Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: April 7, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00020
Source Institution: University of Florida
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-.. i-.. .E E t Br its _r ..- o o
11he1 lanEliI1eew From W1eeaay Dety.

Ilfl8fV flhIhlBl'hhouse Monday Sight. and stite SW
bl. -WLhiemt tee pr e mesae w not the desk of W. Les
. States tn. ,ls | Net Begdmi Untl Aelln form Prerhsdet Mcoflnlt that the
", tnieians in Cuba are fervent in Cub will have the heartBtTook W and Two w
';the strepg >irhy of th:9e infocmatioa &he con- I^li
.Sw ... olar reebatlve t of the United t e Crio nao l ou u t, Ama only
twl seek Borai ishe pe a mttoa b they re pt, to ae th at iofitct oim e ..
main, ate-r deata dee ra of armed e
.n .s o r t terven.tlo. e a '

-- e. e.e. ats and usevry e a ad daw'h erae .r a e
.3'6S. Lee Preidet's -s ---e. ,e winmt cash f Me, dek of W. T. L1MA .-
SShe wi U oave to Answer i t clearest that. o e cani ao the Ad- the way the crs win d cam r and e i

Sof St, at e consul and A uercan eitt rahasded whe" i e te o f f c e ope r s t

eieIstowl .g State to spe.rvie the tioare of the ,t'orui. he the drawer or the
f fXeshs As the s left Cfbto, U3 tet oe f the message irit eourt but. nd only ca e
a ueyS at ioo Haig eminment can e ea ed. daw er wafn toind prtly oaen hut moth-

It s reported that a' ma rity of both tagwes misoing as the i hie W that
bUeH a oause wily agre to rry ut the ree- h e wourt be cauht up with 0itf Bae %
"aI. Afiy 'Lte (lll' bu k rm .5w dao L without stat**g & penwa toolllar W"th U tb% ;L-r"

.Apr. -The rep that br oadho j e president t he d ad script. td t

.erl, m A. of Uu POLlS WILL LEAVE" e o l th t i a &at s
B^Ep'?Uni y b lted testoprevett howUBlte iad tb cl*rwas .a the tk Get OBWii
%R ib-%V iB ucor. + =t vb psorte It tuleas Mid l. ateA oo t"h d ca, cj wt4 u h-; w :_
t citbiie. hd also the o The Spani i t r epreeent otatve Will Go toB court. Teh psrie ht bden ask of ler

oWashiton To-day. T Lesley was opened 48,o
00 foondatos-fo -*Sert6or at hos timae and Ihm ra every detk ati dtno sN rt ; : e e a
3Pqbw OU ri N pmoWR Hae o0 AgWw It lear Leth tisho qlnlan of thW Ad-'the way theas. enes w tdhe rrcm d '

Vow, laea t. .ir he ajth B r souedaI r it oe the daty oi t h thJted hth U oe wu olead to the ara t
| b-l--' ib tij MI Se- R She l lt eqrt tBhe iftlC otf the aonftg. Inn the drawr of inset tte Bw

W and m tio wto T we the Sppars from the tdhe Span sh goteh. ent ohad recalled W.t. he Be Ie taking the mo Cey
o^ A Wrt g ~ ~ as T"e osly reason tor WeKhtley' all of re d iplomatle core s fmrn the g- eckan the th et n took a f pistol jg
tpo net i sending In is me age, Llted Sntate. and be tlng him to e. drawer o the dk p l oand t t .tm.n p h

We est. Ap 0. IB a feet fbr the eafety of .tnerioans it par to Weihington in person at more of the dPek. The oIsr was ittes w tb
i as i deviate that it only a Itoak for orted hatbut he r itay oit both ews mllg a the tbW oe t lde
It heagtiatios hot this bs o08- was cut short byl a the oantr out ihon e re- None of the augother oes in the ttb1lw-O
by, Whlagm ; AprlI-The re art that am lvd hr father, e ha p already were vrted by the t.or .
Cr TOliU It pa gee ttveLTheeel ofthe

i i le p been- otWthe a"ident and e o n receipt of the messa. from of the cerks ofoes o were em te snt
A d spa it s aged to have been -. the Spanih mbioeprse d nta ve i l Go through the private df ps ed ~s .o
L S .ved eotighet from Ma d~.j saying !. t' tWa dangtor butldn and an- door were secu y fastened asom Ge ?
tE MSt ^j, w l.uteIn ly no foundation for Senior edro olU. e Spanish con ul, drawer t. thief took Mto va xa and S=

;e_. q wetn tthe.prlhk has yielded .to the de- noun w t he wo leave this ram -two ce on th e thoofd ces oft rat
.tJ^ 0lr k rather negoci*tons wth He rpee6d lIntFafl a $67.96 and the other was far tls 1P
t f -h grd the CuL quctO mo he evam tae ation Oh n tt er tovening. Dety Shera t Mooney e
HaOs. e._as tho e ta tst Meports eieny that Intehr- the TTe TERRA CliA ARnltI lm t ohat 1theck may ead to the wrest o f M tte 'UrS7

