Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: April 14, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00021
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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the parent century he has ripened, of extraordinarily lfine favor vae the sil o te er, u t

Sa vil war on 'an or some and nearly uni in e and qtualty Amerca wl p u t
ih i TAXE ARE IGM ENOUGH with arms and 4mmunltios, "ibocade
or al rh cannot ea here are a certn number of we the ports of cb tand t ^ neo death

e'ioste P rt meaning tho b ided people of eur army there tat a Saite now "x-
en i ientt dea Tampa that are avocatng with might cliely n lmoted f ood' He does
htod poe, ethe w to and main the suance of r ie.o f or the ot believe the paneih nVy abl e to

P Ib purpose of buyin e the present w tere thi blocadt, and hil coclulo .rk

Whe aa i t wie e UI work plant or the erection of a new ftser caGreny surveytIa the physical
I ,w is 4ot thMaa aott- plant for the o he city and have condition o the Un ted Se the that
id I Ipssble e avoided." adreoly so Inspired the city adminitra-- "in pst of all ar forSpanish
'r ton with the reaMt economical strIoke1 ptriotisn, I cannot believe that Spa
miu w SENATE t a s n on hia e ale wilt be-b- l to 0d against t.".
fat em interest that of for the 3rd of Mty to vot on the When the flnt boom of spanih pat-
Mt -noSw isthe UnItsed IState pqblhed seti e oton. rioulmcc wers Is u to nose emotion of

m thao one-thlId or th irty It ir elss for the T"ribune to Int- Senor A10 will he thte hd a the peo-
veterah oX the cIvil war, and mte that these same people have never pie of his couattryi. If it wia not for
p-iietii4s. bn 9i-. Iia ou ti givenof then U that maturoredlta pr fo tat he Cri notasnd the fetm lo theb
a to-a the Southern veteran that generally characterize the trans.- resent d nlraty t ian be pretty well

ofr C ao Northern veteam. actions of the sagacious individual ured that Spain would accede to l
ati 'ssay hie t Sown The paucity of the city trehisry our demafnd r ther Lthan flhth

I astoeiatstriwpets eoas any aars. City ofcials have not The city AsptheiutraIen of Tampa
.h. a'i foer iL Somne drawn their sal~id ta o over hre oow their en meat
tfl e eIranres iones t a a misearreaneousaorlda. Thve belater stand- they read th nge folartnr Trom sthe Lae-
rm.I.t a Eea she t i alst the bet for over twony he had en: Tamptsa city tr esu r

I it tha- t have not bsen i ,4ated The is in ad sbhape It is s ated that her,
ti *4# Opp aledit tve y wrescesst Ithm oe t t cTay are enrey tradwe- thmet r hter at ue n spa of in lrom
I nt r toshk qate to meet the r rrent emainde o three to st monathsf a d the bo nde4 In-
Srunidlg there govemen. With all these dtAtaAero is vcn lar wh E her
n i things starl thp-eple nI the Gui. with arm and unltlou pave d bye

al inepllhs it the aaage the city der in det rae ln od streets, on a deian odlit s to datar
Wr t t a dth tae of the a certain never orde ed sertt is worth one tre cOts en the
+_ ~..tb eoie e breb t t wM o .Baatep aboet-
a fact I ptelet th atto; for the 3r of st to voteppon the R to st mrs l oem

w 4.a 1 n -e 1

leate e tmped to inbca..._ .
thansl for- al rt "ref1'e f

Mr.J.M; BE Waa. a Ttaao. h-a

ant ny In new roa tsi mea' h
In that thm Mr. Wall w Iwj to .
tendaace In the coorto of.Pefc aoi*ts;
aM WII be repared to lok*er WiM^_^^^
msor bB oMR. rl Mte ra- M _-G

employ Bhn. Mr. WA 'i As too '. :'
known to the epieof thigat he
nesd ga~ny .tl.-. .', : .LI.
friends are pleased -to eamofes heo l

tea ca tobw rem bsat t bl d eisJ4
notarte ta in
hi: -;p" gl. "-M;) I

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4o; Tusmeed to 5.a:
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ban&me IrnLasd Lthat he .hg

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Bwhe Tllrea ts awtlatlfila R lot o 1o t .he
reisnteat, In the m oria Te

not rastonmtd to r"ing the
and we are frad that we 'ihI -t-tmIji

If there i o anything of I on a
chnetertranpring to-yor to-not
we will isue a peciLt etion of the .,.
Tribune early In the morntIng You Ie
always depend on getting the Ieit

Why Dot have theext state enamp-,
meut in Tampa? Th- ere In not a ity Bla~ iV
n torida that is more endttled tP It, AT tA
than Taua, and we hope to me r* V "1
otfin so actively at wet to shera-
the ,.0.
theomany men tIs -Z
t 'o I- ? 1..i.
Pagerto "v the beam ord f 26U 6 4:j -
who Out to ,i savn m trf 'ir ; eI'

will never. stai& their srt

and.w are ;adD tat.' w ,e.
up the atSRA itse sl. .t. w l,

tbue art them I iGnorn a
n .the r w Ia emlla
Whya ntea4 ht t e

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ta T. as d we oe

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ls ,a a
LUr i Pa5U MrWy. w
rtdturcfaU. toed

om e m ass -
Lparty lpuIngh at the AJ-

Co Parck* tc the Wall ut

mcak, ithe well known sahioa
e an .~ebmoent yesterday
ter the benaed of his credl-
r0 Wavl iras named as a-s
I at e tok charge of the
wM& ;t he conducted at Ihe
_t. .
eae s ar $e cWa = be

wnmet a causn ed by the
d ef e trihshe
et the f creditor who
Rnar xen alda Mr. Ban-

rl the a market, n4 t it
lo eanadsee thei ot

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ka teMiM er 1
UiE u bi hlthe t0;6o

* b-y o -aU emsoing ioto
sqb f. dwartd &J ea

elimbde iaving eea. *-
R abzw. was menteneed to

to t"Be Bltro .
** **c --^S!*!"0 ^

lslams T jCas r, tthe moratn of
Ste a thle utern rbsos
-.ouftI dpit twenty feet six
.*=andwas etwoff thw corn.Mg
arn*i &mad twenty miabe off
l| at 0 t ti afternozm Tie
0w l--nteft numen Ie't the ship In
.*-t2bQste an4 wpre picked up yD
alm-oat later brought Into tais
__/ngrt. Te a repopfts
Atm& t feet of 'water in the hod.
asKng all the puapb had been kept
ta but the vwer gained on him so
_S the aonr wa obliged to desef tie

ii~ii 'T pglnwI.

llmII !

RoAlwF MllI
te kThg 1 FMiu f Itplb t npbt Sapm k MnI to BrtM s PFt
to BeiTaae Ma lib Pleas_- b un apu t Ma
at Tkdr yst. am rsonc

The steamers W Bring the Beto- In the weantme the Insrgents Are d
ees rom avana aend Key' Uradually Clamng In On then pe
West-Two of the Piant ban Capital and Will Aid the 1i
Steamship Lines Discon Americana In Thir eight. S
tinrd on Account ot Washington Anthori- atl
th% Threatning ties are Advisd lee
Co a= OeT of the anger. at
Two. hundred refugees from Havana Special to the Tribne. gi
arrived on the steamer Mascotte last Washington. April &-Advices from th
night, and the majority of them re- Havana to-day are to the effect that it ha
masned in Tampa over night, and may will be almost impossible to hold the
remain here until the trouble with pain volunteers n cheek after Consul Gen-
s over. While the aorty of themGen
are native horn Cuba, s ar Ameri- eral Lee laver. It i feared that there
can citlsens and all Were people who will be an attack made at once upo is
were able to pay their fare, in Tact esm ail fmilra wIu are known to be sym- l
than one third of the nmer came over pathisers with thie Cban insurgents.
on the second abln or steerage.e
The steamer didnot arrive athedock In view of this report it bha been th
until 0 o'clock and a large crowd, that deemed advisable to instruct Capt. an
had been waiting since,,2 ,w" ras 5 t Gampson conw-om der of the North At- j"
to meet the refugee. The'deck of the lita S quadron at Key West to hold
steamer was crowded with men, women Ic
S ildrn djoyois was the greet readlneq to proceed to Ha-
lngs between friends and relatives of van on Sunday. The sate depart- pe
those on board. The delay was caused ment ofletal to-night drclar that the pr
at Key West where eof the pasengm United Statpe will not permit a mama-
brought over Wednesday night from eree of Vuban sympathisers in Havana ho
Havana, again boarded the ship.
able excitement In that city when they and that the Spanish forces cannot o tr
left at 30 Thursday afternoon. Every will not prevent the threatened attack In
Amersicn was busly engaged in pack- on the Cuban non-coptbat"nts, then
Lnt up and preparing for departure. apt Sampson will be instructed to take
Al were greatly relieved to learn that the town.
the Ollvette would arrive Saeuyday th t
morning to bring away all who desired This is the most wallke action yet
to leave. taken by the United States, and It is
When the Mascotte'ieft Havana the stated that Capt. Sampson has informed
United Itates Lghthouse tender Bache Secretary Long that the fleet is ready to
was tnlnf In the harbor taking on board Y
the Americans who were not able to move at a minute's notice.
pay their fare from Havana to Key It Is reported that the Cuban Insur- e
We*t The Bache reached Key West gents kre gradually closing in on Ha-
with about 100 refugees at 4 o'clock yes- Ivan from the rear, antcipatIng that e
terday morning, and the Mangrove was
ted to rea Key West last nht the United States s about to attack the -
expected to reach Key West last night oe
with as many more. 'town from the front. In the event To
The Mascotte meq the Olivette, and the United States fleet begin an attack
the steamer Margaret yesterday en upon the city of Havana the Cubans
route flm Port Tampa to Key West. will c goff the retreat of the fleeing
It was expected that the Ollvette would i h and wll n this manner force
reach Key West Last night and the Spanish and will this manner force
Margaret would get there this morning. a surrender.
The Olivette will proceed to Havan. A large number of the most prominent
and is due there this morning whileAt;e business.men of Havana ae well known
Margaret will bring trom Key West a11l
who desire to come to Tampa. to the Cuban sympathizers and will 1
The Mascotte stopped at the Mullet actively aid the Americans and the in- -
Key qaranttne station and put Off surgents in the event of the town being
about one hundred pieces of bgggeattacked. The Cuban Jnt has rece-
from Iavan all of which will be tum-I a
gated and then Sorwarded. The pn- vedodv oes that several hundred Cubran
singer ee not detatied for orders reeoncntrado have been murdered by
had be regenved to te effect that the the Spantab soldier on various protests
United states arin Hoital service within tUr past ti weeks
had msdsed thoe wn attine regulations
so s to aow aBn Ma foes frnm aaa TARPO PR
Sto come through withbot detention. AU The Hotel Co1eda ad the Guests Of
however, bhad been vaccinated before tor iome.
leaving Hkavans o after they reached -
Key Wiest, so there i no danger to be Taspon pringa, ril .--he Taspon
antcae from their presence in this Spring* Hotel a d Mondaym morning,
eontby the last of the m s leavti at that
Amogu the pr6loneat papseagers on time,. s.rs. Frou Mrs. auler. lt-
the seamer wa i Mes. 'eorge W. ChIoe, ute MIs aemidretler, and Mls Done- h
white qt tbe wel knoiyn American mer- hoe leave on Wednesday.
jIhant. Mr. ChUic remained in Havana Charles Morton s getting about with
ontlea. Lee shad leave. Dr.Y Tgnao some fic ult th day he' hab-~ n
Castinefso Mrs. Joseph VaIdea aad' stebppe on a rut nail whieh pisraed
M Ame Au.se-Ia and Bl Ma. ,Tor wee dh V

