Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: July 1, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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[ i .Pr etTjliIed at home -but will be here to- t"" t

S. -. .. .BAR AS 0 OC ?N< MEET-.S .-- Concerning the Tellow revw e
hi MI" Hw A special.meetin te bar a.ocia- H Thli0 t Prmut Tim Fnf ble Jo AttaiOa P pad to PeUtlen PrT special to the Tribune.

terday aftefntoo, the meeting havinger -t
ben. cabJg ir t States rpttosheearts. eceiedb ybe
bee r te myJude rr P General Wyman of the Marine aspta .
A VI .A nuber O memeres of the bar Ser recently mad the It appeared o,
1 1 f t N AE ss"g mpa pridean PEACE AMO THE PPOWERS SCHLEY WILL S SAIL ver recen fy m de Ite appeared ce w here ,
m io 3L 0.. a- was oeeretary. Tile that It
death of the lace judge Xape rh*svan,the hope of that ofcia is that It w13
sbFy An Vo myjudg o theCircut Court, anad eSe tThat the .ogc.aive Detached From is Fleet, but Will be stamped out without diffity. A adV& l
-Se h aci- n t e om tt a s uociaonup Increase in Armanmnts be Term- Fly His Pennant From the Cruser State Health OffTer Porter oflo
to the time of his deth ,was announ- wires there Is no excitement at Key
c ad by e Pipwho poke n the imated by an International New Orleam While in Porto re the feer a
highest l tr t onsIsthe of Pof the Westo where the everiwasty. r e.
Sdecedtedandof hitavalue as a citizen. Agreement Ricn Watt among the marines, and no one is pre- S
S : A Cw-,-iltcente ing of u P. Tur- paring to leave the aty. -.
3 Wlaae W.C rWi ter anJd C. C. hitak er, Special to the Tribune. 9piecial to the Tribune. Such as desire to leave will bepwr ermit- i i
Nm hea a week, was apoitied to preparesuatable reso- Washington, August 21.-Russia-B Waashington, August 29.-Nkne thou ted to do so upon presenting certf i cpMe on-toa atfuft'n
i s-d yes- lls of respect to the memory of iote. to ternted States, has. not e aLd United Mtates volunteers were of immunity or remaining I the det en sup ise s
th I decesed, and report the same to a ne e mustered out of service to-day under tio- camp at "mon" Ke for from fivel m s s
S meeti-n oa the bar association to be been received by the State Department. or 0er from the Secretary of war. a- telegram ltm
T bth I ne el th Circuit room on Sep- The Indications are that the State De The ordT for mustering out Included to ten days. p Ol4 i53
'get aa Jc Phtllips stated that be would to e fer. t!I 'M cuets. Illinois, Ohio, Wiscon-I TO 1N1 SAVANNlAH. asiAt Ealsw
S- m -m O the e he court t o enter r ny cferecead tha, n, Kentucy. T e retgmentse m r hm __ or a tt ..
l i e mia ates of the colrt a record t they wirtreat the matter with Indif- thee O ates that had been sent to t the .Oit c Tb e iCt
pr|. uof4 jf O tS mseatUS.B t aference. tronrt were thit ones selected in prefer- oG lunicatiun With Tybe I d
d .. ae committee was authorized to pre.- The firt known of the note was con-' ene to others. Cut Off- 1 m t DmaBget R in ba
ie. th irlaMl reMsout ons to the county taned In the following pecial from St. Another order will be issued to-m or-
Cill_ eWooriminal court of record, and the Un- Petersburg, received last night: (row mustering ou t many more troops.I T. rne. pl in be
vsd Se re tarficr oersSeca to dha t they h e 9 th e Tribune- S hims e ere mao .4th
3 a t h TaMALtes Court for the Southern Di,- St Petersburg, A ugut 28-By order The Secretary of Ware s paying no at- to t moAu lme
Io .l.qv; t troeS tA of Florida, when these courts con- of Emperor Nicholas, Count Muravieff.1tentlon to the numerous petitions reel-e Savannah. Ga., Augut ZL-Ase'ere Quaol
i.h~ b e at the g e. the foreign minister, bn the 24th etmt., red from various states, request tin tohat storm struck te .city lt gh t env ls e m
Srhanded to the foreign d pl omats at St certain regiments be mustered ou or great damage has bene done to pr iate e Os tr
EII-.p.r t1aA B"IIET xl-t-he etIE Petersburg a note eclarlng thatt- the r etained. TD he vlmdn a r a vloty adse. l Osa ad t t s a ti~i
lSgaL .'ii maintenance of peace and the reduction" An orer was o ssed by the Navy Thre-i dr sand a Sss hbse ls
S The ollowin notices of meetings of of the excessive armaments now crus JpartMent this morning, de teaching Ad-' ty-flve- miles per hour, and the tom s ded-ey open, a
i. ..ra s h teeno rlme fraternal anted benevolent Ing eall nations is the ideal for which all mral Wnftld S. Schley from his e now sweeping the Atlc oastm,
S om-P_?gaTin oB atw e oh Judge. fpark- governments outght to strive. 'Admiral Bchley was ordered to proceed; Communih ton with theo dtisme tin M Settea arrte
nom la meberat e been hnded in The Csar onaideu s the present mo- to Porto Rico, as he is a member ot the world, by wire, was interrupted rom hit
e g ip aeie or p eablitlon: beennt fa vorable he for the inar ugrat on Porteo-ican military commiBsion, and' last night until a6 o'clock to-n ght o o morning In a bIo gi
peue t (Iwr -o- of a movement looking to this end, and to fly bi pennant, while in Porto Rica report has been received from Tlybe at at bomu a oaetal e
*i W a &e A'TTEIMTON ODD FELLOWS. invites the Powers to take part in an waters, from the cruiser New Orleans. the mouth of the Savannah river. I hosC tal cere.
International conference as a mean. or This order places him constructively on| It is expected that there has been -she bad not bea h
slncogle Th~~e memberslof Prospect Lodge p. thus insuring real and lasting peace and sea duty and allows him the salary of fearful loes of life on the nearby ilads, she t ad not been
eMi bthe 'atre herdby requested to be at the terminating the progressive increase of his rank, while be is on shore attending especially among the negro truck grow- iat. eor aDeter
evr7-' lodge rooms In the taMley building at armament. Ito cther business. He will leave for er. period14 bt It r
.r L am.- September lat. 189, to at- .an Juan, Porto Rco, about September The city Is !ull of debris, and the d am- astan tstateA O
,- tbtend the funeral f our late Lbrother, )r. SL NG- r ON THE GROUmD led. age to property from the gale is eu- she be funltat
I mated rat Z00 00 n tis alne. bring er up to tn
rq-ra c f dis B, Sparkma, noByorder of Ia Appel0 in this city alon e
ro a n- O IItal .obr e s rea. Three Hundred PatAnts at C amp T HROUH TO HAVANA. A BIG CONiACT. tol~cit oaa
bfifi ewa .- rA N O D F rL Wikoff Without Beds. I i -- Dr. Hosey remained
CC ATTENMON e. FEL eW. Plant Line Steamer ascotte Will Go One Thousand Cords of Wood for the csirtda intri
S- Special to the Tribue. that the ves el, ceam
s t The members of Tmpa lodge No. 7 Special toCuba-he Trb to a-Bhedule to be R fumed Santiago. plies and receive t
oJ" whoD of thUe Independent Order of todd Fel- New York, August 9.-This morni ng Nest Monday t Night. e- at the qNe Otreae
S io, re hereby requested to be at the' when the ascent was made up, the hboae Mr. J H. Drew, te wl own con- It war anred to t
' l. lodge rooms of Prospect Lodge tin the pital list at the general hospital at Camp s it tr. tor has rece the ea contrn from coal and somee
ea6 funeral M anley -building at 8:15 a.m., sharp, Wlkoff numbered 1,630. Three hundred From" Wednesday' Daily. r a ree live ahe con aftea anldsoeo s3
.-. September ela, t SI, to attend the patients are still sleeping on the ground. Captain James W. Fitzgerald, super Capt. Beltinger of the commissary d- sick older t
Sof our late brother G.. I. At the detention bospitar there are 515 intendent of the Plant Steamstip Ctom- cnfl d n Wisctoy asn t s authorizing he g uni about dark.
W l H Sarkman3. By order of patienits.This hospitals now n pretty pany, received a telegram from the New him to ship at once one thousand cords dropped alongside,
-a. .the J F W. THOAGrnd. aded condition. Fifty n rse- e were York office of the company yesterday an- cf wood to Santiago, and Mr. Drew will been finished when th
a -- The dead In the detention hbospi a .i.ncig that arrangements bad been be n mmeditelyo dt theswo o se weather b"
i.see i ATTEnI ON.,KNIOHRTS OF PTTHLAS this morning were: Leo Woodhal, of'made with the Poetoffice Department.,' understand their ausines at once. ra ny, making the
kh K. a Trocp F, Third cavalry, and a eoldieri
-s1 ws a ll o niber of Bay Lodge No. 12, K. whose name and regiment are unknown and that the schedule the linbe- Mr. Drew says he will experience SO low. The Olivette v
dt O r of o P., are hereby requested to meet at who died of malarial fever. tween Pcrt Tampa would be resumed difficulty in getting the wood as quickly to the side, the coo
f tbhe l room to-day, Thursdad, at One hundred and twenty-seven men next Monday night. as he needs it, and the Tribune feels and a the was
1*,' 6b contract beeaui&Voed M tfo wo
8:6 aI.m, to attend the funeral of were furloughed from the detention b The news quickly spread, and caused hertas hundred wofilothers, otrtke beoPe a tl
4011-`A 2dI tb brother G. B,. Spaskman. By order ot pital to-day.ge hatcie hshuindrd ofo otes wi bthsis theon ort s and th
sUss will a W. ALLEN C. Calculations made by the nopptaf general saecfactlon, for it has now been action to the government, and pront to began sdnkng tr
of. tiirAL. a Cd of i cers to-day show that they h'te 9.- five months since the Havana line %a8 himself. that there was vanJ th
. .... -a the TA'MPA LODGE NOeJ04 K OF H. 0N at their disposal under the new ta didsontinued. The people of Tampa I lab eranwir st
-'-1 moros order 110. Ths w be used freeforme 110. This w hrly had extensive bUlness deal- L PAX. lborei who hade
. i All members of the above named by them in bettering the condition lfo rgs wih eavana, and tie b ruesmtl __ n teck a .n .
end tOlodg1 e are hereby called to meet at their the remaining and incoming patients. ot e ngtine di n man r taes toTi l t a ~ot on un Ti aendt ar e
4aft 000-214 lodge room oni rrankln street at N. lcf the i.ne will bring more ,business to The 1il1 to Remain--sch ol ii Op m eo hrps-cam* si
'l d O'lockoThursday morng to attend the tILL OPPOSiE SAASTA this pert, for Port Tanepa is the only Bright Prospects. without tallng tima
"fA t e S runeal of brother t. TStc. -man. deep water port on the Atlantic or Gulf Jumped verbeo an
Irec -b al ttea 5, B THOSAS, Dictator. -- l tlis e rll w
F. CRANE,, Reporter. Weylerite e WitU Not Allow Debates c"asu, reached by mall, that Is within special to the Tribune. S" a rt a
Sto be u twenty huur run of Havana. IMr. Pfann is very biy getting ready buo w. OtherS n s
PhILl c ATTeNTIONKNIGNTS OF PYTHIAS ppresse The firet steamer to Havana on thei to remove his sMw mill plant from Idle when ThM rOl wi t
STh od Spcial to th Tribunschedule will be the acotte, which wid Park to a point two ile or more at ll we ft
The embereeof-theRed Cross lodge Special to the Tribune.wlvea ockx bnrh ae hp
s No. 41 of thae'Kilghs of Pythias, are Madrid, August 29.-Senor Romero 1 will leave here at 9 o'clock next Monday beyond Tbonotoassa, where he has s Tb Ship flled
l t requested to be at the Caste Roibedo, the Weylenrte leader, declares night, and wilJ reach Havana at sun rise cured a large tract of excellent pit 11My of the vat
,asilian I about t M"Fry
.ajan -':the Elley bulldltwg at 8-15 a.m. that he will strongly oppose Senor Sa-1 Wednesday morning. ReturnIng., the timber. aSspa s k 0tan
ete mtueer fu on erae offourr a te's lnf the vernm enatesin steamer will leave Havana, Wedneesday In order to reach his timber land. the hOtte 5 ag
til', CL B. Bte aaeaQ. By order of to divulge official documents on the warafernoo and will reach Port Tampa Plant folks have extended their railroad rf n
**Alf ftadwr GL B Sparkman. By order of to divulge oficai documents on the war atno aft00Traio To he ownme
rT, HBUtCIEP., Senor Robledo says he will utilize re- the following afternoon. The schedule track about two ml, 'beyond Itsor f mats'we.erq rl
Ch an c.1 ellor Commnndr. lIable pre reprt Otherm p tion will be the same as was formerly run mew termlnus. A this -ro-ei i0 Ic n ~tS I. p r
i11 wo The detes are likely to be tormy. be ten two port. The Mascot& to become the eventful air line of th sein 3 .^ 2%
BBAACT2" Cuban bondb are buoyant, owing, to Will leave Port Tampa every Monday, Plant System, north from Tampa, tbe -eraendes M Se
dBower tlGenrSllt ooty2 Days to 5 dpio c and i n ancili, wil the train from the North. and will ar- more freight bualneis for tstlf wl e ni' it optm4n1
,te roo .atl b ro t to compel a
g ala WosA en the Sea tos obg Clhetrselfte to rIb e ogniseoe Orive at Port Tam from Havana ever doig a special favor for Mr. Pi. Th it wasr toen htMt
,a W., of theCuan Iues. Sunday and Thursday afternoon. Palametto veneering plant, owned )on5 th45d 1a.e ppe
i l 3r. The Cuban mal will cared bby Messr. Ptfan and ?as chlu. f M P
e 'limf1 Court w 'psreme.MLd UTARY SCA2N2DAZ this line, as the Plant Steamship Corn- be removed from Idlewfld Park, thiseSTiwerta,
bain. g Mayor Bruen yesterday, pa---- 1 ny has the mai contract The mati hecoinlg al permitanent fixture. e2 1 Yj
SSSSSSSSK-S^'v1latw p i.eii FtL"t-ts't b ha be sh ipedmr to Cba byany o ther bet'5 r we the a"I mill platf e
ssp''m la to Tribune. li-- , U b fore the ta e oi mtaes her fnie foremost wo od su p l S i e f
-BiBR, .H _ii tIII iN -, ., Iaet, : Wlueltot, Trib -oe h ip. For awhle the mall was sea to S ma t Sa- b e1S K
ame gtf | atl(ad 1a.Phle, stasee :Warlnwcon, August i.-Snow that (t New York and forwarded from there b_ nut 5q orde. .^, -. ', '" -* ,, t
B C lt l e que te e nutsli- ,ioi kown that Geeneral iles, lthle coin-I s tetm er, '*ut the route via Tamp an i_ The TSototq2m _ttH 1u1 stfjS33S (i k9
glaiittIRfeg^^^fch~ de-lmaalnfy a fama is so much aterter thaa{i fPrmie S ud'i o ciq peyboM i -
4B..ftS?1- e bno. ^ a W ro .te C ethat the maU wil coninIe el meiSnd m se ot ^eW here
klabes th t y j eorapoet ndtte .K-paeClty ss 'A-- n ,um of the ua resdets of Wl- An sha etahe', 11 S a l .I.Plant Ct ha ee sld

men are t eamp followers. there tIs every 0iB-W w s'lgrama were reatc pleased Yerdseay frnle or Palrt e bwu wN seedd M a'
't be cam. hee to join eort will te olled upon to investike "to learn that te Havana sebedule oneotIs Is m hi u
""#="t .iP v-umed so so s. M ay of tbefm ar conFy.
aMmaI"DOW.w"MPr. fpaists tiat C r mdoe to reach avana. but they did b y O e,
isar a nishntervew with tGeneral JIt not care to rift a voyage on a salingth
acted in a suspicious e sae for sent romn orto Rico, is genuine, aa rM i The Mascotte and Ol*ette have
sad on urdry tihlpre declare kt" he does not think tbat f been favorites with the tourists
S5old yhtte man pf rebblg General -des aWW beuMy it. Hre aand It now looks peci
Wase. not'mlezitev01 idemce I ctekAmec-O,' as If there will be uch a great demand A, a d, adnr hi
S for trial in the State court, the War Deparment and all of r ae n hecote, that the Cera a
feigbaroege on the tatcotte aitnshthe erver,
Aprate t be oLeim- tend to orrobrte stat OlTlette will have to be bro ht here Satni a t t
ar vpazarta. .' ne Pm~ lo~~ii ito aid the Mnscotte in handling the have Uoee fd o be m -t&-
bag vagrants The Obage to business. Several cigar manufacrtrers to SPain t onc -2sine e lll
apd they were Mhe.,edl_.*,_Y' 0VOf t"M
M004.Moth--l Ii send representatives to Havana to back at tl e zee oeT"
SSpecial td the Tribune. ( bu tobacco and the steamer will have government. -
RlCA S WaMWi W goton, August 130.- ^tg t all the tobacco she can handle .- f Lthe re
S'ei l o toh wrid tar e Wlfleld . Sciey and General each trip for some time to come. B ', g "pI
Gordon, of Georgia, two -f the Porto Specl to the T ue i
ttea ,i pp ed Har adsH Rds. mlltry coml oner, will sail Merritt Bails for Paris NwY Tork August dl. -,wo- Span al
iII, -to-morrow on the steamship Senaca for sships t e Jover and the Catlli cl eaed

pUb 4 2 no t ae co an nacaj wril ho the r lf Mtat anla. G general Ge.it has re di- Ynm be eown by the praoa goa i
It Is 5WW n ted00 give American ship to enter the barber since sailed lu-day for Paris where he will ernent to rs -t nco'AtinO

4 N at r i f ille mustered out of scrvlce. Sper to the Tr tgne.
a a ai e e r at n ahilleJa ck on. Ms., Auget c 3.--T~e aat
H H aet oqorealaraeakd of Health Announcess ato-ngdwo
a four cases of ellowfever have bee
f ib to oa pcraiu t e, tho te .- reported at Taybr. a little tow V w
a Special to the Tribune. the disease d
Sasorts received show tbat.tbh disease r
Santiago, A umst 30.-Lieutenant drLeadng
i4..'.l4!th. anma O ut fmiret ththas occurred n this cty mena Hobson has arr-ved. Be
.rItmend .mmetanf h w-as giv an..s enaenthusiastie recepthn by. 80 .i o oo.P? Rio .
wes. bassberl tres tmwere destroyed. The
la Mas rJ recal hasWere icy dMring theoatstA t en ang w.9bley ft c eo
cma~rn i~C~ P the cty, owned ty shot aighinsa Inhebis a Qb a555

. .... .. .- : '. y .

