Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 30, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
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General Shaftei's Forces Now Includ
a Regiment f Michigan Troops.
Special to the Tribune.
Juragua. Cuba, Monday, via Play;
'del Eeste, June 21.-The auxiliary cruis
er Yale.arrived to-night with the Michi
gan regiment of infantrymen to rein
force General.Shaftqrs comnqand.
lrhousand The men will begin lanDing to-morro,
Morning and will at once be marched t
Tedy. the front to Joifd the main bodly
Tie cruiser Harvard with two regi
ments of infantry Is expected to arriv
aLbout midnight.

m Not Sold to Spain.

Special to the Tribune.
Washlinton, June 28.-Poitive ifor
nation has reached the navy depart
ment that the cruiser O'Higgans has no
been sold by Chill to the Spanish gov
h erament. It is stated that Chili wll
r snot sell the vessel to any government.


S aId he Troubles of the First Florida Set
4 tied by the Appointment of a Col.
onel to'ucceeed Williams.
Fr rom Wednesdays Daely.
'I.- e The First Florida regiment of United
States volunteers Is now commanded b:
Colonel Charles P. Lovell. of Leesbmr
SreceiDt of formerly major commanding the Secone
rGener battalion of the regiment.
The appointment of Colonel Level
iWericaf mwas announced yesterday, and cause
ks forces iRtat rejoicing inthe Second- battalion
i tfoa faorthe met were delighted at the honor:
e cosYs J1t uVpoam their commander b]
Bloxham. While they regre
a abe 0 their major, they are greatly
e o learn that the governor ha
t!mes-O relgnised the ability rof the command
of the Second btbattalin, and tendere
him the command of the regiment tha
intlt Is hto uphold the honor of Florida during
t^Baqnie the",war With Splin,
ylhave not Since the resignation of Colonel Wit
amas last week, there has been con
: -ae14rable wire puttiag -by-rthe friends o
the respective eahdidates for the e l
k Aoa ,aad o lonel. The friends of Major T. M
"eea Woodruff, formerly asslatant adjujtan
&,i, I enral of the state, made a strong pul
MOi, tb seures him the appointment, but thf
hs Ld " determined that the o0e0
7-Z bo.. ld so t a Floridian, or at least am
)4 P edicar of the. regiment.
ll l tenant Cls L R. Webster, o0
Cwas l nead the office ba
Slli p da he0 d is-A t'a-et. -It was then tend
:a e& d to Captain San LA. Smoak, of thi
4j wti6N -Nineteenth United States infantry, a
an n et a loTida bey now stationed at For
1. cemlaid Wayne. Capt. Smoke also declined thi
2e., whenhhe learned that he office
la iah h agreed to recommend the appoint
IsaeM meat of Ma br Woodrff. The a .ver.
t .or then tendered the office to Mao
S Loeve, and it was accepted, and i h
S pa new colonel will assume command ai
inft 'AeD as bhe receives his commimalon.
ag Colonel Lovell is a native Floridlan
S.'" ntifid with the Florida State troops
A a captain of the Leeeburg Rifles
in wben. W W was appointed major of the
a 6 Seda0 @ battalion, and hIs battalion wai
the only' one of the five in Abthe state
trebo that was accepted as a unit when
Sie regiment was mustered into service
thaba neefrte presaqt war. He became senilo
Smaer of the regiment, and when Lieu.
r 4/a//-.teaB .t Cdlml Webster decOned lth
*' la, .h"'r 4. l a"e'm R id of the regiment, he came cexi
ink the t ine of promotion.

'"b stu Wi Ibnavlendto the Regiment b.

~~pgift.W f__The anstag of colors, biogit through
' aseseiptlon, wiil be presented
is *,the Nipa Florida regiment of United

,- vP l9WUll Citissa, of Laee.

SAWt o C Fat slor- a, and

-a".- . -M
h d3 st tr-'by Colones

pa oartr wilt arwiveS tri

, An American Fleet Ordered to
o Bombard Spauish Cities.


SIoa and Oregon Will Lead the Eastern
t Sqaudm to Spanish Coast


Departure of Camara for the Philip-
pines Causes the Strategic Board
to Convince Skeptics That
This is No Idle Bluff.
Special to the Tribune.
d Washington. June S.--The ,oass of4
Spain will soon be attacked by a formi-
1 dable fleet of American war ships as
d will be seen from the following copy of
an official bulletin pcr.stid by the navy
r department.
y "Commanrer watsin satls ti_)-Ji ll
t the Newark to join Sampeon when he
Y will'take under his ,command an ar-
d mored squadron, with cruisers, and pro-
r ceed at once off the Spanish coast. It
d is designated as the Eastern squadron.
t and is as follows:
9 "Flagship Newark.-battleshipt Iowa
and Oregon; cruisers Yosemite. Yankee,
Sand Dixie, and the colliers Scendia,
Aberenda, and Alexander. The start
d will be made ai once from off Santiago."
e The bulletin also shone's in designation
I the division of our war vesserls:
t "North Atlantic fleet-Rear Admiral
i Sanmpson, commanding
S "First squadron--Commander J. A.
e Howell, commantdinrg.
S "Second Squadron-Commander W. S.
Sobley, commanding.
S "Naval base, Key iWest, Fla., commo-
Sdore Raney, commanding."
The skeptics were ncllned at first to
Sbeleve that the bulletin was a ruse. but
L station, coming and provisioning of
t ships, etc., convinced them that the de-
e apartment intended to take advantage ,of
s the departure of Camara and Inflict as
much punishment upon the Spaniarasd
as possible.
The navy department also issued for
publieation a detailed description of the
I exposed cities of Spain, together with an
itemized review of their defenses.


4 All the Larger Vssels of the Coast
S fleet to be Added to Blockade.

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, June 2S.-There is no In.
e tension of weakening the Havanablock-
r ade by the withdrawal of Commander
SWatson with his fiagshii. To prevent
e this, eesretary Long has ordered Com-
mander Howell tp proceed Immediately
to the fleet off Havana to command the
poet vacated by Commander Watson.
Commander Howell is at present in
command s( the coast 'patrol fleet, and
he will take the entire fleet with him,
that is all of the larger vessels, to re-
inforce the blockade of the Cuban coast.
* He is already on his way south from the
* NE Cnlgand coast, and should reach
| Cuban waters by the end of the week.

The ^ed Cres Ship State of Texas
of Texas Arrives Safely..

Special to the Tribune.
S iew York, June 27.-A cablegram re-
ceived to-day announced the safe arrival
at GOnants-- of Mlsr Clara Barton,
P dent of the Red Cr society on
the steamed ip State of Texas, the hoa-
Wiss Barto Mrs. Porter. wife of the
pvite secretary to President McKinley,
who Is MiW Barton's chief of staff, and
a number of the Red Cross doctors and
nurses at once went ashore.
None of them knew of the battle of
last week but as soon as they heard
that there were fifty or more wounded
'.m needi_- attention they started to
= mi*stS Nearly all of the men will be
Stanaterred to the (Red Cross ship.
S headquarters Moved.

toa S to he Tribune.
SJuton, June 27.-A message re-

Augusti Admits That 25,000 Ic.
surgents are Around Manila.

And Honor of the F I lst be Upheld,
Says the v. or-General.


The Governor Thinks the Germans
Will Restrain the Volunteers and
Regulars From Landing in
the Philippines.

Special to the Tritbune.
Madrid. June :..-It is uficially an-
nounced In a dispatch from Manila that
General Aguinaldo, the insurgent chief
asked Governor General Augusti to sur-
render, but the later is reported as
stating. :hat he was resolved to main-
lain the s veriegnty of Spain, and the
hue.r .-. flag to the last extremity.
G vn-, Augusti reports that the
enemy is increasing in numbers and
that Manila is lbeng -surrounded by 25.-
000 rebels.
Nothing is said in the report concern-
Ing the American blockading fleet, com-
mand-d by Admiral Dewey, or the ar-
rival ,u> American troops.
Auguasti's Proclamation.


'A Tampa Divine Appointed Spiritual
Adviser of the First Florida.

Special to the Tribune.
Tallahassee, June 28.-Rev. W, W. De-
Hart of Tampa has been appointed
chaplain of the First Florida Regiment,
upon the recommendation of the field

The appointment of Rev. W. W. De-
Hart to be chaplain of the First Florida
regiment gives general satisfaction to
the members of the regiment now in
camp here. Th people of Tampa are
pleased that the honor should have been
bestowed upon Dr. DeHart, who Is
rector of St. Andrews Episcopal chLurch
of this city. He Is an eloquent speaker
and as rector of St. i&ndrews has dose
considerable good work in Tampa.
For the past two months the regiment
has been without a chaplain. Several
ministers of prominence were mentbone
In connection with this appoltment, but
in the selection of Dr. DeHart the gov-
ernor has chosen a gentleman who wflt
ever be loved and respected by the mem-
bers of the regiment.


Items From a Progrembie City Brief- T
ly Noted for Beaders of 1
the Tribune.
Plant City, Fla., June8 .-The w
continues warm wit -it asional sba

[ Since the advent of rains,. the pasture i
are covered with a thick covering of
beautiful rich, green g-rass, and the cat-
tie return at night looking full fed. rec
Pit Head. J.r., of Tampa. was in Plant Ge
City Thursday.
Mr. Willie Strickland is said to be im- Hg
proving every day. W
Growers are taking their time now
putting in summer and fall crops. Rice, oc
sweet potatoes, okra, peas, chufas and ab
binders with an occasional field of millet th
have the preference this season, ag
Mr. J. A. Burney has been at home for wi
a week recuperating. .
The dullest timle of the season has see
ben the pas t thes o weeks.
Mr. 1., D. Green, for many years one
of Plant City's enterprising business 'yo
men, is now in Port Tampa City mer- Ge,


oa Read tWve salthai
in Control of Otur ei peO,
Are A. Well-WU ea6e
ed On H3Sp"tsi L*,

ecial to the Tribuone .
Washington, June 28a.-"^'
Celved the following .
.neral Slatter:
-Off S1ibony, Tueda vla
te, June .--Adjuta.t O .ek
ashington. Allpregr"a"
upy to-day the ad
andoned by the e
e road leading froie t
o, west of the saJiasm
thin three miUles. e -
'From our pre laLt L td -i
e theenemy gslnliT i,
bnt has been advance v
mnd the al-t "erfow*t vt
antt- o .. 4

The firm of Vanaickle & Gillespee have
Special to the Tribune, sold their interests here and will leave on the rosd to
London, June 28.-The Manila corres- shortly for Tennessee. been ao further. '
pendent of the London News cables that Our soldier boys, Chas Roe and P. The heafith -0f
on June 25th Governor August Issued Iayne Sissone paid the home folks a wounded f t
visit Stmday, pre]laratory for their leav-
a proclamation, in which he stated that Ing Port Tampa on the tranaprts th is e5 MOe h Ai
the qermans would surely restrain the week for Cuba.
Americans from bombarding and cap- Rev. 0 J. Frtep .- ,d O oaig
the.cityot h ... .e epo-church. A large audee ,x- ,reeteiis
lamatlon states that the combined each time.
fleets of Germany and Spain will suc- Capt. J. Webb i .i on a abort IlliMois Inai
ceed In driving Admiral Dewey's fleet visit to. Birsnl'sei" .
from the harbor of Manila. expeelT tO co ler tm was
expected. (iro at 'looking about
for eara, sto.n-,.4 Apactr. Whflathesafi a
Sm tMEn UNrOk-MS. -Th an soa .d M 0. earm err s
--- Jordan. died u morning, ease t. .la
Soldiers Camped Here Will be Provid- cholera inda rs-i be S amve p-on asemt
ed With Lighter Clothing. sympathy of thissono sity. The i tt ftor a
mains to be Interred ln Oaklawn oeme- Fiht
Special to the Tribune. tery on Wednesday morning. Servcaees- ncIslands r Por
Washington, June 28.-At the out- rie housr. e a 9:30 b the Rev.r. J. t et
break of the present war the army, at Islandhbome of
the suggestion of Major General Miles. BPANISH R INFORCEN NTX? *s1mall5_5
adopted an entirely new style of uni- bev oen n MAsit
form. This uniform is made of the TWenty Thousand Troops Arriv e at issner th-eM
ilgimtest style of canvas, and, it is as- St since a Advae. theil
seed, Is nearly waterproof. te men of lUjsth
Before the troops left Tampa for-'-- t ot, rmw -
Santiago the government ham fsUed Special to the Tribune shape so s to
Santiago ihegovernment bad supplied FPort Antonio, June 2&--It has begnothe ore i %go1
either the new canvas uniform or very announced here upon very high authori- SThe rs a m
light blue woolen suits. The under-tTherXth RodW
clothing durnshedl to the army in Cuba ty tha t twenty thousand Spatiago sh sod- teotrIs se ptA
diners have arrived at Santiago since thLeSfat ov ethe rMi
Is of the lightest cotton, and. in espec- American advance began, men ogtom S
laity fitted for hot climates. Every pre. tis stated tha General Pndmay twice day ,

caution was takn color, trimmed with blue r e r admta dd
master's department to have the men beeableato effect a juncture with len- better etiedad W

for theinfantry yeUow for thalheen Lnare at Santiago. Afind that y'ra
furnished with suatae clothing before WSania claimadecidedA victor y t r
the troops left the L States. The Spaniards tory than t
The new canvas uniforms are particu- o b m a r s n i
tarly tasteful to design. They are of Paty forn Voluntee. r v It s -*
light brown color, trimmed with blue "udteend b.T
for the infantry, yellow for the cavalry, Spewial to the Tr'bes. rr sssi)6ed
and red for the artillery. A par of Wasintigon, June. 3-A Il1 haWbee", .
canvas leggings is provided, which serve introduced in the House to-day by Re '- and W lrit
to give the trooper a most trim appear- resentative Docke of M n ,our, proavid- at' iy b W
SM lig that the pay and alowances of the an .
The quartermaster's department Is volunteers .received late the service
having thousands of these new uniforms the United States under the t twoo...
made in New York. On Saturday 20,000 a shl date from when tiM a t te waio
suits were shipped to Tampa to supply dut e erostade a Scn -
the soldiers ihat are to join Major Gen about to embark for servIce in the lb S.ln
eral Shatter. As soon as these men iPlDnes may be paid one month's es a ee -I NVl"J-t,
have -been htted out with light clothing in advance prlo' to embarkation. rioes t wter
it is the intention of the war department A tol l n otl
to supply all of the'troops in the United Aw S i
States with either the canvas suits or prom Wednesdayst Daily. ,r ,I
with the light weight blue cloth uni- Mrs. Crig was assauted by ALI'-a-l i csl
fornm.vi The maetrop ty of the soldiers stee
in the United States. are, wearing the and ronTMfg ofhe r paohekrd ,._ P.", -
regulation heavy cloth uniforms, which soldier threw her down, and In
are far too heary for summer wear. te the Sleeve out f her dra
Naval Nl P itsapa. dHe then chased her Iste o- the o d
r. ePhangneral Houston has ref I tt
The folowmang dispafrh to the Jack- and Mrgan streets. Not finding
soUvitlle -Metropolis from Tallahassee Craig, the toltes ent into Mrs. Pts
rwill be of Interest to the mem oers of the bed and trew her tot fr
Tampa and -Port Tarmpa division of na- gearcr her hs for Mr C
val reserves. then retwma i Mrs. PhesAgi rsef
"Adjutant general Houston has re- and ladlig hertunableoSo rise, he pfil
her up and lIMd he on the bed. He
Celved Intormatlon from the navy de- then made his esere and has not Yet
pertient to the effect that the Florida been cau ght
= vaI Militia, cannot be accepted and -
enisted as an organization, but may be The -police and provdit gea had A
RVttered into service for one year, un lvel tIme -eterda aet
S c sooner dseiagei to be ordered to orsrni-v one who tadd


lht for half an
y6eterdat mor
FeanklHn and
,,.ba&y ,j htl

16 Olbr



In bow large a measure the Old World T-- Tapa is d-ind th Chi T Bnswick Times, one of te be
Is dependent upon the United States for Face, Hands aio A-es C cee W ,t v tre South., an lth-re is no force ,fl,_sig] randmsconservativeapape inort
S f upplies Is shown by the official Seoous Hu ors- -wa C. e c: anaes m ed tat can fr c-1a. recognizes Tampa's s prior
otaIstics of our foreign trade for the Was Effectedn -t it m a tanning d the ghest n -al pointE of embrtr Pua e a In rd
'C a; monti of May .vand for the eleven foi iitot e t a and father places tnt lorfdthe arm 6e ~ shave

.aT9h.0.0e o isir Dsion thca kdato ofer thr army ntly
Sof breadstuffs alone ex port ed durig the rofula on hs fce. tn ams. It perity. We have every natural and ac- rns and ry pert ty re-r r l as

of bread tus ale epon rtdedurIng thi ie e ehc h d belt d her ws n1eo
Stwas worst on his ctn, a be a ores quired advantage and facility that is veamarksd bee a I
ro month ofay as more than t on his cheeks and h -s very bad. 'es sentva fr the deve lopment of a arg e It is atrety report ted a to ratlrad state earni hity t.
rmle Pst The total Increase In merchandise senIt appeared in te r- p. s c ity ard ye are g wing at pheno M6 h Valphd northnorSthe
i abroad was over i.22,0o,000, coml, aredentf the F. C. & dP.was camping out l C terms.. It IS JftU2.t

ner which would r- it er. eine ac reunOneld razia."When the war shal wha ou c terms. tIs t
s. wbwith the correspondnddlng month a r ar ad th en cab e. ap g endI ampa T be a city oot l n th capitol grounds in shington, there that t
ago This breaks allprevious reacids. tbpy would t reak' ou:d Sa.n. a i caU ; than oe hundred thousand p)ulation, p g bcretaryAgers leg for Tam- erec i
*4O- Imports of merchandise decreased about intense itcBng and the Llo saeer hd and i i ear me the census returns pa and the road be represents, be ro- ardor and s ts

