Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: March 3, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00015
Source Institution: University of Florida
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rprising and Progre- He Talsam P:ainty on Babjeeta Tha
Ixznb t the W trikqe Hose-oa y Pi we Wor.Baqp
of T'eir Will .H B. With TU -Mus h G oa
p 3 alro Be. Has Bean cpplokhed.

Daily. Prom Tiesdaaya Da)ly.
to-day, and for the The mntihY themeo God'a unbounded
be R iveliest city l grace mas the tMrilitt isbject at bothi
;the Tret. Annual aiLr mornias and nihbt serloes yesterday at
r Lair Amsttion wml the taberaacle. Mr. toidy could not
continue antil Frday eaoncle,b talk to iChrtiuna 'tn the
I has beensa estenatVty erlU bour, and he completed It at
theas PltA BSteam has Isat. '
IWtn Me fer the rloud -e the grae iatC td tiat itftwnti
ae s wl no doaft he rsa tlea, dista Y w uorWk c at
dtars tea all over the vowwIr lurt awo lkt livee aheeitu
I+eIatoaut. a a40i is thA Wsemmt
Poek acoun a re eotr orte: lookna or that Cessd haP ad
m-ive, red a visitto hbeStoi asb o to M e ttC toftdfred,
fM sooT l eDii e5 m aLd. eavtorw owi Ce er ho ga
M- of that rotar y aoi,Ina for ht t ai lht redn as
MThe fre AroawN S e< mB6am1 Inicqp u ni p Pnulr W uDto hima-
mnti fr.A e dopuet. serf ipcaiaar peeele *~i an at Wo~e
iterme to or a, wadwe arks TItus 11n-, was the text.
ad as h eard elead Th beaSt ells of the crae oof God
Stroa the depot to the that ardeema mee that Pkes men a n
grolridd. that Pets men to work or God. Tihe
and activity was pre- tr thlag is to anderstmaA what grae
when a resreseptaUve fo it to unOan ted tasor. A man told
orinrW Tpbune visited me la the Inqolry roon lastt atlht that
a, pVpara ioau were he Wari't worthy to be a Chwrlrthea;
ag, for the opening of werL there will never oe another man
The ere-5ip bfla- ae ed ion earM it God has to find nen
eorated, and the exho- worthL of ibe g saved. That-a jmu
cta af Po t county were m by God saves, because man It not w r-
poation. Two teams thy of it. and can do nothing to merit
I ractlcing a game of salvation. The trodre is, most men
splendid bicycle track thist tVw cane pa about 99 cents on
bed with a hbear roster; the doMar In good resaatlonsa and good
was belag prepared for work and od somehow will make up
v actors, and numerous the rest.
i wfre being gotten lnto "Th grace that bringeth salvation,
hath appeared to all men." It you
dliand, te covered with have been born Into this world, then
mo. and the boapitable there' a Saviour born for you. "This
to warmly welcome all I thq work of God that ye Ibelteve on
Mrovde roeshuriias for hiq whanb he bath sent," a"d yo have
be taken care of, and got: to believe on him before you. can
so should by an means work for God. A Sbotchmuan satd It
I week. took to working for hit to get satia-
Sthe iPolk Canty Fair tioa. -He was asked, how was that?
ich owns the fair "Wi eatd he, "I did al I could aria-
follows: Preident, C. st .and God did the ret." God as
kI and; Vioe-gpridentss somat eh to gie you for nothing, be-
Lffaelad: W. Cod- canse you have nothit to pay for itt
rw and Peed W. Iansn- and If you ever set salvation, you wUl
a: eetary, J. A. E n- take It as a free ft. A e nsar sDcool
aMd M N pe r, L. J. J.teaceri offered: a watch to ons 4ater
h .o Laatand. another of hist upls and esch theouht
alunitntt' is for It a joke until ihe last boy took t anad
L he Ms irso t ed t pat a io'his poett bre wbi
Ht aSaMt wepaodte an ad adeed him the ker, and thha Uie n k
a. l Ci. coem. The bMpy" wnwe ory thea c,. a -ata bie
mtudd atm^natft- aet. *. wr had re WaMl Baat nive it
a ic s P, gas,-4 teoI L Aad Pm *nodaa u Pe a rson*s.
aofp tt td tAho better than a wdatcoso6. iG's
l Mtreesand aarabaery, teM tift of eternal fta and oe Tn'wt
m.n d MisMWedst ad take It.
maUita lmaait ka Ma In Swianiu & 1-% am thab ierea-
-M aHrS X Dsasa T *arsorea ea tac g iMr fa i, we
>ft2dCaf o TiLm pirritn~ -?W fi b ll IiL inad; v
D ae dqasent o e atde bwP eae atc k( VM tha== o= 4 ord
r. lb 7 W.,A-i. Bo- J ai- ; Coe i b -wf swe bau
-a le o r a dt aw- a ta' fauh Into haIM rwe o m0 i
taf fre.esaS er stead, win aen loe tin hope of the
eo k em M IN n' alo at (d. "Ps et, m wae, gla1m
ri5. EaJbtpiea C4sut semade sw* for as and ana we
Idoajtmiis,- (r. J. W. |te to do to eater In to thet 'sau
Ca9t er~m~ear..,h 'Jb a.- .~-.---------- -' -c

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malon with the ar4d Wbamit usaae&,
in the ctxrhb oftftr Is p
go saairst the crowd, we've

and efwt It out. t
Nisi..hWasW?-w hnes
tIt ite af egan t doee wagi

who deobt It wa m m r sd X.f...
morrow moiboe bs w r n -< a.
-How to st e y the btie."

ThIIBe . .t.. ft.. ., :ft
-- New BeiN g

,i'l dt, ,ft.CH % ,*,t-, 4- j d. to

the .d5eutate aes rtoe JI .
waWed teittn rhe w irM t .l4 _

or th e tle o t ti of

Penst. n.d H. Car. t aflm
.aon IODUse tof Wm AV*em V

tah ounonr t an pldlst
ase Casa. Pewer of te t
The n..o ueatn ee atan' .i

hafchW ab Te MEfndamt *f ardt o;
tiWe Oente is had no oeure
andL C. an*,. v*Wlhoft.r
falcons A, or tde plthe tnrtd rA e t
by Col. Hj VAorab le tBI e h o f
a Col. Pgtr a0 iob ft, at
TWhe awuijta whe erw ae H

a point t lde of s. r

oasckpe tha t Be order of eZiBed.b
and CoLaed and t #wl ontie-5A14
PetIngll mond 8E C t lhaew n t m

'justfy. tim making of peE wder. a
The defendias idAam nt d udg
Don -A. Pardee. the Uand $*ta eii
utt Jr e vi o Idbg -tn e
an injuaen iande as
W. Chba retver of the im- ver*- a
the compaite hadn wo pow*e tao "
thtCh tan order athe aer
wubi the jtp atef tahe s T !!-
tae pont war f de of hei
4askm that she oater c a
Ichrked and set *Ridf on
tht the _adge _ashWag the_ A
jur aadlction an Im vm amt
Thy soo contentmd Oat etbe iOA-not-
sMtu t.e Tse a rt pmel 8re,
thp judgesecl not e
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that ths rdev W"a
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I~amt~ d.llk'
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every nierv B e,
tIaise d on the s
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%!a.-aSnesor qnzy am a si us
Sms -tathm. b ..th e a s--S Thorefore pars
ot.rh.wr. them Se ^oheee 1 1prilgn blood is abeortely
mad admntkmte t.he M avdi;ad f ic I- H necessary to rtriW
a ftoderthe roam it to toeactor tiie living and healthy
aih6 vhere whi ne not Sees than bobs. fHood'sa Bnalarillaiathegret
SW. Apate q ad wIo ble bood purifier and the beaL. Spring
Uab i more wea it to obtain Medicine. Therefore it is the great
t d. T C er a Sree to can fTor cratla, salt rhemn, humora,
ean the rota oee evn sore, rehowaLhns catarrh, etc.; the
mare are b They e la greet nervine, strength builder, appe-
,aht e demand t- pmaned Tiey tis, estonuach tonic and regulator.
agrp to pay8 N per ton br the roots at
the Taotoy Ths season tey. are
.an^ arran. s nIntL to uMtilSe 1H
5,oot or 6,000 ton of roots, as it U0
't i e ecrop of thbs section will S rapr- -i an

