Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 31, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00019
Source Institution: University of Florida
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W.lo . certainly like uSau the a s
Lf'lO 4I" M, the pqpuiHatot Georta.
4A and It Islprobably not too much to say
M that bhee "taf bea4 sad u.haodefa
-.... oe his political reetbers. throughout
Sd he the aldab Be is a man of conasder-
able a b lit and haU powers oa oratory
S.I, Y that wopid mabe him an interwstin
Sppoaenet n the stamp of noet any
_*eae.. pbac 14M Ialthb ooUntry.
Sa go" eby nWr*o Is the bhpteof the Popoulist
atof the 4a ehool sch as those who
W. no alnated him n Geotei. He ts
S a iddle 'o-the-road man f3 the strilc-
'eMesG. si- a oMf.OW -O t e0Mr aterbnet[c bhrae.
so e aebteade for the fatht that grew
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OhF, W Thankful w it---. Thepeople 4
i, w Thln l l I though war In Inevitable, adtheextrori r

Pain Was Maddening and 1..Pjpe ofat Tampa &ad Soeth Flrida thadrs
Pain Ws ElaMddenalg and H are begl ning to consider It and It con- e ,-n r
Had Been Abandoned Wotider-equencea 'ere is no onger any States er
ful results of Purifying the ood. doubt about It The danger point of ble war with
_A cery evere pain came in nIy left he BlHpano-American complloatlona soiers and a
whach gsrew worse nd woe are now upon President KeKinley. and run the r st
finally a sore broke out above the kneei
It discharged a great deal and thi pahS his cabint are aware of the cause that tr~c oaunl
from my thigh down wa maddpsing blew up the Maine on the 15th of Feb- and coak 7
Ia hard, puirpleps appeared n u mlary, and will transmit to Congrel s n tadv
leg I soered in ile way yfor yeaxcelet
ad ave up all hope of eve bean g 3tnda, thee ndindgs of the cort of In- by psop le
My wifewas reading of a case k4 mine qulry. In ever towi
cured by Hood's Baraparills, and he The American people will eon lear* is brd o
advised me to try It. I began akig it h D this criti period ab oa
and when I had used a few bolesDu th crloapeod. e
ound eHief from my sumaieri. Oh, almness to the first and great eementiaL an to the eet
how thaunkft I am for this i I I amISould the administration get by this should be told
strongerthan I have ever been In y life. vital development with atety--let ws avoid and how
t am in the bat f health, have goId hope and let us feel assured that It is
appetit and amn a nw man atolebher. oprd 4
I. P. M oaas, Libe FUl Maim. seetyr base oan hono.r. Tbhe can bethe pref mmn
a m no backdow. The temper of t at th e p
SAmerican people wil not tolerate fur- aton In
i IDhahbeW-tetha.bOytei Blrei.od be tritl. TBher impatience has tyl r
neoed's Pl ~owsarll ver Ills. been ezhated their IndIgnation example. T

romedandd the enwression of their fel- tree ad l
for the financaers in Congera to give igW and determnlatol now awalte the lh and ta
this branch of the subject some co d- ntlative of their chosen autherity. The i .tha
ration. When the Wederal Goern, our or c,.aLi.s ande co.e4nM", I tf phublo
meant was engaged in the Cvil Wir, it
was atle to borrow money In gL b pe ned If t ahall e ohwra g wtt
Should it beeeno involved in at war i cco "teloty tolnowa, and reparation ,
with an European nation, It might tfid rmt oare. In thts crais, the exaec p orod
sone difelult tn borrowtang broad. the an legislative braacnhe of the pma e eitb

TH TUG DAUNTIBB8. government should act In hrmonnay tenant
From Jackonville MetropolU. The ocdathnt of the Wite Moas hs whas cto fS
In all the ta) of buing men-of-war h at his te the
and veis thatcy for cur r bow and i rel
tadeoes at Sd peas where the People stand O this superls- v
.tageouy selanst Spain.t appeare htmwI
no consideration has been given i the lveln d veans. 'ow the me Is a
hand whte the people met lear how e
and where he etanda
tional repuatln. eaye the Savannah trouble pd
Press. This celebrated craft has Iob- THE POWER OFBEE RRESS udtane a l
ably done more for thepoasmle freedom 'wow that we are a settled element aUUllath i
of Cuba, than all the other ageaclee In the commmnlty and nation the re- ve of
combined. Hie has coped with the porter do not bother a bout little would be a
Ptlkertons, the revenue cutters, the thinhe so mach-our newness an Inter- OicY
plesa and the Spanish men-of-war and est having rubbed off together," writes an aget of
has lgRnaBly eaded them all. ain 1A Cabinet Member'a Wife" In the lst us man
hates her unalterably and would forego AprRf IAdlees Home Journal. "I hae tints to the
much of the intensity of her loathing great sympathy for these women o- eeek. or it
for this country if she could blew the ctety reporters, as I see more of them tr it will
rmuntlers out of the water. The dar- and their hard wotets which mut he simple
ina spirits that control this noted tug dtitasteful to many of them. There is b as much
know every port in COba and hare one girl who works up a society column the citr t
personal knowledge of every landing evey "aek as the only means of pro- Therefor
place on the Iliand They know how viding read and butter for an Invalid sare a few
a conjunction can be easily affected mother and herself. he is ladylike yea to in
with the i nsenat and where safe and pl4aant looking. though not pret- water atpp
noe a.

harbnml lie beyond the pomalbHlty of a
Spanish man-of-war succesafulty pur-
aing them. Then, again, the Daunt-
kms has on beseral oceasons, according
to aB reprtts demonstrated her dari
by fAmnting her boldnem In the very
teeth of the Bpanish men-of-war and
invited pursuit and capture. Bach a
ve~el and sueh a crew would be in-
valuable In tPls vreveriaent In case of
hostiitles. tfo in the event she would
egage' in runsrao the gauntlet to Ctb
ba what incalculable beaedt she woual
confer. The (Dontlem Is a Tlorlda
boat and the bravery and adaetty O
her crew ane them subjects for hero
woarshlp msongr a certain cla of peo-

amm 05; ple.

a t iUth fpan .O'HlYE^U i such a&pecullar-name
^ be? alo one, bt or a Chmlan tL- e ", tht many
h p ta tha ''Ln ted have ws deaod rwho d Htiga su
sl'-i w** hMLb to p- Het U w w WOgmtdt statesma n and
AeOgsg*itwoul WI5 S=oldwa, and won his o otrnlomde-
a owitend upo the e omat "MUsino tow pantsh tygamn eaem
-.Ses nd teLw nLd fAn the present centre. The OIHl-
!I IWbj as to stlol ab. to tw .Chl pCV
per and oit shels an the omp spts

a'crets of atnrttbd itheOmrate<
-a board 14a o aelay In al eote
ir b iruts lilane dusimter, but 2t is very imortant
s thtan al mact eas th4.ou.hbte oed
sma. 4m.G, and wropetMy dseted before the re-
t'1SEi emiB be thLS iB~portt Issed.1 IW t t is no Ums*t matter
ss ik i' mOust numat be dealt wlth sMreriy.
..Vow*In up Par There is not much dprbdtaiaty of
.i & the Ofs at not ab of the city balae
ia* ed ..o te. muavn -wes re .aid.
s?'e hstbeeT Sr if the street were paved before the
O" Wsl hm t as Wae e to bt etrn up ad rwuad aAardly