DIan t 00000. For eleven month of the to be watched cotinhaly to ep i ll hat ory n facts and figures. ted mat vigorously against he s- t J
fiscal year exports exceeded Imports by from scratching the s.re3. We became E-ry day or so some one asks the lection of any point for the mobilization unite ans PoaOm m -a

Sft^ deuiof TU T.8 C o r, Mood troops Ut ta bu one rl oael. -A
...... 25S ,0,00 of silver. During that per- greatly a.trmed a s atLi c-pnad:i. noy Tribunehow ill the wa affect this tr s that had but one ra ad mki the
... 00.000, leaving the net trade balance in only medicine whica hid held her was The- man who works for a living, es- which points were suddenly to have gyv -ewn Zfg ii_
eleven months. This has be'm partly it to our boy and wc no.ed en tnprove- know about hais chances as a bread win- Prtm to-e bothtowns that have b day. it dOr. '
is at offUet by cost of freights in forearn tot- ment in his ease very soon. :er giving ner, whether he will have to work had- one railroad, and whose terminal acill- fiBa, given ew pr

e ter al ye arwhc on ard both beo r ^ a eve i
St ioms, by earnings of foreign corpora- him four bottles of Hood's Sarsaparills er for less money or whether the war ties are both below par. Femandina Ilsm of
tons doling bsinegss in this country, ty the humor had all beet4 driven cot of his will make things easier for him and as- has however excellent hart s facil- eAii the Aica navy, ar -I
Interest and dividends on securetles blood and it has never since returned." stat him to get ahead. The man of ties-whien Is where It differs fro Ml' respect oi the wra S i
Shield abroad, and by sales of stocks and Wni..a BAar, 416 South Williams St., business, the real estate owner and the amt, which Is richer In mosquitoes and Sates.
bonds in this country for for tin ac- South Bend, Indiana. fnaner are n the same lass They sandfles and the influence of Mr. Fl
cout; but tt is estimated tat Lurope. You an buy Hood's arsparJIa of want to kw fthe war will bring them ier tha in anything else. Trap m The MadW
SU.ajer deducting for these u e sthl owe druggists. Besure to get only Hood's. better time. They thought at irst be embarked from Miamfor Porto Rico that rv e
r e es t a 0, 00 .or elsewhere, but unles the dtw ao will ahe a .ehoee
-oontlesu H2. 0oosd'ss sPi sureLivert"t Iat: e ao itthat the war would be a flash in the pan,oreleere tnde oflr O tiais ...'-

usmta oto domain on considerably h veavIer thanw f
i n T a and In six weeks tme, that the whole she eatr o a of r a
=thing would have quIetly p-ssed into domsti the wl ethe rons te d ot lon thh4avl g oe p e i
Although a war is upon us. the coun- The growing scarcity of certain va- a state of innocuous desuetude. They usual they. will e lted out to the r
try Is t yag one of the most remark- rleties of birds, once very .common in are thoroughly' convinced now that it transport& t lv hters, and a et bottomed sin sg a e i t a
he periods of prTperity in its history. this country, threatens their extinction will last for more than a year, and that ones at that"
ATE or the scal earwhich i n and to avod and t IavoId such a calaty a number it will srequre years even Sthpe h TAMPA THE MAIW POINT.
winreach 5m000.00 In e. when the of thoughtful people have sought to States to put the Island under a differ- Tampa su perior Vfalltesa as a poimt zentlk ed. that b Sta-sl
e previous high water mark was rtoarded, devise methods that will afford the birds ent form of government, and during all of embarkatlo for the Unted States gins to
to e at grina al praducfts reached M 0,' protection. The direct result of such this time, Tampa will Inevitably be the army of Invasion l en cl yser -
tre ase to r .tese an I ana therwl o

SiT 0.00. Nowthef iSres this Yer. ver-e r are two blis pending In the pres. base of o ,eratins. Thousands of s- 1
ovr those of last year by mre t effnt congress One introduce o diners will be kept here, and the supplies ed and appreciated the warden
Sover thoat a se of last re t a ent o e e t n for the army will be distributed from tartment, as the following Assomated the
5,0 S4OO%00 and those of the previo re F. oar has paed the senate. this point, putting hundreds of thous- Press report published in the Tes- The Tr
S ear overr s 0,0ll00,t. In a naUeac- It provides for the restrictions upon hands of dollars in active circulation, Union and Citi en shws: l very wUe
aigh; bin tared products, too, the amount of exlh- the importaton of the bodies or plum and giving employment at handsome n .
ft can orts has been enormous, having in- salaries to hundreds of people. Such 'Expeditions will follow rapidly by d er
fw meree asea i rse rem g eater proportion age of certain birds; and on interstate vast sums of money so expended is way of Tampa, for, while Fernandna It Is good tms w down
than the agricultural products. rhe commerce In the same articles, bound to benefit this city and the entire and Miam are considered to have many as long as the W 0laS A
arm at s balae o trade isn our favor rto the The statement published elsewhere n Southland, and Tampa is right now good points for the concentraion of
r at extent of over 00,000,000. Where is The Tribune this morning from the ee- reaping the richest harvest it has ever ptroophyt farmy officials are now satis- Tie bein Tat ar f e.
Me i e i o nrnot totr thatb coul d h -rrewon
anrMother unty that ould carry on rar the board of bi o had the pleasure to enjoy, and it wll ald ta a a co n etaied th an t s
are toi war and mantasuch condition? shows exactly where every cent of the be kept up for months and months and aantg e ai p t o
n s r probably year. When the war shall ationy. W
S ew days ao there was a sha bond money has been expended, and probabedely a illon o The nt forces to go w include
,, cin ageo of courtesies between tesre- h much is still on hand. It is vats- h ended, Tampa will continue to The next forces to go will include
age of courtesies bet rehowmuch still on hand. It valu-grow and prosper. Its climatic condi- those of Brigadier General Garreston of Pepartg td ai Aj
mat on foot t er and Maor General Miles re- able Inforaton for ta payers and grow and prosper. Its climate on secondary corps, embracing the
t rding the congestion ofitrain loads of taons and superior advantages a t he oo bn th w .
to sppes and equipment ax Tampa or the should be preserved eBoardof an ira ange SixtilloisthSixthMassachuetts
Smain! lack of which thousands of troops are Public Works has acted in a most saga- clre ar H are bound to garkeep itu the front ad the itoh ao pNinth Ohio reat- From nda lSy.'

S sfering. In a telegram to Seonretain ern ous stand economic l manner in all ofe ire ae hound or In n e n m otff
Swant t Aler General Miles said: "There are its transactions and those that have As a commercial centr e Itill havenorGenera; Guy V. Henr, a of about two or.s i
a inle out several miles yf cars here laden with been howling so long -for an Itemited equal, and the future is as bright aso iBigadie a Go)' V .oer af fa twoo d apspeonsi

eS ilde. supplies tfor the treos. Why are they u h nat niae g the gnoon d s or the Queen of the dnhen alr r th e S
S not unloaded and distributed?" To statement of the receipts and expcndi- tenoda s usotealenry rthdeettohe vlrdier of the andwooalfdeestg
ponts which the secretary repliest 'You have tures of the board should n-s lr fully Gulf. regular army, p arrived here to-day from at ten oste t a.m ue
n t t etwenty-five thousand men there. Why satisfied.TG. Te ur utous alem- nI tn ,iate in Tampa e n dl the present plan I fore sp onase to t0e wcall a- .

Sbu the don't'you set them to work unloading eTampa- Spend your money here while nera nry to a div Ctar of Wenesu lo e
f With the the lles?" ThusIt Wl be seen, Here Is the Spanish situation in a yu have an opportunity to get in o made p of the brigades of Geteral La. C. reen o Va-s e wi
saysth-ae he rlanseSpt toes s ta the n theI Df te vael. Au n da been a t a od and terhlearNwoneea nasrs thinat. thatt tthwea rli-o`
S commanding gener waits upo n the nutshello Starving at Sartiag.;, being the ground floor, and make a fortune i Dtffield and l t e istrr ston, thio di. tpetet, ads .SBW b. t
the comandIng general, the troops worry orexertion... peeds reinforcement of General Shad- metakmbte esidenos edtthu.
fe i se ait S mnbothi. anth Messrs.o Blaco and phantom fleet (disabled if found) mak tr. It will sweli the American forces t on, which kds r nr aes
S Utrowe ll s t few more fort tittions for ing a demonstration out of Cadiz; flee- More than 500 solders were treated t mento Cub, to about r red woo
he roper reception of "the Ne g for their lives at San Juan; on to light refreshments, consisting of en h e t l ow
sa sl v .e nk .Te a t-odJaekoivn tlle etropolt -lnnaiad inn x s to the very aw-Vefts..,1
SI B-ad sonvlle, t Fernandina and ga- the brink of revolution at Madrid, and lemonade, ice water and sandwich hes, at 'A TAPA a T ( has been delivered
to al aent the biisapotton s aw n hv athe Worth House, on he bay, at St. .e- Tampa for thu Vas ttwowe
h aM other smallS Port towns a Ge v tino m the diutti. stroke at H avane Augustine, Sunday, by Mrs. Myers, Mrs. It would require two newspprs the Ina fac f twa N
mean to for orders from the war de No more fitting tribute could have Sackett and Mrs. Arnold that r oftee sooe, o ri th in aeo
ar hey wallin fore Sacktind eors. Arold.' These ladleo size of the Tribune, printing aontedhition that thM Wa-be -but
a t et teaf ht isd .to these r ove uubi a.an eo c p laesanata h thprl khe t aerte
ottf i e eM Ulprtton.or the army of Invas- been paid to the memory of E ansig ve husbands or sons In the army every hour, to attend t to b orrect t o the~ ~ m
pet thatr im aanhflatie Porto Rico. bagley, fit paofficer killed in the war of hearts or all the soldier boys. The many ols -abrtcatIon sment out from oas p
hr:E b l ea rtsefornall t heesno ldier-boys.ftThheoO fehes
kW 2W9ar n th' he transports are waittln aat 15UK, than the naming of a torpedo- luncheons served by these lades are s rifn s Pari 'of the coutry 'about sw atU t1e
PortTam& to be loaded. in fact we boat in his honor which was done free, and are given to all who call. Tampa. This is a sample of the rot O ,OWn eV,
ae as mae BI all waitIo tageter. We are saus- anaexlsl tot ,
eW s fled n walt, pt ,aksvlll and Monday rby the navy department, conhtinualy going over the wires, ent had,howig
aSagasta esays that peace overtures by penny-a-liners.era an'o -M. 1
g 4aosupnd ] nla oh my. The drawn-from-desciption artists must come from America. The opening overinr-it'
supp l nes of the nero have been very successful In depicting overtures twil be announced by a a Atlant.-a.. June -- ,yi e heree
V, al e n dl a wofh conduct In Tampa. the results of the efforts of the Veau- gin, tng as middleman in the Oet; of the negro soldiers who were wounded eve7b odgt
0- "Bady. the press censor, makes vils which consist principally of large, then the bones will raltie, and i agasta at Fort Mcheeson borraukA for hotpIte a was decdeA oto, un ut
= a a h pe ete the rpiblcatlon of all of '9Freedom given Cuban by Anerl- treatment. These oklde-s muake Start- Saturday at tM ten o kin"tM
S a veto montlhe Cnertain abtIous gentlemen a wcans," If he puts his long ear to the rg aswertIo declaring that 4 of w their then there DOubt

t--mas's heart 'he newspapers, the nervous cozatwise gen- Jacksnonvile and Tampa are the live- -the industry of holding theM base, iesXsVow .....

", _s 't tleman continues to gaze seaward with liest places in the state; the location of countless editors are putting in ten
Int knwn an expression of expectancy. troops within their limits are at the hours a day in holding the PhiliPiae a sorts st fro this ty by
She allThe senatorial convention of the landom of this grnel. at prosperity Why-Or- .not celebrate the Pourth of Jly et the fe
S a s wa ld sh Tw entieth senatorial district, com posed w r tten d .e n .laate.No W" O
' "a-5v4' sIm PstabuIs. of Marionand Sumter counties,-will be A. G. Liles of Manatee county planted Ine dn mtO
e Jl ttlook p seven and a half acres of land in to- for ts Th W -:
and_" e sd mates this year and has already sold "You. sa" A .
T Taf t avieal_ Tamps is getting over the road of &,400 crates and will have 3.000 more to t-t 3
t O g p ero ss w ith a hop and a skipa el at per cra t e. deprnd"e -n of Vy
meesnog a5 d S nn t S erybody is prosperous and money is The Bank of Spain Is deprived even of -I n 1 fd tS iansat
"M ti t P M ofp f ~plentifuL the mournful satisfaction of pointing to 5.
's d a lefr It will be a memorable Fourth for the feverishly in the direction of Canada If your baby is dictate ry la
l hMryland boys at Tampa, and it will when its cashier's name is mentioned., eu ab i d cat for baIemSm S
S. codi have the Maryland spirit written all Silence and Intervention have their and sickly and its food dotes & Eec
d an i esers. bethalt eS1W oer It drawbacks after all. Some men find not nourish it, put fifteen is not a wr of truth to t
Io"? ef Dr. V. It impossible to go to war without the f It t warm here tt w
onsuftig Pho. Tampa.is in fine trim to celeorate the aid of Idnetoscopes and phonographs. tWenty drops of Scott hade and we tw wa"y .o
Baak o lFourth of July this year and theTrib- When the morning baks ver Guan Emlsion in itS bottle thou t w
St.- s"le. i os une hopes to see the occasion made the tanamo, thi marines are frequently or four timeS a day and yo letter wa,
3sewj.rseskaem t by best of. heard to exclaim: "Oh! say, can you see ill se a marked change
e 'ast be reached h 7 Every t me that Cadiz fleet starts tor by the Don's early lgt"
i;t.ste I'-*^-sme unknown destination somebody It If Cervera's sailor ever get back to We have. had abuida . .nt
a' unkind o remove the destina- Spa the populace will, of course, turn proof that they will thrive Oliver of
enug destna- out to meet the bottle-scarred veterans.o this emulsion when other
opulari of mrican threes Is Just as soon as Mr. Lelter recovers food f ls to n uris them swasils ,
kk m 5 o plm c i The popularity of American threes is from the shock he will publish a book oo as r tm. was .-
Been" calculated to make Spanish fours look entitled "Moments With a Buss zaw." It is the same with larF s Ia "fw
a l ti tke the change from a plugged nilkeL sopain will become a very formidable children that are delica C ea.re.ker a .
;f Let e have an old-tashioned Fourith foe if she puts her Cabinet-makers to ohta Fm.rldIO sERS' tl," Iv-
t uw have an old-fashioned Fourth 'kin the navy-yards- Scotts R. si C-e' -be
of 3 f l celebration this year. l. et the element lannm thef;ra and S
c oe t no doubt, it wfl.e a capItal place to food. Do not fail to tt jI t 'iS
'Dn.W aD CarloBs is having an awful time stop for brqkfast. your children I D"E J a
tw m y ot to look conscious ver time The qkecton to. delemine e cos ty It'o as f t
waanBnH^Cr^OV4 la ioeiO*i.& ite of Braifodcounty haS beent oreIr- s
a. ,ed -, s,, u .,-. u l, atL. -
.r b ~ s usr o Ma gor-p*o M-OM*
~ '~'~ 6:.



a-0. W-





1 t Sltri- s ; f6 '60W by Saupsa Fro th Chai- So the Spaniards Described the Engage- GTrmny Expected to Keep the United lay be E I bstaer gm fl t
.! "ad iof 0hasts-m gBay. meat In Front of Santiago. States in Check. 0tkmn a DMt


'f Jo Nom wthe s Direct Com snieation Wth The People are Now Anxious for the Two Repoitt of the Movements of Dec ared That There is No Foundi*
.6 Oe Washington and Bends iu the War to End and Prosperity to Admiral Camara's Fleet, But Nei- tion For the Report That the
iStory of the Landing of Begin-Spaniards Admit That their is Believed by the Amer. Queen Will Ab4wete Contra-
IBd. Shafter's Army. i Several Were Wounded. ican Navy Officials, dictory Reporutf tCni'tt.