for 'n rtns p thi quantity r a espodet of thered acly by CQ Hood C,
material .wi Cot in the neighborht~oda tweD, sL Gt teinesn Hood
oaf $516.M but the oepn the sa h a h AS elaowhe h
eem essed wt e a aldi etd that th pte riip I lave b&he
a it wni Ihncrease theB wdlty ofI the ---
stva foes Uame to time, a tte pro- A PROP eTTl.r! CAUSe
ac of ea v t ea istidesst. The
Pe Mers n thatte wil ble ab m W E: Ourti, th she ahnton cor-
4*w n 5t ei taa nifht Ut0a to respondent of the Chiceao Renord. ies
omia. "Ad r~a We hon ivNl t r cP" wa theory of the dKtrun lom ot the
es attGeo mle tI is ter OC ferom- ari that he dropped is e dcusdre

Sit ,et oar t at the u9 the Navy Deosrtmenrt: "oa L e one hae

per to", h' o he OL rt e eyed or e i s her own torpedoes
Ian t I e wids of itn t iIid It as knoe n thavet Capen azbee wet sn-
00t the toetoty wU h a- c tse the m hartboh at of Haana ready for in-
tiio starekb ht tIs 'o "BdnLed. The tant action. Hs orders-were very
product ot the Ud*7rs 5 et a seret- brief ad uneectd the n we no nex
it- ay he tapory blo wh ee vivou -o pc tlond and a he did not wtle
maw of the ae abb ie art- whether the craueaon was pear or
e.t ta paore Oan aeItrtaetre from p ir atil he dropped anosor atd re-

.wy are other preparationil i br trpe-
A TOR IN PteO doe-Is pwe l loae ded and ltid n the deck
ready for ause If necessary, and one
In the handle of tlifo Joa ethe o them may have been doarged iho
ctamoera b told the s story t n ear~e cidentiary that atal night. Ite tht
day In a country iet iol with a viVid- could be determined It woeld settle all
Jn that nword. As approach, i r o rot.but there Is a decided difference
ir t4ae it of at a f kMr. Joune prof opnhr thamn officer as to the
ade or The .lde osP Journal probabltty, although most of them ad-
and thaey mr ret dooed a In the March mit that such accident was a pone -
* ep- Theya oh r e tpeca t valte In br t y.
hI I weoga In c nate d hat hIan e- it is posrrle under thiy theory that
ta. a c mrI cal b id i he thetd in ret e ship should have gone down without
Oad ag a priest of in "x. and aim exploding Its nag*-sAcs, and the l.-
to amateur .qtogpi*wP as represent- cover that the mes-oner are Intact
i what c n berm -c, when wauld not, therefore, be a conclusive
art and photograay are united. evidence of aanlsh treachery.
Sh reove Wa There are to many ways In which
.here is I Lruinor of sacfuinary the disaster might have ben wrouogt.
piritas In tjls eC)ntry all of whom that It will de difficult to determine mn-
wald be tfebclos If they were In ta- der any condition, ust how It wns
va just now. As tey are not there brought about unless some positive
thiey take it ot la a talifn. Oe of proof other than that afforded by the
the Is leno.Eward i. Bragg, of WLs- evidences of the wreck can be cited.
Ceisoan, who is old!enough to know bet- The probabilities are that the cause of
et an lwas too god a 16oldler to loe the explosion will always remain one of
LhaissdA altagether- ; at &reporterO the the great secrets of history.
Gsorsa saidld Ifkdw whait I would
dif I weot In cbmmand at Havana China, surrounded by Europe's %.ar-
hapber. I would, shell theiownw, take ships, agrees to any proposition.
ItCand then est I on lre. After the
aea wer Wi etl uerrway I would mad The father of his country would hot
4 thew vern t an t i at snitoi know his child, were he alive to-day.
PaI 4iad 0one. Wi mtrht resOre Wanshlngton was president at a de-
1e5-*OOr( cOtdnanl5. but the Caba cent time, when offlce-seekers were not
p^Me ould ^ The_ crttt e Jbhr ora W te Clandestineeeo marriages are becoming
dohr poptuar wWWl the participants ar be-
ering ftor 0 u-r ni otorious.

qe"Lrl tBrt~opolta.

xc *fitff 1 pin an eta
Itai. & ens a w montb
AbUt Mrt U bo5U 1 k

raet a Lf~r^.>.'
. editor Wto 1*tn '"
iLL. tbee Piley-faeed Ru
!et!'*- 4 :
Ir ^ou ^ c^- : t
a largcoet L t uoinlh
tlt, Ma owur.tn

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0.''' ; .

S Parents abou DCbe very careful whoo
Their grs go with. Bad company of-
x ten leads to disgrace.
S All kinds of. scandals are brewing and
-the to gues of the street corner loaftem
aMd gempers are wagging to beat the
*7bThe Qentga Southern and Florlda
Sdepot a janpeon City whas destroyed
by fare early Thbrsday mornml The
fre was discovered about 4:0 o'clock
L ad the abudlng was quidkly eonMWd
r 'toeUi erwith 00 worth of frelht.
A new .suit was in sttted in the Cir-
cult opart t Jadksoville Monday by
a the E s: Ctty Iron Works of Etze, Pa,
d ainst the city of Jacsonville. for S.-
1 91M, with hIerest from Nov. 30 lass
This ts a sult for electric Uight plant

Catt flaBueil Deanette, of the steamr
er ae Catl~. pying between Jack-
soavile and Masport, fall from the bwr-
ricane deck of the steamer Tuesday
breaking his riht leg Just above the
kaee and cuttingM veral gashes in his
tace and head.
One of the most important real es-
Stte treapters that has taken place at
l KXM ate I seasoIn tI the purchase
t f eamre ea ad by Herbert Fem-
lag, ;ord abe Ga9. The property Is
a vahiables.a& vry desirable ooe, and
wiM t m v roved.
The lja Btar is one of the brightest
dy papers in'all Fosda editor
rEtteangr knows what the people want
and be never falls to seve it totem in
an 0tertainlwg and itmscttvire mosaer.
t ia t might be term ad

iL m AiL1i 'untte Coutnny (tHohbaa'-


Of the' "Kiiie0
V, wincol Nlsson, o Pi&'
writ: "Parix yeas Ihrbave
the 'iands of my ec a
f pyicians l i
Spngield, f and St3 Laou
reiuce the enlar emeInt -