SIoeiMa *Sthbe -he eat hack in a- n goAd onttlon as

7 tothe IMarsh and Aprl are the mot pleas-

0t0e e4M at the mont of those who hae had eoz
icerae and renma1 to'nTorft atnti
ha retothso l r
efI.' 4-t,. y .The IMIase in sold o arl a oF the out-
wU 'bqedeadlss ft s pe tra nIt t s n nrsper W the
M&PeiOie r- wanet i eep posted you dbettor
_no nmW ABi me wum recorded an e golden

l ^iSi? I It i. reali' flty hat theild I
^ iBn 161k W5BhtSa oo nrho We i
|B**^*E*S&:^^ ft^ nowtrttnsC*btom.m ^h, *cGO

ty, and I feel sure she -dilkces to ask
people questions more than they dislike
to answer them-in fact, you would be
surprise to we h ow iome prominent
people to-day to her for notices of their
actions. I understand wha the phraee.
tahe power of ras,' mea s."
t The alt Laoe Tribne settles the
Cuban question It the folidiing vigor-
ous mmaner: How to deal with COta
is for par aovefiuAnAt t take .it; put
It ander a military governor; give him
troops enough to preserve order; estab
6ish gourt anad adjust property righty.
help toh poor with food and witb.oed
to plant new craps, from the eCstoms
reataerM itele. ad from the first
have It udeTstood that as soon pao-
es a" in two ars of the pyarm
Othe huuatin of future govenI et aMol
be left to a free vote of the eopae.
All eandldater-or nmnSciai oohm
who send in their ano-. ange~ a to the
Trtbrse will ece te equal and fir con-
Ideration., ad have their elabis pamper.
Ip printed to the people Don't be
too modest eAnflnon

RentwV n,,, are oat ata n ml ton-
gxteleepers. They do hot take fcnla y
o pestIrns that depend apon gate

LThf4.in" o

2, b tf cw wr t1,e
wwlk the :tam A

I ly f-)ja K t t i L
B'TXQB' Wtfmi ^K^a -tB ^2


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doctai o4

of old age,


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~CPJtlder ib

mi are i
is Piha


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r w

wha wreti r

s mt -A 'Flow o

WM Whode"n boo.i-

0hat to eatany~.e b
-L faeeu& b .-
lhml -tia the peml%:

Im Isdbe

J- -heihhida
roe, tdle w" wad t 4bo

gle ubetl -tm t ef ne ev,?
sa mi alem-s
erum to ft iustefpL
it~ isaba#b In he

ehsm W,: tiga-

.adoptaLt The m-

iibave Ln tajtt~ t
mmsan* len em

w v O a Nat S. thise

ry homeesifler

O GrAteth Outiebofhi

Md aat stb n.M aqW

an& tbm he
iii thLLl~t ;o- w~ii m
io the rrrq bii

%t mat pft t 4

01&tb h"Tut


11 SPRQ IfSI. IeiG fR JI -1- "

A, to ci whtom dl- !m Ase. y court was in seion wet t
S'-i V"rtot- white Lmeblm. number convictions l seed i
s andaiettes white plumes..........
ba- Lsett ^ Cl WQtL nAVE TROUBLE COLLUCG BOYS WILL BESPM D TO TB B L fi-fourcsa. most eai ii
d gent reemchrd foor n.p ossa
III. te Panama &llghtly rolled to Prtpesty Owners W Mot Pay tie They re Anxzios to Uphold Their pUe lltIt --aL .s .

