Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: February 24, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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hut Cromwe OlGbbons, a
onville, for M000 dam
of a fee In a case In
attorneys were prosec
Mms. Mary GUy, MWc
Swill and testament oI
va A. Eliah Godwin
reco very of 4.000 head
allied that the cattle
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S him sheld not perish bu have eternal
the destitote '." ,-
b b~a suWdked TBED TBTIT aurCi 'inD.
S'A Ae&do by o avaelnet Ie, of North Caroilna, ar-
Bf~t- lb. gem vived. yatrdsy&= trom S. Petersburg
tiB. The sm-' wit his Wb t which ws raied over the
."_. 1 *ou* math b of the sittings, and now gives
-l i emaw. l mple rroom for the crawdad
S This lu rling at 10:30 Mr. Moody will
.iS . il ,'spe o on the Hely Splrl for service
pan eve-r icnverted man. and woman
p e. 9i yt* vitted to hear him, as it i
'te- 1 l.-. 'lUf thmeth mot ImporUt discourse
1W O i 1%v-.-e. A
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&eI vflte Xetro-
Polk county has
Frank Clark and
aw Ae of Jack- The loted DlIIM Preaches to Hunareds
ages for his part
which the three Daily.
'uting the suit of
utux- of the tast
a. a suit for the
of battle. It was Wonderful wathasiwe-r Manifested
hat Gbl ln hd Mand a Great and Good Work Being
The plaintiff, in Acoompllahed Rev. Lee Arrives
laft the Jackson- With His Tent.
that be was re-
is to aid them In
Sto adtRem in From Tuesday's Daily.
aduate portion Thousands crowded the big taber-
which they rece- nacle Sunday afternoon at the first
Be elaims that opportunity to hear Dwight LI Moody
aceived. a their preach In Tampa sand at night every
property ram seat was taken. The people came
i and have only early, but they did not stay late. be-
nt He t rep- cause Mr. Moody doe. not preach tog.
- Ciar Abram. H began Sunday afternoon with
W" of the Tampa God's gracious Invtation, "Cme unto
deligMhit trip to me all ye that labor and are heavy Ia-
day. The sal dean and I wil give you rest." At
o bay qad up the night he spoke on the new birth. "Ex-
yed. A landing cept a man be born aga te cannot
rane g-ove, and see the ktidgtmn of od." John s-5. BHe
rmed with the ist showed that the new brth cannot
att and the fras- be bought. nor can one work their way
same tre 0. to heaven; neither bi it in church mem-
er of the "Orange bership, confirmation, nor baptsm; nor
nianber of the in good resolutions, nor weeplng, nor
ont number of the promises to preacher. No man can see
buted among the the kingdom of God became he is
r with a genuine liberal with his money, or because he
Scopy, is hirghy cultured and refined. He
showed that the human heart is vile
ie talk of a new and wicked, and must be made new. to
on the Golf from send forth good frait. MAn fell by
. e report has doubting God's word In Eden, and we
commanded by an get back eternal life on the same spot
L Son expire, and where we fell. in believing God's word.
Steamship corn- So we get the new birth or new nature
rt. from God when we receive his word intd
the heart, then he makes us partakers
STS. of the divine nature, and the new born
tafe Can Equai soul reaches out aftet spiritual things.
tase Can Egrapcaly met fort by an I1-
lustration of the crane and the mwan,
resort in the state which shot like a winged arrow to many
ny attraction as a heart.
t place they will No true Idea of Moody's sermnola can
at hotel in th be given to one who does not hear him.
of othr ls The man must be heard to be under-
o otherles at- stood. His style tis simpe, and his
ls in other aies knowledge of human nature is unusual-
at ciass opera ly broad. His power lies not in elo-
Sthe ey best quence, oratory, or logic, but with a
d. and many of tew every day Ullustrations and a de-
t appear at any pendence on God that is most humble
dat appear at any ad ttildke. his illeeoSbecome
and ctld-lke, his mesr6es become
Ida but make like bt j,f heart-*earchl llghtas
rr more, to this
that reveal the Inmost reemese of the
s city the largest t.
bs city the lare o t night he continued the subject
buse o the new birth, and told men how to
Street c get it. Geneis third chapter, tells how
Srie trt c man lost eternal life. 'Johnthlrd chap
Mdttbe.ton t tretea bow man can reiln L He-
tm a y en." said be, "i filled- with twice-porn
So peoe. and if we ever get into the
S. ~~ Engdom of Heaven, we must be born
SInto It.
a eerp, tha' hbe chd of god has two natures the
twy pore the d carnal nature, and the new spirtual
.2S te ~&atuep and when he u ide ometbing
liniS 01 rJlree, that pT wonder how chrisstian could
SGi'P tsh ato that it Is dae to hili iling way for
M dns Ker Wie h time to his ld nature. There's not
'a sneto Tanipa sote seed intin. that
Sad Tuoari t e tnea ot reesd this ew nmaore and
p wth%""1 nooine Gods chfid. Illustrted thI
& 't P by t a conversationsn of yw lawyer
S a i T Ahmot Lodao-. who was a miserable;
_ aia arne wreted dinkard, but whoe christian
i.fa o3" ant prayed tor him a'nd Old aved
r^wt 'eP5 t?^ 'hibm, maP^ the fettRs and betting
Jim. a U a bl~a etas""'rook. J~sus cndo hethat
Nfti sM T yet,- f i~';Tet itt iet4o^ t'hals the
S> g ." "TO iot beoaus men can't
pr-maM beadu.l -b heorsaetlM Hot ecam e thmy won't,
StJ? I, tht tye,.we htd -
i q thia aa oodll re jedy oo r sn Jesus Christ
m theettr This U gt *brtltnrte and the man who
ibd.i nrechd byr retectsthe only remedy lust die of the
l .malady. Spiritual Uteis I a matter of
tls op! '"revtlop, net of InveM|-tt m.
*hi ivW Sr la God says: tIoSl and Ue,^ and If man
it that 15 r~t "rueue. to look, he must die.
wlhlik ean be A plhAio mene in the camp of Is-
K,, row atml r. ws pictured to lloetrate God's
". remedy Sad man's unbelief "Even aU
em i Minifted op the serpent In the wiU-
Pe.l a Ybor Clty isriwe ween so must the don of Man

the track 73 1-3 yards apat. The word
wLs given and each rider set out. doing
his level best to overtake the rider im-
mediately in front of him. The rules
provided that as soon asa rider was
patoed by the man next behind him
he nust drop out of the race, and that
the race should continue uotil only one
rider remained. I was seen trom the
first that this would be a long race, ue
all the riders ~wee in good form and
each was striving for thei 75 flrt prise,
None were particularly' anxiousTor
second place, although the second priae
wasU 5.
Around and around the men went,
first qa then anther otap~ ngout,-un-
tl only EKaer, the Swims champion and
Buler, the hanlQap king of America
-Iamid. TThen came a battle royal
for thirst panoW. The third of a mane
trkal wag, adden aroued time aand
swB .iher v+ In tfrqpct bte, Essar
was ameiLpt a as n a nwmh .. a




Splendid Rac at the Belltir ColiseU
By Professional.


Kaser, the Swism Champion, Carred
Off the Honors and the Purse-
Gougoltz Won the Ha'f Mile Hand-
icap and the One Mile Open.

From Wednesday's Daily.
The Washington's Birthday Bicycle
race meet, at Belleair coliseum yester
day was not p ery largely attendadc hut
some excellent riding was done by the
professionals who are In winter train-
ing on the Belieasr track.
The program as carried out wAs as
First event-one mile open, profess-
lonel. three heats, the two first in the
first two heats and the third In tth
fastest heat, to qualify for the final.
Entries first beat-Karl Kaser, Switser-
land, D. E. aImberjack; france, C. W.
Price; New York, Nat Butler; Boston,
Dr. A. I. Brown; Ceveland. The first
heat was won by Dr. Brown in 2.14 with
Kaser a close second and Butler third.
The entries for the second heat were:
Con Bakr. Columbus; W L. Hurfstet-
ler, Belleair; C. S. Wells. Californi;
Arthur Gardner. Chicago; Jean Gou-
golltz. France. This heat was won by
Goeugoltz in 2.25 with Gardner second
and Baker third. The final neat was
between Brown. Kaser, Butler, Goagts
and Gardner. It was won by Gouglts
in 2.20 with Brown second, Kaser third
and Butler fourth. It was a pretty
race and the riders came down the
stretch like a whcirtwfd. The prijos
were 50 cash, for the first, $25, second,
t10 third, and H5 f ortlh.
The second event was a quarter-mile
dash, amateur. The entries were:
Cecil McCord. Tampa; H. P. Thompson.
Jacksonville: C. J. Staley, Bellealr; and
A. M. Jones, Belleiar. This -as a Close
race between Staley and Jones, but
Steley won in 0.3 3-5. Jones was sec-
ond and McCord. third. The first pcize
was a gold watch valued at $35; second
prize, a diamond stick pin, valued at
$2S, and the third prise was a diamond
ring, valued at $10.
The third event was a one-mile open,
for amateurs. The entries were the
same as in the quarter-mile dash, and
the riders came in on the finish in the
same order, Stanley, flrsi n 140 with
Jones second, and McOord, third. The
first prte was a 2i5 mandolin; sectpd
prtae, a 0B camera and third prile. an
opal stud, valued at 010
The fourth event was a half-mille
handicap, for prolfeslonalt The
entries were the same as In the one-
mile open, profeesonal, withthhe ad-
dition of C. W. Miler, C icago and F.
A. Blanchard. Bridgeport. Te race
was in three beats, the ut three in th
two first heats to enter the final The
dit heat was won by Arthur ardner
in 1.01 with Gooubtt, second and Wells,
third. In the second heat Baker cae
In first in L04 with Limberzack, second
anU Blanchard. third. In the final
heat Gougolts dashed to the front and
paned Welts, who wRas riding lIke the
wind. Gougolta won the race In 1.O
with Wells. second, Lmberiaek third,
and Gardner, fourth. The prita were
50 for the first, $sl second, $10 third
and 10 fourth.
For the sixth event, Claroe McLean,
the champion fancy and trk-l rider of
the word, gave an ehibhtion and
greatly pesaed the setators
The seventh event was an exhibitlon
mile by Bdward Tssylor, the middle dis-
tane champion of FPrance. He was
paced by a tandem and made the mile
in 1.4 4-5. Be is a pretty rider, and as
he made the last lap It looked like he
was yinog. The pace makers had all
they could do to keep out of his way.
The next event was the greatest hr
all. It was called the "Belileair Pursuit
Race." In this race the contetanta,
Kamer, affstetlUer. Gardner, Binker
Miller and Lamlberjack were placed on


9.l .41

eat as
e nrtt
, ill'


'r '.^-1.- 5^ p ^ ;


Swiss champion was theer- to tbe
echo for his perform ance.
The tast event of he dy was an en"
deavor of Auagt .ehr the Gerwa
champion to lower e tack reTol fsor
one quarter of a Ile. s e the
quarter in 28 3-6 oon Tbi
remarkably fast tin and lowered the
record of the track, thUtb LeOhr tWa
made the same d ance on the sane
track In 2 44- whe only 4.tra ng.
The wind was qu l hi yesterday.
and this prevented btterttre mfTr be-
ing made, but it wll be en that all of
the rider made bette tht than during
the races on Februa y L
The riders are an bedted for a ran
meet at lakeland o (oarch H1 B.
Plant Day" during he Polk County


The Wtll-Known Jour&liat Ra Pamed
To the Great Beyond.
From Tuesday' Dially.
J. Mortimer Murphy. the wen known
jornalist, died. at t home Aoco
Grove. near AnMc t. HlUbaoriu
county, &t 2 o'clock lturday morudiwi
of thart failure.
The deceased was one of te best
known men In this ection, and wa
ever strvinc to build up Florida and
Induce settlers to locate In HUltor-
ough. He was a writer of ality, and
at the tkne of his death was pultbAhng
a series of articles In the "Rod. Gan
and Kennel.' a aportman't publication
of LouIsville, Ky., on "The Fabee of
the South." The article was begun in
the November number, and was to haVe
been conclkded In thd March number.
He was the author of Tioritlng Adven-
tures In the Far Wirt," "American
Game Bird Shoottlng.' lhe zoology"
and resources of Oregfs and Washta -

1 Lee-0

And the


The p

he owwe
dra ma
at wanky

m was

He mom
thiW the
WW02 Mft


Is misw4n


rt topha ap

la taloldoft

. I-
fa^R ^ 1 -1
licm iuiil

aa^-' UtaxiK
Y epafat


&Prb tbeufti

*nj AMor^i
It* I Hnii

ton," and numerous oe pubr hli cationu
For several months before hs death he cou
had been engaged in mpllngc data for in cam
the specIal edition of he mes-Unlon tena
and Cttlren. Hew the author of iv
'"M'y Florida ome," a nmslcal gem. _
coeywrIg'hted and p bhe by the nju-
Florida Central & Pet naular y., and
of various other mu l aDmpoetloH as aar
that have become ouS..
Mr. lMurphy was a tive of Iland, oS
and had lived iathlt co ntry for a ntun-
found ag
her of years and loveI .Florida s few"W^o
settlers have shown by words and
deeds He leave a wi ow. who resIdea.
tUani to
on the famous Avoco roe, near 'An- l
clote, and his ma friends in thts
city and vicinity extend heartelt sym- He we
pathy to her in this. h sad afflictlon ..t
The deceased was in pasntLlat W tw
and was In apparently heath, and da ta

day to learn of his deat os
inE WORK l ib W ar -a

Foundation for the zNe C atheo bafttat
Chbreh Betag e tw no d tsta

ods te ammd coa u. Ie il aate i
has begun work on the updaxfa o rmu"r -

grnie, and D ib is ~~o- ths
the new C&Uaith chil a the workafs am
In now bet rapidly 'uahe

of th the o tt mn the t a ad by og s

cost wm be about In,. The build- otese
ios wth be In the shape l a':rs and ooa
will be 1M by M feet. t ifll have a .* -
eeatfn caipaclty of 1.10 "thb planr '
were prepared by Archit ct I I. JOaF- lutt> b
ton, of Qletoa. Texas anl tohe coa
tract for the srch on of te church wd CI' 4"
lot to S & Leonrd ot Jsksa le, M

ithetlU g campiet It is eti ahI
mwt d that It o whre a e ut d c ory~
wswiltake eddiautOW __
month to feinlh the b dlbgi. C There d m
will be no tower to the chrch, bua t tim t e
grand doe will be placed in the center the
of the trctre over the terampt. A' m
large quantity r the matetri already
on the ground and the baire ls R Jr
en-reole. ii.

A letter warl rscei'vedaD TT he t
by J. V. Eaplnma, an eu-ote o X.* M
Bush be Co, In which a to a L aht eor-
respondent stated tpet pelee fo T- ghee
rmat. n had been eived; hm -tojhe "~ a
effect that a comsplracy Isld been cLA-. fe- t
mred v certain Spaitrda to blow 'up & "
the Maine, ad now that-tbe o6 m w-
dc uc, animte coeplratoe had nofeeni
oaid the amount of maj e ^rom'iud MOfer
them they feel d tapo t expooe OhM.
who had hired them to do1e ".etardly besoqai
Joo. The letter was not p t the '
't.iir calimed- st he i aswil ae-
qaJi.t.s with nMr. apn -

specil cnrewlttsee- of h onl >
Btus-havi, has reCoin d wam his
dviit, with the otmmittbee, to akpn-
vIlla where thbewere roy

every opgfAai nU t too
wns more than pleased
saw and in the e of t tttee
desiree d t to pubhsah' e

a Tbyetel etteirase r &le '
i c-at m t he '

everyepnp., nd ..
spectthe mnkbe
V" ore- t" -lesie

h ;- -j,
Ir ;
2.. -' 4

re mN. aa .....a
on akpptflnoa.

#mom:a's be
r sITION -1 Ab "YEA4r,

Wreele rOO&totby
ry ormer, om sae, or
hnote, or
horl e toire- i1

G.t.TL Fr. Sa.

