Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: November 24, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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A Party of Zegulars Pass Through By the Cecilians at the Convent Last
Tampa-One Seriously Injured. Night Was Largely Attended.
& lf i.l tlt e FI 80..1..' B--'.2 Anhd DIlm She W1ll I0tiUte l l0, rtcus R1leted at the Fact That r o m .y ,,-5-. Il brt E tt a
S0' A sQuad of ten expert artillerymen, TM-tWT. TlS isSpe' JaMt. The musical at the Convent. o the
in charge of Captain Sullivan passed Holy Names last night under the aus-
through the city last evening on the prices of the society of St. Cecilla, was
'Plant Sytem. They came direct the recherche affair of the season. The
PEPLE PR T A PETll through from t Louis, where they TERMS OF TREATY TERSELY TOLD CHARITY WORK FOR CUBANS arge room as iled with spectators, A Bma
were picked from several companies of who maonifesed their high harey-
the United States regulars. They were tion of the performances with hearty
bound for Port Tapa, where they and generous outbursts of applause.
To s bIm W W, bt Beoeive a took passage on board the Mascotte for The United States Commissioners Doctors of the Red Cross Doing Some Aull the performers acquitted themseil- en
akI l A in 3 Key Weat, From Key West they have Submit a final Proposition for Needed Work for the use of in a mst creditable manner The
Orders to accompany the large siege Ofine work of the pupils was a reffex of S
300 .Dtc o U2. 'gung to Porto JUco, where they will be the Careful Consideration of Humanity in Eavana-True the superior teaching and careful train- Ch aed po
"' f~il~*~S~s~ys. s taflned for the present. They are a the Spanish. Situation as it xists ing they have received at this excellent t sa
-' si looking lot of soldiers, and if aP- institution. c performances as
.. "" ar s a Iraces count for anything, they t were given last night are uplifting to -
s ard- the intellect, and Inspirin tai the souL,
Se ble stand Specal to the Tribune. Spe. S l to the Tribune. The opening selection by the orches-
A' s o N. --The creat When asked by a Tribune represent.- Paris. Nov. 21.-Another crisis has Havana, Nov. 21.-What will probably tra was followed by a Juvenile chores, e a a
S 'lbr ia n:s that ver oeured In this tive on the train why they did not em- been reached In the peace negotiations prove to have been the last Spanish entitled springg Flowerm." An in'tr- The rt trooAe et tstm
,a r a Pe among theen.il at ee Spunky old Spain has again sWeb At to execution took place in the "Laurel lowed by a tvery pretty te wm ,5i
t.ref Terence to e tlU weapon, r defy the United States. The joint ditches" of the Cabanas. By a strange iss Janie Givens, entitled t to
Ts t Tanp owas the only place spoken t t-
at I-sa to-a.~i i e t1e +idlma .quipeutst meeting of the American and Spanish irony of fate, this abandoned spot that Heaven." Break the News to Mother,' 1
A h TaB st'o m. Titse 3ed a to hy West en commissioners was both stortay and has drunk so greedily of the blood of the was sung by the boy's chorus, Zo1lowede t Plat 85tes iHe
t tali he. : n tragic. It ended with a startling dec- best youth of Cuba, received Its final by a very fne rectation entitled 'T. Port Sa uS thg m
Boners met with a very serious an ldraton from Senor vontero Rtim was a soldier convicted of "The Braaillans" was very nicely
One of their number named Joe evtntion wro= Senor a3 ontero Rios, lodh drht .rom .....ei erted o
o.n e w L accident at the Ybor ty president of the Spanish commission, mutiny and attempt to kill the coo- sung by the Ceclan chorus, fowed
"w biWH069 (thltaeta fao tcpot. Bft was stand la on the Vlat- that he positively refused to continue nel of his regiment. by a well written sketch of Saint Ce-
6L #t' T, pat w weil drm besrepn the Pullman car and t e peace negotiations. This decision The man had hoped to bead the up- cllia, by isae Clarke. Next was a a oter PatsaTe
qkSwO. ed" the strie Wil Z b at ^oach oofg- at the k uI'f' trgs made after a stormy session to-day rising' which would avenge the wrongs most beautiful tableau; followed A a battalon wil i th
4 e1F tP mEa. U" oSe en fat the 4IPot li Tv*rl n which the final ultimatum was pre- of his fellow soldiers. Blanco, Arolas recitation, "Ode in Honor of St. Ceeia," the Ort to l'aa -
*tw141p I m. the m > = to a I mlber that were starting for Cu- seated by the American commissioners. and Colonel Chacol, among others were Vocal duet, "Gently Sighs the Breese?" s ai
the miam 4513 1 ge d A the train tarted and the The Americans declared that the to have been slaughtered. The plan "The Judgment of SL Cecilia," was S e
K h'p. . a peCT- wbre &a. part, he snnm- United States must have the entire miscarried and the chief conspirator then rendered with the following in Yeterdaythey weg +
Si 9sig smlit-^ to < ,4i I bled bao and ads rignt foot went down PhiIppine archipelago, and for a treaty struck weak blow. Palling he ac- characters: rom SaVannah to e
1 "7 2 1 n'a between them. AS they came togeiler that will cede the islands the Americans cePted his fate philosophically and as St. CeclIa, iEs rMy Ouerra, Alma- order came direct"
ep ^1 .. *1-'!1"' 1, __his l power limb just above the ankle was tendered to Spain the sum of 20.00.0000. a soldier, going to his death without a chius, (Roman Governor) Mais Mazie Partment at 5y'asB1.1^l
T ,:5P'.? b eIt ccthe canOght and feartlily crushed. Hts cry They further declared that it is the murmur. Convicted by court martial Jackson, Lucius, (Roman Soldier) MWas U alm ed the oeio .
Sof pain produced a panic among the purpose of the United States to main- of an attempt to murder, Colonel Cha- May ,Fitsgerald; Attendants i as -
pamagenrs, and about a dosen caught tain the Philippine Islands as an "open col of the engineer's battalion received Esther Kaunits, Miss Lai Jackson, t 5i.a1 .."
2 w- th S hold of the bell cord at once and com- door" to the world's commerce. his sentence without flinching. "Oberon" a mandolin solo was well morn4 arooVhi g w c e
1 4-US jlP lihly that I L W maenoed rinsing forth engineer to stop On the terms stated In the utimatun, In accordance with paenish custom rendered by Miss Arguelles. Tablean, lM. QilteIe
"A g'o mab .Sh do ehr. dam^&s the trahtn The engineer most have the United States proposes the mutual he spent his last night in the chapel of "The Mkartyrdom of St. CecilIa. The for them
,t i tm the -"a 1 ben astailly rattled as the passengers. relinqulahment of all claims for indem- the fortress accepting the instructions performances closed with a grand gal- he 'une hti
.us wi e^ cin t e el i it (t all events he did not stop until tht nity, national or personal subsequent to and listening to the prapers of a priest. lop. a a ha vroo c ltebtl
SA e ettion. aterw b it passengers let go of the cord and al- the last outbreak of Cuban insurrec- On Thursday morning he walked out ai
S vS d to th owes. Th lowed the conductor to give the proper tlon. It is also declared that the L'nl- to make his sacrifice to "Foso de los A th f at
* w.,. V7 e little enlw,-9-iwl1t signal, when the train soon come to a ted Statee desire to treat on the oques- Laudles." A SA ADh _CID I.oNT,1
&'"d.wsI. gimv to u otand tMat'the AtAUUtllmen c e the Isla dh
1 W %LSS a Wats l ndltlhe tion of religious freedom of the Coro- On the Isla de Paray, which sailed wal known nosai
S'i,' a- e., lts d Wd will be The rTefortunate man was Kfted out line island as agreed upon between to-day, were 400 members of the Guar- "ll M er T I Lve Her," Were Ofcial
of bie trap and carried into the car, the United states and Spain in the dia Civil recently engaged in revolt.
wa is not resume work where he was given all the attention treaty treaty of 1886 and also for the ac- They were disarmed before being em- the Pathetic Words of a Dying Son. S oLiow ae SWn e
s .- t e nolfed the posstble under the circumstances. A treaty of 1886 and also for the ac- barked and go home in disgrace, despite --- C(1Ps A 15.wlw,de0 by
.thet the strike wonj tsake physlclan was telegraphed for to be at quisltiaon of one of the Caroline Is- the fact that with those of the Special to the Tribune. ant Brok1, Opany B bpy +i
Me a71 tst .'lteali t pr's the depot at Port Tampa, and he was lands for an American naval station. Orden Publico who have been sent to Port Tampa, Nov. 22.-Phillip Fitts, i (f.eeany 1, by I
y t t SosiijLy, as it is th aen on through to that place. His It also declares for cable landing the peninsula in disgrace also, formed a young man about 1i years of age, da Cnan
thatot mill will be limb was badly crushed and some rights heretofore 'in force, the very flower of the Spaniah army. met with a horrible accident yesterday i Te ai"a'O
4- c.' I- thought it was broken. At all events The Americans also refuse to arbl- Enough remain to make further trouble morning which caused hie death. Thi
'. .: MiT6>THB PHEPPINE it will send him to the hospital for eome trate article three of the peace protocol possible. young man was on a train which was
tie. bearing on theof the The recent reariatio of Spain of going to the dock, when he jumped comma o nr
gTe -tot ePhilippines. many convicts deported from Cuba has off and landed on the track Just ahead nuber of th
S21..Z -, 2L-The .t of the AV EA The Amerlcans named November 28 th caused a marked increase in crime In of the dinner train, when tOe was stuck 4I to listgt, andt
:,. rhl .A GAY SooAe VrON, as the date on which the United Stafes this city. The streets in the lower by the engine cutting him literally theelvea ei
S4l-.*Ih t..tl-ored, waa "commisalan desires a definite response part of the town are unsafe to walk in into, leaving his limbe on one side for the order to moveo
t ,usl nr imati' :,. to the foregoing propositions and all at niht, and many cases of assault of the rail, and his body on the other me '- nxo to .t ab
ae1U' o i 1oote ahd at other subjects at issue. and battery are reported. The absence side, He lived about 40 minutes. oTe e aU a
3 ft 'm I d u J'lm the the People. BETTER READ THE TRIBUNE. of police by the withdrawal of the Orden After this occurred, be asked the phy- tsmrsaII :]ag ii
SSpecial to the Tribune. Public and the guardian Civil has left sican who attended him: 'TDo yo thk t
.'1 'have The Tsmpa SBy Hotel is now almost Washington, D. C, Nov. fl.-The War the cit- at the mercy of bands of these I will die?" '"O no, I ga6 not," was r O
a4 -'.r gnIl hbe- for a quiet busiWnes like Department here has not as yet been scoundrels, who each day become the reply. When the unfortunate man 1 w
tdW k wnotry.f Svere peinfn on eeber 6. a .A. of ly avsed of the peace decision, bolder, said: "If I ive I will have no limbs. troops W*L1S _..x 1-1 hrag
+B Dh r'esrehedfrome isive. or that the negotiations have been Dr. Frank Lambader, commissioner A few moments later the physician Hava before th a'i
",i ll'4- "a of Long Island oind, lsperonally con- broken off. of the Baputst church in the United tas. asked him, "Phil, sumose you are TIr4 O -'--ile-iOL
dustitng the Snishing touihas, anEd pAo- tes, in charge of the Cutban relief cund, asleep when your mother axrrves, whpllwth S den
^ t -h misa svrl surri lsn the way of N TSE ,WH1ARVB'S arrived on Wednesday on the steamer must I tell her?" His reply waag "Toll daystogetf' wi isa Sa.
mqmt hessde^b iy' fD the innt e roas tne wilntert Arrval and tDeparture of Vessels 'From Viltlancia. His plan of work is to her I love her so much." Mitts family
vo-unteer lhop ChristmasO 1 night t at wil eclipse A1l Ports of the Country. relieve the ill and needy members of reside in Sanford, and he was a brother- T thetFO +
-n the t B Melvaine shipped seventy-afve a and the ner aes, to provide Of the Plant t.e wa a oo
tsl a~.sds 0 Potted Plants will barrels of sat fish to the northeip trade for orphans, end lso to investigate th steady and Industrios boy, and had

poiin ila cnanIu uioHvna n he'M scote minte nie ^ ^ Staen tie ^ ^era IlieOhr'te'maeai
noim p a p eoigEpr- ''h hl'i efne sailed^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ lasat D.H ifedSa a^^ rriedI H lrWJ^S5tS^' Stilblwf

_k f ooo r^-i. lorida. The sharpie Defender sailed last Dr. EL Win-ield .an arrived in Ha- W. JD AW & et ble wife Sl i
-^' w C. s w h nght for Miami on a hunt for mackerel. n last night for the purpose of Es- celebrated 'their wooden wedding last W pns
in.. Nir "il-eha the famous hotszit, She will Join Join Svaesee fleet at tabliahing & e Cos hospital evening h received among many wilio Sa'v f
h. .e. the Oftam of Tsamp and vi- Punts Gords. T wooden presents, -ninesngi
nit to m In ths prtt. Be T steamer Margaret left last night tidg he f enh e ecr e Hopi cOaihr
uI^^S? B wfi Ive due credit on al exhiits and wIta lighter of rock and lumber for well located and equipped D.gn &-Pta [t 5 Warnerias
it s'to israo ow" now in excellent The schooner S& T. Beeciman of the date, ship iam oad siccetea
a i hape and prohably excels any, In the Mart's line, left Mobile to-day with *ain Savannah, whter he will be In the
stle, hundreds of dolla have been cargo of merchandise for Phillips & JOE CWCMH iAMP. government C a CSptain
pmnt In hardening the ground, and Fuler.
'NmPi tihlyi The Roland Sazdbrd of the Benner na of C e n o the
5tfe lm-e VOWo propose mni line is lying down the bay waiting for Impotant aeeting. & oh t nso t n S igh
^ '* olaf ths mostg MWm1eet a bigh tide to bring her up to the city The Joe Wheele Camp, Sons of Con- OO boxes of oranges, SO barrels of
yg ma teotny have expressed dooke She in heavIly loaded with federated Veterans-held a very Interest- potatoes ad forty boxzie o..tysto
.19MIa as 2tea of apatroa las merchandise for the Tampa merchants. Ing ineetina last night in their rooms The auxiliary cruiser ML arrived v n- _W a ,
wti m.X assocla ok and It ten be In the Campbell block. Besides the In port yesterday asot 1o'elock. and . .
I mmii, that a nher of fLams hprse COLD WAVE CUMMIt. transaction of routine business% the fol- is thi" morning at anchor opposite the-
gt here end some spirited Opecial to the T ne lowing officers were elected for the en- freig dock.
Wh fe 'ashington, Nov. 21.-At a late hour sindg year: C. E. Worth, commander; arin Hannah, the amiable we of the
1. 1Sb' l kh mea, the-K to-night the weather bureau issued or- Geu. Walker, 1st Lieutenant; C. H popular Manager Sam Maneas of tad
prIie b le rM "s UPder, dern to hoist storm (N. (W. Signal, wil Spencer, 2nd Lleutenant; John T. Durst, Inn i somewhat ta ispored ut nothnl i
prite1 bookkeeper; Charl s F'. Dodge cause lower temperature at 3Mfite, adjutant; J. C. Abernethy, Surgeon; I. aerie :. a' ini-. .
Clark 2I: A. W bei, ardt roo;m clerk, Pensacola, Cedar Keys, Tampa and Cmft. QU5atermater; W. HC. Car- 'Th Florida wll sai this afternoon tera
o' ?Wet&l, night clerk; Dudley IL Key West. Wind will shift to north- thbeT, captain; H. C. Giddens, about 5 o'clock for Havana with the t -ki
BP Aewshier. O IS. We-y. poet- west with much lower temperature over Treasurer; Theo. Lee color mules and wagon and supplies for the
:.. 'a.<. Kim, 'L. CoIs land Mre'. Vman entire flulf. sert; a W- JObn8n. histoi. The government.
G. W. Bean, members of the camp Is at present fifty
A,*MBBlBHime^ Faea ectrtcla FAlehe, bota,- W,4 SEE COtBA. odd. while there in every inIclation that .MALTAWtON 1S EIIDOaBSO BT BEST H St ndrew -
A141. N. S. Beebet steward; Theodore Its next meeting. which will be held on PHYSICIANS.

pas to oo; L I Cono, wine steward; Grifin, GAL, Nov. IL--,b Thilrd Geor- doubled, and ,gne t crug s Fevr k
Vi a regiment left here to-day for if- and Ague. AM drucgufl -or ltfr-
S dent of onstrucn va.nnal, where they wil embak for for sale at the ben ahw-Shez ,ed ,t-Wt o .
from. Pa sd I I^ n a rat hole looks Nuevta Cuba, this week o, 106 Fralin street. Contipation prevents the bodr trnO
'e an easr Job and It I. Running a ridding it"e of waste tter. De- ,
o- perleuse, bralns and capItal. The Del.- the troubliIe and ctm MLvk andelr
opuico restaurant doss the blagest th e |b tP |tvrhu Tnsl r -Cej w

