Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: February 17, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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' ~j~:u' 0*'r. 'i~b.l~ d.d
1 ~KLY.

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S. la endnt e of Ofteam r. wa a t ired s required by law were set for PIITDIN.G T Hb T.
T-^ aNO& ,w"1ot fteca1?' al by WmtAril. this morning. They will be called Slucethe opelg of the Ide,
A .L Wlgs tlitUte c. The made a trion at 9 o'clock. Tbor C ty, tree weelt o ag orr (
. '. th e tIeo W*V M enaeeG jetaerdgy to the Wltllan unaters, attorney, submit- Bdward Manuarra, narty m
aji hill. L Manatee mot lm anmd upon returning ted a motion for the admission to the have been turnisaid th e
st algnj t left for JaoeqsH vllse. Capt. bar of the United Stakes courts of John report of Mr. A. Zendeg
.. su that the steamer Welaks C.. White, a practicing attorney of the is a ofllows:
bm hM s e bnR atreya rebuilt, and now looks sth Judicial circuit of FlorCida The From Jdnuary 2 to i, ; Pro
S n.t>OR. OIe steamlhiP. The Welika will court appointed as a committee, to con- January 30 to February i 4 Pr
avui r h#er bts Ina about two weeks and duct the eraminatlon oa Mr. White, at- February to February 1. Tote
S Wff81 be a oDnce placed on the Manatee torneys Pettingill, Buskman and M. B. for three weeks, 9I 4. j
jtT t i o1ve .t 14Ri the vegetable busi- MYatate.ne. The committee at once Over one nndftd ar of fo
ss this pin. She is a large boat, bean the examination in open court, milk has beea sappUed eto
Se 0C0ne0 'zd ad ~4arr an immense amount of and Mr. White passed very creditably, during the same periodL'
.^ AiL. Hee will, be admitted to the bar of the --.
S i United States courts in due form. BUCKIjEL 8 B' ARNICA Vi.
5' .-A-, -This concluded the husines of the The bet ssae in the l' e
A-gS t w session for the day, and court took a Bhruts ores, U ,
a this ity were an- recess until this morning at 9 o'clock ever SoreM, Tu e-
ec Brct kenrldge, of On the motion docket, Mess. Wilson Cil-lai W Ca -e oad alh
-, bsat Ctshlag who was Wilson. attorneys for the platif dions, and pablftively Ares
fdled a ntlion In the case of Thomase reqnr t -
us foriie s 4tCssnnlegi4T.n, vs. the lovehill Coonoll- leve perest aitjefpl
Wftw* kThe body in asBBmIRL dnascma musN T .-s... a.-

.motion was for an o~er reenp ngli the
case to thetOrcult court of the alxth ju-
dical circuit of Tiodrda, in and for Polk
m. mty. ,ron whch it. Wmas rmpd to
'i&di & The 9 -ua 1 Ma the u aetU
7wff#g~arae Hlo cdiaufk or aaeFe
rrE tessirannprtaffc o- .Bm

-1 a,%r4~D nsnsi
-A h~llw 1W !a iloo

a "~.- 4 LORI DA. TiHURSDAY. ?FEBRUARY 17 18

em o did Sad Duth ef On of Tampa's Iost IRgutr Term of the Uited States Stecial toT b

lip -10 ln trq estoeet CB tites C "wnt to SBosom L e a One who haon . had
CA mpap ln n uare Inch In LargMo an har J
._1s a, eISc. JI1S EcKAY IS NOW lO ORBE'SOBIT"DI DOCKBT, JURIES SECURED ".no.s of. Rev. w. w E a
~biitif a poropilsitios *c bought the kHutnhries pelaoe. d
havng- the house moved back, w
ir A -eotefl-n Ah a irea Paswed Beyond the River Sunday Grand and Petit Juries Will Begin bihld a nw one in fronm.
t o Aftrnoo Suarrounded by a Loving the Real Work of the T Th r. e h old
o ws -Rtd by snad, D ot. d Children and Korning-Cases That Are 8 t Per D. Plaet d will bd on
lytam iLS anye Pnnds'. Trial. ,Mr L. W. Johnson is Xowas WIt6
on"IA: eeast side of town.
uri Tuesdays Daily. From Wedrerdaj's D.ilr. M, a h wI ihmpr svin .
4 Plom hw'Angel of death caused T he nied Stata circuit' and d.itrlct l aAoI San Anmt6mu.o i
Wihf;ly^T4"P ^Wy^Jt o than w cUMB b" hte I* c"^ for, Uw,4svAtber* dlLsre pt ping wwth bbiL NeaLdim .
t on n m ere convened In rear aee- Mr Stephen Dieffenwertl,.
_et ocL MWrm Blrabeth Mly, le son at e o'cloc yesterday morning by been tesching sobbelbniner ia r
MC .tftt oMe ,, s tsnws11010 court iter Janmem Jones. J dge J. turned h-ome a. ,la
W el the n s f LAcke was en the bench, and the The bikU crash lhas taken Lq*r
S-fttrr' lroI S: tal pwngr court ooletas were na tten- and some of the a ~teora are olnr
-. ,,,ter -mu-onth of the .t inten da U ated States uct Attorney astonish the wrld, e long.
iDMn'yjt (gt~'i J i frqmp te elct' of b r_. Joe. V.StrlplUn. Agt. distrlct'Attorney
ea ssaued by a lamp explosion, widel rae D'E bE Bukmnm ,
bory. ,with Christi ttt4, t ay"; Deputy Marshal John McKay;
Sbleban niy wm e la n aa Dea'nsaty Clerk. H. 1 Cen sad Ba"M ff, e
pigsthe son rD r he was surrounded n number of member of the bar were This b ngI
p -tdevoted husband, lovtag ctm e a present when aurt convened i d re- From Tuesday Daily.
-aned throusblut the morning.
muh 6h Wst f thesr several days It had been TsIeases and United Stats courts for the
ho for several l days it had bsa n Juror, wass called and the grand Juryds of fordwas
S ead ate maa u ai Uned that ehere a no t was empneled for the term and Geo- sr o ord, fre
h d.t 5 the wcit hwer recovery, the news of her death was l Jones was spolet by te by Ct James 0. Jones, the ark
6. to.be located quite a shock to her many friends and court s foreman. e eort sruc- yesterday morning, and w at on
tby t0e city, and numerous nmesases of sympathy and ted the jury, as usea. regardtng ts sadjoa ed until 10 o'clock this knornit
b eSe adthe y- condolence were sent to the bereaved duIes, cOutionlng them especa lly to by onrer of Judge Locke, whn was
t .thee rate dt ones whose lose can never be ep ce thorohly lvesate atll aeged vio- aged yesterday In Jacksonvhe. hes
he t tWr manum for an thi wLos. nations of the internal rwvenne laws, the lnog parents In a cae.i
Sa Mr" Mary McKay wua the a daughter Unit tates posl lw he aw AI o t and petit juora sue
eThat the coM- of Dr. and Mrs John P. Crichton, who govmng crthe erfev- of te ove. n d for this term of court ppear
s tahe ewses frea and formerly lived ln Atlanta, but removed ment the National BIankln laws and d requested. They were notfd th
m er orse fty ba- to Florida many years a s he was the etrality lawsof the United State woeld not be needed yresterla,
or fore the trtbuild- born in Hernando county in 1843 and Phm the judge's charge regarding the must return this morning.
pr l the treet had four brothers one of whom, John violations of neutralty- laws, many Judge Locke, United State Dustr
sO twdI tty delredW P Crichton, of Ponlk county, survives, were of the knpression that he particu- Attorney, Joseph N. Strlplin AL s
thte l oei re dome hr. In 10 she wa married to Capt. lry referred to he reported recent de- ant District Attorney, H. HH. Buenn
tJb am oUpeqamwdanmes- James M.cKaM &V tlhl clty, who ham parttur of a flBbuertng expedition and W. C. Waaker. the wlfl will a
i t'cto it ancnue been United States marshal of the from this city. Such was not the case, rive from Jacksonville this 'mornil
eta oil d O per cent southern district of Florida for the pat however, as the court charges the read and the work of the term rwil at on
to f tho n lc prn a four years. She leaves seven children; jury to the same effect at the opeziag begin.
ltu.L ofa the e 7pany pnd Mr. J. D. Clark, Mrs. T. L. Mortoa. of each term.
dts w bto the. lawdbeto Missm nlde McKay, MIt8 Mary McKay. After the jury had been given its in- CHARITY PARTY.i
city wl be hid befe the James C. McKay, and Harold and Fred structlons. Hayden McKay was ap-
swpa me tobeheld McKray, all of whom were present when pointed ballU. to take charge of the The Wayside Circle of Kins Daug
e .if ow. tih end came. same, and the jury retired to begin its ter wll glve a charity jarty
L s uated Inh s Frnom the time of the accident, until investigation of whatever may even a ar y.
that ,ue omsny is willi "ngrtng wit you sometht old
~ to the s for ni 4eath ended her sufferings, everything brought before It by the district altor- BrIm with you somethhag.old
Plant. So t the c"fo r VX40 Possible th medical akin and sc ence ney or his asslgtit. new.
pany would leave the price osble Ththat edi sill and s ence y otr his s ha will for charity do.
lnot e asked to old su est was d4ne for her relef, The petit Jurors were then called, and And If ouc br
lt Ita de s t tims srhe rolled and hopes were the excuses of those who had any LRgi- And i you cannot bring then
N lim and said that he tertaled that she would recover, but timate reason for pot serving were con- pleasant even rp
t:f years nouee. as Tuesdty she began to sink nd sdered. After the panel had been corn- A pleasant evening reprete wt
r ya a ee n1mirth and melody-. Is promls~d all w"
.e 1 grew Wadelly weaJker. In her death pleoed, the Jurors nere excused ntil attehn d
the entire city loses one who was ever tbe afternoon session of the court. d
S t f The roll of witnesses in cases brought Renlember the charity party at t
oea. d rtald the forunateand s e by the United rates wao called and Prmory on Thursday evening No o
a d toAp. 8ed ew slly beloved answered to. S. E. Barnett, William mission fee-- and a sandwlche
The flunera searyies ook p Riser and S. C. 'Mll.e failed to answer, s.
o.f i'iMe fne ser tic m took plao at 10
SPsi -Pnl h O'clock yestevrd& morning from the and attahcmenas were l aued for them AN h r E fl-bo
Rhe battit o^as "N r Mr Go defaultin nrtumens AN ART EXmBIT .
residence an Lfayette st and wr The conmon law and chan ocend ts The elad4. of the pco chur
e I T ondh ted v Ht. teOsborn, w s were then sounded by the and opened e anrt exhibiio in o te Mon
tarial erc of t of the Bapti c hurrtch p9pro l atn 2 o cloc this asestro a ohe
c oaf tefIt'mt. MBrP t ohurcn.1 da t eases set for trial and hearing of argu- son block yesterday, and theme w
Sy Rev W. Pw d J A ent on motion O case, that o contind e to-day ronR a.m.to ID
revl o d Tl e h' on, 'ohne nrd mInd wre Marahal. Field & Co.. vp Smylh a& ]rity choice pleture by thrforema
S. crowded w pth te friends of the family, .WaW was announced .a being set- rtists and nuir ator of thwomrd a
dl th fY d the f atlerl e ovem on was one of tiedand was dismissedby the court, on e btion, and are well worth
%-o arrf t y a ever man in the dty. Upon convenln In thn afternoon the Ing- The picture are for sae. btta
t' hea bntltnilhymn "Nerera My God court hears agsdents on a motion na not to be removed from the i*e ery u
of civil case announced that thl the exhibition claM pot
r m e ed 'ln ray after which the the civ dockets would be called will be auctioned opff. O ten o
w' s dipo net s burial services of the Baptist church promptly at 2 o'clock this afternoon, admission e charged. L h wmi
.SS w OO dcted Mr Osborne, a few for emet and n the et of ces and n th erved o-day. and the b e
kiltM sP5 JO.l S i su brenia mshe of the noble Chri'- cases where the attorneys falledtto ap- who can do so should drop 1^ and he
- Z an4ln eanha r 9t the deceased, and the pear, orders will be made, either dls- the ladmles They will r et a od lnl
^II, P00' l ervtee concluded with singing the cmiing the ame, or continuing the and will see works of art of d. chm
htkh nd tMa report, hymn, e in the Arm of Jesus" for the term. acter.
L-M t W el menpedtis Th pcuket," -'-csesn al that was The came of Creed FP. Batea. vs H. T.
" AioM p to mortal of e -hom ll loved to call Lybes was t forn Tiusday, February TEA.
Im Mt eo4st at tb5 ff d, wf hoee to the em The ladies of Hyde Par ussld ws w
rs".l' the oit of by the peS b-ers, M 'ess. B. Hen- The case against Jose P. oso, for alve a "Fern Tea" at the rlencuI I
en Sludey dersop. John I'. LS5I5T H L Crane, '. setllng cIgars not properly boxed and Mrs. 8. D. Lowrey on PlatU ave
wil 51- P. Anldree, Jouepl rilUon. W. C. stamped, was nole proMsed on account Friday afternoobh from te to
Sit Lt a mpal Brown, TW. (lvons. and J H.I Kruse, of the death of the deTendant and the, o'clock. several neel andterti
C51 leS t here at and wau flowed to OrLawncomeLtry esse against his bondsmen was de- fmturns wlH be rodud Ans
51.s 0g "Wa. it by hundreds of citizens, whey it wa med them "'A delightful surpc" mad
aw mria by 000 t o Its i t pla. vein The apa Ma *-*gt- ospait- hu- fe l arrugnet were Ln Jose Bustemente, charged with selln Hart. All who fei an interest in the
i5 "a .-' am' L of M adbn & Tuclker, the under- lIquor, -re nolle prod. work are ordially i'ted $t attes
S :sith i l tkers. Teare galnst Cbarles Whldden. and an exceptonaly peasanftecB
Q thea John thRichards ad J. B. Mott, all ehr- s promised them. .
l"yi^i. OmS (lapt, a O.Ganer. prsdent of the ged with opeating distilleries not regis ,

