Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: June 2, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00028
Source Institution: University of Florida
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-nw cist toy en A, A TTA I
IKWase A staff arena Apec-H


Efora of the Pirt reel-
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ivy, alt; FhILJ
0. W4;ea S L
w eaeft.aeneit IL 3
hut ad~i~ent eehatr

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^f bt&afw day.
IfEiBasm who
oift to in an9t E-a-i
S ho o td
Lea iant Ctye mat oa
ho irarrender brisk b
4arTrr ocaancy In a&f

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*i.J .1 JL I5.JJA k A 4JAJA A a_

forced an Entrance Into the Har- so b to a
be0rad a- ortux Islan h"ft

bor of Santiag in Spite of t'hNth
bad bct uwa M eUs" balm
Mines and Fort fications. m ". ,.

O1111 W DOThS N4 N 3UOYh.s

of the vessels of either fleet ,av nks It Pi.r
ared St to the Te Soansh vemis flnmay withdrew a t. ra" t0 M ..
.C. 'andthen the ships of Comodore ds between C oaaOruai-tad 1I
S. rOhS. bley's fleet devoted their entire attena squadroa and t aIhe Dniet f er
tion to the fortflcations on shore which Adminral Orvema. have bees rseo@etW
had been raining down shot and shell with lnredutti t t ogae lof tbermy
EA oa the armor clads. It took severall s f r tht it hae
generally understood to be the nar
uwurs to silence these batteries. several polly of the nnmlate (anpfte that*tp
S tim when it appeared that they had Schley should not attempt to torm an
I been completely nnihilated, the Span- entrance Into the harbor.
4"ttips Oriesorn uad Onboatn the e It was certainr thought, t
irani t t, ight-aNo report can hilps, but the shots of the Span ish old at maed r move ntore tahr
of Dago Ire to thAmerlca batterlea did little If any damage la the tro os had arrived from the Ul ietl ,


atmor of the American vessels too the

battering in splendid shape.
S'The latest advices received ere are
iV eci&al to the Tribune. tF he etect that six 6f Commodore
S .Cape m ayrt an ti. Hayti May 31.-Later O ey's vessels were steaming up the
advles tfrm ifnIvana idlecate that harbor after the Spaniards
Mma e P Commodore Schey forced an entrance
Into the harbor of Santiago and engaged ADVANTAGE WAS AMERICAN.
S'the a anish fleet.
.-M- i Meo sent two of the torpedo btxat to PrVate Advice. Over the SantUago
Sh the entrance of the harbor before day-/ i CasU to Hay1 tL
lht and they succeeded in bounter- -
Lhas been mining the channil- The mines placed Special to the Tribune.
ar~ by them were then exploded and the CLpe Hlayten. Hayti, SMay 31, 6:40
ie proprietor Spanish mines mere blown up by the i.m.-At this hour the Santiago cape
'in terrific concussio. bs aiU working. Private measases say
hck wrtn to Two mlnitors of Schleys fleet steam- the has een a serious engagement
Sand ami y ed slowlp int the entrance to the bar- between the American and Spanih
dstriOt loet bor, pouring a steady stream of pro fleets lasting the greater part of the
idlay art jeetties upon thshbare batteries with afternoon and that the advantage ap-
B. ptJ tellln g effect. JImtW s they got through pears to have been with the iAmericasa.
e the narrow entrance the monitors were ,According to the latest advices the
Sbipre- n_ by there Sinh arr- r c!d v fight s still in progress and the Amwri-
from i ing ie ant the beathi between the fleets oasa are driving the pnitnrms around
a ind flidder, The 4 and other battle theharbor. The Bpanistorpedo boats
'onf fieds1 tipe |loiloWed the monitor, and divi- bkvd been unable to reach any of the
Wwa sama iB de. their fre between the forts and Atercan vesseisel
Me hersem a the Spnish aship i persons on Lo oout mountain, at the
a"r-l o f our hours the great guns on entranee of Cape Haytlan harbor this
. r ioth fleets and the shore batteries kept afternoon say that they beard cannon-

a" fiVrmit' ,n CiANrPS.n o "lboars to make the rip. TJret ---
btoPr 'i to sl lchcock went down on train 21 ctu
... aaL-r* lIAr' L d Gfl4 t .Us srn nd ad topnped log enough s
S e t.-er to aseerta where water could

~ O el Oa gg Departd-gCap cook xgeat pleasure in painting out to
1sr42 Ntt esf. 's gentleman a beautttelcl dearwatel
'a Wt-e a sbout 1-4 of a rmlesasMt of effort
/ I. wh4ch wowAld furnish BAeiet water fto
; s aedak to -the Tribmne. a timae the ober il horse the an
leb rme k lSadd hii f, r .-a0n S u erdo" C"*efmd in le fou reiMens Al
%i M No nBtt ?efettnatew"I rreg iment art e i am PaEm they, T
0--.- -A- M -0 ,oae tm ab the MOL AINim

SAMPSOX *EOLL 'jonr mazr.
The Admiral Nas Gone the A-ia
tancO of the Gallant c6- -'96
Special to the Tribune.
Wamington, ay i.-Out of the
many existing ritnora which 111 the sgi
to-night, ranging from tales o at gt t
naval battle at Santiago, to the apiM g
of a couple traunnrts. from Prt
TaMpa, loaded with tonm., tit k enm
to be a fact that Admiral~ flaper a
sailed for Sanaafto to alistl NA4Core
Schlep in the r9facttln at the frtift
cations at the entrane of tiat b rbor.
Oat th'e orales.
Special to the TriBun
Key West, Ma4i L-The aiuiE 7
erulaer St. Paul arrived'to-mAlht -ad
reports having captured a vese ol the
eastern coat of Of uba, oteiy l
with coaL tpa n wnisa fit -
found that a Wne quanti" o.f nuoi-
Cdo" pach Wes rere o ,ctvrLd In the
coalbenr i
Woshinstea ,mmatne "..
pecial to Tribups.
W~ehsIMe, t- Ay at-Up to i
the navy departeentoe eP s
give n o aicial Pcadraio o'f thet
at Bantago.






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From Twe
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the first
sent tOot
not meet *

>Bne of thei oatn t-aM .Mr. r. .*O t -
%ytor of the boma 1obe. and bLee matwedp
te. of the, e B oitorp ord. left. be*a@& 4(
ie alacscsaetta weagaent for wMi ber talg
where they wm remain for an
ta time. -
ee in L sdakeiadts iemasood Gee l oe
d he empectesd asettle A r Pert IT=r",
rIl- safereae asrg ihar w -.Sma
h dly peper we so are tela

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r'. "

'i 4 ':t'he adage i as old as tne h1s, an,
S-msa as so It We are living in a business -
Sase- in a business c'untr and a com-
pleP, % l &MCIia munity whose affairs are now on purely Ei-' a 44
m tmlB a w'l_ l and prosperity must, In the long ru. e
Ibusines heals, Is the one whse siseMo,
.i the StMe, &no unless -rnost certain.
I-ss T W ?5Sc U49~ P WideMost of s know by bitter ixperleace
'- .lir. ,. U to what extent the municipality of
f fa.. i rnii ir ne next Sam Tamp has been permitted to deviate
. Obtse.2matm senagar. 2te gBatern Sam from this sensible standards nd we
" pntlO55lt 4 a l whIsaeW mddle ThIS IS I know of no more striking illustratlon of
- mnt Cme tam midd l- There Is aie recuperative power of oar people and The eaOnd O W-,
bS-. 2SM.& more eque Aelect c doTh the "manifold destiny" of our city than ,iB- d W4O -
Ur- Aw.- of p~haw ant be elected' Gatst l the manner in which It has presaed a a
StatS 6 losedicine. steadily forward beneath an official ta-s
.*jjt '"; Xfar nritwnetd on 4e am It l cubs o? sloth, waste and corruption
r. But It 0MNseDN that would long aince have obliterated wn U aW-iorl.
S3 I Ie seaMrs Pote Shoaper a weaker city from the map of the unl- T@ OW o sa -0ri 5.
d.^S a tbet d.a8r 0 aeOe f te Y word YorAppetlte,. verse. -rN daM'nid r .
"Srt senators are not by any Purify and Tampa is now at the turning of the m si laldMftUa
gunf fia b nit nF. *. iiogh .wnm rf Vitalize Your Blood. Overcohe That wayr The present 8d1t cra itt etriane rseiwsemsr VI
8eli p rcsra a uS Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of strain upon our re sou rose- t shwn o:tr
Te en Ga'w'ut o tho o a ili ."-.o-wa i ttsta is p.ss
a meisSne isr iA r.at ew usieo e At aothe imperative necessity for ch a the tamt ra-yam "N

ov appeared Tesday nor *dmniPutratilve laty can deprive T
"s -s at ePs a t dietor0y. Lt t r It ODAY, and reAtlifthe The fat othat the lat bnd ie ha weTe ia .a.i
e '*Pasar mamar sero te 6aioe d t I neaure to do er f etion as b siml a our toied ad ea lear and t

aSd' to .a olA e'soa 'a9y. are o the ,tn ape and 9 da L tod re d -n e o you.e lst; ntrI V tt s.ae a- i
S otbeen metobe l da~sone by. Ie by Pench sitas. pie wil nobstrte ed way to th lve om wth Te te

l -Tag es me som ot the est mnn in y^^^ ^ appt this new oblgaUon to no purpose. %a AiSouf2 a ?Ae'mt
eth. co.nt-r In Ptorida.V mthe oeer utt o n t o fat aP The ar ith 8pan ha broht Ta-
t he 'hgaret array of ftlentould be mote oan oft al the glo-Sx peo- pa the front. Shal the ncpcty Sladda
ent t tate in the ws Germa aand very I remac to which they aro monttl seottd.- worg
Se a. Name yer ne of the population n ow dea and of which neither odfi al nbcity t t
soon a ppear"d in 2.eays depiv

mN tlV he ia sood aa w a in i country, Is either of German re The ce of th wi l dtWnd
S;,asb st areord, the Tr ne y di hort birt a r descent AITbcor The at that the at of an *dtuehas of we .

