Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: May 12, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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B ral finer arrired here thia moritin
W'- Pt ek ta. Henolulu on e of' the
aCEic mais stema B He Is the con-
)aOMr In chiet of the Pacific squadron
of the United States Navy, and brings
bpwportant dropatebes. He hax been in
-l,-ttn." 'with the Navy depart-
t bat hu retumed to make any
S statement for pbUicattrip
ai Cqs "ro xxFTwav.
i : pl8fee and Troops to be Sent From
^ ^ '.'.* S an Mray1 a
sea TrancsAo., May 1O.-n-hae steam-
,*Jt^P City of Pelin bu been chartered
'by the thUnid S9tates vernv&o.t to car-
r a cara of applies to Hong ong
i for the vessels of Admiral DeWrey

The" Ot7y a Pbe ill n ext In.e-
a. sad it p-ome three otlhr vesse
'o4 abft te MeM wlt be chabterd
90 mt at the ame time, and a ry 5.-

.. .h. .h
-_"_ W ,by the Unttd States equler

-- BAT -
tO-.m o 06. Trathmn
_" .. ..' u u 5W A Ow v le 4tch boat

mAAi~ s ram os neseirm a--
ate fr p st~ad -aristan, ge at
irt the vieliaty Cr Porto RiYa. He
S~!-2erepeVlag tat a Scat haste.. an d Oehe tihe In ards mL 'Wendarnbd
s *nliBgday. athm se ae 14 pBut
-- gg -u ft me u tai Co Porto Rlco *
j*i"7tfzr I- #ORwMDA VOLWINTBis.
SS w lNl seao the lrst Conmpay to
Thb Ci.ty,
T e Olt Rifle are expec ed to go
*M .Ilito ceaaa nort.o f the Frth t reg-
O?.W_ mtt of (lid W lState tOeOe. TIhi
b^eete Movertd bh the TLta-
Mouselr. la Apalsleola. and the
"hP!rIWier Oer e in the western portion
tat.who leave their aepectlve

^ ,i~ caBuir -froBm'theBswOmrm and
WAMM6l^ pdd3 |toB of the -tate, are St.
"iB e, JadronmMle. Palatka, etc..
abt'- teare by day after to-morrow to

ibe oloeaeto command this regiment
hs soit yet een elected. an& if this is
Mt dee before, te camp Is organied,
WuS b at 11tsm at tN* Ps Battallo,
MP*Mitala s wrp in nom-
unjsh tit l the proper pemrsitn named.
BSr dewral tos LIn tha "ta, and Jack.
ii-WAf:tIe in partlelur.t have been trying
to knock' Ta r6 uaytWar that it
waW not bealtigh and that th4 drinking
1 isn re. aThin s i a. ben mre-
LW a b Dr. u W. Wien& uhe ha
a vi&tateant of the vital ta-
o-ar theat t" nare of the city.
Vtr h n a nastik of inerntbr.
bmrheB CeSoEr4s to te prop er
duvwtopn -e Statm*tikt abor that
-Ta-.- a a beuen healthier tah y city
RUIN ~IP RS t hi~

goavf^ e fasreearinl aILha
pitAse majartty bhase ,ad-o content
withMI po e, Henm. e
r all ir-thae statelavare beard
timenWxT of aVnheabte d aMre be-
ipof rl to tam them here in droves.
pltw- 4idam, of taaurville came
lea war, looked over ae ground.
al aligdstaely wired for a carload of

1htdsy, B. Xoton anid A. Mc-
'-i~, I ^r^**PIen M)l(Murray'a

at~. otB ar ar loa< oa horses
4miB ee jaulea v tfe Majorty of
kn-kwre mWod before nifht; And

ted bt Sevie Com-
witifcsjiiilO 4 thbAit An Mi(n-ltior

.: fta city. o.r June 4#
I ePK O f.m., for the poetl-
ill ki e ,' d caiv*r ia tohe post-
:ta 'eLcl-. Onl y ettlipn. of the
AML- tatek canh bes..eer7a For
afrwme lL and 119),

.diwbaswttp relave to
WQaspE~'Ft d qalasrha of the different
amtena eppl i-the aeetarw of tbe
(N -naub l nhee5i an at the perorttep h

aldiere eamae8 an the
-dh cloy ftevtakut on

IN I IID W flI IDL 9flJ ni to be ordved inm rveea"
SII AOURI GI 10 SHi iro UPIL0 LL T0a 011Mill a o.rn" a v-
the above report is true, thev wlwr
the governor, and usk t6 be allowed to
But All of the Shots Fell Far Shafter and the Soldiers Will flln the vacancy.
Short of the Mark. Leave This Week\for Cuba. REAUI MATTERS.
Sr. Joseph T. Porter, state heah
Hotel. Thi ns his first visit slace May
Wating Ammunition Carried to Ra- Then the Stand Will be ade and L when the reulatons bf the State Ca--
oard of Helth prohibiting excavati ons
vana by the French Liner Lafay- Gome Will Provent the Spaniard.. In cities went into effect. He has not
ette-American Vessels Have From Interfering With the issued any order which will stop the
Not Yet Opened Fire. ending of Americans. excavations -ow in mrores in this
city, and it in hoped that none will be
issued. There has been -no rala for
Special to the Tribune. Special to the Tribune six montlis, ad there can surely be no flt
Key West, May 9.-The Spaniards Washfngto n, My 9.-Twenty thous- bad effects from distrbing the dry,
have evidently become tired of waiting and of the as,000 volunteers called' or sandy soL If the work I Allowed to
for the expected bombardment of Ha- by the President are to be mobilied at oontinub for a few days longer. alt ex-
vana, and have decided to drte away Tampa within ten days, and o 0 more eavations for nswer pipe wl b e com- r
the.blockading equadroi if pouible. will be mobilised at Chk&-.m-uge w lth- pleted. he work of pAtf the siret
The attltude-of the gunners on the Ha- in the same period, upon which wer have -een aid can' -:;"-.
vana forts has undergone a decided All of the troops now at Tampa, New then proceed, and y the eg tnnis or As 1s^-
change for while the batteries remained Orleans. Mobile and Chu% -mam l- wilt net season. Tam pa will have some hra'
sent op to yesterday. they have sud- tb en route to Cuba within a week, and nely pa ed street. -
denly opened up and all ot to-day the will be followed by 4.000 volunteers as
big sns mounted on the fortifiations soon as a landing s effected, and a TAMPAW8 H1ALTH. ".
at the aenta Clara and Banc forts base of-supplies established on the Cu- r L. O ppen-h er thew .ow ,
have been firing desltory shota at the ban coast p id of tht city wrote a k boow t t. tlno
ships in Admiral S.mpson"s dmckadtin The landing place will be near Porto Deoosiner o p eWst coast K ..I- l ,ta
squadron, although the ships have re- de Cab"a. thirty miles west of ~Ha- da c a fbleth esort" Whih ow tStat di. p
rmaned at least ten miles awa from the vana. Ge Gomes with 0910 O from faetas a agH a that Ta s a ~ the wSw
batteries. wi prevent the pash forces lfi- the healthest ity in the United Stes Tesay A a
None of the shots from the Spbanlh vana ~t Interfering with the landing hfor its sise. te alo had two aansts ~e t
forts have touched any of the American of the American forces. or its i e ari o. water wof the a r ay. psiotm-
ships but the fact that tTh Spaards The war department was Informed to- which show that the water is permi P r L
are willUin o use their smmunltion, day by Lieutenant Rowan, who visited d ar ao ve the sply other t.as sw .
proves that they must have received an Cuba to confer with Gen. Goines and a coerced W th a
additional supply. Gen. Q rcia. that his mission was sue- o pamphlet was written cocne. ter g n It
It is believed that the French steam. cesSful. and that preparations can be an of ha a s
ship Lafayette, which was captured by active pushed. It was the under- camped here, or did nyonw ever :tshi e
the gunboat Annapolis and afterwards stand that as soon as Lieut. Rowan that people in other place wed be wA .
released and allowed to proceed to Ha. was heard from the army would move. atrrowpnled enorihto Ohal b the it m 'as
UNCrEw- SAM I eOough Ito Wm p as.tot
v&na, carried the 'munitions of war and the understanding Is the cause of he fulne, o Ta a. n ui r op EnS
being used against the American ves- theyrush orders given to-day, these hook have bee forwt&d to
es. Lajor general Conpnger, who has the authorities in Wahlsgnton in de- umasii mp
-V.CLZ-- 9AX I B0311 been In command of the Mobile divielon eme of healthftl cm-- '
UNCLE SA1 IS.Os. of the army was in Washington to-dr enn of Ibnuos healthfnl lttoa mewn e.if ,W u
and immediately after consulting with egainet the slurs e ast upon It j en-.& a gr4t '"
Special to the Tribune. the President, orders were issued by him wiluote efmebe towns The Tibu
(Washington, May S.-Advices from for all of-the troot Mob ile to pro- ta ot.e a onmber tof aragraphs mi a
Havana, via g in gton. Jamaica state, eeed to Tampa without delay. that kelle publiea onto-m rrow, so rl a -
that the French steamer L.tafette, Eve thousand regular at ka- that aour healthy oplacer can s. eWt an thien
which was captured by the annposotmagawMI leave for Tkmpba ithe mon what a healthy place Tampa a, &e, This
wic wa ptd by the llof an will leave for 7a a in the mor viewed by a thorough reillh and
*Admiral Sae pon's squadron and towed ig and Immediately upoLi their arrival, .lnent gletsn mother before the ee-
into Key West and subsequently re- the expedition will embark.e lern months befai mthemrw sLo
ywas ere^^r w embarrt S h.-
leaed, arrived atfely in Havanc harbor en additional transports will arrive a o re mthougn t of havnt e ats s S
and discharged her cargo which was at Port Tampa by Thursday noon and diers camped s here. t.tte tt
Invoiced to a South American port It is believed that the expedition will o
Te State department at once cabled leave Thursday night or Friday morn- HIGH isc iOOL GlADUATA '
to the P0fch cdn&aW in Havana notu- ing at the latest. SunDay is the day --
fyton him that the Lafayette would not set Tor landing, and as Admiral Dewey The gradutto cams of the Hih wea 4 t iit
be permitted to leave Havana unless the had such lck on Sunday, It is hoped Mhool will hae its clidin exsrelas It woeI d Pe tl
camro was reloaded. In a short time a that the day will prove lucky through- Thursday evening In the building of the clent 20 s C
cabeegram was received from the out the war Young Men's Catholic club. The class the pBtl
French consul, saying that this had Major General Shfter, now at Tam- numbers ten sven of whlM am re yong a art a e.a
been done, and that the' Lafayette will pa will have command df the invading ladie. MIss AMy Mock l* the valedlo- Th'B ceiat
sail to-morrow. army. Mafor General Wade and ajc torian. .A I ntetreing program m has
A BPAN.t STORY. General Coppinger will each command a een cuarrn and lnvttatLons were aent sen It d bettb
A -PAN8H TORY. division of the army and Major aneral out yte1day by the members of the poswd nlaB
lAmerican Warships Driven Away From Fitshugh Lee will lead the volunteers. cla to their friends. to 111 go
SCardenas Bay Gunboats. It is the intention to land ,000 tmrope The flowing Is the program: Phil- may broe i
~ in Cubat before June 1. and all avaableh e harmonic Clib of Twenty-ent infantry; ut thema^-
Special to the Tribune. transports have been chartered for this alutatoryebs ellie'WliteTbT It wmu ..
Havana, via Kingston. May 9.-While purpose. cal America." i Dbbe iabrobak;. rtmet .
three American waraups were .tlng Supplies are belng rushed to Tampa. Music, Seuaian Vespers; "AItb %n'" wm a
o weat men near Carden Seunday, they and the hospital and lgrnal corpe fromKenmbh Mckay; "A Florida Idyl', Messr S ow"tPO
were attadced by the pansh gn uoat al s sections will Teach Tampa in time Ida Kennedy; Violin solo, Clarme but'Haw sw
Antonao Lopea Alertd and Liseria. The to depg t with the regulars Kntght; EmB .ay, Me Mamle Svans; to to ha
ameg was continued at long range for Ten thousand mules and two thousand Music. High School Glee Club; Alchemy, U a el Yb I
an hour. wagons are now en route to Tampa. mIMs l Ailan Gwnn; "Our Niow Navy,- e3$Qto.' a' .
None of the Spaniards were injured. The railroads have been notified that Bayard gMitheil; usle M I ITml mmo e trp f
said the American .war ships retired, tbe trains having troops and suppeClub;es O e paun l.
wiftout aust&LUPn ay appaxnt.dam-must be given the right of way. JDve; 0lub;e Hatve 6 .r-
without ssta any apparet.dam- al trains are to give way to troop anda 'lss Saden Brandon: Musle, "Brihf'nd baie
age supply trains. Gay." Gon; Class Prophecies, Claude CeoINIG
*Fla.a of the lree." Bigh School Choru& 3en.B.J Brooes
The Overthrew of the Government Now Lieutenant Rowan's Mission was Sue- For t3
Close at Hand. cessful and He is Safe. A DINNER RARTY.
uSpecial to the NS
peclal tohe Tribune. Special to the.Tribune. The most delightful aocrAl ridteoBn thI'rm-o4
The people throughout the provinces Nasaau. N. P., May 9-Lleutenant ^ inTanmihnr f th 'SSS" ttr anaS hS
(ave been rioting for three days, and Rowan of the United States arn who lven In Tainr lahonor of the officer untl5 ia i
'the Kge.mes have not been able to went to Cuba on the tog Leyden to ar- of the United States army. was a dInner elasons3 at t
range for the co-operatIon of the Cuban given last night by Cd. and Mrs. Peter been orded
Artoe -day the mob detoyed lureenti and the United States troops Knight at their residence 1 IHyde It In b e io
At p rne to the has arrived at this port. a a
the government bnlld and the mayor He reached here n an open and the mayor He reached here In an nd Park in honor o Col. Pe of th to
of th tn f th wbe he will make no statement tha Ninth regiment of Intantry; end h orp aiS
the ton and the governor theod e termed official, it Is known staff. A number officers of tiharny Tahe
province fled to the country guarded by_ that his milason was successful, and and ladies and gentlemen of ti.,t c aity be 5sSd
soldiers. The mob pumrued them but that he held a oonterence with Gen. prity tatsent a ciy
was flnanl driven off after U had been Gomes and Gen. Garcia the Cuban a party h L spet a etyabi
d leaders. eeng While-the f Itni.' sbg d inisme t
killed byt gendarmes and 20 wounded. Lieutenant Rowan ill sail to-morrow served the tll bed of the Z a- cme rkan" rn e ,
Two gendtrmes were badly wounded. for Key West. and will then go I try took the bo anS^d hoerti ,-t
,APPflOACKHf OULR X)ASr. Upon his report will In a large measure prlse by appearing aad plas .4n u swwesl E.
S -- depend the movements o; the United her of beautnil sfts '.-..rttr .- -.---a. "
Sa Wnsh ar Ships Sen Ofi the Shore States ao- of, Invasion. was a. brilliant nodal soed sod CoL Speca1l to the Ti
op iT the North batnl. ... Powell and staf.a were much pleased a M3to i
SPecial 10 it .m..e. -with the peileouf Tappa thftayey met 1a ihans to i

Boston. May 9.-A trr-age war ship -pecal to the Triune. It is expected that other aftof this soldiers. to t
belYeved to be a Spanish torpedo boat Ialax. N. S.. ay vedhe Noreg- hklrd Tvla be given by twiJ -es
Ian bark Kogpers arrived here to-day, o Tamp in hon em toa
was sighted seventy miles southeast of and reports s ghting a large war ship o Tanlpa ina honor of the a.
Fable Islad last PFriday by the steamer sixty miles south of Fable Island. The -MO 'M i
omM wlIch arrived to-day In Moston -ar ship changed: her course and started TO-MORROW 04 TO URU to.t Y l .
for the Kogpers as soon as the latter -
-h r The stranger was steaming wan sihted. The Kopers hoisted the The transport that are to Ws .ed- .
rapdIy almost due North, and paid lit- Norwegian colors and the warshp to carr op troops to Cmuga canot pesibly
"e attention to th. merchant vessel. turned and proceeded In another direc- be ready ore to-nrrow ng Thtin s
option. The capthln of the Kogpers
peJ b iw eu O T. thnlks the war ship was a fanid ves- was the statement made b~pt
---- nel. although she displayed no colors. Jas. i 1Olag, the comnor-of b :
Special t the Tribune. fleet last nig hi e has a large erce e a '
Washlnton.-May 9.-At the navy de- ONE CIOD ANY SEH. men at woa putting ew floor ing the
artment to-night the offcals deny that It was reported here yesterday on the steamers and. building stall
am gapo at an *r,,ge-nent between streets that companies B and D. of the'hrses and mate of the ILnadb
the *jmfetb Of A mral Senma ns F rt Battalionr loida State Troop, "me men were kqt at rt Q
- mlS a11nd the E anieha nqadron has being the St. AgVas*lna Ligat infantry, last ngat wd .lU work all o-
aa eThayVUs im to gw noth- ad the St. .AisaldMS Rifles, 4d Pr- and to- It now lob dait
^bi t*e report.# dedmt of three of tfued to come int csp here ans Z the wexpfit I U Wttiiad 9 $
Ab blidaak.q could not set toseter tSe nesessema Wed ees e iht qr srenyqO atn
number o men The order a a ll a not
Jef than sevet-Sraen nor moHa tnan
~ tPa,. hthr, xeightY-tWo. An St. .Autinlm" in
catr e tm e Htra ~anl ptCe st wa o~haly -wmphlel to



