Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 30, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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WEEKLY .....


S. U I IUIV fl 1U Xay New P.cture Presented and
u orce the Audience GreatlyPle-~d. I i
Tim 0Tb. steat Dw fr m Cabs give an VIrgi JOnS Cho Wit MOhSt 18 Tue American Biograph entertain- I. L PhSiNbId Umd t1W E ,
o battle ethe Cub men a heTampaB Hotel Casi
S-" . dw rb a t P ." p 6 . - -" : -
Speal eeder Ge t, egula T bahst agbt wan rar better than the night propet on tak t
. '" "*""'*-" n ~ l( .. 8 Kbat- ^bhore and. 2 the audience wan... delighted.

A" e w tounding oI 126 mre. Th e Will Be aen a ad tI e anenes preinted were excep- Ornge and Plneapp em his peset easile
i a o 6 tha 50 e. Ge. Rabi Hearing by Judgerrison Thi ti on hooahwere icely- Pospeo
I Amongtemoving photographswer -reo ere mm Do :

ad t (orce ofw men aid the Mor Btys He Can Prove an pictures of battleships going at full Is Stediy Orowing and n Im- l dtal t.

..---- jul ilee celebt raon in London lasutli; c t o
GoFt. L I heSpOiec twacer tr t pol d hem marcirng at h ies ree mdhrton etAI
a, P c, is ho er Fom Wedce dai Da. the inauguration parade in Washing. Sp rialC p esohicsbua tis asa pi
(a s n ief I;n the field. baes e*r xper :i ened t"ro-his s
: 6. .S os p ft i w Wpy up There is every probabiv of the ton ta rch ith Presiden t Mci e- blgrinding a heavy a ali n a. t
fley and exaPraesndentaClevelandin asTO e da tha.ua ecd1h4
b Caste o ver. The OCatas have negro who attempteId to criminally ans- tn C leelan in aW nngenery wheai ] is i h s e r
cmrriagr;a, fancy cake walk; shootigt Tc abe bad
bat. sea tda long a be bank and sautl two white women in West Tam- te chute; out fishing a ee in mill lai Thureday, Mr. Pfmn ame P ma

Sthe da Special run g at the rte t n as fairly noc h t
boar s beeda i ep county jail. miles an hoar, the famous hn verstraw leaving rwo ugly cuts and bri of bn am
lfortees hed hisp r aptolled The as spectednegroisVirgil Jones, tunnel anda view of the Hudson; a his fac He said had not his fae4been stragh
by ,. Him e- who wasarresned by Marshal Martini a miser counting his pold; negroes danc- i ie o blwmiht b te w hie ON I
S t of Wet Tamp and has een posi. og, suerf l iin and Pumerou others t e blow might bae iled e t
^ nIasBhatnl e y been re- tively identile.dby one of the women lrofe-nor Agobtii the aster of Wabou "
h luu ords Jones w as arrested Mon. ceremonte s announces the -enes to bh re isniu kin a o t wurs. a el i he hen c ~eih 11 t
by .R b7 Pthe P ba s ftnhever 4I n i ha a 5 4m
f a 'dayby Mrsuhal Martinez and yeter. pt rodced and gives a brief d enter- before it happened. Namely eee oa i m
S e- m te s day morning w....ascarrd heforeCu caiou n rg dze scriptieon of .ome or. them, Mr.f n to converge on a .ertain e sb- it A nvrteoly after 6s
"111r e emr unturnedi ut to look at d himou o co fr s6a th Wet a 4.
ila.. 5 o fn Mrs. ante s Rosa and h Mrs Whirehead' with i ti alnpplause, nd toe comictue b toookat hi est y ts i et at a sthe b .
Ioam S ite nwme whib t wert victims o t te picturvos and views of tbe faous ri- the sa I t kna of wuurds, aond theat
rep hee nter aennt exatoration at ro the hs w he telayF
r lee o-att4-mptm PaJlo . t o .eporepi sent fore a Therts of the oe. oCoast oi Florida n h e nasi a en iethe t to Rie .
S a o hai s pu ee of identifying te man. He p eased the audience ery mu. h e ee
aror tin & Maase eati t oneso An le l e n s sil ben ivyadisb ed b~en afuideeprotd iT
tat chealottnfe fw r d a'. y wa s plk.:ed witn three other iiti frim The Biograph eetainm ts' will h Pfann water t aes cidentrob auried IOn nwieed clsosdithe. ies
tn being sked if he ws going to "l ipa m on omed the. the i.
m elet b reno the e l n- thed gen ce.k and Mrs. hIte- nlerhis eveon tomorrong will mr n one of Mr. Maresiml left jfor dle sen- the roperOy r el bna g ort

bop a t-uwe Joleftin cohmmred totrl i the socia ev of the boison w e net Wtdnes. .. a. ,io ... ...

. ( society, gve a charity ball ac Baker a Place isavin beilbbB spa ra, Enmmd fattel d 1 '
ihe ass w at T ps n es Sanhoe Roha Acavey the Nw Yar bn nota seen The mvi ngpic- M ve rt l i t re h ited n '
if etrnims" 'g e A bo.wt tiy 7ar of clt*e men a thursday one tEu ery partict ard no taie atin d MT. Abbed ia in cIrad nr. iOa dfnw dt f et-ie tL

PJgff* *^.i:tixtlert f iati bp je rand a fu'li otai of the same was by tre honorary mmbermns ean this oe. peao's orange grove. Heis alab papar been tu^letatL
'k r eipeeaUtives 6of a uthe. eeblabe.t" TMans n. Ever sinDc c on itb axpeotedd tho wioueand cover a T he paelta fnd.

*gagtretisa3 of Bileabr- that ti Sherff .Spencer, Chief thes foaer entertai-mnt. Thee of ground for the ceitur of pIee $400 out and la Sthe At
area y T vola rkead alt ie deputy shier hmrfea and me wi be under direction of appes ", sa sa brtw ear
nmi Pm we iolet the lot ig Maresial arrntohn of We-as Ru fre se will be erved boy a ranitedl tm ot wih a rare arst s fri hae or-
e s- b y' te aming1 -L .in e i- he .pt re. JMn is caterm r l eo has iwd by the ~nigh e hih aa tm no o n lo o that U ey wn dtl l r
.g.t m, Jones" and said that se thppoght tnat heonh Thor hinry member is who have contrib. might bette lucdifiut to accol t for a stifb *p lawyertu :
Ske hat the h aigdef ortt oth coated aery enerouly the tf air. .a bel ve ti s uo h iqu yes d iof
Shi m es intepeedght in and tiblue four mTeoat or- chibne-t be4a ed y g the latest i improved andlat b pi h e

JB^ B' wi.. LC1^Jajr I rsd.' TIar I r r YD V A .r white lbt e olos of the secsty which low ground in December ar iobkuig DiL ot I~lkaid B
Si MffioMleStS at o s-ree idto stes uap o-- UP hWithe outls any ea- npuoit psr ret ever se, bean thn

Bste 0 or r u teaS sp ii l ed Lasmt T. t icket aTre scid to thoee wC o ave been liBmi d lot of choice buds laedci in- Seor Pedro Sol, 8 8a a
le e pes trP forrtoateno h to recetne n she at oe ptle out Jones a er This i of int ordoformation of e tac ci- catw lth reia lia
i Graa t r.Phil- r silateSe W C MoFaddent pleas raClel rnt ode unnecwsld Pary p oy the. labst upon whic t w M
Theieetw 05, hb ot ty. s lone c a d 111#thaebt ha __ei A_ Ih cfurtmhberepltnaaaion. to hie w"on $caIert.tif iit -m W Pi e i

L : tq ~isert T ed ich-e Iedi the pe e be o t proe corner of Lneayetee ptrel e Ad t h uon tar' sleep worth elnt I ut fr e onsidhred 1mop T hpeh o W\'
S i rtaiR 1d the friends d or custtmeri in Tampe, ould pla e an do ththdama. w- Company wl ante-rtain, aiva wo
04conttintuadt re aeiou 6 o'loek la tfl thi m ainbers of he Cd e sent club to PeP sut ore t ie ur le ooen neyei. ptn. codd t a ed teaThe e

l" -- was a8ls am c .r- fenterained this afterono by Of Cou me s te re wiil vbe 1 o b ca eful- county } ai.
A l^ % itH ngPO yine. Ias .10 wte lok whd he wrll hold p y pr-at tbe ppers tovo pro- A Spa mne t oithsoraje b eam i M
L a t thIyte ec ire wa atised bye aefec the rpen- This ev being will mar aone of Mr. ie Thall left for Uelt a gro, o and placed la e j da
Sw rr w ier rlO' t ll i' e 'lue J nesa w as committee d c ntto il in the socir a ev*etr an of the seasonwer- bul d earl y in te ier i l g t for Contsi ol .
h i i olbe default f bail fo sreliviunarg hear- "OurCircle,"tbe Jewish yoaug flkn .r..( ,i.wobo ti GOrrtt L Will"X
4mg. society, give a chiaity bill kt Baskerms Plac mI nain beilt by a ?c s a Ta rn, am mmys fatefleut f
It* Teecoit sapcin Ili ninn Rre dneas it resident cod the "lomnme mme3 tike'w m pisin
end Mrs. Whtiteberd wa i wais bya tin sci* e hcast Yearwas e i d mnerest she raltk I. received ie ..
., l JW5. 1 4" abou t 7 o'c t-,- laA T h u r sd j ig t n em m y a rticu lar.g d n ed bing a sistad -r. bbei I nIs i na charge o fa ie
"- .4 and a fal'4a s~sOint of the sa e was bytamtehooon ry members: -n this o-. e i' orange grove. He is als ppcmr- beenl0 mrit el oe i -.
!4iqhal~m6enelpqe Uiitssthatn tbes ~efiae1OE vmmOe .since cation it is expected stk twillenceed leg to ecloseand cover a 4lmepe "The Mhesa
wq it .of 3llitibr- t~ aet th i h .er -ff iSpe cer, Chie thew fo..ner e. teris .iment. "Te' of rou aond for the calure- of" ine. jr 00o t and imn tha,
"gl5rke and all the deputy sherlgs and' m"t will be under the direction or te pia ondin t v
1i4"_o.-,,e nn nlio-emenh aveee a ,looking o fr the r Fensorlallowi ,-,,nd wandbeb M.aEmeo mayliall
OGmeasnt c( the women but i t "lI to coilene erohestra. oovere na samll tractor n an to m
--. i f., ( W. ib.e she lot of Marshal Martinez of WLest ie(resmhiente widl be erred by a piantl ot ou winh a ir. 5r t His fred s l
4 tSl~pstim taJn s of ia une o l a i t r. J eis heater oa oh"been e ged by the pines, which are looking wel i s tat tha e y wihllbeart
It d;E MR11rand Iti thxu at Ishecumoo etor h y ime ers wio have contrib- hawing better c kb w -bith d ct aree lhstilvap p t miou0.a;

e sii-. cme iroes interspersed sau blue nd Tlse oats pl a eted by the r o .., ,
.t taI1 .mia ge d W. whaa l- loastioet s ofe theeeso c .et whc ground ino r ece bera mriel A d t t]M r '

leeches, i at i p i ai forna'tateenoagh to meces-sone and serted and intended for dormant level- at. tiaprn i. a tg
'lulm Iwtei zJ mqPitH- T sic e ueo boelse a lrw u ('. o te pieanarsieeveniagits antitrictl ., opine n.nuthe lewualed P ir ta p ma jaa s0ntuiey telr
meeSi o Teer G ah.amt.- e b la fayette street and, to dei't sleep wort, a nest I at I are connidered as mal ol eip- t -W
.iGt, a. k~sew Mat loe wCompadaan !d -' op JfedI Ekr in alive mada walfeeandl aresily beginoungl n Jailer l bo ehge ott
Oa.. -n.a re-d es. e fki an 6o'elo ek ots -, members of the Cresc ent club to peep Out of t, eir wide open eyes. pmisonr e oetMireo l te
.- i -.' e mis d a m it e .... -- e st er ain ed th is afternoon n by o at s phoe e w ut hav e o h eb e t- cou nty ai . : .
I .iya uj Wate rids ,ressing Company at the ly wrapped silti .e.ioepbers t pro- A Spani s a aj. ,o, e. he, be
;'' t e fl e w a s c6a uis e d b y a s e fe tt i ne b r e - T h e c o m p an y h as te c c- t h e m T r i e t e n t or n g r ov e a n d p l ac e d I n t h e j at li n a m w
en ooliifltb a i men e fine. .. . .. ..A alarm wane to tht e rangemets or an elabo rate enter- bt d -- e orl in t b tu ir a t se it for aa ioLt. -"

lpo. icestation, but by that ti me the tainment and the affair proanae to be well. having put on a maglo _t plred I Tbut k o s"i.
I ^Fon Zli;1p#d. blLze was laping bigh in the air and ine of the moet pleasant of thbe season, growth. w refmd eilttor-.am
ivi. +40 M~t teal whbe ILk-eIe depertament arriyed it The company ,n chartered aepecial another Through Tri provided 'wia:be.a ilt
..... Ui tHtLr de- oked as though the budidine sould ear Irem the Consu mers' Comlpeny and "It is oenur.aging to note the prep. ~ tw I no One"s
arlr' be ,otallye bruyed. The direnmue did all the members of the Cresent club araktls for mo et et