... .. to the censut od 4t0, tsere web in the Prosperity, such as South Florida has U^ea [ ari'v S;
S Ma the enrth e poalerot oi th been succetssfully Petia, band t hat JB i a ma- A
o. who be moUt ea at the outbfrien f thtite revoltheonar- tihon of our trmprtatlon and terminal wtk h

tin slect i Tam pa a ta r facli.t ite and such an increase o f H e t1 wre" at
y'-".-'e wh fthe map w Is f kto i man people and aress towards them t l- he wp 0orto s ouv. We halv ot l sac-

d t ieeates In present cosntentIon rieatp etoMltonalm tia ce diat l WOet e
Si t wOt not eai ti understand hy their notthidg can be nS doe.ed without a, outa cortai wt ak

..'o-erlopenat in the last de- kimpeole in the MFathreland should In- r adicl reormaotion of our muntlipal fead t 1.M
Prance sympses with SpaI becausto*l a

.a sar t th UmadeI city the ssltt on bera us and gng their goverent, and the adoption of deean- t t 0 ,a alO

i e .... te 5 ald wlo aVIC et U am- d Spainth to Span cut bueneb ProinPaeh as the bafse rp-- that ian sw tkm
Smtb ay a m hea erm eirnmannenr sImilarh to tat Inr o which the afalf of the people thh o

.-' .- u et cml & centre. and r a y.efort be The people owe both toun
ar aahat on n taba a f otody ;ud day. revenues of the cltP haete hitherto uten Orly delboties. `ad then

i '-q N;' I ta t .s evben ama the It teA a d race and Cat o i re- that t h re Sord -lb o et
yIhed T e -ar to i te es d.t wi be nlt on too good fo Tam
.-r cas 'basbeens osuom Ind"a gone by. larg elyby French capitalists. pie will have saddled themselves with 7 h0 *pute fb ob"
tIS--T ofs bts of 4 the tifstt ment I Bu ~t rech lstS. t this new otiutation to no purpose. *gott dSew Est
IdlllL *W h-Ttmtma th* blltbe' l*dt "w ^ Bt none of theme wilhinclo *r for" ^ **^ -tiw'-

b m pr d wat; oped for la it does he war irith Span has brot ht Tam-
WRJtt s in m l d wod& veeherm sny I nt German popnt nation The nre-er of *vhtat cofia So
q, t tegr*t array of rdm of te United otate, Ih for so other el a tetalhet oeL ccunt now capac ans ty i StqL

mct a origin of al mothy have "g-ni* nooe the n r h
^ tt resmt ta state In e e wa erma an4 ed of the rofeso a ol. rtoo I

S Th~e Trib*e t wdy polbted out thought tare dweiltaf to other glaces C
ISSgiT~Ilj t^S?^aaje #n ?^ .Ur~e Jthe fct the dely in moylnB any "d on
vow S wasGermanand toat of t b vetarolarged pTa- ecrlans he peminted to send cot to the niSu

B se?*?? m t Sepopt u.pNati ore an aynow tr areient certanityofexeontiOnothaniere-
Sh'is&etgood tu an w i a n this count r is either Ge te eq cl o f this war tt willdIt e
bL 77 hte reard. the TtjoSue w1 5tp rt birth ao (3ermalt descent Abcording Tampa at thy opening of an aof ne

u oae, heever., that ma Li s wavep nr the y moment shla o ome
--ihit- t e~.~. elto the census otBS, there wete it he suh as oth Florida h pc
SUnited tat tht time never before seen. The freedomo Cu-

utftmd"" '. - .- e. m .
Af, in No United States i tht time 2 o i am
are o l be mot y at the utb of the reolu onay Gron o or transportation d t~ ee
ooavlcw. tjLat In selecting Tampa ra war. faci.tites, and such an Increaose otime tenm. wftfwi
S- the USied tates s Thave te ts e oerortry wealth. population nd commerce as we i t
thuoitee have meno mistake.th mot T all t ourr cityIn the front mell ptaouct
among the oet patriotic of the Ithe opportunity Is out-. We have only F The af A:
Aglaytisat thetmap will5ufflce *to0 in-can people, andilarge numbers of them menana the
4.0. *la.t5the0inu ptwihtOiths e o i have enlisted in the volunteer army to ra and e the met o lt .
t~jpite~tatal~ lbstroli Botrtth IFloeda. wpe I tis not easy t4 understand hy their nothing ca be accomplihed *Itoot 5 out of p cot-mI,.
WiAft'-O wdia" tewbotwnent in the last de- kinameose In the Fathreland should i- radical reformation of*our tnunnidpca feared et C C*b W J
S .~d ~i~t the rmagtc city ot the et on erating andgvogthergovernment, and the adoption of clean- o fhe P45455 psi
ait au A" -^ it it the -me r fir. of t ^mist on berating mm and wordzg their nakfettU a Pf
40 alais, and whose t I t ~ rcut hbusneas principles as the basis up- to 1ots, as ltlss
I paco I.s. al a par with lI e - .vermmn& I on which the affairs of the people shall 1 mo ag eo
.hpEacefoRt be handled. work grpbiu Piatls aplbnf
V~iesas afguest oota nrs nd tr es usPut the best men in the best offLqe tbn go thati
at he -& p oftln but the German ispers teem withabuse This W" am tte ma i
oftoohe"oddOe the reins of government ovto- Thm wob t ns tthe w1
=ree ton"t- the sordid zlcee tlor3. thdse comPetent to hold them- ane the pZ7y street. will ba -
-*04W is Wnk a as or the A bla5 It s evident tha they have failed to beat that the future baa In store for wll affd ofmo'utt e
5-tettcesd ha ~st5.hme. 'IB ~5 O.grasp the true Ozeaning of thj present lot-Ida wIN he none too good for Tam_- e-
k &7iD&r0#0 6glW hre a c dheondlot-probab&y a reaction m pa and hat- people.
YdM ioeO we. w8 watr*; hoped for latert---adt It doe sIeer that
*oAnWJstc&s as miS Will awoded lit view c the large erman population The nmber or iozOw atscowiboone b tt -an 1tb i
.44 Ta Ved04. While:Itsfreed" Omf the United Otates, If for ho other an "talittes oct-rIng Unew.gesm p to a aar
it cu-ppi~L~~t oat aswunik I mp p d ha" of the o-r am hier 1bhapme,

was' PiiAh td wicusely he showa that a feverish &vchssnt p w
Omb -PO in Id~ljiE~bO~gs all departments of cli that meas I e
po 11 thy. and - TheIrilbuttene last potnid cut thoughts-.are mtIemnghe other alans the sehs, dli
the fact tat the deay In moving any and on rltuu op. htupon tlt- ac- me
troops that mi-mg at etisalontd t J atckcu- coined business. Mm coecigio isn 12!r I W
i0D a,, savle down to Miami or iwo* again catching and alt business ism sulect to theIsOW
tooucj 'liups, woid more thss punih a less certanity of execution than bae- ,'he TWAthe
Of-.r the iat ~o a &". ofthe kumoarY ~ t= tofore.

-;7 teti-pwb i g i-. Ti- fact that __i-IS i -----eor ship itne man soldier.- z ou m-n A

-aa to kas ftflrosd s and It'b am UaSu of O sw enapnlta march song,
-^rFbR Ft Whre*s the Planst sRt as no Lone. Aw lts wasted Pe spl
t~mea the f. c P. rlrads he copy M" ont prepa-t. One dL by -
"fpt.a&"m ttliw- at I. budhesreb se Of t One dx dt0s., d0a Saipte gpent to delepa I i.itil
satctieafte roa thusi far left in Iamuela 3ents fureishlame or tIc
1tl. P.e old. goo0 A oem elpt of 1Si. iB. i W tini
,~i. l to dev se to have on, s. SWBin A. T C.e..- ".
wtis.a the t o a eeAora l tad g

o.e. L the top Tampa a ~ a r- of Ta ae
; A.siaa1 es i auga. t s tar roa to those
Amw p a anxviw eseens ad earth to d- Wi a ani
S.,vTp ea ion eaA wd p ota that It erc0on and ri
"uwe Oiften o t ocati JB e ron e tn- fe

1S assBHH Br^*hrdhts and hicoms, *we~ lnmeo ars,

'l ,Sn S chlRed, to those hcm o
: en, 0lepn on the gaoer eound

ont s ItaL y p ae a oels er teh ence r -
ti-ms t o-a se eds, and nols tond he cs
,4. C-*

:+ '...,r, bal- .o oes P. .
i nin. o s fie*dt, d e s" an-06 A

Mws meait ws team ,are A enna S I- &d and .e -,ln
9wU*Oft s, ta8mkwy round, ~ ff~~s~6-r
Dftw -onnr~tM- bam g tbi

-soft Mm.mi ,l g.

"sJothae May T"Rosw tt
SD UW .aTdbmm~

dfl'bms )awe Sbea mprdered to
~~s~:g.i thtL PAnt

cramima~.~~mPael by ~ v

Anditaidyu ietaty o
e mbawsa, a t a pa*i-
of qisas" a" abm,
cc rtomm ntbtI

*ROM mip",i~o~s~i teQ~~ea

2bN haovy moV
_ _~hB~ B. < i.

ms. aam a


nhbsr st-tse dir the NIw-a-tos
of afa r. pakman for congress.

ewxeastfevo M secret

Special to the Tribune.
Bartow May 25.-Polk countyy is solid
for the re-eleoton of HLon. & Spart-
man to oumgrees. The omnty conven-
tion was head in the cort noase Wed-
neday, and the follo~ l resolutions
were presented by C .C. Wton, and un-
animously adopted: -
tReolved. 'mat we. the representa-
tives of the Democratic party of Pomt
county, In convention aseaembled do
most hearty endorse the admlnistra-
ltmn of_ Ho. W. D. Blohaz governor
of Plortd; as alma therecoi. at the
oa&. IL. Oparkman, ou" oagreanman;
and we hereby instruac our delegates
to the eontewonua loayentlon, to use
all looorabie means to secure his re-
. That this ponveatlon elect eigh-
ten delqeeat to the cogressonal con-
ventioa and aliteen delegates to the
state corantona, with a, one half vote
h. Our'delegates, to both the state
Sad eonaresmtoal conrentions, are in-
ruclted to vote an a unit, and that no
proze, or alternates, be allowed to
pHher conysutlon; a.nd in the event
that the full number of delegates here
elected 'to attend te said oonventtons
shall not be present those who are
present and only elected shall cast the
ftu vot of ti county." 1
The following deleqts e to the con-
gressinal einveatton which meets In
Tampa on J'nn 1. were elected.
D. C, D.C sOw ter HL. I ooakner. W.
IL Amne, hUenry Tndy J. AL Rtaber,
, G. I 1Aydme, J. o. Hooker, A. P. Bar-
ton. zL. 0. Cresap, -Walter GalUoway,
J. W. arfa.a L. J. aarquls, C. M.
Marah, .LJ. "Drane, W. B. BDonacker,
S. h Page. ohn Pattersoa, W. EL
The delegates to thef{tate convention'
whIch metsM in OsLaad aon August i,
are aasopws: I
W. J. i.Eabanoe, W. W St4vens. Jeffer-'
son Vamro JL 8. Bowaa H.E J. Deane,
T. L, Wlson, K. ,llmt ant I. G.a .
VWider A. J Kgora. k. C. Langford.
eC. g. n. L. '- Boy ,IE. M. Robon-
nn, MU.,A- TIlghtey.' Pierce 'Tucler,
The aep* A o.eon ezxeptlvo', committee
was elected as fUo iowx |
b. VW. A Idenm, J. Oarmence. *W.
B. 'WlteSid, W .. ltedve ft E. C.
Stuarta J l* CioJ. Ioward.-James
Syej L4 Cnp. E he. F obolnon.
B MC, =Sart oferodl the following
ssetmite whieh ess adopted by a

IerofFreeTermtJ F&-

:citefMade toF. C P.


