Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 16, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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,raPort Tamp

.- W t- regimen. o f i

ftht "artilery, woatteres of heavy

igenalgcorM thehos-

"O te th army corps and his staoM Ac-
omapanybh the general oa~ers on the
53lU te, were ft wnar correiondents
at the leadlzg new papers of thisconun-
' -t try .and tlondom There were also on

n- avaladro of foreign powers sent
here by their respectIve gosve nnents to
S watch the progress of the wI.b
m eI, nLcais almda t teimpie to get aco correct
.q.*the reagB enth erthat ell o d on
ai O mtlte. mde Ithee t last fc day

A.i'- tryaMeSder was as tollo o
-.'a eral Orderns o. 6o--Ten poeowlng
'ere bwir hoed. r hpet ves g nren t

t 'e o: I upon oet po sle to gt rcorrthect
Tpam J rther B r t tAr tdy onm

.. .. ..l v ts of a r
saesamd-Mb1se battalion of eugmears
St e Ba mavde In tohe irnt a

AAM- n b"w
6 eyL5a tI oaper & cas as &onows:
theg n aohrde bealo din read

my sp tdy inan o..t: .
V. 4. lktfc^The erfth Army oorpad.

toe e-ndt ob teby e etg.un
auks natalarkn

ll wl) g asoe d t.s Gut teldo

S a. v'alryhe oIe sup.
1 t kevo~d reoaps of am-

(as MR- im btrop am^ gratio=

as at idb i

s UIR eeot edsw mstao
:,.-- ^l~tP'ttp e frtl bt atheon

MS~r'~~;; Lr M~ti b5.W &#AD

volunteer infantry. On June 4th., an
order was made assigning temporarily
to the flth army corps the folownng
rlSd,.inti of volunteers all Infantry;
32nd, Michigan, 3rd and 5th; Ohio,2nd,
New York, T 1t; District of Columbia,
5th; Maryland, lst.hilo, 157.th Indiana
1st Pennsylvania. The 1st Illinois was
afterwards assgned to the same corps.
The eavalrymens l the expedition,
onnlated of f om forty to forty-five men
from each of the following region ts:
1st. 2nd, 3rd th. 9th, and 10th of the
regular army and the 1st, volunteer,
(Roosevelt Rough Riders.
rhe transports used to carry this
corps were as follows:
The Coml, the Alamo, the Ban Mar-
cos, theConcho, the Rio Grande and the
Leona, of the Mallory Line; the Gussie
and the Whitney of the Southern Paci-
fic Company; the Allegheny, the -Berk-
shire and the Decatur H. Miller, of the
Merchants and Miner's ane, of Balti-
more; the Olivette, of the Plant line;
the Vigilancia, the Seguranca, the
Ori aba, the Yucatan, the Senaca. the
Saratoga, and thq City of Washington,
of the Ward Line; the Cherokee and the
Iroquois, of the Clyde ILne; the Miami
and the Santiago.
In three places on each side of each
vessel, and on the smokpetadk of each
was painted a number td designate the
vessel The numbers are used In sig-
naling. instead of the names. On board
each ship was a naval cadet to act as
signal officer.
If the fleet gets away from the bar
early this morning, it Is expected to
reach the coast of Ca off Santiago by
Thursday morning, and the army offi-
eers stated yesterday that they believed
that the entire expedition would be
landed by Saturday night
Poit'Pampa yesterday 'was practically
.ut Lff f.u.n oLzrautnilcation with the
outside world. No civilians were al-
lowd. ard the telephone and telegraph
wires were so crowded with army busi-
,.-a that no one could get an oppor-
tunity ot use them.
It Is now a settled fact that the
fleet has departed from Port Tampa,
but wheer will sail from Tampa
Bay tnos morning, is not definitely
known., hut at a late hour last night,
the program was to leave at an early


It 's twving the Xavy Department
Considerable Uneasines--panish
Troops for the Canaries

Special to the Tribune.
SWashington, June 1L--Official cdnfr-
mation has been received by the navy
department to-night of the return to
Cadis lhA.morning of the fleet of aux-
iHary cruiserd of the Spanish navy
which put out for a practice cruise.
he navy' department has also
informed that Spain has
vessels now loaded with several
thoum nd troops which are to
be transported to the Canaries for re-
infereement of the garrison in those
It i evident, the authorities say, that
Spain proposes to make a desperate
effort to retain the Canaries.

comiamssry- ensral Rgaa Xakes
3pen>-u.t4UonB to Congres.

pedal to the Tribane.
IWaehlito J June 3.-Com ssary
earm l SEaan, of the United States
army Iha sent to congresS, a recom-
WenA tL% that a W11 be passed author-
tse~ths eaftnlenatof co in the rawg
. asod volunteer ervkIe.
~ ge n ptlsyo thJett8 thhe me
n~altar thmreaet aratmot the food
fmsetdt lMBersls improper cooek
e Jsm are setsiMed for cook dut
wose a Cw ls h bout suan matter
and' eoepunMQsty ther s ground for
Pwit. Ther tlUl win be introduced
ad ul probably pass but the enlist-
neant of cooha iwil only be for war

Naral Oadethip.

Nptlctels hereby given that an exami-
nation as applicants for sppo~enteenc to

the b.st doirsstod l district of Flori-
Ca, '0l1 e held in Tsliahee on Toe-
aa the Bth day of June. 188, by as
o(nottt ee f three or more persons to
' organtised for that purpose.
S a ssic3AN, M. C.
P istDt Istrict of Florida,
'bBa dred meher5 e5 the y rlet

e.a saw am, her of the TrntH
t1.t Jepry are F~ tlla i- mp
-- -** -- --


He is Going into Spanish Wa-
ters to Make Camara Fight.

CAl2 Fif CiAaIIMgWi

Ui ii Jm Nct CMo, Kl3 IN
BHut it.


Spanish Cities to be Threatened With
Bombardment nless the Squad-
ron Shows right-DiploPsat
are Alarmed.

Special to the Tribune.
Washington, June 14.-While not of-
fcially announced by the navy depart-
ment, it Is reported here that orders
have been issued for Commodore Schley
to sail with a strong squadron for the
coast of Spain to force Admiral Camera,
commander of the Cadiz squadron to
fight. ,
Orders were sent to New Port News
to-day to get the dry dock ready to re-
ceive several of the battleships, and
this is blleved to Indicate that several
of the ships now in Cuban waters will
be withdrawn and sent across the
waters to attack the Spaniards.
With Admiral Cerveads squadron
safely bottled in the harbor of Santiago,
Commodore Watson can easily take
care of the blockade on the northern
coast of Cubae Admiral Sampson will
remain in Cuban wrnatp to look after
Cervera's fleet and assist in maintain-
ing the blockade. This will give Com-
modere Scbley ample opportunity to
leave wlu a strong equadron of armor
olad ardlore the Spaniards to fight
1'rom now on the navy department
wil maintain a more aggressive cam-
paign. The Spaniards have been dodg-
ing about and causing the .Americaz
fleets to burn an Immense amount of
ooal trying to find them. When SOley
starts for Spain, he will have order
to bombed Spanish cities, and it is
believed that In this manner he will suc-
ceed in getting a ftght out of the Span-
Ish vessels.
It is-well known tht the Cadis fleet,
which is virtually the\onal protection
for the coast cities of Bpain, is i no
condition to withstand an attack from
iAmerican vessels like the Indiana,
Mloj-cnatts and Iowa. and i Is likely
that these vessels would be selected for
the work proposed.
There is no longer any necessity for
the heavy armored ships In Cuban
,waters, and they can .well be spared.
The rumor has caused the utmost ex-
citement among the diplomatic corps,
and the state and navy departments
have been besieged all dsy by messen-
gers from the foreign ministers, en-
quirtng as to the truth of the report.


The Havana Batteries Opened Wire
On the Anmeric-n ,iet.

Special to. the Tribune.
Whashington, June 6.-A report re-
ceived from Commodore WVatson, com-
mander of the blockading fleet off Ha-
vana and Mesatnas, says that last
ilonday the Spanish batteries of Ha-
vana opened fire on the American fleet.
All oft the shots of the panish guns
fell short, -nd the fire was notreturned
from the ships, as It was thought ad-
vlassble to allow the enemy to waste us
muchammuntion as possible.

Mrs. John Addison Port-Wmll Ar.
rive in Tampa Today.

Special to the Tribune.
Washbngton, June l.-aira John
Ahddison Porter, ifte of the private sec-
retary of the President of the United
States, left WashIngto to-day for
Mra Porter sa the chief of tatf of
umIs Csara Barton, Pmenademt to the
National Bed Cross society. She will
sal on the Red Cres bnemttetL ship.
ftate of Texas, which wil be held at
Part Tampa until e arrives, The
shi will then overtake the fleet at
transports and -coonmpwy them to Cq-
ha. I .

states returned- today., he ar
recommends that Camnp Atlr. Ma W',
Washington city, be grretly redue6 *
Immediately. The canseor t is tbh e
Inadequate water supply at the ecamp.
Bavaii in theB9 M.

Special to the Tribune.
SWashington, Jine 14.-The entire es-
sion of the house to-day was taken p u
with debate on the annexation at Ha- Ai
wall. It is not knows whe a vote -
will bereached,. .

Cruiw rMan Agroui -

Hlghiand Light. Msa.. June U-Th e
cruiser Baa FnanFteco ran ag r ad
while cruising off this place thIs ma -
ing. She was pulled off at high tie .
to-nicht, and was toond to be us a
damaged. ..i..rd

Special to the. Trtibne.
Washington, June 14.-The eate
agreed to-day to the bill main an ao GH- U o
prwvratlon to pay the Bebx ng o ea .
award. ..

General Coppinger Takes to the Fhad rS ]ea
and WUil Rough it.

Major General J. J. Copplnger, conm-
mander of the Fourth corps of the Udi-.
ted States acuy Is now In comap-end of 'Spe6 al to't
all the troops in and around, Tama, On thbe Trb
All of the regiments that are msil s Gi t;wl m o,
here, which were formerly attached to l ue 1--,sn 1
the Fth army corps, hav been trans-. wb thbSanl
erred temporarily to the Fourth corpL, had two'.n
General Oopianger yesterday made ar- The eanei '
rangements for establishing his head- ar ors e e
quarters In the field Ten'ts for theflpnt-" dP '
commanding general and his staff were ad.were mea
sent ct to the camp on Tampa Hegehts ied off he'fl
and were set up. Board floors were 'The Amars m
placed in the tents, and they will be Sergsan jt l
made as comfortable as possible. Oen- Private ot1
eral Copplnger will be the first corps Bot we l
commander t establish headquarters from a .clff.
In the field since the army has been" 'Ameoa a t
camped in Tanrpa. (en. Joe Wheeler, Privat WAI
commander of the cavalry forces, e- Private io
tablished his headquarters In the f9el Privale BJB
shortly after.hs arrival, but the cm- sn.
mandere .of nfantry corps have kept lPrivate Sj
their headquarters at the Tampa Bay The rmsshl
Hotel. M0o as" 4
Major General Nelson A. Miles, the fight wIth s
general cormaoriing %he armies of the lSnely pfat Mhe
United States atill ha his headquar- The ,nst l*A
tears at the hotel He will remas in Ilt aM IU
Tampn for awhile, and it ig possible
that he will e next to Cusbw t
expedition. t AthmerMei

A Private Of the Seonoo"a TO W s
adse .n' Im.po .tant i t-Te the teo
Bnpet 1, in ,uL beagens i
From Wednesday's Daily. '
Antonlo G(lealo. umpeeted of being ;-
a Spanish py s now occupyitg apart. TSb. "ed
ments in the city lail. but will tofty -
be turned over to the milltasy oath .
ties Tor invetlgation. "c"t"s
Antonio was captured about "rWyes. Wmbasar
terda mOrning by Pnrivate Iy.uselt. dis .lp -
Gray, of Company C, Seoond lfsw.Sa mB Neiw
York regiment of United States v s-' _tod e
teera. He waa pointed out to Prive n to
Gray by a colored man an beng a s-s-
pidous character. He was"n .-a Ma --% i
on the corn of Jacton and Vtshih tsrn e
streets, Wfensi tortM*= tOta&WS"- tt --lSoe
him he preietded that he VWlW adot i -..t
speaker HEnL =h, and was ao tbhe tsa
edging towa" the deew, 0 '-
Private Loyd of Rmoeveiv s .'.- -0 im

-lders eand M ymk saLSse6....l f -e u .J
enewexed ta te isoon. i aljsi an bo
prtioner in the Oae aleh angf i th -"
coulU not get -h to ,taM. th.r i a
long while he gave hi a ad then
told ahalt osendidown taaso
where hee was and we.t .1 4,
was from.
As no inform amo B eelbe aobs~ a t
from the mun tthat b wa s aoir ers- ut
Uable e he wa taken to the pe0.e t- lob
tion and locked us, He claihed t Wt'
he was born In PrtO o, and tbien
sad tthathew bernoinCubs. b e h"a r
been seen o g around th cam th
and frequeatg the saloon wee sot-, -
diaes eongrgate. .
Ltoistent Martin and UitAtte
Alden, of Cmpany C, enmas Uwo-ni
York was present w tl'a -''
was being questlonad'i and se
ersted a Sumber tf quatic tiOpt
were aaked htm but Antoio costBo -
diated hsMMt M eo oftentatW theO
thboqght it best to have thW case ft

The War fatz biB diaaeaose--l

pe=r Oba.yaL, tips
Can n thax Is bOiWlyg(^8f -^

0 oether. -.wing t .l ...

muent if tha. t



Is p


1-S ^
>ar 3

ukwa h
ks A"
lodao m

1 .

-- AL ,

..- > s-^= .



.'ii .r-.i--, I-
'' _L
r. d .
5v' r i -i
$.'' ~ -,-. ,r'
.r ?-=r_
s ..
"-- :,~ i+~
c r

E fc' s* f

pge Pp4d4i Dally as
...Ge ..............
.. ....,.. ......... 1
.. ......

Oks.e Penn s

a 59. r a,.
os t mtddu

us ie e rt Zmt
ase i the at
: ', day.
f ,: wftZ .Ame'

di"ttelortalk 0

stSo w ts ad

^~ie~ fB Rofuies.
#0l- tpos abO. thatI
i paImwe te &Ia
|fI^ &W

4L.t"' gnu


Foreign military critics are rather ee-
were upon the apparent diftculty the
United Btatea minds in organiiing an
a invading fore. But they may soothe
Stheft lacerated feelings by remembering
that the United States will be ready
r for attack or defense hereafter, and
they may also note the fact that, had
I" there been an emergency, the United
States could have done much quicker
work. Neither Cuba nor Porto Rico
will run away, and Dewey seems to
have a firm gip on Manila. Excepting
Ssentimental rsons, there seems to be
* none why he should rush things. It
* is not as though' we were compelled to
* rca somebody else's frontier within
Sa certain number of hours or have thatN
somebody else cross ours. The military
problem before us to not upon whose
"- territory the war shall be fought out
There-Is so fear that there will be fight-
, lng on Amercan territory, no matter
in how leisurely a manner our expedi-
Stions may be fitted out. If our dear
Friend France were the foe in the pres-
eat instance, we 'would certainly have
H* paid It the compliment of being ready
much sooder, and If it wants to see how
on well we can do in the w o of -illtary
Srepartion It has only to make its
approchment with Spaln.a litte closer.

l5 hrom Nashvlle America.
It is not improbable that Pennmslvan-
a la, usualy a stronghold of Republican-
i- sm may be lost to that Sprty this year.
The state gave MoKlnley a plurality of
to awr 0 votes over Bryan in 1 and it
ad would be a great victory to turn down
a vote of that kind and qlect a Demo-
ertic governor. Things almost as
d range have happened id this state of
n- etnsylvania, and it seems that con-
ditions may be ripe for a reptition of
g the phenomenon.
its Robert I. Patterson, a pemorat, has
Us been twice elected governor of Pennsyl-
vania. He fitrt defeated Gen. Beaver
M tS by 40.000. plurality. because of
mf dsentions In the Republican ranks,
o and agal in 1890 he was elected over
SDleramater, a henchman of ,ett. Quay,
whof that political boxes forced into
Sthe nomination, but whom the people
rd refused to support:
a. 1iT me is another threatened Repubil-,
.can d~entegrton in iPennsylvania be-
eanse of .Quay's offensive control of the
he Iarty machinery. The Democrats
S would again turn this condition to ad-
9" vantage and probably elect the. state
ttcket, but the Democrats of Pennsyl-
v ane are themselves,. unfortunately,
qe from united. The Iarty lost very
Sbeavily in that state because of the
money issue, and the factions are irre-
concilible. The animosity has been
l kept alive by the removal of William
'. Sfltlty-frtm the position of Demo-
rbe c mi national Conmmitteeman from the
state. Mr. Harriety voted for Bryan
in 1S, hut gave offeas in, not sumbcrib-
il tag IBy to the Chicago platform.
CW The T----,crt are not tb condition to
a bas advantage 'of the Repblican split,
ik, bt ts hoped that the opportunity af-
.rdieed may Inspire them to bury their
Ifo41rences in national politics and get
together %a a victor in the state elec-

paying our soldier 15.50 per
Soar omgresmsen o,000 per
h iaqudtite. "tHere is a
r rearmn wort' says the

ti ThBM cti pa fl oof touga. OGet you
m.. BMnr ot and give the scoundrels
wrm reception when ihef calL
Sad Admiral seey gets ill the ewordi
~nsdo- owt be~m acted for hi, he will cu

s 5. .'L. __

Peat o

a e
*a. dziinoa

hio Woman Sf d G t Agy We are told that it Is necessary to go While the cost of carryl g -e the
away from home to learn the news. present war Is something apVaar, tthe
From a Terrible Sore-Her Story o hat may be true It is certainly some- first cost Il by no mmans the greatiat
the Case, and Her Cure. times necessary to go to abroad to find or the most to be dreaded in Its effects
SFor many years I was afflicted with a that solid appreciation which is the salt upon the people of the country. The
milk leg, and a few years ago it broke out of this mundane existence. civil war left upon 'the country at its
In a sore and spread from my toot to my For example, at a moment when close a trail of corruption and moral
knee. I suffered great agony. It would every little cross roads hamlet In the deterioration, whose traces may yet be
burn and itch all the tire and discharge gate is reaching out an envious hand seen. Ibe opening and the close of
a great deal My health was good with across the government pie counter, and that tremendous conflict were market
theexception of this sore. I tried a great calling for troops one moment, and call- by an ers of Jobbery, speculation ads
many kinds of salve, but some would Ing Tampa bad names the next, we corrupton whose evil Influence ha not
irritate the sore so that I cou!d hardly find in the Observer, a newspaper pub- yet disappeared, and there I, T-uorta-
standthe pain. I could not go near the lished away up In Utica, N. Y., the nately, good reason to fear that the,
Arewithoutsufferig intensely. oiomeone following appreciate and welcome words present war will give rise to more tuan
bent me papers contaiining rtesimoial9- of "By war the South was devastated and one scandal of the same description
curos by Hood's Sarsaparrla, and I told ruined, and it seems but poetle justice It i already said openly upon the
my husband 1 would Ille to try tnis mcd- to have some of her prosperity and streets of Wahlgton that, whatever
letue. He got nfa bottle and I found importance restored by war, N o ity the nature of the sueoesses achieved by
helped me. I kept on taking it until my in the land should be Jealous of the our forces, either upon land or ea, the
limb was completely held I cannotprosperity of Tampa war has been stated to tast at least 12
praise Hood's Sarsaparlla enough or the The Tribune elevates its caster to Its month by a gang o unprincipled con-
great benefit It as been to me. Itd distinguished contemporary, and avails splrators and contractor who are ai-
eleases itho rich d of pure." M.s A itself of the opportunity to congratulate ious to have the sun shine ae long as
t rich ad puresey, Ohio. It upon the fact that it is observing in possible In order that their harvest of

