Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 24, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00018
Source Institution: University of Florida
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Jrd Adclte of Court of loqlry to aso
PO Tb Ii Tu kt y tiSeme
72W doe
CalimS THE MOT OF TUB OWT can. a
ntea trea
Deliered. to ia by A a I icar d the clati
wor Deshwry to the Prealdeat-A elected

The the oqua
before the
Speca to the Trabe Mrv e r
W ahlDntton. March a-A .pe al turner do
froa K Weat teas t~t the court of Phfblpe a
inquiry. Whilh hae been invesUtl attl leAft.
the cause of the a e isauster, has the
anooneed that it h as empet-m 3 te tls at
labeno that the report lbe a e placed to Wfl a.
the heads of Admfretem t Si r tw en. -seetIon, a
ndaenon to Pr oeent Ia ftaler dMiW b
AdthMiral 8w e wi lep e the repast 0orW. W
to the c ot f TarIste s i Cboaat a of Mhe ow
-der Mar. s dge adsavocaat or the meat, *M1Bua
ad be wll leave wath it he the stemwar iLAsfta
OUtt to-mrar. ow a f ,or way of the whole
TO aP hod te Atlanltic C artir toe a e la
W-4 V eacointny Cbmmnandect MarIx, for It is ad the q
weit known tht soua people would etop As ema
at nothing to secure the report before I"nt"
It reached the president. em of ,
Cspt. aA. Barker, former omrnamer and
of the bat et h i Ocegoal reached here
th s-mornig an/d obese (hat he broocht PIA T ,
a report aom the board of inquiry.
He 8syB that hla buginea ewaos In 0n-
neodon with the fortlffilons at Key t io C
Te preparations for war are .uti Mr .
actively prwagressin. te ennaelme PoetnLii
branch of the navy bas got out a lai te ad
poster advertl ng for men to enlist tntp vermhy 1
he bavy. The recent puttimi into co t.
jalcon of the cruiser Columb and
WMianeapolls and the proppecttve d.- aand bt1
mandes which will be necessamp as the ppeelab
'efiAt of the acqulattloe of the Bralhl- ppdta
lan ahip Amasona an i the Americon Cetrtant .
yacht fayflower. require the enlst esrcies S
ment of additIonal men. Pe0ope, 0
lieve, that
MOR1l AprWUanWOON. and coni
Pour Carlbads of otwder Pa-aed lgr oeen
Through to PXr-Trlampa. A
Tbe government la spti sending am-, If their
monition for the warashp stationed at and eAhl
Toftuga. Four carloads of powder Couector,
arr-wed here yesterday and WeVe at once aoU ipod
hlopsd to Peor Tampa,wLere Wm -wa wa e
wft be held awaltig the artvpil of L3e the pier
gun-boat Detroit, whiq ta s tbaen- er- e iriAcyM ,
pected tr several da. vbaable i
pofdeor wa Inb bagqan hbearir.a. worth Ca
sha In Tl letters af(it: "fapiklo nmdnrstoo
lw; Danferoast Hesdle rvtL aesre.9 Th e were sIpedo r ths Boutheirbe tfIt
rea4ad and the P. C. A tP to anmps. atQoJ
4 traansepred to the Pta simt ye for aueane n
dehbwer at Port TBa l- eu ie
T he *foBow M pec4iO f n Wifttei- Waehbl
.top, appeared Sto aserdeB's Tines- ant ouat
UtLon and Citeou: toe Otbes
Washlngtd. SWrch L-The procea- p to f
usa in -wction wit the abematesaiona her. '-Te
of -he Mainein ot de ltqpnt py report to Oeat ebet
osgresw bp the uwelsaept 1 now obnesr rep a*-te
laesa d. and a scWap eer toy aot delea6
eaoaunsed the gameran wla d of action aatw
intended to she pa m es wadA reaidof tAaederai
tbe qosrt, twetehr eCePstdl ows h acmon we
Weehlantos naet Tluinw r-. A copr scetaery
atf t wit ha e Jasl Iea the pesalh wet -t
peernment teir sent, apel ienQaot a Bepsity
cat he ooortMeitly done, tha report eiB wole at 1
be ntto congyrmase ade mbUo at,
tsspcsammpa tatbyae p w to- rr a --



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IL hework at-
eroa al the for the tnaip
- PMoE, 8 & Top wof Vhdeexvtoin who bs the St ~k
s OntWra 3t O fo s tqe l s ofW8 th 2a1n5out a
qwfxft;"Dm pa s empmrat otm t aCB'Wlur by Bpi""d
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DwgeL-piatrpte:6 psrtloui~~~~~t the Los, t~apdstaod wp

,ta~ti opin Pof Iht, coadcaeam a~Id'1 ceneouto~~l
I thet eslm ;~tbp~l lf
PieWO iei~'88K ot tol e pa f sii&r. w* ?"
3Ns p D N 1, eaf it IO w eesmarU tmof it 0- aXj w--21-

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wlc. 0k-Au apalim po welt AasIrh~pipa~ii

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i, 'ptylesa to bahlhtbe na;s"wooafter a iat -
abr weste- w t.Rq a- ~D~'yi that It a htiohaf
ltsso-qpqfrnw Ti Key

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SMARCH4. 24 189b.

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rs as It ts eapeted
Sthe ,Unatd State- rl :
teaimon to-daw"that

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matter i n teWksea nC
OipNt'' :dai; t I; it demand 1

Th te is that a C.

_m*lSHosco -xpertiaeti
Oiae. eoitrtes has a
TAR- bdtacnas o 0alooboller or
the mcrO of the Jag.
rinetple of ocltio
atl S6tat discoveries as those
Paster, thas also tear

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bhrse wi whisky until
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-..i i.nnd--,

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aitse Zr aas, d asr
M O. va- datar a,
eflrtejiiom ladas ca
SeaauM d t act a s a
nesasblold whiby mcir
aaUf., d~otor iso md
edJw4wamanted to
inded neadrobnes a theoj

r-.ta Whole stork.
tE^ m iporter toig I
1iied Es believe that
7oter hIA beeS tempted
Sthe eOtey gold cu- mt
Xa membt ag the too

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linbi a pi atty and
giteone tsIt suckha da
lade. anm this benevete
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0: darkigc." said the
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im so ateoedby th e t
ip.L T Mi away ttw
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bat! ofaid never tSNW
ea. rfe ub asiack tfi
ibs to ts iAL if It i
k iw w SL. great ow
iww.',yvoa to w9at#l
wadithe tot comes i

S lDreatidful Sores o--r w.VlL" n -Df*TAi
MetdSV~~iI&a to priearI Spite Hw rhedeciared. ift
t5 t ut e ahe cleared? Isa question equently a8sk
r .W..:.o.+ Oo no one knows at how t ill
genefl on o ome. Ther s laid but Just at1
Faor many yeas I have bee a gret what point te ase wil be touched of m
we a mehad n ea N rit aricuui i 0V.ino o2 es My bie. e dt. oul tf
PeL-tleailon e Iwpe f. My foot and Limb bscaIn dread- Globe Deoradt a usua ll yeSoat ithde
pn *to a tl.4r flly swo en, When I stood up I could e ohe __
"thy a pat- fsl the blood;rushing down the ~els aoft ser, but a shade yellow on th war thm w
belag enpl- this imb. One day I accidentally hi my scare, tes a resume of what some of tn a s
oce reading. fent agaust some objoet and a sote broke the best diplom at t Washigton think by eet
irlatia Advo- cot which continued to spread and was on this question, and says: Wit a
me r semneaWo p painfoL I conceded I "' -sT he that war withmpain has of tb
hbed to At- nesteda d purifier and I begm taking slread; -ilted. That will be known, >miW
Hood's Sreparia. In a srt time when the court of inquiry on the Ma 1e I i
ifornia physi- those dedful sores which had caused report. It the ship was destroyed by ae c i
h andcaret ase o m*th afering, began tolheal I a torpedo, and was an act of war, wan of e op
la this and kept on faithfully with Hood's farpa- whether Blonco knew the torpedo was tlarl d pei a M
covered the rill, and in a sbo-t t:mc my lImb was to be dragged against the bow of the 15. r
to be player, completely healed and the sores ave me ship or not. If only half a dozen Span- An of taMll
Applying hePs more pain. I cannot be too thankful ish officers were in the plot, and towed would prove n n~e 0od t
adduced fo for the wonderful work Hood's darsapa- the engine of destruction to Its place. ptrios of o and. whe It %
of ener and rills, has done for m"e. MB A. EM Spain ae committed the overt act of largely got
aodto os tma GEuwl, I rtlend. Vermont: war just as much as if a gun squad l tUes anad Lato pt
Wsee a Ho d Saroa- had wheeled one of the big gum of lance on oar
I to doe a HOOU S parilla orio Cstle Into position and sent a th -rvht to Anrtoa
i bloodbe- Is the -, t-athe Trn: Prtershell into the magasne of the ral m nd searh eotahts
s Tre" t'lrer. "All t the court must do I to re- war m*( ,
.noods e t, I:w. ver.- I seL port to the President that the Maine The a n of a a"
ct et- T 1 did not blow u, but iwas btown up. erftnt ti Cbas Re
Um aft emC. trs tO 'flw CtJBAN TOBA(ICO. That will mean the war has srtaried,. 1-a aw p ac ai
SUcle dam mat let ready to fht. The world-
dLfttaflu 10banrobaco taltorida W to chiW has LIen knocked from his shou- l.anotlet 4o fV Qi
noatiS a o do cre h to ur i ath t er TFheU s nothing for a to do vera : vem pa
Ok sP dwe gr." b' ls. o Vaa. Port eade. but to obee r bac at his enemy. Itf S ,i .S p "t'
phltis o d Plads Is on oar ders.. This book Is there Is to be any parleyaIg. It m t Prem 1 s ient0
-i ..pal=. .L.t' co usin me Q5- .
at- a if' th k emnboost of all t maktu st-bleas aser detnn,- wrt si.t s. t dem- so Iedt m .-

