Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 29, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00058
Source Institution: University of Florida
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tattale c the esamS th
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~~t~'~~l-~S~,"g~tg ~w;t the1.0~ a~siosUqP


tiri fed tla
Means danger, It

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an Ale- ;
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e. o0l in a sn 'I It should ie promptly
"s aVper 15 Your
gI rer dvert~etag Overcome by taking
ben your buteas Hgood's Sarsaparilla,
spend more money,
Ssame piper. un- Which purifies and
'You Oteb7tam- Enriches theblod,
el. newspaper 54-
Spay. That here Strengthen'the nerves,
who nM S dver- \ Tones the stomach,
I have tWild E
thUt h6s methods Creates an appetite,
Ie presiltenr; sys-
s tin advartltin* Ad builds Up,
ia- *e Energizes and vitalizes
,t p rmt.r ot The whole system.
t maonm the co- Be sure to get

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U-Mwsluth wm SAM _i_ laistiothee n .ord Ad^erl Gasetto,

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.s ..t.m sb C"te the pista of
a e e a. -.,d a. o a* p- or
I-tr *A to ists a id t. ask tlaS..i eld ftao
~~ b~arlks 5 @hd$ '~4L' ae~di~t! tc6.%
hr~ ~lriqoL~as r~ seMEr ya missni edi st

T Vlhe e lif. ltshjoH m;rAiP ad h. i urr 5i
aft-b exUna its wnal -HN =d=WW lal gl ;
TI-a. h M Iv ChitWiW time we grcts
our lrienda With no thonShMt ofd-r
tari to our r.d.eam-ow ther.
penad the ds. we *1 venttt thie
Junction that Wse -wbho reverence tfe
day and conthilrte most to t e-l m- some sos a
forts and happiness of the needy ad Caitlglo
unfortunate will drink deepsa t'f the lives In t.
joys of Christmas time, and sng loud- celebrations
eat the praise of aisen Christ. ways pre"id
Napoleon Bonaparte. who saw some- the houses 1
thlng p~t fe during h1s meteoric career, important
ifte said-thbt hAis da b aqp, girtt asit jovial feld
was. could not be compared with the pie gter t
kingdom .faChrist, which had grown Theq.W ha
in spite of the fercest opposition, while tfhe hstay
throes set np by men hallt bis to MM tae .
dust The seersti the srrethr o tioe CW.4wL
Chlristinl espjple, ta saw platn- earth far 6
ly was that love ruled stronger than wth aI
ear. While, one went hand in hen "aVeles*rtfh
rtth hate, the-other was pues am m- t-- 0
-24R16 W& a. a A&&, &-;A ffi- _

!antl tesotsasme saMrable tnftrs t yo .
.,;II a playe tb races the races

tw h ad a leQw.
A ar isOa me sable to mend

tC ad ra tgol-popdess M Bde a great
suy thf. LSo the public.
as man cWnpt Aderstand why the
baftlder dessn@t cab next door.
esrsjet siotle"sh evWeniy originated
lspyt. Menmmi tWe word twere. I
-'it i 0 malA eattier in Tennesee was
ehabhl taherast tnal who tennis eaw.
i .-.oa to th-e old sw, every dog
i a. dy.So has every saint for
hama tater.
%td ptty hard to make a schoblboy
ssove-ln an all-wise prvdence when
t si o a BahoIday,
-jLwfte .m-leep is conductive to
i Pwetesa t- is tnbt we have
WWnVomrather homely poecemen.

ay be af6dn to m tee
eiae-M1 etoM-&P Wi satWehsasafed to
69" wIt whose

ai@irLt pgvavnsoaft normes
V etg f95W51L at K Ivelty
TV twe-we a meait or t anot"

as 4 week nrP~,are srsp t**=>*

Admiral 0", and hdi ilIt to Ha-
vana is an.flWvdt saMes his own
Interest he ieprsanr a ieis-14 e of
Loadon, Esw Tftk, and ;win travel
through Cuba with the vier of maMnas
hes investemnBta arter the holidays
He was a vistor to th city twelve
years ago and may become a regular
"Winter resident" of the Island.
General Jos. B. Wall In his argu-
ment to the jury on Thurpday n the
lMUton murder case made use of these
words: "Show me a community where
the Juries do their duty byr lving
strictly up to their obligntions, and I
wil show you a community here the
laws are respected and order prevails
On the other hand, show me a com-
munity where juries violate their obli-
gations, and I ill show, you where
lawlessne reigns supreme and crime
Is rampant."
NothIng could be truer than the above
utterance. The grave responsibilities
that devolve upon Juries cannot be
evereotimted Nothing will tend more
to demoralBse society than to corrupt
a Jury. A pesect Jury system Is the
gIatest evivtser in the world. It is
practeadly the law and order league of
the conunity. and coii do more to
regulate society and prevent crime than
Sal other powers combined. It the ef-
farts of thoie who are striving to sap-
prio vim would tar thqir attention
to tie Vork of purtttrt our jPry sys-
'tom, tey would et beiter and more
.ia.. -esunita ,.


,s me

forash thetr evul ways or they wlli
eternally IWot at th seaimae tl lSe
from the shiveraing *orid to wWAdithe
are cnett tofd to ive and adW tb
to a board that groas beaath the
west of poodthisag. The "repent or
be damned" Idea is sidetrated for a
time, and n Its place I the. good old'
practical religion that Is ba.ed on the
principle "love thy nel5hbor as thy.
self," and la much more acceptale to
the other hal whose lives are see.
To make an outcast feel thanktal
that Christ was born'on Christmas xay,
It is necessary to do something more
than tell him so. This Is a practical
era. Take the outcast frdm the streets
and feed him, and present him with
clothes for his rags; take Ught and
cheer to the woman who iroods a dark
and unwholesome den over her starring
fock of little ones; go like a ray of sun-
shine with physical comforts to the
place where midnight bts4sntees s ever
penetrated by a ray of light the year
around: then tell the man who Is no
longer hungry, the woman rom whom
brooding care ha been chased away
for a time, that help Is accorded be-
eause Christ waa born on the day when
Chbrstmas Is celebrated, and the auso
elation will have some meaning to th
one who hears the story
If the truth me. t tald, however
there is a yareprqmtta ot people in
Christendom wnho t'brate the day,
with the setssa.t rviM ad Is a .wa
not a t"natfC hi *- ta.
stances hmIeMan 4 omWeeS i aB
to the s flMrWtfWl pattr- a sa
holidar iO fWtek ev9fe eg^OUSI a.et
as a=sisas7e0t a4 wi w s

if all' leta~cd rr Ia.Qmo sitW~E
town& VOW14B~L.~~ QS~~LC

recsjpaa -o i w tng a 15O -47
hot that ef t -no j maee 'te tm
t 4anat 5li ags.sat5
Shek cusnis t weesyi~gei hi
ant Hohurap~ dma~ teig; Be%*a

mb to


atyleadser has bee
tea a ba& to a cloa
Wat. TE Mds ta
b-r "Oasa\ e to lt)h

Attmd h before ts
-naiRMite that thi
Awat&ewson mule
0r-lm I repaloP'
je"?"*:0H ^-^0^


tu ta o owen o"

Q M ZU li

T" .. Te Omoo, -
rln i eil t'.E A irai ,ioItI

he 3mhiitsYosUS' WU vmbet-lent ile k
to 'n braat X 4)2CWP an&r .6 r
Saeeto thLb Wet lwdo e by .If jou haw the gift ofa heralutt hi
Be'tamy Ou Vo x, f aop"
Bo wbatvmr yom may Bfst, my Wmo.
o ti te midst atd uli's turmoil
bieelto tL ao Trib""' Betain the treMure of eBrtoal
eow avtn., Conn, Dec. 2S--James To iweea emaroaw and toOl
1. jHU a Ya t divnitt student, 4nd a nd wbea ruoee s emo btea prt
bree yeam graduate of the univerdIty, A failure threaten awhile,
r reted here to-a la for shopltt- Oh. let t orgetflaoew ta your brown.
gS. ,etecthvs who h"ad bee 'em- But;reamober bw to mati
otyed to shadow him. aw btm pur- Detroit lree Pre
ito three books in a bookstore, and by
rlefig him zfom one store to another, The We'il Credtt Sheet.
lbvered dt be wa doing the work It I not wha you reay are that mm sie
Sa proerh shoPifterf. yonrredt for
hMe nk o. mwore seearchbod over Whm pewsI smare, u ya with yu-
b thoumad votiuhns of valu*te Wa s mup tew ar,
*dhe Wo -ftetnO, mist of uMIh r; Azd, though byourea asers
d y. been idoatledo by the diffaeot L tB (i P

k. Irt eosUto of Doe ax to the 'rbmpyou Pethe rilb mser.
MLDr Po 5 WUVa6&tL wha.ftn ioa~don WRoawbhoieaporma d-M b'-n
s atom taiPloBftaso .samc those ia,,. .'
it the cr h poft iiras obr' bos When ry esMattrs a",as en;

y hM you Ma. msm amnthn y oui
S .-,e oPr by do tlags yrou mm WIt g-
AwWW"c p.Alh Unless, yaerT WO.h .,- ,
o %r l.prt=*nL Ted Osh ao _wtg dt ye Ma,

