Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: February 10, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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ITl I ented in a tableaux "The Three PLANT CITY. n
1M I H ID Graces," by three fascinating young \ NN
tU t U IL f ladies whose names were not on the UUIli ll Iu UUIlUnO o 11IN ULuIU Intereetis gNew Items Worthy
program. 'bis was a striking scene Careful Perusal.
S of Tampa Aeed in Be- ad owed the wrk of an artist i Called to Order by President Breedlove Smith and Committees Appointed-, spel co poadence M morning T .. Little Sags Sa B
ar.angineg, 'nThe Ia ee cold weather thought"
Cotbis at the Casino. Tbe"City of Liin Beties and Delegates Too i the Town. eere cold weatbr tough
the last talea, "Good ight,e Delegates Took in the T .e fit injure lag portion of e nitrs
Good and You Will be Happy" concl- fruit treed in this and other actions of '
mIUR A THE TABLEAUX ded the entertainment and the audi- WELCOMING ADDRESSES SPARKLING WITH WIT AND WISDOM the State, now that it is ovr we find PLETT PBT
a eannoe departed thoroughly satisfied with that vegetation is not nearlyss badly
1 ade a Great Hit in the entertainment and expressing a de Colonel Anderon For the State, Mayor Gillett For the City, W. A. Carter huowr o st oas wa e oaed. T unew s
gikmt ror "Sweet To Mrs. Kathln Kennedy belong For the Board of Trade and A. A. Wiley For H. B. Plant-Rgpone ed, cabbage is all right. Irish potatoes and Tker-Cossa I a et
144 by tesidet S tTo -rs. Kthl-rn KeAinedy belongs Vir.g
S iht- y Ca- the credit of originating and carrying by President Smith-Oovernor Atinson of Wet Virginia are just beginning to come up and the People -Icldms a AilmC
Town With Their Drills. out to such a successful entertainment. Addresses the Congress. strawberry crop is just set bstck a little of Uvery Day in fa
Mrs. KeOedy is an artist and deserves 0o we hate very many thing yet to be
'rem Tueeday's Dailj.) P the highest praise. Sae always makes From Wednesday's Daily, no pen could give an adequate idea thankful for. y .The new cocrte driveway lf
Sby mate d been a uces of these entertainment e South and West Commercial of his address. He called special a- Florida not now depedngon he of the headquarters of
I4 as the attreatlof at the wherever they are given. The affair congress was called to order at 11 a. m. tention to the fact that "Agriculture" range, lemon or lime for a maintain- depagmelt on Florda.a
aa Caino last night but be- last night was given for the tynefit of yesterday by the president. Hon. Breed- pure and simple, alone and unaided, ance, but can stand side by aide with completed aa-makeslte
_qUtal fell on tbe Arat part of the United Charties and a nice sum love Smith, of New Orleans, but the no matter how productive the soil, any othee state for its various produc- ment in the appearati
bte Iargasiemne to at- was realized. only buainoe transacted at the morning has never yet, and never will, enrich a tion and their quality and quantity and st 1. to
loav'eny mailing s that at a lime when other fieTes lie doe yis ting Mis' 'coy
ied bar9i1c t wa werllie to- ltPO AoT a ItLI t seauio was the appointment of com- people, while "Commerce" has never tmat at e ha bhen ont nem Ms Alor-
tt.Ue uti want e repro- A rT c a mittees and announcing the program failed to enrich whenever properly ex- nmat Bence Florida itoa sts illha future,, o~2
for wlg wam carried outlined by the local committee. tended and vigorously prosecuted. He notwithstanding all recent discourage- y o
h oerfeI an e.r. Witneea Mut be paid Or They pm d The opening session was held in the then spoke of the importance of trans- meots. deay evening, at he d L .tbi*ass
a Mit before that Tam- Not Attend Court. music room of the Tampa Bay hotel portation facilities and paid a glowing Mrs Lockes of Ona w, Iowsa rrivend Mi n Webber, oM f ls b1r. i
soa many lovely and fao- Judge L. Crane, deputy clerk of instead of in the Casino. Thirty-five tribute to Mr. Henry B. Plant and the on Friday to join herbusband andaugb. listing Mss MoCo.y. ,
e bat afer seeing eth United States court for the South- delegates were present when President great Plant System whibh has dine so tera wbo came to Florida last Novem- The North Atlanio sqea~
they mst knowdgte e district of Florida, has received a Smith called the congress to order much to develop the country. He her. The family for the preset will drilling off D t
A o n stry a qa opy of a order recent promulgated After this prayer was offered by Rev. gave statitics showing the importance occupy tIe 0. B. Smith building. fo fom eet ay e
d- tb e Gull" for beautyy by Judge J. W. Locke, which is of con- W. H. Osborne, pastor of the First of Tampa and Port Tampa and the Died aft h home three ao d a half plenty of hard work. AU ie
Scotitgent. After the iderabie importance and will cause less Baptist church of Tampa, and the justness of their claims for appropra- mhles weset o o Foida last Mr. ad me r an xioua fearb pqb h
l by L mperial Runian Court uoeasinea, to persons summoned as committees on credentials nd resolu- tions o s to im the channel leading John T. EBradshaw,of consumption. po the S Ls .
cu rose upon a p- wThe deiuianed had been mi declining
o erta o up witness in civil came pending in the tioos were named by the president. As to their harbors. T
e beauty. It was a tbleau United states court, than they have a large number of delegates had not He concluded by extending a warm health Lr many month. and leaves .Visitore to the city are ptltot
F~Oa Beauty" and t hhe heretofore felt when they received a arrived the c mmittees could not be welcome to all the delegates. wife and four lile ues unprovided essity of making naae
utla faint deae of the scene subpoena. completed at the morning session but Col. J B. Anderson, of Tampa, the fo lat to have ater ooncer on aoi at oral bi
a "n re tl As order is to the effect, thatin the those appointed were as follows: Pd i t dlan tCity is to have ana other milih office, on aooouet o lrt I
ai T order is to the effect, that is the those appointed were as follow personal representative of Co. 1W. nery establishment in the course of a sign in frontof the Idig *
r;ol e traewdby s Ms argetoo fur, th clerk of the ourtshall place then extended a few weeks. nsate that it isdb the eaq0
p lranedd by rMi Marion oon the subpoeoaes for all witnesses on ery. Ala.: John F. Richards, Kansas glowing welcome to the delegates on U l p e
esSt. h ? feare behalf of any party except the United City, Mo : A. C Moore, Tampa: John behalf of t e state of Florida. As the t fter st c y and ost of Tampa.
Sby Miss Caroli States, a note hatsaid witnesses must A. Smith, Charleston, S. C.: J.B.reresentative of His Excellency Col c

i aa stood a charm-, contempt for disreearding such cubs Ifesulolons. Montgomery, hIo .daseasd his people AMman, boreJin .. came dsen f turd e.ea ad J Beaty
1 ois s I oely u ra. e.Jint ns demed it aro- isen .mchantes e a axio tho J er
r a R he ared s un y ha be eina tfoe cyment and a, Pensacola, Flae FrankBentley, i aabereo t another t oenor who" sh or ad th e pho f troyteasher ofperl of r E Ln, os the st
U asi n bythese p y o nl ad o the i m thosera et toe l rovndde fo ta e pu oa and H e ry. B e o pedthego ern C o s th R ed s tte w o ame r c, r Wa eter o n o

thats no This wpr e erb d 0ay that be deed teat eri r p rt ofwekg. d the Tam o F10 d fro e to Jamic rived abte coityyesuer ming oosenese ir at
i ti A m r ofsWarn stood a ch . th o se sw hll b e bdee rs, cm m it oasp spentebt Bir fe talkingm about hiso l Thiseisttheseason of tthe ear wben rI e struck.g e

d i be sloely o tlhe ... in contempt for disreardig such sub a Ri B soarul .....of i oe, rt e..e.y,1 fCl Iate and his peep e. A .an, h born in e oobe f at niou ctame don tis nlookh,^
er tw hu poen unless he has been paid his mile.- Tl'ompson; Brulnswick, S. Borchardt; Floria who has a-lwas been of orita t oure and of Ita not a few Sunday with his arn, Teatno
eeet age and per diem for at least ore day. Tampa, W. A. Carter; harleston, A.n for Florida. Cl. Anderson paid have been callg on the man trc iwas honored ton p.
aid a with a plvareasesytu
l no in o me o vrius I o the past many persons have been I '. M arsl. a ll; Kanaos City. J M. glowing tribute to Gov. B!oxham and growers ere about. r this distingouired geama n l
Sd esagn o The effecttwas summoned to testify in civil cases who Lowe: Saan ah, L. McNeil: FPes- o cleared that na o ma, r ste hboor ed, wers en R e ses is ot aains ala tn day.
d t' audience rewarded could not afford to pay ithe railroad fare c.ola, E. F. Skinner: Lexington, Kh, C as Gcv. Bloxhm has been onredhas ispitio of eeral days. Docto ttr and
U1W osteiau of w thun s e s te re erade oadu G a hs beenr t ordda. mao y of sieray
l au wh u d to the place where court was being held, J. Van t Meter Tampa Board of be eni mre lo al to his state and his Rev o Wadell of Te onotossna, people of Lyn, Mas ., a n.
twentay-fo many have been pu to great i Tre, C. o people. He intrsp ersed his address filled his appointment here abbath day subscribers of the T raa at
t e pr vience in obeying the summo, ony The election of a ecretar of the with necdotes illustrating the loalty st. Rev. Taddell ame oder uite city. Dr Watet ownso
,xcthe "a.iprettto find on their arrival, that the ov- congr was taken up and (un of o. Bloxnam through thick a unfavorable conditions sufferingmuch able property at ,
Sb~.exeuted various ,pretty eromaent did Dot pay them and that it nigham, secretary or the Tampa! th to his state. le prop
` ~ the chning lights swas a had ma tter to get their com n Board of raise was elected to fill the with a severe cold, couf i; and s down loo a r3 I
efft produced. ensation out of the awyer for e tHe the spoke at length of the size i Rev. J. C. Porter, of Ocla, was in interests and sRifECog th O :i'Sc;
dIll, by a company p rtey in stose interest h eyte a eent Ban e. let a theo 'racpa i resources. etc.. of the great state of was in town on Monday. o rin Florid's b ar1
Si J apneeoostumaeW party whose interest they ha been Hon M E. Gillett, mayor of TampaFlorida t'ts railroads, sea coast, harbors Services in t lspist church morn- i
.. Summoned to tetiy. w owthe lawyers chairman of the Board of Trade coTmn- the aat m
and was great will hae and cities, ad the hospitality of the ing and evening also Sabbath day by' The extension of t
Sa therd itoesses is paid tand ie it as not ranged for othe peedgs th peopl of Florida r lo a. cosmopolitan though Rev. W. E Bogart the ity council for thet
Sapole, thn e- their witness s paidnd if it is not b e afraid of a the pr oeedings of the con- they may be. e declared that Florida, Very many four people are com- city taxes epres ex
'audience with a beautifull aofasa state owes less money than any plaininor of the prevailing bid cold. There wial hardly be anfulsia
ol d we red being adjudged in co tempt of court u nte :30 p. m. pre aid .the ct i
violin and was rewarded for not obeying the su mons. After adjournment the delegates state and has greater resources than siin as the cuty ti adryi n ni
er e corearo nd the hotel and grou any state in the union. He said that i CLAA B 'ATON. funds. -Aftere date ia ..
S Played,' a recitation by The Xoody Mteetiga. until the lunch hour and during the we have one man named Henry who lector will proceed ac i o dad-
a th nt arhas developed the East Coast o I President of the RR Cross Society to enforce te ll tf.
was the next feature The Young en'si Chiestian Assn- afternoon were taken in charge by the' ha- developed the East Coast of Flor- the society to enforce the col on
1112I10111 ... ida from Jacksonville to Key West at Goes to Cuba. taxes.
ciation has been asisined the duty' i Boar of Trade reception committee an expense of millions of dollars. -
Sassisting visitors to the Moody ies and son all te points of CFrom Tuesdar's ,) Te is a good sola i
lal rst r, hou o t i ncur and aroun h cit. Speialso interest in There is another mar, also name Hen- Miss F rom tu e ilye of Thre is a
and sng "T M ar o e# o- thin month so secie ors to were provided for the Sp reet cars ryi, w ha. the West Coast theRed Cross society of America, ar- BREECHES. They'er h ips
ab~~Lhdq ll olam Wv bof th th o secure uorowre providednortes and time of Florida from NewYork toJamaica. rived in the city yesterday morning loosenes is neceslry "omt
lessef wah the American list of those willing to take boarders, committee left the gates of the Tampa inid Bf ow and pent the day ast the iampa Bay where aounga se ,n m na
italaes the stage for a with their location aqsd rates, and will Bay hotel at 3 o'clock. The cigar fac- r e ply to the various addresses ff h atel hoe left last night o the We don't titloth, a un c-
a npd the snbging of the be glad to give any assistance we canto tor:es in Ybor City, the Florida Brew- welcome, on behalf of the delegates. steamer Olivette for Haran. es to make the pants te
r eht visitors. Thosswisig our help cn tg Co.'s plant, the dam ad pow- He invited the ladies to attend the The noble woman, who as dons so way. Best wear, ,beatt,
'L lhl o Ta umpo" the Plan toddressY. Y. M. iC A., 51 Fraklpcser house, Ballast Point and all other business sessions of the congress. His much for the sate ofbumanlty, in all they doo'trequire
aIb t of Tin p w icMi the P sot dress, Tampa, Sb. we will eteem ml .points reached by the street car line r wore s ...... parking with wit and portions of the worli,ihas gone to ing is done whk thaalasjs
a favor if the press of the state will were visited and the visitors were im-
il'O'Vat th o dot ) "'ive wlmt circulation mt can to this formed by the local committeemen of sive. relief of the sutferirg Cuban reconcen-
notice til the 2nd, ent. After that' the commercial importance of Tampa, Gus. Atkinson of West irginia, the trades Moore & Crandali m.
this m oe o fthe i t atther has honored tbe congress Withi hes of the TRmBCSE Biss Barton said: day, February 12thwttha -
aIll the sIplialtne. .ecle to asist in this matter' past, and the plans that have been out-
L 1of Columbus" and the presence, next addressed the congress. "The Ree Cross society ins been citi- choice saock that will Ihaaoj I-
)IuicMad neW. prwnaed and fHe began with the announcement that cised for nut heretofore aIding the Cu- tion at the Tampa Trgnefee i

.a re appeared in Che rkc l ati. f pe-d It was nearly 9 o'clock k before the Anderso n so beautiful lly and eloquently to do ail is its power but are n strangers to the peTpi i.
G~~round." The hoys pose of forming a pedmasent .orgaie evectig session of the congress wass tell about Florida he was sorry that 'he It thoritie- in chargejo Cuba have section ofFlorida, amdstyo ne
.m..ation. the object of which storsaiad ocllel to order in the Casino audi- 1Osuot a5 0 Iridlan. lie said that be is never agreed to allow usto aid the Cu- a good horse at a seasons