o. aic velvet and rhinestene burkles In Ulor of the P.titsoner. Tampa Shold be Proud ofby Co th went to
It one IteLadmB Alderman's own de- When the court ao n Prd
SFrom BSmday Daily. From Sunday's Ddally. awning, there were on th mf
.mt Aheyshorpm to white Laghorn. . Stmootono and J. Wall have rThe war fever has struck Tampa. ard dodet to carry oer x.ttql tthe et 10
. utr bllatsrae rlbboa, whfte purees and Ibeen retained by Robert Mugge. George struck hard, for little else can be heard term. and ail of t,4hIe wee id ad Vme ei S
nsar oaf nas tkrtrums. Caroline ,H. pawowod. Isodore Kaunts Loute now, than the old soldiers telling what by cornet. Four .. were trams- V oR thein U 'i
Uehtz^seem to b#a general favorlte. toses, Jacob Rutstein, D.& Sa6 f sy and great heroes they were in the late war. ferred to the absentee ket the inet or 3inooun asme-
A r white rnl rolled at the c W W ells to represent them In suits and the young men giving their opinion motions In two cases quashed, aud lom- at J .
S t0de th r s of green velvet to be brought by them against the city. n rard to how the coming conflict 20 cases were nolle ty the f her s
"orerd with wreath-.o water- The object of the suits will be to have should be oonduct county solicitor. were only five a"oa*seihth J
resi sad f~i e. one of thV the I city tax assessment on their The (Frst Division of the Florida acqulitals durtag the and one a of a Ies l a .
A t eiSgSear t ws sp d Hases for property set aside. gtate Naval fltlta better known as these was at the req of the so6ld- s a ~gb91rt
U tlti e 1 .ha ormasesland 5 S Thlsa it is believed, Is but the fore- he Tampa Naval Reserves*a Iscomposed tor. d:: I
S h: i t s.oudtn4 o of the notabe runner of similar suits that will be of men who are anxious for a fht. The court will v on oq Tuesday po ngi i.~h
? su sawd IwnrrU Sanythlss Obrowuht by property owners who have so they say). The division is now for the judge to sign mines, ad are to
w before attempted br th not yet. paid their 187 taxes The de- rmed and equipped with fifty Remlng- this will probaby be t f t oatl set iMp
^ h- " ". l III elsion af Judge Baron Phillipe on Fri- ton raes, one rapid fre gun, and one of Judfe J. B. Wall, Judge of the d amiA
tw lday at the sabt brought by A Knight Hotchkiss un The boys have not court, or on bext Ai N 1. he btha w s
.,- *"aidj g h Ihis aqdes wi .
o : ..7ltr iton havq the assessment for 18t on his et had an opportunity for target prac- 6bi 4chasage s O wes W. A. C oarte. e a t e T rM i
property set aside, is the cause of these Ice, but are confident that they can tte peseet states who il1 .senmisf'pl
Ep HtiesiPri 'STe opSengwulfr esits btiLr Instituted 1 give a good account of themselves when tben become jadge of t o o r enina t elspaptk TB.
S That tbheb matter should come up the time come. and Judge Wall wilt state at- amao is do
i at the present time, is regarded by The Tampa RIsne, the crack military torey. it I li
*.'UJRAAA& & tORT 1% OPWN. many *eople as paticularty unfortu- osraidsation of thp citn are ready for **Bgl
nt abFr ate, for the city Is just entertin upon the fray, and watthsa on the call for A PBOGeISSOVE PANT
"t W ar n era of property~ now that the pub- Selunteers. The omorpr i coomposed Reornatn of the trail Cuit lll ng. w
Ci. eI Sc.t moe.ants have comnpenoed. I good material, and Tampa will have d Patar r lK:
These altt wiD tend to greatly embar- rmon to be proud of her boys if they
"iB"'lS*pos 0t a ^ tat thatih,- 'rass the net admintratlon which will are given a chance to show their fight- The Central Culri and Palc t A iKm1i i
tw.isi a rt &so & *a-raI be elected Il Jane as It s quite certain lag qualitles Company has been reo ad n in- ae aset
f thmanft af that few if anyoprriy y owners will The Second division of the Naval Ml- corporate. Mr retintf and raiflaspi
"i c- the" l t"Ieoint on that pay their 11 taxes while the suits are Itla, located at Port T'1ma Is reoog- The oeers of trhe a'e mr newsapi I
am",! 1 fill on 'bat nnht nised as r hng composed of a body of D. F. Parlst*Ild, ; 3LM. 2A Ot- t yadg e
S a n for PPI POR PAVING nen better fitted for active service than ett, vice-prestnt t treasurer V 1y 1,6aot
.. h. ben.. f o s ... .. R
_-god jLfgMadebof workmen PP any dPvVNon Ia the country on account dtarTneamps mansagr and o as n
"l "a CCet O m "v .The Pre.stn %B. Bird, 6f Jacksonville, a f so anAy of the ofcerm and men hay- F. Qratt, paacre t .o b e s
4 ^. y of: d fsc1y will give thee CItvIl engineer who for two terms filled q trades and professions that ft them Arranements are made to
S.* 111 tWO wlM give thef o t aaee of assistant engineer of that for duty in any branch of the service. argery Increase the ness of the tita mp4 ed
iM a ~on Clt o ty, and who has lately been employed The prosimty of Tampa to what It Is company, which Is l In a prso- ~ga.i.ugi
wit: hS 1 th e DUniS td tate L ^s enne UInaPOSed WiH be the scene of operations erous cndtondi. enetnize pa
a t -Sii;n OmrO~~ es bm Io corps i Its work on Charlotte Harbor, wrtl meke this a port of great Import- The company m* speclty of ua' The l t
bSA infbho and ^l timpa md Is now located in TBamps lrd aces whe wav t Is declared, asrting. cwirig. and longs .toacco. a
A* Vk* Vat o aty 2 e A tK Is in thb employ of the Board of Public CRIMNAL stnaatlgn croP., m aper d e e -m cr a d.that I- t.
hame fed' dal tkrolnt Works, and will look after the grading hRIMiiOgT. and Lwe of t th eve<. .
S f y Of-. Mawrd MaarasnIt of the streets preparatory to paving. Cases Disposed of in Judge Wall' Theilr etenive Vaci I It-"" lOt i ~ a t tt
StfltIb "iMtWof to the dret- He is son of the late Col P. B. Bird. court Yesterdays on the cner 1d afg d v 9r ,deie .'1,".
.ws eOtnnue !mntll the first pa of Moi tlceno, formerly United Statee street and isntted 4h r devi lc d w i A
after te f1ct ry opens, the marshal for the Northern District of In the crtnlnal court yesterday, tht and convenience for e handling of so do e rI4m
I5bo bawh mbe' *ppled with food Florld, following caaes were disoased of: tobacco. : t do no
r Minr..tara huldcetaifnly be ex- William Jones and Jack Smith, chawr- s.-IAO rNTO Yo R SOB nat toMe; o Wi
istmairstetil to him or his nobbl A torpid liver rob you of ambition ed with carrying' concealed weapons to Ckt or not, I
r %'t i nd rutts your health- De Wltt' Lit fined $5 and costs; each, or 30 days ir Alien's Foot-Base, poI r or the I m in to wiomr,'.
I Earlr Rlvers cleanse the liver, cure al feetIt cres smart- y
1Aff- lTKW.MW NAVALX RB]RVE"! onstOpIon and ail stomach and liver ^-e c wt d I feet a It-.tates t mad X W t.S
TION REB onstlion ad al stamach and BC l.tiver Fred Marean charged with gambling. ng feet and Instantltakm the tr mdI m n
i d. T rouble>s s B.i ]eonardlH& Co tf fined 6$ and costs, or 30 days In jaiL out of cor L and bunlons. Its te l o M bMl .:'j
i Ad.antG t l t Oistonlr Or- stLeeupa e me lou LlI Away. W4lliam Sanford, charged with gamb- greatest coort disOmery" of the There shoud be o
favai itt al orders N. t mals. f ul of I., nerve and rlgor, take No-To- a or new shoes teel eaw It Is certain rm t o
:(bkrj A llls'.e Gi- au l Baa.d lwonderworkec, I a makes weak metn -
I e ( es tud I "Adutanot G ,en rags ltLe ioI. 4aresaca E. c Bramley. changed with being ure tor we ca and hot, t4 o tag
Hues atrtTalhasse L Bokr f tand samnpe tree. Address the keeper of a geambilin house, w aht feet. Try It t-day. Sold "Wbat do
-% a-IOmth l d ae of pelSt- t .t e ,dy Cm. Chioago or New York. found not guilty all druggists and shoemores. -- By ma vw taw J l
nidLnaam just now..' IThe orders are a --- -- All of the afternoon session of the for 2, cents In stamp.; &Trt packa pain WiynW Itu
,^,ti e i bbncourt was occupied with the trtaJ o TeW ddre, Alle 'S. OIrted. I st. IIn f .va th
hnmn of th .t officers of the tburo dersetads tYat it 4das Buie, colored, hoalrgd with as-. Boy. N. Y. . la oy itat wrN
lf l dihvsio f of the Fit $arval Battaiotk In not right that sault with Intent to kill. the Is tttt B K AIA SALV tIA m, le been .o 1
g C are bert-y directly to for. mother should be woman who stabbed two colored .womer B-aKL NS aweA SaamSI w*A4
^146!42 -4 to the -ed hs ta nero aw fretfij and a colored man on Lafayette street Th best salve In t"e world tor onaut &eZiWop 'in e aO
Ofo--edw theJ m Teraw a about sto wee Brs a go. Bruises Sores, Uo Bat heu
; wlB II*S3tage.si anoct o its scwed" iJ. pr omt .gthatMM
11013SIXHOSnd aiFever Sores, Tettea% Ievia Hana ds ,e k ,b

Se t s ^It ties with the Distresrein Kidney and Bladder dl- pai reslle oIt: d pe d to or I
ti ad 60tohelp erel N oolne else el ee relbeved in lit hour by the "New perfect t11ti or o iiu BInd. a .-
"Is, rboselo VV1ghapl . ... .-
thad. ae teaheh erselfT O if she wiltl
ft ta tsubs t aIBae km O her eat S8oth Amerteica, KM.ney Cure." Pile. m s see a tbe .d- Sr bSe i
g1tss*.B> tif ietp : e heed wmy sI nt r^ e m- This new remepdy i a great rsrprie on B. oaurdt a O. /
bteheftU.Iuu sy forwhnem med disease of the eime reooust of Its exceeding promptns In TB- paInrlih~d MPLHT.' MlCtf~lft
t5 5WIf,ra tlest ,wi l be hesI, .and ahl-.. ettevlg pain in ltddr, kdfy, yk ba
e be se i '.h _. nte a. d of nd eey part of the uminary p ArrIved: hearpl fdta~I ftrom rig .aml .eL,.'s
ia ..'PfLP8*-'1"""^ J "T vaOR .' A SBprrJedvr s. d m amte or *femait It reeves reten- Beod. cargo odol di John Jo ma to tawt t
^^L-tdheLm i lbs osas thp make wifehood tion of wate and pain In peslng It hloop Vta from Jahdt PaFm .W _____
t-ssdwlmerhood psi lb ie Isnd I Dr. Iumt ht^ediateiy. If o want qoIcf pounds fish for T4a~ bnt. ad lee Ooam 9
SFfSSSr.... e ib'rr i-s eIt mak& d^hm.fl'alti D an4 hesltdh y' -11 km thnsforbd oid by B. RLeonardi Co., drungsts, pa Bsy e herut Rtt.1 to Coef ~ihe Mtk B'

the Co W ss, to Josa Pass % stern he ,mi ii m
asen if h a t eand.s the hyas-ll a the god o.d-
S-= p.Sttha e,,smet is health, They witiwhe Ioolsi rwith pr.ptPI~er angi
,MHr^ra.. s ,,hi S ,, ,nie Ie ofs app tit ,q ao, of haWadt si-piseaen ito s
E^ a 41r put s.: c'u' js ^T?1t t ieell the e I

.he60, 1 t b1l ^d call Sa t ra Wineof H s isttoe th srent of a;for and a Inow =0ettt

gooi t c ate ea Ahold tai asp heaA uthi we t TOS--
*eg pai"^d "P1eaon. the csyem. Osi for p n doeaat of dsb um rLof 9, Ta
% t i wins. Ofact e otita nd6= m of GonrneaS t M A'fu . -

Sf. L OppO sbe tn- -- cour or ans to u Mu w" T. s" v

little boy adtd f:frr a.p braottleof t r o atr to ,AM

*^^^f^ft t-wcO : BO MiCW Bi i bu tt~ ,lt y ^3 S^ qgS

Sshow th uinat tyou EI nalt cm nt D Sg Fn assRalt ond b oaTt t f lerMsylw IR.Vte

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o n opo riasnu. deful of L

Ilord hetk .,,, ,.
y abe.nsor a state, n sa w~rm lti pleted and sagh

Or AW ttnd OU r -A G, F lA r d "the TAqtt tt er ..
of1 anI e G n1ame qIlor "frD e o ari p really grea t ea loe thsfat
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d P .yr .m t c~ loe d w Mpla edguit o s -t., Vs
:P 2.o n.upon h wi L w ,. .

