Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: February 3, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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W"the Tampa Iay botel were jotela
SI by many more. At Port Tampa CIt$
a and Port Tampa tni alsh at St. Peter"
birgs many other excursionitse jeie a
the party. Blleeair was reacubd abho
a' tCIuWiucW 100 Ud i 1i2 t o't clock d nearly llaof the ?itat
Swenot tthe Hotel Belleyiew where the
-were served with an eleglat dilUsa
SThe Tamps Bay hotel orchestra fan
r Cii FLNG2 T TEi FRONT ahead musie before and after dianor
and duringttbe rac. '
i beC ia l in t Ie C.I C E l Hadly, the promour ano
SDowwd te nd i wae of tbe Belaihr Collseum, rip
Sb the ey congratulaind open the ccessm
I general raoe committee no wease s
.a. e bet Lr r* igornesltdmaheed.. After mated by 8. N. Powkr of Beller and
p ll other eveone t 4' eooea mile A, SBtohelder, of New York.
as 'irtdb tdlr tbhelreat It ram e as rn The nfearee of the raeo wa Herbsit
qi 6 a~e tiers of the erowd &reG to W. Foltts, a number of tbe L. A. V1.
PsJ- a tii a M d tbn radaf botod. A. Batcadw ,-
WaSh. e P eas addon Oatbnbowa dlci hnodbep w o A tStat& ot 9i
laeib r mt the d ButiLerT York ad On. G. lleX a
moe pam bhi. he Teres of Ttpas acted S jBwadge f that
bte tape fer feM rhe l clerk of the u c r was d W
oti ble aid t* b Wilmao, ,member of t'le Naw
pp "MeiU Lb Vfrlandt' etee raeteg board. He ulted
sl r~holamtd t e Lowis albery, of Bel~l
pole. tlima of tbla The tieM.pe .wer Dr W.
I2 2-6 Mad es Mseeomated for lawreeesn of Tampa ;ol. Tom Phbilli
T*b purM of W of COlerwatr, ad Plant Pitgsradl, o
1 li to Lebr. Port Tampa Cisy. The scorer so
Sthem ath Mleo Wreatest eanounacer was Clarlie W. Wilson,of
i antered In oe mile bndi- lodiaeapolb.
SA f .opril' 60 cubil; W. V. Iffsey, division paslinler
iI J;eai; third ntoerth 6. Jei agest of the Plant ystemL personal
I so .'-m; Ne1wboose, I0 conducted the excmraioo from thiabuty
*l& yars*; Con and made the trip especially plesa at
.iaede. iona : d Well, 80 for all. A grand ball wasu iven at the
,A. n Ba 1i 0 yards; Ai Baote BEileview las night and quite a
Ys gardC Price, 40 yards; number of the Tampa people and gue
k, of ongblad. 60 yards, of the Tampa Bay hotel remained to
4:to tter, I yaprd,. attend it The Tampa Bay hofteor-
.stairt suffttler went obestra remained over to furnish the
ad t omneceeded in music.
him ad *e the others came PIyggVgu sIarG LT.
1pes6 the w 'leaders and they
't irt op. lpd hetn the other A Beali all allZn Ronor of the
.t Lhepaice #ntileon te goal
'I-bk qs I a sloombin Belles.
bit d gouglslk thb lead and it oo ie
I4 hlLewoLild4we. r o aeasy tI.ng
5 er gra ali ciseed In on pl ar"Spo oc' e amingl.ib.e.
renr~.t-a aadlloned fb ip rtp Petersborg J an. 81.-The social
e -oot . tinlel 5 event of the nseson wa. the ball last
a rtoo Nil BoutiMthlrut and ;sr lday igtt in Mattlengy'l ball. 'St.
No' f rth. Petersbrg rs noted for her handsome
wd wesit''ild- whbe it was ladies and flnedascers: and when 'the
ltulr- .b1y bS bi i, n o 't10 A social leltder undertake anything it is
4i c ti.* bNY hM t ruh s ad n L eM I Ckel $o be a srocees.
i i tIhel D el,17ndb .Udql r tes diretodon of Misses
h- Maurl.ABndd sad Mamie Brynso the
5 vTe',e tho lr.e mile bhndtcap pacioue hall was transformed ise a
OW .1 14 tr l Th*e e"ntie *; bower of beauty. Festooea of beati-
S lfbi fowem marked every oonsplcuous
A, J .s Charl ey St, placy WretiMes of evergreen draped
W. ZI: ,l houe, gesgefully from oorner to corner, while
W WBihon, tropical deooratioo met" the gae from
e amin, all sdes. The elite of the town were
thd ort a the be utiful coumens be
l okesd t mste and wealth.
raB^^ J re r The gay dancers tripped the hgbt
,,-id nr, t*an, dBlarastic untU a reasonable boar. keep-
e t f ir tShte the In1gtimls to the 'fst. Petersburg deil

S o A g thboe proent wers: r, and
BBaftsi -s Mrs.1 Dr a Dan, t. BSailey, -MKi BaI,
4epe~.itbeN: Coleman- me.M. and Mrs Lee,, Xr.
BP'so' da. EeWill Colmna, h. Washing-
-r I r a. a Mr. ad lMr Bmantley, K IDlar-
me*ltJFksnes Dean, Budd, Bryon, Arm-
tisdtthee s Wiin2 tsbmdp Grable, AndersonGore. 8"bel,
i4 n l l slum,' Aiaszl:, Lmwis, Whiddeo, Mr.
'" Ie n d Mn. Holbonser, Mr. and Mrs.
lne-l% e.eer. s.Gore, Armitead, Fur-
BB R 'i_,- a" .*1Malin'lRmsey' 8mith, Johoson, Wm.
AP bF nfem h-G e idid, $r., Garland Budd, David Bodd,
_. TB'Xip wasEhrrtm AIAllson, Aeil. LiddonP, Pul,
U4, _.o" '- .S .-.ilen? nMd Miller. Tbh folloueg
i d.! h e- o .pIWHW totmnoed t various commit.
-.tl i ,... 1am aid notbiong was left uudone to
Mc b ibosll tae present a moat enjoyable
- -t Xevitaloo-lin iamie Budd, Mi-
'lllit;elBryan, G. W. ,Mattangly
i Mtptadn--Mir. Ainslie, Mrs WUi
-. I^B^ddlta'I'^d oeie eja, Mn. 'holhnr. ouMr. Mr. Mat-

UShird,. i lA!3N H SPImIN G a.'

tCl H ^ j ( V_ kattlioni o Boln tg Manu-
Al Wi, ttala h t

lNat AmY person ha bviog 203. to invest
Ie Will dp well to call upon W. L tes.
#peaams the general agent for manawuietrs ofi
cm e de r, een, bed s prng th t is p. o
ty alUl,to e the best tIan e o
S ever invent). Those ds airl

tI* sneactanror tr spritdge aid
sl~fii r tira, i oll.,,,,. per;-

mi uto,,call a"n inspeot in
w bbe irn &.'ftroci tn in
-a Svrl of the & o p" a

SMr. I-M ms
-~ enD wh&Iseecaamrtejt
; ~ Ir~rv )V P~~

I, I-

C -I C an overand trip
CIRCUIT COURT CASES. cloity lat weet ret
Arbor day will be
Jury for the Week Secured-4everal next by oura cool
Continuance- Granted. avenues of the OaklI
A delightflul rah
There was very little business traos- mormdeli st fuat
sactid in the circuit curt Monday be- wer in much eed
sides curing a jury to serve fur the mirei c
week. The jury is as f olowi: G. W. Bv. L. H. WLdde
Sparkman. W. PSutto. J. J. Ney- will fill his quorterl
land, Jr., H. S. Ray, S. E. Sparkmao, this plai. on unda
T. E. Hawkis R. J. Stewart, B. A. 5th the Protestan
in the M e aonic bit
Robertson, J. W. Hull, M. A. Hamm, In the Mdi suic b
H. A. raymond and S. T. Reynolds. oftbe Lords npper
ThI cse against tthe Italin chtri MW this '"tilOn.
with rape, was continued for te torm. The KrBtc t eli
Te following civil caes were con- monthly conclaveol
tinued: ; Ziba King v. W ebb; ar 28h. Several
N. N. Murdock vs. S. F. & W. Byl t;ddid from abroad.
B. A. Brown, claimant, vs. Armatrong, teo st Ba O ol.
Cater Co.; L. C. Riress. W. L P0 and Desotot
Smith. .P "Ul
It was agreed by eoi aeel on both
sides to wnaltea&j'ry and submi tibe
cae of the First National Bank of
Tamp vs. G. R Boa to the count in s
nsd tender
tergip tfrnim. or vaatlon. CpG. B.
THr OrblA. COOiTn d Auaustine Mofdlr ,

Fifteen Oaese ConUaued. Twelde MVGLOJI X4&li
Trvinfnd to Abaentee Docket

In a erimial a ort Monday. the it1 I v-t sPra i
caintl elicitor, Col. Pieer 0. Knm ht. M l y W. irs n
ame near clearing the docket by olle the Elq ie, do oe
proaaing or oont iqing all tbe came. ad B teW. W. Del
Fifteen case were continued; twhele wh pmafl other
ase were transferred to the abeen% e o t ,rl t p
docket, and twelve bas e against mc vette Snday. i
chsnte, cbared" with doing bil rosip iae'ploll, 0
without having paid their eiate and W mll Bed iK tl 1,WIt
county license, were nofle prossed upo an46 soptinusnto
piyment'of costa. evening OstoftiM
In the case against D. H. Hall 4on. takenby *atConmvo
evicted of petty larceny, a motion fora tlon of tihe-oifown l
a oew trial was argued and Bubmaitt*d, ."rht the perde
and overruled by the oourt to a req t
embosoe duty it btd
Death of O. 3X. ol. ad presentto the m
Mr. (O... Moehi. living four and-uone sate ol lo ria,
talf miles south of Plant City died at i8etse legislature tU
the bome of aI r.- W J. a o Iloway a reapet ungdlorce a
near neiglburb at 12 o'clock Thurpday gTnlting separation
nigbt. Tte remains were interred it ely--al d it sbdal) J
Pleasant Grove Friday. Mr. Moohl oflaid committee. .
was abti iJ yeari of aem. He was tL petition to the
born inGermanoy lived in California it Of the diocee a

iome year and in Florida over twelve ircoOderioo o
years. e was the owner of one of the qmoonmia ate afIt
flest orange groves in that section. live of the variom i
Slib tl state, requesttif
CoL BLG. ErwIt. first vice-presidest li~_steioino ti mat
of the Plant System of railway, alr-a e9se shalt ortt$
riyed in the mity Sunday light ani it, annual Codaqa
rtoppioa at the Tampa Bay hot He r .
la oeOampaniei by his private ce- ri rt e Net Qrlmi
l aryW..] enaeL .fi CIA=e Mlabi
&1 e pOXofe. MtX
Capt. ldward Fitzgerald, of Sara- orpt-exoilent awai
ab, a brother of, Lwia u J. W. Pifts..Lhtetaod tilt be
gerald, of Port Teampa, is a uestof the n rmed. Mrl,
apa. Bley betl. Co-Caa ". is a ins, wm"aau nd
United St inasptor of steam vee- e 4 Lwetts i
esr In tiBeflltr b k f .. k ya
,ii ini bljarui
saddleeft ofe A.
In the clrctit pourt Moonday morn- tba0smiaa OCw
mg th c m lte4ai.te t0 le H l a tha
maW eati -. flas Meak i x **r' '
ar^foS L^a~w w*gni .,l S

irroprooy a nir
irnigK oads,.,
obs ved Ai Friday B
Iir eeoratief tbi g
awn cemetery.
Sfeid on Monday d

of. t
11 df. Tbhpptomo s
y appoefnimeot in
y tiazt, February *
it E opm oChapel Is
Ili.*, Scrasment !
wlMin admistere 5A
3lFr! i&1A sbtilr ,4. "

Ai bsnquet wt r

oouirtl8 runl^Md
Siti :uu.a ,ne .

At bowDIII
hJ~~ss *ti~
L jrfk
mug Bnl

.of 06". Aiys

W wrod
V, jbw :~o~O

JLW.ol ; W, iibbp~~y

a ; rid' tb* 116;k 1"im

00 to rmia A tlLo in
lii reds~e t :103JY POOA

toomoa IL 000'.. of s~61
V. G.1o~e

". hmftkICEI i* too

41k sC~~r iBik



r II

,.*.-. -. :- .




Kasir iUls a Calf and Talore Wias
Sa eoare Rae By Cstting
the Wind
Thi binycele boys at Belleair are hay-
fir lots of fun as well as hard work
since t r arrival asd D u rois b ave
beoe the jokes played n onee anotir.
Ai present they are oguying" KuCer
ibe Swim champion, unmermfally for
shooto r a oalf while out bear buntinl.
Kaser speat very little Englishib ad
alke everything seriously and when
oe qf tbe bo" said "Hello Kaser, they.
Sell ie you kiled a cow, for a blarP'
The iwiss champion drew blinelf .p
with dignity and Wid: *ILt vas s ow,
it vione calf." The farmer the aslf
btloaied to let Kaser of for $10.
TDalerse ad Leamerjack weat on :for
.a Bug1ride the other day and, eel-
Swomk bho was riding Borsebk, tled
aop tbem. The Frenoh m ddtle ts.
,ace ebaaplon, had mo idea of beial
berlin sey kind *f a race by the
~gibarman and paitle whip to the
bore. Te race grew more ad more
xeitifn as the bhigy bouaoed along
over routs and raul. Finally Taylore
looked over ta boulder and seeing
Wheellook sioet upon them, mid;
"Get down low, low, Ed. and eat thea
wind." Both crouched down in the
boo of the buggy and succeeded ti
winning the race. When they reached
the hotel Wbeeliock was rrightesed
nearly out of his wits to learn that a
rifle, that be bad seeo posting over the
back of tre eeat, was loaded and cock.
ed. It was a great wonder that it had
not been discharged during the rough

Mu" LA N W.f

Local Bvrenia ey .

Dr. L.D. L. DA*ooM lt
seveml days ago. Il la i
wUill Tmst Aradis and
returaaog wl ,l s p No
hi. sarly iu idigr t r l
We bop, thaD Dr. Dod.6s;
bis ietamr to P Ci
ea is his li MtoD
tlo o elruh be aattPm

..t t issmarle ld

Tb. Hosz0ts ii to3it
-twUr n.rJB .
Mr. 0o A.rir &Ma O

ormoidg aintle tie Skalie

trf .hre lA. a ,

wife and her nephte'w w
anrv a, ript, Oe ,
chool coriTlo ao os Mf WMMW &

Mrs. Julli A. Genwcs br ^o^Wf^
wife and ber nepbi a*" Ati6dim4 ^


5;i the hee

,ituet~Pa. 'o
I Tih l 49m.10 a

etaen mH
win sai
Iftlsl a weiw

i: ;- -r U~h' 6~~

.-. .::- ; ,; ,: .

a... aM ,.. a
aSo f=oath& ....... 2 I
s-.IS C -" .......... &s

~FtMibba i oo adrtlea biomo

,iae S le-a abould bee
F~skb dass espy.

l ab WMeys Herald

p~so6 esmnss sid they wel
^" m ->
SbIaply delightful weathb

iniaf ira ike winse, it gets

f bet the owners of long
pathve them.
gtOw bor4of trade held its
tg-gon Thursday night
sdE. L. Boche president.
fIre dprtwuent wqrki well.
boe department might work
Ike paysuents were more

send amnnul meeting of the
Tobacco Growers' Associa-
e heeld at Miawi March 8.

itlat make no noise when
1r demand by scorebers,
Sthem tot great advantage
r/peo ple.
ista- wtho may think he is
if lIhe treasury is as apt
idefet the appropria-
n be is to reduce
illegal one.
Guard of Missour
to aid in relieving
It eould be much
Vnt among the peor
siad t Kansas City.
W elle approaches a
boiue for a

Sdog to b
-That la no the

wlll ll the a Phr
wbe iage

-d le are to

asidto be con-

Sdel'legate ton

States vs.
snda will
t Appeals
Maday et
Iroma. the
e court at

ain. the
,-: ehit
aua thr.

eo r and rily lsrw an a ofrala cnw atru o
Brther having failed toI The one great pwb ic t ors that psw
keep th w E lsad cotton mills atarrh and Bronchia Troub.c looms up before e people of
opin with girt.tive ptariw, w Had no Appetite- No Better in Unted States and immediately -
aOdayp to h Nw EveryWg. ad I wa ay-A Delica Chld mads attention is road-buildiat 6h ,71 v,
proposed a resort to a species of woisI- "Some time since I took a .sudden cold the improvement of old and constrto- el Oue of310,
iam for their further relief. He says and could not get rid of it. Being bject tion of new highways. It 1is tO ile- ti aheone thtA l ;iownt .
the trouble is cupetitio with the tocatarhandbronhiltrouble I eouged ly that there ill ever occur ano er ~ ot S
South, and ae considers that South. poor and weak and IdidnotfeedlikethehWih naonr -
ern cotton iUis should be prohibited work. I began taking Hood's atarasp- thatthroughwhic his country pope- morirn W1ra 6
l Ina wo ort time nephw ughW ael- ed in the quarter of a uenturh 8to- wr of thea=- .