N, wi IbaMal
4=. "l

to the lesntlf tbe
to PWay sHii MB

From Priday*' pally.
The regular W lly 4 eso
Council oavened at .t'c,0
The foUowitng member i
Presdent Br, Freko
A rme, WbL Wbb mad i
The journal o the last
read and adopted, Lafter l
nem of the ereai g ama
transacted In the f tBwt

-mmwknwImo PMU

:0be li*Wt
ho t"rm

Au4wo. 4s wok.

Ideaa ad Pi
~?q~, U 4nl ik
bw *Aso =- oftamig

do tlynm~e 1my
I f aIt -l

6" w 1-1
sIbs sky.Moog
Su ipr. fl'u
~ilr~~Wbedteb t-~
5idsrbpt~' IYnrnwtwihtb

hL~~srrY1, ?i--7.

,o ,

mas wous samedo

w o00 m s' a RwlMa
BM s q it jo ea' rta; iat yw' yta

A n i efre begin tr shtin-
SNo m aeryt to' you' daddy,
b' we bole t lar f'tolra,
,a hiomelampie m do parm te ks
Q a* b ilMIdae a" Juan.
Boam otly Je' s ber, basthe anwed ar
do oil
Ai dowhite ftd fit beside hib.
An a&white fUb se heai CM ,
'a ie's leopain on daj hilW
Ida et4 otbra e m's mr hsea
MW dO bloody chars -e mstod
" do B ttpedeoohtli, "

iSo d out do i3Wa Usa
-adimud DaI &a tr bu*'f ae

AU nihe.
An L, ws om M -. A
IMBll uYL ym -em m_ at Mmi

f bo MWMi P -
( m ....

6 Wr7aloaD.

tN : th"e..-
Sto the

-. J<,. ,.-

S -ssWar Hood

if o natne,'AHrrtaa," which gd: *Ymnerlk -
m'Ivr h otdrtr an merd ireiend&t ehstakrI pmiatofB h1is
Lh the muWg yerw*. But theu- oIr." bIe 1L Bead rO, N
toa that it he done shoUd come Propriemr Lowes, Ul
sly from the North, not from the rbedl pm tte o toh rte i Hodb a Ssoa
Oth. nor should It be champlofed by
uthera members. Any opposition to 19 TAMPA IMITATING CHICA30?
eh I msnre from the North would The local shoe dealers of Tamp' say
em the seeleq hIg a the country
ae ha made smt marveoui pro- that the women of .this city ar wear-
Sh tIh past few months back many n larger shoes this year thua ever,
urs. We cannot go too fast, we can- one woman belonging to an aristocratic
t unah sentiment too far. The time family actually buying a pair of number
imot utse ripe for -ch a plam We eight. When Wcgo beam of this
g be wrang, we hope we are, but we
Mt we .are not. The President' great increase In the feet busineop, she
ids have done amch to oblterate the will doubtleasreotee that she Iso ot the
st rWp a dellng which remained, only city whoe women have larje feet
theaur m .hbe te perfect healer and will have visions of T aapa as the
eth .boh apr ae1iate ad know
ic Oter thA sheld: when the vtett1 of the jokes formerly e cked
bth ftilm t both radeenin 'at Chicasgos expense. Larger soes n
i eL n ader .the (ittut n a d .this ease however, Indicate not larger
Yl mnttvat 8the upl aeie Court; Cet.e but a larger amount of tbht valu-
Rt S0 aen It able article known ans e r se
dr^ri ibb Z n~ibau T ne pnhing shoe formerly worn,
M'l P^k f MEN J sohme two or three slase too smal, has
i irth Jo~t~ed the borte, the rAtn"oU saa
S at it .riWhs other follie of the psLt. .Wtln omsn

/,' lea" ad then to ulo thr e s that

"..ii-.lr s .- dIty paoitedo w me r ease
t4 VH with the rounded tea, nR.fe a eonort-
SL aid afitprft 09' Sit" On
a wr e ds. haic fotr e bi othi e~C
.. ,me,w .r. a inru n~s erdb new
tia;a l .. y ... u ,k.o.say .a thMoeat"
4- thems- .~o th' e 4oor a.twses wha Vo

e,~~enae or dyrsem sam .. afor e. e t a

i.. rs. ,at. t ntam s X de u aous lty at as tres

/v.5.U~ mea 10sm "ts a b*"n ot.e did
a'seepenieersssi, banea nsot otr wn MQ

lrdm t :a dte- ta er, am ftera i s t.mis, t te lt
~001r arta |wflthearoheMy thah ta -e e sw

i i SBS2PSSS!^S5r W he Pats tysal t is hangar tw

sa n.thepmer rthea ~n b fat i w
ig w y'iy y aeinS ac ssub ii igs woullt d bltewr;-
vik"to5% i t isK tt vim r m
the DbW1 1Ainie ft h%5 a n

iM -ttr tefc_fc. from ; bBat. % a e = at am tUWO
4S0?^Tii~%S cl fmn I! q Q^ re Oib
rH<: IhfP>ifii~i rm n~in. ii toi "only on

i~,~ CZbl~~i I~L'~rylr~~NMIoo~~r

he Bi|Mero~I e-sanwaOty.. voices for Sg an r anndre the
o. th ad nDeumoerat l atet order tha prouW e weonerfo.
t-. h-. '.M- tl.growth at Amaerr- o.masOerce
-ifIB, m'h. L A number of locI motld are being
tI e arought to Ameriao for Engbsh raU-
Iaf^ iBSTONar 4 mrad& They &1 iav to come toI thb
*igUil~L a1 p)at tsta Country to "get a move on them.-
i Agninilo has made a reduction or
.do am enansinat s r lewe.- in the pric tars. th w is
asaaort r.q atter-the-lpoidar-traae in-
o e ris-^ tdufeasmen t o-latew puressaes .
The Mng.=oat son New YTor* drug
ebrs a or ahorter hounsougt to i
Steiled to include the people w have
g.^ieye1S) gal.y I to wait for proeseco
Diveraffled indutrlea are aaonE your

S pp with l-seet eh1"m.
a lsi echoes ( Piresatt *JleulWoe

M .P.- sgl hu t ahe the ad aqakenn :tr

Beim5; eaU i ** *'s*a*then ttaui-
-Sbi o p t .CMa pecI oseamn d tw
~; r~

irw y fE wMMIC- --W..^^wu e'It
out' -64iiiiiib
dea m Wmore aes euame, at
the rischaty than anl dCnorisosess,^
an they will ever r that rich hr-
wet that cem Pompoity has m aoti
, promised nntn tley Ct a gene niarne
on themselves& Anew Is a frend a 't
the poor, and always has been, ant -
%.aws wi be. He i the man that
haa made Ocrla, and the ery people
who have been hounding him tor yeas,
are the ones that have brought dIaster
upon that city. A new light will never o r
dawn until he isa pardoned out of the
place he has been put by hia so-called
friends. Frank Barri, sometimes a
little erratic, is always true to his
friends, and his intrnsc worth .to a
community that he has spent the best
part of his te in develoyag, should be
appreciated in some nhbstantial man.
ner. and he wead make this State a
flttla rereesntative Ia the bhal
Congress. The people- o O aa coud
not do better, an the peole of7t Frida
might do were.
The merchsats of td an t rs e,
ar hghly Vnds wuL m imoitg

remarked to a wrtbesn iam." wrawa
that hit Watd ho id~r y.g r ar x o. .
ed thalta o f

oft a" .i Ms a- a.
fon6e tl tie raUM

an ft.ird" 1, ,--.
,.b,,T trad ,e oussibded.-on.l. .

