Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: February 16, 1899
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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SSTA. m.ost Interested in the news from
States or cites where they regarded
Sh 'i their homes hut FloridIans and m
northern people who own proparey
Sthis Stann -were btn m s r news vr
B iM fl oIda In general and Hllslborol
CountTy in Parttelar.
aiMi fL .aw r eceived yesterdayC t
Sthe Manatee section, the great
MJ^WP *dIWf g roslw* imtg comntr" In Florida
M et that tbe bearing rovers
esprtbally uitjaftd and ut sU4
r hoa41a to a thseys@trees. Te s
S4nsaeaat .~ su '!s aa s s damag

tafir tt te@bWf finft tr|tI
te LdO.- me One

goa l P, Awmmist I

OWN, ISadm .*. o" ratm we re oll

i g.. i ...... .. .. ... .........
W e t s eat.... .. .. .. ....... .-
3 5 5ad ff ft iAborm ootim to p

PLn .. .. 12; Oranag ito

r In the aiennm 4tlon of the St
4t e ftkwln reaerdel -were repor

"wMi tha r n P~rt T p. .. ...... .... ...........
d e se. Ke .......... .... ......

teg d-wn and at 10 last night it

Pr oI~rd o.onaldera4.~, bt the

n. .M0M Tek to ll ana order of he,000 tem
A:rto b ( to rise ap, y noonI ... .
e a let eaoant of une Ia
Arsae ad Thl aPe. but atod6m.kIb g

toeA riow at aR at t1o0 Lasot night0tw
thinks at Or- s a

eat o era M Oage Orleab toe

a Sifit H 11a tsmItls tene rall

a ,rhljl* n of 3 degrees In the ic

Bi^BI: i iDa Potr ~ ^uhlmto. 0. a, heb. 14.---r *

t to-at aind ednesday with r
Sp ll temperature; ght to fresh nor
te e s toWPea order atIre, 0.; preci
Ala io r tel. Irature yestoerdA.,
ru u dtbOorrr

B~rmwl to the I 'hummsB
W k. w A m- rearkw
id w ave devekl!,id alon the W(
Ga KlIsut lat lhatat nd fe
-iee twpo ,wi wl penetrate t e
O1 dremanur tokuww-nidi It is thIoulw
00 taopecalina wil Wrech ablmes
is theMa tmn pDat of t e tM

to the 15u
;.lUw.Ta Ib. IL-ho preemt oa



ay- oldier and oti1as Know a Good
S ordiro n ad car Lppr oa ano ey

ol Pleamer lrom Port Tampa.
t en.u
tMn Bmw T Iustday'a s .
e: Mr. J. f. tlora th en tal and pop-
m ht lar M ralmset o th erl da r'
v oaer ter vrfl an 31l"
on: sftba p x u Tt- Plehta

Sh tam ar. ar tMge Iandl H Oe-

Srepresentattve gave a glowlag ageaint
me; of os tain at bee ao ,
In rbply to a n se a on radlin thea
Nd- be bt oft alb tt, he replied: "I hare
.; 1nW P t M .n a m 10c 1ar loa s her

Ir t eurses romn the Bteate that hate
te e Utabtaed agenaes t in avana, aid
td anybody over there wlH tell you that
the Florida Brewing Company leads
-W; rsipets-of -n wIan n with eak tLor

Sthem al. There a t only one other be-
Ssidea ouras that has beer on draught.
ate GWxblibeed aeen; In ELa.gan and
red anybody ove them I Hrr tail lau that

-32 theme h. Moer to only one other be-
t74 and the lorihda article is unniveealy
wu called for in prereupnce to all others
.Tu Every boat that goes to Havana from
* 2 Port Tampa takes a car load of beer
.1. over to our Havana house. and this is
.*i as much as any five of the other firms.
22 The Florida beer has a big lead, and
A you cic tell the readers of the Tribune
*s that t Is going to keep It. The de-
ure mand for our bottled beer is lmp f
38. tremendous The fact fs, ith the ex-
ten ceDtlon of our local supply, the entire
ran output of thi bottling department of
fas the Florida Brewing Company is being
shipped to Havana, and wilh all nhis
s- we can't supply the demand.
uil Our trade thus far in Havana far
M exceeds omr expectations. and it is
ere steadily on the Increase. People laughed
ry at me when I talked about shipping
Florflda beer to Havana in kegs, ana
te when I put the first cargo on the
son teamer at Port Tampa without a
pound of Ice, they made all manner of
S tun of me. It took just sixty hours to
S ashp it to Havana. We took it from
ees the stesamer and cooled it off with Ice,
and found it perfect In quality and as
a ine as dsi. That little trick wa
Se enough to estabUsh our keg beer on the
ts and and we have held the'trade ever
aince. Not only is our trade large
mBo n the American solders. bat we

ma t. (He o apt e hih R of the

e UMaaP A-w M -i W ,.
ab d a foote theo h ho be maplieet quite
S s t eaQr Y at the wpai Uno is eni
t c. thae n made ooad uw of his
g a leuro Bhwvb. the general man.

e hboeu te dyrk -0 to A e the hig cIty
th adtOamine t new iteret eath
the aI std by of Towni. He reported
-Al-%. a Od the -outo exe" ent, ftor

ich Otuse todBoase. ;e. Bneesep'weoted
In- Mr. Towne very hglhly for hui work.
Mr. 41. a1 9nte was left lncbavge
of affairs at (Havana. He has bad
i sanpyisyn'
la- the b~uineaC on tehe Island,
tuh It) Blii i oHG tHTTIb)I.
Mr. C. D. -Walter 'Will Move From
Tampa to Atlanta to ResIde.

ta- Charles D. Walker, the efficient and
wide awake general agent of the Singer
iewingr machine company with head-
quarters in this city lor the past two
years has remned iB posltlon to ac-
hie cept a more lucrative one with the
e Wheeler and WUan Company, with
.eadquarters at Atlanta. Oa.
'Witekr is regarded as the best
sll-round sowing machine agent tbat
to ever toqwted in this oomnsunlty. He
to pleaaLat, courteocW an excellent
alke'r. and ome of the beat story teUers
in Blhsbaroogh County. He Is an mn-
Sdefastaie worker and never mOe an
o ortunimty to make a sale. The ht-
Nd i eat the Singer Company In thM dty
t hk guws steadlr ad rapidly In hl
m bad&,. and s rewoek hma o vtn ml-

al bu m=aprian and lht In hib -dmA
m o a md b o people ei this dmt
s Mi u emtna. Path emgd wi
VM stw be hea 2tuW

in W~~. L .

0 0 -


Ie slnfo ed by Dr. Dley Thit Beef
Was Chemll Trlted.


rhem preang thel sanaisal Chars p
Which Cam d M agan to M rand
Kim a adr ad e- ead la
the matter's Sepeamii.

. al to the TrI bne
Washinuton P a. It-The tnal re-
part of the War Boerd ona oe was
tbwtited to President MrKltae late
teat nAght andtr given eatmt rdtlcatuon

It Lt a very ofalita-o docmaent.
ad Is s-ig ed t1o a tMee mbemIse a( the
eanmmnlaoa eaz-pt flouam. who died on
Web. 4. (o tm than M witaoe
woae aaltmate ho rem sies that
aS of thq site ten can weerse teope
were located we visited and puble

les and thee amhfbned beef question.
i t s Geytht ne C w Mile, on December
.L while testifying before the board.
made te fwit allegation to the effect
l e refrigerated bee issued to the
treope had been chemlcagy treated.
The report state that although Dr.
Daoer swore that be Informed General
M files on August 1. that he suspected
that the refrigerated beef was chemi-
cally treated, there is no evidence to
show that General Miles reported the
matter to the President or the War De-
partment. or that he ordered any In-
vestigatlon of an allegation, which if
true. concerned the health of 27ao000
soldiers of the United States. The
same report was made to General Miles
by 'Dr Daley on October 31. but he still
took no steps towards reporting It or
verifying the report. The board tlere-
tore states. that in failing ti do this,
there was a dereliction of duty on the
part of General Milea.

Of Work and Courteons Treatment
the Rule at'the White Star
Steam Laundry.

Among the live, growing and pros-
perous Industries of Tampa that merit
the support of the people Is the New
White Btar Bteam aInidry. The pro-
prtetors, IMeems. 9. Nelson and EL A.
Byrne are repreeeitatsre busdaes men
of Tampa. They are weU known in the
regular aTena of trade and the wolr
the are turni out has never been
surpassed In this city. By bonorsble
and atralghttorwaurd buJines method,
they htve blilt 09 an excellent sami
stefttLy ItcreMasi trade, oth in nd
out of the dty. The White Btar io
one of the bet known landries in Flor-
id. It os CwW equipped within the o
Improved machinery anad has every
fairty for dotg flint-clase work.
Between twesty-flve and thirty
emaloyers are at work alm ost night and
day turntn out the vast eamnto of
ordenr Some of the operate on the
finer gradere ofe work are these most sbki-
ful that can be found anywhere In the
coluntrny The Mgh etoint of the work
they are tmunin oat is todlcleot evi-
dence of their ability to attmafy the pen
pie. 7The laundry is located on Case
street. between wTrancklln and Tasmp-
streets, where the oourtenae and oblig-
ing proprietre will always esteem It a
pleasuee to greet patrons and visitors,
and either show them the modes oper-
andi of the laundry or take their order
tor some work. They strive to be
prompt and thorough In all their wors.,
and the best way to test them is to give
them a tnraL
Salvation Army Lieutenant 'Still Alt-
Iuas to Commit Suicide.
LUeutenanthMlcheel Collins of the aL.-
vatlon Army, who tried to commit si-

cide last weeek by shooting himself In
the left breast. Is slowly recovering
from the effects of the wound. 31x10 Wi
mind ban become unbalanced to such
an extent, t, t be will have to be sent
to the State insane ayiumi as soon an
he is well enouh to travel.
Oolln is stilUl determined to kill him-

Tihrd race. six Ct 0onge-Carottat r uit crop In ri this i this at
(113) Castro, 3 to 2, first; 3 Al low-
row, (107) Bolad, 5 to 1. second; alen- sudden and mrcpecteK'
eral ihraguder, (15) Bweeney, 4 to 1. era were not Wdib .Mly
thIrd. Time 1:18. IWI J. hIker. tow- dm thUi t2 e m f I,. i.l
Go, Weird. and Salome al so P 4 ra.
Fourth race. seven a tf-cions-Ma the pec uri
V., (9m) Dixono to 1t first; CcL., -f 4)
&arrison. s to 1, secoM. M Modrwd. QUAY A" 7'
(107) Bcad. Sa 1, thrd. Timr e i. t. T Il&"
Rupert, U -nlE uoly IBiYen le Voln4 Sp-eCIAoL !ubyD ADM -
tents POntumt mT1ei2eotrd and Cii-
qtax II., also ran.
F"r race- and a bai f.Ue pona nop t
&Mie Havea1. (.14) BoUlaD 4 to 2. NM L detiOCk tISOn
(or)s. (lit) Jalfosm =Os Scsi. seOani0- .A& M %.hol
(124) 1int. TIi)J k toJ. =04 8 tb I. ri was30at a
hi s. 4k Ipartad Lard U ieW. tAM e
Chbalneso and harnRs. ze n t" ato =__1
55sm3S-SIlSS^S ^







Good Racing Witneesd by a Large
Crowd-Meet Clo TMomorrow. iRDt itw h f.ll i
Prom Wednesdays Daily. FiM ll til M NI,'
Yesterday was the last day but one
af the mid-winter meet on the Tampa -l. ..n
i rae track operated t WASrHItPS 8EL Wh
Agrlcitural. Rlcing w l ir A-so- :
eatlona The weather was clear and W il
eM. the t@-C was not i the very b es
-dltUon. but the atendnes wasn SM-MWld S
laartr as on u W oa aMey rtv dyw mfi a"d remh Uawnd
Sthe mtC and tthe e on mr wa i i "elt
wel trei d by li e tola qat w e
toMht the bhad "MrE th" oa th e
r ramW ba a Mas sl esMr od tieNa kD t e f fst
wrw. UiOn&t 1. ismanw a@r tagahUs am g.e

basi .pdrae a ato tk eI Nr *
so at byhiM deias WheS mwee is 4 W- ~--
-,rS)o te hwae,6 2 a u esm~Qkm ant Mw seim the At
*A" ae aar dat W MAr ese b&-"

,o taM s. Tbhe Mlti, w r a t t e t" rt .

-tSt d y of tne mea w te wo 4 dean ar t inl
be fit race of h Mt milWe in a se- tow t M ltural- t

ther winners paaed the jd' tand interval
at the f-n ab of the races. No mot The warning w n ee
enthusitl re oe can e ee nativ troupe, Who aiped.

Two choloeM two well played second defend er pot.
choices and a med outd tieook en "aRbero the unbot
the money, rthe ( e th sa a a wn to
r at the bothem qt ing hW lelcaMNd GLame Wh ranOR M Ia L

opening event at feor and a h fr- T i. I eivt latead nt obrt
lgs the e opened at tour. dkoseh a the Orebels t mm, ktely
strong hoe at 7 to The result wa the Petrel r P.th

formful. The Naulaha winning from A bombardment of the towm.iJ,"
altlly Clark who was held at 6 to L wa at once thesun tgc the
In the seond te Bagpipe open ed at and the P Te aranhwn
he first raceof a a& mile In a Usec- t0M"b ast MatW wrIlJs m

etws and at th She won evacin the town a
the rae ery handily t roean the grOa to the ru, 9Ud th
stand and a& cheered a lo pericely ew- ot to mae a i

house winners y. ee u tP, thes weRU st. Pad tntaIslVUl .L

played tavorite, wa aipter Proint meeting with praotib M 9
at the racenish the rent lame before Tfrhe rnlrbel WoraS Snithe
enthusiastic race goer streantch, seean tWs toa wwe ho Indxaed3latl1

Agard rode ber weU. at last opeeded to *
anTwhe ethanrd met went to Cartotas. C aratia not bempara
the lwo choletwo well played second dfamend th ac o'
code b and a medupport, her took r em- Bveral bthed sbot
the money. The Naniauhka won the si as a warning to teS
opening event at four and a half h irnes. Instead of ob&Yleu."ih

longs are open ed at ours. clon. a the re o els e I mWedLte
strong choice at t to The fremOt we the OPeat el

form a al. r e uu by Quhk winning O Ao a A rladmnt ofa tow.
Sally Clark wAho was held t 6 to L wa at onr w n bded t
In the second ra BEaipe .o ended at and the Petre TheM!4

twok and closed at threes can at o eviauatie the tp wn and
wao wa hld Bat a loe p'oie. The lheran btnog 6- t
house ran third LUin tPry, the well 8L Paul wo rrolml
played favorite, w as S0Wer pfPo" i"t n ge'Wtnghwith t lnti e6L

In the race as she ewat lame tore fr the rO oM g Tham6<
making the orm -to the stretch, rt wag wprd a tit -

Agard rode her vrtwet a s ls eedad In
Trhe third e went to Carotta(..flagratos. t not bne
the legethoate choice. wtho wa aeOW damagew0 W hsw
ded but little support, I her erform- Seversa lasuted nte

enoa a re tan nto n onl der tlo. a doo or a adclinmbf wasA
This consistent mare wentto se t byhe :b-lM s hiA
soon after Saf tar ad wn a goodm whme andnghrsm t i tM-AJ"
hor a cracker Jack side by QOini Not aso Aeas *ddAW eiNPQS4
hr?. mise tAd sFrow wno aseed ^st aor woeded
bNO length shead of Gsawad tGrobdini2W Amale=O:4
T.e ranan very. e kr to 'gure, the Yre-daoafu i t aao
L2yhen-ia wrds n M ti a = siM a th b j
fto MtW- Olke 'cl horn the. ea" a 5 etl2is naU rM e uedim aim
te L. W. J. S i rW M in this sues.
km keen sefor ^ the gl E O" joInc
Walnga* bhaaduainde. in ba -
a YV km toohe bqisadw. lov erngo" ten Ihetd
Prwve to thre am he wa Inbei b e inth rebIeen nao- ae lst i
o Mmo s noMW aim hio jekoy, ding as at rr the-
Dea agsa emm ens oamu as to smul- beg -4 Minii

hile V. at elnesran a vry MYerY'd wheslmes
rae in the fourth eveoL ho wsant
to the fdft andt fis dMae tM dw ognal *rct at o the ty b atI
from Ied, who was a11) ehert snook t .batr ^ ho;

erty 2. whood. Te:.h d mth Fy, hek- BAana ityi

won all the way. Ebd atoo second 8 aa tke55 geeuitdlEV~ 0

rise Bruch and inole lybrde. also 15. as ureah ft eyar byron~b~j


Board at-Comfy CIomixUloners that
Ini a business stantpotnt at last, are
v .. \ "second to none In the State. They are
SWIAf UZffitqr s"d Masaser. all- gentlemen of the highest qualifi-
cations and peculiarly fitted for
Sthe positions which they are
./. . o satisfactorily flUIng to the best In-
L. OOP SUBrV0T ITPTION. + threats of the entire county. Being
+ terepgentlemen o sound judgment, unques-
A-WiWIP69ti e PrepaidDallY +
tioned Integrity and splendid attain
SM ... ... .... ......$ 50 + ments they guard the interests of the
aloths. ....; ...... .. In + county with a careful and discreet eye
h s.............2i0 +
S* .. ... ... ....... 0 + that thoroughly convinces the public
That they are the proper gentlemen in
-4+' 4"4 +4++4++ .the proper places, and the Tribune
S" thinks that the people of this county
;4t, t4, 4+ .4 + would make a sax mistake if they did
-- not unanimously return every commis-
AB. afIb eripoas are payable in" + sioner on the present board for the next
L. two years.
r Take such gentlemen as Messrs. S. J.
sy order, potal note, or rte- 4 Drawdy, Jas. Tomberlin, W. A. Belcher,
ona wich s J. W Valindingham and E. C. Blanton.
'iitScl 'a t ,- that4s- + all representative people of the county
L who have the interests of the tax pay-
0 era at heart, adl it would indeed be a
t Nr ar, r dificult task to fn4 five gentlemen who
'ubrlb* ers-wiiIt@l maIt Im- v* could more inteUligently, satiafactorUi
a o~~ dnt .p ,' tand conaclentiouLW s resept the Inter-
A&+04i l t t b at. If .*4* ts o sf.c this c Thy and
___ progress and prosperity. They tave.the
t ororh d n in ewerfy district c the
^ sr- y.^"ole't a c'uny1 iLn ia leat asbpe. The S tLxlle
e. i.-. OL 4 k re b and theP Neb t ake avenue
S-B.i...u.-nt o -es wil eb r iwV will be ort teswieetr pt di-
ieMsez @v.iitsrl olpl- ~sla to uTa t*sildAs eLssg a great