.4 -'''

~ei;?il~s~i~~~".77-f -, --F,
~a~g~-r R~~-~ ~14W

=nd Manager

39 OrP sioUaWu-K rON.
.'t asr. Prepald, bay an4
... '.. .. .............t .
........ .......... 1 25
5 ................. 00
Va BDI naf 1 A YEAR.
am pa able In oad.
ream weted to re-
lettwe totter.
#0' j lbtl of ~ e
alt i a n"on api-

ft e B sautte Bonsm

Mrrbd thoghe asol
iho at In coar-e

S ell plecsed with tbe

theoutrb by thisi

rsthu* -id mndy stnests are

t. e4eWt. a Try it
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fsasafs hoeet ide out

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ed!. lbs d. ,nd .naw
to tbia on amcount

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; e as a a*

etasls of the great naval battle at Oh uw i nanan The Chicag Blues and Grays will 11 +
Manila are as yet too meagre to justfFy Nmow k Th C111 I
Comment on leave that city to-morrow for Tampai
extemsve comment on the manner in The rg n i
which It was fought on eSher ide. But Pain Was Maddening and Hope The regiment s to recruit on the way Ctd a Pil i
enough is known to show not only that Had Been Abandcncd Wcnder and hopes to finish the complement in c
the exploit of Commodore Dewey was a Patriotism combined with
magnificent one, but also that the Span- fut Results of Purifying the Blood Tama. PatrIotism combined with .
lards, whether or not they showed skill "A very severe pain care in my lei red for the treachery that blew up
and efficiency. were certainly not de- knee, which grew worse and wo.e;ani the Maine is manifesting itself in all CiTY COUCI WIL IIK COIMSU ati
fcient in courage. All accounts agree finally a sore broke out aL,.AC tec knee sections of the country. Not only the _of
that no Spanish ship was surrendered. It discharged a great deal and the pair! love of fair play by the souls of millions When Assured That the Petit r a dab
and the fighting seems to have been from my thigh down was maddening who are raining aid -equipping cavalry bent
kept up by the enemy as long as possi- Iarge, hard, purple spots appeared on m who are rasng d in Beg lar Form and Sig4ne by W&1
ble. There was never any ground for leg. I suffered in this way lor years and other reginmets at their own ex- Freeholder WhoarePropery Qual-
doubting Spanish mEitary courage andi and gave up all hope of ever being cured pense in order to avenge a great hbter- i ed 0 t-The right peeC
It may be taken for granted that when My wife wasreading of a case like mine national wrong, but the spirit of pat- e
the fuller accounts of the engagement eared by Hood's Sarsaparilla, and she riotism that exists in men ot classed*
at tManila come In, they will show that advised me to ti i: I began taking it From Saturday's Daily. .it
the Spaniards have nothing to be and when I had used a few bottles I among the sons of great wealth is also The city council met In regular se- the
ashaned of on that score. It is this found relief from my suffering. Oh, rampant in the land. sion last nirt, with President Moore Mar
that Madrid newspapers had in mind 'how thankful I am for this relief I I am Colonel Cooper who has a long and and Councilmen Beckwithl Dombrowesy the
when they spoke of Sunday as a -sad stronger than I have ever been in mylif honorable record in the service of the Hom. Kinyon afford, Ramsey and on
but glcarlous day for Spain." This Is I am in the best of heal: b, have a good P oin te se of the n, attendance. mse and s
the only consolation the v-aqushed can appetite and am a new man altogether. confederacy, is joined by Lieutenant After the read of the minutes of -It
find In the midst of the stunning disas- J. P. MOOns, Lisbon Palls, Maine. CA. A Crum, of Waubash avenue, Chica- the preceding meetg brusinqep was
ter which has op vertakoen ther h It the Sarsa go, whose record in the Union army for transacted as follows:in pp
Spanish people could now be brought to H o d parilla bravery and daring is among the mill. A letter was received from Judge O. "M
take a reasonable view of the terrible s Farr in which he notifed the council fou
opect befo them-wh~ch. however. Ie bastn fa th he Tren Blood PutdTer. tary archive of the government and ate lan hof fledlmthe n i of
1 evidently too much to be hoped for- Iood's Pll s esre all lrer 'Us. 5 cotSa have organized a regiment of Blues and the city has been placed in judgment.
their country might tbe spared the ap- Grays, each member of which furnishes A petiton of the Seventh avenue
Op t wr a w to ini rotrction WAR TIME SUPPLIES. his own equipment and pays his own property ow toe the p&ing of
#nIsoh ms has been vindicated by a Some idea of what it takes to supply f to Ta a, the object sto offer ve ewt roM was
diaply oat panish valor; and, as noth- the armies of the government with their their servlcps to General omes of the property wne was recetrda tin twoh
ing anore ubstantlal In the way of its necessities in the feld may be derived Cuban forces, and engage in a regular the council was re tested to a s gska- O
v;itlcatlon can be resonably expected. from a account given in the Phiadel- guerilla warfare If advisable. Ith icphaaoieIn* terboebilding e th
it would be most destrable that a speedy phia Press of the activity at present dis- are getting s Ea tr bridg TM
of thet efsIW tHeo sarottbridcs. The
8aenowledgsnent. o the lzvi ie rplayee at the Arsenal there. Horses are getting scarcb. ry-petition agraed.-_
hold be a r t.be thng The average number o army trousers, available anmat that coud e pur- A c s was received fr
that could happen to Spah now ol bo et turned o t the A chased In Tanm.a has been bought by proper ownes o Plant Plsa s. S il-.
he a naval defeat on U~h aide of the blouses. etc.. turned ot at the Arsenal the army officers and nos the news- l aIttention to the ece sty Of h'.beh"g1
rorld as decisive as t .. which las w. paper correspandents are on the onk- that thougwa, e aetld i -.sto set- a t
o n thm i the Orient for were issued reached a total of 1200 arUt- tie te dust rhich t t m m A.
,ten them m nthe Orient; for there . -esent nunerIs out for steeds ao,eaddle ait. Referred to te councilmen from tet1
can e little doubt that s event e weekly. Ant present the number Is Third ward
l be little doubt that spee cle neay three times as eat, and a num.- Tama is full of visitors to-day. Tey ~ petition gned b 0 or moe ee
would bring the war to a er of manufacturing firms are fllng came to see the soldiers, and admire the tors was read reestting that the name.:
S sh rnish orders to complete the list quickly. The wonderful portllties of the Queen of of W. J. Dlc browser, ,he Dplaced ps .
heelers ao hmeve been pelirt fur at date or o c te r of the cityaso 'Ta paot
e ohaveeen n tn material. after being tested and cut by the Gulf. "The gates are open to you, dat for oyor of the city of TaniSme:
Sthe government employes at the arse- Floridian, enjoy yourself to the fullest e pettiton wa- gra td lil
the United states and Its navy since nl. i usually given out to a large numn- extent. Petition signed by elector of the day
the destrustUon of the M Lhe in Havavena city, were received and read, r0uert- th
harbor should no bury their faces n bher of sewing women, ma of whom .FLORIA AHEAiD. ing tat the name of the 0o1iW tw
e. t i have rid d o" l live in the neighborhood. -- persons be placed upon the ofdal t a- eao
shme. nrey have ridniuled our stp"r The min le ot included in an order for first Florida Volunteer Regiment Ready lots as canUdate for theoffe opposite I WI
and sneered at onu men. Their papers eFor Service. their thamrues: .A
d of their pro n people army supplies ere 76.000 woolen blak- For mayor, C. Bawyr. l
hse proafsed to bheere That we know ets. 50,000 forage caps. 100,000 pairs sum- Special to the Tribune. For rtekl, r kBu"l t
n eme drawers, 10,000 pairs buckskin Jacksonville. apM 5.-The Dwoval For aosuer, Goordon Keller. W
so little of naval architectue, gunnery, gauntlets, 7. 0 pairs leggins, 50. 00 county armory presents a scene of un- eor tax. collector, E. M. Hendry. t l
and steamship. that our men-of-war shoes and 100,000 sual activity Just at present. The re- For Board of Public Works.
wer moe dangerous to onaess thanPouhes 100.000 pars shs and 100,000 ruiting officers are busy fllng up the Ward 1, Jsones MeKy.
to our eneie ThT have per- summer undershirt. ranks with men while the old members Ward 2, - -' s
te o lsa t tie in o To designate the carious departments are getting their equipment ready for Ward 3, J. B. Anderson. .
tento e maintained that the ofor ie mill service. The advance guard will leave Ward 4, Geo.. T. hiambertain. nra
of the was proof positive of our Tf tae service ornaments for th for Tampa to-morrow to get the For councilmen: n -
utter tncapacity on the sea. We owe t cap were bid for as follows: 1- grounds ready ftr the cmnp. The diff- Ward 1, zBlmer Webb and Lesley
nw b Dewey a. ebt of t Ode. 000Q crossed rifles, 60,000 crossed sabres erent members are o rsttic over Brown. -
orTatdore tw e aor hs pr t b 00 crossed canon, 200000 letters, he prospects of active service, and their Ward 2, -
aplong other tf tan. or his prompt ex- 00 numbers and 30 bues being acclimated gives them a decided Brown.
osion of Stanash theories Hi de- D e n advantage over the volunteer soldiers Ward 3, Henry Kra ue and Frnh
cive tor t tMala dll doubtless Among the other articles advertised' farther north. Bruen.
cIapvsevtory at ania the le se for were 500 trumpets. 500 drums, 400 Just who will be the commander of Ward 4. Oscar Manrara and 3L. s
Impress even upon the rather dense s a ettes 000 the regiment is ncerta but if the BalbontlUn.
Spaniard tat e American warships, question should be left with the mem- Couodlmen at large. hal
don't blow up qulte so really as they mosquito baras 1000 plckaes~ 2000 pick- bers of the First Battalion. Capt. T. M. Ward 1, Vincent Guerra. iare
seemed to believe and that they are ax hlves. 1000 shovels. long; 1000 shovels Woodruff, of the Fifth Infantry, would iWas 2, Iso
semort 100 axes, 3000 ax helves, O sets be selected by acclimation. It is hoped Ward 3, - on
fairly ble to tao ae ar of temeheles rcmpan books 75 sets remetal v Bloxt ill do the right Ward 4,. R. dRory. oyy
when they know what they ae tack- books.m l ng an appoint the gallant capta As there as some doubt as to tlheb h
wheni th Aekubno haineine t der an y Two majors are also to be selected. The beng the iequi ite number of rsgarwe gn
. A auobanrine nmne under an un- The Spaniards will observe that very members of the First leave here Mon- Wpon each petlon. the action wam d^s
tscting-ship is one thing. A fight litte attention is being paid to their day night for Taspa. erred until the next meeting. B ,i
is another. army In Cuba. The administration is doubt was caused by the fact that oly
chiefly concerned In meeting the yellow WHEN NATi IE Treeholder A re entitled to vote Xor.
a o et e qbto nt cizeon ten is now larger- members of the Board of Pule VW63ss P o
te ever bes cLrein ts his notw larger It feer on eqial terms. That is an an- Needs assistance it may be best to and therefore oi i fresotee ie si ra
growing by the hundreds every day, tagonist thatran win victories without render it promptly, but one should re- i item such apspetL m to exc a ll
and besides ciratin in every houa seable. member to use even the most perfect petitions and ascertain:f all signera of
in and cose to this city, tt is sold by ALL H1ONOR TO DEWEIY1. remedies only when needed. Th best petitions are qaulined voter thi
ua v"w Ientn &a of the small towns o -- and most simple and gentle remedy is By resolution the city marshal was M
s'sy 5 k -Inc an ofe thec 5mt town Hoy o instructed to pay -the Insurance ps- 1145
in Snuh Florida. It is the only paper HY as v been the American wars the Syrup of Figs, manufactured by miun pon S M
that gloves the pec*le, reMable war news of the past that upon'which we are now. the California AFicg Syrup Compa I. out of any tundl It d hnisL hand. e
twelve hours in advance of the Tames- engaged is the fartherest removed The committee upon ceioeterte and ton
TRY AIAXX' IS>P0T_]A;Z, hasp/ta eald atea ol to the fact How
Union and Chilen. It is used in from eve principle of selfishness, and -- that the has never been sy ndeg- cr
several towns en the bulletin boards thecloser devoted to the etem princi- A powder to pie shaken Into the shoes, natIon of plots for the buaial of whbte cet
every morning where thousands of anx- At this season the feet feel swollen, ner- people and coklred people, and white HEm
hUs people oonlgR gate and discuss the pie of liberty and humanity. At ouw vous and hot, and get tired easily. If "y mixing of the whites ac d colorWed It-tl
vital imoes of the day. very doors there .was being enacted a you have smarting feetior tight shoe, e i ite wasdiee ted tSSo dea fi CrI
warfare recalling the most cruel butch- try Alln's Foot-Eae. It cools the the plot po n nwaick colored people are
will madLe t~ n out of the ecr of which hiatos gives record. r ti feet and makes walking easy. Cures to be buried
wsaa swollen and sweating feet, blisters and 'rh qS5ton of a n ng c re -
war. Theoe tat stay at home wiin United States without hope of 5ain, callous spots. Relieves corns and lpon the cIty i.tlldig w55.bcongthame 1t 4
ma the h money, and eoss that go to exprlly demar'lK its DpuD to aC- uniboy ot U rain anod eotie rest and osic Bott a and tlhe 1.eri T.al
the hattNSad wll ae a reputon e- buons of all pain, and gives rest and w ed otnt tBoard of t
for thu lvee. It in a game tha all cent no beneat from Its contemplated comfort. Try it to-day. Sold by all Public Wik -with a copy of their e tlnt
will make any way yo take it, but the victory, went to the rescue of these drtwitts and shoe rtoeSdres for P6c. Trtal inib. Psiiii g thatth tbwr khe comi2 ln
Trtbn-~e er strin- at home. etering people. Thus a crusads ws. lmaod Le Roy, N,.y, d LS Wi um col t e pIsa-
tA quick advance on Havana is all tItniurated, having-behind it the bol- A rteert wa s reeivd tre the e0m-
that i nelede' to hring the war .0 a1 lest and the highest nambttios e a no- BUCKImNSb ARNICA SALV ta.ea pS t ? gd2l t ,e S h"
cloqe. f tile and self-sacriflcing peepie. They The best salve In the world for cots, bS tineS S plac o the haiot1
i contributed readily of men and insae Bruies, -Bores Ulce.'- Bait Kbonm A resoltlea ~drctnge. Boar o0f1-
l/ TbS" OF HOPlE. j oqie a fetid y rtem our cowa- Fever Sores, Tettr, ped Lands. Public WOks to psv4 Ssst ne e
ba Is nt. Te aobest 7 tm en In t, tion and potei emly c P or no ow s waao pted. _s
Cm r'_ f s e" land hase rallied to the flag of their pay required. It is gne-teed tO iv ubic Wors to fpiws Ps8treets a "

3I1 MaeLo country. Amog them there wb no perfeet aausfactlon or money retunded ths Fourh rd Uu OOr l"t w -th a
C 7 w. mercenary motive. They desired that Price cents per box. For Sale by .& 2 .t5 Pop ert m. wa n4s
,eth ulb others should be as tree as tey wenr, a 0a U aCoa. c rr ot e fi marat
Waff o the. 0ur t n atatent 0904 trhQet ,1
Ka t an20d they were wailing to giWe their lives alarming *tate01 Stale It wasthat
do reo to accmplIsh this d rpose. ve men have il NM tret ,the e-4 A-
b en e h is B a 1 H e a b e u d S ot e d a-d- -d...
otar e hs, In s asathepleopewrtin nte a t dn a da 1 ~e of o tel
Sen l.to 61 Us St. B wh mea nothibefng pai e oftfwor uI -a-a
Vey hb Dadm, M asen et of Havaa es Oheesa that weeok, b anuf Ar i
nations awe'now aimed damik. 410-44
~a-eSal md sympathy went out in a thousand- eva1it of a fle, thbaw esd U t r~te
sel. fold S ronger degree toWe lWeffatu of. 1e thSt the gallan 4
-tp Dewey and the noble tara who served Candt get.redt, Ld -Ot -
wasistdw a bee n i.ng.e ler wttt VW'p. Is a somb e.
Vind ehis at. He lt aa noed in!PmasSalt's and we ,al It =a& cat tis- h trww, ac
adw^it Se tey ediadanttage of remoteat4s roM ch peM iAmdt is 0 Het peop t &ie ggaran poe M
& "Pru__es ago. aSDE 8n d
d t b his rse of supplies of meso ing about moby tbr p dejo nsTt nWh ShCitn aan to tinte ir S o tie nftir o te
oqr ow in strange seas and of trustig ftor aid E Iasah t aCfSs Tis showsaw ineosomatIe was met bCoy s el-
aS aele ma.. to the lnenwgenta of a comm1Whom mm Bck'slth Of that eomundhwerWI bai
Sthe bno to t statement that the citcoe-b b tht St gf

r3 e lb Just. aid theme he met the Spanih fleet In legB m ad mra me. aBea
Blasesd S force. The story of his victor, which dl Coad" OR wi&th 14sho- Shaker Dhwisew Cd w wl tW
IF line has been received is completed He hoas Pa y t a n esd-t. was t w thsr
Ii. ,,S-t.l. e o .... ... ha a.s
ties.m 1,_ did- the e0-eueta that Gra Armas da, now=Ic wv a--- ve efaet---

