Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 10, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00016
Source Institution: University of Florida
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- -r~asrars-
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uLe oomis op, '
km ra.umed on
L e s -- Spain Acted Hastily, But Was Sorry She

an bs% 1i Spoke When Uncle Sam Said "NOI"

Ma aamoesrt
te it a cptal
to rnu a tea
-0 it McKinley Refused to Comply With the Request of the Dons-..

e,'. Secretary Long, However, Has Decided to Substitute a
SDispatch Boat For War Ships to Deliver
tos 14 ,.Wo- 0Supplies at Cuban Ports.

dt~laf ;em- ;.

M a Wr WalUIta, March -.-SpaIn haS and an those presold alsnst General
rto asi- At a ele t ie U~atd states government. es were gratablty erled to theb ats
We4nd the. rthfeouh KaOnr WoodMae thatt t he ue hs o far peritamed with the tN
11 aof vea rits BN Ih laee onoul- Noon and appifal of Preeatdettc-
S" "Mi f the United State at Bia- KdIse. the demand wa not *te0rte"
thi a be e appeolated bp ts as it Is clearly bsown In t he fomal

,, rs the *denk. wo. os ,unie.. s pain
iah r o emsnt. *temelat rMtn oat bZ A14a1I.aam.Buo
otaf u rrtary at n tat DaT t an rew DDUonder wa lac D&a3%.sA
S"Weed Urkthat Gema l-,owdf : bha tdr he ifat dwwU cloe,, unlewe Spai
ttreid o fomri S the Spanish low the difmlvne teos of blasting os
tel p oe ii Mai.i ?t1 the Preeldemt of the Gesera Lee's reea. and this ftaling.
1 asr S tatafmoit rspetau declines revoking his xazeuater. this radical
Sr tie eel eera Lee froam Hearana cow. ai not expected. however. and
e Stats departmnt reel- al the sn'aM reachlan oaetais
a n tleaJ e-ncafon from hoe be s t at n will not proceed fur-
It wr -. O st~ll'o ata d. tatinrt S ad tber with the Inddenat.
Qta!rai** d s ulithditaermwn the demand for the mXCITarEBMNT 1 TAMPA.
MU qiji Bi ncp6f a mo. Lse, sad that the Spanish
i-4tsuI5S.li4 bi@iat hod decided not to order hs There was" the most intens exte-
S to i t m. meat in Tampa ror several boors ye-
miN*: -a afl*Rt news of the demand tf trda, when it became known lIfet
ta if a r.the recall of General LeWat o bhad sa 'd ft~ General Ieesa re-
B Al-iiqm.ikts, -d svb9treVnt in Washington call, and that UAcle 8am had refused
MlBerrw ,r the ontry. Theaet- to ocmtlty with the request. AU kind
nes 4 of SAeenKlny tn promptly of war rmons were af oat In a short
oxatir~ i i paotiy, refutigs to conr with eee of time. It was stated that
to at^bw i tdemmad, met with universal ppro- f In bha prompt tiven Gen. Lee his
esAnts V.r, and hfmea the news came that gaport, Lad that three war ahp5
S !'r.. ha decided to withdraw the de- had been sent to Havana to bria
iud l fora the recall, it was considered 'wa all Americans who desired to
*1Vty, ,wi tA qoi lete back-down on the part of leve.
A the ls a Spauh government and was re- There was talk t organlzrng a regl
. 3 B eetvrdd w cheer for Ue Sam. ment t once, and volu.ntuLerig to take
Is ati o i so oa asl re m sfiug tor the de- pomsseon of Cta for Uncde Sam weole
tiad dapte hui apnd opal isn, thet dean e hr the reat of the countr was egsassd In
ib-i / hwn afttiBMl too mac b spthy for Presprlig to protect the eoest deaet-
e. W, lfteCthilMnaconeM ados i'an'I-t ,
BX w4 bai report of the t con- Senor Pedro SllsoU the parish bta-
^ 'j Zaean2i tfhn tt the a Unt itead mattoAe poet,* was sees by a ePWe--
aoernton Oa~It -tfisent decided to uae two war ve- w*t~tve of the Trie, and asked if
is _t to *ranport suo to Cuan he bad anyr rmaon concerning the
-- f tor tO reale of thn people. demand for IGe. Le'e reeas. He re-
pet for the of th opl li t. t he had not and that he da
Si: a ,.,,,-.rar,. ". 0not bel.eve1 e report was true. It
2itCut 1 0 loa oser D Bot te punish chare was not long afterward, however e-
IMP -iK haJiep at W shinton. hOnottled fore Mae rnmes-Union and Citizen ar-
Nt&Wte e prtment that the S fanpe rived contalen a fall n ount o( the
s o imaB objetef to ia r shtebeladir demand and Presadent MeKlerar
1or hA tIra sortsltto M suppH w pr o ref taL
NAaoMer, sad A egqesba tha ^* t mDa-y.
wd hf be Wseatatibd fr the is10m Tt~eed5p'5 Dail.
Sand the xasle, the Ottmar G. btal. representin the
sele ted bys the aecretarp m HI 1e compSal of Hqrmasst
aly t..rw r tW M,, towrtm inc Ithecp KnKar
ibe d reVp a onded Wet tWe *peOt several a la EHa
t or m ez t to noc- .am m and saw the wreck of the maie
S ISl a eps^osn t M a- ae tht al dve" at wobt leaUed ao
bhad ..ebinl late ow fothre aOm s nt~. ta a. ~ -aal
at .wasin V .ml ee- .h,0ra e ss m the, .."e been a .
tat t e arrisem vee. isco- nd ofr roros In Iavana rearabnw
thg a the t bs hw oAter. bt no one
je rae -another .si n reay know" an &tW about At.
4 i s oi the enmFastWrann, ar. ioirtmn P. Plant, second vine-
with es t esht abs the peac a o the let egaete, psa.ed
1 hat $hi -ftlrc r et these Tal ast nlght ep nos to
reaet ead..eeMasmot *n Say 'pt en a Imo.ne. trpe Mam
ee ~ ane esrp' lang Pait lek Iuempa en Sunday far new
..e i s ar 5q si nSuc bm Tort, hat wm aed toe Kez Weetaa
*dspaes ht betsat imponrtant haInaim. es beit POet Tsaca
ayne Wst tihe mea to p On the Olvette last nigh-

enes as zi ense lar -Lser r tlOruiss a ah whoe, wh daslepa tataiter.
saaet r mes P Nm- tamlas. te. was tt tohe city. pessess
BIHacIjing pc. tlstla ng he carthr wher:

Atitpe iseint hta wiath t uS e et resras

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Macray wasa td *nh ip
r'a".. Kmew.ld

hearing dsales war-oHl
moaned to tpid gr r'fi
ow"eaytfex The 6

the clothersWorabyM Ca w t-
the children
Mrs Muan.sy su oknlia
rrom the aeni w ea he a
sta et s b e iars. it, ol
sbe tware ko loofk dam .. ais 4

cudrna na moum0"- CC

ten u otde u.. door bdtQ
when teme traltta. t eamA
dren iad M ianw "IOpO

1 Mr. MaHry naew aothlag :|ftt'
aster unta'-hft-ntaHMA he rt<
abomu dltr. noa them

ar nd ft TORBtLtC <06
w EiT.Mrs aeM 4 megA4
bors h kUly f ed
kasUty as4divr bat.. e
Oft of that ealtr waly da 40 be
ean toa d the J. t 'e .

