Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: November 25, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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1oa M Tel over the hridg bas managed to seenre s pistol, but the no.
P4bsporaraI ly hip ended and pass- trea of the would-be burglars prevented
N6i .L wb. tk r oSg by the Consmer' 11n Ire ed hert from using It
PLt 5teanusfre at either end of th struc.
t aea ere. If you have acy wool,hides and wax,
'laorde and t e or rraw fn and skins, send them to B.
.Sli t oths' l of thei I-tllst red ompeei KirklandtSavianah, Ga. He pays the
b tor 5eeate ftthe avah e-or Noe hight market prices for them and is
fadh bsefi-htorne*- t e iTvm for Now perfectly reliable. Sen his advertise-
e bonn h is York, esd will soon be seen again i n ent in today's ijaper.
ewery epaeahm eeM Wd Tsmpw, where they will be welcomed
ib Sde seole idea by theCuban populbston as men risen 0. I. Taber, the proprietor of the fa-
aItm -e tbe lSenrsilve- from te dead. moun Glen St. Mary purseries in Baker
po |r l's Th bet w county, arrived in the city Sunday,
t p rWU Tbet ayto avoid mIpp diseases. He was on his way to the Manatee
Ayi= bb r- t hreO' baifalling out, and premature bald- rive ount, for wih proros
shni aO be t I e is to use the -bt preventive section he treft yr terdy mosperoung
known f tat Iaeib or that purpose--HaU's Hair sectou he left yestwfty morning.
Ave" r *knw fotattopOr ptoiewll'sr. Hair endry & Knight sold 840 acres of
-- 4nsohbjent is to impreeM every wearr land to D. O. Fulton Saturday.
-seave" fst t with the fact that the BuOk- The Rev. E. P. HMerrick returned
bO*-I~'l k*nbehe are the best working yesterday from Bellair, where he has
eh*is 0 9iande. We put a priatuaedo- established a mission.
S -el pif of each pair, so bu Cpapto 0. eGa cams up frrw
..#.yo fJae .1nr Jka vle Baa@ay1 and is now is
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n_,r ,~rl,~'e~74

went to Key West Monday, where be
will visit the breach boseo. The com-
p~ay is putting on more men. The
output for tbe we-is was 90,000, the

J.C.War.haner &C.reportanout- To B EBpofd t the FiOrdl Cusidei Frn te Stmldpoint oft
pat of 0,0o00, with shi=meats of 68,. B-MW. aV l l

T'he oeldstablIsbed house of J, Tuibn-
er &C. It stall doing e heavy busi- BBI pT BP1T I pL E OIyTED. PRP D TO IOUIT PISCOW PmCBH
mem to wbtih the blgh reputation of its *
brands eatittes it. The outpots ere n the United ttat*eSnte Wheanth
w was 181, the shipments 187,00. The Untire Plant Now Under Rigid Time Comes-Baney Said to Nour-
Mr. ZlUlane is now in too city. C. E. Znspetion-A Hew Brewmater Le Is Asprations-Call Will Canvae
Sf who bs been i Key West Ap a E ngged Important Change the tate.
fewdlrsona vacation, will soon re- Contemplated. rom sunday. Datily
The fArm of Creegh, Godknecht & The Hon. James E Alexard r ar-
- T-e Oro of 'u0 ag ,: oknectt di rived in town yesterday. Many people
COa. adde75,.004 an tits stockdur" There has recently been decided ipeadI o him a "Jeems," but. the To p
a lgius n wk,0" ipgd 6.000. change of base at the works of the supe.k p rs politeness to undue fa-
S 8ae meJorriw & Co produced 60,- Florida Brewing o. The ol b rw- lea r l te tlea fm
0- Iforwled 400 master, Anton Birubsum. has tendered DeLad, who enjoys the distinction of
S SR IN b8O. his resignation, and his place-as was bng a ator Call' closest friend,
bT exclue.vely stated in the Taxttira a being ex-Benstor Call's closest friend,
f ewedaysely s bat d in leb the T _usug a hie full style and title.
few days ago-has been filed by the Mr. Alexander rgisters from De-
y And ood the Wok af the Oriminal appotlntmet of Frank Schofeld, who Land and wasaon hia way to Key Wet--
,Oourt. comes to Tamps from New York, known In politics as Jeff Bro anO's
Strh "te highest recommendations ard bailwick-for which centre of thought
The county criminal cout adjourned rof sioal backing of the most valu he left per the Olittte last night.
Yesterday afternoon abtr a brief but description. Mr. Alexander, who was seen by a
bnsinese-like session. Ferty-two pria- eeoetire plant has, for tte time TRIBUtn representative at the South
- oers plead guilty aod were convicted eea practically placed i the hands of Florida depot just before his departure,
: during te term, whilese was acquit- D. Pracis Wyatt, of New York. The was all fraiikes aind made no secret
td. bead 4f the Eastern Brewer.' Acad- of hi vews upon the approaching con-
S Ae jory In the ceeof Tucker Swain emy, a nd also con.s"eing cbemit of test over the nenatortial seat now being
n oad BobsrtNewberry returned aver- the Brewers' associltiotn, alio will .ligliv'y warmed fr a better man by
4 dfotof guUltfyaerbeihg out all night, make it his business to make -r-n mno ithe Monti:ello my-tery, the Hon.
d Theprioners have see yet been sen- Soations inthe methoisa therto pur-reo s mo el Paco.
f tered. here a s bail lead to the pre ruodls tici .I Wtat I do thitk of Senator Call's
e Thi'eaze has bees Ihe leading fee- a beer better adapted to tile want- of ichantes fr Pasc,'s seal? Well. you
y oe of there present term, and the eot- the local trade ma msay that I havs re'entiy been over
s famous sad cooAicting evidence has- Both Dr. Wyatt and Mr. Schoild tr Hertnure, iutse in the course nr my
-.lbeen folleied with deep interest from were busily engaged yesterday in go. tu-.iesr avocationv, and that I be-
day to day by a Ithongq of- sensation- ing over the plan., which wi l in lew li hev c that Mr. Call will carry forty out
: iseeker;s Harry Pe9ple has received days be played is suen a condition that o 'ne forl-five counties."
mauy well-deserved cojthplimets c pou Mr. aShofleid will have no iruusble in a .That's an extrirne view," said the
lp 'the manner in which assisted iothe prodlciog a seer that wiA proe 'ihor- newspaper man diffidetl). "lOn what.
es poeasoutioa; aid Fraplk Harris, who oughly satis(ootery both twthe brewery may I ask, do you base your opinion, T
i summed ap for the prosecution in the and its patrons. "Partly on- P-co's unpopularit)-
absaeoe of Co:nty ioicitor Kniht, The new brewmaster hw already hd partly on Call's popularry. I draw
a.' alao madeA lcii and Ionvincadl p re- a wide asd valoale experience: he hasj my canclupiont partyi front hi ay
Ssentationof the 0ae. l not only pureed his studies under tr,:e the politicians talk nttd largely from
ed Joe WHNlsma, onefaf the Drawdy best European authorities, bus has been the way the people feel R:ney is said
I depreators, plead ruaty to breakig actively engogsd in several of the great to be an aspirant; but Senator Call can
tond entlenng, ad was given three Rochester aed New York breweries beat them both, hands down."
S teso itn 5e penltentiary. The prmon- He beluags to the new school of brew- "- What about Chiple)?'
r eotereda st similar pea in two ether ma and is one of the epe wo Not in it. He is said to be an
p eaesofseme deeitptioc, ad was recognize tie fact that brewing has' a-tr .nt for another ter t in the state
sentencedto one year on each bsehge, becotne n of ctie ect science ; uod Iseeate, while Ed O'Brien is spoken of
a maktolg Ire yelw in all. under his anagemeat a decided as a probable candidate for the lower
od 'oraac e.e, aoe qf the KnigtbA change for tke better in the output houw But I don't know.'
;Wa-)thteek a e, eaed t plea or(guty, m oay on be expected. -What about that so-called anti-
- and was atenaed to five years in the A csruory inspection of the brewery Stockton meeting recently held in
Spealtentlery fr4breaking and eater- yesterday showed the plant to be in Jacasonovle by such men a- the three
Ja h 'Franks'-- Clark, Pope and Getio-
be ". .perfect condrton. About forty hand a lar Ppe ad Gelo
p be Ca4 of the police cOlcers are now employed here, and the pner- I "-was nor present, but the meeting
i o rgedwil cosemitting an assault in getic Mach Towne. who is ookii.g after i said to have been largely attended.
alUnpoe' 76hor Oitn ealoti, was en- the outside interests of the concern, re-. it's object, as I understand it. was to
t'ianed untltthe emt term of court. ports a decrded and gratifying increase bring together the free b liver men of
The caed of K. 8. LBelLard .sd F. in trade. The Key West orders show a the state "
iLlo %man wee nolle pressed. decided grain in volume, aed it in only "Have the three gentlemen men-
SAfter I eb adjourament of the oeurt a question of time when this new brew tioned really deserted John Stockton?"
;- e Jry a1 tbe Swase-Newberry ease secure throughout the entire South "Mr. Stockton says he is out of poli-
lee e oto tbe street car line 4y a reputatoo second to sone in the ties," was the quiet reply. "And be-
O t Knigtesd K Ml! i B. Mac- country., ng out, he was not present at the Jack-
' tarlawe, Nary Peapleeand Frank Har- A recent addition to the output sonville meeting, nor was his name
i ei, by who they were taken out to here in the new Ohio cider secured by considered A man who is out of poli-
STe City ied the brewery, where the Mr- Towre in large quantities, and tics can hardly be put out, or "
-ia telbcfod saw pleasaty and profitably wnich after the require maipulation At this interesting point Mr, Alex-
i speaft. is battled, when in addition to its ef- ander made a grab at his grip and the
fervescent qualities it retains the rich next moment was on his way to the
S r ower, he B e fruity flavor of the original article Port. He ill return Toursday. Mr.
Sin th city yesterday Iasae Brown, a colored citizen froA Call wbo i now in Washington will
d with im h. news that Auburodale, in P lk county, who wa soon return andtake up his permanent
SO s aihl-to proreo interest to brought in Saturday by D~py Uni- psdence in Jacks ooile; and will In
a. 3. H hod a sr ted lates Marshal Price, was ien a due tim e make ce personal canvM
S1IP la paest the projgot Of bearing before United States Commi of the s- ate
ie- pasS from BDesr dioner Orane yesterday on a charge of The family circle of DeSoto Fitager-
i Popes to oodstrou selling liquor without complying with aid of Port Tampa City, has bean en-
l la fte dlstano to be the tedliosand expensive formalities laraed by the arrival of a bea u nful
St B haigsmen ts iapoead by the general gevermeat. girl baty, which artied early Sunday
ii on the path. The evidence aaaintSthe prisoner be- morning. Mrs. Fitagerald is the
M|o eftn tljtf~y le eo--elasive, he we ooamntred for daughter of Dr. Sthbbiae of this city,
Idab trial at the next term o the Unfted and a wide circle of friends will r.
ea tde p gI States court n default of t00) bestl joioe to learn tha Lbsh yousr mother
uf p H th work The wort of repaurlatbe roadway and her child are bo doing wll,
rt.ri f, anml ot e rt ee otvret bridge wu be- A bold aenalpt was made to break i-
Sias gt fi y a~ e rday morn in b teuingup to arki hdl Steven' hooue in Fort
I.^^* wke f s P-tt.~b f rs wm ciy eedoa 01 e Brooke Baoday nlcht. M SteverM

The bif oypres ar id at a_ rH e s to
be stared up this week, ad br to e AInt
time in years the wheels of the bigeL t I
plant of the kind i io 8thF lorida will
revolve in earnest. This step bas been
decided upon by T. M. Wier asad those
with whom he bas ameiazted binWuel
the deal Sorn the diepeo of the mim
northern capitalists, a a necessary pre-
liminary to the dispoml ofYts property,
and therecan be little doo blto this
practical demenrtratmoa of tbe empity
of the plant will- iaMdatWly-elm to
the consummatn of one of the mee
important deals recently prJeted in
Soth Florida. -
a oe= ... 'L A -_


1tmgwrwww' FIEZCZ FIGHT, j.

Oep flashes Another With a Enife
While in the White Rome saloon
about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon
Laurence Sweat and Riley Mays, two
fishermen who are well-known along
the water front, became involved in an
alercation, which ended in a serious
cutting affray, in which Mays received
four severe wounds at the hands of his
assailant. When the two meo-both of
whom had been drinking-were finally
separated, Mays was found to be cut in
the left side and arm, and also in the
leg. He was at once removed to the
office of Dr. Douglass, city physician
where his wounds were dressed.
Mays proved to be a very intractable
patient and several men had all they
couki do to hold him while the physi-
cian was dressing his wounds. He was
still under the influence of liquor and
in anything but a promising condition
for a man who had i st received a
woitnd n severe as the one in his ride.
BIs frightened wife arrival on the scene
after the bandages had been applied,
and a little later Mays was re-
moved to his home.
Sweat made a determined effort td
escape after cutting Mays, and it was
at first thought that he had got down
the river in a boat. But the officers
were too hot on his trail. and after a
long chase, he was finally arrested in
the garrison by Deputy Sheriff Will
Early in tne evening Sweat gave
b>od in $1,000. with Perry G. Wall, jr.
and W. H. Adams as -ureties, and was
released. About the vame time Mays
appeared on the streets with bis bloody
baniagee on him. His condition ie
said by the physician in attendance not
to he dangerous, provided proper at-
tention is given the cse,'but sany such
negiMgence as that observed last night
mibghl easily prove serious.
It 10 oely just to say of the proprie-
tor 0f the saloon in whirc the affray
took 'lace that he can in no way be
bel i4ponsible for the trouble, which
he toe all possible mean* to check.