YoA can buy good's Sarparilla of fact as well as In nane. Nay "no ;-,nt- hay may be a heav one. And there
drgits Be sure to get only Hood's. up Utica contract Its powers"-more es- is, unfortunately good reaon to believe
specially its powers of observation. The that some of the men who are thus
Hod's i a the fiPillso L spirit of the above papsraph is cne engaged in preayn upon the neceai-
Hood'S cPitlls -re. Price 2.: worthyy of emulation elsewhere, and we tie of the v-ear.a.us t l' Its hour of
S- I commend to our brethern of the state need, stand much too clode to the ad-
IMPOTENT ENVY. press, the admirable lesson conveyed In ministration to feu either exosure or
the Utica Observer's generous and gen- expuldlon from the canned irclea of
Some of qur more or less esteemed lab notice of the best term in the best omdal laX1h and cnqrhetio
contemporaries are indicating their in- state in all the southern galaxy of stars. Great bodies are mld to move *lowly,
feriority by availing themselves of and no sane man experts to see the war
every opportunity to belittle Tampa by Georgia has Just passed through the brought to a cloa In two monh or
the publication of every rumor deroga- throes of a gubernatorial primary elee- four; but the tax payers of the ooun ty
tory to the interests of the city tion. Allen D. Chandler, the suvccesful will not be slow to visit their co-Gem*
These self-constltnted critics may as candidate is popularly known in the Qld nation upon those who from motives
well understand first as last, that in Goober state as "the one-eyed plough purely mercenary in their nature, sek
seeking to drag Tamoa down to the boy of Pigeon Roost," and, Judglig to prolong beyond a reasonabe lImit,
level of their own cross-roads settle- from the manner In which he wiped up a contest which must in any ease cot
mente that they have undertaken a task the earth with his two oppenents, he the country dearly In blood and tres.-
almost as large as that good opinion of could easily have found his way to the ure.
themselves that renders them the laugh- gubernatorial chair without any eyes at SOM SPANI ARDS
ing stock of the entire state. The in- all. Those who do not like Mr. Candler s E SPA S.
terests of Tampa are the interests of the say of him that he is "controlled" by Some of our esteemed contemporaries
people-the sturdy, self-reliant business the Plant SyStem. The Pigeon Pocater seem somewhat surprised to leatm that
pioneers who have carved out .success probably controls himself, and In any Admiral Cervera was man" enough ~
for the town and themselves. The in- cas he might be under a worse control extend do Lieut. R-obson and his Utie
tereste of that people are, in truth, the than that of a corporation, that has band of heroes the ordinary courtesy
interests of all South Florida, and of done more to develop Its territory and of war. Fortunately or the world
the entire section of which our tly is less to Injure It than any other rail- chivalry ad courage are t"e exclusive
the centre, and the metropolis, way company in the south, property of no people; and nobody who
The Tribune has never sought to dis- Lives in Tampa vrW need to I* told that
guise the drawbacks of our city. We The Tribune's circulation is growing the IpanTamds f the better Ca t have
not only realize their nature, we know at a very rapid rate, and is extending th ofte bruariae h
something of their causes, and wve are all over the state. iFrom Waldo to many ad rable q ual es. o
satisfied that in most cases they are Tampa and from Puntsa Gorda to this-- Some of the me t who h one O
due to 'evils that may easily be reme- city and all on the West Coast, and the to brini Tampa to the fnt are of
died. Tampa, in a word, is oll right. Manatee country it is adding daily to panS traction ad thee t
It-was all right before the selection as its large list hundreds and hundreds of are among the most respected of any nt
a base of military operations gave it new names. The people recognize the the Co wnnm-t, ty h . 6..
tiatlonal and world-wide promin nco, fact that the Triune publishes the news The -exgences of war have in some
and it will be all right when the war while it is fresh and free from takes. instances cused these gentlemen to
Is at an end and the last soldier shall looked upon with suspicion and v&
is at an end and the last soldier s Tampa Is e only place n the United sity; bt the tribune believes that the
have turned his face homeward. It ates where the number of transports devil should be given his de,. and tha
has never been anything more than a that are now at Port Tampa could have nothing is to be gained by Ignoring
quest-onfc#Io-e ohaertouraii-aeoc eonI-Addaontieytpopefm

question or ntige when tuhe starts uu
the public service of the city woujd be
placed upon the high level demanded
by our possibilities; and il the war has
done nothing else, it has at least im-
pressed upon our people the. vital nec-
essity of so improving and developing
the city and Its surroundings as to for-
ever silence the carping criticism of
those less advantageously situated.

The Nicaragua canal scheme has
come promptly to the front. Senator
Stewart, of Nevada, has introduced a
bill In congress providing for the con-
struction and ownership of the canal
by the United States government. We
knew 'It was only a question of time
when that measure would make its ap-
pearance in this congress. It is an
opportunity not to be missed. The job
that fails to go throOgh in this war ex-
citement will miss the greatest oppor-
tunity for such legislation that has been
presented since the close of the civil

There are many circumstances which
Indicate the possibility if Spain agree-
ing to surrender Cuba and end the war
without serious fthting. This perhaps
accotMtS for the peculiar movements
of the Spanish deet and the equally pe-
culiar politics pursued by the adminis-
tration at Whashington In the prosecu-
tion of the war. This perhaps ac-
counts also for the fact that we hear
much more from Washington about
invading Porto Rico and the Philip-
pines than we do about the invasion of,
Cuba. .
The United States should make Its
military uniforms and equipment for
its troops. Then it would have them
of uniform quality and possibly without
the scandals that are now cropping up
ever where over the volunteers outfits
Furthermore we should not find China,
men in the govermmet factories. hng-
land has for generation, made ah that
tsha army nd navy require, and has
found the system subserve Vee ends of
economy as well as those of public

ish" sand policy.
Ltpet er tenant Richmond P. Hybson.
a nd who headed the gallant little band of
i o ipheroes -who last week took the polUer
Merrimae into the Santiago channel and
sunk her there to prevent Cevwera's
q$8w Jafl eet trrm escaping from that harbor.
S a.n was the 'Iest man" at the wedidng of
Pmao tt Dr. andI rp P. J. Gto~enwreth of thbs
beoreft cty.-JacstonvtUe Metropolis. I
eswifAipeW bodyy has been reckless '.noh. to
venture the aeaertlon that whep the
jf i ews of Robson's achievement reached
the White House the President Weas a

paerrift shoas symptoms ei ab-
weit-minded enaoh to -.... t
... Cerrvea wntmn the Aur ln eet tap.
iPPgC tursauaana.
Joh 1MOMM o

loaded at one dme, yet people from
some of the one gallus ports of the state
seem to think that Tampa should not
be made the point of embarkation Cor
the army of invasion.

You get the news In the Tribune while
it Is fresh. Compare the Tribune with
any other Tampa paper, and see what
a difference there is in the quantity
and quality of the news. The Tribune
thinks nothing is too good for its read-
ers, and always gives them the best.
Spain should know that the contest
now on is to be one to a Bfnsh. A de-
clsion is wanted. Too. much is up for
the sure winner to consent to a draw.
This is a war of humanity, and it must
pe waged to the bloody end, when every
bloody Spanlard In the world will lay
down his arms.
Put all the suspicious characters at
work on the streets, and th. city will
soon be rid of the gang of cut throat
and thieving scoundrels that are ply-
ing their nefarious avocatiors In this
There is hardly a Lacant house In
Tampa, and all of use hotels and hoawd-
ing houses have as many as they ran
accommodate, and are luring away
guests every day.
The old city administration passed
In Its checks last nlght The new gov-
ernment takes charge of affairs this
The Pensacola News wants all Flori-
da to Join in a request to have one of
3he three new battleships named (Flori-

DOd You rake


through the winter? If so, we
are sure it quieted your cough,
healed the rawness in your
throat, increased your weight,
gave you more color, and made
you feel better in every way.
ut perhaps your cough has
come back again, or you are get-
ing a little thin and pale.
ihe, why not continue the
same helpful remedy right
through the summer? It will do
you as much good ps when the
weather is cokLd.
Its persistent use will certainly
gZve you a better appetite and a
stngr digestlon:
It Smm -yo ure r
rnar na !A

either the virtues or the manliness of an

The executive committee of Oscola
county met Monday and appointed to
the state convention, which meets at
Orlando, the following delegates: C. A..
Carson John 4 lee., R. Beyansor
and Capt. W. J. Brsck; and s deledptes
to the congreassonal con.entlua at De-
Land, J. W. Watson, J. W. Sear. Jr,
Wll J. Bryan' awnd E. L. D. Overetreet.
The committee set Sept. At as the date
for the county primary election.

One of. the largest crops of cucum-:
bers ever planted has Just been shipped
from 'Wlliston. The acreage was
about seventy-fve acres, from which'
was shipped 2WO crates. This netted
the farmers In the neighborhood of 8.-
000. The prices were' not so good as,
was expected, but were in most Instan-
oe e-ti-fatory. the season was a
short one, owing to Georgia and South
Carolina coming n the heels of Florida.

Of the-ma sons of fathers who have
been given eommNalons in the army
the most creditable tothe admnlstra-
tion Is Fred Grant to be a brigadier
genera. Grant has more to recom-
mend him tha the Grant' name He
has had military trailing, and while he'
repreested this country at the Aus-
trian court, he as a close student of'the
Austrian military system.
Of course 'the "other fellows" wer
not Invited to that AngtootAteica
banquet in London, but the' wll hav
some eed .all the sale-food so
Well, sayway one thit is certain be-
76nd peradventure, the Unated Sttaut
anny has captured ThPanp.-Wayeross
And that Is no Joke.
'And the trUasports ar still at Port
Tampa, nothwith=t.i- Ui t'he report
that their haideparted as hbs been'pub-
lshed In a few unrelia. 1newaSVprs
of the coantry.
Postertype newspaper are in a state
of Itnouoous dastltusle.. Jhtv have
ouved their usefulness, mad the puP
a has resgated them to the rear.
Tampa bhn no equal oneartaL .I re
is more busaess- trau acted in this eitr
it one day than to an the rest of thed
state put tgethe .
The TAopa papers say that the dtty
is reapIng s rie hardest from the Wsot
dierm who ame mot lised ther--Wa- '
croamp ttrald. u t .-4
TYon aUy dtrea, ywou AM S
Blanco Jfyo- ;um but -the -
trrnnrph wi cCiag to bhm a@s. ^ '-'
-Bwes.athj m i w; -ua
,iaftrs9:ts, jRo aI

th e-dtfAn .te wIUO
giventhe IMOwnaaip
-"a ow.n. The. o
seei Fteolatgla s.e
ona that the*tmaa ..
and hopes sa 3.
,ae sam -. _.e- ,,e

st*au1ad of

bnase wav- --
The eon OrA e i
have WhVeh1te
the eftem et tr
u poa the' lti*r A

in refreshing cti
some ofthJaxnis
But it l Io l wfMti

motly gia dti the hi

that. the tH eI ':l i
atsat. gr hi m iRA I

pathde sesGsioe

me. We .ty spiif.f
caught Van
vofae s r IIth o ta e
pub. see -

whtabJ4Vt.rio heete
The bTrbnneaclse
"the MTVat is sosfan
-ca. lresTipeasTa i

tro sae ta o sew
'bO IL n -ga al C ta M

wor nsoity S d ..

O.fu ..
neeort er tpe i s
wowarld hasnowto betne

yctfotr faved the ap

The TaprprineOtfAsS

to ste dsaf-
the Soth is so ftv

saker w to -ade w-

bsoe fr.m ae crtam
eHara indw a V t s
oIa -stfaedr anwapesg

reop. be w :.

wa for fis'r..sthf a
Hora daThenr cunctiaLI

the ^sproprlat ou^ heif
to i- tar *h tnetts^hIpis

Ro -Portpr prAcr lbi bia
to a& cbsinDel utar Am

s .n re siau, at sbhq

bPdealle to oinilf

Racine- wla. hut tanda
had 1sf H Me feiloerea

eras tathr ..a ^bcsf a

Admiral cOervracw0es

his con'rdBafp -i^^

4306 at

uraot a 3"Mr-
'f orldL,- e;~i

Embalm dke Is'





MlflI f llH I Nl llflfi f 5U IKtU 5 tl 11-g

Msa otsFrnibh Schley With lap of Suatiago s at tthe I of th Jot Cat On Brg m
Hrbor of Satlago de Cuba. irmy of lvasionm. th plta l Cof


That Number of Vessels Seen by the Xarines Landed by Sampson are Now People are Nearly Btarved and The e Blt 3 at ut t e r
Cubans From the Hills Around With the Cubans and Americans is No Prospect for Relief-Raots ReejM l
Santiago. But tha Names of Landed From the Steamer are Threafaned and the Army ,Depseseas.
Vessels Not Lear d. Florida. is No; to be Trusted. s&rimi
----, .' ..-. ,

Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the T*if
Off Santiago, via. Kingston, Jamaica. Ke> West, June 9.-A dispatch boat Washington. June 10.-A party of Cu* Wshlgetao Jua
May S.-even of the ships of Admiral arriving here to-night brings the news bans, who have just arrived here from to-nbt by the w
Cervera's squadron have been sighted in that e'ght hundred marines have been Cuba, report the general belief In Cuba the tsaptts epo w -
the harbor of Santiago by the Cuban In- landed near Santiago, and that they is that General Blanco, commander of loaded withita V*
surgents who nave reached the hills have jol',ed the forces landed by the the Spanish forces and governor general occuprtanlm lf t
overlooking the city and harbor. steamer Florida at Banes, on the nor- of the Island, iI willing to urrend before'the o mtsc e atih
The Insurgents have furnished Ad- then coast of Cuba. the American -forces after making a It is now the sergp
miral Sampson and Commodore Schley The Americans and. Cubans then. nominal resistance. partnmeat to h ng thea
with maps of the harbor showing the joined he Insurgents under Gen. Garcia The people of Havana have almost troops sa o ah L H
location of the ships which can be seen and have swept the provinces of Piferto exhausted the food supply of the city, the eset of bataO
from the entrance. The names of the 'Principe and Santiago de Cuba. These and the surrounding country, and tar- gnhboats ea raI u
Spanish vessels in the harbor are un- forces were participants in the attack ovation is now close at hand. Hundreds w rders w
obtainable., on Santiago, which is said to be now at of the poorer classes are dying dally, noon for the ~ t'to -
"Fighting" Bob Evans, commander of the mercy of the Cubansan d Ameri- and disease is spreading rapidly. with tirstyst JdW
the battleship Iowa, directs that the Icans. The Americans are holding off The people of the city of Havana are, Nelther MJ a ses o
truce party run in as close as possible until the exchange of Lieut. obson ready to capitulate, andi If Geperal cr sedit t ~tooft 1
to the Merrimac, which was so success- and his men can be effected. Blanco holds out much longer, there wia of Spdih VW v so w
fully sunk by Lieutenant Hobson. The be a general uprising. The soldiers of fleet of tyiT.gi l
party followed his directions end THE LA]DRONES E SEIZEl 'the regular army have less than half of navy ea rtamin bi
reached a polnt in the channel, udder their usual slkn rations doled out to Informaitoi a ,- I o.
protcton of the guns o the American them. There is great disatsfactio ah e ai
vessels and there conducted the nego- Cruiser Charleston and American among the troops, and in the event oCf killing that the tr
tiatlons for the exchange of .leut. Hob- Forces BeSieved ta be at Gouahan a riot the army cannot be depended' the t ethe C a ort Ufl A
son and his men. upon to preserve order. Oflda s o f tie n
The insurgents have informed Corn- 'ashington, June O1.--It is believed The ImpressIon is gaining that It ervos but they
modore Schley that there are six thou- by the navy department to-night that would be much' better to surrender to putatlon i hatM'tly ee-
sand Spanish soldiers In Santiago, and te cruiser Charleston, and the tran the Americans, after a brief fight than the dea in tekefpAi
not twenty thousand as has bee re- port Ci o n d the to be starved into submission to the for the ooast o ba
ported by the Spanish authorities. Ladsone islands, which are controlled Insurgentse for, it Is believed that but; It isr2a wta s egOW
by Spain, and that the American forces little mercy would be shown by the Cu- an official omumne
NOT TO M NtLA. ha\-e taken possession of the group. ban forces. I The latter would desire cesved' frosm f tOm l
It is understood to-night that the revenge for the sufferngs of the recon- that two of Iin hb oI
monitor Monterey, which sailed from centradeos while the Americans would sent to convoy "the ,l
The Charleston Ordered to the La- San Francisco last week. had instruc- bring food and supplies to relieve the trom T mop, nd tml
droue sI.ands, m Md Ocean. tlons to take possession of the Caroline' ufferings of all alike. would o e joined by at4
r o -alands. j If any attempt, should be made to land gunboats and torpedo iX
Th. Ladrone group of islands is about troops near Havana, It would meet with '
Special to the Tribune. 3,iO miles from Honolulu, and about, but feeble resistehce. I 'j.g
San Francleco, June T.--Dispatones 1.500 miles east of the Philippines. The!
received here sty that the cruiser Char- chief city f uahan is exceedingly well i KJessEs l e Pe
eston, which sailed from here several fiCoifled fo r such a small place, and |E UIL L II App atas
days in advance uf the first military ex- afford one of the besi harbors and coal- dTH Ld bIL W lr. ar f
pedition to the Philippines, will not ing stations in the Pacific .
go tu Manila. About six months ago the forfirca |e dS
The report is that the cruiser had or- lions were str-ngthened iby the Spanish' en Were Placing Mnes to Protect palto rti
ders to sail direct t1 the island of Gua- t0 pr-sent a formil'able resistance in We cashlk igton, A e It
han, the southeromot Island of the crn t it of attack. the Harbor of Jacsonville When nomination b4t bm
Maianne. or Ladrone group of island E bThe t niled States ill seize the group a Tcrpedo i exploded, ate by President MA ln
The Ladrone islands are about 1.50o and u e the Island o(. ouahan for a Pa- To be m orS eaTer_
miles est of the Philippines. They are, <-iot _oaling station. in addition t Speial to the Tribune. brlgad, rm g.
controlled by Spain. and It is paid to be' arn. -,th re she may seize in future. Jacitson-Utle, June 10.-Three men Peol r
the intention Ci the war department toi' were killed bts the explosion of a tor- ha the ty Pirta-
land troop- on the Island of Guahan.' EXCHAN FE OF HOBSON. 1 pedo at St. John's bluff, near the mouth onel fanry -.rpdys,
a.id sieze thle lands ;| of St. John's river this morning, which to be colonel. MS~r
a rm .o rnemets Have Not Yet Been s being plated to opstruct the chan- Second alry to'l
T i E ctcd or the i elease. The dead are: cava ,to be
111 TrI- 'stury of the attempt to effect EDWIARD HOUSTON,. -b e ptain; 1r t
-th, exchange of Lieutenant Hobson and! J. J. O'.RcOEKE. Pemnold Ttrs a fI
Troops Only Needed to Occllpy the.i th r crew ,t the Merrimac is told as ful- Two other men were wounded. but ietat; SBeeondl -14t
Towns While an Admiatration is I ,,wes n an Associated Press telegram ill recover. Jonson, Teqt. t cc g
from the dispatch boat Dauntlers. The torpeotoes placed Lp the channel tenant; E
Being Formed by Insurgents. Mie St. Nicnolas. June 9. 6 p.m.- are arranged to be exploded from bat- Osborne rt
Lieurttnart' Ho-oson and his heroic tries on shore. The men were en- teant; First IJttensp
Special to the Tribune. compriucns "in the exploit of sinkingi gaged in placing a new torpedo, and s Iams. 'Thir.: istm
the collier Merlmac across the entrance connecting it with the battery. J. J. rluist Tl ges mt l eL
Washington, Jun 14.--AA westernn con of the harbi-r of Santiago may not b O'Rotuke, the electrician o the part P~o a th rtlUUp, tel:
greesman is authority tor ihe stale- released for some time. To-day Ad- accidentally touched the 'wtrng con- Volunteer asrsy.-A
meant that no more troops will be sent miral Cervera sent a flag of truce to nection, and the electric current caused Alahama .to -he uS
to the Philipplins, other than those Admiral Sampson with a message that the torpedo to explode, ifth regimenfit,--e "
now departed. i, the prisoners were in the hands of the O'Rouke was instantly killed by the lAray oraden. ha5 hei
It is stated to-night, that a cablegram military authorities, and that their explosion. tI1s body was b own seve- lows
has been received saying that the ilght- cases had been referred by The military ral hundred yards Into the water.. Bd- hjor GeorgeP .- 5'
Ing is all over and that the United governor of Santiago to Governor Gen- ward Houston. the boatman, was di- :satn SwmI cori::,
States troops are only needed to occu- eral Blanco. The plan of exchange rectly over the torpedo when it ox At.nasto TaWO ss
PT the towns and cities while an ad- submitted by admiral Cer-era is thus ploded. Only one of his legs-hare ye GQesrSI Cmigeri3r
ministration is being formed. temrorarlily frauqtrated. been found-. Lieutenant Hart. who unteers for-dotymsi
The insurgents have complete control The United Stats cruiser Marblehead was In charge of the work was so badly Fourlthb army s 'm-s
of the island, and their leaders are and the auxiliary cruiser Yankee and injured that he died.soon after reach- mp ~ SIW -
anxious to form a government. St. Louis were successful in cutting the ing this city where he was brought as mnasm in '
Wii be sustained 'by Admiral Dewey cable at Guanamo yesterday, after fir- soon as possible, and placed in St. e a l
until the arrival of the troops from the in on a SpanIsh gunboat and the old- Lke's tal.
Un ited Otat. Ing on a Spanish gunboat and the old- Luke's bomp~ al. 'Iftunw.
United States. fashioned fortifications there.. The accident has cast a gloom over eph E. I dl<3S. S
Cuba Is thus cut off from all commu- the entire city. as it is the flrst fatality with the igS.iS 9 .,
GIJf CO I. nicatlon with the outside world. In this vicinity in connection with the- iet tr thtn -'
war ireparatlons. The torpedo bel ng MlarJam-e
Oosms 0der-i Chief of the Orand No Extra Duty Pay. placed was the last eat the sris the rnS .l
Army to be le Brigadir-Oeral. to the Tribune been placed in the St. Johns river. .Stce olutiSS B
nWashingto. June 10.--The war depart- YELJ.OW JAUHDIC U CPBED.
pecial to the Tribune. ,ment has decided that the provisions oo00-.-- O 30
Washington, June 5.-It was announ- of the act of April 28, 1898, abolishingl Suffering humanity houd he o id e lled i' e .
ced to-day that President McKilnley will extra-duty pay In time of war, applies with every meam potmble for Is ren lie tf G." ".:
appoint Gen. 3, P. G. Corbin. of Leba-n to enlisted men In every department of It is with pleasure e bublLsh the tol ,.
non, Pa., to be brigadier general o the army, and as war existed when the 'lowing "This is to certify that I wa
United States volunteers, act was passed, enlisted men ceased to a terrible sufferer. from Tellow Jona e'
General Cortrn is the present conm. be entitled to extra-duty pay upon the dioe for over tsix months, and was treat t
mander-In-chlef of the Grand Army of date of its aprovo. ed by some of the best physicians in on pOiCd Do the fm'rieq
the Republic. As the command of a regiment in the city and ah to no ar-al. Dr. Ben. on J l lad, JUn5 HI
absence of field officers by force of law druggLst, r coramxddd electric Biltter Olemassy wil psl oae
Under Sealed Orders, passes directly to the senior captain on and after taking two bottles. I was ean "e w -wa hjyw i
Sduty therewith, the war department tirely cared. I now take rreat geat d lt
Special to 1-ib e. holds that the permanent command of ure In o 4.-,'w'~'rr them to oer
peclato the Tribune battalions should be vested in the senior son eufferin from this terrbte i rla t HaesLl L
;Madrid, June 0.--Fifteen vessels, ofcere of the regiments present next In I am gratffetly your M. I h"omuty bot dtety. B'
forming the Spanish reserve Cadia rank to the regimental commander. Lexington, IKy." w-t.r

squadron, will start together under Sold by 8. R Leonardi, d druxg t
sealed orders which will be opened only Santiago SurrenDered. P o..odne s ikas i -n
when the vessels are well oue at sea. Pure blood and good digestion mean se l~ s as int
t is understood that forces will then be Special to the Tribune. perfect health. Prickley Ash Bitters, ma who s i aw-
It is believed that part of the squad- London, June 10.-A dispatch to the purifles the bjood and strenigthes the moat desire 4 t
ron will sail for the Phllippines, and London Daily Mail.to-day siys that It stomach, liver andf awels. soid by B. Hasel Stcare c re
that the other p.rt will head for the Is reported in Kingston Jamaica, that B. LeonardiF& Co. -ardl f Co. "
Nsorsth American coast to Inlot as the city of Santiago Sas surrendered
much dinage as possible on American to Admiral Sampson. .
commerce. and to attack American ci S. C. P. Jones. aluesurg, Pa, writes:
ties. C. P. Jone rg, rt:
-"I have use4 DeWitt's Idttle Early
Ships Were American. serk every since they were introduced
here and must say I have never used
Special to the Tribune, any pills in my family during forty
W By west. J'ue 9.-Naval offlla years tf house keeping that gave such HIB ADACHEs '
said to-day that they had no doubt that satisfactory results as a laxative or ca- FP >UL BR Ag T "
the warships reported to have been seei thartic." S. B. Leonardi & Co. ti NO ENER Y,
of the northern coast of Cuba we CONSTIPAT N.
vessels of the American fleet. In the (.mpetitive drill at Tampa .
enRooi to p. Rbert F. Howard stood down the
ntucky to Camp whole Florida regiment, for which heb646 7Um &A*L MM*Nltd
Special to the Tribune. achievement he received the dppoint- 4 thbe I t 1hi1a- c1bW B
Lexington. Ky., June 10.-The Firs ment of sergeant major. This is de
Kentucky regiment of United States servedly a high complement and all. -
vol nteers let here this afternon for Quineiites are proud that the honor PR ICK L
~Cllarar~ l&g should have fallen to one of the local y
TiB MODERN BBAUTTY military boys.--uincy New Era
Thrives on good food and sunshine. The human machine starts bot oa oncer
with plenty o exercise in the open alr. going lqunest and most regularly by !. r .fb r alV" j .
Her form glows with health and h~r sing DeWittsr Little Early Itvers, the
as blooms with Its beauty, If _e_ famous little pillS for oonali-tllon and
stsi needs the cleansing action of aand stops but once. You can keep it
sl*Uev* remedy t he usee thel gent e lS stomach and ver" troubles. & B. -
laxAtie remedy, she uses the gen Leonardi & Co b
plea sat D-rup of Fs made b .
Che miaaxanda wig syrup Ca only. -
h fn yrp Amerlca's Ureatest q lelcis tis ood' .
a rp.p wfhC saulleamAs rwondse
TO clnes to*e blood, aungten t"Oe M atubbed isasa wee& aIehin 'sedieless
_" M aMd wego0see the stomach, LIw1T al iso assy goad whatever
hroewes, Priekid y Ash Batters is a Hoo PL am the s b family esihate
pn qt It cures indigestl &and delve wale. om treiab K lst'
sils ~ n and promotes activity "dl.u. "
W n ad iraln. Set l by L 1 l. iUo~ S"tape", IN iVs _sesma
by Cha seslert asedu eseoatuies fam fWes
. ...... ... ...-.
L-A . f. i -4 tjl sa_ r-.',.

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jL.- fe-
gsrl ps

do The Tribune has all along contended After keeping up this farce for three cola s neglected highways.-Pensacola
PS that the close of the war would find or four weeks. General Greeley disl Newfs). Bad streets wil present any
eim Tampa ln a much better position that covered yesterday that he had no aut city from becoming the base o" sun-'
[i: tbat n which h ts opening found it; and thority to exercise control over the lo plies--Ne Orleans Picayune.
6 we h .ve as yet seen no reason to modi- cal press. He telegraphed Capt. Brady The rr. lon and tlackberry crop
bh f Miln that was based upon an that the signal service only had control promise t to b the largest ever k own
otistlmate acquaintance with the situa- of the telegraph lines, and that the cen,. th st. This wit be a bad thing
it!ef sorship of the gienal service onty ex-! for tr1 enlstrr-nt of the iegroes.
The selection of our city as 5a basis of tended to messages filed for transmia- th ne n and blackberies in
.Soih A I'lasuant t) th;
S o iltary operations as has thus far pion over the wires. Prsuant to th; sight n o negro w be fl eng to
a. carried on,. has wlven ws gre- advice Capt. Brady notified th' Tribun4 go onke n g with the wa. Rome
SI.' t se ort of advertising we need. yesterday that he would exercise n Tribune.
It haS ~. to our gates thousands further censorship over the local papers
s pon t le ;, q of interested, visitors but stated that he trusted that the par iAn changee refers to the men who
Sand the "Tampa date Ilne* of the unbi- pers would display sufficient patriot- went out with Horson on his forlorn
4 toa correspondent has made the ism to refrain from publishing an hope. as "common sailors," yes fortu-
a household word In the four army news that might tend to interfere natey for our navy, our people and our
Sthe globe. with the plans of the campaign against cause, they are as common as black-
t True with a of tim gratuitious the enemy. berries in season, and that they may
f of Tal tp's fI m throigh- .Capt. Brady may rest assured tha never grow less must be the hope of
t c aiaoue s t rofy the the patriotism of the Tribune Is a every true American.
tht hl l~a~b racter- right, but be should extend the sa=m The arrivarof the splendiferous Gen-
g goss sent tor caution to General Greeley, and offl- eral Miles at Tampa was a notable
a. the con- clal of the war department at Wash- event. The tension of the brazen sky
pl es BInston who have been allowing news w so relieved ox that occasion that
a. ocer ing' the movements of the army tie very heavens wept copioasly-
eli ~sn s to bq pent out from that city. Green Cove Spring.
.. .Mpl- ae pensora b p has beea farce, for
;it Ist act op so Insob JI 4.ht the mol-
4*r.tfeIe-7I te4* e ahe tsI tIis end of the nhne Iaat s IIad ht a .
hs f --.ed.s dyhe s. =.-d t It week rformedt r t rt0rooke
"i'-t- l ssy e ed't duty la t accord :-
WI&-- me t.lls. r- 6 I M I -O 3 ":.to o.o- .'. -
i 11 UK "4"46 ~

Sfavamah w i Nothlnr more thoroughly ignlftcant
An observer at Tapa wtes to Harp.- ae ood s PMr has been developed by the present an-
S Weekly about the of the sd. wHsoa d pills, tehar oaBs P o, pleasantness than the renewal of a eor-
Wi. ar o. m of his observtatons ought plIes, are not t n with Hoods. Easy tosta*e dial feeling between this country and
ti make deep impression upon the England. The maritime supremacy of
kW public mind. For nstaace, he says the mother country is so pronounced-
Stidt the seenes to be witnessed at her empire so widespread and universal,
Tampa make It clear that the country y pete, o that her navy has necessarily become
was totally unprepared for war when es Hood's Plls, whish are P II the fl.r: in the world, while her man-
war was begun. If the war were with up to dtes I every respet i agement ; her vast colonial dependen-
s certain asd mare. All
am England or Germany, or any other first- drggt e. L ood Co., Lowe, Ms. cles has been such as to offer some val-
eias power, 'we would have suffered The only Pls to takewith Hood'sSarsaparsll. able lessons to the Lnited States at
S great disasters in its beginning. We -- a moment when we are starting out in
2 M could not have not an army ready in to become at no distant day the lead- the territorial expansion business for
time to make an effective resistance. ing city of the state. Given a live, ourselves.
L The idea which prevailed that we had energetic municipal administration, and It has been said cf the British Empire
an effective army of 126i000 men in our one whose mental horizon is sufficiently that its weakness was to be found in
p organized milita proved to be wholly broad to embrace the needs of the en- the length, and the consequent tenuity
La- erroneous. It is a broad statement tire people, the effects of bad manage- of the chain it had stretched around the
tut a true one, probably that not a ment in the past will soon disappear. -world. Nothing could well be further
Olty single regiment of the national guard What Tampa needs most of all is from the truth. England is to-day the
can was ready for active service. Wagons, more people, mor capital, more manu- strongest and richest country in the
tents, cartridge belts, in fact about all facturing industries. These she can world, it is because of the fact that her
necessary things were lacking. And only secure by the adequate presenta- policy has been such as to bind her colo-
blic as for ammunition, there was hardly tions of her claims to be considered a nles to her with "hooks o steel." The
for more than enough for the wants of toe great commercial entrepot, and this can Englishman who "makes his pile" in the
d by regulars. Strange as it' may seem, in our Judgment best be done by ex- colonies goes hothe to London to invest
ithe government owned and operated tending every encouragement to men his money, and dream cof a title-either
only one small cartridge factory, which of character and enterprise who mean for himself or his children. It is large.
b qoldn't begin to meet the demand upon to cast their lot among us. ly from this source that the vast accu-
sY IL. This encouragement should cover, not mulatLons of capital that make London
3M r% 7the war department, therefore, is not only capitalists and men of large means the financial centre of the civilized
al. to blame for the delay In getting ready but those who have only their brain world, are derived; and if this country,
for an invasion of Cuba. The blame and brawn to recommend them One when it shall acquire the colonial pos-
should be placed where it belongs., class ls as useful as the other, and we sessions already in sight, shall govern
S lamely, upon congress. That body hope to see every ef-irt made under them with the sanr wisdom and fore-
pla i been ever ready to tote pensions the new administration to enlarge our bearance and justice that have with one
ce'" cause the ex-soldlers have votes, but population and multiply our resources notable exception-characterized Eng-
at before the war with Spain it refused, by extending every inducement possible land, the sam- result will inevitably fol-
session after session, to do anything to those who are seeking new and fir- lo.
towards putting the tldhtrb' In a better tire fields for either capita, enterprise Cuba, Porto Rica, tne Philippines and