Amotbw I i
AffN" K

H b B"' Special to the Tribune. Special to Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune Spelal to the
Jme 21.-The navy de- Washington. June 22-The navy de- Madrid, June 23.-An official dispatch London. June 23-The Madrid corres- Madrid. June 2.-There seems every-. Wahlagto,
adves from Admiral partirent this evening received the fol- from Santiago to the minister of war pondent of the London Mail says that reason to believe that the Queen Rerent A. MIEs, the
t -U. mating that three owing dispatch over the French cable announce s that after a fierce and oloody Minster Sagasta nas Informed the wt abdrcate at their nt pp etownity h theM
6 U ital ates troois were Som PLaya-del-Ete, a bout twenty .attack on Pue.ta Berraco the Ameri- deputies that the Spanish reserve uotest tathe r ito no t to n ar .aLtj Si
t renteen nles*eat if me wrat of Santiago, the cable hav- cans were repulsed squadron, commanded by Admiral Ca- protestt there i noa frondton or
be e b may Admil a n Amira Cher hmara, has sailed from Cadiz for thee te reports ocomi.g fro fOri otr- It ts

Nif: Pl ces, that suchIsherintent"he
'li-F i &mS ?leS thd t E s Pya-del-Este, Wednesday, 6:50 p.- emrnment that the situation Is critical.. The announced nt caused a sensation It is ml-oicay delae ta r e s

aui iaagaa says that the American forces In ontrdiction of this there reort and
Sh rpanish force was compelled to retire. in the Philippines are afraid to do y ha un t hats e

S .stwo e wrsia New Oreans Detrt He however claims victory thinon acnt Mof the threatening at-s
thaessrAiess I The-ed- e tening. Astioth uth sackcommenedssatc sTeperiod.-I
.,a-- t1o- meforectheomanding.th A demonstration enemy commenced concentrating force as fpdentl that the Cadin fleet will arriveIn d ve es tes
SwI n0 "-'hhsuhel l -ve wa.W sdade before -Cabanas to engage ample time to whitthdmiral De e~srIt may prove fnaslble to establish aemns g fc
S. artillery were attention of the enemy. The Texas In front of Puenta Berraco which lies squadron. rhey uc undr the aeasnge t dia l t te
Sth e esyTe ve eastward of the left flank of the Spanish Reports were received to-night stat- of the bill for the e dyn n '-"
Ske. up aday engaged the west battery for several forces, although their army extends for Ing that the Spanish squadron passed but according to present IaLdtio S .. ao.S
&Aa a il as p ow eightthe Panteiierla stands two days ago, thia appears questionable. Ina woll In-m
yeon min been re- ight miles. oin towards the Sue canal and thli formed quarters here It Ins belitveA that a
nsub-marnemines have been another dispatch says that the Ameri- color to s statements, the nextdefet for the pards wi
sS taC l covered from the channel of 3uantan- can uadron commenced the bombard- ecolor lto t a atatement upsetthe conditloen prevalent Ind. M S
4;sbeganhcansqueadron thebomb card- 3d rid. where the situationtsanireadye
n o.bay. AMPSON." ment and then tried to disembark toops oi to disembark troops Going to tremey confused
-- ssH orefSe .a- at Blaquiri and Puenta Berraco. Rb .
^5SS ltea5i< ty iSr -escd; enib rs r One warship was shetied and destroy- Seta to the Tribune. eiine 1
I VtO VriAn ... ,o lo n is o .... toahenTribune....
91asas etromthe foil at |!|IV uiedR and the wooden fort near Clenfuegos Madrid, June 23.-A dispatch to Paler-
St ttleip Tea U n Uls was demolished. mo, from the Island of Pantelleria, in I
hi-4 ald t" serl y The only casualties reported was the the Sicilian seas, announces that Admi- --- "
l.ba W"eo"ofn themdse Lbury. "--" ral Camara's squadron passed there on S ~ Armym Wry 5 S 8 '"
S Chief Zzecutive of0 Wt Royally wounding of several Spaniarde. r Camar rn ssed there on on
r the l t wa 5 bteWtl i noe r June 21, going In the direction of theF'pt :-
biasw mo dthe b- erls _arm by Welcomed by Citlsen, Officials -- "ue canal. I t I presumed that the FortesUponLndig-aeO No l

youe,-.. er wer' cn'aMpen y lemoral- --
t i a.falt a" lar u rnimber From VFrAav's Daily. Special to the Tribune. Britis at hanl.a Special to the Tribune. i
tlbs. ', e peninsular state o the South Madrid Jun 2.-A dispaashington June 2-Advtces from P
4. III. wI t n ude et ire warmly welcomed the chst magistrate received, announcing that a battle haa Admiral Sampson to-day. although brief
3f0B1lrlkp 4Vtwo 'ldbefore attsspt- of the penisnlar rate of the Middle been Itn progress to-day near Santiago. Special to the Tribune. B and devoid of details, inrdcate that a
S* tL3 N C n Vest yesterday when Hon. H. S. Pin- The dispatch. Is believed :s be true. Pipgmy cleared for Manila to-day. army landed by General William R. o th
joi n' thb sAm riank f~l5gree, governor of aMichigan arrived In It is reported that the gungoats Power- S hafter and the Spanish forces under
S-pate In the attack Upon Tampa on a visit to the Thirty- d A I t land Cehturian have bn ordered to command of General Linares. Gerl ow
T.heei -c regiment of Michigan volunteer, r-LU A i e- d frcm Ykohar-ma and W.i-Hal- Cable communication hass been closed Yore NaJtl
The members of the Michigan regi- D N D I U -i, lu join ;he Bitich contingent ctf with the camp of marines near Guan- Congresman o
KX. : 3RTAL& meant had been expecting the governor war shlp at Manila. tanamo bay and nothing has been heard ed
r ~ for a couple of days, but could not locate a a for three hours. b ed o oV 1
i a.^M fhim until night before last. As sus O official List of the Klled and Wound- The lart mesage from Admiral Samp- l Iesttg a the
v -.4 ssq.sAa ad tol. MccGurrin, commanding the ed on the American Side After THIS SOUNDS WELL. son's cable on board ship sAid thqt Tare vme
r Tortv-ercond, -ichigan learned that e h ere th.eitigao S--ideA- skirmishes was going on between the lreft l k.glfa
.vernor P e would surely be here the antgo e. But There is Littie Prospect of it Be- toarmeas e.cte. n I
St -. Randd reception, and the program was Special to the Trilibune. inLg Cairied Into Execution. as as 0asn the fighting stops and the stitei. m
JiM(" 5. Pe'tX w aCh carried out to the letter. Washington,. Juie i5.-Offlcial reports -- men can renew cable communication the gai d UI$
i In1AM, Co.tL in and several officers Col el Wod, Special to the Tribune. with the United States. The w
5410mi, GMe a fur- th~wegl mnt boarded the early morning received from Lieutenant Colnel Wood, Special to the Tribune.
A P"gd the trooPs train and went us the road until they Of thejFlrnt United States Volunteer Washington. June 2.--President Me- pa, COI -ad tke
met the train bearing Gov. Pingree and cavalry, generally known as Roosevelt's Kinl~y .as decided that if Admiral LL'O .' ,a ..T
*up 5.t55f |thOn- entire regiment was drawntup in line h in SpanLsh wafers a dash w!l he mmade, r.XX, KHendryakmes a qiNC--e "
K to welcome him. The line extendedof for his ficet Immediately by the Amenl- Of TawsroeaIe&dLaw -j
kah NVRaloeSng Frlin street for several blocks, the battle near wmnLo, Cubs. can Flying squocd.cr. and every effort O ,,
"h5 thes i a a ffrful f ganad as the governor and party left the / AMERICANS KILLED. will be made to sink eery ship in the Mr.. &, i
,EBE e4db axdh side, and train- the crowd cheered to the echo. R ough Rider-CaPRtain Aln K. Cap- squadron. The tolowing report has- been pre- Plant ta
W aken The bend of the Michigan regiment TThe Flying squadron will then be di. pared and submitted by City Tax ool to N I- "ntkI
atad tht played several national airs while the Fish Jr.; Privales T an and Daw-reed to proceed to attack all the townlectorHend othetcouncil
hUrm thou- party was dsembarhling and entering on, Jrof TrooptL; T111matn ad on the coast of Spain.
r touinforee the the carriages provided by Mayor Bow- son, both of Troop A ; Private Dough- r The warfare is to be made aggressive. shows the cobdIUtion of his office to nt wusw
r r ; ryer MCouncilman Morey ad several of of Troop r eTr and Spaniards will be attacked where- date. It Ia as'followts: e of
ettles Taoe's representative citizen among First Cavalry-PrIvates Dix, York. ever found. DEBIT$. mudhmis .
.aiI ei. efalltan- w ra 0Whom w ernleghxornH. I Mitchtl Bejork Kolbe Berlin and Lciimmocl. Amount of amemomot roll for 0m0a1 on S
aav iporn- O L WPa eR en p-'-- i--iom- solcitors rent Cal pal it War Rgvetnue.am the
he0 5's"c"w.ti.. o *at and seve]ralethers. When the distin- The American troops taking part In the. .u i .00
gushed party reached afette s~treetthe engagement were four troops of Specia to the Tounp Lease on BigI ilaend, pad by u naes
SA.wil _a.Wbt e Ae the band lend the way to the Tampa the First Cavalry; four troops of the Washbngton D. C.,Junee. t h-era W e co.n o 2 Brown-. theti
tenja, ta on foot othe f JTaeon Sw, Aithehotlht h0s beawerno mn vona ta of by 8 L FU
-. lemavesgnpn t held an Informal reception. Oh oers of Tenth cavalry: and eight troops of a posibe effort Is being maode by the s- paid -y HyA.Fuller-.. leSw
-She pl.oy ble.t- -he aMnichifanl r-gsmepi newOpaper c g .Roosevelt's Rough Riders.. The cav retary of the tr seiry to put into opera 189 persuol tax of Ci....tlztl.ens. e t,

^ ^ M R tnt iTa b"al'm ....... ...... ?ds ,einforc-hd b ooatao ,trn"c r
'.l^ l hScoar aintaw evondente. and &lare number of T h ad nu-),1 Chiesef le t au ac xBannct and Tru. Icomparr y.d r
B'WMasitavrforthe *arier ladiescalledno p- tIn eir r-peets Svnh ad. I etDi.s of the war revenue act. It is accepted by ordrno.' i.
raeeiaes ?ele ary er ss.rpo t f giments uf United i State infantry. no-t thbught posiblE. hirwever, to have council -. ....... *

?ar 't6 1 A uh *ta r e r m ail tyr espo. ernt o f o- c u cil ..
'a.- s tf'- -rlb.s.4LUh De r. itroit TUianaE rwoitas bee and part of the i' lnth Unied Statm staps on sle in al' parts of the 1oot iee personal tax paid by W.
.o in idth o the reimS eve and Second Massahusetts regiments of s expected that for several day at Lcenses doisct from-lt tiE
."B mldvrytog'Blehegnt ftBorH tate nk, volunteers were also sent as reinforce least bualusn embarreassments will be i, to June 1, 118-1 2. 60 to$

'mat' ev overy thing ornt for the "pres g .ment to e a IS 1 D eI
on- waings Is a e3ptreatiy-lo vdThe serePondent of the Associated many, end In some Instances serious.
to LThcrpdnotAe byi
_r te people of Mchiga, sr. May p- Press sent the following as a corrected Or" ward1 S3E- em
uar' the ternoon he visited the id Chief er'let At t acisClnc"mt de Tot ollecton for account of -..
4--. 4 -rraa reg nser;, ct .rp in tDeoto Park. WJeWAMEit.N Ft anOT Gn.DED. A-mn With T.st andcan. Total rolkteeons for aneount "." .
--" e ~t',-;. . o.....'ent ust h f-re It Major Brodie, shot tTrough thr right- of-personal tax. ... -,. ,1 -
.tl { fr-'--*.-. ,- ,0d-aff as willH allofr f C a' ptain 'Mc1l-tintock, Troup snot hFrom F rliday's D mlly. m ti June i l .t 1,-' C... I.'ee ..* j
Vow*i gntsctmt. of thetLbe oakers of the regiment who could through the ilg-ht leg. The sensatIon of the day, yesterday w as F, Jun 1r la a-r. n rw c rewbi
g et off bee*" e'us te gee- of mon. Frank lieutenant J. R. Thomas, Troop L. an stack upn aCounclIlman Dh.trmas by wna4rd. $9,r 4.ta; second ward. now atort
A" srs attach e ttta' V. Bow e. mpor of the ecity at the shot trough the right leg. His. ondl-Chief Sanitary Inspect,- Scamle, wt. ,n; third ward, tacrud. 'tem bv-B i
X t teosy tmat was stated a1 the Cosmoporitan restaurar -. were tUone sertus. 0 later revened the charges me longE the ITampa Baty oetl meL r.tss
.thio aws t-deedund erf ton- an elega rlt luncheon we' serve-d. MAyor All of the foregoing officers are Rough against him in the council Welnesday 1 ,-MS0; fourth ward, ,- s'
ds ... owyvr p:e lt& rand ws assisted 1n. Riders. night erd wt nt to deArmas to demand HS..... .. .s 0 is
itea^ lanswyev l s-songff- say' entrlentg M by City Atthorne C. C Other officers wounded are: r rpaclion. IisoPvenes personal tax- aMsE
l5aelb- m .ie4.iy ttc pa-tc" -" -.7 .'-, Prank P rueni, presl- Captain Knox. whose condition is se- D eArmas tfused to rtract. and then erist ward, ITWO- second t--ltoe"
-.o-- y .- . .." ,I M"..:Ir (: cun.T msn c rSiot. Balsrlett curse- him. using a vile e -lith-'. t rd, ,. C, third v 7r X e s .
p''--/ ..... ..r -, T!... 1 .: -d 'po=-'t : jraThiswasc....re.. h tn the ne ha im .. -t '. a. ... .. - L.-r
Sol*.. o j oono. R Hun. V1icente Teee odi-crg are of thie First Cava-lry.:sand he struck Scailett in the faoe. The ward, second w men i car.. .
U-i*B^iPta 'oe-rrs C -aul Worth Smith and several Roughl Ridero: co4.ncilman Ehn ran and the chifof the 14177;- third ward. .1 turto w ,i
A '. e -.-T. rher citGoen. The guests of honor Troop B--Privates E. -. Hill. Shelly, enltary foce ran after him. When tourth ward, ..49.: 1 234 O eoto3e p 3S
-..tr' .Colonre l overor H. 8 Gu. Pngreeally 0 F. lIshler, m. .S .Neweomb, Flred N. .'zcarle:tc ano, drArmas be hit hL-a with Net anoosntof taxsalecertid- 51550 aS
csk,,Sipa n-'.re tires, thaoss-. enere ,0. H Cs" aColonell. and Corporal 3. Rhoens. his ot a.. then. it is said, drew spis- rates. asseement of 17.... 1 UTQ ro that
sisam ^li Carmnls of the- termylo the TW^r-yecend Jlichi- Troop E,-Corporall James F. Beane. I tol and strUok him with the weapon Sen. ia rebate by oo Cse to roer-S .
thff-lh*-C "npa o si c' ..n r-gent. Maivr R'-'no.nu... mf h- Prirate Frank B. Booth. Albert C. rieputySheriffN il!lSp-.nc-rlo-rerred tiePateby- cilolnder ad
Ag- L oastiv this m -do- d a Atherton, Cfford, Red, aid Serg -n-i rthr fu-tnms c-err Serndrt afterward
.... . .. - r e he Tm:. G. W -. 0-rfri het bier. utn t.t ,E iilce e ,i 0:.