to e

0 eL e Is thl
be & U at
ba -e nfr MrAdMkt

o Th e pat eias
one araw e.so1e7A i
n distahee mna in
i her-ere cludb tnag
of the wort ae s

ed much co, mse o ha
ey enoUgh in his pae*s
0t Btarbuck. and In that
e te& % Never has t"e
rt man with so ean *
st with but one detest iaA
PilUng up victory ar
in galaing thb!eAim"t-1
- thousands s pe
S When m2cha appa
the spectator faulty ri
hoarse, and go wald' A
'He Tis awase t& GSevoit
has the sywrmat.oht
;h- in great p-art to
on th hats .o PO I-,Ui
from thear ntaljB
or is a. rD
few to ride eah':

stand ayO
-rata. how eLfts.1 -?

ad- qu :ittlee
l trtaim, amndt w e

pearin tmf

S.. pe Prea farias

he Mto ea.r th : r
Ad- whie llbt WtM
,ard tohe Km& u^
th In saley o Uaait

bei t4aWc.a eatlo

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. -hL ,f A. iiT
be dell the ~aOaYodtxt.




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S hr e---tv--eh u
aiter. f oat se o

beweideser Gorme pmet
e for -*tm Mem, as0

I trit i tt oboi mp
Wasa m ODigey
oerj bee twoutlde
Sre a atrae hbre A.

sioMi aon fa4tr Mw m
*6. aft. It oas maw&.

m Asuerim weal-

eia styeheadae the rolp-

Tim blb a rwpri t r ut

4 hekeoea ar asperie for doe

a iarnta thit

mIc*. ..I wl Molider l
S sI haddts American
ways a oIe
M ~Is ae stramd rtim

It polot he ar prostict n ta
-- igh rasis~ i ao

ga-onbda, Id tpartioltnaiy
S groaPds, odly te rves, to em:
pa se jt feeling eatertamaed toward
,i asr.e a te *he German govern net.


y :a1i3!?*,'4 u Jacksonuille and Duval cc
y d all other qiyntes of the StA
vaoilontio. Tbis county
h ii t wut aiinemaillion, while T
at.rspep.ople Stlabor' gh county is ne
r gejalung mgileiaod. Marion county has
"' million and Peosasol and
S county about four and a hal
At I chua sad Orangi caunaia
SvO millon each.-Jacksoo
tropol. 1 Tampa and" Hi
ict eepty oir growing every dr
Iestys ehlug improved and
anUdaif tbn heh'
Ior Ike Lbey have ft
l _ thliso l be one of the a
sate r ties 'm all FPlo
S otel eye on Hllafoint
w aho yoIa a ingt r two

a John l.

9 ., -W .fknow ,RM .
mob O wt- edeI

|b #dica" i A'0

Staee oare-H .w a a
e W"Etwted.
Whe te ymm el my l tuelby ead
-aa hic a ame catss lt aa
taM tttako ad he Uaode wusei ad
a uppbeinses the oew cired he pheam
ahe a tot otSr, brek opf AN"a m
sd tha memb oven eafehue
itwaotr au*od d teSental. Th tsd
Ibhe -*akt d edatn e he to kmp hwm
iem somshtg te ee wse h-
pm wamd I s ht kb badm le. my

Taft 1 n r.wb b" e.e aa

TM Neo buy oot R Bawanrtila e an
%t hee hed amlm hu d aad h i..
blee id eL h hee mm se tmed9"
WuaAm 3rams,0 SaLth Wrimu sL,

; ihem baw uy wDooa BamWpod oS
:a o 3 ab n 5v Wo ma a d%

ne ,pro- Z. IU TMZ TO TAIA. ,

talms : Oe ofa the meat pe iness visitors
ea tgI ain Fleorid jut oew, is eeoreary of A-
salad4 eatreaolr Walame of WeeMagelo, who
Ia"in ir making a .aort visIt to vartos
ia on- plaees la sbe Stat with aview of ae-
il d, eo eartdWlg all the ltfor taioo pearible
on Bilc ,regarding thegrowieagof tobeaooasgar
a~,oaed a pe d otbertale eroape-H Is now in
tolu th Boout Floria and the Board of Trae of
lti cme this oity bold exert allpossible mease
i benee in lodoolog him to extend his visit to
: of im- Tampa so that be coold reali e the con-
an lire ditlons as Uthy exist aod ooeverse with
te pree- t leadlag tobaooo, and other growers
* adMvla as sdad jacent to this place. BHi ex-
wines, a0 pearince and ideas would be iovanable
pnpetit~- to the suc es of our abrewd and Inteli-
now beian great agriculturistu and his stay 'n
Florida will bi of iocalculable good to
3ee a4n the State and ite people. The Times-
po*a o- Union and Oitzea. in speaking of his
hooda the visid to Florida ays most truthfully:
rioun, bua "He intends to atudy our tobacco in-
romped p dustry especially, and be has most con-
msa.tarf siderately pledged all the resources of
basisethe b isedepartment to give u the Instruc-
ds us by tioa or the seeds we may lack. Let
those who are accepted authorities
among us talk'to ham. He is going
)AY. among the people themselves, and we
heartily bespeak for him their confi-
wouty lead deoce std their presence when L.e visits
toe n tax a particular locality. Their bospitali-
comecp p ty needs no bost-it is ever ready. But
amps and t he secretary comes oor business and
early eight only the bottom facts will answer his
about live purpose. Give them to him.
4Reasmbia He need not lack for pleasure while
f mtlion. with uA. The State isopen to him, and
s are about he will fiod every citizen anxious to
) lte Me- contribute every attention possible to
Itsborough his amusement or information, from
ay. Prop. the busy clerk in a palatial hotel to
valuations his brother sgraiulturast. Who boast
ep on two tbht We have the finest Stzte on all the
or the piat green earhb. Treat him so well that he
nost ppro- oaenot fall to uome back. put mand in
'ida, Jst hbl shoes and stuff him with statistics
gh, and we on tobacco, and cane, and carsava, and
. fish, and oysters, that he may tell oth-
S era what we have and can do."
r is in he the time comes for paying annual
lamie. A dues and helping alvngoharitable isti-
ris aapsi- tutions in Etersaolaand surrounding
bae Qrs-' 'country the abseoce of the generous ac
ng btcik, alstance of the late Hon. W. D. Chbplie
4 froe a It noted and expression of sorrow eno
06Vtae9M tenalned that he han passed away ran
arbohi that no one has come forward to take
fl New hIn plac,. It will be hard to Bad the
o eot rJal a wMo will so wrifangly come to thp
Iwal. Be eiatLaoseof all worthy objectsas dd
rPreidet Mr. Cbipley. The Wonan's Haome
meesVU tuteee at their meeting in Pensaoola
itadB tte aturday said: "We have met with- i
4 gre at lossin the death of Mr. Chlple.
tied, paw. H had been from the first ne of or
I Senator Boae generous acotrtltors." Ab,manw
ati k to thera ms him. r Jacksonville Me-
h OB tropolis. uol. hAipley's los to the e-
It b" tire State is irreparable and his plade
t t. will never be filled.

A paragraph isgoung the rounds thit
aNew York barber while shavitno a
coetomer sead on te'piece of paper on
S t man's shoulder upon wnich he wks
S lipexg his rasor that a fortune of 4,-
goo00 marks wa waiting ino Germadiy.for
hibm to oope and claim it having been
left bim by an alot recently deoea ed
in the balherand. Now it takes at
Sleta fiva e wteates longer for a maq to
. iget shaped i Tacpa for every ba'-ber
S topbt read thmhving paper to see
i f somebody bhas left ham fortune.

About five hundred visitors paid their
reipeots to the TexuIBusc yterday if
ternoon and eveoin and all ware de-
W lighted sad saaed with the operati;a
of the Meweithaler Ihnotype It is the
meet wonderful investao i or the aiai-
teenthi century and wetaie a delight
i having srate public cal aaed ee It
while In operation. Visor are wel.
aor o be twees ta hours of 8 and $i

if-neeamomeek a 10a14 19

health ad hb .Atsts, had de/heod o a b
a te for ytellw fever 6 ilU hi -- w -- --
hbed pmvmes Iaeaefel Ia between U8 I
sad peres of tshe eamexpsarsmet- "
e4 epon.
Aesordlgto she repers by the A -
ebhMrd tsees w hich r mid to be ais- s tji
ple sww.a Ittis podi so tell W ith yOS
acourke.l bhr the fever patterS e is"' l .
ufefrif la ir "l feer orr a.
Thie bieng crett ua easy to uader-
stad thea a he tuportam s stp Ip ad-
iK las bee l b eea iUo the ge agasinet
the sadhm deab r The manewr lr
which he tsmis made as sthe decmr-lbd,
upon abumority, la the New Orlesea
-A drop d blood is takes from the
lobeoft"ear of Ute pawtie em dit.
olved is twenty tamee itrwts else o
eterdlisd water. The doco* thee tak
hbl ecul ture e bouoile often er ers
dsd pno tahle ieolved le Isa lai. a- i.
tr easlterstae ar ai of yellow in e"
ferarugem w ohich hvebsheUvet d eael
lem eig afr Sweas.fear hpuen. e u
fe4osreto tisrty mlaweo w ir eto l sS
Srop artl' sep he ble Idi s~ ed jae
twenty stite relamto toto-pte t tee aii l .
uaten thaber te ir re iso uth ooe S
Immm arrl mottooless, sob me.
Wthty e4eM eptial rY, wtrleb shows the S
e bleoodlie abit of a yellow towar pa. M
Sleet I. however. whe the dimlte4 Iva l
blood a pacd ite u tbe cttare tabe of
yellow Iever e Urthabey are oa aftflct- Tape m ine
ad by the mixture ald aggtaticataoa "Md ass
does not take plae, Uthee It is e.u ye- ,
low fewr." g au
Having advanced thus far in the war-
fare galas the fever, It remains now
for the etiests to discover a curative We
serum. The oIformation Ia that Prof. 1g col m o
SanareUl ls now at work with that ob- aoooeapumet
jeot 1e view, and that ee has made pro- goods 1 TbI
grew wiub be regandesasquitesatisfao- mte at a*s
story. He wll have thesco-operation of
the American bacterioloists, and be-
sween them it i not too much to ex- es teeonste
pect that( a curative serum will be the e*1ie
brought forth before a great while.- ld UpaMin he
Savannah Morning News. Georgria shooa

