Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: May 19, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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has now been virtually melted. It I
mare than probable that all of the co
panifs will rezmnai ere for lea dam as
dhis I the time of- year that the state
Lroope are nmuall, ordered Into a camp
of Instruction. .

roealaed. It b defhnietttd Hiw.L The members of te* KIey At Cuardf
us an., s ham~U s Besa GiM to the Gallat Ex-ter- lajor WebstUr to bte L dtunt-CooIld et., ortuehl ar .ared nh
Bae rad tMhat do 0neen za i to return home asu oo00 as pobsi ..
ty wl e resorted to by belente Gmmera. ad lajor tLoell llt They wanted to have the a o r at o-
erolas or sarcnts. The % ing to Caaa. but that honr has been
Sbet gSven ablttate aliane to denied them.
r -er a B mas n tord, Quartermaster SWmrgat 5Hartiey, of
t ,w oeft eaor t l itt. Wlyit lm N C the Finrst Battaln. clerk of tb W 1
Idesm the part of the nat yesterday be as rantsd .p on to .
Lto. .pvet any MANa Scre.- return to acksonvillt to attend to b :.'
Irsiac9 eofdatly expect thatt official duties. Major Trn er. 46f
M wBI take- olace withlb e Also Win Come to Tampato Lake And Hi$ Two Lieutenants Follow His the first tBattalio o ld Maure a
r Jw.. mw& oerge nt ax -t W tr mmijor of the :*at m e'
.Charge of Hi Troops and 0- ,Example-The Company Wdl t Harneyrfru S, :
3a JiahT a j ] Breadyr23 Departurefor Cuba.; return Home Today and on the maoee .t sMR
.Othe GOenea aAssd. !Dis d. detailed yesterd as* as .obUbaoo ,.-
ae, e hedOV -Ian it tin e i eaAL
MfM himlesobadly ththe *e mtA06
in epat !t\ted for ---- 4 Iar th"d i
Sal tooth TrbuneThe officer of the FWt Florida reeg- ti.e Ho was i Or er'ae.A
the hopaly te ed wil he a
ailty -it e l o Wao~Mlton, M prLY-Thl toleo~ln mernt:of volunteers ha been seeted rgt br the tiMn1 tbe empar ia or.-b' '
th i Pnr I nmmt eof morps eommandara was by Ce. ilooham nut thetr appoint- dacd toaS iCa
M i e mMda by the Wau deertmaent t-day meant: wll not be off~lially a-nol Nearly all of tt litarr '1b
SB" It.n st l -'ad o ls' rOWoomd: untit to-morrow erelun or Friday bee, in inbahb e gr e L
IW-. I P t 0s Genera Broks weu r* ~ in pm- morl, hwhen the -wlb, r0t wmill be u as-aNtor %,=
I of. cc an of the finBrat corpe wthS hed4oI- mutred Into servkiceof the United oen fa 2h e tsp m so8
tr u L~ Y tt t I Mrs A COR a ,tte*,s and 0s9gned to a .vlivs of Lag with iataZ1. l .
'OR e w ellSCo the ten of t the at. tent Is ful of *oud ii^s,%-c4
G s O tsed in ta 'am- colonel of the Mglrnment dill be though not a apallard b .a ap .h e. -.
VS t t IISder lr b the Third Battalion cf oute a SPANH VZS M
lrJ tdlo'the=4 tbs W ""1a in eon-'am ,.ro.
r- -.thd -"d e t o ti report to tenant colonel will be aJ. - .
Am-Pb-nr. eiierl Burkea t ChlCarPnaoga, ifL A yWebsterof Goi elorill .Comma- The Fight Ok SBt (a Owteo gi
6M. Sh-..er a S t onand Of de 4 o the Fourth batallon of too A B st
111017o to yuTibnum. the Fifth norpe withhedQoat troo at
beeMt n !chad f p egned_ of the cond bEttallon of state troops Bstial to the TI.ROl.L .
DOW^o bd b rn rsmae h ethe fourth cornpe Wlt d hOiWrte awill senior major. Madrid. May lt-1he Imnral pub-,a t s
"fu- __ a GMu-ils wThe unip maJorsthip of the regitment lishi a ,.dis alek fro avan go eeaj tet
iC-General Wibsln was steen command wi-lto o Major Turner. of the First aeotdhe rt shoarT Sl vowa
.bS Ii ntw 8wn 10 -to re* nto sSaon Ma3o (enoley. of t p Fi th
~ f the SZwxtmAF& t*e'Mpe 0and 13 to -re-p-seA-in

Sie. Josephv *Whler mmj to gIven oom-
S s_ tmta t 0 1 dote division of cavary. and
r n.al wi ave bb headquarters at Tampa.

IraalBsaZsien0em KXZ OS THEB O Ax PATH

PeBed a Large l dyof paniards
4. N ,, Near Ol sAges.
aa G to-i.d e t _af ~ ., -- .

yesterday it '
governor wo

St Qo n amyy.
ot03e= 1 SDRSW READY.
ia K d -
Sloodlt's Rgiimt Will Leave ft
Cuba Next Thprsday.
Special to the Tribtme.
FP. il eou Sl :rent onrougl rlidrs under con
m atd o o. Teo; oovelt, ex-as
I a t secreary of tthe nary, will prol
u move toward to duba aest Thur
',r .I

Sli~ b edia t'o' the

tne senir majur or
was only natural
selected as the coloi
mination. o the n

tgf orc tbe Spanis~ Fleet
sliecialtoa otraua

fted by 1
e United
ririd, bt

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ois- e cdto ben wea o rp
ags9toe% JAMOLca
Pesach ~~aosgarlha.

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e mroma Weasedayha
The- kioe at Ja
O and. "Moday nght
was mi 'in the
wa ea e the v
of a talear to sft

I t-ne Light infantry, tendered thelr a denial 4 th% itopet tht a
resignations to Cor. Boxhaiq aetr i to the _Aafsi-a olW .
- day afternoon and Cttl MAC WllIams a a eeyetdtw hme.-
said that he would fak the company nation sWa a aeiSbW 411
Two Ifegro Sol- home this morunp and disband It The artm-et d bea sI"",
Members pf the company heartily en- BFrench government t1i.s.ow.is
dorse the actiAn of their oers. and itng
- i1say that they never intend to enlist Into
Dtly. I the state troops agela. I f
cob olltns t Lake The officers and men of this company s ai .
, eintion o- whichI 'are no doubt acting hastily and will
Trubone yesterday e o ret their action for It s oubtfl Special te the i e.
emIt of the refusal If all of them understand the true ath- London MaLry, 4-- dianaw
avt negro soldiers Vatoq and the cause of the company Paris nays tha"t the DL:atc
S2.r white r trons. hels rejected, even though, it was the nounues that {the 8P"e.s&q
diers of the Tentht flut to volunteer. ave been spld:WAh.,r
lry- which arrived Goveraor BJoxh m has hin is poseo- by a number oGef mpaat
londae. went into soC. a letter tro Capt Maeo WIlc w am 'a rtL-ta wish to-show thWel ae
Lore Monday night which the captain stated that he SpaIn. -.
rater. Thew were Iould net g e more than sixty odd men
white people were 0o enr11, od asking If he would be
rater stand. Theyj allowed to rry only that many m= ft
ve and went out. Lto camp. ,As the army regulations
several of the same require that each company hall con- SPeci to theTriim.
e barber, hop ad- tat of not le9 than 77 men, and not zWanhlngto.jay IL--Three
ore. and tetested "ore than 1i,men. the governor at once troops from itnsesota. Oa
r we. refused anr ro eedd to fll the vcancyin the Utah are now en route to (
td The negroes feglment by naamin another company and by Wedneday wfil be tn
hot their pistO6l a '; te work of emxsntwntg the men will the Prealdo. Thel wilt be I
e barber shop. A occpy all of to-day and to-morrow, trainports ad-will start next
ran out of 4bheTi ind the ragtmelt rwll! hardly be rea4y for the Pbltpl#ine to aid Ada
se what the shoot-, Pfore matering iato service teore e7 lboHldnk tehl ."s.
i r"day morn ng e.
around the corner : The veraor was not feetlng very #lt rsw YWa L
promnislou frng well yesterday, and very few oal ers
truvci Joab CoUlll weerereived, although quite a oBrm- Soecal to th Truia
iaen. who had step. hbW of people went over to the Tampa toIti T
, The shot proved iBay Hotel-to pay their respects. They wNew 2Y5. imy
id a short t e were greeted by the menober of the t ht dbt b- tt I
mgt prevailed. oa Iovwernor's staiL and all were please fKelly at SDwebILWE5s S
ackly all over tne twlth the fine loodtngW aldes of the g V- aebo t The ellk .?Awe
state. The mayor :ernor. bout. The.. agt 0 tt-*
rted to- amLe tete- The governor's etaf consists of Ad- large clww e *Rd a"wre a-t
XClakeai a that be jnttnt GenetalP&triek feustirnet 7 W- 7