ia and Aed that bee t he pa the bil ding. He wenthe the an. out a
fT. The tdeat's rea fo Isr all reaoy, f t Nw Steamer oft Ir derpndent several tmes t bef ore he et red. a
te. t t p a fet a all United mesatates Baty and M and a tee ier Independent t yo thraw t the g he lk e a d ett It : p
::: -e gr et. he aflear ei r the safety of nmerilans in pr' to ve pntort nday from ack- wheot t he he n o was Utteed w tu s
rd tat ssed Cub a he me ar e skae tu asehi ea loarc ng e: r of:' d tr arrived yefter-, papers tak en fhe o smwa down abe t a
ae id adele that It is only- a c!oak for dsay mo f bt erh stay t this city j the deek. of it as tB ta
M" hi ft jl bAYfr Ut.ras i tt yuther BotatronAe. bCt tb la Croni- was cru ahort by the oastruttfnc re- None of the other ofiea In the bcA. -
h te 9 peh tlveldd by mnberx u be cabinet, ,lvred .y her f, the r ne had already in e were v ited by the thef, or i ,they
12UibsrX lB|9rerteI W tfr **d be PrtooPn Mends aAd advisers zldz ail his arrane-W~- tu3 departure were he left no saig ot his VI& L. '13404
am~nt. )w &SPr bee- otf; the i7mdent. and cn receipt of the message from of the clerk's office were etei T

l to n A 4e a t i beeed t h aive beeon re d ha been ntt lsel d up ht ofiete up tho te nt r sh th t, .
Iftitea CIo te% dtotfOc ed~ d c t from Madfd sayi t ha e tIzcr beaan a buUgdlne and a- do were securerly fastened a .3 3 eO
6 ;apbeatILte e le^^iu ft8ta kaa ytetdet'to the d n- nounoe that he.would keave this morn- d

w Ab ha wille ad -optedand a e-whn akeevery goo4 ime
: .. ;i a aIO th-e evciatIon fr- Cu sa but Fhan venLng Depma ty.f owl t L ey a
Not.-S at' L^ a vw fuw tst ftl deny thatl o'ch icson TH TERRA CEA ARRIVE&t to the coortphoui tbbw, capciyMe Seam&r fioo w;O
Main- pft"r"a".'4'rt' hant ,ee- tiowen. ,- the, bualdng. He ant ln. a, t .-, VA

eh vot' Is all ready .The New Steamer oT the Independent r .a ne ,~e i .
S .2 SSLb'at3 *tf on tostr as bul In t i tLine u ehe ntee tiver ed te door of the butlidn e. b
i, not be,' c nestt til OGeneralLe advies +he steamer Tera Cela. of te Tam pA time and locked the dor atter b6 H, bfaa. bI
LS n a iai Itfat tie MfetY 6f an Unnlted -States eay anod Manatee lRver Independent says that aLthohe bte.e n8dom 0at _te
4t dti 0 w anA seep ta a Ziism is h line err de a r I port pea en time. a tied from Jh ack-S
,, 1, ktidrtOl hM* netw ask ll armed rsrnvilei anrcd rft v to Ys S^ by ^^^ unlocked wben be cam & dovmirgg

.. tsiCr p.ec Ip waemare Mu r f iea hon -"., _
+"., I a anwl her en ue. re.wo th .s awmi.AL
,w, a.te dt heen mert p t.iatG rn mer, si eta oe e
W as Ohs anftlor c mdevensm 15 mclue had bn en k fondtoesthe'

St In t e? dale idedgreeter ta anyde tatm fem e e
WUW' tlaret thte oadlee Sbee nienf r etW et u tohe i net 5a Ie & Ces eehl.

lie an A d- nowqLe muehti blp pestls din ing m way

"be.ao1,d" ( *1se ry '
2sL h e "--sv r-,_ '. not h sll m. .

r^525?S?*i^$e. th tperma Br caa orltwo^ bTpe 'C5h 'i-IS'S1tS?

l|^@^ 'l^4 .fallsru it ( en f The M"emi sa wCiiIsi ISte is feo fleet -fer
iriBB^-r^^K nif^M ir *tf t< ilni**rnl t "n hs T>l rrti L~jriil~L j~^ nmi~ sae^ ^rfT-t''l'frrTCtc 5

-^* Ha ~ ~ aaple~ ~raso CQcfkC~~fJC~j~-E;l

1tM M-' oro emWvatip, tes- -Thu I


^55 HNa thLeIteeinr a lt he t

hsv ash sina to hel md

sle:" i tr ~ m.L~r aeh. *~l-
P < -' ntie secbhe>sha ve been mra e ha ti

da t aehtout to submit oenstbr pro-

Leot aiMb ieea t a i ar
l^^rr) Ht. be Veefteae" V L Ift- i an

" L.hft- itrsaI tilve aor a e a e t e anwer.
~ The ms elt sittlon oseas to he that
S.e p eala~i have s aep=ed ou ha
SwhOe we have net yet sonceedetdln de-

A.itad hecm o the ety e
I oa ab tv Gea uit G t tadr pa-

^t -a tape ruicftB returc* n t bt thaiil
a i'e altftf a to be at
e tt heod 6 e&eedthaede oae pci oft In

t a iwe he otd vet t4- ieceeaed i ton-
& uyt the pDob e nstt i thenpt tYt

ettb. . i ,,fd. la. .4 .bo

s ma ba-e a te ,tbo tOtoO GO .
S ln ea,0 our "C em:oneal seshL
S e @aGja U*et dlr a me a_ e 1

t ad there oae Tat om The ra on ttot
e 49a oea0 ia WOW*d

Iompatereo yofee mai spt comSpal oo1t
tad5 bowsd to is I" abe t .atma ine tL

t ort tr he nv war onor o the

gol M" gIt a ia f the imn a d s-
____hu ap~tte taouulae anU d offer to pe I'de iogo
0n0raM pdW arn .we ra- Thdpayt to day. euact o
nay t untdl the the e ttdi Btt
S Amti & e eni p & ieprworte a pnrqn bed
7il i ir y lng.. Bat swe cannot dou4 t
iks, -fl0*-4 Ombd W1 4t' be tre -ad within a.