S9 10M11 12
F= -l .- -i ,

!,.-22 24 25 26.

i ltra s Iso what Tampa
I iaan e8 ole.

de4n rton for life, may be
W to make sausage there.

i, ydnioian constitutional

Slea't er ght, we want toa

p Giveour guest
iknWeth ging e lse

4hem w.ts for better drink

" rF reformer, some of
ACMrmm stausage the person
dbtrlsn woman s muf-

Me which the Zolns trial is
=9p- trh thought that thed

Stolo I are getting verye-

l iin r the ramdeit fopor-om
SfifeP far.seeing an Inter-

l refo1e"r, of sime ot
thura Yt -t has ad
-'Am& or""Pads more.
Fhdies lsalea nah he

ad ta over their

tV s oat for anMi-
GU-Sca brthday,
ud Sta Valentinm'm
ite sheet *oace

atck eloper- were
or -im 'bride had
examA"e of ew
rtbefra. Dodoht-
Ae revived maanCe-
4eem (A piareneal
' th e wbthhiouing
**.LL -* : .

h hrrbu e atastrophe that ha hap-

ad tm- d~~ruetoao u
merin aas the ha exrloo the ManIe.
.will o doubt shw most onlantvel
bofte of the Aftesic c B heeslW
_U ideabl aroom dw --'r"i N sad
tht Is hedeed eryf resynable to preaum
that treaneby ha cashed e the low of
aay lives and the destruction of an

"cltrcd these ac s Fure developmne ts
will no doubt show moat conclusively
that instead of merely a gross accident.
that the Maine and its crew were the
victims of a cowardly attack by a tor-
pedo from an unfriendly nation, and
should these facts be developed, It is
very certain that the United States will
not acqaleace to mere apoligies from a
government that has been instru-
mental in creating disaster and distress
and hearing sorrow and gloom among
so many American citizens, and indus-
It will be remembered also, that the
Insurgents have from the start been
anxious for this country to take a hand
in the melee, and if the catastrophe
was not as first supposed, an accident,
it is more than likely that instead of
the Maine having succumed to the at-
tack of 'a &panish torpedo, that theh
Isurgents know more about the matter
than they eare to reveal, and were prob-
ably instrumental in the destruction of
Uncle Sam's boat, simply to incur the
enmity of the United States against the
Spanish government for the purpose of
'precipitating a war with ,thi United
The verdict of the American people
should be at least sealed, until more
light and later developments are
thrown on the disaster.
From Jacksonville Metropolis.
Senator Mallory, of Florida, arrived in
New Orleans Saturday after completing
in connection with the other members
of the Ship Island Quarantine.
The New Orleans papers report Sena-
tor Mallory, while adverse to discussing
himself on the general subjects of quar-
antine as being in favor of a very rigid
maritime quarantine under Federal
jurisdiction, but as opposing Federal
assumption of jurisdiction in quaran-
tine matters ashore. The several
states have both the right and the
power to control quarantine matters
as affecting local health conditions, and
while the government has the right to
assume this power, he does not consider
it the part of wisdom to wipe out state
lines in this respect.
In this view Senator Mallory is in
line with his people. The extending of
the jurisdiction of the states to the
Federal authority in quarantine or
health matters of any nature would be
a mistake. The states and the Federal
authorities can very satisfactorily co-
operate with each other in fighting dan-
gerous disease, but the state authori-
ties -know best how to attend to the
affairs of their respective states. They
know the people, the localities and the
danger points, and can act promptly
and advisedly, while the stranger or the
Federal official could not. The Fede-
ral authority can very well exercise its
authority on the high seas, but the land
should be left to the state control to
make the w ork effective and to main-
tain confidence. Both authorities to-
gether could make a wall almost again-
st the introduction of disease from for-
eih lands.
Mr. Joseph Pulltner does all of his
ravings against riches through the col-
umns of his sensational World and has
not yet been discoved in feeding his
surplus wealth to the birds or helping
the Cuban cauae.
A New Jersey court declares that t he
exclusive use of union labels on union
goods is uncoonatittional. New Jersey
would better revise her constitution
If laber hasn't its right in a peculiar
label no trade-mark ought toqbe worth
WhIe in a trance near St. Petersburg
the other day a young tourist kissed
ma isdlady. but that didnt prevent
the dtsband of that worthy from bring-

Inz thi kasser to his- senses wit a large


1 -M 1 w I

QdI Ep~i i -tuiif fig ,m-

'p~ta i Ljim andSod-e so
Qgd ioattr dis o kfItsf lall

In a lonu editorial on the orange crop
-Thf^ C. ntinu4d to Spread in fOt of the country, the MNew OrleAePidly-
of TCrantm t but Now The are une ays: a r
Healed-A Wonderfdl Work. "After being. out dt the market 'for iea t'
"For many yaimr. I have been a great several Yeara, Florida ha again been J
With varioe veins on oaeo, my able to market a crop of orenge this s otu her
limba. My oot and limb became dread- season. It to true that the crop wa The b5 tihern i s in e eiee.
tally swollen. When I stood up I could not large; but it was carefully hand- are a a valS d Mr B
feel the blood rushing down the veins of led. and as there was a good demand rT of the Ge ~a ab-
th limb. One day I accidentally hit my for it, the orange growers did Tairly mait eort to captuc the .a
toot against some object and a sore broke well. Profiting by their rather disas- New England It i t eeotft- W Aa
out which continued to spread and was trons experiences, the Florida orange ble that the t should become the
areeedingly painful. I concluded I gr -- --re taking great care in the g"t cotton na-n-aettsn eec-
needed blood prifierandI begantaking cultlvart- of their trees and in the on.
Hood's Sarsaparill. In a abort time handling of their crops, and hope, with- The Tri aar'always blended *-nti ai
those d-eadful sores which had caused in a few years, to retrieve some of the that the inn sn- ftts ir
me so much suffering, began to heaL I losses they have sustained. enterprises alnove clesre to the K OLU A.Tw
kept on faithfully with Hood's Sarsapa. Louisiana also handled a moderate fields where 4 wn. and the t ,
rills, and in a short time my limb was orange crop during the past season strike now leng oreahadows the
completely healed and the sores gave me near realization o th prediction. The _
no more pain. I cannot be too thankful ad south's advance are aso sperior that
for the wonderful work Hood's Sarsapa- Florida our orange trees suffer it would be trat indeed were they
rina, has done for me." Ms. A. E erely from loss of trees by frost a not recognize in these days of fieree 1. A1^K M SIMON
GILuON. Hartlansd, Vermont. few years back. and for two seasons com tion. Y
* QareaB previous to the present one the crop A
1 was small as a result. Some years There are n6 lai a ln this. country re- i.
H o o d's parilla must elapse before the ground lost can quiring any er )n to attend divine
Is te lest--in fact the Oue Tnre Blood Purifier. be fully regained: but it is gratifying worship. the is a law requiring wmL ,'
Hood's Plls cure all liver lls. 25 cents, that progress Is being gradually made those who att d o behave themselves
in the way of recuperation. in a become n nner. If a man or J
California has now become the great woman wilfly n ontemptouy O
OUR HONOR AS A NATION,. orange-producing state. The great disturb a rel iot ambly, almost OO in B
bulk of the oranges this season have any good law ahling citizen would be of oot S
The Tribune dispatches this morning o :r bM & t e
The Tribune dispaches this morning come from there: hut, relying upon hay ready to pro. u* but when the dts- W Tf
throw more light on the Maine catastro- ing a practical monopoly, the Callfor- turbance is e eu t of whispering.
pbe, which is of an exceedingly interest- nia growers were less careful in select- titerint and ugn, even church ofl-
ing nature to the people of this coun- Ing their fruit than they should have Cisase are sl tofore the law, prtn- '
try. America is the most powerful been, with the result that the results cpally on nof te whoe feel-. '
nation in the history of the world. If have not been altogether satisfactory. lns they ot iris to wound. This
wealth, territory, population, enterprise, Should California meet with no setback betng the -k. how mach better it
daring and genius make up the total of and Florda and Louisiana continue to would be formal; lf those who do not -AN
national puissance, never was seen nau- make progress, it wiH not be many care to o l itn *ln t h the prayer
ght like this republic since the days of years before there will be very little and the ser u, old remain at home
Herodotus. need for foreign oranges. nd ot isurb others who wish to r..
The stronger the nation the greater hear. The thron f people that
need for patence, else the exercise of THE FLORIDA ORANGE. will attend Ihe oodmee t= t 0 CO'id
that strength may lead to wanton act begin this should bo this MAM P WORKA
But there Inay come a time when Orange grove property in 1 lorida s In mind and themselvsa&eord-
r ce c n steadily advancing in value e very year. gly.
forbearance Culminates in beess. The Florida orange is far superior to
National Iertia may lead to national all other oranges in the United States At one of th banquet celebrating Ae'
shame.. Their Pygm7y in his temerity, Since the freeze of 1896 our people have Lioln's btrhd4, in New York, Theo- iRUO
may follow ul the tickling of the sleep- just begun to realize the intrineic value dore Rooevdlt, a ho was itrodce~ d by
ing giants note with the clipping of the of 4p orange grove. Our fruit is rec- Cha'uncey 3 Dpew, ma the 'ayeoc inc
giant's ears Then let the pygmy b- ognized the world over as the most su- Dutchman" m.4e bta t: "In O.gIp ~ -
w .e hperior produced. The Atlanta Journal the fate of hishW to-day the 9t: ad- si
Justice should be the quality of the in speaking of the orange industry vocates of al4tellet pea e (U
weak as well as the attribute of the says: Florida is recovering from the should see a a lm object lemon, em- a s
strong. Effete and moribund life effects of the freeze three years ago, special ttid t'teachh if tg
should not Insult and injure young and which killed the finest orange groves are capable I n that ule we
lusty strength, and expect immunity in in the world, and inflicted damage to me y share ts
payment, the amount of many millions. It are se a sJw that we are rethi ads S l
If, after the official investigation is would, of c course, require many years and able tw ap o to he arbe ady. l
ended it shall be found that the Battle- under the most favorable conditions to trament of the a ord." "T eddy't pO~b t ea
ship Maine was sent to the bottom restore the orange industry of Florida said this he hithled a level head Un- Sm amed l la
of Havana harbor through Spanish to the point it had reached when that less we ~ t p ed to sin rL in o a a Lbrm
treachery, then President McKinley will disaster came, but it is gratifying to state of su inesubmdio to the In-
forthwith call upon the Madrid Govern- see Florida oranges becoming less suMtate ot yI of foreign powers t
ment for settlement and apology. And scarce in the market. While the pres- we mnc t keep te martial spirit gg
in this event the traditional procasti- ent crop is very small as compared in ttheeland4 t us remember Wasn-
nation of Cstillians would not be tol- with those a few years back, it was ngns wo-ds "Thsurst means
rated for a moment la-ge enough to benefit the state con- obtaning lea is It hbe prepared for
Indemnity must be forthcoming with- siderably, a nd to supply the beet of war."-Nasvl American.
out delay. Spain could not disdain re- oranges in all the cities of the country.
sponsibillty. The amount of damages The ill wind which was sd costly to An excha g remarks: "More young I
may reach $20,000,000 but the claim Florida, blew much good to California men are lri g trades in the peni-
would have to be paid, else the one-time The oranges of California cannot pom- tentariesha outside of them be
sluggish swbrd would leap from iti pete with those of Florida, but when we cause we are rylng to make clerks,
sheath, and the bill be paid in blood cannot get. the best we take what we doctors ani layers out of tls "ater- ,
If Hidalgo hatred to Americans blew can get. California has become the ila intended f" blacksmiths, carpen- "A
up the Maine, then the price of every greatest producer of oranges, and t he there and oiher rades for mechanics." *W rw
life that went out in that awful ex- orange industry has proven very profit- There is too nch truth in the latter
plosion must be paid for in Spanish able in that state. The bulk of the part of th. cement. Boys are too A
gold. oranges on our market come from Cali- esger to a'-oid" the labor of life, and M
Brother Jonathan has been called fornia, and they vary in quality from are too anxious_ to follow some calling
"the good-natured brother of the inter- the almost tasteless, so an orange that does noti sil the hands. Moat
national family." which would seem very good if WFlorida boys b4oul bi taught that there is
It is time that the world should be had not spoiled us with her matchless more dergnoy j1 manual labor thanin
taught that 'here is a limit to that good product. loafi. nre honor in toll than
nature. The treacherous slaughter of The next best orange to that of Flori- dependancet h farm and the ahop -
his sons is the limit and the revelations da comes to us from Louisiana. The are often 4so ro ltaobe than the of-
of the MadI investigation now in prog- Louisiana crop this season was o only rSe or the Aster. All the work,
ress may ptiove disastrous to the folly moderate size, but sold at prices which worry pft are not always to _
exhibited.if .he catastrophe was not an gave the producer good profits." the a ane5 the laborer.
accident. With the Moody revival, and the free
WHO FOR SENATOR soup houses in Ybor City, there ought Tampa l r'f years wil be the lead.
to be some hope for the Tampa news- e~h oi cents ofS tie stats.'
That is the question frequently asked paper people.- ap Tribune. We U aaouat oI Si donMernesd and in
by various newspapers of Florida when would like to have both in Orlando, but a very shabort tte Jacksonvllle will not -
meditating over the most available man if this is impossible give aU the latter; be in it a lIttlelMti-Tampa Tribune. r,
to succeed )tr. Pasco to the United it would come very handy for some of When that hiepens it will be CGrear f A
States senate. There are ,scores of us.-Orlando Sentinel. m aosoSvai u It the ea
good men is all sections of Florida Baldwin War4 Mandarin Ward, New I 2fals ofb u i
that would represent this state with Berlin Wa'd. Jlanama Ward, etc., and '
pride and ability, who would be a oig 1 Tampa wl bl about-a nch ac one *am'tms febm
improvement of the Monticello mystery O

tridge, Johl N. C. Stkton Judge U U dspoeed t94-i Taama like a 5tep-
ney, John person, L nr- Is a deep-seated blood disease which
eon.- L A. Buarford. L H. Mabrey sIr the mineral mirtnres in the world The Taa ,'rtbune is making



JuTge locker, Jenerson Brown an d cannotcure. SS..S. (gu ranteed p rely rperatlo o the retirment of i. i.l
right here in Tampa there to W. B. vegefible) is a cra blood remedy for Samuel the United State s
Henderson, Peter 0. Knight, Thomas blood diseases and hl, no equal. senate. i retired let us hope M"mbis-A rtle tb 4
Palmer and there are"others" t Mrs. Y.T. auck. of Delaney, Ark., had tr P o be s ted to t t
thhe X .S. PSWO besbetted to the
would mak Florida a representative Srfafor twentand ridyrado heaped
of the time v-s, under the care of the dia f a ad de
to be prod of. Men wit the doctors who.con lI not relieve her. A upon the an W oor.-Punta Gorda l et s
aoiityaand Infuence to cope with ny sn clalist said he Herald. i
hrenmber from any part of the Um ,a. could care her, but
It nutsmi ho undtstood that the Trib- he filled her with Nothing au is being showeredi
_une does not intend to put these gentle- arsenic and poas on the Trit The people recogn
men in the taegory of aspiring to 411 which almost ued the fact t Tribue is the only
Mr. Pasco'e sho, w -,,ply mention' h constitnti. She genuine blahei toamp
then took nearly -4' tied.
them as a list of Wentlemen aus every so-called blood. If thee y more lpnyp etlfl
whom anyone would make the state medicine and drank conventto tying arnd
an able representative. themythewholele, loose be eased to gatm he
they did not reach tmJ E tl l -a
,her trouble. Some them In. Lakd Reals. 'eS E
The report published in the Jackson- oneadvised her to try Usually t are formed wth
ville papers that another filibustering .S.h.a oa she very
.expedition left for Cub& Sunday night soon found thatshe had a real blooS muchpe on. t b It-I pa*0
f Charste ,Harbor was a large remedy at last. She says: "After tak- prisn g t the'ftie toast St
Sing ne dozen bottles of S.S.S. I am on a foa of mc ta S: I il.ES^
sied take. The Cubans are about as perfectly well, my skin is clean o ,"-
succeesfut i* puling the wool over the and healthy and I would not be in The cooer the lo: l ] Si
eyes of Tarpa correspondents as they my former condition for two thousand th orou a ewoager i '
are in ehulng the Spanish sples.- dollars. I staofdoidryi pIheP on th nori ndl o
Panta(Gord, Herald. inSiy mn l Ssm. lie theI pas and I
aremic fB.S.&. drove the dimeae out Vdtor
The Tampa Tribune is nothigtif not thbt'o h the akin, and I was perm a-
eaWsVrlutsg. It has recently p"t in a nietly' id of it." *Ou douI~ft
not or t ng maclm, which A ReaBlood Remedy. o
w mgll c reduca oat rotting ne.vaer..llshsaauccs 'c-. r cc ii '
out t"t eelmlent paper-, tovW i s a PG. tlm CI .s B _lood" -
Shustr and knows how to get ot Poo or any diader Qf te blood. m ader
stood pw.r he s truly a mmer,- net esya A ee apigesE t ome I
Oretsd SeunaanisL- o noWt take a thatow"
Same Psmi^wsiam do eat Inf the Ot b1eks -
i-sd of pttng tV 1m'-as a o i th -
athi s tasmk __ __


40j i th
726m the 'Ou
.. Ousd4 at an

Ttrdaysa Daily.
ma*lntenae excitement p
City of Tampa
ia earty in the mnortin
Iof thte destructlon of 1
naie t Havana hari
at -uni late last noft
e were seen group
ie~oriaprae accident.
toif Veht Tampa the. 6(1h1
"t-p to the highest pItc
aWd haroly one wool

[^W-the wec Ofk f p
eUtited Stat
* oilnac t Spain befir
't delardro, Cuba a

Il teb. bIL--A
IiMK I xHawaa'by.
Wtlwavy lact night
of te exploson

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more ,Me
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Seay Wt for ci
Re- OB at5 5poet stIl
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towors~i~ CZ Aeth %

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Yur FmuNDS FOR THR CUBAN-S Utif M tbeharbfl ririi't"ijB ^ HH

