Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 8, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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j~e 'll~e rVe stise O l amV i-
utlsm Geletb&Day By the Pre5w
Mint Zra~s .to With Clam-
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in g- the past year, and discuss many Special to the Tribune.
t questios upon which Congress may feel savannah, Dec. 6.-Provost Mareha.l
D. called urpen to act. Major R. B. Harrison and his staff o-
S "Signed, Wsa. McKINLEY. ficers. who leave here for Havana thil
, -y week will go by rail to Tampa on TOurs.
Ad day and take the steamer from there
Their destination

. Awtded t 0 G1Wi & Co. to Put in a Meet For the Consideration of Public
SWar1 r W rks Plant in West Tampa. ai.
S- From Wednesday's Daily.
-" 'et Tampt is to have a complete The Board of County Oommissloners
r met In regular session at the court
al modem water wos system. The houme All the members were present
of, onrat Iwas awarded yesterdsty to and after the reading of the minutes
3; OItM,& Co., a well known Chattanooga' by clerk Givens, the following business
ad to I tin at Ia of Of ,0W wu transacted
P t p The pauper list as read was parsed
ai- The pumpW to he used are of the and the following names were added
t Wrottington make, while the StIlUell thereto: Martha Fosscn at $4.00 per
Bippce & mlith Vaeei Co., of Dayton, month. M. E. Thomas at 4.00. Mr. Ray-
Ohio are to rish the boerf burn at $8.00. and J. J. Holand at 4-40.
Ohio are to furnish te boiler, teed The monthly report of the county
e p'inp etc., and the cast Iron water treasurer was read and the following
Ft pipe are to be d by the Amer- Lfunds reported on hand:
ie*,Pa Pipe & IFovodry Co., ot Lhatta- General fund.. ...............9,0.20
- noosa, Tenn., one of the laMzwt comn- Road fund -........... 10.St-
- paniw of its kind in the United States. Jl fund. ................ .. 3,731.77
iThsbt-orm was represented in Tampa Fine and Forfeiture fund...... 1.130.80
Steorda Mr.j. J Miller, one ot the Scheol dund.................... t 876.
S*' Kest prt 9ipe aen in the country, Sheriff Bpencer reported as having
a sadme o tho e brfhtest young business collected fines during the month to the
tien to besatundu. le is a on of Mr. M. amount of $7,234.7.
Mlr Uer of this city, and is a Tampa The reports ot County Judge 'arri-
r :oM and this city m Isproud to claim son and Tax Collector M crlMoen,
y i Its I product. For five yas hne showed collections from iceenes during
to- hus hee s the pI e business and older the months of September, October and
L- men in Itlt. i teni mitatlfny pro- the first half of November, amounting
-anoi Uitm Ome i the best posted men. to ,29.4.54. The tax collector also,
a- one "of the most up-to-date and reported six poll taxes collected for 1011
thormhll qepaglised bulnem actlbrs during the past month, and twenty-slx
F *n that partbdar line. that they have for 1898.
o He i reliable, uprtght The notary bond presented by J. F.
ib idritetly honorable in his' dealing, Johnson was approved.
i bytthee methods he has not only The rifle bond presented by John
alied and merited the confidence of Browning, was read and ordered liled.
is b IMn bat of tb people .with whom after which the board adjourned until
q Da"es in cont He Is a younr S p.m.
jsam 4.th a brightul ture and thTri- The afternoon session was spent in
ae redicts a brilliant. career for routine business until 4:30, whe it ad-
Journed until 9 o'clock this morning.
s- st W pa hba done the right thing
at therlgst ttimeShe will soon save TOUR iDANOER NOW.
,: eMu b in water rents to pay for the -
iant. ad It is predicted that in le w s from the overworked oondtilon of
ora e ihs years the revenue derived the liver and kidneys which are unable
ibe entirely adequate to pay the run- to expel impritlew irom the blood. This
.21imamma o that flou i mu causes rheumatism. Htods Sarsapa-
Srlla ham been wonderfully meceeskl in
SPBAyES CAI2IM T BE CtUR'ED curing this disease: It neutralizes the
<*s local payrfcations as .they cannot arld in the blood and permanently cures
o :.Ira the (disead ortian of the ear. the aches and pains which other medi-
(*lhe^ isonly one way to cure dearness cines tail to rellee. Hood's Sasapa-
anid that is by constitutional remedies rulla i the best winter medicine because
Dsi 4uf is caused by an inflamed con- It rifles, enriches and vitalizes the
i at t the mcOs lining dOf the Eus- blood. It gives help just where help
~'ti- nT b. Whe t'hio tbe gets In- t needed. It tone the stomach, stim-
l d pu base a"a rumbling sound or ulates the liver, and arouses and sus-
SUlpfrteCtbetring and when it is en- tains tle kUey It wards off pneu-
Stir lmCtyIeeed &-s is the reawrt, and monla, fevers, bronchitis, colds, Cougbs
a tb&i ts i*0 Mcscn heb taken out and the grip.

Special to the Tribune.
Port Tampa, Dec. 6.-The Steamer
SMargaret of the Plant Steamahip Com-
pany arrived this evening with the fol-
Slowing cargo 743 boxes of oranges, 4
crates of beans and peas, and 63 passen-
Captain White went out on the steam-
er Florida to-day for Havana. add CPlt.
A:len lft for Key West, where he will
spend some time visiting friends.
The steamer Whltney of the Morgan
line did not arrive this afternoon as ex-
pected 'but will be here this afternoon
without falL
The tow boat Catharine Is IV the
canal undergoing some needed rsplirs.
When they are completed she will be
sent up to the Tampa Steam ways,
where she will have her bottom scraped
C. 8. Beaver, head clert of the Jack-
sovrille postoffce department, and
Frank Bean also of Jacksonville will
arrive to-day op the 'Witney for Ha-
Amos Ross went out on the lascotte
on IMonday night as first assistant
nglneer. Army Gllett went out on the
Florida in the same capacity.
Scarcity of Funds Reported In the
The monthly meeting of the school
board was held at the court bouse yes
terday. In addition to County Superin
tendent Buchhois there were present
Judge Wall and Dr. C.. Bymms.
Mr. Bu Echhol reported a scarcity of
funds In the treassort with whibk to
pay the third month's salary. After
some discussion, it was decided to ap-
ply to the Board of County ,ommision-
ern foe a loan of 6,000 from the general
The school house built in the Bawls
neighborhood by James G. Nm-nef
was adopted and the bill of $8.9 was
ordered paid
W. (M. Hooker, being duly recom-
mended by the patrons, was appointed
supervisor for tHammock school.
J. D. Rogers. trustee of the Clear-
water school. t-Tr.ired his resiGnaton,
which was accepted, and T. J. hObert-
dan was appointed to the vacancy for
the unexpired term.
The board decided that the Christmas
vacation will begin Friday, Deoenmer
23rd, and end Tuesday, January 3rd.
JH. R. Alderman resigned as super-
visor of the Burnett and Pringle school
and W. P. Sweat was appointed as his
The afternoon session lasted about
one hour, during which a number of
bills were audited and warrants ordered
for the amounts. The board then ad-
Ed Ray, Birother of Mlrs. C. B.Fitch
and Mrs. W. G. Allen. arrived in Tampa
Sunday evening from St. Louis, and will
become a permanent resident of this

eatsas out
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.Odm2 tb --thf. -- MOM' -

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U. F. ole w
supplies, and c
ver points and M
I leave this morni
- elttle 0hipman
lgoe wharf being
argo of cattle tha
iptain McKay the
@mL Thaw wau be

bok -I* unum"
lnft crowded

mpa PMsh & I

to. Cmp
pounds 61

uoak on a ad of a merchanais e yrsustOy 'Clu b Of
at I. 0. Giddens & o's. wbart, and lett* very lafre
in the afternoon for St. Petersburg.
John Savarese's steamer Msltetoe, The # da
arrived yesterday afternoon from ars- works sgft
sota with a full caro of oranges and opened astn
tomatoes. of Trusteet
The Crowell-Savartee schooner .White- wfere. o y
water that left Honduras on Nov. 52th, one by0 t
is now four days overdue, and the firm Ten' .it, to
Is getting somewhat anxious. K ftraus
A good appetite or certain
Is ebentIal to good health contract
Hoods Barsaparlla oreatee an waibe ie
Appetite, tones and cty.-
Btrengtbens the stomach.
And boilds up the system. The ladle
It relieves that tired feeling, and by beain ~ a
putriying and enriching the blood, it hbwig the
prompts and permsaente y cW all Mr A-~
Oroftola, eruptions, boils, hmers, p Itm r 0rt
ptes and soresw; trengthnns the nerves aintorae
and tives sweet, rrefteolaMi es. 'S -1 WNo BM*rA
otter medicine hea sei oldkW use*p tba Tlb 1
onfdence of the sdpe s Ait i ~lw M
sapara, anet da I5 e it.a eswat
is unequaled 1b 53 6rS waio. sAea ,s.

Yoa may O maesi i tual i V. doI iB
Sue ullll that^ it* M i in

eternal cc
Its pat
and win

to oompi
the glvin
' nlnals w
Sets a c
m- s gglin
o rm rab
for a ne0
bhe alien
fore. yu,
duct of a

II : I

omatic and consular represen- I U T WAS JC
SGreat Britain elicits my hilsh- I
nmendaton. and it will ive me i II l
stistaslon if I em authioried,111
an\icate to you a favorable con-
t the pending negotiations with
s A.TD EXPENDITURE R. ebel Gus Trained on Iollo ud the Coneerl the Idmission of Spuls
inmates the receipts of the gov-
for.the fcale sen June gents anu Redobab'l. Ships to Caba ad Porto 0.
5O0,000 and th expend tures
e,000 more On December I.
rms of money there was 54.-
snd saes. "In my Judgment, the
n of the treasury Justies the There is Much Speculation Regarding E. C Benedict's Yacht Oneida Col-
te enactment of lesson the Cuban and Phlippine Indebt- lides With a Transfer Float--Mc
hich portions of the gold hold-
old be placed in a trust fund ednes--Lrawing for Cuban f Kinley Will Visit Kanon to
which greenbasts should be re-
upon presentation, but, when Bonds on Dec 10 Review Troops.
Weed should only be paid out
an Important provision whicb
a ure the future money tnd- pecal to the Tribune. Special to the Triumne.
ted a ow tMoney Sta Madrid, De, 6.-An official dispatch Macon, Ga., Dec. .-President Mc-
l 1a ois oor e coercaln from the Viscaya islands in the Philip- Kinley has signified his willingness to
recognise the compan-
osctlon that our paper money pines, announces that the insurgents visit Macon, and will review the troops
sIae yet be related as ot are redoubling their attacks up Ilo1o. here immediately after his visit to At-
s to our needs in Inducin In- The governments advice. say: lanca on is way to Savannah.
omme subject in all
I, cominaded to be an able The rebels now have their guns
considerationn of Congress. trained on the elty and fire on the de- ONIDA IN A COISION.
AXMT AND 4IAVTY. fences nightly. Our troops maintained pe toth Tribune.
o dmanends ht the President be a spirited defense and have killed large pune.
06 to enlst IMeft men in the numbere of the enemy." New York. Doe. 6.-me steam yacht
ay at htis ditsretlon within a The government has not reached a Onelda colUlded this morning with a
awrtbs nlhitant oa the g v fil decision regarding the Pallippine iarge trustper float off the battery wallt
a with whsh. we. will be ad an debts, but the Oficlal Ga-
A/ pr a ter tr of a the seUe to-day publishes an shnonce- in tae uper bany Sbe had on board
s s moon as the regular army met that the drawing for the redeomp- her ownmrA C. Benedict, Grover Cleve-
ed, ad joins the secretary of tion of the (ulban bonds will ooour on land and CapLtain bent D. Miar.
r In meommendnG that the December 19.
Sdml and ve-adma be The peculation in the Cuban and Te cht had her bowsprit
rity rengwe& and be filled by Phllipne debts on the Sourse has ser- away, and was otherwise dighiy in-
who pecialny dl tingtlied tIty displeased the cabinet. e rtm jured, The passengers were landed
es during te war. In th securfti s is attributed to the at b theattery and the yacht continued
NVKAX6KaXXTA O.AAI1 report that the government win devote on her way up the eset river.
hat the Nicaragua canal oom- the indemnity receewd from the United "
has nearly completed its wort States, in the colonial Indebtedna, re- IMPORTANT sEBION.
tas to the feeblty, aet ardine which no decisive resolution a -- Jointcorl
irquction of suchl a marine have been taken by the'Mlineters. ParSi on e. .-In the Joint
tI now more than ever idis- saon that et at 2 in. today it divel-
to that ready intereommani- HAWALIAN RBG90EMEND ATIONSL d I t eterdas serlon wa of
tween the eatern and western mch rter Importance than sp-
s. It t dede d by the an- pe al to the Tribune. poed. resulted in the American
of Hawafl and the poDpective Washinto, Dec. S.-At the meeting ot singly teJecting pain's re-
a of or nflene and cornm- ot Co gres to-day President .MoKlnley quest tha for a term of years ship of
the PdC, nd that that o poiy mtted report o te Hawan that n nd ts products be adlt-
6 than ever, c l(or the con- oommision *tco enled by bilUs or ted to Cba I aw Poto Rican port
I of the can by this overn- services rendered. The connion under th me regulations and condi-
hich necessarily cotsrr6 will recommends measures for the govern- tlons tarlis a t sgprsatet and wisely act ment of the Islands. Cltisenshlp form products -
of territorial government and regula-
ommend the suitable celebra- tlon government and regulations are MiRI AN EAR
e centennial sniversary of the defined, and the commission makes a -
Sof the city of Washigton as detailed report on the Status of affairs Special to thaTribune.
so at the nation In 1900. and an on the islands. Three bills were of. New York, ec. .-dMrs. S. J. Colgate
nation for the establishment of feared to-day which are designed to start wfs nairl(d hpre to-day to the Earl of
nent memorial to mark so his- the Islands off on a solid basis. Straford. The ceremony took place
casion. and that the Fr4ident in the GraCe church chantry, and was
wered to appoint a committee WI.L TRY IT IAGAIN. simple on account of the recent death
lete the plans for an appro- of Prince Edward of Saxe Welmer, first
for the Paris exposltion, and Bpeclal to the Tribune. cousin to the Earl. Very few persons
g of authority to extradite cri- Washilngton. D. C., Dec. 6.--Ruler, or other than the relatives were present.
*here there Is no treaty. Sug- 'New York. Conressional Democratic The Earl and Countess of tratford
reference with texaico to stop member of the House committee on leave to-d&y for Washington, where
g over the border; thinks uni- military affairs. introduced In the House they will spend a few day*. They wilt
s by, cable a good thing, asks to-day, a resolution, "authorizing and sail for England next Tuesday. The
r home department of Justice; directing the committee on military present countess is the daughter of the
Is the proposed amendment to affairs, to investigate the War Depart- late Saemuel Smith of New Orleans.
labor law and suggests labor ment and the conduct of the tpanflh-
Sand eonoedks thust:- '1ev-- American war." POR' HAFPE.NIPNS.
rtment reports will be laid be- --
Swhich have In detail the con- THE TAMPA ROUTE. Important Items Gathered There by the
affairs of the government dur- Tribune Correspondent.


Stole a Bu ot Clothes Off of a Dead
man and Sipped a Naked Body. By Prua lt IIg I"I

A gentleman in Tampa of unquestion- t0 Sott D1 U 1rW0M 1
able veracity told a Trtbune man yes-
terday that a certain undertaker not
manv miles from this city had been CLAYTON ADE T
canbht In one of the most heinous *.- '
crimes known. It seems that about 2sNominated9
two months ago a certain gentleman e -w Ila-n t aI
who wvs visiting In this city had died Xfzioo-BpOI '- "i
and that his relatives in St. Loui had App a
wired a friend money to prepare the eo _- "-'-;-
body ;or shipment 'A handsome suit
of clothes, costing $60 was purchased,
and the corpse was attired In It and Specia to the Trl one.
sent to the undertaker to be embalmed iWtahshion, D. C.,s&, &-Eh
and prepared for shipment. hbe body port 'C rb h5Wre-t.tt hee
was embalmed and It wa shipped t waas n t Ck i lhTit iiia
when it arrived at its destination. and asde fr S W t00 r ie
the heart-broken relatives f the on-, ppromenta t Olt
fortunate man removed the top of the fsl rer pen4ng SAW s a
cofn, they were horrified to ind that ontinrtig the aa l aqt
the corpse was naked. It had been 1Ua ra i, NroMCaL Fi i
rotbed of its clotbsa The matter wsa l i rad 9ei4 !" *|
at once wired to the gentleman in hnpt a ats
Tampa who had engaged the nader- p ernat O the
taker to prepare the corpse and a tbor- A iw, 9 Wo"So ffir
oufh investigation has been gobS on 0 ote SroI I raaah to -fleiM
for several wears and the Tribune's -.-
informant says that the evidence -* I -
against a certain undu.itkr In concn-
tsve, and that he will be Pnibhed to Speca to the Tribnae ,'
the fullet extent of the law. asilsnto.n DO C -ee. e
This i one of the moat diaborN man ro r the tincrem s e bsaw -
helnoui crimes known, and V it at be pore to the heon-to-aeieb q i
proven that it was the work t saom m aaAe A llM t: 'Itji ...
unprincipled wretoh, the part- thkt bea seade rar as- st&
committed it should be consigned with-lSWbat we bana and rwat
out leniency to the torrid pith of a our 'ot at" p
burning hell. w27a with the
resommsnded by the

Pews Among the hipperAlon the
Wharae. Special to tbe Trbuns.'
W Mhhngton, 1. C Ma e.s
'The schooner Samuel T. Beacham, MoKintty to-day sent I0C fift
Captain John steelman, belonging to mleatton of POMwIan ICaae t ~d
the 36bile Steamshp Company arrived w ao aete lsan
Senor Ko-lmox
yesterday, and is unloading a big cargo havi&ngy bn i sed to Itsi
of grain and merchandise at I. 1. .Old- hiasador. Wr. Caton-r io
dens & Co. One car load will be de- lowed unoer art of Y
President slc snt t-o e8i
livered to J. Q. Brantley and Phillips number of P e olsta t s a
& Fuller. the recess ey n7
The steamer Wanatee arrived late rotary Hay, Sb t
last night from the Manatee river coun- SW6te Hlll. Parils
try with 1W boxes of oranges. The number of coue -,
captain stated yesterday that ship- S6O S "A
merits W'Rete teadle y Increasing and f
he tAounght the average cargo l or the,-~ Osttot thbe l uib -
next two or three weeks would reach Dep.rtmet .. r
nearly, if not quite two thousand boxes displayed alog the Po ri
per day east to Wesbingo .
The tig paseenger steamer Tarpon, loa iAtas a ta
that runs between Port Tampa and the proaclang Boia. -
*Manatee country arrived at Lucas -. "^,
Bro. & Coe. wharf ye terday afternoon. T A U
She has been on the steam ways for
some, Ume undergo ng repairs andb TA PA-a
been taken down to Port Tampa last
weeK where she sprung a le* and was B i -
broilobt to the way yesterday for fir 2RnB Wine .*T
their repalra, OiMeuto hae dsappoint- icb n__AND
ment of the captain, the brLd could -
not be opened., and afne wa obllged to T n
tie wP at the war untul some tUme t eo- s e on a
day. The certain st tA ehos ws s w 0uas si .s ---1

ed I


- I


asM Psues, ap Dnaly she
.. ass Deft &M

weIrIoM to A ToAT.

