Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: July 4, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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T"e ',f eant of the end of the war
Sat hband." esa Senator HBanaL An
etra session wo be called in order to
condAer the. r icatloou of th.. t:rms
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' la this ceaaectUo it we sated to-
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Use Senete would -be toeme, bt tatb
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Seotn= session of oagreSta Thiu wese

afba tbhe IwJ water: avo A
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heard to-dayfrom Generel Mle Prdireet, ArmnarrM a
bet a cibtegi from Port oft Ponce, ee
tate4 that the 'Americm army wae ad. n .-
vanCing alo e r t rto s Jdan After ad oran gA- a
Th7e Maov entt wu alow on nlecont of pared for the piabile. t fttl
the heavy artillery being crrded to In regaeu to the terU a
trtot pt the column. given out. Thet tatume
T'W u..orta Cheroko.e w"th Gearal owt -
hei6Wan on board, and pant bf'ht bri- In rder to. remoe ea
cade hs arrived, and da reminder -hbeaon nte esad eto-tbheA
of 'te last ehsedition n trsDanena s On pectce between thii Unlt
eard the tamer .Deastr UIter. eaBpan. t i t'deen#%d pelp a
molia orMe ans &od MIese, R Al- *he Itirm ofared bWea t
tt -mocrrw. a i e mO= d to h.
T4Ie town o Jan DLas b habeen taken Sfttret Na
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pfMedtng Uhthe nP4tod "ete aVer5 fedl -ws* *&-0. xilFe"dti
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imft -a eaiU bottle of 3andaanum.
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e:.. ced ta gettola at the t lsth about the W pro any nw
an climate When It wasu rst pro- Pain Was idder lng and NMeope owea debts except a corporation, shall
lp to t e thhnd there W"a Had Moen .band-ncd I esrawo#~ ed t6 ths t- .
ratm deal of s.bon a boW y voluntary bankrupt. and any natural
sesabn. It was senerall~ y fta etW qits.f r fi 'ui. MId. pploa except a wageramer of a qio
1.emes WofCe 4 ttrb t .e m oIi i o .JeaMge .1erlye in ftaning or the til.
"qd tp, it wonld make cepailnlng knee, asc ht re w wo- uI.i horse, and diae ofthe solL any uninco. el ation -
e11r 1tots ase very siata e y a r De -.toeou .1." i Lo's knee aTeAg d puinctpalUy ti masnaCetring.
hi I Tain the-ecame tc orte fr i'people It d ; b -.,- i a g rea- -e ud ie pair tradtng, printing, publishing of mer-
who knew the ccntr3," A Ittle later from my tli h down A.. nadoceing cantile persultsa owing debts to the
statistt pre sread rlb e us .sad by large, alar. purplesK as '.;pearnei tan miy amount of $1,000 or over may be a4jud-
el tim ta te army to Cubs"a e weleg. I suoaored I ti Had wy 1ot yea ged anr involuntary bankrupt upon de-
ih an ered I ngly tooemed state or and gave up oRl hope oC -z being cured failt of an impartial trial. AlU bank.
i I A .. .-.......i. ar was Aru e for My Wfe was -eastin~ of a cae like mine rupts wil have the exceptiona allowed
2rr s ats .... at few (aye, but reports of the last; cared by A.od' SarIspar'Ua. and she by the State law. A discharge In bank-
Oe Ilt .. ".... ............... w weeks show that the disagreeable advised t. : .. tan tking it ruptsy will release a bankrupt from al
S.. ............. ures of the lat he a been and when h!td u cd 'ew bottles I his probable debts except such as are
i4 t T .I4exaggerated. Nobody can read of the ound relief fom mty entering. Oh,' due for United States. State. county.
ub mik gruxaggermtd Nobody can rad of the: how thanks 1a u eer thi relief I I am eCst-let ot municipal taxes or were eree e
way the Isoldfers, have had to struggle rel 1 I am c st ict of municipal taxes or were cre-
eaoa the mud andv hvendure the pelting troner than I have evr been in my life ated by his friend, embezzlement, mis-

o!- th e U the storms, sleeping in wet clothes, I am the d o eal:, have a good appropration or defalcation whilst act.
9150 1o f thoe trrns sleeping inh wet clothe. ppae and a ew nean altogether.' f Ig a an officer or in a fiduciary caps.
-, '- ms l y O P- r%-_" Withlo__ut realizing that the weather at J. P. Mel ',. cait-",,o a udoe nu .
MR by @ch, poofk -mone y_ this season at the year is a serious and ; ~' a --1 Mai. I ey, or are judmenta In cttaps for
: te r.ed letter ee nt to contend w n frandar or obta~tAI property by false
ca doT W e, caait be too grateful for d S parill pretenses or false' representative or for
speed l q;o ilgth which the caopga Ig thebeat-lcfattiiTe Tr willful and mIschIevous Injuries to the
.' Ii t Slafc was pwhed. r The re- f ier. person or property of another. Th
.MM .port that there are several hundred new Mood's Pll curet all liver .3 centa Judge of he United States Court op
t'faer casea Is a slight Indication of the -- --- points referees who acts as did the reg
r A 'a sttm aese and !commca t son disheartening news we should have re- FEVER IN CAMP Isters under the old law. The credl t
Sfed had the siege been prolonged and L Uors elnc trustees who have charge of
.'a '. g l VA treIs var, tusrhLber had our men been compelled to remain g t-b Chr1. rrie _take a ery thd br~utupt' state. Jidge Looke
Sft thp tr e ea. Fouately the feverrosate Just and proper view of the many has appointed .M N. B. K. Pettinglil of
i TRsIBUNOR CANDIDATU seems to be of a mild type. With noth- statement sent out from Tampa as.d this city referee for several commu -
B -B C I to o now but attendM to the health sies the situation up correctly fol ties in South Florida. and those who
S F r Co ngrdlman of the army, the chances are that the lom: "INte army aPdccarmp at Jae-ston. are solvent cn apply fbr Its benetI t
s epidemic will the pt in co trol Another y le seems be e sngularly biaed In
Epidemic will be kept in control Another abundane and purty of the drink SWORD WILL E SHEAT .
'* It m tta , week in entrenehmentr mght har e been the abundance and purtyof 4 the drink- cWhRD WtILL, BE t HUK Tn iC D.
week In entrenchment he In water. We are told fhat "not on!y a
". o C enough to Indict practical.ly the entire bg water. We are td h cat "rot on!;o .
.ar my. The more this side of the ques- have the soldiers an abundance of pure Spain has sued for peace. The hope- l,
azmmy water for drinking purposes, ute, less character of the struggle has at
I lion is looked uat the more cause there through the generosity of the city and last awakened a gleam o sense among
i s for congratutation that the SpanLarda the leaders at Madal.
gave up the ght so soon. The short the excellent arranemen the the le at Madri
Sa l campaa.gn has settled thin d grounds there have been erected a large With her navis shattered. the Phlp- a
L IL 1341DDENB. campaign has settled one thing deli-
ot nitely. That is Cuba has the rainy n er of shower baths, and drng the pines lost, Santiago surrendered. Puerto n
QL JeV-asn season, and its climate at this thme of t' ce reasury, disaffected troops a revolu-
-'4 a cl e at ts t o day and and he makesat these f ing prc Ri case is hpelesd a nd an e s
SSOBPAR L. The Nea s most dan erous to American I active service." t t e Spain al e id to b fr hr m-
r Cr o l l Court, soldiers. t is to bea haop that at- Colonel Md chv surgeon of the iory ppulace, the dynasty threaten-
S' o T. nd honor that bse . Seventh corps at the Tampa camp. pro- ed from all side and the ls inoes o the B
e tlephene 1 oe fro! Live Oak to Unitever campaign ng we are forced to very few cases of mumpsd The rme sowed tr
l or n be complete Ish soldrd back tcp Spain nounces the h oeath of the nen rmark le a n gnt oy Khe ng In hucr rly a
i. ... ag a, PRa there will be postponed until I all ably good and he makes the following peril, her case Is homeless ind-ed. re
p m. he New Orleane Picayune very p statement: "easplesnt. la t timey at aspn hloe Id to elame for her o-
and h onor that she s iling fore e entirely disappes addedarpea of the typhod fevere are nwcaes a And he specter that h he

F .soon becovlalete. isa to solders back ne Spailan. When a of te dviseon hospital has bee th or- ahip In Havana ha ror Is seen once el
t' "'' inins w come handy drunken loafer In arrested 14 a big. owhly established, and the nurses have and crushed and. It Is hoped, repentant ,rz
T 1101601 SIGNS winO cmeha- Aelan city and sent to jail In apa I become vary proficient In their duty." at last, she begls for mercy.
i tro the cost of the ridie Is added! Speaking of the typhoid fever cases at And the specter of that wretched fl
: 'e..'hNa r t wll now to the prisoner's fine. Spanards who the camp, from which several deaths warship in Havana harbor is seen once elt
S1-uan .s1II l come to il Cubans should have resulted, Colonel Maus remarked: more. fe
lN; -lf CuaI ride whel Cbaen prisoners." he cases of Typhoid are confined The prayer of the Spanish govern-
,e." pwtb o vtet s of Tapa plrved, this largely to thee the Virginia, Misslssppi meant shall be answered. As we have
-, M 'b6't"bs eA darnma city ia the The health Inspector of Tampa bh and Second IllUnorI regi ens. With gives the world auch examples of siIL
i. obW made a oompiete honue to house cs"i- the Vlrginia led- the Missesipvil regl- daring, fortitude, heroism and valor a si
val ei of to c t ." efo as a hbeas tte ranor that fever Was- ted water at the state eams before' one more lessom-the lesson of magna- ri
s on the p-" tIn Tampa, mot aasredly is proven un- coming hnre. With the Second Illinois nImity. 'The bravest are the tender-
tia"' e Ita Is aelfyl.t to the entire regiment, on e company te talte meat, est." Let clemency now rule. Let it
S'S4ql't o trllithe lorilda sol- state to kaow that no fever exists there, and about a week afterward the mea vwver be sald of us that In our hour of c
. M I D *'gllstslit to retrum to especially of the yellow type.--Ganes- were taka .down with typhoid fever, triumph we had one eye on the dollar. fI
l-l.e sun. wwib.l ch ai supposed to have resulted Let the terms of peace be worthy of p,
Al Cd t thas i St hefrom Ptomaine poisoning. Nearly all our national traditons.
Sevtmemble act knows Havana well Says It Wll be easy o the cass of tsphod have been In
to tebu It cies senate It wtatk i wd these three r gcuenlhs and the causes Coardlt hoodlumt who asad t ai
.f o r6 f it than utr sea take is ord he- e not due to hei eonditons In ay China re allowed to vote In thi L
-f m T'a by he Cr I than to try sats de nye e r e- country. WhIln mucth bter an C- the- h
iu 2 'nerSd toThe Flerlda camps hoe d be el U ChInese r e are no The Nebralsa
out be brel e l hrnoi 0 ,00 a e L re
,-" b o e to take it,. rThe n lbt are coot and pure artesian state Journal says: "AdmIral Dewr Lh
sr t me o. te A a- m water could be had without grat fmm- had some Chinamen sboad hi fleet M
..the g*ant- .q mc OL To
h t oo ~~n s b n p In- t day. and calty equal to that of Jseionvtle:- We when he fought the battle of MSnla, un
IF snp eW_ gt ermslson to parade the streets dare my that typLed fever ast Tampa anf he found them as ptacky in the
.?dVA.DIcl s.QLwen1a-Pat would. he rlad to c- Mlamai aosp a i contrcted by In- fafe of e m as any ether member of his
9th^l f"-i ept aax teas the, United Stte ditvidual Imprudence or juat as happen- crew. He has, therefore, suggested ti
V nl a "- k'okin towaraesce '. ed to the Virginia, Mississippi and 1l1- the President that some suitable re1oo-
a hravy blo a._ Isu nols regiments at Jacksonville. -As the nltUon of the services of his Chlnamen a5
-. Dip em y Is playftX a greater part Augusta boys at Tampa are In phe- be made at an early day. Give the .
l l lwaR tee 'IMo b4e tn'he, war between the United States nomenal health we can hardly subhcrbe Chinaman a leader In whom be tnuMta
.1j.elmcil wrajl*was-W+ l.wal Died- and Spain jost now than the armies In to the statement that "the climate of and he appears to be as good a soldier 1
I.ecinslH| 1 hakWs' l ltetm'.MMthlb g the feld hbd navi.es on the seas. The Florida is more deadly than the Span- as the next man. This ia a very sits- i
CWi, ^." : puibc is chiefly, engaged in watching leh bullets which the soldiers would en- nlicant tLbolUa tathe. lltle almond-eyes al
S ..linpaa ri' a ay a, the mystery bo- counter should they go to Porto RJco." celestial is a aan who is recutnled

;liSP1 % * portmawtt The Carline islands and some other --- not as an ahrt es soug.-Ne
i*... UI b',rctr ed tacfi tn the ePctn are still under 'Ehe CIndnnalat Post is responslle for Orleans P1eiane.
SpeMbe dominios. To save these along the following: 'The war poets have The greatest empire of the world Is
:;^^S^ l bM. Wol uli "BaauIsh hoose"' Ia probably the overlooked the opportun:tls .;,n to e ritsh emipr. tend, n over o 5^,1
1^^ hiS["lSd r .o-^ pease nelotlations have leen in- them In the name of Shafter. TheIre continent 100 penBul, 6
eD. o. t wbaif an .. eso Uto aed, are several words tha: sIll rlihme sith prootores, ,o00 takes, iSi rivers
it. "'Laughter' is ,,ne. anI sboe the and 1,00 islands. It Urpasses tt t ,
r 1 l The bl .a b c..red at--t/a&'X aft overseer wish to refer to a Sp niard. Assyrtan empire in wealth, the Roman t
I;1~ ~ I~n-ansq ab;Yt C o- u -ndergoIn repairs, will be earned to "grafter" is a regular fted. Here is a empire In power and the Furalan emlin
BbW_ r I ^c S t Pmorio Rico. nThe balloon aservlces and sample verse showing the iossbt;i'l s inprea r o hch eptees ham e
jgem ee he. s _c f dtlenro oe Joeher'as trl up a toiree Inthe name ad what a chance for oa e The popular ton o the a
M ---- d S t De m b o c o -d u c tiv e to th e AAm e -lc a n i t e n e ed w h t h a to e d Bah n Wo.
--- were bothconductive to the Aouetnthose whose patriotism rut. coti, rhyme emplre--4tt.15,000t is 1P1 per cent of th.t0r
:0an O"e. have smtsed. population of the world; the 11.34,S1b I
gpihi' L .t with feas. The pphe b In----- AI-. h 5 A man named Willian Shafter squac smiles of Imperial territory is 11
p.sapes_ _efo the ,''I -co unt la-movtngatlon at a rapid rae. At his apiwoach the Soantards smiled ptr cent id the land of the worl .
.ll the mine are doing a gaoesfihisliness, And some gave way to laughter. "-
a. thed rooks beIng gotten out In Large lint when he bagged the entire toon The war poet Is respectfully but none IL
h fa'lr *verbd And every sdngle "g'rafter." the lees irmly advised that It In pro-
The 1Ou were very greatly g-ived. Is
e'F fIa- s w epase, abd And never grinned thereafter." s bounced San Whan,

