Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: July 14, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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%..EKLY Y ?T:R I B T

". ..
;..." '"" TAMPA, FLORIDA. THURSDAY. JULY 14, 188. .. ..."

Sby the S nish -eneraJ, But the Army Had Dis- Spanish Cabinet Resigns and a During Armistie Soders
..app. ed and i ow Nearg avana. New Cabineftis Formed. and Escaped From~u

m O t0 c A uAARIY ISm e II[

k Lines and Surrendered to the Americans, Imploring Them Not I ga at mt Opee The Spdniards Carried Arm im. PtW vb i k
i, 1. oy Their Propery by B b t of the ,City. o Ii BtcSOM t oi a t

Setelio to- w. about five hundred in the hospitals CAPOS IS NOW THE CAPTAN peci the Tribune. Sp ish
lml e e- -rb a agreat'dald of suffering The only explanation of this wonderful n Washin g ato an i t t ueg
Ed HAN lkwn rApp o the eivedifro bszotgi ae sg60ha O
sdig bt s ays amang the people wbo have gone out of falling off in the number of men In the a eo during the armistice the e tt au y '
h b the E- as. I am doing my best to re- army of Santiago is the confirmation of aited to the the S sh soldiers e e Sa t
Att iiio has lieve it, tbat am not entirely successful. the rumor that while the armistice was te Provine of avana to oin General Blan s
Thse sodir aree3na to iooin eral Bl heS M. '
S"lAFTLR." in effect, the Spanish soldiers were be- rid-People of Spats are Utch loohe oldiers or Ste rsto jep w h i
7 r- The London dispatch stated that Gen. Ing smuggled out of the city through Pleaed With the Change. fled to hebony and other tace, tLet
a bombhardmenL Evesy thing of
SToral came out udder a flag of truce, the portion of country that the Ameri- was taken from these houses and when atla 5
t~from and was met by General Lawton. As cans did not have closely guarded. the people return. I they eer t.
nly B an.e the Spanish General made The chagrin of General Shafter was Special to the Tribune. wit fnard en a little ofn t oheJj eal r a l reSe
S' known hil Identity he wid escorted to great, for General Miles had Just arrived Lndon. July 12--Tl e Timere o -day that General Shaftr permitted the per. ~
publishes the following from its adrideng t-last too long. affording the op-
Qe^ml MI. 0 gr Oenees Snfter's headquarters, and the at the front with four thousand rein- correspondent: portunity fcr escape with arms and pro woive M a
Lgr'la ra -l ins for surrender of the city "forcements and General Shafter was Senr Sagasta went to the pace The plan of attack as arranged or 4
w.i a 3WIere soon completed. General Toral at contemplating Informing him lhat he tto-day and tendered his resignation, to-morrow, is for both the army and' to2-es oWlant eliW
10, tWWasft f nst lnstte d upon the surrender of the had the city at his meMAy and could take and that of the Cabinet. It is said that navy to partcipate In an attack upon General nw
eaOn city without the army.but General Sha- It at any time. I he .dvs the Queen et the city a fo i ons.
a new cabinet, largely onsistlg of the Treo heavy hatterte= wll be h gt itotIs-d__
S" ter deCared tht the president of the It was the general impression that the military element, which would not nee y, and t is beved that the
M U' cusrps Cop United States had directed him to in- news of General We arrival with essarily mean the adoption of a war-like o errIble execution. P
pi 4 ,K iSh vythtosisat utopon an unconditional surrender, -strong reinforcements had Induced the policy, but probably the reverse ate he tas'swillenbedthe pn haet- 1-- --
^tet Nmdthat he had no discretion in te mat- Spaniards to smrrender before there was "It l generally expected that the tlrles, and It Is necessary to ke sas -
Sany more blood shed. The natives cf suit may possibly be merely a partial The navy will assist in the odi
S. Toral then agreed tI General the province of Saneo were greatly reconstruction of the cabinet. The netb shelling the forts at the -
ttl terl termI and silned the articles pleased to learn that the Americans mirj-tets are now in council, and Senor ps for the war vessels to enter and V .
." L apitustion, surrder-ing his entire were to take charge, and tut ti C0- aga, ha- du.ul.ss communicated to join In the attack upon the city. eant Charls-
d D -pitn2 ndthectyad nceofS b&ns are to have nothing to do wlhan them an account of is audience with the tis maa StSSh m
rmy anla the city and province of an- mat gement, o0 te guveruicnt un- Queen Regent." TaKB HOT IPS FOB PZA f o w 5
laa. .1 tagip as far a s be had any jurisdiction til every Spaniard psintg as a combat- un leaving th. cabinet council the T I =
f^ <1 ^ tbsm large numoers past the headquarters u Ll dcLrcd hat had mtu- a C 3 dt
Il tbt bat When it came to specifying the nam- the hospital corPs, and with flag of tually engaged to maintain the strictest Cannot Be5gm Nw.
S t mt rug by bers in the Spanish army that were to truce flying, have demanded that the reserve on the subject of their delibera. .
city be surrendered. tS, special to the T r ihu31 0s Wla [. .
Sh be surrendered, there was a eat sur- A. le Dmber of influential csens .Duke Aomodovar de Rio, minister of Maadrid, Jy IL-Marshal Mart
r"" ise for M t&e, MecM gerai. He was who had remained in ftntiago up to the
-1.- d"b"' .Present time, reached the commanding foreign affairs, had an audience ith the Campos. In thei oour fn of s nenw .
gravely Informed by the Spanish corn- general, and impluord him not t)o b-m- Queen Regent and subsequently an im- at nabgtia l an, a e it Mhal etmsmal tI t
-o or that he had only twenty-two bard the city as they had now only tacr pat conference with the French entered upon the Sa ansd Amer
-tus left, SWd they prayed that they eanmbasdor. The ae. t resined in s bve..,,uW lt ps for the reand thatsr
Sme na at bhUdred menotT his command including be pared from destruction a ofoecnT resined inO a for reaso tattr
consequence of l"reconc.llable differen- the time was not yet rs-Its
Mes of opi on op the queitidn of initiat He had advocated reforms tor Cnha etalft Uais
Iooinoothquewtidn of inrttat- since 1ii. .but autonomy. NM tul e -&
t loB. Te vesel wil ar peace negotaions recognized that utocy had not Xyield.
.. t bS rundri ad fif-ty Cubksd and a large AW S t" -- ed the e(peated resule partly o n cpeprs-
-' I'M0 tarWsuPP and munits--of war -- Queen 2e9eM Rdy for Peace. quenceof the Isand wa,"Aid parbtl -
s the Ctano s andEr General Gomse. Six Hundred Osptured at tiago cae- it had beesgr td t"o late
Tf Ih larg eStesmrhip Misiwslp, re- are ow CoaGned at Po tmu th, Special to the Tribune. nis wbtermi e, aSeroo c.

2I^e;^i=S* r-i^' ad i SlapS lb Pi-soners who were brought to without any mneltation of the powers, cerned at the loss of Amaorml C"Yks'
S b.l hs-sltess" l De1t. r Miler, of this port in the auxiliary cruiser St. pro-Ided the cnditlons are not tOo se- 4u5donthan at the positalt at 41S.he ahSsoid _
tle Mgceaw A s Muiers Tranesportation Louis from Santiago, numbering 89C vere. "I believe," he adged, "that n an.d wielte_ i
er " Coag y. .mger ". of toe Shafter ex. of the men who formed part of the crew 'jer concession at present is a dec- the monarchy are intimately euhisedIi. 1. Che-l
". P at- 'he "ro" "he k t ft e I Fht K i n T a ce fu l s d n om - fiction for the Q etat i e .
petl-n, has arrived 8s ntiago. of Admira-Cervera's squadron, are to- laration f ladependence of Cubao" but I am first of Inr a Sduaelasl M a to 'B
SSSl w erB- si* u to a td atanhituri, PratIve comfort In the new barrache e ___ greater."-A
l- ta.'s. esw her eargo was dtscharged, She ereted for them on Searys Island. gecia to the Tin El Trrparrtal says thae Ciratists ae a "....
of wi.r.B la Wth eava l ar~ arUey and Arondr d them is a guard af ill marines, tPatos tJl i eo Bas, h a it s ou e tha an t -the*o

he O wichtfeed the firt time patheic sight from beginning to end, at Madid, which wil be published to- ba against the Ambricasm, 'a5 the Cu- GshS lltlt

ie.. t' m etm Is htee sa. uus. she cf nity wrt h thoe fatmen oftn a tegents sanction, witi form a new cab- session of Cats. "gt'?ha Shith -tb o oasewltr

i t t with e stgua rcorpsevenoadlap tf whled rsh. .W... .
-1 ting a pes-t bhad on potin what wa oneam t The new cabinet will consist of te s would he
Major kber is In form. When the men landed, some ei Senorsa aA, Nvarro, Rodsgo s to .
10them weesoeak that they could not Aimodavor, Derlo, Rian and General to rejetIS
f S ^ SSlu '.dSl *~t SLItcbre wea brought, and bT the aId signifiled their wiltl nes to accept. ".the aexg
I--at lPrt N^i Tg has, cptu..of l ayr comrade Were carried to the lahi Sl ?the 0m, nmedl n ta w eeS
1W 4" Part Tg~npa "_ 4W t g.ft fte. -, ,-tey-roees placed"o Captan General of Cuba. has been ap- Yankees."
t hegras... pointed Captain General of Madrid.
The patoise of the provinces are
tB-.,_rli ,sl ^^ Mu R g Ueatly pleased withthe change, andt .. "..
||B^^^^,-onIM^ &n- S L ^S^ L s- ^
esa t ~uta~si. a~ es- ..~..wIs believed that the new cabinet winla
jib&gm Wlgw3bqg aM once begin peace negutistlousm*
-c It is rumored on the streets of Mad-.ap9 5 tl^ .ij b! w
lilb -00; 0-Oas hage Tas a R d abr. .4ri t-ngh tatSantitago hais falem O Secal to wlo ma40o
.Itgyard to" k o dLadec to the TrIbue en o".
7W. t es 011 ywa-. July s1-euten- TAX STAXIS ON T NLUSRSAX EL eler .R-7-C. A,.
+d=1MSS,.uyl "d--.- ...,. ..^., -
ant tm.or0 n w--the Seeo-w-qo w..

-Isi ~.s- y n tb CaroeIn regiment, and founrw s ar-. on m a ex s eusts s 3 ra-ts t p
wi. t~=)so-fr5w mo"wllea ) sV onhthe stesgeship 5. tnr- urh this

"ad itate to traf ovm r WN ..
5*ow wq a~Sqoisinmr-wmorning fos -qlNewonth
"i! m '-Teh hand _r-ng I n e Special to the Tribune. gated
1-* hsbeothe re -Who, haven ,w Atianta, Gan, Jly el-The Rail road.l _ni t'"erof

B^ -- i s e~. p ro- t .at4J Ad eirtl f0am The se two dCa rect It nreaon to the tariff of tb e on- .steer. says that w
^ 4aga and ghsesg M Go S rutet They have hess sea- companies Is fapear and maske 9tL o w- nedLtng firingonwor O and&0
the ess s-esivd Is~4to hes jura t l netlg on July 19 on to thea ondect In re- Red CroSfags, AWour solwp did9
threhey years thehahdveaboroatv hesitad llteto ovellr apsaw
i e sas ns. hetiw was e en ns to ifs. r evse tis to to the Cubans who e o thots-
thaOam I~ti. ~ lefit tiae r~g'imenT, alang -with oltmfssages and express shUpments, Jo Ths practice still costiile sin te lt5 1

In lftin of t Mh u^f pO i whl O rot to J Bs ot be or der It Is alleged that th Isd ever ca o n In- Generalhl after s d enials sas f-
~ ~ ~ sh 1 %, wile f r ouCasl.t hee t wo U direct increase in the tariff of the ecom-
-Bii ii''W h tely raT, thwa they thave delo l a t era. ee'S ln Sag
lids, overcharge, and why, if the vol se- cwtlt h rbn
to cauimeiat Odci-ctnfeksonviie. not tie used In each and evenryan of' Washicpton, TWU.e11- e SieaSaf A
Reuch violation, ter's aval bjef i .t o -day, atdimftear ,,
!r f ez-l tho artibqe, I -seetancdsc
lW p 1rw -sA*"Aet~nJuly Li--W~imam len- Daho aHr. the dead and'voundel, Is 2UNERis
SI-ne' re~egimet of Nebraska ina mn accos-diq; to mihary esiiruf
L m,._.-. ic -dW was Ordered t qjoin Gen. Private Got0khteinwer of Trop I, .. L;
-. es n Gpe at Jaceonvtie. die MIn themntsao he Hak:te es- M an-- -

- - - i

.. .. ..... ......
S h..... 2...
*o *

ba g rana e ifurnbsed#at amen -

I 5%_'-'. in.s..... .


bea- Tr- fp m Pino ia 11t
I'.of Il se -- -,ty e
. "l i "o

att. v# eeased their

' aeap maa Into a scrape

t but we

I straftessucy

I .ad Sanrtia

IO'e. Zem, ow UuvM av.

^ | diStSBk Cm.SilkraI camera

0 In that 4 anint

tiag on the rush, and everybody
tb nas aEy fti T os il -***
Fram the largest to the smallest, ar
from the richest to the poorest; -very-.
b"-ta.HaIs ln".A rtch harvest in spriig
time. The war has probably helped
T&* az iMo than any oaher 017 In the
' country on aceomt of its natWal and
acqilA-d a vastages over .P1 other
plame as the t convenient and su-
perior port of embarkation for the army
of invasion Every expedition yet has
left this place for the Cuban battlefields
and everyone that Is to go will depart
from here.
The war expenditures for provisions
and equipment for the army and for
the pay of the soldiers In putting in cir-
culation much money where it is needed
and Tsa a iS getting its share of it.
The army gvees employment to 200,-
1 more men, a great part of whom
were idle when they enlisted, and those
who, left private employment' created
Ivae"cies which were fined from the
azsks of t* untmployed. Thi has had
Athe effect' bomewat" of itcpreving the
.ondltlons of labor in general all over
the country. It has given bust-
ne. & big stimumus and everybody Is
very well pleaded with the summer out-

The Jacksonv llle Metropolis saya that
one of-the news boys made $4 for him-
self selling that paper the other even
lasg, and seems to thin that It Is somRe-
thi phenomenal. The Tribune has a
scoreee of boys that make more than that
evesy dayT One little fellow that sell
the Tribune, who Is only fourteen years
old, and Is tosgue-tied at that, and
kaown as "Dutchey" Ryals, made $32.25
for himself In one week and never
worked after nine o'clock in the morn-
ing eIther. We suppose $4 a day Is
good money for a Jacksonville newsboy,
tat if oar Tribune boys could not make
more than that selling the Tribune, they
would commit suicide or quit the busl-

Mr. Cleveland retained a Republican
consul general at Havana, and Mr. Mc-
retatned a Democrat there. Mr. Mc-
KiEdey also appointed a Democrat to be
s tlatnt se cretary of state on aioeunt
of his special qoruteaftoPm for the office,
and swW has appolttetd as minister to
Turkrey the best man in the country for
that pgodtion, though he had to go out-
side of the pas"y for him. Public office
is not & largesse to be thrown to the
populace, or dotributed among one's
feYndoa,. or the henchmen of political
bosses; it demands aMbtty and training,
and the macouty Is Iatited to have Its
h terests rather than those of Irodlvd-
uat ~oedsexed n itas bestowal.