The people that were bought from, .r Bigek nd family lert duriBg

Sad eft In Key West. and tbos wo A." P." we g ot S.. andrmT-
. tre breoght direct 'trom Havana on ur. at Pass nu r .ile
* Thusaa were prass In their expse- A NARRtP MlECPE.
los. o r p s for the ecamlent services
of the Plant SteMnship Compay A white man wr was with the Tamn-
SBrepri^a mention was made of the pa Bar Hotel help who left for the 5
* aonrtis extended by Capt. Hanlon, North last night etan very ear being
* Parer .l *rcee4a ad the steward of killed while attempting to get ,on
the *"Sootte. A large aamber of board the North bound train while
.yoae children wers in the party and it was in motion. He fel. 1
Ithe o lals of the steamer did every- from bhe steps unter the platform di-
tMat posbe for th~ comfort and no- rectly in troot of the wheels. A pae-

vesiusas of the fred nmother,and thetr senger who had jst stepped from t e
Utt ea.ies trla siTabbed the t aat and pulled him
SThe ifasootte will leve for Key West out oC pte way Jist,' n time to save
'some te to-day if ere should be a"y him from being crshed by the wheels.
ca tor h eer rvices o brin away tm e t ~ a ocdlent waa due to the nsn'm own
mI eop of that city w6 are afraid that careleasmes, and it was indeed fortu-
iate that wh killoa nv bmI

es Manunamlo-doay -oe one
KobWe and, Port Tampa tee
',-,coito.*,d until further

Ion oc thepoart of the Plant
datmed V y isyewnt- fto
eh *at theti ae nticpv le
stwhsn fipeO anp the pnlted
I tht tis kiet npt to subject
to possibe aiidc
oeets wil be runa between
ea s-ao.Koey West as sual
a mAw 2in V -



eW. ia ct the can tamr
r in Georgia has been so geat
e conmpe" ham qseldeA to open
Dd sen it both wholesale and reti
ltgerald. Mr. 'Blfly.laste wm
arge of the laene sad has ata
we to pan pp the newr re L -'
plant at h pla-e is the poei
opwrtyoAf CoLt WE Oatigtoa,,1
uldent ot the brewery, and It wl

Plt-raoid as a cold storage
mseM The Tsribon 9p etes a
ade for Flarida bewraftier It
trodd sIn orgit an It fs dar
exor to any beer made la-the i.

I ,R-AW-*-Me

e- u w"-notmledor hdl

The St Augstlie corresponent of
the Tinmes-UaTo abd tltlsn say that:
"In to an rpl to an ISlry.. TIprli%-m
received a i Glea form general ru..
ham lut night Iu which the Q-adr
of the: Departnept of the QoWftatad
tha; tte jleselrtip-t of the Umww 7 ft
-anty had been heaged front U stelda
points to' ChhkanmLa eatnmal Park.
4 .ISf i# the e or4 recent tat was
rotld ordered t Dry pbrtegas, Key

tesftea'wo Keylito X.s
tThe ,,,'srb.,Thi skfina

,mo stemrM eo the ta

n a leS... ah. .
Wit ss-,, 4 .

wrte m Tnsr a tr
esame s -ete., Thi. see 'w.i

m the a.W .--.

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ctory to Open Tnam ornrfi-Ed-
ward Xmnrar, the Priame Cigar
SIannmuturer, at Lat Aranges to
Open the Big Factory.

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Orand Ovaton All Along the Bouts.
Op, =hee n Bavannah.i *hiopond
and Svrel Other Cities--ee Went
Direct th the White Hous.

Mr. 'Edward eManrra, the great km- The Plant System's special that car-
t, benefactor, and clgar manufacturer ruled mGea ee arom sTamp to Weuah
as returned to this city, having arrived ton made tht haseve tme bor thae y
distance that has ever been made by
lunday night from New York. During troai in the outh. The actual distance
Wts absence he orgs.aAed the YBo".Mas- traveled Was 1X4 mlles, and the tUt
inu-a Co., with a capital efock or O- occunped was 25 1- hours, Incudu
w ar ,tnt two deA of onm hour each- Th
SEdward anrr is 'prede makes th actual running time 2 1-:
the new corportion. and the bond ofhours, at te rate of 64 1-2 miles pel
XMdOt was made yeiterdasy witth L. howu.
was ma Pe e y ese.-we, r. A. *wot aL- 1e Wr was predicted by Majoi
,a, -, -P-e. "ltl. ,Brsadfod uhnbam. general supertn-
s and Peter 0. Katght ais tUrles to tendent of the Plant System who arran
the Inter al Revenu e department The ged al details to rush the train through
o oMat is made under the lws 'of It irrtved t Washilnton at I o'clod
Nw Jersey. ye .t.dy. atetrnoon,(easter time).
ie e. The train left Tampa atl:127 Xonday
It wfil be lriorlo news to the people morning ao went ia the West Coasl
99 this city to know that the factoryi ae to Savanah. Iajor Duntadm re
Wilthis nraugaand celved the tbb as ti
w dtely employ a tfo ra iepelue ailvdavmanah at 9W
fo operaves. In les than tw oweiks pm .2and Jett af M1 p.M., imnpomi b
this Arm will e woeriarg *eVen etit to set oC h aler. T aeoan orf cil-
about the ear. Gmn. I tes w rtrae t
ta t ub d h w dan ^ f daed by'' 1 CbL Y&pikon n a few' stir
The YborMaraMrsa Co., eii o eao t ie rin word- Gen. Lee i e swid.
largest and moms, uhbtantial odacefe Cspadid ech The crowd was en
eo itsbnd in therVnted Sthst. 4nd tae hed Ash.ey Ja.nctm
revenue paidto Ite Ln in t ,ity at Sg J L (e0trl time). TiO rt
wfilt beneft every enermssreli &4 bubs- to lrent ,a* o made in one hoeur ai
es ancerun in Tanpa. Te rHW e nofifty mtotes The train onstIts a
pri^t. ^ar, one Btew M<1 et
p deed vweryWad to annouie authen- eW car, oe i slepe and it
yaelny that the Mgt factory wil besia A teteamr was received by Wagj
Operations this morning, n&d the peo- Duaham yesterday afternoon t on
pie of the entre city wil rtjowoe w th shiston e aatng:
"Lee's special car arrived.4t Zldh
it n anticipating what a ub ben it mnod at I1& am., where he reeelva
1ill be to t~a commercial Interests of an Limmsee ovati. The trai
the ctty. r' reached W Wahi ton at 2 pm., (easte
During the time the facotry wa. me"n.] (cenrsui time.
doced, (r. Maarar magnamouty pro- proud of the excellent run made yb thi
vi6ed food for al of the operatives of SPedCl from Tampa to Wanfft
his factory, and other w wee in .a special rpoeived by te Tribun
his t fkctoryad tfrom Wsiablton last night says:
destitute clrcutanc ar an- ee met at ths Pe.vu Ivanh
rara is certainly a benefactor, and h depot by not less than O1.O00Tpeople wtI
people of Tampa all welcome him mt cheered the gllant VhVia to t
cordially back to the cit. echo., e was hurried Into a carriaF
dla bck to the city. and driven directly to the White home
where he was warmly greet._ oy Prqi,
REWARIDM Op OINMENFTJ VlR CA- dent UMKlney., Judde y,d a Il
TAittAH THATP COi TAIN number of senators and meiberl a t
IEiBtY. house. remained logr enough tk
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of smeD ,and completely derafcge. of ~ali fnuba and was then drive
whole system when entering it R -Hewent beoe the commlilee on for
"the mupos surfaces. Such elgn relations of the septe and re
should never be used except t* malned foror oe th an n hor. Th
scriptions from reputable physiansas I meeting was behind closed doors and
scrptons from repulable phyxiclam othin has Yet been given out"
the damages they will do Is ten told to
the good you san possibly derive from LEAtB INTO TOUR SdHOB
them. HaWllt Catarrh jCure. manufacc a ote. pa r or tn-
tured by F. Cbeney a Co Toledo a Alens ot-ase. i rt
contains mer a nd dldre e ma n eetp It cres ain fureat vatDey art
wear at rey, dct d pricdh at Ma tBoe M. rO Core et and instaUtly *tak tin
an iuegs roef in stIng out of corns and bunions. Allen's
and m.oOWrfeamaroro the, sb J.s0'. PoU o t-Ls m--akes tight or nw shea

end matIeno Toledo, Ohio, byJ. feeL Sold b i" all dr- g
fee Try tt'to-day.S
Ceenney & Co- Testimeetat hfreirSotl& Iate Ind shoe stom Dy foa r I2i60o
*y druggists, price lW. per bottleUS h it- a tams. ri aia A
Family Pills are the best. -nlewa' Otmo IAd t MY ,
lAdles'. and *hldrens' musliwfb mdar- Spring goods togren a vs tT at -til
wear at reduced pricesad Mass i7 3.i"* Cci

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S their immediate vicinity. deprived fa"m- 1.U-- a Bus- be considered a suspended and wer tn sy thisis al another t who hrey
t e tl id by oe may be cnidreged as suspended. and o all it aiLer c- to o ave
J fN ie, ofs pportiy rendered exposed etutof .-' T er n s hor by theo ere there ohig peciar in the rei ty7 belonugmg W, another nation aru is p~tsot
Ther, lepoorly cd and exposed to ive asirtuamn e1e rbe United States and therefore none of our business. It is adtoha-a_.h f.I--i"'S
$t *be most unsmanitary om edition The wh v ram in such amin to Te evenknto wed msetof te espeLe y dty tor it i rght at. o b 43sae ti inli
A arel of food cincr ed with devast- dercrui o pnl i- duration and conditions det indence iat su a e ions onld tndo thrs. i o i at at l
'onfthee oeorb theard tn d tonea u e the Anal onfern Tre, itd isJ iop ruesd iportamne for hrt o tonhee c t no- a~c8an wil .
I tdan of the population areas and the de- r breT. sly be rseLed r mooistent nwith ecod. in in to ourtin in a Poe- o a heA atrir

Th lsacl b bBy eae l antrdr campa.oy in ti oasngouage ,,horegier p e t t Uite St e ntie so aitw curp eo 1
ST a n* traction and ih r t beas e misery and Tht e s :tovrtu are sntmittere p by Gen- that prideao rtclerve with which we ubwe sh to afford te that protetion and mamed bp o rij

alive ro pis The saci of the Cun r n sin tf Tid. right to intervene may beESabbS-saSrl
f mce, the asedrtaity amoming ra the reco. in te Iatter f ntrebptiont the ha veon theto h ld oee of l tflid by the very serious injury to lifrae and aw e ad
t i esitrad from stareation and the dir the manner of its doing b o ate not Texa government avwed nti t n onmers. -trade and business of rour by amrobtleirn h
ansg agthe eto incident exceeded 0 peri- ined in the Spanish mmondum; tm and the o se of e y the w. e neanttosnbesscin of our ke yto rl
Sl in og enion of -r petop anrdbbr wmorand the tet oe o sror b w nd hahfmabd