appearac.? ana were Ier- ether and resist any increase I, tbe torin by President Breedlove Smith. glad to !eirn tnat Florida is soellans. that thy re allowing should attend the sa. See
Seeing was duty on tobacco, and to protest against he r s of the even was Iixd naci but that e wanted to supplies to be distrtbued and th peo meant in another coltna. d a h
roof theb evening was ns of e ag of the heHon. M. E. Giltt, mayor or the city, inform the congress that West Virginia pl of America are esponding 0
Sdiby ffty young ladies rep- treasury department recently sent here. who extended a welcome to the dele- has )1,1: '000 in the treasury and does nobly, I have determined to go to the The meeting of tne y co '
Se bsine ous The manufacturers are determined to gateson behalf of the city of Tampa not owe a cent, "That would be just land myself ad see that the supplies Friday night ipromtest be
SThey were a tired ght the re-cssifcation to the bi ter and assured them of a roal entertain- about $1.25 each for the people of our are properly distributed among those ie as s e of the ty l-
hieh wer designed in ar- e ment and a good time after the work state," said the governor, "And if Col. who need them. I a assurac taken eopion to tlstetse
end.r whotneed themofe'by Counci
aia arepreept the business of of the congress is over. Anderson will come up to West Vir- that we will be allowed a ra Coucilman Dobrrl
.rs'lyaaaug lady was chosen by. Mr. TowLer, the celebrated singer of Ater a selection by the orchestra an ginia I think we will find ft.25 for him work as we see anfd iftbhe people ofing city fidn
,tha striking and original Chicago, will accompany Rev. Dwight, address of welcome on half of the too." He-a ue a most excellent ad- this country cotin to enddonatiof be submitted for th
dress, y h t e thislcourc ie isend donations,
iasm tworn by Mis Rawls L. Moody, the evangelist, on his visit Tampa Board of Trade was delivered dress, pylg hieh tribute to Presidenti they will most ued rah ts ing that while fig
-ad winMome yonn lady to this city. Mr. Towner will take by Roo. W. A. Carter, states attorney, H B. Plant who has doce so much for for whom they are intered, t hey are misleadn, at
te Morning Tribune. charge of training the choir which will who extended a warm southern wel- the development of the country. He 'public is taking quite t
sg staking the fact that furnish the music during the meetings. come to the delegates to the congress, is a splendid speaker and the audience J. Mortimer Isurphy, of Anclote, was little warfae aImog s.e
South Florida's leading Mr Towner will probably arrive here "Tampa is pleased to have this conven- was deeply interested in all that he in the city yesterday on business. Mr. the reuelt will no do bT
l etits In which the name next Tuesday. lion with us," said the speaker. "We said. Murphy is at present doing a great deal upon the approaeii ey -
a ed, could easily The work of repairing the Fortune have not asked you here simply to have Tle program of the congress today i to attract attention tu Florida as a
St t ved wth street bridge was begun yesterday a good time but tosee us as we are, a business session in the morning, A series of articles upor the fish and .
t ofr tty vied withr morning. While the repairs are going having that confidence in ourselves reception to the delegates in the game of the south, written by him, are
oeto mlg ta repreon the bridge s closed to all except hat we believe that having seen you club rooms of the Casino in the after- being published in several of the best
art aniqe and elabor- oot pa gers. Street cars run to will spread It to the world." Mr. Carter noon and a business session in the eve- papers in the couni'ity .-.
M were t mLe T. MWd from each side of the bridge for then ave some important statistics mng if necessary to finish the business. The ris board e
d mayW M &artit oo ice of s showing the commercial importance Tomorrow the delegates will be! healing boards, placed by the,
andie 'ave to wl across and the wonderful increase to the rev- given an excursion down the bay on walks on street roselng have been ad-
enues derived by the government from the steamer Margaretg w al on reet rous and, have been ave
M o".clti were J1 J. I. Clover, the owner of She three this port which has received practically but the order ha not been en orced
wiv he-DckGt ,00 but the order has not! been enfored.
Tlh ry brick. block 'on the corner of nothing in the way of public improve- "Dock" Got ,000. The city council declares that no boards
s ~ b M .b *Franklin and Twgg streets, and his meant. In the circuit court, yesterday, the would be allowed In future unless they
1es9ayusg iad, wwife, a~ ,in the daty and will remain Mr. Carter's address, from beginning'iarger portion of the session was oc- are the full width of tie sidewalk
ei b1te d u aS u theL cold weather is over before to end, was eloquent, earnest and pa- cupied with the case of Dr. W. P.
amleen with Lerning to their home on Tlng Is- triotic and the audience frequently Lawrence vs the city of Tampa, a suit he work of repoiring the Fort
lnd, N. Y. interupted him with outbursts of ap- for $20,000 damages for injuries sus- street bridge is being it~shed as r ly
I .. (I plause He was followed by Col. A. trained by falling on a defective side- as possible. Thecloaioe of the bridge
vp g bof a bsw nThe steamer Clra is now running A. Wiley of Montgomery, the rep- walk. The jury rendered a verdict causes many personm considerable lo-
S e. fram Pain Gord to Fort Myes and resestative of Mr. H. B. Plant, who about 280 p. m. in favor of the plain- convenence; but te a little ineon-
te stebame r Lawreoe as *zpeatd to extended a welcome on behalf of the tiff and anssmed the damages at 8,000. veniece than a serioo accident.
maitre at PaMs Tmpa in a day two great system of which Mr Plant is the It is very probable tha the city wil .Embury and ife, of Sbehoab -
5Napo z"ft>5. Pateshnbrgf proverbial throughout the Sooth and trial is overruled by Judge Phillips. day ad argmest g ofiA e Alri. A _*

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The National Quarantine Con ven. of i MOTHER "-she who watched t
is to assemble in Mobile over our helpless infandc andguid- ti
t ins, which s assemble in Mobied our first tottering step. Yet ti
on Wednesday of next week will, it the life of every Expectant Moth- ti

n te e re gw thi a delegates in attendance, namely mem- ItlUIIl ing plac that
intense red giows thin w4a1 in ace that c(
watry, as anmia, there is bers of state boards of health, dele- r the Expecfant ii
a coastant filing of exhaus- gates appointed by the governors, Mother is ena-
t&lackaof i gy-vtali ty delegates appointed by municipal Ih bled to look for-
and thc pitedsad. governments, members appointed by ard without c
Scots nt ers t point dread, suffering or gloomy fore- p
.Sott Emulsion ('10 commercial bodies, delegates appoint- bodings, to the hour when she le
ed by railway systems, delegates rep- experiences the joy of Mothlierod.
of C0oIv Oil with Hypo- resenting the transportation interests i Its use insures safety to the lives
plh Sof potesv and'Soda f the great rivers, and delegates byI of both Mother ard Child, and she a
invitaionoteeecutitdomitte. is found stronger after than before
in v u i Wion the exec u tive co m m ittee. i
oom confinement--in short, it makes
oln,,l f{' to an &qMu; It is understood that no -less than Childbirth natural and easy," as n
WZy- te c st the blood dhrct thirty-seven set papers have been ar- so many have said. Don't be d4
A 9d S ts ft eveCry corpusce ranged for, all of them touching up- persuaded to use anything but s
ROL .'g th the vla^ On topics intimately connected with MO ER' FRIUND
IY s -ita o the the subject of quarantine and)sani- MOTHER'S FRIEND U
seaa the bain ad neie tation.-Savannah News. F
f ad. dl f ChicagoUnilyersity now enjoysan My wife suffered moe in ten miin-
Ian t Ci agoa Un o i es29,000ity the eoaltant utLes with either of her other two chil-
loj lfty income of *729,000-alld the fesultat n than she did ai e with ber
y_ ;. an kigv of dorations by muliimllllonaires. ^la, Svi pvislO ss four bt
lUaph,- Ist i gWrtiog to note that while tbe '5of W ano e 'Ing' Ia is a
S .i: day wa equity sihall d is&r viaarity coma D aZlI Ta S b ]DR r
XHanVa1ono DAzau, Cawrzaldiai
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n ,host i portant t posti the 00 r a l W eak
'ftomtic seWIies at the present time Oatarrh and Bronchial Troub.a3-'From Nrw Orlea Piesymae.
Sheld by Geeral Ftthugb Lee, Had no Appetite- Now etter i The annual session of the South
who as cosul general at Havana is e Wa-A Delicate Child and West grain and Trade Congress
who as cnsul kensral at Havana is ,,m time since I took a sudden eold
so rusted by his government that and could not get rid of it. Beingsubject will meet this year in Tampa, Fla.,
one word from him-migbt bring an Soeatarrhand bronchial trouble coughed on Feb. 8, 9, and 10. The readers
itant war between te UnitedStates lost y appetite and grew of the Picayune will remember that
poor and weak and I did not feel like s
and Spain. work. I began taking Hood's 8rsaps- this organization was inaugurated z
What wondrous changes are riUa. In a short time the cough diaap- several 3 ears ago at Topeka, Kin., r
wrought by, I slept well, had good appetite for the purpose of promoting better
wrought by the whirligig of time! Ad I was better in every way. bts
In the month of March, just a third spring I was not feeling wei, lhad no ap- ira,'i '', ions between the West and "
of a century ago, Fitzhugh Lee, the petit and no strength. I resorted to South, cud more especially to divert A
neph Robert Hood's liraprll and soon felt mor the grain trade of the West south-
nephew of Robert Lee laid down lke work. My little nephew was a dell-
his arms as a 'Confederate soldier. cate child and had a humor which tro.- ward.
He had fought from the'beginning to bled him so he could not rest at night. Whether the great growth of the
the end of the war and when it closed as tan a w es ood a grain movement in this direction is a
mpar$ila and now he has a good appetite
he was in command of the whole and to able to sleep." MIss AsBIE J. direct outcome of the work of the
cavalry corps of the Army of North- PRmBas South Duxbury, Mass. South and West Grain and Trade
era Virginia. Yet this soldier, who Hm Sarsa- Congress the Picayune does not pre-
had followed so courageously and so H oo d parilla tend to say, but it is certain that the
determinedly the fortunes of the sthe OneTrnesBood Pnri er. All drggists free interchange of views which this
"Bonnie Blue Flag," and who at the nood's Pills stbet ~fter-der and similar commercial gatherings a
battle of Winchester had three horses have brought about have materially c
shot under him, is today the strong A EiNrPA9TOR. assisted in developing the trade in n
reliance of the administration at question. Such being the case, it is c,
Washiugton, and holds the entire From siamTile son. evidently advisable to maintain the
confidence of the whole American Men like Edward Manrara, of South and West Grain and Trade
people. Although appointed by Mr. Tampa are few and far between. He Congres, and, this city having been T
Cleveland, be remains to guard our is a man whose heart is in the right one of the principal beneficiaries, we a
interests at the express solicitation of place. He does not live for himself are more interested than others in
a republican president, for he has alone, but for the good of of hers al- encouraging it. s0
shown both fearlessness and discre. so. Tampa and the state of Florida It must be admitted that Tampa is "
tion.n the discharge of his great trust. should be proud of such a man. He rather an out-of the way place for S
He can be neither bullied nor cajoed. is now providing at his own expense delegates from the great West to C
He is cool-headed and firm. He for four hundred distressed Cutans reach, but the sessions of the congress
gives utterance to no idle speeches. and their families in Tampa, and will are to be held there this year not--
He maintainshimself with dignity. continue to provide for them until withstanding, and it is important that
He is quick to respond to the appeals they secure employment, both the West and South should be r
of Americans in distress. He is proof The Greeen Coye Spring very well represented. Aside from its re-
against the Spanian authorities. In truthfully says that "here is a prac- motbness from Western points, Tampas
every way be proyes himself worthy tical demonstration of nobility and is an interesting and progressive little P
the illustrious name he bears. Christianity that commands the ad- city and has, besides a delightful o
Since the day when Lighthorse miration of all just and charitable winter climate, much that is interest- t
Harry, the granduncle of, Fitzhugh people. He did not waste time in a ing to bhow visitors. The South B
Lee, stood with Washington in de- lot of meaningless theory and empty certainly will be well represented h
tense of colonies, there has never commiseration while the starving there, and New Orleans being the r
been a time when some one of the hundreds grew hungrier, but set to leading Southern grain port, should m
blood was not conspicuous in uphold- work at once to relax the hold of not fail to send delegates. ci
ing the honor of the country. They want that had fasteued itself upon --
have never been found wanting. Up- their very vitals, and by his prompt A BAD BTATE OF AFFAIRS. g
on tee escutcheon of the Lees there and noble work hs has erected in the d
is no stain. They are patriots ever. hearts of toose suffering people a From Jac They rise into place because of in- monument more lasting than the Tampa must have one of thos6 u
herited worth and capacity. It was fans reared:to the kings and demi- model reform city governments a
a most delicate; task that General gods of old; and such deeds of true which was to reform everything when T
Fitzhugh Lee undertook when he sue- kindness, such Christian CLarity, will it got into harness, just as was prom- tL
ceeded to the Havana codsulship at be emblazoned upon the pages of his ised in other Florida towns last i ear t
a critical moment. He grasped the tory in characters of living light that i i
situation instantly, and he has made cannot be effected. previous o elections, but fincill st
no errors. Hie most important com- And that is what the world stands it doesn't reform at all, and is evi- s
munications to the state department most in need of today. It needs more dently paying cut-or promising to b
have been withheld from the public, practical Christianity, more genuine pay-more money than it receives. T
but the people have been so convinced charity, and less barren sympathy, Perhaps, Tampa has a payroll of is
of his wisdom that if it should be an. that falls like a cruel mockery upon $100,000 per annum, like Jackson- o0
nounced tomorrow that he .favored the hearts of the needy, sick and suf- ville, which keeps it embarrasssd and o0
an immediate assault upon Moto Cas- fering all over the country. And always will un:il there is a lopping ai
tie they would assent without further even churches should get more of this off of officials who are paid big sala- b
parley. spirit into them. Mere words of ries for small services. e ta
N th th h sympathy alone will not appease the A Jacksonville city oflcial said o
Now that the House has come to relieve the suf today that when the present city gov- ti
be regarded, and justly, as the con- pangs of hunger nor relieve the suf. today that when the presentcity gnu- ts
arvative branch of the nationalo- ferings of the sick, but when accom- ernment went into office he expected e
iatethe friends of justice rnd paeied by the necessary food, cloth- to see great retrenchment and econo, .
at se lkto tt u ing and medicines they work won. my, but it was about thesame asthat p
lomon sense look to itd for a con oilers in the human life, and transform of previous governments, and if there s
los bill restrict migron the crown of thorns into a cqronet of were any less ofilalis to pay than
through the medium of an eduatin flowers; the rugged pathway is Forery i was not very apparent. F
Ste. t is a icoothed, the burdens lightened, and eform isa ood thing when it s the
that the-ability to read or write a few for the poor all life takes on a new genuine article, but a miserable sham
and fairer form. when worked for political effect. u
Miles in the English or any other lan- d
gage constitutes a guarantee of Whenever the world has in it more v
moral worthior social usefulness in such men as Edward Manrara then f 3 .l There s no r
mo intendmg immigrant. The propoi will it be better, and pompous affla- M I H K word sofuUll
sition should be repudiated by an ence and gaunt poverty will cease to U of meaning t
overwhelming majority. walk the ways of life together." and aut which such tender and
overwhelming majority, holy recollections cluster as that n.

on that whenever a newspaper has Notice ofjiaJ
se courage ad discretion to accord Ift iG f 5b54t

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lent, thea tps papers are. uhsidi zed -m*fIfIt "
rgans of grsiplng mnfuea6es. (Our m liiaAsh
ontemporar has te Jim m and aiad & -ad
f it will onl keep is shirton a while Sarf
)nger, we will show it that- Mr. P- .
o is a b iack iumter and that o cor-. Uais der bvetaia
ratio in l orida or sane man wi llia-iseai Ist
rnd its influence in fostertiTitthein- n ,,I ,e
crests of s -a ti.lltieat l e ay m w," 0-S
s thbe Mont, l llo mystery. f ta14sj
The Taml Taumm is not an ad- "bad-fe
airer of Sen.Itor aseo. as is- evi-"
enced bhyit repeated jibes at the s Ut
enator; sonvill Metropoais h
und the is be not by itlfby
y meSa how us a paper uta
lolida, a p~liticiao or a man of ayjf
olietal proaiuleos that admdre s
lostUcld i'uIdent anmd ewil s-
u up toC tenps lemaade -

Thseditwr who Wried leea
the gram" s numlass f^. Ca S
or^B~'C. iti ^^~ll^^,,


Ill Her Litoe. ..
Mr. B. D.Jenkinso of Lith ia, f. L, j
ays that his daughter Ida, inherited a TTAA,
ever case of e which the suad
ercury and potastr..di i faidleid, to eft-a wai ,
eliev. Yeer she was treated ALL 8a
with various m iea, exteral ppi- WA
nations and iTternmedis, witiosh AT1ON'EYS-O
eslt. Her soi were intepse wei ito *e un e
nd her condition grew steadily worme. ieit& a
ll the so-called hblCjod remedies did not Fart NaKMa.t a
ee emt reachthedirs.
"M at il untilr S
8 S.nhr~ he H. .6LUPMANTo
an improvement ATTPRiY A.
t at at once noticed.
The medicine was Ppr o tioss gi
ntnnae d b with oo1
s rable reln its, and a '
A an d w e ,h e r...R
!eo clear oablndi peame
Sien has been saved
ro m. what threat
ned to blight her ffe forever. A WiUii.
S.S.S. (jguw ,f"l perly tib) # VT rwiws
res Ezema, Scrdfla, Cacer, Rhe- .' .
-atism, or any other blood troube. A
It is a real lcdf remedy andalway sa

&Real P1 od Riemd. |
akea ood firablMoosl F dhfeAst
tonic won't cure it.
Our books"-
am blood andsnA S
tin diseases

'o.. Atlanta. S S t e

The wars of the future likely
be conducted on highly scientific AsR Y Mr
rioclples. With dynamite ban4oons DRUGOGJST
ver-head in the air, and submarine. for a ~s**se"
torpedo boats uider water, the old C T.
omnn soldier of Caeser's time with
is sword and spear, if he could be
esurrected. would hardly know a nesearroras
modern battle when he saw it espe- 'ek +.
ed- Ives
ally if the new electric sword be ae. t opa
adopted in accordaoce with the sug. Mes.Al fys l
estion of Gen. Flagler, chief of Or- .i
finance of thee army. The person s*tdass 'S alede
ho carries tbis sword for use and eist lai t 1
ot ornament simply, must also carry r T
small electric battery in bis pocket.-
'hen, when an enemy is struck with
is sword, no inatter how lightly,
ie electricity passes from its po ini
ito the body Of the foreman and
tuns but does:jot kill him. The
ime result likewise obtained
y fencing or crossing swords.
he practical ekect of this procedure s
Enough to mentally" paraly."kny t* S
ne, to use the alangy exsi er
nce so common. If battles in the LKgt ALAl
ir and under water; or if on land on
bicycles as well as at long range dis- 1oti io AS aitisl
inces are to be fought, as some of Sl
ur heavy guns will send shots from N 'C sS eSrE
welve to seventeen .mlies, I t aew pSeplSa
Uily be perceried that the old-time lel' L,
nodes of warfare to be entirely sup- of U 4 S
wanted by the magical wand f k .t !