'?be 4The fbiu^a p been 6~c'ttea
-" Tv;t'h&h*6r h a all o to 84 cfttl tua
i AtrIts. mcporae lekbrstep n Mort of

"W. Wil*pel ftemjgw pO!Aed 4W thm &fterno p&,,?

i saseaa A. J P =e 6 am L X

^^^^J^, ~ diZ~ed *rnnm 'r.*-,' '; 1

f ;tO FboT Trd Kits
f WoODan Sfminfd eat -A600
-..- :. To-Wo Se w y "_
te CaeO amd Her C i
"Par ago Y~ I weeaod'wIth a
m.LksgAMd a y am s fga b rol eat
In a.saadsPAead from my lout to ..7
ka. I sAvd greeat agosy. It *ocd
barn ad tceWSl the tmne and dlacarge
a Sert dL My health w good ~ith
StheBeption of this ae. I tried q geat
anm kinAd of hale, but some Would
Irritate the mr so that I could hardly
stand the pan. I could not go near the
Arewu witbouSerig intensely. Someone
sent me paper ontaining tetimonlile of
enres by Hood's Sarsaparilla, and I told
my haband J would like to ry this med-
iiae. He got me a bottle ad I toond it
helped me. I kept on taking It until my
limb was completely healed I cannot
raise Hood's Samparlula enagh tor he
greet be ittt has been to me. It
e st Lthe blood of aUll imp ari and
laves It rich and pure." Ms, AUA E.
axeN Whitlsey, Ohio.
You ean buy Rood' Sasemparer of all
drggist, Be mae to get only Hood's.

Hood's Pills w* s a

Tbe oaict between flp s uad Cubs
sink aist ple asigniSaie ad asm W of a
eoo ary enIderaon whu we stop
to coumeer the fladlng of the boerd of
taquiry tbat investigated the Oasse
that detroed the' battleaip Maine.
Oly for the (khe uo bwmanity, thus
country step a Ina saps tiat ts coeo-
tinaOes bbaeritie that have been
panoed on Cobah ol. for the past
tbhr yea i mt tmu edately ceae.
Bat tbe report of the lMae eata
trophe aM placed before e country
with all of the evidence on which it ts
baned and t conclusions ti the worst
that could have been antidipated. It
shows beyond doubt tbhat teb ship waa
destroyed bya iubmario e kuine. This
oould not b&ay possibly been an acci-
dent and it s strongly s ggestive of
treoahery op the part of te authori-
Utja at Havana. /
By wbopsoever the act was c-
mitted, it was a iost atrociou/deed
and one that d aot be atoned for by
any money. coneideratio,
Spain must pay the Wpeiary dam.
we tbat a beean au nedod, of coaer,
butwe would be pounding a gi-
gatao felony if ey damage were
Sacepted in reparation for the
atrocious *s pain aboqld be com*
pelted o a at the value of the
lostshi Bbhea snid compeiaate tbe
S 6tofte dead easmen in beavy
S aid then he hbould bring to
'ladle.' the Udastad ,wht are

sthemoet popt ad n. 4ne an od

forces a 1phejdy oepaeW with
tbhe dnar..,.tBh in tha futur ala
oosrywa lot ibem et ispeoted amon
thb h of the earth adnI y tap.
gliBfi seqtrea men 'dere heay

-ag'g liiummy en Tyae mm

StbeM;: e be teB au l proepers

W raVr heRte-B wme auch
*e &tese% her altimate u g pD
woud be keiet and p ary. We

'A40Vilhre*, -tue

adqenPr ~ aon* bpbboK And direct
he iermatur Oureaue afrn tIs
gpatad"pqau' monenA Simust be
is"'uc Depra uto Ihas 'wronguwe

B1ioii~~pui~p i~vrySran Narl ~ralroad
Ag~p a Coll" at uw 10101113011M 1Q

o.ny~ hopmgttgnate4 H.. J.~ tEaonyd
6ao *abem* th ofrcdthl an
to Msoo~ed, Jftt& IM~rir Ci jay.

~4i:'i~p~a ~ vibtw%^"w put=--

to;~,fP;iS~ ba" amF"e ~


vys r. l. rw


In Belesting Tampa as the Baes fl
Bupplies-Officers to Arrive in a
Pe w bay to Begin the Prelmia
nary Work That is Necseary.

Tampa has been selected by the
war department as headquarters frs
the army and navy in the event o war
with Spain, Lnd a large force of army
and naval offeiala are expected to arte
here to-morrow or Tuesday, to arrange
for the recepdon knd storage of the sup-
The ofMeals of the warw nd nor '7
partnients have been quiesty at work
for several weeks, tlvemtlgatin the ad-
vantages offered by Tampna, Mobile, .an
New Orl ns and the people of iai
haue reason to be proud of the sletlion
oC -thta ort over her more popakow
The war department wIl at once ret
buildlrg to be used as headarter
ser the qartermasts"A and cne--'
epatments and the aleca of tha
part wil gIW employment to a lane
oren dr of mn. t
ih Watetway of tbshe at.ed the ds.
e-on d, the woa Ap0rtent" Vorn
that mthe oolais hA that department
bear out, our elalmn .
As str on a the new of the ew ltoeat
of tl s port,as a base of supple was
a eoonc4d yesterday the eal mnar HtU
comran .was beeeded with appaliats
for enlipsment. .rmpa'a eltle oe ase
pdtrlbtlc. A Jn ae ois t w~ an to' nraest

'IP Araiu..r TTAMPA.

Mnde An Inspection.