S in Its Good Work. sought for. The w togreat
Y From Thursday's Daily. demand all day, and entire editikL t
by-O t ift H i f in t ie H fbor The Centrale sRleC committee met in J Te atee ao-@ nowmeii
1 bytlBIto Cn tt Hurbor Tel atrt Investigation Will Be Com- A fo tea
regular session at 2:30 yesterday af ter- As forecasted in to the
Soon in the G. A. R. Hall with Dr. rne ed at Once a Spe Tribune, the explo ed
Echerersia In the chair. The solicit- to have been cause r Placed
WCE4! AIS TO TIP PRB0ABL CalUSe Ing committee submitted a report cial Board. under the vessel, bi a by a x
S 3 AS TO TE PROBABLE C SRthrough Dr. San Martin, its chairman, Spaniard, or by a C I v- w 1aette.
showing that $158 had been collected! precipitate a war there Unted
Opi sa That the Explosion Was Caused by during the week from various sources. I EE IS STILL SILENT States and Spain yet de- H
.errera. manager, reported thetloped. -7j:
;rsidp of tht Vessel-A oee-d Zxplosion L` I-RAW*,
Sof the Vesel-A S dthe expenses of the Ybor City Kitchen possibilities o ng declared
Early Hour Yesterday Morning amounted to .$1s 78 and the expenses Secretary Long Has Received was discussed on a and It was t-
of the West Tampa Kitchen amounted realized that Tampa eome .promi- -Po~f p.s i t Ma2sAW
A shore and given every possible care and to $75.37, making a total of $25..09 for No Report From the nently to the front; a asini point
prevailed: attention by the Havana authorities, the week. for troops and stippli i Port Tamna ro e a D -P7aiy -
yester- The exact number of those missing is C. E. Ball, assistant treasurer, report- ap tiil. would natural be of depart A tb
wh not yet known. ed that he had received $170.60, and that ure of the United troops on ae- the
In Washington to-day there has been the balance in the treasury amounted count of its cby rail ad trada P.a; ramubyat K ad
bor W the most intense excitement, and the to $37.79. It was alsorteported that S. the car with h tr prts a
tor wAS S. Leonard, the contractor, had con- could be protected, earoute to sttes. PteiLdeat P I
it. On stat and navy departments have been tribute $20 to the committee's fund. Cuban waters. ian byn D' S lse Ate's*
dicu s- eed with equres for particulars A letter from some Cuban gentleman City of Havana BoMe All Elpese of I a port onthe Aja wasselected Lana secrerr aS
I t of the accident. The departments say was read, in which they promised to for the embarkation of op and sup- ton to the United Stecs.
Isa Th ^give the committee the sum of $475 for the BMal of the Vitlms From piles, the vessels used ild be subject gsshed visitr we
e that the only reDorts that thW have the relief of the destitue In this city. e to attack by an ene3 n n the oi tee o binsst
h of ex- re that the explosion was theh result For the information of the members *mn. it would be ter for an Cuban dlege
admit of a accident, of the solclting committee, Rev. H. B. enemy's ahipsito gai trance. The ra, Dr. 8aaart
o the The public does not believe this re- Somnellan secretary, stated that the PREPIBIIG FOR WAR DBUIIG PACE entrance to the G f ld be easily Ranon B~iv~ y Bsl
Subans who had contributed to the guarded, and supplies from Port Roo. Thebdeete44
]be?r do-, port.-and all kinds of stories of the f. -.-thi. lkistt -tI? S~f
ey port, ad al of te purchase of a dynamite gun for the in- Tampa in perfect the sip to
blow- up of the vesel by a oped surgents, were also making very liberal Navy Department Has Giv n Orders A telegram from ngton asp: t tam ,-
e ld se Orenk of a ove-r nhat it ua contributions for the relief of their For All Contractors to Hurry Work "Secretary Long, o he president, dred Cubamii .~g
e tight, h wmpathiser, whose object was to brin n unm th cit on War Ships--Ammunition and has sent this telegAn captain as- the
pth whe ect w br A Cuban lady contributes the sum of bee Thention be of the
would about a war between the United States $140 weekly for the dest tute, and Ed- Supplie s ust Be Rushed, says bee U. S. va to gie
"nd Sps11L Sigsbee U. S. s. Havana: The-to I, mt hi
Conr to-day aed a olu ward Manrara, who Is also a Cuban, Uncle SamE president desres meto press for him-. Iat a grCed ~ |a d
Congress to-day passed a reolution spends more than SW per day for the self and the peoples .United Stadesmah from P edsf a. t
Of the Calln Upon the presidet for a full relief or the suffering, l WAnBINteTIN, Feb. 17.--The latest his profound symp th te o.oe VwL w
t-dix- ,-wort Of the diaster. Al ommunir- The donation of S47O by a &few Cuban advices trm Havana tonight are to and crew of the Hlan desre no
lt etions from the o2cials in Havana gentlemen is also' a act to which t-oheo Ithor edire f t o
have been laid before congress. attention of the soiciting committee the effect that nothing has developed expense to be opa r V ding tfor e ot- !;s
The secretary of the navy h ordered was called by the retary. B. during the day which would indicate the survivors and c~ 6"r he dead. Ie Wht I
Sabl the lighthouse tenders at Key West omeilla, Seretary. the cause of the explosion on the Maine. "John D. L Secretary.," cld that e l~P
the Se- to i o to Havana at once in compuasrce The report that an eight inch pre-s qu etly ihis, sm&q
brought wit hCaptah Sfbee's request A tele- LE SOLD LIQUOR cussion hole had been discovered in the SAILOR T F was carrie out. -
Sath te gran from Captain 6 bee says: the hull of the Maine is without foundS- .pon art Ca1st ii
explosion occurred in the bow of the tion. No examination has been made Men From the M ln|?do not Believe took carrtM and 5i
vee e received a wound n the evidence Was Conclusive and He Was by divers, and no torpedoes have beea "Accide t" story. denc of C
tructio head. Orders were given to the other Convicted. found. The first news of the finding rd l the honor of
Woufnd- officers to save themselves as best they r D of a hole in the hull reached here from Frnn FeilaS Dali while here. T 1 i v" i
crew. could. The latter, who -were literally New York newspapers. The Steamer Olte arrived from Palma is for the purpte&M
So thrown from their bunks in their night In the United State Court yesterday, Captain Sigbee, commander of the Havana and Key e about 5 o'clock with the leading Ctn
d the civil docket occupied attention Cor a i funds a tIe C
clothing, gave the necessary order with e ette t oM atte on aine, has wired to Secretary Long of yesterday afternoon, tit nearly as unds for the Cban
of the greatseif-oession and bravery. bee a the day. Th only Nay Department, not to send any hour was consume landing. She be here seva da ad
Navy yard ca do not believe the criminal case tried ws the one against other ar vessels to Havana harbor brought over 14 paenger direct from deliver evei adre
bor at story of -tae explosion being an acci- Sam Lee colored, of thi city, cargd e asks that ly relief bats e sent, Havana, and from them several things In speaking tof
withr cryn onrt the business ofi an reta-
rounded dent. They say that if Capt. Sigee with carrying on the business of a retail ,ai a he secret y nas given ordei were learned regard the explosion Maine. PresIdent Pasl
d an is correct as to the explosion being in liquor dealer without having first paid cra.v gy, but nas tne entire Nortn on the Maine.. porter of the Tribane i atrg
herS 0t the bow of theh vessel, It was not in the special government tax. .-antic squadron, which has been The Olivette left avana at 3 o'clock "If it was an accident It .
ar and the nrrhgannz s as they were located Lee I a well known barber, and the at at 'iurugas, within easy reach Wednesday afternoon, instead of at peculiar onL I can not.
fhthome amidships. liquor-selling with which he was char- l i -cy \es.L Te Flagsup New YorK is 12:30 as usual. Thi delay was caused could Eve possibly bde *a
ww and The Battleship Maine was built at the ged, occurred on an excursion train yn at, and Kiy, ciose to Ke, est, by taking on boatd sixtynline men for from whtt I know abieit
/above Brooklyn Navy yard in 1890 at a Cost last August between this city and Fer- a h s taen on board Lne men from the wrecked Battleahip Maine. every precaUtion is ktae,
hes than of $2,588,000. She was of the second nandlna. The principal witness for the uruugIht from Havana by the Olivette The men included several officers of the no doubt that extra rc
class. and was regarded as one of the prosecution was Deputy Marshal E. E 0 yesterday. vessel, the captain )f marines and ten taken on acoboat of ith
upended best and safest ships in the navy. Her Johns, of Bradford county, who got of his men and forty sailors. Some of the harbor of Havsna and A
Bre be- dimensions wete: 318 feet long, 57 teet aboard the train and bought liquor frotn INQUIRY ORDERED. the men were badly wounded, but the relations between the ,- t
nd Met- broad, 21.6 mean draught, and ,682 Lee. Ascertaining that Lee had not WASHINGTON Feb. 17.-A Board of majority were not injured. ,They were and Spain on accot
Many tons displacement She carries four paii the special government tax Depu- Inquiry has been ordered by the secre-taen to Key Westfor treatment in letter. I have not heard ha
mentati- ten-inch and six six-inch breech-load- ty Marshal Johns took down the names ,ary of the navy to investigate ule the United States Marine hospital. discovered to-day, but I is
and ex- ing guns in her main battery, and seen of several witnesses, whom he saw buy- disaster to the Maine. Captain Samp- those who were not injured were placed I believe that when taUe- pt
6-poundera and eight 1-pounder rapid- ing liquor, and swore out a warrant for son, commander of the Battleship Iowa on board the other cruisers in the har- investigated, It w l _e ften
ed Press fire guns and four Gatllns in hehr secon- Lee's arrest. will preside. The other members of bor. explosion wascauser by m
several dary battery, and four Whitehehad When the ease was tried yesterday the board will be Captain ChadwicK, While coming across, the men talked the United state s,
mdent torpedoes. the evidence of selling liquor was con- of the Cruiser New York; Lieuenant freely with the passengers on the Oil- "If It ,wa not an acei4
THE VERY LATEST. defenh e attempted to Commander Schroder, of the Massa- vette. They declared that the explos- think, that ~ll re1t9
prove that Lee bad ad the special ta chusetts; Lieutenant Commander Mora ion was a deep-laid plot of the Span- country and Spain st uhdl
a-pew The very latest news of the explosion but it was shown tha the tax was ndt' of the Vermont. The last named has lards. They wer gp- atly iense immcodnt end.
of e was received at o'clock last in paid until after the uor was sold. The een appointed udge adv te. The against the Hav people, who have noe
o? the fonowie -telegram. jury brought In a verdict of guilty, and delay in ape."
r the WA fINo TN Feb. 16g.-The Trib- the court Isentenced the defendant d to board will at once begin the Investi- shown them small courtesy, who looked and fixin t4e bla m wbme ii
tWASMI ePON Feb. 16p.-The orib- the court sentenced the defendant to gation. upon their presence as a national o er a n
ast Le eo correspondent had an intersvew pay a fine of $100 and to be confined in It i the genel on ront, and who p e easbd an ion senTelere nP to lBf
q1l &aeI to-night with Secretary Roosevelt'sas- the Hillaborough county jail for a per-Wt is the generalat thepion er wln affront, and who have bio ed h anony-th useless on heated a
.tariw ialatant ebretsry o the navy, and nava r led of three months, s hing a thea d be u er pthelaay ThiB on aM
e d coestructor Htchborn. Mr. Rooeulelt It is possible that the Jail sentence caused by foul play, bt the feelln is Americans." Theybelieve that the eu- pathser for the pu'p o
it satongty of the opinion that the at- may be reduced to thirty days as an t a intense as yesterday, thor of such expressed and cowardly between SpBan adn.td lb
s t)eshp Maine was destroyed through effort is being made; to p .oduce proof Ccngrese will probably make an in- hatred would not !top at any 't o Such a repot Is shssd
eayS t e -acheir7 f the Spanish govern that $Re had atllleb for the special quicy Into the cause of the explosion at such terrific vengeance as te blown could have en gotten eng
Sl-t mn "t. tax receipt, for the rpos of selling oue. up of the 'Maine. These sailor, an- ive to Hvana 0 *iae in|
ltbr Mr EL 0tbora the nagval npntror liquor on that particular excursion, but Orders have ben Issued by the Navy qualunted ith the drl8s, discipline, eat eMaaine" .
ill- tb went over the oua wit th et1rian that he had been uulaie to obtain r Department to hurry repaIrs on all yes- ensemble of a msaof-war, pooh t-h
aweLM pinp hottH d demsr ton d how until after the excurion. seis at all navy yards, and upon A ll the idea o an internal explosion a the
t wo.. d have been hspoessib for such The civil case before the court was contracts for supplying ammunition and last think to be thoxtgh of. J. R el,
I he"t-b an e npt mgo. as reported, he havesoic- that of David a Garr~ty, vs the Tampa supplies The ofcers .were mosi reticent,'fo1- en t pi salngend estis
m d on the Maim. lb is of thq urburban R iroad Company. j5r Seesetary Long has not yet received ,iowing in the line with their command- fo' bhe a t enl, ao
: "aon Ihat .wend: I hnvestgte taking of testimony bsted asl day and any expresil oin from Capt. Slgsbee as leg offcer, Captain! Sgee,. Ti sd Tribnea pl .
1 -bin.nver that the hull of the batelesip morning at o'clock.. Advices from Havana say that :3 ascertalned through an investigation im aay n d-wer ua
bodies were recovered to-day from the made by divers. him as o u s
_ _n-in --in whard, showng the diastfr, THE MODEhN WAY Maine and all were Identified.
z ,a sion, whic O. r n4 ant ~tesete THmm End M tN WAY ~ The funeral of th men was conducted all of the pmengets, except the meat He 'wan a ...
___ m trdic th stelde first and that ommends itself to the weli-informed, by the bishop of Havana In person. Me excitable Cubans, wrere finy Of lb. Who startad i
.e --s *.Oa iiaO eePed afterars, to do nt and eectually wat donated the ground, and the municip- Opinion that the erbilostom was caun e d hint

Ug -nigift saysf that bing ner ad( disagreale its well, To clense Ity of Havana pad au tue epenma by an ecident on: board the vese He oord saus
ma. was W --st bao developedas to what the system and bre ltp colos head- of the funeral of the victims. I They had 'ot heBt owtyeiterdsy's de- --", t
adlnims, i the d1555im on the second class acha. and fevers without npieasat a grand and solemn occasion. Allthe veiopmenta But wm

%ttir haWIniln Maa, after effects, use the delightful Uauid "1" ""s 1n '5 uwere louseu ana 2.iu00 0
S aS t ofcers except twa, W~ laxative ready Eyp of i Made people attended the funral service PROMINENt VISITO9RS.
t. ve been c ou ed pAn as d p s r C An s a om The Mayor of Btimore and Bridal 4t
It, In ev t ha Havana sa s: Party, are n the City. of M s anc
Swth th Tee ae thbree little th which "Lieutenant Commander Wainwright From Saturday's llr h. on the W. w T. mLertmd
.h't kSaHn ot moos thuan l xtr y as d more work than y other three lit- of the Maine was half undressed at 9:4a Among the pnnsent arrivals in the noe wa
; aped with t~ ,s and many of tle tbinXg created-they are theaot, p.m., and was smoking In his cabin city yesterday were oon WiliamT.Mal- the world9
Mh ses a IS the a-plooshe the bee and DeWIRt's Little arily next to that of Captain Sigsbee. It s ster, Mayor of aktlmore, Md., and to the .
SAll o the wpnded at to Rie~ the lat be the famous httle aid when the explosion occurred and bride and the brl party consisting haad
thpe t B sv h npi tta .'d i remain, dllk for stomach sad liver troubles. put out the electric lights. Wainwright of Mr. and aMrs,. Rert Jone; Ma; born oIn
Sothear aIraaents ca be made B. Ieonardi & Co. tf then light a match and went to Oapt. and Mrs.Brandon urner. Major Henry 18, a nd was
' .a.~Sgbee's cabin. The captain, It ap- Torbert and XMis Florence K Tor- tieth year. The
.- was a second expinlo en tne When a man is aorng from an scb- pear had been thrown from his bed, bert, a of taltmre. The party ar- message of
iin t t .hiPs pulrnla T. Spapish lag bead-a sluggish body-when the but was uninjured. They both went rived In a private arover the Florida faamUy.
La phaeoo whidn bt a ly moplet are lax and liys--his brain dull on deck and gwve orders to flood 2500 Central & Peua r -IRailroad wand ,wI a
M teMla has moved.Oid t and bit stomach di#daining food he pounds of gun cotton, which was on spend several dawi tn the clty. Tbhe eIna a tine [ec
te wefeta e ill, if wis heed hse warnings aod The order was carried out. but gentlemen of the prty ex t tiiderote secesf fInisgse i t "O
e from flo aa resrt to the right remedy, before it is the men who fulfilled it never returned, some time to hunt g and fLshing. enar em oi C
r.ee hatg t Crt e sob r too I te rgParh r' bsa prille" ite Havana, however, was saved from a The party is _om_ of some of the A e.1 mg
a ato epsr op-nlh n ia br o Blood Park ser" makes tapri still more terrible explosion. most disttnguli hed people of the Mona- O es
toe I re Urd etekeen a Blood Pherty i ner makes the rp Four boats were lowered, all manned mental city. May r Malater, of Blti-
il received from Xey est OIte keen and heart, infgdorates the by crews, and one of them was lost more, is a man of ~tonai r tato and l
Bat ^ say- pur 'Ifies the b.os and fills it with Captain Sigsbee went in his own launch and the fact tha he has succeeded
tO vett, which left Ha4 m ife giving elements of the food. I to get on board of the Alphonso XIII, the IAtrobes of Bltimorea k vol-p "e
S..t...md~a H thla w, o sawonderful blood maker and flesh to thank the captain and officers. He umaessto hispopxalarity. Thepa
avana tne reiprt bider. For sale byMaximo M. ]tha afterward went on board the City of remained n thei
i lA Mane Pharmacy, .Contral Pharmacy, Bay Washington, where Coinsul General but to-day will likely make their
... Pb. harse Tampa eu L ee,. Dr. T. W. Brunner, acting sanl- llakquari's at Tama a hotel
1W.great *Irht ,trTt W- We anxious to do a little good in tary inspectr of Havana, and several quate at Tamp Bay h Cot
,( Arnsn dcie. in ta- this world and can think of no plea- correspondents of American newspap-rs After uslig a ent trial s of a&awo* in
a Ags.Ml 0 n aer of the A0Ir. -ater or better way to do it than by had already gathered. Ely's Cream Balm you wil be as to
-two.irow tw We ethe reeoasaeding One Minute Cough NEW YORK TO THE LRESCU. buy the 50 cent si Cream Igha tkt
oiwBl n l u a atBete aU a preventiv ineamonia, coo- KEY WEST. Fla., Feb 17.-The tni. no equal tn carls catatrh n I 4alhta a
t o.s' .. sad other sriouslu i.o -ted States cruiser New York, with Ad- head. Askyour stft-it ekw
n ral Sieard on board reachedSe and
-c.5ed. She w s. ordered here* to ELY BR.([M.5
5000Y thes.-d;-Ilkts Of the MX ftre thft y., t c,-



ocr- *. I *

-L*ove sw outNof the wimow Vn No Cripe
poverty ease in at the door." Tbstba When ye iee Bood's PUs. The lotMh.b
aem_ -r for o.taris an* d bl e "o- tpiut i f wM her yow7 a bto
_MM t ,=,.I.irmafpieces, seintlt It wIb Hoed'rsFasytetaks
wWl be wamied With 4.,hatbons for.
years to come. But the correlative of
thJs in often true. In fact tt Is becom- O O
ag alarmingly trae. The phenomenon
weU mrits the attention of the student sAd e/e t operate, i tree
ew Hood P hWsh are
o ethics and eolog NewTYork as 'td" P ||S
tendered the latest case. Albert Schle- afe, eertuta md sure. All
gel was a church mouse when he mar- mr= W C-. Hood Lowel, ass
Th -- Pce t twrs wr th Hood's Sarsaprltrf.
ried. He wa for a tne a devoted bus-
band, but when riches came In at the
door Albert's hve flew out at the win- CITY IMPROVEMENTS.

