Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: July 21, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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atiago and Army of General Toral Troops Surrendered by Toral Far Outnumber General Miles Has Started From .
red to Shatter Yesterday. General Shafter's Army. With Artillery and Will Attaok.

15 3 1tEAR 11 CLOS i 1 IiONS A[ S11[ 10 C01F 1 RI1[[N IlIa I 10 SI

1umgj.,de the Transportation of the Span. Troops Will be Sent to the Interior to Take Possession of Span-. wo Divisions to Leave Chickaaagu Uier
A 1-' The Booies-.Official Report From Shafter. iards--Immun s are Now Needed. Who Will be in Commaand 4fth

the honor of exploding the rmnnes hlch Special to the Tribune. Lieutenant Seeburn. Lieutenant F. W. Special to the Tribune. thsaee end
oe a s s Ite ed to a shingtcn, July 10.-The War De nall and LIeutenant Lawless. Wshigto. July 18. S p.m.-The
SrePmeobspot the foling bl private D. J. Doollag of Troop A. Porto Mcanh eopedltiolUh bastartedo om
reg aSn Sanish Veesato beUed petrtment ha psted the folw bulle- d States cavalry died of fever at Itsnalo to N eoptu rethe th '.tS s
SI tin: / the hospital at Fort Monroe yesterday general onemesdoA. the United States hal. WhaS the
an .0 t. SPecial to the Trbune. "Headquarters Near Santiago, July afternoon. army, started from Sibony, near Santi- dSt Stn was
S r Sa J ntiago. July -apaib troop This is the only death that has occur- ago deCuba to-day on the Yale. He a
S su p wll be used for the txansportatlon hl n the frt o < tb him four batteries of &rtU- brok to '
t nsec c of hSpanish prisoners rom Santiago To 'Adjutant General Corin, Wa redat the hospital sincethe rs lery. and four regiments of seasoned
1yH'.0 .-to SpaL AGenerll M" reaed ht sl mp .o L- LWL It was deemed advisable to ported to me that over ten thousand Necessityfor EakngPeace. C., are ebarking tc-nlht on trn- of the mt
isi a n., t. ,~ e e pa n.lh vesels In prenerenoe to an poPs to tke them to Porto Rico. The ler. ne wa hrtle st olS
American vel, as the Spaniards have rtfles taken from the panards who he Trune traports will not wait for a convoy
been'ex h adto yellow feverand if have surrendered, have been received Lodon Juy 19-The adrid or- that port.een ordered
vels were used It wouldJ-
-b itto bioy not be safe to use them afteowards for and that about ten million rounds u spondent of the Times says: .All of the force at Tampa, Port Tam-
trnsporting United States troops. ammunition have been sent in. Captain-General Blanco and General &. and Lakeland, fifteen thousand s
Mas,"I wi snd 5to Toras were given a free hand in the strong lncludtng the Second and rxty-
t So as K.ing at Bly City I will send officers and troops lo- Tor ti free nd ninth. ew York; First Florida, Second
ll tter wi "- ment did not desire to express Itself to Seoond Mq ten. Fifth Maryland. .
,M7..". ot oBay City. Pl July it-Jasper Old- Spanish garriacns in the interior. There, su criticism as followed the destuc- Third Pennsylvania First Ohio, One tem o oto tA
iffl@V"Aa are probably about two thousand Span- ion of Aamiral Cervera> squadron Hundrdand Fift 5!end
a. .e.-.- by J. (C. Clhoun. a merchant of this and the Eleventh and Nnte e gntuh W to .$
h* e piam b* troops at these places. Oten it as alleged that the govern- la infantry and the remnants of the elOi nOw--
.s h c I t e m s that t here w as a d iS iplty be- as a ls ed o s and isroop-o
af "'i .'. -i -irec It sene l thoa naere wdas a dtB -culty be- .ni, n t mr.t ordered Admiral Oervera to quit Third, Uxth. First and. T. nth rege vot iea i f
t ir. Calhom and ather paty ay. cavalryk, the Flrt Ohio volunteer carn edt17
ae'a itroo -and Mr. I.NeMn tried to prevent a reveire the surrender ot the coast gariT- The cest of making peace is Pos al, and Tfve'atter es of artery. aoa be cooked s
"ilW% "" tragedy by ahuttahlairye hen s tow atlantive tterleoftartilloery
Shola'isnfae, w]hen the latter enveed fire SOLS. a U LUeiaLam Soiebon ana universally admitted. and the neceSty ships as rpidlyatra s phad lrtenboeI a. a
A to at dosa with the Mabove realt. Mr. Sagua Paninia. ot making it quickly is generally real- gotten to Port Tamps. es "o A of. the ma r
ge ieas n s i ai' lof1r, e ao nty ad at the (Signed) 'W. .R. Shifter. idzed, but, partly owing to Senor s n- will be sent to reinore t t t
ee.roIndecisiorebr -onsailedfromoSantiagoendearresto latet-ght
MAtL 5 bigi Of 0t i al d .Bof contm lofionera definite is begin dne by the Govrn- Second divon of th condo armffen of taea i
5 1tei 7I Department offitae at once began con- meant. rhichd seems in no hurry to mate corpa front C5.o*-neotfatoPorto raco. f ...t- -
lltt so - hslderaingd the advisability of directing proposal" ieer a l Browke Mi was alse ta e f
f o-'r lu t- b a e& t e rn e. wenr General v after to order the troops in journey. rapidly h tmev ho
lt te. "I 'Ithine o cl style Springf ld rifles to discard the LouhT- efour daro
...... sn. i. wuct-leeara at istme and to n othe me e the Specal tthe Tribune. oterbhesc decide dMthath Ut Shaf- ia go ha ve.
am n- to- S~t. Louis, July 8.-The First battal- te' c W at S lv v s
.lsm-ar m it is r itivei Wauser rifles surrendered by thee Spa- ion of Wlis amJenni L'sTs i- or an indentperio
it so hs. dsS 6Nhat General asdD There appears, to be enough ion of Wlla enni Bano M thegI
sa' t e ra" wth hii, 15* W e'.truoop ment, the Third Nebrasa volunteerS, ATrXTR "U.I' .
ne~~ "Yer hw.r.JW long time. composed of Companies C. N, and 0 patRnR o A Good MNe
c d,,tE d-" ---~Tr i arrived here this afternoon. After a B saismlt n pi. 0 ,a lmlCb SlP to time Trffifte. OMFl*Jr A' VM&aL r&. short stop, in which they were cheered PI0
A-_- j""6WagM- .SS a by thousands of citizens, they proceeded Special to the Tribuol. ",' in Is' r"2&"f
aSitH-w-t n or slo wi = &aA- to DuQuoln, Ill. where they will meet Key West, Fla., July 1--Accor4ngdue
esBffefhiS ,-- p...e.in... C 'l -uni Beig with Colonel Bryan aLd the Second Governor General Bisc attc o i d it dc-on. ta S ie
M y e -is zoy. commit suicide wien he learn heyB portant'i So q& f
S"o eouL on .- -'-- I chad been esnibllated.l i
S" : ,- S S : special to the Tribune. POwUPS AT WOK. When the true tory of tb def
&s-Tes a an---- came it was discditbd until debate I''Siou
MBB d ,, _Thieves and ttoods Caried Awey, ty, al gayetie we stopped, and
ofy.U luie ie 1's-th>s" Veterans assoclaton opens to-morrow. dey 4publicandmypivatv ebidt Po*o pr^ s
IgB^ ^^a ir0lMshssss 'y is-tn the threula Ten thousand old Veter&ns are already The dry goods tore of J. T. Burtch. werehung wlth crepe ant orter black end It Is a
.......... - .Sat trl oaf.. vec? here, an d a enan more are epcted wa hurredo Monday nig and d"rars. In p
l'ges,-aa^yS^ ^Su stats nsam, were to a~iove late to-night and to-morrow, by the thieves, E ntn Was effected almost foenhed. He w ^ottnk who ei s-uSS'S5!& lt M
*l-ula, us that iso-diets far the tatte rweO Kentucky Veterans, and Robert C. the store, the back door being opened when he made the attemp of his lfe,: IstUlop and will h
B- -y -g,- *'/,^^\. ow; sied aregng 553u, as fo- e ader for West Vidinia. ln earng Drawers of every deacrlp- After a itrage wase aa ntled end men who eaM the
M ..e.. h is- it 1nJ were among those who reached the the hope of fndn moy at e w ro ed ad compelled to ardous for Spyo
^ C:."ne' besodemesL. N. lu-day. $12 In siver was taken from the register, When he asSele bie order w to p who helousi ,1.
1"at.,.-i "' at55.rn'i5 ass- The Iiashvlle train brought several which was opened with a skelleton key. hiolt any food spplies leaving Havanal, Naalsyiortast .Id ft^

iieie ,is.55,t will ? John P. ,'-s,. Dr. 'Murray, e cele- The saes was not opened, although 'w........ sod, .i,

--*B.BKKt.016]! M^?. th e statJe^ R-obertI&LSmth, commander-In-chiel I nthis an d he r,- o f I Morton I a The | || l |
Sr n o c rma Verain s, Co's. sito but It is ver e doubt that -t In
S a" o the Son of Confedee Vean, the same parLies committed the two 7cm
o e arrived o-day.The representationofcrimes.. S s to th o" B I efi"M. 3

g w of 'tene e verynt o IPeLt e n the first case exe cellent jufdment Jacksof e, July I 1Vr'
.Th. s eoa .r06ne rOq,.q Pwas shown by the thie In selecting t l, Deicr as won o",
of ^TwmOAnth d eis T h$ o enert t u most valuable goods, in the rktatter, to the o arh ris5

10mU U 6thp p Nte therco uney- ftr the Ba K ^e andH Sl^ ^
-- -, hsgv b rid mc ? .s stock stolen was by no means, 51mos the couptn for the _ __ .
.-s-- s amnoeier,- s-imroved ,,a and h valuable, onl y such article s bes ing take n treaightt a cti
""~p _si-iWalopese oat all the funotsi eo a would e wor b th the soldiers. No R-IV-
biWt*W tns e sea ,o .lestori hobetter grades of roodo s ney was the
v .....l pl. _iffo^ ata 'peclJaly, than to the Morton aftfair o-er ba haremittedtot lout Ves tlhed, s per-. TIn.k and Pi

lia .. ...... -" the T i owing: Notice' On account of the Ce- Jackon *61.65; Jeffe- ,
as. hot rU16" r .... .... .. .ta.x so le r .es fm 4
'tha t wt mt U ay.. that 8n eow feve has tel wi at er iI- ter eardo:e:, of We te t ahad f Ju3l 4 A r a .n
^ entB i-he riwe & atW M amptnitoed s wiat. theea e ancer ninety7d ayCJuly0, 9. d Fris been ita 11 rs
S5:4 1io ";8m6 5,501 '"l '5,*^ 1
a-t, th, et;S. ff ". In view of the p-e a3F ,W6 that the summer seasn of the hotel ha d e J ,o-W, De;otor51 ;e is, 5-" i .
f OWid@nr6ws-Jts qosul'yntit 1 offer, s -i night ordet r we ro received esa faorom 7.s. total- a"e,4 _
n e rnalt the sick and wounded e h Plant to keep the hotel open rndefi- T81 as C,3, J.Xhnle3 ... '.
2 i1= midumoathe n e tata *. de t A* u dWewuted4 ,ite.y
says that no yelo feve r baamdtoaTe. S Hrv.ey or Penlsacola Is a July Increasme.-Aha

i x~sanalkno t-hat am trlnehBis'ivalSunday, has been sfcausing.. a ,l m inthe m .
%Rojo i ozC40ia Yessel .-won b a umer fvhs le tl. t-- ri ts ,: qs "FA


& .,.:,

TZTh=,--Drmdl Sires

ea he, i"m eel of e m- y Contisenod to Str ad In Spite
.. C W.t th'ha spral elean- of Temaiwe but tlow They are
'If al unb to twenir'ynAuos" and Wealed-A Wonderful Work.
l at an ea neh Nh fo r haSte "For many years I havt been a great
it de ince the year before. Sm- erer with var cose veins m one of my
S- 1 m t wil pobaly h hed over lim. My fOOt and limb became dread-
S et-'vemtfor trade puroea nvest- fy swollen. Wen I s.ood up I could
S mnt. etc, so as it may be wunMed that feel the blood ruvhizng down the veins of
Ste ha, er, rather than ever twenty foot against some object and a sore broke
S' ndllio. During.the winter W me very oat which oontiaed to spread and was
Sn.. ulne people aesculed thai &bout eeedingty painfatuL I concluded I
. ea 1 uDa ndl ft g ,eoMeO wadIS be the ai t But needed blood pariner and I began taking
S. the estate of practical ee was be- Hood's Saraparlia. Tan a short time
..... ".. ...... teen fifteen and twenty miltons, and those a -eadfat sores which had caused
.......... ....... that appears to have been correct. It me so murb sauering, be-an to heal. I
Su....*... .. -* M o sesa t tt .at willes eat Rse"a- kept on saithsally with Hood's Saampa-
4i tlon and brhi about athewtrwwUd r'us ed is a niort sin my limh was
S TA a t Arci and thaa t Is cause for ia ad a hortime my limb was
IviM )L. T IA. to the Arctic. and that tIcause for completely healed and the sores gave me
S it e a m can.a.heOr than otherwise. But no more pain. I cannot be too thankful
S it is a result quite sufscient to encour- for the wonderful work Hood'sa 8rsaps-
to T ae legitimate enterprise and will lead ll, has done for me." Ms. A. E
cre a to tihe ent of still frthe GaOrilN. iartland. Vermont.
-hawe. tal in the further explorai rand de- Sar
Sf OaisTwent miino u t to ou be a very wel- parilla
's1 Un to tegotisupply of the .he i wt-,i ,.i Oni,-re te cdj Pnrfer.
l a t lieM y when we are bor ...,
growing large sues at a per cent and Mood's Pt s ,.r. d.rs- ,l I.-. s
-,' 'p 1o1s-.-' Pt PoWe to end large sums to Hunting- -__e
-I A67 koa A m a t L The more gold we pickWA
T. p In AdA amr elewhere, the better, TNE RORRURS OF WAR.

S tii -Ie i" l arany sbo A eociantion to be merciful are full of harshness and
.- -d- a A A < aetOlStndO & turday to rigor. To save the non-iombatants
PLf m i amiamig. There are five from the bombardsret Avf Santiago they
legislative caondlde in the field. Nat- were allowed to leave the city and c.ae
S r' ually the stock men want to know who safety In the suturtse. Miss Clarn
-- ._. the l five wll be most lkely to look Barton, of the Red Ctross society, tells
S.e -- after *e cr I teests. AAs all of the can- Oft some terribly distressful scenes
;oB bel to lsen dldiaas arme .Democrats, and as Orange among the refugees. They are mostly
36O the lai, tMq-gtWill a wg d certainly be represented by women and children, of course, and
Stwo ot f the five who are seeking the under thefierce heat of the tropicaP sun
eso. Ha,.a wln keep hDemocratic nonmuttlo at next Friday's they have journeyed for miles on foot.
afwtll tamke a aime thiatrsi.i the stodc owners wLll cut without any convenience or comforts,
Smasdiea on". tsderstebl c a ffgore, provided !hey without food or water in many Instances
f onueolihlate their forces and votf to- and they go among strangersa-tney
iR4w.U 5oo6 lera g that a gthr. know not where, flying ftom the terrible
KIt a od li totwar,but fate that would come to them in the
.When we come to discuss th indem- doomed city.
at say question with Aain, the main fac- These refugees were allowed to leave
alm Sp thai tor s In It wtl be these: The length of their homes In the city of Sanati:go for
Ia-f .Csb. e sibeat tohe war and the atual amount of our the sake of humanity, and MIss Bart-iton
._O.. b -B military expenditures; the amount of states that General Shafter has done
damage directly Inflitedt upon ou' trade everything possible to alleviate their
i amiigf' r anaex- sa1 commerce the extent of the losses suffering, but they nevertheless endure
***ad W d i enough to ot life on our side, and finally, the value bitter privations and agony of both
m. 7n u4 wi as a any territory which we may insist mnd and body.
U; pon takng away from Spain, which, War Is very horrible in any aspect in
S accord to prec nts, will have to which it may be viewed.
fellowS be temad as an offset to our bill of -
abt,(h of the btn eo c-- Btigatmnore &S. All classes c af people who never had
the preet a position in their lryes are anxious to
S L n a great demand in Tampa for -Jne the ay J o get to ide a
U- foersi Of aS Inda. If you want a horse. One fellow from the wilds of
l v. pa.tLeo. god tasttion at good wages, come Hernando county came to the city a few
ry^ t i i &adnVtOwgU w thandgreapwith U&- day ago, thinly clad In a pair of worn
The Truimp sells rapidly en all out cottonade pants with a big pal-
the ot gois" t rals and asj far" m metto hat, barefooted with spurs on,
am we WWO the.a m ffor Tampa*'s bosa looking for the recruiting officer. He
i paper p usg'eeadAped* wanted to ride a government mule to
l-*'. lt]M =,, ~*w'S, antiago. He was very properly told
lbSh laultlos is growing to go home and work for himself before
-A y 3 z, ft tt* pgre p erieay contem- he endeavored to assist the government.
I plating spatting dW a perfecting double
-B E Editor MoCreary of the G04nesvlile
i* c 1.. its a led the ticket in Alachua county
4- A' few harels of lime pro- last Tuesday.. He was nominated for
S siao19sl eagg aegd on theq streets of the senate by 700 majority over his op-
thisU .l qf,-jue mooaq prudently potent. He wiUl aa&e his con = and
spent. Try i. the state one of the ablest senamee In
kq-. ai . ..w Sin s-dorida, and the Tribune nomInates him
goea s Iowa th o- wt- for preklent .ofthe. samte. Let It
t ahke went dlewnl- The be unanimous, boys, of the Florlda
wtbe delivered In "press.