In the a4tiolitical campaign i gn^ S
lorida the ala Banner is going to sSvaaei
nter editor Sfovallas a greatergym- tetlasefec ika
ast and grouead and lofty tumbler --
ian the whole Nelson family, pro- seo. libt :i
iding he is iven free rope by the .o + o flaI
silroad corporations. He now say a s aHe s esuxr i etse
asco as a corpse-now watch oat fi'or ^^^
ih next reverberation.-Ocala Boan. !
er. The Ocala Banner s ope o -sea-'5aA
aose peculiar populistie moostrosi- .-.
es that laboys under thp halluciJa-









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:t.OleM of ex plor-

.a.ust re.
C -i~tp ma-


sBb s
est se

g5a wa g as au as asase


s at thVe City Has Expen-
a tMire Appropriation For
kitTw and Flire Months

rmounail met in regular week-
4 KuVlday and, wild no or-
r resolatioos of importance
"nAcd, sse aaling facts
g city lnances were laid be-
sewill by CounIlaman Dom-
.ad an important report was
iyb Sbecisyatyouory conUers-

l t tb atty attorney and

was in r s o elesea qs a-
aiatedhby t iveaitu tuiL In

eh ties the contract wasbe
'a to ant any exo hdirsav

.i.w water or for any other
,wasm alo declared that the
ite xpraty probibits any
ai frpm laedginl its revenues
janty ,private corporation,
sty the guarantee made by
. questions was answered in
k#AttmejSa and on motion qf
l iayon the report was s.-
1 to special commit.
S advisement and -re-
aw g tinXf the council to be
esadaWy. TNhepresident ap-
comemittee Councilmen
wAky and Brenale. If
e a. 1i to report a
aaBi~in hie contract with

cioe acoafttee was called on
o 8s and Conscilman Dom-
rs std the council as fol-

aairiaf n :-,For souMe months
leatrying to'letsc statement
ea wBerei each department
wrsitach they hyae expended
tuebh Mtey bad on hand. With
oane. of the city auditor I
peived at it, aad I think
t every otnotilaan when

itrMtat x monthly of the
. ,ly 1 sand ending De-
*r- 1 it will show that

mdl wSth only
POT K hw a alrved ex-

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Sar tao ar e
a 4a1ea uo- me t

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ipcmidied a A
M .j Also to rer

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-S aUHdc T

Fiw 0 ~.

7921 L23 CIaCUI COURT .AM- [m il

A jlol Pt Made and the Secre- Two Verdicts Rendered, One Case 1aU I. wM c* a 20Wf hM A
try ae-elected ir the Y Referred and a Lawyer Admitted. CA Fe, bk 4.-The Thbae my
President Fesandin, of tle Tanmp In the circuit court Wednesday busi- Gag B U Will lot Be t During the last en yea in whieh
Board of Trade, hs aannouured the aD- ness was transacted as follows: Rol- SO Francia Grable, the mae to whom
ponetmoiet of the standing eqtlrittees he J. M,,rse, of Michigan, having pre Oaahier Quinlan of the Chemical Nt, .
for the easing year as ftcrlyp; sented satisfactory evidence that he tional bank of New York leaned int the
Financer-J. B. Anderson, A.,Mor' was a member of the supreme court REPUBLICHI LELDURS SO DECIDE neighborhood of $250.0o0 of the bank's LtES IMOTS
prison and M. E. Gillett. and circuit court of Michigan, was -on funds has been engaged in floating the
Roome-M. W. Carruth, J. M. Long motion admitted to the bar of the cir- Determination Reached by Speaker stocks, bonds and mortgages of his Wtea Iterf
adRoome--f. W. Carruth, J. R d. Lng motown admitted to tb-r of the cir--
and Vincente Goerra. cuit courts of the state of Florida. Eeed and chairman Dingley ha wetera enterprises among -inveestor in struct ona and
IMeahber hip-G. Sparkman, J.T. In the case of Charlotte Voyle vs. T. the Defeat oftheTallerILReolutio the east not less than o000.00 has sat:of
Leaey and P. 0. Wall. L. Adams, et al.. a verdict for the Sha l Complete the Preset Reoo0d. been real associated wi Gr le -
A i aimsinati associated with*Mr. Grail
aooaJ Affain-. M. Sparkma, plaitiff io the sum of (500 was ren- .w ~ scil to has been W. K. Kaort. formerly of
F. A. Salomotison. H Fouller, O. dered by a jury. WK u Or -aud Omaha -ande ofSV dd ,o wj- Po W-
Knignt and J. 1. Losg. In the case of S. W. 0. Chase, treas.World from Wasinton s: The de- ew York. Jr. e
Mncipal Aftair.-fW. A. Carter, A. urer, vs. T. W. A. Morton. receiver, terminaton w reached tod by those The principal of th etwo e are ocate u-- B .Heditedek
Mtnallard- Republican leaders who have abeilte lato of thetwo men are located in leto
it Ballard, John Savarse. Chares an action in aesumpsit in which dam- o in the tter-mo them Philadelphia. New Jersey..onnect ,
control iad the mnger--among them Massacmusetts and New .York. One.O- CetOi, lhe S.',
WrightadLctur W.&ad at-G. N. B an- amounting to 270 were lavormed, Spesaker Reed asd Chairman Dingley- necticut furnishes the logest ie hat. al- d .sad doedgUt .
nuftur d rade-G. N. Ben a jury endeared a verdict in favor of that the defeat uf the Teller resolution though the amounts wilt be smaller lat isOWLot.
iamio.J. B. Creah .J.S. Edenfield, J. the plaintiff and field the damages at should complete the record of this con- than in Philadelphia and New yvrk. Hhadtw a
W. toberts and J. C. Field. g1i4 98 aod costs. gress on the financial issue In that state a specially vigorous effort Hs hl twoe
Transportation-F. C. Bowyer, W. By agreement of counsel the case of It was agreed that neither the Gage was maito intere am holders M e o hedP
Fuller, r., J. A. Turner, J. A. M. thb Oberbuck Brothers Manufacturing bill, the monetary commision bill orinve largenumberf ehoolteach-the heldat
any other comprehensive measure for era and ministers invite 4. named dth he wiedb|
Grable and 0.. B S. Strs. company vs. W. Sparkman, parni- currency revision shrouid be considered Offces were opened in many of th biuase nd a bdi
Arbitration-John Trice. H. C. Gid- shee, was referred to W A. Carter, thi session leading towns of Conneaiteat and a a BAsaveetuet a mes
dens, T. Bush, J. T. Bortch and who was appointed referee. In the judgment of the leaders re. schustts and maintained i is to be itatt d.-
Gordon Keller. -- ferred to. the Teller resolution came at style while the stocks and bonds were He was a mlaea er t
Information and AtItistio -A. C. TH I ,A= LOOK BED Skj .lG. a most opportune moment. There wa being dipoeed of. Money was -re lGuardir alsis aS(?
fo nd tati C.little prospect of agreement on a broad quired for the transfer or the etok in Vs for
Moore. W. W. Hooper, L. L. Spafford. currency measure any nterpriaes if good notes wre to be ae t forg ua r seu
Abe Ma and H.M. unt An Invention That Can Be Seen at To do nothing would be to offend the hd and as a res lt od many Sooy Ted
-r.a Ins ipeotion-l. J. Deawdy, .. 508 snklinStreet. currency reform element and o run aperfind them e in sti d fo m
counter to the recommendations of Pros- stamiee by being compelled to m weet. w elma i reauasr
Ball.-Frank ol itly, Fred. Krauso The Arm Lock spring, for spring ident McKinley, Secretary Gage and notes now omnlg dua. afir arer straight.
L W. Phillipe. beds, is the latest, bept and simplest the monetary commission. MUT
At the meeting oftbe board of irec- spring ever invented and all who have To ttep to do anything meant di CHINSE MUSTSTAY ate
vision in the Republican ranks on theT
tora of the Board of Trade held Friday not seen it should call at 608 Franklin question of retinug the greenbacks cthe arn Jed. iades a keeM t That CRAZY MAN K L
afternoon the oice po secretary was street where they .an see it manufac- strengthening of the gold standard and w11 Aet th. .caastict.
flled by the election 6f Secretary un- tured by W, L Antes, the general other details, and besides the banking Sa 1 FANoCISCO, Peb. 4. United Arksasse rarmr. it-I5-
aingham to socceed himestf (for the agent of the company owning te in- committee, in charge of she various States Dstrict Judge DeHaven has ren. ahr ms" Tra~*i el
next year. vetion. measure was hopelessly at odd dered an opinion which will have the Li Lra B ROMc "
next yefr. retion. To add to the complexity of the situ. [1
Thep president of i e board was r- Mr. Antes will sell the machines nation the daily quotations from the big effect of erectng nothleratroug barrier north of Miuberry.
quested to take such I step as may be upon which the prints are maoufac- money markets showed tha tile entire against Chinese laborers and criminal Sol Antrey. a w
ec to at once begn tte colec- nd for businea communlltr was lI. a state of The oWinion is to the etect that the by his tanily. went 0yS
S y toh at once begtn te eo*- toured and the county right for the unrest and apprehension. action of the collector of the port is not ing to viit his aged ia at
tio of the amounts due on the second manufacture and sale of the springs. Under these diesoiraging circum- even prima face evidence of the right livrig ln Msn h rt..
mortgage bonds of the board. Yesterday he showed a reporter of the stances Speaker Reed received the Tel- of a Chinese to landi. hi arrival At
The board directed the president to TRBUNE how the machine works and ler resolution as little less than provi- Judge De Haven d-isaffirnmei" the his gio Aremntw
prepare a letter addressed to the chair- how the springs can be manufactured denti for ramt ed a sfanalis easy misportnr Hec in the ce off Co Shi ddelyahegraspeampis
man of the house committee on rivers at the rate of one complete set every of comprehension, and one on which Sun Ho. a Ciinese womak t admitted to hi agd faero ma t
anO harbors soli tinsg the aid of the hour The machine only occupies a there cosu be no dauger of division or this country in December, 1896. by the three and sii ous re
committee in securing an appropria- space of four by six feet and can be se The speaker talked with his iete collector f the on nd her statement are no ted to live
tion for the improvement of the chan- up in a private residence or a man's ants and it was determined first to de- native sutbje of Califrnsia. and s staed the dearly
nel of the Hillsborough river and bay place of business. feat the resolution in a speedy and count Seven months aro Ho became dissat. an eest aghtr nemg
and to send a copy ofthe same to Coo- The bet steel wire is used in the spicuous manner, and then to let the re- isfied with the life of a chattel slave theneighborarrivedshe
gressan Sparkmansprn and they are cked together in t stand asthe work of the session in and went to tlhe mission on ashing- ing in the door swearing
gressman SpArkman. springsand tbey are ckedogeher in behalf o hoes nanc. .o n ton street. r she told the women at tile n h d are seI
ANOT a maoer that allows each separate Al the energies of Speaker Reed wil mission that she was a native of China anOth sodar dtc n
ANO-o ENGINEe.t spring of a set to act independent of now be exerted to shorten the session and that her statement made to the Othe ravingmaiac aew
the others. This adds materially to He expects to secure final aduournment collector of the port were falsa on re.I was -or
Board-of Pubiic Works Is Arranging the comfort of persons uning them. y ne CR IS NEARINR CHINA. eight thatmet their ye
to Spend the Bond Money. No skilled labor is required in mak- NEW LABOR ORGANIZATION. -thre dead victims a
tog the springs, as tci beaten, burned and 4ae
The Board of Puobic Works, at the i te spring, as the machine s so ..e,, t ,, .. .... -t E a rh Airat tder r yo rcogal
meeting Tuesda, dided to employ an iple te work that a boy of ordinary Hr cytarted It&u to tha He has, yond recog hai nidia
intelligence carn operate it. The ATLATA. e. 4-Anovenent to H Feb. --The Ciin Ga- inohe nti" sw
engineer to supervise the work that isAustra. werethe ca o th
to be done intuherwavy of ying sewer springs can be fitted to a bed of any organize 'C'he Southern Confederacy of ite nayn the British Indian, h ust.s wlerethe case of th et
lian and Pacific suadidaiis haye been last lick was when he kfi
pipes thro out the city and to look size and have the advantage over many Labor" has been started in this city andthen says he aslotka
after the details of the contract that of belog soarranged on a frame that and is now so far under way that a con- dered to be read to r iorce te fl insanity.
ifter the details of the contract's that in the far east. thus giving tht B ritsli u
are oon to be let. As soon the t move on a hinge ventiou will probably be held here to admial a fleet capable f cpi SIX INJURED I ,A
soon wa eaced. son th is pc e independent of the other. Mr. Antes formally launch the new ,rPanizattinn. "any combination onoi^ 1rnt,s "
ision was reached the board picked our mot Uritiseii abIie r adni 0 am o am aiXE
o was rahed t bod i has sold seTeral of the sets of springs A new paper pubiiset .i i tii -i ty as policy." Trai on lhiiia t
the m since he been here and the purthe organ of iabir is agirats i the "IIn the meanwhile," dds the China road asake 4e w
The mokymfnt J. N. H u slncebhehas been here and the pr- scheme. Gazette, "the Britishcla ir n the LAwxitz Mich., Fe.'I
vilegineer, whos at prset chasers are entirely satisfied with themn, The pan is to cai Ia ct0irii oii of thle Yang Tse Kiang wihi befsnpportd by ontheSouth t
il engineer, o s at pre t u- in fast some have discarded much high- white lator orgatizsttiolns o ii i. -oth strong quadroi htatioied at Chon th
aged as duperinteddInt of construc- for the purpose oh i iiio..iii:io to which place two other watChipe are row Gauge railroad,
loo i charge of the t. Agustie or epurposeo rhich place two warhicesets of springs for the Aarmow G aure d
lIon in charge of the St. Augustice Loc pritg. plans as will bring abicas ,.iri.,>,, aind enroute. In the event ft Russia hoist. today and at least .f i i
water works. He is a man of cnsid- concert of action amini ttiein nie ri-,eld- ing her flag over the fori at Port Arthur injured. It wahe&fra
S en is aman con Mr. Antes can be found at 503 Frank- ntof thebiglaboruioi i the British admiral has ben ordered to snce edna
rb experienethc in nginrin a lin street at any time and wll take ons of the north hoist the English hanand
has served tie city of Macon, Ga., as The reason for tie 11 A .n fflqn uarr10 .
mission of public works. the machine and showing how easy sing negroes into sheir tradesuaios, "About 7.bW00 R artillery and track andwas Iaoi
SAt the t meeting of thecitycou they are manufactured. Furniture something that is very distastefn tothe alry and q itie4of stores ud oo tt whi
l th aor and cy clerk w an dealers especially are invited to call. working people of the south. Thi df- munitioaa have ariv at Krin. s the o
i U or and cty ler wer- U- ference of opinion has engendered mnch capital of the Manchuran province The o lajed ame- I
thoriaed to have new bonds iSsus*e arnd .A WAT- MItC. toagi them, Thve new bonds r e A T BICYCLET this part of the coatery and those of the .i fI bd bewted. T
daird to the Iosr In of north and has prevented anything like Tabla s y Hteiit rCrest. Ptreken-I laew Bragh
tie old iseueand yesterday a repreen- A o ew Invention That Is Attracting concern of nation between them. LtascC Tt Pa., Feo --For twoad my be erns a /
taiveof the firm buying tble bond Great Attention. A conven wil be called son. months representatives of the New a Eu. ]g Lt L][t.X- :
wa in (thaeit, onfrrin with Presi- whTfep rend br a Womae. York Biscuit company of New York smaashed.
he y, onrriK with Ptes The water bicycle has made ts ap- Hox~uNx, Ky., Feb. 4.-Twenty.five have been working i this section of (hutt Mi. w P
dent Henderson in regard to the new persnce in Tampa and is attracting armed men attacked the hose of H. the state to acquire ctrol of several hart and face bres.
der tat t ttetio. The m e was t bicit and cracker baeries tha were The other paee
nds. It of the undew bond will be en- mpid h attention. The machine was Moore, amos in the cnte of the their heavy competitorin this patic- One engine rn i
gvin of the a ew bonds wil be pa en for therst timeWenesday o the town. last nght They fired several lr field. and a arele othi vitthe bdly damage -
for by theile pur haset river and bay. It was placed on exhi- shots into ths building. Moore's daugbh- New York concern has acquired control T N DOWi
Sinaelbe advertaement for bids'aifor btion by N. H. Langley, of Seminole ter, Susie, jumped from a window, of three of the biggest bakeriesia the TURNED DOW
frnisDhing eweTr pipe ann laying the Fla., and all who saw it declared it to nc d one of ehn ontlaws down and state outside of Philadlphia. It is re-
samiehas appered ip the a aingto the F, lwtook his gun. Other members of the ported that the New York company
B ha appdred p the TPiic the be teWo mot wonderful achievement in mob began shooting at her ad she re. paid enormous prices or the bakeries M S.--u S sMi
Board of Pblic Works haa received nu- the bicycle line. turned the fire. By this time the en. that they have acquired. The smaller OOLUmBIa S. C, es,
eroluTs inquiries regarding thle con- The technical name for the water tire town vnp aroused and citizens with ones th"e have closed upn been somewhat of ,
t ot & bicycle is the bhydrocycle. The frame the Mooreap The mob ed. soore' w.i -,d rrent rresctu ef
BOARD OF TRADE MEETING. work of a tandem bicycle is geared to a offense was talking about the outlaws. CLeVl.so, Feb. 4.-- he Leadersays : ulemintew den# tOfhe
i _. shaft that operates a screw propeller. who have been operating exteniveiy in The American Steel and Wire comianv. iven the t teA 1 y