aw d oi

kv ~ I


Shade u very soldier who desires to General MUM did not get much atance
i'. r.. : to bems and former oupa I ly one es ote a, o0 fght befo ore pe5a was but
ton should he allowed to do so. The
Su 'eYork World commenting on this ho5Pet the d oimm he is bombarding the Wr Departt
4 'The announcement of the intention a ly ase n o t it Auon wi a few remark
of the government to muster out all Italall B S%,
-troopse not needed for actualmeservice hasi t wir offcoaS i .hOe .LEg General Garda believes in Eeeplng up
b.eea the sigla tWer a raid on the presi- up in the blond' nd l t tn unt e tt
dentromr all the sellIfsh interests aEffec- view a. 8. cum the dbse-- pod e isurgent btdnes until the hitter
14 ted he the ordered
MTB"* .1^ '"The regiments recruited under the tdry a nd peaoatly by fiar otg en It appears to be ending very
TV00a=eod call amr sending in protests vry ao wStPPofhM raina terly.
... against be g msered out mmlerely be- tIa eaie nwt a sUba" e I

fiill C Iu ltcl baackng, that different regiments wmSmlas meotinta forgood ralroads He Is traveling ti
'*h;iPrrT Srurr -- if s f hall have an "opportunity to saee ser- -n A" t t o time In a private ear.
C vice" In Cba or porto Rico, and local I drsd.LteXorS be
; tBO Interests are struggling tor the estab- ceae oaoed thai th Secrtary ay will make Premier the
more advaacd. It oy lishment of local can3ps at sites where dQdetorseoiddonoods Third for McKinley. This is one every
they will do most good in politics. 1 had spent haedr l month.
the most advanced that ar e All this not only an unfair p-s- dallrr wn was rea
- le. Even these are sure to bring on the administration, but tri var:on pteni Electricity enable aspiring young
wndrfl relieved sd life It Is tn ltary. The War Department meclin bet they did people to ride into society by a trolley '
o as gietTly pteoongede raafed by any such preseaur- We didf ins tt of

San the volunteers fr the purpi> uf mak- the resl. The large red splote oes n m y
w g war to secret peae. Now thae the e eheot bgci to grow pier and smaller, an Dewey's Americanlsm thrills every
war is over, the duty f e P ove.nme before long disp-peared -nrtrely I reined
to reduce the army o imperative. n y lo wY 10 h t w egme stronger, and m ayp true son of Yaatee Doodle's pmd.
houldt ue hoe t s r ie Ipetttre gare improved. was soon entirely
..ud 'c t-.LwtHyp bFi nio a Hced h- .wel) alloar tm duy'weU.andmysklel.er.as.ptew ola Tamama 1 ithe natural att-wa- tin" ,
S C d-L w without being siwahed b' '. I . ,, H.L M l 1Yo0MlberryL ,. Newarl, N. J th'- Cuban ard nWet Indiea ,-untrv
HetSi He. afraid of "puas." ; _,i: c.,to l I. b!t-ch-an- of a
saL notBa oifi-sasregh air. ang would like l cure by taking the doctor's treatment Prospecta for a tb-ght future ef this
-vr te. bill Juhn BI i, o ter hisYi ofimercurysandpotash. These minera a clty get wn' radian rry dsy.
d fddk o but tac the hair to fall out., and willW
"ow.ns 0wJa aket and may bre* up the game: eiS now have Pea until Deenm-
W : f C aptaiGeneral Blanco does not wrewk the entIresyste. ber-then Congrees meets.
8 3"^Siutfi *"wn ote tn Havana when Le reaecaes p D a a
There. Can you blame iLr? sS dles do the alsaks mnd. pgtt-
Law _k p" B1 clans du the shouting
We hasve Htiedi Spais, but we Iust & & T ,
-Si iT a CP on c'p ng the war stamp. m r vwastws. ad Is the o w n ow the tme tO m that
ood reiBwdy giwranftei-tdflpateit wLU pW &rMirY *M ^tL.
(Issali Ig san Sp a nhep ^^^^= ^^ T^.^ p ^._:L.

--------- ^ ^ ^ ^ ....^^^^.-^ ^e"=^ _, ._:.=._ -._::;T. E,


would tarte a I. tI ~u M-
objact of tefp hl p ib^r tsa
peotedtoi baLne. A#lAJ-pr
was "Wait gumt we esAsa as
teol All fatn hf I. 'L-7 -
Mr. SM4 1a2, ,L .W B., 3c
move tat wIqw-to 3,*e
wherethey expect to aake a
foe the ptret at 1a. k
ncale coupk matde Manytn

our rcu-.5it1, who Yr ver,
to five t-em u Abat at the aM
wIsh for them prsperfty gad D
nl their new home.-Palmetto

Some Wow.

!L n -i.
period ed ot A- siaddsal

S....;r 'Secretary f W. ..ger. -4 f of- do
Ing Ing .. ing the criticsnti th- are being heapsd -
0 f,. t.B a Arms Coverel Wu upoS.-M Evep t dayi h-f eachwA 'and ml ne
Scrofulous Inamors--Hcw a Cure explan.o'n stage of his perturb .io. the at tar as
-D to aome down where it has ont lWas ben said, whether corrscllo of the r aUsigo & so r s
gewe lop a had a set bhack by._ the late v eIncorrectly. ihat "-He who dec#_n-ls to perais to the emirti >ammfgy
gae up ha adia si et. ? ' tarlelatn "When fle yftrs old my :t:le boy had explain Is enaf wrong "
i mad *d scrotfla on h face. hands and arms, It The Scrtay' ttter to Chauncey l Departmenrt, and the general
a bn made to do dlt in every ar- was worst on his cb.n. although the sopes Depew inlitbitably partak. s of the health and well-being of te men. are
ter just now, and when the first reports character c special pleolon= I-atm
1Pt on his cheeks and hands were very hare somb admIssion -admsions ot nptt inmp tl th every -I
the whole Island of L o hadbeen It appeared in the form et r-d pimples are vi:al anJ deplorable. as well as i'l Indignation has foued a tongue.
t ehred to' ddlral Dewey and which would ester, break open and rm calculated from the standpoln: of an e
d'ered to 'Admi~ral EDrey and and then scab over. After dappeariug ex parte statement, to reassure the ciat- Retieence Itn replaced by revelation.
iakal Mterritt; there *kas the same theywocid break out ag;n. They cgned lic mrnd on the quesdon of the we. n- The disclosures are ehockrlg.
Shers We had to keep not only Ma- i Itching and the little snffeerr had .p it r. nio te c-am Even though the exalted heads of
alla, but the whole island, "because the to be watched continually tc keep him m-ntar3, m.:l. :al corps. sanitation and Cabinet offcals may dro into the
flag was over them." trom scrtching the scres. We became lhe general v.'ell rein and health of the bak the truto a may drop into the
This was not an appeal to make to greatly alarmed at h:; cn.'. :. : me t. the truth, th? whole truth,
-% -,x ctro to from t h0 cimmai.ci-
sensble men, -but it served its purpose wife's mother had had ocrofu:a and th3 cati-,n ~il! diseoise the tone of the Sec- must and hall out
y "sturring the blood." There are only medicine which had ,e!pd her was reriry's labored effort: Contrast the brutal neglect displayed
cirotmnstanees under which It might be Hood's Sarsaparilla. We rdes:2 e to g:ve There is nothing young men In ro-
SVW diagracefud thing for the flagnot t toour hoy and we nce .l an im rorve- bust health re so prodigal of as their on every hand with regard to oa own
-4 Ietse down. It is generally con- meat in hi cas very .on. A'ier g t h g i dicult th latndig pipliesolders wlth the car attention and
ceded, for instance, that It would be him oar bottles of Hocd's .-ArsaparlltA uL.-iutrcnly was. the wind sprang up solicittude exhibited toward the Spanish
a gesW breach of faith for. the flag to the humor had all been drieo, out of hs vt-y morning at 10 o'clock and made prisoners now at Seavey's island near
remain In Cuba if the people of that blood and it ha never s;n- returned" a high surf, rendering almost tl- r a a
cbe thp use A.,e 6 small bats a th on.' Portsmouth, N. H.
'country show within the next year or WnrtuxM BAT, 416 Booutth v.111am-n ., lighter, which was all they had left for The sentiment.of magnanimity' is all
Owo that they are capable of managing Sooth Bend. Indiana. this purpose.
their own affairs. In that event there You can buy Hood's Barsaparills of aU However, the result and the subse- right in Its way, but does not go far
wll lbe but one decent and honest thing druggists. Be sure to ret oniy Hood's. quent sickness that has broken out In
for the United States to do, and that the army showed the great wisdom LI Enough.
I tohe U ed States to f o and get ouat Hood's Pims L'r ". Pet:: oe naSa, General 2Shatter In moving forward to Our sacred obligation is to take car-
Is to haul down the flag and get out. w e opera. ce. make the attack while his men were In
Nobody Is going to feel eternally dis- vilor. of our own sick. wounded and debill-
graced by it, either. Indeed, we should That some men have been neglected Ltaed. Thin counu-y is grand enough,
thlir the ordinary man would be a little NEW CTRE t E T iTLOlW FEVER. on transports comIng home there is no
-adoubt-alt against positive orders, due rich enough, humane enough, to take
proud of the fact that the Uned States A m' iad lady lives n perhaps to ca s d n c of our own brave boys as well as
had not run Op the flag under false As a letter-writer it can not be said care
p Otenses and then kept ft there on ac- enry, Mlbkiaslfpl, wrte to a Miss- of Secretary Alger that he is a demon- the men they vanquished.
sIt of in prejidce it happens to sppi newspaper that she was cured of started success. The derelicts must be ferreted out,
o t ome pi It happens to yellow fever by eating plum t was Sme of hs explanation do not ex- The tout
'he Ibout thanlS it down ad yellow ever plain. While this statement to his even though the search shall lead Into
But even If we act on this principle, friend teew (o(unquestionably intended President Me-
e l t of the nd f n the worst fo and a great lon for publication) can not be character- the Cabinet chamber President c-
for plumrne simultaneously. Of course. sized as disingenuous. it is open to the Ktnley.
jlaia which was made public Mon- the doctor had particularly enjoined charge of magnilfing the admitted
d", preclude us from using It as a piuna. sfaralPy the lady's friends facts while mlnlfying the issues.
pretex for grabbing the whole Philip- The Secretary cannot answer IntellI- The people of this county are un-
-polse roro Manila only was surren- mnedlatey marched the country for gent and honest criticism of the cam- verbal in their opinion that primaries
dered, and te ag foats only over It, plums, which eem to have been very gain by asseverating that he shipped
care, the seasonth considered. They one million bllllon pounds of bacon or should be the means by Ihich the
the arer and bay. raised two uarts, which the patleIt a billion million pounds of beans, county commissioners should be .re-
OC course, it does not make a n estraightway devoured and in two days The true story of those fearful two elected By the primary system it would
coe dlon of e ce whether we are n she was well. But all this may be hundred and fifty-eight days in the give the people a change to select their
posession of the PhIlipplnes or not. quite true without changing th- San.- Arctic regions when Greeley's little
If we want them, we can take them. If lago situation, even should the doctor band of darng explorers stood face to cholae by their ballots, and the best
the commdissonern appointed by th- facT te with death, is to be told, for the men n he various districts would be
rei nt decide that it iap to other cdst physic to the dogs and ex- first time by General Greely himself
Pre nt decide ithat is to our itr- hibit" plums; for what s on n man's in the October Ladies' Home Journal. elected. whereby, ff the executive tom-
est to have more than a naval station medicine ., another man's poison. and For years has General Greely kept a mttee appoints the commissioners the
In the far East, we can demand the en- the aphorhun probably hold good with rigid slence as to his terrible exper t t
tire group of lands. It will merely the ladlrc. That Is why the doctors encee In the Icy reglans, and only after l eky ones are generally those that
4 months of persuasion was he finally have political pulls, reg rdless of their
h; a mat er of taking them because we stick to the use of medicine that experi- induced to write out the story.
watl to or because we consider it our ence has shown does the greatest good intrinsic worth and fitness for the place.
duty to take them. It is a great ques- to the greatest number. The abolition of the white facings
thon ot national poltcy-, which ought Once a manwastng away a r a for United States infantry ought to be Primaries are indeed the most satis-
S r o al by ar one result of te r or of the amp. factory way of electing an ufcial when
not to be made ridiculous or small by fever, because his stomach had appar- The white ch crruns and stripes look
sham patriotic sentiment about the flae. ently lost the use of tenlf. demanded a neat and trim when they are clean and you want to decide upon the best fitted
Shalf-gallon of half-and-half in a tin new. but thy so.n cease to be snow person. and the one held in high esteem
TROPt L PIoE thite and ti.,n th,., Kve a snlovenly
TROP Pan; thing but a tin can would o look to, the wa le uniform. hite is by his constituents for a place.
The Philadelpha Press in ex;ttat- Hi horrified attendants protected. but an un.ervice-e'e cilor. so to call it.
ing on the trade of this country with he persisted; and he represented to fora s,-rvie urf*rmr Why n.t re- Thts paper oliieI merchandise, it is
Cuba says substantially that with Cuba them so forcibly that he would die turn to oldblueyou desire to have our
itpA- g ienta under American guardian- without the half-and-half and could PotI Th latest form of gambling on death .
Lp and Porto Rico ceded our trade do worse with It, that they at last con- is done by a company that insures dogs. part of It stopped, come and say so. We
With the Islands will be free, and the sented and the grawler was rushed, It is not improbable that risks will yet do not look upon a man with undying
nth the result that the patient rapidly he taken on the health of cats. n a a
trad every We Lbendiansosland will recovered. Twpo or three months later nmtrea if he wants to stop his paper,
ae of. Not one cdan i srow tobacco w t nThe Chicago Judge who held that the and does it like a gentleman; we don't
e rl. Not one can row to o, the samxne remedy was tried In an ap- shall game is robbery, and not gamb-
make sugar or pFovide tropical pro- parently slmiar case, and the patient 'ing must have tried to find the little beg him to continue it, either. It is
ducts for our markets in competition immediately after taking curled him- pea himself in his early daas a straight matter of business-you pay
with these islands. e either the rest of self upon the floor a h subeeqent a do r
the Wt Indie must follow suit and proceedings interested hm n more. the tla- ers a gha d. Maps do r mony and ake ur pper.
seek Ife reciprocal reatlo wth this There was quite a time adjusting mat- the l sintage are s te laSt ers Ou payp your back subscription and
country or they mst see their plana- terms with the surprised physibian. bird's nests-ut of date. order your paper discontinued, It will
lin rUlned. But this great eeonomlc Then again there waz a caae of aas be stopped as c y as t was be-
kange Isut hsV he advantage won pet dog belong to a highly repecta Dealers who use eight and mea- be toed as cheerful as t was be-
byures never know when the Inspector gun. .When you bear a man blowing
by the tnmedaOareas.. bll e family not mano miles from thsu city is coming, and they cannot walt and take
Our continntal area produces all but who a ery old ed a re at. w erer measure ton ilead hI about not being able to top his paper,
t lotao prodlfta, Cota, Poro Rico, from rbeomatnmr. So. after a family you may bet your supender buckles
sad am 11W5 add L on furniab every council, it was decided to admni-ter Have you noticed that a oon aop
klc~ U product knwln, In a couple prusaic acid to him in his dinner, as Dewey heard that the war was over he he owes back subscriptlonas'
of ye Cuba and Porto Rico will be the qulvkewt and easiest way to end picked up the cable? Shrewd and great
Ot Ua o te 40,000 t his trouble This o seaonng and many is that man Dewey The young ladies of Admiral damp-
W half Of .Uthe L,0,000l tone of tears were mixed with udo's dinner
.ws thS country tmport. In five that night, and he ,was shut up In his Fighting Joe .Wheeler Is a man of the aO's town have made a number or
,yea they wll be maklwg It alL Ger- kennel with it to eat and die. Next sort that makes part1an forget party, flank movements In order to steal Ia kis,
l oa bunt sugar will have a rival morning all hands went to the kennel He'l go back to Congress with a hur- but they hae bee outwitted eve
wabth will drive It out. of a market to dece it burial, when out walAed Fide where. He has the beneot of a dome-
Whh It now suppie S00,000 tons a with hi lean as liosier as his tall and C'aenar, Pompey or Mar-ius never had
pgg,. ol winl r oP zmo ugar, par-. hungry for rakfast At last ac- such a triumph as was tendered our tie beard of strategy. YTeerdai a
t l in Porto Rco. Given these counts he w still alive nd active' naval heroes n New York Harbor last brutal let terfered.
Yet his owner, less sanguine than the Satoaiay. -
tfP ild isisda 50d the United States lady of Mc -Henry, are not advertising Of otse the bull fl4 hawil bave
Sdtat t trade. Eu- cande hydrogen as a cur lr eu- og n t hee bull ghts will have to The street cleaning forces ave been
mope or of bath Ameriea. matlson go 10 the Wes Ide but the oa-t
It is tide sort of thing that makes the clii not mind the loss if we give them
STbe nal boarUd wats 000 000 do so onrvat ve when new cures foolbl tinue and Tampa will have no 8eaon _
Co~gre~ atS next session for In o um on cancer, tea et re r, action Spa.n muet be bore again, to complain of dull times tr years to
B..t y ow nma th wl TH UTRIN OUT PROBLEM-y ht pe ople Is marked c0 .

oueaasbegl theo its no be o s
SS bei wriS3llS 3 a the tSE UiST/N OUlT PRitiBLE.t. tY 5 ael-QUen s of lost opportuntl e .

m to"" [ of the tfroopm is iuite a problem (br-the from the Cuban trade 'llik It is now sire forEtipa~arlm an, 4 pinpas
I w t b the .ow 0. the bstoonal governnt to After with grert enigy nominating omoe d t. It om or it
t""s-- y n it will not be so s by far the ah wa wsad all heasst
| ) ess iam 0r troublaaqne But where there are men will anderm It "
I D W h1to breet s.trsn 11u nevares on beth sides then
S wit the, eg- thee will be the dlc ltY We should
'It as a matter of choice to sash ond lh s mere to the solid South, It i soli
agencies of dstra~satlon. Btate regiments where requested the country sorth and South now.
desired reduction In the forces could be J


cornm" 0a1le handed.
r~4a DecemOeer and so
- |
Il lonly p .d a round
leraeerk aad have the
mW g4 t be well!
he fets6gt line has
dhrgiz on the War

Br a ap with alt
..ewion wel d with

tte be en
l Adw man wale

Am' of

^^ TyI"

MAst sad Decide b

ber-3Ft slba9tt>

Special to the Trt i .

