Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 9, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Sa wk i o Terehaat tRay wosmitheSe>a
,to e ea .he Sevent l .him
et been U oanIs ewTorU Ira Bretalnti 1iitot w ase
itbilLi I a been amorderable ta la a poetteal e battle.
", s apesas .. reard to it, orlo Pter t. o nt it thi h84e
ri44aeou owponttons that arose at In town over otwpr BosWerei
L ttiSe ttthea other regime4ts in CoL tlp B 1Cbham jua Ireiondr H t ms
wtte treB ;1 where he i at
SThe Board of Puablec Worak t
C hardly Sthb o fB ON. Fred Heinkel Murders His Wife Frank C.Bowyer Electe Mayor out,. the w Sne= h

..ll ..ii^ C.obse~~ as and Kills Himself. bya Handsome Plurality. ..g srue as
I I .'IN' i btytio A- . -from the @61eabomsh next ,a -
S t' al at Santigag.. two years c h
ZEd- 1.1Hendr Mr 11,
fp fq Pthl Tltme GordarKeer fora treasurer, both 1s
'aiVila f u-he enuces o RI W t a wadlk overD, b it thee sall otvle .i
or pipb d P. o"boo 0, c mit ed tut the It bas Bt was potatefl
?icdepU Itkhae t-nwrid P. Hoa 6norn Cnle ue
e .t S Ut .. ... ".last n l.h..
e "iner y hanrof it n th Mr. Jon. i Henson told nthe t. lp,
Intote.olharbo mae trhrange hthe Mte l lw
..e.. -nf i..s.bbcs'.-tI., N. Wfrm as ays caiMy nd. l om W pray DaM. as eclernt. t y.etrd=2=
OiS" ". nm tin MS Cfmim. CttjasUW by I I ^ ^L"'" ^ li
San other vessel clos i t t Ieo oad th iar. wilt m .. h
atroes wbho rined leir s tn sf while hthe sutoots wer bes o at d-
attepvt to t hpcte DIS *n hL ytt iw atoJj
e o aro y feey aot ,I- CHILeDEn WTRESSED GRIME MOkD PEOPLE WILL GOVERN b o asmtWhe iewn an wh, "
s.aoxt P. HobskMa g ave a long tsig or 'rlktu d a acr.'
construter .and i votes ahead at his 'Wr -.e
l d sad;dh ntee or a nume 3 y oet. Into Wifes Ane cohrer, n, opdton adhabod at the p1, -
SB t' h Caeu C Tea latter Bead an4 T hen Sot Hinmelf in sad Webb Elected Comm"onrs r Dr. Bruni was the tau *dod t he o ei
m aetof amew, Yro teoo panr the ar-Neighbon Think of Public Works- HolmeFs aond ward ekaet, t thl&an l ma--
ml. E agBatest.ordewni t tragedyhe w in Cthe White The new boar o uh wr will M e badnfor-6the ettIsu
'ld~eai.a 'It Hel o That EHe Was KaC raspy w W ing mand oerey ae in it., a
S U stert ath at rm o m Col. Andteo ntdea a cte sp..
nd' Her a eservad our -H e got every vote la ~sidht. .- a'
Snyth -. and In ars of i Polltile make range bad ~sat.--r s
wap lyhome g to Brohls Bhrom Wednesday's Dahllr. From Wednesdy's Daily. was dernwtratp-d yeetrdla.
we"" tp'penne'Lo Wa te of &a Hrned el. a machinist, living at The city electtop la over, and the re- Je E. d PhMp sled sote geco4d *eat
itLlu on b*rd the$ ala 1.4 SUI th avenue', tde Park. shot his suat is exactly as the Trtbnue predicted ticket. Joe WoOfj Wer In the -tea l
; twvd aFogrteezyessa In the wfe in the head, abn then killed him- Frank C. Bowyer was elected mayor Oscar 2Anrars wil make hI datf*-/ .
l yeOM Q&a and resides at sem by pating a billet through hi by ,a plurality of 195 votes over W.J.. cal debut.
arra"1 about 3 o5elock Ayeterday after- Doanbrowaky; J. M. Henderson was & R. Mrey is large man. ad w. if
leorF t s i. aaB i o ta e eeon. k eleected clerk by a majority of 1 votes lected.dp T lo ~i-at eqd i,
... or *Hoetakel was about 60 years of age and over Fra nk Burke; E M. Hendry, for things ts otbdi, .. "
'.i a cozawain, of-' the ao weu k4reown in Ta mn, tuawng re- ta collector and Gordon Keller, for, Judge ifaktonton. ad ae
i 9'oL n a nd B t eas old. aided here for a number of ye a. Yes- city treasurer, had no opposition and work ati tihe n '
1k 6 a infcit" of the b&daly afternoon, about r minutes be- were of course elected. CoL Thoams 4. WVer Ilna oiUt a
Sftw the Merrimac. for the tragedy, he waf in the White tIe new board of public works will huiltler Tght He had t n for. t
ten feao ae, home s Rose saloa o tale ki to his son, Will conse t of R. F. Webb, from the first and helped to we 'owyerSU, d .a aei
ela' -kei, and nwas apparently in good ward; 2W. B. Henderson, from the Sec- by rustllnf the vooes t thbe tilf
ies ah a te tted ar,-aaout 5 pirit. The next is sout heard of him ond ward; J. B Anderson. from the Paul worth cideth it a a gimpar i rar4
l"' Hia e le near e .ow. he had committd th tero!ble deed. and Third ward, and George T. C Fmberlain politics anL
Swas lying In his house dad, whil6 Mrs. frozt the Fourth ward. G. L. iL rr t s pott
rwho lippet;oo board the Hetakel was dyr. The ctg y councllmen at large elected terday. and th did sooe Sood W
t1i1ax, sta order From a th year old aon tf y t de- by the people of the entire city are: T. ,Tme Tribuahe .
I" n t tpd iton a oX-' ceased it was learned tha Hetielnelyame L W ting, J. Holme als and l. R l More y. ack Ku cat. c4 he of
wOe warpHYob.r home about 3 o'clock, 4ling Into The ward councilmen elected or the Cltiweas .
thrawrita the ia the rbom where his wife and young Bon ensuing term are: ~ itgs made a long rno.
,i re get hads, and phlpped and aghter were, he as ed .r. Hein- Ward 1. Elmer Webb and W e. Lesley ,e came out &bead of te p lu..s .
Wr etb n walr.- kel t give him his bunchot keys She Brown. Ja, j 11 aa r
lermtnt jhl&d C aboadd 40 tons t nIted that she did not have tBe keys. War4 2. Harry Levick and Joel stay &p ri W tre a se uPtneR a m te
Sand knew othlp outthem Hein- Phsipt. pep htaev idcdded. too eofd t 2l ~l"-,

5k55h. pOa^sthat! she did have fhem, and that she oe N, d tvoe n.

5w b aala~o~~wt51I.hhd ve t eMhema kean etMretuen *ao t c nast avoe. n ty foer tslo r
wde42 m awnraoth. Wen e rd 4 Oscar lthanrara and Tamon Pen' toham, BowieitmIp
te nt la e. fostrtid that she did not hr ve the keys, e
Rsblerhc tDeArmasn choiceCBtoe-ntwdtto11181yh t6.eya s
aI i d not s them- The election was remarkably duwet Ike h- i "w fle 41doice of a ~i s a
i T Hdo tha l she d e el- .and orderly, but considerable work pas c oit f a "e.tr s
.iI)1 .n. .of- *t,0e. wIe swoba t1ihe the did Jwige
-. .. ... nd tha he wom e her give: done by th friends of the pieDa, Wa nevr resalehow ,
J rm and ~rturhga agple s In af knn- the condition aof d, rs. hIr ch almost poiuc e tl wohow a,~ tpr ..

th ngwhich hporssro e-t K O MHvsaeadwdaTyotaIate, a ordmem-. .t"wards so aio*ow fatia o ae the
L -ahve t ihe, TPh pitalhra xa r y Rr ma voters,.Fn C ward 7, l ec- ,

t Ti T Piraa en fe- t aiie Whrie e st rielgebd were owcr plurality 195.
poddgaged Is p acing M s. e k who- sou e cemt a vot set.x-s-. 7o; r s e d, ...... .. o f -,
ma n t ^ :...e -- .SOf h V-rSY,
.at.~- A w t oc- of a pitol the r bear room Brke-Ward Ward ,t,102, d a ie Saeler a i .iis

tsb B ji aoro na te foi Heinkrer le, 1 PWard ar. 2,5 ; lotar 4 tal 342 t- it be sa te .4 ,

'.the right s de of his head, from whih G ordon Kener-Ward 1. 125; Ward 2 itl
Fa? ed tket) he furtta, blood and ts wre oIng A pit ; Ward 3, 1; Ward 4, aOTt, XA
..ii tht teed right hand. ..,and anoti. her ctpfr TAX OIa TOl :q R.4a c, sw bo ke, .

--r stofref tea brd after the .trdrted the E SL. Iendry..-Wasts 1. 115. Ward 2, and R
l^p~r -qw -n k^ _An- His-al wse, It o d1 g tte tols az -ti ;ward,5; Toter .P tli .tbtb oi i' ,'
'" .,v in- lle.the n 'bhere were eI KM 3"Y01L TWnplanyt.a- -
-. : -. ptr ,, ., rs,. N e, Iho ,,= 1 e,' z,,.,. shaM. w. "..

"a; t. ,r s - -A -M d ,

.:: ,t -"': -[: ... _. h.g o mhsr~ m blck BPR6 OF o L -- .. ... ..........

BllWmlilt~tflu-' klr r a that he had placed a pistol close Pret ward-Abe a"s 41; R -
, its head sad a d ed. The ,aii had Webb, 84; James McKa 4. T T-aS
on t agd through the lobe of the right ear Becpnd ward-W Hedderson. 120; i e a-_so -
&and Int the sklI. makinL a hPaitt A. haw, 39.
won was breathing his la at Tl rd ward-J. R Anderson, no oppo- whil tchs r. st
W i_.. the irst persdan reached hltm ltion
Dr. Ml-.Opopnnhhnper and Dr. Douglae Foarth ward--George T. Chamberlain. taeWe Lg r
tf T %er.ewE 18et Ily srOmenned. and whena the no oppealtion. .
wrt they found that Heb kel a CONCi4MAEN AT, ,AAfG. t fa
|theaa- o tlhe devoted their sa Ward 1 3 4 Tiotal w .S en .
..rlelB . The wond tn lha-J. nO lmes ,st 17 Jo 7 4 iva a oe ba
waeIargem I' no tga to place a for*- r. 4 Wing 74 i 43 42 id SLe s i ramaPhrrt0 a5*t
saner ~ nfor an c in de Ter H.orey -7 7 51 14 im H wOetts and ,asiis '
bate,;p C' not be ,te es Vincete Guerra 71 2 i. 27 5 ,- .* i.f*' ea
I t'elld to be smarkahl e hat H L I ontejo s 3 s "11 u s -r" f :r. at
sa v e.Th.. w, b=oluvte1 J. .aIn.ih a i .-.I s f 01.
Ow IS1a556se n arepOTere, a0t t0e pwanRD -JoVeaL B. le..r l
W d tLn' erststn .osAe to rt- 'Lrt ward-myr aer W eb., %; L rey
oft a II~ag died-At I Bror 19 Ae.

sr ,.s peee a Thi r wanrd-rsak Pa W.
'IB'aS^'.tl;'. 'Ohop Ta %Xq b ewd-doe A. mssPh t45,; ,Tt tarv^e .
am. u1 o as 50e.ibt .U ,,
....^ ^^^^^ R^^'^ ^^s^ ^"'^^^?^ ^^

..- i


TAMar Ta iuO. Joarned. cures Constipation Headache actingg 1
R2jyt T4 PT"A RURNS. Peb Sleepliaenesa and Metet-*gy.
STE -pr TUBI LS. t i purelr vegetable, a adid laxave ,
ur.a a w .. __ inand restores te system to LU natural
ad a so*r were i xpe n Ld on the vior. Try ctric BEersa a be
roat soard yeoerd Coast of Oaa. vlteed that they are a siraet worker
al bosat the The ner Ber bottle guaranteed, Only u se -&a
d. Wate treT a f t rom Thmrsday' al Ds. a bottle at S. & Leonard's drug tore.
The steamahip Plerlda arrived at
one of the r t Pot IPor Tampa at 6"0 last night after an A TJEaDL wu.sDER. '
WAS in bauting absence of two weeks., an as the offi-.
. tWe The crs of the vessel state hat the object
sa fondI thekhoune of the voyage wpa yucefoul. there. HALLS GREAT DICOVERY. i
sto now be no harm in aPgnooctlng that
to he tanwabse The the object web the landinL: of an expe- one mniall bottle of Hairs saG rt D1
ed e tlUon stireoe.ailed tiof rpaItiba of 4 t Cubath an d add a a botde
Si5e isd iat i It a laeargo, or arms sie atmonition coery al Kidney and Bladder
sOIA&Rdis am be Sheasminal em issIon week lame

of May tL. These meni and the equip- tioubte t eb child I f not old
"tLyitnEto tpheiotb' c meat constitute an expedition able to
idefen tI tslf against any ody of Span- y mr drtt wl be seatr by Mal on
St a traid to besm" gsth trooDs that malght pose It rPeeeptaot One mil bottle to tk
y ad .AM fd'r't ,Th The expedition was under the comn- moathas tr-hnant sad wti W r aug
T. XK a'll'Ctw Dleov. mead of Colonel Jtoe i acret. for. ca aS
riiaucBa aG tmerLy rInsurgent commander In IMatan- eas4e EvW.B
S an aProvince. tie aaesmed the di- Mose wu-trtt5
Mw vh iNSon tflm reetlon of affal trsbAedjeey on the P. 0. Bo* 2 1Waeo, Tease.
aVR h la Of dnf of the expedltlqnl Until then, Sol by 5. B. Le nardi Co Tapa,
'b eeaJoaquin Castl&lq wi si control.
In the land'ng of thq expedition the FM
Un1 Vatted States army was represented by Cleaton, Al., Arch 4. 11.-. ear-
Cpap tain J I ..Dorst an Thonts BsteH- ty thUat I have beema aed o Ktad,
da a Palma, was repreqeqteV by . V and Wadder Bbiles by Saire siG5Ct
bett Cantata. who baa h the dfle4nding .Dicovery (Wman. Texand. Ied 1u'O.*wJ
s&ad .. agent of nearly every Osat g en- fultly unoaAsd t. "'
i --t o pedtlon theo mom Ut. VW. yerMer. R4 e3. LJ '8. .bo .t -i
Castlo. Vartsay and I Det wil lreiten
toKeyrWest. SrijBiaeMiMuhe I r va -WMlpee **neess. ,'

NedaL.3 N. N

thiupawd Egespa ~-%.

too ins r.Fesftft in

iJOEhis bigeo-"-lw. W. A.,
Boy IS. Hani *L of Two", to
old Windsd
Ai. A. A. A 4A gtoo has e o
pte sd assaistait aurg o0666
ars" socwty.