a> poNintBrle~as Hisooohm-pl he bwbee pris for their
k, tOF e waad ind lS, ies ntPa<4I tUrt
-IhriO i e e. .* -eU y' tt atataet e-e t sty' tt y at
iiea -d i tii t the Aircai reso endation ofte rid icttone of the
t a a hv T ah int been 1ed OaOs SoRs ntwiNO is F tATuUy aad
t r he Austrtly talan pov the s have at plans
-g er W.ho is the ed pon ar erdcoarfed with a degree
WrWrWrOte 00 XWWpUWl arsK"er of a*lity, celerity and eflteienoy that
tCIb s their evdent anlutYyleo elt the most profound admLration
0.0 fIessaskhwe trom the public.
^3~ iwe deadslocta are uhOing The Trsbune hopes that the present
or,- pu^^t pex oaseorm e mrs b- W board whic be re-elected whether it is
, a e sapla dc out. -w oe fomplished by' primaries ort by the
recommendation of the executive com-
rstaga;tuff-g plesess Chlorad8o so mittee.
jh^athe Xi.ceglatore boy special
SSst has Inviuted otaer Otates to AN AUSTRiALIAN FDEBRATION.
The AuetraHan provinces have at last-
sirenaade orkan-grindea who is try- agreed upon a plan of 'federation, a sulb-
O to to ote uecf -oar s WiU Ject which has been discussed tfor the
eheLjtlt a dsitfsnt'tune when he last fifty years. Several times before,

adOa Addckta will a
raeqerle features to t
a to attract any att

Oiawr Tun"a lOlwm
Oboiu These Im more
o ra 1,-dcate A. l

w .IZI
e 'c~s't : e t
L tw me -8oe

iAlPgitsHri Lt

^. j^,p^^ d

the provinces have hoped for an early
ve agreement, but (New South Wales has
Salways held off because the people of
that province thought that the differen-
mes between the system of taxation in
the other provinces and their own sys-
el tem dqld not be settled without impos-
in ing the larger part of the burdete ot
i4 tsatim o rpoO New South Wales. The
other provtinoedeped for their revenue
upo ezx e and customs duties, while
M Nw Sou BtWales bas to a large extent
abosbhed tLhse and epenads upon an
in labme tax a&d stand taxes A doe-
teamslne movement was beun n 1896,
g al -Mase aa t to anoceed to Moarmh,
'7 bat Nge Sb uth (Wales crushed
r tleAlsihas wIth the old objeetliO Not
- a o hesaoer, the other prov-
JIM-s eosAtin& heW efforts. which hare
ae w bIoa rlwarl- with lanoms.
be b taznnieof gmmeatet llbhe mod.
dt mi Afts that he Untted States.
a. T wLiuttv ll arm e a 4 sesu- or en-
e .stgoutel tbo'th6 Crown and a
a-gliatdasr-esmistesra. iT. hLegia-
Ist s s wihi cenast it a en- -
ati d 5prs Mc sIx mnstrCs tren-
*i ndea pImnla, t erve tor t years

ol aIt st a IxV-fearnlefitr electaw
to Ifiti~srci. t owe treee yee. T All
iC 'opriat*:i0 heA to rlhe tMsta In the
se :B e theP di o iM House, but W-
ie eaer snate DiAe AstUatla senaLe
asen aeta W bille making appro-
I ntttoo yjVhe Pariament i o t hoewe
", Spoiro Of the anWy and navy, foreign
.. an. d interTrr lmscin com-
esese whcb Is too e free. The pPI-


the welfare

d States as
r TamPa O
Ary Conven-
me, stand that
HIowler, and
friend to the


Who FA2stul -faUEI e4Wini n9

i i eas tte treaty Is oat of the way to all
Digsti oni improved purpand the war wlth
Trouble Relieved pain ended--for it is certain tht tSpain
accrde to the treaty's provlslons-our
Wondeful Good Comes from the o;dirs and salore have a I-gal right
Use of Hood's Sarsaparilla. in th Philippines., in Cuba and Puerto
The building up power of Hood's Sar- ": Th- latter has beon ceded to the
sparrila when the system is run down UL'r..d States.. we have ourselves de-
from the efects of disease, is wonderful, !ard Cuba to be free, and are ready to
and is de to the great blood enrichJk ,,hahraw as soon as a stable go-tern-
qualities of this medicine. Bead this- ment can he formedd and suitable pro-
"I had been troubled for several years TeC-in guaranteed to life and property.
with asthma. My digestion was also so the future of the Philippine Islands is
poor. I tried various remedies, but with now the great question to be settled.
little or no benefit. Last year I began The Philippise Islands were the pro-
lkiug Hood's Sarsaparilla. It has done p-rty o' Span: by accepting the terms
me an immense amount of good. My of tihe treat we bave come into posses-
whole system has been built up and ;son of them, and it is for us alone to
strengthened. My digestion has been sai what snail be done with them. The
improved and my throat relieved of the rat lcation of ith treaty makes our
severe irritation." ADA TRATOBR, ? T status certain and places '.guinaldo or
at Chase Street. Peaaesa Fla ida any af the PMllpplne insurgents in re-
O O Sarea- -ilion against the authority of the
H o o d s arirla 'inited Status when they bear arms
S agairrst its forces The question is now
Iothe y eta ti s h$ losio P directly on the lase. What hall we do
sBoldbyra&desMts. .;six or&s with the Philippiaes? Anaex them as
H wo*s PIlllS tt Mr ls ta ke we did Ataw el orald them La esLab:Lsh-
nwt 1 S ^rri~Hood'saaspaperia Ing azd independent government and
tal wi be in a federal strict ai New keeping a protectorate there until it t8
South W.les like the District of Col- well undeg way? WhiVch shall It be?
nmbie. at least one hundred miles from Thiss r queuUtin for the new Uo-
Bydnsey. the capital of that province. res to decide, ter-of owe so mOman-
Until a capitol is buIlt, the Parliament t ~ 5 e i mcanist be determined in
wi meet in eMoaste. he original the month which, remains o this one.
members will be Victoria, New mith when the new Congres meets, whether
Walem Qirrueeani Tma ta. th at the reg"ar time In IDe elben or In
Australa and West Australia but Ne extra sessIon immssditet?7 after ad-
Zealand will bqe admitted K the people utaet. tof the Preodest to say-
the island so desire. The l~est advices are that he wUil not
d call an extra session. So for almost
Uncle Sam will not pas by unnotte a ye the question. What shall e
the killing of lila soldiers by Aguinasido's e with the Philhpptnes. w be toe
troops, with .whom we were not at wer. the people for solution.
Uncle Sam's peaqe will not rest contest A con(urent resolution has, passed
until Aulnaldo is taught a lpsao. Al both branches or Congress authorining
will regret that the conflict occurred, but h e printing of 3,000 copies of the pro-
all can but agree haat atelp must be oeedings asd papers of the National
taken at once to show Aguinaldo that Fhery congress held In this city Jan-
the troops of the Uniteed Stats must uary 19 to s4, e18g. lFive hundred cop-
noc be attacked. If a campaign .s les are to be placed at the disposal of
needed to impress this f.ct upon Agui- the remembers of the Senate, one thou-
naldo, make it now, and make It sort, sand copies for the members of the
sharp and overpos:'eing. ESain iS. o House of Representatives, and fifteen
longer a factor. The United Stats, hundred for the use of the National fish
represented by the army and navy for Coemmision.
the present, must make its control re-
spected and recognized and if it re-I Philippine treachery is not believed
quires the thrashing of Aguinaldo to do in by the Philadelphia Press, which ex-
this thr k him. plains the native character in this way:
"The emotional, logical native tem-
The Stookmen's Convention that has perament, completely upset by Its own
just adjourned at Kissimmee will result successes. only made possible by the
in great good to the owners of cattle United States, would unquestionaly
throughout the entire State. Many jump from childish humility to equally
good resolutions were offered and adop- childish arrogance, wlich should sub-
ted and plans were discussed pertainig side after a good thrashing into a nor-
to the cattle industry chat will be of mal state. with the United States in be-
benefit to people who own stock. It is neficent control."
indeed high time that the cattle men There is no-doubt say the Baltimore
of Florida were organizing against the Sun. that the Fillpinos can be subsaga-
band of thieves who have for yeas ( ted. but the cost to our country wsl be
been stealing cattle at a very distress- great. The Sun added:
ing and alarming rate, and the Tribupe "It is a pity that we should undertake
is of the opinion that the cattle men to assimilate' such people at the cost
have taken hold of the right horn of the of so many valuable lives, not to speaX
delma to stop the abu ee that have al- of our violent departure fro the doe-
most ruined one of the greatest indus- trine of the costt of the covered.' "
tries in the State.
Governor BSaley of Kansas recently
The Philadelphia Times has a sensa- received this note: "Dear air: I under-
tional Washington story Of bribery n stand you said you were going to take
the Senata in connection with the rat- a week o to tear up the Uig pUe o
fiction of the treaty It is to the effect letters aldnr you tfor obs. It every-
that one vote agaInst the treaty was thing else is goe. I would like the job
cast, not Cor co ecientlous reasons, st of tearing up the letter."
beansme the man who east it wa under
financial o bfiations to parties in op-
position to the ratidstion. The Times'
telegram nsas tDe charge "is so openly UUtI f> -
made that it is worthy of an Investlg|-
tion bw the BSefesate."--Savannah News.
The Cubans should et to work. There
should be produsng something besides *m i
demands u eon e Treasury' of the Urn-
ted Btates rand the ynpathies o of ur or o
people. The war devil has been oastedtd tt o a s ll
-..e sed Youhave alli
have been supporting arms to perwits O -L
of int try and rewanL Thee are in- r -
uerale th s to en "e the ene soty f o cough reme-
and mtscies of the natives of Cba if ; 01S IOt
they wll Ibut realize their duty in the yield ; it is too deep

isher Bro.. of Tampa have bought seated. It may wear
a two thousand atore Iarm known inas tse bu t
the WIcker place, seven miles east n itsl t 1l time, but
Tsalaasee. on the St. APuastlne road. it is more liable to
and will ecsge largely in stock farm-

g and the rine of beef cattle for produce ppe,
export and domestic tse. The sale p
was made through MessrsJ. T. Bernard pneumonia or a seri-
BoPL-Talahasee ,lor dian. or a i

Pon Carlos has his chance now, the Os throat affection.
one he says he has een waiting for. The f You need something
peace treaty has been rattfled by the
Senate of the United States and the Lon that will give you
cab start on his search for a throne. The
chances are he will Sot start. strength and build

The Garrison Calamity Howler is still up the body.
showing his ivories. It seems to have
a case of the dry grins or probably it Is
showing us how well it can do the hor ce SCOTT
laugh act It is really amusing. J
Dick Crdker may be a little reztcleps
when it comes to tinkering with the M U LS I N
Judiciary, but he is wise enough to st*p I
before crossing the track and Slok out wil do this when everything
for the expansion locomotive. elS fal. Thre b o doubt
Mtse Kitty Reed, the Speaker's good about it It nourishes,
lmdfotg daigister, is on the -HMo- !7- -A.p--n b d up M"
roll receiving$ 1,006annually for ae'- makes the s Onb to rong and
vles mapposed to be rendered as sten9-
abher to her father. healhy, not o0ly to throw
If the blR to appotat ace hlp 4 se e bushtp
Pl'pys in New Yortk I ever passed. tie n
Thsatemai T t wtulde bord h re re1,
that a cmajarty of the heard of ensors "