m, t W ation ,o fo .tron s pa - -a- a, a g' '
of r medi-nso aowh Ma aring Cubano tobacco.sit, Ortion.Ifpandoessth- ebs
f. rot eed to tcigar, y an ewerienced nto- whate t~ cou t wrald. i at s ad s se.t
t sae te guwsr w~d. as hadethe servcmq of therMaine blomu.rtutblowiow

1 to r e-- bArtwholbl and megnthod u tor ea st ere pruh by the Unted as thite wy Cthe

aretsr alMft. rt lll. AMI &-l *eeBn f rnVlm the prese

a ths en- asn aow ad wheh ow l ven th e bp in Iand thea s aueil s that skitsc al. "l at:

phles thirs o ta e in tten duri tobacco, the aole cur- Ibe d isi- lonev a od te msattve -- -- t i
as stl.ted sityars. The athor r t the begen-M1 -

**ran tem are lesmaro ld n the gore t the dors wia t be Ot ves their pas per ai d o t
the Ca.sfornga rice taA ul history of thermenta~ otho ate r he out ovraft willnot bsi dt
thesucea lesI exhaWidvey e there wl no longer t be dlplom *e rela- A a ar uit IW ,
oftr hand ry plow strplnsi rbe adi seledtoI tons between the two counrie, nd .

-dlous pub- to. osf. the f product. obacco war wli. exist. A resolutIon of Con- lr m de.
h culture o s att'art et wa atya to a of rems-aths woled ee bt thmi n al hour that .el d p th ted .
at tht or ttenin la borou county andn declare war adr th the way

the came of e book soul be in the hands at very it wll aprobew lty come abohte-if it c d e. or it .
overy were u aamhr The m price, cents to a verye, ..
Spoitb t mal conaldration to give in echanef Each ie a 'nation launches a war- .a
ar the fr so mch alule Informatond ship ort, second or tenth-claws, John
'a W wetaan v t r re aer of te "rtbne H enl ares the- e walls of i steel that g o be x giUM5 wiM -he

lewe.ed lttle It will pay yEt anu as an induce men would be onsidered extraordinary n

half a er. wm send at copyto every del afquene the case of America., Gennaf'y. B c ""s"
w lrlber who wMYpay B ad 60t ot boo arei e a i--i

trrewa avel e-"intttu u PubU!<1 ins t he o^Sne i I e5lN

la the declared with pdtaf. ht vthe Spaniard er and for sloopes in addition to the '
,m te bse u "-tTanmp. would be n a precarious war eses now I the course of con- ,U
..,tLn w, dl t duchan Idea is rot of strto t 'These latter include U .bat- anta t m Ae t an U w, -
Cp eda with Mesd iy l~thtaktr people. There ond-ctss cruisers. e0 third-elass crat 'a er
he torst" ntaer was a tobms of people In te Unl- er, g iz rd0tap of war, four twi-acrew dLnd oom on .4di w zip
ted 8tat ti t bommaea maoret wpect gonboat and 81 torpedo-boat destroy- b1.
sow a g odSe t .aenrAarln beopft than the Sp.an- e~k. The icoa.rors of the Arm f ada
Soofeoaaly lmtad of tis pelr As 'A rule tb ey are still lead the world wfen t comes to e.h e
SIts sears all high olas and of good deportment marine glaiator s
r 't ces .rh ipit exhwm to uvt. t sqvnt"Vl fd A I F""

ourcto aret- The iury Government has at last A e on re t
aotrheb- e wth l vite de fference ,that man ftoun aa o h to e ri' of Abe p
Saoal by o shold e tec, ad In the erent of deen as wll ernor Oe eral of Canada.o Nw Is t mor
P. ark- w, not a Iae of them would In the Aberdeen Wp a LIberal, and has held ht eis f
lgtt. We l te eted to anyrdcot teadles. place a s aprisli j ly long timehTs a hogthe way -
ntdeare toffi'ebiosno probintty of wart inTampa h ?ie par wenty oml f ^ow I wutcie t-'tP .
'Wte'np r51y and why' nod have seacO here. treen Cof" the iteseryr Ministr '.
eanaai guarantee the Saiards There have several tames been ouenere A ma el 4k go -th
a t e essary, nd what of t l t or his cin Te, ,e, .- a1
e le tod awroth ae" o' ,ct?, but none of them have materlad ua-a- s, m n a.. ..
as . thet now, when It seem that Lord George othen t tieAtoWbe
Ia the heroMvhVnaluh bews of oterday rancis soto bbeaa been chosen to

:tee D. F, Jheki freighes tra c t
a et a daraer of the Plant paytem. was in The Weekl Tribune is like wine' it gd isS5S
Sa ine. he Jgc isvrtle aede tsadito a tcon- Wsad by toa o S &WBlPs
to-'-- tht i seace ot te y l tnea taftrested A aualr- theta ulest -the ches xeeseVt and bet -i s er? t ^
tithat*r" 0~ "h s to~~ f t yoi below Patlath ar. ^ d s i Sot Fo Prc~dS, Rdob sb th4.
oasuh't coud ctnes ithaote freigte bry ptr e fron l a eme w Mimesr in HIL taitoht."w p.se 'qth 'ChIqr of

so oh tl'Wstw-CmtbytheGree lav.al, and adjacent sumntles that It does nt aSm t'rs
J inc v the s o rmsahed to n visito Peel, The price is only 0r o thre

I lok t htg SI<. bsraveflo Inetstar d""am ur cawr 1a and neIt should Be ent - uve 1hdiC.ri

S t- ,w e -e, ra went into e-ect t o eer peso n' tbhem' tted Stati TA t'
;i ooqhdeajft oftadjtmentaofratesfrom totcplt laU .-.S

btw~fd c WOud bt oattractiose and osalbilitia of th oas

'sorWl It was ftond that the red.s as been approved by te wasw S* t
-caeo(1. to .have the Ulatlon ha heqnpublidMbd. secordiwi ow. -
o dege r into their rates T ornce is now fl ft e IP and sU
s', roem theW. It O as as t coinel a : raeg & b. been t
i the'- aterested tis BoadM pf Publie Wora to vs a.
eS[to a -tal Lnof rate fro t. eM the board ca go '
,II a tos petats southward. Rates heatd Mh the wor.
'poange d* oun.t Othe roadat o getting .
te eVers these darys.ad chee

e,- e., : oa I. tr M die value.. .....

t-JU t Ma te k the'l o-st Aple.ot
S' h leei r aal l hli arpe ao ntofr ahLn.T
-cc s the 0=0 versi ppreaoed IIta' i ai d solw tet tthe sntkg-of the 6t
M i the PeitieauA .It=& m&Mspayb. Iieye
6 'I hehi4 1 h Oregon h Aflabtia of otheOro.srs edost
~~stern. ~itkhtt i~inn, i. ship otoid. I- rg shpmeuta of tomiatoes end -
-fies.M lipn Ian 11utcste to -'. obt beans goin tbonngh St. A-nghtti.-MW-SW