U I^r l i TkI yon u tnrksw or elk ar O~4 week ^Kkq*bor

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S- sau s m handle that class; to the wearer., sty. i ii
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Sand German make, U iLD C U ll yet you o in
SIt Trtures Known to 'm, wie was for ia" suffe all new designs, Pe I i I pae v
from eumatism ana w as trea- at reasonable prices. IsJU VVV a able. ,
hfxconstntlybut could obtain no r le e.
fi t.n Thousandsa Thedoctcrs said the disease wasliable - -- v---
A "i ------- to sike the he&rt at any time, iny
S The henpwhich event death wouldbeevtble. o repeat to you what we have done in the ps week in Dress Goods wold
s tim bco The aches contand pain of Rheum- evert kind oft eat be an old story. What you want to know is what we are going to do this oomi
q n ta atta- gi=m become a constant dom- mended for Rheumatism wasteervnb
paLion to all who are victims of including widely advertised bloodrm- week. We know that you are interested, because whatever we tell you about them,
t his disabling disease. The peo- edies, but none did any god. you finr ist so, andl in many instances you find better values than we describe. "
1=o : to a llhmere shadow her former -
with os ue mof the diseases, th s-,nd y N v 2h
though thousands know its tor- "It was at this. critical period that
m seS t.e. sol know that tried InN o'V. 2 8 th
SteLa Evegybody should know thatto reach the l
rt tw u" stssapirac dcone. a tseprohmptly, a nd You -ll find Greater Bargai n Better Values, in'Every i
Mir edition of the blood, upon which a ll -. she beg= to im- e earment .
i .i.s" lnmats in the world can have t Onedozen eartent. -
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The t ula-Dingier tariff bi Humor in the Blood soi e.oT- 0 any atual Icree ase W ere : or all s E I=
F u bee weighed in the balance and found -about Spain's position in the matter or st Tho e wnau l nrs O we bn sin Ine de-'
wuat wanting.. As a means" of raisiing the C d Cleat DistrW- ui Uned tevr we maly teh inouet P this he reonSts t beoreew &weh v1e d&
revenue to meet the government ex- ftt t 1Wiht -MMhl. HI think of the protocol, nobody can con- immigation. peclally of the Alliterate but the time ha s, he s
penses. it has proven an absolute fail-, VSJS but t dsd's C tend fairly that it says without 4elivo- lases. J cit ofy cial of New T o thoas varyi e mlt a i
lt o ure. It has settled the question beyond "I wa troubled with hemor, wahlh cation that the Spanish Commissioners now auggeata that there are one bOd- require a e saat of t lfie Ia or
a; : doubt that the Republican theory of "109 out a my skis and cased muot discuss the question of giving lP red thousand or more people In etat "T polti cokcorow U
a high protective tariff is a delusion and meh distress I coNd oxret at ight. I sovereignty over the entire PillPippine city to-day--poVslbl ay more-wiso oumiosi "t:l
L m wprotectve tari is a elion an d viged to try Hood'n s mpwtla, group. We are demanding the Phil- are absolutely dependent pon charity.
a anare. The records of the past year gad since taking a few bottles I have zt ippines, not because it is nominated in or worse, for a living. Immigration is The return o edward a *
SC3iPWTOoN. and a half show that it has protected been troubled with impure blood. I be- the bond that we shall take them, but daily adding, in one way or another, Tampa Is always hailed itg t -
maM.aily aan and enriched the few and impoverished RoodNo's amaparilal tohath besbt because the administration has figured by their own condition or by rootinglight by the people g th citye ..l .
bMw l ed puriflor that can be obtainue&d." out that "manifest deAtlny" points that others out of employment to this pain- gentleman hb prohabiy de te- r
tfe mamaes. o better proof of it s LPnr, WAy, Williston, Florida. way, and it has the power on land and ful as well as dangerous class. "71e wards the devekoMent of t ct the
$ uter fallur is the dact that many of the "My children wOre troubled with botl, sea to follow the sign. The statement open-door" busine inaugurated by any other one man in It. He a-'
................. i leading newspapers that formerly sup- Itried numerous remedies without gft- that negotiations are about to be : Jefferson was well enough in the treest and strietest ese of the we
. ... 0 orted t are now crying ut against it. them y re but tetheyhad broken off should be taken with a grain past, but there is a limit to all thing a beneetr, T hoe mag
p d a o y ag t taken a few bottles of Hood's SarMparilla of salt. Spain will go as near to the and that limit has been reached n m tollt deeds have been felt ,nt only
They are now making a spasmodic ef- the boils disappeared. We have taken dead line as possible, t t I not at cot t limit has been reached iin ttis h hby
sON $ A' TRAIL d line as possible,^,^^ but it. Is not a country so far an Indiscriminate I rim- whom he ba n -otmana
fort to have its many defects remedied Hood' S rsaparilla since then and awI1 all likely that she will ecroesit. Prob- Wrtion is concerned. Our children. ion misted a st n t an e.
S before it is made an issue in the next keep it on hand and have no fr of the ably she means to see how much in and children's children deetuce some a m had s a da mn w an
Presidential campaign. They feel bols returning." s A earnest the administration is; whether consideration at our hand Cone few year l It w l te meet
s ned that. it is, the result wills o d S it wll really renew hotilities rather should give early attention to t. The iportat city all
H1h t heMir. be certain defeat. tn gd up sd.. It may be
She bNew York Herald in is issue O O S parilla that Spain has an idea that when Con-'
i The New York H erald O True Blood Purifier. AinnrXSiM. grese meets there will be a sentiment
of last Thursday expresses its opinion Pisee,1; six for $ Get only Hood a so pronounced against expansion that
Sfor of the bi in thre ollowing words: Hood's P ills the b the President will call a halt. Any one
I=e for Pingee In e MOWS you amn reviion IS& of a dozen reasons Is explaInatlon ,W ,
becoming a con- embg e- is not to be reco- enough for the fencing which the Span- -
traordinary session mended to Con- ish commissioners are doing in Paris.
now more fully 1P- sindiesneable be- gren by the s companies doin business in oren As we have demanded everything, they
cause ofttheeondl- lent. 0 fa- companies doina business in foreign can lose.nothing more by fighting off W E A R E
es Whitcomb Riley tion in -which we etary Gage will can lose nothing more by Afhting off
S"Be sei Thngs. find the revenues of advise some minor countries, and produced an unheard of the evil moment of surrender. And
the govv. uaent amendments to the deficit at home. The proceeds of the there is a goodly proportion of Amer- W A R E
pean to be fPaing of the pssage of a chiely of an ad- bonds sold by IMr. Cleveland were drawn icane who hope with them that some
some pretty rough tari bilUl which mlniStrattve ca r- upon to meet the current expenses of fate will Intervene and solve the prob- e M II D E
be furtherUrged. revision eM the tar- sale of the Pacific railroads, putting E R I IN E .- ..
SThe imperative de- ff to conform toTOENCOUIAG IDUSTRY.
i an tuk between mandofthehour Is thechanged t- tens of millions into the treasury, ENCOURAG INDUSTRY. even a bigger DRt
s end the War In- stae asret wO lion the ctotr t helped to cover p the deficit from the A bill has already been Introduced to everbefore a d wer ebS O OiD S 11yoMcIs t I
ea a me easwrr b e left f. re oor the than ever before, and we're bound to nake you come here
te Whicb cain bold Preddent fIciKin- next Congrel public eye. into the Georgia Legislature which has
,y's m eesge to esinm o t for ite purpo the amendment of thenN
tton dispatch who had enacted the law s ti oel a
S.d it harder to m herald, November meanw e had grown weary of making sembly may authorize the authorities M o nd a N V
. Dad it harCer to Current monthly 1l.i
the howitality of eficit 2 millions, Current monthly unfotllled predictions that it would of any county, city or town to remit the We begin a vigorous his merging down of price t
c t from the nedeficit,wasideftrom ultimately produce enough revenue, taxes assessed tfor all county and muni- left, and let us ay that every bargt mentioned s
rick than from the new war taxes, 14 left, hnohtet us m yothay every birmnO9
mtnsh Navy. nymiiom, and it was evident that the truth must cipal purposes on the buildings and ma- ur Own superior, WOrthuil st ock which oenprli tha s-l
S and the he persistent and heavily increased soon become obvious to even the least chinery used infactories anfor thtweavpln- p ulr and apPropr te f u fasoUo'S'k h iO Ws
*In It from In- deficit since the (Dingley low went into Intelligent among the people. Then ing of cloth and other fabrics of cotton hear the pries aked at other stores we're to 4
tou.se, th ought operation shows its failure as a revenue came the war, bringing the issue and Wool, and the lands on which the and imagine that yOU don't read our advertisement.
.' to bslld with, producer, while large exports of domes- of two hundred million dollars of bonds factories may be built for a period not ly Speaking, it has cost you many a penny. For thea&eof
tic manufacturers underseling the for- and the enactment of a real revenue exceding ten years from the date of the your purse make a new start here Monday.
report, General eigners in their own markets demon- law, which yields about ten and a half incorporation of the company.
The Manufacturers,' Record, which is
Sa f he wre state the absurdity of its protective lion a month. In making no re- an ardent advocate of developing
with the condi feature, ommendatlon to Congress for the re- Southern enterprise, and which is con- "
emissary depart- In short, the protectionist theory has peal of this, the President concedes sidered expert authority on uch ques- For Monday our entire line of Black and Fancy Dtes Goods
been exploded, and as a political issue the failure of the whole scheme, to the tions, remarks that "This is a step at greatly reduced prices. We call pecinl attend
signlif ant in the it is dead as a door nail. The war was latest phase of which the name of the right direction. Liberality on lne of Black reduced prices. WeFancy Broadlo l atten tio n to our
Part of communities In this direction line of Black Crepons. Fancy Broadcloths, Mixed Suiting .
n New York have a godsend to the Dingleytes in the Dingley is attached, cannot fail to have a beneficial effect etc., all at reduced prices. Remnants of Dress Q ds and
y the past few way of distracting public attention The failure of the wheat crops in oth r upon the State as a whole. The mnat- Silks at reduced prices.
must be paid. you from the ridiculous failure of the meas- countries and the bountiful yield in our ter is, under the provisions of the bill,
ure on which such tremendous stress own, which gave to the farmere good relegated to the local authorities, as Q 1 1.-
to w chee, had been laid but the facts are too markets ad good prices for their pro- should be thus preventing the ossi- rga in in il s.
n. t6 daw a check.- bility of injustice to industries already - j-
r attention, toper lear to be obscured, and even Repub- ducts, have brought prosperity to the established. The bringing oft new in- Cut Prices on Silks for Waist, Skirts, Suits and Ilnings.
esuneh'to draw a rican leaders now admit its ridiculous West, banishing poverty and with it dustries to a community will in the
ertiument in the eflIciency. Populism. No one, however, can be end broaden the basis of taxation in rg n V l n v
When the administration came into fooled into believing that this prosrity that community, increase Its revenues a in I1l
power the deficit was trifling and the is due tb the operation of the wretched and at the same time lighten the Millinery Good Monday. N Veil-
ins of hrista as revenue was. Increasing, so that the gap tariff measure the enactment wh ch was ing and Ribbons. Bargains in Table Linena Hosiery,
m anfranclsco to between Income and outgo might have pressed into the exclusion of legislation LET COOGRE S ACT. Gloves, Corsets, Belta, Ladies' and Children's Merino Un-
Ps4tplps, there 3oon been closed. Meanwhile there that was vitally needed. The theory Of the 299.299 immigrants landed in derwear. Bargains in ALL Goods Monday lot Cash
Liquor. No doubt was a large available balance in the of protective tariffs injured the trade the United States daring the last gov-
e in good spirits treasury resulting from the bonds sold and Industry of the country by the fr- ernment year, nearly one-nth, or .-
S. d- cent to meetuently recurring revisions it entailed 057. were absolutely |lLterate-that is.
ives under Cleveland-duffcient to meet quently recurring revisions it entailed they could neither read nor write. This
the current deficit for years i it hawd very revision with its attendant un- suggests the only justification we can
continued. There was not the slightest certainty as to the future values of a conceive for the acquisition of the Pa-
dl itty etitd ed to unaettle the business of the vast mass of commodities, put a check tlcl Islands. They will afford a splan-
i,& leon of0Cn res. Fo e y dollar The constant influx of such an ele- NO odsOharx d.
Ilblic de- Afll election pledges to certain "vested brought into the treasury three went _
Interests.' into the pockets f othe pet manufac- t,
Wine there is no It was held, however, Business was turere, and all four, of course, came 4t^.- l- -t
,'tams. Tribun. the reputation of men in high office mimer. 1 UK
eitsnlst- vaIl. was smirod with Sugar Trust and The Dingley law, however, has given |
ppetied by the othec scandals before the bin passed, th d w to protectionism. The
iAnl what was ita result? It ha. ex- people now t now that the tariff s 5 -
tsr In tone Of need the Dingley _. .-. *... ^ ._ ^ >^ *s _
pa.tent Oermany, to exctde our p0tYlions and demonstrated that there is a better. s pet N A 1E
or apent tresta--ldted hoetiMt to America way." b The pride of the enwe speak of
T- ,, ,- housewife is pretty i I our Millioery, we "
:S'e ^ .- leng Table Linen, You aeak of ltsple s >

TOh The Pain ^ E oni' E ;:
a kin dd etc., not the .. tteo e u g w


The American Ultiinmatu Fnphetically Disregarded by the Span.
tbi Peace Commissioners.


lAr Dpartgitt at stiteNgt ii Gmt laity ud Issues Rash Orders for
fTreqp a the I stvata Forts and Posts


tim af Xelist- Twy ProbWe and Uncle a is Preparing for
lAnyo7wXuenes The Dos WVl light Before They Will
-u t u o the oaonsation of the Philippine&

Itellal to the TrIbune return. A tew minutes later Welsh at-
Washington, D. C,, ov. 1.-Spanem tempted to re-enter the place, but was
SM:*.'eW' teghe Amerlan Peace Coam- hot dead. Irby is in jail.
aand her rey may mean WANT THE NEGROES REMOVED.
Ai &Vks from Paris I morning, in- -
das at a ft ormtad point session Cubans at Santiago to Send a Petition
o t t evtc and Sftanlh Commim- to the President.
*tf A -w Wldt and tLw proul re- -=
Stihre eas and iSst e 2proPosl re Sfpecial to the Trtbune
gasirdung the Phlippines was promptly
'. S ,Sah be ll refused by the %t Santiago, Nov. 17.-The Cuban Society
S i practicallymneans a brea of Santiago is preparing a petition to
IVg c I all negotiations and what President McKnley, asking for the' re-
.-rl w~ilw bemca only be surm ted moval of the colored regiments, as well
S ot intense eeltemnst bo pro- as for the punishment of a H concerned
' w el day, nm *e news form in Monday night's affair. Gen. Wood
Ptax ia wast ated a" scanned with intends to leave no stone unturned In
Str a n reaw. his efforts to bring the guilty to justice.
ma r awaits next sltep o
the ntedd S m tf Stes has daelaered BLIAONCt'Q KECN' ST SORROW.
to-bar creditors that 0e has done her -
t. and now the 0e rets be- Special to the Tribune.
tU atth l nand theU States. Madrid, Nov. 17.--Capt. Gen. Blanco,
.Fr tai k e n he cn every band in a letter to Senator Tinado, says:
he oody. 'In the ar Department, "The keenest sorrow of my life is sur-
t-e'r -bw5 aevtl .: has prevailed rendering Cuba,.with an army of 150,000
near al day. The troops ar8e no claims to have conquered Cubas while
bi 5pai g to operate in lands be- we are possessed of such resources."
y o*4L itbd;' ed Statea men and 200 guns. to an enemy who
l aaretrry AIger issue an order this
ftj~- 0% drecting at lteaRt ten eg7i- BA
ments of the regular army now sta- I
ito n Northweast fons and pcets BALLOTAtL RIGHT
to ,ald themselves In readianess for inm-
tie r orta4on and r e Florida Voted to Amend Constitution
tropical cTlmates.
T e same oders have been sent to byAddin Section 34.
maayzginneats in the Southern camps
lerts they have been recently located.
General Carpenter at Aglants, has been Special to the Tribune.
istraeted 'by wire to immediately stop Tallahassee, Fla., Nov. 16. -trhe point
we"s. the camp at that place, and
that all the soldiers located there be raised by Judge C. E. Harriocn Lf Tam-
gefte ready to emoark at ur.ce for pa as to the amendment to article 3
C -lt.- of the state constitution is not well
O.ier were also issued tc-i.y re- taken. The official ballot -eads: "Con-
'laSlig IW'he volunteer regiset t re-
.. D a fiwem Porto Ri)3, and a those etitution Amendment---c=,n n Z4, arir:le
h 4Eern t camp wbh have been or- 3: Impeached officers t- tL disqua'lfled
ed mustered nOt. i unth acquitted by* Senate." 'Ihe joint
"' o vat a imose put n o tUR he resolution passed by the' lgislature
2D :- now he e at a voment'ol notice. lu the
4~-5t ogtStths hebOltlies, t is the proposing the- amendment iniendtd the
I t' tona of the War Department to adding of a new section to be numbered
I;. s y Cuba at once, and burt.y ep 34 of article 3. The ballot proposes to
IF- hav be ben aznt to the differ r.t to
c: ea to move forward s tme rost amend the constitution a..1 not to
ss Cviejnt t places of enmbmieation,- amend section 34. It proposes to amend
wtleh will include Savannah Cnar"eston the constitution by adding section A4 to
,54d Tampa-S article The ballot so raa;s, and the
S MO WA.R 8HIP -ORB CUBA. amendment Is adopted as prcporced.
t! A.ZmerWica in Havana Not in Danger E5SPERATE ENVOLNTER.
w --Spanish Troops From Thursday's Daily.
p la l tiT the Tribunm. A negro named Anderson arrived in
W'. qtod Nov. -Majos eral Fort Brooke yesterday from 'Eg.,unt
Wigb, lteo of Oe Evacuation Key, and getting full of bug juice, he
c-r'-~eiB raLScinafry r Alger proceeded to paint the town a bright
" .tmt 'tra 5v in Nkvans is oractl- armine tint. In the midst of his