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rM -f "It affords me great pleasure to ex- know o: cities where the Civil, 'nr....
^- I n 1 II press to you my thanks for the cordial broke out that did not have a sie L I-in
3t i 53II~~ 11 1 and tind welcome given to us as dele- drill master that could take a company fLR fl j1 t mt J U
gates of Mexico to this convention. I through the ntnual of arms I lived
trust that you will meet with the high in such a city myself, where after the
l *results and anticipations as natural first volunteers had left, there was not
consequence of the military convention a man left that was competent to in- Or, It Iast 0s ISrabar of thw "T
and that you will reach the desired struck recrutl. Wt do not want a
object of the Honorable Governor W. large standing army hut we do want pj f
D1. Bloxham, promoter of this conven- the eighty thousand men that every U r i
tion. year leave the high schools of this coun-
"I wish continued prosperity to thef try every man of them competent to
Ual Mifitary Conress Held at the people of the United States whose Y- drill a. omp, ay. Iei y thousand WIER GETS SLICHTLY WORSTE.D
pathies towards my government are so young men went out Into the ranks of
I ludtrinum Lat Night. we reciprocated and espez-iaty under citizens every yea, and I would add to
the circumstances for the prosper of their number the coluge graduates, we Many Complaint& filed Against thb
the State of Florida. should have in a few years one man in ai *tfH) I I
Sf n "The president of my republic has ten or at least one man in fifteen that Chief of Sanitatiol- ae o
nvitation you extend to him and nom- to Abolih he but Fin-
hIt ia Just as true to-day as when It
SI noting the delegates o whom I am the rw-as said 100 years ago next January ally Wit.rad ;-ws.
r1c-resentative. he has desired me6o by Wahlntou, the man first inwar, ; m_ q s
convey to you the high estate h, has and first in peace, that "To be prepared B d tf i
for all. that involves an ImprGvrment in for war is one of the most effectual From Saturday's DaL y. -lt, f ^ 'i
mp e a this country. called with Jst title. Sis- ways of preserving peace. He p rhas The regular weekTy meedng of the slhplb y o tthem bina
ssl.. . ter in liberty and Ideal to minne own- meant foreign wars. I mean to-day o s a with
uaHa1 1u EoQlqnt "I particularly ai.d in the name of rather, wars of anarch-. IDebs wars City Council was neld last night with b7 cltentific
my fellow delegates, beg to expresss our and Coxey wars. we have had them President Frank Bruen in the chair, and k~ rn t10 C aeai w
thanks to the Honorable Governor, to only in miniature. God forbid that Councilmen iHolmes, Kruse. de Arma. C, oal~d wa i .s t iiii
E BY OVEROR BLOXHAM the authorities, and to the other de- they should ever come on n tene Wing B Freer and Webb n
fLYHUgates here present for the manv kind scale. The surest way to prevent their tno v ,dta nce f eaue
attentions and cordial recognition they coming is to depend not chiefly on attendance. The minutes -of the last te aed
have given my flag, and the kind ex- I regulars, nor chiefly on police, who are meeting were read and approved and gfnult eSyrnpgf"fIo ,gai
to Od me Ot the Important preasions made manifest through the too apt to be political, but to depend on business was transacted by tlh C.Imfil le I
SCovsnto-msn Xlsio Di speeches th is mir c mention, an educated soldiery, on the milon men A tuition for a gas light t the cor- y a ko
W ie conveyed and expressed to hisExcep.len- that between now and ten years nence,
Excellent Addres of cy, President Diaz of the Republic of shall have entered our high schools and ner of Washington street ad Florida 01 m in Qd
F.- 0. ,1o er. Mexico." retained 2, 3 or four years as students avenue, was granted and similar pe-
o ower. The distinguished speaker was given there, only provided that these million titlon for a gas light on the corner of tie Th hfg st nd i n
Sa hearty round of applause at the con- young men shahave been tau t as street and lord avenue w
or w Hasosexte ndansd the and The following committee on reso!u- of Boston is teaching her high school referred to the ward councilmen of the
a i s n ut traes pns talons wjs then appointed: battalions to-day. To ;no ears the ward in which the same is located. whih t e oui r
e a bri mt. ttrcrs ie p0 to General Cias. T. Anderson. of Vir- words I have read you of their instruc- Auditor J. A. Weller reported that a gseh bsoiCLiie f
erolot atenowas gie iRnLn ; a oL W Indeld Scott Proeky, of torn. have a bugle sound, which if need 'o suce a cty.taxes haOw e ofe Oki
sss r.dsesiChopeae w .r 1aliv Florida; General John W. Xd. Applc:on, should come, would ome ulckly from Ucent mou o i city tes me
i u c 04i~ pre4Adent ta LoU" of West Virginia: Liutenant W. H. them in the ranks of war. I praise been paid in to pay the city emnp1loyps .e I { a r *
lat Sutherland., U. S. Navy; General T. W. such disciplne as the high school bat- the amount due them for the month of a i l l 1ll ll
thent oe buesa was Floyd, of South Carolina Major JoeCph talons of WashiMnton are getting to- November 1808, and the warrants for bow it at rstti~ g
ht organization. A motion by oL ma Hooper of Louisiana; Col. C. Ai. Cham- day, that makes the teachers write me that month have been paid. The report i.g tIem sd i
Wciley oraudrba -mon U L berlin df Mazaachusetts; and Captain that. 6o the auditor for the month of JocJw F
e as t i prevald tOLL the J (Ml Andrews of New York. iy this coowrenJion slr thE -,th of the auditor for the monthof Janary InuedtlortoS a
siwdeit assppointlessto Ie 'A motion by VCol. McLendon of Gdor- Atlantic and South Central States that was also submitted Sise ee ia~plm is
T ohe o lNboi re r @lTate&: Col.A.A gi s prevailed that coversior Eloxham have to-day i6 public high schools for Cha rman me of the street com- t Company-
Wiley of t Aba-t Ltslweasot -W.9H.H a. dd
Wf5e5thlanl, U..S. H. Qet.eral Ali be addedto and made chairman of the boysblut 3 percent of them giving mili-
ik order J b dth;eneral Allen'. ." V ..pmltteetreportedh tha &e committee --
*Ittee. taryinstructlin, and the 744 private nMittee regot"ed thM 04
n4L;S??*1 ^"1 9. f. LUtef .a ponpruui 001 P0PPas51 Sill high schools and not 9 per cent giving settled with PFilMipe & Fuller regard.- e* mm- -!
a ns i L'o- WsigaIihr oners_.; i' Henry Mitchell MCracken of New York military instruction, to enter on thi9 ing the obstruction upon the foot of
StLtrick "" 2u eif ;ea who dte-nrd aI most interUn ad- counie r.b f work. It means more Ial Jackson street and had receive ied 6. 0 .
ris Houstoun, Fl ^ dress, a portion o which wtlrtbe found and order In your own States. It means
The convey a the'sn adjourned until blished elsewhere in this issue. The larger share in the national pon The city get the arf at thefoot of
two m10 I ornlte. convention then adjourned untif 3 p.m. siblitty.- It means in the Oan analysis the street. ae bulkhead is to to pbut usi of sand tacbea if ftfaiit"
SThe address of the morning session Peace on earth and good twill unto in just as soon as poshlble. In rear llt ,ri 1va h*aarty d0
tr fhIa i of the IQMUilary Convention was made by men." th of Judge Cne, a to e
Sr M Dr. enry oMitchell iCradken, Chan- pa uliodas lu i T n o oo 1 'v to the offer of Judge Cine, as tot lou 0 va the t a,
S o l ceUor of N. T. University. His theme for the convention to meet, the commit- opening of Franktn stret the com- t t o d a
: .. .. ,U wasa "'The elation of the Schools of the tee not being ready to report, It wa s mittee wa granted further time so p as t. td iMW
Goverg-i Ied People .. r osco which stalasted a d is05ssl
Slwi3 .lmno iteml dn c'l States to mltry DrilL" It was decided to postpone the session until to have time for a conference with r'-lbc oLh1r es ft
deegathed o ElIWthe onventothey- Iasi cedoar tr ltir
LO an exhaustMve, orcible and com prehen- evening. during the afternoon ste oevp Chai4n of the street ralway~. The tre ~ liL
o te Ied tti y ONrtio t1V treaties on thais important aubject. Toronto cadets in command of rMajor w r to not ry the topr o W uate t t
theb ll o t ne t t-A m 11- hourns h were oupied on Ilt Thog Won. made their appearance on citA clerk wa ordered to notion the waswl o16W" li talk' ApoptL he
SW tor Soashetam sad .ispas p oty ar- delivery. throughout which the aaker the Tampa ay lawn and gave ar er- property owersn to di n the low lots Calnd ot tislldan one Ne
*ere S a was given the closest attention. After a hibltion of fancy darills and military on the northeast corner ot 18th street cou i should eto -eSIF 1 S
,-C -ert d mor n t e .e o nthe s t fw "tords of introduction the peer ts actics that were witnessed by a very and Florida avenue. The t Lr0. l .U
t i s AuaGeaTid:e large crowd of spectators. The boye not the city is s- a .ay,
Sbo m him: AlutantGen-.., T schoosof America are, malfl-performed like old veterans and were instrOcted to request the co-operation ed i
fft ourto9 COL Vn n eldet e dIn
ctL ou stonk ~ CoL Wined cent In extent. They are a possible loudly applauded for their fine work. of tte Fort Bsroak authorities in the Coundlman de As-lsa' wbie
PS. S-oL n ^of Ph p rade grcmd for an army of ten Tilt- They were then marched to the tennis ,e o fiftth avenue. Notices were ce the Bms O.f oPf e
rtCadessadC& la i a dmm nl Nd ft lonl of boy The last report of the I grounds, where they were reviewed by orded Red the prer4 own- sth o P W.
t stNational commissioner on the shoo governor loxs an d vedm ard his taf andmo
W WfrteilU a the a U a.tNon l tn make the boys between &fterwrd inspected by Colh J. B. era to Put the idea upn the north on Seventh w t futaa
MSSJ^- ES ^^y ^ 10 0"!. ?^ an"d 189 yet of age, l,.0If201. lWhiS j Anderson. Inspector General of nlorlda side o Seventh avenue from Nebr&Kra & cbad iO Ba
Ah641s ma"eg dom#capt gives us over 800,800 boys every',year State Troops. He pronounced theavn to Fourteenth tt, in pate
-%/-kr al ocLIms1o1 tth ln opmnts nd m t avenue to Fourteenth street. in prop tth o
I aoin Oe i. t n xce en. Soon we shall have a million excellent condition, and empresed im- repair and lay new waks as required fled th h o
aenmg and S tl y fair and youth added ever ylear to the manhood self as highly pleased with their general byr ordinance. a--or the city tr~etibe d aa
See r hoinor L e injects jIS t roll df the United itates of America. conduct. This started the usual prolonged dis- t the _ _
j t kee woeint pod- frmilita drill were confined to t Ose It was 9:30 p.m. when the announce- cuon regarding defective ddewalkS In i the el ra
S~e~~lM to s eep te cowoedieti conuaT from Iy too e years of age we should meant was made that the committee on a par the cito. inUer 0,r0 rt
2- ne l.d t e r a.e t oln aUh-e an of t.000.008 and over. resolutions as ready to report, and sh ross o the city Numrous res o -- o "k t
L _._ a at p arei Port erm The. main question is, shall at least the a- ew minutes later the convention an- htions wre adopted directing property Henry. re Cht AhW ~u-i
*A.I aIdel 't ,008000 of boys from 14 to 18 years o embled in the reading room of the hotel owners to put down new sIdewas. The C of anitsisa C. ..e
Wnfe-and -Ott ~,i cet over- agem have the opportuny of learnmIng & for a short bustnes session. General disgasceul condition of many idewlks red and rnL g alndeiom ."
t IlosS mlt I$lsmoZ th -tl t rtlaover-d little soethig of the rules and exer- ,F H. Chase of chigan was called toerred to d
su ,.. omo dtigat* the tteloB.lhed ~p ses that make men soldiers? the chair and Cot. Thomason was chosen r street w referred to ted e o i
S th leg tt ib Ito ttherland Take the boys that ualy are in the secretary.The following resolutions the marshal ws instructed to arrest Mr. C P s rst
aicdetothS ettaW. y.H.S lnd ,t common schools, which I have placed at i were then read and unanimously a dop- any persons found repairing wooden vilege ts- adihee th e de1 ad I-
o -f 153mll M, aide tolecetary Ioa, about n 7.88,0 sand if oane-half od them ted: sidewalks on n reet conr en e to some m6 oft Ited
of the United n soX &Vim la'ogth, e a military drill, being three and one- sidewalks on Franldin street contrary enre to some weratha
t ,vR d s time inspec lng bak millions. there are enough a~ Resolved. That the views of the con- to the sidewalk ordiUnce. laid through hi pMostY I 4
~ tihe n& atj," 1 Fo ort Tanpa and school boys to allow one commissioned Ivention will best be accomplished 3y Tae sanitary committee reported ti5t to deed t toheU p1OtiW.O 1*
o officer fot r every twent. I otherthe framing and presentation to the
rt r sry o ers for government a project of Legislative they found that he requ est of t ihe r t n -o ~oe~. "eft
the rl re t:etrlt day. They met boy soldiers sJ hall we drill them all? enactment whIch shall cause to be en-q'oa-rdof1P Uic Whzeatoha&ve thenew- s.i r t
NO n.iistlJ l atS the Tan*& l^ot Thes arethe eQUstio of the hour. rolled and made part of the Nationasl in the IU ward duMaed was notthe t pe-men t of cityptim istWql
4 ad os-oted them ever to theft5Wa At this point h he Waesker tooLsu the Military std Naval forces of the United e Swindiedoa of the C=,nlttee TM Matter Wag rgftn fs. "
stl4l statistias of workt being done in h States, the various organlstlions and W the j o of t o tte
g- -- T. M g o0 C AA.. beilfn ongd Co ho of the i bodies of National Guard. State DrOOs to whom it had been referred. The Imttee oa ststs a sali g A
Schools and slownda itte fnhe MIlllita and Naval Reserveo, as an n- oommsltiee claimed that tie nw055 Of topay his cdy ta Ml aW 6
gh 3SW sWUW t Alabama. s up to good cotmtry ww d.emnn^ g V tho optnions lid^^ -
s. ovt s ednate thuhout theroed reserved force of the United he cty bad not et b t t the
"a etwststal ata-e 8 a, under the orders and directions tOhe h notmittee br Board ove tea
Prsdin.botshor...Instr... uction ti tsheo to tn rtro- fofl the Preodentn both or inst uctionto. tt l t
0091mu m to *s e6ect or mftita trninbn From ..
ao ootb .&tt ldf St t of rs1t a 1t&is W lm trt o the preparation, or any emergvndy, through 11c Woors. It wag u ed the thi s 4t.tts
lows- tskuc ,WIt u; h egslation should provide for;
JS. gesS r t at t aOis ?lt. Istuctionl in mulity ta ctics their enlitment and enrollmnt under the oe one to t cha t e S e
the .i y osf PRsiLsr m ,t- is bic and private scbhool so fsIr compensation equalllng, nominally, lutier sa have thO h ye dspaim't i o uiH 0 snltaY conditIon 5'5 p
h5ml t^n]lt t oventise as Stl dele- s tried, a. W ~e otr ~o trs to oe cent per day tot such propery en- the filing. ItPo sr'" mid F t~at Aem cindma 5 thae-
"*- .... ....... thbe t and to their teSo6s t listed and enrolled men as Shall by in- Harris "Wk put dot fires, hut aost "lfl to rs It atO n e
[ 0gd. L. 'artes- i G5in5SOteG ar- ;- sad trefore thil .nvetisan spection and proof, have discbarged the flush sewe.s" A woltul iach of msoi- not wine to si the aseld. ha
l- e 0im:to attetud 01 epsmaOLv- o poqs duties to be rendered, such as now gei-
05g C._..l 6 ~ the cteus itsa Eeuctbon In the high 51-1 perormed by slb foes under l the tcutfo of th ,- = la.t
he hasibcsfi .Sihe tdePt of jasthaa t per the State authorlty. That such Legia- wo.or r h the fusht'ng 's ( t n oI/isesse sin it~ iiI'
iO J b AUe 5 fllue-O ormh Inru-ti-U~ n, there should not be amentv and intustion of such forces counctimen. After rmum- questions he with eraw is s 1 J
.. 1l~olr -Q a Irtclnl tn Ao the ]pr~lte ~iMh ohoo~l, so tlmat nd field rvle m irme o$ war, with had been asked ant remained 1I3-' o a giss"sJ's So
the~ rmrYI Ins teard of less than I rper cent Is any I lrtruction and selection of healthy answered the request of the Bord at nat net 'jhtshadpats-7 o' Cd
B'. B^ H. S St les than ft en per cent not giving ansd by march, eedlng and preparation board S ^ % ^
n fu sieudy it, .. car d t of men in Oe of (he Intide of tike luslla Wm to

oied l )tr sni on I until tosy 1t fit oiccers men for duty, and to
Cits 5e. is at^^ ik ar nd-scl^tsJ,-eI fa ntreie i kgity o a eptGa

MOa Ms ZS BayJ not resided in tae et ioO u, dforl at legat OR tfnJl5
reporters n pment and year. This wp bgthou r b ~t 4 ir- his alt0p e ag
Ioeor fft 'tW aek- t lt of ehV e d uniform lg ti echp gq nae aInst ma il- latoeet U4 ~ atep. ..-
Th ,' eee CoT .I1Sf sad d ,ke thgtql e m t Oethe ens m pl m t t
*f witues n~ionsd ~ols o was- no tad tbci4rtl, l0anu6T^ lnlo gbus itate leit, 4la $lept and w ent to ad Florida asE-Qet.jB<
it ^, 'e:- te e t -e cme eUetaloln and regimental format of gl e rooma v to afesa ,ee that tco- one A uo ...
it a t e n S- Uia r tectio or srbtfcSms Us-or through the tae by sucs eannent teot 1t *t .t, two tU O exrb tte a ah ow f nta. -: -
di ,.l a ieroa*prosefry Ugta*fertna-rtlye, The training for field desprerones be teotious. (C hiefoood ward *tad ttha kat theqk Ieel 5
S bav not eace ths antm. a We pro ated'by annual asemhlges o e ht rada tad to ani reported de tarTud 4
Tn tt e oas t ta It Is mot lol ral tei offices e and no-comrmlloned I- s
Swe h -es et com nstin fe for a eod of a leat an d week t oe m attr t t f i a te
h- ifsmtt. n soried by t.e rootUg ouetrreak is that or Len e rg in connection wiak coneOne lion. He Cosnsd that the woman MI jBred.o a ,i
aBay even suetd wretent le blat talionas or regbments of egular made affisvit po tpeeffe that the ert-
b. geword I the mlniater of o sapement der anamual ofmra- of not u aM
.'* wag.w.S*1 more truly now ta t ge t oi ucer c and non-commlassoed Fi-cker stated that hte had fLim tao tsEiSrSaVl-llbmuaM J.5
gacsa ttIt wold PsIL. If the a-wo d.of ie ChistW officers by such nrmtber of days add- from the two letleeein t t the am ss I
t Ier bad aateOr not been so RuibMlic and the Chsristigl tafte i te5 tional service of the entire commands came to them in the at sad a ted it retWsleaee ono Ta jl
if laoItis. h ntt vien vtce thousand imes maore nllt a Whbse as the proper authorities rof hadn mtoa t. of si os r s
tfeas tb| Etesadis cadet. fftt171x lnIs Preident or governor to find this deem necessary and best calculated for rotection from tin policeman wrhto o'clockystinlsp ^5V5
M a rnq if Me 6o1P- mnIt r swod, ea-e in the eat In- to promote th edficency and value of wta drutd. One of the geneomen, te brief ffsa f i a -
4 adeveRyt'.y their teAsnpe and morality ck Amterican auch troops as reservee under the gen- tatred. had rake tooi y from the po- tomeiniagli- le ral
a|u|tasad .ti- andf a Sa-~-~S~IR thiseeit istellgence eral orders and command of the Preal- lieceman his revolver and had refud at, oelok mri euai
u at abtte greeted andmr "M t largely- repes tn by dent, or Congress, with provl iocr for o h d nt r es
h s a our high asoots e d the high- their duty under tate local and u- to retu it to him ntUl required to db c ot t i. an
.es e1 t mo-oarjCol. set grades ot the ginmmar schools he thority to the President to call for a-sd ao by law. No action was taken t>y wi be in thacaac Wl
al.ld t r epa rt o thbe om- left p htny Inphysique untrIned spindle designate duties for auch reserves as the council ea the policeman'a name new* oC tW qW b l t i
6 r tn d O the flowing and mIlItary dri. esOity, where sient numbers of the cmothsl. te f ftb
S ''.. redi i tq Ge n- Sakes sharp note od this. The rioters regular forced are not immediately On motion of CouncIlman iHoles It aiasy, and ba ipi -|
Seo fork sel O dom l Sos brawn and asosce Giclna csilable was ordered that ams ligomhits o placed 055 S r b

.i Dyes cago anrcists are stoat fellows I- That a special committee he appointed along Seventh a-enuetween Tenth is tb 1115?
3*l at I. S imnr IJon 0. thWthus the tm that intelligence and morality jets to Or ngress and ask the aid aand r reet and Seventeenth street. to Khd e w,- n4 -." 6
Sat. a d to srain. Oxil out a hundred assstance of the Natlonal Guard olluttgs On motion of wbinqhinan ioimes. UwS "" lr- lior
bumrhbdlbm s neder twnty year of e State frcs. osnnerMaticas. Miltary and who stated that It was dreqluie if odoe- 5ltIIhS C O'L IS80gS
IOfltea is ts ospes totk'n lgadesdf tsh o i hay", sid l-th v INa tl. in the vrs-le Sat esIn ecrindo-bpiy ofa the ase .i t"atnd"
hoa =. ;ei" w more lt mrel, suhr action. l
0ftfdbr t"W W 1 C b 010 l ft inphy iq e kes-, for they Tpn l seek sg a e as nttee he r such arte d to serve fulls t mco n til n tin gers nt aye-O u nes w tos h l R 9 b9S.
rti n ke a.ni elm, there- gve such s clai attention lo psolay nub conition, a demaatt s weetout sredin- 235 V S Aim*W55
: oie ofeh Aboys usioy ai zwm n, fAe ali et'.lemnt- f u ca ay.pois iated to wart d Mr. wi an cml". .
*w| soarns& th ss'Wsi nd gsanUos sa sid dril. w w hert eukg sufIsfi ientersi .o to an aquabU '
-ftfiU~ Gen-4. iT bret, se.roer- regula -rsi ares note io miast lcni tio bias inciiy t Hb oqt Ita. ndbi
UBU"MlV Z^er aMirche fenows radn, for ass-i&s s. chair appeal tt lste Bin

otm r inatel i mgene t Gintd s J c its tbo Oo oouimeadnd a Ssk t thidW eWn and Seetet st V
at^h ]Mbibs" muay nude twety ear faesd o gs OoisselstPt5a f
it a bW tntheri ah ecuring


ir. rOVAkL4 O3itor sad Manager.

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R: llPostage Prepaid, Dally '
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I-now stvie of drwiino out
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l~ttar ihe Le of -ib artilery.
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-j~on ns yee

& siss, s

The importance of Tampa is at last
getng wcognised in an exceedingly sat-
isfactory manner by the National House
of Representatives. The Rirver and
Harbor Committee's recommendation
for an appropriation of D126,000 for the
improvement of the channel In Hills-
borough Bay and the public Ibuilding's
Committee's recommendation for an agp-
propriation of $160,000 for a public build-
ing in Tampe, have both been adopted
by the House. If the bills are put
through theSenate Tampa will certainly
have something to be proud of. There
can be no doubt that the visit of the
committee on rivers and harbors to
Tampa last year had considerable to
do with the final action of the commit-
tee. Every visitor that comes to Tam-
pa helps to advertise the importance of
the place if a favorable impression is
created upon them, and therefore every
resident of the city should endeavor to
do everything possible to make the city
attractive to visitors.
The Florida Lgislature will meet
in less than two months and one of
the most Important duties the ses-
sion wil) be the election of a succeO r
to enator Smuel Pasmn The fight
will no doubt be a spirited one, for
while Florida's senior Senator desires
to SUcceed himself, there are several
woutd-be stafemen after the Job. Ex-
Senator CQI l ts trynlt to work up a lit-
tle boomlet of o own hut his strength
*H amount to very little. son. Jas
P. TUafterro. of Jatksonvlle, ex-
hairman of the State iemocratt ex-
ecttve committee is at pCrepnt the
sromnget epnddlte opposed to Wr.
Paso. It does not appear that either
P-oo or Taaferro will secure u-
ctet votes to insure their election, sad
a dark ho may capture the prize.
The woods of South Florida are full
of dark horses and Hllsborough
County can furnish them.