MrOs asbi nram is n o m

Sansa Washed ea ato

W".-- -.I.-I .

*n od ot bat it
6 i -

in. e at 'meet

A in the Trlbuw-y
ak at you will never

Mnuis to grow and
4i ips es hbut that
t a e- added

S.ot iB. it because

-pe hei~ their own

Milo" "a10

thfh tUm attme.
gt aI&*MAlready
b~lSftiot5. free and interesting IrAl I
to all, are aeuming their mot pleas-
-lag aracter, although the geat festf I l8 Perfect bean-
va of the year is sil a month oe. Te IAy, patriotic, ap to
most hurried wayfarer Is obliged to date. Subject;
stop and gve at least a moment to the
beautiful things disclosed behind theR
Slas, which remind him of the ap- 1 MERIC GIRL
prsaching holday-the eeaon of happo- One of the handsomest pieces
Sand merrymaking, and, also color work issued this year
of expenditure. Yet, after all, is there color ork issued this year.
anything pleasanter than Christmas Lithographed, with border of
shopping Man may say that there are army and navy emblems em-
many things; but woman, whose opin- bossed in gold. Leave your name
ion In the matter is the only one worth with your druggist and ask him
considering, as it comes from instinct, to save you a copy or snd 6 c.t.
education, and experience, will maintains
that of all the forms of shopping-thatI in stamps for one to
in the spring for going away and that C. I. HOOD & CO.,
In the fall for the winter's comfort and Lowell, Maus.
pleasure, and hardly excepting pre- (Mention thispaper.)
nuptial shopping Itself--there is no form --
which brln.s so much true excitement, Remember
pleasure and happiness as shopping ,for
Christmas. Exciting as the task is, Hoods Sarsaparilla is
it is little felt--ad it is really exacting. America's Greatest Medicine
for what is harder than to choose amid or the Blood and the
#o much that is attractive, with due Best that Money Can Buy.
= a Warlr to the limit of one's re- t n Hood
soqires? A very agreeable feature ncetake only Hood's.
Chrt st n- hopping is to know where to
so tb And what one wants; tor there It is remarkale the amount of eel-
t mor atui and unsatsac- ane" that exists in Tampa People
tyteWd: Sd er i nfr tio ite to or t want to iy or rentprierty, will
;'a5Qt 4t ot ver, ame lttu t In" t that the prica of rel estate are
i rlR iot at .t. tomh disrt a the down rid lbey will sari-
I i F s' the- A M n ly every public interest to
tR", te !ibunt I i1 anenorpom help; a satPfa their personal andtion. We
S, "it tosmPiallsptisdati la were told yesterday of a man who even
S it went so far as to start'the report that
a terrible disease pwrvaied in a certain
TB TICEg=WT.grAs.-PPF locality, in order to Induce the owner
-of a small pleoe of property to sel at
Whatever point decided the New a low price. Buch reports even though
eeW d turt of itaeals fo deClare the t are untrue often spread and do
anti-mca ing aw unconstitutional, the much damage to the entire community.
general publo ilu probably consider
that the nusn portion of a railroad o d Quay, senator from Pennsyl-
tketioulohLt 'at regular rates, should vania will have a difflcolt task to retain
be a icognsei attcie of commerce. his seat in the United States Senate.
But whit rallioade and business men The reports sent out by his friends that
and the general public agree in ob- the recent charger of embeselement
jectlng to is the use of forgery and de- were nothing more than a political take
ceptio in the ticket soslping business. gotten up by his enemies to. influence
Te honest. tcket-esaleer. and there votes on election day are evidently
should be no reason why the term untrue. The charges are being pushed
might not be properly used, must ot and Quay is now doing his best to
necessity suffer from the practice of have the case put off. The factthat
ts lese wort' l "rr: tutors. While some hei a doing his best to have t p-stk"cd
lsal-sia vas in r a -a- is the strongest kin' of .
foc.ly t-oe ,. .u. ., tit. the cha rges are well fouutoc .. "is
ut sie, which must l,.ncuioain its tair next point will be to concoct a political
average of virtue, refuses to see any scheme that will effect a reconciliation
difference between a forgery committed with his enemies and the case will die
oby a tlket-scalper and one uttered by on the docket.
anyone else. And if the only way to The fMatin is a Paris newspaper
put an end to the practice is by put- which jumps on the United Stateas for
tine an end to the ticeet-scalping buei- demanding the Philippines from Spain.
nes, then the scalper's occupation tul 11In connection with the roast the paper
Iprba ly soays Bismarck on one occasion re-
It is said that is the tBord of Pblic marked: "When you have your knee

It s ai d that purose t Toary oc ob r Arlsaead o Gor ha
Wo k tll topaveTamin street from on a nation's neck you should make
garrison to Scott, tiat the property hercough out all you can." The Matin
oWneeare determalte thatt a sht remembers how Bismarck on one occa-
e paved ata hasart and propose sion had his knee on France's neck ann
di.n it tesgsxelve and let te board fade her cough up Alsace and Lor-
re-tinbUis them when it gets rain and one billtn round dollars be-
sides. Germany didn't propose to pay
iSolintft ds thn t fo" me rposew. This for 'Asace and Lorraine.
hea capitalidea% 6and the Tribune hopes
o mse it atertalis as Wrankln street The Tampa Tribune saye it is proud
'aOd i be aved e y alf :menM from of its advertisers, as they are among
.wMditlE to Sixth avenue the best people of Tampa. This is
.. ..oaple cause for gratitude, and, per-

h da wrk ad'every dad enterrise, ofr ae papers do this oState that are
:'dvs 'ib0ot ti? ,old a cndle be- not pospO b~us.-Jacksonvlile 'Wetro-

friende .amaryou The ation will never be able to re-

tAdmAal .Dewey. Cousin Geoe ha

.,& uedday ad the dmn men P ines. Thanks, but I eam too buhy."
iltoi day br the maajeotiW '5 his reply.
?' it'V, Two hundred toms of Christmas pres-
ey" i "..it. .. -p ts hv&ef ..- already been sent to the 21i-
""l I.,A dide r ad ers i s the Philippines. It
'tbe an oif-a ioned Christmas for

t Cla 'm have no use for

ma n Tampa t5at is worth
.ecan well afrd to gIve $156 togs
~iE o~deio ftactory located in this

It is a plain proposition that
be met with the hard cash. Put
-"io i br name on the list at once.
..T.psp has the opportunity now'ot its
S5tS to get the biggmt enterprise that
J.id mvllae eban or giving it onseit he
S.:-- be t cga mast nuactuina cigar factor-
-t .te l ocatain here. Wil sbe grasp the

g^ ur citizene. 4
., i -- situation ora ot?
Js the reele o the ubttleship Wrscin-
A mm 1i o j s ni sin sCarusteno with Frean went, a
Js O W M& s g set protect was mde. But this won't
s d m L o d h r prevent the most patriotic American
,fO ,,VMsUp=: hi, m the wed he farmer tom illing his potato ug with
s eN md bfeh beg hlIm0m- srts n g treen.
NO Ra t 4ame..- w% hve t aken so fan. cannot afford to let Jackson-
ojk4.la mus and e that the
e d "U eiled e id erog its fame and prosperity as
s itk hap, nd eansh a cigar manufacturing center by the
2leri0Wa kthe hI5I narrow mindlness exhibited by some or
....~ Dr, lour citizens.
i V Dr. Timothy Pwight, President of
Yale, most have known what was tom.
4hM*1hW Uk W- -I og in the football line when he re-
_4VA AW AM Arined the PrwiPdencs of the university,
q000 Carols^ 'n making arrangements
fe fot his revotation, should otop to con-
ider &sh t will happen to him 'C
Nlapan is IthinC for victims.,
~CM tefact that Spain has no money
r1bt-t89 s ta **O, aWl may expinin
W -j" To 8k 4rag S gr atlsea the

06hard..to gst- I Ut-
1Ii~ 5ss v.0ev~ fi

| "th tv on 0t 'w a
tan tpp toitt a to viu llyur. the
factories-. It -W sethe largtbt manOi
facxuring ente"Prlse .,at Jatseostitg
has, it will keep two other factories here
that are contemplating moving to that
city. it will keep the cigar business of
the United States in tact in this city,
and in less than one year the people
"who contribute to perpetuate the great
industry in Tampa, will have made in
profits on the amount expended by
these factories more than they' -will
have subscribed. Each factory will
work on an average of three hundred
men daily, which gives employment
that will make a monthly payroll of
470,200.- This money is paid on every
Saturday, and by Monday mornlid It
finds its way back into the hands of
the merchants and business people of
the city.
It is the cigar industry that has made
Tampa famous the world over. This
same industry has made every business
man in Tampa prosperous, nd it is
to the interest of every citizen of Tam-
pa who desires to see the city prosper,
to assist in getting the El Modelo tac-
tory located here. Take the cigar
industry out of Tampa, and what have
we left? Break the chain that has
made Tampa the ideal city of the
Southland, and in a few years Jackson-
ville will have accomplished its desire,
and Tamps will then be in the same
predicament that Key West is in to-
day. Tampa can afford to give any
amount to keep the Guerra factory
lire and MAduo the EISodelo fatory'
to come and spend its thundreds of thoul
sands of dollar with p .
If you are a pcresstiv man you will
assist In this ladertaking.
From Timee-Union and Crttiaen
The FPL Commisson, which was the
outoome of the Tamwt rYcla should
soon be ready for 'work, ad we are
glad to see that the Florida commis-
adoner, John T. Detwiler of New Smyr-
na is calling for inorAtton, a to the
advantages offered the induetr alone
our coasts, to be submitted by him.
Eackh o us who have knowledge, on
the subject should contribute of 4ie
store. cWhen the resources of our
waters have been fully advertised they
will be found entirely capable of sup-
porting a population equal In numbers
and in wealth to that now upon the
)Sir. I
i siil a matter of prof*_.le si
cuifion as to whether, in the tlm% 0o
come, the sea or the land will contri-
bute more to the support of mankind.
Since this is true, the Southern seas are
yet as rich as when Columbus opened
a path across them, and their waters
may yet do as much for Florida as the
virgin prairie has done for any WWest-
erm State.
The fishieries of the North Atlantic
that furnished the foundation or the
creation of early New England o4e now
truiltIes as the exhausted farms of the
olderhStates. The pioneers must now
look to theeeas instead of to the woods
anr the plains.
Arm our commissioner 'with the acts
and he can peak of authority to the
audience we have been seeking. Let
hin do for our waters what the laent-
ed Dunn did for our phosphate fields;
the opportunity lies open along our
coasts for the collection of a tribute
richer than the buccaneers found-on
the fruits thereof we can build towns,
eqIp doieete and en*iuve but beach
sn with a population like that which
made New England rich and powerfuL
From Jacksonville Metropolis.
The Tampa Tribune appeals to the
cIttens of that place to counteract the
attempts of the Board of Trade and
citkens of Jacksooville to have Vin-
cent (uerra remove -his cigar factory
troTO Tampa to Jac soville, and to set
to Work and get his i Moitdelo factory
here moved to Tarrlne he intends con-

JNtw, is this not abroad hint that
something muet be done and done
quickly if we wish to retain the El
Modelo and have it reinforced by the
addition of the Tampa part at the busi-

It is very evident that Tampa knows
the value'of the factories to a place.

AreYou is

Easily Tired?

luJt gwmsects that a your |
:trnth &mut eoe fromu
a mbod. ~ttd yoa ewr thinO Of

O* ti =
d Pigost wh

noe Paed miore strength

P#of OdeUVr Oi with Hypo
phosphittes. Ye oil i the most
e esiU yibnged of all foods into
s trengh; and the bypophos-
phito are toes a r

wys tpa t
Hadrtlo-i>I me t

we T^^aSB l


ForSale by B.;. MIOALP U &CO.

Hence the note of alarm soundedat the
suspicion of losm Tamps has a tnm-
ber of cgar factories, while /Jadbon-
vile has fe*, and it is natural that Qr.
Gerra should want to have his bus-
nes all together, but to, hav him
bring It here some lberal inducesmets
will be necessary Jacksnvill needs
and wants all the industries that she
bcan get, and the low ot one of the mag-
nitude of the ElModelo would be ser-
iously felt, as many poor men and
women residents of the city earn their
living in this factory. Tampa cannot
be blamed tor her position in the mat-
ter, but it behooves Jacksonville to be
on the alert and not be caught napping.
Remember the longest pole gets the
-T oingfleld Republican put the
administration into a hole of its own
digging by the following: One of the
oddities of the era is that the supposed
opinion of the great West should be re-
garded by the administration as infall-
ible on the expansion question, but un-
safe on the money question. The East's
opinion on money goes-obut its opinion
on expansion is stamped N. G." 'Will
some one explain?" The President's
indecision of character was never better
shown than his vacillating attitude on
the question of acquiring the Philip-
pines. It is well known that before
takin his campaign trip through the
Western States, the ostensible object
of which was to visit the'Omaha Ex o-
sition, he was very dubouns about the
Philippine proposition. But a e left
the pulse of the aWestera pmpele at that
time still under the iltoh sc, qf our
victories, an influence which is now
rapidly waning, he grew more enthusi-
astic about taking the islands. Every
time he made a speech the crowd was
patriotic enough to cheer every word
their President said, and his reference
to Dewey and the lag ftyig in the
Orient was received with great ap-
plause. The President in consequence,
went back to Washington with his mind
made up that the people wanted the
Philippines and he would tage them-
'As the dpringfleld Republiean remarks,
it is odd that the supposed judgment of
the people et h estern tates should
be accepted as infallible on this ques-
tion. Who can explain the contra-

When it olmes to genuine enterprise,
and get-up-and-get-there qualities, the
people of Tampa beat the word. -No
sooner had the Tribune appeared yes-
terday morning containtg the tocain
of alarm regarding the eemovat of the
Guerra factory from this place to Jack-
sonville, than Cloonel John Trie, CoL
J. B. Anderson, t wi B. isoderesw
and CoL Perry G. Wall took the mabsu
under conetderaton and lade a canvass
of the city interviewing the people,
and soliciting donation for. the erectlon
of -another big factory r idLn which
will be used ior the mU Modeto bsless
in this city. G3p to ofclodi yesterday
evening they had secured about $6,000,
and had not seen all at the people who
are in a position to assist in a substan-
tial manner. To these gentlemen who
are ever alert looking after the interests
of the city, the people of Tampa are
under lasting obligations, and it is Just
such enterprise and indomitable pluck
and perseverance of the citizens that
has made Tampa the leading cigar
manufacturing center .pf the United
States. The Guerra factory will re-
main and all praise and gratitude is
due the people who have been instru-
mental tn getting It to stay here by
making such liberal induoementa

As a result of the peace negotiations
at Paris, Uncle Sam will have another
elephant for his zoological department.
It was dearly ibotueght but its a dandy.
It is estimated that it will require about
seventy thousand able bodied men to
train it so that It will he able to say
Mark Hanna.

oA member it the cnin-liigc eOwaatn

ryeirdhy that the TrMtb had 4doe
| .mat womB in aidin tohe creates
,hausk at obia i hcritlrti

8' SALL6W'

You bae ats fe1dJt jWeit eW s wh-
organs a act in perfect order, become pale and
emacied; eye dll ad ha y, o decoraed
ith dark circles; skia mUm and crusty; tm-
sch esv. full of g, aet able to digest the food;
bowels mostipated mde damaged: bdsdaha
with disines; psplpiatina and sumerited ex-
baustion. Thesure oaly the eImmosercymp.
toahn In more advanced stages of the disueae,
the blood becomes ipo..shchd, the feet and
okleh rw lenthe mind aplXhtcics, very fre-
p itly the fu ctioksofeneration ar so impir.
S d as ored that complete rtyerof
STERIITYisprded. This isnota
T eeeptional ease. Itcan
be mtt ed dvicdihtoats mt oitd es homes re
chbldles on this comout. Ordinary exercee
amespn in back and lowerspine. Prologed
child-onring, unclsslinem, and dtispiac .eats,
tend to produce the ame remist iJ middle life.
Displacement (falling womb) i Ie doabt the
most prevalent of all- Iseeorrloa (whites), Is
Watributed to itrreglarity. ad. directly, to any
camue that delays or preTent the regularity of
futtetioa actrvity.

above an lele indumc registy. It imanietee
a more beartyy c lat i the pants; Wich I
turn condues prei.emn aaty, to reoruy.
*a MAs tlft.. W%" #W a -

The seIMon of ntertate Ca 1
litriesc'c< ioBloat Maihingisa - I
daya dev eopd a urpristng a ttea.
Uffairt. The as notor do the mCe-u~a-
peake & Ohio Road fMhe nAWe aIt in te
that his road had been disimitnatl jg
in Its tariff charges. Not A road in
the entire Breadth and lengtiL of te
United States has not doie the pam.
thing," said he. "We diiid. itt order
to live." t
He said that the reason his road hbd
not publiheed the rock bottom rate,
was because it would give al its com- it
petitors a target to shoot st. The de-
velopment at once Justtlea -the -.
tence of the Inter taitoa mase "ts-
mission and onagniit h t utter fnty 4
in dealing with the riUro d bt MiMt t~1
t to-day. .
"Equal rightgs t hippesa mwyhees Ig
become a cry of national pt. ow
that the truale *a-oatisr *MiassCs-
Inlega, i te goreenment jrise eafr J
to relief from a snltuvie-a.: st1
It sult eayI* tei oter aro r-
alfasloa of the railroad nut-lss -of i
the country / Sftppeqq and zrmers m
alike nrmst live and let tve. pst a
uader bhe cot ro of torS everms to &
guarantee feair anD onal tP, str m
have been su-eteodd mashht- : ee -
thet te He i NoPoqs tastag eq, g $t
tbeire bfegloug.l li'l.l e,
.The esteemed "Wi.e ."'.h lt n lC.. Q
lrst onighat meas tonteeloses t i_
reso. *r (n weso suchwas 'daeda4hqJ *la
to fieroh the geonac naiht rates
toB4, s oe eoos cheto, beopern cu s.a
It wa only a few dae,0ng' Sot :o-*
pubhlehedeautheeots t tetheeb l Sf o tt >c
It was au bohft and fboItaom to try
for -any of ithi trdaulf s Udbs f. Sel1
roads made a hXeol dustlo 4n rfts s -
Tbe very fact tiat T1IO OM fkrchafS..eJ
o Uf large orders every weekfo;
Havana and chaba gotang a&sWad Ve
Sbeen toe the pat two mnoaht :1
that tMse rnolal ti ac aa0fgaSf -1
old time bugabeho. Wwe rya- 4s11
man in Tamps In anzamr a rdc- |
tlon t -freight rates, but Oither the
eral4 or d u ost ee is JIsrtlUed ina
resortin to such tetpteontIf- in Wder
to get them l loaoer ft-E rl lstes
would of cot enable our mrircn1tV |
to seU goods cheaper in Cubs an ,
everywhere le, bet. eevena ,lit t W j
be'no further redaction n rates, we
wW get or share of the u Cubanr f d . I

C to All Woime
VEft~rnft" In.kfkM

t .. .. ...- ....