a long ways to
ade by li to a BepresetatlU of he ront
big boom to
The lorug Tribune. doubtedly brn
who would not
Had these impr
these improves
in the backgrc
Discussed in a Pleasant, Off and her long to rej
Manner by One of Our Greatest glad to see
the business m
Public Benefactors-Much it will increaA
ments of oran
Valuable Information. fruits and veg
ing north from
'/ umes for our f
From Friday's Daily. r. Manraa
Edward 'Manrara, the senior member greatest public
of the firm of the Tbor-Manrara Co., has ever know
cigar manufacturers returned on Satur- word n thousa
day night from a business trip to New were kept from
day a"were thrown 0
York. He is a familiar figure among Nearly every ]
the cigar manufacturers of New York city has felt th
and Havana, and is recognized as the table and gen
prince cigar manufacturer oftthe Uni- would not benc
ted States. His factory in Ybor City had it not lee
turns out more Havana ciga-s than and bountiful
any otter in the country, and Mr. 'Man- man of the pe
rara's interests in other enterprises are His name and i
very extenve. Thousands of men look in the hearts o
to him for employment and he always after the hundl
pays the very highest wages for good ... nave cru
workmen. He makes the very highest
grades of cigars In the market, and to
maintain his reputation, it is necessary -KBIAUO lin
for him to haye the best tobacco the UIw h UVl
world can afford, as well as the most
skilled workmen.
Yesterday morning a Tribune repre- At aranao I
sentative vesited him at his big factory. Would Hav
He was found busily engaged! looking
over his mail matter, but with his usual Beach W1
pleasant greeting, he invited tae scribe
to a seat by his side, and furnished him Oround
with one of his fine flavored cigars.
In answer to an Inquiry, he stated
that his trip to New York was both Special to the
pleasant and profitable. "The cigar Havana, Cub
trade," he says, "is very good, owing ant meeting o
partly to the increase in business dur- and quarterma
Ing the holiday season." &anao eacx thl
In reply to a query concerning the final arrange
condition of the working classes in the American I
Cuba, and the chances of those going the pier being
there at this time, Mr. XManrara %aid: dressing as n
"I consider Cuba no place for Tampa step will be t
cigar makers or American workingmen ing operations
kof any kind at the present time. I gave the assun
have not heard of one who has went red Cubans noa
there since the war who has bettered plied by twenty
his condition. On the other hand I any time the 4
know of scores who would gladly re- The condition
turn if they had money enough to pay the camp at
for transportation. Of course a man strate that ma
who has plenty of money can go there for the Amneric
and spend it and have a good time, but located as far
business is very poor for the simple work upon th
fact that there is nothing to make buso. As more is lear
ness. People are not working and have the comm(esio
no money. WMany of them are living Colonels 'Heiok
on chanry. It will be some time yet, comes plainer
before there is any inducements for for- mostly thrown
eign Investors. The transition of the the first locati,
Island feom the control of one govern- as at a point
ment to another will take time and un- has been dumpt
til the new government is organized man informed
And a policy adopted, business will be were abou- to
more or less demoralized." aos relinquis
In answer to the question of anexa- chosen on eith
tion or Cuban ownership of the Island, wate. works a
he exclaimed: "I Wm" emphatically in vicinity that cc
favor of the latter. 'United States own- had the matte
ership of the island at this inmc would with power to
be in many respects a public calamity. him leos than f(
It would no doubt meet with resistance a choice. The
by the Cubans, which would make their said by the Ca
present lamentable condition much red years ago
worse. It would also be a severe blow the island.
to many of the. industrial interests
'throughout the Southern States. All
the States depending on sugar cane,
tobacco. And tropical ra.:s, would be CRIMIU
more or less injured.
"I give the American preop'e credit for
more common iense ha.n ao undertake Guy Seckel t
annexation at the present time. That chine Ag
it will come some time, there is no
doubt, but let it come naturally and r rida
honestly. I believe should (Cuba be al- Frt m Friday's
lowed her independence for ten or fif- The county
teen years she would naturally -sire to yesterday mor
become a part of the United States. Judge Carter
They would then be educated up to a
point where annexation would be a mu- amlnation of
tual benefit. .By that time business the State vs. I
and industrial affairs could be adjusted with assault
and the dignity and honor of a great murder. Pros
nation would be maintained.
In answer to the question concerning Knight was
Mr. Guerra's reported removal oL his Cohen and C. (
factory to Jactsonvlle, (Mr. Maarara fense was repr
said: "I have not conversed with Odr. S Borehare
Guerra concerning the matter, but have
read the reports of the deal in the Jack- The case last
sonville and Tampa papers, The ac- noon when th
counts of the great inducements by the returned with
Jacksonville people to have him locate The case of
there, I read with several grains or al-
lowance. In the present unsettled Con- charged with
ditlon of affairs In Cuba, it would be collected while
very foolhardy for citizens to offer hery Singer Sewing
great inducements for cigar factories n
to locate in Jacksonville or anywhere prosecuting at
else In this country. IWhy should'Mr. Prank Harris,
Guerra leave Tampa? He has alt the resented by E
advantages for the manufacture of returned a ver
cigars he could have in Jacksonville He was fined t1I2.
har teen well treated by the people until 10 o'clock
here. He hea a very fine factory here,
and considerable valuable property that IT WAS BEI
he wonid not be Justified in sacrificing that Ely's Cre
and I can see no good reason why'he Nasal Catarrl
should leave Tampa unless he is like This distinction
some people I know, -illing to nove as the result
to any place where the inducements are use. A morb
a little better, but I don't believe that brana in the
Mr. Guerra is that kind of a man. I cured by this
have been told that Mr. Guerya bought treatment.
only the trade mark, good will and fix- will be male
lures of the HI'Modelo factory; that the 'Brothers. 56 V
building is still unsold. If this Is so. It spreads ov
It would be much easier for him to sorbed and re

move that, than his Tampa factory.
SUnless the inducements are very temPt-
Ing. I don't have any idea that he will
leave Tampa."
In answer to a question concerning
railroad and shipping rates to Tarpa,
bhe sad: "I think there is great room for
improvement in the matter of both frei-
Sght and express rates to this city. The
Fact that freight rates are less f'om
e Northern points to Cuba than they are
to Tampa, will deprive the Tampa mer-
I chants from deriving much benefit from
I the Cuban trade. It is necessary for
* the Tampa merchants to get together
on this question, and see that they are
not discriminated against. It would,
In my opinion be well for the t'ly to
Stake concerted action on this master,
as the transportation companies will
pay little or no heed to the barking and
kicking of a tew Individuals."
"In the matter of shipping, Tampa
will never amount to much until the
Deep water channel is extended up the
bay t the mouth of the river. Then
I the question of lower rates will soon be
I adjusted., The city should never wait
on Congress to do the work. I it can
be done as I understand, for M30.000, i
we-ought to raise the money right here
and cut our own channel. If we wait
Son Congress, it will be a long time be-
e fore any relief comes. My interests
are In Tampa. and I expect to remain
here as long at least as I remain in the
.United States, which I hope wli be
many years. In addition to my cgar
interests and large factory here. I have
spent nearly $150,000 In btilldndg up
Ybor City, and I never want to sle it
go down." I
SIn reply to a question coneersng
i the municlsal improvements of Tapmpa
and Tbor City, Mr. Manrara said "It
and should have been done years am ,

aerous nature. Tampa The Preident and his cabinet, tog-et
one half her size to-day, with the War Department are wax
en for his public spirit, ing every movement, and keeplnn
munificence. He is a line with every turn of affairs at PaL
ople and for the people. To-day instructions were cabled
good works will be living the American commisionersat Par
f the people many yeam to Inform the Silanrds that Spalz
reds of buildings he now sovereignty over the Philippine Tiai
nbled to dust. has already ceased. and that they-ca
not from the standpoint of this cover
ment be further coldrL in the pea
ItTION Of SOLDIERS negotiatIons or submitted to by.sri
traction as the p anIards now pro"p
In other words the American commit
gaowd What Our Ken sloners virtually give ultimatum on t
oe ht e question of Spanu sovereignty, ai
re Suffered ear the demand either that Spain surrend
r City Dnu ig the Phlippine without further disc
Sty Dumpi ion, or take the responsbUlty of wit
Wa b ocated, drawing the commisaione from t
Secretary Day, when asked his opi
tribune. ion of the question this morning replle
a, Nov. 17.-An import- "In my opinion, Span will positive
the American engineers refuse to accept ultimatum as now pr
sters was held at I ari- posed by the Americana. But I t
s evening to discuss the ieve they wil as a substitute a se
ents for the reception of questions and propositions of come
troops. The work upon nation, which If satisfactory they w
built there is not pro- be ready to put their signature to t
apidly as desired, and treaty."
taken to push the busd- It Is in the opinion of many here t
i. Mr. A. (. Monocol day, purely a matter of money now
nce that the one hund- the amount -be large enough to abeol
w at work may be multi- the Spanish government from pOeet
:y at a day's notice at charges by their creditors that t
Americans desre. collateral has been given away. Pe
n of the Cuban forces in sons near to Spain's heaviest creditor
darianao Beach demon- believe that, should the Americans a
Laria will make it unfit sume the Philippine debt, pay Spa
ans. The camps will be its t ace amount in cash, the Spanlar
Inland as possible, and would sign.
em will begin at once This view is held In quarters whe
rned of the operations of It now prevails because time has be
ners presided over by required for the Spaniards to beroV
r,. and Lee, the fact be- convinced that the American Commi
that their time was sloners do little if any diplomat
away. It is a fact that jockeying, and that their final attitui
on for the camp chosen may be found identical with their fir
where the city garbage If they have not already done so, tl
ed for years. A railroad Spanish commissioners nill ultimate
them of the error they advise the Americans that they mu
commit, and the location rot per'mitt L.. controversy as to t
ied. The sites finally binding chh-. cti-r of the mortgage reE
ier side of the Vent) ing upin the revenues of the Pnilippin
.re the only ones in the to pay the so-called Cuban-debt.
would well be chosen, and Tenacious adherence to this claim
r been left to one man, would set up on the Spanish side
act, it would have taken ultimatum under which no treaty won
orty-eight hours to make be signed which did not stipulate th
se locations are the ones the Philippine revenues should pay t
arib Indians three hund- Philippine debt. In such event t
to be the healthiest in Americans would probably claim th
the Philippine debt of W0,00,(
amounts to $20,000,000 gold, of whi
about $11,000,000. has been employed
fighting the United States, leaving 1i
than $10,000,000 chargeable in gold to t
SCO R Philippines. Indeed, the United Stal
would doubtless contend that even t
he Singer Sewing Ma reduced amount was used In fight
the Filipplnos and object to the Spani
gent Found Guilty. conclusion that it is a fair char
against thle Americans.
s Daily.
criminal court convened lf lh
rning at 10 o'clock with M I I LAZI
on the bench. The ex- I UN ICH T B LAZ I
witnesses in the case of
Nathaniel Reed, charged Noah's Ark a Smoldering Beap
with intent to commit esh s This Morning.
secuting Attorney, P. 0.
assisted 'by .M. HIenry Noah's Ark located near 'lorida
C. Whitaker, and the de- Michigan avenue and formerly used
esented by Frank Harris, Mr. Robert Mugge as a resort for 1
It, and Percy F. Jones. bibulous Inclined soldiers during .1
ted until 1:30 in the after- good old times of the war with Spa
e jury retired and soon was consumed by the maddened flan
a verdict of not guillty. of the fiery fiend at a late hour I:
' Rotate vs. Guy 4c6kel, night. The fire originated from
embezzlement of money unknown source, and must have ex
acting as agent for the the diabolical work of some unmi
!Machine Company. The gated scoundrel masquerading
attorney was assisted by an incendiary. The loss will amos
and the defense was rep- to about $800 to Its owner without
I. P. Bailey. The jury surance.
rdlct of guilty -nd Oeckel
Court then adjourned The fire department from the .Heig
k this morning, turned out, but owing to the hes
sand, it could not reach the scene .
EN FULLY demonstrated fore the building was entirely destroY
am Balm is a specific for Chief Harris and his men did so
3 and cold in the head. heroic work, however, and demonst
in has been achieved only ted the efficiency of the department
of continued successful
id condition of the nmem- Christmas will soon be here, a
nasal passages can De what is more pleasant to receive tU
s purifying and healing a fine photograph of a friend. G.
Sold by druggists or it Parlow, with his many years' expe
ed for 50 cents by ilF ence gives Tampa people an opporti
warren street, New York. ity they have not had before. 316
er the membrane, is an- Franklin street, two doors from I
llef is immediate, fayette. Veni, vidi, vici.





kass the kw (antd bowsll dremf tedah ted 1 sd
ai das dkudm dmedr ir mgbsmd $a d 6