'hle whole machine rests upon two $ l eot for
tosEe te a Annul Replr Te w e machine rest upon two ...... ub I -I in other words the conilidatiou of the h was prosfitsd t !
oear ad Ietcar-shaped cylinders twenty feet in assshreauh (caritte. American wire industry, seems to be an pwh n refused
ofTreaUer snd r rs accivesd. length, constructed of cedar, one quar- CHRLOTT, N. C ., Feb. 4--Ho. acomphoshed fact. Onu of the strongest ImaThe bottowsesi lfi .
TThi regular aiaial meeting of the ter of an inch thick, and each having Steve Ciay, junior senator from Ceor indications in support if the conclusion tak in polic anid. s
Tam*p Board of ;rade was held in the sixtesu water tight compartments. gi. passed trouh Carotte returning is a sudden and markAd stiffening in saperiatendeit toralarb
Tam Board of rsdes-an heldin the through the price ot wirs and nails, which has tonigh makeaasatisse%
eity couactif rpoms Wednesday, The hydrocycle can be operated at a to Washington. He told a reporter that ome geuerally tia ae Tahes pric onih u romaeu tai,-es
ead coalderable nbuioes was tranSact.-speed of eight or ten miles per hour the hose action on the Tellr res.i u- was put up on Mendayber $1 a ton be. bank and the ?
ed. The most impsrtiant business was and can be propelled as fast backward n to ueected t hi oi yad what it was previus to the recent' tha he gae tie
never thought the measure wouldd temporary drop and as much asd
re election of oflqr for the ensuing as forward and can be used on rough that body. Mr. Clay said that the Dm tem oray drop ano d s eso m asr i n orrto o geidtalg ft
year water as well assmooth. It is ipos- ocratirc it his staw is better suildi whi wes u re erte s having Ire ot. behtd i
tAt the meeting of the board in Janu- sible to sink the hydrocycle and it can- ied this vear than ever before and that i made last week. h n
y thefollowin dminatiaon for of notposly be upst. woid not be surprised if Georgia .-.-.- on cotton l
ar .theolowin mpinatio for o notposs.ily be upset. rolled up a Democratic majority of u10. sraad I Cnr w ... C..rrra. W. ToI
ra wMr S. R. More, wife of the well-i 000 this fall. ASDERSON, S. C.- .Feb. 4. Tom 0r i
Dou for t rer, T. C. Talia known cigar manufacturer of this city Rmarkable Hirth Re rd. Racket. a uegro janito at the graded niw O adi
DotlWsd; for t, vr^er, T. C. Tali a-Weiser Dbuiseee wV
t L; Od t J. B. AnrsnT V is now in Washington with her little PENSACOL,, Fia, Feb 4 -On of the school in thts city. wa arrested today Monday 4p resM
fGaerr and P. od Ball. dtuiaghter Grace and is having an enjoy- most remarkable birth records has oc- and placed in jail on the charge of pas-. Gresc' son. S
.. W able time She wrItes bt there was curred near Pollard, Ala. Seven years ingcuterfei mooy 1 is beivd
hseetion esltedss in the entire ble time She writes that there was he made the spurious ct3in and that r i del
ticket beina eIetio with the exception quite a snowstorm la8s week and that ago Mrs. J. D Pitts gave birthtoth re possesses for sets of nioulds fordime, it dd ela
e Grace watched it for awhilexen said childrei--two girms and a boy. A few quarters and halves. Racket gwimnd L
t the cadidatifo vice-president, for days since she gave birth to four bor, to hae received thd coin from Ji tt
wIch offee J. Long was elected. Ohmama. look at it raining milk' all now liviug. Two of them weighed Benson, anohernegr i whoisincharso ctier ha
tbe o e. whwee re-erleeted naked rs.'MoreT attended the president's 5O pounds each uad the other two 6 of the negro cooperate e store i sn ti Adsmialh s e,
cor5a o !WOh d .. .f.ia reception at the White House last pounds ea"" 0tcOy. Benson was ais placed in jail. that he
tE s 1G to fb their bst toad- night and last Thursday dight was en- A eIr rom Ak..o. r se-s
aed aterest. the organic tertained by Senator Julius Ceasar ATLANTA, Feb. 4 -Governor Atkin. Al F Tw Mormon
:rd9aVaArIerest 4 the orogaution. ..S A, ALL. Feb. --Two, Mormon _. - l mm
ar e ln r a rat oI the o raast re rroughs, of Micigan. last Friday son denies today most positively that elder hae reached thp city and decre O
iiaib e board o director wre- r nigbt she attended, with Mrs. S. M. he was present at any conference of any their intention of estjblishing a Mr-. OI l
1-i 7l- 4 8parkman and daughter a reception at sort to urge Spencer IL Atkinson or any men church her Th f are making a et
Ss r.e oreps ahopwed the Chinese legation headquarters. other m mae the ra or g house to house canvas of the city and s
j _=44cattes is be an a prosperous arnor to succeed him, as has bean stated. when permitted to ddfooterand 4i. i
*wumiaS=. The visit of Rev. Dwight L. Moody, rojs.. war Unrequnitd Lave. casE their doctrin e They catlm: t. P ed.
have IS organizations pousistilg of SO lal" ft
0 s as rwtgivi as the t evanlht. to Tampa Is at. N.W oBT Naws. VaFeb. -Sam- memb.err In the sta.. They ar, e .ra s aS 5 ,E
*JI'tl Ipoiug l; attention all over the state, wel Saundena, a street car condutor sving a mci dreeptici hern.:
f iOlsa omee Mo, Moody will arive here February e2 ommimed suicide in Hampton this A Z h r rs
***R by~roklo~~ MoabpmAnn rwiae I rrow" B
a willoncebegnsseseso rrev .a oniu abwalloingsrohae as
es OUPi festlWga which he will be. a req=uted afffetion wasthe came. SI FeM l Axt'k dssu
tiM-, je. .^ by the pators of the v"16" .st aussues a en *i Hnh
SS S tlSh ^of t le a or thOly, "Bf --ch. ir - tom. a d, Feb. .-A d I I-ii
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x Srtyobs. Constipation RACTICE
Exx GcretaryjoboG. Carlisle,in his C eo fBnyhalf ms sicess in the word. It
article in the Forom advocating the retstas te digested food too long in the bowels
electou of the resident and vioe pmi- and produces tbiousness, torpid uer, tdi- n
deLt i. direct .ote of the people, de-
clame that "thb is the bonest, demo-'
o~raUc and Amorcan method of ascer-
taining the choice of the people." BeH o o d s i
asy further that "tt will scarcely be sestl^ bad tste, mtd ills
contended by anyone who has carefully tone, sik headache, t-
esonmla etc. Hood's P ls
examined the aubiect that our institu- oreconstipt on andall ts
tiSle wiUth made le secure, or that results, easilyand thoroughly. 2c. An drugglsts
any shebtaftlaLinterest will be imperil- Prepaed by C. L Hood & Co., Lowellr. Ma_-
S i trs two statement e tru The ony l'lli to toke with Hood's tarsaperila's
beyond questie, his remedy for the ax-
isting evil would seem to be commend- THE SOUTH AND WEST COMXER-
able. Mr. Car:sle suggests a constitu- CIAL CONGRESS.
tional amendment providing that presi-
dent and vice pteedent shall be chosen J
by the people f the various tatss by In speaking of the above congress
ballot ona fixe day-each state to be that convened in this city yesterday,

number of its Pleeral senators and rep- ally: "This is the same organization
resent ad each person votd for which had its beginning about four ,
al be entlid to hae mounted in years ago, at Topeka, Kan., under the
hi vor er of the electoral or name of the South and West Grain and -
preidenta e of each tat orre- Trade Congres. and was instituted for
prmidential tvds of each state corre-
spenoding tothe proportioa of the pepu- the purpose or fostering more intimate
far vote received by him in suoc states trade relations between this section and
This remedy is not Mr. Carlisle's by the t West.
vitueo priorty of dioovery. It h Prior to that time, allof the grain
grown to he a popular belle Whether trade of the Trans-MisIsippi States,
stateosmen as wiraeud patriotic as thoer with the excSption of a very small pro-
awho founded sise repuabltic are ready t portion which came down the river in
whoe tnhd c rphan ic a me rea dy n.o barge, sought tide water on the Atlan-
tic coast over the rai lines terminating -
IxOMaDw& 8YTR 0UL TURE. at New York, Boston,Philadelpbih and
Baltimore. The grain producers and
From Psaata a deale~a of the West understood that tihe
The impititgv to the hin i long hao to the Atlantic seaboard was
d entry of Florida by the Tampa Fisher artificially maintained as the regular t
dustry of Florida by the TampapFishery t ad hig and the West was heing

here to develope the cultivation of oy- the value of its crops to maintain that
terms. There i no reason whbour coast unnaurl ro O d ste rn fen
should anot be favorble toa te busiwere aware that the Gulf ports were
nes nas thate o e Maryland. In fact it hundreds of miles nearer to them than
s s n by eal abl p s d the Atlantic ports; hence they argued
before the Congt' that experiments
freeady tade Coagre, thorat ly eeis tjat if an outlet, or several outlets,,

oyster culture anywhere. Our climate
a cpe iper cost of transportation would
is better alapted to their propagation be secured, and that such lower rate
than that of the Chesepeake, while the would force the Easern lines to meet
flavor of the Florida oyster, even in itsweul for the western ine to the
uncultivated state, is not excelled by the consequent competition, ct te
those or any other section. great profit of the grain producers.
thaoe o C any other section. e t p
It was to bring about tie opening up
The Lake.Rdgion Saw, published at of the Southern competitive grain
Lakeland, Flas, a railroad center, says routes that the South and West Grai
'-is has yet been unable to see where and Trade Congress, of which the coo- i
the railroad commission has dons much ventioa to meet on Tuesday, at Tampa.
good. Likesagood many other laws is the continuation, was organized. '
made at Tallahassee, not worth the That the movement was a success is a
paper they are printed on. That $7,500 shown by the fact that the Southern "
on salaries is- the biggest thing in ports now divide the grain trade of the A
the whole boisnss There is one pe- country witn the E astern ports, and
collar thing that we have noticed about handle more in a few i eks or the
the opposition to the railroad commis- We to cereals tha tey formerly hu- i
ston ameing-the state press, and that is, dled in an entire year. he s
almost every paper that opposes it s Having accomplished in the fullest t\ t
published at aplaee that is a point of extent the work it set out to perform, !e-- i
iderable importance in the way f theSouth and West Grai and Trade
hvin are i lroad cilitienot Ciogress, instead of dissolving, enlarged Like Goldsmith's parson, who- Another areat preacher the Rev. S. that arOduces adsa
having large railroad facilities-no sad now pro Triel DSeas art reproved eaoh doll delay, Domer, pa.-tor, c St. Paul's English celeryanpe e .4im
n r oitssphere of usefulness, and now pro-i ?ie erod aed aehlelay ,w l a
ably, Jackso le Tampa and Lke-Alu edto briglterwo 1ds and led the wy, Lutheran ChuOt, Wastiiosngton, D. C., tak meSle-sita it
land. Can some one explain why it is? Doses to encourage more intimate com-greatounw .
r Commercilai Takre aI mercial union between the two sections great preaChers throughout the oo n- ynt
-Leesburg mmrca. try have aben the most untirig and W ahingt o, j. C.e May 1e e 1897. b- -
tee conty, that has no railroads and it represents, in other lines than grain. earnest in telling the truth about Wells, Richard n Co.: De
what has the commission done for the Having found Southern ports the proper Paine's celery compound, in urging cry compound a tonlin, and amt
truckers and fruit growers of that s- outlets for grain, Western shippers now sick people to use it, and at the same err compound as a osic, and am bothas t
time they themselves have employed pleased to certify that so fsr as I have 0ig110e&
ain. I ha simply raised the price ten desire to tees their capacity for prcvis- tie great remedy in their own homes ir able to test it'I have ,found it tcy, acl e eft
cents perorate on every crate of vege- lonsg canned goods and other products, with results that tave steadily kept up quite satisfactory. Yoursver truly. gnerali 1
tables shipped." Can you blame t The merchants of the West also hope their faith io its health giving powers. g I 8 DOMERB, .trom bletup
Lakeland Sun and other sensible papers to be able eventually to import all the It is significant that Paine's celery St. Paul-sa Dat. Cb o
Lakeld Sun sd other sensible n to l o m h compound stands alone as the one rem- It cannot be reheated too -ofen that aad sOetio e ,
S Stat for their option to foreggoodstheyconsumethrough edy that is freely used in the homes not the stomach s te f tai which sup o
law that benelts no one except the rail- Southern ports. This is a phase of the only of clergymen but of all literally plies every part of the boty. If the it cdnseeist
road dommissiooers themselves? work of the oongreas in which New Or- as well a professionally educteo me, stomach is sckthe braIn, t d
leans Is vitally interested. While this physiciane lawyers, school teachers liver, bowels ad, kidneys are all sink.mse ig
Blood still stains the soil of Cube,. port handles a good shareofthe exports and others while every other reed e trobuls may allh oin e IPt ;
Patriots ame dying for the oaneuse of free- of the country, its percentage of the P pOrti to accomplish equal olt it may be in the etoae h ti rh iYmati n oleC
dora. The greatest nation on earth imports is by no means what it should No class of men have the public good muscle. It will be felt in the weakest @cedss e 1,
does not raise her hand to command a be. Our merchants should, consequent- so disinoterestedly at'heart as clergy- place. Paine's ceery c pou is flly
stop to the buachary. The pages of ly, take a deep interest in an organic- men; none others see so intimately the competent to cqrrct all sucbdieor..- el e
-omto'e hibstry r eo d i 9 ti wc dpr eesto fe th buid- affairs of so many homes. It is their dered conditions of the stomach sad to p
Colombia'shi ~ble recorded in 1895,'985 atton which proposesto foster the build- business to know the sad side, sorrows restore a health hearty one that wll fom'hibst
'97 an '96, will show an ugly bh.o to ing up of an import trade here. and sufferings. Asconfldant, confessor enable it to m every demand made wok aed he -
our children, who shall peruse them in New Orleans, lhke another Rip Van and comforterthey learn the truth as upon it by har-worked brain, heart telery oompndi
the yearsio come. Is the spirit of "76 Winkle, is just now awakening from a even the physician often fails to do. and nerves.c the best sr ur h bjo
And clergymen recommend Paine's A d gpeptic stomnach cannot, furnIsh esableyou to foorpue
dead? long and almost fatalsleep. Vasn t rev- celery compotd wherever they enters sweat, healthy cp'me. as the digeeted wl)idoio yo wha
olueions in trade routes and toademeth- home where some member needs a gen- food is called, bng acids and pots iMons amn ktlsriia
hos beenrc-ods are actually in progress, and if this eral building up of the body, a purif- gaen t in and nerves thns lstalthp, ai v P mann
b~ a locomo. city is to profit by them, its people, ing of the blood and a strengthening of get poon l sed of food. t is not
tive and is and pernicularly its merchants, must tred nerves r
pickedup alive exert themselves to the utmost. Tey -