Ptabee n w M wesi
that ha pr edl not crby e
but all over Florida duft rtei ng
IMt taims. It tV'only a ihor t'^ot
nce we got ne e of the
south of Pftler, ofomKll -
eo not woaderwii at ta: r
day the wesftA ad .M ree a te.s
peasing through snow areena.adhli-
srnds almost without drced t:. he-
extrem e northwest t siuea fe
alonr the New o igpmasmL aot a
far as the Caroinas u jt rIcserg
from a storm th atdestrod y h
of lives and left a track oatf dssietisuo
along the coast, the like of which i wc
never seen. Were It not or the nU-
inerous measiOf commyancrttn Flog-
Ida would sever e know the ds'srOS re-
sUilt of-the wearing elements SLia a
When w realise how aestre sad free
Florida has been froM these storms, we
do not wonder at the mnlhlrsisne*
annuamly 0a shelter heLre h tUbOsM
storm seasom. There am asim-
tively few who live in C chsks 'c
centers that know aLythgiughS
pleanen and eattotetlio 'f -4eh. In
FlorwId astmepbersM."n m,_yi- -
stormy 2Seabes oM jtlCaghngsqj ~
tire Yea. TkWW simals a. .c.

-ar two t 4M tWp sUeee^ St c
sethU toriha *It w^ aalb >4kti dt
that a gb-rtbs a*u E5sOs

la Irg flit f leode lgtl, vIh


.. an, Wee sad Children Were
:.a klg r .a Olesn r imy to
Sa kgebe' eae Tdldl With

ae /aat to-hams.e .
Savars, Bgap S oW.d at el Oclock this mom
when a teesieat bo" In Infanta
arenas, n the aouthmiM of the city.
A whith lk staa atore thoa sixty
Stheagman eour.it ag r ns browa up by
as' e i on eof psder. Thirty-eight
e ~sreoo y. women and child-
re- v eid h itiMures, and eihht
vam w l was& -isa the -Rehm

:, r as1 r-,e- m es alsm o the

4 -A -WI RBa- s a a stf wbeen

r v 'esp e sa
4(i ,i Rheelni jtg a ay--recan-
rA A ue des ih amsaes4&m thet.

4SMEeMh t. old oPStO

S. -Of1 a s( t- J. O mstk a
.. .,.; -:, s.- d s letti

5 d. "'ri.et g eeeO age. Thevl-
fo-.inpMiO^ of recovery.
tawbMwai n We ti eot shortly^ after
".- .. ... ....~, .was ai Cv G

t^' "fft,f e to" h e wdo a* s ote
." r a ,r isa f tMh stored car-

Ma i"-d n-t -- l ed T

;&m409Jfl e FIRE.
-.*- .r r w m oa.
qi Lcat5 T nr e whoe

.o i k lrevery.
..:, .llhll l -ptSs A3e .. posn _
~..sp ., wA Ca. Ow 4904 shory afte
", -Me t !_w s rr; cn oa-
'iw ~FY-,k ,!t I t a t .the

A ONHW r ,tat t1eU ti'edwith
Ab t to Obe ealor car-

5 '.sbiw _Nbft a. .w.


ightfl Loss of Lfe Reported Frem Ofcial Decree Pcrbids it Entering .Udnd States of Ct al imeria Dis-
Lw Engla id That Conntry. sol iarrlship. I


Believed to Have Been Lost-Snow Unless a Hitch Occurs, the Conmis- John W. Keely, the Famous Inven-
Storm m New York-lanco sion Will P insh Next Week-the tor of the Much Discussed Keely
Sails From Havana--Inerease Transport Manitoba Clears for i otor, Bequeaths All is
of Regular Army, Cuba-Gate City Safe. Property to His Wife.

Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune.
Boston. Nov. 30.-Later reports of the Savannah, Dec..-Great was the re- Philadelphia. Dec. L--The will of the
great storm confirm the stories p ub- cing te City wa hen the steha late John Keely, the famous inventor i
_et t i h Gate City was sighted off the )wharf.
Ulihed to the effect that it wa the most nWhen she steamed into the ock, a of the Keely motor was admitted to f
destructive of life aid property that great crowd that had congregate gave probate In the courts here to-day. It
ever occurred along the New Engla e crew aad passners a great ova- bequeathed the entire estate which is
.... .nw. evlpstht h r aon. to eer after cheer rent the air
ast t now developsthat of the and for ew minutes the scene was a valued at about ten thousand dollars to
passengers and crew of the ill-fated ively one. his widow. No reference is made in
steamer Portland, which was wrecked. The Gate City belongs to the Ocean the will to the mysterious invention
in Saturday nught's storm that not a mtemshifo Company of this cit upon which Keely has been working for
left Boston on her return to this city at
alnle one was rescued. Several more 4 o'clock on Saturday afternoon, an so many years sad created s~ch a sen-
of the bodies were recovered to-day should have ched here between 7 station.
The pubiUhed reports that the team- and 11 o'clock Wednesday nicht. The
er (asle ty of the Savannah lne that captain stated that the storm ioff the bNAUC UATED GOVeRNOR.
etr ae Ciy ne avannah lne a New En ahnd coast was the worst he
left here onw Saturday tor Savannah, has ever passed through. For!twenty Special to the Tribune.
was lot is without foundation. th e e Gate City was toasee about fonLtgo y, Ala., Dec. .-Governor
steamer Chattahoochee wut arrived like a feather in the air, and several Johnson was duly inaugurated to-day
here, reports that she sighed the Gate times the crew thought the vessel would
Vlty sate at sea. rarely be lost. in the haU of the house to serve his
second term a governor. The crowd
.WNV STENN SOOW STORM. I0 T NEED AA &PAKINKtGi. in ttteeAor was very large and the
peclal tto the Tribnrbune. p> Ro p t rn 4 ed f pleasantly The
Denver, Colt, Nor. s.-The news Madrid, Dec. L-Advioes received here tiee Haras on. surrounded hy the gen-
tife Yooesona surrounded by the gep-
reac a hed h ,to-day from the country to-day from the Phitnppnes, sky that eral asseoy and State oifcers.
surTorond t t"i city, indicate that the the teasargets there have decided to '-
snow storm Is the greatest ever known refuse recogltieon of the cession of the DSI)LVE D PA- TNERSHJ IP.
hee. The ecton = offering most are islands to the United States. 'edis- w iu AT mRS
the south and west of this city. At patch also states that they wLl resist Special to the Tribune.
Cao the storm has heen raging al day to the last, any inteereence on ihe part Washington, D. C.. Dec. 1-Tie dis-
and the snow is reported tare! to of the TTnited States. It is claimed solution of the United States of Central
five eet deep, san between Leadvlle here by those In authority, teat the America. after a natualexistence o
ad as mar out as Gnnison flly ten United States will require at least, les than one months announced here
feet of msow btaedsllen. No traveling seventy thousand troops to pt down to-day in a dispatch received by one of
of any hind is being attempted to-day, the rebellion, and conquer tht insur- the highest ibclalas of Central America.
and It wUll be.several days before it gents. It Is aiso p.neged that the in- that is located here.
is resumed. surgents now hold ten thousands panlsh
prisoners, whom they will force, to serve

fped [-to the Tflbune. PROCEEDING RAPIDLYt. AN ARM Y CA
New York, Nov. 30.-One o the great -
et snow storms that ever visited this Special to the Tribune. T l
elty has ben rain for the past Paris. Dec. l.-The work of the peace May Yet be Srtablhed in Tampa Ac-
twenty-four hours. The streets are commission is proceeding rapidly, and cording to Advices From Waahington
almost hnmpassable, and the telephone unless some unexpected hitch occurs,
and telegaph wires are down in many the treaty will be signed and staled be- ashington. b. C., l.- .
places. The drifting is so deep li fore another week when the American Washington. D. C, Der. 1.-Info m
many places that the street care are commissioners depart for thd United tion was given out to-day by Seeretary
Alger at the l'ar Department that
completely blockaded. States. there is a strong probability. that an
REGULA ARMY INCREASED. LOOK OUT FOR NI). army camp would be established at
Tampa. Fla., in the near future. A lead-
Special to the Trbane. Special to the Tribune. ing offical who is in cloie touch with
Wahinhglon. D. C,, Nov. 30.-It is Savannah, Dec. 1.-The transport the war secretary stated to-day that
stated here to-day that Congress early steamer Manitoba, with General Snydn he was very much e the opinion from
t the preanseseton will make provls- and the Fourth Tennessee regiment information he had received, that
ion for aa Insease in the regular army, cleared here at :45 this morning bound permal.ent camp would be established
and that it i1 nqite probable that none for Cuba.i at that point. Others who have given
of the volunteer regiments now in ser- he matter any consideration, ale of
vice. Will be set to do garrison duty in NO AMERIC.AN FRU-IT. the opInion that t camp established at
S i Taihpa, would be only a temporarypne.
S.-- _pec8ia to ts Tribune -rThe heavy fortflcatlons that ardee-
AT.BA OONOr. ARD. Paris, Dec. .-A decree waAipubtished iUg constructed by the War Depart-
-- here to-day forbidding the admittance ment at rElgmont Key, off the Florida
Special to the Trbune. into France all fruits and plants from coast, and at Key West, tends th
svrata. Nov t.--The Spanish mail the United Staten. strengthen the impression that a per-
steamer VIIIa -rd with S marshal manent camp will be esatblised some-
Steaoatfrmer V5 n general of Cuba nim where in South Florida. and Tampas Is
&ne forfmet captain general Of Cub'a recqgnlsed b the'War Department as
s s onboardleftthisortatthe mtt table ae on account of
S to-day. IIts excellent shipping facilities.
-- There is *aso strong talk here of 1-

'J s ;i FLfORIDA _-'*' "^^*" ***"*" '^y'&^u ens css ^ a'^
n ina Beutiful Placo ir the Seventh A rmy pting a permanent camp at Tampa
that will serve as headquarters for sOl- A
: I l IUA. 3 Corps to Encamp in Havana. diers reutrain from Cuba, who may
have 'become ill or disabled from sick-
ov.;oexM sad AdJ Ge, Spe.ial to the Tribune. nes or other causes. It was stated
Savannah. Ga., Nov 30.-T-he camp here to-day by a War Depastment of-
cx'vlswthgi nr t. site which the Seventh Army Corps c&&. that In his opinion such a camp I
will o oupy In Cba has .been selected. would betomt a necessity and that
Special to the 'Ibr ne. Gen. Ftzhuagh IAse hae Just received Tampa was by.far the best place on ac-
Spce a s ,le to I h l- a1 letter from menerl F V. reene. count of itstee climate andclose pro I!
been a grand day for the Fir r lorda oe ander st the Second Division of lmlty to Cba.
soldiers and t( people 0 aCaptal the hcors. w roan Havana, satIn that
aClt. t : 1tt 1 ck the 01 meon the hsi te which the corps wqlld ocp y PRO'TOCOI TO REMAIN DEA-D.
the kFh ut -2 g l ,s"ens. headd hy had been hosen, and that It was being
their basd s -C. rqaty fItne- lpeces, put in shape for the men. Spain Will Nt Revive the Celebrated
s.. ct t The site, the letter states Is a short Cahbng hgsiA mett.
enesm 'Goehco ad an o diSn 5 5m It 0 l -
eenoral ncorosi, whe~5cr ~e4asitand which is shout esven mue weet of Special to the Trilune.
reia M.e 0lSh eea Hml aE~vamna. In the direction oi Ptnal del W- ptfO .ti, k l.--The Protocol f
ktlL11~~o Rio. The wtolh cwrts. tesssta ted, wil 1,51. heai tte win ,s auve nrmeat hsi
'i N and- ii Old Glory be esoseoped there with lts Sank 050 nots ie dLr i 00sad551555r not to fe-
wrn In sIdsussuswhers. the rallroad roning to their 'plays" o eps ~s is P trooo i

WlM Met Our th ftumfghut"ai


He is Indicted by the Grand Jury. 0C'n. itsbakh X
I hirty-seven ives Lost it a Ha& aiA
Storm-Oongrees Opens Man.- Baaust b
day-Trroops r Havana, ? di-

Special to the Tribune. special tohe lT
Savannah, Dec. 2.-The Second divie- Baai5t*a okI
ion of the Seventh Army Corps, tie move on toAse
Second division hospital corps, and tlheoC the eratiL 4d
signal corps battalion of the Seventh erred to the Obl
Army corps, have been ordered to sove end disispk, f--
as soon as bossble from this city ty deaffite onrdWtn
Havana. General Lee issued orders-W s Imaone"MagWhL
to this effect to-day. -m-StaMet r-
It au estimated that t wllU takj at onR Ifoda t
least fifteen ships to carry them toa-, ,'g ,-
vans. The reghments in this daioa at alt.es
are the bLsmllana, Setond ia*olathe n
First New York, the furth VhMtaoiwrd. wsua iiS
the 49h Io ow e d the H aS M od dhere a..s
The New Tour W b he te Firt Hat- 1 .
tieship at Havana Since ExplostIk . "
Special to the Tribune. SpcilS toJ1I% h6
Washington D. C.. Dec. a-Ordoters sfbla ~i. -
,were.isad by Secretary Lea for the the triam comRnat
armored crser New York to proceed
at enee to Havana. r" ,"
The bdttleshio Texas which hs oft
Topnioievait for 8aauton Roads wIh 1 the secial
become the = *ot qcqiaol tkn ta eaiep
Philltp, who wil remain as coml=~ i
In chief Of theorth AjttxCi-n g
The New York. wi be the eAt amnor. Thatyt
clad of the United States to enter Ha- the C ad sf&tJA
vans harbor since the battleship 3tai -.I : ,,
arrIved tbere. t-po tbe arrival of tbe Otfn
New York, R. ear Adtral Sampon wW
hoist his nla eao bho -and a-es more SpeCialt tAtteLyi
ssume command of the sQ.adron Wal i
tHe Thinks the Whole Thogas Noth.- day,. :
tng But a P&uitical Scheie. e a
Specal to the Tribne.p bT rb u il
Chicago, Dec. L-The Virden rt'flot -
srA Seen madein its formal raeuor ton as han sl-i

Judge htrley fixed' Governor Ti
near's bond at 1506. When -maked in
rard to the matter to-da y te
nor refused to talk on the subject
yont stating that be believed I
whole affair was nothIng tut a pVl
cal scheme.
Special to the TrIbune.


Were the erry? sr ipaata
,Oelebrated Tapas Viotory.
A number of friends of Senor Yle0t
Goerra and his chaemfinr a ftny 'cp

'IBrpect No

T.e, esin at the treaty doe not
ifna in an an I mdl remanption of dp-
I i kmatir relsatam. This wtll not fol-
for m lotw mlL the mommet has een rai-
Sah mt- ed i Wa iSgosA andS adrld and
e PiBp r'ttcatlGons hve bean exchange
S Items of Interest Gathered at Florida's
.Two Per Capital.
spesil to the TrIbne.
T.a asee a I.. Nov. r.-S4a
be'5annol ea~bhave been swet from the Clrcit
ahtb o1am t 4seli rat lea t s forat term
Stday.- t, W g dimlaed and ft ve continued.
t w;'. A Ot laroe ttetr is the cse egalnst
ry- eted tee-Tzedser C. B, Cons indicted at
emate U ths fall terLm
w mO& The direct war tax matter has been
rwat wlt ieUd up, as required by law, and the
W O the money, about $7,00. turned Into the
State treasury.

:: Tired Men

fW inasry Ui swr out tbeir lives quickly
Fi cti- >o0wafds slslrbrsius anbf bolet
.epheeaas, sereone,, dyspp.
tsn gea s sral debil 'ty. threai
eom tb t miout T. es tTroblre,.
-0 eCet'bhsmA theo ed. 6treaptb
*;; ""M a liasibt oI e bmsk wis %kh
W "+d of
helgrpL.t Hoitetler's

t .Stomach
8 n '

Draw ns from the gover-nent store- PRO
houses at Havana, Matanas and Pinar
del Reo. are being made y engineers Cuban
of the event o&pA. Ans assistant to
CoL W. R. IAvermore chief of engineers
of the corps, was engaged for some Special
time making blue prints In Clty Bngi- Hava
never Win'o officeat the c ty exchange yesterd
yesterday. cigar e
the aut
__ manutll
Gen. Garcia Will Call Upon Secretary :.e Uni
Alger To-day.. duty o
at Was
Special to the tribune. wIll pl
Washington Dec. I.--Th o members ot tobacco
the Cuban common alon deleaced to visit O per
the United etats to discaBs with o- cent. ot
ials of thIs government the may to ren
problems which confront both Cubans red kil(
and Amerisans on the Islapd arrived in thoosat
Washington this evening from New Last
York. mayor
The commisslon is headed by General ence wt
Calixto Garcia, the veteran soldier and cleaning
leader. It is the present expectation to clean
of General Garcia and thb other com-. Seven
misitonlcr to remain in Washington office ul
about ten days. retalnet
Ta-morrow Geneoal Gatcia will call their ez
upon secretary Alger, but beyond that of the
call. no arrangements halve been per-
fected for the movement of the com-
R cSpecial
MARION 00tB -PRY Phhad
The oicial returns from the wet and embeTy
dry election in Mfrton county held on in In t
last Tuesday show a majority of H Finlette
in favor of the dry ride. %he total to-day 4
vote was t71 to .-. by the t
of the a
FINE budded Orange. Pompelo and Jury.
other nursery stock ineadl gn Peab- day wai
e. Pears, P9i. BI ettoc. WM- u onti.
ght Preepald. C&sti twe. CL. shall he
Ta~er, n 8n 8Lt Mary. Plrda. mlsm

Duty to
to the I
na. Dec.