Pn uo FW@ ,

TO i tent action of the life nsr- he Ffty-s Congress wil pass The Time-Unon and Citizen very -
Sa com nes Canada n agreeing esed by torp lver, whieh preveits dges- tlie bll authorizing the construction of aptly and truthfully says: "SurelTy y U T y STO
Tto hereafter accept no risks ea the lives ti and permits food to ferment and .tr the Nicaragua Canai This Is a pro- i F ms r ams STH a
of married women will be construed, thesto Then follow dizziness, headache, p ecy that needs only time for its ful- every Floridian must recognize a most OUS SOUTH sAr .
by those competent to judge, as a step A fillment. It may be a titanic struggle- grateful change in the present attitude
in the right direction. There was no H o 0 s a battle royal-between those who of many Florida journals and politi- 81 Camv*w*a Age ffa Tfc-p
attempt at concealment of the reason favor the building of the waterway and cians as compared with a past for from *06600le04 wer ar2 Tm 104
te a P t actuating the innovation. Our Canuck those who oppose, but in the end the remote Ecept as a thee for mutualW
wasdtrance mten boldly sthited that it ".yes" will win. Heretofore, the Except aoa themeaor mutual
owas done to lessen the cr ime of mur der. nea'reedblis ad powerful agencies o the trans-conti. congrai ulation, we would not refer to a
London-in fact all England-has had not reoeed, b lio ntal lines of railway have defeated all time when neighbors of the same blood The ia WoOht 1a4
S a woeful experience in the matter of pis simulate the stomach, i legislation on this subject. But the and training believed that each was o noad ha IT B l
CS~txo1E* insuring wives and children. It is rouse the liver, cure headache, dizziness con- Spanish-American war has minimized RIO kin to in untrd ar1", a y I
jospaW Dally =a time thoughtful legislators should give s usoet.scen i ol fl ndt annihilated, the potency of seeking to ruin his country when parl- y J ay. 18. I
Sthe matter attention. The underlying The only P. o to take wttbb Hood pon The trip of the Oregon San differences could sever the compan- Was a 0 uam fs ruhpam'
.. ... ..... Principle of lfe insurance is (at least shil never be forgotten. Nof shall lonships of childhood and political op- '' S
......... .... 1 5 It ought to be) to provide for the de- Editor Herring of the Tifton, Ga., thle American people or the historian position made enemies to the death. d ism fi a
.... ......... pendent by those upon whom they de- Gazette is publishing a live, up-to-date ol the future forget the part played by Perhaps we differ now as much as ms1sny8 U tNyl0 m a 66
.... spend. It is an illogical and mischlev- enterprising and handsome paper, and the Oregon in the destruction of Cer- w d b m re mL ns
ous extension of insurance to assert the people of his section have some idea vera's flee. we did then. but not In the ame degree. -- O 70 0m. -
MON -.4 TXA that a man has an insurable Interest or appreciation and do fall to demon- JIt would require a volume to indi- The men who taught a number otfa- On i -ft
In the lives of the wife and children state it. Editor Herring is a prince cAte the advantages of this canal pro- natic followers that "conspiracies" were kL" nicalom V
whom he is legally bound to support. among good fellows, and the Tribune ject. Certain markets of the far-away always brewing against life and Ither- vr. ~Ma sRhde al6S
Analogously if the money is all on toe notes his prosperity with. a great deal world will be brought nearer to us by ty: who warned the voter that immi-. d 1s 0 s 5 a w atn
is distaff side of the family a woman of interest. 11.000 miles. The American manufac-
t~rer and exporter are determined to gration would ruin him, and who held thO "M lb s n 13 i do t
should not have an insurable interest The coming report of the Commis- ivrer ad exporter aret. To make the thation would ruint him and ho held 1 nbnm S t*
Ia the life of her husband. It she Sup- sooner of Navagation will show that at vade those marke. To make the that investments mus not be alloweeM
ports him she should not be the benefl tvandosion a success, the canal is neces- because they "would p e the entering h I th
0, c. lary of any policy isued to him. York will be the first seaport of the y Trade follows the ." This wedge of the money power* have lost
The orange shipping season at Lees- world. The big cly on the Thames will u s in the ase o Great their influence and have no longer the
S... burs, opened up lively last week and e left in the year. Verily, this nation ta. No reason exists whs it voice to charm or the hand to strike. ~omd go n aumm m s As
s tues with increased vigor. The is forging to the front. should not, with equal success, apply Let us rejoice and be exceeding glad. S0 o si -tS- s
I* l mWrl s63t cropsof theAlsobrooks & DaviesWroves There is no paper in Tampa that can tq America's enterprises, but the Nic- Wfor a better era dawns poon s. To .
1 i 's at Lisbon hegan to go forward last begin to compare with the Tribune, re- agagua Canal in almost an absolute for a better era daw pon u To Is o
e-IIt bti xsf.-tat week, and M. SW,. Lovell shipped t marked a prominent lawyer yesterday essential In the protection of that flag encourage enmity Is not now profitable mdadta b U0. d
Sboxes from s Btclpse grove to Boston. and the desclple of Bladkstone was only a"d the trade which shall follow it. to the ambitious politfian, and there- aht hMbe elt wf o bb a IS
Ibla aud- ,I-,- the | iR ENR B. PLANT. believe they could be made rich by act j
S Orange Bend. and Fletcher & Johnson time.moseBment.a cs
wet or election la sending several carloads from his Fom AugustaChronicle. of Congress have grown smaller in the t mRt b it
"don Ne V. w Suanaypide grove on orders to New York, The claim of those who assert own- (Mr. Henry B. Plant has been a pub- land ,for the lesson has been learned o f' Otila a' r
Robert Bird has shipped a part of the ership to the Maria Teresa is good. She lie benefactor at the South. Hlis recent even as the negro waits no longer for h be o Ilh
extract action Christopher crop at Eldorado, and J. became a derelict the moment after illness has called forth some sympa- h f 0 AMHa iwo
xa phloper. ~W. Miller a part of his at Dead River. her abandonment, and, according to thetic expressions that must be pleas- his forty acres and a mule. We differ had
Ia Dleopher The Hubbard Crop on Corley Island has the law of the high seas, belongs to Ing to him on his recovery, especially now, 'but we cannot be sure that a htip sto ema Uaaf t*4
S at se-also been shipped. Numerous small those who got her off the rocks the reproduction of what Bill Arp wrote neighbor would gladly consign us to WaSI M a tl 6 1 3 I la .
'shipments1 of from ten to fifty boxes If men were as careful of their char- a r ew yarnag o tha a tlimbo for failure to vote his ticket. We aly mid! 85
hav toe e ee. atve been made.-Leeburg Commer- th ar of tn everybody loves a great, big-heartedt a W a
cter as they ae of their reputation, I don't know much about arrive now, but we axe not bitter, and g m b-,
Syear to be P"s- i. If they thought as much of the opinion H B. Plant's religion or politics, but I we do not take it for granted that no- W, Sa d tBe SnM i
United Sates Sena- r one Dr Dee is m e thn of God a they do o that ellow m an d know he is a grand old gentleman body can be quite so right as are we. 10. SmpSrw i .n
,- simply in the "mentioned class." Me the days of locksmith would be past ot the olden time. (We are about the While we are eating. Florld ing ,ol tufeyt p d t BMA o la
naively confessed to a New York re- and the policeman's occupation gone. s e age and have the same nd hle we are eatng lorida tur
wmi reraimns from porter that he seriously longs for the On the occasion of the Prince f o ancestry, and of course that raws this year, let us not forge to thank- to bn fa bm ba
ge until be sees Senatorial toga. "Our Chauncey" has Wales' birthday recently, he was mie to him. I have taken note of him ful for the blessings of life in Florida. I l 0a nom o th d bet .do,
a great many friends throughout the toasted at a iLondoU banquett as "A fr nearly half a century, and if there lO to as a a am
country-friends who ae willing to jolly good fellow fit for any throne." is! any bigger man in the line o pull CLAIMS AGAN. T GOVERN NT. dWS bead.wbft h 4
ed in St. Louis and forget that he is the servant of pluto- But this doesn't injure ma's health or progress and public Denefaction I don t From Jacksouville iMetropolis. Boo" y, me h
rate funeral. It is crats and think only of the man's splen- hurr her a bit. kow it. Many other men have built It Is said n relation to the clale of po bor
did abilities and the splendid Ameri- og the foundations that others have laid til sai in .ren aion totheg c ooer- iP W h0 o00
canism. If the postprandial orator Croker says that Van Wyok was beat- and become notable on the wrecks of the different States against the govern- "Phil p o l
es leavb Cu-ba, he shall succeed in reaching the "Million- en for the New York governorship snm- other people's fortunes, but Mr. Plant meant for the equipment of the troops m f Pot J aSa b
theaires club" in Washngton those ply becausthehe people could not forget made his own plans in early life, and during the war with Spain that the now-fameu theworid swinss O t a
the friends will rejoice, the war. Every Republican will agree ls by slow and sure degrees expanded Comptroller of the currency in, going bar or in be es M da
that this is a glowing tribute to mem- and matured them. He has proved
We have profited by the lessons o ory himself an unselfish friend to the peopleor the reimbursements of the differ- 9 that d nek" by g
good faithZnCglasn our unpreparedness in the Spanish- of Ixp oslh d scfe ab n-ero
g alh American war. Shoud a resumption Gaineslle an Alachua County are of the South, and won their love and ent -states has discovered a number of that tbi th w s to i
Sw largest o a 4ttleshipin- coming to the front as the mot rodue- a migration. In the dark days he was err i rts which effects several Southern and Philip retrod se p to B0
ternational entanglement force ua into tive sections in the state for truck gro5'- our friend, and now, in our bright days. Staes. The Comptroller is now con- The fleawae stn th g ot ths
war again, it is safe to say that the ers and general farming purposes. The hte never consults his own interests idering whether or not these errors when two znch frgtss a sin
othe IdA first clash of arms will find us better Sun of Gainesville says the fna future i Without lico melfng ours I f hope n the reimbursements can bte charged nl.t mdI
[aton Will be hetd In equipped than we were on April 21. t%. bright and sparkling. May outlive me, for he is far more use- in the reimbursements can be charged ane O d a P
Sw b held equipped than we ere on April 21, than I, but if I survive him, I shall against the claims of the States or bos tle inentio whe wa% s w
Whenever you hear a man nearing Chicago papers announce how glad Write his obituary with the tenderest against the government, or whether itM1 re lrie I 6 M hMCa Bo
at human nature, beware of that man. they are that Richard Croker is o- admiration. will effect the claims from Florida. B asnd lef"tt s s
,ger and Shatter He will not do to trust. He is full of journin in the big city on the 1ake.rp t h re d sd
;ilte. heart is ov ero g aitterness Wexcran W theatoo."' prediation and patriotism. A news- said that the claims of some of the hos00 o 1ompY, tds19OM I s
Bl ttee. : .' he art is overfl ow in g w ith bitterness ex lan m : Whtoo.h -paper can m atee or destroy a m an or a>
and deceit. Pass him by for be has no Property in Tampa is advancing in commercial enterprise, and it generally Sothern States against the govern- t ngonni wO the b S4$
ienoe gaalss oner virtue in himself, and will traduce that price all the time. Shrewd financiers nakes more than it destroys, but there meant for money expended in equipping alnd had A
l ThBaagiving din- which is in you. are planting their money is Tampa a'e very few people who properly ap- the soldiers is so mixed that it is doubt- later the Frech p i vs
,llUt, It the report that a majority of the realty and are letting it make them a peciate the good work a newspaper ful if th y can be straightened out. -It worked, M i si y om 'be Wt
l l t company on board the hatria Teresa handsome per cent. dpes for a community and are always may be necessary to refer some of the oe IW lve
aiilure a was dmunk Just before the abandon- The organized labor strike shich is gMad of an opportunity to get a chance one oflsM 8 ,O04M is
antlreameat of the vessel has one scintilla reported to be on in Santiago is another to cuss at the greatest factors a city claims to Congressfor adjustment. w osb wI b m
hmistetr of basis, the sooner the court-martial sign of the rapid progress of civiliza- ho. CAnARRIH CANNOT BE CUREDD n S oO s oS
is held the better. The uilty, ones tion on that island'under American in- |The Tribune is growing in popular with local application, as thoy cannot B .
t et Ie el must be brought to punishment. fluences favor every day. Its circulation is reach t he seat of the disease. Catarrh Thi n s alothe %be Bo
:' Ocala is on the eve of a wet and dry The Brunswick Times under the man- running way up to the high water mark is a blood or constitutional disease, and a n long Infamoug tsm of
l 5. election with the projects of the town agement of Montgomery M. Folsom is and its era of prosperity is simply In order to cure It, you must take In- isos wt S p
fe the -'going dry. Ocaia i one of those swib- one of the 'brightest papers in the South. unrecedented at this season of the ternal remedies. Hall's catarri Cure conc seer wa d
to I I idl ied up places that wold rather sup- Folsom is a poet, a journalist and a Slar. There is always room for a good tae iean mlcouy aurfd as i irm. ed- ve,,r .A.MImth as, ?
OthaplS a .rs port bbind tis than licensed saloons, peach, n. ..wsp.per and the Tribune Is finding catarrh Cure Is not a quack medIcine,
-S .r No wonder thepople of that berg have it way into the household of nearly It was prescribed by one of the beytm bst' t e. i b M-a 1 isbi. ..
s-tiW t'B ,re- N the bimsb. w Ths Republican majority in the next eery family, oth wte and colored in Physicians in this country for years t oSteha h.With 'amma m _e
cw .1-ee e house is estimated at thirt and taiey c iampa and the adjacent country for ams of in ma tre prees cptioni tis 551 1 lp B sa 185mh -
I e t w de W the Atlantic In an airship. If we never as to that being an unlucky number. i acting directly on the mucouo s surfaces wai- a e mt
S hear any more of him after he starts, The Gala Week edition of the Times- la, tbe erviahe lead er wh is be- rdents is what produce much won- lids-as tSM s.
took a ierpend course, and that Union and Citizen published on Sunday teen the devil and the deep sea. On derful results In curing Catarrlh- end w ll mo of
h ii wessariy dlkwis wa a most superb paper and reflect-" one side he is hard pressed by the na- p. j. cENEY & (., Props.. Toledo, 0 whiOh ms bswsa the
.. .... great credit on Florida journalism. t ves who are friendly to the Anglo- Sold by drugists, Price 75c. Oefi ha beMj.m. w ed fi-_
. :'tR* ... Residents of Florida who have the Rgyptian expedition, and in imminent Hall's 'Family PilUs are the best. .S M t w elbow

*" pmad down hustle about the are in a.mo pros- danger of capture.. and on the other Those who have any doubts about the an-S-al ha B's--ton Ildh wK 15

^ ..-T^' -SL f c- The orange groves of South Florida Little Queen Wllhelmina proves the Tampa Bay Caino last night. We laas to tbs'hey.
ehes: h'to the J.lyl, are doing themselves proud thin season be very human and very girlish IC doubt If all ,FlorIt toula match It for It W lb th of J3a ay. l"
t. s!w5sm'0 tJUl who It looks like ol times to see the trees late acesho is true. The report comes stl splendor and brillIancy, IS s Seodrof Oseemas- aPsa
laden with golden frui. tlatte n'oew Duithe poTage repotacmes s- MALRIN T MAdRINU. ofO

11-M.,- laden with golden ruit. tat the new Dutch postage stamps, is- MALARION WITH ALARION a jl- -S
*a h4a: hs "Inac S5flee This country has a very long list of sued in recognition or lter coronation, TABLETS.
..in.; a ... f reqen'ftandA l things to be thankful for, but the aver- have been withdrawn at her request Gantws--- Aw asi aw -C
ds hinIs the grieof 'age Thanksgiving turkey joke is not because he doesn't le the way her o0 c er
.,' s hiefS In fatnde~ t m.cmy -one of n em.o hair is done up in the portrait on the DiuggistA o es-0 1
all tht tese admirall Dewey is now going to raise ami DIVORCE NOTICE. tnmwith a lad 5* 4 altNi
a t asnds who e5 l three of the ships that he sank. He 1 The Tribune gets there on all occas- W -- fa hi s ia l .d h m
L1 1 S dmop-. f5. from a. certainly has the right kind of get-up ions and Its circulation is .imply getting In C t irctCort, Hllsborough County, da l. a iws t- in
dam'W06 to S p.er esiStl be a about him. there with both feet and a hop and a Sixth Ju lal Circmt ofFlorld to us- SMIe i
to e S d sty disease. The e receipts from a recent foot- ers and get the best daily newspaper This cause coming on to be heard s ~e ~i
itv l"a1ptim and called di ball game in Chicago went to a hospital. Tampa has ever had. Delivered to all upon application foran orderr of publ G If weith
n itSa to .d wnesedyTht is where most of the players go parts of the city for the paltry sum of cat an directed against the defendant t ns m1Wa"os
S1 body ares a g b sometimes. fifty cents per month. pearing to the satisfaction of the Clerk W
t O. M* J. C. attan erks hin Tetisses of of said Court upon affidavit riled with Whai'm tihitMi'f l with yg '
fa eitsem MY s -se for la kof naefficient no r- Aguinaldo in posing as a boss ins dif- Mr Chas. F. Dodge, so well and fav- the bill of complaint in said cause that "Oh I jmS in as.eiD
S nt. ThSey be me inert and half ferent from the most oftheminthat rably remembered as chief clerk of the the said defendant Is a non-resident nt p t:he viA1i -. ,
*ee. A ca net of- The "Goiden Medical he will not let anybody wear his collar. Tampa Bay hotel last season, arrived the Sate of Floria and Is a reudent
S" 'a" S e l 1lo*st Governorit.... Roosevelt's cup of joy ought hn the city last evening and will resume Island of Cuba, and over the age of r "p S t -'
-o o now to be more than full. He has been te same position. manager Dick as twenty-o years. *
St er d approved" by Boston well as the tourists places great conO- It is therefore ordered tht you d'l l. n
his-cour- Mktaiapproved"a.byaBocthe...zde Hontejs do appear
6ff15Wt@ eeota landof ladles of Tallahae wl se dne in B Dodge, owing to hsur- to the said bill of complaint on or be- '"^'' ma Safp
pmd into the blond i.t ses te The ladies of Tallahassee will serve tesy at all times., fore the
-Sorean _r e olandeinertedand Thanksgiving dinner for the soldiers at a decree pro confesso will 'be entered k abont =M "
2at. dar tiue replace Camp William against you. "An w d you Wos tiy'"
"! -i-<-I Yui.'tof them-It Is further ordered that a copy of Ohs doe tor, "f a Mow W ,
wh so, d the o~h' And.......'boda n this order be published In Tampa Tr-
SS the coagh And now somebody has dumped a If Y OU Can t b t a e lo
act SdepeneI thload of bricks on poor old -General bune one a week for eight consecutive
with a weeks prior to the said th day of I u gy I
T ap, ,^ - Shafter. Sleep the cause ispotty Perua.. A.D.p re.. Weekly. .-,-
S' L- enn. ta Sleep sure to be in the H L
As a popular public exhibition, that Sl st mch. If that Clek Circuit rt. Th
-swt 'recent meteoric shower was simply out important organ be out of order, O- D. B. GtIVCNB, C. r meibod m ghr
fight. she nerves will be, too, and disor. i WALLAr S '
VMS daednervek~eep you anke, Complanlant's Solicitor.
S Tlrida kBner s 'are the most pros- o.n areLe Clerk rlp is t Court eatos
"- -,,,It rrsi Stm chte oforSaid county, ,herb.ycertifyth the. mom, bi .
Ito ..o015 Of People In the country. follow th taking of foregoing a true co of the order of wW l Sy tel f .a...

wben1 lzs l f5- It comes to getting the news. women. Bitters By D. -8. GOIYM, D. C. 1