Day'^ Emu g t
to-day annmmuaed thti
has. beea seleted as :-^ -

The commissIon -o U r a
consists of Secretary Day.'-
Davs. of MinnewaoWb aO6Sr
P. Frey, of Maine; ad-'1gtlkS
of New York.
Secretary Day -noe.
that the filth mebes*n mat.
elected, but UtaF Justlee W Okjt
Supreme Court. has the
tender e a o IMoiss~cmlpnd.
slaeration. and it Lo believed
win aoept.,
secretary Da7y, Sauter .D1a-
Senator Frey, a majltty Wt t
bern o tof paae iPmOlOOa M
a meet saud taMed over A"a
plans of the commislon a- tIr
ing to Pars An oL ndm f.
reached that the stat wBil be 2h0a
tween September 5 aad .
The questions 4A whether tb M
tions with the flutes
will be In tbe a h or -Tl
guage wMU not be f
the arrival of,the
Parls. It is a matter
settled by all tbi
will not be datenrabie
the Amarican conionpnrl f In .in
of the meeting.
S aGOOD W A V '"-I'-';

Dr. N. B11n 5odp -a
RagetAI9 a Sslef i D .
T'sVG Fli, iAgas
To My Friends and the Geneta nt
in view of thea o-tht
maUgsat oaIdltion exnMa'IAaO
equine race, within the limits ;f',61
city, I deem it my doty.- aa& 044atJ
pleasure the duty hffo rd; to Aduii e
friends and the general publie
of a prophllactic treatment, I I .
able to determine Its tfue
but beIeve t to be o'f a
nature and the habltsmat t
laethe earth, or upon the ear-ti's .
The- copdlton Ahown I tsett
first by a swelling near fae -
joint; an enlargement Is intt .i
intense local fever, there ima'of' ii
not be lamenese, and tbe oie st
often, deceived by absence of
deluded. if he has noUted I? ewu
at all) In thhthLfn It only a lR
that will ss awag. In -tw
houM s perhaps be is barit I

gaOM ulcer, a"d a gro 0=
ind conmrct, ama PrUe.. p I i.
telUfeot tratment it hsiilijMTg
a presentatiLve, I wownid-MO7av g
horse owners r abbaldae tit
lees thoroughly ekiaa le;o ,
them up for the latl. and bW
Ing with pure water, bathe th
the following: To one gallon
add four ounces of samlpha of
or sulphate at ine. -,,Aa 'm U .o f
Veatative is worth not tea, but a &a
red potuda-f cure. ,'t&wa to th
Is su~ietot. Ip t~Ilu,
.. 1L.S C
X . ... ... .- : -
y-. W:11?^^^~

TO W- ha ti RSnt bM tle be Ds-
Rj. .+ Imedidty.


S President Says There is No More
o C c ,W -ientou OtCOer Than Hie
S Secretary of ar-Kae Great
W X- Oonideoe in Him

Special to the Tribune.
W-Chlosgtnsn August .--Orders were
from Key Issued to-day for the Twenty-second
the Bmont Kansas volunteer infantry, now at Mid-
anday upm dietown, Pa., to proceed to Fort Leaven-
t were t- worth, Kan., where it will be mustered
ld ri ught out of service. Orders were issued for
r iater, .b the 1lrst New Hampshire volunteer in-
e. TbTere antry, now at Lexington, Ky., to pro-
--sases, ceed to Concord, f. H., to be mustered
-.:gl away out.
r*w1Sile The First Florida regiment a isn the
LbUardaat o I4st o( those ordered mustered out of
e aiw rlty service.
etoDXd to. The War Department has announced
eLtt. that orders have been prepared direct-
tveEfOv e te that the followIng regiments be
rdSa- with sent to their respeotlve state* and mus-
5mme5Ma, tered out of ervlce:
er leftS*7 Third Alabama, -olored). Third Con-
on ecticut, Frt Delaware, First Florida,
_gm git ThidA Geokria, Fourth, Seventh, and
syr..wl.ve i 1nt h IMlkn One Hundred and
.sp e the itfty-eventh, One .Hndred and Six-
a tieth and One BHndred and Sixty-first
t-iiWh Indiana. A and B. First Indiana (col-
a to !o a ee), Pittieth and Fitty-second Iowa,
lay We-t. Tweo*a second Kansas,. Third and
9 V aename fourth esntmaoy, i ItEfMaIne. Fifth
S MariX isi4ryand, Fifth and MEghth Massachu-
ettjl Thirty-second and Thirty-fifth
Jl t-igasn. Foerteenth and Fifteenth
I Minnesoa. Third Miswsipppi Fourth
qk that and Fifth Missouri, Second Nebraska,
,ey ,WeWst Nevada Batalon. Third and Fourth
W -ar ter a rN Jerae 'wrnibvneinvion Faotv-

~iBi~tcvt~~ ta, ht ial
hi''s a ts e'

said ai~n _~dti

|irf T The

r t to ii ly.
l^et a-;,
Y^Ta;,JBZBS', TO~gr

MA. -paTSch

gaot gg k th. -.-
v^rfrtrfr-fle W

*Mt**!Y left Nor

kon, state beah
fiad Dr. Wj|

ath^beb W T4
-wmm several WWFSA

.p 1 ina (colored), Seventh-and Tenth Ohio,
d 6 Second, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and
fbP Eighteenth Pennsylvania, First Rhode
f Island, Second South Carolina. Third
d and Fourth Tennessee, Third and
Foet. Fourth -T exa First Vermont, Sixth
Sire- Virginia, First Washington and Wash-
the ington Battalion, Second West Virginia,
etal PFourth Wisconsin, Arizona, New Mex-
tt of ioo, Oklahoma, and Indian Territory
It is Regtenere
n Ably Defends Alger
Atten -
o091d Special to the.Trtbune.
Ithat- Washingtoio August 26.-Presidant
t the tI3cKlmey is quoted as saying. to-day
letter that the numerous criticisms of Secre-
diag- tar of War, Russell A. Alger, are noth-
ing short of persecution. The Preel-
Sdent sid that there is no more consci-
entious officer connected with the gov-
eget eminent, and there is not one in whom
bUt he has more confidence.
and Boat Capsized and Before Help Came
I0n He WKent Down
a not
frold f rectal to the Tribune.
I Vre- "Stilke, Fia., August 2I-Eon. John
Sare iL easkhns was capselhe and drowned
rnes in Lake Kingsley about 3 o'clock this
ouar- afternoon.
pVrf- Dr. Gaskins. in company1 with his
aeop- wife and two son, went to the lake to
West try a canvas 'boat made by his so
Percy,. I
Slie and one of the boys wa in the boat
when it scAk in ten feet of water.
The Doctor went to the bottom, while
h the eon :managed to keep afloat until
Mr. Carpenter who was working in his
garden near byheard the screams and
-. went to their aid, bhut too late to save
t o(-the Doctor. His liftlese form lay on
gn- the bottom, and all efforts to resunciate
e him were unaailng. ,
a Dr. QarGtn was one of Starke's most
worthy cltr ens. He had served thts
dous county in the legislature tor fnfteen
i- Yaers, and was at the time speaker of
Sthe house, and was also an eminent
M ^ phyatsian. He will be greatly missed.
t not -M A7B IS -A W r,-E.
b in
M ic- teen Ken Have a Narrow b
er' cape-Horse Wre Burned.

r hts Special to the Tribune.
,shi Danvlle, Ill., August e.-. large
Soal mine belonging to A. H. Bonnetteea
i*a took fire while eighteen men were in
Sthe mine at work. All of the men were
taken out through an air shaft. Many
Ug them were badly burned, and some
i, from their inJuries
*: baht twenty-five thousand tons of
=- 00a.l r-sy to be hoiWted, wa burhefn
a- i Wunal er o horses and mules. The
we compl etely ruined.

Io 8 'J if Anz -

Mg ^ jfe general aeasem
ta s bvitslOl alternative t
.o . es. ob.a e eeo semtvd
r ~

an t P qA the t

4syest14wiI of twp


and the order directs that they return eoC attack of dysentery. the raL
to theIr respective states to be mustered It is reported here tdat we are dying wAeiecrsao quted aus epa g: Zrea Twal-pt. .at,
OUt ofeerv. of yellow fever. There is plenty of "I did not find the condition of CMp that the trovWe ete.
malarial fever here, but I have notWkff nearly as b as I had expected. wee on '
WANTS CATHOLICS EXPELLED. seen a case of yellow fever on the is- cannot see that there i say u o Wed-
----- land. My friends need not address me fcaon in the k that
SLetter to McKnley rom the Euro- at Santiago any longer, as I wll leave fr then we solders are nt roperl r otr s iLW
Pean Phillppine Cimmittee, shortly for Montauk Point. re -wllsoldte r nqt p tw nty1, 1
1 th Very Respectfuly, treated. I think there are sflcent aireCsa -a t-
a L Very RespeetfUly, et
Special to thtae. A- A. WHITEHURST. accomnmodadotls for all sdiMer ho s w a i
Wainstoo Aurut s -A daspatc go to CIanp tWlko and eaipedlll osou the Asr.i +
has been resved troa Londbn saying 8AD DO T that so many troow there have Veen ol^ b1, oge
that the Eroeneafuroisitttn Iterete ___ igv' urouh."
inthe governecAietf ole 4 A Lovable Young Woman Pases DeWltt' Witch Hasi Salve b asthe eeblisbed to C'
la, on am ito a a e .-Over the River of Time. Irgest sale of any salve in the world. w- ab a osk +.
ter to the P e This fact and its merit has led dshoneet c d to t
aedlri for the of t Roman Special to the Tribune. people to attempt to counterfeit it. Look a0rp .
hi>lcrmti g m saft po Plant City, Fla, Ausuat 27.--Mis out (or a man who attempts -tl d The asl -4..
Oio f same deth ;u tnte.t W 6h. Lena B. Young, yogest daughter of you when yo call for DeIltrs Wltr a ah
Thle re er reh tems to tse CoL and Mrs J. L. Young, of thi city, throat or obstinate OOulas B. LaeonI ... .
Arcihbthop of Mania, "anliso to -tae died of typhoid fever Friday evening ardl & Co. ."
hbtho of Neuva Seoavia dd Neuva at the residence of her trent, Inter
Casera, saing of them "whose acts of ment was in OIaklawt cemetery Sats.- CiJ, 3. atqinger. the -
. -. AStnst both the naties and .... Joe" c+ets B]'ar ]
hsS it a 0itsn both thernaiesc adday at pm. Services were conduct-ed t igtero e-
rsigioe inttituions are condemnq4 by Rev. J. ,~ or. river of a tro
by everyone." The deced was a most lovable younh patr lfi male, and t or vwaL
lady just developing into womAnb 4 j i* mush 4 Apiu ment
AFTER Io aSoALP. and was exceedingly popular with hoaa o' eS.c.-.i.
who knew ber. The bereaved pale d-" t
300C4"l to the Tribune. have the inne r rtr s tHv nP i *si& t-.. - ._._1,- 1 &

Agust 27
A Of a

me t cire co
of the
oanai T


'1muaus i of llU Vessets t 1atao L'uswt& Tells a e o SWS f r l
to ae Vigoresly Prosecatei. KI cusy and I tle Iteits a-li .,-^


Cabinet Discusses the Terms of P# t la1i the Ratte Among Civilians I Ut
But as t Yet Slected the Ch Ging in antigo City-A. tb
Five Commissioners to Settle Poeiitiefor rai and ran .lta yP WDisb l`a ai N eora
W~th the nasricaur OCapital on Cuban Soil. Onisan
WAtI the Americau C a l u n ent.S Pat nrs, t g Altm

Special tothSantiago, Cuba, Angust .1
adr Agut 7.--The Spanish cabM- To the Editor of the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Specl t
net is in season to-night and there is a Since my last letter to you, one month Santiago, Cubas August 2 nerl Wa t
heated session, which promises to last ago, I have had a vast amount of ex- Castillo, yesterday had a briet tntervfie
until long past midnight The war periences. I left Daiquiri on July 1, with General Lawton in referee to tWa* the
with America, and its results, is the
cause of much bitterness Sagasta is and went to the front, passing along the the dtisbed-ent of the Cuba tn. "Se S
being scored by the members of the mountain paths and through fertile General Catillo retUined to aria this cab
cabinet. valleys. I was impressed with the vast afternoon. The arrangements eWe sat Plll-
The cabinet will to-night name the resource and wonderful poetbHitlees of completed. The visit excited little gifVm th
five members of the peace oommneionm J.e3o u
who ar to represent Span at the sea- the country, and more than once I demaonstration.
gson of the commission in Paria No found myself indulging In the wish The steamer Orisaba sailed tes r t miL R
dectson has yet been reached, that the Spaniards would be driven off with pay for the troop at sce. eattled a i
t is publicly annoucedthat Anmir and the Cubans too. The more I see Dr. Eugene Wadsen of b Onal4.4
Ze-vera. the commander of the Spanish, .
squadron, which was wiped out of ex4 the uuntry. the better I like it, but Hospital Corps has arrived here ;forIQe
Istence at Santiago, is to be publicly the more I see of the Cubans, the less purpose of expertientg with- ta -
court-martialed upon his return to I blame the Spaniards for trying to Sandrell serum for yellow trer, Tm 2
Spain. and that the commanders of all starve them to death, death rate among civlia Is lsf
the veesels In his fleet are to share the
same fate. The report is that a&l'of the After passing Sibony, I came to a hill ing, desplie the better factIi tl
onlcers are to be vigorously prosecuted; where the Rough Riders had'their first sanitation.
for neglect of duty. tilt with the Spaniards. Close to A distinct shook of eaet~~ ahuahe -- s B
ALL AGAINST SPAIN. where the boys killed in that battle are experienced here about U1:a6 O'elbeMk htbooS* ak
buried stands a large mangrove tree. morning. e
Manila Business Men Want No Return It was loaded with fruit, and I gathered Important changes in the civil govern-
of the Old Regime. some to take along with me as the ment relating to schools po e cas-
pecial to the Tri chances for getting dinner that day tome and mercantile and hrbor egu- i
London, August T2.-The Manila cor were very uncertain I also pasd lations are in.proces of pre other oSYotS
respodent of the Tme, telegraphin through large cocoanut groves., Guava Generals Lawton and Wood, and 4 pro- We- dn
Friday, saos, the military Gevernment and time bushes, and trees seemed to be lamation carrying them into et wil ey will
is working efflicently in all department part of the forest, and the Guninea- grs probably be Issued in a few days; The
Local business is being resumed, th that we plant and cultivate with so police force is to be increased. With a Iu
Local business is being resumki, th4
water works are in operation, and the much 6re at home, literally covers the view of enabling the .withlrwalof the M -
Paig river s open. mountain sides, hills and valleys, military from patrol duty. The chang
Strident measures ben taken During the afternoon we came withinn will aid the shipping, mercantift and 15
to insure te sanitation of the cItadel hearing of the battle of July 1st, and industrial interests. Ths e pert gties
which is crowded with prisoners. Amo g such a rattle of small arms, with an oc- and the salaries of many' office, civil From .tuainr4
which iA crowded wth prserse hae ee casonal boom of the cannon. Soon we and ecclesiastical, will be re&~rced The.- Vnb
only seventeen deaths from illne sne began to meet the wounded. How salary of Archbishop Creepo, which was in wesl~
landing. my sympathy was extended to the poor fonrerly P18,oe, wil be reduced to w sad, i
"There is undoubtedly practical un suferlng boys, and how my blood would $6.e~. The proposed changes meet onroe. whe
animity among merchants, irrespective boil as 1 beheld them mangled in every with the approval of the better classes. Oa trliO .
of jtionality, in favor of the permanent conceivable way. I found that it re- -w a~e Bi
occpation oi the arncipelago by tne quired more patience to keep away from
Anmericans. Nobody cor.cives the re- the front tha1 pese E Y F E by deeper h tal
establlshnt.. c Spanish .sover.igy 1 fi na.,i oo.a.u e a position where I
Cpeoblhe. lou.s witn-s the fight at El Caney. I Tmontiomer, Ala., Does the Cit OF d eairt
was an eye vvrtn-ss of the charge that Tampa an Inustice. the rack, es w
HUNTTSVILLE A FAILURE r.esul:ed inr t: ciaiture o: San Juan b- cot in the -mId C
-- il. Th- tr.it day- I went on the tiring Special to the Tribune. moved when paied tSI
Troops, for Lack of Water, Will be ii:e, and ex :.... tne peculiar sen- Montgomery, Ala., August 27.-The anoce the e I
Ordered to AnniGton. !Faion t nea.ig -ruliets pass uncom- Mayor of Montgomery yesterday issued pital. AugmstlWJS
Special to the Tribure. ir rabiy ccs- t o rni iead. I wa. much a proclamation, declaring a quarantine Pated hrie' oartb -
Chattanooga. Tenn., August 2.-It r.t-rested in the maneuvering cf the against' Key West and Tampa, Florida. s6lt leven .fethe'
Chattanoogaun Tenn. Augut 27 -t i b troop, and was amused for some time and all other towns and counties where ths con i id
practically imoeible to maintain ttlu vo't~oning them as they would advance yellow fever exists or there ls ay Twent a o
Third Army ceTps at Huntsvilll, ohere i t'- enemy's irne. I heard many of grounds for suspicion. be treated at the hsl
it has been ordered to proceed f;-um tth i called explosive bullets. The quarantine prohibited the passing teeted these will aM be
Chickamauga. 'Ir O were many amuslng things that through, as well as the stopping off middle of the weea
The indications are that the corps wi l transpired during the battle. When here, of any persons from the Ulaces measles exit",
be sent in its entirety to Annso, a leutenant returned to report to ten- named. Quarantine guards were plaOpl The plhysici ani n
dne st d nl nistoq, rn a k h all rairoads with ried nstmruc~ons
Ala., a place said to be admirably ada- eral Shafter the capture of San Juan n all raroa with rigid te s on p mtal c W.
ted for camping a large body of troop. hill, he fouan the General ad staff en- to allow no one to e them wO cae p
from a place where there are red u t c ofpleted
The officials here have agreed upon tha gagd in drawing a diagram and ar- fo pe ere tere aChre repoee of
change in plans, and only await in- rangir for the capture of the same. theod sthe mayorhey eifever t aleg fm red
dorsemrent from the War Department. When told that the hill was tak-Gene- from Dr. W. H. Sander a member of hwhest pae fr
The reason for the change is acarctty eral Shafcer stared at the officer as the Alabama State Board of H health ae M-i
of water at Huntsville. though he wondered if the lieutenant saying that he d the Hate h oi matron, hm ak b i
The statement published in a number waso insane. Miis had j completed lo rstte W bi
of papers during the last forty-eight General Wheeler and General Law- ra inspection of Tampi and vi Jut c ty, mp ften nlarsed ai
hours to the effect that 600 men nave ton proved to be the right men in the and that they found tha not a e the
died at Camp Thomas since its estab- right place. Miss Clara Barton and the picious cae of exists in that Tam sital t
lishment is without foundation. The Red Cross corps have done much to re- community. ed i s bpuses IO tei
Number is little mre than 5to. olieve the sidk and suffering. Yes, they pon recetpt of the messagetlre tquar- hop hSttaegi
have done much more than they wil antne was modified so a to llo peo- ma
O _____ ever get credit for. All honor to the pie from Tampa to pas through HMoit- ers of the swin ks
Red Cross. Miss W'heeler, the daugh- gomery. NO one from Tampa is 51- ary Tb"llI
Service Immediately. br ot the General, whom I had the lowed to stop In Montgomery. "t o kL
service Immediately. Pleasure of meeting, is a very pleasant
Special to the Tribune. lady and a worthy member of the Red ADS 3M1 81K. >. Gt 1e t
Washington, August 27.-The muetere Crss corps. t w i o-here.eint bale dep
ing out of the volunteers continues, bu We have been over two wee in Secretjary Alger Iow Knows W h ofWeh -e l s
the ihtnuion of the S-cretary is kept the city of Santiago. It is quie a Kaa the Soldiers. There iare sti l
secret until the final order is Issued ptictureque place, with many ancient pecial to the Tribune. dier he-rs-, t
in earclse. buildings. The" harbor Is one of the Washington lAusat 17.-Secretary Pafit to -steM tlm
To-day orders were issued mustering finest in the world. There are grand War tusseli A. Alger, has retsneG the e ner ai
out of sere'fe the First. Third and Fifte opportunities here for brains and capi- from his visit to the military tm p w ea e dI r th ..
Missouri regiments, the First, Fifthe tal, but as I am not possessed of much ontauk, SlM i s e mu tu fro g, oneto in at e de o r" ^ d
One Hundred and Fifty-Ifinch Indiana of either, and as the fever has knocked
regiment, and the EIghth New York al sentiment into a cocked hat guess the ame aim ts Es drek frl h
reglment. all infantry. I will return to the States with the Fifth of the water that is u seJe bythe sdlees, pstielalmsfr tSpas
s s a s ? :and the result was the same with hI soot I gr,
feregment ar scattered aron army corps, an ad await further develop- a wi the he i suffer ith an he s
at the different camps of instruction.. ,