a r a ; -to wf r a n d m o s i n .s K r^f i j ai l ya d 1 <. t i
toa e goodworknd soon had the fire ex- arerquested to beat of Mclubroomedd at train schedules o Flori d ril roe,
1" The Ulnguibed. S o-'eock as the o ea will leave from i S ays the Florida Times- throUisea pach d Clas f tJ -0 -V
l. n ae st Chief HWabri says the damage to front of the club promptly er. reaction C omthe. CoT. A t. n Ja'y 1 rdit
B"idhelmS m the boomm will fmOOot to about li00 hour. Luncheon will be aterred nd iext, theJacksonville, Tsmpa itth yrntbe in.
the o.4ee ndt h furniture about 0. 'A lrugs the new brew of the Florida Brewing West Railway put on an iddi- A mor amm a
'M1a1 00WWI tei mo wmoU l as tke n out of CVimrny will be placed on tap for tbhe tonal fIewtrain for Tbl pio leading %nat oplammr.b
-th" e bhon before the flee dlptmst fIrt time. Jk~ideatlK p. l r rigs wliearl fLp
a~rria eL r ed. The building belonged to Mr.. Jinsmnit s tLra 80 mmaV"
Ing;B Tampa for evening Tl. ress ,la o
&NB m MoGimay of Braideetown. and the in- M -XJ. 1atom Dead. wil he a-solid qeasmtled, meat k see the .. o anal o
911UNU310 is known. The furniture
rr ismere mkow. The furniture wn waa reoetved in the, city yss- of Lth FiiridaSlpcc%, be $ c~
.'wasn et111rdaay of tbe datb ofM eddig J. it at mermanvllle. Th.e.J wUmac rke
A Nc oew L"rpri. Blaton at her residence in Seffnoer uas three solid traWl throuxN5 ind ch di- JmS
Swoeltqraresult of an attack of typhoid fever. rection vc tbeJ. T. & 1 W. RW. Im CoeIPie be
4"diar, W Iie a Dman whtb F..M K Solnb SL.Peol ron of this pity ad and -
-id .'' .!nsd 011 11 producer of Mr. Pemberton left yesterday morlng 0".ou f the ee,. b.oolk.
eblm~l T~, !p di~m =mJ cu~ttu d oinl for Seffner with a rask The deoeed b, J. B. f rut Ume e oeik
b* J. H.elA uomatetl Ccls ..
S VlI S P -for"4i6 cr mod tonan wams am ot tweont y- de years f ~ aa an d Ziac oateeam wil-
to foram"dev. dotd husband, a --months IW and Zkk sti~eU inU Alliik6
020lain e pmng u ap l4fnt and numerous relatives to n nThe s Aft
plmedmlt Iletieglherm 'on Ownmuru bar low. hg fwas a devout Jay h heoh I
t-itet fttf he ereokd. X r. "bar oi the Mtboaimi chnroh and nar c k the t:-
Maor*bh do0rh. pilim on c beit of friends throoghont the TA1 a 4 *4P -
Of Tm e fly- plaft fe et l amp t i
'T nd -etYao 4 s 4ie -

%WW 20" 1.0. W J rg~~cltrk ee
Ispeno at- Alum Y).., .[LW P I


at- -~~r
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mie. 1.

pity*tSCMat the
"' pined before

Vs. tto get i

xz. This' l]a

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Lf tfione"
k harvy of th

:.. t:.. o.. .

sBfais the uglag HLi
he ,d

U-i k ter- dafy dri
t1 .toii p loe


SThe ,i.t elnorise n b bthe hand-
Soui l ei o ir ed in tbe
.U th is the bonth S ac, Chyt'.
e -as edited ot tbe Ti(pe.Uihon and
v--- Citiz-p. It is a complete, enc ylope-
ib rwmsi diaefthlMe eeros of tib State. pro
f u l ,y illetra td with xgnlcent
half-tone cuts, elegantly printed oe
TOflt brear bok wpper, In a oidensMd.
kmtae though i a oomprebensive form. the
S a. obronological history of Plorsda from
IItX.i-. 1 its disuovery, Is given on the intro-
a.s... s datory page, illustrated on the mar-
A YEAR. gin by aacient and moduen scenes.
aMa.. Then follows in page descriptions the
etlro "Rod b and Gul in Flqrida." -"Gen-
ea aepirms t eral Farrnina in Soth- Florida."
S "Citrus Fruit Culture.T PFurt Da)las,
Mi &mm. Miami," Key Wet's learting nuoinesb
asbhosldbe men andb er ias;itutions. "Sacceasful
l'ruck Furming" is South Florida."
hutrm wa **tarpon Ishiuog on the Gulf coast.
"The War Solkes of the .tminokes,"
; "The Oyster Industry 9f Floriea"
S "Psneapppe lpd try of theo Iat
s GosIt," "Ooms and IlBockledge."
lThe EastCo st Para4ise for Sports-
ntao. en," "Sagar Culture in Florida,"
W "Saford, the, Gae dty of South,
Sthe Or Fldsot," "Bsinem boaea. of Key
Spein West,:' %aome Birds of Plumage in
Forida," "Belintsoeaceb of a Flori.
w and Or. da Pioneer." -The East Coast Ho-
e the holi- Ltel "TThe Buried (iuld (of Florida,"
Florida Muck Depositsf" Titusvillte
the swim. "Royal lBucki undo Hunt Club sadn
ertisement Ostrich Farmi,' "l rte Indian River
er is-reno Company." Fiber Braring Plants,"
S the newspaper men of South Florida.
dvertiW in ,Fishing in Florida." "A Plea for
that have American Tea," '-The -Sponge Ino
,e holiday dustry." descriptions cl Key West,
Port Tampa City, Kissimmee, Miami,

Sad PPunt&Goras Charitte Harbor,
t yit-.oau Iladio Ta.mpa, Bellear, Pnnta
,n uscrp l, Naplev: WeYst Palm a- achE am

Myers, *-Fortut 'Irees of Flori
ear "Florida's R ,u races and Civic I
selrl- tutiua," "TuaCco Culture," '"
lesbar- Miatufautnring,' Plant System
tells Scenes along the line o(f tb
S C. P MI. t.'' e articles at
kill beautifully written asd the pub
g tUonia s credit to Ftoloda aud
entire South. Col. Geu. W. Wi
tte-editor.in. chief of Florida's
S daily paper is the gentleman
S" ormoeived* the' lla and ao admin
P' said -CeW Ayllh e rrw4 It out.
". pubtialkr will be of ineslcul
It 'a good to rlorida and the people
bdI 0*I litretls IL oably repmecte.
o e Ip paper'.t be ~ ry~ d of nd one
St ae~ uld bhadiuLriirutdbroadtast
the entire aieeree. .
-'~ .* -- ~-
INew Oh, Uth rany f fatel After g
ktr tough te beasoe lnhburt, a
S .a aUoth tl sackUl folding
a .. neauout eecod4 betL. lHe
-A clt au.albr Uteheel sore

^ Senata kWoleott pronades to i
pebtlic Uw ore of the Internat
S-" D Biatalli Ce mmsWio, next mc
m4 aa4 Swalor Bill Chapdler is aup
e td i toe waiting the evtet with tU
! .- inlesIn .t

Th .ere is a wids drffrence be
Vi.*bieeit v rt .r# 91 the profie

-, to count, aei is thlt way the
ij pehi.toaat pnhi~.-ipnP gels che bet
NbG ,.- 8 ,. e b; t ",

n a, '

^^^Ki^^ fa'et E

s, o AMW


,r. ministration of the penkn--n'bureau.
Res. and while the figures of the Sun are
d Ft. impressivo-ly presented, they contain
ria," nothing startliDgliy Iw The public
[nhta- along heD en cogn'ezan of the fe't
r that there must be thousands (if
ha fraudulent pensioul-rs heonitting b%
SF. the bounty o! the government. What
Sall the Sun says is significant chit ly bte
lice- Oause of ito source.
t- The only remely for the evil is to
ls,, remove the pension bureau from poli-
gret tics and put it in the war dep rment,
tlo. where it naturally belongs. Con-
ably gress should also revise the pension
' laws, so as to make it more difieult
la'e for frauds to be practiced upon the
and government.
It ib Work upon the new government
that fortifications uoder contract by the
iyer Venerable Company is progressing
slowly, and considerable discontent
is reported among the men, the ra-
oing Jority of whom are unskilid Georglia
Kan- negroes, an undesirable ciehm of
bade laborers for such work, hired at low
bd wage and brought bares uder con-
id a tract. Stories ot theirr iitreatment
are teeomiag frequent; but, sa the
bosses" are most of thbia swoPn
lake United States deputy marsals, and
ional the works are upoa a mllitry reser.
>nth, ovation, the Jurisdiction o the State
lsed and municipal authorities, when ap.
. pealed to to correct abuse, may be
questioned. Four additional gov-
twen erument engineers, designed to Key
lotpl West in oonneotioai with the work
do-s. upon the local fortifications, bave
p- arrived from Washington. They
t of are C. A. Burn hart Joseph- Whelan,,
t o James MeGille and Wiliam Whe.
Ian.-Key West Correspondent in
Times-Union and Citizen. I
It is probable that Seasator Mc-
ilisan, of Michigan. will tn the fu
S -are require that the nante of hist
state follow his own name, in order
Stht he be properly designated.
Speaker Reed can make himself a
** place in the esteem of the best people
S of the country if he will stand in the
way of Mark Hanna's epotbnme who
| propose to Overthrow the the civil-
s service law.
S. As places ftr military discipline,
Ssoiety bhu ruined tb4 barikau war-
est Atanta and Chicago. The awy
is the ety safe place for ah ofoer.
The navy has never benm doubled by
SbIeyle rider.

Mr n -----' a e ls
m eet theatLhe seljdMh 4L'a o 1A

Those DreadfUl Sores
Thewy .Cof i ohprmae ts Spte-
of Treatmnt but mow The are%
eaIled-A Wogdert'ul WesL.
"For many year I base been a great
sBnaer wilh varaom vpsaa on ovd n y
tliiba. My foot and Inmb bsesmaridad-
tay swotlen. When I stood ap leaold
ftel the blood rushing down the v of
this nib. One day I scidentaDy hit my
toot against some object mad a ases broke
out which continued to spread and was
exoediagly painfuL I couerlded I
needed a blood purifer and I bqln taking
Bood'sa saraparilla. In a short thne
those d-adful sores whih had aaemd
me so much suffering, began to heal. I
kept on faithfaly with Hood's Sarapa
rila, and in a short time my limb wa
completely healed and the sorees ave ma
no more pain. I cannot be too thankful
for the wonderful work Hood's mBarape
rilla, has done for me." MBs A &L
Oueao. Bartland, Vermont.

Hood' Sparila-
Is tie lest-In fatt the One Tre Rlood PurliAeh
bood's Pills cure all liter i1s. s rcesn.


The New York Sun is a republ-
ean organ; it was founded by a mas
who was a loyal supporter of the war
policy of President Lincoln; it has
never been accused of hostility to the
men who fought for the Union; its
present editor is the son of the mau
who made Grant, and who exercised
an influence in the eoanduct of the
great war between the states, which
history may never fully appreciate
Nobody believes that Paul Dana
would permit the Sun to slaider the
survivors of the Union army. er the
men who have been respounible for
tie pension policy of the government.
The country was convinced foon ag,,
of the stupendous fraud of the !2d-

Bart's Emulsion oft Cod Liver $ ,-r
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trpaslet of Weak Leagso Cornam so d Bso
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few. All effort should heto m saee 5c3tJe, 'Arma S -

to smooth these rugged P laces .a : -
in life's pathway for her, are sic ^ 5
presses to her bosom her, babe-
NLgaed 1' or ak enP m12;alm",
allays Nervousness, and so asaits t,. "d., at
Nature that the change gocesr1 MAU
ward in an eagy manner, without from ce a
such violent p test in the way 0 rvem, 5.-,
Nausea, Headdhe, Etc. Glo ie W
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through the ocde.. quickly asrd -.m nca
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It has been supposed that the presto orecloeAre pf Ur
d'~l wilkstad as ba w wark aga s ; "'
P-a-'ssh, -
tUe ssanits whibhthe spomissaea aeaz h.eag* i IslI
preparing to make on the rivil et. rt' ,gLm
vice Iw. H. position w a n e, L."r.
ber of congrs sad hi ne elatioi D Asn r Ti orv W n
aince hP has beLm presides all laU j o
to Uhis c'a.b lusioa.but theralre others COndMt L" i d i I
oC r lAmid&, in ae4 w
circuistancw thai are nci se rveesu4C oS s s1E16tLerI
ing. The presidenta'saroagese fenti a. r= fit "
niJams e A. s
in both houses of ceagresme hed door 6a n eb si kA eY -1s
in the &rwmand for spoils, asi their Ura sosa Ja

Y.. .r u
don't expect to be antagoneed hj n scad t, evi-S-J-', i
the oc epant of the White House enn 1 as a s 1'E
tlseydelse wan edsand sa s
This is notably trn in the hou se Tail tp n teevabed a sami saa
where Grosvenor, of Ohio. hi ebiew M.2 a
of the anti-civil service law Iforees..U L Wthe"r dr "nmo.
In the senate Mark Manna bha ndo a(% anb d
made open expression on the sabjec i.oF) et bOtn pou in so S
-river. bye"sldat Si bP are r" Ale
but It is safe to place him on the side ats the Sto a 'iS iWa l m e
of the spoilsmen. anD Senator Elkioe etle rfln anOT1r fat
."k numasaws aesalth aem ldel okat
one of the president' strongest sup. =iao ueas a Ier s
porters, is openly demanding te r, acr, m or S 1i n ~Are
at %he p Saruy s, h PAWSl 1111
lazation of the civt service ,rlte: .ig.r IPrm e s ile na
IT Heans, Elkins sad Grc aveaot rswlafws Smid A fsest8 0
force a easurethrough congesa l orilo, o-. a Umeples
tended to repeal or to weakest til snoth ho tr iesst asearss
civil service law, who believes thl bere tha e (lo Jl '
McKiney willU have bhe hackbeane i *' $o11aa 1
meet it with his veto? i oe(1 al two (o kn
mCnaidering that hbe predenetmh ear t te e a r t it6 l
str ~gest friends and supporters i ut'm tainuty eC M t* l.
congress are leading this attack c a e wo o~te e
the civil service !aws, this atem" pt 1tne) ,nass .hin y heaSacSS
oftn esnata IcltedOd wVtea igL
mtakt places, with which to rcwarm- efolika d eaS ord ee' res at pma
to wi Lotoueiacnsite d n1)_ -
their followers in the last csmpaig;r, i. L owapht ty .Si ofSa
it is. indeed, a question if the pres-j on ta a-U e' lit Ka or AMl S
LMor A-of the h R110 &cf&Nd 01 UNA 61111
dat is really sineere in the wpoitioA s oina s-or nef e *lo bld1i
"at' o otei cit a e ofct I~Ta eSO I b
be has taken in !av'cr ot aintainin4 Lirole mieeaSa L5 ecS
earoh of the..l dlateRle 5doogaftnn
the civil service rules. i l l e-o level imnS Ye.
-L crests lying ee and ea Iagt e .1..a
The difference between the merft sp.[w]noLb rae. t l I
beaniel riettagat Wernt.61 2rd an
system in the civil-servke and the b J'aia w deaot & '0"l ss
am i a aonr re Isetu eo r .Wd
spoils system is that wth the former" o CmsteNemiar e Alnatwds
the civil serd-ants serve Ibe public ands er oflote ,lletA s E tiI. I. s
pbrI tneseuiM nf a e i t555W-;C
with the latter they serve the iolitr salh ssae ndas bele e seaar saea n l15J tkys
So t o north baaanrodt MIKol i 11LahIt5
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Fre.of Charg to Sufferer5 beadno and ,,tw-ns.sbaiS*zIy MSS1
notS-torset of SW10t94Aoo
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Coughs and Cold. Tbhey do no4tam* ownedby. C. a latI saE "elaes
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show you the great tuent- of this trulb y tl me the bayo a, lgallosd WMtneati *n
wonderful remedy. and show you whtt 2dr nd. As thedry Lotso.brhf e5e lMd
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did th ,y not know it, would rinabk esteeiAdlm.g, esti o !aSas5, ,rSb
cure. Manyof thehbest phy e, teae betr Sto'
now oliag it in their practice .. m-. e malnJ 1o tbo& aDI 64s-s0 r It a t
result', and are relying on it in moit r< luolv f I to fo :r
severe oases. lt p guaranteed. Tr1il
bottilea frse at Lenordi & Co.'s Dreu M WH5za trrsias-:
Store. Regular aie 6Weents and if
5Bi I 3ai' a Notiow of A.ataao
Dia rLacS KldlezSat ad sWher a l Bls Marssin't R.l lNut:



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rt a fk s rn are lth _____ __ __ ----- _ n __tl ....B- '
gc -," ',,,", 4 IrU BMU GTO CjjHII3 IJD UMMB 10 IM- PREOIR FK.MIII.E Our
S m iLe .t ttwm a ..with Begun 10 da Ns
arel the team they wfrt dr 7 Te New InstI Wfl e Anneane hatHe WigagreBam
_wa"*_wayod C alomlIe 00-Pltne she Uppew 3nsnd2 e* itb9- if
7 76 wa1y jad Col Salomenoso was Capia Stock of $0,0 0-ine ,* P O IT
___ hr_ ,owetr-out and dragged for a conai4- tary 6e a Bona ian 1. L
am e dag au aN asa t r anI ren ite Opening For a Sank and It S c- Sa p re h m hedGt OR Wl n
a amber oi .. r0o. b.,.eu i cOpem o B.xI ed .pported %y the AA--ratin. Packed houses i$ thelrulea now d t
eleonee a nd r. irwin were rdoing' 3 s.-A s Acia Bargains which put the ir ,oton we t
H .&d ,loo and ir. rwin were rding' Ew Yohn aDec. 2 t e-A special diMEMBE in
REMEMBEp 6 that 0er~hbngiin '., ..
ta a bmakbom-d and behind .tem r wa a rna patch to Tee Word froom Wah ington
'trae berse ad bealy belonging to Mr. Ir- ,a. _. t,, have a bank and Tampa say.: Senator Edward Q. Woleott of greatly reduced pries an by reading thi
i d tre in. The bore attrted to h wagon capitalist awil own and manage it Colorado has threatened to resign his Will see what WE MEAA by reduced pnm.i:.
'Vi4e0t became frigltened at the Ratluthl of For some rirre parties in this city have seat iu the United Stales senate if See.
i ja nt potas4ad pasna i the rwagon and eued been Igurinp on the feasihility of es- retry Gue's fluancral gold bond plans Dress GodS. .9
Wibraan ,n a .nro It aon ouvrrook the buck- tablisbhoa a bank in the Brick Citr and ia supporren1 by the administration.
&d -flba tb'mar' d and coli-ded with it. This have cnncluci-d to do so. Negotiations Senator Wo*cott, who is thorouclly in- A beautiful assortment of HerB'~i
SW ad. oausea the pools aUach-d th tbe ve- are now pending for the banking house dignsain, ieniiu-ed that tie aresdet my n
: trie In onrt sto become nHnasegeable and fixture of the defunct Mtrcbants adorsemet ov thae age g nold standard Plaids, retails at 20c we1 want sm.din CaB
I plan wprit prove that lie wo tisincere to-clean them up now at il-2c.
1 Wnt- aed they wereo n runm ap at fUll National Bank of Ocanla rd as oon as ie sad g the ionettary commiAstont l d department,
t.'d thb spd. thii deal is consummated, bahch will pbr..a.J to cegontawe for iterut cial Atrother line of short pwfert
l~t b Tbe team left Ute r4md ald in cross not be very many dayp, arrangements bimeial c M ranging in prices fromt 35 tO I
iE 1a leg Mr. Irwin W lnas U out will be made (or the nmed.iato estab na the r Snator 40c per yard toJ U nQ o 8 -Qs, ).4
SwasmtmB n nowster momac et CoA. Salomona lisrent of a financial institution Io chooses to believe thar thepresideu ion. A rare bargain lped ~ 5
wo p1tohe4 over the daUbboard. the Back City that will ton every re- placed him in. ridicnlMoIlpos~lot He Skirting, full lentl to g. at 86 , ,-IT-i 10
loIt -lmUan the double trieue d ackt spetbe a credit to ibat Bouroshing elaf his friends that his Mlt respect de A nother much heaiereight n a nio.
'ode the body of the vt.ele, cty sad the rich and populous country order to show his di ~ l o te Wa 2c, nOW 13. a a a
PthanaUgia bU e Opringi IS this adjacent thersto. Th bosk will a e proceeAng. nd also o protect himelf
UM tio l ^*Vhe.wmaggaipfor yearly a capital atoe of 5O.000 wbhieb willI be against the charge that he wiltlutlr *y enfr
"a-ldmilaws o"E maaitpd tehold a owse ard controlled by Mesare. Jqhn upderook a f oons e rradla r wa an so- k fiR.
t BlMlim : Trieo, W. J Davis a4o Jpo, 8. Mcfall I r no closed wliether i not
WIl be4 isftk-rVipeiAbedlyt aeBsst of the Citizeds' Bank and Trust Can- tor Woleot, it lie shprd warry not ,. er
S eam uE~itaptaosm e e whibc ph ~ylo this city, and Mr. Lidded, a hbthre of resigning, wukl go back This is the most, be*util n- 'li -
*AiW -"a mglad iU t ftSU wroedt, eRpl Si t of Misoessppi. t a tr. soloradoor a ndcaon o is e shown in Tampapt the-
M l-mwas o -.asas.eWeiuly i. eiood that Mr. MoFaH wil be eabler pr ce Thee. goodoare-il nw "
eA belly manaed gto th* amad uinager of the oew bank. anti ranged m price fro 35 to
'wal bxtRate bilonel re his Thee genDtemen have recently bpen 60c, rangf ie p W be
pW lepaB i ". to Ocala prospecting and are vary san- r19 Df 't ail to e
M n lista soeam emomap dlty u oIthey i over the success of sueb an in-. t S
d"ea4Stl baneas X(. B. Rawla and stiunloo. They were enoooraed by oat m. c
S04-. ~gMese was ae inmoed. the lerobants and ilo ed men of that
a oomf t doorne f mad the Col. alo0mouonm plaoe and wil oon have in operation We have a ful linp of Stamiped Li en
x," el fg from # qpansber o( pain one qf the moat uolid banking inatitu- Lace Curtails, Comforts, Blank1ets an4 NT
ltiess a d tUat the driver of the tions iu the country. They are all Leaders of the tow, t
oe ..,uwagsn bm e ta m broken. mean r means, thoroughly posted on o t t r '
1 PSe att every. possible tnktng aed have made the Citizen'
^ ^S~> Or Cla Sa epa q Morned Bao of tbi city one of the atront gest n e
b pdasMdmu algt. Dr. Steb- and popular inatitutioos in the Ca t be i
fre eig and made.tanof -UoP, R ST W 5&-R1 & l(Xi' l
*Mimd*a he is sow get heU t
hipa go"l guffraing aja afne opening for a beakI .P. ST
ma t 1he truae T wo ational banks were run thw be-
t:ore I fb the fr s at made stacs of I
SS a roasthe mon4y fourth m a stockolders, I is sor-
kwo mroe s ed by asoagailceat country and roa wOR M
raa +asily command the patronage of he wi report the results of the moan
S Fitsad the opl of Sumter, Cit and Levyn1 y osamission's Oip abro@4and make
', r~ mtia oeseie, .ssidee accommodating the his speech thereon about the riddle of I SArt i ola ~ge-rA4
a see o i t ple of Ooala and Marion county. 0a10.e o e .
S. te terpri-. wll be a ..big -as r~ sr.S ni ? 'e N"o .
Sho andb opleb of the Brich City should otfs Indignwao ma sulafurals cool
n; l 1s ho but ma behiat, l btulata un gn doprevent the anual relninqumbmer n rof
lfti" Mot w". bt man. ssaN ^.aw.^
e^'gp wf^ rms fcyP ar m tho tt them again on the roud to advoooy of Iree an d mlna eed ive 'r iCndoa C 8at. i
SA Wo;b e perp toy %b e fheital lo a g et m is cor rsai- amiv d as 'L th ar.Jfe .- I--
ce.pi r aLared tohe Laan eate placed towle weall oieno by ad ....T.al
'b d rfbme edwere The,0oa Wo-n : os m. a BX
silrc oos. who realGne the nenlrensm sisuanitn
m tuevd a tie yTug capl eveaid h goes to mte club while her buasad wtlhe ha Teelopd stb rn-peo t. u N TiL
I4'sndltom and bea wishe s of tuoy the baby, as well as the good old- d aiimis lona I d sLh e one ry rout
Mrs. Xr.b minon, bof whichnbad hepol aion senator
S ... s auilsoned woumse wbho okes after:her -ebar.M ,-nn
L M ed w h boill will both at times get ran towu ither"Presidsen MKinley or S.re.
IS t tIs the Forees t or i bey tlU be ti rbled with thro yl Ge r as vNinrle or at-t Mr
becat. lat ppoeute. T ampa udach a terpse oo Wolones ana bhA sytJptas ers ore arag
boIs is apPeute, ntadacheb f plemsoes trly deeivedi as kno the president's tanro
: L 11 J.. fRmtlafg or dizzyrpellH. The most won- ude. Mr. Woeaoct hl aiee his r~
Iiw tr of d"rfI* rendy for taa hewomemo in Beo- twrn rom Eneopa. Zke kid iani 'd
oias M mved rio' altter Th sand of suffare earnestly with the preideut, and vet he t
Wsre. t o bn the p ha sen o hilLe g a
,i ep t A from sham ek and Weak Kidneys pio of open araou ismU .t Seo
Bl wa. b e 'Mr. ealap mad ca llibt blessed. It is Ue a u ty Gags.
ii m md-he tx mMd-onse for women. Female O em The season is made by Mr. Wol.
W" bSgl hwwyftbly plaiatoXplajgit o r trones. mfoubp ofairki as 0 TdItathinrs nhari "scretrs Gatge
St lea: 'Ma. re oon aelievdW by the am o= Electric hem ents the poitLyU diaTuaice io
S" i t BItln. Dlelcta wome.B should keep M. Gaem might retre to om tlnet. o
ndmhia.eei.ad -obb re meday on band to nld u: t je .Th anralo-. whibh is now mdad
5l. nanstr. yyalam. Only p i be. o sanly, is likely to be nume publily
c proeorle cm; II thin In done, the Iane OP
y M l i' ,g. Flori- by 9. B. Leonardi A Co. wll be raised and the pibllo will know e, m
ti oob(bae "facis.
bia The fteaim Olirvete wbIch arrived The result will probably be that Mr.
e t~biSlTeo ddl Cit. 9a Port Tanmp Thurday fteron Wole will fnd a he ha suuoder.-
'ErblKtn Meo broaht in sbaipmest of 1i0 bale of sCod the position ot tshe pausideut and
.tbiSsrsbeeaamer < toaco f i then dramaticslly anuosne bit iun 5
I Ctlgl B. ba fm EHasn for CIOriT dusntlcon at the adminiaranion. The %spsl'
Dins L Co. This was the only obac- president can hardly be iu sympathy W tBUia'
H -dhh (>0 ta *Or;, the wetll*Bowu co blonfgbt over but severalother gar wiat both ecretary Gage and the Cob 2
~pe~ t 'aer ds a ofa late number mnamsasnarers are expecting a nge atdemon Gs adsimply for
at 1eb buttonn yetadsry. imparte of tobacco on the eteamer due and Wolctt foPr tyer aLone.
8 'p A oHJ.e ay toed ITO A'thiuln are now tenninril-rie peel ^ Mpre. H
ffe 4 hms'aite k.nokd Cp S W Wrens. ofg tennat teal" dent will probably have to brak 'se se-p. h te i teuf p
).-a*Bwsrasrof te Plant ya-e or the other of them and nnleM hei t -
kyteadat may.Al t mat the Americn :Biogfapb i asn d by nile lrdmr of ha
Peigre n oa whbibb sill be presented at she Tampa brek l not be with the screuty ol 4*'Sle S^
aa^ ifl bafllf icycle U y B CH oo auet week I ome of the oeumry. of Senator Wi.Pn m-
mm ," ^ .' elr [ lnet dorbow on the rDd nd is seme- The sora^a^ room of aenetS W ^d.H S m--Irt -
-gtfr. mio r( dea e s i sbw onthrLaddae Is **n..aita w eeal-d a-y,gd-".t,-
g t i liB i Ibslje lniag thoeuntry. anhbenao antemeni that he cootem- Stiametee a r an