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Mr. Daniel Thomas of
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The sooner a cough or
without barm to the suffe
Lingering colds are danj
ing cough is distressing
ute Cough Cure quickly c
suffer when such a cough
reach? It is pleasant to
sale by S. B. Leonardi &
There w1U be a Thankl
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church, corner of Ty4er
street. Everyone under
German language ia requ
te of this opportunity
for the hblesings of the p
for tse victory wanted
ilete war with Span. I
at 7-JO p.m. FREMERICK
Tenderness or aching tl
the back is a serious syi
kidneys am suffering.
Ash Bitters at once. It
kidney remedy and apat
and wit cure the trouble
veopa e t dangerous ma
B. Leonardi A Co.
Spell attention to call
advertisement in this tea
bune of the Tropical Pha
the bet conducted drug
rity. Mr. John T. 'McDei
genial proprietor is a gen
manor born, and soliclts I
of the public with a guar
feet sattafaction and frst-
The Tampa Shoe tore
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morning that should be r
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buying aboes. This estal
an elegant stock of the a
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t" stock of shoes befo
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tacks of fevers, pneumon
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If you hame a roof tha
have J. D. Godman, the pi
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have tried IL See his a
elsewhere in the Tribune a
him a calL
Guarm your kidneys; the
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danpay and Bright's Diees
Ash Bitters is a uceeasful
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S he We t ear Zke Could et
Valdosta. Ga., TemMptato a the H ereafter. A MIX UP THAT MADE THE CROWC
a leading citl- "Of aU the darkles in the town where I ROAR WITH LAUGHTER
Mr. Thomas live in Alabama." the war department
ugbh-ut Ge.or- clerk WMe eayin. "the very worst in the i
emplar meth- :li of inability to keep his hands off cr a 1 Bat EbUl the Troubla Wat Straighteaee
attracted With stray chicken wae one who was :eneralo y Ot Is Wa..n't a Etl Pauny or the B-
ttrated wt known asZeke. He may have had another tan th
d will locate name, but as be was not married eke Ze ideed Ma. h ekUe Meter
seemed to be plenty for his uses and pur th tei Sallns Infant.
poses. For a lon. long tinie Zeke was a
cold is cured hnle habtuof the calo. ow to e Chbicgo' elgblhae bschelorbo
his natural weakness. but one Sunday a gently bad a severe nervous shock, and his
rer the better. negro revivalis opened up In town. and friends haven't allowed him to forget the
Serious. Hack- when the weak ended Zeke had become epleo e. A few weka oago be entertainer
*. One Min- conversed and be tore a clood of witnesses a bouse party on the occasion of his siiser's
urea it Why announced his Intention of living a better marriage to a Baltimore man. The morn-
cure is within Ufa. lng after the wedding the beaq man left
the taste. For "And bo be did, much to the surprise of for bh home in Baltimore, and mine bost
Co. everybody, black and white. At first wb suggested ordering out the drag and tak-
all thought be would break over In a few log all the men of the party to the statton
giving service weeks. but the weeks stretched out icno o that they might pay farewell honors to
cal Lutheran month and the months Into years, and the departing Vues. Am they were near
two years of very decent lit ing were to Kenwood they drove to the Twenty-so-
and M&arion Zeke's credit when be was taken dane-. end street station instead of going down
rstandngd the ously Ill. The old woman with whom be o the c ty, and while they were waiting
ested to make lived and who was greatly concerned ( to thank God hil welfare was much agitated as bu ocn the hours to the groom and sought shelter
awt year, and tinned to grow worse, and at last ah, on the platform.
to our nation broke Into loud walling. Before the eastern tain came through
S at Why, Aunt Patsy,' said the white a train from the west pulled Into the ra.
Service begin phylcian who had the case, *what are you ton and stopped. A colored porter jumped
WFNCIEL. oarrying on that way for?' off a leaping ar and put down the atepa.
S e 'AIn' Zeke wnter diet' she askedas BHe wa loaded down with all aort of
O the amaU of f the question were entirely uncalled for goods apd chattels. Under one arm he
mptom. The "'I think be Is, but that isn't so bad as carried two satabels, and a dream suit moa
Take Prickly tI might have been. Just think how much employed the hand. In the other hand be
t sa a reliable better be is to die now than he once was' bad a third atobel, and tucked under that
r1 egulator, 'Da's what I'm aeared uv. dcctor arm in a reokles fashion was a baby who
bisf'e It de- Da's whet I'e afeared uv,' she walled wM apparently too nsirprIld even to pro-
S re d by e- W are you afraid of? I dpa'"n- -oast. A yoang oonpe followed the porter
d- gold byS. iodiad.' from the ear, and when they reached tbm
1Gae be' eso good, doctor,' she ex- platform the woman picked up her skiral
planned between sob. 'El he done die The manopened bh umbrella and beckon.
ed to he new now, air, be' s bo' gwlnCer bebben, an ed to the porter. Then they walked lei.
ue of the Trt- when be Fits dar, doctor, an de fedders on surely Into the station. The porter started
rmacy, one or dem angels' wings rulb up asg'n him, doe after them, but at that moment the train
stores in the t., he ain't nebber gwlnter to stan' d began to mova The darky cae a deopair-
rmott, Jr., the team'atlon sho'. Be jls' cain' do It, doc- ing glance at the waiting room door, best
tleman to the tor, an me not dar o he'p him.' And lated, then dropped the bags, picked up
S again Aunt Psaoy broke into mobs t the he sope and can along beqde te ear.
the patronage thought of what might happen to Zeke.' till holding the baby, which 'by this tIme
antee of per- -Washington Star had found Its voice and protested vigor-
-class SgIds. oouly. The wedding party was excited.
CItGARETTEOLOGY. "Blooming Idiots I Why don't they come
has a hand- GARETTEOLOGY and take the baby" sptterd the b
e Tribune tn's retlg a Man' Charaetrr by a New Set 1a"n
rad b every of 8Cign. He 'll have to drop the youngster If
contmpates manner which the er hold they don't ee him." exclaimed another
eonterptes The manner In which the emoker holds secltedly
blishment haso bia cigarette in bie hbad while It is re lhe aby dangled in a howling hp
nost desirable moved from his mourbh tells much to the the train gRlnOd p and the porter
styles, and at student of cltaretreolcgy If he holds illooked desperate. Then the good natured
Call and ee with all four finger along the top. wlth bachelor, although be hate babies and
the thumb underneath. be is either a torn was opposed on enral pricples to
re vyou make poet or musician. HI organiation opposed n e pnipe to
poe or cl. His orgizatio touching one, came to the rescue. Be
very n all the artnd sen will ie Only to him I sprinted down the platform and overtook
in all thae arts wcll aple-a ao hIam I C the flying porter "ile me the baby."
aenet the at- sadlylacking In courage end will neira be he said breathlessly
lia and other married unlea some young woman takiest e d oed olues ofgratud
diseases by ta o year nd cath hi nd rellef ad plup tu e noisy bundle
Rood's Sarsa- bli "- ard. He Ivery lonnd of fruit. I nto the bachelor'o arms Thbi ie cllnibed
tat t. Het B liselyI to Le muro. ,on hIs cr. sod the good Samaritan walked
dolanboly back to the station. f !inun a trifle ember-
favorite fam- Grasping the cigarette with te ti I raised and regrttig his kindly Impulse
all the fingers and thumb. intrb Ith litt Ile held the taoy ginerlynd hurried it
take, easy to ed nd poinindrtly toward tp hed the ,a nrly and urried
td end podintIng di' ely toworLid tn Io .-. tu tne waiting roomui. whlo his frleods op-
ol the hand, is a c cri Lad i.n -. planned loudly TIhe oung couple were
smcker lam ccli. I' toe. -- eudy y le.
at is leaking, Ingg man HI s haso It, i o't' ooncrunc dy ierned c s:etug :d y t hide. and
aint roof man children and will be tu:i:ply blJbe reI theacelor fel a ingo chuc
raphtte Roof is t2 years old i the baby ant their beede. but he restrained
cheapet aRod is earsldng the cl aet erc hinelef andmsaled politely as he handed
cheapest and Holding the car.:e e n rthebaby to its mother. Then his blood
world, and is thumb and foreflngrr. wth ihiL ren,:tln:.u frozy She stared, backed away and flat
ed by all who finger closed thu l lt of the bo ly refused the baby-wouldn't have It
dverseme Infallible evidence nt the err bolbachelor stood In hopltess embarrass.
add then glee began toying with bho cigarette on the l. I meant and attempted to explain, but the
nd t when e was very young and in constaut en d tman utim short Te" bab wsn't
tf fear of the deadly slipper \Vhen held teime They had never seen It before
health of this manner theg rettecn I chn led Them was some mistake. A bowlof mirth
al heldIn any other tcad fromn the platform. The fellows bad
li. bur ic- held in an y other w nay so ^t may bedicte war'eld the tableau through the window.
extract uric meny tirbngs This stlobet- will bne cry Tile bachelor d t swe. Language
ct if allowed dudsb. If be drops hi care tte on nth e bace HI thinking asaratus regad o
w uld cause plaza floor and resIquiuc si tg swanito s-t was In
ae. Prickly o first knocokig the dust off of It. h i aropal purple. and be rwonrl dered a b
b kdney tonic, not a tidy and methe ulol as be sbouhtd t Ber i had ever been revIged. vel" wled
the kidneys, Be I also likely to be careless and hedtl to thb door and was greeted by an uusym-
Imuiates the less. patb ltl chorus of derision. The baby
lepante the- The felow who hols hian arette be twalled an aeompanimen
nely pveBright's berea inort lnd Ierand fingerseain ig hba are you going to do with it?
o enardesbyi p te beneol e asnkedone of the men. Dick shook hit
a a elo- e ae aoorer or will the f e ler a head.1 HIs thinking apparatus refused to
Spoges- enough. He eats meat three tila e n wor
tus and haa little egard for the right of t ep e or a policeman," ges
rlu Eec- seple. He will bae m k trouble It d th best man, and a ray of hope came
ray Company life and will be put in Jal several tmtn' i tn e victim's face. It bad seemed to
all peed ous- --Philadelphte Inquirer. him te then wee st eape-ta th
iy andh the baby mas tied ti hlm for life. Just then
both ario- Thin Vn of^ te ias. one of the memnd ra so the edge of the
paving on- "The average sum paid to pupil nrse l ts nl
tlifying .o all mnonb during the second sear," writesieoun i.
f almbenh Robinson Soctil on "The Life Ever one pushed loeward so m The
ioft that at o= Trained Suree," n The Ladies' Home tralappd, the porter appeared and two
portent thor- JournaL. "The remaneratlon varies in speckt, apparently femlnine, oamn burry-
,mely paved different Inatitutione In a few training ing baok along the Ita-k. The crowd
sebools the nuosrr are paid nothing. Alter watched them with absorbing interest
naodcatlon bead onera Innhoepttal wards FinaLy the speaks developed into a smut
NG. rte frs 930 to P80 perjionth; super- woman, visibly mgltated and much out of
Inteudet fr om P000 to 91,900 a year. ba-aea. and a pretty grl who looked half
ae Chlldren's Diatchoasss who ar employed by eaI- seared, half amaead. The stout woman
,t the UnIon oem chrokee,'acletie and sometimesby reached the platform and charged upon
tt the Presby- prlvaw benevolence to work among tbe the mmowd. Teanof eaoltemant and right
y, Thanbsgiv- sick poo r escee about the seme salary as wesa rolling down ber cheeka. and her
Bran~t M. a bead sum In a hospital, exclaaive of bonpo wee kiabhy dispoemdorer one ear.
lew Chri-hoard. s "My bahytl Where's my baby?" she
Ilkee r Lv Hmome atx -ie "roa -15 to P95 gasped. Tbe men fell heck and left the
- ing'siHome week., The bhee te pay the rent of a bachelor standing In full vfew with his
he'.Sgea ... to uose a headquart em, and theim charm The woman a-uked at him. alsd

ney ia nedeed earning em more or leam precarious. It te baby and then bast into hystertal
ma toucbes the l rare tor a nure to be employed all the oe, The bachelor looked relieved but
Let every- time, and her work Is o arduoua thbet t bored, and the pretty girl thanked him
e something, would be Impossible for bear to tana tbh offuively. However, she we evidently
PASTORS. tranlo of eontinnous work.' truggling with something At lamt abe
,R gave way to riotous and waeey mirth,
ER. An Odd mad a ;ber laugh wae so oontanloua tbat ev-
ICOVERT. An amindg episode In a recent work, ry one except the bachelor, the mother
"Audubon and His Journals," publaibei and the baby laughed with beer.
l'm Great Dti by John G Nimmo, describes bow an odd "Oh, 1 beg your pardon,"she said, wip-
and ad di looking feloaw oe day banded the great lg h'ber eye and wretling with bher dim-
L crm DIm- atualist a lIeter without any remark. plea "but It was too funny. The porter
c' s m' "I0 broke the seal."Pays Audubon, "and took our hand luggage and the baby and
rako an d m"ad follows: juel as we started out mother found she
addftr t bou "MV DI&SuAinrerw-laMad youan oddS, bhad lost her pocketbook. So we went bak
n-tea bladder wuhih rm may pro to be ondeseribed. and to look tr it, and then the train tarted
t b p you will do so ta your snex letter. B asd we jO edited. Whbe the porter
' t on ube s Bae always your tried, ul tn ted op without the baby, mother al-
bottle totwe w 'With all the impliolty of a woodsman mos had a fi She aBbouted:
l cu an a ked the bearer where the odd flsh was, "My baby Where's my baby? What
SW. W.FAI- when M. de T.-for, kind reader, the in. ave you done with I t? And the porte
Ktanfactunrer dividual In my presence wss none ele patted her on the shoulder and said:
ZRa. than that renowned naturalist-smlled. "'-Now don't yon tret, ma'am. It
k Co., Tampa robbed bhi bands and with the greater ppa'a got It '
good bomr said: The group of men let out a roar of
'' I am that odd fish, I presume. Mr laoghter at that, and the bachelor looked
. Audubon.' "-Household Words. apoplectic.
iS&-Thia t r "Well, my dear," aid the older wom-
onTird sttdat Xastr In tMe Middle A ws. aan, "I'm sure It was a natural mietke.
iinr s Suboth aStdent wera not always In reslde ae Te port thought baby'sfather bad come
Kidney dseae tfr the reward of learnig alone. We t meeat o I don't know bow to thank
half bottles of fnd such notice as thi lat Prag: "Stu- tbe gentleman for hi kindnew ."
of Wco, I dets anrequested to keep qulet in leo- Then the eastern train ame in and the
a end. tuon, not to an bowler b; noto pode was r oded, but it's an nnderetood
BROWN, ry ot at ang s or newcomer; to a0- tiing new that any one at the club who
orge Huotel ry no weapon and write no lampoona." ealls that amiable bachelor "papa" loasa
Elsewbere we fnd, "Students ia forbid- a ptesO nao qmoalenanoe.-New York Sn.
00m to t break into homas in order to iteal
OAT meat during Lent "-" University Ife In Lvee ft
the lMddleAge," by ProfesorW. T. How- 'What wue, iif It wer possible t
bee tin Harper's Magatine. bave any ezoem fr roub conduct, bav
wt e- Eon. [fo r or beMting your wifrl?" asked th
a prua .Po Wht' a Sit MMim Gump Is inglngl" "She Gung It in my r tam Sa I dldn'U
gaL. Carh I b tieeIt' a 'Milking Song.'" wea rap tower her" pided the paOr.
-L "2r3 V~iA "Ob, to is? I Sbolht is sounded t -and I lui gave hbr one to chow has h
"no Co. a "'-Phlaelphrhta Bilein. era-or. '-ledisnapolls Journal

- -: -
-I- - s
k I-o

? A .,J.....-

$ THE U.'h



S Boomed our business every h*rf r.
Monday. Every department In .
the store thrilled and pulsated' ,
with marvelous activity. Bu'
came. examined, werepl
made selections, paid the prices
$ d cheerfully, departed well atia.
S fied. The word has passed,
and on until everybody knowsof
our good merho0 ndise and low.
prices. Come early today-well 4
give you royal money's worth. A"

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FireworKs, etc.

,~ ans Rsa Dec s That
' wa Ne Lt" Her Da gh
Wed Cadet Peterson.

ecial to the Tribune.
ringd Ill., November 19
Qrane. mother of Charlotte Cra
setrm who resides here, positi
'-:. m the report that her daugha
iaryP. K. Peterson, of Cha
SC, Who was coxswain of the
M ich that breavey followed 6I
Oi. se to the mouth of the te

.I Crane Is the actress wh
-. i e at an aristeoat ball in C

poe as the te rh.e la
t .l Petersen is at preornt in C
a dwas ther during i
;W U winter. reand ontroduc
Cha eto society. It Oi r

ohe toe la Chnia, where thd
that Wtas Crane's mother Is t
w *paBd to the match.
: ec. a to there .ring
M- sedeville, Ga., Nov. 9-.-e
'- faate treet battle occurred he
afternoonn between W. 0. Finn
son on one side, and J. R. and
'Staley o the other. tBoth
a hia son were kiledand the
.. iotl seriously inJured <
them fatally wounded.
pecial to the Tribune.
Sew York, Nov. 1o.-even ver
tilding belonging to John
S' irn'l ship yard, burned to the
W-da The fire department
power 'o to cheek the flames.
totall los la estimated at four h
'' thoutaand dollars.
Special to the Tribun e.
Grtffl. Ga., Nov. 19.-The Tnlr.
Z1 a regiment is ordered to proi
-. once to Savannah, where the
b ard t transports bound or
The troops trok their tents to
What In Tranapiring at That Bus
S / y the Bay.
Special to the Tribune.
Port Tamp. Nov. 19.-The big
'er Faalta arrived In port this
won. and It taking on a cargo
Is hundred battle for Havana.
The beautiful steamer Florida
tain J P. 'Allen Is lying at the
drdersoiag some repairs.
s, eamer thrgaret, CaptalE
Ser, of the Plant line arrived thi
eg frm Manatee with a cargo
sz Eb oranges and several cr
es.toe-. The oranges were
S the Plant System through
on and sent through lp northeast
T,Te steamer Bt Lucie I taid
g- M l in the canal. She will
In condtion to leave for several
-The BMnglish stemlyr, City of '
e rd the prt here to-day UM
With iM" toes ot phosi
i es saimmtte will arive fro
vfa at 4 o'lock this afternoon.
esoeted that General arcia
i5srbsr of distingtnihed Cuban
s bme On board on their way to
0 iftofn snd New Yort.
Cvi J. .B. Belinger and His
Phince Wos Leave on Tuead
idautenat Colonel J. B. tie
^^^,;tsr00sser with esclent

f1. E Barnes. Few. Gambling.
Bj glaus, CasrD n and MBs Cun
111' Isavt etb ctty for Savansai
III' dgriSht, leavrin Captain Brow
c, Hs11ylI charge hees, under
l S' u Cdflmel Beilnger at all
*.t Celie Bellnaer will assume
wSK- dugeh ot puggo artng. au

aNSh aU a and 6
ma cs alweh in ftm

ar vtg he has charge

tat ha his tbhavy
*ha.mad w utillse Port Ta
R lat to Cabs. wst

-g p and famly
S a he has
trdsm&hi that city to

aieb VW Uis oldboums

othe MorningL Trlb
Su TampaI a*& friends-
yand many ou

i55to Hf. IBuo

of their merits

o .ia a
sb hoy
TI"ue v



ne, the
rely de-
er is to
3e Mer-

e pres-
at city.
she is
Sone of

ad her


ire this
ey and
W. B.
)ne of


y large
t was

ceed .it
y wili

sy Port

of four

a, Cap-
e dock.
n War-
s even-
p of 870
rates of
rn mar-
up for
not be
sand for
)m Ha-
I It s
and a

h Tiea-
n, tem-
! exclu-

elf is a
llr a

red the
is. He
r orders
rape as

will re-
e. Char
Mu the
une to
or their,

kUen &
pIle box

A. trial
a prsa-
or Ma'

& Os.