The ambitious joung man who
knows "the re i always roo n as the
top," sad "where there' a will, there's
a way," may study with profit Brad-
street's report on last year's failure.
As chief causes are mentioned inex-
penence, incompetence, lack of capi-
tal, unwise credits, failures of others,
ex ravagance. neglect, compelitinn,
disaster, speculation and fraud. He
may know that all these things are to
bi avoided and yet nut known how to
make a success of himself. Without
opportunity the ablest men do not suc-
ceed. Malton got $60 for "Paradiee Lost,'
Today we would have gotten I 0t000,
or probably more. The opportunity for
sucts as be is so much better today
than in Milton's age. Secretary Gage,
who was once a aight watchman in a
lumber mill, says he does not think
even the most capable young ma can
always God success. He says further,
that it is a great mistake to try to
force an opportunity. General Grant
was a greaseaoceM as soldier a d Prep-
idect, but a lamentable failuhia a a
money-maker. He was fond of quot-
ing. 'Man proDnoes, but God dispose.',
Bradstreft' figures are enatructlve, but
they are not guides to "adeadsure
On Jan. 27, tao Thapa Tribrse cele-
brated its rin birthday. We did not
hear of any one halag "'Ull" but the
Tribune itself, whloh as uual wea
S-fuU"-udr ews.-Av- n Park Idea.

j .- : I..i
much Kuite:
The ube of the surgeoea'aknUfe i be*
coming so general, rsiult;id fa~ly
in such a large number of camaea to
occasion general alarm.
Mr. Wlliam Watpoe, of Walshiow6.a
Oonth .Dakota, wriItee "About
three yers ag o, there came 'a
mny leftey ea ttthe blotch about thb






purchase theid
in their qown
why meDrchanl
claim the fi
bome mmiruf
mtke Athpr
tbhe people of
to buy GorM
notion tB at
better they s
contrary and
the aeachers.-
The above
plies with
msu actu ri
npd industry
have ome e

seldom sold
nothing bo
worth makiO
it i worth

oily d ti
oreAf and t'
loom up
n Uot. I R
manat **


ierbchans aboaitd 4
an Telorb h.'
ad advice and it p
force to oer b ols

it ls wbradTrid sii
Tqmps ea-umRbir of
tIM ere a ti f prop
ai cslt amisjswood vs

tleflotapry toI;anro.

tae egreamint aels
r prdset hor
Iit. .' :.
i 3i k .
g, - ~ t
inf xA


.... m pidtalityI lpw the)

, (PeFriday's Dail.) .
111 CW W e dsemtens to the South and

an welL

.1w tli th tat dty. i
5i"tlonU. was afterwa
the SEQth and West c

&T=PS -luauaiAINED.

to tbh

i as

T 'he
te rdal
the w,


Tf trade will tender
ccurr dowa the
nArsaret. The
Ifybh &a t t 0

d the tee

Mr Kho

p rloa'rrlrb

, by the mem w ers o the O Bw T f0i L g f law -
I ot Trade yesterday morningl7 r
o'cl a' rain was boarded W I
e te Tahmp Bay,:tel,. and the, r
are trlpythat had been anno Itune A 3-
bimh... .... .. ....1 l i, e &ba Dunedin ,
Sarrivin at "port Tampa. the t Pete.bur. und, Tarpo,
rfu development of that plaoe by elleair and Other Rsorts Grace-
lant system was pointed out and
elevate, were amazed to see and fully entioaed for the 5MeWtiko
what had been accomplished toa
aratvely short time. Ihey w and Pasure of Bsy Pople
ted with the Inn and expressed
er that such a splendid tourist
rt.should be built a mile from -Specli Correspondence Tribune.
over the water of the bay. Tampa Springs its comfortably full of
er taksn in all the points of In- tourists end all seem to devote their
Sthe entire party embarked on lives to the Sne angling to be enjoyed
the steamer Margaret and at Lake Butler and Anciote hasotr.
ld on a trip down the bay. The Some black bess weighing over ten
aer was perfect and the trip was pounds each were captured last week
LIly dellbhtful from beginning to by guests of the Tarpon Springs hotel
The uAllet key quarantine sta- The buck weighing 151 pounds recent-
was visited, and the workings of ly shot by Mr. J. A. Fuller, proprietor
Isinfecting plant explained, and of the Tarpbn fSpiags hotel, Is said to
teamer proceeded down the bay be the largest ever shot In that sect-oa
month key, where the visitors were and makes him, so far, the champion
a view of the Gulf of Mexico. deer slayer of tFlMda.
er a short stop at Egmont the The blele races .to be given at Bel-
Strip was begun and the run to leair. February 22nd promises to be
Tampa was kndeqly made. The the moet novel, spented and exciting
il of the steamer Ollvette from ever held n the south.
wa nteresting to a majority of The tourist are now seeking the b oad
eliates from the interior, avenues of that embryo Newport and
Board of Trade committees had &if are pleased mrth the plase.
dMl mple refreshments dd the It is reported that a much larger
were served in elegant style on number of aglers than usul are com-
the steamer. After luncheon fine tg to Florda this year and that they-
as cigars were passed mound, are spread out on both coasts so that
he smokers of the party greatly each dittoral town has a fair quota.
cated them. TIhe entire trip was A pity of aniers from Cincinnati is
ant affair and It wars with gen- expected here next week.
reset that the delegate s and the There seems to be a more active
Is they have made In Tampa since movement In eal estate in Bt. Peters-
arrtval parted upon the return burg than any other town in this vi-
Scity. cinlty. Both city and county prep-
erty are in deme d.
rLMn COMXIyTT NKETIf 5. The tutberland hotel is just begin-
eb ning its active season, but the Verona
rt Of na r and Treasrer- Inn at Cearwater. under the manage-
yrC mt o e n f ad T g he:r-- m it of Mr. Henry Handy, is nearly
People Should Contribute. filled-with giuetta I
(From Fridayrs Daily ) The "lerna."under the management
(rom iday a of Mr. and Mrfs ears, is crowded
regular weekly meeting of the with tourist. This was the first hotel
dI relief committee was held yes- erected at Tarpon Springs and is very
Y afternoon in the G. A. i hoalL Pbultla.
ess was transacted as follows: UA graphophone concert was given two
eIorrera man aer of the rehef evenings ago at the Tarpon Springs ho-
reported th the expenses for tel by rMr. Smith, a young gentleman
reek amounted to 28s.7L. well known at' the Tampa Bay hotel.
traasurer reported that the net It tas both novel and astisfactory.
at received rronidthe entertain- The fishing at St. Petersburg is be-
at the Casino last monday night gunning to asee me a more successful
14., and that the total amount appearance, as the fishermen are re-
ih on hand was $103.24. Mrs. A J. turning from their haunts In the deep
it stated that a lady In Orlando channels of the kulf.
ontsed i5 to the funds of the com-
tas decided that In the future milk CH.TLI
Only be furnished for children
18 months of age and to sick per- Extract From One of the Sermons by
eral practical suggestions were of- emv. Dwight L. Moody.
and thoroughly discussed, one be-
e necessity of giving greater pub- The following is taken from one of
through the (press of the city. the sermos preoe-hed by Rev. Dwight
t situation and the necessity of our L. Moody, the great evaugelist, who
people doing all In their power
tfeve the destitute. If the good will arrive in the city next SBoday
that has been accomplished in the and at once begin a series of meeting
is to continue, the people ofi
a must respond to the appeals of in a tabernacle on the otadjoining the
teJal relief committee. If this is Presbyterian church cm Florida
one by the people of this city, It avenue;
hen become necessary to appeal
Outside world for relief, for the" l fearful storm was raging, when
y must be fed. '.- the: cry was heard. "lan overboard.'
I B. Someilln. Sec. a human form was seen manfully
STOP T9 WA3,. breasting the furious elements in the
direction of the shore; but the raging
'ar dy lof freedom draws on Waves bore the kruggler rapidly on.
ward, and, ere the boats 0ould be
Withthree reeolntiona in her lowered, a fearful spaceseparated the
pout before the United States victim from help. Above se shriek of
to one day, she need not feel the storm and roar of the waters roe
be is afendlm Senator Allen his reodIng voe. Ist wa asag nts-.
that the pttLriots be eogns ed as i moment, with bated breath and
is. Blanch abeek, every eye was samd to
ad his resolutions be adopted. the struggleg man. Manfully did'the
domed. by he ation.' Spun'a brave row6rs strMin every nerve in
ub would be of short coo t r o mer; hot l th eorts
"S Thomsand of aympathete wre n vain. One wild strike oft b-
emap would o sntribuse funds tope I and Othe vietm wmstdown. A
uaOf Ci Lib There would pleri nt" eryr, '"ve him save d rwim"
more Yankee tas chasing fter rang through the hushed crowd; and
e. senor Cannon asked into their midst darted agitated
be preidet notify Spain to re- e st ar in t
athe Cubans as im an belik mtao. throwing his arms wildly In the
Sorloo to es tsrhe U0itsb air, shooting, "A thousand pounds to
Si9 te o t o me Um Ud the man that saves his life" hot'bis
epbtic Thtewuld mean sb starting eye rested o th spot where
iamb Tt w oll mean b-the-waves rolied reimmespay orvetmb ,
ine o r demand for wr. Bsea peished. Be whose ,ta ga broe e
Sib amkld that tIi~ P~~~: She stillness of She omwd the Captala
sri that She war most end at O" the ship hrom whee th- dIorwaled
i .United, Sate would ik mae fell, and wu his brother. This is
send it. Ths, too, h at, the feeling we want to have in the vae-
iO kbe ~a tbee rmehmm iou ranks of those bearing commis-
sion under the grel O aptan uof our
Ipushed. o il this nation .0.ll envation. '.8av hinm! he in my broth-

Se(..uthepy ~ the. Pearl of themThe fact s. men do set believe in
me, pemlmably it can he,, fo Christiasty because they think" we am

Snot in earnestabontit. Inhaispame
CmlyltrlotUyio it. Thetos f psti e to the Epeisanshe Apcel
k bltuy ha' received nearly 1O. rays we are to be 'qivtag
mars this winter, all bess op Christ. knowna m d lid pstll ems.'

to the




ad li
rue is

aml am.



Amount donated byr fBE
sende .............
Amount received d i l1vzM-
dre's boart ...... .
Amount of cotrhnl ;' .. L

Total............ ....:.i.-tQa

January 5th.
J.Cat.thelw pu
C. n Ball, groceries ........ 23W
Gunn& Secktanger .......
Hosper a meBty .:........, .
services of matroni a nd
cook .............. .. ..... .

TeotLal .................... ,
Bauum an baoa. .