se-AL -Aw- gAL-etr _A
I The regimental band of the Firs Now that General Miles has gone to
.-$S^ -6 thse e chf* FlPortda volunteers Is the best in Tampa the front the bth tub incident may .
S-isamrmCT l Camp, When the Ffth Maryland long- cUnate,,d .as closed.
s. 'am'lhm 's-. -- !1jl~nrt~te adW ed music.'," same RaMtimore people "
S.W'aPutdd wIt acrbed quicksy am d Bent the boyp a If Mr. B. Weyler would only give as a 90
"eet tej compleeset of instruments. We learn brief l ostr tion ofh mtvading power s p
le d g't,,' that the Second Georgia regiment has befAure ft al over. o
STSd 4ms Miciaas but no instruments. Who President MchUntey, it appears votes U
Bps adl er" g dI' AMelB teiBIrWCeeksd lip wMl help furnish them?-Augusta -ito on. the quesUat ui iLna nlg n n
I-" -C A'M, are Chrioncle. Pthipplne s.
iS A ti O t i. Q It is rumored that Tampa is to have Il Don Caros really laid his wires for' t
wo it. bbs Axandass tj another daly newspaper. Of all the the sobon usi have
t-I -e t aw .d thiem thngs needed by this city tt is .nothe cut thh e 4ble c
.e a.. 1 newspaper and when you scare up a
St aesn' fool with more money than sense, then There Is more builnlg going on in
& %r md ht &u .h cbo blng going on ipn
Ided. I'V the enterprise will be started-not be- Kissimrnee, tha summer than for years b
of'ca thd gana@e qA bs fire- past
StThe report that there were two hund.- HWS TI.S?
lownW niot L0 ADeCV sbOMis fd red and fifly caees of typhoId ecver at W offer C no Runred iltars nl war.]
w s b I.akeland among the soldiers Is another oe
S l thm One of those Infmous ies originated ht OC to
a blood. a.rnd enunciated by the caarmty t owler.. cure b Ly Hai s Ctarrh Cue.
Is s -It so With de They shculd oe shot (a ithy spot. F... e. .. d, 0
ef f Iilo Alit &tle hous ott te We dernd h..u I ...nooi n F F. M
three or Hotel, restaurant and boarding house J. Cheney or the at teen yea, anc
.11M lip- 1,ge aor, Will .'oe ke epers have been reaping a rteh bar1 ll- 1.1n P:tj ohm 5 i vest from the o'dlere. They wili nowt butneso Lreoa&iuons and financial
zblB ^ yp plulip end have tie I to ws d.shes nd prepare able to c.rLT y o"tr.. lB.Cations mode
It foe other b'g rusb. 'by the.r fir-r,
Rfshbs the ; 'riT & TRtTA.X, Wh-.l:ae lDru;tt ts. -
body Mth Ts* effct o.f the war tax on beer kic Toit, Ohio.
said ito avebeen to reduce the salia IN; KI7t.AN & ].AItVIn E
617 It O1e-fobertb *Lit peo' 1thde I 40.J&OEIaiw S CO. Preop., PoledoO. T
.Baes P~t rslasasa "L.thiaern lo'. acaturr Cure is 1taEn lateeotllty
Toba Xontajo and a ting directly upon the blood bd ras-
Sothougtb th PP Of the 3 POee YS
.-precedente viea 1 toVw NAi Drnarts Tes
'- nor-- : ~-- 1.5 MV-_s the hee.
-.e',_ : -

.arA.s sj. eewrqeuue a" a-

ine population is someming less tnan -- "" .
SmillUon and very much m~xed. Spand- oy, IN. Y M -.
yards predominate among the people of .
purely European oriUtn, but a oat' 1a" .
onalities are represented to as great 2
n extent probably as they are in the
orthwesterb portion of the United
states. Two-fifths of the populaLlon! r stis"
re negroes, and besides these, there are a .
oors, people from the Canary islands 0 ~dai
nd Chinese. Slavery was not abol- b ` ae1 "eP L
bed until 187 i- lA
The higher portions of the hills i.re
ll covered with the dense growth of
optical forests that give the island a
beautiful green appearance when ap-
uoached from the sea. It Is a peculiar
ct that the island has very little
their flors or fauna. Wild Gowers a
w, AM' there are practically ao wild
Pma ., ;: -.
The products uLPorto Rico are prln-/
peify aM n.n a. The w m iTp-Tbee qo
Ltute the OBlertibc,t though Lobacco, .
a and Indian d66m are extensively I y
rown. Yams and plalntains are hls wastes
ItRvated, and all maOer of troea.l.
ults abound. One particlar I wh .Wi
orto RWoo is superior to other W'4 t.-
dian islands is that. t is suited. to
e k raising. QBs the owland psWLtun
rge herds of ettle are zakoo&e -
ndrance too t totu -- btt e s hie s
e requirement ,-tha tbhe tbo W'
nt to Havana. tW4b4 onarfeY red.
ider the goveement moaopoel.. .A -P
oil of the land fI la the masn esmed-
ixg fertile. That of the iliahy
ack and very deea, $ COcpl"ng pdy
I the ooast Is appreseaeda TBherA4pru~
in son is colored -by personal f tron
ad Is very red. The native "opnua-
on areaU {farmers, leaving bmI"amose m T*ulha b -
ldest exclusively to Ioreigners. t
Gold, copper, Iron and coal have al .-.
een found in Porto Rico, but no Iniatf*
re worked except those thal prcdual.
it. TIIR t isthe--ony- industry mot
rlcultu.tal. "
che climate, though 'aro : e is uaole
ealthful than thAtzuf the iof the An- Ai ei'-ft
lles. --74M
The commerce of Porto Rle has ag-I
related as high as s, 00,000 a year.
he export lasa. T4year p ro 1E"

Ban Juan, the capital, situated o the -
orthwesLern coast, has a popouatloo of aeSC& 'gsirS aSete
early 30.000. Ponce, tree a lle in-1
nd from the south t. is the
iwn of Importahop. L
Porto Bioo will is a events onme t
he dmtPban at the United s0tals, and B&64 7e "
-ril at least be gverned y a U1tar -
overnor untl Leg negoUtiauoos or
eace institute by Spain are thWe
ughly agreeable and acceptable by
Uncle Sam. It J by lons odds the
nost desirable country controled by the
ipanshs government, and General MIes
a to be congratllated dor the amsgfi- O..
ent manner In which he hba virtutll"s
aotured It.LIA
It adds another victory to the many Ae- :,
rlllant achievements lnade by the pt_.a
ry and navy r.
AN ENTJLRP~ia:Jii 1)RUQOGIST. l^sr55' ^ Ta
There are few men more wide atlaske ^S' A,-
nd enterpriing than S ,Leoa rU e^s. 1
L-ho spare no pall to seclre the best e. s'. .a1 ,
I everything Ln their One ior their
nany customers. They now h ve the
aluabre agency for Dr. Knlg'so New
isoovsery for Cors-umptlon. Coughs and
:olda Thte :* the wnoaecul reac qr
hat I rrodcsqtac aouh a furor as irerB
imv country by iat maoy startlnx cureas .
a psbdaet-lly cu- Abtbass. 9f-notutir ~J 35 SB

-se m r .a relaro tetSl-
an.a.I atsa 4-0O,.uS .

r^ *.^^ **If.1:^:r; ^^-------i

IC9~et~Pl~;p""?i~-arr: 1~.-~?sr~-;--K;r;~Y~~3~'T;Ji~~)"
r' '''' ~ Ir;
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- -;

Y --

S. ...tSiA m I

lad Dt.persd Ci~ca s fl taries on BotA Sit of tt World, Sptale bdl t i
t q!t iaopt 4 SayI a Pai rwspa ,t, e

-I _i E -- i Miles' Army Scores a Succc-s ion of Victor '-. -
wd ,wo t e ji ghtly Wonded in the ies on its March to San Juan. No Officiaed spoNa .rtaBap. .T Otln e I. ....
ig thtVith the Xnmy Steamer by the avyor tae Department ntil In the fat
I e Beelkng a Landing P1le &t --+ Concerning the Downu t of a-a I..
M Another Pota. ramilf, at N idnight. 4

We Jy w... -P|reached' irf1 13 IP IP 1 P[special to the Tribune. Washing,
here to-day by dispatch boat of the at- Parts July 3.-A telegram from 2Mad- of the Cabinet to-day th
tepte ldn on the Cb shore o rd to the kuropean edition of the Her answ to thp i
cpneal j 3stJ form tempte edlading on the Cubana shore of aid ays that a cable dispatch ab e answer to y
at- t otte large expedition of men and arms by --- received at the Spanish capital nnon was d sse, a t
r tallhu at t 4e the steamship Wanderer. Ing the surrender of Manila to Admiral clusions were re d T --
nwA?. Banesa, orty mle. west o f avana, Fort of Ponce and Guanica Have Capilulated to Our Forces and Dewey Porto Rlo me b atio
"l li2i u and In the eastern end of the province to the Unlt State. ap Aiit
SoJa s oo M -of Ptnar del Rio, ras the point selected Inhabitants are Joining the American Army. sTt con & o rma~
to- 3o l fTey The Wanderer was to have been met: Special to the Tr e
2 abth ~by a party of Cubhens, who had evidently Washington. July .-No advises ;
he ii an dipersed by the'8panlab cavalry-, .have been received here from Admlirl rea oulsed by the gesl
W r befor the arrival of the steamer. From Saturdays Daily. Infantry, but were driven back by the e reported d s rem
Sth ~ASpXortion of the smpplnes had been' Port of Ponce, porto Rico, Julyt. vi men onfoot an complrdetely te reportedrouted. rr
gn w 0rsi1uw -lea de from the Wanderer when a Sad- Itsland of t. Thomas, D. i-. I., July G eneroot and co mpledt te fi ht withT M s ola. s .
I=eneral Oa eston led the m dht tlth The oes tos o o J
dfen =aB was Cmuban shrpahooterasre -Port of Prince surrendered yesterday the nUiinols and Massachusets men, and CUBAN DUT O TOBA000o. ur ta r t a
S wtaIotlft4-9 turned i'e. y ad eabed the Cuban to commander C. H. Davis of the aux- the n enemy were forced to retreat to __ o t nd s _md .mC rlean forc to get off in the llary gun boat Dixie. There was no Tauco They left four dead on the field AMptrican Trust Working for a Law Ge sal sta Ca e
M hN neh_ P. r bats. but sa untl am of raaesistc, and the American forces andseveral wounded. No or pos-a s a.th e .Tf op
0q ubam bad been ofthtly *ounded. WON welcomed with enthusiasm. were killed, and only three were wound- Rate
but ar to attempt & landing at some. Major General Miles commanding theI sfbd. Thse wounded arw Spealc t the r 1 hne of I-ram t otHa
this morning at daybreak with General' PRIVATE JA3I DRUt OND. tive 0of ,e American Tobacco Comasny V llW eaw t-t
m amMW OF~ ai tTO RPAJ) YAITH Ernest's brigade, a d immediately I Pe VA. H. C. T had a conference with the treasury 6M' The a1 r o t-
Started for the city of P .nce, three miles All of the wounded belong to the sixth cUals to-day In regard ito the e samlthe .1s1ma .tna l
S ,94b distant. Massachusetts regiment of vountee. hed customs dty on t o t t
PooAi oI 'e/-sl Werelmp li The city of Ponce capitulated this The Porton Rlcans are all glaid t~l a cigar-ettems iport d into Ceb&a His mwa a the PhIllae .
Pe"os W- t afternoon and is now in possession of American troops have landed, end ty condition was that these article should hand of at is01m i isa *b
lie L e)c. XSpecoita l It the Amec an forces. There was no that they are -an Americans, and will be admitted either free or at a nomi- pOated IM v a
S W ihgton, Junly .-It can besatedrestneamdthe people of the city. Join the American army. cal rate governmn ls. _
r plnt posted e a uthortty of the tate Dpart- Particularly the business men, warmly The roads throughout the island are The prpoition submitted was that The UniaSas eIs.ta .
uaJl i Au menut and toe foreign embassies here Iwelcomed the Americana. ood for military purooses. the rate n tobacco he fixed at not more antee of crtlr a
AseSte.d-. L Jui r- w^ that there were no overtures I tehbalf Our troops are pushing towards the Our troops are all in good health, and cents a pound ad at ents in the-Phipplne n a .
i,,F2i,- total pf Spain for peace or a cessation of huo- mountains and will be Joined by General the present prospects are that General thousand on cigarettes. The matter Our aaer mab no etm.
W- tites until the French Ambassaaador. Henry. with his brigade now at Guani- Miles' campaign will be short and visor- has been taken under conslderatlon and money Lndemntt, aiaiswdL
a. Ces of ter'. n; en last Tuesday afternoon. presented r, which has been captured by our o Lu a decilson probably will be reached any armistlie at al,
ath tIs er -srs t IAs his note to the Prealdent i. trop. The fol n abstract from n a day or two The answr t P nt
SU Ci u FtUs =-. 1' Thti statement Is made with .fullI The flght before Guanica last Tuesay General Miles' report. inthe f alm
S Sa~at Sr k-ow ted of European denials, andwas won by the American volunteers. '"The Spanish troops are retreating S SPAIN 8 IS I5 S an dos o X IItig will
lr must be accepted as that of the govern- The Spaniards ambushed eight compan- from the Southern part of Porto Rico. w Ind e
met of e United Stat Thereforees of the xth Massachusetts and the The city of Ponce and the Port of Ponce; The Dona Real me That the Regina he note
't o the United Stated. Therefore th g ing Tb.he noteriapa wa
". all of the tanL'about had faith shown by h Illnois regiments, but the enemy have a population of fifty thousa-nd" f o e d eote oc wat e .
47 al ,._ l of the ta rIt ba ,, fa shown by:
su* F rant 311 government In pressing the Porto nanrepulsed and driven bac'k for a mile The complete victory of the army of 0o the End Has Come. and equivocal d mem
a- oi Rican aeoplg during the last fe toaridge where tie Spanish cavar General Mies Is regarded a equal to of w h one w d t
Ii "i ler; T. it. days is abeolutely without foundation I e were located. The cavalry charged our the surrender of the city of Santiago. Special to the Tribune. only question tnvogld Wls th
P i-t, 1T% Twentets Intan. and our government has done nothing who have talked with the Presaldent and
hprANi1bp -Ca. S. that can abject It to criticism on this, ANI) STtLL THE GO. A SAD DEATU his cabinet to-day positively assert IAPA
4fil XTwenty-fou St In- re that the administration has reason to--
SaPANISE PAP S PROTEST. The Indiana Begiment Ltf: Last Xr W.A V. rty. Sr. Is Dead. 'Parl have confidence In the sincerity and Big Co1ract A to
J'ST eilo t fever, -a at n d HotIte Iight for Bernandina yaa as t he Causr. motive of Spain as expressed in the r m.
k AlrtTemw fever, al at Co- They Thank Hetiltties Should Ceasei note delivered by the French AJ'bassa-
.rilate AlbLrt er, ouadO. Comrn- ued Pece. I The One Hundred and Fifty-seventh! Mr William A Vart aged sixty dor. From Sundayi Di.
. fatry, alous, nc pain Sued c regiment of Indiana volunteers broke years, one of the most highly respected Thai the administration takes the view The Depot rtemaat '
w rt ft a 'CharSeB c-ramp yesterday' morning and started citizens of Tampa. died at 10 o'clock that this note Is the beginning of the discovered yesterday tha i
e TMrty-tfbrth peals to the Tribune. last night for Fernandina where the! yesterday morning at his residence cor.- end is practically certain. serattve that he seQure ITe 4flslA
l r.j both withra M4ld.d., July 29.-The newasoners of men wil be camped on Amelia island.l ner of Jackson and Marion streets In It is generally believed that the an- for the stooklnesmWai iea theH
Sadrid. thts morning al protest aaliit There were four seconds to the train, this city swer f this country and the general on hand was lmot exha~r t. it
wai y bistI .rle srted-- -Prl- the "-dntlU ance of hotilties by the the first leaving at 6 o'clock and the While Mr. Varty had not been In good terms proposed will be accepted by the contract awarded two wvei l
-blsvi -yf~ etel A sPi:mt In- United Statee snoe Spain has sued for last getting away from Port Tampa at' health for a long time. the Immediate Spanish government, not yet beenarr o at.ob-y
,tery.- July 17; _. IJane. peae. 10 o'clock. cause of his death was a stroke o par. rul hmer. '
",Sla4 Itbetry. n Wit the naderstandins that no war The departure of this regiment only alysis About tw months ago. he had Krami Abandoned, As t Vwa
A,- j 4ewspnityr will eiidemanded, and that leaves one regiment of volunteers In the' a stroke from which he had not en- the deliveryt Of sad--ai
A B#u; 8padh sverelgnty in the Philippinpe Port Tampa City camp. The Third trely recovered, and when on last Wed-; p to the Tribune- once, there was no ae s
ry wtil to a degree, be respected by the Pennsylvania will leave 'to-night and! nesday night he was again stricken, heI! Wash ngton, July 3O.-Orders were Is- bids as is ustomMs, co
SUnited States. the seml-offcial news- General Hall, the commander of the' was unable to rally, and gradually grew sued to-day for all of the troops now were Invted 'tfron O d
al- paper of Madrid conalder the terms of brigade formed by the Indiana, Penn- weaker until the end came yesterday camped at Miami, on the East Coast of were notified at U 9 9"lock tha 1
Speae attributed to President McKin- tyivania andmorn ng. HOe was unconscious frm Florida, to abandon that camp as soon would he opened t 1t to ta
,t tr teto iet olnsylvania and the PIrst Ohio, will leave the time be was stricken, and thereforeac ln
lll oJ't.ill lley i a a deing acceptable, thWi morning to establish his headquar- was spared any suffering. as possible and prdeed to Jacksonville. t V e load on t.. I
lh iii ly tern in Fernandina. With the de- The deceased bad been a realdent of The regiments at Miami are the Second car td of a a at thetl t of
wboi'lalsr i-a ilJly oCoToi r. BBlJAN DXLIGHTED parture of thsl brigade, the only sol- Tampa for the past six rear, having Alabama, the Second ilssippl and of ha daily and Car oa n
S- diers left near Port Tampa will be three removed to this city from Jhkonvlle, the econd Texas. Mlamf s eonaidered ben
e Is4 Rapidly 0 t troops of the .Ninth United States cav- where he had been engaged In business
R rapidly Qfth on to Mila iry, which were left there when the for nine year. .e made numerous too for south to keep troops during the The p ,;uroatif ...
STegar and Vsge regiment departed with the Shatter 'friend here, and wa a gentleman ot summer, and another reason (or the re- the .mesen-scmr-'-na-t-e
I eU 5trtP~ RQSI I to th h-_ u- neexpedition t SantUago. These men refinement that any une might be proud movsal Ls that the water is too shallow "awardd.to Phtpe a "-. "
will beut destued tO ausrd the harsm to elalm ege a for ena trnpo p ~rt now under charter dcty, who dve~e8 the ~t
,fdu a v. e ,a h J n. el SOIn the ware houses at Port Tma and Is otla and was decndat of to embark troonn tt that point. o twet-Se ae
J S t Tbh sk Pore Tamzpa CIty. The cavalry troops The" Deugias, of Scoutandand also sae to ear that t _l^Jh^ lt
at thae camped about a mle and a half wa a kman of Marmduke MaxwelL Hobon Going to Ati ant house n the ltat4
Begie~stsbt state that he Is delighted from the town. They have with them the present Lord e rsm., and of other
with the .loeatlon of his cemp at Pans- all of the horses of the regiment which noted Scotch families of note. --the uarl at npuires -
maad is enjoying camp life very were left by General after' orders. In 18 Mr. Varty came to this country Special to the Trbune. ch pmpt
Although there are only two regl- and settled in Lexlngton. Ky., and there Salisbury, N. C., July --Lieutenant lrIge Oeder
rltoon as Ich mnta of volunteers, the Second Georgia married Miss Mary CatherIne Twyman. Richnond P. Hobeon, the hero of the Oe .'.
t M f th l h bn e colonel has not as yet been able and Firth Maryland, camped in Tampa, on July 19, 18a Thus his death oc- errimac, was here to- ay. 'He left E AIR WTri U
back o to get an of the military terma at histie provoat guard is still maintained, cured upon the thirty-second anniver-
togue'ae d. hut he Is making excellent but has very little to do. sary of his marriage. The Immediate for ttatesvllle vta Ashevlle, and will -
con "pr 'eglm55 O15 o. his ch~ef dfmcultes, loading to-morrow morning with fresh are his widow and four children. They arrive in Atlanta next Monday where he ndakeh tb5 sespesust S t
Peib-Snok lslasd. where a5 he slated yesterday, is in calling his beef and supplies or the army In Porto are Mr. W. A. Varty, Jr., es Maggie will meet his mother. old. which settld onher-n
haveetireL t aextdoer saelghbors the lMtsippl regl- ie and wil sail before noon. She Belle Vaty, and M will meet his motherVart.
am- met He wnta to ca the r thne wis carry and immense all of this city, and Mrs. O. DeWtteo m
-W tColonel John Jacob Astor and the de- Browneil, of Falrmoat, La. The fuaiy iled for Porto Rico phI. iean. bhut gra S -
i l Mles/lppl delegation,' forgetting that ported newspaper men are still on board has the sincere sympathy of the entire t ___he Tim ? ainnl Yirtl