Ido, the
wtl land


WO~ ix-ome tha

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ge. PCr tt THg PRmPA CAXMPAH .
ETt l eear i to The Trumne believes in making hay
1d0ses &Wa ped s to the while the sun shines. and if there ever
rosle at e lamp*a poe c*y toh or j was a time for Florida to reAp a rich
p-!' IHtaxes to be mnJOei1d to shbmlit harvest, that time Is now. tRch and g-&e ;I w M
to tha eisalt and me4ndcity perpetra- rare opportunities are macd apparent _
ted by the colored trooos that ar now every day for the fral and intealigent ,
Seasp ila these city o anImouat of th Floridian to make a reputation a well
Inadequ y of the pole force. On as a portion, and the united energies t of
Poutr evemra occasIons during the past few Uncle every man should be centered on devel-'
days Mr. Joe T. Symonei has been com- Sam oping some legitimate plan by which S 4 TROPS W '
S 2.L a p ~ed to close his barroom in Ybor City Sy he can benefit his country as well Ias iU s
WSL^'. es-r to prevent tUoodshedL The colored sol- f himself Soider Do" arm atiiartor*i' i l
di have sworn vegesce against hisThis Is There is no time for politics. h e a
l ,i6 mi y o and sioW s because he wel not serve them America's office seeker and the festive 5politcan l5 Uvir 15 .
In the white apartment of hi resort Greatest r should be relegated to the rear and th e 4 to
-. .... ..... They he made treats ad ttemp- Medicine Tribune is indeed gratifed to endr
2 e5d"" t to execute them. qnd many lives moi st heartiy the following from the
.. 60 were no doubt saved by him pr onpIly and Citien: :
clodlx his doors. e. endeavors to Sharpen ABs we have before insisted In theme P1om Saturday's Daiy. -
conduct an orderjy place, and deserves YourAppelite. columns we believe that political ag- early every company Is ti
w MI 4s ad the gratttude of the public for It. and Purify and itatlon and factional discusalons are troops is now in camp hre.
,dbonIld be accorded every prote y Vitai Yor Blood. Overcome That not desired by the people of lordida at of the companies btr dwn
shslde.accordedseueryoViie Yor'elood Overcome hatn
s i to the cit authorities n h s effort in that Tired Feeling. Get a bottle of this tJme. Every Iasue proposed Is coast and the extreme we
r dcton. e ha sealed to the to Hoods Sarsaarill begn but old straw that has been thrashed of the state have ot yet ratffla br
exsa om i msapr for proteetn; he has plainly take TODAY, and rel the gr over again and again tal even the ma- they wil be here a the P. C
at m a gStht T an late their itattheon geat chines in use for that purpose have morning.
and asked for prott bui t i ta aid good it i sure to do -ou. worn themselves out and can find no te Georgia mUlna whi wa
bits ed em aspptH- with Snltlnstion stahd niagrace on the Hood's Sar SaPanrlla sound grain in the whole mass on which ee* t. aiw,
crHood's Sarsaparilla avo w an eed. Our extracts-. r e ht
t city of Tampa thatthe chief executive IsAmericas ueatest iedlclnu. Alidr i t e cp feed. Our extract ye reached- cW brat tsM oapect
M..... ofte' f the dty hua utterly aed to accod from the tate press prove that this ed be=r. .It t tht t
tOV Lga I thatgarantee of aety that would the view the people take also. bhe camped wit te rtsda tKrss
.warrastt hs in o0 (Unon l o hts alnes. too feeble to atLact any attention be- Therefore we endorpek most heartily .. camp has not sm-len fmeritr d
ip t aU t1Me prototi o is inadequate yond the counties or oommunlties in the action taken by the state committee. lared tl cTb, em as -y4aead solW~d
S- to any e~e oy Iiud be doubled, which they originate. Jacksonville, To set the meeting of the convention a ha beea 7irda St ll.
ii8gfrw otek and ever- nd ortdis at al hasarda If where politics In the past, have been for August 3 la to give us timegfor Noncer of ths day Was Mn atnt
ltm t r. er OLtet fe tha he cannot, by very prominent, is as cam now as a thought to cut short the stream of trta bnt after il s r PLg
the i ~e!tce fore! of prevent ay S a morn In that respect In fact, noisy oratory at Its source, and to leae wl t b a tirii
Siatp.. olti t of m p ws. he houl many of those who have been tn te the agitator without the opportunity tary dissipe. Jacktli s'.S
I. ap.s i to B t tane, thickest of the flght heretoore seem to to air his grievances before audience the bat shoehf g ~at a th :
AP"M 4 a u n.~hm o-rderm if, It be would war Is overshadowing evirithing and ing far more to us as a state and peo- Battailon re d "
& i. a 4650 gexpbl the situateal to iGen. Shatter or perhaps, too much so for the good of the pie than anything the talker can pom- mr ning withlh S1 a Ic ie
, yet h .em IasLWade. the Trib grantees that state. as designing and sheming poll- bay offer. de -ni tbne sme. agd
--.-n a The s ga m wol at one put a tcidans both D democrats and Republl- Therefore the committees action I Jis n WO w fiiA
t ISIahe p n per step to the diabolical t te ad dep- cans, will take advantage of this. in- wise, political agitation will be short- Hagh Stephens aboud e oageii
s- recapnd redate ons q a few nesthat ae difference to equeeze thenelves into ended and lessened, the campaign made I" company pmINse a Wry M t1qq
era at Jb*oem- among the colored soi Six true positions of trust and hoao-men who short and sharp the peop le eft tree epdp,- .atd are ati ai
I alj w net and tried white men ean control the are not wanted In such Voaitone by a to discharge their oblilg-neM to the e t te, saying beep iad a
ia e to ItT whole regent wthjot any trouble, majority of either parry. The good state without detrdeting from their casp for two weeks r. a
.ad assue the teIsa of Tampa men of all parties should seek to have wrk or time In contributing to the in- ing hee.
'o&lute saety from pay mob or an the purest and ablest men elected this dustrial development of the state. and he former cmt e r n a Ht..B
wai r ds.. tofo&td."i- that nlght arise and Mb yor year to the Legislature epctalally, and the party left in some measure of peace 14flts come wth the B Pw i r
ett as e 4~ te city admina also for other offices it pop~ ble. The to decide on the policies and lanks of t today. .
t tratio ap s to hs p le to guaran- white vote may be small, owing to the future platforms. The committee has aa
tee dtem tSe rights to American citlens absence of many citsens in the war, done well and the voter will indorse CAptala Jack Maxel ito
inT;~y -ng .^ fo~tree ~t-sul a. wAera i and conseqUently It is necessary to see its decision." d t w~ ft
SBS INDayD, that only good candidates are noml- Probably the amount of benefit wh b a e n the
-he,4w s asD Iu I E t will emenate from the quartering of the t RULe "W
Thee .n Thre is one thing very evident. and Ui ed t at p at p t So e
i alf beI t s o ano B e n that is that no long 'drawn out political even as be ppropriately ov th'ta
-M eseat natiso campaign is wanted. In fact. Is is un- Imated. It will bete peltual recao- were np ahd. ma
i .oa.-r 'm adis a war vesm remember that there are men ready ed for bine s a .i-- CLa, Jl.~
e of ahe to tre advantage of the war feeling social endezvous. The res t has al- rnld tw
or1. s" li "and absence of voters tol thrust them- ready become obvious, judging ftom the dation of the jTsekso.el
S m thie 3atr ofcalt isOafscwannfad selves fweard as candidates that know u member of visitors who wey noticed tty. They my' that
r i-' hS"red, coal4mon they could never command the surge upon the streets yesterday, who were robed,on he rpatMn a rm d' e
Sat s f ISt r co stb eof the mteigent voters in he times of undoubtedly attracted hither the for his brth. fe was
S' a u a o r a po od at s l peace. Waach t ch me and magnetic Influence which n army t It
t, gl e pa1 at aitt .l t Eolh or keep them out orf fice. affrds Idependent of the Influx at he p a
hsy lei t &te has so a~ asedI oc ca-pltha resulting directly trpom the f6ctll at hIaomems nis o
=rM9 ampes r s e te rue A t. O Ted at o 10Rt, government quartermater s ofi ces and L ob ofth hmO elsne*d
i ia m ewpd de Ber da, L oyal citizens wil not, at this time, war ehourmes a peieptle at e tis t ase .,M t

Ml ored ato n lyDeO, ti e qiasten all thed san to gIve It ofidence oorand s mpariso eb. gea The ment l and dtlg-ot.- A5~ ln Wihe
l~ mpi~rP~ is bhd all Important toe strengthen Its han~ds. itfied decorum of the sodiders is In Its-' don fhm hsies Inits-
%P a t te loes 'me ats who are ao i cearg o self elthemost prominent sneggestie of t W 60p1eSl
iiyf mat ethebrp Jcure cnea or he the desttelee of the eaoei are strong L t a u o
f towed Into an Amn q uPnrt as plse and self-rellant and have the ourage apprecative and anomalv to thoa- Idmashed lW c nebse and auMMiA h
kna da. 1 t asesty will horn of the conscientiouena of right; duct whchb so frequently c `hraterisee Z t d o the is
.4' Ab dmf iral 9 -ght-to eht hbut, like all mpn, they ae amenable to the camp life of an rmy, ; 1. ah.d~ a t TuSli Ede B ;
S iKn.d? S.br etwema his a d plies, them held by their fells dctilen in In the late eldv war the approach of p Ua. -

M 'lH|t wiMi l he ai e e, Sue cornered rt time of atraes, such as these ar even the army of their own carsn was' idWiff BSyW hi- 5eIie fw
.. s ap 'at lyd nf t eay to break The man Isefoolrsh or naluciou who sueC that would place the actidsb Ifme ehikr seee...-
i .W t he KBf l n loud ~. e wa1te a bas shows resentment became the g the objectlve community u pon the t cell on ha "J ,
t, Zarh r rt l of spia.m t is peoI a cue of e runor ment does not take him nsO0 its secrets alt for the protection a ti p on- f, '.- th e a' .'
^ trV in ^ lltwrbim. It sr tdh or ruin. He and consult him as to plans. We alp erty, bu tro Tamathor hs 2 gsvtn^tleIai St
| t ol > canrnt an. 1 have ful faith in the idaLty and abU- peered no provocation tfr appe- givel tam am a a
i p ty of the Americans whbo are now at henlons and Ln raUty the pecunlary toys .nd uMbo.. his
"n-3 .nu. sh1t l 3. the helm of the nation s ad whether beneflts have been so conspte ,inbo s. to lpa . 'IJO ts..