Joy comea-ith an accent when on the
heels of 00om. EXiaratU ti doubly

Good news 'I the nest of an ll when It
toke theae e of Intelgence that
Iaf t& z e's frst fp#batch of aun-
4imnkWeAUe thealtttm catser darklyi
auto Ii 'd i4 N wmeaftre thha hts
1gcpm Wan w irwastdWprior to the
a._ seI.. AMC' Oarers's fleet. That
.methowgwld the whole s
,tta. V.,ory WaLs ontcedrro
s.lI f Mie te. Our trturph was
conp a.. et th.m, looked dckE for

.-Tpm" a tradeers aw getting few and
'*. i .s.. I t.,owI seem that It Is
ito ai l t.e a American people to

pea ot '-anclan andh there was

aatePt 'erau -a of
hshllte-SP tIS l san army is full of heroes.

Face, Hands and Armes overed
Sorofulous Humors- How a Cure

"Wbma Sieyears old my little boy ad
eaofulaOUl his face, handt and sha&. It
1 wMwas 4aa ehi t, .irhnugh the sores.
on his cheeks and ulndi were very bad.
It spstared a the form of red pimples
which woald fester, break open and run
and then acb over. ALer disappearing
they would break out again. They caused
intense itching and the little sufferer bad
to be watched ontinually to keep him
from icataiag the sores. We became
greatly alarmed at his condition. My
wife's mother had had scrofula and the
only medicine which had helped her was
Hood's Sarmaparila. We decided to give
It to our boy and wo no:ed an improve-
ment in his case very Foon. After giving
him four bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla
the humor had all been driven out of his
blood and it has never sinoa returned."
WILLIAM BAuvr, 410 dSothi Williams SL.,
South Bend, Indianas
tYonean bhy Hood's Sarsaparil of all
druggists. Be sure to get only Hood's.
r ne Live-;Us: to 6"Y toks.
Hood's PKS, ,y ........ opt 5 t-.

There seems to be no reason now why
9paln should not pack her duds and
leave this hemisphere. She ought to
be convinced. She must seq thai her
time had come .6 move. Why should
she prolong the trouble?-Macon Tele-
The war editors of the Germzh press,
we are told by a Berlin dispatch, "con-
tinue to regard the situation as very un-
favorable for the Amnericans, as well as
for the Spaniards. For whom do they
regard It as favorable, then-the Ger-
manS?-Louisville Courier-Journal.
Sampson's absence at the beginning
of the engagement was in the line of his
duty in co-operation with General Shaf-
ter, and it speaks well for the American
navy that in any emergency, no matter
who may be In command. its fleets are
equal to every sudden call of duty.-
Washington Star.
The, war has shown that the staff de-
partments need a thorough overhaul-
Ing, and that provision should be made
for an adequate reserve of arms and
equipment. If these matters be at-
tended to, the volunteers will meet every
demand that may be made upon them
in every crisis of the country's fate.-
New Orleans Times-Democrat.
As a circus the campaign party seems
to be a failure this year. It needs an
Irby.-Aiken Journal and Review.
The Louisville Courier-Journal says:
"It will soon be Santlagone." This is
certainly Santlagonizing. Chicago
Colonel Satan of Teanesees, is now a
fixture, and he wil remain In Tenneme.
Satan knows where he belongs.-(alves-
ton NIfew
Gen. Joe Wheeler is one of the con-
gressmen who talked for war and who
Is now proving his faith by his works.-
Knqxylie JawrsO vnd Tribue.
If as Blanct cabled the Spanish flet.
headed mbor Habana. we are forced to
conclude that it selected a roundabout
and reely rout-Columtbia State.
Shifter and amnpon tave made this
Fourth of July the most memorable in
the history of the country sove one-
and that the first one.-Manon News.
Spain will do wel to put her remain-
ing war ships In safe deposit vaults,
Bottling them doee't appear to be effi-
cacious as a method of preservation.-
Philadelphia North Ameriran.
Considering all the circumstances we
do not see how we can consclentIously
avoid the observation that while Mr.
'Dewey, at .Manila, has severe methods
Mr. Sampson at Seantiago, has Cervera.
-Greenville News.
The way old mnan Sampson carried off
the gates of Ghasa wasn't a circum-
stance to the way young mainaimpeon,
who Is old man Sampson now that old
man Sampson is gone-carried off the
gates of Santiago bay.-Griffin News.
After perusing a special cable dispatch'

by W. R. Hearst. the Napoleon of NeW
York journalism, we have reached the
conclusion that what Mr. Hearst's
"Cepy" most needs is a good strong
editor with a blue pencil and the ruth-_
less courage of hisa onvietions.-enIcago-
The Sp&ni*h papers dil hoodos their
pe 1te. ,-at -the.-a will come a, snow-
4qwa end- wbh q iscomes A fonso's
throne will be no n orme.
With the thermometer at tW4 In the
shade in Washington and congress in
session, excwrsilon tickets from that city
are immensely popular.

The eagle's throat ts a wee bit hoarse,
but otherwise he feels very well, In
deJ, immensely popular.

The New York Tribune nominates
Htson as chairman of the reception
commttt ^ in Santiago.
Tampa will have paved streets by next
spring if nothing unforseen tam up.
Now i! the time to coae Suth -ad
grow up with the country.
Sunday seems to be Ude.Sam's fav-
orke fighting ds.'
tAs Oerv ed ) H-bstn, so -taair
CeINt be w Cti d.

N a i -I

in Maryland 4go look after the
wAnt -s the fam lita Jf_.ao dlerj
who are in the army. The plan of the
ladies is to secure, possible, an offmcal
Enlistment rol of the Maryland regl
Inbats and na val reserve. TIteM, r.SI "
dition to the correct name and address
of his nearest kin.
The committee will then systematlcal-
ly read the dally papers, and from this,
and every other available source at in-
formation, follow the course of the
Maryland men. It will note all acct-
dents or sickness reported, and, in came
of battle, the list of the killed or woun-
ded,or those receiving special honors for
heroism. AS soon as the Maryland
name appears the committee ,will, with-
out delay, visit the family and officially
tender its service. This will be rend-
ered according to the need.
Financial aid will be given when nec-
essary, and correspondence with army
oficiale or individuals concerning the
killed or wounded will be undertaken.
Through its legal protective branch the
organization will be useful in securing
pensions for proper persons or -prevent
Ing their issuance to unworthy persons.
In homes where trouble comes that need
no practical aid, the committee will
tender the sympathy of other women.
The work is to be conducted with rys.
tem and with the advice of such city
organizations as can most efficiently
render it.
There should be a sTonilar organization
in every city. Jacksnv;'!;e indy net
need one lust no\i,. but ;he % ill. ; (-r)is
before the wir ends,
Those who have remaini;u at horre,
and are irn psouzmin of wealth, or who
are receiving good salaries, can afford
to show their patriotism as wveil a thalr
kindly imnpulse3 by contributing to pr.o
vent the quff.;rino of any soldier's vlf
or ch!ll f ,r the necessitie ,or life.
The man .r co.mumerc nay .j.ast (..f
his superiority as a provider of money
and ma-erial to carry on the war. But
the woman patriot knows her line of
duty, and she follows it with unceasing
energy. Her's Is the arm upon which
the wounded soldier leans for support,
her's the heart to which he looks for
sympathy and compassion. Woman,
in time ot war, as in time of peace, sla
thus the heart throb of creation.
Rilltborough county is all right. The
farmers iOf this section are the best
situated of any In America. Even if
the drouth did cause a failure of the to-
bacco and vegetable crops in the spring,
the fail crops will more than reimburse
the farmers who will devote their time
and energy to them.
There im nothing in the war tax that
requires telegraph operators or bank
clerks to lick stamps for their custom-
ere. Stick on your own stamp.
Bae baR enthMusasts in fouth Flor-
ida bave all joined the army and are
engaged In the laudable undertaking
of knocking the fpaniards out,
Probably the largest check ever
drawn im Tan ain artsinese 'way a
deposited a day or two ago in the
at- E C was gove
In pay for-slipples furnished the gov
enmUent,-GatpavlUUa Sun.
In two years time Tampa will be th
imos charminA g outb 'city in the
South. Just wait until we get all of
our modern InWrovements woiAh are a
Every tman a stomfd thathhere is
nothing like rain water "for refresh-
ing the earth; but some men want sme.
thing stronger to refresh themsel9es
The Tribune is aepng right up with
the war reports. For the very latest
,war news at all times and under all dir-
emaistances you can flid it in the Tri
The confidence man and the con
drel who plans to swindle the confldin,
always have the heat letters of resoom
mendaton and tdoreementa.
Esped liars from Havana report
that Blaneo has been wounded by Span-
ish soldiers. He ham probably been
wounded only in his feeligs.
Tampa real estate Is a safe invemlnen
for those that have money to grow
rIch on.
The man is still superior to the ma-

S-w-r-w mim s

t Btlosi fMlih is logB
1: gr d. Can you afford

.tr la this we-kene# cou-

*Coughs and coldsgeak
throats and lungM, come
Squickest to hoSe hob a
Sthin-In fiOesh, to those ea-
SUy chilled, to those who
Shave pAor circulaon and
Xi feeble digesado

' of ecodefi taw Abye-
\: p 5Asp < does just
Smuch ood in ansummer as
W In winter. It makes fesh
fin August" a ei Aprl.
You certainly need a
Smtron nam in Julvi- -i

derate aoneev e se callso-
ondur t of lii t e ft 1 I hl sS
ton, there wold best found auple rt=a n h.I

oeram t so reprtehensible at sa tohir a
16 'of ammunition it supplies tahe arm

Th-eniard-eenerate S tedt
degenerate nation ats we caoll M t -amrt
mus com ter oa imed than o Vcrimet o a
their ua that te powder reo an" had In

It 40 work offPo
th te matter of andM* B t tattees poe

How a bankrupt aon great atSh e* ft tees y
owr boastd Ingenuity could fail l hafn hye^ h 6M

There la a t -eat fatlt somewhere, a of.'t Fti t Ma,

bits er amountn00 not oDraly to a gole w eSno o-an oS.
ots oomIng, la t eo P pfetive crime. Of -fndtXb6 .ft5
uWas It that te powder compaith the bnies had IleA
a. incha on the ceBstr and eAsNafG Moan* E -IN&
'It t worked ff of

Quite likely it is, and congress should UseSd CraM A
Investigate the matter andh ang th 40Lt '1 W 3 aei

re~erad was tence to the matter
officer thattuxautIt I. whte there w i a
It a baime conkruptesation looking into ord t a a l
MupOy lit etroopa with the m st B oiva
proved and effective ordnnces there I b aS" N2i
no reason why the United States witil flrom rat.ahe .M

furnish Their troops with the best n th
world. wWMthe-e qi t u
Even our naval bommande ra con- ora a
plains of the great advantage the Span at tely. iAr-
lards have over them in this matter-. Cre atSwtWed en
smokeless powder. Aption: t every disG carry th *e I 0
patch from the seat of war hands sm ash co
reference to the matter. makingto

ghmilest not le th hr
It is time congress was looking Into order i to nemsM
it. All t'misr I m ha
THE CAVALRY'HORSE. port~af t P $e4Mi

The army regulations prescribe the ohW dutben *AM
kind of horses desired for cavalry a ktgerl-athOW
follows: 'The cavalry horse must b Crane aiC ah
sound well bred, gentle under the sad foMlas
die, free frpm vi reous h& with free sbe
and prompt action at the walk trot n -
gallop, without blemish or defect, 3: ]
a kind dispost. on with easy mowutho
ealt and otherwise to conform wh to te a itt
folowing description: A geldng Of VteW.,4S
uniform and hardy color; d.n good condtl- teaaMa.
ion; from 14 1-4 to 16 hands h *f;
weight not are tehanr, thnore more thw'metI
1.1W0 poonda; from four to eIghbt ,e-m a t
old; head and ears small; forehe&- XAT.A23W-
baeml;-e d t large and prominent; vision s
perfect in every respect; shoulders love a
and sloping well back; chest Mflt aMsed
apd deep; forelegs tmrlgbt.M stand-
Ig-eu ildet barr large and tIeaf. *
-Aam girt eawsteJanilte- r- g -
vated hackshort aEnd straftW A ,M=e

ock 'wellt bent and under thw horse; -
pasternssi alsatw and feet email *b 5SmS SM,


there are women who an homely --

women who are ma -te, tMetre m r
women who have tarried,"' these ar
women who are attaea-hut t hey ar
dead .. .. -

Prom CollIer'sa Weekly
Of Mthe t25 0 men on the shis.l p
.were alowed ashore at a times '
hare were rarely 9 M sat feet o-
shore for them to stand on, they were
oult as mnierable PS on the ahi s.
Shore at Port Tampa mepas a ider, a
wharf A hundred feet wide sd a B i
long. To get a whiff of ta air t he-
1S.n00 men sat on the ra along the
wharf. For recreatLan they thaed AS
th* water undes tbh 'har.' doe a B h a Np1&0 1
whole week the wIveaWs t an oidef
at theInn at Port Tam=a could not .
leae the hotel plmsam.

