Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 17, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00017
Source Institution: University of Florida
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.t &ad i T I "aml and I ve L, s- .-oop
en manr of the papers that have special
corepoendtsI on the seea-."
ItL ]glC-
y ascuBperr no O sBoNT.
SHe t There afe toot a ptla to run an ex-
s the ams to Ihgmont anr Mta lit KeR the
tha later part tof mt week, in widch event
a tothe beautlO anad 'commodous Plant
sid teamWer Meraret wlt come to Tampa
L o an e aopre these who will part-
apate. Tes leaders Of the ecursibon
AMP eh o d hamr" t*o Asecme the
km0ram. 0 E mlo t her to come
K .At lp aa all wo q would the a
ln gbs sbiso by al Wuian
t.'ie s e A rcltr et oi seetinl,.,
I r asine restroa Fa lo
-am de. l & iofelk a-a The
a ttt aI Oa n th asoend tri. ra.
i i mpheee as board, sad
ewi assad e f the best outie
aTmZ bwoe e se been aafrded

A+ ms Ov adu

'*~, a Macrbb1Le. lont on

s g dbetae d ts and on-
h ss will he a fall-

lint Sawm, 70. to &
I JiLmelenllparbnes are and

lb Wko lbeeud last weeke
Bwssrt hrned inst weve
,.C he wll&*crward to the


nd Those on the Cansteset tiun have
L sign reading "For' Tbor Cit via 7th
ren" Thome running out Frankln
street have a sign iVsadinr "For Ybor
Cty via Tampa SeftiL-.
SThe change In the ate maies quite
Ssorlin to the Street Railroad Com-
a and put the tduabli to ttle, if
ny, in convenience, as t Is only one
block trfa Florida avenue to Franklin
stret. In fact the ab win me bene.
Ltted by the chans for the service has
bees "Improvyed, ad the cars are ra
closer tomeser. ite caviar to the
coapea-r is n havib amye a halt-
ie Im tr track 6 'in-f% aad pay
'am an, a half-mle e current to sup-
ply, and the savitg D the operation of

Salts have been alptated tahe
hltd t latest courc or tbe Southern
Distrffi.c t iot.tby the :.-.,ver of

operty, aSH of which partial pay-

hao. ey ar against Je H. IDocrmy
lend wife and Car I.rr. Jahneo and
others. Cooper & ooe, of JaskaO-
9vlUe, sri atireyeg tar the cecebrara
For the ast two wepks wor upon Uth
lape cool bargsn, gtc WUt at, port
Tama ftor te United States worn-
ceat, has bees p6e we. d the .i1ange
was onasietesd and teaebhod yesterday.
It wilrbe %asto carrrcol t the war
UePs am the y co aling staton
and wwl be towed tEKa West by the
ruiser Martsehtead b has been at
Port Tampa s nes. 7a ara. ., The r
bama is one of th Paraset aear btetlt

Jofto Barran Phmiep and States At-
ltornry A. Cartr left IJb nsftr ar
Bartww, ese their will open the e .
etot aito -a Te session wi last
v..ald, ya .

5'Ob terOK 0. Btew-.
hC~ata~S r 's^^C to *SE

He Believes Tat War Is Imminen t colored Preacher Chagges an ex-Church
Between United States and Spain. Member With Creiminal LibeL
S Fits Bbh ~ee, Jr., don of the United A large crowd of colored people
a to T :sts esCM colmGeneral t Havana. ar Ibmage Fo mIltiy to Go to Con- roned offce f Couny' udge
rived at Port Tampa Sunday afternoon gs For Fi Ia AClion Harrison yesterday afternoon to hear
trom 'Havana on the Olivette. and left the proceedings In a decidedly sensat-
SSnday night for Richmond and Wash- i L onal case In which the defendant wa6
CABWti tw SECITAtY LOXG IS SATISFED charged with criminal libel.
Mr. Lee spent several hiure at the The charge was jinde gainet L W.
TanP" a Hotel while here, and
r t talkePd freely o his visel to Hva a .Navy D apartment Is Pully Prepared Moore, of the Afican Methodist EPsco-
S t taled rely of h vi to Havana. pal church. The evidence showed that
a '-.- Me Msid that he was not sent there by For War-Maine Was Blown Up By MItcheli had openly charged Moore with
uig pr Ih mother for fear of an attack on his a Mine Planted By the Spanish adultery, and named his (Mitchell's)
etbher, but that he ha been gven his, overan eat Off cial wife as the woman 1I the case. The
usual mid winter vacation and decided case was long and tedlous, and many
pend It Io avana, with his father. Frm Tueday's Dall. dgusting features were brought out,
zHe ounsaGe LeA weUl and attending h afn March 14.-President all of which were eagerly listened to by
i, at o l oiPae duties as usual, and was Knlen rec Ing the the crowd of ectators.
i iem d e him that he did not fear beilern rights of the Cubansll, in The preacher claimed thatthere was
td*B its.et any atrmpt would be made to aa- as- no enr the chaw made
I I ". all probab il y, go to Congr to-day, no foundation for the charges made
oiJSe I I? htI pro the ALmelcall m ,,and will be promptly acted upon by against bhim by Milthel, and he there-
Std to OAmera both noes. ooPn made an adavtt charging Mitch-
" rta"I eoilthodrsfhlMIOMl ofara a ithereeomeolais in ighh paces ell with criminal libel. The oae had
ml .a' r md o te andt....... ..tll not not been concluded th the hour of ad-
IE ... ur- 4Wmy e to e men who wlnt do thu ta tnd sa aco t s n d be t h ak en utp a ln
the benka mlner a o the Claced na hia
sr dsn e oo u si this ning. The prosecution is being
*vow We. k -nnM e.st"" but will state that he ha tls non The roei uuon ia be&W
n. 4 ..O s.Cto the 1in5eisatere .Ierxten~ded th.'time for rlse re-estaobh- t- nedn by -. r McDrlane and
te~j 2 s thkt the t t e court of In qutr et Wae t a .un wa Gl e P. iRanp Jr.. and the defendant
at .met ofpeae in Cubs.until May L
7s-A mearpimugan Oe Investigation It ia conceded by anll tht the state I*representeda by h e Ma Pesplee.
,S ^. that Itseemed to be ADJUDBDD INSANE.
Sdepatnaqi has bsen informaed by the
S iea taetllhat ot Amet tea ie reslm ent t ats he has a port from the ADJ
0" lu ofnisean5 Inco unt of tnqWiry. now Insession at Ha-
.... t i was bloMSa m van, uL ipwn seeiat the OsMte dtrtter, fdward Cubet Will be lent to the A)-
fm t, country. andthaito the eSffe that the iaine wa blown lue at hattahoochee.
Snt twoulad sonrep tht war op by a ine taed in Havnrm harbor i A verdict flndlng dward Cubae, a
..-* ed the oginfn that ar bya o the offielsr ao the Spansdh govern- well-known white delthuen, ane, wu
t the ntend mae nand o nsuo am t that the government or- returned on Saturday by Dr. T. L. Ir-
S 0to eIasa at no distant c is knOwr where the mae was located. rt, E. W. Vail, and T. Irwrtn, Jr,,
i kao ems the tient M before they anchored the Maine over It. ,the committee appointed by Judge
msh'< WiB ^fulThe ful report of the court h been Baker. An order of commnlttment,was
r1 t OSe and t ei wP re~ Withheld, ta the belief of many naval IMued yesterday to the. Btte Auplum
No" a S an &iso tw thea llbily off wrs, in order xo Slow the United for the insane at Chattahoochee, and a
S tat to be fuly prepared tor war. grd was telegraphed to come for the
inwg Lee ta eiL though itL was The 1is o iger anp reaon for with- itent.
T ei t hl t h ii.d.it o the. hedan~i the reort tor Secretalry Lne The fidngs of the committee were
ted Sik wiln l I5S 1-d a lge In-s quote as say : to the effect that the patient, aged 42
S i"S, o? kbia b f deslc&n "'Behe Unied States is now prepared tears, is tnsane and Inc&p&ble of man-
s .b ..bale ent "Se -tf eCf iL a, tfor war. Ow nar is ready and If we 4ging his own affairs, or of self-con-
a r ofA ae n dt ens. n oeed moee wrIshlpe we cn obtain them hrol: dementia with delusions and hallu-
-Be that Obs eWe that ap tn b simpy wiring our agenW to calse inatlona, was the form of the verdict.
se to u pit the eiempty, thrs.l. .ts physical condltlon was pronounced
lt the ar disa s tm re shI' plane have Ibeen concluded for air. and no available means of support
an as ent-a boaSd thees v l 4L ft-aun l merchant shi Inmo ar- were discovered.
is eoaviO, that te i D fpord isersat a hour's notice. The The aboveI tron., yesterday Times-
Sr b a to~ sdo or a n mni, menws e vsel houeer w ll not te tnion and Cittsen, and will be read
-s wiln L ciitam iait O~we or s ten poemlon of until needed. Every rith regret by Mr. Cubel's friend itn
Sirnd f t an Inden*ity one ha naval officer on board ready Tamps-
EC et- Somtniihat t fs t a ht have been to tate commander
T d oua 4ar ny evii disposed person. if PltEi Hl RAILROAD OCANGE
'" d.-/*.:. -A ,, *- *r not paid iiromptly, -----
LwtLr.e.then wari tsbound to fol- THE' S CRIPPBi ~LRAE IIA E. he cass street and s several Seventh
i' Milon A. icRas, of Ci cinatl, and Avenue line in Operation.

Cue.I Mc- Lee I that no one can .1 roP'ietorsh u pe -n wlea l portuon ofthe Cus street
R W,.aB <- ".t.bUlmt -e dBN- &ad .ffn oo. Iue frh of_ th s,--.hs retS-nd a- -

They'wereg.... .. t .u restsbbeen ab~dovsdIe cars on the
'th ^ S said thUa at t e amp Br Met while haer T street line start rot the sou
.t oftthe Rod jan mJz phiaewithT .... .
ot a ft.e s t of the lid e raty pleased with Tampa, terminus of the Freanln street line
SSpi~ s Ny i a noe w They let last niWt for Key West on and eun out FrankBn, sreet to Cass
'ti- tr .he r the steamer Olivettei & eO ScrLpe- street, and then on eat to Ybor City
i.ir x.amt the S .--- tge of newspaper embrace terminMu via. Seventh avenue. The
d Ahu-~61 ft ig V" *"sne- the d eafi ofhebest pavers In We country, fther oa ft homm
repoSp.b#t hen ,,,t s t a r o he ca tart fro,. the same ter i-
T Smrrn re- eed 4. the a-Y ( they a ways W-to-d t in fur- m on Fraukln sest sad run, ot
t 4d s Hrsan lthlg the ws. Since the beginning that street and thro amp Ta Helghts
ie finthat tro t 7 b fwUd11r war scrte, thep*Oers terminarthe to Thbor City, the atme formerly.
Saa th r ISar rW te teague, had been supptled with an Os- The cars of the two tmes can be easly

-,C~: wiinsbM am a a ne o
v nab to takdnt: womer. r6 A 01-' 16.

here. iM Is the ldest

thsdo als arimnd.

