Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 23, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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ua y ded to ad the T. onr umnportance will come before the c- Te erecon ad oc this
toateeld he urstTamnp, ;Florida, June 21. 18i. ventlon. By request of many wood building by this pr gredslve firm macits .%e ttinr
s Jlt lV L on the Pursuant to a request of five mem- dealers. W. C. CRUM. another mile satne in the era of Or- an points I;
S s.ll t he ew o hbers, a special meeting of this division parity- that Tampa is now j on unu to o i
Swill e i beheldon Mody, June 27, at The troops camped at Palmetto Bech their apprec on erall ptro t
Sd t Is e t Le that iaripmry n for the purpose of devising ways are delighted at the prospect of leaving Ing these gentlemen who have shopn Tawmps ery
Sec. ether atsiwillbet and means to insure 'our early accept- at an early day for Porto Rico. The in such, substantial manner that they anretrs in I
.anme in the United I-tates volunteer majority of them would prefer to go to aen fris ea if the ildty g
.J in' f the rear if the building the sefrig--
S.. rg er ceoisBad. forces By order of Cba, but now that orders have been rator e a of Swit Co., O re laded
';' DUFF POST. received, they are not very particular and unloaded from the tracks of the
'" I ll t 115 Lleutenar4 Commanding. as to their destination. The quarter- Plant System. Thsis a greatcoven-
StiOW Ji-e .- oml- W W. sy, '.m..er a.nd commissary departm tsi lene and does away with the neee'dte "-

.f 'hewg5-peoted that the 'e5w5te Is regiment Is to be ordered to,Washilng- ess by time orders are received to go From Tueday's Daily.
S. :: *7" @ ..t---Jte fi.that ton clIt for guard (uty. There is -o on board the transports The city council wit meet Lnadjoune
Ib 'anIl Jam eth which the moedl- telling how such rumors get started. Thfe ed season to-nmorrorw sg rt. The
** W9*l~fiu ^9qif~ Ware Inseficient and men may rest acOreed that when they To reclp b 'u blood, asongthen the principle business will be tow a er t
P-M.ttW -PnPp ipswinh llbe .leave Tampa it will be for Cuba or kidney and regulate the stomach, liver what haort o n me toa de em
what ha bees none towarda
.aeairt.p tl g cunOr tt oN.M Prto Rico, and not for the National and bowels, Prickley Ash Bitters is a the S,00 to.enest on city tboi ,
.:opl...t.. grand remedy It cures lnAqger torI fals due ow July L This 'a w
*'* aRev ien a few co tpon and promotes activity n h t itn se tand of
Bev. 0. W. S,'O_ ",e in f ew in to e to rt a = ToDm. ,.
^ K -sld* for the [aCba empsaiton. iAftw bodyaasd brain. S001 by 8. a LOn Jly t so that it ba e gaiN t In 5 B
SI %ebn theshew a tfew weeks he will go ardi & Co. hoier of the bQrda4,6. g
an en to 1Coenoaro qhese he wi spend theboat SUN of the m q p9+F .
gr, re to Omaha in SeP- The name o .u, ..unr nn resker has it devolves upme'
Klrt: : O.hrX month at the aenstIuated lfor the name of MUM W thosul d59
m ya k on all stando& in commuitts to meet theO
Ow -4tp eausJ U appab~ed by PFrOddet b CA
SkA 8 4mup w m e theelt A ssau altt spe~n th me Deaons-
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pat Prism low Held In the Ca- Twety Day Prothio ; 111 Not be War Department Has Ordered All Ships Sap[son, Shifter ad Garcia Confer Re- Ser atr ItlP
ite Fortress. Touched Until on Transiorts. Chartered to Come Here. gardig the Luading. g .s


Th ink asBteamer in the Channel Volunteers Preparing for Marching General Henry to Command the P-. So Saall Detach ant- Will be Put SaidThatNe e
of -h Pas i River in ant Hbrt Twenty Days' nations Issued-Por. inforcements-Gen. Coppinger Ashore at Advantageous Points. 'Rd a ngghft
to Pmwnnt the Americans to Rico Their Destination-The Will Have Fifteen Thousand Warships are Now Near. On
r from Landg OfBcial Order is Received Men for His Expedition. Gun"-w.o. its t

pedal to the Tribun. From Tesday's Dally. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. peia to tm T
sbe KHon, June O2.-The American The volunteer troops now stationed Washington, June 21.-Now that it is Washington, June 21.-General Aaf Washiagton, $
tU w aort ha Prancieo has Jst arr- in and around Tampa are experiencng known that General Shatter has arrived term's army of Invasion which atled from qApmrvpte sas
VeIte fto Admiral Dewen s sqsad- the same degree of anxiety and worry off Santiago, and has held a conference Tampa last week arrived off OSatinago a sosassm P
ro at Maila. The oaers report that e the regular did over the orders and with Admiral Samtpon, the war depart- on Monday, and the landing of troops the rsbhltiat A
fa Ca Imsth, the Phulpptne t sureiats counter orders that are being Issued a- ment has decided to hurry forward re- will begin at at once near Guentavmevi wit is a prD
Ifr AOsaO o had taken sm thou- most every dayrtrons headquarters The inforcements. This action is caused by The first news of the arrival of the au & nostieas g
ad 41M qrlao-R- had tra-- latest order that has the boys guessing reports received, showing that the Span- army was received by the was depart- has acpd.fut
ft Sn IM r t Cavh e a frtre( w e is one issued Sunday for each regiment lards are much stronger in the vicinity ment early this morning throuBh Gen. ernment The ps
tware e the pot ofA o provide Itself with 20 days extra rat- of Sadtlago and Guantanamo bay than Greeley, chief of the United states si- Inds.
ti vu r tJw Pwwtwot Oy.d- Rto and be prepared to move at a
.'rTiaSlo reprted that the rd went's notice. This order means that was at frst supposed, nal service. The news came by cable The z awsala
a anktheir own semmeri, eb tan troops now here will be embarked The reinforcements are to be embark- direct from (Admiral Bampson. *who has tornad that the
IN the Patg river, totally o a soon as possible for Porto Rico a ed at Tampa on the transports recently the end of the French cable from Sap- progress la t a
Sp ag uptt strn nto command the army sof invasn and secured by the government in the East. tiago to Kingstot on board of one of In t come
ef le ist cprovaceuand the eitre occupation that is to be sent to that and will not wait for the return of the the ships used to supply the eets nexatUon. to-4
an o. numCberin nearly three hun- tiland. All of the troops In and around ships used to carry General Shalter's When the fleet was first sighted a dis- California sept 1
dra ,en. lTampa have been attached to Gn army. .lust wnat number of troops will patch boat was sent to it by Admiral test against the
On Jtoe 12. the insurgents organized a C. ppigers command, the Fourth army .
prbislonal governme and adopted a coraP and a large nunier of troops aie be sen' t,. enforce the troops comrnan- Sampson with orders for It to anchor the United at
dewfzttlon orf ndependepne simla to now en route here from other camps, ded by General Shafter is not known, ten miles to the southwest of the bloca- of the oiomittee
thAm an declaration in which they Preparaons for the departure o this Oo far only six regpinnts have been ade line. When this order had been to the rpose c
.reomnce the right of the Spanlards to ut yetbuas soon as it s no Thy are h ird and compd with. and all the ships were at e the. matter.
eothe olaposnd The new govern ent the tansports, in which General Sna- Fifth 'hio, Thirty-Se end Michigan. ancnur, General Snafter was seat for The protet.w
willet oppo an America pro or terms .rmy was carried to Cuba, have Slxry-"irth New York Second Georgia and upon his arrival on board iergegn, wboia
started for Port ai'amnpa, there lltl b>e and First Florld' forming the Third dl- the flagship 'New York a long latry to tbhis oul
SBAp3Id m n plae. e of troops t [ha vision of the Fourth army corps, com- consultation was- held between' the to the senate a
The quartermaster and commissary mandr d by Major General J. J. Cop- commander of the army and the corn- action any t
CUBAN- SAIL; departments are now in charge of more plnger. The divsiot.. is commanded D. mander ." the navy, and General Gar- A running taB
Somer ienrit no icer than iormerlyn ana Brigadi-r General H-nry. anrd nas origi- cia, commander of the Cuban forces. ator Mortan an
i teamuhip Florida is OffWith alay in getting the expeiaton ati-d. nally altache-d to the S-venth army Tnlt \.- r.o sickness to any extent drop' the matte
Splendidly Equipped Expedition It will take an immense amount of pr.r- crorpe. c.-mmanded, by Jlajor general amrr.ng thl L-Fes, and the vessels met
for an Unknown Port. vslns and suppi i ies for an exped Fitzhuagh Le-. Ail of the regimerLs .o a.cdent %.hlle enroute. The fleet
/of tbi kind, but by having everytlng THE
Fim W possible shipped to Port Tampa before named are now I1 camp at Tampa ad sailed around the eastern end of the is-
m Wedesay'iy. the tra ipoia a rr, considerable time as thie ha-e been In Florida longer than land of Cuba and went far to the south T
The steTamsi top orda sailed from can be saved. any othe.- volunteers it is thought that betore heading toward Santiago.
Po e at 7 o'coe yesterday Int be s'n l tns hped that wl they can stand the climate of Cuba. No attempt was made to land troops One oftheNe
onin on er second expedition to nt be cooped up on board the ships for The ss regiments have be-en ordered when the last advices were received
Ci, and it is sincerely hoped that the several days before satriiLg, as was to be provided itth twenty days extra from Admiral Sampson. The admiral
trip may prove as successful an the first. done through someboLy's blunder' rations, and it is believed that they will cabled that he considered it dangerous
The steasier carried about four hm- wiltt the last expedition. The suffering
of hose men was intense. The drink- be in shape to travel when the trans- o keep the men cooped u on the tran- l to
'dr olunteera, well armed and equip- Lng watmer'was so warm that the men ports are ready f6r them at Port Tam- ,ports any longer than possiblee, and that w i ,
pad tOtteen thousand rifles, 1. 00,0 could hardly force themselves to drinx pa. he would arrange to have them landed W ibt
ron of ammunition d tWo hundred it, bt they had to stand it for nearly a Four ships have been sent from Fer- vulckly. in
tos of supplies The munitions and week, wtule officials in WaeingtonxOnan
talked over the advisabillty of starting nandina to Port Tampa, and all idea of ake in the
pqiplies were for the Cuban army, or abandoning the expedition. en barking troops at Fernandlna has INTO NZW QUARTEB.: t
whiah is now co-operating with the The order issued by Major General been abandoned for the present for Lue st
e Coppir.er the ner comma poslit xits of Admral Camars Boacker and Bowyr Have oved s sa
.TeTotehe o vessel not the divisions forming the Fourth corpposbilty exists of Admiral Caa's temew z alU
on owa as ol ows: nt eet crossing the ocean and pouncing Int6 Their H4gnmaflccnt Brick Blok. There tob
k aoln at he time of her departure. "-irr--ln complIance with letter of down upon the transports while they are -.- at e m l
except'b these in eyr-edo of the ex- instructions from the major general n the Atlantic. The enterprising firm of Bonacker a
pin. t t i. tt e will cosw- idinig the army, or this date, in t Aheo r
la at Porto de Bnes on theanorth you will cause your division to be fulr It rwas stated to-night that all of the Bowyer have moved their oice fr n of "th vsls
equipped, with twenty days field rations troops now at Camp Alger would be the First Natioaal Bank building to the
sr enot, in the province of at go, and 00 rounds ot ammunition to tk sent to Tampa to take the place of the new brick block on Ashley street ad- dbeipe tL.
aboa 60 ndli u foe north at the cidty of maJ andto beprepare Sor bmmedi4te
e m e north of ee city ofman.an n t rar immediate troops that are to be sent to reinforce Joining the United States bonded w arp e Ios
embarkation on transports a& soon an
Th w a b they arrive at Port Tampa. One hun- General Shatter. The next movement oonee, and are now prepared to trans- be nOriag
The ubaa were accomn ied by two dred four-mule wagons will accompany of troops, after the reinforcements are act business on a iargerscale than pvef ee s
dehfttvoTnts of the Tenth United States the comuaand. off will be to Porto Rico General The new building was erted for vesselsw
calray. Thene trooRt have been sta- eaxty days complete rations for 6,000 o will commwifit & Co., of Clago and ei asa Baede* d s b
toned at Lakeland. The men are col- men have been ordered to be prepared Coppinger will command the expedition City, the wholesale packers and pro- fIfINyaebqt. uJM
Sand are sid to be ghters that d p on transports immediately upon which will consist of about 15,000 men. visit dealers, who are reprented in et .
reand a te isad to ibe flwhte that their arrival at Port Tampa." The expedition wll start from Port Tampa by Mes. BonaclMr & bowyer.
never know what t is .to be whipped. As there are three divisions in the T and will consist of the troops The building is 82 by 8 feet, and is two t e
1bf AmperkCu troops, arrived two large corpe, it tis natural to mDpose that there aD w consto te stories in belghth. It ia. fted with besides the mowm
Will be at the lat Tampa, not inclve in the (fu-
dynamlte go and eva l fetl pieces w at th wea e tmate 18,00 now not tnlever modern convenience, andthe t g the the battU
dyatmite gc5 l w a, cariedtroops In this expedition, ban reinforcements, and ten thousand floor has a splenld cement floor. The
laln o pack mule was was aoi carried It is now pretty certain that the de- from Chlekamauga. southern half of the building, 40 by 86 oomm had Me
ead taken an a whole of the expednltla partuce ill not be long delayed, and The army to be sent to Cuba, to at- feet, is occupied by Mess. Bonacker hal e c ti
wi 4tted, out in better shape than any there io longer any doubt as to Tam- TBowyer. Their office is on the ground The other, two
alt hat sailed from thia country on' a pa belUg the port of departure, for e tack Havana and Mbatanzas, will tbe foor the southern end of the buiding. tUed the ii
teaovernment has fifteen transports commanded by General Fitzhugh Lee. The remainder of the ground floor and
6a6le steamer. The Florida Is ex- found for Port Tampa besides the bhijp commanding the Seventh 'army corps. ali of the second eoor will be used as a t oflthe topsi
peeted to make the trip and return to trts were used to carry General Shat- eeposltoror the provision department of brave yone
Port Tampa within ten days. ter's epedition. This will be by long odds the largest yofwtt & Cot aad the New Yorr Con- was e tled on it
STampa traneports Comanche, Gate City, and most formidable expedition to be densed Mlk Company is also repre- under the
S t Ci. City of Macon, and Lnuisana sailed sent from this country. General Lee Is snted by Boacker & Bower. The .
The Nicaragan Canal- rom Fernandina- on Sunday morning now ensage in organizing a force of northern half oit the building Is used. At netean nitil
; --- for Port Tampa, and should arrive to- the "resh meat and cold storage depart- the war.
a to ltbiabtone. morrow evesinT. The .:her ti..sports forty thousand men. The Immune met b ete & On., and i i chase T names
~ i'edHr0Fa J* * --Sen after Mr-of secured in New York have already be- regiments r be'ng organized will ao F. H. Wenw uorth, unti recent man-
at th s e os morun e o to arrive, two having reached Port form part an toe epedition. ager of SwIft & Co8. business in Ma- p t
_ '_ itme 'eostwfitee en foren affairs Tampa yesterday evening. By Satur- con, Ga. ABer e,.freeaio
a-tad to-day that the comalatte has de- day all are expected, and it is believed Heating of Wa Supply eale The cold storage plant is .ust beLag bride, Barrp', 0
thaed to reedrt late tomorrow dlition will o away early Wcompleted a a 00and oe H 1
'sde tor t laea y to-mor nero week. of the beat in the 0o0th. It ban a a o To te
'ethe Nicaragus an canal Pill It .i This sets at rest an talk about the There will be a meeting of the Wood capacity and the firm will be able to P550 Jora "
(ttieft that the il wind Pflxut Ittle Porto Rlico expedition leaving rom supply Dealers oi HIUeborough county supply Cresh beec, mutin. posk, etc.. to Tnst,-Wblp
d tt.ain in the senate, and that it Perpdna or Jacksonville. Tampa is pp pdon on South Forritrord ald In infre p1 eerect ntaihtea. t aoie d t
w g a tiasuh the home an soon as It u ort, and it is almost cerian that and the adjoinlng territory held In condition. thee thia.Tret
-111en.4acld .wy expedition will leave from this Tampa Saturday, June i, either at the The firm no has the contract to
a tir ct. court house or in the city hall, at ten supply the army stationed at Tampa nginy
o'clock a m. This promises to be an with fresh niaegt To til ts r
wus Sae a Pare. Naval georvesu Attenti~on: Important meeting of farmers and all pne day. eaub r fns ne to twocrads holaoi Osa-m
i--u- others interested In the wood supply and throughout this section It growing Is noarse osip
Bee ; -The bo_ rF He idquarters Pirst Division First N.B.-business South Florida as matters rapidly h ou the efforts af MSs P I
L i ent.-o, Iv wne -The board of ..r,. -. .... .-- ..... BonaoEer & Bowver. gunbet le

to 0.0*do

Lid tsuidi
g eirie
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Lina 6)l.
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Call. 1i

r i PreOd, Apl

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aw M~lsinrad lattWr.
B wile a sbsript

th ddsrs label oc

ti r otas ntsbdB

-xeretse of tact, aclt and ability, of
Muds-4 which Mayor Bowyer is so abundantly
blk the endoWed. That the gentlemen who
S war oompose the newclty government, also
WOe tarve these qualities we firmly believe.
~h That they are honest and stnngly in
S earnest, we know; and la the herculean
U*f an. ta.s et tor them by the hand of inex-
rable neoesty, the new city fathers
itand Syr Bowyer will have no more
Sand earnest friend than the Tri-

i e i erida railroad commission has
$r lusagurated new rates a three cents
per mile on all of the principle roads
I n te state. This a, reduction of one
S ent, as nearly all of these roads forme-
ti e ly ar>ged four cents per mile for pas-
u iPers The commlesion showed good
-Jidgnwent in not forcing some of the
ioiiJlWessllr T ra to reduce thetr rates be-
Sfoawur em -perar mite, for not one of
tl t.reds ha.ve *eaed otoe cent profit
eural yea. and they are entitled
P iopr to epen ee The new
to effect on July 18.
*Wetbe rate fn t Te Mpasp to
x saeefi R as the


