Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: January 27, 1898
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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the vimstorsat theTampa Bay hotel II l IIINIU i
and- tomorrow-morning the party will ove, monarch of;~ p topo0
leave on a special train over the Plant Enthraling a & re
P I cap< d by .r Cosgreesst c to the City of system's western division for Pensa-jpers Upon Oysters and Sponges d oostrongor amkes
What rainbow. ef*t e tjseaen
gmentiOns.1 i The party of visitors consisted of W.i and DlsClsJ5d. o I shSteeiraweo rS o -
B. Hoocer, chairman, and wife. New A nd then what pities. 4irisivol
York; Walter ReeVes and wife, 1ilii- Pales the gnlorioealckh a -e .
H TRLES AND TTEiRSELY TOLD noise; W. Dovener and wife, west RESOLUTIONS COINITTEE REPORTS. I The fa ieorml these xatinptie
Virginia; R, P. Bishop and wife,Michi- ad voiaemorie tiha i tl i thaik
Xey on sard the Steamer Olivetoe and Beturn up gan; Page Merris and wife, Mincesota; formation of An International Fai- Forgets the vooe forgets t
Ba and r a~ml.ev on the K --Mlent : It R. RE,,Lester and wife, Georgia; J. B. Oa
Bay at her on the Nargaret-Pwresident Plant R E Lester Al w re ery Awociation Decided VYon- -ite the hypnotic trta s& 1v
Notde Baukbead and wife, Alabama: P. D. octin Decie enthe osa a of ie
ad t Prided Pleu t ZProgr McCullough and wife, Arkansas; A. Leture On Peaar--iandsome e tethink her an age rom
bert t. Berry and daughter, Kentucky; From Tiffany's Displayed. Toopareand gueleanstb *s
now baid her crat whistled safites as The Olivette Theoore Burton, Ohio; Stephen M. i ut anon the ceeremony is
Fsitors upon bom steamed 4own the bay. Mrs. H. B. Sparkmaa, Tampa. Monday was devoted to bivalv\s and A. nd ebvsmre y e n P s
ty of e p de- Pa a i a bet of ladea from the Amoeg the promione citizens of'pearls by the delegates to the N4ional And man hentsbt li heas bt.
epeatl ,^The arty TimpwBay hboteel d the Port Tampa Tampar wse accompanied the party ov Fisheries Coigress and ioc dentally to Tbe hypnoticutabbegito e
"? C teme congresiee, Ion were on board and added to tbe the bay yesterday were the following The dream of love en iis
:rttr and Clerk sod pleasure of thbetr~ geatkemen: J. H. Fessenden, president the introduction of the delegates from instead ot ila te twret
!5#ber of the namool As soonas the vessel startedCapt. Board of Trade; M. E. illett, mayor; China and Spain, who have been at- They have eatea threppe theee.
.tt of the pettca J. W. Fitsgerai, superistendent of H. Plant, W. B. Henderson, F, A. tending the congress, but who had no D e
4%*4 bot~b. nrmpf of the Plant 8steimship ompcOMy ordered Saemonson, Hgh C. Maqfarlane, G. been previously formally presented. i Butn m tgmaMnyee kdl
t. h ite house.: the lead to be haved and aoandings SL Sparkman, J. X. Long, R. W. Cod- 3-n as the hypnaotioe Atfj.
t -eogress as all were taken coitiosally fromPort Tam- dington, P. O, Knight, A. J.Boadinao, Vice-President Blackburn, of New L .
it house commit* on pa to the bar ard a record wa kept for Geo. N. Benjamin, Judge J B. Wall, York, presided and immediately upon A Noted Atla ta -'
boe ind their vt 4is, the useeof the committee. Charts of Judge Barron Phillips. Frak Bentley, the coanrress citveaing Secretary For four years I have a af
eft the Tmptia ierd the bay were spread in onenvenient pA R. Wall, John Savarese atn numer- Smith sead a message written by Chow- a troublesome i.eaan
stb antiring eeois of places the vesel and pilots thor- one others including a large party of Tz-Cti, second secretary of the Ubi- h a er rible has t n t
)L Sparkta, t this ougt(ly famikar ih the channels ex- ladles. nese legation, ackeowledging the S terrible mhs eitse tbee tS
eeMrtative of tine First plained the rouleM laid down on the :NAVAL 3MEVreNHOOIBED coat-esies of the United States to him- w ouen I blew my no les o my
.District o .1 .same hod. tw esalne would frequently outM
Stra t ae Flid u t samee ad pited out where the shoals self &s a delegate to the National Fish. m ouh and nose. The wat
g led i dortTa unparivion eerieseCongressandto his country i cpiou, and atimea
Am been br tou were located andc wthi at is need-'Port Tampa idion Presoted With!ea Cc :)Pious, &ad at times V -offensialive.
iver and Harboreom- ed tqgive depthinof water r-sufficientto t Dl-r es Ot istv- tg it to send a delegate to such Ye blod became o i that my
we tbi. ioatio onsf the acoeNomodate the vessels that would an mrmportant gatbermng. gener e altban was gre a impi
STrade qs acceptd, come to Tort Tampa if obey could do' 'I Spaoish deHbgate, Capt Buiz i eneral Baeltb d wa st
deholh .elatmrs so : o ei The Port Tampa division of tori wel abdee th poor appette a ed, reih

psrgoreevsing Qo. row,. 3uopenteoden t J. W. FitJ iz the Naval R ..e r.... Ced .ts d ... g r p.. Leut relief,(L until I d be u softhl
th ov ing t e o igovenmentof t united Stte for tanic Blood Balm--.oeC. indto Ber
of ackseville geramd,Colleeto orf Oustoms M. B. with honrs Monday ad was the -honor of mnvititg his country to bottles ated o leost, le Dagic. Sn e
Saailbow- Macfarte, Mayor- G(Mett and other proudest oegaization ai the State, s en a dele ad rankt teon tts a otr a t alost I o*eT ag ae
jrogrom has o0cials and cities intormed the coar-; the members marcbei to their armury eese for courteien.extended t. e eo- ue. o er a yar. n4t a sympto
mittee of the fa4s concerning the im--.fter the departure of the Olivete lug his address C.pt. del Arbel has retlroe d, and efeeZn every way
S wth portanoe of Tar p a and Port Tampe with the ongressiooa committeeon p-itseid a desire for tie speedy return "restored in -'aitlt I am an old
t efom acommerdal est pointand gave rivers and arbors. When the special pac e Ieand of Cukb instizevam o tlarota,,a d o. r to almost
fahbcts and flktes rom the officim train ean g the ogreo r the cogresioted Ste Fe ib-nyon" living on 1 ati stree. ancdl
m mitto t arti ved the Port Tama -MGMparticulary torly r. M. Glla
ato back up tte a-ived tmhe Port T Commission, read a paper etit led o acary o .. Gll
a h e meant me e steamer wa Naval Reserves Cad the i 'S e Problems Zq Oystr Cire," w ro kolmc m e Kos,
t ~ l swiftly ahead and soos the and dr hm corps were drawe intireh was decidedly interesting. d tlanta, Ga.
l Key quarantine station was up i le n r o the o The was fo lowed by a paper on "Tbe D ont Bay subatite,-said to be
T m p a t o o T h e p a r ty o f V is it o rs w a s : Y n o a p e e
and the Oiveiete took the nort Taar-t of rs waHstory and )Detelopment of ystler ",just as good" butboy t e old reliable
bohe~saly ua ted e dthestn Judee S. ;er L o-o
passage out over the bar. theEgn M- Cultre" by Mr, Eue, of Apacbcola, and standard Blood aurier of the age.
-Kgtey was rounded snd the seamer Lendon teped forward and is a brief and a paper by J. Y., Detwetler, of New ; B B S 1 00 per large b Ute.' For ale
an d eloquent speech presented t fle Smyta, o periments io Osterby git.
Seoin nthe sath-wen past and deS an orps, on m nbeprslf of e
Se on ~o~t light and came to and druorBoa s, on ibehaif of Gi Cultere Oa the Kast Coast of Florida.'
4y ( oraEgmontf ght a rn a he to
an stoll off MulletdKey to wait fort ernor tBlo bam, with an outfit sn r This ended the reading of papers dur-
otamar tgaret, of the amoaetes ting of two base drtmns eight snare ing tie morning session and the report We offer Oe Had d Dollamt Re-
Vine. drums. eigtit fife- aid Bpair oym- of the cummitsee on resolution was ward tor any oaseofC t irrh tbtat co-
aPlat Sjystem .offciaLe had not balls. The presentation speech as read and adopted as a whole. Tbe not te cured b Halls, h Cores.
-- -that a trip-Go salt wte responded te by Senior Ensign J.-. c. committee recommended the perma. F.,J. CIZNE A D., Toledo, 0.
theta trbe ac ite and had w e erin whe happily pressed the ap- ent o Ranizatioa of a body to be known We, the undersigmed-, ave known F
hi w t? appetite and had pr.- preciation of the division for the hand- as "Te InternatiaIal Fishery Awocia- J. Ohbeey fortbe past Juer y h.4be
ig pmiassedarondahuadc. sthe 80 preee wCi adbeeneotri- T ioD." The recommendation was lieve him pwfecll b am'b1ei'
tof te loridassdoBrewiu deom- he ted by Hi. O'N'eil e Co., of New adopted and the president of the Na- business tramacioos a d flbaaic ly
Sp.ras eTd to tl who cared -to t-ri tonal lshberies Congress is to appoint able to carry out, sy igc iatio bmd
il ae. La the da the dinung After watto the division dr i ace-preeidents from all the leading by their firm.
i t dagstroanger sowed his appreciation by nations of the world aud to call a meet- Ws a TUAX, Whosle DEt
E lW. two hiadrbg oor mae, were placing on the head of o of the bas ing at some time in te near future. Toledo, 0. -
sdvdal- arted two itla eoc mor redrums two WO suiler ceriflcates and a During the aftersoaession several WALDoa, K. m AN MAVi. W
s O /iithg lubeon. DO gold certificate. The money will interesting papers upon sponges a d sale Druggist,.Toleo. -
FrWt, 9 Ups tte arrWival of the steamer Mar- be placed is tfe treasury oftbhe divri- sponge calture, were read and dis- Hall's Catarr- h ( tisa larn-
with gaen about half of the party, iociud- .t eae At lecture upon ally, acting.diread bty
7ttBan inug be. mayor. the Beard of Trade d At a Jectur P ng di y
S e com ttees n leadi titie hoard- Two -pearl, by George F. Kenz, of Tiffany'a and mwneons snrfem s if the- S
4ta edl tehai rmi apd lad e t rke n e Tawo to mrshad IN-w n a divore4 in the music noas Tesentto t-to ile
toa e ort The4 peonl Use tlistie whichd the past web A magnificent die- Hai'F Pi Ply b -
lef to Port oa -srei in itne to eonnecw w'te the oa n last sat- The exhibit edO I Lbaand
*t J. 4:d1 trait for tampa. reqPctivela ofem Ls '
The magtainlefttkehe etteat .ui party givernor (,apsi ..
e- and headed upthe hay Soae Hills hospltlble ts e v .
-ilhroughh es. rid thbm t aheHills- ter f. -- i. : ..,
Ss- -brougb riser and up to the city ar- the ho -.
a- riviag'at B- V0 elock. The PlaatSy.- Colose
die- tern officials had Uteha nan.to impress end 1 -1,
al the congresiaepl eommittee with the -H
*di- impostane d r wl r att o the bar