.a anu& S-Senator Call opened his campaign
BBi t J Wt ; more eer -ra's and It alne lle S"turday, where the
Ignit U t among the sneh. county candidates held a public meeting
Sosoi erfe a u not now be on the mH paywd hard for re-election to the
,^ .Snate, but it la very doubtful If he
g t ls h I,,.S-'i..' u.. e*.. AmsI 'ever enters the senate chamber again
;<,a 2 ie killed-.o wonder En- a reprentaivte from FlorIda.-Jack-
-- m the marvelous nvillte Metropolls
-- The Board of Public Works with itS
.. ku.. eddentli expects to ex-corps af efficient engineers should man.
evidev ntly expects to ex- age some way to Immediately draIn
ty ng- comm^aandes-, Frankin street. so that the saush and
B8 eW1ahe ht' hmt o t y night mud on that dilapidated looking thor-
A^^W'Hth tlemi cst. 1 s_*' i' mer5 atte bs-lllit ehm- A new telephone line hae been cofn-
pims ie orn ieted between the light house and cus-
i^a 3Ti ,s ~ tom house at Fernandina. It is said
B,^ ,_" _.-.'- .- that the government intends making the
itght house a signal station, and the new
line to be used in connection therewith.
G. V. Johnson & sn, butehemra and
_,,S.f'^ i.1 green groeem of Key West, hare been
men whe awarded a contract to supply the United

S a 60,000 pounds of beef and 500,000 pounds

fitesgs andsu e' verybofy in Tampa should join in
A aton the Xr d procession of cleaning up.
when teyyshodt be It Is absolutely essential that every-
I% *beatdmot body's premises should be made clean
k. It is time and ept so duringZhe next four months.
.ce mmghisaso"tolang at lst.
M" *lp ch *Vt e The The Tribune at 15c ents per week Is
_MV'leS M h1e M Who cheap enough for alt to keep thoroughly
a..-Blblith bsIsinyouth saudposted oil war matters. Sabecribe at
-th once. Paper delivered all over the city
don' th0s die and surborhe.
bti rt fi Ten hundred barrels of lime should
of b "l hedla-PPs. n sd be sprinkled over the entire ty eof
isDr Itere's Geno Tampa. It is none too mucf. It costs
Ita pa centagreat deal less than even one case ott

ft dlmAMeo the ili -itf' Uncle Sam's s tockings are full of:
t ehves a-nd--r-s ws-- ne istmas presents. Manila" and San-I
:le, ltoddbf It tea' tugoare two akel ps-Ien We wil
.00 116-Off' old, merat a d ave to get something else to put Porto
U tes and f pu them Rico in.
gmdelastic a n uropean naval experts are 1stil tallt
tOnet tn"VM m t rt ,, ig about the American gunns WU.w
wymhpesslot demrip there to not a grander subject, within
fbfe U-efe-t.Me WiMt sotthe o, ..
m;smeansut sod
orv. l 'e-c, .grt .ers Mie wm iai to -a
wl-7 t& he .=M.Yc, and the Amereican victory
V aptkw nt-4w-l7 be more p*MOn.-d0i than-, ever.

.. etqek tber wll be n acn s dirs
-A ccLso in?1~SatIS W -Awebeen -511

CIVIL woRtViCA 0@ OtSnSm. s 18. WAL A 0-
-- ., ..... ,.- 1." W. ,.&* .
Hardly a day passes tht somethMg Not lace the time oft erocil wr-uasI ,-1 I
ae not occur to pro he ~i a- triotic seal b me fervent ig m n t
ness of the method by which the McKin-
Iley admlistratlon bestows Important country than to-day, lsat a r the
offices, giving them to politlcians who as these sentlmentm were maifett ta< M1a 4 y f. aatla
are absolutely without a qualification East, West, North and Bouth, then eat te. a -a i.
for performing the duties demanded of ust so sure is every true American l ath enthe 4e "m e
them. Is It necessary for the preser-
,ation of a political party i power that heart full and running aver with true P t M
the responsible offices In the gift of tae patriotism to-day. It Is hitting that h Th. condetflo to
government should De turned over to this nation should celebrate the memor- tween thb czoe iIg
political hacki? Would not a panty. on able events which surrounded its birth; first two or thye tp s -ul .
Lte contrary, acquire- te connOence 0an0
reepec t cite pc.p i t itaoucred to t and the anniversary of the nation's thing awfsa in iil.. .
ruiee uf the tii serv.ce and pat those naIal day is certainly appropriated or h offt the saukanig
men in Courgr iuei W cvernmemn's busi- Uhe occasion. but It in certain that the mtenck mrtr 'ss
ness w on ruve r moved by competitive people of this great nation are as match filth, tagnant waer
t nex -a n i ,' i a =uceesul meanrage- In duty and pleasure hound to-day, and eonsta ty btng jas
i-a. -. pat t e.iar office to which each day to pay their respects to modern reds of teammathet ehd tm u
.i. ..c n. es.ner swe oelieve this heroes some of whom, ince the wintry dally IsktsIetmlA tm .d
"ou.i.i so s-. winds have ceased to blow, have laid a breedingpace fc
,e tsent adauonL ratio. s under heir lives on their country's altar. We dfiseass it n be .
a Ste prome b tc Woo a -" *.- 'would indeed be ungrat rul, heartless less orp. means ax i i to4.
,JwrntJU t c, t0, ... V -. and wicked- should we let a day pass the exating state of. Ite AR
eit.., .... 0 .i.et .. ... ".-.. without scattering roses of thotwt Point. V '.-.'- "
....... .i..... .... ..... over the graves of Badgley and his It bo f r .ee
brave compatriots, and the berobs cd of the Co umerm tt &
..... .. ..c.. army and navy who have passed from life preserve e rs ov* i'4 t
.e.... . .... fighting for their country to their eter- orM, so that the ml6 glsb "e n
t.t. ctI a. ec a .. .c. .. nal reward. The carnage of battle, the able to Swim, wfB a set
Iof a..nteote 5SteMin ui. u.. tLiA t din of strife can destroy these earthly- placed In eatidy. i w
a.t t ,ni t t Ia ut e to 0e .0 C bodies, but it can never blot their names disMabms tlMa t .he -.

become t of ur navy It toe elrcincy <- from our hearts. As long as our flag It w ab aessi
its umeers haa been determined by toie is an emblem of liberty and love, as long that deectrtw tuaduts l t.
political allegiance, instead of by fitness as it floats over a free people, the names toted Ouring 4k the oaM
as demonstrated by their service? A of these heroes will live in the heart of present extioey gwe vpLw..
sentiment for ctvll service reform, prom- the nation. J. a -"
ignored, should become so strong in thekno Miee
land taot the party in power wouM De died for their country;though they have has bees p poimta' a& -,IIf
force by the mignty voice of public been forgotten by the angel of'tortune. ted Slats army. ad ONee 40
sentimern to carry 1is provisions imto who so often brightens the 1proepects ofa comIpanyof color tr" -
effect. men, yet was their valor nope the lessaonille for the Temth U
oerge M. Green, a private In C.,m- bright and glorious. lrumUUtanes.
pony I. Second Illinois regiment, is con- -.,:land-o-o.unit e tantry.
rined In the guard house oU tne regiment, and lack of opportunity have repreed Dematle
at Caehp Cuba Libre, at Jacksonville. many a Dewey and Hiobson.
cnar&ea witn being a, deserter Lrumt the "Knowledge to their anxious eyes her Pala.ha Thk' arsy f t.
Fourth Lnited Etates cavalry. t reet:n ample page, seimlng to the stt W
aS L cLretdea on Monday, aA' at that Rich with the spoils of time did never
iiic uctiltu e nL& h t nao deserved, but Chill penury repressed their noble rage toabolai the rkn r i rfc
'j;uetatiy aumDtid that ouch was toe And forge the genial current of thq
cur, 6,viig in rce=.unc tonetetus. tie souL was.lostby4.voteof27 .2
sI ceci t o.o il LuMIane t er Full many a gem of purest ray serene, B .
e The dark, unfathomable eaves of-ocean Bartow needs a
ULtct tie icti the 14'urtn cavalry aoout bear, .Them are henmeds at TI
three years ago iort i n eason that he Full-many a flower is born to blush un-
could not stand the treatment receIved seen biuhels of tomoftssbbei' to -4 .
from toe firtt sergeant of the troop. He And waste its fragrance on a desert tUm fields rin the.tow.$ a.-I
returned to his home in Chicago a Nr should we be less unlnful of are more wasti In the la sb
continued to reside there, unaer his Ns .?..;
rgit nam., until ne enlista wi t he theeroes wlko yet Uve. Hobson and DeSoto County.
Second Illinots regiment. Although de. his brave crew are Immortal in thUs The next Fourth a JDllr w $M"
sertlon from the army Is a serious of- country, as indeed they must be Len the boom of the O canen .
fense, and punished by death during a with their enemies. Such deeds is wIth the san.. K ta-a
time of war, it is thought that the case their'scommand respect 0ove and tanee from P=t0 P AM .
will go light with Green, as he has irson d e from r d et. tia
own a d lo to serve his country, miraton alike from friend and foe. We pines and from t-aW W
and left the service, he stated, because who are young, know nothing of Wan Spain cam s otng 'Jf.
of the hard treatmenL It has been our happy lot to live In the tion for common senWs. tir
sunshine of peace f eee we were o ldtas Ql o bve
The manner in which some of the sol-ae Cha U man crlesbe ,.
diedr are conducting themselves is dis- to-ay when e wb to the t, .
gusting and a disgrace to American this naton teea psesed so ar tt t5 F-
manhood, the fact that some of the most t et to n 1 oe a r sed 0
serious offenses are passed lightly over t o a y ,

leaders to greatereggesses when the ation fslls rgt t 15a n BA
opportunity offers again. The mis- Athog peseel means It knoW t Ft e -
Seeds of a few is causing the many to handle sh1r and how to shoot, th.t O u.rtou w a,
who wead the blue to be viewed with un- isIas ewejra fr ~Ml .ol t, l e ftt5
kindness, and distrusted by the citizens is has apeseUsft M. and brave
oT the community in and near which the ao. ra go, and W g ft rte P
various camps are situated. Unless the o st o pa ia that =si s
seidiers themselves, foe the credit ofl flood i life has be l'red out of to?^ ,ISi.
their uniform and their honor as Ames-. A mericn veins, that iSberty. o s S
can U len. take in hand the controlling l, t yrWn m t i. Wen WE. P. W.. u
of the unruly depredating api lawless reape heet every eice S
characters who have tound their way a rigl to be on his mettle. -
into the ranks, to the sorrow of the a right to he prot of these i snd.-raaA g gsghSS,,BU
manly and patriotic young men who Tre abariast s am a wa wrf h ar hi ta -S
compose the mass of the army, there is to g singprasemes ttir honor. I
a strong probability of serious trouble jave we ever stopped to Uak of themeii "s
comiun to som of the violaters of moulding ilndem of thlm'wal? Wyg araehti
civilized law. We are ail paks new: and we dn't set '.
The Voluseia County convention was want to be anything else. 'It a af h eh lt
held at DeLand Thursday, resulting In between the 'anBes sad the S ,.laifitse ^ ^ ^ isp
a clean cut victory for the conervatjve And, t ioa. wears very moah J>tsitan.) 5l
:aysn was nomated fr the ete Tankee Ingenty has been meds, thae ,l
and Major G. G. Iealy and A. I. Patlbokeener hy the union ot the Bow 55311 m

,foreame ammbly. "johmte" an tS oM the e ,.Yate." tvI "
--Bv- p -aeag We are ndmxtag p with tlhe vAessae
Improved eqdltie Oe And now wi the
S cobLnedL pa-triotin, brains and tarit of aSA -
Perhaps yOUhave made M the North and sooth measured agit west
up your mind to take tarbarm and I.teUtma dec ne, them tl hge
can te bot one o tcome. ladeed. the
United Stateam at Amaerica an as
SGO ESI 1a na&lon wth bht one peer an eaIL t nrfU m ie a
ed ,.eefm to mention the M nwe ar'"eso
Elant i al^lt nf the samegfM"ent& eV A
Sk our other country, our dogged. -ma S
this %n. when rnitohimen a ngltand offer '
up demonetrastion in nonor U the btrtih f
of tt s nation, when it has et.a to eits st~ear
this picture on tst our po ser country shown-
[ the wrapper, a such anlm akeae em* nee of pri5dessps -eSo
man with a big in her offsprg, is time r3r te world
fish aonhisbacL to profit by as object leoI an, 1 to tOMr.
S Do not let anyone ak to the powers to govern t t e elve no
YOu of Som8etli"g JUSt cordingly. Why r!hOld this act be o 0?o
as d The Anglo Samoa inthe civilalgt peg onroe&`
you wancod ofthe oL The ser,

vem toland the hypo-. B e e4. or aae:-.an a,-
p it sptum wantthe . ..
ftry bes-. wl M u- I L L Abt-r, "

; Thfttf1 t Is'ft() dMrvibut^ Wo
ft-e it; none b ,r ,p,, x^ .--.

9L Ai R fw= d-r I


ii i

elfllflflftL lUll! IIJ?'IIttI



O.% ltk loUaded rtfle, and the pistol was deplored.
away. A couct martial soon con-
64'With CM.SOWL ot he Second AlacgnaPrimaines.
sitting a& preowdet The fnd- -
ei e of the coUrt have beea tept secret Special toe Tribune. '
Jsever*"' Ma D mea Gmets 0atnetwvtlfe July 13-In the primary
hewSli'l esnt, out a report alkegsed tp contain election for Democratic candidates held
up theqvAUW It is generally believed that in AlaCh county yesterday H. It. Me-
&be_ .th e wll be gtva chance to re. Ceey was nominated for the state
WP 4sW en ate by a majority of 725 over his op-
ian riaaad itt4a dd not do so they were ponent Chas. L. Ffledes. Dr. J. D. Wat-
.. o-, V to Ne PV--th ubih discharged. kings of Micanoy. and O. R. Cox of
1.oel X ey sold that Major Ram- HA receIved thenomination for rep-
S&n &d -a rUmsat1 but the legslature oninees are understood
N a'i- i t.bo .Wt 7t been.acted RPM. to favor Senator Pasco's re-eaetion or
jI.gJp flp1y'e mother is now here, a man who .i of his political faith.
a n a cted upon Mjor Coppioger, ACIW AT PLANT rY.
f the rth army corp. AT PLANT CITY.
H' ty-uth .e attached. peclAl to the Tribune.
-t to W: *.t Major REauey and ,Ple nt City, Jtly 16.-A very unforu-
f>.~s = ,A lit iey-assay cceed in be- nate aecttient occurred on Thursday
=lWi aimred fto seaeother egtietL 1tit, .-A young man. one of the S. F
C* stb.baba Kenandy, 4. CompaSny & W. R R. bridge gang working on the
e ,f on a ten dayr' sick leave, Wreak Dear the 9. & & W. dpot had
Bt IlFesh, of Copay A, AI oa hat foot terrtby inmangled by a passing
on I 1qR a irk kLWave Cpa. ;tMab e mins. Dr. Weight wae me4ately
t fmuenr D. a se a of oColo called, who took off the Umb i low the
44 te n a ak le and6 A kaa 0W' nee, later Dr. Wright acconpgated the
s of .CsOeM e .L r lImtoUng man to the railroad hoepltal it
T.W i'0e a two nianoSanfod.

maw. ~ K5 fl

1 trt QM iCUM stomhattC r and the Day

.P I~ lIII IIIO8 IUI1C1LL Ia srcs.
elow Fever in the Borders of the Uni-

.eStatf -Says the Surgeon-General.I w Po ar nkng AboutIn
.. Tampa--Town Talk Taken From
k sundry Sources Personal
. D Posnt-rs And Items.