jmsmmm, ....... ,,,,m,
P *- -AA EAR. anator Tabor. the once-multi-ml-
~4 St A VYKAR.
lionalme of Colorado, gave the country
as.ien a dvat e, a conspicious example of the antonym
iarsi, spol tiseao @. the old saw. He discarded his
set-'tl.t ud." hmnumble wife. bought for use 1300
'- *k nighLt robes, which were exhibited to bhls
Senatorial colleagues in Washington.
and to-day he is in debt. In disgrace,
aboke i be and living a postmaster at Denver.
SFrom Napolaeon, who audiated the
i d 0se0e" w amiJable Josephine down to tatpart -
elpants in divorce cases In dorid
c courts, these conjgal derellctions have
S- i always been the recipient of popular
c eContempt

g ye people more
s.geaget perfect Imita-

f-oar rif the W. C.
* ffwtesh amual con
EgAfrp, Wi ; eltde iMonday, Feb.

b a decaseon of the
1(0 o have been ele
ih-. criminal rank. of
ithtthe tle e they also
qor qertentaes.

of Kissimmee
t0ok of cattle belong-
net pgig at Whittier
aaIrberfw about W00
*MBwiathering them

fie00 ions llhutrlous
reW, 2ren of words
tem i to be the st
,iw eSail Record

~ii- prices have
i at Bany re-
siui bringing $10
j ,'rtfr irCaspar, of
-ioXa which netted

Sare t&ed In
lak hat "ag
the um

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par A01tipsh

Sand the

tke thaa

C pia be land

pt o- a

; -ftca

Rev. 1ne, tne evangelist, is a perfect
volcano when he gets warmed up.
Vesuvius at her best could nbt belch
forth more brimstone, lsva and sulphur
in a given time, than the doctor can.
The brimstone permates the air. Par-
ties get mad yet they go again and for
the past week, twice a day the tent has
been the attraction. It is to be hoped
that the doctor has accomplished much
and lasting good In our midst. He will
go from here to Tampa and assist Rev.
Moody in stirring up the dry bones of
that city. We presume after the meet-
ligs Brother Stovall and Brother Han-
son will tall on each other's neck and
weep --St. Petersburg Times. The par
son will have to develop wonderful
power to ever get Mr. Hanson on our

The Nashville American says that the
Key West liar has again proved that
his inventive faculty Is equal to any
emergency. On an occasion like the
Maine disaster Key West is swarmed
with representatives of the yellow jour
nals, and they are all viewing with each
other to see who can get up the most
miraculous story for their papers, and
from thispofnt of view it looks like the3
al are succeeding most admirably.

"They also serve who stand and
wait." So sang the immortal Milton.
The men who lost their lives in Havana
harbor are as much Columbia's dead
as though they perished through the
gus of Morro Castle. They died for
the flag though no real battle chorused
to their exptrig groans. The nation
will revere them as such. Old
Glory dip4 to honor the memories of
those whoee souls went out time cof

Our naval strength, according to As-
istant Secretary of thep Navy Roose.
velt ais that of fth place among le
great national. We are a tie with Glr-
ang tor this place Ans a matter
practical strength England and Framn
are the only countries which cieary
ontalae u in the matter of a navy--
Nashville Americsn.

Putting the bab
to bed isthe oo
Night joy ef a b.ha
I ^ py day to a health


From Jacksonville Metropolis.
The Metropolis understands that the
committee of the City Council of Tam-
pa in Jacksonville last week seeking
information" as to municipal improve-
ments were highly gratified at what
they earned. Jacksonville has set the
pace for all other Florida towns in the
way of waterworks, brick street pav-
lng, sewerage, electric lighting, fire
protenolon and market facilities, and
she gladly welcomes all committees or
todividuals who come seeking Informa-
tion. Our ofcials and people will al-
ways take the greatest pleasure in giv-
iag what they have learned by eperi-
Jacksonville has spent considerable
money within five years ia improve-
ments. Some of it was unwisely spent
--a experimenting-but the ost of it
was spent Judlclouaslt and if there is
a southern city capable of imparting
information it is this one, and by ob-
taining it other towns may profit by
our experience.
There is much to be guarded against
in making improvements to prevent
losses, extortions and fraudulent sche-
It is, indeed, a happy thought to
know that other towns in this state
are preparing to make public improve-
ments in paving, lighting, water sup-
ply, etc. It is evidence of a spirit of
development that insures confidence in
the future, and speaks in the most fa-
vorable and substantial manner t
every visitor. Good streets, lightsand
water cannot help making a favorable
Intpression. People are oftea judged
by their appearance, and it Is so with
a city.
Mayor 'Malster, of Baltimore, her
last week, expressed himself most
agreeably surprised with what he saw
in the way of Irrprovements, and we
feel confident that the mayor and his
party will speak well of us on their
return home. Strangers, as well as
capitalists and home seekers, are close
observers, and they never care to go
to a place that is on the down. grade
to invest their money, or to live. Push
ahead improvements, and others will
soon come and assist you in the good

The buildings of the Polk County Fair
Association at Lakeland are receiving
their finishing touches, and the bicycle
track will be completed early this week.
The greatest crowd ever assembled In
that country are expected to be there
during the four days of the fair. Thir-
teen hundred American flags have been
ordered by patriotic Laskeland people,
and when the great show opens there
wil be one of the most beautifully-
decorated towns in the country to re-
celve the vistors. "H. B. Plant Day"
will be the prominent feature, as Mr.
Plant will be there on that occasion,
and at the same time the eratest bi-
cycle racers in the world will ride.

his motherly dut*
o a nurse. Sot Amo the survivors of the Maine
sothershardlyset were the ward room cat and the cap-
their babythe l vi
ong day. This i tain's dog, Peggy. Both of the ani-
ot because toy mals have arrived upon Americara soil
tr-loe or the nas at Key West. The incident may not
mial impulses of a
romanly womAu prove that a cat has nine lives, but it
ht' is lo se o shows that the luckiest cat aliv: is now
their own ili4
health and broke temporarily stopping in the state of
be ba a is &i lortda.--avannah News.
sckly and peevisn
afirs might hav. The name of C. Rogers, of Jack-
other, during th
erood, taken th sonvllle has been repeatedly mentioned
organs that make in connection with gubernatorial hon-
roman should at
t organs well an4 ors. He would probably make the
and that of bet
that of state a good chief magistrate, but it is
prowpetive moth rather soon to agitate It.
e Prescription. It
g the organs that
'nitv. It cures all .Tampa is afflicted with more dead
It makes comfort
r motherhood and beats than any other city in the south.
euy and nearml They should all be spotted by the com-
tahty child& The
women endure, as merelal world and emphatically re
the distinctlyw.wo
der its use. l fused credit under all circumstances.
There is nothing
S Municipal improvements are now
lack. Ark-,. nthat the order of the day. Let the good
wao Sies i n Te3sr
e doctsscarmfm work begin, and keep it going until
her wd to; try the
o,~R 'Pp "s the city out rivals every place in Flor-
Wt&sbed.-It b* t d11
Is Me 3 tdaio-

hesc is *If (aanaey iM..Depew quits the rail-
li a^ ro ir he# tass he can devote his whole
a isett t aolang after-dimer speeches.

S'* [anm oven the


President Forbes, of the De Land Mew se Aee- e a --e Wem-aftegg
university, in one of his capee talks"
before students and visitors, paid a theater has a seat him ter evry
high compliment to Mr. Henry i Flag- performance. He aut be these evp
ler lately. He began by saying that he evening. Naturally after he hm see
the same piece a Boonse Of limis be lawI
wshed he could impress the students me pie e m of is h nS
to be elsewhere and wafers togive his."
to determine to do some one thing in eat to some of his riunda M. oLmst
life well. He then spoke of the fact Blum says that when he was a yc ng
that trbi was a characteristic of Mr. man a friend, the doctr of Theat ,t
Parte sSt Martin gave him his mat
Flasger: that whatever he did. he dFd Jus as he was becoming Interestd in
completely and perfectly. In his late the first act the stage manager rshe .
visit to the East Coast Railway and up-the heroine had a nervous attack
its magntflcent hotels. Dr. Forbes was and required medical aidl BIlu had
nothing else to do but to follow him.
impressed overwhelmingly with what In the lad's dressing room he found Bothte meH sad Ieli
Mr. Flagler had done for Florida, and tha manager with anguish depicted on Syru pOf istakit; itist
the magnificent and perfect manner in every feature and the lady wringing and to ttie
which it had been done. "Although her hands and shrieking. Whg y t b r
"Now, doctor, quick! What's to be Liver and ow i
Mr. Flagler is the originator of a great do?" tefwf tn y, dRi S O
commercial caheme," continued Prest- Blum grew as red as a lobster, and achesand r and
dent Forbes "and has done a vast work as he could not sa anything he just Constipptio S f
for the betterment of Florida, that is eACulated: "Hm I l ee I Let us O ready -of it Fu i
not the greatest of his accomplishments He took the lady's nd in a wild at- duced, pleaSing toD etiist
for ua I consider that his greatest tempt to feel her p e. She shrieked ceptab t the otcpfMH
service to us is the high standard he moe than ever and writhed like a i tsaction lad tirly,
ake. effectsprepared onuy fose Ifb
has et us. Not one, whatever his vo- "Have you poured any water on her healthy ad agrees a
cation, can consent to do a poor pieoe head?"' he asked. its many eaellent qulititei
of work after seeing the perfect work "Yes." mend it toall4nd have nadGeI
of Mr. Flagler in the splendid buildings "L d no effect? m popas r rae
"None." syr~~'iriSyIrp f isiles
he has erected and the elegant railroad "Then don't Pour any n. cenrit bot a mto ta U
service he as given us. It is a great After this display medical knowl- gist ny r
lesson for us, and one that should not edge he continued: i s.1
be lost, to do everything we undertake "Give her a mN ho "od cologne." may not he
Haven't any." Iwi the sanwer. Cure it pioespla y one
in a better way than before." "Then go fetch soie." wsPha'to t t. 10 Wt ea
Off rushed the ma er and the stage -Yny sobPt ,:
9AM JiON3E FOR GOVEIRNORt manager, and Blum as left with hile W 8W
patient. herOaK -A
The people of Georga are entitled Suddenly she opeed her eyes and Mf. WV AJ
miled. I .
to the sympathy of the entire nation. A "Doctor," she said "you are a good
gubernatorial race is now on taPis and fellow, aren't young? SEWE
among the many aspirants i the origi- NoY, m sell
"You must be, doctor. Now listen.
nal Sam Jones. That state has trou- There is nothing the matter with me. LZAlD IroSLS sUans 'r
bles of its own, and the Macon You would have found that out soon. I TamFp ," Fl. twl b vltey
Telegraph in speaking of the matter wnt couple of days off. Can't you'M t s te o
manage it?"n o .. Febr-ys s X% 55,
eays: "Sam Jones has the public "Delighted!" he replied joyfully. gshlid ame airntd ed l
gseesing. Is he really a candidate for ."Now, ma'mselle, you're a good tel- sseof tarn, thn Ma saie. addr et
governor, or is his declaration to that low too. I am not a door. I came n ses m tatet ris fer
on the doctor's ticket, so you must not mnetmosed in 4e aoiadue,dil. prit 4-te
effect one of his jokes? If he is give him away." thef p si t eets.o iee
of worf bid us.
in earnest, does he expect to run, as By this time the manager and stage All ropeas aot eoscoistakg bidasrat
Seab Wright did, as the candidate of manager came back, each with a bottle wten ser0 f Srwid f r.e ie b ie
S Wrigh d, as. te c e oof eau de cologne. He told them that it waeIrreghubldarwidnlb to rrao e t4x
the populists and the prohibitionists, of au dne colr He told the l ady wase bidder ia l ste. t
was unnecessary now. The lady was seer e -hai sad aseiaiar workto fItb
with a new plank in opposition to the quite composed and could appear with- mmne s .tand fisn ltbeistn s55Q?5
free school "system? out any danger. But she must have a f'^d of wPaWWorts toawad the esI0
Be it remembered that Sa nuel is op- few days' rest The made wry faces, r t o tr pre.b
posed to our pubic schools. For seve- h t grunted the holiday.-Philadelphia E h pcrepoesl most beat _om b spp h'a
poe to our public be or 1.Oi.pay rii esLa tr
Tines& th Board of Public worK of theiot'Ti
ral years. in his public addresses. he P l.., od s rpou ill ~wie crd e a
has almost invariably made it a point THE FISH'S COLOR. o. sarha i^ ioasarssd Is0011
"fetied, a s -c-isaft r proesled, will i
turned we tbh seatrsct awh bein a*
to attack the system. Able In a Marvelous Degree to Adapt eutea. All othereheAl wil baretersdta
It can hardly be his purpose, if he is Itself to Its Surroundi g. makers ithi threedfsyst from swa*i
the contract.
in earnest, to enter the Democratic pri. It is a familiar fact that fishes can The peaooor penr to whomlteh si
marines, and contest for the Democratic sange their colors at pil. Many fishes r Y a onoare iteitSdsro St
cddra t within ten days atm therdate h h
make remarkable chance. Free swim- &awrd, and4nc aseorf failse*otodbedleh
nomination, for he has declared the migt es most commonly p reserve ii b d to aveis e t
mig fishes most co only p rs trect, an thea cheek aesespasvtsu d
odd time that he was not a Democrat. their normal colors thsosh thewe fishes saia r v so rnmies mae- a san. i

It was Samuel that said that he de-
spised a dull time, and we are quite
sure he will find a very lively tussle
on his lands if he attempts to over-
throw the free schools of the state, un-
less the Democratic party makes a bad
nomination and goes to pieces on the
rock of personalism.
May not the suggestion of his candi-
dacy, in connection with the probable
endorsement of the Populists, cause
some of the hot spur partisans to
tempt their onslaught upon eaCrl

Chairman James K. Jones is said to
have Intimated that he favors a plat-
form against the gold standard rather
than an absolute declaration for 16 to
1. All forces opposed to the gold stan-
dard should combine he urges. The1
contention for a positive ratio drove
many men from the party and this con-]
cession Chairman Jones is said to have
made may bring some of them back
again.-Nashville American.

The Maine disaster still continues to
be the leading topic of interest among
the people, and opinions are divided
between Spanish deviltry and our
navy's hard luck.

Florida hotels are dotig a fine bus-
iness this season, and the ones that
advertise in the Tribune are getting
the bulk of the tourist travel.

Nat C. Goodwin, the well known actor
and Miss Maxime Elliott, the leading
lady of his company were married Sat-
urday in Cleveland, Ohio.

Politicians are going to loom up this
year. Senatorial aspirants are numer-
ous, and the lucky candidate will have
to be a dandy.

Ten million dollars is the estimated
cost the destruction of the Maine will
entail upon the Ufited States.

The best paper covers the cream of
the trade in any section. That Is why
the Tribune is so popular.

Should the United States and Spain
engage in a tittle serap it would be pie
for Tampe.

It was probably a sneey matter to
rsanise that snuff trust.