wow. **a o*r, ",s,4n. "
te, and se,. that vr,,,es c u, w K-''

uinuta usou sI jipA .i .bq+is

..atU. O th ea e .ta .: .
Itao Mat mas utd a sell s l- -
ants. boat aI omuti mI 0a dri
eoadiata a decided ahaugo o ptL* t ^' vit
haying to the \" -.- ^ Ijjg

uTr SWdUe fta w oftkt ftchf A _^'^
ain..N" s owasd a m aft, dec I a 4
to rw u ^ihes Is atee ,^ ^J

IA nothet 116 h'1 ^ to bum VON
army sad ay la the
VoSha srshmtly Ifttfrtt dma ^*a.

t 4d1W e r em tenS W t-4a00 wd 1*
the osman In if an Oft att I Df b
and It will prwa. & Va vSM aUiit.

its rg t aad an 1 1 t ,
desbft*fabeltaBt 0

teng wuoW ' temi a he msd ^xf

ass ant wrommm hisgutote hJ-c

Uvabfto to chlldfiL U a" ald IW A *
,uor druaggat A be mm tJb mai m L
telpt aof Lt One small botue I tw
uunita reatmon aid win u curs a L
-m above ntLoee4 W. HAL

pereaocal for nine years wi teevsiw
V. U. Boxr x, Wa tao t tm
..9d by 8. l arB. mr & Co., Ta& .

PlorOBvU e Tcxaa. JAM T, I.M

J. A. WAsa &n _,

OMOnoI a aAOTHm 11 .
A ftmi Wa o ,Avoid Bai b. rL_
zsss %F66 Veumman. wo16s h. -

iBr. m tBobota a,

i a rauxi drove Mln
Sat Detrl at, rims f
me w-Whiter m omm. tre
lM aiid wll be the guet.
w poed family.
. Ocee of Texv a acqi3-
m *b, w oWn. .it
SA eb. W ri ta W ul. b

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ll ffal.to u wupeIhi and

im AD ^_ -,a : sa
RfU An RPM In ^ft Pr"W an foo1 -t",-^ O ban" W WI

sSaaDe ar arrrio's" Vttftj~cj.s4:=

nta Ir .. ----- o ^"^-*Mtf-tt
Moab and VAN"dae ad oP.u
chann Fels b S its. -1brIa pies. padmpsmm a
ad wise, b. 11wah.s.of Ma lbh iad CV mt
regu larly arhe crn o d sad 1
Tyrbti cat SOMIla. dm17 and I
S Hempaigh the fara.w' wintry heondl avwed Ppuoe al
Bm adiB- nHe high the gides earol wabmed te don
m sabel ho i rgift r hs ants n tatmp u e
e Wa r oA m L erlavish ern t. e sms ad .ol
is am"pun Lad eohr la ezuimOu do al tlamt *y
mfael a pple from the pins, Ham otbs danoBe
Ainfr td The range from It glosy grow r yad aChor n
atedoral The brt frar the ne. a an no longer ma
Sman n We etWer ve tihe hardly gift TShemno leSe
5a ?dr- Our~rage d r Vrlu s be tai, "t duae oe atm
Ad a val- chbeer us when thebrm aIUdr a ad a"S IlM
lbe bill- Or harrv felds with snow. Mlianueme Bd li
if polyp throughh walraof grM adada fds aottol a3 lSa
lore Soso- Ou rPloa the ~ rro madr ig-iad SM
delmiae Whles _u the hals Uthe mna'nd t a m,"shea-, t'j.j 2
Jiin o ei& rm al AprUl played. wi wdMf twhe Ys
he ge"M dals Whe oam
n Weodr pped O need o'er hild h pitd ople rce amd da4f
mo BenLeath the meao may er, it ws tar diw
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Malb is t 14 o wewmy. meh lot led tMi
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iDa mome l = ,m pw e m a-. Nk" -. -M!, o -.1.,
Ad wwr Ba i. bot ad.a sw o dlndu w--eifi"

We somawShels b Io.ni .A..
And Wisi qaamWaa agO m

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ad 3ffsk. 34bMda am Isiay One

mel mm. hmatg~mw h egine.


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mw a 70 w mtoowWe" a
o @w Ma w"Oa -t ipOofI
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e'lbbe. i mhadedld

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Il ow* 4 iebma I" ftma",- .
Mrftrwlk wlhdr" -mar --.

17 -woo sgausk 1,
eil .- lewma be,. ,,.
. h. c Ii m la be

S rxi- r ~u.wo hi K- n
Krfiag weMl wi nihin l t
l bwYI e hmb sL d a
Iw w OW_; WI3b M.M

teath,. inwBupted i the middle
Daqw, glanced elialy ae him ad
aIbsibteslBaeeof lpatlesuw.i
a'St bhelp It. aapyg." B
MUDa dilowe Inamwr dlr w apd
mmed toigooeab he aid Ina oew

0.o Mo lda you might have IaM
'-Deauo Pire Proam
awweyr and tohe fare. WI
al-A Dumey bhs lately been m
ad by people clalea to be a- OS
e4;Vth him RBesamt&saaWer 2ng
I apte him eateadedbhamd mnd sar a
bed, "Adlmml,!l beat poaudOato- am
da3 Deway.aMoor eiL tlJbhl m

"Mmoa .b meQsa
waemww -- -
mawbuhm s mbehegog;
Ua g ~b .aadim~rrb

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to mn& e lybleaku ___

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w4mbom b, ~ aim *

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1amea pdddahbm. m.

; m wfty Dit UAL.Iew.
Mum Om ead adeyh-A.SN.
rye withn ble~r d St d I

a th e a iM ymoret. .
To dhe Pa'a~a e. sam thm l51
cit go OU fa"emeboom.
By eiam e thmabom bea edams
rw them oforheld col thm SIa
Olumrl ---'mmkkaff ambr tm '
-Dina~Or~ Weher Iar lb. ii
anow ba fl t adwi

do ooid m Oice i -
etbn weea th pelaim ewrm
abaa mM bemt lb~aL~00 L me

mMm- and taucs w a ffism
hils I&; hea tn e
abPMoefi lnbuwbtfIm

lthir1Hbtbttid Iffl3 ttSrattBlp T Mtt 4IIbdiBI. k
MI3kh Mf BT KBil iMa .Nlilft IMT
Wm*s gVW

l...t lwe h U laveA.,.
Tg .wrOa"lata o re of peao B aeA ad r dve That the Os The C tyW ll ,eee tb ieior o St
E I GaMai .r~N eaas a m, caating Ear oof antiso be Sent un f the Pismat "te of Nor- t d ia
rf o Spais out a t ownutry and Forced tarty oantmtma d a n ordr heatrse a VSs
. a. to Tae a s~rath. Team Langr. care, and at the sasmeysime
us for samples ad prices t
e' the 'hbone. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Line Our store bjimbi6an
aSS aCiof ra thewar with Spain n structor Richmond P. Hobsons kissingdclal and private eltlses aike, s after a of a Dr Goods buaine. It
wa*gagg..Dec.C. S-A complete ot- Washinston. Dec r22-Naval Co,- Havana ~.ec The br ican or Of a Goods
,:..... id tn upb ,,+ d,.. thp um Mr be,.p..ist..cte d ,-.
Itn a52 *^ OwMito the report tour 1as aroused much adverse com- casual inspection of Havana. grly be COnsttulC, td, a dconULi
wmet in naval circles here.
S a of Navigation, hch srar oc h most emphatl- declare the common report o its nO render it the mOst useful,
SS .l a eatln c t. aend ally called a halt on his ridiculous sanitary and unhealthy condition to be kind. It is accadiagty One
T a tohearAdl sral methods of talnns notoriety. He gross exeagg tons. It requires a "Bacon's Advrtleir" c
ss Meoi drstated heret to-day that the navy de- careful inspection to reveal how terrible Goods mailed fre onl
ls ,he eXrarslrrdna apartment officials are humiliated and
-aet' oisf.the de sitent to prevent anvery sorry that the alleged hero should the conditions now existing really ar-.
be=. lCAmnl is the wvlsca which Imnperti his reputation that bas been ac- The incubators of disease eeist in the
W d Ses to York t the quir by his bravery. The eeretary homes rather than in the streets, and
As Q.t 28 a B- advisas him to display some discretion. th so o tht t 9
'a t m' D, C Speaker Reed speaking of the matterathlisotensenthat It ecome 425 42. 429 .
toO rder the qu.tadr to- day, said that the young man should common place. These acts are re-
I the ev"et o a be ent out of the country and forced to vealed In their fullest hideoUsnes only
Ssoj. it tlrk e salt n s du Iswhen framed with ft bthres. On every side
: 6 m mtat**VMhw sqaedon heard words of condemnation of hisw
.tie eCe0thlehddofholdn receptions and this nWa r apprecia
W .'e'peraaiom1 td1 otnilon isn practially unanimous among tlon at the seriousmeas o the alsOatian
S "q1 to0ali of fl4'e at mee.nt when he Oat l crme Havan, but ito is
SiOfed < S'U the department ns sot only now, wbe inrtJ his''terleemm havebt
r,-T th-t e mteed retan atiitted Ia"n s alsition to ta ctionto prevent
Nil 1110 148L T40 ot maudin sentimenteackh mmade their prts, that he reaises te
as hareL occurred since the lutenant problem that will eanont his snc"Mor

: e-..