7ee r
The4 beft ad" umLlbovifw-
Brahma. 2k wdm,'7t
*evie awes, Twtmkti


she Corm.
smy i i Nt

From Thursda
Major Cera
sanding 4he t
arty art rved
rain from WM
iituan e tepe
t at once i
"szM u

partmpent had stloa enough tooi
fifteen days after the slndte. Tin
Swas' w p"g< lI Itrain consisted of seventy five
mues and twenty-flve horses. The ex-
mlonT Mr, B maBM 's a I pedition carried 7.000 rifles ad 2.000,9
A. n a h ie rounds of ammunition for General
ecb. invited all of he Callxto Garcia.
Ist the Cherokee club TlU Sl8 Chi tsaltt VWHI be G"IY Qty The expedition Is composed of hardy
r City between the hours young fellows who looked fit for any-
6. Kn US thing.
Sconfidence and esteem The expedition was. convoyed by the
. the delegates decided cruiser Marblehead, the torpedo boat
Wman should select hisj destroyer Eagle, and other warships.
committee for the dis-
slit gmadorthed ht le Stock of T. r. Buh & Co .Purh d
"Ida sNaval miltia was by Coben & Widma.
of 2 gns which cansed But No Cash Will Change Hands in C Fridan.
o msa down the long
Th at looked upon a Settling Debts- Very Little Bui- From Thuradayrs Darly.
sr the democracy ofthe an ed the The immense stocks of dry goods, n ot-
oQsa 4istrict of Florida. ions. clothing and furnishing goods, In
S'Ci ty Faahers. the large stores formerly owned and
Operated by T. e Bush & Co. have I
been purchased by the flrm of Cohen &
U M ILEt.- -Freedmafn, and the stores in the Davis
S MILES-block on Fpranklin street, and in Ybor
S L PFrom Filday's Daily. city have been re-opened by thia firm
S a eral of the r After usirg the telephone for an hour which i one of the largest and most
w in tTampa With last night, Councilman Dombrowsky reliable in the country.
The -members of the firm are Messrs.
t s ta succeeded In getting a quorum of the Marcus Conen, Lous Freedman and
S_ city council together, and a meeting was Isadore Freedman. They have large
y' Dailly, held for the purpose of receiving and dry goods and clothing establishments
I m eelson A. Mies, corn- acting upon petitions for re-instatement now In operation In Nw York, Jack-
Inlted c states army and upon the city registration list. soaville, Pensacola, Warrenton Day-
bpre over the F. C. A P. If the council had failed to feet, .he tons, and Miami Florida, MoaMle. Flor-
din at" 6:30 on i special city election to be held next Tuesday ence and Sheffield, Alabama sad Tam-
asahnton composed of might be declared Illegal, and the pres- pa
rsDan private cars, and ent administration hold over until Mr. Marcus Cohen the nme gig part-
S-thempa Bay Hotel another election could be legally held. ner, said to a Tribune reporter, that as
4t roodw had been en- President Moore and nearly all of the soon as an inventory is taken of the
and -where he wil make councilmen present did not wish thisto in the bor ty store, that stock
s In the future as long to happen, and the fact that Mr. Dom- will be moved into the man store on
toube lasts, browrky Is a candidate for mayor may Franklin street. Both places are now
Sthe distinguihed gen- have been the cause of that gentleman's open for the transaction f Of a stse.
eralded abroad and the anxiety to secure a quorum. and, Mr. Cohen said that great bargains
whlea the train bearing When the meeting was finally called are now being offered.
prevented any demon- to order those present where President MI. Cohen will leave fpr New York
the hotel he was called Mtoore, Councilmen Dombrowsey, Hal- and other northern cities It a few days,
number of distinguished imes, B pafford. Knyon. and Brengle. and will purchase a stock, of goods for
[ i-elC and military life Mayor Glllett. City Attorney Hunter, the Tampa stores. Be says that he
he dray an nimprmptb and Fire Chief Harris, were also n at- Is in' apa to do business, and if there
held dring iwhnch the tendance, Is any business to be done Mr. Cohen
e recent of visits from The registration list ten up w ins k p ll certainly get his shape of It for he
a offers. and several petitions for reinstatement is a hustler.
osded with supplies con- on the lists were received, considered,
oral es, .personally, and acted upon. THE PR8ES CENI80.
yte#hday and stored in At the request of Counidlman Dom-
lreionent ewarehO sa broweky. chairman of the printing
L 1 were included in committee. -Counrllnan m isnyon of that The Tampa Paper are Not Given
I certk-n that he Intends committee was made chairman. Mr. Much Latitude at Present.
if bet e. Dombrowsky's reason for resigning the
wtl th n. Miles were: chalrmanshlp is that he is a candidate From Friday's Dal.y.
bi~n ee and Sherman for nm .r of the city, and the imsmit- Capt. J. Brady of the First United
Roo~ar lheneral Stone te will have charge of the printing of States infantry, who has been detailed
oDaly chief surgeon; A rolt n was to service with the United Statea signal
D,'Jr chief surgeon, A resolution was adopted instrUctlng corps, Is now the press and telegraphic
. = Davrls. Captain the boards of election inspectors in re- s now the tate ad telegraphic with
ant Rowan. lieutenant gard to aliovng persons to nte whose censor'for the State of Florida, with
auteBoat Townsle 4ute-ant yard alloIIn persons to note whose th exception of Key West. Captain
dt Ce1tei Hernandez fs names do not appear upon the registra- B idy has Is headquarters at the Tam-
yPtv of the party, as tion listed. hot who,can prove that they Pa" Bay Hotel, and all messages for
rivaltes ofr te Sixth are legally qualified to vote. towspapers or for private parties, when
ril alt asorderlies, and Several other tatters pertaining to ty pertain to war news, have to he
adL te following clerks: the coming 'election were discussed, but submitted to him before they ase re-
L. Fllant, A. A G. W. no atilon of Importance was taken, ceived by the Western Unlion Telegraph
htlonLand C. B Dernson. Mayor Gillett called attention to the Company.
fact that some time ago certaIn fines Capt. Brady is not pnly telegraphic
i f aB were Imoosed b the mpieipal dge p;ess censor, but also exercises a cen-
against W. S. Hancock, who had given sorshlp over the local newspapers. He
R hi notes to the city for the amount of has given the Tampa papers, specilc,
the fines He stated further that Mr. instructions n regard to what they
Md ft tlf CU Bp Ianc"-tk offered to trarnfer to the city must not publish, and in following out
-Cutl In settlement of these ftles, and in pay- these Instructlons, the papers can not
meant of these notes, a certain ulece of pLbllsh anything whatever copcerntng
--- property which the mayor said mirht the arrive lor departure of troops and
Fre York Chemist and be used by the city as a hospital site.0 supplies, The movement of war ships
ree O r The counell authorized the mayor to and4.-ransports Is prohibited. The'
0s Or to close the deal. by accepting a deed to lodilng of these ships calmot be men-
th" property for the city. tloned, and in fact nothing but camp
dbed New York chemist The quePtion of blocking Water street gossip is now allowed to appear in the
by the cars on the tracks of the Plant Ipcal papers.
leawons ting his is y syr.tem was referred to the city attor- The Tribune wlll comply with the
liabq Mand aeoOw te core nev. e regulations of the censor, but would
i (Pulmonary Tubercu- A'errnit was granted Councilman respectfmuly call the attention of Capt.
Brengle to move an old warehouse now Brady to the fact that -while the Tam-
bro0nbil, throat, long on the river front. pa papers are kept from giving their
saes, stubborn coughs. Blls for services as Insnecetors Fnd readers the news concerning the army
6iOM general deol)ne clerks' of the election on the bonding now camped here, the Jacksonville, fse-
queatJkan were ordered paid. Bills of vannah, Atlanta? and papers of other
M" of nSl all on-ob rertstratlon ofleers were also ordered cites contirjue to publish facts o ed
it sway, Will nd tald. The hill of the county fax Col- flake about the movement ofttroops at
as dffet) of.hi3. lector for 96l for a mspplemental Ist Tampa.
S al ai d redr of the noll taxes, woa ordered paid. The qen would not allow the WTi-
f tr bel.m 'A resolution was adopted. authorfzinr buns to publish an hedls announcing
,t l" the employee of the city who have not the expected arrival of Roosevelt's
*pero ety bTy i bPen paid, to take itp any tax sale cer- Rough Riders, but every paper in the
e. uiBdes it a simply tfflcaite In the hands of th" city tax eol- country outside of Tampa continues to
frwlfim Itailyu fe7 lector that they see ft. and apply the publish such news itemr&
y to-at lm olsam r i nroee-ds of the Rame upn the amount The ces r Dnoltivefy prohib ied the
I oireI'|ii e 4T doe them. In other words. If a poltee- Tribune hfom announ= ag the.arrival
devtepa wenodsr. man owes a merchant and the mer- In Tampa of two reglenmts of volun-
.ehaelM.. patslrtfyem. ehant's oropert" has been sold for taxes, teers, but the 'Washlin3en ennor al- '
am Inspeqded to. the policeman will have the prlvilege of lo]ed two olumno of matter concerning
it taking up the tax sale ctrtifclate, and the departure of the apxy ef,lnvasion
I aplyfeg the face valoe of it In pav- to he sent ut.
1aJr lneehiim ra s iaMst or his debt to ibe mcpehasnt In0 A censoM~bp is no doube a Bueesity 4
f -l t em afl a thi s way. -the city. the polhcemaen and kt the present state of the war. but
53t LU5C rf g .i ZlJwmerchbnt cas aettfe Withont any the Trhlbue faisits that aan papers
gsai cesh changing handsa shoridbe relatedd ailke vy the govern-
" a The l s.i utlon was opened br Coon- meat prspb eno rs.
w^ c"iaa ena Dombrowsky. who wlabed the
S ma tter left to.thWe new oncmti. but the A CUCVm TRICK.
ntlWlif b. ----resolnutio peraeled.
)1 Iesfb &nody e Anoidiiano reiallns tlt ordinance It certainty leoks like it. bet there I
Lm, sotnf pid iinx the ealaris of th ttv slcnmes aly .no trd abeut it. Atg dy ean i
positlw- Mosmn its _-t aSm[ ondred- mt wh a U

r iorhSnr 1 tphro" Ject o0 be Wu e of thi ncd;aae. We mean h can ue slawm s rtg ,

P 0 'l There belnp no other bhalne of Ira- rt u *tirnttt to giv Ki .ey '
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The First planoIs rrtment otf ian-
teem Is omw ca jpes at Port Taths.
The second New Task and the First
District of Columbil are camped tem-
port~ry on the ba tof R lUboreug
bay. TJgese rgments hd a rough -
tame of ft getting here from Cia-4
mellas. They were fr ifotyoer
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New York eand F]irmtXrt4W

by hi. Hardtm, otf West Po t

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frina Cblber"'Tga Waye fthat 1rl-f
glad -to get away from &hat._Mh os.e
the re aetoo mar ny h idieer
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Wreel wrtth.remslata at Mt., IM J.
STv, '(. W%*PEbTE hs BUWG
Middl eper, N. r.., is old home,
J.R. MooeeleFe ftw days age for
UlSagt to jad hewaefa. w11o bas bes" .
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T. A. SBlocnm,
jlh' ft i aovery of a re
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0.;.AmiMC taeb4Apratue for 33 >ears, ;

, '.. Greatest rge a; date, 14.
LASs" range 7, dats IL
Average prec itdltn lor this month
Ufr U year. 24 knchea r
Total precpttatio for this month, 0.27
S Total dealency since January L,1898.
San fer of clear daya. 7.
of Nom %r partly cloudy days; .
it uimbW of cloudy day, L
SAverale Midlty for this simonth, U.