S- Mr. Ja Miller Cl cian, 0, forward ing rent o the A. Roux.
Mr ^. ^ ^iso in vericC ofshim ametse theeal Agt M m iL
i ill WPe Capt. S. .Millar. mte well- n' inda-rsm-en of Secretary ae s
a, mdIS i kqIs ti h cihte ltin arr n ved r .o pend innllW p:us should e ee dIrec t Pud B 0Penn lmltonl
p^^qo a. 'r. 1|I"I.X)K p,9VW; '
SaThe th Ul boldaysl wth hiLs s maren. Mr. No sas tory informalson wee v_,-n
U11m u one of tei brightest and st to the inquirer Wi st mr l a BI.W LUC 8. D. C iaUC I J., a
eepakfniyarngbnetie men 1*M fInung buseess men in ebf e d ftLUTh D.ameamct C.$11 sm' J. 0. 3 I Ylot
somitry and isttUmpeide of his fond t hec t and wil not reaer Mu il
The oba r silver Reptblica seatora
1 C'I. B. W. Wrenn, pa, o er t wfl a abme .ens keaer In in New
York wed Y a Benact te way = 0.
of the MFlet SyteW, hemd s in South Dakota Sanalce
ymgstday sad ath e neea Obiler who Arse a spli in
,oh iene sgo"ne Nem Hasp
Tamp Bay boel. C. Wen' t Pahe nps thep sy larqne ,

to T n .ts e .eer w wn t.di- .
e iftssen Swnattor a s er tot din Bs s ens the o Ot s e.,
ELd ciltme anableo aff.etieg he assao. He

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Ommuhm in tlt" res Ivinxg agme aIt on =
66m ., I $ '
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J41A.m n .A TR'AAVTY ON u.rzC- "

I e. Lras Some of the laws of Floriuda are a,. A w a
toDWare an1 ne :,will, after Jan ue liosa s, yspea teAae ecnut travesty on justice and a bukque Ite Iam
1,W b e, hliSouth Carolina. The paion.asoP stomisah.idlseston are propwy on the intelligence and elightment ,ij.o ir .
- of iat state con- ared ood Pls. TI do atr work of the people of this iate In fact, Dr. ad M r. Ja o ,
talus Uhe foowiag elma Hse: they are so absurd that even the mset Dtroiit, arrlwed a W
_.A~ .poraos who bhall apply for ignorant fld technicalities is them -' or roY a l
registration ftsr Jan. I, 1898, if In Ocala a few months ago t.e oea-Aio for r b wter.
otherwse qqalifed, shall be register- ae andy e mteol n. al- ty "' u"issionewr dNig.aLd the M R. te
d; provided, that he can both read Sbat rt der pHa Eveninug Uar of that city an the pa- at of bar eat, e
st tay eUiooof this coned- ls Ca Hooed & O, LaM per i p lu wch the delinquenit ta 'ibs Mnae, Nwhicb oW sow S
tatioa s bmtlted to h hi y the regis- Thepuotr to itae Hood 'S apawr of Marion county should be publibh- a lt of lat ,k. 1Tbh
trtion eler. or .ho that be ed. The editor and pub.isber o the .aesd ta. s- i
THEXSTUATION IN CUBA.. leeplylamentedbi.rMr. and
owns rad har paid all taxes collect. paper, IMr. J. O. Porter, incurred er smter. Mrs J. W. r tusat
able during te previous year (n Theie bas apparently been no Ml considerable expense by buying tylpe place.
property to e h of 0."gevo in the i naon of i s in ad nimosity from rival papers ibu Mir S-.16 Noight wt a sad *
It rill be ed that tcha Cba during the situation of affaiin wth all, the list appeared according %n the 8tetwna Uai v gn2t! DrLad. is
It "Il be served at %bhe thai- Cuba during the it few wpeks. The_ ltbomefor aboli a s ...
leage to the rroWd-te voter is given Spanish administration hAs been busy to aw and was reigned by the M Jobe e at the regtitration booth and out up endeavoring to reoumcile the direct e pres as t nsomt ta sale J L. Strckland. re oee tamto
on the day of election. If be is quali- poitla factions ever published in Floridda. TbehsTol- Tusee n night
quad~ l- rpohtl"act1" with a viw to a lecior was diaerinally opposedtloi Ourblic oebonolMl i Wns*e
led to rand receive 4 hbi cr general acceptance of Use cheme of Mr. Porter puwli d ingier list and YI Or ungfr tbal
locate, he wt his ballot on clec autonomy. Efforts have also been IMr. Portr pblu ia l li prnuad fd w and fMrPti lehft | Fr
tion day without furtherr iquiry. It made to reduce the insurgent leaders io ooren le t to lor lm a t tt
wi also b e ited Ii t only an to accept autonomy, but no suces oM onaenta to e ahewt fhs e
dUaotional iullsa i required bhs been met with in this direction,. ru t aaekw i t.. si
of th votes, but a poprty qualil- As faur as .Jltary operation ae bi o te p. m so tpng k !-
estic as wel, and be m have also earned, the ave The been report b r om w paper st d s
.M ofaera srmhes of oeorr bill in to the mpoortller for his a E pe
Pd. ifosthYi-.w Alo. of several akirhmlbheof mon or less and thtCloci emphtlolly bswL I rbt fse
ner, the l 1i IL a i iiBtOdQOs- ip nortance; but there is stil l re U em d to l it en accounts of moi (Atamsn ss ti
t5m iton t IG nmfth%10o PI the Pa utter lack of reliable information to "b-r haing lk Ope. The for ibsm Wi wito
mett Sta sad ow deb w ivhes be ontended with which has ebarac. u e oss earslesues oe a esnyteatas ensaiS
predietme ting oa lotig bh~elt termed the military history of the in- who 'yrpely ad preel iu
t te psople'f tabt state. aerrection atoce its ineeptiou. Wbile dy abnte h lf fro his ri l
Whatever polteIat nse ih t is likely that the irgent have dy absented im sel fromhslfruit d tole ab- h e and
may sow T berteo i gA mae s h poTaiset hof duty oan ti isdate lforu the ab- .i llar
may now ar e ind made no delnite program from solute purp of atprivingM. or-b
aer Tso pau the dii o lposme of deprivinggr. Pir- 41d ppHe Ton drod 11re' i. m
Swillbsettled etw military stsdpint, It i equally sure tr from his leimate moy. t f ia ae l
white, for Spaof otrO4 new Coo- tt the Spanish have accomplished Owla rtar-tis pat to the neossaryt r eiaeW
sttutlon wilp Wsqoalit1 allave a few nothing an the direotios of p cifyrga expense ofl lea procedure to collect Brody was ie "oa.
hoawe saBnUtiu, and their diois, the i a just udrreom agaitoterl te. The osurJn B ya llyM -. liteie.o "h
eastead ovel the whole Sate, pro en Ito r w abeomen a problem as to i reii dthe pa ive dte Tuesday noM t to a einE uslnll h tS
bi old e el. Thoseor negroes how long the Sppnish agomet i eat rsie tht hulo and Vie ie ua Rev pla. 1Boi r hlni wadl e le w
worse tban highwLy rubl ry. The Isorroundlers 4vt 12 di r. .....
wlto caeu wll haeidr qutlihe thriti be able to kep u Ha0 State of Florida owes i to itself to Mr. Caroeve, a o ihe Bapao en'*
lthemi tyea by thae cUisiton of edu- whic, after nearly thyears. hrt see that ths rbll ann mdialy liqu-r otne ari h M
i -pey- Ti bl engbh oi hs i dated and that criminal prosecu grtiuonde orerh Sa* otlo a i st "i
s, the is wlv be didonsed Bn upon .'e Spanish treasury has been e in ttut at oc against the tax mol bamj

ris ibeont a oubnnalstetodicause autooe wthe p andthenda tihons We r is*aor m gws o WeK
urly apfa m the aonleht fear of einormu ...-. U ,aini a has reached the llator fur malfesane in be, settld esi oe iemsit1 "rll .. a l
n~dega Om sai ro ie Isdcussion limit of h r Ieorraowing power. The FOtAAmDt oOBR t. oTe aig folks, ve r- h o
lC pentos ban t tesilt n eoe. ia country tonomy is ttundoubtedly t said tiat rently h linra tStease aerofaMe
i ac dep bodc af voter, and diuo d to lure, for the reason thao ua- haig o reside g ongnficr n the a
tger&tg oseeder their decay ioa of l.le insurge nt absolutely refuse tot asar chamber proceeded to im bef m t out tl o Mr. .be r o la
per -value to the State' s p jro even d cionher itplea tath an is required by therasie tak duties H Tu sy night to a, yll evey ji 6
lge rand p iperity. a In their a.r edi not aspurn the tebel oel stiutionally required of his ollowe a u el ha d s i i 4 ul i,.,
It would he.well lor all .-outhera lng bait heled ,,ut bi thile Spaish AU- It is said that the vice-,reaident is a R W, LBegart e" d m..n*- *f jOioni
uet frtoa eu regadhefte. The Sou nline ur repitioung ly, butr en e do not brig i
Bea t aaule.ly ndr the Sotth ,o writih u the knowledge of u trg partisan of Senorfried ito l n an d stop thi na zdlgreseai ar
e'als plaoq and be read4 to ci-- ubthose now in aru s, thi oCuban ptoat- taly of the adnon. their hm b

veise atch the eteploy. e o hp prand lendy o the all our 8inf Rev. in a oo tri ar sd e dr with n Sde
' dy a modify other present conatitu- riots have been guilty of a mistake me b lar appointment in th to
e when i. is found twite public hic wih has done their cause incalcula- andt is na mere matter of grAituie o iureh Surdam. H i
*L that S p petdor t scaling of a b e harm. ihe execution of Colonel Mr. W.u J. Hoios' r rarrd o nivrtt e
CTudatoutni conventiOn.iange ntS that he-should eudeayor to help alongT .Wa mrn o w iiIts
,eri~tio,+_. ---evention" Riz, an engineer eier in ti Spare- l he fortunL ot the Ohio both. Obio bom But kmo in l arlj Kiet ta ib a "
isti army, because he pecetrated tie the Oi boss. But F iqs~s1
.hrossanle usan the the Vice P'resident is a new man in with him. i i
Amwbiei: dif A young apr who p el rtaal uban leaders, was aun troe-s are that he has bee~ rather brauh in n mseary Wedall I lt rt ti
rIdes a Whi y may coma-in cOntact ous crime, and the Cusoa agent in &his methods-.a gtakn ptiL I qhswea3
wiLth p h ha not. nt,trefure, this country makes the matter de- It is said that recently he left thThe th I oa e asyolume tobs o.t Sos a efy. e
uot tdeph upon-their !atity in cidedvly worse by endeavoring to ju- chair of the presiudhg officer in the being gabere4, xi s te mpi
getting out the way. tify it. The killing of Ruiz: crnoal senate chamber, proceeded to the look at the hsghnnia4 el Bs ete

- le justified on the plea that he was a slosk-room and the re ackled the Hon. prop, tbsuCghnot lafs, iftia every ,-yjwSaP=]
T- resll.olicd ,t ora.t me du- spy, as he did not ester the rebel Joel Benson Foraksr after the follow- 5U /m
t+,iu, from 9m reglash', Ifre. The li aurreptitiously, but oilely, and ig 6sho* "If 3L do not br Matt aol ln tb -~ Iseda of
memt.er, as a rnle. ar unknown to with the knowledge of k numlbe of your friends into line and slop irciesed with a ,netn srad vary .
ends sdhr, s1. o'ktn aijond detec- Cuba lederm. His hIsing wals on o ioa to !or renml ox neear ish .un o lme fi r+, eo
t t par with many of the berb lous oPPoo t ra hr t i
tave is 1en i wlh thesetsemploy. J attributed to the Spdniis ds. part, and lend all vonr inluenoe In Another yer ci uus with ba qerag.+
aI uV 'l'l el TTo excuMs sch adeed wllhonly do every way tohis e 4tlon, which 1ps ansodoow.s. KY w 'tfoegt i
,E~hla $rrpa o be tnkifi berm in a oountrv like the 'arted alldeem necessaryo the party wel- ,a thnkflui f or it saeny.s i daf
iging patpars e t r thiat, 0 Oi- re, fren you oouee up for re-elew-
t is tone m9o the strong points of ficatlon cua be found foy si-h a-sum- .pa yea with bnpies ai sisgsa
iaryland sa.otors. German was Sun mary execution of a military prison, lion you wIll he ~tgnail c def +eated, emaatly md faithbfullt e55,I ofe to.
tetke k ssl'.-Wllisaton found the er. It would have been better for and we will s to'it that 3o, 0 r." a Mr..d Mru Bra, ofd, F. & .
the C'uban agent to have nimphy te- Foraker may Lhve been somewhat t. depot, have a hi b hy at t ._..api ..r
+Americ aneq ly as touglI a prepoui- plored the acl, as one of thlose out- surprised at the sudden asult, but im o .i I' t i I "