I M I In warm weather Prickly Ash Bitters
ARE R W LY E helps your staying qualities. Workers
who use it occasionally stand the heat
b. better and are less fatigued at night.
Sold by &. B. Leonardi & Co.
B Navy Dep rtment Co-operating With the Treasury in Thousands of persons have cen cured
e ,= Quwmu Re g ,s of the (oer,,,,,,t. of piles by using DeWitt's Witch Hazen
Skt.o Q10 ti Regalations of the Government. y "^" ^y"'
Salve. It heals promptly and eurep
Seczema and all skin diseases. It gives
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to ithe Tarmbn. though SpSain was '"only fighting In Atm adjoining the Y M C. A.
T_ U L fToUowing order to maintain her right to repeln un-ro msothKin tb l ng.ha been
t th SU wgressIon." she will continue the rooms in the Kr e building hs bee
struggle "until she obtains an honorable secured by the Tampa local W. C. T. U.
I. s .sa$ ''. w WU'f Ucets peace, whatever sacrifice may be neces- where the soldier boys are made %el-
kJ e i "I dao net sary to o0ttaft this encL" come to the reading matter and many
SA IA home comforts that are provided- Al!
an !? i SHIP FOR ssWrAw. are cordially Invited to call

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aBgr* i.aBnd taken early it prevents consumption.
wae m ~iW Learom Sundayse Dlly. And in later stages it furnisnes prompt
A 4t are The steamahip Mississippi, Cherokee, relief. Leonardi.
Sand Stillwater left Port Tampa yester-Tampa utters this -
5. l ico tof q satns day direct for Santiago, where they will A le boy n Tama utters this pat-
S used as transports for the Spann riotic prayer every night.
ae am ohf e "Npw I lay me down to sleep,
.out provisions for 'I American I pray the rd my soul to keep;
ouArmy ut they did not f eany tropa. If Uncle Sammy don't lick Spain.
-t at T 6 1 .T few offcens went over to J tha i I'll never say my prayers again.
.tios l a e ael for the respective commands, and eome went on Amen. Don't forget the Maine.
. 'Of any cr.tl ap t The ships were all coaled and prois- pauuu a ll liver and stomocn trou
_Gnes*of the Artmiy, loned for a long voyage. The Iroquois, bLies canu be quicki) -uree lhy using iiose
--^ woi"mded eWll V Decatur H. Miller, Arcadia, and "any famous little pllta nowu as DeWitt's
6rhiiSt'1.* ? td erh. dtther ship that tay arrive here within little Early Risers. They ore pleas
Ss 4ses dby Order- the next day or two will be sent to ant tu take and nsoer o-pe. 5. :
tra. CCba to Santiago unless the present orders are Leonardi.

The steamship Stillwater carried the Keep your system in perfect order,
"sraaiu.a Sttes arine signal corps which has been practicing and you will have beth, even in the
-' ':. daly for several weeks, and : -s at- most sickly seasons. The oe.-aseional
talned a high standard of prui.en.'y. use of Prilklty Asha Bitters will Insure
M ,ar 3tjor Reber was In command C thi vigor and regular In all t- vial
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among the inembers of the corps thSt
l ingo, July they will not rem ain with Gen -.ral m em ber of 0 .- l. rt tni, nul:ej
wV eto n' ew'caesa of Safter's command but a short while. in a snooze' ycerly eeneno, wine
S to-dty. The They expect to go with the army that wallng for a. tran t.) .rry lum to tr
1w. will be withdrawn from Santiago and or v',i am
,,""s i 's~ sent to Porto Rico. Morpheus, he o'an rllI_,. it' t eight
0M_ L The stesebip Wanderer sailed from and rettlinh. Tf herr inh *a is
A. Port Tampa this afternoon with an expe ad n nY Thehr r-
N. l X ed diUton of C s under command of' poredto the ) ce aon.e nut no
arrests have nyi Lt en inade.
Cid Llotnet Peres Carho and Col. Balderno
Cost ". The destination is not known. "I think DeWltt's WUtt.ziyavl Salve
Lthe finest preparation on ne itiarke
S -. NOT'DIfMISSED- for piles." So writes John C. Dwina of
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Scal Ma tial n Mt ade Pubic and all skin diseas -s. t Lonardi.

o Lrm B Sunday's Daily. en Are Judged hathey do.
a "t-i ood',as 8. onnma. ama t& great cumes have
t jatte French Coonel Duff, commander of the given is gouo ns,ie. y-eoro. Im itobh One
i r lsh- ty-aninth regiment, New Tork volun- ThWe BtIou eur flir aid Orat serve oam..
-o w--teers said lyeterday that the adng Hoo~ d 's Pills are easy to take, esy to
.of the court marial In the casenagainst aope ate, Ctre iaisdoes slonloa de.
ee Major Ramsey and l~ufeootL L-eary
who were eiasrwl with co duc un;e- The Chief Burgess of .il noun e TPa,
00..".,- e pi1g 1tleWmena and officers. had not says DeWitt's Little Ear y. Rinaer as
r besOMnadeublcic and have Wnt yel been the best pills he ever used In iB O *nmUy
approved, therefore there Is no truth in during forty years of ho'uekes'plng.
'g the Tepot tAba these officers have been They cure constipation, lsicn be.4adhe,
S dlehOrotably dismissed from the service. and stomach and liver rouolss. l mall
Major R -sey, a regimental surgeon, in esie bqt great in results. 8. B con-
li ''."''- an' d Isutetmaat Leery. of Company ard & Co. .
hadal estecie, a too.t-martlaled for their conduct
d eert.nO-" while on a pres shortly after the ar- A WOAN ILLD.-
-UhugS ut b Tshrat of the regiment. They went into ---
ah ty i saloon and amused themselves by Xes. ulerr-nt, of Turkey Creek, Met
1: q. shooting promleelotisy around the en Untimefy Death.
R- t provoet guard arrived, they resisted ar- Speetal to the Tribune.
S' -ret and defied the guard. They went Plant cd ty, Fla., July 13.-Mrs. Liur-
epeBg e to another saloon and acted in the same rant of Turkey Creek was killed Wed-
to mman r They were ovrpowered by nday by a tree liixi falling on her
to that the city marshal of Fort Drooke and while on her way home from this pItt.
,to toe n turned over to the provost guard. As She took refuge under a tre. drilug a
mh!e!ses*sf .- the .psr^ wa about to start to the storm and a 1imb ;.'il whibh eo injured
lcsm Major Ramsey drew a pistol and hir that she died fron the effects In o
B E g'ereN wae hout to shoot into the nidst of few hours afterwards. rhe was a most
B Jin l : ..i. the gsusrd. The guard covered him estimable lady, and her death is grr'it:y

P. 0. Box WAeS Masu. '
sold byS. 8. E Leonardi Co.. T&mpa
Clanten, Ala.. March 4. 1157.-I cer-
tify that I have been cured of Kidney
and bladder troubles by Halls' Grat
Discovery (Wos, Texaes, and I can
tully recommend It.
Rev. I. a Pounds. tL
The editor of the Evans City, Pa. Globe
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rightly named. It cured my children
after all other remedy tail fed." It cures
coughs, colds and all throat and lu1.
troubles. Iod by S. P. Leonardi

That ts the way anl drgun ts eell
Grovers Tsteless GB Tome for Me.
arsa, CMs sad Fever. It is simply
rln and Quinine in a tastwle t orma
hlmen love. Adulto prsder tt to
dttieeasrseestlgooleks d-w

4 too$*#"

I Warship Blfed the Iarguts but
lot the Lericus.


Cruisers Raleigh and Concord Cap-
tured sla Grande and the Entire
Spanish Garrison, With Arms
and Ammunition *

Special to the Tribune.
Washington. July 13.-The navy de-
partment has received from Admiral
Dewey the following diapatche:
"General Aguinaldo Informs me that
his troops have taken all of Suble bay
except I ia Grande, which he was pre-
vented from taking by the German man-
of-war Irene.
SOn July 7. the tUnited States cruisers
Raleigh and Concord went. to Subic hay.
Tbe cruisers "ook the island and cap-
tured about 1,300 men with arms and
"'No reslsience was made by the nat-
ives or Spanish forces.
"As soen as the Raleigh and Concord
arrived, the German cruiser Irene
steamed from the bay. DWAEET."

Lieut. C. J. Fritat Was With Gen.
Nunes on the Florida.

From Saturday's Daily.
Among the well-known Floridians who
were with General Nunez on the Florida
and Fanrta expedition was Lieutenant
Charles J. Fritot, of Jacksonville, a son
of H. M. Pritot. who has done a great
deal towards getting fldtbstering expe-
ditions out of this country. Lieutenant
Fritot landed with the party at the fert
forty miles west of Las Tunas, where
Captain Nunez was killed. The lieu-
tenant was slightly wounded in the leg,
and now that he has returned. he is
more popular than ever with the fair
He gives a graphic description of the
landinr and the fight with the Span-
iards, an asr-ount of thich was pub-
lished in the Tribune yesterday. He says
that the gunbo)(ats Helena and Peoria
did splendid work and illed many
Spanwards. A railroad train loaded
%wit-A Spar-.., tr ....p was struck by a
im... il shrl! and the tnigine and cars
v<-. m )r.i' l.l demolished. The sol-
di-rs :on the train were killed and
wuer.ded in large numbers.
Lieutenant Fritot went to Palo Alto
In the- ,r,\-in:e of Santa Clara, and
vislied Lhi- headquarters of the Cuban
commander lii chief, General Maxlmrnu
Gumez, ani In his mem'.racdumn hb-,ok he
has thr following lines wriItt6n by Gen-
eral Gomez with the Gvneral's signature
"The hour has now arrived for the
liberty and independence of Cuba. All
should now be enthusiastic In helping
to direct her destiny. M. GO'iEZ."
LIeuL Fritot also has the slgnaleures
and expreseitns of opinion from nui.ier-
uus other prominent Cubans who w.re
in camp with General Gomez, among
whom are Major-General Francisco
Carrillo. Major-General Jose Miguel
.icRmez. Brigadier-General Rogello Cas-
tlJlo, Colonel, Dr. Lucas Alverez Cenrce,
chief surgeon, Adultor General Andrade
Freyre, L.ieut. Colonel Nicholas Qutna-
nez, Colonei Fermin Valdez Domingues,
Major Armando Menocal, the Cuban
artist who was awarded a first prize tor
a painting exniblted at the World's
Fair, and Colonel Melchor L de Mole,

Lieutenant FrItot left for Jacksonville
last night, but will return to Tampa in a
tew days. He is here on a special mis-
sion from General Jose Miguel Gomez,
naving been appointed an aide upon the
General's staff. His mission Is an im-
portant one. and as soon as it is com-
pleted he will return to Cuba.
One small bottle of Hal's Great Dis-
sovery cures all Kidney and Bladder
roubles, removes gravel, curme Dia-
betis, seminal emission, weak and lame
backs, rheumatism and all ireegalari-
lia of the Kidneys and Bladder in both
men and women. Relates bladder
troubles in children. It not sold by
your drt-ggest will be sent by mail on
mreceipt of SL One small bottle isto two.
meth's treatment and w et r an ay
'eae above menuoned. E.W.Hall.
ale t ew .


Believes Begissat* Now at Charles-
ton Will ove There.
-- peal t6 the
S peial to the Tribune, W
Fernandina, Fl&.n Jurly 1-fewjm 4 s=
comes fem a reaieblab Im-esroe am .a -
posittve way that Utroop wt be quenr t*
tered here
The ersMt Jot wi sarrteie huef
Carleston about 6,W sgtreog, t gj.p
when cannot be earned, imst PMabyg
in thecouue of a week. : .,
The Government wwter aI Maa '
frome the eSgue blandbt yk n
rved here ths mornIng wC hV" estmeat In* :
Reynolds of th navy a nsee U gh
purpose of ssertelnig thejelgieqhs,
harbor pOeases for turmitab a B
to the navy. '-theU3.. g ^

cowItr. -th.ana mi

J, .

Surrender of the Spaihi s

and Now Officials d

Ington Jul -The War De- a he' t
p grud 'i li-s-,

epartment has poted a I better from Gen- grounds h
General Sharter last night. in whkch he vrred by *^

The letter makes the request for the facultii tor.bBj
Americans to allow the Spanish army ts deill S j04 A
-to retain their arms and return to the presence here l
army." which y tbat
Adjutant General Cirbin, in speaking wil behe m 4eC j
about this said to-day that the lettdi' not couzfrm a
was the first written by General T6 tal,
relative to the terms of surrender, asd
It was upon this that the condttl iun.e
stated by the President had been
reached.tros Wz
general Corta sal ecd& "The- ter k o b l
the surrender dls4ncstly hW M -'- -
Spanish tiops sawid. not trat thetlt o ea %t f ss
arm.'" st Lots ly ,
The letter posted was evidently not* fPrs~ United '.btttt
the last one given ,by General TorWal a. & 50, qwri-te
,'hen he surrendered last night, but one iparnt in th in th .
sent yesterday afternoon, ha ve c ht. ',kot
General Ccrbin sad to-night: "There hot them. Jt t
should be no mistake Santiago,has Ninth eavalty e ha' Is1
surrendered, acd the Spanish troops do SP&nnish sgnal opW
not retain their arms. line f our ca .
We agreed to convoy them to Spa. m
and not to enter the city of Santiago SPAMi .
untU the troops have embarked. --""
"The surrender on their part is abso- a of o Thames ..
lutely unconditional." Wee Scrowlif i

WATSON IS READY. ecal to the T I "i
wary cruwr
Will Sail today With Fomnidablt te 1 Ppalah P
Fleet For Spasish Coast. fleet at l
mouth harbor
Special to the tribune. .n dTen [t ph coe, o
Off Santiago. July lI.-Commodore 'and In co n 'si
Watson Is preparing to sail. Is fleet disclosed the .Dt
%%iI be ready to move out to-morrow tthese-en board weie
and will make the trip acres to the Si.lanards died.
Canaries and then to the coast of Spain crred
as quickly as possible. 'thre atieara
Three battleships, two cruisers, and ag .'
three gunboait beside*. several collier1 % h re'we-s
and supPty shis comprise the fleet. ItI 0 ter Ve
ls expected th the trflp will be made O -2- '
in about ten or twelve, days, and tht ,"l
hot work will begin on the coast f .
Spain ey August Tei o t

cKin ley Agreed to By TorL

Special to the Tribune. toSif Sa
Wahington, Jti y iC.-The War De- W
apartment to-day posted the folhbing sWrseWO0 i-te
bulletins a
"Before Santiago, July 1., a .t -3.he eir
Spaniards have werrendered. Parte- the A"
large later. (Signed) SHAP R.M 5 glshbelt'
The meaning of this was annMonced tM tM
by the oflfclas of thlep War xDepartment e. etha
to be that an of the terms of the sUT- rt
render dictated by President McKinley a et he
had been agreed to. Mdo SS

dlbony, Jely .--MaJor General Miles. He t

greater portion at. the am m iow at
Santiago' to Porto JU-o '.ai ua p etaedsjiS
He expects that a le-gb, fh'will be ego had. t5Et8S.
sent'from the United Iss to lain him 1ts..y.
In tise expedition. .