SuaaB ll sltos samfo J. T. BURTCH

laer Bowffr Pla Bis Vto on the ln Different LoalUtes on the Sn Kissed
sewM orElnteu isidu. THAKSGMNG P.CLIAMRTO.
Inasmuch as the people of Tam-
liberal patronage during the
The Vitrifild rBrck for street pav- The Right Surviving Members of the ;, past, g'ven us especial
ing-Boutine Business Was Coips Passed Through This City cau.e to be thankful, we do
Bushed Through in Last Night on Their Way hereby proclaim that this week
Fine Shape. to Washington. shall be one which will give our
patrons another opportunity,
From Saturdays Dally. From Friday's Daily. and enable them to have an ex-
The regular meeting of the City Coun- The engineering corps that passed ceptionally grand Thanksgiv-
cil was held last night with the follow- through this city about five weeks ago
cii wa renie under the command of Col. J. C. G. Lee, ing dinner. Being according
Members present President bound for Havana, returned on the t le and custom that all
'Bruen, Manrara, Kruse. Webb, de- hfacotte last night, and passed through style and custom that a
Armas. irecker, Brown, Wing Morey this city on the north bound Plant must discard their summer garb
ndh .stem express. Their work in Cuba tO replace with apparel more
ad PhirtDs. was the locating ot camp sites for Uni-
Minutes of last regular meeting were ed States troops. IWhen they passed appropriate to the season. We
read and the business taken up in the through here on their trip to the island, have made icular and care-
following order: the party numbered nfrteen. fceh stdyo
following orderthat they have been reduced to eight. ful study of how best to provide
A communication from the Jason- f the seven missing, Col. Lee was for such a time for the least
vyle Gala Week committee was read, called back to ,Washington some two
extending an invitation to the mayor weeks ago, three died of yellow fever, COSt, and the result is that we
and city council to attend the Gala including the lamented Col. Waring are prepared to give our friends
nWeeki celebration next week. An i and three are In the hospital iqHavana
Week celebrationthe yellow fever. much better goods at much
vitatlon was also extended to the mayor The survivors of the party who passed lower figures than usual. For
to attend a meeting of the3ayors and through here last night were CoL W. JR.
Councliien Association of the tate of LIvermore, Col. John T. Thompson. instance we will only mention a
Captain n R. OReIlty and the clerical few pcialties :
Florida that will be held in Jacksonville force comnlsting of C. E. Riordon, E. J.
on NOt 22 at 10 o'clock a.m. McQui. John er, Broadwell R T LES IN
A communication was iad from G- A. ants and J. I. Duecobi.
Hanson, aent orrs. I. V. Scull, n Before emdbarklng on their trip to OUR N W ST
on agent for s. ashington st evening, they took Millinery, Dress Goods, Our
which she makes complaint in regard supper at the Port Tampa Inn and en-
to an injury she received sometime ago Joyed the first American hospitality Ladies' Furnishings, Our Table
by getting her foot caught in a hole since their departure from the Port. A Linens
i member of the party informed a Iri-
n the sidewalk between Lafayette and bune representative that they had com- For Gentlemen Our Clay
Jackson streets. She was thrown to pleted their wori ot selecting six camp worsted suits at 70 Which
the ground and the llnaAmets in her sites in different parts of Cuba, and
ankle joint broken. ehe is confined to would make a full report of their worl we give a special invitation to
to the WaroDepartment at Washington.
her zoom by reason ca this injury and The camp sites selected are ocatedat andsee. Our new black
unable to attend to her daily duties. Havana. *eterons, Piaf Del Rio, and brown derbys at $1.55 to
She requests that the council act with rbariano, Guantanamo and Puerto
Sb Princpe. Mr. 3cQuirk a member of $3. Our fine shirts, collars and
her n mang an amicable a tm the party stated that Havana was n- ties
of the damages she ha received. The tested with yeMlow fever, that thirty-
matter was referred to the committee one deaths occurred in the city last

city hysician to report at next meet- edition was positively unfit for an
ty physician to report at next meet- American to live In. He stated that U
ing. d u the weather had been very warm, the T i B ul Tm
(Engineer J. N. Haslehurst submitted temperature seldom going below 85.
In the Interior it is much warmer 714, 716 and 718 Franklin.
a report n reference to the proper than on the coat, but the nights are
draining of'tWater street. He also pro- pleasant, and there is a scarcity of
duced a carefully prepared diagram, files that is surprising. The business PROFESSIONWAT CA DS
showing the location of the dangerous affairs in Havana are of a very de-
so ng the oa ore inee ane demoralized condition, and will :be until
spots along the streets that will be t is definitely settled whoo ill own and C C. WHITAKEB,
paved with difficulty unless properly govern the island.
is drained. The matter was referred to All the members of the party who ATTORNEY AT LAW,
were spoken to expressed themselves W,'l practice In state and federal courts.
the street committee. as being very glad to get away from Primpt attc tion given to sa tusleess.
A communication was read from Geo. Havana, and b ck into their native Exesae Bano Bu hiding. Tampa, F
ieusneg :. the Consumer's Com- country'. Thr y all it would be a long
Stime before they would leave the United PETER O. IHT.
piny, giving reasons why the city has States for a home in Cuba.
not been furnished with proper light. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR
te proMlised tha tthe difficulty would PlnT l ImTEo / AT LAW,
be adjusted In a few days. The com-L TAPA, Ex. Nat. Bnk Bldg.) FL
munlcation was filed for information.
A communication was read from-in Joseph B. Wall, C. W, Steven
ayo Boyer In which he took occa- ilio of olr Spent for Deep ALL STEVENS.
Ion to veto ordinance No. 211, relating Water by Mr. Plant-Brfef Notes. ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW
tohis reasons g of sidewalks, and gate Port Tampa, Fla., Nov. S.-rom W prace in the United States Circuit a
h reasons fr same. Be did h present appearances, no one would mis- Dt Courts,
ject to the spirit and purpose of the trust that during the last six months, First National Bank Building, Tampa, Fla.
ordinance, but only to the method and a mighty army of soldiers had been ac-
manner of proceeding with the work. comodated here, that they had for days IHeK. OLLIPHANT.
been in charge of the authorities ATTORNEY AT LAW,
After a length- discussion, the ordl- of this port, and that they- had been
natice was referred back to the com- supplied with transportation accommo- BARTOW, Fi..
ltittee on ordinances and rules, and datlon, which implied wharfage suot- Prompt attention given to all busi
the client for one hundred thousand men to ness.
t committee on stree, alleys and step simultaneously aboard the trans-
public buildings, with instructions to ports. And then again, no one would F RANK M. SIMONTON,
consider the objections and recommen- think it possible that the various de-
daUons of the mayor. apartment supplies necessary to supply ATTORNEY-AT-LAW.
this army, had been brought here, un-
A petition wan read signed by a num- loaded from cars, loaded on ships, and Tmpa, orda
ber of property owners asking that together with the army made ready
Ha. prison street from Franklin street for shipment. You would naturally I ON & AWILS,
to Florida avenue be paved with vltr expect to find evidence of disorder, as "
to Florida avenue be aved with vitr the sequence garbage, dirt, damaged ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW,
fled Ibrick. Referred to proper corn- property might reasonably be expected BRTrow, FLoSrI.
mittee. to exist. It is very different, however,
A petition from Fourth Ward prop- In fact, the yards, the wharves, the Office in Brick Buildin on north sid
warehouses, the piatferms, the Inn, of Court House Square
erty owners was presented, asking that everything looks as f Just prepared to
20th street from 12th to 9th streets in greet an honored guest; and this is no IjOMa GUKBrY,
YTbor City be paved with vitrified unusual appearance. It is so every- LATWYRL ,
brick. Rerferred to Fourth Ward coon- day. You might wonder bow the im-
clime mense daily business can be carried on 87 and 88 Fendall Building,
clmen. and such a degree of cleanliness be
The complaint made by Mrs. Winona maintained. Foreign shlps loading affd Waington, D. C.
AbbOtt, was. afttr soma discussion, re- dslcheging. Freight cars iby rund- Correspondende Solicited.
reds switched, steamers from tManates
ferred to committee on appeals and Irver points loading and Unloading, and
grevances. yet no contusion, no false moves, no OD IEOTI*Y
Mr. de Armas made report in regard remaining evidence. Let the people .rMs lg fl1OB-m
to obstructions by the Savannah s'lor- of Tampa come and see.- Let them re- s-is se5smaaSaa
Ida & 1Western Railway on Nineteenth mcohre the mlliioM.tdoliars spent nus usS
here, the dredging, nol~5'ongress, but
street, between 7th avenue and Nine- by an Indlviuaishaloves money only -'
teenth street The clerk was instructed for what good it can accomplish for the
to notify the railroad company to have public, and then 'let them go home andr' n-
obtructlons removed without delay, sing praises, not to Mr. Plant, but to
the Iord God of Hosts, OTVho has in his .. nting
The new rules and regulations of the divine wisdom seen fit to place Mr. __ _
Lafayette bridge officers were read and Plant in our midst, endowed him with

ordered placed on file. such an intellect, executive ability and
The report of the committee in re love, that he han been able to place
The report of the committee in refer- West Florida and Tampa in the lead-
ence to paving with vitrified bricK, Ing commercial line of the south. ;Be-
Cass street, between Franklin street fore you condemn the system which he
and Florida avenue, was read and rec- represents, because perhaps he asks
o endton adoted ou to pay rates that may enable him
oamenaion adaop teeo. to maintain this work withPout too great
The report of Auditor Weller, regard- loss until future developments bring
ing the city marshal for Octobey, was. better ;business, imagine him gone from j F
read. The total expenses were $1,613.63. here and Tampa with all bhe represents.
The one-halt of bill presented by J. The picture is too dismal to look at,
L esley Brown amounting to $2 was and we know the sensible people of
ordered paid as was also that of Shea Tampa will endorse these sentiments,
A Krause of $18L00 less L.00 discount, and give Mr. Plant and his deep water S ale'
The invitation to attend'the Associa- port the support justly deserved. a e
tlon at mayors and corumclmen was
taken up and accepted. The tollowIng A 3IAGNTFICENT APPOINTaMENT. A COMPLETE
members were appointed to represent
the wampa (ocuel: Mayor Bowyer. It affords the Tribune pleasure to JOB AN
CounciHmen Frecker. Itanrara and de- .announce that Mr. J. A- M. Grable, one ""
Ammas. They aignifed a willingness of the best and most accommodating CEWs On IC
to attend. freight men in the country has been ap- NEWS OFFICE
,A motion was made and carried that pointed general freight agent of the
ordinance No. 16 he enforced. It pro- Mobile Steamship Company, lth lead- For sale at a Bargain, consist-
vides (or paving certain sidewalks, and quarters In this city. Mr. Grable is ing of Presses, Paper Cutters,
keeping those that x paved in proper without question, one of the best posted '
repair. The policemen were instruc- railroad men in Florida, and the Mo- Card Cutters, Stones, Cabinets,
ted to report all violators of the ordIt latb teamship Co-mpany is to be con- Display Job and Newspaper
nance to the proper authorities,o thagratulated upon having secured the
proper legal steps may be taken to have services of such an eminent gentleman, Type, Body Type, and in fact
them punished and so capable an agent to look after everything for a complete news
A statement was made by Mr. Brown its interests in this part of Florida.
that the ladies who had charge of the or. Grable informs the Tribune that or job office. This material is
old cemetery, requested that the coun- t company will shortly add another comparatively new and will be
U takel away the trash that had ac- steamer to its line, and will be amply
cumsaltsd A motion prevailed that able to handle any amount of freight sold at a Bargain for Cash. Ad-
the sanitary chief be Introcted to com- that may be useid by the business peo- drs
ply with the request, pie of this section of the State.
Aftr m ng a few bills the cou-ncil-.
If. Otto P. Stallng and bride, have 'Mystic Cure" for Rheumatiem and Tampa, Fla.
retUMAt from their honey moon tour, Neuralgia radically cures in 1 to 3 days.
sad wm mfortably domiciled at the Its action upon the system is remark- Zk nB sn-sa lo wLHi &aW.
Os Dr. I&. W. WeedOn on Tam- shiDp and mysterious. It removes at To quit tobacco easily a former, seig.-
p"m Heighs. Ter man irLends were once the cauee and the disease tmme- setie full ls ssnadvie he UHaa pk
deyhsift to welcome them to the city. di dely ppearss. The first dose 55.t dapuwk, tht mhs w in
temaeg All dr.gl ,meoreB Caemsssse
Trap# hPnan street paving is being gretly beaefita. 75 cent. Sold by E o. Bs S -mans es A A&0m"
mnhds with a vim, B Leonardi & Co. Ortela d5a Cr dt, DO.t o Mrew Yaorlk

J. CON w&S

Imporsert and Retailers of


Mail Order Do

We have a regular organized department uandie
vision of one of the firm for this branch of our
at a distance can send for samples and may deped,
any order entrusted to Us filled withthh same p
care, and at the same. prices as if personally _uelecte
us for samples and prices on anything in the'Faay.
Line. Our store has been specially conaructed for
of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best fioa d
best constructed, and contains all that experience C
to render it the most useful, comfortable and
kind. It is accordingly one of the sights of Lonisrills.b
"Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list of Faaey
Goods mailed free on appliorion. .

J. BACON & 80NS,
L425, 425, 429 E. Market bt., abovd Preamtnma.

SAgent or Branoh
w in XT"7J m On Salary or
FAUs 83 6so. jEMt' 5Pi bms)rnsnTm<
uam (IAtos ) to.ssI
Ht;HrT and eMAC m 1f a1g4=. -
pamples and self measure blanks set by mai


Foundry. Machine and Boiler *

Near F C. and P. Depot. Phone 14L.

SPECIALTIES :--eavy Blacksmithing. Architectoaa
Works. Store Fronts, Silj, Columns, etc. Repa.i
Steamboat Machinery and Boilers. Our prompt attentis
to installing Irrigating and Steam Heating Plants at se
Prices. Hitching Posts and Iron Fences.

Safety! Comfort! 9ete ime! Low
Finest Cinnisand evaes. Sn raSeireabeen Jacksue nesagstrie
The Fleet inoompasaedo thefsilwingfHLansddssaSawtm esusiM
Comanche (new), Algonquin, Cherokee, 9

Steers areappoiltsdtosal sesar 1g t -ha .
From Charsenona. C............
For bowr of alluig see *Clyde LAne" Hchedule, orJaeliofie s ji5
oea5OUTB-OUMtD. -

ta r med r Are ppolrte to ~si sr tloHa*t.

From Foot of Han Street Jackasonrl e. From Lewi

Clyde's St. Johns River Lij
Jackso vill, 8af rd, Ecaerpr isFl., sad Iatepadirt eLadliasso the n t. Ja
Thb EEnt egU jrod Iide hesalsmer
City ofJaool8eonivile.
I appOinted tia folo a
Leavo JacKonvilte ........... .... .............."pas sadv,-edS yqs
Leave nford 9.1 a.m 9 Enterpri. -0m. o....... a..... Osl wi "S
Leave 3:30 p.m.).......... .... ..Jacks onvivle ... ...,. 'Arriv
8:41 p.m.l.................. .Pal atka..... ..... Le... e
S3:00 a.m .... ...... 'S tor...... .
4:33 p.m.!............ ....9t." Fr ancis.. .. .......! "
............ .. eresford (DeLnd), ...
6:0. a.m.. ..... .Blue a RB .... a.
Arrive 8:30 a.m ........ ...... ... ... .. ..
9:2 a.m. ...... ....e... .....''
General Passenger and Ticket Of fse. 204 West Ba St. Jac
W. H. Warbarto 0. T. P. FmI. ZPr.aa aA., Jrh,-y
5BowlingGreena. ew York. rkV4 WSj, &t, Jtb
C. P Lorell, Ant 8 pt., Jo. S a nt v.tpsp
Jactsontlle F a. su*a ttHage .. JaiS
Tbeo. E tre, ., 5 Bowli GAee. ewYarN .
s Bowling Green, i. W m. CLVDIC A Ci.1 t,.,0evnam atsr, s -10Ds.

D. Fr. rA MCMTLO, Pno M fsIto rI 1ai r-. 5i5t hiiii
L, . D3STaaKPiC, dm.isi Vaiis. -1

Brokers and DIalew in Let7 1

DflAL GIJI Ai !(ItiB

ALsorting, Grading, Curing aad EBaling .. T:
Crop. Estimated, .1lanti-ng aWnir H| ipu lg
bawoOupertrtsnded. I
bS~a ~trrIP~~ds4

_7: -c


SMms be ?hhb


anded in a
of Anar-
gfC 'rts gJm e-
on Tod .

portation to the United States as soon
T'b as they desired to go home. MIURDERER ARRIVES.
1i. it-Oarinng a dene Both the commtisson and the Quar-
Sa heaIvy cloud over- termaater's Department have repudi- Special to the Tribune.
mIAttaUfo running from ated this arrangement since Colonel .New York, Nov. 19.--Nancy (Cuii-
Ut5p Ci'tyr an Into a- Willamr death, and decline to furnisn Connectic mid-wie. ed
I.o 1 ntan0 tly transportation for the men desirous O bert, Coe u m a e
i "ro"dlly wounding returning to the United States. Watt with murder arrived hbre from London
Soft whoi wll die. and'Mrtin paid their own an passage at to-day n the custody of officers.
g aeke oCvdree at reduced rates. The others here wish-
fidtw-r, stArb a this ing to go cannot raise the funds.
I Wasa dsems that the The death of Stuart is recalled by
fte-o n" l nTR SAIL.
;. the another scandal. It is claimed that a t c s c
hb ft ons ot fellow clerk obtained credit for medi- TROOPS TO SAILs
gona'thee West bound cles and necessaries during the pri- -
S of-e ath victims mary period of Stuart's illness. This
t41 0w father orf the clerk unsble to ay for these himself, 4,00 Men to Leave Savannah Next
ep hhd Jeraey City de- as he is here merely waiting for assign- Week for Cubr.
,ment-tand the department has notified
ShIm that there Is no appropriation for --
a "suoh expenses. As was the case in Special to the Tribune.
F lregard'to other expenses In the same Savannah, Ga.. Nov. 19.-A movement
sad r, theme also will probably have of 4,00 eWldiers from Savannah to Clen-
to he provided for by public substnip-
io e r y s thgwill begin in about a week. ,MaJ.
S f It I u sodees t are current here In Dpanish Ruthers, depot commibsary officer has
Circles that the Cubans at A ,rMnao- received instructions from the chief of
5P W W mt.i._ Fi r del Rio, and at other ca~ps
m buf ng ams and ammunition for the commissary department at Wash-
St e a the pulpose of providing for possible ington to be In readiness to have pro-
,l d Rtr.oeal derences with the Americans It visions stowed aboard transports as
atatd Pta t these arms a? being stored
Wp.1W.zsaoa by Dep- In secret hidin places, until a definite Moo as they arrive. hat traport
ee 1- wlang them deolraton of policy is made by the will be sent is not known, but It is ex-
Ameran government. The Cubans pected that they ill be here within a
la auono their t dey thetruth of theee rumor, few days. As soon as they arrive the
0i6 "afDt s. ay d Wa ooomr they cannot he conftrme- work of loading will be taken up, and
it .nor ato I a rapidly pushed to completion.
?s The troops that are to go to Cuba,
At f r IRWAft BEL are the First Brigade of the First Di-
__et vision of the First Corps, under com-
& .ATGlGPh e *PaWeReSlesTAU d Fille to mand of Gen ,Syder, and the Seventh
M i toamhe Qouad Vkh a =anon Top, Cavalry. All of these are now'at
....... 3 SH untsvtlle, from where the movement
on th- rerm 0adae &DaUly. will begin In time to get the Seventh
.ob t a Mr. Sgewn. a Iineman employed by Cavalry here in a week. This wili be
ors e afroa m death yeestad ay- the first command to go. The others
Q4 afta e bbeutCt I* was adj tIng some wires will toow as fast as arrangements can
it lgff Ps-r-ilan trc -.H. He had worked he made for their departure. It is
Wart afr ifq g setlb he me.to the pole located thought the movement of the troops and
bre^nmn, dsrastereet in r of OPnp the traneports will be so timed as to
tq .muu z sw d sdr tees He went upon
,r l nUMtll near thsorsm.sa to wbi wch enable them to reach tSavannah so that
5mf L Go -4t0. wrtoe we atthed whenb aJ .Of a the vessels may be put in readiness
,I.5SddS5 t smH apped of close to the for the trnpO
"d O_ P W =dW and came down w~hh-a erals.
the L ^ 7%a Who stood nSar aand 2 aw thu Dispatches have indicated that this
po. pf. a M t for the moment that movement Is to take place at an early
&0 iber t dy. WU.t d0oild be e cb-a r O date, but nothing has been said as to
a" BrMw .do ht to the oe, the oint of embarkation. The intor-
a *A bf t"ai held Untl heme -, the
0 nt Aor fL the bt taea sos g n5mat1&i- hat ha reached Savaanah is
KiE W55t t f O- d at gathr hia agseU d body the Arst ,ntimation that A is the In-
-JS ~LSuS* wk. i na S a-- th ir astonsh- f tention of the department to have the
,i .r S alTOM b" ool [,.Sia to his fet cormmrnte embark Trom this port. Al-
ftohalhm maM f r thirty feet and though Savannah has been chosen as
b n _t,&r, .e.ad anoL*t rb a ath. In aling the port of embarkation there was no
_. s e -t t m ub on beam had st wet odefinke statement that this first general
I ba" m g ta wewt of
th". S n aSd the as 2 manme movement upon Cuba by the army Of
. n'3-- s I aot trem death. 'His occupation would begin from here.
e-a- Ma from even the slghtset onJur- There is an abundance of commsisary
lobHSKSMw^ S an s quilt rbtb keptrteft or d pplnes IIn the depot, and no trouble
2 mp.ng3 th damage to the w "lrr will be experienced In storing the ves-
ffir^ lB ^ anm er& agff a aaw pos to take the vele with all the troops will require.
~--f- so ~_ the oe mbe at off. The several atorehousee of the depot
Sare filled to overflowing, and not the
slightest delay will be experienced
through having to wrait for the neces-
be sary supplies.
7.,Mr. A. C. Thomas, of ikaryviile, Texa,
Ihas fa d .a more valuable discovery
than has been made In the Klondike.
Po years he suffered untold agony
am e. telg under th skening from consumption, accompanied by
.Tigs~ud:assn.-le tra sslea" do net hemorrhages; and was absolutely cured
-nin' 4msnt with u seless or dn- by Dr. KingS New Dlaowvery for Con-
nsumption. Couhti and Colds. Be de-
Psm s hclarea that gold is of title value in
-a mparimmr with this marvelous cOre;
we-" wouda ve It. even if It cost a hundred
36pe|s da o botcth Asthma, Brotchltls
*a" .althft sad m L.g affections are
3 _9i4-a -oredm by Dr. K ga Noew