condition for war. It was told that or labor. Hawai--these are now all names to
eo. the organized militia was not such a conjure with; and we fervently trust
t military force as would be needed in O T Mb that it will not be many months ere the
re the event of war, because it was neither The lack of light artillery and machine broad v ing of the American eale will
lp properly drilled or equipped. It was! guns In the Manila expedition is rather extended over these new polsesldons
also told that. tLere was an alarming striking. We like t,- suppose that the which tha carry around he world the
on, shortage in ammunition. and that in war department, In providing so few resage of American thrift. ladepen-
oe tLe event of war enough ammuntUion field gun and no Gatl Nordenfeldts dencr, and enterprise; and provide new
ti an fertile fields for the bourdiJes am-
sapply volunteers could not be had at or Maxims knows what it is about.' tlon a;Ld energ of the who are to
once, because the ammunition factory erhapsthere are no roads lor field ba- ollon enethe those who are to
Sblonging to the government had a very terles in the islands; but the British
L limited capacity% 'None of those things have been able to take their machine The Tribune was the only paper in
Shwever, made any impression upon guns everywhere, and of course Amerl- the United Stales that announced the
Ihguns everywere.eand ofeourserm rl-
congress. But that body Insisted upon can troops can do the same. They correct time of the departure of the
a war with Spain knowing that the equalize forces wonderfully where a transports containing Gen. Shafter's
untry was not ready for war. mall army that has them is attacked arm of invasion. There were by
M other the country has not to have a by a large force that hasn't. They arc actual ount, 978 papers in this coun-
Sstanding army of at least 100,000 men, just the implements with which to sop try hat had the transports leaving Port
of else the organized militia must be the rush of a horde of irnorated and Tampa from Last Wednesday up to Sun-
broM u to a very much higher reckless savages, and they enable day nlght. They should offer a fervent
standard of excellence. The'militia or- small force to hold a fortified position praver to the Omnipotent on high, or
te-tsattors should have for members against heavy odds. We suppose th stand the mug ion from the Lees-
ouls those who can stand the physical Krags and Springfields will be enoug- burg Commercal as being fake yellow
sAphitntlon to which applicants for for the 4antards, even should the wa journals.
S. s!stmrpt in the regular army are sub. be still on when our troops reach the 'W always thought that Editor J, .L
-Je.cteFd' It is astonishing how' many Phiippinel ; but if there is to be trouble C. Pratt of the Leesburg Commercial
W E* aCbbers of military organizations are with the aboriglnend expeditions inI had s)me instincts of a journalist, and
ln- t~atUlly unft for active service. In to the interior andto other islands thak was t4 some respects a tolerably good
all TfW ork State It required the exami- Luson have to be made, we shall be sur country editor, but since he has called
bs nation of 17,000 men to get' 12,00 quail- praised if Merritt does not wish he had the Tribune a yellow journal, our good
of fed for active service. a supply of Maxims or of a allar opinion of his ability as a newspaper
Not only ought the military organi- weapo, man has been considerably impairedL
nations be up to the standard, so far as ; He handles the truth with a reckless-
SijPbysical quallflcatons are concerned, A GIGANTIC FARCE. ness that is really provoking. If he
eaR bet they ought to have the same kind keeps on he will be calthig the Tribune
wti of unitorms ad an as t regulars, For three or four weeks a strict crno a "valHr dog." Now listen at his wail
se0 and there should be always on hand an sorship has been exercised over thl in the next issue of the Commercial
,w. ample lpply o ammunitipn newspapers published in this city, a~ A Spanlah officer recently remarked
It is go og to cat us dear for the les- they were not allowed to piblstr asy that "God did not seem to be on taeir
, whieh OJ t teahing, but hin concerning the movements of
S w be wort a they will costtroops, transport or naval vessels. The
5ft~6ywil he wpoth as they wIll cost remarked that God was alrwa .s on the
," rld" d we remember and make use of censorship was established by side of the neaviest battalion which
^ Wted States signal service of which Gen-
the m, IWe ought never again to be eral Greeley is the chief awh may perhaps explain the deplorable
Scaght in sch a state of unprepared- Leut. J. D. M tley. of Gener haftera state of affairs remarked by the badly
ea as that n which this war with Lut- J D e- of Generahater discouraged Don.
-an tanghe us. staff was the press censor, but for taon
weeks Capt. J. E. Brady, Jr.. of the l.et us give tne proper attention to
WHAT TAMPA NEIED. signal service, has welded the blne our streets tese quiet times. War
P-rn pencil. I is not a vein good excuse for Pensa-

mon of the aletr ft9 Sp1 fte;
peace pon almost any tW a tr. #It-,
reasonable to Infer the presence ao odt5
solid foundation for the reports ila -
tion. The presence of se m I uh
Indicate the existence at least of NeWPl
fire. and there is good reason to belweve-w
that the Spanish ministry it ta n I l
slant commuldsltion with the repreo- vsy
sentatives of the various foreign pow-
ers and that their exertions are all to
one direction
Prominent diplomats believe that to t
Spain asks nothing better than a fv- arm-a
orable opening for making overtures of
peace to the United States, and thht
France wil eventually be charged with
the delicate duty of taking the inlative. Is
Mr. Balfour, speaking for Grev Brit-
sin has alreadyy declared his govern-
ments entire readiness to offer Its this
friendly services In the same direction-- Si
a statement which was, however, modi- O
fled by the declaration that there was
no good reason to suppose that either
Spain or the United States was in any r
mood to listen to any proposals look-
ing to a eassatation of hostlttUe, SO 1
This is quite true In so far as it ap-. P
plies to these United States. We have
nothing to mediate, nothing to concede, m
our fighting blood is as yet hardly up, tO I
and no proposals on the part of Spain
will now meet with popular approval .]
that daes not involve the loss of her,
most important colonial possession C

Editor Pratt of Leesburg Is one of W~i
those fellows that is patriotic enough Eash-
to stay at home. He don't want any
war in his, and won't read the Tribune,
because It makes a specialty of war AT[T
news in advance or theother papes.
Brother Pratt is a regular old granny. TAg

The Times-Union and Citizen very Jeepsl
flippantly refers to Editor Harris of the WiAl
Banner as the "Ocala Editor" In such
a manner as to lead the unsophisticated s
to believe that Mr. Harri is the only Ir"
newspaper man in the Brick City.

Somebody wants to know It Secretary
Alger will resign. If he recogntued hia
monumental incapacity as clelaIy as
the country at large does he would step
down and out in a hurry.
Miss Cleieros that was,i is n Savan- .
nab. She will be in a towering rage affCm
when she sees that cut Pleasant Stovall A
has printed of her in the Savannah
Agulunaldo. the PhIlippine Insurgent O S
chief is said to be a good looking man@ Co
especially when he is looking are oor n
DaWVY and his men to make a LanGiW j
The qpestlon is beLg raised wb.hy l
the supplies (or the ai re purchas-
ed from northern for Istead of
from the south-or ram er w there Is
not a diLvion?-tAugulMt CbroVle o

T .work of organistng a regl-
mental band for the bSecd Georgia is fJ
progre~ tg rapidly and wrll soon be'-
come completed. It will be oaa oft

best bands at Tampa.-Bomae TrhLbpe.
Copious showers arevery refroshtP
and from now pn, the people et thi
part of the moral vineyard w -l be re- sOn"* -.
freshed about twice in every tmetty- -
fou. hours. aBoauhB t ouagaS
There ia o doubt abouk it, there l more Car. O-,,
business transacted at Tampa sad Port. Waefsa 3isie
Tampa hi one day, than all the 1wst, satewssmieed IeSad
of the-state put together. essmmsid s640t.,
The people of Ocala have l1tte war pesa M sd team w
of their twn of a political nature an ~Iha 1a g e
tt seems that Editor Harris of the Ban m- oet -she i-'
ner was the soldier of the croe By s aysaje9 dlleW
paMsess waheapahea
It taKes a mighty poor business Jan p-areen or ta t al
to remain ITampa. and keep from ma a k- leaden "ame.
mtstewa h witb tbveows
Ing money. They are all Just raklag Wsaareis e ss
the ducals in. p ELePsa p s ast
AosrnaujesO )D i 4f
The ~hboe are doing thetr part to- iteyei Iooseif
wards cleaning up the streets of Tamn- "we dteos "g.Aips
pa. under the direction of Mayor Bow- IFAL tlA MltS
yer. m rom h =t Sq-

Camara should take a leason from MiS8OUs*ouu l
Cervera and do his bottling on the eaat g9W Ctielsii ' j
side of the Atlantic.
It's pretty close to the time when
Uncle Sam should get his pen in hand
and his billhead id front of him.
Boston ha& ordered 1,000 carload* of
beans. T phantom 'eet again .Uoea
threatens a siege of the Hub.
Have jon cieae Up your prenitesfe-?" i
If you have not, y had setter aftend-
to It at ee.
The Maine and the Merramsec
went to the bottom bx-eztsr

TanUe needot be in a 4n At

-- ,nwei^ii^H ^
dpp??isg se P^^ --^^-




It -W n. FVvvv_,



Ayric~illlm Mr.~i


OLL P4A.G f'. -P

apt eateutiep' giir

110 [11119AM44.s
5,-- -bbl 1';ri

oo SaomSzrei4, -- -



e-U"- --sVER THE SIoDE

ot~ We an o t s Ro ased by the Nav Aitbarl-
e ea "" t Afte Hw M.akes Good His esia
fteew to the 21hibut A
Pt ity Fla., June 1-5-Mr. D..' etse re the Ars d Mw
^ .^-^ i le BATo ft on Saturday week for Ekst They Are Ma-d.
I emee with a view of finally loqat- When a bluejacket or marine has d-
SIng In the nI mte t.- Vded to desert, he says very little about It,
UMr. 0 R. Daiels of Kentucky, who even to his intimate friends among hi:
r Went baek to his home tate some weeks shipmates, but for some mysterious reason
tF aig, 1id m go, Is agati In our town looking after t hatbas never been satisfactorily explained
Bj ""ilill NTad li financial interests. 3&-. Wymer and probably never will be the-word is
r ai ul hasJ mfst returned after a flying visit to na ry always passed around among the
s y Cleveland, Tenn. men lfrward that o-and-so is about to go
S asdd br Cleve ond a~over am sIde." Occasionally the same
P stA i I Ims d Mr. Oscar Brannen has on his price. n a wllU get aft to the wardroom, but ofi-
an. oT 5O od north of town, a good sized patch ot ers bave discovered the fotillty of bother-
i.-wal quite very fine egg plant, which will brtn log their beelds about intendingdeserters
IMWWm WOicae very good prices in eastern market. The litendirg deserter always waits until
ht thy Wae Sweet. Ulttle Baby Ibble rinny, twin be attn the first class on the conduct
iao d raIt o Ti cln, ises of hbs ahip, which permits bim to
., daughter of Mr. and Mra John Tinny, wrsw aU the money due him except a
k heOs'si, IbE died on renday morning last at their tontb's pay, that Is always carried on the
de o a at at t he a ir g m n
I w home in town. The remains were taken paymaster's books for all hands
I to Tampa Monday for Interment. The Meatime be makes bis preparations
..f en parents have the pa for t ump. Le usually goes n light
a e ad i "e t iof thicarc rents have the yI orde oo. Such articles of his kit
r i a Thf y t s es m nuaterng suits, pen coats, etc., tha
rThe Florda Central &-Peninsular. R a ol any value he sells for almost notb-
Jtee Bs -thsr R. Co. are having a new tank well Iog to hls hipmates or gives away. The
Wtl -, w driven near their depot here. The ca- things he ian use, as, for example, ander-
O- W' Wo o Paclty of the old weh being insuffclent wear, be does up In a small package, to-
i6l ad it I for the needle of the road at present. gather with what few family photographs,
letters and trinkets he ray poesess a od
Sin B Re Mr A. A J. Hurney Tamp aspent wish to keep and gives the bundle to tle
i saU iday at home with his parents In bnmbost man, who stooks a dingy with
i-t eaido 'Ptiret City. tobeoos, oap. brushes and such small ar-
ira-to-. O*a.e= The pulpit of the Baptist church waa tiele and sels them at exorbitant prices
. I Las wmm fi tlled on Sunda by the Rev. 0. J. Arier to amen forward on warship.
tht The bmboat mau Is always on the side
S y eld, the newly appointed pastor of the man who purposes jumping ship,
b.ge d M an d if that church. Many were out to hear ,ad be takes good care of the intending
-..aii sL.roppal.a Rev. Trier. dearter's bundle until the man claims it
t&.ifM iotar- Mr. J. B. Sellars left on Monday morn- ashor. The buaoboat man also under-
ath toBhePtIt Ingtbr Lakeland on his way home.' takesm o loo around ashore for a cheap
', hey b nal'l- -bled on Monday morning, Mr. ack outfilof clothes, shoes and hatfor the man
S g Mount no athis home who Is about to leave the nany- without
So t waiting for his discharge He makes
M ater only a short illnesO He waV a dnall soomlsslo on tuhe otflcs. ooth-
n l oungr d man of touch promise and his ]y mondl day cotues around, and the in.
i7 l early demise is much .retretted. tending dec rter draws all the loney he
S .' Mtas'Middle Huntsman returned home has earned ezoeps the wonth's pay re
I.. th dtlL 6 pi iater a visit of ,ome weeks with her tailed
I sr s ldsd o in Palmetro. Then comes thE day upun whbch be it
it grandtent n Palmetto entitled toe oasberc t g. eoes and si
st. behapard (Rev. W. E. Bogart. with Rev. W. 1. ply forgets to coaie back Thu occro uf
kwl ldolat o" T iWs.snytnot, reached Plant Cfy on Tues- ble dirislon reports' hir absent v'ithLt
Sday morning. Rev. Vanbolt preaching leave for ten d.h%, and every tiio he ie ots
Sin the Baptist church Tueaday Biht o the a general grin lonthe
Sto a fullh house of much interested po- of men forward csellbteri a qi:artt rs.
iie he w i m ber aand then be is niasrNcd c toj he chip's log
IDt = .- 'Dr. B. L. Wells- nd famil have le- as a deserter. If the th-er-,r Bers give
WA ob-.i br lJy moved out to Mr. F- G.'Burney's himself np, be m hn\L L r. re Iroru one
tl a- lid pikee Just o a of town. a very pretty tothree years at the ni..l pinion at Maire
r: ^ dih an d te hebealthy location. Island or at Boston but be ie nort buted.
i S tS-n Plant CIty has been blessed with sev- A soldier in te army goes about the
Serad fine .rans of late so that late plant- business of desertion with great car cr.m-
la g t 41-fa being done In earnest, plalsance and circumspecciu3. A suolricr
does.not often have much uioney when ho
hrI b eto M iALtATIONf S ERM)DOO iD BY BEST makes his escape, fe r his pay is seall. .nd
|I X at PHYSICIANS. the money consuming canteen Is nevor far
l p-SM ref. trom the quarterss. As often as not be
An.,rt at a guaranteed to- cure Chills, Fever will leave all of the truck In his chest boe-
t ftlb and lAgue. A A druaU :or front hind, for tiero is nobody answering to the
Stofflt-West Drugm Co., St. Louis. charaectrof the buiuboat man to help him
.. % in getting away. He will always walt for
ACRIFiCE TOI IOVE. pay day, so as to have a few dollars for
Wi "--B-- immediate expenses. Then be quietly
.ikeM I iam thinking. ever thinking, walks to the ralhiond station and puts as
:" tdo As I bask in Sol's warm rawo, many miles between himself and the post
w s C the days when we were courting- he has quit as his money will carry hblm.
1Ws- Bule hapy, thoeghtigss days. By the time has reached the station his
-.D- I am trusting, ever trusting. bundles hav swooped down upon his
S Thy It's hoping without hmop^ chet ad looted Ist o everything of value,
w Wth the hardships now enduring for the deserter as told them of his Ilten
Successfully, can cope. tlon to go and has left explicit directions
S succesuy, sa to the distribution of his gear. He does
Had I faith In God's bright presence. Dot hand it around before going, because
..f RQ.D C0ould I be relieved from dou it- by doing so he might excite the suspicion
Zpa k 1 Oh. the thought- of joy the esc.nce, of the first sergeant, who generally has a
idi~lN~- 1r A almost putsmy fears to rout. ken eye in such matters. When the firsa
J-6. l 6ergeant does begin to grow suspicious
vm ihoave tt thone to lov me-. and ltoks through the chest of the absent
th ou. alone, on 0 arth I man, he finds probably an old worn out
Be there aytill pgove. pair of trousers and a battered ampalgn

Neither man. nor being honer "Wbare is this man's gear"' he asks all
tL who live alone for thee., hands lying around in their bunks in the
V1110111'Whom to nqot iUfe Is donor quarmta, Nobody know
arkes t nmyirry isa tq me. "Gus he took it with him," they reply
-S -" \ " f -. and turn over. That is all the stff-ttloo
1 s I "^e*sCt thee, I adore thee, a firt sergeant mre get in asuch eass,
Axd s tl s thee I would thy love; NMi ssy yema ago a recruit at Davids
Be thuis troe-es thou art worthy, IMand (now Fort Slosum), N. Y., Me-
4 e. for thee, all Hell I'dmove. estvd word that his mother was dying la
r ai ttle town In New Jersey. He showed
'The autnlng btarra ettled are. the eaplaia of his company the lette and