Congress has no right to say that petite and no strength. I resorted to er ouf rumit-building has Just begUn tim ner treat
Hood's Srspailla nd Oen felt more and will go on for many decade, oeft of tw6of
laborer ia;the South shall not be like work. My little nephew was a dell- addir.A, much to the wealth of the Wthe bent 5 W 0 L
content to work as long as it may eate child and had a humor which iron- nonand to the comfort an, c '
please him tpdo so. and no such psa- bled him sohe could not rest night. enice of he masses as the rilf ioo
He has taken a few bottles of Hood% Bar-veni-nceof the musesasthe r~il- 1dROULL
ternalism wil be attempted. If the aparilla and now he has a good appetite roads have accomplished'n thbse buat myce P- -apl
New England people suffer because and is able to sleep." MIsm ABBIE J. directions. In this vast work he ee whiI% m st-
qf the difference in the number of FVXENEA, South Duxbury, Mass. Federal government will take but. Wthsmtandag K aM O
h s that constitute a working day U1 I' Sarsa- min or t pItw attend tothe -t n-hatl
in tfat section and the South let them n OU u S parilla struction of the people a to the mostm.
i hat section and the South let them w Hoo-- approved methods and the relative ey Y
lengthen their hours. It is they who Isthe neTrBloodPurfler. ADdruggiets.$. value of different materials, but will filled *tnPeat Wr; y tog was
need to makp the change. d's Pils are the best ar-nr leave to the states and their inhabi- almost eaten so that for threa
But there are other reasons more tants the actual work of building roads mo I ws le to taste aA lid A-
and the rinsing of money wherewith d ylsair leomix.ng o t .aIsi.y.
potent than!bthe longer number of PRESING FORW&AD. eato carry it on. varioh 0 sot nas 'ly tdi e
hours that srve to give the South an Bad roads are extremely expensive couraged when friend of Cort
advantage over New England in the From Jacto.v.ille Metropouh. -so expensive that the farmers eas- S.S.Si oAttwen be "
manufacturO of cotton. No city in the South is being bet- not afford to maintain thpm. The f botles7 I was emi
T. hi tar advertised now than Tampa. The supervisor of roads in th state of eouL ws ad w tim sk iln m was t Wm
The ToiJcr's Morgenthler lino- er. New York officially assure he arm- blemiSe h a oa n
type machine ha arrived and will be recent national meetings and distin- ers that it costa them half as mu ch the me aan a l i
set up preparatory n a uished guests in that city have to haul their produce three miles by6 mnde." e t, and31 um oo
maci siie expitorts can c omplish the given it much prominence, and there wagon as th pay the railroads to ,a poison. Boo ks a y thedaevas
rteiak oh eris thcud oubt the ae oUther meetings to be held there haul it500 s With basystem of amd it otnats"b e t- ie
te s's r d b in thed ear future that will do the good macedaI roads, he says, the me e aiet h
greatest invention and laboravingcost of th e short haul could be e Specific C.t
piece of machinery ever invented and ame The growth of Tmp thin reduced 60 per cent, thus reducing Atanta Ga. b SwoSr S sa "
an acquisition n that is indispensable to a few years has heen phenomenal- the whole cost of transportation from r - . in a.
up-to-date dalay newspaper work, not onlyin population hasshe grown, the farm to the consumer by There was a time, ttis stllrimem- MARINowS
Outside of Jacksonville, it is the only but in material development, one-sixth. This, the supervisor bhred. when oomtory was counted the
machned in Florida. It sets and Large gatherings of proma ent men figures out would save the special gift of lhe men who cor 21 Fra
a o i rhave oeen boonus to Florida it farmers n amount each year equal mended senates, and who assumed ;o
moutld as much type in an hour as have bee bons o Florida l he to the interest on from r 10 to $30 an e AskYou .
ix fast compositors can set. By he pat and will be in the future. Every acre. according to the crop raised, lead the people. For many' years DRuI hIs
addition of this machine the TRIBUlE such meeting as the Fishery Congress and would increase the value of the the American congress in both its,
will be enabled to appear in a bran held last week at Tampa is an adver- land, either to sell or o bold, by a branches presented uch a list of ora- 10 CcNT r
new dres every ay s a bout tsement that is bound to result in like aFount. tors Ls was Dot equalled by ai y i there TRIAL
wnew drea every (ay and i about It is only needful to get these facts tars an was not eq led y ly
twice as much matter as it has here- much noob not only to Tapa mphut and figures firmly planted in the agri- parliamentary ody on earth. And o I [
lofore handled. Aa soon ss it is in. every section where these met of cultural mind to insure an active in where have the-y gone? The speeches ASSe ars
stalled a geerl station will be capital and brains visit on their trip terest in road building all over the made by the L others of the republic -
extended to the public to call and to lorida. United States. In those localities havelived moe than a hundred h a -I
see it opera te. The intends One of the strange things of some where good road have been built ho
soee it operSao. T he RIBouns inte ands p tis t i that t since the movement for their con- ph'eal. b wl e t the at t S
to keep ahead of the procession and I in of te ae s tat no effort struction began, a few years ago, the speech of y e.ber of the present a ul
if one machine will not be equal to is made to draw strangers to them, men who have footed the bills are senate or house of representatives u a i.
theemergency as many more will b to give o gve them new life and busi- more than satisfied with thelr invest- will he read a century rom now? _o _____n _-
added from tie to time as the ness prosperity. Jacksonville, Tsm- ment. The benefits resulting from -- --
addedin r equires, Oal to time a the e the occa- st Atlantic improved transportation facilities are Sanger Pulliam, disinherited son
iou requires, p.olnot entirely confined to the farmers, of the late millionaire, is reported as
coat towns seem to be the valsfor he vale of city. town. and village earning his living by work. The
William King, aproaperous farmer, conventions, congresses, etc. It is property shares in the enhancement 'work" consists in inspectig the
living thirteen mits west of Mariana, a great mistake for a town not to witll that of agricultural lands and car, see that they are all T
was found murdered a mile and a half reach out for anything that will at should bear a due proportion of the eep g
from his house Siturday afternoon, tract people and capital. It shows cost. right before thy are ru- out O ai
The scene of the rime was a dense I an indifference that is hurtful to the The Florida Central and Peninsu- trip. He' wokss" frome .30 o'clock
swamp. From the character of the best interests of the place. The lar Railroad has abolished the arbi. in the morninguntil 4 in the after-
surroundings a desperate struggle money spent in entertaining large trary estimated weight of 2,000 noon. He gets a hundred dollar a
must have taken place, for the ground bodies of distinguished people is re- pounds each for live stock shipped in month. His old dan. used to work sie
was much trampled, and brushes turned in giving the place an impor- less than carload lots. and has pro. from sun to sun, when he was the 22Ms
broken and Ient. The theory is that stance and a prominence that it prob- vided in lieu thereof that animals, boy's age, and ot earnthe halt of ,
Mf. King was attacked by two men ably would never have otherwise had. crated, will be received and rated al hundred dollars. Bt it was not LWLA
with clube.. n ioe fight they siezed Jacksonville and Tampa have long first-class, at their actual weight, paraasn t a won- iouhoeon Amitoal.
Iis gun and shot him with it, and since learned the benefit, and there This regulation will doubles become derful thing seet Miora'wt.
then beat him wih the clubs until are few Southern cities today mere general upon all of the lines in h Allthhllse world. will sympatize with ,1'11T iS S a"
almost everyi bone in his body was progressive'or better advertised. We State. as it only anticipates the c Glastone in hIs suffering. He lar S S
broken. Twp men have been arrest- would be a great State if all the tins of the commission in tht matter. d a os uprght life, obeying the .5afi/.5
ed, but t noeris BO positive clew. towns would show a similar spirit and A pneumatic tire which neds par lawe of nature und at man. That ei ilS.ta e
i At the f- term o'f te circuit conteilded forsuch distinction. Noth- mending when punctured is fompoa- declining days. lsould be full of -
court for Deoo county. in 1893,lug, it is said, is worth having that is ed of two rubber tubes, one within physical pain lv sad. He beglrn to SS^
ortford Dtane was convicted of not worth working for, and though the other, with a sticky substance be- wish the end h d eooe. But the as
murder Ein thefirst degree andsoen- defeated in our aspirations occasion- tween them, which prevents the tube world hopes he mnay be spared aittle tS
tenceddtoeantae prisofldoree l ne upon ally tt 'bould nt d'scourage us to from moving automatically, but they longer. His i~iuenouee still power. .-- ta.
the reeommeidatioo of the judge p)res onward. Keepup the fight and can be turned by hand to force the ful in the affairS of nations. .. ,
who passed .the senee and the success will crown some if not all ef' punctures in the tube sad lining out i n. !
pro se ufeoronyad also a Makeyour town a place where of alignment. Why atllo* t aurkeof to be lowly to Uw ise w '
proeeruUng tortyB and it also toa people delight to go, and you will turedat the stake of disr Ohiltn Wee teo I
shrf.f's p adct ieongd to, havemany friends when a contest G *ETTING READY and FeverwIlnli-mdermslnd ^ ^evmtist asa as-wnar
fense, the State board of pardons has TheEvery expectant mother sa tuaob "Febhr-Cura" (Sweet Chill rose3
granted Braqceh a full and free par- ngs.t There ismuch pinoved Wtle n t trying ordeal to face. Ifs Tae not with Iron)a t.amoEeffectlve than QniI."" U^ _

on there may be a few go-ahead, pro I an excellent Tonic and Nerve Medtine rit !
Sgresive men there may be many of It is pleasant to take, and is sold under
an opposite nature and consequent positive guaranl to ure or money re- aonee pr a
cosequent funded, Accept !no substinteLa thesi nSloxB.thegf tear
the few have to move the town along ,'just as good" klhd doi't effect cures. smis, tontbhe
to keep up with the procession. Such For.ale by Maxi o MDiaU'PhariOc, -- i. _tt,'8 rqt e.OiR
men are genera ly ih the minority., Ienue Pharma. Bay Ptiarmacy'and ar
'/ l^ ^ but they are Ilihe -lfe blood of 'h Tampa Drug C4 I O wls*
town-ves. rure jewels. Thia b at i : What pleasure is there i life with a' -
SbeU observed everywhei, but it s i headacheonstipiion ahd billiousnes?
consoling to know that the one man Thousands experience them'whbb oiMd
Eulso rd become perfectly bieaithy by using De- Ia r
Ca. beoven"m in aalost allcases who helps to build uo i- worth a ready for it r btme rly arly byr t e fa"fs a S
r Ol and the Hpohoznofthe do-othi ind, other telin I tile pills' S. B ,eLeoqrdi & Co.. tf wu ,
pites of .imte and Soda, Wile th e does not propose to he beaten L whyat,-' happen. de
it is a srcis~tific fact that Cod-liver in his efforts, though well aware that Child birth is full Watrdd-Truo ad acie
s f uncertainties een or ladies I. Travel fur re.- ..
c.f uncertaintiesif .P sible em tablibe h0u. e in = ra 0r1 -
c IS the t dlgestibtlc oilincx- all will enjoyitie fruit f his i nlaour i otr i prore U pe el.blnhte hMuse in rTda. exam-Po
~baU~iL -rr Nature is not given proper resistance. i Montuly W6,-00 ad expoenes. Posittoo six tB J dle "u
b)e in the mattrnsl levtloipmet if the; R 9 4ti .0 ese stind ur H ti
,ead),. Rleren. ElTclose eeiad- spmea, -o as
TT'S e. 'he o towr t care ( r- M the fed s ped envelope. The Do ein.- F lda.tl as
msnt ahould wake lt )ard marLe an 'i ioI 'nplsUy, Dt., CtC Q i ethae aeh ted
UL II e is the beet help Tou ran use at this time. dec-2-1e-wkl meeooyandi.
effort to come more prominently to It is a liniment an when regularly ap- "Idon't fo, i b o Ls e'
t t s, butt it is the front and secure some of the plied several months before baby comes, I Idd 'a gnow
isady ad made ready. benefits sure to result from being ad. it makes the advent easy and nearly pain- iGough Syru in gb femly for pea' Is--
aeoudi Swuin day familyh or^ i F 's- es m
1w ahrorl by tis yertised and made known. es.It relieves and prerenste'morning and would n4t bdWithodt it." He know
4dwu Am 9_vn 4 with sickness,"' relaxes the overstrained mUn-
Th e presence n e United S cles relieves the distended feeling.shorttion that weapon
At nl* for Tbe presence in te United S s enslabor, makes recovery rapid and ce- tiog tlat l uiWd upon 0ls -
Ip el ta s bodye(t' of President Dole, of Aaait, is of tain without any dengero afteree Parer's To h b as "
i a+ond f : the utmost importance to toth na. LMoter's Friend is good for only one equal. it w s e S i .
ptld tions. There can be little doubt that rpe vi to relieemotherbood ot Cou h, or Cold
-hIis visit will help the cause of 4aniex-. a" kin MOm
aton. rip. As president he represeala the b m ti lm. pri anoust iagt *
na i.ves a. n well s the whitd popS -. U fm a I -. r - _AIt.ss-as ..
~topI. He is the moat intrest~g I se s aaatn _aB" w=.
.. a for,. V.i s

3ged&tt& -Asantim
ap mwht. aupa maloca
S of Legal
qoide af the Case.