No ore Cases of Fever in the
Dr.Purter announces the fact that
no oe cases of yellow feve. bave de-
velop.id in Pensacola since the deas b of
Goldbe-g, and that those suspects who
have bteen detailed because of their
connection with the deceased. will soon
be released.
Aa ispeotion of every house in the
city was completed last night: only
123 case of sickness of any kind wes
found 7i the entire city. Many of the
case aite among old and ifSrm persons,
and not a case of suspicions sickness
was discovered.
Another case of fever has developed
in the hospital at Fort Barrancaaeight
miles from Pensaoola. It is supposed
he contracted the disease from the sol-
dier Kreig, wbo died in the holeptal
Thursday. The soldiers of the garrison
have all been moved out of the barracks
into a camp, a mile away.
A Pleasant Party.
Messrs. Strong and Davis easerted I
G. F. W t, a St. Louis espitalist and
prospector who is staying at te Col.-
lins House, to Deleney's creek Sunday
morning, where a few hburs weere-
pleasantly pent at toying with the red
fish and marash.ben that abound la n
Shat locality. An abuadhn e ot fat
oysters and erabe we- atle secured by i
the partly and after aeraqptlonus al
freseo dinner, the retnen trip was
made. Mr. Weat was ery faveobly
impressed with his SAea Flreida eating *
and bad' an exoeHeast~a onappmty of
testing hey sbootig qualtee of the
fine Remington haot gal wtth wbich he
haa supplied himelL.
Hopes tor Hamey.




h iy ca l. ae b

prso ed rds basby. -a

if an Yhor City MUMSi4".. -'
in whicehauws ltaIMP

by him, but he was bieM*-, is'_
ragged wound bind. th -

see obviously lioer. d the i i

ts result was directly dee t- Mao
drunken reeklownma
This man, who"e naomzil Jun hbOI
becamelvrrolved in a; alteO wp
s ome Iians in Tor Cityh* telM
aueed th trdub ewa bronrht tt

afternoon, whio loed todls bne4
profai but abusive Is g e
prionerd won bseind tothe ;poait

box at the corner of S&venthaewe
and obviouteth sere, here the Os

proceeded to turn inatheNafl for the
trol wag. HeWhled ben was aG .
its result wa directly dae kbma.(M

two things happened. Qapte e

and ex-Officer Smith a I
oTimer, wad Thomas, nam i Jbm q

openeoo, his poked toknife, iatr
OmcerGreen, on f cbge PI'

b j at the corner of Swpenh '*am

abroe and S run down SiXt1 ltre w e

Eighth avenue-
proceeded the uro ie than p o the
trol agean While p e wa atbP4 t
after him. happenledy. fapin J

tripped and fell. Samta, ref; as
on, and exIr the hpe aptoic
Thomas, asd Tihoms, who's bs q**

ground three times. But le
Opened his pocket s tke, andd
teadilyd run down Sixgtec~t tree

Nigth avenue. and the 't
ug wasre ll doineteha traoeet, w

in the direction of his home.
By thiet tie polc wd a d t e
polwere trailing along fputier attbtt
after him. .8uddemly Crbiato Jo<
tapped and feill. randb, bOw'ine

n, nd in a te, ope ohat nfi*tT

relomai dic Thomarged bom u it
grored threettion No.4, whe l
happened not to be. Accom ed b.i
Rsuc mild meanaresu U nle, .ulia
steadily of down E-o"gbteenth pstreiel

Ninth anu a and put oumt tbtfr tkh
e turned do towardho was kewaT

and passed on Nuneteenth.
i passedrction of hs home. iit
B this ian e a d i o ot pego
were trying along after oib gtl t
df was ftiU br-ndi.h"h bi 41
kilde li aaner that nfugiti Ist

ed the rhs fe that h ief i en
itlian with h wbs mbe auttem' a
ruling. .Thmaa'soore took.bitt pi

Bre arm. tio o. k, wbarel Ce
eappuen to be. Acomasied'.-

Bollhe air, when rmoll oy i i
his bsggy and put out! twerw r bi
aooted Thomas, who wh a Oteras
uad passed OB Nioeteesath lafa; Bif
lugpenetd: fim about ha .bItfe
Balrri aef poo got sufi O "heli
msonoent dm bonfwroytipg t l -
-ud lraritd f..P. e *0- -t
nid Teboa lauh vldiou *5I ff
waith his kide, the ebief, o in (te
ume, mlisge inareffeetqo 1 m ami
Rith bha "'wirecuttenan alt -i
todis' a ohree bloy jnh~ta-'

sbe ate, wba Bo ly Bootft afto

l ahto. c brec e a.
wr be reTeeq momen t ; ee 3

ugft. e l ., ....

apl*cr~wBoba1erwe~rtly b -i^.in
i^ -^*S 1Itu:-. ^?1.\;F;T,

~ r

lunaday, No,

23L5e ta-l whbn
i.ho --4sO W SS-lW

r- uai xelopii

t'uv Aiewd woae

.- iry*o*Tg .man
benb f,b e may

St iat

^-^t taln end o

e wof tb owperi

cbma men

bF-biws mQn

A2I MLG UI Those Dreadful Sores
11The WI aiv#te Amerien ps reposn.
Wm as tfble forte followingg: "We were They Continued to Spread in Spite
Is C arS to read in an excha e of Treatment but Now They are
t a yo dy in di hd Wonderful Work.
g dy in adiai had i- For many years I have been a great
.w-y *' a ssgurtled p crusade against mar- sufferer with varicose veins en one of my
, tsa. Ie. t It pean 1romn the record lmbs. My foot and Limb became dred-
that theyofg lady nwho conceived fully swollen. When I stood up I could
t ldy the blood rushing down the veins o
reL. r_ and determined to carry into execu. this limb. One day I accidentally hit my
sBSCRIPTIjN: tion this wicked and uurotiantte o- foot against some object and a sore broke
laiy St tutlion is combly. fair to look upon and oat whi continue to spread and waa
dvered. ezosedingly painful I concluded I
A~i *4 o Pbesessed Of a suflciency of this needed a blood parifer and I began taking
m S.. world's goods to take care of some Hood's Sarsaparils. In a short time
S 0.. ober, tnurous ant those dreadful sores which had caused
n4usiou ntellge me so much suffering, bean to heal. I
O *A. A YEA young man. Yet she has, condition, kept on faithfully with Hood's arsapa-
P-i-ritL ally, adjurpd marriage and has sub- rfls, and In a abort time my limb was
im sci'm b y ribed to 4 solemn oath that she will completely healed and the sores gave me
S or ribed tosolemoath e will no more pain. I tnnot be too thankful
a airipios e t never, no ever, marry a man wbo for the wonderful work Hood's Sarsapas
aea. dnnka, chews or plays cards. She riUs, ba done for me." Ms A. E.
Spoaee. adopted a platform after the new GUAMa. artland, Vermont.
wflss shaeiC oaids be woman of today and styles it "The H o Barsa-
S aideM's Prapagand." It reads as os parllla
Maiden Prpaand."ll folloIt read Istie best-in fat the One True Blood Purtier.
ermpk s wl The mswhe drinks the red, red wine good's Pills cnre an liver Ilb. cents.
rne ,18 9, Can never glue hs bps to mine.
S_ The man who chews the na eous plu: NEW YORX ZN LINE.
iShall in our parlor st no hsa.
Mt g on for drnaks who srkea or drinks, or cate a deek.
S closer than a shai never nip uon sthe neck. The New York Board of Trade and
8 dmo'tLc monkey with the cards Transportation has gone on record as
-- Or we 4eSn seers moa be prud. favoring the appointment of a com-
rids -avenue paving Tse w sho skisLa sher beer
a ene peverer chew my ear. mittee of five of its members"to con-
ag? Don't let it It must be confessed that the ideas sider the desirability of creating a
set forth abov are not ambiguous on national department of Health, and
n with a past is try. account of refdndant phraseology or such other methods as may be sug
0ong man with aany subtle figures of speech employ- gested to protect the public health,
ed. In faej, t ey are rather vulgarly especially as the same affects Inter-
*-c--- and blunt!v eEpressed than other- state commerce."
Stakes a goose of wise. But si e this young lady is The committee is to report on the
not bear the sr- now moving aUi the commonwealth matter at a future meeting, anti the
will be made lien of Missouri wjh her paragrands and Board of Trade and Transportation
ner is ready. means to attack Kentucky aid then will take such action on the report as
'-T'un'-ee wvtithk its duvt to warn tho organization may think best
of Mr. McKinley'c omtr-faik Gf Ler coming. In the safl r full and fair discussion.
r would e welcom- latter, stlae tiet leader of this reform The preamble to the resolution for
any tiie. Don't movements qur.cel as saving that the appointment of a committee states
monies let t come there are Jarge jiuruers of young that "-health and the protectiqp of
S gentlemen wirh are guilty of all the life are more precious to the people
eh. tid yester, ains she arraign against in tier litlh, and more necessary to their happi.
la t* ai est prnspaganda. T'his, however, is clearly -ess than even the extension of our
a rlanderI us statement" commerce. the triterino of agricul.

m tat QB bad ever
thing ne-it is the
All of tie prosper.
are convincedd of

t.fdt.__ _
4r. Barker and Blryeon are
~bgiame very commendable im-
MIeM^ets in key West's leading

,ppoeta to use
.psersted, urai e thad Equ t

M rendezvous inti

iiMraa4al Ifew men arrested

arIetsm Ps tatick to cltikvat .
pqc o abd Baster Liet, Ionstead
toi valB pporto t
- -t ; -

1A riporsed w-some one with ca
^tatt mib(er readevoush uiaw te
^Wekeh d ba ^ed bo the afisl

RR14s a *Iit Ltoo mulati .

al l a.ter a line, .slee id

..o roe e -ofy~ r
-t s r el ar? e Cs t
ste itirnoa to lottime Is
^^^*^d'orw q Jfriotbl

wori o *e


It does seem that the present

government oNlght to be abl
summate arraugemeuts where
important thoroughfares of I
could be paved this winter.
lapidated appearaneof of ou
are a great eye ore to vis
intonveqience to our peop]
drawback to the town. If t
were paved, with some su
material, property would
'Jdog the thoroughfsres p
least 0 per ceht. As the
hs repeatedly asserted, it is
solutely neceaary that pavi
require spot cash. There are
portions all over the couu
would jump at the cbhace'to
benr and pave every street,
with any material thatabouu
gnaled: and take the entire
out in Tkmpa bonds. It is i
sad commentary on th biusi
city aid int-lligeni-e of tth
ministrstion'tu allow the eb
Tampa !to go another year
pavingr Compare e the
Tam-g with the tburougt
Jacbaonville andi it would M
our ost noted croSkers s
dilivtn f -ssil; hatg th-lir

T ''ho(ll.t. I e'at i .t s

i r --t - -ai' '- A-- --
-V - - - -


... The
*ia-M-- t D t 7

am ymeaw M

fts FA"

tic~ I" ss


e to con-
reoy ihe
this city
Tre di-
r alretel
itor anD
le ali a
ie streeLs
enh ance
noted ati

Inot aas-I
ing shall
i h,; cur-
t.ry thai
c(oue irl
in lown
4 he der-
indeed a
east -,i-
city -a-t-
t ely *lor

tural interests,the solving of our
financial problems, the cheapening or
efficiency of our postal service, the
improvement of our rivers and har-
bors, or the enlargement of our
These assertions will certainly not
be gainsaid by the people of any part
of the country that has been ravaged
by an epidemic, nor by sensible ver-
sons in parts that have so far escaped
such a misfortune.
The necessity for a comprehensive
system of protection umdercontrol pf
the national governma.st is generally
conceded. The only difference of
onion will be as to the nest mema
of efleeting that end. lkrbaps it will
be thought best to rest content with
amplifying and strengthening the ez-
wsiog laws on the subject. Any plas
will satisfy the public which gives
the general government control aad
furnishes it with ample means to
carry oot its policy.

illoIIut There is oi danger whatever of
reet of the reported sporadic ease of yeUow
,'far, of fever at Pensacola. Not even the
tskf e\le people of that town are alarmed.
id -rt :- There is no possible chance for it to
ti-ai( ii, spread and the TatsuBX is under the
opinion that even if it should develop
l o other cases that the State Boad of
Sl luor health is eminently prepared tsalamp
it out before any material damage
could be done. The people of Flori.
da have the utmost confidence in the
efficiency of the State Board of Hdalth
t *? as an organization and of its person-
ael. It has guarded the interests of-
Florida and its people and sounded
-sed[ U" the tocsia of alarm when danger 'has
ever appeared and the implicit con-'
fidence iiposed hi it has a tendency
-w o to make our people feel easy and con-
tent uuder almost sy circumstances.
Sa It will be remembered too that the
p at local government of Pensacola bas
__ :%ee antagonistic toward the Sante
d A ourd of Health and this animosity
might perhaps have bad something to
do with the diagnosis of the suspi.
t cious owse that wrs determined yellow
tvfver in the stbeeme of the State
Health oleer. It is to be Loped that
S ourAesamption in ay event st not
eutirely erroneous as there are bun.
dreds of people who are acquainted
With the eearustaness In the case will
have the temerity to ooincide with
our ewa.

Vermot ta-as complain that
e-, lrd d t.royn UtL
1 thtap uyfba *td.. Let there be
5^ -glfn'"ttiTt^


Of course there is-a clamor against I
toot ball. tie sentimentalst clamor
against it because he understands [
one player on occasions jostle an- f
other and does not always ask his
pardon. Then he understands that
foot, ball players roll in the mud and Ers u tfier
know that it is
dirt and this, of course, is offensive disesh withn
to the sentimentalist. Another foot tiko, e~., wM
La n A, the
hq.l critie, strange to say, is the pro- o an the
fesiu ,al athlete, The prize fighter tremeat is
who have hm
is doan on foot ball. The sporting y and smet
editor of the Cineinnati Enquirer, sMde bef d
t it the is aM
the other day denounced foot ball Thlthmblis
very bitterly. He der-ly loves a mentthey haw
"go" between the "Brewery Boy' t oh.d~ .
and an "over the Rhine Bantam," atc blood i
should know t
but it goes against his grain to see sutace, that i
gentlemen play foot eall. The pro- deeanot r
remedy is meea
fessional athlete does not like to see mo# a remedy
a gentleman take on muscle and ey batt6om
out. 8.&S. (v
brawn; be prefers to see him with omwwhich ca
pale face and stooped shoulders, theUpon ttur1
goe to tasbaea
prey of the swaggering bully. The asaaenety r g
Hen: Daniel Webster Jones, govern, reuoab- wa
or of Arkansas, is another opponent
of foot ball. The probabilities are
that the Hon. Daniel Webster never
saw a game, but anyhow he is against
it, and has written a letter to the
president of the state university of
Arkansas, informing that official of
his august displeasure toward the
game. It will te remembered that
the Hon. Daniel Webster Jones was
the statesman,who refused to appoint
delegates to a gold miners' conven-
tion because of his advocacy of free
However, it is gratifying to note
taat the college presidents through.
out the country are supporters of
foot ball. The authorities of the
great University or Chicago have ex- yr. B P. e
Ky., had Carta
pressed themselves very frankly on "Icon ld a
the subject. ever, though I
with sprays Oa
Foot bali, like all other port and iahHsrsna
amusement must have its siege. TheI that wint
fad has not struck Tampa yet, but it "em p y t
is coming as surely as the winter that Car nWO
visitors are coming (o Florida. Like was untmhoiag
roller skates, tlicycles and other by reamdies wr
serf-ae. Ifsih
amusements, it must have its day. It and the sedlt
will boon wear aot and that will be tfera feebott
the end of it. There is no ase to op- totaethe t
pose it. The boys that want to play aedo at of mtd
-a and por
ball will play at all bazaard and ss=lt. I iri
ld fogies that oppose it wilt only gnt,~
make the game more intereeting to anIygod, a&nt
the pebli andt enticing to the players. di~" L Rndar
d e n