S optratWethecity off t

s lTX. to .. T T P'.

s. d It is believed that itL
&aM it Is belieed tpret l .- m41i,

*i ~IsiWOO
'en-u -
Nae Underb 111

tocbased on the fact thar After a careful r o-Aretloe oef ie
accompanied by Justice atter..nd a ceasoltatioa with the mu-
verl deputy shermifs neiipal authorities, he concluded to utl-
he house of a famty cof te the prisoners in the city ilU and
Lton Street, where It w undertakethe workhimself. The rock
money and valuables or clay needed for the work has al-
ie estate of Baiel Lesa ready been distributed along Cbe
ed. In the search they road- mentioned, having been taken
rg valise, which when from some of the other streets where
sad to contain .M9 In te quality of the paving was changed
Spanish centteis, ano Yesterday morning the mayor and
kth of jewelry. Chief of Police Woodward toon a drive
s BO doubt the propertY over the entire route of the proposed
an old Spaniard, wh paving from Franklin street to Ybor
last week. A s.La City. They found that by allowing an
deceasedwho was left officer of the regular force to oversee
rpected that her son-ta- the work, it can be done at practically
son wer scheming to no expense to the city.
k of the money, and ihe The plan is to go over the road, loosen
In the hands of her at- it up to a depth of about two inches,
W% aunt [Harris. Mr. and fill n all the holes. Then put on
p Iron'sate, which was the new covering of several inches and
Mtaln large sums Of have the steam roller go over It a few
open, and it was found times. Thss wiil make a pavement that
had robbed the safe Of will last several years at little or no
iich it contained. 'A expgbse.
was issued, and otncers Everything was gotten in readiness
emnies, with the result yesterday, and at 6 O'clock this morning,
tt t the entire jail force will begin work. in
that there is still sme less than two weeks the work will be
The two men who are completed.
iw in jail
IE Of AG .---
-- Aother grand dtcovery has been
Railroad Oomnpay has made, ad that oo, by a ladyin t
Tnt I an catrry."Disease atoda ic ietehes

...... .....

ATrive 55 I mI.W

General Passengea u r ki iket'otiw;6
W. IS.War"aha, W T.P. A.
~h- -
&5asee '5 fisk

Foundry. Manhi~i
beer a, SeSrU

p 0 H~kree a V. wZo P. 041

SPECLALLTES :-U-~eqav .t** ka
Worikt. lum Y ronts, ,iilisC Gai
Stoamb.'a& Machinery atid'Rpaa
to iictaliig Irrigaijug ad a
Priers. Ritching Posts- A4enveftF

0 -rsu rAA ari~ -A 6

psshom m*neeam ~ ~i~~Jr d


SO ^ ths A T NCE R

SHe is eportad Bonf-what Improved
Sando His I hysicia are Now of
SOpinion That e i h

_ frrom'lNew fork. At r
s 31 to-night they had a conference with
PreWident McKlialey, who received from
tm rrman ,,emeeCT t -
dent stated thit the treaty would be
sent to the Senate Immediately on its
e -rablin matter the holidays.
The rcouaolone reached New
Tior c ar mcora on board the

S It them
at the they proceeded on to this
ity. They were besieged on their
Sourly ber by a horde of newspaper
Smae, hut they defined to talk,

Swse miIt0~W, mfoera

to.o -

(geArtatev s se. tml chswd take of
0, 1..J atucktis th e

__ de 1%, a at a err neI

g wofi hi B~fdly., tsnninag to ox-
rd at the expbratlon.of the vsuation

uscisto the Tribune.
aIuo, De. 24.-H. M. Flagler, the
wa;rad nvmagnate, is stopping in this
"Wt t hei week. To some prominent
,',f- fw be stated to-day that he was
to build ablg tourist enort
a d the North.

STI. jury in the Miton murder case.
a-- being out two days and two nights
$am de c leo om at 1106 yesterday
@ad r eportd that they were
w g e T =- willS+
SineiAlt new IsJ, which wi Mll take

a idM I t seW h,

omre aBB SI s, lbatbTesf' IB in.t
20b, Ibat itw a".l"er' the
i ~ttr~dmignte, Latopin A i Mh4


7AnIn14esM t Io private i.
I ourse on the Son ofGod. Jesu .

In Four Chapters.
By Bartelln
Chapter IV. x
No more fitting time could be selected
for the investigation of this greatest of
all subjects than this day--the anni-
versary of the.phycisal birth of the au-
thor tf life.
'Oun upon a plain among the rough
Judean hills were-encamped-a small
company of men. They were foll-wing
the humble avocation of the patriarchs
etf tlbef:nacr n;S d like Abrahl* the
faithful, Jacob'the prince, and Moses
the lawgiver, had done many times be-
fore them they were keeping watch
over their flocks by night." Thes were
9 ( l ver mssen-
gers ofeace and g0odlwiRTto any other
kind-and, while the soft, cool ctain
of an oriental winter's night dre-u9,lm-
ly about the home of God's choseaIpe-
pie, and the bright diamond settlWS in
haven's dome were bankin-. ^M'k-

e MW l w wri orld, iad wMere em-u
1sg tsWas g over with s"me 0"o,
u~ -,,r L~L~ to M = A mYlb

trew their mantle closer aIboutqesn
U~d t -lbs& of the emoint oft HIawho
was to -es t ano nly tbher ati sand
nea it the greatest in all the ~ertA
but thro0h them would bring jheo
and h5Ppfrfm5 to all mankind 0091ly
let Gabbath the rules In their BgjqO-

__________4~ ,~~W I-

day and hoar when Heaven's

st wood a-llb 11 a
b and Jr4i~ n th

tasted of the glories that awaits
of the time when they would tl
thisali2ag yoke of ,Roman tyran
i ee that prbud empire fall tr
.pepo her kneeu and beg for mer
aien their hearts were filled w
and tenderness towards the s
sons of men when they though
"ealler who would relieve all p
suffering, soothe the heart ac
dry the weeping eyes of the u
The sympathetic cord that
from heart to heart, grew and st
ended until it drew them close
around their little camp fire, whe
What sound was tht hat can
Ing softly through the meshes o
dewy folds? Q-ethinks it was
taneous outpouring oftHeaven'
est melody. Hear again the
Ing strains as the breezy wing
orieAt brings them nearer and
Mortal mPn ne'er heard such s
ring harmony! 'But what is
brillIant light which seems to
from the very doors of Heave:
ing them here they crouch in
trembling almost blinds them, s
behold with blinking eves the
messengrs of God in dwmlini
resehin- from egrth to fieaveI
cry with one voioe joyous
".OtWry Jt V3o in, Z- bSigest,
earth peace, good -wif fowanr
Thus was introduced to the w
ardrr and faviour of men who
Xlt lfe and immortality t
Shroagh the gospeL" The lead.
IHeaoiy b1anad :ad' ssad "B
r iw you. slad Utidng* of g"
ki :# bah Ibe to. ll people a
was for to all people was br