. sLl i di ~e IS daosh. s in he is not in a political convention. the transport iransas detained at .Mul- community In its bereavement. prun.tIo7 n- tha o
lt sI b the regiments let Key quarantine station. No cases At o'clock this morning, the funeralpe to the ne.
tA f tates, and e' m O o00 VISA DRID. of yellor fever have developed since the services will e conducted at the Chur Newport News, Va., July .-Geneal her.
tearrival the vessel. of St. Lpouis. and all friends of the fam- Brooke and his army sailed on the si New itar
a 1o.be selectewe1theWar Dr. ffH.LD. Geddngsoofthe united 1y are reepectfully invited to attend. transports at 340 this afternoon fqpr ghts a
If that the 2%ea Spainih Report Concerning the States Marne Hospil i Service has ar-I Requiem high mass will be celebrated.Portoco, where they WjoinGeneralit
Mr and MLbama reg- Movemoents c Oon. MLiles.e rived at Port Tam D, and will d take; Poo rirc, where they u-ll join Generai lrst dos cituin
iW--andset.Bh-iaregf.06, wi n nll Mis charge of the new hospital at gmont In warm weather Prickly Ash Bitters lles' army of invasion and occupation after taUkh I ls
Keoto the T. T ey. The hospital wilL be opened Mon-I helps your staying qual!tle. W orerssoun s
S Specia to the Tribune, day for the reception and care of any who w sicnPrst strieu
.i S*l L A[ l h-k tm H lMadrid, July ,l.-According to "n of- suspicious cases that may he broughtlwho use II occasionally stand the heat Porto Rican Protest. wa. FIN ta
l.. tanoctae dispatch Iest received irom San to Quarntne on vessels from Cuba. or better and are less atigued at night at tieA
diiather ports. Sold by S.B. Leonardi Co. Special to the Tibue. Lae bott sats a
i s 1ed U Pt Jt an e Poato Rico, the American forces London. July 29.-According to a M- .
-L. I unaer Mjor General Miles occupy the patch from Berlin a newspaper mere Ao as
.- .une e mlt aT at Port Juan-Can as they professes to know that the Porto Rican
.-VaS t w du a mewa dia nnmedatrtr after landing. ". Colonial Legislature has resolved to Pro- Surgeon WUcawho h-
paGo'el u 4A Immeea Atr after landing, test against American occupation of the Surgeon
itAd the .r several American warships and trans- island as a violation of the prIncLples)of the e uc tal
-dTeDsr^'...Altr ports are reported to be cruising off the I that the United States went towr to Heights for some titm pst0
S b sMI tIsland. There has been no battle be-! enforce, the Third cavalry, tati
e l- ast Aya ....
Swm abekt ita, tween the AmertIrand Spanish forces I H. C. Bank. ,: ewsvile. Texas. T mpa. Captain f H
ha__ DO YOU FEEL Hazen Salve was worth $S0.00 to him w ho has Just -ruea une,
mail.. t S cialo to the Tr'Ihne. tt cured hls piles of ten years standing i now.. Isn c ,teac o -
He Wash ngton, July 3B.-The report of BOUS. DROWSY. He advises others to try it. It rain. The s-aun
1010ad oGenera l Shalter, showing that there are LOW SPIRUITED, cures eczema, skin diseases and ob is man ho know
8.anta 5,05 cases of ickn es In the army in BODY AND nae sores. S. B. Leonor-.L any me n did so. f as
-filsO Cuba has eased eonderabte concern BRAAN WAY? p goes he hj r hergotigo .
am on the officials of the War Depart-. re. J. 0. Adersonl has gone to her of cy ew's ,W
a Aj'LU UIIIL toIng. Mr. Best of Braldetn.owItwit h
e- Soeeno neirgment is given how- preach Sunday morning and evening in winhh to do In th j
bS y the report heretofore made to A H the Presbyterian church here. the rugged hI th
%Motha 5t that the yellow fever e" Keep o systemInperet 0 aldb
'W a ta.& 14type. Th s is hoped in q"i iUNS 1B. and __ w_ e hise beleg ifi t's 26 % he 4
at ibsm, the death rate 'r be smse. :- ALta V A TS ouwlhae6aeoe
-.wbr Cssof r ttweAl gt ne ls dle 119w Osad bflw verLgl aLrdweej- sad %se ot Prie, kLa A ms. Th e nsesona m' 3310M a".a
'-l.n UI'5 Genera after 1I1:1 ahowa an& diesse ib"we asSs be.* ss r au the us of
'be tates or lde osaes of yet- on ac hup a 4A a CO
-..--- .. Mr.J L J. .Stephes &Q ,n ,5ta"h,


S O D M L L- -7 i
ran LM W awwh

now at M36Iftny. R, Fh frirft ish Wd(migg B
- taw tbs W Oat m t alt t ,ar e l avs
a -od tl!.ad a. a enj.. th
best of a helth. n' .

is the Sand v ckhv b she
low A .4 069loon Isaw lqt-
-. -.. cc T6. "W It aIt raw va,

. - ; -Agents.
a" am a" wt S TAGfiL


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s State eoytntkin meets in Or

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-' e~e ,; -
T*0 -'AT w A ZY3 1 A
i' have The War Depalttnent la vetng ftry As to what oet E aral
Reached by the Cabinet in regard to the severely writictsed for hauling the Sol- may not do. Cabi tidestMned to haire
Pr idenzs answer to Spain's peace pro- diers around over Florida, and estabih- free government But that goern- tm 2a d N i
posals is surprisingly moderate. The Ing camps at various places in thisState, ment must be inteigently ree.
only absolute cession ot territory de- when on the very face of the move- If the Cubans betray an inaptitude
mended is Porto Rico and coaling stat- ments are so perceptible, that a blind for carrying on a stable and civilized
ions in the Pacific grops.. It had been man could understand the situation. It government, the United States must
generally supposed that the ;McKinley was simply done to give the various intervene. Our responsibility in the i
admlnlstmatis was given out to the railroads a chance to make some money matter must not be overlooked, if not re i sedb m
fetich of imperialism and the country cut of the war. Taking the troops As \V- t .oght the Spanish how to w- ho*" -
was not prepared to hear that the cabi- from Tampa to Fernandina was ar. il fight, so we can teach the Cubans how roan ts Inr;seaW
Snet is a unit in opposition to the acqui- advised move aa was the establishing to rule. The exceptionally splendid Ts so toly tal th ~ S l P aP
sition of the Philippine Islands. This camps at Miami. In this connection success we have made of territorial gov- .. ... .
5 is a very proper and sensible policy and the Savannah News very properly says: ernment is known to the world. Persons cannot be too careful about
affords relief from the prospect of fu- "It has been announced that the We can well afford to take the rains giving currency to idle reports of ye '
ture entanglements into which the at- troops at Miami, Fla., are to be sent to for awhile-we may in duty be bound low fever. There stringent law'
tempted annexation of the islands some place where the health conditions to-and then surrender them into and a very ust one whIch inflicts aevr
* would lead. are more satisfactory. In considering trained hands. penalties for circulating suec reorte
But what to do with the Philippines this Miami camp, the question aatses, Our obligations are not limited to the The local. State and United States
r is still a problem. Having thus far in- why were troops sent there atallThat Cubans. We owe something to civll-health ers, experts o the highe : o
Sterfered in their affairs, it would be question has been asked a great many nation and international order. We abity hve pottivey stated over and b' g i
-hardly consistent in us to return them times, and as yet we have seen no must see to it that the rights of property over tt there is not a case of yelloS
to the domination of Spain while tree answer to it. are respected. We must protect alike fever in Florida and has not been aa&L
SIng C ba. If we should attempt to do "It would seem as ot the Secretary of everyone on the island. yet soe f our pen ar doing -
so Il is evident that Agubnaldo and his War would pause long enough in the One reason wn -the ULrnted States grt ofd bh armlet contnallt p-a s slr
Sfotl oe iare new able o them side to discharge of his duties to statif ere hold such a strong international posi- ing onour- d4agsr. :Ito o coN tg"o.id s ar "-sl
overthrow the Spanish sovereignty o l anxous pubLic In reject to that matter, tion that al nt ay other power would opinion as vwe have ald bore tha
e b too ta t almost any other power would opinion b aswe have alid before i thoat ""
Sthe islands. From:,his prospect sriss W W i his purpose to have the 7,50 reutnt to war with there er o el -
the question of their abhlt efor setf troops sent to Miami to become am u tant tht oo an o the a io Tampafis er tor l oa oft
I government. We have gonoa ear in tomed to snd ie. sad moqulltoes? I depend upon us for a part of theirsup. past yea rs. Thris ano intercow e U- T
r the hlippine to abandon-t with- so he ogot to sy so. Probably no- plies of food and clothing. Cut off with Cuba, exceptioi a milntat matt.re .....__ _ _
out is sted, will maprov ke on or their of a gov- wh.er There in thas been and is, rom by the great country are tto-da than peoe hve yellow fever whee in thetr .
money iu emelt, but no regposty all accounts, a great deal of fever r there befrom our cotton, wheat and pork, the head under such restrictions be to re-
Sroment. but the problem must be ut so numerous and o entomousami? more hres and the people ofnd n ed druce the ril to a nmnlim. John O O

ISh em s ths atnswer afrds, o That the question which the whole ect that our people could fle com-dTher iso h
k'olved on spme better plan than r the are on the southern part of the and Germany would suffer i rn smno all JO andst the millionaires now t0 e -- ~ ...
Ino the island a portion o the e United m tee Coast of F porda. n o egreae, a and h o ur comete coe to a efon a e a get t hi port 5.I. WAtlT.I" w .

so ht. to t inin giv merci as well as political ndeped- le toThe on m
"And the health of the troops at derable extent. The friendship of without being detained and fumigated ATTOBB T
The aner to thpeace proposatis, o ha a not been and is not now, the United States i more highly prvied rl Thdly as If Phe uw Works prm. I SeWs t rwan se'S ri
It is rated e will make no mention of a good. There has been. and s, from by the great foreign p ork to-day than people have tllw ever w ihe ll be K. OiPHANi~s i .