Heary Singleton, the murchrtr of
Police an McCarmniek will swing
this time without a deubt. He should
indeed feel grateful to his state at-
torneys, Messrs. Wase and Stevens,
for thb able manner m whe th ey
have conducted his trial, There
ever was a ghost cf a chtnee for
Singleton, although bit, saornoyhave
by their shrewdness aod woaslerful
ability saved him froe the. gallows
for newly three )ears.
The tax levy of the city of Jack-
sonvillt for the year 1807 w&a) be 18

Catacrh ito co
Specidic e e
the most egfr
real bood 'rd
blood diaes


OfOce at Reatd
Offim hour* u
Dm and 6 to

mills on every dollar of taxable -.. ..
property in the city that can he LEGAl. AD VER
reached by the tax collector. Non-oeslder
Keep your eye on Tampa and the
A tbls Che SitlCout of tik
TaiuexT. the usztat sf onsk
__ _____County. I aC anoeas.
W nill'a aH Perris,

Baby Mine!

oEvher shod b aethes-eaS

sant upoon the ttr
most critical pe- waa-nd Smm 5.*G
rod ofihale dreadife. -C' "
Becoming a tcluyof r inC1
mtovdhat ubyho.obw ,I
mother should be Dcy d o Ad.ents ao

suffering and- hosmmdseo itaer
danger of the ordeal make PIs l
its anticipation one of misery life. A.slssa m aSret
i Becoming a Scomu a mC ,M.,

oudrbetre m c ztday-of

dr hraz saieh'Ibef
is t toe remedy which elevs Taess a w
women of the g ordeat pain andke uf- a- aer
fering incident to maternity; this oe ed crd er-edathis L
hour which is dreaded as woman's
severest trial is not only made 5n'r. fur OOAesMest-,

moved by itsuse. Those whof mise e Icr los

spondent or gloomy-;'nervoisness Lb thtefnsredogin'_tn
iausea and other distressing t con- erdr
ditioTHs ar avoided, the Nyste sa is a 9--ees Wi.ts
made ready for t lie cong event, teass r
adtbering i accident to maternity; this o -
veronest trialhe critical s not only mae .
obviated by itshe use. Those whe-o s,
r ip end en t or gloo my ;" ine vou r be Wd ri Ma
-mern toW-"t S =th' ** t S

M-vstae r QT^U rPCsita-

Li wmng.
mater beat

oaied bak
a at'toed
is a ltOh


aoor. rn sen tneaoy i
to treat Catakh aSeostiS

luister, of -rrd- b i
h for years. e w rte
no improvemeW hlsnt
was omeatfBr treatsd
I washes, ad s lmat
iScn- fact, I co d fe e
rl wa werwthaathes

bli Swcusettl
hich ody achel the
a dmm decided tt a.

rentin uewr. i
rnilaey, the case N
yray te, and CD.
manet da mWIthe
e all wAo S) thi
eto aBrdn -eirhlcbal
n, hasNo .aerdo 8th ave
take SAS.L& (Swif&ft'e*p
ly which. c masfsLa-is
e it" I C
the wra f OfrtdI r
ntinne *a suffer. aiafths
r fails to ct -
aevated r-n Itmm -a
dy, aw cuear Cxtsr.
intml 91 g Blood I hbS

:- a.Sr. a *Pllan t

ICKOPss C,) 0
sass, No. M0 8tb avenu,
er MorganSt.
ntil s9 so am.. 1tS9
)7M nD. =. 'Pharo II1

it Notice.

W Sat Lud IeCuasft

Bil forstruiesWAsd
. arw IWA

C~. W14fA1 i `.L



TJIE a. ....



a 8 7rWlo

1 Aal .l it-'



I T~t~iL

iBay -'rese i b TY TRIhE I IAMPAi RwI FbeR Ti RABull
dayblb eibitionsIbe.l the pubic will
have an oppotualit of s I eeNg so-l D u 1 n
thingof the inside I fe of a successful.
Sprofessioeal bioyolist. Exhiblions
ite .ao tbe ived every wek day. CMliM Co ty Toler GroWs Elaborate W For a lIn cow r
iand from s rest idication.s the pro- Co to Ton. at e Tampa Bay.
gram arnrigd by ,laUager McLeish
J an A his associates is hlikelv to give Bal-
)-. never before enjoyeJ. ,
Oracs to Go StAitr.aMi O'wd. To Local Dealers and Seem Well A Bicycle Track, olf Link and a
ig BQts Satisled With the Outlook- Basebll Ground to B Laid
.-l~a ed T. e At athe Sm wof the Circuit Court An Expert' Views On the ut-Large Farce of Men Em-
Many Casea Were Disposed Of Outlook. played.
S peei Clorree odence Morning Trrbo-e. FromiThraday's uia.y, _
a. BraidenCown, Nov. 19.-The Manes- tobcFrom Fridryn Daly
i8. il couGror ie ecoonty court ie now in seIseou. Two prosient tobacco meo fromes of
to e e ationae Judle BLon Philliis presidirg. and Lake City have recently invaded the Bimd th ell''y-btred Gate of
.of n Colnel W. Grlst of Tampa, act- Tmpa territory and It would s the Tampa Bay hotel, and In the secret
o1 ll sq tg l attorney. 'To lawyers in from all accounts, with codsiderable recesses of the ecious grounds over
a inl tattlda are: 8. '. 8Tpkman, e su access. These are J. Rt. ogers and which an air of impenetrable reserve

F o^bl t s J St wart and4M.Gramb o The object of tbee entlemen io In the woods back of the hotel
s.A i*i "easr<" tl e Slllolaestns eben diepoed of visitingTlmpa has been less to sell grounds, where ntil now the pine
5, l at i r L shon, ed their cigar, thao to test the oba seeo t oee and palmettos have held uodi.r

I o;es 'al' a eeor ei months' m- onm otrtbeir raised on busily engagediu tel-ong up the soil&
rTtS@ airto. d, Jte.wart, PeCplu, and whtlr Columbia county farms; and ith picr and shovel for the race rack
Ow local barire re we n. Get- sometime beun engaged inma.i up mae2 th proetwr

SBrrl, ef-ealant whibjdtingDfromiheab.mple8shown, ievt ise henceforth to form one of tbe
ia ft bel Lu T. Prsbllaer k.ilng sn is of a very superior quallay. Temp biy' at tmt re tio d s.
i fol~Ieabt Ol i, Js H J watndo W n .ri ane Mr. Bower-bo. .objectof t enle he worods ack of n is in te
i q a u lsr , es ave lbeen;dispoed ofBoe visi ex-stte etr competeTo ha, da of J. W. Williams, of

,! r. MeI t t es. M. MGrah, for de- dp.peseut mayortf Lake City--de- ThomasvylJe, Ga.. who is permanently
e-ee^ sUis. s. Charley Davi., ensner n.. s ,us n obacco.rowne < ihnduse ty oba loyd by the Palm t System in wnork
*rft "Aww. iputed sway, a large force o1 men are

.>", ." lr m soteamer M e, mling liquor in his bectioo as being in a highly sat- or this desript.o. and who has now
|ito ,l a wsitbdut a hleyense; pledged guilty: Iend factory condition. About 60000 some fily haods engaged. Thirty
v be- ad WLitae for d pounds of ood mrchanta leaf of these men came down from Thomas
S feodaot have been narvested near Lake City ville Tuesday evening and it is a
P io. ite l. Jas. Mcdwert violation of this year, and the experience gained in curiuo commentary ulon the industry

K "fh !aThe jur:'y w9 'ist'ructed by former seasons hits enabled the grower of the locol darev that it should have
s14 beoalr tio flnd ave rtof '.notguil- to handle their gfroduct in b lusp ner'beeshow n ood necessary to import labor

aI 'for want, if eviene. The princi- that has proven profitable t t-em. f this L descriptl on from another state.
pal witness fori the ritae wai John elve s and atisracory to i( liu ters t The new race k rwck ai o br e nifty fee
M E.4is sfe man tbu wai killed pest wand dealers, wide tn- e lkmr lid out to a t hal mile
"bib rw kik- gs lapdealgge .lt clrcle. (In the inkrer side of tbe track.
Se s. CharleyDaviengineer pcras mtobacogown industry employed by the Plhet System in workil

State vs. 'ewbet'cr, Iraeny, con- of many doauh Florua gKrewer< to re- which i to be flalshed in the mtst ap-
tialW alize satisfactory retur rs from tteir proved manner, will be a bicycle track,
A ease pnow pesinrg at- is watched ccps, Mr. Roera descri ed r s! to -oquarter ofa mile in o length. Cricket
wt c stream le M interest because of largey tie inevitable hein l of inex- and baseball grounds are also to be
I the promilaeod tie parties. V scnd0 me fifty andaengged. Toirce.ty

.oier abe lea IwithdUoiaae teae here."p provided, and these will be laid gout on
it invllvee the correctness of the df- e explained. -seems to have teen of a gramd s cale within the spacious eo-
f re.anst reyst and te title to me iferiorqualiy int irst pce. andc r or ed by the half-mile roace
Sthe Oqest farmibgefad vegetatle laods some of it has evisendty leer. a- track.
Son the Aerlth sde of the rter, near property handled Poor seed, n rowper An extensive system of golf holks Is
E]ldor, in t.iateof Ev B Patten, G. oil, istse deas ae p o nt aie oo thibe des d to the f rounds, and
.Palteitess ifothe state wa John selveand sat isfatoryOe-Ui e lio prob nrblyr

T.Paitead Wlam Pe vs co buted to he resa. Thde i these will bhve a ridute it a milef m
lJoh WJaeeee, agent fwrSp rkman drawbacks. however, may be expected ioge ampie space for the r nioyfent of
sMFtevsa D &8aprta aamesB. Wit, et al H. to gradually disappear gw-h time, a hichs tobe fashobe fad The m(ratd
our ii rm S an e factory retun sfrom theLnod aoved mnrbeill b e a bicyle to ra
O~rtth anobyb oe~b r pj"1-** a~p< -8ps iaD, leged trouble inflispoaingeo f tobobaceo erected on tie southeem Yife of tbe
laitl4eoufoeio abdomi- and- lb G hsm for defeodaots, In only y yfit I have experienced qToimnds, and will be suflicertly coin-
tatin.tfrl, f-teri TbX yrand jury has been qbard at Irtle difficulty i selrig such lots here' modlous to adcommodate a iarge num"
wase.,0F i ist bwt busy ts*oeoagb wit- pBoLh Mr. Roners esd cis partner e- 0 eualosed in a neat twelve foot Cence,
la t.r are the fol- neb, cas no true bihee hae e been turned to their home in Lake City f oest and st is boued by those ia charge of
i scIf rs: brought i w as yet. It c s understood oiRghit the worts .to have the g ropadc com-
f re surveys a tat nde aMhrd e o title to ll bso tho ferietod borqu aftir e omed b the a rhe

++: l% IC C y 4It lgatJ thaPtIn effort, TH A X 'enr r TOPI ,ho lon ree~ m ber 8t .h
ltthe ilestagmde by tinged vested of Ma ----- The large force now employed by Mr.
on t ter. ,o iW srfldfO to get a srae'itlaeeait The Day to Be Ande ropriately Ob- r Wllliame s at prenset altogether util-
.i..n. I w iaf eBl; eaLa thte. It wit be remembered eared In Campa. I.iued l D gtrbbioe out the palmettos and
c *n imuteter. of tte? eCnonr'r ijbrd fouod Ta te TaTma e rLat rr Th atene vtwi lrees that Cove tr h gioud select-
S oh W k oaent ePrku Cluohas ade elaborate prepationtted iog P de Plant for this latest d-
A. f fRSpruo."ames -B. Wailt met. dL toradually dicelear with time, s iu 0 to the.attracnLoos of the gramp
C. M -"eatsea d Tl oa Sacki' or d She who m year als ton le S sand some time mst necsay
tjustiable micide,' or "- and h 4s to beobeervd by s or isosiapse before tobao eec o te actuta work of aying
I oM .~ihafordflde s r son by an ope bicycle meet at e ut the race and bicycle track is en-
work es Court lcofCtiLS. Bjllast Ponie under the saanction of tte termed on lpon in e-rnest.
t : L. A. W., which together with the GILN HOUSE AK OAltaDnM.
satied er feate es prepared, will smae the Probably no one of the Tamps By
i.rt ateaaiMp tlewlUX .haa been occasion a notable one. hotel employes has a greater multi-
e1 eoithe HavsAa aond .~nopa ra, The B ee evert on the loan aod pliity eodetails to look after, or more
Eth re fol ehe M-ut no tre 'as gone to yhew elaborate ur rogan is to be a einrey onerous duties todisebyare than Atone
al-atVorrepairs. i shoot, witch clay .birds, for shotguns. Feibe, te skillful and competent bead
s eaenue caster MdL.aea camee up from 9 o'clock a. m. to 12. gardener who has so doug bad charge of
iu l a yesterday n td took on Atd 9: the Oii gt and the Tahtp the grounds that add eo much to the
Stha toe cihet4s Ste wd lay arend Athleti Clb aine will enter the dia- beeut of the hoter ground.i The
.s. .f.or evera( days mond, witi the foelowing list of play- three oC-houses that form so ifpfcr-
revofL oenute ter erward as sill er:T L a tt a rt of Mr. Fe trust oer e ro erlet

Sutefl murder, bst n preliminary Cm s Bha, if; PaIl a lsae, r,: H. Me the ia ed roo ob the P fr t conser-
-" hn -B5os KJudg ,e batori' tay much for tfe intelligent
OI. Athletic Clab-t N. Honaker, ; arndome tba me bee bet arilywed upon

w. A. BMonkr, 3b; Lopta,.p; Joe then.
~. ~ aellrebofortpe~slve e a; T. Leley, 2i b; C. The collection over which Mr. Felbe
het sji lei fori ii bmiofdl patmder Glet If; A. E.; arSr, rf: J. A.M. preldm with so much rea and care is
B^^ !ad TiZ i 2i t n 8r1a 4 l'b lb bF. Rsaldil, cf.L oe partleulariy rieh in orotons, one
IUD &man t h Ta say rhe yae and other races will be entire house being devoted to theoe
IiC- r. ls ied a t p i., arp, and will rsflya-arlegaeed ornamenbal plants
I f h ata pline cov ie for three mMl bor thelI- Anothrcoserwtoy is algJtetwbe on.
m'- -' r Wst h ni a lw iatereslting at of eventasr.ng couple by the rare and beautiful pahm
o ev arranged: of evry description that have been
ie te dl Tbe d P- mile, Sovie, lr a gold mdal: gatered here from te four quarters
The ens om ile, for bo3s unsi yars, for a of thglobe, while the third house is
'Hsi lampli l ieemP; one m!wlmdiap, to a- devoid to gpObn purpose.