U iver" and Harbor
,atiln| courtt vesed
smrIand a n maber ofl
"pa"eWdarinate day.
,.e.ergld -.with carry-
k weapon, was feed $6

.tu ba.B we with se-

soba ea.al w Cooarrying
_peipOtM, t "ed 65 and

ry bde itaeiy jailt io

g h emedw mi the tRial or
l sat 3d WoEdward,

Me6iep ratteeO ryfP aod

elt wil have commit
S Bt oho twealt

b ewiinesins thbe roe-

st ..ard, who bed to

f .Wen Tampa and
lt l ta A vea e

r, innto
T 7&47ul lamr

SAistrit of
a bees cob-
r uagness 8is

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ig hae isa
gM, sategn
baoight to

HIalbip by

es :-ounldedi

a kIiw Ias

4 a -number

.1, Ain!T .AOT

WocOath aA4 !& O,. Budingl

The aews of the establishment of a
Sou b Florida depo in tilis city by 4r-
mo. A Co., the gSret provision and
paging firm, was received with pleas-
ore by th leading citizens of Tampa
L F. Edwards, oj Jacksonville, man-
ager of Armour & Co.'s business, ar-
rived in the city ednesday morning
and eoqflrmed the story as published in
the TBIBxTu Work will at once begin
on she foundations of the building,
which will be located on the corner of
Ashley and Zack sheets. The buil-
spgwillbe ofrbrickad will be fitted
up with a cold store pn~t and every
modern convemence., hA adsome of-
ice will be located in the building.
The rear of the bItldidg will extend
to tbe lant System raiload track, on
which the company will receive solid
earloads of stock ad which will be a
great oonvenlence n sbippina orders
to all parts of the tate.
Naval Zioations.
The North Atlatic 4uadroa which
is nOW in the nsigliorbhud of Dry Tor-
tUgea wtll hardlyI vsis Tampa this
sm aand ouw people wll not have an
opportunity to se any of t ve Tele.
Te following program oLtbe exercises
daring the next tHe be is fur-
mlbed the Tamatni by an officer of the
ormeer New York, the flagship of the
qoadron: Arrived Dry Tortugaa, Jan.
20; small arms pPactioe to 23rd; to
dlli ground, 24th small calibre prac-
tice, to 126h; drget practlo to O8th;
moving target practice, Feb. 8; squad-
roe evolutions to 1tb; return to Tor-
tugas and coal, to 238d; exercise boat
flotilla to 27; squadron evolutionsr to
Maab 8; return to Tortugas and coal,
to 18th; squadron evolutions to April
1; arrive at Hampton Roads April 4
No evolutions on Sundays--

A Delightful Card Party.
One of the most charming card parties
ever aiven in Tampa was the one at the
residenceof Mr. a d Mrs. Hbnry G.
"Symess, jr., t their residence on tne
Heights We day night in honor. of
Miss Daiie it of taryville,Mo., who
is spend _the winter in. Tampa.
Dainty and elegapt refreshments were
served and all had a most delightful
time. Mr. and Mrs. Symmes proved
themselves adepts as entertsiaing and
those present were *r. and Mrs. Clyde
Glenn, Miss Virgikia Wood, Mr. T.
A. Chancellor and P, W. Morast. Miss
IHolt.'the young lad in whose honor
the eptertainment wts given, is a most
o aired and fascinating belle of she-
soor, and has already won mua ad-
mirers in Tampa.
No Oure--mo Pay j

.t al simpir n a
t wim. Ca"Udr ) pro.
-w i. se bkiw saunsa 0_i arty
emu .. .- w
A pleasant part 0'.l4 rs 'rom
Bartaw spent th* U V ty a tur-
day ad returned l nient. The
party consisted l Davis, o
Bartow; Mrs. a, or.Clif
tena jPorge, l teveos and
dasghtes 14f^ Y.; Mrs.L

ga, S. C.; IM
Bei ni Va.; Mrs. G.
P. N. Y. The
party the gbts of the city
by fof Bartow,who
1 Aof the viiton
I d with htampa and de.
c woald n4t by any mean

Emulsion of^Cod Liver Oi
mto and theI typoplcsphites,
S.fatbhfutly used, is specific in the
tkraat tUfet Weak ga, Consump
ste, Broachitis tc., eating Pbysi
lasi er om d t For sale by
Maio M. Dias' Ph cy, Centra
HPrhuacy, Pay Pharmcy and Tampi
tmgCo. tf
1Chldren and aduall tortured bj
la .nosalds, injnriesaeezema or skin
shlissi may sure iatnt relief by
u" DeWitt's Witbch sle Salve. It
i- a great Pile remsed. S.. Leon
lpepli attention of contractors i
00id to tbe advertiseeronit of thi
Iof Publio Workesn wcA pro
efor building sewqrs arlyited
l Mk w hbe. received enti" 'hua r
S the work must begin within tei
th'.ont ootet awarded k

seedt lat msmt di8stree
Sbat it ratio eab
St ofOne Mi
-Wh"b chi alao Ato--bea

W o n ow bert
a ka woaoer mN


r Hmin 9 m Rh Ir rrI! Tse Governar's Call and Notice of the M i lil aBi '
Board of Trade Committee. r
The GenOsty of EdMard Kaa The following is the ofietal call of lttited aI Rtau'i t atmr ai
BlgMb I&ppredatal By tfhe lady. Governor Bloxbam for the South anD J A. taw h r 5 a55t5
yest Commercial congress to be held fo IO
in this city next month: Roas
T&LLAHASS M, FL, Jan. 18, 1898. i ",
j We rest ectively extend to the gov- meas
The Food Is Well Cooked, Excel. errors of the Southern and Western Singular and le hsat%" Fisd-W
lent In Quaty and Served In states invitation to attend the fifth It a Suicide or a M aler.-lho ld wt iP
annual session of the South and West .
Abundance to All Who Apply At Commercial congress, to convene at Be Investigated By the Authoa- tine
the Acle In Ybor City. Tampa, Fla., on the 8th. 9th and 10b ti ______ ret'
the A e In Ybor City. of February. 1898 We also respect- --- s
-- fully request the governors of the Friday as Riley May ~as flating wilt
The diningroom, opened in the Ar- Sout ler and Western is ote tio a a raft of logs to tthe cit be made a w
oade building, Ybor City, for the relief which should command the attention sensational find up the riser about flA
of the destitute people of Tampa of all good citizens miles. His attention wad attracted by
through the generosity of Mr. Edward Trusting that this congress will re- a large number of bouzaels to a pec for
Manrars is being largely patronized by cerve then cosidertion it deerveaad liar object in the distande and an in- Aprl
prove beneficial to all concerned, b t
members of Cuban families, who are [Signed W. D. BLoxAm, vestigation prqd It to ie the deeoosm. be
out of employment owing to the clo- Governor of Florida. posed body of a man on tie edge ofL e at
ing down of some of the factories. in connection with this the following rver. As Mr. May had .o small boat aval
The distribution of food takes place notice has been isaud by the Board of he could not get very cloto the body, daei
twice each day under the personal su- Trade committee of this city: and therefore does not kew whether
pervsion of A. Zendegui, and at every TAMPA, FLA., Jan. 26I 1898 it is that of a white or blacksmn. He ral
meal nearly four hundred people are Gentlemen: We once more call your reported the matter to the proper so- ly to
fed. The food is given the applicants attention to the meeting of the South thorities, but as yet no ojp has been the
in canteens and there is an abundance and West Commercial congress to be sent out after the body. This matter for
of it. Everything is of of excellent held at Tampa, Fla., on the 8th, 9th should be thoroughly investigated at
quality and is well cooked. There and 10th of February. 1898. We have once. tar
were 888 people supplied with food secured a rate of a fare and a third on About two weeks ago a white man Tbl
Tuesday night and 418 were supplied the certificate plan. disappeared from the city very my sTrall)
Wednesday morning. This convention should be of impor- teriously, leaving a wife and several eat
Other people have shown their get- tance to all commercial organizations, children in destitute cirtmstanoes. Dur
eroasty as follows: The Tampa Gas municipal governments and tranpor- t is probable that he committed aui- lil
company makes no charge for the gas tatlon companies in the Scuth ard cide by drowning, or it might be the pla
used in the building during the pre- West, and we trust they will manifest body of some person that has. been d
paration and distribution of the food. sufficient interest in it to see that they murdered and thrown in the river for 6
The gas fixtures were put in free of are properly represented. concealment. Tam
charge by J. W. Roberts & Co. The here will be someprominent speak- CENTR AL Z L COM IT Por
water is furnished free oy the Tampa ers to addressthe convention and every 96T
Water company. effort will be made to make it a profit- th

Wateumo MSTAS COURT k^^^ aThe Work of Relieving the anatoring

Pointed and every mail brings notice The Central Relief committee is do- ship
Will Convene in thi City on February of ether appointments. We request iog a great and good work for the as- their
14 -Jury Ordered Drawn i you to appoint delegates at once. distance of the destitute in this city and they
The regular term of the United States All delegates that have papers to be suburbs, and, at the meeting Friday own
court. for the Southern Districi orf read before the congress will please morning, at which Dr. Eoaeverra pre- cessi
Florida, will convene in this city on notify H. Cucnineham, secretary sided, the work was systematized as day
Monday, February 14, and tne session Tampa Board of Trade follows: "
wil be held in the .ircultcoiirt room a i A suitable program has been pre An investigating committee was ap- the
usual. pared for the entertainment of the pointed for the purpose of ascertain- mill
The county cL,,mmssiooer- recently delegates during their itay, and we loig the true condition of all applicants part
notified the marshal that the rentof the wth greatly appreciate your notiflca- for assistance. It was decided.that all the
court room, for the purpose of holding tion to the effect that delegate will be cases of destitution in places remote in c
tne sessions of the L'nited States court. her- to repr 'sent you from the "kitchen" in Tampa, proper,
would be raised this year from $500 to Plea-e make some reply to tnis letter are to be reported to the investigating '
$1,000 per year. Tne government re- at once, and oblige. committee, this committee being au-
fused to stand the raise acd the marshal Yours very truly, theorized to supply such destitute per- Caa
was instructed by the attorney general FRANK BENTLKY, i sons with groceries from the nearest
of the Ullted States to secure other F. C. BOWYER. .kitchen" upon written: orders. All
qusrterawlrne 1f. tbe sessions of the G. C. Waan.rS, cases of need are to be rebrted to the I
court. TklfE. eelial has been uo- Invitations Committee Tampa Board investigating committee\before relief jur'
able to dn airla4eos ariagedi to hold of Trade. can be granted. J.
thecoming se'ss~ 4f, l6 he. l the cir- The congress will be held in the The managers of "kitchens" are re- diet
cnit court room. Casino auditorium and it is expected quired to keep a complete record of wa
Judge H. L Crane, depusa olerk that it will be largely attended as al- their work, showing a hls of benefici. dan
the United States court, Sateady ready a number of commercial organi- aries, their names, residences, occupe- clI
ceived an order, issued by JudgeJ. i l have named delegates and the tion and number in each family, said T
Locke, directing him to draw from t4e~'d~l have written for further in- record to be open for inspection by the Co.
jury box the names of 23 persons to a 1 ta e onrnming the congress, investigating committee 0 all times ing
Serve as grand jurors and the names of All bills and accounts mo4 be approved dicd
24 persons to sere as petit jurors. The we oda serious to do a little good in by the general maner, president and P0
marshal is ordered to summons, the t.is worN and can think of no pleas- secretary before they will#be paid. T
sons whose names are drawn am toe a ei or better way to do it than by A meeting of the Central Committee 80o
'panel is returnable at 10 o'clooek,1 i&i On Minute Cough will be held every Wednuday in the We
r- ary 14. 0 ,* ,- 5.pneumomia, con- rooms of the G. A. R. Jaill at two in.
RlfIn iz ours. 1 i 0ung tronu o'clock p. m.
f Diasreping Kidney andi Bladder bles JbP 8a "6 Mrs. Kennedy, who lately arrived in tb
S .red Isn hoses by the w reat Sh Leo ardi& t. i kndly offered to get up da
SAmeia Kidney Cre.'" This new remedy la Work will shortly begida sIp e.' BiOesl the beheflt of the
oBes eis oes 50o00t okr it, b eeedig large new building, which, whbectZts- e e mll itteepa
iraptasr In rwlls evl p in enceldit legi d d ... .
han sad every part nr toe au plated will be an ornament to the city ] s-borie MaL. "
masl or female IL reuieve renea.on of eser and add materially to its prosperity. Fuste a comet do
Sand pasi passing t al mosimesu ely, l I The bmldings are: the new business Mrs. Kennedy ion a $ ea
yoa wast qaickreliefs ad core Ile a your rem block to be erected by Maas Bros,, on ter~ainment. .
Pdy ,S B. Leordi the corner of Franklin add Zack streets; BODY NOT RECOERED.
SThe Smoke. the new warehouse and office building
S The following from an unknown co- for Armour & Co., corner of Ashley I County Autheoritie T ing Little
trihntor, would be an excellent legend and office building on Ashley streets ad Interest In River 2yetery.
for the cigar manufacturers of Tampa: joining the bonded warehouse, for'a
vsowe shoLng.me mrse or Im-, Swift & CO. 'The erection of these Nothing farther has ben ascertain. PI'm
Throughdlle the whole or my success.
Wah my cigar li'msge and woe. three buildings will give employment e ed by the county authorities in regard ~
Without I'm dull as clondy skims, to a large number of laborers and will to the decomposed body of aman,which ti
w he simoing, l my Ideas soar. help the business men of the city. was seen Bfloating in th river, about ms
Whes e ,theysnk upon the losr. five miles above the city, Friday, by
Th grdhe eehareat leareaneslmokere. There are three little thing which Riley May. otaed
A srd so were all ioe greatest joier.
Thbea ins nil who'd biu udien to .:sre. ;dO more work than any other three lit- As the bherlff'o offce It was stated .

rt tatn, w i

s tise nvmin

it Isma

t amlispari~
ertot will

w alloserUl rys
Vie Ustensinhji e

arat of the
b e ar. as w a

misui th e pa m

efo bys thberthpiid I
itate theirrni iod I
You are requasWa 40as

ti of Florida, &*Ire"s I
tment whether e l .adg
aUo-operatipA t1H
carry ing ot the

rwo VEDImm --

es Disposed Ofuel
at a 1 ifJ

a the circuit
wbrienlagatti 'La

y in the case of L J.
A. Pearde & Co,
'hin favor of tbe
a an act g int
mages in the sum
medt byr tell p be
pae rta of the
, s. J. M. Gibesn,
F the moMMrMid
tfor the b plart
il cobert costo

u1h Florls 11.edl ,
rks sa.s ja
Fheoure beagqstd O
commrndioag s cr ;oS9 i

r. netdware imann .

oopef tatia ot i
* of thtat ly afTf

ome here andsmoke It into ir. j tie things createld-they are the ant, that no further particulars had been I
the bee and DeWitt's Little Earily learned regarding the body. No one F
y Don't annoy others by yourcough. Risers, the last being the famouss little iappeirs t take much interest in the e
Sing, and risk your life by neglecting a oiUll fer Ptotnach and liver troubles, matter and it appeared to be the gen- B
cold, Que Minute Cough Cure eures S. B. L.~ ~,idi & Co. tf rally impression, among the officials to
t coughs, colds, croup, grippe and all around the court house, thbt there was A
Sthroxt and lung trouble. S. B. Leon- "We don't want a d-n cent of your a mistake about a body having been ifhe
ardi. & Co. tf money" sa.d a member of the Board of I seen. FI.
Postmaster Reynods has recently Trdecommitt the council com- Riley May reported that when be 0t
e pu in a time register of the latest dee mittee, but the bills were laid before saw the body the buzzards were circul- e
sign and now has no trouble in keeping the council, all the same, and were paid ing around it but as he had no boat he mae
sigio and now has no trouble in keepingthe
S record of the time the office employes by the council, while a number of city could not get out to where it was float- i
report oror duty and leave e the oice. employes have not been paid for some ing, and could not tell whether it was sm
T.'e postmaster should now put up a tme black or white. .
a-sign in front of the office so that stran- A thrill of terror is experienced when The Tampa Tribune is doing lots of se
gerscan find it without having to ask a brassy cough of croupsounds through I good work for that city, and Brother we
everybody they meet where the post- the house at night But the terror Stovall's patrons should appreciate T
Sofice is located. soon changes to relief after One Mit. the fact. Almost any live newspaper ns
After years of untold safering from ute Cough Cure has been administered. does hundreds of dollars worh of ad-
ae yr o u d u r .. une dreds of dolarser o f a
piles, B W. Persell of Knitnersville, afe and harmless for children S. B. vertising for the town where it is pub-
Pa.. was cured by using a single box L Olisbed every year, and the Trbuneta no stm
Sof DeWtt's Witch Hazle Salve. Skin Col. A. J. Ballantine, who visited exception of the rule. Therefore we
diseases such as eczema, rash, pim- Tampa last season as a delegate to the rust that the people of Tappa realize
pies and obstinate sores are readily Gulf Coast and Harbor Defense con- this important fact.-Lsketand Sea. ,
S setd by the famous remedy' 8. B. venton has been appointed by the gov- I B. P. Stewars & Ce. i hvt added a N
SLeor t & Co tf ernor of Tennessee as a delegate from genta fureashingf depar e to thei
' The tis fr collecting city taxes that state to the South and West Com already very complete tck amar-"e
Sforte 6 year 8ar' ha s been extended by melcial congress, which convenes in cbandse sad saythig tI d a ei
ttbe esmnil uttil February .lf and inort'is next week. r. C. A. Aber- dry o'tl, shoe, hat arT W
f AmeaUin i the c is virtually atby. of Pnlask, Tes.., baa also been an ba t *stdB. P. B
th bod is insolvent to tho appointed a delegate to tbd same corn- a prio ee ma
If he V lare phoper. a-g
^ ..I . ,^, .. "-
iIn~ pe f ly. l s Jom id awemn, tmhe welt fawn- I
l &abed ti't an h u a is p the city h
7 115i0 d. usL e his n 1 o ied.