'igo barge -dalnage canals have jut T been finished on the psalIe at O Zums a
under the enpeertison oaft &a S2L fat.-'gg dj 5g
Both run nto Dum fosaa g y. ,ias .- 3?S f
onhave become e oa very plentful.ie thbo t the
creek dun the last few ,da to

There I merne businep tapwdtd a
Tampa and the Prt nonefa towa
ate rest Of the state lDnt dm ehue. -^ShE'

-- g; I9L -w -920 ago- ~ Y

9 R 4 -;w -P = T 1ow L-


0 ^O U tll-l n inl[l,Ri Ill[ llu llii RI Rig HTli l .

b SIktabess *tPlaW igr=o IaN t iow as the Fature of a They DeMed to eI o e Miy Be SteatC
S -.a.... to t.h..B..r. PeWple to Decide. to the Th s of Sp. Way for the Catna -t-Cit


d t ' ZAY tya7 t he AMfonso XII. Tried to Run the The Islands Will Soon Belong to the Other aoaSr*uors Still 1 under Ar- And When Geseral Ilas Reached -f s"""
i^ ibeWll- os.phe at Haavana But Was United State- A Bush Will Be- rest-Inftrnal Machine Had Been the ship theTr sporSaSldAwa
SSighted and Blown Up by the gm as Soon an All the Formal. Set to Go Oft at Midnight but -seventeen Hunded Trud oin
ye .a Amica j Squadron. ities are Completed. Was Found in Time. er Commnd of Gen. Garretson

Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Speeai to the '
ta '-, WnofcW ad- With the fleet off Santiago. July 5 Washington, July 6.-The senate this Washington. July 6.-Information has Charleston, C., July 9.-The trane- ew Yor. July 5-
!is e lstr*Jrom Gen- midnight.-Last night while the harbor afternoon by a vote of forty-three to been received here to the effect that an ports Yale and Columbia, having on sal, ysa that la
M lU thamt i number was Inuyninted by moonlight, the Span- twenty-one, passed the Newland reto- attempt was recently made to blow up bokrd the commanding general of the to Italy is quote ili llli
I d t lards ran the dlarmentitle cruiser Rea lution, providing for the annexation of the apartments the Queen Regent in army Nelson A. miles, ana his entire all thesows ta
s tago a- d con.- Mercedes to the harbor mouth, mten- Hawal Quite a number of Carlists were ar- sta, and 1,700 men Intended as rein- a peNst t-.Do
..% -this act lno to sink her acres the channel. The debate lasted for three hours, and rested for complicity in the plot, and one forcemepts for General Shafter's TL-iate t areiln
66;,90"Wgty signtlllcsntn of 'The Texas sitgnalled that a ship wsa s.
tt oattemnting to leave and slowly be when the vote was finally taken, it was Of them, Alegandro Araorano, was con- troops now before Santiato, got awayv aI lret t, as it.i ws
.: .. firing-at the panah cruiser and began on the original resolution as it came exed uted. Others t arestit 2 o'clock this afternoon.ea. 5r5n
exploding shells. irom the house. No amendment vwas It is believed that the dynamite bomb General Miles and st&a are on these Q emn a g~ V
t .The hlannlis ,whcruier shean nw r out t offered. was placed b) the Carlists who wished Tale. It is generally believed that --
ere she now ies in The resolution now ges to the press to exedite the accession of Don Carlos Miles is going to make try to re Span
it t o O-eo-. Wlle the e Texas was firing the Bocapa, dent for his sanction, and It Is believed tot the plan miscarried was due ome of the honors, even it he has to
dlen 5Iases4*. battery opened on her and the fiet, that he will sign the same to-morrow. nre to the chance than to the neglect sidetrack Shatter in order to do so. The Selss to the Tirmb -
The Indlano t was strucir- but no The annexation of Hawaii has occu- on the part of the conspirators, article by Richard Harding Dwvis,erit- ;., l &-Slth #.I
m oeinde damage to bet bright. pled considerable time during the re- ad the bomb eoded t wo cis General Shafter'a s am ig in 7- l
rrThe fleet is still blockading the harbor ent session of congress. ac se Cuba is said to have caused General. pro 4 Ma lS
-f t e ship awaiting the opportunity to aid the If it had not been for the war e- The infernal machine was set to go Miles' hasty decision to go to the front toia.twitha.l w
Bd Ie who array In the bombardment. teen the United States and Spain, It off at midnghtl but' fortunately it was with the reinforcements from harles-
TH extremely doubtful f the annexation found drain the afternoon ton. t
"4't T resolution would have passed the senate. min The expedition tis commended by B -rig- cOUieted B i S
"*iPo.5U1Mk th! 5 --- before the next session. The Import- CUAAt EXPEDITION SI DS adier General George A rreteon. The riL T however, wa
mstionan were aur- ABold Attempt to Run the Blockade ance of the islands to the United States -- baggage of the two regiment a dened at
-iu- at SHWana Did Not B ( .4 as a coalg station and naval ba 850 Native Volunteers and 4,000 taken out to the Tale and Cokamba at tioi U01y~~ ~4A
.or th, Pacific squadron, can not be
ca,,fioes. Special to the Tribune. over timated. a.m., the two cruiserrbeinga aanchoredeotifil tL
a epaned vana Cuba, July-The San It s well known fact that several at the litit hp t the entranceto -he aa
il hanged ,av Cuba, Ju5. e panilh thousand citizens of the Unitled States Sp-cial to the.Triibune. harbor. The embarkation of the troops-1' --.V---------
eeill m xri s -) cruiser .Alphonse XII. left the harbor will make a rush for Hawaii as soon as New York, July 7.-The Cuban lega- began at midday. They were marched --
s ,s tda. but ; was dioered by the all the frmaties connected d with the rn the0 8 aL" '
wa' escrlted@ American blockading squadron and was annexation are fo.piled with. Iouon h been advised of the caf arrival o of cam and down to the whlarf.
chasw^ *Kort ed.~wer~antolockadtog sa oThe country is rich, and the climate In Cuba of the second expedillon of Ci- ahere the steamers Commodore Perry
maneft h le crui s er tried to enter Mariel but is said to be very fine. Colislnatlon ban volunteers from the United States and Pianter were in waiting. The men vle tPl Kl a
l w stranded at the entrance. scherqe are already being wo.red. ander command ct Emilio Nune. The went onboard, and, accompanied h the .
Ute B: TyteplY01014.04 The American sbhps fired five hundred expedition lefr the edast of Florida on chers ofl the 7weetators and the men of T
e wildashuots at her until they at her afre. STILL WA LINGed.n the oastnofadloaoneecn adrisl ,July A d 4
a e .the steamer Florda, June nd land other regiments, the two ha r' boat ch received rat
t A detachmeut of fantry on h board the -a Punta Cane) on the 30th. eteamibed down the harbor iln the f an of ernor GeBiter lan ,
l were were destroyed by the fireand Bombardment of 8 igo O On board the transportesids the 350 aeavy rastorm. T he ork of chef oft
wt. e were well the shots from the Amrican Lnirely Wi.h the Army and Nav/. Cuban volunteers, chiefly from Florida shipping the soldierswas accomplished the
*ANDO ATTACK Special to the -Te omb and New York were two dynamite with diatch and without mtishai. y Un is qte
-p"- ta LA3te TrAe SecardmenTribe.o4nW0lSpeciagl theldTribuane lare an to he ouohtn
IiW lsh ngtrn. July i.The bombard- s and a lar quan some mistakee one company of the S xth enough men inCs
*ws uii .. ment of Santtiao etill waits upon the tR o ammunition Massachusetts was left on the wharves against the troget f tbs
S' ed panishhGOovernment RBeceivedBReport appointed o f .atigrence between Audmiral when the steamere started. Adlutantt iLana c set kll ^ its
S t t ShaterWa at Work. Sa n and general Shater, and pus- P-r e Negotiato.. orpm -hrere
-,nsibly as a r-suit of the conference, the '"_ '" Ames promptly chartered a tug Santlado.
S, -pcial so the Tribune. Ombardmnty may" bi postponed urtil speciall to the Tribune. and took the men out to the tramstlrts. CAA --"*'
adrId, July 7.-The government has e-lnforkerisr the army arrive. Washington. July 7 .-UnofHi.ll ad- GRAND D fRS .
Madrid......sbe... dshn..So-.farr .. aii learned tbe cnfer- GR....... SAI"S
decided to make another attempt to .-nee btweo-n the military and naval vices have been received oy the admin sn'tO ?
imd land provions and war stores in uba omrmaindesa not yet taken place. or istration from sources that have awayS i o b u the Ca
and Porto Rico Only the faste If it hae. the Information concerning it heretofore proven reliable. ,The reports hingto D C.. The
steamers wiO. enipllcy iraseths ont yet reached Washington. at Sain suefor pea t shington, D. C., July 8.- e .
of aw will employed far as orde fiom Washington are sty ha an sue for eamship Gran Duchess of the Plant Spee to the

,,, at-:.,edhr e that Amirl a ....o.t.est a
it sb s lo' oblev he ra th, wien he calls .cern o d. thr e ees. thing in the way week. It ISsaid ic-.light that the Uni- tI.Anenownder charter by the govern- oule, ,July A-1ySe ish
b a wheniul of a -m te bombardment of San- ted rates government will lsten if ap m lft Norfolk to-day for Char squadron under

from 1taLo,%iU be the CanrDes. ont, p rde Adira l a ptoaBday foon-q ndrole a n d rWi
I is ra apridvito The AdmiralSampsonanuxilidproached in the right spirit. The terms sa to on boad m a h -en iiS
spel o the Tri al Genera Shafter s. *derlde. o w to ent t Cvo t M Bay, v e s -t '
L n5 h m e oas hegto Spanish reserve on dee The 'preamsidt ha th utmost on- for pea e ie bntigh,buoed t it is believed b again of troops to reinforce ener" He y a sht
S berto a th n ored to return oe denL in these Istwo croanders, and that Spain il P ay the ri ce.Oa t einc ser f tSea lt
pr e n a onthec cities eything ts e ng left to t eir dicre- ter. Surgeon General ternberg of the been ddey ca

rof- h n a S3I r e contracts nai reBennive fnd tOi pt e ,a tthwKe atyI
s, h*sgvernment has received a eion. ntiago may even non 00Ao A vL ,t wcNDib army a de contract with ten yi- defend t on ssS
as~upe dispatch from Kingsto.Jr aca, to atIndergclng a bombardment but noting c laans who went aboard her at No- .rfolk r ,ported is to. tieg

SS1i tk o wTI' *Y x L Special to the Tribune Santiago In the eMrt part ot o
S l Stht atlandtattack onaSanDa a- Is knownThe reide concerning It. MALL S GREAT DISCOVERR. and w ho are sert to Santiago, in coinmodoe Wreatng
la ed r Twelv T L*t and f Tht Se irrOne smallbottle of toa.l% Great Di- s iance with General T hafter'e requests nled honei t he s Tr e s
t. o .- . to Trbune Washin July Th d t e prefer t to e-slands Th re'olulerniso.ttabettn e o ea
.. the atack nd bomber meant os an- Geoaovery c res all dney and Bladder for additI a onlmedIcal saisistine eine.nt with oru n r .'."-
a i fant ..... No paetlcuL .... Troops are Bei dFro m Now troubles, removes gravele, curme Dia- VOLT AT M X'
the were gioen. culars atntroopsearesBei. g Ruh anro'sme^ New
S.. "t ef~ awre e n. rtd PYork, ChorGleton and Norfolk beta, semInat emismon, weak o inme -Ued T AT A N IaS
LLc&)JOUN "T rheumatDis and all Irregul" Spanh Consul Tells of Trouble Be. He Wil s cep !
SSpecial to the Tribune. tes of thile Kidneys and Bladder in both t- ee rgu and Ameriuai k a ak i
a i t Wash gton. July 6.-The aselliory men and women. Regulates blTadder Fo 2Is t
SPread Wats Negro Soldie sailedfomn Charleston to-day with part your druggist will be sent by mal on tadrid, July 9.-The Spsame. It also c ecial to the
_..._. ot the First army corps from Chicka- receipt of $1. One small bottle in two. at Hong Kong cables that the insur, Charleston S. -C, .: &A---AIk
-ecial to the Tribunega. The troops are to reinforce month's treatment and will cure any gents at Cavite, Manila Bay, have "MeWashltn, hot h l reu"-- -
,1 i Wslshington, July 7.-.Che fOMMILtee The sttamshp CGrand Duche.; wll eaw above mentioned. E.W fall. vOlmtd against the Americaos" He ofly PIra t shll' srt ;WA
u"d.- d a tosctL Utesta1olutloc the First Rhode Island regiment os. P.Wco,"changed. and that the -resultison wti has i
5 providing for the adjournment of Con- bohad.a.c a.Bo2IoIamp kto n the t tii cnsult mks tui. s a. "" '
ioessn-at eSohocSto,-t oruaw(lday). The auxiliaxcry isedSt.,'a d S known.--hecons"lmakes.
eon-. .The house.p pased he-rer utiuon. this afternoon 'omr New'Yorkauith the I'.L hh assertIon t. .. cajonity of the Phl- 0,,,0 ";';. .dm:e tiwnl tii
CO n- Thbi p stsdent thade .koown to the Right Ohio infantry Cla nton, Ala.. March a. 1117.--I men- ii e cargct. .. ave received the s .. w i t plee4 -.
"i..T isnti.th segittors and represeqtatives who called These ships are all quite faa and it te th-at I had.ver-. ...rinforcements 'with hoii;014" e
-%.I. on him to-day, that he conl-de0d It Is expected tA t the troops will reach ebeenCuredof idneyAmce reinfceen wn os -

c at Ca,96b Co r' l. and all skin disease. .$. ILt oai Tdi. EL X C-Banksof- I
sluh Ct T p o : ney .. writes that o he of Dm W s'
= . ~ ~~lieuten- nt "_'. t , ,r., .. .. .
oL tot naC4tonai' i '' aes Salve i.a.. wceti I St
-2r' ct r nomination cf Sidnt I. i." it cured h is -eso tew ~ lw tt4;-b1
speulal to the Tribun. iHuhi C. Pr--r -c.. I 'H st ees others Os to It. S
r Madrf ".7.--.1'2. Avecnenrst 'has aptainFs P irt i nvise ote
reneie Z en, rswm A ro.t-u Cer- . curese gd
e-I -e a upunUog the death a Admilral .' ,. d..d "e S i
rT'vllrall who was is ox imand of thb i : ,inte s,- .n-

Xog~wdo oy adu ASIg.BM -
itgn te d sa squadron a tSantiaJ ."m.-
h p vt'-n' -" e .-' opinion itha" --
tbeeee oo '. ?-aim.rnara A ud .' "* -. : -

-OW O mt Il Er#-. .p.. .. .
... .. .sae....t s ... ....'LE'L
-HER3.- 'OD mKG ewA-
'Tborrow vi -I -L &e .a e .U OWTen-
ad Rrt O t- If d!. a n BODVeAND
In ASH -
Juy7-Madmlinlstra- -
r ~t'5atvyt-dadd tao rmanise at one SecMalto the Trlhuns
.. I go smst 1orto Rico. WintuW don July S.-The senme'
s.. lI e ommssudeb o h fomnttee on Clims to-day made a re-
V Ir C"La -, ,IrtuPoosthe iove-stigactuonmasla ib- the-
tIA .. i ...stttite-, ho1 pa0Z.,P e I L ........ thL c.at-1 e.51'n T VIO iNS t cne
Sb 1~ ~e -Tetscl'stbee ''-toriern. and Itoe E io i
r . ; r p 0.lI t o e R b t s i- a- n o f -. 0 i