hgsem whether t el*-Ma
prAftlee s ioseeotd 4 Wse

let esan w ddee rtw aw !b

AfrrIan. to a Metaa ad
that --'1. and the BI 'Mesan t.ug
the word consldred, little e to to,
said one wayr or the other, except ep^l
matter of patriotic pride. There s
"conmevable reason" why aa n mertarl
girl should marry an Englmaa in pc*X S
ference to an Amerlcan, and the omdy
girls who do 4t are those who are wit
Uli to bolster op with the fortune tbel 1
hard-working American daddles have t
left them the hands of some spendthrlf
Friglahn1~m with a title .There ,a V
case, o be rseu. where the Amserlca
Stri fat in tove with an SaULshau P
but not beeavas be Io an E,-,i.r.sn1
but this I not the po9nt In queCVlOOl
That toint Is that the blishman to a
gsnttoin Land. therefore aol oongfmn
ial to the American dGrl. aad that the
Ainerlea man, ditaturbd and harasse
by ~bua worries h- not atyet bad th
time to recav e that polh eand e
evidane aeot a a eWMoa a wichit
esOM ad that only Ilet rem rea
A BrtttSth lamcht a nome syea o
that I- s bepoe e o s bl 1b
Amnerli-,, who tgrid at &arbaejabo
proeedon from the tnthr am mfe
of coBsse tiB there am beokhe do4M at
4 or thereabos, on eua l fteetim
with Ipeashmen who awre m anr wtmil
odnetin the Vraro qloaortr aof ropt
who make cowoaS.tloo more or 1*
study an their l ve; who know half a
doewani Janvuess are oanvenant, Vithp
the arts, anishea e Prtmen adndgmbt
shots epernts inthe of whao" ,
and. in a word .ae en ofre s b
world whoe lives passed in pleaiant.
That is very well ati it will eajts
the umsohisticated reader every Uime
who doea not stop to rotider natte.
The man that paends hs life in dosag
nothing is generally the Post unater-
esting of human being&. As fer the
Englishman speaklaf half a dose Isa- n
guages, that is evidently a joke; the
Engi lhman never has.been, nor never
will bi a lanirst. The white cBI1 ef T
Bnelitbd can be seen on a clear day
from trance, and there is a oontiatmo
tratfl. between the two oouttriea, t 04
French is spoken more frequently ad
with better accent in America than. n i
ERgland. The English clubman ma a
take can.veatUon a study, but unlea pt
he has a fund of information aequUrP do
from experience, or frm books and the a
man who spends his thme loating at a g
chub Is not likely to have much;- gron di
either source, his conversational abLL- w
ties wlln ot avail him much. It to the s
conifot of mind with mind that sharLM
ena the intellect and bring oIut' tM
best there t In a person. The o
IntereingU men are those yho arve
tDuhat life's battle, not thoseaw O ,
havq been idle and ladlearent stot. r
tos tor the btag k and theAs ci
grptelesm belops to the jorer *Ci*
Let a man accomtlish eometbla a
tl Srlatiah elnboan Pee th tis ut
Ihm e hbm& fe se net 1mw p
wna trom cherry wine, id tf. *i '
have tien passed in ay lad a epIp *
pieae, pet he Is the anre they wiab 9
know and whose coore rU,. hsy t,
want to hear. TlB reast Mb. B t
me bi myself. the.q odei of a. clltfbe. i t

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rtrsflseI.iei5 Ileled~r~
ca wii~i
c asr "4 e ei

tatr t~iesaBt -


tuireq7 pro. tt
th ,r codI 'd
a yd6" S.S..
.scal"ti vers
-"!- i lI,3e iat
p-sated blood
i do no good,

*w oW*

ra Gei. XT

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a itnene

sE In thK

it the T

eafta p"

as ofe<

ence. In

ee noti
rten e

cm Its ca
tm orl

ty as eik



a t~tul JSe.
* PmQ~a A. N.
!0e Wrccish ,

6-ia-s qeqo)l-

*, ea Chle a

ma were

r ate rea
a the pro-

red within


i ]t;;" .l a .if.L

14 ut M IO=TH & GUEA

brther .Detla o the wedding and
ew m be oeoaig Conp'e Acted Pre-
vioialy-4n pp and iWme For
Fear Bor i

Ptom Flday's Daily.
furtherr details were learned yester-
d$y of the rnarrlae of lMiss Carrie
skinner, of Greenville. Miss., to F. A.
!Joyd, who claims NelwTork as his
1I me. bat who la said to & an adventu-
r.r who -marrted the young girl because
i6 learned that her father is a banker.
SLloyd called at the cou ity judge' a
ftoa Wediodeday morning and procured
Smarrispa iPoene for himself and MiAe
lo-er. About 4 p.m. he returned to
Seofee with Miss Skinner, H. C.
and a yding man named Wood.
ef tola ser, he expainea would set
m witaname. Judge Ieu tedra d not
.supect ta~t armytin was wrong and
'rtfned the marriage ceremony. The
T'dage ubW that she was the inlHest
t d eahe ee ,e e.s .see
Atobr. the thremo y the paty walked
wA the *treqt and sepiaeted. In a
trt mt ithe bride et her friend.
= Wo MrtSeand waeias
Mw .Attet Mma6 Skln-
sai arL tbh. 4 awpa armatn'o
Ich r o out with Mm, and went to
ibr WO In ai sO t tia te he came

ase dong wenh the vali wshe repied
,t e b4 marrd %AlUoyde and was
tagu ff ftlh M.m Then there was a
pteeoar. soteU etatpher friend
eni wo dd ive lu hw e to e change
a r an she end U d stated
ws the depl Myr. Wlooedrlige wa
oe led an. pent to, the adep ot where
%.a saw Loy4. and demanded an eapla-
')reoo. itAe only explanation that
ysd &wot. pivee wepa t exhibit the
pmarriage cOlcatne As the marriage
ws pertfec-y legaL nothing could be
lone and Me aple, sadei.a. brother of
ue groom, departed for Jacksonville.
,The.marriage was the talk of the
lAowaneeterday. for isWs Skinner has
attracted areat dedd of attention since
bte mune m er, and has attended nu-
-B t aoocoa tunetiona The man she
arrTled ha also attracted attention.
tit the notoriety aftaloed by him and
M ~othe~ was or an unenrtable va-

t eb ciuased to present the W. C.
U. uan. ,wrked up an advertising
i'eme Uy which they succeeded Ja
IckL g up a few dollars They went
to one hote, .o their arrival, and after
itoppaag at night and taking breakfast
_ent to another hotel and asked the
~, tor o tseomd to Aterst house for
iir e alid dto pay their bll.
e io an ad thep engaged a
S bt Odl Ittoey i The same
W. _M,,O how

UK o tNat ~ o.IM
maved, but
SILLra a ahotal
1,-. Wi elery. -07 mla
eef at S fhotetr sad aade

-1"n ander 0s dF. A.

to1tGtANF Qbl' he .U. ttblmh

eMtok4o A en#& Co as b -andied m

Rq-fitlYA-fA - ma vowrp~ra aap
S~it~a dxaa4M would aadel
an umo ap rteaftsitamt"
~bqe nept -CabC PmC Tith~bpa
iPbi I ~a zatn ~tohe~d, a*W01g
Rut mee~~ioot we 1'dr am I Tdba m
h w- n a -.thouft ltng or a6r.
46jI Pmt~e-DIO iU

e. ~. ..IV, I



poster ee of tbheAtee4r. V. d C -*a
veramift de uthet I Wasd wee
i &nk ,he pa. eo. a 9Wid t"i
w thee assy vteable stne the -os

ok the biakeet fO. r samSe
stea, and anwm hemtate to do ytbag
to beat an _nnLpejUlg wobileU. They
are boet had fellow, and hwe bee a.s-
v eted ard jailed in an the larger odteL
Mr. Wood regretted havu been in
their company, and assured the Tribuae
tbat IL was nirely an accident, nad
emlphalioal v dtfled the report that he
had bien with tiwm in this city before
h :.et thin. Wpdnesdav morning \w.tb
th- IV..,o Ail's.
qlie n il t'mt they had gone to JacA-
e(n tUle. and that he would not be daa-
prised to hear at any moment that
after they had succeeded in getting
what qponey the girl had, that they had
Svea' her the bounce.
The parents of Mis Sdnner, or ~ira
Lloyd, are well-to-do people, of Green-
viUe. MiMs They have been notified ct
their daughter's aseapad but what
they s-ll do about t i not known The
couple were in Jacksonville yesterday
but unlr i the bride put up the money
f4 a ticket. It is not iaely that they
can leave there in a hurry.
?New Bevelopmenta are being un-
earthed eery hour, and some ugly en-
ational stories are being waged on goa-
sipers toormua

LewraL MitcelI of llabero County,
convicted of highway robbery in IBM.
-and sentenced to state prison for lIfe
aes had Mas enomCe tommated by the
state pardoming board to expire April
11, 18M, upon recommendation of the
Judge rosecuting attorney and nmner-
out prominent citizens of the county.