Per Pound on
eco. -


L a - '~~L-E~5~5.
~ u.-
i~FTY i' -,i.
- i Z *rr


*t .T+.4+ + + + + 4++

.... ........
,~.." ........ + s

444 4

a. pew. no 4
r-m-srarp 6" u" T+
5se.. P blpa se SW 4
r Da a a. or- -

'tkr.heeter the '4op-

^stopdcJ now: "We

pbehae a los laigs
'c- '

IDISM^ tksai taM
-,thper the Cvarie

v'qapqtiinuea to gather
IMS5tltwheborever he

olir, a not tes nntL Dee.
LaM umoa&s ahad

ar Io gu rtbe the
p Shall coamiet .t

'I aldoupon
w with
Maws a scarpe-
- -7

LkeT:'~ ,..



1 1
* 0',


The fooUa derimne t of the tet
-g k.aleft on vtte man University at 13e land Is evident.
l it tha MIS fU woU wIn a flourishing conilos The report
neff~ected bFy aO Dew re-i ^Ine Fs 0 be oemst sent out on Dec. 1 states that since th
with ad Poir imo the gepm season opened, three months ago,
S 6 wh/id t in a enred by Hood's Pis. They do their work ed rr ca y r
Sdbain & deths have occurred. caused by Injur
PaGste to lerns the facts, sag this ief received In the game. and over thtui
itpreamwon l erroneus as Indicated players have been seriously injured
sy the records the Immigration u- This appallng death rate is made ir
rean of the state Department of Agri- the face of suitable and reasonable re
etnri te be an n t ohe ie Lmpeyd by the faculty. Wha
ins the beginnIng of the yar that Best after dinner plla the" r|.-tA would be .if no restrictlon
bumeasn as received and answered more a2eents An draggist. were placed on the players, can onlJ
applications tor tformatlon about Prepared by C.I. Hood & Co., Lowe Ma be imagined. We cannot see that sua
Wlorlda from prospective settlers than The only P to take with Hood Sarapill a .record by a regious institution im
at any time before t Its history. At very much to boast f. If one of thee
the present time these Inquires are EXPORT OIP MANUFAC'TURES. yo men had mel his death in a pria
coming in at the rate ol a At forty -t ring, the man who Atruk the fatal blo
Pe day. They are not trom tourists A taMe recently prepared by the IBu- woud be banished from the lnstltution
but from people who contemplate set- reau of Satstice o the Trearry De- and placed behind prison bar, if th
tlg in the ate and making it their partment hows th enormous gowthla woudd put him thm. But jue
S hm ~pe Theme people are farm- t o Amellan manula- became of the diseased popularity tha
ea In the northern ad wetern portion ta'. D rit the 2-month period ha attended tie progress of Footbel
oC the Union and many of the letters ending t s year, 84 classes of m rc- phang students are aio-wed to be man
O ie -ts-th qtur es show exports amountbM to more __ aokIlled with are t"d, to n
Art that tl rtter e a disgusted glied and kiled wit tnpunit)% In 1
with and eno cond than- a L.00 each ust twice a m deency Stetson Univerity ought
tone i1 tther old bomes and are look- M W ts il- 1t onM Clh te roye Qh tLe bm o e t I
tiles were exported to thbt extent er ahibn the lr s 0 he gai
nl eomstatlr to Florida as a place In the esal er ear the export of reined as to prevent this wholesale kllg., oz
where r5lei may be found. There mIner r rt ofoea m,000, prohibit It entirely. Pastime amo
bes ie tthya been a flood of luiremore t uhan ible that o any other thd adleotsn U t kue one and sertosu
from the NJfew E and States and New umante ured rtae Injares e ve r every two weeks is certain
Tot. mrere, people are not merely Ten years lter tN had more than OitF SOP a lite too fast ta
aki for formation. such inqulrleas dojted and the ofs still kept their FlIdr adhoo It mit do for th
a based on report which have come ad n 186 at E sne then the enor- *Onish waor somethtb of that kind
to thatm from friend who have made mo on and teel Jrstty ha 'een but it is t aile to demorsAise intitutkon
homes in tUb State, and the enquiries ma ant strides, ut now it ofean.
as a rule sem to be con&,-evative peo-has jumped to first place, the value of
9se who Aes seek Information pre- It ports during th e oyear the Heather Island correspond
paratoz to folklowU r their old neigh- ert 0f the Oeals Evening Otar: Etthe
t nt b toake second l00 wI exp t ol your intelligent compositor or you
U It mot not be opposed tha tae l Ten years ago the correspondent did Mr. W. W. n3mitl
the northern states alone ae sending most ad000,00 Te eans aso the a grave injustice in last week's tar
settlers and wealth to orida. iron ae export amounted to lsfor he certainly did not go fishing un
aot 14, most of the newcomers are from tan $16,000,000. day: It was Saturday. Those wth
the central and northwestern states, por of copper and manufactured know the excellent Cristian gentleman.
illinolallaadsa and Ohio State has re- cooper tles ow the gaet po- need not be told differently.
eeived thauand of new settlers. portionte tocrease. Theee 'amounted
PVOwa Ifhthen. Wisconln and Minne- to leas than $4,000.000 as late as .1888, Dlon Carlo may now step up to tih
sota habWve lare numbers, and and exceeded 32,000,000 during the pest home plate and take the bat. Carloe
ft Off WAshkilon and Oregon have 12-month period. The only oonplcu- hai promised to pul off the long
S their conttulom s ous falling off shown, is in the exports pronseed u Iprising the moment Spali
P the m aspritn feature of sugar and molases, which were has ceded the Phillppines to Uncle Bam
Sthe now cnWton is the lam about 36,000,000 in 1878, and In 1588 had Spain has ceded the Philippines an<
nl e r of peole from other southern fallen to less than half that amount. the world is holding its breath walt.
a ttes who are settling here, and these Editor t StovaR, rt the Tampa 1rtbune, i gto see the pretender do somethln.
more tangible than pretend.
latter, it may be noted, are proving the is rejoicng much at a potato weighing
maot m towful and be satisfied t six pounds, and challenges the country It is really dreadful to conlcmplat
W10rida' new al odtisf to produce Its superior. Bless your that England's poet laureate draws tle
It s very evident that the Ouban heart, Walace; we use that kind or same salary from the queen as he:
farmer needs a little higher education, seedlings up here. The only kind we majesty's royal lampligbter, the p!ntle.
It is necessary to keep a. rural police aow mention of in our coumns, man who applies the wax taper to tht
force strung along the telegraph line either veigh from nine to thirteen lamps on the queen a dining ruon)
lading oft at 18an o, to prevent the pounds or measure four feet, ten inches tables. The stipend tor eac.a is l (M
farmers &om cutting the wire an: usit g long. Come up and take a look at a per year, but thing of the honor.
It to bale hely Th4 Province of Santi- potato that is a potato.-Tifton, UtS
ago ought to be a ldod field of opera- Gazette. Verily, politics makes strange tadfel
ton for the gold-brick man. Our Georgia contemporary is labor- lows, Hoar, Bailey, Carnegie and Pu
ing under a hallucination. We don't litse; are pulling, together to provenn
GOO 'WORK BY TEE MAYOR. recollect mentioning anything about a the ratification of the peace treaty, and
S te V-ers proclamation pub potato weighing six pounds. In flat Teller and Allen are asisting MoKinley
ed in yesterday' T ne In refe we odom refer to potatoes that in his expansion policy.
ewe tohvngtheweeds d madze unIes it is several cerLoads. We
StoffS the Vacant witin trshe do, however remember retiring to a A hew dissipation has been ictov.
s o thn.s I ast bo the potato some weets ago that Wvelhed ered on the eastern shore ct Maeryanc
afta aidsd a"restg"ealng many e- sixty pounds. Probably that is the -the drinking of Jamaica gingr. Al-
mtm Y jrm i agreai t msn t di-one Brother Herring has in his mind. though this strange appetite cost Ievet
s p peahs the ctr w.e hardt If be doobts o w tatenent we Invite lives recently, the victims assuredly nas
SwoseMtni down the nsighty yeed him to come down and see for himsel t bhol time.
It 18 Whe Stof e vy citizen m ad p~ p We have about twenty pounds of the
e ar to c-p-rate with the e y wh The New Yort World wants to know
mamor in ts efoms to have our city ect s aound yet with whicw what New Yo City needs most, a
ook SUt r Attredae a it n poe- t e expect to tten e thousands of people who are
1glie a~b un St l pIsugg ed that the j attorney n the ce pending at just on the verge of saying that sh<
Cit P of tRe weeds tbe spple- Andemton I, has served notice tfat needs most the suppresdon of yellow
ti t erp&XAw. of floweA r beds he waouZ present his argument ~ ournalism.
aru-ln w t esmumsa m g or mo poetry 'be court and the other ode The bestowal upon the Prince of Tu-
s ts S rse te protted within mht and main, hut anb the Dowager Empress of China
ga.e. rI i fthe political lawyer weM obdurate, and of the fIan Fund sword natUray im.
1 blan~ a fimer ga nthe In the
2wafvfa CiWehe when t he law as looked up it was pti/Shnt the Prince of Toan wul be.
t w. rt r r found the were no statutes against t stow lthe sword upon a number of re-
. a coa. mroma t I o l atunent. There seem" beioUs necks,
*o WSSJit S frost and snow lTet^ ^o- fl^
to be no 0 heading off the pot
.u S *are me, and' r except by pattlement llt the case out of Tna gentit n from Utah. nb0o
Sb as p seJIs m oota rt.if TB iated tcom. the at of w ar wnt to establish a private congwt-
i! t ""tned rkblmon o the judre ScnaIM harem to IWhlhiwnton. appears
E m ^ sbh"" to be creatite more o0 a diturbance
e ^ tF aa t Qthem a re- Te thatened tCne of Cari-sle than ual to the lot of a new
--bl. I- r wuclit I n5 cIs in Sapn is t a UPeas to be vloo a tWy a C.
taea. and So easiaes ws th re i t, the untrlusent, whatda h
-.1... hes PNo*, that it is positively mettled that

^Je ia Is a q trps ais d ^w tbert I iray eves reas to to he a convention of funny poets to ye-
h -iL a 't o w mouh 00fli with a o ntry. at has turn taanlt tor a new rhyme fr Uneie
sS i. paed tiete ,b ees'ohi t Sam and balm the cal.
3^&r i^% %^3has s^^td S; it look rather s In Japan tO have
ladsr o is St oh`lvatisand d thq lnatuo i ad pretnder, alas adititrud-walPte4 until RBussI hald Istalf abtleile
iIt has m e genesis gpasarae arms and broken up her armament be-
ithie or tln p.awt for thl by voalene, o e governet fore beginnIng her movement on the
et W ar that our prince asteta Koresh frontier.

A3- ig pared sad pst in fine elhpe. A dispatch from Antwerp says that Minneaols mayor-elect was r nee a
let.pa make eOW warteen and MlPor FePdinand EsAterhasxy has sailed new oy-an lnDpir.ti'rn to the army of
vqaz tots o correpond. for the Uested tatea Won't some pa- young, hustlers who buffet with the
i triotic. kihedy disposed American cti- world before they take off knickerbock-
'oe iSeraid havs brayed again. It men plees head him off? FaMing In
p threats moaid to the government that. it eight be advisable for the o-ft-
r L .Br m friday was not for the clai at the 'New York barge office to Count Ferdinand Walstn Estertazy
bU tmdam Wil it be kind enough Prevent his landing on the "dangerous- is coning to the Sates He re ght
t Us ream4e whaer the said asrscter plea" be secured for the star role in a rival
W.e. f seda by i the schrtuaent tf tof "Jimn the Penman."
Si a It says also' that the The seIerl fish companies located at
oa It & al s o'teat eMiaml e a gi engon Go dviratn d Brlkrt men, bunko steerers can
,0i e i iti beenrede if the rate for a heavy winter's usines. One do business In New York since the late
tt abW lartm m readers It the rates
p iss be rededand how ent forward twenty-five barrels Corbett Sharkey ake. ,ompitc
t~hy .o ehve been bought and stup- of Spanish mackerel one night last too keen they ay.
h ;d-..i n Wthe reduction referred week. Dverp day they are adding new The bid adage, "charity covers a mul-
bi. stad w i reason that if the bota to their already large feet. T titude of sins," seems to have appealed
Sli Og eudd buy its ~su- of ~Itiam river presents a lvely scene, the quite strongty to Mr Corbett and
.i.a otbOi' ~&ln so maih ch hesper entire northern ahore beig filled with Shar5y.
admet 5o mush lta s*pleng rates tom boats
ethna malet, It wousd never think of SOUTH PITRIDAS DElANDS.
with the mpa me*- The ex-queen of 2Ihwall evidently be- ---
ar tushlness with the Tampa me- ]even that rheo piment f sOOM to The Legislature of Iorida will at the
st:'sTh. brsnes goern- smnSoino session choose a united States
ppat n constituess a precedent. he mi
ohm Soe where they can be wants ans to pay her $6,000.,00 Tor her enat to ueed Eator auel
%o thaeot het ict o share in Hawaii. Pasco. Wbile the Tribune has no axe
am he &waet b e osr to grid, yet we mean to have some-
ifcoa ^ are wM eaw eT ob bar a nd ell as cheap Queen Lil lays claim to 1,00,00 ae ting to s as to who shall O thad
as a" other ..pMeCjit the amuntry, of Hawallan territory. She must be lmportnt position. In al re sonuld
S me t r thinkn~gf of gi into the re ate flrnes, we say the next senator should
at i e e lower thinking of going into the real estate eelqcted from Sooth Florida. A
"ra" Y iak AU the ds a man's fltnese does not always depend
Mf'4 o The oH trust must need money. The on the locatoo froh m which he Is chosen
l" l' price of Uinflts ha taken an up- neIther is it fair to suppose that all the
ward Jump e4 the mercury has gone good material we have for senatorss is
otL o ah i Utt d owI confined to forth and West lorida. On
b aLthe other hand south and laddle Filor.
Emperor William threatens to lay Ida can present s e noblemen who are
down the sword for the pen and write emineni.y ftted for the position.
OujlEjg i.t n a toook. Our esent senator. res id one in
Pensacol in the extreme wet ad West
s4 a serdmheejrwt is the latest. Its pro- Florid and the other at IsonUtcen.
to Can- mother are doubtless fishing for stoctk-ia the 'extreme northern part at the
ol s -IState. Whae we reo(ata r-Abe aBityi

.- -- .-. .













meats suffltent to supply thirty thou- a som g kn-hy 6spiili l Hi lti
sand United Stawes soldiers for whIch saools dit 0a rninmsart '.
Swift & COm, ts been asawarded t e hth 11 40 10 -ss $ ,4
contrast. w h t5,w a I :4se
On the next trip of the Flarida, thee Ma W ,,
firm will ship ten car loads of ensc nea IMs a is'
boilers, Insulator., building and operat- .trod anknojw Is i is
Ing supplies to complete the plant BTa otems a sud al dgmica a11 t-NMir
will be the. Arat p s nim hobse ever wor. t lThis Is -P sio 1
erected in Cuba and wl odoubtess be 7to nma40 DO l bm. -y -I .
somewhat of a revelation to the Inhabl- e emo a rt" -" .. Z
tants of the itandL 'Messr. Bwlft "A ~la i .
Co., have buIt up a large and rapidly ovtnagcan "m16 1M- saHp Ia :I
Increasing trade in South Florida, by thlakwhaatak t tobekaIMcKlmeu
stralghforward business methods, and books thale *a o hWnmd tIl afe'ii% k
are to be congratulated on being hold 1he L 31da011th tst ID keepl~ ,
awarded this large contract. pO hut whee lo aMnd sadjM '- l fw
A system regulator is a medicine that theI aAlN*Bftbg bUIY*4a1b h6A WO1W
strengthens and stimulates the liver, t bohng a' book a Sm a ki".*p
kiddDM stomach and bowel& PrtckLy bmfh tbiesha lad h*lig oa pa
Ash Bitters t, a superior system regUa- hinwhe shf ont o one oeo fre b" -
lator. It drives out all unhealthy o-a- 'e w ahy, I fed that I hawe aMnlBA te
ditions, promotes activity of body ars ad a< wis and moeh toe k be
brain, reotores good appetite, soagd m"--New York'Sun. .'
sleep and cheerful haitt. fd by S Al- eS15 ,
y-Pa whai a, M
OMr. WW J. .aylow. mperbuten&dPm a memlh- i. : "
transportation of the Plant System, Pan-Anywd"ig t's Is er
spent yesterday In the city, maing. n -ussi nMgTO P_
despite plagarsaonr o the rintFer t1 wf A-l- m e%
huslmas in his aprabent.. #-z f
Overcome vl with good. Overcome -'' flleya m '
your coughs and colds wtth Om Ba ?
ute Cough Cur. It aitso good chldrea
cry for It. It eres eorop,6 ba-,atit, .o" ". *ne-
pnemnon.We ll throat d "W to-w-on- grppe ad al thnt ad I ieoi .
g discuss. For smlk by .LB aI La_.-.
erst i Co. f he -2
R ye makes the sest peahe -60.Wldf sflr
for sals st-b. Cna'susw4hsep gto '. 4'a
006,, ,M ntlU -BUM
"a t 1^ ;" : ..^ ^ '