Who wants to beir

pren upion ucc unu sn m uson s w meunesono tn e ole a durng eia
them themselves to capture 1ood these seideaf 8 t .mkflSO I-
change their colors to match the bottom form ofat o cwuht b l tn om tee
they are on so as to mjake themselves r *ti m oBfanaewsd"
invisible. They do this often to a degree Ly p4,pe
that seem extraordinary. aisSt may be eneasmne Iess
In o fr ct the smaller saltwater tanks as thesa d of t
at the .*\ York aquarium there are a TamonwI's. 46 t
numb. i Lf Jmall flatfish. The bottom of ai _tsm r a edP Wo ._
the ta... i .-overed with coarse graveL The quaaitta sasm 'lated on ts Mewa
done an appreoxhaemeel,, U0Doiw
The great bulk of the gravel is eom- prme Wnnr. ira'tMsdtifih
posed of pebbles of a brownish white, a m mreasord ntBtlbeamihe tet
sort of pale iron rust color. Scattered t e m .dew a hs
in this are pebbles of a deeper tinge, amovstor eek tobhedsusSad Wbye- d
with now and then m on f a brownish b oard fq elsdi 55 ior ..
gray or brown black. 8epearssuebi rat iae ettero e
The flatfish lying on the graielat the tasewn sbet v p"'np
bottom of this tank imitate its colors iBn iooe lthes ae .
their own baoks in a manner thatU is A ipoSS swebeadm l tLoS .P5M
marvelous& They are of a mottled brown, ie trme awm aiw
like the colors of the graves and UtN Tl 5t: Ve. .I
smaleat of the flatish is the moat ttm: ,.g S t Lr s w,iSr1 ....
wonderful. They're all thin and lie
close to the bottom. The edge f thei- ___s
tie one blends with it, and its back is S T I
wonderful momic of browns so like the
gravel of the surrounding bottom that t0 hOXS Blepe
itappearstobe a part of it. Even in
this clear water at a little distant the L
fish is scarcely distinguishable -Ne w
York Sun. .
It is probably an unusual thing in
any country for a court to sit in JUiO. COOK BOOK M
meant on the dead, but in a Berlin letter -.-
to the Chicago BecorO an aooodnt is telling hew to prepare many i
given of a trial in which the accused 'atleand deliiousadbe .
was a dead man. Addr- i
It was not his rs tria That had ietbi Co, P. O Box "I. New
taken place in his lifetime, and its re-'
salt had been a sentence of imprison
meant for18 months. The delinquent i n iS,.sI.k
was bureau chief in the tax office of 5' I .'." 5"
Schweidnita, Silesia, and it was proved -'
that he had embezzled funds and forged -
documents. Soon after his senteme, u s. pn rr t Lee.

had the case reopened, and proved by "
expert testimony that her husband hhd
been demented at the time he commit-
ted the crime. '
i Thus occurred the peculiar circum-
stance of a dead man gnatriaL The trial
resulted in the reversal of the foIrer
sentence, the court prrom inmhg te de-
oeased not guilty.

o1s of a Trip bred.
"Mrs Gaswell, your daughter's viii
to Europe seems to have made hr qnite
a polished young woman."
"I should may ma y land! Y
ought to hear hersay, 'I sal be very I
pleased.' "-thicago tAbun m
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--w TEan, Feb. 22.--The Wold byr all'e4atarrh Cure. Send for cir-
k-, Nareey 1o elerpbplcc dispatches oclax, tree.
S7EtSdasings ~the past boers from &F. J. I;tENEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
wit-- Blxnid, the army headqu ar- old by dragglts, 76c.
WINi isei thlIetmnt ot l east n to Hatt's Family Pi ll are the best
6sL 0 tskiS Biack-poison Is a pulse which makes
At (J2 l? you sock. It comes from the stomacwn
sMat ha The stomach makesit out of undigest-
iS "s e b dta o om dee food.
S .L thNeis oo f a -e "* Tbhe blood trets it and taints the
t .e1txt i.whole bhidy with It. That's the wa
2 r of The wav to be rid of i, is to look
:F 1do asQ staff tJfter your digdstion ;
it etelegrapghic If your feood is al properly digested.
aimm ixl t C Pthere will be none left to the stomach
tMe j t: a devotisnt to nmake slck-poison out of.
o onel w et. Iie your rtomob is too week to
rUemons of tihe so- to this properly by itself, helpit
topyi -along with a few doses of Shaker Di-
NS" gestive Cordial,
sqpe ci a e defeie That's the course of it.
S go Shaker Disrve Cordial is adeli-
cles, bealthfuil, tonic dordial, made
h taLke-M*take ae Catnla. It positively cure- indigettlon and
B ~eWiR I..Lld Nov -vens toe formation of sick-polsoo.
S^Tr aSM N At druggeste. Trisl bttlee 10 cents
ili iu1m 11to Therbe's noa- rnsa fir s.,u In buying
5se sB Tte. L BtUOKSKIN BBEECHS. No risk

i -mch as ft"t was by design itwoald be five eons of anuannttica eompadctly
| it a aforwMr. stared on tbme voel is a d to have ex-
Si ant a saptsxorty dtan Robert T. plodded. t0~ wastrue not a ife would
4nol, rasme r=of war under Prei hve beenm r
dents Gar" ed d and Artbor and foramw Mr. Hol-'gtl r ba witnessed the na-
ministuer o England, i positive that n val operation in the war between China
ease of accident or if the mine was ex- and Japan. He has been on board of
ploded byaSpanish fanatic. Spainwould the iltsed Maine and claia totno
not be btrdeuld with atny legal respouai- all the details in the ship perfectly.
S" anther case w ouldthe slightest NOT ALWAYS UNDR ER81 OOD.
ability attach to Spain. Assuming a Aact overlookedr nor alt
k&b mine eaplsed lby afantec or byacciden. A fact often overlooked, or not als that wm sfr
Sthatwould the end of the aff ais that w sffr
SGiving international law the widst e s much romt distrestng kidney and
latitude and stretch precedents to bladder trouble as the wen. The womb
er their limit, the would be no liability i tested back of and very close to
against the government of Spain. It is the bladder and for that sedment any
re- lawthea a government is in yre- ted in tkdne bck, badder or
sad onsle for the acts of private citizens. urinarv passage ia often, bv mistake.
Sa. I it weretnot To, comsplictionswcleded be attrib t o fremnle weakness or womb
cer, rising cwtinuaDly which would keep trouble of some sort.
nations i turmoilrand arbitrating cm- The erriar is easily made and may be
roin tinuay. an ee-sily avoided by betting urine aide
lent "'Itis another primary principle tha fi,r twenty four hours: a sediment or
ag no nation is responsible for accidents Set tlln is evidence that yeour kidneys
roa e tthe rit of nation to fortifyit a en bidder need doctorina IS you
harbors aitoee fit there cannot bethe have plean r achind in the back, pa
pa Iighteldot doubt. Thright isa conceded watn r too frequently, or canty suppl r
I ip ne Sd s eie sised by all nafia. with smarting or burning,-tniese are
amt WThenmeera veel, therefore, enters the also convincing proofs of kidney trou-
the h of a foreign power it is with no ll e If you have doctored without
ti of ich defenses and with an as- benefit, try Dr. Klmer's Smp.BiRoot,

I THE MAGAZINE INTACT7 a.N t.Th propntrs of this p
Dnintu" ata -of the chanc they involve t great kidney remedy. The ild
nme. would naot do-to say bat one nation and the extraordinary efwct wil seir-
t A New bon pto give te ship f another no- rise you. It handss the.biestfor
e tieofwhere and howets harbor mines its wonderful cu-es. If ia -a
S arrsanged, as the result ofsuch a rule medicine you shouldltake.ti bew t. At
o wuld tbe obvious. Enterins.theharbor drugboiet fifty centi and one"41 ar,.
t Hevmffisaa the Maine did so with full You may have a temple bottle and
Iud k pledge that it was d fortified harbor pamphlet both sent tree by ldmt upon
.of sandi teok l the chance of accident or rteceipt of three two-cent stamps to
te the at which might be done for whom e core, cost of poae on the bottle.
the Snain is not r em bible, Mention the Tribune and ended your
Ssr guarantee the genuineness of this
A New Aspect IaGiven to the Maine offer.
be t e, an entirely e aspect For e b dr t
a w YodK, Feb. 22.-A dispatch to sOtoE I To Health.
O. This e ort rKeya West sWys: It i Ilr yoau e inifferinp with any skin
Sard from what may be con idered a or blood disr me, Rhe lmatiom C isrrhn.
ant eany rae tsore thatdivers sent down Ulcerapp Old Sores, regral De ability,
it on h of the United States to ex- etc.. seed stamp to toe Bhoito Balm Co.,
en- adnne thewreck of the battleship Maine Atlanisi Os., for book of wonderful
w- hmapv aa preliminary report Ot the cures, free. This book will point the
ni result st t my en it wo way emd tseedy recovery.
At -t1Waftera Irtiaa eaminatiou of the Botanic Blood Balm, (B. B. B ) is
the r apwflr the Maine, the divers r'o manufactured mfter a !ong tested prese-
wrtthat te ndae in which the expoiniii e ription of an emtnvnt physician, and .
mpg Accriding to the correspondent's in-
Tar- S ranrt, the contents of this magaz t g u medicine in toe world Beware oT
as seus ynn Thefe, if the riddl so*titote. Price $1.00 for large bottle.
he be true, an entirely dul ent apec-t i- For sate by druggi vi.
-the glvb to the terrific explosion while ONE Y N P THOUSAl Co
ray lheagt. death and destruction to ti,
Sheet, w o i One summer. veral years aio, while
tou. This report reaching Key West, it is railroading in Mississippi r became bad.
t id- rialadd edthe mth f he court oif y affected wtth malaria blood poison,
tin sad begin their investigation t ,,: that impared my healh for uore than
the instead oforganizingithecourt bhert..t two yearn. Several offensive ulcers
t- any rate the lighthouse tender, M el appolred on my legs, and nothing
Le rove, with the court of inquiry a s trail memed te gaie permanent relef until
eft for Hvana yesterday evening. Itoo ofaotani Bloodl almi B.
as, arriving in Havana the cor t t Blood Balm
tro- will make a personal xminatiou of the which cured me entirplv.
wreck md-till then take testinmonty a. d, D. Dame, Denveaux, Ga,
garding the loms of the vessel. When
S theMangrovesailed it had not been ide THINK ABOUT YOUR HiELTH
lilts ided where tho board would convene,
but Admiral Sicard told your iortresspon T e re
det that it would probably meet eitrhr Thm Ia the Time to Give Attention
S a a board the Mangrove or on the F-rn. to Your Physical Condition,
The the supply ship of the North Atlantiu
b fleet, whichis now in Havana. The ad- The warmer weather which will come
wniral added that the ,fnrt would in all with the approaching spring months
a bilit hold another seion in Key should fed you troneg and in robust
t!, Wegraptch eoIt SeatAl Way (c uso are sd althl. our blood pre and your ap-
a- lltoTex. petite good. Otherwise you will be in
tie RUMOR IS NOW REFUTED. danger of seriousillness. Purtify and
a-t-h eaDietBetwee the Unted te enrich yoir blood with Hood's Sarns-
.n and Satipn Near. parjli and thus "prepare for spriia',"
ax-" W usGTuoT, Feb.-. .-- Inquiry at The medicine makes rich, red willd
Lms.adigforeiguembassiesmand legSrtions and gives vigor and vitality. [t will
'. idayfasla to onfrm rumors thfmenim. gulad vou against danger from the
at"hssM: e t]epo.-stkeorphavereached ch anges which w II soon take place.
nct ,Ieeoncl usen that a crisis in Spanish
b &- - j -h- Deatneesi Cannot Be Cured
cI thfeign r lnweeentaftlve have otio by local applications as they cannot
S, .*LteuirLuvefmsmentethat- tanes- reach the disused portion of tleear.
-i Time rumors mentioned the Frelcsnh There is only ote way to cure deafness,
n Fli k B[ embeesies as hayvig and that is say constitutional remedien.
d tstri goUse..ten a to thi Deafess l s cuI d by an Inflamed oo-
Imet cb icpatn be h tdion of the muioous lining of the
reB: !h~tqsssrtent Of theothe" Erosfailan Tube. When thls tube is
iiUpal b s i slr twe't sssidtb rei inflamed you have s rumbling sound or
bji 0 toim s~peak istltig u that imperfect bearteg and when it is en-
lm- ,' r~a r to .tim bb tltrely .cosed, Deafness is the result,
there asano kwledgo and oulese the iaflammation can be
i It7Lei being anade that wTr is is- taken out and this tube restored to its
t. n a ou "at normal condition, hearing will bh de
ten Iet gbde la theii r atIII repore in stroedl forever; mine eass out of ten
ii-_ia.klag eemsjsgwCse the hfore. rae caused by catarn, which is nothing
Sm- but am inflamed ceuition of the mu-

it,--_ M"laie to Tesas. cause by eatsr nt clanot be cured

"Will put some divers at work tomor-
row. Divers requested of Admiral
Sicard will be here Saturday morning
by the Ohvette. Recovery of Maine'8
battery impraticable, except by regular
wrecking outfit."

Horatio to Minister Hay.
LONDON. Feb. 19.-The lord mayor of-
London. Mr. Horatio David Davies, has
sent the following message to the United
States ambassador, Colonel John Hay:
"In behalf of the citizens of London and
myself personally I beg to convey to your
excellence our heartfelt sympathy in the
terrible calaiuny which has befallen the
American people by the loss of so many
of their gallant sailors.'
Weyler on Loss of Warship.
BaRCeLOaa. Spain. Feb 19.-Lieu-
tenant General Weyler. who arrived
here today, expressed the opinion in tha
bourse of an interview that the disaster
which had befallen the Uhited States
warship Maine in Havana harbor was
'"due to the indolence of her crew."
Admttted(to the Mails.
WAsmtrNToNt, Fib. 19.-The poetoffce
department has been informed that after
March 1 samples of liquids, greees,
powders and glass will be admitted to
the mails of Great Britain. Samples of
theee materials are already admitted to
the mals of a nmnber of oovntries

-w GO- hte"'iM8s e ax I for td



Explosion Victims Buried at
Havana With Impressive


Captain Sigsbee Reports on
the Funeral to Officials
at the Capital.

The Cause of the. Disaster WHll Be
Known In Shortime-Cubans Offer
to Show Gratitude by Carrying the
Dead Amerieans on Their Shoulders
to the Cemetery.
WASHINGTO-, Feb. 19 -The first no-
tice to reach the navy department this
morning from the scene of the great na-
val disaster at Havana was a belated
telegram of last night's date from Cap-
tain Sigsbee, reading as follows:
"Nineteen of the Maine's dead were
buried this afternoon with great civil,
ecclesiastical, naval and military cere-
monies and with all of the resources of
Havana brought into requisition. The
Spanish government, under express di-
rections of General Blanco, the bishop
of Havana, General Parrado and Ad-
miral Manterola and the mayor of Ha-
vana took complete charge of all ar-
"The bodies were first laid in statein
the building of the city government at
Havana, where they were covered with
floral and other emblems suitable to the
occasion which were presented by ofi-l
cials and other persons of Havana of all
shades of political opinion. They were
escorted to the cemetery by representa-
tives of all the military, naval and civil
organizations and foreign consular ofi-
cers and through a vast concourse of
people spreading over the route.
"General Lee, myself and officers and
men of the marine now here, together
with Lieutenant Commander Cowles
and members of the Fern's crew, were
given special cariages and conveniences.
round for the burial of all the Maine's
dead had been presented by General
Blanco and the bishop of Havana in the
beanrifnl cemetery of Havana.
,*The utnost sympathy and respect
has. b--n shown. I am informed by the
authorities that this is the second in-
stance only of such a deinonstration hav-
ing been shown to the foreigners in the
history of Havana. It is inconceivable
that a greater demonstration could have
been made, to me, personally. A great
number of people have expressed sym-
pathy for the Maine and for the United
States govend ment and people. The re-
mainder of the dead must, per force, be
buried with brief ceremony, which -will
be conducted by ourselves, but the care
and preparation of the remains will be
with the Spanish authorities.
"About 4i- i:a addition to those buried
have come assure to-lay. Very few are
now recognizable. Even in the case of
some of thoie who are hurt, but live,
recognition wras difficult. I have not
for a moment lost sight of the grief of
the families and friends of the members
of my crew, but I beg the department to
explain to them that it is impracticable;
in fact, impaxsible to send the bodies
home. Facilities are lacking and em-
balment is neccesaary to secure ship-
ment under the most favorable condi-
tions. Embalment is only imperfectly
done here. Will wire all cases of iden-
"I maintain organisation among my
small force here, but it can be well unn.
derstood that the execution of the work
with which we are charged is one of
much detail and difficult of execution.
It is believed that all of the depart-
ment's telegrams have reached men. I
am deeply grateful for the helpful senti-
ments and directions telegraphed by the
president and tIp department.
"I have the earnest help of all the
officers of the Maine now here, which
was to be expected under all circum-
stances. The flags of all vessels, naval
and merchant, in Havana harbor, have
been at halfmast yesterday and today.
Shall send Mangrove back to Key West
tomorrow with eight wounded. Will
wire names later.
"Dr. Clendenning of the army will
remain with the wounded. Assistant
Surgeon Speare also came with the Man-
grove, but will be detained here on board
the Fern to accompany others of the
wounded when they are ready 'to be