Mr. J. W. Curry, or Madatee, acoum-
panied by his estimable wife are in the
city attendingthe Mbody meetlnga.
Mr. Cary ta~5e o the Tribune's es-
teemed readers, and made this office .9
pleasant call yesterday.

A Card from a Friend Vho has Investi-
gated Details.
To the Editor of the Tribune.
It seems to a fair-minded man that
newspapers should bei very careful as
to all statements made in their columns
that are likely to reflect upon the char-
acter of any young -woman& If any
action cold have a hundred faces we
ought always to look upon the fairest
In any questionable episode it is the
part of charity to seek for extenuial
circumatancea. Matters have been
publ shed in regard to the Iloyd-Skin-
ner affaIr which I have found upon
careful exemnination to be Fta from Cr-
curate. I do not Intend to elaborate.
but I must say In behba of the hotels,
and in justice to the other younm lady,"
that swo wa told by her mother to fol-
low or keep in company with Mis S.
whenever with this man, ind not leave
them together alone. On Tuamday
niget ahe earnestly reranatrated with
Mss Skinner not to to Owena' but
being told tht phe d go without
hr the otber on leidy tout bast
(a judgment ford hassy and per.
hapoa le t ) to keep near be
-ad brsi her bom. atal Skiae tn-
rdneem the toap nLma to the lady: a
e adanda as she kha kowan thea in
Stipn the ttMmion of t he poM
hatae caisln street I fld that

w a and tat ttthe other yo

eat asd ibetol epoade tut oa ba

'h T rhole afahr Is a met unfocto.
-. *oe. and mee f aatmtna

owi- mtahqe and allow the masttai
,a -td "Mt te amSM.

S'air lar ae- to deuht the an-
theatity of the Te*aes report 0

Out of coiasderalaaif ot* matt qi
the T-apf girl mad 9hina eiiHmnwen
we he reraied tron pebhha hgaU
lthat he ebe rqepreb to fb Tb


;por,,,t,--o owiO ,,z "-^ .. i-
aMta to A= to,
Water Works l, ec -

Prom Saturday Ds'Dly.
The city council tnet lat
ular session for the first t t*
weeks. President foore* C.
Dorsek. Kinton. D.Oad.e.r kr
Me Fell Rameey and were
present, as were ail several Q -ii
The nmautca of the last m we
read and approved, and basi w
transacted as fottows:
A commanrcation was ir e d
Madden & Tacker, avlagte etiL
for the burial of thl city
that a resohrtion he adobted
that they can o riai
the s rmnt dua theem by the by s kB 1
terred to the imattee on oaeit enjaWS
and cemtela ,a
A petitIon for redunrotn a O -
ment was referred the com ttee c .
appeals and sfteriea
A petition fromt J. I To c-
Slg atletto stt to the co a of;h
street t front of and jar I1
propertyon which hspla ce
is located, was referred to t tritel
a'committee.uniah ;1 UND
oA theioandon fradb the oathe
payment of tty taxes de by aebuoar
brought fort a resolnutim a loup
Wilman ibrowslw. pDmb vdLvif Iat t dVa
the deenqv-"tt&.p-9ysec oE hoWe tSeISSS
property has been aoldwil tther S
taxes for the year, within 15 s
tntrest will be charged IL wuas-
expl-tlad that there was a as Ib ea
to the legalty of the sal 'a piNety
for 188 taxes, and this offer oul dbe ,
made In the nature of a cv mOte. h.
The remokuton was adopted. a eWmt
Mr. Dromkiewaky moved that A fe
council instct the city t?-4 U. S
once buy the paint and to ham
the brfite as lafayette over the "
4rldaboraga river panedt e .
me stated that it was a to allow, '
the bridge, -wiit* had t to
rust and ridn far the Want U ttte 1ermw_
paint The resottion waa
The question ot hying the
on the approacles o the
was called .to .e al the atten t
council aV Promotr int orO.
A r man by
requestin t Os'Bird f
'ahv twef .eWafs pVe AL"
earileet conwntei ce w g
Th delay cand to the.9ds
:and vehicls toyr the o ti tt
dra t "4.d the

the, mantte had n-ev
"d to the oBzigC onl Ssf ^t fc l B

|l.dad ta "Ot .g

4"TAns. a" ^ ^ij.<3E2MiaBB



r r V
wehd ba U



the~ifi~~- L~a ~J d5it he'PP

N h W t A: L eati 0eLr vhe a

--m- oitariind~aen4

'' Ugiiidd lier r~~k o r~J be
hoao eabYepuiiot. tat. would he5
J~eaao satries sule *)rtvonte~rnS
aw, woom manwie~Ls
AL-dmet to, thiwr IhaI
:,. sd-ras af~~s~i~y esrLest the
~qtewemmeiKi~~ii~~P~ .IlId. iti o shnes-
-PT;~~ tebelsge~ tatinna law tbtt
La1Uno way jeponsible for
.ik6.ot at,~ pdte sc tisezs it it *we
so. *,Iltons ud l am s t AM-
1k t rnn itkiih *nii k naWIM6

IseeI thtin sbhhet the lNs-

W~~iribCe ~aeui sp tof latlisod
own-,i* sys i 4ea ppmrto

Lo I*tpremndeFzis whfly au~tsf
mu-oa i a is Er'ow"-
~ ~iummtiyfor 5
~ ha~s14 ~ !IMF in theZZt~i

~ akswee -- k a ~s! kd
as ~ ~ ~ P %k. b M


ISL; peebes e *-3p 1'
or amr, an t*r. am
iftowm no 1 am dHo Brdb


Prom TLmts-Unlon and Citlwen.






r ISIMM jk* *- alp far i4 a

'bkuki thee. tkaa~ieew6 have uiit~d the
gR.nst t~Id damags did so
~ ~eesne iwR~the~r dut4 to &affrd Pro-
tgusatie the tbWsM"wpo wmarebd e r.
T haiswoid seem toeonste the

u0~sppoeud ~cai .yin H;fissab

Ithat the
3ftm,.wtablon u as& cnsevmm

8pe~e tesd~eysanibodywl

inh. amd lot 101 %Uc M law bbWat

7 "tis.f' enahna tW sm. to
o iers Wal ters;ton afnr
i~asr!dois~TtlttS soinosra to wevs this

p5W~ikW4 4 S4 your Wm*e
--.Z L m Amb, *"dinn
-ita~ med ~i,- eat ler6n

~-~fbl~N'~r ~ oO L oo~oo-4

~L b~aQ.R~ia spi~oa~i is.l
;.~; L ~bifb ~ ~ b**

a ~~adj t rai~baslu br a 3:

'u - #ab 'Idb~aa~?rr n# e kt

Indutrial Uite and energy are wakint
rom their short nap; from all quar-
ers of l]orig comes the peering news
hat lethargy as giving way to activity,
bat the grove as being rehblUt-ted, the
Warden taf of proatise, phosphate tak-
n to Itself another boom, and the tour-
stl n greater numbers than ever before
i within oar gtea
Bor wars tbat enaylome or the r-
mon of them now witM o we need not
halt in a onward march; we s* lp
al o ,OufrLMtOL a at presentinr our
-m1ar to te attention of the word
nmd w should tdaU advantage of every
apportmaity that preaetes Itsel. In
ne advertaesment of her oppormtnItm
tr tne seer Mad the cplthlt t nort-
da hB poeresef far in advance of er
eJhbon, t ae been peouinrty hap-
p in the posa-ion of devoted friend
who were both wtatn and able to serve
her, but dhe muat aot lose her place to
the vanguard of the column of prog-'
rem and d -v0l.mn0t We are now
rasplo ti harvest planted in the past
--heLa we not b equaly as careful to
the Interests of those who shall follow

'what Borida most needs to-day is
the settler; the man whose thougtfti
braU tranaed tItellgence, ansd akUut
hand can draw our natural wealth
from the seep of centuries. and put It
Into marketabe shape. Brains and
sHUl we now need most, tbat in ndus-

try aod capital may thrive. oar waste
laoe, our cpate. and our products
may become min of wealth at the
Midas tooh of thought and care and
aflL WIthout these our phophates,
our frult and crop only enable us to
live whlle others reep the true profits
These are to be found in the Greal
'*t. anxious and wllUng to come cold
they knob what we have to offer. Mo
.can w best teach them the ieemon?
At Omaha wHll be held an exposi to
;to which the seIn me want wll.flock b
the tthouiand Flordas ahold be then

tooa t her rore to them what the A
sate ta ers ct wltaoot price, a.d
-W can double .our populatlon within
the net ten years. It woLl bean
nrestaelnt ne p rontable than the deal
n wheat or a "tip" o Wal Street.
orMda cannot afford to be conmplo-
our bry ser aeace from tWa Omaha .
4rlpeAuton Nor can me Saword to
ma- a6eWw and inadeuuet dbelay
as due did at ChiMean beeath to do
so is to o ect one of the riatest op-
por B "es Wthat "taken at te ood'
anfdJ oar to ortuw"
= it i Cnt too soon to bln active
.Wd sdirfist work
dothed with power and rexppttblity
iim se care. of the war feer. and
whenkver the need arses we shal not
be hw ready because we hvpe a One
dipply at Omaha. Give ppllm and
the waiS "earcease fr sorrw" while
we 'wa forward in the 'ati of peace
sad rogre where we belong

Corn Is to be siven prlmnmice in tie
cereal ebits made by A at
fteljn exhibitions Litte I t
of that mort and corn wIll t
n a 4twe-ete, the. music O which is
sweet to the farmer' ear

A white woman that married a Pie-
gan Iianou out in Montana a now en-
.4aed' hustlU as a waitress In a
PrBstast to Nspport her red-ldsinned
e= I bHis MIdeas of the proprietors of
lfe appear to prevail.
Vanlt lair. and in tact a MLondon
;Jwnaut are meali poryt o the Order
of the-mown. The Idea of r ch soa ia-
ualtoi" to a lsa4 vd& uas or iqts
.dmm aeB te doctrine of belief that

F ~ p~ i ^r wia to ma d
iat4g (B ~ti j LL
H^?~^S1^1~ ^""'?1?' t'1<91^' 1^*^B

^^^^^^^^1(IIB^ ^i*l.L^('*N

Hrsiet.^ r..- mwp^piut on Mf
head tbMai wstkeasiSa s ts tA
moete. a mar prsbabialty.
Te sem is t a not al smoke.
Ibe tk is not fnmited ts neWapM t
-mwersrabon baa (tond a tonwe.
Patinoe ad coneLratnea Ate o
longer i the casteerry of irtles a
eaters In tme bael of tcaIr ae am
longer la.iughed at. L eweetful btstft
is sow thatr trtuta
Thursta. of Nebraks, (ofmer UDtOP
with demaoary), declared in the eeW
ate casber IWedasaeiy. I believe
that we are now dorfting Into a vw

stomS. -
(d)-tbetmgasine daf not explode.
(e)-Te harbor master of HaWaa
placed the Maia in the poastion ahe o- -

(tf)-ur bours before the
the -,f h am Awe-a ,
moved aiout OIMS-fut sf rte from
It is ot t hna attitude of Lberi '
meat itnr o rsi gM Tha

The tGely Trgsmae heasmtego.
Ireulstion of aT ayper oua eee we '
arLf'ed In orltda.- It I .-Me '
ubUaheda l thise t o .f t i
in admitted by trk ed and toe top pJ
a st xellables and eam&, in ine -a
norlda. It ist a dandy'

Ferlda is cilng f morm eW i
Northern, tort, (vi who tor'i rsr-ly U
carried avawey Infltae hItan airepWe0
for soesnBho. bme E eSOPoted t
f2a=0Ty, ad the Untfted states XLk' erBn
mnlfon" b e been awked to restock 14 i
rivers with aUlgat rs
The special edlUaition VtfU Lthfeeo
eun was a snpeb aiper. It wu ieer'-
owntly iunstrated and handle ll
printed on brvy book r el! r
fierte credit on ttn eneL"l L peobi iii ;
er andedetor. Cooaratidatao : Is

sartsr Harioou is now nal.r ed
Young Hrcute of tt ci nUlM em Dearo
rhey," a tite thatt his evrideuty wo~rbi1
a few aminer-throwers In the p 'P
seei acsuld'be-s eaed to deat% i
wbethe he is or sot. (ater loa I
has oered hfs yacht. the wg;ara, t

;itea tds .tte t thaat J
S.Mft t ba sg x 4000,

- 112161 1Was s Ito




with Spain. TherCe I esigrD bxetaig
aid all over tahis outry T+ n tte T4oc'vent M
iaknury new prooeedhng Ia HRav into a ei
the ]Male catastropthe to Involve u isa os
war with spal I ;
enatorIt Paraker boldly auerted: "I A MBM1
am glad that I voted In terr of t Ih
cLtAmeh., rmeolution. The time M is
o -tmofor taaucoo z*I,
BDeator Hoar, or MaBwagkteo-
bheretotre t0 ehsab loa at the *lh 5o-0
al" r le aet--ba ble n to "hedge." i
ram 1an esaa I 1 htAe alway s-
vTore a rMopletoi (mierar S to o is SM
ba^eigrat proag ^ameta S St
r ta I I a a tde veos p -at rt i
asseaTive superment wbta-n i
tiue sam boam e an=d thw e mce sto
btear u ad s ayrat that aU theo i m C

egs qpeo a usw standeW t agree a"s S' .
oe tact .

auch aertU been ote-rrable ti -

trte Mptplmatto ropressitatives

towers a rlsed thri rew ethe m r-.
ernmena thet war Is iemairmt betw e
the Tlalted States a 8 t a
Conew Generti Lee b"i a rne'4
AmMCias reenset In 1 avana to kI wqseto
the city. He attempted to dissae thi i" *sA
motive of this warnag by tatinr that
tee unmeal&My seaaas is now approachr

he aveiopments in the inquiry being
Scondoato at Havana tend strongly to-*.
D ward pantish treactery.-h
( a)-Te fact that the tai and gr ea
et evelsion wan amidsmps. conlder- a
attby aft of the forward magastoe yA,
( )-Two 10-Inch shelt from the great
t 10-incb forward maginalse haave be
Srecovere by the divers. One of toe ""aRI al j
Sathels Wad exploded. The other ad dm
not. > 2d!m ?
1 (e)- ne judgment oa ant emPert that
r the exploeon at the ir-tach images .
forward itould have blown the ship t "

Terrt. WVsk,1u4 i~i

ampact s rh& ne-, poma tIn
e'rckcof the bu- b6M km HU

low t~w-*i-r os
ii ih

awi j ill
5 14f~ ffta



ix a all

li Ac e a At a

TRPOM )book*:%:

195 ~

'time -e ~

ujde "heyI Ihan b haie1'?;,". .