B. would thy, heart throhbstbmstant whtfend thtthes hodoga Tm webogus,
l lit.m Ui^ erce a tempet's who m that t telegram wabo
I~i~ Mr . declined to let the recruit go The rrumlt
g^Ad..kto ' .bha tale. of how my paassions burn, appealed to tho eommanding officer, who
S..: p_ s t.Istop ,a tely 'dorded. rdusmd to let blhim go on the same ground.
.. d ed n en my retusm 8o i tbe middle of winter the reorulit
t love otil be rewarded" swam the hievy tide that runs between
S tn!. h. ^ A nI t-ds Island and New BoBhelle and
IW. B. MclABB made bhis way to the bedside of his mother
i-, .--o. C, 9th N'. v. Vols. is time to lose her eya She had hardly
died beors a squad of soldiers frtmu lds
f i 1a L RcAJAIOPS It, IJIEVOD WF BITTER Island eame to tbh boose after tbe deserter.
S A The reerult emptied two charges of bock-
" "Xacts on the iver about tot /tbe squad, fortunately killing
C e l and -Fev'er; te liver nmme of them, but he was taken. The
eastitw .rsgl atea the atem generally ll young man' pnisment was light.
P -fi -'- .--._ Ustl about six years ago the mulary
y wfa ratkarlfies paid ,80 fmr thIe apprehension
ae A TREAN WVJDTR. of a dintoni As a result of this system

there. are In the Imnpediate vicinity of
largREAT D se msusary paste a dlae of meq known
rn UM amy vneacular as "iouds,"
al bottle of Halls Great Dis- clothed with the rights of spacial offoers,
aM Klaaaey ranDin-ddr whodeas a busltneofappretnoding army
'M .a dwll 1a3d Bded esr terse l brthe 0 reward. These men
B grOelt. ora DCIScu very rarely failed to gather in their prey,
ieaka and lame even If they very often anooeeded In doing
5ihw r ani t1 L..0e lI- a only at the prles of broken heads or
--AiMB Inbot r worse MIew juri They gained not only the
g-.l- o Idala bot ar]r h tred o the enlitemd men, but of the of-
l am' as well, for upon every dearmer
1 -*fib n I not 0 0by 1 ssight tin a general ourt m-etii had mt
.l 'a "y a t by mal be beheld, aid the men with the should
-~ manabt is two. aaM, who are ,ixin a unit in despising
W 106a % =y gCaerl a omat martial duty, found that
M they wee Oasoaled o obe almost oon-
-aw' esy atly amayed in thgI full deem clothes
Bobo t as e of aa and were loaded
C. '- 5Il*e,-au. iowaa withwa bswdsa. It was with
a jTANS0ar 4 10 ib0ase sadde nations In mind that the war
esper -:dagmens s~%e blood money orf
i nae"e at demftiS to si, the pessaat
4 n u erOa-W StA
W alt ing. roa..
SM an tok tbeir mate In hehbser.
r ha ud S er ese mat," ad one
M de stlaut INN Ur to*t APFM

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Keep the Newest Linet -
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News Nte Caught on the Fly Hare 6 6
and There-Oomming and Going of W e D
People-Incidents and ArCiden+- of
ver rydayie in Tampa. Honaker &Co.. 507 PFanklis, D.

It has in.i.- een three weeks since the ..
brutal nrurder of William Macleod, the
St. Petersburg banker, and the authori- 4 444i 4 11 l
ti&s appear to be as much at sea as ever 6 -.'
in fastening the crime .
The FIrst Florida regiment cf volun-
teers is now known as the "F. F. Vs.", .,
and the -boys are proud of the title.
They expect to be lead by Gern Fitz- 4 ---- -
hugh Lee, a genuine -F. F. V.- ..
lir. and Mrs. J. M. Towne were theft i
guests of Dr. Eagan ad Dr. Fields on h i
Sunday aboard the Red Cross ship State
of Texas. They took dinner on board, s
and were delighted with the hospitality 4 "- -.-
of the Red Cross corps.
ifss Mollie Gray will leave this morn- -
inf foriOcala to visit her parents. Miss
Gray 16 decidedly popular in Tampa, "
where She has so many personal friends
who will regret her departure. Because the public finds better values here thILms yc_
A. K. M-Mulen.. h a 'been ste- house in Tampa can offer. Thhs week we will er
-C K. bMcMullen, who has been stow-
ard at the Inn at Port Tampa tor a) values in .
long while, has resigned, and is now s "
taking a ret before going North for the

Several trains loaded with troops ar- Wo
rived from Chickamauga and Mobile W white Piques. Linens for Skir
yesterday and the soldier have gone -
into camp on the slices formerly occu-s. Su utS -
pied by the United States relars. e '_ "_"
Seekers after rold know that they .s ,
may he disappointed, but ke's after SPECIAL VALTE8 IN
health, tahe Hood's Sarsaparllla, with r
the utmost confdence 'hat it will do Figu W Go
them wonderful g od. Figured Wash Good
Hood's PIlls are the only rlnls to take ..v i
soth Hoods Sarsaparxlla. haEy and yet
o ci. .:Dimities, Organdies, el

Private G,,gin u o.the sigrial corpse '
a:tacshd tit the Fifth army corps, died Ourl Millinery Departitn.e1
o.n rjard the transport C:mal, Sunday ,
night. and was bu-ri-e at Port Tampa Is still doing a rdshiDg business. Stylish IRt at j
Monday r n-i:hi riln rrycnors. He tas Prices keep our millineh busy. '; .
formerly a private in thie Ninth Unitd 4 -
Statelonfan'tr. His dEaih was cause a d -0- @0 C l
by heart disease. -. 6O S 77e
:.6. You know we can save otl mobey onS s- -s
Lafavette street. from the bridge to Try us on the Onet pi 0 o-d. .
the Tampa Bay Hotel, is paved with 4 '
brick, but no one would ever know that 4 *

ered to a depth of sit inches ias Brothe Tmo
places with dirt. The street cleaning" B
gang has not been seen for weeks on
that street, and ir placed at work there ..t

the gang could be kept busy for several

Judge Barron Phillips will go to Bar-
tow this morning for the purpime of
hearing arguments on the motion for a
new trial in the'case against James
Johnson, the colored soldier convicted
of the murder of Joab Collins, at Lake-
land, during the riot in that town.
Judge J. B. Wall, the state's attorney,
will also go and will argue against the
granting of the motion.
The volunteers that are placed on
guard every day at the various ware-
houses of the commissary and quarter-
master departments do not have an
easy time although they appear to have
little to do, when they are seen sitting
In front of the warehouses with a gun
across their laps. Nearly all of the
men would rather do guard duty
around the camp than to be on guard
for twent-'-four hours in the city. .
The First Florida regiment has been
temporarily attached to the Fourth
army corps, commanded by Major Gen-
eral J. J. Coppinger. The Florida
regiment, with the Snd., Michigan and
5th Ohio, form a brigade In General
Kline's division. These regiments
were formallv In the Seventh army
corps, commended by Sajor General
Fltzhugh Lee. There is now little. It
any chance of the 'Florida regiment be-
Ing sent to Jacksonville.

Will be witnessed with a great
deal more po nfort if you pro-
vide yourself with a stylish and
light weight Bummer Suit for
the day. We have snappy and
nabby effects for men of Mante
in swell pattern in cheviot and
fapcy worted suits, stylish cas-
unieres and worsteds, \for all
age, and all alsae of men and

i~i !. :- : "


D. r. FAIRCHILD. PMewiwt. .3. ILL3 1IF t
L. F. -rbAXnP, Oee srr- ri..ss "

Brokers and Dealers Min Lst

Assrting, Grading, Curing ad Baling at
Cropse estimated. Planting and Harvmgo'
bacco Superintended.
S" 5RAL r IMT.,. .



-m-.CAPITAL $100.000o .
Largest capital of any bank south of J3.Ai T lh9,
business. Every accommodation olasist.ea-t .il
banking granted. Have unsurptesed 1 'Nt
for making collections at all poa i
the United States.
and I. S., CrLt


Importers and Retailers of

SMil Order Dei
We have a regular orgaPi7eA-
vision of one of the firm for this blrana,
at a distance can send for samples
any order entrusted to s filled 'ttint
care, and at the sme prices awif
us fqr samples and prices ona
Line. Our store has beenapecin
of a Dry QCod baness. It
best op ,rS an08o 4--.4ae
to reader it the most uasftl,

Goods mais m treetdanuhm ~.-i

425, 421



C. l C les Piced Up Among e Geor- ElectiUn retains as d a d Re- tRe.-. w of o-
eie ftdps at TsLa. r r i. d n by Ma-ai- Bi glans and F oridius. salt Publicly LnnomueM. at .Msh h 3S ,t. shi.i
.-y -erit w~ o !t .lContract to Supply the Govern- -_____
meia i Wate Tampar ald was le'ed tofa
ro Il 5 T Tu rsday w- a. GBUBBIIGG IS 10W THE GAME FRANK BOWYER TO THE FRONT bc.7n.B"a ts 1c
^j^-.-.. ,-9 St. Petersburg, June i-The lorn gr rabtect a dut, of S en-e....
HlI Um g- utaat the drouth bas at lat been broken by a Punishment for the Soldiers as krof- The New Mayor and Counrilman pound, and hose contalnig moe tIln .
- isiamp gd rin. eetat"on table to the Land Owners-Mary- Take the Oath of Offce-P rank toecr o hltstagtoeia ro
-. Pefitted, but frequeSt aund heavyE] eo-etor h ols tl bst e a
Hita e ad Coin- rains will be needed before the orange land and District of Columbia uen Elected President, of violated nla the decision of the
Deartmet tthe ecof tnhelog se t Well Represented. Cty Counc il.
t1."' of the orange crop Is gene anyway but _______ ^ aj Go I .V M "
O" a few proves still held a fair proper--
of the fruit. As for the pere From Sundays Daily. From Saturday as Daily. DR
ebees aesagae in Comman- a few more good rains will develop the The First Florida regiment .. f Lnlted The last ofcial act of the city ad-
Stflted States army stat- ou fruit weU Anyay we feel tas oteer under cromand of mntistraun headed by Hon . s h e and e to Waver
I 'f .as will be seen from thankful for the blessings and greater Major Williams. 0intw one of the bet Gleit. mayr, was peroromed last nigow e
Athe d ones In propoirton has at- Co equipped regiments of volientrs men n t The nNewM ayon otnssuon ot whimch d the lles--and toecna iie
gd a alh l The t.t Peternbur Pineapple c.. camp ThLnogh the unlsirng n ath onc o F. e er n
I In.fOite do thoe Tampa Bay hav e prospects of an sab udaent crop of of Lieut Harrise reimetal quter- h Fra Bowyer is the omia ented Y .
-" ty : Com- fruit as nearly everyplant is crowned master on the staff orf Col. Williams, the e- m etaed l ,a ufflce m t
keartass Wurth Army Corps by a young apple. Fortunately they regiment was supplied last week ithO 'Ih change in the management of'From SaturdayFs Daily. clses e fe
Taa Wa. Ju t A hav ot t een greatly Injured by the shelter t.e. The s tents are only cy a ffair was Wnesed by a largely The flag donated to the Leesh. RsS. Ds
-.TW a, Jn e L 1. dry weather. Their tobacco has also large enough to shelter two men. and number of citrn, a ot whom hopel Rifles bythe ladie o thatnclassic f itte a
tl tdenrf so. L) grown well, and an ee ellent crop is when the regiment is the mah t ha the new officials wil inaugurate city. was presented by Shrff -No
Staorelw of the m now being cut although, for cvartoou ten- s are carried with the other belong- an era of en irphe., progress and pirs- of take county yesterday who went d intio. |
S a d. utier ^my, reasons they were unabhtleto put in 0s ings of T he men, on tieir baks, iIor pit or Ta. a, tho e mad etryopotu ofi t their camp at DeSoto wlit e ore Tp al to l
.2.ldtks ais troopss at quality is much better this year than The men the Florida regiment have ditnth_ ha been the most itmFportao nt assembled by the Cr-ptot Geo Ee Lefl a o ell es ,
4&u eSiedD last. though fuuy one salf being wsip- beeoSme expert in handling gruoblng nlty l.n te Uniteded States, owl to It, the cremoniebesgan. o She-slff sra-t-
? perK be wies and axessnfo and palmetto roots cow naeurat advantages, and geographical I rup In behalf of the lad lres of L reebarg. Ip ktWv
t Ini teq o A wedingl of much Interest took place have no terrors for them, as they have position. m a reseedaton seeh ig .
"r 0 at t e he S Congregt onarl church on June gru o ed up nearly all of the roots in The city council which have held office hlluslon to the three colors e
S.' 1st when Mr. Harry Pepper nd Miss the company streets. This ork Is or the past two years met promptly at on te fla: "Red. Wte Iteads B
laz tta 0unteoenecai' LBna vWelpon wes e married in the prop- gioen the seen as punishment and the q o'clock with the following members were onot only brIlliant to expresaion. inca pOp.t
b.-. ence o a u arg concourse of relatives result is the owners eff the land will present: President Moore, Oounclmen but enthMlatcln I entment. e r
SSllate s ea h d tfrlend& have a large tract cleared at no ex- Holmes, Kinyon. Dombrowdky, Brengle, asked the boL to retain It to pthe fair em ilM
at the mna Bay ohn W. Thaekara. of Palmetto ar- penae. ecklwith, Spaord, Dorsey and Poee. givers untarnished and that when doty
l n et bwilF y o eurh e C n rived last week and wlU spend the hum- Lieutenant Colonel Webster. om- Mayor Gillett. City Attorney Hunter. called them. everto rememberthe te ,. Art ,
'the asdlvsiona and mer with f. Ira Gore. mmader of the First battaion of the and several other official were alao ard stripes, and a in rteo t h ewth es y -
t r, the Fourth army A concrete sidewalk has Jumt been.put First Floridal makes an ideal ofl er. in attendance. the plaudit 'We1 Done.' ----la
t lted S some down In front a of Cl Jennss' new land He meanm business, and there I no fool- .The minutes of the last regular meet-' "b l e
?S'ia 5 alitd theecee o fce biding. It is a decided ira- ishness among the mes in his battalion, ing were read and approved, and husi-) DE--FNSI CNOB E
No.t. aternaster, and the prowemenatto that portion of th ave- The men are given abundant worth, and ness was transacted as follows: i iAFNr6 CAw e NOT BE CEK b ifly t 4,Jl
'%depo1Ztt t. o noue. they have ar time for skylarking or -A petition of the city auditor asking cantte a --- 'T a ty-
"Se ets^B.C r ha Mr. Hung Sommerville is in town homesickness, for permission to employ additional a-' by local appi
e e dthe oLrS to-day InspectUin the repairs jst corn- It i a noticeable fact that a smaer lsitance, was granted. There was l noio e rachIthe disea ed portion of the ,a-r. -
1 y-i toAd. aob pletedq on the roads and bridges, number of men from the Florida regi- business of Importance transacted, I There ls onym one wbay to cure deaft
BaU niSaterd ommand-t The home of Mr. and Mtrs. Ramsaur t orke seen os the streets of Tampa cept the pre....tarton and .ro Iand that e a by constitutional remea ..E s -
Swas mad happy last Monday bry the during the day and evening, than any th i .n of inspectors and cier l if;ic af nes ls caused by an inflamed son- ..M---
Sadvent of a pretty baby daughter. other regiment camped here. Since the thlast il election amounting tr in taonh "e mucous lining l the Bn .
silt ates4tro. t hatr Ca pet Wn B. Denhsa. superintendent government has supplied the regiment a A vote of thanks was ndere re ou i tacan Tbe Wnen this tube get in- If you-wantt ka-
e.stablihe anrtrn, and ha. sow P trn scarcely ancgtenbling among the x-nec.us iu f-' the ,dignised a,,nd e k-icienredt ebs tore, d afnes istoLHe Syrup
Sb.wIn do^msn Tkese The mans- friends of Dr. Claude Bran- .All appear to be ostisfied, and ore ti- mannr to w oreyutded n us- tn te,- .