WJe fire .a sepoed to f1

ehow into the toft and.
There ws o 6pearaen c l
Or turnitre.

A Thrilllng Serma at the
r Rev. '. W.
Nousa Wed. ,d m;s De
A fiMOe Wr" 6catber* '-
ndoe Uta it tb. he=Woev .r.
the evangelt. Ti.he e
taboernalae rr WrtthJ ay
which have been pach
al & hmf thg e rai M -
-A tirring thritlt ar
nal Vestk" wa prepieW ft erabG

Te" fad ate4 It S i .a
men oneg to dt: but -t tt
Judgment Sen d bM e duCagAih
loned enomtg$ tootmae bda Ka
the dkotrtine of haewe n ic
their pWp*.ap"t only in agid,
then the rnewriid o the t
In tist BtL ad thre cma gbmv
aom people try totelive s to a
beL. becousw their Seet ht tit
Pgtbwa.. and the t"t r r dmaori

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A ebimee Pitd.T -aga
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it thUm standong ae~al
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CMrblkk Ulapi
* o yCr, mpimO
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marp md a n
r tW trmd eft*n
to M oan, md W
4 "now byad

sP wasm dJ

t to put Sato
Sbe e4Ise best-I n ad

. n,.m Hood's PUls

an the i
To advise the s
vIcInity f to USw ti
a manufactured t b
1srast i a 0J tin Tampa. i I
Stop w .Trlbuane But t
te be heephdsed evi
rOwd anew eon.
s. Mlfotid oesn that cannot
-& Th-e aod, orto tohero
'asphiate- renting oblation
a siil# at a sme the sanim
has, au tor your imrchise.
snot blive Ue entstjac M
- ne srt y-ment and W#.
lit bn of womrthy dtmtsn.
ma e h *e There arwe thus
aiprs that. ,wy from Tunmoa
rnn arut -chase goods that c
the e-oin or bnaomn mercha
5 from the when the extra fri
raseon; tfl- addd. This moe
But as isT the ty I n -iot to
lae servjs town, when i the |
ber In'V.Vf hes the money i
repaid 4t coalito1k and go
ua presom- meeting obtation
ttime Heed the
Patronize tmh me a
iwith smaUl sd you n. lwa
t from the depended upon.
cs br tfi e-
Suto COiMN
L, echuhes It always affords
nehy riay to refer In a pieai
of pmblirc officials
S eRmnd-tin and in
i nht $a Bard of PuhbUic
blew hb. amended for the M
Sp IS and opened tbe bid
seekldng the -sewer
All a cm- the defeated dde
sdtike Id to mark thae It was
sta That bonorale .way of c
of a contract that
*nad *veryody mm
he Trlibuaes Theni tW dpot
aches aire laeq y ti the thr
goo* se thet awell -er by
bag a4 -ntsttutQons andd t
r a n- at fo go

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...,I "-D.! 4. '"Ake < 'L
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not %vcQ06MdMt't

Feelhng -^.- a sq .-srshS
Fte g in i In uat s wriesedMit
ai3 tbon 5p.* w~th- pumrab tee dictat c. geo t hat t
, ORgy or appeit eama be bow*ht Mbow equal Ia qama jniis
Imn ae of sBiOrf m- and at rl.tc7 the ae t, OUme t.
spnLment Sf U~O tise"m ew chaP. This MOnP'that hat
PM proof of thin, out of the ity ta lost to ate bmrlms i
; Stt to o of th to"w, Bwhfm tb gooft gderWe.
1ad tll ft fa pIurthased At horn tMhe weVrol t"aa f iChoM1
wm o y n, be kept in cflFatiU aond tr M s .e n d woau t
Id tthebody. 2Wa
g is 2 ertaa~11-&1m= and man tter times.
he good U wM da ym Peoplegtlty of ,patrOnlattg mer-
geso It asi e.chants at ditane. shoid emahmber
.tht MpeO spent bhe does hundred t.hi -te I
I of people ood. but whern spet else- L w
where not soue at home, except the Hl m ,
U U purchases. are benefited by it Pat-, S a
W tmust a home industry, not onlytert ft ;=N
prila. keeps at home the money. but It &is "a
tpa rlla i kee" l alaveM te enrteri wh*ie o -Mi
6 nes.BnbmilPb mf atLhes employment and wageM ri
some of our ettlenem. Nothi can be esgr :W
mewerllaemytctsks. more detrimental to the qb-ffi-" otj latwtoIn&i
__ysopcWaY. 2oae. Jacksonvill ttan the Ignoring of hor omse n ea4
mmesnts and enterprises aasei wheel oa
>MEUISTRIES. at-. from tasm s wan ted. o one 'ha.
would thaWdk of sending to a niera ,a een nm
soa~Tala aasod or busi.e msa orth ba n d. iq fr ap
a"osaP tor wou s ld oW upon bome peoTta. Ns so gli
ored e ket ithor ctu o re eni y, syet their e apen i d sourl i
Is oon that needs to On to aid t h.a a d -, ,
ann and depriae the home meanm at and bI54 i ti hr I
ouCr Peog Itr Is a Ctfukin e. BtUck toi to D tand f trbkp&
a too dsoaly imbedY o .uwien ea ,m. rr ~dm
by o thrive a .din eag nx w. ovhn id"
Sotrey oni hed r e e e ps o te rooS it i rs

al 1.B w oust *n tB aparv te to br e -a det- t aeadP. &
t of Mosns expended Metrcp s and Is in ea with t l Ma
tet It d In -okeeping e 0T i, w c. n tM ebe i
Swhach fernthes e advoatei est yesert ditathe s Mpr bd
e to some of oune oan ed te op wna s ri atPr

oe re a sr c r etan la ass te l to o -. e l d ."W
monkey atB m'omw. ande eouhme Iowbi 'e-.
ands of dollars ecnt inadutry, jdrensMaa w anid lst- s ei 'a .
rW yeyear to pa Idth5eIo rt, o
m~d he bought from
Stile le is m atropoU r
xMid boe bought fn= IK as aproprtate tor Taompa g* It is *aB f
t i at & big discD unt Wi tefrrla a p .t .e ,
et and ea ense eIt sot heart. dde tit h an
Ms that goes out of IiH oM& 29 -0u w