It is some consolation to know that
other places besides Florida have nuf-
fered terribly romr the present visit of
Jack trost. In nearly every State
from (New York to California, and from
the I~aes to the gvo, the records for
low teman Lture have been broken.
California and IsFrkni have suffered
most on a rcontt of the advanced
growth of vegeitae and tropioal fruits.
The latest reportsC frm the extreme
Wortltwest territory along the Ontario
and ~anitobs tine show that all rec-
ords have been broken. for continued
cold weather. n some places 64 te-
gres was reported, and the bare'meter
reached a maximum of 11.10 inches. In
the Southern country 'as far down as
Southern Kansas, the intense cold is
killing cattle by the thousands every

The Influence of Senator T. C. Platt
says the Boston Transcript, is seen in
the legislation of New York State in
the introduction of the '"pure -beer bill."
'i hat was a favorite idea of his 3ust
after election, and there may be some-
thing in the contention of the brewers
that the bill is intended to heip the
.erfpers by increasing the demand for
hops and barley, and also punish the
brewers for their support of the Demo-
cratte State ticket last fall. ', Yet it
Would seem to be of some importance
tibt New York should produce pure
Be. since her citizens consume con-
si&erabie of it. There were 3,070212
barrels more of malt liquors drunk in

ilS,. b d of thii increase 600,623 or
nearly a flth, wre credited to NeW

he Presdet of the United 'States.
S the irooklyn Eagle, should see
that this wovei ,sniont that his own ad-
malnlsrton is not brought into that
o:ndltlon of conduct Btsiweea parties or
ntao that condition of diviaion among
the paPlase-to say nothing of that
ondltion a dLsraoe before the world-
whIch the republic of Tsrane to-day
erasents, and ad on sccooaL of an army
incident. The American pleopie are, we
toas neamabie of that equal to y and
crlme but their presLent shomild e
their prmsever rom It, at the outset,
no tetr owu BMr eat. to th aLta event.
The demand Sor the elecotias o Uni-
ted Btatss fmosn o tb s people

Slasm nelM W oe wil ever Legitattve
0aT"" 2%0e dMWrasedl specter
Mthat Is bNeaactfd Pa esptvsnIs
G r (y4g to ftm s the 900sI a pC-
tioal bod er tef Magtt QM w o I
maer i ser mmt for epe6sbtad BSate
anden woe masee be arsitted a I the
aeian was aM the heand of the people.
"M T - beM a ts prid of Con-
rasman Felbmtnn ad praosM him
or the esneros swropalteo po he has
-bb d Osir be ouih sad West Gulf
oat portm Co rnesma t Bparsman
is worth y e esw thin good that can
he sA of hibm. (e has proven inMare
a saeasout rormer for FlorIda, aW
heop be wiMl lat In some Uiks for
Jakimonvte BCL would be greatly
prcited.-Jascksovliue MetropoUls.
'Wpsen 'Washington gets too warm for
sorelen dpatomatic gentiemen they' fol-
low the lead of careless bankers and go
to Ciands.a A gentleman from MSpain
fund he had business in Canada Just
bout the time our war troke out, and
r 'Agoemlo team the same course
Iwea our Phmipine war comes up.
That asM veoAict. six years vaca-
tisn a full pay, y cause trouble in
th sny. Almont any othcer, gsven
S3tf. tinsme. oad think of as many
tFw iEnaive epVtheO t as asa did,
. dooess,~ c cobod asply them to
.w,"or t soft as plcotaesa a

oW -OFaF s. &a
Shrae MWa1heM -

asy to ake The latest reports from the orange
*to Operate grove sections of the State show that
asy to perat those who made an intelligent effort to
Are features peculiar to Hood's Pis. Small in protect heir groves from the frost were
size, tateess, efficient, orh. As one man invariabty successful. In many places
groves standing side by side, the ones
protected by fresh, smoke or covering
came out almost entirely whole, while
those unprotected suffered greatly and
sHd o d in many cases were entirely ruined.
said: "You never knowyo never in the history of orange growing
have taken a pll tllt is an was the necessity of protection better
over." 25. C. Hood & Coor more fully illstrated than during
Proprietors, Lowell, Mass. of
The only pills to take with Hood's arsanarills the past week. The protection o
Groves has now gotten beyond the ex-
H rE AFONTr IS OVER. erimental stage. The fact has been
Demonstrated that to grow oranges suc-
The labors of the War Investigating cessfully in Florida, the trees must be
Commission have been concluded and ected from the reeves. One
the agony is all over. The commission grower who owns a 2 acre grove-in the
will get $100,000 for services rendered. northern art of this county stated to
Just what the country will get will be a representative of this aper yester-
figured out later on. The commission day that he is convinced that the fifty
spent several months smelling around dollars he spent for wood and building
among the camp site where t s fires during the past week will save him
Tfond the camp ly tes where troore
had been located and tan the testl- at least two thousand dollars. ays
money of those who had the temerity to ie: "I prevented my trees from suffer-
antagonie the administration by tell- ong except the tender sprouts and the
antagonize the administration by telol-lo statd started.Byar com-
ing what they knew. By the most blooms that had started. By acom-
wondertul Jsllg of figures ever prison with the groves that bad no
known in the history of mathematics protection ,I ept my trees from losing
the commission has flred out that at least two years gowh and I uily
h connected wth te war believe that those that lot their bloom
onermthed connected with the war Is
moving aoon as slick as a gr ed will bear later. In addition to this I
toad inth the exception os te tt aosy orsider mn grove in its present condl-
concerning the e~msed b eef that wasi ton worth nearly if not quite ffty per
iven by General hes m.This is te cent more than It was Utm time last
only thing on whh te commission week on eacount o the creat destruc-
refused t a to apply the whitewash bri tion oif t OV in other placee"
Had General Mees humiliated himeett R iht in the face of the above acts
by making a proper apology to Alger there oe men with good vigorous,
and the President for his alleged rau h bearing groves who will alow them to
stateanehta nothing more would have go to destction before they wlll turn a
been said As the matter now stn ft hand to save them. 'Tey lwil Ilwtch
the embalmed beef question wil now property worth five or ten thousand
come up Tor a special investigation, dollar sli from their flnGer5 before
which promises to be even more sensa- they will spend ffty or one houdled
tioneal and nearly as costlyae the com- dollars to sae It. This s neither usM-
mission It is alleged that General ness norgoodense. If they-could In-
Miles' emalmned beef testimony can be sure them it would be different. If a
vouched for by fifty thousand soldiers. forest fire was to oome they would wil-
This fact will either vindicate Miles or lingly ermloy all the labor necessary
require a vast amount of Alger white-t and fight it all night to keep their
wash. grove or other property from being
consumed even If it cost aU the pro-
The mayor of Atlanta, Ga., has erty was worth but to prevent Jack A
started a subscription for the purpose F'rost from destroying it thy don't
of raising a fund to supply every fam- seem willinC to turn a hand.
lly in the Georgia metropolis with a
daily newspaper. The mayor holds
that the newspaper promotes goo The antl-Qusay faction in Penneyl-
cittzenshp nd adds to the ho nes t of vaina has won another victory over the

cit ensthep and adds to the hav ei- y of Snator ,Titeo npripnde unth Pnr-
people who desire to keet abreast of Senator, n the changing u in the LeaL-
the times. There can be no doubt that nature of the fidCurel Jury bill until
he has inaugurated one of the ost March 21, a date suequent to that
practical and henefient charities ever whch the Quay se will called
undertaken in this country. The fam- trial If the bill cannot be passed in
l d that has accedato an good daily time to aid Quay, the belief is that It I

D d thea ols of ten ceairma of t
1e will not be mesed at all.
newspaper will seldom be found to a
want (or the necessities of lfe.-Ch- Senator Tillman propoinded an un-
cago News. answerable question to Senator Gan-
President Wt-ltnley sent a special a ewerahie queion to Spenator Gcitn-
message to Congress in bhiCh he de- ger, chairman of the pension commit- ,,
aet n nwc tee the other tay, "I would like to
dares that a government cable connect-ee, the other da, I told like to
ing the United States with the Philip- know how it is," said the Senator from I
pne oisslandviap awal and Geguam is t South Carolina. "how it is that men
evne cslande via enawasi and Gua t a has
become an imperative necessity. This who were in the army thrty-five years
gigantic undertaking can only be ac- ago, and have received pensions for
complished at an estimated cost of four physical disability, were able to serve
hundred million dollars, and is a sample n the war with Spain." And the Ie-
of the long list of imperative necessi- pulmican chairman of the pension com-
ties -that will come as a result o im- mittee could not answer, and did not
perialism. Later on the dear people try to do so.--pSavannah News.
will consider is an imperative necessity Food does more haih than good when -
to pay the tax. not digested. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure

In all the southland new cold % better digests what you eat. It prevents
wasting diseases and cures stomach -
records have been made during the past troubles It cures indigestion, so
wo days The thermometer has pasd stomach and belching, and allows a
telow zero in Texans, Louisiana, Alaba- wornout stomach rest. It acts instantly,
ma. Mississippi and Geopia. It 15 For sale by .. H Leonardi & Co., Cen-
even claimed that zero was reached at trial Pharmacy, and Diamond Pharmacy
one or two points in Florida. f
of Ybor City.
'The threatened destruction of the the smallest things may exert the
oyster industry along the Atlantic coast rte influence. De Witt's Lte
by the intense cold causes the HaIli- Early Risers ae unequalled for over-
more News to remark: "'he froeslsy coming constipation and llver trouble.
up of the oyster industry rwll seriously,L i3 best ,dier pill, For sale
effect the misei -ary cause that de- by S. H. Lisonardi, and Central PLar- 1
pands so largely at this season of the many, Tampa, and Dsmonod Pheronaty.
year on the Ohurch supper." Tkor City.

Deadly Cancer

Cured at Last!

Do Not live Up In D e- al to do b a s, and
imlly rommrned it Owat bi a -
spair-Tbhr o Hope I w""lien type. wer greatly
Saibed and a her every remedy
recommended, bt they did not seem
For ages i has been thought to reach the disease, and it continued
that Canr is incurable, and to pr and 1o. Upon the advises
of a friend she bean to take 8. 8.,
thbo so unfortunate as to have dater a few ottl ad been used
this dreadful afrfition have con- a decided Improvest was noticed,
sidered themselves beyond hope of and ooatinuins the remedy she w-a
recovery. The doctors am ab- thred eomleteh y a.t pas sMee
or th care ha beed p;_rl, a no =gn
solutely unable to afford any re- of the dises has
lief, and the poor sufferer might returned, though ten
well consider himself on the way es have lapeed,
to an early grave. .L. MaaIDDL on .
It i now easy to see why the Thecuremade by
doctors have failed to cure Cancer. 8. 8. S. are perma-
Their theories have been all wrong, n t. It is the only
and hence their treatment mis- blood remedy which
can cure obstnate
directed. They have made the deep-eated blood
mistake of thinking that by cut- diseases, because it
ting out the sore o0 ulcer, known is the only one
as Cancer, the disease would be which acts on the
correct principle of
gotten rid of, and the patient re- forcingout the poison and ridding the
stored to health. But the cruel system of it forever.
knife accomplishes nothing, for S.. S. never fails to cure the worst
)he Cancerpromptlyreturns,andis caes of Cancer, Scrofula, O rrh,
always more virulent than before. E maCsontaions BloodPoison, u-
t has been denniaeo matism. old sores, uloers, etc., it mat-
, It hia been demonstrated, beyond terms not what other remedies have been
Aoubt, that Oaneer is a blood disease, used in vain. It is the only blood
and ean not be cured by the surgeon's remedy1 guaranteed
ynite Ye rs ood myn twife thad an P T V r atu

ipb" a dr be rs wiftlBMbl i e

-7 ^"^.*.;-- -.^

'I" 47~~~F

'iopol X xpre
feoiarte esa

LBTiesday's Daily.
V er'eedilum siIx days In
^OD fay 0 f Toronto, Came
Ib cadets left Cor home
-afteenoo In their special
P Sint Esytem. The yoXs
Ae numerous friends In Tra
le safe to say that they
ierableI in t he way of adv
i cit bry ta lane of their visit
stirrvp and teoda The t
ne stecimens of physical
k thye are maagnflcent exaE
e Sesefts der-ed from
Mite thet ist abie scboools.
iaa morning immedia
W staaiirg to obcrcb the cal
is qipadssr aNurea ot be
ide air.e.ted. Plant, pre
VP is System oif alredso
I lia in a of thA ea
ghlt So the Iotel, 1irWe i
feared ^po3cs glesa afd
me TShe ws-X vfwa ad&am
a Lsn u. Pi a *M M
R-A .

- Ba IJl
004 ao a

eia agfl
of the be

-3 V- I

r.s p1W.1
M40& a AB

r mat, tat in the
5 rmm visit
-imxtO Ike city.

O WlN* the fotr

t*'ia the cadet

4te fonoweg
nt die* ppr chte

ft -

-Ihe po achoe
SCatadab efaoren
acinbnttte5 ino hara

#-tosehops b p05oc
tWtll long remi


-~ wa`e
5s~.,ejeb 2
551~ sl

STher report of ecretry ad Treasurer for
tend- Xomth of January.
bnurtng the month of January there
have been ten children in the Home and
Tamp matron and cook. About the middle
das of the month an infant was given to
ar over the home. It was in & deplorable con-
ni men edition. but is improving rapidly.
will do Receipts. Balance on hand January
rertising lst. $100.41; Received from County Com-
to their msleooners, $50; Received from 'board or
)oyg are chi. $4; Realized from sale of aprons,
nanhood $1; Contrbutione, $50.16; Total balance,
ples oft 266.
T. J. Caruthers, wood, $5.76; Maas
tely e- Bros. flannel, muslin, etc., $6.45; C. E.
dets had ail, rocerie, $18.20; E. M. Peterson,
aig ad- renyovaRtti atrels, $2; R. P. Nunez,
Qident at dashes. CL6:V rs. 81 B. MoCampbell,
:steam- ar servicess as general superintendent,
Sdraw n A 0U:Mrs. 8 t0 L oCanmbell for telp
tean an- is home. $W1.75; Oisa Bottome, tor netp
r. :Plat. in ome. $ Total distebaements6.40;
spotted Balance on hand, aM.14 Total, $U5.56.
oNdis Remeottfll Vsubmitted,
md the LBANOR (E ATTYr,
Vs iwl- Treasurer.
c cadets 4BrrT o0 ArtaiautTiONs.
srrWP- T. J. Crutbar.,si;, C.. B a, 1;
t m -niaht & *WA -'eOsn ,any, 1; H. T.
maoraeU Vattlln 0a o acts; 'H. Bomford & &0.
apmO the ct ma; C. rlUlon, 8O enta; eoo. C.
her co- seihtamne. nests; Bpatener Broa.,
a 4r cents: Sa f mber & Supply Com-
@i sW pany. etants;: W. Roberts, 1: J..3 .
Wv W91t KEauee. Se, 0 cents; tsber thes., $1;
4aceumt PbApsl a A & oer, $1; Sonacker a Bow-
e thir yr. $1; D. I. Coooley, cents; J. (.
I Br tedantle t Ort: A. H. S rCathera B6
oWtn;: J. A. Gril 1 ; I SL Jone", 1;
Y to i. :'mbetti Bros.. $I; Cash ; Bonadter
0mu904 & Bowmar, $; H. L. 3itchell, $1; H. A.
es 0oon- Ma uaen S o cents; 0. aB. Reynolds.
the ro- $; P. 0. Knight, $1; J. L. Krause, Jr.,
sermn 60 cents; ,Knit & &WaSC n Ompasyr, m;
DUain Mn aSubt, a o6cents; r,. Spencer, $1;
o5 wwe Mrs. IBroots, 5 cents; C. a. KetUy, $135;
. e a Monroe. $6; .L UI Crape, $1; A.
i around LV. 60 cents; C C. Burns, 60 cents;
evening Ct5am Bank. r ,; m. B. Cotens, U;
d Crendds Central Pmnaoy, 26 cents; S. Gold-
berg ertien ; fleotro Photo Co., 3
2C ar a- cents; Le~ h & (Deane 50 cents; Jat .
by yth Lm5 e acents; tW. B. Newktia k 126 cents;
heir own iPowlhc th~roaa 6 cents; G. W. Ter-
marked: ry, 35 cents; Crmuhaw Broe., 50 cents;
waom" C. 1B Wort l h cents; A. Kennard,
sent to 6 eents; lA. Pllpe 50 cents; J.
a noaw- Manaleld. l6 ceats; 'W. 0. Allen, 50
a of the. agent; 3. W. Henderon, 60 cents; S. "l
PeIberton,. .; M I llUer, 50 cents;
Totat AJU&.
One load So, wood from J. C. SMcNeil
1 cadets one shirt. etc. form a friend, one dollar
leavt in groceries from Ferman, one dollar
l A, as to Carry cbldren to pony show, one
e, to ex- peck of wheat and hat for Emmia, from
reaction 'Mrs. M W. Caiuth. bundle of infants
Wa knd- clothes from Mrs. Alien. eight yards of
eelf and bleaching, thread, Ibutstom and one pair
Sremem- night clothes from the young ladles of
stn with Thaomp,' Thie last was what was left
from somegreatly needed work done by
f agte- .&he young la ieslast = summer, one
Lwes.all bundle alothing from a friend, bundle
Mslon ot clotUang from Mars Frank Fisher, 2
qow ear quartsa mikt fro" Mr. Leftmich, ish,
o9rs, M. WV. .B,. Mfidkvaine, 12 loaves bread
K11 t0. from a friend, 1 pthel vegetables from
rtadeta. r StrBdlHand. 1 bundle clothing from
t th fot. t .hr'Wha ey & B rna, one doa oranges
from a ft rend. dr and Mboue made
hp la friend, one buodle. uni to s cltn-
On "uOne cC mtsuedrstsnclc som
ashnOw-. eneations made or Prankrito street
^a'l a tI. mnath wil not be acn*alvedgedr
*,.1 si bM usat mont.at
Ot To- (P, P. 20hcfarlame, BSc.
toe oxar ;l : .
upt. that'^ 0001) PiFX FLORIDL
^i 1 CeetainlN IA.( Wihan of thti cIty, has
n;$4p d1 $oLtts a number ot pineapple
abi dssa he -e a malsl shipment ao
p-" inse t ie ats into the veery

i^oc, tr sai^ to be planted man experiment
: to oetsti te adaptability of that
a s+tt aar localtr or the sahture of
Sthie frult. Captain WU son is also
S-'bls e velvet beans to Ceba and
5BaIe po tx* Coo wbreb ther wae ikely to 0e

r, ., C. qit exe~ve~ g own.-Ortando star.
.a.a..o.,,,oran wr ana

bowM^ t ow -BR. &L 6c(r0 coner of Ek-
teedr th t at_

-.a s w friamoule to seve the eiwom g.
St & Oas. tH oadrs wed wsaem both satch is
with the I-se and had to be re-
S aed r setr e street to the, resdence
a S v ar. sL es m other. It is feared
;1. Lye tat iteir rameneo during the Mw'
slliJ e m sm eftve them a serious set
Si back.
Pr w0 Owing to the defective heating ar-
I '$a5s earaioements in be public schools of the
ap citythe" pat pi o who braved the snow-
idy w Astemna aBd reported -were all excused
SaqisPted ft ,r luther apdawf during the
bersept dy Rd e y ers amused
LIsqNi- ,.t*tUageves ainsuww bW1 and pelt-
.*FbreewtB theti onraxdes, vd all passers by.
rV TW. empeaienced to ceuse the average Tam-
tote t totsawr doors.
Si he rT w ia (SCblnsa o tree s on
*wlda> srinMrwsm HaIrrson and
_*OW beh dng ip Vad the
B ll iiW- T-*o e HMstniftue
*Mir issto aaP