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Court adjourned un te sae. Disaster thisto the t

iprn WIi A edrid- Cool r Coall cll ecPall Faors uloicipl On. aNo We DeTl 0N m Coet Rnc Tcraou ther Ro C BIoNMdw
Dod One Convicted t in the ruited the jtes enrship o theCi Plantp a-n e Havana Hae b e Si Board of e

e M ror e in a dic^e rn e Returning Deib-rsTs k Fretoy IWu ,y M
$.dwi of th0 Plantthe Battle Ship laine. t
From Saturday's Daily.
erI JUIB IS USU GRD tBesides the civil case that was tbsfre INTERESTED IN IPROVEMETS bOARD OFP IQUIRY TO BEGIN: Whee, a s spo
St P IUlIcthe U nt th e d States court yesterday, cr- r m an e s ing the da i
mdinal business was transacted as fol-_ oest l'ki
'ti f sinct Were S ound.and the s le s Jons, w the iged with The Visit of the Council Committee to The First Work of the Investega- re i -wa
soPreoer Wep re Arrated eMaCivl operatnd an illicit distille ry, a d ury Jacksonville May Result In Great ltioen 'Will Commence To-day ofIn Wro& r .
was secured and the evidenceB
DBana. Were Sonded & P eele. T herd. The court instructed the Ben foud efit to The Cityome of more tan 17000 peOnr the Mavaine a tha t tbyhere Board of
cae wa liven to te bring ino a verdict of not guilty. and I Retnrning Mfemb-r Ta ks Freely Inqu r
the jury obeyed. The defendant was_
/ discharged from custody. I ING N Feb. -There are
SIa te ane cr t e district court, wthe d case rm g ns t From Saturdas tr Dail o-.o new de lth pment regarding the d s-
%U tr Of.cAf enl car ye was beuncra yingo nt .. oUe dsine of a retad wlt Hone John S. McFall, chairman a er don Pthe Battleship Maine, and
0s ef criminal el dais. rTen f a-siq on te business of al retail t he fire committee of the city council, nothing definite is expected until the
S aitedt p hall day. The first liquor dealer without having first paid and a member of the committee ap- board of inquiry meets to-merrow and 1
Rh eanad I. Mott who were the special government tax, was placedan a ndtmno the c h di mmntr b ei h oraof ai m i s rrow and
vrg aw th operating Illicit distill- on teial, and the Jury returned a ver- pointed on street paying and City Engi- the divers begin work i
a dhe dT ndants wtere arraned dict of guilty as charged. The court ee eff returned from Jacksonvlle The officers camse ing the board
wd ejred pleas of not guilty. The has not yet passed sentence. Taylor yesterday morning, where they went will reach Havana to-night and w ill
tert ae W. S. Graham, J. M. was engaged. ccordng to the evidence, with the other members of the commit- begin work to-morrow morning. Presl-
a'* yd. Jd C. White to defend them. in selling liquor on the same train thattee invsti ate th o question of mitan- dent McKinleyt as sent a message to
%e ease against Charles Whidden, Sam Lee was convicted of selling liquor cidal irtprovements. congress asking for an appropriation
at Deiote county, charged with oper-at- o. Mr. MFall speaking for himself alone to defray the expenses of the board.
t distlle take n up The case agait A. H. Rons' char- said that after thoroughly investigating Senator Al en. has produced a res-
. ts w baetsn. The poseutn s gd with se l in li quorf W char-s the matter fe was most heartily in fa- lution in the senate instructing the sen -
ffV1'tlimnnfd by LBuckmak assist- crossed, on motion of theoestrinct at- vor of the city of Tampa awning its ate committee on nar-al affairs to in-
d tSret a tto y, the u nde- w ea toareta owtn ate- orks p ant. he it vetigate the 3Mane di i ter.
a tr rilegosd he a rted Mac. lane The grand Jury came nto court ad of Jackesorville is now receiving." said The It a llepots from the officers of
SEasand Harris & Peeptis. "The
reported that true bills had been found be. "an Income of more than $17.000 per the Maine *ire that there were two
s nod a30r te ot and upon court and their names were withheld from zens a-e getting water at one-ffth the of the sur lvore Is decidedly of the .
W ad soate uiltyoe TL deifnrdeta. puDlication. The grand jury also re- cost of water in Tamv If the citr opinion that the first explosion was
S t eaty. we d stbtr ged na por led that "n true bills" had been can u water at the price charge d o edby a torpedo, and that the sec- G- n o ? i
, e 9ftw vi the I us, y he waived lan found against Fernandu Williams and In Jackrsiville and make such a hand- ond was caused by the blowing up off WILL k'Ut0 1 e
e w e i.toa he r y his repl F- FrSe isco Rodriques and an another some profit, I do not see why Tamd a the magasi nes of the vessel.
i plrt' who is under indictment on cannot gave big money to the city and The cabinet was in session nearly all
o i mi on t a e grand another charge. oee t the citizens by owning its own plant. day, but nothing has been given out
J t tnh oart, anl d reported There being no others h ess the o a ae th am In favor of reardlng any decision that warer -
t tr ills had been f d cout adjourned until 9 oclok ths nicipal ownership of water works. ched. 0
to h ar ee d with trying morning. but I am not peaking for the other The Navy Department still has no re-
itbe ooro ll and aoiru t dmadmembers tof the committee. ports from Carpt. Sign ee commander
nildftlp rt avhwi paid the special, .m ep e AID OFF "We were treated with the utmost of the Maine. except those previously e Ito
; llt s The person Indicted courtesy by the mayor. the chairman wPublished. They now expect no opin- 1,00 ln'be t
e a e sr riit, el Lee, 'h o the oarhd of Public Works, the on from him regarding the ld ar k d light ol a\
: Zt~atL i^n ad Tbmased Taylor. A Temporary Reduct on of Force in the Chairman of the Toard of Bond Tru- until after the board of Inqui ryfinie dar t lors, at 4 i
:An a e Fe hDaereed anld ther tas. the cty en eintr and the other its Investigation.
ar ds t as a t officials of the cite dttr t sur osi T-he total number-killed by the x- 5 n L es' Fast
l a. w oreltm ral Frn Thusdy Diy. only regret that I could not re- plosion, or drowned as a result of the
'. S a lweoed to a pmear hi bond was Chief Hatrrs, o f the Fire department, n longer. se e, I rst rseort. at tOh. I g
:Sd tr d and a eale e wae yesterday lald off three mntempoe "In regard to street paving, all I soay The survivors who wre not Injured,
mpio Smamed for hs Ara rarly. -He says that the men were notoe
il fr ly, ( colored) was ar- laid off because o theory for retrench- at present is that we were more than are now on hoard the atrw-and cruiser 50 do en Gents' Fast R.
ssLdyg(cltyUordw a- latid thecau xeseofterfor retnrenc-leased with the rick -.vements. and Nw YOrk, which is anchored near Keyn 9 .
a d peaked .ita 1 d. Upon ine in thde cry ent de. if the a un- the mergifient lint rock road on the West Seayles Hose. worth 15
7w^ef & it appeared that the w n h S tates Cou rt he a o ten miedrivet, but I would rather wait
.MI sid by 'Troy White ti sqa liquor pratison for the current fiscal year. The mi dv ut would ath wt ~ARITIME QUANANTINE 1 0 t tc Ti i
I Ite purchased from a rega reason given by the olef for the lay- until the full committee returns and Abo 00 yards Whi
'V66nLd saooon a sd oAd, or save away Ing off o f the men, is that the council. prepares itsrenort before saying ansy--
bi lding as the saloon. The charge of the fire department matters. In speaking of the visit of the Tamrna Than Usual.
rtemeinaed thedefendaittoalwwysa refused to properly equip fire mlatlon Councilman. the Tlmes-U'nlon and Cit-
Isrist n I 'the-future if the man he No. 6, In Tampa Heights unless the zen of yesterday- says: From Saturday's Daily.
;1 h Did the ,otenunent cost of such equlpment could be pAi4 "A corntittee nf Tamra Councilmen Dr. Joseph Y. Porter, state health
'ia bct The defendant-was then out of this year's appropriation. 'Mhis arrived In the rity ...tprday- to look officer and Secretary of the Board of Big alins in
'edv the e tvw4wn penalty of 90 days the chief objected to, as he says the over Jacksonville. with the object of Health. who arrived in the city Thurs- (
fe tetfs leborougt h county jail and appropriation as made to pay the iun vettingr_ irmr-m.tion in regard to the day, left yesterday for Punta Corda to
'k tOai so pay a fine of $1. rung expenses of the department, and having of the streets, ster, ad sewer look after business at that point. He
-J:. 0lt tt. who, with John Richards, not for purchasing ne w equipmer .. n t mre-ooments. etc The estitonr aee is expected to return to Tarmpa to-night
pl ade not guilty, in the morning, Two of the men I aid off were fs-em T"W tc-,e- '.Sc J P M...... T. H. or t.o-orrow. morning, and will leave All Dkoss Goods at actual cost untilbntire lot is e
;a p d.-ndsy counsel asked to with station No. I, and mie was from ta- Neff. H. K. Kenyon and J. H. Holmes. for Key WestLMonday night...
4g[w hlsaisa. ad to plead guilty. The tion No. 1. The new fire station on o Wile here. Dr. Porter said that at Big li eof Gents', Ladies' and Children's Shes .toe
t a~teor and to col pros the case against tainted, but only two men are stationed TIETTER FROM SPARKBrAN th in Jacksonville It was decided to ot at
T" he conrt agreed, and there, a nd the equipment is by no change the time for Instituting the
,S-attorney stated that it was a mtans wha It should be. The people V yiac' 0 -- o .... +
bu at h d techni-o Tampan Heighta believe that y Our n antlecoman aet-tito fbro hard received notice that the United
l that e had no intent are entitled to adequate fire pr htisn, t Visit of the Committe-. State authorities had decided to es-
D ll i the government. He and think the committee on fire apro- tabih urt int l
ma some wine front orange section should make provision for the From taturdcv'" Doailv. so tablnd susrantecte against A BI nfec
tep the freese of 1895, and as the wine some. ct-tpr .ei-e. br th Tsrihin -s sorn and .suected ports- on April Ist. O TwillCheviot
ion, he attempted to save It rgt-on pr N..parkman, instead of May lst. has een twi Cheviot Work Shirts o go this e a
V dlSt Tii sons." alcohol to it wc V ICT FOR G RTY ott i't "T s -lad t csom in th past Tabl Linen, Towels, Doylies, Napkins, Sheeting
heimlf. There was no attem- P that theb nt hat ito bt bThe state board. while indeie.ndent estic ds of all kinds offered during hic in
erate he still secretly as he.
oi w O Wa. tha he was doing any- He is Aaarded $21. 981.00 in the United that .woer "ork b00 navtine will ns d of thP r-egulations ofi the ngoverndenot, a
oneei5 Ohhca Tinin it a ns.tem adsitrs to co-o.rate with the nationA cost and Ias.
__ H. e'had learned that the States Court. ne o wqw .c the -ets -oastv,- tb- t-Cub authorities. and has issued orders that
)Wg sit had passed an act al- --ar cl-e. and th ha-hrb -1epesedall quarantine stations ll be opened
fnwmer to make wine and From Saturday's Daily. 'n tn tr r wth t on'nril rt. and that all vessels enter-
en theia own farm products In the United States Court yesterd y water ams's tcil.tnotr wtvh the d-',a r"rlefrom the Droiscribed territory after
having to pay a license, and the case of avid A. Cparty, VS. ne that date willt e subject to the state
-DUsot ow that he was violating Tampa' Suburban Railroad Companty, v- one of the finest places in, the tqilrantie re rulntions.
revene laws. occupied the greater portion of the soth. hThis decision does not in ny way
Save due consideration to dayThe Tor ttr] Tnrh ir-omittee h
1-tsi, xand leq~t ~th lnde_ ,a*__ eluded )Just after the noon recess and *'' T ....... :th .... t ..... d, et .d o r-an
wit Iest posi l inTitiabout 4 o'clock the jury returned a ver- 'd ovPornig excavations in cities and
ene to pay a fe of $100, ;-hm atbor. o' hop- uch good will town estate The rgltions
.tO o d in the ~eSoto county diet as -foows: n'n or f tin Rivmr ot oor p nth e state. The reg atons after M 1
:,f a e l od o thirtyl ays. If he "We the Jury, fns for the plaintiff ftlaV f-ron ttei' viit.
fine, he can sere sd s the damages at dnmm21 tt tp 1-br ,aet s-ns ons, et de't mee without special n ecsnison of the State
a -ey r and then be re- So say we all. T. J. H- wardforema. Board. This will allow considerable
t askngan a vit of I- This was a suit on a note In whish otr metime thon . it...ire. of mon- work to be done in this city in the way
Sag aist Richards damage were claimed In the sum of t. weneare on et boenmitt o of nuttingir tnse e~sers etc.
)pI dIt ilSlg the of the stei It is not likely that the trhcnt. losvine' hrs en Sot,,nit te pti Board of He- galth. uPon hIs re- P a e n Wcured[bIy gr -TR.
we ralg dtheverdict cofthjuy as thea conrs- wtoos'. Oirtdav. which hes a hoti. tstrn from Jacksotnville. gave the same surst and edbest. old druggissoaa~osinve
I: ( ~~d ) ws a ned the verdict opfnury as the coin- w ay h mn, information a, the secretary of the per box. sent free on mention of
Mb lca.se ssas pany is included usierothe recekvershitp day, Wi onlv tes .s s wat t State Board of Health DR. wHr"rr H4A I. MWIMINErM Sei 34
a smhidect la the gtat suit was virtual y Strought by the latter hack Thursday morning. COLORED WOMAN SHOT.
C O90K T) LFTURED The UnIted States Creult of ape A Young White OMan Gets In TroubleHT.
dl te vl at New Orleans has followed the pre-
ih-e l passel with, and Edwaee Bok. the famous young edi- cedent set by the United State s u- In Cort srooi U
asfolow5: K. 3. DuW- tot of The Iadies-some Journal, has twese court, and has reversed the de- From Saturday's Daily.
s O Oide, S he5 lecture platform, and he will make Mis ct the steam-tle Three Frtends. o Ben Ham pton a youwent gut t )j~) U"
debut as a; lecturer In the South ext Jacksoanvlle. which was libeled for for- me n f- Ae II ilda
became Involved in a row with Texan-
lne f or.We nelghhbrlag Western state. The tuse ditlnn to hua In May 100. Judge ta dr d"a/oa
4k ait.lmdt' of ha lecture will be '7he Keya to Locke hela that the govrmeort had house of ill rdpute, and dsetn the i ,N w -hnm=t L~o .I
SB --th- mast tptirati n subjct failed to prove that theru had been anav mhe puled his taltol aa bohtt the violat~on of taeneutrlity lws, ad I

he t have chosen to tal abou Mr violation of the neutralit laws. an Afte ring the shot Hampton jumped tt ng Holly Spri ep, Maph att
1 -Taeest ye.lL A. 'W Purees. C o 'k a Is; 0ie. the most succeeoful dismissed the lIbel. The court of api -roe,0 SLoxOi ty.
*6, A. ?Aout of the window and started t ran

B^ M* young man in A m rimoo After years of untold anICeringi trm m p o o on .
SaM Car ar pU pm oun mant in menra P.. wals to which the bevern met a s off, bdt ty sheriff J. J. Stephens RiverJu on, Pen ol obile, ew Ousam. Tse R~i
Wo hi a the do other pealed the ca. rersed hs decision had heard the shot and was soon nd C ti J
iwrit it mayt e bconfdeatky said and remands the case to the lower the sc ha n h not un f o I i O c J 171
,v T p tt the personal o no other court. The owners of the ve sel dily the scene. Hampton ha no t r ar
s rs the F. ma In A lca is theme oa reter Ins no doubt fight the aes until they are before he was captured byurnin the Ir L CI S5 e S
to.contuee, tain teresa and curiosity onth the part of finally disposed of by the supremeeeoi t he. B os an fa r locives at An th Ir.1 a e 1T ti2
thousands of w omen, than wees s on court. i arkaday morning d o s ston w a
e al, v sse u e oth edtor y The w of one urr e taken r before the mayor's court In the wl be
ditld ritho pe not be disappointed in him, as In looks After years of untold retention of r municipality of Fort Brooks and MayorA"
and makers, Mr. Doc* possessesa P all i i e, ied hi for being drunk
a o A. Grlier the queltets which tr" they lkte. Hea I pils B. W. PeIrel of Knitner villeLesle yined him $20 for bing ruk
-H a bSond. atid a popuar pelrsaliy with on A thrill o terror wa cured by uringda single box a nd disturbing the public peace. He N6l
Spay required. It guaranteed to ve a brassy couh of croup oud w then turned over to the coby nty au-
J, Ti*nS oaSt au, arcla his writing or UP to this tfme he of feWitt's Witch Hale Salve. Skin thorities and wli have a preliminar- a