It it somewhat a egnticant that whBe
Sthe claim of Ta4 nd for that mat-
S ter, ail Bouth Florida-as a winter re-
sort have been widely advertised, the
,Ul world at large still labors under the
delusion that in seeking a summer re-
anager sort, it is necessary to loomiWlsewhere
This is also true of our own people, who
S when they are able to do so, commonly
pack their trunks at the approach of
the heated term, and seek fresh fields
N. and pastures green in which to spend
Uy ad their vacations ant their money.
Now the Tribune believes that a large
"$ 8 proportion of the money annually ex-
2.. 3 ended elsewhere might pr.fitabl, be
... 6 0 retained at home, and that a summer
spent on the West Coast, within easy
B distance of the metropolis of South
n ad- Florida, would in the vast majority of
cases., prove quite as beneficial and
tor-e much more proillie.
r, well-known Pensacola physician
on ex- was once heard to say that the majority
f eo of his patients who :went North for the
summer, returned in the fall, worn out
appi- with the trip and the season's gayeties;
and that the time fotr the Southern man
S to go North was during the winter
lvASjL months, when, in the. words of this
stern old observer, "he can get all the
bt e frozen out of him, and come home
pleo et,
braced up."
nd war Our people do not common realize
rapid that it ts quite as warm in July or Au-
tetricl gwt North of the Mason and Dixon's
Dewey Une as South of it. The only difference
M the is that the heated term lasts three
Space months there instead of six, and that
the nights are, in many localities, apt
ns to be even more unendurable than the
ay, daym
Scey, .The wise man is he who looks at.
things as they are--not as others tell
him they are. Such men are those who
ted long ago discovered in the immediate
vicinity of Tampa g dozen different
Sgo is spots where a week, a month, or the
entire season, may be pleasantly and
profitably spent at a rate of expenditure
port a that would at the end of the year leave
pot a large sum on the right side of the
n local balance sheet.

tadrid. T
adrid he message of Mayor Bowyer as
seeping published in the news columns of the
les are Tribune this morning, Is a document of
public concern to every tax payer and
resident of Tampa. It shows conclu-
h fort- savely that the new mayor has a thor-
fHob- ouga conception of city affairs, and
that he hai the courage of his con-
young evictions and will undoubtedly execute
to be them to the best of his ability in a man-
ner that will subserve the interests of
the people of the city of Tampa. His
e Un- policy as outlined in his message is an
ber the admirable one-it is one that will inevi-
tably put Tampa on a business basis,
over and when lts affairs are conducted on
troops business principles, the city administra-
tlon will be the recipient of a shower of
plaudits 'rom the people as pleasant
d m and refreshing as a MLay shower in
hmana springttim
,Mayor Bowyer' vast ,butlness experi-
o en ea abndantly equips him to efficl-
Jthe ntli discharge the duties incumbent
upon the chief executive of the city. He
recognizes the fact that to give the peo-
cae pie an efcient administration he must
port have the support of his cabinet, and that
theentire administration should wo&k In
harmony. ,e believes in paying the
atula- city ~mgloyes salaries that will *uffl-
gayety elently remunerate them for their servi-
em of ces, and very properly advises that none
Sbut competent men be employed. He
suggests that all city employes whose
ll now term it office holds over immediately,
icost tender their resignations so that he can
155 to mae such appointment as he may
The Tribune predicts that Mayor Bow-
t year's administration will be a success-
S.' dit. one. It cannot by a force of cir-
e cumstances prove as incapable as some
eof those who have preceded it. It
Job for will be tried by a higl standard--by
b6 mame these who have put it in power, who
eswill wUill be found in no humor to overlook
shortcomings, or condone carelessness,
and yet it should be remembered that
t o administration has ver entered into
"r ole so seriMously atdicapped as that
aer not hi l just been honored byl the suff-
raes ot the people of Tamps. Itflnds
itself confronted by ant empty treas-
-wtn wr- andm safe foll of unpaid bills-by a
l ad street pavtin end sanitary problem that
an only be successfully solved by the

not count for much in miles this side Of the Port. The ineffi-
the matter. A man dient officials who were responsible for
may not want to die. these shipments either know that the
Be may not wants t railroad in question had no terminal
handhope an pr" faculties at Port Tampa, or acted In
i that he will not be ignorance of the true state of affairs.
-9 one or do the other If they acted in the dark, they should
but wishing and hopir.g won't help him. be .'whistled out of the army." If they
It is what he does, and not what he acted with their eyes open, they should
wishes that servehis.purpose. If a man be court-martialed and forced to ex-
is losing flesh, and is nervous, irritable,
sleepless and debilitated, he may wish he plain how It was' their lofty patriotism
would get well but toe bottle of Dr. wilted beneath the influence of the
Pierce'a Golden Mdic.c.l Discovery will lobby which the railroad corporation
do more than an ocean of wishes, If a in question is known to maintain both
man is on the way to consunrptiOn, he in ashington and Tampa."
should make a stop as q-iickl as pos-
sible. He should put on brakes. He Thb names of the Spanish vessels seen
needn't be afraid he has consumption il hovering ar.oind the gulf are the Sea-
he will do the right thing-if he mwi the o ad
just take the right medicine. The 'Gold- Eerpentio, the Devilfishlo and the
en Medical Discovery cures incipient 'Maresneitiio. They may be seen any
and well developed- consumption. Ccn- evening through strong glasses-the
mumption is a germ disease a.d a blo.d stronger the glasses the better the view.
disease. The "Golden Medical Dis.
y" kills the germs and purifies the Tnrandina with one railroad and its
blood. It increases the appetite, helps
diestion, makes simlation perfect Inadeoquate dock faciiUties, with forty
d so builds up solid, wholom e fesh, thousand troops trying to load an ex-
ndreds of grateful people tcted petition would be like a cat with two
with consouiption, bronchial, throat and tails-it would not know what to do
idred diseases, have testified that it with thm
bas actually saved their lives. Pr the i
sake of the information they contain. Mayor Bowyer has promised the pe
p S M ao wer bas promise d the epeo
some of these letter have been inchded
in Dr. pierce's ono Sense Medical pie of Tumoa that the city will be put
Adxseri a thousand page, jLSstrated in a thorough sanitary condition at once
book, which will be sentrree on receipt and the citizen can rest assured that
of tweaty-e (2a) onocent am to i; wiL be.
sd abrew a Pf e as rfe -Me .-m a reaI d to the eoff that

S --bw .t .t l --M

Wben so many ridiculous and absurd Since the begin ng of the war, and
canards are heard concerning Tampa the mobilization of troops in Florida.
and its people, its railroad facilities and political issues have been entirely side-
its water supply, its ability to accommo- tracked. In this respect t in no other,
date the soldiers, and its superior ad- the war has been a blessing, for there
vantages over all other southern and has been entirely too much politics and
northern cities as a basis of war opera- too many politicians in Florida during
tiors, it is truly refreshing to hear the th nast few years. The state demo-
truth or even half of the truth, and cratic executive committee has called
the Tribune makes its bow to the Bos- a state convention t*be held In Orlando
ton Transcript for the following: on August 3, and this convention will
"Now that the sojiurn of a good many have a number of important matters,
people in Tampa bids fair to be cut to attend to. The call announces that
short, it may be remarked that the Uni- candidates for the following offices are.
ted States was extremely fortunate to to be nominated: Two justices of the
have just such a little city as this just supreme court, one for the full term
where it is. A month's residence in of six years, and one to fill the unex-
Tampa has been discouraging under the pired term of Hotr B. S. Liddon, re-
circumstances, but the circumstances signed; a state treasurer, to fl the un-
have had more to do with the discour- ezpired term; two railroad commission-
agement than Tampa haa. It is dis- ers, each for the term of four years, and
couraging to wait anywhere for a thing one railroad commissioner for the term
ihat is continually expected to -happen, of two years, all to be voted for at the
and which never does. Tampa has next state convention. Each of the
more positive merits than any other offices to be filled is of great importance
town I know of south of Savannah. It and the Democrats of Florida will do
is largely inhabited by northern people well to carefully consider the situation,
anrd y people from other SoSutherm and nominate the very best men that
states who have emigrated to improve can be secured. There will be a num-
their circumstances, and are conse- ber of candidates and the prospect is,
quently rather more enterprising than that the convention will be the scene of
their neighbors. It has the railroad several interesting contests. The Demo-
facilities without which a rapid con- crats of Hllsborough county have al-
ceitration of troops would have been ready selected delegates to this conven-
tnpossible, and it has business men of tion, and have instructed them to vote
enterprise and ability who have met for no man for railroad commissioner
the emergency caused by the concentra- who does not favor upon the conemis-
tion of the troops very well, and liber- sion law which shall confer upon the
ally too. Articles needed by officers commission, the power to enforce its
and men have been procured promptly decrees, and orders in the interests of
and sold at reasonable price The de- fair and just rates of freight.. No other
mand ias not been taken advantage of instructions were given the delegates
for the purpose of extortion by any one from Hillsborough. The delegation I
of the numerous good stores of Tampa, composed of good mmen, and :Htllsbor-
though, of course, there have been ough will be heard from on every ques-
.third-rate dealers who have tried to tion of importance.
bleed their customers. The disgraceful condition of thq
Tampa has had one boom already, and streets of Tampa has caused more un-
it is now having another, owing to the favorable comment by %visitors than
war; and there is nothing, I predict, anything connected with the city. If
to the boom that it will have when Cu- the troops are moved from Tampa the
ba shall be fully opened to American principal reason will be that the army
commercial exploitation. It may then officials have found that it is almost
bea expected to become the largest city impossible to transport government
in Florida. One hears here, to be sure, stores from one part of town to another
the most various views as to the effect without incurring great expense on ae-
on the cigar making industryM which is count of the condition of our thorouhh-
the largest one here, of the annexation fares. The state board of health has
of Cuba to the United States. Of prohibited excavations during the sum-
course most people know that Tampa mer months, but it is not necessary to
has grown up out of the manufacture make excavations to pave a number of
of Havana cigars. Two enterprising the principle streets of the city. Unless
puban gentlemen, Messrs. Ybor and this work is at once begun, a/d vigor-
Manrara, have done more to build up ously pushed the 'people will know who
this'town than any one else. Tired of to blame. A new city administration
the burdens that were continually put has come into power, and'upon the new
upon them in Havana, they came here officials devolves the duty of paving
and not only established a cigar-mak- these streets. The new board of pub-
ing industry of their own, but gave ad- lic works has supervision of this work,
vantages of location which actually at- and as the members of the board are
tracted and built up competitors. They all enterprising business men, they will
reaped their reward in the springing up no doubt order the work to begin at
o a new city and the greatly enhanced once.
value of the large body of real estate
they owned. They established a brew- NO GREAT MYSTERY.
ery, and an ice factory, and made The Brunswick Times has the Tri-
money caut of both. They surpassed bune's grateful thanks for defending
the American business man in the activ- Tampa in the following truthful and
ity and pervasiveness of their enter- noble manner:
priss. They made fortunes to which In the recent reference to the dis-
they were well entitled. They got thegraceful and dangerous confusion pre-
dvantagetoo, as id theirvaiing in the quartermasters depart-
also, of a low tariff on the raw tobacco ment at Tampa, the Savannah News
they imported Ifom Cuba, and a high treats the subject in a manner that-
tariff on manufactured cigars. They gives rise to the suspicion that it has
may suffer from an annexation of Cu- never heard General Indompetence"
ba, or the admission of its cigars free or any those distinguished subordi-
or any of those distinguished subordi-
of duty. But if annexation or free rates of his who have of late been so
trade with Cuba ever comes, it will prominent at Tampa.
come slowly enough, so that these t alleged," says the News, "that
people can adJuet themselves tothe new is alleged,' says the News, that
SShaftei's expedition were strumg along
that as good "Havana cigars" can be raks all the way fro Port
Tannpa to Tampa, and even beyond
fact will remain, and wil constitute a
continuing reason for the prosperity of Tampa and for some unexplained rea-
son could not be got to the Port Tampa
Tampa. Tobacco is far from being the wharf so that their loads could be
otly product of Cuba which under
American competition could be exported transferred to the transport ."
in great quantities; roneous. The reason e not "unex-
the natural entrepot for all this corn- roneou The reason is not ne-
e plained." It was fully explained by a
ere Tampa letter published In the Waycross
S---- raid several days ago, and is due
solely to the incompetence, ignorance
Some men sre id or corruption of a-lot of amateur gilt-
of death, ome e edged, gaudy generals, who, as Poult-
notl, Most of us ney Bigelow has well said, should be
would rather not meet "whistled out ot the army."
the grim destroyer to. The supplies referred to by the News.
day. We would rather
put it off ti to-t were idetrked simply bec theY
Srow, or until next were shipped to Port Tampa by a rail-
year. Mere wishes do road that runs only to Tampa, some 10

Clatarn and
Had no Appettta"--tr B
Evey Way-A Do rate
"Some time since I took asOlddmealde
and could not get ridof it. 'Bes ag m beb
tocatarrhand bronchial troubtleoe( oghd
terribly. I lost my appAitte ad rew
poor and wecak oad I did not feel ik-
work. I bLgan taking Hood's tBasape
flia. In a short time the cough .diep-
peared, I slept well, had a good appetite
a-d I was better in every way. Tcst
siat I was not feeling well,Ihad noap-
pUtte and no strength. I resorted to
bhod's Farpwrtila sand soon felt ber
lke work My little nphew was a del-
ts child and had a humor whfch tee--
bled him so he cold not rest at mtght.
He has taken a few bottles of Hoods Sar-
sparilla and now he has a good appetite
and is able to sleep." MIss Aa ra ns
FlR= A, Bouth Duxbry, Mass.

Hood's n bes Heam

Hood's Pills &WI J'& "
THE B ltl a "
,o *

of th


"ebr't ttl#-war have en

useda er resort Santi
ia ch*owce with Cervera.

hDabn paside resorts re
bin*-e of summer me

si wrid ahd nermel
4s3sra's Z patch to I
argatimre XtOCarlos is k
i or a ln whose cab

aq4wPnd npo in a Spanla
eiatly was hot a part o
s ..
eas lcts .af patriotic
SgrirS wb, would M ke

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u~iria-:SisWe to remel

ware Idkin
the lI

tas gt.
vs i Ss._ ks ** thu Ihe
i paeryet

; who1s6 riMWAe A

mit 1



. -

0 a

The general public, while Indisposed to not evan
Indulge in ay gratuitous criticism of badly tliatl'it '
the national a w~rnitrrtin at a time ot staff olosm W r
when the government needs the hearty ting about a AinRg t
and undivided support of every good oxlts to bto1 W
citizen, is certainly justified in drawing t rads.a
the line somewhere; and if we are not ThLtOs seWi kr
very much ptle*A they are goang to' unmjst Ti .
draw it upcn the bond iss, says it l, and w .slM
This country requires no further issue ls volnthawr o esawi
of interest-bearing obligations. The BIIeoWs stiO0Sw 1, 5
moment was opportune for the Impost- ao the rfe ar t ar i)ei
tion of an income tag, or a further issue lon of amateur so:dIs
of greenbacks. Almost any means of4 Tef Tribune sb nt witl
raising the vast revenue rendered neces- upon the interest -tsis
sary by the enormous expepditureso f expression m aiht be i"
the war would have been preferable to ble. we l p r tos lok 4
an addition to cur Interest-bearing debt R. LardIa'DS U.fiMtW
that must lie like a dead incubus upon be, saw wo arilwd e-a
the activity of future generations.
Unfortunately tor the country t, likeA. At J-m g'jB 5A WQ
all other civil4ied countries, contains a T he r
class of capitallsts who are Americans nd enterpratsir than.
in neme only-who worship at no higher who pare no pais to 4
shrine than that provided. by the al- of eveamtg I theil
mighty dollar, and who ever stand M&y CUsto Tl
ready to turn an "honest" penny when valuable aeefr te 1
the country is in a position that re- iopr ygor a asmp
ders reslstence impossible. Cold. This l-ef* wi
To these men the present war has that is i1Fnrdc o csk a
proved a Godsend. It has enabled them Iithe lipte ry ts m'a
to consummate a deal that wodld have I' a4ii .t- Sr
IHoasnessi. iands LAsi
been impossible in time of peace, and mrot and
the presence of such a man as Mark above adrsWtoe la"'N
(Harna in the senate, with an ugly free or a rela MS
charge of bribery hanging over him, oxi . -
the one hand, and his wel-known con- -
nection wits Mr nMcKinley. on the other, A *
forms a combination of circumstances
that is, to say the least unfortunate.
fWhat, only one cent tax on -each -* O(P aU bbot of a=i
sleeping-car erth? Uncle Sam had bet. eovery mc s a d l dC
ter cultivate the acqutiranes of the tvobbi resalsm;
porter. att' M- -
The French duel is still able to guar. -
antee its devotees absolute freedom
from all danger of fatal consequences. h s,
am9 a's enemies and t cers can i r Sl
fume and whine all they wnt to, butt nolpt 4 U l- _
the troops are ours for keeps. & at a
That heavy i armonaAtng to the north m
is only the New orki newspapers bom- p " 1 g0
boarding each other's veracity. fr T -r.
At any rate, the heat reports from "1
Santiago go to prove that -Cervera's Clast. Ale. MA
bottle isn't on the ice. tify that I bav be.,
and iadder trpubiMa
Every once in a while the dermatolo- IrssorW (W 1
gist editor removes Mole St. Nicholas b I. M
from the headines. r 4 i
The process of bottling a phanWa
fleet would be attended by a grevt deal .. 1 p.0
of foam. he
The only waves that are saying ay- pan _s
thing about this time are the hot waves.
Tampa's health -record sho*s that it sue--ek
is the healthiest city In the entire 8o0th0 L so
mj dadtre Is L
There seems to be a great deal of ~aie bWlve urges pus
glass in the arms of Spain's pitchers. d & Co. -
It is a noticeable fact that the-iaos- g- Sur You As I
quito fleet does not remain at Cadis. &,, f w* i
Tampa has at least found out whoarey s Siv Y
Its friends.
hav Hoodts .PH51ep osa si
HOW TO LOOK GOGOD. ra ilbd .C 1
Good loeks are really or than sk
deep, depending entltBr on a hethy 7 2
condition of all the vital organs.
the liver is Inactle, yo have a b11 .
look; f .your stomach u disordered, you I4
have a 4yspepc tio CU i po 40r hlX
are affected, yo have a tpCohed look.
Secure good health and you will surely W gt SU B
have goqd looks. -Electeic Btttera" In h-Olid frm f
a good alternative and tonie. Ats d- t i
reotly on the stomach, liver and kidnvr n&O
purifies the blood, cures pimples, blott- . E 1hMfV
es and bols, and gives good oomptilo. .
Every huttle guaranteed. Sold at & T1wyr :
B. Leonardis drug store. 50 cents per Ihe f
Now tha the city sanitary depart-
ment has begun cleaning up the city, -w
property owners should render all as- of i.-J..
distance possible, and see that their
premisesare ket int a cleanly Condition. f sev ` fua
Flih breeds disease, and it is the duty
of every citizen to do anything possible i
to preser ve the tbealtho of the city. fc
One m te-tis not ong, yet reliettft i
obtatoed n half that tim&e by tihne of..
One Minute Cough Ours It pet75Ai

roop, bronchtis p ane 1a.t aS guap i g-3
nd al throat and bng troubles & S .
Lonard A C. -,
-- .___ _": -: -: .-.-. :

E h I A I[D lR1[ hAM iW aON ..ARRIV[ ....... I

Ib u ) ua1 f Vl lu I1 Baara Wi i itad toWiontoan American Car- And Then ibe Loading of Transports Signal Stati DeolN n ad GMt Fi tatil
Crs at Part Tamp. 1 tl at First. Will Agaa Begin. D e D .