'Jankftl worts wirtten by Mrs. Adra
Bart CC Grotcn, B D. "Was taken with
a tdj whidB settled on my gmnes;
UlNlM in and ftnaUlly terminated in
ssamplotn. Wrrow T)octors gave me
up. sying I Ioutd live but a short tine.
I Cave myel ap to my Savior, deter-
miad If I could not star with my
frend's on earth I would meet my ab-
sent ones atove. Nb2 htmband was ad-
'sed to set Dr. aKings New Discovery
ar Consummmpton, OoUghs and Colds.
I Cave It a trial, took in all eight bottle.
It las cured me. and thank God, I am
saved, and am now a well and hearty
woman." trial bottles free at & B.
Leonardi & Cos. drug store. Regular
size Oc. and 1.00. Guaranteed or price
Prof. 1L. W. Buchbolz, county super-
intendent t public instruction, left
yesterday for onrticello to attend the
convention of county school superin-
tendents and officers. During the con-
vention Prof. Buchholz will deliver two
addresses, the frst to-night upon "How
to Establish the Profession of Teach-
ing in Florlda." Another at a later date
will be upon "The Requiste Qualiltca-
tions of a County Superintendent; His
Dsties and His Remuneration."
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liver clear and the body vigorous by
ualag DCettvs Lttle arty Risers, the
famos mttle pMllS for constipation and
Sler roulnes. For sale by9 & Leon-
Ci&L^ .. C nOtre Pharmacy, and Di-
,-J-< $hpm^atr Tbor T Ctey.

Grand and Petit Jrors Selected and
the Civil Dockets Sounded.
Ready forustness,
From Tuesday's Daily.
The United States Circuit Court and
District Oou(ts for the Southers Dis-
trict of Florida, Hon. James W. Looce,
Judge, presiding, convened in the
county court house at 10 o'clock yes-
terday morning. Deputy United States
District Attorney, H. H. Buclran ;
Deputy Clerks W. J. Locke, of Jack-
sonville and H. L. Crane of Tampa;
United States Marshal John I'.
Horr, Deputy Marshal John McKay;
Court Crier J. G. Jones and Baiff A-
W. Walker. the personal attendant of
the judge were all present, and the fol-
lowing members of the bar were within
the rail when court was called to order:
,W. A. Carter. Thomas Palmer, E. R.
Ounby, H. L Ihfcfarlane, George P.
Ralney, Harry Peeple, C. W. Stevens,
M. G. Gibbons, Win. Hunter, 2M B.
hacfarlane, *. V. lWhitaker, P. 0.
Knight, O. M. Farr, P a Worth Bmith,
N. K. Pettingill, Prank Harris, .
Henry Cohen, a P. Borcbardt.
The rst business was the calling and
empneling a grand Jury for the term.
The iMy consists of the following
member: W. L. Branch. HillsbQrough;
A J. Ge.er, Pasco;J. Roberts,
Paso: rW. K. McRae, Polt; T. A.
A rlttion. Polk; F. A. Barnes. Pasco;
J. %W. Durrance. Polk; T. 3. Ctemons
nihborough; R T. Younghblood HllUs-
borough; Wlls Gold, IIlsborough;
W. E. Thrasher, Pasco; J. C. SBmth,
Pasco; 3ee Keen, Polk; R. J. Young
blood, HIfiborough; L. Keraey, Pasco;
IL A. Bwelt, Pasoo; W. Ferguson,
Pasco; S. W. IEagan, Hllsboroughb; W.
D. Rice, Pasco: B. Petty, HIllsbor-
ough. Two that answered were ex-
cused beln county oflcials.
W. M. ,Ferruson was appointed tore-
maen o the jury. The court ch'.gei
the Jury as to its duties to Investigate
all violations of the laws of the United
States. The Jury then retired to be-
gin its Investigations.
The next business was the calling of
the names of those summoned to serve
as petit jurors. Seventeen answered
to their names, and there being no
cases to take ,p for trial during the
day the jurors were excused until 10
o'clock to-morrow morning.
The following answered to their
names as petit jurors: A. S Benedict,
L. 8. Barumn, A. E. Cardery of Polk
County; W. J. Wells, W.' F. 'Winham,
James B. Tucker, R. L. IBryant. C. B.
Spencer, of Pasco County; William
Clemons. A. S Benedict, W. H. Young,
J. H. Leonardi. W. T, Grier, W. P.
Green. J. J. Evans, H. S. Vatterlin, Jno.
Tiriney and Arthur Cuscaden, of Hills-
'borough county.
The civil docketed were then sounded
and cases set for trial during the tere
or otherwise disposed of. After being
In session for a couple of hours the
court adjourned until 10 o'clock this

A Plant System Switchman Run ovel
by a Team on Polk St.
A negro section hand named Aaror
Stephens met with a frightful accident
about 2 o'clock yesterday atternoor
He was engaged in coupling cars neai
the Pla.t system depot on the east enc
Vf the railroad bridge. At the time ol
the accident, he was trying to makE
what is known as the flying cour.ling
The pIn on the car on which he waa
standing was stuck fast in the coupling
hole. In his efforts to extricate it h,
bedlam overealanaed and (.1 down is
frost 0t the car. His left foot was
catiLt undr the wheel and almost
severed fromn his ankle. His thigh
Sbore the knee was also badiy crushed.
Be was carried to the depot where he
so0a resceved medical attention. LZst
aht he was taken to the hospital. It
asleasrned last night that his wife
has been dead for sometime, and that
he has been living here with his two




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A Striking Resemblance Between Mr.
j l iUthle a Ite3 S e Bsisf Is *pro-I s sand the Speaker.
A U Ulf Wt T10pS. Representative Sparkman, of Florida.
S___ is thought by many persons who visit
I !TEi the galleries of the House, to tear a
POLIUCIANS ITER PRUTE stn resemblance to Spaker Reed.
Says the Washington miTrespondent of
Sried to Control Appointment of the the Jacksonville 'Metropolis. When he
-* aa i ost asteahs p, but Fail. is sitting in his seat some distance .rom
ithe spectators, perhaps he do's bhar
ed Signally-No Prayer to be some resenttlance, at any rate be is
laid Over Maine martyrs frequently pointed out by strangers for
the s>eaiker. When close' enough t-
him. however, or when he sta'lds. to
Special to tlh Tribune, speak, or walks about the House, th-
Havana, teb. 1,-Two hundred pri- Florida representative does not sntow
eatesof the Tenth regiment of regulars such striking resemblapoe to the man
hawe sitgified their desire for dis- from Maine. Mr. eparkiran is not
charge on the grounds that they enlisted near so tall as the speaker, and he ia-s
o ui the same bPasi as the volunteers, that rotundity of ft-ure which males
Sfr rtwo years or for the duration of the person of Mr. Reed so familiar. Th'
the W.. with the, promise that they apeaxer. too, is bald, wie ir. Spa.a-
; might secure eiar diacha k es as sooa man. although he does not possess -ny
a s th~ieace a'ty wea aligned. Coalonet stsoerflsous hair, 4s not entitrel"y tert..
Pearp. who is popular with the awn. The manner of walk of th- two states-
h o pursiade most of them to men is entirely different, and when
S w their applicationa Mr. Sparunian walks aiout the Hiouse
SCo odore vomwlHl has ordered no one would ever mistake tm for Mr.
That 4a prayer he said over the graves -Reed. de lacks t hat suing gta
of tiMaine dead. This action was which has distinguished toe peaie...
takes ter Commodore Cromnwe made ar. Sparkman. as is well Known, nas'
:lerslt. tbo n vain endeavor to pr- "a desire to enter the Senate, as the suc-
Ssiad BMiWshii Baitander to permti a ceasor of Senator Paeco. *He is a mucn
Pro.t4 t onespiay in tlhe Oon ceme- younger man than Senator Pase, and
I_"tey i'n everything but politics the two Flor-
S les the disappointed candi- ida gentlemen are abo- as dissir ar
- latel the positIon of postmaster of &a one could imagine.
-i. have made so bitter an attack a, fSar.kmat is the youngest mem-
U: lpOir Ratabone,"a4* ft POO-, per,4 of he Flo delegatioa in Con-
Si0" In Cuba, as to brine the mArME egres, ibein not quite four inontns
mc thoe aathodrltleVt X bhtgWo1. A yooager than his xVaeaew, Mr. UDatvs,
sn, sin of cable dspiaseble hAq paase both geatleent hvin been born in the
So l4heje wires to-day. Jajor Rath- year 1e4L. Senator Pascu has a -esa-
abpae offee iB that he insisted u5poa W r feeling about mentoring his age,
a& e Mpuerelao~d ase at the head aqd does not mention the date of his
f.of 'B Ha'eaa ofce.' the affairs of ldiiraphy, being content witn stating
Swll be t has greatly Improved. The that be wa born in LondonL. ie states
b i awt~ m havo eadeavmre to ceihr in tte. dlrctoar however, that he
- _)jap ,tD ed wat s re- giauated from Harvard Coiegfe in 1s3,.
'ati S servned- Tpon HaLrtLwie that a
-gsVjiS! is New" Tork and another in THtE PBDIAL COURT.

Nw. woldio wman w resmazioUeU
She acqnioeed. TBe'Post tmce Will Convene In This City To-morrow
tmem in Washgton will have to t ar scion of Busnest.
b the matter.
The United States Court will meet in
w, f C -I R. I. MtEasiM regular wssiej in this city to-morrow
S-- oruing with Judge J. W. Locke pre-
laindat4.tien of the County. and sidiun. Te grand and petit jurors tor
Ocenllet tyeiea5 Pasaes Away. the term have already been drawn, and
SW. it is expected that the churt will organ-
Sh idaya Daily, e pnd the business of the term to at
a icin f city O erCtayh ater- once taken Op.
Tiata 'rot nofOaLteR r. Hon. 0. Locke. clerk of the court,
t ti:reSoe o COL R.ant J .. Strtpling, United States district
iaq a1-jr te nd^ tHH. Bu-[7ckman, Attatntnt
ntwamAttorney; . Bu ,
at de in s O~t swn cee- trct Attorney, and CoL J. i. kiorr,
et. oci t under the aspilce United States Marshal wil arrive trom
I sl uviat Ja lle to-night. Judge i. L
- paor of the Plant City church, Crae. Deputy Clerk of( the court has
ih the deceased a m a member, all of the dockets in shape, and there
SO. 4. eyo of this city off- will be no delay if a sufficient number
S i of jurom report tor dOty to-morrow
Saosed was in his Oth year of ma There are quite a number ot
wid nei of the moat popular cen to be disposed of this term.
i'esteemed entlmtemen n outh It is very probable that the grand
ae onem oLf the pioneer U- jary ~w be instructed by the court to
f this part ot the State, be wa Imrest e the destruction of the Con-
sls known all through Fortda. am Electric tfght and Street Rail.
.rred thrqh the Florida Indian o Company's dam across the H lls-
nd through the Civil War as a rou river as the road is in the
n' te the confederate armly. unds of a receiver appointed by this
I aLer the close of the war he court. Ii is to be hoped that the red-
id Wiq s Jane. Oivenla eldet rlal nd jury will make better prog-
ter i.t the veserahie John T. e n did the rand ury of the
t af this ety. Th e and two cot n is station ot this
-- AL Welk, oft Danvile, Ky., tr
*a.. C. Caritn, of Plant City-
5-a. ABOT OPUBA- Among the recent appointments of
:i ctti .m d b.th postmasters are the following:
*fte u W Ue j Buttoc. Bawat Bar"t RoM
oba4 I pd .^Pe~i~c~fp^..~a-y a, f Caksr.Crrtervle, dtu
igaBsete ttl i-dC cthesaes Johnr; Joseph B. Reid, DtDI Jefferso it ;
M msm thes La Of m. the Tina C. Dudy, 1 VolOIl; teo.
iaf the Ai i a Iam eIf art. W. Gafne, Green Pon Polk; Joeepa
i ,a'i-r s,, 4 iiUd on .r Ttila. Housis Sma.nnee; Mimer
r;itp'iS llodt K y, Purtnam; aseKiab
IS *A pAW avesfti the F. Nuckols. Meice,. Brevard; Oa edona

AA bre? t oBt te t sof Snumter: L. D. Regster, eoria.
spCe~ a Il ifwo i t. Pihe e Barrie, te-
O sbl; Td rlste, Jsmw City,
AM Si s & W Catl e Lee. si.al-etwo 5TeA eran.
S late. "TIf te oe W eM PlanytSist Brd, The Springs.
Sy and gneo- toii ir atirlay Wwln.
ottintereS tas. .N__
oee lnsst wthe
pr od c"

i^^^ ^r Stres AsnB we as de) o J t ha
Peeeslopmen s ent
imale the s o Jg' em

n the Itn of .the M oany awarded the contract
te theCms, so Haaa. laset ao< l.-no-wl, i-

is doe Captaoh a soon as possible. The new steam-
o a seped o tit knote shewill be t00 teet
< tW.tong, with a i-toot beam. Franc n.
Martin of the Plant Sytem iill oversee
in itm telev- the on strcttlon--Jacthtonvlle Metro-
Snh that ropOIA
fethr of irnc.

it ri&. 'L e Itesa s.elosr=t as s IJaestM WYee
nlng toA.the' Vs 1emedies ~ I'sil ls

ste amer t'eb *igi rach
Ir.Pas dviCai died no iloe.T heen ssewstea
df ent O thuNiei A-7 t w im tre is a dto bave

a .es .,, of .s... : be, atbe-00tret
long. with~dlP5 a 50- oo h FrsahnK
aitit wilob re ely- The conksme il erso-
Mr. panl t died. oraztef
as -at ac and to hat bit Reematior

and wouid run right along whether the Thonotosafsa. directors to he -eld _-_. thje %z -" -: W M
dam' wa cut Ir not. He stated that it Ittrb No. 1i, monday, id or tokholdh O he ,ers the m :rb te 12oG
took both time and expense io do all District No. Tuesday, Jan. 31. Pelot. owtT beTeletd t p th rd deo el
this work, but the hardest and mpst ted- District No. 13, Wednesday, Feb. ,L uail their farcomo Shall be elected 1 L.i
ious part of the work had been done, Hurrah. b ,ie EnrLique Ped, preaden7t;j tsii |
District No. 12. Thursday, Feb. Jo eEn i ueP o
and If the people,will exercise a little Tiger J it v& ie-ueeddent; eartin Cursef.' e .aSno
more patience, matters would be ad- District No. 23, Friday, Feb. 3, Gc ulf at genedB a g etad r ISn 'slr, t ilS i
Justed and everything running smooth- City. all o the abov named parties to- 'Ta W
SDistrct No. 7, Saturday, Feb 4, Per. nethI r wit Aoalbero Poro, Joe to-taa ; 164
The center lk and y that District No. Monday, Feb. 6, Ala sand Oonstanto Campo, to be the board
The enterprise, piuck and energy that fia Of Dito. ^r sO
has .been displayed by this company in District No. 16, Tuesday, Feb. 7, Gal- Sixth The highest amount of indet-
the face of the most adverse circum- vin Store. edees or hablity, to wich the cor-
District. No. 15, Wedn*sday, Feb. 8, 8 edn or r tay t n whch the cot- D Ol
stance is certainty commendable and Brendon. oratioon can at any tme f Dsubject *
worthy of success. Ditr No. 24, Thursday, Feb. shall be fiveethousand dollars. All of -
worthy of success. Distri No 24, Thursday, Feb the above subscribers e residents of The Sh
DISPATCH FROM DE, EY. District No. 19, Friday and Saturday, e o pa, state and county Jda
February 10 and 11, Plant City. 'a E RIQUE PENDA (Seal) i btfl d
Special to the Tribune. iBetrict No 1, Monday, Feb. EPTA, ENT ): de
lanlla. Feb. O1.-Tne Navy Depart- District No. 28, Wednesday, Feb. 15 :MARTIN CARTARA., (Seal).
ment to-day received the following College Hil JOSE REINA. (Se). Dec. -L 1m
cablegram from Admiral Dewey, dated Distrct No. Friday and Saturday, A LBERTO POlO. ,(
lat nightFebruary 17 and 18,. Port Tampa City. )INSTANTINO CAPO, (8e51). NOTION OF FlIAL
last night; S _-SPARKMAN. ,
*"aaili Feb. 9.-After continuous in- Tax Assessor of Hillsorough County. Sta f Florida, County ot Hsbor- .-
terference and intimidation of our work- NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION. PeDeoltly appeared before me on this wi l pe tto th
men. I ordered armed insurgents to the fortb day of January, A. D.. P 1 l55 atorough Cusaty,
leaf9Ban Roque by 9 o'clock this morn- Department of the Interior. Land fttice Bautsta N. BalbontinHarique Pdendas account send
ing. They left during the night, a at Gainesvle, FiaJ Jan. 21. I3M and Martin Caraballo. who being duly- las will of Ib
ing. They left ing the nt, a Notice i eby gven that thefol- sworn acknowledge that they executedan d wll make
remaining who burned the village this lowi-named settler ha filed notice of the forewging artle of t e raUo
morning. It is Dow occupied! by our his intention to make Anal proof in su- r he ues ad prpe therein ex-
troops, All quiet. "DEWE Y." port of his claim .and that said proof B3r ATTTPiss A BAIlONTIN, e* tr1 a .t t
Sn ---oqe is a v.ilite.. on th. of. will be 11be before Clerk Circut Court tITITAUi. NL ITI aiile LO +!
land onl aeti Cvite. and -thm ain- t Ta a.,R SI on Mar. 1. 1 vIa....