-S iesSa, bouhl

j~ehi';;b~ai~h'rst~. c~ iImp


. . t

-|B(11INrf flfP, l 'lnonQuo fl30Ufltf
,eo ~nIred WMIN Arrive at Port
Tampa iary this f rning on the
7 Olventte.
lifu CIra y .4 peer l te the Tro ,b Fout Hudr u Dad aud as aIy lore Claim That Spuash Goermannt Will
.s r wedAm eoiy a--Th steam 0r o- Woded; Six ericans Bart Son Strike Decisib Blow.
?* | ette arrived here at midnight from
Tampa with Commodore Watson. of the
t- on board Commodore Waton left
b td r th. OaI I to the nbloeadi o Spanish Cruisers and oGuborat De- Will Soon Attack the American
4h5a Mtile I~ lhe W0o confer with Admiral Sampson and ar- strayed by Well-Aimed Shot C t To Sa the
r i I r. ano rare the plans for the landing of the d the Fort Silenced by they
SUnited States army on the east of Cu- Spaniards.
e m b.ha. It cn now be thoritively sttedi Spaniards.
.... j that the landing place will be within
five miles ofFort Cabana, and that the oSpecal Cableam to the Tribune.
.uS WeW^" .? -. th roonps wil start on their mission next Special to the Tribune. Spe.i Cablegram to the Tribune.
l myti-A, soen ao the Tuesday. Washington. May 7.-The report f ,! ladrid, May 5.-The government an-
idwl inamma throbh tbe TtC Oilvette left Key West to-night Aamirai isee), cummaalder of 11e A- nounce-s to-mght that the disorders thal
atdi 1 Admlrta Dewey of the with nearly all of the prisoners of war I atc squadron of toe Unided Siatia navy have prevailed for tOe past few days
Sht have been brought Into this port giving te aeat (iLA U toL Oalil C De.Wee tLnrou;gnoL SpaIn, in the provines, have
itl the PUipplnes, pre- b1 the United States war ships snee theh e Spanish and Americanr satpe at Md- been completely overcome, and that
tAiH actWabr U M fornmaend- war began. I lina W nas rvceivesa y secre.Lary Long at mnve has teen no rioung to-day.
V"te g oetnko Man anda The prisoners are to be taken to 9:4 thls morning. !The gendarmes were authorized to use
5Slt.iass. _L being scaled Tampa, and from there sent by ral to i '1h report waJ in cipher, and was at forc- tu quiet the voters, and currieu
- -'-" ,wit Atlanta, Ga.,where they will be coDdned onr- Sutiittea to Preiatent .o.cKite ou: their instructions; conee-juctly a
5,.k iAttl1 h111s a2d'with in Fort MePherson. .A large number of tiEtr it t l een deciphered it was laid large number of the leaders v. the riots
WON 1o i the prtisoers were passengers on es- Detor- the catiiel ana then made puo- wei killed or Lnjured, and the laUs are
Widet t sCss SanN111 I" b- the sela captured, and found to he carrying iie. it was as oltows: I full. The mobs d-mandeJ prompt
SW N~g V, ca and .te ears that were declared to be con- 'Ma tila. iay via. Hcng Kong, action on the part of tne govern-
t ado t traand of war. May .-On Sunday aorniog, Aiay 1, tne jnent In avenging the capture of M.oniit
W tient. a` the details .o the -- atiatic squacaron arrived ort Manla and mne government agents everywhere
tLa w ae W hSt. IN DIPIDMATIC CIRCLES iust as day was breaking. have gtoen assurance tnat a move is
ji'.^ aJt .rh the nl try. __- "-oe ,.wpamsn loris ope-ned fire on our, now on foot which will be a decisive
4a t interest Over the Capture of the French ships and the Spanish warsnips steamed blow at the Asmericans
ObWforanhesWolt aee alekm epnened tire. After one It is believed that the blow wfll be
i bfi~ Is is the elros toI be LLder was lvely. aours battle the Spanlsh cruisers Beb.a the attempted bombardment of cities
.u nsuua, Isla ae cuut., Costllo, on along the American coast, but the great
tii special to the Trtbune. mai nio de Ulon Do Jua de Austra; problem that confront the dp h
TTP ft; -U W h;r Washi gton, MIay .-The ll\-eUelst In- tne guanoat Oiverolls, Amo and the navy is a coal supply. Great iBritaln
SMOlSo, fnd.. Idahto, terest was excited Ip diplomatle circles Utranslrt Asia de Merdeno were either has announced that she will remain
er5.mt atlllhp^- tae see todky over the reported capture, of the sul or so badly damaged mtat they neutral, and therefore no coal can be ob-
willbe t ttp e wm e hIh was ecompslled to retman to the harbor. tamned at the British ports In the West
ieh tnhs u "nOjur vessels escaped with Little dam- Indes.
sa ed wulne attempting to ran the bloc- as and oniy a few men were slightly Rear Admiral Camara of the Spanieh
gofthte-rt or C al W2 kade et ofarr an ouhded. navy will sail to-morrow with a small
'.drt to s ot o torhe to t dep met it was an- "bend this -by dispatch boat to Hong fleet for Cadia to join the squadron now
Sa g to be transmitted by the United at that port. He will take command
i r'wl ri ~ n B- nounced that her release was ordered tates consul a. that port, as 1 have of the squadron and it Is expected wll
a p Nbb l &A sa awftn to previous arrangements with no other means of communication with at once mal for the American coast-
B ..mU V M:the French embassy. The state de- '0t- DhIWEY." SPANIARDS ARE OOM.LNG.
QMa l i we n ad bthe atnformed by th Advices received by the Navy depart- Wil Salt From Cadiz Next Week With
t t of P Will mt ad been nored by i meant from the American consul at Hong a Small Fleet for the AMerican Coast.
ae. iartsa a trouble Frenchh embassador that the Lafayette kong state that the officer who brought Special to the Tribune.
'b "Yitnn. It is eti- was en route to Vera-Crmt. and that tee otncial report of Admiral Dewey London, May 6.-A dispatch to the
.trAV l. be Iecns- he wished to enter Havana to land gave turnher details of toe engagement Daily Mail from Cadiz says that the
hpeo niWoto eAac the trip d Tt1ote stated that the spanisn lost be- flagship of the Spanish squadron, one
3l01i1to ol.aaila passengers and a and t4 take o n all tern u and 400 In the engagement, cruiser, two torpedo boats and a store-
a that the ehaaces reoch citizens who desired to leave and had about 400 more wounded, while shlp have arrived at hat port, and will
A3I.rl the bar will hwve the blockaded city. The Sitate depart- toe tlnltea :aites did not have a man leave next week for the American coast
foe to maintaipent g anted oprmlqson to the o kea na only mex -wounded. niess they encounter an American fleet.
S w r as iong as -me ae o ente erma.n Lie tenant Bri ny. who made this re- The panish squadron will be comman-
SFrench steamer to enter Havana bor- port, staed that the battle was a great ded by ear Admiral Cnamra. who Is
f_ or for this purpose only, and the cap- victory fcr the UnIted Siates, and that expected to arrive at Cadiz Saturday
-w tlh. ta.i of th e Lafayette had been aso n- the apanish sailors were utterly de- morning u lth se eral vessels.
i b fd n a Watch Out formed. een he neared the entrance er seen to
iO st a Watch o th hrbr he naturally o t leap from their ships into the sea. i WILL TART NEXT TUEDAT.
So th harbor e naturally tougt-that he Cavlte fort poured a steady! -
-'' o o he would not b be molested by the Amer- stream of sot and shell at the ym- y ill Leave Tampa That y On
e1' r_ n can fleet, and started to steam in. While Ipla. Raleigh, Boston. Baltimore. Cornm- Lha? Transports.
it l.hw &-- Resi Admiral doi^g thia the ship was captured by the cord, Petrel and M Cullough, but very Special to th.- Tribune.
ado w ng thist a tsha as captured bi the few of the shots reached the vessels. WaIhirntont May 6 -The trooN s stat-
S dbege bodr e ts and taken to Key rest She 'hee h the guns of the American fleetioned at Tampa will leave that place
'' dear-- ra released this morning. were turnAa upon this ort and he nlst Tuesday cr Cuoa. While not
i t M y depart- -- other shore batteries, great damutg wa officially aeI nuounced It .s known that
t nh atl1 "tltenton to t. TRIBUNE JattN ARRESTED. done, and the forts were soon silenced. insruct!ons have ben given which fixed
,.t lacf ex-.AL M -- 'ine Spansh ships ere compleicly the date fir departure.
.i'W -mhe ir lieot North Thought He Was a Spanish Spy. and wreckedd y the noLs from ne United The. uar' ermras e.-n-rals depart-
..-l ari] a. t Florlda In- the Offlcers Nabbed Itim. States cruisers. and gunboat and two rp.- hab rchIu.d r letgraphil, reuJsl-
Fc P ttfau I t CPmuitna and of them were blown up, three were tions if-- -uppli-e. and imperative In-
a.Ias&wm n as 5ASixth dvlsion. Special to the Tribune. beached and one got into the harbor n strucilons i aver bren given to have these
k0aeS o ed yester- Ceiter Hill, May 6.--Quite a little safety- sppl:es reach Tamripa -ot later than
t t e w guard this stir as caused In Center Hill to,-day i -- Mo-iday lght. Six spie-i.l trains
al is the torpedo Teo- aea n i DET.AILL tie -i rt ING KONG loaded ibh quasrermaster 's supplies
SBristol, by tie appearance f a stranger w the roadan. being
WXRp,. and Three was Lhought to be a aSpanish spy, who 'F.urteen Spa:.l-.an Vesels 'ere Sent to ruh;-d t i Tamroa on pra-----r train
X'b- ii.-- e ses1- w as laIld to be around here getting up' the B<-t,'.r.: by Aum riral i-j\ -y .- seli'dul;.
i3S ii 5ta dataland Information for he benefit of quadro. R D TE TOWN.
sIkake.00 the Seanish government. The descrip- 1.NET O --- _
St eare Ad-: tlon Of the man tallied somewhat with Wpectl Lto the arlb.une. ;.i-ll Cabl.gram to the Tribune.
e Use Of':that of the Information, and the wan WaMahrngoan. May --The l.hltoiv Madon. May 5 -Cablegrms received
presested Idl span pa s reL-veu .d .. -nighi frome b-the g. vernmet official contain no
.rkhoter was held. though given ev.e. courtes- Hong ng" The Am n .rie. dndiscate t coerni m the ofealts eonualn no
S in waters by the Center Hill authorities. De- boat McCutlough arrie aee this n the s
Sscription of the man were wired to 'ar erncon from Manila. ..% soon as the alt. bau the fficals the taon tas
Athey or.- asiredh that the i-aon Sian
A-r. A Mi N'LMU headquarters, notwithstanding the fact she arrive the others and crew -ore Iburned by the Americans eff.-,-ttng a
Ithat he made the statement that be esieged by qucLiunei .. t landing. They say that the United
deiMN.J-or e that'he made the statement that he. The offers of the eMo1ullouah con- States s.cuadron has control of the cable.
,Ui bmmb eM isdeimtsl es. rseporlented the Taxmpa Maorning Te- firm the report of the complete vtitruc-.
waIs there purely In the Inter- tion of e Spamlsh fleet. They report BFST GUAR.ANTEE ON RHOORD.
tl.l et of his aper. However, .Just bfore i hat the aianish loss will amount to at
the rl-.t e P he-iaHvr be O, but tLhat these figures acu Our medicines have now been well
On snake am the #Outh bound train arrived he te soldierswho were killed at Cavite nd have proven all claim for
released. much to his gratification. He I and Corregedon islands. ed and have proven all we claim or
_. *t "1 eII o was ' D. Roberta and Is the Tri-' Tbe Americans captured a Lare num- them. We back our faith with our
a1|B sB; h ber of wounded Spanlarda They were money, hence make the following
hptttsmyt mne, tr "ellng ^representative placed on the of the American guarantee: To any one suffering with
an ygnm sqtaheon and were tWb olft kindly.
PAW KO CU"-N O PAT. There was great surprise and uatia- or from Blood Poison. If they will come
'lf N MieC. OP- T I; $ I--- faction e preued In Hong Konk when to our isbatory and take Ketter's Ix-
dELStts -It was learned that not one American eelsor Blood Purifier according to dl-
f b. i^-Tas s ^ l tfr Y- tert wo^th .ocntlonl ht no amdic
I can squadron had is ktitled taken, but will pay their expenses and
B r CoW" f. ebr and Q ine I t-stelea form. It reported that while several board while here taking medicine. We
MiW' eesm Cil r enov. Adlt prefer It to American sailors had been wounded. make the samrne guarantee In cases
uwg 1 bloans: Ditter nseaut n to ie d-" tieres was onlr one whose wounds were where they cannot come here, provided
sap- lregasjded as at all serious, and that hi- they send ut doct-or's nertidcate as to
.IX AnS s i s d, revery ws praciallaured whaeh fflction. Ve fid In many cases
H{^SBS ^^ T0" SSSoS the TI oCulouan ilth squadron ttat one disease is often taen for an-
LsPI O esih aie, sere oesi- atien d the ditulouh eef the squadron. other, hence we have to require doctor's
IIn giving the details 4 the fighting ertiincates. For asie in Tsmpa by
s:the officers of the MCulloch stated that tin Hale & Co., 70 Franklin St.
'the American squadron entered the bay' Len Lile Co., 703 St.
WH g .'.Lhten. Int jT rr and arrived off Corregodon Island, Sat- jo Earman. of Janksonville the ori
....^ urday night, April 30. The forts on gnat "Craciter" de er, representin
yt an a -. W the Island fired three aheots at the fleeL, the wbolea~e house of Robet W. lmm,
cmir then -or~ ipta, ewoeaehtsofobtWSmm,--hsbeinTmafrsvaldy

Sr y o t pular to Dewey at once ordered cloe In has been in Tamp S for several days
ST. their a x ma uch ts PrOfU Pai d ttone ories and lhe in to the and is doing a splendid business iHe
Prbatteries and the Spanish arsays that there is only one city In Frl-
SBfilc Sjpf rssu d or Irreular Men.- shMp Immedlatei opened a heavy ire da now and that Tampa. The eyes
Stt tT are soon restored ,o was firet sighted off vte. S of the world are centered upon Tampa
-r r- .ti fa~ Tefirteigt of f A-ite. nce this has been made the port of
.. kdth by The CUM of the Americans were4embarkato of the rrnite weater
"n b- trained o< the SpanL h ship and thearmy.
toa iBses ,era ISl Panish1b forts. The cann-onading was',
Se L m j&a -a ISRawm l 'After the fighting had lasted I Impure blood makes Its presence felt
or about a ha an hour the Amercanwhen the days grow wa n It pro-
% oom 1n a remedial th fler.withdratiwn rom range of there duo-es lassitude, dizziness, itol breath
k tb w1 eri emllr bIh ws Nav been Lh and a dosincianation forawark. Prlckley
ct forth a hot fire ith thelt big guns. Ash Bitters is a tine spring remedy. a
izss thle e sUCeeS 4 for rI)orthan The sene In the bar was one of awnful b od prler and system cleanser com-
ers0,d klin tO OCt apd dl- ngalfithnee, and the din of the battle bined. sold by S. bi& Leonardi & Co.
with andonII the orgen of was stunnng.
55055lntniMttifens and there the battle had progesled ifar The Cuban question and political Is-
Sgitthe R eina Chi stm as Montajoe, the Span- sues snk Into Insignflence with the
"'. rmnde for ish flagrhD received a shell in the for- .man who suffers from piles. Wiat he
Lr L u- c h copdIots rd compartment which set her afire, b. t desires. Is relief. DeWitt's Witch
,t-0 It u r he .faus t whil a title weher crew was compelled I ze l o Sae cur e ples. S. B. Le on
to abandon her. iardi & Co
l^^^^ r, t rto give rlf anod The SpMnsh gunners displayed a woe-
ot th'" health tul lack of practice, many of their shots "'One minute Cough Cure is the best
of the s either alling short or going clean orer reparation I have ever sold or used and
t t tgthe Adnmeican vessels. After fighting 1 can't say too much in its praise." L.
S -\ woma, Q I t should for several hours all of the II Spanish L.. Kennon. Merchant. Odell, Ga. S. B.