atbk Tie of hi a i

j Iotes, Etc, *^

isdtorHernng -
,0 tfe waskmoW-'
toiw tATamps Irs"
toage of hibe
citillaating paa
adi ito sa n
with what bi awsid'
tbe following: -
Tb T brobff

atd Floritda UnIt

rame in beaj eta

Wayeros. to Ta
of 4beinmfltaltt

made io seven hor
stes, or near yf
And this woas tht
,bu the road bed Wa
-Twppa Bay,. r ext

The regular Uit

only twenty-fliedv _
trave-baa j6st be wt
Actual tmvei, .^l
ine-rallyt bou.ift

through this

test of euiar
well as a
work nan tn
And r s tO b
bua the road bed
The regulTar
only tweq t Ave
Ifterally ^iita
throagli tbis
beat of -uip
well a&S tb
work Ma Io
corpae o( t &
ern. T
spd '

Tampa, b t a1 tsecal- anmistoee and Pr
th. leadilag ctieeds left bigbobg uasdoe to ,
.m mt unpres theb aver < and ktseor weue-f.
s mileep wibth lar"geqMsIMelp *6 v F
iamdlete tieaepeq tianbA
tio law r b ar seiBlimbegrsilB


me s64ld be


Wei" exawy
sBi~ i t sD~i the maoh
ths 1 UMepply =. To people
flyi da L diasL o moee a heathfl
neorimuaegi i frmraashe exactly
'tt b demt&d.
I.Ae s interior city in the
Sad West to which Florida fish
oid os e sent with profit to the
pages at both ends of the line. It
i es ah ceperas well as more easi-
ly Pigested than beef, and our people
i f demand iS more and more as the
tee is cultivated and the advantages
only mater to be considered,
i the quemton of supply. This
be thoaouagly diseased by the
Sand the autboritive declar-
made by ihe best authorities
open the eyes of dar own people
S as of Ihevisitors.
S industry sl already well on its
alog the Gulf coast, But on
Sntio ad" it has not even been
born, excpt at Titus
1 \.and its importaone and the
have never aroused atten-
fom Savannah and
leton ak valuable catches in
t of St. Aogustie And Smyrna,
the r4banks" along our coast are
ed by pleasure parties at the
sesoea, who find ao trouble
in loading their boats. But the
atras nioa of the abundance of
terial has not tempted any Flori-
Sato go Itematically to work to
it tsartiesktetable shape.
ref tfwi 5t.;Marya to cape Flori-
e is admirably adapted to
The iitUe aislets and
a a Justwat w is absolutely re-
i- fish are within emy reach
calm seas and warm winters
sea fishing 'no auob hardship as
elith.atqs entail, and the con-
oithe basitness brought by
sogCwks would immediately
tplacg of an i o plant by
iillespOt Lis t already in

dtd d n m e to attle
.... 'l and
bse sl-

of the

qk~b Esays
gbiro w
r"; e seaP

rpofeo ^win1 aof w tso
se Caa* aH "e ame.
aYer.=IMWTm fwaftaned V wIsha
dic m, ad tsW .yems ko It bnGte oa t
mso eneneo now Ik sbok sowo
ka. EI. ed lnt atgony. Un woa
bes ad l all he tame and dharoge
gmmt di Myt alt wasa good with
theirtri of tiU oran Iteridagreat
maay kMls of AS, Sat nome woOud
Rrimate the mae to that I ooId hardly
stad the ain. Iema ldnot go Mea the
dre without maferoglntensely. Boameone
tent me lpes eonstai terstmonlalsa of
cares by Hod' 6r4p1g a, and I told
my huabandl wodid like to try this med-
icine. He got me a bottle and I tonnd It
helped me. I kept on taking it until my
lmb was completely haled. I cannot
prise Hoodi SareLprilla enough for the
great benefit it has been to me. It
cleanses the blood of all imporities and
leaves it rich and pure." Ma ANNA EF
EAn N, Whittlessy, Ohio.
You can buy Hood's Baraparlla of all
druggists, Be sre to get only Bood's.
Hood's Pills w th& -Pre 25

Fort Myers and the Gulf coast of
Lee county still claim to be the
tropical regions of Florida. The
Sanibel truckers continue to meke
shipments of tomatoes to the North
by every steamer, while here in Fort
Myers the tender cocoanuts, alligator
pears, espaddlos, mabs, s, tamocinds,
royal poincianas, and many other
tropical trees are uninjured, while
the orange, lemon, lime, and grape-
fruit trees are hanging full of ripe,
sweet fruit, and blossoms showing on
all of them. Even the exceedingly
tender blossoms of the mango tree,
which are so sensitive that an ordi-
nary cold wind will often blast them,
have, many of them, escaped -he
oold.-Fort Myers Press.
Of all the states and cities of bhe
Union. for holding a fisheries con-
gress, Florida and Tampa are prob-
ably the"beet adapted. The State is
said td have some twelve thousand
miles of seacoast and many rivers,
creeks and thousands of lakes and
bays teeming iith finny life, and
Tampa is Situated on a large salt
water bay and at the mouth ota river.
Hence tbhe ppropriateness of the In-
ternational Fisheries oungrsss that
convened there today. The dele-
gates of that,congress who reside in
other states will be impressed with
the immene possibilities in Florida
forJak srfa ini, sad will go home
wondering why' the industry should
so long remain sactcally uundevelop-
ed .-Or a*do Baporter.
The people of Tampa ar6 more in-
terested in the speedy termination of
the Cuban war ju t now than any
other dogns thigs that could posasi
bly be amsagasated together. Tie
immediate ending of the struggle iQ
Cub won u d bea pasmoef for 1 oi
't'bnwa'a 11anan a am-imas.l'

wouti MCCsaIE to -UM WI B
dedit.rattia governor of Nbw Y *ek
ansi LIS- 1rt Utni tea tse Sea 8 tor.
Croker would like t'do theb eame
thing, but be does not want tse usae
men that Hill does. Mr. Croker a
few weeks ago was frank to annoneeu -
that while Mr. Hill was a good fellow
whom he would always enjoy feAlpfg
to a reat good thing, it was eotsor
Edward Murphy, Jr., of Troy, wbom
he regarded as the democratic leader
in New York. Croker has said no
more, being a man of few words; but
that was sufficient.
It is clear, therefore, that Crbker begunit, a
will fight Bill in the next democratic tieed.
state convention. Hilill will play ftr on
the "up-state" votes and he hbpes to _*er_
make sufficient inroads on the Tam- the i
many forces to carry his' poiat If A
Croker can control the solid vote of
New York City, he wil still rqnire,
fifty-two votes to orgsifze atd role isa a
the convention. .Hill'plan may be tome
to favor Bryan and ih0 Chicago plat- Sbraah.
form.; Croker will opppee an iadorse-
meat of the Chicago p uaancaameo. t
Mr. Hill ie reported a4 saying: *'It gea.
is true thalI took no tive part In
the piesideutial oanvua,of 1896, but
I voted the straightde crati ticket,
just the same." But wat of Croker?
-Mr. Croker himself fd the eous ry 6
to evade the issue of that election." .
The New York fight s a mgniflant Ap m
onea sd-will mean mpch when it provide
cdme4 to naming a den ocratte eandi ona
date for president as wll as the na- pats i-
ture of the platform in 1900. ot te
The magnanimity ol Mr. Edward hi r
Manrhra in furnishing rour bulpdled m d
people of this city wil food until
the cigar factories star up again as
was Lhronicled exclu ively in the
TrsIBip yesterday morning, is indeed. .,
an ac of charity and a that will
be appreciated, not ony by the peo- Dt
pie talat will be the happy recipients ofm
of th ecessities of li ebut every 1
true Ichristian person in the ilad. a
Thern are few men in this country
like $dward Manrara. Hiisheart s lawless
as tender as that of a woman and his wor
money for worthy purposes as free as
the balmy air of Florida. lie is A
truly a benefactor and every estizen
of Tampa to a certain degree share
in hb benifienut acte. a cigar
manufacturer he gave o iemployivent
to hundreds of honest i.ie and his
varits other enterprise pf a."lOoel
nature give work tob many sad
they are so little facs in the up.
buik-ing and sustenau:4t of Tqapa. ^
He it indeed a citizen tcbe proud of
and "ampa honors hi and appre"
ciates\him for his isw.rsie worth.
Mee ofCharge to ituem are
... -i- * -