^^^ g Te'ls:wflbsel p ysayo':Pou- postpone ceertain action or rush things. e jo dyed tis oirt'lB i
,frn ae not I. e h b iewde ce f o far we feel sirse that they saedolng all for The Tribune's teuegmphic seiwins b posso that he was p lgiOi ur.-
singb P the best, and that theyj ye pueror simply "superb, remarked an Inteilt As aUgbe'' b Irll
0 _$. .:4H !ate e this otly4 to-day is the nl5t ,what is best. an affidavit at the bottom of It to ver y/- o olonel sretfe'o
iav& steP yet, takn. Tbere~e there is no potities p this war ,and It, and it i salways twelve boom In ad- sqt a s5n* ees p p .........."
booms tot the Sieefit at certlsn there should be no politlci in the con- vance of all would-be competitors. alled hic un faSt --
asusnt. s.m at the oms as yet re duct of t, or n the treanpent of those m "Se.^ 2S
B m L~^ -* 1 who are conducting It. T tll the r Is CaptSn General Blanco's ..ruc- rof T WS"*. tAS-'

-i ii e 1ii I over, let no American be anything else otins to his home government to'a a ... . o no- r.
o Te eletso7 i but American and a stout And unswer- provson to Havana indicate that Je .'e hIM from thMel .'
,il, s r se i 3 t ig defender of the typic ol A erfean l things the United states is onl ayir p Thereis no dub t aaletI ui
m of te wife ted whose hands the glory a the honor t war a
of the nation now so laqgely rest. 'ncle Sam is a rather warm member e a Sease r. -
o ad a me fellow is trying to prove from now, but walt until be extends his ta the AUnitd States-arm, 7
Z s p pu iess uis tdie.dthe troi
th se s sta.tfltlaes that a man a4 home in bed domlni~n into the troples. the bn t
chems oe CVseet is in more danger of del( than a man -M Astor l coappay r
8 ik on the battlefield. a kind of wat to get A *I4 thol a'=
a.th a sson'gI b sophistry might go dol In time of A anaar-
S et l s rnas peace, but at the present moment wll flfu lunti Iet a mnb o te woe'VSner
emes. m Ie note he accepted with any treat amount |l Ia S the TrlbQaes 0* rd6ayt
S' sor aloacrity. in UUI The 5te9and ty 0Qie t Wel
U -11-ar t 'er m ir se des ,. T ,is .
in-he whyry 'the Tribune ventures the assertion w' 'SCOTswnSt ts h are UseS AL..

Oes citi Florit I mpa s oi N o What cases wfl it a e e ,

S s c The sin People are not getting No. | a cam it
Sthe the enugarh to uptoeut o se lp Wn n
enya^Be~il t: ^ theae anginged cele1 lg.itag
B P bratn :the ca~uan re oaare not gen .w ng
aU the y t ie' fairl yu a M -AisfhI Ja
t K 0 twa v eo are nso waraed In cges
S t~ ton an~severa other lerican tA S(t Eml'i's

i aR -. b..... out of #*

'H --. . 40d H is: ..':. .
... P,.. . a,.m / .
q -: .*.L

tr: -ly, I !IlulUIU II1 LUU u1LLUHIU U I U UUUlHLUV Artivda n tMi

-a 'rh e t Erlprart oef thiTmps a m4 I Asto bIy th From nd "
a ser how But la Date Set D -Dl a s. The bodC ao2i
pi Into Camp killeds a .M4WAys
iterda. The beat Wnlh O t 1 ow
N A"___. of Mgin 2k W
= run I n- tPr ttaICorp@ and a Few Of WhAnd Th r M ga Sstem. ,
wl s ames t O BReBinn to Receive the W a ali Ar and 4 Th- The'ulme-Ue
issv.a. tis rtariftr
ade wil pitalh yoltn Upon Their Ar- x htt 8tL Aagb* but Amer- ota Rdsan BaW.e
siad I riv rl There. ca ne of Victory. t hi d
.W lehe &uoY topedo.b host WbIs~
aen Miles will ment off Cardems, Q
Io the Tames c city ysm trdgy mar.
L I pipeilIl t the Trpbue. SpedIso to the Tribune, at the Windsor. Mr
Ias tl ded la C lattaooe. Tenn., May 11.-The et., TThomas, Danish West Indies. May in Jacinvlle for
wa With t OlrS ScChl-O gaL began moIng I2.--Brler asptbes received here state brother's body, whed
barses. It is tu-dy the coat, .and tby night tall thatithe United stateawar s4hps Under it to RsAl for lan
re todyWith Samp hmbsns was minus three of the command of Admiral eampson began will pjIobli arive t
WeS or Dry vry sry cegimefta that have been .ta- this .umrntmg a furious b9mbardment s trom Nw
aSteure of the tned k tre orf theI fortllkmtioons Ln th harbor of been received np toA
SThp. d a H ndl-F fth cavalry est for San uan Porto Rico. t AoRRrTOt-IWT.
t.A -arm a L.m = this morning. sand this afternoon *113 hig guns of the armor clad battie- 5,Irah. W May

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-Th ewill be very little,. delay In-
*mnsortig t, troc al 1 the rail-
fte hatf pvided th te Meoseary
r.in lflpec*m* of hurry order.
of S 6 oPl7 tr ta b egan t s
wPrwwo, am- ra number ao ready
eI nnmwd tLewe n ithlnntny win
BV id t ab lmrolag at 6 odlook. and
cbth M .oevesth infantry to-
:i ,aefll a Saturday nruilng.
eOal to the Tribune.

Sdirecting te atioa 7; ftbf. Form 6; "-ft
I OONFIRFPD. riddled veal. and had b onmsratvad -t
Specftl to the Tribune. "m
Ope ayt -aAdm gl" h a e are well o.t ogf dt' -M ou-'.
Madr*d, May IL-Admiral BerinaJi he. "but I am awfult sorry yea weereu. 0 1
ha. rtclved an official dispatch telling hit" \ L.
hi 14, the bombardment of Porto RJo .lie then moved aft to the' fle er, r 4atj
by kle Americla squadron. ere a group alet.rrana t
neTro mes attendants stbid ndi wm
Diwpwy DOGs HS DUTY. killed.

sw York. Mau 11.--Ordert, were re- He '43 Placing the Captured Guns on "iGNA MI A T SANIRBP rW2 I"a
aMv~d fromWas t on to-day to start American Transports
em tranqprt d1lp. chartered here, for -- .a
FKg airt. not t )rer than Iriday Poum special to thb Tribune. Navel eoerves From Tampa are at1t g sla
State to l pawill eon the Wath ngton, May 12.--The Navy de-
a state to .pae' wl o e att this afternoon received the,
1t t olo g dispatch from Admiral Dewey
ON TE lY --N-G QUA.RRO J. tn ratd to his operations at 30nlla. Special to the Tribuwn 'Ia .
"-fie Is little change in the saims- BSanibel, Fla. ay -f-The af ir
Secgal to the T'ribune. tlon le stbce ry last cablegram. an Tarpon arrived Tuesday rIth a Coh a 1. -
-Old Point Comfort. Va.. btay li-On trartEfirring to transports the steel, of signal service Cns, Id darge of
bbard the ~aip'Brooklya. off Fort breech iloadIng rifles taken trom the Lieutenant Beach. Thbsybegaff ato& m ae .W
lonroe-Oi the .atps all is bHstle, al- sunken Spanish men-of-war and also to unload and would now have bee= lewa Paes
though the dSiaro ofierdisItaclam placing' un the transports the stores In good ahape to beoa woR. had ha9t. d vergj
Knowledge a of an early-movement. rom te t Spane h arsenal at Cavlte a heavy stoem come up daring te i ght I ,vr
e New Orleans w as not allowed to which I n my posbeesson. I am now that forced them to-seei shelt bedhi ad"- .
Sto New Orlej t News not enalo. but mainta4inln a strict blockade of the the island They eP to finish t er teo to
Is pow to ng on oal tram the l -gters harl and nearby ports. The Spanlsh work by the end of this weor. Th qurti
alqnVslde. and wlft-lnflh coUaing that gunba A ros should be added to the signal tower or the oeat s Jgn isa e
war Steaneo o lgter drqft win be list oL!essels that have been destroyed five miles from the gghthdtue. and eat
abie to reeman In deck at NewPort News by my feet DEnWY." to the hotel, The Ssters.
ill 0 toi ,ofrnoal.t Te eitpieanoll Thi tfispatch ha given great satis- The Santbel Home CGuards are Sax- '- P
ore" 6 thIbis tTnf tni :. Ter f capnel- faciln I to the Navy department off- iously looking or Yir arms from the -I h t .I"
tO. and cnrd t r.t 1.. 'I Zli rl- .al and they know that LAdmiral governor.
d d Dewe- is not only holding his own. but It has been seven moths since raei f
C.OUNTY COtN- o1e:X.e. Is nmanig valuable use of bis time while has fallen, with the exeMptim o two t~ sth .
waitingg' rhe arrival of troops and sup- showers that did not Iettle the dit.', DeWWl p W
DelesgatCe to the Congressional 4onven- lie-. The Spaniards bad great quanti- In spite of this some ifty-odd tho pWad -et pOail
tins to he Elected To-da. tls of i supplies stored In the Cavite crates of vegetables haTre ee birk hh ',ed.
S_._ l o~=--arsenal .lnd all of theae are now in poS- Is there another place o earth that can --1 .
The DemocrAtlc'convention t Hills- esehtin of Adrtlral Dewey. stand such a test and produeeso mieh? c. p. j,
boroug ,county will convene in |he city The steamship San Casoa o ta h 1- -.
bhal to-day at 11 o'clock to select dele- SPL%4IARDB KARE :STAIRtING. Morgan Une. arrived at Prort Tampa b
sates to the First District Coaryession- i yesterday from New d after a
al convene tin whlch convenes.'In this Cooped kip In Havana Like Rats--Coo--Taking on a cargo of eoaiaooflae, h auae u
city on June L for the purpose df noml- oflcting American Properav. In the canaL She will befitted up with -if;ar -
natkng a candldatsto rmttin-e I pn dit: -- stalls and buonks and useda as a tgns- y .
&ilt in cbugres. Special o the Tribune, port to carry troops to C yba.a S-of1
Tae preside t mBetlia were held last Haasa, \'via Galveston, May 12.- 'MItt.
wp and o eates to tLhe conty0o The tititton In Havana rsmainso- PIZE RITA -AT CHARLESTON. P
Teol Web elted.l The eje'gtes changed as far as war ships and hat-
.t' tecounty eaentloi fll e have tes Sr concerned, but the effects of- .
to, selet siaw nly eecutiVe corm- the bloOhade have become so pressing darida Sr .Ga s Sa s
oltteae, decide upon trus r thioO that It Is next to Impossible to sustain the oi."
O s tn iSa for te life within the Hhalh of the city.
,d nf e tl Inwltt t- t held new really for the poor cluMase. Se i the Tri 1. i, aue ne.a
a wees 0 *Theiatonry crcaulated by tae Spaish Chrileet. C. T 1.y ls ?*-11 >
oC theadeln pa; e meid tes nnay t e govrmnleat olcalss to the efect thiath -a rhp yta. meoswed .b .
-enile cei sie willcall tao un the ythe troop ship Mansterrat had run the yakea Jn. BB. cMe le1n part
S f,*CWlq In Usr W on.n auto p- a ad S ,ts uat the The" atly
*Sbsastl~oi t ater h the ieasos, nuns aRa .. is untrue. The only nune tafn. 1