"i G e..mIes.....sg ts.con-
M gg Mthe Alfgs d ASg e snt
S.5BkW. the, Two aos4--A
Strong B*aten"ta*

Tampa, Fla. May 2. 1Bs.
IEditor Tribune:-We have, no ob-
jeotion to the city council of Tar p
geanting any rights. privileges, tm-
modtis or franchises to the F. C &
P. R. Co., which tht honorable
body may deem reasonable and tair
provdled, of course, honest methods
are ued to procure better facilities
than they now posses; but a setne a
jutice to myself. and to the railway
Yitem of which I am the official head.
4nP ea me to refute with all the empha-
S caa commsad the ijuat and ua-
penerous 'xfttevft reported In your
pepper to have been made last nIht n be-
fore the city council, by the loo ,alaur-
tne of the F. c. & PR. L In relaton
to the porltlon which the Plant eBtem
iccuples toward the city of Tampa.
1l& attorney, Mr. KnIght. is reported
to have said In subsance, that unless
the ordinanee Cratng q the am of Wht-,

aompelted to establish its .epot outside
oi the .cty of Tamrp, or to accept a
rsopos(Uion from the Plant ystem,
whIch would mnan that Tampa would
become only a wayr sntaton, and that
rort Tampa would be the terminus
Of the road. which would result In the
eort to secure deep water to the dooks
of tile city falling through." also, that
the Plant System had, oeered to urnlsh
o the C- & P. trei of charge, the use
Sis ne pol In this city and t terminal
e lltles at Port Taapa. ana tat the
1 4lo way r tU the city, o 'x'Tampa could
n~acure ame termlnus o the Y: C. C& P.
.uiroaad in 'Tmpa, would be for the
try pouncl to pas toe oranauce grant-
ugS w ltung oreec, etc., .to tna com-
'E I ntlimaton Is here broadly made
.tb Weu r.at bpa:eLtU ia 1 UnL ulentiy to
L tie ?try o& 'aAnip, aud tout for the
jp'i- oa. carrylua out a coatenplated
ctortaxe or making a "way s aston" of
*'Aampa, we haua utered to tIe f. C4I
it'. t,.c use o1 our terminal nere and at
eIri taInpa, frie er cnamere. 'Te truth
o, the Plant System ba never proposed
w i-ant tne tree use oat It terminal
1facutieta here or at kor Tampa to the
FV Ci & P. Railroad or to any other
peraok or cooroaon. The tact Is,
!Inat the entire ide track room of the
IF" CLaEP T~nn kpurmn TaAain

the loegaft ,A ,
i. : "- ." .-' .

Special to the Trl ss
Key West. Ma "L--Tbstrato Sta
gunboat, Bsarpib aarivebd he oa
afternoon from Otetuatgs, Cab,. aWS
her floem may that tl e eOeuaIt
mirhal. Sam'ps onsaadi ano n
doubt that hthe ewl& dlb am
by Admiral Cer o a 3I A tae abrR
SaIntago de Cuba shobart oralaAprd
vIslons. -e
'rne Olconrluoef Qscw opinion the. th Ce .wil he a .. .L
teen Wae tro ITp on f.L _

Again 3pofts l4 e

special to the
Keym Wst,. m it-Linea C06.-
vera debt s as une uam- n. the
harbor ant do (ahe -
ThMn new Ir to b bId e h .
as it was brougC bherby an
gun beat whie arrived irom
sos preagmablr wIk dtqas fil 5
lng too '.

Scheyp and OwsrmmB&a tobs iPlxi 1I
Hdf .kif _-k. .

Special to the 'i.tbun .
Key West. Mky SL-Oa/ shore'.-- or
iwore are ging hboiut to tbh effsat tbAtb'
the Spamsh s qoadrod n iigComaidei
it AdmB'al cerviera'stt nt at S lUtowalte

peial to the
,lt -a -,h


ifrWSta sbess or Wild axsorder
o. m .o st o ; o

nte arrived from
ei 4 y. y srsd t ;r oa p.m.n with
06mg m "4 6' go"I

weew to the use.= .
0251on, Man i-A*d2- at- h ss s b


most em
r pqopose

I Vp aHrt thts wthout the

ta enais and w.arehoass at the
?1ftasd Pert Timmpa CUPtyrovided by
* wise J g dC these Wwho eBuild.
Ialsd -ther than they h aew,". Tamapo
w d have been In no piston to serve
'as. a ase of operation At the present
&JOtflois Ber tazifold advantages
rW9Sw wve been -lst to the world. her
taea gaphweal posttkon would
een *Aaught; and. the golden
th. t is now hers. would have
isego~ (the posaseassn of eome more

l a reply to al this ,t may be aid
not man coad 'foresee the coming
of r. Tt Is trsu. It also true
'tha tep..vi%... and si sagadtJt
h aild 0 broader lies than these; that
trth des with gee-etsi father than'
1',etliculars. and that a in sing upon

L mIat of iMouth Wort-s and the
a the t Predentre i an ovmed
a m lari the futrer, b3t erw y possible

Sudiwi atht e l'hduue-tseta
0w~ itt the elsborsei terminal tacill-
tiMe& rejected at Port Taoa by MKr.
i our ltMy wekm to-dby he in a
>iltlbn suh as that in which Jackson-
er ~ now s b ftsiff-with msith deep
- l. dcks nor adequate terminal
I'U =rif proudly opbn the topnmost crest
f -atp-. lt) is largely que to the fore-
r silgkt j t sirit and eaeng of IB. .

' A TPAm_nMMH.I-NOT A li.tULY.
r ifat nton has been advised from
Pa rt-a dPrince thgat the govn ent
i t. t.wrmeg Presdeqo-aot is win-
% t to gay Baneam dlphbell $10.000 as
aennmfty aor the IIo treatment to
Rwh t O meriax tie, was sub-
jeted Sear Cape attlen ibout ten

T oboeaother awnd an exmoeptioall
g ii starr**na n oa the fact that
J bd orpdhi was Rot a Wully. The
iqttepmoe display-ed by the Washington
snaatbQifDfti It one more object lesson'
. ,t alones to the weak Island republic
hibalt -to the, governments of aierope
t wisdk bave repeatedly criticized us and
Sanise l-atied our motives.
S. United. tatqM did not threaten to
^'-hsk "Port au Prince. t simplyy
p'el'tie baSLWMr tan years' dorse
lon1 coatty, and tanthe
a wholesome a esson
ast aIs o ot a bully, nor shall
be taown" misach

is- IL grat drma 'L to a'
s ir h dk sotreeta Ils cp-
a- sa tiatsgsae esrlmese In-
ts-s as b tS goo saaitay ondi-
tl^ lZ fleca the wiole bem-

ina AasP el ir dut
appm( Ic-ffr 4s Bo Isth

tor ab o Disi d
kssjn ss sa

^^^*^^S4-;^^^'^ ^ M.*!--

Prepaed by Q L Bse & C0o Lese IMast.
The oy Pl t tt1 s with Hoofsn SsMOerIEN.


From Niashvifle American.
The experience of the Gussie expedi-
tion has shown that no implicit depen-
dence is to be placed In the Cuban Ienur
gents. The insurgents had promised
to meet the Gusse at a certain potdt
on the Cuban coast Where they claimed
to have control, and the vessel sailed for
that point with a cargo of 7,000 rifles
and 200,900 rounds of ammunition. For-
tunately she was accompanied by two
gunboats and several hundred Ameri-
can-solders. InsteaC of the insurgents
who had given posittie assurance that
they would be at the point of landing,
the expedition encountered a large force
of Spanih troops, and therefore re-
turned without accomplishing its pur-
There are two deductions to be made
from this incider4, neither of which is
complimentary to the Insurgents One
is that they didn't have so large a force
Inj that quarter of the island as they
had represented and the other is that
some of their number to whom the In-
tended landing of arms had been con-
fided betrayed the secret to the enemy.
The number of insurgents on the is-
land is a very uncertain quantity. The
Junta in New York has represented that
there are 30,000, while the Spaniards
that they are a mere handful of gueril-
las scattered through the mountains.
The Spaniards discredit themselves in
their representation. ;They should hot
have worked such disorder and deso-
lation on the Island In the endeavor to
-bring such an lnsignticant force under
subjugaton. But the Junta's claim Is
also doubtless an exageratlon.
However many insurgents there may
be they are not to be greatly trusted,
and the better plan for the United
States is to move without counting on
their assistance RW have plenty of
troops to conquer the Spanlards in Cu-
ha without the aid ef the insurgents.
and can raise as many more as may be
Arms and ammunition sent to Cuba
for the use.of the msutients would very
likely fail into the hands of the Span-
lards When we send more guns to Cu-
ba we should send the men to use them.
Tampa is the only city in the state
whose hotels and boarding houses are
crowded at this season of the year.

It took a whole column for our es-
teemed critic of the antiquated Lees-
burg Commercial to tell about the sup-
pod short-comings oi "bob-tail" news-
er, and in a fit of spoamodic tll-
arity and unaccountable anfimosty.to-.
wards tas paper, pictured the Tribune
out as the great take news diseminator
of T'a Our rur4l friend who haas
keen dwelling among the placid lakes
of the most plcturesque country of all
Florida so lon. tree rom the hum-
dreums and whirl of busy life seem
to have jimt recovered from a Rip Val
Winkle anoose and copy of the Tribune
with startling war revelation was too
great a shw~k for him he ould not be-
Ueve t s conents; a rwtath andI the
act that all io the "1g" papers su-
stantiates the authenticity of the Tri-

war new r a publIsting it dimultan-
eoely Ith s pphe d" e in amd day
omt. If all fr rears were as easy
to lpnase Bro. Pratt iwe cood fill tp
the Trtheae eseth psrayr meet ig sonra
almanacestorIes and spend oer time on
the baaks ofr the lalges and put our
money in United States bonds, instead
at Investing it in telegraphic and others
news matter for the delectaton of thoue
Sends of people who w lt and watch utr
the Tribune every morning with a crav
tag anxiety for the latest and freshest
'war news. Bro. Praitls a mighty good
fellow to have arotaund,. blt he Will nevea
set the world on dre bik his hustling
qaBties nor keep his section posted on
Wf news If bis readers look to the Com-
inmedal for t.