e&aenB Ifoo pohWainnto adathilos he retrdotoItonoraloh aDoeand Po.gie suranhe.andthweOn
llle d ihvere ilaless e inrgia wsen have not yet been sup- rede, and at during the entire timeo i ntared condition ofh the poo *rcom sb i 8 A
n.a'"dlwitOJdiasrf" Dr Dr. B urgess. for the part twenty j plied with uniforms, and wn-rn the men he had never had l en unkinId feeling for d s oes ndon of te urn f a t
i 8rkm ic ncr hts hsewlyears san asy inspector at Havana, t i come down town wearing the old gray a n e .ber othe Pil a t" We l one .
sSpete ort ha his spent Mondaty In town. mln iltia uniforms, they attract consider- n o mibnerofthe sel e l ve oe hundred dollar for t
t hotel. s "Baked bean" upper was given ableaentn The chair then appointed Councilman any ia-e of Deafness (caused by ca- Ig a
Sby the Woman's Relief corps, at the G. Both the parsorida and tellers toi tatrih that cannot be cured by Hall's
y the Woman' l ef i corpsda. ot the. thnts ha bnor aled ueogn ista ngr ri the re rtd f tpgnrlic Coas'dau're. Send fu cir.ular. *fe. O. H
d ii baked beans, cake, and Ice-cream were of times to frnh large ditach-O c tion, nd tnhe -o.r fp Pd J. CdNuB-I. 3, & CO. Tol 0
A. IY l1UW s -l bountifully sentrved and a very pleasant ments for guaIrdutvat various store- TlecanassheldJtant I the e following Sold y uggists, 7e s .
.ta Popula Yong Dr. Qtinten. t'. S. A..' has been mak- fevr hls kind of work tO the monotorny etl ohiydeic s Dig down to the cause of your sick- -
P4tm yrbra- tg a peasant visit here. of remaining in camp. but'do not like
-41L__-f.- Prof Chass Aeto's cottMS re is completed to take ittk meals with them hen they Treasre. Gordon Keller o a ess. Mf you want to nget wcell and
'Kn. "and open to the public. His etill fue- star out for .ihis c-r. .. ...... O R, &tS 1*aheon c li mahes absolutely piern water fur drink- Since the departure of a hb rac ularl t aA RD CO I irri.ta1ting ostoma of fermnting, putrid Therewas
fae .'A Linona's Ing. cooking, and baths. Many of our roots, the volunteers-have been re- Ward 1. Elmer sebb, Vf Losley coose e neuraigi-tenertomsnessoh b" aytocsrede
-SiI broken, and townspeople are being supplied with quired to do alnl guard duty, and they Brown. ca use head-, a vache aoa nnerrohtt b cntuioa
le one Oftbe f t ai d and the water wlrwch is pure. sparkling. are finding out that there te something Itrd --Jce; ii Philis, Haro W I n ni ach ache, n *- OB t Is
Wt n.leercey t he filled heaIthfuf and cheap. else to be done in army camps besides tin ecn. t a tablilty, af ndi all the other well u dssn d
APllt'Kei home of the Miss Alice Ainsley Is visiting friends loafing around the regimental camps t ard .-Frast k Bruen, Henry Kraute. y atosofcauem mnyis painsnt-es
"'en and Pauline at Warell. and wil remain there some- and taking things eaey as they have ard -Oscar Manrara, Ramon R1 orders which ae often eld toSer iL
-is& rd ndiw- gme. been accustomed to d. on elate encamp- orrSy. Ae ca.es and whche are ot eanly laidn to ethe md u v
5r therl neea 0 Dr. J. G. Gitmer and wife. of Tampa. mei ts COUNCILMt AT. L.ARGE. cts "n "s he poso are ntesriyued t, -
een handsomely dec- havetaken rooms for the summer at The First Distrt of Columbla regi- n. R...MOREY. ut as soon as tchel npo isonsader ie r mved,
,aSid whIte Mg nol "Three OQaks." They will probably to- toent of United States s.olunicers t J'.aMiES N. HOIFtt_. appear because there Is nothing left iSl i)
E e el PL -ace hblocs cate here permanently, composed entirely of men fross Wash- F RA _NCIS L. WING. 'appearto cause then, Nothing succeeds in ft
t heIrfrgance and Mrs. T. M. Clarke. accompanied by ington city. A large number o-f men BOAneD OP PBLtICh WsORKS.i this Ike Shker D igesive s eCorda h s
In"^""' r ""Ifln Mary eBatea Ailen. left on Friday formerly worked In the government W ard it-R. T. Webbo. icanme it prevents lthe ondted food
gg to dre vedatthe for erna. tMls.. where they wsill join printing office, and their calls are appre- Ward 2-Wa. B. Hendereson, fermenting In the stomach and b i
Stl traie of Capt. Clarke and spend the summer, cated. In this regiment there are Ward 3--J. B. Anderson. helopse the sthmacb to digest it food, ?S
l tf DetMp aie the Messrs. Maoeav intd McCahp are car- also a nunher of men who have been Ward 4-George T. Chamborlrn. heldti b toIinitLts loo
rying out a project t for supplying the emnltoyed as clerks in the various gov- After the announcement ad the nots oer byrottle.s, pretole s "
an of the g-ovriment vessel with water from eminent offices in Washington. All of of each candidate as shown by the ct.aprb .whh
Seof iBrooker cree, a dam and reservoir these have the satisfaction of knowing canvass on motion of Councltman Betick- TAm NOTICE c
k q-eS wd by the arm be h ln en llt from which engines vowl that they can get the same places again with. the persons named were declared -- o
UmeB.theAoia et- oa the watr through a irate and a after the war. elected to the offices named. Notice is hereby given that one. .- 'y
y. bhal of mpnsRes lthe cay. Where theG The FIft l Maryland regiment, camped A protest oen behalf of the Cgtrens Charlcy Grant I e not In any dreefer 2.
f "S upon tlseo water ft is feet deep. Ttanks will be on the banks of Tampa bay near the League was made by M. B. Macturln-ne recogised as the lawful howbnd ofthe e
rB e to'e erected so'tht la-ge enThrts can readily garrison reservation, is composed of as agatist the ertelou of Harry LevIck, undenied, ad that will nt teer- "..,
t re 2slon o-tabke thevatemr on bae it a n anlimI- fine a set of officers and men as ever. as councilman from Ward 2. Hle con- ate the use of his narmlBn desal'st" l
-j.isnqraom eleot. ted usiflry of water cpus be obtained went into camp. The men are all gen- tended that the votes had not been me in the rotors as the sae l Charley
madei^ td grouped from the creek and the work will be slemen, and the regiment Is the pride of fairly counted, ansd that V'. Hi Frecker, Grant forfeited all rights and crims th-bs
i, perforNed rapidly pushed to completion. Baltimore. Whenever there Is any was elected councilman from that ward. to me when he wfllu y and wthu :, ,c
e, e b rowydism around town, anyone can rest it wan decided that the council bad cause or provocation let my b ed
PMC@p WpIaIng tws assred that the Fith. Thryland men no sue.ority to go behind the returns, and roof over a year ego His whee-
ad no pam Is the proeeilgngs and thte n prtt could n e co- aouts kno I dreto
Dr eTpein Th foingtap has benm f r -p r 'nC si dered by the counMcil. The matter smige my ma den naeth au y Chrsi '"
the"1-.1e-^d. togf thaeSS ti s nitinr. o St Em niOnn c OF ampi.ut n wllnl et rouga t beore the G annewy l neted Grant. rYee Christ ans togwey, l ,a y .'
b P Cb Sm setoncla i Ity: w o Se itXea Fe e city cooncile. There was M a diff erlence l wit Indgin "The
an. enate h pbi t. .H D..t of of outenly two votes between b ,elork akn a
IndL Sioncettee, departur ee mintheaoute wofndu the p roeeadt Fourth as fu hey ingr oIlud 1.a ^
MslesM as e e tLny Mr the Thaer e for Nwrfod le ft1hetihet an tpcerve. Tampa In Is now ead nrters for t
4Fl40 I JuestlTtloW. fore Its d. h rings, on motion 0e Council wen aW. the trooasp onprising th corps v M
MonasIg. wasbgeagun. the fot r l twng b omhnowsky, a vote ofrthanks -as se h all he here u gias corp Is nearLy ps
in brn an.. dw. s l -l te ered by the coiunctl to Hen. t a. large as the Fifth armycorps n t B
-iklr the stadin enmlttees n t New Yo rk Okemat Glileit, mayor for the manner In which ma-ned 'by General Shac tern seva, l
,fefiled.b Tnca. Qesbe of oierb dnfth orps hasce been transferred o
O Msi lI te nd of the The minoten of she meeting were read the Fourth as they were tint included
and i !s ee tIm.mibnratIon. Mr. Both T. A. asoen, demonstrating his dim- On motion the council then adJourored the raswpiLonrt Goftener.alhCoppotger.351MintA"
.vano(Den.. J.0 ..Gi wasr -appointed tpoaen t r sine die and the councilmen vacated commander of the Feotetbt oosy is now .
f b he oommtttes: Civil o SI a e I Bd, etsnrh ; Immigration, for Consumption (Pulmonary Tubercu- past two years and three months, to divisions and brgadeis One brl-
]itc raKdL ,,106 shreeat of the Mysslltpol ri-er.l losis) and all brochial throat lung THEt-NEW COUNCIL. gade of the Seventlhamy corpsl is sl
s he to pemae the Unlvere- As the old W council retired, the newly here. It is the brigade commended by
tft of C the United states and addttiona od chest diseases, stubborn coughs, electedoffliials entered, and took their General Henry. and white is camped on
_sBi'? hlt. t e gt fn ac omodathons for the Library of catarrhal affectionsa. eenersal oecline iaces. Palmetto Beach. iK f

and weakness, os of C.C. .Whitaker, as notary public ad-
and weakness, loss of lesh, and all con- ministered the oath of oflce to Hon B1BPORE YOU RIDE TOUR EWHIL s
CoiC-o hsrsoner d three freehbottlesn ay, ll sffd t) of b Frank C. Bowyr the newly elected p
m e r bmyayor, J. M. Henderson. city clerk andBale sure"to shake Into youreshoevir l ,--ry
rv N. -ne he New Discoveries to any Lfflicted reaer all members of the new ct citycouncil tlen's Poot-FaLe, a Dowder for the feet. s lssdue"
g.. l tr .f ad oe t commissiontl ners of he T writing for tem, with the excep oti on t keeps your feet cool anm o om 1by il l
i"be lknd e p olm n Hit"'New Scientific Treatment' ha' Brown, son as absent.t
S-arjson nearly aday, The morning see- cured trsasnde permaoieutpy "y its The next proceeding wa the organi-eI prevents swelling feet hand pakes yao
let wifa devted to eoes em and re- timely usa, and he considers it a simply nation of the new council. On motion endurance ten-told greater. Over 11.,- Sl0 in
""l.i r wm:- p the county re tratot h bs ea.ne, proteseonal duty to suffering hu..ant.. of Councilman Holmese, Mr,. KFranke O wheel people are uing" Allen's Foot- ft I
-Mr.. younrs. ute anumber ofn m eps t resotrick-s. a .tril.1,i ntilbncr. Bruen was elected president of the Ease. They al praise It. Ladies, In-
enfromOw Mr. Broen hae e thanked the aeth-aconiferrto smart ng hot. swollen. ab-
asd 1 iomosession, was the holding of a con- perimentiug for )ears. has produced re- would endeavor to always be impertlal stores, tue. Sample free by mall Ad-
.-afT were wt1h the Tampa Gas Company. sulte asbeneficial to humanity as can isL.niSrulings. _idress Allen S. Olt .ed, I .-Roy. f. Y.
Tb& conferen e waas o inwhloh plans be claimed by any modern genius, His Mr. Bruen suggested that the first! ..-
aprllgh1tnd the cont corhue assertion that lung troubles ant con- duty frf the council would be to call for Jese Castellanos, th alleged Spanih
l s' vsey 4 e seBpsurnl are*A curable in any climate is a report from the city auditor and allt spy arrested In this city several weekss
S Q' B r'ARUkNTEB ON ROORD. proven by "heartfelt letters of grti- other city officials.. This was agreed; ago and sent to Po-t McPherun, near
SS --- trade. filed in his Amercin and Euro- o. Atlanta has been ret-asad -by crder
-ow oIc,-nese have now been wel pean laboratories in thousands froL The rules of the last council wpre e- of the war department, without forma
tried, .and hae proven al we slaim Ce tboe cured in aIll parts tot fIe world. porai nG adopted it) of a ourt-martll of day kind.
S" W rs t cNotice of contest of the election oft Castellanos had relatives In th isety.,i
tbem W ebsack oer ftJthe fth ou w chial chest and lung tr-otubei lead to Harry 1,eviek as councilman from the. who vouched for iss patriotismhut- dig
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o-.oy ins 50.ffog withmconsumpteon, whdch, uninterrupted of W. Fe nd r. he contestant. Thel to Atla Rn teltn.-d to a prowl-

we iieth vofhm e o r ia n take etter's BR 89 Pine street. New York, giving post- were Invited to the office of the mayor,selease.ur h
'..5. b^a'r Blood Purifier aotording to dl office and express address, and the free where an elegant midnight luncheon1 I .
"rictoss and if it does mt 'ores them medicine will be promptly seot. Suf- was spread. May-or Bowyer assisted, Late to bed and early to ri e
-' o A torta lt the medicine ferer should take ioslant, advantage of by COl. Peter 0. Knight did the honors.a man for h home In the es. '
PIA-;- s ag dicinaW tis 951the n octnr that yeu saw [Mayor Gillett turned over the keys ofth.........and
TWO this ffer i. thA ahe city. or more properly the keys of atmakes a a t
the win s,!5tr4-5 in c5 T 2'j y the offle and desk to his successor, and wiser. a L ena&rd1 & Co. c
otie he provided briefly wished him abundant success In 'B
on **Ofil ,5ta as in the office tr which he had been elected. Donet forget the tact that the Ta
-R 18, M+ C- H. Mills and dlughter, MNiss The popping of corks then commenced _
e ea( Ruth, have gone to Tennessee to spend and the soldiers passing the city ball e or too l9eWO
s i the summer among the miuntalns Mr. Imagied that a bombardment tad he- am job Wmti. Uweret
A*Me diceo rKulla, the city ticket agent ofthePltgu-Ibobardment ad be- n
Systmm and Mr. Clark. assistant ticket etiean wash.,
= :ISONIn ages.a e anm ow keeping baceleor's hall TOBACCO QUION
C apLt. Walter es-, formerly oom- oeletor ofi Cutom 7 1 FibS a Peition K
mandur of the Ga vli ,e hoards isI in thoU. .L COWt
DO& B the city. 1 Sa bee accepSted I-on
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SLEGAL AD VERTISEMENTS ec $6; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of aw 1-4, and MAB .TS ,ALE..
the n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of no 1-4 of sw 1-4 rof
Ssec 3. township 32 south; n 1-2 of nw 1-4 In the Circuit CaQrt of the 1xth Ju4 -
Iotics of Institution of Suit by At, of ne 1-4 of nel- 4 of sec 24, township 31, cial circuit of the Btee of loida. Sm
tachment. south, all In range 25 east, the sw 1-4 in and for HMlisbaough county, ft
of nw 1-4 of sec 34. township 31, south. chancery:
In" th lbCr itCsuert of the xt Judicial and the w 1-4 of e 1-4 of sec 16, In Mary A. Poe et a,v. iA Fr k- .
1i-township 32, south of range 26 east, the Its, et, s o.at. sre atess on sof nsags
Ei jW .m qam I_1Bst I by th Wr ,,io, .,s. ofFo 0 5. oliI.- f -I of o 1-4. and the o 1-2 of w 1-4 Usde and ,T.y tos- ases f e Ier ,N,.
S" bar.gh county. of sec 34; the se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec onre of megg.'e f der a ,ont |o'b w s so .a to f
eJIf tpot t& Tie uLtabg M factunmg C"& ompany. a cr- lownahip 2. south of range 25 east, lots wMAY .A sMIW-. by We H a.harun. tkS
Ue"' U Oig" tPRESIDENTo...PROGREStSIVEhe ..... teooutOo ..-ef the e ,a al....D. hheo .
SoojselLIasyo fhmoFh nsn.W 4. .i, 6. 7, 8 9, e10 and u1 of subdivision-' S d'^ Thi simfamno
: ______ oSTn TojTUna e f of Medora, add lots 10. 11. 1, 13, 14,16. itbaDi0 ost dsdosln i ueiatn. t
1 pssas tO utCt ut,o buonoa -it i t, 17, 18, 34. 35. 36, 37, and 38 of block noulcry t ftrnotof be caourne bor n arils lbsg Ml

fifotice is tsereby given that the above nw 1-4 of ne 1-4; ne 1-4 o l nw l-4,.and e 1ine mnd be>BKIn the couty of l wi*
entitled at- wheiretom e l and b ig e o- 1-2 of w 1-4 of ow 1-4n of seo 9; no 1-4 oci f Tamps olFtd a od morae p afore aide
tiPrW Afraid Wi Nt Wait for the Pal of Sonti- facturing Company I s plaltnuff, and ne l-4of ec l0; lo 1-4 of ne 1 -4 of sela tOeI|be, O. .
Tt t OThoAmtasak Tho, Peples, late prtne n hip 17, soth D. range east; ne 1-4 be i s i
the firm name any style of tbb range 17 east, ne 14 of Citrus: n 1-4 of a t y ) to Sb t Io 1g w
t' tlb' A4-.h1 Wi'th Army and Navy. Tison & Company are defendants, has township 18. south of range 17 east, se ._ & o
Sbeen institute by attachment, and that 1-4 of nw I-4 of se 1, townshpd w 1at btder, 1he f9., o i o s t c-lbwd n
SNotice is of attachment thereiven hat the ve been 1 th or nge 1; ne 1-4 nw a 1-4e in and bn e cnt of ,bo
2the State of Floridao and various coon- of ne 1-4 of nwtec 14, of see 9; ne 1-4 of and oG of ad more ad i dt
order was upothefloigpoetstaeauring Comst pas pla nu, and ne 1-4 of se; 1- o ne 14 of se Grade Fertilizer
at,'a .A Washonfton, juns l- l f therein as d more particularly de- of se 1-4 of sec 31, all in township nine- onW

t lIe tb sh1to aed tiy PTdet McKinley. corm- scrbed as eeples, late partners tee ship 17n, south of range 10 east; ne 1-4 and Unc aT Te otr of fthe ly Pt
Siven. mnder In chief of the army and navy. The foen property being situated the ne 1-4 of sw I14 of sec h7. lot one soutt r o
SLon th. J. Cptoer, comnin the foTuth eht undivided interest In lot ran2. of ec east, of sw 1-4 of sc and the ne 1-4 of the I top f
toie y f army cor with hey ndquarte at Ta- 7, andhe se 14 of the de 1-4 of sec ,ha ne 1-4 of sec 1, all in township 18, south B