phenomenal force is the marvel of the osa uarer ofaum mo f a a eande Kent wersosatnionthe haelowt orhales their
money Indemnity, but no responiblity all accounts, a great deal of fever there, ever before, and the value to them ort heas head they ought to be sotched.-

amlabement over the santago campaign. e w There was never a thought that $e,000 a month, and adter that for $750 owners should get together a X2)RAK M. 1 WONT oN,
wIU be incurred for the colonies w ted pprncipally tyhoid. free commercial intercourse with us ee tt eersbu tr Peinsu Tamp pa roed A oR EI. P i i
from hterg rasp. d a a But why were troops sent tos iami? more highly rated. And when we. re- e s r l hld ATTOBN FEY -A ". ..&

1If S000 men 'a tcrlc 1,000 miles, dises- wter tr too a nte sidsd with Mesrs. Dodg an Wardwell of The prophets who fd our war hn l n '.
SSpain doesn't uat once a ccede t That owtis the question which the whole fle that our people cod le omA-'
su cei ol cohive their county convention at alsachicolaaf
such terms as this answer afordn S country would like to have ancered? fortably even though isolated from the iday. wad se te dleE t-, titht ,r

Monday the War Deartment adver- could embark, if sent out the country would require to fit it for dte -
folly is opeess af d beyond cure. t t iso f T herereas a good reason for sending balance of the world, we appreciate o ur td Cn ss- on l -cs
nowhere expected that she would be let them there the War Department ought reat blessings and our complete co- favorable to the Long, ee and Ohnb y s .
ioff so brightly to have no hesitation in vling t. eria e eela to eend i The opposition made a des- t TOfpel
AME RICAN NERGY. "The cost of sendingthem them threom e adaches, coldr f rs, e a e aetD oT _O
The American is the personification A w telegram received at Jackonville The Board of Public Wornaks promises PI F aIM Ba dhBl ihW ftp-

wc together with the cost o trans port i eoenngLI.LIer _
of energy. To decide what don t w te t they ko te reasortn saturday sg ats the New ork Times of the people that the streets wil l be a OL HA

h Puerto Rico. their recent were en o t t oull to otlrm sn tt t country follfarsh H
phenomenal force is the marvel o the Dr. Alexander Kent, Red Cross agent at on the variousthorouhfares deter-
wor d lrs set d.t same sde m mne r Miami, stated that the Miami hotel mine on what kind of material they de- P. at t5 titm 41 t IIa.
what? Let the Secretary of War answer. 4n Mo 0t-re etroed byare. e rl peer
SEurope has not recovered from itsa every Le eFor in Mar one t culd he rented tor three months or sire t heis paved with. Property
'"There uas never a thought that
amazement over the Santiago campaign. t cue p n a o tan $1,000 a month, and after that for 17501 owners should get together at pnoe and, T'RANI K M E. WMONTOW. '.
In the space of fourteen days a en-tgo W. Shatter, ajr in the Netentho d a month.Mr. Barton held severalcon- ee that every street In Tampa is paved A-AT

That ~a week record the like o Mihi a ent foraging, wassu scent large sm in buidig adan- bldings Ve re eoud
eral Shater transported an army ofW rtsat ad transf erences on the subject during the day in tbe next six month. o -. T - -
water there to accomn date ships used in e busi
16,000 men nearly 1,000 miles, dlsem- with Messrs. Dodge and Wardwell ofr
transporting troops. hen the soldiers the Red C S eeutive committee. He The prophets who said our ewar with t
d er of all peoplemtred to "surround" after nw he ao nSpain wborhoould last for years m to ope
wwere sent there It was known of courseSpainouldl

n securd the capitulation ele t e crt r o f aa city le o t hen answered Dr., ent that the propon n- b t o a g
Its 400 troops wtchat they would have th be ft brought stioa e ei avor considered l as the wa d aI .o at th d n I i-ui lab loita
Itse t roops back to some port from wh ich they co sed b7 e ucceM 0 ltB the civil war said it would y Alet. ithou th- ',, iif,%j| H aB H H|
Santiago surrendered on Sunday. On and asked what equipment the hotel days. (scud es s.
onday the War Deatment ave-could embark, if sent out c the country, would require to eit ft for immediate a t dBpe.
tised for bids for the transportation of Therefore the sending of troops there use as a hoepltat. TO A, rA.SE TiTi 4i L ov f
is all the more inexplicable. If the
24000 men to Spaina The tfational Associatton of Manufac- Effectually, yet gently, AVh lc :,otim / be0
On. Tuesday President a McKinley gave turei of the United States has been en- bdlious, to permanently oo m&%sm b istJ t
tho quere roiwhy troops were sent there he will have by the success of It we nal constipation, to wakn' the kidne- i
the covered. rov ee in Cuba a p to do so later on or else thadfnistra- cored and liver to a healthyaclty W without
visional government. w n e th sm enga- house In Caracas, Venezuela, to extend irritating or weakening WSsm. to aspyel 'l2
--On Woedgeaythe work of clearing the ine the same system to Europe, and two' headaches, cold r feersu Syr 1
-theaevet lwested city of Santiago prochlng a sona because the State houses win be opened there in a short Figs. made by the California itg yrupa!t'Sll 9*j
begun 'no e fudwhich nave troops there will not be sa ti nin Ln an he o In th ny e tot
!Tirtu a a new army was on the pway ed until they ne the reason why amrburg. That is the kiad of expan- A Deisnatreu Fire. de ,
r p'0o R their residents were sent to o heaut i dr stun that this country needs in make it 'X- -
FriCday business was renamed in San- When Wheelermand ihafter ase rng trulygreat. f n From Tuesdkss DIt ay'. *bo -
were e PThe large cigarfactory of Perrca Pce
Tthe same side the Sensd a surrender The taleeslonTNewse-says: oEnnioitj and four other bi^lidings In Wbe st mpa LA 4 w-U5fll ^ -B

That Caw^A 'Michigan, went foragtiag, weas "sutr spend large sums in building and ain- buildings. Very litle rel strase UcldvIile
which cannnot be found tn all the t rounded byWeeler, and transferred taking a navy t because she Is Ia tue he offered to the progress of to--S

of his friends to become a candidate for occupy the time of the military cour lawns entirely. No one ceems to know Th- readers of this paper will bej
the ofe o county commission now in session at Miami.. .The case is. what they are. Some think them the Pleased' to learn that there is at least O
the office o; county commissioner from ^\ drded isease ^ ece ha^ eonds. Stock <
this district. The ffice of count m that of VergIl H. Duncan of the Second army worm. been able to care in all its stages, and
this diorict. The cffie o count on Texas r egmet, ho -shot and killed thteo is ecatarrh. Hall s Catarrh Cure Prnovdsn .. t i
I m ia ,he on'y positive cure kncwr to the Bought and $o0 -og--es, l
mister is the most important one In and It is said that Lhe King of Corea is n ive rtohe Bought ad$ t I
Simon Drummond, colored, a few days medical ,ralelnty. Catarrh being a
the county, and the people are begin on ceary of his throne and wi surrenderty. Catarrh being a
ago The charge has been preferred constituticnal disease, requires a consti- Carried on Ma og
ning to realize that none but our ablest a Te c e h b p It to any one who will take it. Some tutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
and purest citizens should be entrusted by olonel Oppenheer. ommder up-to-date dividual could take the job cUre is taken l ntronsaly, acting directly We "p=-= ,
the regiment in which Duncan is a pr upon the blood and mucous sutaces of es B s
with that responsible position. and -by playing Russia against Great the system, thereby destroying the e isordsros Onlsdigihi
vate. Duncan's defense at the time o foundation of the disease, and giving oWmoowi5r5i0datiU ,- .
We believe it would be impossible to Britain soon have enough to retire from the patient strength by building up the We so 5ep e ;fee.
his surrender was that he shot the mat insiten sn b i g t w oe
find a man in the district who could e business and spend the rest of his life constitution and asalesttg nature in do- IPoeimad fromtbsao Uwe
perfor a mr t e un tie t wdi ficult p for insulting a lady in adry good ing its work. The proprietors have so experbesoaad ge'esse 4
Sperform the duties of that difficult po in dreadful ease. much faith in its curative powers, that alsohare ssommasodsg tcfsrsi'Ur4
store. The court will proceed in th they offtr One Hundred Dollars for any sifeeta-s"-.
tlon trialia conformity with the law in sucy A private of a Pennsylvania regiment case that it fails to cure. Send for list By-our yitem of oal
Sway than Hon. W. A. Belcher. of volunteers reached Jacksonville Sun- of testimonials. we
asAs provided. address. F. J. CHENEY & CO.. To- p* elvyt has, woayua "kMe
The Duvat and Clay-sugar Company day in charge of a corpo&-'.4Pd another ledo, o. p-reit, or moao.is rai.
e an ay r company attempt was made at Sanibel a few private He w ld by druggists, 75c. enoed ade o
which owns 65- acres of land one and private. He was from CHall Family Pis are the best. oc wih tat
tg de north Or the guard fired on the men, giving morning to serve a senate A oAf RION ITH ALARION erub t s
Parkt hs ofgasised, With a C&p t mt ag t he tble o morning to serve a sentennttAgutf Wresu sset .4 d....
l stock of t divide intuit a chase, ailln to c months at hard labor, in as a pTAleS. S tbss q e
oI ot eah. It o sthe Intention of W, U*pon rety-nn t uidepealtd for sleeping at bis Guaranteed cure for Chlls, Fever and tydoll. -

0, tocip-ence operatiouI strange men were first sighted The Philippine question hoping Druggist StI" IfM l
atssiuAWa- J. F_ Hidridgeof
.sH-s. he f f same night an atms4 eaIt t dxe~- iIo^L seWAt qe5hiate elep isa The Degoto lilte has changed c hands. 1erfhtaniaS 550i

" ; Bteao-a#-the treasurer oH ..
s ees "r e.. Of"b and destroy the signal st tita. greater problem than th lt con. Hanins a surrendered the s l"U|-r.TliH-,eIn
ieand Mr. W. L. Lar, of u P Oprco
40n ,Anthe -goal ewbena N% leSt WS4do XWfb 4 a to con- will assm the anaeiaent;I the
B1. a iv. ;'46 h&iI4 aAstA lseueaita a ml sEiss for o e. H As a Js & Og J M"n -af Pide Vt 4
S th expeien in thDe hotel blUALteand
to a cris. qppern a undrerp sta dsIt thoroughly, so
Possibly It woooduring nike aaoc aes t of ItiIn Tmpa btars

...r ,-boa "-*a-mb.sg the e-try in, the o,,u-s:
Allath "L;'f ex" "pansion.-, l ^ * g
15, an.Pgquenc~ls of McCothONeGr
ontvW the suppuiea e bk tlpd in the sum and Am.r -e

AWN" 1:r mtte

name. Moftt^Wet

-- '~ ~

(Ijlcl, ~fuhttc;

S W rI'-Z j r w EiMonn h tAN IT HOPPING BymT .AI

2 S h dDRY GOODS. ..
.at-tcle on The ar ottht" melt. c t-he- .- I

n they are and what positions they held acted aL fol'aow Or-rI wer- i l u-d rf hteac t r' o enri oen |tot aW r
v lie. You also state that may for the drawing of warrants or a-Jly- 2 Thr member L wr. M 1 Order
Editor Tribune: -n y-ertddtCnorit

er t ithe rouh teamster and pack Tha entrartie en th c,.n- uave & regular Othrganized o; partm t pm
5er thought ttre rg pautoeore- pb-k poo ,.r. "te I *-u' hrd of trustees for the; viSiOn of One of the firm for this branch of our b9sVsw.\
rof tain drivers were at part of the organt- Repocts ,.e.. ctv oft. c -r.n- -
I- dstlon, known ea the Rough Riders. ceived. read and ordered filed fr -r .ure Plant CI: rA'-distr1 fo t he next at a diSiie C bd fO mples Mid ay o
S ly you tell of the ru^lanly acts of these reference The report o; the treas- r two years I sny Order entrusted c 0 US filled Wlth the a.ma & pBe& oSaWt-l
inut team sters, and hat much of the h e showed that or Julo 31. he had on hand Rev J Porter of he Flortda and t the ae press asif personally selected
was for their rowdyou was laId at the dooria to the credit ofthw various f l Ida Bapttn ee.t at'e Oed Friday d O
,i been of the Rough Riders, and that they nnuws_ be In attendance at toe oori A pltwo were hmaeld n suchear that the former no revenue. in9.S2.S Roads a tt. Sunday service. Line. Our store has been specify rlstrutedn and J for the
l ad teen mayor" made a request that these bdAges o11 .3 rg cine and forfe.tu o C. W. Buel and son Gu 7o, .i.,u he.rr of a Dry Goods b ainess. Is is the largest, best fitted b
t algiMh tbs tnhand had song Rider ahoud not be pad off. etc" fund, d2 4,e o5 Jail und. $3. i.07: Sctl Ely who hav been in Tamptl crt sex best constructed, and contains all that n perieloc mtay
.S. fr.h.stters say The "tormermayor"wtihes it ditinctly fund. .25.05; Interest on bonds 0 rat weeks rcned Pano crty Tuesday to renderit themost useful, comsortabe and aflt iv.
.. .. undertood that the man who started county. 519 Totatl t40.3.1. mtt ~ was sick with ever ftor a kind. It is accordingly one of th~ ssto Lonf ille.-.
1941"e'M Bwa; .flha Ih theth report Is an tunequivocal tier. The The report o" the sheriff f noe3 c ,-'week or more ad is nowucn .,er Advertiser" contains r lst o
tesa -ls IIe l he ide was so utterly aburd that I did leted daring toe month of July showed and improving every day. I datt eseron s pce t o feN y aada
iltilkldlstl or ther rof d not believe the statement had been a total of 1370.40. less i commissions Babsy boy No. one arrived at the Goods mailed free on application. te
tsWh tnge maalasdhrs made until several member' of the troop amounting to H5850 leavog a balance home of Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Erers js Ao
.l) -the;-lrt told me they bad not yet been paid o_ of $1,1.90. which has been deposited Sunday and both are doing well f N "AI "* '
M beenad the y had e wa a I th the county treasurer. The Bai.. ter-i ..tAaut at the
Salty -lrd requested It. I thought they wer The report of the tax olcr for Ju'y academy on Sunday were largely t- 425, 45, 429 E. Market bt, abovPpecies Lo uilnK o r .
Soften may oking but later tooud ut that uch showed that oll ta ad buel, and n l hir aid tended. It is said that toe athering Itisthlarge ,
Sa report was out, and that some of the d rng the month must have numbered several htsodred.
so eteno t o were very much i frcesed I pd The special qmmlttee of citizens ap- Rev. W. M. MADonaid. pastor....
1thi? l? theft a d B tenoRod to the matter for b evea o pointed to open a road from Blooming-I he Prote sent Episcopal service in l l ta
e s rMesos. In- to first place I was not dale to Sidney reported that the road the Masonc Temple at 11 a.m. Sunday, .- .
I s1 -w0 so densely lnorant s to cohnodn the ha d been opened. The comml0ssone.s was elIt attended, Rev. L. H. Waaddec. I oLVe.f .. .
pPe- gh elem nent among the mule ave theupon adopted a re r or is outon declare ptor.
t wit.th the geolesen composing the og the road to be a public highway. Mr. LA- rd. dealing principally iv dry e i 1
oaa.' "b 3s. t : Rough Riders Ina the second plc it The sam e active ont was tken in regard gods. n A.ons, etc., has opened up a
Sad ist w s my good fortune tohave met a to the new road opened from Willow" t oa cia goods is tle Warrender store. ree on application..
rlbold w made untilhevecal embe of the tnoop dotne of Mr. and dcs. jasper Evers