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S.n:-j.trBa m

M telf.i- The
W, ta -qua i" *P at

ar atal In the r.et ol. w
sae, a itof h A Pu. Bd
Wh Psri ment teo ouba h a
kip aor,-ad whe* look gbto
petainfcts for lsY~tment. ,at
Iaed & gret amy qiestfOla o;
M edMefaL eei of these
SASWranti r caurd the offld
O-W tat s-le wO eandevari
CbOW. oinaLtBo that could b
fte Melas otow eabout-by
i Oeral .days be a suddetOly
ati tklhi a do not
np1M 1 .tpt aa ahto, or he woa

ge ^Ble ts acftrrned. toa1

lr,. a w~s a o1 t
" aot tEa Jo, eIn
, e.wb ua i
toie"T.uai hst elese

of themi s re the u
ah rK thqt adsoneise ert a
5k Ui PhitClTan I wN
gaga iragM the ptwagB1
00~ouat the opnei at

Airhjeaasb at Imaeye sBt

Aill. tosa4m oidsf the Ina

"op mt epen a (Ar Ey pi

= A tb decided to hoi
IA. ipm i s 10e
L aecided to'ro~

3 I a V htyaHat Birtlhs Spring E- ta hm Alam Sinu by ijr ,- C % ?a
; at .aSl Jl Is a? |.fre Coom b JuL m a
ow Um7r *P 9 7 9s"Ys cm et ftor Dreag y h. I
The cue oaep "ied the
__ Tie charge a=lnrt
was made by Josesh
t y The Feminine ihpu ati n Was Infatry Company and aval Militia mtI t9 have oeM
dt Amassd and Captivat d and Rkieved By Adjutant Genel "ms or money to'M
q Protect his claim 4o
ato Throned His Euiporium all Day- HOuston and Othor Offcers -Splen- garrison reservation
Ing toi IXr Sullivn Work Ad hired did Ehowlog Made emoloher s lpa to
-r and while none of the a
Frn m Prlday'S Daily. Frong Friday's Diatly. nwm all In s t the
d Y"sterday and to-day are two days There was great excitement last night lBUbe. and AitReda,
S. set aside by that prince of good fellows when the military alarm was sounded against PhliOap.
MW'be nd rogressive merchants, J. T.,Burtch ar-it 8 o'clock. and the members of The barri
Sthere as te annual spring mllinery open- the Tampa Rifles and the second divis- P a n rer
flndly E From early morn, until late last ion q' the naval militia were eea iurvh- ecpol. a
asked 'nght his emporftm was crowded with hIg to the armory Mark Ranna. and
to ladles from every section of the city and Ttle cause of the call to arms was the T te ilate 1
S djointng iowms. attra-ted by his unique desire of Miajor Conoley, commander of hrethom etl'tle td the
advertisement In the Tribune. tlh Fith Battalion Vf the Florida State other thA nnmtte UDw
t To adequately desnrbe the new and Trops. to show Gemeral Patriek Hous- tere otalm t hat m9s '
T beautiful hats trimmings, feathers, ton, adjutant general of the state, that small sums ofmony a
Sflowers rbbns Is a task begand the the, men were always ready to respond imt St e a se. ~
ower of mere words. It was a in- to be call of duty General Bouston re aped der ce
S tere eahsMbt of the world's most has been in TaMlps for m erl days. station reeetved tromn
S tortoaq peoductiond in the mllineris and he members: of the coomr-nseI Therli a bai umca
G art, gathered from foreign and domes- knew that there was to be a review ati mo the am
- te markets. and elegaptly and uniNqe- last night, bt they did not expect an ciawsrme elag upre
, y d played n sOohe manner that el- emprgeney call, such as was seunle bot proeitsae. andt
dited the moat critical admiration Wonm II a few minutes alter the aem was meant ws ade Int w
the vast tront g Ce buyers. Each sea- roiAnded the men were all n the armory. stay n, atrb
decision, is the Wria
S Ion It Is customary for Mr. Burtch to Some thought that war ad been oe to the steotab kati
seue from Paris a large ine of model elared and that the State troops bad max.
hat from which td pattern the styles been ordered out.! All we ready tor The cUa ax remsted
d T~ t lp., dL--S = rom his own work- w~stever came wp, and were mch dis- i' Off and Ph'J
o omas' and eaM a ltvan, the artstie apponlated when they learned that the wIao g o
'il later baa some pf her own make call wa only to test their alertness jail Meoaday- ht bat
that the boh-tons chayacterise as sim- and efficiency eedlng in iartr bio
at beauttrhi and Icoparae The adjutant general, ino company e ir s bi 'odupt,
Amoog the many attractive hats the with Major Conoley, Inspector Gem- arr, and the defen
Tribune man was asned with the un- erpl, . Andereo and other offers his ota defeMnse aust
sad iqaneWes and general attractiveness of decided to review the company of ton- on. The evinces,,
a huge tilpiay of zouald hats, bonpets .antry and the two divisions of naval ehlded ystIls"y aIft
mornnin the angunmn
sad toques, embrastn the most select ralltia In front of the Tampa Bay Hotel by te oort-
Wrh- m models of all the Iia fa" ho6e ein and orders were given to that etect.
Partasralo rich a4 exdleve styles of The Port Tampa division of naval malt- DOMB TLNtiG Al
.beg dress and suit ha" tri mena and wath- tia. with Its fife and drum corps, ar-
be a ats. aBort oidye-Ing hats, riled on the evening train, and attract- th t uwyt lerrv
and aleo a larg and corhplete asaortm~et of ed considerable attention as there mar- t Ia ctrta n ine um
I untrimnr straw hats, flowers and ched down Frawkln street to the ar- the west tomorrow.
Sfoliage. east cp of thenatural, also mory. t is certain it you
t rttaes. montur4 wings. qills. AlE- The Battalion of infantry and Naval th ore yb will o b
i muh rettes Bad ove o8trich goods, militia was formed, with the fife and ow iS Su .eve
rited drum corps at the head, and marched lt is certain If your
lU8 over to the Tampa Bay Hotel, where you 'cano have gut
L' ". f o lr' z .they passedI-l review before the adju- the bloo c ats
the system, andt sa
tant general and other officers, and a efteets e organ n
o h~ a e number of hotel guests and clt- and tcme In the body
ock sens. It is certain when
s- } 'After the review the three companies sff with Irt-11-ttimg
_w nights and day swit
was gave exhibition drills and were hihly is lact add n you
esent Icomplimented by General Hotuton and Sarsaparila neutral
and all the spectators. The Port Tampa cOnBpetely ca rhea
urious' division of naval militia made a splen- ritnes tnd itat
.orium n did ashowig with 50 nmn in line. ensutan the body ia t
Well Col. J. B. Anderson, inspector general elastldtit and that tl
rot the of the 'Florida Stare troops was most ttw swl fill fist be
ad wil. highly elated over the magnificent man- Oitf s rti
It In certain H
redate ner In which the boys presented them- makes the blod
selves last night CoL Anderson takes all dlsaes P rignt
ae in a great pride In military matters, and Is by nmpore hbood.
raae \ a soldier from the crowan of ai head to It Is certain when
S.MID- the bottom of his feet, and is ready ay tht yaor a ervnes
n- tiUme to stand by the fla of his country. themt e m the
e pWI J fi. O crrcut;iS ELE CTIEA good's a zoparlls.
b m'lUnery esonaip m traw braids. and e Taupa Division of the Raval M- bloot curst

metrimlr, naus sor u silver and qsa tte a melt z r W Io asr "
Str gol ver and ett met t and elected Sam A elecases
t ow rOembrOldeierS, chltOs malnes. In act Bawls to the office of Lieutenant of the stretch tat
e"nded weveytin new Ad4 desrirable for th junior nrade. rice Joe Savarese, ra- dltate e vn
atoW making of the latest styles of bats can lsed; andJ.T HTucker.to the office s s s
sbe fo in Bor winery ir ensignvice t John V pbei, It is certain
ai est% ri r nsied. The election lives sa=is- sores an ertiT.