CalL r
r~l0~~ltur ~an Ma
hulai~ fit, Opposste

4isates. rsmai DO


b5r~ Wsm ism 4
- -,
,s* 1 sI5 en~V

m 3eo0mavm^a
of daeti

ie demat of Judge o. a Spar
th tlortda mourns. He wa
4 as one of the leading cit
SEate, and his lose to this
y where e he was bred and
Sir parable. Bein a na
,loa b he was a power in po
Iata at the head of his.c
*u0-law. (AS a citizen
por, b was highly esteemed
id Ib all. As a product of
S I was an honor to that p
I Ian manners and generous
*the ms'nny gagenlops dee
ryorthli oLn wll long be ree
Shrose who knew him, a&n
|tpa worth to a city, A
6sitv patriotic and untiri
h"lerer to benefit his friend
ala gthlmety death will leI

t4*14ereaved, the Tribune
friends In extendir
l in this, their

S .~psrtet France is

better hiUs h
by movI

ta settle t o

eib* seaetate ba

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a :

|1Sanuab News. asy to Tak. GWHZRAeLonufalUax. I 1
Iavansto h New pups of asy to ake for general stupidity coiemad us t Sb sfcream in tefrrt r
Me tb,- Wad snache af to Operdetebd
a en consileme specula-"the actions of the coanclimen supposed Wa snatched from her
ton to the purpose of Mr. B t Opera to be representing this city. Since the And hurled a modest, semi-crse
To"wardthetoleeting bai beo .d "-
-P. lat's vst to Baalan- ,t the prevent Areeatar s pseuliar to Hood s ls. S In nauguration of the present city gov- To theee, w- tl

argr that it Is to taterest Ehglish capital in ing corporations and corporate inuen d eathed a gh of sweet re
the building of a railway throughout cee. But on every hand where thi To find her treasures all l th
Pst I the ntb Ienh of the Island of uba body of aldermen could in any wise as A penclisA nale
st the people by saving them mone Hr f
There are quite a number of short said: You neverknow you on any transaction where it did not re A sugar plum
lines of railway In the Island. but there havetakena p lti ll 0 i all i quire any amount of skill and diplomac A wad of gum.
over." 2e. C. L Hood& Co., to do so, it has invariably flatly refused A hairpin (bent.
is no general system of railways by pi',c.etors. LowelL MHas. scoringg the wishes and demands o A cWper cent.
ad which all the important points of the is- Tl 0-ly plls to take wft Hood's Sarsap; tn ,ise absolutely. Take the action A buton-hook.
land can be reached. The roads which of tLe council Monday night in regard With broken croo k,
. are inperation are all owned by Eng- the few drops of milk that may be left to the water works contract, and wha A safety p
* a L and panh omo a lass do you find? It simply allowed tha A curling tin.
te" i a ag copateie. Aat This is a distressing state of affairs. corporation to continue ts alleged exor A powder rag, s Bought i
S three years ago, or about the time that Those men have risked their lives, ex- tdtant rates in this city for water A satchel bag.
S the Insurrection broke out, Mr. Plant posed themselves voluntarily to Span- rentals in place of accepting a propoSI These were the treasures which she bore
tried to get these English and Spanish ish bullets and to fevers that the hOnor tion mnragnatmously and voluntarily Around with her from store to tore. Wesi
is e ompani s to join ormes with him and of this country might remain whole. made by the Water Works Co. Had While on a shopping tour, to see s -* eor~ea tls d I r
Thcoman tat they should now be compelled to the council in a business like manner The many pretty*ing 'ch she *mM 4 f. '
to y- give Cuba a frst-class railway system, fare like bears, casts a smirch on the like a business set of men would hav Would love to buy if she had had Wef i iw
5 but they declined to accept his propo- gratitude of the country. done, adopted the proposition, the peo The cash, and with a smile so glad o '
a M. sition at that time, because of the It has been charged, with some ap- pie of this city would have been the It almost made the copper aneese ii*riM
troublesome political outlook, and Mr. pearance of the truth, that the troops ones that would have been benefitted She thanked him. and w t i-.eriht' l mtI -v .
were taken to Nontauk Point for the by a reduction in water rents tha eas
Pltat was inclined to think a little later financial benefit of the single tralrosd would have amounted to several thou Tripped on to seek another store M i5Rl
@so& on, that the time was not propitious for company that operated trains I pat sand dollars on one single quarterly Or more where she could shop some r i
the undertaking. His idea was to es- place If this is the case, the datrace payment. But the council has refused more.
dms tablish a ine railway system in CubI the greater. grasp the situation, and the people will ~ f wBLth -
PTA oa This deplorable coqdltion of affairs continue to kick and pay the old and OUR TOBACCO TRAD.
and connect it witB the railway ss should be remedied at once. same rates for water. There is no law -
ICIb tems of this country by means of the In the country to compel the Water The United States Tobacco Joara a
steamship lines runlng between the Such men as John B Stetson are act Works Company to sell its water at a Ande that the tobacco trade of t is 3 i
L racple Cuban ports and Tampa and only the life blood of a town. but a price designated by this city and the country durtig the fscal year joust WIr
friend to labor and a State. The De I council's absolute refusal to accept closed was. with ite erxeption of a C tt
meeting his railway system at the Land Record tells what he has don tf i a proposition that would insure a re- ainge year, the largest *veraA wn. ad P
latter place. that town this summer as follows: duction in water rents to about twenty this in spit of the Cuba troubles.,
He doubtless thinks the time has ar- "Hon.John B. Stetson has had from fity per cent cheaper than they are at pres- Drint the year there wer r~ant MiaWtIef t W
rived for carrying out his original to eighty men employed at DeLahd aL ent has caused some very caustic re- toured in this country 45C3J,487 clars, e C u
ohem. Of course his intention Is to summer. This is the kind of citiesl marks about the ability of the council- 4,. S, 7MT cgarettes. and 300,
sh e. Of course his Intentio that is such a great help to a place, and men who have had the nerve to face pounds of chewing and4 smointgtobace.
tterest the owners of the Cuban rail- what would dozens of families have their constituents since they have dem- It is estimated that the oatpat or the
ways in his project. In that there is done here, since the reese, had it not onstrated such unfitness for the posl- current fiscal year wile even larger
no reason to doubt that he will be suc- been for the employment and work had tons that they are endeavoring to than this, keeping pace with the rapid
cessfu. If Mr. Plant's Idea were car- from Mr. Stetson? No town hardly hold. increase of the cultivation of to "aco
tried into effect the roads now in opera-' ever appreciates the real value of such in this country. It is predicted b the
tion in Cuba would be immensely more citizens Stetson.-Jacksonville Me- THE MEN THE T H ADE Tobacso Journal that the quality of r'r
valuable than they are. tropols. If they also serve who only stand and forms of manufactured tobacco will mIn
If Mr. Plant should be successful in ralt, certainly those who serve whocrase, while the price, wholesale and, n sw
his undertaking his steamshp line be- General Miles says he did not super- hustle around and work, and there s n retail, will decrease,.
tween Tampa and Havana would as- sede General Shatter before Santiago. hartle aroud an a da round of un r T
sume for greater importance than it He simply took his proper place as rank nied dtask than e datly round of co TURN THE SOLDIERS I003S a
now has. It would become a line of ing general of the army there, much as at the front to win glory and came, It seems to us that President %lc4Qn-
an steamers, the chief of which a colonel would take command when his Only a few had a chance to shine In the ley and the War Department buld
would he the Grand Duchesse, and It regiment joined a detached company in wa
kman wouldrconnect the Plant System of rail- advance. A case lile the Scotchian, war that is now over; botthousande give llttie heed to the efforts of army
would, connect the Plant ytem of ral adne ou h wo t twho would have shone had they had a officers, politicians and other interested
a -who told the squous host who tried to.
e ways at Tampa with the principal ports e o chance, and who, while they were parties to keep the volunteer soldiers
tizen the c islands e him to take the headMof the table:! 'awaiting the opportunity, did their ful in the service.
com- AntillesJ there is t he r h ea the tablego, duty and were patient. The highest The President and Secretary of War
b0orn, ther patriotism of all is that which sinks doubtless know that there are thous- Good, X Se s
ituri THE PEACE COMMISSION. Europe is solicitously inquiring "Is self in general welfare, is superior to hands of men-the rank and file of the ...Ui
tites, The Peace Commission' appointed by this Uncle Sam now in our midst a rel- disappointment and is above envy or m'olunteer army-who are anxiouato re- &-V. -
tiosen the President will give general sati- alive of t he late Colonel Mono chagrin. While a few have partlcipat- turn to their homes and their avoca- .Tt a-' Uo
ahen the P ident wilgivs cmposed of Senators ueoe i le Coloneg trouble. Sheed in the excitement of battle and "seen tons. Those men volunteered.
and faction. It composed of Senators Eo wit until te definite e service,"the many have erely drilled to fight for the flag when their country
I and Davis and Frye, Secretaey o R tate Daynd obefoe comply and stood guard and carried on the called on them. Now that their services SS
lor- J iere s tmte and r. White awd n favor gato She maen have cause for aon- daly and irksome routine of camp o are no longer needed they should be
Flor- There is not much to. be iald In favor ing. She may have cause tor com- barracks. Or others, even less tortu- mustered out promptly. "me, P,
aren't. of the last named gentleman, but, grant- Plaint then. She has none now. btc have slaved at a desk or in a re Otirs get good safari. are able to
taee, have slaved at a desk or in a ware Offinrs get good salaries, are ahli to
t a in that politics s figured to some extent The Democratic congressional c house or storeroom, all unknown to th secure nourishing food and easy acco- Ses.
eds of in Mr Reldj s selection, there is no ser- mittee of the Second Florida district, public, and to any except a few com modations and enjoy privileges which
welns objection to him. having r. ep- met at the Windsor hotel Jackson rades or a superior officer or two. er do not fall to the lot of the private S
d aP- weuented us there. He is a man of large ville Thursday and formally organized hap these have done harder work an soldier. Of course they want the men '- -'
rwas wealth, und as three of the other mem- by electing Hon. S. Crill of Palatkia' "ken more out of themselves" than a kept in the service. The officers, how-
iways wealth, knd as three of the other mem by electing Hn S Crill of Palatka many whose pictures are In te ever, constitute a very small part of the
SIn es of the ComissIon ae por men chairman, J. D. Callaway of Lake City. good many whose picture s ate In Ithe eve, constitute a very small part of the
ng in ber of the Commission are pdor men, J1 t te Pa and whose names figure COnPl- army, and their wishess should have n6 A E .M E A
S he can at least do the social part of the secretary. The work of the campaign papers, and whose nas figure conp- army, and their hes should have ad M Ae AAL
Sh ork, which is always more or less a was also discussed. ciously in the story of war. It needs more weight in the present case thO 0 A
wor, whh is always e have said, patriotism of a hig the wishes of the men; in fact, less
ve a feature of diplomacy abroad. sThere is going to be a spasmodic rush class to do one's duty thoroughly in heed should be paid to them.
Three of the Commissioners are known for Cuba in a short while and thous- such circumstances. But the moral e believe the authorities at Wash-
joins to hold advanced views in regard to ex-; hands on the journey will become so in- courage and self-restraint thus exer ington have already decided what regi-
g its panslon. 'Senators Davis and Frye fatuated with Tampa, that they will ced are what make the hro when th ments are to be mastered out The
sad- have been the leaders in the Senate of make this their stopping place. We chance comes. work of disbandment, therefore, should S y i
the vigorous foreign policy Idea. Mr- welcome them with open arms in ad- We hope that when Congress at proceed regardless of the maneuvering
Reld's position is no doubt voiced by vance. Come right on to tne most'pros- knowledge in due form the sCrie ts of politicians, army offithcers or any one
his gaper the New York Tribune. On perous city in all Florida. a rrly and navy have done and dtri else.
most August 12 it said: 'If the United States proanly the good men and true ee old a s o
takes the lands, it will have them for It is said by those in a position to properly the good men an true wh t
all the time, it It desires to keep them, know what they are talking about, that re denial, b Iortune, the prvilogto I W t .
ncesthou of course, It will be able get the Hon. Frank Clarke of Jacksonvile, of drawing a saword or firing a shot 1o
S tho riugh of course, t w be able to get th newly nominated enie their country; but who did their duty The Fire Departent as eriu...:: ..... ....
rid athemat r f it t Dua nty to the leslaure as faithfully and wel as though the ao ion of the Obunci oom
thema it will never have and their chance 'll be a candidate for the United States tate of the army or navy depended on nothing low aout -
kto et them, war conquest Senate, to succeed Mr Paseo There them alone. There is noth ow bout Chie
M tsuch as is not to helooked for. If i are others. be Harris of the fire department. ror | scosora..S
ch as Is not to-be looked for. It ot r jIad Tampa been put In a thorough months he has been Impressing upon B ki SSSB
takes them and nade It has made a Money makes the mare go it is sail. sanitary condition three months ago, the city council the unsanitary codltlon
Utlicl mistake In so doing, it can correct that It makes a town grow and prosper too. the soldiers that are now at JacCson- of the sleeping quarters of the firemen soo'slsdhe
o The views of Justice White are not Works begins to turn some oa the dina would not have had a smell of war been on the ground floor, and the rooms
thoroughly known,'but he Is understood bonded money loose on paved streets, revenue derived from the boys in blue. were damp and unwholesome. A great
to be opposed to the colonial policy. Mr and other needed municipal improve- amount of sickness resulted, and at S -l Tasa -
So ay has been very conservative, and Is men. last the Chief secured permission to use
thought to be In favor of retaining only \\the council ro on the ond oor of
the a naval station in the Phllippines. The Tavares Herald Is engaged In \.l/ -." ie te
tue The individual views of the members making life's burden to the eon Robert The sole the building. Monday morning he "-
ae not of much moment, however, as MeNamee at Lake county. The gentie- /t~', question comes Put the firemen at work fitting up the
the President will decide ultimately the man in question seems to hr growing /\he to ano d rom as5 d itr room i di
rlcan extent of our demands. How far he In popularity however, as he was re- Al e period rollin man at ided from the unclp court toom by
I i'~ A lit some period is rolling panneis and ate night-these can -

iErIe- will go will depend largely, no doubt, cently nominated for the Iegislatare. his eer. be raised and a venti.ttton secure It
"What wobil did not take the firemen long to make
So public sentiment. The Tribune wants a good ac tiv e you pe ln ex the necessary changes. Tw openly i gso
at ever pst ofe in k chare t oe ere ecut in the floor, anto sliding poles
MONTAUK POINT CAMP. correspondent at every post office in li?" re put n position, ead rom
"The this county where it has no one acting like that the seeping room to the room below
SReports from Montauk Point, where in that capacity.. W rite up your sec- other solemn whee the sleam engine I kept d e
I they te soldiers brought from Santiago are tion and asist this paper in keeping qetion bout other leading to the truek and hose car- t
encamped, assert that as much priva- .outh Florida to the front. s an honest riage. In the northeast corner of the
eUon exist there -meog the United man feels that room a space has been railed off for
would Stales soldiers as etisted among them Secretary Alger answers his critics nothing of thehrhiefs office, whichis connected by
le'- in Cbs. by quoting the number of pounds of earthly value a door with the battery room. The new
Sh ceweigeed arrangement is greatly appreciated by
"Ma-any of them," the reports say, Stuff seat to the front. Some day the against the men and they are satisfed that it
tand around the nchroom of the army contractors will claim they drove so a am who will be beneficial to them.
riahra eoany. sear the ttion, and Spain from the Western Hemisphere.- ha one fend The Board of Public Works- re-
toi0 love him quested some time ago to make the nec-
ga^ h their opuxrtwnLty to pick up and Chicao Nws- knowstht hek essary repairs to the city ball. tod ept O. m
sa est tie rsmaants of a sandwich or drain is too precious It in a sanitary condition.,' The ertlon
Sthe of ch d Bankers and the merchants of Arcadia to e b red of the uildin used as a ity ail and
report that buainese has improved very, away br am. pollee station is a disgrace to the city, i t r ..
great during the month of Augus, and bSiO.or money, or pride. and was requeptly referred to ly e- 1
1jsd SBi~hi8. Bat men are slow to believe that erM- MNayor Oullett u'Ithe -tack Rkole ofal W
every one isLa looiwng forwa*l o a mos r sometimes kills; a an bsu to ad- cotta," TboAdrsss rs: acft rom it ar
a, Ito prosperous fall season. that his health ever esebast ahorriblh and t- has been the c ofg---- -
S *-Z llarB care, Hlefeels miserable a uc k but nothnW has beend
There were a great nmay general in i t bt tries to "blu it off" atil e done to m med htr n g h bS s
^ i i l h e war and many good generals, u toweek- He beeoBes obi ed to spend adm
^ Geeneral Stupldity seems to have been sad of moey S docto ad even at that R s tsed te
inr bI charge of the CommIsary ad Medi Gas hedl sisa s, ba" _ooseeaCt have h- d sobulto ttns aen s ina^
cal Departments. moi se aserasietl1tS pm ofnhy rition uinsmn im ior tht next Det
Lbwmfa- a ttPisre morof Ig oark Stats Noting
4-- to get in a ge, fosasllag 9WofteUm14 o be -m*,s ail- and imooike
S'*-^-' TBp S X ^ TO L a beguiling to get in a 0goo er_ = ; y -! e S m B 3 S
sanitary condition. me T e's a a.movement "o ansf aw t MY T,-. at this i
arm tc V make deed to m- ilca a41- amp"
h"Pyar beE no dnout hb n answered. Is e of a jc' g & any man out C 0 Cfthe pus
Ov'taahsd wa sinu V" WAN i hrihsr s n- t war. ='tMlag bb mesa
"mammaw es tiu ,.,e s m s thepy to a-man's cheaces
65gta aw n sp losesom her colonal r h L the
0ok0Is-oAs6 but still maintains he sam s ase_ Sr. L5umbo saw $am* Umfwar fbr- the
0 pride. The same prie that wen, be '1LD5 ellut io s Sr
ft, the in SdOShI5G tew mo mi gad
.. .. : I LM1. 't bn am:-- -