Uoe" \ward incidents inevitably associated he was equal to the emergency. He It Tooks lW .. '
i a wi'h t state of war. The Cuban is reported to have replied thatt If Thatcollir you hae i t L hit* 5 Ws
leaders should see to it, however, it has come to pass that a council of o s ot aoed by~ ; mP ite..
a time to an that no more such affairs odur. as
q" im P tey unquestionaoly produce a very republicans cannot be hd, and men io cn fl io i sll
pr ea nsgWto bad impression on the world at large. who have always been in the tmenchm isj oer f. e1.a4 i-.
hs 'Aside'from this one unfortunate be talked to, persuaded or pleaded onerous triaeuseerai& rdrld -
INS^+ha s gnue li *ad
stasmrrwme" afair, everythinr has progressedwi with whout the use threats of c r- Ask for Elyv's a ba
Thereae t flPvorably for the Cuban suse of la con and political extinction, I till inativestareb ce.
lM w Lvim. %nd the plan of iring out the pan- ELY RB
e|s aros edt them. andseems to promise certain anr- mene a f tr m ELY aRRera Wt
els -fthom the 'dThe nature of thee 'lirests was saffanid fi
=. 0, .i Ul seMs iH the e.,d. ,inc ever as n ,i-bi .
_s io the th" that Elon. Mr. iuotart and the re of iope for a Im i.l'
othe dmiistrtioo- crowd muir hamut
h whis oe bare .Henry Smith, the hurg'ar who ws the administration crowd must sus- mma to do even tUl .
osr shot and cptured at Conant aIhoot pend hostilities towards him or else anon bhve ~ iC
s n ise six weeas ago, died i nthe Tavares "there will not be single repubUlcan suats.--Os r
Shis ll Wednesday. At the time of his congressman elected in Ohio next fall, Cblcgo, 111.
era attacked the titwil capture I was shot in the l" just and that Presideut Mlcioley will nrt : Inos D0 .0 o .f
S.!QI_ It ptl'. o 41 C ove the knee, by Geo'se McLRean. receive the vote ofi the Oho deelega- a' &^ tILtpp
eoi twne the d tbt be chad e- tion nor any considerable part of it adults &I j
old at Conant. The wound never a.-i.he next rppublioan national con- .uardi &Co L i-
an lrh-esd, and onr aVdne dav Ir in.o. ven cr Oio bee '.. D. B a a
(elm"Jum. ugenrmed 't U E. A Aittia oepisoder. ike this goes fur- L, o buasq
e yellow johra t ol Ne p ork,- per ten ce itlu trat hst e riuIack ot sP -Ea
'l~o~m" log his life was by amputating his harmony in the traLk of the g. p. y r hi

a hi... nflmtt af baa se rat^e rt aom e
limb. This wa doew,.-ut rt failed has becomenoso mnfesttl'w ,grne- ainm I tn
toasve hi. He died is a few minu n ianse bop doi t UT- 7 i
tlWuraker i&certs to down the ad- su-
oatN wiasss after thes oSIo*rU w per-nitmton e Ohio befoe .D. e es l
4 U Ine f ie Or btheer B. D. H I "ll
~ trmd. th is war Is oer. b t e a mqte
I The yellow Joural o. eir n urk, periencd Polit taiai and. Lp s. 01w6 '.t LetahhL*1
having mtsssllti evbry ganthljsea- Lar miii sias tai4am j1retfina. -ee t6betjSi

a "oil P h--*er of FedO tMi,


~1 ~,rC r r :
I 1.-I -~ i .5
'5~' -:.F-~c~~fcT~T. ''~ t 1L-( L L
r. s~


p7j*gi Js .ea MasseDen


[li' -u0.a -hrlB~r re
b Ledr ll 6gte esl6o
-at 08 L ~~a b ainU o~q

oa Ils twoI
-W. b wOI
L~ ~~ i R~rc4,pi

ownu Ip "by*l

typse b ye, Wim i

sveek tlut-daq sheriff p
*esee in r which tas w
ShOMWi Of rrori 4W
i u Ti c aa saso Shpe
iatlsn.&MIs- Usays am0
"Omidwel aHisIn fall xin
O mniae wtutdedto Oase

isd~'wanT ntn
buprs~y the dabse
or iareeginLar
jWU~q ~fte by *rrusof

AWew Wilbem W
raw-". by
bi L -A ZroblAe

zl| t D*p d O Bor B R o
Yesterday Moraiag.
UII mi- In the municipal court yesterday
morning the mo important case was
that against C.B.B. Fitch. e w as r
reee1d on two c-haren. one fordie-
cliarging flresorks iinide tUe m eiy
limits and oaotber for relating an of-
lzdar to eat oetr in the di hcba e of his duty. The
nd jaeton. arrest ws mide bv Marshal Burke.
the afip of On the fiBretchtre N bhe defendant was
Sdded de ad coste, and on the second
charge was fined $10 and costs.
L -Tbe trs. Jalnrs Dean, arrested hy Oboer Sti-
on miia hae l"i on a charge of being dru..kl od s-
ceanalaew odderly and resisting arr*,t, was fined
a thi mi of ~0uand co st
STimmos ad Qulacy Slpotforl, arrested by OBcer
lchaMs ud Malddlelte iaa i rcarrve if blockading
Id the begaC e .. o. s la #h- 8. F. & W
the iall Bivr R'y., was olf i'$3 1 rk< IrLr.
-n W,. C. W. lintmi, cnar-w, with being
uE awr. buI drunk sad using prouane l.ui-ege, ar-
B somur shan reted by Ofltoer Woodward. wa.~ fioed
djpo a $7T o 50 and roets.
m.11, tU 5," osep A. McLuoald an t Gerge
Ia.' Tt ',i"ngm. arrested by Od1er C, CI- amd
Ierth hril- Bell on a charge of vagrncy aid being
ew yierm ad uklp ou the streets, were fined 4and
SWrWIcoIt@ eh.
F orSale or Nzchang.
n NwLirn A l6r e farm of several hundred
s srm thl acres o orange Prove.
~ e 5 to erft' of eeoOli g trees 'n bearing Lad
TaWlOr 1w 1r of budded orange tree of
boat ain in ee r eideas. Piaty of rsape
of ahe eb. writh 'ti Choia lmons aed Norly
aulramtoof "M e'y nerit of rare tropical and
I Wsltma 'm-trv'ca fruit. Good buildlnae
snis uIlA rIi, end fenesa Boom ror several lana I.se.
well cbthn u I40 areo ridv for lobucoot plantrr g or
n New HaIerl,. am v otr crop kanwn'to Forida agri-
e m al tnII ciltre.b Wirll i rlt.r acbanue the
walr l )uu:eal whole or luUt to suit, f ir their valua-
ble prupriy i towl. city or contrv.
believe t r,,a: onh Cwr iu'h; i.u oibcioon tu'a
nd lasa '. (od prjing ilorolraupr .Ijal p
Wanted-a g,.-i ierlable. tiieroman
IP CAS. .withrfami- .. ,ive oo m farm. Nor-
thern mmit prri .rir. Wji t ive em-
oiseo a u-. ptoymeot to good nrn wilhing to bay
1, lual. Several huodr,(J -crait close by
Jefuse the sq. depot. Dao v mail, ffIgiuo cheos. good
n o in r Ihbobocd inclaidios IsIan sV Iiorthern
ojtunsJ Id families Ten miitre frrrn Tupmps ta
tbipone. One the Tamsp & T'ho otoiasa railroad.
rWl u te .z Rar chrr.ce. Stillndid Ir.cation orsa
)t I. L t. u .. colony. C-.Ilo iocr addrsi
M referreti .a W. C. Cru-". 306 Grand Cenrasl
i to me uni-. Aweie, Htd- Park, asnipm. Pia. if |
aedesa ot,.,. Mr-. J. E. louberldn, wri'e t.
motilots 4io. County Commissioler To nberlln of
ucla unu: Siffasr ri. .ertinly. ill aith typhoid
seewiu of f ferer. Her m ny rrieoaie hope tor ler
haise tilp1r asped y recove- y and are gad to learn
4eDo. t' ''.i tbat her two 4lhildr.n who have had an
k rffnt n atu tlLack of t% phod a-ri nrw much better.
Lted a tu i u .e
squCs wri rf Ir Circuit LL l cu onvene naet Mon-
nr. hldwe l I day and the trial of criminal capos will
sa fIuMr'unG, he re-Oaed" The Ro-ne t. John mour-
by s8Ceud4,, .
Sloti ous orroi der sewill not be taken up unlil
tfree er -. January 1;.
myr astelibI r -I
m lleia;i A bandsonae little ca,-bat has ben|
is asid nuil, compLtid by Capt. Warre i 6weat for
e roars *sull. a grentlemhn living in St. Peter.borg
ii.om.. yt It is little beauty and l.oku as
M whbM asiseM though it could make fast time.
aee, atdi tha
eppticatsW Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Park will bane
uary fore ctlio as their mnuet next week Ben. 0. J
I law. Fr er ead wife who will be here as dele-
amh vern s rates b to the Baptist association. Mr.
ned o ap-pr eo Js oom aed by their many Tapsa friandi.
hmo 'e Baptiet brother aod ters mare
CO., .Acte paprip ator the arrival of the dle-
AS S.gtesI toe Flori Baptist Conver-
h,..eq 4 w ''di.M which eonveoe here January

ekema uairan of w 8 erl o Bartow, one of
IMr. Oere Pcik eouty'. cattle klogn, aod Miss
L Oohelam and Clara Spmmerlin era in the city fon a
Bo mauuraen- ew dayrt vit. Mim 8ommerlin ir the
rith Aaiaseua heeat bf the Mitae Curry of HEvle
sbjesm of the Park.
04 hlwa a- to
saet! r.i S L M dill'se loaseticide, a Scientuflic
melant maore- chbemlal oombination-a aure remedy
t lwrapper S- .-for al' insects oa trtes, plants and
wrapipe dy. vegetables, non poisonous to people.
ver, t the A sample bottle; enough fori g6 ll6ns

il impartially of water, 6c. Call or write at TTalpa
en po, pad. Shoe s&core, 711 Fr.-oklin St. Tampa,
Sof theirowum- -Fla. l.wk
0 au tadARtPr 4%. Ireri ev.
o iw tobaoono t Lnd *'l it" i thip rjo W Firt e L.
"ghth-1n l O q- ',R *...-.re'-ii J.ndrTC'uttlrnc I 5c ur
-their @eports :i"uak i :7' u .. seseelm retanue muse,'
oauats T
i Hart's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil-
s with Crewats and the Hypophoophites,
-Tt Boame- it faithfully uned, is a specifle in the
'a ,t has treatment of Weak Lungs, Consumip-
. .II th ton, Bk1onI.-hitis, etc., Leading Physi-
S"e1ab S ta um ame recommend it. For aale by

e r an
dl e 6 t M i M. DiaV'Pharmacy, Ceotral
I .Wt|PkaBrc5ye Bay Pharmaicy and Tampa
lurogfCo. tf

Ss BuEar, lar thrIt, EutWy.
OeKria, e BuUdnto. m. 0 to sma me.a
.:o p.m
'taoe B2. "Pbose 12.
OUR&-e ut lu. ia. m a, Ll t ad 7 t u p.

mnxxn' SAM MUMaM
1 to 12 ... HlW.eafrk.
;4to&P.. dE T. mp, Bay Boal.
Ye.i- e- _i euepma.e



L 4 %VYER.
Exchao, r a IO i uLr.ikBui!ilug.
Sparlk-nat Bux:. lOami I riMd

Office tI HRod,.-i,-,, No 302 8th aveuue,
Oorn r Morgpn ft
Office hours u,,,i 9:30 &Di.. I to2J80
p.m. and 6 t. 7:30 p. m. I'kbone 111.


Merchant Tailor,
DMitO. Oml ud BnpEd u Iaml
All work gurated. Suits W4oe c
Orter from the bIer fabric and of tbe
laitt t7jyle

FB. 1Mesa&Co.,

Tobacco Ourers

and Sellers
FLORIDA LEAF Cured. leieWd
and Baed. iv Cubol MhetbdS ODn
ite moct r%-n-nable terme
F. M. MESA & CO.
Warobow. JTi P -L P.0. B a.
%Nljlfr~lspL. Tanns P


A Free Exhibitioo

Q^^^,^1- *^l*ii1l4 v

a e Ca O etaundy Cathartic, the most wona -0 A AJIM iL %P LLAUVJ
IVSp refdihto o"Mimea Mgem- At 506 Franklin Street, for a
eade ef Gll er wlt 4 rl.ieverany owdi
i dre tte I erf C ie n Oire ampeot time only.
n -~M~aisr. by adIee oy u 's"box
I*". eb vug- ji1000. 'emi j d
ofia. "u toued"by Jdrnggldl. e R. ic 13 CUOlD obVV
- R WI4 ". i f tet" 0 o f ~oe o HIrt's s ao. I
tee nce lager will relieve any lrdi 1114 FRANKLIN ST.
Cr wary m a orf Coliciraip, eor NeI a i
Scur- An unexcelle remedy for Darboea, T" fAi
1 hokr a krbue, Swmer A compjls || TRE
-I Wt iatl O paila. For IUe Iby UflWUU
ilni I Mtoo N. WDt' armacy Cela V V
Trii y. Bay P.nacy, and ..
^1c Ci- 3WI. t m
-V an sx, as *we


^: ^-JLrOW OR NEVER ii

Clearing Up Sale.sb.Cleirln'jl( Up t a'

j.& And getting ready for the new season. CutltEil
'slashing prices right and left; Sacriiciog f U i v
Goods. Thus thit grand wind up week of Deese
Swill be fraught with: the most crowning c~.iui
and eventful under' cost buying opportunie f
-bargain seekers.
\k *' '. 1 f ''. i.

- L -
have simpl5f got to go and the price we have- r i
Them down to will move them quickly,

*. CAPES and JA MiaTS, -
must go. We ned the space i4zo. can bay 4 la
Sat your own price. ...

d eML6.AINERj o I
- All Fll and Wind f incrv La tarWs~ itr e
tunity. See the inle of Wn&lkin fdl
* Your choice for e A lhne oha
SYour 3toin, ftr 8. N A line ot'Of siAW i Ba
fflc. wor u-double- "
* 9 h GREAT BAR(' 4 I l in Mo-iery, Gloves, C
Childre'a Merino oap Wool Lnodrwmor.C b _e_ -e -
l apkins and Towel. Reainanu of Siliks d
price Call ad ne tJ6we bbrglmnse .

O :0 : IT .

No Goods Chwgro'dj-.
A 7 t^ lA k AA

Promptness in Delivery,

Accuracy in ling Orders

ar 4ihe two pbioitu'
and ;do especially Qha
a ,Fst-Csla^Groery E

C. S. HA,-RRS &--
; ;


are strong in both ,inta, They eep tjghe i
of goods, sell at rea onable prie .a gn
faction to customer Meat MarketAnd V
partmeot will bo m de special featmmsa'and
guaranteed, '
Cbrner Fra and Scott


.On and ter ecemberl,

Welsbach eight For :"
S -Beia a r edatiman ii Pre of 1t.B. Le "
Mantels form~1rT sold for. .