the business o the oete r ie e It w -s.
oods w ere itcsen for good s8oe qO eiour own heolwm t

roma man t atn. to when they knw thadt tbie. can gir U. UT

bousbt a~Iay from home at an ad.ran- e lie- t
LBLE INDEED. Ced prtce4 1 t I
the bune pleasure Thereas been talk f the t
te ticket being nominted by the . dh'
Snt way o to the acta cts, .,Dor.c,..
Le they, tntnlt Umwouldld he entirely p de s& he gen.tle- w; *j.
thris ,itance the me n UMPil poqe the ,ext ft .,
w In .ge It rlcelved tw '
ineo worth asn. bushad. men f-]Ft Wv
.s of the variuone ftp estabulshe l r atlo. aoad there m e- ~ tb "
,ae ceOtr5ct. Elcn tely too much at stake to alow a at a
e*a waerd to re- te bowy to get togetber and nomlUse s I s
the thfeest. and tmc ta ticket with the hope of ihe peo ple M (&
oduetig the letting manowia, n. IO hMa 5 fO brs gteecaSnnt

t W- .experienced i A J
a S Vn i aan reegate to t lh. eIts swadling Ctb^
?JK tll bo mone y llotho. and will no t be content ewivim ae
log 5 he~oad moneyr it elect a single men an Ike ct thai e ift Obtdai
ee hathe is a maBtter apos. that man comes up to.'the sta- J 600b16,;
ft" 71 the tax pay- d aeideand mia rOaied ribe1 bpbpi yiSa90 0
, the r anings tbat Cinxu tehardiess Of taxsN.; 4P pso
Tae h 7^ 'er oRnUiGO The nxt st mUmleittjr oW eSjoi.Wa
p'icon, WndMthe'cyotfaec ly tharthe.poofdstal- 00 *0h~f hIw
ll..' JSt not lhug the I to bhe madei antol e=a
A. Is working for thqe bnl the Bst crtmned nd lone I p
oand oi" actions nointon the mobuaB nhoald he elected. a- atBi
oorrdactl dom euslees o Shold be Cl: es I S
te Concerned, i t the *ar news, ha reaic Kldoallpo ^:0^i*
the partiota in that region wl ot am S"10e-
securd the contract it Mflmit to' %aep ouL"

fdonds r aM a a*to Got -Tb

r.f twftts*k 4&. TIbeean toaftsw d note o54 wjh;7!

r., *osoan't elwa tsDB.thO 15 S -t- =bL

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ss^sir .Ido0-i^1

Te -JnAle I esi eag the beat S
the dqsoi ji e A*. ei ais naw-
te *.- a war lea o

me... 0 sep .Is -. .
i .e K( W t Jo Mln"t has been ,
"tlB.e"L .Sa e'eir swallowed a l a
Paas4 tptehquag e a better i p o
S4s 'the ftate .We hp so. to y

7ke Braldedto wn s tudma is an a-r. 1sP
t advocate of 4 oo eade. .Onw Man- 5 .. . * -
twe co .a~s r^ip.etiBt. on 9.LA | j
iithro this pe mtomgrmaaddproo MIt o-M S'f
ty, i -.., I e64belpyon m 'a .pi
. .t t.. i Mame. ad w m,-

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h'vevwa resmgafstmenwep womb"-?- Adi

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ween wnsh im4
for the tarts
I Aunt, etc.,
irps ui.~u t ig;

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,;r7 ity w Of
rnit r~ Msk

The air at Lakeland

ioi the Day Dedica


Speeches Delivered by Orators
Welcome-Tampa Wins t
Score of 16 to 7---Bicy

. 4 .t .. Bpursn.
ma B "lis From Friday's Daily.
S Yeterpy was B. Plant Day at
e ber cho4ii the Pol County Fatr. now 4n progress
nu *t bursun at I -keln4. and the people of Florida
modei,, showed their appreciation of the man
my la the p' who has done so much to develop the
; s s -tate IbV attending the fair in large
.1 ajrberL. There were at least eight
h we hai thOutan *perd5o prwenti during the
Peitst ? das asdery one was delighted with
l .m fatbqe tXan thaat *s wr and heard.
rThe togrrrm for the day was car-
S ried outalthocWh the rain ta the morn-
ak rlaig s inc cu~ d the blcjle races to be post-
L to brjba ^ Ia d ili the afternoon. .The PFfth
hiaiftle oe~ BetiaJl t baend of Tsipga. began stlr-
,- M gtef Wing op thte enthorula t of the citizens
i ol .kand iu4 the visitors at an
ese4 tift mtsr er ad whena the flrst train
.s m.. o. Tasa .arrived l.the the ast e
-m Ja.i t Dram ctrs of the Port Tampa division
keS rg a of tbe !lamda tatae NMval Ulmt"a, the
p~ roq N a was formed and the harch
rl to the lair gunda&i was begun
MOL aTh ef at ftre of the dPa wao an
"amr rby A p Jefferseon B. Bowne,
_as e oP K ~t t ftetormerlye psdeato of the
t 's s +Fdo&; .atme soeae. i Mr. B-3rowne
Stb hfatrodlae bOy HBon. Trao Cldare,
gja l _o Oifra toveisp tfonnrat a citizen of
r, ...' Brt.w1. and o a preLBtatvrleo from
I* L :* 3 lc-nt1y Ib the state teXilrtur.
e ^ a)le a well tamon to the peo-
L plie Of sath FtrCid., and was gfivei an
o r atloa1m 'wa he steped forward to
a~citft (ll.Ae*dAe a Browne.
a Xlmjs ".* fiKt&awam ON TOBAOCIO.
hrtaS, .7'4 Mr. rowne delivered a manalfleesot
dl raN eburatulahed thple people
bf e eof n-tegyeihfttcomBnty upon the gloridus see-
d e s ow aittjl s we betngaachieved by -the
e 'afrt smastadr of the Polk Coaunty
'Tmed .o air Am e adtloan. te spoke of the
islrandMog. 4 orApi. t sasrea of Polk county as
;V^* ^:- '. "*l !h)*?ntbe ,xpiaton iuUff,
r n i ntero aidy upon the tobate
T. exibttit, which I a particular fne one
He lial Ia towlag tribute to the late
STlrrtel4e* -WUiimP 4hdsay Chtplej, of Pensacola,
-day. w. who' lr: ia sd the people of Middle
and WatIlWordato engage In tobacco
"e sINut P. cisd 'eout 5the Kat growth of
36'a i: i alT peor of the tate
.46 h farmea om Bof month or lda
cw ,h.. -irig to proalt through
-,r .i I.i .f the tobaco plant

an-A.OMer wPrx. of
a.lagqrs" aon aquept-apd ae ar~ t
Mluii tand b m l aUlMded to the

lEE^S." L-A?~ dwthe tm regular and
Wif etwlrpom arrtive rom othe north,
ia --muik thOud wt, and brought In

tiast. ear a o oi lant, t
L fot mmOwrnt ann-a
A% ** c; ,ord. or
and a large

Raft mr a f Of t sp te
W-ss 2ft&.ite 1LIL

tbbl).~L b-


Was -a Grad- Success

ted to H, B. Plant;


in Response to the Address of
he Baseball Game by a n
ycle Races First-Class.