b1 \ oK by .b Vessel aged were at the bottom of'-.eonardi & Co. tf
k.r just buddi- After this the bombardment of the Messrs. Alphonso and -Henry Fritot.
i t c" )d Cavlte fort-was redoubled and towards of Jacksonville were here Sunday on
P s n MwhelpesJtre- evening 4t capltulatedL On Monday the a visit to their brother C. J Fritot, who
i Lscan Sup-. -Aericas sQluuadron went up the bay to 8a on Gen. Munez' staff. They left
fisEprt~t.auBp. awls, d emnd ancbored. No landing party lor their home Sunday night.
SJe-soTd, InWsguar had eew set ashore up to the time
or Paol O)1. d tbe McCuoc let but In the meantime Late to bed and early to rise, prepares
"igbdbli-Ot Woeu Should i ft, the ctLy was under complete command L man for his home in the skies. Early
tof t Un s 1of the fleet, and f A bom. to bed and a IUttle Early riser, the pilU
a *--- te s -ua --- o. -e city .s.deemed.ne...-

m IDU W43VO- ct., t e ttP is deemed neoe-
to p and AY. i shis are In position t9 destroy

p de i -t I BICTYCLES DOWN "OD (S6.0.
New ilM s Modew La.es anad O Gent
MBlpcles on now betlar old on eay
gondit* I u a lpf w as "; oters oTt-
a.lla p 1t U 319 N ad hiL-wrade at MO I
S i t te ep fidor after recetieL
t v ouCt &dw adtlee out ad a ena'

. .. .. ,.ll8 _me r {la. .c t
AMA -: a tbr Im k.ebcat &.. -.

eat mae& lifte onger, -and better and
wiser. S BS Leonardi f Co.
The steamer Guie of New Orleans,
A the Morgan line, Is being loaded with
Semnnition a a t rtillery p iees.
eOtussite is anold timer. having been
wed as a tuWnsport in the late war.
SThe baball uame at BaUat Point,
Maday afternoon between the solders
Lad Spauldlan team resulted n a score
It 1 to 2 la favor of the soldie.
tW..L Caater, editr of the JackW. -
tePHi at 010 Tatms MYBL
.40 t`l Ca1 ~ fS

Mrs. John Twomy Psses Away Yt r
YrraT&U X. NT. .
The sad new of the death a& r,
John S. Twomey. wife or the' poprieter t W
of the dry goods and mllMnery estab-
Ushment if thl city, died last Sandag
at the residents Of her parents in Lyrat
cuse. New To*, after a bri ilaer. ARMY lt
Mrs. Twomer has been it delete
health for several yeam, bMt law co m 1 b. -
tion was not conafidred seritou uti
last Friday, when Mr. Twomey rq- ju -ri the
celved a telegram informla tg- m that m t e
there was a sudden change for the the Tb s i
worse, and urging him to go to 7Sycu --.
at once. He left Tampa Friday night. -*
ftecia' to fte IbrPL 7.n t
and yesterday morning Mr. T. 'Two- Wah.. a l
mey received a telegram Informing him inifleent victory &ftgil
of the death of his brother's wife ano rea Dewey hOi th% -'f
Sunday before the arrival of Mr. Twe- I and ships oi hfs S s aSSi
mey.pree me --m d-i .I
I Uef in *> luteelHffIc
The deceased was formerly Mis Nellie Sates forces tha a
Halloran. the daughter of Mr. and Mr. i calUy been reached iPr
P. Halloran. of Syracuse, N. Shbeg iing an aiic"d .
was married to Mr. John & Twomey It nowr agpeas ftapd ia
in February, s 9, and resided in Tam- doibt to bhtheBteuteu qt9
pa for several months aftet her toed atleafY
marriage. On account of her health she the Infntry otillh gS
brazwesofthe rI ego=am
went to Syracuse and remained there quickly a 90I pisI -.
wkth her.parents urp to the time of her;s t understood. mi hM be1.
death. She leaves a father and mother, 1Utltlet ISt0a 111bS
husband and little girl sax months of ulars an v laies3' -
age. While in Tampa she made many When a felaiti i
friends who were shocked to learm of have been htW 5 it *
her death, and sympathize deeply wtth 'I ft.Ja lS e,
the members of the family In their sad to Ina~sat4 9 a
bereavement. 5atlo g itsw 0troiift
The funeral will takeplace In fyracuse- of PoStS RiWo-w
the remiss and
but no notice of the particulars hayveyet seat t'f S I 1n : ia
been received here. The store of John to operates dLu k.s
8. Twomey was closed yesterday Itme- In the la d
diately upon receipt of the telegram an- By to-MsrVw61 ~amoml R'
bouncing the death of Mrs. Twomey. that Admiral 0161 1 --0 j
waters adjaeeat s to b

UNCLE SAM'S ARMY. "Ths "'" .e
dials tI Taaalnctoa &at .
of the armnaor-clAd
The Tampa DivisionStill Waiting for 'Atlantic equasronm &wre7
Ordern-SewtaJ reWihhm t Tran- wh loft Ket *lW
hat It is the I .t4edSalli
ferred- Transporte at the Port. on to have cm dg lW so.
Sron watch oast ar the
From Sunday's Dally. d 'sro of w i
The streets were crowded all yester- t th ?S
day with the regimental teams which and that the let~i
were busy transporting goode to the Provde on effet. -"s
camp. Many cases of canned goods, Slu"
barrels of flour, meal, etc.. were carried -PANI
out during the. day, and the soldiers A
now have provisions enough In camp to |ecial to the ,Ti i "
last them until the 4tb of next month _Guadaiaoue. -S a ~ .
. .. alo t end atI
Each day in camp some soldier meets h West nLea,'.Efi 7
another whomr they have not seen prob- an wh squadron fromthe '0 Ls
ably for )yeas. but who were at one .ands, whIch' as beelsql"n
Lime in the same company. When this j o w'r d here t-ds t 1 1
happens there canteens are generally ff thte n i o-nig 1
opened and old friendships renewed. In beIng kept Aor he a
Yesterday two old mne from North I American dispatch b ats.
Carolina, who were born and raised in ,a1
the same little town. met each other for SEVoBALX 6PAr IARBS2
the first time In sixteen years. They
immediately drew a little o one side Dupont a a 1det .
and talked over boyhood sports for two I atucy vfcttry.
hours. Th- !!-tle :chcc! house. the -
swimming hole, and many other places OPe l&I to thq Tribtne .-
so dear to boyhood days were the sutb- I Key West Hy 7T.--Te t
Ject of much discusson. This Is one Dupo n and Winslowand 43
of the pleasant happenfigs of camp Ufe yaciLt Hornet-took antar
which is otherwise rather monotonous. e iatanre YFherd&1 bistl
a The thee Upat -- b
CaLt. Dorst.and aide on Gen. after's th' hubor oritdIe
sfaff. whos went with the company of light home on the islt. Se
Cuban scouts to the coast of Cuba. on a shot was fired at the 1
the disp coach boat Leyden, arrived at The Hornwet r -po
Port Tampa yesterday morning. He Shot inoe off e S
is now at the Tampa Bay Hotel, ald de- of the lIght bhot se Iid
clares that all reported Intervlews with Lards fleeilg fVer thew
him regarding the beheading of May The hots from Ab Mti
Smith, of thGeAnsurgent forces and the hired one bhildft horn*
capture of American newspaper men. where a nunher of eq
are utterly without foundation- were sheltered, Gtera
a lards were killed:
The steamship Olivhette returned from It befhig siwet t-t
Key West yesterday, arriving at Port were t I lOS tuAIi S
Tampa at 4:30 am. BrLgdlier General -y destro-ed,
Lawton. who went to Key West with turne this mosrba-,
Commodore Watson, wa on board tMh dIl T woh '
OlIvette. Re was accompanied by 0so i 1hoot 1 hW.-
Capt. Dorst who visited the coast of but wee l ar ,
Cuba and lwitned the landing of a flred by th Amie4 r ,
large party oe Cuban acoats. The OU- -"
vette at once went to the coal dock ma HOW TO.UsOg QOi
begun taking on coal r, as to be ready ,, __-
for departure when needed. iaf 5o 5 wfyM
The steamers Berkshire. Alleo-hete condition of aiblbsth lweIt
and Decatur H Milner. of the Merchants the" ier isf baat '.|
and Miner's Thabsportation company of look; if -9o igas
Batimore. Beeton and Savannah, are have a dyspspla&
now lying in the canal tn front of the are a'-tedia
Inn at Port 'Tampa, and are r oady r Secre good
the loading of su.Ie. e. ham good-
Chief Engineer William H. WU mon, of reotly oe the dl
the steamshp I). H. KiUler, O. W. Ken- puris e.the
nard. port engineer of the Merchant r andbol la
and Miner's Trasportation Compatgs tover ottosei
fleet, and Cltrence Kirwa. lieutenant B. Leonard dru t.L0
commander 51 the same fleet visited bottle. s- "
Tampna yesterday and were the guesm Ca
of iewcomb Cohen. the commodore of Mr. Chrles Keref;oiM i
the M. & M. T Co's. All the anz- ELtelle Coo e. of this slQ
ious to start hmo Cuba. lid at :iMdolo roiiB

er t the rteahhee le tb'
The four costanies of the Fifth In. Mrs.g-]ary I ,t4n1b
fantry whic have been quartered at waU rormed C OW rl.
Picnic Island for the pmst tan days eft nd was only aute"Cba
yesterday for new poets ce-duty. Two relatives a"d a Trsteie- i
conmtanles depfrtted on the steamer and groom. iirt,
Whitney for Key West to take the leave for Zotfte h loft t
Places of the o oompanles of colored, t '-
soldiers that left that tOIF on ti Max-' Prickley ash hutes r S
cotte. One company left for A4tantaI remedy bec e it
to guard Spanih rt1 ne to U rt Mt a and system
Pherson, and one cosapa Wwa sent to ae a it
New Orleans to strengthen the &mr1aon ten aplpette "
at that po. b- y B. s. sesSl
Ice cream vrendesr and small boys Mayor Ct. "H C(mphes .
with cake and weanat Sor sale, .are do- i the city )ysterdo 9 grebi5i
lrg a land office beit bs' cnp. Some friends and aoqni.tgan
of the soldiers tfro -the far north are Campbellto cio th
getting their flat tafte of the allaringi an te one f Ui
product of leorgta, and are au carried an enterprljsteW
aaway with them as a small boy is with the best 'm.swe
circus lemonade. rt
The *I&c: p. J_
The members of the troops here are hbvae nI-_ bhIe
without a single exception, Just aching BRie r sLSE
for active seaviee, Groupa of them are -n .ss: erww.
on each corner eagerly disckasseg war' here ase& mas MM i4m.l
news. Wten the thee comes for field aIoc plla y *'mlassy^
seev-le a body of ready and wiling men g 5 heds
will be found r waiting to answer the

Two of the soldiers at the camp had a., .41 ni -
dispute yesterday over a trivial matter, &id sise'n 4
and decided to settle it with their- fl st 3A2.o _ii
After dcussing the matter in th*s i OWJS '
manner for a short whie, ose of them dew
decided that tee other was the best man,.S aSg- g
said he had enough. *book hands wTth, lS aO ^
his antagnist, and both walked ways ..W
together. apparently the bt of frt.eait iOe

A0 A A lr' r J TT RMHORT'. ZaeomrBe tt Is 8 aitens and fr
ousnw s7 degree Tamps Des obou
Te salutbrity of our climate and th wa a betw e es e~ t ad Ja5k- A a teel
h ute elthfuesof our city an
Th- m l ~w m*hinb, -ablle fto a who have not given the mat Jucter on the n t he Omt. NoSrpd ay aa
',-m ler .. "at "_n ter that mature r dection that chIs cod as to require heavy wr. oWno Stndr
Idportanthsbiects are entitled to.iB thya wt he h an chm r The vr-
facta and figIuIr Tampa. ia to-day utins of t 'e ue"r5 am pmO.hiualy
moARt dearhble summer as w as w winter sden hoe from sdden
resort i the oountry. Statisties show gret am ever eI
.. The actio. i that our the ~n wtin c erg ee 'Dr. Georged A.n ewrtt, of Phibdelph W 1.
Wo dre 1119114 that the city and our people ae mracti- has epu.lnhe ly seecios eaborae arUd Ahe e ot bn of st our
Piea. m.,~s ^IN m-ll- i^ etmmunh e from all kinds of fev rs ptr ....c apea. Ba the dorl pr dence and [11 .|fce
S b t 0S andt contagious diat ateses, and taken as M medical Bulletin, from the May number
as< to aftirn tseswaliem- dMr. Me- b contagious diseases, and to ast; be wt th cSrow andhio e J#98
Kaniley a eL1 = to have betoan actuated a weole, wn hen fair nae pop of which the follow a in e as quoted. Coie.
ol drsidered, there i not a place in Iorlda yThere Is a widely prevalent opinion S i Vue*S n Wie .
S........ m that can oast of as little sickness and that, however healthful an o 714 c, e8 Fn e .
-..-.......... TRE i[EY APOIN'MrNTS. -perfect healthfulness as Tampa. Yet. Florida may be as a winter resort, I in 0 lengths, the 10c. orads..5:e.. s:
,...t.......ly with all o these ndsputale cts star- olerable as a mummer residence for : short lengths, to go at 9o.irni Ouftp.
TA coofl f the President's nemjnatotIn lg the public in the face, there seems people reaed the North. ThIs belief ar worth 15c. and 20c. per yard.
AA n e of m y aa gd to be an element of people in Florida o ntirey fallacious antage. The cne-
af seven brigadier-generals of the reg u- that are alwtas endeavoring to bring country o turning Tlaml Bay. Tro .
' l ad- ltr rmky and four clivlions tohe maor, hTampa in dl srepute with he people of cal beat does enot deend solely upon
A qUStierd to generalsal, s oted in the Tribune the country by alluding to it as a mis-
-iap ___ taken intoconayderall. Therd.nel-
but proper.reerognttirnpof the fattha erable pest hole, and other infamoue taken Into conderaion. The P- The 50c grade of Men's utin

tha aet permitted political ntaeface to Ipo far a their proximity to Cuba a con- to da c the temperature Is equable
f t- hat perien. hrrte t tc 1 ermas hat chaocierize the utterarnces Is ennsnd olr. connected to the ma- of them to go for 25a a 5. W
1FW i I making these ippointme ts Mr. c- of lying cowards, who are paid to cas land by a narrow neck, enjoys almost e t ndard Fah ions.