L ntmof their total number, troeplc ut from G:erat Woodford's premi pendence as an incident to the property and devastation of the island. force oe. i t ubLboat
cal relief ws accord to thdeitute ay reports of pre utlimind ~ r donscussions h n rew JUnon coonued- Fourth, and which is of the rmroh part Ms t at ea-tR
S The ovrcurdned towns, alrey s. re in s o receedomingl the insa conference int ionthe athe iis ef ont e por eth theg apreet edition of rachati l bo
MwognetSmd estag ~som the general deaSrth, cold undeirrsood rthe Spanish government affairs in Cu a constant menace to mare the ma d
ma b ees Ar des wive sno ahm. Sotled tzonges o cuot i- stands ready to give the Insular govern- Andrew Jackson Quote. oun r peae, and entails uan this govern. dtd
~ta ~~m vtisioa."estab v sed within the imme- ment full poiwero negate peaco with "Prndence therefore seems to diecte mentenormous expense. With such a The tr E
ltt tetI cam e theat and fride and e- ectlyit does not appear. With th e our present attitude if not u until Mexico near us and with which our people h cann ot be atd.
TI uantry. amv in e a emedy forthe f-plt overture in the direction o peae itself or one of the great foreign powers such tre and buiesreti-w my .am or
1E Ii4 h eerimgof Ther ntoat'tesbeiforthe mad its dsappotir ne reception bi Spain,d hall reoogiz e the independence of te les and ty of r citizen o are with wrm in am
S pie- a at women tod children with the executive was brought to hie end of new gove an incident lea until the lapse in constant property r and their property boimn and oit@ paibeat
O ue n- ared and helpless emeed enfeebled by die- is effort. i. of tie and the course of events hall destroyedand theihelves ruined-where os by pr esa
Ug easle mand hunter, could not have tilled Tr e ast tees n r have proved beyond cavil or dipute the our trading vessels are liable to f eizan atiy hope of sad
ootl ta conXtid the eil, without toolU, eed or shelter, In my annual meage of De-ccmnor ability of the people of that country to and are seized at our very door, by war odtiona M o
sa.lmmidAn sfor taeir own support or for the supply lat I said: maintain their separate sovereignty and shipa of a foreign nation, tea expedite iovns drM is t eaorwd
ropet the cities. Reanire s oatic, adopted "Of the unutied malares these re- to uphold the gene treors mttby of filibustering that we are powe~e re to Sa c e te r h
.lt th ia- eia ara o oAi tu tar ma re in order to main only: Reechgntion of the inir- them. Ne her of the contending par- woodic atgedfher ensd the irnitinting o I THE NAMfE W l
us about na d the ci pses and kforified widM, retlyo-it does notr appear. With thie bou parent attitude if On~ alneil Mexico near us and with which ou peolse hav cannot be afBIIATY. 7%9

1sofatrno ciffthe reeaeruis in the einrgntcn of ece f or o o t gat f lties can justly complain of ths course. questions and the enaiemeos thu HE NAME OF
led# al The illausry abs& qeinto lo f the tende'h bt ov er ne v

Ke-S.si ic worked it predescsaied result- As I independence of Ouba; neutral inter. By pursuing it we are but carrying out arimng-aUl these and others tlat I need IN BEHAL 0F
Ti p Mim message tmbtr last Decembertan it s eaon to end the war by imposing a the long eanbnhe ocy of our gutv- not m mention, with the resulting staine AMEoRIAD TO
so pare ot iilimaa fa iren wasth ther- aetio wa ct brouroti between the con- ernwnmn, a policy which has secured to relations, anr a coathint menace rt otr GIV Bi US TH
n*ilm w5 n--iuy s The oily: eae it could be testante and intervention in favor of us respect and influence abroad and in peace and compel us to keep on a sei- DUTY TO SPAAt
S-witnh reo- .et waithatof the iwderss and the one or the other party. I speak notOf piredTconfidence at home." war footing with a atitoa v slh which WAo I CUBA- B

as' Se T a edanteriod m efod eor f tes in tight of Pradent Grant as to the acondi the corst of the recognition destroyed anabd themselptrainher n lin eda bym
ea sa te wa, whe the oMorgent waded mea sure word, uttered in 1875, when, dependence by a neutral state to-wit: wihinydsstr.e atra even he
eie erto r f elds and Trr Lev y t r'se of e se suinry, de- That the revolted tae d shallcornstiut ee iaer dng vess are liable y eia only hope n of
r iond ed nd ructive and crel and ruel hotiliies act body poc, ng a govern- e- s op e h s tss san
hif &e gru the al upwtotheol seed or she ityo In Cub, my ahe nnreched the oondluion that m of t hin subace of tha t cuntr i t name nd d at our very dh e r, by waep rtothu-gub m hi
a s N~oano imw e do ad t I nto a ste reoieitioe f the ind denoe o ef poasesse of rte element of stability" court of irequiryon th deruition s d is the ~a
e dtan degtne Theni Spanish adms re- uie; and t the recognition of bhemlg. state among the nations, reinabl ctar 1eln dib rthinnai that w ee nit of Feb 1.ss to
Sste Dop eai reOM f am otunarile in nardel erece wain not warranted by the facts bleof discharging the odntenofa state, ndest altogt the atntevir t h inmg I e H uriA
sly ree E sI d tB Hrfm es a abuthe, ndere *secning to the tests of public law. I ha imposed tlor im own govern ce in. questions a te nd redm t ns TH omS M
he wed ctitn sD uedtdaofinhe rduald con- oneende especially upon the latter dealing with cas like these the further rineglthesan oo that ndead I a BEn t r a
.s to. My reid o nse w iot mt Deiemr ent of aspect of the question, potin o the condition ha recognition of inurdepTen- m- t oe with t ae rep aof iutg sind sisn o n
my t 0 i_ VA" ited rC ae re;vlutionimat a recognition of belligerence, whichn- revolted de Pdency under the danger hsto eons, ity a confnt endlace to tnr OT US THE i
ilu andp 'V.eirtwibquetand whie -- adding to then in areadyonrous bur of ta being ubjugated by the in- peace ant beoenu s to d keep on a h miDUo s e Idl
o"n wwr nd, and it moqet mand cile arnit bsrueg tothrt cannot b Thee be the waothe tresoute we afre atlrt p eao s

!a IIJ. thfe by 8pain mrr the des ofi ne t traith n by cwihinode our own u- and state is entirely passed away. to e nati Thevlrort f As3 dS
a al andold bas of peace, seem diction, could not in any way extend This extreme Unitest was in fact applied quiy,- which i isnees t sav om- ppli b
. i a fr r istant a at te outset. our inflmuese of effective offices in the in th the of Test imposnthe congress to mande the unquapined cotdence of she pmn i e d t
S I this state of vr. my admini- terri tory t hostilities. Nothing ha whoam Preth dent Jackson referred e gnthe ternente imou in its con- rs to mapiv"sth i
3atv ta n, found i etelf freuted with the rsice ocurd o cange my view on question as one probably lea g to lutragn that thdesrct ofh eMin o
ias i e jiAme- pave problem cf its duty My mesag this regard, and I te.oguoie fully now war'" and therefore a proper subject for was caused by an exterior eplnsion, tt- T'EafittE 1 NOW
oft l e te la e Deei mber wed the situat t as thentatthtlsso ei .aanceon apcama. a previous onderstandint with that that Of ausbmaris mine. It did not GR tIi T r irA ?au-
aio tor4lSde nd narrated the tps taken wido sa dtonofne trial ty by which process the body bodwhy poliwatican alonebedeclared assumerian people.repoibility Tha SIILY. I V
r ing th way to some waor of honorable published, could, of itself and nat- taming ins perils must be furnished," In any event the destrutionrt of the lenTOaLJAiCb COalS0
E p te settlement. The ads!iinBation of the tendedby otner amion. eompdesh nor- lft the maer of the recognition of Maine by whatever extesri canseia aFAIRSWHICHdIAT T
elee -atis"eof Iprime minister, Cant-as, led to achang g toward the one icd tor ndeensi- h we Teas o the dir-rtaton of the executive, patent and impressive proof of state of rapa.iTOir ,a
A- of government in pa. The former labor, the instant p Li-utiou cf sCui providmg rv.ert.ly for the sending of a vaniugs din g ubathe at iintolerab. e That OB I'ATIONIMPStED
adinistraton, pledd o subjugatimon- ble; and the cessation of he mbeigsry tate diplomamong t when the nat president codtion is thus hown to be uch that BY THECONTITI A
without concestrion., tnve pliarce to that a ricts the island. should e so ihned that the republic of the Snish government cannot ass LW I AWAIT YOU T
ursd4ih began in a. moe liberal committed long Turningtothequcstionofrocooi7ising Texas 'has becuma an independent safety and aecuritv to a vestelofthe Yste sad .inn* d-u =
r seBen in advance to a poblUe of reform mvolv- at this time the md .pn-odeuce ot the state." It wns so reog-nized by Preai- Americannavy i, O hbte, oa H,--.. ytlgnS .
... daW- ing the wider princjle of homen rule in present t.mrgent govi ament m Cuba. dent Vainedf re ho commissioned a st tmit. _oregoumii s.ga
d j srpBBof Cuba and Porto Ricb Tie onerunres of we iad safe precedents is pur his lawtory h charge doaffires tarh 1 17, after malidoawas. reeetvwd by tat t=
Ia the story c-l of this g oaemitient, tojthe through its new from an early day. They are well Mexico with cases ed the attempt 0to re further referrin. m this connection p det Gnr a ato
IpmlBsed as 5o envoy. General Wobid'ord. and looking summed up in President Jaskson's mes- qner the Texnr Territory and when to recent iiplormeoc correspondence, a t prepare a,_1
e .af aud thie to an immediate and e effective ameisora aspge tho ce res Dec. 21, int36. on the there waion that recogne time no bon fid e" dis from urmins. pa
Sto any revol on- of she o ndiuticqd of t he island th a- s object of the recognition of the udes- contest goain on between the insurgent the two oenty-ithrs of u n onyta ned the rma wS
a*asade "eud, hog not th tetent of rrl- I
Shao mctedl m"edito ahe revolution, ad pendence of Texa. e said: pr whi inch e voted its former sovereign. statement that the Spanish minister fror n hrarrg te
' t e emitted m adiaion any shape, aweren -In all the conteyts that have arise.n I asid in my message of last Deoe m- foreign affairs asured him posaitivel Plt- b ... '
esenea f t .eer. mmet by ewu s-i t it home rule. in cn i out of France. ott of the dtepusts va r in fact applied tthati p h i o m t O f. i e f acnd er r
t .uiry phdashced pt ewoe be forthwith otf- tIM ntio e to the crowns of Portugal and "It is to be seriously consitere d t ha.tS in.it deo e th e sst e wsu h -
r tant at et. inene of eecive ofces in the in e case of T. Inthe congress to andste equne the matter and me atenton itN

sa"t te to fered to Cuba, wit' t waiting for the rriSpain, t of the separation of the whether t ke Cuban insurrection pom-fthe Manme Thereplv of the thirtye LbonA w'hic m-f
to we coan- war to eud, and tat more humaneI American possesoons of both from the sesses beyond dispute the attributes of first ui also'contied-anex e- o of eter.J IfSths meamu's
s enceV.p- _methods should thbeceforth prevail in European governments, and out of the tanehood, vhct alone can demand the te dins Sn tosubmittoa.x- l mL tMr
lMa rumanc tlly with theme dclarafion, the new struggles for dominion in Spanish Amon estion as one aproba Statseing to ion thin matterwhh is ute- rise. s
A af thumants gmo of Spani cotiued and cea, so wisely constreni with oar jnst
v V iwnppE the S^ Tj^^p lH a of-th a Mainceeo
Bi n a p byt p r mes m criiaylad t ecoguize funlldr now bandothereorey proper sie S ani min aaino oe f

circumstances, Ara ve rs isu of recogniein inde wen h underndnce Tenth Inst as follows;
Shoc c ithaes hel nrerd theone rca ce then c that the a er ane o ct e v lamai a -nqr evioune foersnlitive -asha th eat o a ...... ique r eto. o ....fio_. fact isN,
~ooi oya myatthed ith tba5din reeimoi e thn tiotpd t7 b o a a inte. the drespoi biit. That SLi i I -J
S view to re end f November n a enocalledm recognition of bd in thel agnst the lesser; whie andon by the other andbywhomall the tr -ons for remains to e fied. T
ingthelway b rteitor of honorable p hed, cllde to r whofme have been byf force of einaiencengnd peril u enust be tarnished, Spnis bord, "Spae opoen at the
asttilemienprTet remaion ed L a Spas- dence od pely e to decideog.tepontheintrnlplic-ofnact e ventta edbyan impar.ti.a.i n t i the Ide th.....
Astorn togbao onusing state, the marter of the recognition o vaine by whay t ex erthior cae isinson M si- E S t
Ii. iter, Ca led toa ch re ing toward tsthe one end l lcth we tfac tors thet rtoCol i f the exeo atSepamet acetmn mstrane." ott t p t
of .-e nt inba int TeteAmera th oradlo nte erency ois mon.rned are f cotndiary g T othntins i mae norepty. --of of' ...ofuia. P- elr "O-"
t Lhdg dgs in Cubai that is -. in..lexble. That OBLI(IrW rataig