goebarmeaent w"~h

& kenbt An
lba the ate a....o.datio.
v W. L Seiver, of the Central Curinp
and Pecking Company, who is attend-
lg the Tebacco Growers' Coonvention
at Green Cove Spring, telegraphed
SPreidemit Feseanden, of the Tampk
..-iV OW board o trade, lastweeR: "A inlovi-
PC D MA i W t action from the Tampa board or trade
'' 1' *t ; to the TobseLtv Growers' Association to
ii leate Wh li Hae COe bold the next aroual meeting Tam-
l pa, will probably be accepted."
rt DScuSs Pla For the in reply to this President rFeshenden
eaio Ns. toelegraTpedMr. Seiper to extend to
Flord.emios Notes. Y C3 T C.
Ithe association, in tie name of the
Tampa board of trade, an invitation to
PeaasylvaDia, representing the Fih bold tbe next annual convention in
Protective Astoeiation; D. P. Corw this city and toassure the members of
of Peinaylvania, secretry of Be s the amocitlon that they would be
CFihaber Commiuloe; B. R. del Arbol most heartily welcomed by the city of
fM i t 1paoi~sb navy, t presenting tne Tampa.
I inltOm of Spain; Dr. Stringer. may- President Fessenden said yesterday.
r ofLBrookeille, Fla.; Dr. H. M. toa TmCNr reporter: "I believe la
Imltt, asmtant, Ugled States Fish securing all such conventions for Tam-
mssion; A. A. Wiley, colonel and pa (or they certainly belp) to advertise
kef of olwdanoc on toaff of Goverpor the city."
b,-Jnaon of Alabama; W. A. Rawis, -
on e Florida tate c emisat. The statesrep- CITY raEinBES THE CAri .
"&-9snkted were Florida,12: Mihgbigm, 1:
iie-Alabaama, 7; Hissauri, 1; Rhode Island, Prooeed" of the Bond Sale On Depoait
d 2; eorgut. 8; Wiscoula, -; Loulmana, In New York. "
1jjai w',4; I I 2; Pennsylivanis 4; oKassa;Col. W. B. Henderson, president of

,r* Kinntp 8, 3; Kanss, 1; few Jersey, the board of public works or TampM
lef J; % KetuokT, 1; WbaI tgwton, D, U., 4;receirved a telegram Thursday from
th l'eemee, 2;t Vaermont. s the New York bank that is acting as
. ,Tetor oeontrI wrr Cbia by the fnaocial agent of Tamp, notifying
pe Obow T -e lr, ad Spin bX. R..del b. him that the sum of $150.000 bad been
eam u!bo 4T P ho Soll Isand~jpam Bi.. deposited to the credit of the board by
d* r Sola s ,os.. Pieron & McCuteboon. the purSbasers
04s co .4 Jn.t sf X ; i of Tampa's municipal bonds.
S. fteeb or twenty telegMpe atrived This money is the first installment
S night an'd other m m nspeted to of the proceeds uf the remainder of the
A rrte this moral Ng s city bonds, a contract for the sale bav-
pop& A amber of l 0il ill ing been a-gaed last Saturday by the
bePid a dand diUae t e- agent of Pierson & McCutcbeoa. The
Wloes of te Ooon et :. balance of the money will be paid
Pon: The ixpoettion bolBMig was visited whenever needed by the city to carry
s yuterday by a Jatgt number of the o ut the improvements authorized oi
delegatess aqd tbh exhibsa greatly ad.- the bonding ordinance
i red. r . Colonel Henderson says that now the.
SThe exhibit of Florkla ish frozen in money has been secured it will be but

t aton and mouc fari able comm at. tg ian the main sewers will begia.
This eTBa Xibit will ht added to today The board will rt once prepare adver-
S .ed Will be well worth seeina. tiementsoclling for bids for furoish-
I Today the placing Pf t e National log material and constructing the
S FI 0mmission'a exhibit will be conm sewers according to specitlcatioos. The
k'pleted by Commilssino C. H. TIowns. estimated cost the sewer work is
S 'nW andadW. W. De C. Ravenel. This $150,000. The balance of the bond:
I~~h ehbit is a eryj fle one and attracts money is to be used for improving the
prv stImveral attention. t streets of the city.
".. Tbe ahb car of t4e National Fish
gim C inmt-ion wasan object of special LAB 0 LACONCL8.
Slateret yesterday "pd many people
froe the city visited it. Interstitg News Items About Local
S"'Beaides the flsaers i exdbot iT the events of Importance.
I position building there is a splee id special Corresondence Morning Tribune.
lay of Florda fruits, vegetables, to- Mr. J. P. Bailey is till shipping'
bjaoonpo, phate, woods. wines, etc. oranges; bisocrop will probably reacb
Tbeee should be carefully inspected, two thousand boxes. He also has a
4 + special fertilizer preipred for him by
A O T GM Wloon & Toomer, of Jac ksonviltle.
Mr. S. H.,B .ore, has mnade.wfyft
Fb I esady to B id t eanat Any Bi- e5gYov nine huond eaireon-so fine
a list In the World, syrup.
kra The crtk bicycle ri ff Rev. W. U. Farser reLurneJ from
ST tel mair leedatas ~~e tfwoo w s Laeland ust nignt. His health ,
eabllege iled Cy Eason of mbch improved and be preached to an
Mi.-e aied sr let te T ated sT ae Eati t o of
Nlew or itn Sth r ntct Tussd aopreciatip e audience on Sunday.
"j ae olawd A, i ~~l t Mrs. LiLby hasmoved into the Allen
S word il pt p Jas os nice cottage on il-

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"l .h wld.e in all 's $ omia, y will not try another crop.

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g .seltrstale p .eed or Ing oonditio.
hIcallenge b e l lle wi!! rmdn The material is on the ground for a
a rlobney to~te parsonage. The work
.. ssk' rm- of he. epa wi of constranlsion will be done by Mr, F.
I memr wil, oftl u Lewls, of Clearwater, *
S a rlib t "mt Mr". R]. 1, Wlhitehurst u recovered
_-.. ^"' e, 1^ 1* 1 i tci, 'baa loore see
mThe me gat tile business did not ma-
B A t M A B te r aliu e nto th e n o w s to re ; a n oth e r

S-- "cl shp between the cap aed the lip."
-gg1 ^ ceLus o The new wood Afrm of Oliver Blith
S I I'" -- & Co. is doing a ruhi business.
lUt Sa? ^ 1 TM 1 M O3XAL. OOUBT.

ya o T ti qw of ees of Duinr a

S lt 'WO. Knigat, county soUci-
tar, disphebd the bduines of the
i om iaal oun in baa asWt energtio
Isi th end n a result ive e-
sre, M sentenced to pay sane
r tspKoment in the couptty
S nes w e as follows:'
eatl, or A esys jai.

1:O a sa lan
~. ~,~'..ea ft

the CagtmS. oma4 and eethry bowb
can dulIab ihe Way f earl "
KXCUSIOI AND ET BTAII T. and the exhibit 9 Flid.
EXCURSIO INDN leamoulinmusand grape'frhit t .
ally fle. Tihexhibitof iloriM wines
Today the Delegate. Become Gueata and brandies or this Catnfo r ui t Pal r Humn
Sof the Tamnpa Board o Trade and Juice mpany is aplendid oo and Na
W~ill Be Given a lirip Down attracting conaderhie sttent *
the Bay. in the middle of W0O pound tie Ik of iablAO.A 0 1
Sle is one of the beesaaad nsoeko oipem .
The third day's session of the Na- bensive and appropriate diapJy n ex- p ad la. i'
sonsal Fisneries Congress was called to kibition and the deRlates aId s~8itors e tt people .
I order at 10 o'clock Friday morning to the Fisheries Congrema be ex- pa tid 'f. "'
by President A. Nelson Cheney. An pressed themselvesas being detldghted frefthae a
address was delivered by Hon. L. T. to have an opportunity to os ch4 eb'an Sil fewigan
rCarton., chairman of the delegation exhibit. ; iI
from Maine, in which be expressed for C. W. Kennon, Tampa' in active to"p qphpa
. himself and the delegates generally genius has on exhibition several tcles bil g inY_
the highest appreciation of the senti- invented and manufactures by meelf lak or
ments expressed in the welcomirg ad- that are wll worth iaspeicub HS His thiy'n al a
dresses egf Governor Bloxhafn and May. labor saving wash board b md f patl- t6mb"mlts..e .
or Gillett. metto, is the best ot its kind eg
Mr. Carlton gve some interesting With thib board no soap aise au M.
statistics regarding the fisiery indus- the articles washed upon it a 1 me uiee "4'e
try and the game preservesjof his state 'worn outi by scrubbing s 11e' 4io a-eo.f
and the commercial imporunee of the The 41ammolth tarpon oaut hybs aa -ia gii
same. After this a letteI was read PresideL H B. Plant i n ap 1 c glyMy IIlk.a i
from the state fish oommpisioner of great Utnresn to all vieltortd an. y iae ta
Utah, and a telegram from William L. have mite up their minds{o.a emp
May, president of the American Fish the amnpiscatorial feat.'
Society. Both expressed best wisb is A hi ome exhibit arri4ed i
for the success of the Congress. day fro& Sanoerd and r y df ey a s tohkat, _'i A
President Chensy called Yice Presi- special iertion. It was A it d W ie
dent Corwin. A Pennsylvania. to the shad takdo from the St. Johpb an 1 entitled 1t i'6
chair and read a paper on "'The Hudson frozen 14 blocks of ice by iOat N. ft wtIt'be
as the Original Salmion Star m of the Leffler qf Sanford, the vete* tsh of ciglar ftL.
Upited States." A number of delegates dealer. +he display included r and onl n u hal id
discussed the subject of President buck abad perch and bream, 11i milag of Sh e opeaM l*e
Cieney's paper. nificent 4ecimeas. The *xhi was goop as tbey fb g A Mi
"The Importance of Extended Scien- brought Ore in charge of Jud J. h, pom.l|waa'cw. e
tioe Investigation," was the title of a Weloornse f Sanford. All W have tsmwa 1 otf
paper by Dr. H. C. Bumpus, which was not yet an it should visit the posa- ilit q actoxi -
next read and discussed as'it was re- tilon bui r'ng today as the id will of 11 aiM1'
cognized as one of the most ,Importaot probably th melted by tonight, -bh Mr.
subjects before the Congress. The exUbit of a slab of ood half litdea -
"Fur Farming in Florida" was the of which bas been painted wits W, W hhAA e i tlt l
catch title of a paper by J. M. Wilson, Kennon d Co.'a teredo proof pal t ad o. .-
of Kiasimmee, Fla., which was' lis- the other half left in its onaeir4 cem1 .
tened to with interest by the delegates, dition,'attracts coonsderablei ia 0.'
many of whom had not before realized The slab hb so been submerge n as ms c
that for farming io Florida amounted water for a year and the di ff nnide .
to anything, of it show the advantage to Re A
Col. Zacharias of New Orleans then from usint this paint. L
asked for information in regard to the r o
crawfish which dor such damage every A D
year to the leves of the lower Missis- "s
sippi river. This caused considerable The "Grand View Hose" t o"ae t Uof i.
discussion and the gentleman from of a Brilliant Selal t '
Louisiana was given many valuable Thnota
suggestions on the subject of crawfish.i
This ended the morning session and Mr. and Mrs. c. 1. te wdw S.