___ .. (eot. Dav.n adjtuteIt of the hiyly- -Coyi. t. H. Re d, sni hI. huv-Il. I. -r a memorandam showingl th.e iioilectli C'olonet

"ree t o te y -' t.ho"- :' -T .n -ori ,'t erme.icnt ,

D y", "n ] yr of the69thh New YTor k enit-t'.a r r-' a-i tl-. ,.t..o..,t m.,c:.,v of th Jevii 0 'r oar of th a ED A D RBndA.
iii8 ^ B- [ 1s r t he p a rty w l lh a w itty spe ec h ... T h .ere -.i y .. -e r ia ut a c t.e .1-a f ... '.k-. 1 10 .. ie b r d o wa B e o re h er PFtdeo ,- a P wier KO O t. .
t s n ed Masfanl ane made sPeeh which and t hat t l ,nbna r. .. -t . -old .r.-. .t ce-' th .were ou
-ed wil be has vigorously' pplauded. The part D fne se umause -dI e .an t inflame c an- man n :-.1- their es cape. The offi- 1
'we o s i. .e a" gl' where the U'Mh. n n- e" U:d, than -.' ,Un't Cel t aot they wtll hI b-ah' Ia .
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~io each e i.. I t r hha.:areieoCb--c n t : o ur,. by . "
ON pre- r a nd in dy eyrr. h eoandN e e r r, re otice bs hereby i e t h. ..
S ide-will OL O ti 1 .00E t &.dO.,ito. Ota mmCharley mGrant ids nut it any rier, O D O
'-f':'r s tr' s, :g a. liewll'~e to dliiImton. the nel aing h b.-destro'. d AD 1sta na o
S .aend to-j-- ir. '-- '-nd leave to- forever; nine cases out or ten are caus- undersigned, and that wll aot toler- ..
t for ar e I ed b catarrh, which nothing bt an e the use of hLs nanf, in deoignatUg t Iargest capital of ot Wu oSB4i
h*:"'So X r10 and 3 i4',t. thtc."- n Inflamed condition of the mucous sur- me In the future. a ne sahtI Carleer j une.
lfto- *eaosicamp. faces. Grant forfeits* all r'ghts ai ccisa
a We will give one hundred dollars for to me when h: wilft-lly, anrd. o&io- bankig u e, t H a
Dre editor of the Hvan" ty. P0 any case of Deafness (caused by ca. cause or p lroscati 5. left -n beosI dfr t L
.i "One MlaUts' .Cough Cu-- -"rh) that cannot be cured by Hairs and roof ovar a yea- ago a wit ..
-*-e^ .ife1 H R1 ,ead my rt'ttre'.. Cure. Send for circulars, free. about betLug unkr. -- I re t, -
eg* t CtHaureElitTle" It X. CHENET &'CO.. Toledo, 0. sume my maldes. uasr bries ,rq BOARD OP ()i
4 ". 1 .0 k W, " u s OG r a n t i e es C h r i s t ia n a, y.,e,
e upo d end ei At and us pills are the best. t A&D.. sa-L --. .
21st" ,.A.D ., I,-- .- -,.I. ....Ir .,

-fd Y ou5 B T m Car m Cures aila mnd Fever; acts on the liver Guaranteed cure for Chills. Fe and
d. b and regulates the system .g.erally. All Ague. or money refunded. 6t cent. 'AH. 7-

'.-o.,'-':r"-'- 2' .0n .O"+5e'A i .' o, '


OUR TROOPS AT SAoNTIAGOe. tee abiess is tisa ght, sat Moey
te: on of the wiom of The Fifth army corps of the United M uch in Little b ni o
i|^ |P| lestiering uon. a poilet of conquest ad Stales troops under command of Gen. frnaeey trns f Hood's PlM, for sose- gin to swell therisin of fortune. pSS adwllg
S *territqrl cqultion. irth the wars Shafter. who left this city on transports eee s r m e peri Merchants. manufatnre. Sushielle.
or withBaropean powers which will surely on June 14th have arrived safely at so small spae. They are a whosoelte men of a& sorts who would rise w ith
-. pfoillow ie up for discussion it will be per- Santiago.and we may expect a hot "time this 4,1de and keep abreast with the
tfnent to conalder.and compare our in the old towns at mont ant monenL tream will do well to advertise in th
fighting strength with that of other Now that the magnitude of Gen. Shaf- Tribune.
4t t I leading nations. tears task is apparent to all. we can Let the people know where you ar.w,.
? i Opposlte Post. Our regular army has been increased appreciate 0en. Miles object n to b- what you have got and bow you sell
A se, to 0,0oW men, or Is to be maintained up ing pushd out to sea with an arm., chest allays ready, a -P The Tribune is a silent drmer tas
to that strength. Rusta has a standlog whether it was ready or not. Just to wayn 1 sieent~a aP does its talking while the loetumels
!% i-hs*-elL army of 910,000 men; Germatny, 594,73; satisfy a demand for expeditious il." I aive1 and irrepressible travelIng man o eat-
N. :fead.8Great Britain. 36.00; ,ork and to show orr a rre le tre man et-
uo.o. 7R I10o :. France, i24,70; ni ck headache. jaundice eonstpation etc r 25e- or else sleeping. It goes I the bhoui
t1I Ples B Daiy sond Spn.6,000,; Italy,22275;. Belgium.43.3 .. what ae could do in tho matter." mob- ri,. n tj to take with Hood's Sas pa mriol a welcome viitor amd it sojourns th ere,

r- aditb a at wMexi t com0 to war Chl Russia ca'ul proleced against a r hn athack d a fleeaec hohe gu shore of Span el e r0 ed n n at-m as d
000 'Argen neIaly ,000. The peace It-i Thereareinsaid to hey are not going Spah t- nor whch plan nce am or Sunday and if your counters are not

o 1 ran na lwll e seen t5 ru awa at e fr b Lieutenant threatens Whatashe w to kno crowded Monday we-will most -humbly 8 I_ 8 1-
~.~. .. n go our reulas r army in 25000c men die Saniag boat Sandoveral last whether ncle Sam really means to a e l i

l on with the ghting force of her week, under a flag of truce, to deliver a pollute the aristocratic soil of Spain aa bo.
Se Unitedion. O atcoures. with pcouldatin of more in the province ansh general h is democratic footeps. Dewey l a household word.'
can o o y o75,000,000, has a smaller igula army belieeoes that they can sand before the someth toe delight onor if n thesum grn- Those who ve tried the Trbu
1 A A than Mexico, with 11,60an army people, and Fifth army corps, the f and appar reguntl-y it will part to her the mot n- Stow atemenorth of and iec t Isand t to cn
lsno better than S Chno be raised in 3.500000nhabis cotants. without onfardent, pitched says he sa n indiaton hould ever turn his ships prcows to-ar mof the Boardof Pnblic Woe wrt this, t Wi be wi
th with 1 .000 inhabitants. has except able tha heremb willing at the a pitched atte plan or.to And ugheest to our friend the propriety de more co

R gtggymdBt a J haps, for Purposeo tefene. I' "r coming of the Amereian army. It is admr quaking heart that while Uncle
i mon ey their,oquarrels we musth orani aro b ar n mind that General hafer reserve fi, wipnterests that relic of putting a little more viTa m in their vide your
e le no more age of equ arms and navies on a fromal hat hasrd work before him. thope hono emrable orhattheio nite States business in order to stimulate txn e trade eh p'd u'.i
fa UWik anA recoinlptton x s a about four time that of Spain. condition t hey are probably faith i ell means red uc a some of her hoosending other Boalready ofbeic Wnning to move agTht weigt
'd* 1s f also recess itatcoes to war, Russia can put protected against a lano attack. a e.orro to -th hes. horeofSpain itself. few eTampa fromlls placed now in at-e d. W
S alc 7. 35 whch would orin the field: Fran o Pr do not know yet how wellof the Spaniards Spains teeth have onlg ben bdraun tractive ader tisng will come pared aobby k e f
S m iste app 000; Great Britain. about 2 ,litary span- virllfight, but there have ren many But the snarls at the new insultto four fold. TryL. Bt.glo, secretary of nd n ur ads i swe
1,334.000. and Italy 3,3.9000- indications that they are not going .t her "honor," which plain Uncle Sam for Sunday and if your counters are not fanc wteil

toW. F.BSTOVA LL our army of 00,000 volunteers and 61. l.Anderson. of theiMarblehead, who vlsi- and very badly and very quickly is apologize for mislading you. aardem 6
S000 r ars I lnsgfcat n ompri- ted the Spanis gunboat andovalgne last whether Uncle Sam really means t board. presented the old board a

Stions. f cour se we could put urn letter from aaptred panish to general with his democratic foots t tes. meeting held on Jueye 1. TTO A

. "d.. ea yailfer." He a o small standing army wions of m. our he knot shwledgare thae'belef thearrrty ha p y f matal staemn the old board CTdered it olhged o n h .. :

ohw inc the score suc- position dibsoludely safe ar; S:nprr- needed tith deliberat.in. Tn- *ar? .o makig the harbor impregnabii f r futurr r-ference, and rar the benefit TAMPA, Ex. Nat. BanhB
d nal, but if we ielda upso on ast c ould be ora witchsoldiers are unfit for battle. He re- Plippnd en. Spain s mortally afraid adjourned
try ear o n' d request and xpansiuch an armywe wi b t them as ready and apparently that it will be repeated it Uncle Sam i statement of Joeipts anBd Wapezilo l a

'lW oi wo better than Saubs- not be raised In he our untry wirtho confident willndsayshe saw n indication sh would ever t arn his ships' prows to-1 ofthe ardy was as ofoAnbiL Sork-N.

4@t l e to tortighaesnd soaritnddexept oftrembing atthe prina Tnpey.t c rdIt i s ar as ste ouwd n a ATaTOeYhAT-LAarg

s ero&PrtheVesuvit s Thefa peopl. e o fBaltmore appreciate 1 nm te ng h a ar er quak ng heaart t haft whilt LrBe Uncle00 B -,a
ls rd to the S antia e to compete with the land pirathey ne a er wise to mm underentima. o he Sa. is "offending" her honor" he will Prom hursdaya's Dail. .OT
S e it e wr wthof Eu ope ande nv;ve oure es strength ifnd the enemy, and it i t.wll inceventall y" dest her honorable The Tribune is to-da enabled to fur.
tireire a in equ arrels an t o rga iz arnd to bear n mind that General Shafter reserve fleet. wipe off a few of her l sh the people of Tampa with a sum- 0
slsn..orefagsof equarmen s hand fn.v .....na ... whas hard work before him. We hopeh... honorable" fortiflecati cn from the map mary of the receipts andexpendture t
r for similar to theirs. S pol iof course that the predictinin th and reduc some of her ls noraeng from the Bord of Public Works of the
0"11., also neceo tate a chen I lon atrlul A'at m nflag w Ill flr ad be d o r la ahie sof TBardp o.futabiuonWrky o 3 he ATTORNEY- AT |,
aoed with which would force evinry man t1.0-o e ; Castl by the end of the teek .lItn he Iet k as If note paineet beat and li.st hS. The summary was prepare ed -
thform certain amo f litaryser- pain a eewhee ee verified: a of utifo it will be remarkable e. Pa e da on Oe Bk o

f peop ore are d arnng to rulers who are despihc ically And to think Spain brought thichs awful byet.iet street and l. secretary of the Court oa
vice, as a number oft quickolnedk. an t is be te cne uncle Sam will come when he strikes.' board. dpreuented te the old board 0 . gIM ..
l wIons do. With a .:ton fghuat and plenty of it r w the dritieo and notr i, ,et .:o Dey is .- .er in the Philippines wltn at its ast meeting held on June 18 .3
os sile o r. to B et a y ism a ting ,ano neons rti fo r itvy lb inc le dgeRth M ay es o be tur ar t B icth a all Ti m e ri al h rnthistvenuNEY AND
mu on no hon to policy vf isolation, t ne notsy t Ith mu hn tie rver grathitifyng inni ; more -h.ps than ibe needs. &mmunioton After examirtaiidng ai approtnmg- T

Struro ear.ecru Edto.r Stoval, ,e^van P erhao t te r a oatem we ahe old toard adered it fie 1 LAW.,
hoggingthe shore uc-dposition bsolUtely Safe or,;ciee-dealbdeIb-ratitt L n-. T ontr taking the habo impregaai-. to i-futur: r-.ference, and Orthe benefit TaIA, 'Eg
S noble, hbut If we cet es tr oi t rilcy' o withj wh is t r has preparedf1 o" T pa .lt.knd pah co sder s t Th e Ti. d te no ft e o Loedu ao tbe adjourned -- -
S conquest and expansion we wil l bei at Sanagowin tribcates that whe comis on t.) lw Lay ngd votn wldh als ou t dins- Pane oa ep.al
womail's ous at ed to morga one II ou ma rl b a soldier:e "Tihe will b- d er te ted one t gorai oe matters o e s. tr blc i rwas as foenot wALL &.
y.*eo4srfi demonstration Id be is tohe highest a...a. d .-d ot el I Tb.. CaC ii S-tTesl E IcPw TS.
7 7p tas eteine tsh e .uefor al rt for going to t volu on.it t,. iio ,raltar as t wound be for pe T EY LA
i GON R0IS BALTrMORIA.RNS itepr al. beyion.i de l. N m o o t.-, the rlif of Manila wille d ft e.. p u o. 0 wt ism. ms,
S h eg e ar pc lier will ernda th e de, .r o d es In- fr .'a alz irtr. a .f. tict reebt: ai j ...... .S f.f1501 o t si8. o D crllD o r M ,
ser of the Vesus The oldies must endumore, appre hate o the camps hand. matter is more dces f.nrom Tampa namesake a Pt d for en ineering work. -
to the Sanls their soldiers and thservice hey areto he soldiers n Tampa. There is a country at a time wen the exigencies ot P uai ton tOng
UlS6 ..- atomyi o is BmmIitient : T h uu -f t n xl. Li io hv ebev ooingn to II d aecia not iner and 13 K. OLL1
e in th e lower left to render to their country. Tothesesto n certain amount of glory and eclat the situation reer success .l res es in Second wart .. 3774 Bonds. Stocks, a a

u n tdral revenue. oC ding a cateoad of gifts to Tampa. among the company and regimental offi- tence upon thTe par o at t epe 1m- for egoneen.ng wod B. LPr S. "
jEusestr the aiLs Just appreciation of the Fifth Maryland int PaccIb clt,, Srom ha all l aouia- . A rO S*

B 6atte'e mbl B of TheTrmkntowsithevoicesth t fment h Two months ago war broke out tended that one of tp e mosi dangerous . ..o5in g lhswr 9 47 Bought and Sold for Cath
levy regim the citizens of Baltimore between the tkingdomhised Sate eri Ssituation were to be sidewalks on approaches a Carre on Marin

Uncle Samiube- The government is not trying to make according mn proclamation f the oud in the opLortunity offered specui io dfayettPeeNpt bridge.s. 34
feent fore the ay of edibles out oth beer es wayhidns wonders the dperformatin wh Con- nble I e k i un ndow oalsi. rcnces wAs' repa0t.TR .s.and We1pey-.- -
I.tI n Colnn ae s t tl ther :s.Teu I itrswonderful to rne pt.ol c.f" th -e m ta i e a e Paid on account of Intere a t 21 on 5,d ,a
It, Pal, in seoerfollowing from the News o. f tat, ity wholeoci..ourd wield tehy a g,,m" oai. e vt In .... hocb lotseh, t..... S,.....
-- 'will be appreciated by every member of wh"oh haot IieturteA beensestench niw our nhi:, am, c theL a- t, bond issue 1096e..... hi. S 70 A'rro- .

5ta *hLetter ts th lF a rnlgle Siatcs nr.ho:ps lyorog wo h ave in ooahisa end m oInory a class of ca- sto er s o n Florida avenue.. 107 15 We -so ncept pe for
~ispgseibeeTh nonemnc-a teFfhititi bedefend herself is a first-cla-ss battleship to is pt bonds 1606, en- TiPS. -
huti m.wa worth Maryland regiment Is very lIkely to be iieved that the time of itr extinction and some other vessels. ranging from Paid for orce, including ren,.. "as.aw;w
nt iowo-as whssnt to Cuba with the expedition that has arrived, that It will fall to piece pretty fair ...'" on the bum. khev hass saeaxieblanks,3staftioTOryE AR 6W

ialeod ullrmri leave Tasrmpa in about two weeks of its own rolonne. Let us hoe be ar am inf lately in thname only Pald for account of patn poead froto.e ohe
makes very timely the gift which the that the tyranny prtslced by the rulers effort toi eep the fleet east and weal ing sae. ..... Mt 96 'O.,
Dob tr the most tp .eople of "Baltimore are about w o h end 'of Spain may reeyiwbere serve as a of Gibraltar at the same time. iInt8 for building tile dhrai on Ol ic .l o

oiHB-n~ then ov pe pe' of B iy e e ar about wh ds And to wy -,dtthi nk pan higher hrin th an 6t5 cyprecie mindblo ofh.... .. ..ce. O U ..
Sthe eerethem- They-my see iard service in warning to raers who are despioticall i t S a ght al Ninth and Tenth avenues tg o .
miyre ol"Cubs.. Neither Miles nor Shafter inclined and cause them to halt in their guessing contest upon herself'. Nhd t
t M6in901Li.s shirks fighting, and plenty of it, When career of madness. The kingdom THE TWO TRIBUES. Paid forgrading and flling
.k este- r elo- tilere is fighting to be done. The rapid Spain is dead, and its remains lare ready Twentieth street and Etghth,
.. ,trA df~di5m way in which the army is being sent fcr interment. May despotism be bur- From Brunswick, (Ga_)Times. Ninth and Tenth avenues In

LPun'M O !ot. nd of work the Foldierf s have cut out editor SttVailote Ssannab Press papers in this, or for that matter, any for sewerage and street pan-
EditortSeovIflte Fthe goesvanthh PressEother state, that has convictions and the lug... . . .2 0 IS 101
orthe It w i doubtlesshsee ithos s he ofrnt has just returned from Tampa and pays courage thereof. The pimes does not Paid for account of building IU
kw" Daft 0&nd that it will bear Itself brselyeno the following tribute to the -common always find Itself voting with I ds Paid for topog phical survey
tterly the one in Baltitnore doubts. It will be a soldier: ".The men who deserve the gusted contemporary on matters of sec- establishing permanent
greau p-dg ea e e to the beoe. just before real credit for going to war is the volun- o--ro bed ..kttwenare ..... .......Paid for completion of LiaUty-

.t, eatce, with which they endure hardohips commissoned officer are the real heroes In a recent issue the Tribune repro- Paidtor grading preparatory.