and carried on must show that they are alive to the AFOOL'S ERRAND.- The latest new4 anent Cuba Is tlarm-. ansass tyhri
catcherhashad advantages they possess, and are de ingeno oeb. Spii appears to be get- for and segan e
a miraculous termined to profit oy them to the last The Atlanta Journal very truthfully ting ready to maske asbowoffight. The doses. One~4th'
J United States is Wready prepared, but own wberze
escape. The point of possibility. To do this, they says: 'The Klondike season is about United States is already prepared, but ams we e dh
thr ugha neo must share their advantages and divide to open and it is said that more thn is purposely avo g a demonstrate hungry bt
L lect has sacr- their profits with their customer. In 20 00oo persons are preparior to join the I' is the ese power that fil.jly free MbthI, Coetis
nd`-ficedhis health the vast competition in Lusr en., today, spring rush to the land cf gold. wins We have s.S a"andanceofthat. Im it will -b e
anrid of a edhicis bo c a d hpug the enterprise andenergy must supplement If this be true it shows that the fool Spain has one If it comes toe a lash atWthis ts
and restored tobealth has had an almost all other advantages population of t country lametably there are few America who w ra te.
eqsally wonder fhlexperience. There are The Board of Trade o this city will large. tremble. T0flbst gun will IAre the Dot iu~Pan
hoarkdwf tireso hIe no be represented by e of its epresi- t s stated on good auth rity that all rephlic's paiism as t as neer, th n o-et
workcwied th to the neglect of theiraI been fired since 1812. McKinle can T^
rhe dthmand tlen when utterly wrecked dents, Captain Breedlore Smith, at the the desirable gold-bearisg claims in been fired ince 181. McKiley an p o .i
hin-dy and shattered in nerve have approaching convention at Tampa, and the Klondite haye bben locate and the surely count up the whole nation in &walnll har l#
been pickd up and restored to health by no one is better qualified to fittingly only chance for the new-comer now is any aggressive ve. Intervention hbas,Tf birItoAeAhete
.Dr. Pier CSTden Medical Discover. represent the interests it is desired to either to pay a big price for a clim or become almost a national demand. coe,
It is amr ee*lous remedy that corrects i o y g c a m
ildisode the diestio, invigorates bring prominently before the conven- go to work on wages. There will cer- Eh a
the liver, d lls the blood with the life- tion. It is a pity that there could not mainly be an over-supply of 1Ibor and ji a comuron scisety reporter gets toA,
oienp l. thatgbuld mne flesh a have been a large delegation -set from is safe to predict that if 200,000 person be a jour alist hen he get be~y f eytlfp -
: 2zl. ; It re at er cenlo ofd all this city; but the sensor, of the yesrand learv this co utry for the Klondik thle tigh fan tic tooe' *d cr
i of Oon and is a specific f a the remoteness of Tampsa make it dira- this year nise out of ten of them wil smal oura s o s pid hr ee e
S due to disndes iofi the digestion scul to secure delegates who van spare suffer unless tber are amply supple in .omptieot,'he will s.wishl to ior ~ D t
orwfet itrio n.Druggists sen it. the needed time from their business ith mo y, tinu inU + n eo ibl ~
Mr.Pa.G.Ada=- weigwht ofe nwl p7 bpar ibi peaeb
;s ? i?..U?"tSa k avocations. It is satisfactory to know, t is inevitable that every new d4 h
,55^^r? %Th Die SAve however, that New Orleans will be fitt- cover of gold in large quantitiesshoul cil turn oose 9. spper, e-
S Em it sy too Vmch .5 tingly represented by the single dele- bring misfortune to far more people Whenever
AWr c iive wrs'G&boil gbawh o nd O
M iet gave who has consented to go. than it benefits, but we regret toan s O
Sto the Kiondike craze threatenlog to in trced pnttiln inm sreet car bi:wil- be
it SIdT o A young lady of Wabash, Ind., gave volve nearly a quarter ofa million pe~. prepentedwit h4ied wth th.sIi-
St biti ld ia candy-pulling thetheoher evening and le s ot trtutuearle eeefi Beo lk
fiftylnrltid Oestssseres s 1L- itotit eegu hatlo IL1es teof &resaRt it h--
te S g d ill origbeputpn Thne mat btg thing for Tampa will 4 hade, a h)asfa
m lg S killer" tn the candy, and the rult was the oommeat ongr. a y frT w Delegates ... .
Um the pains of all who ate of it were kill- from all the Southern e an a "-
Sed.' Thirten funeralsand thirteeanew Middle ataS will be tbher.-Laklan The. A.O ,a .ebo.-
=6010-,e grades Sn- will plant'=e LeOentg ~4i~i
N The w ew orf k hasf eauhe who The wrig paper ued by ,sN>4v e 5t
a.g ; ?pegam^e Jw"8 yre eer w0"erasat odis is Wid to he adeJ W 4i
~edle keC- '-BMthc et 8eoW0~peg ge


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Woo Be tiAi"- i aOrI r tM I1 ..--"r syI waf
666!w~ue Wo,,,"Ato. ...... .. .... !"I
D a Fe. 7.--'The in, the Scis-., OaL. Feb &S-Frank Below
ieifl afls oeAtt e or soi Ine a w-****. Sml Ilformat B ta the has repesd to t he distric attorney h" *.
Smui in mu. ee ty, weeh e ea.o ,
.re B[ ~UI r ght in verdict f otuilty tonight Bsttements. He said before he left the
G POLTII d a his pn4hi ssnt at i mpri t CRwEAE D PRICE AYRERGE ranch on tbe artrnoo or tt day he it
slaten fo lia.l Thejrwa ot two put the poison iu the kettle hie emptied
ai t.or. mbla ew n Ohers On the firt ballot the jury stood Over Eight and a Half wKillion Balm the powde onr of its original package
,m b l a a0 0 ved for the death penalty uad men for Total Output-Sea Island Cotton and folded ic In a newspaper, throwui ;
In W1a tif Kudaalyd a l" haif honsete Tbie rdwicaM&P away the binti he rort ot the ripae.
l prome Te e w rop Is Larget Ever Raia d In the ay the b a front of the rh
"iWWI BrL tived at because the testimony against rophouse.He tuks he brue th paper.
Lee wia ircumus-C*=iaL Soutb. He ha also sa:
r : Lee was found dead in bed one "When I heid Susia's hnud while she
sl a-~Mr JosephP. P orcnn wish a ibarue thronst hbr Wasa-arox. Feb. 8 -A crcular is was dying I di uat give her wawr or
$~.b.u n of Ame. bmin. Loe'spi"olvnwfhWs ecrened btte i brought her drink of auuyth ng. A.i
In the fron yard of his heme. Lee deo- s hyd Stulattui BO thai I gave her wi eeo e ice. It isnoiu&
0 I. tiam"-i, ia FI. at nd. knowledcr other crim. The elturaldeparmet givee.con.i.erib:e true thba my brother Trn m ew any a 0
L nit Oa heart ail- evidence on which he was convicted information concerning tie cotton crop thing of th polsounug. either before or
wrt known Inn Ohio w ina by.his pr moor. Me Helen *f 1896-97, it value. the amount pur- after it happened Hi u i.entirelre ii uno-
C- p m M H 1 6 i l d a u g h t er o f p r o z a b n c e n t I a m t e r r y f o r T o n i a nu n A r t u r ,
0" ,.. O. Heed the daughter oa prominet chased by mUlseand the acreage planted. centhaiathey f ant r o
....a of t 8elm6, Ala., who had lived bag Ido un t bee whas shey waut to
sTa under the name of Helen Arm- It shows that the total cotton crop of w rry."
skang. This woman's conduot with 1896 U7 amounted in commercial bales Arthur Bellew cried bitterly when be .
Lee had bee notoriou. to 8,532.705. made up by tne folowing met his brorner in his ceil, bus the
Stprisoner seemed stoid Fra"'" I.
J, 1 wo th at had at Variou states: Alabama,. 834'78; Arkansas, ponr eeaed stod
tBe tried to have her bhy poison a te A ama me with your own lip Frani."
dugstr e hwe fhior hm to pt n his .0641Y; Forida. 48.730; Georgia. 1.299.. id Arthur. -tat you have made ihis
a&h wife's medicine so kif her, thenhe 840; Indian Territory, 87.705; Kansas cofeoneion. I an hardly believe."
SLm 11 ar1 %1be woaa Ki Raed 1; Kentucky, 414; Louisiaoua 567.251; "Tha'sh what I did," was the anwar.
wm er she boaghR td pt e y4 L at y 4 sn 7 It is true. 'I killed SOuae and-i ,i.u
N5 she -be oughtthegonatlas ieslpPi. l.201.hO; Misouri. 24.119; but I don't really know why 1 did i
eh e wsh e uwiling to liw wi ortN Oarolna. 521,795; Oklahoma. 85 The murderer ha expressed a desire
SB. 25 1; South Carolina, 90468; Tennensee, to plead guilty, but rather hesitated
,WeMatwA firt arrsted the fael. tld781; Tea, 2.123.701; Utah, 123; abonth after a uisit from his asorpJ -i
Si was eo trosi a in fara of yThmn Vrgnil ll.hI.l ney. Reese Clark. The attorney aaced
bftm bt the 3BlU oasty omo. re It is stated that the large and increas- perm snoo of Sheri wnuh tobnue a he
S- movd him Co Dalla, where be S wa ing amount of raw ooioii taken direct- Phyasician to the jail wIn him and there
kept n til hit t5wl wa ben a Week ly from the current crop by mills from m little doubt tl*t this request lua
Sthe cotton growing states s more than that insanity han been chosen as the
kK BAD FOR HANCOCK. ver mpt factor il imat Ine of defense that will be adopted.
SLOKS BAD FOR HANCOCK. e ne r The ce will be brought before the
e"e M ar u M b.5K)0,000 bales wa used bIy s ue Robinsn a"ys Watchman WelA w iis e a '
", im iay M MUUMN. -states, while during the year 1&86-P7 thought Frank Bellew tried to commit Are now in L .g evidence a vep
9 eGit o illt a b. sb 7h .--u5t ret was great they used more than It per oeun of suicide lut night by pstriig a hanuker tore, nably
.111006 t wIO sti o fhs tday in the meeting of the daren ocrap, over 8.0000.000 baiee. Toe num. chief downt hie thront Wells say hot
my-;J 'W yeO of the AlAtlmic and North Orolnus betr of mile In oera rion during the thinks the attempt was made. but Bel Wool Dress ktterns, of which there' s
aw2^ np ll.o fng So 5 Robes H woc t he year was 402, the number of spindles lew vigoronsy denied it. two alike," Gnd Wash Goods d
-d W 4 Mr. p nt. on veryg r. S8o a d the uumner of blues HANCOCK TO BE OUSTED. These are forerunners of what wiHpr
-a sm yr. ils~nt eryun very grav ue boneht l saii she. n e of halest1
Itilt. ml L ght by his wife's young nieces. An- The iuvesniiario of the production althniC o-,v.r,, r tas ii s iz "i be the grandest attractions ever reLe ted
ar efeas anmUaember ateand Gertrnde Abbot Al the di- of Sea liani cotoun shows that the crop woe&.."r .v. .Il J.....t- us to the people of Tampa and aSoth m i'
Qe. uo Census, 0 dOe rsore saveo w re w preent, L of 1896-7 was the largess on record. the pleoTampaand
S e4 aier, he Befr the began busies Governor taies of Gergi,. F lorija. Sot C ro. RBALEIH. Fea 8 -The directors or ida. You ap cordially invited to ca i'ahi
% asnde's. name Bmseil eaered the executive oifo., lia and Texae having produce 10l. 9 the At auiic and North Carolius rail- inspect the lew goods whether you wlbk. '
i of hipaper where the session was held, and said: bale The et lget crop wa t y ad a very brief sesou this mou. buy or not. -Cbme and see the ret
Sow Gen nlement you a l know the charges of he preceding year. e, timad tb wyhaavlug.. ..poerbtiasltn o this mom. abyand at the .ame time keep up with tyo
Wlmleoted which have been brought against Pre 93.000 ale-. The production of 1 r. nOl dne to P'ei and at the same time keep up with the
i st Ideat Hanwcoct Ileave the whole mat, i wa 64,668 bales; r iat of Fiors dent Ruuerc Hancoc uust Foe. l. at and fashions. Don't lose sight of thea
we.e f ntaim tw in your hands." 8.4,31 bale,; nonun Carouliua 10,769, Newberu. It is nse, nudersiood that that
prSmaolly and Hancock made a long statement ab. Texas. 2.50i. Governor Rusienl is sdeterunited to ie
Ifaaraftsas e s alaely deanyr all theharges. Much The total vrol of the upland crop move l uo.: t, uonh he d---ires tha
te okts he otU was read and all was a repetition was t,86,810,tii6. wuich gave a l averl he directvur siaus onu1.t li.m. H Hli-
a6a o atwhs hasu been published. He charged age price of 6 63 cents perpouua of tli t cock s.y.:
moith s a thai his political enemies In the Repub sold, and the total vasne of the ..en l ..av- o i.d .a w:: tl..-v did not dis-
I kled seedaiy ibea psary at Newern were psiing island crop 6.000.958. an average pricO pos. ;.y 1-e I to. rl, ex e p t ctsomne
l.is ma mtr against him after she Miesse of t6 58 couta per ponud alrec re -ti,,: e t tru l. the respou.
Abbott' mother had withdrawn tbhe al acreage aig 186-97 w oty up e:u.e rn i m Continues aU this week. No reasonable
enemies In measured terms 1,02. 71-a average o"f S7 haloes er a refused for anything in the line of Fall
_"emii in unmeasured termsL 8. 2.;t --a averse of Y7 balee per .t."
%l l Si sa.- The directors who are hearing Han Acre. Govern.-r R-e.l. nin ie the retiarhk and Winter Goods.
11.AilaDil. -cook adjourned for a day. Two of them AN INCREASE IN BUSINESS. abe siaie.uei iin le oad no poner to p
wre interviewed, and they say thingsI remove Htifs-c Itis Kiwn tuaitnight*
oo-His M f Hancock. SwtherI r le eutere Actsve-Nun,.r that tile iCuverllr atLd thie Dnrc oi[ i.
i imai Th meant touiht Ags that he wll ,, New i, dustri terual Imp.nl.rW t win, remuhd 1i frt
ccr sp a the certainly laee his place; in other words., A Fe-At Feb. 22 -v, directors say tuey w il P ?lv a .
6 ,ftnIDd-h lai shoat she ROvernor will drop him. A A. eb 8-At sourer ote ftr rewuvaL T-lw is sYver a uI. 1
S es the i&m t trade centers. bnieiese. as reportio u ,y jorme v io t s.-.r sas nLid is I t;d l t. Has not been overlooked. Everything up
"e e l C l s e anrh el. r The Tradesa' slen crrsu;: re e e r:i orat io shet of re date is here and on exhibition.
ea re.s;immsrrraon Calunozlltmo M.Msa, Feb .-Thp re.b .hews a lisLly .iticre.i. i.i u.s ...i. foreee the bettrd HI
i. S u..rp e Cn- vised schedule of games for the ar tion fvore for ir, r rv. nyi sa e ao k You make a mistake if you lookt
i ses rar: vrd baseball team has been completed, meuc wnen ie .. u ,-i Ruseh also sid SHOES and don't ceme here. We have th
a m rowee- and the southern tour has been so ar- Whie ta in .he 1t ,.i ...-i, It further starei that it was then can save you money.
li t Lo I d ranged that, beinnmng with the game the demnaud for Ir..on iin i, ...... ,:.. i said that the fu-ioiiit, would be ruain e
l hlr .nMtry with the University of North Oaroliua, the. faru.m. are -. ... in Norm Caro. u iin iess auci.joci wre
.hysesty apon theteam will have a Rame with some der Wllll the courn : i i; pi onated. as the general puotic believed
n theappli. oo ege nine every week that it is away iron i i10ui. in- i |ruiu-i,, .1 i..a him guilty aud tlua te question was
tr itoS, ciioml noaa homa The Yale dates are e odat. h e.omewhat Gcbd!. ..i.- tc,... whether it w siut ithe bese poiltla to
S ided. Among the dates are: April 16, though not euoua e ,u- p:e rt s io acrfice Hacoc to sak e toe par y.
b applied so UniDewity of North Carplin.at Greena. decline. The demand for fia-,-..u urn_
klug a home baro, N. 0.; April 18. Waahington aisi ducts and car material iS eovei.-l.Iy A STAMPEDE IS IMMINENT.
a1 Dose lmasb verlty. as Lynhbbug, Va.; heavy.
{19, University pf VtrginaS The southern lumber market is firm. Mipre trstprivelL to eave owso--NeYw
MbrloCin. l o t A the nlnlswe all buy and prices are as d la rl Ta VeryA nneR nrik
Koal' W n Pram oour. the wads is the increased demand for
eftL a blwo, W.T* 9La, sae ommon Vr*es of lumber, or w rhich 8~ rld, VIcsoeua. (, Feb. .--e
othmre n neretof been practically no sampede from Dawon ia imminent.
f aeg^-d.te,^^-. V.Fb-Ger comnmoat grades of lumber, fort which Seeta Vw^^a a Q,^ Feb. tI-
i*l U .. and fomu5 hi wife withn h Wte-e .ttve uld the textile mills report |