W. B.L eaderv.n.., .:
W. 2. Beckwith .u.......I..,. At-
John Trise ............ .. ilS
Dr. Morton ............r.-.-... .*
J, ,T. Onna ........r.....-........ t.
P. Knight ..............
John e ................... 1.
M tchell ................... .
&. LM Ball ....................... .W
t. 3. Carruthers ............. 1.0
C. E. Worth ........ ..........
T. o, Bush i ........... JAt
J. T. Burtch .... ......... O,
C. C. Burns......................
ir. T. atterin .........5...........
D. F. Conoley ..... b..i...... .
Chicag Purniture Gi. ..u..r..... .r
J. Q Bratley ......i ............. .5
J. T. Brown a C....4 ............. .00
Mras. tA. H. Carruthers ....... ... .
Ms. Weedon, package o amrm cloth-
ing. Mms Carruthe-,. night cothng
for two children. aeoers n the
graded school, nice Mttie o nit. W o
Scbouboe, three plctre books. Bink-
ley & Co., work donated to- the
amount of s5 cents.! R. Hqhes, three
nQuarta fresh milk. jOul OU Co., on.
Mrs. Dr. Franqlyn ll 1-4 dosen very
fine oranges. Grammar school zn the
Heights, $2 n cash a pretty l t of
knife, fork and s pon, also ,a pine
dress and wrap. C. Boulware, car-
riage for funeral of little u1d St.
Clair. Mtie Babbitt,. stat ery.
Respectfully eubmnitted
While the acoaoli~a U of the vea
ious mnnicpalictes about the mouth of
the Hudson River in i one corporation
has made a Grei NeW York i La
political sease, there are eideboe. tha
n other importa c particulars, No W
York is really olso Cjn latait h
been in the days gol e byj UntUltow
Now York kh beeratihe AnaesLa A
tropolUa, compared Uhicn altebI
cities and towns penvlidalj
ibef ae sgas t point toa d
deBe in Sb paIri ir. At lsewANt,.
New York may ttrowas
b te s a c e nWte r o I S .l B .
Me" Is proporon it rWll aoo rW &
teas it cue itlot alx

The dredge beat Jdnbop lo be oar.
ried from Mobile to PessMowl s,aea ,
to work deepenleg the water eo the'
burwatPemsao '


St;bbseo, and hbeoss ams pr I never knew a time when Christai
To add eth"t rw-a to the fIu people were ready to go forth and pat
. .-Carter sold his crop of in te sickle, but tere was a gr
rs etneo for SO 80 ad $L75 a harvest. Where you put in the slok
Mrs. G. H.. taly sold beid le you will Ind the fields white. Th
If Mpounab pole eured, at 40 trouble is there are so few to reap.
IOizc ;L I. Ray's e,
As au advert)sing iedium the Tl
pwad ontaned cq bss in ouci sI. Kvi nutofis-
SPsare. Itisa't say weadeto. n p-od a business man mwae
or*wig is Ip avtor-Ouala r ~ iS tth eae sinem obaled fIroms a
etpSIeP Z LadN oEl.is at monthib advertising te Tribune
SiMjut received a anpp were simply phmoaeam it pays to
a9 homestead reem a man w advertie in a meOrnoa paper. I Is i
W that bea is lO years PldI read by all casat all mqs.
kRad tnelawbe oompuls *w
Sthe od ItsLv yars hPioJ If U -the to io am,5 woho marritdW
Swe 10 u, he 016e.la.SnoaRwy. he
florAqM that bewll live tI wOuid heUweIwouidbeonslp aO &m Imb o
neas22 in Amerie. t4 l dez with I o them. Dna.b .
ena nd in reoesord- aMi cOuld a im lWSer m uhA.
.4 f" e ,s..'-Aba i t a t,, l-w ub

..H- )

foar I

.O ai

&Mo* A?

L...w.. .

Iw ~ ItI.
e.. app
... . .

s to sead

' 5- .e .

ad. CIt

s tl o lodds
i revived to al, and

Xm-mircity. edi
accord th tog

Sa n nan
- celebrated tts

ti2 by long udda
peieatiuna the i

;oo4d revival and

n iIior City. tb
HsMd ar the Tanat

:ba seusea i n
firp wtthJIapan we

is b~ the Unit

:etst. Kercu

wtu IW

their baby the live.
long day. Thi.s i,
Pa is al -. ot Bmse tb-v
tuOp jer-ve or the nat.
SMra tlal inePtnes of a
,1 Rt-a1 womanly woman.
ist i beeause of
th'eirown ill.
health and broe ra
n ervm ab d be.
camose basbyiseals-
MY an peevish.
stte sght have
If sotdud e tan the
dereate aCns that ~ake
BsmibIW"A womam should tl-
seJPfte eslbyeh, lT and

0 haU hat


-i s l bs es atsetor of tbo
w a ry mprib ed Aai m w b a
u r hadla s rap s r atas,

ase pvanced to a degree that
C* h isYray'ioprored the prodt on
tha t -rtmot or. the LoanMiaa erop,
Wd has bten late in coming to mar-
..I.. hat. wen a upon the bouamng o the
~si~a. 551*tdekto bo 5 aW s tored sugar in
.. warehouses In this city.
S.2 T e tnalrI 'caxe for tie advance in
I..S.. B tht try, si the fact that the .vat
suri ju of sugar which was aceomu-
VAR lated prlor to t he enactment of the
Dintey tarifftlaw has now been pretty
by we]sh absorbed, and the trade is begin-
I mt. or ning once more to feel the direct Infu-
L enx o supply and demand. It must
alto be remembered that the poor re-
tirbns from'the last beet campaign In
.ialau ufCope, &t the threat to remove or
reduce the bountes on exports of sugar,
tmiI be have a tendency to dlminIsh produe-
thio is the ftpome. and particularly du-
rta~g the eomaing year. Added to all this
tans w5a is the oontfuance of the War in Cuba,
deh makes it aertain that the crop of
W I" l Is that taland will be another small
IM be.
he outlook is, therefore, for k still
rb ~ mthe fi-ther improvement in prices over that
leady experienced. In fact. there are
- Trlb- maLn persons who believe that sugar
has entered upon a period 6f much bet-
ter prices, owirng to the tact that some
a Tea time must elatee before the Cuban In-
t cold dastry can be rehabtltated, and that
j lrope is likely to inaugurate a cam-
out the pag of acreage restriction.
in their
n their Tampa perhaps more vitally later-
rested In the culmination of the Cu-
and the ban war, than any city In the United
why the States, because of its close proxImity
and the trade relations with the Island.
antd while there might be a little more
first aHn- excitement here than at the state de-
g htlylit- "P.Ttient In Washington over the De-
Its good Iamne letter, there yet is suffcleat evt'-
S dence to show that the relations be-
men Is a tveer the United States and Spain, are
i the su- at the present more strained than at
tate has any time since the Cuban revolution be-
gun. AA already published in these
columns, Delome wrote insultingly of
the free the president, and revealed the treach-
re ought ery of the alleged autonomy scheme.
pa newd- The Minister has resigned, and the
Spanish cabinet has accepted his resig-
nation, hut without reproof of his con-
hard up. duct, despite Minister Woodford's pro-
is expen- test. General Woodford's house Ia
it to pay Madridlis protected by troops. Diplo-
matic relations may be entirely suspen-
ho tdid, ded. The Senate of the -United States
td States is ebullient with prdLCuba sentiment,
at on the And cries -of "Stop the War" fill the
chamber. DeLome's letter may prove
to be the match that will explode the
es" is in ,bomb.
a hucket
Soh sae ; The franchise granted the Water
iWorks Co., by the city councD was
dpee ani accepted in good faith, and
touarist the present city administration will
and West make a great mistake and envoke an
take care endless tigation and incur an kamense
oim stylt expense by endeavoring to annual It.
The Tribune does not want toappear In
w1anhupt the attlgude of chansplentng the cause
Sat his of the corporation, but right is right,
'I by hi and theWater Works Co., Is enttited to
s a ccont hearing. There are two sides to all
QasUi and when-the light is thrown
S0 on the Water Works question st tame,
1 gc anaige In public sentiment will
So tb e m sad In the meantime the Tribune
Stheb ao- u* Qa tsi special omroitteees appointed
;y thel council to exercise discretion
: a tst te k tyd it poslble, fromm the
re the t~edlnj! en*pg alp" of a long and
load af s5.oqhg lawsuIt.
sey e wr-Blampe doesn't wqar srs bhe-
ne- te tari taxes them.: There
n s ..atr 0 starting coneamoiooes
Ifa~ ftfikissactioa w ,as earnd to is logical
itewtIih -exWpi5 tat Jerry only pse-soo tlb go
I.-,ni- isr J pra ctical under the ircum-

tl .,s ht bed is the gOOd-
.'t,. A.- 1 Pyday abealthy
tin aa fd a B othfr. hi d man
so mothers delea:;e
...l. A.s this motherly duty
to a unrs. Some

Another streak of good luck has
struck the newspaper fraternity o
Taipa. The Triouie of that city esay
"the newspaper people of Tampa arm
not afraid of poverty as long as the free
moUp ouses of Ybor City are running."
--Gaoesvulea Son.
oa 0D. Roefellow has Just preseqed
te cty of Cleveland with $lSUf wbrth
o(mtad foppark purpose That 1tim
d a sod a .pees. parkst nd

Ikm sd td.. s wtth ~dde, and pm
Yia | ah~srtog to ma

rl ^ Tt*~;.wa^ bow* m t' *

gnm @ a ma


The taeesbmrg Commercdal is one
of the very few of the numerous
papers In Florida that chaemplonr
the cause of the railroad com-
mission. The commission in the
eyes of our esteemed Lake county con-
tenmporary is the personifcation of per-
fection. It sees nothing but good
effects in the work of the little band of
railroad arbitrators and Is disposed to
look with disdain upon anyone that
chaacterizes the commission In its true
term as a useless and expensive lux-
ury. The Commercial in trying to ex-
plain why -te commission raised the
rates on the Manatee county truck
growers. makes the following ludicrous
"As to the price charged for hauling
vegetables from Manatee county, we
are not at present posted. But we re-
member that some time ago when
there was a rate war on between the
rival boats plying between points
named on the Manatee river (the only
trasnportotion Manatee county has)
and Tampa the price was reduced to an
exceedingly low one, and It may be that
the raise of ten cents per crate now is
not more than should be charged. But
If it is excessive, the growers of Mana-
tee county have the right to appeal
from the raise of the boats to the com-
mlsEiin. and if they can show that It
Is unjust we are satisfied relief 'wll be
granted to them."
For the delectation of the Commer-
cial and all others that labor under the
misapprehension of the facts as they
really exist, we o ill state that the boats
running into the Maodater section are
owned and operated by t .o rival rail-
roads, and thac the people taere Enjoy-
ing the benflts cf as luw rates as spoai-
ble consist.r.t aith a slu-,-r- service.
This great and good? commls-ion now
comes along and says that thsne peo-
pie are not paying etugbh,. and have
thought it et esped en ch arge them
ten cents additional on each crate ship-
ped, and have also raised the price or
aill goods received. Ve contend that
had the commission ein b power tha
the Manatee truckers wno tare by' far
i the largest in the state, would sill be
the grateful recipients of a rate fixed
by the railroads that would b- a sav-
ing of thousands of dollars every tea-
son to a class of people that make thl
the greatest state In the Union, a"0
pay their pro rats towards suppoc
lng a commission that has proven a
worthless as it has expensive. Can
the Cormmercrial show us a town in
Florida that has been. beneftted by a
reduction of freight rates since the com
mission has been In power? Take
TampaM Orandeo Ocala, Jacksonville
Bartow, Tallahassee or any other place
of importance, and ask the largest ship
pers an patrons of the roads, and wha
do you bnd? None of the benefits s
far have been descernabl.
The railroad commission is one o
those luxuries borne by the cerebe
ebuillitlons of politicians who desire ti
galn aromlnenoe and notoriety by flight
Wlg the orporations, and making place
for the fri ends out of job a Such ex
ponento always find ready auxiliaries
because It is characteristic of thi
American people to rage a rentless wa
on any and everything that shows an:
possiblhie chance of relief. The common
slon in Florida will prove an extnlesi
an Ignominious failure. Mark that.