A. an-d f .bey xpt i Beatr^ was, e -i ,. -,l,'S
s"Ms Are S Readinot ameS i. -w i or i -in~ w >la
be wa., Mai-tely re itXa ed t s

mst r ,ngth, whin U t g ai-, ,-- [ "-
mod, ma mgead hoilyatl P

mptm Citmuae, hasioen de is baboh Seth ne s i sd Sealt -
h6 Slae gIWWUS osh I barUw ew hejeamt mahe z &4 a r

-e aWd oam. They ha ved &W ba l "it,,
ed. cidueub and,. speak fish yta Woas msba taam tsermsa dS i.

So 2o Theydo not like 8pca. i t-Ad amtfaor Js uam ab.A dsmi"A

L Mxeh I.--G.oer Rogr, wa binat l eLvdi mr sai fr wo
-e a td t hell ,companieo m acam. S B aut 1al hlim Meds toUm s.
SNatikonal guard Of Washing' rwoe m acle NtetfneaNLadt.
he immediately nrecitertd ; -
wi ragth- ReP"sl ,.g is being
m: atively. Goternwo Rogers o t0o m5rmSsha

M uon up pai wsh Pr amn al ataidag tanv"MU r --,., :ak
bqivp~ingithe stat militia u3p toPlems red eyeballs thit wle",
m point b f dU acy. by Un ale whw OMe 6 asled sh;
n Imn% shm mimgi ha le hedies elwand
,id e PP a F r 7Peace.. e litU sh*a s ad ihetlasi ambl.d
11611ftlh L-Tbe Echo Do atm shills PWor .......-
4es tbbpe -tbe a Know Iis as *M has0 Is cratr fr
IB In-falmd to -inJ6 rol m am bItn hlaw r a.e
Seh, is o et WCaeit ,
vist tes-hl e talnui of ite ts dWsdsUmm '
t Sa th.Unit ed fts sa d 6I kA s i ePON dt-of="at
0 0a% m by T rtom 8 ri a~d1 aw m is as Wodimaa
d =Heham e pMillPAS
AA. c m e ss ailey Mftlamp ss b S

sm_ua JOB.&Ulsaa rlje 8w I
itO, arhe lb r.-o l 5 Aa i tio limS =AIl,-.i S.
fl|it"i. Jobs A. WMLkis,. #tA ihesas i*&m.e'

b.meWo rqW oD gQ rp m ffafclia?*
ssprpat lpsetat, sno d d pomp

'LPm_ mr bf Im i t" vaLmp
rug jrrlodmam the Now
sw 1 fo, Inev.,laehed,, w Sem seAnd
m'srlro M b t a ,i g reuctmei s'" e's, ds a i, '
An chief be rueived 8.D a" ft Us f"or ofo &M. w pus I
pi p aay Wi .m.e pP'o . .. .

York ..isalso ;., ed an a,,, m $a inde,, .a.
; t th i ta. bkra s awr,--shi r -
^heWho m.rhaehao aHwvlcs W ses6sge aater
rT O VE R :ag.a o aco &Oss r Llts wh'tm. t.. e.t ..'

".lgo by.wd s r.d a
r wl ham ,e the m dort t r u tld ,
uW". -s -Wa .tea w caima i u g ihhdmom .-

Sat *tWhe. ose ~otrye is Whas i l e ,_atie iad, ..
OwU we th e llkm To.- 0ee 1. 0es atO Yst a111saya 8i side
bT OVER BOYCOTT. b as drk rn
aamdam suUs. e b wth aimored ey

SjU- t dawmas e a, ..tter a bs ea ,im en .

..'tho se whamo imtso .msT.a
"nt ar the M Iemafoed To, esnd lIktlps y ole :uot' ,d s
Sof 85. Lou Wilson. Ta shie ihsaaSp pSnS leeeat.
bOo. ^Uggitt & Myne. P. J* gls ittle abe Itembus te-ar
wd, the Hiary Wothe sger s ltb ela nt h asd sad shmse.
!ompa n. Wo"s=Ma-ys usvtnrsadi -mhecJlo.
0l ffd a n that I mae uf o. Whtdesboutleh wa^kbat s o
ose the tobaeoSwareNho use bs -. T. uwftbOaLg.
saese 4ala boycott by the d-
wr. C p Se rnqla-t. A a- -b s n hl W hesO._
I.t Btyura" aoe"I.p ih ate'sato "slmoi who los
ce atws. W Iubee thatU eMore pb ee au o rns

aMta Iyearegofmd a s"ba him Al0 s`t5 wAst i eaB
dghad bem s pofited for. no a torim i to te se who h at

held_ s 'atdWsd&n spow_ l AM e UB9W h r5at
rIWM J. Varhu I.-- c^SS's nS "11 0""V

itlby h w maowe mf aa"te waf
bigShafr meddlena rUpXMin -. ia k t t aUter sk fi i s

ihe hai;~n to-oofliA for a Bw' tos osrt shea whele

vibo AMekiWb krlr M w tnirr 4a a T qLtr -q o tew tQem
hheewnwesaerpglf hsalgt 3ad s1na

r. rS-^ asi66.a tb .1'am '
3m ieaei isn. hHia ei-ta lssaa4
.t ad s .tehtt wu s sYl. ^ s t u qp e ms?,, f yis

been am.--utrb~ka4iioozne --*"' --
sue, tx aL, throb L- e -olt- '

Aad tlno-dMstehd a ofC this t us rrel 4*i h .
a bsnprt tt^ a ine .Tw Jd. 5' t he h Goaag usees

of iBQnfeeth wa e& e b oom^ , rl- MB i ad aaaen^

C heo t aen offie... OnTk p5^is -las

A 16







ii ; .~
~ ~ -1~ .


* katIn u ms 0aea4the a n& bdeud
so An im dit m itwl tb Gada leawe,
lecatlonef She lrnd9*ftkd yasbdlq -'

Ws~ b hscalhag '-.b)rC~#atce t
pSMAr80sqws*amj.." duv
s b.an miem Jag eake4 1.

fi. w ~ ss t many. -
~9~~pd-il0 Owp'`ft. a~k
~T~C:Ima~ ~nn p-&M am kztb as go= vm wikmsmw*
~~;rqilt- ~8) br*ft 6al ?aa b
Add* Iwi Joabjsi

,r .