PJlOrlU p f< A TI5Frf. for a faw dIys is ag a s- a on our
I--Rev. t r. ah and wife. of Ocaa are
Acton of th. Ooundcl on Water Hae js uSrm visiting Lteir daughter, Mrs. Neely.
SOt Criticis, On Monday Last. J. Ira Gore of the
Times was called to Jacksonville by the
BIIB a b8Idrs kll mon B0 Pard Thrse TruP- death of his brother-in-law. Judge Mc-
IU *M-From Wednesday's Daily. S0BW8 To ot n OH M 0 m TnaiB Lean. ie returned on Thursday.
General expressions of dissatisfaction Miss Emma Gore has as her guest.
with the action of the City Councll, In P ps T1 l to Escape. Miss Lottie Roleshaw an accomplished
failing to act upon the ordinance which and charming young lady of Punta
'" would have the effect of reducing water ord. She wl remain here or some
rates, were heard on all ides yester- SEARCH BY DEWEYS SHIPS Themanyfriendsof Mr.HenryOgden
S day. The ordinance had been pub- deeply sympathize with him in the sad
shed for several days in the Tribue utothm en ohbereavement which has come upon hin
labIted for several days In the Tribuna n xostog Seen of the Oen or th RHi, young wife passed away on Wed-
. and the people hVe ample opportunityHiyo ng 'ipaeayoWd
1. to camp propo rate with the V el4 -raaports Had seen nesday mornIng leaving a daughter a
to campre the proposed rates with the fn ew days old.
rates that are now being charged. The Cast Adrift by a Span- During the week Mrs. M. V. Hart
ge l opini that even f the also died after a lingering illness of con-
eneral opinion was that even at the sh Guo boat. sumptio The sympathy ofthe com-
ompany did not mke g t redu munity goes out to the sorrowing
tio in rates as was desired or expected husband and relatives.
AIOt I..) ere was that the council would have bhown hat Special to the Tribunt Mtaor and Mrs Armistead left on
Wt ~5er tbhe an tit desired to gi the people the benefit Hong Kong. August 30.-According to Monday for an extended visit to De-
tbaw t of om red^ n sldiyai -, if i the daily press of thi city, nine huldred'trolt and points in Canada. If they
reduction- enjoy the trip one half as wall as their
te r I had acted upon ths ordinance instead Piards were recently lost off t. friends desire for them they will indeed
9e fstsaxr to o lIring it on the table for three coat of the Philippines during a sever have a delightful holiday
tar ~wp-A *1 bte to he storm. Mrs. Price, with her two daughters.
W "* h5I wt h The e--r-x members of the coun- The story comes from the Sp&aiards of Orlando, Is making a pleasant visit
ari s, llmome. n werme- cannot of t .- and is confirmed by the murgen i to her father Dr. LewIs.
T tIS uT..t I .e in -_rtamsvee and not one of them d con IHA
S' Wt th* a ise l i a vos opposition new rat e appeared that the nine hundred Spanibo u m s i
iO Lo tion to esact oan October It, to ly oldlTwere on bo ad of three tran r TH T LADEIS.

&,dL' MI- N'amant f. ortoher to manila for asetistance ol 1e nome t lyts
6 '1tnibb .o eM ad ports tryingto escape from t srhe pack. Por
It q. the tab The Water Works ae The Informed their ctore you pleasant effwithoect andperftiect safyou needty

spor Wt g- n Uof the transports b eing cut adrift witt Prky Ash Bitters It promptly re-
041 t As. .'p pie haabd previouslyhe pan e that it on the b wth which ladies mha use anrup ofe
6 the ord-ne s p d the new rte tow by the Spaish gunboat Lyte. A
th terrible was started torm camthe upcene. the actions ofand the undigestions, makes It their

0 W I P W e h b a n d O o uI>h o wt r i e s tp r r e t meu p a n e g u n b o
Swond go into effect on Owtober t nothg ws sn t t d voriteremedy. To get the true a
... "ci l pant crity. F ust e e0h. was forced to cut the transports were
if-n wo r nld hav e been d-crert helm lCaliforniaowig Syrup Company printed
.. f eg.n. e Of the ne quarter. The an d poe to ,tia o r d tant o genuine article, look for the name of the
desow clr.and M re beeJ Knight who g e on the way to l the tras r he ho
to epandwodhaved panishgunboat was captured -by on r the bottom of the pae. or
.o son ,' a, bm d .sale by all druggdst
." .. of Admiral Dewey s shply, and as som l
: Ki tat W ra thiA the prisoners informed their captors If you eat without ape tte you need
(.r n cl- U U II/ IT of the transports being cut adrift wM t Priokly Ash Btter. It promptly re-
.[LflN t,53-P ANTC.TY. the Spanish soldiers on board the b atl move impuritIes that clog and impede
low '-a was started to the scene. the actions of the digestive organs,
r r t The search for the missing transport creates good appetite and d estion,
S sihboboo Gossi ySp-wxktupalngadp Uthey pntoxt., ,strength of body and activity of brain.
o o but nethinu was ween f them. The __ _____ __
Plert City., l.. August y.-- h natives declare that the transports were.
Saa arr has sold hs old and eGo Dy by and that t
% r on t C rtom our ,district school. dters h t have been u drowned. Mothe
ye* llow Mr. and Mrs. J. Knight who Ihay yI n ba slne btve heard of thew trks-
Sor col- een s daffey nhtm Auuever are nowpdort
Is i mproving every "Y
Mr. s L.. Maya and fqzmlly moved into
altn s R l ranthis*sr. their handsome new re ldence on Wed a8 Btater satsfyn
-l- W *h be" h nesday last. We rgrelt to Say tha v -- ..
as* an.ot Aap la ce T tMrs May has mrbeen confined to her
S ers s erl c r for several weeks but Is now i- Oan G inIng our u nierie Gderwiged
srelleed by, the provIn. Luoxuiatly--Tose Who Coo s
L- ' t I r. s,. H. Parr has sold a bs and Go Day by Day.
0"rees pMim rdn o n o^ property on B Hnes street.
teb Oit SPeters- er. a B. Spier has moved Into the ALt Petersburg, August 30.-The time
cottage Jur vacated by r. l B. Spter honored admonition, to "make a ay
m d o 5hoePUon sd tsmt y. while the sun shines" is being literally
jg ,V S".joC ievstoresI Prof. khse K K.gcht who is in charge obeyed In this locality. A few wetks

hchIen aaoitloedve fthecat pleter i every detail, ad with
.t dt A new din- ot the Hopewel school spent Funday ago it looked ves much as i the cater-
ie estlis ised at tS' with the home folks. pillars wouldn't leave enough beggar A
at sd trestle for cot-, Died on Monday nIght, AuguSt t9, th weed or crab grass to make even a ii- VACATION TIME
" no colored man 'is twin baby on of Mr. and Mrs. B t'e hay. But after satlsfyIng thelivoa-
wth..... __ fromwlter. o cholera ie thrui aged abou t clohas appetites by devastating la I thetiy tme past t oT need pl en-
olnetf w f l seada re cases of meBasles a reas of lush grass and succulents g-
one a & half years. Burial at Oakgar weed, they suddenly dopeas rd. ty o01ICttIRlt-iiftIt i Sirs, c
ac-s g t annow lawn cemetery Tuesday morning. R. ? The rn t he blantstoo ailing corer

'| bridge and fMrs. C. L. Bugtbee Is Tn Sixth avenue and Third street, recently ATTORNEY AT LAW,
a -t .t c a ai J. Friere officiating. maee e a rapid' growth.eanw are now ,letn e a
rt serds apea t h e c r prime conditionn f r tneMoW i. satho s- We are -lir, our unlaundered
tr. srITsr- ore cotte s o s the cree now n antage is being trken a La. pes A Y AD madras and
n at Plant CIty for the accommodation e days, and a large quantity of n ay T.- oing
Mr. Le H. Mni who has spent the period to any bright her from te e ir at greatly
s m.'siii Osiali r nNorth or West. T any still cut w'th t g y re-
iFga orew witu sa cs-- spr-in and lsmmer season In the emptOlour forefathers old standbl-the oedi- dictde prices as well as our golf
of Mr. J. A. Barnes, le-t on aturday nary scythe---but a fe years ago Mr. d bicycle hose and sweaters,
pt-lhav e already be- h ,t Clip a. machine, which he hires out. and many Our stock of furnishings is com-
=at t- heree rwhhi. day er lies I.n the Bs.p-t avail themselves of the chance, and his plete in every detail, and with
lL due the brings ac sour morning ad evening by machine is kept cnsanit at desorxved ATTO Y u-We
.n ytem pastor, Rev. O. J. Frier. also in the Y ring the haying season. e o the novel es of the season.
tlh Sdm.ff IL C. hrch by Rev Steinmeyer, andl The nearly unprecedented rain fall of
PtOPW9le M ... thecent.' fl-this season has rendered the country sD c
--on the e a of the Xagih episcopal lay reading at 41 roads almost impassable in places, and
S h o m., in the MvonlcTemnne, by Dr. A. the vicinity of the bridges quite so after i S i l
.4fd The mad wllU Mr C. Boone and lIttle son ce latterjwere at once pue in proper shape
n nerl, Winter aven, passed through town again, and the road su ervesor, IAr.
l he ad--WnayI0r e hr ogh Chas. Weihman has been busy the past PROFUO AL OADS.
''c~i:--','.'-, a JIC1e. i tw days in making all damgercus PO aO aL OD .
6' *1Wil b5 placed I veral sewre cases of measles are places in safe condition for travel, al-
"Si -F_ thc osii l from the Mt. Eon district'I though the regular working will not be C W vriAt,
towhat Isnow done till the rainy season, is Quite over. C.
Mr. E dmund Ide.!father of Mrs. R. The work on the building, corner
"1 "tl Bheidge and M/rs. C. L. Bug ee is In SIxth avenue and ThIrd street, recently ATTORNEY AT LAW,
"' 's oitch mgell-, town on a visit to these good Ladle bought by' Mr. Marines, Is nofl completed ll 1i ce in stte and federal c sca
_ _-e- .......I and.the.r.fam. ls.. H. -_ is and the proprietor has moved his Prompt aitlatios givecto aIq hulas,
(CI c no cm er o_ f theNr tnnew .gr. ste Ls a rnmd.jewelry establlshment Into the new sobege, srankDdi ng. Tampa, Fi
,i o r oi oe o the Hew g and wl, quarter Snce his purchase of the
probablaY spend the coming winter 1n!property quite a transformation has
. a l She m5 ww1 Ibeen affected in the structure and the p~raBO.E5IOBT.
S ga Increase m MoyoTlarge plate glass windows effectively
Jr . s. Mmo y of Trkey Cree l display *Mr. Haines"'elegant and varied AITTORNEY AND COUNSELLOD
51W Wi Port 5aP5, as' sent r Plant t stock of sIrverware and jewelry. AT LAW,
that stsh sa enormous ProL Guy L Bruel is spending a The store on the corner of Sixth eve-
qilie we-id d~ays in twille open his way ton aynue and Fourth street. vacated ,by Hr. TaxPa, Ex. Nat. Bank Slug.) t.

n afw days last of the week at homa curios, etc., while Mrs. Thayer Witi '
,1S ss 's t ena Ie popl where e have pobep sndOng SlS conalpetitlon is the life of trade" Wil practice ia the United 8tains Ctentlt sa
;~~in~to rejolcig m w of rest and quiet character the ,better--for the IntendIng Firt falsiaol Bank Bu1iddsg, Taimpa.
mnmer wrnaarerr hve begun to re Th~ser hse an enviable reputation in h.K. OLLIPHANT,
isl.'5. Zrya' Incoming trhin their separate lines of business, n
m brings a score'or more of them who are doubt they will meet with a deserved ATTORNEY AT LAW,
gl i Mad to get back to cool o1f and take lit succeM. BABrow, FLa.
In spite of the lowering skies of Sun- Prompt ct.ec:tion given to all buai'
. sl ..4Mlatwg.. easy.. day morning, another large company

I came over on the Manatee to enjoy the i1W5
day here. These Sunday excrsonsSMONTON.
are so well patronized that they will SIONTON.
"'continue for the restof the heated term. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW.
1r. Coleman prepares dinner especially
for the excursionits so that every Tan lotnd
one can now be accommodated with a
good meal. A great many, too. ava
O.d~~ ~themselves of the low rates allowed h t Ibyi.
the Plant System on Saturday. The ATTOREYS-ATLAW,
day and so a goodly number Indulge Ia BAxTow, FLoBIA.A
ticketss allow a step over here il .Me W,
S-an: tired a~ a Sady hoUEa p here h. ised Offce in Brick Bsild i on north side
.1 a ..cm yaw y dutis hers e 4m time to n time .cam over on of court Hous S usr

Ygin is do-anR vim r
.am yoW V -tis dtscrb
m int 51050d of


pes are always on the
y Httle improvements
o to the -benefit of their
* 'Ed. LtFwis is having a
proof receptible built
the better keeping of
pany of our young peo-
in the pleasures dT a
intley pavilion on Wed-
wis, who has Just re-
ute a serious Illnes, is
I brother Mr. Joheph
h his wife is enjoying a
mahay. The later are
tc over the oraags

If yoe wiiil send aour n se and persimavnt
Address to Drawer W.. St. Louis. ..you will
learn something to your advnalr and re"iv
free samples.




v Every woman kw
Smean to make m
* little to nmove. '1

INO ..



towas ehasy s -o4 I
mhe pi 6 markd e

FwiM~r .iy

* Will accomplish our purpose. The babme of
SLawns, Dimities, Gingh~ms, Piques, LtWa, tiO
Half Their.Value..

Great Reduction ~i

Wool Goods, Dress Goods, Table Linens, T
Napkins, Sheeting, etc., ,.

+ litlow"r at W *win frk
. Best Shoes in Tampa rat the Lowest Pric

Maas Brothert

* THE TlBAnEza]sL r


Foundry. M'Echioe and Boiler
Near rC. C as* y eatM. Tese-l 1.
SPECIALTIES :-Heavy Blackntnithing. Arohift
Works. Store Fronts, Sill1, Columns, etc.A t
Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. '/Or prompt aft
to installing Irrigating and Steam HeatiAng w ant a
prices. Hitching Pbsts and Iron Fences.

All our Summer Goods most be Sold to make
our Fall and Winter Goods soon to arrive.

Dry Goods d
For Men, Youths and Children. ,A full li o
Hats and Dress Skirts, Mea'st: Fay .--,
White Goods and Linens. We promise tis
of the Biggest Bargains everofferedin
are some of our Big Bargains,
Men's $1.50 Shoes, 99c; Ladies' $1.25 Batteo f and
89c; All 12jc Percales for 7*c; 6e Calicoes, 4 ; i
hand made Shoes, 2$2.3; $2.2 Men's Shoie, $1;
pine Hats, 99c; Checked Homespun; 8*c; $1 Gen
$10 plain Satin Dress Skirts. $6.95; $8.50 Silf~ 1
A beautiful all Worsted Dress Skirt for 99%; Laesii
ies and Ribbons at great cutn Some nice 'PNiS*,p
not less than $4.50, for $1.75; Men's $710 .tlak 8
All Wool Cashmere Suits, worth $8.50, for $~
Suits, worth *4.50 at s2.25 M Speeial sW4p
the country trade, both wholeale and' retail.
the sale is on and- you cannot :m foi d. to miss it.l

U. FinkeaIstein *
Come. Polk and Franklin 8t .
... .. - .-.- --.-

m msM~~r~~~trY~it,~~ a'~I~QSiD'

targ Aflm
bminest Ev
.banking ge

. iE -;'.. K -_ -*a^ S . ..... .= z=---- =W^. t?


- x=.


14 r

... ... Ammm tm Hall
.' --. A r- o the a. "
St. 4| e r8t "uA 24.-Judging lot sn IUlting Plae to Pitch the O'
fro t tilose who have diers' Tents
reeen or Kess ex-
tendof Florida.
ht. P Oenf business
I with e a lE tILvM Where
elsewhere the Lual summer dullness
has been preyalent, here there kas been F: h C vaWryT r, ( to Blacken ti
Control of little h lin ff Tru tolthe acn me o
-c busine ss tranacted, much building has Reputation of the Xen cf the
..been done, and many substantial tm-
the-. s ~ Sade Ilowsng iast second Georgia Volunteers.
"r'j 1ia prbfltable season Camp Notes.
". g summer visi-
,trs *hohave been cSannedplth the Special to the Tr-huni-.
th%.Witte afforded for en-
th ights life at the sea- Huntsville, Ala., August 24.-The
And the prospects fo@another Second Georgia is now encamped about
tntseason are very battering, four and a half miles east of Hunts
bet 'T"e e cursionists who floc.Leare from vile.
5 tir !islU undaysr are evidently faci-
Ith aquatc pleasure, for the The camp is not the most inviting
that ha& bathn pavilions are patroeised to place in the world, being an old pe.
their fullest capactt e Captain Brant- field recently plowed over, and with not
f f y ley took In $25 during the time the ex- a bit of shade.
tment wa P here & k ago. He has When the boys arrived Sunday morn-
h ad a toft e erected, ng, worn out with their long trip
s f1 which rertly the carms nearly fifty hours from Tampa, and the
y di bay. march to camp through the hot sun
6! % = fish ers hpautedd on the. ,L,

His ComIW Wmirrvs lit t
ad S8pir t.
Three Bemts bell 1n Tampa Washington. August 4-The
Departmnt tp-night posted the ".
SU lamed. ing dispatch from General Wheeuel
"Camp WIkoff,. Montauk Point, JA
ust 4-- Adjutant General, Wash
ton: I have labored incessantly lUtp
UAVALRY GETS NO CALL nand organ, and am gad to
that the command is improvli
health and pirtts.
Vo'ur.tcr Troopers Will Not Get a "There has been bat 20 deaths s
the camp was organized. The chi
Chance to Go to Cuba-Artillery in condition for the better in the
Dropped rom the 2 Ofle of four dayS has been market& Am
sending a report by mall .S e lab
the Army. to gt out a tri-monthly report ftc
20th, which I hope to send to-mor
"Donated supplies are arriving
Special to the Tribune. morning which will give a chanI
Washington, August .--The War diet to the feeble kho are with i
regLmenta Hvery thing is i me
Department to-day issued orders for twice a day by officers who
mustering out of service the following directedto immediately correct Ir
regiments of volunteers: -laritles and sanitary defects.
The First Vermont, First Maine, "WI'-tm- Rt Maj~r Genera
Fifty-second Iowa, Sixth Pennsylvania,
Fifth Maryland, Second New York, OHIO DoXOCrATS.
Second Nebraska, and One Hundred
and Fifty-seventh Indiana. All of these
reglmeats are in the infantry branch Endorse Fr- Silver and Praise O
of the service. None of the regitents el . J Bran
mustered out have seen actual service
during the Dresent war. *bR they have . .