J U4

- aby MiMe!
S iEvery other
. feels. an nde-
tipf a scribable dread
.em. of Oe pain and
or, dangerngr attend-
l,.Iant upo. tile
Most crititl pe-
md rid of h1r life.
-H^ Becomi #g a
mchre shfiuld bc
S a source of joy
si< C. ,to all,' bit the
eL -. -. .ufferingi and
cyidt1Itger of ftie ordeal make
s^c& aiia .skamai newm ns f siarnr,

bichb: (iweves
pawin d. suf-
iter~iy; this
Led as woman's
ot only- made
oaoger'is re
th'se ho muse
o '.acer de-
wick 900-s

FOREIGN WAtAtHItPS trit atrney e-. /
German, 1 rench and Japanese Vessels a. M. Geary, MPtMM.e th, writ:e- a
are Now in Manila-Harbor. "DeWitt's NWtch Hesel tahve ficeiSmg,
Sclat to the Tribune. more ples here to-sat esa aB ether
Wasa)ngton. May lt-Unofflial add remedies coamnbted. t R sres ra
vices bave reached here from Manla., and all other skin s dtLse 8. L
via. rindon that one rench, ere Jap- .eonard a Co. tL
nnese itd Two German warships an,
now lying in the harbor of ManIla. and ,
that a Ilussian will b there within
twenty-four hours.
The report says that It s the Intention
or the] powers represented by their
ships to combine and to prevent -Ad-
i ral 1ejwey from effecting a landing -

Special! to the Tribun.
the ulted l tes army.
Waesttlatran. ih ay .-The departure t lAu i
of General MlRes has ben postponed un-
Ul to-moaow. ....O n i .iC tY1
Ge}s < J. F. Wade has bees placed ,
in chare of an the troops at Tampa.
end wll rob be tept In the frot e e th I
n.AU o the other major generals of th ~ T B ; 'irn
regular army will reach the ietring s. i -w

Mrs. h l ohael Crtain., Platte, IL, --- .. ..
nukes %.e statement; that Xbe caugbt,
old. wieh settled oa her fnm; ahe'
was treated for a month by Per family'.
phylr7sleI but Cgrew women. tald "
her ase was a hopeleau vIetum of on-
umpUo And that no medlince could Gt
are hc. nHer dran t seeshted Dewr.
einms*W i mvy ?ar .con- mi-- '

ft aea.. o n As an.u -, e s t -
pter t tenrai as b ete a .d thik ^ l. G

eyg.t.teto. lie.a ^ee. I o!r orn
^Mnaid'^ er.Bo~r e-> he w:-g ,< *-*!" i-* -,I~ f^ 1

- -T-1

i-he Jaehtvl9Blls He

ihetavawm sarmy ofu
i n r .- i ,Ao. thei rco
l R.C:Y~k

S -or a somne -a sun romansame u
war aid -Ive anl pWMer anterst
, 'And a dep .aesam a the SNoWse of
Stbi.vmrtWi seah solder wlI carr
OWa at the
7?WthfIch the warm sysmathis of the
enIt the tenderst'affection
.t-S5k thiir blovd pas. An early termi-
o2 war i hoped tor and that our
e4pasrting soldiers may be saved from
the asard of battle. Let us cberish
SA,,- ~hs hope that our ompsnies may Boon
.- re trn without thi loss of a man.
t p fouald., however these young solda
et T Jadsonvltle be called upon to f~e
aqo e- s bsra rseponrislitieo of actual war.,
I. e wtolondent that in the whole army
ar :; w ll b ioue more ptriotce and

lag. 5tM eS dpaiint soldiers be given a
b= iT wr WOrt oil the ooaeilon. It
4iaez.4=a e oau to man ears, -
e toM t hol ime tad omen who
v" their bht and trav t to their
Ustwkaso. Wthe tare-
OMT Ooitr thirtr y-lr 'P6k taeg

'-lb:o in it a irtoe lthe Isat tarewents
SbWsrT. t tgivhe boy a hearty send-
-o th at wie ohae them n tcamp. on the
p mrcl and ia the htck of battle."

-<* t i PLAN qF.4 rAL4A1ftOZC.

*-ae T-he ladles are 4remdy doing their
or tie n sre in the coaddlt of thl war, and do
ieth eerpb hen oaentears of rwtens enter,
pe r i to the r of the sick
, dnlrusla kind red iuatters bing
hdneemni ausplesL It Is
the wcharacter*tlc of the sx to do noth-
ly by& hales, but Voben It underikes
a sheame to go forward with It ener-
gae tiy, and; for the rorst part. much
morwoospitptaorsiy than men do. The
; ourarteo iea t of n the American
ietad women ti eseldaly notable, and the,
Swthimm soldieSt tend s;lors whg 9o forth to
infix of- a 1 not noet i Lnoplnrlon from their
ma tCi'i wives, etsearts and mothers.
mfi gmt e Somi ourl patriotilc sters, however,
i th 'ho seem to have been casting about to di-
Sopes'ae&ver whether there Ls not some way by
in' wh.ch tUy ar till lnore emnphaaticay
taiy expMCreO tetr patriotism sand it posal-
j a"fi te foe .in some tender spot.
;iS But I s, there Io no meant af directly
is oem- hurngo, the epanuamr and iH that re-
fesri oiltxat Ihm to wreak sme sort of revenge,
kfl p n thoew who a8patb i with hi r
Aad wfl pr esept the war or, at least,
ttaMem ato most o Vtepoe0 saympahihber with
160-o #y fll i JA IAos, and-sme Ameicean
.hoa ma iOmh1Br5 sSd to have be impressed
7i q.elU thi tht rae can be
i s oiiaes ad t point r
.- -ranetsikas hweslesug t in thUo,
-;' ory t L Wo.h of sodt
aJ( 6 ei| of t yapi uid o
7 m fdt Il rop a sed to Pmt u to
I, lgiaotbc .bCertaLnty, it

lf tesuntisyg iewelto

26 W llmprdf"to etu p ae nhat ther
AW I S4411 ow V the

Ah64te~ seofm ta. af
SSi-t bTaiheite Ithe prLa

an -mthe goveotar to comply
tef l h in. ae ap.n that sach do.
^S ;> ^**1^ angetjaittyh BM. r 1oC

B-I retpouit bie thpe
f ( but hehor set sohret Htaon..-

3 e'he rndr~ $y t ed elatArs heav he

iqpclla ,Wwt. e tt~s trider of tl,5,-"
peipf e sticuidan defines
re s etad dntteb of the