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10f-i- a b st o

L PrendeBt Ae Kialey is beiag serl
easeoly emsred byt people and
pries ofts country for his rema *k.
able polley rgardig th Maine dis-
Str 'rod lbe Cubaa qestlon.
SPWpMof allbadMesoof pohleal ut
terseos are oademning bim harsh-
ly, His eoare will almost anibi-
lsle the rep*bliosn party in free
A erth. Ti ough the pre they are
Sgiving vent tp Ltelr feelings nod in-
Steas ledigoaio The Dispateh of
SLouirille touches him up as follows:
S"ALfter their HeHanna admilistra-
tine has dragged the Maine and the
Cubso bulnesi out to, say, October,
& ad the McHaina press, pulpit and
Sspileters have explained its good in-
teBtions and paved a largeateotion of
Topbet with sadard pavi g of that
populous clty, and the ised h 50,-
S0o000 twar toadhas bee 'placed
where it will do the good, for, the
1rtre sad foreign bsqaera, and
S00,000,000 are duly oLarn nted
with U 8s;A, on the hach tereof,
s ad theeartati is duly ring down
Sa grand tableau of [mcHannna
*strlaking the abackles, off of the
skeletonn relot o Caba, aod the neo-
tme havebeenb mo ore a s carried
. thereby, the what? WUll the
r peoplebeUla d Willtl fetuers
Sjt fat ign control chafe oloambia's
1 fal lim bs ayhe less? Wlil sot the
n ext result be uis months cnrer the
Sfateof all who submit, step by step,
e t1 slaver? 111l we not be 500,.
000,000 worst off? Three hundred
million more of life erushing, blood
. sweating debt Ob our hapless chil-
r dren! And our tormentors hun-
- dreds of millions stro6iger, and the
ec oommovpeople weaker by tbe same
Measure! Where will pat'epce c nse
* to be virtue?

. Thb orl companies of Indiana bhav
Sbeeu contending that they bhj a
r right to allow their own n rural gas
Sto gb to waste if they wanted to,
but the state supreme court has
f brought them with short lnrn. A
* recuat decision holds: "It is true
f that the productions of oil Is a legi-
I tuate businea, but the wase and
S destruction of natural gap, which
Sappellee's demurrer sdmii it is en-
r gaged ti, desfitly,eonstantly and in
Sautter ioatetapt f the laws ot Indian
a and te-t wefas aud comfort of its
eitlteMs. is Aotonly not a legitimate
beioess, but eas been placed under
* the ban of tw prohibtltarTtatutes
Si4n this Lat" T 'hins prohibition
-wold be aueftl it eit cod bte op.
.plel to atonb sp6akiag mdidates
.*h perist lowas tB tr natural

The Thbnna yesterday morning
r asstuar., .I vs b Bly com-
pnl id for is e aterpre ,for giv
tiasgI *e vr ateat swn possible
*eeerfalig cngtrwea, Xcr laey and

t hai t the trifbue is the leadEing

a angy eWl to be hadit always

SSilrely Ibeyoad tecomoreID-
IL1im6e othe t~bme" Gwhy Mr. M-

The night clerk at a hotel is .- miles west of toen.
di Prof. Beebhola sad other nosables
used to know who stays outrigt4su attended the Knights Templar con-
and who have unoomortable he"d clave Friday light.
in the morning. Postmasate C. Luibridoe, of Lill-
bridge, spent Sundy here with his
BMc4 nlaley lac, koe ore indis. ~other.
that s Maya contemplates erecting a
peomie esp 8 tks thagt is aivolUtely ntnew o. 1
nceeaary to make a man, asd Ltha is
sandja b is gizard. LAI TO BEST.

Someof Lie people are never bsais- Funeral Services of the LZte J. H.
Red, but the majority of the Am(ri- Tharp of This Cit.
ana people arc displeasMe with Lc- The funeral of J. .L Thsrp, who died
I y Sunday at his late residence bI Michb-
i gin avenue, took place Mondy morn-
S"The justifcation of Iistry'- ing the services being con ucted by
tatf Rev H. LOborne, pastor of tbh
The; American people have already First, Baps Coureh ofrwhich the de-
,been justified. ceased had been a member ever sance
be became a resident of Tampa.
When coffee is queer it is cal ed Mr.Tharp caine here from tenne see
S"a blend." A little sugar and cream several months ago and had made a
I blends well with coffee; but notlhng large number of friends who learned of
Selse b hisdath with sincere regret and ex-
'tead their heartfelt sympathy to bhs
w sai*re nlizing dab right in bemiaved family. The deseed leaves
te ogres gve M dsin Ten ae aa the other s
.&A the.....ei. ;I*. '