1tg lImt1u Btn~atany4 oftheoerldandmen4wind poetoffce to the Orchard place on the i Mr and Mrs M. Gather has sold their K t 0"5. ,*C5
P t4 i P@e 4etl^ n eved win ort ay equadntanct would con-lIttle Manatee river nice home to Mas Julia Grove. and twill Keepthe Newess [ine of *-- s
i vt eeyb that would beard To e board declined to approve a bill leave in a fay days for their early home FURNITURE in the city? .
s he: Joe" 0la to t tol her a more elegant of T. W. Hartley, justice of the peace In Paragould. Ark. O J
S.*co0pany of gziTlemes. In the third of strict No. 4. or services perfmed Th W rnel. Company are cleaning
S'3 1peo. eybody khows that my in holding an inqst pon the body of r a rem otatory to btuildag their te D
SS "tp@K6 t Mt with ordeI thought t pay weld a negro found near Southerland. The' .sr ofce. r .
not lIsten to such ani aburd request. I board was of the opinion that the hrd- t M .r. .e W. Wells & Sons ,
Iw report oo the tar co:ldrcttr p or Jfol

i uad -s that w g showed ha r poi that cabe wae n p a .It is aidr tto &he o raki Tgatherin
i y t Rough r derwas utand any oers who may The request onth.f Smupencer aver t T tr numb the Plant Ciy school
ave heard and belInevned I the poo e erectIon of a high brIck wall aeound t e a np. Ret. t :. M. a thotc of lacheor f

,.0 to know that en the Former Mayor had county Jail was laid on the table. .ong P ar eld an electi at thee in

-- for had you, r. Editor have taken the lItquor were presented and exacned. 10 a. m. From a number of applicantsli
Sfi i trouble to have verifled the truth of the and aletoards granted. The usu th they elected for Principal, Mr. Phllups;
', mtement i4ore Jou rushed It into were examined and approved, anl -w A let alttandt, Mrs. A. Gregor.y; nd e-
taeLt Mrsgn.rant am to 00 ha denoee;hrd s

w g i't i ate, and ptat, you would, have saved me the rzteting adjoptr."sd. distant. Mrs. Venng; .3rd assistant
Itihstthb g elemen coimpolaen Prospect-Lodge No. .e OO FM. rdss HattieHenri:4 pall.... in Mrs

Itoes-n ktew to be an unmmtlatel false-boon will hold an Imporant o-eoting tonight The health of Pialtt Ct^y is fairly gosd,
Sent Iin n. are urged to be present. l ic tinghy.
t be- he f Frank Brke, the se el- Lodge room in Easley building, Frank- eu.nmmr -seas,. everything is unusually
ws; itymarshooal. will be pleased though lin str eet.et ds in te a r
0At. 3 0l to hold o an imnortae poion On account o the justiclement weate r "n d a nt awys indIc e 7som0
Elwa A 1sl the Port Taps. o91 ce of the Plant the County Medical society. called t ticesg hprsh W nd dsagreeable. Prckly re cleaning
511 ss a Stelamship Uliase. A man of Mr. Burke'- meet at 7thO yesterday evening at Dr. 0sh Bitters is proof of this. It clean- e .
tile M e a. bursIes qvrp etose ta always in de- BIze's holie, had a very light attend- ses strengthens, and regulates the sy-
~ '~ 'y~ -bierh man sad the Plant people are forto- 4ane. The society ll r call t hes- o dete stomach w1 not o
l L nolIt lilL aste in peaurcng the services of one ao gether again in a day or two to nd- ject to it. Sold by S. B. Leonardl & s
emn elrv etly ftt for the po he sae itio sider s ery Important matse t rs. Co. .3rd ass a
"Th orr RM OVl AL'
.Fobidw-,dt Ms i :wm be pleased- tu li street. ..... .

and te FLt peple a fo he mst deicat stoach wll nt ob


S Gives you anopportunity to buyik Bel
+ter Bargain than have ever be of
tered to you in Tbmpa. ur' 'i
S took Must be 01osed Out .. .




Maas = Brothersj,

Fred&c6. VUoW Pre.deaL

s C5OAPITAL *1OOuO.CnOfOs.Og-ri^
Largest capital ot any banmk soth e E ,-sfhiW 86
business. Uvaerly snin AilS
bsnhIg.grsnted. Bae. S
for makin I4 0$ irs
-. the Ua .., 8t A o'

m- veeni s i eT"lnss

r Iac" La-_i-^-J-A* r i-A ~ila~c K l ^jl~~~~p 7 t& ids S

iFtcy ruuiu a viu

In Swift's Specific.

The proper remedy for every disease having its origin in the blood is a
remedy which can go down to the cause of the trouble and force it from
the system. Blood diseases are diicult to cure, and few remedies have
any aeot; upon them. Swift's specific never fails to cure the worst cae,
it matters ot how obstinate, oz m what manner the disease originates.
It is Teal blood remedy, and promptly goes down to the very cause of the
trouble. forcing every impurity from the blodd.
When my daughter was three montheold, I f"WA broke out on her head,
and catinued to spread until her hed was entirely covered. She was treated
by several good doctors, but gew worse and the dreadful disease spread to her
face. She was taken to two celebrated health springs, but received no benefit.
M .ny patent medicines were taken, butwithout result, until we decided to try
S. 1.., and by the time the first bottle was finished, her head began to heal. A
dozen bottlescured her completely and left her skin perfectly smooth. She is
now sxtieen yee old. and has a magnificent growth of hair. Not a sign of the
dreadful disease has ever returned.
.H. T. Saose 2704 Lucas Ave., St. Louis, Mo.
Mr. EL Kuhn, of Marion, Kansas, writes: "About three years ago my grand-
daughter, Bertha Whitwood, was thrown from a horse, receiving a wound of
the scalp. Under the treatment of physicians the wound. seemed obstinate,
and for several months remained about the same, until it finally became very
angry-looking, and broke out into a RUNNING SORE. This soon spread to
other parts of the scalp and ran down the side of the neck, increasing in severity,
and fearfully disfigurirc l.er. She was then placed un< t:i ine cr-re of the faculty
of a well-known hospital, but even the treatment she received there failed to
arrest the terrible sore. Heading of the many cures of blood troubles effected by
S. S. S. we decided to try it, and it relieved her promptly. In a few months she
was entirely cured, and scarcely a mark now remains where the disease held
full sway."
I suffered several years from IMPUR.E BLOOD which settled in my eyes
and caused me much suffering. I was treated by our best physicians but getting
no better, I consulted an oculist. who advised me to take a blood remedy, stating
that if my blood was purified I would soon get well. I then took three different
blood remedies but they did me no good whatever. I decided to tate S8. S..,
and when I had finished the third bottle I was completely cured, and my eye-
sight fully restored.
Miss NoBA FLmLHoTroN, Gadsden, Al.
SCROPULA appeared on the head of my little graudchild when only 18 months
old. Shortly after reading out it spread rapidly all over her body. The scabs
on the sores would peel off on the slightest touch, and the odor that would arise
made the aheatmosphere of the room sickening nd unbearable. The disease next
attacked the eyes, and we feared she wouldlose. her sight. Eminent physicians
from the surrounding country were consulted, but could do nothing to relieve
the little innocent, and gave it as their opinion that the case was hopeless and
mosible to ave the hid's eyesight. It wa then that we decided to try
Swifts specific. That medicine at once made a speedy and complete cure. She
is now a young lady, and has never had a sign of thodisease to return.
MRa. RuTH BsaU LT, Salina, Kan.
It is useless to experiment with the doctors in any case where the blood
-i involved; they are absolutely unable to cure diseases of this nature.
"They know but one. treatment-that of potash and mercury, fnd the
I.rtmnful eseta4eof theseedrugs are well known. Instead of curing the dis-
ei tke. a m to dry up the poison in the blood; the digestion is e-
SAd ,perm yisa ematism always results.
Sremedies p 4SSpyJgo., because they, toO, contain minal ingrq-
.d ya eo ge m mineral or drug of any kind, and eure y go
ms, eht idag'iI d .ho1rghly, anxdremovi .g ve trace of ain
tOl VaS Zo6 ,., SISl0fl~ffdf


fflitl" '
~f ..,s .t
.esse-spr cioJin o i

Sheld 's Martans

be a lively
Iomwu In the kP-


ettsoth mull
Miift t o U t het
AMUb~l ~~


4t Ike Plant Systm Overthra W A oflMBRSS O RNSWER

_ItSpa isteso Certain.

Spaiu Will Know Today -the Terms Upon
MP bre ir Nodari.r x mnnnti.and s.~si or nf our .n Which Peace May be Negotiated,
*isd e ola lunteers-- lightened Country are O0ered.
I' las setig iamp "Not a War of Devastation,"
S Str. sY ays F iles,

-turday' ji. ny. eal to the Tibune.
PiO-lst oimteer l oantry. Port of Pounce, Porto Rico, July S0.- I O PII
-ibme~n 4, dfolt, Hunt, brdake The following prclamnatlon tLas ien
*at Pewrt -Sepa Cbt3 yesterday issued by C.eaerti>U los.
e_(Ipd Agab dd the trains await- "The chief object of the American
e themJ to Ferandina The military forces wil; b:. to overthrow the Cuba Must be Free and Independent--Armies Must be Withdrawn
Wr earrind in two sections, the armed authority of Spain, and give the
V rt :ec e ur beautiful sl, and the lar- amd Islands in the Pacific Ceded to the United States.
the seod at geerty insistent with
t, Ti9 wjill troh Fernanna at this military occupation. They have
'~f'l lhter~awnitJi~t'tie tt not 'o rle Ko umake war upon the people
i a "h. Plant System to Ocal and of the country, who for centuries ahve S pectal to the Tribune. charge of the entire question concerning
t,..aka- aw but oan the cfrjlat .' Washington, July 0.-The answer of the terms of peace, on the condition
mamm miunI- mpn.t l-. tait] .y ior- the United States government as pre- however, that Spanish troops are re-
SThe Q a sand Men were selves, bat to y or pr lm-ert. ftS -pared by President McKinley, and ap- moved immediately ^om Cuba and
& e away r. rom the ow p uF t=v. and bestow the proved by the Cabinet, to the note of Porto Rico. It also provides that the
en trfc they have been v.u- the 'panish government, presented last United States shall have one of the
#tbat ain- that rr M y t at Tuesday by the French Ambassador, Iadrone islands.
I ave a e ew-a Vl It" ni uth erp t le M. Cambron, was handed to Ambassa- The French Ambasaador was in con-
thaMntoFr anaTdlha There wih w i an rJc t dor ambron at 2 o'clock this afternoon, ference for three hoars at the White
*'talkr mena in the regiment the people, so long as they cinif.,rt to and it is believed was transmitted by House, after the answer had been
l bi ntSI not eb been.Mecr tt- eM ruiet of the military administrator, him to Spain. formally handed to him.
s ti strength. bt rcr-ralting,. I ie" The reply of President McKlnley to In the meantime, although there ae
r Saiew in Celesitl, and have A AX-IY G 8OCIS the peace proposal embodies conditions indications that Spain will accept the
It s the sumarised in the dispatches sent the terms proposed. The United State is
7i&t~S;1 i>< y yolu 0 1 L ^- *i a T ^'r 'Tampa Tribune last night. making rapid headway in the Porto
As for the Philippines, it was decided Rican campaign, add to-day orders were
S eerday. to leave the question of their govern- issued for all the transports in Cuban
T d Penlpylvanta regiment, ment open for the present, as the same and Porto Rican waters to return home
ilesithhfe L. UDl a.e i~l ro' : is to be determined upon laterby a corm- immediately for the purpose of carrying
Ml t e i sWth d a releeua pr toa anoimnoune, d in bae co- mission to be appointed. In the mean- over more troops to Porto Rico.
J rtrm- while the United States will exercise One feature of the answer of.the Uni-
eneo the trading public yeat-control and jurisdiction over the city ted States that has caused much com-
wi f'iea i fo -, ad from early in, the mormng uas of Manila, and its harbor and immedi- ment, is that it states especially that
.- V .'ti tie,,ib llt. 0 the eportum was territrthe United States will not assume in
'thrdn g ed with a,'bevy of* apprecaled a In the e ry. w any manner, the Spanish debts secured
of these regiments stockIn the reply it w proposed that a by bonds of the Islands of either uba
lt^ ^ 6t- panish-American commission have or Porto Rico,
grytly by'uIl who were
l- egugh to get n opportty CIY OC OUNOIL. lHarris, In a neat speech thanked the
S, Hit. LJ sh.Du mbtaCSW _D1h, tlMayor for his appointment, and the
a9 lM e f aeaioditlng Three Norinations Sent In By the eouael for his comfrmatioa.
Sa t Port TaImp from Aew m R r daero ei shwirna i ]Mayor and Two Confrnmed. The pay roll of the "bucket brigade-
many handsome new articles, and the of the sanitary department amounting
,,0d at on es gn r l ith trade was exceedingly gratitying tA he a to i0 o for the past week was presented
t ad who is by no means rom SThe ity s Dlily. eg with the statement t-.t the same must
IN, -eple ofth.i.. The city council met In regular ses-
t t te of thi cty. be paid to-night. This was referred to
ttrafsot tney.-Ingly cheap, and sion last night, and transacted consider-
a"nteM ad Is the entamong all who able business. The most interesting tothe ayor, and the committee on san-
s sl i tatiis on y tm n the public was the confirmation of the teon o adjustment
-5blnlct d, eatrghmgt o"ly a TLbe -stu will be opened bright Mayor's appointments of a city marshal 'The hatirmn of he tn e xpeom rt
te stated that Mr. Clerbew, the expert
* o0lIN' and they wil All be and eatly to-morrow morning, and the and a chief of the fire departmenat,nd accountant had notified him that he
eA eDheerd Until the quarantine proprietor extends a pressing invitation the passing over for the time being f would leave New York to-day, and be
di'M ot to to call on him the appointment of a city auditor- The here to-morrow. u
It that l re they jake mayor submitted the name of Stephen dCuncig.then adjourned untl Mon-
kI, t -n "T. Woodward to be city marshal for the
ensuing two years. The nomination of A CHILD ENJWOADTS
idMrp. Woodward was cuondef ed by a -
eS= Une n .-- unanimouss vote, an swnon ashe treite paa jnut agett isfns
egothr troops now here,. 3. .X Petttingill, UOf Tamp, Nated the oath of office 1* 1 u6# vgglpv and
fetvalry "d Fifth in- for te othw e n Countie. discharge of his duties. The namna t or mother be costive or

a. tear.st, ss v erted ltscke, of the United tates Court,' ha w succeed himself. -
A. J. Harris was submitted for confirm- zmost gratifing results foaow IN 1we;

S h arM l.o dstsoera. 'Te made' lce tiiotments "f refereedbor For the office of city auditor, the A TiEA wuNDER.
.B yesterds ,and the the Southwestern District of Florida Mayor submitted tfor confirmation the .
w~ refer is denied in the order o ap- ftroailo was promptly made' but w as n I ... ot e .. .
I Daily. f iboul'G hate a