i~i^i_ InfbtetE 'oa b" w a t on* nul eblM uw pnM,- xmoaff thb rereprll io whieh Mr.
iq toy a d.54 =iaMl n a- race foray Bromdway bU; fPJnrApo l pVrO way be enae.
Sio f thr lyl 4t
-* ~ad lcap, openrtUL for a gold stop growth soewhat reseubling te
AMM14:. w^^ ^*~ ~illL tom banana whom hollow loes &Wks ari
at.- -b Ta o testitiis of te day will be al ay filled with r; nd d b
'.... _i L ta ao Geori Ib A to an appropriate close by a tiful trs ferns, in which his eollen-tio
4u 1l W sI Naa lmel four y mUM-ites- *is and the seevies of the Fifth is especially rich.
l ^ i4lM I iat 8o'dlok yester- B1BahobM Band have b ee maurited for Mr. e be has eighteen men em-
ayr a prlongerl atck tbheveaing. played at present-S force none too
4of t veei r he deceased leamvr Te price of admission has been fixed large, when the extent of the ground
a ire d, fMildre, beside his t cenat, which covers car fare under his charge i taken in consider
V^eniable tber Several brothers Sa the privilege of the grand tio; andthi force is one that is from
ialel/qrriaq it his lase. The in- stad; and the eaerpriseshown by the time to time increasedase circumstan-
W:.bt W laktirplace at Monat EB c in preparing so elaborate and In- oes may demand.
idie Iwas e'clock. tersting a program should meet with Buperinteent Dan Wiggino, who
-belsoi several i a r dy and liber respohe upon the has charge of the entire property, is
f- me & W. phusof o. the piblit. probably the busiest man in the entire
1 IM etshi Mo- g slit Joo, o -Thikd ward just at preset. He has a
emea mi nObe Phip n odGladTidages osreaeCd forts o~ ffteen painters engaged in
and. a t n o.. bei garrison, --,opadG Ite r 0ece. p tie outer edge of the
iMhtme"on a seaitsent, wtaoasito be ed gret property wjth whibh the ente
~- o a s mall t wi nl be o s aoce of Preridet
-1-00~r494oe Gospel purpose. Itina neatly I i lbepnod th city of Tsap;
nw&hev weo ianra sam4d ra w ithl--8 fn eapeno stone otne" tn~eo
OJavy ma, t up d WO .tm. ib
. wded drig--. ,ie ...a.olht --- o. r thie ope lg day on Deoei

c-'i ,--]- i + ,- : '.,


S. L. A. Clonts lec-d Mayor and
B. D. oster.Xathel
Lakelaed, Nov. 17.-The most hot-
ly contested, yet good-natured elnc-
tiol. beid in Lakeland for many a day,
was that of Monday. All day long the
clans were io the thick of the .Qh tyet
not a harsh word was spoken. The
following gentlemen were elected to
the respective offices: 8. L. A. C:oate,
mayor: B. D. Foster, marshal and col-
lectqr; C, D. Clugnb. clerk, treasurer,
and assessor: W. B. Bosaker, C. T.
Heoderson,, N. L Turner, ad F. L
Brooks, coecilmen. Withour, die-
paragement to any other candidate,
this ticket is a first-class one in every
respect, and means another step for-
ward for Lakeland.


A New Iadustry Is fStarted Under
Favorable Auspices.
The Age pnd commodious groee-
house on Flerida avenue has been
jeered by B. ~ Wicbers & Co, of
San Antonio, in Pasco county, who
have opened up one of ,the copletest
Qorists estabblihment ever seen in
Tampa. Mr. Wscbers enjoys an n-
viable repution in Pasoo county as
experienced and skillful gardener, and
his nqw venture will doubtless meet
with he success it deserves.
Thb establishment will be placed in
the compoteat hands of Mr. Wichers'
aliss4at, A. Grossman, who will make
TamPa tin permanent home, while the
head of the firm will continue to make
his headquarters in San Antonio. A
full earload of choice plants was re-
ceived yesterday, and it is expected
that by December 1st the hot house
will be enriched with the choicest se-
lection of flowers ever seen in Tampa.

A Light Day's Busit-es-Attorney
Peoples, Powerful Ples.
Yesterday's session of the county
criminal court was brief ana unevent-
ful, the following cases coming up for
(eorgia Crawford, larceny, second
offease, found guilty, aod sentenced to
one year in the penitentiary.
Iucise ryet, assault and battery
found guilty, and fined $5 and costs, or
ten days in jail.
J. D. Otes. em element, was ac-
quitted. Thiscase wa based npon the
alleged theft of a bicycle from Neff &
Graham by a boy aged y ears, the
son of the bookkeeperat W. Al
store. The young prisoner was very
ably defended by Harry Peoples. and,
after the verdict of not guilty had been
rendered by the jury, Judge Wall ex.
tended his hand to Mr. Heeples and
said that bei appeal to the jury was one
upon which he desired to compliment
;him, both as to *sentiment, language
,and eloquence.


A Tampa Bay Hotel Painter Be.
ceives a Severe Fall.
Early yesterday morning while a
journeyman painter named F. M.
Thompson, who is employed under
Dan Wiggins on the Tampa Bay
Hotel, was working on the power
bouse, the scaffolding suddenly fell
beneath him, throwing him to the
ground with great force.
The fall in itself was only abont ten
feet, butas Thompson went down a
heavy plank went with him, striking
him acrbss the spine, and inflicting in-
jurieswhose results are, to sy thbe
leMt, doubtful.
Tbe injured man, who is one of Mr.
WiggIns' most valued emplo0esras at
once removed to hie home at 214 Plent
avenue, when Dr. L. 8. Oppeabeiper
was called in. No iedmsatios of pa-
ralysis have as yet appeared, but i$ is
feared that Tbomp oa' injuries are

More severe than w originally saup-

aorsml su Up inha O absrtd-

Tbie entire eseaon of tbe orialnal
eourt yesterday was rC ed in tb
oonsideraton of the T odr 8 wis an
Bobert Nwberw" o 'Bry epk
opened for tbe proseqteo in a power-

Thomas Palmer foe the defend o. Feuk
arri, in the abeee or Cooaty so oi
itr Knight, closed for the prieeseaioa
during the eveningaesion. A verdict
will probably be rendered today,
The case of the Ybor City poliae-
tieo charged with panalt, has been set
Svtoday. but it il doubtful whether
fibs matter is taken p until -next week.

l Among the loeg lst ofi aivals eat
f" Colllns Houset yesterday wS R. U,-
tt tl laliayateo "root curio man,
"N with bh W1ita j" J jtetm edl
lo a very prspsos seasAn oft-As
icry Park, N. J.j.#tere- be has fort
424r ya rs co nd r(
Wlii.mW s t, Kr, w il .a-e
40P lp hif y1440
et for theb-ee %4
Start were .by
A(d.fA4ry r>.: *"

Without Ve
manly stt1ea 6r anl
..heyA ie .---l. .

The city B cotool se -
last nitgb-w io h
do nader tie
presat wl Pisi
Beews Peoa. ia- -

The chief rg e
which ma 0Csd 9 -, -
was the p-WI -S
Cfith off 4"
called tr
eatsiesalmet olst e- -
eral other ImprePemsesl
Ttbid ward is taxed .
heard in supportof te O
brougbton a
made the esaj of
aWe. r.Do
referenceto a speeal
the petitions was t l ly
referring esch poWit
propriateeoamItttse. -
The second plea ft AD i"
precincts of yde P*ar asmed
an extensloa f tie '.e -
should render impossible thei
tion's that now render too e osa '
local lidscape 'trde
Kinyvn stated that an oerd wa
Ing the subject Would Wk tl
the proper time and the' peitinf
over. -
Mr. Spafford roe t iVa lreIfl
bores ordered by tbe eo 't40Wil
fire engines bad been p .reaec.
Harris stated that tL bl' ad 'S
floaace committee beiri *aS
opposed" to their p.rhep kIs; l
eat condition of the cilty ti .r:
Mr.paford also asked f 4ityi
had bees takento mkh ite pn
test of tbe water preasne. BM-,
browsky was opposed to madtiag
test a poblicDoe,to wtach, b ay
lett replied by saying .tha
afforded a .'teet* sifticiatly
Mr. Ki yon moved thasi Ie pia
mittee:appointed to a=eh the
allowed more time, but that W.t 1
quested:to be as expedrtlos ais
ble. Carried.,
Chief: Harri asked at tbha
wagonsordered fr6m BIpklby.
some time sace be supplied We. I
ton:; &ad, after oosdlerabs deb
matter was referred to'the fi re
tee with power to lt.
Under committee reports, thepu
of V. B. Mellvaane for permia l
erect on lot 4, bloc j, gaTI
tron building, was made th. b
a favorable report liA peiklitPM
a brick veoer structure op Abley i
Zack streets, and one for the esed
Sof a galvanized ItonM fipttnW m
corner of Fifteenth st aS n. aI
avenue, were both tabled. -
A petition for street I wt.. I
Sent, Eighth and Nistih avewapea
bThor City, wts orderedl*dni&d
The yde Park cow ifmase .N
introduced placed Oe Iti itr
Ing. The rules b talg
measure was read tOe see d'
put ofits final passage. 7Tneot
extends to tbe conisne of the-_i
"cow limits," wueinb, e .
Park is ,ooernmed, flyexsle
to Seventh aveniras ..-'.-

A Big aemws^wpphage&oi
ppr Weald aue oer irSe I
Under the p ..

r -e esheerth
.. ,,.B
' ,. ,.

from asSooP tpida
anis ceowdJ

The lta boy. w
Buma M -a w' .
chroeltld hi p~.e
proves tabseLouna14
f plraqk Bell.

of rupt h
pr ea ten
silhnoiF. 0. Ah-ama

L ..;-~~ I ~-~-P ;?-' ''L~:: ~~. ~;rm6;a~s
I ' ~'


Tee evidences that the 1, on
g iogas&eo of congress will have
aet 1 au er of jects before it fto con
i; deration ur the improvement of tLu
national defenses. The efforts of thkj
iupas tre.T ;, Itgjbsoes to Imbroil the country ih fors
eign wra (ave alarmed the buiaest
men of th great ports of the country,
I3RIP'rTl.N: who real i that, unless the defenses
1 C nes b of thU p were very considerably
.Shs~c i yym strengthened, a foreign war might
&rs2esbso..., mean a gret destruction of property
O.nM w-...... or the levying of an immense r~neodk
P s*. A YEAR. by an enterprising enemy. Some
I imelta t progr has been made recently tn
r me ta, sote or establishing modern fortifications at
.tsmsie sa a numter of ports, and the navy hu
been great strengthened; but it i#
M epe realized on all sides that the counr *'s
rAiailHs "aMb e defeasi age still far short of what
S. they- should be. Tbheimilitary an.
Fwbi5tho r tb6iet h e not been alow in call.
Mbs.r S, 197.. Ia gA1tion So tbhoa deficiencies;
but heretofore they ha haveteived no
WIAPX. support from the business interests,
Recentlyltbe New York Chamber
county has a poor of Commerce passed resolutions call.
tI purchase and ing upon congress to authorize an in.
189S, $3,150; thecrease in the artillery branch of thq
drasruag 26 per regular army for the purpose of car,
$.70 for a nule ing for the' new fortifications and
* tltre been orer training skillful gunners. It ai stated
e farm, sad none that the New York Board of Trade
at six montUs, propmes to ask the Iational Board
Oer are supported of Trade, which is to meet shortly in
east of $190 per Washington, to indorse a plan for the
al expenme. per establishing of a naval reserve, from
50. The receipts which the navy would he able to
te been 11.50 for draw recruits in time of war. here

-Mira- -,- r Ie

. .lr4 m-. +
-a ny paup
1oaty ait

i -w.: The tot
MAtb are 8219.1
rsathbfarmb has

Spoete when ba barrel of seed
oat7 I r me bought.
31ae eoy dogmmitioners should
oarte every pauper from the alms
re them to go to the uoor
'Tia i the best way inthe
WMid to reduoe expenses and at te
meie6 Treduee.the number of pau.
sin tbehacoony. It should te an
itablted rule that those that seek
sayss from the eofnsy should be
lpiedllogoo the poor farm to
Lsasit. ;It is fooalbhto try and
iw a a poor farm and at the same
*ili 9' thie tWtimte peo.
t pW a 9dftm a lnthe way of a
IBuejiraiS t. It shows poor busi.
L'msct eaot on the part'of the
lobtsftm and the poor farm
i f nstbraty ablisabed or it
lftetf-s preperlv supported and
inpertat e u-tin twein. There
P-br tp try to maintain both. It
expeBdib re of the peo-

Stadmith lat
ps=peta de bhi. That's

ia i g is one of the indus
hit BtlDnuon & Co..'
ntelsirmtr' aOn rery day except

r4e k, ~ie... ltizen bit
swkilqwed the half orfs er
Sawille mperature wa
sta tlS a phseialn. He I
o eesl .e .t
anm degrees- a t
s ^a f Ocash,.pon ^

pral6 cage*

^ -iiensh ra ti bh

VbeS.Is mU HWith rib-
WMI,. u b .
lii. 111" +

are, over and above these propo
tions, other projects for the large
manufacture of arms and nilita
supplies, so that a surplus snpp
may be avrllable should it beoi
necessary to arm a large force of m
at short notice.
Some of the projects are not
practicable shape; but, comparing t
moveniptls known to be on foot. wi
(he recommendations of the milila
authorities, it is safe to say that co
gress will be asked to make pqovi
Ions for a very considerable ample
cation of 'our present milita
strength. Is the first place th
will be a de and for an increase
the artillery uf the regular army,
well as an Adiilition of two company
to each iufkntry regiment. Son
scheme for $he modernizing of t
militia laws will be introduced, ai
a plan of a workable naval reser
can also be expected. The two lI
ter propositions will be btied up
larger government aid to militia
more careful training, and the enro
meant of militia forces in a regul
national reserve, to be instant
available in time of war.

'bhe welcome of Seth Low back
Columbia Csllege looks somewh
dke what the prodigal boy got on 1
return from that sojourn among t
husk and the swine.