7~Ul%.' .' -; I8-jA tf. 0 0 gef Iusse-i tIemuuat-u ~m.0 -'
-+. .,__ .. ..t et it. .. tl nlleil -li ~ l' I.lliov ea Or- -L- Methilit.ch ..ch -onil' ".... .
'- ",-4..--m any M"-- Waf" in th "r SOLO U? ALL O"sssre.1. 7

Wa1ltlia% Ustil Not The cb mm tt a foundthae so "on-
Tll MnMIttee also tDndthat, no am.i
iillr~lmi r or Ormenier of enI M eee'e ds" a y IPM -,
S ... .. 8 ._W In v"m- nu--t" -e the c-i., t
5CTb -3 OW~tpIIeY e Iafies Seiss.-
~ )5g~u4-~, .- F. 1 c,0 w .olly t ".
IL '.pUL tV-t -t haa- i
*Kt PJt.la s ua-lx he
bA MbillW. .bas pa d
~~~ ~SO .B ~OYDR61 &-Vo.I.pCi -th~
; :_ .. .. . _s. - '... -rs- -,O __ 7.- f70%i

"rom afl Constipation waema p in re s'.. .
.__.- BT The war wtth Spain has been a rich Cauesu in t world. It clamoring for protection from bombard- tempt on the rt of a few pT be
Sbonansa for Tampa. it has given d td iges oo tor oin b meant by the enemy, and are advocating mane it appear that Ma.o- e 0neu.l t
os strength. tone and activity to trade n the establishment of mines in our bar- Mils, commtdsng the army of tim A
H all directions and of all descriptions. It bors, it willU be interesting to know that waited States, Is jealous one or more m H"si
"" &-a eW may be likened to a hopper through people in other parts of the country are o hi d subordinates and that he viewl i
lP- which money, like grtist, pours out in gst o odbad seS equally as anxious to have the mines with alarm as the politiclansa say. the
.a plentiful stream From Henry B. ngu ek s edaehes i, to- that are already established, taken up. strides ro protfesonal progress take
4F 'CA M. 17. Plant, the railroad and hotel king, to a, os s For instance the Baltimore News bays: by General Shatter. The reflection on
Sthe newsboy on the street and the cure os pastis an itss TL. 4: action of the Spanish fleet Mies a no, foundation In fact, tor i
-<0WFWZ kn*Cils-JO.. vender of lemonade on the side alleys. Prepared by C L Hood & Co., LoweL Ma&-- while e......png to escape from the Shafter, like Miles, came into the army
PeI Daily and it haa alike been benefitted. Plant is The ony Pills to take with Hood's &arsaparila harbor of Santiago removes the danger from civilian life, is not a graduate of lit
... ....... ten years younger than when the war that formerly existed of a sea attack West Point, and was Miles' choice for
.. 25 begun. His conversation is as cheer- hi tovo months lie in camp has visited upon our cuoasr .',o and makes the commander of the invading army. The FO
*' ....'........... N f ful and hopeful as that of a young girl the city but three times. He can mi- mines in our harbor an unneessaf only graduate of West Point among I am,^se q -
Vs$1A'- with her flrst love experience; his face ways be found right where he belongs. menace to navigation. Spain still has a the line of generate named In the Army re-ts, to
S P A as radiant as the ful moon in June and THE WONDERS OF THE AGE. few worthless gunboats and torpedo Regisetr for 1lSg is General Merritt t the sets
. Par e ain adT his forecast of Florida's future as bril- boats hidden in the harbors of Cuba and General .Miles. General Brooe. General
i w tO plant as the hues of the rainbow. He The Tribute has often expressed .he Porto Rico, but they can hardly be con- Otks. General Coppinger, General Shaf- s pecRin .
o_ Worder, was never more happy than he is to- ftt that tu American gunners .ind sidered a menace, and it would seem ter, General Graham. General Wade th ,y.
Ut dshsic bas tlDon day. The movements of troops and the sailrs tele the superior of any tha that the war department could easily and General Merriam entered the Ool-
g th & adIW labe of me munitions of war through the port ever hel-d a guti or rode the waves. Their grant the request of local Shipping in- unteer army during the ciDl war. die- Fil C U
which his genits and large expenditures ingenuity and phenomenal success is the terests to remove the mines. Besides be- tinguishted themselves on the fiela of I het
^Jiic ,ISs fmtisthled i a a of money made possible, is a splendid marvel et the world. Naval experts ing a hindrance to navigation, the mines battle, were honorably mustered out at
tribute to his foresight, and is an index -x1res-ed their wonderment at the bat- entajl upon ship owners considerable ex. the close of that war and later were
T S^WV t" to the posLtMllUtes which lie In walt for ie of Manila. The destruction of Cer- pense, as it is necessary under the regu- appointed to regular army command a.
I -""'Tampa. He believes it will be the e rar fleet is a fit subject for amaze- latio laid down by the authorities for The Tribune has tinto"ded faith in
I pirbe #8 ill enatrepot for our trade with Cuba and meot The Spanish admiral made a gal- steamships coming up to be towed General Miles' ability as a fighter and a FOB TAXCOlj
MI_. MDlsInt, all of the adjacent islands, and the lant dash for life. But it was hopeless through the mine fields, a distance of general, and believes that if be had e a.
to I Central and South American states, and Even like that Armada of old the erst- about thirteen miles. This costs from gone to the fron t I place of General da" fog e etton
Winh. a is oes" ta" Is omin i that Tampa will soon become the great while superb ships of the Spanish navy $75 to t100 for each vessac, and in addi- aftere, that Santiago would have rar- their s'
City of the gulf. That it will be the are now shattered huoks along the Cuban lion causes loss of time. There also s rendered long ago, and that the Ameri-
A Ina al pWer to washed0 for- natural inlet and outlet Ior the tratle coast. Truly and terribly the Maine danger of the mines becoming detached. can army would not have sustained the
..: of Chicago and the great northwest with has been remembered. The establishment of a partial b oak- serious los that it has under General
STe trManports at Port Tampa will the countries we have named, and the And the marvelous thing of allis that ade when war was declared for a time after's manipulation. Miles is a sol-
in a str Santiago with re-inforce- construction of the Nicaragua canal will the American loss should be only one threatened to ruin the produce trade of ier, and under his generalahip the C. Matakg -,
l.r general Gshater nf e a augment and accelerate t cis trade. dead and one wounded. Such a victory Baltimore, but the war department American people will not be disappoint-
the tenishLsolNI.t isaOistilll cry Tampa is making rapid and superb Impels the admiration of the world. Al lifted this as regards vessels otf light ed in expecting a signal success over all = ai 3i5
i-'. : war. bis brother of the naval growth. and all signs point to the fact the nation stand appalled at uch won- draught. It is understood that the op- combinations that might be formed by go mugsi U.a
- wkly murmurs: "Leave me that Henry B. Plant, if not posesaed- derful exhibitions of fighting power. position to removing the mines c&mes the enemy. *
I. hatenoagh of the gift of prophecy, has, at leat a The American gunner shall become the principally from the army engineers. u e.
-oWI is In the vote-thanking moot wonderfully comprehensive Intel- nonm n of all that means sure death These gentlemen undoubtedly are in- A
.w ot s a vote of thairkslect and penetrates farther into the fu- and o wift destruction n ne ar pired by the best nentoons. Albert W. Gilcrist and P rot AT.M
fit having sent Cervera's fleet ture than most of the men about hum. are Deweys antebreakfast achieve- that the tpproaches of cities be de- T l. A er wh oe istetdI r Cobb's. TA Bn k
O.kt of the Atlantc? ft He stands a perfect Moses among hJs ment was sublime The complete an- fended, but there is such a thing as be- L Williams who volunteers ad in ta e Cobb..
o oontemporarles He Is building a city nhilion of C'e rveras fleet was equall ing too cautious. our business men a of lieutents The Times-Union W -
A has Joined the pro- now believed by many that will far sur- grand. The world's history affords no have put up with thle hardships which tht of lieuenants. The ir promes-Union
Sioe n ha sIned l i mo pass In commercial splendor the most duplicates of the to- perf.ormnances. Old the needs of provision against attack on says: Quite a number of Flo i da
s tls dthoulh, there was no di- vivld dreams of Alexander when found- Glork is again exhaled. Time was entailed without a murmur. They an have received appointments s Ba t l
S parties Io Eangand on the ing the city to which be proudly gave when to be a Roman was created than to ought nt to be made to bear them a Amon e e reC r B K. OLIIPHART"
s own name. t....e a king." The time i no coming--i m..ment longer than necessary. Mr.e illiamsofCobs company.-- Boths K1 O e8ATg
oVaerb of of Oe Ocala Banner, It Is stated by some %no claimn to ii already here.when to be an Amehr-an Tne American warships rut only men enlisted as privates and when they
,tapanappecad coapllment know that already the Plant system hs mans a safe pas port on ever lan- knock out the Spanish fleets ut received appointments as offloers a.
1 f his paper, which we coined enough surplus money since the on every ea-means to be. feared and Le give story a solar plexus. The rather strange condition faced them
Swtfp the Tribune this declaration of war, to make good its en- respected by the people o the worl flees of the Dons at Manila and San- Senator .Mallor, however, secured their
tire losses since the freeze. The Americans can conquer all the tago numbered 1 ships They lost ischar- as enlisted men, and they wil AT
f owners of the unit rce. Ito arm), andn
already big colonies belit We were told that newsboy have es of t r Is rm 12,70 killed, wounded and prisoners. Our now enter upon their new duties."--8t Ta -
-i ooandlss was one killed and nine wounded. Pet, rr Sash-Peninsula. W Wip
&to go toCblm after .the war is made as much as -thirty-1fve dollars per vy i md up hroes tru ad loss was one killed and nin wounded Pterurg Sub-Peninsula
r. When Oba to freed and settled week, and twenty dollars per week is tried all told Nohng from the preface of
'iAsdeM2 UncUteSane will. then be nothing out of the ordinary. Lemon- PRIVATIONS IN CUBA Herodotus l o the latest war dispatch The Southern Express Company will A
.... "tl e ado and peanut venders make some -hot from the wires can equal this at an early date establish an express
t limes a high as fifty dollars per week The trials and privatlons of our t s:l- office at Santiago, and a Tampa man Olfics in Brick toidlu B i
S U rt t ontry in th me h a ffy dollars r week r In Cuba are unlike those that came cle Sam In his mission for h- of Cort .
Wis t e aU reported and proprietors of canteenestablish- itn the experince of our army In th vanity should equip Spain with mod-
M. iland ment wa y f s Mr. Buon bee s, makndthree civil war They are unlike those tha ern and truthful press facilities. One Political news has lost importance
cii theTey re r .. t *. d unlike those. t. ,. ,. since t r g h
lV7tt)Sd d 'tlve. It will be un d rrom one to two ad b tried the patience endurane and good, square account of the naval bat- ne to e as begun and the gT,

ST thatall of theak For the hotels" we ar has b een equal t condon ier. Thin ths i to he accepted the brigade command- t s better be born lucky thn rich
S h thre to the clmatic cioditioens than oKig Alfonsos, Queen Regents. Wei- it is a curious fact that the imperial
.4o...ers. at heIa i tblacksd-an b t he more an batte During the civlem. and Blancos hunched together. isaL speak of their polity of anneglo
140l ." t W b070 all to &ra. Indeed, the beot dressed and uvar there was much campaigning under If R4chard Harding Davis' statement Asiatic Islands as "truly American"
Thsit 1, Sq1u 'be thankful proudest 'sweti we sawwas o d the worst conditions possible In this Isboh h accepted the brigade command- It is better to be born lucky than rich
bootblack from Ocas. I country. In the long indian caDmpSaign ers do not regard General Shatter as the It is said, and that may account for
isTrtba say Tampa i destined There are almost as many Ocala pe- in Arlzona. New Mexico and to the rIght man for the general in command Tampasa great stress of prosperitty.
a MC Bw t t T We 5_-tte T ^ ahe re are We enN Ocala ae orth soldiers were never more severely at Santiag-o and his orders from te The pedestrianS on. Franklin street
S .. sa tried. There was suffering In these rear were unhesitatingly countermanded
.In" setll wIn h bee hed their way lito the financial mountain campaigns from heat as wel by the commanders at the front-Au- They had a regular loblolly tme s "
m e we a n ts tinares has not but one chance in a
a ,Ist from the Tampa has afGorded splendid oppor- d e aniie sua General Coppinger and Chief of Sani- hundred. But our valorous S aniar ought a d
asnwtok. (Go haJ aIo dspe did L oaoerictp andes or Hne earthquakes, k hut most aLion Wr have begun to she Tamp is as obstinate as he Is obtuse. r l
*.t opportutt e are as great nw perhaps, es earthquakes, but mst e result will not .e quite so serious
ao'," ,, of our great battles were fought under to our citizens however as the bomeard, Our streets present a rather dipaple .
'-.isn who hve r- aAtwo instances her h omionsonr. Iet conditions that cannot be obtained in ment of Santiago, as these two gentle- dated sppean-t ce just now, but just

a eera. T pa. with ace-Cly a dollar in hi. SPAIN'S DUTY APPARENT. are put in the muddy holes on Franklh From Maine to Mtanila will deibscribe a t].tlw
,and pocket t t -- -. --- street the cfnes of the. country when the asgsas