~ s.
rI -r
.~pr:a'ae ~t-; =-* ;
r. L i
s r 1
'- I t f.V
~~.. :.t
- (1. I
3_- r ''t -

g~i-~~s~~-I-I ~ a:~-1

7; 7s ..Cs .... ssss

YeL4i 0~orL ty sabaribe
~ib~isM OmiW~

2 a ax 26 s0e


emme sas neqesa'A si is remitoby-
J5eseg nader -b e ame or
~ IMA aasee espbm is
dwmfrd bb
-r~l'1 aceseess

AA" ss db5
T-7 0'
Y-1 wi
~*Aea~ ~srJrW, 1SO...,









m .OXDtiA Gomv oI stP

Although h election in our odigh-
boring stat of Georgia does not ae-
car until O ober, the race for gov-
eroor see to be on in earnest and
the Georgi papers are manifesting a
wide interest in the matter. A week
or mor ago the veteran Col. A. D.
Candter, Hmaiiarly referred to as
"the onoe.ied plowboy of Pigeon
Boost," aroencetd his candidacy in
an open letter, setting forth his po
litical vies and his plans for reme-
dying the evils which exist in the
state's government. His letter has
been characterized by the Macon
Newr as i"clear, frank, plain ann
honest, and indicates that Col Cand-
ler is already thoroughly familiar
with state affairs, and knows exactly
-wht is dananded of the next gov.-
ernorof Georgia."
The Savannah News, on the other
hand, "disectse" it, accuses it of deal-
iag na generalities and says: ,It be
had said, for instance, that be favor.
ed only oe session of the legislature
em twoiears._ therebhv sawin i the

asy to Take
asy to Operate
Are featres peaular to Hood's si.. sma fn
size. tsteless etfileat, Uioroamgh Asone a

sad fYou never keow you
have taken a pin tlulitisan
owner 5c. C. L Hood& Co.,
Proprietors, Lowen, Mass. w W
TIw onlYy pis to LMke with Hood's Saruis

? I

A very proper bill has been intro-
duced into congress by Mr. Habbard,
of Missouri, providing that "anyone
concerned or connected in the offense
commonly dominated *train wrecking
with the inten: to rob,' shall be
deemed guilty of the crime of train
wrecking with the intent to rob,' aid,
on con riction, punished by death ,r
imprisonment in the penitentiary at
hard labor for a term not less than
ten years."
Hardly any crime can be conceived
more heinous than that of train

:id of two i4 or'mon ''ae a s of money, and made wrecking.. Hundreds of lives may
Ia afgo'by trietaming some r .sugge stons relative t 'be dashed to pieces in an instant in
kp hnmr h-w ic x nhe order that a depraved wretch may
keeping 46w county tax tinn, h
,old e apeaed more taro gl rob the strong box of the express
S: would ha th e appealed messenger and appropriate a few
cg- lse lunder d Nf erothepele the Georgia pss thousand dollars. The record for
way A Al aol eems to be favorably disposed to he past eight years is 218 trains held
easr at Auhcp, s78eems to be favorably deposed toill.
laod of ILk/ A band, ward Candler. and unless all signs 78 pa ers d trainmen kill.
i.gof wooden be built fail, he will be nominated. His chief ed. 67 passengers and trainmen shot
000. opponent bwill probably be Col. Flem In some portions of the far Western
trading du Bignon, of Savannah, one of states it is almostas dangerous to
Soh otper teet lawyers in te se travel by train as in was to sail in
.of ,th ountry in %be Mediterranean Sts 100 years ago,
memt'of Leefam0ly 0 Up to date Du Bignon has only been the Mediterranean Sia 100yearago,
So b at ly nd feeling his way and will not announce when pirates levied titutes on pass-
pre -oneicnaly end leg vessels to the extent that Gom mo-
SThe thtr~teed crisis at himself until he is satisfied his sup i- g vesseDs to the extent that Commo-
Tlo thn ened crisis at warm ntsit. Gen. C. A. Evans, dore Decaturl as forced to enter his
i r prtwariants it. Gen.C.A.Evans,
on who tried for the honor last time, is protest with American guns against
ry of B Navy is re- being spoken of, but most probably such barbarism. And we are not
aysgi a order for will not enter the race. Speaker Jen- free from such deeds of lawlessness
pnda otsfnmketlspow- kins also has friends who are urging i Florida. Mexico ha deit
tt o is not needed to his claims, and is receiving mention heroically with the matter and haa
Am a citizens n Ha. for the place. Atty. Gey Terrel made the penalty for train wrecking
i sa pective riot, would undoubtedly have been econ- death.
S iderable factor had be entered the The purpose of Mr. Hubbard's bill
o eiptie re i race, but his close relationship to i to give the Federal government
Smln who Gov. Alinson according toborn the t ge t to prosecute train.robbers.
Fr lteof life, and hav- Newma Herald, gave a shade of Judge Grosscup, of the United States
Ifto~ie front, loo ks ity to the r s tht court, charging the grand jury at
plausibility to the rumors that GoV.
aLes nuponhis plain old Chicago, has held tht e consitu-
-oth who tught him Atkinson persuaded Mr. Terrell into icago, has held tha te tit
other wo taught him the race In order to further the for. tion places tho regulation of com-
dmer's ambition to be United States merce between the several states, and
senator; errel to disprove this between the several states and foreign
iis Bi mr tray,"te next bhas declared himself not candidate. nations, within the keeping of the
NTvia in lorida promises A cursory view of the situation, United States government. Anything
tecircus, with peauts, therefore, indicates that Candler will which is designed to be transported
d pld ri or '4 and all be the ubminee, but so did a crsory for commercial purposes from one
ItIa ar apperteanees view of the sioation at this time two state to another, and is actually in
bibgitog.'" It will be years ago indicate Geen. Evans to be transit, and any passenger who is ac-
,'.tallasmeean. Yea, the nominee, and t may be than Can- tally engaged ia anyi uch mntate
kt:kad of acrobatic per- der will meet the same fate as did commercial transaction, are the agen-
s Itl- i gqermily be- Evans. cies and subject matter of interstate
t#l6 dor of the Banner --- a b re, and any conspiracy in re.
oif the uay participants. The Tumat with its chiracterisHaitraint of such tra4e or commerce is
-- -- enterprise and desire to 'd e pro an offense against the United States."
et g lesatf discovery is eesgtW.ent ec" l representative Judge Boss, of California, has also
i rt a poses by whije ,o Belleiir yesterday to report the held that "any and every person
-he mantfaturedr n tre bicycle races, an elaborate account who wilfully interferes with or ob.
i rtis enri loo of which will be found in the news stracts any interstate commerce, is
Jt iavetor says ba e oolumno of the paper this morning. guilty of an offense against the law
a or a meon elats, Thei 'Txiami always leads. The of the United States.'
i lP^ rt litit clhich Is other ppeBa folow. These decisions will have much
:'avrat it. by a weight with those wh6 would oppose
Sait la article eati i grimly the bill on the ground that it is au
Selling th re thmd- h the encroachment upon states' rights.
iK^.e ng .e te door ofp happiness ___
hlgpeopie. "!for tbhoosaee
I pee. on thons s of Governor Atkinson is not thank.
wistful women
Ier has esastd that The woman whose ing the good Georgians who have
'ejB)bout Sve dolHars a d been apologizing fo him, and de-
e taooa for th e head. a' ose st fils fending him. He safs he did attend
.. ped by debili-'
-lp L Abe a'petites t tinsdrains.sla s a bullfight on Sunddy in Mexico for
bBthana. n sp&theo disease of the or- the simple reason thit Sundays are
S .."womeCaoof- t h the only days on whibh bullfights can
owerasnimal :ataure py. Sheisnot be see in Mexico: Georgians could
fi bt. not expect that Mexicans would get
t v dollars fots her. Ma up a bullfight for his special enter-
i lji.psaad one a affl tainment and pleasure. When a
al .it b eb pi withg great dge. yve ie governor of Georgiagoes to Mexico
r b 400 per 40a0 yrrs untold agony. This is needless, he must do as the M4xicans do.
'!I- Tids of women have found a sure.
as tt be d ad almost mra in t0 The trade edition of the Fernan-
-war-d ofti almost miraohmselbo
"T meay i Drist. Pierce i favorite Pe. dina Mirror is one of the most excel-
S r adre pon the ors n lent publications that has ever been
sf4esde dack." tivm them health and igor. It issued in Florida and is a credit to
w n..is)t mjTh e~alU no l both the town and lits enterprising
m ultheis a net o f Pubimhers.

mt To deciples of normons.~ Tw deaciples of Kormonism have
r it daI~es s ..s- struck Tampa. WhtLt et?
as rtesa Hoos should be Eaught how to

I ,du ifre t Qnafity Brat; thiSb and looks. The
w ;aur. r BUCRB KIN BRZEQHES are al that
enht goad paeni ma be.' We have mania
t em to pleas. men who appreuebs Slt
m s e an well as war. Tsry cost o s sla
tea eammen a goodiand they males

-I --

Dr. C. T. Henderson of Bartow daral aiqiivarld sue i
has accepted the position of surgeon At deu gt., riete 1 centI totl. s1 A
in the Plant System Hospital st High per bottle. .
Gaud 6
Springs. DanddsJ des to aa enfeebled s t te
It is the-man who has no p frofitable tb Hair enewari--
ens tbe a"Wte fanettous of6lbs 1 e ~ rnec
business of his own who has so much heatnUg a4ii pIefenting the jrn ti "i"-' i
time to attend to the affairs of other' ofdandiu. ; :
The army of the discontented re-
ceives many recruit when the weath-
er is cold and tramps are uncomfor. i
The Orala Lumber Company is
manufacturing furniture, and ship-
ping it to various points il thb State.

When France recognizes the Paris
students as belligerents, other nations
can come in ad assist the pol.ee-
At Punta Gord aa few days saee
some one unerthed several keg of
counterfeit silver dollars.

Afteasr oward had the li fe.
psueed out of him he very atiraIl- -
ly e h tool peaf e h. a e w "
An i ft MUM e be dC" e i th a im
sm .._ .et.g,._ga0

S00,;DLvvtnn: T.UN.
Fr a ^Csi *r a.o The newu wich he.i..es
Cardinal Gibboso, of Balthree, t be New Yot Hersid, t
in his address to the Jew Orkeas mise"a nowi as iearggw s l
Press Club Thursday gavethe follow over abe rot for the lateroeiami
ing advice, which should be hueeed canal, w o16 e too fakvorale toi .
by all me* everywhere: be rell"te
IJf I had one piece of advice to The report e tht bhe comm siosin
give a piMsie man more than another habeie dtde< i the easal can he
it it, be L sauk with the reporter. It constructed for laes tban tIhree-luar-
has been my privilege and pleasure teseof the l igipal estimate. Four
to come is contact with and to know and a ha t ai and a leaky ar
a great number of reporters. I have repaired to iUd it, and for thou-
steadfastly adopted a policy of abso- and eight bs ed laborers are need- iBo
lute frankness with them, and I have ed tocommence work. Teese should $,j QT
yet to bave a confidence betrayed, be divided idto groups of 2,200 be, .
They have never proven hemsetves teen Rio J*ap and Castito, 1.00-
unworthy of the eaatmate I placedon between Cbiinto and Nomoatombw-. eel
them as gentlemen. It is the pubNc and 809 in )isabges.
man who conceals, whose very act of Seventy auiion dollars ma thi Wt
concealment is perceived by the r amount originally estimated as U ca
porter (for in the very nature of cost; buta ommltteeof enginee res f
their business they mst be quick to ported thItmearly twioe that: aSi isu bs
perceive), it is this very concealment would be required The last tate-
wlich induces the reporter to farther meat, to tUe efet that tbe work ea
conduct his investigations and often !be done for otaethingilke forty ml.
to get wrong what, had be been in lioatisdil itf to beliyae. However,
the confidesee of the man whomethe eanal i~s a snea ely, ed ought to
manner provoked investigation, he he built eai at fe times forty,l i
woald have understood and written ki cannot bi de for Is. This r am ials d
intelligently about And it is In is one of hi sationai neoessitle' of
this very manner that much of the the Unitet States.
complaint against the reporter origi-
Doafm camp" ab Ow -.
nates. Tell the reporters the abo-
lute truth. Never deceive them. h local b peikaUto s an they eanltus&"
seach the d0iseased p1o0to of te seMr.
The races at Belleair yesterday There is onn3 e* way teo rdedaf ,
were interationl in character, and nd thatd i] sllfOes it lml
the ilset ever seen io the South: Dtioa of e i ea ou ining le t-ile
Mr. C. E. Hoadbey isto becommend- Iustachia s" abe: When tthi tubew l ;
ed for his public spirit and zeal and sflamed yeoihave a ruahblng oeuador'- .
the enterprise that waso essential to Uperfect Warng. and whenb it is
make so important an event such a tanrely ei ~. Daernei nrt s m e m t sO
and. unless the insammstioa, ai- b;
glowing success. With a few more taken out and this tube restored teis
such gentlemen as C. E Hoadley normal condition, hearing w~ll bd d,
Hilhborough would be the most pro- stroyed forever; nine caas outofte '
gressive and prbperous county in are caused b lcataarn, wbich ie notiiag
the State, but an inflamedi cooditi ofa the
cous surfaces. We wil giv e Co m E
If there is any truth in the asser- dried dollarafor any caan of ta1WSWi
tions ,f tne Oela Banner the good sedby alus Galarh Oturt. Send otBf
people of the'Brick City have been culars, free."
reading the riotact to Rev. Mr. F. J. CplgNEY& CO, Toldo, O.
Roger, the pastor of the Baptist Sold by diugiprts, 75c. ....
church of that place who attempted Hail's Family Pills are the best.
to gain notoriety in Tampa by an un- iouehold Goda.
called for, unauthorized and unsue- The acciiot Greeks believe that the
cessful attempt 'o east aspersions on Penates nwee tbe gods who attended to rI
Rev. Mr. Porter and the Baptist the welfareand prosperity of tbnefam.
Wiaunes. ily. Tirey -were worshipped as boas -
-h---- hold gods ioever home. Tbhe-bo m "
Mr. Stetson has decided to put an hold godi of to-day iDr. King's New
addition to the Hotel College Arms Discovery. iFor consumption, e.o.ga,:
at DeLand this summer coating $50,- colds and tor alls fecuo of aThr t,
000. Besides this addition to the has been l f qearterlaee. A
has been pied for a quaetercfatsa Uoftig4
hotel Mr. Stetaon, it is said has de. tury a 4 guaranteed to eair, or
cided to put up a trick block on the money retuned. No houbotuehold.ad -
corner of Boulevard and Indian ave- be without thi good angel. It isplews.
nue, at a cost of $20,000. ant totakd a ayo Free tr Ilreml
It wasn't so cold last night after at 8' B. Ltonardi's Drug Store. BRag.i
all. Fore warned us tore armed and ular size t and *1.00.
the people were prepared for the aocrdiqi to a celebrated aaqtoalt,
worst end all are happy this morning these art ipwards of 5,000. littg .
to note that no damage has been Klsd a b ie j human stoM'ach. T ..
doe. gflands por out the digestive jaiioe
doe- which disules or digest the food, I- ,
There are more than a dozen oen- digestion i aa of juice, weakness ot
nerns manufacturing horseless ear- glands. pee of help treoasses t he
riages in the United States. And health ou Stsee orga, t.Te e and 2ee
carriageless horses are inoreaaia sghkr Dig tivel Cordil. Ntral,
every day in number. I because it b i pplies the materials need-
A convention is to be held in Pen. tbvte jaucnle i B prwps a i S o drit
sacola Feb. 16 to provide ways and and invigorates the glands sad tB ;
means for a West Florida exhibit't artstomaS dritil they are able to st their
the Trans.Mississaippi Exposition at work alone. Shaker Digestlveomrd nl .
Om ah. oures indigestion oertaeily and ps i: T
Omaha. _". manently. I.does so by patural lB eas.