4j nde9 t of tha rer
00P ,. Was-
k :g !OWL-" 1 ltp %'a tow" pimp

m^^^ "- t-t.^. -

*s -

ch in Little

sps ~y aI a uhlb l

It Is disappointing that such a ma as
President Elliott, of Harvard, should
be weighed and found wanting at ths
csisi in the national life. Once w4r is
declared, the A merican clt(zens, what-
ever his views concerning the Justhess
or the unjustness of the war, bhs(but
one duty-teels to join the eolid phalanz
oa patriots who have their faces set
toward the foe. To do otherwise to the
act of an enemy Commodore Decatur
had to deal with traitors who burnt
blue lights on the shores of MWa-a"'N-
The issue hi joined. It is Spaa
saMnst the Uited Statee and to give
aid or counten nit&&rll, is the act of a traitor. The
American people, now first, last an al
the time; this is the time for t" ex-
alting of American courage, Anmedcan
tradition and American aspirants.
lkway with the fals sentiment which
Mcsts a slur upon the land of our birth.
-BU up the stars and stripes and let's
see It wave. Patriotism not criticism,
Is demanded.
Since ou. late war some of the worst
errors of the camp and hospital have
e exorcised by medical science.
Survey, gangreen, and other septic
destroyers are now abolished. la the
hospital thirty-five years ago It wa
simply taken for granted that aupur-
ation must follow gun' shot wounds.
The lives of thousands of brave felows
were los from ,I nrance of whae are
now the tommonplaces of surgery. A
thigh broken by a fragment of shell
caused death almost as positively as a
shattered chest Now the dlscarge
of pus is the marc of bad surrly.
But the war is to be carTed non i
tropical lands asd waters. t* laria
and fever and various epldemit dIe-
.eases will be the subtle enemtel +f the
wounde4 and siek. The government
appears to be fully aware of the needs
of our sailors and soldiers, and Is
promptly providing marine ambuances
and hospitals to receive and take away
from the tropical waters those who are
disabled. The new style of w ship
adds greatly, to the discomfort, both of
those who fight and those who suffe.
The el0oe quarters, the heat, the isak
_f vMntl-tIV u make tthem death dali ga
mptesters inwovenieat and isaloinhrl
to all on board. A speedy re oCal of
tte wounded is absolutely necessary r
e health, comfort, d safety of a
In Much emergencies the hearts of the
people at home ar atealn-e with anx-
tas sympathy, bat they can be lttle
t detail that wil-emiay help. All dcit-
urns mss unit as &lp a comea teroaus
stand by the igvestsnt aad provide
boonthuHy ,for theo tend em e f al
who sufs oa land ia. sea. Bt It
ill be weu not to air" ss the gPmo -
eranent or'tle pr ode oa mserilan-
eous and al1 asortned w a- dcih -
IafnsD, to. c rat aiu a"Q uta IM Wllh"e
t home ami nt hre. 'a e va e often
become satWpt retw suit&A r ak"
ihen sent to the f=LL, AB anw on
he maPrch luioky s haker off ad dis-
idards an sie superetther. 'eL zv-
Ierument will appoint men of experience
and wtdoM* to have conerl of sanitary
supplies and lsctipiBas Those whose
anxious aed losing hearts Impel them
to do something to exprea their symaa-
thy will .do wen to saUocit tvice of
tlose who are Ia authority,. and r flne
their wnrl to that which would really
hei. Lotd Timothy Defoter Is said nt
bave mad 'his fortune by sedlet
warming le ns to Cuba. As warming
pano, thley were failure. but. as ladles
in the euat mlis they were a great
success. If we make simalar btnders
in sendton supplies to the front we rcan-
not hope or a mitlar provl.cemnce to
Vn'ate oar misdirected efTorts successful.
It is non the purpose of the Tribune
to aver thaLft there are no rtn w-ho
do not produce an effect in pibllc life,
but.yet it cannot be denied that there
'are some who are embodied in ttle
category, nloid while Pasct ha.. always
bhn estepeed ss a man of fair ability,
there ca i be no latitude In which to
contend, that while there baa been

nothing grievously wroig in his term of
senatoriaship, it has been lsmply weak.
There caf be no margin of doubt in the
fact that the requlremert* of a public
officer h materially altered within the
ipat e Oatn. At tat time an abll-
Sttr to a mwas greatly admired, bet at
present in essetla facUty of action
is reqUl w~.i ,ch the esteemed oen.-
ator anqrtunateiy appears to be .de-
Ture s ao immediate prospect that
Ui ie .. l--r, movemsent wa be-
came gaos r l I1aly. Dlg Ram-
er,,s t pamsoe sasl TrIme a s iatrf a*
Sbot er mnacim to Astrik HaUsNT.
etiheqit of V ig

It was the hope of the people of
Tampa whem the soldiers arrived here
that they wouid remaln;antl their em- T v -
barucatlon to uba but thee cheriChed b I
boies apoear to have been doomed to
dmlapottmeat to some extent, a boe ^
have ,already retired to Laketad IL
and it bL understood that the depart-
ment entertaus the intention of re-
turning more to that potnt as soon as
the &Au. --empnts can be oerfected. It
is ot uni e ILto contend that an error
is hLng made In the enforcement of
this dlspenutiloa. as Tampa. is the
logical and woast convenient location Bm Xii
that can paosibly be selected, ae Its w 4 dipl a m
modes of lngtess and egress overreach .
similar condition of any contemporan- 9t6 84214
eous point.
The tsuaI result of throwing too
many men of different colors ad S ,dad Priants, OT
nature In too close communication Was O
recorded at Tr,~-r nd Monday night by MjaiF ThO ^ is
the unpleasasit hooting srays In that BSlOrlS4 *yg a
city. It is ot necessary to deal upon
the causes .ontrlbulng to those re- W uas .. t
suats. but the remark may be timely
sultsbut the ptak mar be timely ven-. T
turned that sariltest precaution should
be exercised ln such premniss ad 1It 714.7i d 1.718 B n ,
also seems to empwhtrlly deonstratse
the fact that It is almost ImpPisble to .'
keep too clooe an espionage over auch
a coaskderale number at mna wbhen V ti -- -
cn.oentrated in as doe proimlties as Gem3 Gross .ipeI.,.ao Utw'
is necesama in camp lte among the yl. -
army. ;
The trial of a ,liw -mae S h i
yPestarday in the C eet M Anrt
While the pros and cons are n LdVa to*teitem u at."s,
upon the question of the dispaitl W nof wsv0 tte I
the Philippine Islands after the war, 'aa the .tt
there appears, from a'bustnes point n iesmtela ot eWtt
S cai se was tha"t of the L egd
of view to be trut one solution to the ag osith
question and that s their retention by of PTe Wow
the government. a# ensofr oominiua a otene-of. buje a twa O
muneration for the war expense. *ha
aUm am shot IftrdmW4.;da a
Already the war expendfturas have Pistd heleagl tq one uthe a
aggregated over 1M0.MmOQ00 dad wUill m f t United .tAi, nio '-
amount to many million more, no mat- h d :w.4=a
ter how short the active hostilities may wenpp olu by the' omt U.I
be Gros, sand the aote o a i -AAW.
It will be absolutely imposuble cling w-n begn, the oa o ~l
to her impoverished condition .ri"upalB jorw Sm to Ib .mn ui-,- t
to pay a cash Indemnity, consequently can *- eimed ausea tiA omSqi.
It must eacrtflce some of Its poseaeons -e other useim, ws t l
as the only avaliphle mana o compen- the ceadt mtiart j '
station and as the United State have the Jniated.aLates m .npetp.t Tls,
already virtually captured the PhillP- soil
pines their permanent retention ap-
pears to be the only disoernabl. exl: for TH XdLVAL 2JT1A.
this country to tal.r. Irn order to re- -
emberse herself for the expesen which o te govem. se i ,
the war, has entailed. chifert t S sr e roa te gmBP
An eminent Greek phiosopher pro- tasE is ,ne' m. JI mhe pi
iduced a maxim to the effect tp&t self- o-SfeO with tee' tr2ke ir aM .t
senatoryan sycophaa. rigid seltmuiwas lsely throohQeL 'i > he tfr-
of others and vanity were, the Invarl- ors that the Floetda Ii
able companions of nambUlty, egtsm tia wam eratsed. 'e str ed
and taliureuould that philosopher ar e bU that wi passed tUs i la
to-day he would s~ the persoudes every lacem the at
vertfcaton of his adage in the conduct a Naval st lsi bhea 1 ati-Pi. A
of a portisa of the ad Tlerares of preFs- M egorts oi rr t"S Oft
ent coquettlg tgar pbH patrmger to fts prefet OIh sjtia r .df-
earoely ae day pass wimm thout edlortaC Co 4 i. r i s-ii- s
coutam detested o sea e t o e ste orf- w *the ao Athe s iP
mappose merits wvlch have not aOt tsso aglf 1 i 2V,
muisstes essmalr In es peoass itmsg e5 the
eftah proportion tus ml 0sotl.a Iminr O Nra& 3 p!
or cosldet"on Mm tb m ho .m rs tt%'. I
omtmapientt *olm m a as t order 16 t a Thr
carry wt ith IMt raorn ato ct I du.t. an A AMt'
otfiated to be oe aerehisa tem woi-el fr U' S 40M 4L 4 ifdeiaWe <]i
ai letters. .y E i M

to the rap id, maiom at ite lJ4 i=s m
Lm.er w h naPmUS u .r-. "aft !, '.