in-ct-SK~ -! Id ,r .; ;prepax sar,. o.. clot ice i.caea I, a pa % arn. Rte pnmlr wiA et
nFrn.-. soaei.re. ian ceti sean-!.,.or o ,' ,s ..e di. -x ; r"
Sia i e a "r, L a L ;aar ---Cash o n hand a traderers sfly u
cqe iteri of. con- .. in: -. te..ic .lld in Lxchang- Nat- sto.-se wtb ato emr.
,roll .a. ,,ben in t m un b .ped t ,: naaI nk ha .. 69,t40 3 :2 5 ite ea s for o patro n' tr 5 e o a or
ah iment.o tnd ai n ... nt .i,t .atOlle a Dte zoi rd i Ci tens bNa nk l .2 per a r invsa B,.Ias 4
irSeftM6 S; to-Ad -0fW i 111 t.1- o7. [of; tine to Pleas aNatRAei-hap- cases sa-ace! t d set
I-%%-eihasinni 0s i t b 1 1 t po i d in clint t e 6 1 01 1 o acres u ea d lorles thaS
S ,- ^ o oeo ti,,u-n r urnls to i igeinincali. ... ... ... 1 5 ai
VENEVEReC nn ro eer a. to e e pcts p edI ne elt co ry
0e H TIried Thie re al ,o d .t ,r in adti- me- |E fAodiegs ot P
.0111 is'16.403 13, For fsmtaer inafsiraoasstol areas
syet tem re ulaorsa e ye tp. oI i R' l p to ri-se ia Ica d fi Lc
rinSSaturday's ai.cFirstaardfund.6AMissouri Invs ent

Txedtion atr tesae Ur -t in rBalance to credit of
corisiniz L- c -io as i' Third ward fund. i.5.1 n r ,
S ,d ents were all owed to sen r- r it -ut L r l t Fourth ward fund 4.2M 79the eat .U.
sethemr.p.ese...fThedsnnio.TherewiU be further credits to the s
papersyjudcous ad rsig nmanabove funds after ascertaninng the exact
:z?-Y TizQ is absne e r dio the extremist as ito is emp flint a reputable. r itpo saile and pipo- cost of the main sewers.

lin douse ignorance of milItary and naal and still len to ma represent the factd s Th oe newly elected o mmnissone i
movements. he c ensor thinks he ol- I n an advertisemenext fa proper season or, mingnd the .Board of P ic Works addeto D wt

lowing taken from the Cincinnati Piot An honest tale speeds best is an uld who have I a rn Ia-
of last Wednesday, and he will ye with bw ec fo ce to ed se ppig demoa as president end Mr .. L B i-
thet sperimpor ertant man in Washe gton y ou have good goods and want to s the cld board expended SA g smoard
allowed the same so ry to be sent o u e tm it will payoh of the go advertised. tI hpr t as rw

by wire last Tuesday. owthen fur a out W e overboard th a .
imery on hignorses There mltary a no neces- oandst in the city and thousands ofac a T te eo l o e t

ity q eocse for abusing dumb honesin the cokutsc vwly el d
m ovements. He shover uld read the folt Next an s to the rtiseme sion The present for ing the Boardof PuiLtWo .
qof last Wednedarvicey, and whewillnever a t~ie is a m et f one e os resident and Mr. BI-
tat sla ecrioraght o rsing anmats in griyound have good grisla pand ant to sell A com uncaUon fo thest

F .e he should be cosspe~tb to c nlng 10 5e taB.. fy fas
bywirelastTu esvday.Nowth rat medum eoff proceed on oftheme a

ITM 7 -. -.I - -- F --- M :

MIDI IL~qWMftd MDO UUIILt [JLUUUIfde &beattt May tr a-% N1; Back W"
L T. (a prminenthistorical writer) '. 5:. N.colas Frank EL Vietelly 'i
Vwest presidentt Liqcoln to get an ap- hi- told "The tory of the Wheel," '"
Pti tnvt NO being asked of what de. I e trI n the evoluon of the bicycle. -'-
aainatim he was answered that he t y r. S izetelly says
a a Pmbyterian. ." Well," aid Prn- It a been often said that "to tra K the Newest Li
M ntt Lncoln, "I will have to look at the pthei origin of the bicycle we a mi st go t p a- cw st
my book to see." Se further said: "I back to the beginning of the century," FURNITURE in te 'ty?
a hot sure but the Presbyterians are and as this has not been denied it is
Mf.l I have to do thia" O probably true. I shall try to show that
M Mn olnthen proceeded: "Bishop SHAFTER WAS NOT SLOW the beyce grew from experiments in i 6f et
S,. Simpeona was here the other day corn- ithe teeth and sixteenth centuries.
Splaining of my cabinet's giving all tne and that the celerife-e, first invented in
i a- appointments to Episoopalians. I did 160, was the earliest form of the 'VI:9 iIP r
force not know anything about my cabinet. He Forced the Fighting and isa Now "safety" of today. The rstattmpts Honaker & Co.. 5o7 ranklin St
It Given a Na- I thought Blair a good old Presbyterian ; Pushing His Way to Santiago to ride wheels date back as far as the x .. OO CK.- '
eot and a for Seward, I didn't know i ard is Carrg Every*hi- g fifteenth century. True. the machines
until I went to church with him that rryig eryt then made were crude, clumsy and im-
* Own Way. be was an Episcopalian." With a Rush. perfect, yet they deserve mention, for
President Lincoln had said.to Bishop I they were a distinct step in the history
Bimpean: "Ton wait here. We are to I of the wheel. The first of these was a ,J ,
have a cabinet meeting here directly, heavy carriage driven by means of ropes
ad I will see to it."and when the cab Playa-del-Esie near Santiago de Cu-attached to and wound round its axle ;r
Njhs:useaRegent, Ie O he said, "Here Bis Bihop I ba., June 24, 5 p.m-News has Just b tree To the other end of the ropes aI
Elsse-r bM.te~-~ne Sanmpsm making a oomplaintofouorgiv. received here from General Shafter's pole was tied, and this pole was used
0ienUMtha06rcj e ing all the appointments to the Epio- tnorces, which bav all landed, and it is Is a levels in front of the vehicle, and
acasillow .Barkm daleF n o." decidedly encouraging. General Shaf- by this means it was slowly drawn for-
Sgwlyt Sonar i a Seward: "That is not true of ter Is sweeping everything before him. ward"
m department. I never give an ap- and it is expected that within two days Little was done in the century fol- 4 o
Aere i ade and palintmnent to any man because of his he will have his army on three sides of lowing, yet in the "Memoirs of Henry
V" Mtf*4 a dnoeninatitab, nzr even know what he Santiago with the Cuban forces in the Fetherstone" it is told that a Jesuit ."" 'W "'-a/:
tie 'wr,.ndl&" rear to cut ont the retreat. missionary named Ricius, who was fl
i tse ure b] Said Blahop alapson: "There was Early this morning the American traveling down the Ganges, having
._ s~h to the Dri. aClintock, appointed to go to army to the east of Santiago began to missed a boat that plied at regular in- I v .
Fr a ., P t a good MetbodiA lt, and Bishop advance. Before a mile had been cov-j tervala between points he was to visit I '
Is-n6w x- HNghes was put in his place. I supan e ered the van guard encountered a force in his journey, made up for lost time
s ta Queen l didn't know. air, who Bibop of about on thousand Spaniards scat- by building a small carriage propelled "
VArM Vie. madei!10.:" "Oh, I had forgotten tered among the b:la. The firing began by levers. Because so few details are OF
mBee ~re ,Vasn" ", band by time the main body of "zneri- told, the truth of the author's aooonmt O
SIg .- '.- m elf,-"' mi d Blair, "you've got him cans came up there was a continual has been doubted or discredited by 4 > .-
i urp the e b o th are not two i roar of musketry. many.
wa it- my dapR4t thsatreEpiscopalians." The Spanish pickets were forced back In one of England's older churcbeh-
ie has a "Sir 111"id the bishop, "there are not and the Spanish army stood its ground, St. Giles' at Stoke Pogis-is a window
!no't e o that ware not.""Why," mid Blair, until the ma.n force of the Americans of stained glasaon which may be seen
4"tha to sot true, and you may oime approached., When the Arricana were a cherub astride of a hobby horse, or ,
:;. ~a..ti'tbso.ow hporning Iand look for yo- one thousand yards distant the Span- wooden "wheel." At the sides, in sep-
elon st etouT'sd t an&rate panels, as if to fix the date of the
S"I will be there at such atim," an rds ben o fire They used sm design, stand wo young men tired in When going out shopping and making y li
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"Ah, you go Seward did- thih e other, with bands in hi poets, values that cannot be duplicated anywttre.
*a* yesterdayy" Bishop Simpeon said. "I ss o n r im'okting a pipe. Is it from this design
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5"brte tt~fafter- know. Yesterday you said there were Th A...n e.r. 'an. r,,r . -- in a vehicle driven by the pedaling of 9 25 pieces Organdie Lasse, value 22 1-2c'and 25cO 10o ,
to threaten not two who were Episeopalians, and I vance and the pan- r a T a footman, who stood iu a box behind t
q9,.o- cMse th amid there were not two that were not later rea ugh t and rested hi hn a bar lel with -inch India Line, elegant tyle. .... 0
reserve f6etto' Episoopalians," and so be forced him and tnen flrd forer ir .. i is L attached to tho back of an 50 pieces 10 and 12 1-23 Figured Lawns .... ..... '. 05 -
to look at it. and be found thai the er I... hu .- .--' awi above tihe r -r in te conver- 2 cises of the Best Bleaching in Tampa for......
e ,ttan"r of the blshop was correct, and that there were tu',r.d de :. anleI T-a bs o i.we that Fetber-
ma-at aIftnlla wll be not two that were not Episcopatians. ded Spaniardsi 6 i.' Cst s tc tCt -c nt rone. Oza REDUCED PRICES IN
ite,.laio t )'reepoielet All thisMr. Lincoln said to Mr. F., oft as r -. ... vice was followed by another,
S t in the l-. who oommuniated it toonelf the best tweint y-f\e Spanris o ..-. .- u n a iomewbac similar plan, by
SIknown citizens of this country, a man overs The A.-n.'in ,- .. -,. au E_-glihman usta;Lj v0Eden abcu0t 4 Linens, Ducks and Piques for White Goods. Table
4 a A cuipahablverscy tI e c t i- a0 1 n'y v .11. Icrad'-r: < Linens and Towels.- Millinery at Greatly Reduodd
tatodaab. e )as *ey. w ho common icated it to us.- I The n ie a, ,, tbLnum p;ea0rEd tz e L 'i.Versal Mugs- ,
At'o -te a g jBVft... .ristian Advocate. i were not obtained tinO after :. t, e The vbcle was said to be "the
* i oake to an .I Th- American fore ..n fbesi that itherto been invented." Better Values in Sh
. 1 -" CooI f i Sanilago is ad0vancir.g b) e stages.h Tb diEtance covered "with ease" by Better Values in Shoes... k
-AJlE DesweIr andI "He's a cool nuo," is the way the sol- h a. -- this rude vehicle ist stned to have been T n r R
havi- e l diemib a certain English regiment T de. Ialcrclot, ng n. c iTh Cuian s ga six mile as hour; with a "pcumr 4 es._Than 7you oa d elseWi :' i
aM.S.- di ribeon e of their office aa young man, !a t .. the ci a exertic," nine or ten w-iles. The steer- "' ' "
a N r svt ved bhi man from defeat and are prepared to repulse any attempt w done with a pair f ren M
ii; p.rrobably rm death. The ciustano IN THE FOCUS. M aI a S 4 o th e r
"psobb -'" 1yfromsethi Thec.hicumepataneo The Cuban forces.. itth he American IN THE FOCUS. Ia
which Weve this fser hip reputation army are doing good wo......ndhh.-rIh e. t
tonl Mted by Rudyard Kipling in The army are doing good woucK and thi to This the Season Our Actors. ike the
W'" .. .a Wa Min gM ine- .e writes: thorough knowledge c.f tne cr untry is Center of the Stage?
Wuiido boat A W Vry ung officer, whd had gone of great aid to the American army Perhapa the fondness of certain actors
el. t at almosialght from school to the army under command of General Shafiter. today for the center of the stage is a
& anm thence to Infta, was leading his Admiral Sarpson and Commodore survival from the time when no other
tZ- t rp i e-aiythonigh a rooky pass on re- Schley are kept busy shelling the bat- position was adequately lighted. In the' ,'
f timU g from a souting aspedition. teries along the shore. Nearly every early days of this century, before the .. ... . i-
the q were beset by the enemy, who battery has been dismantled, and It introduction of gas, the footlights con-
tthesem fromn behind the rocks, ti believed that the Spanish forces are sited of half a dozen or more oillamps,
'e~ teb men were growing very an- now cooped up in Santiago. and the point where their rays converg-
s-t:a. ldy. Th o ta the t ea began to be No attempt has yet been made by ed was ve proper ly Mknown as the "fo- A l .. ,
im/nvtid and shouted to the mme in Admiral Cervera's fleet to force its way cUa." Here all important pages of-
`0 B ry ap What are yoU wall- out of the harbor of Santiago. It would the piece bad to bedelivered. since else-
e e useless for such an attempt to be we o ying pay of nature
I readne to Intercept them. 't - afte.r' a l ce perIt '7
b'e" a" Itch an l$i. At nniser o sml ci have been o "Oho," hYtyn tat ;i
S was a roar of laughter, and as- burned by the Spaniards before eg the great sne with lago e almost This week, as It will cpy you :
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ait, iddle aged German woman. .ramuiton-Fish aundCaptain Capron. of of New Providence is without ooestion Black Silk Skirts at Reasonable Prices Wonderful values
i h B a ad been waiting for nearly three Bough Riders. Kild a specimen f the sil cotton Bombh in winery. This line must be reduced.'
e f hopra, btat last it was her turn, and -- oeioi asirutied near the nostofflce and ? 1 Mt~lnery T -