We are the q: uyhaori-aa w.t G
bath Lights. All ol fir ade t om p u0tt
iniguments oftieW
The advantage i e
It ip cheaper thalte teat
thi bekt andao"nane l*sis
tu thej oth ii
Setu-eand e *I

PHI 'AMiiz

wwonr. a rfy sair va a

ORA~WTUmawi1110w 3wb a

aninea K wiu B WaMOL t % L kv,% K l. sm a.Ois. I
Dxmlllgw-;bawm~hm ovam &e ni i le nie se
u t sea as. N~ts W nblma "Ua
ueas ames. "r gt&ew Lb ownisamt'MI ht

w yea Your
.ft LAD
Muskqsomort 1 16 a"h~dNlwb*A@ SMM5 Wollsft
;;Mrz .br~
\ ~~4~1~=I~ SI ~;~~d~u~;~Sif~-OR as Me!r
rrf~l~ J~lrjr

p 1881 Non*,:I** low U&~rC~r. i~h~
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A WoMderal Attracion tm be. Pro- OL H
es ted at the Ciasno Net Week.
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NNW age, eAmeriesa Biograps will be at
JUn the Tampa Bav Hotel Casino with its PERNSAOOLAH4RBOBRI8PATBOLLED
n M FO1 A U TAsriee of fatous movi.g photographs.
The Biographi will begin ita nrage- Crui.sr 1e-te.ry Trei. * *
-*MeTh fed the Obsti- ment lonasy nogrtL Deaembar 4and ute DDepantar. FhiFbea.er Pr C. a
is nate J ullr. Proceeding- Without w2onnueevery nigWt olntil r" oas p i r S e .... .r. esteem.
day inrlusive. The price or ainllbindiori r>DItie pew l g Ftro"l
PageM, r- ePrecedena IB the Circuit Court wul be 50 cents to all parLs or trieM m w p m pgln
of KI rough Counmty hou-e. Th attraction Eli* t oi thit POXSAoOLs, la.. Dec. 2L-There taF
-Tber try pub. has ruawn crowded bousen all hbe ead- considerable activity on board the
go ha MaIsth FromFridryIDaly ang citiesof the cuuot1ry and sabno United States steamer Montgomejry, o
it hat Pitwm- After betri( out for eveuteeo hour- once eeri b-re the p ..- e will admit owing to information having reachlg
0at moersoha uc betjury rn the ctaae ofRene St. John tha it i ter, t e -ecr rrre.elefi d ihebr cmmanuer that n ever ral respted
alk In sptrnag ca'd- he Bsta, J,,u rt f a i lt. ldhad Ihe flb r we I he hao ,
he p .cts of charged wli killing Phil Thowup-on of frilow to ov about the Bolgrca o sequenaly the cruiser stared ftres abd
pr-enrp Keerig. Key Went. was discharged by Judge. 'hrte ALCleiln u.cr,:itbd ryv -i. thel made preparations for gettinir under
. inp'iew kera. Barton Pbai.ips of the cir-uit court. Seuleve to tre iusiEc tf El Caitau:' way at ata moment' notice The crew
at in his par. The tate .ll be put to the experer tie Fall River Late At t Lru went of the cruiser worked in l orjuactu
with the revenue cutter hesrus-.
d"'.sno tcincam- of a new trili and .the entire case will whizzing by at tha rrue -i ry it~ iM-.l.- Lare in tuae utersou t e Mu-argon-
rbit5 again. M114 bave tr hbeatbne over araith. per hour; the buay custo-ur ry evetryoJ ery pao a squ ad of armed meau, lu curarge
ly-she retired When tlhecase was given tu the jury cene tu frunt r Ine iw Trmuroil or au diticer. on board the Peurtse. anti
L btu l- little artt 10 o'clock Wedn--day street, entr-aie rou the tr,,tre wa. i I furtie dlveopm eut Tbe Mut r.
the itdeofr china hbc it iwa expected that a Vyrdict shown as reall ticaJIly s lire: a fishing gowmery also fitted out severe ( T her
talmewdia a4lt.4 woald be leached before the court schoonerwent sailina by and trie 10 boatawith gunta, ammuninouand armuad
o 'rsoth-w n opened yaterday moritg, Tb? jury .eated Orient bicycle circled tne race crews to patrol on harbor. while the
,~ ste 1sd l 'c*td 'prt soon after the, open- track inorecord breakirg time. All Lf Pearoe n Allun osa he MW t-
the at i tag and hna4ed ia what was believed So the other views were magnifllice and gomery have orqers to fire Iwo blank
fle gon be a verditc bat when the writing on it was one of the te-t programs yet barges to briiig to any suspected ves
iM the slip of ttitaI rtea it was presented by the wol.derful device." s usmbT ealeingto i
tood o be rallows: One vf the epeciarfeatures wil) be a be fired.
s rFzy to gree." picture of the famous New York and The Somere N. Smith, a pilot boat. a
T athg as i the style Florida special leaving New York en Vessel caled tile Britaeia sai a
iW" Dot ptaedtp y route to Florida. This picture is oae spchoonerareo. Tin hemh iunderaid o HO
b he wiM the court. D he jurors were asked by of the best and most natur.1. ran several ra e ipedasions L
eUal r Judge Pfill pM if it was a question of ?g LUCKYXT UI IB- the ast, having plcaped the Montgona.
-law or a qujeation of faec that caused ery oonoe, and as e meois in from sea
t et 0 on Thurday night and bha been rmaha
30 ..O WAY N~ueh lt0 HNo. A 8,471 Oets the $50 at Bush on board all day ong a carg ol oqe
W. so uch l urpriseof tbe attorney s & .ao derolpnon. an unusual pro .negfllr The
[',--" prMsemt the V% eaM ea: "n f your A Co.'; DIwiny. a plot boat. th4 Montgomery intenna
so fallow her as soou as she gets undhar
monor 1f IsIs a qBeqtaon of Mr. Last night the drawing at T. M. ow her ay.o a e e udr
il alling'" Bush & Co.'s for the $10 in silver took The Britannia ead the schooner bate
a hrt Arthur. Tora futllaminte no one spoke. IS place in the presence of nearly twobun- also been taking a cargo of boxes. su.
ya M was such an unusual preceding that dred ceasomers and ticket "A 8,471" PoMd ts be Rpitneuitlan. eta. ou boan L
Sm to the attorney were dumbfounded. The proved to be toe winning card and the waitt i omewthere outside bautin orsr
gessed tmas the Idea of a.mepaber of a jury openly in- lucky person holding that number can to ship ft mauitilons an sea. It will
UiMNr WirBat- forming the "oourt of the name of the get his cash by calling ou or writing thus be seen thba a well organIsed ek.
r w t h o lo W holding" out against th the flarn. Everybody was well pl^sed pedtiou to Cubs is apparently beilr
r asMts we- othor eleven *a witbout precedent. with t abtmolute fairness a win h heb the ped ub
Le oecaslas are Judge Philfps amnouacel that if It draw Wa conducted acd the arm is THE SPANISH ARE HAPPY.
l-.l e aeniiPen ce aky o lw b would gladly ry deairious at the person holding -----
ia t.il einb Uplucky "uipber call "t once and g et B- ... r ... at.n. ..... w b
p Iw t La s 5 of fact them their present. Remember the ticket is re-s" h. ili blis.* iesdi
jSsjosemastdeund At He Aa8 471.e Naw YolU Dec. 1.-A letter wrk.h
'Vie s te j.alme md decide Htn by one oft the forenore dilomatisM phem
.h sea N ju 1 0 lry back to further do-e. An Appreciated Present in Spain Lnd one, moreover. i the e*- acem
ie ls beate. The editor of the TmUsBU is the re- te confidence of the government aqd a dn
At So'l the jury was brought In- cipieat of a handsome pearl handle consequently in a position to speak aCli
to oonrl nd, reported that there was gold pen, presented by the Sisters of oaoially, destroys some of the aro-.
m tl o ofSt noagreemeat. the Holy Names. These excellent and ments thaS have been used time after '
a .w be' At 4 o'lo the jr ease into court magnanimous ladies are always en- time during the past few days by th
easer end sed j ludge to repeat he deavoring to make others feel happy Sposauingsfor tbs Slbal iry at
4Smo tihleae cObdrge t enr nI masalalsghter. and their Christian deeds are being lntao irrefsabWy thas Mr. .
J, Jt e PupIl re them all the felt all over the country. They have io' message caas be constnred a
ie-a charge s and thbe jury retired, our profound thanks. attackng the hor of the10
si- A*- erbe on t an- b 4r More- they amy, ad General Weylorand lala n 'aM
*-- n A r bl t am ro more they WOLD WIDE 8ONG. would like U make the public beimve.
Ir t.e psw wee ga e w inght i nto cirt. In the seood plaoe. General Weyler was Stat
.e4 "/ bla tume te foirman of the jury not called under prse from he
Md tat w asaPrspect of am Agan daswans glory Christ'e naaal day. the seen regent, his recall having been Bar
do m 1119 remachW. The couort0 Ore an earth dark with sa row and pain. de ded upon durt~ the lase Premier the I
sie r dth J been ooo* -Angel songse echo sweetly around the wide world, Oanovas' tfestime. In the third tae. by, 3
0Mas i for sa lf enough r uh t ema some the refrain. to a nation as a wbote appears it to be
m a S2he s junry T*hecon ets wid, hear the song. he more strongly favor the go-
aillAfm i A a" l.e t d A t Aia wbeiia e feam biaw rt ean; o tm n h t sha beeen theme In Span
S a noet na whe can ee will d ae d high vmnsain Every one is eager to have done with
be agali d up for trial but it will ist with oy tothe wing -ohrd. thoe Cuban queo, and a I this very
o odoubijne itis team of court as The dark Coottnent itretchlog ia ha dsr nto inatedn .sa sign tdreosdincs-me a the At A.
SthedefadaIss confl.ed Ia jail and is God. establishment of peace in the Philip. A tri
so a ziosatehse nbec ee ted Sn Its sltese.ia yupkoey Sttr:i pines, while on every hand every one effect
s oe fk t .t saakat faor Ador a e lea of the sea. waStsn bong tor his lw wishes that the next bt of newg every
/4l 1 .a c 5*5. R at in s.oru, gila Ud adrainalo.. may be of a lasting peace in Ouba disap
-O OWarf ey e aueId not ma r- ILsoig Esanware Amerlts sees Bethleaem'a *
dge B n tttBn W d will Bo doubt be , "cbr5ai55 5eies- Shmed. .
srtakeam advt, ge of by the attorneys Hears the "loria in Eacelsis again. OAxu. N. 3., en IL-After the
for the d aad dpplication made d the usie angeeheastifl ss coroner's inquest into the death of Olare
ink t eMi of the 1 adant under Fl e Blaat Kirbyd the baby rt who died maug.
S lIs" bon I. harnate Relsesser! In the rede masga, ad. sc diphthe while her parent 3
;m.. ... The.h Te. wsridsha w l hear ot the f d tme eated whsta S n her

i3 be teepen for thai sad one for con- The gaonns tidangs Proelam. 00 ball so answer a charge of criminal
-a etotice ona of mOanslaughter. Speed thaday, when the soan asomg oor Berh- neglect William F. Randall, the Phil.
. lehsemb place. adelphia "Faith Physioian," was held,
CMs- ho- t etOd. As the star-seote id a"tence of uighb too, as an anoeseary. Kirby furnished
I" e A fat overlooked, or notl- Shabd with Te Deumas whlch, forever bail and wareleased by-Juaice Schmit
papor of ways u is Stat woemn suffer et natitade dweiru in lIgt. 05 Mrs. -a ae.
pi-4 nAgeml O as muJch -di~e'Ola g kidney ind V.E. P. HERRICK. ST. LOi, Dec. 21.-Alfred Sanford,
S ud b bla m mai thve oeota.r" The wmbe Tampa Dee ath t897 who was once engaged to wed Julia
r s- bladder apd for their reaso any dira. duesseTear r owel wsith cmaerese. Dens, now General Grant's widow, is a

n, dieas- e incouonleoe mani- C0anyC. caihai. ne .o...patia ioTtre. o patient at the eity hoepitaL He is suf-
s Jeitd eeys d1, bask, bladder or e.t cC ral drnialsmreTima monan srtngfrom paeumon, and Superin-
Irsms 5 ms oftle, by mitke, E. D. Hobbs a save you money on tondont SuttIr ooAidero his reovery
3 S o weakneou or womb &hra mt ull time f doubtful For two yeam after the war
ofl aeatall tr oke out Sanford piloted the famous
y Uade aod may be If we could trace Dl pepia to its adotedern e steamer Poed Kenaeatt
littig mine aside source, it would Id back to our kit- hen n went over to union side
ASali m t oew bor;i a sediimet or md served the remaining two yera
g I rtlin blte l tt jor kidneys oheas. In fact, the secret of good
MaLd r if you cooking. If well cooked, foods are par- rre rs Undr a orsses
idall pai or dl Ifa the abk, pea tially digested; if poorly cooked, they PazRc'row, N. J.. Dea SL--lr e
ag i ler too ,i w stupply. are less digedible than in ,thefr raw have been put uder tshe furnaes in she
Wl" a o r, Seoe li .tsru- state. If you are victim of faulty OOhany. Cumberland Moore.Jone
5Ak ble. If we A- without cooking; that is, if yeo suffer from Dy- wtadowglass fataories, bearl w Wad
wan pepian. the rational cur mmt be looked Is to xe that thw will-t ;
B^w '*~foAurru in an as-rtifcally digested food, Mad g It is expec ted thasSoS4P SaMnw
.b- i .emal for r as food which will at the same time aididle wE be given employment
Iaa..ewe wAa Lt s 1o AllmV prpsion virttualy res thee red VALLrr Viw. Ky..Dles. .4-2ele
e organs..therebyreetoring Casn MClay's young wteZ)oMr has
: r to prUd- tbsotheatr oural 8. aynt returned t oi hes she prees4 Sco
seWde taena oued- The Dgestl Cordlala o ared by nd iat a ti e hoa m of hter
dat to n oer- Shkers- t Me of Mount Lebtnon, is just b aero ~ e UBl cha Thus Mir -
tN sM.Y' m of tls Wrp- sucb a peparation, and a slagle 10 oet Ola dediaed to say when she weuld
Bottle will convince yea of in value. etuesn to Whitehall
.If you druggis doesn't keep-it, he wil MsepIemn. se t I
ahi^^ ^ *bbe glad to get Si throngr his wholesale Nsw YOM. Deo. itephea Back.
de*. that r Seages, toe at toohe fe ds of
foo-d be Layl Is the best medicne for bit she Northwest i bank at o
S dre. a r Doelors, recommead itin place easo. iadeead als n in h nookp
be ofs CtOr OL afpopley. aged t0 Y
B Yoaeed Cod 4tespil, oQe yse w wes &Me*. oe welk.
Sibut k 3 thiak youc ana iU t? Try Mar. CCa Des. SL -An s
s4i 1 I .bhuvin" a perfected Wi ofCodit iver d.. 1 pet to The lSa t
O i hD'" You get alitlevirtes of theil p Y fa a iiphe b
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bhe Greatiet Perfmartk Ahwkelwn WWrld 4Am.wi
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100 Challogeta-t Thi eWon s
tells, Bic-le and Ski" Winn,".
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( 13 Ti 1 VDto cI fl j w e f LAWYER IS IN TROUBLE. -