'hand i os the hof ofC ...th..'' n5 .UqU
t Britae...b w eoi tlt irn hetB 1 i ry*^WM l

utwhe Sf1-Chowr by r and !rt4|ihoa)T~ossi'sop dmd1
PLr Arthur tby Rnias.' T 1 i f )
wll he tn all pnJe.bihti the hiMt speL S T Re1

panwia l he atalk to set fest eves Ti T nr e Ft

There Is no BL e nernthosu q5 S' to S
to arge upon the city authortales thana 4"-"", weii as t*s sem.p
the inmnediate tmDprrovemsut ot Uth city ^ * f! .

streets which hame now lean ben hopae--Imbibe-,
lessly neglected. The neclty is now T te
exhibited more prominently than ewe- I ityr e ofCe q-i
before, as the pstrnidn grnaispects oaf I"-S 3
Tamrpa are so impreaise. add should. .
not be handicapped by th i tepedlme,.nt., ~-
which udoubtedly is the most fat L. ntim
ever endured by a muntpty. as
At Aleast ode national beneat hi eas settl a opear ,.le
the outgrowth o the geamt war I- 4ram wa atherMial, 'S
sue, and that la thtotal obitnr--t-L, i sther iahsm ..mw
of the Pctional IUnes that have t af-
subsequent to t9e civl war. While 1kb 'enef ,h,' qeaOc ta. rl
unpasaantJuesB that would naturaUly Jgwith nokeipi f .h'e, Terd n
emnlnate from contentions of that na.-~l.tArieA. nmdo'll" n5i5ik '
ture, in which one side' was oeve- ;ttcr' a Lr i
whelmed, was ford lato promLsre Banner A6ho
for more than a quarter of a century, tol the tOa e of le~ -s t'i-MW
the effect has now entrely diedqLut. ,V toha l i O
From the fact that the United States --.
is now shipping supplies, aarms and *
ammunition to thie Cubans, it oUald he ,.'.RI p S.
wel to devote some attention towvar ds.
the release of those now e m --... .i.-
prtePmQn for oialar ete., o '- "
Lm .1f but a few mouths f e AR Io ,swe

it. Weld tie well to bear InL hand toss ~, rj, ghia
wavrn to the almost unpirale4d iee ,
in the subsslomtlon IMit of the C ue '-wM5
that It to te most rema ratuu el : .. .
ttnr Medum f or the cpabli at is, .
p.Ubltbed tn O.. ta
Peace bath her victories, q fw
Snwaned than war." ano afwar
how 'a'

eam t In hu ot d p.ecm
rad tos
ad or f
n to i
Dm- And 0 T"win -wm *yir Co& I
tUy ain Spuip BSaeam- I .y D.I
of in- a Codi~o Ropmo
Id at- are Beeeivd.
a Day
of the SpecAl to the Trmbue.
unt". Wahi nton, May IL--The navr
od at . .. .. -A ...

a evening
heho6, and
wo day ifI
nned by
the amont

End of a Case T E Attracted Gre.
Intemest liat PalL

" IA


Known SmLpni has not yet
ianih feet that came woras
Cape Verde Island The
ast reported to be steaming
L the coast of Veaesula, and
happens to Orcemnt. AdLmral
houid meet the pasah aihis
leed tIat the pausih daee
p and that evmr vessel Ia
i be esMtroed byF the cmn-
of Admiral Snmpman, Coms-
blh mad Commodore Watbon
usan Isto rceisg t to the
d of Cuba wsth two battle-
monitoe and ah alf dorm
m Cbomodo, ,e Nedt.W

tnad lea the naorther. coast
Oomp odore ademer er pro-

the a ae within a
They w ll kee the roast h

tringod estpe to the n oth-
te bsee t t the p nle h et t
a, hobt e r wi be it wilt
bil to extrl toe tley ar
aier conmmaa of Adtanr
eshbp Onrecn and her eswrts
ad Bufflo Will be off the en-
the Carrbusa aem within a
They wti keep the Sp~aAni
trying to escape to the eouth-
a seen that the Spastah leet
In a hole from wbiab it wRi
ble to totrieste Itllf.


* 6:

Ti '1-"
Is '

ABy a Spa
04 *

nrot 0 ue re1 ? m a dlrectiwon. The press b(at arrivtn to-
t not and tds e Ithleal night s;y that therer ha been ho de-
rged fom custody. velopments since yesterday.
a was t e ad byy Jur oenst
.sXteina E. RaWi, .
a. CrO'bar J.:I Holloawa,
POZ4 I.. L.. ,
e. Youo od, L. ol, AKELAND.
PBJ.;P. Verrl Pauil
.T. Ia&"WaL, states attorney Volunteers and Regubm NoW tia
0d01n4 theWnse0tion bylJute p
and & P sBochtard TM Cpe M P sd Wth the
no -aconub4eusby erLade tarsoe ToWs.
wr ..not l f to =el-H 1 r
the guilt ofthe 4 t% ad Special to the Trib'--
t ake thae inr7 long to rea h 1,-rh t
Iabaa bT .r. i- town ts nor
overran with eoldle&e and the trees
YMICIcm EjxcrrmD are crowded. I
tr 11 The Bevety-frrt 'ement of tta
nitard 3Btaw Actons wUKth Natonal Guard of .Mw Yor Ltate
Dynmastlte. ad eOoond Meamhueta WeolamMst
of the National GOuard armed hore thw
f_ N nm L Ar

Torkt a

' i

. course bh haotlve only rel a na
S ot cJeathure i a bub tr'
Wra ind -no fivdtWo r himasf, neti.
Robbers rPro' # Over the n
Wroi at Work.

tr hea'


rormn on each tottr.
een boy are mabk- -
derwear. and Ifght- ..
a premium .

aPne. V
t arrzi l from lA- 4 *r, ".. .
Sthe Unitesta e
and Boston have '
e they eexpect a s i
a and islp expect. "!" 5i it s- I
American teamer ttla . Oia
few days age byr te eq ies j-

Mtrart for carryiOg ,
lanoute freight W'
1gbI' ameeste of md-
the co.struoton 'o
place. .'- .
ge. le Jacksonu S IAtNG BY MAI .
the fltb s 'dictial

Main" o -a.Gttw v
unet. --- .

SSri .,3 w ho s e
~tlh'w-prs~ ... vmlFaaetnas stri iV

et t thn cstrCy. bat at
1 aeep t. Wbmuind"" 5
C qas- C shprt aihPea ~ta
O -- Thow e the, f ,t"

ahout aw

reies a t i

Z.2- J

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~tlPHC~~~) tr

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at, Zbd

ibawere al re% U a -

. a a*** *anz t hee "' p 2
ie uo two majtoa and a chaplain
Pw!rtVn -earm trimved &I

SOAM wae 4 y the government oam wr14
i. troo s, h seen wareh oq SpeIu ta. the Tribunea TwoUa

* eies which are excited iI Wals tonan May --Predent Mc-
Reo r os I and Krr ier.. the c and all o d

ts buoer He thWeont o Apu. Indian waters within 1 M
a. r e r rv. an4t w B auot bhe se to re-
* siWee, e er W An receive fom tig for

dbe' n' boa A -t Amountb or Admi nSoam on Inb m r ~ keCe Naaz Y by tMtm
I on J.' W-abj r a ntQ`o ttac
. . .. wth a -ew lnine n o ;be-
an Lng b tofa to= iate the leovems t of

e te "M. s and um i mpee= *iae ntm bee
flen Et r tew rbhatn ka tohen r eoh Speci to the Tribu wMne ts ol
Reto dhnustall which ae eipecAted. In Waeabei nton y ay npre mdet ae Mc

Saet oofu ie c th c abint mand allILa ca
To~t a AS IOE the the Tr6lvn e taeel that a cr s of
the 'eport d the Secretary and TrerALtrye Ia with Spin o a mst at band
for -- -obattle in.te West Indian waters withi s 1 to

The fo luow i ag the treasurer's eor thee e th orflO d etT battOe t a
i f r o A may occur t-morrnnw. Te avy, de-

o e ie s RaUappie- ra ave news of an enage--tat ed any ca
Amo- un.t received from County l The Ctpe verde ieet of the enemy isis f.t r

.win a ov met. .r.co e; .m P8; e mat ao, dail e tb kepf or t maneet s wt
r e ofr-thre wS.Me a.do; no. O o pre umably to the oast of arbes. ts
. ; missieners. 1. '4nountrecele W. 0 p 0ace, w "'ard--"Martnis .

an .7e r; 'hots AmoonO miral n by i cruiser S aeo. n h dad ae ssels Se
S coaf s. Gt A Io E.S i ave probay ar ted to t the t j theo sio dirS
015% Bewn of th; eU bisaud n t ts C a& h in pM

I nk a1;W.o.dJ.Br" h or A 1 harnmil ;v es selsad ua .r.of l l o
mrhms. ASLrn ', Utn e sr eing oheM sotoa ncoa ey adm raSgp- t d ab
- au ll an a he D n atlon theo Poanto ]soet Z6Th
bean r nven the advantage of neaWy w o
n r atr a ama sucoeed in s aack-
the a p i Lr Comoikodore Wiftao's Meet 4efore
dne iraten espeon and -dbuater nd Th
- Contlidrenbol. b ntfor r. Allem renchder appear on the me, hut e- 1
Sor Cta work r a boy th rtan and the h member te even the mois that the
Woobd i9. 2 H ~ Kn ht I f panaishfleet will nrtel b e de-
, ball Ibu.e .and TS. VSalln.y Sp er r troyed by the Uantd States wvremed.
be i t .- lai .T; T. B tct L.1; i.7 The only fear of the favy depart-
eoy- wach. a 1 .T. .S W ; a ment a s that the d beeish oeet
p.' r ., 3reoo the I.nato.6 ;t may sop forg betfre it meefs With
i~s e Of b .g Poo Aor de spatch from CapL Coton. o the "
I-; The aoard lnud tien lve, eon. Hrted mrvar end dated Portk Cbd to M arti' -

J Wd pen;se f tQae curr t month. W im th g Our ysdthat trhe'f " cs--G-I -"
law, ".- _c C. .aE 4 $M a; uD. F. that m place.
- IIrT oCaruth b.ern, or bwne Inoeru und were sent Adtalr-l S.am to
S WUJ 6 wlp.. son by the cru ser tale. which was at I4- 3
Sat. Thomas. Dan.im Whet Indles to a
n a The oomwn are ~ sda report asn qsy as paoslbe tode uaf i
g ty in -re the denO t
othe Chd t ldreinI bei forAsbelieved tae Admiralt an I
en-CrwL "retty1)nat d al~ll intertept the ensy's flet slthongi
ao clotIang.rra frithe ist otle me tohe SpaiM r i a betteristarLo .-
no UM. iprol T ta, 1 ed 2 datn he, monitor accompany Admral .a. mp-