- t oKftn ley eens to have been actuated apersions on the fair name of this ciy the equivalent of a marine atmosphere.
Sfandsolely by a desir e to pt the commands by would-be promoters of leelous r ompartvely it ferene be- o o o
'"t opt~In- d thol t her des a reat opownualty lys d all future rthenomious n the curnteraturents of air move over large d

in thhr. an ds o men o ptf t dnn- ee ^e^ atda tk no ol bot te nmles southwest of -Tamp a JA t -
oout blow that this city gave every otpere bodies oor sat water. Few of our 7hei4. 716 d 718 Franklin St., .a F..to
an cttophe ied exictaien. to drive. M l to reardn hethfulness and salu- northern seaside reshaort ossess sues Wholesaleh aaler
t a rfltryd faieommsttin wa m t hav be p srlecd briy of tis secTamp as the embarkation w onsfmpcuous advantage. The feet -1 FRAnklI ST.

serious business heene ofs i tsnsi tuatiomIe that i ts l w n in-
da on toef t maerienoe in the Cv War, of the United states army. and the ren- t uenae of its stetlon is that ts win- .
timail ht thit s thatall major-reners, are demouos of the Florida State Tok terdi res excepalthy te imatl mild and Dits sum-

Sabot on h~ proe es s eto command and in Oppenhemer of this ci Amonng th of the yea are the thernome- r
L t e~n lmat"on this seiecton thereforen. he thelIr iserablel eoga phical oecaton trial variations exte ame. From everypo I T

Si' haas not permitted political elnd une a to so far a their epros mity t eo Cuba macon to dayt the temperate re Is eq uble.t

2.Iadnd t t a re-conceIved 1 of bootin thei rl in the North occur In the ne igl borh ood
aoa opin ion o many Public men. speca of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tarpon l

as for mloftheo distinction into the da an of thea ra ay forces or even the volnd S e.
te service tee dtheautehed ex-every malady-exemption ftate Trosm aer bout ten miles P eninsular Is from a o
ei Ono aettt he me, ant ot w To subetantiate what we have said lies Port Tampa City', built on a fiast -
mit their socltatons to him regarding the healthfulness and salu- semlmarshy sol near the shallow shores t eolesale Liquor Dealeraw e

a~out tothetandtaeemBPASrBaopCBA ovicoua moWliltoes, malarious a P e G oeMreWhao smro H ll k
St, land an com~lttin wha t mt haeroved brty of this section, the Trbune wth- of Tampa By, only three to five feet 2 l FR& KLIN ST. eR .
t. t t a lkatonlemt t p ndner i the county of the- 2 perm-ison refers the ruble c to anl towns, as webl aes others between thubect
'e ro l cith ere ise boah Ev id t To e i their of these hyperbolic li are fort eram ic variation and iwtso
*4yvote Wi s;tes the has in haod. the state for a vericatiOn of our state, thermometer ranging much less than in
EJach of the brenigader those for pro- men t oe s oiare codutese Iher eh any other parb of the United States, ex-
S motion to ti he s ihere ranw via, few agras froa paroa o f the w ta prt f thecoast or Cai forn lat.o
ras Ots hr, Graham, I written a article in the ew Y edic respects health, the climate of Flori- L.F. D t
.ot. ea rid Breetnrdge JOr-te .ourtnalh hiarn mte do stands pre- eminent. That t the pe--
fr e Wade errim nd hs of Decemberoethfe Dr. et a lnsuar it Florida Is much more sal-
-I aIo"ut t the prove hais ites to command, and inOppenhelmer. of this cliy. Amone britou than that of any other state Int
l. 1 L it erin wh ataming th mv ma ny other Iw nteresting t oin the write, brtoheo uo e Udin i c leay ealthed oi e t
e. od llitde ofC the r egul army better p says: adse medat t e Uniton Isi clra es abllshe by wa te iut
Sthi e sal etloer could scerely have been ute "If the medical v sou ld ee medical eiristnics the arimtonit. Indeed
,the Sitlow- ade than I~ce and waseeler. Wilson and for each case of tuberculosis, n1.rc.s..ei Ihe = lcs In this bureau de.on. Broker &d ] rs in
e horbsomestmeptIhas.a th epe ctate re the o that diseases thatl resulthn [N -
Da'._; wll gaM ome twie t epasgt itra h a been; nl or Invald n the especialrt cllet trom malaria ard ce a much milder typhe
a ll~wn to the public that it was the stnded to describe some of the sanl n the penlsular oi Florida than n anys
aiterm o b d c r Ur -produce herewith 9'
moton J. N. ohal lC wren intention to appoint aGe- tary e ..ron h a avhred aaparreo e Forl ohi . an the anio stn of Cth D. As in ad g i
np roros show that the rotio of deaths to Crops Estimated. Planting and Hmaeln wa elti
*h eG aaD wriettanen articl Inhe h a ea Ne wt ormXler.cai A' r"
a othe cases of remitting fever has been bco ed.

ha provenhis fe s t o h to oemm er andend j The of trphsician s eully isered mat o much less than among the troops tserv-
i *tem demon the pa tro perennial naves e and flowers, pura Ig in any other part of the United 0 0 AKLI ST .. I ;
i jS S? t0 IrloteBof the o M bF t at nldt<'o theobalmy' balsamic air--a p..fe a o- T i re
i 4fl~ro ttt't- mo The PinelLas Penonsular is from.four nO -.--eg Of h ry ne-d

s l tiwe tropical exist ene T others it sagns five mIles long:; ts Eastern shores are .t l
thestatistIseein, burnng suns, depressing h washed by Tampa Bay, Its Western
.P:.ZL u wo ** ofaf than OF coters. tate mWihUntoeion maariou. swais.yrcGG tn, ontn i aiii
tPetersburg on the south to Tarponeu I
Sth The state extends far t ns on the north the country Is one
t too north (31 degree) and toward the tro nd sataru These de h Y..u
h a send images to C- degrees) to give a tr-e of colo S- towns, a well s others between ths -.e81SPnkr'v sgs"
w "kbot. f rens i an l tont. na uloil Ifng to either of these hyperbolic gl hers are favorite ummer and winter resor (5n.G g Sr. C n Je-: -.,
ohi t to obe np the qtota of the of prejudice. In the northern portlo and are growing rapidly in popular ts "o lotnan r.. ., s
ill t beoatne tream many per..- of the state we have some Ice eand Frost esteem, bcae of the puty ad he. W lo 'ng e e

hSa. had. o athe jo ,iow fevh nr ever winter; in the southern wsete se tfuness of the air soil, ahnd to te. n," t f :
S...e ar ocur; throw aghout the rest of tile andthe attract tive surrou.dlnf.d ga t td'nIl- ltrS"
et.s mast hm n mind the fact thanheondltion vary acordng o, HOW T
'h a e d ca the dtiltgu fom a xe- tneghh oring wateres Nor do the Emat The IAoutllPe Dislpatch thinks that
l an rt.e Um e of fewve in C-. sansi West coasts present uniform fe9- if President MicKle ye was mar1e outhry
Q".. ..-olecontra t .. .... here tntres or similar conditions in the a r te r lon st rnsas a
I/slaS nra ,a, t a st tere a em e latitude The northeast and rin of the riGht M of stu, and was equt
I and a.11s. Pto the tmerurgocy n thatshe onfict with
aeast north, and northwet ba ad SpaIn could be ended very quidrly. The
a'mad i in died oac vomit co.n waves that do sot. as a rule, affeCt iqiatch is very erratic and illogical .
--T Ot& aa I, a Or- The tohthwest to any materil extent. in some ot itts bearek but in the main,
m tees andl elseWrT ays states r dThe annual cold waves from t-e
northwest sweep across the state ina s suban ce In a -
thitw asek a t the tss who go dlaonal direction. By oonsultin a Ing of the situation as It nOw exitl, "
6 Cubewt hove to eanoanter 2 are map o4fFlorida, it wll be observed that among many other thandgs, it says:r'We Esu
S. p, ,ina l dSyseter, psoemonk amsd- such waves as are nonytempered by should not be unduly elated over the: e -._)1f
-.. pegbody tn.b Istch and ticka." passIng over the warm waters of b ie victory which Admral Dewey woo tIn
aInajuskt '. 3Ao 6Py.h 0 t ofthe told eGul of Mdeten .sweep overdn. I to Ile
w .esteea, beeaser M aryhe lt oia t od southeast oast. Th.e famous fteeze Of te first nwval struggle ,with Spain, We .T"
th5 Pan onle last week that e r has left far deeper traces of ruin should not spend our time In rejoicing t olow '
hk had t wuce in Ohft yarh aid in Brevard County, on the Eat coast. over it and conclude that it ends the ca"i:_
ti..t. s 5. y_ ttew ver, and there are others in than in Polk. HIliisborohgh. and Maca- struggle. What this country expects -- r, J '"
Sida and Luisana who have had tee on the west, the latter being exactly a dd administroO
..1 expek rienhce es e.e in'the same latitude as the former. a
-Or l evee has not, however, auseno The lty of Tamp is neither seeed that .he ..ar .hhlch Is citing n s Bcdin
S moed deats Ong the Sp troop ored. and vet its health will eom- cording io Mr. Dlngler. 2.000.000 a day. or t

d l terry brought on by eating pare favorably with that of any c ty hall be vigorously pressed and speedily e"y; bs "
ea d tdriShTng spUre water and in the state. According to the v.al terminated. The President has it In i s -903- che' as mllBan tug smaSt Qatsgearo1 a
.0i Good eare ad M proper regard statistic of Dr. J. W. Douglass, ry his per to prompt end the struggle
..S." rot u t l the rlu of bheait cal do much id- health officer, the average mortality wur yl hl power to romptdy end the struggle --- Gra a S
~ wrIs prvet inga as l eBs, ev. en n as the first seven months of 1897 was 18 by obeying the orders of Congress to Bonds. Stocks, Gran and
i ^* n thy Cmae as Cuba. May llsol- per annum to the thousand; for the compel the withdrawal of the 8pan Provisions n b5s
emo harassed by insects past four years it has been 13.7 to he troops from Cuba. It Is foolish, if not ought lnd Sold for Cash or
twin dia "'. .thcusamd. Hyde Park rarely furni[shes
Sthousany portion of thyde Pa reality. fuhes criminal, to wait for the Spanish army Carried on Margin.
... ~s f or the a ost part coarse sand, which to hunt up oar -y, or to delay action; ..a r i*A
S er.aon the question of what to do filters rapidly and, after the heaviest for the relief of the people In Cuba and cu orWea ton alitl blediatsae e a it xes wea
wth Soh PhWiptie islands will bedn rains, leaves the surface dry In a re- for the expulsion of the Spapish on ac- cosnftbitles dealt s.
to ssm t lUf tWpon the administration markably short time. count of the movemenLs of the Spanish I WAe o aooept soatants for tsed t la R Pw
.t..r #bete I. The Islands can never The temperature of Hllaboroaugh poses ad from thse two have sC otIe or, P
: ste o Spal. for that wouldC ty during the late fall, winter, and eet. The only result of waiting for the expetrce, and guaranse agalast leo. Weod
A ss atha UMdete of ur ear allies ad early spring months Is all that could be Spanish fleet to appear in Cuban waters "le obaswe aoem oadations tofr kdtoa e-. legs
t6s the Nde. L Atther would desired. It has been repeatedly proven would, be to delay and embarrass the sy owe sstem of metltidatg Hn es at Sim-
N:m to grrenftder them to the in- that a mean winter temperature below efforts to send relief to Cuba BShip- p t ueo always haea artle twe -ty Iv
-iWasiKk' .b bM.l p bed. byb de agrees F. Is uncomfortably cold. loads of a ammunition and provis- P Prcem- or mom se w"ere, sam dep l
IAsk ft m _to jx.omn Ia- akfot one above 67 degrees or 68 d.ree. i 60"d ... aan a sq isi ls ad
Sat t s ale at- whIle o as dar degrebly warm. ions should be sent to Ctba with troops so k tockl ih th at r .ra e,
tl S the Unitad ir. Worley and Dr. Haghleti. In an enough to hold a base of sappies, and .rham.an a. see to tawy'
--H ler il-t aPDewe excellent article in the Journal of the strengthen the army of the Cuban in- ta eeba st I aga"eftin L M^ a
t a S ^ whMs s ityt aAmeiesna Me4tcae Aaolanon, FB ru-fIsrent" o that ttey may press' the.li... iasl n,.poyda. X.lt,
.g.e.... aacatsot t tothee t t war against pain" This much should We a for le seae
a" t acksouv"il and Jupier on thei.Fast
e s,3~eoas asI t acaspars ta, the be dne at ah haads, and t one at once, IPAn u ti& 5A.WAR dM e
-a, t,,.penraiire h40 ta tR l sad the general oplalO an d fetsag t
.. a is. vIre at. w..Kas Saha i that an army 5uid he l is. Cuba C bs r

De Jan" Ma warM6 of aor at ea b . Adm i'6-
in... .. = .~ -
-, -- i. P 5p Ussas yttge .

mp-Adsected as

atatedwrom Jury
m hmewever. na

r. s o a ,r d ,ne emaN bottle of Hairs Great Dis- trance to the oay.
.. ame' am& Lieoa Be cover cure all Kidney and Bladder It was the 26th of January, 1788,
.;a ~riber qaht aLn M Itreublei, removes gravel. cur Dia- when the fleet of Governor Arthur
is ..all knew io thise M aI berl reminal emiss lon weak and lame Philip entered what is now Sydney hr-
j a ialI eX Teh s.ldMh i: backs. rhemnatism ed ald llrregulart- bor. The settlement of the epntinent of
oxgS fyes wha rll da I'll go tie of the Kidneys and Bladder in both Australia wr: Legan.-Chicago Eecord.
Ia21etlaM i genm U ma and omen. Reguates bladder be shstd iave Breaght Them.
Mshtre after Mappemb ad troubles It children. If not sold by A do te a good story in onn
f, -I a bti hi g of u your druggist wll be ent ty mal on o with a lad who, until renly,
M .L Sl d tm rceipt of SL One small bottle tI two. was in his employ. It was part of his
;.a y M bed ie says month' treatment and wl cure any duties to answer the surgery bell and
qigl cssanonh". easme abovz mentioned. L-W.Hall to unher the propeotive patients into
7SoMn* 2ind Solel Manufanturer. the consulting room. Onue morning
H piym --^' w' imsgc ^ 'P. 0. Box 21M Waoo. Texa. thtre presented himself at the surgery
Sold by & B Leonardi & Co.. Tampa. entrance a meehanio with whom But-
al- ILta. rtos was en speaking terms
a ai a Claton, Atla. March uat.l cer- 'Etllo, Jackson he remarked.
t ty that hav been cured of Kidney "What'the matter with ye?"
ad bladder troubles by Ba a' Great "0h. I just want to see the doctor,"
SDeovery (Waeo., Texas), and I can relied the visitor.
", ftsy r,,Autd Mt. Have yer brought yer asyntptosa
ag aI Rev. IL B. Pounds. tt with ywt" inquird Bations. "Tbiat
the-e ft thing he'll ask yr about. Ifiye
iSb 'ae mst heid an eqthualatic meet- mi't bm ht 'em y bWetteMpop b,
ilu a adrl laest nightat their rmr y. .set'm. wenS' be ownefe a
.i o a*n highly elated qyer the ore- qp c i-ho wlp
~e sd gao Intp amp c ad wi ll aaa21 t 'pml'
uimarus (tar t .. t. tU t1" InAd would.jm_ believe. I tadlkO
5BB- -PLTP'wy tl'sate to p -"Prt fer duty. l arAnd di o m %V *IP
MHBlee to M* n bp .'7 ." gfy- -

Is'l be am thoweld be
"re d about nd
-m .V~hi fq um vred be

j B~~


esld by te c od O es therA-my Awaiting Madrch OUS SOUTH SEA SIT
am oftml kisMe Mn Thif Week Without Fail. B co.r N. ,
1@ Jaa" hae aM "I Freem Weaida57a Daily. 5. i wa Eer WMee Therm aW n
mg a eetl that I wI 8oiBg AItbom k T .uesdy has frequently been 3m M4vr Had Amyth to Do WU
*S.o 1are h. Befor leaving the s ro r rerred to n the Vast week by zsfmis a Pnal Sywas.
inpq umy two karat ditlseadsitud aawpa orreppondents as the day The convict fleet nflled away
ae o ttie pomppe and dippffed it set or the departure of the United from iEstand in May, 1787, t i led at
h ,vest icket. Am dinner, vlte amy of invaiona, here swa Rio Jandiro and arrived at Botany Bay
* sosise dr In my r9m I went to anoth arocad headquarters last night early ini January. 1788. In bthe fleet
umy po t myo the s my fob pt Dos, to indicate that there would be any were a 2 gun frigate, an armed tender,
there Il my hand ty itob move for a day or two yet. three stdresbips and six transports, far
the other l en hl de The officers were anxiously awaiting the largest fleet that ever sailed to the
o sdth in my four n ih news from Admiral Sampson's squad- South sea, though the largest vessel
T wasn noe of tism ron, and discussing the relative merits measure only 450 tons and the small-
'I iefthmaton my des I tho of the American and Spanish natives. eat only S70 tons.
I WiGr fWid tIereer in Se moWning. The Younger oflboers a drond headquar- On the six Email transports for this
will peut an a plain gold mtnd toighI terms are Impatexiet and anxious for mar long, trOpical voyage were packed ron-
"The z~Xt m inLg the mtnd wa s not thing orders. They are willing to take vitss numbering 564 men and 192 woer-
o be adt the gtore. Thought of the the hanr es of er aowfeer or anything an. aptain Philip of thearried 16ih naye

f a timongit Unl army are determined that It will not wasgmaced in command of the e -pedi
Every WyIhbadtakenoamthewayhome, else so lo deg as they get a chance too and gicthe a w ommiofn a th e marines
.sad thenaledcm porter. ighmeet the la. Althougle, t the and capin gen, thermal of spring of con.th
'G et'Iadd1, 'JutSt before I wen.question loncerninbo the destr action od vieW Approximately 1,0o0peri ons
b might I slipped diamond thedence wasuba deter chain tas one of t th e y for te ifoundtor of today to
i1041. .wraPd Is tsUe p1eps, into my lutions which caused the beginning of thernewest woldolend than Ie 0 years

Sthe reotf to be achieved t ey conquert uhdestand n he blank dismay that Philip
.SGb A s ?IOutOfUMsth r e the war te opanfih cers and men of the old. pain Philip of the British navy
- Se artedwotaniY thlar h Uan army are determined thation will notal in ip ound on fird of the expedi-
pub*ear staj1 subse te i 1t1g. B e made a side Issue when thead nceust aornsdgivable aommie fon a governor
meeand ort the ou and regulars and volun- Leavinwhole, the flee and captain general of ew South
AlI NllN C very little t established and comp the nde- Walein tender
i bit abeet to See.pendenceof Cuba other than as one of It isneamy for the visitor of today to
the resvlte to bse achieved by conquer, nlerstands the blank dismay that Philip
tmJ -* a dthodihef Memdkla T d Ti n gr the S punish orces.y They "Re- mus have felt when the fleet ailed
e dmd mlB m po Inketiomy decisive battle befre the beginning into BotanyrBay and he saw for eac
te habik s ar th reformationM andve the will never be afurthedr. hat in ydt time he place which Co had bee
s y o sisad ope n at lea order hundreds troopnard have rCuba d to him as the potfor set.
0= "Mdploo t'aT lock bemen alled for every in murdered on tilemnt. It had been slceted by the ad.
aB7le lom"e shte loo ofe be the wory, and e n l t Mao vice of Captain aook, whosemo botnits
f w ,andI theeed oomthey had given iot we expressive camf.