.nt toga over iros Holld and ws a o The dF e of Spain in abo ....t his The peole of Tampa have a oe tmper.l.sis hve their way. "
ifc bt5 They s e to .h T laeyuage. He went T ea Sa asuta nh opportunity to demonstrate their phil- When Montojo and Cervera meet o usesr of
emom~ .. ... . we i a nti-

soldieAwith o tne real estate business, and to-lay -or-
ams..,r older wtth i..nnlo ts n ret estate business, ard ro-day anthropic and Christian acts bhy contri- there will be ,Two Knights or tte nor- pSoec, or ,ses i-neiM-
s.-. almost a milllonatiroatL l ue s butting to the comfort and welfare of rowful Cuuntenance."
.ut WH e Mr S id -A qute.propr etbr of the Tribune, who formerly and the guns of Admiral Sampson's fleet to whom the types have often made te-
"rlt'ed Ha e laI. t our city, moved to Tampa Meanwhile special dispatches from Santiago. wldering reference. ppsyeL ibaseseitot l
c oerat- to from Bartow about five years ago. He Hong Kong to the Herald this morning The Board of Trade is taking a sum- Schley s as mmodest as Dewey. Thl e o sri s
d on burrow money tO C p the eight indicate that Adiral Dewey has cele- mer vacation on It must be in the moun- is an admirable attribute in which to Np. M i
isbi' tiI tlO-n on 00 e rovl. 0f his Pr15ln5 outfit. brated the Fousrth of July by, landing talins enjoying the salubrious breezes as display a sirmlarity. 4 For ft ee
I ss raoblea in He w-as fored to rent an o fce and a his forces and taking possession of Ma- the people have temporarily failed to en-
ai n Oahu one and hire printers on credit. It nta Should Admiral Camara ever J- Y -ny ,-,f t benefits deri-vd from that If Spain does not throw her hands up MSSOMis
Sfrom w a e "root hog or die," and he reach that port he will find the fortifl- vtry amiatbl and well meaning insti now she will not have even a souvenir
b'efra U was a.. c.aset T f her navyleft-
..' c fo- all there was In it. To- gallons .anned by American gutt.ersu, In.to. f h "y lefty . .A
' etr' oble oe n oe unennum and ohis ships will be sent in short order Sg says --oean ill push the wh br, we take in the half of Poi n esa
roetcip over thkis ehpebodl-to join thoe c Ad.miral dontojo at the war to the end. Wel, well, ft the wiil we still be "the United rate's .
S ul aresomeusiand do n tharse neighborhod bottom of the bay premier thinks that running means Arrtica .
S' .. ho d o le in the morning and r uly, th s Fourth of July has been push, he should take a few more lesson While remembering the Maine, do not "sn_
at h fic Post until long ater mid the most brilliant n achieve of an in the noble English language, forget the little Glouster, the "cock"of r a- ft m l
S -at'..lB t after mid. rince the memorable day tha,*ave the the n
HB oBe I g, pu ng d if Tampa nation birth. The American arms are Justice of fate would perhaps select the .
B M' j t ads 0-h ~ row~tlt he ~trinrphant oW sea and land, and the scene of the sinking of the Maine Dull thnes bave been eliminated from
S^B Sbe able to take a rest. He there s any patriotism or common sense as the proper place to rechristen one the cares of ever busnes concern 1n,,
W- ,. r ar ed aa one of the mus In the Madrid government it will realize of the confcated battleships of Cer- Tampa .
I.oI La d p ro e lUg e ot that Spain has not an hour to spare to vera's late fleet. It is tre literally as well as fguratve.
S visited our sue for ace. Tampa property is worth fifty per l that Spain is losing ground t
101Ja ta fostd 1them In excel- The Tribume is seriously contemplat- cent more to-day than it was two years 'w
p L T"e2% are aX-Ing the establishment of a 4ally news ago, and two, years hence It will b Cadiz will rhyme to HadeIs n f At Wt
tfU; .tith zae wUing paper at Santiago whban Cen Miles & worth a hundred per cent more than 1 we'I as verse when Watseo 'elte..
ttheyas aMto the Co. get thro via isto- day. -A word to the wise I s sul

.....:B 1 ._. .ep. t. ...ma to we bee t ^r: ^. -. ,,,. ....-.
T h of orld are peining.W takes OW tbs tV % h e.
I to fro the c hlks nowoon the Cot

oes isevers f;S s were uts Warom. ,a .4 .n....e -7
i9gee, mlsa have beguanto vem. Sems1tohave been ovee&ik 7pfa. t

-f a dd the
S istbesky

S- rt a t mia to the
i &it t d.. have hes- done very
Sbyiw tmo si knewe the
very nwel as onl the
te was sorted oer, the
S oped sint a plewl aIbe-

S IsMlag o tae e ni k, a
W at no esa tisi5 o the safta

S t mwte itbe pea ripetrt
abheeae ain t p rort diros-
Srhs eoatu thsa hourri and
V e pbouse4c Po 6 yets

SkPvo noetyid b any one In
ste to mpturte the

cIt 1"as somseeM
seaLhing ofa stokl, d

W no soltite. mod J PosPMbly
S^ic tpt havnebei psna teos
. "i the dead. were m n soers
&crow-e tlse to ueed thefrom
r te Itre untiltha to the o rd
t avee otI tdany one nae

a T oI tUhe n p is notar

&Rand sPovder company,

'ie& es onbelaeoagsd to the Third
The taum of fib-t exe oslon Is not
- ftl un onn ai scagledho could tell

WIN_ "., A'. =. =

- a6be, oThe young
ranked ti death, and it

.W .
U, i.J ibr Lbs f

sAcera nuS theaese onof
Sa.-.oty .r asm r. a
mto a .taxm. a Ounty
?Aih'*of the. crinll
l aid tre members

t ^oe for each
af aa On


I- 1I


Apeclal Caenapondence.
- Plant .Clty, Pa, July 1.-The rainy
seaon has fairly set in, but it wil take
m ay rains to wet the roots of the or-
ange and all the thrifty growing trees
after so long a drouth.
Miss Murphy of Manatee, has been
spensMnt the past week with Mr. and
IW, H. B. Wordhoff.
Mr. Wn. M. Crane was exhibiting
come fine looking new tobacco leaf in
town the other day-it was of his spring
crop, pole cureck
Mrs. Jane Pate of Lakeland has rented
what Is known as the Carrtth house in
the vicinity of the Warnell Iail location
for the purpose of boarding mill eri-
Mrs. T. M. Stone formerly Miss Annie
Evers la spending the week with relat-
Ives here.
Sabbath day services in the M. E.
church by Rev. W. Steinmeyer morn-
Utg and evening, also in the Baptist
church by the Rev. Mr. Fryer.
'Mrs. C. E. LAUibridge left on Sunday
morning to spend a week with the fam-
ly at Ltlllbridge, Fla.
The overland mall route, going south,
das been changed Instead of going on to
Chicora, the carrier Mr. J. 8. Thomas
will only carry mail as far as Lillibridge,
returning to Plant City the same day,
making three trips each week Tuesdays.
ThursdayW and Saturdays. Mall going
to Chicora will be carried overland from
Bartow, Fla. This new schedule took
effect Tuesday morning leaving Plant
City at 6 a.m., returning at 7 p.m.
Miss Lenmie Sesious is at home after
her aunmmer outing.
MlS Merrlan Fraser and brother hase
been spending a few days with Mr and
Mrs J. B. Robinson at the Robinson
house, returning Tuesday to Apopka,
A sad wreck occurred Monday night
or early Tuesday morning The freight
train going south on the S. F. & W. ran
Into a freight train on the F. C. &
P. at the railroad crossing turning over
9 cars loaded with grain feed etc., and
ditching the B. F. & W. engine. The
engineer and trainmen escaped unhurt.


Subscriptions for a Good Cause Being
Cent In by Tampa People.

The division hospital of the Third
division. Fourth army corps, was opened
on July 3d at Palmetto Beach I. the
heart of the regfhents composing the
division. The division comprises the
Third and Fifth Ohio volunteer Infan-
try, the Thirty-second Michlgan, the
Sixty-nlnth New York, Second Georgia,
and First Florida regiments.
The hospital Is under the supervision
df Major Tdward C. Davis of the Second
Georgia volunteer Infantry, cblef sur-
geoo of the division, and the following
officers: Major Iwrenoe D. Knowles,
Thirty-second Michigan; Surgeon in
charge, assisted by Major R. P. Izlar,
Wirst Florida, and First Lieutenant
Moncrief of Second Georgia.
The following subscriptions have beeu
handed to Majir Knowles by mony In-
tere ted In the welfare ot the sol.tiers.
List of Saberibe.r
Guerra Dias & Co., 50; S. Roderiguez,
SO; Thirty-Second Michigan canteen,
108; R. E. Hendry, $1; Mrs B. Ray-
ion. 12 pillow cases; J. C. Johnson, 25
sental W. P. Cribb, 25 cents; F. E
B be, $1; B. B. Hampton. 5 cents- t.
iVann, 25 cens; W. W. Field, 25 cenis;
I* Proessr, 25 cents; J. W. Kosal, 25
cents; C. Wineffer, 2i cents; If. Caccia-
lore, f cents; R. W.,Bush, 235 cents; Geo.
Wagner, 10 cents: W. Relinovlac,, .
ceon ; -A. W. IltUefleld, 50 cents; L. C.
Richards, 25 cents; Mesrs. Carter and
"Seran (to be used for stores in camp),
; DeSIoto Park, $10; Ulman & Co.,10.
All bed rldde" soldiers in he six regit-
ments are taken care of In this hospital.
and the above subscriptions will be used
in buying the many delicacies they need
so badly. Clothing in the way of
pajamas and night shirts will be appre-
cated as, in fact will all donations.
This is a desire to return thanks on
behaf of the sick and the surgeons con-
nected with the hospital.
hty order of
Death or Mrs. Randall

From Tuesedas .Daily.
Mrs. ta.-nu l, widow of the late Capt.
G. G. Randall, died at 5 o'clock yester-
day afternoon at her rooms corner of
Jackson and Marlon streets, of a compli.
catlon of disease after being ill for
w veral week
The deceased was a mist estimable
lady who had a" ost of friends in Tam-
Va. and Alt noonrIMO i- nwl --

of her death. She was
)t. Andrews Episcopal

n u n anArews EOscopal
The services will be con-
by Rev. W. W. Deoart. The
rers have not yet been announ-
he fummeal arrm--es' tmnts are in
W Undrtaker J. M. Tucker.
ast flavor, genUe action, arn
Select of Syrup of Igum whes
t a laxative, and If the Tathe
mbe U.tie or bil lons, tohe

It Is thwbbeetatlny remnedyN
0V -aSre Z bW y sho u ldhaw-a

*. .ms w ,,.w w-.,, r. -RS.5 M TU.R- sg, .g
Aulbe~idbr m Aa Over by a Train At the thoughts of (ksBtf tbethe 5
IW2ie fitgoz n the Trk. V1wll see.
o the Track Fore ere another Sabbath's light,
From Tuesday's Dally. In the conflict they will be.
E. Elderkin, a soldier who had recei- Do they dread the treacherous Span-
ved his discharge, was run over and lards?
killed by a train on the Plant system No for Gd other co nie r,
near the Tampa Bay Hotetl laundry Naught rca harm when he is nigh.
yesterday afternoon. The body is now
In charge of Undertaker Tucker. and Is there cne cowsa-d among the n?
will be buried to-day in the military No, fr brae and u e Americans
eemetery-. Are our gallant Florida boys.
The Western Flyer of the Plan; syys-
tern was backing into the hotel around Thneagh our hearts are sad at parting.
the curve near the laundry. Elderkin s, t d.) not lshto tkeepia here.
was sitting on the Ll-s with an umorr-lla .- \ LId 1i,.. have you want .,g there.
over him, and evidently did not hear
the train approaching. Before tae train IT .. t -,roada sea ies between us,
Ard iv e f.-,:, tYou are far apart.
could be stopped Elderkin was struck: yi e-rn ;,ra era each night and
and the wheels passed over h!s head. 2. .ng,
When the body was taken out .-:' I' :s r : you from loving hearts.
under the train he was dead. The 3 will decree
body was placed by the side of the t:ac ; ... .., dar one shait ne'er return.
and the authorities notified. Justiee; Eh u. all, we only anow.
Whitaker responded, but after viewing' ... t lo iSA tIll,. iet It be done.
the body. and hearing the statement At lume *t. conflict rages foierest
of those who were present at the time iUh, tn l. 1o. up Into the skies,
the man was killed, decided that no in-i Take Gx t t be your king and leader,
quest was necessary and turned the[ In this alone your safety lies.
body over to Undertaker Tucker to pre- And when the cruel war is over,
pare for Interment. None will merit richer praise
None of the soldiers seen yesterday Than the boys frc.n our loved Florida,
afternoon and last night appeared to On them sh allfall famous brighter
know anything about the man. He had
$79 in his pockets and a postoffice re- Then God bless our Florida boyo,
ceipt issued at Orlando, showing that he With hearts both light and true,
had sent come money from that post- With glory and honor they all b
office, but the name on the receipt of the As they strike for the red, white and
party to whom hehad sent the money, blue
could not be deciphered. -Written by a Tampa GirL
Undertaker Tucker telegraphed to
Orlando to ascertain if posalble, some- The nour e batted schooner, David P.
thing in repard to the man, but had re- Davis. enferod at the custom house yes.
ceived no reply up to a late hour last terday from Philadelphia with a cargo
night. -Itf nothing is heard this morn- of 1.950 tons of coal. Thq schooner
ing the body will be buried here. will discharge her cargo at the Plant
System coal d')ck at Port Tanmpa as
TRAIN LOAD OF rMEAT. soon as a schooner now there moves out.
The large lighter towed from Port
Ten Cars of Fresh Beaf Arrive From Tampa by the stearship Lampasas
vChicago For Santgo yterda. as built by the Plant System
for the war department. Too more of
Lrom Sunda 's Daily. th ese lighters are being built.
Swift & Co.. the well-known packers ial Deputy Coe Customs
had ten car loads of fresh Chicago beef George Macfarlane, visolle Port Tampa
arrive from that city terda in esteda in rday and pd u the men on board
special train on a lightening express sthe it-ie i tareS rei-anue cutter Mor-
achedule. The meat was Immediately rill
transferred to their gigantic store rooms,
where It was put on ice and will be kept
until the next transports sail for Santi-
ago, when this immense amount of beef
will be shipped t1 the soldiers. This Is
the largest amount of fresh meat ever
received In this city, and it was n ulte a
novel sight.
On many occasions Mr. R. Mugge has
received a whole train load of beAr, but
meat of the Chicago variety ne_-ver be
fore came as far south as Tampa in
such a large quantity.

Song by J. C. Jeffcott.