Last Friday Joseph Dicks ofC
lumoia county, aged 86 years, w
married to Mrs. Carroll, aged
years of Live Oak.

The mei W
-sa tat ttey -
nad of toughkat
and can stand

ftngher rMf &#a 6

a lser
Lt iew I
llS the
blond of
nvwiaa a



CtaMeftjtal l OIiaff N llMMa tto wid. Is
ra-UM e t40"a MooSRr 1i 0me bowels
ad pa iee manapM tasrs laver. Ltn

le9W bid II i i I. i
rometa, ert. Boed Pros
resulta,esuiyandtboreotly. as ABndr egts
Prepared by a L Rood 8 Co, Lowen. Ma:-.
Tre onpy Pii to ske with HRood's asrperifS


Every intelligent farmer in the
United States and every intelligent
business man who deals with farmers
ought to get a copy of the annual re-
port for 1897 of the United States
secretary of agriculture. It is to be
got for the asking. Address Secre-
tary of Agriculure. Washington. D.
No department of the national
government is doing a more useful
or benign work.
The department is not yet a dozen
years oll(estahliahed in 1889) as a
cabinet department. Including *720,-
000 far agricultural equilgent sta.
tions, the expenditure fo the last
fiscal year (ended Jmnee 1897)
was only 85.000,000. With -this
comparatively small expenditure the
department is doing a vast cduca-
tlonal work am<..,g the intelligent
and progressive farmers of the nation:
is pioneering for tnemo markets
abroad; is bringing to their notice
new agricultural products and im-
proved agricultural methods; is lead-
ing the everlasting battle against ag-
ricultural pests; in a word, is the great
and successful champion and friend
of the farmers of the United States.
Every intelligent farmer ia tlhe
laud auuuld f-e in touch with this de-
partment, which peculiarly is his
own department. Begin by writing
for a copy of the report for 1897.
No patriotic American no matter
what his occupation, can read the
report without being prouder ofli is
country and of his governmental


S Spain and the United States are
me_ the only countries that have a death
he chair fur the execution of people con-
nd demned to die. Spain has named ber
ve method of execution -the garrote."
t An iron collar encircles the condemn-
Sed-man's neck and binds him to a
i, poet. A few quick turns of a screw
II- at the back of the post force a sharp
ar wedge into the back of the neck, dis-
ly severing the verteoral column at that
point, aid causing instantaneous
death with only one brief moment of
to mortal agony.
lat By the death process practiced in
his the United States and badly named
be "electrocution," a stream of fire is
driven through the tortured body,
entering at the top of the head andi
- emerging at the calf of one leg.. In
as this way the oundemnid man is burn-
60 ed to death by an internal conflagra-
When done deftly, "electrocution"
takes about one minute, but when
done badly, i may take several min-
utes to burn the life out.
te At the electrocution of Albert
, Frantz at Columbus, last Thursday
y- midnight, the awkward executioners
Shad to turn on the electric fire five
ae times; and the burning of the life out
b of him consumed six minutes; or at
ost least it was six minutes from the time
e theelectr*c fre was turned on lhe
an Qrst time until Le physicians pro-
o rioanoed the victal dead. The wbote
itd affair was a horror and a barbarity.
a In Florida thaold method of execu-
dieating a condemned prismoer is by
hanging and as few are ever put -to
d death by that method it would seem
That it is fast and safe enough.
off -
ea Palatka Chapter, Daughters of the
e Confederacy, will give an entertain-
the men t on the anniversary of Gen. Lee's
nd birthday,Jan. 19.
by -

Ab trog auedl~ic and C apt. BLG. RBos has completed i
vr ue o rr *.ie contract at the jetties at the mothb

Sa t oti Srtea A n eso rdig wt of
I o putF in n

,rI -We Flori da rg ag
syn wr

Criminal courts in thckly populoma- I eaton
ted Counties are an aksolUte necessity 4E 4
in Florida. There is always an le- Peaces. k !, _.-,t,
meant of people that are either trying privves in We| niint ArU er
to impair the efficiency of coprts or in the hopitat aFt a Prt~ nwssas_ rt
endeavoring to get them abolhed yellow fever. Ta I tad a-.lslim
and for the special delectatio of this bea ent froml to mtt-~e sA *ts | l
class of people we herewith. *repro- yraMap mist gsa tMe4l
duce the following from the Jkean- present infeetmos iginat e te t fort JL
ville Metropolis: "When te tax. fam ttbeeanrg down during tM peat M
paj .i Co a county in Florida expect summer of theii1 h spital, la w a
a circuit court, with the s ry many yellow fevsr patients wee r at
attachment, to dispense juice in ywm a- e i. i
minor criminal cases at the sane cost Washlieron, Nov. 8-.-Sutge-ol n Ii
of a criminal court without sOch an Geenal ymas today a( ,e d tie fl. oJ
attachment, they are expecting tin- lowing telegraphe fepert from Dr o td r *r
possibtll es. So far the til of JaWPr Y. Porter, r te health oftfr., t, .
cases in criminal courts have ;aroveinin reard to the yellow fitle lleati4n11e
the most satisfactory and much is at PNm. lalNov.U Na ft her
expensive than in circuit icouti masfestaioa of the disease at pnamft
Take this county for inrtan2d, and oolt. Nine days sina e G bole M a nd
see what the cot and conzumltion of and rourteeo sidae eaet telna elo k. tcktr w I
time would be required to prosecute Now who. wret uxposd .ru Am B-Tam e"'
sickns boes oa or me now "*itsbfinn Vbp; ld1 d
the usual forty and fifty cases now any cauks The bous to bbirme ieto
tl any cause. c The homus so bae l
disposed of every sixty dayslin the tion completed Saturday eoom bhews oa-sr a4
criminal court. The care of, say na supoloas fever here. t M ea
three hundred prisoners, for from Barranca bha no* three eeames. Ad-
one to six months in jail, awaiting ise mo tlb e etire comeUadino tafeb t r
camp three roilsfrom the post. wtb w ich
the convening of the circuit court has been done.
twice per year, would be enormous, t. w ut P q
to say nothing of the cost incident to Colonel Leaob, of Cisainati, who the Pbaltd s, i
trial. bas been staips a the Dteotowent H8. .ta iw
down to Manatee county yep..day, + i
Already Marion county tax-payers, morning for a sa tay. e we toaso
since abolishing their criminal court,
have found out it Lcosta about $135 I EY B I
per case in the circuit court, when KID AND B
in many similar cases it did not cost
$25 in the crimiDal court You May Hare a Sample Bottle of the GO"lj ;
We have heard much talk about Kilmer'a Swamp-Root Seat Frt
abolishing the criminal court i this Mn and women doctor theer iruub so oft.'
county, but this has mainly come ret discouraged and skeptieal na oasetob ease
froin a few of the disgruntled, who 'n doctoring and not knowigtg what our rroU bl r I M.
uomistakable evidences of kidney tr'ouatle am pl e u
could not have the court operated as frequent desire to pae waser. soa suppty, seali
they desired. There would probably times a aicts adl Sceook bdr s oInp lu s
be very little objection to abolishing came of sickoess, then set urine aside for aSwetyt. '
could some better or l,,s expensive ting is also evivninng proof that our kid iys sad
fact olten oveatooked me not always uadet, ee
method of operation be substituted, from kidney and biaddWrtroubles a me ds.
but this could certainly not be found s r.cetist and W sn I nt irs o ar.d ed feor sve
in a return to the circuit cout. Such what is needed lI casaoof kidney a &tdadder
return would be a backward step, as wideeys in c ta. e rrb oftWe bhWddegry plrbu
wbinh in fact. i* only a&annsd kidney geisPole.
it has proven in some counties. The mild and extraediuary eteffetfteisreeat
Were there less political prejudices stands the l or its w oedeeful cure. Sali5
aid one dollar. so o airesily aucceslul las
engendered againstcriminal courts in curing even t"h most diatreestior cases that ItftM
some localities they might prove more merit you may ave ab Imple lAt% and a of`--,
satisfactory. One or two courts, IW. Dr., Kilmer & Coa, free b ingnto Y. The o t
is alleged, have been abolished to g, In this paper Is geranteaof geniwn hes
rid of the officers, when it was a~ 8. LUCAS. D. C. LUCAS. J. Q. IKAM T
established fact that the courts we
really necessary and a saving to tL u cas | ros*
tax-payers. .
Courts of any kind are objectioig
sle features of our government
some men, but as courts must be h
it is to the interest of all to procur .
those kind the least expensive an l r, rii i,
most satisfactory and whose existence
are not subjected to the political Enormous stock of Grita and MeI, Me
whims of any man. Let them beg Brands of Canned Goods, toc., etc. (iCuoltA
placed out of reach of those who from cilities en ible as to meet aby Legitimate
some personal or political animosity Commeicial Warehole, NlIB 81, 314
can have them abolished by merely Tampa, Fla. Telephones ..
appealing to members of the legisla-
ture, few of whom either know the
necessity of criminal courts in certahm
counties or the cause actuating the
opposition to them. It would be the hea UBSWSI 4a t
same way with circuit and supreme 2U MlE I mdt I BE
courts could they be abrogated by dehi ew YoN Sr2n a
the legislature without the consent o verstt. Mao6n, Lt
the people. Everett BSirmngmjan HoUrly ~
Tax.-payers naturally want courtss Loar Cs.Chisg ens. ,Bi Nw .n
operated at the least possible cost ad the P omtaeGoem., Ure 8tqtJtk I.. -" !.:

consistent with the ends of justice, TIA.. P. SOX
but,-lawless charaoteis don't want Ti Ii1 M tip I
them operated at all, and the political
tricksters onl want them operated
by special friends and in their, inter-
est. Not a single court should be
created that is not absolutely neces-
sary and not a single one abolished
that is necessary."

From he lndinapolls ews.
Secretary Wilson in the conee of
his acaual report on the work of the
department of agriculture lays down .
a new line qf inquiry that should pro- .
duce excellent results. He ptopos '
to investigate the disposition that is
made of the street sweeping and
other refuse of cities, through the ,i
medium of the distribution of cem- -ch' e m-
istry. and he hope to be able to reh .
a reliable determination as to the
best methods of disposal. Thisa end .
involves two points of co-Aiderato,: ;
that of hygiene, conoernmg tsa fft
that the procesem now in O ed an
those it prospect have upon the pi- .
lie health, aid that of economy, ,ui
which brings Ibto play two aedtis vaiS b MI
aI item,.. aere T t lrm t he S S d:?s Yir
Scot ofdlopbad e4oa d go .. ..,~ R

E-Ue su ,afrl N. .... _

fin ala-

44 p wt

jpft-Amwb. ~
~i $ssqa~ daa~

~s~skvbb *~hal

--L-AAO-Z. Mpws

met=ff ee II
spenitesata feain

Z aelp, tew St1

tE;Sib oeepi
#V, Uufe *jar]

We~i ater015535
Sty fastil ts


4~1aga T
w uab e ra

Se a~sitifob

hreeasNtged Son

Le i tblbd. e 'Abram's
to Phaltr daysn- im
i14~P ~ IMM MOM bmtbesb
on -b iMPrng.A ga

-C rmen c it
0a -A. PF, haM
Allssib S !8
low wi a h& &--


1 msl aroup e -
aC 'i o Tr.wn. j
SDeputy rtiff r. Jobh Moonser of
r atiep male a couple of Vtiits to Plans
I t $ during ast w)ek.
'The Sirickland brothers T. M. na d J.,
f.. e opened up U eir exter...ve
soeef of general merchandise at the old
-" F. Strickland stand.
Rev. R. Y. Waldeo.of Fort Me de.
P 1tO made his friends a visit of a day or twa.
last week.
A rew baby boy arri ed at the h botr
is to be of Mr. and ir4. J. J Myers last week.
hbeO a Mir. Julia Groure, he. purchaser of
Sbe the the W. D. Whiieheed lice returned
[arri---a Saterday night br"Lgingovbermembtm
a o tand of her family wi.hher. Mrs. Grove hba
ib trea bees aheent duri ag toe summer at her
btattlal old howe-in Maryl.snd, returning to
of tWo Florida in time aso ejoy the wantir
Ssrf odpe aths o her prawOiiog. pretty grove
i I place,
aa Com, Rev. J. Tucker and Coleman of
r satso Kathleen, were i to wn on Friday lat.
perfeels Mrs. Ailn Spee* and little daughters
left Fricay nslgt Sr her early home in
e of the Joeesboro, Ga., cotmquens on the death
ias of her father whbi sad event occurred
t 'toaTAwa tay. Mr. Speer will be atl
;j-p,. eent possibly for pme weeks on a visit
ba- lhn to her mother andeixters.
red wir tiervice in the Presbyterian and Bap.
ten, co- tist churches on Sdoday last.
6meqsCr Mr. and Mrs. LeeStrtcklnd are occu-
a tijep.. paying their new home just completed.
tae t'm Mr. G. W. Olds and 1r. annt Mr...
hie ons Keats, of North Ashford, 4rn ares at
pMes- the home of Mr. aad Mr. J J. Keen for
idt. Ithe winter months
Dear B l Mr. Olds, who bas pent several win-
it Inore terms io this state, is plea-ed tn get back
at truo- to Florida to eScape the beevrely cold
-or City. winter season or hil New Enl I d h.m-ne
nLktee.- Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Parr are at home
S by 8 Mr. F'rr's health has not improved
a stalls, as hi- friends opa I from hisa tayof
ted AoUrs wo months in the country.
ie Atesk Operations for the erection or the
a promn-. new residence of Mr. E G. Burney
&blItgle- werecommenced Monday. Mr. IRbers
at a pri- 1, Fletcher has tles ronrtract for the
n s take building.
orrewat There will be Thankpgiving services
tmeMt ti it tae Baptist church on Tbankgiving

r of tsa e d a pident of~tbe .Warnell Milliva
.'aBern Oompany will Imoe his gamilyto Plant
hedeb City to thae course a few weeks..
Satairb The Right Rbverend William Crane
mtua"ei GAy. Protestant, Episcopal Bishop
bay d will nmaKelis squal vi'st to South
SFlorida on Frida.. .Tov.26th On that
* by Ut laykt 1p.m. in the K Ight Templars'
a iea Lechappel,io the Mahotic Temple. There
6 of Ut will be presehina and confirmation
ad to aw" r~
Avesre, Tb'OKAS1 TRIED.
weleea, .
at t Esape With a Fine--Other Qases

Sarethe Ckmaded.
"d9F- Ii the mumncippl court yesterday
Ae. sea Jim Thaonas was called to the
p=9i1-oC. bt o answer fbr Lils sensatliosl per-
re anry-. es.aee in Ybor City Monday after-
MstJ Op soon. The eoaruge against tlh prison-
Jleds t er. As entered oa the docter, was
ie.ape dr rter's1tg an officer and using
Mal 1t p lae g age.'i After a.numberof
or CitL .witqris, iuding Chief Harris. bad
joiaiog been ZainOed; Ju4ge Graham imposed
*e" 55 ao Thoomasa fl of$17JO.
ani.. tauel brado, charged with ma-

e Owea riock., pla.a drnck, was

4"n Gt W. Jobaeon, drunk and asleep,
ther lberefted a $3 bond.
}l "t FIlan Whitney, ow of the early
eiBo -vraanas, wa fined 6 .0.
SAt; m Alaesxander was seed $17.50
seqtpped and ~lrty days mn jail for fighting.
ufidl- the p ,tlr r was -oaently diach-rgd
- fert asneging the eiok of a. prominent
ffs5i ettais of Hyda Pak, and.,upon belong
E.Ti~-latd looeiaqdaSely made It his
astaeme to hasten t the seene of his
in)saln t ttoo an< renew operatioM
rr la I. When arritoe d
wm -wt* h jpaest BSan a heavy piece of
seapif istthrobugh te ktitsaba window,

Charlee P. Curtin, Philadelphia, at
Mr. and Mrs. W.'H. Terry and ebhidre
Mtlwaukee. A bowling tourname
will be eommenoed on Satnrday nea
Handsome pries will beawarded. D
Bedin will utiv a big season. T
belong of the AicslOn Is already i
abead o' preniou years..