,0.fL'. -f4 "a~~ .-.... ""
. .- I L
~i eUGei to Washingto to Consult PlAn Was to Save Havana From He Will be With Gen. Coppinger in Watson Was Preparing a Way for Dynamite Oru
pr l i With Seereeary Alger in BRegard uBombardment by Threatening to the Invasion of Porto Rico-Tam- the Debarkation of the Army of Cha ses aua s -
a ; to the Movement of Kilt.he Men From the Col- pa is the Port of Departure Invasion-Not an American Her Tscdibal i
STroop lier Merrimac. For the Transports Vessel Wes Hit. P a.a .

Special to t Tribne. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune Special to the Tribune. special to the Tdbae '
ph toa Jun Iu t-The war de- London. June 15.-Advices from Ha- Chickamauga. National Park, Ga.. Key West, June 1.-A dispatch boat Off Bantiago via
prte int sn very aborably Impress- vana stat that Captain Ludlow, of June lt.--It is stated that orders were has ust arrived here from the block- June 1, a -p '-
t d'*th the daoVa ta eP that have been Commodor~ Watson's fleet entered Ha-
e a'sIe at JsCdonvlIUe, bFernandlna, vana to-day under a flag of truce, and received to-day from the department ading line off Cardenas. Cuba, and tago de Cuba WrOM is%"
8d ant d Savannah1 as ports for the em- entered into negotiations with General that fifteen of the best equipped regi- brings the news of the bombardment of thtb tim Ad k
Seo of f hi expedition to Porto Blanco f o otetor the exchange of Naval Con- ments in Genat eral Brook's arm be de- the forts protection the arebr of that te, a
ELA nne'rrecei ting the omclal reeo structor Hobson and his comrades who ignited or movement to the front. It city.l
cog thew pseral ebard sent South totnd were captured by the Sbpaniards after Ignated or movement to the front. It city. Id he w "ter ti
Vtls te ilts and defects of the they had junk the Merrimac In the bar- Is understood that fifteen of the regi- The American ships began the bom rit d lft of ta
a fet e of Santiago. mnts are to be taken from the camph bardment this morning, and at the end harbor. T e _i
r o t tl ea a mm aino.m al to otk enro te amps of a half hour. every block ose along where Naval
s Wert T tm a ned the follow n It appear that GeneralBlancos put- to make up the expedition that will go the shoe had been knocked down and heroo b the
Stng off the exchange as long as posui-
e "k depth of water n the harbors is hle, and that be will hold the prisoners to Prto Rico. No information would every signal station destroy, te other prse o ei
et .e a very esnrtUa point for ihi as a guarantee of protection for the city be given out at General Brook's head- tThe Spanish batteries retur d time, as r
sP a wen as the convoys. Havana. That is, that if the city is quarters as to which regiments would reof the hip ut as usual did ndt eo t anilsd
quarters astowhichregiment d Msucceed in hitting' as le vessel been oenaeua:d.
Sth e iold M ave dlfaculty in threadin bombarded by the American fleet the be elected for this expedition few The tbmbardmentAera cdncted by The w estSrn ndt 5
shn o 4t the arrow, tortuous, knd hai. prisoners will be killed. The I tr
le* fs leadftng i to the points of in- a being mufflclently equipped at this time the vessels in Commodore Watson's feet C ~ 'and a ~A t.e n.
sWatbs. JtdI vllie is Welt qib l Exchange i.. Authorized. for actuXI service. Everything possible and Commodore Watson personally di- to pieces I mu s a A
l tbw ~ p dep. th eof t the ateein done at this point to prepare re the movemento of the vessels, never be usaed' a
Sta te oFt the n ~rG ever, which t s~ e Cardenas is on the northern coast ia Not a l hlSo rth tes
s nal e than 6ofeet be drid, June .-Theovernment to- the men for service and supplies are be Cuba, n the province of ta The was struck b
a 4 -OtA of a draw ac; da awuthortzed General Blanco to en- tng distributed as rapidly as they arrive, bombardment of Cardnas causes the there a s u ss a
.. "AI$ 1 cU twe t feet at h tert in the proposes of the Americans Tapa wl likely be the port of de- belief tha the war department Ilumed ido It ism

Aall a d a ea ae nm ler d ofsm and cncbe nedasily tovered in nine oours auwthoris the iofnetn oad tra g*-
WSII ItMON' 4 t to l 1-4y ath s ftatoort hthe e r piams o anstrtor parture for the Porto Rican expedition, orders to General Sater to land at rll
S r ap the t 1 s tE on, nd the other prisoners c ap- ad roe tLee and Coppinge wrl be that port wath hi a of Invasion, and t lo
aah has from 1 to e feet, n tured at the time the errimaae nmac to ende only 3000 men to nGs pa.mo the dynamite cruiaer- V
cm1IeStoi ha shoo t 1 feet at mean sunk at Santiago. Bay, to reinforce the Amertz-an mrne iven another Code Be r
Slo ilwantr. -'iae hmem bers of the board and the Cuban forces. ref et odnald trat alyt
they ea .rd as most t derabe. a t i r thA' lAR T IAND in c s eilK ISe PrA lE l each. did grea rt aldM.s
tdid netvisit tM p. a the Fary. T e C a i O e ls moored --n Three of the O-m pxesw
ge f the army commanders althe f'orcltis-tm e thseatapn
u a(thUi pcam show that there is bund at He Reports Favorably Upon tnt Con- harbor, wbere t was 9 mIn
wan. fom the Gulf to, the docks at Rifc- and Ammunitton ing Stored Army Officials Now Concerned as to dition of the Troops a Trpa. Spanish torpedo boat 6e1
SPostTampa for any eel that has Away With the Supplies for How it is to be iftected and lying. t aI not kaL
sbenseeIed as a anspdrt This was the Cubans. Whore it is to be. Special to the Tribun y c mr1in to -ts n t- olm
a dOSW So the satiasotlion of all con-tod e
aered by the succe-vesl departure o Wshington, June 1--The return of offices of the eerla arat I
the n to expedition from that port From Friday* Daily. Special to the Tribune. General Miles to Washington from th aw ist w ft4
yssts lAys. oere were twenty of td The steamer Fanita is now lying at Washington, June 16.-The officials of Tp had an ineffective.
lx. t coas twse' steamships in the the end of the railroad dock at i hort the war department are now somewhat Tampa had an inspiring effect upon the
est Of transports and all loaded and Tampa, and a large number of men are concerned as to how the landing of en- war preparations. The general bad a
se sted in safety. 1 at wora removing her cargo nof arms and eral after'ss army of Invasion is to be busy day calling upon secretaryy Alger,
Ther Seems to be nat basis for the ammnuntlion. effected on the southern coast of Cuba. consulting the chiefs of the staff depert-
atemmits that the railroad system The cargo consists 0f rifles and car- Some do not believe that the main body KILLED GOA
g l I into Taempa and Port Tampa is tridges, and was taken on board in Mo- of troops are to be landed on the south- ments and giving the department, the
d properly handle the traffic fof bile. The boxes of cartrldgee are not ern coast, but claim to have reliable benefit of his observations at Tampa-A "
nl bo. v and that a railroad block., marked U. "p. AArmy," but are marked Information that the landing is to be on Secretary Alger smid he was entirely lon* T Uol. e "Sl
ad&rS eaSB'sultSre are two railroad "1. WRorigures, Mobile, Ala.' As fast the northern coast w-tnin one hundred satisfied with the coaditlon of troops o
SI cunn Bg to-Tamp ., but only one as the rifles and cartridges were un- miles of Havana. oac&u: w A
ie TMPa p ,ten mbles beyond. The loaded yesterday they were stored ia A lvery we l informed army officer a reported y aneral Mile and ...
c these railroads have been In the warehouse with the supplies in- says that the southern coast of Ctba wished he had means -o provide every r Sud s D
IPa0 e tlidoon wtoh the war depGatnent tended for the Cuban forces. All sup- is rough and difficult of approach at one of the volunteer soldiers a daily t e t.
'|tbarSt drirng the amst few days pies for the Cubans are kept separate most polnt,- and a good deal of the surf asu ante M11 a ia 3k er W
a ..r ler-Vicatien will be held from the supplied Intended or the reg- time the water is too rough for coth surf bath, sch as the men enjoyethe t
40Or7o ular armnr. The boxes are marked "F. portable landing trom vearels moored In Tampa. General Miles Is yet to have a of volunteem di sft
4.. 1 t OC the railroad system C.F.- which means -For Cuban Forces, the open. The men. horses baggage, conference with the President. In the d of uei w s
atN ter at PFort Tampa, have movements of thd Faslita have and provision must be lightered ashore meantime the plane are moving for-effect o t I
Sto the secretary of wa been quite mysterious and the tact that unless the government expects to take fort ther i t es trday.nr |
thati a no'loena| e on their line, she was chartered _y the government a harbor well supplied with terminal ward steadily for sending further pe O ft
U t it" ImnoA sble that there from Capt. James McKay. her owner. falltiles. which Is not expected. To dltiots, both to Port Riceo and Cuba. ,Uncsrty of the samsri
-I l b any. hey have tpld the afc-' for uee as a transport, but that she did get the men ashore will be a simple mat- There is little likelihood that a second The accident Octoi 1Ss.
rtha have under their ex. t 1t go to Cubts with the other vessels ter, compared with the difficulty of expedition of 5,000 men, to reinforce yesterday moving .
v b trol tweesn Tasmpa and Portadds to the mystery. landing. animals and heavy equipment. Carty was leantlng hi z
t .. tr Ca- At the time of the Insurrection in the -'It will not be a summer afternoon General Shafter at Santiagon will leavet ~le a eae eb e
tak r.ap-republic of San Domingo. the Fanita matter, esald the officer. "The troops within the next few days, as has beentscertin
a_ m d cr hew is not now, as was in Dominiclan waters, and It was will be landed under cover of guns of reported. The necessity of sendi trng
-* ,a5 thatso s nLoetdn of cards. o currently reported that she was in the the fighting ships ai a hostile reception
ike a employ of the insurgents. On the night is accorded to them. Their first busi- these additional orcs Is questioned
^ee asy Co Ahl s olockae eof ie thes a dd in some unacconutahle iaos
A& aiA aS ltkofthis lnveth tgoetup4 It 15 of June 3, the Tribune received a dis- ness will be to secure themselves high military officials, and moreover, ome
wow4 estihi that Port Tanuis- wilrcl patch from Cape Haltien, Haiti. con- against attack. Then the landing of the means of transporting such a force the -t e.
U tobe PIe postro departure for ex- taining the following, which was pub- their equipment will follow, and It Is are not available.Atwo
o th n lashed in the Tribune of Sundayo June bound to be a tedious matter as It will walls ot tee tea ^
berde to c erate the-,Itat. habe done by the aid of lighters. It is nistl uoe w asi f tc
9 Z aas-t 't ra It appears that the steamer Fanlta, probable that it will take not le than teai .
We isoe sor atoh remss~~~~,f r formerly belonging to the Clyde line, three weeks to land the expedition that anI f It entered the left ele ~ l
te nrtern e t bia, of New York and Philadelphia.nd was loaded on ship board In a week. HAW II s UUun the arm. t mafea
chartered by Captaln James McKay of With fifteen thousand men In the __ left lung' sad broe 6n
-ramps, Fla., an ex-United States mar- province of Matanzas General Shafter "
IR E M GK 39 shala, is in the employ of the aominican could take possession of the port of The HouSe Adopts thins t he camsa -ouo t*h:
Insurgents and that when she was here xtenuas and bold IL That woulf he Resolution, ad the e W t n t
mml G OusiusoIng Tald to a ort time ago she had 115 ltusurents the best possible place 'or landing the do Liks.la in the beard ses wsaoL 15
ion board aomu which ware General army of forty thousand tbat.p to ad- "'Os was t-lyiegtei
: W "0~L~ CeII~a--*=ze: YQrlo tmines and General Pablo VI- vance on tavana and dmr M (L -.l~l
Ianoeva. The first named has lotg been Further news Is expected" from Carde- special to the Tribune.
considered as a desirable man for the nos to-night. The distance from Car- Vashington. une e--.Tho house thi scdesLt As he tli h is
pres1dency, while the latter fought dnas to Key West is about 140 miles, afternoon adopted the ,Pewlander reso him in his arms and IsiS him
j Wil ten. June is--A nonfe se bravely against Heu-esuxs' alleged us- and can be easily covered in nine hours. lution authorizing the annexation of The thealmeuztl sPmalrgem
asi h.ld-..tibs momra and another urpauton, and was d Wal mofled and thk ied.
st.-, 5 b~31 aflmen b tw e en o "T'he preparatlons for the revolution l uwl nified an t tie we~d O
t t~.'Wa as tmsnt, and the navy de- are sadto have been very elaborate, TROT ul--asiS' CORPS The tapublicanj were nearly a unit removed to th i t
is., d thr os Ce- wa and tbere is a strong belief here that -- for ulnexailon and, n wre Joined by a best of att"o-~. was ule
A. Msand cU a iu, Mder the rdvonuUo the aImprese at success. Ar nd Clebration of the Thr An- adoption of the resolution was 209 for, is was seen fromthe Iret m
a wa ordseed to retun to vels at Cape Haitien, the Fanita, when nhe serateDwill at onceandgin tga no hope. He S
to. conlt with Scretary7 le f here, had a tried and resolute -- The senate will a t once begin the
-'body of men on board, end also carried Promfight on the annexation quest, hot nDy ist, and then jie d -t
".. J l~b_ _s r t. myous to s heavy supply of arms and ammunl- there is no doubt, that It will finally Immediely ifter shei
.ai~ p YIMbr' ell regarding the "tlo. hh5Le u the
ipt-l B amv'bee mte 'TPhe aSdvies received here on the sub- New York regiment of volun- himr-ift wen Hate now ti
Jtit lar q p1 twenty thous i lec say that the Fanlta arrived at teers, celebrated its third annual Must LeaaCsOaadhd. and will no do4ub5 be tr. i
tmOhttitlten the etxedi t tion that Monte Cr'std at 3 o'clock Thtrsda3' Corps Day yesterday with a banquet at nsUol. s '-TPS ma have
-. ~ r in ga PIrto ',lco afternoon, and that the revolutionists the Almerla H
.adno diftculti in taking the town." the Almertx )tel and for onces.nce cal to the TrIbune. not to pla cantzS-ass in u

;" iLS ]lssr iefta T--- Tam s iast tig lt A number of papers in the northern the men have been in camp. all nan Madrd, Jume 15--OnorDul Bose, for- while in camp or maywerbes
In eRIPPe with theoo cities contained similar dispatches, and enough to eat. merely Spanish Charge d'Affaire at wte& mona nuat hety. -
10 3 25 BS ce with the comnnted on he arct that the U anita Thp company was formerly known as Washington, and Lieutenant < oarranz a, 30 s, ths moag.
had ben chartered by the United States ormer panh naval atte at Wah- w
S! 00 1 T;C government, and was actively engaged the Troy Citizen s Corps or the Sixth ton. have been ordered t d by tc he u No o n the r tlna t an4~
i foll Tla i. 's "he oceo anIngton, havebeen ordered. by oAe Duke
in aiding the Insurgents in San Domin separate company, New York National .Almodovar de Rio, minister oft 6reign fortunate osocprrenvs m
j of p e Nothin~ ~then was heard from H Guard. The Second regiment Is con- afair, to leave Canada at one andre- = -- c sa
v;ron m I Tvessel until the arrival at ~rt Tlapa posed of separate companies from vFr- tirn to Madrid. accident dme
....onsevertl dayJ oao. he wasathenvisited lodaortsoltheste The officers ao led by the Cm The body @e t r
by General e id since that time the Troy C men's Corps are: Captain to eieerta y ti C T hs C im
WWr9 daa erow laf too soon she has been lylnf In the bay at anchor. Edward Coortlmd Gale; First LLeuten- G. rhalls, a flaman In the em- me t to befu ll
irg! 0~. for dpt re Capt. HAil, the commander of the Fanl- .ntlHenry 10 Sherman; Second e- rha rtementh Test-a '
w thIs c lty. theft on t eamerenry Sherman; Second Uei- ploy the Plant System was run over at 8:W thimrni n i
the tenant, Calvin S. MCheney. by a freight train and killed about 230 wil be in the amiltarP.4
i bl- wx i ,Friday Whether the cargo that was being re- The company marched from the camp yesterday morning. north of Thor City. f
StheSJohn rllnten for the s gents arsai was actig as o dulor nnd er s ell s wirh was aanct s oneA
not, is not known, but It is known that of twos. An elegant dinner was ready an outgoing freight train. The train Krawe. :
Wi a1es i tm f tthe war department nowhaslpaosse"- for the men, and the men were ready is reported to have broken In two about
Ion of the cargo, and that It is stored
V U ctILn k of ys to he warehouse wthate supptis stored or the dinner. The dining roonrof the three miles from the city, and It t sup-. The human m= chn ta i
S and QCm cOO T yes- a s e warehoue with the supplies o s arranged as a banquet hall, ed that Marshal et the caooe to d
tane ol"owng. in its n forces three hours the celebration ascertain what was the matter. The DeWttDWUf t atfl-
wa'.s, st out at the Notice to Oermany. lasted. men on the forward end of the train did iaaoI lttle P15 irn
S- Speeches were made by Colotiel E. not discover the lows of the caboose, and And stop ut a.-
Special to the Trtbune Hasrdln, commanding the Second New" one or two cars until the train o gene stomach Ma41 f ifad
l ht'*gltai, relql- ondon, June 16.-The Berlin corres-. York regiment; Lieutenant Colonel 8soee distance up the road. When they L rl ,* r :
S.' D poldents o( the london Star says that Loyd. Major Lester of the First bat- di make the discovery and return to te...n ec tr
..gc-~sQ l tg"ths- tile Amerleam embeasy has inormedy talloo: LUeutenant Saun and Lteuten- pick up the lost ca they forosQ that y r. "
I bore, together him that the tlbited States will not The peeche ere a h nr e t
valry, and permit (eiban troops to be landed In IlntBralr applauded aar nd threpeechees wern r
ftVmary wUl also the Phlipptnes. and a tiger were given each of the His body was horrfcy nsmtnlated. A PintdeSigA pi l
...e. ~ ARNICA SA E .speakers and the officers of the com- farmer living chose to the road was the sn
or nga dou doublee Wodiscover him. Te tnrmer I
The Corps Day celebration was the frovest towd as racver as pe to hee farmer s
T bet salve ia the world for cuts most pleasant event that the members
5l Mtr d f oo 0iharX. la n Rheum of the company have experienced since secure a PhytIloan -When he returned t-.
?t*Hi esrlnein bha eemS Tvts-. *W baCpted An-e, bing mustered into seivlce, and will Marshal was dead and the tain., crew
Thes -Ce. long OP remembered. Each of the men had taken charge of the body..
SW .etaliq the moen cards as souvenirs.
.i. q.- SiOS ieifly aUGrmewe Pus mor On she back each was the following-: Te d1-sd hta ony s In te
____ toq g iveis m.th .183pit7IM -Troy Citizen's Cors. employ of the omp s m
__. H i.s. 55f' M3d Third nnuual Corps Day. Satnrday It is believed that while he wa r nf.o
-owqsi B ._rie L~riL~Ef~I or ny r eeS oJune 54, il t New -A]mer Sote g
w-box.,W y ibor ak e by S 1p P. Florida". The names o thf op O
om -sm.o the orps .were also glean as over the forward d od -
fols P e idet Pancis N. MUa. and was run ver. -
vs. -W Pa..ritesJr.:;Us 1Prs AeorgeBL H rlOn.; D