Cincinnati, o., Agust d.--'nag
he season of the Deaocrafic State
convention in this city to-day the otel
owing resoutioms were adopted:
"We mot he ary endoame the Demo-
Iratic NaUonal Platform, adopted' at
aIhcago In l andUKe particularly en-
lorse the enfhalt- pdlak three-in de-
tlaring for tree andt lltted coinage
of sliver and gold at the ratio bf6l
to 1, independent of any and all other

The Fifth-reular cavalry, which ar- a and Battries A and B of lthehave
t has three b ats 0On rived in advance of the Second Georgia, Geo'gla LIght artillery. raSM J. eryas z

t geto e oor csPre n o _o foh "e ..... r, rrg, i iw: _A0
to, bDPontgWavoe therGeorgians the blackeest rep- Besides the troops at home tha arend w orho on frthe iWwb
S ndero re~te ratiTon which they wereo able to paint muster ed out uder this order the ol- paelndly of
nide ht todcrii them a* tough* and talot. lowing now serving In Porto Rico ere The ilatoa e an i eo ta. .
oi. a n h least..~tol aeJWo a lr eeiavor to have this rItten also mustered out of ser vie: and teade avte of tak so to the m.

e as t twhooiet lal i5 arn ct oe r e ind iffernt oz an ten- are mro ar nd for vteyartooked I e .
n, wseen haso Si e otw rin t'l orTere amn r. Iome are a Troop A and C of the New Yor ca- Aistribtyin oli. fot see to seCur r- '
a aeddt aoSta a e e s soooain ea oabobe Hutvlle airy; The haladelph a cIty tro p, the "A lJlde dar thctioy O the war tx the
f o~~iha .. _t asos noI me t oio ten ar an te -n equally upon the weosh and corporkt-
o t ch reL bni-ntfu prices' 3agoni th r dNineet te disposed to oheprtian oond t the condton os thosen L fou

ek M ep em t fo 10t Ordered to enscie. and, or thnas Be p tleaeisurcedn n aosw e ellaspn
onme nkeiltd sap aof tee atu i. t .l.t 2e.ans atd tGe organs 'troop of Penns e ylvan i d cavalry.et 1 ahe fo ut a
Wn. Thte t s aken v y e sd -ar senmier t re Other orders for the mustering out lb o .,aor."
mon-mn since m urr alt
Sl Gwiralfr able olose rt Ihnd son that trhe oUtlook t' SI ti tr of tpro esPstl be announced. ..n -sl b THa eds soon asa
o Ween. vnge Tatrheoy, t cats erid -i ecisions are reached by the War Dc- A Ne alld' ote pas s-cAL
e l a ofe oui r s. -. I were id Con;i lrie pca therpe ne e ar tme
Ne btgei ir to ii o tho el e hert the ,Tg hon .o Prod t -to Go o 0 on ta k te e O,

w e er- irm seri o e'rs l ta" -nc s e teng t Thirtey r toet o natre e p itto r N k Agst
S the een o the A and 20 or more p n theoo

I 'd ie.t sSes d iesu u it inthisa a s theryoo n t isort6 nca mpe eant Kitany e. Hnvironmen s- t a lt Stoon There creNo are fnow tegiA sde -: lae-s-,
te eianye frt W e rn ofH.t n T. the oheanie nti d n wI s a attend Rd ionrte ato ennOofthe on he .Ma rge ar
ee here, wllbe ple t e on Wedos pro- of fo m an e- da New Yorki Auguf t d e Coea n ther .- .wood

und erg tratmenintby -Dr. t h Mrs As e erei snteos int which. they reports overr.000 psaceonteI thrde -
,Deeerans merlon thn i. ithe s -hotd y-,whoe people, o hospital at Camp Camp ntold to
carle ot ed thra o the 6i k the spleen o the a-A P ct ure gst one tn he thin tand 00 o mor e sm eepnor ta ble o
ir ed to v ne ad work in operas e begni to du nicest little toWnS on the West oat In tg n o ots for themation
ws -heldr Omdmrtneto Tnerily sueedr ieihe epecMttis of the bn sred Iyn i to ehl the eate sasonnley wlg
ame' N 1f 0endt oeMre. T ou t opA'any to baen ness Ineter n n eMona sooner than was at first c g x- "" lb
ded to fix m Atn shell collector Capt. Geo. Sues oroI o oite It p e is Bvett.hing c e attention ted, as he ote Is anx to. e for him-
h e Wecint u ahe a e t olf eturw others health an at foun here, ad atSy fe self the cn one- a, who h n of those who foi th
e s hen- will a be pleased dear. ofth o iA few cveniences ro th e sd ith tributirade at ntago and how they re ai
decre choon t the Voit aeon of cas wo hve special st reasoe s hae thngv as tolready' make thm cmtr.
1 ee wasl&tdsr tesoT b s o made appslc f t d e athe t being musmre a orei than made the bed o Ppleasukreae r Sai to at AdrteNs .

brF~ t 4&t4 &te James'e apoet here L TeM an rs 1o ave mes inter.- inowna e tl s eids ou hs teat edis t al*Montah f irs ex A
ided to ix veteran sell-ollector, Cpt. Gern It s not liel that any acting them b e of pure air, good waiting condter a ucivd p erfe ct ed, as e r t ene
for s re ers, atedscte le ten by the regrets on the sub cth. renit ln. I can think of but one se dth
lncb y trian t o er re flot t, get ou lat hhe ooters health ca be fou nd h and hat ew' self the o ndition o thoe wh
-a slc rng ti p mt laria fr te Oare rty the lae wAt oes t cioe o nterw on thirtenies coast where it is ab- santiago, and how they neral Mb- f
Oca rte- e, h b hac l t ad b t it hand choice m rwi hav e special reasons have already cmpdoctors to live dr or. the Solai- mlitrty cDim were willin te -o

p O ai ate ar m f made applications oe to trhare ase more than ma up b the pleasure s p eode I a e

se- e hveral *ol b e ogatl e e ad s misake tf or s chtcg e o e f rf
1 a theside o uther It is not rikelp that any action will be Of pure air, good water and perfect

a n s week Mr. Horae tr Moo, of tae Ordered to Hunta taken t t remeay Bt oe the ct.sanita d in ationg home anthe enur d Sk of but ne a dthLhe
..- i re o the y are let go by twahe las norat toebe other respetn bris coast ahere it is abh a Neialgo y al of t he Sanish sol- nor d t "e"
the Council wth a priep ion t farie t- S cial to th e ribne. isi. ts beig the home of a nted artist ers have d e
Teil r k baet lt fire engin e (t Chi e auna, Augut o. Ordeslne a si hleM for doctor to livueares, the patDh ml e ing
S he-' wter weshetaken twere issued to-day for teralhrhe fa to-day or n on bordameor Greatf s
kdepartmem before Iion-r Sn eoofheorki n thgieoahtgaofphhe arot n cee

the Council witng's naphrcha lan t ur- I has etblished thpecial to the e headquarte its B being a the homeudent of nature, he portrayisters have parte tt
undsg 4et wng a thorough overha engine, o the Fo urth army corpst 2. "risOrders Mr.o- Louis Duncras. lr. l uncras' bt

the oiler teand wasne tn havenheo he d to-das f isr it F o the ifrdies si verdairne tom r..y stoG
S' ne wee .e nto Grnd pds 'Michiganr a t ouandtroo to camp at t le wh Gnare pl J. J. Cop-t e ad oil pntig is mert remarkable. oJth

Mr.Gw oteo.e Ksing's naphtha lau yc cn ge l has etablished the hedqarerhBing a suut G REAT Dp l tcvERe. not dPk etarw bt f
-und n a thoroug ov erea a e uling, l e wetre
and eqL be" ot the b oller b aed alf an tand,?onrtgiane av E e with wonderful vividnesse scenes from 4-)1-- *Mugg Usa nd 'Aoel Hanres ori Duo.. fr &a. to a Qn h

ioved- here complete renovating. The'brancr will making that place the largest camp in an Imaginative turn. One which a t- c'uolee nrvms .e. iramv a4%s t- Ware .wi Ln
tTbmas ,kbe in perfect order again before the: the United States, a" traced my attention was a painting, aoteu. ntu ro y.csaiti so e At si rrsgu tpan aftin. ,"
mjt Tames tourist season sets in. A number iof the regime ts ordereaptlyrepresentative of the war with oref etc tM ae and Bldder t both i
S Ta An enjoyable reception was helm r 'ft wild on I to o'Hintsvile woll be mustered out of repre ao the ba wi 5e o i tlae ot i
m "wer W'Wednesdayevening at the homl of Mrs sn.'ice shortly after their rival Spaisn. Spain 1is represented by a fiery man and wenae, Rvula0es '"iaodds,
ourteent h Merw In honor of her sister, Mi ss looting serpent, from whose eyes flash tru. le- t idren. It not sold o special to-.e Thje
charge ot eyma. iamHunteandC.. T' PBO iCI. all the hate, greed and cruelty of bar- your drugnt .will he er m by ML on
Ho sWliHuellyan ad C. W. x te-itt rtune (Iea small attil totwoChicago, hugest 24
ro a-' St.evens werere ore on Wedne3day on bariism, hanging from the dead'limb of ct ntb' r BgttmenC Batnd wl .rse C Publc Insgtructi ofa
ad legal b. -_ness It oausd onaidea -We Speculation an old rotten tree, aptly representior g of h ---.tende F.t tael nt odl thed in lSS
had leave g busess ItCaused Considrabepecutantet eundatonen tol Es beintroducedtlaath
The lecture on the Cuban, ctlss Chcg the unstable f undation on which that- i;040s V 'Lot ae.tlhic
daye r e t he Mr ra government stands. e In front of the l1 w--. l. a regular a
e an ina- Fromd Sunday's Daily.serpent a h s a thatched cottage, while on Of. ap ilc n tr e bsl
O A fi, n d bd y Therto c pubda 'seDa inth Tribuethe ground are two helpless baes, ntnAl. re1%
oi l d aW pulse nh. Tinabout to be devoured by the serpent. -ar rthat d Io( 16 y# h f Bpa>B of.. a "
tr C1lo" Mr. Abhheir, editor of the Belleview yesterday as to the probability -f Mr. about to be devoured by the serpnt. iff bat Isy 'wee tr t Ef ce
In the door the mother appears frantic- anti 1aldM e t~oubloo b bfflaella'Issar
News-Letter, ret to his home last H. B. Plant securing control of the ally hie the ather tands with drawn Disovery (Wao, T ), ad M
wcliekn after ab Pant holiday here. railroads in Cuba, and operating ,them machete to defend hist home. Over the fully recommend f tohe i e i;
Mr..ow ard L- the welt known drug- in connection with the Plant System Rdoor of the cot ade ia the blrd of free- .It. .tSc l t
et Z1-The 9gtai qfbade City, is sending a f8w of railrods and steamstwps, caused door of the cottage is the bird of free-
ved-to-day weellicwith his Aplly at MruV-horn- rairads and tesm the American eaglehis eyes REA ISdepe
rPed top-day Wto+st ;l considerable talk In Tampyesterd, dom. Amer gle, his ees READ TI, ea-
tn e l a I p y rs aflame, his wing-soutspread, his talons his offeie, Stair'on
RIF -d A ,hter, The Importance to Tampa was recog- aflame, his wings outspread, his talor
nized by many oc the progressive and This is to certify that Ihave been
ons f Lnon, returned last Saturday from a This Is to certify that o pharee seen aommnnd. rd e1;-a
a on p Of weeks visit at Mrs. .othoueer's enterprising citizens, and all such ex- ret in its details People visiting tie a sufferer with a kidney trouble ftr ten o .from .
e at.0__W the wish that the project out West Coast should not fail to call at years, and that I have 'taken less thansollrbfrom var.
Scarrie h l thPrsroughte MrbH, Ducras' studio. His photographic one bottle ofr Hall's Great Discoery, have been in the io
F WEIA. lind hld e work stands unexeled by the best and I think I am cured. to-day on the steeiae
I o--n I 1...... I 0 ~ Plant, fhr they could see that Tampa I cheerftilly recommend t-to any ne least one hundred of
meeg NO would be greatly beneftted. A few artists of the country. But I believe suffering from any kidney trouble, as ony e r
re =.aa people, who can not see 'beyond the I started to write about Dunedle One I know of nothing that I consider Its al t
meg --The Conc'i1 'Pazed to Hold a o eti end of their own nose, thought that of the great pleasures here Is the bath- equl al Toa, te p
WtoRMrLetrought I ,8en o her w nse
Lat Niht such a scheme on the part of Mr. Plant 1ng. Bath houses are open to all visI- TRY ALEN'S FOOT .AS o tore, and* hadenma
se wicO -L- would mean the ruination of Tampa, tore. Then i you are asked to take the
s awil bFrom Satnrdays Dal.. as it would bhe against the interestt of baby out for a stroll.long shady walks, A powder to be h Into sho yead orma
aida willr'Weie the Sanitary department ofthe Tampa to develop Cuba. offer the best opportunities. Pro- At this season your feet feel swdlten,
city wes al activity yesterday the eg- A yet, there is no certain as to visions are wholesome and cheap. Butter- nervQau ni1-.t--a -vseee-----
is sweet and fresh, and. unlike the but- II you have smarting feet or tight Mrs. MI* Cdala
IslatUve branch of the city government the object Mi. Plant has in;view. Some wbut. It You have smarting
1 tbled to meet, and consequently Y veral believe that he will'rr to extend tr of some of the towns, it Is ne.a A '
very important matters eli have to lie the operations of the Seuthern Express employed to haul the delivery wa on
O .ver until Manday night The city' Company to Cuba, and thatiwhether he We brought a little butter withus
collu adopted rules fixtin Friday secures conZtrol of the railroad proper- from Tampa thinking peopleesth hay and callous spoos.tel ru
nigf of ea fh week as he regular time ties or not, he will secure the privilege coldot get good butter here. On d buonof i-tpal
tiring the first night we looked It in th comfort~, .r i, toi
'.for tg bht after five of 'he mea- of operating express cars ion all the Ice box, ut were tondd the nxt gists andhoe oe or a
000804MA, wined bW an tr0- port liice bobut were astounded the next n o r.
hats of the adted half pa ra morning to find that it had forced package free. ,Addrss, SalSr_9L,
WOi tak n untilnext Accordbn to a celebrated anatomist hinges and lock and left for parts tead, Le Boy. N. .
a "'there are UPwards of fivei mllon lit- known Settlers back in the country
7M Prest t e glands In. the human# stomach. reported peouilar odor six miles away A k l T e ra"asi
SColnelma% dP our eat t digestie next day. I have forgotten who
meie, lmeand Phlillp. Ivea (tignipt the fooi. bought the butter of, but am saled at to the Tribune.
pea is~iss to t Inan rw of: glands, -want Of' jo weaLknesh~ iC wee Intended for the army. The uni oneton, "Texas, August Ia-A Sduepr-0er.h
riced-rbs, of hs, ne.,of" help to restore thing over which I felt hurt Is that case of fever has Ipai the
a 'Wing and "'*Ors, Acting health of these organs The best and w2asmistaken for an attache of so Pof
PoSW*lktuna.residenthtut of m1t natural help is that given by behaved a lot of buma. a
mn [ because It supplies the materials needed educatIonal lines, having built a new

Spo deretloss asu te oodie stomach, country, Mes. n, L M.I bey, frn l ls.5 the
whe new conict ss tero& s.Lt~by, with her two bright

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Known ati ovr the North for nauvateS
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*silrs~ det-T