6elesat o. Rev.. a

rthe amrs at m. m

contest The
of the t Present salrpi

suo ed" e an t teoa
.a tt:ew ras.e-e. -

, t.ere Ant Wab

Chests ande mer me
stpar tg e enterst f

eat epat r

1 4v- sr 1 0 '~~. up
Is tke Uk lira* 4ftoiftjrlk
Malft Alftodp 06
ltt IffAvn~fbMcih-40


Flal DecOin of tib3
Fort Booked O


The antry f Carew Vhs
Legl-United States
Now Settle the ject
That Have Been Psndim
From Tuesday's Dally.
The Washlngton corrpo
Times-Union and Citiean
lowing account of the def
secretary of the Interior
Brook ooest came:
"The secretary of the
rendered a decision In-the

a tin what Is known a u
Broke reervation. He ha
application of JosepLh W.
other' citiens of Hllh=oro
for Intltuftlnn of a sult
certain patents for them
case has been made famn
protracted litigtion b
apartment. The 14 ames o
tract were ented for hi
ward &. Carew, on MA
Atteen mitms after the
had been received at the o
ie. Through subsequent
the land office held his l
ellation. In 18 the de
idered the application of
for pre-sm pton entry to
While this was pending,
requested that the cam b
as a bill was than Pe
the reservation to the tc
A heart wa brdered at
ties in interest were r
secretary Noble rendered
testing all clatms to the
motion for review. the ni
opened, and Becretary a
an opinion that Carew s d
was valid.
The opinion just render
petition for sait and bad j
rations of fraud are not
the record, and alows
ents to stand 's follows:
'Heirs of LawlstBelln, ,
township 29 sooth;
Carew. lotsa and 1,
townshpa and ran;oe
14L section 18, same
Martha e ta lin sa t
ship and range; and Jl
, section 1 same tow
and I R. Chamberlain.
towsth. '
This f aniy dispnoses a4
puted claim, and now the
In the United States
posd of. In these
W. Carw bought. it
ment of varos persons
elalmed by her, and a
the Interior has decided
eat to lots S and I s
hip M msothU range I
and sueffaet, the oourt
a decision.
A Popular Touwr
Holy Boads of
An Interestlnr mans
evening at o'clock at
florid Avv e sad an
home of te bride '

and MiheAlSoe Du B

maneaJw the lOaa
euthera Lainand Jsw
et iss emso.elda

of East Tmeasee, and 4
a grad oft thse lte
Clhne, of Xaoella, a1
nown, andmrt sa
e ntui e orga, Mepon,
The brideo a lor;
and hpa sa s r ftan

LL~ drr5


"To Be fromI tM j heri i b
urts wm 2It ttm _
Suen s nItt was the L Ie
this place. Oaepr IdS

dean of the to-nght. two s
Sthe fol- pedos and Ipseu
Moaf the for ow prntisfa4
the Fort nt yet been Ia

nterior has s, w nibvtofer
-drawn- t
dealer ta- W .salm
nlo Pert C Misen '.t z
,eadtGthe theI ., ecoO5

Wt r and-it Ws g

irs ts ij
tama by 0H0 *bi he M

9w; g she at bask, eutre^
land eggo.i at p S ,;

b tor can- ts "---swuA
t dm05-
S *t<. ,r o tt s..

caude -. ..
r to debate .3
omraepa. Port Topsf. i
lch h pear- Mat Vaij
ueated, and The edi
deelon at-h taloan ida,6
t On a located at Port '.
teewas r* aet offthatMpI
ih r"deed value to thr
rginal entry ang Sbvimlitoa t"
distcn has a ~se
A deales the and 3C. t-bpesee Ift
P atthe a2e- marae ws :
by italed by hief eB .
Vleseat pat. as ptaes o

Section 1, Abaattlea 5f*Aw
af E eluqicyo atMtbsi tbift-in
ue section, baner ime- $)am
SJaMnel s tt a ,ato seolr
pand rahe; OhatrtIea m0
ssare t own. e Hltld, ie ,l
SCssr lot 615dS, ieS as16
sand range; a aielgdrsh *r
ot l same IL EK iyttd469

lang die- the d".led

S" beAe iAs.OrI ape h -
2rsL Lsaule i well wam
4tb eject. vIs=ion4. 'e7o
tchn te dlrAI+ It*d
Slcistaryta cahakne for a
bhat her pa- other na-les
on to w n- -fs l
!Do, Ue od
i is good

TAR. Pof stfit oliM
given aul-.slafse
[Jutiad la the e Wi*rclti arit asf-o
qiiocxL nOOn TketsaodDOO
ltred in lla a O'te aler U
Oeci4rer of htf B
attee, the eitsii.li h
rta s-r : .te,
Itby vageo Ctm

a t l efts t 1 te

I Me- seas-asslas,.

Iwdg some sC,'; f

lvII '

S.I Up


001. .
S.,-., ... s

r -- e--

a glawt to

S. k tg.p a ge
7i.r r. eare ka
Si.sles- b

. wth rt, ta.t-,

o a tu I to fearf
a eade-e uor Cal?

r s -qui' as t e
gEwaoeed to felo

r^^mg6t eaorlCallt

m iadoet as tno ik-
ilJAitaey, Thof have

ol heass been
4ic asWel I tp8lMow-

X'^?;~W u-

S sua Jackeovie Maetropo

SThet seems tobe nore log
-oislse than for jany- season y
years is apparent to all oheriv
eosvlile never had more at
time thaa now.; Her hotels
and boarding loues are di
There seems to be no longer
for cheap -cco odo*ton bu
best that money' can afford.
Bast Atlantc hotels have be
to -cwootdete iL who apple
the same In the southern sect
itaxe. That Florida is the
winter resort ts no longer
Jacksonvirle's hotels and he
are proof of this. They st
people and from more cold s
the United States than ever b
Good hotels and good rail
steamship lines are great t
rlning tourists to Florida
doubt, this aslte has better
trains costing to It irom the
West than any other winter n
New Yom papers aay rat tie
handsomest cas leading tmta
to Florlda.
This ts a great season for Ft
muc good, It is beleved will
the itace crom Uxhe patronage
Soeve from tourist traveL e
the mnhers here are icre
others coming. Railroad mei
come to every ione who dear

pifio I5owA"eatte, and the
si uslnistsaiitwill be ineIPo
t stret i anod for thir

a~ atiwtj mater outdeds
meBt a ld t @7 ror gr oo
ed paed rxudeS seems to be
aowih the ppt of theat t
gf tie city at heart, and their
Ia view. There t no mistake
Tampa Mwes It to here roto
wrey street m the city is aI
paved with i material ofns
.with the Imptrta ce of the I
tre, and thelets"M of t e I
smslove city in the out w
content until these In roven
made. Hyde Vfrk people shotl<
endedit for the very active n
witch they have taken hold ot
The improvement lan and It
every other ard to ber on
ele ed Pto will get all ot
prhasents aid all of the prall

cannot have a city without tl
the sooner they arme aung
better it wilt- be tor every on
the city. Fllow the examp
the canens of hyde Park tand
month Tamn o will co mpare
with any city In the South.
The introdcUion in Conugr
Cannon of a resolution carrLyn
fbr the public defense, the wl
by the Spansh gavermment co
mated objection to Conuol Oea
the order to the cruiser Montg
proceed to Hsvana in place of
the passagelof the bill throw
House Inreaaing the artiller
army by two regiments, andi
"td of gotiatAons ookin
purchase of arshtp for our'
ha ons day looks as though
is preparing, and is ready Cor
A man wieh his wife and fo
tena 'team. of heroes andf

day lag ni tr Orat waydil

.h.tema indsh amer. ant ha
slip occ1 1 otory eat work i1

VMa Gant t aimS. heued
r7, Btt le did no1 wau
^IWg in and uPhlc

- t ? Koia er for touo
-- n-ion cu d-


W i i;--A -^J. .i

Lt Florida
ritbdn six
rL Jack-
any one
i are full
Am= welL
a desdre
t for the
The Isrsm
en unable
id It is
Ion of the
er streets
ow more
eestos of
Iway and
actors in
Beyond a
East and
resort. Toe
city come

ortda and
result to
it will re-
Overy day
eued by
i say two

mxus for
next ity
ad of aen

WTahHoodsSaspe- aIk
rillth Sales a&" Taad
show that this medi- wflr i
else bes enjoyed public confide and
patfnsge to a greater extent than acrd-
d any other propietry medicine. This
is ply because it posmsess gtesor
merit aad produces greater ears:than
any other. It is not what we my, but
whS Hood's Saa arilla does, tha tell
thestory. All advertIsements of lood's
S dsqrilsW like Hood's Ssrapzi it
Mam, e honest. We have never de eved
thL pbli, and this with its supelative
medicinal merit, ib why the people have
abldhigodleee in it, aid hey


Alhot to the exclusion of an deres Try t.
Prepared only by C. Hood & Co.. Lowe, ssa
a the oly pills io take
Hood's Pills .o sr -


Tampa Is the cynosure of all eyes. It
is bound to be the most important city
in Florida, and that day is not fgr dis-
lta&t. The peculiar advantages It en-
joys and its geographical situation all
tend to make this city a great commer-
cal center, and the bond money that

ArSU, has bee voted, now in the hands of the
d Boad of Public Works will'be a mag-
Pd walls
UntTersal lficent Incentive towards putting the
he fare city on a substantial,-baals so far as
interests mn pal improvements are concerned.
about it, There are few people that seem to rec-
see that
deuatel oaalse the Importance of the nmprove-
ieasurate ments contemplated and the good to be
hownsuh- derived from them by every individual
most wo- In the city. This is a movement in
IU not be which every man ,woman and child in
cents are the city is deeply concerned, is the
d be com-
anner in completion of the public works pro-
the pub- posed will operate immensely o im-
behooves prove the health and sanitation of this
the alert, cty' it will convince strangers who are
t the im-
mpaved now afraid to risk their health and
Ity. We capital here that Tampa sl as safe as
bem, and it is delightful, as a place of residence,
rated the and the conditions that make it health-
Lteret in
terest in ful to the population will confirm the
le att by
in a few value of the advantages and opportuni-
favorably ties It offers for the profitable Invest-
ment of capital.
a by Mr. The result will be a ireat and-rapid
S 000O.- increase In the city's wpopulaUo b, and
f t ntl- a corresponding growth In the taxable
ral lee, vahuea of property, and the amount of
omery to taxable property. But the very first
the Fers" and most immediate effect of the con-
ugh the traction of such Improvements will be
y of the
the Insu- the- disbursement and dlstrthulion of
I to the thousands of dollars directly amdng the
'navy, 1 people of the city. This money wll
Odnesess come as a godsend, a special provi-
n Tr dce, first for the workrt (people,
then to the grocers, the bakeis the
Covered maLmnen the dekaers in dry gooq'd and
r a t fwrelothing and other nscessr. and
slmer. fnafly to aN classes of the comntiuplty.
leMra AM BI' two or three hundred thplsand
tr6tsud dollars spent ;n this way in Taipa,. in
ed to he come of the next year. 4I not
or only raise this old city out of tie sand
ead dirt of antiquity, but it wll also
was ut- ca an era of prompetity wh4ch will
Mbe b the lfar to indemnity the people for their
trIIn oes by not having had these mnih
it am- oulht improvements years OP.
dive,$I4 d Just keep your eye on Tampa and you
wo wek will see it bloom and blossom as the
Mey ttto robe In a very short time.