Tomonw's Baes at BaDeft Poi
-Further Paets.
SThe TJasnu has already gtyeb
detatil the long list qf iterestioRgeye
tbt are to be "pulled off' tioaorre
jt Bealast Pohat under the asepicee
"L Tameipa Literary and Athletic clu
ad tbe ollowing list of those to who
ledirt managroat of the aff
bee dele d ano hardly fail
tef L. Opafford; starter,
t own; jedges, T. C. Taliaferro,
A OG-able apd L. J. Cause; tim
,ersn, A licCrary; W. P. La
oe a.d O. J. Bowden; clerk
o4nrse, T. X& letsher; ameatan ole
S vi. av p; r Frank BRaIk
Mteineer, T.. x. Wier; ampies, I

of wawer during We

PoI Sor &.ai. M i, .
4. a u mese ta gsm. 4
eanxWHY wit Seeer w we

Ortausroud the Lake Brtg Hai


The Tobacco Fever Has Struck t
Farmers and They ill Grow t
Weed-Big Sawmill aEterprise a
Other Interesting tem.

' $peoal Correspoedeace Morai Ti mgae.
(Mos of the oranges from the grove
of tllsneighborhood have been pathb
ed aodsoli1. The writer gos $2 f5
box eat. Most of the oranae-rrowl
at Thanotoassa have ahlo sold th
erops ou the trees at from $2 to I2
per box. General Haaen and his f(
EE EHazen,bave sold to 8oyder & C
their entire crop at $ on the trees, t
fruit Is to be all gathered by the 16th
December. Mesere. Adams, Davis a
Lambert's fruit was shipped a week
?en days ago at good prices by Snyd
& Co. The groves in all this regi
are lukogio remarkably well with a fI
prospectof a full yie.d next seays
It la estimated that abuto ten carload
of oranges will be shipped over *
Tamps and Thonotowassa railroad, b
stie. t s.o-e sold in smali lots in Tam
and ytlir I(ldces by the hundred, t
prices averaging from ose toone and
half cewi a piece.
The quality of the tobsoco grove
here and at Tonotoasassa spronoLnc
by rxs-rts to be equal to the best C
ban I-dt Tiere i. an l.n;ger aquati
as to the poaitMlnCty i r South Flora
pr iluc oa tobacco that is detir-ed
tur.c -upply the country with
art i li herttuiore almost exclu-lve
ao(.tiued tu (te Geen ol t e Arnille-.
M. Ha ann, t wosu e.l-appoini
sawari 1 has already cut the titub
from about a thousand acres of adjoi
ing land, has recently puLrcthaed a tra
of timber 1 n ,mobt of' which .nis a t
Cow Hou-a distracI, which ioaures t
stay of t. plant at Idlevildl PairK
*eine line. Mr.Pfit n ias hbre'oui
olid mnest oi ii !-r.at., lt u itit f
feet lentlzia fr w.iItil f-,r awn Dplans"
T-auip; taut i. t' hi- 'lJ ami i anid !
autls%.j! t l i I-r'- l r 'c I. .r" t-3-
varced the freiga.- ft. a 1 ait utte
impossible lor him tI get c-lder o
of it, Le in now burotaig I Itriu ; the ra
riad beinl the ulser by at leis, from
to $10 per day from atiis mil4 alone 4
rreigphta for lib.
The talents anea n tettor' or tl e bicjr
trust bare made a hibivce tiack fro
Thonotosa.ma wo Tiinn a.
School coiiaureai are already se
ev=ry da) heie going to tchot.l andl
.luruiog home oil bicycles over it
straight and narrow a-ay tilrough pi
-sureqtUe for--L andt geutle landscap
-tbe vpry "poetry l (lucr) motion
S"Tojswbool Lbe itte eli gueb"
Swat as Pegasian onarioas fly;
The awe no longer stub their toew,
Thanks to the "tirut" whose hike are hig

The HEtel Arcadia mBa Opened f
;, > the Season.
Special CUarepodence Morning Tribune.
The Hotel Aroadia, after hrviag b~e
rfitlted throughout, was opened on t
reception of guests. onler rhe ma
agreoenat of A. Stuley Stnrord, La
of the tfaaaou. Bryn Mawr hotel
Bryn Mtawr, Pa, ara the Paxinosa Ii
st Eaetan. Pa. Everything will
strjictly flrst-clas. Tre guests are e
joying se bathing, sailing. flibmg aa
hunsins. Among the early gouestr
the Areadia are G. B. Lewln and wil
of Watertowo, Was.; Mr. Clifta
Park*, also of Watartown; Mr. i at
Mrs. Rbinson, of St. Paul; Mrs.
Reynols*, Miss Clara Reynolds, M
and Mr. H. M. Price, New Yor






s sk O 1 a-. in",A. M Ls
I phadm s t p cho- sm oPi 5!i ha
bdSp a Ohak 1 Ir ~h.. 6= Wk JC; )

Im Ida "e I dEas- s a
Lua meo. as
w GK Ipm.~ILY I = ob"
- A 5 m 55.s am i M5s wo
C. vL aw 7-____]_L L .0

a I -g ab


or Between Sheridan and Lucas Near -4 e 4s 1
o- Port Thompson. r
air 1 C.rrespoe obu Prrieseces Cdt. 0 0
,n Fort Mye-. Nor. 22.-A blat-dy and
ads fatal affisrv tik lacre at Lanirford' *
he ranch.siz mile north of Fort Thomn-
be- son. Saturday niartt.
pa A man nanted William Love had W W.
he been tent out from tr)e town n t he
a. Langford piae,, with a note for Dennis .
Shwrida n, Wl ho e rr ied t tibe iai 're
wn ranch. Sberidan. a ho had hpern drink- + Great Out PrT
eda ino, Hnicii.-e l 1'.- of being a detective; of_ Ne rG-oi
u. ano, .rswing hi knife, -tan cultlig f Ne GOOdSe _
Uo hi- vi-ilor, iiflctinrg -.-ial s evr-o e "
d Il.iishs uhe n nisi Ift arm. At thbr a.' At
to .ijne'ur, John L'i,:-n ;interfred. when -
and Siera'..n trini l neanl.l a lr- oa i a The whole city has hard of this most itX .
ly and :i.rer.l' h.ck-e hbmt. piwen. Mrs. + nary sqle, and it seems like all of Ttpa'ps

c ly.ca. .h il ferd u.. als s.. hood ers is talking abput the marvelous price ..
er Tn %..o-rl r o wags-in. dipateirherl Yesterlay yardsticks kept up a merry
ir to Fart Frir.ran.in f.r Aa .ht.tiei. 1 irib' scissors clicked a lively time *all day in respctasew .
C l Wi-ti h1 h,, i ta I i.te.ad Fit-a. p-c. fbusy bu
L tan oi in fditg a aa liv. pr hi- busy buying of these Giaid Dress Goods
hr retii.r. ] th Se ...id .ruil ihiri evcm Trimming offerings, Cape and Jacket
sI are wll on-II.. .. cria.inai annual Table Linen and Napkin offerings. Millng
o- ton he a .e 1 'n-Tiomne ered a wings. Percle antI Hanakerchiefs pfferingu.l
,- -l i. .s cot Hosiery and Glove offerings. Were you emM
4, Wrc:dirg Bellas throngs of buyers? 'You missed it ilyou w tB
S ,-i.tiL" i1,p1i. at S i' 1 B. 11jr n wii i- I Ni. J -..,o R ,bbl
ut B l al'; I-.. ,tii, J .,T Rabbinet est, greatest and biggest money-svilng
Ont ii Wi-alrnnl I-ar sir ls croom elect a
il t- i the r ric.-ne annd suav terns sin and it's tha kind of sale where onl6okersb b
$ S. J. ,Dr. d. ..ro.e. while the fortu- l and, moreover, we find scores andcoa weof
*ii unte la y. this occasion as a ie of 4 coming back for more of these goods after they
i'aiaai'r lair-at snd m-st cili.ured o g h u o "
e d.jg t-,s. T n even t cIli ulmr h.le once bought them. Great cut prioo
lm ,t tI-e resiidin-e Ie s elr'sal .r thaiaadsir, nI i-li i,, nO- J lJ
en rra ro a i, i t it i ne cathL'. N, e e N
ire pecte t. warriv con r.er r. urn lrip at \
c- the fort in linle to take oulr a loRn of New Silks, New Trimmings, Ne wini e
We bo.A slo -al far ontir StFtes MAir- ew Table Linen and Napkins, CIane Ud: a -.
.,. bal Jaap .Ma-S'sy next Frtnay. "The I ,
present -hnipmnt i-a made to Neurites, A Jaeket-. Ask to see the "Nemo' 3 O uts e
but the n-xti ill be made to Malan.- Ask to see all the Novelties. Open' .ew
zs. Goods every day at
Notice of Application for Leave to
Sell Minors' Inter stin Land.
N 5 dn' tdayionwcemherA. D., 1BL7. I will
apny :o the HonorSble C. Ba. rarrison, county .
Juage in and or Hilllboroug. county, Florida.
t INa office in the city of Tamp. in aad cona.
ty, for an order authoriztng and empowering 1 .-;
en me Ia uard nLe sia, the on. '+
n.he nrahnendsai- o
dStrckIao, Real& It. Strlckland and Grrri A.,
on- Strclanmnd. rneirs of mes o wen trk- W
Jand, de.tised.in Lad LO the followm0gftesrbed
te larli.towt: Al of the nertbesst quarter ofrbhe "
t eimtbwsg t quarter of seCaion i r ownshipas 8of
a Id eat, except a trip of land anmningc aoroas
ri, the north end of said forty acre tract of laud
twelve Lad one halffiha~im wide, la the oounty
be4 of1.'.s\borgh ird't1tate of FkxidL. Saidsl'tt
being fo the m-t.,nittioace and educafln of AD. dab
nd OC AvIA L. SAT ," "
o- Neo. 21 Uuarila n ofal MIiDDEJnorS


e 1 lidea, Urowax, law Fap n '[ "Ol d
,; .t ,
!n, And will pay thile lugne4t cAh prices Y ou can 't










as follows "
While Wool. .......... ....20 c
Black Wool..... ........ ....... 18 0
Dry Flnt Bdeq .................. 15 c
Dry Salted Hidst .................18 c
Gro Sm Saed Hides.................,c.
BMswax...-... .... ... .... .....
*alsaansab, Ga.

F -oa rain! Tamp
ad Mrnotq



But feel proud andjhappy after being
in one 6jf of ur

i.n, .
Styfaic nt" ter

We gurantee, and wtllt ieei
giveyoap a .

Pf 1% .... ... ....h

B Taiit.ui hm-aa

301 batrta AifaLT tBr,
; ^ ^^^^^*'^-.' B

'1MbP" IN

~~I I I 1 II I

'&s-r {~i
15 r


A .0 10s
7400 3 30

s 8 500 150
3. 00 M 0

86o0 ISO

S 00' 150
S600a r.s
4 0 30 2 30,1
S000 I 30
g a 0 a

1000 150 .00
80 1 800
I S 00 a16c0

"L.a' 890 150

8. 100 150

1n0 800 180
3401. 1s 10
i ."' 800 150

800 160

tent -3800 160
6'O 1 300 500

tao 14800 1600
. Boo8I0 m w

6 8. W 160
a50- 150

6 N 5 500 1600
as' 800 180
ke g100 150

t' 800 150
00 160
U; t .800 150

S D800 1500

inff .-. 800 35l0
'L 800 150
p4.g 5o00 150
", a3I 00 1t00

,3 8O( ,10iS
e" .800 150

f 1800 160

1. 00 150
-So 8 1 n16
t"" 800o 160

S*- 9100 160
8 600 S00
. 800 G6O
890 180
l 08 160

800 160
o t S-oo i5
OWR:".- .- 15Q
50 5

AW ,., 2;0)O

; Soo". ,Igo
lid goo lid!