Isr s'sa g the mert u eauttf w"ert f ct- to aln ebers of e divin. sine t s m
an aewth uai were gefatl v admired by al sad aoe
F he"15 the lodnie mayr e mentioned the badar IT 26 Z T 7= J. 9 and
*Oha of the J'reo k u. ne .e-s thsae 'Sb
a .r a of that twnl he the tea Peoote are pot apt to gt anxious It 13 artota
Ss t eason. One ofwr. the -, ht Ithar heath soon enodL I1t sIS--

1R~p~n am .as no a smmso d m' i
ts'e.r w atovly- y-n ar. "sot ulta was r _i sicL" Srhaea ff
eoyratstBy white aeita braid, with mass br^ ev e thought that yoor sU- a oontstisatI l
: ^ sten dowse ,and taLeta ribboas au e .
YMift" e otti ohw**nt -^ 8 0 i et of your eLek-
'ia4Un a^ li C. the m..lliner'se.. rt i if im lb ettingeide u ae
r S Pht hac with. white j^ jur ris fwoo"te'o r ibenra; a sslatsat ^^ 1805 seL by
Id tyIe e ^f od rsaettlin hextn asies an u altng ao besbtis ,Utd I

IWM Swy ^ h hez t1B* erer wih -blrbe stn I5151 pmsaie. -- pals or dan ache* r _'L
rD^t^~ik a m ttpa oe tii~ lopuoL im that then4 hdew did u-sod doe- iLls.r Iat 55
^ ^psse ti^qtpese ribbon, -d O^t

We~oti~ h e14wih yafiow rh odmL o mr ew/z~adr s ,UmIFIApim- Ddd~r

as the'w
tTAIt. witU bsef
la to seek*-w'
at rise t
t hatd ihe
If Fied i ae-w itrek.

t baertat A j rA t i

t4 brim. tMi m n-!-. rAnt am samps

the:- .. . -i% .f SSte il|
a3 reobOn ; sP rirS, r a asts sag ...
-, ri. tt ....e in donar 8o Ma... ...r pi oeeba a -is sd oledlele i

t Se f as i dnaSr ttrgU ael day yes- po. i tt on" i n ; The
: a-at' In e yer other ^nartment s smpte and r-wout bias HalasbIr1 e
S setoreo the good W ee reopt r e wor --s--e-t
- iF )T a.rt attrW"U swyee. oa etmho to r at o pstaen l tIm o e a
zw. s a r of foost excel- on b l 9 a th a Tre n ctl o paIeL
a' ste) ae 0$ aad otm ad lig senAyr radsres to Drc MBamr a frtwnerb" deekan
o of ptss i Co. Btfo of. Y. T he pws- yi "..-. .w A r
.- rtrl was tom O th# per saraatee the e .- know what
W et the tecei ofb ho wtoewe-s ot .al o aer e
-and q the Tee goods marn lat 4? p s ri thp e
Sa kao: a omU tua bodeparo&.O MPyvras tIB iLs.a Me s
an W 4b 1i avie u Ari A" m&r CTa dF w1led n1 a ts o ae tDr lm tm twc om
'w st h of .a aa ee Ta a e fipx- aA@w

80wI rsaCht r idfrth- tS Oi wS ^ mesttn oagit w th t qasetsk-

Jn PMub hep oy'B vem f ant a odibr r heidse via'E r r i

b^1 ~ 9lm znes^aatoac -o it-
0.el: Isi

* Emed

e I

^^*Ukea 'fm eu yp
-, p rat i-e l to pa

'j iS ad iflone tint,

ii &s i baul by Hoo'as aS
*- 1 e fair tr'
-*- i ha poitive m
e .. ea osv

... i .wh rt*T ay, bt wlast
S. m.-~" esy, which 1

ITbe osld ,eeaets of South Florida
S md aU of b a ieqVpnt-nopp of Waite
W A. ew, th Ocala bankr who wa
aogid -t driven to Lhe wall by a combination o
ri* your ins, urmoantable clre, -*m"c.-. would b
re,) our l d, edlisated to have President McKtnle
ie,oad sleep, pardon him. There is not a maw ii
dbec tlgestlon. Florida that has done more for the com.
that skin tgAbo mon people sad charitable Institution
I, h liver dif--. Mr. Agrew. He was the poo
lty,t aisoi m nan's friend, the rich maa's counsellor
ey, h s and the wfdow and orpbante protector
and was ever ready to lend a helping
d' feelsn, hare a Mand cheering word to Soose in dls
Majaro5. dGireO tres en he flourished the people
a) and you will were the benefdarlrs But the col
i. It is not laMee of the phosphate industry and the
e h r free that paralyed the orange busa
th pel ness, toaethpr with a clique of unscru
rett pulous political tricksters all combined
were more than the bank of which hi
was pretldent. could stand and aftet
sacrialong every available personal In
terest, the bank failed, and he was ar
rested ane tried in the United State
a ithe Best caurt for emn bet anwm t. People tha
Bfb .MOO know Wsiter Agnew'are fully eatlsfed
& Mas that he could not have avoided the fail
jer El; x y Is ure of his bank, They know that hi
muYhoperasta M did not make one penny out of It. bul
that hlwas tuined nOp-ncalUy the min-
ate the doors of the l-st"tuon wen
'ION. oed In h effort to save the badk.
he unwlthett r violated some of thi
ge but t Is a rules overnIing the national barin
t. PnOO f petar and on those -'bnalHMtes he
?,P erbt was convicted and -nntc.-d to Im.
ar me not an PrIsosimet Cor t&' n of year. The
i"t-thlon and meOt hindentJal people and tamt pat-
osat aw sier- roas of bb bank ow realise the.reat
Sntin. amia- uinjtla that has been done hir and
I atb. B ut ,,d pm aaziw for Presaent alcKlnley to
pa merdona him ateh an actiot ons the
te d tofltd atestae wad meet the hearty s9-
S ~iolt, Is probaUto of the beopi of Florida, and
Owr :f ana b the Tribune aopes to see him release
abt S*m ftMr custody, a man that has dde, so
ist1M n'"to eh for..the devetopament and pros,
"O S-" t o his State and Its people.
i-r, d, a hem wH i m. Anew. *m L p riceless
S4hw of aSill- Jewel. We haIwe known her in poverty
os lt accede and property and under the most
wtl 0er" likely. .rlag .eisrumtaoesB have always fouad
V of her to be a true arlnatan, noble-hearted
f ~ie ant d e neros woman, and therefore re-
a j dnt dl priProdeas d commend most heartily the
oUog tfrem the Florida Baptlst Wit-

S t Wl

he .fpise to
Ud Wto

hrpib eee
ulot t'W to'

a w-i at

n tb~forpe


ion~ meit
*db boe

-The delity, devotion and unttrlng
efforts of Mrs. E. W. Amgew to secure
the pardba of her husband, challenges
he admiration of al right thinking peo-
ple. It is now a well known fact that
ae* saved nothing from Mr. Arnew'a
tntoritunte allure, except ~maU frm
tn Kentucky and a paid up life insur-
ance policy. The farm she sold to get
money to defray the expenses of her
husband's trial, ad the LUta Insurance
policy was disposed of for $880, which
she vested In a home on Lake Weir.
This It all she has The house in deals
beloIIs to'Lr,. Agnew's two daawhters.
sBe I a woman'of superior ouawtu* of
bert and mind, and it has ever been
her highest aim to scatter seeds of Id-
, ane ad to help the peor and onf'rtu-
nate aroupd her. In her days of pros-
prit t hemre wu nttW in her pouas-
oime too good for the Lord's prinlnrcrs
and her lberaty to her church aad
dwrseitaen was proverhsl. In her
daudagd ta sulal ooadttlie be 6 the
same t"r p, weet-aplrUd sChrt an

taortit which ms ro t m in lfde -
hes to pe to d eae the reea her
6i *sbsd from ipinsI-Inmet, and to
loot after the waits f h is motariew

arey taer* is no one wfth o h-rd
a heas.ik to lift a hand or ath e an
objection to the reunion of this onoe
apy family. he sad ews do"oMes
that Mra aM, newS In tIeat mhala
stem, which may r6uen t in the de-
strnatlons d hs future useflnes unle

he Is asetey retlessed.a ra

her u a Is a ments d tI"a&te e
lea Ita, true that dr. anew went
wrsigl s re anoura t tof tis ank.
it 'Waenemiy btalteed ta t it Was hl
,fe atioaa Ian epetfclr pc to urt-d
We absarasse inctiddt to the dts-
lastu w tezeM ai mak toaed st de-

Sters, and his eas ert ope ws scat-
ired like chaff store the wh rhwwtnd

MIewS a sitIkr & to Ia tann they
other up the bgmeata sd rehs tate
hitMsnf TIhe aI a maroe d difference
between sph a OLna~ul fli a're a shli
and i pphetsitseee delIberate 'Meal"
Mid P ab e b mteorterat of public
Lmens. W* %feia re tat IM21r. Agnew
bhas offered aouorh to spaiste mal
wroa hemmire sVa done ond t woald

to paVlo "him,.
We havi ms W It a, pdt .with.n the
laste totaepvlel w thpt largest de-
pottorsa nd heviest. lovers by Mr
AgneWs';E flre, and to ia wan tbey
are iesrt a ten vor ofhs being par-
kdonerd a ft. are ready and willing t
do anyihW In thetr. oowor to bring 11