Spaniards, wil retain sodte of the Sbo W hr
Antonomint officers in coln mp t t'of he t'g9 5
city of Santiago, .1* if betSevdL n.rS


emeaath atot em p been' am t all
Oise" e o asy oTake elbThatsaot
through the war by the ,ti a oft
feeaped at D0 P and nfale ews even in the leading Spanish os at Tama* are bid
the arrton O Uda ty- display a cities-the newspapers called with the tradicted. And they p ,
NUgene In allowing their regi- Are features pe to Hoods most aominae falsehoods and dis- great deal worse The rest of te
meats to 6w ain In ther.r'ssent nca- size. tasteless, elen thorough. As one m.an ter made to appear as victory. The otdeo rs e T e a
Sttons during the rainy season, when little about us; one correspondent writes The statement is that there ate ai
there are so many admirable places In of some prisoners whom be met that good many cases of typhoid fever. That
m w P;. o POt- and around Tampa that could be used they were counfounded at the fighting is a very nasty fever--a fever that is
as camping grounds. Tampa Height said: You neverknow you b r me d run away a: the t hard to handle successfully aywr
SI one of the m pletureque as d best have aken a pill t ll ahot and particularly in a camp houpital-
; 7 V. J Sc.apted cam pin g g rounds that could be over. .-r. C. 1. H ood a Co.. s shot. and p e ti arly In & cam p ho spit al-
Olp dO waped c.M P.-nrracter. Lowell. Mass. The Spanish people will continue to and it hangs on to those it attacks a
Ii t ft ilyLh a found in all Florida. It is high and i. -t,.l- plll totake uitlh H"rdls SarsaartJsa be deceived day after day as long as long time..
P . I v w . .. a tdry a nd th e w a ter su p p ly s en tirely .. .. . . .uIn v iew of th e Ia ct th a t there ss n o
........ SPAI MS CR F Up to save the throne-possible tIuro- .
............... adequate, besides t is within a few min- SPAIN MUST CRY FOR PACE. p interference. doubtless, the chef Prospect that the sanitary condtl
i ....l ---..1........... te walk to the b ese part f the should be unequivocally and em- reliance. Money wUl continue to be at the Tampa camp wlIU be tiDroveTd.
"*" ', pihatically understood that peace pro- expended in such wasteful maneuvers why should a camp be maintained there.
W 1 A A 'At DeOto Park during the rainy ses- as tnaie of Comara's fleet, and the visit or why ahatldnt the soldiers he moved
O A At o Park during the rny a- posals must eminate from Spain. of Watson to the anh coast ma orwhy sh dnt the soldier be moved
ison water stand on the ground which Lntil the tender shall be received the rude awakening of the multitude for to other and better sites. Why let the
has caused a number of cases of ma- from her any intermission in the ener- the first time to the truth, soldiers remain where they are pretty
o 0 cS larial fever of a light form, so indlepos- getic prosecution of the war will be certain to have more or lear scenes
lkt A ing themen that they would not be able equivalent to a blunder. The Go-- t-,-vent asked for a war loan of a serious nature? There must be
S 14liS of for service it called upon in an emer- "The enemy must not be fended off. of $200,000,000; $1,300,000,000 were offered many places In he vicinity of Tampa
S.,. agency. It'Is certainly nothing out He must be smitten down." And being and many banks and large financial in- which are healthier than the present
Ig !4-ross negligence on the par of thosein down, he must be kept there until he situations did not apply because they sites. Why not move to them? Why
'-:; charge that these regiments should be sues for peace. krew their bids would be rejected in Invite disease and death by remaining
Uj-iah Xt i rsntilo- allowed to remain where the health of No roundabot inquires as to what favor f the small iovestor. the man where the surroundings are so filthy
gI ita oa. T the men is serlouslf impaired by their propositlons have a likelihood oW ac- with $20 ard upward. The French peo- that they are disease breeding? The
t ,0wbt, camp grounds becoming wet and unin- ceptance merit a reply. ple after the Franco-Prusmlan war did officers ougtt to look oat for the health
durable during the rainy season. They A consideration of such overtures not respond to the call of their country of their men. Let them call the att.n-
S dLNIDATJE should be moved to Tampa Heights at gives the enemy a breathing spell. That in a more patriotic manner than did our tn of the government to the fact that
once. There is ample room for one is a mistake, people in this instance. The gratifying there Is no reason for deliberately cx
X.PA A 7, hundred thousand men to camp there Spain, and Spain alone, must speak. feature f the loan is that it comes from posing the soldiers to disease, which Is
*t oth County. with comfort during all seasons of the she must plead for peace, the earnings of the masses, which means certain to claim victims.-Savasnah
Syealk and there could not be selected a Until she shall make that plea, and that ttey will draw interest from Uncle News.
'AMre gettlng numer- more desirable spat make it in good faith, the war must an I lon as ithy ant to hold on o The various sturtes so gtbly told
There is no more healthy, solubrious go on, and must go on vigorously. abcut he sanitary condition of Tampa
bl- in fne sanitary and desirable place in all Florida for an Submission and supplication must Hon iokerson Call, ex-L'nitild iatc-s are grossly and In some Instances mall-
ideal camping ground than Tampa precede a ,shathing of the sword. TSe.:or .r,m Florida, ent Sno usy grated. ne sanitary
S. Heights. It is the highest point in thel SANTIAGO IS OURS. t aunato s doubtfulen an ad- condition of this city, while not perfect,
%t1esM are now engaged In city, with the advantages of an el-etr-ic r i' s a t-e is far better than some of the places
ct. ear cysten, ample water of the pure.-t Santialu, has surrendered ans G In. r Onoia 1 o1 "F was he- I that are endeavoring to misrepresent
'iNs tO hte accomplish- kind. and so situated that with onlv a Shaf:er has been made mllltary gso'r-! walk, oup arnd down Franklin the facts in the case. A houe to house
S after a ew mufew minutes walk the soldiers ea.. enJ,:- ncr of eastern Cuba. This is another -e r-..E C.u; t stern, inspectsn in ths ce. Aity whihouse to hus
J a t a f-. -. seen to speak '. h-- r. inspection in this city which has just
the finest bathing in the world., i'e victor achievedd by the Am-ran C senheen mae developsVi"he startling fact
ililiwm ysbe the base of sup- army officers in charge should not alo-w heroes, andd Is only one of the many that r. : Tre c of Senator Call o tle that there Is absolutely tio sictmena In
p!ary thaitlvades Cuba. their men to be the victims of bad ;udg- w inevitably follow in rapid s--ss- str s o Tapa, would ae been a y consequence, and no ser-
trun-tofT ar.pceroion. He was in office Tampa of any consequence, and no ser-
id ftza us best over In ment by making them remain in a tiace ion until the entire Spanish forces E ie i ous cases of any kind In existence. It
ta l will hardly return to where they are gradually succumbing I driven out of Cuba. It U a vicItory then.rng tO drs.rGliion cs is true that in two or three camIp.
to fever and other light malady caused that tall expected, and the Ameri-ai inl -n ll : ,rni g the ao I s there the soldiers are at, the sanitary
ot by an unhenLthy location when -there forces are to be congratulated upon a\ F- k-. a ,n lar.n f whe. iow he a. condition is bad, and that out of thea
Sthat 'Ampa is In an dispose e d of th many adirable places at th ime ed the er in s sn a coequen y his Itnen.ds () have de- entire number of Soldiers that are now
st a Phed oA We oDets tm ar ulnntdon of the ir rt- .r S-nator Call went from Iamped here, there is not over sixty
4.. e- A WISE DECISION. An ary culnation of lh r i inven.. While he woul not cases of typhoid fever. But thee iss
s, ex-tate now a certainty, and the Tribune pr'- ll no reason why any i should extrt. t is
hllaw tuled at.Talla- The Times of Brunswick very truth- cts that ay t n three ns t: m y ord Its t -nee non reason why any should exist. ts
nr.Canon-Itis dic t.atinthree.motos Si.s in -.ay .rd .itis r entirely due to the
ttai considerable fully and appropriately says It i n.t will be glad .o ed,- .. .y t.er.s. r r ir. e .h de army offers In charge. The
.im .t ais. many days ago that Dr. Porter, Flor- atri i Paaos -eat i, the l'nited stcaoez the army officers itocharge. The
a any days ago that Dr. Porter, lor- e by he greatest gofernmw.nt in Senate camps that are located in a stretch of
toffitemplatthe i fou eneretc nec essary to state health th eorld that of Uncle Sam. The rich man may be too old and flat woods that become wet during the
S ,aly a Sat ofat era found It necessary to secure from a ns however. continue to go feeble to go to war: bim he can stave at ainY season is where the sickness is
a o r. the attorney-general in Washington, an to Santiago and Porto Rico. and unless home and lick revenue stamps until nd, and these camps
*48'sat the n t-uns- opinion as to the rights of the Board of I the war dt paied place and these camps ohe e hare
SHealth uLnder the conditions now pre- cxaml* set by Santtago it will by force _

e a t hbe v erevan n expected, Dr. P arter was to avery f ains succumb to the most terribb
bee expected, Dr Porter wa very flying ever experienced by a stub- S PMPLOILS [ ER P S
Ijt , 0""', promptly advised that neither he nor So-n oe PM L L L ][
A" the State Board of Health, had any Yellow fever in the only obstae n S
-- I I-- rights. orth feartes in the premd- ead by the American poi-
she C a, and that the dictum of the War diers, but with careful .ranagees...
Department must in all cases be con- and experienced surgeons and trained
!1 910 Ocla. sidered fnaL nurses there win be comparatively smaU
l-l asen- Since then, however, the authorities losses among the boys in blue It is a
wate W i at Washlnton have decided to temper that f rig ht n \ ie more p lt
C. Mayor their power with discretion, and it has a a it t y il d wh prfr \s p p 1
Os bpe ben am-ounced .tat hereafter no more prdene se y in And all other blood troubles re alwa worse i
aI.. e b M 1 or WOunded troops are to be trans- charge the AmerIean people need not spring aud summer, because the pores of the skin
Athi city. ported through Florida. A hospital apprehend any direful result from that act more freely than at any other season. It .is
st stauons to be estaissahed ar Dry soure just now, particularly, 1hat those who are troubled
e _th~. bet Tortugas. where the wounded and In- Three cheers and a tiger for :he trov e with Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Ulcers, Boils,
i sas vs~d troops may be gathered, prepara- boys of Uncle Cam. arbuncles, etc., experience their greatest suffering.
S t yto their transportation North by Allboy N T A who are afflicted with any form of blood
^.. $erSPANISH STUPIDITY. trouble should know that this is a favorable time.
te the hy-j pish stupidity is one of the vhl-f to force out all the impurities, and cure tht=m-
Se It easy to a in Vie of the hy- Splsh etupidty one of the selves Swit's Specific (S. S. S.) is the right rem-
y not o onition at antiago de Cula chanatermetacs ofI the people tha bear edy for all manner of blood disorders. It goes down
S-. that this decision has been arrived at that name and it is the principle cause to the very seat of -the trouble, and forces out all
i^ ltnone too ioon., and that the plan pro- of war existing between that country, I trace of the taint, curing the most obstinate cases
: r poeed wil answer every requirement and the United States to-day. A great I[ which other remedies can not reach.
m ;j ofa the service without endangering the deal has been said about the Ignorance My nOn had a number of bad ul-
welfare o the state. o the Spanish people, and particularly his head and o which lastedi for
.. -.- .; The qloetioln Involved in this de- of the Spanish sailors and soldiers ard \ four years. I tred all the doetcrs

eA,.O W-es etelon have a direct bearing upon the to that circumstance has been aAcriia and o manymrenmediesot which were re-
': -lwelf.t&oe of our people, as the wounded in peat the poor showing made by baclw omued, u J th sores pet
patMt that have hitherto been sent in battle. The Intelligence ofme b bmo. i.ani..L, 1 ; 1Al tl to ..
north by aMl have necessarily pased at the gn-r u on the American det istL Specific,sid
agi through Georgia; and It in much to be declared, has done more than anything cured him sound sad weil. He is
lopte .that the autp.ttee f both else in the achievement of the vic orio | ee t s.B l.
ig n tatew wll do all in their power to at Santiagu and Manila. The bpan- obstinate sore on another of my children.
ea ei.r respective communities lards has been brave enough, but hio Dir OKse? .
f.elei balmb eieposed to any such annec- Intellectual inferiority to his antagonist Capt. W. H. Dunlap, the well-known
.ry be as that Involved in the has been disclosed at every point passenger conductor oa pthe A. t.. .
-ba -iIfmem from the front through, Since the destruction of Cervera a g, R.R, with headquarters at Ohata-
e ,tto. ships the really childish Ignoranci- et Bots and Carbuncles appeared upon
S'- .-. the Spa ilarda ha been brought forcly i me, to an extremely disagreeable and
S"bt ytgman attache to the alarming extent, anid there was every -
r..:olt p~,paye to to-he home to the Afaerltcan. Particularly, i ofariotonoditionof my
Ma"__ Amir .a ICr t Its ustrate Mn toWe story told ait n blood. The boils gave me great .
t "How-de lhe Ue Alnerica, Ad- practical unanimit) oy the American trouble and pain. Physician' treat-,
S lM CWtera -Whto i anot yet put eres undten, taat the s panian eap- ment did not seem to avail, and
Go, a only knows now in our hands are arnam.ed at finally I decided to re 8. 8. s.a
the treatment they have received, as trial. The Boils and stbcledie-
S they expected to be beaieaded or hanged well, and ever sineo that time my.bodb- gim a
', r a p steae e and. In stead of that, they nave evidence of perfect purity." .
ch macis?!" Then thea wej fed and cared for, their | Swift's Specific is the best bloodn"a y bq '.-
po Ws*ther querloa ~ads dqessed and their feeling re- it acts on the correct principle of iotamges t el.k
s, w ~hay tie wb "she To their maasm tinateat ilpure matter, and thus getting ridW f-lt-e-intl ,
-5, ot tawag become the viotam ot ilk o- while other remedies contain
in.- a thrty sayvaes they have tauen aL-. -- other minerals, which battle uP bism *
paa lty into the Anads ofa ba o blood and endeavor to bide it from view,:bbld5 -
-on, g lava^es^ g ettin Imore a'^eigti"n and tearing down the general _p .1-,

athe wemsdt allo mhed
.a .t Aima od ms

pTlace, the w w

bt wh t e the

but Wftoh tb*"*1-

Te at out a- i
what viaen &riassefCAmente
adopted bute the g n
eomrdeell. ..P.-

able a P . ro .n .-

eaptedb eto wie *ath
have never anIew

whs~de Wros foareo Ured w 4-jp
tbe ineltein o i. e W i
before its outbreak we were
siderathe ddgree n agkn
wholly broken off. Eve
knew that the o-etto-H.ayt
were criminaldy Ignserat t hathekr
crusade. It ys xeallUy
there would ie dAttle d i p"t
UIshing a bass f 5uMfr< h~
of the suffering paputatto. ny
some port on the north calb.
and effecting co.nraOosye f i^A
mnourgent forces. e 1Von aetelb
this expectation 4as beeo etlm '.
What can be done in this hti
now that the potnhih4ee has bi
stroyed, and t54t we have. ga42t
session of the eastern esd-f theiA
is-a matter for nte mtafy h. l
to decide. But the ned of
Is possible, and as bo.
should be urgently pressed oe
attention. RApens abonld Bt b
sidered at allU; for the total sparn
ovelvd ia the bm=aa wek v1
are morally hound to As io i
trtvwal In iOMablAo tith Ov d
for milary OMBU Jz ijt
the ca rlla i mfatthe.
the stroagest atig wat hE
'to the utmost In the ; I4tik(
4an suffertn. Nothntg cos4044
to strengthen Its da &a m the A&
of the world, and aothing uacodde
to produce a good mtaiO of Eeettip
ba Itself, than a generous ad-Vtig
prosecution of humane Wo alas*
suffering popultelo Lot it be 4
hold of with true AmeleW
the earleat poilsaem





Pmyaaatra Will Leave For Santiago
1TOR Of 4 HOSTL MESENB On a Transport To-morrow B
2 A --- BLOOD Y
-- Arrangementa wee completed yester. ',CAL an
Cwae a t- n."p a a Ca N Ne w day by the quartermaster 's department a. d ur. a r irfa medeimL tIe oft ..a :, ...
rew of the army for the transportation of| i Nfoun d f I ata. SBasth9 'lae
tbea.rmy paymasters to Cuba, a8 that bloodbasm beendpar;aed &W mya a- Keep the Newest'.Ineof
e -- c,.=..-Ti r~ hey can pay off the men in General w-'M" E W sA.L s. Laamanl.Te- FURNITURE in the ciy .
t At a dinner in Creole lodgings, tin"'be following paymasters have been CANY
.D- U J Jamai sme tree years ago, te con- selected to go to Cuba. and a snart ,will I C I Cy4
.? ^ tioturned upon the subject of be made to-morrow. Pq um 71DEU fE

but' d na myeoe o pf m.Deajor J nPBaker.M aj or AVHonaker &Co.. 607 Franklin f ITa.
aata and aparitiona A n a The payMsaateM ordered tl Cuba ore.,..
r Maor C. Snitten. Major Fra s S.
maijai n. unde epeciailconitBona, Geoe. 'andtrgrlft. Major R bert HS. ---ak
between ild and mind atl a distance Smith, Major S. R. McMtllan. Maj-orr e m e e e a
tough no one maybe ble explain Geo. B. Guild. Major MnsesS. Doyon.i cPa'.: -- SPnat n G l..Good.o" ".
le :mm'L' bow anch oommunication is brought Major Geo.F- Plcke:t, Major S S. Har- .. CLUE CONSTIPATION .. k
-' "'. aboutt" Onaof the guest preseut made ey.e Major John H. T cwncrd. "Major .:-., r taM.t 1Trt M
a miereeca to a tale of a myaieriona ap- ear. Mao Fm yl Major ( Leo. o er TO-ff(' ,
....-Major Geo. H. Fa, ,Majorkumineu *04641A at, &A
2 t10oB at 3I adding: Coffin. Major Samuel D C. Hays, Major |I
f a m eer meet Captain Blank of Henry B. May. and Major John W. .
JAW l.-A late g aper 0a Blhak line, aak him to tell the Fogler. The troops at Santiago will re-
ht4'.maaniag.asoeb *taMr. Tbp lidentohappensuAtoa rela. cele their >y to June 2 0. n
W" Iss uing to- thecoths He an ll them better than Captain W. H. Siebert, the jovial and
Iad will voTuch for their truth. popular F. C. & P. conductor brought o AASAI U O
J. ie tidays ago Captain Blank was a water melon with him on his trip last
Sa s It ter e am =obu d his steamer.H Bea not nt grown at Bushnell that weighed ..M..ITO"-I .eanabso.e
75 pound'. It was placed on exhibition
Pr aa d vi n the office of the Almerla, and made eMdy for Counmpt o. By its timely use
di~oa^ aL t'bU AtI a veryocrteoX=m gentleman. the mouths of registering guests water thOusands Of hoplsscasen hawve een already
l#-, a aboutto ai.hetook time to tloo at It. aneny r ed. S proof-po ia I
.. W.. a. il *tb olUow1ng.: of lb power tat consir it my duty to '
S e...early thirtlesmCaptain Benner, eads ta be sfrf e toth se of your readers.
LAu MTrmob, if they wil write wme (.
f :a dt "- ,'.tbr Mobawk of New York. then r1 -prss and postoffice address. Sicerely' .
al WaWin the WestIndian AftamVde AtAta- a. O ecoC 3.Penra s St, NewTaft.
11"f- lasting Ibf T bom Ia, her lut port odf The Sdb l and Baesos M a'aD a
a aIRGo ma. a voyam the brm was ^ ^ SOSI TUasanse'.aa tgenaPop &star a ,r tion fag --wtvt rly course, homeward e tr a,

1Li th wakeo a wih E VERY W E E.