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it can


otice of Institution o Suit by At-

Is tbiCueihrm Coauof the SZat Judical Cir-

etie skuat i owelumf Ior e Ioaen fr HiU-
bohr. h county.
2%8 L JMb XswfaocturkLf Compaoy. & cor-
"n usM osn"Oeu &W GsAa mM er tbr
tE50 u w wuYsVay.I .lbosu Fr.lkbes, W.
ba TbI.a ass Thouma I. sfspLr, &ae
paV uw as a crads wmo, bue-an m and
sr.o maast thew nrm st mbad uy5 of
1tabs., sltus a sOm.tMfy--tiLka damI&es'
" notice is hereby given that the above
entitled suit wherein the LLebi"g ianu-
facrtting Company Is Dtaltfit. and
Thomas F. etuba. W. cotia Tison, and
Thomas R. Peeples, late partners tn
trade, doing busmes and trading under
the firm name any style of Stubbs,
I~nm6%*% 6 Onmurnws~rpd~f~nmlnt- hm

range 17 east, ne 1-4 of sw 1-4 ol
le wusns h f ss"sd7 17sA

rtownslp 19, outn o rane I ea
that 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 16, towns
been south of range 17 east; nw 1-4 of
red of bsec 15. townhip 17, south of
d in 18 east. se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 10;
sun- of Oe 1-4 of sec 14. and lot five or
de-,o 14 of s ec -4 all in township
teenL aouth of range 18 east; ne 1.
sted the,1 of sw 1-4 of 4 f sec 27, lot
three block 14 of IFloral City. and the
' se of Iw 1-4 of mec 35. and the ne 1-4
c 8, ne 1-4 of sec 18. all in townahip 18.
e 17, of rage 19 east, s 3 of ne 1-4 of
erest toeunhlp 1 south of range 19 eas
c.- e 1-2 of now 1-4 of mec Z, and the
the of oe 1-4 of rec 2, both In towns
v 1-4 sbuth of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of n
o of and ne 1-4 of mee 29. township 20,
S1-4 f r 19 e st.sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of i

ship 2* south of range 16 of
>f ne 4 of Ow 1-4, lesw two 14;
ores 1 ne corner of eec 13, 1
south .of range 15 east; se t,
e onet sec ., and lot one 1.4.
nshlp 28, south of range 15 of j
,of sw 1-4 of sec 2, town- sec
h of range 15 east; n 1-2 of 1-4
-4 am n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of se so
township 2, south of range of
1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 3, and twe
i of ec township 30, south s l
sat; e 1-2 of sw 1-4 of s 1-4 toe
sec 11, township 32, south A
e; nw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec uat
V7, south of range 17 east; or f
1-4 and n 1-2 or sw 1-4 of of
se 1-4 of se 1-4 of sec 30, of a
south of range 17 easL; ne 1-4
of ec 4I and se 1-4 of saw 1 S
township 29, south of range sou
-2 o nr 1-2 of ne of sec or I

so Wort n ,'roW- e 1-4 of soc Zractlonal se 1-4 or ne I
leighN. .. nd fractional nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of
r is also t act ftraetlona nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec
commissary for a1n in township 18. south of range
dtnu the voln- eamt, all of the ne 1-4 of ne 1-4 In Sun
Sro.lnti to the ter county o" eec 35, township 19, soI
of range 21 east; aw 1-.4 of ne'1-4, s
e 1-4 of mW 1-4 of sec 30. and se
T B0 T. CURE. of sw 1-4 of c3l.township 0. south
range 11 east and sw 1-4 of ne 1-4, a
as they cannot sw 1-4 of sw 1-4 o section 30, and se
tsn of the ear. of sw 1-4 of sec 1 n township 10, sol
Uo cure de ,e -range 2t east, sw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of
itlonal remedies. township 18, south of range 21 ea
ue Inflamed con- m 1-4 oS se 1-4 of sec 2, and fractim
1 t ~the O- e 1-4 of ow l of osec township
sm tobe gets In- south of range 30 east; ne 1-4 of sw
nbling sound or of sec 4 township 19, south of range
w1len it is en- east: se 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 32. towns]
i ta the result. I6 south of range 21 east, se 1-4 of
la can be tsk5en 1-4 ot sec 3. township-24, south of rat

hip 19, south of range 21 east.
also the following real estate sit-
in the County of Maruoh: Ne 1-4
1-4 of sw 1-4, and nw 1-4 of ne 1-4
1-4 o0 sec 1, In township 12. south
ge 20 east, fractlonal se 1-4 of aw
sec 4. township 14 south of range
t; nw 1-4 of sec 11 township 17,
of range 19 east; ne 1-4 of ne 1-4
1-4 of seo 16, township 15, south
S19 east, ne 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec
iwnshlp 16, south of range 1 east;
of sw 1-4 of DeWItt Park th sec 5
ise W 1-of nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of De-
Park, except lot 5, block 7, and
c 8. and lots 9, 10, U1. and 12 In
9, and blocks 11., 27, 29, 91 and
d lots 14 and 15 of block 1. and
6 to 12 Inclusive, and ts 20
inclusive is block 14, and
to 10 Inclusive, block 17, and lot
Lock 33, and lot 15 In block 13, and
' to 20 inclusive In block 16 In sec
'nship 16. south of range 19 east.
ie w 1-2 of ne 1-4 of sec 3, In town-
S. south of range 18 east.
also the following real estate sit-
in the County of Levy: The se
f se 1-4 of see 13; ne 1-4 of nw 1-4
1-4 of sec 16. township 15, south
14 east; ne 1-4 of sec 16, township
ath of range 16 east; sw 1-4 of ne
sec 6; se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec 9; se
ne 1-4 of sec 11, township 1U, south
ge 16 east; sw 1-4 of nw 1-4 of sec
ship 12 south, and the me 1-4 of
of sec 20, township 16 both In
16 east; a strip off south end of

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"Pigi's Foot" brand Bload ndl.
Damaralaod Guiqan, the ideallq~

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The counury-trade is o11ied ,
mail orders. -;


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n range 16 east,
!M twnshlp 1. ,
I 1-2 of pw 1-4 of
th, range 17 east;
16; n 1-2 of ow 1-4
5w5th of range 17
ity line ot ec 18. j
range -17 ast; sw f- w
t nw 1-4. and the
a nw 1-4 of me 1-4
; ne 1-4 of se 1-4;
sec t2; ne 1-4 of
f se 1-4 of sec 14;
.4; e 1-2 of sw 1-4
L4; e 1-2 of aw 1-4

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(kwue naumeu cua stvia vereonr r -
terasted In.mm ppe re hereby re- ii Il By|
qUred to appear to the said acton on
the Arat Monday in september 16, the I 4sitas
a being the 6th day in said month, 6lCl-mr I3teWf
a .raleday In this court, else a de- r *i
fm-t wl be duly entered against them Fri ime otmel .
iq MR1d co u rt. V Wri l -,,* "
jAZs NUCFRAt'rFLACkjuKun CO.. CO.V,c
7. If. SM~isONCTO, 1 -
'Atorney for Plaintiff. Jackcsnvi* l Rm

Notice of Final Settlement, n--tiad'18

S W. Sdt, dmesasedsdwsa sty ess htds

Adosle ratrator'f Irotice .e.. rwM a.e. W '

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meo M; nw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of 1-4, and
t n 1-2 of sw 1-4 of ne 1-4 of aw 1-4 c-f
- ao, township 22 south; n 1-2 of nw 1-4 a 4he
of ie 1-4 of ael- 4 of sec township 1. dal
oauth, all in range 25 east, the sw 1-4 In a
of nw 1-4 of sec 32. township 31, south, chum
and the, w 1-4 of ne 1-4 of sec 16, In Mj A
township 32. south of range 26 east the O, 4
s 1- 2 of nw 1-4. and the n 1-2 of sw 1-4 Uad
f see 24; the se 1-4 of nw 1-4 of se e .me t
townabip 29. south of range 2n east, lots N..-
t, 6, 7,. 9, 10. and 11 of subdivision
of Medora. and lots 10, 11. 12. 13. 14, 16, K.USe
16, 17, 18. 34,. IS 36, 37, and AS of block satery
five of the subdIsalon of Medoram. -'
And also the following reaestate sit-
uated In the County of Citrus: n 1-2 of "heos

C .I ''' +Z,72-

W %J-m

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- *^ :' -i;- ,- ^ / .. .** *


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Atr-Senator Dagalla-wheoe language
S.lp g srally t*UisraeM hot to ay
npViest--one descrthed the city of
. WdsbltIton by myhiw that the 'best
governed city In the United States is
Sthe city where the people do not govern
. themselves."
This, strange as it may appear is lit-
erally true. The local adminsetstion
o Washington 4s so far above tat of
Tarpa. for example, that comparison
d Is Impoaible; and yet in Tampa the
* people are mspposed to govern them.
Sserres, while the Capital city of the
0 nation is governed direct by the Presi-
dent of these United States.
Some recent events in our own city
- have drawn renewed attention to the
Ourtons anomaly presented by a city
, like Washnon, governed by what is
virtually an absolute despotism. We,
I too, have had a taste of ;absolutism in
the recent hint from the federal au-
-. thorities that. if certain concessions
were not made to the local railway
Scompaniese the govermnoet would
Quietly take pboseselos of the roads

asy to Take

asy to Operate
Are features peulIar to Hood'Pls. Snai] In
sM. tasteless, efficient- thorough. As one nt

said: You never know you
have ken a pill ti t is aP i
oner." 35c. C. I. Hood & Co.,
:rprieiors. Lowell, Mass
Th- ony pills to take with Hood's Sarsanaris

Some of the papers that are crying
up the claims of the East Coast as a
camping ground for the troops now
stationed in Tampa and vicinity should
lose no time in informing themselves
as to the availability of that section. of
the state as the basis of operations.
In the first place that system of "Est
Coast canals" of which so much is heard
is by no means the system of deep in-
land waterways some persons evidently
imagine it to be. The experience of the
eiJohns River steamer Welaka in forc-