ALb.eae n- instit-t at Sadtla&o. os- se a-t4 of sec 0, the e 1-nt, of the of n 1-4 of sec 28, both n township Then why py 5 and e
It tated by te oitss of war -4 of attache lot one In sec 17, sw 1-4 south of range 19 east;, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4,
4 ,hbtr Gepartent that tte army to a sent o uw see 17;acc lots on law, and twolevied of d ne 1-4 o se, township 0, south get strtly high grade, rebl r e

lrtr r Ad d from Jacksonvole as we as se e 1-2 ole 1-4ot eile 1-2 of nw i-4 tp 17, south of ran 20 east; the w 1-I ,
S T of ec 1; 1-4 of se 1-4 o sec 18 all f 1-4 of sec 14. and ne 14 of IDEAL T AND VIN
Spe to the Tre e. the Stat e ofnvile orm township 1, south of c rang 17 east 1-4 of sec 10, township 18. loth ve or ne -.
tSlW & AC.--A tu- Wa- thCe etonh army orps, which Is ties oth nw1-4 of thesw 1-4 of f tf 0 es1-4 nof se1 34, alln 1-4 tof nsl nseh -pni n -
S e t em "e~~~~d by Presidentaor cGnley. oolt- scrbed ru tollownship south of rane 16 of nw 1-4 of secnge 18-4 oft; nw 1-4 of e and V TABLE MNU
m. C hif e. The, oem-de t rf en i-4one5or .w 1-4. so 14 lot1 n Tom se. se .In w hi fo ftheamyannayTh .... *... prpet bein g.

t. The rae'r corw ith head at and half acres in n corner of sec 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 2, all in township OOf NE A POT ............ ;...
1 1 1s4 T to tmr-mtes poepare bi s in rps Of both in township p 31, s outh of range 17, of range 19 east, a 1- st; of ne 1-4 of mue SPEC IA LMIU E ..
A= ji. ft^t6 M-o Porto tico without awaiting in s t e of see 7. e 1-2 of nw 14 of see 27, and the w 1-2
avjs*' at 2"5i:co. Uon W ^Wse ?L fse9.tee12 o oll1-4l o see2,both^. Inec twsi 1%p) ernr ^t^ rt Pri :

e 00 smrWrtafs m Tthe Oals of amacrn er of c 8; lot one in sec 6, aw lot one 1-4, and ne 1-4 of swt; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4, Tnwy pa$8an.......
l t h atv to am he sent of w 1- 1; lots one ond to o ann sec 6, townhp 28, outh of range 1 of s 1-4 and se 1-4 of n 1-4 of 14 oftly high grade, relie
bI s to the to orto 1U to illrt beaoe the east; m- Meekers o- o -4 of sec OI ow n of,- sw 1-4 of s nw 1-4 of, and oe All erttr material at c mLk pl

S n~ ofromL J -e s from aeksre wll e ti lmed o meet 1-4 of se 4, t1ownlp 28, l tp h of range onw -4, and ew 1-4 ofe s1- otf scl-
. m the the fleet mailing frotm Tama. 16 east; sw 1-4 of ow 1-4 of sec 3, and township 21, south of range 20 east, and

S th Of s 1-4 of see 11, township 31, south And also the following real estate s- tt(N IO R IiR II
,1^. tato f*o-- nw 1-4 of se 1-4 and n 1-2 01 sw 1-4 of of sw 1-4 of sec 1 township 124 of a IND VI ..nh i
7Wt ebop at J sonv, ll -Governm &e t itownehlp 31, south of range 7 east; n 1-4 of sec 4, township 14 south of range 6 t i
im I BsT amy c e wich n and alloff the nw 1-nd so1-4 of sw 20 east; nw 1 o 1-f sec of ..e ; nhip 17 4 aranoOGnttEl.....e toccorti. .
w -MsaP1 Z coo --W by oeor G1ne1 Fitz- a 3, townshilp 29, south of range 1so f n e 1 9, r cn 1one 1-4 of ns 1-4 D a adG ANohle b
NY p IThe r der af Genera st; ne 1-21 of ne 1-4orw 1-4,1e of 1; lot 19 In of c 1, township 1, s t ..

S &* *1 t that yeow fever r Bad appeared In And also the foIlowl.g real restate 3 1- Io ne 1-4 of se all In to lp M......
w'd ta tt. Yes teda' Assott d cor ner of lothe C ounty oi S. pter,nd lot e and e 1- of w 1-4 o se 6; nw 1 CORN .......................
to Sms dsetiago ttii have to i nfd the troops os6 townshe p 2h, south of range 15 of se 1- and Be 1-4 of ow 1-4 of se 1-4 of D

lj* r n to tMwpMretwi n to Pert ry t a te ehe, th east; e a 1 o sw ;l of se2, town- sec 9, ne 1 oow ia r1-4 of se 2, anwd ne All of eet Wir mater w Pn, ecet lot block 7,
9* ipi elen s ^ture of W the i on, an Citcn aren can ship 30, south of r oe 1-4 est n 1-acf 1-4 o se 1-4 of se 36; all In township 20 blockW, 1I Dd I
StdIl beh Tmes-Unon db o the oops 1-4 of se 1- and ,fr tonal se 1-4 of oe 1-4 block 9, oanged bloks 271, 2 1, andw 1-
-,t othe nto n, JalJuni e 14 -4etimed to meet 1ee to hp 28, th of ra n l and rcdw 1-4 5of B oce 1-4 o sel,
-ccPta teo er ober spprhz ol16nat oetenb-4of o 1 4-4 of c c1-4 o fs ec tO, lot s t 1e Incs 1i of anc 1t, sn

S s h ases of low fever t Menr, a in s sot I of e ,-o4 tLotnshitp 19. south of ran l t 2e1 east
-a Inoa .nu. and atetu have been is-hen, not east, alt of the to 1-4 of ne 1-i In Lutist.- lot s 6to 10 ic ielok 17 a nd t 3 ',
,5Mt baM L h of the f t cst a; see oo, too ouip Ii, soStb And also the following real estate sit

a1y possblpty of anepdemic otrse w 1 -4 of mee1-4of nec ,andae 4, tots 17 to 0 Inclusive In block 16 in shc -mls,, oooeusoa S "
', t of n dwtoof range, township soth of range. ;1-4 of se uata In the County of arson: Ne o
YE W i h. o township south of raseceto e uth of and the of w 1-4 and nw 1-4 of ane 1- g as clastT fes I-rs f

Ptcr.Sh froso Srwo1-4 Mu rray cf that of aw 1-4 of ec 31 in 1- to w 1-4 o f o th e 1-i of n e 13 o n of Le : T12he south foeb i.m-:
Nq V1, olnflrylllstg the As000iati Pres se 1- range et, w 1- 4 of 0e 1- 4 of sec 30 4 of range s 1-ast, ofc- 0 a l 1-4 of ow 1 wuma 1asnys e Setal a ,hd ."
u wmt r. It. D. 32 3, township 10, south of range 1:1 east; M of n w -4 sec 16, township 11, sooth a .e gOyt l -7. ma I d w h ..

g o t h marbasb eo ae 1-4 o se 1-4o sec 12, and frarctona, range 14 east; e 1-4 of sec 1i township A m a 2lea n f dsowae 1 ,.to.-
'z~ .bvtbl. I. T ow stalloned atmationar 1-4 of w 14 of ec township south rane oh of range 1 east; sw 1-4 of ne 1-4nno_ a n Guanoestmheme aoltof tf.'
2 oered to-day o proceed directly s outh o f rang e 1-20 east;of ne 1-4 of sew 1- o ne 1-4 of se s 1o8, tofwn 1-4iof15, south9baoUs A
or p Menl days it has be ae of of ec 12. township 19, south of range 1-4 of n 14 of sec Ias t ne 1-4 of nw nship soth e d.

tha y Camp Footnobleo, the Fellow fever eat; se 1-4 of no 1-4 of sec 31, townhip of range t e east; sw .1 4 of on 1-4 of sec
aemblpet in operto ds Associated uate d In r 1, south of rage 21 east, se 1-4of aw nd, township 1 soth, and th ne 1-4 of Daioto. oS
st and whio Is ow Is re- 1-4 of sec townshIp 34, south o f range se 1-4 of nec 20, township 16 both to fD ait, 0 mlpy-
messf dorthbeponrmeda thes rep Saeolrd;range 16 east; a stp off south end ofL.of sD 1-4 ofuec ,
,953116111 au rorll e seen 16e the following d ths-,t e A nd a ls w 1-2 of sw 1-r of sestat ; Wit te ark ecplof 5w 1- o towk i and1
5 nthe Tmes-nion and Citizen a onfrm ed usted In le Conly of Ma natee: L ots soth8, and lots 9 1 t, ont11. and 1 in 0
i theM Washinton, madunhe-There As some and fractional e 1-,fivcf'ne 1-4 of see acr c""ndthose blockfo1, 2f-,, and
thrltn cases o. ell tow fever at n o aded nw 14 of sec 318. and fue acres In the township south h of range sen l east.

,2P i -ORL mod Maan tHOSPtal i t Carter Is 5w 1-4 of Ow 1-4 of sec 14, township o. And abso the foluowine real estate sIt-
-.t "- wt mar il and steps have been ta n ot g e 11 est, ota two ad uted in the County of Aachus se 1-4
hI~t .~e ottll W btat switharview to arer ter count),O in sec i 4, township 19, south 9 In blo os 33e and lot 15 In block 13, and -4,6Wabout s f w am IrEft. No Mo w

f r 2 range 21 east; sw l-4 of ne 1-4 and -os 1 tofs.INbownshlp 7 outh 1- aswof
S posa i lltyso mch f epidemic ,d t 1- 4 or aw 4 ofsc se 3 and t e 14 the n 1-4 of 0Ise I lok 1 s- oWf onw 1-40ft see 13,
-r .theSoyt In th. of Its 1-4 of sc 1,, township 34, south of township 8, south aw 1-4 of range 18 east aa tndd a
tM General W0a ofthm-rts. ngieen asgs 18 east, lots two three and four, n the w 1-4 of ne 1-4 of seo 1, I-n t own- atn&Clea. feh.W r
mttlf d gl its idont outsIde r township 3, south of rang 1 05 1-4and no 1- o of ye- f sec 24 n
"theitM these. ryae f that Ae 1-4 of no 1-4 of section 3 sw 14 oandse 1-4 twnshp 10 d alsoth ae follo ing rag este it- est,
-i B ca th % fermeae are s iocl tate he of f sec 1-4towose31 in Lotip south ra pated -n the County of Le1: The se su"Afwy. / amyfsIs==oa

h sast 1 acres it ss 1-4 of ne 1-4 of seeb eouth, range t east; s 1-s of tw 1-4 of ,M
hbrse abt $6omeury from last sos-u 13, township 40, south of range 21 ecat; se toe. osbtp 7 south, ~-n 17 east; i

Dr. D w.mnthe ofstrhwearmuchtinenevl- nwf1-41ofooese-4 of6.ec 7;o1w5s-4oofsw awl-4of sh-4Mofss eP.o; nlI- ofnwl-4 :/
- e- Wof Be1-4ofusee 1, t nd f 9, t easrne1at,t m pl as noe st; ne 1-f n of see1 tos 6 Abot M
was eredo-da Bui staipnro soed d t ofee 1-o 9an 1-4 of tseo 25, townsh 1 op 11. 15, south of 17range 1 east; usft
'...: to : seeoota 9, ,4a d n tlns e 1 ; lots 1, 1-4 o 1401 s -; se o 1-4 of n s 1-4, s 9;nd the
---t-- --o2 and 3 is sec 1, town1,ship 40, so uth of rage 21 I-4 of sre a toe w 1-4 of n e 1-4
.p Fontan stlea, the l ow fever east range 0 1-4 of ne 1-d lot n sec 2, towns of n e t 4 f to e oto nnIp o no 1-4 of se 1ouh-4; '

:2. 96-.4it,&i- h z ss s ns5..sen- ship 34. south of rane 17/ es-st. and ow 1- of sW 1-4 o see ,1-;fn e 1-4 of sec
S p put lsn operation during te ter ever t sy L us the of range 21 ety sof e 1-of s 7 township south nla;d the lose 1-4 o \s orILI

la yetaenreandwhichyin Mo ilIn 1-4 of sec 22.township 1 6, south of ras-geh of ow 1-4, -Io f ow 1-; an we- of sw 1-4
sawfote mtsd a lae outh of ne 17 ast, the se 14 of of see E, totns0p 7 south, 1m -4 of on
s-4 of 1sec 16, tonhp 4 east; a sp o south sf t-( h n-4 0. noo -4 n 0oe 1-4, oe

as mp m aIl. and thebsw-4eof se1-4cofmw-4rofsec one; ,t1t-. of 1-4 toef nee1-4,ofs1-4
?m. of P. r ,0 Co-, sec12 township n south of range Lo 1-4 of u er; the sn e 1-4 of wt 1.4 ofsnee "
q Lb s011 T2 to O Jrg t;nw4ofw-4,ndw4ofw 27; rded acres, and the o 1-4 of ne 1- of see 11,
It a tm 'al swa Ho. y tS ahsat d 1-4, and sw 1-4 of sec e1 township p nd also the fo.owng real estate sht-
~gmtb S l satn2d ltrttd srt'l i tmo wn there i see, tofwrh poane 0..South o a inr1-4a n e8 i ars t ne o 1-4 of nL ns 1-4
7. 3111peYry, w in the probsibliP of Its ne 1-4 of seclIS, township 4m south of sel-lneof see4, township

e s 0Yh 0 range 11 east,ls-Iwecetthe a 1- four, nem 1 4o ran ws 1- 4 of se11- 2 of DA a l

Sw 0 ha~ouo. pieUtt see the 1401 o se 1-4 of ow 14 and the w 1 of township a. ath of 'd I oI
00 m twitwO psokagus aud oacems 1-I of ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of w 1-4 in ee tange 19 east; 0 1-4 of sec 12, township The7os t Isomstsdn lof..
Si'ptp The eaeiaon Cat township S,, south of range -mast; 9, south of range 16 east; the e 1-2 of ste "l," ( n I si," ,nas ( i
-isy ra rognizdsd bWs wo ved o0r as n 1-1 of nw 1-4 of ae 2. township 24. 1-4 of sec 34. tokwshIp 7, south of range
4Most Un ltoe W 101 O Meuthof range 20 east; se V ofo nw 1-4 1s east, the e 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 7. and W -
!dB SAS,,t 1 eIVWW ad-wth ht .h" r s.bl and of sec 12, township 5, south of range 16 the ne 1-4 of se 1-4 of eec 20, in town- A t -n -m fam tO-A _i
2M a m" AWNisramtater an= the 3Otleoeu east ship 0. sooth of range 17 eastdaa Ffo 5&ibs l(easing at -fk ^
Hl ^fr ml l ag.And also the followingreal estatealtThe Said Thomas F. stubbs, W. Bcotia seor bow of @ W 'U ,a, m it e4 L OBar Se s -s.g.Iim
NJ tW& wibecame pme sPps anted In the County of s)eoto: sw 1-4 Tltson st Thomas I. Peeples, late part- II J: _a
Gfild onrs CC me -4 lot4-1- and 2, and the a 1-2 of nets in'5 1ado doIng business, and trad-' Steamers an
the. e xtWgm F dm- ow 1-4 of sec 17. e 1-2 of mu 14 of sec 18; Ing under the firm name ant style of6or eas;mb 1- o ..t sl f- Fie "I Pow
dlart l. & C, dne 1-4 of sec 19, the w 1-2 of ne 1-4. the ,Btubbs, Ison & Company, defendant IForJaekm Etaa,(eallstIb ..u... ..........-.
gland ug=am NO'r them whenBe 501 of 0124, and the e 1- of nw 1-4 -above named and all other persons I a n-t NlJa
& Msa s Mu Wims Pthe Of p pf e after of son 3; all In township 40, south of terested In said property are hereby re- r ew
BWtlBrow uap the lSpgaW e range 21 east; nw 1-4 and se 1-4. and n quired to appear to the said action on
.1- 1of sw -1 In sec 6, and the w se 14 of the fst Monday in Deptember 180, the (Ca0llng t Ch elMts. .. b8 ha sa .. SM
BA 'E- WJLDU ne 1-4 of sec 2S; all in township 41, south same being the 6th day In said month. IuMo5use'm SOelaYiCnreI0 -a j06m60 W l
M j. qof range 32 enat; the s 1-4 of 1-4 ofc
Of r a e2 easti t se m 1-4 of sw 1-4 of see and a rule day in this court, else a de- Am apsdf t l amass-lemf
eW 36., "2 a sw 1-4of aw 1-4e of east;mIfult willtbe dulyi entered against them t rootya Jofdg"aS 8usJaoos=m . .
3AM", ,LB 31 to i 6 soith of range 23 east; in s ort, TU
ii =4'SlIs01 iP- B D OS Dil ne o sw 1-4 of 1. Iand ail frat' LInBO G CRIN C.. maidrURT RxS
-,ehSsao.m i H5 ,. lional of se e 8. township 40, south of PlaAnti. CL DE'ST. O iWS
00i06 0d 0 sad MBladder rnnge 2 east; as 14 of no 1-4. and the 00 SPintif
"im- ss Imi, Mn Il a.sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 of sec 16; sa 1- of ne 1-4. F. Attorney for Pl.S1 tNff.-
mmn3t sIo Swteak ut IB = and e 1-4 of sW 1-4 of gsec V. township Jacksonville, Palatka.' Saniord, E t --
A** I B ^ ^ a 31. south of range 25 east; 'e 1-4 of so'
Se -4 of ec all of sec 17, and the ne 14 Notice of Final Settlement. mediate Ttrt L1uId4ns o. th;S: 531i
06XSwi s and BaWW ddInot ,of u1e 14 of sec 12, township 36, south of I
.1A le.mintam inde5r rsga 9 east; ne 1-4 of no 1 of sec 26; 1 xoI ONT/AF'zR Z Em DATE i-REOP "CITY OF JAC0.' ONVILLE," .
lt"bm i d2 ald .one 14 t sW 1-4. and nw 1-4 of'se 14 of Ik- IlwW~attothe Counny Jol of Hi ls CAFT. W.. BA. -.
14a ; mu; 14 of ne 14 of soc 36, in hIenrb uny, I a clot-id aJk.2 .ou. . and -r.re Jacksonille
M be senthe lt b il Ma tuwnshalp 4 south of range S3 east. Pslwe W 1&LSmith, doteseed, and thel tstI my -V
:- nttI t'- Ansd also the foUllowing real estate sit- otsi settlmet Asuch admtlm artor. Coneorl Passenger and Tho-tt 4cO.6 204 W
WWiWONS a"d wis sa Uated In the county of Polk: soc 14 of t D-ted tbs sotd ayo Dee 0. ie. A. D L8W W. H. Wwba Ph..m 6. T.7F..A.
nom 1-4 of se 1e in tii--nahlp 28 south Ane Ut WOY BWisxrtBtH, oIO_,'n,=N,,,wY*.
-o.ge at east; sw 1-4 of mw 1-4 of sec WH .seRanm*G.I P -
Snw 1-w 1-4-of aw 1-4 of see S. in town- ;ThemG. EWmI I
xWo 3 LI ,south ofrangM 2 mast se 4 of Bowingii.
S4'4tpi & L TCPT ow1-4 of aem 3., i ntownhtp 1 south; Adstrators otice o .
0i s a-iofad a14 of am L township 29
WW. .oulSe, and e- 13 f m24 of sez 29, s
tIpown s I ra 24 naut, seven Notice issmei giveSathte un-
W W a I ace in the o corner of the ne 1-4 of dersiged has beea duls ,ppnted d- -,
'"W -." of-M ao mOe 3 township V outh mnanl eat oof the stae of J. Ormasby "
.. hw at s 14 of mn 1m 1-2 ofI ooogh, lWa of Rilsborogb county,
vs%2-4 at as 2-4ofno24. 5. it a d a 1-3 of Idesased. All pesosholding cla
se. a 14 onf atownhLiP 2st u8 a, 2sami aa mId estate ar