Smelt z or'arpon Spthn.s upon "Flor social eenste of the reason. t p
ads Oyter Bar Their t n d The otes was d
Restoricion." 'Ihe spraker gained the- l 'y k &-I arry Ledyard, hqd 'ra r i..c;

,t.itlon of the audience on the start o'clock the receptrou ffae' an" s ho
by p acieg on the platform, in full parlors were filled with the nay .; il
view of all, a number of specimens of friends of the gesial host and 1 d- Sute
yesterday morning. His address was to .15 the flrst strains of the ech a N
the point and was one of the best of all. were beard, and the spacous i ladt
Some of the delegates remarked that room was the sne of merry i track
they had learned more about oysters in At eleven oclok tdany ref rh Gou a
Dr.B. W. James' paper on "The Im- m ic w fuarnisbed by ts-eh le wtard Ti t S3
provb meatl and Protection of the Duell pianist, Melie Browns, of Ltzbn "

e e Seas and Waterways wa Among sere nt were: m r and the
next read and discussed. Mrs. Lewis Ehot. Bt.v and M,. ^ a- n;
Judge J. F. Welborne of Sanford dell, Gen. W. P. Haze and wife, Mr. cifle I eo.
read an interesting paper written by and Mrs. J. A. Johason, Mr. thorewlte
George W. Scobie of Titusyille on "The Harry Ledyard. Mr. an4M eed, ;
Fish ludsatry of the East Coast 9p Mr. and Mrs. Head, Mr. i ad o C. or
Florida." The writer did not hesitate Cooper, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cqppstr of of l '
to score the last Gegislatune for the Pittsburg, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. ,G tflo, G. ctva f
passage of a law regulating the fishing of Idlewil4 Park, Dr. and Mrt ae- o.iga o
season on the East Coast ly, of Sefflar Mr. and Mrs. o Mh. M ,m o. BrZAdbloAr'l
A paper by Prof. J. Percy Moore of of Tampa; Mr. an d Mrs. ae of istfisy Mr..
the university of Pennsylvania, upon Cleveland, Ohio; Mra. D and for
tThe Utility and Methods of Mackerel Hong, Mrs. Straw, Mr. Iti alals Micha 4. Mdtsbefl
Propagattion," was the last paper read Owen, of Bristol, Tens; B bsiees it saa ixpetc

during tbe afternoon seWstou and the E, Rae, PauliaL u ad M lidilli B of Ih ebry
congress adjourned until Mob~ay morn- Limona; Mass Beme e8)a~[. f =a s 10 7
ing. ner; Misses Alice. LIllan I eP..
The secretary acnounoed tat Prof. Mily, Miss Bea, M
Townsend will tonight delivse an illus- Miss McAbee, Mis .t
treated lecture an the musio ram of tbe lunm, of Ciarw
Tampa Bay hotel, on eals and Seal ad Bates Coopr, D.
Fahibr." The lecture will begic at ad HaenryAMoMag, Ia
.:45 6nd the public is invited to attend. Jffena, B. L .
TRa zxcoNMo TODAr.. Oolbet BrMoa, f I
The forTwloag noti o pginLrd to of r.l.
Ub excursion today was re fr e h ethr. ,
ofatration of delegates:
S"The delegates and their tal aad VIoIL JONrr
p members of the Tampa B of Trade -
ril leave tbhe Tampa Bay boli ate- pound Guily Ga
y maoring at 9 o'clock .htawor Hot e1
ortmpa where someI fAl 'time
will e pent in looking t ad,i Virg Jese-, r. r
sfermd wiul embark .on thme a cer fosia gftir a l t he i
far for an zexoarlio dawnTa- am salting lia)b
b.y, restum ng to the Tapa Bay Sa rB .a the
between 5 and o'oOk 94" ,s her as '
T follorewing ws m ao ines wee hgop
h B ademetar Slth: halt w- o

i t ts o ol aTae s he peaha
S..'awki0. to tahoe idof^tlw moroi~th r

^^m5^^J&5ha ^^H

m 0, Rsdm
S A mlsiOnim t an t tint tis akimesSamea
111. s l n -a t owery.
p -iw ea ... In IS APPiOTED B SEIA TOS 0Orange tore an-d vgea l;en rall:
Irt t dgata atm dobingo to a0 iB S"L TISe am putting on a heavy greoithb.
.is.armaon to be m4 iaa Many oer eao sed beds aow a fll
dt5=6a oa eat all h 'edeb Ivtov tOakt r Is Particularly Pleased and gSowtbh of .ed.
o w ftM l ad dualJyttam the. tatg opes to See Other United States Mr. ad Mrs. McLeran f Welbra,
a3fsoWs e ea e son rt hav*ng held in %he Vessels follow Secretary Long Fla., are making Mrs. McLeran's
._ tog The. ire M eOtet ci he pe No. mother, Mrs. B. Brannen a visit of O penn -g
ZOW&wsa an t so line ant 5.d.,5o-tit Inaa ci vine Wcasoe os. Jaes v. Tie UoLseveral days.
ta T Wy.n. sy S ,-e-. itaere a tates steamwhip Maine has L5eeu a~ Plant City as usual furnisbed her rull '
M PitLSo H mised tUonll enable tsin nea oinvs dered to iva s s c d of jurors last week
i.yaB1yl inoabomd tigtatheloperationsof thec9fee, sur, department that ,o stiurbil news ha e ann al Sunday school convention
sapportanity of whihskycoao, wire nail ma"o, sewer- been received froin oetietr, ht that th foriHillsborough county will be held
pipe toaeoaoil, twine. bisct.Cracker. the last of Lbis week begnoning on Fri.-
glu and inmrmance trust. He inal- .
ready after tshe oil and the inmuunce
rtu a the oprema cs. Represeotative. aie expected from
SThe conmmiiee ia instructed to report all Sabbath schools.
as pledy a tgo wha degree thenp traa j This is an opportunity to become a
S aotrol prices. Asarnsy Genal Mon- q uaiuted with nour neighbors in this, T w
neit o act with the committee and most important advance step in Chnris-
be iteatsorne. Heba been amrga tianwork and to eep pace wit h the
s an tr ass ever it he became, a rapid progress in the Sabbath school
tkrmey general of the 11111 $
I h generally thoukol here the reso- work of today
Intlu to iuetigs the trusts is a con- S'r H. W. Steinmeyer preached to a
Satmnilo o the faght oa o Senat a Han is full bout morning and evening in the '- '
byfthe andt-Hani nMe. nanett was t. Ch r Sun day last. I 6
a atec apponrc of Governor Busb- Mra t
nelWI h.chs position BIc oHan McamSAI E Mr,.aAM-tr'and little son spent
day for the enatfrlnip. Ham Iaoo. movement is rather in the line of a ra- Subfa) ts, brotbersand aim-
necSoed with many o St larglaret Imptio of free intercourse of or to~rs, to his home Sunday
lthe wao id bue bsrosait ut in t he naVal vesela in Ouban waters, the same i '
R Dole of emtiant o lpopoed. as prevailed pritr to their withdrawal Aoumber four Plant City represe- Correct this yles. T
Ji for -M hor The Ltorney genera said tonight it on account of onobreak of hostilites tItlvds jie lattndaned at the Fis. h ver oV -
iita w tra to bsde a JOint liiO, As the The first intimation that the members eries Coages i Tampa last week. '
Mte et the wold i t ii te to that branch. o the senate coatttee on foreign re. Mr. C. L. Jons, of Tampa, visitea in ;
P9 911. lations had of the orders to the Maine Plant City Ounday. : '.
S.. LARGE STRIKE IS LIKELY. was gven in the Associated Press b l. Tbh new-rilroad schedule of Tues-
an lif ran Tirhf oparao. cn.- rt.. a wlh e y received the information day last brings to our evening mails
il aI. n C r r1 O Walvs r- tUv rderi.. this with evident satinsfactiou. Senator Frye .. W
S o Anst a uy ort Mace rikLt. said that the action was eminently satc conDfderably etrhr than before.
tinse asna was .very ....per to hive a 5oarhI .... offered rdThIP mmts ons.i8tneg of ice Io
mad I do pot deam parpad the coning H fte" is bcom. ;avaua for the potectio of Amer crety
ay.t atrtila IIhe tWatchword of the operatives al interests. Seiator Morca s Cd eveningam B. Smith beildiog. day
DV tepis city. The opinion is con. Germany had shown the United Srates evening in mith ofldog
..i..^ ,s.i, .tnUtlyw gaining ground amoa. the labor te way by l er warsiops Ce f O
MHavana and was evidently b hgerrugn 'Olden Times.
leadr that this ety is going to be the t ls gvern ent.. is, tl .mx... t at; .
SMganted sefe of the greatest atnrke in its hip. Senator u,.raoer was iDartirularly People overlooked the importance of
ta tes was story anlae something be doue soon to. pleaded to hear the new< He sailt he permanentlpAaOelicial effects and were
ad ortat Wa rearing the. wges that have wished the TeraIs i d Ti.e other vso s satisfied with -trns.eot action; but now
in ofr- bee. llnen off since Jm J. of the qn.adr ....... ni .. c, er ..... that itib ,ler '.l .known tbat Syrup
Rrn.s m 8 strikes are occurring daily in follow th an that it tl eryly known that Syrup m -
bo4ld e thecity-noles than five small ones Seniaor Cillom ti: of F nglb. 'ill t E-ifctantlly dveroome
ibgrwleg ala nOW b*ing taken care of, with three "I im glai tr i,.-r it. l i-i. ti.e nab.tu4 *".6nstit..ilio. ,well-informed
at i aI i& ahesa immient. There was never a Mains I li fol-;,l lv r.. el I wl, n buy other la-tstives-
Isysti by Ut hy hothe general dnisstitacnsatio. I
II l lut.as m iend. wa a greoar as tisnow. and itois coi- Senatir Tetner bjt he w. ul lo 1 ,, I wrmh- HiO fr a time. but Bnaily injure
Ieimr iatlton a tantly rowing and beinu encoura ,e see te hairbir o: Hava: u. I I .. te -y~.em. Buy tiheeenu.ne. made by
wooldhave I f the rinlg pinqers keep on. c.i I.I Amencric slip. t i- (. .. ifo-nia F.g Sfuop Co- if
at and myselff oi of the ilsstheyhae bea.,i: :I -Sceretsrv nr the Navy Lori wasi -- n '
.-- do this week, theie is liable to be- a .this r iiro STEAM i EG:J SILE
m a. aor loing of the mills of this Vc that were afo I:lt -estaicv it r,': ,, he Lea_ e
eiter by a lockout or by the lie l c kio tho morb...e.l.nt oveie trs of ties .i1... ba'il rI ikIe. 1ii.. a a .... .....i .,ia--
leat o rel e the gion and coming ont on strike tiou i the ruvme-ersav;ef I
amn sw aiin 5 it All the elp who are on st -8nsti at t', at Havana. for t iCeS .rc OriSr, iT Jan. i I-The ,- 'i nn-
with.vp n anmass-i t er,'; tr1 11W, I-IA in
We--whether or ot KsngPhtlfpmilpare &qr in their i-e Cs ti t itotenr oii- l; .,,- LII- Ot-eti 'I'IIi. nighti%-iithl
4 IMtormed at the ternn atiou co rems di out unt:l :. res one tlhpir f.-ri-ic ,.,, 1 ; .. 1 450 p i.....- : l of .e ..- . --
uldnotd acare tereminatiouna remaid out*'ot;l
k uufatine 45Uiai~~~. n. i. Pin net of o!r)il'r L
o u=ex- Wwin iv; Hats In P a. w ,il I IL p t.. thou-. ..... t. I, .... .+.,r -.z .',b..ue 'h-
of tmhe PrnsBCu J. i. "4- -The Pitr-.. .'visit. 'l'le aiee i lil -tame,'- s. r.s. v srpa' .We i/ *
S Pot ays that a secret meeting o: dere .r p i h ...i.. i .. .1
by youre" p wop Leid at the office of the E Oair at u '