Ovrthbei a t*a O i
o*pl Alshed very Wtt.l eer h fii
There I* al -eomw siilt MejTrv-' -
where that South Florida seghat to ,a h :e
represented in the Unlted states M I kmman mi Hm .
We have important Interets that urt M~hr s bem es at
to be protected nd we hav men WbO d mu I9O p .,
are able and willing to protect them'Ta dk upg =
given the oportunlty. 1 MO
Of anl place In the State Tampa Is by aegbnon" .
ar the most needful of the mtoeaece a a& Wtt
and personal attenUton of a represenca- se t LqbP e JJ-
tive In the National Senate. It Is briaIghI Idea. stela
the recognized metropolis of ain tll out y o m e a Ss09a h N
Florida, yet It has received les aid 0-iseda rm ^L~
from the government than &By other ii nyya SyLf^- a ilStwKS
town or city of aw Imputortance Oa4ie iTir He '
A vast amount of bonded goods t edsa mLatPrlrs a S
are shiped here, yet we have the8 t W l" hs
no government warehouse. Our min s.L dwm e k mo i
internal revenues and pastoffee bust- hi stm. ,a ..0 1
ne is very large, yet we are with- e
out anything in the way of a public mar L upu 'pA.L;;
building. Tempa is the recgcnued dkAehns Isfthe
shipping point for the West Indian is- BMat Ri lbM W11 06
lands, Honduras, Central America and 30 0 50SGWl;
other southern countril yet ow aie mled IUIp bodV 'lhe'
ping Cad uties re suiserable, compared rmL'a a d ~a on
to many le important places that have Tb'lr "
reelead government aid. a*God hmwri0 m gad
With the above acts staring us In baonm as M a.-toA a ea
the face we are contained to deOlare roo ilagiMas giMgl" B
in favor of a Tampa man as m rst choice R
for senator. Falling In thtis we shall
lend our voloe aIn feor'ot any competent m I -
mean in Owulth or I35ddle StSash wo um -win
pldges hiknsef to give some d atM his ki 0
time and attention to th interests of uh -'
Tampa There are men pa Tampa who *"T'ea s p eoa ll
have no peers In Florda as stateamea; digalysqu adls ema t F-
men who would do honor to the State I he d ': Y
in the Nation4l eeata Among e6. "OMLa i *hah
others we would mention the name of ,.
Col. Peter O. Knight Col. J. B. Anaer- I Rw tt WR th .
son. Hon. L M. Spautmnr. CoL W. eter TOa o4d n as
Henderson, and Genaral J. WaLL. The oyaO
T gi-zi-tre could not go amiss tin leCt.
hmg any one of the above, Let South ha Si e v' I
Florida be ready at the opening o the "5 dd2i" ssoid Ia
Legislature to demand representatio in "bot yoa- Osd a. -ihf t
the National Senate and we believe the 1 t10,l ha 1114. aI I
demand wiM be respected. 1 t a book, I l j
iesynmramser aed aa & 0' s
fot a monument, the lea -asd B.-

By Kra. WenoaM h Abbott 0onr --iagf N I
Her Injturies on bidrewl k.
Editor Trl une:-Duwlng the six : "I ha f 0 mlrmi L l
weeks which have elapeed since I was ftrendL ab itu61 l si
injured on a dfeective sidewalk. I have r bly a I M .i.
spent most of the time under the In- Theas lp .Cr =1
fluence of opiate Only once have 1 onewhb rst io a .n
attempted to sit in a recling cha.l. Il ale gil Sl diobed1a I
When not lying on my side, I am IlSi2S '
oblged to support my hip and keep IsoW. Thehst ob rm ing li
pressure from the dislocated Joint. AI dip tly
mast undergo a smglWal operation be- tL liable
fore I am able to pit erect, yet the. Slait 'Bd S0 b
phbwician reports me not seriously It- IinMOPtprtaBo baiM a 1d teBle"
Jured. rsaeavoelk es lqgisaps-p ^
Were this all, I should xmak no pub- LMtsma '' S
lic mention of this *all, but he is re- W Oh, Ms' eLMa ISi i I Ag 1 :
Ssash, 'am.I thss pm
ported to have made a peronal ex- go bkt .'.' "
mniruLtiku, mwrhlch is untrue. He asked "Is- der Io latp k p pM .
not one question which bore directly nmitm be abd Q tH ft ISim
on the cae, after he dlecoered that p ll ISo lt t ksIks in $.
the attending physician was oe whom .fta ,lUr sh'ko e i.ad
be personal 4alBsI4. anal throughout -.
the IiDWew. ft ya 41 e" t that he '
had as haterst in ceo kai tie te act
Two of ampa' old reidento and my
nurse were.gr t a the time, so m1 sAs.aMew p
statements are notuupmported. Wheat rrl I-lI I hI e -.
wonder that Trowridge, wrote: hse rta'ew r T1hh
"God e e. gaie usmom l(nbfad A dhk i
Men whom the hostf f omee does not a a '

Men who possel opinions and a will: s
Sen who will not li; 11h-00U-.

Tall men, sn-crowned, rWo live sbove 6Bml'iftlr a5eHS'Whl
the e g Iss S-a'Ma
In public deba sad in pirtrate tiN-tag.' dea lynre111 _Y YI ". *
a -..PI'~i-~


sift a o.of Ta pato erct a B ig Lum r mt.*;
.e tL*Bieealor 1hea In HTW g Ma a mesnassstsinj :e.
Swift A on. the xtanlve, meat pack. ~e, n i a
era.. wba odiat i tcse hou se adlae ee hIs my
located on Ashley street sent over to Ms todo Ma best thing or e l -
Havana a la e org e o f experienced Md d pSMr5ae-oap S' u
workmen in chaeqr o0f I. W. O. Ket- 156"! Th5- sa1 .- 's-
charm or the pnrpoee of erecting a laBge jS tl f cn isi M .lm ^
refrigerator plant in that city. Thtais a -I :. ,. M
plant will he ued Tor the handing of waoy bU 'aL.d l-S.L.. In I


WI N 1.

i~eio ar-
no 'n-tmn

je %L
fw aYvaniY

ow. Ppb



Weisl d- emg
a whotookpoll

LtFcle ar tite atoo Hoted, where they
F-t g-V ,read the entire winter

a oCiF al boeholsd i saddened ty
a me bsems of the failure to keep
eme ei ats and ablolutey certain
irim tor eroup sadcb an the One Min-
S ta Cough Cure, Bee that your little
S ca are protected agrlnt' emergencies.
Tlbr ale by & B. Leonard & Co
, a CoL Peter O. Knteht purchased
S another vYr handsome buUdiar lot yes-
tin-. taerda in Hl de Park through the
I aen ty of Bendry & Knight. It s
located next to the WUlcox residence
and was purchased from Alien l. Swan
. in the o ma -.
hs. H.. C. Alien linotype machinist on
the Ties-Union and Citien of Jack-
b. i to1 d a eomn ille in the city. and made th
Tri ne a ftrhernal call last night, ra
olpeM lu atlabd..the eimmothum I Jm which our
an e if ta the ir ne and electric moto
weri bhPit operated-
'FW.. S. Iorrie, one of the mao
afbae and popular young mea owt tLs
b clty, ha accepted a position w clerk
L 40 at thA Be 8omo oetaL ad as nm d s
r A dato at the teok last night. Mr.
,- ," ona tea a tboro hat maen. ml-
eItI p saf telr wl with Obne p and he
l- Xi t *- wl mnt ftefde an'ad guest see tha
- e.- t D aoto.n i t math rb r round., O
t S ma e gimenmt eI to be onatuBetead p -
k'gPt' si a & Cenu red his erviet
S-n WintV nreventa the body from
-- t ti -ma nsteX of. wate matter. De-
t us Little arly Rstaers will remowes
L f the 'Ival Bf and cumr atMk emadacce,

N.o ..&kd Agonag-t not Us a fever. It does
,wot hvi to nvar a course. Cure' It
S- equiey aad. effectually with One Miln-
t-s eftlm ta o Cou1 t Crue, the best remedy for
e t oft all agc nd fore the meat severe case.
AL.- the A- We zcoaumead it becanme it' good.
me sab be y I s B Leaardi. Co.

tsw ml

o30medyr scee
a Coming M-

WK 48& iBO&seT.ff

en~Se 3*. HWALL.to
;'ai~.~rr bs~U~; ow6 byI

*are eeas*
4kft 31"agpl
V~ Pms--gbt

3MdS~IPb ~tb rld
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c~~Si~~a~irt sl~l~rWr L

ti7- -*

frew 1nai.r 0d ln-n Larm ad -tS Sae yae actd the change It aseadh
9a the Woa'rl aW de eomker.
Thal grJet banterreef whlob friing a ta wcmanse- + H Ia
M Pa ,e It^ waybe and drl ard oad.r +
e coast at Qoeensland. north of Bristane Neutral inted and d rsinonplac- 4I
In the direction of Torres traits must al- When tbe nd ,fali on it
ways rank among the wonder of the How swift takes 4
world For 1,00 miles the ooral aniuml- Meaning ant color and saft ontlines? +
aas have raised a sod protection against Bow trane new hghin from the eyea + The
be rage of the ocean swell at a distance alip +
varying frm o to i0 miles from tUe And new trot blossom on cheek and lip? + House
hoseav ig a eomparatlvelJy afe and The whole lace e ,u"nMss ancI .rns and shn ti. +
And the hair. a oier grow n ver boleL
nelm ioner page, suitable for naviga- Shoes forth of a sodden. sedromed of gold. +
tion by the largSt steamers on their voy. Oh. there's nany a woran et st and wret +
agea north and east. Sundry channels M st be in the man hm ltouuk ber beat! +
penetrate the reef at intervals, and whole || yo r +
feets of trading Mboooes am regularly Hve yon eer noted the e it makes OII ND
sgaged amid the intricate labyrinth of d bn bear and her fe-thst wre chl +,

rowth epoed from oded ma nd bher er and e grow bea-tialt e cold d uch blowing,
mo-al lles. ahnd dull + In Thi
Those who bave sean the skeleton madro- And slghtly In!rhned to cn-monpies- +
paro and branching corals on the ahelvs When l ove ba u n tn r t he + We carry ore Clo
ot a muem ean form no eoneption of How there Ireaks i line, hie a
ta snrlpsalng beauty of the living organ- Over her nature a wa f old iline w c
lames vioros at or ner the sorfae of Brmgn oAt beauty tuuu o wn tef fDn o s
the toi leno ma On the ebbing tide Mellowins, den oe od ra + lines of goods. O
TedevrdensoeesOn th e e ea lting her up till her eyes behold is the best proof th
re ind emolese ptio n of animated moral rve new blond s for her hands to icull +
growth eo osed froam the aded merles oe she and lher s he row lbtul + do much blowing,
of brhen coral to theory horiMn mahdre- oh.lera, seve a woman at or eat i
hoa beof orymbo sforim and a arl- But mast live in ove's sunshine to lire her + line is
ty boor numerous to mention. The bril. beaol + from the purchasin
Itsnt aolordan of toe mriadsa of polyps -tClors Brnsedn in Wscheaar 4+
t hand Bver shad, ifrm thes m oe snon- e e
ber brown of the fuglairib to delleans AVOIDABLE DEATHS. H oli
lemon yellows, Ia pink, richb gren In- +
tothpersa d ith col en hoes, appnl gn en nue- tarer af t All Disee Ia otal- +
tipped with vIolet, breit red, ehooolaa0 E Prventahle. + We Will Quote You
rplie and een blue. The various ag- In connection wtth the Sanita ry ins. +
inmof mlais vtrivacou s animals poe- tote a popular lecture awu d wa delivered by +
m all modhfakons of radiated Inflor- Dr. Alexander Hall, master of Downing 4-
sare. Somehaveclub headedtaselesa collegead nvie chancellor of Cambridge ++++++++++++++
an her pand in a fathe kinfe while muhlnerzy, m sron oUnnatuea eal D e t Ha
te nnlMberof rgtstoeachorganism a ar remake bast It was not the danger of
aornding Qo tuha ehi imad ogenlonan mrlwaye u rv og, ar thr dhe few murders
aoyfomrala thpo b osernred hl i b brought don-e the -

arome e aasolJe aly prei cable om eh
Thn seridoous of the seam ltoo suti- averte longer ty of human lif f ro-l o
ful f worlw By subtle praneitlon the yam to t0 year. The muast asek fo
lim sasneking corals pass to the uncov- moos subtle murderers than tha.*&
serd m aaemoues of resplendent kindi Every yet W00,0.O babies wms born in
and the reefs swarm with numberless England d Wales. Ift they nook 1loo, O-
eblnoderm. nudl n chn molluscs aand a00 children and baw what w likely to
potiatoioolm flbea ot mdot te 9dl-sry b the end of them, they woued n that
hapa andeal z or B rthlng nltae opal 0,000 ded a violent death byarge olon
seo a einte o sti ong llan of ouloa abo t he saml number wold ancuo bl
and the yn Sn a orore kinds of hole- to the myatoer nu diseases which they
thuria are not the least terestingamong knew now at he absolutely preientagle be-
the orgaantia which ab oub--london e ause due to germs tuberculosiss in
tkialdard. many forul), about 190000 would die
trom absolutely preventable causes such
lTh leat Exr-eltn at yburn. as smallpox, measles and scarlet feAer
The last enecuteon as Tybrn took place only 45,o01.wrald hbe allowed to live'ont i
en Friday, Nov. 7, 1788, in the per n of their natural lives, and nearly one in eO oav
John Austin. convicted on the preceding might expect to die because the machine stra
Saturday of robting John Spicer aid out- was worn oue. tPamlls l2 r s i
ting and wounding him In a cruel man- One-qoarter of .all the diseases whih ,b
ner. In Walfolrd's "Old and New Lon- destroyed itle were aisolnutely preventable
don" It In erzoneously id that "the iast I the practice of hygieue were only on
criminal executed here ws one tyland, a level wt h Its theory. the average longev-
whbo nwas hung (lae) If f orery In 1788." iy would be raised at once from 0 to66 JNO*TRIOS,, W.i .DAVI
Wiltam Rykld as executed on Aug. 9., The greater numoerof dieeasesoverwhich Preindeat. VieB-P
two month before the dote of Austin's the Individual had control were due c
Oonaviolon, and many a poor wretch made mistake in eating and drinking. He
the fall pflgrlimage to Tybura in the In- divided diseams Into three cbeases and sild
teranl, hanging by wholesale being the they would never sunoeed in preventing
role In thbse dayr' them until they had the co-olnrearton ut ae
The long prooadson wtward had been the public. voery elUen should have the
attended by seoa disgraceful seones that same exact knowledge of the causes and rampa. Florida.
th aHbborieta mi t raled to han; crimlnas properties of pre ontable diseases th thhe eSlk kao'A' I lul
nesforsib aou ide Newgate prtion, medical offer hisehlf had.
straightfem theoondemnosd ll. Accord- The infection nature of eonspptln ti owe m talmes ramea
4, fkno nse w 4 1784tsp tells a toryere ** aada apfs sense ned seal
tIngly aontoe. 1M ercordordered was hardly realized W8'jearn ago About pd" gelrc ldss beht rlit
tl earection of a scaffolid n front of the oua-third of the cow in the country were ni-l buy aandsel e iha a the e
Jail, of whibh a noties and descriptlv ea- tuberelous, and half the-milk distributed msen. Sea sad seta segeS
grIs eg appear in The Gentieman'siag the bacillus of tuber ulo. They a would & td Sast e mTeas ni A tAd
aino for te sine month and on the loth boil the milk, and be nas no more afrad tead. bLkag asreeois ofadind
te now hanging pnlae was inauguraied of boiled b cilluro than he ansof h a" o a welal0 a ,
*I the execution of ann ofntcae,,n a- eooeked lion. The tsly natural former wo to.LL a
NoeS ad Queris / death as the gsntle iaallng asleep when g-- s -- -- ia t I
the body was lred.--Lndon Tla Teek; C sso Iathenaai FU
mteaseek n ICenre. at Jaeaonile;. 0L.ea (O
L 16ebtlh)m DInsew pVa tells a ary Booda and the ILowdy.
&abe=t Rsnirek, r hewhIc an aged S-ed- A few years agoewhen Evangellst Moody Savings Dqmnmei
bb lady Is she authority AeMrly0YameS was preaehtngin the slums of a large city Tbe oat will be haspait _
Algo whe a girl. ahe went to Berlin he was delayed In lavin, g the tall till leas pa teaaeb t s.e
s he *Utz and for h n
w b ieAs expeasedtomeet"acoamuinthe in the evening. The exit Was Inaback ~nsmlda" y asafsLfhmao hl e7a1
ridyaing t the University therm This tesatnd, as hbe leftotbebMlding he found 8s otees i ad J saan d tmi
0aus01 appeared and pnved to be a fas- a numberof roughs waitingheannoyht e am dspbsftlIlt denAable
na g yo0 Fo ESsraW1da" hewn- a Asb he walked along he heard ttne sao the am wderof soeedl e,s is
a r.seni s. My l and a hrminugeosap a ."Her hea esme And te preparedto .t ffo i f.Sm
la Ilsmw enlynm she. wasoan them Jostle him from the sie ik. Ging ~ l he ai 10C
of departureta Vh hmade the xpi&Aa- smIg4p So %he. rnagjier, r. L, Tb, Teasof tatseMat Ia na APs
oatY~a aW-p110 0dn, anmanum n-a ms oo ms adamsh-met n
11001 "YOU,00MY dear cousinJAm otheld out his oertsas end wihb self asw iif eer owe the me at -e
ycar 601 My Wend, youre son" Ist ionthat emmisedud ensupises rumM isi to evde" Gl = su s s et hekM