Anxiously A
Caes Contt

Special to the
Havana, N<
took a prece<
peace entered
teen Mexico
when an agrer
date for the
eeae. Then
that ali the
barked by the
retically the
cease by Jan
Iteved that tw
Ish troops wl
These men wil
barracks until

The trouble among the workmen of
adme of the factories has abated, and
the etrtetr have settled down to steady
wbtL. A few are still leaving for Cu-
ba, but the discouraging reports of
those who have gone to' avana and re-
turned, will have a t-ndency of keeping
many from going.
Thirteen of the leading firms report
having made 1,646,650 cigars during the
past ,week, and the total shipments
amounted to I,apS,02. This ts quite a
good increase over the preceding week.
One small bottle of Hall's Great Dia
cover cures all Kidney and Bladde
troubles, removes gravel, cures Dia-
beti, seminal emission, weak and lam
rack, rheumatism and all Irregulri
ties of the Kidneys and Bladder in bott
men and women. Regulates bladder
troubles In children. If not sold by
your druiggat will be sent by mail on
receipt of $1. One small bottle is two
month's treatment and will cure an)
case above mentioned. F_ W. HALL
Sole Manufacturer
P. 0. Box 21i, Waco. Texas.
Sold by S. B. Leonardi & Co., Tampa

Dallas. Texas.Oct. 14. 18U.-This Is

lflMnrflfflB Mff Itlit

Irm a k Tarl, by GSal Upr"~g t he lugr ts a
Mof lt Cemlaes. tie Is~ds.


waited in) Cuba-Pever The American Military Police Have
inue to Disturb the a Deadly Encounte rWith a Crowd
um of the People of Bloodthrsty Natives-Ex-
M the States citement Intense.

Tribune. Special to the Tribune:
ov. I8.-The commissions Manila. Nov. 19.-A party of Philip-
dent from the treaty of
nt fty years ago be pine natives attacked the American
) and the United States, military police last night, and a des-
ement was made as to the operate encounter ensued, in hlic Secr-
American occupation to geant Price of Minnesota was stabbed
, as now, it was known
troops could not be em- to death. In the stroile, three other
e date agreed upon. Theo- American soldiers were seriously, if not
Spanish occupation will fatally wounded. Their names are
e t-ive thousand h pab- Montgomery Hot, and Mayer. One of
Il still remain n Cuba. the attacking party was shot dead by
1 continue to occupy their Mayer ,and several of the others
1 they leave for the pe- wounded.
ter agreed to-day that all The trouble was caused by the ie-
ose in position shall be fusal of some natives to pay for a car-
pala. There yet remains riage they had been using, and the
the right pa to selAmerIcans undertook to arrest tem.
noon and to have pay for.
Ihdlangi within the Island. Orders have been sent to the com-
r mission, the two con- mander of the United States troops for
ed toethr, exp ing, reinforcements and the bloodthirsty
good will each for the naiveawill be taught a lesson they will
ral Greene, First division, not soeo forget. The greatest excite-
y Corps; General HEmn- ment prevals here to-night, and more
smaer dertment trouble Is feared before morning. The
r. (0C., Colonel Hecker,
SOtt. Conel Young, of natves are arming themselves, and
leateer BEngneers with making threats at violence if the Ameri-
mof the engineers d" cans make any turther attempts to
W mected toShat acve arrest any of their number.
r the recepoan of Ameed-. reports reached here to-day that the
1no D be pushed forwae entire island of Pany, excepting o1111,
test expeities was in the hands the insurgents.
s the bat troops to rTea
SMovmber 2 Colonel '2ah place Is the capital of Pany, and
b heretofore counselled is defended by elsht hundred panlsh
bs the time has arrived troops. All the toelga citizens there
tlot. The weather e-r the
Swould hrig the troops nludlng the Maniards beg for the
Americans to take possesnion and give
t Sad Peter (Martin, re- them protection.
g r and hlef store-
r5inrms" Depart.- FATAL MIWTAKE.
sW to-dre, sa& may have
Srr .omltlor owlan to t0s SSpecial to the Tribune.
qpdsIPpi. Many oteerN
samedeprtne desire Naeviltle, "enn., Nov. 1s.-A harm-
are unea to. get awa, less old negro was taken from his home
mea assi ed Dposition In Warren County last night and mur-
Se ving here without sal- dered by 23 masked white-caps, who
aonly bein padl Cotnel made a mistake, thinking they had his
Os a vsrhsil asreesnent

They do not complain of
anthingin particular. The*
eat enough, but keep dhi and
pale. They appear aeirly wel,
but have no strength. YO
cannot say they are really
sick, and so you call them
What can be done for them ?
Our answer is the same that
the best physicians have been
giving for a quarter of a cen-
tury. Give them

Seers imsm
of Cod-Liver Oil with Hypo.
phosphites. It has most re-
markable nourishing power.
It gives color to the blood. It
brings strength to the mus-.
cles. It adds power to the
nerves. It means robust
health and vigor. ErM dedi.
cate infants avid min in

Scheme lpped i the Bid by the It-
tiles Beore tt iateMlanfle.


Should Dark Skinned Emigrants Per-
sist in Locating in the Garden
Spot of the World-Preparing
for American Soldiers.

Special to the Tribune.
Havana, Nov. 19.-General Wade, Ad-
miral Sampson and General Butler are
delighted at the prospect of an early
return to their homes, as at one time
they feared that they would be com-
pelled to spend the entire winter in Ha-
vana. General Wade is now making
preparations for his more active duties.
Horses for himself and his aides ar-
rived from Tampa this morning, and
everything points to the almost im-
mediate occupation of the island by the
American troops.
The Cuban army will receive one
year's pay on December 10. Notes for
the balance due will be Issued and the
troops will then be disbanded.
The news from Tpoeka, Kan., that
John T. Veny, a Baptist clergyman, is
about to send to Santiago thirty negro
families as a neuoleus for a large negro
colony, has caused an exceedingly had
impresalon among the Cubans, who are
aaxlous that ^nly white Immigrants
shall come to Cuba. The more rabid
predict a race war should many negroes
come from the United States A
strange feature that the Cuban neg-
roes are even more bitter than the
whites in denouncing the movement.
Brigadier General Rumphreys took
charge of the quartermaster's depart-
ment to-day. As a preliminary saep
he visited Olarlanao this morning and
Inspected the pier for landing the
troops. The construction of the works,
while satisfactory so far as built, has
been found insufficient, and the pier
will be extended forty feet further
into the sea. Another pier extending
twenty feet will also be built. This
will form an adjunct and be used as an
auxiliary pier for vessels of light
General Humphreys has Inspected the
camp sites on the hills around Guana-
bacoa, and thoroughly approves the se-
lection. A change will, however, be
made in regard to the water supply.
The first scheme, to utilize a separate
reservoir, has been abandoned, and the
camp will be suppled from pipes lead-
Ing to the city.
General Humphreys does not think
the arrangements for the troop in the
vicinity of Havana wil be completed
before December 15, and, In all probab-
ility, the soldiers not sent down here
until then. Mule teams are urgently
wanted, and, according to advices re-
ceived at the quartermasters depart-
ment, sixty wagons with six mule
teams aid forty with four mule teams
"will be dispatched from Tampa Im-
rWork in preparation of the camp at
Guanabaosa for the reception of troops
commences immediately. General
Humphreys hopes to be able to bring
the office work disorganized hy Colonel
Williams' death Into good shape in he
course of a few days.


The Holiday Trade aes Buaamne
Good Among the Factorie.

The cliar trade continues brisk among
the factories, and the manufacturers
are feeling the good effect of the holt-
day trade. On account of this In-
creased demand several of the leading
firms have boeen compelled to Inrease
their force. Considerable difficulty has
been experienced of late in getting a
sufficient supply of good tobacco on ac-
count of the small crop in Cuba. It
will take time to remedy this trouble,
add it is predicted that higher prices
will be asked by those who have a
supply of first-class tobacco.

Wm. H
I, H. L.
or sId a

By ID. B.

Six months after the
Wni present to the C
illsborongh Cnnty, WI
eonMunt and vncmos A
he wli of Jamea KX V
eaaed. aad wiU make a
ment a- suc ececutrti
1t day f JtrY, A. 0D.1


Friems of Bham l i Up Tis br '
the aGnt TitOry.


Over Twenty-Five Thusand People
Witness the Contest, Which'
Proved a Crushing Def*at for
Old Eli's Sons.

Special to the Tribune
New I'aven, Conn., Nov. 19.-The
greatest foot ball game in recent years
took place here to-day between the
Harvard and Yale University teams.
It was witnessed by fully twenty-five
thousand enthusiastic spectators who
yelled themselves hoarse for their re-
spective teams.
A few minutes after 2 o'clock, when
the two teams entered the arena, the
crowds hoeered, the bands played and
the whistles tooted. At 2:30 they lined
up for battle, and then began one of the
greatest struggles ever witnessed on a
gridiron. It ended In a signal victory
for Harvard, and a crushing defeat for
Yale; the score at the second half stand-
ing, Harvard 17, Yale 0.
This is the first victory for Harvard'
over Yale since 190. The scores of the
annual games played since that time
are as follows: ln s1 Tale 10, Har-
vard, O; in 11, Tale 4, Iarverd 0: toi
18M Tale Harvard 0; in 14, Tale
It, Harvard 4; in 1887, Tale 0, Harvard
0. No games were played In 183 and

The scene among the friends of the
Harvard team at the conclusion of the
game to-day was indescriable. Men,
women and children yelled until they
were too hoarse to speak above a whis-
per. The players were carried from
the field on the shoulders of the crowd.
fBy winning from Tale to-day, Har-
vard takes a lead in the Inter-collegiate
championship, and for the first time
In many years, stands at the head of
the four big colleges.
Prior to the gam to-day, Yale was
the favorite In betting at orders of 3 to
2. and many thousands of dollars
changed hands.


John X. Bees Suddenly Pases A
Without Warning

From Sunday's Daily.
The community was shocked yester-
day at the sad news announcing the
death of John M. Rees-of 305 Sxth
avenue. On Wednesday he complained
of not feeling well, and on Thursday he
laid off work, but was still able to be
about the office. Yesterday about noon
he took a sudden turn for worse, and in
spite of all medical assistance, he died
a few minutes after 1 o'clock. Acute
pneumonia and heartstrouble was the
cause of his death.
Deceased was about 48 years of age,
and has been a resident of Tampa for
fifteen years, during nearly all of which
time he has been the trusted manager
and bookkeeper of John avarese's fish
market, at the foot of 'Whiting street
He was possessed of a kind and genial
disposition and held In the highest es-
timation, not only by his employee, but
by al thoe who f"ad dealings with
He leaves a devoted wtfe and four
children to mourn his untimely death.
Red Cross Lodge K. of P., of which
he was a member, wUl have charge of
the funeral services, which will e held
at the family residence at 2:10 this
afternoon, l fernent In the city ceme-
To make It apparent to thousands,
who think themselves 11, that they are
not afflicted with any disease, but that
the system simply needs cleansing. Is
to bring' comfort home to their hearts,
as a costive condition Is easily cured
by using Syrup of Figs. Mauftac-
tured by the California Fig Syrup Co.
only, and sold by all druggists.
oMr. and Mrsa Oeo. W. Halbert, pro-
mlnent people from Parts. hL. have ar-
rived in the city, and wiS spend the
winter here. This makes their third
visit to Tampa. and they speak tn the
highest terms of our Incomparable cli-
j_ ,I? ,


ilal toomh t .e ..


Will be Visited bylthe Pa ty,
They Will Ala Vigrt jsto 'e..
Georgetown alr Other
mallur PMlaes.

Special to the Tritune.
New York, 'Nov. 1t Ex-President
Cleveland, (Bob vnam n better kaow
as "FlghtUng Bob." a guests of C.
Benedlct of this city proprietor o the
yacht Benedict sailed to-day on bo ta
that vessel for Geor getown. ,a C, Tam
pta Key Wet, Sa ntiago, Cuba. an
Ponc, Porto Rico, .
The above named places have beea
selected an the one at which they ar
most deeiroue of stopping Sad ttey,
have arranged to make a Several day :.
stay at each pla ce, They with to vMt.
Tampa because of the prominent pert -
it played In the war with H-in. ax-
becuem it was the flMt and maet pDe-P
minent place e army eaempeasta .
the aboth as well a the e lDlple
pace of enamrhation the toq~ to
batiaco. Thy are aesir e1 4
obtaining some idea o the axtewm
cla interests of Tamp and Key
Leaving Pert Tampa, & party
follow the onO tasen by the tram .-
pett i n conveying the troops on that
Memorable Voyge to antisi -
After spendLing ~mtiAde the hat-
tUedel In atnd arosmd MaileMi, taI)h
will proceed to Ponem on the ~s l
here of Porto kno~ wber they wll
view the scene of the struggle between
the Spaniards and the United tates
They will doubtless make brief top
at other leb Important points along the
route. The party expects to be absent
about one month before returning.
In the Ci-cuit Court of the th Judicial
Circuit of the State of Florida in

Under and by virtue of a decree o
forecloeure of mortgagerenderei on the
22nd day of October, A. D., 18Ms ty teM
Honorable Barron Philips, Judce of te
Circuit Court./of the Sjith Judicia
Circuit of the State of Florida, sitting Ip,
and for -HllM boouPh County, in ca-
cery ;n favor of the Ybor Clty&fkPlr
& Loan Assmocatlon, and ag t John
B. Browning and Jane B. Brown in,
wil sell at public outcry, in front of
the court house door in the city of
Tampa, in said county and State, with-
Inthe legal hours of sale, on the 6t day
of December, A. D., 188, the same being-
the first SMonday in said month,
for cash to the highest and
best bidder, all the following
lors, pieces, parcels or treac of
land. qituate, lytin and h&ing In the
county of nIhbornofet, and 8ta1: oC
Florida, and described as feow to-
wit: The south thirty-five feet of lot
two, of fractional block twelve, Sad the
middle lot of fractional hio t-WORI,
together being a peael of land. *wn-
ning at the southwest corner of M -
block and runnIng north- event- feet;
thence easterly to boundary of -.M-s
block, thence southerly seventy-om aSD
ninety-five one alede e6et0;. San
thence westerly to point of comn .
ment according to the ge ua a oft C
Tanpa of 1855; together with a% Sa G
singular the teneAhils, hqwdttea
ments and a rpptan bere be-
longing or In n e iubft
P. 0. KNIOSpP. *srrft C IIat.
Soliietor far Cosplltanet. -