tiUit was,, ,1 tpsev-- bo -i^uhlMdeo of vto.i e W O WM E T
l mftei, ,',. it. ic eit f.- t
~r .......L . . .. ..

e_ la_ an In Da,
Wasaraosa. Jan. 4
sotl Boyle. at7 ive
w of an atile in th

S Mwatei aLws ot
a WAa ow.I, Jam A
deptemsl hau isnd
are-sro ebmain moe I

ileodny 4m
& d

E I{ MgE 'ILIk A P WsIW4 HTN H i. G CUBll.. ru to taq 65Y
A rlon~lr Ii l:- th W S p tE aKK --.-- C^ -,
r.-p.si- O.ratinK An eg.,...i ~.,. tatiot an se r 'e st,
fPi5t lo of NEw YOBK. Jan. Ileports I:ave that leave o i Arefase bo es
ke l~aurg d* t
da-tenp I just reach ed Bavasa from the Cua, passengers and rft i;-iThe demand .
ent, is propo e river district. where General Pando ias oteames relu se to crry t preferrm g
Sat the Mono. been operating, to the effect that Gau. to take-the less bulky freight, leaving
oonSidered aS all. al Pando has been seriously wounded the lumber for sailing vessels.
ed les. ip an engaemtnt withthhe insurgets. LORD ACCUSED OF
-Uned States the Havana correspoudeut LORD ACCUSED OF FRAUD.
pool. i the an No detaRs of the fight have been re Wlliam Nilltte, ans english Nobleman. N I.
Sdaily consul o ived here. bat late reports show that m ry Sri T b
6ton baling and there baa bee a hot fighting along the LosNDO, Jan. 25.--Lord William Nov.
pointed out the (Puto river. General ando is now in ille. fourth son of the Marquis of Ab- ,.
r-iv, tests made or uear Mdainanillo. bis operations irgavenny, was arrested today and
usnal American againatthe rebels having beeu i far ta ken to the Bow street police court
- the new road practically without res.ula.
W the arullmnt Despite the heavy force he has with charged with fraud in connection with
ew pro ble tba i insn. aided bynatural the rnit fSam Le ,l the noney J t received enoth
a hy an expert in befenaive posilions. have been able to lender, against Spenoer Clay, an officer
nad of ballepg pre ent him m king any headway, and of the gam s. to recover 11,113 due on l c Peroa b's
ir last reports generall Paud o was awai.- two pron mssry notes cashed for the 10c Percales to b o l
Amesetam. the arrival of more troops from Havana prisoner. r C
S4.-The interior before making another important move Daring the trial of the suit of Lewis at O -Also a C a
pap-nht... against the rebels. versus UiQa in November last the counn. 4
lrn T P i in d vhe attacks in the house at Washing. al for the. defendant alleged that the Peroales at 100,
oorm n ag have produced a feeling here whica. I indorsemeit of the notes was secured
eawith the k- haps, is rarcely justfied-pointing by trickery; The jury fond that Olay
een o to toward the hfied purpose of a certain was a vAtAm of misplaced cofidence *
The 1ltt ner emotion of Amrranou politicians to mnsist ad j3dgnmeat was given to the effect
the maanur of 4n war with Spain The government that Clay was nut bound by the signal.
a. location, pom- self as disturbed and the press is f.l tO reis ee our Beautifil Line
pateantingf the tt 0 hesobject i
tip domain. -The lmparcii says:a ,,,...sr a1tin Coming soon.
"In proport on to the accounts from i WASHsdTO-. Jan. 25.-Following the EA ht
rbe E .n sruba favcrrable in Spain. they be. vist of Preritent Dole of Hawaii, it it
Tan 4.--esG eoe i so frm the United State not mro that thep pecve
od'. a pro bedtifltit to believe that s tot thei .
which -~ niewSta8c9 )pripopes to sndeertae mn president cf -razil will visit the United
S. e on the whole civilized world the Statee some time between March 1 and
duir n emsornoM.n rMedInsibility of provokian'-- November pext. The election occro ti
r .ml a fi r wbihh. no nreasn exist today: March and the prevailing impression is t B elt
Wshre- Whyoallee PA the only motive fori- th nat Senor Campos Siles,. the candt i.
Suts ei 1h arvsneo t siper longatiou of a eolT dOated of the Republican party aud an
whia stS t utertg dbions Hstain from be el.eted H e H tld tend a pComplete
SNlorgth Amercikn port and maintained poses in cake of his electio of visti ng
by hoesa. fostered in Wnshigtoa n aid Arg wtiue nd other southern repblics .'
"*~5at Neiw Tork. on n attack un~pon Spain. I Band of coming to the United States for C
1*. wida P. a coldblooded mockery and affront to "t extenosti rrlt He ha *tve OO
Piusto a&t e he general conscience. widely it n tpes and this wilt be his
.. ,int.dra vsWUidte

i SauSstMan, Jan 25. -A sension was .
cne 1-
h im n sedin bycortmartof Asnwitolk. Ala.. Jan. 3e.-YeMterda y
^^^ S^^.^ ^ ^o K^^ anbo^l D It Bur.
ofof a letter f n Ea oop ,issand Deputy 0ctos mallan n ..
sh_ the works In a tturned from a. noosud raid into tl .
: 'L- "u-~~ !d _, mhe charg es. 6btld ,o,. Theyfound wid d q ro _" '

wr omky. xd
Sshea taera

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c'Jl :

t tieotC" bf te
ur M


,Smith Is Xade Setretary of the
Sthe Bel Work Begmi-
ad By Delegates.