Beware you Spanish scns. beware.
Beware you sons of Spain;
For vengeance now is in the air.
The battle cry is ever-where.
Through Uncle Sam's domar.:
And legions from all C'er the :and.
Are pouring In on DECORATION AY
And full ecquippped f.cr .;,dy fray. UECORATION DAY! C
To Join the troops 'round Tampa Bay Wil be witnessed w
All sturdy lads. all bold an brave, deal more co fort
All eager for the fight;
They fear no death, they dread no vide yourself with a
grave, light weight Summ
So long as 'tis to honor same, weight um
For justice and for right, the day. We have
The flower ot all Columbia's land, nobby effects for m,
Are waiting for their chiefs command,
With spirits light, and hearts all gay in swell patterns in
To join the troops 'round Tampa B&y fancy worsted suits,
And woe to poor declining Spain, Simeres and wOrstp
When once the boys in blue, ages, and all sizes
With vengeance for the fated Maine, ges, and all sizes
On Spanish sons their bullets rain. boys.
With deadly aim and true.
The mothers of our land well know, $ji\flfl
Their sturdy boys to war must go, U
And bless the day they went away.
To Join the troops 'round Tampa Bay I D E N

PremsdeaL Vice Presidet. Caauer Aet. Cadaiwe


--CAPITAL $100.000.00.,--
Largest capital of any bank south of Jacksonville. Solicits your
business. Every accommodation consistent with safe
banking granted. Have unsurpassed facilities
for making collections at all points in
the United States.
BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Jno. N, C. S.C-ktor.. .. B. Andernuno. Edward
Manrara, Sego Meyer.. Ziba King, C. L. Jotc.. Peter 0. Knight, Jose Arrango
and I. S, Craft.

SHOPPING BY MAiL. Ev^rlihned Pres.n- Loation Oct. 15. 1995,

Importers and Retailers of
Mail Order Department.
We have a regular organized department under the super-
vision of one of the firm for this branch of our business. Parties
at a distance can send for samples and may depend on having
any order entrusted to us filled with the same promptness and
care, and at the same prices as if personally selected. Write to
us for samples and prices on anything in the Fancy. Gry Goods
Line. Our store has been specially constructed for the purpose
of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best fitted up and
best constructed, and contAins all that experience can suggest
to render it the most useful, comfortable and attractive of its
kind. It is accordingly one of the sights of Louisville.
"Bacon's Advertiser" contains price, list of Fancy and Dr3
Goods mailed free onapplicastion

425, 425, 429 E. Market St., above'Preston. LouisTive, Ky.

Keep the Newest L tt
FURNITURE. in the yt

Honaker &Co.. 507 Ffakia8





M aas B

^----------- &

To Sell .

I At Low Prices
4%..aInoreases 'Trade.

Demonstrates this fat.

Comprise our entire stock of

Wash Gdods, White Gopods
Organdies. TineTs, '
Piques Hosier, HosieryPas
and Sun Umbrellas.

Millinery.: and :

You know that you can only find the bt
here, and tl)at our prices are I far leee I
you pay for inferior goodeaelsewhere.

Maas- = Bnr

I> T HE o, I'1, 0 &A IL Aft DE A Ot


snappy and 4
en of t, ste ,
cheviot and 1l1 uau11lfm

,-- - - -,-- -_ ,- -.

Of Your Dnmes ad
The spring and summer season business tla
close. Wemust make low pres i orde to
S our stock. Then lowprices will-be foundou on Wt

Dry Goods, Millinery .
Gi6ents' Furm~I g Gpo. ~
We are maki ig specially low prices, oi Gte
lenge Shirts and Drawers, IAight-weiht 1 .ai
either in suits, or in shirts and'.drawr sepa

O. Our Line of -osiei~
is most complete. See our lines offered at 1k,
and 25c.

714. 716 and 718 Franklin St., tmanpa-

m "-

Promptnes Delivery

Accuracy inFiUing Or

are the two palosi
and 'do ew

re ,s.ro.g in bot- h polt.--f....
fhgod e W. m ip ^ H

pi4.4 Skf,

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submitted'by0 B. B night, city auditor.AiLondonx..Juiy I-Tic.Rome. OMO- ct
Thetal assment as o aots Ofters from T Top. pl of Sat t D it nent. p other Daily Chronle
to 6,l.6144, which does not include "The Pope. it ts rumored, ha taole.
railroads. street ragways, telephone and inotdto e X-laba"204MI
FItURE legrph etc -ich ia CAPTAIN KERR CRITICISES COMPLIMENT TO THE CHIEF ..t tonachy gthot, ore, ,tieo t
change is made. and the same valuation the-pa wich, ater the cero nta 5 or t,
a ten for thisr the as meant roll re Tells of the Bad Management The Sanitary Department to be Ban- than honorable."
would be brought to A. total of 20"tsetmh
F ole. as against is .M. 6o r the year 1897. Shown in the Loading of Trans. dared Every Assistance Possible At the same tiy the P-o e wm -
This Is explthat the depby the auditorwho ports-Doctors and Nurses by the Army in Getting the appeasng to American enerosity to-
to the fact that In that" dome ofe Needed in Cuba. .:ty in Good Condition. enemy.n unfortunate, ut chlvalro
Vertr wa s aeese --for-- ----- 1 aud I"The Italian foreign office, however
discredits such rumors and denied
S ro r iday's.Da ly.. rom Friday..s Dal. the po.... wers have taken any W actiO.' BOgg
Il fG l Capt. J. B. Kerr. of Company K. Sixth Since the present admInistratIon an-
ast WILD sti UnitedStatescavalryandfourother control ofl city a3i.
Fr c army officers who we-- present during! greatly hampered by lack of funds, and
P?0 mthey A battles in front of Santiago last been unable to carry out the program%
amur we eale T a Tabf lwek arrived here yesterday on the inaugurated by Mbaor Bowyr, of at C miro
Sm VLi T96 steamer Mascotte from Key West. The once cleaning up the cit and placing The Army Ohritian CoWmaaionu ,mia f
ilf to- -o so". men reached Key West on board the it in thorough sanitary c ondition. Whactis o n-Doingt th
business Col. T. Y. Weir, the chief of the sani- _--_ ALP
_ temphU MaraeCoFl July S3teamer Ircoquois which br >ugnt ocr tary department of the cit. has been CampsAround Tampn ip
mg for *a ,.Jl. y two hundred and flft. of the wounded unable to secure a sufficient number of y re-e
Branch enlt tances oicur to me timo especially who were able to stand th- juurn'ey team to haul thr refuse which la been hfr. Prank Mfhan has been appotluted dol,
ia .favor th succsl Introduction of theIDr. P. F. Harvey, a United States dersl but beginn' g to-day, this -wtl o as general secretary for Clorida
ild bage.The season ofb army surgeon who was n charge of the be changed, and there will be enough ith headquarters at Tam pa. He has T A.
ea the when So cabbages ar o n the'wounded, brought over on the Iroquois, teams to do the work quLok y.und every under him five a assistant setarlLs.

mar e t abbae I s the only sureon to look aftar The general realized that the health nFeeli a
t o f outhe Faord&'W e fardn-n aitso arrived here on the Mascotte.d The resident t Tampa should do everything some of whom aOre rtad Mate
ss ta oe e areet l t- aedoctor said he was iompletlely broken pnossible to asidest n akeering the city -Southern colleges whose laborm c a i te

beo S A Ara di Inothee stote. Iam eIn- when Captak n fral on the was ompl teal br hok c anneanc d o t paper neoa n y wrh a T e agiper, g ,
*_--wing ouat of a gene cean. Sltant an1d duWy apre iated Iby o
le er ofaua the unprecedented o hadwn from ove ork n a in said Yesterday Chief e Weir went to MajTr soldiers and riends of there are ao tomahd
direc Introduced he pconassed through seem there s a great need of surgeons andulet bunel J. Plenty ooppooder, commpnde Christiandn Assattomch nd on

|>.T Hb e-t a sto our charitable pu NAVAL T 0 tub-
li eatedoaned enth oerpritseen Pur- ses In General Shatters army corps, the Fourth army corps, and requested names of these assistant seetark am
the use of a sufficient number of army X. G. Bailey, C. L, Xweld, C4V. B ar .:
u ed they are a unlways to ad to texche an every sueon and member of the wagon to hreawe May the uand as- dance and whey. C .re n a Xobosk for .
S or 't another Industry. Toh ioo l corpu s has ieen performing tle sist in claiming p the city. General o l F. D. Hunt. headquarters O th

an S s t n e uupretsm eent stress, and a r euto e ur n dln th l mtta Thotad 9 W
Kaoldiers hat liberal, wor of a dozen men since the fighting Coppinger readily comp iea and gave geeral secretaT and THE MEsist lan D
S l the mandy mpiaons of dii Plae, and some o th e sihts were no d hiefWeir an order to the depot quar- at 70 Fralin Si t. Tana at, oo up eat

grorPbstho em dand ptiandtnh "i cctizfoundbe an.all. The pattrals were n "I nteraster dil recting that official twho wplc Tampa iorna the Krs bnk, herCema and 1 kn
or Citizens will provide to several or all one hundred and fifty took a wemen y- tent ere iur leteam at the ommnd ofhch atl day long and untal liae In tt. he B.
iof the a a, messes in c d aou nd g In a row waning t bThe attended to. Chief Weir. g all re kept as. ve ments a hireofta

Dela- cut away otmer sprie up in and r des had not beeatteto the mle, or T nat Commanr Chas C. a ot
mer s of wprd cabbage aIn e w aas n the only surgeon look after Te general realied that the health bees. T EO-.
y.ud the bud dtro the planomore edible and a these men, and I did what I could fe of the troops depended to a g ureat ex- Te S
are consantent upon the r condition of the 9ty, and Consists chiefly in sup ng not on s
de-rdo- wholesome vegetable than the bud tm toem ur geons aol n urse should be when he was Informed that the city the soldiers who callbut b ithem.t the i
letsre come andywit o a et work ether thanh. sent to the front Immediately.o did not have the funds to carry on this various camps with sta toner y, PSW
0 in trrl a ue ceorin this statwo Iam in- When Captain Kerr, of the Sixth ca e work in the proper manner awle dind not paper, envelope, InkandRev A. C. wri
re hesitate to giant the use of the tea nam terll together with cSairs, writi
o sttei, ft"A teatrket tn charge theieaed the Tampl a ae yches with- for the d of friends relat dees a rtbles and all necessary
J bag is Ited only the ber of t- evening, was nur by a The tenaeasnrn t bn to the reg sconveniec ampleproporto
.* om ten to twe-fve et wile the lae roup of fw who larteams used y the citywi bout money and without price. iaeds that for

r tenAbtc wey- f ie e0 w \ th rephl e A BDCKL.N eguN1C SAL-VB. Tamnr oi t wh
ower tae bbs are left and at pr- wanted to earth be news drecut Thfrom Tone wobetrk n the Third ward this morning, the local work, there are five large tes ts Wtt'3a Lo ttle mana sims
s ranging from three to ten es who d taken part n the thousanand the attention of the resd.nSalt of the at the various camps with ale t hey .
l ris l Te o t q t th e Ttlers were killed and Fever Sore d to the nocappedIssued and seating capacity for thousands Oy honthr
SsVe. g l use and de andq f on ceproperly u Kerr had his arm in a aling. t theead by Chblaef Weirns in thI issue )f the Tr- asoldtiers oand citiser where are as stomachOL t 0i

uvedone and pgeltevely cares Padedm dI no f once proper lye S tS
direct- introd ucedLsd the consequent eo been broken by a auser arle uletpay requrne. plenty of good books, pape m to gve tom1 ch and vert i .at wh a deep a
br in. moent of msy d of our need fellow cit- The captain as not backward about 51in5 freely fulsbed by the A, rmy .' .
Kd s, for whhesoldiers mayot have talking e anirst poke were atious A L low up ia ; aChristian smm and eaewhereal t1o M
,aoi be Inuch money to p et In food of this kind. a l religious servehees are daltraldrwhere Te atasiAd 3 w;gg
te ben rationed the government. delay i unloading the transport and gospel h mn books are found in abwuh t
btthe y ng re always reayovec awngen t he n tha a aen Twenty-Three Hen From Tempo En- dance. and where a song hokfur aol-West at 3o'ck wrd
of iJn. sand this kind of an arrangement wouid throughout Uin handling the expedition list. in thoe Na lynesonan R i omruiso red ithNit- feeat F7o'rt T

S^our addst. to H.E. Bucklen^ h~rpshorer then psaioked fasa aTis edebythis-riv- t-an I7s t-t7 Taii"ctth tht W
for the suit oar farmer folk admirably jlst now. he transportn ere loaded in a careless un T ion. is or ma be seen In the hands t e
lon Ag of Kin. ng successful introduclls. t ws ths worto ha hourr ard Atlanta an f mpa -aur o te ensee ofhbl.m c haryAng Soa es0 a
.:e wild cabbage as a food among the manners ie artilery wan tored From Thursday's Doaily all the boy blue.
blt ely tedirs ustad e T eyn the quLk in- about In various parts of the shp. T -te rst No one can tly coma of a lack by o' .
"lnes trodAtton all over the country, and Parts of the siege guns were stored in divncin.n of th- Fl-rla.Na-.cl militia laft orf ecery factpti for corrondlnI with tessba

abn UNt demannt, fqr t tohey w ll .carry. Tp atl D ne h t ulved ones at home. T
wa t t w one place, and other parts in another TalCpa last nignt -ia re Plait 6YStem L40CATiON OF THE TENTS. of ptlespby ustaIgDOt.II g.
bii .010 the many millions of dollars place, and some of the sights were not lday or tw agoei Thry r 'ria.m inednt One of the tents is located in West aive. -. bast s peamtiwi
ae e wlof them ad bowe' standing In South found at i all. Te pa ta an e in r nAc nay o. Tampa near the uXtph cavalry tn the
edor- Florida aytn. Re y so)thlars, acnduiwnMan.sn. thatei ofars, and Aeeyeh e I nt a who earof the Tama Bay-. Hotel. another Oma and k is i
nuew r i wel lL kwnh Eindigoenos. twek Ihe t o t here fur that ,urp.-so. aieer which Is on Tampa Heights. two at Desotoj me" at, rener. L3. R. 1
)f the Salt, end as fast s the older trees are find all the belongings. The pack ad- opl poh nied tin do no w -fe et tin hPart where several segments are eta,-_ -
S imL&- cut away. other rm |ag up ,n their dies had not been fitted. to the mules .. Lor ..ieuten Comma. .r. Chas. C. tloned, and the others are six 6c ety.