en' t tte ineomM ,y of the ad- A tact that yellow fever has broken 5Bi lfleS 'si-
ninhistratlon to wrestle with the war out in Msaisoippl, i not L te toal rr- lSMUS^bffh"ui Y e I/cC
"dB... condItions that confront It. the Bal- assuring one Imaginable. Nevertheless amd I d tos T i xfotmeA nd sl oc in
5, Ae timore American aysL: it s one over which the people o Fori- .
"A good, live, energetic. ig man da have no reason to become unduly ex
assoat th df the war ;6tm cited, and the exertions of our board of Keep the N .Io+o
n-w trould mean everything that the d
.."Opo- Pon- health, and the excellent sanitary con- o o F URNITUR i nIs..: .
..... o country wants. We would have no.0 ,dro of ur prInciple a iti.nas U t aMv ne ss, ad
more nLrelied upon to ward off any possible blood p o 1 g. Hand's
S orders nd insufficient plans and phan- danger from this source. Pnifa lls atliL t he stach.
1 epd. Deny and tom Ceets, but there vould be a push- Soo ar as Tampa, and in favi. all c stom ate.li w naheidahea dls emi-
. .............., ~g ahead. x ,along the line. There South Florida i.s conerned. the chief The only-aW t tawith Hood's a -- ... -
............:S would be a perfect organisation of the dg be apprehended fm he PLNT OF COIN. Honaker & Co.. 07, tra
,..\-j.............. comletesAnachlne. with ceaseless brains --- ------ -----'
........ .' te head, aind the reuts would to-i fever outbreak is to be sought in the There never has been a time in the-
at t ead and the resitould f-opportunity afforded unprincipled per- history of the country that there was -*"""
ta DMQW $1& ATFIB. low at once. All over the country yes- m t ore coin in actual circulatlow than AN ARMY TAGEDY.
"" sons to inJure the section of which our AN ARY TR ,.
r .pdaanin > ia~ l a.in& terdaythe people were bitterly condemn- new. Take right here in Tampa and in
Sthe war department. and the pele y s he centre Already there s fact a South Florida. and the enor A e0s s a Matid t em 2%2 amAo f
ad, were The only grea thngs gd reason to believe n the exita-nce mot amount of coin that is in circu B "nee y wIn X ae v.n.
S ore ha been teony ahe a of a concentrated effort to bring about lation is remarkable and we are to hav Ap on a staf tadl .
bl htro.f hemore o0 itL The more the better. A 5d bt o Gety wo
o hilhsm. -1 odone sto Cumar have been done br y h Tnahe mrea o r Al Me at the bat of Gett.ys.burg. who
~ m s k ofs It is not because the amy Is unable to a ime u iteor ont ot the mints will be worked to their ut m mwa l whe ahet wee laf
i " tsake part; it is not the fault of the odl-,s o tro,-ps now concentrated at most capacity to supply the demand, L h if ohd howu it l
t-ifmtbd m nappl- officers or men; :t is not because there Tampa and other points along the The war revenue bill that lately rpa ed give i1,o000 if hbe Ooold. fulnet r a
aren.o .us. aie n yr heroesIthe lea southern seaboard. congrfems carries a provision for a coin- ner eoa s aeUdam tsgedy.
a ti aigo of about 4.2 000 000 in farler at the '" edsd ee asn Hr-,o.t" I e tid e
inteatfnsn 'gtorces an on the sea: but simply and That this Is a serious matter for Tim- rate of 1 per month, and Uoe Sec- them.gen L "CS d T been gis'
..i TOVAIolely because the le magnificent pa need hardly be sald, and indeed, it retary of the treasury has aed for an ld nosol orUnwom aii as s tod
7 gusarsbuoh for a ha been tied up and held-tback may be said In general terms that the appropriation to enable him to coin the t f w sr a hs n isod the whole
;I"Ob, M M rllalat l b ay the Incompetency at Washington." sanitary condition of the port of ina- gold bullion, whichonn the Ut Inst ond adhbweaoin Oeamdow. As Eas
In's -enemies ll this is true. but it is not so much vana-from which as a matter of factmount uof 96,978,584. ftheotrd to to t ld the
official incompeteneys that is holding our local epidemics of yellow fever all The gold mines of Colorado have brr ntin' re
Sbacktke c the' aLgn as it is political proceed-has from time immemorial largely increased their production dur 1 ade n dl o I w a llowss
..tls ahbosI work for been such as have JustIfied the country rng the past year, and conlcersble SmkhS a i '-, '.-.
S, t o athewarlastsandth eowar in declaring war at any time within the aiunts of gotd--as much probably as a a s ng
i .40 beom. s future fever ke.at fighting pitch the republl.- last 50 years. No nation is un der any the mint at SanFranctisco. The amount of God's sestmia. The myrwmppr i-
i r cans can claim and get everything they compuislon to maintain any such cess of blnlon, gold and silver, ready for the .l w Ui y hmd A. ik w' ibi
t' ie swim, white ask- Under te hypocritical plea of pool as that Cuban sink of corruption at mints probably reaches a h as high as 100.,- S- m Bos ears otml e W
l deep n upholdng the hands of the president its front door and, if the present eon- 000,000, and the estimated mint capacity .ae sl uh_ o ue amIna oMmge
.. -.ndthe silly cryof Old Glory they are ld thas nolother effect, It will doubtless of the coutare- is 0 0 par month-, tm ssto to so, i awdioti,
for strengthening their party lines and loot- end in the complete dieodorlation of future mine production, or for recolnabe of them went ack. to dty. The t
S ty. od the moat lng the. treeuri at the same time. hat ie urioubtedly the dirtiest city In which in a considerable item n itself, toldw e t o o were it washotter tha-n1t : J. T o p0
sVA teases of tahme b e estletseS daserehavenalastheyecanGdoeforothagedayhasd in sha i r andsead *
l or t lat They hope by pJrotracng the war all chrstendom. thave the y n o r oty k i stlefthew
unt.l#f o a untilall-to arthe electionand its This country has in the last 20 yearn s ad te I artn g the sam no Ene P.' Y O. a lb.ck to y F.w
st getti father c ctain Pa ery prapl n o. m o re fr som s ofever which t and g bo eady on hand intoalosgo--Clot Iadready tneha.dtntoplOe
y111i g ettht e Wty tn d a tveir pro0blehat they will do so. Butt lt bore from yellow fever epidemics, money . lilting i L, a
0 : fRyOa.t Le.t lts good it will be the last election they wi l ever than any war lia likely to coot us. The It is already being urged that an In- -. .t it s uI.- :,
MI M carry question is far from being a local oneb- crease in the minting capacity of the .. ; ,.- t . bkr i Ia
ttsiscaemaheer oTIintIrCatioItlsIapatte country Is a necessity tnLview of the ti.. ,'.l -- , o .I -s
L acker the FIHTINIG IN C- atter of international Import- increased gok production and thesliover ~ - ,-eM
lt.b. Inhi abe t and onl s ance. and one that fully JustMfes our coinage provided for in the war revenue ton. --i-,-b,,i t .,. ,, ,,lot- ll._I_
The first reports from the fighting n people In layg violent hands upon an ill If the Wolcott amendment, which in .i J ise -
u b w a ada o eourshow very pla ly what ethod sand hoe sanitary condition has long passed the senate, p nsdvid g for the kile a
Sa e tho ae coinage of 4,000,000 ao moutheinth in slver. T rn% 41 -- lt I a',Md g-to
wah l rfe the Spatnish mean to employ tn beet a standing menace to the South. r co.na eh Io ro.o.[a mo th pms oler
ae osr t be.tlan be o had rpmaclned in the bill an finally 81 :|i.K SCIcm.eto e-r"u .. b .e '. .... "
SresstNing the nvasionof on army. The, h mie nae dn h0 a l th y tistI.I Inet o In L..I h s ,s
X b' t whe it ambush is to resorted to, and It rIay Some ol our contemporaries who ad- clUt;ea, would nave been necessary to like It. Younoouldn't. lhavesoniumnled

for prto Pitched battle of the contending armies ground that Spain should be puished. ,WhUe in bathing at Jaiksoninv-le, wan diffsnt from shots a n.am.aont s
"at'a, pre tc Of ssie ourp comma and that her colonial posesson should lightning struck Jas. T. Gatewood, pri your 1owasidiersas yousideI. shea "
ble- Uned that w-heentire strupe l aon d t he sezreo ooms tlahe ld twone n compy o en te agitlh atIsa beo ema lygpeip
i fia i of Tan dere wil lbe prepared to meec thep he tested from her nate secretaryof en. Lee and il eoi to havwaan d s nhr ny 5g5y 'i-
-' le tdsoat their own t dwn The reku- The Tribune believes that .the govern- Tampa should e made dthe base of sup- d s e
lar to t who haveseen service out west meant should lay violent hands upon any ples and embarkaon of the army t EASY PAY
It imaosiion ystery can ealy adapt themselves to this of Spain's possessions of which it can invasion. No such calamities ever hap- ,
i, -me .re .roads mode of warefte ad the volunteers maie use, and which may be held to ad- pen In this part of the mnoral S A rriAn.egTW
.un.dertheir trtelageLn a that of the Cu- vantage; but we do not believe that we New Orleans has gone over to the SmeStSoe the i_ Mr f w_.1 a9
t& i^J t ban.s who know no other manner of should load ourselves up with a lot of great majority of Tampa tradocers and s dO s g ton aft-
cqb t ho *150 waaed.-ltfr. should shortly become accus- useless lumber for the sake of humbling malyser and is nosing as a Jealots gin Id m yaadmked.waa0g...~,
a-n-rtal of the Queen of the Gulf. The asnleP p0wsas,"had d "
wem em 415 w" tO sted .to guarltla methods. a falling power. c o h aad
M5 a ASOl d brWck like It would be foolhardy for our troops Spain in already in the dust; herlfuture not have our troops. a be "row
-fe' t. to attempt an open c paeaIgn against will necessarily be the sequence of her. b5 ,
41-Ee. hoqid worke f or - a(fie Slut ehhat from behind Ifoe p and past and we can well afford to leave eat and roost bountiful harvest ever en- t heseroe 16asu th m ga. he d f -t
5f. I s' i"ad thos h roe k a fetrom the protectionof ra- her such of her petty possessions as we joyed by a grateful people. Let the "Tt'hestheb SAke.' Id Ohs eN m n' O
Vee-o P lemo- d vies sa glies, The slaughter of do not need In our business. Both the warcoceanue. We are -very well satin- asbh osfuly mrtIen mohartbt t- sul1-
fotmr a sagf'rts rsi. ni sfe- e m who Insisted on fighting Ldrones and the Carolines will prob- fled. ndok is- .r L bimF Nl m 1
jiS l F^i s w udn a aat"e toe by Ootal methodB the ably be found useful a coaling station.. The funeral of a member of the ehlanreB airlyos G on foi a Ipped -, awi
u,.fl feiwofthe adire the young Va-sin- Should that pv t case l ereth Maryland regiment. who wa- of the end, Ugite Id Isl puffi pufed way ^ :. .....
S r. t.n colonel of m ltia should be a hairoi- tain prove t aecldentially killed by a oomrade, dot- oonsUdlIy. So *b-obed wan be thn h e
Bftfe i+.^ tTTMB- l, CO0O .w mUM, * si N 11y aml i*fl -larminwg which should se-va a good done as husiu- ,. wa attended by the mem:her otsh Of w-s waxlnl gs him asib otsaly. ieslly
,(=t1- ^- U^ c"^ t -e whnchs^ sere ( &d done tn =n open, buainess.|ike wa. and company In a body. The body was "Oh, ye," be d wbt e be omiuh A
wiig.J PWPBI th th spatgnL We must t no nonsense about punishing a buried with regulation military honors- Sbe clgrm ss' gaas Ho dit ltobde .- ^T^SSS
^"Bs' Jove. he s.m. v '.-st,u--.
o.. " I h 1 o -nt o l seitstit tfIs the The Trtbmse feels no hesitacy In where boarn and lodging can be had at 'Dear, dne,' he mu| |seed, "this to-
way / we should ilke to see our troops comparing the efficiency and bravery reasonable ritee. The service Ia the rnbetrm gnJ0 HBe;go a ob silOl K
I"-"t;- ." *. -- meet the enemy, but from the etand- of our army to any in the world. It is best in the city, and those wanting good mamust-bea loft_ p _r-book an 1L"
g g. fof" t of psartcUcal soceful operations made up of heroes true and tried, and board, and nice, ccol rooss. should appl aiy Hflelookedatg Iho p es e T he l o^s

^ ^ ^ ^ w^- Port 'Iampa Is the only furt In the thanks of this paper for a charming es hem iheo a hand ^ino Na ,sss' -
.... Unl.ed States where an expedItIon the adequate to comlpletely annihilate two piece of music composed bO hlimsel en- poket.-
t|M h sai bis hundred of the enemy at' any tme or titled: "When They Come Marching "Cersainy,.".s i, .-e .- ah Oh'se_-to-

-ss. i e si orf the one headed by Gen, Shafter urpon any kind of battlefield. In every Home." It is one of the moat sympa- diler. -
^ ^ [g^.^.a 'tat left that place lt weekcould naval d the Amerlcans have bethtc.bee tnuyet son-Istira-Ingan w^thatwnha soeVere ,'Te" mid th mg ohl^lyB sh .
.r r U.'We -awsruly emnbarked, and yet shown superb markmanotbp-msrk- accomplished composer both fame and lo rdht im rtnmn Bm
Ka i):g .i .I t e~ept' m l Ie of the verdaapt and malIctou mall- mbip that has aroused the admtr- fortune as it should. 0 trotih tl do'. "

W ..ftd r ... a Couait ports far a similar expedition. It victories. will go to Porto Rtco or Cuba, witn h the lbs sight of a imfn so on a ha avy .
4604"tt6get united a kind i enthe gB F. t~lllon ef Jackon ,iloe f aupesin- oln oeis.--ievd]Pl ]m. B ds.

o that fact more than the war en behind the guns. The Spaniards Company. beOaonD BRAI ,
..... partment offitals in Washington, and galore and a ornt a oomunl n nu series range hbas eei n built Jo Thrive on good food and n -a .i
nwrantI of F5aoandingWuhgn Fto hend lIndasbrought usla. success soo th of the camp site of the Far Inn-

." G3-eral Mles. Belg now tully in- they did not know how to serve their das retirement and the men are given wth plenty eo n opena
S the sbect, T pa need not gue and wr drven rom thetr posts several hours practice each day. Three Her or gows lt an her
compathr ksknteeB F ni acticeatltetas peandthefame folooms with b e-. ]au If hea S "
H g S n. b c ann c n t American mase nitn a ait s members are rapidly developing into sw needs th chos sg .U n aelbo aonS os h
s.pe eothe d nay daes c ve y In secutrin tha e TheIa~te sperIority ta mauTSkmanhprC. s otmp es although manynof the men l-aative. re hea es p th gnte
Sof troops that may be noted n ghts Cuban, n ever ired a volley before n their lives and leant n s.
atsled In Florida, with a view of waters~c a Cabanas, at Matisang a l i i l at!C on 3
raZ4 trpe sendiafr them to anf point in Cuba. We San J de ana at Santiago de Crta, ourb f ay ousand of per htve been c plma
los nte have the port. and other faciluties-the gunnery "as been flawless and the gun Plant Sstem brought in several hun- of plest by uatg Deitt' Wiltch be ope eai r e ''
li-sdistc. i, s edit : the A bmes-ri- more are en s-oste ae e sa atd al shi dis .eale Itnglver
i... t caa nt get them uness they. expend tol- can navy that n td gun practice in the, o r Boursp Dasice oeac ksd nville me d iate
..ld sao lrs t utnd -h l fo ly mayor of Port Tampa City ."--
Ta i ntment Co., hta done, and even then it markmanship, has b-enr recommended by the em-
W I-n c g cratic Executive committee of DUval 'e '
: will retire s'sr' of-beard work, and b When Tampa ogets paved sweets l s c-ooty for the offihe of supervisor of ll
t e t,,e the at .atma ben ..ht eli be the most cosmopolitan and ps- registration of that county printed O t
F snth he coalited, the wsa be a perous city In the entire sou th. 1r Cw n"
pa ]as blotr w hae th av If a smatl band of our s artM nes can
s a tanhpoit ad We Soe tUes a wnsurar andodeC auTh es it i a the

.e a n n -eo st ootn. ptrar PiaegIg TammpiD a s. T ahe
Baa-^n so hauhg InOhsaloc =
c t o00 The b. ga. rde d of t hre Abee.morse.are en Poute.