forward And assured the dele
Sand visitors or the great pleasure
forded bim to be present as this
and to meet such a represen-
vebody f delegates from the va-
Satates of the Union and foreign
e. fie.tbalked Governor Blox-
heartily for calling to the
of the merican people the
Wat fsh worthy of being preo
-should beprotected.
e spoke of hi recent visit to Japan
aidt that beb ad been assured by
arsueaei1i ersr of the Japanese
plretbetadejlgte would be aet to
lidteMr Cs*grea. e supposed
the eoy ripeon a delegate was
et wsthereoent orange in the
-e abise V He *ae an inter-
ifcohet the opIe of Japan
hereu etrensly friendly feeling
'the pepole arf th United

a response t zumerouscalls for a
hbCelI. A. Wiley. of Most-
aery, tbhe ohof staff of the gov-
et of Alabhai responded and de-
red an Iddre which eas received
ttaeatboeiaati i applause;
e report qrf e oommatttee on ere-
estlnalwareceied and adoptakd and
export of the-emanitbe n perma-
m -orgaeirattow t ba read. The
Mdnwt recemneedoed` the election
rELoM. A.. NeiS Chen, of Glenn
'mite, 7. Y.; for hmeaelat -ehairman.
ad Der, M. rdtit, of r abhington,
eitOatt Uaited st2e dh commie-
tnatr fr seoreary. Ajao that the
nritaan appeseeae v4e*presidoecs
f th* eo re. d a committee n
eaiutiean onvsiay fo one frocn
saie. The reper w~ asM uai-
I a epted tbitheol debate end
r 4lkett easorted IPreaideot
y to the ee.
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PC-of-UW leiQi- y I'l Pi lver. Largest wateper pwr plant o Wiin sNBTOs. Jan. SS-eS*l 2~-& o tS Ian -*rwsi
;-fl ,. Si-tol>5S~L~b fPS beSoath. Fivemiles north of city. olals pretsnted their voews a thW e sted e4 t heitai -
CL. Lee 0 d tw boy howCars leave Twenty-Second street every sertic reform tssue as a of t were prlfd a.3
'by t ld a- S d jboar. beginning at 1 p. m. DE3OTO aiste invging8. pmnpr-lie od
Samuel Cart, siperdnaaenopt fe ?
=i'& *nr X P --Located on Bay east!of Tam. cty schoos of Sbuid, endforp le ,
a n~m a lf.nnbifrom. anba Boa.hting, ..sbiog, Etc. Electric three years snpern"af ent n ie nh s an
do*". bbdy--w nh i Alsm o-
SIdJ--lbr ll aery ten minutes to all, promi. dian schools at nt Fe. YL-ep a eny tfdei
Pdis mfaa be nets Hotels and Cigar Factories in pe rhed oomplai ofaisr i
Jdleiq ed ha e beJ o mtr mraal from tas l tter pn i
these lng n sepamP, Ybor Clty and West Tampa. nd he re of e in hraa a
BYr ae aw tf C. E. I.& Sr. R. Co. either so transfer or hin in .
bhe Indian school onr7ime.i + ,
ats /Two libels against vessels were filedhe school eario.
SCt $Jat~ey 'with Judge .. L. Crane, esa .
ift Pt t kele Ofhe M United states court EBLsomerrox, Ills., Janm -l-Jx
hd R"N t)eTunplAmPStm Ways. The first LeB eOO j t eake of tb esupesae
D asK againt the schooner Girtrude, 'ourt ofM i ded, died -~ol
A. y Cepl. J. L ol,,es, .eeer. The 4 t ao mrnole .. f
nou6t claimed wasa Sij0 foep-material 0d. He i dvmad Jsnih t %e -
habors. The T lerkiisuedaOtfichb moa arn-0 -S 25
adtoUad tmtina her is latas frin at
a r-Febraryl1. The second libel mi DaviL PsAsL' e. is w
plaaMt the J. D. Brock B lHghter. SS the ,A* i a
GolSih wea w 76."A and aekrnat .
mten were amed, 9-ermteable
.7t. X..olg .L,.j.:

"A _'z ; -'.',_ l._ :.-.,


fmtS. John Acquittedofthe Charge A Lecture, saidb a F" L
of Erdzfaha Fhid. Thoampea tUe iD3ftea. miff laid q i4 e. K ga d as
Jn is again a free woman The maric roo of the Tampa Bay Balteiwr, Fl., Ja. a i
after tieng confined In jail for two botelwasSatSglanight tbeeceeofoae the handicap kina, wh bot a
month asd a half on a charge of mur- of the ewt eteL ining and iuterat. record of 4.01 2 6me the twmio bo
der. Ibe case was given to the jury log events that occurred during tbe dicap race at the Belleair N1t b
shortly after 12 o'clock Saturday and sessionsof the Fbenes Congress. In- member 13 is still freshee teo ila ds 6of1 .i'U
immediately open court convening at vitations had beeQ issued and a large the people of Floridain a otet
3 o'clock, Dr. Duff Poet, the foreman, number of people were present to Butler broke the world's for.- t
banded the clerk the verdict which was hear the lecture of "Seals and Seal Fish- teen seconds, will meet A. r, te
as follows: '*We, the jury, ABd the de- ing," delivered by Prof. Charles H. champion of Germany,in 'a m r . S"
fendant not gRilty. Sosay we all." Townsend. The lecturee was profusely at t be oqmg mnee onftbe'98 w oe tan On
This has been long and tedious trial illustrated with: views showing the the Belleair track, Febrsary { Lebr Faah .
having begun last Monday and several seals and bow they are caught and has been training at Bellear fr the4 -
times it appeared that the prteeedigs killed. past month and nas done wuderftsA Aftler op ag tw:
would have to be stopped on account of After the lecture, which was greatly work in reducing his weight 'When the route etam .i
the illness of the defendant. The enjoyed by all, a reception was held in be landed in Belleair his weight wa' 207 theTFa t ioa tiFasd~i t
woman has been under a fearful strain the reception rcoms of the Casino in pounds and he is now down td tbe ex- gitnadelightetg
and under the severe arraignment of honor of the delegates to the Fisheries ceedingly low weight of 17. Sounds on the b y A lM i
the prosecution it was thought more Congress. TL e reception was tendered from which he will take another tcn arstg te
than once that s e would break dowu. by the Tampa Bay Casino social club, pounds. and pr
The charge upon which she was tried an organization of which Mrs H, B. Butler has been racing steasly since Tamp,
was the murder of Philip E. Thomp- Plant is the leading spirit. The mere he left Florida in Novembef and bam The Temps bisa j
son, a prominent attorney of Key mention ofthe fact tbat Mrs. Plant been lately married. His arii eacoom- stedlitaelts '
West, on the night of November 2, took part in the reception is sufficient panics him to FJorida aod will be an meen an as has bMa
1897.She contended that the shooting of assurance of its success. It was in fact interesting spectitor in the fl)rs great o rat t rb whan. .eB mi
Thompson was accidental while the one of the most delightful social fune- match race in which her huob nd has l foll 1 Ir 6Uit
state at first claimed that it was delib- tions that has ever taken place at the competed. dos th o-" -'l
rate murder. The case was transferred Tampa Bay. The contest will be milp heats. were e"x 'tWd -
from Monroe, county as the defense The entertainments of the evening These beats will be paced. 1I4 style ready an iir*b**hj
asserted that a fair trial could not be were concluded with the usual of racing adopted forth cOonriS is e aprro t 11.t4;=
obtained in that county. It was tried weekly hop at the Tampa Bay and style of Europe and the fast me r nearly t he iselegte
in this county the week before Christ- from 10 to 12 o'clock the music room expected in the last lap, this t~ol g the rMedy embark t
mas and result in a mis-trial, the jury was tilled with merry dancers fpr gugeof battle in an unpacdoest te tra..
standing eleven for acquittal and one whom the time passed all too quickly. Lehr would accept no other ity of
for coolictiou. In the trial just ended, The music was furni"bed by the cele- contest with the American ri d i s iie i Mge
it ts said that the jury stood unani- rated Tampa Bay hotel orchestra. Butler, having been in EMreope t hard Of *i s
momgly for a verdict of not guilty on CRIrINAL COUBT CASES g gained experience, is willing too a n ena ead a
the very frst ballot, and was ready to take sucn a race. Lebr is in h ebeorf ed .
come into court five minutes after the condition of the two mee. wt e
case was given to them. Twenty Defendants Sentenced and a e rode quarter of amle iEria .
S he ease was ably handled by the at- Verdict of Not Guilty In One Case. e .7 2.5, the last eighth of mile i .18 1Sgj J. 5i,.
orneys on both sides. Owing to the ab- In the criminal court Saturday Butler is working hard, bei g deter- ii i a of tt l
sence from the -ity of States Attorney Couuty Solicitor Peter O. Knight had mined to win now that he hbaunexpeo- al aiw6iti tef an va
W. A.o Vrt.r, .he prosecution devolved the second cae of assault with intent tedly and so suddenly gainedthe oeC- joined t .b party radddeWa
upon Hn. Tnumas Palmer, who was to rape against Virgil Jones, colored, test he came to ;lorida to arrange ore of the 6ecasto.
asisted by Hon. Jeff I Brown and transferred to the absentee docket. Probably no better match Cid ave After ort rid tbe
Judge J. M. Phipps. Te defenan convicted of the sn crime been arranged with the part of alen founded by Capt. JWe,
wa. represented by lion. M. B. Maclar-
Wan represented by on..B.MacWar in one case and will probably be given row quarered ac the fainoui track in Port Tampa City wa r
lane, Lewns A. Harris, of Key West, f MaBt ibie e^ o
G ey rr ey r the eex treme penalty of the law, twenty this city. i ae n mL areta ie e roC,
arry Peepier, Gao. P. RaLey, jr., and ted tbe
years in the penitentiary. ed tb'aor Thiit sei ns
Falt Ilrris. T'ny have been pro- Joseph Brown, Willie Ruberts andg WILLIAM B.YYAN A WIirNES rai Thiey 4 a dP~~
rusely congratulatwd upon WrLeIr viA .BtJY lh JSQ$ WT E
Joseph Williams, the colored boys who I m-rod41
Pleaded guilty to stealing chickens, The Noted. Nhbra s...... it. i a-o I. reilroe. adm- l Ip .i
The Torpedo Ileet. were given sixty days each in the coun-! ii.i. ser r .p. hatSe ieator .
tte visit of tpe torpedo fotlla, con- ty ;ail. a Ji .ut, u 22 l thae tears and sIr
liam Jelwll ...... ;. B k ..pp_;,, as L.-A
asisng ,f the Dupcnt, Porter, Errioson John Tole and John Bell, were ined liamJ u Bya a d veyl geheof
ano OGuhlig thas not come up to ex- $6 aod costs each for gambling. The nes u i .it er ar ne hre slirFis Hawk,
pectatons as there has not been more cases-against Henry Allen, Lucius ause.t a -at te at Dte l rFib aw
stanoio altestifli, tiiat C. r Di-
t.an two of s.e s.eamers at Port ram- Holmes and Sarah Hotchkiss, who were p r svi l ti .com .i.i.n, dfhe oftfse
pa at any one time during the past charged with carrying concealed for which he s i, ri., h~i ba ornae a
week. The excuse given is orders" weapons, were continued by consent good reputation fis
)at the reat reason is believed by many and the case against Ben Feinberg, Mr. Bry.a said he wa&foua years in obliging
to be prejudice. In his letter explain- charged with the same offense, was the same law office wftb Draper and After thib
ing why tb fleet would not be an- nolle prossed. a e n, eal upto two pats
Deaper, wieu caught stealing reals e- two pa ,
chord in front of the Tampa Bay ho- Fourteen defendants pleaded guilty tate absrracre from the office bf Charles steamer Margpret w
Steel during the session of the Fisherias to the charge of gambling and were Hasting, bsabbed and kiliedlHastings kindly placed It th
Congress. Lieutenant Kimball made fined e5 and costs each. The deieuso isaii. o trde bn P-eaid h,
several statements abouc what, be William Richardson, charged with i c.p-.. rr'. air ',,ornmistI. the -6ter geaw-'on bqb fl
said, Mr. Plant and others had n. agrancy, was convicted and sentenced SAVAXNNAH, Jant 2* -Theecourtmar. -Hawk, Tb trip down Q. ie
formed bian regardmg the high prices to pay a fine of $ and cost. j tial of Capain O. L Cart dragged thea began and itfrdx bet
of coal, supplies, etc.. in Tampa.- . . .e t..tipio r r. along slowly oay. Mr. A. .ooper, the pat y hadrr yl .r