pi.-Jle -'for cl

snow to


O*VMa tIatw

b tin hi
C.l.trs -

haave r would tolerate sooh action, Mow
coam fte A" B#L~dIfIL~~t b
~~~~;eE;;I;;okfiP-;In, Sewan5 nIa~egthj p

Some of the regular soldiers are gIv-
ing the people of Ybor City considerable
trouble. They demolish saloons, theatres
and restaurants and other places of
amusement with avidity, and as regular
as the click of a Waterbury watch.
They shoot out the electric lights, climb
on top of the street cars and are in all
kinds u' diab.lical mischief that hood-
lums can possibly conceive. The offi-
cers of these regiments should hold their
men in check or severely punish them
for any violations of the city laws
There is a vast difference between the
conduct of the regular soldiers and the
Soldiers, especially the ruffians should
be made to obey the laws of the land as
well as otttr people, and the Tribune
feels confldont that when their Infam-
ous tricks are reported to their officers
tnat they will not repeat them after
they have paid the penalty for their
misdemeanors. There are few people
that own restaurants and bar-rooms
that are financially prepared to have
tneir bus'Dess demolished, and if this
thing happens too often, some of these
bhllle" attired in blue pants and brass
buttons will have their apparel changed
to a wooden overcoat-
The people of Tampa are prepared to
tender the soldiers every courtesy and
those that act ws gentlemen are treated
as such, but our people are getting dis-
gusted with the half-bred bully, and
he must mend his ways or stand the


Just as the Tribune predicted, Mr.
Frank C. Bowyer has been elected
mayor of Tampa for the ensuing two
years, by a sweeping majority. Mrr.
Bowyer is a young man of fine business
qualifications, and rare attalnments,
and will make Tampa a chief executive
to be proud of; young, energetic, thor-
oughly imbued with the needs of the
city and with phenomenal executive
ability, he will soon demonstrate the
fact that the people of the city have
made no mistake in their selection of a
chief executive. The Tribune predicts
in advance, that his administration
-will be a brilliant one, and that under
his regime the city will take on a new
lease of life and bloom and blossom as
the rose. There are hundreds of things
that he can do for the benefit of the
city, and as 5son as an opportunity pre-
seat itself, the people of Tampa wUh
realize what great things can be ac-
compLLshed by the chief executive.
The Tribune congratulates Mayor
Bowyer this morning, and hopes that
his path wll be strewn with roses, and
guarantees that be will give the city
of Tampa an administration that win

R sad run them to suit itself. The nat- log her way south to Tampa throgt
quence to any suh step might these channels was a suggestive one
hral sequence to any suhh step might
e oehes eaali have been the proclaiming of and one. moreover, that effectually dis.
poses of any clam neniami might have
martial law for the city itself, and the poses of any clain Miami might har
to ill city substitution for our present feeble ard in this direction. ea e Welaka is
aeLet municipal a-lntrtlon of shallow draft steamer, such as woilc
Inefficient municipal administration of
mark your a strong and arbitrary military des- have little diffiulty i n gtg h
shallowest bays and estuaries of Soutit
Floridam but, in spite of this nac I he
U tkmph As everybody knows, the city council Floridas in site of this l ay
made a virtue of necessity, and after was weeks in treadg e way
Sthe Inevitable discussion consented to through Mr. Flagler's waterways and
W l permit the railroads to use such street spent as much ume on the bottom as
twe easit- a might be necessary in the con truc- she did on her native element
S tion of spurs to various points. The Welaka's experience should at once
, and the It is easy to see how the same princi- and for all dispose of the East Coast
ttlet"ntf p pie might be set to work lif other direc-t as a mtillitary possibility. There is not
tins with equal success. Should the a harbor on that side of the state south
L of the "contion of our streets and highways, of St Augustine, and the latter is use-
Is good for Instance become such'as to interfere less except for purposes of recreation.
with the movements of the troops or The East Coast of Florida In short Is
their supplies--hould anything In the simply a great winter resort exploited
sI'it tary condition of the city at any and managed by a great millionaire.
S threaten the weThe business of the state is done on the
,' time threaten the welfare of the armyv-e
,gwow Wert Coa which has the deep water,
there can be little doubt that the mill- the doo and the terminal and other
tary lightnIng would at once strike in great military and naval movements.
I toe ~ tle right place, and that the stroke We are sorry for our friends across
a t ie would at once be followed by the same the state but It cannot be helped. Art
ralo re l as followed the st has done so muchfor them that It is
to Vorab e relt as followed the last much to be regretted that nature *as
.-. '* fsPtation of sovereign power. done so little. In the meantime, Tanipa
htie in- Ts; Tribune is a democratic paper. and the West Coast have the pull--.nd
*~uaj It ieieves In popular government, and they mean to -keep it, In spite of
herculean efforts of certain railroad'
p a In a role of the people, by the people, managers to make water run up hill
E- for the people. Such a government said divert from our great railway sys-
we' bave never had. It is useless Lo teams the traffic that is legitimately and
-- -cm that we have. The people do not logically theirs.
k t t Whissever else may be lacking in a
ed stree a without commus ity, the chronic croaker may al-
sewers. otton sidewalks and a muni- ways be relied on to furnish his share
S al debt that grows year by year. of the shadows of life, and to this rule
&'5d the aere fact that the city of Tam- Tampa has no exception.
P -. asi seh a debt and that she has SOOI90 PAIN WILL ST.ANt, ALONE.
1tb show fer It. 9nly subch erable What has pecomTe o that LaUn al-
hisal features as those above enau-rated, laci
d e s taproot positive that the town has been It meant the un n of grea nadtn
Osla of govuerdW not by the people. kt by ait a
t the le y of Europe as a result of the war f ihe
me r0- rtng .whicb. In spite of the people, has United States and Span
T'mps. -sn d a government of waste Germany, Italy. France, Russia and.
S d orru tlon for the beneti et a ~ustria were supposed :o be about to
ttLat Lted ott-sckers and polteal par- lift up Spain's hands in her unrta
eicons cauae against the United States-
sirl THE INVASIOM OIP CUBA- In this proposed deal Germany was
. clearly Indicated as a Latin, and Jqhn
The loe expect forward movement Bult was as clearly not one of the Euro-
MlNliasp Oe ta g has biss at last, and within pean concert.
ielt lbt e t ftew. days the regulars will be What an inspiring spectacle!
gJ tkd5bI5 Ctbba. The administration has taken Six great powers at Ealtertide served.
UCtOs-ay Its own time and rightly enough thas notice on Uncle Sam that they loed
4 et eoncerfled Itself about the criticism peace and hoped for it Then, egged
"" t -. 0i Impatient people who urged on by Austria, they emboldened Spain
S that MtvaUna should be taken the first to momk the United States with her.
St4 t ot the war. Wh e there is still isolation.
-a~ih mystery about tri first point of This. If one became alarmed by the
'i ttek tf the army or invasion, it ia tactics of Spain, was to be a war of Phe
-_ oeaut;,dfinitely enough that it will globe. Great Britain soon dispelled
I .n rMk4 akeRffort to capture Havana. any illusion as to where she stood and
S The Pream idet and his adviser are not she withdrew from the Easter company.
U'nal. r n any unnecessary chances. It Se was for her daughter nation against
vI w otar be much more plbturesque, of the whole world if necessary. Then
M" ,to storm the city and take It Russia began to try to show that khe
redhanded; It weld cost many Uves United States Sad no better well-winser
o liBS- alsgLi t ire regulars and volun than the "great White Car. Russia
4.i paportutp y tn o shew that they was determnedtto preserve the stric est
,g nieife the right stgft, as thbMi un- neutrality.
-..'bvmtedly are, but it there are other But France now became annoying.
wa ies lam oody of tak g Cuba, sen- She was to make Spain's cause hers at
,' e p t munrck prefer to see them all hazards, it seemed. Then patMitiUc
a B pain has a well drilled army American women tightened their ptrse
S.4s a. -We do not know how many strings. Soon France made hasta to
.illc g has there, but the number recover the good wishes of the people
,eifd. al the way from 75.000 to of this country.
.. 4Inat they are not to be des- The latest issues of the newspa lers
a fight every an who has tell us that Germany would not con-
t ss ^hm bears testimony, sider, at present, any proposition or
aSanHiY. benshisng this cesaon of the PhilUppines. teelher
-- J 'h een nsahlt does she wish that France should aske
i That wM any stepB In this direction. What is
sis^s.taasg m- s'igple, ditermany's alleged reason for this In-
~ .d It ai|tasg to eur.y dieated change of heart? Because it
pHrepo.fy ' would be a hostile act to the United-
g ed States for any nation to try to take
n 2 ..... tibtloo thecPhllppines, and no Ituropean pow-

-, b h Dim it eIn

Offie of the Army Mst Taak
nizanoe of the DasgtsGefl Co G *
duct of the e--Woeaken
Were Outraged.

Fort Brook and Ybor tYr were vw l ...
tually in control of a mob Monday -
and yesterday morning, and the ma. *
disgraceful scenes were enacted, and l
to their shame, be It said. the disdrderly
mob was composed entirely of soldirs 5 p
of the United States army. wrab-4 _-
The soldiers were nearly all colored, a A
and wer members of the 4th and ith this
United States infantry reglmnft. ey Site
began their work of destruction by yOUl
forcibly taking posseion of bor-rooms w
in drort Brooke. ThAL showed them-
selves to be a lot of thieves .nd pitnd- are
erers with mo respect for the law of the
land. and if the offcetr of the army do Upm p _
not take steps to bring the members O sf b
the mob to justice, the governor af the
state will no doubt be requested to der p
mand that the secretary of war order' mO
a strict Investigation of the matter.
The saloons that were wrecked wer O t _.
owned by men who pay the state *a. -
county license tax. and these men'w s e
entitled to protection, but they are not
getting it. The state and cooaty'au- .-
thorities have done nothing whatowever-' w a -r
to stop the rioting, and Marshal 8tevw e Avoii
of Fort Broote seems to be the enka wl
officer who faced the mob. j
The mob of white and black drl itne.
soldiers started their wild acts in thP
saloon of Francisco Yse and broke
up everything in the place,,. Then they ATTOM T Y i
stole every bottle of whisky aiM ee in T
Lhe place and fired their pistols ito T P,.l
midate the provost guard.- i
The Cate Cantante was next viltesiJ- r n '?.
and completely awecked. The flnLi W ^I3AL l
ture was broken up and every thing to"
drink was stolen by the mob. e Seeri .- .
hundred shots were Bred, and cita n
Bed for their lives.
Houses of Ih repute were enired
force, and the white and ibl*a k |nuasBf IC- OLI
were forced, at the point of pistos. to LT f ia
submit to the men who -were disgraelng
the uniforms of the united .Sat rft
Women were outraged, and while the M .
women are the lowest type, the la -A
gives them protection, and the pen Mi I R.
is the same for outraging a woman ao AttS
this kind. as though the victim wSa of -, . .
high moral character. Only last year
a negro was hPg in Jacksonvile, ty
due process of law, for 16r a a ..
colored prostitute.
The mob visited the Se i ael cft at
the end of the car line in Tbor city Id
demolished everything in the glade t .P
Another mob went to the en __an
broke lato a half dosen saoeink as4l
te same scenes wereenacted as in Fort
The provost guards and the dttyo-
Uce owre powerless to to the mob. '
and the disorder was continued until
after day ght, whei a battalHon from
the Georgia regiment of volunteers was
sen out with orders to top the rioU ng.

ne moa soon mona nas M ot u umaerwo.
A number of shooting' scrapes took
place, and several soldiers were wpond 1-
ed, but the oficers and mel5 rf ed to
give the names of the victims -I-
One negro was haot by a poUieaem -
about B o'clock yesterday morange baut
was not seriously Injured, one_
A negro soldier shot a member oone
of the cavalry regImesm and *a* Pr
afterward amrted by the Pmv tNBOUgMtM M-si_
guard 'and. locked up. The wond '
man ws taken to the regimental hos-, C i
pital and his wound dresser. w
Several drunken soldiers came down
town during the day and kicked open i
the doom of several saloons that Vetso w sa w ft
closed in order to comply with. the pasM.M~ibft
election law.. -paeras
In order to stop the laiWess oss' an,
extra heavy guard was npaced on dt S
last niaht. and large squads of gos11o* -\m4 E
teermeostly from the Georgl ralment,
patrolled the street s Quite& a. num-.;l '