&W[ pf "M and, I o k t c _" ehen.,ar.Qv, .ia.g land?:

Puagent Paragraphs Portraying a
rJI IWaRthC-- Df Sa1 U N 1 Picturesque Place and ita Pro- S. itBr of War las Baport opof
SaB Sieiu J~ f, greinlvs People.
sa.- saileha i n i "0. Hillsboro h Elle har pInetits.
S- :- Special Correspondence.
section is being visited /, a gosJ sower?,
L 'j :?'-"lnearly every day now, and lthe i'arne:
Secretary Zong zpecte to Bear To are busy planting cow-peas. .weet - The Cost Will be.$8PO00,0 for Twelve
da Of the Landing at Manila. tatoes, rice. and other summer crops. Feet of Water From
Beggar-weed is springing finely, and Tamp By
Spaiardw Ntow Claim Ca a h the abundant crab-grass win fur- to the City- Separate Project
Sailed or the Philippines. nih plenty or first-class hay for winter. for Port Tampa.
S When thickly planted and cut at the
wI t for the Special to the Tribune. right stage of growth, beggar-weed Special to the Tribune
o0t the Vietoria, B. C.. June 18-Advices re- makes the finest kind of bay. far su- Wahito ne
.tts c, has celed here to-day, by the steamer parlor to anythIng imported. A ns It is n Ju
ofte'n t.t Chure'h almwerav which sailed from Honolulu easilyrown there seems little reason'ene ained by Ta since it ha
ca theOUt, on un+"10. are to the effect that they ro h s a o been made the base of military oper-
aa it are -d l ed i Lttes transports City of Pekin. a hould nations against Cuba and Porto Rico was
Iaaesi.a _Tsip.1 Cltyos.yde and AuOtralta arrived at supply for forage and hay for home emphasized to-day h the neret taken
usYst eed !ooadlu o June 1, and left for Manila use, and so save he thousands of dol- bphaLded tpar the nees
S L aBBI 4- All on board the transports lue annually sent out from the state the war department n the necessity
S ^t t" t we e reported to be well, and it was for deeper water to the docks of the
Srtatoed tht toe voyage had been very for an inferior and costly article. Quite v.
Orn_ llnnd took on a esuply of fresh pro- the upland rice does finely on the bottom by Con gresa an s are man, the Serouce
qa t Visions: They expected to resh 'Ma- lands about the lakes and ponds. So rby o rsman Sparman. the Secre-
I aIL l by June 17th or 18th tary of war ent to congress a report
? me*se rvic e ---ar a the orange crop In this district giving an estimate-of the cost of the <
ibllsp b two Nod H ew xIeeted is concerned, experienced growers claim proposed improvements In Hillsborough
k&S KiW 7Sw Good Nwthere will be at least half the usual crop bay o and the river, from the city of
a s s. Washlingon. June 1-ecretary Long from spring bloom; and very cheering The report eatlimate the cost of the
s aia.elen- a aSd to-day that he expected to bear reports are coming in of an abundant proposed improvements at S30I000. The 4
-Ms b i.to-i(orrte, S utnday) that Ge eral Shaf-t une bloom. Some of the large trees project contemplates a channel twelve
Stn t s'tao' expedi on had landed;at
h Aw s a1So that he expected to hs s to-morrow in the'Sawrie grove are In full flower. ieet deet at mean low water, o0 feet.
i a width In the river and 1i0 feet in
tM ei: t~ It that te frst expedition to the Philip- Company B, Fit regiment Illinois width in the bay.
a AD do h t pl1ne had reached its destination. volunteers which have been detailed to The channel in Tampa Bay, from the 4
ci M .tl I guard the Reservoir lake and the pipe Gulf to the docks at Port Tampa is now
e thie are a les o lkaitiond to the deep enough for vessels drawing a teet
le-e are a pleasan Olttlte to to use with safety. T he river and bahor-
Ri ul e 'as Specal to the Tribun. town. Tey are a quiet gentlemanly bor committee of the house will recom-
SVetdrlde that Adm Cam18.-I a n sfldeet set of youtm men, and are being made mend that this channel be increased in
indaetowis secured. This ia a separate project
ist 'S gol to the Phl plpIes,' and tha heartily welcome, every possible cour- deplh until 26 feet at mean tale water
thIs may prevent thedispatchof Amer- tesy and consideration oeing shown fro the llisbor aae project r
Clw- an t~1ops and at least postpone the then. For a few day their headquar- ported op
Vi los e Isla n- tie weree in the Park pavilion, but now
tk~~te Moe 9nithresidence has been put
MUNr A WANTS TO MURDER at their disposal and makes cm PROVIDING FOR PRISONERS
Y. able and commodious quarters. They
are much pleased with this locality, and -
W a-]LM prom osa Thaf t the Spa~rnrdalw De- in cunltnictlo with our towns-people. Port McPheron Turned Into a Prics.
sp hope the whole regiment map be sent on and osital-Prisoners of
A s er a39 the S rt-can u leet and here. -hat Is a very probable occur- n o
R 4esri- ha Then Invade the Country rence, for Lieutenant Col. Whittenden War to be Confined and
wie hp& cau .ay. was here on Saturdayn and, after thor-
P rest aI mlcunt roughly investigating oui/ situation.
aresD r c Ht seemed greatly pleased with the loca-
f ow beoatinued Special to. the Tribune. tlion for camping purposes- Special to the Tribune.
M yteyr youars. Zandon. June 8L --According to the On Tuesday an army surgeon came Atlanta, June 21.-Six hundred re- <
~i IM. Mall Casette's RingtoE Jamalea, over from Tampa and thoroughly ex- crults started to-day from FortMc-
:o: eo,..podent. the Spaniards are poll- amined the water supply of Reservoir Ph eenrS h barra eqc r Tampa The
W-~ tO is Ino fo; a ~fi and tper an~e4tte that lake and Brooder creek. The wRater of have see thoroughly equipped with the
ing for a fght and y ancipate that lake and Brooker creek he w r exception of being provided with guns.
W.S after defating the Amertea fleet, they the latter nast have proved sailefarc- -
"5'-' -I Wll nvrade Florida. where General tory as Capt(Mackay came over on Fri- Tampa to et Them.
,o-3w _n 5 has proniad his traopa to put day and set a force of men at work Sat- -
Sl h the nUro Population to the Sword. urday putting ti the four Inch pipes to Special to the Tribune.
ia t- ~ts a weti ago, estimated carry the water-from the dam to deep Washington, June .--Camp Alger
Sthat It d do- to last ten days, meat rrh oJ
i bp S z-it It or a o -nth, a sd plenty ,f fm and water in the bay. The dam is finished Va., the volunteer camp near this city
As a w and plthw oa fith andabot5 nw -
S :tbs 'g vetablee. There were so igdas of and the piling being driven for the is to soon be abandoned and all of the
s- tarvatio. and mprioaes wer a t the o tas, etc. troops now stationed there will be sent
Gamaetf T w as inB Amera" oCapt Bradeba w of rbe Shine Guards, to Tamps. Orders have been issued
F-finS is lr r capt s Bra cw of he hlne uards, for the troops to be provided with travel
.-"ia S S s brother Ir. Bradsaw, on Wednesday, a
l t LA N I On Sunday and Monday the OlIvette A Mhltary rrmwn.
-J ... -TY was at the wharf with about 50 news-
*LioaT oI f Loca Zt of e Xant" Con- paper correspondents aboard, who Special to the Tribune.
oning Tm Who oe hout cleane4 the twn out of stationery Atlanta, June 1.-A military prison
Smd Go. ad such llIke needs of their vocaton is t be established at Fort McPherson,
d o. near this city. All prisoners of war
S--- During the time the transports were will -e sent here as repldly as possible.
SPlant Cfty," Fa. June --Reev. t. akin. on water here our merchants The barracks are being used as a hos-
'trned to Wednesday kept a otboysg pital for the United States troops
a of gm r rna oodd o tro bos andt did a rus g About five hundred ick soldiers have
a d been brought here from Chickamauga,
tr -&'o saw baby was made welcome on bUlness. The wharf was the rendez- Jacksonville, Mobile and Tampa.
i- laft Thersig as orni at the home of WOgm of young and old, and the fun BED THE
& tahrd. mn meand i Leerte. iwwved fast and furious. The soldier ROBBED THE GRAA'E.
.IS t le l ~ T. Dile a s in Plant Cilt boy apparently enjoyed themselves A startling incident, of which Mr. Jno.
ISO1 WgW feL V lAght and with two hugely even if they wereoneot allowed to Oliver of Philadelphia, ras the subject.
iie t q" o iday morl oade le ve the boats except In small tquads. i narrated by him as tolows: "I was
E lttb e ood on o esdr way The United statess Revenue cltter M- in a most dreadful condition. My skin
P a Learnes was in port on Wednesday, and was almost yelow, eyes sanken, tongue
tO -pt. W. n.. yIr rn. Mr. )foha C Cal- the oerrll onm Thursday. The latter-s coated, pain contlmuously In hack and
SB.'. c l -I otbhers tlet on .PSday night IHotcitics rapld-flre guns make her a ides, no appetizer unity growing
-,c- -arto B at theCofderte feresdahele avecraiT. weaker day by day. Three physician
B r l l t ?,, i.Ble~an l mak~aue. return- Mr. acd M-. Lore of Lacoochee are ha given me up Frtuatel. a
-tL e Iae sPsidas morning. T, vtltln friends in town. cr-end advised trying tctrie Bltteee-'
EMr.O. i. Tywn wasa vlittor in town Msa Lag(i Orady, IMm. Kragy, and and to my great poy jnd surarise, the
gga l r ye t Mrs. Underwood, who have tagrht the first bottle mahe a decided improvement,
,. L. T~c r-and eua CalvlinT. past two terms of our graded school, I continued thler use for three week
-- ,T d h with mock success, have gone to Tampa and am now a wll man. I know they
c-c-l t c g e b e y nigM ithlaach success, haveh s niht w-r saved my life, and robbed the grave of
., m. :r. i.. w 'who ha bee a student to attend the last month of the Normal another vicUtim. No one should fall to
r.. V i, ',I 7 at5 Taine, college, 'Due school now in session there, tr them. Only 0 cents per bottle, at
0 jeWare fft. C a'* 'ted r:wlth henor'..Col. ot iTnemday evening a dance was ,. Btepnard s drug snore
.. m eitaib g pa wt at commencement, gkven in honer of Mis Mamie Budd, The editor of the va ms City, Pa.,
ft" / slLA home wi th his io. prior-to her departure for St. Augustine Globe, writes: 'One Minute Coaugh Cure
"' '- and Mrs P. W-. I v L s is going 1A large company 01 our young people, is rightly named. It cured may children
.i ^ Tt. tOesn Te. Tens, for the sumaner. and the officers stationed here assemb- ^ n es faed It ue
Mrc? (llTn eo < Oo. rsaiUtosn Seolur. onle of led In the railroad pavleol and partl-er mee ae h i failed. It lucc
ol4sdiserenh shesO t .resdenta rwas a dcpated in the pleasures of the evening. troubltes. S. B. Leonardi.
InY*. to Ion .oas usuday. Miss JessIe Anderson is once more at .
"" tiEa a ,t Capt. Jb1n Mooney, home, aving ust graduated from the NOTICE OFLEGAL SALE.

nm iVi 0a A Teentsy os ssstassa Tampa Business College.-
.i n Me M Greguly, Mhis Counelc EL. P. Bussey is keeplrn In the Circuit Oourt of the Sixth Juri-
REtWMi"- sid 6 others lekt -or Tamann "bachehir'c hall" sm his charming wife al Clrctut or the State of Florida.
SMnday moaning to penD some has gone 'o spend the summer lwith hand fer Hillsborough county. In
s'j toitendance at the eoaty nor- friends in Nashve, Tenn. The Georgia State Building & Loan
istl. M L T. V Venniuw also going The members of the various Sunday Association, vs. M. ,A. Stephenson, et. al.
MT. . in town held pa union plinlc-on Forclosure of mortgage.
anIS s, -chools in town he ld 5 ul Utnder and by vrirtue of a final decree
;' .- W.Alttt. eest son of Mr. Thursday- The school house and rendered on the 16th day of June A. D.
I.l.th of Tai. tefrmer promis- grounds with the Aero cottage and 188 by ti.e Hon. Barron Phillips, Judge
N tt Citipl spent Tuesday groUnds, were made use of. and a pleas- of the L -Lrt aforesaid, in favir of the
intion, complaint, and against Mary A.
hS ekaisfhe~eaa. were he holds a pay- soldiers here was made an enjoyable Atephenson and Thomas Stephensojn
hikad yif le rallrd osltlon. feature of the occasion, defendants, 1 will sell at public outcry,
-= o ohme ,0 ,a quiet nd O COnaultY was pained to learn in front of the court house door in the
g wi the the death on Thursday. of r. Claude city of Tampa, county and state afore-
Shand tt with the de T aid, within the legal hours of sale, on
S3. .r.... r C Robin on was found IBrannon. He was greatly esteemed the first Monday in August, A.D., 18M9,
o lai*altn i TuesdaT morning, leawv- for his professional attainments. and the same being the first day of said
hJime e P 1 eo in his room. Search sterling character, and his early deatbidder, the ol ingdescribed dands
,Mt e maad mut' te ae the woods will b mourned bay a wide circle o mtuaed n the county of Hillsborough V
'leatlt where hAvwal found In the friend&. I and state of Florida, and more paertcu-
"/ .r o 0f T.m hg ih 's a Capt T. M. Clarke passed away at er.y described as follows, to-wit: Lot a,
with 1 threat aghtly gashed Veronas, Mis., on June 11. He had number seven () In blok
eighteen (1k) of the first addition to
hsth syrand partially insane. He been an invalid for many months, but Highland Park. as shown ont the may C
brolaht to town to betaken care of. hopes had been entertained of his ulti- recordedin pat ok one an pae L,
mate recovery Bin wIe and c-cac-n In the public records of said RUlsbor-
te recoveroh county; lots twenty-one (Bm),
Tlj lel sn tsto-mhnpaer- thave the heartfelt eynpatbwy of the twenty-two (2). twenty-three (2), and
..i mSSl !esi ,S al whole community in their sad bereave- twafty-four 4d) in block number one of
.atrom s oemo. m LEl Cerro, a subdivision of West Tampa b
*IPIW tbno Sg"& T U death of WUtilam Mcleod has nee.- a chosen on the plat recorded in pla
Book one on pag 56 In the public rec-
f fatt- t-d a- c iaang_ n .n the t osfi12 s O the -,rd' of said oroul county; and k
S- -, 'a. Stj. Ictebam.O a m te Bank At a meet- also the northern one-half of lot number
. .- *a tsotolder&last week. the fve (5) In loc* number twelve t of
..M i,11r ,a -" wre e-.ecsted: L. Bourquardew j 4.bUvwmon of the nor- C
r foiiwtg officers ere elected: Col. the n one-hal of lot number our 4) of
3 nra president; W. L. Auinse. aectu o thIrteen C(1) In township twenty-
k-*ige.srndert- Aad Mr. slatair Mac- n () south of range etfhten (18)
"r n, s wa p. l 'atashier.I'e Tre tatter at- i sale bteg made for the
prpsoe of m at.t8Ytg the decree ren-
w he asm. t .MrsWs.. W. P. lU derrd in aid case and cots. Psr-
Scha.. Mser to gap tor title.
-O.. c. L i esAer oPadof nasade& b a t at Taa, a.. thad 4 td day
a atrspa.qw- epo tea reargns of June. A.D, 1596.
meadarl a ~ W orth pq~ -. QS ). Waster In C-spcery.
4--e. r "C- g -
..., ;,, ., ,.'.y .j:

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OlNrp' The Trto BlsMa n pite aBl I
From Por Ta-mpa,


Sileasl2a in Ousto- The Fourth Army Corps Will
c.s .t More Troops Coming Here Aft
E t" of. u-ni- the Next Expedition Has
o et -oaPr. Departed. *