BI countyy, wathm atm Ino B..hiMn atp to Brc h and tile work s at li Ai Th- Among them were Ouwte Myoapaenn
1beft liri. ags.'Mn.Taitrwatnbe mother tie. FLa.; tbe Oak HiU roller flooring of Douglas island. who hua been in th
.e =. tbu. pawn children, who lived a ll, capital 510,000, at (CGeeasboro. N. Yukon for two years. He alsot-s S; what is 0ing on inside.0
C.. ^ and other floug mills at High Ltha a numberof very rish newrB tr whatisgingoniside.-They uods
t alb'Bess h m PointN, (, and Gibbs, Ten.; two have been made. Ths in the very latest suit your wants, eyes and pocketlbocks,-' -
KmatiS^^Mfftti^ "^ factories as Bocky Mount. 2T. 0. The from the Klondtke, an four men n the in winter goods at most any priew eaA
B, De s" O 'e s ss tl, G(tirath Coal and Iron company, oapi. party left Dawsou as late as Dec. g winter goos at moat price,
L'em ollsm z *. 7 .--A erpsla diapatuh 2,5),000 bha been chartered ast B. A party of 24 men left Dawson on ladies' skirts,' cotton and wool blake, ts
ttu ... sohm erth Was A ta, esys tha migLham. Ais., and the Alpha Miniu Deo. 19 tor St.8 Mary river. They in.- making a grand display of spring aaIK.l
fTim / i DerLti Wane anad Hoker who comph e any ital n ta .It.000 at Bokt ord. tend to prospect the Stewart liver up in diniities and lawns. See the q salij s'4
HHHI| ^" o ~Ir ad D2.id HCo. The Brooks Lumber company, its course to aed into the Rocky moan.-
-B K '- '-ge en a uPruCtlst tour of foui hospital (100000. has been incorporated taisn Gold has always been found In these goods. Shirt waists of the -W'vef lateuf
ebsl"p Usitslm. aftrwailetiLn in the buah at Bath. a C. Saw miles will b the bare of the Yahon For years this beautiful patterns, consisting of plaids a d
nsknouer a week wiches watesr or food. erected an Cintteville and Jemlsoas. Ala nd banks of the Stewart have produced wIf you are lng for genuine bm
y s o "r' vns n e gold and n some places there has beenyou are looking for genuine bargains
d ,bd- eey otshuteablood. T taned, life aAslen soon to ao.. ... a rich yeld to the pan. Furnishings aid clothing, our store t' th*

.'fithms ior a few dyse and then AousTra. Cr. Feb. 8.- A special to u,,the,5 o The 50c drawers at 35c.- Men's pants wr .
ddlirLA W i aq hla be fog-ad T Crieo us came, doubtle--, from the Kloudike eand
b A o Sqe e found The Chroalcle from Brunswick ys: its uiequaied rich tri baries-~o- $2.50 at $1.50. *Becaub'ofusual prioesa we.
'4n b the h b. et Jy All agns potU to Judge Spencer R uanza, EL.r. ar.. Hoauier and other ing fetters of friendship with our patrons.
Atkinson being a candidate for gor- creeks-mt i ar.zu-i so. also, the gold in -'
cartm aineartn n cCufe*d. eruor. Is is confidently expected here the Stewar nver bars may come from a ".
Bax "ao. &. B G. Peb. 7.-A telegram that he Wil make formal announce- the sae-me 62nuatiou and from deposits l jrfcI
"ii oYnio a Ssharlo say O 'e meat within the next few days Ttiere I equahy as
"ir, O6k b ed St Wn a pd a pressure b ,ing brungiti so bar up trlke Made.
Wa n- S a him, comlnk from ali portilos of tie R I ch 'r.. Mad. t; 714-716-7 8 FRANKLN ST., TAlP
CBeM sth r. s a Wilson a tate, whier will prac icaly force Ihm VANCOCV i. B. C., Feb. -The
Su-B&Sjb'^ 'r u daar y bej aswndared into tbe race.
i artin a darleston oie nt. steamship Ccquilaun, which recently
R, left forCharl seshoser Totaily wre-eied. etrucs on a roca near Mary island, off ^
mailt sad WItS $tint the' prhioner JACKaoNVILLE, Fla. Feb. i-- The the southwest coast of Alakait. while
-l 'schooner Fansne Ktnerr. Captisi bnsmrhhs isc vet%4
from ik~awu ybriiigig Uews of aff irs
Na.ea u. rishas Am.rs. Tier, which sailed from Paiiadeiphia in h u northern territory. Tie ne ws
tr--m 4iranpe Feb. .- -In an interview Jan. 2 with a cargo of coat nouna for that m.ay riakes had been minae on
i jfi=' rmi hnere fom the United this port. foundered about 5 miles norb the big Salmuou is confirmed by a p.ar y
S'I.tL .isee of tem h or the A-o 0. Jolus rtver wno came out fur suppues
The OwlJ wenut ashore in the deuse fog .'.
4ii'is qe a saeyag tha .3-them prevailed. No lives were lost, but .tarv. ina.. a r.ade I cell.
SAmm 1is bad r or theveal is probably a b tota wreci Sas Fascsci. e -In a paded Have latty be-n added to our stock,a4
StharSw S Ei Amercn e c lr F ..r r. .a..r. eell at iae cIty receiving. hospital. O. prepared to how you the nicest lioe i
a" .t e no*l ettoebi hs tMas A.aksTvJUa.- Ala., Feb 8.-Com- Dordano. a nephew of Frauci.co Den Sideboards, Bedroom Suites, Bed
.w r asptw te --MPu- paring the sates of fertilizers sold this aas, ex-presdent of Salvador, is trying Dining Tables and all kind .oF
S i hJ.-- 7.-0oad year with amounts last year shows a dys. he ha-. stood i as tuda of TURE to be found in the it. ,We:
.suism th *Ssraj. decrease of S0Oper cent. 25,000 bales of prayer and as not tasted food or dnnk. wi give yun the best bargains, .
h b a adkasti f9 cotton bseig the average umbe raised The hospital argeons believe that he is f any hoube in Tampa. .
kri, e LO~d in tls;neighborhood heretofore. Farm- Inumane.
baw hreaowd ers ae planting more graei chear.. e. es mt n. &
A = ar a nd am V Atses Aasbe uMses PaUiM.Uar PebLa 8. -The state .s
COmoGAo, Feb. 8 --Commissioner of preme court today oar imed the Afnd-
am hrea BaesI eynolds of Ohicago left today iag of the Mongomery county court
bbTbe frostr l, t fr M ll A. to ttead the convene. ondemaing to death Gharles 0.Kier
SS W ms tidos N tih National Qoarante so. for t he murder of his wife at Nasia-
= 1i g"o of ajM gait ases and the South town Oct 0a, 1&8I
Atan4o o asl o I a in called for Feb .lI
l 4M e. i sw amprwess BMeauLa Feb. e-Lanrlmbarg had a
S -" : a lt' 8&-The condition eo areu0 last nagh. Thm~la.is 0a O
-On hu dauhsiar of= -Ssn e-low-w The largeslasers as J. W.
Is Eapeaed to 0be inm- Mesir. general e-.obeudise. 5001
.S ahatio nlgsh's S.a 2r7as. J. Ia Ils and X. A. r
2. ---Z .o. .. -... r :, : : i, t. ..:.-s .

evy~ I F -j- *.



_jMa W auctions I Settled
bcttlasntinaof All Parties-
oe asted At the Plr-

?... . .
i aseeting of the city coun-
e hel" ThoasdafyLteroo at
it ,ta-. matfM onrted
leo0t10 cty baQ were
afpad aeted upoa so as to
tiic pe bass of the bonds,
iStor th. meeting wasjoed
iG*alUetaad was re pounded to
sre then a qorom of the
s -of the oouociL Secretary
Sf the Board of Publie
QAtaloney Hunter. !eyorr
sdswearal other city ,,i.-uals
ai s was aeo H.Mcqusa bon,
Madl Boelh leybole & Co.,
U the percbsen of tone

Sb utisfg was read
~setary-o tae Board of Pubi-
aexplltai l tha t it would be
te ropea be ordinance au-
it..oler 6 os. to dispoee of she
aianMd to eaet a new ordi-
yilnafg the contract with Ru-
& ote Co.
secei- ry resolutions were
md an ordsiance was prepaed
Bpted sa its firat reading and
madvasedd oa its second and
addinotrad'adopted as a whole.
beat once approved by the

ae meeting was called exclusive-
be transaction of business per-
to ~S bond saleno other busi-
a be transacted and the meet-

ailo taken by she council was
oqaestof Mr. McQuiston, the
nativeef te pnrbhasers of the
oadiow iti believed that every-
i blen arranged in a manner
tyto the city officials and the
i.The first payment of $150,-
wn a N Iew York repository
Oaedf of the city and as soon as
stya needed to pay for the im-
oats it caa be obtained.

t eadse Committee Arranges
jra Trip Down the Bay.
i d a f Trade committee on re-
t aleiratto t he South and
spLes o*gre met in the
Sadi Thuray afternoon
itsLsd ata geate for the
PC amd esntriBsaet'of dele-

has decided to gve
Uorp tb bay as

T66 R for
i dided upon
to salt the coo-

AnriO auNditorlum
shM tadianas will be
"i Thsirlowing com-
1 at-ei eved by Seo-
t ,the Boud of

S ari lpeants to 'at-
0ped West Commer-.
to be prwest.1
piheause, deliyer an ad-]
isly interested in|
d4 paeat. I have ap-

B 'ntwto attend.

vil ... esanees the
rido the work of six
s nb 6 taestfr these
ansath of Jackson-

W-l ar. ardetructive

sa aad mos-time be

the Nautioal
3Mr. Under-
thbe forti-
Itdid not provide

6te of the
^ dtea was

...d. Harbor

4"" gives

i s 0W AAU aes.L3SW 1ThTIATaTTA D T fl.T.TWpT AB BlABTI|F(f. rs

=mat Sed eo ld Cls ate@ An- The Ball of the Daughters of the I LD O MUU UII II LSag T aMUM
bounodu First Ship SailsFeb. 12. Confederacy. *
ISatrday. February 12. is the date set A scene of brilliancy and b-auty was A Bri ih Sj dto SesT. COntrol Of I
by the Plant System officials for the presented to those wno attended the HATana Cigl FatorifS. An Eminent W York Chernit ind
departure of the first excursion of the reception and ball given by the Tampa Scientist a Fa ee OM r to.
season to Puerto Gortez, Honduras, chapter of the United Daugdiers of the Our eadea
from Port Tampa. The fare has been Confederacy Friday night in the ball PTIOIS HAVE] BEEN ObTAINED. Yor
fixed at $40 oe way or 480 for the room of the Tampa Bay hotel. The distinguished New York cte'mst
round tnp for first-class and $25 one All Tampa's society people were-e Pce of Tobacco Will e T. Ad A. Slocum, dmryotrrting ole
way or9 50 for the round trip for see- there and a large number of guests
oud clau. The round trip rate will in- of the Tampa Bay, and other hotels of vanced-- umian Capitalst Are for Cosumptio (PulmonaryTaberon-
cwide two days board on the ship while the city, added to the pleasure of the ndeavoring to Secure a Xoopoly loi) and all ohial, throat, lung
in port atPuertoCortezsL -- occasion. The gowns worn by the of Cuban Petroleum Output-, a edd st d, astubboraneoug
'he establishment of a second class lovely women were remarkably for atd rrhak c a general deelt
rate will enable a number of persons to their beauty and elegance and in the Passengers arriving from Havana on die a ll
go to Hondoras who wish to visit the annals of social events at t the vrio the last steamer bring important news thre free bottS (all dif nt) of bW s
gold fields and do not care to pay ont resorts of Florida never has there been concerning the formation of a Brtta hew Dieeoveri to any affloted reader'-'
any more mooay than necessary for the an entertainment that was more thor- trust which has secured control of all of TheTRi n orte
passag. The aocommodations will be roughly enjoyed by the participants and the great Havana cigar factories and Hl e w S iting for them." h
the hiteat tavanacigar Nwd Treatment" has
far betterthan any that could pobly spectators the choicest Vuelta Abajo tobacco H" tentl b ith
obtained on a waling yeeel and the The music, which was simply mag- lands, tmel u, dperaneny by simt
time conaomedon thevoyage will be nificent, was furnished by the Im- The agents of the British capitalists prin nit
less than one third. perial Russian Court Orchestra, and have been in Havana for several to donate a toi his infg haumani
Hoodurais rapidly settling up with to its delightful strains the merry months quietly at work obtaining op. SciCent dail develop new wonda r
enterprising people from the United dancers pased the ti.n in an enjoy- tons from the large manufacturers -ad tlis great cheml t, l gently *o
States and the purchase of the rail- able manner, and the owners of plantations in the p in ears, h ducd
roads by Amerncas will do much to- The Daughters of the Confederacy is Pnar del Rio province who are will- periatseneting rs, has produced
ward speedily developing the country an organization composed of n e ing to either enter the pool or dispose be claimed by ~y modern nao H
which offers a fertile field to the indus- Southern woeen and the objec of of their interests. e hi b r sa a
triousa their entertainment last night was to Already several of the largest Ha- assertion that rluag troubles as on-.
As a trip for tourists the excursions raise funds to assist it providing the vans factories have entered the deal. smption a "1'*lei ie any climate is
to Hondras will prove attractive apd furniture for a room ti the Soldiers' and it is s.id that the control of fifty proven by 'ld l sta par of natu
will no doubt be well patronized. Home in Jacksonville. It is gratify- percent. of the Vuelta Abajo leaf to- at i"bora o in t md rom
Other trnp will be made by the Plant ing to state that the amount realized bacco is now assured, A number of the cure in lPartof theuswrd t
System steamers Olivette, or Mascotte was considerably larger than was an the large tobacco plantations in the vi- Medical experts oonesde that bron-
during the preent season, ticipated. cinity of Remedios have also been chial, cheet and lung troubles lead to s
Another trip that ban been arranged Through the kindness of Mr. and bought by the agents of the British consumption, -which, uninterrupted v
by the Plact System that will afford Mrs. H. B. Plant, the ball room ofoubt rust nd no doubt the price of tobacco means edy to death
byt the Pla- Sysiem that pSimply wrild to T. A. Slonum, L. C., P
the tourists much pleasure, and an op- palatisl Tampa Bay hotel was placed will be advanced considerably in the 98 Pine street, ew York, giving post -o
portunity to visit a foreign country, at the command of the ladies and they near future. office and express address, and the free 4
for a few days, is the resumption of the feel grateful for the generosity of the Another trust is also being formed medicine will be promptly sent. Sof.
favorite Jamaica excursions. "friends of Florida." Not only was by a Russian syndicate with a view of erers should tke instant advantage of
there the ball room thronged with those who a mosopoly of the Cuban of hisgenerons pitpositiou. I
For awhile it was feared that there the ball room thronged with those who obtaining a monopoly of the Cuban pe- Please tell t doctorr that you saw i
would be no Jamaica excursions this attended the reception and ball. but troleum trade. The agents of the syn- this offer in th TAxMPA TRiiaus d
season, but Mr. Plant hal received dis. the beautiful corridors and parlors were dicate have been negotiating with th jy22ly.,
pat-bhes from Jamaica saying that the used by them. new autonomist regime and steps tave KOBRN, FVBCHGOTT & CO. f
health of the island is now perfect and The success of the entertainment wus already been taken by the colonial au-
there need be no further delay in ar- due in a large measure to the commit- thorities looking to the abrogation of
ranging for the excursions, tees consisting of the fol owing ladies the concession now held by the Ameri- ThNew Sto Is NowOpen and D
The Jamaica excursions will begin and gentlemen. can Standard Oil Company. Like ing atBig Businea.
about the latter part of the present Reception-Mr. and Mrs. hI Steps are reported as being taken by Kohn. Furhgott Co. opened s
month and will be run at intervals dnr- Plant, Judge and Mrs. H. L. Crane, the Spanish authorities. their Tampa store, at 503 Franklin. p
irg the remainder of the season. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Gunby, Dr. and An agent of the Krupps' Iron Works street, and from early in the P
Mrs. B. G. Abertethy, Mr and Mrs J. ha arrived in Eastern Cuba from Es- morning until ate last night a large
TOBACCO CULTTE B. Andenoo, Mr. and Mr. S. N. iHon- sen and is reported to be anxious to ex- force of clerks were kept busy waiting a
aker, jr. ploit certain magnetic iron, maganese on customers. !The stock is a most ex- t<
To Be IInvestigated By Secretary. Floor-E, M. Hendry, T. A. Ctan- and copper mioes in the vicinity of cellent one an4 the goods were found It
Wilson cellor, R. M. Prince, E. V. \Vhitaker, SantUago. These mineswere formerly to be as represented and the prices were V
iDr. L. A. Bize. worked by American and English capi- way below what such goods have here- d
Washington, Feb. 3.-Secretary Wil- Arrangements--Mrs. M. J. Gritio, talists, but have been virtually aband- tofore been offered for sale in Tampa.. iI
son. of the agricultural department, Mrs. J.J. Harllee and Miss Jane Giv- onedsiuce the revolution was inau- Mr. Fred Mdyerheim, a partner in v
will leave Washington in a week or ten ens grated three years ago. the Jacksonviile firm, is in charge of p
days for a visit to the South, his obec- It is stated, upon good authority, the Tampa house. He bah a number of I
tive pointsbeingorthand South Caru-. ETEOROLOGICAL REPORT. that attempts are being made by the friends here and the lisb will be largely-
lina and Florida. local authorities in the Santiago dis- added to as be s a pleasant gentleman U
Probably most of his time will be Summary of the Weather For Jan- trict in the interest of the German rep- and a business man of ability. He is F
spent intbe latter state, where Secre- uary in Tampa and Vicinity resentative to haye the editing conces- assisted by Mr.- Abe S. Berlack, of a
tary Wilson wants to look personally -- sons annulled with a view to their re- Jacksonville, eld a large force of clerks, B
into the question of the raising of high- MeanBarometer, 30 18: Temperature, issue to the Esen and Hamburg capi- and all who cione are sure of prompt i
grade tobacco. He believes the Flori- ege tempetue fo talist attention.
da, country capable o producing tobac- Average temperature for 31 years, 61 musts, attention.
co almost, if not qte, equa o tt of degrees; Average Temperature for this A Coming Attraction, The firm oilers special bargains for
o alo, not que, equl at oth,62 degrees; Highest tempera- tomorrow as till be seen by reading I
the faest raised in Cuba and Su. 2 e mp One o the cleverest attractions that their advert ent in today's issue of
matins. ture, 82; date, 21: Lowest temperature,
atrh s o 27; date. 8; Greatest range. 28. date, 17; will play here this season is the Polk the paper. T:r goods are exactly as V
I If this opinion is borne oun, it mayLet range 11, dte, 20. Miller-Oscar Sisson-Ester Wallace advertised andki t will pay prospective 1
resulting the purchase and planting Company. Theywillappear for two I
under government spervisaipn of f- Precipitation: Average precipitation Company They will appear for two purchasers tjive them a trial. I
nderg t era meo speed with a visien of fodeter- for this month for twenty-two vear nights only, at the Tampa Bay Hotel
e toaco seed with a view to deterTotal precipitation for this Casio,hursday and Friday, Febra- oehold ods.
mining ust what may be accomplished month, .4 inches; Total deficiency ary 10th and lltb. The ancient Greeks believe that the
under careful calatio. e January 1, 188, 18 inches; Polk Miller, the well-known de- Penawes were e gods who attended to
Number of clear days, 1; umber of lineator of negro character, has joined the welfare aid prosperity of the fam- M
Hugh. Macfarlae has prepared the r o ler d 1 mbr forces with Oscar P. Sson and Miss ly They were worshipped as house-
petition for deeper water in the Hills cloudy da, 1; Aversage humidity for Ester Wallace, Mr. Ssson's neice and hold gods in very home. The houne-
borough river and bay and for e s to this month, 80. stage companion. This trio undoubt- hold god of to-day is Dr. King's New L
of the siame have bean forwarded to this month, 8 edly forms the most unique oonbiea- Discovery. Fpr consumption, coughs, ^
Hon. S. M. Sparkman, congressman Vital BSttiecie- For January. t:on before the people and their per- colds and for) all affections of Throat..
from this district, to lay before the Dr. J. M. Douglass, ity health officer formance has made an instant "hit' Chest and LSngs it iinvaluable, It
River and Harbor :committee of the has completed his report of vital statis- wherever produced The program is has been trial for a quarter ofa cen- V
borse. President Feseenden of the tics of the city of Tampa for the month in three parts and each part is con. tury and is guaranteed to cure, or t
Board Trade, stated at the annual of January, 1898. The report shows plete in itself. Act one is a musical money returned.-. o bouseholdshould fi
meetiongof the board on Wednesdy that the total number of deaths during comedy sketch by Mr. Sisson and Miss be without th .good angel. It ispleas.-
that the petition is an able and con the month was 87, divided as follows:- Wallace entitled "Cousin Ella's Visit ant to take and a safe and sure remedy i
prebeasive document and that be be. white males, 16. white females, 0; total from the Country." Act two intro. for old and young. Free trial bottle lI
lived thatthe purpose for which It whites, 25; colored males, 6, colored duces Polk Miller with his inimitable at S. B. Leopqrdi's Drug Store. Reg- ft
was drawn would be accomplished, females, 5; total colored, 12. The na- stories and songs in negro dialect and ular size 60c bd $1.00. dt
The announcementef the inaugara- tivity of those who died was as follows, act three consists of a one-act char- Buckl l'a Arnica Salve.
tion of excursions to Honduras by the Tampa, 12; Florida, (outside of Tampa). acter sketch in which Mr. Miller ap- The best sa e in the world for Cuts, "
Plant .Steamshipcompany has been re- 2; Other states, 12; Foreign, (largely pears in costume as "Uncle Daniel," an Bruises Sore, Uleers, Salt Rheum -