Ba lay down apon aeofa in the main e be reduced and prices have been _
" .5 tope M cabin, but, as the brig' bell struck L E PLE cut accordingly. -
wer eInda, twice, became nonscioua of the figure of m -anuteeo to em re P
r of her man earning a green ee CORATION AY CEREMONIES
tan 1110109the cbin lamp. Then he heard the Will be witte with a great 4. I. e c n'o Ga I ftIII
tLas coectun of i ge your conra to son weat, d ;m ^e r di pro IIisTPD, Pramnan ,l catr. A
ortaandWt Capta Beaner got up and went on light wigl Summer Suit for Sold o Tampa. a. yarw. bw. oney. Great reduction in low cut shoes for ladies,'
we deck. where be fonnl that the weather the da We have snappy and '. r r r.. no-e and children's wear. All of twhe very latest
S itbe hadmoderated and that the rigwas ohhv tects for men of taste makes ad every pair warranted,
l etatofhh. eadt- e iwayn Beaatked the mate ondfy 1 r .. e 1* patterns in cheviot and . ... . 1vE A M ArL m
B- ", whybebad h ent do tonao llhim to fancy worsted suitf, stylih c .
alh e- nibotdn.e a The captrin, fabyigs that ages, and all sizes of men andrr P I uw uub an an grdin l
S.he IA 6 toto e had been dreatmi.a, went back to the t ue o6in to bos .a.e "n and igr L ws O. .is ^ *
DaECORATIiOan a, 8 a d- he maCRM tNE On all of our Plain and Figured Lawns, OrgandiesZ i
i b hmon a fom thedimalinh thll a Dimities, Swisses, etc. nI
iter viou am and vanish ed op..... ( ." ....... -,te 9..
............... _.- CUT PRIOEBS '
_. stans-w o eld t Tama b Morton & Co. dru Piques and Linens for kr
Cap "^ h met thein matei n watth, who inta PteOdS0 AL C D8 r in n fr i "
SttBnaeteua' tl adenoot t, taihamhatfoo.IAany emeeger be- s
w- hetet' to d hthe eabIn, ealy to ATOt1EY AT LAW, ptpqy3 d..
-' ~ n gIA v -lh a for eamppar, tIo w nll Kw N iot n ,ale r fre ati tn Ceor ra U. r a,
-lt ma ozftheor'deeto -ea geths UMWCj.cl"duma.ing-.-tter
to a Hu'we aa t, wiet th wamateong .dut "pp. T r ttr a d At and Below Cost o GAN

sctd o otelamam Th. ea tr ATTORN KO IP AN n NTSE.wLLOb end n es rp Regra- p o e _
hTe t ril is t- eOhadpeentmi wentKbackto thet. . ll. ,f"

Si ham ami nw r idde In i or- ht KJps wa,. E o '.. r,,,i Sotn ey all Ax Md1e F,-y O o'. l.t .
Sgreenam *lght'ilt. ALL & W AI. wh ihVEpdpeS. a... w.cO.O.. Fouddle. wI, n ." ..
.. A'IO'EYS-A r-I.A E
W ? t v a diheo upth cuura te anoth. ATO tE .s. bm n.. c VIRO EoNA COLLEGoE
avss&s -,s .a u ae6 -A tagrs btanfnearhee
"-~t fig.th v sawl at a oht angle to i" AOFZS3E0 AT LAW, D SL.,id o anw~n M-tnM- PILL dIru..
mhomMlpW b a-- i-l d if persisted in r -T. e- and a a. eae. ra. Full osereeIL I
d herbmu on the weatn otefoant Po a .en e to all .Piuesa anda Lapen aofoei s. t sa an o taa
od n helvede e C an s FRANK a. ONT N..'litelcT M FIAn.

4-:a 77 hawdfinalltyc A.TanORRNEY-.AT-LAW, lCpa.. Ibn-CN An 1N S "

7 -.eiinmSSim when atn, o ate ay- Wr' a W .... Largest capital of any ba. south of-
W .ni hSo ahead. to Booorut,* F AND01,, business. Eery acooentioi aton Rgs
o a-s, foremaking cMoss thec ATat .aAllol A iBOVE REAteeUnited00ateles.
-Mi-m. A- OW1WOW dnecy11*dT", x ~.Kc ~;.iH& OA 43IS

S .. "a Usto&ad L&Craf wt ....-
Samalos ofld tas me the __ _ _li
?44S6 inbulse le n t u..he hmruna's, _

ax" ja J. T. BURTCH
v sataainal S JOPP7ING Y MAIL. Estabahed ,Praes6at
.,., "Seasonable Goods J. BACON & SO.

-" -' Greatly ated Pri- ..
Go~ii'm m wum We have a regular orgam 'nd
00.t 1 "Commencing Monday, we will sell the 12 1-2c and ot isi o on ot r t s t-
Ar -2, -Yaw"15'Organdies at 5c per yard. White Goods .ini aly order eauLassed to as flAd withAth6i w;
_.t YoMA. ft stripes and crowbar, was 15c and 1M'c, now 9c per care, and at the ame priou sait

I 'Skirts, ior-Made, purchased for less of a Dry Goods business & i
th r luae, to go at 2 each. Ladies' Fine Sailor besn nst ,
as 39c to SiL Fine Hats at very low prices. toeer if.m



Troos SBtm Hwe Awaiting Orders topped a Rnawy ule Team The Cuban Expedition Landed With Another Expedition E
Transports are to Carry Spanish Wh WL Lr Lose of Life and a Fierce Fight Port Tampa for Uns Sr
.... ii"Na me H -Oi. From Saturday's Daily. Upon th.s Southern Coast -nd New York Today .
,K Eugene Lawolre a private I C In ,m- -
,, J U it From Saturday's Dally. Tany B. Seconnd New York regirment .. f From Saturday's Daily. From Thursday's a (Daily.
The movement of troops from Tampa volunteers is a sTdl-r and a h-ro. The steamships Fv-'-ja and Farita. The departure of troops to rcLafore
to Santiago, which was begun this week ent d no ph hat might ha which sailed from Port Tampa on June Shatter' army is rou. r ejau
T IS SP y the departure of the Lampaas with cost several lve. A four mule team 23. with ar. expedition for the relief of designated to go are-it in very M
S .. .4 l lthe epglneering corpt., two companies took fright, and oeni dashing General Gomez arm in Cuba. arrived humor over te del Sec
OfOn eefandtd ory.a oe. the r, poFn tofleste, going north, a .v.tte.rngat the Port yesterday, with General -New York volunteer lontro b.rofe
Xthe teas on the street in every dire('-, lmlh, Nunez and ten wounded Cuban cSp t
T.. gbe Ojsted o Nueces 'with two batteries ot artillery) ton. and endangering many pedestrians ., diers on board on board the tbaptteCh -Avt ae etb ch
u bicos and a large cargo of supplies, has ab- Lamaire was sitting in a passing itrt. .'dition was landed on the Is to carry the tnen n.,1 l e.
SuptY topped, and everything i at a car vhen the outfit came dashing b y iu..u-, .1 ast of Cuba ,but the landing a s
st standstill.cHeI y o e og f o the ondi o fn erian wer oveng dins adntg.ieaa thoe
-Noneo of the troops ordered here from wawon. climbed over theE tall gate. and a unez re wo_ Cubano and a nerd regLimentai eqsp wenk. 'ste reimend t
ew. S Da I s flatl. 2 ChiekAMna bhave arrived and the rail- crnght up the lines and Jerked th. mules fought battle with the Spanish forces Will go on ,board early this
.--..PfA1Xa5te5 O lbt Dneoo'aUe monly road omlets say that there etre n0 into a trot. then brqught them to a who opposed the landing party. and the ship will small belor neoo.
avestiontroops en route. The appearance of standstill. amid profound cheers of the Captain Jose Manuel Nunes, brother The only vessel that sailed from Port
.'- ,tUen totoheld7 Ine ela city on a yellow fever among the American troops crowd of spectators, who were quck to of General Emillo Nunez was killed, Tampa yesterday was the txaiort
1-iOW'b&A. JuW 27, were elected itt and the surrender of the city of Santiago appreciate eo signal an act of braer'. ieralrwas She
4q d district in the county are said to be the cause of the change The modest hero then quietly dsa- shot throp Cugh th e right elbo wand e away at 1:s ee of the Maory and-we h outont
; e"bd, but ;,the meetings were of Program, but the fact is that not a opeared before the adTlmring crowd c.uld sh suffered tr t log i ndufie e ow( y ark. The Nwas carie one
ntin ri 3.trnoous In all sS o or t he ereei he y r ehim. buth nt before a Tribune many fpanish lives answered for this battery of heavy artillery under Camor
4i l is the xon as to the tause of the sribe secured the name of one whose aill never be known. but there was mahd of Captain Lomle, of the ourth,
S.t which 6briao the First was Thane tnfrtse sippMohawk. gallant act is in such striking contrast enough to more than balance the score. artillery. She also carried a DanUk tan
4 etyofTmpaterws a tollthet'WhrtneysapiAr wto the behavior of no many of those aho The debarkation was effected on July and fifty army wagons, as well as a
e a eear H ie y ller, Cherokee. Iroquois. e 3 at Palo Alto. on the southern coast or large orgo of supplies for the army.
e a testing delegaton sent owaterdWandeMireandPedror Bilbnoa Cuaba. but fighting occurred before then. Forty Nures went on the Nceas
a n on Fltorida and Fanita are stilt Bllboa. y A FLORIDA SOLDIER. The expectation was that the landing wil report to the Red Cross sbeletysur- I
t gIn .the Sixth district was Port Tampa, but the only activity. would be effected at San Juan Point, on geones for duty'. The entire expeditio
s_ t~hat Mr. isi&ound d u he onlyo L e s.elyn fc ,r rt fo theo tlSwwasloade ot
el ct..ca hell and wea clledm n-e tlue le ia s arnui theississippi andDeath Vrisin ts the Campo oithe Fir tthe aouth coast of Cuba. midway bhe- o the Noee was 5C oman th
t., 6Io mdWKS Wanderer. The former will carry fresh f ,eral to l d teen Cienfuegos and Trinidad. but the ajor Day,o f the Ilsorp adwllr
". D aion ',..f Wei', emeettsve com- meat and provisions for the American F lorida Regiment. enemy appeared in force, and the pro- The next ship to leave will be the ,
Wanderer. The formerwiltcarryfres enC o sod b ten- r ay, f a
-Vfor t" e district. opne Td- army at Santiago and Red Cross m ts jeeCn was abandoned. m llwater with the Signal corpl stunder ]
.s for o s rlamn wern called for, tor the hospital corps, while the latter From Thursda)'s Daily. On June 20. they arrived at Laf Tunea command of Major teber. The sw
i~'MsL W. s oe and G. A. Han- will sa with an epedition of Cubans The first death that has occurred in forty miles away. Four miles west of corps is we fne wkh iytthlng ec-
t Thevto reinforce Cu the Cuban army. traks of the n totwn. at the mouth of the Talla- essay for Its work in Cuba A talts 1
he trlP. enroe reel.tved 41 s o signal corps will not be sent to regiment was that of Private Edward bacow river, stood a lane fort built oof uat b Of -rn"t.otteM "and suPPliel
at M m ed 49SantiagJo, and the suppUes loaded o Owens. of Company G, formerly the lroad iron and surrounded y rth- fr the hostal v & aded oNw
Ai m and judgitHaon received 42 aboard the Stilwater will probably be S t. Augustine Rides. Private Owens wearks. The Peoria ran boldly in. and Stllwater yesteviy. aM)or RA er ex-
AwtR 3. vMopo te W n declared elec- Unloaded, died at the hospital of the Third divislOn el sot her thre- g o gt a i oco
p oe meetSing w. Aet took a Beet of thirty-two vesels of the Fourth army corps. Tuesday POunde, but brought no response. morning
pr.ldw overat0o c erry General Shefter's original army night- Typhoid fever was the cause, A scouting party was ormLgtsed. This Conmpan D. ofOwPliesDli.trict s9
Seventeen th d from. Port Tampa and while he habeen some little was made of ffteen onteer mb volunte, which wa left
nd, was aemnnimously elected, to Sanilago, it is thought that it will thms his condition was not considered under Winthrop Chanler. and as many camp on Picnic l itnd .when the -
m require et W. Jvsst p entCubanounderCaptainNunez. The ment sailed on July 1 as a special guard; ?.
the executive qtie pequnaYP as manJrmVeeseis to carry dasherout until the present rainy spell Peoria tookda position within short for the engineer-cue-psy, s ed-onnthe'
Totlesio g list of neme s ateb army from Santiago to ar
.o pain. and it i believed in army circles The funeral took place yesterday range of the fort. Boats were beached. L-msae with ton uta aesd wUlsre-
a lt M' the ltycon ention he that all the transports that an be afternoon. and the body was sent to the and thei5 occupants utiosly cra- me witht the e
s rdkit Nb.Il : M.Weir. W. space will be sent from Port Tampa fomer home of the deceased in Thomtas- l. e nato the srousht othe th- the re nily c t'mt ivr mn and
1L,]. lW. onrtse, C. ML Knott, to SantisaEo loaded wilh coal and pro-. vole Ga., for interment.The services ot a the foot arndnhaving been casle on the

VISIOrd ,and the ship wllthn e e ue p t o y ithee u e pa s of ndr- fort and the rencments around everyC un s ben u on t]
V. Brown. Millard,_ W. 'B. New- to geto* sterS thToral's armyt ut toh u-h n eed'c t i esparoshoer- y burst into flame, and shot and shell tautpsaas and Nueces. Four bi terle
2,. toWgeGeerohnorWaatoamE.yD.auosoonf -posble. I C takleraLovengeena o establishment by ,cramed about the little band of in- now en rooteshere, ibesatmomloaded
ChiplsanJohneWalton, E D ht ashe ss -New as possible Chaplain aiapey, orfs .lit- S nti w
J.b lielics, C. H. Spender, W. The transport Noruan, which arrived I Yor, and was attended by the officers vaders, en ts- asle. T e
fro n two nCaptain TNunez was stepping from his sippi and .Massac setts will he used to- i
the ..ntago odays oad camet and men of the company of whIch the oatwhen a shot struck him between carry the cavalry regiments. Part tof
.up to the d.ocks.at Port Tampa wast deceased was a member. The body we
asU nTS?^ TS~& i ?1'?^- w" ^O ., ,-u a, ...... four troops of Roosevelt's R)ugh'c ] lrs
.T'4 *, was enatittted for that ofnssine station.' When Prof. H. L. WhIt- Plant System depot, and was sent to the with a broken arm. The others safet, y for tlrop of Rou
n, e e.te. tedeputy collector ofri-cetomshome ,the parents of the dece i-ae the thick t and r.p.. l Al itha amdre tl hemre and Tf n th ,,ys eof a
We= aboard the steamer yesterday l _. l ,d .n r_ o all
' [gl C rise Wr-igi submitted- the mornigh e found that the captain had OmenN I .Meanwhile the Peoril aet all and. All of these wll at away is
71 s 4t names to be chosen not sto9ped at the quarantine station 0 Ihe- -laOOa.n for t wl. Teres cre TheFith ara pcti "g tr a t is
.*. ,e convention: Chas. when coming up the byy although the; te or k.uen ey o .er th Mra ta e egel tu t w
r, ^a.^ o m had~a comne diret from ---ntiago A -trentt weeorderednand the parary,ordersdto go aboard sports at any
Deht Pusst-P,,Lalane pCr- e e ro n io. Are to be Brought ThroughF a lrd ftor te e oats. an vof ye ae time. but as y-t no sh haws OE-n 'f- "Ti
This vIOaLtlon of the rules ol the stat or-, a rushed f teo. and vaor e after ti di
1W 3' se J. A.BHddinds, J. board of health. and the marine hospital. From Cuba Hert after oiley .am t frem th shored and them natey
'w A.tey, T' Smith. P. Bervice will i ubject the captain to a I n e-re c..-nmeled Ito trh themselves n e