fIlaw i -u5M State County., ime Busine a St
44ie 5l4arewaB.trokknldoO 00 l 600 Globt las Co loas at
SJ o tdeo Wperebat 00 4 60 Iseral Fire Ins Cb -
CJ Pr -, 50 I o .al lo Co
"X ; 10 I0 Caladoos Ins Co
g6 Gu0ido rturant 00 2 60 Hmberg Bremen In Co
ksit"'&i Bro morcb". 100 1 60 Home Iis Co
Joyce & Milkea .- 300 1 50 Continewetl Ins Co '
J L Mrsoa 12 00 600 Greenw*cn IosCo
Singer lfr Co eewing Ger. Am. Ina Co t
oachGbii m t 10 00 500 Phenix an Co '
Tasme Greedaimerceb't 300 15 0 A erican Fire Ins Co-
SAniaolo Q aln esa rrm:'t 1570 7 50 Cameto Valienti mer'ut
** ~ 5 600 260 Lydia dwl Manta
0 Perez merchant 800 1 30 Dr. Jose M Nuonz drougrt
C D Koapp restarant a 00 2 50 M Essrig merenaat
SArnie Dwighlt 500 2 50 Juan L ra
I A UPotter jeweler 300 150 Pedro Dgue restaurant
I/H J Feder t melrchm t 800 150 VLTi is merchant
SCo & Urab.o liquor E HStflabere merchant
S-telehiml No. 0 0.000 26000 Juan Mareore I
i CnA U rawea liquor Martin bel Rio
i .Ielers d t o.20 50000 26000 VMA tonio Jr
kJei Aloaas. erechaat 80 0 10 A M Wrnell restaurant
4 B Lowe 00 1 50 V De Corta merchant
4 MBi 8(0 1 0 TTaylor
SOGabioae. adm 300 I 50 J FP rter
J Allest Baonq A Hernandez
real erate agefe 1000 5 00 Sturanino Marreooze "
A orrr .S m aoLai 8 O .1 60 Barrance Rico & irra
ltn6es Valo l 800 150 Cigar factory
Martin Caaallodraggist 8 00 1 60 Edward rNunoe merchant
L,16 aiJ mJerohatoal 800 1 60 Bamoou Gonmalez
-rIAdf- MeParion 8 00 1 50 lManeFernamdez "
BGW Waroe 900 4 0 Francisco Ybern
R Strea 00 1 50 W 8 Smith lmena Hore
SJR 0Moor 900 4 60 J G Bradebaw merchant
S Dor A Co 800 1 0 BA Striekland
Jacess ClUovWar Mrs M J Wood
fectoFUlbUands 8 75 1987 Liufie arells
SNiRayjrrr merobant 800 160 sdecooino Mosquera"
L Grees 800 150 Emily Smith
Babbitt & Co 800 160 ECasulio
A BReddirg 8 00 150 O'Hallpraa & Co cigar
Tampa Fur* Co 18 00 900 lactory 60 bands
Ybp City For'e Co 800 1 0 Martio Herrer merchant
JOTBrow 300 150 N AlvIrea
F 0 Htoctn i 800 1 0 C C Gnen restaurant
cVWPerkine 800 160 EL Hprn merchant
Friieol o Galvan, cigar Chas Weisberg
*tore 6 00 2 60G 8F Fernald
JM Wilke, dentist. 10 00 00 Emma E Converse
.Lscue BroiL &Co., mer- AFistaer
t cban, 1 0 A Tucker & Co
TaisRas A 21 00 10 50 CarlI Motinna
Tiama^ R uetd eite Agt o o 00 M eee restaurant
PtLcanrwMa itteagll 1 00 a 00 Antonlo Perez & Bro met
B S aroo rHan s 800 1 0 FM Rlichards merchant
Une R ey Co. cigar C C Crlton
factory. 10 00 6 0 E BRTiL
Maunel Guisamdi, restau- W rrino druggist
at 500 W siringdruggist
[I & a usa3de, res- 00 Plant City Farmers All~
LIAe arac Ex merc hats
tanrant 5 00 2 60 Van Dyke & Robinson
JoSe Peroey merchant 8 00 1 60 cigar factory 2 bands
Emelio Carboell, res- J Meartinez'. 3 hands
sanrant l 5 00 2 50 Springfield Fire& Marih e
E Nobbit, Mge. livery Insurance Co Inn age t
stable 10 00 00 EetIns Oo "
0 t Nobbitt, mge. mer- Bd0 Firs Ins Co
chant 8 04) 1 53 l oerd Flir ns Co
J Vinson & Bro., mer- Phor ix in Co
chant 00 1 00Oriet Ins Co
A. n v ,ins 0& ro0, lo$ Pro Wash'ton InsCo"
JA ViHaso &d ro., Ins ~ P' F & M Ins Co
Agt Hiarted Fire Ios Aurelio Campos rest'rant
koG Simli. merchant 3 00 F Browning merchant
P "Aia, merhon 3 00) 150, R Ripa
P M Arvad, mercianst 30S0 1 o Benith Rodriguez .
CaItro Fernande & Co. Feit rigu
cigar facte24 haznda tI 00 1500' W H Fogg
igar fa t2 nds 6 0 00o Goldberg, Bowen & Leten
Eskit~ ~anda E & Co.baqm cigar factory 10 h
ga fatry 40 hands 10 00 5 00 ME Moody druggist
Sopblo Makes, boarding 0 Z B0 B aum merchant
"_ B b i 10 00 6 0o B Bima merbant
s uKo v .at 10 00 00S Paul W Bullock 2 pool tab
rl0sicgo urCo merchant 6 00 3G00 ". ehat
IM k b 8 A L fr merchant
niabeth alem, 00 1 3 50 8 Met & Co merchant
ickod a Burts, 8 00 e mer hant
.~ 8 00 1 '0 Joss Quirm 1 pool table
olirnl & Co. druggi* 4 6 Q0 8 00 8Qaolsman merchant
4 T rS ao Co? li os
J.N Cro. dtuggln 7 n50 k'nital
rtobmehant 1 0 C WCuilem merchant
Cra it Urbaayen T J Sherida merchant
liquor dealers dis. No29 500 00 20060 F Gqrcia Bros. cigar fac-
PR Mohr merchant$ 300 1"0 to 50b hands
Sr Chnlo 0 (00 3 Le i Albrto Lufriomerchant
MeJlll Noah 3 00 150 Phillips & Fuller mer-
Maria brihtne O 300 165 chnt.
PrndeCraun 300 1 0 WeeClon. Drug Co. mer-
W Focaled 3D00 150 chants
Wsobeoas a C 900 4.0 Palltine Ins Co. Ins agt
4r"ir Lasrb 300 150 Pboeniz '* -
SC = as 0Co. 300 1 i50 Landashire Insurance Co
Sw Bteo n pt. att'y 10 00 60W insurance agent
amellio tGalltt i mse te 3 00 1 0 London & Lancashire Ios
JENureia merchant 300 150 Mrs!E A Huuter merchant
iTjg r2Oe^r"n "3 a 00 1 5 0 Maiehesmr Insurance Co
JFMue M uerdrng boge 10 00 iCo i0suranoe agent
M lOs.mS^ "letr! North British a MRncbes-
i ~ullh b Woter Wo b' cheter Ins Co ins agt
Cot fan sboin Ilbht Col< rcial. Union Ins
.aliW.ae. 10 00 a 00 olnsorance agent
1).eiamB merchant 800 1i0 C Send merchant


Bryan S- 300
"t 1800

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tm 800
auioaeer 3 10 00
retaorant 600
Arasne Ebl 1000

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SoiuU a io u ~Nait.
o insurance agt
of North Ameri-
sirance aent
re Insurance Co
mLce agent
as Co lis agent
SFund lns Co
'all ai Co igen ft
II Ins Co i agrt
u Ins Ca ciie ag
Dal Ins Co ie tr1
Bi Siume mrcbant
fobat hotel
Amaerioa Ins Co

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ivy Phb dru ea
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ate Cooaty. name Bqsiones State Cou
60 R F Nuez "
3 50 L Merrwetber 3
5 60 Lee Ferris "
2 60 b Grocery Co "
250 WBN ewkirkt 8
2 50 Hobbs & Lotquist "
250 ACCreoshaw 3
2 50 Reuben Gardner rest'na 5
W 50 B Mugge liquor dealer
S50 Distriat No 29 500 3
2 60 Esta.e of M P Alierman
300 1 50 mrchaon 8
300 150 R Muoge 1Iquor dealer
3 1,50 Listriet No 6 500 2
3 1 50 RRMugge lquordealer
3 150 Dtriotl No 20 500 2
5 2 60 Maralo Sigles mercbait 8
3 1 60 Louis Moses 8
16 7 60 J H Mayes liquor dealer
8 150 DinorikeNo22 300 2
3 1 50 J H Mayes merdbant 12
3 1 0 W J Sanders *' 3
5 250 M D ck merchant 8
S 1 50 8 W Alien dentist 10
3 1 50 8 AAru, merchant 8
8 1 50 C G Lnadeeen "
8 1 50 Fraooceoo Ysern 1 b'd t'le 26
8 1 60' McRo & Co merchants 2 7y
E M X obrw 8. a
6 20 8 18 B G Bos ngeo 6
3 1 50 Brown 8
3 1 5 BonDauer & Bowyer 8
3 L60 L tion 8
3 1 60 LidorelKauonl "s 3
115 7 50 Vlnceliia Canuto 8
3 150 W S Norman liquor deer
6 3 Dsinrct No 6 600 3
S 1 50 J P Anoreu ligqor dealer
3 1j 0 Disrict No 6 600 2
3 1 60 Mrs E Kimbough livery
3 1 50 sble 15
8 1 50 Jeffords&Armsiroog nuer 8
VaoD llon& Frncasoo -' 8
12 6 5 E1 T 1Lwis merchant 8
3 160 Rice BroI &H 9
3 150 Paul & Mather 3
S 2 50 J L Edgar dregist 8
8 1 60 H C Ferris ag merch't 3
3 1 50 CJ Allen ". 8
3 1 60 A B Wneeler, Collios H 10
3 ii Jeinio n Granada merch't 8
S 1 B0 JBClark '
3 1 50 J P Moore restaurant 6
3 1 50 CL Pratt merchant 8
5 250 H J Wolf reftaurant 5
3 50 O G Sexton Bldg & L agt 10
S 1 00 Gabriel Correra merch't 3
3 1 60 S L Pemberton '" 6
3 1 50 G B Sparkman aL'y at law 10
: io 8 M Sparkman "' 10
A C Sammis restaurant 5
S 4 504 J Bde la Cuseta ci'r f'y 1 25
SMCastillo & on 50
W50 .5 WF Holloman restaurant 5
75 3. Sligh & Stephens merch't 3
RC Stewart 3
S 50 A Sampson 3
2 50 IE Sherman 3
2.50 Lopez & Vila
250 .. 3
2 50 Grant & Smith "
350 Joaquin Rodreges 8
S50 I Derezanz 3
S 7 50 liartel 3
1 50 Fanstino Saorera resta'nt 5
150 C E B1I C'o merchants 132
: I 54 W T Boyd restaurant 5
3 150 M Reinstein merchant
W J Mims 3
2 5.0 1 5 G Locato 3
3 50 Central Phar'y druggists 3
3 1 50 V M lYbor & Macrara
20 10 cigar factory 2
3 150 Heurrella Tripp mercti't
800 1 60 Nic Tecolas 3
3 00 1 50 Frank lark 3
10 00 5 00 Claudris Dosrstc "
900 4 50 W B Thompson 8
6 00 3 00 C C Bridges 8
3 00 1 50 M N Dunn 3
Chas Woodward reet'nt 5
7 50 76 Reino & Ferllta 1 p'l tale 25 .1
3 00 1 50 Patrico de ia Torre dentist 10
Cherokee Club liquor
30 00 15 00 dealers District No 20 00 50
L Y Jenness and igent 10
6 00 3 00 J T Brown Co merch't 0
2 60 Manuel Valdez Fetles 8
2 60 6 A Bozemap \3
Eli McPbersqn 3.
2 50 Jose Morslesr& Co oigar
factory 10
2 50 Plant Steamibip Co mer 16
3 00 1 0 Tampa Bay B'l Co hbotsi 12
SIquor dealer 600 25
200 pooltables 582 1
*. !powl'gal'y 1250
250 : Cano & 3 10
H WBachmn merchant 8
2 50 Ramos Lopqz restaurant 5
8 00 1 50 The Inn hotel 10
J Simpson merchant 8
2 60 d Schwam 3 8
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2 50 J F BlantoU 3
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icmen L ong

S 0 l^ yeseny vialed an intorest-
Sio fatbattes o aftin. One of tie
l.ef. n tbf -second elow ur Ined
W.'1 i' ber bins uad in sweatigg the to-
Sibones, of whichhe erm now has a
rh quantity iJ DwoccM. Ttee t irb
ll" oSw ar eoed with roolen blankets and
Sar prbetdally air tiar, and .asno
ae esi wbtever i used in, the manipu-
.la lop of the Lef bere, the full and
h... eaterietle dtkor as etaind.

gi:a tie. pla c-i -already ap puht b~rogh the
i-?aor for Pmaoe ad comeinarep re -ol
V asrfl_ r a~s Jet shown Is this vicirntyr T
ofy *bout ettdays, a 4

w ru coree
of ain hiq will nerl ie'to
j "e~ a... wesity five a s Mso" as the fall crop be-
I".b4 asegles te, caPus 'I SeNreraol lots
Iter ULl, ha wh bl ep reee reI tdd a aon-
rea~o theae W'.i sit e oa 6,0 pounds has recently
*In W Veon, b ajil )i:l

i sta, i ose ytnd ry foundd a.t

elai 14 11hbors MALrshalo Burk4 last ashb received
h spagga~stonel. ir tllowrtieIr.m frrom Buabnell7
ir trVi w fi. He d away up in Sumter county;
1ie IeriseW : Stray white by here. Says he is
i fro ITampa. Ebt years old. Witl-
ati D t i t name. o .birst leevee. ctotul
e books and bket. N. L. CLo&t.
Ssr&J TtiOfdaseCed in this amssae
Is believed fo'be he oo of a man nasmeb
Sotiell, whb is employed by the Con
&., ov. 14, 17. sumrs' Compay. His boY has been
r'Ianpe I auvarE. miiegfor several days, and as the
I PWaN inG thbe famly oriFinally crime hee from the
oIr.t1"r an vs iiIlCty of.Bus ell, the marshal last
oa oknWhirc h night wred Mr. Clark to bold the
ld,. 8is a m JI u youngster uvtil'jurther notice.
"Seymn we Reli f in Six n H owas.
fl ajy ItMes' Dytrewsi n Kidney and Bladder dis.
Si ri see erelie vedt aihx boIrsm by the L"New
F k workf claim. GreatSMouah Abriean Kldney Cure.%"
tr w were Tew remed is a great surprise on
qda. riotsght nofits* ]OeiNg promptoess in
DaURaan d M ^ir pain u10 ubledder. kidneys, back
the hbaone basd every -art pf thebsprnary passages
e*B *holit to fra or temple. It reeves rete o
I Itbpe "onorf at er pai n inW pesiag it al
S aeDn asBimmediateooy If yea want quiLk
A .aw W term a ed me r d tlsw year remedy.
-eia euatlaes Bold by &B iewmarai & Co.. draug
3e? ^Artteem. Tamilai*
YoBeeado Killed
Mrbf~maIt j b 1 rceareta QGoudy catbartei kills Tel-
riite6easiaeM4 lowiJack wherever they find him. N1io
Rio ipia- oewho takee CQaftreta ruyolarly acd
S"wsCsaitnc *Jsy I in danger from i.,.
arppeople mcbh dreadful disease. Cascarets kill yet
pwbefsesr 8-e lowlfever germi io the bwsels and preo-
B v swasee fofllbbreednsg, 10o,2afc.