Spring. -S
oto1 tH SuSM s hit Ihril.
b mas Oen- Medicine aL

pMire condition of the blood after win-
St hearty foods, and breathing vii- TAIPA BAT OPB UTIL APIL TT
Satd air in home, office, schoolroom
Sor shop. Wlen weak, thin or impure, Season Hes fBeen ar m tter Than the
the blood cannot nourish the body as Previous o-e Cosiwo May Beman
a p ld. The demand for cleansing
nd linvigorsting is grandly met by Open or Two Weeks onger--Th
Hoo's Sarsaparilla, which gives the Other Hotels
bbod'just the quality aud vitality need-
ed to maintain health, ,properly digest Mr. Frank Q. Brown, vie-prealdenL
nMr. Fak Q Q Brown, vice-presidea
food, build upnd snlteads the nerves
and overcome that tired feeling. It is of the PlaMt System and who has "-
the ideal Spring M.elic.ine. Get only pervision of the hotels of the system,
announced yesterday that t-e Tampa
S Bay hotel will probably close on or be-
fore April 10, but the Casino natatori-
l unum will remain open until April 15. or
longer if the business wll warrant It,
arsat a The O True The hotel ha been mueh better pat-
Bl.ood Pui er. te u so ta i was at '
Preplred by C IL Hood a O, Lowe mssoted ths season tha was
season and all who have been guests of
.Hood's P1lls e e"^'.U'2e""1 tis world-famous hostelry under the
management of D. P. Hathaway have
S- been more than pleased and will re-
TE FP L SOLVE tue next asom The Casno has been
I Z V oa L 1, one of the chtif attractions and the en-
t ertaiments provided by J. N. Pbil-
THU NW MDAW DISCOVMBY hps, the *gesnu manaerw, have been ap-
TMgTE presiated by all the patrons of the
hotel. The natatorium is a obarming,
BesJ lt of the Test In Various Porms plse and several of the ausets who io-
tended leaving a week or more ago
of yPpe a. have remained toenjoy the bathing is
Chronic inltltlon or dyspepei, the pool.
while a very common trouble, has for Mr. Brown also stated yesterday that
some thne been looked upon by able t Howl Bllleview at Bellealr, will
phsiclans as a seriom thing, and that los ll
no time should be lost in treating It close for the seasu today. The Belle-
properly at the start, because recent view has been well partooied asd all
researches hare shown that the most of theguests were charmed with the
serlous, fatal and Incurable diseases beautiful resort which is the gem of all
have their oritin in simple dyspepal or the hotels of the Plant System. The
indiestion. 'ort Myers hotel at Fort Myers will
Diabetes is simply one form of indi- remain open during tre month of
geetlon, the sugar and starchy food not April.
being e-m!suted The Ocals boose, at Ocals, will prob-
Whie consumption and dyepepla are ably remain open all the year.
twin disease and it is beyond question The Hotel Posta Garda at Punta
thua dy a makes a fertile soil for te e oe at W nt
the seeds of consumption. Gorda, and th Soemioolo at Wiuterr
But the trouble has been to find a Park have already lose. Both hotels
remedy that colkld be depended upon to bave had a very good seasno. The
oare dyspepsia, as it is notoriously ob- closing of the hotels j, a sure sign that
stinate and difficult to cure. thl season is about over and that the
This has been the question which has tourists are fAst leaving the state.
puzzled physicians and dyspeptics alike.
until the question was solved three PLANT CITY POINTEBS.
yeam ago by the appearance of a new
dyspepsia cure In the medical world Personal, Social and Local Items
known as Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. From Progressive Place.
which it was clakied was as a certain, Plant City, Florida, March 28.-
reliable cure for every form of stomach Win. Aernethey, father of the
trouble. young Mr. Abernetbey who died here
Physicians, however, would not accept last winter, and who spent the part
such statements without first giving the winter monthsoin Plant City, started
new remedy nanny tests and carefully home Thursday. well pleased with this
observing results.
oar three years the remedy has been part of Florida.
thoroughly tested in every section of Last L eek was the banner week for
the countryand with surprising andh berries.
satisfactory results. Mr. aod Mrs. E. G. Buroey have
tteart's Dyspepest Tablets can be moved into there new cottage. ,
honestly claimed to be a spectlc, a radi- Miss Maggie Williams, of Brandoo,
cal lasting cure for indigestion in the Thursday visited her slater, Mrs. Ja-
various forms of acid dyspepsi or sour per Ever%, and brother, Prof. D. Wil-
stomach, gas or wind on stomach, too liuas
much bile, undue fullness or presmre Th brick work on the Warrender
lfterea sftand elmar symptoms re- block is being rapidly laid George
ulual dirom d isorered digetion. Weston has the work iicharge.
States Dysiepela Tabkte were not B Bk c t o
ced bore the pulc until this three Mr B. Baker and children left on
years trial left no doubt as to t~er Saturday to visit Capt Baker at 8S.
value and they have been recently Augustlee.
places in the trade and can be found on The building lately ocoepied by Dr.
sale at all drinsists at the normal B M. Well* an offee. and the ad-
price, of cemts per posas : joinio g "arl buding, lately
SNo extravant claims are made for the purnhaeed by Dr. 0. 8. Wright, has
remedy. It wll not cure rheumatism, been moved to a point lust south of
pse'm*wnoia typhold fever nor anything the depot, and have been converted in-
bat jest what It is claimed to cre, ad to rentable eottaes. Dr. Wright i-e
that Is every fortn of stomach trouble, teods building ao office *n ths lota va-
o d itnis is necessary, good whdla-
ome food and plenty of it, and you may ool will cise Fnday with clas
Tiar d that i' D pe examination sad entertaoment.
SDrggists claim for it, that it i .a sars. Marien Hendrix and M. E.
pleadisre to eseommend it to dyspeptics. Moody have aooepted the agency of the
became it asves such universal sais. newly introduced Biotadson Steam-
fetien. less coffe poL.
LIie book on stomach dieasw stt I Ius'sated that Branch Bra. have
free bay ddressing tusrt Co.. Marh l sold their saw a and thas it wihl be
e. \ moved away to a point two ad a half

It seems that the worid'f g
all previous efforts in daigpi'g
Sand children. We have soaoee
you allU that fahion onoeirT" fc
lists arybuasy conjringtogha
Sflowers -tc., and nov a das ad S
* ad lo tly haut'm ake~ pe
Sroom. Yo can do aB
SEaser ra.L I will be


been addeb

The oitry trade is oifJ;"(
mail order .

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Hard Be&ft.i- .. -n-e- 41.o

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AROB8T CAPtTAL of ay u a.Al

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jms ""o"e M ght he was ti firm
f hat is plan pp n arm

f_ an aif.ted by the Uo
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,b+u s ,of f, and a,

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this Lreat sh sist-. patientt
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f -. .r. SeLea daJj de..loi n.w woi
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as baseloast to tomanits

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substantial aU yeb w pia. A e.
en the good example Br d t aeua -astot t4 r u
R aimhsto! As Mr. Hqletw be jt laka and hi .
bouh the nd oB be p atr.perty so log siafty. 1I U Bm
i wpled oby Coleal Jetnesa, it habe be wl rbe lnii