Wa t a Ie has ae meto take his pao "My tried wo 'you Just he wme on
Mya eI t Ouar vonaosn k.'" Io t with this over oatt I am not quite so
isaW when the l madt ot eve ar s lth wh now as as r at your age, e d asom
ht Slt aiMe cled on ite h aso day when youa as old a I am I'll be
Who Inaoked: "I havetoe thak oa thas glad to do you the same favor.'
I oe ided In seing the Balin No bully was ever more omplately t -
,.ma I have never ethemgain.- en back with surprise He held the over-
tdet eronicl coat for the wrangelsto Oge intotlsp and
S"then, thanking the young man far his aid.
r Wy He H eeltatt i Mr. Moody went along aolePobad.--Ls-
old Iri h abrr walked letothe dies' Bone iJournal
e len htesandi of WillieamKeit, the
eiL L ed aa agnd uaked tr mmne to ob- He Get at leat 0d 0 emMres
tA m L ea Be eoplamns tht be had A shepherd in a highland inn was ones
ie beepn0 dIa1 d from the county bo ireoun ting to a oompason bl expr-tr--
iJad mw toa weakS to work. M with one of thoe "'mad ]bglshmn,'
gKetba v khim ia qqeru, and e depart- who proved to be a eelehed peofemor
ed Oae of tlr l yon g ladles, art en- then collecting speimens in aneighbor-
dent who wer p-nt, %aid, "Mr. Keith, hood.
oan'twe hie that old m an ad sktale '.Tbhe as onaetbot" besiadl "who
him? ehe., t mg I s hisM- 1# as k anut
Kel~hran~eutand.eGh'b~hieanei selB!5rngsteliff la-linu, whiLe hen-ee
.TV M salanrkpi V c blnt a heske $i1 by the rued, When he p awIt dSl i r
UaEphsnto!5r5O5 The young ladles stopped st luoitm kp web 1~oA ushu
ad, e i remabied, "It wons take was full of stones-nothing he i tocal'
long,and Its an easy way to make 1." "Stoncl" repeated his eoma-arlon
"01 knauwtba," wa the reply, "but 01 'StoneIl ,And did.;o oariy themr'
was e-wunderin how thth'- "vU-L'd I.t i emptied the bag thse
paint off attberward."--San Pr anoso n ed Dedm1) uap rom ocatmr near tlw
agor--uL inn, and gave him good measure for li
Pwwer fe a Sym etky. money, I'll wan-an ye."-Spare Mo-
An esameet eergyman a In hite study en- i
boly preparing his sermon when his lit- Ke Kpl at It.
tie boy came into the room holding up a "-Iti obmtinuity of effort that hells,"
pinched finger amd with aen xpsolon of itt Mr. ibtaytl; 'the keeping at it We
tifering Msid: au prone o let up now and then, to sur-
"ILook pa, how Ibhrntle." vey with pride and pleasure tbhe great
Theb fatth, nterupted In the middle thilngre we have done and the profits we
ait ea Ma glMnoed hastily m t him and have mad, and take It eay for a lltte.
with the elightestan ofe impatience said; and then We find the big earnings dimap-
"I amn't help it, snny." pear in the average and disoover that we
The title fellow's eyes grew bigger, and ourselves ore only average and not first
as be tered to go out be laid in alow ntees aftr all. It's the keeping at It that
voice; produces results. and many a plodder ha
"Yes, you oonld; you pidghat bave ad got there before the man that burns with
-OhIr "'-Derit ims Pnres a b righ light. "-New York Soo.
Dewey ad thie ire. A k"lealam Seaool PrI-.
Admial Dewey has lately been much In a certain class of inanshools the
manoyed by people elalminug to be sa- biggest reward given is the InItial leter
1tatr with htn Bsenty a stranger of the emresM' name. It ooel of the
lk"ed n to hehn, extended his hand and initial in solid gold. an Inah and a quar-
vlehst> "Admiral. I bet you don't re- erin height on a blue bow. hbould tts
memabe me posemor ever become a govneae it will
Admial Dewey, reoglzi ng In him one entie her to a higher alarr an sh
of these bores, answered lasonteay. cultd otahW obtazi
"YO5U' w your bet,' and wallked o.
nhk m Boeed Dtl Neapo. Nw -I have Unoted lhat tbabe a -
ee nas es tUll bhes ie tmnt noes ways he very, seO PE wnnnsmrs
h in oeabMsaon. Smrn It, and It mves Oldpop--s- espaially about midnlghL
No a TheSameIsextMor, llUketemof -Brokln Lil
aem Gknd wbea it has hised 1te1 out
.bs reseim od ean s m mush s would Alaminum nwill caused rough iron
Sd4in moaftno abuttmerfly. flowa in ltmiole moldsed ajoed with
Iae amiture he been itobmed in
ald amm fgi...p itba ,t' r. of 100.-
--.s.,..Xd'"de 'g and s derlth 000 pai, 'to t Wsua-I nh
Jim 0th e iaf ei anthe navalP a W t v of-v
-5-n S .. e habef16. t- ad eh4 1 l1 5Odert0, end,
1_ .jp _n____e B,,,ai m 'P ._ pS nmissm4
A-,. 9 . a., via
X 1 -' - -
~~~~~ .. . .. .

Widest and Largest

F:i -ANm

thing than any two houses in our .
us to control many of the leading
ir trade is growing steadily, which
hat our goods are ripht. We don's
but we feel so coL fidenthat orur
ong that we siscerely desire a look -
g public bWfore you buy -

day Goods .-

8 ome Prices Laser. Respeethly,


, O,.Act.WA *L Tb.G; k.5am"I

et~anseabti *-
d. Aseker-l~dL
=cg"r, ITranl az0 toet L
E~lietft m Nnl t-aiB s^


Mapmn aOa.

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D SMOVSUW IWO. TtOM, W. J. DAIS,%J.-X. LOYG, is, JN06 "If,
VALL. 4W. UM.3.3 D.ZA .W. IL TIG .0. LIDD 0 Ailn. P.N -., ..L

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Is smmtbg. usemfl Yo osted naOul
aieeU a par Ts, a aM"ta of
Seepsawe, em 0usdet" anft"'1
paroftalpers a Haot. We w-Md be
plersed to have yo lo ok over ew a em
ame dtdl r.

A Late Arrival
Iab eBoys' e Paat, hla Wool, vyy
na&,adeS" tBe pedftE me.a spa. IU's
Block dy Ws-sas htanBsely 4ds,
at kfJB Oe Gmlka Cit 8bCMa, es
adi em ak, a-

Ia'g4lilgatw SOpMrs

I*n Dk sad Ta er d se, as re. Mad e

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drew, -

Tampa, ...
Ammi m . --.A __-- .d


00 M:mq-m m


Sf-" Wsa the Mysteriods Death of Frank Mayor Sowyor Very Properly UIrge

tV'. ikt In t he Ru. H. Hanfrd'in Tampa Yesterday. The Sbscription GrandalIy Approaetlig Tnisacted Lat light by the City he People to m up Preme. .

1ootfel BIey. From Thursda.Daily.. theltu0uet ReDalred. CTo th. Tpapl. Dec. a. WI
SFrank H. Hanford. aged aecut 22 ----o the tllsns of izn:

S'PUK. PERSEVERANCE ov'e Sring i it e week 9 Met TUESDAY WILL TELL THE TALE PETITIONS FROM MANY PEOPLE tom and som rs., e ,,,thwrelo.s Ih
wi" "" -lth a sad and peculia" death yeter- ---hooves us to put forward our best -
Vaj["p Oar G Car oe adtr7 day- He had been I joking for work The Committee Granted Two More ]ead, Considered and Ordered Filed. AU owners or anthprlaed acete ef
...stev em of anything that suitd hm. he mnle up Days in VWhich to See What F. C. & P Tracks and Sidewalk "vCant lots Or Vse witit
$u onits wid please tft e tbht thepP'
United and Prompt his mind to go to Cuoao the People of This City Accidents Diacumed-Many are directed to elm snams at onaa. The
On Tuesday morning he % i Ited [f%, Vacant lots thr t thi crescent
"At o n Tribune office mne e I' Will Do. Mnzor Municipal Matts. mos t
about the wagon train going Iq -rV -trust tiht taimhe OW f ame wl
;'. eThrd's Daily. be a good opportnit- for him to get TFrh sa as aily, m Tct odancil. o p n etto,
ThursdaaDaily, oteTapand tn-tain Tht Fmnday's cmite that is Fro co mIn regular eam- d is1 eet '
The ueti of.the removal of the to Havana. It was a*erwaras learured To-ce, Put Yottr pwem410 -a-. V i
d etowording to raise funds to bring another ion last night, wih L esey Brown inconditon y renpsg at S
aging cw facto" to Makodel.on fby and went do to Pr -rapa.
Sfry t akonle, that he boarded one of the mul wagon large ciar factory to Tampa, worked the chair and the following er etc., n it in e t
1o;4vallt to this city 18 the all For some ea he was uable to ob- hard all day yesterday, and succeeded present; Kruse, Phillips, de Amm&a, and then burn same. the Ps-rtb d dea
aa tin raising $1a735, which added to what Wing, Man-rram Webb, Frecker and patnt lred to etrieti
the11"alnem he otpview wh taigtln passage to avana, and late at has already been raised, makes a total orey. the r iorce ig order, and on a
b d T este i tht were returning to Ta and 00 or ust $3 short of the On account of the repairs being Deber te o h
sW of. Oh o-tn gTribue, ave the cmta tothi Th dr required amount lhat will be needed oor to the council chambers the meeting persoM who have failed to'cmt
.t ame thte to this ity The newd was held In the office ofothemayor
7, pf edop of Tampa a clear idea of the the wagon stated that be acted as the new builing, was held In the office of the mayor, with this order will be dealt *1i-
Iie.n* ak buinewm en of hVadile moset of those canvassed by the After the reading and adoption of the cording to law.
"Tama-" arl tyo had ata -on to e road. and having no committee yesterday placed their muMe minutes of the preVtos meet Ins tt
wu al lwtod Io b isprto, A and Piity t the moputh heaonorer er ta -ore ^n ther heo/ low/ Intr wt.-et anta -au of Pri, de, thel^ _^ t _
l. a twhe Mif-e oo, keen'Were beot ng wa, allowed to spend tme igbt it tue on the honor roll, yet many of the fllowla business was transcted. 2i etoodItsens.w hearttly s-oea
je_ *,_ mir ____ .-- -.-- amounts were small and more around A nu si-selss was r ead n from h. e sr t -L- &_





Ia -le oinyatrlons andeudden 5ein e of the largest from the city. They
_e Is sinoerbly re etted armre uaug the argument. that it the
i9s" remains were prepared for burial Guerra factory leave Tampa several
1511 m ti anw ll-m t rehlsormer others will follow.
bae. home via the Plant Svatem -b morn- The committee will continue Its work
Si OIntte g'. drig Monday and Tueeda ) Those who
,$he WAPT.: nave not stroacribed should make up
F5i i. T.keepeI CAPT.- TH P RPEIM KD. their minds to do something and be
as saw'pto over Tetimonlal to His Skill and Bravery ith thetee amount when the con-
S-S_ S ` y^, i by Members of the Crew. Following are the names and .mount
.5y ofMtpll ]pr w d r7J ~ 3 of those who have signed:
Fro Prjyis bD ol J. M. Towne for Saloon Keepers.. 1075
ad The following tesumonlals to the skill John Trice ....... ...-.... .. $ 5a00
to 00.4rPdi mcid bravery of Captai Frank H. Knight & Wall Compau)s.......... 5W
051 5 the snew h: mpson of the August E. Her tek% as oW. 1. Henderson ..................
Is-esei.ed thk 16 wli,58 1sent to the Tribune office yesterday IJ. B. Anderson. 50
i ~~_lleoCLnt._ In ca e with a request that It be published: I. S. Glddens & Cumpan)......... 510
*lU.JtrMto e needed- November 10th, I8.t.-We, the under- illlps & Fuller.. ...... 500
o tt with CoL. Anderon 5 Silned passengers on the schooner Au-: .............. 00
She state that tahi efort E. Herrick do hereby wish to e- Florida Brewing Cnmpan...., 500
r *-4plead"t. faoctoi press our sincere graliiude for .and A C. Clewi... .... ...00
i ds adlS igr faleteiri, profound appreciation of the remark- Peter 0. Knight.................... 40
@afbU~ltY that they abe exhibition of seamarnhip of Capt. Joe. T. Symonsa...... .............. 2S
a. eSs e tnet wlh a fI. Thompson, during the terrible Mrs. J. A. ebele............... 2W0
'IOW prte t by urrlcane in the Port of Corte on Le Deke .......................00
t.lBt.. jA it w 0 not November 2, 1 U. And. whereas, ow- Edendpid & Jetton....... 20
6m "to ? Ithe O1 of i* to his courage. judgment and ded- w. 0. llen...% .................... 200
se sfsO l s.o0, hut It was terity, we were saved from being Cton & Seckinger...... 20v
S proolsiti on wrecked on the Honduras coast. Maas Brothers...... .... ......
.A hM as0ctate. And whereas, we also desire to ex- Cohen. Friedman & Co. 20.........
S With c.ash 1ff press our thanks to Mate Henderson., Q M. Sparan ...............
S .Tbs om-i who so o s asalsated our captain when L. W. Smith...... .. ...... 200
0tS r e9lde bUOiM he most needed a thorough sallor. Isadore KaunlUi.... 200
3ME .S 9 gyned, A. JL BonChert. Puerto Cor- T. C TalUaterro...... .. 00
Stg; John H. a. D., Tamp, Pa.; Crowel4varese Co...... ........
I w lls'e s Mrs J. E. 5lt, Tampa, Fia.; E. Low- c. C. Whitaker................
S __! rl ry, Klondike, Alaska; G. S. Oreeon, p. B. Knight. .... ... IOU
am w w F Tamla. Pia.;Ch B Scudder. Tampa. M:. V. Csrruth..... ... 100
Scity M F Mrs. C. BL Scudder, Tampa, Fi.; H w. Uionroe.... ... o
th ad.j. C. Morey Tampa, Fla. L .;SL Guby aSpafford........ ........ .. I
e-t ton. Tanp, Fla., and H.. M -1t4 Gordon Keller...................... M
*:B. e: Tampa. Fla. Qenry Giddena & Company...... lee
C. Falha a Brothe..... ...............
f, of Vaidoa, GA. who came here & -few John B. Hickey..................
"Mob heme, weeksgo looking ever the hbusine Chas ,Ba................ .....
M r. I sitluaton and finding it of his lUKng H. L. t tell. ................. OO
Should returned to Vahi for tha purp Geo .' Strus...... ..........
Wm aneese tl? u9d' ching b. outU hisntaetss there., asa 4 LReina...... 100
mnsar ettgag of cigarsand, turned to Tampa yesterday Morae. B. Gray........ .... ....... ...
BTO ^SL^ ? th ap.,oi Tk mia wtll go lao active bureges N. A. McCreary. Manager........ 100
morm t -.. e o d w-l rnoe his lamlr, within Dr. J. A. Jackson........ ..........
J1"**^P L .... I- &c shortt tme. rampa Twelcomes suOch Tampa Ga Company.... .......... 100
S f met Mr.-Ttam s -The Tr- E. Oiett...................... 100
Lt.i. ,i is~ I mmhprogqperlty. Luaa Broe A Co.............. 100
southern Loan & Jewelry-Co.. IW
Tofi a"~f (RGuleB yardlasater B. J. Drawdy.. .
tra grronst his Armi. W. J.. Frlerson...... ...... .... ..
Sa r from lNontoiery, F. Wing.... ...................
W lt ourhi a -y lSe 4s.~. ecaUd It Morris Cracowaner...... ........0
S Port Tampa City. Captain Mcul T. B. Bmlth.................... .
St universay esteemed by the employee Rabanoic...................... 3
H M iFN O:-q that of the Plant System, owing to his buti- 0 C. Burns.. .. .... ............
Sa 15-IM5Uea ib t nemiUke methdla and uniform courtesy a. A. Brown.... ............ ......
SiThe citizens of Port Tampa City will B. Y. Benson .............. ........ 10
g Oft ofthq Boardmappreciate the acquisition of auch a
NoIOU aLgdy lro s popular lamlly. Total................. .......811 086

,2= a oa__g .".- as .-.v .... .
eseradit s or

MCold Wo oher
Ill matinee its woris

so&a Blngfs Catarrh.
gb.a I1 in )l Sat-


- Mr, & iai d cractt--,te e Ity of 1is Dis- sri-.ied to be getting a firmer hold on
Sme Pl: the while.
Ats% 's o' I ;s. Each "I -.-r e ,cIding so much money for
Having-stood 9- .) tlVO'lent whttWh pri ironed to be sil.un
oil.a se -... r.. ntJr. vaii. I was urged tm,.try S.S.S. This
-Ba Baii 0 j a tM e reniedly proved u: be tie right one. fur
**is"IIn tPe it got at the disease, and a few bottles
-Elw make a-Si Though the disqgreeabl-effectsof a- eur d nie tperfretly. The cure waI a
1 t fiS t et l e ar. round, ~old permanent one, and, I hare not had a
Mqgc asse. ~ O SIs5 5d .n 5 *etell tooh of the dises* for manyyears.
e t helk thee a d e i the whtemr Swift'sSpecific is the only remedy that
L Br!Uic 3 Z mon that i severe form is felt. will have the slightest effeet upon
,n 'ork., A es 0k Oseeding you se es to in- stWrh." S
e e tdssee.s-,Si tht itgrlitlly Sufferer from
Satea sevrd hi aMeD .&e3-ll teha npmatbe amfferer ith dStorh rhoem- fet
sya, s aon ettr p that boat nes each me- start on the dis-
0 d a re ease before the eold
i.a0wDr. o. Otabrh often appears as oly a coh weather aggavate"
i t s~o'ht i rt and is hardly notion. But iW N. Thoewho have
jath-i 4- a 1 .- etle -ar, y gsdie, thse-P r ~-ne am it Is been relying upon

forces c

M"A .

La J. A.
to the

WLts, ali ta he 14notz believe
were either seriously or perma-
ly injured Report was ordered
communication was read trom
tha A. MF.Lay In reference to her
. and king that she be allowed
ettle same on the basis that the
had allowed A. J. Knight. Refer.
to the special committee on tax
y (Auditor Welter sent a commn-m-
na to the ooncnl, stating that' the
anoe companlea had paid the
ey due the city for damage done
dty bhaH by the recent fire. Com-
Lcatien was ordered nneL
petition was read from A. J.
ht, asking permission to remove
aus e on Franklin and bitoborouO
t. and stated that it wopld be
mary to move it up Franklin street
lorida avenue was not wide enoMg

+T ,,M.A:M :: E. S
-- '
The PsaomeR BR nae utr Attee
xeae T*tardap-To Go on Wa84.
from Sunday'a Daift. 'r. #0