? Thn Thre is perhaps no one else a0 well
. ai aswt s Q flua in every respect to pertrm the
wrl hi decat atd responlale dAuts that
CtS dVo lve opon our conul general at Ha-
vana as en. Pttlhgh Lee. "he ap-
r "tnua t iwas undoubtedly the most
-'lear-tory made by President Cleve-
S lan ad his retention bh a president
ot an opposite political party has given
th s a etsfio to the American- people
S rgaress of party filiation. Gen.
Ise is a han of extenasve knowledge
r o public men. and much experience
,i the eoaduct ofpblic af alr* He is
cooltheded and conservative, and a
S man of great me1ues and stability of
Scheracter.W 'Se is above all tatgs a
SpatiotiLo Amerian and he ha the
Sourange to dendm 'American interests
S regardless of consequences. He is a
C soldier and knows a condition of war
hit when he sees It The last tmesage of
d President Cleveland, which was a prac-
r al recognition of a state of belliger-
4ecy In Cuba, was based on the reports
' f General LeeL "He IB enaucrh of a
tji statesman to know when a scheme of
Sovernaaust is a succeed. or a failure.
S nd his opinion that autonomy does not
solve the Cuban questIon necessarily
S0 i carries great weight.
SThe nst Palm Beach Sun says that
the present crop of vegetables in that
,section wit be the biggest, probably.
veor raised there, and the prices recess
-+ ^a^fdped Ia reported sa Se satisfac-
ers. Outside a the ss of e first
*aatite tUhe wretaiae growers lost
rir the heame, and wheen the
.. a0 e e a atteo cousselrdt

i .2 ,' "+ .T^
THE .. 1 (S.

It is a generally admitted fat by the T
newspaperV iad navw oiciars,sad a n tais to r a to
prominent ree throughout the country, and *no place a
that a war with Spain is Inevitable. without tm.
The Nashville American, one of the rise mar s es
oolest and most p tstinl and truth-
ful of the American press, says editori- _POWS and Bit
atly: "Thermfis no denying the gravity water ald'air Is
f the Spanish situation. Without wait- .The Tribun ha
la for a report as to the caue of the mwAnf* in
Maise disaster, other events seem Con-
stanty to head towards a hostile oat- Take the factor
brtak. Spain has purchased new war- what would the
ship an,- the American congress ha of the town be?
appropriated $K.O00W06 for the public i a hum ah the
defense. Tese are two unmistakable to O
gns of war. They can have no other thou d
meaning. ri and make t
The American ha comnbatted the Jtn- per. The etn
go spirit and still counsels moderation recogniPl a i th a
and conservative action, but the bey- t "
cose coloring which affairs have tan tn p_,
on within the past few days ls too good that any to
patent 'to allow any mistake as to the very truthfully
serious probabtlityof( war. things mot-need
Our country will enter the conflict if general welfare
it comes, with conviction of right and
confidence of victory. There is nO
Question that our strength is much eu- If, for instance
erior to that f pain. If that country actured to this c
seeks a war with kbs It will be because mills situated h
er people are ignorant o our resources most of them b
ad her gwovmnMt desLire a Wy out would be so
of the COan dlmutty that will excuse

pain is not likely to have aid unless would e
it Comes rurom rance If the reported he vegetable
purchase of the warships be true, It and other farm
seems that uan tl aid has already
come to that tbeSakrpt eoatrhy from rown This
some unwn sarce Yet manm~ p the "all 'ot
ha so many u Ropec entsaaleamets more than a
and antagoass that it could hardly owes Its lack
afford to tase up the Spanish case. In those e
There is is reaso why e sh should do
so except hom sheer symIpathy. now runniM t
We hope for a peacetal solution o poroveunC" o
the difficult. We are very far from ane was.
entertaining alarmist views, but it is Take for
a plain fa&t that the danger of war
seems more imminent now than it has ta e an e
appeared before. Any untoward cir- have none and
cAnatance would snap the tension and is all life and
the diffioult n of the situation must keep while the o
on Increasing until there hasbeen some
settlement of the unhappy affairs in no sins of p0
Cuba." vided inhabitan
kind properly
Swill give life
Prince Albert of Belgium is coming Not only are f
to this country, primarily on pleasure n manu act
Ibent but secondly for )he purpose of ele consumed
examining our system of government, ry stimulates o
our great commercial institutions and in a place the
those methods or business and enter- them. Every
prise which have made us great and and operated
powerful. Tor the sake of the morals the people, and
of "our very best people," who are lay- o a Place.
Ing themselves out to wine and dine If the pa
if the pa
the Prince ad ittitum. It is to be hoped preacher can
that his morals are not of the same hue yen to
vn to another
as those of his royal uncle. Leopold, he do
on his occasional visits to Paris, has oht to be
exhibited the marked attributes of a to disanchse
swift member and high roller. The
whom he has
Parisian papers are sometimes prone O vote as he d
to jest with him, and refer to his Ma- o en
jesty as "Klag of Belgium and Cleo."
Cieo. of course, being none other than Irrte big h
the fascinating Cleo de Merode, who crowded with
vrated ou shares last winter. But Knott tsprov
aside from his Rachansalia proclivities, In t he t
the King is the shrewdest merctoat In 'advertide the
Europe, if the King of Greece, who also n an effective
buys and seUs for profit, be excepted --
Prtnoe Albert is said to have taken a It s now a
turn to this asrt of tn himself, and C & P. R. IL
It may be that he also has the intent of This wilt be a
nyingr a fw oil wells, coal mtaes, phos- in the
plate mines, orange groves. tobacco, Unr ch out
fields or waeat pits. A proper commit- rit of wa

tee to show the Prince around and tell
him just tsee thing he should know,
would he r. Croaker and Mr. Platt, in-
structra ia politics; young Mr. ILiter,
instructor n wheat fstna w, Dr. Park-
hurst, nstructor in morality, and Mr.
Pulltser of the World, and Young Mr.
Hearst, of the Journal, lecturers on
'Amercan Journalism Up-to-Date."
Mr. Henry B. Plant, instructor in rail-
rads and hotels, Mr. Edward Manrara
on generosity and cigar manufaetur-
The mayor of Key West protests vig-
orously against a recent reference to
orously egainat a recent reference to
that m"nacipnCty in the Assocated
Press d-ppatches as a "tttle town."
The mayor directs attention to the fact
that in 1890 Key West had the largest
population of any dty in the state, and
say 'It tas certainly not retrograded
since that time.-Savannah News.
Key West dropped its dumpling, and
lost its population when the superior
-dvantages of Tampa were made known
as a cigar manufacturing centre.
The editor of the Dade City Democrat.
CapL ohn B. Johnton, will be a candi-
date for the legialattre. HBe should be
etcted b& all means He is decidedly
the peer of his countrymen. andwould
make Pa"co the best representative it
has ever had. Joh ston is tle Trib-
ne's Boice efor .nythlng that oamnes up
because he is snA pntly qualiOed to fil
any potihton within the gift of the peo-
pie with crdiL and .honor.
"I ai contihe to do my duty, which
Ja to guard American interestas"-Pts-
betah Lee

40k ale" vaaa dod are
J. I V WTgeat

The Tsa4oa

ce's and am
fortheir rfe

ilna gret usa
ged to ay tb
Advaseed i
servicee on w
the umS. T
Might he used
tantry arm 7 &

The meaba
haveT ag n
very qulet tml
den ofHumope

Det tbeas a
of citUmsj.
ecouundrels he
une out of a
a little wilful

Spain is at

men. om the
formath atof
about thea

Thb last

S i _.

iW ea ...
a'itelti M thet
to. the e. l ;,^
e rt of at. S pe

taryeas advoca t 1a

out of Tahpae

They hep aro manis-r -
T, otrempn., 2

r at good ala-

tn tr es ad prf a-

ae Ciduter n "Me,
e of Jachndmue nsia
eof our seao Pef

id sprtoduce in dmand 1
n dertve. fBttaa

n t etrib thge m
the Thre or le s

d ice totheb ene &it f TAaL ,
p- =Rk sa."

IEn th. norty tbeh .

Sheprlieead hlt e1 e

t poftde of de.maa-

ta .tons -to be-ieve
a ie d quiet. Wih la thi s ii "i .

e whe at bhoe o-lmt mm
Icast o es ofr

t fwtast thaiat r Tth&e V4l .
eople. Onert neadm.es. Jlli
Th oe re people
s Ita requires geto ma la
nI p. rod op d
ipto the benet ofC
rpves energy and thrt t

es The p orivilee pof le he a- ''
whn vo does not thinkp of Coeurwt M
r Iuture eqrteno mI- It
for a apolatd LpeadwA TTBenB

Qn ate AMi Cast & josta

blaset the right ana ^ ^B
r .e Igknoes Iow to

So to Eart ast ae s
Sactio r ot hteo to

|4 fot to t DWU

Itc~p^ t ^-^ ^


Firom omt ttliv

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MINI Owboill -SLA -
dasptir; upa

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dwkilited atIsmt

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~~efree of jr


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3- '* '. _. ,. 4 -',. lt

h WTim te res e of ene es ne ity
... 11u1 g.48 C me pr u mh.. Ofde -usie *

tI *, p o Vowe Upon the f in of a ttorny w ee ei tep sll the

.d az:2aztnedon the : owns, net
ta ;ited Dla- atr W ors" Plani-- Paving and' bim in Donbr0
ewerlg Odinae Go s Over further action was postponed unt net
Sfe to ret .ra. y l .."nesday nitht.l
h- th mpbef o o tu ys Dp. ordtiay e rr ng to hlde fo te I s-
certificates of t. e h tye of

ttB1.. .. i tetl elt co cl iet In regular ee- e and me o the elly o(
If al. Finlrey the .on le night, with Prenident Pro "Tern I m for the p uchl e or erecUon of
s -e, Knyon in the chair apnd Connth e main water nwoere.s was Introced by the
or.d.l6a.ialtl.009 of 3ao Bntiey ct aI r t ecai ,gn election by the

tar st. r t...owky. ..olme. Bren"le Dor.ey. loty attorney Tople ordina e protheir
pmai i ndl tteon AretM t an knor dh exe c tigMyr odof" o

m t watedtwa tranrthted a the bon Iee onrd o
i iaeei' e e : for irwernI h n Werl rt PLCi.,eeings and lotion d for tdhe ina It or sae o
drrM trt -en ae h s O rda os -th. action w s o poisoned nto etO
buhlot h night Lwe tnnatted as "1 r w.r...