1,., mg.r, ,r.i -uW. .hO.W uI s TO sm i ."rK is
Maw YOX aDom U -William en% a T R
loba lanss Fd OW ofrt wall r known lyer of Brookyn, a om
',d.s* r Na ab r Jue. nset h ,. ne a meber of Plymonth chbI a-i. t
Sthe Sendaychool o which hae is a
~ ed' l s" i hmi1 0i achmer, and the organuser of the Peaiy
Tedisuntinbedl ew, a.rkbchemistm ail 0 11 BO)RD A SCHOO Savinga bankpounesced wish she BSthal
T. A. incum. dr uoustrti lg It. -- MIa- issi 8n Sudayebhool. a branch of
S nv r- ry olf a r-riai r and a Aflute curr Very Little Affected by the &admg Plymouth, s in jail in Brooklyn. bhar-
for C unsampt. i n l (Pulm, r i Lu.ru- of the Verdict -Is Apparently In- in been arrested on a warrant obarg- 'E
le -) and ill brb../lii., shr.. .r tu. ga ffient-He Wui ow aove to inhim wish forgery. iKenis apee ed
an- d W aW e l ies d"sla-t a..r -born .iMes... IVy -by Mrs. Mary a McCord of Breooklyn
tartaffecioDn, general d Ill e- ----i of falsely cerufylugp san acknowlearg-
y Bd ,*~mtneM low oe fleh, &Bd ari Cod- :..1 ., o. Det 24.-".We. the ir, na a ittcfactiou of mrtira;t. I
t to'ti to dtime l W ting a wil' sod f ine prtoner. John Anderson, gIty dM c ordl is a wealsthyI oman
t eui owy wl'wa ia chard iu the i ct-Weu. sh j declared that her naf e. wnia ap-
en lus as three free bottl s (all different) of bd he ne pared on toe satisfacciosa. was uot oats
bigt BuS ih New Dieoverile to any afflicted reader lss wase the reriict reinrned by the there by her. 15ur wish her cuiseuat. Sue 7
E| n l h,, of r'hse TRPIBC wriLting for them. ~ury I s bhe famuuo Olive Pecker case. further charges Keut wilh faisely cer.
tie Mr, l "s .. t-N w stirnufe i eatmneont" has se e specific charge being the murder of ti-vin o ad -knowiedluin the saufac- K
unrese Cr s s H sdansd psrnsUuc otiy by Hie Mate S6usders of the schoouer Olive ia of the mortcas e. knowing that her
ka el Grrry w " pernibntley by ia S. tee ~asure wait nut he.ulue. i t u a g c- '
dtiairly n--, sad hbe cosse'lu cris is a simply Pecuer by thecoto As tshe case sands It is alieged by Mrs. lcord that ta
Spr ojte final duty to-uiffliiri. Miusiusnity .1naserson wil bace so lian'. He re- Kent has betrayed the trust repdwd u Is the most im t
Snoarar him by hereif ad ththa le Is t most import iftm a grower aye.
Sotence daily develops n,-w wiln.derp. c appropriate t 1 aredin te
1t to the 4uli tlis gir' cnemit. pl-ti-ntly ezx- oareca Hs enoua. mu a uton warrant, but that he has Lu uwed tax
ps'iado ien 5 for i is. h*ps-lsa-'s r- for a new rise. aon property to accumulate aud hs usi 4!1,.a .,.beeicial to ieisi s ...as. money belonging so Mrs MdCors.. i t n
SRiaE tI w :z ,, iu. ACCUSED OF KILLIN3 WFE. 7 : h ........ f der,.. r.
if 'g sy r as. c.n- gr r. al woman, who had been advised tha
b .e a ( aree ur-abii tIrsnbiie v c snia'e is by r Kent could be russed. .
wee Lbyn y rntarerlti *lr*-r- ui n .ii- ic ..bBa 5 b 'a Asasistant District Attorude C iwl m.ene Ci weFlla
0 "" edsin i Amcai ;, EUtro. Onl wrsr, N C. 4 --T~l, s ated tat MKeu:t had take no tnle IS *hau Th e so8850n sSe lt Depends 0 1
Slseed iabordilerIn in rhuusarus frcum wraiun jary of Mecken.llu oi, nL .... b.000W from his chenats.
iseep pslb- io*.al pet co ,:e Ilrat. bro ou- pre-e u t. DALY OWNER OF HAMBURG. ID .
sshss;-. t-iest a? qdn lu ,-0...... , '-ad to ant so are the goods. A fAll tdcfk of oAS
VMFwNdh iowhit-h, rspdtwrriupte fe from wiLele..icl siteri .rni msdissm mens a W. ian ,ii i. mate Promla-. Bte, Acid Phosphato, Nitrate of Sodsa, t 6 L
i5'.?,i was afewyr allagricultnral chemicuhs and materials t 16 e
dtoT. A,Siocusis, .- mn-s prmsseu i nessas of Bess.' New Yct on lax alenr. Ce Dc. L-Iu an Sa
S ~ Pi New Yto g vin port' lad was luee ror r ew, Mrus Day Wxrte for prices and ask for our book, tWhly W
edlaw.A e s 4i.. -. it nd the free -11017t, CpoLI ,eaud Was xtlet-llfto aru ro r i iew, Marcos Daily said.
S i a expre dr h ad d Sthe f" ee anoi e of store l cur enidi.,les ae *i bought liamburg and I never th. Ideal Fertilizers. -
mTh 011s4wums to rsers m akeprsmas t dsut.g uf aaint i dpea-sii lie f reoru ss se meant thai a secret holds have been
l tbeS QblS SI) freera sslssislsitkkssast advsnasttagiaof auwucutsnotial soappeases frins brsaser
it.Je bead a tel. bhtjlgnror s propoitosl port. L c aue hmre atd bIcu t a hand made of the purchase I paid the price
teacss gs tea e In ht saw some house aud furus. asked for lim ad as far as I cas see
VP o'. in the '['ra TRi ad Ilaci ae lu a artnuicen renzy last Augcst be that was sh tbaht was necessary
Jyly broke up virsus aluns u lo.-i arti.escoud l "Hambnsr wil race neat sseocn iu
stir t, =Wl :., retwor nad tcie ati-au a Iiii wile. He mv name aler el colors. juss to ever
gl ad a wiie wa other race siirse I ae ever iwui.ed sas. JA(...SOthr Ias ". n, FLOR9 Dr
owit a Mieaas w e in 12"irids H,4 was seu to gue iwi1wt, mi;'iati ai G JACKSON nTT.R. r.FLOBIRA.M.^
I e w el. JdIfstet ,seeis.t itositio Morgsus-tou, but a few l,- 'trs e-.ssr w .- -F
IF-0e .esl-Pig's Foot" b
sI S eand l.e-ei Posisd drsllaouo, buto f- .e ot r.c iryg Pigs Foot" bnand Blood and Bonei $17 er ton.
I n ssi : i R as -Bis -res -if-a is re ti o is-se ;Ills lio tss sod ss at s ais rs- s- V 4.'
i dr asn enee te m- sae ur w era have ooe
,t e]upqt aPU an. D-spt Ohicis Sr Ls wae wtam uas .tin f Orl ci. n thisscr.t ... I .ini able aud w i elli
bs e ro ea tf Mm dec.2,16 wk N. Y.. assda. rll orr i; -i .i i.r ,- l t ,,or e wneap 1 ut w,1
thabeesa t tsr, a p roncsiet Pso s. i i o s-r ia god horsewe _i__W__aIut_
are tp~e al rOael~a~L~~Em f .l e h O y11 two weeg;d ati., i ,,- L. prea t o remed s t be erass O iwo woes a g 5 iI U s du: Cviii she promotes sbleu off
No remedcy fnop effect f in eradIcat- detslce near s le he itab 0--ityes hi 00:u a te w i o
t th e a'aue P ed s.- isg ansi ruris c Catarri s Botanic raell ncur-ia.. L snat. ai nwisll u 1 41
Srm ~ro Bo1d am.( B BB. Itpurties and RAILROADS ARE WINNERS leavt,,lite peotp.e wUoiae inutr tUngr fur
l, gntlton on (ie errih..s bs.h bh d, ehliitunate .susrobao, U."ai t isA. ,5 h t Jara tie rs i c iue. u ,,Ient rthat I became aware t
r nenat. ioc.. :ad uids otp the siysem Ia a sA. ,.,rs ..ss .thai to o sila ofI t C6he C _,ut it -
ifa tit 1a 1cpp acte TtOt'-stidsof rWg rt f er ia llr l iu' New Y:rz. a tu-
wrb ought at th't .f cAs&rrh halve h-D u -red aby it magic .NasvT .I.E. Deo'. 24 -Jaou e Cirbi u; ts cziuc .ca s v riscl ugiart a C se ut Lo s el "
pr bai sen toe in- p-, er Fur it ilooI d nod sski diseases the Uuited .iates circiti court bas ae our me oiifru a.ion i s thi coi t hAd i S .
rrd woulthve it n, eq i. By,tbe old rii ble eueu the Oase or the railruads ver-u, been br_,o: e r e. I s'.ured no e a- n ,
r lrr td rv edy. ad drl t the stae board of eqoazers ou favor s u
=sis c-a pi r mie1.". S a .RI O u. iciBayi h tse former. 4D rhiarsc-- ia -u CII4 i' '
ITM pI& DIP %* R 'The .n rw railroad lisomtm sou iiib e
I =< 5 b I l Bsl s FS lu Price -' *The uew railroad co umiss.o o. i, R tEi- on. D.-c. 84. For several fT 1. v -s
dasinv b- I ?.pe arge ?b. S ,
". 4 m mot her i- tY.I 19 R10LT riilhi gud teier hiDh companies nu m out i l his ara owera have r o 1 ir ab er have
wow E n1 fbItm iRtasO auot 10,000.0000 higher thau beeu robbiun p".totfces and stores t lu F'^^^ .
f~i f'ft't. ll ten tjr lgu tYO Se aseasunJest o sihe spresLous year. North Cursiina. Virginia and West Vi. "'
medlwotneit m fno oa mIfve. T'he rallruad companies thereuopon b-u. giuTia. tha se tsishe postoffice a; Wl.p
crasaear m mrr t r tha he-ed and joUined she boardyl equalizers from cer. blXtoni w as rtiobbed ans later ibe poet-
iS a Wtda sever e srrh theh s I fynha to the ocmptruier the approved office at Luissatie,. and last Friday the -
ta r K wittshe II e ff tut Balm(. B B Te urt ion raula ta temporary m ,iunjo In very isausre safes were blown open
R dalmil(B. B B) ou, Lon With the proviso that the ralh- and mnutey aid ostmpa stolen. EL O.
w eilad her caterri and healed adsp ptyhe saxes so the etate on the (Gregorr. peoifes iumpector. has a.
Sheer roee thi l s. A hasis for Staliou for 1898-97. rested awo iieu who belong to the gang.
SMPor ste by. Pid a. A la They are whale and answer exactly Ibhe
J OHN HART SENT TO JAIL decripioun They boarded suse tra ta
S P etoetMan y Moan ali d w rseartessr d an E v m
I Pm z aI -have. ParDnr'aTolu 2 Johnl delpDbl CTroDetDe or uilbe ru City. -

ciao". 441, MCiuw ; .sI%- ~ ; i famtly. to ge enfe
v"e- ciel sa hi I hm v W have been fre ot be noeataOe Gei sada bees ineut5tu a ssas
-s-'0 w io-e with lbtert og h Mic "a.l"ort when Mscheal and Chan meet s ThbaFlesh.empeaet u-?ff '
ttiSEIt algem h usa'teria. u b ( T
iIaana L to &;be P e iktonguary. m.en"i..stead. g" mlty V9"< -* '._"
ROWS Rows.. .... "' 7. ine ghis Uu bda.Too k ha bn een am-
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S, A. ooper, W. invite eiredon of tLhe rover

Its Otta, r l a. s' ewtisn rewentasly pr**ode d aI s teh eolUnit.edhrrkb, beni naun-
S r ll er leo Oa me dri4O. oae of the four bond the rack in ate s ixs-day roa wn reS
me., l .isf.dd Sh.e coart S ti he d e- n hin the enure o tf the buide
e yonC~, avea, i b .t I wal e te oreed c -hp ee-Uri a Hani o t
ii ,rres a followed Mr. e ML o iddte did ital rereae oer ib n ad M eL
a e" yplaamt hiU Tcrlo.. tad hd sown rea loeOny a5 -