'sttn plbd to shbjao tion pro- thatnd the orm policy ae nd prac r td plghy da e fartit when te re t ident nn Itervion s. thrown topbee u-ch th Tu !:d
ain s amt m the*sve Place to th mat iicts the island. shmd be o i hried that the republic n o I T the p of the ont- a it ven o ede m
be= ign er. tmom eratty l ommittee laong Tinie tothep ovrnn t of other o izina ;ea e yonda per abvceunure, then appeared eits hopleS a st t aso .. t ,.

f tha extledediumnii pree en t .ou rptuane r e C r dent a B oyer.en.t o r commissioned t t o nt s will e i ed to a- d B y
tlu ea then. b ,, dIroms a meerviews, or to the merits of the rigi- pm tie th Mexido ab ed feed the atte.ppt. to sny- u1ddeolesfeie o the lo d ne e. he
IT5dsumme th ponPrsi dgent. sl o tia Jksy.n's mes- qner, t he Texan TerritorS and S hen o tho e diplomatic ouly pondence, at at h isto 0.I.
""**~ ..MM &Sto ly. _But;f onf thi tam_ eound etin ooa- o inno use- In border. e. n- t. on the there wa at m time nom ona fide" ra mta p lds T Us whetl
MON1___reot bSscu at- metibyne to e funuinargi home raled- the d-bputts eU re- ieer: States to itervenehso m-isite sodoy rvntis O e 0 Bleed __am

(. I -
-It is ire that with regard to Toas
e civil authority of Mexico has been
pied its invading army defeated,
chi of the republic himself cap-
red and all present power to control
D newly organized government of
mz annihilted within its co
, on the other hand, there i, in ap-
mman e atleast, an immense disparity
physil force on the ide of Texas
a Mxican republic, under another
toutie is rallying its forces under a
w leader, and menacin a fresh inva-
a to recover its oettlominian.
Tpo the issue of this threatened
m the independence of Trx&
pMy and ultimately by its very or-
ENfrts to End N'ar.
Realizing this, it appeared to be my
ty in a Ppirit of true friendliness no
I to Spain than to the Cultans. who
ve Sq much to lose by the prolonga-
a ofi the struggle, to bring about &a
mediatetermination of 'the war. Tv
Seu4 IIseumited,, on ?7zrch bIi. as a
Mt 9f :much presentation aud lrx-
pmzdenoe through the l'Litie States
sister at Madrid, propoeitions to toe
lsah gwnov ent looking to an armis-
SUilOct. 1 for the negotiation of
oe with the good offices of the presi-
mt. Ii addition I asked the immedi-
Srevocation of the order to reconoen-
tioa, so am to permit the people to re- -
m to their farms and the needy to be
isved with provision and supplies
a tbe 'United States, co-operating
h t e Spanish authorities, so as to
"d fall relief.
Mbe reply of the Spsanish cabinet was
irvdonjthe night of March 31. It ;
MW a mthe means to bring about peace
Obas, to confide the preparation
eofo the insular parliament inas-
oeka the. ocmurrence of that body
d toisseJ issatray to reach a final -
tit$ bewmg6user, nudestood tha

intern-ioonIl obligations towards the conAdence, to suggest wisdom when A tme .
.ormpil-tion so recognized. In case of passion and excitement have their swy shtippe oth teRt mni
intervention oar oduct would be sub- and to assume the part of peacemaker. Manatee alaih"h 2t 1
ject to the approa or disapproval of In this view, in the earlier days of the of vreetables from the
such government. We would be r- oantest, the good offices of the United countryr, -
quired to submit to its direction and to States.s a mediator were tendered in
sensme to it the mere relation of a good faith, without any selfish purpOsee
friendly ally. When it hall appear in the interest of humanity and ima-
hereafterthat there is within the i d oere friendship for both parties, but
a government capable of performing the were at the time declined by Spain with
duties and discharging the functions of the declaration nevertheless that at a i
a separate nation, and having as a mat- future time they would be indispensa
ter of fact the proper forms and attri-t ble. No indication has bees teer.ed H is aNich a
bates of nationality, such g vernen that in the opinion of Spain that time M M Nico,
In be promptly an4 ready reoonssed, has been reached. And yet the strife cmoner of ln" d As
ad the relations and interests of the continues with all its dread horrors and tla1ut. hbeade 5
United States with snch nation ad- all its iljories to the interestsaof the ItIfirstpeare d
usted. United States aud of other nations. bleda fev-eblister, bt-,
There remains two alternative firms Underthe ctrmitsnes the agesncu of d 00o eecgan to des
of intervention to end the war: Either others. either b'v merliation or h iBter- s father and e 1
as an impartial nation by imposig a mention seems to e the only akernative C5sier and he s oght
national comprou.se between the con- whirh must. t:o: or. loter. be invoked aid indifferent cities
testnt& or as the active ally of one for the ten-tiarion .fl tho strife." posile to check the dl
party o bthe other. In the ltA ann.' te-sage of my im- pttioers wea pr1e
As to the first, it is not to be forgot- mediate prer eelhsoro luing the peadiCt alway r itT 4 !
ten. that during the last few months, the struggle, it waq s to : fo yrars yna th p. t
relation of the United States has vir- '- hen the inabiht- of Spain to deal
tually been one of friendly intervention succecfnalv with tll' insurrpition hai-
in many ways, each note of Itself concla- become L.4anifest a"td ; t is d-iounstrate I
sive, but all tending to the exertion of a that her crsvereintvy e xrin,-:t in COa -
potential ififluence toward an ulttpatO for all purpose (f its righ'-ai es-.en, \*
pacific restjul=t u and honorabie tdll and well a hUpelrrs c-(ru-,lf tor it-
mteresta concerned. The spirit of all re-establihimontr hau rdeesnertred into a
ou acis hitherto has been an easrnst, strife wihica E-nl.- tir:jg inmore thian
unsclflsh desire for peace and tcAp tAty the useless sar-fitr. of human life and
in Cuba, untarsnihed by differences be- the utter destrucnon -i, the. very aubjer-t
tweeu the United States and Spain and matter of the conflict, a situari.,n will
unstained by the blood of American pit- be presented in which our obligations To
ef. bleerve eUn the sovereignty of Spain will be ouper-
The forcible intervention of the United eded by obligations which we can
States as a neutral, to stop the war sc- hardly hesitate to reocgnite and di-
cording to the large dictates of human- charge .
ity and following many historical prece- Spain Wa Warne&d.es 1
dents where neighboring states have in- In my annual mage to congreessd CTs t-d. I -
terfered to check the hopeless sacrifices last December, speaking of this que- use, and
of life by internecine conflicts beyond tion I maid- Ve
their border, is justifiable on rational --The near future will demaasssars- uiie ew . '
poonds. It involveM however, hostile *rbhher the indispensable orsitia eflm PMIhI@ entedy in rt
onksei-it upon both the parties to the righteous peace, just aike o the$ O- = Ra Vyde ig
contest, eas well asto enforce a truce as bansand to Spai, as well am o .
to guide the eventual settlement to all our interests soo is- A "PhR w a
I Gronaf For laterveatio. volved i the wnO a re t O u ea, t
to be attainedI nd am a OVe i Ciscatr.Uft i
-The gewands for snob inisseeislu f ethencedw, g bo
may MO btaid smmarized as follow M-4


Presldent Thanks the Foreein Kepre- IY I M IH\ *Il r
eenttives But Reaspetfully Decines
7W hi n, A;ril 7.-Pres"idnt Mc-
Klnley t-day reeived a v-lt frnm the n in nii
amhe~gadour of ngland, CXermany and
France, and the %'Mns m |roa itulssi |,,
of ma Ote deprt was present.
All oftl the representatives of the foreign
ponae or peace and te dere their The Queen's Proclamation Re.
s00C to peace and tendered their
he pedet t ked them eor their questing an Armistice Will
kiond d fer nd d he still h or b Issued This Morning.
a peaceful settlement of the C.Oban
Protets from all over the country
have.come In to-day against any uurthr T
delar in the settlement of the Cutan
There Is now scarcely a doubt that the III W
sena"e committee on foreign rlaiUon
wilt 0udke a report upon the -ndinas of
the cpurt of inquiry on the Maine dis-

.ineam 6


Xri t ec d that!

psi of
'tt~pl. 5sssweo

t~ At~astic sc*


uior Oif*
Lt~srisn arped *
et- e~~ 49

If ; tl hfi ul ea es relieved in six bours by the "New
gp.- ase been Dreat tAnnerlean Kidney Curen.
Pr ed to Thi remedy Ls a great surprise on
S tiaw a~of Ita ceeding promptesm in.
S. in tbladter, kidney, back
t tT aV wpat of the warr pagesa-e
is* "tematW' It reeve reten-
5stttQi'at 'mater anti p aain In pasan it
... ; ." t if you wnqulok
?"l -.--l,_ ,l" ^ t y our, rned. .
B- ag 4igg oiipil 3C, drutgt%

M^^^ Omsd-


Whether the Cabans Agree to Request
or Not, the United Statess Will
Stand Firm.