people from al parts of the state who t
were in attendance.
Fon8. G. .McLendon, of Georgia. u
whose reputation as an orator has ex-
tended far Peend the borders of his
own state, then addressed the audience
on behalf of President Plant and his o
officers and employes of the Plant 8Os-
tem. CLo. Maoendon has frequently D
been beard by the' people of Tamps,
when he.ha delIvered addresses at the s
numerous eventhaUBt but he was
never hbead to greater advantage than
yesterday when he dwelt upon the
matchless resources Florida, and cor-
gratruated the people oft Polk county
pon the brilliant suooess of their first H
annual falr. l
The madience apptauded the speech
of President Plant, ln and vigoro$ly
and after Co. bMcLendon concluded, T
the progras of amusenoten was begun.,
The frat went was th third game of F
the series in the baseball contest e-
tween the Tama Oreys and the Plant a
system Baseball club, ot Lakeland. The
Plant yste elub had succeeded tIn in
dereUangr ae Tampa ies In each of ft
the preceeding games and It samed tor t
be generally cooeded,that the result a
Would be the sane, but the Ta pa- i
boys had a big surpri n store for the th
pmufs, u Capt. Horace Hale had ma- a
tertalUy strengthened tsin team p l
In the irst lanttg iteTampe. team to
Scored t ree l ns t d the Plant 6y-
tern team scored two.a In the next
inning the Tnma tetam was wb te-
waad d.and the P&asi System team H
aiDn coed two nrm, In the -third o
and fourth lnninga neither side aored tk
a rn, aod in tle filth ing the Pant '
TyteM snam soord one. maknw r thep
sMore at the end of tie'r ning, a e to p
thiee In favor of the Plant Sywte A
Thine were lookhta bad for the Tam-
pa hea mad large odds were offered
.on the Plant System beam, but there W
-wers few takemrs It ams then that
Capth Ha&e got ~ ~ together, and 2
tbegis piling he ll'zUaprl In thsin
first halm of the sixthbing th te Tas pa P
team cored aix run 4ad the ralioad
boys were whemwa't Inoo tp se.ooo~dr
mat The wa tot nchr Doimnra
dwilweed the ball n et the ater ra
bao e ys ging sd t 2ae nt n ot
oser their st ptesiateP athe Tampas
budys MCOR tias-o mre runs in t. s
sethinning' i thi
*wrapth tapul^ t
In t0e eighth lnn pthe Pleat Sys-sa
eem too se c aoMrs one rn amd* white-
-ashid tes Tahpa bha. bet In the
'I*&tLenMi the ihem were again turn-
44 and Trampa soreafve rn-Wto the %L
Plhat vyrates oane. This made the w
sore MWand I to -7 l favor of the i
Tenpo Grsys, and the !Tampa peope
6RM-L cheered themetses homrsee.
, are bya Imiugawe aasiows: i
Tampa Greys.....o 30609i8e-d 6ia,' jf
Plat System ....., :3 a; 6lt-, i. rr
aootbcr game is to- e played to-daQi 1(
aad if the Tamopa te ia -4Ens the tie
wtll be played off dornUtthoe afternoon
Owing to the rain la the arotn,
te bleac k l F waaept ia good eon-
eaon, hout is, il ttke afternoon the '-.
reee begem mad uun bundieg we ^
ufaweed. The ear* t~ ants erre he b

.The first treat wase ohs-Bnile -psae p
i prof^.toaoato Ute ~ctri- *ww

Jean Gaongolis of at th;tio

Dr. .'L-jm~vm of TaM-
h ig; andtwr amahmi. o at 2hkagal,
31hs L or- bifrniftead ppsm

aOme 44 1k-. Heowa, l 1b TDChe sEat
heaia wen~b-a.~hA 1 ws at
fpr~iioq Ordq or kwma ,
-aaa~~r~ vpamop and 4004" r-i;9
4m. b*a.~s s~g. aseth
~;iu~Sw~ I~r~j,~:- iii.. Tgb ii

ams at a og em
we isof

kte ed.st I -on
Ibeo tair will ow~i i ^

MAtor ;avieW ha'.*r s' "':
r anwed for thtaldoeetl

wyermt. Ao as no of

dgeasLce to the te

'be Dotrer opt MUw
Stx Mosutts Bonld Nb W 9

e wBI st oa b e l 0i

,case. EL wPftto4nu C60
Cwye, whyo *" Co of wbWe -
aly withhoM" eimea ._!jb*J

sittINhr acd.ta !"W

aoo land wty jal
0e onrer a $o plea a sor
ted for ats JfON lAn '- L

apty Uted uto e
le wl at oDooteb 'i aidt'.Mi6

Carleton wsi tx -bM
&me elmUg!lxtt the B..h

and -fwtinpt hbm by the r
le Was agaln 9aes'r ra
cted after the jwl

%le Cam of MPttoB6 CT- |

Srot atu. rdaym -Daftr. .-" ^'
In the IIUtftted Of
e proceeding 1WNM'Mr
zuments on mooditi f WW
M fte came of J. J. iW n,

he cass in 1ra 1* e 1&* tow

aftrt to i vesbu a"cr

The iotkn far a nevi jfir^.
snted &M qi rd by

am t mm a w neadfor war.-
^ Wti-hwith which it-bds of
S ...-mi.d ..,er e s -

A 7to ae ala ate tis do-
O NUS.l- tm tim

^ 5to bllam Iiit is.oenl atinI e n-

;'-wa s od to rc Bt rev et s e
.-It s efft a not trte that the soV-
u to i akln the ca effort

-.. a t .lp r l a a m p nten rKIt

/ t iu ee Uset oave m* o .
V ts pav bee a~Memtd a to vma-

for IL a &, .Dom it
I .4o em mt oasUBt; to rot is

.-&-A eli rid mia rse e ten the ofC

^ofia-fh. i g Bt astoi,
oo.... Ffias rnoemr teiarte aman
W -*e basewr a"eei for ther anb-
1ebe -lttnof ddlttosel gaUM, Bd has any

" ^Vnfrsu~.ri^Bn eApid dpoaele3c which eit as In th

id pame t atik a lgm a mten.
.o p- .,t.n *whatever, ha .he
e i pownauK. 4 aie. mithoouei
he' -iri u ti~ e at and wo.g l