J aesseapsi V Ga IF _31 somea Irs new afrmserse".
Ys.am AWM we. a SL AnJa. L- An American War Vessel Will OanrIwvoAe, .eb L- Oinei
h is8'o "od Vsi .wo ,. among slhamn industries for uhe first
W O T em arvi hi m g Soon Visit Apia. month of the nw year. a reported by
w ih br. J. W. McQuare. a den0lin The Tradesman's special earrespod.
OT0 BW' I V AL a~ a wish kming i tlnians Baylir~ NATIVES DO NOT RESPECTr US NOW K n s, is vry sasteory., showinm an
er et April. 18& McGuire goes nut encouraging increase in volume over the
110 8. au6s* 'n of 'd eam the is lling. bu i alleges sI use is .eres ir. U& usi a. ts I game period tr 180o.
go" i ksssing, bsm eeseg.e Tam a Cr ase as i s ,. There is a large demand for all kinds
Wlliama Bayli.. as a well-otdo ar ,tof manaosured prodaos Prices. how.
Sl 5 pae- sMear pByhal "He was bouet. I lt e d--.. o e. ehow b orange, though
Sbun rasher el It rather exsuerust a'l iaeputhive FHJ- Ir Kr.,|.5.d. i... sip h~, rhtdhe rp e tendency is upward.
M a brother of BBo Bay li o r .r The movement in irom is atill charao
Gw atiiiterB NrOf Mitht &ppi A"e3 bO SidWii Hi en NN w oi Feb. I -Th American S s"e by activity. usany ulla beIag
g o s a federOal oonm -ioa ee r ato Ihe Pr.mean owdeed beyond theircapaecity. Prices
aunt Saorg. rpmctlesan lag1 will bsoon be uai,Iaed lu Simoai n fbr the ms part, are tirm and operators
lUft i Jemer.sa K Bl The MeGaire rented land from Bar- water by a malc-oi-wir. says The are solnfdently expecting nan adace.
kieB ORam has fa bl. Hi, and John. hesu bout J17 yaur u.d, Herald's Washnuiou correspouiseut, Aiona the mosa important industries
L'T, y ss ,.old~si hd woIsrds omne day i tr Tahevs.el wvs l be thei Mohlc' wutch at e r elweek e the followo g: Brickt
uHer hsbamd went ree Gne nMcG TreJid works as H sevil te, Ala.; a $12.00
..XXU< 5dle55153B bshu w srerae Gre ga s- haS bae' CoUneriteL IUo a tireiUlo BCIP. fRo and grist mill at GoUlfports, ti,
sbrstg pordmsi o the hind a gateposs a d Bayiws behind a Since the arrival in Washingtou of and flourng mills as Zalfo. Fla, Mint
d ib, vwas primpal of t Both began s socing. McGuire former Consul General Churchill tHe Nll.. ., ad Iaman and New Mar-
zatI imattseaaisb d ially shot Bayisl the breast ai he Aiaa rr ket Teon.; ice factonea at White C
dieLd sew days later McGuire claimi president and Assistant Secretary of e, .T Raleigh. N. O, and Graha m.
itl ao, Bat wanted so get him off ths place Saste Day have become convince thatd shs coal mnesR a Hnoevtlle and TGa
l~s Int w sb mad pm voked tne dibaculty. Amesican suterests require that au eumbia. Ala, and a qaarry as Charle-
ita Int t Bango a Why she maSter ws not taken up Amecan warship viss Samoa. Mr. toa, 8. (
ftm eblited im tb no t on e appears to know. It was OCrchill has oid them that the natives A wheel factory will be established at
s crrpe bi.. i she eoarpesg dayL. when everyth ln have no respect for the Amertcan gv Lr title Rock, Ark.;a 40 son oil mill at
wi. I a disordereat d omdiston. aud tne eramnst because it has ever seon a Opelika Ala.. and one to ost $560000 at
reods hen do unot ow tha any uu man-of-war to support any steps for the Bherman. Tex A sugar mill will be
M ,Se 'IN&t was e Van tu o;f it, w prostion of American tereess whlicb reted at Abbevllee. a.; a 6000.000
in$bejS*- Im- s Msblaitery Mor, whie drink- it represmntatie in Apia might take. cotton yarn mill as Rosville Ga.; a
"g i. bo ssed of having killed a man to Mr. Ohbarbill reported an insult paid other o eoe s he same amount as Albe-
sbhisossni u y and m4o be had compro- to an American from Arnsos, who hu nuade. N. a. and a 16.0000 kniiastg
end*, in mused with the wid for $1.000. Dep- esablibhed a musson near Api. He mill as Atlana. Ga.
__.- s Sherif of Sommervilie. demanded eatisfaction. but the natires The Ohroutelr Lamber company,
S The.. soa me hbe. iostawarraum t ad lautghd at him, and upon subsequent eapial $50,000, has been ehartered at
realsisiioi p pe t M iotira ocasion~cu hs when he attempted to get Foreet. Tea; the Iforthwess Arkanasa
TM b ir matdered aftan' widow and tuatactson for some wrong committed. Lumber company, capital $50,000. as
da t a now Mr bFany tbey taunted him with the outrage com- iprinfld Ark; a $25,000 saw and
1L AM Bri.edl+-R'arwa. live in $s -ne. Te. Mrs. minted upoa the mireioa an the further plianr zmU at Oentrervill, Ala.. and
Mro iion sh srn writes that tbe will be here so faces that be had received no support ether woodworking plan at Wynne,
Mo"'Cafo v m n o oorsia rry.from goerment in the stand he Arkcranson Muss, and rghP Pomt,
ebia- mm-u had taken. The uaurve have quite a N. 0C
.6* tmi s iibousItp. RfCE WAR IS THREATENED. different teelug for the Euslist a id
W ROpM der German rgoverumenut. Each of the e CASH FOR CUBAN CAUSE.
00"r 0 e 06lM in w5ie Rws .4'(tn aArkrs--C 5lalsty government keep one, and sometimes
Srs L p Irr. ROc. Jan. Sl.-Trouble li, last Amce Ia> warship to visit Apia tma-rai e ef .r1 ee.
iJWeMds 'erb. the hewo esvt erid awo 8 t-'r bla" wal ue Alg B al,,e witch dropped a chr eLoW YOR1. Feb. c.-Dr. Sanahen
I UM or o a and timehw ait ain etweli the bfnu t. is in t o c areat r er ret19. n Agramonte, surgeon general in the Cuo
li e se w an u the whitresn LtOaoke fieouns p, a; UPfo the arvuai of the Mohican I ban insarget army, has ju arrived
pllt w ill uae wan "EDOio A aa is threat uted whthe rIore e ioau waters. IAmi ps ecteed that ler

i Thecewieroatrodb is l yw f wic hveueenmaeby former ai id,"te a a dere thaCba be
hee wasrelasiedO so Sth cues started. magy Ousrival -yllcnt! i of I romnmaifiug officer. Commander G. M. from Europe, bringing $4L.OLO raised in
"w"res al l the kitd witnessed isi cllv Furla' i,, Book., wtir cnnfer with Consul Geuer.l Paris for the Caban cause. Dr. Agra.
M taeeiays.v so e a" n aboat onb be a wUeo brew nwg Osborn lu reuan tao he steps to be Itrkeu most rayso that popular sentiment in
teShte hrwth r a lo time. at p the wfetrl. si, elte n to reate a Beri ver respect am lo toie Franue o is/urog ei favor of suicce forS
*m k r*ouses" iO s that town bitter ha4ee i lfi o rld ti-p ame n ti es for t tIe America ea nu i he bondsau
wasao lt i~t (lbrt will cause an eanletiont. As a rets ti us the eoreesetari(rlse "-Amotg people of all classes,"' he
f. i- ro place of the rnroubes, isad clahd ha, de wlhivch aeen ais d byformernd In aide he objes a desire thas Cubs be
AE HIS'woyeiauf. Lnoeke. a place i e p s Sevn00ral ue- ia r planrcei. ti. brdmcil ustrbios wa toreed. The French Rgoverumen is re-
ksiMee cticmnao z.- Sante, hbons one-half of wbhm r so. enter Into ugotiatioucs with the I. rd, strained from taking any actiou i favor
I ehroughoahe poet 4 pordon of tcl, while rc.l te ae" and Berlim gverumetcis looksine t tile of Cuba by te French interests ci Span-
. ,thatt town havebe's trylucg to rcd ti ameusmeet 3f the trcprtite iresy su- ieh bonds
'o place of the nepr oes and oiasbed have der which Samoa is rovers.ed e ...te The object of my mission abroad
~"$ IiS. ilSfrequsent in the past. Several n e- first place. Mr. Churchell thtuke chi sOAL was teo pase before tue Red Croes eocie-
S' rose have beea killed by whites and aries of the chief justice and oilher utei- ties Li the difference nations the manner
e1% digy. -* ie m m ,othbes have been driven out of town. cer appointee by the three c,-vt-urueu(s In which ount sIC ana wounded have
o.li. MV There has been little resistance nponi iu Samoa are too l ab auii ch-.e may be bee treated iu Coba I seut a maul-
"A ih g bithe pirtof the i )aka ap to this trim. scaled down. festa so the Rea Cross congress In
ril bauSbe tS bus they are now organizing for the There is uo intention onI the part of Vieuna and talked witl promient
*l a p rpose of mutual protection, and the the adminsstraciotn to abauiceu tue in physicians aud oflcials with a view of
N1 OfI b0 h wife. from omnes lash is almost certain to produce teresc of tuiss overuu eut ira Sonma aud in aucue FraiKce and other uatious to
r a'ned by he father, serious results This clash is expected Mr. Churchiil does not recoumeud it, brnug pressure to bear upou Spail to
Qwaley en on f the to take place wipti the next week ir although he says tile one y reas nr wlhy recogz our Rt d Cros orgaImacIions ia
ai ina Tp to Mr. n two. nostee having been served ,n tire this government should coutiunte us O)ba- Ail tiuat w- want id to have our
Snaroeg tsha they muos leave the counr hold upon the is auds is ocause it is wounded treated like those of other
MO. -l..s slGaLey^ within thCa time or nfftdr ttie c ron morally botud to do so by tlio cnnrse iatsous."
dt;i D d i o oet q. ,ne i c purned In the east. Mr. Ctinrcure. Dr. Agra.c.ute said thas in this mat-
S5ranW ito A prominent acitseu of Lonoke was ti states that if the United States were ro tar he had been promised the aid of per-
tnailthanxirAt Litle Rock in o onsunlation with Q vear. withdraw from ramna tile island. woul.l sons of Influence, but he did not kuow
dlimion ed their nor Jones on the4siiuatiou to ay. What be divided up by GLerumauy nd Great whether Spaiu would grant their re.
.7 --iei O U i.'Pealead took place ats thi iinterrew has nott been Briain. quest or not
idaMias l.ds" esared T tO FORM COTTON TRUST. I illr An..=.... rr a Maneh.
,ei]ig h ThSe TEAMSHIP CORONA SINKS NEW Yo. Feb. -Q W. Miller of
swalisy. ases"s oint Fir.mf tnawe.. as tlermi ma d .erel a Prler ... Chicago, winner of the laussix.dayscon.
ft. I ik Ie WsaiNGTON. Feb. 1.-Price. AlcCor- test in Madisou Square Garden, is eager
"r&tX- .-rei Wa&h.J Jnn. 81.-The steam zilckh & Ca of New York, one of the to race rsac-the Dtchma." in a
Lsh A aaf of 66'. Paooa86, dU3.aaal.mOfh rokn,..o. e. e c o cared rau t.he Dutchman." in
fl-- sijoronaWof ieoat .lrgem- t ih r Rme of brokeeW in he eouurry. New York today from Pitteburg, and
Aft 4. eimor perthoinseyy sayingg between Seeti Ire urging a plan to reduce the acreage wdll leavp in a few days for Florida.
i st ih5blb'S I Sma diy AIesa. lo e d Jan. sad increase the pries of coatosu iu tie whoer e will go into training for an
9 eAv i Q s meonad. off Kun ed d k mpd t upon all. npaced records and
STheab dwere all aseed. r d Seta iaupon long distance eo ed records up to
Td1_ tAJ 6oan re nnderstood it will mean practically the formation S4 hours. Arrangement u being
e wO e a t hl e pBMoers were Of at Oton trust. -aad he says, to induce Oordao g to*
SIaWonl o o isr miad. where b they now The plan is to organic the "Aseri. come to Ameria and if he does a purse
tM m ean ototn Growers' Matrrl Protectve el $5,.0 is DMiowd for a "-hourrace,
Tba g -W".t.M, Q .. wh dwSas.s No pit al s required for the ou .o
nb. w a flmns reure unyage upon tlhe lding p astren of the
t t e eir s ,, tfe ta wih she orout hot2 looigt towar shar be 'tssred anud. amiloser Fe ho pbere d al propoete
M ltM Osqe m The Ooqi anth Is coigreasmen from the Boash have on which be will submit to the choose
"-.-b ... "o need m aliinat p J been asked to beoome members o the board for the esablishabmen of a publld
Mr *M ,.a +, ( a The beOUs, which ws aiocdation. hool for Ohiese pupils. Commeic
-. ^ -' oMtmds o b on the louoer Foley had. at the request of 4
Ahe lIt. ka tna, I Mel t mcad oO.ae tnarRt O. atin r i .ik <- c-,. d-egsatiou o church workers, granted 4
P>ai rsa d S two pllta. Thompssa OCBnBstZOioi. Feb. 1.-Judge Sitnoa- permit to two anacona Ohinamen to ep
| nL ,e^ .aBBSim^ me MpeleB on tho tou rendered an op ,ion roday to the r a pblio abehool, bnt th caused t
l-.n.s- W woud t stapreNaeo the effect thas the d own f Eke ois mutiny in the school and ruch 4a eori
-SSiESS terirfsrih lp anmfD8at efc th lhe aowo "r Eeotee of t of inoignaseos aaganaa Mr. Foley aht
TIe me ot Seattle Sept i dry town In the strict sese of the hbe revoked the perb.it lie thuks th t
B- n TT n iodot om tak (he pla word. and that Conasable J. Loug't if uch a school be esiablished thetb
buet 1 ke sittl month i clos iug of the agency of Blutheuthal & will be a rush of Oelesealt anxious tI
S rm No. vNO. q.she Oo- Blckart w.s niihawruL The deci.sou la become "MelIcae" e oholar.
bd a LAe i road trip voyages an iinerenstin one in that Is reviews rhe
..*S '* the head [qua canal and was on pSitioln tr, the federal couar on lhe On. TIrer Tobser ontpse. i
Zl-l-.etsigth tri sauth when losct. It was booth Caroleia a.stecl for tue reguoa. WAeHt.GroT. Feb L-The final e-
S'S-'buil in 1T a eet of $2,0.0. It tiou oi th. lIqtorC IUlIC The quee-,en
,-a-" tasiwi d r 0.D00l as to the twn oir Eltu beciig a ary owr timates of tie tobacco production in the
.is als, iius ,v5er, aen ti e coucln.ioee i United Stales In the year 1897. by te