.l S afte-rwards reconsaieSod, when the city tcoery enres oil K-ney-- sad a3 r
P e also N K. Pettiill of Tampa,. for attorney called, attention tothe ro- rmos grave, ce DMb.
prosl ons omtier. B en- vio of the charter whiqo retres thets, m aest e s s weak ism
L o tdrou eads d and Mgnatee Counties. t auditor to certify that the assessment -ks, te"t-- and all irre-ar-
=E.bn 4traofrtoWroc0-k of taxeJ made b w atme byF and ior- ties of. the Id leys and BaSaEs
leateo the lagr g Deoto,h Ltee Lake, Orange, ai Oseola rect.. As the present auditor la about en wme aguse der

nIs a k- Counties oturn over the h s h e rney r osi.. s .
son and ii- auditrch z oud of Joh te dn unL yWeller. ':The dcon r mlt will se a o
of tw"io tedN~ In the+: oid]r o ap* fthis Is done, la this would reven but as ne smipt of li One sallne tle i tw,

ai jaw attorny |ep Walter f aMAksonville, forDu- P complications. The nomination of Mr. "e o mtone s aI
ri t au a onC the val, u lay, St. Johns, Putam, Weler, therefore, wen t over until next Iett
"fartived yesterday fremn Baker, volusla, (Brevard, and Bide Monday night, when the books will be
p ist qg"ais ud in the jc turned over at a special meetIng o the e 0. x 5 s o T
j eo us. This is th Se t~ Voyle of Gtinesville, for a. attention to the trouncIL O Lo
aoe sines the w Ma-riPl o. and Bradford Counties. The reort of the co mmittee on fire Canto, Ala March -
h b Po s proteeion recommending that tha t e.^ pet- t M ae h 4 r 's- o
SParn ha returned from hi on of Krause & Boulware for perm- t e been rei s ob
.am ot months outing at Anna Maria Key, sion to cover their stable building with and b der trouble by Hell t
...'.. ? .. where. he has been with -ulte a larye shingles, be not granted, was approved. Dl50 tW50 Tea>), ed I a
-ldafOily+ ", pasty |corstlng of the families t'ol. The police committee reported that fully recommend I.t ,

S!ondeyaterta re- They have made the old Bean home- by the city physician, and pronounced NO CUtsu-reto PAT.
- ther headquarters, and have lived able to work. The committee had -

,'i d l ) Sls Ca- roline. on fi"p and crabs the entire time. Char- thereupon placed them in charge oa a That Is the way all druggists sell
SlOvt 0Bt' f|e5( etlka- ley reports the fishing and bathing as guard, and they. were put to work last ..rover's Tasteless Chill Tonic for Ma-
B .:E- i ry of t dd iseand judging from the sun marks Monday cleaning up Franklin street. -, Chils and Fever. It is simply
'I thahistory of :the or- he bears, he put his share of time in Trhe committee appointed to arrange 'tror and Quininer !o a tasteless form
|was c5.sn the enjoyment of these pastimes for the settlement and collection of 'hlldren- love. Adults prefer it to
a' iw subscrit tons and renew i to taxes reported that about $4,000 of taxes ter nauseaunn tonicl d-w
2 in-. e ~the _'rtbune continue to pour into the was still uncollected. The committee
e' office D. R. M. Wells of Plant City submitted a resolution directing the tax
d t Mghit esteemed citien of that place collector, with the advice and assistance pTke Laative Bromo Quinine Ta-
't"oaityd jsyk "T'If da so much pleased with the of the city attorney, to proceed at once ets All druggist refund the money
-I--- Mjb4l. e, 4 at I want you to send it to to collect the unpaid taxes, t it tails to cure. 2 .
AiIe & me riae t" r aongs." The Doctor knows Councilman Kruse presented aevera.l
t.2ane lsta bo a e good thing when he sees it, and the complaints regarding the failure to re- Seekers after sold know that they
who isno '-- Trib-rnewifit continue to briohten his ove garbage. Referred to the chief may be disappointed, but seekers after
S mob- eTh happy household by Its daily visits as health, take Hood's Sarsaparilla, with-
f" non with it wlel thousands of others. of the sanitary department. He also the utmost confidence that it will do
as presented complaints against the block- them wonderful good.
,Th jl v it dot th0e regular troops ing Of sidewalks anol streets by mer- ---
&i01L Twa ps to l .vpnah: weIl begin Hood's Pills are the only pills to take
lSopTah ants. As there is ano rdinn co on-
l rO tral J. :opXr corn chants. As there is an ordinance con- with Hoods harsaparila. Easy and yet
of t Trie P ot6i A-rig e'rle will cerning this matter, the cltrk was in- efficient.
not, move his headquarters to Fernan- structed to notify the police department
Aid 'tlA. *ini"m!Btil nearly all of the troops have to enforce the ordinance. There are no new developments in the
l e -Councilman 'Frecker had another com- movement of troops from Tampa to
keL'man 5afrteasrnp ght, spark- plaintgagainst the F. C. & P. railroad Porto Rico. There has been no change
M d w1-*nd.Bus -ilgetlow. take tfr falling to place proper crossings in the program as announced of send-
"ft J2 AP Ah#, #tters. It puts the sys- over their tracks on Whitig street. He Ing the lifth Marylad, BSecond Geors
Sgprft ctr order.: Sold by S. B was in favor of repealing the ordinance gia, First Florida, Fifth regular cav-
A'CbO. or taking some steps to copnpel the road airy, th egular infantry and about
'" to comply with the ordinance, granting 1,000 artllerymen9 ci this expedition as
l e as saya s s g. them th# use of the street, A motion s8n as tr&xBpoIrt arrive
-at1g00s won) w as adopted dlrecti the clrk to in- fes
UA w eob Mo Yrs
.. .. +Wl&3m s t the railroad -pany to place'Bo foreoLu eb nd D.. e-
Sthe necessary cromiigh at 'once. Witt' "..tt ;"* per f .
.. ! The blockading of Franklin street for Wtts IUtte Erl Rsers to be pefet.


ThLis DOee Uad SU by lay Prmi-
at Pe"sk.


NIws Notes Cauht on tO w ly .Her
and There-Coming and Goi ng o
People-Incient sand Accideant of
everyday Lift in Tampa.

Prom Sunday's Dally. B tt mit '
Editor J. H. Humphries, of the Braid- S Sofl
entown Journal was in the city yester- ld.
day Kreting his host of friend. gmt o l o1
Traffic Manager B. WV Wrenn, of the lr fd BoveI% h
Plant System, left for Jacksonvllle las MIt a
night, traveling In hi. lprvate car. & A l fo MIl
J. X Baggett, who is now to hpalth %WiMWN r106,
R*oaduras, will be joined in a short time
by his wife and children, who will leave
Tampa in about ten days for that
Mr. J. M. Towne o' the Plorida Brew-
Ins Company, has establrhed a number ti aaL i
of canteen ati Pernadtnad -andr idtheta- a dj
ou Tampa beer Is takdin the Idad as
the favorite beverage to-t olders~ O il
sena and visitors or the lttle berg of '
Fernandina. ,
W. B. Gray, the wholesale merobat USJ btI
of Ybor City, i doing a- nin tr,~ Lt C
business. He lra an elga i line of the t im r It
most desirable goods, at p.ea them at S3y b Iht- i~i--.-
Now York coes. When you want a
article at -.ew k YrM ieweas prioes
call on W. B. Gray, the whle-ale mer-
Miss Clara Britswts, the untorttunate
young lady who took poison sccIdent-
tally a few day ago, and wkhom iU
had been dispatred of mor several dm, '
Wied T'hurday lht. atShe was buated J Nfas ob*Xuggs AUB
yeeArday in itha, Jew teh erewy, the
funeral oeiS atteledad r-a Llarge num-, 4w e
bes of sorrowin ried. gpo5 bythiniai) eUW
Rev.. O. Andesoan received from the The
"Kit Caresn Relief Corps" of St. Petirs- moa'IS h i i
bnr, $In in money, and two boxu of lnd tO k at Iter bmeoI i
jelly for use in tme hospital aroundof te Oepftr4 tbrt8rXrtg
Tampa.. The gift was transmitted by at all pleed with tae datfii
rMrs. A na McPnersoa, the president o. ,re called upeon to iuieawsa
the corpa tey en oe to fiht, dl B
Mr. BI C. Lovertdge-oa Maimtn eountty, ro ~ t the re .
Is In the city Incroducing ouydour, thtentirhet txoop Wet-
whose wonderful merits r ..-as inall- o
hie as the instruments are phenomenaL two mils Wet , They shond be in these hands of ever -a nd sdieta-2i
family in the land, and all 'U. Love-- -
ridge claims for them caet be raled4 The p has been ope
on. He Ilaan elegant gentleman t law I wood that It
for his integrity and Tveracdty a to the sad oak ?~i
Hr Tathe bay in many piaoe
Wri T ght-eoeWrat is In Dunn. wbo Iil .
e city selUng one of themost C onven- ts ia e t^ a
at and dtrabe oos ever intro- the at M yi
used lIa ntfelily ssac T otete tiha e e s,7w

soTherea I s team "hi
hed wiHull ty e a PaI ttff-P' 5;7

CaPain Charts T. Phr, e trt~.
;qaartermaater A the i sate. et seo ee here, nd whe -
and hfi clar, C ,oael Jan 4. asbop. deal of .oTO.l..ln a
and Mr, Bobt'a sB anidg l iwr the tere aote-"rrs m
city yeterday,- n regidsd at the t p4 at eb e o p
nAlomeiaa. Deta j o hare f cM bur\)W~
chlar a te MiclMegank n ot Sent ilto ati
which MTed i mo- ft y agr f maPf ending the a 5 -Qil
Colonel Nisahp gigtAA Lfidler, has- very trying poas uo
la g rediand t they p q.has seen The name ot l il
lons we in the r hesal army. He iven theme okjBK'tmna1L ,fi
Is a icce r 'shle and eau <^W o Je ^
a ePtendid rteord aa ^ compo-.t~Tare asr
The nuni t1 th E eorh B hav uprowen, to he
mean are iled wilh msaaio., ot the y" greater ri.
have not hbad regisentaLband toglve eittive of trolp K. w~,itJ
vent to the martial trai sa. Thie detect "New York Dude trsoo
Is ta be remedied at dolee, however for regiment are for the
a hand has been orfanied and he men who harmed -&
instrumenta ordered sdcanetime san are and parica of' me ursPa
reported to be on the'*sy. Soon the iadl, and many, t tht
air will resound to the tinspiring aim so repatauna as lwcriee
loved by the people of the Sonthiand; temen, moyhls engineers,
and serenades will be swapped with the lefr Isrge usniesases of ^h
gallant Fifth reguas,, who are their c r
& M wawa come outo
neighbors, ^ Dunn .a. W i< t
ir. J. A. Davis 'and Mis C(ertrnde haa been tlclqg Mq
Cone wtrc married Thursday evening many years with sIeM

at the residence of the bride's sister. four, CoDta. McGni Crf
Mrs. 0. H. Neylans. The happy couple dnd Bruce. the st o ee
were united In the presence of quite a lawyers of wide reptue l a 4 4
number of relatives and friends, all of Cajpa n Bruce is ilt
whom loin In wishing them joy and hap- oattact in Tessa
pines In their wedded life. Mr. Davis tenants are e a. La s
is weln known as one of the mostpopu- Lieutenant WeekirBho
lar and trusted employes of the Con- uf the aitop .tb i
somer's Company, and the bride Is one se mls1 g a t
of the sweetest and ,most charmint w o e i SA 1
young ladies that Tampa has- ever ,mi matter in f
known. he is yet a very youag L
Don't bolt your food it irritates your. pita lty -ot the regta tt
stomach. Choose digestible food andr ceted, b there tis _
chew It Indigestion is a dangerous being istei n wed. 1i
slctnem. Proper care prevent& it. Et
Shared Olgesttve Cordl cures it. That lnod --eels t ihe iniustl
is the long and short of InAlgv sttoq' credited with the
Now, the question .s: Have you got in- rmin e.aade-aa n
digestion? Yes, If you have vaei or' weare the tet
discoDfort after eating, he*hea Me, dls- K, iue- a

the orgnja,
task upxilre
bu~ an

* C

.... 4i ....- -... s ,- a m 4-4-0 -.14 of at a e
a0nt C. W. STl, Mr- 4of a -ot- a _160a."6Y
F .uc. M*jUCK aix Wstera lChancr ey.u -t w Im

c-.ot o~f the a wiBls CircubIe t om tn ed ts86rto iT 7 Oic r bl ofec34:the 1-4 -ofe be mo-amle a tgrat iar-ney ae rpi
te m cf of the date aos t slhts day of Ja-, oi towtnhpt by At- I- 6 eat, lots a id ls beaw -g ofaos the p i "
-...." A. Dn t1, be -gsul Ncolaa itana, o1 4.S e4t r 7, th 10n 4I ne, ib 7, 8 a s -4 of a Lo se oalfy the abo r eeWt=ise f
--s le ret ourtIo$% 1 Th W o n d to ship 17, soA th of nL 15 es; 28 the foregoing r yta b u i

-, uIi= ,y a onth In thllem it".CPoLro the r-nAr IndinO l-42of f hw w p th ee Monro i2ao 1Cd swi osE eadly ewoeLt of suv.
aut as the beg-V Chlmit a ourt, Itrade, doin busme and .riLune- of nee 34' the m 1-4 of aw 1-4 of see M be Movable at greM elmt]% ezpgpmU