Sam- p solm md have s bore
A mm0, ame in th
*ebe~m ouediap feqoped Ins a
a e tL wea tld thularlty
fa~t-'-f gmHe to i ccr'u*m vfd mpoly.
Wa bi6 ad matsrl* on tand wLtnl
i "to Ma nd.d eilp rsueh a frce,
theree.i *xted ang srtor idea l o-

SthU utto r a k of prpartiU&ona
SemlIttd to o na Our jingo
t a / iinamed to bot that,

bIUSt,5bI5oIPR e could put an army of so-

Sbrso? n omit to a ru that e

^W W, ^Ct aas tsor ~od are 146k"
1h ItOLr~onhean*tdrtaloaB
m jdadbiMk buliine ln
Sjf^ Ii~fej~isre the ewrtmmo pro*
d sM lcenthe, BelLd TtWare
a umo egufed for ccal duty.
$ s Q 1e rther the o ap oultfit
ole dtr igto wrn wuld be. emoft

^^ a lcl^ MOWo v SOWtbase
i rjp^^ ^BH^^^^T^^^ ^*?t
--~l^ idiS~gg'- *dt r.-1 ..j_ v -'

121Tenmas Ai

L vl- v .. a

a& war wIt -ie MiouldB aWae r _be"
a by Nss ob The ds had U in0- ieclgs tre woudn be an eisoethit Iwt
b aness e o n rtl r Tlhe -MLd Ma -*

Srto mo re le beaded m. ~ 5' a emIS
de f a ep s wo mean a certanl amoun of dRft- PMe
seget am SWO9M IrW of iortune and credit but note osmdA ON
D awtsrr d o rw PO t ter ta P
thait AN o'a I P al I9 per cent o -the I biprl -nd st alr en- ~- :r :-r
P*eqsd by C L CLwod L a telwies of this cotmTwtt Would hs1. a
Thaonly pe t t wdith HOdl orss ..em t ffrfted Ia there Is ever reason tA

and arsenals nor is the leet bei a pir- the m. ba

mow ut no thi I a mere precaunon to a r la e Indemnit, thedi r
t oat most any aftudon m iht warrant. would be purely a moral oe and labor-
None a the sh p on torea to era m e maker would e acontn e, o
hme been recalled, nor has ar emer- their dat round. r
geeno demand been made upon Con- iNaval wrexar6 e i a development ofa we
res. There *I, therefore, no caue modem citlatlon, just am to baeb ranR I a
for al the buster about preparation and borssoaing. Bjere he m ad IiM
ar ar wi sh Is diturbln trade anid w -C 1 mu bat a h wvi
frllgho-' tlmid peope lol adon oa'fei cannon, ret "oi w md nL
WaaTur D ,OORAC A DO tise. aadjon ia tbhe dby. New tNiow !
t e fiats mstbe dbrn t a ib w p gL % i
The itllahaeeR flrdta, alwa an great sh^s and a innflniimal np.W g ma
Sathorir the ts tatater, ve th th er ica fore of the peop. -
tk0owtIc Interesting Imantlon. Tn7 civil war was fout wen we
'Wen the Dt ,ooratHc party OIam Into hd less than halfnEo ooar ent pop- w i. J
sower on Jamnar 2. wL w ar Ur d a uon ad wa ar a d to bt -iI. tae
tonded and orati ng idete dto atof hundred iln more mam tehan thMre- t
dat mu. To-dam our debt I i would be aftbtl W imme taf ar ~the M flat
6. ahowing a redactioa of ItUi ntrtmue. We cannot have a a m "Ta
Of thit su the etatehl a. In Its edu- as a cotrued a. rite rs w ard wu
national funs and uander control. o I- la or such eaountrles whose whtl pup-

ue oaander the actor that hamre tbe to to be the eld T great ad da.n- li
SDeoeratice pdrr took pomseasot oI a tae gto a country reltingf thO m
MaBeto over entm we ave eatabbahed wr wouid abe I our havng Just e aonftte "
r Stat Insane audfta s wth now nearl bd to a e r nato o a l a
five hundred unfortunate Inmate; a proper ne=o of it desttin l y.
deaf utute aelumt, a State Board of W ae really more m nular or tWola
health. State Normal Schools and o- is d uLn We can otlaly trdt r MiO

than c.tbe concovr.d
ma cools or to teachers bere ew a tr sato are that h, U ; re

for senn o r nde ou neeraf hear so o er, e i t
foer thenao caforndentlCanfedeat ndadvanoing In industry and art at baidbs
o Ie, the careful mano do t o tremendous rate as a rwe are. w a
tor finaniol affal that has re s n ted ha been d and he e to m e Po
reduction of thq State debtamount- Ior S
c talk ln van. 6 on thble globe It I i j ubst as m nh our GioiD
Sto over ,000. becomes aren't at a It the

T. ol. o t destinyr o becpne Lome 12WasI t-
da eu lest ," It I on h re o r. c mt T
hedestlny of a boy to grow.to bea manm
I your advertisement was in the a war would hte the begoentga of the Nt a I
Tribune your business wopld be good greatest military and commercial navy d
to-day. you cannot get the taode of tuhae to be dreamed of now-whether
T mas esner e ou invite tih d to we.would wio or lose It-ped the effect MM"
iade with you throoga the columns of a obitos reuling trom eouh tre- theoj
t.e ib e emendoua enterprises will be greater mOg
than can be conceivd. 4G^OW
-boom I
Three or four years ago there was a The Indicatfons are that the s41ittd aliVe.
great deal of talkfrbout a public buaild- Statoes and Spain will. have a conllict wMCtiA
1sf for Tampa, sat now you never hear ooner or later, even If this creseat ed ad
of It. The people have no doubt com storm balln blow over. Too much
to the coneharion that there is no me has been said and done to make it por- W6 tS I
to talk In vain. sible for cailn to hold Cuba, and for -Prteh
olid w us to keep out of it QghLt bim I
e. old to oeo that God made The h ma of the people in both coun- A |
Adam ut of dht-" It follows that t ares texitous for war. a and bhistay itod I
when Adam badgone beyond the it proved that ernment anie oB
In the garden of Boan, and receiveeduc have never 'en
evictia orders, egot op and drsted, abe t do more than postpone the hcl-' ^T ^

The latmet to a caOet trust. Amd the
oNmes fobr its Amation are the ame
a mared ciaenorW one wvd hule
A1st camet =anufteseremr ouet 40
tnbk &a a new attem or oibpwy.

=mjoanay n* wopye no a thaytw bax'
ik fl tuiemaelv Thea ndwene dos
ot ben Y taeS andthaUth obHLad nto
-ee h tsdr cmanersatkt.