Don't pet the big head This gidy
kold worl4 can set along Juat as wet
wilthout you as it does Irtth wou. II
taken atu of It, your relatives aan
friends may mourn 1 fo a |im, hbut tht
world-blias you, she wl" never slip a
oo& aindlthe eun winl rie and eet thi
day afteryos death.. t ti wet fo
Sis to *ap now aad then and take int
coneideatlan Jut aowr llttie-we abouan
to' and 'what a tiny lttle speek we an

?celery haM n ao. i ad Ub
e t ta for, ft W"Ce- It L OUmF
110 and prthsbe to rosr
hs irw er- Ato thean se bsrewd

k-.. :m- tl elbs shoaxi be pwianslzed

!~"~, "Li~~ lt~ ~~ :L!C~P1BljB~ '-pb


Diplomacy hasa language pecoulasty
r its own. It is eonposem of twoAthid
s pollteess and eoe-third decent Adip-
f mate representative la supposed to be
e a man who can toy with the verlties as
Y a showman tosses balls into the air, of
an a TasLpa polUtca ecan hoodwink the
Spaecge. BiBtmurk Ir the ffreatet
s man of centuries who perplexed urope
r --. r---ineM.
' (He shre--"- conceived that Talleyrand
* MechlaveUL et at had exhauted all
Known orms of deception and in de-
via"ln Bse new method whereby he
e msled. he simply hit upon the plan of
e tellin the truth, fully realized that no
Diplomat in Europe would believe him.
TheLnew 9panish minister. Senor Polo
, v Berabe called on aslatapt Secretary
e Day. and after a lourlph of elet te.
r inquire d why V United Statos rov-
- ernm ant was mnrrchafrrn warships
- abroad. Now Polo and Day know ew-
SFctly -why th-e ovlrchaps were Pnad.
I This Interro ratwor ~d ronerly be
"I otxrte Brna"? "th'Ce" fool q'eat-
* lon."
9 Tudew Trav he o'oer "o or lo.. Ot

t.h h.,, of a ha*t1tthen t*t we
r Pt.Ll'in CrP'r *t* iro
SPoln rptroin n s t#$ 'ia

diplomacy with an added Prr-re?"iw


I" t h f-tltodr. "e.e.'.. r 0< ms.
Stts erm s i --~ .. s.l.- wr .. .M.
voa t-Preudent I. wil be renetbwt.
has lWy1s eontondet 'that a nrMtectfW
trif is not linrdenennr to e atoan

( t te CwF'b 4a A n4 m nay dutey.
O^Tp .'ees *),' Itr w. the Sacrw*.
taeo nf tbher esp'r. insm a settwr oa
cmnreesj hi whio ch e asked that a &ll
b doJaied' er mitlnr war aot tetis to
be brovent intw the country freert at

duty on the war aerial which we Ira-
It ti )nus pomble that the foreigner
doesn't papy tbheduly-4t least the great
mjorfor of the people betteve he
doeast, 'fence hehaa goone to con-
Crees to. hve the dttar litd Mftea the"
war eaterWal w ic tae iavy depart-
ment va4itf td puroeese ahalad. The-
ory doesn't always prove to be iats*-
factoty when i atDio praLtice.
Thee is' no more piverb4 Wrter uok
the lttutihs of doesicd t.iity. and;i
the hbponew which dwells tI the hDste
of the devoted husband and wife. than

evereiqt-hrfwas no doubt calte sad
serelItn 1der Mr own vine an4 r tree.A
The dvorcop it anafter eoins-tVs -
Tihe Klsdhe relief egwltnt- hast
been Inetaorphoawd Into & aa L rh-a
larap forou M hoe Skagawaway l r hba,

A Deleware doctor says iEsls mWh
lIt'ti~Pl It Is poS lbtel hte '
womas or e own fr-E wil and a"-
cord, would kias a mana ho has d -,
I pe a.
(asbj1r 4tpr 5 mtee hosr m a pla are
a lipi3 baesth this pear.
Promnil tndlesatloea March will eive
uis haam t. m '"
In the gt t conglomeratlon aad batmi"
o ottu *ue r,,, .

;Pit fta I' t'

moo# oitd


get ready for It.
there id no telabi
what iyha lppon
SChld-bizth i e full
S of mncert-ties it
Nature ia not given proper asaivtaner

Mother's Friend
isa ho bhst help ya canc um at taIs time.
It is # lininmt, and when regulary ap.

it ts 0adBut eay and naxly .bi
lessa-1 Hrten and pxwrmtb "mamnig
sic~nnau." laxes the owr l~td Muan
Oai rqlieves the 4asteaed filing, bhart.
samokwr. b makes recovery rapAd nd o-
Sithouatt wy da-aeroa aftwefftets
a Fuaisaisa good for aly 'on
;pete vfysf to Salim inotiehoo4 do
k a" vin,


:'i ms'- -: i:
















I~C' -
'. L-l-
r..- . r-

o NW\ /l Am


Td o iry

ra paTomday.

ysOTveraeot TO o Clf -wb such govern-
eat. If tbhis doae it Is claimed
that OGtet P tain. and erhP s some
other 4wers will at Once follow the
wa United at ,' Sad ad inl aimo reoog-
nise th I dependent of the nafa.
0ueat eogntonr wot be a death blow
S Acrt p aratone for war sw tin po
tn bo t h t eihied sAtit a n.


S t me in ha Utid Bt ates navy. d-
it - riaBuo Iila stad upita msl
OVA",r y, 6g' w 'te he.doeac
Tie .ot eat ,e ZW toW beWm
e to"dim o br utrray wunt re sut
a 1w r1to. d& trei ury dipartmben winbo
S tom tie trgeny. He said that
It"eb" interests of the count

s ti it th aa los Stila now hat-
t p a t ad t :l. CanaTy6#40.: TorpeWD
.timt datre itTTerror. te error and Pit-
t'i tea. amo.t of tonsu and a speed of
A^^i tB torpet o boats Ason. 17 tVote.
ki poir tC Bs; r, 13 tow: 25 knots; Ars-
4-' toat ltap, s knot and CdarodDe
te ~adi' st. 15 tomu and s an notm
A. 4 r h from thtfGravemend ea~s
'r ta crwse uandAmLaload. nbalt by the
a 'rt. U I r L d or BrM4 *and twrchased
atthi iSb tfa Unlied Satei was former t
S 6tr0n=ea s4 firom the Brsltan e r to
I. e 'R-i~r sta anW d stripes shortly after 1
ei.. o m ornin. The ceremony
t a. Itts and ignlfled. and to the
pe t.i a-e sea B mloan officers It was somewhat pa-
t et c."'*
to know l A speciUl from Key West sas: 'The
t&i np5F othe United Stathe crioaer Montgomery ar-
rived tPre riday frotm Bavuaa. The'
r 5a- culer etroit .all t-ri day morning
foiSar for TotUasm Islands' with roVWIsls
'L r' a a and -manunitmon oor Chbs eet. FProm
isanAati 4aA TAortugas the Detroit will proceed to
tim 0t Bnah Port Tampa to load ammunition."

ez M ta : e aal wpaifst i the great.
It audbaet blood prlf mledcej
CA T lite t a Itspftib 0 otMial. It Is what the
B o e In tampqinlu. It will
Peiu -ad enrich the booa, cleats On
is 4 *pAttW tane Vp your Wate.. and stre

.T. Ak rrb Ifj nrii = i

3S*S Oyerw ct b Oh-

on robu
-- * : :

Both the method and r lul when in te ty. d Mor5
Syrup of Figs is taken; t ispleasant rse a prnmp t
and refreshing to the taste, and acts
gently yetpromptly on theKidneys,
Liver and Bowels, clesusesthe
tem refectualy, dispe colds, h -ad-
achesand ferads i cureshabit nal IT *
constipation.. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy o its kind e verpro-
i duced, pleasing to the taste and ac- M '; mr^q-. %P
Scptable to the _on ahproinptin .
its action and trily Ap ] flh its
efpectpreparedtmly fromthemost @ T' 'F ;
Shealthy adtnreable sbse ces.
i its ixumy e eat quaitici X
mad itto aln t havm~ made it the
mot popular retned haown. 'I,