e h e pbemoa m tn Sturday's D o. n teordinance to ehe a tdof the B or
. I ee :le ltr cne awualet a regular e r Cs and m oh there e m be m o
a-O i i-e t nhti w re side nt Pro Teabname o ddeTe pc erced
eiao tsi t ha ve a pus te- t n ee in the ohe pne Its b ande th Boad

-Oh petitione othe rn. kind pwre e aotide p a earp o the
i d P d ot the chenior nd CT ncmittee. ater w per eew t introdued by the

lostaaimso eY e e O LIVe DOU BY RO N
o S # tollrrtlo o the f i ty of Tempe1 fo fm a ta hea The te br
petition =and]Kfeeoluionfromm yW r for the people to exrnss thei

"i.1t $1116o1 ertn .ee in that w r eed e not er ltfor et the t r value.of
it i d t. ends adop-t. ed.ored. This aw the. oe p tdeedin ca
noc ,UP- eand meetist helde thiswe rek ad theaw oe oin.f the oe ee pted
S oboe& oa d b cons last nipht iwas n an d as tranactd a

S t-bee mnua, w a o; Th at the bond oue ands I
S n e n t l to the ordinance, a to be aed o
.e rted o for correction ee oe t h oes neb e otf rut
Would Ts e poh diects oth t F nkin tucnd ther ofi May foar en eaup ensen

ti nP e tee fet eet w ide, v Mw O w e doptd oy oa
4hieziou of ru ruty. d(the c l to dedde) The ipraceds are

1 t e a nd sa o that th e r on each tan e elaneou d vote. The mdeetn tbhe
MI Veto"" eh on eeti:an te pae it 1iried pavn e ead wi

me e-e bt e te-hit, l r tthe itepa a aw a by th

eb.at e a ms. t he w a r nu The donu ned oeruntil pel nehto.
'Z tc tuon oft the atrwetld e on which u
t draw' 5 -, eee ler e o a sthir d ay t

,,o thep iaoa- a r d track In laid to ie 40 feet
1M:6 V t !i i auon6 aWd rehe ro t OWe (b t h prins ip e antest the

IWL t to a rlto e The Pluner & t ig the Up
oo thlret c the o*arwde of ld.o to and ,Down of fife To-night.

the q, clp ton e~ ~the rond e theI j "j

rth.. If w a r providing icnr l the paivt e nd drata, "ThePngIobt., at the Caeino
Sw ~ider.ver eiwetIn of certaIn etreeta In that waverd., trmin htt .o an atpreciato e
5.t. en -expenA wee e reported. Thin Il the eame euice
lF eite e' ibi r9(n Ii tn eand reeolution that we Intro- Byoena ar great favorite with
a m fi-it l dted at te lmet meeting by the Slec- e theatre dhoumt thbe quel edo ot 'n. r t.

gand 1ward councilmen, end which wae yr hen for eare given theehilo
ti ot. M tipoetto, tef th g Just what they need to che e a the
wanto tOze ia* s oond la edn brth viRWpky vtted that dladoptwe- up an r I fy aMected
each 6 ilod h hade i ibar pettton from the third coi a ever Imember of wc sbing
Scie 0121 te < T ie t u til e w a phar otf te i lap in a talented
2L '. heAa, tot nt e of allngof the wamrd w ne r proper pu on
uthe +ethtloneo to the Bo oa street, A igt" on of Ointr fdlued by CoMr. By-
J.lv Be xM* ,Z .ndCa with "LI Holzbes. 9R borish the mayor

SO thene ie tie, ea that o cn r th ee wle tea one e third d it

.l nte eitt m, elm I o Iwh powt~ ols bt doted eo

g^nTlfIte. awar onn-- called at- TP Fil.i and U.ee iWar-

nick ald na,.o fermaibf trom th e ttiM"* u war cs eee.. To rmtingt oi
I ; a r Plroa trackihn laid In to be O e Pet OrVE. BYO
a Open WI3C&T. L In m

1 e te main rewere nornHion &W reoition So" 'i au-

,JG to the neie tat wo he 'The "PlU en1 i #w a Id U. e the
r0 e. .T -tod, the Boa of Public Workst he Preungedr taftght and th
i` So 11 S 1 tbmk* nstruncit a comrte f'em on srreets and -Do t ofiWUe To-nighL o
Oft *rovOF A" eowhoo in eke wia d to connect wpth the main tIrm S~uyon w D pie

i *amc iin need oni e "ih OerDond wy on Uf" the a Kate-
-S 5 ga^A oa petite Joneaifle. Tban oom gron- support" eaW a enerid aeely
I Veml gin o the.a gidn aen represent owiy ti ree second hat the daitne t e ln bomted e

wIS pnovidbm4 W to the pg vat and dr oa m 'Te 0 of the. 9 at t Casit no

Rdu em t tid ete mee thn better ateaL rr theatre ibsp ee lublw t of the.
n- Non- and *ad councilmen, and which was auron e asor 1 LM i the MblJe

-~ cPmnca nU~ed e ~ =via 4a24Mi
-hi eeec-it i the ooe "n tl e he pa etie-al
i~sdraMAP a obadpw at tjou1~Pp b b sial
-5 oot4 ii~kaho1W ore the jecvarna 3e*yboed b d em a t.
-_ to do^ M4 Is

The Chief of Ni066
Favorably lipr"e
pie of Thin Seotisa
Can Stand Off a 3

From tSturday' Da
Whle In ithe cl
(enera John .L fil
enRuew kwtO urpa of .I
ainy, aaid het b& w


I do no taeaa tat > e
South do nat argt
for war tee i ta e b

them appear idh a the
"Hew did I th An t 1 de
pacta of Mawr' bas

it blut ttwe it

e loentrye toht I a( vet l
mawarnlg ow t

mallaw a kee a w ee t he
tr ahe erthe kg lat s.

Thany foeis. pow that tt

oaret t heen gue w e e
a1 was en-route WoONe
Bimdwr d &AModay j tMA^N
eawt all over the cooB| y|a .
up to thebhlct;Mpte bby Wwe:
for the recan of 4061. -l4
reaehed naQ W i4a6
le Oetmanr. and I sat 4

that *aw wvtee. m b

our ee In"Peettoe
Immed that pMoak.
Teqb et and fo.i I fte

clude ta It vaoslw

"Now did I ALnd tbe 494M 0et
the country that I -,'*To iM
Won I wiln rmaki-86 pT"Prkn cktW
ter whben I raturs to Ia baafio
am ""a I wt may., kod <6t
any fenlc2L power thai tack a= < e our (wtred Po
meet with a warA rvinaft3pt^''

AMP tarsws then. too Sy&


A o ient To me 0

The Cuina aofa
aeid ha tahe U '
peomXe of t sl*Adto
thSeafire hamee It

ad 3tr fee- ai

otined to thb Uinied
war i tendered. -.
maid woid befiarC
mble to B an bae
ccmeted, mM Sqe-

at item e W'iww 'm e, uusueeAeL
wee iBtrodued-r s-Y

blwet ai e alls l

let the omend diar l
nrc a. dr ti b '. :.ea ,t.
yorf~. to ,rr i t y mt -

en 0wi ocH
4b" to each o w oe T10131111"B

--oma a ameoac wth

c ever a.ree ea t
it.6 tracq and f- at to coes jd sea

l"ew T Chorkfi, rilerri; -to
ii Ahs t v mpet, enti.y s,; i.Twr seeey
-pear s 8ptenlr ank nohe lien quoted
L L th t tr retka 4. and the Utited States
S"foek t not tar from 12t. That is to
'4Mriie y. that R promle of te United
Stia- to a g Lean smu ith I.nter-
Sli at at 4per e ont is worth alott exactly
ti tce at at Stw ar promi e s woth
o the awrti of Span. The difference
Si t s can ~enormous handicap.o
.-.i ba sehat the, power which .ia to pay
.-a -7.twlC n m.th foroney f the other,
ase du which. of eoIrse needs It twice
anbas bdl. or it would not mave to be
SR. taeda wth teams so hurplflating."
ih:vJR That is jet about the ucifecaie be-
t. tweens e two acotries. The promise
i^eSse, me of the UnlteA States to pay is good the
Sword over. I n fact, fromtbe above
S' *frtatlon It is now 20 polntstnmore than
o-uw whi e' srUtn i* 20 poln below the
S- ord. But tiere can be no ampartson
AOaI ,b .tweme the two. obantre. One is
- h.. ouuol.f tun of thb visor of
A 06 i) lh au h- tand ibantred by It aibl tadil-
w% us qB U a ersdacl osaraetr-f r justice
A t b.op4 for al g reater s and
niv,- -tiO.. The
fst h 'no Wh eW Udohnd mh*ha sbe haq
S t ernBb ip a. member o the Bng.
t .m P.r.ia,, w m oa p nioure
's o

tlePUm o WOO. l guts out of the ra e ^ natlou
eib o not benab l ne to o;uwrh Lei
9s0 PaVtI CUte-lio f eMd. she
a-; d ~. isat the Untdl ,Stse7
Vtb~ .risdates tda Ueeu Wth
it n n ort of
a. wi ni tt aoio, spaSI to asp war with
IL hi uc a Pe fllf we
his v "ti anaft*. &W aa eqpte, ti of.
^'rij4i0trt conno dobat toot tlWt Bp~
bin annedto -W demia f adUthe united

T y60 al pot s AI'tsus
l- Mt- hlt qTh-.L5 ifOWV- ear at

^P^t fa tWOvIand medP. ieths e bue

L *6tin W n lo *A offee
r- Eh-wtC ousb gd- to-a b bome-
3El5"TT 'll~ji toss= iam* eui cut swear at

W5T~a~. Iftt da b w t whuhea In
_%9 firt&ndOa m anA modsfome be-
awn*'t1Wii no a w g t Lo r Morno to
Nf~s~b;t.N e a Xnd n c*rx to Point

^^,,^:^W/f4. beaJstt counter ofoUB.