I ewhOe e -Maker and S
od. Who is the
d? th manifestation of llf

4. _rlA~aLk theqpUlPta.,Wha
dAn^. easwer with the bibe

a4lhhG lte eW set hte one
same. That the Father is in
ead the Boa in the Father. Th
C-3ist-wa-the lemn-fensttion of
life, and ws with the Father in
e ndr
the oflfi V

bh Ponl one into whose nos

life, .
ee.-f :

wwe,.lt Y, trun, sm man te s
in- e'Sfi Oei 0- I eaiert, in personalt
a sE What ba the personality of c
Wtwas g -lave mad wlo MRhat is the
SI ardedi a lity of man? It was the sam
l' garden of den but in his fi
l exodased love ftor selnshne
MCt "S heavenly wisdom for worldly
S ledge, and not only so, but he q
ji e for e for death. So ws see that ma
M we pi* effort to Improve on the works
Ot that that is. to secure worldly wisdom

aIst saiu nfnitely superior, and beside
, .Dr.I S, Stost precious gLft love and ii
ht gavgme life, love and Heavenly
' 'ijfocdath. seloasnees and IgnorI
Wqoft Wi i wisdom Is IAnorance
apa .,5th. the wisdom of, God.
'did'Mott MADt man to die
Vkheft devised...

is due not only to the originality and
simplicity of the combination, but also
to the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by scientific processes
known to the CALIFORNIA FIG SraPo
Co. only, and we wish to impress upon
all the importance of purchasing the
tee and original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs is manufactured
by the CAuIFORNia FIG SYBuP Co.
only, a knowledge of that fact will
aost one in avoiding the worthes
ml6tl sim manufactured by other pr
ti. The high standing of the CAL-
oaW Fi.e Ortw Co. with the moedi
eal profeion, and the _-tissetti
UMtt the genuine Syrup of Figs be
gfla to iMMlIams of maMie Minae
the meM o tbe Company a garsti
ad saoexesUsee ofitsfansdy k.
s tsm rnne of all ther Ia..ta
- it eo. oa the d liWri g ad

--*iti.: .Is edertoget ite himmdiSi
ilse remember the on o


0 the -said to Philip: 'When you see me, you
= ne ee the Father,'" therefore he ws God's
tlife. The Moly Ghost defended upon
n.LiAd him in the form of a dove, therefore he
Sseenw as God's wisdom. Hear his wordim.
r fbarts "I am the way-the truth" God's wis-
as they dom is the trut--"and the life." Again:
edithem. "I am the resurrection and the life."
throw off Oesus Christ brought the kingdom of
nmy and' Heaven to men when he placed within
embling their grasp its life, love and wisdom.
rcy. And He gave to his apostles life and love
ith love and when he went away, he sent to
sufering them wisdom.
it of the 3Mn are reinstated In God's life, love
pain and and wisdom when they receive Christ.
he, and .We baptize the candidate into the
unhappy. name of the Father, (life) the Son, (love)
passed and the Holy Ghost, (Heavenly wis-
trength- dom.) Read Cor. 12th chapter. Life, love
together and wisdom are inseparable, to be pos-
en bark! sessed of onewe must receive all, for
ie steal- they all come to us through Jesus
f night's Christ, who "the way of the truth
a spon- and tle life." Would you see a mani-
s sweet festation of this life? Behold the humble
entranc- through a back street in the early morn
s of the with his basket of provisions. He is
nearer! going to feed some of God's poor. He
oul-stir- did not stop, when he found them, to
this? A enquire of their creed, articles of faith
eminat5 or character, but followed the example
n, flood- of his loving master. He does not
tear and sound a trumpet, but is thankful in his
and they heart that he has an opportunity to
glorious relieve suffering. See him as he passes
g array, through lif U, pouring balm upon the
n. These heart wounds, drying the tears of sor-
accents: row, relieving the pains of the suffering
and on and by his deeds of love, bringing sun-
d men." ahine and happiness to the humble
world the homes cf many. With an eye fixed and
o "brou- steadfast upon the 'tar of Bethlehem,'.
to light he ~ssces on and up the straight and
er of the narrow way to the Great Father of life,
hebld I holding by the hand his weak and tot-
Jat joy, terin brother. This is life. None
*,d.eo it' can kcow-r understand it except those
toght a who possess it The life of the world
is a base. ofterfeit, In which there
ivlour?" is so happinee.
SSon of The true lite perfected is free from
e? (Johp pain, sorrow, or crying. No heart
aches, ao teas, no drunken husbands;
t t life? no staring little onm; no everlasting
Sat my strugwtes t bel the owUiog w from
. : the oor; no faise fends; no merciless
Father, entmies; oo wuioperws or back-biters;
aid the but all tspeaee and happiness; and love
the don pure, strongg and deep rules over all
at Jesus Who is not willing to enter upon such
f eternal a Ilfa.
a the be- Righteound holy e all thy worms,
oh. Lord God Almighty. Blessed be thy
into his name for ever and ever.
bed into
Int- iIdam Wanda, the famous palmist,
a arWLedlt th i ety rom Sey West yes-
awL a taerday. She has erected a .tent at
strilt he
trils he the ornerofi Fraklin and llUibocough
street adjoining the Crystal ,iue,
whether where she will be ready on Monday
ade man to tel the past, present and tuture
ne, els the th who will cal on her at any
I, and t time between the hours of 10 a.m., and
flned to 9 p.m. In regard to her ability. the
Utol.,In Key West Dally Herald has the follow-
ife of Ing to say:
ty Madam Wanda, the "scientific" for-
d? Life, tune teller, or palmistt," is meeting
person- with the most remarkable success--the
e in the rich, the poo-, the high, the low,, all
ill, man visit this wonderful woman to learn
ms and what ate has In store for them. And
r now- I common report be worth anything as
gave life a true indication of her success in tell-
an in his ang the past correctly, we must say
of God,that she is a mystery. Those who hav6
im, gave had their fortunes told, say that Mme.
ch is in- Wanda reads one's past from one's left
lest it's hand as rapidly, concisely and correctly
Ce. He as if one's life history had been an open
wisdom printed page in a book. This being
nee, for true, the mysterious little woman must
U com- certainly be able to read something of
one's life history in the future. The
k ^here- price is certainly creap enough for any-
aseme one to enjoy the "'uxur'y."
ird to a, Pp. G Nesld, one of Tampa' most
m'frt rdll e ad m tsstic itsse bes the

It is therefore ordered that you
italia Sanehes de MIentejo do appear
to thesaid bill of complaint on or be-
fore the 4th day of Feb., AD., IS. else
a decree pro confeso will e entered
against you.
It is further ordered that a copy of
this order be publish~ in Tampa Tri-
bune once a week for ight conDoCutive
*eeks prior to the said 6th day of
February, A.D., 18, .
Clerk Circuit Court.
By D. B. GIVEN, ,D. C.
Complainant's Solicitor.
I, HI.. L.Mitchell, Clerk CIrcuit Court
for said county, hereby certify that the
foregoing a true copy of the order of
publication filed in the aforesaid cause.
Witness my hand and official seal at
Tampa, this 21st day of Nov., A.D., 1898.
Clerk of Circuit Court.
By D. B. GIVENS, D. C.

An ordinance, entitled an ordinance
to provide a penalty for any person
driving across Polk street ;it its inter-
section with Franklin street, alter the
signal has been given for lowering the
gates of the Savannah, Florila & West-
ern Railway Company at said inter-
section of said streets.
Be it ordained by the City Council of
Sectin 1. That is shall be unlawful
for asly person or persons to drive
across or attempt to drive across the
intersection of Polk and Franklin
streets after the signal by ringing the
gong, waiving a flag in day time or a
lantern at night for the lowering of the
gates of the Savannah, Florida & West-
era Railway Company at the intersec-
tion of said streets.
Section 2. Any person convicted of a
violation of the first section of thisordi-
nance shall be fined not less than $5.00
nor more than t5.i00.
Passed by the council this 16th day
of December, A. D., 1898.
(Attest) H. MOREY,
Pres. of City Council.
City Clerk.
Approved by me this 19th day of Dec.
A. D., 18g. F. C. B SWYER,
Notice is hereby given, that, to
weeks after the ft publication of the
same. I wil app-y to e Honorable
Charls EI. Harrison. County Judge of
Hillborough County, for an order to
ell at private sale the uandvited inter-
est of Rosa A. Bumbes, .d J. Bubese,
Ernest L. Busbea, Henry 0. Busbee and,
William C. Bobee, minors, In the fol-
lowing described property .situate to
fllsborough County. Filcrda. to-wft-
Lottes x ), seven (7). eight (8). and.
nine (0), of black ive () .ai the town
of Rlverview, in section eventeen (17)
township thirty (f). soth of range
twenty () east, contslinng ten thou-
sawd square ret.
The above lots are trther described
as folows: lComsneB.ntg in the orth-
west corner of lot nit (W, running from
tac= east one hundred a) Feet from
then* south one hundred 00 Wfeet, and
fow thencewestone hundred (100) feet.
and from the e north .oe under (100)
feet to place of tarting The land
contained in the above described lines
are the said lots six (0) seven, (7), eight
(8-, and nine (9).
Gald sale to be made for the purpose
of maintenance, support and educa-
tion of the said children.
Tampa, Fla., Dec. 16, 1898. 4t