by 0. Plant and tbe lieutenant hast C C al o cure. druggsts relnd moaes was ond the stand all day. Th is his ahceri ts c

Sby away from with Creasote and the Hypopaosphites, lannio outtractng company booeMed numbe oC '-the 4
Tm if faithfully used, is a specific in the Captain Carter into the cotrt of i ntresd t"o

horse owners, oad driver, why they blas recommend it. For sale by spe~fl at on ad that he called anae. l on l 'board t
allow old loose bl ders and straps to Maximo M. Diaz' Pharmacy. Central artsers attention to this wstout efo -polp t op all jes i.. a it
bhang feplp n against their horsea fae Pharnasy, Bay Pbharmacy and Tampa iaspx I.l s I. a... a as. th dt od ~_ e
and eyed; How would they like it Drug Co. tf TacoMA, Jan. l2-Tbhere fa2t pr.e"nt d .
themseiwvea if they were oblirPcdto bear To cure a Cold In pn c ay. a glat in the latbr market s Jansa, A rtlst iiaee
"i? Why not cLt them off, cr repair Take Lasative Bremo Qoiiae .Tablesa. a. Dye and Slkagnay. More w rkjinp Mea..e i nsbd jpmfeelte
tbeme It would be such a relief to se regi-hl f t he Dmoney If Mi adism eured.rtc than their mare jobs for hs e gone hto I aU. BH .
good old horse or mule, and looks Points bf Intert aeho itwng down anh d mal4 meltar e Thoret Iadmse ya
-moetid To let them go s many Itac d byte electric cas. B AL- no atg a eir pphi ad ea-
S. BT POINT-Five miles south of comes, foUowed by a free thse srias eesel carried tha
Presidents .. LOi L Tampa on Bay. Beautiful Park, Jap- ion will be changed. for the theetra Egtmoot Key wd '
S President S. C.A. ese Pavilion, Bicycle Race Tank, o taon of rppthe over Olglkoog and country w tnae
iMrveda se. .h Boating, Fishing, Etc. Cars av e ad evy nwl comw ut thr op oPlN g:d ik
Ciuta~tl PiOEiiw ranklln street every boor. DAMu d tme ow ee aera.
WEOReB-Bohrtbough Tb.ctsse1sm,-POWER HOaSE-t wt p ioweborouplatg i a o n SRl-vralr a.ao rdi ven e e st t

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low *I. A Vt ItS-


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sights and bert il.
Spople agai
ieslamg morporatons and
i t-nfltmposand it W lsn-
sl-*r thr generous, shp-
yd t y a people bhat
'-ppraAe a paper that
nttmPeled. The Is-
.;punr" has been an
Lu pitfalls surrepi-
Awhl pigr anod design-
l motives have
every cauae anl
t. puper aschampion-
lj aty tinmphanUy.
s'ama zigly Iffrge--
oI .tmse that have
g it what it il today.
lyoa intelligent fami-
.3tvthat does onb take
al oraw.nlhde humdreas
am to its regular redm-
l eisrycownty in South
is oanly paper in the
x .epod o Att ew..
that keeps sag41-


Ailag mora



_'~ hldde' 'd n.'ay The following from an exchange bad,
.o atM a t shows the consatency of some men: her I
hati trreIed iatuIt in "'A man came in the Other day and chas
as;easd a bte ~ : stopped his paper. Said he, 'We all
Sanid resort like your paper, my wife and chil- M
S dne can hardly get albwgwithout it, subj
.edietl but times are too hsrdj and we cannot clai
Saford it.' An hour la9e he 'was in And
fi a saloon treating Irieds sad spent det
S tper over one dollar,. Wi' ~teore he.ebs
_eal ft .for hohee bhnve ted i. 40 seats .M
i *at chwi tba a pipe, a
Sq^sa reit y,; and other luxuives,.
tlassqme1 were rad toiorea
a his wife eend chldn&a

L i)~ta eJ


aMat r e mineri'a es. Ptif l fi
a" ee ats rt pa the I
inw. Cao th.f oiet a* rrving "f Pmp upreby C L Hood C, LW f ed it
h .r S ts a o u ... . . .. ".o
th PO P eat on it famous to ance a t abuses. Publisherswill be than
btnta cet apouoad. The deficit of compelled to sortall mail as fiely a ha 1
he department s due to this di- desired to save the peqsmasters and Wes
fence betre cost and revenue. clerks work, or be reported and ex- were
Closed in the ade o postal mat- eluded. It ill put it in the power recei
ter' eltled to tle rate of 1 cent a of any local postmaster to refuse to of w
ponad paostge ls all thatkind f receive any edition unless sorted ex- strat
litratere knownaa serial stories, ad- actly as he may rule. At the same shou
vertism public#tious, etc., which is ime'that you are compelled to sub- to d,
gt the low rate upon the theory mit to unlimited annoyance and ex- it wo
that by this miesklrnowledge will be poses your competitor may be fafor- coml
dtsoeinatld among the people. This dd by t ~ postmaster, and not be wou
q is good so far as it applies to oblt s." .N ,o th
e P sa general periodicals U n ta law we shall see a great TI
o l f ooks; bOtAit must be,admite an adsg exensisn of the poW Bon
-that bp e of the poestl.abtorities. Take, for ingt
S advw tii ts a anijletM the'matterof supervision of nsti
up spewspapers in orde' he mails'to ascertain whether a pub- inha
v te of Ltbrate, the law Il ises sendingany copies of his tugu
4ed to the advantage paper.to.persons who have not paid grel
ihsebenefit the law was e4v e for the same. Every The,
t;eed od when the cost is newspaper office will be subject to part
to such: in extent viitations bf pdsel inspectors, who seize
eftcit in the 0e2co 6 will have power to overhaul the cash forn
piosts department, it seems book and the mailing list and com- Lil,
that sosethmng ought to be pare the accounts to see if all papers to a
so put the business upon a have b cn stamped as required by Unit
sepder basi s. the law. This alone would be intol- eat c
It does not appear, however, that erabisend sufficient to drive tie al- try I
t'Loa* bill will accomplish this reay perplexed publisher out of the has
ead' thout inflicting material dam- usiess. left
age to legitimate publication inter- ;- -
Iete;.and, at the same time, the bill It the Law and Order League is so B
does ant teach and does not propose desirous of purifying the morals of ld
to reach that form of imposition upfthe city as it endeavors to impress adm
ob the .p&blia of which the proyiacisl upon the public mind, it should jer- the i
newspaper publisher most complaints suade the council to pass an ordi-ic
As to the damagee to legitimate in- nance preventing women of disrepute
terests, we may recite that under this from parading the'streets .in hand. U
bill no paper will be able to send out some turnouts. The lady (?) with H
the serials or; supplements which are her team of white prancing steeas the
an attractive feature in securing the cuts a wide swath and attracts atten- Nasm
patronage olsqbscribers; no sa6nple tion, allures the innocent into her Mce
copies can be sent out; the exchange mode of living and cast reflection Nasm
list will havi to.be abolished; and no on the administration of the city. draft
papers be sent except to persons who As a family newspaper, the TeiscXec on t
voluatarily order and pay for the simply turns the light on this phase be k
name. Thilast ptbvlsion attacks of immorality with the hope that the of te
tae country publisher atavital point; Law and Order League will turn its which
for t is th~e atter's custom to extend batteries on an evil that is as danger- begi
credit t tho subscriber, and unless ous and as poisonous to good morals close
credit is extended, he cannot as a venomousreptile. McE
continue succesafully in business. men
another objectioable part of the bill Talmage has lately buckled on his and
Is the proiio t that requires the sword prepared to fight for women. read
publisheroa paper to sort and tie His recent sermons mark bOm as of
up in bunoles his entire Issue by woman's champion. How lobg will group
tates, sltid towns ~.t counties, In this new mood last ?-(Peosacola Vict
~lowNr ofle,h ad putaitupin United News.) The Lord only knows how the
Sts weksUk Seores delivering it soon the hired preachers would sWtrye coma
to the pi; t4boe Anthority l given if it were not for women who rae city,
the general to compel the' money to pay them, and yet women, the
publieshr as sort his papers; and, as a rule, are not allowed to vote in an e
aLys the Tteoyille publisher, "As the church conferences or preach in has I
lis order from the postmasper.gen- the church pulpits. When women be a
eral wlll'e really the recommends- get their full rights they will have as the
lioa of the local posstaaster it will much power as men in the manage- toria
open the ler, to u'slimited annoy-, meant of churches and p bhe schools been
They are the pious osee, and the group
See ke.Sa. mothers.-New Orleaes Picayune. they
They 16ok Women are very desirable and indis- the <
wise bt tey pensable factors in the Imaintainence TI
-' is,.sfeidng of schools and churches1 but it would pal 1
dos g o s ever do to grant thePa the same the
"toieaistis g i prerogatives that the laymen enjoy. at o
S a" man p ca s 'hneir loquacity would; soon impair the I
Itime. oas the usefulness of the inptitutiocs. pave
eatsi ~ tas her

street of that city will be paved iditor 1. 18
Ice. Tampa is considerably in wrai it '
bsokginond in the matter of a
d street, ad as for a place of
sait the tree are worse
an4 wear lteaesi toe t
bonds no loner n I ror
er.-La.eelscd Sun.