Ot"t "d AD&I re eiov ede=oof at Tampa and New orleans at once no -ta ed thew p ri r t s the rneth
Sa alertedtieandinebtanthaltfa prominent transportation wl coal, inst hilip fond on first e amiinadisputedha

"-AN 1 1 w U the -Stu& hO o lhtethouiandl statue ata two fo nd t a bo first adt
gisotl 1si m Wu s t ha. d. be and whfch It w day ha yet beetha t fo thame unsuitable site for a new settle-
sseIi s 8till wbraptl! ino theP etenr departuned fro the beet authority men; hardly could have been chosen.
% ia thneoutter, a few steps this idde aostae that the invasion of Cuba by The bay was hallow, there wa no
S na avenue, and he wen ome tart wth the forces now stationed n days unable ane ora two F renh rigwas no good wa-
w that night with a S hoglpin ee ould begin this week. ter, and the sadjaent land was not for-
it kis pocket t"-ew York Bun. It was stated that the rr r mp e nIs to tile, except for botanical specimena'
A IENT IMEPIECES. a forty thousand regulars and volun- Leaving the fleet ancbnred stain the bay,
AP CE Eteears a soon as possible, and compel Philip sarted up thecoast in his tender
A nlda sdtime by m ig A mthental nisheadquartey n Cuba to tight a to bunt fo a better home. Nine miles
tts laastOa e clas. decisiveh battle before the beginningo g o t the northward he found himself fac-
Wened do n been o floortmore than alludeo the rany eon. ing those rea gah expedite now know as
She habit -at the reformation, and The teleams stated fublrther, hat n Syd wreced and which Coeof te cadrew wen
pes ay in o of preaiers order to and these troops in Cuba freom a disan ce, and, satisfied with
aning their doses by the hour- ith as little delay as possible, e o the 9v Boane e, haL carved on his hbart
Sn t pulpit. The marked e maer a moment had waha erectedtered every available s a po artr fr sm rech
ehoer etty. Those fat mee in vuberl on the Atlantic and ulnoncoammsts. Pblp rmentd to he meonor of the mand

1X soned oteer were seen down town mander of the expednitiof at Botanyh
Cbaeiu..gIn day rn for Z2 hao's. and ordered the volunteers to mobilize ,rayszd tPort Jacison--efyder htarboe
AN1ed thetrmeat hit upon a method s2 ato f amipa and New Orleans at once. now-stamed the woroJ -oetd bath o finest
miringtime, which tshowsthat there The irt ebt thedt reeton will consist of haro. in the sesc s and disputed
a Saue an, though very proba- the eight two husandreud ars and two for that distinctiohe bory Bo Three day
l 'mmaof the.rnonsateriesathen the hou-sand Cubans now locaLed In Tampa, of explocatiu tlelt no possible doubt
AI tes m a f knowledge were sd stand whilq no day has yet been set fn that tboni was te place to he elected,
Ii a ft c ot by p ttca kn owld thgei departure, as far sa known, It Is and Philip returned at once to Botany.

gin ~ i ,th w rB mt w e o rn ohek and ho nr.d to y W mm do w t
l t by practical knowledge now almost a ctlertainty that they wi eal The n I nhe eet stan oulated t s y.
aan eve tbeakingdom in ge-neral start within the next three days unlessI when two French frigates appeared iso
i ed Alfred's plan, which, though In- the American fleet meets w'~rh great the off tg. Tbh y bore an etploringt party
111 i .te rmbily lacked any.th loaes byn the encounter with the Span- under Comt de Ia nerouse, s witLou
ie haccumy of the other ivsen- lards& hbtiLe inteutions, which wee e n tiz-
S Yet the ki.Lng's Idewas e a In antrhe mta camped o Tampa Mense relief to the coci d nn
I itindeful effort of genius, which, for Heights, the offers are impatient, but ahy was llot to the Fanclmes. They
uctian rst by cLagtpulson with the they have decided to make themselves refreshed and refitted there, staying un-
Ompw-. ignorance, it ws. Am evfty as comfortable as possible while wait- til M rch, ad burying on shore one of
filb 3(in this ce literally) knoW, ln. Yesterday several of the regi 1- their company, the naturalist of the ex-
Apdk d time by rn-ASiligt A mental headquarters were provided pedition, who lied c wounds received
ng ezIM mee, by the WRY. ham he~us with board flcoring. Heretofore there in an enoounner with the natives of as
11glit nywed, seeing thaterIddlA h so etes island they had touched. A few months
th hlm I^ has been no floortIn n of the tents, lr the ne tio wu hi .
andth-l.tiom n w-r. when T established, it moreckedr and ev iy name of the rew was
dry night an the ebe thegiht thaI they would only B e here murdered by the natives of Vanikoro,
e r in th0 tol a Iew days. The men have settled one of th Santa Cruz islands. In 1825
them ili down to routine tamp. life. A smaller monument w erected by the/eba
Aled, am ancient a number of-privates and non-comls- government to the memory of the om-
e j =IBM pre ty ston&ed officers were1se down town mn-der of the e0peditio-' at Botany

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er 1West. left there to-day for
hiap on board the steamer Olivetie to DRIP.
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SOLITICS WARM. Ul --- .. ...,..
'OLITICS W ARM Wil 175,000 boeied by the It is a win preheat whi
to Hisr rother and ister-mLaw. Paymasters and Paid Out to the whee take in the apring tQ purif
ret Enthusiasm manifested at Body Sent Home tor Inter- By in Blue-K ry Patrol general system. It is an absolut
he Ward MeetigS Yesterfday. ePt-No Inquelactd Upon the Streets of Tampa. u the m a gti
which have ac utulWted. W i.
From s&atrday's Daly. of the entire .ear; d~al ands are
ron Saursays Daly. Emile Friday, a member o yesterday was solders d Tmp it a not Bipply unaidl, and t
The political pot that been slm- Early in the morning the different pa
The political pot tha boi een 5s y firm of Jacob Friday & Sons, the con- masters started disborstng Uncle Sam's and a general depresed feeling,
Dead earnest and at the precinct tractors who have been at work for filthy lucre to the non-commissioned down ome with spring weatht
et ouo the county. unu- IwesPtignth eoffmcers asod rivatMe and by noon and ing season, it is einently
etis throuot the county, unTm- several weeks putting in the sewerage until a late our last night, the streets ea it
L ierest was saniested In ampa system of the clty. committed suicide were lined with the boys in blue who remedy be taken to fore mount all
we ward meetings were largely atell-
Sand a geat deal of enthusiasm yesterday afternoon by cutting his spent their moiey freely. The whtoe lengthen the system. But gr
s demonstrated throat with a razor iu his room in the town was patrolled by guards m the in selecting the remedy thich
camp, oWr 2WO or them being under
Iwn the Sixth there were only a very Almeria hoteL arms. Four privatesand a 'non-com." work; nD one would knowingly
w that attended. everyone in the busl- af Four and & n
Sorton of the ity evidently be- The deceased has been acting strange- constituted a squad. These were sent of taking a medicine composed o
genDar d. Tohe meeting was called ly for several days, and for several out to kee order agero ingredient. This is a m
eore by Juvdge CLater. George ute ore killing lf e be bodies of troops are gerous ingredients. This is a
order by Jludge Carter. George minutes before killing himself he w concentrated as tn the case here, this -I no one wishes to take chances on
walker ws elected chairman _ad W n an adjourning room with his brother done to prohibit any disorder that fact worth Oonsidering that
sley erer the oty exeu- Walter Friday and the latter's wife might be caused by the boys imbibing
re coomantlee from the0 1tbh. They had been talking of return to tooA vi to the camp showed a mna-
MaJor Wright nominated the follow- Charleston, S. C., their home, in a few ture Monte Carlo. In each company
i delegate wh were afterwards days. Emile walked through the fold- street were seen groups discussing their
ceed: Geoe. W er. J. T.i roLn, ng doors into his own room and almost advantage in poker, while others were
S srman, John aosnet. Duff Peas instantly his brother and wife heard risking all of te money in this purely
,m Henderson, T. Weir, and J. J. a heavy falL They rushed Into the Over 176,000 was paid out yesterday
ve ars r 0 e. following room, and there found Emile lying on in sales alone. A like amount will
lJdge Carier offered-the following
lolutn whio was adopted unanl- the floor with lis throat cut. be dtributed to the officers In a few
o : : itS edby the Denmo- He had used a rasor, and the gash in danigh The money arrived Wednsday
It of Prednlct a9t In convention the throat extended from behind the the Tampa, Bay otel, were it was
ll tt we o heinrigte ear across the front of the throat placed under a strong guard. To-dy is the. y p bod
L S paettan4 member of Congress around to the left ear. It was about a lguarde portion of It wil b ng deposited ne teed to Otain not.
the guard of our banits, being ~ one guaranteed to contain nota
am the im t Congresol al district two inches In depth, and had severed there by our merchants, who were busy slphu, arsenic, or any other a
eLida, and We hw ly direct the he Jugular veins, and main arteried, all of yesterday relieving the soldiers far ahead of other similar rem

LtoL was not dead when his brother reached ner. tht every ingredient of which i
'We altme, reb rpesotetfly request him, but he was g lasping his lB O I glheed from NatlmSt forst-; o
&e the delegates to the ciresslonal the alarm was given, and & doctor THE D OF c atred from nature's forest
aventlue lrmn this county do all Ino oO matter what else they oetil
st- poeselto secure hs re-nomilnation. sent for. Dr. Byrd was the first to re- geo l mineral as their basis. E
d wr. as Democrats m ohereby pledge l ond, but,iby the time he reached the L I Trbla aCnusmtio Ci I e effects of mercury, poah, slip
slves to do a& in our power to se- room death had ended the sufferings c wishes to pour these mnerals tnt
we his election." f the unfortuae man. The body was u
It was deceded that the county. off- rsolute safety in S. S. S. (S-ift's I
as well as the state officers shall placed on the bed, and the sheriff aas A& Eminent NOw TYok Chemist ad feis th est loc
nominated by cotventon. The notified. Wheh he arrived and heard ienti k a Fr Offer to r ithlf lo
reta, and ch'rma were instruc- the story,- h did not deem It necessary 8Oc ad es a. Free Offer to every imprnnity and building up i
Sto prepare a report of the ronven- Or ead rather than filling it with ner
w., certie to It. and preset the same to hold an Inquest. Dr. Weedon was g it it er
Chairman s ea tman of the state called In and gave a certificate to the The dislingui.,hed Nrew York eemis n i haij ousB effects throughout them
tmmttee. effect the -Jeath was the result of a T. A. 8locum, demonstrating bhid t- the digestive organs.. Get the bi
& iurge mber o voters were were self-inflicted wound. cover of a reliable and a olute cur i pely vegetable, baced by
sent in the wentr-eovengh precinct, oe ry in l of ahbre aoe lem if it contains the slightest ta
er seventy votes being cast. The The deceased was the second n fr C ptio or p n (P noaryuwrh o o- a it contains the slighte t
eettil came to order at the canl of 3. the senior member ot the firm of Jacob i ) and and ll br,.chial troat, luno e to yourself and ge the
Warren and ion. Thomar Palmer Friday & Sons. the Charleston con- -and canett d beai., tubborne oughs.t l adB-fa. S. Remember that
sod clett diseasr, stubborn cougho. sSe.rRemembersthatnuei
5o made chais an. and Fran- tractors. H came to Tampa about caiarrhal afec ioll-. general lcrint
!ose weret&ry.
bwentr;-sivx delegates were nom- two months ego. and put In r bid for an weakne. ito ol flsl. uitd all con-
sted and after balloting the following his firm for the sewer Laying contract ditinr <.r wa-iiin re wa3, will --nd
re declared elected- Thomas Pal- and the bid being considerably lower three fre bttles (all diffe-reut) ior bhi
Wcth. i Wing. A. J. Knight, C. r R u a ra
i "NrewlW.l.e oletific Treatmente" liar
Knight. *Dr. W. H. Jones. N. P. contract. The bd, in fact, was so low Eictfic Treatlmni la.
hoff. Henry Brah. H. Frecker, that all thhe other contractors were as- c Irole in,.tcan W r peimitii\ llt.y I r.
omas E. Jackson. and J. B. Philllas. tonihedl at the figures, and d prediCted timely ,-r. -d h- o,.-Iider- iie si ,.l)
L. Witng was made a member of te that there would be a -eary loss. Mr. I proftfhennl duL) lit nifflri-de .ilua W^ ms
ecotlve comrplttee-. Of the seventy bea vli. ...r r.i.e..n..l doL .. ..o i i..
tes cast for the delegates. Ron. Friday admitted that be did nxt expect t. Inoot" i trla, .i hi, iifullitticur"..
omas Palmer received sLatyuinue. to make any profit off this particular i;-iettie isii. -ci.vr-Itsrt nw wtiders. P u re y V c
rbe neetIng of Precinct D3 was held contract. but that he believed that if: "1tt """ grri.r teiuti ,lt. I~lenoly ex-
the office of the Ybor City Land ond e the wr dneaor as o te La at pirelerill (ir ig r;L.r. has produced re-
p..v ,entCo ypany. Te chair was done n a ry s ; ber-hCi- to humanity as ca -
ed by .O. B. Sparkman. while Fred manner, his firm would securea much b, cloimeoi by any modern geniua, Hie The First Infantry broke camp yeater-
Meyer.aeted as secretary. In this arger contract when the laterals were iowtrt'on that lunt trouble aou con- day morning and left Tor Port Tam -a,
eoelnct a committee of three was a.- to be put In.' smptloa are crab in Y, l iuate where theywil -a'stationed wnd the
fnted to-name deetes Instead of The work has been pro ngssin sead- pluvsu by "'Leartelts Itt.ter of tati- where they will iti statoned untl the
Scomlvention electing iftem. as wasLie"ed in hiA ca ndEuro
Scease In the other meeting .After Ily. but numerous obstacles, uch as eo." laborle or in s m sn ,nd Efro marched trdeough t4e sttiet. on the waymn
me disq"Non, the flow;ng named quicksand, boiling springs, etF.. have tbo-e 'trr in hil I orts or the woer., to the depot they greb;lted a Ste -
eates were apontetl t the com- been encountered, and the firm has Medical .xprt- cor.-ds i th brim. pearance. The equlpmeMt was cured
fle and approved by ose tnventLon.
4 epeStmPn. Gee. T. Ctamberlatn. ot heavily on the contract at the price ebrhl, dhem i aid lu,,a truuhle, kad to down In wagos, all of tbe sbdbk of the
a& Balbontine. Oscar Maurara.. red It was taken. As he was Instromental cln~-umtptlon. whi-h. uninterrupted regiment eitg nued for that purpose.
SMeeres' 'ranelco. Castro, J. R. In securing It, Mr. Emle Friday has means speedy aod certati. miath.
'r A. E mith. AI R ire Und for some time been qufte desuoVnoent, Simply write to T. A. Slocuom, M C.,
sLehpelcata. 98 or el a he de S Pine steel. New YTor, giving pot. t r
'h executive cotvanltteai n selected. For several daeys, he has acted w office anod xprems address, and th e t W
-s 0, a spuissa. and a Bl- qu eerly, but no one ImagIned 'thit he mediuio will I promptly sent,. uf
ella. contenrplated suicIde. He 50ted so fpero thu Ot precSlct 5.s1 Sdo~fte t-551ti0n11 Quickly yesterday, thai there waR to btosgnr-rouo propositteom.
oeg o. S. M Spark. mn as a. chance for hise brother to prevent rm hiese tell th drtor that you W "sw
m, ins Niw'I MifflTETL from eommitting the awful deed which th-, offer ln thi TAMPA TtBU1c. i
accipeseee^r ha a4- He lesaves a wife and two children In 1i
-s *sBy r ltO-S to order at Charleston. alsq his father, Jasoh Fri- A TEXA8 WIO3X D l-
' -dwe-S p-Iw.i t ,eiolls sonn. day, and his brothers, Walter; 'riday tAtiL'S GREAT DIS COVKRIY.
WI I thesee 1-ee. KLoitlt wt and Victor Friday, who sew in I' Tmpa
l&He hsaa' large rll c giremoa' sad One small bottle of Hall's Great DiB-
B Bdisfcl7S Iltsra some sliver toIn t pockets. t body ce^ sures aK ldney and dder ee s
Td a .nbi crrtl U ,i^theo d~egater ewas turned over to Undertakp A. S. tnoubiM, removes gravel, curw Dia- si oM^ ^ ortt
date- n ontehl pson a who p red it or'Inter- betli, senPtnal emission, weak and lame ate S lie fttar sae5 es~fa~jem
I .rt iit h- e' m eont. It wlll be sent to C aseston backL rheumatism and all IrregUari- U rthes-cl cto ,r= s eIriils
ani s di ^ let t to the this morning, a d wil he aboomuanied ties of the Kidneys and Bladdet In both
iy o enUo. the to have a by the brothers lot the deceased. men and women. lsgiatle bladder ea Mtldied 1 smotr b:
. l. PA. '. ." O. The sad deatofMr. Friday w llw ot troubles In children. If n sold -tiee^s .e the enymmi. lae ant
au t t. J. B*lAenornC1 l litevens, cause any cessaction of the wor-t on the yout druggIst ovIll be sent toy mall on In(SS n 3r nta.~ T sewMiilliri-