*--S w r It .z od o d no t ob a n a nest wa imrst Itx. e '. Na4 L
i n d ine o e Oooer, nr Os voters etryof se e go ver
0ly OWetarr tho q lasouSon I r w pil -ia byWa hbt. nor died at the OluJefrison bcpi e under
o th s-- allO tbe'O -te e Wauorsoe. Dem. 24 -The taste peculiarly pathetic circumtances. He
si r lad anl e. to ist tofw enw recently published abous t t was eunaged to be maroned, bu having
lppd i~6r be in Oe rbk. Fe lmo ood- g of psolti e a prioners in Guato.- perioilsal attack of p ud is said. wu
Sctor ed the weodig untl he hold be
y"dtonproooo- SW &we withotT fo cdauefon, alcon c ie mad, hle wsl Hleavns n his
Watsdt .a, e d prvonbdloiea o repeon received by the Gutemalane pmpey sto his itetded wHifeSthen. is
ial by s naoily felinr to minister aS Wahinsoa. They are., hae Sr itructiusi his aseisant ano Oelisg
t iKiltpooonoeed said, a wreetition of t lt e sameeory ma nl his frioue oas pg u o be walled to tn
s.ya ~~ en actud byt. she iagens of the rebes hosp tal. wnere- au operation wra-per
S P defeated las October. Insteadof corn- formed Heart, failre set in audre.
tP tutonal di-Weand mittmg atroctiea, the government. he Groled in ahis eL.li.
- &t '.sOttitutl, mla treat- aald. had shown gre leniency ano i n- : -
-' t rh Cure, mnufac- sideration for the rebels. Privait c14i A H 1.1k %I rocker iprrd*sn e.
...Toldeob. ptCho" asy that an amneasy Wtli soos ST Loris. L. e4r.- William K Barr.
oftttfibp)al core one accorded, so view of the ipetatis
tic ben isseroally ,, eouiiliicn of the COO~ltry. Jr., ex-iashisier f tilhe t. [Lousa National
.tn 1 'k h tfuPp oonrf ul bank, now e ri-lusg a sentence of fye
sir P-ce S SSeSMApn foul r rllarse- Krlelr bhr a 'c- years at fit Jefferson Ciry state peni.
sWf the O Bz. 104'y offeEoneo'a Donors. Pa.. De. 2L-Stepieu Snea;-, reuntias-v ftr iuarembezzlemeuy of Pas.e
lr4xr f f ... it rails to !'Ien kiied Michael Rohrer aud wasHI MlMu h. bee- pardoned by Pr. en
Rend Mir hemreirwA^ d itektooi0 b{l shot dead while attemptug to, es. McKiuiey. Tlie pardon, is is said. wus
i.- h>i, issnout ou the recommeudatiou of At-

ast tuckpetinous ioflcleiucysfroi Nattoriul
iiveOr' Before he wait killed he f d Pt3ics" s at
*1pveB11l bOf at his Puraoenr, ole '114t11 fluentia pop~e of the tstW e
f.Utl r v*.l *,, Mk' n ut of 'JkLMGCl egpct 10 the ahouider of ThoumaIa
A W- rao* t -no far a "IF *W I heZeb Van*@ 1 .am-nt.
Waseiall Booth to offime. ASHEVtLLs. N. C., Deo. "4-Tim
erbel uantia ia ToRiK. Dec. 24 -General Wil. handsome monament to the memory of
kl e.anie lOw5%tsa.s Booth. iwon--naser-i-chlef of th4 the late United State Seaator Vanee is
StftN.YACity. rloe AratlaAy. Ma exspsed 'to arrie nearing eoa-pleon IswiU stanodona
lot. AfTi nfVl on ja. R His ooainrf plot otground in the center of Asbe-
Sfr'*SEee -villa now called She palbia squae. The
Vanc .Ir Y-- qa is of P684o0%f aas )
S l ohe eolun sers Tofabafta
~4b~e y a~osea~ee- ;, S Salvado 4rmy with tooled mmmfti eabdma Mbelow,
*11n8r AAve. AU *Nft( Ta Newre white Sh ehahisresk
_Wttw1, J i *i, L" ** b6t.-0peof l II'h '

s* stesrsware are a"a nt e i SIdASa

JAps I s teo lsslstw ew s.

D *DE IBARv U l)L '
Jac sonville, Palatka,' anford, enterpriae, Fla.,
S mediate Lain gs on the St. Johro River.
iTte W.erW.ela.a
I li-F -A

Leseose Jc-saoce .............
LeaeaSatltord ..-................- -
oereral Passenger Mde TLc
w. WE(. sarai sE. PA. --
M. HisCleds. &A. T.S,.
Si Dowlieg Gems. iewlv
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Colored Diei

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ibes 3o I Of Midwintek OutergS
"ms". an-e m d .ob i Ladies' Jackets. Ladies' Gapes, La s,
th all of 'Men's Overcoats. Boys' Overcoat
.. that is etil aamt the jpArions IL
i r. to du w van l n greater variety and assortment and greater values tha i y o(a
river. on Gnnberlaud~sorlsd;I "Jekyl9I
c s_- 1k...Q pce ,0 com- former years. To those getting ready for the social season call
._. -54if -utatetos an.d wonderful showing of
A,*'^.-:- 081BIC AiedVn or ne inferior quality. There-
rmk rs 5 of filibaster two. isb helo legally Tha ere he was no
hea n onrd aUeoutr. KIand that all money paid out
.-._.,AThoef $Sil s, aOtiS, Dr $sS Goodsad ni
pT !A1qjeit- tat an vxpe- Carer is no he treed comepiracy with 4
^L t-hei ueaW e s s r tomrhoa tbe Atlantic Contract-
ii. o on as i an ent payment gof gathered from the mode centers of the world--a dispel in size and ni
i a r se asre Te a Inh. o.me nuer .he will find only here. The popularity and standard quality of our war e
head of s eedipet r unbhec g comin officer i th
aind oea re d eowhich cludso a_ denced by our heavy sales, and the daily rush is pr f positive that o Prp
roffi. ls.re no i-t cha are low. Remember
LTo of their respeetive awyg romi a post without leave and a
" eta ikwpa a tarel lookout .sparted hiassel present The total
a"i d the comnriaelre amount eWlsied to have been misappro-
*OURU5 55 vesseP. r the ped b illegal pl cina of names
gtei 7 hail e ee t-tremae- I ae ra. than the main U
Saquestion in red before the court-ar-
Fl8 s i h. e we' i-- ntot bravely do. "" Ther are leaders in their line, and the only rm who ca and il fraiBh y
S e t.he. S b nt ino In nthe. and latest production for the least money. ;
SWIM" ftat "e cer i of the money ever
i&I rhe wen to COepain Oarter'e ow.n use ..
o rera 1211ir Me re lea a.Note a Few of OuriSpe ia s
IWt Wlt 6 M arrimy on .rli,-ly .rL I a .
oe.ftm ea-L. There w as OoVIn.o, Ga. Dec. m9-There wus Bicycle Suits, Suspenders. Men's Coats. THTt oerohieft. Ma
ot, CeptW e Leit having a street danl here between Town Cllar Setersewar
r athe Oli~se, but hot Mar nwOl l and Will CoSweaters, Neckwear, Can
Eil Asbledi. dabt as to which both participants were eeriousiy Cuffs, Underwer, Boy'j Reefers, M rs. t,
rbd th atelier. is a wih whom Olark had had Dress Shirts, Umbrellas, Half Hose, Odd Trousers, Gloves
., e. .go. boo dand .d.o ae Fancy Shirts. Men's Suits. Bicycle Hose, Nig twea-r. Boy s\
tlat Keg West "ter having Nome. Olark arrested nd locked himancy Shirt
hatt me S.pa os. IpI Ltha.e cef tking he had sre d Boys' Pants, Dry Goods. Dress Goods. M ery, Sh
t isrlb l f or the the ch i n thmtin he hl sobered
oe8pWogov. chain' t ecahow Slippers, Capes, Cloaks. Lad s' Hats, T es
uLikj_ to have had the cap- got h s um and hunted Ch:efOlark I ^ T
sad an Captain James up and wishft saying a word began _ -
il-it"te marba Il for o the Ihootin1 at 'him ir the bc He l
I fIget7ouip. went north emptied her pstol before Chief Clark
could unbuntot his overooat. and stored
t.rai. Itwasso doubt to anu therowde andstreea. The! Tireless Toilers for Cash Trade and Oi ators of Low M
tjaltha Lewis to give them Olark was ihot in the back but he
.' ppursued Audarson. He raised his arm
r ad fnr ad fired thrip time. in quint sencee- -u -
.T.. T.B.ISH
i ht tabed tr e e ws and Anr fell, two out of the
PpEw to beh at Like. e mwu oied home and found to
s Q l! weold-be 8i-. have two sert6s wounds Chief Clark J .
SMy"fttih hist wheoarr examined and found No. 704 and 7C6hFi il;kli St., 1422 end 1424 7th Avenue, Ybor and Main St., West Tampa. Orfginators of lur prii
an iihmt pioCSL31- mot tolftt ': -'
teeli e4be The dewr are unable to find either
Arms ?ng tbll in-yong.on and heissaid W LOCALS.
Itat It wasT oung An4 Lro ii a son p of Edit AT A BO' GD LC O LOCALS.
0' d higy a E. W. Hardin Appointed Disburs Interesting Batch of News It .A A
Andern been placed under $O Ming Agent of the Treasury Careflly Noted.
4t113 P 111mOOh8. bbod. ; Department. Special Correspondence Morning Tribune. I
gov'sereso ANOTHER STAY FOR ALLEN. E. W. Hard, who is well-known as This bas probably beta te moet
.tsE h elenblyr yell The ass os e Mare & r o poralist spent Sunday as the guest prosperous year that we have ever seen.
At dYtaiso d msd ta u c eed orf.eor R. Macsarlane and yesterday There has been over 18,000 boxes. of or- $ T' .
L m tPuna Punt M..lllataL ZL. il-ThU governor has wIth his parents at BartoW. Is anget shipped from here. I J.. .
find sm%*4 a 0ii o Tom llea thenight M. Elmdinlet for Washington
dareld d until Peh. It in order mest and will sail from Baltimore opened upby nrs. B. Awiry. -

~e asmt e h g' en I nh alt the will a1 t a diabumving agent end his from some c.use unknown to parents
le a sa.nts 5upr co t..rip will extend to Mel .terranen porte, and friends the little one was ermit-
r Ri4n e d 5a*r.k ome ,si o ago that trough the Suez oanal, the Bed sea ted to remain only about foul rte
SwhSavt; o at Alm neolhd a~n the pety ti imposed and Indian Ocean, to Chins and then hours. o
i, c b pa al tonrt and Gontlured -,, o-,- by H. H. Evans, of the fir. of Etans ~ W e a eat 1a.i gI6
"e.-^ thOe b botl~roppUfao aD t or om. eo ed In tChe icepapsr b roines n, A Dmbef oChrisas for e orthern '_ W.t ". -
eg The r c a'lsoa cahsedp l n. a hoard of Mr. Har dit is well a a oe en n s d1
sedo now tw tolp ti cae an the r ogL ThIBoNE Ide aib arter o th ladies we atrrs o te bpose, TOdah litdealoty a is
Sie ^ ibm..- i T .....fewsrdt ppert -1 I- n .r :i arl *t i -a T: n a tmily b oe O lo e outloat ab

|i- Bt ioted b.eI A snIl.n.ea Trm A.rtsC 1r o wf bte ( w. caron Evnin a PoA, n. 'uer, ban ds wr Methodrk o
^ ^^ ^ rITG G- alG o d ^ ^ CAB THIEVES A RBES1'ED. Qa i, r. ..d c^ deoadded ae
t ei l o t h lseAtla coa r ws thre Ngrot as o r nte-i t large and apprec atrve anudiaene, thee
i i haeb slrey Wird.e omitad an l a Three Neroea Caught ltealwag From protrame wea short ard rwel red.ere, h

W. a this plce. Ward was Paeo isdion this year, his family .AT T "
r^di bd cared w s hl sLe. Wsacher o wc F. C. & P. Freight Care E J D hs f T t Tpf *'to
Loe^ himt o SodlU L JudIefheersshe e Mnfarshal Stephens, of Ft. Brooke, has will rermai at Largo.' e --a
ttiLcncke hism In ool vo tie Ins pepiBeny. fior some time been endeavoring to lo- P. Bullopk is planting beans and
w g'otek ot the eThinhas beas mwg talk of lyhongo
tE 3 oad rd, or at she tliiasna. cale a ,giig of thieves who have been tomatoes for a spring crop.
Judgs eb er e ad held oourt to robbingfreightcars on the F. O. & P. Sugar boiling aud hog-kilhng will
S Jo dipof War et oneeApndnot ~aiL hiding, and last Sunday re succeeded be resumed af er the, holidays.
i ,ib tary in capturing one.man and two women Mr. E. B. McMullen and wife are re'
wko had a lot of plunder in their po joicing over the advent of a little girl e'C andHat
.a.Mme-O. 0se... session when arreOted. baby. hO a wt Oad
LAi cr h--Whi A d been broken open" ur- The hour for the te e.and reoeptio] t e Ot
0 061 "0 Y w Yk day nightand a quantity of freight be hold on New Years day b h i Morba U]a
oli. i* ai l ran dluto s stole. Upon making A0Loroogh1t- dies ofthe Hyde Park Guild at the 0o0 yot
a aakIN4 |r lot t ookvestigation a portion of the goods was residence of Mrs. T. C. Taluaferro bha dhas ay t t ell t b t
w'iB & Afth dn ns. found in poemeion of 1enry Aln, been changed from 4 o'clock to i
Melsea Lecy Hbolmesoandrerh init tEobo ene
U'k Ii T boy were arrested and lodged In Jail. the conveotence of the gentlemen who
*sln- as s T adness Yesterday the three defendants wire espeanllyinvite4toattedthet5i
of iiU. U D before County Jd11490 Itarrilon and reception. Everlbodt, 11"S6 01111
%L iee lahy. eant and their oasseswere continued until and home people are invited to attem. ith
-be 0402M thb morning when they will bgive -
a preliminary heari. Prof. E. C. Bills of Ta mpa, wo All inO bu f in t
.. ... "ar~rsIt is very likely that more arrests the chair of modern languages at RBol me t tl."i '
'Ia D SIa- wiUl fotowasit Is believed thu quite hs college, Winter Park, and who uas
t ftQa pa gasgi thas beein mpicated i $be rob dean of the faculty, left Monday for, .
lirt hin 1". DDeLaod to attend the State Tesolrs'
beaknehes ar co a Aoiaon. He apnChrimbu hna
in E au Uo aonea "sEta 4 "ala

e-A wing ofad St iana f tno and aw rry II tie ong Ja2nary 7a. ar -
WelAl11111a u1Make the eetN gents as Fr progffresag nd everything will se
s is ap ook be wi reads U torepe toe be ts o
toa ba been phase and I reasd i 1
"T er ou be t rb eeed p th ora .ie,
A .n W .. o -'- .
-.L .u -~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~a khO-

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