French papers are now replete rwlIth

"airsanes of ferendmgp for the nitn ed
etafes. While soeMewat belated and
bearing the stamp of sael interest, let
-WS .accept those -. srsnnces at their
real vafre and covsider the Incident as

It i etln ed timht e peach crop aIn
.Al*eawboant[ win n comee up withsi
:3bf of a good prop. T'e cause of thIs
i tfihe dry weather. 1
'xbe otp that brought the new that
i fleet was coantg over to
Boston was leader witho slt
peme39tove e'n*o*

-( AKr~~e!PC ~

I-e osly *reAftat i tna er 1 peu 3t
convict Is t11 dmratts No sao e per-
son antictstaes any other termination
than that evolved in the smeoCs of the
American arms; but trom present indi-
eations. there is n rtunately good
reason to fear that President McKinley
will not be enabled to adhere to his
recently expressed intention of bringing
the war to a close by fa. and that the
opponu-'loee offered contractors and
speculators of the mo-t dangerous type
may prove so inviting as to lead to the
indefinite extension of hostilities
Be this as It may, the chief question
with which Tampa and, for that matter,
all South Ulorida-has to concern itself
at the present moment, is that of the
probable rmetd upon Its Otture of Cu-
ban independence, ad the disappear-
ance from the Island of the last vestige
of Spanish misrule
It has from the first been said by
superficial and Il-informed observers
that with Cuban independence or the
annexation of the island by the United
States meant the downfall of Tampa,
and the speedy extension of that great
eigar industry which has been the chief
factor in her wonderful progress These
views. however, are based upon an es-
timate of the existing situation although
erroneous and misleading.
In the first place, the bugbear of an-
nexation may safely be set aside. The
United States is much mOre likely to a-
Mropriate Hawaii as one of those eoaling
stations, which the inevitable develop-
mrent of our foreign commerce and the
maintenance of a great navy will reader
ndlspensible. The expulsion of Spain
rom Cuba will, in all probability, pean
nothing more than the restoration of
the island to its people, who, with the
assistance of our government at the
Dutset of their new life of liberty, will
certainly enter upon an era of pros-
perity such as the Antiles have never
yet seen. In that prosperity Tampa Is
certainly destined to share. All that
we have we shall retain, and the pres-
ence, at our very door of a domain of
matchless fertility, administered by a
wise and conservative government, can
4ot fail to add to our commerce and re-
iources to an extent not yet foreseen
ky the general public. -
The Tribune anticipates no such gen-
eral exodus of the Cuban cgar .makers
now employed in Tampa a s some-
t-mes predicted by chronic croakers and
pessimists. Labor follows capital, and
I is a fact well known to every business
lman In Tampa that the great bulk
f the capital nov invested In the cigar
1daustry here is derived from SDanish
ahd Jewish resources. Many of the oper-
astives are also Spansh. and it should
be remembered that the more attractive
Cba becomes to Cubans under the com-
ilg regime, the more distasteful it will
prove to Its Spanish population; and
that for every Cuban who leaves Tam-
pia a Spaniard will leave Cuba for this
l That the ill-omened predictions la
question are largely due to envy Is
C ear. That they are largely beed
upon insuffcient data Is even leader.
The expulsion of Spain from Cuba caa
have but one result It can signify p
nothing but the development of a sof
sill virgin-of resources and possibil-
tes still unexploited-and In that de-
velopent. Tampa by virtre of Its po-
saton and transportieon facilities s
tionably destined to share until
comes what natiuermean t tobes
the ihief city of the state and one of the
greatest commercial and Industrial
eontres of the South.
Tampa in short, is all right It tas
its critie.s detractors and rivals that
are all wrong; and that these condittons
may indedinitely continue is the ardent
desire of The Trl'iure and those la
whose service it is enlisted.

.One of thf most extraordinary state-
ments yet made in connection with the
encampment of troops in Tampa is one
chedltedt o a Jacksonville paper, to the
efect that one of the companies of vol-
nOteer militia now stationed here was
so .thoroughly disguested with its lo-
cation and surroundings as to l0tos for
the old red hills of 'Iallahasse and the
natural beauties of the stale encamp-
ment grounds on Houston Heights near

that picturesque town.
I Is more than probable that no such
desire has ever beei expressed by any
efcamped here. Those companies have
not been ordered out for that annual
jnuketing trip popularly known as the
state encampment They are out on
business, and serious business atthat.
and'The Tribune, for ore, has too much
confidence la the good sense and good
feeling charactersti b Young Amer-
ca' to suppose for a moment that any
slch erroneous Itpression prevails to
pl extent among our boys.
Ln fact np to the preaent moment Tai-
laasmee has een one of the few towns
-in the state that has not stretched for
an envious hand, n the direction of
!Tak pa and saked in subdued accepts
for its share of .hee military loaL In
this the capitol cty bs Mown its wis-
dom. Tamps wa nmtiseleed from
Pay desire to confer a faror either upon
Its people or Pa 4teie Ctopa now quar-
tered in Its viilnty. Wir is business,
and serious usties at that, ad .the
esei a of TagWLpa&a k base of oper-
aiM nd a -mailanry entiree was due
r^ofa.sfruget aeln lpurtmnc, .tt

the island wi eventual a int
hands of th a orte o p. ti,

onerate the presence of m pb a
nwisance at i tfront door t as habel e-

some valthisai tp, tWina e o
u thye ato lt that rdoer "tUC he u

which e ILeerae "A n s t r e ^|0
tos be undleV pO^t>nfl~L

square mh, ora theat mOt er s a

f New Yoelie of wdi lepr ,,oe Bl
lowingds ata, Wo cb.Ae M L: --...k " -r q fa

erthhetd presence oa e- ,
Its eastern and western 4t
abth o wh t ,f t
nsoane alt o e fnet oed by getly -

pedains larly devoted to .a .-a
ran, th e tobacco distri ct h iLe 5O -
in the we ,eter t or Pst~i dp4s.m .
Whe at the rNlad t ot aa b aa nd

wor it Ism mor boe ufatifly ASol U
harbors, and pftN the stl iote f 1 0
wtoch ofhav Alanrit be sa idaut-.a

aly developed. Gold and p st beth,

spear, malt, sw asphstn dodte sieeL's

is cutivatea ;4 pemtr oen D o t IaD:
the suar noted a ted ton lessa

bothan mont, which a"m tDL hree yes f
pians lacely devoted d fltto ;-, :oto
In Ine, the tobaiccot crop sbomontsd
in the wefiss or I pouadlsc S,
Ion of the lan Nog wot-itt-ed u .g .
word is more bo=Uftitlfl 6=01144 VWtt A

'too mncu am hardw be ia. .sl V.-^
arhe eisand is also sintrrit hcfales
mineral depbta Tdre se prWdui e e a ft
yet howee toteen oe than tmoelpereat],.
Sdeven uopend theold and sw gw a

the copper. tItale, ion. m-sn vmeigs
jsaer, ait a"d asphaltnm depost am ~
Among the ri**cet In the waA& and wWrtap-, LOt
In yews to 1pl ayq an 'MrtaM* part .lu~j,,,!!,^^^
in the tndu1stis development a* the is--

mland eton t M S
The prodncd of sugar and'tobacco

Comparative V hy
Cuba baa in years past been enormous,
and is one capable of Indefnite exrOaDe
favon. Inta olnteti torUimand wt
the saotr iBortd afounntd to h no tesst -
than Sw7eA tabs. which bad three yeaf 4"A
I& -'Oecrear toumn'tam o&"Mq ti6
the widesprvft d 'devstatiom nsarkea 6*-
the revohuti "
In MuB tis tobacco crop alaoa1ted to eb
some W'ofbalmss, oc 4 pounds eech. atlORtjnji
which 4.Mw~r Vexp CC0orted US te at .111 IsxIa ostfrI&M jat
remaqluer 0o ree crp =" g ioked bi w up
in Havana. Tho vceM Uot y bad
for obvolw zusima fall to *AN baft r
-but equally obvIous tIe e fattt the Tndlat *w
vast ofi6richsoilyet to be. re- "^jJ

ravor. *A'bi~ oint this WOrtby ^*.^*^ '*%i3|~

mention q .t be found In the actx that
by far the is r part of the island
exports are- ebusamed n t ibco t -
whUie the iaort froam ft the n ttissit e
State a nd e
agatst by dy dittles t ii a of

munt soon -"

change mut;e favuoraqile tfthe tsia T

these Isby po.; ier.

etepds enrp
tjunature L Cs, 06 1^: a
her ngtesstie new -a*
stream of co that dteaw ^f
no dist-At diy > *

depen. i fwt ^ ^ B H

.^^ . '4 .tl.. ..

" I I. r dallhdal.

Se n

oa i Or tw _
ins oiot o Aimnee wehkts About m
% TwTPeowat ThIkTas rom
So- Boanu Per"on
S Peintmsn And Itme.
iel __b
re P.xn Wednwjftys Dally.
"ld udgeD'T. 3L\Shackleford Is, in Dade
Mid CFty on busineJ. CHe wil be, awiy a
i jdt or twa
ab W,%& Taylor who has been traveling
t o Oh ify severs weeks past r-
Ati~d tured home yesterday. He reports
T badlsnew brisk in that section of the

*"keims &ap ~Id bwnt

tbquo* a~~mzt We!

'e "ayde. Park Kindergarten will
rel a basket icnic to Ballast Point
tonmiscL w, and Ilrte all tehir little
fteato go with them and haTe a good

COfeyr will 1ret to learn of his ser-
lbing lonadped to his virtuous couch
for several days.
t1. Bol Page, the orange and cattle
kIng of Polk county, apd one of the
mt genial gentlemen in the state, is
in Tampa to-day, as a delegate to the
con rresional convention
.Ldfew Johnson of Belieat 'is here
o business. Mr. Johnson is a pros-
merchant of the above town and
has a branch at Port Tagapa City
whibc he will visit before returning
Both the Plant System and F. C. &
P. are running extra trains of empty
cars north. These cam are returned
to their home roads as fast as possible
to be reloaded with suppl"s and re-
turned here.
'The artillery branch of thE service
is growing daily and -bids fair to soon
rival either the cavalry or jnantry
Recrnits are arriving daily and are e-
n1 uniformed and drilled immediately
upon their arrivaL
SCoL W. E: Johnsop. clerk of the cir-
cout court of Polk county Is iq the city
totedy, and will attend the eongress-
.toalt convention in ther-apaoity of dele-
gate to assist la making Oi. Spark-

Son_ te construction of he large
new warehouse tor L S. Giddeis & Co.,
w4w Iommenced yesterday morning by
the dvrtving of the necessary iltng. The
oitr4ct for theeerectlon of the itrucsure
ales not yet been let but will be to-day.
All of the offers of the firs division
of Florida Naval militia have teen on-
dr to report to Burgeon ltree for
pbyl al zesaminatlon. Thil means
4 that the datrion I* saen to
a % a and paced' .t. e

thes two riesments t be
tis* T dse tiwo regents art e toa
: t hoa ewdO Wnt of

ousmpsetd of a fins body of mell

tlsp wer of pMeoaring a bstae oe at
p -or4 by tahermy of
1wstoMe tylst this lof te

Htf Z a wphape and not law o

ew YorL e wvo ter ae

thew twor nenteie to be

i 'Was ePhie Olnents
tr eantd t afa ri dto and
ta dto n tt bnwh ohe aere
M oR ther weepective sttaes and are
rs n of r. ib odyof h me ty
ChPt. asrin MOaw sajerntendent of
Aot ww( .Ce P"Pamft tw at
PrrtTmpa 1wor aem by theel romay of
hIwAfoA* sa t"a tbn Upart of the
we*r JeDart dopletedd anS that -n
Se d~iyr e n wlll be n readi-
OULat Uc aya wohas Fd un-
ft o ee sh getting tem

tt- Pha and not u l aw ito
:X ; a0 w of Na'sb i Te.. n.,

%qPJ d if ntoee Hie with Cca a e

;( u< r ^that
a^Si^ '11'"00 '1"111
i. F'T: ^~*''"^T--1.l~e~ * *- 1

P. oa ]m t Wee, TmRs
Sold bE & B. eIerOB &0. TseMs,
Jr- t
t Cao Al e AL. Mmeh$. 1t8.-I ow-
tiy that I have been mea t efdEUr
ken biader traobles by Br a eGrat
Dlooer (Waeo, TMxA), and I ca
tuyr rctmonend It.
Rev. i.a Prnds. tt

CoL WeirWs Nerve.