Comsander Cpter y GComdrch. of

confrrie ith the officers of the it
'ad Secod div dlo sof the FlRrida
tt MIis.
i object of his visit w to arrange
for the dttiioan to piac ne s arlne
mines te insn Tams oBau amd tor theb
statibaeni of the divisions at m naalet
Key, an gmont Keyr. Cotounn-iep
Goo4wIn conferred with the cro i-ue td-
ere 0n both. divsIons, and It a believed
that he wllts o see that send battles
are erectedd on the keys names
N4 pepon in this country is better
fitted foe the work assigned him-that
of vpaltl*Jthe various ports along the
Atlatt le and Gulf seaboard, and rea.m-
n what In needed to-- pyrowiy

In" the nr, sad dutng the treeIe he.
twen mXlboan and tie machsnsna $.:

sip Lae at hF bombadoreat&of

s deta. e to rcan. ny ther d.
nltanm am ts Ml s a i


Qapt Su a jllimL VOW

at aot b ciao T

orders reelived the a
aam w .c ..
tve at os' W 6a4
*0 m m

REJ undf adcn
.- \ l "

-sleru.21 ales, vi:

Gr t- .1
cr #iou deed He
m an VOsW P TMA etsc


I and cqi P$Litfp~wmw~

nP~esba insoncigaao. i

pOn kbeee of Pwanio

I d
mib. t d:a-4i
,SCWS Emuww
A~ op~oPIR~:
.,of qA -4fm ca wa T''~

wa- he, i~r.%gPio
A0 ;t- f ro = =-

III" I .. -. -

lop ati
a- at Irsa% sednw

i ; i s tyles From the
, W.-I bu tr l a D'ner

|, l l U 'ma, At h ow the taster holidays seem to

looked is that ems auffiarm.- -
from kidney ~s4 Mdldr t.rble w m
m a do. i
Dr. Kilmer's swmi R o iSbthe 4
novery of the eisee'w shL.w a a iRA
eausta., sad ishot reaopmmeddefw
everything but ,will t fbedasj ms rtst

OlrsanIaaD BIB l waapVauBS .
ramp N&avrl aerv-S are fieedr To -
Report Paruty i

mso, Maor onda e m.trtiat. .
woic Blood lB34 lsi&OotaQ s 1M
S posed mdiefan s the nttl t- fsl
-ye' practise a ars inr phys
Iesa. Ist atiom* ble4p4fttsriuI
offered to the pittle. lsd is ghmwse
S to are ir ves a f ar .trial ."Tr s y
all skin and btooa diseum, 'i elth
catErrb and rheomatimn It owee
form. On beotU of t oseitois ai
corative and btilispv vr3teribu
a dozen or any other and. rifaU
per llrgb boate. t
Our retail dema iU Ips ep.rhmt
.-ar wass. ao o ne f.cb. tE--..
h eJ Bouyeaic Do looked B e/ B..B.r.
g -e .loss, I mlls well
? took : ad- 5 spe----
ii^- .*e- "#I

Per Freed P. lmer. I. D.

3tla it, r

Iwo" e 6* sw dim&h4
Mrs lbw~s in-a,
am gelse
Owak.1ei. st sj
oltelos man ntibd
ej~r eOfer heis,
Thedltslie ~Ntw Y"r "hMAWem E
A.]"a. tou" tlng he ie f.
,*vety famweV ,%Wa g aa~~~aouft. es I
46&,Y a nad -all bronchial, these, ky
0"s shw" ft"sesms, ubbamn Osnybs-
r' ~ vim~X~'

akues% ISeont .f I sad alh n- uina
dmdo" of wamunkcir aav


5 4L 3- oaoo d 16

b- beide the

f this ent
a scen a
Mrze with t
Iff ye".,

Bei'ak as ha wa SpeaFn amaSs an

tewa r be .itheu ma
,We bha ds e" id war omt
utSI. mS aIt thu ouatome

bhwld -' ripple the adotdnitw

Iftoar B a bkamiSm = li
mlve-:Isa ipad er c
mw, advesturs to womn the s
he rambie' stance, ,meeusm
1.im, qmsr w jwawb lkah mehesau

>^ i. e a e" er^ i '.

.ne's .a..tA -abH i t e orM a e *o an
i^Bt-~i ~ ""^ ^jujiiinj ^ ngafu 0tsn Iaa

-'siteS 6 ehtSeit'ser aj wf n or C
SI risMBr wues aa dd
e froewn. ib.. I te

wrimWp~r a to a
-, .;.. It ~ th ate sampag i.

pep, we sw naot -be sa w

ear'.lct.. The elef, f 4
:, he, oa, r awt ea~ Perto
be a Watt Indiate-plnt pfv
.aoir or, later sP the -qd
emaa11-at of suftyae. Mt Hn o
.. a. s" orss thesend

..o. m t Intic 6nd Meipabt ea s

a eit~ h'e P alpl r wold
M Sttn6 Ta en'vhe w ea must ry dkuaasct
-, tiist m-weret pressing tar Ua n thi

L3K?^h oar oo niet'lB Tlew col esef

e-o nitprul *wSniitot
e''6- Mountwer oe
o faft a, ea

frLar Bipwc rotre 1
tpea a. Menest
Cntepae alca
2CIIp aloCe-wopi I6

sa i iasw isto
*sr S. Ir -45cc

<^.--:, .Q?4^ <
da~y.iC TD~iei~nip

t'^- ^: *- _-" " ---.. -; :