Joid Pe R. Call or tie tourth ul-
etal ctrou t of the ate ot-oPlorla made
a runllg ln a oaej broM ht before him
on habeas corps Beeedtrgo that wil
affeet the ation oIenasa of the coanty
solitors in the vatloa eounUes of the
state. In which crUiiaal courts ac record
wm*e been esta-_l T he attorney
fr thes party hel4 in custody blatemed
that the county s tidto had no rtght
to file an Information i the crimlnI
o6urt during vacation, and that the
aid court had no eight to issu a capet
upon such information darting vacation.
ap tbe law on W ve the solicitor the
right to file afor*tlon dPurng the reg-
Wtlar tenm4 of the court. The county
solictor, In answer, cladned that the
capls wse. imed iffuring the regular
February term of;court although the
court had adjoene~ when it Is not in,
ctuad sesidon, aWt th.at.a capta can
loVryfe Issued while the court to in
jca season.
k i o Ouw,.-o ray.
lh. a h b vs a s Oa ast.ell GQ0 rs
. tS ( U;bU ao o .r Mtit. Cblilasd
PsPGio. I IS ,Il Irt wd Qaeidia ta
Slotea to., CbLam toss. ., Adl p e-
r Ith to bl aa eaItt ing skts. Priae lts
ro. t. -"w
Ho!bbs Remedy Co., of Chicago iL a.
take concern of the ranbst and vlest
kLnd. It know* nbotftttein notolng
about pytnkg.lts aU4vlqnt bol.s sad
psbLnbersm tat dd not I want to get
ktuck, should ehulont 1k4 a bird would
6=un a keoeou rptue. -
To CnmraOMIEdnDa2g.

lr&y rL& s sops pa*eft aesew
worS with rtra n that b isee they
.aInew their heshb '

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lifer ftot anztan. oU iiuLbhere. te g ape
[wags eiwatve come 4b :i mAA this s pre
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avitbdout ch succeeding seasui-t4he sp$t of.
r-~a:.rat a about itsA6s ycs'U slt w

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the 9ItIBF W CUB
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wl ll twotyt RhOIS

a authori-
itan proof
ward you0 A .Ldy Suggests Leaving Street Im-
at conwen-
e no one .pveLuoents to the Ladira ef the
w a oulD ot I
ry erl OCity--asyor Gilett Wants All
ab offieals 'Tams to Re p to the ioght.
ides. they
orse every From SuPc.aya' Dauy.
rpeiaiS ardls 3 cityou A -c in rtgL.A r .es-
less veiled slo iant iu&L oi V WvL ucS.c
nk we are gijn W tAe (aXin a.- Lu m IU I..Uo ino uo u-
pUVUdenea 3r Marving at Le moUey Iic-wcU Im- ui e alI .C ie uc
behold. ee- ena yL Du us.
as there a ouuAue prcnt at the meeting were
en, and her resdet More, o ounc.t: eu Lxpru-
oint that is browKaK, khinou, brenie., ouns. a c-
a they are all, and eevera. ciEy ou .'.i. e
tape bcstness transacted was u iuoi~iou
n the next :A petition tw nve toe o-il baptlst
to et out church on the curner ut LIampi 0 ia
I hope to Twig streets turned ao as LtO ace
* under the nampa street was gra ed. several
e can talk ietitons for reduction or tax asseva-
the fter o m ena, correction of assessment, etc.,
bana.' If were referred to the oumanitte on apo-

on BeRi
Oon Beltm

g-f' Mr. Roberts who wasasnt. h, to re-
7-tLrv ctadf V0 tobacco stored In the
.- h er wze.how Ini tobacco inr
.. lotloeorw of the Sew To custom boous.
reoiaft here rwie Mr. Comstock
3f5l.- use the la Iter to i ucln-the lk-

.atiee .. In howr wlndor
.*i-toB Is the proroM
gB peos ar oft a relic tr thaellt-tated
d- a he sas kddly

g' ae odm TheM relfe os one
l -or-thQe al t Ba wed o= thei
S heavy we%**
O psait hiss
wheemenaw h It was $ound. The

asPeratin, knowing that you hare full
owner to have them kept In good:order,
i lh practically no cost to th city.
The conauhtee who have the tatter
in charge., mst be wholly tncoolpetnt
or erimhnaly neonigenL
"Let me ug est that If the business
were left in the hands a the ladles of
the city, there would have been a diff-
erent tate of affairs lon ago, and
ysur sidewalks, as well as streets, would
hae been a source of pride instead of
shame, a the are most surely at
present. "Respectfully
"MtS. A E. PADIA (OK."
The city enlwneer stated that It was
impossible to hire laborers to tear up
the defective sidewalks, owing to there
being no funds available with which
to pay for the work, and no city pris-
oner to do the work.
On motion ofa Concilman ]inyo.n
Ceoncinman Brengle was authnekied to
place a gang of amen at work tearing up
defective sidewalks under directon of
the city engineer, and that the amount
earned b e mnn this work be de-
ducted from the city taxes of Council-
man Brengle.
A petilon rgalilng the pa-ri ma-
teral to be used on Fortune street, was
referred to the councilmen from the
Second 'ward.
A petition from property owners on
Asey street In regard to the material
to be used in paving that street was re-
ferred to the Board of Pubic Works.
A petition from George g'. KlHne,
offering to pave the street tront of
his property on Florida avenue If the
council will order the street railroad
company to place their tracks on that
street in the centre of the street, was
received and referred to the Board of
Publc Works.
A petitio from the counciknen of the
Tirdl ,wrd for the passae of a reso-
lutIon auUthsiwM. enulo.e.Lu and dl-
reow he Board of Ppblio Works to
place see on certain atests, in the
ird ward, was received and adopted
Cfsne4llsmt Dombrow nl staked that
It had been decided by the people of
the Third ward not to bmmtit a petition
for aving the streets in the Third ward
Unti the IbTdIng efletion bh been held
and'the qgutlon q water works bonds
settled. e stated that LIf tho ct de-
lde to pVt In a nMw wat worse plant.
every strwt Ia the city W*1l bd torn op
to pst i wwM. and mthatIt woldd
be bet t postpone the paving until
after thea water mwor qesstio Isn It-
The petition o the fourth ward cope-
cllmen the pasaGe Of.a resolution

the MO id of P e Woel to c out
ps nvr &d @maIfMt Mree In
"at w wrdjws adopted bvy a nV
WLne 41meiaku on fire prott re-
ported thet ie station No. h ad been
e ened.
out otuminttee on wbawrves and tbna-
te rweypLr. uu& the lahe n in tot ts u
AUttayetie sweet bnurtac pl_ u.&

:mm b

Crulser is After IM a- Alimuntlon for
the Pleet
The United States cruiser Marblehead
arrived at Port Tamp yesterday after-
noon direct from Tortugas. where she
delivered on board the battleship'lndla-
na, the four carloads of anmeunltcon
she carried from Port Tamba Tuesday.
The return of the cruiser was uneW
pected. and created considerable snr-
prise among the railroad officials at
Port Tampa. The Marblehead anchor-
ed about a half-mile from the railroad
cock and Commander McCalla at once
came ashore in his gig., As soon as he
arrived he went to the office of Capt.
James W. Fitzgerald. superintendent
of the Plant Steamship company and
for an hour or more was in conference1
;ith Capt. F tzgeraldund John Bradley
the agent of th4 company. The sub-
ject of the corrfrence was kept secret,
but It is supposed to have been to re--
gard to the loadfng,of ammunition on
the Marblehead. and the chartering of
the Mascotte to transport ammualtlon
to the fleet.
In connection with this subject It was
learned yesterday that there was seen
at Waycros Wednesday night a train
of 27 cars and each .car was loaded
Alth large guns for coast defenses The
entire train was billed to For tTamoa,
and is eapcpted to arrive here to-mor-
From the men on the artlehead It
was learned that she reached Tortpgas
on Wedaeday and round there [ the
battleship Ind ina, Mlassadaetts and
Texas. The Iowa had departed for
Key WesL. The 4mmunitloe was
transferred. and the Marblehead left
Wednesday night on her ieturn trip.
The two-days blorle race meet at
the Betlear cosseum closed yesterday,
and all of the;'fmpa people who at-
tended returned last nigt well pleased
with what they had see. The pro-
gram yesterday was a good one and a
the attee wsattdani considerable rlaer
than on the previous day, the riders
Wlsplayd mom enthusiasm sind con-
quently better time was made.