Judge it bhe xte re"i-- t .L his eS"-"--lnuousr" O i AU resdeme P. AULPW co 1- at
thealln sO osaid lad. vie:
F-r and E AMi- wI t was J. A. WMAC- TSM xn Fm. -e B
h's t 1 Ro to IW n*f to n&d Im' R*U
llnd^ ^ of he l for L e 1- oi m -I n.- on ^ OJ A. is
--* ,---". 'h..._'1 _?- QIK.... a a ma.S a i, St ,S h r+
-c--a' ,OI~__ 'un Z bub`aRo LCc-~~h~s;~i~Wi~r

- so

I... __ between Wlliam A. Dannake as +p. O N
LelIIk C.. Bowye, under the-rm Some .
President Appoints a Commission to o Bonacr er ur has this dayea '
Wre the irrU ts lid rybody Examine Into the Question, dissohld b" mtua Kn nt.
WIS i pyIm NDei- FRANK C. BOW -+ F OREiCLOSU RE orl a1io
Special to the Tribune. OR L
Washington, Feb. 10---The President ORDINANC'E NO. the Cirmit Court fr S
AInhas appointed a court of inquiry to --iCounty, Flordf ,bar -S
BAUY AND examine into the charges touching the An ordinance to amend Section L of oraton. vs.beor T
an ordinance entitled "An ordinance lain and JohnE. Donai
b meat tarnishedd the American army dur- trolding for the tax of all dogs run- Florida, County m "llS
The Lovely Costumes Worn by the ing the war with Spain. and other mat- ning at lare In the city of Tampa. Foreclosure of tgg
L dies. and the Gay and Rrilliant terms involved in the charges mae by Be it ordained by the City Council. This cause coming on to
Uniforms- of the irmy Ofer i itles against ithe ad:ninitra- Section 1. That Section 1 of ordinance on the motion for an o de.
Uniforms of the Army Off number 01 entitled an ordinance provid- Lion, and it appearing ote
aPrfttry P ictre. .. cwar affairs. ing for a tax on a" dogs running at lion of the clerk frosm the ad
Made a Pretty Picture. T. court will 'consist of Maj. Gen. large in the City of Tampa, ben dts r O that, ta
i ames F. Wade. U. S. V.; Brig. (ien. same is amended to read as follows: John E. Donalson is t
From Friday's Daily. G ore B. Davis, U. S. V.; Col. G orge at the owner of do running tbil of copla
Fr Dat large in the city of Tampa shall pay and that he I ovr -te age ol
The grand military ball and social L. Gillespi Corps of Engineers. C. S. for the same a tax of one ollar one years, and t there i
A. Li-ut. Col. George B. Davlis, deputy per year, that the owner tf every bitch the State of Florda, the ser
reception given at the Tampa Bay judge advocate general, shall av a tax of two dollars ($92.0) subpoena upon whom woIld
Hotel last night in honor o the dele Th court ill on e in th and sha pDrovide for every such dog said John EL ,Doalsonan, dt
HThe court will convene in this city on or bitch so owned and running at laige a resident of Dooiasoswngtil
gates and distinguished visitors to the the 15th inst. a collar and a numbered metal tag. Geoifia.
National 'Military Convention, was one M uichael Collins. the Salvation Army the dog or bitch, which said tag will be thereof, ordered tbaMyo, 5tei
of the most brilliant affairs ever hcld Lieutenant who shot himself in the left furnished by the oity clerk without E. Donalson. do appearbefore
.N charge, of our Sai court, a
in this city. The arrangements and 're-atst. with suicide intent last Monday Section 2. That ll ordinances or parts ough CsUty Srtat
decorations were very elaborate and reported yesterday to be getting of ordinances in conflict with this ordi- first Motday In FlePW.. A
ever detail was cartrid out to the t- along very nicely at the Emergency nanc be and the same be hereby r- the same being tilth d
ter hopidatai. Theballhasd out to the e at- pealed. it I sb eE
ter. Tanzpa society did itself prou. hospital. The ball has been extracted, assed by the City Concil this 13t correct a
not only In the nutnber represented, but and it is now believed that he will re- day of Jan, A. D., IW. in the 'T aTlbd
in the worrc of makirg th visiting dele- cover. Attested) FRANK BRUEN, pap'pe bit '
nation feel at home, and contr, uting .Jo..tit unc no.s Hca f u3 ntyaiStal #wve ft
to their social welfare. The crowd in NO 4949 Clerk of the City of Tampa. ordered t lsl 10
Approved this the 14th day of Jaa *" v D, *, .D:-
attendance was estimated at four hund- REPOBT OF THt CONDITION A. D. hl. yE.C. of t a. -e l l li
red. and for brilliancy, beauty and chl- O T ayor. C er t1
valry. it would compare 'favorably with -OP THE-
any four hundred society, military and r iRDiNATIinE NO. 21 p. brss ',.ei i-
official representatives anyoere in the Hl fl
country. The costumes worn by tae fLIVUlIL UlI LIJ nufl lordinance to repeal Ordi na' tsteof:
ladies were gorgeous in the extreme, OF nTA PA, der I the removing, An Or na o '
and lak of tacealone forbids a d-TA1 provide for the removiag of sereena a4 e ItttCli Im s
aed lack of pae alone forbids a de- at Ta In thette of Flotria at the other obstructiorns on the bbatth day Cout ahwa a puc
tailed description together with the close of business, February 4th, 1BS. in front of saloons and barrooms in the O f las". do berebI certwf
names of the lady attendants. r. de city of Tanpa"ed by the C above and fres o tri
,Walter. acted as master of ceremonies Be It ordained by' the City Coutell 1% orte r e fr b= i
the city of Tampaoc t vishickm
in his u brilliant style, and much of Loans and dlso~t;ts1..........27 i.78 Seion L That ordinance number 172 l8ia tthet ds i rti S
the e no~ehth of the occasion was ue cdraedft~ e and uJse- entitled "An ordinance to provide tor lngandL
cured. P4 5,1n.St the removing of screens and oilier, oh- v George T. Cb~Lil~ il! il
to his skill and management. He was U. S. Boad-to s*Wre circula- struoto t on the S bbfth dy In trot DoS T Ch1a mber i. :aia:
ably assisted in king after the comfort tion...... 5, 0 of saloons and barrooms in the city of ina is
of the guests by Manager A- E. Dick, Pelum on U Bonds.. 3, 9 Tampa, be and the same is hereby re- my hnd andtheser
Baning-houe, funitue and peaed on this the mi dy
who can speak the greatest number of fitrs .. .......... 0000 p ed by the City Cauncil of Tampa on-.t.st y
pleasant words in the least number of Other real estate and mortga- this l3th day of Jan. A. D.. lIi. (sean :-, L
minutes of any man in Florida, He ges owned.. .. .. 8,1. (Attested" FRANK BRUEN. Cl of h (sit
Due from National Ban 1125(not 0lr o a oa In ue tha
was greatly needed last night and no Presdent of City Council. By. V. Bh G (IVB .
as greatly needed last night and no Reserve Agents)..... ........ 2,59.11.9 JNO. HENDERSON. t
mn in the crowd did a larg-r Lamont Due from State Banks and Clerk of th City of Tampa Deuty tek
of wor k Banlkers.... ... 7,71e.4- Approved this e the 1th day of Jan,
The music by the Tampa Bay orcnes- Due from approved reserve A. D.. t"99, C. BOWYER. DIrORPc OT
agents...... 16.17.13 Mayor. "
tra was in all respects befitting th Checks and other cash items.. 11,73.87 In Circit Oourt,' bS
occasion. and Prof. Perraichoff, the Notes of other National Banks 13,703.00 S xth Judicial C ot of
skillful leader was the recipient bf many Fractional paper currency, ARTIC OF INO)RPORATIO. Chancery riet T
hgh nickels anmd cents ............ 847.41 -k and rentst T- m e
hh co clients or his money reserve in Of The Cosmopolitan Drug OompaLny. ThI cause dll it
The large music room was utilized bank, viz: Articles of Incorporation entered into upon ppVltt tfor a. srd
for dancing and the glazed floor was Specie.. .. .... ,255.00 this fourth day at January, A. D., IlM, --tio udturashda.fl e
kept crowded all evening with the gay Legal-tender notes.. .. 30,000o.0n 4t,2,i.0 by and between Enriq Pendas, Je iI 1
R tedemption fund with V. A Pits Bautluta L albo. atin. .Mrt 5in -tlr*woe ot lCthethe : iLl
dancers. The manly bearing of the Treasurer (5 per cent af ctr- CaraaLto o. Adaberto Poro. JoseRetna, n afidavitflled wIt -
military officers in their full dress unl- culation)....... ...... 1,125 0C Constantino Campo and their asotis- plaint in aidcause that
forms ended beautifully with the bril- s who bereby aSlate th elveo W fendant is a no-ridelt
liant costumes a rare lovelimness of Total .. . 447 171 gether as a body corporate, under the ofiorida an rcidaa
ant costumes and rare loeliess o consttution and laws at the State of Vas. and over te age o4
the lades. It was a scene long to be LIABILTI Florida. and do adopt the fo- r
Capital stock paid in .......... $100,000,00 lowln antheir articles of incorporation. ttam
remembered and it will doubtless he apu a sc d n.their articles o. incorporation., It is therefore orddd
many years before Tampa society will r fra. .G.tOS tlmore do appear th Abe
many years before Tampa society will Undivided profits, less expen- First, the name of the corporation plaint on ot beoreIstt h
participate in a ball under similar cir- ses and taxes paid.. .. ..... ,15s85 hall be Cosmopolitan Drug t'omp.ny, AD, 1A.D . A r
cemstances. The Toronto cadets were National Bank notes outstand- and its pinncple place of bsines sha be ter ain
ing.......... .... .2,S.00. be in Tbor City, city of Tantpo, eUlty It is frther Oj It ieged'
conspicuous in the crowd by their red Due to other N'ational Banks.. 1.638.40 of Hilloborou and tate of Florida, this ordrsr tbg+be jpS d in
coats. They won the admiration of Due to State Banks and Bank- and at such other place in the State Trtlbt ane a .wOeei i
all present by their gentlemanly de- er. ...... s of Florida and foreign countries, as toe lve w s prio toa ti
DIvidends a .s.aid.. .es officers of the compran y may er r Per Ablt. I :
pontmest. I. individual deposits subject to deoignte. aAiL -.J-pV
check.... ............. W81,159.10 Second. The geSeral nature atf the mS
S Demand Certificates c. deposit 5.160.06 business to be transacted shall be to a
Certified checks ........... .... 0.00 buy and sell drugs, patent medicines, am C, C peraufels ,StationTry, toys lw-, elryi.W gsItaO
N L Total......................447,t11.0 c!,,:. et, oo. t iacy goods and to ea shoy 3 aI I,.
State of Florida, County of Hills- ; id elan0 and all other articles, con- fo Balva COMO,
ThCe Consi 'a COmpII is EN A l&y- borough, 6 t: I jCu.tL ii:'. the general nlerchanidise goin a r & cmpyi-l
I, J B. Anderson, Cashier cf the above Lud ,rug business not otherwise men- Publcon StalU
ing Pterprise, Pluck and nergy. named bank, do solemnly swear that t.oiu but sppmrttalng to and being mOm my l taai &
the above statement is true to the best germain to said b5ainT Said p corn- W tnes my an
of my knowledge and belief, pany may also deal in real estate may Tampa. this 11th Y y O
The Consumers' electric Light and J. B ANDEIRBON,, buy, sell, own and autaN real estate, l S
Street Ralwayr Coenhany has decided to Cashier. as if they Wers I Ji&vdSW, and Shall By -. M
Subscribe and sworn to before me have any and all porers germany toD. .
replace al the light weight rails on the this 10th day of IFebruary. 1s, said business necessary to the fl. a- IxiOkAiu GaOT-d
street car track with 56 and 60 pound C.C. WHITAKER. trying on o ts operations and pUirpoes. .-
rails. To do this the foundation In I ,. : Notary Public. ThgLrd. The sasountofthe atln it r U Celio S
Crrect-'Attestt of asid company shall be Iws t m-
many places will have to be huilt new P. O. K IGT, uotis in be dived is ton h a sd thSc
and much stronger than heretofore. All P. G. 'WALL, shares of the par value of fifty dollars 0 ; aS lSk
the new timbers that are being placed I. S. CRAT, each: said capital tock t11o te tflly pi ` l
are amply Afcident to support the DLrecor up by the present stock of goods
heavy rails. It has also been decided held, owned daearsed s by atin by
to put in new and improved electric natr *nnrnnArn sIT CarabaUo. at the newr at Ninth aye-
light wires and the imspreements at \I u noe said NoATe-fi t t ho C.tE l is' lbS
eiil re Tampa. i eu at utBii ologh- ll a
the dam and powerhouse are being |A 1 11 end State of Florld, together th Sil t id
pushed with all possible speed. In con- v IV sswsrwss of the stock of goods, furnltore a S ?
v t with Ue of Ntiee hereby given to the property, also the boO anonta and ort S dil o CiO 4a5slt.Br
oonPfay yeterdty he stated that the owners of Hlliborough county that I Mart I Coahlil. The said capli- nd of Cubap. si
present Inprovemente would cost near- will be at the following places in the tal stock may hereafter be increased to twenty-oem in y ;fls .
county on the dates named for the pet- an y a olnt Which may be desire It li ltatet
1 if not quite as much an the first of mklng a m ^.entss fo.] idoe i tcQ ,
construction oft the iptant, but when perty owners are solicited to meet me mernt of thi cororatlon shalt be the to the .a0 Sitl of esItPmlt :
completed, Tampa would have si cons- promptly and to bring deeds with date of the isaulce of letter patent, 'ore the tth day o Feh., A.D.
plete and thoroughly equipped eetric them so that correct descriptlons of d It sh al coono~ e in operation ferl ,'r O :...l<.!
plic property may Be had. -All property. ite term of nlnetyo -8 relse i e lall s. c- _
light pent su t railway op.0 st returned will be amssssed.e as Un. The ii ss of th cs.opio ^ It is fOtbw
be tomnd aa rhe .. the tat. -d known. The oflc in Tampa will be aa e coduted. ya prsden.vce-'^ or gS S
that' with'th'e additions and lImprove- openedJanlut1^ tdent, general 6taehr 1*95.etxry^"^^ '^'^S^SS^S
menc that were bethng mtadeto the has.c 4rr htte 1 ,5l5 i ^ .
steam power plant, the system could, District No. 10, Saturday, Jan. t,_ toard of seven otr te S o ardo a U ..f..U e


r -to Xent;i
, Zpi,

to the T e
5ngca MI2

i and Remains

. &-Baron Ve
I more than a
S.by me of the
ieago was to-
is csstody of
;, lt delalit of
tor hut sppear-
he 'March term
L=wM ~

WiniamAL NaaOOs, E. BeadO of Ala-
chua. OW. CrawIford o Orange, Pnllip
Ieonardy of VoTlsia, Golding ou
Escas nbia J. 8. Turner of Levy, S. I.
Page of Polk, E L. iobley of S 'mter,
vice-peswidents; A. Van ,Agnew of Os-
ceola, secretary; E. W. Peabody of Or-
anfS. S. Marsh of Vohmila, T. A. Par-
ker of Pol, assistant secretaries; J. M.
Wilson. Jr.. Osceola, treasurer.


Big Blase in New York-Girls Have a
Narrow Ecape Prom Death.

special to the Tribune.
New Yostt. (Feb. la.-Fire to-day swept
furmugh the block of buildings opposite
aktterr Park, bounded by -Front,
Whitthall,, South sand Moore Streets
and destroyed thrteen buidlnafs, en-
tailin a lo of about o 700,000.
Oie freman., Bernard Blar, of the

d ffty guirs employee"


arxPe.t tnlo s

r. apeaklin. as to

Sm aaj S "Ov-e- the stoves have been taken
SS- 0tw dawnm from the hadks and the men scat-
iM f'-.e1W5 tfimed Obost to keep wwar-m. Yesterday
-t -t.- -i thog the weather eat a chill of des-
S. a B n ato the men, and requiition
Nis, Bi"bea madt e d* at ah of the twelve
t-t are already in VIla"e, and by
^tN i^W ~es- nltt It Is expected that they will all
&iItap :f5W hbe weady and red bot.
M.L' hUi a "sAcordaiK to previous instructions,
fi iM Majr Chasine. commander of the pot.
s to secelre 46 hor p otie as to wnen
S tdetachment should move. The last
t E' at Ienteaon, was to leave to-morrow at
. r~f noad but it t hbrdypomsble now from
r byI the pnresnt outlook 'hat this will be
doe T. he receipt of the order will
determine 48 bour beforehand when the
S-anwA tit of departure will 'be, and so tar
the lasu not been received.
d The 4%ePpost morning report shows only
14imrt en beuietd e seven comanussioned
P.0 elS to 5a7 qoloens. who will form, the detachment
Ip a s aurk- ~ iag to CCba. The tour companies
It *Umovr at wa# es- each equipped with 4,000
l rn.iemsr- rounds ot fansunition."
be brst done A TEXAS WON-DER.
mts SeidhSrr3.
One small bottle of Hall Great Die
Ceoery cures all Kidney and Bladde
troubles removes gravel, cures Dia-
S bet s. seminal emission, weak an lam
Sbacks, rheumatism and all irregularly
ties of the Kidneys.and Bladder in boti
ona and women. Regulates bladder
trIybles tn children. If not sold b
your druggist will be sent by mail or
S estut of SI. One small bottle is twc
months' treatment and will cure. an3
-'ear above meantoned. W. HALL.