London Reports an Absurd Proposi-
tion From Spain-It is an Agree-
ment For Armistice on Condi-
tion That We Withdraw
Fleets From Key West
and Philtipines.

l O tO JI DeM llE hble f6r the blowing up orf te sMaine. na
I *sea If tbxusi uw should Te any good reason for
sfl tk lba o furtr delay on the Cuban question,
congress can then give vent to its ieel-
i iIni- i regarding the destruction of the,

Washington, April 7.-Catain Sam~p-
son's big war fleet at Key West will be
Does Not Accept, Then still Jurther strengthened In a day or
be DePared Bet two by the arrival of the double tur-
reted -monitor Amphltrlte, wh cn left
ghtadBotthites Beaun rt this morning for that purpose.
io lttu M i Uncle am Wll Meet aWarm Reception
"e Vninslas. 1I He interTene
Ne* York, Aiprlt -'he Cuban Junta,
Trtbps. throg h its consul, Horatio S. tebens,
I Apvd -General Lee mais i an important statement to-day.
S nera t e et led in the most unequivocal lan-
it of Cuba and It Is be- guang that the Cuban Prnesdent and
t Tuesday night the by the United Staes unless it should be
Ir if the United States unless it should be
a will be hlocaded by proceeded by a recognition of the lude-
i'm feaet i f on. the rorth peonddtce of the Cuban Republic; and
's fleet facing the North that if the United States Intervened
Iron, white the famous without recognizing Cuban indepen-
me will have started to- dence e the Cuban government and mill-
leo to Intercept the tary forces would refuse e to co-operate,
to teep nd the the United rates troops should
tobe a Wt to Cuba upon tbe basis of In-
Sremains unch anged and terveltlon without recognition of inde-
w to Indicant that Presi- pendepre, the Cubans, as a last resort
;win ake any chaneL woulA- urn tr arms ag unst the
United ates.t
r seding to congress at TWO evening Mr. Rebens supple-
a$Y his message which melted his utterances with this written
e choice of evacuating stateent over his signature:
g that country to be he statement appearing in the
in n o evening paper was based on the Indl-
Sndependent of Spanish cattio appearing that the object of the I
sn the United tases Uniteda itats In refusing to recogni~ e
troops and warships are the Independence of Cuba was to annex
e Span-rds trom t the Island to the United States. It was
Ie Sn view of this fact that I expressed the
determination of the uban army to
Shas been proposed by resist We would, of course, welcome t
mt of fpain of declaring the AmOrican army to aid us in a-hlev- i
CM to be followed by Ing our Independence."
of the Independence of. WILL ENT-JST FOR WAR. 3
bic, will be rejected by
om atio REu the gen- Second' Battalion, Florida State Troops. e
e Cnan Juta, stated ,Will Offer Its Servlcer.
L Chalna WMillnot agree Major Lovell, commander of the o3cc-
N bThey wil continue ond Btttallon. Florida State Treops.
anlraas u long as there was in the city yesterday, and said that S
ohs aole the Republic his mep would volunteer their services t
ronised e to the government In case of war. No
.* thoou at SHe had gsPeciai effort hsa been made as yet to
aamVh -e that fte has seare *nUlltmeta.s but the Major said
4.r7ght and title to the that tie names of all who desired to
u3ban will agree to an join were taken down, and would be
St length to enable given g' opportunity at the right time.
BIn ele that the troops are needed to,
OIN& troops'to be with- defend lorida In ay way It will not
be neoelary toloffer their services, as
mat Cubans agree with they up be cd upon by the governor
or presiailnt. t in the event that it
a that epain la not to shall bI desired to send them to a for-
dr f an amistice was eian cotry, It is probable that their ]
re the acknowleadment service l will first be offered.-Times-
y the 'tr at leous pan. Union pad Cittise.
iiie their minds a soon TO B VACCINATiD.
at the torpedo fio-
f Ed ito RICO and was In Health Authorites Will Use Every Pre-
.l'tbe Anrtc-s fiet. caption When Refugees Arrive.
ofh of Geng r witthe In eomplianee with the request from
IP hinges i's tosive' Dr. J. F. Porter mtte health offleer,
iir-sise on-tlklday and COL Wi. HeOterson. president of the '
40.6 it t t. S s th = of Health has furnished 9
099sD r'OK b u aau np. 10 e' Ain port physlelan with
Wir with demand fdr a an supply of vacclnw Whin the
ilta term. He will be alot rrive -to-day from Havana I
t1. to -framtlt It to the with lr retugees on board, '
ah t l rui rscrnoti d before irav- 1
a receive a reply. ,l .Hav wl be vaccinated at the
i.rfita to comply with a etey quarantine station tby Dr.
ad if n repbP haoud be Echmusdia --
1 the ftaetl n affair On amount of he wild rush of Ameri- '
S :Bl = an fm- ein Haivan to eave Havana, Dr
. : n an n a Dn um"$, the Havana representat ve of'
atin. of war. When ~~, Instrstructed by the secre ary-of
it "received by the treasury to exercise discretion and
es q rth rs n can prevent to i9t "lnpetlen certificates when un-
..'r wu l at orse be de- abe to flnvmmnlty certificates '.o the
i bSotreiris ciernam end reugRLs. The state health authorities
wI bseSn to-move, will t1 every precaution and there
need blno fear of any contagious or in-
f.S. ectiou dlsese beiag brought to elorl-
a by t(e refugees.

gtabs tl nc-rlngC T A n AJu OW BSCAPE.
SThankful words written by Mrs Ada
idl.e "Ws ir c n a gH a of Groton. S. D. "Was ken
SEiwt a bad cold which settled on my
Itatld the foitowing telsge; sough aet In and finally atrmI-
S : rated mt consdmptlon. Four doctors
htas inrcted gave ny e up. saying I could Sive lut a.
gip- "uct hi seo- sort tme. I gave myelf up lo my
te ee of the Savior, determined If I could not stay
teh tte < iODptete iLeld- with my. friends an earth. I would meet
SS adeS 92 rtw my absent onse above. My husband
S sii w S~ o e was adved to get Dr. King's New Die-
sr e i b 9oton in cover for coasumpton, coughs and
Tis-il'a grm"C is ran- colds. I gave -lt a trial, took j.n all
,ii i of the em- ight bottles. : It has cured me and
lgte~ed aa th e fear thark God I am saved and now a well
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.. __-H-;j '-' lfTi.iHfiB lcpap SIX HOURS.
^f Blahea* reached Dlistrepsalg' Sildoe and Bladder din-

Contract Let for the New Bonacker &
Bowyer Building on Ashley Street
Edenfleld & Jetton, the contractors
and builders have been awarded the
contract for the erection of a large
brick warehouse on the lot adjoinng
the United Stazes bonded warehouse.
The building is to be occupied by the
enterprig firm of Bonacker & Bow-
-yer the looal representative of Swift &
Co.. the great packing and provision
house of Clcago and Kansas city.
T- Mess. 'Bonacker & Bowyer, two of
Tacnp,' most progressive business men.
is due L credit for the establishment
by Swift & Co., of their South Florida
agency in this city, and the credit for
the addition to the business blocks of
Tampa in the erection of this fine brick
building. The firm agreed to lease the
building for a term of years and the
Plant Investment Company who owns
the lot upon which the building will A
located, has entered into the contract
with Edenfleld & Jetton for Its construc-

The building will be located on Ashley
street Just south of Zack street and will
be especially adapted for the storage
of dressed meats, provisions, etc. It
will extend to the railroad track in the
rear and cars can be unloaded and load-
ed at the doors of the warehouse. The
firm of Bonacker & Bowyer also repre-
sent the New York Condensed Milk
Company, and several other large firms
and their business has grown to such
proportions that a warehouse such' as
is to be erected for them has become an
absolute necessity.
The plans for the building were drawn
by Miller & Kennard, his architects,
and the contractors are under bond to
begin work within a week and finish the
building within 60 days. The building
is to cost between $.t000 and 16,000.

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Discovery (Waco. Texasa and I can
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Special to the Trbune.
VWashington, April 10.-A cablegram
was received from Mlnister Woodford
from Madrid this evening by President
McKinley saying that the Queen Regent
of pain would on Easter day, Issue a
proclamation calling for an armistice
for six months between the Cuban in-
surgents and the Spanish forces.
The president and his advisers an-
nounce to-night that whether the Cu-
bans are willing or not to accept the
proposed armistice this government will
not change its attitude, and that the
president's message will go to congress
on Monday as previously promised.
The New York Sun received a special
cablegram to-night from Madrid, via.
Paris, and thus escaped the blue pencil
of the Spanish press c ensor in Madrid,
saying th t Minister Woodford believes
hat all hope of a diplomat settlement
if the Cuban question Is at an end, and
hat there seems to be no hope of avert-
ng war between the United States and
Spaln. Woodford will leave iMadrid on
Monday as soon as the news of the
president's mercage is received by the
Spanisa cabinet unless Spain gives up
everything demanded.
Cablegrams received from London to-
light say that It is the intention of
Pain to call for an armistice on condi-
ion that the United States cease aiding
he insurgents, and withdraw its fees
lom Key West an-o the Philppines.
The propoeltior is so absurd that it is
not even given consideration.

How He Is Esteemed by tne People of
From Braldentown Journal
A familiar and prominent figure in
the court room this week is .that of
Gen. Joe B. Wall, who has 'ately been
appointed State's attorney for this cir-
ult There was a time when "Joe"
Wall was as regular in his attendance
on the courts of Manatee and other
touth Florida counties as the presiding
ludge, and no man was better known
over the circuit than he. during the
txtles and seventies, at which time he
enjoyed a most lucrative practice.
The general takes up the work again.
because he enjoys the associations which
are incident to a circulation among his
old time friends and a 'ontrtct with
the people.
We are sure that his many old clients
will be glad to see him back itgain, and
the general equally as glad to serve
them, as well as any new ones who may
need his services as counsellor at law
and solicitor In chancery.

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From Ocala Daily Star.
Tampa feels mightyy" proud ir. anti-
cipation of being the base -rf sup.liet
in case of war with Spain, but Mobile
is after the honor and profit of the base
of supplies too, but Jlorida's delesfatior
is moving "mightily" to eciure the
plum. With Congressman Sparkmr.a
at the tongue, Boh Davcik m the lea(
and Pasco and Mallory at the hinu
wheels and the editor of the Tampi
Tribune to crack the whip, the .uar L
certain that Tampa will land the base
of supplies. Here's a hoping.

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Senor Julio Hidalgo. the Havana J it the City, also. ilothlnr, Dry Goode and Genlt
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stopping at the Tampa Bav Hotel for 1', tl ,r'l-ty. Cal aiml a -tus or send your order-b i majill
several weeks with his family, left last ieceive priinlit attention.
night for Savannah. It was hoped by i 0 B
their many friends that the Hidalgo F. EF A
family would remain in Tampa. and it
was with extreme regret that i was
learned that they had decided to go to

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Lr. Charles C. WhUtaker, of Tampa
came down oMnday to i attend the tern
of court, and meet his old time boyhoo
friends, who ame Ilon Byr push, en
urpre & and attiy Cha ba Isa acqure
a promluent 5ace at tie T pa bar.-
eptusutewa Journal.

jTRV N:.

Have lately beeu added to our a dsitl" -
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.boards, Bedroomm "item. Red Longe i
and aRlkind of FBITUtn tiob-i
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Tam pa. t .-- 7 --., *^ ^_ .,

Tarpon Springs. April 7.-The annual
election of town officers Monday, re-
sulted in the re-election of WUlls Cas-
taing Mayor; G, Nobltt, I .% Fernald
and J. C Beekman, Councilmen; Vie
Castaing, assessor; J. F-. Cogan, mar-
shal. A special election will be held In
the near future to elect a town clerk.
as Harry Lever and FPrank Fernald
each received the same .amber o(votes
for that office. \

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iaranusmed to uti by all draugiss.
Dct Tlcmu -p4r ad Smaue tw IJo IAwm.
To quick lhae -reo a.ly an l forersr. oe tg
setic. l1lloi Le n-r" z A:id %igor. lake No-To-

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\ m Oms OfshAm

Lug TmrUae s atCd C1u 1iirtin al h

An Eminent New York Cheamst and
Seiatist akes a Free Ofer to
OuVT eadars.
The distinguimsed New York chemist
T. A. 8locum, demlonstrating bis uo.
cover of a reliable and a soiute c ro
for Cunsumption (Pulmon isrr Tiuhtre.
loils) and all bruwchis. Lbro, ru, lung
and chest dirates. stabbore cugllhs.
catarrhal affectilmos general nensear
and weakness, i us of fiah, and all con-
ditious uf wamiing away, will ,wnd LA&,l
tbre free bottles (all different) .of -bls
New Discoveries to any afflicted renaer 7
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Science daily develops new wonders, Cttt
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perimeoting for )ara. ba produced mr dm)nl eile
sualt as beonseal to humanity as Catn
be clainled br any modern Rgeniu. His islacmo SS=do&
assertion tihat lunri troat ublesa ol n- s S
sumptoa are corable in any climate is eftl p
proven by "heartfelt letter of geati- health b d l - t eu
tude," led in hbs Amenorn and Emro- its r Ilus
pean laboratonl in thoumnd f-rm d t
thoce cured in all parts of the woerLd
Medical experts coonde t ha 8bre 01-
cbial, unrt and lunog roubles lid to S oyrP o f']LF m
cooeumption. which, uniaternirped cent bb by6
mean speedy and obtain death. Agut. ha) la *30
Simply write to T. A. alurous, M. C, Ohio
98 rlue street. HNw Yuroi,kignlbg post- 1W'
otfice and express addrs, and the free
medicine wIll bo promptly ails. Buf- Wi5b a it or
ferers hl4iild ttke ainlsae advantage of a y Cduft .
big...r..oUd ropottio... 'ft C j'R.
tle l teol Ii docr" tmr )ouW e C A)O sw
this offer in ti TAXIM TMFiaL. &I
)yl2.ly i.