-A ad r o notaorety ot_ wtisbe e
wadt % TInsa come to imn wmen he
wi to gt awry from, hbint ad

\ r peop In 14 shr
oenoasetc wen sae are teav to

: a mtat c ~amstr o a tak-
erfa wS lae thtaaow ctthe advice

-dthpalDsr! hote mad
. :.- '. : : .. .
^jex|W b t ggaBm e t for it snar

e. To awl. .I

:uPbti ...proveua. atB ke Tum-
Pa boom and blesom as the rewe-.

.Prospects'fbr'a bi ehy are vey flai-

W de tso eqruteede4 for 4aie.t fanpps
gtert: The Lip wftbffc S nod
pa musp afesemI W" bwd'

dnt for a greater or, le I selth of
tim. .

Rtereentaltee tao sein Jersjoy
Mlaapen- attackon the siooa Labe
in hio hat, us ivea op tar practlse f
oarngaim h bat ate I homB e of'ap-

ft In the l'dc- bl~ waI .a-
ofr ery sIm.son to oa-,n uiA
keep then w"a he is la sleeppg
car, as e is abe to be ced~~ p a
algt to eme a omtltue .

ad at s I"F.ndmo, w% t -j-
fltters are a&-ftr R tom

Mew onm the geAan wsttbe- .
ft no en fr te aew ftp"uWlAM
^andt i tbe nabto-eporo-
.,-- :.1 ^., -.. .-....11--_ _-_^_1_1

be q S of the ud. m t streets end
drt#es t o the c ry.
bohe aguulaer etl e thetr o ese9

0eta..iss adt e dty- orgessed by' .
eta? Z he beow to-p vaew p
d Plf thBe Wdewo'tqh oanma e
- -am *treet TanIdpemfg i hrii TM.f
^^ispl~rT & 'sJP I^^.

mb,15rMO t6 Buy Bfsit
iels Ab.road..

uttrQ I EfaIcy iS EXPECTED

l 'i r X w AedmIt T ere Is a P .
.- '.. -L~taRoflBtnrtla t rowiG s Oauot r
. LEAV"E ,ai s.fr e d ter Cabw,
PROf~ita P4 i lwl T e oroud Prepared
SCase o War.
sedkt3ebg) RiuTw TbiM, March 7.-A special to
uibtedtiBAea Hero el ten W-hington esay
tin MSp'" iau l rei.Bng the importance oprepa-
.d- rrtiona r *ny emergency, the prei-
,gy 4W, dpt ha directed the navy department
ftee open notitions looking to the per-
aome sdto ha ,abtedA of warships. This fact is
in ganmed for te Orst time ma4e public. It
Md OGiUM-> %prObaJly would not have transpired at
'has ma~ni jusetmre bat for the excitement
ia e Wtee i ead b thestatement published that
l *nm'a appm had prchamed wa negotiating
B 3.1e --lih._. vbeiang built by the Etswick
an "--j"'f 0 aeadB for BEdil, and for
1 eC1 o uataasniter oubakr.a.tioaL
WWith & Vew of aecrtealm the abts

atne propoeea

I thit.
vlience of this

d nmlalry a n a
4 Soaday a iN ft
a 4 with craft
Saying at* MP
t aesisal t ats
l ~mM'e C(~

a -I-
1be Ahlrm a Wftora have deter.
m/inod 0o bind ater on l ontI-
ant contorts wheie the w ster o
deivred in m thernwa tei and .Am
ahuvI a Wr m steps 16 provide nmotatb.
theoMtiu at KW* gtn partsto desveir
the eoal.

BRlief Vemel o Re r Way to Destimfte
Cabma eReoeeentrMdo.
New YORK, March 7.-The Mallory
line steamer Nuaecesailed today for Key
West with 75 tons of relief supplies for
the destitte in Cnub At Key Wea
the store will e transferred to the
United States atemdship Nashville and
Won ewrry.
A telegram was received here today
from H B. Lewi secretary of the Ore-
gom relief committee, saying that the
fat section of a COuha relief tain, car-
ryingM 10,M0 pounds oi food, left hem
The b aOn o relief n o-%nitc in this
ciy as received a letter fron Alistnt
a Da-y, a ting the appreo
pome which hal m md de the gov.
mmmi's appeal far ioaet.iibtk.as for
othe saffen t C as b
Mamsea Hotar Mati e Men.
Orror Ma z co, Marmh 7.-The lod
d amro i d by. the Man ahtanht
i hoor of the iMamem who perisid in
tle MMine rpbicm6o NSvw vay awu
osly ateded. Itewas hld in obedi
e*ce toaiJoint cl isued by the native

&B the oe f it naval a- "i-m" MU'.-
olc, Paris i. N rt)rg.
as and Rom. This s- Sini Abebodled 8amen.
been manintjlnetd for two ilVAtlJro, Cal., March 6.-Admiral
more especially since the Iirland has received telegraphic or-
aBe naval attaches ad dn to instrudt Captein Lois Kempf
bald theme the of the receiving ship TnAepeodence to
se navy h lear tht sjegn all the ablebodied seamen he ca
puechae twoa ma sized poeiby pa The shipment of boy,
two `rmaedcruitera and which has been gSng aon for afsa
'basts, alt at a cmpara- months, will tbontinn. TheOharleste,
rice The builders have Yorktown and Phil-lphin are the best
at they can deliver theme ipa here, but little work is being doae
B,,&iiuent at this time h them at present. Admiral Kirkla
wvy respect and all that iys that he can prepare the veesel ffar
ryt ft"r the a adiniislrtnn Ea with six weeks. There are IO
to order the necessr de- men employed in the asmP~ rahe de-
r and men to proceed to partient and orders have beet issued
go on beard the veeels for the employment of aldtire-l labor.,
Sto any points which may;
Stoelecting Another Station.
wre Ship on Us. I WAsnrroxs, Tarih 7.-The proposed
e have urged that the par- oafer of Dry Tortugab, which is now
eo at once, as they y that regarded as the mo important quaran
of war between theUnited ne station off our aeuthern coast, t
pain would result in the the war department would neaeeitatA
of nntralty laws and po- e edite selection of another Imo-



.if %M Wes de~6aw to
a eamtrd mer:Jjz ta tfm O

Mda~k th ftftg out -motbha sts-

F Yon, 2,-43puc h &a-
r in Oubs is Baba s~iQt

-f Stumi Iab Now aw
Sftb Al...5. f.u..