44 Ste ,CBouarheavyfOne,Lanshefart that she steamer For some time the tameo a rd tr he bo w l tirhads exed is th a d o L U F M T
s tw oa In the aemployof the government, wlled Health has been uging that no wound- ntil th ahi n wer reaohed. le I le i
the twasoand W not. .. ea accept and excusy I, ....o brcughtLck1 t nn iin anlards" had the raner however, A -A. Whitehun t, o f Hilhebowaouh, ke
i Lsn a- vote wa Pr ites D urton adn dWelling- through Forda ports and Tuea r. ie Cans were w de tough note Wrt o the Tribune
e in t list uferel to l H-umPnhrey, of the Fifth Ohio rest- Porter sent the following tlsaes. t. seriously
vyin 2 votes" to itslment were accfuenrwally shot yesterday Washning:on: Returning to the Peoria the me re p
Si'Hse Z offered by MaJ or morning by Private N Newton of the "To the secretary of war and the sur- A ee a icsrehad cmetfrdra I eer n r
1ii* dsgaton was e-sameregint.Newon wan y ner al nit r mhportedethet a icloisBr-eI bad ce r- r e t tletter- So ta ead- n
T, aitldeiewetntiont was de- name regirel Newton wa. ctolessly geon Goeneral United atesArm:e grove of coroa-uf palms that e texnde' nt qua rters of the ted d Staten entit
=et by handiilng a pistol wheen itwasdi-Ispe.i.iLyrequest that after the oceupa- r to the eswrd the fo. h ont at Saniago Cuba, rwasy re elved "i
5 nee objectedd to:byt i charged. Neither of the men are dan- tion of Santiago and otagious to n. Perfa opeef fire on the pace. and' yesterday. i was post ared: "on- ta
ju i o f'the Wright delega- Berosly wounded, but they" will be sest no stck and wounded be brought aromn ted StatesPostoffice, ..Xiltary tnttilon po
'n tlat persona had to Fort McPherson bospItal. Cuba so this state for treesatment, aidf f- r hate ll e drt nyMain af the m a foe ted ooo. 1rCuba.".
*vose.tforthesetectiq -if All of the wounded soldiers that ar pajslng dIrough this stae 0 F_,oints be- qahe sr the ad"r4rin tfire smoenced It 1 Ua. J
raDetn e nvention, frved be*te from Sanltiago on the Iroquoios oyond Washington. plaesee dlre,-t that all ast once. nd forced them to send u. e To the itdnu of the Trib.C e. JTune L co
to n wre ns & "therk etla st ek w t yest erday iacdt ont thigs r t which might act a ufmits rockeretnfor berge.'Fla..-Zany i my friends askedmtno W4
ei h the hosfltalk train yesterday and ,sent to first sent to the Tampa lBa quarantIneI At t o'clock Sattrtpy. Jury, bbs write to them when I resoihed Cuba, ?* hb
mbthe 'sefs. a0o0ud- Fort McPhersom. About one niss-ed station. and that medical off-cr ain' w Peoria. Florida and Furis th all -with your permission I will drop mes am
wsttea6des're- sick soldiers from the campp ki8Pt55 change ,,r ransports ora i-ital shtm lights oat, sippped slbensly awmuy. There oflte a personal eteter (throuan the 9
only 1W themattter here were aiso sent to .Fort Mc shall give certifitates that patients I was not a Spaniard to be se when .cnoln of te amTgetting along lt
on Ie s'oera an the same trisni Al odf the w* i ia' under his charge convey n o danger in .-they reached Pate Alt- at daybreak. and We left EIm ntgKeyattin alo n F.gbit
t i r n i acknowledgeareeeip.t Joseph'Y. Porter, wi'heu-et annobstariW w ao June 14th, and after a pleasant 'sot n'n-
N TAMIPA BAY. State Health Officer of FiMrida." Gomes, with 2.010 men. was knee- to eventful voyage, arrivr a.kta pltae st
-n "JLBay. Dr. Port@r has received, the following be in tLe vicinity, and scouts h'rried to ran Jone 23rd. i am delighted win it&e Il
m o. o n answer, whlch is very satistctory: his nine's. On GMonday, July 4. fhe gris- or ty m although I stwvesonyh bad .an .
sh gb yusmit Naoed hoDe Soto. ott Ash Weidoonew f.,o more wounded wrf be m n.led oT w-aretor appeared In person at opportunity to take two strols Into the
see ub D- 'Santo Eaperit." through Florida ports. W'ar deperi-tPalo Afto. An awing was spread over 55trounditg country- The reoures 41
hamad were A pulsetes sea of summers never meant will doubotless remove troops from the erd of the abandoned wharf., and a appear so be inexhbstib?.. Ail kinds
W-U n 4 1urm con- endin. Tortugas making station a.vlaible." conference wes held. There were pre*- of trovteal fritlt is seen growliMan v'i
,-Where suns eternal shlne. eitn, bent'me Generar (mines. Liaeen lb rovas and limes grovwiwadi tn as
*tat there wll be And eloudp.like priests, 'te altar Wtefoste The scenery Is soa"t ighs2a
te i teescengdIng.Peoria.Lieutenants Johnson and AhearusanuntLn t.e from the edge..of
alneets. Ba ptims frning dovle. of the Tenth United States ceralijry, s md to the *prtleast and west ol
theaother pre- EdItor Tribese: To an one not f(- .Auditor General Freye of the provis-k-T's rariws of motuntclns can be vesatr
utrom t night While half the isy a roxo tofgold in miliar with the wood business, thereI local government. General NUNa= C'o-f edl ,in green wit s purpi. tt.ngeeft
shininglen, insot likely to he elicited much inte-_onel Nussn and MUaior Roen. To the south is the Caribbean sea, A

-as wel 0 the Don C . tn ....v be en. rb. sa ads- ,there wa no use lto prolong the A. A vvLw aIU tigtt-*Lr ",
tel5W5 HRe spoke thewords,-stwan utero. .....gO'tdrut. no bhvecosntroversy, and Lieutenant Ftear, ta Fifth ArmyCorps
ro"ot bog or die' lUSt now ug 50IE ^
11e. Mom -r- se, trherit catch a glimpse out of the wilderneta. '.ali tg oflfim. was ""od that hat .SaniFeso. Cuta.
we elev"td The name the voyager gave. Among the rescuers in the coming Un- naval militia would resign all claiM- to Care of Mabs Jacobs, Cie Quarter. .
recall the tight wneco in t ,,,, :,o~thinthow htiss~w
And long rec the light within acle Sam with his legions of as brace the mes, and that then coulds)nt ee zmsier.
1~plsmaCt F. lats. mri.- ptit s vrde sel I~theIr thiseharges, from the state. TOI'
altq E. Wbotsaw on tew"r'. patrtotB as ever drew steel "fred ata &,i'd keepng the men here further they TIrjAJfTZ
W. s IL Wio saw God on the wave, gun whose officers tender so the wood avo keeping the ir they L h Tribm. I
Jturf J. W.Fu L W; -Herbert Butterworthi. .. ..an etuoriuniti- to realuze a ware sent to Tampa, and their din-
4'ldn., -- "TRCK ,up^ r n J oK mr ore .-e .... U *-?ato
B1WA IA fair prime or thbli servt-e. The fanv- --a"ge -..t 1 be secAtu- at once. a eeI DrI Joe Perry, e of the subetante a
J11BmWsl and o in A oCLEVBi c the r recruits were alo mset to ump ,etlsens of t.keland say: am a
~yuss endis 10 A CLV~c TICK- oneS moddle man comes In of c~t5 ourse th sme-h
paM for e, htth etme .. --- a Uon's share. ..e.t e teae uterc r utinto s cer tfled wttl the free. truh aund! J-4 C9
pgsroposd oy It certainly looks like It, but there I I farmers could agree they mlg.'. 1:1!.- o-- hnadlu bdlutir .ependen eowas yoa pursue with-Your m
G .. We1l, res..nq trick about It, Any body can the whole cake.. Hut whoem..-r.heardofPafrrteaFrstForda.e.e..w... it. SD fraotherqaer.
whoppanheeyr.teFtFloridarem,- househlold ho il
*ra tes% ,t w ho h as tam e back and w eak asgriculturi nts agreeing 'touching sene Ileave this m orning for S t. Ai nrusa& s It- Sincereln yit ctO m e o a. other q n S. .
NA~ra r evos robls(flnrimclal) Point?"' Or who e%'- r -'ti% a where It is. .understood t.hat.... re 1neerety youra, eC."1
a~. .-,,.-. Jlrh, rnevvstrtbls tiller of the soil who w not v -firtnriq to I -ew,,e,, i ,alia tm
*W.an'b he ten curshimself righ divide with his newtho monetorlb tiv. ......about w .a.y.recruits awaltlg him to FL FLORIDA FOW'ER
tu y takingElecticMtfl lem rA. dvdewtmianihoor i-eecura trans~o~rtation to 'Pampa pFrom
he, ile meicin toes p te whle ystm, bopper unwilling to share a mess with there ire will go'to Palatka.. Dneytnna.
rDle- -wle tones up the wbole"atomtern, his oppressed confers? ,Approp ottothis New Smyrna, T itUville and points be- L of Poswm and spnin'im se le
46 &etas a stimulant to L ~ver Kidneye proffer of a bid for ao larme a cAntoetw showers, -. f
Id -. blood plrifier and nerve tonicI comes the Convention of the South for- t- en unhe ecssry uberfofve ummer.skieand noodlad o a
AMes1~~-.aHedceFit" men shell he secured. White forty-five Oase ke n odadhwr
get55. '--a d *,,P, t Ida Wood Dealers Protqt.ve assoelaon mn w ned, of wch umber chryan .h and Ma
VoiK Gleeplosa*ef and Melancholy. which was hed at the city ha'l )"ster- ninwere exa m ied .*ofwh ich senu tor vin,
0M. 1- Is p urely vgetahle. a mild laxative, day.. -nineten he enavebeen accepted and sent eo vioneau nd eolthmbtn%
nd sdrestore the Soate=,to tlt inturt o -[Had a general knowledge or be(s gs oTatpa.m the remainder noatmuo able to Seoet poppy and eleanthenb4
vigor5~fe as-mawrn SlteS andoncn rmetl r Jp-ai been Scarlet poppy and leanthe ft
TEf vgr is- pansnthedphysicabelcon ernnntal prc.rtial been distributedpsthee"eed t examination. Sixty Flauntingliy of the tropic s-nd, t
noavention vaced .thae l s are a miracle worker arnm.ng the wood m.n uof the county, meutw and nearly halt if-this numb Rose,. es and thesions. ,
Ttit's. atsGU* dadret.Only SW there wouldbhave been a mush larger h_ .ans.benrobtained tofdtaisnumbeiOrange, lemon asd the ime.
the bqtns to exuogod repair"Isiwith little prospect of any material A CHID T L and of flowers in Vpe
ef sim to eed repair In chantf" being made among contractors-- .s] t
yobody you -a-e n' P. toHyfail Co 0.1th y..nIF~in
] OaZ are go'n to who ave already had a protitabl. da The pleasant flavor, .entle action., a sBy p. B y Co nt
15Bo slumCCttansc loss irf flembtipaleness,ua with the commissary department in this e yr f whe B .B Q, -
wsslplss, nervousneas. etc. The re- reopectothigeffec.
B! see is l fed, Ton thinIk you eatIs is t at all surprising that an effort in need of a laxative, and It the fath
.' kuh ad yet you eCt that you wear was iidustlcuety made among wood or mother be costive or bilous, sthe 'Thi bu TS ts le t" worl tow 0111 L
oft. mentitnue, e emy, serve-tores, deAlers at the convention yesterday to 0
t-afam e t sodONmakes for 0'u. mate It appear that plenty ot wod most grat Ufylrlng results follow Iti use; AhSt S I lsamt
1 ; 3I. thaet .9" do S odt digest could be shipped from Middle Florda so that It is the beat tamlyv tmedy wr 806Mttt, aftP" UO. t
;.. 010 A 0 I6j so6 61rloM Is to sTampa tor L40 per c tord. or that if known, and every family should hae a C-llblalM. s 1 a -
'Smiouly to thtIla mores than I17 was sked for wood y Maufctre by the Call. an pis emS E ow
If- y70 ds..t what you local Consumers stone coal w'ou1id be b t ar ull l. gt m l
WouBl^^^ Pu^S: s^^rb Co pwmbd-Ul
Of w N ot subs- tittuted- All this w* pperly re- frtla0 Fig Syrup Co. il t SM
m n of it wV sented s 'bosh" by knowing oneg prt I-im sal al 5 U W -.
S*mpg%- YO M ake FoS eatwhotrvssngtonisy egresd that they E Ues" a~ ss s U na as sneem s Prse UonVe W i&. pV W"- Sil
fai. f-ftl 5k. Jtelck. would not delver a nord of wood I &M dy Cathte. eus a -sr-tes tereo a S 1in .
Ts- you rep sTana for less thasn 1r pohe;M16f $ M t 6-"- ils'd sosf dx
o 4%Mg5~ ~elb t eto e tisan tahtwoaS' a~nd 5=68515for usL% wand- The anLountI-C~eneut of-the death -Of -ate. -I


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te t Ies' N t o .4 I of Jane, A.D., 18. se e 6; nw 1-4 of me 1-4 of w 1-4. and
t as l e as C. W. STEVNS, the n 1-2 of w 1-4 of ne 1-4 of w 1-4 of
,t -e 6 8 o te of roitse ecra | F. X. SMOiTON, Master In Chancery. see 3 township 22 south; a 1. of aw 1-4
aring the a to ley o ooe the goods Soicltor for Compilnant. of ne 1-4 of nel- 4 of sec 24. township 1
-a d- battle laound, and teo-~-i- m s f TI ^s toi S i t suth. all In range 6 east, the sw 1-4
pe rmtid NIcoleM a n ao or so mucN otice of Institutio n of iit by At of nw 1-4 of sec 32, township 31, south,
tarWef as will he.o ruflcfuent to satisfy tc n oat and the,nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 16. in
the sac of te$4d1 1 and cots, and also township 32, south of range 26 east, the
1" lSt asotber certain writ of executon issued is theCircitcourtnof the Sixm JuuicaICr- s 1-2 of nw 1-4. and the n i-3 of sw 1-4
;, out of the Honorable Crcuit Court, cu of at bwoI FkIrsi. m uu r Hilte f sec 34; the se1-4 of nw -4 of ec 3