CoL Tam Weir is a man after the
Tribq nef own heart. Always bubbling
over with enthusiasm and enterprise
last anght be demonstrated what c6ald
be done in 'ampa itf only some one
-would tike hold of tilings and do It,
He was Instrumental In getting Chief
Harris to bring out hit fire engine and
sprinkle Franklin street from Lafay-
ette to ihe South Florida railroad
track. hef Harris and his able corps
of assistLats did their part nobly, and
this morning that popular thoroughfare
presents! a very different aspect In-
stead of clouds of hot dust the street
is nice and cool, and tfie dust suff-
ciently dampened to allay the heat and
dirt all day. CoL Weir and Chlet
Harris Ihould be encouraged in this
noble uidertaking and the people of
FrankMWg street should respond-to CoL.
Weir'e cil this morning for assistance
and in a substantial manner remunerate
the boyW of the fire department Ir their
labor in so worthy a cause It takes
nerve to take hold of such an under-
taklng,. nd Col. Weir has It by the ton.
Major General Shatter has all the
troops under his command well equip-
ped for service, and if orders to move
are received the men can quickly be
placed on the transports at Port Tampa.
1This could not be done at an hour's
notice however, as some correspondents
have announced, as It would take a
day or lbnger to get all of the troops to
Port' Tampa where the transports are
lying. At present there are four regi-
ments ast Port Tampa, seventeen regl-
mnets in Tampa and suburbs and four
regiments at Lakeland, thirty miles
from T4mpa. Tampa is nine miles
from the place of embarkation, and It
would take considerable time to move
these tWenty-five regiments, and get
them loaded so no invasion of Cu)A or
Porto Uico need be expected within a
wet k. "

A P slansume, Baper.
When Mr. F. It. Benson, the actor, was
teiningi two armies of "supers" fora bet-
tie, hbe bd some dtHfiulity in psesuading
the weaker side to submit to beonquered.
Even a the first performance the van-
qnisbed rnoe, wblch included a sdmew-k
rgamim Irishman who may be oaUed
.. aupi traditional ages by severely
mauling ts vioir and the pla must
have suffered if the hint of one of bs wr-
rions ad not been tako.
".ook a-here, Hr. Benson," e sid,
"K yel want po to be bstmn, yea mons
put X il the other any. het'a the only
Wa adon Standard,
Me Persornei "sme.
"W4an," heb tried, "woman, do you
thus surn my heart aft erleding moona"
"Whe did I led you on, s yu sail
I" asked the git.
"Did dunot me tlhabt tortng tkIw
bad to you tbat 1 were to wed a hand-
r-e -eiu yag msa wlth tha ras d
a GOEk gIod ad the vaolua a g olanm

-A eson fer a dat peon
C a tinyram trumps to Us etlk

Wile witnessed/with a gr
dea knore co mfort if you p
vide yourself with a stylish a
light | weight Summer Suit i
the day. We have snappy a
nobb effects for men of tal
in swell patterns in cheviot a
fancy worsted suits, stylish c
simeies and wornteds, for
age, andta!l sizes of men a



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Oe cas of P ted awn e
*~ ~ ~ ~. One case of Cop Law, pld effeete,. ie wht.
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..-' .. ., '


In M .B&. And Re is Determined to % endr er

r the United t ft" ews
DL.. Broughtby Torpedo-oat.

Special to the Tribune
n- -4A rnt Vienna. AistrIa, May 26.-The sailing
m on Is oe- from Gibraltar to-morrow of the power-
h that the ful war shbs Franz Josef. and Maria
Id- w h Theresa 'for Cubanwater has stren-
eIhe ^ m I- gtheaned the imapkdon In we informed
~m~Seim crcs that a clash Is Imdinet between
rtt the mbtl- Austria and the United States.
Mlet at al- The refusal of the United States to
nm. alv wih Anstrias reanest for re.

by embarrasslng the United States
ymaif, *through a concert of the European pow-

o _
ioat Dr5trior Atuwm'l.AALLY BHOT.

A Private Hit t nthe Arm While on
IO Guard Duty.
lopsmts- -
-rmW sbalsed Prom Thursda'rs Dally.
Rit* A Ift iWot- A private of the Flnt infantry, now
inff a 1oaort-. eamped on Picnie Ishuaaat Port Tam-
IpOted that p aceideantally shot himself through
sh eet. the left arm yesterday morning, and is
9se a reported now laid up in the hospital tent, where
'~ nee tday 'be is being well eared fot
te Tortwawt The as w on guard on the coal
do k at Port 'mpa and the accident
L36L occurred through his oarelessnese in
striking bhi gun against something on
-aO'u. ,,- hJ$e dock. The ball paeed through the
muscles of the arm without striking
ALa ad. the bone, ind while the wound is quite
painful, It is not considered serious
'-' T l .The wounded man was carried to the
S egl-fci hospital oa Picnic Island
iehnambr of by two of his nomrade
m t d odaa- ,
;row t Ma Transport s

S Brom Thursday' DaiUy.
iSL ta 'IIIThe transport Yucatan and Algon-
wain havi ed the det, of-transports
bigwefa u St PoasrtWamps. They sairved yester-

To l I fo li, in OSers


For This arxpdition is to be Bapidly
Followed By Another of till
Greater Magnitude-The
Charlest n En Boute.

Special to the Tribune.
San Francisco, Cal., May 25--The first
military expedition ever sent from the
United States to a foreign country is
now en route:to the Philippines to re-
inforce Admiral Dewey, and take pos-
session of the islands which the gallant
admiral now has blockaded with his
small fleet.
The expedition embarcred to-day on
the steamships City of Pekit. Sydney
and Australa, transports chartered by
Sthe government, and consists of 128
officers and 2J.00 men,' the majority of
whom are volunteer forces from the
states west of the Rocky mountains.
The expedition is commanded on the
sea by Commander Frnk Coarti for-
merly of the Light Houme board.
The ships will have to stop at Hono-
lul. Hawaii, 'for coal and will at that
place be joned by the cruiser Charles-
ton, which is'now -well on her way to
This expedition Is to be quickly fol-
lowed by another of greater nmagni-
tude. No fear is entertained of any
spanlhh ships attacking the transports
efre reaching Honolulu. and from that
port they will be convoyed to the Phil-
Ippines by the Charleston.

Manila is Reported to be Quiet and
Orderly, but the People are Starving.

Special to the Tribune.
Hong Kong, May 25.-Dispatches have
been te4egraphed here from Europe, an-
nouncing that' Manila is going through
a serious crisis; famine is threatened,
and the supplib of all food products Is
about exhausted.
The sensational reports that have
been sent out in regard to oitbreaks
are absolutely untrue. ReBable per-
sons arriving here from canlia all
agree that perfect order prevails there.
The situation is unchanged, and it
is no more lrittial that It'has been
since the day' of the bombardment of
the town.
Foreign residents take a cheerful view

t,: .. \ nJ A NEW CAMP.

adWt.Baa $.Um.tterie B ofi rtiaery to be Qartered
it'6 a'r- R's Ie P l\ A on the Bsaks of the H llibor-
arl aei .na esm ao. 7 maIr t otugh ver.
& in sm i ia d s are -
irhey n From Thursdays Daily.
tte r A Iaot b to The eptablehament or a amre a arry
?rrESjaS53Sts-cam oh the tiaBs of the Hiusborogh
k_.Irver has been accomntpll d by lamao
Stbe moa Brr DO| Cper Saaninl E L Mi. of the sli rtilarUry.
ds.itart' h B, ira. without .scc.tlng any &ir6-l.n., and
iaeWa. B. Imnar& Oa&, the Gamp is ILestbtnd to be the head-
", .- quarters of al the batteries a of rtl-
gjg irs Anrile nfrn lry to be sent to Cubsa with the arm
S of luvasun ani o an upaton.
-I :- w Major 'MuA. the c__m nendent c the
jigOthnt 'L -wtrI of ulw secod camM has nafaed it -Camp o erm.u'
lattadlwe, first FlorihB rtei-mt of iB honor of Gen. Jobn L BoLera. chiel
?tod wthie veanleea. is a n Ocala of artUlegy of The United ,taes army,

Sa l.p n I DC dis-
s itraae ae atote curs

=r;sr :at aiwable eabWantoe werL

i. saulSO

SThe members of the Plorida regiment
have all been nmutieed nto service in
the army of volunteers. All of the
members of the state troops not needed
Sto complete the regiment have returned
home or enLsted in other' rsgtments
that were abort of zmen. The camp
-lines wll becontracted to-da' as the
1 departure oa the rejected compunles left
"cesiderable space that is not being
used. The eo wr-ton will tie appre-
i dated by the 'an who are placed on
| ,guard duty tfr they I not have such
long beats towiLk. WlllAmsa& and
S o staff are hard at work getting the
regiment suplled with all the teces-
sary camp equipment As .'hA e state
'troops had oractcally notLg In the
Sway of equqtment the regiment has
Been compelled to depend upoh the war
I .4Ortment for nearly everythmg need-

L i
"Be sure to shake into your sbo Al-
l men's Pot-E~4e. a powder for the' eet.
.ItU eps yr, feet cool and omfortable.
presents sweing feet, and aalas your
11ttreane tea-old greater. i2pi*.-
Swhee peept re am usw i 'Alen7'o.
,ise. They aln pels a -Li"t. v-
p1st on having it gives resf qJ
ipomfort to smarting, hot. Stolen, act
"ing feet. At 9l dr& ists and shoe
stores. 25c.SBaknl free by mail. Al-
dress, Allen OCL ,le d t 'Roy, N. f,


Cabn CcmWOp Wll be Dulapt*ra
Oa ced~a rm a ft.tm t


Porto Rico XMut fat be Taken
and Then aOub Will be Conmidered.
Conquest and Not umanity
is the Plan.