The \a.uberaalrsral ele,.inv; In Ala-
bama comes off in August. thret
nontha earlier than in most states
and for that reason politic i"
growing somewhat warm in the
Commonweatih. There is a great dea
of talk about reconciliLatlon and bar
mony, and varied views are expresee
as to the qualtfcallon of delegate
who will compose the State convention
and oa voters at the primaries.

s ulah, it ie MnauoasU0teheeated i hisim -;-
The problem that has lodg pusled meant 'on Cty tratrWrk:-, 'P a
Swomankind- -'ow to Becomne Beauti- misBtake made aas t he ets B&f

Sbut that didn't prevent her from getting St. e Ige 2 Kalgae
3 a perfe tiy charming obituary. Pythis, Il. givft^rof*ial
SThe Lake and fair promses to be the ther et.
seatons event this section dt "orid .a tmost. for
ill have In many a year. Btlisbor- St P &r~. bl4- .iati
Sough should lend a helping hand and a e a mofst6-
see that the resources of this county are from and
S thatny dt p resen t ed. r fm g
If Tampa ha ngd two or thred more then

like award anrara and, Henry Bi
SPlant, ke would be a matter io only athe -

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who could stand os his right and left r in St I'm it.,
and acclam nto boue: te. too. ,m 1e r ta w W'm a'
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Lettlrm have case war-wars that *49sm k O e '-i I
drenched the world it blood. The k- o t S Sihsatm
astron. Moscow campae gnm caused t e o af t e teS3 s
by d letter. Emperor Paul and his Em- absene of -
press EDowager would not give the als- Some of I 6 tleng f hep -
ter and daughter In wift to the -scourge wttnddU to h rltion. a 'th
f 'Europa." Napoleon discovered the the l at hn l ll
truth by means of a letter, the Austrian tqapty the few a -
alliance fohowed, and then the ruin of trees that drped their: lea r es a i
the drand Army amid the snows of- nece sLar hack thiiouh lacak of
Russia. The BrItish minister. Sack- rain bu t It s I eedy int aht to ee *w' E
beautiful bloom parting forth a t -."
ville-West, wrote a letter for which the branches s part dn tded
Cleveland handed him kis passports their usual liimrtlat foltge. ft .15n ~
ENalne wrote hMIullgan letters, and difficult to foretell Just et, the extt -..
aIled to become president of the "great- of the orange cop tis A good o" _
eat republic In the history of-the world yield ftrm a tIr at the hearing grovw r
to condently e npdel. jn
Letter-Writing will sure get you into Not tobacsc, bat celery oultan "i
trouble. Take the evidence submitted ia rapidly is~r to the frolt to haep h g Mo
in the circuit andrcriminal courts of diversity a gc ttare la this seCos. i.
Florida every year by tel-tale letI The grat fre of ,4.-*i hoai. .
and te authors many times wish that tupeSt a~ L t otW.th dhas ate.u
they had burned them up and ate the1omo t tatege ta
from not carrying a atleir i 'i in ai
ashea Talleyrand, statesmen, philoo- stnge basket '
pher and genius, said: "Never write a Sugar cane and eaossa n i plant -a
letter and never barn one." Sage advice In order, but much of the shar ean-
is this. If there must be letter wrltingba ulet that woe t ho ith
Slet the other fellow do it, and when you carried to the stear r ei b tea -
receive a cAommunication from him Ing planted -
don't destroy it- Let your motto be:- Why the Iol Umit, or i s and ~ ot-" ';.-'
,"Don't write, don't burn. ton is not Ofl~ ted by farmers In H!IlIa- .' q
boro county, La a mystery., is said4
by those whi have triejI4t. tt as JU8
Mr. C D. Knott superintendent of.the cotton as can be growa n InthneJ-ut -.~j
East Coast hotel system is one of the has been r d In this county. ;,a .i-
best friends the visitors to Florida ever land cttoI was alooa t entirely sap*-.i ':
had ALways ready and tnlous to lted by te tree cultur.
The ,r tv f is in correspondenoe Wrti j
gi\e any Iniormation yer-arding hotels perons a us to locate a eooy
or railroad rates, and pick out the varl- Soth Florh i. and hopes to amre ti'S ,
ous places of attractions to be admired settlers for Idlewlld Park. verat
by strangers. He is an excellent gen- manufactsn enterprises win t COi "1-'-
tleman. and represents a fre hotel pay the sed colony, but.rmlI
ti trick growth and orange enuture wi-,i
sym, be; the chiu pursuits of the settlers a
The problem of successful farth li ja -i
The Tampa Tribune is having a lot of Fl rlda can pe ~led by a comhltWqf,
fun all by itself in making ugly faces at of'capital land labor. A gmanll tIPUelsa
Senator Pasco. -Eustls Lake Region: linibted meafi alone mdet laonl 'wtB s
Ti:e Tribune is plinig to large audl- obstacles requiring hard work, p pSene Ae
a. i disapp.lnntments before sci^rla-g
n o's ever:.- time it Il kes th PPaseo gfrat suces ; but the man who bisthw
.ia:lad. and it v.on't take our esteemed nerve and luck is bound to get. the
SLake county contemporary very long in the end. "'
to find that the Tribune is not by itself. Zr. Ptanfsa saw mill plant willbe re-
t in its opposition to the Moattcello nrys- oved here belfoe longhut jast
tewere it w? be kocaed not ks

The monthly statement o7 the Nash-
d ville, Chattanooga nd St. Louis Rail- Lvci Iteau of a Newsy tea!-reIc
way for last Januar made public o- Greefutly Epot~omled,
day, shows an increase of 4,0320 In Sicial to Tribune,
Sgrass ealtings compared with January, l g more tqurmits t at & any I ll
S1897, and a surplus for the month of fare stine tbe city ha ate o Mo s
S21,671. For seven months ending Jan. tourist re4rt. Every hotel. ba
s 31. 1898, surplus is 1410,405, against 272,- h hse and toom in the city Is fll whif
182 Jan. 31. 18. te reati-2ijvut ar crowded t* = ..
n u-tmost caacity ehiiff iang ds
n thee long of fishermen andi ast"-
a There are some sections of the coon- 'omen l i tned ia along
. try where It is possible to break up a ..-.11 a ty poltle are
e ball by emptyito a revolver into th bubble an lee t Peg
, ceiling. Out in Missourl-the townwas of th too are t the tc
SKnonooster--two ministers found a ad or tartlett ofea Tetst ti
mote peaeul and ,jut as efficacious spending the winter, nod looi.
Sa method. They introduced prayer in hlB extenave pto5W15 and tot i st
t tereata
a Virginia reel and after that the grand Col.W Aiase of W ue P ss
march led toward home. Lumber d Crate Os, ia at hi uiqs M
t b ou thet (or a te w a y r 1 _..i a _
S The Weekly Trtrbune is the best m- nadeaeatr a sOse I "IIttt54
Paper pbhed Mi S mtt lorida With Soa tora Watt
Its eight large pages teeming with the hbsine mr essippeb
Scream of the aews for a whole week, man or are esrabe Ctn. en
it is absolutely indispenslble to the peo- ev. LeeI, the .I ae Uelli,
pie that desire to know what is happen- spread go e .Lstt htes a 3
iog in Florida. Pry It for year. it 4 rle of. ,- ihe j
in only one dollar, sent to any address. B .t -n edior of the _,_.__ __ :"_^


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M'mIgrams.- dia.ttall in 3m dm isto f a" s Nl ,, the tradotia.mad nowthey bah
5nn...t.n ." se. h, -p n egs" O finre aboat u the ggler sw
, pte-res0d M nPi' Min ciso esa, canon bmals and, the like. Thu
dar with the lo- 1it paile for one man to omm- p uam eaMOt I to ead a t
b it I does o nid e diseo to aamer by the king e andto be mls as t they
at at Wight "as ofha standing alob The frte of gravity
Itee wst of s eems to be reversed for their bmenet.
S how mrch If this question be true. should the for they "ons" the ballsaoft e down.
m s.the an reveal sctuop be abandoned or abould it be and the little maes"faU" p. All this
Sthe weather t moalied under medical instruction so isset downjusts Jame MaoOorts e,
It never dull from as to minimize the danger? the oldest settler in Bte neighborhood.
those conveites The existence of micro-organisms tells it. -e msid the other day:
it=d of the earth initial to life and health has been esa- "Them broad winds over there aon
q astness and tabliebed beyond dispute. Dr. Breiter .the north tide of the old building is the
area. Men founds his thesis, recently printed in place where the sister comes to show
di etched against The Medical Beoftd, on this hypothe- theirselves The year of the World's
ms trees walking." si". But his leading point, insisted up- fair I counted up their performances, an
bhe er', the sheep on with much foroe. is the danger which they come every 56 days The reason
wging song this hidden in the apparently harmless for that is something I could never guess,
nal bellowing of a ane sometimes pleasing eusom of shak- but some smart young chap here fig-
Smswa le crying inff nd e say: gered out that it was always in the
,hegullscream- "That the surface of the human body dark of the moon. I've noticed sinoe
.dL When the is a very hotbed for the propagation of that there never was no moonlight when
S*aeee, a suange a great variety of micro-organisins they got up there in the windy.
died posseeus s, Puerbinger, Mittman, Bi -ozero. Ma- "What's the cause of their hauntin
*penetrable vapor. giora and Welch bave elucidated most the old place? Why, sir, the story's so
Ve r heads, via-' onsolnsively. It is certainly beyond the old there pan't no truth nor lie be made
asthey flat fro=n shadow of a dqubt that in the presence out on it. There's no man in theme dig-
ity. In times of of a predisposing factor and sometimes gin's longer'n I be, an I ken the story
at the sats of the even without that the microbic diseases only by hearsay, so to speak. I herd it
hem to all their are usbered intq,existence by their indi- from my granddaddy, an he said he beerd
dg rol sand break vidual prototypes, this being essentially it when he was a young man comin
W another ms. and brought about by contact in some way here. That mua' 'a' ben in the thirties.
)om them leave a of the two contingent forces. Modern Onnyways he sed that the two sisters
e vexed and som surgery Is founded on this principle, was persdiditatertL It seems like they
try daya. a water. The carefulness with which we prepare give a performance in the bouse, which
derviabh is nn un- our hands and surgical instruments be- was new then in course, an the pair of
be who makes the fore and after a surgical operation well them agreed ter be locked up in a box
ty becomes wise p, exemplifies the importance of 6 famil- thet was to be sealed an fastened, an
eaandir. Cliab- larity with its dangers in every sense, then they was to get out without break-
ea'one the feeli:j "We recognize that many of our mi- in the seals. Well, they was locked up,
of heaven itat li. oble diseases, especially of the exa- but they couldn't get ont, an purry soon
Ides of a pyramird, thematic type, eliminate their toxic ene- they foun tbeirselves so short of breath
o pyramid impalts ment very largely through the medium they couldh'c hqller loud enough to be
days the eta below of the skin, which undergoes extensive beerd. In course they was in a room
shade of blue and txfoliatiot, disseminsatng the poison far away from the other people, so's the
ought fc, even (to and wide Isolarioun i rccorted to and common folL couldn't see how the trick
gown deseriptiuns) enforced most rigorously, t.erety cheek- was forced. When theycouldn't holler,
k." I Ing the spread of the diiase., and 'ta-n they tri'd rappin, an the others only
visitor atFt rrsn -. lisinfectantis avi.-hly uid cane the dot- though they was a-workin out of the
bogbt up to tio e!truAtion of the offending armies. tL box an b didn't pay atteutioa. After
tee wonders and the era of scientific prophylaxi- cnosc- an hour or mo'the other peoplesgot nerv-
his closing yei-s quent upon the iutrodnue i'sp of the mi- ous an went iu nn ol ened the box, xan
o.upon them in all croscope, bacteriology aco and i.-tpr .t there was the two 6isrers, could dead
see ans, and from we find a tiady d clicno )f o '. i They Lurrd 'em t ,ze r in the box iu
ending scenery he either develop!:g in tb nE- :v.*. 'r tbie .1d J : f nje huse, an riot's
landscap-s of Lise in our b,.spi:l ward'. Ye uac, ': :1 w fT:, l ;- I. e fin.' b-uls upside
ican Rleiew. inoculations of tolerclA,_-si-. ...i, x down Ich ..--L:,upo C'troutcle.
and vacciia, a.s well as n-or .. :.
,THER'S EYES diseases, still e-xist .und 3a1 Lt .i ;-"v- MAKING ARTIFICIAL ICE.
L stratious cf either an tnavoidoabl r. c.-.
Who Had Sevcr.i or a faulty observance of esta.u d e sow B .ow i-v ts Are < n-.'-ricted ani Op.
Girl. dta." trait-d n Philndelphi.
sting to be the fa- .Dr. Breiter gives a rljr'.-'2nb i.i-.'- Art '.al ccld .r i-e masy be- irost
uggirls," said ore i ion astowbhat onay I re tL.- ic- i n- t rendily pro:lu by tue evaporatin of
men in the smoLer tact of theo Lnds. "He declare-s tL at with a more or lees volatile liquid. In tl
men who are of iceanly habits, Lnt xvu.- firsT ma-hi's constructed this liqu id
another one, with a have acquired disa,e' and such as they w as v-.: e On-;cuth of the amount of
, "especially v-leu would viih to hide from t eir fuliluw wate-r uied oas convenred into ice, but
owns at the saiea men. the specific lavie!ns of this di--S t- as it was un Zr -ary to oAintain a vac-
has boen found iu filt!J c'li]c (rd frLmu uunm in th,- oear.vers it- ptercct work-
of that,"said the the band. He has infal tubercle bacilli ing was a difircilt problem. A more
I a way they havo in the dirt taken from ith- hand of tbhe readily vrllntile liquid, therefore, had
out of your own man suffering from tuberculosis, the to be saibtituted, such as liquetied sul-
ed to me until thbo Klebs-lioeffler microbe a-ocng cases of phurou- an-id and liquefied ammonia.
was not to spe me respected diphtheria and had no doubt Beiug gasocas at ordinary temperatures,
ept dropping in to that the specificgerms of ererymicroLic they are very suitable substances for
themselves agree- disease may and would be found inu il- this purpose. The ammonia ice machine
ia, but it was my lians on the surfaces of the hands if is the one in most general use-in fact,
openedimy yes." proper experimentation were made. He it finds exclusive application in this
log?" echoed the proceeds as follows: city. This liquefied ammonia is allowed
"Many victims of scarlet fever, bqth to expand in coils of pipes which are
PA of nearly every in the early and desquamative stages, placed in tanks filled with brine. The
ie oomn n ication especially the latter, are .walking the tempera tue of the brine is thus reduced
aeg. In this case street of every large city ready to in- to a point below the freezing point of
manger. Those graft upon the moist hand of any abance water-that is, to 14-18 degrees P.
g"o5tmably to go suquaintance the prolific virus of the In this refrigerated brine are placed
aned since that disease. The same may be said of per- galvanized iron tanks having the shape
ibtre a hoe ban.- snas with pulmonary tuberculosis, of the large cakes of ice which one is
ap venpght, and wbhoalsMands and handkerchiefs, through accustomed to see in the wagons that
tothe moesnsg be constant wiping of the month, are fool passe through our city streets. After a
momM. If I hadn't ead stated with the bacteria laden period of 48-10 honrs this can of water
a haer pn from L eaxpetration of the disease. Tuberco- is converted into solid ice. The can is
eeald never have lolis of the hand, the lesion large or hoisted out of the brine, warmed with
eam-with which lal in area, often painless and un- hot water, which allows the cake to
tAd co' friom nmeognixed as such for a long while and slip out upon a shoot that runs into the
p erha" .,t,.ated, is by no means an storage rooms. The gaseous ammonia
a tie?" feqptet oesurrence. Scabies, we in the pipes can be used over and over
lang the privilege know has a marked predilection for the again, a large compression engine being
ate or MnSae in Jand. Need I mention others? Now a part of the plant, which reduces the
ald a chat. Nite whether these conditions are the result expense of the process. From this de-
g tof the family of band to heated contact or sot does not acription it should be plain that there
ptswli'mel I an. matter. The conditions themsales are can be no taint of ammonia to give a
msuf, and the two dange6n.. elements, and it is the con- taste to the ice.
to me mnce. Jf *Meut(lsu. of such factors in the causa- The plants usually employ distilled
watehlng te cat tion ot disease that we are studying, or artesian water, so that the ice is of