ceived With pleasure by the tourists -Cuban and Spanish residents) 8; old pantaion negr, who has gone ore Tetter pped Hads
aod already many inquiries have been known, 8. The ages were is follows: North just after the war and tiring of Chlblain s, in and aU 8kn Ba Eu p
received concerning rates, time of sail- Under one'year, 12 one to five years. 5; his experie ce is travelling back to ions, d pntively cures Plals, or no a
ing, length of the stay in Honduras, five to en years, 1; ten to twenty years "Ole Vrgio." I is aid to be ery required It is guarantee to give
etc. The resumption of the pleasant 2; twenty to tbirty years, 15 thirty to funny and full of quaint homor, songs pere tin r mon ref d
trips tJamaica, oone of the Plant forty years, 3; forty to fiftyyears, 2: and striking situations, Prifect .atsn perbor money e by f d.
Price 25ctot*per box. For sale by S.
line steamers, will also be good news to fifty to sixty years, 3; sixty to seventy B Leonardl Co
the tourist who are anxious to make years. 2; seventy to eighty years, 1 Moore & Crandal. tme wellknow eonari o.
a voyage totthetropies eighty to ninety years, .horsemen, will be in Tampa onatur- notice.
I t ci d day, February 12th, with a -carload of Picked up ly the scioonne Isadore, ,
A quantity oe dry grass and brush on No Cure-i-o Pay. I choice stock that will be sold ate auc- one Northernthuilt yawl, painted drab,
tCe vacant lots in Hyde Park caught Th is the wy al druista ien m Grver's tion at the Tampa Transfer Companys wih black bads over original varnish
fire Wednesday night and but for the Trateeie Chill Tonc fOcr SMWIhi Chisand stable on that date. These gentlemen having the saearance of having been
promp arrival and quick work of the ever. t ti simple Iron and Quinina n are so strangers to the people of this adrift for s months. Owner can
taesteleso Corm. Children )oveit, Aduliapre- a
me m the new ire station in to er naeingns. rice fifty sctio of Florida, and anyone wanting redeem the me y proving property
Park, would have destroyed several cetsa, a good norse at a reasonable price and paying epenses. FJ.PisaYr,
fences tiad probably bonuses. The wia- should attend the sale. See advertise- January 29, tf Manate- Fla
dom of establishing the HydePart fire The Tampa TarsBuN is putting in a ment in another column.
etatias was clearly demonstrated. Mergantbaler type-setting machine, Gras Rates.
which will enable that paper to greatly A thrill of terror is experienced when On account of the Mardi Gras at both
The whaleback steamship City of increase its reading matter. This is a brassy cough of croup sounds through New Orlean and Mobile, the Plant
Evereteis atPort Tampa takingooa evidence of progress and prosperity the house at night. But the teror System will Bli tickets t ohsfare for
cargo Of four hundred tons of phos. that is almost as gratifying to the soon changes to relief after One Min. the round tr Ticketskwll be on mle
pat friends of the 'faR8ta as it is to its up ute Cough Cure has been administered- February 16 o exclusive; good to i
. The aimpa TAsalOs has recently pur. to-date editor and owner, Wallace F. Safe and harmless for children. r ~. return nntil March 6. Sleeper or par-
Obased a Merganthaler type-setting Stovall.-Ocala Star Leonardi & Co. lor cars on sa Plant System traiws.
,lachim We are Rtad -to note the -
rciaity of the Tgrla t and hope Mr. T. M. Wier sold the Mong grove Moore & Crandall are omng to The statement of Coutlilsana qn
that i may become a great newspaper near Tbnotosassa to Mr. A. J. McCord, Tampa with a carload of horses on Sat- browsky ie airdong ciiy fnacaee "a
Banaer. a traveling man yesterday, and a house nrday, February Ith. It-you want a opened the es of tbh people to tih:
and lot in the city to another gentle goodihorse cheap, wait and buy from fact that thing is ieaC 4 w
Tli heift exrs oi( to Hondoras man. Mr. Weir says that business them. See advertiasthent in another with the ao t cty government and
l~ eV.Port.ap next Friday, in real estate is looking up and that column. there will doubt be a clcapiitA
i ad oS M'rd y, the prospects are very flattering for a over at the Ia city elptUg. -
bad bandbome busauee this winter. rd- dt ot a for ac The tito
Geiog :Washnigton's birthday will l onsih 01 houae in Florida of the
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im- i Ull Shrtat Lte to JaC1atS Tle; 53 Illes Shortest LUI to Satran
in verett. asranna, Angustt, Ga., Columbia, Washington, Baltimore, Phlja
delphia, New York, Boston andthe East.
verett, Macon, Atlanta. Ghastanooga, Nashville, Louisville, Cincinnatialnd
in- Everett, Blrmingham, Holly Bprings, Mensolis, Lttle hocck, Kansas City,St.
ck- Loua, Chilago, SiouxCity.
,alf River Junction, Peneaaola, Mobile, New Orleans, Texa., Mexico, Califore.a,
gosand the Paciflc Coast Effective Jan. 17,1898.
i Tral as Te 8:0 Lm. dad 8:10 p m Arrtes 8:10 L am d 5:20 p.
od.NSew York Eepress No, S& Leaves Jacaonntie
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)u reaches Jackouvitte :.25 p. m.
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Iaw Yoa. Feb 5.-A party of
erman echw Pan fom N ew k How Catarrh Robs Its Victims of Health and Life.
Brooklyn, Newark. Patewna, Hoboken
and other nearby towns, left for Seattle Catarrh is the most insidious of
Sa special cr l mkt on their way disease fnegled tinab i
ro a epskeiscar ia t theI 00 bo reaches the broet lai tubes a
,toahe Klondike In the party aracer- e rendering t em weak and
peseers. shoemakers, brewers ooks and slte p to conenmptton.
ailor. Each man who joined oat up P. P. P.
0 in casn,-uwhih provide his ticket fLippman. GCeat itemedy)
through to Circle City ind provisions I tie .ly elo.acal treatment for
enough so lass them twO months after this oatrhore disee. Catarh is
rlvlng g gt that p nc i now recognized as an a section of
ale. T iea best blood puefiper istthere.
ban Ea Side saloon ant 2.000 per ous for~ the bntd trniey, nce tre R beat
thronged she streets in the ueighbcr+ ,blood pet esacis.omcr .!.ed to be
hood. There was much sitiltug and P P. P. Under treatduco with P.
F. p. the sic.kening dicchnatgts, with
-~liction rmns the hour of departure haW ki a aM sAMiRTng and offensi
eWpproassed themembe:s pried into three odour, qeekly dtoszrpoas and peroma-
Mbi brewery wagons an the jom rey nel40 d radical recoveryon oore-
and They presented a novel spel- Metsrs. Lreoo o'ora ]S-t N, Satti.
= 1s a they were driven through the na. Ga.
-,lelta andl thousands of cititzeus opped Geuts-- have tsedt nearly fomr bottles
ser them on. oAf P. P. P.. Lippm an s Greaot Reed aanna a
w.rsas ai iaed frurn the crown of my sf my feet. rP. P. has redmd
tihe Park wagr on arrived an immense ultyofreath o citation of the heard hf
bannerlosribed "Auf Nch Kondike." fstoi was 4cse. foret. tbo, n obut .. ho n eothe f aappoihrn.t by

the probate oonrb of eahh cohnoy of a r
The men were dressed in : big tur over. I have ot slept on their side for two years; in fact. Idreaded to see nightcome. Now Isieep
a dly in ay siion o night. I am o years old but expect soon to be le to ta hold of the
Oibeam, pe oggings and each o arrived a yI feel adtha w l og toget P.P.. and I heartiv recommend tto
ride and had a revolver trapped in his my friendtand the public generally. Yours respectflly, A. tM. RAMSEY.
bmas Tmaer warlike appearance con- a T STaTo op TEXA--Cotntv of Comanche -Refore theundersigned authority on thisday
Iastdd with their jolly eianner. for aso .rOh A t .ey, w aftrr hg dol vsort so- on teSSthat the foregois
e eher y t e him relative to the virtue of a contemplated change in busie. A.ness,. RASwe will be-Y.
tKn pasd thrmoh te iriets they g1 won to and c se or entibefore me tAugusto s t.o
in German the usong of the father J. Mt. LAMEF.RT. N. P.. Comanche Coenty, Tesxs
rei ppmm an'Greatvce eeredy) is uperir item in s arasit willnd the most
The miens ages bareaasee of theeskin and bitoti.
T he a n' sfrom o 5t.. seti sc eahfU bIeedy foretold res, pa ps, blotches and ait
nd they aall vigorous. thlt y look- (lippman's Great m emedy) Is we nown yi two piscis oresre It
. fto Ther P. P. P in their p r active, the forml beig P rinte on

anreus;cCa Present Stock Must Go.
-aM 2.l.streets ring with their onpgs o Stock, frll staplesin every lin
TO REG.. oTEr MARRIAGE, Lippm an Brothers, wi h Fla s nnaa, Ga.

be Delliker, daughter of s B.
CoDellio cr of t.eral cprs ofnt
th distrkierf aleveland tas ithtrod he
Sill which ent iroy obc sgest the mwan-e e
It provides for the appointment by
wtheproba e cort of esoh county of a 0
bird of marriages composed ot phyi-
members, persons who wish to marrying B sines

helsuddenly decided to join an expedig o housekeeper should fail to see our Linens, Curtain andt
mo t mako application.
ese i tase oirher party rbe te Ir W it- B reason of a contemplated change in business, we will be-
peducolutract h as ditpe s totaia, kiepto-
.mani,. in'amt, true r hler"dtlery I o gin atSonce and close our entire stock, cost no object, as ever

was h.as.ed here today e At Cost o Less
fo ds from the maroit e licenses the A t C ost or Less
members ,,t &.re boan4 -,hali ,eceive a
elary or 1.000 e year Trlls is alt business, as ou$r
There is prurovied a mit hod oAt aeal
tothestateboure'if eealthltee ill Clse of
any refusal to grattlni tce wteattie
CAMDEN CL-'IMS HiS WIFE. resent Stock Must Go.
aphaW .o a ato rtuor 5owtetr core taineVs Our entire Dry Goods Stock, fill of' staples in every line,
arr"i O rsme .t.r A.,, with Dress Gods, Piece Goods, wi h Flinnciels in all grades, this
PARKEItRStI, W. Va., Feb. 5.-Dr. stock is choice,
Bolla P. Camiden. itephew of former
Senator Joh.non N. Csamde. n, ant M
Blauche Dellicker, daughter of L B.
Dellicker, cierk of the federal court ofEW-G
this district, announced tosay that they
were married in Trinity church, oNew
York city. Oct. 1, 1894. by the Rev. 411 Voolen Gouda to go without Imit. that is, if we can't
A the timer. yog Came get c ,st we shall take what we can get. o, if von want First-
student in a college a. Philadelphi& Class Goods at New Yiri cost and less,
a d Miss Delcicker wes it New .ork
with'herparents. Aier tho ceromouy
the bridegroom resunmedi his sttudte
He returned here last snmmer with the You Come and See Us.
intention of eiaimnitz his bricie, when i
hebeuddenly decided to join an expedi. No housekeeper should fail to see our Linens, Curtain and
lien going to the Kioadike gold field
and did so but when he arrived at St White Goods stocks as they are simply first-class and of large
M ,ctchI he was persuaded to return, variety.
aUsaga var Killing a Wsss.
BzXLs. Ont, Feb. &--James Allisoan See the SHOE STOCK Sure.
was haned here todayfqr the ousrder

empoye nMPre STEtWART & CO.
who was a dull witied lad if 18 years,
Sto-Ivilg kied Ytns Or n ag e a nm nrwmnh It at i i

i *V-'" "

Safety! Comfort Qukk Time! Low: lat-
Finet Cuisime and Servic4. No tranerr betwee-n J ckeuvrte andNew.od. ".
The Fleet is compo f the follow iHanmeil nds NewSlteelMw" S
"Ceoaanhe." (nsew). '"Algonqaiu" "lrsqais," "Cheroke," e "hglisk
Steamers a pointed tosalilacorling to the tide.
From J icksooville. Fla.. calnag atiharleato:) ........... .Sunday T days
For hour of sailbg aee 'Clyde Lnee schedule. or Jacks niole and ChaeLrben .
C teams are appointed to li nfrom Pier 29. East Blver. New Yertkat p.a
SorCn.arleston, C ... .................Mod... nr W- Wed
For Jackoavtlll e.Pla callmg at Carlesto) oW.................. Konda W, W mon

Clyde New EnIand ind Southern L~e. Fri m
Calling at Charleston. S. C.. both ways.)
Steam eris ADcluware" and ,'Onelda."
Are appointed to sail a foows. ;
From Fool ot HeaUn Street Jaackaoeil!e, FPomis Lewls Wj

Jacksonville, Palatka,, Sanford, Enterprise, Fla., f4 Ixr
mediate Laodings on the St. Johns River. .
Sterznser "welar' a.
Leaves Jaobeonille ............. ........ ........ .. ..... .... eas Snd
Leare sanftord ... ............... ........
General Plasenger and.Ticket Oerfoe. 204 West BaI 8t..
W. Warburton ga P X. K ralc s A
5rowlrlQbrewn, Iew York. sitWW na
M. Clyde., T.., Jn. SBo Jrm
eo. BowGng 9Ojoe, M.. 5 B owlng Iesen lew
Bowling Green, N. Y Wm. :P.LYDe A CJ.. Geaorale Agen, t s, Sn a& Fyi

SHOPING BY MAIL. Established PreenatLoeostLoo t.