otead., ItIs froni hem e t est plants Iffitted had been stored away without C.rnsi. ", .nlt~d Stair- rac.y enlisted Srv ies atPre hld pa Ciy.ii all Lthese
,the best buds am ibtslId. Le., plants services are hold daily ail them
on0De tn three years old. The cutting of! benlg propery n4araed, and the result the men, and they will remain iii the AJ 4b "
y, ad the bud d00troyps thtq plant. bu t', sw-sthai haodre-ds of the moltse were training. and thynar r a. innnd ntiluT" quently crowded by interested coulgre-
a~re onstantiy comeg on. soi ihi-.t an Ohdined by r._tt havi pack gddlesa- sea ur coant d fense t tions who are well sippled, not on
rinalcabbage t once t down..thatted. l'here were no Lighters to The divinsor,% as r.ut ac.-nted on anationshTut by the different secretaries,
swMsad a allowed two years the stand could d t b ats h. nti a, ltble.i. Iere,'tito oct ,
neces- e oo ted on to furnish for all time to use iiunIdi ted sill hasan.-wan"t aiiti o'ly oun- and Lortunately by eminentt minister. m
e,0tlhe Come, and wItaneot work either, than the were aot larg- enough to prlperly ill their commissIons o .,'. The onf- r iv1nes, and evangellsts from all parts.
Ily He, cuttirr noudls roe or twstaoousand handle t..- Allof the trans- cers are Lieutenants S. A. Icawle, 2nd of the country. v:AC
'peose. Thse.wsiltdcabbageis noto pertis '?5fbeouS nlroaded at the time Ensigns Tuc er and Dime. of Now Yo. Ira ltsaiDV, Major S.
tes w l g l iynot tn T h q .f 'n- i is a p a rtia l lis t o f t h '. wh e itty e n ral 0 B ow e v. o r
lestred very palaftble and toothsome, but it.sof th." -rcure of the lroquoin. asni It -r.hstu.. Guy H. Sauve, W '. S 5. 5Wr. WittGener al.i1Htowse ev .u
Siverynt ritious. It Is a w .ll-knowep I. douil uit If they will retunc to Port. W :in a.ii.. M utiier Scott, N..F.l Hutch- Dr. It. C. hVo0 i "oio chaClUn- _.o f t5d
the ~ foteeStartling, L. Ruoe Eddings. G. dV. itm- h ,
6 *6e train I w %tulow thip When the fight began last Friday, the mons, J. H. Oberry, Le Rot BRodes, of the Tabernaclet trsbytra iir th
Uonf. from point to point. ca upn right artillery had not been brought to the Edward Lawlna. E. Colins, C. B. Tay- Interest of thle National Reia CompaIrls-
-among them each sight. Their camp front, and the men were compelled to lor, E. R. King, C. H. Porter, A. Guanen sine, of whih be Is al member,' W-
.ivartably in a cab-af
or slough, an abundance charge the etmoi in the trenches with- and sit others.
SMU he ofcabbagetreess-felledandtheindaOut hR'haviebrngf eenbolA Ldrge cros d of friemnds relatis atd aog thetg eves
,i gs hrogS, which aceutn n .depot.to thi epiriuutlawatta tof -the 1W
'. ~to sr trdi Ab ~l e t -deStates soldier stationed in and about 4
me let~n_,.. I."itiApraarr rI.officers now here sayh Tampa, the headquarters of'the army
mayor practice by.itrc.,It ae swlnese i -... LI thol e"...ie report of the Americen of Invasion. who have already gene or
power eitei-n D c.t luses neo nit yet been sent out. They The best'muave In the world for cuts, are sepetting to mote on to C ola 5t5 .i
L~t. but .yr -- r.""testim-.ate at at least ur thotd Brui r "e ssecretaries w hose aabiby an eaur-
will .l ., A.. tao sIdlers were killed and Fever Sores, Tettar, Ohapped B ands co itere s with army ad C&ers ad

Va X U..; Ar .aae color. ue' wa.,rm water: ioreinoter, 'n.i thIly M.Q

AIee .tu' first of thI- c ." e The Am-ri- f.1larn .Ra. .a ic '" s-a n. Ii r i, .&_-..n .nai#%be pomr-alindiy o ca pr-,

sfil t he ar.U n. Igl~ta~l ' wa '' s .... i ~too. -'t iard~s, and. they 55.sh'ild .. ... .. Ocan.t 00 :' ........ -,,.-er. W0 CTC R Q "

b SodM by S. B Leoardt. Drg ts have been able to do mTuch rore damage J
eartiel S4 l B LS. Ionsrdl& Co. than was done. The strer rth o e; or m or L e L -... . c t- l irk "'-,a dy 0- a r-
S, Spaniards has been t.rrlby uner...i- d .n au p.-ge, An-
SANDD AGG mate, a-. as alo th' l n quall set gratifying i. ,. r i -orh,. eaTt ad
.. ..... .'- D' at" .1te a, 1 al tth .-' I '- htng qual[ l"Iv r

lo wn, ann, c. rwh i Icbig s aOre into t- u r r a t Ibe Er o..t e ': .The Anotn 'r in e T .. They cure c. .:. .. ,t .r' aly .a a R

AtLt.r- prorFr . n 'r ..g theg An erican army, ard i Co. FIg --j by'C a rbtrLa
Se .... d. but they a.e having h -. .. Cahly .. wn i erup wl kly ,i ',

'.At...th ,>rn o orid- a.d; In o perktlng ,. m enggement or laist a th -... , Dunn-llon a. d the foUow-ng the ue o f Prcklei Ah B S Co-l r r .
o_ d w Frit a,.. the o rs sa" that y d to dhe oChiefF"I terstteItHe p.b.,.- ,rewabas-
,ie .i n and looted m c a v n-1 g ta Hre -in J Fz d anU .s oucebd at the bowel. Sold r B. a t.
a 'arand death. There r <' Ti e c u. .. .. .&.' ros a.Bhase Am-' ra t es hI .
ofL :, t -ib cC sTt. . e -r. .r @ 1 -..r y i nCf L. ,ke- I -.. .-Ty c i r., 'o ,.or i .-->a rkel, t < a l sooSie- n -T
-eied -. n t assvi, Ilit-oc.re- o e. fl1any-thatbuptolietitere la s ch i e iW -r c
wi < 't-i oic-strenta had done very i inasi butra rgesiin reouin S ? O'S inteitoIe Vl hr 5501. '5 t ow Is the:AeO

i+.. .."g the American a .C t g fr Fade a&,de
90 1 f IL ?"%a M'ar ,wih. -na incld.d.des.K t ..' i.. etc- i. i. 4I.n.' e -i d y eruptions willqu id y dliel IanrtI gsawg l
WUPe-ni-h-~nd a teamsnter ofr.' on that t had O r e t. iIe a terns. Itupuinfies tbe blood saMd.Ig-Esm '.LoVAN!1

.a ah t tame. t u *i- litre ft-inn C rt.

ast %- ti aa a trde al."t t-,MM Onse, uI os s wf

w, uo ant s,,e . f,, 1= ..' ':


a o4 Jae, a-D., 1 ... -.
ole "C. W. STw'V. S.
m F. M. BIMOLNI Muter in Chancery.
.4w-. Soltcitor tfor Complainant.
I No o ties of Inttntion of Suit by At-

iloo ---
Wled fs UeECircuitLourtof ihe 8Lxtb JudieWl Cr-
ont, moo.to..e~ttuoefFlorom La u o .t H0tlko-
U12% bwn.1bh county.
6 TThu L u-g Ia.u'actaIriDg Company, n Lor
CO j bfrtU&1. wgajlom kua oaistino unowar tMe
co- f Ut blewjerney.v.hIo. I bL F. bw the bcLxm Tma, and Tbusmae R eopl, isM
om- prmWa- &an ra. OoeDs bemun0ebs A"
ods %raLn uue-' tin lirm name and *& ije d
of bL(bu., ltbo & o-oaopnj--b.bi, Osam&e*
such 4;U 1 V
Pon Noice Is hereby given that the above
pon entiUtled nit wherein the Liebig Manu-
* of fucturlng Company it plaintiff, and
the Thomame F. Stubbs, W. Seota Tison,. and
Stn Thomas R.L Peeples. late partners in
aid trade. doino busMness and trading under
dder the Arm name any style of Stubbs.
rep- Tion & Company are defendants, has

ate no.2 ed to -. March ties therein, and more articularly de-
h oo 4th, A. D. 1M for 147 shares. scribed as follows. to-wit:
L Led upon as the property of N The followIng property being situated
S numa aand sold to satisfy aid exceu- in the County of HUlsbaorough: A three
e T".. 2101-WR eights undivided interest in lot 2. of sec
n ot T. K. 6PrNCER. 17, and the oe 1-4 of the se 1-4 of sec 18,
S Sheriff Htilborough Co. both in township 31, smoutb of range 17,
r C. C. WHITAKIKEM east; also a one-half undivided Interest
ptelirt A tt.- fr Paintiffs. in the me 1-4 of the me 1-4 of sec 7, frac-
hif w tonal oe 1-4 of sec 8, the e 1-2 of the
f T S S ALE. sw 1-4 of sec 8; lot one in sec A, sw 1-4
virtue of nw 1-4, sec 17; lots one ond two of
'*BY virtue of a decree rendered byMeeker's subdivision of aw 1-4 of nw 1-4
the OnBa P111%05Judge of the sec 17,e 1-2 oftne l-4of eclS.e 1-2 of nw 1-4
Cvtit Courtw Sx udOalJv c circuit of of sec 18; ne 1-4 of me 1-4 of oec 18, all
W f- 3I55 n- aed ftor. Ultsborough in township 1. south of range 17 eat,
. i.s &niy In h okaem5 s/t55g, is a and all of the nw 1-4 of the nw 1-4 of
n *'OWe aU cansPeW pWe=a .in sald Court, sec 4, township 2 south of range 14
dat ope thet d 6tn ef Ja*., A.A. east; n 1-4 of ne 1-4 of aw 1-4, less two
& l, I whs.t" f- PhlfPt and ullter ae and a halt acres in ne corner of sec 13
M re e apUUfttAA, sAd L.- D Greene, Oet. L,. township If, south of range 15 east: sme
k& & JL de MP !e4r*( I'-B- el at public corner of lot one in sec 6, and lot ont
6tweto y g 54e10 n 1, Caary, before in sec 6. towship 2l8. south of range 15
the C rt BOuse 4or t-r 'ti e C"ty Of east; nw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 8, town-
1 a TzaI Mlbhrhus, h Cotty. Plorida, ship 3o, south of range 15 east; n 1-2 of
S on Monday, the first day of Aungust, n 1-1. of se 1-4 and n 1-i of sw 1-4 of se
S 1O tlht bln alks ad aales .d drying 1-4 of sec 4, townshalp 28, south of range
6 --tf1l .ae .to -e higoet 14 east; sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of Sec 3., and
"d and best hdde, for cash, the foUowlnr n 1-2 of soe 1-4 of seci, township 3,. south
S,, dsroed tract or parcel of lands lying of range 16 east; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4
"and befin in the County of albsoroubh of sme 1-4 of sec 11 township 32 south
Sad tat of Plo-rida, e. and dacrtbed ak of range 16 e; nw-1-4 of nw 1-4 of set
follow, to wit:- 3K township 27, south of range 17 east;
een The North halt of the north-eatquar- w 1-4 ofse1-4 andn1-o w 1-4 o fC
I te- of the north-east quarter of ectlon o 1-4 and me 1-4 of me 1-4 of sec 30.
Sfifte0en C1) in towAip thirty (30) south townahlp 31. south of range 17 east; ne
Ot f range twonty-two eat, contaiing 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16, and se 1-4 of ow
an N twenty acsesOf ls Or smh thereof 1-4 of see323,township 29, south of range
he enasi&rye S to stif said de 2 fast. w 1-2 of ne 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec
dena. e r ar expenses of esl 12 township 30, south of range 22 est.
P large C. W NVEWfS, And also the following real estate sit-
Master In Chancery. uated In the County of Sumpter, and
the IJOHNlSON, E State of Florida: a 1-2 of sw 1-4 of sec
S citor for S Copains n 3mnt., fractonal w 1-2 of sw 1-4 of sec 14;
1ma Tampe l, re ,1
Miad o ra JTun 30, 109g. ame 1-4 of sec 234rkctional se 1-4 of ne 1-4.
sen-. and fractional nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec
arrived NOTICE TO NON-PtESrDENTS. 26. fractional nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of see 36,
S--- all in township 18, south of range ;20
eilmed in the Creuft Court of the SIxth Judi- east, all of the ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 in dump-
Sphom- s Ci.a-uit othe of ]oMida. ter county of sec 35, township 1", south
of range 21 east; sw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and
en. Jo and for ]lshrbou-gh County; 1 e 1-4 of sw 1-4 of se 30 and se 1.4
W DEAN- Chacery sAtiNf. of aw 2-4 of SecIotowoship'20, south of
The Ybor Ckty Bnidmln & ir4n Aseo- range 21 east, and saw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and
c- a etlito, Va. Jota B. Browing and aw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of section 80, and e 1-4
e8tt to- IJam B r E wnrig.of sw 1-4 of see 31 I township 20, south
pste, Jane. &B 0o range 21 east, sw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec
S ct T came Goain on to be heard upon 2U. township 18., south of range 21 eao;
r e the OCtio efor an order of pubheation. se 1-4 of se 1-4 of see 12. and frattional

~sS3 sun

-OecJ.6-wl-4 f ne 1-4 of 5w 1-4. and to
6he a of 14 of 1-4 ofa -w -4 of pa
sea i& w Uhp N tPdb; hoL olm 1-4 D.
.@one 1-4 of nel- 4 ofc 2L. tq sip 81.
south, al In range 3 easa, the rw 1-4 ma
of nw 1-4 of sec 32. township 31, south, at
and thenw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 16, in Do
township 32. south of range 2 east, the th
a 1-2 of nw 1-4, and the n 1-2 of sw 1-4 er
of see 34; the se1-4 of nw 1-4 of eX, be
township 29, south of range 25 east, lots an
4. 5. 6. 7, .8, 9, 10. and 11 of subdivision po
of Medora, and lots 10. U. 12. 13. 14. 16. at
14. 17. 18,3. 34S, 36, 37, and 8 of block :
five of the subd-ision of Medora. do
And also the following realestate sit-
uated In the County of Citrus: n 1-2 of f
ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4. and w 1-2 of
nw 1-4 of ne 1-4; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4, and e
1-2 of nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 9; ne 1-4 of
ne 1-4 of sec 10; se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec
32; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 36, all In town-
ship 17, south of range 6 east; ne 1-4
of ne 1-4 of sec 18, township 17, south of
renge 17 east. ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of eec!, oA
township 18, south of range 17 east, se j
1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 16, township 19,,
south of range 17 east; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4
of see 15, townehlp 17, south of range
18 east. se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 10; n 1-2
of ne 1-4 of sec 14, and lot five or ne 1-4
of se 1-4 of sec 35, all in township nine- 4
teen, south of range 18 east:; ne 1-4 and
the ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 27, lot one in
block 14 of Floral City. and the e 1-2 4
of sw 1-4 of sec 36, and the ne 1-4 of the
ne 1-4 of eec t1, all In township 18. sooth
of range 19 east, s 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 6,
township 18, south of range 19 east: the
e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 27, and the w 1-2
of ne 1-4 of see 2I, both In township 19,
south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4,
and ne 1-4 of see 29, township 20, south
of r 19 east, sa 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 2
tp 17, south of range 20 east; the w 1-2
of sw 1-4 of sec 14. and ne 1-4 of nw
1-4 of sec 0. township 1I, south of range
20 eas.; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 8; ne 1-4
of -w 1-4 of sec 8, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec
14; lot 19 in Thompkllnsville, ee 18, ew