.1..01e.4 o se I-Sot s ; ne--4 of ow 1-4
.AL ADA'lT&LAJ6CENTSI of sw 1-4 ot mec i in township 20, uth outh in o e september. 18 tthe same bl the
of range 21 mml ast. w 1-4 of ne 1-4 of'see range 314 east; ne 1-4 of sec ILS. towNhlo Sth day thereof, for cas h to the Mgh-t. Wris
32. townhip 18. south of range 21 earst; 15. sodi of range 1 east; aw 1-4 of ne and best bidder, the f 46 N ow ro6d 11b I'ttd a
FOREC)OSURE OP MORTGAGE. se 1-4 of me 1-4 of sec 12,and fractional 1-4f ec 6; se 1-4 of nw l-4 of sec 9; me land lying and being In the county of n. W. A-M IM
SP ---- Bme 1-4 of ow 1-4 of sec 25, township 21, 1-4 of e 1-4 of sec 11, township 11. south Hillsborough. and Statt of Ftorda and q ed I l -
If the Circuit Court for Hillsbtrough south c; range 20 east; ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of range 16 east sw 1-4 o w 1-4 of mec more particularly described as follow s,
County, Florida., The Ybor Cityhp 19, south o f r nge4,townsh township 1 southth ofdrenof an te e towsit :- the bests a aist2
S Bildin ft Loan Association, a r- east; se 1-4 ofe1-4 of eec 32, township o of s c 20 township 16 both In Lot number one (1), of block nIneteen ay .of
S Ii poration, vs. Edward D. GUllett and 18., south of range 21 east, se 1-4 of sw range 16 east; a strip off south end of (19). of Worth's urvey of the town of tw Tin the nth 1
to I Mary E. Gocliet-Foreclosure oft1-4 of 3, township 4, 1- w 1-4 of sec 4. township Plant City, and beginning at the s oth- the oirtt e
e mortgage. 2 eas t south of range 19 ea conning 6 et corner of the southeast qua2ner. of p MI
S under and by virtue of a decree of And also the following real estate it- outh f range o east contain he southwest quarter of he out o twenty r of
acres, and the me 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec he southwest quarter of etl twet f
SorIeclaure of mortgage, rendered on the uated in the County of Manatee. Lo E lhtp 11, south of range sixteen ea. (20). township twenty-eight (M), range to the n
22nd day of July, A. D. 1S, by the Hon. one and two of sc 5, fe acres in the And the following real estate twenty-two (2), a thence north owne the fow ng 1
r .,a. non Philips. Judge cf the Circuit nw 1-4 ofec 6, and five acres In E. uated in the County of Alachua: me 1-4 hundred and ten -15) yards, thence wet ieg and tc tBU A
COrt of the Sixth Judicialcircuit of the sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 36, township of ne 1-4 of sec 11. and sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 three hundred and fifty-four (364) yard. County. oRtda, to-Vwn.
IEhSo M time of Florida, in and for Hlllshbrough south f range 17 east, lots tEo and) of sc 12.township 7 south. aw 1-4 o thence south one hundred and ten 010) lot Torteen (14) i oa
Counry, in chancery, In favor of the three in sec 16, township 4, outh f e -of ec 12 1-4 of sec 13 yards, east three hundred and flfty-f r Township ne To
Y-" .- bor City Building and.Loan Associa- range 17 east"; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 and ne townslp 8suth nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 and (354) yards, to the place of betnnn ang Ninet
i ieon, a corporation, and against Edward 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 1, the tie 1-4 o the nw of -4 of ec e of airing eight (8 ole and r e
SD.Oillett, and Mary E.Gilett, I will Se ne 1 o of sec 1 township 34. ec 15 of sw -4, the se 1-4of Purchaser to pay for title, to pay for title. dr- --..
lt's dto at public outcry in front of the cIourt range 18 east, lots two thret and f t,ur, ne 1-a rd ne 1-4 of e 1-4 of sec 24. GRANVILLE L. L.kRIMOR .
ispe houedoor in the city of Tampa, in said insec 2 lts two and there in L I, township 10 south, all in range 15 et, Master in Chancery. Spe jl
..county and sta, within the legal hour township 37, south of range IS east.. neae 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 1, township 11. .. SA 'E s
S of ale. on the 5th day ofeptember A 1-4 of l1-4 of ec 2 and sw 1- o 1-4 south range 16 east 1-2 of sw 1-4 of MA.STER SAI.
SD. the same being the first Monday of s10,townsip south of range 18 ec 26, township 7 south, range 17 east; In ihe Circuit Court of the Fifth Jdt- NOTC s.
t In said month, or cash, to the east 15 acres In ne 1-4 of o1-4 e of sec sw 1-4 of ow 1-4 of sec 3: n 1-2 of w 1-4 Cil Circt of.Florida ernando.
highest and best bidder, all 16, township 40, uth of range 19 east; sec twni south of range 17 Cunty-amuel Y, Filey as sr- Six
S the foUowing lots, pieces or nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 tf sec 7; aw 1-4 vi sw et atll north cf county line of sec 1, -iving partner of the special part- wiu present to te S
parcels of land situate, lying and being 1-4, and sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 8, and township 11. south of range 17 east: sw nership whic-h was composed of ll tboroth Countyt, t s
Sin fe county Hmlalborough, and State 1-f 1-i of sec 17, township 39. 1-4 of ne 1-4; se 14 of ne 1-4. an dthe Lucius Finley and Samuel Y. Finley accountoand voulas S
1' 9 l 5, of Frida. and described as follows, to- south of range 2 east; n 1-2 of Aw 1-4 of sw 14 of se 31, and the ow 1-4 o se 1-4 In racticw of law as special partner the win of Jawe VM ya ST NP
IIA tihoN hra r wit. lattwo of r ockseventy-six of borl ec2, lots 2, 4and 5 in de 1., lots 1. ofse.33, township6; nel- o fe 1-; und the sname of Ieulciu Finley, ceased, and w ebnen
lan& put I0 City. accord ing the map of 18". re- 2 jand 3 in sec l,. township 40, south of and swl-4 of Osw1-4 of sec .2; ne1-4 of and Samf-l Y. F rnley, vs. Enoch B. anch s& on rwi t
"o .The w as corded n Dthe book of plants number cne range 20 east; and lot 2 in sec 16, town- e1-4ofse nel-4fc s l-of sec 14; Chameberlain. In chancery: Bill to Alt day of tuy A, D. oft ,. -
Ai w e Isle ty-four, of the records of ship 34. south of range 17 eat. e 1-; of w 1-2 of nw t-4;e 1-2 of aw 1-4 Establish Attorney's l ln and for .M T A
-"Gf.fll 1 Moar e Hfliborough County, Florida, together And also the following real estate sit- of nw 1-4; 1-2 of onw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 Relief.
BW-t* .fW-nOc iwith all and singular the tenements united in Ithe County of Pasco; The pw of sw 1-4. of sec 16; and w 1-2 of ne 1-4 .
11-.l4 tle e relttei^ and appurtanences tere- 1-4 of sec 2 3. township l26.outb o: range of sec 22, township 7 south, me 1-4 of Bse .
o n'di W w Ai to A eloeging, or in any wine apper- 15 east,, 1-2 of ne 1-4 crec 5. township 1-4. 1-4 of ne1l-4.on 1-2rcf ne 1-4, no hpe H 1 o1 t+4 4441
.aip4,t eR Oltr. 4 south of range 17 eat, the ee1 -of 1-4 ofmw 1-4, the aw 1-4 of swn 1-4 of se e
Ie .S ..u, o.o.,,r,.u,0-,-,o,, .o, ,a., ,.,oto ,.,o, Prices that Draw tha t e ,
11t iS P.. NILl,. s tes..e.IR. e. w 1-4 of se 16, township 24, suoutho on; ofone 1-2of ne 1-4 the oe 1-4 of me 1-4 P i cl o h i
.* . ht era M in e ,rangei20east;w -lon ofme 1-4 of sw -4 the w1-2 of nw 1-4, rand nw 1-4 of sw c s tieat raw tl
h" ot Soleitor for Crmplainant and the w 1-4 of me 1-4 of 1-4 of 14 of se2; the sw 1-4 of ew 1-4 of see
6; n 1-2 and e l-4of w 1-4 of e 1-4 of 27; the e 1-to nw 1-4oa r t cc 2of the st 1e-
1 Bisaj S- NOT1CE TO NONaRDSIDENTS. s.0 townshp2. southof 2 1-4of e tonei on mos.,4 and o0Ceus Good ^s |
-worokT TOn aam~- T east; nw 1-4of nw 1-4, andnwl -4 of esw a in range 18 east, the me1-4t of me 1-4
Sace l u 1-4. and sw 1-4 o sw 1-4 of sec 0 and e 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 4. township 11.
I m;; In the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judi- townUI lp = mukt, of range 2 east; e south of range 18 easf, n 1-&oft 1-4 nf The people are delighted with onu t, -"
-W68%ma- cial Circuilt of the State of FlorIda 1-2 of ne 1-4 of see 4, township 14 mouth ew 1-4 of sec 4, township 8, south of
t ,hLe. In a n A for Hllsboroosh County; in of range 21 east all except the n i1-2 of range 9i east; ne 1-4 of sec 12, township Monday, we seU 36 inch Porcde as 5c per yWr ,
J WK 2g ift sh Sttsg. the me 1-4 of me 1-4 of nw 1-4 and the a 9. south of range 16 east; the e 1-2 of me One ca'e 36 inch black cotton, fine rods -and2
.awMCiioyinBuilding&Loan Amino-1-1 of ne 1-4 of me 1-4 of nw 1-4 in sec 1-4 of sec A. township 7. z...-. L range
29. township 25, south of range 16 eat; 1 eas the e 1-2 of e 1-4 f se 7. and softnitogot6cperyrd.
dmis Ja kt aB owin south of range 20 east; me 1-4 of nw 1-4 ship 8,; south of ramge 17 eaSLt. : A large assortment of Light and Dark
IT*de ase coatinga emto be heard upon of sec 2 town hp 36, south of range 16 The Said Thomas F. Stubbs, W..Scot;a-- on0t any price.
,lit Ubad Om miot~i or an order-of vublicatlon, at. Tison and Thomas H. Peoples, late part.
the eMS upon the af Pt r ued in the County of Dott; w 1-4 Ing under the m n ad stie Ladiee' Skirt, a greet variety in linen, .d
Ehe Kt.h attorney fo the omplm t, of me 1-4, lots I and 2, and the e 1-2 of Stubbh. Tlaon. & Company. de.endant shades, hag beautifully at only $2 each. .,1 y *- ;
SoeantetMJxo.a.Brownnl W 1-4 of sec 17, e 1-2 of w 1-4 of sec 180,; above ne.med and all other pereons In- "
fteeJae B, wn are both 5de ats fe 1-40of1 me1, the w 1-2 of Dn 1-4, the terested in said property are hereby re- Ladies' Sailoir aad Fine Millinery at gretl
m a= S- Statef of nouhdS, t, theyhave 1s 1-4 of n e1-4, and the e 1-2 of nw 1-4 quired to appear to the said action on
S e"en. aet from toS e sats. more thn of se 3 20; all in township 40, south of the frn Monday in September 10, the 2 duced prices.
"' w day. gieor 0o the la si ofran.ge 1 east; ow 1-4 and me 1-4, and to samebeing the 5th clay I -said mo' h,
awnd a eree OUR r ders court elaid- t remember what *e advertise to sell we i
of5 a supma g upon whom, would hind, 36,i t i oWe Pre agents (or the Stt dandr Fashioiu. " *
0V h t."00"twenty-se 'yeam; that there Is no per- of range 12 east; theme --4 of me 1-4 of in said courtadvertised,

aU*way rent place ot temporary reldence donsl of see 28, township 40, south of Attorney for Plaintiff.
', -- M 4 I Atrvehblngfo. Olasow. cotland. range 23 east; ae 1-4 of ne 1-4, and the
It to thereupon, ypnn consideration en 1-4 of sw 1-4 of eec 16; a 1-2 of me 1-4. COMMISSIONERS' SALE.
i t h e r e e, o r d e r e d a n d a d j u d g e d *th a t y o u sd e 1 2 o f a n 1 4 o f m e ct 1 7 t o w n s h i p -Yh i cu n der sig n e d . -i -.
John B Browning and Jane a Brown- 33. south of range east; me 1-4 of swSixth Judicial Circuit of the State of -. a se t
8 *tudo beoretheJude o-or-4 of sec 9, all of see o7, andoue ene 1-4 FI a, JInanfonrandf-ril b/rough'County, j 1"^ 1 | H '
3 ,0l5 said court. at Tampa, Huilebofour of ne 1-4 of sec 25. township 36, south of I in chbcery. the unde.Torsgned Ctni ^ A AA V. A C
coUfy. State of Florlda, on or before range Zieast. oe 1-4 of 0e 1-4 of s3ec 6;sioners, appointed by the Co-urt to el -
i ni e o the e th day of September. A. D. 199". s -4 oof sw 1-4., and 1-4 ? ofa- 4 of certain property described In the sup A 714 716 n Franklin St.. Tm P '
ftt^ ^SSL^ Its twl ther ordered that a true and I-e .i n -4 .of 1-4 oi sec 6. in pi:mencaj bill of complaint in said cause. ,4, a d 18 Frankhm St., Tamps. F/a -,
-Conn*#"fLto.. correct opy of this order be published township 42. south of range 29 east. wi llnell ,n the first Morda. In Au- 1 111 411 "1 S 1 I I
.0" i'ed o l the Tan Tribune, a weekly nmca- And also the following v- -.' t.- I, 1, the same being Lhe lrsi da3 l I11 I 1IIItlII 1 I
y .ertes ient po er, published in the city of Tampa, uated In the county ot I- -. .. ald month, during the legal hour -'
69 WS c 1ut and state, once a week for no 1-4 of sec 26. In township 280 south of sale for cash to the highest and bes
Mid e h e t ft he on ecautve weeks. of range 31 east; sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec bidder, in front of the court house duoo E- I, d "-e- vo t -ct
ordered on this the 2d day 7, and nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec t. In town- in the City of ampa, Florida, In sali
__.. n ArofJuly, A- D. 18. t ship 30. south orange 23 east, nw 1-4 of Co-nty. l t follidng real eotat e s itu -
Ei I (semi) IL t MITCHELL. % s, -4 of sec 3. In ow. ip .. 4 l iutL, lted in the County of Hillsborough an I A C N &I $( N S .
/ i; i '( Clerk of Circuit Court., the 1-2 of me 1-4 of see 6, township 2 tate of Florida and more particular Ai '
wIwi ePBy D. EL GIVENS, mouth, and e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 1V described as follows, to wIt: Lots tw
lae P. Ca KNIGHT. Deputy Clerk. township 30, all In range v4 edst seven (2) and three (3) in Block eighty-tn
SlctfComplainanacres in the se corner of the en 1-4 of (82) of the town of Tampa accordingtI.
4o SoslcitortforoCowlainant. " -ip- souh. h geno p thref Importers and Retailersaoe f r, tfo
State of Florida, County of Hill s south half of sw 1-4 of sec 13. s 1-2 of John Jackson. in 1S53. *-
;BS dr. lthey o borough. ne 1-4 of me 1-4 of sec 14, and s 1-2 of Dated at Tampa, Florida, this 23tl D Y G OD
ChSS iS Ie H. II MItoaell. clerk,-ot the circuit ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 26, township 28 day of June, 1S8J. ,LJ JJ -G'OO S
I .ir wa court, for -tHllsborough county, Floridla. south: the ne 1-4 of see 5, and the e 1-2 *m'l Barchardt. .
,1t.. hereby certify that the foregoing is a of se 1-4 of sec 9, township south; .w Andrew J. Knight. . -
.li t, true and correct copy of the original, as 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 15, township B0; ne M. .-endry.wd M -- '- '
inu ofnpearm on the fies of this office. 1-4 of nw 1-4 and sw 1-4 of nw l-F f Commissioners.
alia hs peop In witness whereof. I have hereunto sec 25; and be 1-4 of me 1-4 of sec 34. F.W. Silmonton, LaUL"JFI DU ,,,
joyhand, y anid affixed the meal of sWd township 1, south; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 and Sollctor for the Complainant.
B 4st o S at CO'l, on this the 2nd day of July, A. D. ne 1-4 ofnw 1-4 of ec 2: the e 1-2 of me -- We have a regular organized department under the p
IT 1-4 leafou'r acres In the me corner "f 10 IlI viin of oe the firm for this branch .har e k of the Cirtit cour-t sec 3; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sw i-4. and 1t1 IL a a distance oan send for samples and may deped on havln
s,"u..By.D.ELGrVX.NS, the n 1-2 of&swl1-4Sofnmet1-4tofswl1-4[ 1on1f w
i ee iS asDputyO Cle o o se c ets30, townshipn 22outh; n 1-1 of w 1-4 1 y order enruted to us filled with the sae p
m-. touthalln re tcare, and at the same p as if peIr2ons.II sndg*aeM MoteeofInntutonofuit by At- of nw 1-4 of sec 12, township 1. mouth, To the Sheriff of Hiltsborough County, t8 for samples end prices on anything n the FaCy 2 w3

mmbsfesest ^ .sss(Siwdsil Jmteaait 1-2 of ow l1-4 and the n I-l of sw 1-4 Know ye. that .1, o-nn I.. i:cawrord of a Dry Goods business. It is the large, beesfttesi
Bb'S J-.^ .-.^.t s^.- i, u .,nd e. 8, e d oa s nd lo t f 0.1bd2v. ion 1. 1. election will be held in t4itmsaloroughe sgt of raciv. d ":^
.-"w 17, 15 4, It, 1 nd 32 soch County. State of Florida. on Tusday kind Itaccordingly one of the eights of Lo S
IeA tf.ini. tat rhom rti ,,'-. five of the svbdrrision of Medora. next, succeeding the first Mouday in "BacoQ6 Advertiser" contains price list of' Fa, cy and Finlrey
S se"t lot. u s. sy fof also the fowng realeetate sit-No vember, A. 12.., m, the call Tun.eGoods8 msied free on application. -".
oB: ., .. :< nw 1-4 of ne l-4:.ne 1-4 of nw 1-4, and e for one cepresentotive of the FIrst Con- W --* *,e'-
1t1,the Usa. Meiuias U- .el- ofan 1- nesa i: ne t -4tti ie
VS S"^ZSSS-99^pataei a o-f1- ofasc ItSowMMp r. mouth-llf oourt Of'the BrSte of Florida, #or fuall "';' ': '"" ""' ;- '-A'lf
2ranwt east, ne 1-4 of an 1-4 of senl term. For one mtee of the-'upreme 52 429 E, Makt bt.-

5^2-Isrhs s ol as.t- s 55'-r o 3.3555f-: --0^ -,o tprsttveo heSaeo ir

so .lo II a I I Uul Vor eIe Of the-06=1.1minl C.urt. r a ..TAIl MG
theeraemblet W*ccm-4t TS east. ea i- 1- o t f1no61 ec m .ecrd, For T A sor, For F Its o10. -m Fit. Ia.., SSe
iaci she -4 of the me 1-4 of e 16 township lS0outheo frangeS es1t;_th Tas- olteetr, Fiso County reasurer. InTEi rlt0ems. 5e"
'-flt kinship ? 1uth of range 17, e 1- Of l o 14.2hr4 of we1e -2 r three members of the County D.,ard a n 5Af, I STOSgS tde n t osrm
theuAA L-4 ofe SWT&i*-- WA4- inmrucotio Yor Just.ce'off Bamp l ei i e rn re naik sentou y
1 e 1-4 of ec township 20, south the Peace In nd for the following
nelameInseec1l, sw 1-4 of r 1ti sw ofnvI Se i33, Justice Districts, via: No. 2,s. t- .
gBeeflf dutws of tI1l, o ,s ra st:e g wi e 1-2D,,o. No No.
ofw 1se patee 17o- wof No. 13, No. 14, o. ", No. o.
-A3iP 1 'moa of range 15 1-4 of n14 of o se 2=, all in-township 1 o No. 2, Ia hi t o. 5, No. 5, No

".la*4*-S -" U-meintwo 19, mouth of range 25east; n 1-2 of gw o, No. 7,.No. 8, No. 9, No. 10, No. 11, No. F
VA7-as lornw 0CNiofs A",1-4,and me 1--4of3sw1-54ofDsec 5;onw1-4 I q, No' 13, No. 14, No. 16, No. -. -
wm b o w ; 2 mere o; -of ae 1-4 anof es 1 a-4 of on 1-4 of e 1-4 of 17, No. 10, No. 1 No. B, No. 22, WEmallhttsmOfO RAY Ud ts .
S i and loten seec 6 ne 1-4ofswn 1-4 of sec 26. and ne N nessa ethZe ke E N-
4 Wphip 3,Asouth of range 5 1-4 ofe1 1-6 of sec It; all In townshIp 320N omustt until the nom weel "We.
uHawlk-A6 Sen 1-4 ofec Ia3 town- mouth of range 20 east; sw 1-4 of s1-4ofw1-4 In testimony whereof. 1 have here- do.no. .2-e-r.and the delay. WehmeeewaSe a lee.
nookaf raye 18.5 n .201 of Ofnw 1-4. and sw 1-4 of me 1-4 of secl. ) unto sett my handand affized the 5100t D7encla 'nation, sawe cannhot mateean
m townip211. south of range 20 east, and seal of the State of Florida, at Taila- d' 0,tligwo2.
2tmouthofrange 1 2-Ie1- 14 ofeel-Sor f sec 16n, i"ndA .n"aDcg e
of anw1-4 of see 3.vand township 19, south of rang,_*Ieast. ot Sassee. the Capital, this the 12th-sdayc- sCa"Vss
tt e-4-vsd-l township SO, south Anid also the following real -stat, si- .f Atugist. loB. 'ce w-orse, F-o- y as.aoycd atosiave. .l ,
s 1-2 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4 sated Inathe County of Marion:N, 1-4l- (L 1). J'mHN .L. CRAWF-ORD, Ahossbous tins roI. name Jons. donIs h. eruI
1-; a14 of nw 1-4 of seeof.w 1-4 of sec 13, In township 12. outh -ecietary of State. oe lso andoygreao hog. onht u_
tho. aot*ts'o range 17 east, of range 20 east, fractional st 1-4 of sw To T. K. SPE-NCER, pcte l.lmproved. I goi stouter and Cancer ft c. t i's
Z',4 of se-4 ahd 1-2 of sw 1-4 o 1-4 of 1 sc 4. township 14 south of range Sheriff, Hillaborough Count-". .t--'cd. GRAYBEA2Dsaved mylife. .f .
4 nd l 1-4 of me 1-4 of ec 30. 20 east; nw i-4 of ec 11, townrphi p 1 -. 1 F C ouny. omph 'o m 'A ... J
o tf Vt-.L' l ofn tel'r nge 1.7 east; ne south of ange 19 ast; ne 1-4 of ne 1-ti .o1 rW T,- y, .o -. i. l o r eggistuthbwssto t IWIGRA
&-S ine" -4 ... r -f ... .4 c. s .I f sc w of nie 1-4 of sec 18. town! hip 13_. sout h7 d -r L D ojr opo Dwr gtho. to" -" "o*u!
. ',L.wJ- asl1--2 i ne 14 Of 5C 7.9n townnship16. south of range 18 east;,t n :0- ,Ii00- k ,-i . n uo i i-I ... ._- __i- . .
Aft-lK a M uth ath of age it asti. se 1-4 o U w 1-4 of Dewitt Park in 5e '. la iru- t ,. -: t bltat- -, Florida. m w . -- *' -'
ellowing seal Li- and thee W1-2 of on 1-4f ne 1-4 of ir n fo HIstin-rough oun"in,
C'' S S tW and WI, t P&M excep lot 1% block 7. and z "hanc er Ku "
M.EV.1 .1,-, 0 e l 0. 6 .Sid lots9 .510, 10.. and 12 In Mary.A, Porter, et hi, vs. William K. K
.im l o mw 14 of p sc 14, .block 5, and blocks 1. 77, M2,0I4.1 an l -akl -n,.et a .-foeclese m mof es.rtgage.