I '.." '" R0 er ar Appi ld Fr,. reaelieu ruat the sale of liquor in origin. agricultural department, place the etoil
t .a. SL.-In the ehanoery ual packages at Eiko ia no vilasiou of yield ast 40,u04,3.0 ponuds. vaiudt
SM.: .. JtrlBo t ah ll the law. The lujuuction. in accordance at F24.258.070 The area cultivated
i ejdle. mrto day st Ausll fiMed a bil wish the decision, was issued. amounted to 694.719 acres. Sevenu sates
l f eyig> lerPa reeiri for the Mobile, .ai -. a. produced a crop valued at more thtu
.~ k ,1son O Kaara Cisy raflrbad. al "s $1,000.000, via: Keutncky. $.03252.2;
-wa.-g l i^haSd ae rbed ir M1talvent and is M1cM]icsvUj.i. Or.. Feb. I.--Frcd North Carodna, $b.49)0.Sl; Vlrgienl.
ab.le M pay its deb t. He cLala 01emeua and Paul Doco were outbuiit.- $8018 986; Tennemee. $4d4.8l16; Olo.
10 -"f" t" to S hA b. m cis wC c1.066,000; Peunsylvania, $),a9,2;
BI E,5f "l that tb ir e ther- ung and enet by actlllreut near the Wiela Ofunecncut, $1,s a5,b6 ,i
to iW or not rrei. meste river. Dnclo saw Clemens ned C
Sd l eMsiin the sumof $2 .C. changed hb course to mees hina Wheu n uDSiiNCs...d Author Dylna.
a V frosm rinu duase. w ohi lu f DUCIo told Clemeus lie BULAND, VL.. Feb. L--M. Jlia
,ffJ -1'-A A, t intendedd so kill ham and brounhi his t w .
as ~ e91I e eas....t. grin to his ahouider. Clemens warned O. Dorr. the wiel known anthorjnd
T is. JBs .--Dispatboh him to lower his weapep and a the poet. is reported to be critically til ac
warning was ot heed Olemens her home in this city. Members of her
rats Otmara. aBelnaeh- quickly raised his unn aud fired at Dh- familbhave beeu summoned from all
14110 d she nsal I is gnoant of clo's face and killed him lustantly. D.o sections of the country and are now at
CiA d* oae. with 200 eio wa. fonud deAd wish the cocked nnu her bedsid.L She is She author of many
6i ftailwury, who by his8 ade A corouer's jury veroni works of actions, some of which have
S,' m TBuM weeW as Wa juatiflable homicide. A feud had pesed through several eitions books
H sk L eUt aad that emited between the men. of foreign ravel and volumes of poems.
lt i i Baoh.h-K an d is als a popDlar writer for several
ee Mays ad. The Ia ar ht Tra. o the leading magaines.
WolmiialL GAiasvYLLL Ga,, Feb. L-The jury
Ale-t;,~g~i q~ t U~rad t the sasis of W. P. Caps, herged wish me asses baste vtw
"Hkilling JamesL H. Poo, b roug&ht in HnTeaErtLm Ala, Fe. L-T. W.
Ed- o uf satpf ; M1021 T 4e mr1d r Prs-l who Is in 'NewYork in the in'in.
u, b at ed near a UJunotion. in this est t the West Hantelli cotton milla.
eiaptSrell t ssa thae naty, on Aug. S la at a seoafeder hab teligraphed his buines parete. J.
sotmnp I- neemIoMa Pool was stabbed by Oopeoases, to let the cotras immedisatly
IMeeseAlas naI a bb sasse ;rSA ngni woman for aaYe w sottagesswak to eAes-'o se a
SgItynaa ma nosfWei0M am of e coma .hs msee d eo rdsrSo ra the
*. ila 1mi taontha iSd it ir proposed to op
Lesteete ; asae erde ae the plant both aight id day.

malklKH i + .iSr d*iey, bas s elm j ilal ,1, Wa -in a- -a- AMa
1=614 .a wasr d sfo el Sh 4emm. MA H04 og *MOM
cdeemhe -deb's te,, ~ _-jj ,-
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that never tires. You will ali
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Earl Spring
Placed o sale. With eai ch
will be added to our
Come and see the new ad
will find nor price the loweetP. 4,6A
New Orepgndies, New
Percales, New Vdaviotsz
broideries, Newliw

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Will be continued all this week. Dm


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SWha ia left bf 0 W
SCapV, Jackets and Underwes
S this, week. Wa have marked,
withjut regard to former pricoeDmr
S need the room.

S ro bgyer is now in New Y.i
now on we will be receiving. f w
SdaU, and to keep posted ot e
hal'e bxt to watch o r Lbnaeaer.

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Brs os the Olivetl
the Americans in H
srt over an action o

SSacred Hear t ofn

l the irti.

Oar The jury engaged in hearing the evi-
t~ie deace in the case consists of: Paul B.
ike Lalane, L. D. Townsend, Joe G. Ball,
light John Blount, L. E. Warren and Walter
* a- Wood. The case will hardly go to the
wake jury before tonightas there are four
Drets attorneys on each ide.


avid Slir a Scott Awarded Daagem
I a 9Against the Cootis land Co.
la I the c circuit coort Frlday a ver-
t cSi was ordered in favor Of the plain-
I~f in t#casee of WeirA Scott Vs. the
S0oot Laid Co. This case was begun
last Wed d.y and ocupied the at-
stioaofthbe court for two entire-
S frry3 feono dfor the plaintiffs

r!-s~neetpz dyrinS l atd "1 ,
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r ey a : ail ftI rs Jfiivei S9Aly r
Sonode.a -.
- Letters have bee received from va-
rious members ofthe prpecting ppty
that left hereabout January 1, for
Honduras on the schooner C. H. Ma-
flD. lory. The sooner arrived at Bautan
Island, on January 14. The isla d is
S150 milesfrcm the Petuc river. tie
pI place fur which the expedition started.
and 80 mile from the mainland.
The following is a copy of one of
the letters:
Friday, January 14, 1898. Coxen
from ,,ole, Buata Island, Honduras.-Dear
rnoon Brother: i am writing this in
a i the Americac oosul's office. We are
an all here all right. The storm in the
Spea Caribbean sea knocked the figure-heid
S" from our ship. This is a queer little
esday on, about like a little "nigger"
own. We haveabout900 milesto go
otd yet. We have to clear from er to
wr i Port Burchard. I can tell you when
was a we get there whether we can get any
w ar mil from you or ot. There will be no
Iewchaace to lnd any telegrams, but I
r 'think, from what we can learns hee,
Sf that our chaseU for smuces are good.
They took Mr. Greeson's rifte away
ea'a from him, and we will have to pay one-
rti" half cent. per pound duty on our ma-
ormae ceinery. We will not leave here before
11u1r tomorrow, and perhaps not then, unless
the wind cbhages.
al I will write you aganfrom Port Bur-
i had brd. My head still rolls so that I can
M e- fiardly write or walk straight. Coxen
Wat t ole is along the bay at the foot of the
Sthe mountain and has one narrow street. 1
hate spok a bath in the bay this morning
et in and I feel fit-rats. a This air is so sqtt
s of- and balmy that it moles one feel good
Inote tobreatheit. There are thousands of
cocoanut trees here loaded with nuts.
Everything looks tropical. I know
vana one thing, I hlad rather come south
itlr*y than go north. Florida is a long way
SBat- north from here-800 miles-and we
believe have 200 more to go yet. I will write
f the ,again.

liger- Next State Convention Will Be Held
In Tampa Nbxt January.
e r- During the second annual state con-
tvaha vention of the Daughters of the Con-
f he federacyheld in Jacksonville Wednes-
iing, day, the Tampa chapter was represent-
go of ed by Miss S. B. Yancey, who secured
a the next annual meeting for this city.
Te The convention decided that the 19th
York day of January, which is the anniver-
ed n- ary of the birth of General Robert E.
Sthe Lee, be fixed as the date of the annual
Iesu. meeting hereafter of the state convene.
ndo tion. It was aldo decided to recom-
i P mend that Memorial Day be changed
to June 8rd, whioh is Jefferson Davis'
- birthday and the subject be submitted
.ill to all chapters and the United Confed-
teem rate Veterans.
e The following officer ers were elected
f-for the ensuing year:
Mm. F. G. Weed .president; Mrs..
.Badger, of Ocala, c-pesident; Mrs.
S 0. Murphy, of Jacksonville, second
hLAt .viosepresrept; Mrs. R. C. Cooley. of
S Jacksonville, correponding secretary;

re mrngsecreta; Mrs. Sbelton Strnger,
sen of Brooks'ville, trasurer, and Miss Sara
eal Yanoey, of Tampa, registrar.
opa After some other matters were con-
SD- sidered, the meeting adjourned sine die
ePe to meet inTampaJaors ary 19, 1899.

OWe Okxrlr ,anr9N TBIAL.
fea Two Policeaen Charged With -As
Te sautiin a Saloon Keeper.
rie, All of Thursdayl session of the crim-
we Final court was taken up with the case
:pro of the state against Frank Levister
up to and W. E, Williams, members of the
re., police force who are charged with corn
sd at misting an aggravated assault upon
ntly Aurelio Campos, on October 4. 1897.
with The alleged assault occurred while the
'otgh officers were attempting to arrest
o -s, Campos for disorderly conduct.

Harbors reported that the board of
trade committee on entertainment had
not seen fit to accept the money appro-
priated and therefore the committee
recommended that the money be turned
over to the city treasurer.
This caused lengthy discussions and
explanations. Mayor Gillettcame first
and submitted receipted bills incurred
by the board of trade entertainment
committee in entertaining the mem-
bers of the congressional committee.
The bills were for the following items:
H. B. Plant, entertainment, etc,
amount promised, $400; carriage from
boat to hotel, $19.50; curios, canes,
palms, etc., $26.75; liquid refreshments
atYbor City club,$17.1l; carriages for
drive around the city, $23.50; total,
$48590. He explained that the board
of| trade committee bad agreed to pay
at! least $400 of the cost of transporta-
tion and entertainment of the commit-
teo wqich had been estimated at $1,600
or $8,000 and the balance of which had
bebn borne by Mr. Plant.
judge G. P. pertnnB was granted
tL privilege of the' ooi and explained
ie detail ail the armngement that bad
ba made by the board of trade moci--

i afmio.amitea ed n, die-
1*0NUMS DObrowky ."d X~i

Bit the CemO*ltlt edm on 0ElUrti-

ing CBsse


A L:vely Time Among the Council-
men, But the Bills Were Finally
Paid-Council Went Back on Be-
moval of Buildings.

Thecity council met in regular ses-
sion Friday night with she following
members present: President Moore
and Councilmen Ramsey, Kinyon,
Holmes, Brengle, Dombrowsky and
MqFall. The mayor, city engineer and
several other city officials were also
present. The minutes were read and
approved and business was transacted
as follows:
A commumcation was received from
Mayor Gillett calling attention to the
various boards placed by the Wheel.
men's club at the curb line of street
crossings being too narrow and liable
to cause injury to persons stepping
upon them in the dark. He suggested
that no approaches of this kind be al-
lowed unless they are three feet or
more in width. It was decided to noti-
fy the club that no inclines or ap-
proaches to sidewalks will be allowed
in the future unless they are the full
width of the sidewalk.
A request was received from Fred
Ablers asking that his salary as super-
intendent of fire alarm and police tele-
graph systems be increased. He now
receives 25 from the police depart-
meot and $40 from the fire department
and his request is that he be paid $40
per month for his services in attending
to the police telegtph system. His
request was recommended by the
mayor and after some little discussion
was granted by the council.
Councilman McFall,of the committee
on water works and fire protection, re-
ported that Chief Harris bad called at-
tention to the unsafe condition of the
floor in the central station of the fire
department. The committee recom-
mended that a new floor be put in,
While this matter was being discussed
Chief Harris stated that the entire
building needed a new floor as the
ground floor is rotten and a bad odor is
always discernable. He said that one
of the firemen is now laid up with an
attack of pneumonia caused by the
dampness of the building.
Mayor Gillett also spoke of the un-
sanitary condition of the building. He
said water continually stands under the
building. He compared the city jail
to the Black Hole of Calcutta and said
that it isa disgrace to the city and
would be a disgrace to any ciyillzed
community. He stated that the front
wall of the prison is bulging out and
liable to fall at any time. He advo-
cated immediate action towards put-
ting the building in a sae and sanitary
condition. The cost, he said, would be
about $1,800.
Upon motion of Councilman Brengle
the matter was referred to committees
upon fire protection, police and public
buildings with a request that they ap-
point a point sub-committee to arrange
for the necessary repairs to he carried
out immediately, It is proposed to pay
for the repairs out of the portion of
the $2,000 of bond money set aside for
surveying, and improvements of public
Councilman Brengle of the commit-
tee on wharves and bridges reported
that the committee was having trouble
in securing the paint with which to
paint the Lafayette street bridge. The
trouble appears to be the delay of the
Gas company in getting the ready in
accordance with the agreement.
The committee consisting of Couo-
cilmen Dombrowskiy, McFall and
Beckwith, appointed to disburse the
$500 appropriated for entertaining the
congressional committee on Rivers and

The following circular has been is-
sued from the office of the Florida Cen-
tral & Peninsular Railroad, and ex-
plains itself:
"All agents south of Baldwin: The
system of signals from the engine
whistle of passing trains promulgated
heretofore, through the co-operation of
the United States Weather Bureau, to
forewarn fruit and vegetable growers
that cold waves likely to produce frost
are approaching, will be made effective
again this season.
"The signal will be given by the
whistle sounding six long blasts, re-
quiring thirty seconds, five seconds to
the blast, and will bs repeated at inter-
valsof every three miles. This signal
will indicate a forecast for frost the first
or second night thereafter.
"Circulate this information through
all possible channels to reach the pub.
lic. Post one copy of this. circular at
the postofice and other conspicuous
places, and request the newspaper near-
est to you to give it prominent men-
The coming Woman
Who goes to the club while herumaband
tends the baby, as well as the good old-
fashioned woman who looks after her
home, will both at times get run down
in health. They will be troubled with
loss of appetite, headaches, sleeplessness
fanting or dizzy spells. The most won-
derful remedy for these women is Elec-
tric Bitters. Thousands of sufferers
from Lame Back and Weak Kidneys
rise up and call it blessed. It is the
medicine for women. Female com-
plaints and Nervous troubles of all kinds
are soon relieved by the use of Electric
Bitters. Delicate women should keep
this remedy on hand to build up the'
system. Only 50c per bottle. For sale
by S. B. Leonardi & Co.
Lieutenant Duff Post, commanding
the first division of the first battalion
of the Florida Naval Militia, has been
notified by the secretary of the navy
that a United States cruiser will be
sent to Port Tampa for the purpose of
instructing the Tampa, Port Tampa
and Pensacola divisions of the naval mi-
litia. The cruiser will be stationed off
Port Tampa from 4th to April 16th.
Mr. H. P. Eagleton has purchased
the Anglo-American Pharmacy' and
will hereafter look after the business of
that popular store. He has one of the
best prescription clerks in the country
and being a number one business
man and an excellent gentle-
man himself, be will no doubt make a
big success out of the drug business.
The stock aed fixtures will be removed
from the present location to 1010 Frank-
lin street.
-In a minute" one does of Hart's Es-
sence of Ginger will relieve any ordi
nary case of Colic, Cramps, or Nansea
An unexdclled remedy for Diarrhoea,
Cholera Modrus, Summer complntly
and all internal gint. -For ala "by
Maximo M T. ia'" Phases-, Central

Dr*cmjiany, .. -:, 4.a

'be iaMrl T e AM

! ....