t.low.ehmoveTi up to the chair with all the' Special to the Tribune prison. Grorig from its trunk are )I'We are arenrl? for the Standard. Fashiont' t;
5 Sif graeof wE eam roller. A.1rett-T 1 Wahingo.n. JAun r .1 r ..n.i a hlf a dozen b::tre-l.'l-e extensions, as "
YI !ly'thea rowd in the office had impressed been reeeivned fr,.,nm ..n-, Shaft. if to make a firm alotigo for its great A i -JT. TB RTCE' '"i'.- .
her deeply, for the first thing abe samid reading folio -.vs spread of tranL.Ls of 16 feet. A little n 7 Fa l t r e
"wap. "Paya-d I-Este. Frdav ',,.-mIn an boy to whom I stced a photograph 1. 71. and 71Franklin St., T pa
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ed point blnk "Th American force st t none large or old as this one,and we importer and Retailers of
'il and Itflt that I had to hLr1es. Pif. y Atnic-merl,-ans ic d. ., heard no estimate of ito age. It isaIm re anttlo
I admitted that sucb-wad1ottee wd near relative of the monkey tamarind.
SSs ehadoisted were ou tween this bombax and the libr DRY GOODS,
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B' e1' minfd T force Shgfter. t Kuines Ha. us for samples and prices on anything in G#Pa en7y-
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I 0 eawlr~t ews where the troopg-were .ort. -.mi,
a ""iBferf& 'd ATmdnight toe the e cruiser kind. It is accordingly one of the ulrhtso S r.
Alamv bn Aring for Santiago. and the voluan-? O that'la starch you0 U right." "Bacon's AdvertiAer e tee. u he ,mad to reinforce General es ,days "ter there was a burial. Goods mailed free on.pplfcatiet..- -
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*"- The City Fathers Met and Transacted' . '
P t Bnis ltn g to But It st be Raied Promtly to Pay Much important Business.. Last The Regimot Was Camped Temporritly O8ers loo"g for Llght to ft Stri
oitates. laterest o Bod Night -eports Received on Tampa Heights. in Theln Dirctl e.
From Sunday's Daily.
I Manrara. Frecker, Phillips, Wing and
Troops Not Properly The Mayor Makes a Good Selection b were prese nts bill of $3 Gun Stocks Split and Barrels Twisted, Friends of the Gallant Major WIV
Ex-Mayor Gtilett's bill of $'24 ir put-
Aa l to Get the j for City Attorney-The Cost of ting temporary sidewalks on Florida but the Men Escaped Serious In- Stick to Him if He is naI ti the
embabutts Out of Feed for Stock Caunes Much itemize Al so the bill opf ernt u: With Two Exceptions. Atce-*- utenat Oqmal
?" .h d City. Discusiion. Brengle for taking up the same side-
Dwalks a ahort time wafor sme. ty Badly Burned. Webster May ba Promoted. & *
-.- ---- A request for street lights on Azel'
tthe Trt e. From Friday's Dally. street. Hyde Park. was referred to the From Saturday's Dally. From Sundays Dally.
.- t e L-The brig Ama- The clty council met in adjourned ommitteehief n street inspector of F. P. Nicholas, private of Company C, Colonel W. F. Williame, of Pensaeoa.
.klW M VUT peaterday by the session last night with Messrs. Bruen, buildings vigorously reminded the Second New York regiment, was in- commander of the First Flrlda regf--. a
gliboat Y ckfbWrg, just as Wing, Precker, Webb. PhillIpe. Brown, council that the city hall was in a di- stantly killed at 8 o'clock last night by ment of volunteers has tendered his
S oo out of Havana harbor. De-Armas, Holmes. Manrara and Kruse apidated unsafe and unsanitary con- a bolt of lightening, and seventeen other realnatkon to Governor Bloxham.
s" "r t to this port, and present. ig t We defects were discussed, but no members of the regiment were stunned The news of the resignation of Col- t *m
ptblW att of the United States A petition fnom A. T. Smith asking substantial results followed, and badly burned by the electric duid. onel Williams was not generlly known, -
"-DMtlhW ;for permissalon to erect a wpoden fence R. Hamilton was not allowed to erect A violent storm began about 7 o'clook even among the officers of the regiment,
bMspofa of the Amapala reports in the rear of the White ose saloon, a tent on the vacant lot near the Al- and for an hour the lightening n til yesterday morning. While played
teft i nsa Is threatened are ent Cas W aker On motion of Mr. Frecker, a commit- ires leaving t ty in darkness. The resignation i universaUy regretted. the.
sy*tarvelo Be saa1 tau the m- by the mayor to the office of city at- tee of three was appointed to confer Second New k regiment had new at once set every offer in the
pa has ois ol to eat tourney for the ensuing two pears, was with the kicking tax-payers with a view marhed out t ampa Helghts and regiment speculating upon who wiouldL,
AM-' a potatOes. read asr- confirmed, to reaching an agreement, as suggested pitched their tents to spend the night.
a s Is anxioudes to get a1 The appointment will meet the uniser- in the mayor's message. Messrs. upper had just been served when the probably be appointed to the o_____d
u otI 3 sal approbation of the people of Tampa. Fredker, Morey and Kruse were ap- storm broke. The men hurried to the of the reg ient and wha eft it
t- ourt of the ctty. Mr. 'hitaker in a lawyer oftrecognized pointed, shelter tents to get out of the rain, and wilu have upon the change" for proi S1
i t--'"e Uplat@l ea-y that about flifty abi ty. and li thoroughly poeted on On motion of Mr. Wing, and following were enjoying toe cool breeze when a motion. t a
S*fitm IhSein the City muMlctl matters, and will perhaps out another of the mayor's suggestions, blinding flash of lighteninlg struck in colonel Wll has been Idet
A. reauf 4 that t a 0 al- ai it the city more valuable service a committee of five was chosen to con- the midst of the camp of Company C, olone W a a een eied
than any lawyer that could have been fer with the Water Works Company, formerly the twelfth separate company with the Florida State troops for mqre
So y selected. The appointment is a good with a view of settling old disputes from Troy. than tee years, an a m or Ot the
It' :.-rt as rftctlob-n among the sol- one. a isrs. Bruen. Wing, Webb, Holmes The bolt struck a tree and split It Third battalion. -with heafuarers Is
7.-Aft f it Uis mewa that the Spa nsh The finance committee reported that and Manrara were chosen. from top to bottom, and then lumped iha
S a-as lI g wefI. Iand & that the they had not yet raised the $4,000 Int- Mr. Whitaker warned the council over three tents to the tent occupied by Pensacola. was the senior battalion
S est. f oft ded is being served daily rest die on the bonds, but that the tax against the had sidewalk on Frasklin Private Nicholas and three other men, commander at the time FlorMa was,
thei-.'. pue1rWor geealspalace, collector nop-d to make arrangements street near the F. C. & P. depot, Lea at least twenty feet away. All of the called upon to furnish oe regset -- of .
o sm9 amhesendaiyThe committee was Instructed to assist Jacent property, was notified to make was not until an inpection was made iantr Fort yar asbe
Ib perta f the i t. Hund- the city auditor In ascertaining the ex- necessary repair that it was found that he wa dedli selected as pme t omand r at all sth e e,
- r for want of act a of ch department, and to A motion proposed by r. Frecker There Wa not a bruise on his body, but en ent and the o
have their report in by July lts The was adopted, asing the Board of Pub- he was dead and was evidently killed regiment was formed he was ted(erEd
a ,It is reported, ci clerk was instructed to request the lie Works to properly care for the cross- without knowing the cause. H os ham. He accepted and as comniander.
S e ae to secure the city treasurer and also the collector to ings of streets intersecting Franklin. lying by his side was split open, and of the regiment has win a wam pide
o f the c.t be present at a special meeting r to be wtich had been torn up by paving and the stock had been wrenched from the In thet hearts a tthe~dcers and men
Shield to-night sewering. barrel. under him I
S,I ? The petition of 0. E. Da s to erect The finance committee's report Wad Eleven other men In Company C, were The only'reason assgned for .the .
3 s.....ga a shuoing allery Inside the fpre limits caUed for, but there was nou response, slightly shocked- Four men in Com-
asreferre to the commtteeon fire except the reading of a letter from the pny were slightly injured, non. e s private
I ? er ODteR comite n t presignation f-Catnre tie Wiiams is that
protection board of Public Works, informing the seriously. There as excellent dise-e r
J- The petition of S. J. Drawdy to erect a council that their request for a temn- line, and the surgeons worked like be accepted, and then W wilL compete ., .
&Mzj e5~yl -tsu b w 1is a to temporary shed in the rear of the ian d piracy diversion oft14.000 to pay interest beavers and soon- had all l ofi ectio i of his successor.
Sbulng was granted. on the bonds could not be complied with, the men with the exception of rvate The next ra officer In the re Te
a" Of th,' .rr Ohio At thi J uncture of the meeting the on grounds of illegality. After some -enilosuoo e01 Piolsai '3o03 O pPHOW meat is Lieutenant I .. Webster, of tested a ut I
Camped inTampa- council went into executive otson. and discussion the idea of trying to meet ne. Prtae Schuze and Private Ganesville, who for several years wa w ha ee e
S- although the members of the city press the payment of the now due 9.0 Inter- e r Campany w the major cmmandng the Fourth bat.w
_Zabs. it chf ts-m -r u nlca t lendthmju red bylthe0sh ockMb ut ereryggmnnin the lineuof r romo In follow edh e. fo th ba par
-wuw .cm-sacion from quested non to Poblish any business The feeding of city stock and the cost was stric. They were not badlY the line of promoi6n Is followeLend. r thaestariug o' b
3 "dttnt city lppqred in transacte ,while in such season. thereof was discussed as some leth, urd by the shock, b every gun appltet a
Ise oft Ttme. o When the council re-convened, the and resulted in a committee composed tent was broken. Corporal Hubbard Co W s wil lhe a pinet ad ss
*IPRl Aon . 6 a committee on saniatUon made a report of Mesiss. Kruse, Webb and Brown as- of the same company was stunned llcs e a ce a son Ik S -s
U mayt eem&S a which caused nousiderable discussion, a committee to have control of the busl- Private McBride was so badly.injured the line. 5 i d a
no |O" l nmrer|'l read and somethl of sensation. This nese- buying, etc. t hat it I feared th ate he w ul die. Pr office remaining among the pset ws ak up
t ht Frnk We r ;t tas sl upon the request of Chief The action of the mayor In returning vae Ryan and Private Fred Brouollard of the regiment trongt effort w hot
S .l' cat ele r of Cuba r ett, of the city sanitary force ask- with adverse criticism the resolution had their guns broken, and each have is already beingmade to mt- e i -
notoly a Solier In the tg for money with ahich to puichse adopted by the previous caunclp, provides bad burns on the nir legs. Ed. Schult isintd bein made to 5C aid th ap- o6at
oryn at rentfeed In for next week for ith stoc in his ig for the taking up and trading of tax was stunned and did not recover for aPoitaenofajte T H W odu f r It l
S ttm eenitedinthe departMenL In reply to an inquiry sale cerficates by city employee was half hour. His gun wa broken. All o srge i te r e y a oai
seg aago od at froni a member of the committee sustained. and upon the advice of the of the men named were members of general of the state. For. five oraft Wht -
ti o r t te nthp ln stated that the o st of fered for the stock city attorney the reio na i Co r o co n gea o tetae F i r a o t
tlspositlon of regmentalI cinded. Captain John H. Travor. None of the years Mas cam druef ha. been desig- b
in theFinal Ohio Infan- amounted to from 7n5 to $w0 per week. C pe -n t a u f tH i h a lraer. wee i t e oe e ated ancar p instructor of the satea Georgi
In General Brooke's Councilman eArms. cha irman of Comp ing with a request from Mr. cffcers were injured, but every man o e troops, and when It wf atrnt
the committee on sanitation, stated that Kruse, the city attorney made a ruling, the company was stunned-enounced that the governor intended to
says that he was born he had investigated the cost of feed to to the effect that sidewalks deemed Dr. H. Emerson WestervUle, surgeon allow the men to eretne o r int ai'
e and that be hd been told dangerous could be torn up by the city of the regular army rendered valuable
Pranlanarpy. where by the man in charge of the stables after serving prope notice, services tu the regimental surgeons. Woodruff were ertaln of his eleeco, s
.798M Jurlng the where the stock of the sanitary depart- H. H. Scarlett reported that he had This is the same regiment that was Later the governor decided to sakae th1 w
a t u m Wa kept that 10 horses belong- found that one sack of oats and 100 run over by the stampede iof mules last appolntmets, and he selected the senr d ll
I n w i n c3 la to the city, and several cows and pounds of hay was necessary to feet a week.f ft
k.I-, of theranima" belonging to private horse in the sanitary department a week All of the injured men were carried major fao the. ofice. T his left mapoar
e & .o the tyee. and other matters pertaining to the to Division Hospital No. I of the FurtA eoutofthecityobe another ohabe oft thr apop a rs I- sa"t

whee hireusaied Counclnmen BrowS, PhUllps and Bruen Chairman deArmas was suff clently best attention. and at 9:30 a reporter it w i give untversai sstste isto ecthe enet
s'n.t to posed. .as, experts on the cost of feed.well to attend to business, of the Tr-ibune saw them all around men of the regiment.. o
The bonds of 12)000 each of Wim. B. their camp fires relating their expert- The governor of t state wfu'ie,
e went i th figures given by them it would Henderson and Geo. T.. Chamberlain as ence.T es W
_1C T li>v5. of. thatr deare nt should bae members of the Board of Public Works There was no guard line at that Ume, twe reosimedat'a ol the ap
e wh oi theenn ard s ixtypet should he and J. X. Henderson. 1,000 cty clerk and there was no trouble In getting Into
'period- wrea approved and filed. the camps. Captain JohnK Trainor A .FF ."
Modof Tin., te- : s .1,oChi ed .,f I..r the .Adjournmnt as then tabe-n. and Lieutenant Baker of Company C,
Is rance hi sheit "h uc er -g tL 'le rdoptio oz t a rof .... rendered the men all the assistance tLkeland, I ,Tens Su e 0t,--Mr2 js*.
i tilae. G e r an a_ .hat i" t lv n ve ahie pd i the san itar y depart- From -idat1 DalyB. ruble, and sent telegram s to the ri i- H. Collins of this place sa ys she ee
A .s+ CI widek hwlrp5V" ment and-the bre department to suomIt The funeral of Mrs. Flora Jorge, who tires of Nichols and the othe men. that broken down in health, a lways
Un -hmw ougrotwnno the council to-mouow _nlght a report died 'Wednesday afternoon of heart dis- were lnt r a a tit.
it. 8 4 mesVlikre a shoWiNS the number of sacks of oats ease, took plane at 1 o'clock yesterday Lieutenant Burgiman. assistant cur- o tered had no appetite a. no-Road'sg
iW O born 1h1a'ni "ta a s hls of hay used by each "depart- morning fromImmanuselchurch, In ton ofdtherytint wasscaledfr Awter taking se x bottiw s of H hov 1$aJ-e
.ii4tA_. di 0sliet betraLY" Seat teach weelL Thor City. Vhe services were coduct- lawn and did ev g possible for the saparlla t relieve a sid |
S.t~ to 5 minor imporioce, the council adjourn- was a Cuban refugee who came to Tac- At midniaht ]Private McBride had re- ,
Ijel -oilOf. ed until to-u-~hL, when a report will be pa at the time of General Fitzhugh eAerd concousl and the doctors A TJEX AS, AD0N. "
Vw pre-eled by the fisasce committee Lees arrival. Her fAmily had suffered entertained strong hopes for his re-

n--flt-ro .-: . ... -" r. t c ai r erg. rn l commissary. Clantouu AhL. March 189.-1 .
k . n i l ...t-d to be first Lieu- iy that I have been cured of Kidney
w arq pll ac fin~a wdith bladder troubles by Hail's GresS
2. W .l quflk.tit h move tnere i h r1i g ioLbi :toA 't ....a- s qu r erM.a.r of D very a T ex"). andlb I cm
Wiuuklil e sr. lffi.tO that terpn ri i f thls btlding prove to it, e .,.-", r-t.:i Ne w Ytrrk Chetnr sl .c'ne o-iar sta qusnternanir of Discovery "Wslc. Tex ). a "I
trm the first that iade at to the demand fr roomlT. A. Slocu Ileo rnthe Filth battalion, Florida Slate troP fully recommend It,
-thathmonr l the in another oni -- ba erei d b mmc d Ideul r i and when the Florida rgfnment t us or Ie hL B. Pouds.s or-t
tha e Olymr oflt uvth t t her, .rne (li u I mmediatl -e cav) lf a iian i r a u cr ganifth and rusirne d I nt Rev. I J U
k11*l t. c1nmt d 'iii yr' l. .-..,. ie" .e c it it--ot htdi;|.' ; : i- Llii. i rts". nrl-ri, 0t0.ll,.r: ', }*oe "',f II- al btit_ b uL 'er ofr u-L.-. L ,.- u a i
oflsei^i. t s.o'- u i -' h en i i-. r *tin t 5 ic. t t el lirh .i. I. i i. cim l" y I t. :, .- i.. - n*1 an ... r oe . do| t s r. propieto I tu lle Eof the nce N ir en
appearancee he I fs hz T tr, -.-- -Ir -r-. i *, i ai Ls u ia efat t is he eer taad in h Pis o-ntil
........... .. ...... ... ............... ........ .. ... tt ... fint i ern p
.. luring frt, year r house ng
4.ark L Thny -ure cinesipation, slei headache,
$wf bewag reld wmetat 1 ndsot -nach an rd tici r troui Sl ImMal
ofa fn-claass Oio re Gi en fta f t' a r cy "t : ',t- d bree nine tati, t rr- r briat. tt U.L RIDE YOUe R WHI El- I n size but great in t es ulte. is .Ecn 5. Isc
t W it ntlterview the sev ia other eMei lat- 11 t' ,.. e i tt re er-a C.
a~roi. ob oversunenBt I-fbe Tr writufor t oe sur ehotake into your shoes Al-'
.BMBiH laswie and t w.ul. -. In l "Nea p cteit, o r. atrne.te iari ad Q The .bht uccanver, wslai, a ale.-
1 af. W C n.t I M eiL "" think. D It :ie -- tired tbo t oad perms ai mt i"n lo ,e ad r ch ar-et r ed to thoe g n l y b y -W.y

-tlhe osI ad i- t e t a nr i i r r 1 t O re t ver 1:0.- Temiano n being itretd lp for ser-
e n.reth l -tsare. It ,o u r,%two. ode.n: .adotn, s forr.lc at-cog Fpoatien ytex-,host,.Anumberoreneag awere nc
t aa t she auc ,gt iEb rtin i e ase-.. --edtn a oratoii i.r.. phtaen er Easoe Tr .C raise it. Ladies. in- ensary, and It wi be several weekt yet-
sailkillshndiso easnh haot beee onIred p. .urr din er, har s po de i o s o Igivesi-rot asidl t the brlat will be ready for seen-s
i gar- she (rI,05,l eras ..ri. .ic talu, humanity asna t rer.. a ..tel hO, sie or ach- f or H atk. ehe Lewar o se
y her"eis -. s elt^ranrspotn sn a ner- f er-, I Fe-r be -risimed hbsn- tn i eniui r Hesiur O,
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o-ok mutch l ke the wari d.pairnert bhas m b r I i.R. HaznCaine ..-.h =C4 to-him__
ederkd ion for the ner l -eta rt oc ude.'" filed in bh- .nmericin i nd La ...- I te
ao f t e e pemih ,laboratriesin triotib Or0 CUREr-NO PAY. He advises Others to try. It; a.14

TO, i ds Ofpeo .have tbeen eure p cured in alld parts of the world. cures ezem. skin disease .a
It I hy a D t Witch Hasen Medical experts concede that bron- That ts the waay h 1 nse ate soren. S. B. eoL l".I,
I "-S21 ls PWO W and chial, uheat ad lung troubles lead to Grover's Tasteless Chill Tonic tor Ma-
0t4UU d n d consumption, which, unilterruipted aria. Chills snd Fever. It Is shnj* In tb "t1fisd States ".&o in' isea
4. 1 Ii di s It gives mismapeedy and certain death- Iron and Quinine i a taee flra snvile Thuedsg llh gso e se an
id.I,, .._. S Ii L tLtinad o L e Simplyewriten to T- A. Soe _Ur M C., .lrm .-love- Adults It t @ order reiiisrin g I. andU. .
89 -. Pinst stest. New York, giing post-.W .ae m V

>-- -r~ l


lkt- Amrul Army 111 lot be Saarifced


Suca is the Latest Advices Received
" 71ml Concerning the Progrqan of the
Wa in the Vicinty of Santi
S.ao--Troops En Route.

Special to the Tribune.
S-It ls Waasllngton, June 25.-Army officials
abie nm- here are of the opinion to-night that
MaJer General Shafter, commander o0
the American forces in Cuba, will not
et all the press n engagement against SanUtagi
ty- i until the arrival of reinforcemenLa from
_.... It n -seated by private advices from
.... klidKGeneral -ihafter, to the war department
"ifowv that he believes that the Spanish force
Be superior to the present Amerlcan
. ... -_nei.n Cuba.

-hreC thousand troops to reinforce
Wka@ Shafter's army are now en
aMte to Cba on- the auxiliary cruisers
lariad. aed Tale.