" tksmT P E h th e m tu d e od rth e 11 m d aloo J une a s hL to.
Bearing the dte of the 11th day of June, itor. i outh. oany1, a or township 29, south of range o2 east, lots
S-A. D. 18. Against Nicolas arntana. T ul oa sin a ao ecrln ser t 5. 7. S. 9. 10. and 11 of subdivision
S' and In favor of the Monroe Cla Co.. r. g Jv,%1siyrYe ihumJn mF ,abs W. of Medora, and lots 10. 11, 12, 13. 14, 16,
.. and directed to all and singular the as. T.uioa T uta toas R neepo ...a te 16, 17. 18. 34. 35, 36. 37, and 38 of block
sh Sher of the State of Florida. corn- p.wem sn oo Quio 2 bumne d five of the subdivision of Medora.
nAtthem toulevyeuponthegoods nrssief osnor the Sm as sa
S T the o ed uon the oods a the e 1 leu And also the following realestate sit-
S ana chat tee lands and tenemn o 4U mo & *- s es uaed n the County of Citrus: n 1-2 eof
the stid Nicolas Sajntana. or so much V n t oLin m 1-4 of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and w 1-2 of
thereof as will be sufcient.to satify T ALL 'kiua i" MA, CO.ol(.M : 1n. 1-4 9o ne 1-4; ne 1-4 of w 1-4. and e
the sum of 29.65 and costs, whereupon otce is hereby given that the above 1-2 of nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 9; ne 1-4 of
S I did on the 14th day of June levy upon entitled suit wherein the Llebig Manu- ne 1-4 of sec 10; se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec
and will sell within the legal houro of facturtng Company is plaintiff, and 22; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 36, all in town-
isr'Valu- sale before the court hose door in the Thomas F. Stubbs, W. cotia Tion, and ship 17. south of range 16 east; ne 1-4
i. city of Tamipa on the lst .Mondy in iThomas I. Peoples, late partners i of ne 1-4 of sec 18, township 17, south of
li A'gu net, it being the 1st day of said trade, doing business and trading under range 17 east, ne 1-4 of-sw 1-4 of sec:
month to t highest and best bidder the irm name any style of tubbs, township 1, south of range 17 east. se
ler cash the following described prop- Tan & Company are defendants, has 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 16, township 19.,
; erty, to-wit. 2 hares of Capital stock been instituted by attachment, and that south of range 17 east; w 1-4 of ne 1-4
Sof the aantana Cigr Co. of the par writs of attachment therein have boen of sec 15. township 17, south of range
sat of 8180 each as shown by certil- duly issued according to law, and levied 1s east, se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 10; n 1-2
4gee No.1., issued to N. Santana March lupoo the following property, situated in of ne 1-4 of eec'14, and lot five or ne 1-4
to d front 4tb A. D. 18 or 151 shares and certl- the State of Florida, and various coun- of e 1-4 of sec 35, all in township nine-
tni s rt satno. tt m l ed to N. Santana, March tie therein, and more particularly de- teen south cf range 1S east; ne 1-4 and
t hi 4th. A.l D. 18s for 147 she ares scribed as follows. to-wit: the ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of see 27. lot one In
Sot 'Levied upon as the property of N TThe following property being situated block 14 f Floral City, and the it 1-2
B so a and sold to satisfy said excu- in the County of Hillsborough: A three of sw 3-4 o sec 35, .and the ne 1-4 of the
y 0ha tW. eights undivided Interest in lot 2, of sec ne 1.4 of sea 18. all in township 18, south
U T. KX. SPENCER., 7 and the se 1-4 of the se 1-4 of sec 1&. of range 1 east. s 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 6.
b Seriff Hilleborough Co. both in township 31, south of range 17, township 18. south of range 19 east; the
city c( W'ETAK east; also a one-half undivided Interest e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec .7, and the w 1-2
okit 1 ,Atty. for Plaintiffs. in the se 1-4 of the se 1-4 of see 7, frac- of ne 1-4 of sec 28, both in township 19,
that" tonal se 1-4 of sec 8, the e 1-2 of the south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4.
S0. ATR'S SAL.E. sw 1-4 of sec 8; lot one in sec 17, sw -1-4 and ne 1-4 of sec 29, township 20, south
Sw '-- of nw 1-4, sec 17; lots one ond two of of r l1 east, sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 33,
SL By 37Tirtu of a decree rendered by Meektr's subdivision of nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 tp 17, south of range 20 east; the w 1-2
Aett. tUh Esot. Barron Phillips, Judge of the sec 17,e 1-2 ofnel-4of seclSe 1-2 of nw 14 of sw 1-4 of sec 14. and ne 1-4 of nw
a Ch Court, Sixth JudIcial circuit of of sec 18; ne 1-4. of ne 1-4 of sec 1, all 1-4 of sec 20, township 18, south of range
50io 8. in and for Hilleboroogh In township 13. south of range 17 eat, 20 east; nw 1-4 ofne 1-4 of sec 8; ne 1-4
aimy; In chancery hitting in a and all of the nw 1-4 of the sw 1-4 of of nw 1-4 of sec 8, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec
165 0981 s mae pending In said Court. seo 24, township 2, south of range 10 14; lot 19 in Thomptinsville, see 18. ew
S*r s O' on the 8th e hay of Jtne, A. A- east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4, less two 1-4 of "e 1-4 of sec 22, all in township
eim|W8in herein PhIllIps ad Fuller ae and a half acres in ne corner of sec 13, 19, south of range 20 east; n 1-2 of sw
.i..I I" 9 tnanti. adL. U D. Greene, et. a., township 27., south of range 15 east: se 1-4, and se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 5; aw 1-4
I t 5Ud af detfateS I WL mel at iLPublic corner of lot one in sec 6, and lot one of se 1-4 and se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of e 1-4 of
a ry ot. Ktcry JASer M n Chancery, before in sec 6, township 28, south of range 1a seC ,. ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 26, and ne
the bi .the Court )UMe door In the City of east; nw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of se 28, town- 1-4 of ee 1-4 of sec 36; all In township 20
i r -Tiamlp HIasbdroagh County. Florida. ship H. south of range 15 east; n 1-2 of south of range 1. east; sw 1-4 of sw 1-4
Sa dy, the first day of August, n 1-2 of se 1-4and n 1-2 of sw 1-4 ofse cf nw 1-4. andsw 1-4 of se 1-4 of seel,
.8, tht being a le sales day, during 1-4 of sec 34, township 2, south of range township 21. south of range 20 east. and
th. te legal hos .'of ale to the highest Ieast; sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 3, aoJ s 1- less ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16, in
a nd t bidder for cash, the following n 1-2 of se 1-4 of sec5, township 30, south townhLip 19, south of range 21 east.
S decrlbd tract or parcel of lads lyng of range 1i east; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4 And also the following real estate sit-
and bein In thelzunty of Hillaborough of se 1-4 of sec I. t-Amship 2, south uated in the County of Marion: Ne 1-4
oai and State of Florida and.descrtbed as of range 16 e; nw 1.4 of nw 1-4 of aec of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4. and nw 1-4 of ne 1-4
.,ction 01ow tO wit:- 36, township 27, south of range 17 east; of sw 1-4 of sec 13. in township 12, south
So the hlbelortb halof ie north-eat. quar- nw 1-4 of se 1-4 and n 1-2 oi sw 1-4 oGf f range 0 eat, fractional se 1-4 of sw
vwttve-e ter of the north-east quarter of section ne 1-4, and se 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 30I 1-4 of sec 4, township 14 south of range
taosmmut- fifteen (15) In township thirty (30) south township 31. south of range J7 east; ne 20 east; nw 1-4 of sec 11, township 17,
Of range twenty-two east, containing 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16, and se 1-4 of sn south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4
r te F. twenty acres of land or somuch thereof 1-4 of sec 23, township 29, south of rang of ne 1-4 of sec 18. township 15, south
i cm n a may e necessary to satisfy said de east w 1-2 of ne 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec of range 19 east ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec
l a on cree, anf.expenses of sale. 12, township 30, south of range 22 eus. 7, In township 16. south of range 16 east;
Sthe C. W. STEVEL19 And also the following real estate sit- se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of DeWitt Park i sec
-- Master in Chancery.. uated in' the County of Sumpter, and and the W 1- of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of De-
m w C: MTONSON, E-q.. State ot Florida: s 1-2 of sw 1-4 of sec Witt Paik. except lot 5, block 7. and
Dp n Solicitor for Complainant. 3, fractional w 1-2 of sw 1-4 Pf seo 14; block 8, and lots 9, 10i. t, and 12 In
IV ItaO Tampa. FIa, June 30, 18. se 1-4 of see 23,fractlonal se 1-4 of ne 1-4, block 9. and blocks 11, 27, 28, 29, 81, and
91t and fractional nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec :, and lots 14 and 15 .ofblock 12, and
NOTICE TO NON-RsIDENTS. 20, fractional nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 6., lots 6 to 12 inclusive, and lots 20
-t- all in township 18, south of range i 1to 23 Inclusive is block 14. and
bers In the Circuit Court of the Sixth Judi- est. all of the ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 In Sump- lots 6 to 10 inclusive, block 17, and lot
" "0r e l Circlt of the State Of FIlrida. ter county of sec 35, township 19, south 9 in block 33, and lot 15 In block 13, and
0of range 21 east; sw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and lots 17 to 20 Inclusive In block 16 in sec
V -of Iad for HUllborough County; in ew 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 30, and se 1-4 8, township 16, south of range 18 east,
c chancery sJitting, of sw 1-4 of see3.township 20, south of and the w 1-2 of ne 1-4 of see 3, in town-
2 Tbe Tbor Cky Building & Loan Aseo- range 21 east, and sw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and ship 16. south of range 18 east.
ow 1-4 of sw 1-4 of section 30, and me 1-4 And also the following real estate sit-
i q -nrdi c n, vs. John B. Browing an d of sw 1-4 of see 31 in townatip 20, south pated in the County of Levy: The se
JOS B. owning. of range 21 east, sw 1-4 of'ne 1-4 of see 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 13; n e 1-4 of nw 1-4
rtimad J Tth cam comftg on to be heard upon 2, township 18, south of range 21 easl.; of nw 1-4 of sec 16. township It. south
T~T th1m0otMon fi an order of publication, e 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 12, and fractional range 14 east; ne 1-4 of sec 15, township
ad It mppelnar to the sattsfactlon of Me 1-4 of ow 1-4 of sec 25, township 21, 18, south of range 15 est; sw 1-4 of ne.
the ClUrk, upon-thes4dda ,atof Peter 0. south of range 20 east; ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 1-4 of sec 6; se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of see 9; oe
g a iSStmtorey for the om-p-i*na, of sec 24. township 19., "south of range 21 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 11,. township 11. south
tioa (S deftdar*Vsthir t 18sownt and eat; se 1-4 of me 1-4 of sec 32. township of range 16 east; ow 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec
ZZ q, 1tr 1 B *are both emldenta ot 1. south of range 21 east, se 1-4 of sw 7, township 12 south, and the se 1-4 of
tLe eofWorida, end that they have 1-4 of sec 2, township 24, south of range se 1-4 of sec 2D0. township 16 both in
Been absent from th stat te me than 24 east. range 16 east; a strip off south end of
U Mtr dysM, -lW to the pUlam ca ot And also the following real estate sit- the e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of sec 4, township 13,
&AS aO rdr. ra tha In the belief of uated In the County of Manatee: Lots south of range 19 east, containing 20

and sia oi ssgi was or r -the-pm r -bdder, tfroteetf- *C
pose of satisfyt the above execution-* In the City of ler
and all costs. 6unty t SS SS
Dated at 'nmpa Florida, this 2Mth aod in the tOmuxty.ef -
day of June, A. D. 189L tte at. of F1 Mod
P. Spencer, desctbed jas sal.440.
Sheriff of HIfsborough County, Fla. (2) and three i
F. M. Simonton. f te 6B C.ai 5
Attorney for the plaintiff, the (eueai
John Jad" 18m I M I
COMMIBSIONERS SALE. Datetd at Ta4 *pa "
Under and by virtue of a decree o d 6fl
sale rendered on te 22nd day of June
A. D. 1898. by the He. W. A. Hooker _
Judge pro hac vice. in the case o
William H. Ferris vs. Josiah Ferris, et F. W. Rnmrhtto.-
al., pending in the Circuit Court of th SoHcitor for theCok

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1i aotsle-4 f

of see
of sw

Doneand@dinon thisthe 2nd da
ot"iyt, A. AD. Mr
Clerk of Circuit Court
By D. B. GIrv .
Of. so. r, Deputy Clerk.
somor % or om,.d.anant.
*tq.of Fiorida. County of Hills
.-bsorueh* .< .

. .. ....... .- the me 1-4 of se 1-4 of nw
a-*l H. E L M1m 1-2 of ne 1-4 of ms 1-4 of
chk ofShecraft COu2t. towVahp2 25, soith of I
By D. BILGIVM n 1-Z of w 1-4fA sec 2.
Deputy Ch.It. mouth of range 20 east; se
of sec 82. townshp 25, sou
,iiOTMd Wt 4 uoSrAL BALE. meat
And also the ffcowIngr
4ht Cibtct. ebiJt at the n btt JunO- Sated in the County of D
,qI&OU*it at the Etate of Flomida, of se 1-4, lots 1 and 2. an
. t" ma nbomgrumg coty. In w1-4t we617, t -2of a
an 1-4 of aec 319. the w 1-2
17e ftfOsat maUditng & Loan m1-4 of ne 1-4. and the e
V-3S AM. tspbenason, et. eLOf sec 20; all in touvna4


ut.i range 17 eass;
ee 6; n 1-2 of ow 1-4
7, south of range 17
county line of sec I1,
of range 17 east; sw
4 of nw 1-4, and the
I the aw 1-4 of se 1-4
ip 6; ne 1-4 ofse n1-4;
4 of sec .2; ne 1-4 of
-4 of se 1-4 of sec 14;
w 1-4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4
w 1-4; e 1-2 of aw 1-4
; and w 1-2 of me 1-4
7 south, se 1-4 of se
4, n 1-2 of ne 1-4. ne
v 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec
I the ne 1-4 of se 1-4
4, and nw 1-4 of sw
r 1-4 of sw 1-4 bf sec
r 1-4 of sec 28; the se
2, township 10 south,
the se 1-4 of me 1-4
of sec 4. townahi 1L.



I Comfort! Qiet2flm~I

1 e- t hrTnss soto nUa tEaDIata.sss.sgo
, mSouth of'range 16 east; the e 1-i of me (( lm l Ch e m5, Cm
1-4 of see54. township 7,. south of range C i %" sCw). 7u -
11 east. the e 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 7, and ii .
the ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of eec 2, In town- 'H J "
ship 8 Mouth of range 17 east. _F___m p .eigmta.se..

The said ThoansP. oStubbe, W. Scoti y, roFCa(caOinga
e bes T 6ho da y i S bsaid meonth, (oa.LCs............B.................... ."
Tson and Tho mas Peplet, epart- r hofm ant-aClSe 1 sOn e me, e Tl
neas In trade doing business, and trad.
lg under the firm name and ost Byle of _'I at.asSitMSSIat lwT
Stubble. e16on & Company, defendant For _awbatm,.& ..-...
above named and all other persons in.Fr'_ adagmaviIo ,%MU __-.1......... P
qired to arpear to the said actio onNn w .nu.Bi M -U

.Vrot oPlaintff. CLYDE ST. .JOHNS R1VBe
Attorney for Plaintiff. Y.D89SAXY UNBL I -a"

SHERIaInsaid m Jacksonvillot, Falatk4 Sanford, W0terpri8%6,
---n mediate. Ttnsin s on the ft, Jehnum
cult Court of the Sixth Judicial Circuiticsttew Ama. t &. r
Aprill. 89, o n two certain Judgme Is OE. .

wherein the Flnt RIver Laither & eCLerYalSPassee0rMandBrce tOfffaia 2 -
Export Company were platiff i, and W t 5ta p...X. ,
James C. HM fel was defendant I hbae W.. t G.s L ess,1w... Yeah.
1ev0ed upon and will sell on the first sBowin55g S ews ork. .* ".w "..
M ~day I Augsast, 1896, the se being o& %.AinSt. h day 4 t* noro. .. .
the first day in said month and i al g Bowin Omena. N. Y" Wm.A P. CLM W S O S
ale, to the hghest ano d best bidder for r l L ; av.. .
Ans forty orse-iswo-wr co bo .le
one twenty horse-power Talbot & Fey
enanewroee g an Ifao. 2,5 o lWbot & F ay . ..M
leviedIron and Bn-ark.n
the a f i t p& i sa i one dan saw I, one - I
saw l. tw tablhhe ru waodeest Io neh-fod

mea M,5ad- fMlwes Poosed wvitole.
nil tnhe.aove cavo 1. and all oth&bPy.
MUM OM---- -- Who, one]Ra



7 i.~

S tr ohm. S.0 reach ArsrtedI

SLoan A soidaion of Chiai cagoly.
SBrekrly of the Mechanics Bul
Appeared rom that citymfftee
agod -with his accounts $35,000 a
O arrested to this city yeterd.y
S FA OUR MEN of pece "Frank Burke, and
M' U route to Chicago In custody of
Waiter 6. Devereux.
t Chief Burke was notified by
Strive agency some time ago thi
U1, It From Chick.- was believed to be in Tamps
S r a at once began working up thfe
>located his man, but sent for
Id of the Army in scrtptlon, and when that ar
convinced That French .was th
S be used. had located. He' notified the
agency, and Devereux arrived
terday Chief Burke made t
and turned the man over to
heTs Pi -bawho lefr last night for Chlcagx
S .juy it n- rench came to Tampa ten
e^ t4 the" SmB He oGiy had a small amount
bp bs een tsdef et from and seeing a chance to make i
^ to get his^ while the soldiers were campe
iMtfcluo rgetSrding opened a small candy shop on
buall'from dHe kept to" himself and ha(
ME seand every say to any one. dHe had n
tAIt of troops on with him. and has lived a
.*Ska t.Vqt, ST1mpa isinsie hisl arrival. He adm
*Gsi j o sent. Identity when arrested, and
u tuMn to Chicago with Dever
hS n-' ot* owt walting for requilsltion pat
Bt says that he went fro C
oi betTe t 0 eom Denver and lost all of the moe
two oas siU of Immunes lating.
ae"n at G on., re-
wt ofat trwoopa.Ow In Cv- C__
Ia :2 at once. .ut
1 biss'ugt back to the PWersonal Parcsg phs Abon
bhel~miseat to Porto Uota nant People of a Progressiv

cppis" r will both Plant City, Fla., July 19.--M
lAML cottages are in courseof erect
s not than 5- vicinity of the Warneil Mills
t l portio Ro10the result will be quite a mi
M e t ,n%* Cblrulsagja hLnd town over there.
laiss Maggle H- Wilder, a
Awla S Mbe post- home Tuesday after a brief
1 over Cen wases- Waashington and other eastern
heams eleetd e An unfortunate fire ocetu
t, and, to him wUl the miles. east of town on -Monday
dnI c rre~de a week ago, consuming the nl S residence oft Qr. A. H. Powers
= TER WA&. r tents, being some 2,000 Ibs or
S W tobacco, this being the last I
M000U tl 3 with part of the spring crop t
to Powers & Spler.
Dr. P. W.-Sessions has been s
.i -.^ .k Indisposed for several days.
'-Theswar with Heskah IAmnrb, who P
aw ithe l gnaw u r. Hamptons care in Ta
o.t a, trea.s- trn d to his home last week n
attf thb war. proved.
2se, M i SO eo.r Mr. Geo. W. Wilder return
f lto d the line Thursday night, after a resi
haqktAid be ,the cr- some months at the Capital city
assayo jwnsngton.
Mr. Thomas Calmes and Mx
toCllfik, sons-f Mre Dr O. Wr.
on Saturday morning for an c
.rme Se Breese on the East coast.
SSabbath services morning apd
Srt the Presbyterian church by

Mr. -pA Mrs. Wells, with M

Mis. C I. LShannon and II0

S.Depy Interna Rqvenue
of David MrV .Cfte"W.. Of paMgdeua
-'t b' bales of town yesterday morning.

wrt gS tbre United A S dden Death.
S aSSeSa atSrom T.tsday. Dally.
P__t P t. W. Schley, who w
iknow n ITampa as a teacher
ane ead dancing, died very
r y Lsudy, In hi rooma

^as&,a,^i- '""- S C t. mee Le ary of San
Texas who was, accused Qf sl
horse from the government ,a
W *tte vbli drva in this'
ag oa l "1acquitted of the .