A. Jacksom. Domldl 4ay,. sewerage contract as the flrr f Fri- receipt of 1- One small bottle Is two- elwk W sirstuha -
aS l the msmoe edS Sda-d a day & So0ns a not embarrass, and month-s treatment and will cau anS C
m oatf l3thm k ta i Eee iecue :11 carry out work utUl the contract case above mentioned.. ELW.HallI. drUwd ss 0,-t%_.s
Lnte frA04l1pnClaet~II s completed. .The deceased had made Sole Manufaotmer. Box-21WwT Trft lot
- ftoHowlng resoluaina were then many friends while here. anc all ex- P. O Box 218 Waco, Texas. sumsiasw Spp Vlanr
s by Democrat P s since Let at death of Mr. Sold by S. B. Leonardi & Co., T'mnpa. COLUMBIA IIM0 ..,
lZrl.is by th I Da n bfFriday, ard snpatbhze deeply with yia
%~Xixt 2,9 ...4, Uembl 29 his bereaved fami y. .& = V.K.LL
a S aAS hd a r. ed famlvl Clanton, Ala.. March 4. 1097.--I cer- 11 E. alie r.e a ,.
iesd et Rs Honorable 8 tify that I have been cured of Kidne NW YORK. PARSs. CHICAOO.
a of Congres PROVEID 6.WUOESSF-L" and bladder troubles by Hall's Great aT. 'WITS. LOUIl4DP. IA., i ALtL-LOse.
mar: the 188-- 0 Us&W.
leV1 & and 9 ha s r1 direct t Ta --"ir e l Discovery (W cu, Texas). and In can.
y direct o the ens oaafe718. Way 3ton wor* tro
apaifrom tenentioa to o js of this place states that Bhm blood nully recommend yt "b Ly ..
I n thtr power tOe hl~b re-nol was in a bad condition, ad !he used Rev. i. B. Pionds tt Ser ~e-idigte i
Wt u, r m "any different remedies withOut good B
a s reai tita reult g ae. n advert nt ot The torpedo boat Pawhatan whlh wat s n .
at the 7e t= o leClS ldonal Hood's Barsagarlila, he begah r taking recently bought by the go-vernmnt, wittl
ieinlse.. glnum this untnty do all in It, and It ha proved entirely eSNtisfar- smart this week on her work of patro-l
;Mas at liptIA renbombnationat Wti to w obi
e Pow erto his Ire- o la .nw.g the coast of Florida. Se was or
tSC Wera Irate &s hereby pl~6 edge meriy tre tug Penny'wood.bot since i
Trmo, a-waiew _uay adra w oratd p now d s
tS hi elec-ti -. i a' las la-.alOc a orsestc was ought there have been mounted on e r -
tu C. a-Cien .od ruvgtsiharela o, ornA her a three pouod gun forward, and a -.ss ,
AN t tSi 'i DRUGGIST c .hruggta5 reLl otchklss 3 millimeter revolving rapid ___ --
c I fimre guon aftDRL thut greatly changing her A
TO CURE A COLD N ONEiDAY. appearance. Lieutenant' Russell Is .
ch~lu5&ew mea orme wide awake -commander, and C. F. Chase is f-xecu- .-
rd 1etedelBa lhuanm, B. 'eonardic Take Laxative Bromo Quinaq Tab- tivofficer.
rh-lArw-uo paltns to secure the best ets. All druIglst refund the money ft -
i- et n tb nefor their f It fails to cur'. i d-w. S. E. Parker, Sharon. WIs.. writes;- W
leg w5 es. Th nnow haei th 1 *i have tried DeWitt's Witch iaselO A usg ___t q
qt~a^ Oera. T have the i, --S-alve for Itching piles and It alwaystex3 r
01"alabe a(g ,r. W la New stops them Is two minutes. I consider C'tsV'51TT5,"T' 2 m
aii col l and DeWltts Wttch Hasel Salve the great- WII. o L5tskrd,
ta.-esn ptilcTur remedy, il c re on the market-. B.H sr
a 11evec-r eonardi 9C41.A ..Ta, l A
mj j liat rtan a eutenant WIlliam E. Almy, the cav-
4J Bairy aid on Gen 'Wads staff, is a twtla
A astb A l brother of Lieut- Almy. of the Unlts4
1 la States gunboat Wllmington. whih a is
$i n l'tdi>ow ,*ow attached to Admiral meemui in's.
114 sts=aaedron, uan.whIch s now doing sfch
:. :i.. ": !ae_ da .m .o,-

D P& i-,
and inmta.
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Pat care raol
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and wil fj
if the mosetia
Latter worth
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everybody kxbwr t0i Ii
har, arenlo, ete.,.ai&:
o their tomach.: TheB
8p9efic),sBd, vhile it
4 w"emedymade, famc
and strera Itohi the.i
,1 mixtu s e-wch Jsi s
entire body*besdes dea
oet blood Peqdy, the ai
a forfeit of ane thua
ace of miahwe*~a-l
ese blood remedy I
Swift's Speific the m



fS'.^ "

Said T hi


"' :"
C c-

Sfa P1i9ADBD GI. [,

-.. m Pi ly. DaUH.IIK[
Sou yesterday i led by Ordms f Offidal to
Vtap- d 4tI3cakte and Francnsco Je Cls- Brr r m l
M the Swo yoangCuh&n volunteers. Wahington.
S mao assaulted. Louis Jones and James
ft Wednesday afternoon with a
w ere fined 860 and costs,
A.A-,,ting to S er1,e and theCAPTURE CAUSED CONCERN
mor'vnha the young men were taken be- ___
fore ;the n-ie-p3 court, but Judge
i rt igL Graham decided that he had no Juris Diplomatic Circles Greatly Excited 1
,ftd -inthedctioninthe ease, and acii*dlnxlyU
a thaed th prsonert over to the county Until it W Learned That a is.
auth orities. CoMt itor Peter 0. take Had Been Made.-Sailed
Kniht entered the charge of aggra-
vated assault and the men both ileadedl to Havana..
guIlty throngh their Interpreter.- In jP
garnmw sentence en them. Jsdge Crter
gave tham some ood advice In regard Spedal to the Tribune. Both the method and resultswhen
promotions to their hraty aets in the futumr Key West. May 6.-The large mer- Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
comAnd SetiS o the sor pofhh hat steamship Lafayette. cf the and refreshing to the taste, and acts
was-th t of Virgil Jonee.colored.charge French line prie between Harve. gently yetpromptly on theKidneys,
wshebm aWo 'with -as ut with Intent to rapej Tbe Prance, and Havana, waa captured Liver and Bowels, cleansesthesys-
ttenO O JuryWsW f old t In this case lonf Thursday night rihtle attemnoting to tem effectually, dispels colds, head-
pi 5 Q tO write their verdict of 'gnllty
ti entee wi bre n e aana blockade. The cap-cheand fevers and cures habitual
S;It-mu mornim. It s vry likely that he will ture was effected by the runboats constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
0sde tai be gien tKie fu ll liit. .Annapolls and Wilmington. and this only remedy of its kind ever pro-
AM*V a b reiua nTm ares and Victoria Marks morning the steamer waa brought into duced, pleasing to the taste and ac-
wwieo oe e nvcted of living In ad 'notr
Ilr r wore senteed to a.y a fine the harbor of Key West by the Wil- ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
Of-I sfelarIs- e Malt to spend three month mington. its action and truly beneficial in its
:3to Wt~eI tmheeountr Jast lit commissioners of the prize court effectsprepared only from themost
se IN& wascharged with awe-
ig s ,om kinb three coa wt n the examined the vesel and found na hin healthy and agreeable inbstances,
y^lBW# N^au t .o he pleaded not guilty. nnd the c ntraband o .war on board. Commo- its many excellent qualities com-
.tii 1 i rt r c eO the ws t w taee same Th dore Watson. of the blockading squad- mend it to all and have mad itthe
i.Suisse p ia t e rat~nnoe~ e r who arrived ters this morning on most popular remedy known.
'te imm aw eof carryai n=e0ad sa- the tesner Olwvette from Tampa, or- Syrup of Figs is for sale in 5
* n- u t maam wasor ps e on ered the vessel released. The older cent bottles bT all leading drug-
i. e ant uWnam fords based upon advice received from tist Any reiale druggist who
661Mn dl the navy department. may not have it on handwill pro-
Y tar aa trada. as ummt erad st e, u.rThe report that the vMee contained ue k promptly for any one who
w. a nM dle se. officers. troop and ane for the pan- Wshes to trv it. Do not accept
ieaSihS or hse folu em m ee owsrn lair Is without fuosndalo-n any wbtte
a est nw-mi the ne t torm: DanM em-_-any nbe e
am: n wre ms m weat. wom t ot the
aden ast t To LM AT HEJDQUAeht WJtERtS b aiP d
*i* ah lto ShrnA Nsobtt nit s l-.Supplies Being Isned to Florida's Uii s..
'r Ia h" he, timse to t tRegiment.s- dam .,A rU. A M aL
Semm ori and O, F, HeraidL T-hewit- Regiment.
ly- mia 'Intgn t hot cn i mi Ntplaced
nds r obo of $10e s we to arat specLa to the Tribune.
ir o~-h the next te. Th Ds~ em re Tasrahasee. Mafy 6.-The office of ol and Mrs Peter O. Knight o
sri o or 4 to a or before ttaieGmn of Gen. Houston In the capitol is the scene TTsmpa are making themrelve popular
Go't. of mh btstle Jst ow. iquLsltlons osth te officers of the army at Tampa
S .THE WATUt WORKS MUTE.. are beingreceived fom the different b giving them entertaments Tha
Mr.-Y BOar_ "" -.h Coo" companies, who have been ordered to L! ri ht. ad the citlsens of mpa
Ssr e n e not Tampa for guns, unfors, ammunition rall lose nothing by being
SWty C urteous to the soldiers during their
h -. te to "e L and other necessary equipment nd are ecampment in that city. uch mcre-
l WB- The cI t ou o tI face to fae with being filled and sent to the company tesles are due. and whpn extended are
|T lte, eT eu'i as b t he tte De:1c. to1 commanders as soon as received, Iways appreciated.-Ganesvalle Sun
W' 5 punm ued r it in its ratios with
a c n lan There is much spculaaitntowh It is enough to make even a mule
Aif wifth ril A. ,oaI rdmothe will be in command of the regiment, It s o te ee
dla ugh to see how the equestr ian s lem n
PVV6t W'00 A ~i~dn5AL &a r i ML r- and It Is expected that the governor will 4e the anmao that e be usrd In
N iato a n ctbon oy1l"e. M name e person to-day. There are c.valry.
SS4awnei td that it was the de- several eligble men being considered
'rbei of& tam opMir Asns met the deitame and each candidate baa friends here who iTou get everything of any importance
t s 5na d& no in liducsW have come to look out for their favorite, lii the Tribune ten hours In advance of
;7 WW ^en aoh e beitt is almost certain that Captain Thos. the Jacksonille paper and twenty-four
oW sacbt edrotion eouM be qad. he, Woodruff will be appointed. Te mem- hpurs In advance of the northern peper.
si litao~ tna t h be would not at tWil e mers of the regiment from the western
Sthe mtter of rates to prvt pa the state will na through here YOU
M01ai 0 SS- S SiS 2 Zhe jon i day on their way to Tampa The OUR MAu
t. teR arprmte cariety. aade that a ladies are guarding their gardens care-
t between.ulta ben ry teao nd nde-Iy In order to enable them to pre- S printed on the
Ow w would be necessur to de-1 .. ... "
At w eat ettet ratMe d be ent a thesoldier boys with bouquets when rppe n
SIet-thea ran rrv wrapper or margin of.
tn wi th a committee TA YEARS IOR JONMS this paper, and oppo-
4W r t a ouseR &iU attention bpendbeeno
St& e lat the certain eit$t Fo. Amul With Intent to Rape. he .ite it is the date of
to .U taxes, on the I
rr. i o a rsn L o .n& 0o -your SUBSCRIPTION
-Wo'n f t f ttax.- v rM 1Jonma the w. ws con- which shows that you
a" jlk~t I&, WAD aueved %", th e Via"d of assault with tratant to rave at'
p As a mnt, of this te of the ort. are a delinquent. Pay
a d te browuht bfor jdge crtr ystra, up now. You can do
Bi_. STrSt2f t's preism t a t.o s l t wtr Jo. onede so by postal note, ex-

S i mKd r D. so -s B rny.Mer. Whitak. an..d Bor-' press order, oheck or
i ^ y aS o t1.or a new fo 4 4's" ob money order. Attend
-""n nttecontrast s wo their oton ene money orer. en
40k 1 ,tS the a. a t .08e2r d to SBaera l other es minor interest' to it without delay.
r kSp a .I ffO wee disposed of anwAt cwhch werb
nao gar sew hero im Jofe PEOFE80INAL CARDS
;^--ia Se 3ftffman.^ W* FT ma ta.tr gm -B thob lUng l ahey werela each sentenced l PO OI
tiaos sae 2mo canaS to sper 3T odays n the con jail. IL (J c. WHTA.tKt.

gmeta eus JocSe ^no ot r carryto ATORNEY t D COUNSELLO

.-... .. bd-. ren w dwapons r f TrlPA, Eaa. f.Nat Bank Bldg.,)A.
j .' '" .. _ r n Y J. ,. J w, G,. I3 L J o m J T G ro v es -- . .

Skdl. t a- n in. f 1 er--e co ed unitie xtem "ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW,

esa tae For-h wol. Jw_ ly ,cb(Jrtion ,,her A- u J r aTTO A T LAW, '
tohuy liy w- Pam tt SlceU. rfaUC. V. K.eOLP W.ANT.
'ew. aB nte As a wo attended .ne&es r Lorit t e AS. w T, LAW. ,es
~rsa e 5~bpke ATTORNEYSAT-LAW,

.at ~w mmrs e. I#lb~ At a wal tando unsehi mttuw OfLua IarP AtTIORNEY AT LAW.

B-' Jr ^ CI'CI r00 CamprU. C. V. held at the city hal BAITOW, FhA.
-a le- S Nb o I'ti 1mr'losaay alrget theTopowi2M reolutloin Prompt attention ven to all busi.

EDWAR) MAsAXAd. ls i .A.

-_ 4 CAPITAL $1O.o
Largest capital of any bank south ofJ "it
business. Every accommodate on Sriii
banking granted. Have uussfrpaae&
for making collections at al poB
the United StatesW9 ..
BOARD OP DIRECTOR.: Joo. N, C. Sto ekei, J.
Maorrar, SegoMeyers, Zibs Kiug, C L. Jeosw PetaOuk.
and I 8. Cmrft.

A ,Bigh Grade FPertBi r Muswtfi


Then'why pay 35 and $40 par too fo w
get a -trictly high grade, reliable ferAiter a

IDEAL RIU T A D VIN ............. ..... ...
PDITATO MANUU.:........ .......
SVJBrrTAjL MZAUM .........- ...
n uVTTL (I or all ato ) ....................
B, OD. DBNo A"ppOT ...............
SSPCIAL iTMIXrEUL o 1........ .............
CORN F.I..RTTTEB.............. ...-
--aU frtillser atriall at letee mt LMt peie."a
S"Why W Make the IDE* L FsertthLa, '0. -

"Pig's Foot" brani Bloo anl one $i
Damaraland Guano, the Ideal tobseeo fIsri

The country trade is solHcited. Spal'
mail orders.