90 a by I & onadi Co, Tamp,
***^^1 ^.^-".-i3TW -

old an ntihusaatie StaL Convea-
Imntt Flul'J tion and Elect Col. W. B. Hender-
STtson, of Tampa, Presideuit
Special to the Tribun.,
maa T w KTO Kleasdmree, Fla., Feo. 8.-The Stook
A TRA SPOTSo men's tate Convention has brought to-
Sether a large uitbet of representatives
of this most important industry from a:l
:ns About Shafte parts of the tdtate. ITne convention
promises to be a business-like meeting,
04 -t < ~rto, the meeting, the necessity of organiza-
p)h aGets it tion and co-operation to receive the best
results from the immense irnvesment
N eck.. of c-pltal and labor in the businesO .
The address of welcome by toe Hon.
R.. H. Seymore called attention to tne
ane. importance of the organization to the
5. $-President 3 c- State, the magnitude o.- tne industry,
. ar- Investlgasuon with an earnest effort to correct abuses
Lto-ay on the coo- and organizes retormo,
ItI was ver volumnil- The convmUtion wsa called to order by
la.etary Alger qui'e L. ht. luwlson ,preudlnt of the Os-eota
Sthe hideoff ten- Co- nt tokoen s- alslon, whIo
hg pees utft State e uvention
C. importance of
k, staff tion to beCUTe
s-sad besct s desire of Kis-
inimee nodt-y to extend
ha any and promoting the
fy, t eno-y tne
The JA.I Palmer pald
'10aiv." Going
cited the 101-
tie indostry in
dahn he calala
the most Lm-

ying that

LorHenr, (1) Jons, Tir d ie SPECIALTIES :- heavy Blacksmithing. Architectural o
(1)Corn~enr, 4t)Johnothrdnthime. Time
:m8. Newhouse. Mike Kely, Roy ar- Works. sttore Fronts, Sills, Colauns, etc. Repaift on ll
YAWNINC LANUOR inea sorar n Cnte and Chiulta Io. Steambo a Machinery and Boilers. Ourprompt attention gi p
W) also ran. atico, (109) Rynol, 4 to i.
CHILLfinished first, but was die ualifed and to install g Irrigating and Steam Hedting Plants as reaonab
SCHILLS NERVOUS for tn. Au bets off Prices. Pitching Posts and Iron Fences.
There is no e ailment which is Bob Turner, Timberland aAa d Mar) Bar-
nes. also ran. 'St. Rupert, (109) Oakley.
of more unviersl dufot ant d suffering, 6 to 1. finished second, but placed last 0 0 04$ 0 I0$I ll "0.1
efpedslly to women, thn Sick Headache Pain for fouling.
UaAe itheictionof Fifth race. four and a half furlongs- Ar .ranCT w fn .ere
HEADACHES physes distress,-,Onaretta, (113) Porter, 2 to 1, first; El- A e or Branch i9a
thewarning figer urine, (93) Boland, 4 to 1, second Imp. in Elery C'ity or Town,
ofddlrMe. Pain in the head, the seat of the Jack Hayes and Hands Off also ran. W n sa a io S
nerve centres, is, for women, an emphatic signal Fourth race. seven furlongs-Min Sldalary or Commission.
that something is wrong with ner functional (107) Dennis, 10 to first- Mzie V 1.,) ai ,
organs, which are so largely composed of ne oland. to second; Terram.' I HUNTER TAILORING CO. "': "
tissues. If the derangements that cause Sick Harrison. 5 to 2, third. Time I J. 1-2 G is Fit r.e 5 Ga
des-oemtcL r',S1 sw.Pt. ri.Ge paGETS BOUNCEi A srs repir for me year
ducewNervous Hadahes. Dr.Reno',N'.IwHealth endT end MACKINTOtH-- I Order fsChre
willtbiithe debilitated body out of stch danger S,ppci]a to the Tribune.
y feeding theimpoverished blood uil the-e is NW .shington. Feb. S.-The Pr- i :At' Samples and self measure blanks sent by mail.
a healthy circulation about the parts a:::l they To-Ia- caused to be promu'lai "
are strong enough to perform their functions enter.ce in the case of Gen. Char'oe 1i a o '* t< >' Ot'a~&,'st regutarlyand naturally. There i another kind I Lfan. The court-maltial ___Sr ctn-
of headache, the I di n -missa! from the a-my, and (ht
PE IODICAL Periodical- with Presient has commuted this Lu. .x PROFESSIONAL CARDS. H K. OLLIPHANT.
women. i ars sus-pension from dut.:, hih ATTORNEY AT LAW
asuallyprecededby awning, langucr chillI ess, covers the remainder of the tim- pi-r I, C. iliEH ATTORNEY AT LA
or sometimes by peculiar emotionalorr mental to. General Eagan's retirement in Jan- (aPropt tn en all
uasr 1905. Pro t
activity, followo by drowA iness The night's ATTORNEY AT LAW, s,
rest is broken by dreams which fearfully exhaust HONORINOG R ARCIA'S BOYU. w ,' irc e n tsale sad lfeeral c ui.
the nerroos system. The pain grows more P-Cmpt >it lIon givt n Mo Ui iL sir Sit. P. RA^NK M. Io tOs4TON, .
sevcreattended bysnausa and vomiting. When Special to the Tribune. xgciM,. ut diog. Tp lap ATO EYAT-AW s,
it geta to this point the patient has reason for eHavana. Feb. 9.-The United States ASTOBNEY-AT-LAW.
immediate and sincere alarmn. gunboat Nashville, bearing the body of pT o T .0. KNIGHT.. .
nD C MCIE HCEALTH General Callxto Garcia, arrived this P
Da. RENOS NEW H morEALT niongl and was received by the Ci ATo Y
Council ad five hundredC huban soldiers AT LA W U T O
wsu aW b.hdac. Now? ot by pl WhO i ardt the body while it lies AT LAW,
skay, ,e{5 ino,-g,k bygod edorm in state, Major Generalt udlow took. .-
stASY p M st o edimsswhh pat in the onar demastrtion. TAMA, Ex. Bat.B b ldSg. FA. O
6ow- snstr-io to ose phSW.W.W. .. . &a. cr I, HO IS, K60
ispes-lisisraSSS^ K foisspms regesses w.a w -;.:--f
L^S:^ S t'-T '-. .- i I...... "-- Ia.

, f { 8 6- O-- i 45 r. . r 4's * L'. .....
hm ~a~l~e ba LiJ~rpis i~*-:rrr-vs,:,~~~ ~t~k+=i ~B~i ,,rl-rjlbL P~3 i ~~dL~)W SIL~CIC Y .il....744SJL~
AWAU ut 41wvstO k1

----- Fait Time Made by Winners on the so1a o 0u64"wI
Oet Te Thousund Cofltainmfl&ed Cm, Tampa Bay Track. 4111
Cond0emned. From Friday s Daily. ES
The clear and cool weather y'terday SURREYS.

SALMON, BEEF ANO PORK SPOIL tr drce meetlon the Tatpn dl3ay rice
track an ideal one for the -port of 7 man w--wf g' g
The Investigatiag Cou mittee Has kings and the !are numer of e person s 50Ti Q U
Made a Rich Find and the Matter in attendance thoe l~ joed thel m
sport, even if they did not appreciate blW. Wem hiss oaL -
Has Created a Big Stink-Rail- the ruiirgs of the judges in declaring
road Thieves to be Arrested. all heats off on toe las .-ace t cause' of 5^va^ai.Sh -l-
a foul. ACME QUEEN.,tOUR OWN MAKE.) =r user
______ Aector larger number a tteaditon than uts ath O li O LLOR wit -1M
Specia* the Tribune. at-ended, arnd the fair i)nes "t,'-re ust s55.O al OVCiO a OOST eraam AM W
ac ve been notified n s the Nas the sterner n. Marey IT FO O a d AD ATA
ad Fla., Feb ree -T oroade rs i EA R R CK (nC.)CICAC
of them pitt up ewnsid, Ca:ite h in onandblpesssszn.I
arrest a- still out against Soow A- the results and on tl wee ar- AME e bs
mle tna p etherwtoor ist.- o sm
vares. Castenada, Pesndae. San Verda ticularl3" interested in the finishes of body,f'aipateeeeerim Wheesehist bie s..
Snd Francisco de ortCevic. the fivee -f each race Thi e Canadian cadets w rea v erys"" k e ko .ms.
and Francieco dora U ee.lti fit- f re t and samaewn theirbr r-ed0:1i4 a t-a 9amsol
loea dio s f the Forr Carrit Ur- trsced far iue attention than the th ONE
thano, now under Indiuent for alleg d regulation blue uniforms of the offcers 1 _.se- e

falllny which they will Ybe taken into all they could &ttend to in eo mo-_,_, ..- Ba -
fball tl be furnished, a tote cash on the re sults.a are d In tre o M on aa O O A s
The tproseetoh whih is uderthdei Therdeee rfive eve rts L i the card.
*b a, p of the a oda hoes, antdm r and inTlyde e epat thor rd ra n there n
ppae atl n t to be droPtped ater t alohe led t cne under the wire alsy
The Bo ad of s Meat Survey, ofU w nhe wih. In t fthe sth ra.e a! foUi
f al inglon a. h it. l erR, of the iaghth a dbclan d yn thoe fn t and the
Iesantrt is paesid ent, ound as a ron- wtine ws o rule t c t. Thrd triskt hrea
sIt o ed an cnqutry this a ufterntmo n t ht sen nee fvet sftin, oit was a1 te o .d
br -ta i ts tof h 1e n tk ars ant for a n th e xcrwd. e In the last race there e e .. i
themn foodE and ReslAieet ynedede r tae wse other foul a nd althoe h as thhed Y OU
ia ae ly-ton, aot one reed teo a de-imn horse that came under the wire A fi-s Tt 5
timet. q i olowelRead. h conned Was In rent nearly all the way ar i ound, Oassts theO. O
r the- Gerdsn andin tea tht a teT track, he was raied ou e an ult wl s ruled out i mused
teaseni t o-morrowning. tots w so bets wr desired of.b Thw s caused mp am ,suxnhesen

megontent ofAsmr oa r t he r t iet kind the a row, ad it hae edP bankls.in iA

Is letlo to thne tRiue ckdnof Lattnts e n ws thtecamle u pder s ose w o hdat 1 a
A pOwiled t.i nigthenv with respe s trainefonttoa.p Landtak llmi e e

Tet e o n the ocase din e e S H A tl b d
hemasied toshow that esrnce tC m eat The trek owas tn excellent tondis tion TU" ME ShEE.N I N _-j ,
-wa boght h r the overnsd entf moist i- aedh tefast-s tki e was rade Iie i Se o, p sn 7 a :

Sfried no the hds s on she trs. Anger rean t Bhe first mile udi rt-- THE Asi QU
It oins Oialhy repIri that all the bf th le oothe rnt Tior ies de i rr
*rosAL ht Ey flee United States transport of ae the ftetmile a uno-siee nth rh ace in slasl i Nnasetj^sie m( 7 inect im oneys oi5
richigan has bees Issued and consumed th e h fa mile of the assa rtiank -o fla 9Moogua rded.iass-e Sidualt
with the e eep lotion of bout sfxev tbe af rmite fee. It se au rmanrk- 'UA E, 2 Y A s
peoundms that had-to he leat outside o thers e at e od ac ls a o- T ie n a 5e we snco i nidEQ E
re bfrigratoer. these Sv enth Armycresn ra ed atice -eights w ieias-wssian- inMaamai n A kt I rAn 5seIeAttd w it R oo.
its now e datng hof beef bought Ion the mre fast for a e half-m one ta ck. ss's O es ieP L ams O' 'anDot"f.1indN -
Ioca maris et but e hlnoravA nolel s tterd t the two fouls'allowed eny si f te -- -r r st e s h -o e us -v?
he me In sre e-Lm'r Blc e is -o h the lo dg, a well informed ra1e track le 1 ---->Mtl,. r-j 7brs&'5l5.7
n .ss. and prefe refrigerated beef. mite n.k-s the fol-oleg ..atement OUR RELIABILITY !$ ESTA"L FUED is;'. '
uhe news of the hnattedS of astrla n r All hots wre d cleared off in the last no deal aie sa rn ecahiry i t- s i ewritsPR
Math an h iam nse sentson here. it beirg race e Judgea Wheat's ort ders. .netin onsolmbs- s a rb: i-ssrMa-i., t esr.' al

Thncral oresbn. renet una frind o I theirs fo r egar auto t nedtw c l a, OsseeR tSU I I y-c imdan.6" OOLIsssIof
the he. aen rwe-lla'a -cdnci nioriedi's.ds-,
ime Tlserato i realhintorethe mor t a'the Ic e th ae savlng.tia e legnt
ines y uand p sreferdr y are oftherew badi edcress hodan t e satisf oI dn- a.EU ABILT IS ESmTABLISHED
Areserant mri-lwI the Pocoef roh tois is-, corned th lodge cleared all" hefdt om 'TJho-1tr--, i

l gtn an vietr.ey w sll ireteade the o a- bac tee i h Wea,'for ne er as mo en as o Ptar-Ir.gdffaba asu oaftirne
semiderathe ati Waphingsitwtion Ihn morea -C ,-a r e It asdenaaseise-s yei. I .$t nsilo
ma nerly ansdJ c e o dto to wionet idngw Ct) lit- re host tmuotant thb Se- sneneae s ma,.,..
American itar. yet theyoarees fs-roshe misin- citif ee U's 'sa andpif l to ace"sh w ts s il d ssd'--g pi" It rd ni a is 'tM .-s.
H owti ev thyey fuse Fis l- th eletan faliastrechaTTNWn ,St.,
Pmeln theatre Ihisplnsthat oon --s--ewe-le dacestran rred. It was a a IS
manner anawthgous to the omne adetong the ionl inthea sur-onto as-non the ru-e i n vXSEM KU
t he Amorle. t Cr nthor 4-m ae s-,- ti roo coooFi ns lat wnr ttd nc, Jld H ea de-1w sahI i

thptecto wl he perTrh deethea d-1 thisfoulhenhrde wa h rertaon. fs td = s-siib.--s = KA-4 0V
Wasmin gt on. Fe-bat WashinReanr h lw Ion has fete-C In i f rs-n Seciartt rriccelSIM '
eweyl hing s tyaned the Navy Depart thr e tam, inine-so b e s wt ke decait O ,rede , asew aaisanaae'aTesnasI-sN G W ig l b

I ther laed hwitar siand m nition Ite- fool InIthre e okurths-sade, u ell1osd insisted
manthritie s a to the oefet sthat the *e-trpat whna tonicd more tI. -pe tr e SekawhITmtila-beas Oneroeassi s

tilipnos d and this fa cto may accout the rider of S th. ne -i whow as oroa.MollerI., -"
fr their r a ion eepigteimttawe te extr ero s wasde r third." Boland Insinsted%
Tsheeis ron. tobel. Inoiteve, howeverlead herein ande Jdgeo theaets piaeP
Deth yat th e matterhasen CoNua h win- Be-. Honet a sta e declared off. in th m be a
nociltat leas mted to theroentlrehon- f odeu same oa tacn theotside ofsthracesfit-ac.
te loaderewia thoarmtestandthatmuniaco-haboutaSootheforomthet- rI l Theefeeslt 5b
has dcla ed hisfonvictin th wowas g t h rae s ie V -tles.- 3ty e h o
Ihollmna ware. on the ec aonduct of a sth ond and torrad n third. ewith Wil1 In t.hesa- e e ae h uel. F'-
repraethartive ThIs e aumy tthorites f- o rn- t whenab iede ih ebetswreiin, the betswer ek ads hoean-.e
sGaied n threat the GermanCsu s -ldrno declared offaltu hfen" and eq ts .
Ietie I n couer sae. Thewsthsuemmary of te resultmis asufob- mtokeoffleeae.so 1aMnm larles mu
towtelslanodestairefactO-eayaccu ut (e1rderOfS. e r.teven hmoney'waestn0 & w, ,e 1

secret.atoelseaTribune.olad, 2 tornerson d; J ud ert.whoin .tes f a d
Havan I srea. s-nR th ei evehotievr ,badkso.n (10to1,tid Time Sadps hedn 1 t. a .. .. ....Is Franl.
that the matehais armyniswowhtun- ARus. Lertlasn Bug. tr be-na, ShallyClvark
epie- t rmthe of the nominatio lier s J.e.Iran d une Gdas.o'a
'bas-eg tlaend t asc gn teintha Geeneral Ts enh d ras e. fnl-e fa toe. -sMaemVetsc

The^ Bro"ne

I, -t~
-- : .-~- 1
. -i ~e ,; r; ~~- i


Ietimst at Seety.Saf lllhan Dol.

mLnfo tie FIsal t ar.


On the As initration for Exercising
Clemency to Eagan-Pnirishment
Wll Consist in Drawing $78,-
000 Without Work.