4 wi ahspsat .Pm n Tjpa Beia
-rMted p Othe
am SandW modat ly.
Preparatlons for the departure of the
sat expedition to Cuba are progressing
toedft. The *tem-hltps to be used
m transporting the troops are lylng
Sthe canal at Port Tampa, and being
ted 'up to accommodate the men and

or the men the Cv-
able to carry at least
now- at Port Tampa
sports, are the (ate

S LE,.AL .u ADVEi Jai =LEaii se e3; nw 1-4 01 ne 1-40 c sw 1-4. ana da.MTEWA a ur
b, hn 1-2 of'sw 1-4 of no 1-4 of sw 1-4 f ---
Notice of Institution of Suit se 0. owip 2 south; 1-2 cf nw 1-4 In the Orcuit court of the Sixth Jud
Notice Institution o Suit by At- of ne 1-4 ,.f Mel- 4 f see 214. township 31. clal circuit of the State of Florid
tachment. sou.h, all in range 25 east. th- sw 1- 4 n and for Hillsborough county, 1
-,f nw 1-4 of see 32. Itown-hlp 1,. south, chancery:
In tue CntCu.ttonru ltoe s At. uuIL I C r. and the.nw 1-4 aof n- 1-4 o s- 16. in Mary A. P .rte.et U. vs. Illi&m K. Frabl
uolI I 1 F0,1JA S oI&ja h dI r.rH I i tl:ship 2-. south of range 26 east,l t e It et aI. fore osure ofmortgale
eOOntio5 iaofis r-2 uf nw 1-4. and the n 1-2( of sw 1-4 UDder .d lyti tue of aclrcree of foero
ber. en,;ua nt| t sec 13 4; the 1-4 onw1- of Le3. seo twoga render-4- on -hb &.. .
Tuc LioC s MlOIa-ouriL t C oa ad cur, township 29. south of range 25 east, lota A. u. -.' y toe H a. Barnron Phiilipi
...t.vigADItru "U eAlbtlu uuucr Me judge of the e, art aforwaid n favereof Merv A
prlaw. tslu gS t-. a. s rou r.iurt P 1 5. 6, 7. S 9. 10. and 11 of s Vbdi t ionO-er *'-h.GpaantiLs ra deim W1iF
aa,- o To. a," 2 na. -; ,wpL.0, aW..,1 .f M-dora. and lots 10. 11, 12. 13. 14, 15. g F Antl etf defendaao. I wilieil.lplht
pru.ere e a ,ai *c U.>., tiu0.,o. sd 16. 17., 1S., 34. 35, ., 37, and 3 S of block aote -y in front of bhe court bone dou 1o U
LradtiL uauo c I rm Fa,-e bd tvi e ul fv- stun... 11- b A ."u.et. i o0,amA.e. And also the following realestate sit- sWthn t he ibosom of nie. on thef r
Vt7 tetMo o ua-do n 1 o uony a-l CA.D.&4e iny, ,thename bels
uoatd in the Cotunty o 1Ciriss: n 1-2 of ithe4th da ta roft, tor wsh to the h r
TuAL]. WHOM IT MAa CO.\CK.N: ne I-4 of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and w 1-2 of and best badtr. the following deseibedl MA
Notice is hereby given that the above nw 1-4 of ne 1-4; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4, and e htyin and bhmgin the county of hllkterou
entitled set wherein the Liebi nu- of n -4 of nwscff o edstsateof Flord.a"dad epa6ne u'arl y
facturing Company is plaintiff, and ne 1-4 of see 10;ee 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec serieO AMollowsr. tovitLi:
Thomae F. Stubbs, W. Scotda Tison, and 32; nel 1-4 of nwl 1-4 of sec 36, all in town- worsta.survey of ietowseof Plant tetye a
Thcmas R. Peeples. late partners In ship 17, south of range 16 east; me 1-4 beps-iowaf .Iaone sahes orer of the smb
trade, doing business and trading under of ne 1-4 of see I township 17, south of enotqonaeroftte aoutswent qsrsr of s
the firm name any style of Stubbs, range 17 east, ne i-4 ofo w 1-4 of sec2. tion twenty (2u). toohtp twbnty eight lo
Tlson & Company are defendants, has township 18, south of range 17 east. se
t been instituted by attachment. and that 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 16, township 19, A A
f writs of attachment therein have bpen south of range 17 east; nw 1- of ne 1-4
t duly issued according to law, and levied of see 15, township 17, south of range t 2a a
D upon the following property, situated in 18 east, se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 10; n 1-2 A High Grade F
the State of lortda. and various coun- of ne 1-4 of sec 14, and lot five or ne 1-4 A High rade
Stles therein, and more particularly de- of se 1-4 of sec 35, all lin township nine-
scribed as follows to-wit: teen, south of range 18 east; se 1-4 and Q TA 1 T
SThe following property being situated the ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of seo 27. lot one in
in the County of Hllaborough: A three block 14 of Floral City, and the e 1-2 68 It
Seghta undivided Inttt in lot 2. of sec of sw 1-4 of sec 35, and the ne 1-4 of the i
S17, and the e 1-4.offne se 1-4 of sec 18. ne 1-4 of s"ec 18. all in township 18, south
both in township 81. south of range 17, of range 19 east, s 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 6. U H
Seat; also a one-half undivided interest township 18, south of range 19 east; the
tional se -4 of sec 8. the 0e1-2 of the of ne 1-4 of eec 28, both in township 19, Then why pay 05 and
SW 1-40of0secg;ilot ont In seel17, swl1-4 south of rangee19asma;0oe 1-4 of nw 1-.- get a strictly high grad, re
of nw 1-4. sec 17; lots one ond two of and ne 1-4 of see township 0, southstrictly high grade,
Meekerssubdivisionof ,nw1-4 of w 1-4 of r19 east, sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of see 23 prices
I see M7,e 1-2 ofne 1-4of secl8,e 1-lof nw 1-4 tp 17, south of range 20 east; the w 2-2
I o sc 18; le 1-4ot e f1-4 of sc 18, all of w 1w-4 of sec 14, and ne 1-4 of nw IDEAL RIU .TAND VI......
in township 31, south of range 17 east, 1-4 of sec 20. township 18, south of range ., POTATO MANURE.....
and al of the nw 1-4 of the sw 1-4 of 20 east; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 8; ne1-4 VEGETABLE MANUtR
see 24. township 28, south of ramge 18 of nw 1-4 of sec 8, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 ofa fAecV R IN r
east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 ot aw 1-4. es two 14; lot 19 in Thompklnsvllle, sec 18. ew F RTILIZER (for all sre
and a half acres in ne corner ofm se I2 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 22. all in township BI OD. BONE ANT(O
Stownship 27, south of range 16 east; se 19. south of range 29 east; n 1-2 of aw SPECIAL MIXIUR 1NO. o....
corner of lot one in see 5, and lot one 1-4. and se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 5; nw 1-4 CORN FERTILIZER............
in sece6. township. south of range15 oftse1-4 and se 1-4ofmne1-4 of see1-4 of A r6
east; nw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 28. town- sac ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 1, and ne All frtalsr material o
ship 30, south of range 15 east; n 1.2- of 1-4 of se 1-4 of seec 5: all In township 20 6 "Whby We Make th IDEAL'Perti
n 1-2 of sel1-4 and n 1-2-of swl2-4 oftse south of range-20 east; sw 1-4 of sw 1-4
.1-4 of sec.townshpsoupthofrange cf nw1-4.andsw 1-4 of se 1-4 of sel, o
16 east;oaw 1-4,of nw 14 of w c and towAnshlp 21, south of range 20 eastaand
n n 1-Zof so 14.of seac, township 0, south s 1-2 less ne 1-4 of no 1-4 of sec 16 in
of range 16 east; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of se 1-4 township 19. south of range 21 east.
of se 1-4 of sec 11, township =2. souw- And also the following real estate sit- = 3
of range 16 e; nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec uated In the County of Marion: Ne 1-4
S. township 2t. south o. cange 17 east; of ne 1-4 of sw 1-4, and nw 1-4 of ne.1-4 JA C)SKBONT1]
I nw 1-4 of me 1-4 sQd n 1-2 o01 sw1-4 i- of sw 1-4 of sec 12, in township 12, south
s e 1-4 and se 1-4of se 1-4 of see 30, of range ) eas. fractional se 1-4 of w "Pig's Foot" brand Bloo
I township 31, south of range 17 east; ne L-4 of sec 4, township 14 south of range
e 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 16, and se 1-4 of sw 20 east; nw 1-4 of sec 1t. township 17,
1 1-4 of sec 3., township 9, south o range uth of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 DamaralandGuano,thelde
- 22 East, W1-2 of ne e-2 of ne 1-4 of see 0o1 0e 1-4 of sec IS, township 15, south
e 12. township 30, sooth of range 22 ..a. of range 19 east..no 1-1 of nw 1-4 f soc
t And also the following real estate sit- 7. in township 2o, south of range 18 east;
tot~einatheC-ntyurr.-r.,nd ?1-4 of w 1-4 of DE Wit, Park in see 05
- u~ate nt h oz F unt. ," ,- 'uf SW Lr. L'd ,, V.t I. -_o f 1-4 1 _f re 1-4 of D.-
, Saleo F wo 1-. of s o l e 1; t I,'tt Pak, p.-P lot1 5, b,oc- 7, and
It ., fractl2onal iw-1-27 of n - 4.'iof 00 4; b .-. n;,od 1 "0 10. nard 12 in
se 1-i uf 0- Le23,iracttint.i e 1-4 of en i 1-4. Lt0L. :, and b ock', 1:.- 17 ;, .,,1, -and
Sad Lractional w 1-4 oc. ne 1-4 of eec a
S2 fractional nw 1-4 of ie 1-4 of sec 36, and ota 14 ,-i 15 of blrck 1 s an
2 all in township 10, south of rang-2t 3 loit to 12 r e 3 3 use, and totsndt 20,
east. all of the ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 in Sump- tv,- 23 i6ceti.r.iu,, bIcx 10. and
t ter county oU soC 35, township 1, aSuth Io" t 6 o l'I !no-a.." 51cf o7. Od lot tiUm dmah3boutles ,f eGREMM
Sof range 2 east; sw 1-4 of ne 1-4, and la 1:511 s ku o r e 15 ;.it s l-4c.13, oand VE-nolem IfM oott ds&hWty&
ow 1-4 at sw 1-4 of see 30, and se 1-4 lots 17 .EC 20 in Lu. .c e:i alick 16 in sec0 11 mn13w" Vn hme wh.& I
-f sw 1-4 of sec,township 20, sooth of o, toansh:p 16. south of bare 100IS east, do not ldeenid the dela. W shacs
" ran -4 ofsecs~t. a n sw- 20,soutne h-,n and the w 1-2 of ne 1-4 of see 3, ia town- t~making a elen, fresh. sore remdy fefor1
so 1 -4 of bw 1-4 of section 30, and se 1-4 ship 1a, sooth of catge I c east. ei WMkoO.
of sw 1-4 of see 31 in township 20, south And "A o She f.iL)wtng xcool state sit- .A few reaNe-n Osome d
Sof range 21 east sw 1-4 oft ne 1-4 of see pated In the County of Levy: The1se A nH-natas-e, b-t t f r abto
32, township 18, south of range 21 east; 1-4 of se 1-4 of see 13; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 ews1v Q ats.ly Itoans edme&r.as
se 1-4 of so 1-4/of soc 12, and fractional of ow 1-4 osoc 16, township 1,southla..r n s
se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of se 25, township 21, range 14 east; ne 1-4 of aem15. township s _yaiesao s..ssse aditses
south of range 20 east; o 1-4 of ow 15. south of range 15 east; sw 1-4 of ne takeInV, a sTlde-l=0 na4 nle. get

east; o gs114 of no 1-4 of sec 32, tooww1ospe
I south of, range 21 eart, 0e 1-40 o of rownge 16 eat;SOW1-4dof.nWthe1-i of sef 0f-eof-' i ip
so' p~,utofr se 1-4 of see 20, tewnship 16 both In L D,
An "&the following real estate k'- range 2 east; a rip o outh end of _______
usted in the County of -Manatee: Lots the e 1-3 of sw 1-4 of sec 4, township 13,
--~d two of 28 51cr ac me in the sooth of range 19 east, containing 20 ,

ownebhip 4,
two three
and three
of range 1
Sand awr 1-
38, south of
i 1-4 of ne
ith of rang

ad gu Arateed to cure Chills, Fever
an INACO. AHl dragges or frona
doeit-We t Drug Co., St Louis.

Ta. ..a.Ne M uasy CnaetiCCU. eoa.

*Eihe-@eii.t Cuut of the St6,k asSi-
-4la CreUlt of h State e of Florida,
t bau fiabotghm county. In
'i tatea Sutding & efoal
om 1L phenaun. et. al.

sw 1-4 of sec 1 township
range 20 east; w 1-2 of ne 1-
and the sw 1-4 of se 1-4 of a
6; n 1-2 and se 1-4 of sw 1-4
see 12, township 25, south c
east; nw 1-4 of nw 1-4, and n
-4. and sw 1-4 of sw 1-4
township 2.5, south of range
1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 24. towndl
of range 21 eant, all except 1
the se.1-4 of se 1-4 of nw 1-
1-2 of ne 1-4 of se 3-4 of n0
29. township 1. south of rat
n 1-2 of nw 1-4 of eec 2, t
south of range 20 east; se 1-
of sec 32, townahip 2, south
mest. .
And also the. tc1lowlng real
nated in the County of DeS

.south otf as 1-4 of sec 12, s 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 13.
and fo2r, township 8,south nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 and
in se 18 nw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 14, e 1-2 of nw
Seat, ne 1-4 of.sec 15. s 1-2 pf ew 1-4. the se 1-4 of
of se1-4 ne 1-4and n- 1-4 of Ee 1-4 of sec 24,
f range 18 township 10 south, all in range 16 east,
1-4 of e e 1-2 of nw 1-4 of sec 12. township 11,
e1 f ast-esout4. range 16 east; a 1-2 of 6w 1-4 of
1-4 ofrsw see 2 township 7 south, range 17 east;
ec and aw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 5; n 1-2 of nw 1-4
wnship 39, of sec 5. township 7, south of range 17
f sw 1-4 of east. all north of county line of sec 18.
12; lots 1 township 11, south of range 17 east; sw
south of 1-4 of ne 1-4; se 1-4 of nw 1-4. and the
1i. town- sw 1-4 of sec 3L and the nw 1-4 of se 1-4
. town- of se .38, township 6; ne 1-4 of se 1-4;
estate slt and sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec e2; ne 1-4 of
:-t se 1-4 of sec 5. ne 1-4 cf se 1-4 of sec 14;
wf ra e sWa1-2 of w 1-2 of nw 1-4t e 1-2 of sw 1-4
Sof range of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of nw 1-4; e 1-2 of aw 1-4
eoWnhip.- of ew 1-4, of see 16; and w 1-2 of ne 1-4
south off se 22, township 7 south, se 1-4 of se
s outho 1-4, se 1-4 ofm ne 1-4, n 1-2 of ne 1-4. ne
1of s e 1-4 of nw 1-4, the sw 1-A of sw 1-4 of sec
S1- of one; n 1-2 of ne 1-4 the ne 1-4 of se 1-4
S e 214of the w 1-2 of nw 1-4. and nw 1-4 of sw
-range -0_ 1-4 of see 2: the sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of s5o

of sec 30,
22 east; e
p 24 seuth
ne n 1-2 of
and the s
1-4 in sec
ge 14 eadt;

1-4 of sec 16; 1-2 of ne 1l
of aw 1-4 of sec 17. townsk
of range 2 ea.st;'so 1-4 of x
9, all of see 17. and the te 1
ft ee 26, township X. south
aot; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec
rw 1-4. and nw 1-4 of se 1-4
w 1-4. of ne 1-4 of sec 36,
42. South of range 29 east.
Sthe following real estate &
Me county of Polk: sw 1-4



27; the ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of eec 28; the se
1-4 of s1-4 1-4 of sec 32, township 10 south
all in range 18 east, the a e 1-4 of s 1-4 I JeV I m v un'mn
and se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of see 4. township U,. SarelJ I UIVI I i uk -.1. 1
south of range 18 east, n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of Finet Cuisile and Servi e. o tasfer btwere Jalevi.Oes w
nw 1-4 of sec 4. township 8. south of The1Flet istoe mpeedof the forillow-iaffsadn oTew ai r te1s -..
range 1s east; ne 1-4 of sec 12, township "maLchn.tt (w, '* I " Ir " _i
9, south of range 16 east; the e 1-2 of soe ,:) .Igi i. q(o) mit B56
1-4 of sec 34, township 7. south of range SOSi.H-BOCUND. -
17 east, thee 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 7, and -rBoatem areappoatedtosal areodlaie tObeM a
the ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 20, in town- rom Jaetksotvlle. PVa., (slagn Sa4etlarsad te8ays sMt
.hip 8, south of range 17 east. Crom Clharseaestd............. Maisi WI -
The said Thomas F. Stubbs. W. Seotia Frhrw of@ailag"ydeW & e iebedle a
Tson and Thomas R. Peoples, late part- T O -BOOT. I .
ners in traen dcing business, and trad- Stmamers arem appoistedtosailfrom Pier..RsAlkivpw. NewTlp.Bg
ing under the frm name and style of ProfuChalessto Ce. .C............r.va.. .......1
Otubbs, Tlson & Coirpan", defendant FosrJaekuvills.ie..(eSallnsat Cha st............e..n......xM w, -mZ.eW
above named and all osher persons in- P nI
terested in said property are hereby re- Clyde N aNe 5d UMM irfkta d
qlred to appear to the said action on d nv&Charln0so a6.:c..bohwisy. -
the dret Monday In Beptember 189F, the (alf-g 6 Chartoam B..C boh .)
s:ate being the Sth day in said month, mtea rs ]Delawam and aen W. Clde."
ad a rule day in this court, else a de- e appointed to ail fosWa f l.
fault will be duly entered against them From Foot of gan Streeat Jactmonsl 'e, tr- am Lo5 '.;
in sald court. T YUBSA -.
Attorney for Plaintiff. Jacksonville, Palatka, Sanford, Enterprise, 'IML-'