*s tiJ
r y% thh

or.- Special to the Tribune.
a, owned by'Capt Washington. June 17.-As a result
Scit y. I lying at numerous conferences with Gen
ortsmp, and is Mells, the war department has deflr
ad Sigise aftherl-
:wl tLh a cargo ly decided to postpone the main In'
t Io, o the cara Io n of Cuba by tAmerican forces
tdQ for the use of
p reputble of tan the rainy season ends In the fall.
i]L coa Able Thes seventh army ocrpe, under c
lace she sealed mand of Major General Fitshugh I
s-Ntlts cia med now at Jacksonville, is to be increi
W-.le "-* ole- to a force df about forty thousand n
tt 3. reported Twenty thousand troops will be
ed5U'iL b-" toned at Jacksonvlle, and the remn
ot wanted to iand
the tct e st at der swill probably be divided betw
SfoabaS&R for Fernandina and Tampa.
Ow' government The Fourth army corps, now at T
v to'a5t t o t p, under command of MaCjr Gen
Sshe was seed J. J. Coppingnr. will be the first b
want and tlr war of troops to be sent on an expedit
m ler of such and Porto Rico will he their deetinat
I& a G, enei. The war department has decided t
Sanda mlade an General Coppinger shall conimand
asmdALbout afve Porto Rico expedition. His corps
it iut a m5 io be increased to twenty thousand m
a -a ei Pfiteen thousand men are now
eint rfreto y camp at Tampa, and ten thousand r
ip (~I her voye5 in camp at Chickamauga, have b
"n 0 1.- mP a y ordered to proceed to Tampa as soo
mlg e t s t possible. Just as soon as these
can be properly equipped for the P(
aer'f the vessel. Rican campaign, the expedition
4t t ofsP l t. ta-ot from Tampa. The tranms
SIt mI meor tan
r-.Spartmnat win used to carry General Shatter's arm)
rrms and amma- Cuba have been ordered to return
le to 0spp1l tbe Tampa to carry t p tn the epedon to P
r v.iongd 1e tMhe Rco.
Sy. .She has Five thousand men will be left
a. harbor for Tampa after General Copplnger's ex
d ISrstin good dllion sails, and then ten thousand m
. r t rebuilt. will be sent to that port from Chic
am hew. ~he manga bo prepare for the grand Inv
S5.' 5 ior ein ion of tuba. Part of the Cuban Inv
eerieetaa nteo and
aa attend tng arry, under command of Gene
SLee, wil embark at Tampa, and the
ma4dr will embark at Fernandina
aeOE D. Ja-cksonvilue.
It is aemi-officially stated by the v
OeiaBd by an department officials to-night that o
t Nthte a small portion of General Shaftf
S forces will proceed to Santiago. "
-.. main body of the Seventh army co
rw will Te landed at Matanas or Carder
isen ea em and will establish a base of operate
Sstetsi:, Btmue toe the larger body of troops that im
te electric light toUow, and that is expected to c
bt,IS d an ture Havana and a1* other ports on
Northern coast of Cuba.
Gthe ole before. It is believed that news will be
cai elved W-morrow that General E'ha
t V ai5^.tehsftT nded6 in Mts"n-" province.
w acosss some- 6on as he effects a landing the gove
kit b"f. t 1'td I Be0ni wlli etailish a postal route
hai. rigst ten Tampa. Key West and the Amn
ostoma the cr- can base in Cuba.
fnan instant One object of the establishment o
Or r the bahe on the northern coast of Cuba
S1ito have a place.within easy ieach
S.I. 5 .-ey Wet, so tht the Cubans can
.arEa." IA spgaMpUed with food and supplies of
tu kinda that ate'so badly need.
DSowtS It beeved that Admiral Sampi
liBdaB&d and the marInes m. camp on the she
fiL Se Jt opansi-m b hay will only nest
Sl.at ftorc owtte Unitaetaes ar
t!o,'corPel the paniards to surrem
li r-tstiago- Consequently only three
ur thou nd med of General Shaft:
=- i my a icr wM land on the southern coast

SaAxpodamoPIwa rel Aide.

i ffe Froa Thursday *Dally.
\Tne PF (Florida regiment olf volt

we. SO
, acketL-

ou- ditions of waliog awal, will send
lost ~ iree tre bottles (all different) of bhi
tne New Discoveries to any afflicted reader
-of T'he TsIBuW x prtiOng fur them.
p EHis "'New c&ientifcl Treatment" has
,r- cored thousands permanently by its
ave timly use, nd be considers it a simply
and proteesonal duty to offering humanity
mow to donate a trial of his infialihlecure.
Science daily develops new wonders,
and tLs great cbemist,. patiently ex-
perimenting for )ears. has produced t-
sults as beneficial to humanity as can
be claimed by any modern genius. Hia
r of assertion the l troubles aou con-
c-Ida sptiU o ar cart in any climate is
I to prove byl "heact lt letters of r ratl-
Ited ude," filed in his american and Foro-
ank peas laborato.es in thousands from
the those cured in all parts of the world.
rida Medical experts concede that bron-
vice Cbl,, Chest and lung troubles lead to
tees coumption, which, uninterrupted
wS Cameintsl speedy sod certaml death.
For Simply wrnte to ''. A. Slti um, C,
was 89 Pine street, New YorT, giving post-
of of pne and express Iddrem, and the free
aH. 6iedicize will be lbmptly sent. Sef-
SL frren should ta e'lietatt advantage of
alla- iguseroos proposltiou.
S Please tell the doctor that you saw
Nds this offer in the T PMA TBI BIIt.
leeky iF
o., W --M PAT.

Stee wam sal ngtIA seIl

sad, :.8p S a tt. *~e.t I
,-_. 9 -AAR Pno.i .to
.-." O* MMOtsl5pls to.p -'- -: .s "

. . ."-- _ .. . _.

rhoea, and pneumonia %,,hlich he ccn- inflamed condition of the mucousa Um-- M*d lpnmgc.q
e will give one hundred doll or s for
tire regiment attended the r ...- ni. The any cae of Deafness (cased by ca- S &
seAlice a were conducted .y tihe regi- tarrh) that cannot be oared by Hai's_
mental chaplain. Ca'arrh Cure. Send for circulars. free. __- r
S. J. CEANEY & CO., .Toedo. 0 1. '
Private lidward J. ritzgfrald, of the Sold by draist 5c. T
Third Fnited States cavalry di-d Thurs- Halls Family pills are the best.
day afternoon and was also buried es- There is ltei o tQ
terday morning. He was also from t'eNreoisa he tlt no foundation for
the report piihlishdd in the afternion
New Orleans. and while waiting there papers that the private of the 9th 2. T.
to be sent to this city with other re- who was cut by a prIvat' the Second
eruols contracted a t" -na:I trouble. Georgia. died yesterday. The manwas
Shortly after his arrival here he Wanalive last night, and there Is now some CihWtes
Shortly aTter h arrival h-re he a hopes of his recovery. The-Geogla s CI
attacked by typhoid f\ er and grew under arrest. and willn be held to await t Sohe aswe cme ni
rapidly worse until death rrelievd his the result of the injuries of the New st'lc i m- i .e
sufferings. He had been assigned to York man. S ad r
Troop K, and the entire tr ,.p Htt-nid -d
the funeraL Undertaker Lv\,ngr.en S
had charge of both internirint. wh i.- t
were in the military cemetery just nor'h I B D
of Ybor City, the irac. of land hao ng L O s L
been donated by Mr. Lovenr-.n. I I s "B
The troops have Ieen camped in DB.L 0 0 -
Tampa for nearly two months and only -'CcacAng r as on- aaLI5 I
four deaths have occurred as a rel. alt 'I are a truly dexB'I S as
have zm~lm !-. -
of disease. One man was idrowned, one b! ood hm : comarit s &ad Wi
died at Port Tampa from an attack of e sr."' ii.Ovie 7 I0issli"- -'
heart disease, and one died on board a
transport from alcoholism. At pres- ':c AO
ent there -s a large number cf cases C0r at _
of measles in camp, but the disease is
pot of a dangerous type

iand Ser; acts en the liver
messlaes h eUw anom gphehs-ara.f A&

I "


S0098 IRl[Y O00EMW

Sal Speculatin is RBfe as to Time the Pms
ent conditionn Cin Continue.


Go. Domestic Turbule. ce is Leading to a
e Revolution That Will Boon Ensue.
Peace Prospectsare Constant-
ly Growing Lees.

Special to the Tribune.
t of London, June 18.-It is regarded here
eral as certain that domestic turbulence In
ite- will soon ensue.
Spain is leading to a revolution that
The people wll Inot much longer stand
ntil the condition that now exists. The Car-
lists are certain that the revolution is
om- close at hand.
Lea The Spanish government is trembling
and realizes that unless some of the
foreign powers succeed In bringing
en-. about a settlement of the differences
sta- between LAmerican and Spain, the peo-
ain- pie will rise and overthrow the admin-
een istraton.
Surmises about meditation and terms
of peace are now giving away to specu-
am- latlon as to the length of *me the pres-
eral ent conditions can continue to exist In
ody SpaIn.
o It is said that Senor Sagasta hopes
to prorogue the chamber of deputies
ion. next week.
en. Mr. Lirngston G. Lesley and li-a
in Florence Yancey Married Last Night.
now %
een From Thursday's Daily.
n as The Orange Grove Hotel was the
men scene last night of a quiet, but pretty
orto wedding. The bride was liss Georgia
will Florence Yancey, daughter of Col. and
Mrs.D. H. Yancey, of this city, and the
orts groom was Mr. Lvlingston G. Lesley,
y to son of Capt. J. T. Lesley.
I to The ceremony occurred at S:30
o'clock, and wAs performed by Rev. C.
orto A. Fullwood. presiding elder of the
Tampa district of the M. E. Church,
Sat south. Only the relatives and a few of
S the most intimate friends of the family
were present on account of the illness
Lore of the bride's sister.
hka- Mr. and Mrs. Lesley are prominent In
'as- Tampa's social circles, and their many
ad- friends wish them joy and happiness In
their journey through life. They will
eral reside in this city.

oar Mayor Bowyer is Keeping the Hobo
nly Gang Hustling.
er s
The Editor Tribune:-I noticed in your
rps paper this statement: The life of a
ias. hobo under Mavor Bowyer's admtilis-;
ons tratlcn will be a burden. Heretofore]
s to It has been a burden for ne people to
feed them and let them remain in the
ap- calaboose to shoot crap and to feed at
the the public crib. Injustice to those who
were my superior officers at the time,
re- I wish to say that during my term of
Office the city prisoners were required
to work ten hours per day.
As The complaints and accusations of
rn- the Tribune In justice to the public
be- should be more explicit. W. L. HA-NKS.
eI- Mr. RIanks should remember that It
has been a mighty long time since he
f a held an office under the city adminlstra-
Si tiou, and also remember that it has been
equally as long since the prisoners have
of worked on the streets. He must admit
be that Mayor power is doing the proper
all thing at the proper time by endeavoring
to put the city In a thorough sanitary
condition. EDITOR TRIBUNE.

led Lag Tmu. si Cafa ti.. Cu Ik
or CV4.

' An Eminient New York Chemist and
Scientist Mae a Free Offer to
Our Rearder
The distinguidbshed New York chemist
un- T. A. Slocum, demonstrating his dis-
Sof cover of a reliable sod aisolute cure
l for Consumption (Pulmonary Tuberou-
rt moMis) and eil bronchial, throat, lung
n- and chest diaeases, stubborn coughs,
h- catasrrthal affecllons.' general deciid
use's an4 weahnese, loss of flash, and all con-


Prefs st Dnal, ol the F. C. P., is While TPe.y I arTan tag the ld t euam
Pred forI Hs Psh.L Begu to e .


The Present Camps are Not to be They Will Sail From San Franlsco
Broken Up Yet Awhile, but On June 80-Two Tho sand of
Troops Now Stationed at This Number Are to be Left
-.L pa May Leave, at the Ladrone Island.

Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Bot thbe
Fernandina, June 16.-This city has Washington, June 16.-General Mer- Syrupoffg
been recommended by the special board titt, commandlng the third expedition and refredl g to t
headed by Major Hopkins, charged with to the Philippines, it is reported here, gadtlyytpOapy Ga.1
an inspection of various points offered will touch at the Ladrone and Caroline Liver A"d BirA d,
as good camping grounds for the United islands, long enough to secure both Cten fect auly, 'o i
States troops. groups. This is the program if the sit- c *d fecs and
The report of the board is, that after uaUtion at Manmll at the time of his de-
visiting a number of points it finds the paroure Is favorable, otherwise he will coC tipt gna' Spo
best features for a large military camp sail direct for the Philippines. only r Yed t ~
at Fernandina This point lies twelve The expedition commanded duced, op i th
miles off the mln line of railroad com- eral errtt will sail from San Fran-
m catlo which makes It possible to o on June 30. and wW consist of ten
easily isolathethe camp should it be- thousand volunteer troops. The armly o tialdtM&f
come necessary to do so through theof Invasion and occupation will be well effectit Ca
appearance of yellow Jak. A Toad rme and equip-pok et Pf d
plate affords sendd capn and Two thousand of the soldiers are heathy aw .
drill ground for 20,000 troops, and with- to be left at the drones.itsmany
In a mile les one of the fdest sea will be nearly all volunteers. It has =edit tol said
beaches 10 the country. One of the not yet heed decided whowill be placed A_
best features site s a grat well In command of the Ladrone and Caro-
1,700 feet deep flowing pure water at Une islands' armies.Syrp of Fi
the rate of 20000.000 gallon per day. cent bttn bIa l.
The board has reported that this A WILD SMTA PEDB gi AT dI-aI
water could bo piped all over the camp, may t hM t iLt -
and secretary Alger, with a view of 'GOuro-.nt Hors Break Out o th' c t ft -
having everything In readiness, has or-
dered the piping to be laid at once. thus Corral and Endanger Many Lives. wishe IrS it Do at
Indicating the department's choice of a ny
sites. From dav's Daily.
There is no intention to break up the From pridays Daily.
present oamps unless disease should A s ee of hotes belonging to the C
appear, necessating the change. See- United states army occurred last night l I
rtay Ir's purpose In endi out and for an hour or more there was rIn-
retary Alger's purpose In sending out a
the Hopkins board was to prepare a tense excitement In a r an rts of the
camp, not for immediate occupation, city, as the animals ran about the- -
but for the instant reception of troops street endangering the lives of a ll No oMae im iL -.
who might necessarily be removed from pedestran s.
other camps where contagious diseases The corral Is situated In the Rarrison
appear contagious season the eastern edge of the city, and ever Special to the Toa-p m
The cienofFernandinaa thu since it was established a stampede has W .n .o JJsse IL0-Perida.ha
The citizens of Fernanduna are ethu
slastic. They are loud In their praise been feared. The carroll is protected
of Col. EL R. Duval, president of the by a slender tence, and Its wakn tunder.the trt eal taih .d
Florida Central and Peninsular railroad, has been pointed out many times. 6f its quota of t roplm lst he a
who has been untiring In his efforts to About 9:30 last night the horses be- upon to furnish a&yr OaLMW
secure a permanent camp at Fernan- came fritened at something and whi under the eeod ct--ipota
dina. rushing around In the corral, broken
It Is rumored here to-night that the down the feuce. Then the fnao now In e.i
troops now In camp at Jacksonville gan. The men detailed to ook after l h ,
and Tampa, are to be removed as soon the stock tried to head the frightened
as possible to this city. and also that animals off, but their efforts only added -
the fleet of transports now en route to to the excited ores' fear and within
ordered to come to this port instead of in the corral.
mp or the next expedition. The men then began firing their
Ttols to head off the now thoroughly
maddened animals which were run-
THE FLORIDA IS BEA)DY niaig round and round In the garrison. 1e
M- By this time tney had gotten entirely .
Another Expedition of Cubans to be beyond control and when one horse
headed for the streets of the city the 0
Sent to Cuba. others followed. %n-"
Down Franklin street came the anl- cn i
IHWAY OBBEY. male raising a cloud of dust that.shut toc
everything from sight. It was dI- u see. ,h
cult to see the horses, but the thud of
Three SoldierM Hold Up a Man and their hoct could be heard for a half t
Bob Him of Fifteen Dollars. mile. When the leader reached 5Wash- L = asOs
t_ lngteon street and turned toward the s&1 s1I eDff
west, every horse in the herd followed. %a Vsow.
From Friday's Daily. They did not go over four or five blocks I q n f I, sem
rWhen men wearing the uniform of down that street, before they doubled ", 3-
United States soldiers begin acting as and came back.
highwaymen. It Is time that the officers Then came the real danger, for upon HI- 1
in command take steps to stop the law- reaching Franklin street, the horse
less acts. turned to the north.
Last night Harry Quinn, a well known The street was crowded with civiiana
citizen of Tampa'was held up on Central and soldiers, but all acted with one I s-
avenue by three soldiers, and was rob- pulse. There was a rush for places -I
bed of $16. Quinn came to the Tribune safety. A party of soldier' t sadd ing In
office and reported the robbery. He front of the Tribune office tumbled over TU
said that two of the men were white, each other In their efforts to get be-' i
and one was colored, and they all wore hind the press. They realied that tahe tsa- mm Nei l
the uniforms of United States soldiers. press is a powei in the land and thel. sMedels tress .Ie
One of the men covered him with a bought protection in the strong hold of % MMa sTbanw S a s-
pistol and commanded him to halt and the "devil." wien asked if they would 00 "-1 m S
throw up his hands. He obeyed, and run from Spaniards like they ran trom am V 5 W bMil
the other two went through his pockets the horses, one of them replied, MWll. W- 1nLemt_*_
and took the money. He says that he' hardly. You see we didn't have our TT
could identify the men If he should be guns to-night." l iM e Mjia
given an opportunity. The horses continued their running
A soldier went to Knight & W Talls for several ours, and t was long past -
store in Ybor City last night and stole midnight before the cow boys couMld get- .-. ,-*,
a pair of pistols. He had selected a them started towards the corrl. It Mi If
small pistol and while the clerk was is dotbtits whether they will all be e-
wrapping it up for him he grabbed a cured ty noon to-day, as they are pretty
couple of large oistols from the counter well scattered. S
and ran out cf the store. He made his It is hoped thai the authorities will
escape. remove the corral to some otherlocality;
and build a strong fence around It.

Two OCavalrymen Bnred Yesterday by local applications, as they cannot,
With Mlitary Honors. reah the diseased portion of the ear',
There is only ene way to cure deanes,
Bertram Lutmb. a private in the b'ffh and that is by constitutional remedies-
rram Lmb.privae in the .h Dafnes is caused by an Inflamed con-
United States cavalry, died in the ?amp dition of the mucous lining o the Hus- .:'" YA
hospital Thursday night, ant was bur. tachlan ube. Whe this tube gets in- i in e .st ..
led yesterday morning with nitltsry flamed r ou have a runblig sound or..i". "
imperfect hearing, and when it is 'm- -__"
honors. The deceased came here frim tirely closed, deafness is the rsult, -- .. ..
New Orleans, where he was recruitEd and unless the inflamatlon can be taen fl Uf l ' n
and had only been con .-d \nith the ot and this tuobe restored to Its normal l
condition, the hearing will he dessrornd m -"
regiment two daya before he d;n. His forever; nine cases out of ten are caus- eolssusa-es^ 1ss.
death was caused by an -idsck r.f diar- ed by catarrh, which is nothlng-bt an I* i hra a ?tfr.i


W4md to be a the D~

wk S hIor"I sv I long reeived
ta the Tribune. t
-beit. Joane4-The United
SC- esu.i e bha been tior

p ereda I fosd to e a perfec-

ot f heNavy Long recve
i61il5da~iUpMh to-day from Adrl-
blo that the

5 *0 bnack ghiof the
45245 mr tim sa opportmnty ot
1dHn iUriiit5 tdh last Monday-

.54 .a. th.es dtcargeb of gu
l '"T, ltfht cao. me

frslmout heif a mi s from.
ktRif~ aS h ab 4tear to the tlo

,r 'Ve tLdsalnboat DandyOu
dw5pchUiit played ow

,:IH ....^m- +,,. PUa-

th-la ethe -
P 'tS ward to Bra. sAd 240o-
tkH WeMId tfboe air vent

-l ms flame, so report,
jr c df i inlsardi who were
Thirty seconds
jthe science of
TWO 'he onred
m&f r it iaJr psm 1ta4 exploded Os

,)BijM~Ues i@r*5din3 fine, two
.Way, hO** ^tbe wlor
iyal~ a~ i~a4ne. *eiu u a mere
^^CiS5OiWlma *o the deep'anad
^j~ldL r 3itR-;1writ earth thrown
JS PMto stand ont

the tsorpe bohte

itihibte out. It fell right
.h1 6hatb. where the hat-


AWv a cngood food and dasblnae,
" Wl=t p ~ cEvB hmeI the open air.
, g to n with heath and hr
SiW Mooom wito h I beauty. If her
e emals tkea e.rl actIon et a
Sh ruenedyq M she Mae the gentle
otp&L- alat SYrUp at FI. made by
isCflAetam We Syrup Co., only.