$6- teta4dvastake of
13 laLn ito -eor a4

u7s-^. Fu a* es ss my ( ri o u tiorson
~aietilni asaeIgCI e ft boy, and I sevn
$irbr*r! B~ W W ly1 Cream BIlal
eS 1WS^S t.Ma0y '1uaorimn^
. r71 r11e sWarrtD Ave

b&.aatalros of Cad Liver di
f t i-CsrPot.a the ypophbospbitqa
eei- f Ifuty Ieaspecific in their
|ai^t k Inags, Coaeumpl
g Sg.< oBroeehi etc., Leadlg Phydla
reesm t8. nPe sal e by

o. Phismacy. Cn tf al

t ~~-~~ '~~Y~Ti~~~_l~%~"-~e~.
cr~ ~..--. ..
r t 1'': i~ X- C
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i; '' ~ '~ 'f"rl'i"~:'''~-'f~"?~r -;~~~q~C~~;Tp,~~
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rik. ee
5, healdac

STE Wom OF SCECE. n e F U ."U .IG L
t Trawes l A s etif Cu k I ne.o-..
m Treables sa ( euS tieI Ca e fan Orangm e aSxpet Oo lat Crop V
W eX. riv -aft ki ne is |
A n Eiinent New York Chemist ad5 M aggie Hyatt, returned Thruneday
Scienatst Make. a fee Offr to right from Fort Varey, Ga., at wheb
O Oa s4eders. lae the marriage took place lest Wed-- -
The distinguished New York chemist, nesday nieht.
T. A. iocum. dimoi-tratlng his dis- Mr. and Mrs. Knox are now pleas-
cvrery --f a relinable an a solute cure antly located at the Palmetto, where
'or Coioumpitio, i Purlm.nary Tubercu- they will be pleased to eee their many I 10
kotib) and all bru.chial, throat, lung friends, and where they will maketnaer 25s w s
and chria diseases, stubborn coughs. headquarters until the lose of the or-
catarrhal affections. general decline anle-shipping season, if not longer. t
sad weakness, los of flesh, and all cae- Mr. Knox, who is Ut Florida repre .
ditions of wasting away, will sd end tativeof Stanton & Co., the well- A l
tree free bottles (all different) of his known Philadelphia fruit and comias-
'few Discoveries to any affected reader sios bouse, said yesterday in speakiO __
tl Ths .r aB E writing for them. of the orange crop this year, that. toi
As i eAW Scientitc Treatment" blas his judgment, it would be considmerUly
TuWed housands permanently by its larger than had been expected ito su e
~ conl4ers ita simply quarts Is the koJ .n 2_re li

Mao f biA s li 5 ip weIn-tno Lo ithe trade asaSiix- onldbe
8s & petientlyxt- pert'gue"5r,"4l Ptbhat about 00 *
perimeeting for )aers, has produced re- boxes of oranges will be shipped ouo of 's
sults as beoeciala to humDity as Can the state this winter." i lI i
s elahited Jb any mnodero denilu. Bfis "hWere on eart b,askelrJ she TRalz u i
idiermioB tlt lung tpoublee as cos -
sumption are curable In any climate is det. "are they coming from."
piroven by -"bartfokt letere of c rat- Well, I'll tell you. Manaee cou lty The Sf" S Reslt
tude," fiBled in his American and Euro- will have about 40.000 boxes'; Deloto
are e9or i0 .E I 4 ,0 t o Our I brTands-ll quit ypou'
ih-e cured fis all parts of nfe work. ll t, say. OO;-te cS d4 AY Ou
Medical Lpertcs coneed. that broo- safely be put down for 85,000 boxes; and so are ho goods. .'1A f1 eteek 9if
Ehita, chest end long trouble lead to Lee county wiLl have at least 50000W Bone, Acid Phosphtatw, litrate O Sode I
consumption, ahioh, uninterrupted boxes. I have been from one end of al agricultural chemical &anA materialss
toeasnspeedy and obrrain dmt that county to the other, and I am ri for prices ad as or or b6i
Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. C., tat county to he another, and a Write for prices ad ask or r
98 Pine street. New York, giving post. satisfied that my estimate is well withb the Ideal Fettilizers." .
office and express address. and the free in bounds." .
medicine will be promptly sent. Suf- "That makes ba. 185,000 boxes, all -
0erers should take insitat advantage of told. Where are the remaining 65,0W
hi g-nerous propoiio.i *Wl.lI
Please tell the doctor that you -a boxes coming from?" wasasked.
this offerr in the TIAMP TRIBtCI From all o er the old orange belt, in
J)-"- small sctatering lots. There wil be
$100o ward $100 7.000 boxes or so about L esburg; Or- JAOKSON .TTJ FLO
The readersor this paper will be laodo will have a few; and even as far ,
pl ra-d to learn th there ii at least north as Putoam county the crop is put Pig's Fot" brand Blood and' Bone $17 j
nne dreaded direae that science tas down it 5,000 boxes." -
bten able to cure in all it. -,tages and What are oranges worth now is the
that is Catarrh. Ball's Catarrli Cure Nort" ern markets?'' r
is the only p ritive cure now krown to "In the Philadelphia market Florida ,
the medical fraternity Catarrh Ielit(g orar.gas today are worth from $3.75 to
a constitutional disease, require c .1 i25 Grape fruit are quoted at from
stitutional treatment Hall's Catarrh $6.50 to $7.60 a box: and, in my judg-
Cure rI t-ken internally, acting dirsctiiv mpnt, these prices are likely to be wall
urnn the tlood and muciu surfaces of mainaiu.' a
the nistem, thereby destrovir.g Ibht If Mr Kno is correct in his esti-
foundation of the disease. And giving mat'r. te* loriuda orange crop will
the patient strer.gth by building'up the tii- -ear briui into the state something
constitution and assisting nature in d like oililion dollars; and as scarcely
log its work. The propr.etors htave .So o, ri.rd of ti e crop has yet been pu
much faith in it- urative powerr, tt i,, theb market, it will be seen thnt
they offer One Hundred Dollrrs f:r aar ample lime et remains for a consider-
case that it falls to cure. Send for list it. e .s-vi. n, .e price. .
of Testimonials.
Address, F. J. Cheney & Co, ToledO. 0Gospel MeeUtngs h -
Bold by Druggistsi 75c. Will be held in the old Baptist church .
Ball's Family Pills are the best. corner of Tampa and Jwiggs streets, -
RBHEVUXKAlC CV&ED. where the "WVhosoever Will' mission '
war lately held. The building f.O
After eminent physicians and all o- h ben sed for two montl from
ret known remedies fail, Botunic Blood obe. en0. 1 !97, and wiot e nOli every
Balm (B. B. B.; w ill quickly cure v 20. 1997, asnd wi Ioe open every
Balm 11B. B. B.1 eil quickly cure.
Thousands of test monials attest this evening and a serte s of meetings held,
fns.. No caea o Rheumatism can having for their object tbesalvation of
aand. eforeit maic bheumatispoer. souls. These meetings will be non-
stand before its magic heeling power.
Send stamp for book of particulars. It sectarian, and will be conducted by
ontains evidence that will connce George L. Piarso, an eangelist rom
you that B1; B. B. s the best cure for London,Candae, Who will be assisted by
ai blIod and skin diseases ever discOV otherThe from tme o tie. The public
eted. Beware of s abtitutes said to be lkndly attend these, -w .(," .*
sas good." L per lare bottle ogs and re(uestsd to bring their
,ist as good." L00 per large bottle. Ms:a e- sOM d40Pb
A10. >i.n TIbibles with them. There will be.noi^ w la^
was induced to tr a bottle o B. B. B. Wollecti llon e takethe ollecthe ofi Jpn V rA-_ i ..... .
and before I haictd pled three ears ith will e preached free of sal expense to tomd ~ Ch .. ...... ...
bote I experaoed relief, ad four e for tti. Equitable Lifre Ins c lome irncg .a

bottles effected t ware care Six Society, andspreparey to furenieh.y t teee see ea3 riCm
money s have pset tsitoce t ioe welhng information as to life Insurance. TChe .m eileMi. ~
and Iuo disappeared, le d I will state compp' ny'so w form of policy bowtog oaot I Jalr ..
tat dud to t a b e of B. B. has Cd a permanent the luapnteed eaph surrender v olue af1 .
and before i haduppleled the second Internamlrsesue, has been appoins ,d -14

For sale by Drugeisec -eour a very popular from he start. ; tD) BA. U .".)'
botts elected s i re, Six Societyrk and work t l l acksovipae, Patks, S ord i nterpre ,

nees d saddles on hnd. If you want' manner at this office at the same*tno meite m Tnralns" on tts:eft. J' b h :
the tet, the bet and capest b- Sosee it o. Get
a,. a ITaitOffe. ^ ....a...

go to S. B. Loonai & Co. They a:- toured at the sta of dise"? ills Pasge d Ttok tfffo
al i i nfevewill u eriine, and evftu R P okt L '
e se t ti0 H C i D gT. :,d
*M 'l OW t6]F a setOhill ie S BU& I
S- Sectiv- than ui- ItgG a, x.t 1, O L P.CLYM S
bred a ow Kill them d you nine, and being combined with I is : .'
are pfe from the awful disease. Cas- an excellent Tonio and Nerve ne
carets dearr b garm tbrehout t Is isap it to tahe ad is soldrI sol
the system and mike it impossible for poltise gua.ntee t- cure or mo re-
ma e Qolone^ t GCT U Q fupded. Ab c9ept Asbstiutes.fl I
sew onees formO. eere s t5 4 "the j ag 'knd don't effect e a
.ldreliabli -.t ODFs' Pl D y
old ainst Yell0w Jack.'l I 2c.Oc. 5 Gents-ral y DDdI
alldr a tggvA o tf !amp a o. -
s"n a minute" one dose of Hart's E-e Mr. Mott hueiuaped a edctio to We sw S
.eee ofGinger wll relieve any erdi Mr. C. E. BHoidey to roa a race t we bought et ofd,
Aar case of policjCraap~, or Nau..Bepll4eair, November 26th. It e hei you .Walf a.; .r.ai
An fuexcelled remedy for Diarrhoea, the last chance to se the prof e
e0bo.era M Bnsummar complaints lin Sothb Florida.as after thls m ,
Fad sall For le by mesi will fgo their retbctive Col010 Ts oo e .5..
lMa aceitya It wlras s teeAi Ab remain be all lThsee sr de t an esse la
PRtrhXOY. PriaS, aod Tampsa witar, but orramen1t oo be weg teepas bp
Co.oa.y. .. 1m m .ad. '.. w Mwse w s .
YelTw aPreaentatvl e When a man is sffeinng fromM fI.t W diem
i grd et r Jack by keep- l 'g bestr-. alsulb body--AnRS t i
Yi elean a5 UOMneesskre sexp lay--hbisb didll es
om:sand his stouse diedelng
Wieiitaft s 0* 5s s e.-eiiea

* .a :, m- -.

i tse S

mu wesirRes

:.s:"li -_






i, ,



K ti r d- Last week's daring and destructive attack on prices d oir
g .gea I ord for eheapness--underselling unquestionable without paralia
1 10tn wChandisineg i hat can leave no doubt that this store rises majt
S-p bargain-giving. For those truly intent on mog y-savingthis week
T positive boon for the thrifty. The magnetiam foMur prices, nisat
m is -~. .. N," Loar wee ever a4. Many ad antagesn coming early. .
IellJs4aItssi bq WNieewill be sbtr-
SP6>- ASutmtie, pridto"bear of tMr sudden anr-
e13 n rlage, rwhiech tookrplaee W Jackson-
"0re0- Tville yesterday. I s simply aotrther

"am *Wra" *, Jreaftt." the toving Ou reat Challenge Sale B ins BMoida?.a ist aCi |
inatch. -t h au 010g-ood
.. ul vs"- a gain we throw down the gautlet-Again eh
-- -"."...'"a I Tampa, but the retail Iper.chantaU f tlf
Sl..- s.hw'4roH1 ife equal the prices we name for!our at
s -e s ,,..- Isoe will h. bimbed -basthe*
ri#i t1 e popot o md yiTselous s at J If, as they claim in their efforts to counteract the influence of the Big Store, they can ell a '
OW6i04rll N f. Ba mpn'Fr.tk aLm ade quality for quality and price for price, now is the time to prove it. Throughout thweek the 01aei a
ad e6 ]i r rllr.e Iut mjov lm.d out will be immediately replaced with other goods equally attractive, for this aie is destined ai sm eee.
ui""-.l i H er winae wo ilI no effort to make it the success of all successes!
Sy w no e s who fre n CHRISTMAS BELLS ARE
iViwmfiw m eF < espealy I was given
l rtt ie Nr y tht Pie bhad .t town ro The spirit of Christmas pre- Nowhere else is the festival urged to visit us nd strol le
ai; tllt ?'M BM '~it thx ept'on vades the store--overwhelms it. enthusiasts so fervid as here. nrey through the aisles. Sle
5 the night. ere'steadc
s ltow, htever, Mi~ There's joy, charm, beauty Come every day. people are ubiquitous, bu
Ui i ,t Jon jie ll ~o tsrin for Jacr and grace in hearts and happi- A genuine welcome-a wel you'll not be challenged or im4 trotl
ft.J soD l f ,j ,, s rr, w ness expressed on faces. come without mercernary alloy portuned by anyone. Each 4e, iii
-.,.^',, p l-mai e. Old legends wiLh their glam- --awaits you. ,prtment contributes its owr- *il.
p- The .y hem been a our and mystery will be made New interest are abundant to Iattractive quota to the genera a
tithe sint drl Ta a fr several years, to do duty again, Childish im- claim your attention. Merchan- display. Look; ak questions, g a
patealnd and a benet latefeted in the Union agination will thrill with-ex- dise-mute, but eloquent and f at home
,hLe retu e- cnaterl Co., of hyboe y. To some pectancy and sentimental adults brilliant-appeals to your fan- You've had an introduce ke p
'S.ty yi ter da utlte fredp beWaveas a rea- will join in all the romantic cy, your taste and your sense of to this interest before. Our ad o
e' e ieo ng e toftt gsh bad made merriment. The cadences of economy. Special things for has teemed with news of itJh
S. so a~h iert id th oqoi th"e e 1ast carols still linger, and the gift-giving period have ar- An exclusiveGentp epa dment sge
SbadaoreLelost what e b4d accummu- the chaste visions of old Santa rived. It's a drlaling collection, inch with Suits,OverooatsHates pebt.
l iaRI lr. White ta mapy fricda in Jlaus is still clear in the minds but their frequency here will be Caps, Shirts, Neekwear,1loves ftva
S t 'a b who will wish him every of children, transient. You are cordially Hose,Waists and Hankerehiefs 'Bair
neoge "'whe ever, be may go, and
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or wet follow The best selected Stock of GRY GOODS, D'' IE

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