-% -- _fL Ss -Iff --IF a-- J_ I

SWem i tiatng the. gat.-

ea ft 6VaetLohiw Rosuno&Bt m ~ : '.h^
S ,aX tt h ave ,ArnT- e. thi d t

.ddb it e t
'We beHe ve tt 4 i -mteee iu -u
m so -d te Wa-nga .t

dlcml S Aawa k "

dgh powergem foe doi~ tbl i at 9

Ams OdI m~f. A bmdam 6 at mm&'Im a

hetae arfbw
he bte few &I

Fat War
. -4 n r

mr g1

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bpe t bo
)wine' to x



Rave bg00b
pro,= k

i C ". _Yr iy Itf
'" illttt. cioame tI o

of ait i f nd w They
+ if ,+ .era tt ,.

ii f .the propowd eo
WmdM iboe awed o

h a Tdoimti e would an


sa ; .- cummy Um


womat his dna
.*e*m- ,i ._ _
r^tedm .ena- JLdg -a- ^y the O"W

it ier 'i Will stand a Law 8Sit Before Ao-
atlo t ow opting the COty| Propositmg Con-
W.be e lb- i rning Beddetibn of Water Rents.
a nattndl*ed
aUt want to rom Saturdays Daily.
wim ant w The ony council met itn regular sese
Sof c~i elafon last night with every number
we te present. except Councilman Oorsey.
r for the 's- kThe mayor and several city c.fet5als,
ho desire to and a number of spectators wer also
tes. that l .r in attendance.
w-or a e After the reahdng and approval of
i to becolae a the minutes, business was transacted
t- before .a "a follows: CaivW--an -.lnyoa of the
plate of-tb~~eae1 P commikee appointed to confer
Ma -ofi jba l. with the Water Works company, sob-
become a #-' mitted the report of- the committee.
.i ytlgiible ter which first contained the propose Jon of
( the Tampa W4ter Works company re-
Iha b a warding the. redutlon of rates, and
I nltlbe then the propoition recommrnnted by
S the committee. These propostloil
htew. already been blibhed by the
Tribume TeoB coa it -c recommended
.I that I the redtm op teo bttedAbr the
. to and'K*9d. i- lracpa Iby the Bompay., thm
: asm the action o tthoe conn tlin adottas an
"o marm t o'rlerance repeanag -the contract with
ihatre il th- e Wktr wordkst company abel. rqn-
The conmnltta as&uo nkse a supple-
i "t report l their relt to Jack-
s s raie and baftted a state me of
t and flwaae ca OsIeri the oper-
Meato i te ot the ackseoavie water works
s'by s h are owneg y that city. The

e_ ig Uald m .s own water warka plant
The report was reoested and Mr. A t.
e, u BPoordnma^ siresdent of the Tampa
e t ter Woros company was rented
s "-1arte VRde wof 1te floor.ita He abo sub-
>!-t wow r.f mtted a statement oacerning the re-
,t Ide, ea ty i and operadon of
*ri^^ 7^^ ?1ti Jaclom e PWatec Work&f There
iwas a vas dufew ane n the fagure
p bMiteyd by MrB. oardhan and Cou&n
c llman XKlaoL Th1e former went tur-
S ". er ito d .Ltai d weliWupo th
ss ol.. b E treoC.tItl, ot the -plant. the
tss t-L t tt the acksonrll pleat pays
S""tr taAe wii a private plant has to
taxes etc. Alo hlt t, e interest
.r' o .- "on the bonds of acksonville, sa 5 per
ceno wt e tm rate on Tampa hbomnds
TS GAe eLt. e tB'ced attention to the
Yaeis onw- ffct that his bleat has no ,'nninspdlty

ipoate thfni Ito meet the ctit but cauM not
S rNbls we W sA ear to r further than in
;;S ifc- rVo to. subraltted
tot f r. V SVOO aa aaIdn dressed the
t..of . lClls A.totentm to the d.er-
.das in the sares mabnitted iby tas
L s rnities and byp a. ardmaan. He
de al that an oe raUd been made by a
: reponblse part thb furnish a tle
amOey hA~ m thoe cit t oet tn Jts
ws rrater worit plant and As own
aErtesi. glat plant, at 5 per cen inter-
L*. 10 O Pi M
courgammes e hmbwrowar ata< rero-
ghAIAe so, DAn the enLtb ftpf their
-'C1t to b* asudiil n Ta natt agTI the

boo PHI* Ma salitted bl r.

,omms ft.a was
SS8? f avs epe M ourea atvsi abe

sue s d1W a e o a atah & sune rSCo ,

4g dplfaiate f the pl ate .nd bly

Snon 1 n ...ta sowdd
-up, e.ewerS as seaso

'k - VaMass to a s.t.qe .t an, n- e
3w~ art be tan aise ia st oahnes
psa e psag M wiP p Btpi It tnoa

'nbs Ssem'ed baseball. plneda he'bn..~~'

t7r6= at 1pabw i andtb -% :

tptq he
10-- .
; IbVA

_r= A.---- -f w -
O.f. WSW. I V r .j t bl. i -b i

ai.m, &'e o te ei.
, a arsb. alses n buaene,

&racrined to the sewterage .se
1 b t hi Db the att* t *aosolra

I of& a*e
-nn-kiv~~~nnnnn~~~~~nnn p

k *bD I
le C"ss
wim t-
IN shde

IW% th* b
posias ah


. . . .o

aton m las four or dve yearns ai
to cm we ito the salt the city w i he
mrtntte1, 4&"u d b W-tho po M umt < t
tract to p as se per Wyea rNOtal iftr
hydrats ano all other rate will remain
ate same asat present
sppoeN. the company had accept
in good falth the action of the couna
In adopting tbe resau:on declaring the
contract nll and void where would
Counclma Holmes' bouse be to-night?
In ashes, no douot, for we could bw.s
cut off the water. We did rot accept
the action of the !ounell ajdwe .wti
continue to furnish you vith water."
Judge Sparkman called attention to
the effect the he Cn eCla War
mlgitt Itae upon tie future rosnperty
of Tamspa, and the improbabIlty of rV
one Investing heavily in Ta&mpV snet-k
ties. 'He said that the cawmpe ha
made an offer to sell the plant to t he
city, and had offered to submit the
amount to be paid to a board of arbi-
traors. He concluded by again an-
nouncing that the company considered
t would b better to stand the law suit
than to adopt the propeltion of the
After further discussion it was-seen
that no agreement could be read ga s-
a mt.on, to adept the report of .the p5bh.
committee, wich included Phe noeot-
mendatloa that the city aould own
Its own water works was noted iea
Thq raU a called and evq conunell
mai present noted for the adetba eg
ne mooan This qttilm the qonesa o
as far as th4 couancl Is eonoered. and
no doubt lb&i law suit ill soon beria.
he emmittee was continued untt tle
next -mma .
hes ordnance Introaced' at the t' j -l
mwaeein r"Okaftia waxo u: distutorb- .
lag aWnd hxc*vating the s fs Aot. WON
citr wspced oth It saad" r umL ... -
qheordlnanwproe&tUed tbotedlBvp:r l |
of the tre unless a pnrSt Itua.tag
by the y 4er and the wort tad
der thae awoerwvslon at tUA clt east-
Mr, an requonirea. the -sr kta ,

ti tWie rte In good condition, AS
n ,i mtntlt Allowinga uch work, wiiqv
an eme Iny Iaraaes, was adoptedBd
then the erdlnawce was. adopted aM a 4