Sx 4 froaHu.a to-day, mot the Battlesrip Malwe was tlownn p by an polon from the r
f tie bhi s Ot the w elasie that the expiloon was caused by a aee over wh eh the hbIb e w eeias, q 'uiJl
!rI nly waltfS tfor a complete report from the Bored of Inquiry, san ft shows that S Lpanish trbdpi iai
for Xet Westlto bentinue its, invtlstieBUon, but there is now not the sightest doubt that theb
I' plom, War.repar. p ons am in active progress here. The Indeml ty to be demanded trnat
wlM to refmed by lata, and hence the active preparations for war tht are being made by both
art. .


iU fr MJiHAjti d m a drawing at the Brooklyn Navy Yard showing position of powder =

lw0.c~ 4this cOityi as.n - nm gefl

, ,xzMa, I feat at&ml" j atz g Ta T t hmSOd List ilt.
4ssa 4irgan d iin* cater.
be'5Oapno' s le afifty toWeand ys QCarri Skinner and Mr. A. H.
of tobacco in thO eir blbh- lyd e.l a uarch on the Friend

. a i ind Admirrs of the Young Lady
o .,,1' ..state, ad even -Not known Until too Late.
i-Oe r fs man er of the com- Frp' Thursadaya Daily.
am, L-. dB e p- SOcial circieso of Tampa were stirred
geaeeIeh knowu i from center to ciroeumerence last night
wh them hav a be more when It become known that Miss Carrie
Wth thep w4 turioed out Skinner. one of the visiting belles had
aipr ae a weeltalty of married a com.paratWe stranger, and
7^Scle d cMa S that the newly wedded ooupie had de-
MUM* eand b ai psirted on their wedding tour without
Sce o a% qt A- letting their friends know their deatl-

S.~ ~. t ~~-~o~inVyleM ma. wheohas been er or seve-
rea wek 1 visiting nss, Claire Woold-
r*oen a schoolmte, but theg ropme is
A rop #Aa eot kWno to dos Tem&p 'aw Ron-,
a ded. m nme ism 3 A. LUoyd, and
SeW IiO lc b resis resl at th rea o the hotels
alta iaW hat at the city sY bein from Mw Torh
tt i Ith o, understood that he Isrbeo

^^^^^3KSS 45rS - 0te- ^^^" hebrother. 0

v" Ta~bl aad m she mud that sh"
the hae beeototr met bianoMe thosht
S~a t theafiter. a a s"asedo
St S eas s eaVs ftg ir umaftd atte.-
-- ---Ult6 ws newhe r een at a of
0a-a PDocWl eves at wicasi Me aSkine

S'trdaaaoon the ysu peop
ss se ere mdack t th weem marred
-bo nsrteof the foull tht WYis1-

Oe .dae e lsr doiartn en the evein
lsl fort i aert, wsso expnatlooe.w

Llg aStlived hee ona sltmer M. No
eswpM s appears to know anrgdtn about
tS Aill QW they sltaed at
tMINOins tawl h e not WtoApped -foe
cats 4 a". at say of the tree.
The~ abooft rto cya. as handrutwe

.4.14e W re atatse o

4m opabet ulrabsSOOM. 4ew *W pn-
_-V # v *A

of the $150 collections made eat, as
Mr. Lee said everything was to go to
the local churcheas.
The Revenue Outter Forward layO
in port here fred a salate of several
guns yesterday, Washingtonm' Mrthday.
Touists are still coming and goiBL
and business seems good.
Mayor Arimstead has served two
terms as mayor and -ba no oppoSetion
for the third term.
Dr. J. Q. Bradshaw, one of our mrug-
gists, and member of the city council
received the sad news of the death of
his mother, who died at her home in
Covington, Ga., yesterday, at the aog
of 76 years. Mr, Bradshaw has the
sympathy of a host of friends in his
Some very fine pineapples are being
cat from the pineries around St. Peters-
Evangelist Lee is reported as having
said that St. Petersburg was the worst
town he ever saw, and he was going to
advice touristA to steer elear of here. If
the member of tourist arriving daily
is any IAtra ntl s qdvwatltg has
been a very good thing or the town.
A SL Petersbuia bor. Howard met-
teebaugh captured first mossy i5 te
Se-asle handicap yesterday at 8Bell
sir, heating boh AK t. and JO
st. Peersburg l ms some very ood Msp
portn.tNWes tr trbalnng baeas the
pa ,and IwmP .Ir~ ~r
.nert n in good rider, and m t po ts
had better be careful how their rub
asinst the rmdes from her
THEi p]rn" -AT COtlT.

Several Orders Slade In Coiv Cages

From eThmndaya MDall.
aHnses s was black to the UI&
steesa cowrt wterday. and do t
-aftemoof JeqR Lochr had b t ain
be-re Uis During the UansWahO
WInmUM, attseedtn was o a fdasO w
S attoed ate m A J~. Ts.hqp0e.
a at debt em. bnad, sikment e.
MWter ; V war mep a e sceet W
Fotr .and -mUAta 1taesm A ft.r
SthtUM The court oarmrv d' Bte
isoamnr ssd'f Imse sIs Jisnued by
the gowcne rl 05MeL
T ease m rw out ot d ae
=a t a. w ns tryia ah tS i nuren
srd Ntme t tae Sao ae d tt h heas-

ei amt aL east foe tnhor to mea.
In the casen! Oar. (isiaad vs.

Boens N.b PhmliulsA wae the&aup

,oring over wass madeft w*Aeda
that a decree pro oeofteo be entered
and te n bl be xreered to CMlu. A
A&d= eoq.. standing mater, to fk
teetimjuv and rspbrt at is W earlisa
convcpdace, and that an puratles bRY
r anyginteret ia the proporty'tf said
ocporpadose &( regard to which tOW
dese t intervene, to fie their ttIA-
venttds. wittln twent days from tha
2' ,6'o scno'foe-bemo

I- r
The see of Ii
Froanm y -U

Suttp ITiLeal~ 7X- IC~

From Suedivi

nO wh6l

MiamI r TTesk OamlIt sMd.
a rnm \

k h Now veriiO, ai
~~jiPO~d~tiY hi dW,
'4lebjc ieand a eoIwlt eur"
i;b ( P.aineary Tuoceren

iak; ~I)sof flf esh, #seds con-
at*nxsieg awsar, Wil send
"elsttli (allddknbt) of heb
4srsi~ luto ay.aflqtedj ssd
7kUU5bwritlng fra Shemi

tetlsiidef his lesnfibiBjl~ers.r
~am ~idsver~lojwme~ mw wedqs

Top B i-....... ............ a 0
whee., aides, spokesabadmh
mallables of all kinds, i. fact
wagon or bagg. Special of
Brockway R aggle.



as -ortmen a --,i Tick.

Cleoe k t S tek.

A big lot of Printed Novelties, wor h 6 1-2c, to go all
this week 4t4 1-2c. An immense lot of Best Calicos
only 3 1-2e.

CIas lPlP at 1 t AlE MsK AN [
Big lot White and Red Woolen Flannels to be sold re-
gardless of cost. Lace Curtains and Portiers, the best
assortment in this city. They must get out quick.
Come make your selection. We will arrange the price
to suit. Cotton Flannels, Outings, Sheeting, Pillow
Casing,'all* at cost and less Gents' Underwear, includ-
ing heavy, and light weight Woolens. Also Summer
"Gauze Vests and Suits, also a big assortment Ladies'
Winter and bummer Vests,lower than cost prices. Any
reasonable price for Winter Dress Goods accepted.
Some special bargains in Black and Colored Serges for
Skirts. Look at our SHOES before you buy. We are
closing them out. All New Goods.


Vti~~c~al4*~~~~inoowk 00' Soth Bsud- rmdiVAM. ,---jftv--Jm.T?='bL

reams 7e Imush

"CITY 4)1' JAO
OOP., Nela, 1ainei, m 1Palp% C l ndw" 5i
a% U@Mahi@ AW# BOL, &AWN& GUUJ~PI vgCf:r f -*ViJ*03
I Is t- 1. W4eeh KA.W
New Oreas Tsxam uetQWoaLes"
IBM MIL atAkim5.. it
-O;EU U1JOh Oeneri shugro
* CFAP17 N.F.4
~j~id~i C K.Li.AY M.

Is I~the;

w !gi ite-
: 1 'he~8.
,sc onrWII~t



B who wat* i. ;mi
YAi. aR a tia iWro&*

and 0aeatinta bakd I
W .~~ o v it in

rb iniet -

rierage tfe afternoon
t c trct fir pub-
-eat tax Itat of the
tb*et wa awaiied to
STiaea 3asp d h editOr

4 om at dogO "
ch f the mieOiberUr of

,s for t Me bo.od, It-
1 aehfalr~St a on in-

Pa R cm e m

, 0ad t9 s *nat
-~p he < tiIs
&.0"16 w .. d.

