,.A.
19.. Wuam EL PFerrls vs. Jsit h Ferrip, ot a'. et ,heot~e -;'
1-4 al.. pending In the Cireuit Court-of Ph "asiae to9


th Then why pay 835 saM t


S get a Strictly high grade Febale aan~ ta~

sw IDEAL FT .:T AND VIM .......;... ....-..
hiw V OTAT1OMA UrE. M .... .... :.......
1-4o < ,' FErT LIZEBr a r,...:..... ...1., ...
Lot e BLOOD. NONE ANIPOTAS H.......:..
ne P CIAL IMXTT l to. 1 .................. ..[..- Z..i
s5o CORN PEBTIIME R. ............................(. f..
eCL All frtrller miatesilat lo moseab morhO dhsca*4J
in b W ea"h, e ki, JDEA. u. .. ,. .':


uth e "Pig' F'OOt" brand Blood aid Bonbaeit%
ee Damarala

e se
f De

if sec 3, township 24. south of ra
ad also the tolloWing real atats
ed In the Cqun oat Manatee: I
and two-of aec'38, dfe acres in
1-4 of see 3, and five acres in
1-4 of nw 1-4 of see 3, townshij
th of range 17 east. lots two
e In sec 15, township 34, souti

""p'-is -es a*6 sai -1-4s oorn-a-e of ee-anm se e s a an 1-4 of s n 1-4 IlwnsLip I;s soout auu in range a eamt.
Sd.o er f ore If see 10.townahlp 38, south of range Is e 1t- of nw 1-4 of se 12, township 11,
gtgtflS mp 0d o S00bef,' A. 8 D 168 ast 16 sores in ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec south, rwge 16 east; a 1-2 of sw 1-4 of
's u s e rdie re1 d at-av trv e oand M3 township 4, south of range1t9 east; sec 26, township 7 south, range 17 east:
pnlf aio a0s Ot w" hbe skblished nw 1-4 ofne 14 ofsec 7; n* 1-4 of ow sw 1-4 osw 1-4 of sec 35: n 1-2 of w 1 -4
at h TCibua, a-wesklg news- -4, and -4 o w 1-4 of pw 1-4 of see 8, and of sec 24 township 7, south of range 17
bb -l it the -c Of TaT pa, 1-2 of se 1-4 of sec 17. township -, ,east. al1north of county 119e of see 18,
d e and state, once a week for south of range 20' ast; n 1-3 of sw 1-4 of township 11, south of range 17 east; sw
nc P ntsd e-Sak5 ss.ee 2. lots 2, nd 6 In sec 12; lots 1, 1-4 of ne 1-4; se 1-4 of nw 1-4. and the
Ssad ord d ths t.e d day ad In sec 21 township 40, south or sw 1-4 of se 31, and the nw 1-4 of se 1-4
ri MY. A. D. 2118 range 20 east; and tot 2 in sec 16, town- of sef L% in township 6; ne 1-4 of se 1-4;
) E. 30. 1IECE l ship -4, south of range 17 eat. and saw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 2; ne 1-4 of
S- C a C Irtreui CoWrt. And also the following real estate sit- se 1-4 oat sem ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 14;
B D6* By H. GZVZBk uated In the County of Pasoo: The sw e 1-2 of w 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4
P, 0 DO"tF Cbtrkt 1-4 of sec 23, township 26, south of range Of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4
Aiou-eam JoA Ofgtpia .at- east, s L- of ne 1-4 of sec A township of sw 1-4, of sec 16; and w 1-2 of ne 1-4
---- o4..south-of range 17 east, the se 1-4 of -of sec 22, township 7 south, se 1-4 of se
tls.S f UL aOid. Ca ty of Hills sw 1-4 of seo 16. township 24, south of 1-4. se ;-4 of ne 1-4, n 1-2 of ne 1-4. ne
i. d e f. -.i. ., raasi s 20 east; w 1-2 o ne 1-4 of sw I-4 1-4 of nw 1-4, the sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of see
2L. t I&a 0 *te i -.06 t he circuit apd the sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of rac one; n 1-2 of ne 1-4 the ne 1-4 of ee 1-4
-B1 EfeC5lU ibssE eotW FBloflS., g, ; n 1-1 and ae 1-4 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of the w 1-2 of nw 1-4..and nw 1-4 of sw
jif -*tPta"" osEoing Is a se 12. township 3 south of range 21 1-4 of sec 2; the sw 1-4 of ow 1-4 ox sec
WW O*A& eMft cogy of the original, as east; nw 1.4 of ow 1-4. and BW 1-4 of sw 27; the ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of eec 2; the se o
535eam w e- s m ofthis v des 1-4. and SWI nof sw 1.4 nof oC- 30 1-4 Of se1-4 of em 2. townahln 10 anuth.