,; IUOh in Litte .
antitha5sf MM& W"sesht ur St aay form of rewemte
a" 4101 ~ :ww" se, "e= pew a
Sdo- n B s-n sae n s a weie eanss sovernamet mader the paate a h&ift
a woud be W dte be st thin that could hap-
pea both for herself and her neftiwrs;
,o but there 's scareely a leanm o0 hope
et v- that this solution sl now possible "
al.r-- a su F.a 1 It C ubahad been governed by Spain
Is r .S rr as Canr1da has been governed by Grat
ffr b* maa an fher W% Britain t.- present state of affair on i
m k a be Ji sibs em j tusm. no the Island' would have been impossible
Mg i B and the United Btates would have no
aoo* THE BPAIISH FLOTILLA cause of complaint, but for the greater
taty part orf the last thirty years there aM s
Sho The Baltimore Mews In diseensln theo a a
Sfhe ppanlsh flotilla says: been open rebellion In Cue and cndl-
is '"There is no feature, perhaps of the titou on the Island have reached a ~sat
e to|anih question which excites more that the United States can no longer
la t terest and apprehension annong the tolerate. Spain has no desire to
people of the United States than the ld p y a
r rdw torpec o flotilla now en route 'or Cuba sovern the Island property and demoa-
le- r adjacent waters. That no trave ap- strates an :tter Incapacity to malta .l
. It prehesdio need be entertained will be order there. The United Ptatea haa
M. apparent' after a consideration of the been put te great expense In maintain-
pat. ~tuncttons of torpedo bosats .nd destroy- lup: ptroi feet to keep flbbuterin
a In a t d the geographical positLm of the expedition ot ot (eBa; a commero
SaL The nione eo torpedo bats ad once very priitable with the t.lg d h- b
idetroer are principay Wmd eential, been entirety destroyed anl It is nbt
S y for covert attack In aooqh water, porble T ur te Americar people to bet7
.And d r ce ciarcumsuanme enm- tndirernt to no wretched a state of
Y e andeod., tney are a,menace to agh Cat are a tena havf e
p e stake a blow more serious ducked in Coba so .r our vey teor
Sthan was the destruction of e Maie ne Spali had never rega 4 her coloni-ed
S a mione. But on the high seas where in the h that British clones ar re-
Sthe t water eis seo m to -emtamd garded by 'he home government The
en t eo t canr e Poto et, Spahlard who q f es n-the
ohan tqoolectleon e torpedo boats Is Lt a dis- Bo d conqmats ie
pen eee ant a end by no mean a New World t1t earried u1lte- booty
ea, p.nsaeit d to the fsto t home that jifr avaricious gasp seald
It shoaid be borne la Mi nd, too, lay hold el and then they proceeded to
wPr, lts oi al0 endurance of tese small turn the enquereN country into tri ,'
Is small, which. nectpatex a t I
1 pply vessel to accompany them .ng a t h.
at Of s-tlantic voyage. ever aftergded. t
per he machine of these xats is of JThe spanjarde who timmlrated to the
r 0 highest development of marine en- New Worij mixed their blood with the
Cb g enquiring expert m"bt eets
ICa ts, requiring e t aip natives and to thel paniards who tay
WR6o uh and it .may be doebtad In whether L om le
rant. pIn posesses expert en ineerin- tal. a home T native and creole popata-
th t pnt to any great extent tons of thel colonies were alike a people
IpeS '"At east eleven days moat yet elapse to be conslanUy plucked foe 4paina
'adS 'aefre the flotilla can reach POrto Rico, benefit a lived for cemnute on
Mmrt and if in that tim a crisis is reached t revenue fror her extensive A -
Ud mai wr declared that little nee would -
e = )e ent-rely at the mercyv of Isuch a,can poeedo0na. and impoverlshed Cran-
il of squadron as that under the command o I de awpay, sought appointment t' c-
iii- Ccimander Schley. During toe lvoy- lonial office t in orer to mend thpir for- ,
ag the torpedo boats are not in gbht- tunes A 4rge class o politicians rew
i trim,the orpedo tubes in o up this wa i Spa os se de
Stability being on the supply ship, and ;n up thi whose sole de
a st sep of interception by our flying squad- deace was government positions In the
nt n we can safely rely upon the iMasa- New World, where they could tractee
I ae oupetts and Texas to take cre of the extortion td enrich themselh-es with-
rwn Splnili armor-clad vessel carrying the %
B-. eet, and the Columbian and Minne- out fear oi reprImand rm the home
Cie pdlos could quickly destroy the life of government so lenr as the taxes due
S etorpeao boats. When it is ensei- Spain wae romptly collected aad turn-
rtie that a torpedo boat has nd armor ed oer I
Sro it is really see hole Yt, r- o Sacho i a a great des tre to be
ble, he most be In a day iht gagmp
S eot on the se dary batte at o a made-the abretrnor of an land was a
Sattweshl, for a well-directed shbet from u hros '41ustration of the cef am-
j epid-re un which would Idisable bu of t e average Spaniard in Cer-
Sher machinery woold render lIr use- vent ab tIeim.
n1 AM iUntil aboat eighty years ageo. pa in
iI ruled nearly half of the Westa PnzTmlas-
TMPA, VS. MOBI.L. here, and ft was after this manner that
she ruled t. A Spanish a olony wEa
J dL s o g a g ographical and ec Wnomi- a place foe panidards to fll fat oafces
k ill standpoint, Tampa is oiopd all and Spanist merchants to en"oy a mno-
I abht the most convenient and esira- aopoly of trade Cuba I so regardedA
Jt p lace that aould be selecte. for a to-day, andL ft is not possible for Spain
ie" s beof supplies during the anticipated to give Cuba any other term at overm-
d ^istilifte between the United States mewat The Sealasrds don't regaxdt -
n Spaln, and these tn qethorLy wIlL ba as of ny buenet to them except as
Smssa grievous error it Mobtle is se. It may be tributary to the rewen
rce^ -ppsr. ateot oTaopaw To su ,tan-u me of tbeygovemment and thef ridi-
Ms wat rjbeuce advctated, se ment of ini'vrdial pldaai s.d
I tota end the hUawIng tre ts I not poelble. thesroref. as
L Pb50jterdaa TtIne5-Union and dtisas: London aes aea for Cuba to obtain
k e-se doa war with rpetl Tamnpa rOrm ao respect he government
f woh gtdumyaeer ly be a much better under the eantsh nai apd ronsBtaia i
hess of aippines than Mobile, or an tere hav reaited suh a state ,lata
army avadlag Cuba or tor te Amert- it is the ty of the United States to
efaltd4O. Its pcrq iiy to Cuab relieve t d of Spanish rule
a, waiid h e Its; aOdvantage. 'Mete ed In T
the tie It would take or a stersbeo of eicrrE-kro O gimur tDI)1fjRllkP4.
;.vdraiespeed to maIke the trip. Tampa -
;Lb~~ ( bot one day nearer than tafbibe to Some w5eks affo President Frrlss 1(dsss
rh.^. *of the Tatapa Beard o Trade we