Notice of Final Settietnent. mediate TTing on e St. i -
T. A I willCyoenttt hou Ligof eaIEs. CAPT. W. A. BHAW.
n ontY. y iFkxda, fGnal aceouunt and Lave Jmcksonville ... ..........................................4gy ',j^ lJ
voesbers As adm l tra r of t he estate or LeaS W Beford ... .....................................
Paheer W.Shh, meosNed. %d swol mats my
Snsa stlament assuch admiona lsttor. .Ieneral Passe rtd.'ci fo o. 204
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PAUL WRtTH SMITH. aBowlngGt~m, NowYork.
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-I:-` A General Episome of Spicy Events
Tersely Told-Social and Other
inMi Cld. News.
St, Petersburg, June 27 -Company Bi
First Illinois volunteers were relieved
from duty here last Tuesday and were
replaced by Company D. of the 157oh
BULE Indiana volunteers.. The forme tm-
1pany were much pleased with their re-
ception here, and the -Hosier" boys are
being as graciously entertained. It
ha C0lonl seems a pity that the soldiers cannot
S have a uniform better suited to our
,_ m anmer climate. They certainly must
a' welte n the thick clothing they have
to wear. Sill they don't complain of
either wearing apparel nor rations, al-
though the latter are sometimes slim in
quantity and poor in quality. The
adles in town supplement them with
le-Ida regi- various supplies, sometimes a fish din-
gnation of ner, sometimes other edibles, but all
or. 4as not very acceptable to the hungry appetites
is of three of out "boys in blue."
re pushing The United States training ship.Chase
I *Ihtefiht hasa bLdded her quota to our unl-
B -t'^fll- tettd visitors. She arrived on Thurs-
5, 45 i, Sland will prtambly remain some
k eg=ent time. The personnel is almost entirely
.. dfeent form last year's, moat or those
to k 0.m- being scattered among the various naval
Sfor at equadrsna.
re. It. A very strict guard is kept about
Sos of the reservoir lake, and Brooker creek. A
St wa be- suspicious looking character prowled
btum 1M near the lake several times last week.
S' to He Was. finally shot at, although unhurt
mm. The e bs not put In an appear9sce since.
Sired. 'Owing to the presence to the mltary
t bslis hour- yo ung people are indulging' In an
S unusual amount of gayety for the sm-
Ls', resig- mier seson. There being many de-
1W .* tees of terpsichore among the sol-
a ___ diesr two dances ere given at the
Slat eek raBlroad pavilion last week. Both were
dO wth it. atgelry attended and greatly enjoyed.
Lte tdea-l The pavilion being near the other end
ipwad.pnt of the wharf, Is quite the coolest and
told tham most pleasant place about for such en-
te durable otertalmnnent .
e r "This *m action was visited tiy a severe
tt povided thunder storm on Friday night but no
and unless damage has been done. although thte
Ittepa are electric display was very brilliant and
be sent to almost Incessant.
o The little difficulty which arose 0be-
Noane esm, t pes the city council aid Capt. Mac-
k% SL* .stth regrd to laying the pipes for
"i ..tb*.'new water supply from Brooker
S ci bas beh n amicably adjusted, and
It work has been resumed. we understand.
M otathe The town had no desire to obstruct
wtn, their government work. ut wished certain
t -tad. with. Thbe-governlnent can complete

T ether, any Ume it ever decides to discontinue
go'at L urSUa= the pipes, etc. the same shall be
tsirowe turned over to the town authorities of
-Seas s Bt. Petersburg. All legal technicalities
ywere sdited as promptly as possible.
M- 1ajid the whcde ystern will be finished
'Wn a r tn order very soon-as
"l,. A" it t st being rapidly

f %a pineres about town are.s.upplyig

fibed *i to MA the Northern markets.
aier aheddihg oa the Bu2h pinery at
LIM- aMuer roo-r Cr"k is going. up under the
eM tlM dicOm of Mr. C. aW. utler., and the
W .. h. plants will1 be set out at once.
'.so" On the th lust. he horae of Mr. and
"I'. W. A. 5.Uom wsa brightened by
E h e'si val of a baby deasiter. Mrs.
amm t of Osimado Is vadulag them and wilt re-
" s h. mature t ,t a s. a ,eoiwey has an

:T r lee en plasmeted her
., t- c. 'h.Mth wtth a fine daughter on the

frie'y-'t w. W. ammys and wife, of Val-
heSSab taSs. Oa., uanrvei- lest week, and wlil

of Georgtia' most prominent lawyers
l of hit is Just nose recuperating from a
S h is Bli ht stroke of pralysis.
mon* ,LKat Friday Dr. J. 8. Taylor was sa-

iia-= e h. st han t 'week., i not

nowth th-asse. AlthOeughAhtl very low, a sight
s t o ah comldtion is now

'Am"t. oswt,a o the rneS (oi pent

.. ..>ua he. m .na wp. with
Ma r us ma a&

f K ift p of fBlrStassa. bsaets

AiM ale and son; Mrs.

S romm httee for the
S f to the at rth

M iggli$i : .... .. :. .
tion of Foreign wI%*,*. I B
[IB CMR I Sp-Alal to the. Tribune. S tI -
Ships are low Being Losied With Sup- Prevented the Spanish Fleet Fromn Slip- adrid Jue _7.-It .was an aced
this afternoon that Minister Sagtta
piles and Soldiers are Happy. ping Out of the Harbor. ,is no planning to form.a coa Uia
ministry which wlUl proclaim the coun-
try to oe in a etate of siege.
The garrisons in the Carlists and ,se-1
__na ,ns. _Ir_.oa.iy France and Rusqia, to
re terms o peace.
Tampa is Still n the Swim. for the They Were Loaded With Fish anna V f..o
Soldiers Will Pour in Here During Heading For the Cuban Coast p a.
the Week in Large Numbers When the Cruiser Yankee Special to the Tribune. tie Aty 2
From ChickamagIta.. Captured Them. London, June 27.-A special dispatch
From Chickamagun.. Captured Them. tr l u^ s tr n u
from Madrid this afternoon announced'
that the Spanlsh government is actively
preparitng to dispatch reinforcements to C
From Tuesday's Daily. Special to the Tribunt. Porto Rico by the fastest, available Special to .e1
The departure of the second expedi- Santiago. June 27. via. Kingston, Ja- trans-Atlantic liners. Of
tion from Tampa to Santiago de Cuba maica.-It is believed that A-snliral Cer- Resisted Axr.eTlt
has begun, but only on a small scale. vera planned to dash out of the harbor
The steamship Louisiana, of New York, of Santiago Sunday night, and take ue
sallad from Port Tampa yesterday load- chances of ripping by the Amertian From Tuesday's Daily.
ed .with ambulances and hospital stores fleet A psker belonging to the pack traml a.
forlGeneral Shafter's army. Extra precautions were taken and the' of the Rough Riders Created consider-
The Louiliana was one of the mieven dynamite cruiser Vesuvtus fired three. a-ble excltement on Frankltn street ye5-
trahsports that arrived at Port Tampa shells charged with gun cotton, shortly l tarday morning by rzaiting arrest. He W W
last week. As soon as the news of a after midnight in the direction of Morro was under the unfluence of liquor and In
battle between General Shater's forces Castle. The warning had the desired trying to ride his monte caused the-
-an* the Spaniards was received, orders effect, and the Spanish fleet is still animal to walk upon the sdewik AosA'
wevp sent from Washington to General safely bottled In the harbor. I the streets were full of pedestrian ke
Cohpinger to have one of the transports m i Policeman Carter considered that the t he batis-d M
aCo nger toraveroe oftheirhasportacsd t h e o man woaldt be safeo in the "Dcooler" maiio
loaed with hospital stores aind started Spanish SchonerBurnd fawo esa e i e k i a
at once for S nantiago. The order was for a whsle than on the mule's back.i f
cared out, and It was Intended that He attempted to arrest the psaker, bu,
the steamer should leave on Sunday, Special to the Tribune. the tatter resisted. number of sn-
bet everything could not be gotten Key West, June 27.-The cruiser Yan- diersa sided with the paer and b hut for
ready until yesterday morning. kee arved In port this afternoon and the timely orrtvhi of zx poileemen q
The cargo on the Louisiana consisted reported that on Saturday, while cruis- who were Just getting rady to go on l
of Wo hundred horses and mules, twelve Ing off the Isle of Pines, she captured duty there would have lbeen trouble. i ;
Tied Cross ambulancea- a comp. ae five Spanish schooners. The packer was pulled from the mule*s tat 4e t
medical and surgical outfit for an army The schooners were loaded with fish. back by main se l and llhued tonugha "f
corps and about one hundred men, in- and were heading for the Cuban coast. the crowd. The provoat guard tarrved n
eluding packtraln tenders and hospital The Yankee took the men on the vessels hand everything soon quieted down. The .to the
stewards and privates, prisoners and then set fire to the man was locked up for a short time and 2%6s
The Louisiana had orders to proceed schooners. All were completely de- then sent to the regimental beadquar- squsdsae m W. v
as rapidly as possible to Key West. I stroyed. t was thought that this was tera. a long t j j
where she will be joined by lte auxil-f the best method to get rid of them. as aid ao th *Els '1 11
lary cruier Prairie. which was.ndetached it would have been too expensive to tow Decided by Lot.
from the North Atlantic patrol fleet on them t this port as prizes. .
Sunday, and ordered to sail a1 one From Tuesday's Dally ."
from New York under full speed to K-y OFF FOR MANILA. one mat w
West to meet the Louisiana and escri Capt Jack Maxwell, of the Jackson-. of t els pc
her to Santiago. I 'ile Light Infantry, is now acting a, SUfath. Tebang
The other ships at Port Tampa that Four Thousand Troops Hive Sailed to I major of the Third Battalion of tae me psync iln
IrFirst Floridaregiment.Sixofmaeep-Gen
are being fitted up for use as transporLsI Aid Admiral Dewey's Squadron. Frains of the regiment. Ste of trawse cap- s ase ail groed',a
are' the Hudson. the Unionist, the Spec- al o regiment drIw sorawa late a is seudet cii
laisat, the Comanche the City of Macon, S wek to decide the reladve rank. This spena the
and the Gate City Special to the Tribune was done in accordance with orders
All of these ships are b.lng loaded an Francisco, June 27.-Four thou- received from Washington. The resu t can hsvj Vf .ift I
with supplies as rapidly as p bTe, but ,and troops. nearly all volunteers., sailed was as follows: for thet e#.ifL;- .
they will hardly sail until te entire at 2 30 o'clock this afternoon for Ma- Captain Jack Maxtwell drw numberr.
expedition Is read,. nila. one, Captain J. Y. Wilson, number two-. skisA. e ptiom wV
The following dispatch from Chicka- The troops were carried on the trans- Captain Howatt, of the St. Ablgstin' Toat the e
mauga shows that the war departmentI ports City of Paris, hio, Morgan City Rifle%, number three; Captain Wiliam- t
intends to start the largest expedition and Indiana- The vessels will stop at son, of the Gadsden tGuards.,.n tber
from this port withfn the next few days' Honolulu for coal, and will then proceed four; Captain Bushnell. of the wsACPhht!,S e io*el.. qM ldab
that has left Lbe American coast during to the Ladroones where five hundred sol-n Rifles. number five, and Captain Cary,- I ,
the war: diers will be left to hold those Islarndof the Chipey uight Infantry, number dL -. A. w
FIFTEEN- TH-OUSAND COMING. as a coaling station and supply depot. six. among theswiMWaM
Chickamauga National Park, Ga.. This new order of rank neceitates the city YSteriheWS
June 27.-Ite no longer a question that Still Another some changes in the formatibn of-the Tribune wift A&sp
a large force of troops is about to be or- Third Battalion, making Captains a- __
dered from Camp Thomas to the front. well'a company the right company, ~9- Por itrOng e
An order was Issued by command of Special to the Tribune. ain Wilsonas the eft company. Capta ond eep ad
Major General Brooke to-day which vir- London, June 27.-A special from Gib- Howatt's the ;kht cefer company and p Ash B&B
tually amounts to an order for the ralta says that another fleet iS being Captain <)arpiae left center company. & L -=
movement of fifteen regiments to Cuba- fitted out and that It will leave Cadis Captain sHiwat% who was the Junior blno anda Uu
In accordance with this order the about the middle of July. If the report captain of the regiment hae thus vanut- Sold by 4 I.-15s
Fifth division of the First corps and two is true there Is little to be feared tfrom ed to seventh place, and Captain Caiy, .
brigades of the Second dievson of the such a. fleet, as It will consist entirely of who was second ranking captain, has Cat price a is
same corpa will form an expeditionary converted crulsera and tug boats. i dropped back to tenth place. k and t o#
force, and are ordered to be immediately "-'i
prepared and equipped for active field ,. _,
service. The following brigades Ar
Included in this order:
Earnest and eomposed of the Eigbth
%6laeensetW Third Wisconsin, and
Fifth iminois
Second Brigsde, commanded by Gen-
eral Sanger, and composed of the Fourth
Ohio, thirdd iai noise, and Fourth Penn-
Third Brigade, commanded by Gen- "'S'
eral Wiley, and composed of the Six- "4i
teenth Pennsylvania, Second Wiscornsi-'sn, Mcaj
and First New -Hampshire. e
Second Division, First corpa, Prst. rt

Indiana, and First Georgia. f "
Second Brigade, commanded by Gen- ,

The order does not specify just when
they will be sent for embarkation. but 1 / -

ThSbat the order means an almost in-of Ece e b "c a
eral rush this afternoon. The oset- appear, accompanied by a tinglngh Itlf ;g l.
nanoe department received large stores
Including Springfield rifles and other comes dry and sometimes CraCkS 5fl5- ., i ntching
fitting out of twenty regiments. The 3 spreads over a larger surface, until it sooi' comaste
among all the regiments affected by it. red skin seems to be ablaze, so intene is the suferig

SHOT OFF mHS ARM. I Only disappointment results frpm the use. .f.o..

-- generally resorted to for this disease. Eczema is a4i A oldie eriouslyWounded applications can have no effect whatever upon it. They,^

prom Tuesa --y .temporarily the intense itching, but the disease coibntiauesto 4
J. C. Braudan. of Company K. Sec severity. .
shot himself yesterday, while in camp It is during ring d summer that those aV d il
Serious thtiIt I d ear ed eay though they are at no time entirely free from d m '.
e waom ated In his tent cleaning break out afresh each spring, aad every year seems to spread i
his rifle, which was somewhat rusty.
After oling the gun he place a car cases the entire body is efcted ,
t4Ie ds in the chamber to try the ejector. -
t then strUck the but of the gun on
the groaundl several times and while do. tha. tI hisL.e" ida, ?4dU a a-* wes Mr. S S
Ing thi $e haimer struck a chair. that eS-e, M o4b a e a
The gun w discharged and the bullet case q le e whisk -e s l
struck Brande in the right wrist and and potaseh mif faehell to i ..,- .
came. oat at the elbow. The bones TYear b year waua tasAd with vieva gang
tfK forearm were shattered and upon ..ecIgiuezia l .in- a e e aaMs l
the wounded an being taken i the oemi remeielft I
hottal It was found that amputation f-.A. W U..
-- grew adily wM. A "tl 0d Al theom
iwerythin possile was done to easefblond essteadl AUw 'ONS 0 to
tlhe sufferings of the young man, but blood t ssll U. no.t 6.was /nam
late last nighthe bwas 'not by&anYO an isease atsan u atILIey
mean conidered out of danger. t he ~T when an i s a
placing of cratridges in rifles at any The uneklim.was.ft",m.
tim, except when ordered to load the able results, a now se1 'e nsi Nshrt7
pieces, is strictly prohbted. P and welh km is ki is ec1at "-aws'&ad -t so
Capt. J. A. ArnristeadL, of St. Peters- t- hreateedto bUtS S3.. d
bur, who has been assisting in the I -
management of the Almeria Hotel for
several weeks, let for home last nJight Th on.. '
W. S. tortris, of this city Is now con-m reacFs aZ tfl
nected with the management of tbhe Al- thi -For-.d
metia. and will be a valuable assistant t An'-
to Manager M -
, J. 1Tuckr,. VW. V. Durs t pd E W. w.Alkll 4-n e

m.t qf tUe dlvion to aerie servL Ag op pap M J.. -

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