ota they'll find a ."Of conrso the mucous membrane the best quality. Whatever impurities
meW't--Chicago re as a better pabulum for the inva- the water conaias are collected in the
k don ind development of micro organ- white streak found in the center of each
tm bat the skin is not absolutely neg- cake. The pure water separates from
m. -attveoin that respect, and if it were it the impure and freezes first. Even ten
.cir laeban i- wu ed make little difference, s the years ago the demand for ice was rmp-
1 WA stang by a two, skin, and mucous membrane, are plied from natural sources, the har-
aet.1 stoned to I ydtften In lose appoeition with each vests from our own Pennsylvania riv-
ibft fh-i but VWery oheir Weknow that the hand has car- era, which were stored every winter in
aML aind spotsa Itediacteriato the mouth, diseeminat- great houses on the shere of the streams,
r bhdy~.-~tdflely }g oedtagion in that way. Typhoid fe- being supplemented by shipments
Batbe Citack O qv, Asiatiocholer, diphtheria and oth- throughout the summer from Maine.
sta -iffiaJlty in gr disaaesa are known to have been pro- There are now in Philadelphia 16 ice-
taatmha, t of oed that way. Why search through making plants, some of which yield
r tLh- e~ ft t edio al libraries for similar and per- over 100 tone per day each. and the arti-
SiC oneri ey-, a pa' more conchlsive evidence? The facial product for several years has been
1 fs taceu e has passed the stage of novelty. a serious competitor of the natural arti-
LyWOmkUI lea d So while we proiWeitonal people are by cle.-Manufacturer.
05'ti the asman of our profession forced to invite
b" iOmw *a-owith them enemiem, there is no The word "negro" is not heard ins
Bwtglgp5 flddt aBwhbywe should qaneesearilyand South Afripa excepting as a term of op-
pd a : ai- the ak cutom i nvte them. tjr mum. -Over and over again have
i tan leave theo to do thtr harm. Afribander tetglishw&Sa jo me
W T e may up o apn thiss ubj whan speaking t Zuluas, 1 aDatas, Mate.
ln. the thgis bele and So an as neroLes "YTou
e mer m lltp t- Ameris aly ba.. theM blmaks who
malevitl ~'ab antg b er oeovere s slavel Oanrb m ate ee
14.er sal w at :haEtmin, a t1 al to6 o5saMtas with4tae & mI r&al foumd
.a w at its" asbt lval. a the Gkidea moatM-" WIRte Mn's

m s = A ote as"M wapWAe egaas fto

-if's...i .m 1 in T
"NEat W-d - ... .a.
B- f ff ^ ^ r- ._-. -.t .-^ -i. - ........ 7 --






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late at night, tdhe general verdi
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to''a number tnESTlGA l TOBCCO INDUSTRY
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dt~-cub- He Says He Will Do What Re Can

555111 placed in ehaee were as
elb west0..Nao 1. a north of Polk street
SFlorida venae to the iver.
acb esrr MDr. 8"an MarS eLr.
ciga Dlatrictl0o. 2. east of Florida arpnue
at the and WtWI. Nebraska avfenu, north of
.mi-ntT *trS t and south of Sixth revenue.
E SL Mrs. Glenn. Mrs. Herrick
M o. 2. west of Florida avenue
a to the' and south of Pok street

^SeS,. ese .~tteN i. 4. south of Polk street
Sr and f ast fFlorida avenue. Commlt-
dad*te: CampbeUa
oMicto. 6. north of Sixth avenue
an Prom F ri tver to Nebrasa ae-
on- t 7o lttee: Mrs WB. EHender-
RSH -IV.C Cra ad sm. It4a,* Frank tWing, MIs A.
t, 5.s se tiin ---a latricti No. IL West Tampa and all
mh"ns .etoI* f Tnwpa- ofrth of the S. F. # W. rail-
.row.. Cl amhittet: Mrs.h feiredo, Mrs.
rl r -. I No,. 7,.tHyde park. Commit-
S tter n t Me: 0. R. Boaz and Mss Csrrie
mls egt. 'lst ,8, mall of Tbr City north
a r. Y- o & arenue. Committee: Mrs.
TAzt le_ Arnan.
BloatS B- No. .9.a o f Tor Caty south
of avenue and Fort Broeke.
ks3ae r t yirn Cm FW i: S 1b.. B. 51. PtaL and Dr.
e^< ead. and Miss hbourin.
M45:60j No. 18. from city limits to
v: the .owe' of 0the Bast^ PInt. Committee: Mrs. LoU-
I ;'41'.la. pa.He 'U'. TW5. mwttee to solicit im-
NfW Vr MMpl '0ed tatel. MRSCE. HARRiSON,
'Vmwet moe et was Secretary
tewiaskgt bhe waes -
. .B dedof aos PresswiRorndma Says Direc Prer-
f, wieb asthma A Win Soon Be OGiven.
eICheWI His hoe- (From Friday's Daily )
oest Of fnese in. A. pesJsardmar president of tie
",l he In mor.- Tempt toer Works company, attend-
edsa3 EaSB of he stockholders of the
hpdd.' coii~isan- Tu2daoy ate iacterday in
ppeakoeg uf the iWorovEm LAts contzm-
platet said 'hat 're preset building
at -th numnirop sLelion is soon to be en-

Binsd In
nd tbe

and t

to Help thy Florda Tobacco Grow-
er-Visited the St: Cloud Planta-
tions and Then Went to Pt. teade

Hon. Jarrn t Wilsor secretary of the
department of ag. I j'ture of the Unitel-
States, is now In Ficrida on an invesdi-
gating tour, and is quoted as follows in
the Times-Uniod.anrd Citizen. regard-
ing what he hopes to accomplish:
"I have come to Florida," he said, "to
ascertain what your people need. and to
find out In what wey the department cf
agriculture can help themr. I have come
here at the request of the president, and
of course that amounts to a command.
I am perfectly familiar with the agri-
c'ltural conditions of the north and
west, and the purpose of my vnilt to
Florida Is to find out what the people
need, end in what manner they can be
assisted. I shall visritotber parts (
the boJth on the same errand, and I
shall also go to Calffornia later on."
"In That nurticular wpy do you hope
to benefit Floridar' w.a asked.
"Well. I intend to 'ook IrD your
agricultural inter. Ls, Into the produc-
tion of tobacco. irto the growing of
frult, and Into youth datryng Interests.
I wish to tamillartze mwselt with what
Is bring done 9 l what is needled. A
person can read no end of literature on
a subject buL a T 'isonal Inspection I1
needed aft-r all in order to b;onie
thoroughly fami "ar with It.
"Now. In regard to the production of
tobacco, I did not know until recently
th.t the Florida product was largely
taking the place of Sunatra tobacco.
If the people like end appreciate this
tobacco, under the Id a that it Is grown
In Sumatra, as'I understand they do,
the question Is what Is to prevent them
from Mling It ard paying just as high
a price fcr it when known to be Flor-
Ida grown tobacco? That is a matter
that I wilh to inquire Ir.o and under-
stand. The outlook for Florida tot3oaco
seems to'be very br' ht.
"I shall be glad to do whatever I can
to help the 7iorida tobacco glowers,"
he said "and will send a special repr'-
sentatlve to Sumatra, I! n-cessary, in
order o finfld out hew the tobacco is
grown and cured there. I shall also be
propamed to furnish seEd to tb. Florida
grcwers and will do everyhflg possi-
ble to asb ct the industiY."
A special from Rl--imrree seys:
"qecreiuly Wli s In colrp-ny with
a committee of citizens, visited the St.
Cloud t-'ar ylartr'!on here this after-
roon. The muck lard p.3'bllltites was
a great surprise P id re.nJded him, he
j. ys of Iowa's oo He expressed the
oaianion that ,Flor!da offered more in-
ducemerts o se i'-rs i;'Pa other coun-
try or state t"at he krew of. He left
for Fort Mtead on the hotel train.
promising to come again and stay