In Circout Court. BIsoIIrpugh OsoqOyl
Sixth Judtdial Ocithut o Fginda,: .
In chnesey, wnD . tnail.. -
as executenor, etc, vs. i0 6. elh .,
Ti s case to he heerd -4
appcetikn Co as an ont of pebcLnba *.,
direded against the dfenbak. 9 i
Lawrec, and It appearingo the t*t- :.
if action or the Clerk of sid erit .qP :
on affidavit aied with the- di o_ _. f -.f


ig of Workmen









6 is r a use

Ifor Se. a p-& er, eMfs'lony h'ty-
ardsa with tun pitted instruc-

e &t t frl*tahord &Taturm, Pub-
W Sbatow, P Floda, and secure
nost thrllIn and instrictive

It^ __ F: A gam1e. _--It will make a suitable Christ-
d~ F .Msa present for your daughter, soi or
ri endiL

;ihe amnh ina
d *and tthe 3deree Stppe What a Visitor Thinks of Our Incom.
i light Sad Delared All parable City.
Bets Ot-
S. Tampa, Fla, Nov. 2-Last summer,
when the call to arms thrilled the
A to the Tribune, hearts of the indignant people with
rVork, r N .--The big eight be- fierce satisfaction, the eyes of the na-
Te. m shaeyt and Jim Corbett ton turnedsouth. It was evident that
some ports on the southern coast would
i.et.oght and eclared a draw be taken as a base of military opera-
LRearee HXely. 1Nearly fifty tons. Then military experts came,
O.jpsegierl two doLnrs aPiece aW: went away. Soon after it was
S M ladson Sqare denannounced that. on account of peculiar
tklt te dSon su.are Garden advantages, geograephcal and sanitary
Siggibt took place-. Two hours Tampa should be a basis of iperatiohq
th..l b.. .foj opening the doors, for the United States amry.
S r s.eerLt blocks were When troop train swarming with
soldiers, began to hurry in, transports
Sltf a hetergeneos mass of lined the docks at Port Tampa, and
ait. It took a squad of police to gay striped gunboats swung with the
it& stanmpde. .-When the doo:.: t-tde on Tampa bay, then it was, that
Tampa became a household word in
t here wa s a grand rush every State in the Union. in fact, in
S-.. the rural district In the North and
. iwao when Corbett and oLar- West, a man who had been to Tampa
zed the rtn. Corbett's ee- looked upon as a hero, and an
authority in military argumenta-
were. Condine, Cbarley White 1 stepped o the train one day at the
Stni.AtVY. Ibarbkey was see- South Florida depot; and looked around.
b*y Tom O'Wodae. The bettinW I was In Tampa. Stretches of sand, a
Sri ide wast toihto lot of brick buildings and now and
: 3ade w- tea to lht o ^tbea, a ptr glng electric car. A
edtt i w taikem. 4upe reAndance of negroes, crowds of
: jO Isoked In the ink of condi- gesticnlatlni Cubans and Itailans-
tthney enteed the rin. Cortett Later. I lound that they all had their
t Oate t o ses, and fitted into their places as
4ift M" ey'll--. HRonest ohn nehat y as the wotrs of a watch. I
wa selected as refreee soon found that Tampa was divided into
os. siniplasi entered the ring four secthon-West Tampa and Ybor
e given a tremenders ovation. Clt, the homes of the Spanish and Cu-
ban population, Port Tampa, the port
tLedthe rf at SO and w for deep sea vesels,and Tampa, .proper
a gt etaeroUM amouit of ap- the resident and business portion of the
L city.
S .andCorbett t their When the ports of Cuba are open,
d Corbett ted ter TaTmpa will be almost within a stone's
a; nd adlsted tbem properly. At throw, as it were, of an island, the
y book hands and the tun he- natural resources of which are un-
.:r m eiogt" rounds it was give eqvaled.
S o ay gine West Tampa and Ybor City
e with the honor *lightly n might be said to have a monopoly on
v fhBWor.' The betting had the manufacture of high grade cigars.
tto aeve. money, and the ex- Tampa proper, situated as it is. on
wtn A ntene, when the men Hilaborous bay and river, is in direct
communication with neighboring fish
I d o-ter ftr the ninth round. camps and range groves. Almost
an hud ben f -hting two and every day the docks are lined with
r r-ub Ces when Corbett fouled ships ranging ron four masters to cat
SWhil they were itagging each boats of various patterns, while the
duck shooting on the bay brings Joy
rbeta second, eVOy jumped to the hearts of sportsmen.
he ring and took a hand in the One of the most striking attractions
ag Thee referee finally epar- of the town Is the Tampa Bay Hotel;
wh= Cobett made an with its oriental architecture--a huge
e mass o bricks, mortar &ad columns, :rit
GA M ftBe MYe s. He was pre- off with towers and minarets, topped
ks #a n sng so., however by In- by creseentl Then too rthe bewilder-
g ,oTi~r hln ]Referee IKelly, Ing maize of its halls and corridors, Its
tthe dit& a daw and ordered lIurkish carpets, its firmament if lights
o 7 tated ti it was and stretches of verandas, suggest an
thai Va sis^ the riSn eastern palace. Truly it is a thing of
beauty, with its walks partly hidden
., ^ -" In tropical growths, where, on a moon-
Sight night, youth and beauty may lin-
I-NO m ge undisturbed.
Again, in the winter months the ca-
sino affords undreampt of pleasures to
N the lovers of the drama; also, unriv-
r' : Wsled opportunities to embryo reporters
g oaact fight V- with sporting proclivities, opportunities
'e tmot ca ptn af SWi to ee the play at any rate.
a liant Su esae Tampa with Its semitropical climate,
S.ts freedom from yellow fever, and
,Wta egale_.w disease in general, will always be popu-
s.tib in psop l e oe Tampa lar as a summer resort, while its tropi-
fcal scene ery end sutroundt orange
a ito ~iiwb o n. -groves will always have a peculiar
y r he is"r -bly charm for northern eyes. VSITOR.

S re sta nes Insben
idi6 P"i"ars at the Iead Send your address to H. E. Buoklen &
ih aWrHat p'zr-m it "e- Co., Chicago, and get a ree sample box
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Spills are easy In action and are prac-
1jttfL e*5 t oo audi- tally effective in the cure of Consti-
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b te V throiW t lna and ULver trouble they have been
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The teed to be perfectly tree from every
l bw- deleterious substance and to be purely
tsti o of vegtahble. They do not weaken by
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eson- Uh it l' an--

whBjel wherabtina Going the rounds of the press is an
ins and ewarnded item stating that the Royls Baking
id i las.t -epp eunee Powder Company is the largest adver-
s.M d thtich.mn- teter i Amerca. Of co e, the 'busi-
it h. amoreeabor- ems itelf must hbe an enormous one
4 aat1 n -* evw been.to justify so great an expenditure ln
f.i.ir W he s F e ry pblicty, There i no fellacy more
^i^^^^& mei orbinal dangerous thaa that socese can be
^ ^^Sseolrfte were ef gained by advertising an article of In-

sand selere- different mWf. (BaSti, sLvea an artucies
mitr&eate and be- of the highest quality t e Royal Bak-
taaripo a Ing Porder, whibc when the house-
a era a'seotig ieep w hanonee used abe fnde Itashe
Saf rep nation. del~~r the b est food e cannot do
that thimsea 's witheb t then the greatest measure of
I#WeA*tbe'gTidst amo is. attaifed by hViang tt con-
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lm a s ssed and asertistel a both essental
f i the fl e p tag to kk a product a great seacea The
RioWl Bakin Paowder poamesing the
inue is to be 00 "OrktM A rta, its propetors have Wisely used

an D an d Vpa believe that tsere Is no medium
olnar advertsing lkel the newspapers.
n ioe tin tBee enlightened dayv every-
pla w. body read them, and to reach the
at peop or South Florida, they have se-
N . ted the Tribune as their favorite
toe latter
i ebrW history
so rm of Mr. A. C. Tomas, of Marysville, Tex-,
ha oa fomd a more valuable discovery
v^lg b l lilce tan hs betn made in the Klondike
'..Athoora Fro yeas he suffered untold agony
.F fust!- from onsnptSon. accompanied by
aernhoag ; sad was absolutely cured
Sita- bty Dr. JXing'a New Dsoovery for Con-
the 5somla Cog. -C ts imd Coalds. He de-
aite clarp that gld of little valne in
osi a wit this narvesous cure;
's the- wm Uarr e iU een if It Icost a hundred
A~s#ibrsau.bottle. A Ikmsh...chlu


KIll Prdedts Itle a Propeoston to


The Spanish Comminwriiner Have
Hit on a Novel Way ot Acceding
to the Demand of the United

Special to the Tribune.
Paris, Nov. ..I--The Spanish govern-
ment has not yet instructed a reply
to the American ultimatum delivered
yesterday. __The Spanish commission-
ers express themselves as still being in
favor of breaking off further negotia-
tions, but have no authority to provoke
a renewal of hostilities without the
consent of the cortes. What their final
reply will be to-morrow can only be
surmised; but it is generally accepted
here as a fact that Spain will not ac-
cept the terms of the American ulti-
matum. They would rather be forced
to retire and leave the Philippines to
the United States under protest.
Special to the Tribune.
Knoxville, Tenn, Nov. 22.-Private
Veeb Patton of the Third North Caro-
lina regiment was shot dead here to-
day by Captain Hargrave and Lieu-
tenant Howell of the same regiment.
The officer claim that Patton made a
deadly attack on them, and they were
defending themselves. They were both
placed under arrest by the civil authori-
Special to the Tribune.
Augusta, Ga., Nov. 2.-Th' big strike
among the cotton mill ogerartes still
continues. The business men are mak-
ing strenous efforts to effect a settle-
ment. The mill presidents met this
afternoon and signed an agreement
to let the operatives ascertain the scale
In the Carolinas, and to increase that
scale by 6 per cent in general average.
The operatives will meet to-mororw to


The Big Auction Sale by Salomonson
& Fesoenden Took Place Yesterday.

From Wednesday's Daily.
It may seem strange tu .omw., but it
is none the less true toat a real cld-
fashioned auction sale of raal estate
was held in Tampa yesterday. Falo-
monson & Fessenden, the wide awake
real estate agents .nanipulted the
affair, and the zeal and enterprise thty
exhibited was certainly commen2able
and worthy of emulation .
The sale was no little mne-horse affair,
but in every respect, strictly up-to-date.
Unlike many sales of this kind,-every-
thing was carried out exal-ly as adver-
tised, with the excepEijn of thh band of
music, and that was unavoidably omit-
ted, on account of the band Ibeing in
Tallahassee with the State troops.
Promptly at 9 o'clock, a long line of
the best carriages in the city drove up
in front of Salomoneon & Fesaenden's
real estate office on Lafayette street,
where the crowd to lhb number of
nearly one hundred got aboard and were
soon on their Journey to Six Mile C' ek,
where the advertised lands lere !o-
The drive out through isord lBrik,
Ybor City, and past Ifeylandi famous
tobacco farm was orth pleiant and
interesting. Near the city limits the
carriages struck the new rodk road
that is recognized as tbs flnes In tUe
State A four mil e drive tis road
brought the crowd to the beautiful oak
and palmetto grove that nestles on the
banks of Sx Mile Creek. Here was
the spot for which the crowd vtas wait-
ing to put up the cash and ctll their

Before beginning Oe sale, Mr. Walo-
monson took the crowd around the en-
tire property that they might: get a
clear idea of the points. On returning
to the grove, an elegant lunch was ser-
ved, consisting of sandwiches, cheese.
boiled eggs, and light drinks.
After lunch was over, Mr. Salomon-
son, who was the hero of the day, an-
nounced the conditions of the sale, and
then proceeded to perform the duties
of auctioneer. He proved ans expert
at the business. He kept the crowd
in the best of humor, and emcceded in
disposing of every one of the eight
pieces of -property that had been adver-
The prices ranged from $45 up to
Ms, the highest priced being !the lot
on which the beautiful grove is ocated.
The successful bidders were R .. Reed.
E. A. Engler, J. E. Visage, B. W.
Brown, IL B. O acfarlane, d. E. Gillett,
L. B. pencer and J. C. Fields.
The buyers seemed pleased wi .h their
purchases, and Mesers. Salomonson &
Fessenden were well satisfied lith the
prices they received. The unsuccessful
bidders were disappointed ones, jecase
they did not bid higher, but thje fault
was their own P-1 thy will know bet-
ter next time.
Everybody was delighted with the
trip, and the pleasant entertainment.
Sand have only praises for those who
furnished the fun.
Overcome evil with ood. Overcome
your coOgM and colds with One MIso
a f Cough Cure. It )aso good cildran

bruy b r a ]E iTae


a sa aIff 3I a skons eefl.
An American who weat into a Loeea
hairdressing saloon reoently w -intere-
ed in the way the barber was mnipulat
ing tbe aumbtne brush. He was holding
it so that as the drum revolved the bristles
kept brushing the finger tips of his right
hand. The American asked him :'
"Why do you keep your flngei on the
bristles Suraly it must make tha tpi

The barber replied:
"Well, sir, t's like this: It ain't to d-
ten the bristles; no need for that, seen we
'ave three kinds-'ard, medium and sft
-to suit all 'eads. It came about like
this: One of the men we had herewas a
funny kind of chap, and when some of us
were oomplaninkg about how tired a long
day's work made us be told us about this
dodge and declared we oould keep our-
elve up to the scratch by it. He idIt
was a way to get a natural electric shook
"Of course we all laughed at him, but
one after another we tried it on and found
It acted. It's wonderful what a lot of lec-
troity some people have in their 'eda,
especially thboee that have thick 'air. It
varies, of course, ad I should not like to
lay down any 'ard and fast rule, but aafar
as my experience goes the dark bluish
black seems to give out the mot, though
the very light flaxen runs the black clo
Now, when you consider what a lot of
men come here to 'ave their 'air cut, you
can easily understand that we 'airdrems
get a good deal of free electricity every
day. It's very ware that tihe urrent is
what you could call strong, but oosesion-
ally I've had some headss to do when I've
really 'ad to take my finger off of te
bristle. As a rule it's jut a pleasant kind
of a prickle that you an fed el running out
of the bristles into your flngr and then
down your dde and sometimes rughtdown
to your foot. It as a wonderful bracing
effect, so that sometime at 6 o'olook Ill
feel better and brisker than wben I tarted
work in the morning. Spread tle ar-
retnt? O, ye, sir, eeasV by using f2s
one hand and then theother as te aon-


DeeseadastN af COlsal olGesar "essnts
have Followed ea Sis.
It is tbe late diotum of atan that ao-
quind trals am not Inherited. In the
eae of the Manning family ta dispoi-
tion of the first member of whom thee Is
any record must have been transmitted
and the disposition has led to eight, if not
nine, elopements.
George Manning was hired by General
Wheeler of Stuben county, N. Y., many
years ago to cut timber. Be fell in love
with Wheeler's daughter and she loved
him, but her aristocratic father would
not have it They eloped and wee mar-
ried, going into Warren county, Pa., then
a wilderness. Here Manning became very
rich and was a colonel in the war of 1812.
One of his daughters loved and was loved
by one of bis workmen named Sawyer.
Manning would not consent, so they
loped. Three years later another daugh-
ter elopjd and was married to s young
doctor, Sullivan, who became rich and
famous .Dr. Sullivan's daughter eloped
with nd was married to a young man
who was objectionable to her father. An-
other daughter fell in love with a young
man and this time, to prevent an elope-
mentthe father gave his consent Then
the girl eloped with another lover.
Colonel Manning, the fnt eloper, had a
on, named Jason. The young man
fell in love with the daughter of one of
is father's teamsters, which made Colonel
Manning furious Jason eloped with and
married the girL To Jason were born a
on and a daughter. The son loved a
young woman and when his father op-
posed him he eloped with and married her.
Jason's daughter loved a young lawyer,
Gebrge McCormick, fnt bar father would
not allow bherto reeeivehim. Sosbemlope
with him, and they were married. Now
Jason's son, who eloped, has a daughter,
who recently eloped with Georg Burns,
baer mother'sooin. Tbepereonwhogitv

peoples They ar interstlag for many
aod eoonfcing geoaliaultl a in- etm n
inbe anomaly o a a national integrity
preerved by tbhe verya mean that am it

oldante which would not sed a ripple
over the calm of any other great political
power, for an e-thtrfe that risa e o
of pruriency a lily rie out of the
mia, for a mobelasteoatumre whieh edu-
sate tbe world without refiaming te
rekah, for a courage equal toe- ede-
mamd but tho of lu emrsiTwi$n' and
slf oonseston, tfor a dietintve litesatar
tbat beieos defam- the national char
ter, for a theory of liberty and fraternity
wora as the crown of lntol a. for a

artnig that dos not ulocae was diS-
etpaine, fora benevolsone p1i dovr by
prejudice, tor a govawr -aa authotrty
that shake to tte too-stion nudasr evry
gutof popular feeling, for a rpubll s is
that bows to a military hierarhy, tor sa
"equality" tHat rt a Itealf beoe a
tbo-nad diMtino Inteosting lways

An East India governor having died
abroad, his body was put in araek to pe-
serve it for interment In -ngland. A
sailor on board tbe Abp being frequently
drunk, tbe cepte*i torbde the purae
and indeed all in the ship, to let him hav
ny liquor. Shortly after tbe fellow p
peared very drunk. How he obtained the
liquor no one oould gus. The captain
resolved to find out, promising to torglv
him If be would tell from whom he got
the Hquor. After some besitation he hk*
ongbhed out, "Why, please your bonar, I
tapped the governor."--Mark Lmon's
"Jeat Book."
To Cla e a Looking Gism.
Keep for this purpose a piece of sponge,
a cloth and a silk bandkercbtef entirely
fre from dirt, asthe leat grit will sratch
the ine surface of the gl Pat
spoe it with a little spirits of wine and
gin andwate, so as to elan off all spots;
ath tie powder blne in muslin and rub
the gla lightly and quickly with the
sloth. y aish by rbbtig with the ik
kandkerblta. Be oamf ul not to rubnt
Odom alOR Ip

s dgemO tMm to oift-
mesre no uw

to a *eim etem a aa MWl

f,"t -S 6.- ..-= _i

... i._-o.q -la ...i.

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