Men who have paid out hundreds of
dollars to specialsts and for various
remedies have. been ipermanetty cured
by Haggard's Specific Tablets. They
have specific effect on the structures of
which the vital organs are composed.
overcoming torpid conditions and estab-
ltehiln healthy action of the entire
functional system.
Women that have suffered for years
without relief have been restored to
perfect health by their twe. They
promptly correct menstrual troubles,
give toneland impart vital health to the
female organ No woman need suffer
from troable4 o this character it she
will only use these medicine Being
in tablet form they are moe convenient
and pleasant to take than other reme-
dies, and on this account wil he pvbpi
ular with the ledis.a Trial of one box;
will convince the most skepticaL
Persons wt*lhn to try this remark-
able remedy w1 find it on sale at the
popular drug store of jQr. morton who
will take pleasure in giving full partle-
ulars as to Its merit. Maled to ay ad-
dresa on receipt of price. 1 box ; 8
boxes SOQ. t.

The lggdst" man on the stebaers
Olvette- pon her arrtvel fremn <-Oi.-
y7etftrdar wea senor Omeer Martinea
Hardra, a pedal envoy ef the aetail
nlmcal gpeera ent of oae whose -- l
laanis io negotiated with the.-
Statoa asnor Mardese wdaehs

t tp9Di
One lot 9o
One lot iw
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best q
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10 doke

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ot of-

S....... w. a ,
W MDW iY4and

fne wite 1v P in

s .

S. ... .
iemnan PeoaS es,t

adies' t sBlaAL eum
iae, Only...../>;E,^
gents' Fast BlackSit

adies Bleaeb half X&fr*

nadiR' fia'UbtaciMud al#

LM.. -

very utle
ine sI eT,
t LUC& mn"

off* of awwwwwad % WU OnMM 1 k
trmets wero sa t, o Is. 6c,. 'baI

tit t.oen WIt" uGOim is 4tn mate ca ibe
Anotogiced Xlot iUA1'6Cbp b 18 4ooaftea 0 be,
La. The eat aord by se mus of Oe MMeu
wa I. tO CoCW Corll whbih ma ~o tbli.beb
cIty leenee know reqwdy frw oetp and all em g
per anaum, asn broobial trouble. B. Lr..
Other lafn ala-d .-.
oemse t ax-
mued con-
pAtn on Dr. S- aard of Atlanta, is vtin
Morowsky. our cty ia the Interest of his opeLQ-
ies to the E'e Peron wishing to dw
s an oa- mdre hs remedies a do so iy a
ies on the aerwMm interview with t c e docg
> the right. whlieaherb. He is makIn has head-
, cooatnt quarters at Dr. Mortoa's drur sto.e,
at of the and w ltbe pleased to give an Oe ta
e to per- o Alnao r i to use his remedl
Iet can oa n
ame pele Cdklwp and adutts Lorturedby
d b a -br i., a".&, isjurls, eczema or sia
Sths matu- 4aUe may seure instant relt by
p mn. oalf- usisV DeWii'. With Haze st af i ti
b -. is ^ i Ils P moey. t:. B. Leo.-
riue- C CO o if

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pg hog

h ~~mr..L

..~-a; -~ IP~C~P~ ~~y


-t 1

s:at s Cw t eo_,f
-HU t 0 (mairj Has Compla -isI


illi Gemtary ZDay Uave the Spanish Kin-

e W h paratloe. For War-.Independence
of Co a Near at Hand.
Iistirct- From Thursday's Dafly
id to he special to the Tribune.
mve bt- Washington, Maroh 1t-To-day has

L specla r
At the met
that port
-van *3
big imris

ona~ aly'
bboa O'nO

4bwzoq.r~m~L ampB
ijanb-sau uitic. ww mn

rWehe IM lad I- 1 Baml-
tiusT sim &


Guns F. r he- Fort .t Tortugas x-
pected To day-Men Prom the
Maine Would LLke to H. me But
l ave Ha Not Been rated.

From Sunday's Daily.
The United States cruiser Marblehead,
which arrived at Port Tampa TMrasday
afternoon. is sUll yina a anchor near
the railroad dock, and the Plant steam-
or Mascotte is lying in the canal await-
ing orders.
The Mascotte, It is reported. will car-
ry to Key West or Tortugas, the large
quantity of munitions of war that have
been shipped to Port Tampa by the
government. A large quantity of am-
munition has arrived and a train loaded
with great guns for the old fort at Tor-
tugas is said to be en route to Port
The Mableead -will come up to the
railroad dock this morning and begin
taking on a cargo of ammunition for
the vessels at Tortugas that have not

DpM a ND ePI 'a ONS ~ Mfro the battleship Maine and these
D EXPLAATI men are not at all pleased at being com-
seish moalster has deotnded Ued ed to work on board the cruiser.
SState depart t an explana- while the oScers of the Maine have
%th poparatotn for war that b een allowed to go home on leave of
a o actively prmmed .by the ocsnoe. They say that they do not
atSl fi r the pat three week desire" to esehpe going to the front In
desiad Judge Day, Assistant case of war. but think that they should
t 8thq State tmplW In a caus- have been allowed to go to their hot
ai nL that the Untted States for a brief period after the terrible era
Mbin to preparet or r until pertence that they had on boea the
4 opmen negotlatsoeg i \ ob- Maine the ngtot of the estos on.
iutaoa Some of the men are still lmpthV
Semuest of 0t0e fnelt of around -from the effect of nurles re.
the removal of the tort At- calved at the time of the disaster. the
tqadron of the United States men on the Mtrblhead say that if amy
rom Key West on aoc~ont of oneto neof the Maine men in
i alty of that port to Haana. pasin thbe at night after they have
lay r tUed that the State de- zone to slem. they owill almost ju m
it wotld not comply with the out of their hammoc kr
aM that the ravy department The return of the cruiser Montgomery
tge of the movdeents of the from tZnana to Ke y West. lives the
navy department one tnnre K-"hel that
demaads and requestss of the rsn hp nwe fL t tn-anopt -p -unltlon
MRin4sten are regarded as sig- and umurlles to tie feet. "hp Mont-
of Span's desire to ascertain mwrv Is eurwucted tf 1 .r-,-v at Port
mr of the tadoaistratfon. The Taomna -maTorIn-w after a cargo of
ad tasen by Judge Day meets ammunlticn anrt sutplire.
nexal approval,.
motion of the" independence p%
wfll solve the question of Cu- A Chicago Firm Will Open Up in Tam-
edom." said Senatar Mason, of pa Shortly.
ti a signed statemet to-day. A new cigar factory has been estab-
reltedetates has good and auffl- lished in this city by Mr. Lartio.e, of
ommm to reco8lie Cuban inde- Chicago, a member of a firm operating
eontslde of the question of the a large cigar faatortr i Chicago.
iL-ter. President ei cKnley Thenew factory is located in the
act promptly, and send in his quarters formerly occupied by the Tam-
e of recosgntlo at once. pa Cigar Company in the Knigtt block,
report of the court of Inquiry corner of Lafayette and Tampa street
ane disaster is a separate It will be managed iby a lady who has
L If ft Is found that the Maine been manager of the Chicago factory
>w Up by accident, the United for some tkne, and who is thoroughly
tenant ask a money indemnity. competent
a not an accident, but the work As soop as the firm secures a supply
e a, the United States can not, of Havana tobacco. the new factory
nor. demand a cash indemnity.', will give employment to a number of
lemaded as an indemnity the persons. Forty or fifty hands win be
fCuba, pain pwouti more likely employed at first, but this number will
than she woeldd to grant the soon be increased.
absolute indeendee. If the e
I Is refused, and we go to war. ONTHEMRA
ted Mtates will win, and Cuba OR I
free. 0o I say that the lnde- Excursion to be Bven by the Daugh-
* of CObua is assured"
WIAWN S AN APPOMATTOX. terms of the Contederac-y.
address at the annual banquet The Tampa Chapter of the United
Beonod Army corps last nIgbt. Daughters of the Confederacy has ar-
oson 'A. Milep, commander ot ranged to give an excursion on the new
by said: steamer Terra Cela, of the Independent
nation has evlr had so much to 0LAne. upon the arrival of tha steamer
laot war; against the mainten- from Jackson*vlle.
. ...... . .. ..... ... P s.o a-i tyinn v.M.Ihp on t + t. itW ,

2 :5

Is themio.1


SThe Seao

O tr. ID3L
and so are the
Bone, Acid Pho
aU agricultnrl 1
W rite for priei
the Ideal Fertila

*iiji 'ii -

important i"Ra "iA
.hotrdbe~ -'

n's Result Dij

ooeA faifl a1o43 101
bhas, Nibrafet ir
'ermios mid maes.Wab'
rnd ask-for ddir bQ*k,'


Saloty,! Co
rim isCeisi
UcmII (In Cb

! *^

.. .