srth. sle t of p tttngon the direct pressure *
I and may be Phe burs..ng of mahy pIpas.
a. were the p!umling has b.nin a From Sunday's Daily.
cwmlees tnenner. The wsoer works County Judge Harrison p'acel C. W.
(Q.j ccspabiy doea nct bo!d itelf reOp3a- Stewart under bond in the sum of 8Of
nriasbie fgr~unmx&ec; tblskidn. Tb3'city llw%-f
m authorities I t isn t en dlie t prci. he; I yesterday to appear before the erild.'
thOpind and it wi! b.hz veh e prop- tal court to answer to the charge of
et rwn who have oe n3 a pr e mbezzling a promissory note for $250.
111=43io to be don, will base to hber
t" Ie &.that mya aOWti -te note belonged to another party
Me. toriessa ays t-t the ccmpsy ad although Sewart claimed that be
wit Aeep brest of te grow h cf the it Om oe ante poseseln of it iegiti-
c- o.t m o a meand the caicity of the
bu works.; n the propose Iluprove- lately and sold it the ,court decided
mets complete wil be qi to that ere suficlent evidence to
the dnad of a fty with do t hebsu n tnhe
Aitr ..psb'tt..4 of in at present. warrant his appearing before the crimi-
f l' _' sal court for trial -
r a.Id rA, S &usJouo. A man once saved his life by not
S. pying for the Tribune. He was going
S t:e M of th eDth Ot 0. S. W- home and being caught in a Violent
M in s Wel e NoW Btw. Minstorm, he crawled into a hollow
S M m the Tribun log for protectuoo. The rain eontinned
eatery ir-oiab of t'3,death of and tbe log swelled so that he was nn-
r -woasLn t ashock; hblet o fts- -to, bini' my. trv--Ad in to cit y, fer It
St known that he was bred that he had not paid forhispaper?
r nearly two years and the thought
wr- 44 'yegrs c;. asn d Msade him feel 6 mean ad small that
e s il ade boer" glteen y"ai be had so trouble in ettliog out of the

C'O cam- Mds d lPLm
Cm1i1nal =oC n t ,b

SPaanI I D BO0DIII SPOi rr fr is~ te
more nepa lhy wlt- ga *qa 'i
The Council Called a Halt and Re- ,-
questedthe Special Committee to Th e of T
Confer with the Water Works Poo. cau se e i ete
ple-Reports Submitted. W mwNasee rdm o ooea it
--M it a Bgll~ j on tha Um htc t MM i6
(From Saturday's Daily.) lowediaidb S onth
The city council met in regular se. teaim eand rt mr
sion last niglt with nearly every emI- did aot-oal f-or! >onoap-y "Voisf ,
berpresent. The first business tras- direst pesr. .
acted as the reading of petitions for He what U fte
reduction of tax assesment, all of giviaidirot w
which were referred to the committee be open the pl Ieap a 6p
on grie ces. ,an.
oThe Ietisin of Father Tyrreil for i tey be o 5l 7
permisioo to nee a portion -ol the .m eto
street in front of the sile of the new Artr dmeoe npea
Catholic church for the placing of m ihenrfe t f forth Btiea of hto
teria during the erection of co emmlti'see u n l e M
church, was Krauted. the Slnalydeadl". ;Hiofottl '
A coamunicationI was received motion sholrtd Incluede st .00 f
Mayor Olltett calling attenioa tirom sm $1aM doe be e09p le
dangerous conditton of dewalkslu o tbe would eoly toybl W e sies
rious part of the ity. in vs- the pr eei
Counciana 1ombtrowsky paovpd j. j ga i
that the wooden sidewalks in the anou thesonDare M ted
be declared ooodtined. Thr, motljon .xprSS t.mi s o a
caused considerable doumesion, Jas ei yo s. ato sp aih oe Oge re
usual ihe the sidewalk ordinary e o the ty in rpl 8 ae
cOomesup. Councilman. Brngle intro- the, plr S or f te
duoed a resolution authorizing the te.,c and that I iedwatoew
engineer to tear up ailsidewalks whioh its own plae ewt COP
in his judgment are in dangerous con- slet upon tb6 t MrN eles -
dition and where be is in doubt he is ( motHioe'on -atoig o 1
to ccefer with the street committee, committee on-
The mayor stated that hi object in continued maim qee"tlted fr
bringing up the matter was to have thewater workeoas a S
the responsibility of steering up. dan- t Fdan t3IQ 5 aJ t
erous sidewalks fixed upo some of-
flcial. If thecouncil deires, be aid, '
the marshal wrll instruct the polioemea R Sti e bu[iti89e sw5 theie Arhel P
to reportall sidewalks in a dangerous and themetledjimp red" w..
Councilman Dombroweky amended HA3 ino' u00U TAIOMa.di
the motion by striking out the poton .
referring to the street committed and S h od o. wflnt iioi ,tns~ i.
leavingthe matter entirely in charge
of the city engineer. This was carried PB j " ".
by a unanimous vote and ins the future (Froma DI) "
eoverbody will know to whom oon-
plainm regarding defective sidewalks The 75ii 'ah t
heould be made. o. Wh illsfn, of. S h Cbw&imee iOW: i
The sanitation committee reported ArtitH* l mIstO and owwar, red tr
that a great improvement has been the hay yees tapdt MW"is sow
made in the handling of the refuse of off BaIllat p ot opposite
the city and expenditure bhas bee TheycAt itaofonl tt 10
kept within the appropratloo elegantly fitted p. She
made for the purpose. Tbe apro a PhlIdel bhiptii hadbe w :
pription for the year was l$8,000 ind time ago warV'bu0iHl l aUdittlpa.
thd expedition for the first six months p- w Yrecltt . ...
from July 1, 1897 toJaonuaryl, 1898 Capt. MaoA 1uredrawltfslefk
amounted to $6,805..7 leaVing $,194.78 deIPa in th d ir C
for the second six months, to ayport at k moultJh. 9 w
The report of the street and enginewt- Johe rt ,in.rot
ing committees Showed that the appro- leopro sOl d cto n Mt d
trio for the fiso lyear amounted to cWI sonvs thi prsp d
110,000. The amount spent during tbe es Wslld r stg t iste O h i
firs six months of the year amount i The W bifDlt nL r *'
to $2,914.70 for the work performed Tiepaona imwn ousesad'w i
since the beginning of the year. This time have er s o a-
department however, has paiLd out over 44ilbes% eensPns9t p SI ss-
$8,U00 of bills oontracted before the be- to but cw
ginning of bTe present fiscal year. as ne e
hbualssa Wisi i eta

Mr. Charles W. :Witu,
lamnoal Napoin of Cites,
)oala mflA. Wie>vew Phepi
mpy at pWbhse s^ms at ,

rtted the N w Tk .t
brMe otf bis .Impay ag
ia hae id awsl ltpgatei
dil of which h ae oas a
>ax on top. 5t -tei
them partiesii oSt helI
dbis for Mr. htte Sn
good as tere ls airgm
reqahed to potimp, b

The many friends of Mrs. J. W. Bar-
cay will regret to learn that she will:
terminate her visit to Dr. and Mrs. S.
W. Allen, today and leave for her home
tn BirminghamAila. She has been ex-
tremely popular in social circles dur-
ing tbe past two seasons that she has
honored Florida with visit sand it is
hoped that she will rerorn in the near
Judge G. V. Ramse, county judge
of Hernando county; Col. Fred L.
Robertan, editor and proprietor of the
New-Register; Obauncey Wilson anc
J. J. Bishop, all prominent citizens of
Brooksville, spent yesterday in the city
and left last night for home. They
were guests of the Palmetto hotel
white here.
The Oubanm of the ciLy are much en-
thused over the report that T. Estrada
Palma, president of the Cuban Junta,
will arrive li the city tonigtI from
Key West. Senor Palma, itis said, has
been in Key West for several days
raising funds for the Cuban cauim and
he is reported to be coming here for the
same purpose.
The Taipa division of the naval re-
eerves is getting in good shape for their
practice cruise do one of the United
States crulsers. The vessel will be
are in April and will take the Uampa,
Port Taempa and Pei apol divtason
out Cor a cruise on the Qult.
C .M .'or -oarne. ", ., w. -
O OMS teWoaWPmeW 5 uM0get 01p., who
beni m 1ti e ty for sev-eal daey
Yt' `rday for aatmIn a tiwer
Lry on UhM acoept taM h er-

e was cm
^* i91

see on gas wlP ssee
i that the kaockd do
spem yw The bietdlq
ipendituais eeb r
tmot ted to
for t4he sexat QIi er as
Sueae down to Lt-
- Ba'oa*- fel money
RWr Works
"is of he mke the ft
him of the pMoed. i
te water boMlde of phi
wn bytBhe Hesbeo w
WS 0do *lm"gl

t tbhe take immediate tk
re a water works pla of- th ae
f immediate applmaoe 2m
Sproper court to-avU tmn ami
raced in sectio 2ofordl- r w. -
declared aaU and void, tv o i m
1seors"mmi tbo the pe0aws ;-
anyijg ordiamnose. "
it a special election be
purposeof enabling Uthe i
such bonds as may bp tesa.
irder toeble it .to eon teb i t

See 1

A Co., Vie hbrers
md the city bpa.e
b&r Co.. have
ref the ash and
to credit t$M,000
6erts. The bhard
apeabid for'tihe
rytI, The prty
I may be awarded
ate the conairat
ftba dlte ot M
eiu witlthirn y

id wife, prominent
. .1 s l

S jn su ine 1 makes -
Sthe Pe ect Rose and
~i re P. P. P. the Perfect Relia

,,,, ,,,, j p j- j" The eeson
Mas(sui' eiesm .m )sp
hios..t... f t"Dis up the * Or IDEL br l ^I I fl: w1 i
oim o.tU fi .t r MU ,7ab eean "rsa~ ethea
8.bo3.ods t welllllmi Rar Bne cid Nminrgi Os
WaO p- is bM a e wib se. eedfls pl m= &l agrgieteal c andg
isM nsupo WW H60~e W eWrite for pries and for on
a1,a, :who roid d Nm prs r ,re u the ideal iise..
1 ssi j Using OsS-, a n m emm. -,.-

,a. P.n S Ip. ..... a
. aP. P. P.. I
0P. P. d ran& 4 pig
W -" '- " I I 9dk AL-AlLk A A' "


SAi-- pIO 0 yards Synmson's Calico, best made, int
...b I f d. .

So- dark ndligt colors, at 4 1-2o.
," .& 50 dozen Ladies' Fast Black Seamless ose .
a Minute at 90r"
iF e.."1it1 rep Of .. .11

.M i teisra Sea less Hosed ic worth 150, now o.

S A.e". aw.e .aso.la tbe# o a f e qua lities, 50 to 16 0. .
plaftal troubles. Lm, am i Sh acka a
SIII "~," (e), I I

Saci- a Ns e r s, f -o e Bign l Gents' a s and C Soes to e losed
buttroi JcUm.calnlb, *rsla tkH,.seworth15 Sanr dI......I

S s . o i m a t e ...... n & C... ........ .... .hn

'I ayoSo famorns .Jll l.
l~. "t0' C PrC Clyde Ns.ew Fn 0and btd tn.. I --n

taot f Twill Ohe. iot Wok Shirts to go this week at 39c. s team r o fswae" and. sv-Tam
ro e- 4 Table Linen, Tdwels, Dayties, Napkins, Shet ing and Do- rF MAIe .
i ua aul asl U ove. a mestie Goods of all kinds offered during this closing out sale at I
Sas..,,m, o, and les .. CLYDE ST. JOHNS
s o. s ra.a pe... ai ..m..ir a.n,

"aP.nS E PWART & Co 0". """
e2al War tdr k Oi U.
rA al oite t Mows., ;1.