Special to the Tribune.
Washaton, Feb. 11.-The attention
of the House was occupied to-day In a
wenmal debate oa the civil appropria-
tion bIL at*. Dockeny of MaiMurt, in

er Pver

a to meet the rim fltE TREATY SIGNED.
ei m at faltls to anma*k a
The President Attaches His inguature
ie Of yelow ff ba devel- to the Important Document.
;Ae iabtte Regimeant of Regu- _6
"idned In Mt city, to-day. Special to the Trtbtne.
DmI oteredlsolauton with anm Washlnlton, D. C., F eb. 11.-Thoe of-
a r t, .Iti feared that the f"l treaty of peace -with Spain, bear-
i Sty' cannot in future be inu the signatures of the Spanish and
e romn this dae as the cty Amear can. commnisaloners, which was
ted that the return of warm red by the Senate last Monday, as
R aM sst sur to abing an eP- crtied by Vice-Presdent Hobart, was
S staged by the President and Secretary
Hay at 9SM o'clock this afternoon in the
library of the Executive Mansion.
S.Wle saying the document, the
President. and the Secretary of State sat
Sat tbe round table in the center of the
Slibrary. The ceremony occupied only
e la very few aiututes, and at its coescls-
son. secretary lay replaced the doou-
S mention ts crimson velvet case and
S took it to the Mtate Department for
r athe eBd4o ofd the trae-sn lrtu1 to B&adrd.
thWd'Modelo A WORD TO ME Wt 1WE Is SUMFFI-
SOf the He.4M LS R A -A BAILaM has com-
.D-.Pletelt + red me orf xaeVrh when
^y|^ rythfe else itold.-Alfred *W. Ste-
wre drawn eT, tSB.IMA SM twuAre iklu Me a
hpar,-e hcalmtt as omed 0 ,nof the most obi
WW i. tix.e 4 case cold,In the bead: I
4fOf the wooM not be without it -Fred'k PFries,

gj ^f chave thei A 10c trial'-ie wor thedc amae Of Ears
I&t A i----- _s- & 1 aW omw Oream Balm wtEi be mied. KSept by
feor Sbor wil ha awarded. -ru tas Myiroths -I; -Wrrmn
t he Vs"s n tn A+

Opb-l SAdot twelv months a o tbe IJis
a w borne before Frit and TMCCo COanP1 y, of Or-
~bi be51cssaala .ro-Soa 9 landoo wis onasiaed with a Opttal
a et 1 4 rskNro sar ae s eh dtock o-Aso. After bng Wannd
toe S. w fi S maim ^ 8 ^
rr~k~IS1 w ttr ill.-QQ~rOhl ~r

S .
S'to Cr. UP Ui fARmpS-

N' %LmeL Pi, usb. W U, 1is.
eiabt ew t s Ktmdergarten
r.m Swrelb tender to
4iHl bo4 heartfelt
Sfao his e gas atrip In dellverinS
l fWati uUtedtasturee which
.*ii.-4abel B anad elated
wi tbe of educator
Oth in this
feel that he
p1*:.1eid Iblossom in
i 4 bid gardens of
UimW.*tTw sp. Lonw.
JsiKldearten Assots--

lle Rladerg-en *Aseocla-
S eCarrt, President
n Asoction,

w t wabolesale
was a visitor
sococupanled by H.
Tamp aCty Mr
to gie san exusion
Of Tampa peoepte.
Co. have Just
BS redt upo both.

tit Does

corw & e ao ro 4. &1 aMNMns ma o Me
odnctapa weeS heA yteerfay, when a
dividend of ten per cnt on the amoent
of stock ad. W$1,00l wa declared Mad
paidL Not a bad showing for the conm-
ns-tcement It te believed that another
dividend w be declared within the
et- stix months of tMy per cent.-Or-.
las Reporter.,
$10 BEtaAD $100.
The readers of this paper wil be
pleased to learn that there s at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages, and
that is catarrh. Hall's Ctarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
oonstitutlOVAi disease, requires a con-
atitutlonal treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cur is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of
the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the. disease, and giving
the patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in do-
ing ts work. The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers, that
they offer Ope Hundred Dollars for any
case that It fasls to core. Send for
list of testimoniaks.
Address. F. CBH5.ENEY & CO., To-
ledo. O. oldt by ail drutggist, 75c.
Hall's FaunLy Pls are the best.
snd guaranteed to cure Chills, ever
and Ague. All druggists or from
t offlt West'Drug C, St. Lois,
J. BI ata., sMMinJ~ LD Ocala .s.
M- g0red a. sea d o...... t d ors

A. bulsps asers- sad w n slo.
FOL 20











.KillUtM ad TO rirty Vleed


b wljeaus bkng to aItanM to Wel-
ThfIrC-kiftan-Tellow Fev-
er Oantinues I Dea.dly
Work Among Our nen.

social to the Tribune.
Mtanil. Feb. U.-ea offials reports
E t e bttle ef Oaslooeca show that
i Amerwicans under General Otis oly
e tw.o men mile6 ad thirty-two
auMaed. The Ie o the f tWIlMto
ta is estimated at two hundred
ae headesi wboonaded *ad ye

Tbe atlBdng mleas eras cin-

betts, aminal emission, weak and Ism tts speciic cure n One Minute CoaI failing upon the Warnel Coplas matton ca adafrat
backs. rheumeti-m and as irregulart Care A. J. -'he e-4. Publisher AWpt ome da e to
ties of the Kdneys and Bladder in boti cultural Journal and al-imt'-r. sdsr d sThBat except eoa M
men and women. tegfutes bladdea Mo., says: "No one w illbe disap- the root add coosleerable daAtage ta c wet ui S
troubles in children. If not sold b pointed in using One Minute Cough the stored crates and material in the -y dith l r oteci
your druggist will be sent by mail or Cure for La Grippe." Pleasant to take, copay mil to Uesc :t
receipt of SL One small bottle is twc quick to act. For sale by 8. B. Leonardi News reached here fe dayso of Te b t to w
month's treatment and will cure AM & Co.. Central Pharmacy, and Diamond New reached l Te tO tu-lltwl
case above mentioned. E. W. RALL. Pharmacy of Ybor city. the deat f w r.f. t eser, late watph- ed to r-
mSole Manufacturer aker and Jeweler of this plane. Mr. cte Wh
P. 0Sole M Bo, a anfa rer .. W. F. toall. editor of this &a er Yeiser died in Peducah, Y., y. on Jant- a la he wH
d b IBox 18, WI o, Tex Tam was able to be out yesterday for the ary 16th. e was a genitlentan oP ridet 1or te A
Sold by B. Lonard & Co. Tampa first time since his serious tall from many fine traits of character, honor ble :I
this horse last week. He is yet some- and upright and very capable in his
READ THIS. what disabled and. is compezted to use line of busisese. -The i a~i e
Wethr -- T crutches on account of being unable The pretty new cottage bone Mat doany., e on Lrae t
eatherford Texas Jne 23 to bend his knee, but otherwise is comn- W. K Frankln Is nearing competton. dtto O the c
For seven years I was suffering witd
kidney trouble, and found no ermanentin around all right His numerous rs. Waver of Jackonville, mother In.=Avnetnea@
relief. After using dozens of bottles friends were glad to see him out again. t Mr. I. R. Waver of this place, is here verytireteranf n
of different kinds of kidney medicine,
had come to the oonclusion there was Mr. A. Fackler. editor of the Mtes* visiting her son and daughter. -jus etma ed thel i
no cure for it I was induced to try nopy, (la.) Hustler, with his wifean Dr A Barnes is pending some United tes
Hai's Gread Discovery, and ind that children, suffered terribly from Ia time in Ttmpa visiting relatives ged -ttitecetbos
I am cured by the use of only one oot-ug r. I. W. Parker of ON. WU m =1a iy j,
tie. J. C. MOCONN eL GrLppe. One Minute Cough Care was r. Per Of ri s. mi on y t.i
the only remedy that helped them. t and little daughter A ce, are here on United ltatwp e v
Hyde Pas l was the scene of a slight acted sickly. Tho as-ds of others volt t Mr. PasMter s pents, ir. and min UltanLOa ad P
blase yesterday morning. About n use his remedy as a specific tor TL Mrs JL Pafker of Plant aty, *- charged ilt i
o'clock the third ward cool house Grppe, and its e")wvtinSg after effects. The muekb iuateW death of t, R. iL enS
was dieoovered on Are and the Naarf e ever tails. orsale by 8 B. Leonardbt WN f l blast e aW bttt Cm. ti tt
sn tbrowu the department to the a C, Cenl P and DI- hona d otoom W o 0a pe ople or mt M o'* eix t :e l
reiw When they carried o the Pharmacy of Thor City. 8s kind and n ooagian weds a.
scene s mlU tla was daa a aered Iid I ftd w m
soIa roqs N r the rosf s In a*vcit o some din wag tos afCr ma1d don ho mwu mi M
tbs SM. BYr the amea two a Ot at Port Ir ,a hrw the stoma o Ms O-- ~ M thit wo sa. em* s,
a,,a under "am"0, the ~An W= S*h ,_ t ,nt man Ain. I H lea*" b ,.d -,OR 0 ___
gem amer a aL_.O..own" _. 4M. o "" o,,,,wa ,,ws fwM..t ,& m- strA6

Med isX ad ll 11e1Ii

MA- N. am-" t- b a i1 at ,f wan .se_ *:* _. . ,. '- an

M M ^------ .f s e -' ;* *--^^ ^ ^^a^ "-. A';t^ B
-~i C,. ,-~~- ~ -Is


1 Twaty to Oae Shot iamed tte CarrtCbstof Cha au :u l y' Physicians Use and Reoomm nedlV
ust Rac of the Day. D la Sail Puka ers Compound.


Boo e Had Slightly the Bt of tes ghton the er
it-Judge Webb is Winning Laur- and There-Com andt Geing of
els by His Prompt and Excel- Peopl.e--od and Accidents of
lent Decisions.
lent sions everyday Life in Tamps.

F"rom Sundays Daily. From Wednesday's Daily.
Nearly eight hundred people were This is Ash Wednesday, the begin-
present on the thirteenth race day of ning of Lenten season.
the Plant System's big mid-winter race
meetls operating on the Tampa Bay Potofice Inspector E. O. Tate, of
Hotel half me track. There was a hMorristown. Tenn., s in the city attend-
well-hled card of five Mgh-class events ing United Btates Court.
offered the local race goem to bet on.
rmbeing thrtynm bRe h s t CoL C. C. W on, a leading attor-
f ate starting, new of Bartow, was in the city yt7W-
Back we. YST P fast and the dayattendig United Watles Ct
weather the ideel for racing, a trfle
onl with clear skies. Te New York p-ers- ot San
'As the meeth drawsto alo to e, t t wh hae arrkrd he eMe-
ls a dscidd added interest wanted whic'
manleted. It is very probabeh that y veaLb S Mi not arech Tamua ntil
the meeting will come to a coa next lust night. .
Taraay r Whilch will mcft the fteenth
Saey racds o the thleyt ir enae Te eafr aictorsie have seartr Lu
day raom-eeting.tOes @ hOmn b dewts o -the pet two ags
of a hundred sasd have ftifite the
estruet of cw-"p r a losltg g u Iame t tol em -
has the monster Pat ssem 1em r thet -= this fmala .l
men obstacles which have been twn
Intheir w.r Itch a& .m f Icket O cr ft NibC was presented MM a
weather, vow -tt.nc C n ad tuM twi- o handsomeli olm a el,81-
ca lou, attendant to to e etaraia of Ogrtve4, psetri tg hisdseatmeeWm
a rce mUafa The Tsmpa A.m.La Itnr
S'-I and-itacing Asochatn is a fizewe a esernJ B I, WliLkm s and Wi LidL r,

the Wetern (Branob of the national t a es,. Ii l tae P an C.
int 0Ccogam. P. Raway CeeiRMau autved in IaWO-
NeXt winter will probabi se a a s pa yne ely o prcdmill thninessr.
track in the pct of the pesent ha&l
mile track. I this is done the city oh VdO. Nad U. ae aor gresdernt oe
Tamma tw1i be the euheadqumare O the
igh-cLras thorougshreds of the United Utst Bte d of H ealth iot rester-
itates In the winter e as the y orl JasosauLe to aten l dtnhae so-
cimat is erfet for the sport ual meeting the booa in tha& t ity
G. M. ,Web the assist secretary,
has been appointed judge in the stead. tO-y
Of 3f. Wheat, who has resigned, and The sbacripila benefit ball for the /
his work was erfec yesterday. Geo.
1. Palmer has also rasiged from the se-fit of the Tamaa Bay orch1estr 1a,c ec 1 Pt ter a
Position of nmnager, and the office has was declared off oa account of the en- Chcago, I e 11, 1US. P S ads
been aVAmened by CoL A. 12. Dick. who gagement of the o hetra at the casino Oamledmw -1t gret me piesre t ot ay other amT
takes entire charge Ofl at the affairs kowe t e certiy to the gdoo effecta tm Pw Bse e It iea
In addition to his duties of manager ofg the wee. It will take ace ti w er y componit d iverfe Opt ts then C pQ
the Tan ^ Bay &ote L later d lcenry oml 1lt for mdy Nen.t ia& adIP"06 tbaoa
Two favorites, two outsiders and a. enel ibillty & iver oapalnts ter tct a .,
second choice took the purses yester- It wa reported yetterd&y that Captd. ndrew 1. LuMf n, . 3 The beet tet that
dey.the three books In the ring handled Neylanda, the Tbor City gardener "a 1 Why do the ablet eittlans in Amei- Paizne'a oeny
L world of money and broke a shade lost his entire tobacco crop boy the e- a oopenoy presorthe. use and recom- If one It 'km
Kerney S. Shedy mae ys p ou vere frost of Monday ght-h w te -e f~ ety mend Pe-a's cheery com1oud? ee ifsfe
Live as announced. The results follow: vegetables also suffered considerable FlIrt because P&ae's celery cotn- tht gre res a reet..
First race, five furlongs-Bab Turner, damage a pound is not a patent medicine. It ts In it o Saer Ml
100) Brewer, 8 to 1, ftist; ai-Me allist, not the discover of some quack dotor. viat theW. ntev INI
aOl) J. Lynch 10 to 1, second; an- The man wo was "born tired" sh d of whom his rofeson r heard; -o Pae's ela a
trend (106) Comer 6 to 1, third. Timee o Prickl Ash Bittera It rnmaes t is notf a con ot ion pt b an o ite ane ry a t
;03 I-2. ( kylark, Balney, Aaron, Jr., tt eisnot a -concocti. Put up by efIr tee ds a ses a -A
nu ky and RoI alo ran Saticoy workO a n ces sty to give vent to the
)roke do-n. energy and exuberance oa sdprits gener- an whaoe a r invented a nair iei-i nt, a n g .tt ad Ie

A TEXA O Rthen edatpse a Prspamtion tru fglt t;. r ae n ctt h.
Second race, asx Iulongs--Slo -Go ated b functional activity in the- and te s r et the
:102) Boland, 3 to 2. first, New Wsosn, ter. Sold by S, B, Leonardi & Co.

or r C. and Maone V. and lso ran.sx os G a se t r ^ m. Th
Third race, even furlongs-King l lk- known about town was found dead in AmLtnrca has roded, a mne wManW debiiO a un i
ood, (109) H) rison, 3 to 2 first; Black- a closet of the house on the corner Of reputation was world-w de before e Z gainz f
ng Brsh, (109) Rynavk, 20 to 1, second; Polk and Morgan streets yesterday. Le hed ever arrived at this wonderff t or-- s that dt'
Principle, (117) Johnson, 10 ta 1, thUit died from nsanSa causes and was Our- ml&. a mn who has received the ver es -'
lime i. 1 Belle of Corsca, Bagpipe, led yesterday at the -'expense of the hjteait reee a from thbestt cca Paldt ai
)naretta, 1tid. Weird, Terramie and
3t agus also ran. city, who was at the time of thisge v 41die- the kinta, r ig
Fourth race, one and one-sixteenth cover &-"catess ati-- so&-e& i
nlles-Niewbose. (Ine )() Iamhertson, 4 to Horrible agay is caused by P ers
, first; mlatto, I1) aland, 2. t ae m Burans and Skin Diseases. These areoorer in other untUaTtlue, a .o o wHie iaen the
rid; Volutante. (1CO) Corner, to8 1, immediately relieved and qwisckly -c mebr of a family which rn
"r Bimea.-s t -Cnessa s r.in.ume, by D eWitt's Witch Hasen ve-. ,Be- made Its s=km ie deparmn t d I w ,and
Karr Barnes and V ,tunrka also ran.
Firth race. five fnuiongAs-E0aleme, (1W0 ware of worthless Imitatlona. Fo'pr sale W oe u in Amrwicw--Frot, adwM s
lack. Ito 1, open first; New Woman, bypS B. Leonardi & Co.. Central Ph-IPar helps D., L. 1D. the w-rf Ca ;8 ^ i
15) Jacksoo, 6 to 1, second; Lady t t- macy, and DlDamond Pharmac*of Twor hy do um5amva ae lq InteMl ."
endant, (85) Boland. 7 to 1, third. osCinwcty. iea Of .VU eshe eerp mame woihe Itfkc Oak-&
.-0. Lady Teacher, orena Minnie Clty e y
lyde. Caslope. aud Dwltie ClUk also Testeams Tarmouth of thePla. nsi-d
TRACM NOTBB. 8te&aatr p Couvany, artrp d at P irt n| m|rw
a Ctrplln# and Co lost elose to a thol- Tampa yesterday mrnl from Ha- l n IT
mnd dollars on Saiome in the last race. van direct and ied one her retus. e 3. VI1*l .
rhe mare was at the kn mrice of r0 tr-p i the afternoon, L ort tre th t_ _e_ Net insa
o L gLe was oncontered in the gad, tat B--of Zi aw iap^ si a inr
There was large going on te Hats it was weatheraed in fCtyr, s 'adahb ___ ,,eJ.
ast evenly by the luniy bettors on the say at oft the esngei we M- "d tirmie ini-ilt Oa -e-. M +t'lr< Da&k
my. siek. iW Tr=t r liff Y "
MA&LARXOlW DEVOID 0 EITgEnL Thee were forty. qM -e on the-
TASTE. deket o the annnler coat srteday SCiw t to the l'lt m55
Cnree Chills and Fever, ase a the ir mernn but all were di aed of with Plant Clet (Fsd ha-The elrem e nL
ad reg iates the system generallyy Al I o s Jd 1ob &y h o-toliof t dinda y nikt ad 3
Deogitea nkrn al itboogh ti had way tafc ^^ ^ ^^^ tWOia and dmd ^ -
A TEXAS WoSHa. th city a few mi nuts f ore eSe.-
Ac Tnsas ~WOew vaned and had been withot slee al- moet damage to, ohe s fruit .trpe'o : W hls.
MAWLS G&BIBAT DISCOVERY. night He ha been keepn re, and e B awtiee sop. to-d p d te
oa mn toabttnn t Altlo- oHaig iirs- -ie dm A s a e s gt-on oisdo w o tbt i nfra o (e ,a-Se
soery aires al Kidney and is-dde La aviC sann tn uses Bve Sd cocbldeseasit. damage in and etoot hat~e n." ll
troUles, removes raveL curw DIn- precntioon skuld be taksn t .' t. town. L dea tree- w b down, ibod to h Ostn',1 4

Me d
rar it-in

8.d ; 4
~in heLPZ







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