The Tampa BSard of Trade hs asr- arof g enort
ranged to give the delegates t he s ,.ag
congress a tripdown the bay on the made shtwe
steamer Marga4t while they are here dewt wers .
and will provide rrershaete on t .he we cai.
steamer. The Iame plan will be ob- BuaeeaAni
served thatpreld o the excursion The be easailve ii U
give the delegates to the Fisheries rfi es, l ,
Congress. Fever sores5ft W
Free of rgetonSufflers. em
Cut his out ad a tae to ur drag- fors .adp pi it:0a
gist and get a ample bottle free elof pay PA "
King'sNewDilovsryvforConsumptiop, pa3'tios B
Coughs and Cos. They do sot ask ps

bottle. This s- o experiment,ad

core. Many o best pThris, -Wi.t r
now using itihe&,aot merits ofwtli truleat mr-lta.i
wonderful and

osi r andaubd own oughe a & ,

severe mess. u
bottles fee at ,D iiCo.'s:iut
cur n a. M es.py I"
"a" re, 7
J o Al n. a *

bad agreed topya the expensesieired
up to the aihount appor-iat-d ,&al had
also agreed to allow m0 of tib
amount to be paid to Mr. Plant. After
the arrangements had been changed
several times two gentlemen of the
board of trade committee had taken ex-
ception to the council committee pase-
ing upon the expenditure of the money
and one of them had said Lhey "would
not accept a d- cent of the money."
On the strength of this reply the com-
mittee had taken no further part in the
matter and made the recommendation
in the report.
More discussion followed and a vote
was taken on adopting the reoommen-
dation of the committee. Councilmen
McFall and Dombrowsky were the
only members voting for it. As it
seemed to be the general opinion that
the city would accomplish its object
through the visit of the congressional
committee, Councilman Kinyon moved
that the council authorize the payment
of tie bills amounting to "485.90. The
only votes against it being those of
Meesrs. Dombrowsky and McFall.
Reports were received from several
city officials showing receipts and ex-
penditures, etc. The report of the
auditor sbowes that the liabilities of
the city exceeded its masets by $228=000.
A resolution introduced by Council-
man Kinyon extending the time for
the collection of taxes until Feburary
1, 1896, was adopted after considerable
The next- matter that came up was
an enquiry by Councilman Dombrow-
sky as to why the resolution of the
council ordering the removal of the
tents on the b.ard of trade lot within
10 days from the last meeting of the
council, had not been enforced. This
caused a discussion lasting ao hour.
Judge Sparkman and Paesident Fes-
senden of the board of trade gave var-
ious excuses for the building and tents
remaining and permission was finally
given for the building to remain until
May 1. The tents are to be further

They Will Be Bounded By the F. C.
& P. Engines.

ltat esys:
JMa- aff
-d jdgege
y idown, it
bo action.

i -eit iex
aa ofit si
tisb state of


LI it Is

Ku. Dv'gt DIE. ** ^ '


He Has Late Sti p W, mdr- oovery of
.l IntWetat NewJereys Cap- T. fer
te City an Tamipp WMI 7ol ow d
the Good and B x s

The coming |of Bev. Dwight L. oi i o
Moody, she gRC evangelist, to Tam- th
pa on Februaryt, a attracting con-
siderable att loe pot oly in tahtus -
city but ahr l th Florida.and
the prospect is iat maD ferse wrlt 7
oom here to tlem tab iatstdieimOa -
duoing thbes of meetiagas *
Mr. Moody inJersey 1 ty last ---
week and the 2ew York Herald had
the following regard e se oat of tis
iDwight I. oody. the evadW Pelsit, m
spoke yeterdaef oon a eva eeags n
in the B gestp nobcrchnattClhnton he clIsd -
and Madisle aia 6nes, eof tlarge"e t st
churches in JeZA City. -Th e a Sor
try of the Ynbe JgMe Cim t hriaw oAs-
socation had t dldia eibetd o ato tiek- ~
ets, but so Wlr was the on mber of ap-

the offer. a .
"Ithe roush a h me tings was n-
pnecedented in Jersey City. Captasn
McKaig, of th Communipaw avenue
station, with a ead of offiera, pre- B0Aes aad
served order front of the cbmroh mesb W"_
when the p be gato gather, long
before the hou ed for the services to pas l "ltb i
begin. When e doors were oaltly this offer I e
opened every in the ibildlgu was +
filled in twenty, routes and the aisles -
were crowded. S b%--
"The platfor was occupied by promi- g ,* t
nent Jersey ty clergymen, and a acesl i7
choir selected fl the vario chu bes
throughout the y furnished the mu- a
sin. Mr. Mood* spoke much in the .HBwaqsw aysv O a

Carnegie Hall b nd aroused much en- T bebestsoI-m -
thustasm. Astotaw r ltetaiH
"In the even g, between the meet-
ings. the Bev Dr. Cornelius Brett, w paed i tiw ili
president of t.e State Christian En- se bee 'rwae
deavor Society,_ entertained Mr. Moody *o
and several cle~men at dinner." `$* He te & o aCBs
When a prea er can attract so much
attention ii Jey City his services in
a city like Ta should certainly be Any w oaD tefa s-
attended by al who can be accommo-
dated. u BttoostraltuwassaReM
The various committees having in He wts ake with bew
charge the arratgemsents for the meet-

everything is moving along smoothly. Hs Aperlam ne ""
A splendid choil has been selected aid
is practicingeeera tioes each week NeerwssrMsojilaM-
so that good musio is sasured.' 5 le sse iBi


South and W0et Comwwec Cona m
Will Con e Nest Week. lHew fto ells _eZi
Secretary Cu ningham, of t"eBowtSd
of Trade, has r*rved letters fro the 15t PIa 'a
governors of seral states, sad from a -a ,
number of .conoerciar organization AOua.iJ D r i i
in cities of the Southern and Western
states, notifying him of the U point The jiuy i '
ment of delegadme to the Sooth anod Cas AisPe i u
West Commerc Congrees which aill
convene in thit uty February 8. After bakrTtj
Up to the prnt time the namesof
delegates fro 1e follqwingstatesead Te dr ted
cities have bse* received. Ketuoky,, *r^ ^ .jSS
26 delegates; W Virginia 17; H wanla iss
anl; Texas, al appointed by the tor a &22S
governors of |ie respective states. ^ of '^
Savannah Boar of Trade, 6; Ndshville T asw i

ga chamber of iamerce, 1, and others to pesee's
to be appointed Pulaski, Tenn., 5; Br- out p-sa-
mingham, lhsi4ber of commerce, ; ed thatthe8S r
Des Moines. c mercial exchan t they Ie sm
and others to Ie appointed. Paduce Aah t o
-fB_ of the s -. s B


M R T 0 ne a.. tee hn .ir lif was worse
RfUtw-=u s AlS, Jan. sT.-Sews

s ea o se o Haileyatils W swl e ouytel Vi ctims ofq disease by blood Poison a credit
d on T and through no Ut of their ow.
d1 ay.l an ra o wn s id cc rrSea s esult D pedT euop on as c oe
S ""ofanrsinglandabusing Lthem poi mpanionsg, p media smd atea rT lgueoe l

ST eaylor ordered him ou but the lawyer Their life a orse
we a dlwtrietodar VW barin. the d on hm. Ta- evolved a cure. Despairhmvanie lkesae mur ei
n tertories lo ,made his way to th ;door n.se .d spirit. Hope shes forth like a A fullstock of Pe
SNew eob andie ays shuta u BoneAcidPhosph tract isas e, acNitrateofont or heredity
of 8 to&Thelevin, e one atrdb utV ic Vkr of thr owniU IkAastae

'wer bunched and ,tous man, shored Vickory outn of Write for prices anA ask for our book, "Why-
0* 0 V bll w mas tooHaledlle for reveige yeeerMi

r Taylor dejected him. it i Lipp 'sGreat Remedy.) the Ideal Fertilizers "
slam s ii aed d that. ad kory resud u a ous ed Taylor
as-1 ly ith his pistol in hanre d lasd fried This sovereign Specific cure aUll forms of ,
j SaE.-8Asthbocle opn n fd oorn. centrieseqduReintehe

- metsstli ka, the to shoot Ta ylor through the ...... i oodPoisoning in both hmen and women.
s asy the ou pirit Hope shinent cs forth lhe a glorious
Srior e tir made hs wy so h doored. first the Catarrh and the ly reedy forl attoc of h in
Maedo Te door and caughe de a 0 ea P .-. all agricultural chericscures Dyspe a in all its
iv ampshirT s an as many bein se hose o

a M O eyofo ba n tdhesai gdonr anda n sred lor oar of e iotrite for pKS an asor or

ltovtow would TUA the dN AGAIN SERIOUS. 8l ab alas=druggists. One dollar a bottle Pig's Foot" bridBloov o 01'7jL
,, .... SP.AKS o_ ... v LP BROTHERS, ^ t^--W
StLeR $PEAKS. Mo.,,O B. Al. J 7.--8a1l. Aa "LTi "7i ""- :*ma
lkM. ee istou a, po iat aooahu g wnuow i f Bo P onn in PRinboth men and aomen.
who wa.. p. P. P. is a permanent cure for Rhen.n-. o

.i. l oday wthot ro the onsda Mo Talor. L m a P.marthe rLippmhan Blogck,r trvatmahnt, af
S aFthe iide of his t h i, fired firm. the I Catrrh and the only remedy for atrh in
g e f ren vlisleasieor in she righdot Ao.res. whcfederoafwminladvance stagers
d tt thoey h ave himelnf p. P P. cures Dypspula in all its 3na5 Itfol diceln awon-

safhmt a dy is aa acum tnuis t c npior to s
"spn eu ifgood 1t0s 100cases oin thee5
,Now sar tear A by ar. anll Idssn. One dollar a bottle
"s""'s et th o mand dorehs een1 ( Sx .es or yu e dollars.2SE& C
S mor arus la. LI TnA V -LIPPMAN BROTHERSm c Sp

m .a e av siove big an esas etsos ummsrthe ed i ppmad Block, daVns c (is.i
er ,7..- -. &a Mnthe Open- ntd county. hritm quall in ;The

S ei- M r. Hale of ea6pe, spent omm toIrn amnow p o aever.
'M e bolap.eqt he eveein tain has t monoe monuey Ai ,s
Imm s asneO O a fLsehOt t thie due, and theentire bar-g
mate hisae is is esatedA 100 maseo ito she
iedW HaMbia Pse hBmasr and s m ay l ther hners of l.

s'eemin eofMion rie in.u hei lpon the city otwihatiuid a Wi find some ppecia attraction in Printed Goods at .
a fwa c a tand dllse o, theca s ove an
t may be ,s vl .lt anford n r Fla.,
s u el Pe i th co prices that ae hard o beat on our countichs.
Sa .e The b adens of fighting g this sorl ic The
deinewould f om tso mo uery inht

h di ese cs., and the ev s re o W offen y3
defsupnOf athffairsciti nowhad in tW eil tyf ndi siev tpia attr action in Printed Goods atI. .6o

M.tl ise hsso m h cu0gne Ihe a ndina os that are hI.w rd to aon our co nters.
sYr.Ts dping jauest ofade the corporateae.es ea
yo.ldCOWhitieLawn ni o hso losel opon she follow a5 offering 5, .

r srmsy edt NEW- o MILL RUNNING NOW. Ah b ,g lotl Check .asr nsookf i a shot Pal ternAthe v c 5 and IOc.
sasitinmako f l e gom aer's trear. s vayPu e ralioele

S 1 -" Giai ns, A Mod C'eremonies. Indies' Long Sleeve GauzeU Uiuderve L- e........ 25c O
.A. khh AS o oTW ,& is.A Jan. 26.--The Ladies'Summer alli 2Light Aht V est4 ..... r ,n-in ro- F r om p5CT
eer dovs, m ralirmn he otuty, were putrea

-- emonie ,Te ,-.Us ,T...a=Us w il mari .i era -. "Coumbeb" (new), "Algflpquin, rohWds, "nek,"
aM -Wlbto 1 in a the history of t count ury. of het iNO 20c a Lr BO iDna L w Oc
S V beevTed. Walker haa. withm te years. All Winter Dyes Goods, Woolens, Flannels, Blankets and 8tmeB appolnttoasltloordigtothe let. .
in Quilts being sold far below cost to cle em out. rate
A .....O good o.Occk b Shoe Lwn. oy ar.men

For J&Ck-onvalLnd :a.,, cal: at.
. rm of Couls was.i.r. mined to build a big cettou mill They This department is one of the best sel-cted in the city. All |lde ew Englan dm
rr withu. NE MILL RUNty -operationG Brand New Goods. Try us and save 25 per cent on your shoe e I
ea k. semeta, ve rhe state and county lwell wortd doobe

itiW "gt -er I think, Would show a dT pos aon to foster Lth d bill. n Lg* hV t r a .Cbo' anwing
wrinma opha seiarlas tad other Indlla Beau Cottn mills fs A BSeamhra n .,Delaware".d25 Q n T 'Oewd

.scaus -- ".,,,=, foxteny,-- GENTS' FURNISHING Fro"m F z
.. ...tnT n Lae teamu stated th situation toroFt f Ad Stre et JackAohYlle. Fro L nret rWi'
*a believed s Waser hs. lih i yr. iner Dat Goods.i milSoolenJ, FlannelO Blnket and L se aVspT.iteS Biace thel
en. tt- Gneo r Iadoso' madeenorwonL $as0rdespin de maci s-n- r below cost to clear them out. Prsnshman. .C... ... Masdsvad

i I I hare of n oe, s aioi e s ohr For hor oi Cd LL sd le. r LY INE.)d

bmte TArl Jacksonville, Paatka: 8anford. Enterprise, Fla. n
"a onbislinl 3 B Mugrve tsd ea e.al other etern **S h Juepar m en t.'...................................... 8Wl,
Gise~nl o Prao'e geic you. . prop.r.y owners deter- 5 ...... ani.W

it W CATIC PRES COMMENT.ctt ml The This department one of the best seted in tit. All lde New d ngs on the St. Johns
freiht- era werni enluk promised hearo oo21operaWioon in3 tBrand No* e Goods. Trys no s andB
.Se "hmlaot east povl tuded h ath e s lan county ae L B tw eee 2 rdcen on ou ht Ears. a.t . C,-both w -a,.)t
Is toers, I think, would show a diapoosiMon so foster this bill. ,.. n

..gp a ur and other mn fll t b ay exempting them irom anire a wneyprin"a, Medpeis, Little oaok, ]K s City,"St. | r A 0
lE eo a^heilataure thrd Baia havie b r Riveor Ja iOf our, Peniolae All woolen w oe ear must move. Look at Do Oa tiN, <,, I i
i GeneraT owsa i ourirar..ry thind l he od thoPaifc them. They are bargains. DE ,RY L N .E.
,wse ,oid will ee ti00hbaee of on|e ie
t C TC PS C ET. m Jacksonville, Partkae sanford, Enterprise f i
.. m eseer pobeo. the 5u.u P. S d t W A KI & L0 0 mediate Lac4ings on the St. 3ohns :i0e pr