snthehan with' MobtIl th i W rThisi W- ^ O
An4 thin 0iference of daI wouldg
B aana ta(lo ake t deal.o ,. e r ca be d ttion to defeneeer eeta

ss m tite pmber essay toY some corrmittee or department oedsa ,.
fg protect tappored tfrm Moble. and and nothyog has since been heat opf t:
h sared" oual b addd to he num The defedseless condition of thl.Pift
bipr eaditedat n little. was poted out by Capt. Ilotle- .'
s.anpphe aeaw to Tampa overland ~Lns, "r ghting Bob," and a mC- .
woeald need no protection, fur nie one geicom imsa made by Iam 'in raoseda o-i
ne o to. dapoe hat the what sJeid be done. There hasbetr
e obie 4 odgaat on Amer- c -anlderaibe taor aoott placina mad.ieP
the maeae mb water marine nties in tf brbor,y or in 14m
Ws .s tt be pro- channel C jTranps Bay, but as yet aoftl ,
p o uraneaaly sa posetb.e. 'n to has bea done, anm no steps bMOe-
t ha yaer Caub or Poto a Itoo were been taketf as far as Mknow. lookan,
Sibase of opea should be toward beotiig the work.
l o te. BWoat ceoattoe Je at- The cHans eof Tapasthould tnaket-
S Op e. ~ ii imedate ep to urae pon our repr-
.. beW.. e pei nt, on: .to.on of aatmlbis t, e Un I nc Stats ont
an hWouse to nh thL e mttr.e .

S''Tha Bationquestion at to cldIb tti iB umal bsea selected -a the s mob

:r cub% .orPOIO Talk as faras I ..
IS: timol tA g C oma O14&0 Lt- os t ui* nylt f r a OII
; .- ;. ,i .




bsoe. We
that will b


anm ed so

Woid wili
I.W 'i


- ,V :.A

In e the Caeo

mIseie *wm s

D 9isee Se Sb
; 27 . Z~ aor

as.,1 ab

~ OeiG~of Pu

tD dmas
~,r~d~h~ rrrat pas~
rrtb~ soqas




Oe c

Sof ]
n gw


last:y Ml.streh


Years Age
s oy, ea, and 'euy
aster Was Slttled.
to GeorpATnday.

Justice of the peaoe
Strict, and a &enm-
itfc county execu-
Allsbouough county,
ge co having merd-
rane country, near
wetnt years ago.
r was made b"y Sher-
offloe where eltly
sOy does when he
Th request for the
in a eqaisition from
wogla. wch was e-
pe by Sherif
maty last weIk.
y was.arreted sad

sad I ;
eIto pioa
mpup ui

*e county de
dttee and
of the peaoe
ice of the -9
by all law a
alwetly fair
d no favaml

- ~- a


Easter -

s -J oeldap the ihber teleraPhed to the cuse - tainjy settled when he gets
'f Way wn-e nty~s l-ua,. sd to Georia. hut -e may he put to cou-
H^ seedP V a wi ra yy lslg that a det deenhe trouble 1 and expene.
oR-J""" ff i s wl lesves on the tet tramn. The ppom PLANc ITY.
Ai 0n;spa elast W nWSW and wiln leave
r ts 'mootninr wwtthl hs pronr. Local ErVents Oracetlly Chroneled
arres at of eally was a sreat sur- for Bey aeaers.
,eto his amam rleeds, for -*hile a
a5iv i dk 4;k snlaaw l of psopi0 knew that he wu Specela Co..rounadenee
rwkhtN Bmw US" With &letr mm Gei stA6 Plnt City. wna IAWU 5 -r-r Pbol
SWa~:life d tewd RPteJ t 6"Nu g uer na'deretood that the doaed t erd mr the Ut,
. 52.? m.- t "t* Il' Ki "- ,had b e~n tUetl Twelve edr-s aM well u the bie ones there were many
|hiKiaM *sM~r.- elv T1 SheIqelP o aIgeelly wa arrested by Sheriff John happy taees on Ckloing day.
-!. thSb-t's'l; and OIbU pus p.N ia. of this county on the ai Mr. E. W. IWf ns returned from his
W*f sr, Pba's wil "te1 ebarg*. At time the Georgia an- trip south on Tlesday.
ia i; orls did at send for him. but abdt Mr. M. JR BStuat an old and much re-
--"A--bertdW to'ad UM =9 apected ctitzen of Keysvnle. ued Frlday
SB4 ,,. -se-, T .nmotningn. Funeral S&turday at the
i tet, eary M a I, IThere 1s o cemetery with Masonic hono-s.
.a-'P e .eOber.eth | etword so full Mr. and Mrs. Chso, left on Batur-
srtiy a milld pt H. Pala Ar k Of Ieaning &ay morning for Long Island. N. Y., the
4 oC l nborT all d which such tender and early home of Mrs Chrisoln. where
'Wkai&,Ox, eL ecollectioos cust as that they will spend some .-eek* vtistiu