"lair at

PL 4086 &.0Co6, ehaa, HA
7fii ~ Ga, C. Cy
4~. O:tr~ii ~Iatb W jE arns
L.Pnrlepherok ftn
=i-:&!;. '. Baroek T. aii. !Bum2

iE3. Phrv ftmpa= Shoe

~Ets I iof. T. V athel. i n
2 T. 3mtto~ft XFhn


^ not*eat u to to
*ab. M:7 O Os 4Iri W.
V~p t ]EL te.~k

111111110; 11 Ilim t~ Pom to

S~Qk ~b, sj ~f~ o'w

OL ROWP~~gt l

KMA lyC~~tIdri

nipA. Hslm\lO s a hwf-With 01

WI" al ......r at Iaa l l a..d R
w and K Wr wt.m M Ua mt baU *N l
amapber oC OtmarUs ad A ras, wiM
were andous. to learn a Ulatmaht i
der of the steamer informed a Witam
reporter that he Ibr-n--~0e with 0
The Fair Will Be a BSucce and A 1 FItzUrhmh Le hi Hvana. Satmrd
Should Attend-tpecial Attractio r oont ad that Gen Le tnform
him that there was no trath in the r
S. B. Plant Day-Intertional port that he:ad advised ms Am
Bicycle Races. cans to ie ae eDH na.
Capt faHton said that everytih
Special to the Trtbune. was emarkaby quiet in Havana, o
Lakeland. FPa, March l.-The P siderting the war talk in the Unth
County fair was formally opened to- ttes. He said that he saw small
day by president C. IL. lfrsh of this nmber ot fspdies taiana,suxl arou
jty. eisted y secret ryJ.A.. n. the reets i Havana,. d hat G
aad the opening exercises were atte-ee was on arded by two or t
ded' by a large om ber of eaple from soldiers.
aA sections ok Polk octmt, and from Very few AmercaAs eacme over on U
a of the adjoins countle Mascotte, abd most of them were new
ethe exhibits of tarm products, apd # pawer orrmponfelts, bound for K
vWeLtaLes; citrus sA deciduous fruts; Wet. The Wmns of rHavana are a
floWeve and oernnwea. plants; fruit ziola for thke Unfted States to deda
eand shrubbmeattle swine ad war agaia Spain. but as yet the
--'lo 'eVallha- taned lee ada ono bDeOP
so Ao show to retoe>a n- alJ;Pf S Aei tc
M% &pa4 eWnt of domeslc 4
eonomy, and the department of fine !eLeia not .ii .
Sar are attract. .d ," ae1pt to ow tBn not itnr

asm cateof tatInraetion. Thea iW ftton w
are In chaie of the lades and their
rnera of b' expoadtlo building to a T. TRAB ItZsXa
boWP of beatmY. anom sueb .fodaoded hs maht.
,The muses. ich V arh are i ca',e Ne Boe i Uatlm is a 0oSe0" nao
fat r. J. .W. Reno, swaer*,den, eon- poooo msectm. th rsfeit of k
ated to-do of a smUe of fsehll be- yeaia' Iel Ie ab hitt phI
tweo the Plant System Baeball db ola, 'Ia. t b tlood pa4er d ev
ad the th a m0 front Ta under theo t offed to ta poi'o, aod s g&W to
bcy ofws~ e aLo*rieIltdV4E f&.8 ipti
l al A :Mbiped insa, i.d..
0 Wio no the '0Tanm*atn aa the natrh asthei r em Inia h1 we
pg, whiI was vatlad it i, wa" fmo Om e b ofA itomaML
awarded accordInMty. The loLng"eam coMraO and bulHdiog-op virtoarth
was awarded a prize vaedd at i a bdoseb of hay other kiaa. P.Pdkto
Tib ntter anauwemenm on to-days Per lrghl' botle.
pt Oa comte ofr c7e races for Ourr til demnad a Isek r ats
amateurs, aW several andaame prise boy Boayic Blood Bahe (B. B. B
*ere warded. The/ fat man's toot t gross I sell wall anJ d gie a
race was an amnaing feature, as none astomieors eat ( isfatioa. Oar Ma
of the runmer weighed under e20 hate inereaed 500 per cent, wittbl
pounds. Tjhe sack race and the pack- ofew lmonth, We asriOt its rapid nta
aa4 race, w"also quite amueinr. to selinr or or ivs kttc omera
The program for Wednesday constets at any prspratlitn of he Tiaad..
of a gae ofbasebai, bicycle races open bas failed in no instance to give eat
to all, boat races, a mule race, in which satifaction. Jaoobi ParmWacy.
the slowest male will be dectare the Per Fred B. Palmer.M. D.,
winner. and a fr ra. Athle ta, Oa.
The nPrris wheel wtM be madjr tor
bmie Wedsnes W da momrntn, and wiN Mreita,
ao toubt do a good butsnes l as there Admtokame dnuitoduaIl
have been manx appleation alrea~ y haor h lin? What of bhl i.s t?
fo a. ... What hofhio aput ht ofW t his pi t
Wha CC hioswiy? IWh111h o1e?
Me t1ob co ehbiXto wl all t in piac W r sbe m W i" a e"slbdo hM*m ag
by Wednesday morning. A ,ecal hsensheq. wsm'lIakesltin,
prStl t 0 t0 offered for the best exhl- WhodlinlameaeMoaonvt Wl h ei.M.I1
it of Pu l& toho0 fro tbhe lrdNo amew int lad, Ipeot lt the seal
,, Atbaco"oua wi t r thm, yea ..b yat.L
i tet ten to a 9, dma es dOW

For th tea p opads or bamr or Sam 5y00 heal" esas.
pati curse a:-matW wraPners pt.
-or t e beat tee pounds of bar cared nagakL, of ew Wi' gub
_Cbn 20,ev. a toppd ime a, ltDr. .L" a f
o tbeae hrt iO clear~ aAnStfiraM. owfC orSB"IMlp

F hae~Mnmerpe ke tnex uor ao -- e, out sad U .1-.,
ea *m f OPe m $A as~m stime eodU .st i L et

asPl toe aO r a ve oh- ea s
S ht UP s tPs a&t th m wioarri 6e RO me bnaiw Inm -:
Pak ad and r fat time h F IL

go a e t bout a 100 vei One Wen "asja00talt
-.T buoae b eom1

re % e 0.t
yer ?gr~~~

ted ftoo lrCuMfee4. de
W for tits eypel

id Wfa ed slobesesf
si foriilj bnlatyisar I

lobbedw )a thaW4
from kdeldsy an
he wonsodtk. -, .
07y tvarydtI o a -s
*s Ciditr~ahe ss)c
Ln- MaDVIO and W
~h eye~u ythlghb ml

isesoat t ai M ai
heew.Ai~ *
a- -~ iqryr



'he 06smi f e i4
M Mow
5.~ -I-pm

ior. i000. Ue#Mu

ga s*#"do.toPOIN
l rw unaft" I~sC1$
ti ~.let ~iano~ay -
pea fobtla In (k

noon 4P wil on

he 3Tea ASK- us.eM
t W' Roo. af

L pIAR weda
s1 omy

J -- ,. : :

- .C 1, .

sIt 1at, th toputiniMoto so dn tl MSone.O
p"-the homelo awellestiof odstwh Ai a

-spqo tagges ard baft unfedook epe
B y in p # tpowl
IR90Olt.h~t bmo z4pd. )

t~~Lsrirl'~on smeia fmsB sr.~tha ash AOt...l.

I '. r~ '

-' ------1_
I T- -- -~

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