S--tr. Cpt LO w S amo

kr -xegsm t transportation train

EM S"- results due to 1
",s af i n thWeWt n t U 1t

0- edeIsa t evG n ashn W W.si-k the

d.- i.e .

quartermaster general at Washington T HEW
for approval. A large number of ra, l-
< road freight agents were In atto,'sna*. T H "
by hoping to secure the hauling uf the sup-. "
0, of IL prile.

Army Will Soon We In Csap on Amelia A THI? CAPU4ED.
IlUng sec Prompt Work of Two Privates o, the
who dis- ift Maryland Regiment.
on montS
ho was Prcm Tuesdays* Nothing Like Paines
r by Chief w D. Young, a colored boy of s tt N othin t-ke Pa.inea
.Sow enMEN WILL BE SA-LY MiSSED t, habit ... and isn.,te n t .... cau, for
.Ut c a -cmmc-. n n h,. vicinity o. pound for Run D w
a detec- P.ik and Frar.k:mn -.:r--tQ about 1I
a t F re n c h .-('.. ...to -t o tto .r H ec c a l lA
a, and he Citizens of Tampa Re.gret the De- :, y, '.terda- after:. .-.ntHe cTampl
case. He
fuller de- partureof the Regultr and Vo'- I -.. an k. for a dr.rck of water.
rived waste unteer Soldiers-Business Will Ik A r.la o th proprietress handed him
ie man ne the iater, and as she did so, be enat
detective Suffer Considerablv. he w d a se dd ,e at- .
here yes- ched a purse from her hand and made a
the arrest. dash for the negro bar just back of the
Devernux, Saratoga Salooun. The girl held on and
o with his From Tuesday'p Daily screamed for help.
weeks ago. The troops now here have be-n Neither provost guard nor police hap-
of moneY, ordered removed from Tampa, and prpp- opened near, so Privates Hathaway and
d here. he aratlons for.their removal to Feernan- Donahco of Company K. Fifth Mary-
Franklin dina or Tybe are now In progress. The land Voluntee r marched boldly into the
present prospect is that by the end of gambling room crowded with the
d tale to this week. there will not be more than "tough" man's riEnds, and when he
quiet life on regiment left in Tampa. was proonted out to them, arrested him,
itted his The order for removal of the troops aand carried him out In spite of his
agreed LO to Fernandina -was received yesterday, friends and protestations of innocence
veax with- and it is understood that orders were on his part, and escorted him to the city,
pere. He
hcago to at once given for several regiments to jail, here he was searched and lie-ked
oey spec- .pack up and strike tents this morning, up
so as to be ready to leave this afternoon. The m-.oney was not found, but as it
The first regiments to leave will be those ,vas several minutes after he wene il.o .
ERS. j at Palmetto Beach, as that camp was the car before ne was arrested, it is pre- -
condemned nearly two weeks ago, as sumpd the money was passed to a c)n-
t Promi. being located on low ground, federa-e, who was not detected.
re Town. If high ground with a healthy Ilcation
with an abundance of good water is NEWS FROM KNXIGHIS STATION
&any neat e what is wanted the authorities need look
Ion in the no further than Tampa Helghts to find Local I'emse From a Flourishing Lit-
location, these requisites. The camp site occu- tie Hillbarough Village.
ll suburb Pled by the United Stales regular troops
for two months was found to be entirely Knight's Station. Juy 19. -De.lghtful I
rrivcd at satisfactory. It is certainly high and weather here. very little rain the last
visit to dry, even n the midst of the rainy sea- few days, and varm nights to perfere-
n cities. son. There Is an abundance of clear, lion. %
rred five cool water, and there Is far more shade W. S. Knight & Sons; Knight & I
y evening than can be found on Amelia Beach, Whistier: J.. K. Martin and others areI
country near Fernandlna, or at Tybe. busy cutting tobacco, verily the smok-s
and ccrn- The news of the departure -. the ing and .-pitting public will be kept
7 more of troops spread rapidly around the city busy, notwithstanding the past dry
fall crop, last night, and was received with uni- time.
belonging versal regret for there is no denving Garden truck has almost become a Gov. Elsha Dyer was elected Gover- well. should compel th.
the fact that every line of business in matter of history; and the corn "crau" nor of Rhode Island in 1897 and ru-elec- every judieous senm t wE
somewhat Tampa has been greatly benefitted by is like the Arkansas sheriff's fugitive ted in 188. health.
the presence of the soldier boys. Their from justice, non est, come-at a-mus: Gov. IDyer is a graduate from Brown The underljpl cause .f
has been departure will be keenly felt, and all in a swampus, up a stumpus, ad-Ult-er- University and Glemen University. Ger- biltty, appeaeatl n t eeuche
impa ,re- hope that as eoon as the present excess- rall-orm." many. He served as Sergeant during sleeple nei and g.araig
much .m- Ive hot spell is over the War Depart- Our fellow countryman, the only and the Civil War; and was Adjutant Oen- nustrilda of the e Wtsners
ment will again send troops here for irreproachable Hon. Ben Wells. got lost eral of Rhode Island from 1882 to 189L. Sro toag Uthe iPoo&t
d nome embarkation, provided of course the w'ar in the shuffle. Col. Young was too old He wrote, April 17. 1898: an baund' M. bySa=
denoe ut has not ended by that time. for him. "Thus we see our tondest "I have heard so many flattering yes c~ notnMA ..
y, Wah-. At least one regiment will be left here hopeS decay, etc." statements of what Palne's Celery Com- take la into qot el..
to guard the immense amount of gov- Well, we've been to Tampa and have pound has done that I feel sure It will Cos4mpeand a-eva
. VivIan ernment property in this city and at seen "the world go by." "-All the be of very great benefit to me. ipartlcu- reifates lS ____l__ s
eight, left Port Tampa. The quartermaster's de- world's a etago" said Billy 6-. Thus larly at ths time when I have so .much ao sm tha l m J .
Outing at apartment will have to remain here for we saw it in a condensed form on anxiety and nervous strain." n t whie
sometime yet, and there is still a good Franklin street. We firmly believe Paine's Celery Compound, upon uAheh r d 94 h
I evening chance of the larger part of the Porto that every phase of human character so much praise has been bestowed, orhermandis s esSMW
the Rev. Rloo expedition leaving from Port Is represented in' the United States which the wealthy and those in the OtUhr d leu. be
Tampa, so taken altogether, things are army from the grand noble puriminded highest positions unhesltatlnglyendorse, ous lheade aa
rs. C. C not as bad as they might be. The peo- youth, still in love with his mother, and is within the reach of the humblest brought sbot 1*t a"
at honie ple of Tampa must realize that the fresh from the college and the farm, family in the land. t oftheB V '- l
troops will have to leave at one time cr down to the regular frden the sundried The Inealeulabl amount f good ItAat m
de ugh- another. and the present movement "hobo" fresh from the slums of New Pains's Celery Compound it dota n sheggltt- 4
nds oD will serve to remind them ot the fact. York. The old saying. It takes all making sick and even desaiintxg people;',blt y. .I negt
--- kinds of people to make a world, seems
n R Lhomc T SOLDI= REBO to have an echo in the army. T ,er
Wy --- We saw a sight on Franklin street -" E- M 0 o
Collector Iroops and Trsports, Orders and at the South Florida railroad crossing. -
Sa onter Idem 'that was indeed trilinng. A picka- Thu e Jh l aRgiM b ft R e ..
ninny about right for a large alligator Ternndal It t--NIMgti- for a htie itt~- A-.
Orders and counter orders are rolling bait, mistook to cross the ocean of soft Rico dpitOU. eadi*. troops. -.
In from the War Department regarding mud on the railroad iron; he had gone A gentl .
the movement of troops and transports, about halt way when his foot slipped; prom Wednem ye' Dasll. from W.s
and the quartermaster's department is for one moment he 'turned in the air By the end of- the week there will not c '
as well- kept busy shipping supplies to Port reaching out wildly, then with a dis- be more than one regiment of soldlrs ad not jh-d
r of lan- Tampa to be loaded on transports, and paring look upon his face. mixed with left in Tampa, and that will oBay'. poe id Po"o i
suddenly then have them stored in a warehouse one which seemed to say "Jes xl spec- left here to guard the large somrt soed trougl iiP tb
ws ro- for an indefinite time, while some other ted" he disappeared in the allme, some government stores and supplies for the Mpau.,fsanl 9teth.s Igg
sIclan as order is being carried into effect may have thought that he was gone for- army in Cubs and Porto Ri1o*. b establ'sedt
sent last The steamship Cherokee which started ever, but no; after a few moments of The movement of troepu began ist I'
h. where away from the Port with the Miale- breathless sueense on the part of the. night withl the departure of the Thirty- Waw, Teasa ,:-le
yw man- a lppi and other vessel last Saturday, spectators, he rose to the surface, second Michigan volunteer pantry userigee.d w
f one of was again lying at anchor in the bay climbed up on the railroad and slowly regiment over the Plant Stem nd J. Gret I r.|
4oela- yesterday. She was ordered back from winded hie way down the track a whiter T. & K. W. Ry.. for Jacshonvite and trouble. S nk n M
dtwhom is Quarantine to take on bard a party of and muddier coon. We are glad we Fernandina. The i8txty-ninth Newo it -
here ad paymasteris going to Santiago to pay don't liene cn Franklin street. York, First Florida. Second Georgta, JNO H. a l W .
off Shafters army. The party will go BARTELLO. and Third an Ifth Ohio intntry regi- SJA LAiKLAJS.- --
aboard the steamer to-day, and will sail menta will leave to-day and tt-morrow PATITU DIXOn. -'P
Antonio, this evening. Those In the party re: The F. C. & P: and the Plant System for the same place. The orderr for de- W. J. CO,? '-" ,I.
dealing a Mlajors S. S. Harvey, C. C. Smith, S. R. will both profit temporarily by the parture direest the reigments to go to 'BILL HAR -S.. .(ua
day or MaMllan, George B Gould, Moses S. movement a0 troops from Tampa to Femandina. a termorary camp site. A l exploded e
etti was Doyan. George E. Pickett, John H. Fernandina for the Quartermaster'a While these troops are going troun a t __g -Om
lar Iy Townsend, Charles A. Smnylie, George D. department has arrayed for each rad here to Fernandlana. six of te remains t
out a Sherman, George H. Fay, Eugene Coffin. to carry an equal number of troops. thfantry regtaents, and all of the cav- corer o ai
... ....bo.. t u -o

w -Yo k Samuel D. C. Hayes. John W. Folger The Plant eyetem carried out the frat alry and artillery are preparing to L 9 ... t ad t
S and Henry B. May. The troops are to lot last night. This movement consis- on board the transport now here, and alarm.-
Swmhich he paid to June 30. There will be paid ted of 1,300 oecers and men of the start as soon as possible for Santlago. h ft ae t .S Oi
tb great out about 066.000. The average Is Thirty-second Michigan reglment,whbch The loading tran rt wa atvely h=pS ef*f
aciserit about U2,000 for the offlieers and men of has been camped at Palmetto Beach. It resumed yesterday, ead is b pl
each regiment, and it is estimated that required six trains to carry the regl- Six batteries of CC1 aMrtOy are bW d .
there are at least 25.000 men with Shaf- meant and baggage. The route was'via, loaded on the Dteam "p Decatur il urW Atr..' Wn M'
Duke of ter, and that the payroll of the general Sanford and -ver the J. T. & K. W. to ller, transport Nco.A. .
Se e-the staff will amount to $40,00. rhis money Jasotnvillle, where the soldiers will be The stehm WhltpW is bel.g loaded
dw' ote Is now here, and Is guarded by a detall, transferred to the F. C. & P. with the stores and WMPlI 0O tbe / I.
SeTamp that hat orders to shoot without chal- engineer and lanal corps. The la
spend to- lenge, any -person found prowling Mia Mame L ou Thomas. one of Bar- tramp ship Arkadia la tted up for ea I gV,- "
Friends around the repository. On board the tow's most popular and accomplished airy, and an of the cavalry regiaL. "i ,,II
he doesid hip there will be a special guard at al young ladies, returned home yesterday now here will be loaded on this vesse n
one office hours to watch the soldier's cash. evening. tMiss Thomas has been visit- Transport No. 2, arrived yesterday It r, lM
The transport Arcadia came in to the ing her grandfather, Mr. E. S. Tyner, was formerly the British 0teaMserW
wharf as Port Tampa yesterday morn- one of Tampa's prominent citizens, and Port Victor, and was purchased by the D lest
at of the ing, and is taking on supplies. She she will be missed by a host of friends Quartermaster's Department The s e yeteras ,,".;
naDlvlle, is fitted for carrying horses, and dill be a dmrers. steamer Cherolee, transport No 4. x d
lemocrtse used to transport the remnant of cav- Mr. C. M. Knott has sold his abstract still lying at the dock waiting f r order iepi'I.d
yt Ager- adry regiments stationed here. The business to SMr. H. R. Smith of Orlando, and the paymasters who expected to V -1ARIIO 1 9
was here Modhawk and the Whitney are lying in Fla. Mr. Smith will move his family leave on her yesterday are still wat ..
e govern- the stream, the Decatur H.Eellei is 1at to Tampa in a few weeks. Mr. Knott They are in no particular huary to get.,
Wer were the dock being repaired, She wiil bei will continue to reside in South Flirlda's to Santiago, bat will start whenever and 6it oi..in
Rogers toIinetropo ae wher ee enagd
De a- redy to depart in a day or two. it etoo, where he will enge in pri- tie quartermer Provdes them with -'ad g49-
is now reported at the quartermsster's Mr. Smith Into our midstL and predicts trnsprOtation- i I '
headquarters that no more thansports for him a brilliant success The Cherokee is to carry the First The British i -
TrooP C will come to Tampa from Santlago, andi Slle ke left yesterday under Ohio or -th nd regtt in- was At
tr_ that these now here will be sent toSan- tMIssalloe Star-lie leftyesterdayndrOor-tI g ets t
--.ot er tia with trooer and will be pitt o' "a- the care of a trained nurse for her hume antry 1e addition too the p5st -tLd
.the d iposal of General SIl-ts to ncr) -Bowling Green. Miss taxk h asT m off nntrtlil Ca-
r ex- troopsto Potof Gener to rrbeen quite sick In this c* b for several to be n to t"he front will I vesmli
kay.-even- weeks, and her many friends will be do- on the t s N.clohell r sa.t
1 DBids were received and opened yes- r m r b e Florida and Fanit. All of t kters
Stf allyt terday by the dbpot quartermaster for lighted to know that her condition wI Fiet away b aore the end a thed wit .~e.
ill he ex- turnishing the Fourth army corps with permit her going home. The awmpasy H otel w .*.S.. i ,
to in f cr hdred eroa of oats and rix EdiFtor Louis J. Brumb y of the Ocala used as headqu arte? for q J e eO
hundred carloads 0f hay. There were r. Preas wa o t my armyo e
a isBot g sixteen bidders, the lowest bean F G. W. rgeehPress, was among the many dig- &'Room' e. 1
wwis Br-nke. of Atlanta, Ga.. who bid 7 2. .14 rshed visitors tq the city yesterday. _l_ ss*desP e
dr e cents pe ofirelnt on hay a nid 7arl1 &, and made this office an appreciated btra- nbo t It t" t
R. als cents per htanried on hay and Karly &,breakfts-0
Daniel O Wf inlaati, who b'd L1S er the odirs:
I es blel ret aon oata Catract -was not S. w.l wSer of Whitney, Is a guestt bn Z
S.. am bM have to .t9 m 0 .9 .1.. -... ,.; .... .^"m
B '^ ;- :'-'.,' ", .. "* *.. . -' <. .. .- :_,v* -- :..,.T..o- ... :.. -iL


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