Priban dB ecn r ob. ed enCou~b Cure h been a ster ed. 1 tl pills* .B Leonardi & Co. tf JiaCEKnig sere aa preliminary
hee gted h. n' lenoy thers mot fitter g tet- n diseases sucb as eczema, rasho pim- hearing bheore Justice Torres this morn- 5ais
to lectures, b a ut last week theoSouthern a ing. He will be trget with car y
b ai 0u -Lyceum H Breo oa LouiRvlle, ucceed- ea sand obstinate a combine wthIarroneg el e aoha a wi lh
gou td T Cod L sO o s Maximow beer- ing Poncealed wea4Toni and also within eA g a 3g
t ed in closing a contract with the Phila- cured by the famous remedy' S. B. assault with intent to kill. va
S on & deihlt edtor. Mr. ok as chosen the Lnadi & C. tf The young man was thoroughly penf-
.Southme.eld enttreiy beca me he tent yesterday, and said that the whole ,
-OW r wishes to scotIMIt hnl5elf with the Reiebf In Six lHour trouble waes cased through his getting
w. the 1im:r ci' Phr M south and 115 people, and has stipulated drunk and going to the woman's house.
Pai t Ulthe "qtmast that hs lecaurf-ng tour shall be so a- Di'""I Kldrss 5 ed st % -- 'He said that the woman trIed 8to rob
Ir, L srr.rar ed as to allow him tIme for socIal loved is six heuri by s-be 'Newr Oeathook him, or had robbed him during the row
e gens-ents and observation. He will America Kidne tre. "- Thisnew remedyi na over the money. He accidentally shot a y soii l
we C. I W,.rlch. not speak more than three times each great rise on i acsount of its eceecing her. iHampton's father lives at Avon nl-
week. and will spend seven weeks in prampties. in relieving pain in bl addF r, kidney Park, and has been notified of his SOow
st al. vs. LAssie. W. the South. bask andenery pant of the urinary psesage Is trouble. ItIs expected that he will hee
Without pre-NICA SALVE. male or female. It relies retention of water here this morning. GOWA .@
o New Yor and paln in pawlng It all mn e m tlmedy, 1 31 |.. Ial
e York. d The bet salve In the world for cuts, ya wast qckirelief snd .re. hisisays...emtOhat pl i th lifewitha a
unti a Bruises, Bores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, edy. Sold by 8. B. Leosardl it C., drug, Tam- -2 -
S until Fever Ses. Tettar, L alpped Hands, pa, la. headache,constipation and billiousneso? V OW11411
:a Ilad ionsandpsit y cu Pes, orm A thrill of terror is experienced when Thousands experience them who could04 v
ea -OtS ea db rUa pay required. ItIs guRajanteed to give a brassy cough of croup sounds through become perfectly healthy by using De-
perfectsatsfaction ornmxey refunded, the house at night. BuIt the terror Wit's I3ttle Early Risers, the famous %sp doe
36113+Miai to re,- Prioe 25 t per box- Vor Sale bo S. soon changes to relief after O ie Mia- I title pfils. S.B. Leonardi & Co. tf mOII ff
til mI et eonardl C ute Cough Cure has been administered. "
ro 't annoy others o cogh Safe and harmless for children. S. B. Wby allow yourselir to be slowly to pE11U13I 5\iR
Don-'tsonny others+yyocouh-Leonardi & Co. tr tred at the stake of disease? Chills
MhN lWlbe in lg, an .sl your life .y neglecting a Harts Emulsion of Cod Llver Oil and Fever will undermine, and evento- ."
M- S for cold, t.Mnute- Co0gh C urecores with Creasote and the Hypophoaphites, ally break down, the strongest cooeti- aiI ms
a 'heLs smolds e oroup, 1gripps nod all if faithfully used, isa specific in the tuion "Febrl-Cura"(Sseet Chill "Te ic","
otit&" a5 le o .Pt rob. S. B. Leon- treatment of Weak Luogs, Consump- withIro) is mo, effective tiha u- u : .
situ. &a t. t ion, Bronchitis, etc., Leading Physi- withM Irn)ismoe-ectvethn
rs C" aian recommend it, For sale by' mn, and being combined with Iron is
.' Too .used Co d.you aDi "Cn an ex lt Tonic and Nerve Medicine
you esm t&4 la ilt PT Sar phaudiy, BV Pbasry and TAmPa &Iit ieplkesetto take, and is sbld e oldudr ll s.e M
Childrena&Wl. adults tortured hi' fended. Aapk$ no eabsltstes. bs Nor

I'D* at MA
Me edlta

Iw from I
i hb..1t-


-Vltbbt- t
Innsi hay
r cunatc
dsp nul
I *Mb 6"

r Walks of.i Sundagslt. BEEim KivmiM U tb lEiotti,
s t eurt erdy, a Dlr ly Prutt Ltlr.
,I... t .. vo cm Aw o M.. sie ,-.
Ca Tsi vs. OeGOOm Smith et l, and the
As A. w.rn.m et a.u, TOURISTS etI E8ETYUEJD TO TAIPA

fc Slqa he motioa for achFane of venue which was
im-l o dUnied om a motion of the defend- A Were D-ighted With the Trip
e Va ae to aids for a nattl-"uce and it was also t, Spanh Honduras-Steaser
StgIerCse, denied A motion to strike pleas was Brought Back a Caro of Mnna-
-"Omther I r'ps Kay Be Arranged.
-- r aintedr The defendants flhed excee P
S oand to an of tee eorde r The court a, the Ir ever made to tha
horl a W1 then made an orer i ov the defend-
Ste T nt Fbray 1 to ea new. From Sunday's Daily. haly be the
e last few a pension checa a o ead a The P'eeanship Mascotte. of the Plant

cmte ene portion of the money received for her in cy boxed nailh. e ouPar td amter

d thero- an hee was taken op te de- Puerto Cortes, at 3 p.m. from onday

Sfendanta attorney moved the court to February 14, St Valentine s Day
S compel the gverent to elect on ram the onrst tr ever made to that
a resulted i a verdict o not guilty ot a y f

SdSns which count of the indictment It would Mr H B PlatClA A Wle of
t try the aced. The court held thasouthern port, but Fit will hardly be the
i found la w CarletonInditend for forging last, according to the reports of the

'^=-^- iB ,f^^^ ^^c g.-. "'- future trips to d Honduras durin the
h Of th to- the naee of Mrs Sarah A. Mercer to party who made the voyage on the
is who fe Matcotte.

soe ~ a^ A ~Present season would miss a rich treat.
ast few a pensn ck and for ret The Mparty reached om Puerto Cortes
ome over portion of the money received for her in oday ad the even

a stoer Johnsiofc ewa on Friday anight.n February 11t and after
ro ca pata of her i claim was a delightful sail actros the Gulf reached

W b --y When th ce at the po p the de- Puerto Corte, a t 3 p.m. on Mondato
showed a letter fromov the depacourt to February 1 St. Vale party wae's well reDay.

, fLo.mttsrin and that a check for her would come every courtesy. They remained until
mt he A1ri- soon. Carleton infosfed the witness atiouc t 1oclck the next morning and
S tthat he twas Mh Mvernmens attorney, and Atong t l e on r lba where they arrived
0 Vauw-w-r which count of the indictment It would Mrs. H. B. Plant, Col.A A. Wiey, of

aitd that he noted the letter delivered tha e sae afternoon.
to m ubequently Carleton did re- t Celbant of the Plant Stear s loaded
to p e t c-nt e the letter for Mrs erly be pay. Dr. tree and ananamber ofwhich
~CIP~lml~n~. j~lo~ -lcLtme t. The motor hers.

S n d: opened t he letter contained a werPlant said yesterday, on their re-
S hek for Mrs. Mercer. Carton left were skipped last andht to the or-
s to a=an envelope wnsith on he witness. dirte the markets.
bo hmel, and requested that if a let Th e only objection that a any of the

ter caine for Mrs Mercer it be placed party had to the towns visited, was
d he C rlesMercer, a son of (Mrs. Sa ut appear to mio Hondura e during the

htwc3k din A. Mercer, testified that he frst saw the least, but the Americans used palm leaf
i chck for hts mothr in possession anse vgorn wouly ad matronied rich treat.

eia astfer.lo Mr. Smith. the agent at Wachula. The 'cool drink" establishments.
MAenig A check was for 31.-1. eCarl eeto party reached Puerto ortes
-o- a rolen l of the him the entire amount, over but quite a collection of curios ill
movlte e PCo wt Monday ahit-pent--he evening and
vus`M* awe next morning In visiting-the variod

ood that and onlyave him 245, which amount e added to the exhibits on the Plant
w l he tool home and e otome for e xcellen t io, and h u eight fathoms
odit Ada erer, and a mber of d of water. The city has a popt ye nation
showed a letter from the department-che

thraugu r- witnesea t theed in rward to the efded upon, hut If the relationy was well re-
.- ( that her ps was allowed, crved tV the city officials and shown

a c th a check for her would come every country and Spainremain peaceful
*0 n2Wl'- somo Carleton 'Ufor e d the witness about 10 o'clock the next morning and

in ferent thDuring the a Mrsernoon ses atton of the left for Ceba matter they ak orived
flaTo d c trat the wanted the letter ever o befe the Mascotte ill again start
BA dant was ubsequentlCae Irleton did re- At Cenba, the steamer was load byd

SMa either that the deter fat had a contract with th 4.000 bunches of bananas, which p
---, ,4vaod 'opened It.- The letter contained a were brought to Port Tampa, and

ts ehFr bda Mrc Merer w Mercery e was ton le paid e car last night night to the nor-
"tto bIs s an envelope with Vhe witness, directed them markets.

S to hmsec, and for acted tht i a let attend the onlyMardi Gras celebrn station which f the
Lbt eMaly in
D _p ter f for Mma :Mercer it be played party had to the towns visited, was

oaWO indng in this en e. the extreme b egins Monday morning ves did not
iDOM tin atie rha wles itaererd, a son of (Mrs. Sara appearhe waseather in the
b ter de A. Mercer, testifithed hat he first saw the least- but the Americans used palm leaf

ucSs a istat unieds tates THE WONDERS OF SCIENCE.
I the Ai- hetoey, for e rosecu in poss on oHarri gorously ad patronid the
St emr t forle aent chua. The cool drlnk" establishments
g n fused to give him the entire amount, over but quite a collection of curios will

tt and nly vehm 20 wh mount nebe added to the exhibits in the Plant
t1s Fu when took home and gave to his mother System exposition building. The date
PM@ A Arf Mert erer, and a number of other for the next trip has not het been de-

*Sri As the court had ints charge, In- scientit Makes a Free Ofer to
S wi ses tetfid n ard to the cided upon, but a thelations between

S ce this country and Saine remaonn idered theeaceful
dia ant igrvey a thle a ternoon s session thf e t will only be a matter of a wek mist
De NA-O by court the defense wade out rtS case. so before the Mascotte will again start

Sline of dfent e w as that the defen- on a voyage to onduratin h di
OBACC OS. dant -was justifiable. It was shown Mr. and aMrs. Plant, accompanied by

tb l neither that the de at hadt aeontrates again tovery of a reliable and a iluhe cure
SrM. Mercet eporred that there pa ate car lasumption (Pulmo nar y Oubereas to
i k'"' $-W00 for erion e for conducting a t sut attend the Matrd Gras celebtbborn which
% mdcSge, in for' to in which n certain Missouri prop- begins Monday morning
hI tti e "a wt e ar n was knv ved, and he twas also to
Stbe ire- ve htaf e am ount of her peis oin g i'tlo .of ws. aw.ea.,.wil. aend

Hea H d three free olies (a decent) of
S tnhan. a ss no t wanted etas Nt- THE w oEKSto ay F S ted reader.
WiStbew,- tornow lor tMe pro u. writing Hor tarhem

& Pe, hs dor the defk Ino dftarens His "New Scientific Treatment' bas
. a wli o e" aV d oot e the juy bo urt e o'lc r t andd peranresy b i

Sbill in 4011d e11ht to fou-" timely use, and be considers it a simply
y es, tht is how we stand, Judge," profeional duty tosuffering humanity
eashted another jurr. t- donate a trial of his infalliblecure.
is- again questidnin the jurSy. in Science daily develops new wonders,
Vi^ "-pIIh n of anle and this great chemMt, patiently ex-
Is, swnz the j6fi th to
NW, uor a w 0l6t of diL-reement. and the-lu- perLsieoting for )ears, has produced re-
ro s Were dach ed. suite as beoeficial to' humanity as can
T eas wlle s p baby come u or he ciimed any modern genius. His
N -tUi l at thl term of court assertion that lung troubles ana con-
Me asea Ter r M.. Wiih cra sueamption are curable in any climate is
af- tu taste. a e c ouipaltonforever. ptovnBby "heartfelt letters of drati-
ngU n&CO.OL.tBar-xtnr --inmsevnse. rude," filed in his Aserican and Euro-
SO0 L Oe Wa. peso laboratories in thousands from
wa' T OOMIG WOMAN. those cured in all parts of the world.
Whoeg so to the club whie her htsblnd Medical Pxperts concede that broo-
t tbe b mhsy. we l as the good pid- cbal, chest and lung troubles lead to
h eurrula

p o,-- -m uu. w,.cu, uniuterrupted
means speedy and certain oeath.
Simply wrte to T A. Slocum, M. C.,
o8 Line street. New York, giving post-
office and exprem address, and the ree
medi loe will be promptly aut. Suf-
fere should take instant advantage of
bia enerous propositlou. -
Prlease tll the doctor that you saw
thsioitffer i the TAI A TsTtmure.


One mall bottle of Bals w et Dis-
covery cures al Kildney and Bladder
troubles. removes gravel, cures Dia-
betis. semtnal en tsion. weak and lame
backs, rheumatism and all Irreular-
ties of the Kidneys and Bladder in both
men and women. Regloates bladder
"troubles in children. If not sold by
your druo ist will be sent by mall on
receipt of Si. One small bottle is two.
month's treatment and will cure any
case above mentioned. E.W.rall.
Sole Manufacturer.
P. 0. Box 218 Waco, Texas.
Sold by S. B. Leonardi & Co., Tampa,
Clanton. Ala., March 4. 1897.-I cer-
tify that I have been cured of Kidney
and bladder troubles by Hall's Great
Discovery (Waco. Texas). and I can
fully recommend it.
Rev. L. B. Pounds tf
To Crter C onstrtton FsorevP.
Take Cascarets Candy Cathartlc. ec or tr.
It C. C. C- ftil to enre. drtuiL-," r. i.i. money y.

Pithy Paragraphs From A. Progressive
and Prosperous Place.
PLANT CITY, Fla.. Feb. 16 -Straw-
berries are coming to the poitt, and
many of the growers are beginning to
make regular shipments. The fruit is
firm and of fine flavor. The new trans-
portation rate on berries is a step In the
right direction, and the growers appre-
ciate it fully.
Prof. S. 6. Wadtins closed his school
in the Collins settlement. Friday With
an enjoyable outing.
On Saturday night the young folks (o
the Mount Evon settlement enjoyed a
valentine party at the home of Mr.
Bruce Robertson and sisters.
Prof. Guy Buell spent Sunday at home
bringing with him his young friends.
the IMessrs. Rawls, who arrived in
tme to attend the valentine party.
SThe young people are looking with a
good deal of pleasure to the 2lud to
hear Prof. Gaaton on "Cuba."
W. James A Burney is now assisting
the Agent W. Burroughs n theh Flori-
da Central & Peninsular R.R. depot.
We enjoyed the fine rain Tuesday
very much. All vegetation needed
Miss Ida Branch left Tuesday eve for
Clearwater, where she will spend
several days with her sister. Mrs.
Plant City has her share of strangers
these days.
Nobody is complamnng -n' hard times
There will be work enough foer all to
do this season.
Our school teachers and children
visited Oaklawn acmetary. Arbor day,
putting out arees on the avenues etc,
to improve the grounds rr.re fully. tht
city council has mos: kin.fly appropri-
ated $50.
Mrs. J. T. Strickland is spending some
days in town.
Mr. TVee Green, a former resident
here, is in town for a short visit to his
father, brother and uncles.
Mr. Henry Blocker and family are
again residents of Plant City.
Prof. J. tI. Casey left Sunday morn-
ing for Tampa where he has accepted
a position in school \ ork.
FOR SALE CHEAP--One team of mu-
les, harness and wagon. and a small
Boss peanut roaster. Enquire at 1010
Franklin street. 1 wk-D-W.
Dot: '-. : c ...... ,.... irar Ile Aws ,.
T_ ot,;,, bos)aco ecsto l- :.ii-' forever. be mag
0etlc. full of life. t-, /e a0 .1 \ligor, take No-To'
ItS. the wonder-wo t- er. that makes weak men
strong All drussts,5i0cortl. Cureguaran-
teed Looklet lnd sample free. Aldress
It-."r., himnedy Ca. Clcago or INew Yortk
To Oure a 0old In One Day.
l'Take LsaUTl Bromo Qrlii Taiesi. All
raggius rafuad the moner ift t rails to eared 5i
Eerrbody sys so. I
Casearets Cande Cathartic, the mount won-
dearul medical dacorers of the ag, piea-
ant and refreshing to the taste, act geaslUy
and positively on kidneys, liver and bowels,
caning tbe satire sys_. __m, dispel colds,_

aned biloos;uss Pies buyiy at-d %r&a box
of C. C. to-day; 10, 25, Ocenmta ldmod
guaranteed to care by al druggisti.

Baby Mine!
Every mother
Feels an inde-
S scribable dread
of the pain and
danger attend-
ant upon the
most critical pe-
nrd of her life.
ti Becoming a
mother should be
a source of joy
to all, but the
suffering and
danger of the ordeal make
its anticipation one of misery.

is the remedy which relieves
women ofhe great pain and suf-
fering inc 'ent to maternity; this
hour which is dreaded as woman's
severest trial is not only made
painless, but all the danger is re-
moved by its us. Those who use
$his remedy are no longer de-
spondent or gloomy; nervousness
nausea and other distressing con-
ditions are avoided, the "system is
Made ready for the coming event,
and the serious accidents so com-
mon to the critical hour are
obviated by the use of Mothr's
Pridm It is AM essiB aA WO .