p. u t. ora fts& 6 1 I to 10hinlive, block 17. and lot 85__on_.0Judgeof_.- ..the court
SUMP15_ .if.In 3L and 4"15 I n.block 12.nd a ___.bio.at a AND v' -

31111j1111trramw If t racoonii]14Ltqem wr -max -UVH DL l n UwMBo
o ..f.r redu ct i c -
i rira refuted t* the cO M UtteO ,.--.-- '
o nd rkrnc eIs* Sorn Sailed Yestely a03 Truspw !s Tiat ls Sad !a be th Objeet of B1s Pecial to the Tribune.
Hik -. in6B of Colonel Je. AJones' pet sen.o.s. f ,, f . IT i f t n New York. August 23-Thc United
Spettioed the council to direct their 10 l T iy I1J. Trip to O rates iranprt San M arosa. apt a
-i.:- mayor to deed back to him a certain tlen. which sailed from Tampa. A '-
treat of land defted by him to the city IC. sld Key W.t August H. screwed
F to the attorney to draw p EW I W DD 'TWIL CRATLY HLP TAMPA this morning with two &attrtIm of
r -pw e the nec parep Fiirt United States artillery, two cOc
7 i, O s rlsSe sear t te ettion Kontauk Pcint is Not Healthy, a.d Cuban Ra:Zreads to be Operate in ani of the Third Texas Volutees,
fa on West Seventh avenue, (Hyde Park). is Not Ruited for Rapid Disem- Coinecuon With the Plmnt detachm enet c hps of eiors L'nd
being in a nimpassable conditionchmnt c of elee
-i of The committee on appeals and griev berkation of Troops- Several Steamship and Railroad B s- total number of men on board wa tirM / I gi
ance reported upon several peutitons
4 for tiduction and correction of assess Cities Inspected. tens From This Port. of which ifteenare Cop tc .CAp. k an.i n
gnats, and in each case the report of H. HMerrll. ht Artillery, is im eo- o.-.. ...
the committee we adopted. mend -.--- ^ ^ ^
Co acllm&n Holmes moved that the Special to the Tribune romSaturday's Daily. The teamer anchored off Libaerty -
isadaornedCity marshal be instructed not to en-I Wshcington. Auiuit 21--Secretary The aa h r e o sl ee wil wa as
a e ter ores the cattle impounding ordinance Alger has issued orders directing Gen- Te t ayontaiheollingN o ea: abe wlU swax Inatruedow eatarw
1 tn further Instructions, within the' eral Miles to send from Porto Rico, all "Mr. H B. Pant, pseefdent ofi the from the War Department at WaUsi t
aimr l ItUtt boounded by atelle street. the'the United States troops not actually Plnt System of railroads, Is still In toll The troop, wll probably e 1 attM l s s0hem ee
AkSan= river and 1thstret. ThIs wa adopted needed for service there. England. and It ii probable that he mltl to Camp Wfhf. (b e
WiOc wttoh conformity with the wishes of thel No point has been designated as t not landreturn to this country for several to Camp W f. "lt t A .ts
A -t "rO citizens of the Second ward as expressed for the dis-emberkatlon of the troops weeks yet. Rumor has had it for some One tiUeryman is reported rick with ion amog t .a
110111 n1M00 'I-a eetiltion I w nen they reach the United States, but time ta Mr. Plant, while abroad, i meaSe& H I b toH M
Te ordinance introduced by Coun Ian examination of several cities is ,ln either organlang a syndicate to take None of the troops on the Sw a f' e -.L
S red amm emraen -rker, prohibiting the o-' progress hold of all the railroads in Cuba, or I had been outalde of the United SaBete. .r1 B 5E
truott & tUt o of the streets of the city by, It I the desire of the government o uetl maneuvering a movement to e- alb g been in cm at T mes i S
-, esw is m or car of any rirond company select a healthier camp aite than Mon- cure control of them for himself and the early part of the war. t of a ?
ori tet h ft or a longer period than six minutes Itauk Point, and at the same time ae- American associates. Larg English, Sixty of the worst cases were removed tt-
lS ....tbat waste en up and passed on its flrit cure a point where die-embarkat.on investments are said to have been mad. from the san Marcon this afternoon. L
tA'" reading, and laid over until the next can take place immediately upon the in Cuban railroad properties, and this Nearly al of the men were convraIs -
medePt ga j -- I arrival of the transports with the troops lends a touch of credibility to the story cents from the general hospitals at Key l st
m cd T ordinance regulating toe sanitary, so as to avoid delay such as b a oc- that this is the secrA of Mr. Plants West and Tampa. 1am tl. 10 0
W -_Mda Pti Irt, am creating licensed .cav- curred at Montauk Point trip across the ocean. e
StB ~~ angersP wa again taken up on its nrtis It is expected that some of the troops "None of the official of the Plant ode conctentd a mort ead iWn,
a ha te ordisoanethat to be sent home will sail from Poce, system here, thouh, seem to bel teveo
1111 Mh esJi of olhrtion Ihn elPorto ico, either to-day or to- that there is much, if any, basis for the ot atlMa y ""
at- teen the members of the council at the morrow. The flret arrivals will he ta- story. Passenger Traffle Manager Special to the Tr boe gtl Ise., bt it mft..
t st swl~s e As oon am I wva- read toned at New York until a better lo- Wrenn, when spoken to about It yester- I"ail Pls"l Ind. AuAgust L--]- tietweW. Wl h e1;
SIt Om haa oer nader the roleas. cation can be selected. day, expressed the belief that there Governor Charles Mattber, of Indiana doul tow
The water works ordinance waus ten was nothing In it. It seemed to be died at 6:30 Sunday morning, at Win- aeted" tei
Ow Up, but before the oter bean reading The Mystry aolved. his view, as well as that of others, that gate. Ind., grounded by hia wife. and srre a
tel t ilt, 31 n treL aker moed t that tbe ord I Plant had as many railroads, al the other me o his mmedia the tO .
the.b ns aace My on the table for three months&T steamamp and hotels under ht oa* bn temly. The reMat awl be Interred -Me" WIG.111
i a t ber tn s WM onded ad ia without trom tTeday's Dally. trol now as he cared for, and that be in the family plot at CUnto. next Wed-ltho the
00 1 1a, d r ~ dissenting vote, aad tbe people will That "Mysterl.'Jd Mission" of Cololncl preferred to develop the Immense prop- nesday. Governor Mount and his staff gor 'SinPsh 2
Mth alts oowntiale to pay the prea mt rates for j B. Bellinger, quiarterinatir of the erties now in his hands to obtaining will attend. It was firat intended to in thbhee ads- 01of
wm1m from r The request of Chief Weir of the Sent- army, and Cloonel J. B. nderso., in.- control of other large but 'half ruiaed brlng tbe bd to thli ity to Ose I whtateh s Iss t el
t n a 5 ter y dhepsment foi er a telhone was l to general of the t railroads In Cuba but that plan las been indtfooed at of "UM e W=&",ft ma ee
"rOn the other hand, though, tJr e ri
ty tt referred to the conmmotteo on saatiton. troop s o ;ongr a myser a stery. It as no doubt that the railroad system ot f ched request of tive fa ltuc 6 T 9h e blde h-d L 'rm l -
ST ce patro waon nothing e or tn a fishing lrP, Cuba, run In conjunction with the was elected governor of India In s I
engn, e up, and Councilman Webb moved that
the wagon e tned over to the fire e- end it was not very successful one. steamship line of the Plant System and a was one of the leading ~4-t- and even the cg aT
Smotiont dl pertineant. a It has proven too heay either, s far ai the ish w us conreec. its railroads in this country might be for the presidency before the ationa '
dat 8 s for the two horses to pull as_ oten % but as to the ple re. all were ertly dy developed nto a soe o at Demoat convent in
&m=as Ithas to be used. He stated that an satisfied The fishing party was oaw n eae s-th. emr P lants well known spirit I
V l & 10km e arrangement could be made with the g ed by Commodore J .W Ftzgtad, of e m ed ht ud to the Ta .
take such a venture, end it would not pe, ..-
dsgae t7-fire d rartment aandalighter wagon1 t s ugp itecaut" of ofthe PlzantSteamship be surprisi f later-on It appeared- J a Mi]k" l k 4*l @
with a cover, can be procured fiq thCompny, and coasited o 'f Capn that he Is really Intereseed In re- cofuSpecial to the 'Tri ne. Bl~akO fNew t i
stated that in police department. The motion was Fitzgerald, Col. Bellnger, Cnl. Ander- the railroal tem of the s- a athGa., Augapt 29.-Tbe'Brit |ad vltte t" t e-3oil
Kll had nohlit carried. There being n o other business son, Captain Gandy, of the quarternaa- sland ang makinr it adey t factor In b st nip Adua poured by tbe Yok runt. o.-
sr- the board had the meeting adjourned. I ter's department, and about a dozen thed and maldng i t a great factor In shlpa of the UnIted tCtes Nvy au sh tthoroh
S d pwave th other gentlemen. T ey left Port Tam- the reestablishment of the business of was trying to run the Havana blockade plant tht ht lt
r to direct THE KXY WET. RPORT pa, on the steamer iargaret Saturday Cu -a on a scale of much greater pr s- was offered for sale at public auction at Eooat
y rand lpret d t night and went to the mouth of the bay, ritfult than It has ever tifore known. to-day by order of the United Statt lt, e.d tlead .tWi
*we -adopft C- where the steamer anchored urdol morn- It would take immense catal to do It. court. Th minimum price at which the hMoeIl. -- .
of TeTamp NotngOfficial, but Pbitution is Be- ing. At day-break the steamer store but r. an has great means at his she could be .old as xed y the ot urt. -
o mei tou I"j, lis.ed to beGrave. out on the Gulf. and several hours were i"f the Iolloing surmise of the inten- no one appThere were no bidders,- that e a leRI
t_. comdiont-t spent In fishing. Th .reports In guard t ons of Mr. H. B. PlSnt to secure con- wo em app-ard to m uch, that shewa.
to the catch are decidedly contradictory trol of all the railroads. inCubs.,, proves worth that ad a w a- to beat the
itbo e aerrom Tnesty DaBly. but all agree that they had a good time. trl oIa the '^llroad',C2, =p"ov In good condtlton and a first-elas boa C w .. ,
u. lpeary, in The Maecotte arrived from Key West and are willing to try it again as sc oni oaecta It will be o great befrt to every respect. The mrsbQa wilh Cmaton O ., .0 AgtJS.-=p
Sneee i yesterday afternoon with several pas- as the opportunity ofters.apa and Port Tampa for these await further Instructions of the coort. Kinley an Id med
rJJ~aEe;a of thpoints beIng the Southern terminus of t b
S9s engert from Key West on board- ene the Plant System of railroads and the fr am Ha v !k-
0S-,- tor T mont Key and a that place took on a ship Company, will be headquarters for --r y 555. ss,
--i" and u number oftpassengers who had been ipeft From Tuesday's Daily. all Cuban trade. Special to the Tribune. were givn a S ts. ,
there last week and who had remaine Rev. Will H. Osoorne, late pastor or London, August 29.-United Stetote ok 05 -5Wa lse,4 -w 'f-
St rqued time in qsarantlne. the First Baptist church ,)f this city. HOW'S THIS. Ambassador Hay is to-night diing wit'tor eftwl ay.. .I
0e"moft el UpOn arrirvln at Port Tampa. only will leave to-morrow for Ashevlle, .N. ---uereard en Victoria, at Osborne, Isle oft- .t
rt 1b9j"' thi those on board from Egmont Key were C. HewiIl spend some time at .she- We offer cne hundred dollars reward Wight. He was conveyed from Ports-
b n aowed .t land. Those brought from ville, ant other resorts in the mountains for any case of catarrh that cannot be month to Cowtes on the Royal Yacht. - f
?b 0 ^Weatj.ad to go back to Fmot o Tennessee, nd hope to be cured ty Hall's Catarrh Cure. This Is the farewell dinner of the Am- erid ,j |
s ,bt d VI. with tyw no--himmune-. great4-hbenefltted by his vacation. Mr. F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo. 0. bassador with the royal family u taie "a .rid, Aagt I Ii
e ausne of this rohlin of the health Opborne preached his farewell sermon We. the undersigned. have known F. Queen and suite will go to Scotland thts Correa. miltier wa
oL ttet of the aUthortlies is not known, but t is looked in the BartXlt church last Sunday to 'J Ch-n.-n for the last 15 years and be- week-. The letter of recall from Pre-J mthe Queen Regent at h m,
~1e""1 th upon as being decelded.y the beat course large congregationsf. The congregatli-n l'-v(e him to perfectly honorali in all dent McKlnley to Ambassador Hlay, bas transport sia Ge LuoseIsB
Swnlbe th as the immune and non-immune have was so impressed with his morning ser- business transactions and financially not yet been received by him The the. Montseerail t CoruTa t '
uwimter o been exposed equally in Key West, and mon, which was an elegant and power- able td carry out any obligations made date for his departeure has not been retrnlag from Cutl '
St there is any danger of one class br %- tal discourse, that Mr. Osborne was re- by their firm. definitely fixed. orty-tw a e
wsio to n lur any dangerqeq Elees be*h therels qested to send the manuscript to the West & Traux. Wholesale Druggists,amers dring
o ~ equally as mteWdahger of the other Baptist Witness for publication. it is Toledo. O. Tpopet ltm t .
S class doing the same thing with regretthat the members of toe W.ALDNG KIN.AN & A.RVIN, a-- e t .
WlIle definte report s of the cc.n- First Baptist church and the congrega- Wholesale Druggits. Toledo, O. islal to the Tribne. .l '.
Am&,=West yesterday tion and numerous friends of Mi" Os- Hall's Catarrh Cu e Is C taken Inter-Spcal to the Trbune.
Sa beliefborne. witness hs retirement rot the naily acting directly upon the blood _Atla ta. Ga. ., Al sto ]28-General . _,cl "I
that the situation has. become more eer- pastorate.. All ae pleased to snow mucous surfaces of the system. Testi- nngtOn, the comneder of the gr-I9sen.
lovs.- Nene of the passengers on the that he will still remain a ciIoizn of mortals sent free. Price ?Scents, at thIs point, received orders T e 7
Ikew why Dr. Murray had Tsampa. ,ste m Pipartin -n if a. Family Fills are the beat. to Inspct the ld air grolmS' where ThL Pla t was
W -sordered back to Key West after pirogrenef vtlm oofLOoryt f i es m h e gi a st oande ,b nw t ha.tt a.-
is... anva at Port Tama last latur- Co., and', I .ine ib 1 constantly hi- A Wedding L st Night. United ater vountre there Tott
d Tey said that e dctr were eple or Atslanta area ed at tehe p e- .
a ti he divided In- tbhr opinion regarding s heuthe- F 17'rom Tuesday's Daily. tewe Of Aotf t ahae-lae At Jut cif
Ithe. s.uIon c ee. Dr. Porter and MA-LARTION. IS DEVOID 1OF BITTER Mr. MlDton H. Clarke and iMarga- of a nlt b cmp, hei the m te theib th rrd. .
'os -pe w afrloij physicians ofK ernTA Ert eyw rtedn eob sg t a the Key Wes, in
stedth te cases were not yellow TTE. ret Bal were unIted In the oly bnds great advante to business pres
e e of wedlock last night, Rev. W. H. Os- reoe of so many soldiers wil be. LT TON -.n
+Mcesst.il sf tuck tl to their opinion that Cur C lls and Fever; acts on the liver borne offi.clating in his mpreseve and 05'A

w i for hm to attend f hind white feet, no brad hands with a man who has promised to can fully mmecmmend It to- otrohers s

Dry. A Peetsr i te s retary spot on sidead under dde. Finder get little home at 512 Washingtn
and thei exu; tve fc of the board, will pleae notify H. P. Lemp, owner. street, where they have already begun M'ALARIOIO WITH M ARION

bs e the ,t Petees Five ma e seven mie frOe Tamp New Tos. s r he goes to lay I his
ol boaT mes, ,' Fia. t will be absnt for about a month. Dsu glsta..-i

=--' t I

iIEfiitada a Successful Sea .
":ir n -, ,. :rl '

K) g AtI ia ndlt, people from all over t is section of the State. We have sold t a r. t a.tnd dOt .e
.. 'are unanimous intheir verdict that this is the

a thing or two; one is: Oariy no goods over that aly reasonable money losing will sell. So you may
-M goods at a!'song. The balance of August and September we'll have hot weather. Scientific me
A m6idf and and -torrid days from now until autum, Just the time for you to buy summer garments. We-
and, ets. We havelthe timeliest and temptingest bargains ever offered. We make this woadwrtu l
ati ar 9s.l goodsithat have been ordered and are now on the way. Our present stock -must be0noe
... mea. .by which we expect to move there. We have bargains that would startle the osteowom

everything Cheap 1 Ever thin Stylish I Everything

presented Everbod Invitedto com ad

:, -. ereeted, veybodyn ite ooea --J
--- .--, ~ r -.-. ..
.. ,. . . -. . -. -

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