_to_'--._- _'_o-_ -ssll._ _._ Bge ,. si 'CITY OF JACKLn. IL sa," '..
... ... J BA O ........i
SNak~ntad w D 5o Y -.O -.

log. ..o t st i Lil e tweSS torii .mT p.d 7 IAU x e: pest. CLY Dd L J0 o ..

Or BO ea- a p
1 Jacksonville, Paltk S ^'""5J B

v.o. oap, at. laCA "WoA "epn
M- ,....... .....
JJFoi Cts,1M nrnt 11 Lamm ..... ..... ........ .. _I C J

i*u~tU --tp g a Ma-en^f i. L'ecuatat Ab.^ T^^ ^We'have a regul orgaiede
_"' S ^om d [ Mois lo.a. Ju aniva J VL10 vision of one. of the fim for this branaE oe
$ ... .. .. a s :- -=6 nn bS ,hm On Mry 7 at a distance can sen for m nples ,A
.i"h. *l'or -e iwe% 7 1ddah .*oos. aim.. care, And at the sam6 prior isM
Nsw .ousan a iA-Ld.aumwe, eleoo.o n. I a
I &A 'd n tlda.ismPstosea to. .. us for samples and pecoS an aUl.
W :i'vs. i 'AMI..,AL % 0 of a Dry Goods b i p I th e
(iatzaw"UlIe Lienar oy. WMOS Keysen psi
Srpav Apopta. orafnlro. Sa sonad e "IS d best constrWte an cont al.ts 8
lPQ Ip. -.atan d :a. to render it the most sef W
"1 boorS st CinotsTa m e6 re j=o kind. It is acord y i
% a imSvlaSog.M a MA ll. Leslad "Bacontis Adve
pos as Yama, eadr .a l 'IIaat. GodS l
Ailem l" 3 B O0].] W '
m..'"- ZJ .. .

--WImRA- LnlzrxD_
: Zuq~h Q -fit via olL lsklps, a

k :.:,4

ie d

A-N'e &la r nte, bwasa rrestm-ed
.11t. e over $0 the $tat
b ekaet by

It appears that for some time the peo-
9 .- ple bivtia on Oaa street, in Ybor City,
S. he been frequently vrsithd by thieves,
wbo& have stoen numerous an tie of
wfill a less q er nt ShotlyO after id
IIl- *- S, lrdau t we .ladies, who were
aseeep In & room IA Mr. Stephen's house,
ttesx were. awakened by hearing some one

;%Phe n notified several neighbors and
47 thy accompanied him to the hom of

a5mndehleU nt teiean questioned,
alt. d th trha passed Mr.
f the Pidn- ep-ae' bone about the tme the lat-

,. .- t.. the As thedpb ewe was
l ,- e ,m a se aw w i trteed oaki

3S d w aiant men. Ihe was samt e leco
S d a over to toe otice.
_-W a anm Stephes me ..3 ed hi. trck,
a. nd tha t they corresponded e.
'l seuy with tfe rer made by the man o
wg ho esanphed loteoiia. th u
ipiykSei t idtReed war givedla pIreholnary heafino
i r yesterday, and wae coto ittd to t eal
.sU M To Flstoofe the rnal court, for trial He
St." 2Bn B d u bIear e u e ea n tlor some time
w w da tap,

d .ie to Mullet Me pa TO TAnPA.
.i ag-tase rvwe
_. wh 1 aI Tobehe iftroug to This City To Be

Sa D F. Pacheld, of Leavenworth
roeia d Kansas, who as s a large vegetable
plan station at Wnter Haven, has closed
6tnn Te a deal with Rt. I. Belver, manager of
letSs.g aesivd the OCptral Ouritig and Packting Co., for
in Kegy Wst, the curing and packing of wi0oo pounds

ti- to bee. o tobacco, was so pleased that he closed
Sthe deal fo the andlin of his Texas
c Ttobaco will arrive shortly
o tietrec tea- and Mr. Saiver in at once begin work
V g ctv side- ton it -
W- 0ia5do t-1 ;The fact thae this tobacco will be
10 f be Tbrouoght from exas to Tampaw To a
000Ur a tog~reat thing for this town. Mr. Fair-
b skill visited Nejs Orleans and investi-
m ed t md of hearing, in vogue
t^i?11 will1have there but was olich better pleased with
., the Tam.p con o any method.
S- InvItations hat v been received or
6 MW WCo thee uri ana of the Capiing et club, funds

-S & lost ort Tampa tey. The hell will take
S b"1 pace next ld inet Mr. Selv n the cluba short

^^* l halsad twil be a delightful affair, as
% 411106s623talty. Qult er a cerul peoctv-on
WNW i sof b me Thoms excrpect ing aiend pa a
'Lw-st temeeid tobacg was sPoease wtM not he hosn-ed
seed o the handle o his Texa
B g^- -crop. toa=n will arrive shortly.

r s Wara- dW Mr. ver W. t once. Deitrt Attn work
'I 'sp 1 brought freom eexas to Tampn Di a
UM e TWIP Com"Wo method.

V -w _seals CI-b Ae-Am A
Swg-3, 'uet P" by NonB

sa di a omes doord their traMwes is need4ia oa. of kid ey and bladdej man l .is LtA
so oftea without benefit that they iet disordtsr or qnda tr o weak hi,- tore, j eam
46Bl bs a d it eptieaL In a5ret pe, scts as earaarh ct the bladder, Ianocest nue
amh eae sritous mistakes are made in gravel, rheumatism and Br ltht'. Dis- among 1 Coal
dqotnriag and is not knowing wbaLour ase wbftih is the worst form of kidney Tarma pa day
trouble sor what makes us ick. the Iabitle. It corrects inability to hold r
'triutakatle evidence of kidney trou- urine and pmaiting in passing it, and werE 5iW
bipare ina or dul itbes in Mtebsck, promr'ly overcoiurt that unpleasant front of tM Im
too frequeos drsiht"to pans .wiatr, n,,..c rrof beingeconpe.l-j tau get op report tat t-he
sannty supply., martfi' irritaliao. An tea o i during theairbgt. .. Pinkerto 'Ietee
kidaey disease sdvanat the face loo.k It ll- and theextrtordinarye*4r down to Uai oa
sallow or pale, pugl or dark circles un- -this g oedy a soon ieOlind -rumor sprad r a
der the eyes, sie feet swell oad someu- Ir the jhft r its wonderfal Cuba r at tie Pu
times the heart acts badly. Should fui a 4regulMutL Pile I.n i
tlker evdeeacl be neeedd t find out i'ho ep .lw m M Med oit o
e I a o slckness, toen set utine a-idlo a ijs|! LlriIlt "PAM
3f r wentyfour hsure. Ir Ihere ts asieMiln
imeat or eell saig. it in also woavine-" Old to the
idglrproof tiht your kidneys and bladderf aa t
nled doctoring. A ract at ea over- re alformltt ol y r t ta
koke d as that women suffer as muh rree by mai of thre two- vind -tht l the
firbm kidey and bladder trouble an eot tpe i~e or potagne ot nd e e
i. pn dn. t b botT alend "don Mae t
dr. Kier' twamp-Root is the dih- Iend y ur r o, When
onremg of the eminent physician and jBingst ., oeus that they-.ad C
aieniut. sad sinet reeommeadi tsr offer Ug a guur- fe iiteint
everything. but will het foued jut what sal na the friePd.. q

EXCITED THE CUBANS. ONl A 3147. l peste.o
a; .- M-
Open s ave' od s aipty Coffin Found The Real E expedition S~ 'rrom the g h
~h a poollege j1l Cemetary. Satila Ifi'ver. a
The l was 4reat erexftnent tnYbOr As Mr ateo n thsltibenb gtm aTm Ano *
Cty yesterday afternoonn when a morning, the Cubans wer only ma klar
empty a n fomun.by tb ,et big blht when they were ap ,ireal .y
a recent o*d grade in Corfege*&l
S.... e f the have 8" i od .t mf
or ltt vih* conataoesd .a tab e Jt t i4n y l
report We* twfted tbat the body 0 4Mlor expedt e .t
bee stats AW scome doctor who wi d ,ilerlp n i rl A
to dissect it on the Dnwtlem at sn" hoet l d elto
A large number of excited Cubans day morning. erifa yir bt
qu aiklyr xtherd aromm the trave ad The Jacho le Metropoe I. refer- pmarift d
examined the coffin. No one appeared ingto the news of an e** from ThM Miedal ie
to know who had been buried in the thise Ry. pubo ehed on the Tmea ls i vig
desecrated grave, and ao one could glre Union ad Ci om aonaday, Sytht gum o oi
may ctae to the mystery. the story wwzr- anc d that the fe e- d *"
SIt wa finally decided to notify the resPWnent o the O mI -Ualo ad C'lt- changes whibk
authofltke LA telephone meeage senate Tampa was impoed upon.
sent from Valdes dru tore. corner of
seventh avenue and a n senth street, Bebaro To -Jt y local appl
to the Tribune ofBf l and at the same if you are offering with any skie reaih the d
thme Undertaker Invengreen was notl- or blood disease, Rheumatiam, Catarrh, There m only
fled. When the undertaker and the Uloers, Old 8ors, General Debility, and that is y
Tribune reporter arrived the mystery etc., sed stamp to the Blood Balm Co., Deea Is a.
was soon explained, and the crowd mel- Allania, Ga, for book of wooderfal dltion of the
ted away. camp, free. This hook will point the BFatalee hn T T
Alter taking one look at the box. by cy ou eedy ebook wi poi
side of the open rave. Mr. Lovengreen way to dy r eovery. ilaied you
said that It was the box which W. E. Botanic. Blood Balm. (B. B. B )is imperfect heui
Brown, a young white man, bad been manufactured after a long tested pree teely elnc, i
burled and that the body had after- cription of an emient physieian.an d is and unleoi tha i
wards been disinterred and shilped oft the best building-up and blood porify aken o t and
for burial. The young man died at the ing medicine in the world. Beware of normal coaditi
Emergency hospital In this city on Jan- subelitutee. Price 1.00 for large bottle. stroed froeva
uary 12, of softenain ot the brain. He e drugst
was brought herq from Braidentown, For l N A T b dANDrare caused by
and after his death efforts were made ONE iN A THOan SAD. bus iflaeo
to find his relatives. Two weeks ago One summer. several years ago, while couns surface ,
his bother arrived from Thomasvulle, railroading in Mississippi I became bad- dred dollars forl'
and-had the body taken up on February y affected with malarial blood poison, caused by catel
I. It was shipped to Thomasvtlle, Ga. that impaired my health for more than by Hall's Cata.t
and there re-Interred two )earn. Several offensive uloers Car. f
When the cofin was taken up the box appeared on my legs, and nothing f.J. rCH, e
was left by the side of the open grave., seemed to Cire irmant relet ntll Sl by dn
and that is what caused such excite- SBld by dra
meant among the Cubans yesterday. I took of Sotti0to Blood Balm,(B B. R ) Hallva Fal4i
wbich cured me entirely. V I
It is expected that a special meeting IL, D. Dane, Denveraux, Ga., TE
ec the city council will be held this 1
afternoo n or to-nlgh to receive the Co mea "tt O '
report of the Water Works conference to do phe5Num g
committee. The proposition of the wa ftorery qt
Water Works Company and the coun- s sner and dlsar
ter proposition of the committee wll Coitee, Coooa, Rbber, Vanilla. To- the yntwN
be submitted to the council ior action Frqt and o m ach, anad .- t
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