ber of arrests were made. -put there -
was still conasderabo disorder.
The officers of the army ate well':t '
aware pt the way their m n acted 'Mon 7=am -
day night, and the cltteaL of Tampa a'e i -
expect that in the future orders ll be wesh Werl
issued to keep the soldiers l eampafter -SYaYTfJ fSr
6 o'clock. Thi maybe. qulte h on SS S
the Imnocent, but until the gauity
parties are found and severely punisled' Md Js r.i'
the innocent will have to suffer wi th
the gdity. o locw h _ai _
Affairs have gotten to such a poht .
that citizenss are afraid to walk the '
streets alone at' nighi. and neai ly:m
every person now goes arte(L Several
citienas renianedsp all nsht last lisht,
with abot guns and rtilestW their sides
deten#edto protect their pmperty. Jf-g^
evenul they have t fismevponW the m .,
The Oreaftr aluds sh.e s t .
pi-Wi-e hip dhsarmanSklMed
plssplss bssihof a -
iHoo-s Pdla we te S* r
...**ras .. .t s ts ',::: ,

be satlsfaetory and beneficial to its peo-


It is apparent that one of the fruits
of this war is to be the demonstreaton
of the fact tat we have in our army
and navy heroes of'the same stripe
as tose who Ive made the nation fam-
ous in orevdus conflicts. The eight
men who were captured on the eoller
Merrimac in eaatlago harbor are a
sample of this claws of hero. It is
apparent that they are men who vol-
unteered in the face of almost certain
"death, to venture upon this perilous
'expedition. The value of wisdom of
the movement is not to be questioned
until further details ef the affair are
known, but no matter what the policy
of the commanders of the fleet may
have been, these men gave themselves
to the service of their country on a mis-
sion of the extremist peril. They were
men of the great type. men of whom life
is naught when at deed for duty aands
ready to be done- In the face of almost
Inevitable death or aPpture they step-
ped forward man to'man, volunteering
a deed that has few parallels in the his-
tory oL heroism. It is in such types of
men as this that the hope of the nation
is resting throughout this coiffict, and
so far every expectation entertained of
them has been more than relied.
The policy of foreign nations toward
colonial possessions is seemingly guided
by climatic conditloas. Colonies in
the temperate zones are rapidly streng-
thened by emigration from the parents
country, and some sort of home role
is permitted. In the tropics, however,
residents of countries lying In the tem-
perate sones can not settle on account
of the heat and the rains, usually not
giving o enough to get aecldmated.
and the representatives of theparent
nation are confned to the govqr n and
trading cas, .Bal yp5wapfs of-
Otfmer ooDp4nesowo is thait~~L


i r.




= with the
Vft them

-Is Ikgth*A thest

o Ute o
c :bai

Vabs'A Ufton te


v ioe



" I m I

-tM htm ts Ships ty PFrm aI
hMthnB Cost-
antimn cut.


He cOBls His Home GOov-umnnt
That the Spaniards Were Victor-
ious nd That the Americans
Were epused.

Havana, Jtne 1.-General Blanco re-
ceived cablegrams from General idveres
at Santlago, last night, advising him
that the Spanish forces had epelled
the American fleet which attached, the
Opanloh forts at the, entrance to the
harbor. General 'Blanco at once sent
similar cablegramo to the minister of
war. at Mpdrld.
T d commander of the navy at San-
ttago, aleo advised 4he Spanish admiral
at Havana, saying that he was'nuch
p iased vlth the result.
There be great enthuesasm on the part
of the people of Havana. The news
'odsuced a great effect because of the
reported triumph of the Spanish fleet.
At the Bl4o0 theatre the performance
was suspended as soon as the news was
Ikown. It was announced from the
stage, and the orchestra played the
'March Prom Cadiv'" which evoked
loud cheers and prolopsred applause.

f I

A Canny Scot.
*g l maA D anmulng scene took place In the
lto 1 s I 111G. Glasgow sheriff curt during a board of
E trade4.bqulry Into the circumstances at.
t rdteding the loss of the West Highland
A" +'"puffer," or boasting steamer, the Helem
Ay thUs lprbeprtmet is Determined 'MacGre One of the witnesses was
Pr b' Captain Fletcber. a previous master of
S to eep eeret the Xovements of the craft, and the sheriff asked him if ln
Ma Tr his opin.n the vessel was seaworthy.
r a e "WelL;" said the witness, leaning his
al t arm on the ral of the witness box. "the
Id -t4e Special to the Trtbuze. engines behaved no sae bad and worked
ze Washiagton, June 1.-In order to middlin weel."
io bemaintain secrecy regarding te. move- His Lordship-You are a very cautious
man. "No me bad" and "middlin weel"
m. .et of ships and troops, the war de- may he very good Scotch, but they do not
Suartment to-day adopted a regular ci- convey much information. Was ohe sea-
Pe bw oode Sor the t rammlton of aU worthy?
er ode or te tranemi-son of all Well, yes. In a way.
a.-va- mOMaes. The Sherff-What kind of a way? The
S Otoially, the authorities in Washing- oroper way?
r the Witness-Ou, joist In a middling, ordi-
Stoe are without information confirms- ry way.
tory of the bombardment of Santiago. "But shat is as vague as the other. Had
S..wrboa u any fault to fnd with her?"
V e war board laci ot lIttle ed- Witnes (cautloosly)-Well, she wass
Sace in the press reports sent out last maybe etrtin old.
osighbt, but bt generally believed that' The Sheriff-Did you think she was eea-
worthy when you saw her in the Crenan
Ita Commodore Schley's report which is be- canal In November l.san
. tieved,to be now on the way will con- Wltnes--It would be according to the
wh firm the press reports. "But a vessel to be seaworthy must be
,w Admtral Sampson has succeeded Seworthy in all reasonable weather, must
jftjar Schley as enmianapr in- elsenot?"
Sioe nod Sre Schley as r,,mma.rmi r W -Well, It would depend upon
k g o ~t of the naval force now oppLiete the day. I -
tts satlag At the sanme tme the num- Ctain Flether's departure from the
witesm box caused much regret in court,
beer of Aerican warships off that port 'ad it was some time beformduesolemnlty
S Jhas been lncreaed,to fiteen pevaled.-Westminster Gaseta.
pe metal Cablegram to the Tribane. The ipe sla.
'he o w OT '0Ont lC.D The sortnt habit of smoking pipe
h." < c u'rmin hs a pertptble effect upon tbe taee. The
Spressur m of the Ups to hol the pipe in po-
BReprtedXtPtore of the Ainbaso stlao increases the curvature of the lips
St6 -- 31r3r ito a PW W ond tM swim and the muselm become
r Xm ac rio
'tQs "- rigid here tlhan s bother prts. Thus
''the "mume. i pm as a eertain palnt beesmestr onger,
Sand the pipe is unmmnosekously held in the
IBt FW, f S West. June L-Thers hai blen same habitual position. After long con-
tlhm re-. ..oth nation of the habit small lrular wrin-
_1, dos of the runor tl th his"s fo pellel with Pe ervatus of
Va. n atlsp orip Alfono Xm. has the U pesaroud theste. These ore sd
t tT by fr ms caused bythe pmmsar o the
I eord y the St Pautojetln the stem in potiLon.
7 :S'port Is said to have been brought by In the moas of l men who have smoked
a spatch boat from Commbdorp Wat- &nPi ya e po etIs
S .sdwTNT v mrkd, not only altering the form
stageas Seeat aow anchored off Havana of tbhe li buto on g eatie side the
far.ee, asuhlh tb e wrink tiat tha the re-
muo~ 4I~
id* A w It of a. .o deepen, am instead of ol.
Sowin tme tural corse of tela wrtn-
tlt ~ Wl ki 0esa to hnsge thet Sourse so as to adi-
1 th,5 lI be ea to- d ate rem the pan of the mouth wher the
pga the pp e hrttuay carried Fortbemore,
a 0 %,uB r ofsatitt m. one or both lips often protrude, st like
the lips of people who used to snc thir
Qas oPytacsnns h-Rekports have thpsmbs when children. The effeeft of
I pipe amokngs the tseth and lower
c e here sfrcBnantlego de jaws am even os epparnt than in the
.i"e efecIt that the Ca i- f t ts ads. I any man who b
s moked aIlps imr a eemsdetleo length or
.1 can attacked me wi lake the trouble to examine his
t itsi.c t e `Cnbe toaI-day teth. he wiU1 fd that at the point whee
t infantry an e l Otrm ll 'bold ats her bootwees b

-00re ead9t ghetsti ng
A Cle el d youth whd jit booskeep r
ore asleso calerh forgk167or his father In thebatOer's
ap sesguadies t ortg osl m- OeSas a sconcse eafor some uas
2 qrptr~rbj. ~ s rdstosid u ae1 a 16 high sa2 s tow for is, and
--'- lcusm lled-torelreg hbIrsamkse=t ped him look. Foetwoweeks
-l,%s40a4 e ito the 'i thp wkep pthe w areob, as d s the books
-t2 br- Ight l tde'ocurred to the
ei ctrlo Ugt Cues- ha sai.
the hsno, toftroauble 4W0 4t t5 aid he t aid.

thm. 362"ls, wOOD .e sAgmane boo nt over his boaos.

vislivE.hed,: Th went tSftoseV he ram.
ath aue'eshl appoavtgly.
alan-.41.. m w dir d yoUS i yt boyr-h
-.-"I Jsh ,@*I a P441Oe --to the'

He a ~-~ dma tbe youag eseas


Aa Vanl--sam perieoee ef a I)nUmM
I. Tera.
"Speaking of extraordinary feata re-
minds me." said Henry Austin. "of an
amuain story C41onel W. P. Curtis once
told in the old St. Charles hotel. It was a
damp evening and the 'boys' bad been
.bragging about various wonderful doughty
deeds they bad done in thefr salad days
and frappo nights. When It came his turn
to be a gorgeous, ercumstantlal and sta-
tistical liar, the colonel leaned away back
and said In his sweet Kentucky voice, for
he balled from that aate originally : 'Boys.
I can't match any of the teats of strength
and active valor you have told, but I can
teo you a true tale of endurance that may
be worth your attention.
'Years ago, when Texas was the para-
dise of stage coaches, Lwas traveling for a
tobacco house a long journey, fully bO
miles. In the coach opposite me sat a
mighty pretty girl and a shaggy man wit)
a sombrero and a small arestal of pistols
In full eight We had journeyed on for
about an boar, and not a wordbhad been
exchanged or a look between my fellow
travelers. The girl was everlastingly pret-
ty, and finally, catching her eye, 1 wae
tempted to wink slightly as a sort of pro
liminary toward breaking the lee aiM bav-
og some pleasant conversation.
instantly to my horror, she turned
to the human arsenal snd whispered in bis
ser. "Did I understand you. stranger, to
wink at this young lady?" Only presence
of mind, as there couldn't be absence of
body, saved me. I replied at onee: Yes,
sir, but let me explain. 1 have a nervous
disease of the eyelids. If you had noticed
me before, you would have noticed that I
winked Involuntarlly very frequently
Honestly I couldn't help it. "
S"Your explanation is extraordinary,
stranger, but I accept It for the present,"
be answered gree-y. And from that time
I think be iever took his eyes off me. So,
to keep up my port, every moment or two
I had to wink omne eye or tbe.otber. some-
ltejsea both. Bour hIfrr hour, gentlemen.
a I live by champoune. ony ocular exer-
alle continued. 1 believe I am the only
man living who ever winked to save his
life, and I wank anr wank for at least 40
miles, till we reached our destination.
Bow was that for endurance' "-New
York Prea.

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DEkif Y

Keep the Newest Line of
F URNITURE in the -ci r.

Hona er &Co.. 507 FrankHita
_ "M -

The Major-General Ordered to
Tampa to Conclude Plans.


Invasion of Coba is low About to Begin
by the Unl:ed States Army.



Will be Sent on the Second Expedi-
tion as goon as the Ships Return
From Their First Trip-Porto
Rico Will be Next.

Special to Tribune.
Washington, June 7.-Major General
John J. Coppinger, commanding the
Fourth army corps, with headquarters
at Mobile, has been ordered from Mohile
to Tampa to conclude the arrangements
for the Invasion of Santiago de Cuba.
Orders have b-en issued, requiring the
transports to return immediatelyy to
Tampa to convey twenty thousand men
that are to form the expedition for the
invasion of Porto Rico.
Brave Uncle Sam now tak-s the ;iior,
LAmid tis parliament of nations;
With anxious Lrou, and lving heart
He maitea these deciartijus:
The vail of wretchedness and woe,
Of deati, and worse--tarvatton,
Has reached our ears, .ind 'llod our
hearts *
WIth righteous indignation.
Helpless Cu.a with pitDous cry
Pleads proecution from ieothesr;
If other nations pass her ny,
Be irts the Samaritan brother.
We caeinot rest; but rise In eight ,
A helping hand to lend her;
'May God of Heaven favor .h-o.w,
While we in love defend her."
All honor, then, to the loble men,
With loyal hearts. thich love con-
WThl ave their all, at our nation's cell.
,riff the brotherhood of man main-
Tampa. a he ay welcome gives.
Ye noble soW thirty thousand strong;
Welcome to our summer home,
Cheer them, patriots, loud and long.
Self sacrifice for fellow men;
Tell IL along the ages;
Chartty mantled in stars and stripes;
Wrote It on history's pages. .
Generations shall hear, and the nation
,E'er Angela slall chant the retrain-
"Peace on earth good will," 'tis our
motto still.
Let It ring through the old earth

"I hav6 neard a good deal about people
who borroW trouble, but I think soy wilf
l&a ehamplon in that liba".
"Why, I thought she was always s hea
fl and onaed with her lot?"
''She was until our baby Was born six
WOeks ago. Now she Is worrying beanes
be may marry some girl that we will not
like. "-Chicago News.