Seer ago. His were-
acaow I deire to as-
ten sas Cbrltsaena
4cees- Soddley, May


re for ChBtoi Sever and'
Sreflpmded. 80 cents All

Wray.oOrp in now ooa-
L as Ho ]e hqshp b

rPun Pigeud witht Oh

TEy ar Io Extradj Frildey to the
Spush Offials.


Declared That Americans Would
Never Possess the Phlhppines
While William II. is Emperor
of the German Empire

Hong Kong, June 17.-It is reported
here that the Philippine insurgents have
captured the family of Captain General
Agusti, the Spanish ruler.
In nearly every Instance where a
native regiment has deserted, and gone
over to the rebels, the officers of the
rtgimenta have been massacred.
The British war ship Linnit arrived
to-day, and brings information from
anila that great excitement has been
eased the t he attitude of German
oier towards the Spaiah officials.
The Germans have become extremely
trirdiy toward the Spanlardf
The Germanus re credited with say-
Ih that the Amlriens will never p60-
u the Phpinptm while William II.
is emperor of Germany.


The Ngro Xurdere to go to the
Pen for KVUai Joeb Collins at
LakeUdM '

Special to the Tribune. '
Bartow. ila., Juine 1.--Judge Baron
Phillips came over from Tampa this
l lrniltg to hear a nmo an tfor a new
trial in the case of, Jame Johnson, the
negro soldier, who was last week found
guilty of the murder of Jd~b Collins. -
,After hearing the statement of the
prisoner and the arguments of the at-
torney Mesrs. Anno, OUiphant and
Hampton, the Judge said that he would
deny the motion and leave the supreme
court t pass upon the matter if an ap-
peal should be taken, .which he inti-
mated that he hoped would be the case.
He said he was in no doubt as to
whether he ought not to have granted
a continuance on the showing made
by the defendant as to absent witnesses.
The judge told the prisoner, however,
that he had been represented by three
of the best attorneys in the state, and
had been given a fair trial, and tt only
remained for him to sentence him, and
he did so, fixing the period "ifor life."
Ninety days were allowed to prepare
for an appeal, and if the prisoner and
hob friends can arrange to satisfy the
attorneys for their services the appeal
will be made. Naturally they feel
that they have done work enough for

your Thousad Troops Wi BSail From
S obile to Join hbafter.

pecial to the Tribune.
WashIngton. J.tne IIL-T' e war de-
partment hae decided to increase the
aes 4 the army of Invasion that has
been sent to Cuba under command of
lajor Generf WilUUam R. U after.
ilthIn the next week four thousand
men wil be emnarked from MobUe and
mwi be sent to Cuba on the fastest
transports ebtainable to reinforce the
Srp that sailed with General Shatter.
SmiWuami W t MKourn-.

Wahington, June 11.-It has been
deitely decided by the wvad depart-
meat that no troops -w41l be embarked
at miLI, a small town oa the eastern
ointof F.lorida. A strong pull was
Sde to have Miami selected as one
Atlantic ports of departure for
thePorto Biean expedition. The spee-
a- bobrd sent out by 4he-swar depart-
'.mspt examined fan.l, and reported
thit was not big enough to cccomodate
"y grat number of men that might
rsh~ht there prior to embarratiof
The board also found that there was not
saffioex depth of water at ilaml for
ah 3afga transport to load at the


t-ow rw sw ,-t o sw -- o sec 1 of se 14 oe 2, township 10 south
".? or".^ ^ ^^ s Ili Com1for 1 ick
township 25, south of range 223 east; uthe 501-4 of so 1-. 8jty, I'AmI+t Ta m.
of range 21east, all .except the n 1-2 of ans -4of ne 1-4 sOf seF4lees toT '" W .
the s e 1-4of se 1-4 of nw 1-4 and thee is sf1u of ra townshra 1 tn1-2)of s0w oft 0 1 sCsaiaeand dterris ero6wa n as s- tSo

R2ofrange 119 eat; ose11-4 o f sown township sout ) r'eie ... 08158
, tenhp 2, south of range 16 eat. h, soouth of range 16 st; the- ( "S ," -
S1-2 of nw 14I of ,c ., t ownshp e 1 .4 of s1e 34, township ,. suth o f range OR-eN.
south of range 20 east; se 1-4 of nw 1-4 1 east, the e 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 7. and
f sec township outh of rge the ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of see 20, in town- -- lirmejas saMiInge attss 'eSn). .. 5e
And also the long real estate sit-' s.p 5p8, south of range 17 east. Vroche ,C....... .
uted In the County o r Deato: sa- The said Thomas F. Stubls, W. Scotia souesr ofslinagse eC yd Line"'f chdeore" aessesl
of ae 1. lot y 1 and nd the e? 1- o- Tison and 'Thomas R Peeples, late part- -' 5OUTH.BOUND.I
of Se 1-4, lots 1 and t. and the e 1-2 o"
s 14 of se r, s 1- of w 1-4 of se 18 nes in t:-e doing business, and trad- etmer s same lted to stl hf le S.Eat I re
ne 1- of e the 1- of ne 1, the ng nd the firm name and style of PorChar C..............................
e 1-4 of ne 1-4, t and the e 1-2 of nw 1-4 tubb, o & Company, defendant FOrJrksswtflaVlI. .eallt s Aor ........... ......Soa
of sec 20 all in township 40 south abov named and all other persons In. lde w d a l o .
so.21 w1 -4 a A terested in said property are hereby re- Clde Newhlad -a lAe

a townehip 4, south the first Monday In september 182, the ataCIa ..b ,w i
le se 1-4 of se 1-4 o same being the 6th day in said =~.,nth. 5teamcs "Delanen and a'e. W. NC
1-4 of b 1-4 of aee and a rule day in this court, else a de- Are apooltelAS anil u toBowa
th Of range 23 east; fault wilt be duly entered against them eros Foof Hgas SeetsJackso ie.,
Mee I, and all frac-in said court. THURSDAYS
Ship a 40 a south o I ATPACT'RICO CLYDE ST. JOHNS V
hofi ne 1-4. and the. SI OPaintIff. CL EJON. .TE ,AlY -.
ec 16; s 1-2 of ae 1-4F. SIMONTON, (D BAl LINE .
of see s. township Attorney or Plaintiff. Jacksonville, Palatka, Sanford, Eitetei a ,
r east; se 1-4 of sw
S17 and thexe 1-4 Notice of Final Settlement. mediate Tqi)dings on the St. L-Asa-
ownshp 36, south of "CITY OF JACKSONVILLE," , X,
Sof ne 1-4 of sec 26; Q MNTHS REZ sc,;i..DATE .L,.ICOFxor" ,.
P nw 1-4 of se 1-4 of C I ii wpremst to the Cornty j. e d ou CAPT. W.A. SHAW,
ne 1-4 of sec 3, in borough Io.sty, Hrinia, nam mon d Leas Jeksvie ...s ......................... ......
of range 29 easLt. vouebers ad dmi6sasr'sor tb estate of Leae Bntord ............................ --
wing real estate sit- ,ai so.ttimeat t as oueh sadoaa sar. General Passenww r .nd Tpicket fffoe. 204t
r of Polk: sw 1-4 of D sd ths lat day of Deeemser, A. D. 188K. ].a Warbq ,0. T. P. A.I.
township 28, soeth PAUL, WORTH t 8rru.h 5akwLtHeaN. Mw Yk. ,. wot
1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec Admisstrator "stte of Ps.r ..... H. i Headel. G. l. P A.,
1-4 of se 8, in town- easo Bowhlng GreenN Rew Yok.
ge 23 east, se 1-4 ofr BowUg reav, N. T WF. 'tnP. i Ar O.sinI
township 4 south;S '"*lmtl tri'o Notice.
f Mo 6, township 29
n ig' 1t e v" Krae. se
rare St eas.seven lttie-e is n*^noy VvenlPat tbe Un
n"r of the ns 1-4o df r.ggnsd hs been duly appoited ad-
ownship 7t south, ,MlIauIstitr of the estae of J. Ornsby K r- -se
-4 of see 1a, 1-2 of I)ooolgh, laft of Hille sborogh count
set 14, and s 1- of Ideessd All persons hiding cElaum

Se thas e 1-3 ib eosbys t es t- a t
wohip U month; ow arm rlecae tn bs tt
4 townshiMpas; no M N ec wh moss suanio5 t sgo

LZGAL AD VERTISEMENRTS see 36; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4. and tA lS AI -
the a 1-2 of sw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of aW 1-4 ft-
see 30, township 32 south; n 1-2 of n w 1-4 In te Cct Court of the g J -
Notice of Institution of Suit by At- of ne 1-4 of nel- 4 of sec 24, township S,3 del dcioit of te tate of n
tachment. south, all in range 25 east, the sw 1-41 in and for Hillaborouh county, ty ple
of nw 1-4 of sec 32. township 31, south. chancery: I m W
In the Circu tC'ortof ne Sixth JudllC.r- and the nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 o sec 16, in MaryA. Pr oe ,s a a. n E* Iak
L .ft tf OI as th" township 8 south of range 26 esst, the lin, et a, foreeosr oa mors Ml
c of te lr F.ol n cr s 1-2 of nw 1-4. and the n 1-2 of sw 1-4 Under sd I y 'tue o&deee of fotrosr-
bor. ugh county. of sec 34; the se 1-4 of ow 1-4 ec of sec a gge r ader on r &b hr s of n QUWG r4
The bieig MaPulacturnlu Company. a eor- township 9., south of range 25 east, lots ey .A U.I.by LO an. Bsaro Phialj
lr-lats n o'gAeJ1UIZ ajO rib.Ijh nboDel Me 5, 6 7, ., 9. 10, and 11 of eubdivllson jndg the an &oree-id Inaoa orol o M Lry A w
acus fonn. &ano .oIuh.b R. o oepio,. at of oMedors., and lots 10, 1. 1, 1, 13, 14, 1i, K.Fejkhen eL sl&.olsAie AsUh. IsoilPrbslss ga to 'B
pru.e A r&o Lu u, buhuans &sod 16, 17, 18, 34, 35. 34. 37. and 38 of block outry uo fry t or f be t ourl boet d.j |i tOhes :Dgi'
Laii bg u tooe, tsc ir [.a e .0d atj s of five of the subdnvision of Medora. ciy -f Tawmp co.l-ty and oatae &a'wpes l
u he, llow A 0i0 0 drt IDsoa.in,1a And also the foHowlng realestate sit- 1 'ir s e A 4 ihe, Gwrd ro stmil r As
il; 7v 1, e NOWAY in Juy A-D.M te wars being
u eto. uatnrd in the County of Citrus: n 1-2 of ~ trhe teory A. s 1 hto ths eh b t"ti
TUAL-L WiHOl IT.U1A. OOCHCBt.: i N w 1-4 of nw 1-4 of e 1-4. and w 1-2 of sad bem bidder. the follitnrodel-tebt be y A -"-
NotIce is herety given that the above nw 1-4 of ne 1-4; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4, and e IrmDg ad being in the r y cor o1 r iit S. "-;,.
entitled suit whereon the Liebig Manu- 1-2 of nw 1-4 of w 1-4 of sec 9; ne 1-4 of, ad sn'd rf patorda. y s- am rena "-
factunng Company is pialnuff, and ne 1-4 of dec 10; se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of secD Lot r omnlr loi tI o it:
Tnomas F. Stubas. W. Scola Tison, and 32; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 36. all In town- Wortb'rsurvev or ihetowref Plans City, ad
Thomas R. Peeples, late partners In ship 17, south of range 16 east; ne 1-4begr nine at he asothbem cor ersof therh I
trade, doing business and trading under of ne 1-4 of sec 18, township 17, south of e%.t quarter of t e our, wrLet q.rorlr rf o I
the frm name any style of Stubbs, range 17 east, ne 1-4 o -4 of sw 1 ec2 one tw y (r l). LowSsorp l weny eight C 1) "
Tison & Company are defendants, has township 18, south of range 17 east. se
been instituted by attachment. and that 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 16, township 19.,
writs of attachment therein nave been south of range 17 east; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4
duly Issued according to law, and levied of sec 15, township 17, south of range 05 r ww .
upon the following property, situated in 18 east, se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 10; n 1-2 '
the State of Florida, and various coun- of ne 1-4 of sec 14, and lot five or ne 1-4 A Hig rade Fertilizer Mus"
ties therein, and more particularly de- of se 1-4 of sec 35, all in township nine-
scribed as follows. o.-wit: teen, south of range 18 east; ne 1-4 and A TEPS
The following property being situated the ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 27, lot one in UAL
In the County of HIUlsborough: A three block 14 of Floral City, and the e 1-2 r
eights undivided interest in lot 2. of se s of 1-4 of ec and the ne 1-4 of the
17, and the e 1-4 of the se 1-4 of sec 18, ne 1-4 of sec 18, all In township 18, south .
both in township 1U, south of range 17, of range 19 east, s 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 6,
east; also a one-half undivided Interest township 1,8 south of range 19 east; the
in the se 1 ot ofthee 1- of sec 7, rc- e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 17, and the w w1-
tlonal se a,4 of sec 8, the e 1-2 of the of ne 1-4 of see 28 both in township 1. Then why pay $35 ad 40per ton for
ow 1-4 of see s; lot oneInse 17,w sw -4 south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4, gradereliable ferl
of nw 1-4. sec 17; lots one ond two of and ne 1-4 of sec 29, township 20, south gt a strictly hiih.g e,
Meeker's subdivision of nw 1-4 of 1 o r 1 e-4 o f r ast aw -4 ot nw- o sec 3 pc : 'i
sec 17,e 1-2 ofne l-4of secl8,e 1-2 of nw 1-4 tp 17. south of range 20 east; the w 1-2
of sec 18; e 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 18. all of sw 1-4 of se 1. and ne 1 of nwUT ND VI .......................
In township S31 south of range 17 east, 1-4 of sec 20, township 18, south of range POTATO MAlIURE .................. ..
and all of the nw 1-4 of the w 1-4 of 20 east; nw 1-4 o n of ne 1o c 8; ne 1-4 VE TABLE MANURe. ........... ...... go
ec township 2 south of range 16 of nw 1-4 of ec 8, ne-4 of nw 1-4 of sec...... ....
east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 of ow 1-4, less two 14; lot 19 In ThompkinnsvtlUe sec 18. ew FRTLOO R (fboN il PO .... ..... ..
and a half acres in. no corner of sec 13, 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 22. all In township PECIA L Ml NrKK o ...... .......r.. W* *
township 7, south of range 15 east'se 19. south of range 0 east; n 1-2 of sw SPECIAL M IUm o I.....................
corner of lot one in sec f. and 10t ne 1-4. and e 1-4 of w 1-4 of se COR F TILIZE .....................
in sec 6, townshlp 18, south of range 15 of se 1-4 and se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of P
east; bw 1-4 of w 1-4 of sec. 2 town- se S. ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of see 26, and ne All fetilize -si 1 ei i o5toW1 kk O
ship 30, south of range 18 east; n 1-2 of 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 36; all in township 20 "6Why We Make h IDE1AL rFetils'.'';
n 1-2 of so 1-4 and n 1-2 of aw 1-4 of sB south of range 20 east; aw 1-4 of sw 1-4
1-4 of sec 34, township 28, south of range of nw 1-4, and sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of seeo.
14 east; ow 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 3, and township 21, south of range 20 east, and2
n 1-2 of so 1-4 of seci, township 30, south s 1-2 less ae 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16, In
of range 16 east; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4 township 19, south of range 91 east.l i
of se 1-4 of sec U, township -2, sou-. And also the following real estate silt- 555501
of range 16 e; nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec uated in the County of Marion: Ne 1-4 -A-.OKSON 'I F O T" "i
36. township 27, south of range 17 east; of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4. and nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 JACK ONV L
nw 1-4 of se 1-4 and n 1-2 ol sw 1-4 of of sw 1-4 of sec 13, in township 12, south
se 1-4, and se 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 30, of range 20 east, fractional se 1-4 of sw "Pig's Foot" brand B19od and Bon 17l r 4
township 31, south of range 17 east; ne 1-4 of sec 4, township 14 south of range
1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16, and se 1-4 of sw 20 east; nw 1-4 of soc 11, township 17, Damaraand Guno the deal of e
1-4 of sec 23. township 29, south of range south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 Daaraland Guano, the Ideal ipbacoerli
=1 east, w 1-2 of no 1-2 of no 1-4 of see of ne 1-4 on sec 1i, township 15, south
11, township 30, south of range 22 est. of range 10 east, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of see
And also the following real estate si- 7 in township 16, south of range 18 east;
uated in the County of Sumpter. and se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of DoeWitt Park In see 5 _
tate of Florida s 1-2 of sw1-4 of see and the W 1-2 of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of De-
3, fractional w 1-2 of sw 1-4 of tec 14; Witt Park except lot 5, block 7, and
se 1-4 of see .3,fractional se 1-4 of ne 1-4 block 8, and lots 9. Io, 1. and 12 in
and fractional ow 1-4 of ne 1-4 f seo block 9, and blocks 11, 7, 2, 29, S1, and
26, fractional nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sac 36, z2, and lots 14 and 15 of block 12. and
all in township Ip south of range 20 lots 6 to 12 inclusive, and lots 20
east all of the ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 on Sump- 0to =1 Inclusive Is block 14, and
ter count o twn p I so lots to 10 inclusive, block 17, and lot
of range 1 east; sw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and 9 in bloi.k 73. and lot 15 in block 13, and t seqt leo fePp ~ew lyWe e m v Me nim ts .
sw 1-4 o sw 1-4 of sec 10, and ee 1-4 lots 17 to 70 inclusive in block 16 In sec .-nolma If U boiaaewntSt 1M o& r it stm omW
of sw 1-4 of seclto~nshlp 200,n soth of0, township 16, south of range 18 east, amus wabR as0 6 no week-L We imabo ase
rangeW I1 east, cnd sw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and and the w 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 3, in town- making a cleafresh. smre remedy for 0ano. .m
sw 1-4 o0 sw i-4 of section 30, and se 1-4 shlp 15. south of range 1I east. Dys/eal ii ad c O M Y"- X
of sw 1-4 of sec 11 An township 20, south And also the following real estate sit- &Wsake toneod
of range 21 east, sn 1-s of ne 1-4 of sec pated in the County of Levy: The se "A few ye go abos os a tais5_ss
3t. township 18, south of range 21 east; 1-4 of so 1-4 of sec 13; I;0 1-4 of nw 1-4sa 98ib-notaosmslibre s nOon &s, 00d5LeI
se 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 12, and fractional of nw 1-4 of see 16, township 15, south affn my NMsI1111 2 11 .l 54 p Oeple--
se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of see 25, township 21, range 14 east; ne 1-4 of sec 15, township A ht sha Umns s aaP osame r joe dasm es E.me," e*.a
south of range 30 east; ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 35, south of range 15 east; sw 1-4 of ne Isoilsslmatied, e m boam m td LIL eoflSA s ll -
of sec 24, township 19, south of range 21 1-4 of sec 6; se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 9; se sl, dib odINNAtoJayam"s "t goNbeoa 1W i
east; se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 32, township 14oo14ofnc1.twsip i, othtina ins l l h
18, south of range 21 east, se 1-4 of sw of range 16 east; sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sed sets.e b_ .__.
1-4 of sec 3, township 24, south of range 7, township 12 south, and the se 1-4 of SI aboettUM-4oaeo fl lO r ,. "A O9
24 east. se -1-4 of sec 20, township 16 both In codee dh"els0aaemdsuOsg nU W q P ftelsb.L
And also the following real estate sit- range 16 east; a strip off south end of Aa Zr D D. REIPveakuC ... a O1
uated In the County of Manatee: Lots the e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of see 4, township 13,
one and two of sz-c 35, fine acres in the south of range 19 east, containing 20
nw 1-4 of sec 36, and five acres in the acres, and the se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 11,
sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 36, township 33, township 11, south of range sixteen east
south of range 17 east, lots two and And also the following real estate sit=,
three in sec 16, township 34, south of uated In the County of Aiachua: me 1-4*
range 17 east; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 and ne of ne 1-4 of sec I1, and sw 1-4 of nw 1-4
1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 10, the se 1-4 of the of sec 12, township 7 south, sw 1-4of
ne 1-4 of sec 18,, township 34. south of se 1-4 of sec 12, s 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 13,
range 18 east, lots two, three and four, township 8,south nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 and IP
In sec 12, lots two and three in sec 18, nw 1-4 of sw 1-4of sec 14. e 1-2 of nw
township 37, south of range.l18 east, ne 1-4 of sec M5,sI-2 of ow 1-4, thesel1-4 of
nd s -4&nd w i f 1-4 !sqm 1-4 of 5se1-
of sec 17 townh of se township 1 7 south, all in range 15 east, '_