RiftI~tIA-^4 A favor of thW Monroe Clgar Co., &:w"iNe V&. 11um^ ^ B. bZu!W. of Medora, and lots 1t. 11, 12, 13, 14. 16 and ll Cows. afper*M 1
"dI ttmt. f nn to h And I pthe ln ur the f n. na Tbunas i ,ecps. we, s 1 I, 17. 1, 3, 3., Sa7, ad 1 ef blck Dated at Tampa, Florida. thta h .. et 61,
-, or c^asheO the State of ori coin- dTao s a oy ste befndan s, fiv ti sinidlwta-on oi 1 dconi day of June, A. D. iU, tB" "
**r f l n ,hhit m rnflst tt .eoy ecW the ieuods sdm ii A0 olr.) beO And also the following realestate it- F panwer. satlf"M
CR macndl emdC toVleopen the goods heg
M an eVhilp 3cba5 lands and teawn- of -1 tie tt.d uated In the County of Citrusa: n 1-2 of Sheriff of Hftborough County. FI& cou
0the sU8d Nol Bof ntans, or so much e t a n ne 1-4 of anw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and w 1-2 of F. M. Simonton. setal aBd
he- eof me will -be t -to. n wbe T to ty TV aL WHOM rrT MAkI COCLw 1-4 ofK: 1-4; ne 1-4 of nw l-4. and e Attorney for the plaintiff. I A hr a
S t the m of 16 m id costs, wbheretmon No"oly bere-)y given that theabove l- of nwl 1-4 of nrow -4 of sec 9; nP 1-1 of
I d o & i tt a14t day of Jeue lef t upon eattl-ed oult wherein the ti big Mlanu- M 1-4 of sec 10. me 1-4 of ne 1-4 ofrsee1- c CnSt MpNri ar-L 6th SdAhl s
.y-^^xa^ 4and win ell wU hin the lgel hionn, otf actoring Company oI plalnufi, and 32; ne 1-4 of w 1-4 of sec 36, all in town.- SAE BA i i
sale before the court hoase door In the Thomas F. Stubba, W. cotia T.:on, atnd ship 17. south of range 16 east; ne 1-4 Under ad by virtue of a decree o WaIdN t3e
ci ity of kTampa.on the st onaday In Thsmas R. Peeples, late partners tn of ne 1-4 of sec 184 township 17 south of sle rendered on te 2nd day of Ju e S
ougust, It being the 1st day of said twade, doing tus lne and trading under range 17 east, ne 1-4 of aw 1-4 of ec lrendere o te d day of
e- JU --.,-The foUowing M month. to the highest be and t bdder the firm nae. any style of Stubbs. towashIp 18. south of range 17 east se D. 1886. by the Ion. W. A. Hocr towt
for calt the foliowinig describe 1rop- Ttl4on & Company are defendants, has 1-4 of nw 1-4 of nec 16, township 19. Judge pro hac vice, In the case o "-ot n
a I4e ae Wa Department erty, to-wit: I shamr of aotaIestock been Instituted by attachment, and tnat south of range 17 east: nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 Winam H. Ferris JoIh F at o W
4r oam wSly n of the eana Ci ga C- ftto Pa writs of attachment therein have b1en of see 11. township 17, south of range PIat ety.
, -value of S each a shown by certii--duly issued according to law, and levied 18 east, se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 10; 1-2 al pendIng In the Circuit Court of t e
14 .....y ,-r -arrived here ate No. _. aiu4 Ld nta na March upon te following property, situated In of ne 1-4 of sec 14. and lot five or ne 1-4 ixth Judicial Circuit of the State of the mat
i. o.anA n i 1th i'i~6 A' f0or 11 shares and cert- the 1State of Florida, and various coun- of se 1-4 of sec all In township nine- Florida,e tn and for HLUlsborough County. -w, tow
legood The e catean- .Isued toN. sntana Marchl tle therein, and more artlcularly de- teen, south cf range 12 east; ne'-4 and in chancery, the undersaigned ConIs wetytwc
6 The a.a- 4t. A. D. I8 for 147 share. scribed as follows, to-wit: the ne 1-4 o s 1-4 of sec 27. lot one in sioners, ppolnted y the Court to r an
-4i Slowter4as behatd vLevied upon as the property of N The following property being situated bloct. 14 of Floral City, and the e 1-2 certain property dbe in the a thsrehbkda
lAi VWf-ta troi6 aeignted tU-aand old to atisfy sid eceu- Ihe Costy ofe H llborough; A three of sw I4 of sec and the ne 1-4 of the plmet bill of co ai i m am ise to eam
F ..w..l. h neeba- n T_. eights undivided interest in lot 2, of sec ne 1-1 of sec 18. all in township 148 south will sell on the -t Monday In Au yarda ,east
-': -h e r f- f .s ,andthe se 1-4 of the mse 1se-4aof sec 18. of range 19 east, a 1-2 oft ne 1-4 of s. 6, gust,. 1M, the sae being the int 4a3 (4) yanrg
Sr-. Bi ,. a e Hglldoborough Co. both in township 31, south of range 17, townIhlp 1. south of range 19 east; te ( said monthiurlg the iegal hour c- e '
A; &, ,1r qe L C. Q Q WEITAKeast; also a one-half undivided interest e -2 of nw 1-4 of eec 17. and the w 1-2 of sie for cash to the highest and he PeaserI
.Atty. or Pantiffa n trhe se D-4sof the me 1-4 of sec 7, frac- of ne 1-4 of sec .8, both In township 1 bidder, In front of the 1oy1rt ho 4-o fA ,
a;lA et t ** 'r iL tonal e -4 oft sec . the e 1-2 of the soUth of range 19 pt; ine 1-4 of aw 1-4, in the City of Tampa, Florid a- id
SS s.. s: as S mbi-g aw 14 of sec 8; lot one sIn etC 17*aw 1-4 and ne 1-1 of sec 29. townshIp 0,. south county, the fofolSr eUalstrtS rs t -
-. / 3 "', o it-- of aw 1-4. e 17; lots one ond two f0 of r 19 east, s5 1-4 of ow1-4 of sep c so td I ntheCounty OfUHisbOVoeghdsa
BY4 By ,rt.. n eo.ca daefrendered hy'1 esnoinoteisitn of ow a31-4 iof n-4 t 17 soth of range 0 east; the w -. stale ofe torlda and mores stls- Nod .
fSNi te sifndel Gtee .PihillBaie PhUips, Judge of thseeY,. t1.fDOaWi-S Scl*,e 1-2 Ot f u1-4 sw 1-4 1of sec 14. a&nLe ne 1-4 of n dearsed has follows. to wit: toi otw Hoopr I
i .. .. ntL w A COP Wt Sthb Judicial circuit of of mec 1; we 1-4 of me 1-4 of sec 1. a-U 1-4 of seec township 18 south of range <2) and three I). is. Block eigc-wt nUat s
San f for Hlboroogh intownshIp p1, south of range 17 eat, east; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec ; ne 1- ( of the town of TampaW aordle 8 (4 0m t i
*X ~lHUc+iasrt in bchfteery- siting, in &-an all of the nw 1-4 of the sw 1-4i of nw 1-4 of Dec ne 1-4 of nw 1.4 of see th eerai map hereot pmade byr
li u*tb@0 t tb etaa ptCase tu said Court. M a townshIp 2. south of rang 1 14: lot 1a In Thompklnsville. sec 1 aw John Jaikon5 In 186.
l tb..t -11- ll d111 1& wmMeI ol< < d o f Jut, A.u A. eta 1-4 of ne 1-4. of ew 1-4, lss wo 1-4 of ne 1-4 of ec 22. all In township Dated at T a P n1-fd-or, w Ihls -
1M8t. 6 -. hb 9p % PaWeal alid unler a 4re a ahalct sa Ia ie corner of sec 13. 1,. 1.south o i ge0h of e eat; na 1- of day of June, "6 9t
itl5.5l! -a " a oeta t -i.. township 27, south of range LS ea-t. se 1-4. and ad 1-4 of s 1-t4 of sa I; 1- In -eh -m i -
lintwi m e o, a-I t publ .bc cornerr of ot one in ecI, a nd 1n6-* o c of ne 11-4 B 1,4 of ne of.ff se 1-eI4 o. f i Sa
.lkrtV"A& b"ors 14 a- C.owlp- south of rane s, ne o e 1-4 oft Isw 1-4 of sec 26. and ne Rt 3

0.% ma Oc y Flari n ship ao 1 south of rng 1es. 1-2 of suth of mM2 ea nt 1- tof sw 1d4 F. W. Simonto
--Fle oat /1 A ot st, -. 1- i se 1-4 a -nd in.1-2 of aw w-4 of e of n w 1-. nd e 1-4 of e 1-4 of secl, SolicItor for the Com p lsd t 1 apie ,s q
_____ i* thatfeid aI t at day, ouffa sothofrnge 1tw- neas 1g-4 ofn shiopf 21.s. 20 ast o w ra-ge o s20 1-4 W. Simono-hnd
L"je .Jl, the legal hours of sale to the higSh-t 16 east; sw 1-4 of ow 1-4 of aeec kn. a- a1-2 less nu 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16I, in
fi Wr&fI tfnw and best ~ldae__r for cs&6 the following l 1-2 1-4 of me", township 30. south township 19, south of range n east.
ntfwi n Ou.:s deesribed tract or parcel of land lying of-rangee1-east; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of aso 1.4 And also the olloowhrag eal estate i lt-
4C2o heig ni t the County ot HilsbOrouo of se 1- o sec it, township 32 south uae in the County o f o; N e 1-4
;and^tatoa of Flocidv &nd described as of ange 1 enw1-4 of nse otwec hf ne 1-4 of sw 1-4. and nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 a o
to wit;-- K of rangel1te; ow 1-4 of ow 1-4 of se of ne-4fow s;nw4oe4
SW -1town hIp south of range at; of 1 of sec1 in township 1, soth
Sof the north-enat tqar- nw ^ 1-4 of e 1-4 anid 1-2 0! sW 1-4 of Orange 19 1east, of ow J T 1- or
mW-lr.rgalment, United ter of the north-east quarter of tsoctlon se 1-4, and me 1-4 of se 1-4 of s 01-4 of Dec 4, township 14 south of range --
4S 4anwepd at fifteen (1) in townstip thirty (4o) 60011 towtshnip 31, south of range 17 east, ne 20 east; nw 1-4 of sec 11, township 17.
O Sf re taWegie-tn8 -," containing 1-44of se 1-4 of etc 14. andme 1-4Bof swsoufh ofr ae 1 east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4
isa~ war -with Sain., as ma-y he aecemry too ma-tisfy ad 1-4 of sec 2i, ttwnsanp 29, south of range ne 1-4 of se township 15, south e ae lipin
.o4i~.ai~tt~ a die- o~es, sOd. expanses of iode 1t ta-at, w 1-2 of tie 1-2 of tie 1,4 of sec ct ratfe 10 eastw tie 1-4 of wf 1-4 of sec se
41 ~ Wa. STEVENS, o .12, township 44A sooth of range 22 eat. 7, in townalhlp 16, south of range 18 east;
Master In Coancety. And a-lao the following real estate sit- se 1-4 of sw 1-4o(DeWitt Packi oftInWsec
~4 9Ia liC3i they '* 3 ,1- 10135509, E- uated itP the Csunty of dumpter, and
PI9~ e State of thore: re-l-f Scw fr of sec Wdtt Park. except igant Prices bawNooae
3TJ8ractional w 1-2 of aw 14 uof sec it;
7ml-AA atl Tampa, on4 June 3k 10L9block 9. andinlocks 31.17, 28. 29, 8i, and
Ail0 3 i". fllti 40e and fractional aw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of 8 8n.e and lout 14 and 15 of block 12. and l 2 -cissors of andal1 I
7--_1j `AV k5 SA. I.- .&X?. pr TO26, fra-otlotal ow 1-4 of a -1- of sec 1.to 1 -9 inclusive, is dbl ok014. andl-
841a-i, -e a In intownship 18, south ag r og 10 lo 2t Inclulsve Is block 17. and
S In t it Courtof te Sixth JUdi- east a of the ne 14 of ne 1-o In Sump- lots 6 to 10 Incluive. lo 17 and lot 8
Sncl -for of Porida. tsr county or sec 6. township 19, south l fit.
sod nd.,frCounty;2 o o eas -4 d a- s i 11 town6hsp 16, south of range 19 east,
5ILX 51t11 B- :* ebqneesya 3C11- of a-v 1-4 of setttownehp southo to! andn the w 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 13 In town- Fi Fto Millinery reduo6d pricec. A
Rid~ Whelewm with the Thtrfbn~e CIty Bu1 1Ing & A oan odso- range X eaot, and sw 14 of ne 7-4 and shIp 14, south of range 18 eat in Ladie&i. Balof-u-4ne hats, gooV
toowe-: a-tiel, vs t J-t R ot BrownIng and-W sw O SW4 d &14 of section 30, and so 1-4 And also the toilowlng re* estate sit-
..uam 3W ntw n, of sw 1-4 of sec In townshlip2tu south- paled In the County of Leoy; The me workvn-nehiP.. Take.adva-atage ..'(sb
e..fragea =oast, awl-1- of ne 1-4of see 1- 4of ae 1-4 of secI 3; no 1-4 ofnaw 1-4 sava youreW nlowy~v Orai V6h
1In5151o bStQeisoee tIegna s he rd 0W 182 township 11, south of ra-age2Ii ew-* Of ow 1-4 of met 16 townshIp 15, mouth
O IL 02 -Md.s 346- -Ins ghlaM Ot an oder log u#Loeclo. se 1-4 of me 1-4 of sec II and fractiona range 14 east; a D1-4 of see Ic township Gooda-Afl odds and'ends motr O au

i1 f**3fr-lDOW W 4 %rt4U-tb* *wd "y,

pgLC CLet. OlEitC et..
. P.0; ;IQHT, wDeuty Clark I
olBocitor for Complaltanit,
Stte 'of Frida, 'County of Hfis

fDeputy ckcl* -
*,,A ILT I
moncs orsr

, e.a
0, et.

of -w 1-4 of Se2a townsh
of range 0 east; ne 1-4 of a
34.. townshWp 19, south of ran
me 1-4 of Lr1-4 of sec 32, tow;
uth of raaMe 1 east, as 1-4 .
me ., township 4, south of c
It. :
also the following real etat
in the County of ana-tee:
ad two of eec ,. five acres

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601881' -$um


Thio line coaiSW ua odd lows'- otb 1e O L&
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714. 716 uad 7M8 Ftunklia~s.. -

"a Ila A d-,9

I,! 1 1 lt 06. 7 e .
I : : 'W

t est1 asl north of county lne of a c IL
19, towns-ip 11, south of range 17 east; sw'
0 1-4 of ne 1-4; se -d4 ot w 1-4, and the
si; 1-4 f sec 1, and the ow 1-4 of se 1-4
Sof se: 3S, in township 6; ne 1-4 of se 1-4
"' and mr 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec .2; ne 1-4 of
Sse 1-4 of ee 6. ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of see 14;
Se 1-2 of w 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw,l-4
W of i 1-4; e 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4
e of se l 1-4 of sec 16: and w 1-2 of ne 1-4
'P of sE 2. township 7 south, se 1-4 of se
O 1-4, a e 1-4 of e 1-4, n 1-2 of ne 1-4. ne
1-t o; nw 1-4, the sw -4 of as 1 -4 o afe
4 one: n 1-2 of ne 1-4 the ne 1-4 of se 1-4
Wc the w 1-2 of nw fl .and nw 1-4 of sw
Of 1-4 of sec 2 the 1s 1 sec
21 27; the ne 1-4 of n F e se
w 1-4 of ee 1-4 of sec uth,
1%, all In range 18 easmDtl K 1-4
e and se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 4. township 11,
th south of range 18 e6at, 5-l--4t ra 14 f
Ot nw 1-4 of sec 4, township I, south of
a r range 19 east; ne 1-4 of sec 12. township
C 9, south of range 16 east; the e 1-2 of se
St; 1-4 of sec 14. townaclp 7, sou'h of range
Kl 17 east, the e 1-2 of ne 1-4 tf sec 7, and
-4 the ne 1-4 o: se 1-4 of see 20. in town-