aq ettsra hot.
Mr. Sourder-ira Caterer, let ms ton
YnU that if ron want to be op to the tima
you'll have to get a sideboard.
Mrs. Caterer-And let me tell yo, Mr.
Border, that i yoo ain't more np o time
In your payments you'll have to get out-
ilde board.--Boston Courier.

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****** ***' (i
U P17

K 18 V j A. M ViPeVeWA -"toothless old wolf" with her teardneta O A
nIn- La action.
Wn ItI aseemthat wr was iiWnearl- And Gomess reply. How noble n Tribwe hnai Aehe to 'vise
"as-Bnlw It wMai see.n '-catt M e"t fact! And how sublime In contrast. a pe-liait. WVe ae fMtilte t
,.4 *1b r S St position With a loftines that is superb he dis- and the sq ar r t MM i
"a aBlrstathb tesantual eteittie | was ^ dains the offer. He mentions the whla thtWe isa spratea i0ieh
tlaU aMto be e*de the Mee 6f operatonls Glorious names of Washlwiuon and titide to luutif,
-.. -th-=e public nuisames at once began Bolivar. And who, conjuring by such prosperoMr TlLia
S to prophets eel and to warn their immortals. is not worthy of the high- an mtrla aaCo~le rnrff. "*.
4 e(Ft h w ,s of thedire effects of the con- est respect? He nobly says to Blanco: wor. d tod
lfit Pnt met upon onr ..nnnity. The war Uncle "You represent 0o this continent an e fw S 0
has com. aend Tampa is now the base San old and discredited monarchy." wutcw a o t
o rs rlion, sad In spite of all the Heroic old figure! In tha y af to their n atu, W which S,- ij
= 6' = hlClhiely toaremn) so. come, when the free and happy Cubans altoi agreeablto' Ii 1.o.
WAt ehs been the result? T'he quoe- This is celebrate the birthday of their uatin,
. l. Ut o that ansew ren telta The Ameria's his same shall be sounded and h:. tru ChristratI hs
si. i .!w cound Tarspi watin Osuralgpen shall be sung. Spanish &olda the9ofo wa _ta
it eple have r pounded ee cay could not buy him, nor Spaniah cmtunt g MtrPom oap!T r Jt8"a 3 t
Mediine -ftcjole Medicine. hio
mnd to eves mal nd m po them. had atcaole h
^ ^yp^ ^ y^ u?1W so gofmllllin so direettTn have Ow It Wi Slll the w N1V*OW
Irem.r' u nrge Of the city been 2ound waA Sharpen RTLTNATE FLOr.ULA. In the Ara t asaeewe want lto kI 11
as in tm ue tofe o ,r emriu dye- YourAppetlte, Prom Savannah News. 1"Al *U -a1 1t E
a th been ne In vain. Purfy and Fora's goodluck aaum. Firtt t into oblivon witho.
u.... "ipon',,en 9Y dT were t, or"., piluso L43
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I , anpi o, at tiB bus Au acttv is J Mi, te Medlea e. AllUdrags wuue t un e uug tre tue war. ',rr, a t d o .lat is h .

i n srtr Ata naa Savannaah CIaUBAN aONnDITIONS o o a w w with you asthem When a. e Tee
N V.. em.of....periy Lor re ccuu~ u ,LI

f n s s eLaef reato" o f wic t he Tribune has already drawn at- looMco gr own on the asa tLu ante tem in =m f '
tenton to the nature of the undeveloped was m*'s* n1 a very areeeac aman- you Can fld anybliy ito Sa yhen Wlith
be0 al heard is as tmaioTy as resources of Cubs and the probable M ir. usta or beu ng an liua e ep o ". w
te tei p~t o a those who r gav efeet of thear development Upon Tampa ae a help l0 lon' U- Anothe point pa la irtil.
t i bs een prele alaton. That daaser and, indeed, all south Florida: and the developed a tobacco growing inos- dgre of ltafnt.i a i rWfaBa
si ts oly ia the apprbehieas Of the time seems opportune toooint out some urystunn er Inuii wo e .wni pesue erred s at s: Whrt .ios t i-ts Wh'.
w d tr ttmild ad eat-h ted. We may de- dt the causes that have nl one way or s uiiCnt M ior i afod Ou, cue, anu t c esmtn0i g dnndlmitai eto et .
p a po n li-t t "reoiten" will never another contributed to the present un- wuri urounur-i ui uilluu, u . ar Does it ean to make Itself b A l th
S It mast be broaht upon us by happy condition of the island, and its Aou now uoers im- ar o ur~ iam. the people ei with athe little i e t h i
AiR Waae the sleth and ha4MerDence ef oer people people, uan cvc t noi g ianr u tauriUaI. nL which hea bees ribanmu e dbtfpe riitthe
ean- d as the past history of 'lJmpa may Up to 1 the effect of the reforms ConU aie uterany Luon o smiersom, n peat few. yeaa, and whidh Jl c
S.. h be dnaad a sa~oleat guarantee of the introduced under the wise and lem- the hotels are uln of uttcers ana con- more than one ec eome anWt'-
blt own. man-er in wich. oa r people wvll stand operate administration of Governor Gen- ractoin non signoseetie, wcule ue ran- ouary uear tenat e It the -tref -
..lr ra w b the shin when the storm of war sub- eral Las Cansa was still flt and it roaous are as busy as imey ca n ntrau- Tampa fonnd in tln Open Xtc thi5
S d was from this source that spran the poring troops and upplies. orne am ar, an epportaity as Iaot Me-
pt as new- Te s o Attaota Is one which loyrlty and devotion of the Cuban p eo- mer season, instead ut beith one ot t ,o B O doth ity 1 -tt"e . it teu1S1t
nW mot as foodls la thi direction may be proftably stud- pie to the Spanish throne, that caused drooping inactivity, will be tnu oi hurry pertunity od net n I r selp 'in a -'
S... .. d. th*e claoe of the civil war found uba to be known as the "Ever Patth- ousle, business and money. Truly it la prepared. tfem then .r
e k rt se of asthes-s grass grew ful Island-a n distinction to which it Florida the Lucky! However, ta e gn st to hustle, to woTh. But it
L. Thea est of l its tree. and Its population and its has now fortunately lost all calm. By coum not go to a better mill, asa we bneopicptp mAd l- p yi -.
as- a'. me aused mf k t vaiahed. T-dmay one ot those curious fatalitiee-for which hope the. Florldians will fnd iWLpres- found the tow- tmLsed nwme Ml62 eut. t
-. ate A1tth tchIetf ty of l ieorla, and the history of Spain is famous, that nt w"unpLe-a-ontn" profl able, and and tno oondlflo to.Xee e.fee.0 a i
di.'u batttr I~ tnose bha become a brnoynm for very year saw the Inauguration of a that when the war esnd they will al and that we ae Nt i 'W6-10. 01
th prt. enteprse, thrift and spodees through- policy which has steadily gqne from be rich and happy. made pa w ou vialteAe as t uttfrm .
tieSia andieSt be osipoa. The p l.r made Atilata bad to worse, until the cruelty and \ i r s
k:- l& d oflte foElh-I t elmlnated the oppression of the captains-general sent Thmere appears a strong probabtility lmpres") a we i~t ss t r'
ScrMeat, tr a ad eaeimEss, and cleared over from the mother country started that the constitution will be so amend- fault of th e iO W aem 60 m .
A:lw. l t Ae w Pwi or eW &ood. new ideas and tthe red dres of revolution upon every ed as to make United States Senators tohda is ei n es i
i rM val a thd. Cuban hllaide. elective by popular vote. In a replubi leacy Or eu w be

Thl iset leave1s rc igger an d ,w i he outbreak of the present reli greaseasl of corruption which prevails A Boston O reached has written i ytter
fo itis a the ttlaye of Poridaly. t die 1O yern wan beginigr nntnt 1108e c orm ot government t syt the io- o ava I te o war 9tealrty G L eitdf
Jo W stben h iesdth eci vil wflly. "pomdntbekn .Ow 00 and Span as cel method, for if the p Torue are o o ut o ofr It .rehRLd go qnm ffl i oef.t
a'" tp. m, o sIshl plush ai4 e gterwmmie. much more. The los of propertyM or lectineg any of their o tlclaes they bs thes be 31 fa it.4A

l r*os i t h/a se amounted to as much, while ie iihe sve, p ode __ -od le
Ait n I te ih o ty of I lte on broth sides ex needed a 310m it ts utge that tbsh popoared andedr B or c 5to i ..ri hoeii a"

^E^ .^^Str.-a d_' laR t ha wase; b 0y thon nato *atr wou of aveert a M- t "
l e'At thethi ottbresa o the present rivol- eat deal noof ae s rptio o n whch pease L oston preacr h aw wrh ieM 'al|*tW
;- ..L tm it touksa. o onsl ba the eo-caled theserment the ru nder hereesen syntem. o the verk- p yr of fro e I. a.I lij
aymhlI n f 1) muchdI mpreura ssio name -Ima V?,W' lW~aN
01Of tsOme to -t ian sland resemblead wnote htmng s l m ; la person thIfe went os i over oeoeral tre mnpoa Ie nadvo s te a ts .e
rue i ed 1 a rirspn the .uth de, the se do Ud S C tr e he t Cs

80 9011110 15M a cleared tovet whed federate Veterall at cthe reoyisdo in at d tyThe Benatiot oois ieltesa e a Is

All t^ he rne sood now dea to thered t of r Spaluoud wvr yeb Jadkso makle next tasetha S aany oo tt ohAead..a t rha tabts. ;
t the eot C uatar l mia-t to 1- the w bureau, whle t lt the pt tarht~ rcoety cont ventlo nrs a
S.r hel a.at Dae City Mondoy, tbae Iulow- The &at lr W; otip to te Bet
l y recounts tih egdnic if & ca o by gofgonwm tshe ,t.n t tehe o
A". a ae toe beas sappon hle eadrvr uT' reena n st etn ofl f Ithe vitrefe aiedt ila
qo i et Intou sh mgod ho s r lee u ob ect wos of a o he aof let a ny oto taheir of stLhen lpa

Tim w a sm ..s wtl Ite. ha for slUple the ofcal remen- ha ben oppolntod by e t J. Jr. Di--eh prAO4t fot'2~e wa iwr

a l peoka t hof! stad reaid .. t s le d tedrte Vebo eseo at the ereoauconll 5ltnd the I aInu oarge l tale siv -
*IicJ ir h Q tre uto m Ito f Stoepain's old war debt; dteonvdii e nest up5th. seamy of itsb II ,ic5i )ehtetap

mssaletre; H. tl.ofc Brown oe er torn eft t a wold avertt s
t tiei ome e f tor sub tri e as pule ducation, ~4 e asdalocorup t ad 3.,. Oe taihe t&Boson ipreahette writ on ".'r
L Ii highway aufltsll et, end aIs t found as. *e s ai 7
ti e so-calledgviernmetofthli heunade pwenp it s te on te waBal-.Ofirf911Of atim
.'- mlm was e expended thre se no Wmu the f- ensht and eam. enough a narei , 1 &We ='

h pw deuldu ~wisibloe moumnints In evidene of the e-Of- meet. thee wIll ovl twhe r the Gaene a opaneas em .;wth thetno
of Waer h av whoa vp e tneesn t tug bm thar o w mi4h se v a
ytsi,' reseonIw'-hs as rolte a wa a trs e siguaxdcuon e at those trernnt hi that kihd a la gh we cent seeandrc.ca t
.. dictat.or of dof exactlonand h terrible boriden usMt let some mme trenteie iI. wM, riousai S..

Wism. much, ,ov than bt y.e gi sure no uahsoo ofa&,fomh e
ALI G% W ft M9 ZININ Over lehoe town thr at evepr awlsb'e . ---tt o s^
e lg oalnId mD -nrov. ow e-thitrd O whht....
I yu wsbion o nly tered wosm the bsneos o trade Orndo waing t the sti- t -

a o,, e" hahleia e ,amtslok t.ntthatare od ____ n thlce. 3a*5a at. atIV
If r peOse were Jumtld in rronlt- Abe made. the limeSsf "b r,9dutls l etimb 9.l
-. la t is the p.ope of tthe whei have peasant i eed to uliv sat to ~he. (he .oq ~ndb.o..-li
hIeir yheore eongd pderd the heel ofTeais
a.e, wthaf eou gs -t hoeii aa g e Supaish e taen mat evldenily lives the asam ~e mAJ iJ.. #t ---.

exw as s~ne.of Island whcte w WNcain noon theward hope. n ot aTethe t itmus5ci
U en..ry go sen mto woihy f t e "The 9ueen resenit f atay euse I psiteW t he
Su, is-o dtsict to beconie tN in .'" The waIng i pro tob h .toe Jabs 6"1 eI
t- ly. nterMred fres thi briefr e. Aid efbi1,etera therno. over ath w.,,, a., e s d tl, i Jpaee.

L get maib is theD iro of fate, that, bt IS tha *l m1 8 pefr1er 't BUS e
Oww Sor Maine duiss a ster, It Js morV than 4l0
AirB b t gat another year weald have T I -
go. eo by without that armed lnter- eRap- y ove .b t w WE ,ee
visai. fra m the United states -for yourr sa olll ota
syM which the Cubsan patriots have so long

ph dmepha earO o r or ams aeepson isapoep
r n of tbs arI Oa the OW WsL
The -edh e orreponden sbe-mv@l

oit Cltus pentrim U GeoW l elrcph acd ,amp eQs hare ree.P 4
log -or ind perhp bhoi. th is picture on U~s vqubt"- eandd hyra,. .
iiott s:i bo wooS the porleuin deri- hee"fo
.It alo am de.antte the desperate for Ld~ "w l to t t:
-strits reached by Weesylers suer"eesor.
that he should plead with Gomes oifor 530 witha bi apgt sumetg aagt iaisen-
f.an .liSace shows that while hi our- OS on his 2hi i na ro easfiht ii .r.t
ae may qot au be gone not a vestige Do ot leutuyon talk to u, W-sither advance ors
-hi,. wide I remanang. He laele 7
iWeiLs o enemy throug- fear of the ll e oa man whm o
aeo Cas the-Amercan people s nyou wat o L hisconid
ha0ieraB He Inddles otIn c RfI OIt o j.cant Uv oilrgAM-
a-". S ,,dpOdle" p-anea~o,,d ."M s ""
0ar71W 1a lAe abt ase independee e


Ml Eia Bit the Water vIthtM


Sbwe iked pb boat Qhe
-,m are neow priOe of tho;

S rDing the night the Spanlardi placed
S' A ie under the collier and lewir her
sW o as to open the channel.
.A W VS W oAS PKBS COuMAwjtyu.

S The aksln i of the o etrislac wV
Arnaged .a Wshington
lecial to the trMbuan
'wWhtt .~-WhnMaftoa. J ne 4 -Now ihat the
UHb tI 0*i of the harbor of Santgo has
4ea himeen bac i by the stkn of
S the eCtlmr trrimso In the channel,
there no attempt made by tha Wash-
lagton authoritIes to conceal the tact
that tiS dariar undertaken as been
a l the mind of aUl connected rith the
rW-lre goveaMent from the moment that It
ttIit wap eefaiy known that Adniral er-
Svra'eS eet was in Santiagox harbor.
ui~ btias ThOe reeottoire-eu of Comunodore
4 7 leyf l as been criticled foe Its a-
mleq1tl p 11vtfr *>nrevP aot It Is now known
tha t wase ter the purpose ot etiop-
ut^. hutS n ^ i famre of the Spanash tteriem
Wm ia w*oild have to be pid when
?1 Bpmer time eame. Thei sInkin
tillt 0 o.te Merrtimac Io deemed affnizeant
;-Ap::1. In noew believed that thb batter-
Shavie;ea slenoed, & afta which
p-l ace-to-day. ,Pr.ident ikcln-
Is n0iidedrtio what tevnB|.hall be