S,11 eset bi the Bual-

c^it.yes cSleflebony wiis < In Ladus-

i r

,Aing i~

T f




romm Jackaville Metropols.
The Tennesseesa are hot after mmau-
acturing industries. and want to adopt
he M issisasipi and Alabama plan of
getting them. This ta an exemption
rom taxation for tan years, and this
Is a big offer. The expertnet of
bus inducing Industrial progress might
e watched with profit by other States
The nmi.: oJect in the liberal offer of
labarna and tlasslnaaippi is to induce
he building of cotton factories, and it
nay be the only means of ever getting
hem Into Florida. While the (aro-
inas and Georgia are contiLllOly brag-
gtng of their many cotton illb and
handsomee profits, Florida has not a
Ingle spindle turned by steam or water
power. Does it not seem strange, witt
he splendid crop of sea island cotton.
heap labor plenty of fuel and water
a Florida, th&t no one has taken ad-
vantage of them to erect a cotton aOc-
It may be necessary to exempt from
xatlon to get factories, ad it is


The following address has been Issued
by the National AssociatIon of Deo-
ratlc clubs, of which Chauncey F.
BlEac, of PennsylvanIa, ts pensident.
he association was organsed at Balti-
more in 1883, and s composed of aU tthe
leading Democratic Clubs of the country.
he attention of the Democratic clubs
of Florlda is called to the address.
"The National Association of Demo-
ratic Cuhbs will celebrate the one hund-
ed and fifty-fifth birthday anniversary
C Thomas Jefferson at Washington, D.
., Wednesday, April 1, by a subscript-
Ion dinner under the ausplces of the Ex.
cute Committee of the association.
"The reverential observance of Jeffer-

on's Day has bec ne a significat hardly to he expected that we would 1
usage of the Democratc club and of get them unless we make as generous lOt
he Democratie party. It furnishes a fears a other Sates. Se tbe
tting occison for renewed decrations Florida ha a u d industries, and aill
f devotion tothe fnt-m.ner prinde- f them eem to thrive, and It to evi-. y
pies of human liberty, for which the en that Others of a different character 40 imi
arty was original formed to uphold 'OUld something should be done to i
nd defend; for the revision of our party ncreane them. Ctton dctories fur-
octrines as applied to the conflict of te h auch prottable labor for the
he'our; and for a timely review o the vorthy poor, and increase population
entralizing, corroplng and oppreaeive nd business in section wherever 6s-
neasures of our ederalist opponent# ilbhd, Twenty ywar ago lands
rho. under que name or another, have hat were old and rwor out ields io t OWlt
roa the foundation of the Repuhle outh Carolina are now.progr sve vl-
otght to revohrtionise the Constitution ages from no other emmeawhatever- goo,
y false construction and false admin- han akl tlhe factory aits. Why v
straton. can't Florida do the same thi"ig i tbs
"--It is beliexed that never since the COST OF AR. A
aues between the oootendlng foroes- -- t
lass, privIlee and wealth on the one A naval battlenowadays Is the costl- -
ide and the pecqle on the other-were est in all the bistory of wars. The
first clearly Joined In 1719 or in 1800, fleet of te United States opposed to
when the first great principles of the the fleet of 8pan, in attive engage-
emocraticcarty was more imperative- ment for one day (sunrise to sunset)
y required that at this time. would eat mbre money than many of the
*--We therefore earnestly advise the ways of the pasS
)emocratc associations of the United It would cost $26s.00 to fre Sandy
taies whether large or maull to 'oln Hook's mortars once. A shot from an y
ith the National Association of Demo- f the big rt.Mes s worth IS. In a two-
camte clubs on the 13tt of April next, hour engapment five ships could -r A A U ihas t
at such hour and in such manner as I way 1,i3Sf,000 In ammunmiton. Now, is lon na yI
lay best serve the wishes of each sepa- bear in mind, that the largest-calibered A f. Amero
ate ortanisadon, n a common homage, and highest-priced guns are only good fa A wj
to the memory of the great apostle of for a IlmItd number of shots. 'So to
American liberty, he author of the his cost per shot for ammunition, you The jaws of
Jecaration of Independence, and the must add the quotient of te original e Wallistod
Ddr of the Democratic perty. aod In vane of the gun avoided the sot..
esh expression of oat unalterable de- c i'ty- Eac $100,000 divided by 29. Klndergatiem A
ermination to preserve the heritage of equaling f. To supply our present t-Wa ,I. lditg
freedom as it come to us from c f fore-, P ah with needed ammunition costs nMn at nee 0.
athers. and to resist by every lawful t0. pe t nL nt..
fans in our power the encroacihments he wtr o o oe nt
The war scare wili he of one benefit x 2'S p
Sforganistlt health and monopoly upon to Tapa for it Ip already tt-- y man fm
he pconeot t rlionto the Oe olty of I mp e aociated wn
re need not particular e here In* what nt ti ltea p O be t
ammts in the Chanrm l da up T OOe
motcal tol s these encroacumenta ay. N er effort should be made to-r the
Pir to-day. They are ee and ave Congre make appnpraton Xr.F.O
hewn of alu ten t1ey ae not mt or the permanent lhwov tht of the C" aS
ad defeated before the dr"n et the bmnep located at t"
wentleth century we must be tontet eI a o we the Repablic of Warshlitoba nd
e emon replaced b4 an ol schy of Lent. and it is wre to eat too mSh a
,r Moth taest and usrdid t lo tta-se t the car*aprty Innces. Or psh't
n :rany d g. txing for private The to ticket is a eor war ae- i
r"o.se. sf-g rl g Mon pk.es.o tie o- sp A- u w
owing the aprfs of aM ourl notris. 5 1 r
'taking frad the mouth of Labor the A womangwets t e best of a aMIa when gsu e
read It has earned," and ashattin the se ets hs heart ae "t
qpr of opportunity to all but the rar- a te smf -

tbe tWe Csist i r ss .
aClm TIsi eSTATo oN FOR iAMP i away L4&r to ans paid the '

The Cubapi o Tampa and ticlnlty nc. 4 eul
Save expressed thee deble to rganise d ~esL endowaient
SagiMAPt qomped entirely qf uba nsa a m hamSan eat A
nd tead s serv to the Fto the COr ealtc n @Momog =
o ntowathe.we. e -ento, dt a m .ii
o t e f e e to- ep up riches if in doing brea.4 d
-he Vnltestattesrand Spain.. IA the Tins his health and his capacity forfOu givehipaeLi
-a- in te .United States o rmy -ejoe ,t' P wt. it- i 5~h
"dh~ng as howpiaarmttb Al di&Av NOWTOPA
re- ow e-a- iedian aBe. u recrlts a l the gold %I the world wl l not man e asadut &tlOg1
ae a he to have a t- hq o I hi ns and p -i
a~. t eiat qah r oto Tam b, o as~ ~ ,m reaction Of.,bow s m 8 fa.,,
"0faasslow bu.e m advance of ta an' d tf U
0Vj^tPY~a h asfean Opport y enemnY co415s ption., w e W
gOivelttiitolt tang- to qtorttfe osziozwill bt take tle rilaht care t a Bnm wasa at
O4lmt Wu t lutiog to to himself mid doe right comedy ihi nesy betiohaRtedao
e t ofiu (-traveling to the nearest re- protect himsef against. this rolentler 'ailes
o xttr tiati That the cuba uy eery I er c's Golien Medical Ch(?ief Bagfu
Discovery is not ciy 0a mse preventive, Bnnai IHMK
-said ma^lts good midlers. tbesr ran be but an absodute c-re for consumptico. i t
o doubt, tfr they have provenlttls by cures 98 per cent of all cases- It acts, thaIZR of l**u

hat have been aent ro Cuba b Spa-In paritiea : It is the great blood-makelr, tte
~ *Ing the past three yeear jt the and dehbulder. Aftwasting dusca broaght wl t
.(?bans La the United States wish to p^ tnlto its action. ^th o Mt ^
.arte tp arms aad serve thia country Ii sell it.
- be ayent of W * ailydwhe ed to do as d -e telt.Of~ ae etskgattCo wta.f 1 liyei ^
.vrnmnd ,licsd ^Ehl the i esoos thsbr odcubot tool et solauilse ve lt
/patuntlty, A tenuing ro O so&d t Opt^S^ h1beadbee 'Th'e ssse
4shtetsfaef in Tarepa would be besieged 2^^,. Je . dd'Pimsnt
"-4th ctptlgasos for net only the jt. a L -CtaOec
I-pt a* henn iltaber of native bor . - and wiffataatd*

r C, -tyhyd

:ora .e 13 1

eta r -.;

- teaa wosi l

st~ sssi

iaPJop,"aerv Se thmcan"
A as1 -
~-~6~~~. pttur~Jbdn

Here yo



-. -


rB;ATOI TY. 5 ecumrionets Charmed With Their
.r I'" al s Trip to the Tropics.
L l^ lib Be ' Di"re steamer Irascotte. of the Plant
.-" m D- D stefatsulp Company, returned at U;
i.ant d o'clackL yesterday morning from the
S 1d aLl h opth frt ecuis ton sof the eason to the Is-
S-wbe. anO res aa iaddmr lna Of Jaratai- and all or the excur-
f.ae.B;- s .est old braSt ortost e opreised themselves s being
srr, whl be samt.4 trI on dinhted with the trip. On board were
PSI S-t a sneal beI re two.W and. o .a Plant. I, yor GUllett
Smeallo LWJBfa ad aboutforty others who sailed fro- n
Wei Nuixa0r1 iJa~aalea, who took advantage of the
rr that would fand them at a
'Akl. Is '114. LIaW.-I cer-'Piorida pert.
tr Ihav be ored of irdneAyi lN. Plant, sad the entire party, said
h ? WLs h eaup tr p wa one of the most pleas-
00 andO4 S"so I ca I
pa'.l Ilt ant that they had ever experienced.
ItB. L B.grotndaf t Tte party left Port Tampaton Saturday,

prw Ptark. Tor CIt ity w" treIa party of about a dozen tourists
'"d 4 St ht ween two we n4 batded the steamed. The rm around
i Plb P-mdaro.-~bo, he Island of Cuba and to Port Antonto,
lr het m asm -.aP nm dellaghtfWu. The weather we& per-
^ r^ .settr ) tB and sothhr happened to smar the
Ic im. to a h-es was reached on TueMday
i4 and te next theSaet or day were
.L.eYiit t sa.t t lttb the polats of interest
L tai IS.t m .t a i. o'eah
Vile.mt1^ -..;4- l Pat Port Aet bio the trlM was taken
.1 seo; oatrai sato 4n6a Vega, ad lr-4ing-o
es^ co1 A e stoa n ltai og tfte aandr. DAeong the
a eeet oto ore. Vt 4 ear nXsbrn was he

S ale ~ ~ thast dwat' aod whBha s at ans ie-
S oi.o about LO Wto IAD feet abowe
So se Thae vilu oa Orthad Towae
tr h i,, r aq ,Ib e Say of the ope river Cold
aPeu O 4 tnbs Do Walk Valey, the
=tpLf .eafei oai rheoatdqerh of the
(, Deab u amt 1 t3 aindnpa rejlmneis and various other
ae S as ^S ga Ini1ste olOoft e t -monsFtin-
2.*d oaa~~ys to the nt to s tdolhtai
vf ster ltisg e number of
id o k the party proceeds ttohs mont for
of oaCatrs D i the lorth s de of the Island,
T^Lx Ni^.i they faPund the ascotte waiting
'; if U,.-:p4 bsitbwi .it te. mThe' rteamer le rft mvntego
,- .. 7".' l as Saturd&ay night asd maled dl-