Notice of 'Application to Sell Minors
Interest in Land.
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply to the Ron. C.. E Harrison,
County Judge in and for Hllsborough
County, State of Florida at his office
in the city of Tampa, in said county
on the 24th day of December, A, D., 1898.
for leave to sell at private sale the In-
terests of Roy 'H. IHerdon, Mabel C.
Herndon and Samnuet 'Herndon,
minors in and to the following described
real estate, to-wit: North half of lot
one (1), block nineteen (19), map of
Tampa, said sale being for the purpose
of re-investment for the benefit
of said minors
Guardian for Said tMinors.
Mx month aftter the date hereof, I
wil present to the (Stmu Jnd s of

W. J. DAV.
CO. d B w.J.DtM, O. T. A. S BM

Tam pa Florida. Comer Franklin anm i Z -tfe

t ?d. bealn o m t f wi vh st
matter by as tby ma Mae %"'Olo W &
aed iassu'b Iories l Bilka, '1 M=J^Blg-BB^-B^----b-

aYor; Bhankl Thie ma; haeLt NsaiWa

s&ash *, smogimle 0 Gobld* os.,

S d o its thi s depfartes se I IiI
a"te toractd-ay o AprllJs ad tt
1o6a Mae* Mortgir Ike" ro an.

Tad 'erp of neti eoar ha cil beid per e4 pe
Mattse whab "atmo s C d d ss e ed s
ifo er ,O 0the mae f iteoetoar ba -

se Nats deBan kiesesNhe
savings Departments
ThedBaPessll b s opensto erhsces s
dIL checks each b5 jsidisn wlthea0

the iAt dy of Ja-u-, _April, July ad to-
DL:bs late of it s.t b b A
)Ion CTOt po. Tass V. J. AV, 1.1X. O, i .a iAsAG sh 1

ALLT.WJ. W. 5aT Z. B. LUCAS, W. B. @3AYJT. o.I DDO0, C. ILA ,
-M *

EDWAJWMAXwsana J .esst. IL r.

The Exchi ag"il atwi



O .,CAPITAL-$100.00OOO,
Largest capital of ay bankl of of JIaLoam 13". ofaimi
buaines,. .yrpy iejg asX*Bilea-ta s-

for maTiOngS -oo i lpoit
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Pill_ o C

Ifour roof-seeft a pp a/T.C.lbci) Asphalt Graphilh Rooft igasd VmseaM, Mi
ized by the Pl nSteam p ineA 9a ercomvp
This coating t the only thing t ewmll w'
roof. Itt ad r prIs* toof fmitre 9tl'
longer than yay roof paint ewIre that you. -i
genuine No. 1, 9fdtot g d Inwatsi out iaw 4n
D. Godmn is the aoly 1c Fpre1 entative of MoR
pa. We are headquarters for all cases of Roof P

T. C. MrDOIAUi'Ia &
Orders Solicited. 447- Loyd St., AT
Sold andapplied by J. D. GODMAN, Cassady
305 CassStreet. 'Phone 219.

5, -,''

The Thor City Nvoty i

Oeep Constantly on Hand Fr*Gn 000A M to 80.000
of FIrst-Ciasa Lumber.,
a N

~geplslasp;l~a~--~~yi~~*~- ~T--

_ _~

NONOlfw-r.l.. r. NOTICE
In Circuit Court. Hllsorough Couanr,.
Sixth Judiei Circuit ot Florida.
in chancery. 3dward A. Hunting -----
as executor, etc, vs. D. Buchan-
as et. a.t Foreclosure.., m.
This case coming to be heard upon
application for an order of publication
directed against the defendant J. G.
Lawrence, and it appearing to the sat-
isfaction of the Clerk of said court up-
on affidavit filed with the bill of corn-
plaint in said cause that the said defen- I ,...
dast is a non-resident of the Sate Heals the Kidneys. Cleanses and 'regdales
or Florida, and-is a resident of Monroe,
waiton county, Ga., and over the age the Uver. Strengthens the digestio 'a '
ordered that oou J. G. Lawrence do removes ostipated condsltls s in the Dowie&
appear to the bill of complaint on or
before the 5th day ot December, A-D.
1898, else a decree pro confesso will be IT IS 1OIUR MEDCIES IN 0WE. A SYSTEM TOMC PARXDC.l M.L
entered against you.
It is further ordered that a copy of -.--.-
this order be published inr Tampa Tri-
bune, once a week for four consecutive c STA00 rM BOTT. FZAI D T mCItsLY A su
weeks to the said 5th day of December, OLT.D BT A ILL -..u x.
A. I. 1i8 H. L MITCHELL,
Clerk Circuit Court.
Complainant's Solicitor. S. LZONARDI & CO NANT, BSecl AgS t s.
By D. B. GIVE.NS. D. C.
I, H. L. Mitchell, Clerk Circuit Court .
for said county, hereby certify that the
foregoing is a true copy of the order of
publicatIon filed in the s"oresald cause.-
Witness my hand and offial seal at
Tampa, this th day of Nov., A. D. f ism,,
Clerk Cf.cut Court. i
By D. B. I ,VENS, D. C

In Circuit CortHllbmsr ourg County.,
Sixth Judicial Circuit oft loridae.
In Chancery, gauel A. Montejo,
v Mtalaalum B ses d t oSlteM -
This Ois a0- q. t.be heard .
uSpon appieation a *P.s ts clS t- 19 i
oalhsa d12seced against th defessiant
PUe"Mto i p t CaIao t a is
Of Na& Court upof ahiavtaatd with
the bill o tompinc In aMid 4mme rr
the said defetabt .1 a MO-ireidext a t .$ad. *T:.
the eat*e CC Vartdi aad te a reenset 'Irbl Cg6 g
'OC thO qfty of- Havaa, VUA NaevY 14. 000 00
IS64 M f -Cate, and over the age of of7 ^^
twent-0na anwa





b*r ry -- -i- X-________________

-* 4


Zo ns- r,
lrlMrIt Corebd Vith thte

1,-iz SPOON to the rX~rin
^^ miuiaatoa. Dcc.--Benatr
A% smrrml of fEtdioat ti ziom
lelh w witha >

A bme



I ltnCnbgrsqs who ai
OHtay. The meeting '
toy & nuaaber of the
eof this cety. The
getting oota not be aste

bC2 27.-
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'as-wam~e ago 5 t IL4
D negotiate with t n tr
Mtor wlowr freight ra
ceihat penrogsem Hoc
as 'been substituted
i bi~bnBte, B
tion, ovtinle tb

O1nS, who qa been m
ors ea eeut ew
Te pasitin with a cn
Ssr wriw a" engage
IHe wilt hb the V
%ill" of the casue
wte be wrtlU leave
rtao cage of hi. on
eer up-to-date ta
4 a epotlene wlt
AS t&obUeeM. i
Ab s-