ona I Inve stmet Compar fe M Plm s t e
U AIS m Cm the livery setble Td tGe opa ve=ebtaeg art nd Si armtS
bo 0e on Sixth avee. The lower qu qite.a rmai r ue
larte List oftViitors and a Bounti- par will be us d fo saoffie ad tbe Hia eild of or4ba cow b :a aesy L;
tU rop of rly V ab Al ppr story will be reted. about two feet bigh a d ufarest dsep
fal opd of La ly VegetabAer ltesn mki a ft inveamente lately color. By the way b.t eapsule bw th4s~.
ed to Kake the Aveag Cits;n sale Ies jut been complete, been noted that his rywe as pib.lo tf
Happy and .cp.ois through thyr n Cyrus W. Butlr. which wmll prove a be expects ay day o biendere so re-| H%6lr
St. Petersburg. Fla., March 28.-fn m os lasting be:noit to the towa. The port for daty. In that cea if MLrs a i-
1ly of a walk about town or a orave through Chapdler grrow. on he west side of Minor is perfectly c.pai .f uperia- t
listc the surrounding country one could R ld be hardly amgiee that froet and ice. had irs. Handle and Dodley,twoprom- will have asecred the rtlcen of alr s a
peop0 erer visited this ce;tios; much less, ineto and wealthy men of Nashville, class pilot W..
mull barely three months ago. Even tbose Ten. Colonel Dudley is mayor of + -
sisteL tender strubs which weie killed to toe that city. The gentlemen will am-
rited gound are now ending up thrifty medately improve arid beautify the
dl40f m new boots and will soon shiino all prof rty, part of which already Ia a
eLo- aheir prwtiae beauty. In spite of the goo. rove upon it. As Mr. Batter
I nd- dry weatthethe gardens are a mass of hu ,be improvements in care It will -
qrgl bloom and fragraoe. But then most guaantee that the work will be thorw .w ~r e s m l ta lit
e f tbem have a daily supply of water ougrly done. m Y e
* autber from woidmills sod boee pipes, A coople of weeks ago a meoltng of ..:.
,p or by means of the good old-fashioned the eitisens was held at which it was
h1ot pemp baudle-with an energtlc man decided to bold a Mid-Winter Fair
on of or woman at the business end of it. hber la winter. The idea has been '
S\Tbe flower amply rempay U e care moat sthlascally received. Mr. j i
S* evidently lavished on them. There Toalinson was elected president; Mr., |
d *MM aem to be Do dearth of fresh vege- ,. Whitney, secretary; ans a vio-
% tables, either; sad many dollars worth preladet choee from eho West at .
i are delivere to ear hotels, boardig- tow. M. Whitney last week made a
0n10- houses and private familiesUea mbch week, trip to the various different town anda'
St0 as many of the gardeser sell .ireot to report the project as being paost
their ueatoiners each morning. Mr favorably received. Of coore, the
Masie and Mr. Mofiat each have fine plans of the association are yet in em-
trk farms, ad, beside disposing of bhro. but It has very nearly decided to Lat week we gave the de&lgted pbl*iu
large number of vegetables, are each lecane the fair grounds on the border 'amer glimpse of Paris, Load11 t
aselIin abuot a hundred quartsof of Beservoir Lake, and in connectbo ne2 ii l owe1r handusyuts O mf
b l lucios strwbrries every day. They with them build a boulevard end first -. l Ribbos, sailor, VYeiltengs, s. Oe
do not cbhp any as they could readily claea bicycle race track around the
have a marliet in town for as much lake This seems an ideal spot for the
It more. Neither one has more tban purpoee. The whole affair has ample
a to abost an acre and a quarter ia berries moqey backing and publio-spiried citi- .
so it seems tbere minntbe good money zeni to make it a success; and, if i i is W cannot snOW you the ste hat, 'aii,
In strawberries. wist pro-er facilities carried out, great benels will undoubt,- them were sold, but we have others
eMOlst for ralaing end handling them. edly accrue to the whole West Coast. Just.as smart, just 6a be.stitfl, J40
5 dis- The towa hbs been full to overflow- A quiet bet very pretty wedding was and as restesnabe in prime The
Sure fag with tourists this season. Every solemnized at Glen Oak lasa Welnes-
erno- hotel and boarding houe reports all day. when M4ss Hattie Neeld was NII
smSg the guests hat can be accommodated. oie in marriage to Mr. Brantley l
Noes. No wooder 'mane host" looks smiling Haney. of East H8Rlborough. The
redline ad h~appJ! A goodly number have rrmoom is cre c Hillsboruugb's most
Icon- been so well plesned with the location. srlimg oung mer and most highly leslit v 01to bh.n rn -6 -te I
and brigbl prig t pe -- of thi section thosht f in Iie cminunit i w h t or
thi they haves ovesed, more or less he o res. The bride is the eldest meBlt NO is th time to 1 ""ve
reader heavily. In real esatre. Now. of daughter of Mr. Wmn Neeld and one yousl-ast Hait. J8t )pe 8 i I
S oorse, the exod s for the North has of our most popular young ladies. hav- White Organdies-, White Pirea
L"ilbas begk and bon our winter guests will ing a large circle of friends throughout Lie ne PiqnIes and 0NoveltY W
br itbs o gone. Still that detotes. not a the ounty. One and all oongratulate IEmbroideries and Linens.
l 100i diagnutiontoin nmbers. only a change Mr. Hackney on the winsome bride Ie 'u Y _F a
abity of personalities; for when the winter has woo, and wish them both long' S:e TAT. VT'
ou "brds of pIaage' are gone, hbe sum- yeas if happiness and prosperity. / .
Bders, mer vlsisor begK to sojourn with us, Throughout ibis district the orange
ly. ex- enjoying Lbi delights of a summer by grodee are putting on a phenomenally I I I. r
*lre- thesesa largp bloom, some of the trees being '.
asea. Apropos 'f guests, there seems to be quit white with bads and blooms.
le some talk lo trylog to have the County The Farrand grove especially, on Lake r Today we ill open another gase 66
Normal laodted here this spring; not View avenue, is one of the oldest n, Remiants p Bargapi Pri*e Nkem .l
that it wouli be say particular benefit the county and bids fair to have ao im- Veilings,
o the tow. but. when held here be- mense crop. if flowers areany criterion. -
a-fre, it prayed a center of great i A r soon, is most devoutly to be de-
Serestald pleasure both to town's peo- sirea both for the groves and truck .
adto ploand viUar teachers. It o0tala- f.imE. Even ttboe farming the tba-.
spted y lato be bahoped that it may be re* fom lands about Salt Larke are wibshing _
'pemsAdt. Tij Sw Ua ,emed to be or e little mor more. Mr. J. C.
S selamons lpBnuia g this an ex- Wtlhlums has a forty-asore farm on the -
g esplesalty plqasqet place for their boler of tbe lake and the prospects
work. ad were bighly pleased with arrery promising for big crop of-:
tie k allata id t4 eera aames of eir be Ireb potatoes, tomatoes, water
e wmae. mloso and bugar cane. The land Is a
last t. S te.P sborg is to harp at beayy, black loam, and with a tlitle T
lrar. t o e ildag of something mere more rain will produce bountifully.


i min d at re at. "What kind of a
do the On rg ~you and our ea
tridaye t. Extend a cordial
t been to ls opening new goods to i
hand rtitefe~te. 'lso many very
a ^A. B'r GodBs arriing by


AY, lst;atd 2d of April. i .
Shat *aU I a et, and what for daughter?" is a pp rplexin
ert sawepeopld are at your service with urao
inwit.$ion to il and wilt be pleased to have re-LasPeet
them. Everybody is mited. The door b 09mt .o al
ie hiat for children, al at moet reasonable
Sar load every day,

II 1 w .l

Aland these
i df Spring ni Mries Wearis x- 7ig
lto ale degree in o9u present sidoness 8
Ms' oats Wuits, ,kirts, WaistsUWe could ll
na styles werd never so letlbirig, Dress toods
ricea were sner so loW, spring and '1ois i-
peverto great aBat reset in feast your ey
Si e ,ined t

I. e rw r a d Shirt
nBk wtAh th;e past of tia d satoek ,beta -i
31eD IeBoAaBy R. . i i-i -ric -efk-rtse- -- .H i ..m...
i -


;62: I .

eauiiln MuSS
sbu~eu Ipa~u.bs ~

= 6TauO=s~J4- MIs~

wo k. 'mom*ofsign
6. e4da im thywa
jikm in~~Li~ 1t~scty

.. t-J_, p -,~tk C. k.

P ot Iely Act as a Board or
For Ans faxaies, bua Can Only Bcr

iLnterder the .o o Afseets 1807 Ta*es
40k tthe -- end t
0 i! "*.. Wrm tattrday D eily.
00W e .asr andm t a
eth steamy a de o Ws read eed by Jute
omo ,'jasmtd by Barron Pmtm of the circuit co
idd Jon ub yestierdi wdctihiily affects the city
tVKJ A t" an .rnt for t rthe year 1M'. I m
me '~ml e. ~ r Uult IV; n amount of litg atmonm
parties ,o*d b te taxook. are now cla.e
r d t ot has been ordered
SVir alrmtboLn Apr s oL O0 that the ta
thsO have ds
sate a ca to place on May L
sieved.. sdeaded, 1 T cane upon which the decision wAs
of CO-Wer w rs a t wr ras that of A. J. Knittgh

met hods sat e.n -t Pwichhe rcanw-
sd rV the astre tm C* t. ( t en, t which co-
b at nfor.atb E b ietitiome d the court to are
'aMud UaWe"y aBdt^be c ari osnel for the year a0|7,
me 'year o the i aisnter tre W r pi, owned b the

Sagn .ty ep t M ttan oat opn ty inWutt" es

e.e -bJjL that ao aom. lof thate

-., .- har m etb d t &d to "et t
bhWS Weir.* 'bt flly e Anorey An ate4 e-
i ittee r' to th eatltto thad a sser-
. r r o-t ad that opr gInosde the d-