.a..yj B theled ,* "aigtv Ooisos are the bane of
iiMaoa se-ifthe ydtemL SOiB cbs eisatls life.l Wtaen sick. s
it tour siko.p Is oaedo~i&y indigeste
r ao.. eiee6 petaiL I so. take Shaker Digestive
Sti C pi.1Aa Tbh I the only certain way
iSty rlbs O id io ttonl permanently curesd because it
Si'the only wag that get'rLd of the pol-
C^aC^L~SSJSSs Y'oruet k1no "tthao WV lt fgnnented food
o %AV-Feenthteso "wtMethr de ^ pohamDoatsa You knowa that poison
t eherks. IrL W. Oodagiton. If ebeCstf thebetomaoh of fermenting
grciB tfe poctw It" OeD and parties the blooded a system
Lfcdodily *Lsamuatt eMsa di 4ndgdlvet' poisona. It cores in-
1dgeeatNic aad the diseases that oome
of It. Wihtda?. dissiness. nausea.
pe. Sein of Turkey Crerq S Ctmaadhe-ihe. weakness. flatulence.
~ dig; t yaqtdrday. ; iqoiitupartlon/lieof appettta. Irritatelty.
.eftwn ha ret~urne fromtqThese are a few of the symptoms,
,5riHo.Arla, caused by indlgestive poisons, cured by
r haker Dtretlve Cordial.
WJI1**^ 'etiter, of '9rnldio~n At deiweicta. price 10 cents to 1.0e
- M 12L hblmp soiest eyl r boCttihe
16*1 1 do p arVo4 e le leaves this moronIn for
tsa..i'Bi, .r aduw t sec, *j- jitlap in the Iteres t of the Wing Ci-
^l~ f 'ihf:':. wf4u d d oo ^Co.t o which he is member. cHe
01C. her Il bgon abot taoi twaes J urin
Afew--at"oiTa e re% timshe. ale 'n wo illasi it k
p 4at ga>Dhas;'gog.t lrP.rena msnot'fBoairn.
ufiW 'a lT "oto Aa aautesb I*dAerrltt, oit Jurevd by
Ases e lsg Flt orida Tes-nlos
a^ffi*' co- inythe rdayandftordthewTrinsie
'Wh S tmoakrSwSeda odugrang
V" Uws r was siecaabtvly lwon,.
lam" Sri!~b
As. eiv*Aad -Aho Flarl ThoeseUaag

r L"~d"lz

tem enectuauy, dispels colas, hnea-
achesand fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Sprup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro-
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac-
ceptable to the stomach prompt in
itb action and truly be in its
etects~prep redoLy (roitheost
healthy and ageeble subsatnnc
its meay errel'ent qualities com-
m.d i to all and -hae de it the
most pop-lar reedy Kown.
Syr p o Figs is for sale in e5
cat bottes by an leadfag dru-
Sis. Any rerabic drmtg wn
maty not ave it ocuhams wfl pro-
care it prompol for any one who
wshsotry it. Do not accept
any e s t?. DSseS

aiU,ls Its, Cadies. makes,
Pies, Cigars and Tobacco.
With Every 50o Pur urhe a GOlss of


Adams, Beck C&o.

New Orleans La.

Largest Receivers in the South

Merchant Tailor
(NoeL.I. Deprt.)

SAl! work mgawed. eutis" to'
*nbpe0a br fbrs sm and of thIo
a ..

In the O ft, lO

The country to

There Twill be n die

hats of the very 1
cheapest to the bet.
Organdies. You a

mail olden. .I

Never has there
consisting of al th
There will be on diaf
Flowers and rhyi
hats of the very
cheapest to the beat.
Organdies. You an



- ti 1e 9
Fl~orida asS Mw


is s d.B "I. .

iM p cmld
--n Y -K

esat spring ty,
Witness our dispi o
invited to be pean d


rater Pa
TifilE N&rj

-.-,I K, ^.

I -:,A ..'.. .I '
Si wen you see the beauty pd novelty tat abound. And thin mau m r ~s.
be content earyagthe haneyed, ordinary mrchadiBe-ch that ou
yle tbht aidfer from th usual run. Yo'lU fnd here the goads seen onl r of t
saha tefrua wag earne have cp6ie to make this store their head th re
ready servo you beer than any one else.
4 pss ae to o. _io0ach sancee Ming a on-the spirit pf.
a T'li si diain~tltus about it that yu'll not fid elsewhere
" ... ... ^ .'_ :' :: .- ;, .
4,_. i' ,., ..


to4 fl le.

ce,". were D
a Bfever so gr

EL>.- Amid-these'
a Ladies Wear is ex- Ight msy a
3ree in dur- present aoiEpk' skt" l
Suits, Skitits, Waists Weooi14 fl
e never so tob.tsgThreas Gpods
aver so lov, spriag4m Ld Bife
*eat as 0t presenting feast your epr
vilood tatb '

we4r, U' derwear and Shirts
,-fai '- .It.. the pat of t"i store and stock, the autemt .may soond
e before hajif Wo many mr, original, rich efforth-never such a perfect,

S* ..1 :-,-

r... i
:-.:.,,, : : ;.:--.' .... ;.,,:' ::-.:.: .. -_ ... .- A.- _



~. P 1 --

..V t. r ,.

6~~ii T N,~;


m V. Iel ReL
had ~ Sr
rsM i'Waedefl e-B


-~mn ~ -- -. *
In1 piy to an Inquiry of
Ily. / DvirnA-wy,. the finance
met in adjourned ,Mteq that money is bell
d Meorwre hours oldte rapidly by the tax cc
j thpor- the ptpospect Is good for t]
S-t upon- #witbh two weeks of the
tiegih saIt emmtploesM, which bd a ve been
a DOm- or ^ve months.
ch ote AftWr more talk &bout sit
lb cit 1tt. & sM, &te meeting adjourned
,--At.V, al of 'IE BODIES RECOV
krOtlsa o was re-
Bi C Co-, call- Pbe of Ahose LDrowned o
they heroe
s qf Opeaftr l Shipl 8 d
ai .. m. iaa a Daily.
ifccPS s The bodies of five person
tmlawtle grma- 5- "r Wet last week v
from Marcoo to Ker West o
I' gaw, te oon- mer dwedV were tbro

IIr a to st m i tet the otr t
e ted over the. Mam
iwe.r mt tim Bh Wpt Ctha s ort or. fort

i w ati w es trip on the Speedwel
tt opet. Thseho
S~lit ia jfa y5>aS-> Lia tbahl*s drowned as iwe
ui.kw9td tnS childie of Ct. Collier ci
the Vp- he ohoomer,
lt th e ha of the Adea
Sas tis ther. two deckh oha

Mt Were drowned.N
east -aeesids Bate, of Myelats oa., wre
s W00ebrows- were oasrled to Key West
S r a cipt Tmi4 and t once made a
p Womrks to re-lver the bodies ,whlc
me. c edq taof the Speedw t l.
tt board Y orkJaaurnars er team ~vci
i* imWasd waM s eoured and went tatr

the bdea igof ht of toe
4ruOanc!reea thAt were drowned.
S tr eMm relahott e oa the. Ic
r ired to heae the bodl te
e kste weat o Bridgeport for l.tei
.iB .~ waad orders] as carried, out bh
bitg B. P-Baker. nd the boi
o- mtetdy. On each. of t.
was death certificate $tvl
etlwmisfIsis. as- andit of the decessed. as
of thi*tF Wor- to the statement of Coroner J
OWr" 1or afect~ tMt 4etu was caused bp d
k . e4& looaaltee T4 de bosdi were thee
.V n Zon qadtIPlcn agied c yearss;
3tedoaJedoted Oaw .N1iholas. 63 years; Ma. I
Bflktt-ateyt jy, 5Sf Bredley lb, 0c
Vl F S ho be &M&rOMidush 3
-1,- BtTb-'' wod Beasdbied hi
I07wflN m aRiot yet.1"ecn
Ut tti ts iotLL to

-Caos vettJ and Colerd as the I
trcin, 10 be carried to Ute b

fd jf- bow0 a B hlarto 0me
IfaB3SfLSSB ried 1p
7i~CtCtcr h .CL
As~~Ei~B k~ttnctatg xe

who has spent
and who doe-
mm ormat-vr,

me was in ma- vloee lat i't 1 o'clock, =ad B~ '
the graves.dr the dar morningg at 10: o'clock a special
d at the tlme of erM n.nwl be preached o the chldrM.
eare defted with After a short talk to the oare Kr.
;n. Thbs cere- Lee Mt speak to -the chlldrean. Im
ed every fourth chiMdio town is requested and Irnedf
9 of respect to the to tend and bring their parents to
men -he died at thisneetUng.
Mr. ae s win The Moody books are attl oa sale at
th the teadtM Cu- the book stand in rear o tabernacle.
it Ls possible that and aboiald buy at once before too
ore here upon the late .
n Cuba, and upon
He is aceompan- TOUR
. Aliens Toot-Bes a powioer for the .
THW MAXNK teet. It cures. piinul, Swouen, a -.
, dprusry t sr eet rad tm-.atytahms at 0 tm l-