Eherythlng Stuferlni for Ratl-Ora ange"
Trees 'Dropping Bloom. mr. J. 3 rgSln ofThm*
iehaeth Staew"'Ut
L4rgo. April 7.-Thl section is suffer- -adrga ,
Ing terribly from lack of rain. Vege-
tables an almost an utarnown quantity. Mtielal C.ieleWl -4
Plants dry up as fast as they sprout. grad a, ApUI ,-"
and very few shipments of track have of Kr. J. Iryaaet Tae
been made. aah wfiJsohdmunn O1
Orange trees seem to suffer most The place oel adr tse tel
growers report the heaviest bloom since o'cdock, at the r-tdnoi
the freeze, but they sy It Is sheddin paren t. kr. asad.L ie W
fast, and unless rain coms at an early a. The IAr 1
date the crop will be short Rev. C..W. slt of t*o
Tourists from the North. wlo bave cult, and a tl d
been wintering at Benmiole and other b oer of M of tb e
wpolnts on the bay, are returning hume The meald of Mr e .i
after several months of sport, mainly Henderso amastr bC o t
ashlng and hunting. best man was Mr. T
Mr. T. A. Bprtvey. buyer for P. Rhal- Taumpa. As the tbetk.
man & Co. of New York. i here buying the parlr, which a
grapefrult, and is paytin from $8 to $ rated fr the onad
per box: Ths fact shows well for the ding marc troa
growers, and this branch of industry Is by M alAhm t-er -cl ; a
being largely followed, in comparison Ught z esbtreat
to what was done a few yeas back. the cenimona, aid I'W.
John & Taylor left for Atlanta Ga.. and thim arty I i
[Monday, where'he goes to engage In the Tampa, cqhere "t
commission business. served at the d "
Captain W. D. Bell, bridge buJder for to a :af nnu-mbr of
the Plant'System, while engaged -at .-nionsC peegpie
work at Cross Bayou Saturday lasndpa wemQMrJ.J. R. o
captured an old mother alligaoar, wlt r. BynIt Mr_ d M
twenty-seven. young onesa The haufd-iMW. W. H- L'H
were making excavations when d al t Mat Ba. fLG EM iA
once there was a sudden .roar, and ot WM'. BrISn, andlr. a 'j
came an altigator eight feet or more. and veraJ oten.-
After a severe struglte ita take A lae amxiun of
prisoner. The little fellows were then tl presents rar t .
easily captured. Bt-, OF0 aad 1a1lot
Heon. Dan McMullen left for "tmpa brild tie sE *Ih -1 -*
a few days since. He will engare sla y9 mlad a211', u1. 'lbe
the practice of law. in thS -n
The Tampa Bay Casino natatorium b "
wtl be open to-day from 10 anm. to p.m.>
All who desire a deightful swta should
visft the pool. The 0speratar of the are at me ther' l
water is Jst right and all who have
patronized the natatorium thif season, l t lep It
have been greatly pleaded. Manager d Plw of bhi&u
Phllllp says that although the hotel a to tlhre _l5 1
has elesed the a tatortar wIll remain as eWtIt lttO
open for some tim yet. tmaL M "

Ta Care oesIttopti rss Ferv..e iders Vase wobls
Taketssorus (hudY trhiCh tI. urse. ea~d sii~rtel- -iosw

Permeaa5?! e 5m 5-Iwo SrB8

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*^ < : .- .-. .

.J Sti ao os OMto LEE
l glJ^.... frtuam rou hot h 1nm t at
J the Hwr eato Hot arle s M2 o.
9 ..6.6 alW Mi Teresa Echeverria,
-lims Vkraini Mcbevoeria, Andres Guer-
^ | I ~e. Jos Oerlere, P. ALand, M rs
S Todd, iarls Todd Mw. Solberg, Aus-
t-aI Solberg, Conchita Solberg, Jose M. ConSi
.. lantos, Maria eF. Burro. de Santos., D
S i [ JuanaN Mlargueretta NIda de Santos,
fr-a o' fa1a oi the 'oraAsSioes Beatrice Vivan Martin
Divas aDr. EL. M. Porto, Concepcion
wb IB Oat -Yea VanpleU de Porto. CoDcepon Porto, PRO
Arlay Aft Enrlque Porto, Ramiro Porto G. Herre-
ra, Lutgardo Herrera. Mercedes Herre- A]
ra, Irene Merrara. Luttardo Herrara .
Mercedes Herrara, Hormemla de Arma& He Ma
r Rogeiod A de rmnas. Aurella de Arma.
;The arrivaJs at the Alleri& were .Mrs. to !
Lawton. and Mrs. CtIUd, the wives of
two of the most prominent bankers of mtt
N rBavana; Dr. Dims Albertlnl the father Plrd
of the famous violinist. rs.a B. Alber- WAS
tint. Miss IAlbertitn, 'isses Maria and tive LI
KatLe Albertln. Dr. and Mrs E. Per- the ta
Ml m W diAto, AUbert Broch. 2i. 1) roch and make s
S'B nbtelle NaStauva, Maria Ioulse the sen
AfB UZ af d LOn Broeh Umx Ros timo v
-Sasse Jaosea 'erand, jLacodesa Reyes,
Dr. Jes Parm wife and children, Mr. M.
ul n ad Mdrs. B. LMartiMe md t thee chll wl n
S M -alUes a tN Gr of w L w
^^ H n ". -f.I itee,n bau
..n e s aM^A wo y S. 3 aedFHosar.. him wp
Sag I r
oftitl.yor Homexg oiep
SIpo. --At the sound that el
thie "afitio n t on the kettle thi ba
known-j tal o of th, men of u nth m

w. 41 on'lml- ade am-il o wrw

i tisns of this. attlii ty hav e so.exas- tie
t .. .. -5--,45' I.s'5. ,w;5 Uer- i atrae

SS gcsI.. fom the taprt ande to suppose that ecudT
B hl on the decla hon of war. but it is thaelMa
o t w Poi to known that o fot oaf spa nis wriluUn c shta
,i rote wlosoi m s l,,m t nt the West coat, which captf
Mx t" from r owal beIome-lrate and robbers when nhago
,Isa sfvew wa Js declared, if opportunity offers ao thi
g.i.P4 !' n ben- oe i~or attacking mall coUlt towns in the of his i
Wsl 5 Arba' a here nlrSt at. d A asking stores His int
.eieia t o #essvel. tL Petersburg Is probably too far
AMW ohe firea Utedto r the om i and too well protected OAY
d(i.,-",,si. q t.. onvatte
to be Ln any such danger, but there are Quiete
tI.2r ti of taehea O oth.r town on the penin-aula near the
if|.. ^ ba o t.e IGfltwhere this company may be needed WA
i s PIs 4oD"L ,n s and with an organization here and pli ctkal
i4 Mel -l tl n and ett-alonc the coast, a surprise ail eo ctu

S16AN" -rmalt ft" 31 w a Thln company was started and %Ili head, t

. 1 ?1 'to ^i fa that St Petersburb haa been exporting to Onban
W6 V tn lt4lietofV ted other points many mindss of foods. such cpngre
._ 0 as dah. trait, oysters and vegetables, i a
:" but it has just been called on for un- of the
une. rual contributions.' The Plant System eracua
pwril -Te OUivetta took 105,000 gallons of zlar saler from C
Ae a 4flci to tplt 5with rom oReservoir Lake to Key West Mon- Woodf
ae w slr Mt portda day. The lake is forty feet'oaove the to le1v
r1Wl.9- 10S dicd Anerl- ibay, and Is piped to the depot for the t
i imd but OffL eI's moply of locomotives. The piping Is n om
Iehr ; continued to the end of the long whari a m3e0
itrlutAba"eery stam to Lan Immense reservoir, where the war, pi
Entered port, s temboat ~et their supply be enjo
Ot of people crowded them Lghters holding eight metallic tanks plot of
_Jrmaed' timhe aJt steam- wers broisti, and the water let into snuada
tkhrX tbo t ht4 d o ght them from the reservoir, and towed to .es
-.oIIm a ~ t.wo 0 ia"d -aJai Key West by the steamer Tarpon. Key fourth
l b tkep It t ao t tuatlea West depends on rain water for Its sup- Honse
- I'-oWnl. t as pl and the elterns are running dry an adjt
j t irM'Isavasl dL the Is- became of the continued drought. The dent s
sathertnl of troops there also mak-sn a s
iIfU extra demand op the water supply.
*s m.iWa-' Notwithmtoaing the fact that the day h
ib s.,estlo Tampa Bay Hotel has closed. Manager
n Philmp of the Casino win keep the
M that o- swimming" pool open for the comfort peslde
)MR Bg ae- asd ,ceon~iiloB of the gneraerl gpublUc. A
tbs one of the fnest fttCroma In.
^ 'O &e aTval the aoth. and it is well worth seeing

S 1-,Charsa Davis has been elected wed

Ladies Wo Sdffer an

f h L thefr ses-euch as Profuse. Palt- reugu
-, s o p' edor~ e I gt ~men
Bl^.- 1fji* ** -o n f-^omd to d

r;-qu-fttwPuhl*hov~btn ed wth ha
@pd1 ~ dieFritDDU f tol et 5Pela
a eoStore thef of

-- ostucesf thea frohn~
j lio and on t%*cor p Sha
Jt osr;ulsu. anod tlm
KW% OFN auji
such complafrjts to %ji
ooly. ft **wr fails uam.:i
ol ton the I
wmmo. Mould item
H be tak" ~Oby tbp w" no