Special to the Tribune.
Washington. May 25.-The government
Is determined upon Immediately be-
ginning the campaign in the West In-
dies, although no decision has been
reached as to the plan of operation
There is every probability that the
first move of the army or invasion now
quartered at Tampa will be on Porto
Rico. and that the army will be aided
by Admiral Sampson's fleet.
It is now stated that the campaiygM in
Cuba will be delayed until 20,000 troops
have been landed at San Juan. Porto
The, United States government Is not
yet prepared to undertake both came
palgns at the same time.
General Nelson A. Miles wl .not
leave for Tampa until next Saturday
There is great dlseatiesfa~tion here
over the failure of the navy department
to give out any news concerning Ad-
miral Sampson's and Commodore
Schley's Squadrons


Items of Interest Gathered at That
Plosar6ive Place by Our Special

Special to the Tribune.
Plant City, 1a. May 25.-Mr. C. J.
Swanson, one ofour young volunteers
who went to Tampa last weik expect-
ing to Join the army, returi od again
to Plant City. ,
Mr. Fred lewaer, our jewel3r, has been
much indisposed for several da.i s un-
able to attend to any bumiu-as.
Since our nice rain early last week
gardens and vegetation generally looks
much better.
Miss Sallie Kalngt, Mr. N. C. Nor-
wood and (Mr. DaId:i C. '&'. Wilds., re-
turned on Friday irom the SteLsnm
University DeLand, wire they have
been attending school.
A number other teachers of this vi-
cinlty are attending the c.otyut i normal
in Tampa.
There were re"ihir semrn o in the
ar. E. Chur-2h at this place ni Sunday
morning and evOnlnr last.
Dr. and [Mrs. Wnrgtt vwe]o4mod a new
baby boy at thLir h.rnm on Tuesday
On Sunday,. May .. Mr. N. No. Nor-
wood of this place will b-t ,tuy ordained
to the ministry of tine M3lfonary Bap-
tist church. Services mornnlt and
evening. Rev. W.- Nash of Bartow,
Raev. Frier of Orland and eberss will
iWe understand Rev.. N. E. Norwoed
has a call to the pastorate at a Baptst
church n k north Florida.
The Oho volunteers who speat GSat-
urday night In Plant City made thiMs
lively Saturday night and& BuO ., 4mt

F~ hPl I hhm WfI~
'aid he~8


But He mas Not T*Xe a1bs: l
ish Fleet For Which He iZuM& '
Looking-Notht fre o

I t- i-_ o!

special to the Tr luae .
Key West. Mays L-Newa has be
celve4 from the .American war
which have Seed salting off the S
erm ceafs of Cuba.
asifMozanday. five of the shias

boat -brought omffical dipato ds f Cr.. ..l
the commander of the Beet for the navy- IN'
department. .

Late to bed and erly toiras. Peepesar O
a ma for s hlhems I s imes .-0l .
to bed and a Uttle Earty rLe tr hemB e
that makes life l aioger,'ald bettr d
wiser. 8 B. Leonardl& Ca


Officar are Stillat Work, but he A-
fair Re-,9n -a 1tI&Mystey. '

From Sunday's Doaly. Q
The murder of the late 'WlUani Mac- Allne'
leod. the St. Psteburg banker, tIH re- .a
mains a mystery, but it can be ead to .amtu"
the c-edit oA 'the county autboritles:
that they axe dilligenty wLiorkat ona"
the case. The proprietor of the sal tn,
in which the' deceased was last Aji
alive. and one of the nployes of t.he
same are jal on euspiclon of being

dettaiang them t n custody foro a wh ,
The murder oCt Mr. IMaeeod wd e- am
of the most diAbolic-l crimes erv4 corn- ta s
mitteg in ti county. The murdqee .feM
eieawawed to hide their a Work y Voa--
ing the body on the railroad- trsak-is2
hops that it would he so badly snP|-I-
loed that it would not be no
he hal ben aet and aied before p
ing mOn over. The debea
in which they carried ot t4 hr -W
sbowsd'that the Ow msruew -Ss-tAot

rqo t ir este a a 'L taxples ) m" ab t .
cordially itaeUd to attend- at Needs i n I h be best w
Irsa. tunda Touchton. of Mbuefe yender g jppIiyf tat obt shoUl o-.
a, second daughter o0( r. and 01. ebertoa o UWn ea ro alw lft.
T. Aidenr.eb is at mS n as a s ItB a soPl
some weeks with her pareta., brpthe ass rob e onaywB need. M'wl Th
am atom os I this plans, 'sa"d mnoesi is ed gotan vM0 W
r., Mor s Teser of Tampa s o a the S %p ot t 91W m a SceS
rist to his father, IMr. P. Yeer the Chr suo sa m li r .L- ',
nalt diy.
wara. e ani Fisher of Yr City as bvyg ispln lpBeo chaA. am s a "
pending a few days with her paenta, the cty sa being pdod peWVlgt sb "n
taoth sal an sisters, Mt. and Mrs. o allies d -the pace. arey tseM
bamhe ra and family of Piat City, one is arret= the weaker
tMr. L W. itogers with her sister, pondentsa msnoun that aotbr w
Kim iieWll Garner, are visitinC gas been captured. In early everz i-
their many relatives and friends hre. stance tbe s uaset are. relesed ate
Plant Cty has kindly offered to hep an investaton. or It is.stow- mths,
I the war treparatlons. by writing they are mat ies. -
the government to send troops for a ,
season to our town, knoPfs that this On mIaute Is not l ong. y reW e
section ts'a healthy one, with excellent obtained La half that taie b.ths e o .
water, a kiudly disposed people. an One Minute Cough Care
close to dire t transportatin that they
could t wen select a better locatsa coe~omp*rt aRMi quickly Ce W -
roup, bkSnchltis, pneumonia. IR 9"Db'e
BEST GUARfANTEE ON M UOORD. nd all tnroat and lung truih -B.S L'
Our medlclnes hare sow been wai Leon"ai A Co ,
tried, and have proven all we ela or cla hmlenhe is isas sev r ee&s
them We back our lalth with ow Sw i c*A --- ys q-
Xmoney hence make the foUawing turb.hew Ua f est mmOta k er
gusraniee: To any one puffering with boii, Ulm aaornl bloodai c 'e "
or from Blood Poison. if they will esme
te our labatory and take Ketter's Bx Ho.4 PHIl an psMpet,asmei, awaysr
celsor Blood Purifier according to dl- B tes.Je rections, and If It does not cure them n The 4hssimS tChine m as hbt oace
we will not onry foetl the edcd most rly
taken bht will pay their expenses and ng Degitt' Llttla nd 0mo Rtwesga, the'
board while he taklngImedIctlne. We tDet' UsfAtUe eoiR1tSeio atn
faxo" 1t b n" for eantltion-mA
make the same guarantee In cases Yv ^ *h.:t"
where the cannot come here, provided an sop bu olner tomi h Ie '
they send us doctors cer at as to oI
the afctlon. We nnd i ,roaW csesn Leoiti & Ce '0 .. U
that one disease is often tcken for an- EDr.1 iBrech a Cuban baghdr q d j.a,
other. hence we have to requIre doctor's war piai g 'who has beenl T0ai001'
certificates. For sale in Tmpa by for sveal Week ia s an unclte dIjs0b
Leon Hale & CO.. 73 FrmankiP n St. a on sd3s5ekO!f bsein I1 'S S
el Flpe --.K C...zsm.
Ro) CUlts-NO PAT. reset (eola OdeFOri T*

Gz is the wsaq Mpa1ol f n Task d or ill te nd
arla, C aed.Zw i. it ua .(mp, . tz `
Iron &ad Quitiae in a asteless te"m -Ge lsave dsi; i
Chlirbw Save.' Adults prefer t e tteo
htler nauaeintomae 4 uo u' mti

horie the street IH 1U UhoUll p
a have Frnll L i.
en ms requIr .
he Tribune msl-
The r ,untcl of orto Blco B een Decdd
I to ptyar usual
at of their propD- ed Upon by lliClEy.

r be re-

it. and u
I ;power'
tern $or

do not

w a-e refrred to as the "Black bole B
Mee. 4er fnutines lness wes At- r
d fi to sd th comecl resolved ti4 f r
L*'*omM-m of the whote, and spent
L taI revIa e the r-ca I.tr-
mL of the dett, toas to determine
ho wl bwe ebttled 'to vote at the com- a
Seleeta., Ue Itn sms U whin the 8


-" i
BL, sagiMay PL- lac it 4at atp- I
BalMW tWh =a02tW withwhich the
Sopf the nem sse of itfe asme s-
t14An4to the pity of it that ea usual,
is' t poor who will safer. Of
mUne th .' easientst, the vice of

.meeting the i
ordered theiub- I
h be put In good
pt week L&. v
eft bfteInto v
I for it.
Green and f am-
I outlng. The
Sto take &capos
try7. His fam-
Water sprlng
ytng a well- d
Calhead. the a
Etvxmat, Ifihe
at Dalla w Tim
a&d J. C. mU- _
ir days at the e
.arbor. Tbyp
I a( the waters,
p 'bck home
mertes still con- I
has begPn the i
mr ne ee r -
Mfterw rM&Jit

aru oo -.sthe 0
.r. Sudd has
Lof tUralroad
Irtag the laad

h- Wftb- i

~in rinhbe of th
mststaed at %%mum,

";- bC"~s %b I
*a rotwh-
a 5temu!~Sha

3epkx ed

3 Etthe't .sbessno*air m"n
dLmt 94th4 6 eedthsL llhe.tsi tItwo.
pwWb'se"Atuhi and WM'ima a"
ssp 6'teOd matonl 3,'a5,fc

p- to 'MAW, Tr~ ~,O~zaa8
eWoi byAi. aorarrmdl & Co&, Thaipa,
r Otmeeta!, Ala.., avdhd-L U.-I ow-
4fF II have ben coe a dat Mdney
PA MW~w heeblssby Rq4,g Greet
Dlfinsrg f~ae( TeasQ. and I can
f~eia.~W~~ rar~ 5c3~~vl~ada Ifa
iirniPmmfiu ti


a .o. alteg.
ITAMPA Ex. Nat. Bank Bldg.) ~F.,
Jdpb a a. wa, uw. w. ste
iWALl, & STeVeNs.
tor i U ti h B _as ase 7t e h stN

SPrompt attention iven 'to al& badl-

%= fWANK M..5IMONTOb. -
ar a. i i -'. - -l
h.s et i,- l wls o LO

1 izamow, FLOwIDA.
Office in Brick Bafldin on north side
C court HouseSuare.
Ojtfce of FPhaJ ,Settlement.


Then why pay $3^ and 4pe to :f
get a strictly high grade, reliable ifera
IDEAL FBU TAND VINE. ......... ..
6 POTATO MANURE...,....... .,
V VE ABfLE MANUR ...............
FEILIZEBRtor aol oanm).. ...,.
SPECIAL MIXTU Na i............... ...
CORN FERTIL2E R..................~.....
All fartlicr wairial at Iowoa is v pidg
SWby We Rak Um IDAL ,t.lia... .