sel township 4a, south of range 19 east; o ,rat -ew e -t ow
nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 ownship soutof e--sw se towns- p 7 south nw- 1 eastdth
1-r. and sw 1-4 of sw 1-o of n ec 8, and sW sl-4 ofo1tani dthC eSutnl 1-2o Ofnin 14 .
s 1 of se 1-4 of sec 17. towns. lp of eel 33, township 6; ne 1- ofme 1-4
soeth of range 20 east; n 1-P of sw 1- 4 of eas fs all north of county l4ne of sec 18, 4
sec 1 lots 1, 3, 4.and 5 in sec 12; 1oh, 1, township 26, south of rane 1e e- t; sw 1
aend t in sec 13, township 40,south o f 1-4 of ne 1-o; Be 1-4 of nw 1-w, and the
rage 20 o sut; and lot 1 in sec 16, town- J osw 1-4, of sec 6and so n -4ofn -.
shlp -4, south of range 13 et s ut of see 33, 11 township 7; ne 1-4 of se 1-o;
range te fol-lofi-re ste fwt-and sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 2; ne 1-4 of
and tn the a ownt fPao the sw se 1-4 of~eec i. ne 1- of se 1-n of sec 14; ,. tes, 0.w_4n.e
e l-nof w 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4
16 nst, 1-2 of ne 1-4 set- sof the w o 1w andnwl1=2of ne -4 "
2s4 itt of wnhi 18 east, utho e 21 Of of sec 2;, tornshlpe T south, se 1-4 of see
and the sw 1- of -e 1-4 of sw 1-4 f e ;

east; nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 ; and nw 1t n of swof o ; the s o
sus ow.1 s............. o27; the ne 1-4 of nw 1e of 4ec 28; the se

-b.St ti

. ne- affairs of the city, upon the same prin-
1 petrSi *ctpleas
tts L? In conclusion I desire to say that a
ibk that due sene of propriety would suggest
M' Jumt that all city officials, now holding over,
satisfied will send me their resignations, so that,
will ap I can enter upon the discharge of my
th rep- duties unhamDered. I shall expect
I parties, such resignations at once.
i ground Let us all pull together and work to-
tcltes gether for the common good of the city.
a paiang Very Respectfully.
adjusted. F. C. BOWYMR.
e done. i Mayor.
people 'pon motion of Councilman Manrara,
6 and by the message as read, was ordered recei-
r admin- ved and fled for future reference
1ty1 qnly The rules under which the former
1ine that
fled that council was governed were read and
are them after some amendments, were adopted.
ble com- The council will continue to meet on
they will
both can Friday of each week at 8 p.m.
end that President Bruen announced the ap-
Imntedl- pointment of the following standing
committees of the cliy council.
induced ON FINANCE.
s exempt ELMER WEBB.
extent. L L. W IWIG.
legal or
mptlona ELMER wWEBB.
contract JAS 3. HOIMES.
et their
Ufferent, RAcM N DTARMAS.
Ito suc- (. IRYTY KRUE.
Of theftr (LMER WBB.
mr B the CE f l
.. eO. J"AB. M. CHOLME6.
ome x E0 LABT lEYVMA
sal pro- LA3DMN LAI>ALRA.-
ation, BL RVMB. 'qKzssLjwS, AND HAR-
and be- DOR.
wrrlv es 8 IL I MORAY.
$tion; of emHsM KRUeM.
he-e e JAr. St G. OOIO.f .
-jeopa- LE4SEMY BROW.
at time. F. I. WING.
te are m 08AR NIANRARA.
rweaeta-frRohrtm AMD PUBLIC BUILDItf9.



J. sL FE
S. R. U


IN .


ored Monroe doctrine, and contend that quence.
the passage of the resolutlonwould not The woak
be acting in this manner take Ihf cu
eral's unarl
e is a ya
A Prominent BAusi e- a an of Plant Havana f0
City Pames Into the Better Land. who only i
in order to h
TThe reob
Special Correspondence. are on so80
Plant City, June 20.-In the death of ceed in his
Mr. 0. A. Strlckland. Plant City has
lost one of her representative men; a
leader In all enterprises for the good of
the clt;: a most exemplary member of
the Methodist church, and one of our Specal to t
most successful business men. Phlladelpl
Mr. Strickland Wed at 940 o'cock last ste5mshan
Saturday morning of typhoid fever. His day with a
death was a most triumphant one, with that she is
the assurance of meeting his wife and and theft t1
little ones, who crossed the dark river feet. Thtis
only a short time ago, and who were 'would take
walitng for him on the Golden shore. ma-kthe t.
The funeral services were held Sunday American
morning in the Methodist Episcopalwatem b
church- nd wprpr -iet.A I., v_. able that tb

benedction was offered by Rev.H. W.
The death of Mr. Strickland is a sad
blow to his family. He left a mother,
two sisterm and five brother. Three
of the brothers are In business in Tam-
pa and the other two in Plant City.
All were present at the fusmeaL The
family has the heartelt sympathy of
the entire community In thf, their sad
The much talked of hospital train for
the army arrived in Tampa Sunday and
left last night er Atlanta with 0n ick
soldiers from the various eamps in
and around Tampa The train is com-
posed of ten "tourist" sleepers, esuc *B
are used on the western roads for tranu-
porting Immigration. The officers In
charge ride in an up-to-date Pullman
sleeper. The hospital car is fitted up
complete as an apothecary shop. The
sick men will receive the bet of atteo-
tlon while on the road The train
will visit Jacksonville and all other
camp site.
Since Mtajor J. W.. Sackett. comman-
der aof the Third battalion of First Flori-
da regiment, has been transferred to the
Ehbsineers corps, the battalion has been
commanded by Captain J. A. Maxwell,
commander of company E. formerly the
JacksOnville Light Infantry. Captkin
"Jack' Maxwell iL exceedingly popular,
and nearly all the boys in the Third
battalion hope that he will be appointed
major. He has had considerable ex-

EL GR W2 Fi~rst Wardd- I pertence in mOusra afsalrr and Is thor-
JA. N. HCTLM.S, second Ward. oughy competent
cjCcAR M-kNIJUA Fourth WaKL
The first named member on each com- June 13th 18.
nittee, is to serve as chairman of same.
A resolution directing that the own- As Knights, in days that now are old.
ers ot lot 5, block 13, Ybor City, corner Went forth, not seeking fame or gold;
f 13th street and 9th avenue fll in To aid the weak, Christ's tomb to wrest
the 1t to the grade establed by the aracen-earing the breast,
Sty. Councilman DeArnma explained So freedom's host sails forth to-day,
that the city has fi ed In the street A- To aid the weak while millions pray,
ournil the lot, and that unless the lot To right the wrong, a nation free,
I filled In, the first heavy rain will They sail with Joy o'er summer sea.
wash the city's filling into the low0 ly-
ng lot. The resolution was adopted, 'A mtg ity host, equipped they go,
also included an order to fill in lots 17 Both brave, and-strong, to meet the foe.
Lnd Is of block 4, of Denis' sub dvivsibn Hearing the bitter, helpless cry,
Councilman Wing introduced a Reso- The Cuban people lift on high;
ution dtrectin that all moneys cdllec- A million, crying out for bread.
ted in payment of fines and forfelUtres Ful1 half a million lying dead.
o bond be in the future paid Into & To right the -wrong, a nation free,
fInd to be known as the Police fund. They bravely sail, o'er summer sea.
&ad that the moneys of this lund be
deVoed exclusively to the payment of With anchor lifted, on they glide,
the police department. A natlln's Ohope, a nation's pride.
A communicatton from President Not to a enge the Maine the speed.
Bruln was read. addressed to- the The future's horoscope th b read.
inane committee of the council. In "Vengeance is Mine. I will repay.,"
this he recommended a number of rules A thousand years, are as one day.
mor the government of the financial de- To right the wrong, a nation free,
apartment of the city. They tnantoful sail o'er suimmner sea.
.t resoltIon intod auced, be d n An Island torn. andtetemptest tusi,
lmanm #olmes wab adopted, exltendng Bee--ldered, weak. distrest, and lost,
tem rglteeet of the floor to fa yor Needs claap fraternal, timely aid.
S ber o the ord Fo- hath not the great acher said?
"I n caring for the poor ye see.
The hbond of J. B. Anderson and R_ Ye do it even unto. m"e.
.' Webb sa members of the board of To r;iht 'the wrong, a nation free.
pbhlhcrw In-in kthe sum of 3q, 0 each, ,They hopeful sail o'er summer sea.
Wate hmltteG and approved by the
cooiL Our ships with mrmig freight speed on
Ptseident ors esaled attentiOn to Men dream of attes to.e t oa;.-
th1 fact that ft In terest ont tn "e Ott AOu!&res so near.and.at -n fn n


From Which Dan- |.

gerous Blood

Poison Re-

It nuttter' not how' blood'
poison is acquired, whether by I
nheritace or accident, it is S.
a stubborn, obstinate disease all
and one which the doctors find MW
tnmselves unable to soce-t tb
fully treat. Whenever there ihst
the slightest inmpurity in the."V
blood, any acident whidi pro- fon
ducee even a ttivial brpe or~ g
contusion of\ the lnebh is 'A lis
to renlt serioealy. i ChsaototIra
sores and uloers ofL im-l4,tQa
t from m ch causes,- l-. i" a- ny", ,
casestheytiresobsti i hat -
it takyeasyo toget-ri ', drm.
The dootom-are Rasaetooqye'
somh eses becanusepotabs and& -
mercfry (the only remedieB
which they ever prescribe fir the
'blood) tend to shut in the-pi- -
on and dry it up,in .the blood. .-
Here it lies dormantfor a wil .
only to break out in a more q .,
gravated form thami before.
This treatment is ooptipt ted -
and the same conditions Pxi-4 i
for years, the old a6re or ulsz-P
becoming a ontaa ,t campan.
ion to those whom itafltiets.
Capt_-J. EL MaBramgr, the V
weU-kcnowndistiller tacky whiskiei. had nuat asuchi
asnepea and bhe i so4-i^ T^
W -.:find a& caW 4herl

....eh.. ne
.., wrediebt I^A (
zrY 1* -W- ring.

ea mromm that And to'p the arrest the violators of the law and W. H. Procer, the contestant. The
1B1l. PImake them pay the penalty of their I council granted the request for a re-
Wh we pe all itn favor of an eog- wrong doing. If the police deparunent count of the vote, and Councilman
Atedm Amlsrrtien of the alfairl Is vigilant In this respect. and will We Holmes and Kruse were ap-
ti not wVe to be penny wise and promptly apprehend and have fined Sail ipoted tellers to recount the vote of_
md foolish. All private corpora- persons in this city, who are violating the Second ward. ,
mas f any dignity, secure the best the law, there will be a sufficient eve- The -esult of the canvas was announ-
Mto that they can and pay them nue from such sources. to mere than ced to be that Frecker had received 116
per compenbaton therefore. I thin pay the cost of maintaining the poilce votes and Levick had received 116 votes. YoltrU f fs e
at phle corporations should be rundepartment of this c. I hope to se'a giving Precker a majority o: one vte.
1 the same planz I do not believe in the police department an efficient onr. Mr Levick said that he was perfectly Do A- D -
mnmencing the economy in the admin- I hope to see them arresting all vio- satisfied.
tratlon of city affair by reducing later of the law, and iI they will dis- Councilman Kruse moved that the;
riea. Upon the contrary, I believe charge the duties of their cft cs proper- council declare Mr. Frecker elected
Spaying such salaries to proper and ly, there will be no necessity of that de- councilman from the Second ward Inl
nmpetent officials, will secure the partment In the fuLure ro say that they' place of Mr. Lelck. The mo.i:n 'a, i LAnio O LEt stT B Aa.uu.
-vlces of people who are competent are unable 10 coloecs pay f-r iner servi- carried and Air. Frecker thereD became LNU LE il
conduct the affairs of thW city. so Ce. t a member of the council. i
t t will be eeonomicaL The last SA.NITARY DEPA-TPMENT. There were several votes that had pre- I
Inisf repealed the ordinance, pro- would recommend that th& sanitary viouny been counted for Levick that
fis 0 the salaries of city officers. committee ImmedlatEI, investigate the were found to e marked on the right He Hd Jut Stated On a Tonri
hape. therefore, that when this coun- affairs of the sanitary department, as- of the name of the candidate instead of
p hall ,pas another ordinance, pro- certain the number of employes, the on the left, and these were thrown out Inspection of the TpIte^-ttva
ding for the payment of city officials, number of wagons and horses in the de- by the canvassmg board, and this caus- f t
ist it wlI porvidetor such salaries as apartment, what is done by the depart- ed the change. The council then ad- On O ti of thCity
1i enable the city to procure the ser- ment, and what Is necessary to be done, journed until next Wednesday night. -aana -
ices of competent men for the various whether or not it has been run In an
bos. extravagant manner, and, i so. to pro- TA
It is ridiculous that thed\cty attorney vide for rts being run in a proper sman-
Se corporatdoa having property ne TE V DAYS TALKhe TrB .
which Is assessed at a valuation of over rFIRE DIEPARTMIENT. Special to the Tribu-e.-
ve millions dollars, should receivee te the same recommend-Wahi a -Ad re
0e paltry sum or six hundred dollars tlon relative to the fire department, Be-tor Frye is Confident of the Ulti. mised here to-nlght are t theeffe
er amium fr his services. Nb pri- that I have above made relative to the mate Adoption ol the Hawaiin that a reenut attet pt waS* e Ito t
te coorporatien In the United statess sanitary department. Annexation Besolution. Ianminrte "nButchM" SA .AthLtA Ca
l thenk for a moment o procuring ieve that if the views I have tempt was -- us dg- uSWYL
1 sermvina of a competent attorney above expressed are carried into effect Special to the Tribune. The attempted as-sp--tWio hi Gm
D less than that much month. If t by all of us, that in another year the Washington. June 0.--Senator Frye eral Bla co was made by Mrulouass
ad iropersty worth five millions o dol- city will be in a very different position afte. a farewell canvass of the senate a member of the Spatsh vntasa&s
s. Of.course the services of corm- than what it now Is. to-night expressed the opinion that the army
tent attorney here can be securd for Let all of its affairs be character- awailhtn annexpressedaton resolution wltha nerl Blano. e rrmy.
f than that much per month, ht Ised by integrity, fair and honest deal- undoubtedly be adopted by the senate of hi staff were I tss the u
SLa i important that a sui t ings treatment of all persons alke, but tt it will take at least ten days start upo. a touret isp m f
slnh be trvlded or in the ordinance and Its methods those of a private oor- to reach a vote on the question., eartbllwortks sa iMtGtieaftea
lrb~a the ses of an ttoIr poratio and we will hear no more It is believed that the democrat ws l the cIty. T1 gevme arf aar si
rhoL is en lten and who' complaint in the future about the ad- come over in saflcent numbers to en- d a re tet of Q hMf v tr
oa% an. + tu_ ror the ni-oent --cnoen&#tu rs

Arw-;qhovi Th"

wDkai ~ Il

t e8 M.ag
5. is so.

~ppt~ _
. .
) '

A~i Ilk

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