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of aderd
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IL-am o-iha UMrs= Co
260T142 (L ElUHaL COALUO


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FiasetCsimlaasd Iwefee. a~sssss-rre
Th &let A isessepess 0 the fuflsgisg es
iCemfh4,te (Ml. 5,),~'c Aaa C ufrgiC

eks L .~, ~ .......... ...; ......... 4 ........
CC mar t il pcsydf t oAINI L ig R t~* J=100

WDc ~ pW tA arrYI U bmA Pkr SL Em Ifts

above ",.un andand all otherpersa iso a. -* ,.~ ::....
terested In eald property are hberebyr- 4iwk W";..........
Qurred to 8,eear to the said action on C e Reiff........ .1
the first monday in Beptember 10, theteLn i .
saoe bed the 6th day in said month, Ccng at Cra, IC. th s.)
nd a rule day in this court, else a de- eu nfb in iO. -
fauIt will be duly entered agaft them Mmevs wa45dbdit sa -4l011s W,
in said court. r iBpld"s61bSIttM % ".
I30BIO MANSUPACTURING CO.. rr= Ywit OfRgang stma inen. -R.
Plaintltf. TURD
torney f Plain CLYDE ST. Jtif.f.

SaH ERIFs aJ.e. Jacksonville, Paatka, Sanford
Under and by virtue of two certaain ,mediate flanAintg OB t IL -o w
w*its of VCol SSoout oof the .r- "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE?" '
cult Court of the SIxth Judlical Circuit
of the State of Florlda in and for ,gElls- CAPT. W. AW, BBDwfI,
borough County, on e 7th day o Leae Jks .....................
Bass"s... .... ......... ........................... .....
AprT11, 181, on two certaIn judamente L1a 71 -. --
wherein the Fllnt River Lunber & Oar nsrsr'aa rr and Ticket Of;oe, 204 W st''
Export Company were paliattff and W. XI. Wabwte.s GP..P- Fs.
Jame. C. MeNl was dsfesfant, I have ....- W !biw s Ws a I ad.


FdTf JleZ"ff)iR3-l~~~l~ 'If_? Ir



S ..SH FLEET WENT TO THE.BOTTOM OF THE SEA What Paine's Celery C3mpoundi

hb1n3 Be Captured Their Own Commanders Had the Doing for Hosts of W ien.

V vessels Completely Destroyed.

% ''" M -- ..

Nmagomr d
JW 4--

ks in~
iia~~ ec
LfII b d

-S te

I-t. *ud



Prirne. "Hot Ttme In the Old Town."
a Cuba, via King;,
-This morning t fpeQ a to the Tribune.
Mrvera's fleet was Washington, July 4.-Gen-
oyad ecepV the eral Shafter wires that when
-la -aged-toescape the news of the disaster to the
and made to sea. Spanish fleet was received at
ed the precarious the front the only remaining
Which his fleet was band struck up "Star Spangled
neaiMg .but- sur- Banner" and then played "A
completee annihilsi Hot Time In The Old Town
ts tomlmand Tonight."
w 6f is flet The cheers of the men passed
ptim of one fas from line to line until every
r their own com. man in the American army was
I the strple they cheering and shouting for joy.
pags Sampeon but The officers and men have
off, runuaho and been without shelter for five
ik. Odrvera went days and nights in the rain but
in lees than two all are happy Americans on this
tied oicfde. Glorious Fourth.
iean army have No American vessels were in-
eir own way now jured. Three of the Spanish
y l*kel that .the ipe were utterly destroyed.
eoltinae. The Spaniards getting des-
1i2ds fought like operate ran three torpedo boat
maded nb all sides destroyers ashore where they
mm. Their fleet now lie complete wrecks.
weirlet, and the
o being cra- Trpps Ordered to Tampa.
!.z v i, h edir Specawl to theTrmbun .
,Jrhicm~9h ngp, July 4, 1:30
... .-T.MrOpsa are being rushed to
Port Tampa to reinforce Gen.
Shafter. Ten trains have -

l trains ae now loading
with soldiers.
l' s iank The 1irst Division and the
She Fire and Second Brigades of
e Bm second 'siWon of the
3 iei taii-- TFS" Axmy Coqrs have been
,eedm to Santiago.

Seizing Ships.

Special to the Tribune.
SWashington, July 4, 2 p. m.
Every ship along the Atlantic
and Gulf Coasts suitable for
the transportation of troops is
being seized by the Govern-
ment and sent to the most
available ports for embarkation.
fifteen vessels are due to ar-
rive at Port Tampa tomorrow.

Spanish General Dead.

Washington, July 4, 2:15 p.
m,-Gen. Linares, command-
ing the Spanish army at Santi-
go, is reported to be dead. No
particulars are given. It is be-
lieved that he followed Cer-
vera's example.