Pig's Foot" brnad Bioo 0ad 'i
Damaraland Gnoethh6 Idba*.lIe

The country trade is solid S.
I I 'T fflS

mail orders.

*' o ^

nothing Will be Sent t3 Cuba For a
Long While-Twenty Regiments DOM I Jo TS
Now Camped in andAround the method and resultw5hen
Syrup of Figs is taken; itispleasant
Tampa. and refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yet promptly on theKidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleansesthesys-
tpedal to the Tribune. tem effectually, dispels colds,head-
Waahington,. ay 2t-It is reported hiessand fevers and cures habitual
rnm Madrid that the ainiter of m- nstipation Syrup of Figsisthe
se declared In the Cbrtes yesterday onl remed" of f kind ev p
hat when the oppornit presented yree o t i o-
tIsif, the Spansh caFnet would not danced, pleasing to the taste and -
al to do the best it bould to bring Ceptable to the toms-ch, p -opt i
amt pede upon onrsable terms to s action and trnly be fkli it
atln nd the United S ate alike.
Presdet n oKnley bas received josi- effectprepared only from themost
. report about GOeieral Bnio's healthy and agreeable substance
iel or the defeea'bout its m y excellent qualities cn -
s a result of careful Invtit. n end it toll and have made tth
t was shown that General Blanco has ms ost poplar remedy known.
naseed about N600 n men In and around Syrup .o Fig is for sale in So
Efti and alona the Lorthern shores
ir Cuba. It a e also wn 1at the cent bottles br all leading drug-
S of n lvana is heavily fortiied gists. Any re iable t who
In view of theme facts the plans for, my not have it on nd win pro-
he invasion of Cuba arv being carefully; cr tyfot ny e o
rtlidered by the president and his ad-. t fr any one wh
tler. General s ma and General wishes tO tr m it. Do not macept
hReeld are stronipy of the opinion that any substitute
Port ico Lshould be frst occupied.
rhei p' Dthat the stand of Porto Rico u l FE FMe 81ap C o
s the khe to 'West t lnr waters. It' as DiAsM. OL
a probable that their! advice will be saad.r. at r, Mi I L t
followed, and thit the expedition to
?torto Rico will Itat within a day of
.Taskn Is strictly In the swim In the
THE P'nllM nlllj-"l I.VICW. rulest and etrictest eene of the word.
.ery comnercial enterprise in the city
!b coming. and growing. Yesterday
ap Alger to be Visitd by Hig 1hllllsa & Fuller let the contract for the
ei.fth ei anotwr gis anti warehouse
Offidci of the A5r Nsary rd. t in front of the Collin's house on the
I '. C. & P. track. This will give them
two wre housese n I nop. one on the
Special to the Tribune. oth Florida, and one on the F. C. &
Washington. May 2.-Preldernt Me- P railroad track. The last one will be
ler and his entire cabinet, General n Immense struot.re, amply large to
Jason A. Miles and staff, and the ofsl- lcomodate their lage and growing
dais of the war and navy ,leparthnenta trade. Work was also begun yesterday
will pay an official visit to Camp AlWer, n n a ddJtonal warehouse for L 8.
eSr this city, next Saturday for the iddens & Co.. which will adjoin Phil-
Turpose of reviewing ithe troops now pe & Puller's on the Sou80 Florida
being mobilized there. tack The rapidly increasing trade ofa
It Is expected that fully 20,000 troops this flrm neceesltated the building of
ill be in camp at Camp Alger by Sun- an additional wareroomn Business in
lay, and that they will be equipped and 11I Lines Is simply booming.
wHl pass In review Sunday afternoon. .
'Don't think that your liver needs
BEAI TBS 7 K1L4)NDIK_ ireating'if you are bllllous. It don't.
--t's your stomach. That Is, your
Mr. A C. C '.Iomas of Mrysvill, Tex.. stomach is really what caused the bil-
as found a more valuable discovery Q ouness. It ^as put your liver out of
hakf has yet bees made In the Klon -__
e .ee what's the matter with your
tke. For ea he ufferpd untold tomach.
tgony from consumption, accompanied: Idk stomach oisons ier and then
y ire .-r,,; and wa sb eoluteiy t~e's troulhte. Shaker Digestive
tmd by o -r Kn w w r a Dsovery o ardil cure stomach and then all's
M .-, -d That's the.cas in a nushelL
onsumitloaL. Couga. Colds. dIe de% abeer Dltgestive Cordial Is no secret.
lare tha4 gold t of little value in opm- ormnla's on every bottle. But Ifs the
arisoa with this mrvelous cure; would simple honest way It's made: the hon-
w It, ewn if tt cost #hundred dollars ebt Shaker htbrbs and other Ingredients
,bottle. Asthm ,ch s i dt f4 which it is composed, that makes It
L, bottle& AUhma BAs chhma. a ll au *1fflclcadoua%
hroat and lung affectloia are positively p &ny real case of indigestion and lb1-
ured by Dr. infg' Nw Discovery for bousnese can be cured with a few bot-
onsrm ptlom. Trial battles free at tea aof Shaker Digestive Cordlal. Try
aL L~nsr*Dr= S S*te Regular d I S Sold by druggists, price 56 f ents to $
0 oe amad:LO. Guarsanteed to curs per bottle.
C price refiunded. __ ________
AHopatth nn.

Pzam Thurday'a ials .
A detighrslnpi .P hop tok printed on the
Isoe at the InDi Port Ta m last ntt.d h
-en from Ir, Cgr wnradper or margin of
se~ and eant eo&e evethis Paper. and oppo
The reginmntal tnd oa the On"% a tix Y-
ta tes nO ftr funtrbed iShe site it is the -date of
ausfile. and theOnc was. an the
o s .in front of the. LnM. A
^fih &iadat Tanwa. added tiibwhich Shows that*yonl
Hania, of the Inn isa model bost ea del quent Pay
m5Id arpengh= sat=s plant
tfiieaeft fok the guests of theIpo can do
d the p le ao Port Tam a Pt bypCstel .note. ex-

A T W.aw t. TS presi order, oheokr or
A zioney order. Attend
; -jioux to iit without del&y.
,. H so tlesot Hall's Geoat Dti,-

Dac^ r amntm ad an ragaDl5ht wrTya ^ *
Bth of tbKldwU5 and Dladiwta inh At mIf L rr AT *LAW.

"Cimk,5 ugwt e~IgmrrrL ss '"'kr


medinl i

oAd*t W*A&lr.
leaveD lasQteselin.-..yU ~l d~~... ..
Ioaerse~aeel .... .,,....,

WIR. r 5316.


Iron -and
Piuto1 lgve

j .4 .



** ~-*" ^sy >^--i ., -



(". --.3


pai ro U ^ton over the

o4der wem eon-.1. ted to Obe rail-
r. yesterday and they were reques-
-.: ---- ~ted to-have the coaches ready this
B k mora Th reci left Atlanta on
raw a peda trana.
It a expected that one thousand more
,.\.-..- ".l w. il lU leave Fort McPherson for
the Phiipgnaee the latter part of this
I i rA BAY Af the ul.

Special to the Tribune.
er eu s t T Kainston, lTamacsa. May 30-TBIo
SBrtsb war ship Indetatagable has gone
miC TRm TB -e "oo Santitao de Cobs for the purpose of
"l- OffBUatte- ringgtag away the British consuls and
rLatish residents who have been gfven,
to understand that the city s about to
be bombarded.

SWoare Troops Coming.

i --After the re- Special to the Tribue.
^ ^H> <,l-- C 3ttnoog. Tenn-, :May 30.-At a
-- late r e-lght the th. New York;
..r decldd I9Us Maryland; 3rd nIlnois; 1N Indiana
,'w1 mUvk t hKin ritmea of volunateers received orders
.to move to Tampa If posdlble. The
troops will be ready to move in the

r- e t ofee" at
ii'.ta6 'te army r ITy TH= ABtY.

:U The *9jbre nbe7 time Qoon r
I "Mrd thlat at
-M the tea gt o @ tpw Sen Kenpt By, but the
rc tatt whether they paam Qsie e.

-lta how to-night roam Te days Daily.
ji- -i d not -'e war corretpondenta spent a busy
' War department day yesterday tracing down rumors
i i.eds malW t al t lt orde recelveid for the neement
eri o st. a ai troops. If s o orders Amie been
i r ved they are cariully guarded and
tIh f at mimtral there has been nothtav tranesplng in
f!a p Hew~Wlos the camps or- on board the tranport
iMr t -O aled i to ibndcae 'that a move is to be made
e There- n ti me soon.
ioa t hat Ie The Fifth army corps, which Is under
a to the bIg the immediate command of iMajor Gen-
itw'a to ory the eral Joe Wheeler, has his headquarters
It ot r e to nthe field. Hehsa a large tent com-
e a that l1know fortably fitted up, and is devoting all
of the troop of is time in getting. the cavalry
Y do-- any harm to ranch of the army In the very best
at te Unlted tatea condition for service in Cuba. Several
Ir tnot e objee- eperinc oed C ban guides have been at-
peto heb will tached to each division of the army,
l t-oroiw ght. &and they have rendered valuable ser-
ar' m ible in the vice already in advising the officers
t o ub o iand men in regard too he conditions that
Scup att MR will be met with In Cuba during the
,r m Bt. & aid erate' season.
r.fiasl The About one thousand large army wag-
maeea d are now in Tmeaim and several
lh ed of tlem are obeing_-sed every
inir2p the na-
r hL -- dy to haul applies from the. railroads I
r f WA er the to the various warehouses and rom the
u, A J thatlt wr ehoirese to the cams. It was oril-
V abp edset that
or. finally intended to carry all of these
. or, ats wonae to tCub a fo hnalng the army
'nld uPPMe. Since the army, oftcers have
become aware of the condition of the
of to, bsere mOuntry ner- whIere the landing Is to '
-i be Mtde. It h.n- been ilecLed to carry
at vw few we one on the first military
edWpedion. Several thousand pack
mice hare mean secret for this work
a^Sda i t ar mles are how being trained.
D 410AGIO a mon occurrrene to see a i
MiE angn* Jazng afong the st s of oi 'm-C4
01w L tha fel of bay on each side ofa
7sl baeke sad a sLek of oats on top of
-I- me bkh ci b".. 0
.i i eni 4ernal lFithmgh Lee., com-
St e-andsr of the tvaenth corpa will trans-
Sa tr. a aL the volunteers ftom Tampa to U
SJaoeouvlBe this week as he has es-
tahishied is headquarters in that city. i
Th*e fidings of the court-martials8
hl d n several different regiments last
week have beetn *waticol Prliatee

w'Ith t arh to geprt to rol call; with
_,etn dwnk on duty; with amaulting
4[h-.emmdr uand..vane..'other olee- .I

;Pl .fpr trn raging from two
#~aleto. two moa and were soan
,_ i a, o .srieit rom 10 to thirty
J thMar-ey. No volunteers

iltei5gOmpy tia9i Soa thCeir horses,
U^. ; b ea bn. e at !tbeen spplied~,
cc~~; ~3 a~tardar. Alargyq~w spn it of


In% CNusae l Dibtrct Coitmii


Our Congresean Has en ooki
Out for the Beet Interest of His
Comntitents and is Sure to
Uet These.