A r"esonwaas adopted retilirfl SBl4jfi
&te city;ti coUleotor to close the city pi^ 6L
tax Boat oi 'Marchb H o that tte de-
jqent ta c=~. Utca be pubishtW on
April V like tax sale takle plaoe oft
May 1. and! a settlement he maoe
not later than a" 10. in
On md4tln of fow1' oyD fcy a c~jk Atbtce con#eHirW of Cosnoe-
man Donadoway 'rhenget and 8psff- *
ord wai aPpointed to reuetee tbde for laItV
city prt r I4O
The eft i editor made a report of the
bond arP received and s pa dp ...
the t Prd iralf 'uWada1 or to ...
1, 28.f la po.. rta teba.i the ..
oa ra redg ntweOed aV. att n -, "

s t ag,-11. or09ie W ;i"

the too ,B004v e P e b- I -.
.lt a h o e
unr ue t *T

lran te. irsa bridwsS nt hehe yee ;ati
*A 'I. of Boat e.k- ,

awitha e or of ento P s
Bo -Wta t4a eoertala stSets 6i the

Som esL 4 -rmad anapt, s "a+dtis '
ers. lad R,,certt,, Otfet, t,, *s
arn wirt.wa tak A a q tt

-ttomer to i1n,1 v.=,sses.

,to whN^ tind 99sh ate ag

T oand st yaIihe a sIsd a

noie5 t Pacesaedie tage ween ea

?eo 7I W --i tn k .., ..

FP- l C oae Him aret-
SCityX ToDy-WM
Pr;pT aAftornoon ad rveafB

an tStaaday DaIll.
b satde usantfeft that ye are
'o44tfie o ChrLet." can truly be
r at th great evangeast, Dwight
1 Cc,. who"e preence has brought
,'bethectfD to Tampa. to the pat
tsvo. iek, s ch ea has never bmen
-sg here. There are tow plaee.
rhe*e a trtes for three aundays in
qehaeloan ad few citles whote.atet
b the pT ,haa so appealed to

PUMattwr aewoeated with
knowa tfa- the great
Sid SWtatr mainthla, o.de
1 art-hfe that mauB SAm
aia bar rxaod the word aver.
n 34 steratte sad pubUe see.hSt
bas wear r as had tn-

6 at I,,W a-3- l ia s'

*m .-bhnmmm of G od bD* ork :
fm, ht W dtaadbeolydo-
M wi o t u. ..e en
t v oitir C l tS Fiti"
mersu sa aver see alone E*

Sui3 t haane l trt. min

4M&VWWe b" np pawe

hl ae amad seal an mea l
Moy 2w MRe ner aly rlaowaid

S ms-a rthar fway a re
ar l o Uvagth a ddvanag tor a-
edml. irste tad oo done

Smato Chita.ndeotLi Ftdoum MMs
S f rrl -n Bamut ie. l i

s e.. ur. andfe man lwy a
W adw edoe s tlo aathen he. Alr
AoQh dmmPt* a I% d ee hrasmed

rft- 2v=usver at two gai

t0 ~ ao.ytht r. h te tm sap
s. bKir tL tad an.afe" of a
Da. qieedl d barnao7Is lite

k Bal e biar. Jodsro, ha aone

-out an a edues oa tban aunast!
u)P ,y eaXiTBnX But, In pU8UW. It
a | oo brau n eowtnini n ote a or

I lt es1Bt arl^ a for thed-t
;. ^ aadr: q|i reChritaH to a t r

ri^ s bMraiBroCe.B M
41 he I fort h sef ,
oivfefd r eon e on at" 61%e.

:.Ism advantasw of

P O. Bok =8 wms_ in 41
Said bY S. IAWNWMV &.. ?5bB.&M
Caotm: Ala.. *Arth L.IW--I OW-
tify that I hoot -i m anew of atbmir
sa bLadder trvubi by HMSB GRA
vjo wr (Wee6 Tjz) sad.-I C"
ev. X LB.. P.a a iunsh

*!A taoO.9ily tad foreow. 1F*
rue. of A1 of tIe. no es"d vie.ur,%e
oac the woomrer ww e. Pam& u mmho mkMM
stel. All fdltB.tru tOtW COmoeM.
Lmill tOeokm u sni mmele De&.AMMIS
bwodv C Ch~L a or "W m&' 1
rw~.. Pea, th1. ci' Bo T.~ ~~-
Vou getTeit 6mrirs isnti h rIbm 06-
vd& at arowbr kfeoBAt table OVM ini
tgv for tim Ima m = at 1u ftuto

Whesa an itouliDsfrom a& a-

1(g Wind-. am.- wb e*W0,14ea ,
anr bipR dleiolw~e tomAr he

tf o th o .t.

aibr Pai m
or Uja bn lifeS

wbmromw nd e d
Phermoooad. -Setd~ ~
PIlaFLtit i sepalbj m
?enah Pick or it eaia8a4~

1C ilsee bars a great 4sf,
bb & -S

I ;pr Ir ctirh. I trihOl4arin*
alm1so d 1. i appraed3 citeS.
Ymprbblo t brutd y h Ire wbwm% I haW
lo0 11W uffors"itee W 5WJ Hirtqb
emat, -eIMO vW Iff118 VoL &A.A.Am
tire.. BufttI,., V3P
brilll ull si-v. rso expwencedtbtd"
Ilot b.,aes. a' algac BusI tic~2
*Crum-.Is y t.al ha haeojmtmutlupod.
Bsr- al; learwl~o foe c,.ildswra. 8. 3.~
(heari &Ic. t0
BWaa sieadg Oas So

&e Iflome
hOseopta C oghw k00suc, the mast dttr.
drfal melady; dbUt ofUtmA Mdoe MW
=oa abort by tb1o6Ut464,oea"tate

Coukl~dgh Corewbfh t alce tbe~h
trsenikidwya, 31uc~
sad bonchisal trou buys. -m id B.at.
oQaCl kmi& o .- I % sk. IfMluiu
There at three n ttta E Mage sh

da autre( wvkAsrtjilrlthU 10
Wbtreoothe 0-c'tbis the 0104
ins mwo -be& itsadu tiu th be

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known nWddy iok ermpanurallomm
and twouebbi. troubkoe. S. IL liml1

There am tm little tvpn 4lob
en lea s"L at*a t ~h tbor 1
the ee sm lob-Nswo -Uttu rb PL
-a"Mi The WbW4bit~
d1 R ~~ s ~~WW l~ C
Oft.lp4~t~ Qa. d
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:, M) WVFMI '

77 7 7

t_ SA.


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