SThe United States revenue cotter t- i te
Le arrived at t mbe Tamp dock & y s-ft-f
tlm-day moe-ug from Pert tmemopa, with.
where she ha been located for the poat, ii
lieutenant W. E. Reynoid is in con- .
mand, and ao a Tribune represenattive ia
he stated thWat ss vessel weodb b taken btriea
to the steam ways next perk for rae.- .leba
pairs. AaC, a thorough oiser m=. .55Aa204
The foLane was dOring lthe 110ii-trt
antnees with Spaln,.a part of Athom*lram el UL

,11 the 4me, and on sev
hey opened fire onf aum
rho were prowling in c1
Sthe *ables. or over,f
icg aad tedioum v atah
Lao &ad y ldt unif ti
f the War P*partamnf a

on thme
On mi
new bi<
to dig t
police o
had bee
or morn
per mou

nCe waj
Its fl r
fees in

de Armaa,
L lots 10 of
e ordered

After tne reang or mev
bill the counDl adjourned.

T. 4 m

The North Dakota Prees A
to Come to Florid
Special to the Tribune.
St, Petersburg. Dec. 1.-Ed
Straub and family of DakotC
rived, and are at the Pax
Straub is chairman of the Noa
Press Association. and has
for another excursion to F
It is said that fourteen ney
are in process of construct
The Pinellas Pineapple Coo
booked orders for $3,000 wort!
to be delivered when read
pinerles have orders for all
The heaviest ralfall since
season closed came Monday
Viranmros sir heine 9WVce

the 4 aW m o %W .9P -WME ...
r5 Fin the B te Oder. e1e. M. tdeo j
sea en
eral small
..LMIOWoMT'tt'AWAt .' U
It ie certainly giatifying to the pItteI l
C to kow of one oao*sr? in t me
who are net araid to be Mensse-eng he
the needy and aerl s.& Tres pe9ro.
Iociation pretorson of Dr. Ktars N ew Dtocooery
a. (pmr Cefe-urtion, Coghs sad Coids,
have gven away over tea mltoism mtria
bottles of this great medicine;, and ha
litor W. L. the Ptlfacrton of Lnowing t I 4hp 0 .. 1
a, have ar~,lutely ncred theasands of hogekeM I
ton. Mr. cases. Asthma, Berof t ilttis oHam-w
rth Dakota nesa and all disease of the Throeat,
arranged Chest and lange are barely cured It. o
lorida this Can on 8. B. Leanardm & CoEsmparp
druggit W, and get trial bottle lft t-Vlf
w bulldingsp iegulr atxe 60c. anid, t0L. J'o-oT bot-, g
ion in thi tie guaranteed or price refunded
Dr. B.L. PhMllp, the well knaon M
mpany has Fortune street deogtiat has som ah .
h o plants drq store to -Dr. svid Thoma of
y.- Othe Valdota. who haaready MsaunMed
y Other a sae. Dr. Plp wIl re-
they ln move to ntord, where M1 Phll"ipM -
has been attending the I edd e Of her- A
the rainy invalid mother forthe pmat toomr mot. fee
night. Tampa pa-ta with the estimab eo- pe_
at a lively pe most reinntlntl. and wiber thbemn

k a header
I went into
he Cash tor
The tire
while he wa

Tim -OEsoNnMeaSs


_._,,W -.-_ ..

P. dr thday, o fot be. r, .. o pprte and eti lr of .
0 O b itn nd onO Under ad by vtrture of a d ecree DRY GOODS,
"LI^MP rX ~ CFA'PTPERS ediUwntl oati tutmoI in the city is foreclosure of mortgage. rendered on the
y B Honorable rron Phillips, de oMail Order D apartment
|& i. ---o and tralninl school. It I located on Circuit Court, of the Sixth Judicial .. ... u
SChapter 1. Lee street, one of the most desirable Circuit of the State ofFlorida. siting in We have a regular organized departnht under 6tbe
.b is Hfe? ebertSpeneer aplee inll city ad sdrrie i fo ery n aor a the Tor Citya Buill isi n of ODe of the firmn for this branch of our business.- a -res -
S Is theO& Loan Association, and against John at a distance cnn end for samples and mayv depeuid on lI .h .
noss7 :ciae both soilta- stes ,,7nye*sl bothininumber an B. Browning and Jane Browning' I o e n stduu n iaithe pame psm
Soss and cc eimlve, in core rpondeteinteregeLa sbeen kept constantly w"wi nsel at public outcry, In front of any order entruted w um filled with the -aie prcmpsnes..___-
.i external co-existence and aequen- b y wi t erceMent corps of as- the court houte door in the city of care, and at the same prie- as if plw-soniaJy el"euted. Wsrif te .t
eba oppo- Bere to a defnltUon from one 0 the sistants looking after the wants of the a, in egal ounle andtaed US for samples and price- ni antinhit iil thle Finuct y t GooiI
msnra, two sWors greatest coral scientists one little ones in the different departments. of December, A. D.. 198, the same being Line. Our Sture lias been -pecl.lly const ructed for ,the pur~o .
I tl t i se habt ofdeep tb t and won- A few dawa ago the children were all the firstMonday n saidmonth, of a DrGod i te largest, best fitted up. asd
.6t Sf "iIble Mp to gwve a clear and siatslfynl taken out for a trip to the woods where for cash to the highest ando.l
s . I be I s tn c o ear nd os then t ayp rngwld flo0w- besat idder, all the following best copistructed, Knd conC.nlis all that experience ctan suggest
pals.piocsitcel owascctberentene rI ite srno) ii:5eful, cotjifort1ll "-nd attractive
hd do it? Hsl sati ied hImself? ers and autumn trophies, which were and. situate ying and being In the to render it the mot sefl, cofortu nd attracive of it
I hai s m: den of afterwardI used as basis for stories county of Hillsborough, and State of kind. Jt is c-ordinglV one of the sil of Louivile.
Ust ht s d :e "o be Anlseotmdeft. and object tessoon. Florida, and described as follows, to- ,,lonV.
tet caught tseeto be antpotWty"do and object lessons. ^wit: The south thirty-five feet of lot Baeon'oi Avertier"' contains prce lisE Of Fancy and
-IW t tnd i m-aWK n baa oin u t twfwoaf T fl cehe Th enving senarn last mooeek two, of rational block twelve, and theG Goods mailed free on application.
0 *o deimanhfsanunrsn wah faithfully celebrated with om middle lot of fractional block twelve, ,. .
saromeneooksat both from nature and art in such a geh ob h rce orf r J.IBACON & SONS.,
VW esn 6 t4. Shesp9atwsc colored by his oiwn peru- manner that the mothers ma) be In nino at the sgouthwest .ornr of said beP. t&;
t and desires ring o perfect sy and harmony with thence easterly to boundary o i 425, 425, 429 E. Market bt., above Preston, bouisville Ky.
for ofthe problem n- the work of the children in their home blocthence southerly seventy-one and '
S015Sw5^l Glw ft trIanp, eninety-five one hundredths feet; &nW
tleeS tasst l see-1s %9e frequent visits of the parents to ne wtrlS to poi n o noence- el M
ps1i ar Sio.In itedtjon-the i ncagent or Braci o nmam-
SZiw B3 bln11 ca tion to the teacher and h ete crn csi- cular rthe tenement, hpraf rNz f G 0
_u o s Ob toare -also Invited to.Join the .. I A .." I O n, a r ,o r O u :

S.O .mds.S i-m. w5th:the ..is MO-n.s..a.n.. io, PA N W e. / Fasa
A 2-92A-1 P Jndergarten roomns aa d many of In Circa t Cbiit borogh Coumty. IBT an XACKIhTOBHk S orof Frt Ch -. .
Ih Yet hw tAe the owwIt |tme ml Smple and self nmeaure blankir ens by mail.
ukeIt." mV be w opupsofqint SI Mehe'ane aretc.. .L Bilohn oi-, '
@V0 s yetbowldttle teknoepN a s a Ldt, tkeepint ou a Ln e rcinA. "" "
L -- -ae n E. w t h a. the cha res ta t m e. work. Thi sect o t .e
bLrr dtssp a rh bsltthe
m i o ced laWOely by gp tln Reftltes a Statement IsfacioSI l at Clerk Cof ma on t up-
Ii- TMi aII be endowed wth That TYelow ever xists in Tanmpi. on a-tv.t fl ed wittje kil t ofO cn- ..
.. these no teT iR0a s TSI character wigich plaint inaii Ccahset& ie the aid deEs- *
at3ond O sag been rthe lteme Ctaa Hutchins, purchasing and dank in, a non-residctia of the Ctate
. I%"" dev n comtswaty. who We been3 lo- of lthe ia, and i. a of -elod a isoa roes . .
i.H'Y ,aw th.t.eIg ri i Augsst, received a letter yesterday of twenty-one years. It is therefore
Sthereby % treasin ll s he onfre r an offical SI the -Big cocr" raL- ordered that you J. Lwrence do
ofS the Vlhb s pri t in the one road. whch stated that a party tit ix appear io the biUl of oonplaint an or "..,
w fj living. s frank open o et during to vt Tampa or before tie th day of December, A.D t
o-."I always beamng with Pall eacl, %ad been tformed there 18tK else a decree pro confeIo will I be
.r' '"'Me hlvo In' harmony was yellow roer In Tompa and naked entered against you. All
ao De IO qtithe beaufis of nature~theroore thepa4itain to write the facts concern- It is flrther ordered that a copy of.-
-&K 4M as tuumIs oll Its pure enjoy- lit the report. The captain who has this ordtr be published In Tampa Tni-
i nt U is e i.Mh" I wronged no one, there- become very mtih attacwhed t Tovr wan, hbune, once a week for four oousec~tlve
bt o. "i n r o ature as an official, ed at once A. D. 1090. H. L. M IT LL
o a ve enjoyed life. O that the report was absolute l untrue. Crk ircut Court. ." 'c

i newer wi ee ranot. The serinsh ta n Hutchi ns has been In Tampa Woo HUNTER
gh5 nseallS tasuisnneversetol*1ied and twithoumt long enough to know and realize tta Complainatiqin Solicitor.

n atng to be hIher. And often, not only of Florlda climate, but blicatIon true copof the order of
o- mk *lnaketrltr wtorbe ,U ay haher A nte e publication filed tin the aforesaid cause.
3 'clock, cienptitoincreases ltsvexation of Of the many friends he bas made, wbo Witnens my hand and official seal at
mtsait I pir t. His4tlfe is a failure, and he has have recogRned his buinhiness a blty, and Tampa., his 4th day of Nov.. A. D. 1089.
withmade it wa it Ia In th-- end he Iis Id genial friendship. His estimable
N wPro- ready tom .sywith uMoePeAm wtife, who han been with him here butinlerk C -r .
n "Lfe is hot a w g shadow, a poor a few weeks has endeared hemelf to all Clinh Circuit Court.-
wtss he v mo who have met her. They have come By D. B. GIVN. D.C.
"' theffma stinlhad frets his hour upon the to regard Tampa as a new found home, DIVORCE NOtICE.
where they expect to spend many happy
dthenAs-hedN Sme." days. o oIcer n te enloy of thi In Circuit Court.. ilsborough County, W lit
Lf sfa lsatwenseSome in government here,itsoheid in higher Sixth Judicial Circuit of Vloed Qi
Cases iA sb am a -thorn; ati inh Vsa.. Matatla Bnchez de hontejo.
fti of.m-.O@nf-cen.RUPwOandbeOuT-. This caue coming on to be heard F2te-tCuaine ad S.rr...ie. No.anefwbletwesaJa kb-e.tiic.&d...m -'.-tk
t-d" foliage i-n wbwese lranehw numer- f upon application for an ,,rder tot cobli- ThseFbMLW amasdof the foioing Haandsomeow]hteal i mrn:
son g" ltlV*vit0gr te Sol'thin ru un cation directed a nainstthe ddefendant Comanche (new), Algonquin, Cheaolrlke, Se '. .
S. rd the DNe -tothesatisfa ion of the Clerk
be M bi here. 4d 0dei FOR SALEI-L-.000 bushels Georgia, of said Court upon affidavit nied withtl ,imesrsa. aappoist.dt c seol ninsiobedtl...
busllhels Burt or 90-diy rust proof the said defendant a .on-residentaour al'g. ,. 'e'bb Ko,.. -U a,, ... C.
o as"make.--liftone ata at 75c. per bushel 12 pounds to the ftate of Flori and is a resident of aslhsg .i "Cyde .in......i.i. ., s..v" l.a"
of pesuea. busbel.f oo.b. VaidostaOs. Cash of the C*y of Havana. Villa Nueva 14ew,e .

i -A itala e .hes Ge l tejo do apear. -, .

.: -,- : = .- .J., ..... .. ua.t V. ....

' s~, li pk .s J ib bt there it By D. BE GITMW. :D.C. -- : -- .m. .I ..............t... -PASUe kIUhlM
Sa y.8% ^.I. -NO .4:36 pm A." - -t 11. b sisa.',
.os u o B ..a .... .....:Bersa (or& s;.. I 2,5
1We1beg.40 Mou PE We beg to state that the firm of 65. ..............Blue ..... l1" 5t f.-tf
d '--__ ^M m ~t-i 'BitCity and Tampa P aL, bhas this day ...p . 2.t..:....... ... .pri ............ ... M t :- .
s.*iiskwm,4-W i. w l PW.lt ,DVORCE NOTIC bees diolved. -- .
gprjaw--- .o g3On The ulle % O Cs will be continued by OGeneral Pastngr anfd .Tioket Offoe. 204 West myBa t., Naol ia.l
a s a x 6taulant to LIver In. C.et Ctotr. 3lenn n Jyers & Brothe. and VI- w.H. ue ma ,. T. A: I. T m .. -
artL.a blood cwir d _8bt ic al Circuit of Florida, in ce nt Guerea, who have become the .* 5nigtt eISeWYO. us s 3eS Hea y Iwo
Hg auras^~ Coiatia, SF A, A. Satt. V Vinkoiny puolbeels thereof. O Wpsiucesors C. P Lanel .Se a a Ss,%. eeAe. Jim ud LJ l.
i e coming to e heard up- and to liquidate the leblitlea We Tb eo. S. nt. P., e5SDwl.ng P e ,e .
Si n Maic w Aorder o puica- tha k our friends for their past liberal B wIngL OGrES6 a.P. CLID it(OD..hiI Au,,. A II ..y -,;
.g ainCo t e defendantpatronage, nod ttakeoieaure In recom-i o I p .
V elrqr Ir t ppeastn. to mending our succemors.
I6iI1s "y the -ItlDactkA o d&1W- VICINfaTE OUE.RA, S H EA
he cTveufd Mat Coret uos Affidavlt Med wkn the bill BRXWOnO UIAZ. S MEA '' KRA Usti
ie rr Eerbot- of c laint i aid cause that the &sid RIOARDO R t iu o a &r F A -
"i- .l i IlI -a.. d l t Itt t In a non resident of the State New York City, November l1th, IS. .... .. '" -
$i '0e.S'-l I. s a.. t a o Fl rida and roead in Lower Cabot Ha vh .osucceeded to the ciar m. anFo u r- =ih-r. ie o i
-. am"n. oitr of Wahlngton.V. ermmont. and factrtigh business of Oerra, Dia &t FONUltyM. Ach iOneSLO msa n aa WrV St.
he age of twenty-onee yearae. Co, we e to inform the paNoblIc that
l t)tS t. therefore ordered nhat you Veiroy we wit for the present onUtinue the x~e r. c. maP.Devoe. ti-h _"i&&
I' ear nore th e 2n Sday o berm Dins & Co. SPECIALTIES :- Heavy BlacTmistbing, ArcMteetrai .ii.
lthe megwell okP Jeaiy, o. n A. 1S. ee a dece Pro tBR Works. Store rownt, Sills, Columns, ec Ree lzs. ii :
On e ^ -retu.m" i cos WMrl be entered agalans you. iVICNYT i GULEIRRA.
Bo 5IIIffigpa~tho U Im further ordered that a copy Of New York City, November iftbI.M. Steamboat Machinerysad Boilers. Ourpromptatsetsentioge -
. e n tie oB lesou-ou nnv e oGuwwA -'s Jo cac. to installing Irrigating and Steam Heatn g PIimli at&:64" e S.l
he, bta 0d that the wes prior to the mad d 1d" i of Ja-1- Prices. Hitching Posts and Iron Feonm. .
theManatee atry ary.A. I. H. L. 'lHENLL. Notice o# Applicatlon to Sell Minors ..'.-
iUW-*NU*- 11 would aggregate Cluem JIaut court. Interest ilaLnd., .1-
Joeyear.> Con~-a- S oolietor. applyto!theR avi.y r.teH PBHarisonAL CA.M He
BB 04wips sI mas ba thltmet s BY D B GIVEM D. C. CntyjudSge in and for HMauSrough AewATLA0 -
tam wwsa. m otalliltgSood LM L L' lt Cl e rCkirtsit Obwt County State of r orta at hIeM office o 0. wirte x, Hwo 9
i5 k lior a i gma pinB- forst k county, he-ev t in the ebl I ntmpa. in said mouty of a-fromBpt a.thseb gcirt e !te IS.
i.&g W t H OI&." O 5BW f of,,-... a_ c Ithe order oir anothe 4t hday of DecemberAi D.,ISIS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, S -
IS blcaten n .in the Stwenal- or.lesm to smet at private sale the In- w ein:e>de ce .

C Clerk Cir t Cu rt. real to -wtt. NWorth hal of lot LAW. >
Byrem ak- BY D ORIE D.C.' one (). nneteen (1.), map of 0.BO.KZNIOH. -
-HUi -oiOF 4A GT Tanmpa d mlne being for the'puinposie r&505
oT ef-l nt for the benefit ATIOffY"D)C0UNAtKTD.lU W -

asI dImeceat -,B

dl Te of Some Important
SMI m e Tu smM Flms m l t larth Plotted lThMmatiladdl Panbiit t lil
S1 t or*lDo TiU Dtj. rTTm uesday's Day St.il- I WAHL
SCoL rak & Heteer, chief of trans-
portatlon at United States army, spent
-route to Washington to resume his du-
.. tie- as the cllef executive of the trans-
b w OO tob000 to be alsed by ormtaton department In conversation Were the Opening xerciseo- ost This Large British Steamer Wm
with a representative olf the Tribune.
i ,tb~'Ogi d Om attse-Selp he epresed e n most favorable Notable Array of Invited Guests, Wrecked in the Recent Big
to Se t aO the Di nt Enter- terms as to Tampa' advantages, esepec and & Magnificent Outlay of Storm-Cruiser New York
Lally in the autumn and winter months,
przs J ac aville Hae. and hoped that it would be extended Eatables Served in Style. Sails for Havana.
-fvorable consideration in the wyl o _____
- winter encampments, but held out noD
-'Jl r Toueaw gall. a, particular encouragement as to Port From Tuesday's Daily. Special to the Tribune.
"** The nsmia ng enmittee for the Tampan being utilized as a point of em-' The tropical, luxurous Tampa Bay Liverpool. Dec S.-The British steam-
-de trtaetory had another hard baratlon, owing to the advantages ofi Hotel under the management of that ier i, n r i H sry fTrm
d-as wvosa teprday. It raised 6 Savaannah, both In wharfage and saving prince of gentlemen. Mr. A L Dick, er King Arthur, Captain Hendry, irom