of nw
1-4. an

^ or m;i a i r muop %uj".- rx.iu and a rule tly In this court, else a de-
Sof ange a east;, the Pe 1-4 of se 1-4 of s taut will be duly entered against then
a" L and the wf e 1-4 of 'aw 1-4 of sec in said court
3*1, towvihlgp ;. south of rane 13 east; LIKEntO MANTIACTURING CO..
tional ofafec t township 40. south of pi M STMONTON.. A .
Strange t g ae' 1-4 of ne 1-4. and the Attorney for Plalntiff. "A apr eeeti sath
Ssw 1-4 of ew -4 1- 4 sof I-e of ne 1-4. u --no i rIa otI.omoes 55 s.m6 s
and e 1-2 of s e1-4 of see 17. townsht p a a W e et a) ht -
S, south O ralng cast: seo 1-4 of sw SIEtRLFr.S 8LE. o nt r aN3 ton L and
c4 I hes eea se 17. and the te 1-4 rofc :-c -os s-rr l
f 1el-4 &fse 1.township 7, oUlb of T'nde- and by vrtne of two a.ertail sndml;e tt,& o.
rs5t-e alf; ofs.-4of ie 1-4 of secni;: wlts i feecutoa I-sul. sout cf theeClr- f-t 7ay [ LO.e- t en e JftmOa
se 1-.4 of si 1-4 br nwe 1-4 of se 1- ot f ult Court of the 11x Jth ou&ial lr-.u 'l e .h- -t :1 a
See : r -w 1-4 of 0- ,1-4 or nec 8 in of the State of Plarida. in and for Huia- H -w -'a. F "~. e. oy edm to a
township 4 south of range 2 Ueae. borough County. on the 17th day of Out ml _- t ..r r-esan s ame. dC d~ .
And .so the following real estaltevt- ApriL o169. on two cert!n Judgmens _-arlylt -.. L sem.e a bot'eofOAY nadn .
uated In the county of Polk: ew 1-4 -)1 wherein the FMint Plover Lmonber a tikele, 1(ii ooatUoo ygEomZ& nygosb&Uw2&8kea
no 3-4 of eiec 26.' In township 7 sooth Export Company ierc plpuntrilfs. and potitold' M4 eCotI toute 086
i of mrange 23 eist, 1-4 'of ow 1-4 on- sec James C. Mt wel ; ws .de s;, iani c I edve
71 and ow 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 8, in town- levIed upon sa rd s l sel' on the first 1 a botUe- -for IfYm
ship 3, tcuth orange 23 east. se 1-4 of Monday in A'L-.-ust. 18& tEe ame being, orderdLreet,educting 60a0oe W6evwe h Ptohi pyeM aRu .
sw see 3. n township 24 sothlt.: the first day I said .rrmoo h and a legal Addr'n, Z. D. PPR m SiAis :
L~s -- of se 1-4 of sec 6. towlnhlE P19 sales day, do :no t.f- lrgal bours of
4outh,. and e I-2 of nw 1-4 it sco i. sale, to the highest and best bidder for
towmnhip 3( all In range t-24 eat. Fe\en ash.i. ;h fol: l oirg Irpetncl pry-, rt. m
Sores In the se corner of the neo 1-4 of One forty tom-s-pin.t.r (0C -tmb holler.
sw 1-4 of see =1, township 27 south. one twenty 1'orse pc er Tslee & Fyay .
c-a^K0e e h li & -siPay WO
south half of sw 1-4 of see 13. s 1-21 of engine. ne nan No 21 Talbot & Feay D
ne 1-4 of se t-4 of sec 14. an I I-1-2 or player. -, .e tunilng lathe. one Rugg .
ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sic 26. township Borrho.rlon Ftop .r one ig raw, r n Brassoe
south: the ne 1-4 of c G,. and the 1-2 band -w. two catle ripp saws, oneand Brass Fo d
cl fe 3-4 of sec 9. townebip, 94 mouth: .w cout offsaw, e bind saw fler. one
-4 ibf sw 1-4 of ee 15. township 310: ne band saw set. rooPtber with attiaob-"n-
S4 1-4 and 1w -4 of1o n-4f of Ients ad 6t0-scne o, icte d with ALND L E O E W nO i
sme-4f 0 1 a and-aU nthe-

n corw- A l-.



noz ttut `l!ARt-i iAntft1I If pd t ua e 0 waaj T~ ii hl ft M^ B
-6 6a8e d ^ i ^iiM i: a" .k J Kta

boobs akonld bive been tTrne me i Vi cltt a@ y will go no the Mchan, t
a r .,1 1, ad tb. ta l .evy sv#ould 1 n1 e and also fi y Red C-ross -- rses.f
o" 'r. S. .... .. (3 3 1,-f of4 teN.-ew-1 Ol!en.. 1 W% VA,

b "SlE.TS ARE IMPRUDENT"d B e. rsW'- nI COBWT l 0I C^TaI
cn plee4, n motIon the no n of he a Siate Board n of Hi were tor her to e
r.AW lea c i .. DWI ISt andft i tr w.aoc.d to Pc s.MFo., bt a changewaI,

-: .July 1. and the *tx levy should be made and alro fifty,Red L .ro nurses. wU t 'f.*,. _11"
I . I and th-work of Atdftor Knight beting ISURGENTS ARE IMPRUDENT Bxtrc of Healtil S=L here byt 4 1
.. nmplet-d. on motion the nomin atom of lana State Board of Hea-h to make at. -
ont r edr Weby l animous vote oft h They Threaten to Become ranger- personal investigation of the reported Ns l Rtes. Cht o y arn ele *
council-boneo lclis cases of fever, has made al and Th5re-ek-m- and Going at
This concluded, the buslnese, and the o dtonitt S of every so-coWi Cn suspicious dg an
hlmgelQ Ie .to4 meeting adjourned. Hold Them in Oheck Wita case, and says that not one reaUlly sus- Peoplo-Iaci'Ei5 and Acridents of Prickly t
S PICIT OPT=CIAL Hi Present Force. U case eists If this report had everyday Lift in Tompa ,action t1 tt e o "
S_,'. .: adverse, New Orleans would have and a snls the Ia
: t n T. *oodwai Succeeds Special to the Tribune. Immediately established a qoaranUne ronm Tes leanse the oq ,
01aIowa* I 4I4 BuP rke a City X haL Washington, August C.-Majar Gr- an e Sater epe- Thchool 03 meets to-day, to cens a j
-igg h eral Merritt has cabled to the War D-- diton arrived at antine saider some Important matters in on- -
tluen arrived at quarantine aneofAmiaiDw- "4n doree
ablA r ron Tuesday Dafy. parmnent that his forces, with the as- night wth 10 sick soldiers onbo neeon with the ordinary school bu.-
rl aSIJoklllw m-osrt popular step that the pres- distance of Admiral Dtwey's forces nlThey were sent from 11l^ Mr; Sant. lfttkynot- r
bil wol :Wlit e 'ln milcipa&l administration ha yet have the city of Manila at their merc;e, The were sent rather i. 1 not- r .
tb 'lt7. .taken wa th as t pooltment en otf Stepnen and he and Dewey have demanded the withstanding the promise made that no Private Wlliam Alcum died of ty-l tr cl tastlm
r. oath oa ofice yeterdy morn- surrender of the city at once more sick or wounded men were to be pod fever at the hospital Sunday
SltS ng. T -e cnflrmson of his qomm.- The demand has probably already sent to Tampa or any other Florida niget. He was buried with military,.
n wIthout a Ms.le lifsena tihng viote been made, and i the re Th men were al placed in t he bomore a the nimnltary cemetery yester- ..,D o
I s qS wto Ctllthishowsi the apprechtmatinthat Is felt for medlately co,mplied with. a combined dr entionl hospital at gmoad Keyl day evening. p
o"t i eoblem ecIty n his capacities attack will be made from e land ,and nder ceses cKay o the Dtwo charm- nwhs oere
l -Thl qetS caS atlSfrilmr a station keeper, and city sea by the army and no. y inder r.um- e d Hoptl J M Service.of. ery gol a y ese ta, b-
i~LY~-i L~BICII mand of General Merrlrt asnc ALi~4I i In& daughters o fapL. "pL i Mc~ay of. ter good Itoi *.fli= b
EinfI wrc e, ,, mn oGeraMiaie to ta of Gne e d A TROOPS STILL MOVI T this city, left Sunday for oMount Eagle wI ql uLtII

roH Ne I a n5th f known and tted cour- General Aguinaldo were becc ming qJite Fernandnaa The Sti h Going. Mrs. J. ID. Clark and hildr, *srs oewe l ta pst
al classes who have Ion D .wa cir e he was satBisfed that the Anericarn, were From Tuesday's Daily. F A, Hows, leave thI e moral e- te
I cotaoet with hla Being latelligeat oes could hold thtm in check. The departure of troops haa n Mount Eale. Ten te. spend tb re- o l iir i
d we educated, he ha eminently it ld keenly felt by the mercbanu of all mainder of the summer nmotha ehagei I S'II 4rlnI
fsf o t be "pol n marshal, anh d In ONLY TWO L T lines ob business, but the troops nare not .. -" etl.
17r t oa lnerday, his r otst acts bt b, W. F. ovlT n a na',;biutle L 3ql% to mn_
and ord e ndicative o- the prey- all gone yet by any means. Those stid Patrick T. Holderi prItadte 1 o S .
rt o dessp- osly epresed Intention to make this Another Volunteer egi-ment Started I here are the Fifth Maryland, Second L. Second United Stavt aisvlry, died at_ __ II Iam S j S
ioei LBg conl the record brewing term for good ec"- e m .aa t I
II-l~i Lftha na t n s t the tyr and n one doorbtood sut ro Tampa Lass illgh:. GGeorila. Firs volunteer cavalry, Wifth the field hospital yetear f dysen- h b h e tl
S .et MS d c t ile dt, he t doebet obt regular Infantry, Fifth regular cavalry, terry. He was hurled with of of men anpw
idas ap itblhtmntl. The Third Pennsylvania regiment bid and parts of the Second, Sixth and war In the military cemetery yesterday now i
g e- Is s bal Burke ha made a good re good bye to Camp Wrenn at Port Tam- Ninth cavalry. All of these have been evening wr ct t atIer
Jan nd ord a an ofer, and goe out with she erFrelndnanweret wpr a y lavye besl.re thesenof ieueantr Ballaerd ofthe Roo ad
loustlyofeeszipirese man trw o tha earnestRgmnly and pa Cisy yesterday fit.ernn and left ordered away frome Tampary a Scnd S n i willde
tried todo his whole last night orF ..aniso here It will robaly .eav before the end ob Ridermtu. qte sick of l ral fever.mrrt ~ a
t-- titheL No unkind criticlme are to be join the other regiments c4 its brigade week. He a st a private residenoe Ia the city, been thf O lty a e a ha
h aets 1mule m any doubt exeed as to under command of Brigadier General 'rbe Third regular cavalry which has e il a o lt e ttldng t, tbew b
a-om obu Iel ar1m mO the ability of the now ex-marshal. iw
t ofr e d- ~arsal Woodwar does eael w thae rk all The general and ssaff lett on aa tee camped netr the laundry uf h e Aa general I oand asae o n travel be a et camped te
SaBur ehe llaveo special train and was followed by te Tampa Bay H el or three months, i i a e travel h a nee ty in
FAW-W aarmildd Y a B e wll hav b erwill be sent North to recperate.
s, a.Ad 4 orithl i. nleias-dand do the hardest work oL bhil regiment in a special train of tour se- broke camp yesterday morning, and will W Cd'ed1tD. '-
a estimate o PJ150 per tle. Both of these men have the t tions This regiment has been one of boarded the Plant System train. The The County Commialioners met yes- Look eat for r;.litL .
La la iWehes of he Tribune or their future. mos quiet and orderly of any regiment left last night for Fernandlna, terday to consider the complalnta that-abio new. of le-.do esq
Sa: two Isetor. THE A5YHED H(R)BLI camped in and around Tampa, and It going by way of Ocala, whee the Plant; might be flied by tax payers who were Bleese Ir Ia a e paew.sl qI
,le lte ts 2 A..i. u"i ; r.a ...m was with genuine regret that the people Sytem turned the train over to the di-atl ted witL their assements thM- B. oeadl & Co. .
d IY total,1 any du YlanCen oud of Port Tampa City witnessed the de- Florida Certral and Penlnaular. had been raltaed. but none, were forth- -c b .
mLomt t 2 ae e=ou rhrse ai no enmr, e d parture of the Penneylvanla boys in The axth regular cavalry, waich bas coming. The b asless session held ihoema NW
pantLfwrk.. The -sT is- m blue. The men had hoped to be sent been camped near the Thirdo w rk monthly, will convene to-day.ty o
ltrge ouely hIgh, and an Lrom Sundhays l 1 to the front, but they have now about camp this morninge and leave this evn- Aolfwo-: "To Cal Fr'esrntW
wan dilnmanddl aiso the Daily. tgfor Fernandina. The Rough Itinens eaongthLe pi IomeotTlondis ltop- To W. '. Bys and t1

" of mp liP-pBote- which aen apology vI due twelve hundred horses belonging o the conBlt or the Pifth regular Infantry Joseph t Porter, fde IWEnst HarrFs Wlv It sar t rol
IIule'o l theI who ,sn bhe gle prblushed in yeete .ry

of t r sr e murqli is of the bni, out Theg e our troops ofill there, th ere will not Fifth regular ca tlon Irom Tam-a ein thc ,r lli ire s. a,.

lt!tr E a o, tgt PiTde a. the- amtofre at Port Tampa City. The oFifth lary. pws a eotlpanled ry s aengbor Jo uatenela t
g frAls soia -Upited States regulae r Infantry will a by in T h e creuayt up a qa1ant"Ici ng bgiss eio h
ccorknown on count ohane eral Copponfer, it wll ton Cur, e d e I C m o teor,o Dr. ol pdn a

brIralurtl& l L lao) r thio ue apoloth insdue twelve hundre or belonging, to the scnaot e -isth selar lrD, oep Porter, a ale W,-hfem bst athe Ap- n -t astse.glelll f
t that hithe eaa n _,_to r fth e aro ylan rttheyha ment maboi Maulatwssm rash the capdure un Ithe efn ?lrsgat
a t te h re t trOop. ne e tci r eg lment a re elt there there w i not Fi th reg allr e wvalry, irt Florida Ons s th the th

eIm seIJsA newef old o bopbi d at t hesterdaypn erie Hote l o y o a tflte T the7ort a sad pdt,.Ii a t m s ar:A
s e e teheegar trooeps of thenlis n o asth t n lb ie nThel hipstead o a1PotoRi o hs n e ofee s t.frimTlmm-t i
.t... Aeh clI $rititlfi j' he at. mprl the cmmen re amput oa government oir peera. it .p ionh attlerfied etane w I me om s- aeIo It Ta h~ate O IS t eat

rchareter of the bray &e tdreo at P or are t he only T&reo1 able oa. Th guAn iavtl 111 at prtlw heet and New-rer tt 2S aul NB
S .. ..... a, ,,aroRiso a of va e luates tgnantry now et Ta-e. wire allomtixlh A a n r rttIth sreTbry,
at o0" som* d eUm w"ma Inrninse n re nhas blattae, rlittaeAccring Ctm I, 0riftsmR Porer Dr. ofrle bdr yowiengD
IMk = it-n-Athevhicean t i e.r d poton twiv ke tedh heK.r.a- u..r ote edltogh e .nt .h .. .. ..to. 4Fif.lhregua

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weffelg where the regulars, were t60- 11.

"o~s# ILg'hq 1*" n

I Men's and- Boys' Furnishings ai ds 'Drieos a i

Silks; Trimmings, Embroideries, farooS i '

i g "Success. las and Housefurnishings are comp... -i

i*4 t -
Each Department L
-.-.- W l. ..-. . i

10 AIQ, iB Is overflowing with right things. Gome ae aByos will see pi tl
m o agr puhan Op .to-date dash and beauty. Not all u cd obtaining gouaoft _.&
rawT* and potential something caled '"style" in their re"t' S .% Ua t 4,t r
simplyl_ ..idered with the many encomiums so lavishly That is why we invite you to come. with an asUMasc that yous W oshig 6
| j-1nAfiaese of every' article and the cheapness in which Newest, Prettiest, ghliest and most li
fl to our friends-the people, for turning out en masse. u '
-lin of general merchandise ever displayed in Tampa and
dIbsb nstskl t endeavor of tlis establishment to surpass in every /
AiM 4 gve the people an opportunity to secure new goods, fresh And wilf demonstrate our appreciation by giving the most Colomal Bargains ve
.gbAls at ew York cost.
.a.tltW- dAs .re visitors to our store. They inspected T S WK
Wexpect to secure their undivided patronage because 'i 'WV"...
W tour pces are lower ui than they caen find The entire citizenship of Tampa is cordially invited to call. Thlnki ye"
g i-, atnor prices are lower than they can find approval of our opening and unstinted patronage, we hope to see ym.your gOntt..i
g tea~r erit.often.

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