tamhp M ela after cotur t so Ver o thA. age. L B
Wawa -oe .a m t- c he.-qgand

'shifts Mot --


a ide. PtLAI T CITy POINTS f M
ul anna I Newsy Items Picked up in the Weigh-
barbood for Tribune Reaers w
a ar asa W'e esasyed a nice rain the last of
oa Oere the wask. g of boo houft week,.
= W'the 1Mr. W. flalL of the Cork Academy
Committee neighborhood bad the oaiortune to o O CUL eat
istructed to he bitter y rattle snake on Thursday
at nce last while out after a rabbit with his -
hal ia opin- dog. Very known remedy iwas re- *M e o .eoDA
t adno sorted to, bt of no ava; be died on TAMP BAT RY B TOPO
t tax upon Friday night The funeral topk place
Saturday eresing, burial at Bethlehamn,
arr depart Rev. E Todd. officiating. The de- Or Fortifications Constructed So As
Ie month of ceased leaves a wife and faml1v.r Protect t.he Pp ,tom a
re had been . Wrht M.D. and aml en to Protect the Pt rom a ostle
department one day In Tampa during the Moody Fleet-The Chief WiU Inspeft
r $460.76 to meeting-s.
ie next four Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Knight reached Othr Ficrda Ports
Plant City Wednesday nfiht, after a _____
Councilman stay oT two months in Nashville. Tenn.
committee. A pair of fine twin baby boys were From Friday's Daily.
ng collected made welcome Friday morning at the Major General John M. Wilson, ache
llector. and home of Mr. and Mrs. .he paynmenr 3 s Lee Wllks has been quite sick the Ollvett.
salaries of for the past ten davs. States army, arrived on the Oivette
due fourour The Ladles Lifbridge and Lowry yesterday from Key West, where he has
will open out a new and stylish stock been Inspecting the fortifications that
lewalk gra- of millinery In a few das. are being erected for the protection of
L Young Mr. Brown, s6n of Mir. J. H. e being erected for the protection of
Brown, of Clearwater arrived on St- the Island.
EKtED. urday and -will spend some weeks with Gmneral Wilson started out last weels
his brother-in-law. Mr. E. C. Hendrix on a tour of inspection of the prinoial
at the hdme place. Southern ports, and has visited a num-
a the Schoo- 3Mr. Edgar W. WaggIns. of -the firm ber of ttes. It was expected that he. PnL X
te SNhoo- of Carlton & Wiggins. Is absent on [ul t t oD rt
North. husimms He will visit Mimli. Key would extend his visit to Dry rTortuga. al 9s
West and other Islands In the interest bt bt did not go beyond Key West. perBox. sa wed a
S of his commission house, expecting to From other passengers on the sip It
s drowned be gcne seval weeks. M W. A.w i exed that he appeVed to be
ehi 2a1l1g e mon wl2 assist Mr. Carlto w In
a the mcboo- the atory during the absence of Mr. deeVpi interested in Tmpa DOW and7
*htr to Port Wisftns enquired particularly regarding the C
on to A number of strangers are n our depth of waer, etc.It is possible tMh
1 an streCet ttein days, and ur hotel men his visit may be of great benelt to
O.MWest, and m ouite bur.
nt 7stm to Several are having new Irish pota- Tm p, for If he rcco anwnc the im-l
crit.r toss of good size and quallt". medisae deepening or the channel, whlie
.0o Bradley ," o oonverts at the. Baptist the present war scare is on, the work
Mbe t 6 and = were formerly baptised on l most assuredly be done, for 'the ;
ai t and S sveni by Rev. W Bogart s
rt. Who were Mr. ] I. .ldmonson has had hirealies the MpOrtLnce a
o strted o newl arr ed house painted in white thi port as a port for the debarkation
trnm Marco which adds much to Its appearance. of troops and supplies.
Sa- Mr. P. C. Drew was in town atuday If this work Iprecommended by him
r was ca- eve inr ot a ew hours and expressed he will no doubt also recommend the
tI"'N, bolas himself as beinm ,erv busy carbnw for
re also three his tobacco seed beds and crop pros- construction of suitable fortifcations
nnmmander of peels generally. at the entrance to the bay as a protec- .-'
Rev. W. E Bogart left Tuesday for tion against a hostile fleet This In
Dade (itv.
deirt Cat The frm of Sfler & Powers. totac itself would be a great thing for Tamp
ad W. growers, report thetr plants doing well. en. Wison would give out nothfn
saTe. They Someo large enough to enant out. These for publication, regarding his tour of
by a fihing entlemen are goin a Into the business nupection, beyond mentening the
a itensivel Tmurnosim i to ilant out many points he has visited Ie will leave
rrAemensrte acre. having no fear as to results only ths morning a n willtvist ensco
I were l the If the tobacco Is raised a realv market this morning, and will visit Pensacola G.
The New will be forthcoming, and other points on the iu i C oast.
it liuceaneer iWhile here he was a guest of the Tampa
were found e
nine persons Work on the Krause Block to Begin DBATH OF W. J. MARTIN. Ribb and I l
In a Tew Dayvs. ,
holas famIly Fromn Thursday's DaIly. An Honored Citisen and County OfR- LB M M
uie A.n .. Shaw, the well-known conirac- dal ]Easse Awnay. Al 4....
nbalmed and If ciaPl. Pases Av .
tor and builder, was yesterday awarded 't
rmoltL The the contract for the erectloa of the MHotL William Martin. a member of
F undertaker Krause block, on the corner of Frank- the Board of Public Instruction ot Hills-
lies arrived lin and Zack atreeta. which Is to be borough county bled at his home in the t engths 0
e.'ire cofns occupied as soon as completed by Man Alfafia section yesterday morning of
ng the na Bns The plans for the building were pre- consumtlion.i O
id cDntaining pared by McGedkn & Jay, the archl. Mr. Martin had been iM for a long r li I' Fine Of
. J Warren, tots, and It Is stated that the buHding time but was only confined to his bed a'die '*a i
lr'nlng. will cost about l7,0 t Itt Wi1ll be aor ew days. He had spent t T i .Kid.
ofi gnif ioent structure, and an c-rnaent pr- t easnt t.
of to the c The out half of th greater portion of the season at St son t 4
Mrs. Sarah building, on the first and second floors Petersburg, for the benefit of his health.
[da'Niolas, will be occied by Maas Bg s. and Be left there and came to Tampa last b .tai ln
laS. 8 years the remaiLer will be oc iebya va- u an ren u
i e. The rious n109 omses sao od os. Stuhday and remain until u 0esday 0
S d the Work on the foundations will b t the ome his broter-in-law. Mr.
in a dew 1day and the worX on the J. J. 30vans. on Tampa Heights. He eat the i
. the two building will be psphoed rapidllf until was very weak while here and left for .f
recovered completed. A etiton for a pe sslon his lome h eday morning, and con- Wi
ith 8as the to erect CA bUlldinl Zha been granted.
Select tebdin ha een granted inned to grow weaker until the end ad
omiethaLt a From Thursday'a Daily. The deceased was a most worthy tB
0 beorp Th is'morni at ?:30 at the residence mam. and was unulersally honored and ro oi0 to
-hwee of the bidelanther n nTampa eIghts respected a thepeople ofsthe wrtheco-
S est anel oore ill lead to Hyma r ever terms h a ta connector
p fiv In altar Ws Josphine Kennedy; Rtev.,
Mr. Polge np othciate in ids character- oa the county and filled the offce to
i st and ai wesive style, anc. only a the -qi*fection of all. He was elected
T#.A few of tt nmedlate relatives of the a member of the Board of Publc In-
oc ,r 4ri Gitie l witnessa th strction in October, 18M, and wil be
that wIll bind A b uap cp or re adly mssed by the other mmbert .
shai avi aeeni solemnised, Mr. More of the board. .
and. Mrs. will depart .or New Mr. Martin had resided in Higabr ..
SCberlar York n (h the groom bas so ough oountp for a nundbr of yrnt
t0 ,s r lsnd credt a good POtion at v ery lra of the
t ladles and is deservedly popnuar with ountry. He leaves a widow and several
Ss atie n( 0l,4 whie Mt. Moore hi a .children who haIve e h eartriet.eym-
lain Sa In- tlmlties, patb- of =n== fc d -
ac i ne t to.n"ake the chVON. of
o tee 5tate many trleads (wish them ah the happi- --
ci 1 unes and property known to domestic The Tabernacle services tinue to
% ?^ t~fcitr, sad ns but good w sheal go Attract La s Cge wd. Crowds.'
Switch theni to their new home. Flo Ftriday's Daily X i

S P sfsl'sFe Tal ugp dvision of the State Na- "When Be, (the Holy Ghost) is ace, a Lea s
$15 0 v al Militia is now the proud possessor He will convince the worM of sin." wa "
te ,o b9i- Et-a new d4i nTce Gatlin gna of 188 the bbect of a romsing mraOh by l .Dh
. -i, ss^%model. 'hew gun ar f yetsr ^^ .
dgn, and wee tiedfned to lson. f. ac
.=a S^~~r In ths were lght. Mr. 1 e s vattab te '!t5 L
aI Ifotw1Sr ii the andcv, m. Cual r, sad he seems, unable to
amltiit s rSf ss hal bMts. Ftlna gem- ph thet trea cropplig out in all his
SSL? S&.a^^K S~.'BSL.' 's??^-^'0- rNr ) *


.: i 'f

ad herF,


hW,0' w


A r" sa saaN evening a t t6 E1wN B
VnSS S le alnchored, a te noth of 9HDSSS
MSE biafp fl thIe BDa PrdrW night trget praE-
up tearrMe twice was engaged In for seeal hours,
7hu bt the hots were not head AtPort
t 3the Trnopa as the reeucers weroe wd, ad
aO sinai mined rtridgss we2re ied

-:dSr Sthea ho u U'L* whwssl Et ral -W "


"" '" : ( n the N qn i sto ...,

Sf two and a half miles, or there-
b aOq ofe of the irtacpal pa hotels aITS IE AoI I WiAUBl
the ity. Doubties n llety per cent
Sthe Ouboad eonverts hate a one eack -