93 PMe hr T asmnw

-i -
es4"CeAW MAM ~

Is the most important item
Should be

IReliable, -lhkk-idtilg ad

The Season's Result Depends on fOR

SOur IDEL br i L will suit you: The price i L
and so are the goods. A full stock ofPopsah, ]i o
Bone, Acid Phosphate, Nitrate of Soda, C. $ MealW a
all agricultural chemicals and materials at lowest pdO
Write for prices and ask for our book, "Why We Ms
the Ideal Fertilizers."


-^':Pig's Foot" brand Blood and Bone $17per son.

Saety! Comfort! Qukk Timne Low kA It
Fioet Ctisiane and Service. No trnsfer betwrteea Jaeksenlead ew Yoete .
The Fleet is compsemd uf the fotloing Handaome New Steel5tsmm"
"C.Iuice,." (NeW), "Lgwi,," "IrMqu C',-. M0e i" t.h
tearr are appointed to slaccsrlin tothetM. _
nrom JJaectsvllle. Ia:.i lWo s Charleatos ..........i...Ssmdy sTsday snad
From Cnharset S C .. ................adaMod, Wedamd tl
For hoer of aihng see 'lyde jCi" cheddule, r ftb ille and Charlestb dalyda .-
8toamerR are aDpointed t i ail from Pier 29. East lver, aew York t 8 p. a .ae -
PorCharleston. C......... L.... .... .................. .Iominy, Wm adeay
For Jackonvils ea, lcatiargt Chartet ........... ...sdaKo ndsda Wesad

Clyde New Enlad and Southern ine. Fre
(t iing at Charleston., C.. both way.)
Stesma rx ,,Delaware" and 'OneIda." -
A e appointed to itall a foloam. --
From Foot of Han Street JafototlUe, 'rom "Lewt' ""
FRiiDAY afks' Ocu rie
Jacksonville, Palata, Sanford, Enterprise, Fla.,' 1 and
mediate landings on the St. Johns River. o1s,
te Ja I ....... .............................. en.e. ,---mp
ases Sasord ................................................ Smla.I
General Passengr a4dTIr.ckt Otffoe. 204 West Bay St
W.HEwarhertss P A ..K.I lr,=AM MSWJr M
N oling; sles New Yot. I2KW"UPbdi,
IL H. Clydrbe, T. ., J. EL. w
. I se.a. g,- s,.a ,r-. SaS f6 r b -
w ae. 5der,, f. ., a Bowagt Ges. N w sas k.
Boiag Yss, W,. Y- P. cL YD- oAJ..o stral Age n. Is..
Bow.in, res:.K78%+

8EOPING BY MAIL.. Established PrseatLoeatlba Ot& O 1


a importers and Retailers of


M1ail Order- Dpa.tm

We have a re alar organized department under, tbh
vision of one of th4 firm for this branch of our bueewaae
at a distance can sand for samples and may' depea t
any order entrust, to us filled with the same
care, and at the sime prices as if personally,
us for samples and prices on anythingin the Feacy dry
Line. Our *tore Las been specially constructed for the
of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best tited
best constructed, and contAins all that experience eftLc
to render it ihe most useful, comfortable and a
kind. It is accordingly one of the sights of Louisvi
"Bacon's Advet"er" contains price list of F
Goods mailed free on application.


425, 425, 429 El Market bt., above Prest ,Lon
.., ..;-

Kra se W

Iron and
'" 'n '. w^

-. --- :

'~i :- -

care be& acha, fever, babitual consuslaUn





OsIw. lhl

a*bWb M Ajm"ept H

feiraOay's Duily
*Wa a eireas coumr dra
eeian Tapap on as cold
l mrt sasU> La Moody -w
at the tabernacsle. 0
ddiplwere mpiL t
m -mt. m- -been stretch
)M-lrmeal aulone

aof Mae is come to
rtrhflea w as lost,"

UtoCi do't m rseruo
~~Ui~*fi-L'- a i L- l

o epasb
m nsiae m a

wal ht- tthe w
hMa1ste they
kwA w, te Doom
-id AIsem Lss

us pwirld mafh
P94 eeasr the 9 do
Oc wth this p
Lb ws poor bab
l tae have a

Obea -at d
-toaic to srwt

..- Peenaw
5cJ Bwesr a w

p*w them thnet I

-ia< win
et3S tl

S~- -IU I U I I IfL I U AI 1V IUU. i-""..-.. "es C ty-
T-7 1 blftin Sisch o am WOas poorw bet-7t
tw teI r other rt r I i sU CU Cint Cl CCI &tV t U Dl spectia to the Iribuna
S 'Men say they don't bele in There Ars few states In the sabJt
"t. D I 3 l IIOki It S W v hlch bave given to the world mo In-
ventio s hih a Phave eea gravtl
* Ibut Zaccheaes was converted some- patents, conadreing her population, then
ShKD where between that sycamore limb and IM 1OR1 HUIICIPL TERS. Florida. HiibabroWh county rcnki
the ground among the foremost wherein inventive
R m- b a ay mceh covers s won't hold What People Are Thinking About ge:.v s has from time to time found fui
out. but Zacchesus held out until he play.
'lI ," gave half of his goods to feed the poor In Tampa-TonTa TaTaken From An oni the new kinds of labor-savin
hkL aes and made retitution to all he had Sundry Sources-Personal Point- machli.l y invented by Jeeph Morris
. wronged, er And Interes ng Items. one of2 o-r citizens is an agrioul.ura
Then the Pharisees sneered and said, I_____., .e. r. fNr irrigation li conaectmol
as they saw Jesus at meat In Zac- iw lth truaipianting plantSLa ei y iM n
cheaus' house: This man is not the. From Wednesday's Daily. tl c. Lt. seed bed to tie garden am
w a lar Messiah. for he eats with publican and For first-cla printing of all de- M s not only prac
a night singers Thank God for the sneers, scriptions, see the Tribune. ca engineer, and architect, but a horti
fr ot mh de Jesus mty: "u came down
Sg -for it tmade Jesus say: "I m down Mr. W. H. Hendrick has gone to Cu- 9%lvrfrst, truck farmer and fruit growes
e twofrom heaven not to put Zccbe down ba on Important business. of acknooledgtd ability.
ver two but to lift him up. The Son of Man In setting out tobacco plants, straw.
and now I come to seek and save that which If you want the news. .bhile I is berries cabbage, tomatoes and manj
hed and was lost." fresh, you must take Tribune. kinds of plants requiring, for parfec
ence Do you know why so fewmen You get vte. s in the Tribune ser- success, an application of watel, he
saved? Its ase they don't bel ve bre at table every morn- found that It took not only time v
they are lost. A man is lost when he e'frtba t aleensr make the holes for each plam bu
seh and Is ct of God's way. L, for t paltry um of 15 ts e make the hoe for each p
ee ante Mr. out od c way for t atry s o ts eeker water to Irrigate the same before o0
was the Mr. Moody closed with a story after planting. He put his wits to
n Luke islt-e ma de to the 4ombe ongm New No cal ha t ben issued for a work and has perfected a portable Irrl
tize. but York. Afterreach foundthae d special meeting &f the city council, and gating planter that dril the hole It
Sta me the most Innoenti he e ert met, It is not probable that a meeting will the earth. and at the same tUmo eup-
be lan- they were all il the-becase someone be held before Eriday night. when the plies water, thoroughly mixing it with
raphe el ws to ibgp ly a met one regular season will convene the so n such manner as to retail
pro poo yo man, who, with team cried moisture for several days thms inuriCn
and God out were more than O could -Mr. M. W. D. Chapman, one of Pal- the perfect ltfe of the plant at a time
to o, t oft him the story of Jeaus was ietto's substantial citizens and a read- when It needs It most.
like a mp of cold water, and he cried er of the Tribune was in the city yester. With this ingenious contrivance one
South in agony: "God be ierds l to me, day, and made this office a pleasant boy or man can make holes and supply
a vile wretch." O' d wt him in par- oU. He was charmed with the oper- water, which becomes thoroughly In
re beau- don that night, and net 4mording he tons of our linotype machine, oorporated with the prepared sol, a
S r.said he was tOe happit man in New fast as several men can oet out thu
S York. Now, why did Goffs f pass Washiton's birthday was observed plants. A person only ha sto eritnes
all the other cells and break that poor by the United States and state officials ts simple but perfect operations to bi
yalde In mns's fettem, and set hm free? Be- yesterday. Al of the e blic0 oices thoroughly convinced of its great utl
for bak- cause be knew he was lost. e the photo bee ty. For ttobacon growing or trucD
olB th The service this morning at 10:0 will the uual hbolday hour. The banks farming on a large scale, such an toen
ud him-e specially interesting to Christians, as the cty ton becomes aknost indispensable.
SJerus- was that of yesterday. Mr. R. K. Blackehb r a newspaper Mr. Morris expects to establish i
taLs the a orrespondest of Palestine, e.s, is Tampa shortly, a plant for the macn
se and DAA MATTEIRB. i the guest of Mr. Virgle Bdwards, of facture of his lrrig islng planter. Ni
Jcho n oanne t West Tampa and wil rein here for doubt the inventor wIll meet with suc,
esTmcdWlNewn eiters pe ansInteresting Natuto
an ld o a ntertin m me. He is charmed ith the CeO hd ample crlital to assist in
Shnd to ...r ily Note wet- d- t-there ualitie of thisdevel his enterprise which w
r had an 8pecia to Tribune. I oily. give larnmers and planters the benefl
-rof a great labor saving invention.
phet as Trees and shrubbery have taken on| There will be no jury trials In the
o"r their spnzg-time foliage, and present United States court this term. after this COUNTY CRIMLNAL COURT.
S such a ne qpperane that we have as there is no more money n Seven Ofender Pleaded Gulty an
Ily his almost forgotten the late freeze. The hand payurors Thearoriat Were Sentenced
45s exhausted, and no more jury trials .Wre Gentmcod.
is mira- rain on the 18 inst. was gladly wel- can be held until another appropriation From Wednesday's Daily.
Sto ask coined, and all are now busily engaged is made, A plea term of tip criminal court wa.
atts for plantir the varies spring crops Mr. T. N. Henderson has just return- held yesterday for the purpose of re-
titude strawberries are plentiful and are be- ed from a buslneas visit to the towns of cekving pleas of prisoners who desired
hUm the Ing shipped to various markets. We Polk county, and reports a most suc- to plead guilty, and at once began serve.
lli byb. have now Iro saw mills working ligp cessful trip. He was in the interest ing out their sentences. The case
"Jtffus, into lumber. One is owned, and oper- of his gigantic Tampa Wagon and Har-
on me." ated by Mr. C. Crenshay, the other is ness Co., and reports havinr booked a disposed of were as follows:
m, but run by Messrs. Chapan & Brown. large number of substantial orders. Besie Baldwin, petty larceny, $25 flrO
"Abro- On the 3Mh day of this month a new or sixty days in jail.
et Jesan church st antvlle, built by the con- There spears to be no abatement in Frank Lee, gambling, 10 fine or 5
harp in g ttton of United Brethern will be the desire for news concerning the dis- days in jalL
dedicated in greg n o Unted Brether will be aster to the Battleship Maine. AU Benjamin Hampton, a grevated as-
r ays to ot" i by B. Rev pWesyare will be kind of false rumors can be heard, and ault, $25 or 90 days in Jail and on a
I should ptoading elder o the ca rcb Rw be it is queer how some people appear to charge of caryin concealed weapon
I r 8i dealer od th earnest seron believe them. The rumor concerning He was given a fne of $8 or 30 days In
a re- o mith deleredn earnest c erchon the arrival of Gen Lee from Havana, e was given a
is it, at tth New Mt Zion Baptist church on Is ample. an
SJoy as nnday lat Ida Hardy, petty larceny three mon-
On Friday. 11th, death claimed one of ;fessor EL L Whitney, collector of th in ail.
our nmst respected citizens, Zeplma customs at St. Petersbug, is the proud Henry Baker, assault and battery, $5
Vair aty-nine years of age, a na-, father of a son, who arrived at 10:0 fine or 60 days in Jail
tive of Ce ada. He was token to Tam- yesterday morning and who hs already William Moses. assault and ba tery,
s det to papdburbed in theOa Lawn.S ne- been named H. L Whitney, Jr. He 126 fine or 60 days In jaiL
wd terl of that city on Satrday theit pped the beam at eight poumd and Mack Malona assault and battey,
l i. Lt. WUl bids fair to out weigh his father before fine or 60 days In JaiL
ier The opening of bids for furnishing the he casts his frst vote. A special from In each of the cases where a fn was
ShM mas rial and putting ik the sewers of 8t. Petersburw says that he is as fine a Imposed the defendant w have to pay
t w t ity will te place newt Mondas, specimen of babyhood as ever graced the costs.
m inot 2Lrbruatry it A lsave n nber of on-: Fair Florida.
tactoL whl be hnersea andtfr f om D t o rr ONLY ONE CaB."
he tractB s ihea br he e r~aom tm The -itbune has been requested by an Yesterday being a legal holiday onl
Ssea- ebm- of letters tha b exo authorative source to state that it is one case was disposed of In the Unied
vr byi the Bod of Public Wees.
o s esral well-ntown waterworh and not yet Tknrn when the big Ybor states court. It was the case relnst
abt actor. am nw nti tato w ll resmns opqrtione, or when Isaac Browm of Polk county charged
I. tte loowaSt over tih oudd to ee rwat MMr. ar wUl return to Tampa In with carrying on the oossnm o? a re-
her r i.e-te the manet ime the dettute ha Tbor City tall qluor dealer, without ot havir
.w w W sq e that ae being td are the grateful recld- paid the special govenment tax. The
SCoL John A. Henden oam ad wife of Dpilinta of.Mr. Manirara's personal gener- case occupied all the mornfzg asd re-
do ttt talahse are guests of tb' Tampa oslty. When the big Ybor factory Ir suited toin a verdict of not guilty. The
. make BM. CL. Henderson 1o 0 oof hori- tdo5ed its e-ts are felt by every enter- defendant was represented by Col
p~erI da's most.romoint lawyers and poitU- pr in Tsmpa, and it is to be hoped Frank Harris, and M. B. Macfasrl.n
-d See ein apqd hi soat of Tlmpa fried tdt it wil rename operations as soon "When this case was ooeluded. court
" We am always delighted to -e him. as possible. adjourned until 9:90 this morning.









P AF .' !



i -

Mayor RaBadell is gailo mayor of V
Two years ao e was elected by L hn-
combaned Peoples party, Demeoratlc
and CitiUns' Reform parties. He was '-
ngain nomin!oed by aclamatuios' by; d
the Democra to saooeed himself asIto
mayor of the a by imodera city.nld i
was arain sleked by a rouemg mJajoriy
hmt month. tOh
Maydr Ramdell's present higb pos- 'an
lion is tbe Il timate reward of bis P
ability and hi fearlessness in defend- af
log hopis o e has ever best- sai
ated to d b his oomvictins Jo pub-
lic, nor has been low to espouse I
the caM of t aoemakers and ptler
wage earner. I 1894 be was a candi- be;
date of Ute P pie's paray formare6a fri
A byrd wwlM aoesmrentloataoWea am-
Mayor I has b move tre once tib
been .ttshe to the aItt of hbi bp
mganth kmg 60ikim m ftt
~ ~ r~l

rItz it
from Wsdnw
Cd. Josh F.
newly a*lPOish
for tbheot
osctd to
to-morrow. B
office mi TI
the prenat mr
that city ty
tricf Captc
qClc tti)I
tome of thepP
President- E
He has a niun
and all oer ti
pleased to pnm

U. .. -- --e e

z n. euT. m

here ea thalso0 tteae
wmil ihe ~aisaOth e
-lt a hyL MMCWaf

rit of awr the 0la
t of N Weft .lat. nW

"him. C -S :MK

I -)


....... C .O.H..
'" .... i With pular IVgoods, fmld try 6
SMfe infuaed into business Our ready-to-wear Suits have all the graces of finest custom ping an a ty uattel We keep
btl irrbng,i based' up by work-beautiful cloth, careful sewing, exquisite fit and artistic them cheap, c n em pera e saM
now. that the spring sea- finish. There are no earmarks of sameness to every garment. Children's n Infita' Slice Ip_
S to kep things lively Each is distinctive and admirable at every point. We help you little ones iup toat .
kt'witk. he greatest drowd- to make selections that are handsome, harmonious and becom-
t d. ing. All this without the worry of measuring and cutting and MrCi
Changing. And prices just now are greatly reduced. Every sale
S:'E knocks us out of a profit for next season. The Spring Hats and
Neckwear are attracting much attention and inspiring great ap- With nr ."
preciation. Selling quantities. That's the test of merit, rich blues, B i wrtw
i e are at g mh a n Every case e i aEloveypew I
In weave.
b n ,d medbwe winter Terrific reductions in high grade clothing. A clearing sale Wins-o a great ric~Bti
b e1 w with us means the finest Clothing, Furnishings and Hats at the and all- yerod ap, t
son alnd smallest price. Counters heaped high with choice goods that have made store rVewne.
Sh ecoo mcal must go quick, no matter what the loss. Come at once and avail in present ama ll
4 yourselves of the greatest opportunity of the year. to come, ats et. anpt I inO

^ ifiL -,eL A e* *e i

l^^plp^~l^w~ ^^^~yy^^^ yy ^ *WW ^^'IJ'^'!

W01-n --




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