Landed at Manilla.

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, July 4, 2 p. m.
A cablegram from Admiral
Dewey states that the first rein-
forcements have arrived safely
at Manila. The troops are now

The best salve In the world for cuts,
Bruises, Bores. Ulcera. alt Rheum
Fever Sores, Tettr., Chapped Baads,
Chilbitnes, Corm and ll skin erup-
tiSao co ftcSr u cutre oxla o Ti.
pay retired. Ite guaranteed to give
perfect satistaction or m.ney refunded
Price tfcente per box. For sale by 8.
B. IAoUnarl a UO.

Take Laxattve Bnse Quinine Tab-
ta. All druggist refud the moner
Sit fal to es m 4-w.

('I ? j. .I/

'2- L~. '



.. .-:_- .-"..".. ."-Ne-.-- ''-';; = .w a ., V- ,- -
It speaks volut ee for Paine's celery comes up to what you say, bu tt ia AA u 8 s
compound that of all the many women is, withet doubtf the best ioni s -
rmme yfor women I do not thiak it
who have recovered health by Its means mca be reommended too Vo t i
very many were induced to take it Respecafullyyours h G ty I
through the persuasion of other women R H BtMS. ,-d-.
--ieters, mothers, or friends. Mrs/.yd da Hayden of Marion, Ind.,
When a sick and feeble sufferer is seen contM the e
,Bdfare conantmcigrg the ue of
to gain steadily in health and vigor elery comina lnd I was tru by y Ind'
from taking Palne's celery compound no any doctors and tried mam med .r, a
room for doubt it left to the most stub- but did not get any bettp. I seendd to c
born-minded person. This joyous be al broi eid o dow i. ttred a the
time, and m r cooutlon seemed toe b
transformation from sickness to health ~ivtng out. I oo ied onb pn s
is going on In thousands of homes this lat fall whe I c .-pO, ad4 wn te l .t
spring. Pai e's Coee .,rc- tA Im Z n tlea s than M M l
Here Is the experience-like that of two minth5 weihed 1st poounds.a PA
unuutalo w for me. I lave b had
bunreds of oth ofMer B. P ever gns- and have t
135 N Sc. N. W., Washington, D. C. better this summer than I have for A
vells, Richardon &a Co.: years. atso l ait .
"'^n'tleniTe--Paine celery compound "-M7 ltle daughter was away from wle Sta .
reco eded to my hand by home on a visit, and cm ehomeI pol e
was recommended to my haeand byd had a hard sickness. I m
hia father, who told him to have me try went right away and got ber a bottle of. msv % W
It, for with other remedies I. did not Paine's celery compound. and se
seem to be getting better. I was M f had be herhalth incae than she e vr 7W.
had In her le, eats hearty and is row- tM
fering from nervousness, and my bably la f "
seemed to nuree it from me, an she did o woman In any way ot of health L _
not sleep more than 16 to 20 minutes at man tP e tMoe to heyrem ander tarily Pri.
any time. I sao suffered from ndi- fail to tiae Paines celery W enpond
geetion and very torpid liver. I and whatl e of tretring he i a i e.
that Palne's celery compound not only -a -..prsv d. pt

n - ,m ,-'. t I ,T s.
SLrWFm mORPNa I SWrT & 00.6 nW BLOcXz A MAIL. 1 ObBK, FIDZ UAN & CO.

:ri7 J SN_6 a0I te city, An nterprisming l Frm That eserves Besources of the Deprtment ar An Zntplaag Fxirm that mis
tT Mrit for publi- Patronage From Tampa People. Being Taxed. oae to Tnapa to Say.
S-"l Pi N of July, at the Or- PFrom Priday's 'Dlly. The rapid movement of the army are Through te efforts of the enterpis-
S in same 2 at the L" Swife & Co., the wholesale packers taxing the resources of the Postoice lg firm of Cohen, Friedeian A Co.,
"A ~ tttle ldy with curls so fair, and revision dealers of Kansas City department to deliver mails to the va- Tampa In a few days, w.ll add a mg-
Mamrest Whiae, by name. and Ciego. wiI belgn business to-day rious regiments and 'nipawies of troops nifceant dseprtmnt store to bar long
Cans do am Orph- o aa Soeto-fty. in their eleswnt new Quarters on Ashley
Ss. a baket, so dantsy rand e tet. adjoning the bonded warehouse, that have been sent forward or left be- it of mse oitan est a -N 5M w
gwet under the management of Mr. F. H. hind at Tama. 'A great dihotty that Tlm block ftoaerl occ pd byT. .
'A 6 Sn ith stars and stripes. W worth, formerly ma iaser of the has been encountered by the I partment rh &li Co., and the Mil-m
tas t. were made with coowkey Ma00n Ga., department,. is 40 keep Itself informed fro m ie army
SMr. S. H.- ('lft of Kansas City, gen- headquarters as to the location of the Cb.. is belw rreidiy oesried 1wesns
'at etdwth ar.. whvisite as naow. eral manager of the outhernm branches varitua rei tiimnt. But this is betng lasre ap4tment, enormous asnhway
A.g -. ~- W 'ea v i' t of this glteantic concern is In the city gradually'overcome, Od mals are being e b at h h Bik in the UL usIS.
2. 52 IM ac -e asatselm the local manager to get the distritoted rapdlSy and forward to n which loor wil be Sims dl-lf i agr
'To 3 o5 NaotlOnal 5. business In working order. -he proper destination. wh-c. eil ttei sumbed of te miseto
Se btuwhete u candy and nuts and The ref reratlng plant was completed The ahtp Lebanon left Key West last mbe12s t to thS istoh
S fr. yesterday, and about seventy-five tone Friday with the first dispatch of mail be tnsaty-one.
tTo usoI remember the Gorio r the Ft army corp at Santiag tore to he the handsomest DeWe
r o'am t,,!, r u,,,..ofr teie hoisted into the large ice chest for the Fith army cor _ at mi tog tr. ak foor hte e es wit
... .. ..... ........... ... ..... ,, .. .. ... .. ......T. -0 & can buy E flooar lbeing oo~e t With