ORDLVAR41CM a46 2i7. cityn-al under the seal of the city,
---M--- a nottee directed to tie M wIpA et own-.
An ordinance entitled as ordinance em along or aro whrd the Cltyi
SIregulating the b tulding of sidewalks. Connll has ordered a slewalk built (o
and declaring the defect-ive sldsa. a repalre d. isctie smid owners or
and declaring the defective s s a aent to b r repair the id side-
S id Ie declaring the defective sidewalks a waiks within the time and in accord-
public nuisance. ance with this ordinance, and a copy
t Be it ordained by the Clty Council of of the resolution ordering the same built
the city of Tampa: shall be embraced In said notice.
The city marshal upon receiving said
Section L That from and after the TUe ithal serve the owner, or his
m l ~SUIcIE OF A s0tolEI assage of this ordinance. sidewalks In acent, of the abutting property by de-
EE SUICIDE OF A thecity of Tamp shell be lt of the veng to either of them a copy of said
dimensions and the material herein- notice, or post a copy upon the property
after mentioned. as heretofore provided, and shall state
rational Captain John I. Tobin Take His Section 2. On Franklin street rom upon the original ow he served the
Whiting St. to Harison St., sidewalks same. upon whom, and the time when
rious.- i at Camp Poand-- r shall be fifteen feet wide, from Harrison served and if posted upon, upon what
aw Btes and Staff ail for street toScott street the sidewalks hall lot and when the same as posted and
be ten feet wide. On Lafayette street, shal Ireturn to the city clerk such orl-
Owb. from Florida Avenue to Water street, gina2,with his doings thereon .
sidewalks shall be twelve feet wide. -Section 7. That In case the City
SOn Ashley street between Lafayette Council should order a sidewalk built
Special to the Tribune. street and Polk street, on Tampa street or repaired, and It appearing to them
Juttn ew York, iDec.- e Pcic Bank between Whiting street and rron that notice has been given, as required.
street, on Florida avenue, between to the abetting property owners or
rted very building on Broadway, one of the most Whiting street and Harrison street, on their agents or that notice has I.
Sof tX historic buildings in the city was gut- Madison street between Ashley street posted as required, and that the owners
~ -nnvm. ted by Ore this afternoon. It was the and WMrion street, on Twiggs street, have teled or neglected to build or re-
ling Iy- hottest and most stubborn fire that has between hleystreet and Maion pair the sae within the time required
street, on ZUck #tUeet between Ashley they shall contract with some persons
I; a very occurred in the city for many months street and Marion street, on Polk street, Or erson to build or repair the side-
There were many narrow escapes from between Ashley street and Marion walk. and ninety-nine percent tr the
ge at death. The los on the bank and sr- street nCus -t et ween shle entire cost of the building or preparing
United r*OOLab tmbudtal to e Sitmaed at a street between Ashley street and of the sting rtydewk be and bsh the

is r Oh a ktW MRIV H eeion street on Senth avene, ae- Sec tion That the cr eings or walks
- VlbirL s tweetn b rtaaka avenue and lvin crsa theT h sreeto siaIl he contrued
~a~ ~ to t &te s rn ei tlon tenu e. on Etghth avenue be tween nd pid for ty the city.
i Doi s Thirteenth street and Nineteenth str et, section IL A person or pe d o rm
nS w rr l rvene th between Thirteth or corporaon buildn r erec Sa
m in m tre aeetan Si te-th street, on ft9en-p si e toin a the city ot Tpan t e
SVLti.. th street, between Sixth avenue w ad than as proTided for in t s oriance
0e eni E.t A taslr ..dMrgie sat- Tenth, avenue sidewalk shall be kten 1haJ h "builty of c~dtrbWats-- to ,
So te a oyre an feet W ide O Thirtr th s eet 0- m t.ri. a p&ublrlt n wtS and
enssis,4 tween Sixth avenue and Tenth avenue, niy ecNWl so built Shall- be torn up
e 9n5th S0telt, between sixth by ae City atthortles aend the rider
f ve nue and Tenth avene, o Seven- m dth -s-eet n coaviA-n- oat ,buS W the

om or~t t ,~ to mt etth street h etweenS xth aaeve neand shall ,sdd m o ta o
T enth ns, on Sastoa o th sonsnt be- or mampiso bed or met longer tha th rty
twan SixSth aten asd ISenthAI nnut; r- days both r and biothperd 5 t
STeoj tiee,,,-' sidewalks a lioe e Sight toot tWide, tthe discretion of the moCi ft sa
7i"fta an okcernine cols- Fourteenth street from Sesath avenue Iect 10. That Whenever a sideiwra
? r48 tueInt of r tw-Lrst arlillw 10 Ninth verOOs, aidewaiha SU hbe to W tbw- e~y d Tampa sh", become es
tted *r ticrn line. On all othereetsend parts afIect s to be danVecon to persona
st streets in the city of Taipt 1 ty Passing oaver ate t the saocouprrnt
E ** feet ie a*aet wide, at dea ht a owa va went ofi th e ra al ong

msS the U BATM BAI .. wide, idewalksha RALe six eet woide.' wrib i b the city marht or any
Spune. onys policeman o the city of Tampa, that
u53 Pre- 99se is the Tribune, forty feet wide, sidewalks shalt said sidewalk is dangerous, and to re-
.., -on .l. streets eighty teet widesae Inat condition ,"t-
his thoesixth amove*F tB when woe sieakwr p o ermeloeitn G rt.d
when wooden dew re ermtte twenty-four hours after chain ie-
e et8 l J j etoul, to be lai, the wooden sidewalk when cetved said notice. IU the owner,
from where they will embark for 1" la W el-beAllt .feet wide". arnd on all agent or occupant refuse or neglects
04410og121 stpezMigAfqe.wats rey will ot stT less othaab otee hty, dsn to repair said sidewalk as aforesaid,

eo fpll t a-morrowe evein molrso e ban t fee wide wh enwood ten with n the time mentioned in thiseo
Sala to-morrow evn g, o sidewalks a per itted to be rlaid, on, after having received written
when laid shall be six feet wide; and notice as aforesaid, they shall be deem-
: h L o IM ElT R teountr PLe NfimlsERl on all other streets less than forty feet ed guilty of maintaining a public nul-
n r wide, when wooden sidewalks are per- saee, and upon conviction thereof,
ns r. A. Dick popular manager ttd to be ld, en laid shallbeshall e fined not more than $2 or by
re hom Of the Tampa Bay, gave a most elegant five feet wide. But provided further, imprisonment of not more than thirty
as also and enjoyable Christmas dinner to te that when any sidewalk is laid on any days or both te and imprisoLment at
Demo- following named empoye f the ant of the oreing streets other tha the discretion of the Municipal udge.
employwooden sidewalks, the widt of the Section I That all ordinances relat-
p o te: W.V. fe here aeGfad- some shall be and conform tothe width
purpose, toma tW.r. V anfsey W. C. Mc ha vue d n be F ourt Wing to the building of sidewalTC keep-
!rtalne'dL denl A. 1'anlkoer, C. H. mills, -R. E. specified in this section of sidewalks on ng to the samebuildin repair, now in foreep-
Clark, C. C. Jones, John Bradley, J. L. the several streets and avenues of the la the same in repair, now in force
oocity of Tampa other than those widths or inaney part there in conict lwith this
and fm Bj Mubleyt cs c a pevicen tot waodenuside ako whorde toinance are hereby retealedl
Mbley, t and da B. eawbley. as specified for wooden sidewalks when Passed by the City Coouncil thi 1Gth
-ieneral ,A. No 1, isto wa the chief tramp aid.o That day of Decembers,t D., 1895.
inng for of the country tles himself, and he Franklin street from Whiting street Ti Pres. City Cau nol, Pro. Temr
Sana- wasln the city yesterday bound for Ha- Sott sLreet and sidewalks on Lafayette JNO M. HFNDVRSON,
rsreet. from Florida avenue to Water
vaa, boasting over the fact that he has street; and all sidewalks laid in the fire City Clerk.
traveled 96,000 miles without paying a limit in the First Ward, and all the Approved by me this the 19th day ~o
penny for transportation. He should sidewalks in the Third Ward south of Dectmber, A D., C98.
be drumrnd out of the country or west Laiayette street, and east of west F.oC. BOWYER,
Sixth avenue; and west Lafayette ayor.
forced to work on the public highways street from Plant avenue to
for the good ofithe country. There are Grand Centralavenue; and Seventh
Lowv ton many tramps, and It is as much avenue In the Fourth Ward from Thir- DIVORCE NOTICe ,
teenth street to Sixteenth street, and ------4
Work as ordinary people can do to put up Fourteenth street from Seve th avenue In Circuit Court, Hillsborough County,
with those who are forced to tramp to Ninth avenue; and in r e Second Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida, in
from unfortunate ircum tances, much Ward. Seventh avenue fo t Florida
en less the rofessionl dead beat who goes avenue to Central avenue shall be built Chnery A.A. Hoyt, vs. Veloy
td h z"ens a limits of the City of Tampa, to con- A3 Hoyt, Divorce.
jarnspo- over the r I e beat and then street uniform and substantial side- This cause coming on to be heard up-
tee, gl te overtimeA t. walks around their several lots, -in at- on application for an order of cpullca-
tea a" crodance with the provisions of thisor- tion directed against the defendant,
I. Pet LAZT T 1UPOF 1M RtOAPE CHARLIER dinance and. to-keep the *ajne in good Velroy M. Hoyt, and it appearing to
for Mr. repair; and upon failure to do the same the satisfaction of the Clerk of slam
samns- he steameCr ape Charles, Captain within the time and manner herein Court upon affdavit filed with the binl
it con- Geo. W. Weblb of the daobtle steamsWep mentioned, the Council may have the of complaint in aid cause that the said
y s -lfh e y ame done, and the cost of which shall defendant is a non-resident of the State
le oCrM C0j left tthe'c baor bar be alien against satd luts, which may of Florida, and resides in Lower Cabot
g on her return trip. It is understood be enforced in the manner provided County of Washingtoo Vermont, and
t9t4k4* wit aher lnt trip heR. In in section aa6 of the Revised Statutes over the age oft twenty-one years.
I64'7 t 61111 14 agent of the State of JFloridd It Is therefore ordered that you Velroy
IL - __- = 04-12rtiorn The City Council may at Ai Hoyt do appear to the uld bill tof
RepT ero te- oate any regular or special meeting by re- complaint on or before the ond day of
nar tl i -had bem sotd or missed to Ing of soch sidewak ois they may deem poiaessto wilin be entered sainat yOu.
ai Ar l' st ciro any and would here- nece ;ttt mid hre autln re- It is further ordered that a copy ao
1~ hquire the shutting property holders to thM order be ptIsa ed In Tmpa s.t-
hf.I4jHCnIWUit Y A..da|rnagt.t He butid or repai r id stdewalks as the bi once a week re four consecutive
kdy ack tLb e0~tin xe g steamer sass y be; that in the ae of the week prior to the said ltad of Jura
eraei w -u- era Sew sidewalk, the owner ary, D.., 1 B9. GL. IVB >
I igt~ r ls -gi v ron be-" is his agent shal1 have ten days after Ct~N~eest Court.
it served by t he marshal of ,WALL STNV nein
sds *the 0ldt a e w with a otice to build 0ou4psalat's aolitc.
-mW tk e a ia sdewal is otrmitao: with mid ty D. B, Corsito, iD. C
I: -R ve set utont; ard ia ones of the repair of I IL L. tchei Clerk CircuIt Court
ll -Thi ollh Lk oot- the 'aid uidsrwl two dys notice of mid ouant, hereby certify that the
iater ileetee of the resolution foregoing a true copy of the order of
)esit wulkife loam to a o em o provided that- in cse publicaton filed in tbp aloresid cases.
tes un o nd'a my hand and offcil seal at
1U beyond the jurledietiont of 'snpa, thts Pad day of-Out, AL., 1585.
th ,sy, ned. hav no ageats In the s L, aict ei.
1 J 0 'lnp notice to biUd or repair the -butting By D. st Irvms, 0. C,
~ sa ucmbring a cop of the reso-
he amy ~ rbl13 hgai ven to the orw r by