~6~be~'ssy exueSia. wrunp a geeve rihin leakinee

lAota n r fleevak. In fact, ij e prepsar for sein Doret Gapres No,-s& Leave e Jaanue D
do penM am""se by rewug"re nabve- -1 "eAna .i-ni. .aStU ^ W DRY iOOisS-, i tatnl
ip n mens niT Ai rta is anpaia, Ne.. r5 I sodi d Eaaint pe Ae.
asppi -hr a sw am.c *1M
B^^^^^^ ^Mo^^Y ^^^^-Th.eilo ukO.m.u. 1W. :tti1 Order Depar
ah MomnroanEY, Ala., a l. 27 -The -N.ew Yn i-ril ast La l No. 31. Leave Jacksoni lOrder e
ebChaMge n th e date of meeting of the cem alC W r ucg lo erba nt an d
P .8th o Ti 3 iajeI ', Ile t, .-' N .W,1,.-. 4,La L J c 1 t=1 6 ro
ha Dsonsnsta &o snr e coi er mee ....k. .L i L.i t We have a regular organized department uadderr
ltboeun. f em ia qeb ea l aer o a- l iea s vision of one of the firtn for this -branch of onr bu
in-- s db Mposm titSical iSigamfieoe what- .w vi iI ar W I n ,... l afUL Pill, Conry at a distance can send for samples and may depended
-Vhs"f eta" Feb ill i Merd dayinsBir- e zih e..n ,-.L,-ner .aaa S a. saiM. a is0.
So e a... i .aii. ') o.. e.i.. any order entrusted to us filled with the same pr i
cs aei n tra# f e i oMeC Ithe oiwre do.- C, J ,.U i 1 ...na ..... lcu UJ.. C..a .lon.r. care, aLnd at the same prices as if personally sele -tedl S
r01 te so aitSno.o Ohairmaa eK ox, in, o....?r LtI taselof . us for samples and prices on anything in the Fancy
n ebe xznand ane aus I..l L .a. .,). t i Line. Our store has been specially constructed for
'the trhes: s toodreasoo. why hee I d ..r .aser nlc nior. nine pr." .a.... of a Dry Goods business. It is the largest, besft
S eloleaL pot be chaned. nCinioucd she ne -~ auriiea ic O ans, Iia1.
-fs loswesni ma zed. The on.i ': ; .. a i -a e best constructed, and contAins all that experience
Sm ll i Meae tis eiey aud there -., .-. .A-...l r ,i o i,. to render it the most useful, comfortable and
i p doi n e i ea conv5 tio i L a "..u ..a ,, kind. It is according one of the sig o o
mo9 ttineotin.1had..-... Catl i... .. Lse lena- aind. tra uisomnei the asf
B al to meet metem a ~ nuicaI S -.a.. tiio i .t, ,G Bacon's Advertiser" contains price list ft ny
iteausga a all .% I i betasph:le, L1Oi
i~SHi ,-,.I inra i.. ea vJa ea3n~. S.10&. Ma,,e .u Goods mailed free on application .
A1%. J 9.-- ,01- / no. rrn. a",P.lAW J i ..)talL o.. m .A
X" oif i6 1l. LE Leave JlACAiLo O u a sp. m noVila
,' i -'y ~ $uzet *r ~ Llr -- iaam. Amaa i adrcagOsba, Holly tpiigs fair
r, ^z .. .......prad, ,o..r J. BAC ON & SON ,
e aiM ad C?.. ,trn armri trasJa soav ,,, 8:3u m ai.i m ..
vxM bAnR of JSff111 ROUf-- r0nova
dis hae' h aAiNn IaNNU.H, SLE-P'MRS 425, 425, 429 E. M et bt ., above Prestsq
mo, '" --0-CLC'IN'C ATI and FORILDA .LLMTED-
Tamp anud CilnnintI without inuge.
A .# -- itanlfor zvest. (essonewaseiaor Br5nwrwict.. tnea ,andqlieet man e
ee eslstp. ~s-Le~Ta l mmod a ont.Ariaved i a ssmv~ _ib~p.a-ea ftsrTJ.sln.. Ane s m,
"rim t-Lacat for A Interms" Krau e,
,4s I-a i .l s'- l 1 .m vm n.ie Ma. a. A OM .
:,--mis,-.*::r:- "" ."..r... Iron (
Roux. John S. McFa-l,
Aem aft KNE sus taW FU.ama.s3. VOp.m. **A
'L. Penlton. A. O.M7 DPtl, -
ai. t nw ~ h~. jds a



^ MCIS It Bis DAiy o Recoflm

SPaine's Celery Compound.
*r1. -'.'

most bustling city Paine's celery compound. Yours truly
i, Lincoln boasts a Nothing demoralizes the health
s atre light., mac- sooner or more completely than even
dli cars, telephone the occasional loss of iieep. To start e
r plant. oew day wito the brain unrefreshed if
ia town, to a city, like trying to keep a worn-out horse up
hort time, Lincono to his work witn the whip insLtad ol
wonderful progies- by feeding. Trie incessant brain active
only in the Watt- ity is as if the skull were laid bare and
at Me indomitable the surface of the brain were struck
mruf man. lightly every few pecoods and without
meO, Mayor Drake a sin of a "let up."
ore giVing his ap This sleeplessness imperceptibly, but
arvinoed he speaks k no less surely, destroys the brain cells
at fear or favor of that are the source of mental power
and the health of every organ of the
m. ansmng Mayor body.
ijing thas Paine's Paine's oelery compound gets the
bleen of the ut- nervous ayetem out of this dangerous
g bIP todo a pro- rut of eleepleawess. It supplies nour
Wkr, anad to gett il Ishment to the nervous tismues faster
laat on time re- than they are worn out, and does not
.proloug ed effort. let the noattion of these delicate part
f eay: get low enough to briogoa insomnia.
11s Co., IT. J. i One of the earliest evidences of the
ei, 0, 1% final osuoei of Paine's oley compound
CA.: in curing debility, ervousnes, dleep-
t" b"m "ettingj lesneea and deangeoeeta of liver and
Sour lo- kidneys is the increased appetite, the
w saita honors' clearer akin, and that Indecribable pre-
bt bour seah cursnor of health, a feeling of "well be-
a-iihet s 1uch 1 Ing that talte the place of the tired,
silg dy Me to languid. meiaeoboly oieodtion.

C". u F!lorida VW. T. U.
*i pk imeetas The fifteenth annual meeting of Lthe
t e C gfre-. Florida W. C. T. U. will convene at
ilyasi o'oelockl Sanford, February 4 to 28. As tA e
at his Is the poDnt is central I is hoped every union
m'ifder "7 will he p operly represented. Dele-
S yi a gftea arne udged to be present at the
W Kbe 24thi SAA J. GiL.s,
IGSr. Recordmg Secretay.



I Governor Rlor-am and Several Other
Chief Magstrate Will Be Here.
The Commercial Congress wbich is
, to convene in Taupa on the 8th of the
present month gives promise to be the
most gigantic of all ei.terpriss of this
kind ever considered by the Tampa
public. Gov. Bloxbam has written a
letter to the Tampa Board of Trade and
promises to be present if such i; pos-
lsble. The fact trit tiue quarantine
committee meets in Mlobile on the
same day that the congress convenes
here may deter the governor from ac-
ceptin an invitation to deliver the ad.
dress of welcome here However, Gov.
Atkinson of West Virginia, has writ-
ten to Gov. Bloxham of this state that
be will be present in person, and that
he considers the Congress of monu-
mental importance to the Sooth and
West. Gov. Atkinson basbeen invited
by the Board of Trade committee here
to delihyer an address on the cooyening
of the Congress, and t e indications
are that he will accept the invitation,
Among other prominent speakers dur-
ing tbeCcngrese there will be Boa
Patrick Waleb. of Augasta, Georgia,
mayor of that city, and ex-United
States Senator, who delivered the ad
dress of welcome at the last meeting
of the Congress in Kansas City. Mo.
Another prominent man who will be
present at the Congress is Hon. Breed-
love Smith, president or the Congress.
Mr. Smith presided over the last as-
sembly at St. Louis, and will also bon-
or the Congress in Tanpa, as be did
that in Kansas City.
Nearly two hundred delegates have
been appointed as members to tbe eom-
log congress, by governors and mayors
and commercial organizations, and it is
reasonable to expect that tt e Congress
will number half a thousand on the
8th of February, when it is opened by
President Breedlove Smith.
New Trial Granted.
Virgil Jones. the negrocharged with
committing rape on two women in
West Tampa about a month ago, and
who was recently convicted In the
criminal court cf record on the same
charge,was granted new trial Tuesday
by Judge Wall. Toe defending attor-
' neys were Judge MersLon and Samuel
Porchxrdt. who argued in faIor of a
3 new trial, while the state wai repre-
sented by Col. Peter knight, the
1 county soliitfor. Tbe argument con-
f sumed several hours, at the end of
6 which Judge Wall granted the defeo-
daot a new trial on the presentation of
testimony claiming that new evidence
had been discovered in the case. The
t defendant will in consequence be
3 tried again, but it is more than prob-
Sable that the result will be the same
owing to the fact that the newly dis-
* covered evidence is of such nature as
5 to have no effect on any jury who may
try him in the future.
Dade City Democrat: Florida to-
bacco growers should be honest and ln-
i sist that their product shall be sold in
I New York and other markets both dom-

Dealers and manufacturers are practic-

to appear au Cuba tobacco and palmng
itoffaa suob. A good article of any
kind is always popular, always sought
after by tbe public, if it can be bought
reasonably. Flornda tobacco is amply
able to stand upon Ita own eame and
its own merits. The growers and the
manufacturers owe it to the state to in-
Sist that it goes forth to tbe world in
Sits real character.
Mrs. L Lacks, of New York, hbaa re-
turned from Key We and is again at
the Orange Grove

ofr' L VO-vers of Eio 1hoe:i|g

E, T. : i Si -
i'f J-- ) 4UTF THF it 1 And witneeB the amazing selling to oq=mta^
NOTE T*and to cont Lnue one week. Everybody shAo e
S. W needs and ants are supplied during the'i S i
lugiter of vlues, a loney-saving opportu- is a positi e advantage in being on the
pened in modern Iretailing. We will in- any time-there is absolutely no risk o
power of your dollar until it buys from a O f come expeing the Greatest Balrp Y;
siarle than 1at anypther score. This talk member okr Winter Goods, such i plam. ?
it is not. It is merzly a recitation of facts Wraps, Fr, Capes and Quilts Ad
There is yO gpe ork about it. JudgesW PS the handap.me t in South Florida.
are a ed to inspect the splendid W P Ievery, gan. Now is yor time. .i
L.OW 1PRICES ous bargains ever offered in atbaW, .




Board Redhed to Pay the Fee ofa You ey a H a inasm No*tto ct
Physician -Routine Buinem. aBo ao I
Theregular monthly meetingof coun-
ty commissioners convened Tuesday Men and woa doctor their tr nlea is L
morning at the usual time with Chair- so often withbont flesi tat they get disowdera
man Drawdy presiding and Commis- discouraged and skepeial. In moA ne meWl
soners Tomberlio, Blanton. Somer- such case serioi i ahes are made n graS
doctoring and In knowing What e e se L I
ville ano Valandingham were pre.ent. trouble is or wbal makesIs ak. te tSSnbi*. ]
The routine business was transacted unmistakable evi ece of kidney troq aorse aod
and a number of other important mat- ble are pain or ull acbes in the beck, prom(ly
tears were discussed. to, frequent a ire so pas water. seo.raoty
scanty supply., arin irritatioa 1As me S
The tax asee-ment on the Catbolic kidine a i e ances the ltoo o Te mmuI
school hope and club room was set saIlowor pale, putsor daik circles sa- f tt greeM
aside on account of having been illegal. der the eyes, th fet sawll and so&me- Ita tad ~
ly ams-ed Father T% rll ape times itbe heart a t badly. BShould fur- ecase. .oW
ly assesed. Father T rrell appeared tbere dece be edd t ad out the cea ad
before the board and explained the sit- causeof aloknea, then et urine aside isSa mp-
uation which the board readily so- for twenty-four bours. If there isa the ons
quiesced in. sedimpnt or satl ng. it m also ooainoo- prove" -
The Fenton Manufacturing Com- Ing pdoof that o r kidneys ad bladder tib a eal
need ,doctorinjg. A faht often over- oatliaer
pany, of Jamestown, N. Y.. presented looked is that ~uem a sutfer as mo ch free by eta
two bills, one for $1,300 and another for from kidney ad bladder trouble as cetstamp
$94.60. which were being considered men do. the'boUle
when M r. Reamer, the special repre- Dr. Kilmer's m-o tdi- ed u
covery of the *mtient pbysiclauand Sneghaneu
case and was allowed the first bill and everything, but iU be fooad juat what waet orcWg
the other s to be held until the contract
is complied wit,. Or W o TY.'-. 1 iW

by Dr. W. Norton, amounting to
$10, for services rendered at the late Azn Mte y A t List of2 Tb
execution of Harry Singleton. The at the est mi day.
bill was denied payment, although Dr. A local e ament will be gle Jorrdi
Norton attended trp executlto at the at the Casino ailsonorm next Moaday aI term l
request of Sheriff ieocer, who also ca- evening. Febroay 7th, tb oil talent UNitd Sta
dorsed the bill. nader tbe director of Mrs. Kathleen of A iid
Tbeotber business transacted donia Kennedy, of Illi-ol, for the beneit of MO.
the evening session was of mipor ian- the United Char tles of the city. Thia bm(s d J
portance, entertainment promisee to be ooe of H311phrI 3
The board then adjourned. the grandest Mpacular performance J.I. An
Tampa Man's Invention. a Tamps audience ever witneesed. It Pollrd, .
C. L. Knight, ofthe firm of Knight will include 100 or more little girl% J. J.- lunl
& Wall, has invented a device that representing yoLth and beauty with tI C. P-
promises to be a boon to owners of "Goddem of Liberty., "Empire L. BitteI
orange groves as it will protect the Drill," by tweoo-four little girls in per, olk
trees from the cold and requires a very bandsome costuties: t '\Landing of Jamne 1i1
small expenditure of money and time. Columbus, Ame ian Indians: Tpnting A. a L el
The device is not patented and all are on the Old Cam Ground. by the local ner, A. H.
welcome to use it. The invention con- military compass ; Raising the Flag, Petit Jur
.sist simply of a piece of roofing tin by Miss Colum a, etc. Bedford. 1
with the edge; crimped to catch 'n In connectio" with the entertain- J. .lZ lutt
each other. On a cold night the pieces ment a large no bber of businsesbase Wallter Ho]
of tin are placed around tbe young of Tampa will b represented by band- Reoan, 1
trees and the edges caught together so some young lqdies in tableaux and. ough coot
a.s to form a cylinder. The lower end drills. Some ofthe scenes to be rerep- 17 Johnson
is pressed into the ground an inch or aeoted are as fullowa: "Light of the J. D. Cron
tw3, and if it is thought necessary, the World," 'Japaie.e Drill," "City of W. T. Barl
c lender can be tiled with earth. The Living Beautie4," "Columbia. Ruler of Weir, T. J.
) linders thus formed can be m3de any All; "Queen or fthe City Crowned by W. A. O'N
height desired, but as a general thing the Angels of' Peace," and many county.
twenty inches or two feet is high others. TORAC
enough. The young buds on the stock The ladies of he city are doing all
are protected from thecold by thi de- they can to mal e the entertainment a Alstant
vire ard are not injured by wrapping success ard sacz it is sure to be for
and not over one-third the time is con- Mrs. Kennedy had had considerable ex- e
sumed in fitting the cylinders around perience in wori of this kind and has Washing
the trees as would be required to wrap never yet had afallure, of Tamps t
them.a erng
a Deserved Appointment. Gen. R. Mai farlan b has been a bh
pointed to the ositio5 of deputy On th" Tees
Prof. I. ahWbitney. formerly travel- leorof cMt for tin port of t
lectorof customs for tbe port of Tam- Xard to the
ng representative of the Ta w, p. new poees ra n o eoa
was Monday appointed by M. B. of Collector B. Macfarlane, who
Macfarlane, collector of customs, to the appointed him o 'tha honorabl pos.
office of deputy collector and assigned tn and is welq ifed to fll it pith eP i
to take charge of the custom house at dignity. HB i been a cliu of d
St. Petersburg. He enters upon the Tampa r ten yeas sd is popular y pWt
discharge of his duties today and will amon the citis. Mr. Mafarla a- fhsito. a
no doubt give eminent satisfactiou, aho hionewhaculitoayetMr ayfarl Umn eo
Professor Whitney is well and lavor- first tims newd not only an erdamert he udw oe
I time and is not only as ornameet snt th
ably known throughout South Florida. to the olletores office baut a worthy sst
and his many friends will be pleased to distant to the collector himself. R Ih"!
learn of his good fortune in securing a h. .-
posit:oo for which there was a large Wihe you re suffers from Ca-
number of applicants, tarrb or Cold n the head yoe waet re-. 6
Notice. lief right awiy. Only 10 ceate ra- i 4s.
Picked up by the scbooner Isadors, quired to teae at. Ask jourdrog t u e ..
one Northern built yawl, painted drab, for thbe trial saie of lly' Cream Balme, sad i m
wib black hands over original varnash or buy the m0s sie. We milia. qnmtbM
having the appearance of having been ELY BROS, 5 Warren St., N. Y. qrut
adrift for some months. Owner can City. t ta a
redeem the same t y proving property I was fflie with catarrb latu- l pls t -
and paying expenses. .J. Prs tum Dnrig be month of October Ibar bo
January 29. 1S98. tf Manatee, Fla. could neither jate nor sma ll aed oold .yl r
bear but lntlt Ely' Cream Balmn Bev. r.
Mrs. Sara Lay, on Milwaukee. Wis., eared it-Mauas Geo. Shata, Bah- denoeteo .
is a guest of the Orange Grove. way, .J. J has aadj

wanait, l

Jll 5asr~tes

J. k a

ilk u *. Best"m-
n. cPusi

ty ImNO Pg, F
ml. j. N. AWa
Ii -*i




pipe'- *

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