Importers and Retailers of


Mail Order Depa

AVe have a regular organized department under
vision of one of the fire for this branch of 6or busia
at a distance can send or samples and may depeAtd
any order entrusted to 4s filled with the saaee pro
care, and at the same prices as if personally select&
us for samples and prices on anything in the Fa
Line. Our store has bqen specially constructed
of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, best ft
best constructed, and contains all that experience' I T
to render it the most ueful', comfortable and satractiy
kind. It is accordingly one of the sights of Louisville
"Bacon's Advertiser contains price list of. Fancy '
Goods mailed free on application.


425, 425, 429 E. Market bt., above Preson,

Krause Wa

Iron and- B


Is the most im ortant item a growlr
should be

Reliable, Qi ck-Ating at.

The Seasoks Result Depends oiti

Our IDEL br&it will suit you. The price it t
and so are the go4ds. A full stock of Potmh, Flh
Bone, Acid Phosphate, Nitrate of Soda, G. SL M ai a
all agricultural chetnicals and materials at loweast4 p
SWrite for prices aj1d ask for our book, "Why We oM
the Ideal Fertilizersi"

S "Pig's Foot" braid Blood and Bone $17 per

W _'.

ib, slowly o
bis e Chills

rebm r- le
S*ieot are.,
rayanao d ad

Sange for Mrs. OWr' refusal of his i
proper aseutioa. but tis Allmon.
- hi oofe ion, stoutly contradicted.
Palaune Under She h iner.
Naw Yoax, Feb. 6.-A event of
Sartin art roles took ~naoe in Ohi
Ming hall last night whbe the fint h
oat the collection of f=mou paintiS
gathered by the late Wiliam H. 8te
ar daring his residence in Europe
sold under the hammer.; Seventy
tim were sold and the amount realKi
-was$t9&.I The highet prices w
brought by a couple of orlrouya '
Utp figre. ].LO,O. wars paid for
"Court of Jpstice. Alhaibra," the p
chaser beink Harry Payue Whitu
'"Arab Fountpin" was sold to IH. Ha
on for loo000.
Lepror Kill a F0rldtau.
YNwTYoE. Feb. 5-Henry Aibi
diedd of tubemair ipr sy in the Kij
toe Ate=ue hoLspita, lranoklyu, yes,
'!idw- Eis was a celebrated cae.

i ass l, repnewp-a. an enormous aevele
sa...me of the akin. ain, iwmanfestat
6Wd@isMIse.s fCZhaustn uaaflly
h-i" oft. Albary was the son of
ePa- wealthy tobaco nmemrhant of Key We
se **'+ *. : .
ni a M I *rE Dna.
Q*1&I_^n_ Feb. P.-tEiU anse,
..i.. fhe piano ad organ firmn

i this Ia his see
Sla It n he uni
DFOiM -L25t in thq he
'i-. iusng~rr ^erhaoe

~;. z A m
-- A

- -- - -,-, .

e~&a N Ae Now Here and
iiAxritve-Pleasnt Pro-
i]erien Prepared l.uvewor
.pdm a Party Oomn.g

STe hay's Daily.)
ek day the South and
nmael wcoagree will oon.
e. *wt ,rih at Woe Tampa

ir lar eom tte+ dd by
yi eevery 'ity and

.. .she aliesan e commer.
*P -'sid Weat and that

ffed tre in ble gado

4rof CeasIee of Mobile;
*a*, AdS. ev7" rday
atTprI ae p re a oardl

ardi of Trade or hroewuld-
Was 2, mayor of -id

egra ll orthae Lre,. P

a]wM lade by tshe Bard

Ofthe nas as out- he
b i osri Gov. iAtkin-
,eadquarter white

hti e th called o omer-
pie that have a already
*i w leahre ad the Board of
appedwpssat of delegate.
si 740 rided yesterday from
9t s of 8 Ode mas of Mobile;
IMJTos Board of Trade; the
Ark.. ar of Trade;
,ofl Commsrce of Atlanta,
ii of Tde o Lotnerll,m
1f0biasrd of Trade of Browns-

ri -kcWalsh, mayor of Au-

Soject would re-
ont aIdio lItdeerves by the

f the cogrer. as out-
IComl c itteeIsn ans fol
venToedsday,' Febru-
iF :a lhbe Tampa Bay
etingr called to or-
anBd Lbe various

*A MateMs of the
ad take the delegates
ad abow them the

at I780 p. m.con0-

iU ad r be arses of
to Mayor Gllett
oflbmap ; Ccl.1
r t'hedTampar
e'J.S B. LAnder
Ste of Flodda;
,b .in.G W.At-

midf ether

tte SootandB

,Wsu stisorJ-

-IS.~,~o iPdaa. ne

and city oflcals ad t b pre of the atn mwATOR CA B How To Find Out PAbTW .OIP PI .
eity re Invited. ---Fill a bottle or common glass with
Hon. W. B. HBedersn has been To Be Provided For Florida Shippers arine and let it stand twenty-four Advie BRgardlfg!the Promotion ef
mamed as chairman of the delegation of Strawberries. hours: a sediment or settling indicates Reliioua Interest Among Visitors.
from tbe Tamps Board of Trade, vioe The Florida Central & Peninsular an unhealthy condition of the kidneys. We, the pastor of the vartoua
J. Dsiwdy. resignedW.The delega railroad and the Plant system are pro. When urine stains linen it is evidence churches in Tam.a, believing that%
t0on consists of Bon. W. B. Hender- hiding the Southern Express Company of kidney trouble. Too frequent dr- there are many amengat the stranger
son, Frank Bentley, F. C. Bowyer, W. with an equipment of modern refrige- sire to urinate or puln in the back, is and visitors in oum city, who wouel
R. Fuller, Jr., and C. E Bail. rator cars, constructed for sp-cial use also convincing proof that the kidneys gladly do what they can to promote the
The delegation named by the mayor on fast passenger trains. These model and bladder are out of order. rellgious interest "of the people
represent thecity of Tampa consists vehicles combine the most effective HBAT TO DO amongst whom thby sojouro, would
of A. C. Moore, John Savarese H. L methods for affording d-sired refriger- There is comfort in the knowlet e suggest the following ways and means
Knight. J. B. Anderson and W. A. action with expedition. and nill prove so often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer' of accomplishing that purpose at this
Carter. a great boon, especially to shippers of Swamp-Root, the great kidney remedy time.
The Board of Trace committee on strawberries to extreme Eastern and fulfills every wsh in reheving pain in First, we would be glad for any end
program and arrangements consists of: Western points and at a less cost to lte back. kidneys. lier, bladder and all who can help us n singing to joa
M. Gillett, ohairmae, Frank Bent- the grower than has heretofore been pr of the urinary passage. It the choir which mets next Thrto da
ley and F. C. Bowyer. On refresh- charged for transporting strawberries every part of the urinary passage. It the choir which meets next Thursip
mean, Perry G. oall, jr., and other n refrigerator boxescorrects inability to hold urine and evening at the Methodist church
ent Per G. Wall Experimental trips ith these cars Salding pain in passing it, orbadef- Second, we would be glad' U' .
yet to be named. have satisfactorily demonstrated their ects following use of liquor, wine or any, who are willing to do chrlAfth
The Jaks doTtle Board of Trade ha. utiUty, and shippers have realized beer, and overcomes that unpleasant work; to distribuSo t tracetabefere tie
named as deleat to the congress, W. higher prices for their products in necessity of being compelled to gt up Evangelistic serves begin or help as
A. Boor, C. B. oe P. Holme northern markets than heretofore ob- many times daring the night tourinate. during the servicelo in quiry mnetlnfa
Chr.reb Anderno and J. W. White tainted. The mild and extraordinary effect of and other practicatchrsltian work.
They are expected to aiive thbs morn- It is confidently expected that these Swamp-Root is soon realized. It stands We extend to alla mo e ordial in-
Ian. refrigerator express cars will super- the highest for its wonderful cures of citation to all the servtee and amy
Hon. Breedove Smith, the :president cede all previous methods of tranport- the most distressing cases. If you need that you may be gently blessed te at.
of the South and West Commercial Ing the perishable products of Forida a medicine you should have the best. tending upon them.
core arrived la night and to other t a o a old by drugist, pce fifty cent and Yours in the o of christi loe,
e opplngat the Tamps Bay hoteL Ho alike to the shipper and carrier. d drui a emple Jan an lo,
Ws met by sevetl elmbfIbl of the Then e ears will, be sent at once one dollar. You may have a sample Js. G. Asteaso.,
Board o Trade comelttees and mer- to all points from which shipments of bottle and pamphlet both sent free by Pastor Prebyterla shnhb.
ers of th city government me strawberries are expected, and special mail. Mention the Tmauv ad end sW. en O b
Sof t city gomeseners will accompany same to your address to Dr. Kiler & Co.,Biog- Pastor f Baptist ohorob.
esored To Health. destination. hamton, N. Y. The proprietors of this F MSPRAUR,
The railroad companies and the ex- paper guarantee the genuioeness of Pastor of Cong atoonl ohurcb.
If yoo amr suffeBa with any aska press company deserve success for this thisoffer. W. M. PoAsa.
or blood dlese Bbenomtalam, Catarrh, additional enterprise In promoting the Ptr.ot Netbodlrtuburch.'
UlqOra, Old ore, Geeral Debility, interest of the grower and the state. UCAPED, RON PRISON. Paort eodist r.
etc., send stamp to the Blood Balm Co, The epobUca Oty.w
ouAtlaa, Ga., for book of wondt erful FPT RNTAINXNT. Fought With the Insurgent and Ed From Wedbedays Daily.
ur fee. This book ll pont the Thrilling experiences. Hon. John E. abillman, collector of
way to speedy recovery.
Botaio Blood Balm, (B. B. B.) is Musicl Program, a Ltcure and a The most interesting passenger ar- customs of tie pdrt of Peassiola, ar.
nfactred fter a long tested pr Bail at tae Caino. riving from Cuba on the Olivette Sun- rived in the city yesterday and was
on mient phy an, ad is From Wednesday Daily day evening, was ArthurBale of S ordially greeted b s mero
the best building-up and blood purify. TbhePythian entertainment at the Louis, Mo., who tell a remwrkahle friends Mr. tllman is chllipm n of
Ing medicine in the world, Bware of Spanish casino is Ybor City last night story of bow he escaped from a Span- the state executive committee of the
asubstitutes. Price $.00 for large bottle. by Bay Lodge No. 12, K. of P. was ish prison at Malagarand made his way republican party and has resided in I
For sale by druggist. largely attended and was a delightful to Havana on a ipanish ship disguised Jacksonville for 'a number of years.
ONE IN A THOUSAND. success. The program. which was as, as a woman. He was a candidate for the ufce of
One summer, several years ago, while follows, was greatly enjoyed by the He claims the rank of a captain and marshal of the southern district of
railroading in Mississippi I became bad- audience: says that be has been with the issur- Florida but much to h surprise PreS- I
y affected with malarial blood poison, Overture by Hallowell's Orchestra. gents ever since a few months after the dent McKinley appointed him, last
that impaired my health for more than Vocal solo, selected, by Peter Sautve insurection began. He says that te ovember to the Penssoola collector-
two years. Several offensive ulcers Violin solo by J. A. Turner Jr was twice captured by the Spanish. the ship. Mr. Stillraen and Collector .
appeared on my legs, and nothing Vocal solo by Miss AberneLhy last time being last Augut when be B. Macfarlane, o(' this city, took lunobh
seemed to sive permanent relief until Selection by Spanish students was transferred to Malagar from which together at the Tempa Bey hotel e-
I took of totanic Blood Balm,(B. B. B. Overture by Hallowell's Orchestra. place be made his escape. He doess ot day. During his stay in Tamp the
which cured me entirely. This was followed by an illustrated know what be will do. He tells great many friends of Mr. Stillmao will do
M, D. Dane, Denveraux, Ga., Il cture, -Damon and Pytbibs' by Rev. -storie of his adventures in Cuba. sll they can to nake the time pass
SW. W. tDeHart The illuetrations As if a brick were lying in my pleasantly for htm'. He is attending
Deafness Cannot Be Cured were sven tableaux nich were re- stomach is the dription by a dy theCommercia gres as deleat
from Pensacola and is a member of the
by local applications as they cannot ceived with enthusiastic applau-e. pepsia of his feeling after eating. committee on credentials
reach the diseased portion of the ear. An informal ball followed the pro- This is one of the commonest ymp. committee on cre
There is only one way to cure deafness, gram and until midnight the young toms of indigestion. If you have it, In the future the mere forfeiting of
and that is by constitutional remedies. people greatly enjoyed themselves. take Shaker Digestive Cordial. an appearance bond in the municipal
Deafoess is caused by an inflamed coo. Not only this sympton, but all the court will not satisfy lhat tribunal.
edition of the mucous lioing of the CANON FOR INSURGENTS. symptoms of indigestion are cured by Judge Graham has given notice that
Eustachian Tube. Wfen this tube is Shaker Digestive Cordial dot only will the bond be forfeited but
inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Many Cubans Destitute But the War So many medicines to cure this one that the court wil order the defendant
imperfect hearing, and when It is en- Fund Is Still Maintained. Disorder Only one that can be called brought before him for trial.
tarely closed, Deafness is the result, Cuba, the paper pbblised in this city successful, because only one that acts
and unless the infammation can h be pp p in a simple, natural, and yet scientific
taken out and this tube restored to i n the lnterest of the Cubans, prints a way. Shaker Digeative Cordial.
normal condition, hearing will be de subscription list showing that 825.05 Purely vegetable, and containing no '
atroyed forever; nine cases out of ten has been subscribed for the purchase of dangerous ingredients, Shaker Diges.
are caued by cataarh, which is nothing a dynamite canon for the use of the in- tive Cordial tones up. strengthens, and
bat u inflamed condition of the me- surgent forces in the Island of Cuba. restores to health all the digestive or-
oous surfaces. We will give one bun- The fact that there about one thousand gans,.
died dollars for any case of deafness Cubans being fed daily at the soup Sold by druggist, price 10 cents to
caused by cataarb that cannot be cured houses and kitchen established by the $1.00 a bottle.
by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for cir- charitably inclined of the city and Broonlyn, f. Y., Dec. 19,1896.
colar free. that the Cubans are giving their money Mxsss. ELY Bo. :--I have used
F. J. CHRENY & CO., Toledo, O. for the purchase of a gun is being very Ely's Cream Balm a number of years
sold by druggists, 76c. unfavorably commented upon by many and find it works like a charm, ft haa
Hall Family Pills are the bet people. etsnt of the people who ured me of the mst obstinatecases of
accept of tle charity of Edward Man- colds in the head in less than 48 hours
ty uow b a for U0,000 rare, and the Central Beleif committee,
dsatmge, for alleged false imprisonment are Cubean, and the same proportion from the time I felt the cold comiU
on hand. Tbe papers were filed n the prevails on the list of subscribers rtothe on. I would not be without it.
ofoe of the Oerk of the circuit court dynamite gun fund. The subscriptions spectfuly y roer, s Hart St At mpLiverSale
yesterday by Wall Stevens, attorneys range from $100 down to 25 cents. tis k Lt i e dry t e sia I
oteg.P. Averll who some time ago Cream Balm Is kept by all durggist. SpeC Sl ofQ H
wes arrested ona sebarge of disorderly Moore & Crandall are coming to Full size 50e. Trial size lOc. We mail We are pleseefoo tbe i thegood
codoct and resisting an officer. Whes Tampa with a carload of horses on Sat- It. price arand csssasmna a of B-CimsI
the case was tried in the municipal urday, February 12th. If you want a ELY BROS h5 Warren St., N, YV. eafai wo l se isbee
court Averill was licharged. He now good horse cheap, wait and buy from City. them. rei'eeyrnts. OGarastblade pee
wants $10,000 from the city as a balm them. See advertisement in another Men's bicycle and tennis balls and IiOORE & C
tobis feelings, column, oxfords, 75c. Macfarlane & Glenn.




Sme on down the line, bring every other concern's prices IMth you, and

Vill Discount Them Tweny Per
T Y e1

4b.Try It and you will trade with,.


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beat, your s p
petivfoo y --0
uataw --Qia sepl
pailla a-od iapthstpe
T'he medicfte" makes

anss f utrie .
uarnd Tao y gFk.a
ctanages wbichb ~isoe
If afflicted wbth ac
falling out. and prtt
sot use gre-*. wf
Mrs. ^.3B.
Mis Taylor,.
Miss Taylor
tractive y
masy fi.

Hgigb C
H Ol1


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: '. [


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