wiwhbm a ft* wLOL Okhour firs- tottering step. iettp
Sa'O teife o f eery Expectant Moth- ft e to- oe or
Sp with danger and all ef- near Mount eon. is off on a visit to
: should be made to avoid it.-Orlando where his wife and littledaugh-
D# t og assists nature er have been spending the past few
. , o in the change tak- week.
Ow" ei Na Sofop it" | r ing place that Two flsb Lrles tI one day. A party
'-' co t io thei Expectant 'eft early for ithonoto-sa X ake and
i ll. 4- .. .~ e A Mother is ena-One later on -sureday gong aseat to
:S ohirrffh -1 s bled to look for- UCa spoon. Al ver enjoyable tme wu
3 dSt .es rsopte f ruU ward without reported by all.
S esufuo. oaJ* a o uei or gloomy fore- A storm not a rain or soew storm,
Sl .le bos to' te hour when she but a very tnpleasant sand storm Tues-
Cit. *~L&^B.Wlr s'srt* e, e ezplnencs the joy of M r Thd Baptismal services sunday erenIng by
L *bd daalyr fow the we" Its ase insures safety to the ives dev. WK. Bogart. by which one add.l
b .ed. 'of both Mother and Child, and she on was made to the church.
;mae;sos .nPI4P; jis f Akoud st-onger after than before I riTsb potatoes arLeberln shipped. The
S.'. i. t Ciop pea t short, it "makes -leld so far hase t been as lare as

t.y av 'id. Dom'tl be tByway of change, there in anp eccaa
;i to anything but 0oI case of chicken pox In town thbi
jJe^: t^--.W A. L nC yn i 35 Cafinad a niece of Mr. Wlley
"" " Lrkansaa, on avisdit of uom weeks to
m pt arnd 'rsp t naitinonemme
~ Uis trim maiB The benp wshlpig aan Is praiasal-
w tw Chi- 1Y at a enn.Wbat, wealth of di
d wIth bete S rOu tult i spfton the vtos to'g

is I h rTobaWo eldsat look very prtamisBt
BK peS'MHe' lu r. F. A. isB e has been marketing
^ 5 s i, :]eisi. "ime sAm cIcllfowera a ever went t
ki..- f.lor ; In n. only ,,' d"s .
aimtr in th4 sp-tnf tim .o tro aS ,
U slowt e'serythihg wn the fruit and vege-'
94,. VidstbsAhiik. f ~.

opens" to -61.o
eo buyers., 1...
have won
indeed to bsa
the new and w-e
full line of saI
gro.eat ss
sego$beand4 i

Disk~e m


' ^~

Bh t methoand results when
of is taken; ft is pleasant
ilY d e to the taste,andacts
S gently yypr mptly ontbeKidn'ys,
*ive-r.and Bowels, cleausesthesys-
ten Adfctnsy, dispels colds,head-
CagQ chesan. fevers and creshabitual
Si 6rntipamion. Syrup of Figsis the
S rly remedy of its ind ever pro-
. duced, plea ng to the taste and ac
deptable to the stoach promp i
action and truly bno aTe fit
doaetspreparedonly from themost
ldelthy and agreeable substaces,
1 many n eilccOt qnts.ies copn-
se of enAd itto al nd hate made ftde
, most popalarremedyknown.
Ae cao Syrp of Fgs Is~,, safo e adl'o
tao t ent bottle byal lead drg-
t". Ay ~ dfinbh droggrt Who
qa" at Iave it o00 hand wml. pro-
(i it p.t. lor ao ny C who
ql1?^ hM to Arv it iDo not aeoept
it The

a. tohe am WOK at ,
ble that |
t I A f W ER


t win be sent by mail on
One smaio bottle t two.
~nammt and wtU ewe asa
lend~ B.'W .
2I5 Wco, Texa .
B eem-arip A Co.,. Tapa.
l&,. March 4. 1897.-I ear-
a'e been cured of Kidney
rubles by Halln's Great
aoa, Texas), and I 'can

t Ms for wB aPo.un th
.cther-e o M tee see ha,
e1Knht & WCll Company
lOOb'Winebder rtife of
ian a supply of samnsnl-

rspe and gumer evidisnc
tto orne guard amopI the
the. Manatee aectio a
i ~lered one of the new

mslleion. The war ever
rcppy and gunu and aim-
jthe home guard oire in

t Ieap trom the old-fa
t blue-mam aad naspeous
-lebant iUttle pns ekrnwn
lUttle aryrBMassrs- I"pV
at h. ck hesad a c d
& taiaariI & Oo tf

Key Whst Mii"
The (Cncnnau ~Eenian Pont Pabashed
In its mssue thc e 25th 0 t, the por-
traits of the. ouOr Cran warares-
pondents who keep the Seripp-McRaew.
Leaure postedmon Cubana Saa. as t o
lows: Predet oo Diaao SaEvaa; John
Denham .r KeWet; Walice F Stoval
(editor Tribune) T'mps; ir. Faster R.
Winn. special The portiats are the
most r-rfrPt tIenesr of tte above oar-
respondents that could be post Mi.
and reflect emedit on the artists em-
ployed by the Post, whose president sad
general manager ace the prLadpal
itockholders in the earipe-xcBae
Learne, which Is a cor"usu.tn forms
to furnish evening peaerswtth the aM
eat and most relible Oun st newe

State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas
Fronk J. OCtoey mo.kes bnhth has
is She deoor partner of tWe firm o ,:
J Cbenoe & Co., doing b i(new e t
City of ToledCouns a te a afforea
said, and tUt mid frm will pay tb*
for echb scaieof Caparrh th ebuaoi e
cared by bhe use or BJIl's Ctarrtb-
Care. Frark Che s
Sworn to 'belor e m d sabseribe
In my preaase this 6th day of Dam* -
ber, A. D. 1a. 1 .'
w .. GLEASO,
ISX] Neiry ,db le .'
Han's Catrrb Core Is t, ier ca-
Ily, i d ot direetly on tbe blood at:
mooouso roil of the sratem. Send
for tt imo l free.
F. J. Cneeey & Co, Toledo. 0.
Sold by drpggics, Tec.
Hall's ftably Plll are lhe besnt.