of tU

rent of tI
has bee
business a
h"a hee

er tlg
oom it
that s

Rtate end

Ievator wfMl be P orida nv
of the tbaUa. setter. In
ead in po-.tt i
mCsa that I
fse tca in -ae bMlmm

ssre onm aag
u mar h-a
Dornweil 4 n
reay to make
About fmI *
"d6, att Tp I
ton that eqanm
,rde*ed kim tod

sai contrary t
thu. l ,a i

hi the expre a tdn. and 1 stored. This room is connected by nandina when troops shall be station
0mcsy onwoetet. Thl e patron sliding doors with the refrigerating de- te.
a Tampa osace will ind him oourte- parntent. and is kept at an evan tern- ~sueriendent Terrell of the raitwa:
perature of sixty-eigt degrees. mail service is now on his way to Ke:
iO ~b l. n.h- oflt. on tho north side of the est, or s alJready there, to arrag
buildicrg 1 built of native pine, finished for the regular departure from tha
taiat 4~Qone ouRgh Rider created in hare oil, and a divided in two apart- point of the army mail, as it has bee_
0alsts s 11101 hating ever, ments b aie naceen for the actomoda- deeded to mess tha the frwarrsdin
batobe O a-andho f r and bnook-aepeg. The o-poInt. ,I T o ie I n ow or
Ir sIene is let In them wa under the stair- wardhtg rib t!e d mail to Postsa Si
talrni 4 t they n m I thow cam-n Ns i. Cuba-
s. nr nb3rl ntar nigh., with th 'h -"e ertl,-- utrr fl.-r we'll beh -1 aq n No
S.r par of t Lh. iw-r flt-sr which will L
A .- Oeeaa QDar. So ta' tor storing the large stock of pack- We offer One Mundred Dollars Re
t s s y goods of every descrp tlon. which ward for any case of catarrh that can
m C.tt sdlt iar the mh b arept not be cured aby Eairse Catr Cure
kgharsi at nme or~t with M. CCft ways the Plant In the beat J. slbenY' ay& 00,Propi.Toledo. 0

MmJ- remd three lIc ti cordlaBy tnvted to call and Intpect able to carrynout any obligfationAm'a
X-e'ctraIt m free. Troy, the beautlfu building' and interior. bytheir flrm.
apit, 7eitrrtd. They arIved V tet & Truax. Wbho'erale Druggists
MUNI. t $, tai. om b ardmentnor surrender Toledo. Ohio.
= iz oni- Walding Kinnen & Marvin- Wholesal
S rpseiM, i. th ta e Tribune.Druggists. Toledo. Ohio.
wamsri-* 6 t July 16w 2st am.-n-Te war Ha,-s Cu&Lrh carei n.e Iceiner
--*01 149 ns,">tt acting dirtcu lswtly upon e the ib.oo
r, .P-w. .e :. wnh. -sh ed &ytgan wo suEtatee of the system
____s ho his ultlnt war s iss the d, c onfei detl dti5. rtltle. by Sold f ye
A2 taws of^ hi yultamtum was taned ts.s. B. ^Mfonlz Wofree.iS
.w F...' amlypills tebeit.

or Lit
go wvt

Wie advertises
k of hard timn

a esosad con-
ds on webms.
m tr the tol-

. 2
1 1.

r; 3~


Tm~i~eaoeirrlk t
Idt ~~4~1


wrt ..A Andrei.& Pe. M. a yd

Asim"I 11 V-IA4TA1WA7II3

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