.,SJ~nIsScant. Sup. t %kF
pns~d.trrag an tag~
or Valof ul. aol ~cr

*MddLbr use rU di~
"rob ag by r~drhr d -

l ilD KU While there is theappearuweof& asah&
WILL FURNISH ""+'""^ "-'--"' ^
WILL FUINISH nem everywhere at the apitol, yet the
Fravtity of the sOtiauation s ralized. No
THE MISSING LINK oev le. o ob wr is
lh sU LI aion now s largely directed to
ward the t itbod of prot-edre, and there
ul Is to MAke Startling Lare even Inow Theores advanced a to
how I'slu b hall be governed. These
selos0qres Regarding dec!aratrous relate to the form of declar-
anon by congress and the present eondi-
Maine Conspiracy. Ill itn olutaa, together with what the
.oillitdtou will be after Spain has beeo
pS TO llcd.I O are participated in by
RISES TO GIVE OUT senators who are charged with the re-
rE I TN V 3spulability of action.
LL IN HIS POSSESSION From those best informed it learned
that in the opinion of leading senators
SFix t R iiiy F whatever action is taken for forcible in-
Ba Fix the Responsibility For tervenion by the United States wll
iattlpship Horror--Revelatlons make this country responsible for the
e Made Before the Senate Con- future government of the island and
e on Foreign Relatlonu-Slgsbee that we must make it safe for the
ged to Secrecy. prPertY __
soTOM, April 0.- 0 Represents FAITH IN THEIR FLOTILLA.
Trimer of lllinois is authority for People of Havana Think They Will
itement that General Lee will Compel Us to Sue For Peace.
ome startling disclosures before NEW YORm, April 9.-A dispatch to
ate committee on foreign rela- The Tribune from Havana says: This
when he arrives regarding the community awaits developments with
racy to blow up the Maine. It stoical indifference. Among the officials
n"ocoed yesterday that General from Blanco down the being i s ofd
aud be called before the commit r-ligation They are deperat, but
t the nature of the testimony by they have done what they could to save
s not disclosed. the remnant of Spain's sovereignty in
understand that General Lee is to Cuba They have also made the bt
the mixing Unk in the set. ato possible for repulsing a
" said e. "My information is Some navy and army ofcer, have
iptain Sigsbee is in possessa of real faith in the extensive land batteries
Lt, but doe mos feel at liberty to and in th harbor defenses of Havana
ti te* p e se who Wam to The higher offla however, fear that
if te point of rheeiti ia reched and
lem ghim from the secrecytn i- that lining of Aeran troops anu the
That person, I mldertan ld is mai is desirable for mateatefoppam
lLeei" they will be landed at Matanams an
ad that the info matinn Gen- other pces and mavhed overland while
a ise pioted to testify to relates H a is booaded.
avWegt~a -ament of the electric The authorities are doing all they oan
in BHava at the tbea t of the to increase the number of troopsavaila-
aup of the Maine. hie for duty. A decree issuedto the
trtl supertai have mid that If civil gmneuor calling on them for a
Iht went out in Havana at the census of ablebodied men between the
f the explosion it would be con- ages of 19 and 0, who were not already
evidence that the mine under enrolled in the volunteer or similar or-
ine most have been fired from a ganisations, was interpreted as a call to
olettrial connection4 arms of all Spanish subjects. A denial
ain Sigsbee, before te foreign re- was made of this intention, but the r-
committee, said he had informa- suit was the same.
at the lights had gone out, but did While the populace thinks itself ready
nk it advisable to give the name to repel a hostile force, the main trust
informant while he was in Cuba. is still in the Spanish navy. The
dormant is said to be General Lee. Oquendo, the Viscaya and the torpedo
flotilla are on all tongues and all tongues
AT THE WHITE HOUSE. wag patriotically. It is yet a delusion
of the Spanish classes that war is not to
er Than Any Time Since the befeared. because in addition to defend-
Present Crisis Began. ing Cuba, the SpanL-h fleet will devast-
sLmo.s, April 9.-Pending the atethe Atlantic coast and compel the
TAmericans to toe for peace.
culmination of the diplomatic de- Am
ients now rapidly approaching a MUCH CALMER IN MADRID.
the administration is steadfastly
insistently avoiding all possible oodford Not to LeaeFor Home
rd evidence of the crisis. The Before Next Week.
message will be placed before MADRID, April 9--A much calmer
as next Monday, unless some rad- feehng prevails here today, reflecting
d unexpected events should hap- the newspaper utterncues and various
change the firmly fixed intention published versions of the cabinet meet
president, and meantime theingof laevening
tion of the American citizens ingof lasteening.
uba will continue and General The statement published in London
ord will arrange his affairs so as to the effect that the United States
e at a moment's notice, minister, General Stewart L Woodford,
he White House, save for frequent is to leave Madrid Sunday is untrue.
inoes, there is no sign of a cri.s, General Woodford today reiterated his
the day fixed for transmission of statement that he would not leave un-
age that is expected to lead to til directed to apply for his passports or
probably 8,000 or 10,000 youth will until they were handed to him.
ying themselves on tbe 20acre The minister added that he had no
groundsurroundingtheexecutive intimation from his government fixing
a,. a date for his leaving and it might be
dte the grave situation at this taken as a fact that no date would be
Jl arrangements are going ahead fixed upon until after President McKin-
b Fster egg rolling on the White ley's message had been sent to congress,
grounds with the Marine band as a to leave the Spanish cita before
unet to the festivities The preis that would prejudge the whble case.
ows sonmwhat the effect of the
train s him but on the whole NEW GUNBOAT READY NOW.
up wendsrfnlly. Last night he _
led in retiring by o'clock. To Prlaeeton Recelves Flatshbg Touehes
Swas up bright and early and at Phlladelpha1
d a hearty lsetsfaast
e wa a con.ikoo s absence of PiLAD. HmA, April 9.-The gunboat
isahed visitors to eonfer with the Princeton, built at Dialogue shipyard,
nt in the early morning hours. aunden, is finished and ready to be
tntly it was rsS ts lhyth turned over to the government. It is
rsanit of the United states. .
ed Its pore and that effort. to 5ped thaI the antht's ls as Wuh.
oe the executive wre now out of Iton willwithin a few houordr her
tton, o senators and represen- wtmdoa to the League Island nayyard
are far les prssig.. Even As- to receive her flttlngs and repsre for
Seventy Day did not make his l .
ce until comparatively late in Acting under orders from Washing-
y. All the outward calm con- tno, Charles Hllmnia & Co. of this oity,
strongly with the rush of the _ho are building the torpedo boat
ath. NMaeine, are proceeding wiLhai pos-
t ~rLoda of Mseachusetts, a lMd haste to o lete the boat A
ro the feign relationsemmis. double force is at work and it is ex-
1.Bep ..ea tvef Ntooa of Ohio peoted she ill be ready for devery to
uhker of Michigan formed the the gern nt in les than a month
m coa'e;.-gent of cirsd The Cremp are rushing work on the
itoreethepreidasa tLiw-the tg btteshir Alabsam.

cabinet day r tie knowledge
fact helped to keep awaythe Calm at the Cubam Caplt,.
mad mke the quietest forenoon HAVANA, April 9. Everything is
.ys se tw E iay o qiet and thestate of -waiting, "p
=Mbers of do coMneev n
ittle sow ti amMaba a I f tenoy and doubt contest as ishat -dn.
4 Meaal Gar7 wea the iar to ing the past week or more. Aoolmeing
P4 UBetdry Blm flowesd, the to outward asMappeaea there is abhe-
mrt at- briefintervals util lately in7 rhange in the usual routine of
a d m about the nmg tale in lite in a happy tropical city. Good tWi
room. Priorto the meeting day, with its pope observe, is m
Smember stedl that thet hrae the topic in the public mind than war or
Smaterial dveslopm nts in the diplomacy. PFom today on, al pnulic
m, and that the work of prepara- code Ilegr-am Ioem o to Cuba must be
rteadly go g on. translated a the cenor's office with the
cabinet meeting oocupied a little code books in sight
t hu. It was mainly devoted,
ormlt l discussion bf the into&- iim J For a-napton omno.
ihe president's a enianor was NroaRFO, April 9.-A detachment of
ughut and the proceedings 1 marine engineers from Willete Point,
That there was no expect aon to
pert of. the dmin'trlation that W. ., haS arrived her to laycablesand
d be averted. electrical apparatus fr the mooring and
a be positively stated that there operation of controlled mines in Hamp-
fresh development in the sita- ton Roads. A barge containing sub-
ught to the attention of the cab- marine mines, apparatus, etc., iB lying
ir ly diatches or oommunica. off Old Point and was visited by the
rsy st placed before it. The marine engineers on their arrival.
tohof the powers ws considered,
i It will have practically ne effect Will Lay Mines at Wllmington.
situation as it nuow exlgts was WuJxpfTOW, N. C., April 9.--A de.
Seeo L it tachment of United States army en-
snely leaveHava Saturday, gtneers from Company B, corps of
o9 to the cabled inbtm tns engineers, Willett Point, N. Y., ar-
bbGfteralWoodfrd i expected rtved here yesterday in command of
hidei proN S ncQf Certrable Oors w J. .ostello. and went to
pyot have been decided. Frod Oawell today to mine the harbor.
All the necessary explosives ar are at the
I EFORE THE STORM. fadtbsfrbor can be thoroughly
S :I --- ..mined In 7i hour.
* at Wia toa Doubts That
;Way IU Ieitabl. To Handle m ate Trope
April, 9.-Me senate R m",, April 9.-Offcmn at head
LOmabftxi alua Vrke s had so quartkmhero have ,aplev d erm fa
zi:.t mxiyht nrellr e of meaf with o lase W"pi ta -O ,
*0 00 W a totable topatall hae in
-.r-tg a a-" m., -Y

I _____

B .~



25c 50

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"11fF I MIN" DIw1 HAVE II i
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"CMUrk," (MIT), .', i,,' .h '.akr a ,". "M-i^
-- MOOT.-BOUaiD, .- !.'
hai asvltle elatcea listC l..a) ...... r.... t, i
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For it.ohr.f aanl g m a'Cyde Lies achmouile

r S amrs an ted toema l r bm Ple. Za]rU eap e
.................. ..e...
SJaacklstCarsi l .. ( .......

Jacksonville, Palatka, Sanford, Enterprise, Fla., isa& 1'Sa-
mediate T.andings on the St. Johns Rive .
CAPT .w. ..l a. la.-w, y *
. _-S ::: .;;:, ;, : : :;; ; :: ::;::1 g
bam a., .k Soa es w
8 HOPING.~ BY MAIL. Estab e ftWetsit&a e Oc.J

IRiporters and RetaJera of .-

Mail Order Dep

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vision of oneof the frm for this brinm of our
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Goods mailed free on application. -

425, 425, 429 E. Market bt., above

Krau se
SIron anda ndt'so
Mail rd-e,,De....


: 4
C J _ ~ ~ a



a., son am"
Q4CaY1WithIm a Mouth

4-~a a 1w the ey
'.r 8~3p~.aalstbgeuei

h L.