~aor~L~l~ofplc~,.0 M~d s a i-I hast~si a. em. ts.-_mamb

fban down to the Bouth West and were l and Second New York regiments
fast d appearing.I "ROOWEL. P. PLOWER "
A prev y announced, the expe- This handsome donation from the ex-
dition consisted of about 22,000 men of governor will be greatly appreciated by
the Ffth army corps, commanded by the men of the two regiments named.
1 jor General William R. Shafter. The money will be deposited in the regi-
e squadrons of cavalry were carried, Sergeant Smith, of th marine Gad, mental treasury, and the men will de-
Sut half of the men were dismounted. cde by vote how it shall be expended. :
Nearly all of the Rough Riders were Was Killed The correspondents of several other o sii
dismounted, but they were consoled by ew York papers have received notice
S the promise that their horseswould be that money has been sent in their care a
-:i Of at LaSt Bo 0d sept over on another ship In a day or Ior the New York regiments of volun- The Gallat Fitzbugh Orderd o i,, ,
OSht ao. ed,BRAVE WORK BY OUR BOYS to lacrease His Army Corp. that th
S oSag g Eight large siege guns were carried,
V%'_#-, 4 .besides a number of heavy and light n o Sa
field places. There were four batteries O,-BPRS
of light artillery, and two batteries of Surrounded by a Superior Force, but do
heavy artillery LieuteLants Neville and Shaw, Soldiers Guarding the Water Supply. Ca 1
Before leaving every ship was wellIaaM
Stocked with water, coal and provisions. With Thirty Men, Cut Their Local News Briefly and Graceful- a .
and each man carried ten days' extra Way Out. ly Told. "stea t
.ra ons. the 11rtlap ptats
An official report of the regiments Special to the Tribune.
l M tke lal rep~rt oi thee'up ^en8 St. Petersburg, June 14.-The thun- An m in Lowtg ftf ASamp S0" lM 81 &Sr 5s[
-i liui UM 3 l that made up the expedition was given St. P ug, JUne atthe nm tm s
out yesterday, and was as follows: Special to the Tribune. dee stcrm last night brought us the I cha S o
In tantry regiments-Sxth. Sixteenth, Off Guantanamo Bay, by way of lharvois raie d-n pe have hand hi mreg- whe
lar old-time down pour; and this morn- r wlN tL -a-- 'r
S'eventy-first New York volunteers, LKnigston, Jamaica, June 13.-At an lng the last bit of curl has disappeared

teers, First, Twenty-ffth, Twelfth, can marines and Spanish guerillas, are showing a very pronounced June tftD
Seventh, Seventeenth. TMird, Twentieth there came a lull in the proceedlns. It bloom. The Indications are good for -
r -- -total fantry, 51 officers and 10,700 was expected that the Spanish regulars a late crop n the sub-penInsular, and
S as is Now enlte menItIs to be hoped that the growers will With an Army of Porty Thousand mntw
Snb s thse Cvlr-I wo die unted rons would renew the fighting, and the not again be doomed to disappointment. L ghti X C aCto t to
"ti the u lf of of four troops each from the FlMrd. Marblehead, which had been close by Supt. Dunham and Hon. EL K. Foster, Ta y Ow FOrm 0 1 IL S S
Sxth, Ninth Firt, and Tenth Cavalry, throughout the night, landed reinlorce- attorney for the Plant System, were in Tk t lmet t
.and two dtmounh squadrons of tour n _town last week and made a contract ovw tbo l
p ', ..i.o dwisquadruns wIth Wllliam Bro. for obtanlnng water tLMA
trops each from the irtUnited up to that time nothing had been fromReservoir lake. All the land il
,Sttes Volunteer Cavalry; total die- ow ..
"'y mounted cavalry, 150 officers, 15 men. heard of the advance pickets under ovnei a about the laLe have slUned the
Mou notedd cwvalry. 150 ofcerg, 2X5 men- Spcial to the Trnmw_
i .t a Da lbe m the Mounted cavalry: One sqadron o, the command of I eutenants Neville and agreement and now the Plant System Jaekoni h JU Te e,-,,
.i s a i ia in at Second. nine officer and 280 enlisted Shaw, who hadgone some distance in have an unlimited supply good water t the
Sr.the~ l~t a dvneoftemanboyo having paid for the san&e. 'The lake th oor" aC the United Stales smy. Is 3 e IA Uea.
S S thef t r ip ha rtllery--ght battered advance of the main body of Ameri- is to be limenatelyfenced In, ad in high spirit to-a. Re
MbeRs h ta.np doce ilSllery-ght batteries n K l and Cuban forces cleaned by the WUla Bros., and the e tved tan order from the secretary.
.d a sM= bebr First Artillery, A and FSecond Artil- cleaned by the nd theof war, to increr his corpse to t 4
S v TE in the leet ery, fourteen officers, 3 enlisted men; At 9 o'clock the firing was again re- water kept In a wholesome condition. thousand nme-s rapidly as .sto blt W
rijC ?i n ergi nt Key Batteries 0 and 0 aurth Artllery, newed by the Spaniards, and their fire As It has been rumored that some The order states that the armyy i tO be N .etb i te*n..j .tynlli
siege, our officers and 121 enlisted men. was promptly returned by thirteen suspicious looking characters have been sent to the northern coet' ot C vubPan to %west-la
with general engineer Companies C and E, nine rles, a two inch field gun and small seen about town, with probable designs oce the ro iend
-one news- otbfoer 2 enlisted men, against the water supply now being There are here at presentabout ten
no ,d was the Sgnal corp-Oedetachment,.two of- arms. In a short time he enemy furnished the army from Reservoir thousand tmp. S .eing to the m0661 0 o .
gSvw-aH ist she pulled ficers and forty-Ayve existed men. disappeared, but In the meantime the &lake, a detachment of seventy-five sol- Seventh arm .o rp ine the ews .-
t heM e Wm con Iderable HIospHtal detachments are Included in gunboat Marblehead left the harbor, diners was sent over on Friday, and they the army to be sent to cta r to coHava, the A. l On
hem.p as s the whar, the oreogoing figures. The staff corps and proceeding to where she coud'et are now guarding the lake.it iis cur- n additional ten tholtsand could be -daa whte I
dSSe~d, qute a nussher number Slteen officers- The grand rently reported that a regiment will be raised in thIs county aloe1, denee in the
16& tsoe o r nt o thumb teen onTsce offers and the range, threw a few ehells into the sent here to-day. Certainly they elegm have poured i on G m toe ot
s.I Nt: ame of them total of the expedition is 773 officers and .h... -.e all day from onir tg offers
or other ll;.64 enlisted men. woods. r couldn't find a better place In the tate of regiments, ain that he select Jut op s
a. board the' The shells from the Marblehead put for a camp, as St. Petersburg has an their regiments for duty In his corps, at I0. e, ,a Serb thel
S:'_. S"T=LL COMNG. the Spaniards to flight, and brought the unsurpassed location for army pur- The thirty thousand additional men ever offered at
t of o engagement to a close for the tme poses. --.
to engagement to a close for the time hen the Cherokee stopped here on
the Saoldiers Prom All Points Taking the being; Wednesday for. water, about 1500 sol-
the hor toge er.
Men othe bay Places of Those Who Sailed. Much to the delight of the marine diers came into town, and spent several
oa the eet were guard in camp Lieutenants Neville and hours, and considerable money here.
an. we i 'adhIn the From Tuesday's Daily. Shaw returned at this juncture with Many cf them were quiet and gentle-
b w nw as enfus,- Notwithstanding the departure of tmani, out a large proportion behaved
e the thirty men that bad accompanied in a way which reflected no credit upon
t ntl ts e stemeaer 20,OCO troops on the transports Tampa them. The men were in good shape, al. themselves, nor honor upon the uniform
iioJ 'sanrdbbatr. still has more soldiers camped within though much exhausted by their eigh- they wore.
atPotTanmpa I her gates than any other city in the teen hours of picket duty. The Buccaneer took on water at the
dd fashioned states Nearly every train that arrives One man of the party, Sergeant Smith railroad dock on Tuesoay, a~ wa.~
e r brings in a number of recruits to fill of Company D., had been shot through A eople jtI t oi i t everybody needs of t
people. just at thinseason of the ypar, whi
uTi, S i lio p the regiment now here. the abdomen and instantly killed. On Monday, W. W. Coleman. late of nature in renovating the *t
eeid l trouble The Plant System train from Jack- During the day the marines, under the Parton Hioufe, I v.L -Au i.. .cs Ivr breakdown is the reesiA wit Sm f
stea.mSc O 5 I"eVsprille last night brought in 186 re.- command of NeviNe and Shaw, bad Ocean iruvre, .i .Lt y n.e c that have been oq atigl
ji'sinad hemm was 'been surrounded by a much superior tton rid of, as fie U
A steamed omits for the Sixteenth and Seven- turn to bt. e atesiauug lu a piet Ltme to r a ge
si, j u1sa her ssthb regiments of United States in- force, but the men and officer behaved prepare the Partui. Hu. cr "_1 w.tar that ts cleansn
'.bendidly. eso. thAt 2h.e
,hI, fantry, from Foat aPherson, n splendidly. season. on ,8lsI
"r iba a t m o Peo At leasfive Spaniards are known to W. A. Sloan is to be congratulated tb thocnrtum end
rw Atlanta, where they have been recruit- on having secured te serve s &tr. son of hot weather, wmlh i
SN ~t lnt 2 :e r tlyr i se been r:: have been killed during the engagementJ?. t Gi. nOe- bnue. aomplisstn mm
sfors em theIt Ies expnted that the fighting will he The repairs and enlargement to his a cleansing, hcalth-reun-1h
t ame c ad Tamps for omeime, the Seventeenth renewed during the night The Span- carriage factory berg completed, Mr. purpoBeSwif's Specific, 8. .
t anomtt on the bhas among the frst troops to arrive. lards are trying to annihllate the small Geo.. Edwards moved his ramiiy in out an equal, It purified the bood,
i met t um ou- Train 86, weh arrived over the aAmerican force before the arrival of from the country last week. They p te, blilde Up and strengthens,
Srpoemlson w West Coast division, brought in three the American army. are now installed in the comfortaue Healthy aatplemnon, rTai n;g All pim
n ear l ad of soldiers Several special rooms over the shown. His son. ino and so tones up and ivigorates as to
5.Bl WIll trans snrrved during the day bringing PROCLAMATION: recently met with a severe Injury by and energy to the entire syst a ,
peir sv ,d la more soldiers. All of these men -- tailing from the roof, is progressing "i
Hg al OUvei~. will mno be attached to the Fourth Mayor Bowyeri otifies All Citiensa to rapidly toward recovery.
WS.ho.l,. ,my e)opj, as the ifthb army corps, Clean Up Their Premises. Despite the dry weather cur market
rrt *Sl toIospsaded by General Shafter, has s being welt supplied with very fine
sste'. ,l ^ d" Mayor's Office, tomatoes from Mr.n Murphy's taim on
.. t mi ftt ,. Tampa, Fla., June' 13, 1898. the northern outskirts of town.
"a at Qi t two O. 0O CONVICTED. To the cit.ens of the city of Tampa:- Mr. Ernest Norwood has rented his
.hel-l. Ur m --- Tou are thereby notified that your place south of town to Mr. Wise, -who
n'g g A Soldier of the Tenth Cavalry Found premises must be put in a good sani- will engage in trucking and strawberry
'il eno the Ouity of XIrder tary condition at once. Inspection on culture. Heretofore the farm has been
anaIrt In pr, --_-- Thursday, June 16.--and any promises very productive and no doubt 'ar. Wise
be aiattak by From Tuesday's Daly, that are found not to be in good eani- will meet with the best of success in Within thesrst fewysaa I e to ta '
r'er- ..,T'e trial of the tWO negro cavalry- tary condition ,the occuant of the his venture. Ultimately he will settle eoLd attribt e it to n petlesB r
the mre easrce men who ware charged with the mur- same will be arrested and handled ac- here permanently setting out a pinery that m y blOnd w55 Aduw
a of the eet bco~lg to law. Any parties who are or" himself. l~tlta I $ L
gd.r of -notab Cobiaesed a to buy time to use as The steamer Fearless, having been m
.^^BR -ciaW~ .I eeoeceded at Barow tO late saturday a disinfectant, can get the same by chartered by the government has been

..C.I.t E a Key eveasi g ad resulted in the conviction making requisition on H. Boarlett, taken of the run between here ana I ke i mm l
.i l n oBe f the men of murder in abf chief of sanitary department. It is Tanpa, but her place will at once be Mood arer. A few bottesiI
n a l abs. aolutely necessary that this matter filled by another boat. captain Mer- after sa other som eds
"ma sond d degree d the acistal of tbe should have Immediate attention, win and Engineer Morgan have become plea and litotehe from la n e
J006 t4l n F. C. BOWTER, residents of our town, and with their sUo7th W tsy ag
The ay after th harder of Coin., Myor. families re boarding at Co on Sur-
srTMa Citi was held on Satur-nand
*, H BWbe-- e wTeh a peaceable cities ad Thearyladn day to arrange the details for the Flag-
kiB d' by .a bshe fto the revolver of raising. and Fourth of July elebration.
It is intended to make the occasion one s*-f ad SAi thar o IO ha4
gNk at A. the UM agr who were fring at The Fifth Maryland regiment oK Uni- of the most interesting Str Petersburg *b I I r Iz
i~~| &the street* Oaeland th ted States volunteers attracted 0nsid- has ever known. 'yoa a0 863t I WOAMi s
I"o .ge sJaa able attention yesterday, as thie men The Associated Press dispatches sept
p...e r iJb roosaJobn marched through the streets in heavy out Monday night from Washington,
e g eig w e ar* e trre e and brolbthto marching order. The regime t has announced that General Sohatters army
Tamup by the' Shbt for safe keeping. been camped for the past week br two of Invason sailed from Key, West Mon-
y were caped to Bartow last n the grlcn, but ill move to-day or ds morning. All the details of the
to-morrow to the Tampa Eethtir camp departure were given and the dispatch-
k sad a p te circuit s The march yesterday w for e stayed that the wa department was
6t t a A ws hld to try them. the purpose of getting the men limbered authority for the statements. The war
The trial lastd two days and reult- up They were marched out in the department evidently has little regard .
country north of the city about five for the truth, ,'.r Gen. Shafter and his
aa In Jo obig found guilty of iles and there camped for thenTight. arm)y of Invasion did not leave Port
Smurder in the second degree. The This morning the march will be re- Tampa until yesterday.
t -, -an f, e a cqptte sa there was suned and the men will be ket :on the bt u a & .,au 0 ,
go until late this aftermon,. when they The First United States volunteer /
will return to camp, and after supper ca airy, otherwise known as Roove- h
WLb tg Le wto ith Ihe killing of Uol- will prepare for moving. The regiment velt s Rough Riders, did not take their fpot,
has caused much favorable comment horses with them on the expedition. e.-a se the btIoie f.
"' since its arrival. The men are-a fine Eight troops oa the Rough Riders These dr 8M s .
of- Me theon ibadan attorney 4oo4king set, and every one has sted rs sailed, leaving two troops in camp to ilnpOvih t ,he
e Phillips appointed three a perfect gentleman since being in look after the horses. The remainder Twrdy wra wte C -It
fll bur b de Ifd thm 'Tampa. If every reriment in. camp of the men and the horses wfUl be car- gath .a.. e o t u : I*i ,
was composed of such men as the Fith ried on the next expedition to Cuba. A
henq h eo at Johasoe his lstMrylansd,there would e no rowdyism
now nwtrial and or trouble of any hInl Mr. S. A. Adams, correspondent of
im a tasrtoswto- the New York World, left for Jackson-
A A amidsom e Gift. vile'last night. Hes wlm o front that
-pointI to the East Coastto ps,. enat en
l. th.s i P9 e the bletIn h" pe pk a,,~T h"sl -eeS a .,e
....... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ C :' -" 'o. ** -- ,s m :..

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