CUoows a We are ow,to take up our son will be anoea d laer.W. ""
arms, tt whenthe t ime does come I
trust we w not be fdoad slumbering. I
hope there will be so war. L a a
-Wien.,truait Lht f there Is war. ther r
.w bhe isoU Runs to bmin with. but
an Apsponstto. We will be prepared
0 o thes t there Is onatlt it shall be
sbort.mip and de s e." A* Jak .h
tJB 4ICA SALVEL lae, oG, apr

SImies. ,Bqres. Ulprm. Sat Rhem sad sooi began to 4estoH the ansh.
Buale. and : sog ttwe ist w ff .l IvesI
Cu ii.l Com. &nd ." aidn epad in diSri t citie, at a a
p o u. py poshble tocheckhe dkia SS See al
pay. alr f It is gobranted to tlif oprcatons were pctri d bFat th c Ia a
n 1r, m0oey rt4ed. feri way Redtrtid. ThiRe ad1 &
Plqr i p per b Fw r Baleby. foeryae-sutil tumlp iin hiA -

mSd C. li e a ie B
i tr-, v. S, .. .. -
e 1. n a pes t d1,11 S T,

Sao f Arpo .ly. asfor.ey o rr

"s-- A A it, Sy O
I %-I-at +e -utlean -5 ofJc he b., rog
6 5a^rfl%e the teWye 1 r "d

IC- n s ls a nt in ne hae ne wiae fiS.S theai m -tI Sf
maikahi. 7a e car s was e of lAn

Sei- uls l d erins 'an 001Y. o1oyne1 c an-

t oetiabs sora ar rely tecpfldo6 yaf ofJc-& the blood. Good
''telttoe famoKus a Z:n Batk aI d

F;ir'mts ACo. 1 ,a, fret e ;sp
gfj t aa1'^ a '. .R > Co., Atlalita, 4^1 f^f 2
mdv e, ad e. rk s t ay

TbeDmB5- Wil Wke-twr Brksic. pria r i nr for
IOka S3ea.a5v o rtE MdWtb E r loL ALt
ieS~ st^lr ne-due&;,' ", < iTltlE^ BlH2S&Ti iMP AsiItA I


low t alal a 5

I3 esm at


.J. I


We have
u of one
distance i
ader eat
and at I

SOurt a
Pry Goc


?, 42

r c
- a3E


reLW, et' G se,-
.......... d- .,. ;J.~+;

P. MWE sm M,

.,pouw rs~
rm -6

hiliei c.e~~lreaZie
ltesb INaU.
64MMAALik f.WM.IA10 MP&

l mailgl
Tamas i
"RIP@ t A

the 12"-

116of thofaCgL J w3P
Moperes ex anid:

Ac wgAs~-i ,A m mmoi I A muH
7, _oP g# -P


r~~l wutbi theAmats swm
~i* t Lh Pi3&5tte~tI hu
-4ti tpaw"F at.
~.-5 ~,~ ~ ~tin a ri I h1


me, 26 ama be a
Vboi` b4 w pi~to

Nat~btacb lattal

Seto awni
;A la woo

A4Iftrbom" tkmmeftam
Me UMV mad~~ a im

ketwo wasor, as;prr
~S~116~R kt Mal~1

r 'F
.. *
rr r.~~ -- I ;r 't3a:
r, ~ t
.. : r.
: i-,,s: I- ~

ray, r,.'. z s RWBeport of the Inquiry Board |

$ Not Yet Received.
f kido and bladde.
iu*e oonricaeldnd WILL ARRIVE THIS WEEK
a aamar ol9 the
matia and Brih's -
ha wgnt form of kid- fqdings Expe-ted to Reach Washlnag
ats tahbillity to bold to& by Friday-Survivor of Mair-
iK n itandFor For Blood an'
o* iUset plaaoSt tSdd to Have Substautiqted External
mpolled to get p Explosion Story-No More Foreign
* ibetoih Warmhipl Bought For Our Navy.
y is msoon ialld. WASHINGTON, March 22.-It can be
e or its wonderful stated positively and authoritatively
Price 50 that the report of the court of inquiry on
OiT^W'^y stmo^ the Maine disaster had not been received
quiely ouring even
atrng Gas, that to up to noon today. Fran the same an-
atl merit you may thtritative source it can be stated that
e and a booM of val- peaent official information% is that the
ooh meat blutely report is not likely to be here before
elt of pige o n1xtThursday or Friday. It is a mate.
pO the TumarN nd rial change from the expectation prior
a Dr. KEUHr &t Co, tothis tiae. The cause of the delay is
, Thi geel at known, but it is named that the
e. i o ca p"~,i---of the court are 8o yet in
Scha f.m as to wanrant their earlier
penm--,, h '. '
LND UCTSRE. It the report is coming by Clptain
I Barker, nosen pros dipatceba intl-
i DBatte of Gettys- 2aSm tOe faseati Moe \aed inaWy of-
eem. iBedla qwrter here. Nor need is the
S rotibe by which the report will be
* of t. Peternrs., tIneaed made public, at it weold
sSer o re to ePardise its saf togas-
buan veur~ S' and opten g-asde me rtr
eth v)aio eaa n mta waTj hipsd abt rder loda
pa., ,flomun. | lbb tAmaab, e th eCmule. rteutl
ctu mretree t o aMed f that ae baatlbee, govea-

rsp te I Lian n

g give ge a 3ted itwite t^itn ;
the 0lbani. which Salb. Spain it isa onMfaeniferd I
In mafph for the TBnqbe aso to seMne this rea-s
1. do aot tuidesrtas Sa i erm a 7 y r ora u I^ y i
a. I rthea hr thre t h o of thea Uied
P& 26ktcpAth ce-trsameuotr b cInralvbes
Ibe da s itte d bted to the iifeArne m tcrb &Sa
i etofWs wgoyaiwmenti if ithe pene out
APPY NOW. 4So hands of Argenftias. b ^ 'f --

th; ~ao e o f the Ut pom ae
Ei dae. ..-ew as D who uaed real th earday
etwen thwem. aa eGaa&iB the |nfor-tmhot that he ex-
J01alatlic peae %Wp a Wa s external, bet could not be
0ood4 a th, It is M Ittributeto the Spani go I
ato-thar ht unimty- Int nOfficials high in authority
be.. c tsoa tco ome kpea d? w spof

e contators, are Setasry Long's office at the njavy do
1e batdwar with perant was again the center of c.
t e f th e awate comte om iitteonaval

t slpreqannow Wslm-et oM w be
6o; ie ty wnn iraer. b ai.t one of the early iars and '
to te" ma spee hair anhiour with Mr. L6ng. Se-
SBoaird of Health Erriharde of North Carolina a lso
]hada talk with Mr.Longe. Hale r
S'went Irom the secretary's office to the
I-VERSE. WhitHouse and hiad atalk'wthe te w
= dby Secretarry LIng, who spent \
mo m tiane with the peeiadent. ,,
I th mea. aoone Doean ot Think Spain Reepon.
Ked slble IboeLaM orl mlaLoe. .
ti"Ade EM BO., ,March as Oencal Mont .
Ibe m m ,,al 7 Ma om orf Halifax N. 8-, t.s he ,:

Sa1 8tA0aer0m0iW p e twu y1 Boton .
noseey tWete6 do ythl the thjeetedd

a a te w glt ,. ,Ies eo te oMB;. B aEo

.* .^ C^^^rt^^ 011^. =otaa p .w t a<

... .. 7 twha wet b th l.................ro6l mic aeI

Premier seaYta is quoted a saying: .
nE a ra M 9p o r ms 'tor rar an^ oW i fi V' gos s; S owe'lt w a'urrenderuCb." He s s
en a i ^a'g "dou* t vaefejeatill^ta sentiment. It i as
e detaiarrt. tA and aODIUM rmsta inty *t f

-!eay tatteb t H er a aNet e of n ti The
y A gobs Asb e amt ontanaIw S t ake t se

lolwwAeh aeotfra rn le tApr. -us
os wla lampnta not mwa the asmu mmebW l a" ,
G5.e see S 1pa ptlla a P ham t t nma be that natlal o -- a gr gS
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