0 9w e A gain ee w rr lt. tl e m now 4 er N m ute8 X,11 c li ,1. -. Wy .S-,J ,"
s S ann sq iadron from Porto Rio thk di

* Witllle Caru ,called at the im bnrea e .
theon Ras with a movemenis of the squadron will necee-
on an telow. IWith a nesi Of uityba ndlw
aestedltcula a M wei; ruIn her dol cart-siry milwa 6
lases r II'
S r., -ruce sDe.ven loaves of thed. WN i Thsw
uj' e r,%Zn eggs, ope pou.. butter. mW

some cures asi kidney and aBncedt cansuh pi,,u, wtI,,,u.kt may be bteatt H wl1o who- a f. Wa mffa
,tc toe children. Thank to Dr. *.en reader P romptl, hut one sholdte re-
-f:or d tal work fir a boynd l tnhehmlt- member to use even the most perfect r T
t ge i a I ssint wear fm fresh oilk; remedles only when needed, Ta bet a
-,4 Tribaune and Tlme daily baepers re'gu- nd most simple and gentle remedy io thS nai6 UI BW
larly; V. EL. tllsbante, fib; Gullt!O the Syrup of) Wigmanufactured by it:0 AM

Imboed Hi.2 toward I the pocbaze IOf the THEin WONII-R- OF ECe arid i
am oriah-for the uomcne Whee the amount THH, WOAMS OF SaUCE. Lud Gift 6D!
Any was hadin the rgnn bad beeio paid or oth er 31V
B. tard to use the money for anTthl o Lg Troubles li C-UUMN C'U k .
needed* for the honie.' It was apei foir &MEWd. ainaa a wuaugi
Lm, organ. noo01 52.e $K ben lrIm3, step-
ta-, La drL41- .
Mt, find Ano incnt New York Chemitad and.
2- with ian almost empty treasury., I Scintist makesNa Pa s o ua P to am =3BLU A3 U
WUt witt he necessary to,soon meet t l m to
a nd asesot the cwfrd mcnth W h. C. hYh st
friend ofi the Inttltuon I lie ttistln 4 1 he n d eisi ng&hpd W "Bauw and (lrai Lep.snt
nseed hel pd aomntiat I am
C. l '- 1 7. A. BSlocm. dmWounteasiq his riag. ganised ,In hldagn thra1W4
ROBBD AV v7o a reabie -and amaot cafnt e COC P J PI,. L-- 0
A sohartlngl cineent, ofwhblic Mr' blote-) and A all bto hl, t g They are anicti; to *&.
~Ja~'ivarOf Piladelphl a ehe1t disare, s toe to don

"Iws is a rrateIbdryhimanl aow v- setard vrLil afeO1Gitoa 6S a 21iss en _b given
a, tiqqpg cleate. ow ontincsif a three Wree booke.(WI dffrat) ree botio te
wo back Andades. ano aptete--gra. New Dlsoserles to aaj afitsead Cer lled at
I 46-hit gweakek en#weakerM Wday b *a6Tif MTh U= irit9I gdeg 4
IL n Hirm "New. Seleetila Trbasaaeu t h lap
CIins n ie m r laiis Perkasneetij by its C. C9W
KAA rtLoately a trlep advised y

G.Os harks rheumatism and all irregular!- oIcfilce nod exress- eftreis, and ml rqe Crs either In lit ITniteI.sti ty -s efCif deri St ateeray

e. of the Kidneys and Bladder IPn -iot medicine whil hq tr. .. .pts naa. -U- Coedebe Strae asry.
m~ca;and wonmn. Re ulaote badde I eI aes ahuld tik i....rsIit adv- tage *f T e mIn berb wt tel..
trophtls In e ldre-p. I not sol .bi ..erous I.... r. l t fIU saw -graph oa _erA
ol. dr. stt b.sent by maL m t .j I OUfe I- lAm .ihA Tr l iiNvuEs. t conditions tra
reipt of n t ne mail bottle .wt up. y ly "P ter
Smooth's treatment and witN arO'e say
teW eaie-above mentIoned. W i." r,, ..& -, s
t,' ea"ebove meno M tri BICYCI ES DOWN. TO .-0i. J..e --ls0- on.u' r
Sol- Ma a Mnu fcturer. 1 .. . ar..... 6
Sf R. 6. Box r8 Wao, Teoxas. i New 1898 Model Ladles" and eaet' -.
Sold b 8.. Ionardl & Co, Taamp Bicycles are now beating sold on eal,.
PI conditions as low as if.; -others 7i
O OLatop, Ala., larch 4. 1 .--I e right at $.ILK, and 1 95
Sti that I hasv beea cured of Kia d $S.10. to be. paid for-eTf rved. i
bladder P by Hall '. GOnet nre wyMll cut thip.Sie out a
mOa- t-IwOvery (W#dOe Taseg). and I ctoa lw rkoebenlf & Co.. Chigag. tC
2nd tsfIyres ao~ i. ewill you their 1198 Blcycle Cata-
a. Ie .r ~ a. PoundI. tra. eeue a. trl B ela.

e -- "
Me %., oai : pitArWE as a -.4.
a _-. n 2'.
.T-ebert I,^ttew ridOr. -Bbat the bae aB &rwps 4eaeH ^mv^ fo,
IV JBt r1 7laC a B La GQroWATan telsea CbfflTon* Wor ka-;
"' f 6t, etw fte t and .. -.. It "IV. tuel
qoM. Q ftle In a -*tetW NowS
PIar | lov^. A4itt ree It CWli^10060g

Xntheqeee^for th OF THlE
a...-?-as .- s--w-. L,
ni in ing ew iea ii i a m

1W B e elud ed -Sep 'rth *mOaa -

M,. W th 9Iyhiof. ad aso oa rivlricin the city yesterday were In Lae
... wshut f e TIn reard to iptala4arwtyvtt eame from c uba where OL=y Syrup of Figs 1s taken; itSplessaUt _
Shad in h po Bo important i ten efectually, dspls colds, ead-

ceaia anywhere arond s It ad Brigaer General nieS
t t a of e Cuban army ded tote a
S hot.fL Thgae n tals t our o m a t rld i who accompanied the a ai tthe o d u l
....-. Id:. l.l. riftill . rd to d Ino t t, e caime n cub& werfcey SYrP Of .ip is tiken; ft is 9 Umt 9,2

....gSBB^>r- Sta l lttes. eltf Leutenant Rowan, ieft Tpa hee ts aon and truly e h
:HMCAVAI oolMBAO7:on i Cur. and Bowed s, o it anser

BSB e hos day momaiu siht exzpredtioan t armed f bythe disupatch healtynd
had. i'nhisa esoat n a d orui tem ny e xctuly, dispels citis ead-
B.M m the ma1*v., ^n1 m ot eu paCC Insueat Iotrmy t t ie w eas aco Con t t ol.d we aditeo t-
;Ve. am &AtW. ,, arun, Mnv i r. _.,s ler Qe ne _qtin- 4. o.tpo Syrapotf of 3r is the

1.100 lCMP Of Nro 04,o o eXe -I y fromo and tent Caow 0 dY

of at_ _.uIten -eab L-tan.ialt Roa lef t T a I'
r pl. a nt~u m y "sa w-- a t L ,=&16 it mx' its m m uy = m y e x mt

S Th

l!May -3 Wt

sf at Lhe of cat
iee at the home

to Plaot Mr.
'0t8 l '
" Lw UIr t~f

on toe ot- ia
Ssnmdng a fe


ma qcn annrus shey t s it oo hean do tle
t e-iAmaeraa and Cbans daig l UP Agt.
d"The comvpanyof MIparbids Wr, ocur prozapifor any ne bo
i t Smgtafter a meere Sattle ,and) f tis ishes to iv It.Do not acept

of Spaniards while urfeg to and returnmgy Bl"'- * """^SL -
- hras the InsIrgoeat camp. Ifl--te^K ^ j----E **
"'Leet. Rowan would make no state- LO" en NW K
meat concerning the onbditlonof the in-
sur ent army, but from others ih tihe
party it was JeuaLrd that Gen. (arela HOW'8 THiB?
har am army of about 15,000 men poorly
armed and sly need of mmuni- We offer Oe Hundred Doars Re-
t tenan x p d to ward for anya cae of etarh that can-
Wade last night and after a long oon not be cured by Halls Catarrh Cure.
f 'ence, telegram were sent to Waes- F. 3. IUlnkt & 10.. Props., ToledoO.
is, ito On t t report wi in a large We, the indeutined have Oknn 1.
Smeasure depend the departure of cm ex- J, Cbeney for the past 1I years, and be-
he petition carrying' arms, .'nmuelteon eRve him perfectly honorable in all bust-
in and supplies to en's Gomes and, Gar- nes fwrOctie-o, and dancially able
of cti. w | to carry out any obicaton. made by
UIet. Colonel Carlos Hernande who ther ram.
io acompanied Lteut. Rowan and G(en. fWest Truax, Wbolesale Drusistas,
ea Callao on the expedition, is a naive Toledo, Ohio.
SCuban, but hab rved in Florida for a 'Waig, Kinnan & Marvin vWho esle
o long time. He was First ergeinL of iDrugtl. liedo. Ohio.
^ the Key West Gurde Tor a long t-me. aia Cataivrrhb Core is taken internally
r and hau a hoet of friend in the harids acting directly upon the eood and mu-
State troops. coa mzurface of the ystem. Price 75e.
After leaving the insurgent cajAe In er bottle. Sold by all druggtits. Tee-
SCubi, ad reaching the coast the party timonlati free.
r eu~n-r-ed in an open boat and seaLed 'Hawlr family pUls the best
o. to Nacau. N. P., from whirh place they
went to KeypWest and then to ths cdty.
SMajor Arthr Joyce. Capt. Stewart
rr- James Paen stlst Corsl.b sai. dnwrc uoey
Sa tr.rdbP ,a.n ,a ueI Se q printed on the
IL Afrting all of the Cuban army. baner y
Sbrac6h. were ahn the ars n he wrapper r margin of
Mascutte from Kre West
- They beas nC this paper, and oppo-
Ct o ,.thgep iilapn. and wlla ,,,, his heunng e and Ote PPObs
d.- stea do ,t a t site it i the date of
Thyr wi join the Cuban foraep fere.
,'Can force hrn the Invasio b yourT SUBoSC IPTIQO
under Geeral mLacrette and await de- o
Sv r which shows thatyou
m reenl pn de b are a delinquent y
g deO M eanapt up n ow. You. can do
~t T.mp .a hot a so by postal, notex-
t 'wrlae teC"d of mHe .wi y s press order, check or
asmtSt afrom Ke West Wmoney order. Attend
6 the also arm n to Cuba. o and .slZ nom-eu ad-.
e dUit give a Od aount ofwlie 0 Ate'
,ah m-s t ... .* to it without delay.