f.aohb added to the amount previously of foeght rates In reply to several opened its winter season yesterday at Denmark. arrived here'-day and re-
S.rW Th a total already other interrogations he Informed the noon. Luncheon was served at 1 o'clock, ported that she sighted the British
enu of 32~S7.- There Is 0t0 yet to Tribine, that he went to Cuba for the and those who were fortunate enough steamer Londontan on November aMth
.91101m badx A a majority of the purpose of personally diagnosing the to attend, were refreshed, nay fasci- reamerLonds on November Bh
Saead bced situaon and appyin emedes a fast nated to an extent that will ever leave on her beam ends on the tarbard de
STe committee made a as pofible. He made one notable an indelible impression that they with drafts and hatches submerged.
5ttOl yete da to beMing the headway In letting a contract for the feared one day on everything that sug- l her boats were gone exempt one
l akclo ews utit feUjhbortof the immediate building of docics for the gesLed refinemenr and culture. As small boat and there was no sign oT Llfe
Mik B. T i a"a' nt b must be loading of American steamers. as well the notable guests strolled along the about her. A very strong northwest
-, -rh1EMrn tAt In the limit Mr. s a aaht railwa4 I6 lad' to &H Cuban paeocous hallways to be met on all gale was blowng at the tme' and the
Qer h --iet hrve granted him railroads entering oHavana, thus avoid- sides by some costly palnthmgs Stat- vessel was apparently fast settling by
sum.rt totd a n oew ine the serious delays eneoatered by uary. cabinets and bric-a-bac fom for- head.
Y W'tba delonplanLt the old systerh of transterring passen- eilg lands, they selt that they had The Londonlan sailed from Boston on
mm. V mittee aid- g'ere to "k ffs and bVre out in the har- reached he zenith of aJ that wa beau- (Novembet1th, bound for London t
ka i K, td h.Upeo~le of Tampa bor. Ufu and grind5 command of ICaptain Lee. A large
s1 &a the prosperity of the city a: Colonel Eeckar believes that General As Is the custom of Col. James number of passengers and crew are
et I t ra o tbe cgpoct of t a Greene wil be made mayor aof havana Tate, of Baltimore, who has a record undoubtedly lost.
le-it4R t lbe w altat the e'- as hbe is noew coWlted on aL matters fore more mlles of travel than any liv- _
-is B i bte -.raled this of nrmniclp l Import, and b5 been o0 ing tourist, he appeared on the eoene TO JOIN H4I R tGISMiET.
-.int s a Owr howe% bou as the gMret assitano In facllttUl matters for the purpose o inaugutrating the gal-
SslsE atbme sseen ta at ty his prompt and quick action. He tis of the season, and to that end he CoL W.J. Bryan Delivers a Speech on
ItsMldrle work to ac- samy that the antarlimproveriW nts had invited a seect number of gentle- Uis Way to Savannah.
e o the Xpst tMless and will be pushed to their btmos extestw men to be present. The manaaunent
'a a.t0t he and Colonel Beaker will spend a month In with IRs corps of competent ro-sen- Special to the rsbune.
Aw nad.tten. rwwadintton. retranke to o avana on tatives arraned a un pue spo or the oontgomery Aa. Dec &--Co W J.
1 -- SI e 0 aheo i hg Ike tenth of January. repast, in the ftreabast too 4 over- Bryan while vasing through this city
f Mr aw.01 looking the orange e trees ded with on his way to &oin his oo5mumS at
the&W0.Wiom.dofs frui. T s gree hnise aand savannah trom ss home in NemraSa
-the dower gsrdess were tobe osen in all of we he has been for. some t ma en
t M.' t is .. .tf trLIhe ea Ie an ratmn deys Their si lea stopped aver here to-day.
IN af ta the e-e -t I re rml-icenoes were InRaiged in andi Hli stop was made in response &b an
w -L -t55t l& three ouars of good fellowship invitation from the Alabama General
No" *pu kkn abdlty by. and Odonetsl Ta selved ameaseMlby to aidlsve that bodt In the
the sincere feictltaioi odiT Maer Bow- o the ha. Re spoke for over
,.S e 3r, JSuge SonoDn, "Ibmam addon, an how, and was listened to wfth
the iillat marosgan g editor of. the markedattention. He Wa In full bU-
ue- 4,2t- h1 Timess-Uaon and Clen; He n; o B. for-r and toteSd very ghtly on pl-
Sibrkaews. absnt the f-t o lc Frlane, 8ar Vicente Gueta, CoL tical mAtters RexprerSd hisslt
a. e e ryne W -xvrrabt the eingveHy ho pefote atured

ketory 11' speadin a few eays at her hoe
W W l at JlUbrklde, on amount of the stitnes
,Ab a of her aged father. Mr. Ide.
at the The saw mill firm of TFletcher At
iBntea Blodker is tur#oc out a fine grade of
Sdtlln ate ad re rushed with
I rders e We dsa.
wOu Gr.- i if L 'WilUber name up from
ePp qria aO ThI mdays abght to spend a
ae i day at hame with his parents before
eserg learl* r rs-shtOa.
oltlhe .Very many of our yeaM people .drove
* out to a.. T. J. Beaty* on Thursday
lesired Bmit to an o1t fashioned sugar boiling,
double one among the nrst and most enjoyable
te-oa of e bkt4 thM season.
on 6,' he' Tba' tt ea- O btustle cc our larBge,
. 0 tow ns may have teir endearmetso. but
these happy and whole fouled gather-
S l6o s at at suburban e gar boiling for fun
S00 and a goo# time is something to be re-
S menmtered.
0 It entertainment In the school hall
S on Tusday night was acknowledged by
.. all as a genuine success.
36 Mr. J. Lee Strickland of Tampa, spent
: several dtay in this city last week with
.. Reliious services sabbath day in the
Presbyterian church by Rev. J. M. For-
M a.
.. 0 r. J. 0. Kigsley succeeds Mr. G.
200 W. Shear photographer. Mr. Kings-
2- ley'a dne grade at work well recom-
mLendse him to the patronage of our
.. 0 Plant Olty people.
..0 -o n esa others its-uioeAnts, the new
100 residence of Ir. T. M. StrickLand,
10 bes after its rst coat of paint.
0e Capt. J. B. Webb arrived on Saunday
.. 10 night, week from Birmingham for the
.,?.lw isto. q .Hn andAb&. Webb re sow
2'4- aou ulIUt locat, at theTrooa

0 M. Br.ea Plat, having successfuUly
in r0 Tented hisf ne.ftb e farm place, is now
is ub rii anmt City.
S190 The Wae Lnumber & Veneer Co.,
Sha e ieen rauaug on full time of late.
.. M r. T. M ratrickland has Just had a
0 neat cottage erected north of Mrs. .
100 R Hendrix or renting. .

sMr. MC. iL Uon mIn In town lO king
after his sarulg and Waclty Intaerets
2Thoe d out r rans growers who had
frott to slo hnvre been weB pteased with
ae prices reoeved.
W.fWbhitlock it sew our obilung rail-
"pad gent at t*e F. C. & P. depot
The new err and the eary sweet
gotatofe ths fall asrsnply fBine.

i try It who has am t Back and
Wk* Midwyh, Malaria or nervous
tresbliL. We me= A he can cure hm-
aew~rnamt atg bs taking Electric Bit-
tees. This medcine tone up the whole
system, aot as a stimulant 'to Liver
aad MBr M, is a blood P rifer and
Mrw tonIc. It eares Cossttatioa,
Jeadache, Fainting Spells, Eleepleea-
nm ano Melancholy. It is purely
I"stahle, a mld laxative, and restores
agees1 to Uts antrairl rigor. 'Pry
t "Bitters and be ounvinoed that
tbsm a miracle worker. Very bot-
tUe gsw-rteu- Only 50c. a bottle at
BR. $asardi & Company's Drag store.

i adlell cares In 1 to 3 days.
&a t@* the an system Is remark-
.ir pitool It removes at
ola qe f e dieae tahem-
sst~lr~ 5hawar. The Srst dos
Iytepn bMLtae. TS onta. Sold by 5,.
5a staH Ca.

1L VOrenr rormerry on ex-uovernor as being very hopefl of the Tuture, ad
Levi P. Morton's staff, Newi York, a survival of the principles enn-mted
Mayor Malster otBaltlmore, Captain in the Chicago platform.
Robt L. Brown. Ex-Governor Mitcbell
It s a matter of congratulation to
the citizen o Tanwa, and in lsact to Special to the Tribune.
Florida at large, to realize that one of Parts, Dec 3.-There wae no joint
the grayest. hotels in the world has session of the peace comisnlron to-day,
opened lt doors duer the most auspi- both sides eeeml2ny content to rest on
cLou cir umstanoes. their oars. The American members
Among those who enjoyed the occes- held a three hotr's meeting to-day, but
sion were Hon. Tinso Mesa. President nothing special was accompished, A
Havana and PMftan-sA, railroad, wife, report was current that Germany was
maid and manservaDi. General C C. negotiating for te tspurche of the
<(Brien, iN. Y., formerly bri=tadhr gen- Caroline Islands. Later in the day the
eral on Enx-overnor Levi P. -Mortan's report was confirmed from several re-
staff; Dr. D. T. Lane, Philadelphia, liable quarters The United States
physician American Commission at Ha- commissioners are inclined to belive the
vana; L. MMi. Garrison, Attorney report, and look pon it as an explana-
American Commission, Havana; Colonel tion of the reluctance of the Spaniards
P.rank J. Heaker of Weashngto, chief to gte the Americans an answer in
of transportation United States; F. C. regard to the Carolines.
Squires of Washington, secretary to
Colonel Hecker. D. Van Aiken of New SAILED FOR HAV4.NA.
Lucas of St. Petersburg. Arthur F.
Ward of New Yolrk, V Miss A Groman Special to the Tribune.
of New YorV Frank tRinaldi and Col Newport News, Dec. 3.--The cruiser
T. EF. Wentworth. City. New York sailed to-day for Havana
The dinner ceremonies as appended under orders received yesterday from
,below gives the reader an Idea of the the navy deparunent.
excellent cuisine that will improve as
the days come and go. Cards are out annoupLng the
ENU approaching nuptials at Mr. ior-
Blue Points. ace L. Riggs of this city and
Puree Lima Beans, an rton. at the hme o
Julienne Vllgeose. Bee at the home of
Petites TImbales a la tel4anaise. the bride at Lakeland on Dec- th.
Olrves, Gberkidn, Caviar. Xls riMeachern Is the charmIng sister
Boiled Spanish MeackerelMlaltre d'Hotel. of Mrs. H. P. Porter of ths city, and
Potatoes lParieenne. Cucumbers. has a number o .rend s and admirers
'Ham OGae with Mashed Turoips. in Taa w hb i Jo he Triae in ex-
Larden Tenderloin of Bee Suaroff o o
Chicken Cutlets a la Perihuex, tending heartiest e ongratuatlaons.
Small oranges of rice, au ConMlture.
Ribs of Beef au jus Lamnb, Mint Sauce. rs. Dow Givens is still uffer-ing
Gosling, Stuffed, Apple Sau*e, with fever. Hoer many trieodd hope
'rHbbard Squash String Beans, that she will soon be convaltcento
iBeets au Beurre, -
epaghettl Solferino, -
Mashed and Boiled Potatoes. N'o. 4940.
Punch Llla Rodi -
Quail on toast with Cress. REPORT OF -THE CONDITION
-. Sweet Potatoes, Southern Style.
Lettuce, Cold Slaw, -OF E- _
Mayonnaise of Chicken,
LApple Pit, locoanut Pie.
1emon Souffles Pudding.
Ladys Plgers, SMver Cake. C lrom Cake
Vasn R Ice Cream.
Frutt. J hra Raisino Ha OF TAM1PA,
dasaln, R e Ame n hee at Tampa en the Stamt of nortda at the
Crackers, Coffe. close of business, Deoember IOL IM.
MIfra er Dick has selected for that
department, men of reputation that R oilUEssQ
have served in some of the most noted Lans and diaomot ......... 307,504.l
reports In the country. Overdralft se sonrd and nine-
The exhibitlon Oak is now being re- Ced s .A .n teet -
pleneshed with every Imaginable attrac- U. S. Bonds to ecires sirca-
tion and will be opened for inspectonon n tn...:-. ........ ....-A.. a
the 15th. Premiums on U. L Bonds. ... ,..
THE IMBa nking-hose, fiLunture and
THE IMPERIA MIR BI. fi --...........5........... ,000.00
The above show delighted a, large gM- owned... .............. 2,00000
house at the Spanish Casino inI Xoor iDue from National MBanm (not
City last night. It is a colored oniant- Reserve Agents). ...... ..... 2,26.
ration throughout, aM is one of the Due from State B Is endt
,Bankerm........ ............. 3,216.20
best and most ably managed shows on Due from approved reserve
the road The songs, dances ad In- ai .. .... ...... .... .... 3.
err-ogatlves were all new, extremely Chedh and other cash items 1 -i1.S'O
Notes of other National Banks 11,706.00
interesting and at times afforded great- rsc kmat paper currency,
est merriment to the spectators. The nickels and cents.... ...... 313.80
show is clean cut, decent, and is easily Lawfui money reserve In
classed among the high grade minstrels bank. viL:
Stpecie-. ......0........$27.67.00
of the country. The band is splendda, legal-tender notes.... 16,50.00
and Is a great credit to the show. U. 8. Certificates of
deposit for legal
Mss one Oitmore, one of Bartows tenders............. 44.071.00
most charming young ladies, has been Rtedemption fnnd with U. S.
on a Tsit to friends In the city tour Treaser (5 per cent of cir-
oen a visit to friends In the cly culation)1................... 1,12t5 00
several days. She Is accompanied by --
lra J. M. Brady, who Is well known in Total........... ............ $4.88.95
social circles. 0m0m lalmore and Mrs. LIABILI'TLES
[Brady took a careful survey of the Capital stock paid in .......... $100,000.00
,urptlus fund-.................. N,000.00
Tampa Bay Hotel yesterday a5nd pro- Undivided profit. less expen-
nouncmd It one of the grandest hostel- sea and taxes paid........... 14.506.02
rates In the world. They returned to National BankL notes outsand-
gBartow on he ev...... ............ ... ..,2200.0
Bartow on te evening train. Due to other National Banks.. 5457
The new funaing car, number 34 was Due to State Badks and Bank-
ers -.......................... -697..
put mn service Sunday tby the Con- Individual deposits subject to
summers Company, on the regular 7th check......... .... ........ 30,89.34
avenue run. It is very large and hand- (Demand Certificales of deposit 499.05
some, and is proving to he very! corn- Certified checks........ 45
fartable di-lng the .present cald spell.
Several Improvements in consatrction, Total- -...... 8S7.
as well ai increased size, have been State of Florida, County of HItls-.
made in the car, and the builders. MDrse borough, 6s:
& Cole. have sstaKned their reputation I, B. Anderson, Cashier the above
tor high class worknunship. named bank, do solemnly swear that
the Oabove statement is true to the bst
aL RS)N IS 521aD0 BY BEST of my knowledge and belief.

sad idacen teedI )Cills, Fever sebshed and sworn to before. die
d.Aa5. or Irn tlis 5 sth day pf c) W1 1 6- ..
,j pI. CL, Cor-ec. 't-~ v. ,W! --
of liv awi't-es .
eeCo5 lIm -__ :ltc

.. nlA

Blaze of Qloj

'That's the way we propose to wind u th i,
the biggest season's uhnsinm in our setir'
career. From now until.ws sake stock Jnam-
ary -st, this store will be all aglow wih,
bargain enthusiasm. Knowing shoppers
will be here in increased num We anti
ipate your want at this mo -
Never before in the selli.ngf fmd-k4aa ;
would a dollar go as far .t will at. .
BUSH'd STORE, 506 Fai re :


Good4Must Go. You have -e cash, l
the bsrgaind. Now is yoPlt*U .."A


Extra salespeople employee to assist us
waiting on eger buyers. -.
/ ..... L / -* : *

A i. BUS, K
S. .

Sriginator oIj Lprr
Sin Tampa



Already the holiday talk is beginr'ii J i
You are looking around for usefOulA
very expensive presents. You cat do
r than t come her ere.yo
useful articles. .. .

S Will enable you to biy an eleg nt egre
ble and what would you in a
S present than a hinrt i n infts A A
s- Jacket are equally as o etale. You
one very cheap at Our sBln saii WeI
*. We have hundreds of other ufl rtcle:' s.


S Todaywe open an elegant lin'f oila
be sold at far less then you hae to jy

our Husband
S Is wurryiug about his Christmeas fot f&
may buy him something he doet at wati
best is to buy him ,something he 'oildt
aef. Thisstore1 ois u8ful O rcleC1
So look here before you buy. .u. ul ;

SWhy Not Buy Your 8boes Here?
We can save you mousy and gire you the
shoes made.




-. OCAPITAL $10o.00o00.
Largest capital of any bank south of Jawwr
business. Every accomrmodtioAvn
bianrig granted. Have manurpaed
for making collection s a p
-the United Stm. '
Manrara, 8eW Meyws Ziba King, 0. L. Jes"s, m46
and L CuAL

i~ ~~ry
.... .,.~i.. .
I ~ j~ r'''''
~ rr ~
i~ ~upctr r
iyS;r~r~ rr
P~ ~
L ~~ I:
i r r~~r
~Zllci ~
J~li~ I
45 ~CO; 1

!IrY~ ..dr
;"'" """"')
i r.
CJO4); .?
..-1....,~u~. c

~x: ..
rr r

"'L ~Y~
U1 ~~
I~I ~
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.+ ~EI~CYJ I
IRt'-LIP.... ..
,~~.,... ..;.
~I~~~~ V
Co. ...
~r; '." ""
,.. ~r~.-""
~,i. I~)
rrr rr
k .appr- ce
~~CL ~
'i r- R~

c r, .,,,.
~ t
;~L~ ~ L ;t:
~kb.k- --L.


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