Yesterday mornngc when
Johnson R Tattun emote
National bank with arms
attaches of that institutto
what amased over his mi
suddenly hee called Caahl
and whispered In a low bua
tone. that "it is a boy" ana
the flest that had eser
Treats were on,. ar. Tatu
the entertaining act roys
and the little man are dot
The Tribue Wjs being h
rented every day upon
telegraphic service cancer
new .:' Dsfche a re
night direct from W'-,bt
the hour of foaing to preml
the hour their teleraph of
\ ". --.. w
- ---

S .

Book- ke er 4.e mHw
ed t g east' Otipf Usof'Wh
akimbo, the-On lOt Whit
i awe ma only.-.. te

sr tereQrrasfir I Ie
tan ert4at s
that he was ,
bit Tampa. sOytddwhi
and be did r pric
l Mothe2r ardw
g nicely. 800 yv.m
Fply compll- 4q0yard
Its comtoleP' bt qti
dnr the war.

ief cloeom en

-1 I. sns- n. ca o. t -
wr sale 0 TAma P%
s~iseebi been Ihla- on.. Df'm1ats.

M"m mnt tevaca-
WWI ir bldirr r

r, gep sowe, the at

6 bgtnhavei hb're.
the 5 toeg: tl~Y -~ fl
Waw4 ~t he` i snt-~


01 .. ts p l. n i ,, r n .....

st t!i vadotd retin i. eaMo m -
oi m ebi i r o's e o ehtte e. sol s f *
- b^ am the Am Other wembe poke on the am--Selam as& se thogs i thet

tie bet ia In, art
B ARE WAR. uauta esoutio P rovew!13 Ukstart, beetva l-=
shsownti.-hetoshow that
.ad tbs t rs -ia: st. *nfcctty councl met IfU *dCi eo n le incuul es

egeet ao trhe sugar and stin rch e net 1

thei every proteetlo to h a"ni prop cure dypepdta, an It mt ono o m.i tb-
Oie.itei i rty1 the-ievt of*r' berteenD the No & he UM. tTn f ifrifi b-

Di "a m ore. ed a nd n ilt He,-, a- abeers I Re td .

sJ ? isie re slaps n ttems-h reli aee ed o N wi res erL te st t n a t*
E. e e t ot t-e i wm ao- .to m04p

ftb adtr aosau
-emeweung of yeu

_* JPeMlWds
&milanv um W- tvaan30

Se i. I frltlc haoP at e bvo oat oS stomach U I
eteel, Io emtirelr unwarated io disoli 4a~oSS.ar, gfood wbo, i
tBeltems armblbusnew Inen at aMnOd 9 w M2ety of It, and you mDye
o !anotrto r bette e tehze ne refst mteadstt utr" tAoMOrAs
it tffalatandi ad her are too Ilr- DraNw U gCtar it, that It t a
tI t e tor Isn L uote ~i.rel pleasurt to recommend it to driwoait,
Wpe|:or oar citatoaor th thm fto bepsume It Flyes seuh univtrml sxU-

MPoeh stsertS oIrh Cuiban and Lttlewock an stomach diWas Ant a. 1
be iOtUtis s;ad &frmly belee tihe free byi ddresn sng Mrt OC., Mrshai, .
saeont e lk tbe w rill ive wrte
peopl I feet howev. 79E qIMO &
it Bmlay. tb'a certain degreeB-It is Now Juoe Carter, ai States A.t-
tha. xo seems to ex- 9P W .LL
If the c*& coutocfl would pam a u 'a j &. Wan,
alo.aat aireng ouespanih dtlisea end "8taf ttorner" W. A. Carter.
their mbuli nesaterety and per- an the form = ao the tate' atto-
t.Saety will be. oremfuy usrd. e .teof thoe tdg e o d reto t &

Aea aood e h aterte taa ne U I

.-.. .,
men as __tt-ftoia ho the orm'se
aw, i I shl certainly Mael d & eMeo =eMdlie tohemh. tem B
nems at my oemp-nd to peotet their osprlg-tfosn which were a
m imni mms=,a*myi-f iy of i Cmeslfmls tor eah of the eadneto.-
maI isad 9t-ate I their ew oetionm Wemr iaed ,e
m. I leave the matter In your wre e ve by them yesterday.
ma. Wlevin you will do an in orur WaJl l rSu*w. the mew ata it
r- to sstufp our ~lmuia Oreak W 4his d de 2tis n that W- l J
A rf a en capacity w-mf orrow when to hbU '
court 9eets in cegniarpmm two.
Sme ttt Whet mamh e m oe1t hre-tso. oam WCch tcow
WARM .. u tr.,- ove t e "
'" ..... sir~.nr ,.- no .,oet.'ahloh .

'OV:F q bjpm IX rr to le T V 4mW Trymt
Ate ratio It mamma

... ~ ~ea~asltk imurotnd In4&b
e d thth CILr m m at

hin ea opuse he *MA
OPOR~ PLi rl yim ~ ..i i t

inFrom ,&#=a
. ia e.JugBm- ~ uvu

a P94"; AuW CW-8p

U6-&3 nRumner
PSUw -D@ Aom4
lObB.io !.llwl




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