From Tuesdays Daily.
Hon. S. M. Sparkman. member of Con-
gress form the First Congresslonal dis.
trict of Florida, arrived in the city yes.
terday from Washington, where he bha
been almost continuously sin-e the be.
winning of the present session.
Congressman Sparkman vill remain
in Tampa until after the adjournment
of the First district convention whict
will meet to-morrow for the purpose ol
nominating a candidate to represent the
trset district in the Fifty-sixth Con-
gressof the United States. It Is a set-
tied fact that Congreseman Sparinac
will be nominated on the first ballot, 11
not by acclamation. There Is abaolu-
tely no opposition to his candidacy and
this Is a stronger testimonial than
columns of newspaper notices. Tb1
people of the district appear to be per-
fectly satisfied that Mr. Sparkman is
the right man for the place, end his
nomination will be the same as an edec-
Mr. Sparkman has been looking otter
the interest of his district closely and
notwithstanding the pressure of war
business that is occupying the time of
the house, he lately succeeded in having
the war department order the erection
oC fortifications at the entrapce of
Tampa 'Bay for the protection of the
Port and the city of Tampa as well
as the smaller towns on Tampa and
-Hillsborough bays. He says that ar-
rangements wfl be completed In a day
or tPo for the establishment of a tele-
graph lne from these keys to the main-
land, where the wires will connect with
a line running to Tampa.
The selection of Tampa as the base
of war operations will result, said (Mr.
Sparkman, in securing deeper water
for all the ships sent here to transport
troops to Cuba. is known that the war
department selected only those ships
which were not of too deep draught to
enter the bay. A much smaller num-
ber of larger ships would have been se-
cured If there had been a greater depth
of water. and the government would
have saved a considerable Fum of
These facts have been called to the
attention of the rivers and harbor com-
rnittee. and It Is now almost a certainty
that the committee will make a favor-
able report upon the petition for an ap-
propriation for Tampa Bay, Hillsbor-
tugh Bay and the Hillsborough river.
especially as the members of the-com-
nlittee visited T'ampa last winter and
law for themselves what was needed.


'hey Must Sexve as Such Until the
War Closes.

Special to the Tribune.
tWashington, May L--The j .ajortr
Of lawyers of this city who are well
mpted on military law, are inclined .o
thick that officers of the volunteer for-
mes whp hold commissions issued by the
governors of the various states, must
Serve as long as the war lasts unless
Uscharged or dismissed in the regu-
ar routine of military procedure.
The opinion of these lawyers h-s
created consternation among the of-
0s of the volunteer forces who hare
een laboring under the impression that
hey could get out of the service of the
general government whenever they de-
"All Fleets Look Alike to "e.

A good story is told on the war cor-
sesponden of the New York ltall and
BIPreS who tried to get ahead of the
"rea censor. He filed a telegram
eadlng -The Prea fleet left this morn-
ug for Cardenas." The censor sand
that waa all riht aa it did not refer
0o the warships. A couple of hours
water be filed another telegram reeadng:
trike out the word "presn" In my last
Uspath." 'AIgda the pres rcesor eard
t was all right and the correepodeut
ea chii-' to thiak that he had
rotten a big scoop'on the boys. and had
Uso outwitted the censor. When he
aled later to-ascertain if there wepe
mry mewssa for him the censor handed
dra an edbelop which contained his two

Q I pet a a
pe~seee Camp. of any
rom '
aMper recornmpants have Capt.
It teelwve.tsd n and in the Pe
to wf not &bm tfb comfortscomma
P"Osue e" tOLri hbote of the wmLft

hea e T sejanger for hon
ep two it" known re- ri o
srIa eposWteSMeN 1, and to &Uel
tr et c

&L. nere o rt ver u ..va,
I local applications, as they cannot

ad eto

I AurT CoO r.

Quartwat-ster and i 1r -
p- LaMate Kept BMW.
B From Sunday's Daily.
Yesterday was another hot and quiet
day in army circles. The only busy
department at present appears to be
the quartermaster's and commissarles.
From early morning until after dark
every day hundreds of large army wag-
one drawn by six mules are constantly
on the move hauUng" stores and sup-
plies from the various storehouses to
the camps. It takes an immense
amount of provisions to supply the
twenty-flve regiments camped in and
around Tampa, and bwing to the f ct
that no warehouse large enough to con-
tan all the supplles. or even half of
them. could be obtained in Tampa, it
Shas been necessary to rent every vacant
store In the city and use the btorm a
Warehouses for the commissary and
Squartermater's departmrernl
The renting of these building has
Been a god-send to their owners who
Were contemplating the tact that the
2 buildings would remain vacant all
f summer, when suddenly the waretarted.
2 and Tampa Jumped into prominence.
SThere I still a scarcity of store rooms
* and the government has been compelled
to rent several of the large cigar Lea-
Stories in bTor City. These buildings
as a rulee a e some distae the
iraiload tracks, and it we seen that
Sther would be conaiderahie expense in
haujg the opplies from the railroads
to the warehouses. This ns at last
been remedied by the city council
ranting permisaon to the railroad comu-
panlese to lay teiuporau l sidetracks on
any of the streets or the city in order
to accommodate the demwrd of the war
department.- If the city had not taken
this action, the war department oicials
say that the department would have
Imply declared that the ue of the
streets was needed for this purpose.
and would have taken poesmsseon and
constructed the necesary tracks.
D. Porter Issues Orders to All Physl-
clans of Florida.
The following letter from the State
health officer has been received by
every physician in Tampa, and pre-
sttmably by every physician In the state.
ELecutive Office, State Board of
Health of Florida, Key West. Fla., 3ay
27. 189&8-Deiar Doctor: The present
public health situation in South Tlori- i
da makes It imperative that I invite
your attention to a matter of the most
,vital concern to the state, Le., the Im-
mediatd notlflcation of the presence aof
any fever at all suspicious in character.
Tbe large body of unaccllmated people '
now concentrated In our seacoast cities I
is of Itseff a cause of apprehension, and
.when coupled with the fact that I
through the exigencies ol war it may C
not be possible to maintain the strin-
gent quarantine regulations whloh us- '
usually prevail In Florida during the -
summer season, It is rendered absolutely

\Every .

Blood Diea f

Can not be cured by every socalled blpod r .
.few blood remedies that really cure an blod'7.:-
(S. S. S.) is absolutely the only one wi catht R
upon deep-seated, real blood disa ,reIc
blood, it matters not how ohstnRte, wEf it does
and permanentlymue. The greatest claims for S: -
are made by those whom it has cured.


Mr. H. Kuhn, of Marionas, Afe
granddaughter,-BeWt Whitwood wais w
training a contusion of the scalp, which dt ia hb
For more than a year there were tunmnig asordi-.J
neck, which the constant treatment of the bibest ie
arrest. As a last resort S. S. S. was oCd, Sooa
months she was cuned entirely."

Mr. Chas. Glenn, 156 Dudley S
childhood I was aficted with a
which I have been treated consta~tly f
was covered with blotches, and some oft t
city have endeavored to cure me. S.S. & ahe o
to the disease, however, for it has iredscd r poete
ing it."

Miss Ada Wannwght, of Alamo, Tea, L iy ~a
suffered agonies with b erysipela; one I ey
so inflamed that it had to be lanced conutaW.3y. '
sicians treated me for three years, ad Ix im
incurable. Some one suggested S;S.. 5p.1, d.
made an improvement. Six bottleseffect
my skin clear and pure, without asign o Ie


Mr. H. L. Myrs, on Mulberry Street
For two years my body was covered with a s
caused by impure blood, which gave. m.
given various tretwnet1titgot worse
being unable to rciwe e. A :feSw bi 4g
completely, and I a e its ha a.it ;~poiL oop

.. ;-:, .'7- -+- .

I tT~ L

saN" taangla M

T e law upon th s rsubikW
the termn known or SMOVAIRLrW
whenever a physiciane 5
apprbened. etc. et. YomsMa u A
fore pat on notice, and "m t i
quested, to at once report to L.
Weeden, agent of the state b *.
health of Hilaborough coUtMy. th
Wltene of any ct ee C iam Wi
you may know or apprehend tbhe RLj-
sumstcouws na very trdP7a -
State Wealth.-

An Btmable Chriatlan Ladyn.ai OMEMO
Away. "- k
Special iroel
peeWd to the Triln e. aheos5
.hAeluad. Va., atey 3L- M .. KI. & -
Bowoer, who for seralJ wMsbh iaeMWa iM
t the point of death d"u'dtM s 5 a l
at 4'ecilock of malnuLta. er. 'l b

eosts a gloom over the sB eln omu0-e 'iG" "M4
It. Se wasu an asea member of tlhe .i' l.
Pr atera etaluh sad a de" ote d o
Chrlstlna lady, harnlf epent e t o ie at is"
her l"Uthe ter'1 01~ l betd tofe, 1
xnioe4Se hbt uo theoi r to snow '-.. ..-.i
her pae Dtel b atIen atr e ,e
tua Oty extea r au i to tb t b-
reaved and beat bro* bOil ;
Tbe wdec ase w" the tabwr of Mr. of .-
Prah C BowyeM of thif cIt an& we WON
ell nmown and Bihly eateeemtd b *a -
large nmabier of paeopale TeaMpao aed P'"
South Flori&b who wit readlTe thp Iff- tti't
tellgeo e with pan oL gi rtdes o

Purser Dcenion, of the PlanrImiMe mno oali
ateaner Olivebte. baa decided to e*how ttbdnftft
hia paorlotiam by organliarttg a bttation f t;bp 1
ov cavalry to be tendered to the P ared-
dent for aervtie. The battalion wp i a- P
be known aa ;'Deniaon Boughh Ride" r oa d M a*
and will be composed largely outt bm- eoS tas
poryesma the Plant teamahIlpComeany mum h fM
The staff piffcers of Major Denlson, te GSSn
coiusmder of the regiment, as tar as US Sl
have been selected are as Collowa: IeWaO
apt K. Brown, of Boeton. adibtat; ain t
LJeutenant amOn Myera, of the Iascette,
quartermaster and comnnmtery; Capt. L talM
Dave Rchemendia, of the hascotte.Can- &isef-
manlder of Co. A.; Capt Blake, of the pI Ptreb
Plant line freight osice. 4coi ''ai a lcks &
of Co. B.. CaptaInDesoto Fitxaee It of tyteo 1eW
Port Tampa City. cosnmnder of Clo. pxffeieahfte
D. The battalion will be provided and a0 tb
with horeea and a complete outfit by neytfnpiM.
the major. Lee

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