,J. i T_,.N ,COR. It


S8atyI I~dffI
?is~F~L~ a r

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as aad sst

That tkred feel.M is not the re
eacrtiona. t s oe to tthe a-
condition of ya. r blood Ths
8 abd give yitrh.. at to
54a nq e adia sc Bautt
J& f&1 r Mei~ .. L m_ mA

RA1K MWi tSIMONTON, an !be -r IPsttsssfs

!FW=a Va awusiv,
~od ~J(8 I An &Pjbi bftd 6
.AT TIORNZY A.AT -LAIV, Free o laeqf m Iiessrr
*BaOW, FIMA. is
See is Brick m on B di en north side

sms,. -JacksonyiJ~e e Pa~artka, f lsHj
)owb Ekms Baum.r~


Aims rr~h ... .... *.'........ ..
4Th15bu~lfS~ '--'V~Lr IL ~I~d~.. .....,..,
~. spgss Z~Isoe gD b ~ ernrLss.NewPeon.
SY wd~'1s oft
b "Im IL qkm ,~db i~
1w 4L~P ~ l~B 3-h

I I1

r ;s
.f .
-r c .;-Z.i.-~t:
!' '- ''

,- .q i .- -I.

cti^e ccthe a of the CitC bwhom it is epecteed p aaserely hoped
Iwo will comm w and the First (Florid a re-
mer the ant sdPeskts e nosed the iU ment wil be here this mornIng to .I-
eeta the c ayed r spect the snds asalgned to the above
Setbalaa whei thh band playedregiment as a camp ground. Capt
i E n th f*ftr o the Compt e teo y t oodr f is at present asstnt adu-
l eomposed entirely of quCifed voters. tant general of the state
w y CompieoI try ill be SEATE T .B S Fl eresting Items From the Military
Here This Week.
E I very company n the State troops sensational Story of an Expedition The following is the order of the troops
will be here this week to go Into a camp Denied by Army Officers-O1$wette eigthey re encamo a
Heights: Tb the west of Florida
AgLy airk and. d of Instruction for a few days, with the Bailed With resh Water for Dry avenne as the camp is entered is the
. jporitoI / exception of the Penslaola battery of Colonel
the Third battalion and the Wilson bat- Torug. veteenh, wth Lieutenant Colonel
Sthe Haskell in command; next Is the Twen-
Lelnto 1 w on. and it Captain Thomas MWoodruff, of the The steamship Guasie, of the Morgnan r nd to the south of this ll the
hs eti he ntl the election First United States 'Infantry, arrived line saved at 30 yesterday from Port cra F h. To te eat of the
line, sailed at 1:30 yesterday rom avenue is the Sixth. Nint. rTh rteenth,
a as meeting was here yesterday, and a once established Tampa for Key West with two cor avenue the N Thirteenthn
C, t0t C letimnlu Ilc headquarters in the han national es of the First Inatry The Twenty-second and Tenth. he
ill f or tm Or, in building on Fra ltreet. Capt. ompanies wll be stationedat the rr treme east and a mile away ,rom the
NiPM r, I tfanehsd be- Woodruff is better k*own in this state son in Key West, and v1ii take the white camp Is the Twentyr-feltrth regi-
i oitp with a brass ban an other army dmofier, and has the lace of the two companies of the w ment composed entirely of negroes.
hTese with e cefirst and Twenhe-fif'th.
hmteeo,. confidence and respect of every mem- ty-flifth Infantry, coloredowhIch These loted at Porst and Twenty
s.i n the court her of the state troops. fromKe West last aturda coloredlocated Port mpa. make
ktL h P IA twelve regniments In and around the city.
VI Battalion 'A Tribune reporter saw Captain 'A sensational report was published twelve regiments an and around the city.
seiletone which Woodruff at his headquarters yesterday yesterday to the effect that the usle These regimentd have sethen service of the
ia h ated people, afternoon and asked bout the mobil- had left'l~onday night with a military West times nnuhme ble. Nearly i1t-
UI tedi tadte nIsation of the troops 4f tie state at this expedition for Cuba. and that she was 00 officers and ifien comprise these rel-
vi K Is the place. e stated tht the governor Is- loaded with arms and ammunition for wB ae te t r
psa 2 L. Qklett. Ited orders yesterday tto very company ome troops. There ab- styled the army of
-ann. Gnetroop& Tere%&&ab-Invasion.
al a s sral members n the state to proceed kt oe to this slutely no foundation for the report. on -.
-d i- ntlltalt n all city with the excetien 6t the two bat- and Ihen a reporter of the Tibune In addition to these infantry compSan-
Sdtoewtth the tarie of artillery naikte above. The visited the camp at Port Tampd City e, artillery and cavalry have been well
IWi tie peshmw selection of a colone d command the yesterday he was lirormed by ,kveral represented here within the past week
u e not L=r- FI t M fortda lmleAr as the troops o fe ul that the two companIes i the or two.
if the war of w hill rcaLed,. M has n yt been made iret only carried the usual amount of
ThM ehs been Mett~ d e ipmb r of to othet ort l toheco The hands of the various regtmonta

ds-ee 1NO -atAee Ue a n a i r property e tlding to the ohesenn cam eltor ne fIs vrtte eliment or
Sa the s ath l e to a ed a ew ie d pimecs Ior the P ha teries a b auen and thise music isa
aI, o ri r oo. rth heao tI~ c4sar selected recently estabished at Key WOit, and rdod nearly the whole day. anf
-t t ated as will he ea to o uyenr o am an d which have Cot yet been mosined with sometimes Until late in the eveingl.
~d s fte8 the haewlly it arca~rbeof e the heavy gons wi wth which they e to o fc o hs a vorte riment or
thCe ac ltB-th A "there as m It prie o@t;,fve m bhe ero hequLPd, e company In camp- and they can be
7iIa Sta, tUhe anlo In the state troops vith;nn of major. The Garge it the steamer n w rw y
ibo. T- eM three of them wih tle d s ohe teime w sd hard on all sides discus ng the merit
Sh ia ru o thfe ofwttnwilh *redncedgrond while coming up to tlie do f r ps. T wo d see
SGCif saireomma s oaty two majors 1 ailuWoed to aat Po Tm epa last week. L b is a of heir bar Thor e wo desire to am
L-- asJ t a ra et. riegien t. A chapia st U a have to smau side wheel teamer. and totally what ard orlk In the argy should
1stl sle ds .h wr thegrd wleot e thetr earie mAtarncnq drilro
&a m%8 bet he 'd- e a elecafted. These l on Tse i unfit for caring an expedition 1to Cu- aonoutdna seely s ett mo ornin gdtotheti
baa 01141d of ct" een left toh the members a ld b slot willha unestorted by a war ship. hea e no tber ndr mn the odill
.6ttL bl et w ioon e t- i-,ent h com n Th n -ted elipf. They are now being druted In the form
1-sMa i beansern ec. uetd assoon tash di tretS THE rto mpEPAi-n. f brigades and thsis exer edngy hard
'ae his teit 8ad hm e reh herw There is t little i dubt t brigades and this exceeding hard
~Omjbr. Se com eid of the election ofhe tta Woodruff an arhe stetinhmp. Olivette, of the Plant work. Yesterday morning they were
ae t xati fld in he is an offmler andla gsn"toeir-n, per- iteanmshp Company, sailed at i 'clock put through hard work trem six until
tIh& ht08020130 that fectly capable ot fl fla' the dc. and iat evening for Key west wlth tll of after 9 o'clock. In this time It was aup-
it go wb ow eatv tieeln t te p tt or for her stands and the water at com- posed tat aflfna mies were covered.
t M royeas, lis owell snown' to eaeh nLber o apartments of her hold filled with wa peter The th Seventeenth and Twenty-
P. t ma t i sfdhae ng b the andTi Tev fork KeyWeste wth alloof ftert o'clock.tin this time It was nip.
S af d M the troop t is der ood that the from the rBL Peteresbur spring.'. 0e fim st Infantry bands eem to be the h v-
o aLS who would members of the FLt 'latalion have went over to St. Petersburg, and took In orites and are listened to dlly by large
a li the ele- decided to cast thei vote too hm as a tow the large lighter which the hitrpon crowds
aismye bedy. Ti a lo the IopuaIty towed down some time ago. filled with
'. Wh atsztM ntr of the genactn the a after. The water on the Olivete and Te panarom o the batleaf Gettys-
i p__ l k. S hThe first thing dos bea pan Wood- the barge wil be delivered at D Tor Is quite an ttraton and has been
asa remedy rug after, settingeu e tshaed was to tu ga and to the vessel of the North visited by nearly eery soldler in camp,
51e oh3lynallbs an well as the citizens here.
w&eaetef tb .wire the governor for tle qelpm ent Atlantic squadron. h wel a the.cien here.
V"a Mltkattaitno a necessary for the ralsmet. This will It will take the Olivette at lealt two strong sentiment is felt and rUmors
kileldsh be rushed trongh l mail train ached- days to make the round trip, and a she are flying around that the troops will
l the Wll known ue There will.be Bn change in the has been selected as the flagship P the leave here next week for Cuba, and the
a 'PMai. w rides used by the ti at present fleet of transports, the fleet will not sail men are maldng their arrangements ac-
t. sadvocated the They are the ipritngeld~iattern of '8, Until she returns and is loaded with cordingly. The boys are anxious to get
* elal -IirS of the Citl- and 44 calibre. The ra&-Jor Mglo armo ammumltion and supplies. The off and the orders to break camp will be
ANlW 4et method of a- Sgun now In use by the regular army will Olivette will carry the commandingM welcome as the mea calL The boys
eift xosrenat for te be suBstituted as soon as convenient. officers of the expedition and, their gay tha ty know they are to move
i The object in gettUi he troops here staffs. sbe wl1 be used as the dis- .s soon aa ew is received that Oamp-
wa Mt j Dos- a soon a possible o get them in patch boat of the squadron son has defeated the Spaish eet, and
Z of0eIm tI ha before being musted n Thi The work of preparing the other! boats that is expected to-day.
,'wte e to be the fprobab te done phdab. Ea h of the "@oudron for tranaporthlg the
bk t to U10 U 1S the member has to pap a -cs.l examc horses, mules and s apples g army The circuit court of OiNborouh
S0 mee has to pas s a r"Cal exam- hore, mul andlies f t" a y couny will meet in regular session this
oId heM e- nation, and It Is te-red 'hat a number 1 progressing, but from the present morning. -Judge Barron PhUllps wll
I ed idae t of them rll not come spi:to the require- out look It will take at least a day or relsde. and Judge JB.Wall wi fill the
-of si n t npwL be one o nn- two longer to get them ready.l office of states attorney .for the first
Th e onemof In- two l to gt them ready in this county since his appoint-
I,311M -Old, .'theV strcetien until the mu r. The steamship Florida is now being ment. Theremare very tew criminal
4I a.OV Lamp s d Inspector General ~ .de on re- loaded with field pieces, and as soon as cases to occupy the attention of the
S. -said ae td a wire r e i General the other boats are ready they eill also court, three mrder and one rape cam
Jft mI madedaton tierl t e be loaded The steamers th Mer- being all at present on the doeoet. The
Isftgutonrand and Pelt urors wil be organ
h pare the camp sIAte forlhentire state chant's & Miners TransportatlonCom- ized tno-day. and the work of the spring
ll a tra- toops. and work wa lres w l-tely com- pany will carrTy the artillery, the fWhlt- term will be taken up.
,tb on mened on a camp ite te n garrison, ey and Gesle of the Morgan lze and Burge. of vannah who
ceo. The rrounds will e in uednes by to- the Florida willU carry me c5vatw, and has been agent ot the United States
l B nlht when It is expected that the first the large steamers Comal and Almo of MarlIne Hospital service In the .bam
P ompay will arr. The Tampa the lory ne will c the Inantry capital for er and r. ). lsy
~;-Ywda lerr-- opseassi will go In camp irst In orde r to an d supllc ea~ cof the Unlted state Martpe Hospital
d wiln in ca, ht l order to nd stpe Bservice, who has been assistant to
.aa welcome the other c pan,,, when they. As soon as these steamers leave with Burgess In Havana, are both gcute at
.I arrli w ere. Ma..jor J WULm of Pen A- the regulars now here ten other ,trans- the Tampa Bsy HoteL They wilUl ie-
t:o th cola wfllbe in co-,p until a colonel ports recently chartered will arrive here and their long experlsenos ii vana
___ ss enicted. me belathe eolor major. and will carry the regular and Wolun- wUl be of Incalcuable beeft to the fi
h B i tleers that are now on the way here. cers of the army.
aetad.. e tor L. J o ca was -- Mr. Eugene Doaler of Ocala has an-
I i nm. the meny pe0 ople in^ Capt. Thomas M. Woodruff, coan- "cepted a Otio under iMr. Jn. Mc-
5..tt/P, th8eclyo a der of Company D, ffth infantry, all, aent of the F. C. P. thisty.

E. B1

444lf444$f I t t#$4*444#4ti&.t4t4



S -oof gooLs in ery depar
#6v in Tampa, t, o the
icheaper tQu^ oir wxy
,tl r from 's has

4sas. t~





+ In G6

| -and

me i In Pi
e fact HATi word "Bargain"
old-be I ple until it fell into.
down n it became intimak
iwn to usintnalce altogether, :
taste and distrust.
ected We like the word, be
o any- acter is, and its ueeftnoe
toent ing influences and givon
a s, You need have no 'e
w tend to nmake it a woxd of
From positive degradatik'
Word with dignity nad

f:-.- .- .-- ; i: r II

In Tampa-Town Tal T&Tak s ,
Sindry Sourcea-Pesnal lPoint itaacm '
raAnmd ntearigIte a to ,

Ms, nEmma Fernandee of Ocala. was nSaw a
City, waa a pleasant caller at the Trt- as'- r'ha
bone ofoe yesterday.
COL L .E Barwick leaves this m6ruing tes..aMi at
for the wilds of Manatee county, where army, b.s
he has exteonive Interesta. pmintar Bd AA
EdKor Frank A. WdAlpolpe. wife and mni t
Iter. spent yesterday In the ity. They
will return to their home at Palmett
this moaning. I
General J. S. Poland iosely Inspected Id ii.4
the various regiments yesterday, and M a
put the Secnd brigade T rogha ted- r
lous and tiresome drill 'sriia
The Morganfe stea Wri ratnea r- to a
turned lmt alCt torem IOr Tortqs rP
whore shea crrgietwo om t Iofu a dO

one of thad o e aiss o the nt etm
ran over th* t lelt w of 3 rman lbewt.~I -
a young Cuita bhor waos 4m antI .he r ..
ride. Monday nigh t and es t pletey
severd i .
'Mr. Q W. Ay rtasom wt re-open t
where the pu e aa.n e s wstd 4a a i
all kinds of mtne a ts rhe arm grqoateat r
at reaonahis reteL.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L oes. Ur. ii
Bowden Daloel and Mr. Md Mrsa. P. ILF
nent Jadthonvfl e eopi sstpp a in t e I i
Stead thm eDay ED 0% weeko .l
The f~ra dha rtrseu t called o AWt lLm
latned n t about :0 octoEDk by a false nipiia
alasm from box iL. Te waas P lan fre p
and now Cba rrTJ Is trying o asner- c t1k
tan who turned In the alar st
The hardest looking aat o mpe ever airts C
seles in TaaW arrived hee yesArte no e a--
momin via the J. C. A P. fro ew e
Orleans. They ae to be ued at Paert t
and do other work. Tb. c MIe a ea
Several cases were disposed of In e ftrm .
mniolpal court yestarda. morning by pigmb at I2"
Judge Graham. Three. drunk were camp
ined and. one poor a fortunate who.
mitodk a box car for a Pullm lean deeper *"W
was ftned o a. TseA 00W a
Mrs. C. 3. X Hoadler ba oe to. 7 h baW
Vaer.bury, Cole., to spad themn m .n- er*..,,,
hn Tribne wtll kspli tlls ealXopit iady 1 s 5 me.
posted on Florida afsieg dosing her a a
'abenne and bopes am she wil hewe'
an enjoyable and lanedl i .
the men of the ty-flt are : ,
trained athletes and take their gular W o .
exerelse dally. M ie asa prde them- wardr forO OSe
selves on bemtn abletostad Iore hard not be e6 fre6 I
work than any re amnt, In the armj. F. jf. C AI
9 We.,he wadUes
Jose Andrea, the yomun Cuban who "ma oM t
was held t the potioe bt direction rof imesw-
his father. to prevent t his thelaJl m tp aia.
ar ha berl en releaed ad e is n at 4 a. yot *
i home Ito.n New Td. His father mar
i-ed him awsy yesterday mornti hg. lrl-

psetor of the O015mm Hore Hotel, is' l
ia Tempa thie s co lenlam. ifs ltc
bought a fine horae with 1, ad and avCSiM S
have a carload of fwres here In a dSSay
ortwo. 5rsss eg j

4444 4 4 44 4 4 4 4 444 4 4 4 4 44** t ti i t t t t t i~ i + + I # +i t I t .i4 4 # 61 f i4 i t* f t a 6 t i A e

ins +- f

neral Want Thei

e To Look

lcular, : ND at this eason of the year it i
always enjoyed the esteem of the peo-. proper- tting, nice. comfortable ho.
disrepute through evil associations ,' shadeA, shapes anprices. ;
with trash, many people cut its ac '
d many more found it a term of di-0 UfiU l W A

cause we know what its innate char- '
s would be, if freed from its corrupt-
a chance to be honest.
tr whatever of our bargains. We in- a :re dire r ..tb ...i.
honor; we mean to rescue that phrase. the be* prode. Q+
and set it on a high seat. We use the. tZoere:i '9^
aspect, ad we intend that you shaU ll
d i nd. bonor. ,.
'*-*- ; ;<-.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~_ MaaB--- lrwwJ-" -.-* *'' -* Atyt^^aBai^SK





r I: i. .- ..


- .; -

* 1 -, .. .'-

N. _


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