^ aid to atl m a pirce, that shalt
loa-td to prevent the landirr of an
y 0 splendidly equipped troops to
l "^W s hIMe the cities o Havana 6ad San-

^ ^Miy1^"- te-" oten. BlPPco has
9C e o w a to e ast extremity will
Vhhfwcst he we8on. It tI not believed
lisft ia WMlBot waXt for te United
10 lada mmllary orm. before

aI L Atay. of the Ikth United
'I i Mrt ftfat- ,wfo In attiak aspres
Iiw Id* Chi of nltlpgrapphic lines
1erlda. with the exception of the
,'i WWWt 'cable has received initruc-
from the war depeo tment that
him to e mme rid than over
AM-me off aft -TivelV tta strict
080w.u-rship ha O teeu bln ed i
O. r uJto all pt. a e I t
^j O.' } cetenrs. ThAi statereit may be
bat. t In doubtd by tMe Tampa

-..3 :' ...iM^^ i, men I aly

41 IwS on

Then the Insurgents Will Assault the
City From the Bear and There
Will be Kaic in'the Air For

Special to the Tribune.
Cape Haytien, -Hayti. June L-From
the bridge of the United States battle-
ship Iowa. Fighting Bob Evans," the
commander of that vessel explained
very effectively to the dispatch boats
early this morning his opinion of the
conflict at Santiago by saying:
"The Spanish batteries didn't hit the
damned water without great difficulty,
when they shot at us."
IA dispatch received to-night from
santiao, says that the American
squadron returned returned to the har-
hbor entrance to-day and fired two shots
which were believed to be a 'ignal to
the S,0Oe 'nsurgents to prepare for a
second attack on the city and oqrts
It is believed that when the second
attach Ieglns the Insurgents will make
an assault upon the cty from the rear.


Two Snall Gnboat Fired on the
Block House in Front of Carden-
aa-The City in Ruin.

Special to the Tribune.
Red West. June 1.-The auliltary
gunboats Leyden and Uncas on last
Monday made a quick raid on an out-
ling block hquse at Cardenas. The
eight guns of the American vessels pre-
eluded the poeability of extensive dam-
agehmt for an hour or more, the small
three pounders of the Leyden and Un-
can were kept busy. and finally the
Spanish gunners deserted the batteries
and dfed.
riorn the mouth of the harbor the city
of Cardenas appears to be almost In
ruins es a result of the attack made by
the Wilmington and M rchlas recently.
There are many burned buildings along
the water front.

Naval Mihti Bignal Station Has Re-
ceived its Flags,
Special to the Tribune.
Saolbel Island. June 3.-The flags for
the signal station have come and on
Tuesday it looked like a Fourth of July.
Saulbel has never before seen such a
display of bunting.
Acting Lieutenant Shea of Port Tam-
pa is expected this week on his regu-
lar monthly tour of inspection.
The cutter iR. C. McLae has had
several chases on hand the past weelt,
and one especially will long'be remem-
bered. There appeared a very large
steamer that had the appearance of a
monitor. The McLean started, but at
no time was she in It, for the strange
vessel showed uch a clean pair of heels
as to make her capture Impossible, and
In Just twenty minutes the stranger
was out of sight, and the MeLeane
crawled baok to her anchorage. In a
aIs wtndLshe could not catch an ordi-
.ary fisnng smnaek. set alone a steamer.

JudVe cOckf Acted Promptly anp
-"iVdnnele n is Ahead.

Opea" to the Tribune.
' Key West. June .&-In the Unlte
states crlcuit, court, Judge Locke a
ordered the condemnation of the cargo
.of 2.400 toms of coal en the BrItish
steamer Restormel. captured o fLanul-
bharbno on May 21, while trying to
pre.umbl ynto deliver coal to the
paMnsh fe"ti The case of t the tam-
'er wi d ome to-morrow.

I Idn4 a M P fIUlcYm M A xC ll 64

sns, awnon conwtrum
Sopen ir.
Sand her .Washigotn, June 2.-Now that Ad
,. he B, i aI Cervera and htis pani sh squadl
oion of ron are securely Imprisoned Ifn the har1
bt rjof.Intlago de C`ba. Gen. Greleey
e gentle ihg bas charge ofall code mesager
2axae by t.e ~pverument has related the c-
y l i. that had been placed upon
cr x commercial code dispatches t
e oltee Is pats In Brasil and Venezela.
' Ante
eadse.,t l- A AoDMIRAL Ibsawzr.
MrT^Oehd6d 1 Hfiro of Manila is Grateful f
Ioamboat Congresional Praise.
*t, thAe Ab andon C amp Algr.

sahlizixe SpeIam tl toe Trtbune. I
tead ;sem n _X.mingto, Jcne 1.-It was decided
I p i befbl oon Op abandon camp Alger,
.ri ha. city ind to move the n.e
t-Wa *"M.o ereued there. to- other point
?-5tl Beaxmr-he' potts of embarkation for

=i'*Ml-^ ftf1m brneth, poor appetite. '&e
t are ue to a disordered Ulve,
S thi at once if yoa amvo E
a Z i'^ O Prtcklr Ash Utear. te
_.-'S!* & MEW cleoaser, in what yodu need. I
N a4AnP theaoed .es..ma the bowel
taps e the Settetn oan PtQ r arnd nd- k
~ t mllion. Sold Cby 9%


.fM, of -ho huse 'ag Aukso's; t vht g i
SAry, aq. mossi, writes- 'o'iraciory results u e mo ,.
"Dewtt's Witch s ur alve Lu curin t r & CIss ...., ~
more piles here to-day than all other Sboeribeas to the Sy 9thlat-
remedies combmed. It cores ecsema their papemos ar ma expected
and all other skin dioaseaes." a p Ly up promptly wl out ha-bving bhIs'
eonardi& Co. t f sent, to them. ach red er P tnhis 8sn.- n
Paper cam kte exactly muw ch how wy arpap

Special to the -Trb e.
ns Jamaica. ,Jul &t-The-
BrItfa crter Iseertigeble sailed ftrom a "mist 's MEa gIving 0qth 9 iW da t-
t1t pert thia merl fqr Santiag de an up i-to-dait w .
Cba. Several doctors were on BaradI, .
They hado -s towate ithee P .ected Ilphon con.up .-qip-t1
battle -betw n- -. thea l. _.... -
Aaericana oand to r el possible a
aslstane to the m It 3tinnieus the whole-*T-1-
purtfles QMI Uood, thei "Oo ts bP A ft^

to bed and a ; elar, the fll Sta f ;stg\aii 1 >
tmt a... .s ew e-. 4 st a -4 -~ -a

blOBOe, .YOU BE.IDSn0R WHW01 ~--:._N -.



' 1




M Sdyppl uBuiAtain Iu O b G.. mih e
Thrn Is I pL Byp o orer ok ( Atate. bh*rdi,
the warorf ehravatmg ftt the me
sewer pipes oa the var atlels v

vatlng to lower the Zrafr. preai t -.?:.
Sand to pavWng a Inmber of tta at Mor**.
Spanish and American Forces W I
ettg, was sWoIpeP Mid t.ht um = nNEA
Come Together Today, According little prospect o aay wrek of thtu 40 l
to Reports Received at Ospe betng ea-ied on dnrt g the aammr.
Jacob Frldag & ions, of Chartieto
Haytien, M who had the contract for laying the .
main sewerage system of the city, h .
completed. up. to 'laet nicht about two -.
Special to the Tribune. thirds of the total amontt or pipe lay-
Cape Haytien. Hayti, June .-No di- ing. There Is to be about eight mites K
ect news has been received to-day from of sewers laid. and them s still boat
Santiago de Cuba, except a reiteration two miles to he put dowLn. The remaia- -a" ,
of the reports of the dreadful destruc- der of the werk 'n the street wheta Aint-d m
tion of the inhabitants of that city. the tle hi
it Is said that now evde the Spanish very deep excavations will bhareqVfredV.
officials are unable to procure their and the state board of heath wI nit o
normal supply of food. The rigtd allow thai ti~Btof work to~ continue d- B al
blockade is maintained by the Amini-
can fleet, and the Cuban forces have ring the summer. 6L
the city completely cut ofi from any The contractor. It has been id. haV
communication with Havana. lost money heavily, but It w-as leeuAaYL i
According to information receivedter that ths ats a
this morning., from hitherto reliable that satemet- .-"
ouraes a decisive engagement between correct, and that u p tothe pret tm e.er
the United ftatee and Spanish forces they are only out a malB'amount. It r I
is expected to take place to-day or to- is hope that they win ome out f R f
morrow-. right., fo thetr took the c intrat at a '355'
A TOBACC0 DEPART NT ver low a. ad h, gven .pet S t
%t__c ~ satietfactla t carrying out the anse. 4d
kPm lord Aith ithe state hpaud of hah bow"
a ot b MeM by wilk not,allow the city to maike saw -Al
Plant sysunm. cavations for grading the treetema, 0C Ab-"
Mr. Kline O. Varn of lort-Meade was should not stp the t aethdortt ad e s
In the city yesterday and made the Tri- *reet paavi contact row 9m ~ i ev
bune a pleasant calL The Plant 6ys- ahead with the streets that have bhe t _-
tem has Just establish a totfbcco de- already traded. On these o uets a nb a
apartment at Fort Meae, with Mr.'Van n
In cdasbge for the deslrntnettng .of In- ezavalons In necessary. andH.tB .- -.
formation among the farmers along the tractors will push the pVayin ...
road concernIng the variom methpde they will wnl the everlasttng g r aUte
of grwing, having and curing tobachoothc o 6 B
All of the farmers and patrons of the of the ciens of -Tamp
Plant system who wisa to'eg n __ ,engage *
tobacco culture will be given tree In- TB 0 C3tAuCE L B, 3A.- ..D;
Destruction In growing and curing by ap- .s ,
plying to this department, which will -
be maintained at Port MIade, the head- Jo A Good mp
quarters of the.Cuban tobacco Industry aWon but LQo es $eSp .
of Florida.
Mr. Varn-is In every rspet eminently Joe msa, the orgina
tualfletd for the position. iHe has made
the tobacco culture a stuly. and is one drummer of Florida. Woo MsOC~I '
of the ploneeP growers 'lf the state.
He is young, active and4 intelligent, and traveling through Fldrida amd .umsth.
it will be a delight for him to accomo- west oeorgia l the p4st six p qars
date those seeing Infirmatlon on this
i rt p ot lndlrtr) TIhe Plant System the interest of Robert Ws tm n .-
is tT be congratulated upon having e- eale house, Is geners a d .h 54 E0 if
cured such a thoroughly competent man mor, but Joe tot his pe t Part eLP.
to preside -over so tmp6rant a depart- Tamp yesterfty, sad has gone to ljaA-'Z
memt. His address'4s Fort Meade. and Av nS -
those wanting amy inlormation about aonvlle to to a new one with
tobacco should address him at once trimmlingi
Joe Was waking, op ad do".
OOSVELT' BOUH Ua- platform wItting for a train wheqe,

They Arrived i-the City te ery time be came ear herohe
nd Went Into Canp. try to get a elt t h im. uinay., ,
From Saturdays ly topped wasting tlted. h hat a t. h
Col Theodore ooasvelt. late assist- ack. of his. hed a"d stood at tiec t -i i
ant secretary of the treasry, ind for- ,The little ldy. emd'and took aLt. &
mewrly a member of the board of police at him. Joeu waaD'oooa*dtSt that had ?Ff
conmmlssio of rew York Cty, ar- made a o ipmi. Im p.ieso so o i S
rived in th cityytoerda with ehls
regiment of rough riders. washed up ad- asked her. why.- pe
The regIment ies edoheod of the mos wanted *di photo. "Well, yoau ps% ,
highly educated college ne n. million- replied lthe UtUe lady. "I have .V' .ij
aires, sons of millionaires, cow boys and hearing coziderable about WSRoqa M
Indian scouts. and ltaen s a whole, I.s.
one of the best regSiSent in the servi ca an e re and ou we lne o t .. .
for rough and ready work in the field me as belan theonly per s ati theN ea-8'i
The regiment came a over the V. C. who would admit being a e&reoM' '-1LR
& P. railroad. and s nowa in camp near ._ oL sbui.S knUt.^ '
the cavalry 'ad 0Ltntr e d h the that y W*r nDmiEr.w
rear of the Tan s Bay y"otecL There V-rald rmmw n Iil- W- be.':
was considerable trouble ett ptograph i y o t
transferred from the uP. C&. =f P.. d potls' ..a "i M
to the canp site, and CoL .B ve
expressed hbi opInion freety of thins Joe. w4. Je Wrap: ..
in general, and railroads in wprtltei .,AeJd1 nd as he waI ay hwk a
The men forcing the ,regInst s ,tt heard to mimn .auasthnbg -h,, Ur
go to Cuba with the t tary dl. -^1M- "1. -n i..---.
peditlon, but te pesIent rI pe t is. fnb w.
that they.wil have to Jme their horas .-
behind until the aecondezpsdit losAta lionl M ,. **: 2
tor there iUnell n ot oom o the ,, -. -_
transport for a the a e and the ha 'r- _. ..f i- ^ ^ .C,
ses of Roosevelts nfaegtis se Thr has H S
put the men In a i m t had. '. "
ting mad won't help thoLns. The re- rI. ;'r
meat ha been musiured into serve n to t'he 'rlMf .- .'
and is under orders, nd the order .sLn. .JnLe .-Th. nav y
must he obep4d
partment has made pdubc a tuttir Ln SSLSS
The Cuban question and political is- e .amamfr of ta bhatisili-p (h- "1-
sue inha Intoe lnvIrnlcan with the a on, a upn thJe .hmou Ol '
man who sufters from ples. What we dct of th Icers and man den im t
most desire La relief. DeWltt's Wltch LeongBpe B fllusMa nts eo to Mb
Basel Salve cures plies. -B. Leo- West. '
ardi &t Co ssld that they ime tyi rdrofeidit
0 Bpanih Victory. the high speed M wrg ^eeoinzrvad
--- ,- that many of the meo-attempted to q. -
SSpcalj 10 the 'ouns, tnnri to the fire room s hm^- he gli,
adrid. Jse 2.-The minolster of ma- been ttd y the t
rine to-nlght stated poaIltlvely thatt Ad- C. P. Jone s ..
mrPr Cervera, on the fagshMp ICrttoal, s.cu.. pJo- -Ha*<'Bgmg ***ga Si g
Colon. during the bombardment of u'rI have sed pDw t'trl U i SB
Santiao, amisted gr-aty-ln achieving Isers every since t.ein' : lehts d~q,
a victory for the aniards. He praised her and innt smL a n er
the stgaetie ab0lty ofAdmira Cerversa
In the highest terms. pns In my deir durg PeIe S y h e..


~Suot ta Sf6d to

~ic~DsIem4 Pr.
IiI R.

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&Bqtns 6ureaux.
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ii-fM MPIRRD8 AIMN[81 SSIIN& RDORi imiricpia
turned the chid tb ais alme .