1-4 of ne 1-4 of see 2, all in township
19, ouith of range 20 east; B 1-2 of sw
1-4. and se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of ec 5; nw 139
of se 1-4 and me 1-4 of ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of
sec 6, ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 26, and ne
1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 35; all In township 20
south of range 20 east; sw 1-4 of sw 1-4
of nw 1-4, and sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of see],
township 21. south of range 20 east, and
a 1-2 less ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16, In
township 19, south of range 21 east.
And also the following real estate sit-
uated in the County of Marion: Ne 1-4
of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4, and nw 1-4 of ne 1-4
of sw 1-4 of see 13. In township 12, south
of range 20 east, fractional me 1-4 of aw
1-4 of seec 4, township 14 south of range
20 east; nw 1-4 of eec 11, township 17,
south of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4
oP ne 1-C of sec I1, township 15, south
of range 19 east, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 cf see 4
7, in township 16, south of range IS east;
se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of DeWitt Park itn sec 4
and the% W 1-2 of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of De-
Witt Park. except lot 5, -block 7, and
block 8, and lots 9, 10, 11, and 12 In -
block 9, and blocks 11 427, 28, 1, and
'2, and lots 14 and 15 of block 12, and
lots 6 to 12 Inclusive, and lots 20
to 23 inclusive is block 14, And
lots 6 to 10 inclusive, block 17, and lot
V in block 33, and lot 15 in block 13, and
lots 17 to 20 inclusive in block 16 in sec
8. township 16, south of range 18 east,
and the w 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec & in town- =

SA High Grade Fertilier" Muit


Then why p*y 3S5 and $40per b ft r
Sget a strictly high grade, reliable ferlWifI 4
Sprnces: :-- V
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RDaiarolaidGuano, the Ideal a1

6e 1-4
1-4 of

By D. H, GtVENO,
P. 0. KNIGHT, Deoty Clerk.

County of MHis

Ar.'- "-^ D B- ]i IVBNS
nrntow.'Deoputy Cwet


ofof f sec 2 toi
of 1-4, se 1-4 of
1-4 1-4 of nw 1-4, i
see One; a 1-2 of
of the w 1-2 of
21 1-4 of sea 2; t
&W 27: the ne 1-4.
39, 1-4 of se 1-4 of


countyy of

he first Monday in Septe m- uer the, IJU IIW B .& J
lame being the 5th day in maid month. iSt -
o a rule day in this court, else a de- '
nault will be duly enteredagaiost them aEG "Desw-e, a1
in sad court. Am app &iba _m _A
P. Vg. SIMOTON Plaintlff, OiY E -N
Attorney for Plantiff.

0c.Ui7A8 SATS. Jakon e aBlad~- .2
Under and y vhtue of two certain medi Ldin On th
writ of execution Isulag otut of thee ,r- .CITY OP JAcOKSO ,VIL .i.i
Cult Court of the Sixth Judiciel Circuit
if the State of Florida, in and for Htils- EW A. MAW. I
rough County., on the 17th day of Leave Jkmy9e-...--
&pil, 19K on two --rta je Insee amaSit.. n ..-. ..............

Flames C. MvNel n wsA defendaiat, I have w .a. aaneowo H

estnWesaQF8n. Lx- win. k. CatnV


the Jam- Awong tt
mrd sale wma w.s e t wn hre f B

eeto the same ww tteMa aao r wtN am
le fwoo i became a*ai jiff",at
rty W n ot saafy mowuh% ire, oM-
e uIn e at garea- retAe ;ssa s
oen of satIsfyinie aboedezmecutlo5 mtb-
d &all costs Counip
Dated at f Tfnpa. ?rsa, tha 29th salt in
I of Junea D. JA ..---=
P. I. Spencer. S
Sheriff of lMbrough County, Fla. L ad
F. I. Simonton. miVf CI
AUtorney for the plaintiff. -m-,n

P"- Aay of
Under and by virtue of a decree o
ale rendered on te 22nd day of June
L D. 1M, by the Hon, W. A. Hooker
udge pro an vice, lIn the Cae o
ilnam H. Ferria vv. JosItah Ierri, et F.IW
L, pending M the Circialt Court of th


wounded ma was az sf aa[ S AL m.

gP9ts? ...-mta N Greeley Spt Yestery He
The rival og these vesels gie Tpce the ArrangemnSs.
k-.,I 360W0 ,s tuenatrt for carryIng
Id01 anm seuii t fnrth y iny i aTy IN ic tbe FeMd iOSpIl oif MOf[ Frcm Tuesday's Da.l
,-.- 1 AGeneral A. W. Greeley, oblef of the
fFreRflM UMy Corps. United State.s Signal er-vice, arrived In
ZA 7. 0 Tampa yesterday morn morning, and made
his headquarters at the camp of Major
Ke mas otel.L El-sco to Zvacuate TI Rer, who has charge of the signal
CuiAE Cuba VUhit bt Hou. HOSPITAL TRAIN COLUSION service ors attached to the Fourth
_army corp_ under General J. J. Coppin-
S' peeal to the Tribune- --- ger. The general arrived early and

Jetaltayof o he rRAderdp.cased .eurred Near High Sprin the camp ofthesignaor was
.11he American squadron in Crban Sunday ight. g-reatly intere sted in learning of the ad-
at. summoning Blan o, as comman- Sy t vanecment that has been made under
der of trh eee esh forces tgnCuba, to Lhe instruction of Major Reber. The

v many...' fortr-eight noum and-sanoo eig that From Tuesday's Dally.onac c
twoundAmsecanam- sol terwise, the Americans will bonfoard The hospital tran o the war depart- Cuba. With one of theme balloomenat-
a'J~ l l, DorteIn-Cuba. meant left here Sunday wiLh = wounded otian the d aoyea Gene l o reneof le vi te

Height& de ment me e brigade.g t c

taose S N 8 mm" 1. it was reported here yesterdaythat co e cl e a thoroughin-
Bnc Omhasw res e a dblat th a freight train near High Springs, and specton of the signal corp e and ast
f as oy Rof tmrsot Avaa, at the that a number of the men on bard had nhL Just before his departure, an-
eroved this to u e an exagterat.on, ae men that th ass beeo madew under
n aa pe. al t the TA bune. mhere was a Brear end caimsonnu the i nstruti osin a aors b.iT hbe
ia of W tSwt an. C., ily 9.-Th wa staln ed w tot lu ry, ue pau ae i to the alyin
M ftbo.- epartyenigt h receivTed from General A caboose on sthe rear end of the train ., andg occupation in Cht aand Porto
LO &d I nnfr ashefo dprtc ioble ue hln n tyain e bth dose Prof.- ert ewis of tKoomo. Indiant-
4t1 ,i.._ae-a arm e wat" ha ca ed of nth enoation montalewas injured. and the caboose was only who has chd ea o the d alnoonits t
he., c lsrt w eid th a n slightly damthr e fo naged.t for Port Twilno with the signal corpse

e e chdivision(eo t. General All of the men et here were rie o t te reported
-W-iim a at.asii beeanrue h hehe -.cm-i,, field.hospital on T ampawhich d Ia nt charge of the d gaton detach.

.. ,. W& ,b W +


Infiltry and Artllhey, but No Claw
ny, Will Take twU City Tht is
Recognized as ta Gesa
of the Alilles

Spealt tohe Tribune.
Wakhlncton, July L-Orders haw
been ent out by the war- dcp L..._-dt
.for the concentration of ttemty-flS
thoutnd troops at Tampa, ad the
vision commanders have been lntormed
that these troops must be in reiotm

-hueetts volunte<
private. Company
Josephe Farli, Cc
shoulder-; ,Fred

mi corps: Killed, 1 man; wounded.
seral Wheeler's report not yet re-
tgned) SHA7TER.
"Major General."


au TUs wy mile Cuter,

eft foot; Fred C. i
through ritt t lun
New York voluT
ry, Company B, h
cog. Company B,
. Niemeyer. CormP
ind neck; Henry F
any A, right arm.
h Michigan volit
n, Company I, rig
gner, Company5I1

nteer --
eft hip;

put on board the track
Lampasaa, Nuece and
t is believed that fout
ae ready to start by
e last Tuesday forty

amnea here and not ailowe
for Key West or Cuba.

Shot His Foot.

From Tuesday's Dally.

SRich- Private John LoveUl. Co. A, i
Ri- States Infantry now camped
nteers- Heights, accidentally sho
ht foot; through the foot yesterday
in rht about 12 o'clock. He picked
S one that his comrades had
Riders and said. -"Watch me shoot
C, chest my foot." To his amazemen
manyy row, the gun was loaded, an
Spelled the trigger, there ca
,hr report and a hole In his foot
Nelson toe same instant.
thigh; He was carried to the hospil
I hand-; and his wound dressed. It in
d Hop- ful, but it is not thought h-
Wqh his foot. Private Lovell
Wsh Wdlkesbarre, Pennsylvania, ai
. Comn- reputation of being the large
Troop the regular army. He me
V M, feet seven Inches in his stock
t, Conm- weights 227 pounds.
liam LI
SCon- General Shaftr Said on Fr
ohn F.
Kirk- Rverything Was Qu
-rge W. Special to the Tribune.
nd and Washington, July $.--The w
mn .t posted the following -dis
eardos, night:
. Bub- "'Hon. -A. Alger, Secretar
mn L., Camp c anr S gntlao, July I
d; "2,o. quiet to-day. At the reao
ta Spanish general, employes of
n right i11 Cable Company were s

10 l sent to onto Hlo, and the voluntetraa, at
amm wait- now bemng Mat to antiago will remain styiei
bave their in that provide as ar a of o
"t`tVs w&%pation

S"been de- SUMANZ stwen I
d to leave -te Am
Secretary of War Orders All Xinm round t
BRSmoved From AMea H bo. by the i
_of reass
Special to the Trihtne. e rat
th V ed Wshinton, July IL.-Te becretwe y terat ipa
ton Un of war has ordered the removal of all ltrige I
t himself sub-marine mines, which now protect'.adu,'
morning the harbors of the Unite dStatea aaiAt .re'hi"
up a un, e entry --f hostile abip l w
been using
that flny off This action was decided upop at to- wbem, do
It and sor- day's cabinet session. The decision of .thi 51
d when he the cabInet to remove these mines new I
me a loud is one of tk* most aigsiieant masentau. otry mS
at one and ons of t supreme confidence of the5 to theib
tal at once governMeat in the futuree protection of tbh ftaM
ver7 pain- the United States from attack at the
will loiselod of hostile powers. -
is from
nd has the After tmawhmb considering the qub. w5-mi
est man in eet, It has been decided by the engi- ,
asures six neera that the safest and quickest
cings and means of removing the mies is by -- oea
- ploding them, and orders to that eflBestM ad in
will be issued at once. =*. sl
ese of I
To mnare L-.u-O.M4.M. ut'mrfVer.
idy That Tas Caww e tu Caty 'etfau-. ore. v 1
et. C. C. c.In to lW re.- J.cm n-a r. s f org"

r depit-
Snteh last
ry of War
Bct of the .
Sthe EHog-
nenta to t
__d spirits

h Infantry-Thomas B. Kell
any Dleft arm; Charles FranWll
antC. right hip; Thomas Walter
any E. right foot: ldgar Nicho
any F, right aide: Fred Berp
any H, left arm; Heary Schlebe
Company A, left foot; Jeot Gum
my EM left foot; Will Sekoon, Coi
A. right leg.
ith Infantry-Joohn Miller. Cu
B, left side and arm; WilltI
r, Company H, left hip; John
ehly. Company D, In neck; E.
n, hompitl corps, shot in rig
while attending the wounded
h Bomra, Company C, side
nty-fourth infnatry-Jesse V
n, Company C. shot in back by
He Is worse wounded of at
John eonox Company H. rigl
J. 0. Johnson, Company H rigl
George Hilton, Company 0. rti
ifthb nfantry-Barney, Redmon
my ,. left arm.
lenth intantry-Charles er nh
any J%, left side. I
Oty-IftM Infantry-John H. Boy
any C. right lag and left mhouQew
0norman Company ulH two inrisg
th infantry-George Feltn. Coo
D, in bac; BHoustun Riddle,. Con
left mbouher blade.
tM nftantry-Rufus B. SILle
any B, left arm. '
rth lvantry-David Weldon, Con
C, left iD. h
t cavalry, relars-Charlem Kr
ret aergmnt. troop D, left anou
kuuiat Ortpenstroth, Troop D, I
d cavalry-Arthur Lucia,. Troop I
eenth infantry-Walter Kense
any G, left leg.
the others were sent to Fort MO

mo aOT -be
There is one te ttlmam
ildo, O. That now 1 will name,'
SF Which may beirg what is b-ttor
eMos a. Than riches or tame-.
rs,:" and All those who wilU n ttd it
iO IS itU Good appetite find, -
Vn-'njy Stromng erves rosy. ch.lic.
And vigor of mlind.
l IB widl5 It will bash d spep j
Rbheunattus amnd gst.
c Tugi, I'" "- '"-.- -. r.r
Andhere in thea nxim--
LAItVIN.- ts w oni *ame-

gTft Reacw. SowSS^

st; -(Signed) SHAFTER.
nd 'Major Gene.ral."


in. Last Acounts Say That OverFive
r, Hundred Were Loxt.
er, Special to the Tribune.
el- Boston, Mass,, July ,.-The Plant Line
P. steamer from Halifax has arrived here
m" having on board one hundred and sixty-
two survivors of the Prench LAne
s teamer Burgogne, which was recently
h. sunk in a cotlison with the British al.-
J Logmshlp Cramartshire. On the pesare
J from Halifax the pasmener list of the
ht Burgogne was carefully revised, and It
d; was shown that there re e seen hund-
Of red and fourteen souls on board the
steamer, of which five hundred and fifty
V- were lost and one hundred and sixty-
a four saved.
s shot a Coon t
bt Special to the Tribune.
d. Port Tampa. Tla., July 8.--A white
machinist shot and seriously wounded
a negro at this place late this evening.
t The negro poielation of the city trWed
rd kill the man, but a tro g provost
u; ward prevented any serious diMulty.
t No I one FevW.

S pecial to the Tribune.
Wash lnKton, July 8.-The Marine boa-
Spital service -nouneem tht discharge
of the last cae of yellow fever at M3-
SHenry, M islsslsippl, leavn the country
free of known cases of that disease.
A broken nose came near getting its
colored owner into trouble yesterday. A
Georgia volunteer of Co. t, was walk-
Ing alon Franklin street, and a paiNing
negro stepped on his foot. The Georgi-
San asked him what he meant, the neOo
looked back at him over his shoulder,
and the soldier thinking the nasa ap-
Spendage which donned upon his military
viaIon in response to his hal, was tilted
at the expense of his martial dignity.
SiraiLbos-ay he gave chase to th- ethe-
-,plan. who headed for the nearest pro-
S ost guard. ioth persued and purlier
ws-re arrested. but after the dreaum-
s0 Inc0 ttre inquired into at the police
station, amid great laughter i.ron the
spectators andm guards. Both were dis-
mimsed with a severe reprimand. [
Waco, Tense. July f, lIt7.-We. thel
:. _rbL. L + :.. ; -'- -, .t Yr-ai 'IS
z. - h L,1 ai-ey ud nr. AdeC.
|-ooic' a -d -amn cheerfully recommend-

thorm whiehI
diMsam is I
most obstim
meet with i
always pony
uooduntil tl
reo thill
the al

,' Ones


6, M0al0p -



*Mi olae a

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