S Paragaped b I A ATTORNEY AT LAW,
1.33 rla"aidrn. Wii". Rnie is p-sn and d Y u- Coaalts
as hial s i.--- h,. lB noa rt.
m'a -S1W Peterabra. Mat lC-The odieirs a 5 l cldiaw. laannad l


I .. ,i OA-o

man doredet, / / -;

.T.. . .

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ha Ra.
In f ew


lu EtI 10 RF

...t o ,u Pwmals Aboyt te c's Forf They in lt TIuy Frtayi totI
2W tak.m .B i trs.les upon the powl i k mm

by the report conveyed here w
s:1. ~ of the NOV-

-- saltr Captain T. IL eoodruff S ee to be Enland Wil ot Ahow Any Int er
S athqrttiee gren to aa. i the Led by a Large Majority. ference Withthe Programof the
a t k -o forarmsnds M any Old Comnmandere Present War Between Spain
=bftor the Cba he Pr are Greeted : and the United States,
...m.. .tilee.s that the e public up-:
Wsw -.i the ic-nty <-of -Havana have
*tted la fearWoi conditions of pid- From Sundaya Dally. Special to the Tribune-
atioen end want 5b continued that The last companies of. the FLoriia London, May 14.-The inoment is at
elft .'di of r.w ntO.adoe. am e nt~ state troops to go Into camp her r' hand when the American goeiW nent
ilip throb the ine. rived at 6 o'clock last nitgh, and were and the American people must decide
wordedd ~auns re thrust together Ilmmedi~tely marched to the garrison, the deetinla of Christendom for at least
A Pie n reform of burlal where tents were pitched and e ary- generation to come.
Imply Wbe pred r y tre. .thing made as comfortable as poe&be. Had it not been for the ahapi veto
VA. OPREVALns The four last companies to arrte. of the British government the United
AC"Vr lPREA S were the Bacembiaa Rifles of Peasca Elates would have been confronted
with Captan R uiannell in cot- several days ago with the difficult prob-
in Unusal AmonKut Manifested In ,War manandnd t 8 men Gadwden Guards iof em of whether to withdraw Admiral
and c avy! nepartm.enf Quincy with Captaln & T. Wllliamspn Dewey Ignominlously from the Phllp-
and avy in iDornprnd and 83 men In the rane; pines or to fighi the combined nations
C hipley dLlht Infantry of PenssooLa. o rf Eurpe.
IP~M.to ae Tre with Captain .I. Cary, Jr., In cotn- An American alliance s desired by
eW iwto. Mn a f .s-EPl traornarvy mi a#d 77 men In the ranks, and the Great Bitain. A proposition to send
ttrty it nasaizated hi wa radi navy PrankI CGuards of Apalachlcola with a demand to Washington to limit the
lpuartment to-day. Ofdesr We captain A.. B ohr in command, and campaign to the West Indies d to
Rnd tar movement of .volnteera. DI- 7& maein the rank. The men con.- enforce the demand with the comblaed
_eto ssr !ab' lidor o despoton wising these companies are from ite fleets of the power. came to the Britsh
3 tSwoo na gesy S.s The snvy an.d westenm portion of .the state, and are government from three of the European
aru r uhoard w lsh I c dL.. the a flne body of men.- Bach man was powers
.FFI rasoeanaa Igh !at espaee Y's,' med sad I t is 9p9ecfed The demand was un-tln.i,,y in-
San lotbac' te'day. I- Iau tht f- o t1re wWi pans t.e rigid a- 'jcted by the BritIsh =,o t. The in-
54 IbiSs 'Ce 'CPa1o-le-ttem Co be gone through wIth ae- terfenee. of the Siroeia n powers was
wee present. t, bheld; tnr, m ustered In no urn-tm0 1 hbiiea.. toiandrti-

*h 14<

s orf *roo*'
o- yedleoiay

~4"Wit as
C. Nkomo@"-"

lnow fto'bo
Volunteadasr ~io!4t
-sm- I

itr Asle nMipawn the Blockade
of C-as Ports

s or Ira
the Tam

Ca ebrateld at

am new haie blaed, -Trti*!?1 y
iutlte chan took O
s Friday nigh and -- atr .
e of the ground w ith citv oucsil Met and lmad Appawnt
ing. They areIna
.. their teos ar- mets as Required hy aw.
dajor Turner says _
struck the hrer t I The city council met in adjourne' .
ad staff of the Third seeslon last night and appointed the ti- t
last might. T sectors and clerks of etetlon who are
iy org nised to conduct the city election to be held.
noon and t 3tain June T.
arst battalion a on ne a 7.
Lieutenant nn- The lispectoza and clerks seected for M l o
it battalion had the 'the different wards are as follows:
Sfat oCer f the Fory the reular election; Wi4 1., J.
Rift- say that the W. Foley, A. B ParElw, P. B. Lalane.
ais made sanerror inspectors. Josah perrl,. clertr. I .
r company was not -Wa t 2. A. Glenn, Abse Powell. ,- L
Icmp as the were W. kenon; inspectors,. imes Rprrtp: ber of ter Ist
to volunteer to the cec* maresp's.
i his leter to show e .. .
Ward L. W. L. Hank-, 7. P. Seffier, j .*-*
ilsaoned officer in Saurmel Payne. ippectors; W. L An- W;,
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They were privates lml. eple t
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*ey.S tpa t d et of Pubtic Works. Ward L I~ Cras, W'. 'd Mf Ar.--.A .
ae when I ienteArnt Chas Wrsght, A. D. Whaley, inspectors: for voeteer troops for o e syeai
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Y InEby Ward Dr. D. -W. AMe. Waal 1 e
tngtoa. Isaac Massa, nsactorm; W., W.
se "Faai0" a'y- Want 4. John B. Ledardt. Leehia. of tha Un w i iS
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gInanrp this IAbecausWethey veF.A>tte reginent Is uartered, ade oealy
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isp e gol tewe wern th&ug Ihe- gdsa

^A eJO r WOODRUFF. At suodi carnage and raver so
atoimdp S- TUe tw'at dtutene lt da of Sein

ft lat mae to ICept. Theoas B. Woodruff of the ith Were It ctfrte the ogfits of the hat-a
g:g-Jp ojs1' l p ble to secure fog him es boys, etand firm, cogh t e shells
iB m ogai i Pmr.".. the. of ,ionenel of thte Fir a mfal l m to ke rain r O
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If W be ate behaved..yi.Vneom ".m The otkom at Wek, when
4I 0 t y re et r<' r aWethbis to becaxset er e&V* jtr the regiment Is quaMtered, madeo r
nCtbl tP watte alv them+
l 6 adal attempt to wepek!= the altir,
Olt UL MrzP, I number ofto-d,, a xe hUveob and ppubli s nt sustains them.
'_Ou -te" kto be ran Imm fo znan V rtg or the
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3 g -- -- How mybeart was thri e* with ra; re'

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L vi-e t -o i Mbe d O ,ll tat" govertweent power
,, .- %-.. 4 his!,abdfty, and 9,p- That will never lorske' you Ln that
be insjefor geuqe* of terrible how ,

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I army with ravc of
Think of the poor Cubas, have they
as he will now; be *ot.hfead, i
o0 seven conse'utw ve From thor people a bitter waling cry?
w camp rnstructdo' of And felt pressure of the ieavy rod.
i troops. and ls eM That on thair lives still Uie
steem by. the oftlurs
loela militia, S.ce Thak, too, have they not sees the
Governor 'flt.eets's "H S 01t hope.':
has filled thtolflce Pair shlninlg o the far borion sweep;
ant general ofior- BloLted and blurred by clouds, whlke-
e the can for yo~i- tzhe mnust group.
many rtandjrftica Onward their pathway seep?
nplpcontrmet to rthe
i; the Fist a -ey rather whan their burdena preMe
S ost ..
tbep were oMIedW whLe wroagaesm rampant sad t-
a5r Capt. Wr sihff l_ athle s '.
^W WheniS y ssK RId vo0o8e call lroM shore to
et %Seg gianI -- : n ora_
- jfr. t,,ar then effer e oIn ,ilenas...
jWrt Vm B --.;^ ..... .. A" -" -.'

on-tir OPwt *. ..

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brainf'ollowed, and e rg '
be die&d During his iRax heill'"e
tead4sied tIy DEr. qC e thte
Cromrs kr ndm wn gta ev Wiga
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rbuutweqa of cehab otsag etPb

tbooo B.nerde i* w
the d ia b ..r e C
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'iot -I-

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