_____ who swho aw the whle Sltar .ask
day, that the meia I mplicatd V*iWt)
ai ti ft of a Iportt The imeriacu u sses Knoced ThTir The SpaUlsh Colel Held Bis Oh "" ni m-or eoeo s.
I uet at It eMLe Gans From the C nts ast te lsugts. SAFE BLOWERS -

bat are. frightened Awa,.
while tbi so"r e r at 1 okr, AxW
.t 411 Other Copoaiw Prepara- Lieut. Hobson and Crew in a Spanith American Ships Poured a Deadly eIin e a samw
wre g oonsnd stores, a
lon Will Have to.C4tnrbute to, Prison, but Will be Exchanged for Fire Prom the Sea and the Cubans night tree men, believed be sold 'ioe
the War Bvienue--inor Spanish Prisoners Now at Made an'Attac From the or expert sae robbers in the untforun -
Amrnmars+- Bected. Fort McPherson. Land But Without Bcoe, ce of od blew open th. ,
Florid& Bsawing Compan, but were .. o.-
______ fhlghtened away before they succeeded .
S i l to in securing an plunder.
ecil to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune. About 2 a-m.. Fred Burto, the night SpeIal to tlh
Lashington, June 4--The senate Cape Haytlen, Hayti, June 6.-At 3 Havana. June 6.--olonel Aldoa, in engineer had occasion to pass by the st asm ,
msad the war revenue bill to-night o'clock th b afternoon, the latest re- command of a large Spanish force, sus- office of the brewery. Jut as he reached( r-
a vote of 46 to .L :The TUimn ports from Santlago were to the effect trained an attack yesterday (SundayT the door, which was andltng open he tweu4y.-11
sendment placing a' duty of ten that Admiral Sampson had resumed near Punta Cobrera, on the eastern side heard an explosion. He stepped Insid son's ag I.O
nta per pound on a Imports was and was continuing the bombardment of the harbor of 6antiago, from a strong and saw three men wearsin measo and which i 1
opted. The White amendment Im- of the tortiricaitons at the entrance to insurgent force on the land- and a fleet clothedd In trousers like those formlnt ot- 0 tl. f
sing a tax on all sleeping car om- the po tof Ame-ican war ships from the sea. part of a solder's uniform. dhey wee theget ct
alee of one per Cent, was adopted
is An nn m t Proviga that It is believed that the heavy guns if The Sonisl forces, commanded by chose to the sate, and one was trying h.arbor.
bonds or certfaes indebtedness the battleships did terrible execution. Col. Aldoa. were strongly entrenched the knob of the inside door. i
issued under the proposed act wa No official report of the bombardment One of the men saw Burton at the Igcnere a -
ected. The i to amendment. has been received, but It is stated hres came tiMe ha- '"aw- t-e- t hn -
cn a ta on ar conldpuns adopt- that a dispatch boat brought a report BRUTES the alarm, and the robber covered Bur-
* several minor amesnments oered that the guns on orro Castle on the UM AN ton .with a pistol he latter did not i
ere rejected. eastern edge of the harbor, had been wait to be shot kt, but daahed way to ple nii j
knocked from the casements, and the One Hold a Two-Year-Old Child by give the alarm The men darted ut oui"d~.t
AB T XQU1IP3UMT 'batteries silenced. The gone of La of the -building without waiting to dlpen letha WI
A Itni batteries silenced. The gune of La & h A A t at ,
W Zocapa castle were also silenced after the hgs Whi Anothwer Shots at hesaf .ca
mxlqnh About the ArtceW ith an attack lasting two hours. is With a Revolver., When Burton returned, it was found of Tus *
it is neporred here that thehpani4Ljs that the men bad drilled a hole-through -the PIMtWiV
Which eh Soldier P ovidod. are treating Lieut. Hobson and his men tdM
------ut er ao.nof th safe. &" had
---- Tsy who were captured after they sunk the rom wedesda Daly, the outer oo of the ee, d a
tom Tuesday's Daily., Merrmac, with the utmost consid- placed cartdg n te hoe s
The uetlon of uniform and equip- ation, and will exchange them for the ew people can'reallze that there ae d rtridhe e l in the ahole d t o Q=
ent has b been a trying oxm to the quar- Spanish naval officer and ot"er prh=OP- soldiers In the United States army tht performed Its work, and the mew could ward Is
rmastets department po the army. er confined in Ft. McPherson barracks. are so devoid of manhood, that they r ed te fe d
Te regulars were, of thur.e all well near Atlanta. i have easly open d the safetft had t,
ovldcdwith njfonrmblaneMs gunt ieut. Hobson's heroic act has r- would deliberately shoot at a helpless not been frigbteed away. .
Sll necessary e t celved the very highest praise, and evn little child, but such s the case, andthe
on after their arrival the trouble be- the bpanish offclals express admiration sooting occurred' in this ity about th e u,
It was decided that the regu- for the daring of the young American daylight yesterday morning. It was and woo sa tlt he belon.a to the tl, a
tio uniform as entirely too heav and his crew.I witnessed r a large number of other Thirda Oo vunteeo was arres ted j lf
Swear during a campaign n Cuba soldiers who looQed on and thought It y aroon by Polic redlet
was soon decded thas ;broWn canvas THIEVLIG SOLDIEBS. l great port, beuse the child was a Levist and sen to the ubse atttol Maeria*nW l to e I
as the proper material and orders e t t cald tt on e spicion of knowing Do ret.V e l e
ere placed for maklMg a sufficient negro baby. about the safe blowing. The mnrad- P ps
umber for the regular -rmy, and th HRobbed a Britih chooner of P t While the mob of soldiers were having l t the sfe blowing. The man l
Ban force. Then came tAr t and and Broke Open a Car. sport breaking up the furniture, and mits bein-at the brewery, but says ar zAe o
Dond calhs lor volunteers, teasne the property belong to the at be went there with a colored ma enm run sa l
Swll also hve to e Tuesday's Dl. loon keepers in ort Brook and Ybor to get some beer. He will be held untUil lgu 1
The new uniforms are not tu sh schooner ea Gull Capt. City one party of men caught a little the case can be thoroughly Invetlgated. t .op nd to
ey are servceafle. B]ch i arrived In port yesterday with colored child about two years old, and prteS-
dia with trouer ~i, re sando f bananas, pine o bPs,P1 pan decided to have some fun. One of the Off for XasilLa. a
roung and has pecXlr wine aneuts. Shortly after the meineld the hild by the legs with one ---- satO It
is said that the cotlr was e d essel e egan unloading at hand and spated it with a shingle. Special to the Tribune. at "locsk Im
caee of.the resemblance to the tol- the iF. b; & P. railroad dock, and tn Ths caused great laughter among on- Ban Tancsco. June 7.-The United l TIts
-E-' -d 10LWILr ., Tho Sand s'^^WM'^^ Ms SS >s
g of the" underbrush In Cuba. followed one of the most digrae~ h ul
ah Infantry soldier Is provided, con- troops have been encamped Tan pa- The child was then held at arm's trans prtBrtu started this afternoon
ete of 1 rifle complete, 100 rounds of The members of one of the volunteer length. by the feet with bead dow, an their long voyage to anlla to re- en to t
mmnition for same, 1i canteen and regiments that had just arrived, weat and the man holding it called to,¬ber w Admiral Deweys stores. Tey edto a.a
rep. 1 batet beg I pair blanket bag 'to the dok and'began stealing the ba- toshootatit. Theman withthepistol willt ouchat Honollu. will don- a. h
omulder straz, paIr l Sankt b e coat nanas sl oocoanut. The captain of The with the tol will touch at ono
ra 1 cartrde belt, baynet scab- the vesel nd the crew tried toprevet might hae been a good shot t Con Cmm owner ughom r-
rd, I haersm e 1 have straP, 1 tnem, but the men paId no attention tno intention of hitting the child, but ville came over rom te West oast spector eamlw
Sup, 1 meat can, 1 nie, 1 fork, 1 to the protests and threats. They took tw escape was a close one. The bullet Ilst itht and will attend the meeting Joh Jacob A
oon. uslclains and color bearers everything that they could lay their
revolver and fifty ronds of hands on. and een took boy off a from the pistol 'passed through the of the-soloes to-day. ul 8 .ay
i I stead of the rtfle and wagon and stole everythIng on the ve- -- .-
H1jamt io. hidcle.
SThq police wre notified. but we re
u tdsy ahons. poweroes, and the men wearing the
Blue laughed at the officers of the ladew.
rum n Tneeda'T D ." They even broke open a freight car and
r nuSber o rrant were isstole fruit from it.:
jL S mb t men im At this preme tltne It is imposslb le
od yesterday against h saloon men to obtain forgn ruts. except fron
vessels ailing under the Britishflag .
r loons open on Iouny. The and unle protection is given them
usm s have not et erved, but owners of these vensse usually
n nertoou that they will be servedcaptanw not c r this
-day, and that ihe ealoon, men will Bein l ng as a Lrethsn
e a hearing In the city ert net faa the loes enta n4
Sun. ame, and besides a o nAt -
OS y ;the police had a hard. gae to our count irghtI
o to eep the waloons closed. Nearly serious co" ca. V
shing bhsloein S uthe aday morning.
he places were crowded wIth soldiers
d cIvilians, and it was hard matter
r ti*chmus to ndesr th places s -
.. w tn, m. ^ ^ ^ t^ u at t e o f Lo c a l I n te r e s t Pr o m t e | f ^ B l V ^
ram for a hearing, he Wil probably Picturetue Settlement on T .e, i '.
ei ail.that a e convleat the full ex- the Lakes. .
dt, os L that crts too urd ewid Park, There- To the curative, health-giving powers of Swift's Specific,.thd. -
id wltb the g rtl rnfl here than at some other pons oupon fo obstin e, ddep
-rt oelast week, but It nevertheless did moth seated blood diseases. -
i" p Cuba Row. good, thIn eul being naturally moe For centuries the human race has battled with a rdise "-
t-- Tampa, thn thsat nearer the lae. et which has claimed its victims by the miionr Contagiois
@ w ^nd lia&h c the WPEgS trees were greatly benefitted by the Blood Poison, the most horrible of all diseases--he curse ,
atrbde 'u St we rain.. dail qushaie of wood ad mankind--has spread its contaminatioft thro "gfhot the',
s I p te Tamp market. world, blighting onegeneration wit the taint of anote i,
S S wr man, PBfae ,LPnn's lumbemlll, hi ne. w L s foe to hiim rtity has Itp. __. di ,
iipr proce e. matufactory and I- -ZZ skill of medical scienti.ts,.and. be n uiNe-.
rttrlBrtll fr Ti is required many hands A Ie to cure the disease, the doctors dkie -t i:tfa'

,-I ... tt will ,-surely evolutne theffortstowardsecoverig up sy
F ^ ^ftaw fu-iture business. Labor Is n Blood There is but one effect to be.ogl; ferq9 i
--t-- d. wr-ith thbes in gch good demand at Idlewlld Park, there th universal potash and
*Pwse1 u woo gives quilob guy s being ample employment for a hundred R '
..ThC l ,- "eI Re'"-'-,' w.1 Remedy. ment-it battles up the Misow"`.
sadics Use Onhe Ja wi ll see tht or more hands daliy, at good wages. Me m.btles ponsom
N,- qO reach the dtate Ins- Notwithstanding the long drouth to. up i the systm-bt it m t
o will1 -ol wll- In rating and bacoo growers have lout no taith in tee bered that it dries up the:t'ft
tbViW et are& = rtsted to splendid outlook for the tobacco Lndus- bones at the same time, graduallycowpinm the'
eat at .t"hE'O W add"M. WIdeWdream try iin thls portion of south Florida. I 'ty this '''ii
*-. ..[ a n SY 1- t u. 2 on o so-m o With this wreck of the system coiws angO
i Wood men and dealers arc brought Intol
.iwhi ch was closer relationship by the wholesale eL- and eyebrows, loss bf finger-nais, and-dea bonf
I; llS !m- 1 to r*- vance In the price of wood. Elmploy- condition most horrible.
,-S- -,-nd which m-ent for many good choppers open But there is a cure for Contagious BloodPo

Si eniSd ls own e Tht woodyard re at HilsboraWh Specific (S. S. S) has been curmg i forift
an .msm sa nd which resulted in the loss of two freigat is the only remedy which will have the slhtest
Si a ed ei t untl car and about fty cords of four eet it. It forces the poison from the system, and
pit b Ue a number of wood which occurred Monday trC Othtaint
SE wIll be used near destroying also the Methodlet trace
tth to be paved. church and the residence of M. M. I was afflicted with a terrible blaod
"r. i f Whitehunrt and has proved a sever which was in spots at first, buat;i ftse amsl tadS.-'
d to e Odan Igglar as spread all over my bode. These bte O bS. "o L.
out'into W aV% it r 96 .="ll
e as to the Plant road. suffering I endured. Before- I eIs tmzed-
s jivtpl meteings av8 been kept up vinoed that thedoetorscould da~g6 diti e
sbiistabnrlsl conversions have spet a hundred doas, whicwa
In the neighborhood, thrown awaq. I then tried Idf
'W beloved by may that tese icines, butt hey did not reac dieee 6 whe M
S fa bloom of agne trees- When I bod finished my Ara Ri S. S.
t t Iwas greatly improved end w=4d with.
that 41fd not bloom In Yea- thee *h The hte resul t. The dmed
good rain will reStes ci !Tn'" ing tire yto growwdan an= VA.
Bi^B if among ermers and ruit gromorS
Swho will no doubt wematn In Tampk a" stron i ler ia C
D summer H ot the whole year. greatl lpsove. ar[ 'em l *- ^
Duine wee osver niP. hpeiy and msy skin be aCih a aW
labor In betee demasns dlac Is, una H. UI l e0lUTZ" N I.-

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