V& eufsrtmgWeft thealbn&afi -
Wsimhau Tacke4W tos the -sffeet he o dty had

rm eau a. thr the Tampa !atr
mHhi deW5rhsAnalmddthelorida R'w-
Te oa company, wt-hee the Peubw
WI slet Uslea :meh hre asmesed at ther to Tant-
hagt. ftjImvn one". bt with a positive kmovtWdg
tnre thragn,* the erat of the t4a y0that ol aurn-
A eV flhbeal wll be oUected uponb eiU
A oLAy. a on:t thee propertemi the
5O UP thM 4usurt decided that the city cant me-
swBatito caot coleet. Aho, that
rictowd Mbt I ffle iet amount to meet the
he a np tNSW toae e aetoB ttrof the city can be
t iea e are shiaprsd that if a lagnera anmrun
wRIaMoore, thiN au,4usedn fora the prpose of ralottae
h0akt Ut h Aimt detlons tha be made from the
So aO walO5rf amouatu to be collected ams taxea Uton
iyi ~f t rn aRd i, l Opertles referred to, Msh alssu -
IC I.-atmin U 0 wre nt peratee a fraud upon the pett-
-ie A be ttii loner.
i, t eonteation of the Wpetitioner o the
Nb.W tWOL gat t that hi roperty I not suent-
mssj'r PIon bhlre y ad properly descritbed one a s- :am-
i MWI Z610t am iexnunt rolls of the city.was mu4alned
elbwen, for -t by the court.
WUHMH0 Tll u ,one !at the most Inportant pol ats In
l 'th inv.Zf4 the debtsio. fI that in which their purt
'; otr nton holds* that bt Board of Potblc Wbrkt
tMIwould t I nnot veed with the power of a board
t v. condwteb of eqdaihatloiL- The court hol11h that
SUrs. defeat I ebhioad an ot iega raise ortIower
*kMiS 4 Peepe uusuesnkntsc upon property. but tAat its
, .- ;ppuawe in Ian rgal to smaLers of th,6 hdnd
Ar C Ibo are. ope y to hear t om$-tntx>*e umrd-
S.w-ifnfareitt oysu **iiinI, and make reconiuen-
of Alhii dxt4oa to the dty coancidl

fe todloaoIn- Per Ssoheriptlona tWcthe Went Coast
iUt h.r hfur I .. Fr TA solson.

'serdu Xhrs not gul. M

wi sun*, -

e tbetag
te trame-

Bm Her JAlm Wm Beisd. d SH e

Jlulee Gba o the mKsaooi cpi e Q
had two itutti caesW beSWor* i
yesterday ndrnln. one tAvowVtB tht
troablea In the family of J. P. Moore
and his r"fllar ma oSaore. and th
uthr being the result of a rw between
Jmo Greeka. 0
The trouble in the 36oore famil
tarted last Smndar when John Moeo
ea. "si setter, (or worse) btf, and tfi-
owed tuL p by pIcing another w am
in charge of hie place of businem a
londay. IlrM wanted revenMe sat
yesterday mornint about 6 o'clock, h
procured a pttol. and goang into tha
room where. Moors was m epingc an a
cot, he fired one ahot at hIm. Thb
ballet erased Moore's sde. but did nm
other damage T- e man J .mped t, .
his feet and ran from the house n hk:
underclothinr The wemann foflowek
and fed wseral shots at hid hi e ias h a
One of the t=ets itriek a telgrfasoW
pole an ineh or two abae PtBeatl w
WlU bo and ll i that otdtr amapt- rm i
ly arrested pr eur a p amrd. lt ta i
After arts ar the eMmea to Joed _W -
Graham the mu 9 ad a ..-~.-'m
for fdrsHt and t nd the wem ^ $ft
&ad esta Ter rmriarb 'dbawJl
&War onlbe vublk4treetL 3WW^\ fl
old uthe Bne. ad both wea looked

The otha ea am e v mt Joe A.Anl
driwaad anin'ck O rey. r l rtm i al
dseaers who have hisor pboCes of I"
m on an ma*in M tr-t osoosts thU.
eonr.t house. 5y w"mom oared w.th
ighting. ad were tmed as and osaI


T hat i des way .rt drn st mslnl
(orws T.stLtes CBlu Tonac ftr 'Ma ...
leit Ch lltmd ewr. It, im py
Itm and 9iie l Ina tadeL far rm,
Children itve. Aduti tfras it to
Sitr name A~g i ,.i.e. ,0

Thirty-fv yea rshe ma jureeon.
'hat H t &o l r Jk rbCr,. o *.-

was cured by 9ar ithrm bom of 0De
Witt's Wilth kel SalBve.. & & Leaon-' 5
ardi L Co. f .
Take Laxative BrTm Quinine Tlo b-.j!
eta. An druB ist refund the monmy
If It full to care. d-w. i
For Ane watch and jewelry repairinB '
go to S. B. Leonardl &0. Tho- er j 2
we s have the bdat workilen ls outh
Florida. d- ,


.m iT

40 .

waw wfsa ioSoduri. n

-Ies ofac the Pa a q ,o She tai y
lr iat~it k Loot Hands eLast IOght--reA.-

gi _m. .

as is -or. al rte ot th o Co nD
mutis a, Wood s br olftn ra :r
..0 d.

i. ecoI o to in r pon the Mai
ds am.tr reachedd artngton to-n ght
S^ n c8. to oif Lie, enaire ti s .. r
SMasrtz avedocate of the court. and
~~xz ~is norL theh5 of SaretarP lax
of thrd Iawim depIrtment. who will e-
... .nJ A .a dewier t to Prlden.
1- 7 arcmw a s -okws
4 maedev byu areired to WaAh
iiatO a k *Ion, coo.....e- ,eatd hy
ushb awk~ W.L t.*#*awm*
4^g"25-3.' eafnll B eew w. C so*r I
;-tMif ex& Brauom Land caJueatn
vkqenyihi I tWe a Wse.-e se was
S e of tis laB IOrf1 cVowdCes 'tha
Sws w iat uhea r "eartrvu
Sthp c eu Maw nothln o.Q

ail& he MA so e m. N O am*"

4a4d ecteathat anythlo
7.et opdihstic until lon
mi d. tih r "pW h th .(imH ,at r pt petie

% qltto ahs b p slta-esow afteanoo%,
sa"d LiIt wiltA b laid before cotPre
btF t ui pedet li oMonday. acom-
A S pa byu aimeasageon r tha Cubs

rtd tasa o la te;lpor sneo(pqrsaf to at lco
. '' I,42Bd l be seenerl m tes e .
4-Tltt ^ I mtbUsftvd In yedtertly'1
sefPe ARftel'aon Wttad Olte rom Weati-
"T"fe raNy DeIartznent rpeno bit
Op ztmswerq md rol4itivrha a Dry
r Cuas- YTsm 0t" an Ke Wev, which wema
XtC, a6rmitNL fiaRaIb teeswirp to he War depart
.1 1 ne i;e tuprovomeenta w4l cen
h e ie sisrI ie- two aotd steli pters to Ue con-
striu4ed at Dry' Thrtui. with twt
!; His a oe- Ceatei Bcb Mi sheda and an eboralt
io'*ddea~~ 1%,' nPP>JlnJF*^ r AgKh r eoa~l. The bids ranged from
auiw .1%Wi rmr tr the!entlire rork. down u
)Seop4ftt^ abouw $"Oet-. Among the bddeir ft
4btheWI A '1btybrtWCa pieni aad aoaf shedir
P9)|f W wlaft ALe 8. &e^Bdompanj. Jack

e; k ,th Cc K W r e t 6
W;OaiodrgLei rd4' bid w"a MN00. Two biIi
cc- 1a6ti ey- iere flfowthq entire work at Tortu-
P aO NS.d Ce(lkl 3W ts, an followsI
'tRClg.1 Paikaerd, i.t1tOOOi, aid Grat'
Inrl t New York, i SM.6
IJ i*"f W made ffor nuahinerr
c r antE
Tard wiK fte made

^Brirf4L re gs llf*id raa tl bove

a : he^te.ate-U rdando T

CMe -at td O

ia th1o it wilt

Ica sot i a t rie m l?

m n=uea =

the Head Brothe. uleaIed OlAlty to
BSt&tak the Preacher and W
. Win-d-Other Care Diposed of t
SThe COrrinnal Oour Tserdsy.