Ibe people etsi ig m r e built within thirty ds from tha date In Circuit Court, Hllaocough dousty,
of the pasting or repaired within ten
ryi~sb is sp C~baO9tpl iJig ~ L~ tk ~st roleora Sixth Judicial Circuft of FJlorid.., in

ati- FI W jeisU tht faction It shall bo the duty of the Chancer ffrederickG moree yv, oL01
l,-Ii.dn L -Ba" I.t Ceto-Immedi ately urnish the lmore, vce.
.at marble. tried brick, cnrerte as-
p oalt or ether hard and urable ma- This "c coming on to be heard
terial with sshtanti curbingl upon asppleation for an order of publl-
J. B I Sidewalks on aln other streets or eatioa directed against the detfedant,
parts o streets in m d city may be Loi ttmoe, and it appearing to the
iN lu*yeCbIu e buit ofal heart yellow pine lumber,
SA .d to e ll, Fever ree from wnds kes or ld knots or tisfaction of the Clerk of saId court
Sfrom other hard wood free rom sap or other Upon afdidavIt ld with the bilU ofcom-
MMM 1vw w crtiwOm ft.. fiSt- 1OUIS. defects The stringer ahatllU b f three plaint in aid cause that the said de-
ft W.': ',e for a number ofby four Inch lumber laid ede,-te; the fendant is a non-resident of the Etate
is tr.. orplanks a number or J l laid crosswise; the of Tlorida and resides at Somerville,
mt^ 210 1 hb9elM tbfe efficient and popular stringers shall be laid lengthwise, and Mass. and over the age of twenty-one
re hieri the freight office of the klant not to be laid over two feet apart, and years.
u wen Syste b tendered his resignation, planed so that the two at theendS It is therefore ordered that you Iotis
the planks shall not be more ta o Gilmore do appear to the bill of conm-
whieh wcl te effect January Ist. This inch from ends of said planks and thai plaint on or before the 6th day of Feb.,
Will be a matter of serious regret to the the planks are to be laid to an even A.D., t18", elsO a decree pro oonfesso
patrons of that road, as Mr. Lee's thickness. will be entered against you.
ol ahd accommodlatt manner in O All of the stringers shall be laid level It Is further ordered that a copy of
ger deain with thomm who had business or even with the grade as much so as this order be published in the Tampa
er D deprtmenh th were all we bupleased possible and not buried. The planks Tribune once a week for four consecu-
led Whtheway"tin which he discharged shall be one and one-half inches thick, tive weeks prior to the said 6th day of
ep ith th way in which he dHis succharge and laid crosswise of 'the stringers, February, A.D., 1899I
pt no t been announced, nor is successorae leaving spaces not greater than one- H. L. ITCHLL
mpy not been announced, nor is tt stature. quarter of an inch between. When Clerk Circuit Court.
nt tn what Lee will do In the future, laid, the planks not to :be wider than I By D. B. GIVENS, D. C,
MO c FOH-Flne budded orange, pomelo and six inches and well nailed with not lesj (GM3. C. CRANEY,
Sfr a a-inne budded orangesour, pomeo d than twenty penny nails, using one Complainant's Solicitor.
Or evw Trfn urt trees on sour, welt and natU to each 'bearing. Provided that I, H. L. AMltckell, Clerk Circuit Court
r e. O their nursery tock, Aso full ine of the owners of property on said streets for said County, hereby certify that the
naty. other nurp ry stock, including pch may build sidewalks 6f stone, rock or foregoing a true copy of the order of
etrlt l p epa-ld.era rosee etcG Li.ght phosphate rock, brick, marble cement, publication filed in the aforesaid cause.
-" ee S2reeS O.L. 1 Taber, asphalt or other like material if they so Witness my hand and official seal at
,He St ar-y, ltorida. lt desire. And provided further that in Tampa, this 27th day of Dec., A.D., 18i8.
Sh of so every case where the owners or agents H. L. MItTCHELL,
g SR nusy d of MrII aC. C. Benson of any property, reunses or neglects to Clerk Circuit Court.
is r wrll hb C reveU to'learn that he is con.- illd, or cause to be built a sidewalk By D. B. GIOVB4., D. C.
*Eto r b1ed with a.serious spell or abutting the property] after leaving
been so ordered to do According to the
rtg you ng snan Dace; and the cityi b#h to buold the ADMINISTRATIONO NOTICE.
Sm-o gmo same and chbi t$hel coSt there ---
a "Bo r. te a t the abutti property under All p ooshaving claLm s t the .
'VPA Lvaw issW n tag his the te os tamordt M cty estate orf T" cthi Uns doaoear am4 i
shE 13 iBSN s sta rock "Ws i uimRsemte itin

Ih, -A o. dh m. -J"
I 55'





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7th Ave., Ybor ity .

The public should bear inmimadghat twAU-t 4
days be in shape to ofer *wme of th
metia the mmeaMtiEW 1Vthea-em
a counter. Untlwh pifl tt l iiL

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pastures new, so to speak. During thin thz.sA
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Then The Jig, 116;.

So far as our present location i
pastures new, so to speak. During*A: f hs'jf
sugnraied a

Special Redn
That will make the heafta of oco8 ta04 is
pocketbooks grow lean andlakifty
rare bargains we have in store ir thek. .-
more at Stewart'sduring his -zui;sxa
any other place. We do nota t -
not do it if we can keep ..
Bale. ,


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Shoes, Dram Goods, P
and B ..rf in ve
o'clock MZany mAoi
Oome wely.aad wait.

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ILC Orlt LeS
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The Oldest and La~
Holse ogna s san a w -

We carry miore C60-a j h fto oer- i
line,'which O aio o tus
lines of goods. Our trade i o i
is the best proof tbht our
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line of good& ie stroog 3 that WB Biwyd
from the purehaisgpnbiig fobrhe, boyo boay

Holiday -

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