awho ad oitn xue ac oathat Willa enur t Wo yWest Tesday
Us beeatonse that man, woman or child
Sas dead. Board-Lirot of Opieer
A' hPye wwho wH dellberatetl turn -----
ioowe a cow bell at night On a sleeping From Sunday's -Dally.
Scoutk=,lty, should be crudfied prompt- The Cloted States cruiser Marble-
pyad damned awfully, and by "brute."andr
,I I do not mean te cow ues it can beaa eat
shown that she strapped on her own Port Tanpa yesterday morning and
One OGient td beL anchored aboKt a quarter of a mile from
But softly! There is still greater the rallrpad dock. The cruiser came
Scr f cLminal vil: the city dai who allows here from Key West vi Dry Tortugs.
2- j*-Pr x e for the cow bell to remain, a posstbHlty
SOab tOfc a bt proeFerly burnt in the constant prayer of tion to te four battleships now station-
I a A Preqet Visltor. ed at that place. a
:oz One pvai The otbeet of the Marblehead's visit
to4 ,The United States Snd Boat 8u- is a ecret. according t the omcers on T
a ord the l waaCnne, Capt. Bee, which ha been en- board, id the office of the Plant
oflsas M? gaged in caemmi-n out tse, Colooushat- System at Port Tampa, but It is an
I W with ths river' for several weeks, arrived open secret for It is generally known O :-
thlre ist on't to l ort yesterday and wl remain until that sh was ordered here to take on d sJ 80 81
.o stadious mt Frida,. ) board a large quantitr of .....Aunuia, Bone, Aci
S,' ~ whipped from the Norfolk navy yard Sl griC
a to Cb l M D. MerI, Jr., rinendnt at wek over the Southern Rallway. Writ for
,-ad .mmead- of the.Bostoag dtitak tf the Adai Some of the mnition has been re-
_ia bre 0g is Comban aud Loverin o celved and the remainder will be here
t F&t eass, a 0 'T4M aOF Tmhe m BaY otl to-nlgtI or to-morrow, and then the
0C6r --h bn s e-srintean- entire ,6t wllI be shie to Port Tam.
^LW *t. f tb he n se s o lw., u n and a oaped oon the cruiser.
S' ., i... l- ...n. The otl ade wih remat at Portn
2fihp3tt a apresspcar0or!A" days bef
ShTWhowh ban eeto ninthe oty ti Key I1est andTortuges.
-. seet ra.tu ii en 41The vesel win be thrown open for the,
..4.. W..&.. ee.. -that ba- been
S" htise returned caption of visitors t afternoon un- Pi's
he V MOON pwv nt fto le|s the commander changes his mind. -
t, 'i aShe is a trim vessel, and is well worth
bOne of tSb most behetiful bouquets viatltin. All who desire to visit her
S S p B ofn a ower arden should go down to the Port on the
tt 4 lb ne atniun tmn. It was train leatvng Tampi at 1:6S, and tne
mqwiS 1 1iMrs. 'fJ.haitlth. of Ne- amps;Bay Hotel at 1:10 p.m.
krala saveiua. who %ps one of th A representative of the Tribune visi-
)Iat m q tdlte southedi homes to be ted the Marblehead at Port Tampa yea-
5 e d n lbrida. Iterdayi and found tpe officers to be
a courteous set of gentlemen. The
H oIf. t Ui rft the Un-ted state army roster s as follows:
tps!e zrd Wb iItdchl. Ke dr weht ar- commander MoCana.
OB be i re ta tbi dp *ris nlmn wldh Lieuent Commader a Nichols
,dcd. .J a ohn M. .W'--On IchlCe of the en- u/>
o n Lletuenant Anderson.
i^-'- I:; TrO, and left with him yesterday Lieutenant Anderson
.k WhI tdebe morning for Washington leitenant Boughter.
Slabs- ter Sh Beriff Speneer Is hving his office Ensgn Pratt
sany ghe js-1 te county eourt hope renovated and Chlefi Engineer Willits.
Ss usl Le d aI tttr' l urp I Lttractlve style. As soon Surgeon Wentworh.
S as the work is conCited ti, Ananias Paymaster, Dent.
fa s whld at- chub wil be Te-orgnsed and a new Assistant engineer. Morton.
~ Sheib r 8sae '-rreidentt eted. Thmre are several Naval Cadet. Van' Orden.
t -i thba e"lke a now on the eligible t, but It may be Pat clerim, Robert.s.
"- aa ~.af to hate a tory-teling con- The Marblehead carries 2 0 men. She
.i r a bmer, ttto uponho t ho e m honor is 160 eet .long 38 feetbeam. and her
is hoavd be comnerred. mean draft s 16 feet. She has a dis-
Splacement of 2100 tons and her speed
The Board o Public Works has re-, or her trial trip bour years ago was
ceived from Jacob Friday & Sons. of 9 knots per hour.
'C"a srleston, the sewerage contractors. Hee armament consists of 10, five Inch
thir bend. for 10OO for the'faithfuli gun, 4, six pounders, 2, one pounders,
Pemde n" omace of their contract. The I. imachne guns and torpedo tubes~ Thr
suarety Mn the bdI is the Fidellty and Tor standard Whitehead torpedoes. She armiL ," (I
Casualty Copany aof Baltimore. The is a sister ship to the cruiser Mont-
i -t contract has now been executed ac- gomery, which hsb frequently visited
.w ft Lo E cordlni to law and the contractors will Port Tampa. rs.e saetm iB
S ben t he work sext reek. They have Orn board the tt ablehead are ten men Sb nS
a. iarelady pS based thas e pIpe. from the battleshipMalnMe. They weM
S* org9 ( ige Chiago, wod-trahferred to t"j Maitehiead after ra we
S"M wo a t'oo& 20LB10- 0o4Chflit0. whode- being brought to yw West from 1 a-a gSl
i estd lestrea n PKy 'West Ohor the vanse. Y meI we iabod the dl aI db b,
Cubpsa elrle and o se Maine disaster. I attlt learn e the time h she lAtI OsW

b0^f Q hew 'ir tg -i1" newwapt men ard. rfUsed to dises s IT OaFm l n
a m ,wb o h ... th e Im -I . .. ,, e lc d dedt al rttnl r th e a to a th at t
-t aib^ Of i ine Th a the anr andw that thae ship wa OLY
p I m ula i2^ m32b i a elasiora program for the Bdn the ofos eO the Marhesgd JackeonVilh
a ,; *.r.- l!sssrwoe, l d it is expected lt is tarncd t*t she toft tKo West ,
*ni-y 6 thtis. JUr craod s UI attend. let} Tursday1 moitwng with a carpo of
I i t a ftor the. t class battle m(CITY OF

S 2 2 in the 011111 no ot lortiadhe a T Marble- e y -


,. W

!LrrFei\-t ~ri
ioe' ffod
g gme

e vision Orone of
- at a dithanOs N
a, gw* order eoutu
- camand "I' the
us for sampt --a
cife a Drdy. ftr

.-..c :.- .:!
<" A :AQ

ke moot i rjo~t' i~som a,'-
ihouldbe "

Ile, 10149-ti~

r. prim fu,~nk d'

lv mii W-. I



', ,
. ,
. -c-."


IJ~owvm C21

S5d, 'lb; at, Onesl Jegotla
~;ie ardef Tspt.

b. ~~iii35w~~ramrgr WbO5C I

hesilS. t ~oaa the ath
a ges- tib`Plis-uttnel tU~tiSl C
AMb ted to AYdosb. I
il arA e'dock teday o
SOPMOU&lp~b bf W Do
~ltwet 4~jss, Sit two~semi
bds i to -ad the hia!pd nova
pros-t *d0t o fnf +Artd am

~oe winfrbi~esra wes
;~J~, ji~~j~a~ i~~k W ho
ft4&.,.'ft&A~Bs *0 to t)

c *now.*.

mvsnllw IA. iamlosed his union re
.W lrv In the tabernacle erected
for the aLodf zmettags, mad has be
a ersIb oC adn tes ar the colors
I s#le to 'n -oe tubernmace Tbi
P fnortIesnr set aside for colors
-| hee ass sea sisnasted for whit
tee iwbaj attend t Fe meedncs J
c fa9. me ie olnmeiad' aw
lsoeole iniSlers of thf city ar
inopBsUr s- as9 ttd the o leetCen.

inum 1&2

.-. Sam. -O s .


SS4 Will Sail Wlni Cargo of Kunitions of
* Com. War For ey West and Tortuga-
cttive Paeparatons for War Are
S-Sear Lus Now Progre inc
ewiSpanish mn- ___
.Dpoy de TTampa is fest coming into prominence
lMts of Spain t as a port of debarkation for war sup-
rtOrba PIy p- ples, and tfom now until the pros-
at 11 pective war is ended, a steady stream
of arms, ainmuniton, and perhaps
t minister romos, may e expected to pass through
bhe Ce e this city..
odkthrt The Crulaser Marblehead wsas sent
l becrsltearie d here to load with a cargo of ammun;-
Splade1| la tlon and transport the same to the
sta. depart feet of warNshs at Key West and Dry
L oy by SeB TortOLas. The cruiser came up to the
afterward rsailroad dook at 7:30 yesterday morn-
he t 0onB ng and began loading with ammunition
frtbeb tour bez ears, which were run
down to the ~ad of the dock.
Before the oars had all been snlodcd
and their apte tti tramfterred to the
iei-. ambt, er, Cotmmander Mcallsa received
S oerd e rs Washinton for im-
S as b IEsediate n of. trfe ruwc Ac-
SdeanrmaSr h the orders for departeMre
wa" another order tearing ma ofloial
oSwiw sea and eriormed: Tolbe opened at
-sleaL 'o sealred order no doubt con-
ined ditredtlions for the fture mmove-
S5 S ebts of tte Marblehead.
bIt was eaerally believed: that the
orders dired that the cruiser proceed
o hIe u tna relieve the Montcomery,
1-- I R at to that vessel the cargo ei
wwinr rtl e a taken on boarW at Port

EB In- obedierce to the orders receeied,
P se b itbe crutler defarted about o'clock,
jssr, asand will nde t be heard from either at
to West pr Haeana n The men on
whfihart board were1reatly excited and all ex-
6135 pressed a desire for an early engage-
me th n t withtr a ,emel of the oSpansh neay.
t saasU. A CUlrvJoau aTHE MeASCOpTr.
R a to It was reported at Port Tampa yes-
a m teray afreiroon that the government
had charteafd the steamer tascotte of
TI r he Pant S ipinsMp Company, to carry
a flln cargo of amuamition from Port
to ] haia l to Viortugas, and Key West for
Wte batilsa4pe. The report was no
o Pro t ombt true, torthe Maacotte Was placed
3 l I. in the dana sand preparations were at
Ir & tn g Oe began for her departure on a cruise
*u -to of some kind
ste tho the nmmuniltsn continues to arrive In
id I '1B nuaatltlies notwitlistanding the
a entaesato deanist of the railroad ofelals. So
jfar car koads have been shipped to
hbe wasna.- Itaap an some of It is now here,
4d epp rtoilUe the remainder Is en-route

iJ olflns bet-ae, a powder or the
des Zfeet. It ageW stamtlO swolpn. s mart-
fu teet aid astantly to@a the stat
S iJ. pFab QOt ot of ooa0 s and bunlonas Ifs the

P.a rt Ir rw N maima t he at-t
X0 JV;At i fkU ad-w TO-to .&v, -

miles B. Preston' I
other executive 1
a remlt of his ea
Istratuo, the muasi
red, ad today stand
leading cities or Am
Preton is thie fra
of Harttord nodwer
orm of govemmest.
period nitbh lanh
[eaaeotaeOI sliwtal.
I as the beteM oa

The IemAm at o thrTpla Wu
momi are wsie to ay thetr-
Nk opt ab Ia bs a -Af t
of twaf parp sor uaisbr t the'
seth to- igst Pointot put to god
mDses- Ohmma t ohe uttope ais"
ha se.h Uni .a sl. e. he..dahe
taftto1 jand these wir a- Ioag
ueg piesie taeide oler It. 5
Sta ie nod ees wh Wse te Wa
dit 2s1We iv vis tago .i
dqn. &M.y .eu.

ar left thiah and rieht hlo b
Somart, coleored, buoaW, ,nan
bout 1 oclocki Both patie I
UTatad typuty bherf J. L St

ps n w e - s us
bled sao ioOusly Psud wowse &a" ue TOO a` =A U^
and "0u s heldd: to swat tthe sualt of her Ia- i 5n- k
and oty duties ..
oPM hr. Sa j et t '
I assured by the At 1esi ptel visYted Port Tama- salm

-- .. ..- a~tt "ao0red&s ~ie Ote attraction ,
tbhe orMpe s tgh aruteer Ibfast he a. tat all
C t e d-ab aasseodted at mt B oowed a t 7w
.rso f oboatd, It does not Uetace th
VOA"grse en8a 6 .Maesnf W ftens os oi
h igrkma1t5 tLat thb ^ri wit aot be ^_
itas4N1 W5 to thIlp swtaserwl',ytt


Has Experinced

Painets C

_ >-:

-- P-


-, R -P a

,it -22- Uft-he I


P IONPRjn IM~dr ~ s

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