..r..fi;br c r w ^ oc0m- being quite lbemy attended. ,
t. wacome, tfTro t |ib l CapL John McK^ay. epuzy United
1 mrnto xr.west ,fr states mfaourl, ht faoshed Mrvi 1
We tha.St a 2 The i hef.--,iUbe ros eviction w'rrants upon the sqsattemr
Aeped Sry other taps ed tl i. I on the Garrison reservation. Nearly
Theas ompael s eam fin "Montana all of the squatters have vacated.
mad forts in the far ftBhzsts and l [Qf11f3P3M3 Easter services in the Methodist and
nearly all wUe ne oe, also in the Presbyterian churches Sab-
I1 bath day.
LEZAJ iT S&'-VNAMI. L L. party of surveyors in the employ of
In the account of the reception tend- the rnell 111t Compa y are out at PreetoriO s of th
night the s avIann News says: Spanish Provinces Object to the Ine preparations for the erection of a P AI 1
"Five thousand people were at te new and commodity us dwelling. The
Plant "stem station last night when Armistice Proclaimed by Branch Brdters are furdwlling a niche
Consul General Lee pased through .n grade of well seasoned lumber for this
route to Washington from 31avana. the Government. ntow residence.
"The Chatham Artillery, the Savan- _Rev. W. AL Wamto:dt of Jacksonville.
nah Volunteer Guards and the Lawton we! and personally kniwn to our Bap-
Cadets were down in uniform. A major t t people, was in town Monday on a
general's salute of thirteen gunr s an I t t., t he Re. -. Et. Bogart
fired by a platoon of the Artlllery, and i A new schedule s Tuesday morning
the infantry stood at *"present" as the N N Io d the Florida Central and Peninsular
train rolled In." railroad by which the morning train
The News quotes General Lee as say- h llfl T f leavs Plat City going North at 7:56
ing: m. III I and evening going South at 5:2
"You Georgians and we Virginians pf. II l l m.
have always stood shoulder to shoulder I ULuIU IU .Flags ore flying all day Monday In
In everything, and I believe if the time! honor of the safe return of General Lee,
should come. be It in a few days or a who graciously greeted many as his
few years. that the old spirit would be Says tae IsAlts tO the nmy lUt be Lrai" slowly passed through the city.
shown, and that, shoulder to shoulder, Mr. AIbert Hmendrix arrived home on cit
eorgtans and Virgnans would dothelr Retrcted by the l ilster of Saturday night after a stay of some
duty and bear out the conception under weeks in Clearwater.
Which this splendid constitution of ours CO 1lOS. Mr. W. E Wiggins left Tuesday for a
i blltoL" iitrip of some months In the Interest of
his commission house through the state
itr. and Mrs. A. J. -Boardman wil of Alabama.
leave to-night for their home In Mta- SPUISH l IY C il WHIP OUR SHIPS Mrs M b. Andrews of Tampa came
epolls, wbertthey wIll spend the sum- out on iMonday morning on a visit to
mer month, da It is noped that they oter. brother and sisters at this lace.
-IlU return early next seMon Mr. Sch i the Opinion of AAdmiraL oB Mr. Ralph Vambelk. mailing Ter in
Boardman was re-elected yesterday to the Tampa post office, is In town on a
the cOnc of *1, presirlet and general ronge, Za-Minister of MXu es. two days visit with his grandparents,
nwia of the T mpa. S Cowany H. Re the Oubn Portsam Mr.and Ms Samuebl Vmbl.
Du 'Lg' 2 eucb-e the aftars of the
onUpy wil hWe looked after by Frank ualrdad by Automn tic D XoMf-HAOlN. "
Brew. semter' andd tresirer. Torpedo ada fight Marriage of a Pooular Young Couple
T% Bartowe afr momft. speak- A htwk Need l ot Prom Gulf CIty.
t1l of s t s-la t of Gasf .U J. I---
Wdl a estate ator0 for the xth eard. Mr. Iaee Denson rad Mis Del
dtis" s:"The mmm friendsOf G IL iain, both of Oulf City, seere united e
a yinr s rriage at the parses of the -
Wal will be pleased to know #*at here- specr i to the Tribune. First Mthod4t ehuroh of city at
after giati thin erna > a 'New Tort, April 1L-A cablegram 10 o'clock Monday morning. The
7,4 mugty a* __itrc roady from Madrid says that rioting wu re- cemronry was performed by ReA. qr.
S a "thi bst- smnd in that city today, and tat Poege, the pastor of the ebareh
Uw y tJffIg.? ?t W1of s" --"' new Barcelona and nearly every other city ri. Denon is the wmaa of the
lsets &^w^ 9'"a" in Gain crowds are marching through Oulf City Canning ComLmay, and has
clients whe may wIsa hi.a the streets protesting against the a number of frads in this emotion who
ta ton lu government's action in declaring an extend heary coagratnlattoa.u The
thomrag whio t h eJon staIn a l- atr e In Cuba. bride is greatly ad-lred for her beauty
tdonl -tAn"AlOtmon.. which mostIl r sn,..--. ...".. e *,,-.. -,,A.-4.4... ......... ..........

^.rott~~at If w(4n *c p . -ro a U mace. uen. ee TUterday. Rn andon U msu
tS haswrltsn P sonal l- A great sensation was caused this hands with him on their wedding day.
i. =url Mrs. Tucker to accept the morning by the announcement that the
Minister of the colonies had received a
letter from General Bourbon, an ex- PEOPLE ARE IMPATIENT. The St. Louis Westlobe Pot ai t
Pbstmaser HeynoNlsb has received in- member of the chamber of deputies in leading German daily of the C MIlsep
Otlons~ ro Polstamr--General which the general demanded that the The American people, and especially vallej, mad oe' of the few ge
ear tnformbng him to forward all minister make a public withdrawal of the people of Florida and the entire man newspapers in the Unsled latl
haof rtal to New YOr teas the Plats his remr which are looked upon as South are not pleased with the con- Estahilshed in 51W, Itoon passed
ne of steamers had temporarily sum- Insulting the entire army. Gen. Bour--
ended their run to Hoansa. This or- bon also demands that the newspapers tinued delay In bringing the Spanig to the hao111 of Dr. Emil kreteoli
e goes into effect at once, and all mal be compelled to retract their recent imbroglio to an issue and there is ample and the Ho. Carl l Phi. F ,
afterr -will go to Havana via. New statements which gave offense to the reason for their impatience. years the Weetliohe Poet has alows U
k. army. There is more displeasure stilwithmost d eotive devotion to honorat
The crowds in the street at once sided There more and progressive ideas.
Dr. Brunner, the Havana agent of the with General Bourbon, and cheered the reported appearance of a party in Edward Preetoriun. business manage
lited States Marine tOspital service, Spain and the army. By 6 o'clock Lo- I th Federal senate that stands for peace and treasurer, is a man of distinet
id Dr. Dudley, his assistant arrived on night the gendarmes had succeeded t It aH any pric-, and Is now trying to delay throughout the Soutbwslt, and
w Olivette yesterday. He said that dispersing the crowds bu t. ore trbleI r days and then weeks, dela knownto many thousands andor
1 of the passengers on the OlUveLte is feared to-morrow. c s portions os thencountrh for his t or
id bee nated before they were The Heraldo de Madrid publishes an keep at such methods until the matter portiory f his
lowed land. interview with Admiral Beranger. In has been entirely forgotten. Such buse meLods and for the co
which he declares that tae SPa t sh action on the part of the repr-esentatl- manding influeeoe of his journal
ubsri bere to the Trtsbune are re s declr es of this great and glorious country Mr. Preetonru is an indefal-i
tested to pay up promptly. We en- that the harbors of Havana, Clenfugoe. is both contemptible and cowardly and worker. Subjected by his profess
saver to give you a good paper, and Nuevltas, and Santiago ae roua are wil nave a tendency to bring the Uni-i to unusual business cares, overwo
bile the mite that you owe is not very defended by automatic torpedoes with ted States in disrepute with the entire and sodden demands upon hib nerve
loch. but multiply It by four thousand a large radius of action. and that theeiStates drepute with the ent peoo
d you can readily see the wisdom of Spanish people il not ear a night civilied world str thhi r a
Le request. Pay up. attack on any of these ports by a Lni- There Is no way to escape trouble with his estimate of Paine s celery co
he an who was ady hurt y ted States fleet Spain concerning Cuba. If deferred now oupecially w ab berat werkeal aw
en. Iee's special trair at Port Tampa PLANT CITYt will come later. Ever since the ac- men aud women whose nerves ar
m Monday, was reported by Dr. Al- quisition of 'Florida by the United cessaaoty called on, asif theywere
se yesterday to be getting along Local Items of a General Character States, Spain has been jealous of our iron and steel, and not the most sen
eely. man was cef machine GracefuUy Eptonised. attitude towards Cuba, and ever since tLve parts of the body.
f the United State 'Monitor Terror,
e attey West. Dr. Altree could Plant Ciy, FL., April i--The few the Lopez Crttenden filibuster expedi- Mr. Preetoriou' letter, given belo
Rt give the man's name. cool days following blow and light tion along in the early 50s, there has shows his 0owflence in Abmeroa
rain of last week gave a new impetus been frequently recurring trouble grow- greatest I r edy.
Some of the ref es that came over to any growers to continue tobtoto Ing out of Cuban insurrection. As long ST- LOU, Jat 1o, lO
om Havana are airady talking of re- M We&n
mning In a few das unless hotities plantl. a CubaMessrs Welle & Richardson Co.
S m st l g flh The druth is becoming unusually Cuba i a Spansh dependency tte entleme: I have found th

S f sS as ano l In Boart has labored most faithfully and position In the Cuban matter with CaJpt. James McKay se-VMtied
bMr arb r eam tly during his stay and when honor. .We can't loner tolerate Spaaish Mais'l hs s ePurehased is tem
peeivs from day to day, untrce t will carry with him the esteem misrule there, and we can't bargain and Sonitsaodf Isa Sdel s m to n be
I from todayuntiltandlbestrTampaandCubanbi deat
as m Ia th and mestn wshesf a very many of our parley about the destruction of the trade. lMPeoMtal iNastesthll s
p awelty thoun d0 mat work1 people.
The Braneh Bros' mill is being moved Maine and the massacre of itsseaman ero 11 feot in W feet 6S 1
Seem the -th vto-tic way In which thibs week to Eloomilugale. Delays arealways dangerous, and we a-draft of eet. I e It "P= t
is. lA wa r~elved by the people Our spring bean crop is being shipped pal arrive n makers of war.t
ead to beloer that the heard of the Mr. Hutchins Donchas i assisting W. In the diplomatic duel in which Al mail matter for Caba that I
rbub te L. Oene oi the aeence of Mr. President MA KInley has attempted to poto n the .ftinp mand Poet T
E.vd i CW. Crm.o who is aboent for a enae Premier t the a en oard N y or.at o hgis I round oa W
tAPLn A Cot-drAy, the tobacco few weeks In Webster. e Yrk. This Is a roud buts
SFortMeade, was In the cty yee- The rvces in the tent on the square has had clearly the best of It. He says to et mUll to Cub, tot It its the b
rday. conducted by the Rev. Mr. House, are that Spain. will allow the reeoncentra- that can be done at present.

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rk sever f e li
40 You"'ir~

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o- M Iiw
wi. tgeaftes *Ad

P oq tbe Toe f mui"

bL so thatbnaftM

nai- t"
VIM if J4WJw

S, ... . -. 4 #1

Ses Stands Firm. The Entire Civilized World T4

i^ -t Terror Predominates Over the Anticipated Hostilities with ari:

Viary bad thing, nbt the Warfare T. M. BUSH & CO. ha-ve begun on High Prioes mpAe teheo
aati8 leina onu house have been slaughtered, and the purchasing public can now reap the harUvsii
, f. -helopflg the people in a time of linabated excitement. This war will continue for" Only Sii
rill 1, asd continuing until Saturday night atj12 o'clock April 16th.


o m that. It has beeq proven again by the vast throngs who have attended our great Easter sale. People fram all ranks of life-high a
per ty soget new Spring and Summer Goods at about cost. The chance is yours-it is open to everybody. No sale that was ever inaugl
j eople. This immense trsde shows how honestly our statements are backed up with the goods and priced. People of Tampa and adjacent
ring aits, Dresses, Millinfry, Suits, Clothing and Shoes, Furnishings, etc.. at about cost.

to the point of trying to meetuis, but they will never beat us. orsYO t

rnd -ir.Mainta ''e_:. of tow nes Ta 4p-T0 .040-
4N ".

.u l-r,.. .. ... ;- C.-;.' : :=: -, :
.- .er: ,, ., : ;...; : ,:z ,, : , : .. .

f Oe Tame asl Ya
d the Tamapa Gas



t r


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