Tzoa Thursday '. DaUy.
,Ib the criminal court,yeiterday. J.
Ioyd Head and W. Pitt Head. of
haootmoeae, who were charge with
pommtting an seaslt and battery rpn.
Aev. J. A. Piper, a Methodist pmaao h8
ad Cuwty to the charge, and wew
iach sentenced to gr a ne of 6 and

A. ahe defendant piadd ,aiBt,_
tthre wwe na opsertundtn t pod eI
ay evidefice t he caas. Presebr
rPler caW be et .. Utaoy Head a-
eMitAd hJLamIet ewadepr wbBe- weas
at! a ton his a~s the mmit am .
Mastum t striking la over the im
te bmt ac a P. e etmn c mi ted
r; w-. p Be d, pC cMred bIn as. P"
Ai Tampa, mon theqa a.C imm. ft
a ae n Met sm gema~br isb t M Aver
airrr t)e iwt e h Int t o to (, wtrs
JIseenar i^U MM ttf peeeb Ruvin
mar ThefOnmaS, for a eaSaope of
ethea CQ aC or Joonmaenhe sAd
4 ni 4p eogp aHi pff- e tw o
1a his erite a ism ethe nwoM e wo it-
emid mencee e iem trig

thLe Orente termed ~a the onfinel cog
wsa Svian to a C2a, septerdy. The
aesendeat w as awi to Be, de' Jeam
1who vwa coes ted or t mme d 9 isM iira.
that -4, hatvin pr eWtono been con-
virted a the ame bfufeewhich pader
the state states tI povmihab I rby im-
Vrlmoament lan the state pritoan The
court seatenced the defendant to tve
years in the stated priao. The mine
defendant rew also convicted ma a
charge of pefty laroear. bt sentence
was not emeed in that cseW
The aue against Jake Newltt. colored,
changed with entering a 'bildt In the
night time with Intent to coamalt a mis-
de enmor. wae continued Ow cooeat.
The. came against Virgil. onB, the
negro convicted a% the lasi term of
court of cof rittfng an asLaut with
Intent. to eomnunLire upon Mra. Sant
Roe, In Wet TanIva test Deemnhber.
and who wee granted a new trial, was
con'tined for the term by consenat In
the mean time Jones It confined In The
county jal.
the came hgaict Daniel angan,
charged with omnaLlawhter, was also
continued for the term. it i' claaed
that Hogan stmck a Cuban wtth a beer
glam at the opening of the brewery. &and
that the man dte4 from, yhe eklects aS
the wound made toy the"tia^.
Another cae tht waanmlaue* waS
IbM arn i at DIiewre enerea. white,
and Victoria 3Ore, coored, eharmdS
wvin un.iwtmy llvin te..tho.

char"Md with detnr budmNr withoas a;
ieenseawe, wnol tO ed by the Selrl-

tbr te ari i two l

vah. eahv" tbpeiedeMaltterh

r, 9


i. cets At to A-k
met Ins &Ano g
SCl. of the I .
chja ntc to t ... .i!,

I rrorrrau "a

Alnita Fi


thr doe


f ed that the.. Sfata oa,
ut rFe a delio4 ma a ameeti
s .. .:
..'; .- .. i .

IDBal ~iCai iv lPilOYAL

tr we ,^ Ecp* tsa -Loeejthe
Ship it Due io Any auh or eg-
Sgencef Offiaers or Crew but P -
ed By a Sub Krmae ine.

The folowmig is the ful temt b th
port of the court of inquiry:
Kt WST, Monday, )arch 21.
After fil and mature c-ridet-on ao
an sthe taeU noy before it the court

L That the United Sates battLeeip
ine arrived in the harbor of rvana,
ouba, on Jan. 25, 1898, aun wau tme
to booy Np. 4, in from t5 to n fhhoma
oI watrby the regular gv6e4.aeat
h~S United Stetes consul g l at
avsa had Eniehd the antbherit sat
ofb^V ^ thethe

partiewomadona o two or me at be
& The ourthua been oablde to o
taminevideoe sxing the reppmsibmitit
forthe da'trctin od the Mair upo
mny person or perons.
(Signed) W. T. SAxeox
Captain. a ., Predmtt.
A. MaRI,
Ueutenant C-?m..-der U. U .
Judge Adocate.
Tb e-ait having fniabed thewFitqiN
it wa oded to nkmme, adoa da 1I
.. m. to Ewi' the at-ei of OB eei
ing saMthrity
(Signed> W. T. SArnam,
Captaa U. 8 N., Piisrte.
SA. Mau,
ieutenant mn i er W..
Judi AdvOasMt.
U. & L&soeem, nsw Yos Mareh
Of fKey Welt, .M-The ueedtn
mad fl~olf th coBrtn" brmprI
the abo eM apiirnd.
M. IW?%tM 6 Adiral OonuMmdM
in-Chief af the U ited States It
FPdhe a the North Atelnao S asM
Bdlew to Plead GOdlC.
TAmvoru OLt., hmeh s .-4a
DBewhr a m mease d hs i a tua c
pleading amy to tthe mandr of L

* ma apbea m ea L the ouehtry.i/
08 o sa
iUr whaM hadch ed We
leg ch bad. Obomuid Wtth beens -VNX1
m;Lot ~Wafss ter r
mB?,e V taed Al res l 1of the investicata s.
S M oneJj ooadarauo by Col. D. Taw
mrihMeds re an atouwed speoia uwt ry gsset eleva
et ih r sip unde ?ut ir trweae arsyade ysorteay
bet sa an eia by Deputy Unel V',S te
e I Mashal Joha A. McKay, 0o waUnat
frimr ath ed cmaned byi Jave H. L. Crae, United
rim iO the b d IOeu cemamisoower The men are
SrL? Ir oua.barged with. violatton of the United
a to obviate ates 1ntialgrotde laws.
ONar Eercised. Upon being taken before Judge
oaro, aeihol sana B Orn Ce tfor preliminary examlaioa,
t i atmre were towe lthe casw eweT ooatinved until I
main dookand *d a amornmng and bond wa fland Mo theW
bfag to do with tie do appearaoe. Tea of the number a ve
SMadne. bond. Iut the reassIn Cbiasmam
0room an remte S tare oould nostecrhre the neosary amiaes
I room Ad remdte,,fromr suzedeal
be e8Ploion; no dflrmer, and wms ent to jail for safe-keepang.
y kind were stowd be
the other m s to O roo,. O PTIBO "PaOV t.i
rwere e inspected dAY. I
M in the banker weres m rnesruo ao ide ZIoAved bt Con
, and there ha never tras Not Awrded.
spontiuneous c Wbstion
i the Maine. The board of pubic work did not
r bolarse the ship were awar4 any contract on Menay wbea
bn of the disaster, but beds rWeropecr; r grudanigad prpa
porame Sith a m itng the sret. or pavtng. The iWd
s rlable wate. Thes wrAmllrhiSriBd to Enger Basel-
aot have amuseditheax. bret fr compilstiOn and report and
hip The for oarward aftr the palng ordimance now being
Klto aeSr ionff-itpirb bihbdl, am appeared thb requsatte
of thedeaueti ofthe numbh of time she contract will b
bad been reported let to the loweet responaarle bidder.
dt 8 p L, 71 Bids were reoived by the board rrom
stadain c . t the" Benj, Moody ad W. H. Keadriok for
Swas dstotedththip for (ifoirnltg oyster- h6lls for the
therFore lm eto bdsfr r ,wer pipe; from Soatbter
d by mvemert fron Lpm birs d Supply Co, and J. H.
ieon of the a lomnr for furnishing lumber for
Lm. on Pb. I. in ourb~l from T. L. Marqum, 0. J.
a Ouba, be b .Bowden, W. Lesey Brown & Co., aed
Iad mthe oupypla vo h ~E Vslaei; for ftornhieg wagon
twoK~n loher ck.lv W.PalCe T L.
rim 2PISOU. H." LLOk, W. P I'-e'4mlOh and T. L.
PRUMMO pmmvms j RUA~ I

.. h ,


tase Bk
pow' 1

tibon e
.awe .
i *3e

ST as

I boorn *o market. I
Balm il a ouceteMat mu

amu ha.

. -.W
ewe mea

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