lec of
med that
that thg


be Ami eas p tbe hm s

ab the admllet in at W
* casting around the approeak A w pcater
e Sanford Dole' to he national iskased tdlame, t
Al. Dole is a w schemer and busyto land th
uCer. ho without warrantwised W -t -
Hawaiian Government and ausrp.
* powers for his own aggrandize- seven are osf
stand emolument. He ha n this year in Irih ie
*.right to be chief ruler in Hawaii After a resple o ei yMa+
a brigand leader acting by force Goodwiu in agai toidig iutl e
to be governor of one of the ilons for the di market. 1
tern states. Dole and his gang --
buckaneers and he should be sol One great led t of ti.
ved by this government, instead week Ja's not tekl r Mr. Cor- Ja
ith a show of acclaim and demon- bet's newspaper i as d to tr4l sad
ion. Mayor Harrison of Chicago Referee SilerC. : ,c
Id have refused to hav6anythiniI g The Dunelos a of.
With reqdeving such an intruder, n is th es --
ould have been an exhibition of labor Pas on e 11 c
mendable Oerve on his part, and early 2,000.
Id have been a wholesome rebuff i 'o a c
he McKinley administration. Some of these I patot i
he capital of Dole's dominion Yollow up their
ollun is 58000 mile from Wah. nation with a for pl*^ f
on, 2,000 miles further from the c
on's capital than London. Tha, Opportaunties hr iFlrdt
bitants are modly Chinese, Po0 realt were nwr ore igtan, It
iese, Japanese, natives and mod-'now. Big be can had in all to try
German, English anl American. kinds of pro K
yare utterly qnft persle to be.* T erip Tam
of this great epuli. c. nai .or genuine refi a the wt : --
de the loose reigns \f government and Order Lea w to ak
nearly held by the portly Que itelf fam ts, oa is th im.
he now proposes by fair promised 1 . .S
nnex his stolen empire to tbh The tobacco ~busie of Soot
ed States, the strongest aud great Florida will be double this yar.
country in the world. Thi couw It is a paying c p whian- lll "
has as little use for Hawaii as it cultivated and i ligey d,'" E
for Dole, and both should tb Two doctors c~t ofil c
to the tender mercies of the f Westeers t a enrd of
V waves of the Pacific. bell rules. was lb the oogN
ut as the people of the nation ari ness f bl in gs s t e in od to
responsible for the acts ot tAh .ns of r
iniatration, we must all rest under President Do will 't ask t"
imputation o receiving with put- sugar trust to i vise be H awalin
>omp a low intriguer and bafe treaty, althouglseuch task g EXT
"per, be eminently eaUsfactor tothe awea
p.select toI
enry t. Flagler has purchase select.
Ryal Victoria Hotel property it If you want e the peop -' in to
sau, Bahama Islands, and J. j*. you want to pi your venfeeme rws-
)orald. his builder, was left 't in theTTaRca IL cir latest m iit .,P.O. i.c"
sau to take measurements aWd the city and c 4ntry fos every dy "
t plans for a new hotel to be built in the week.
he site of the Royal Victoria, io p. te f 'rie
nown as the Colonial. The work UP-t.ate crats ari trifle h
caring down the present hotil, er than usua. The iteUa nov '
ch is nearly forty years old, will costs only $ Most men o
n as soon as tha present season prefer to com omise a silkdrW- .
es, not later than May 1. Mr. or a new bon .t
)onald will work a large force~of T Tam sray the T& .- . s -
throughout the spring, summer itocal life.of e s aor o i rj .
fal, and the new hotel will e drawingto acDose i i
drawing-to sa clse c new jjz
y for business before the opening seems to be des, the people.
the next tourist season. the -Jakeoniv i esi the
inds now occupied by the Rettal
oria are located in the hear of Tampa is baois d t Mebl t
city df Nassau, on an eminence eial center o all1 't i FII.
manding an excellent view ote with our li ale yjksci
the harbor, and the sea. witue factories, wlesle~ y a rl d S
ite is spacious, embracing nrly houses, oter ig ast.
entire block, additional gricpnd uritg oa I t e
been purchased, so that thererill lodk for the, iare sa ied b
u abundauoe of room. lnce "4nckjaw] calle an gil N,
onsitruction of the Royal 'c- m d up in te arcfs i y
, early ii the 'O's, no effort has sas that G rea n a rsn
spared: m decorating the ig journal c th
eids, and in consequence today Io of Aiogtuiteag1s f, as
areamopg the most beautitbl in r~ Lns nwr. i-.rslre- eak. rusari1
hity- tbh folks warm toneaMer the motA
imip has at last sold her munici- st pe newesdlalers', ~athe tae mat
bonds, and now we suppose that d .,ack__

r. tvim

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th *aegleed a rroglersoj
ewewyet'~s a;~9~ reIbead~ioo.cage

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~ I eG..a.CS. of and 1n o.
2f- rodlagonob tkm@
Idiombei arm Wage oral 49
r vowe e of uis, low of ai w. il sad1
dutago of WSW wai~, ril soid
~4jo~h-b,, DieabotL~nu(all dof.rmut) of bie
ko Diemwdwso to way ffIlicied render
aft-,atorday off eTWiUM writing frW hein.
i TdcL -ire His 'New Sientifi 'retmpt" has
L.'rce gepat d Lboeusds perminen&ay by its
timel use, Ad he conu~ere It a simply
jsefssul I~9ronal'dtY toanfffring humanlity
Feb- todommatrisl otilfei alibtecurm
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at at
. Two-

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at esp.

a- n -ZiM
riwkand t

We have just completed ourA
Stock-Taeing,and fegrateful for
result of the past year business. W"'
begin our third year'3 business


By Offering a Large Stock of

+New Spring Noveltiesj-

New and Elegant Line of Figured Or-
gandies. New Line of French Percales
New Line of Ginghams, Chambray &
Co. The handsomest line of

In 0al psa"qof the world. Patterns
.. "" Shirt Waist Patterns
ad lusi himots i ead to Sh
o death. That will be shown his season.
rit to T. sc81oeo 1, .,
:- ad-,, Pri nted Novelties
d take UxMiot advantage of
rp opoanUL. In every fabric at Mid.inmer Prices.
the doct* that you saw
itheTAlu itaTuas New line of Calicos Monday at special new prices. New
l jyly.a1 line short lengths of White Lawn and OCck Nainsooks. These
ins are the greatest bargains ever offered.

a lust At present. .
^ ^ ir
o of tbe erd of poblIe STEWART & CO
he special ommittte of the

MittI COell, having incharge the mat-
Ico~ pavmg Florida aveeue, was held
raiy. The object was to devise
p6i pu. if possible, o have the pav-
ag of Florida, ard e begun and
i-p~b too completion. The committee
.-Msnucceed in gidcktig the board to
lC advance any 6r the city bond
ia caorrJ on tbh work of paving
mi-8d matter came to a standatill for
ae pr tqnt,
Te.fwoeard decided tt-at nothing would
hb-ese towards expedling the money
giseived rm te l the i he city bonds
aOti biadfor furarnihig material and
bansmdtiit gtbhemali sewers are ad-
rested for, received and the con-
trate awarded.
T'TP'rute for the :r o main sewers,
e sitpnlg through the Bfrst, second
p4d (Oifb wards ancdthe other through
_ tb*Vd ward, was practically agreed
ea by the board during the meeting.
dtl'rbil., wenaryjBigeiow was in-
k .wd toadrvrtiefor bidain acbond-
taC Wit1h Plans sad .pecictitioee for
& ndt not tloo oj ti aesqers. It wll
a at leer aS month- etoretbhe contiao
IAe ltWo r WW de MaWcb wpgm be-
wwob flra ti& BiGo. i iJ
-"" 1. In ; 'h ; !i i

florila SailA P l NSI Uten raOnts.
il 5HI S I l M3 uies Shortfst Linl to SauManu
Everet. Savaonah, Wasnttor,, sBaltimore, Phila
dhia. New York, Bosto
Perett, Macon, Atlanta. Cha Louisvfle. Cinelnati and
Everett, Birmingham, Holly 1SprS I coirt Kansas Citl,St
Louia, Chicago, 8iolxCity. .,
RiverJunction, Penecola. Mobile. New i w&anow e GwpqI fornia.
and the Paoific Coat Effective Jan. 17. 189 '
rTA* kA. QIED tL
Trais Leue 8:00 a. and 8:O1 p km rArives 8:10 a. m 5jt
e Toret krpree No, a.. Leave Jac kema
S A. : i, wi iaruuo PurP M llan amepei
'W i oA O ...o.. .u.3I... Vaimgton, BlJtUmonis
n. ra. nieipi.a, New Yurk & d &U EaaLtes poant.
S. ,, i Uonnbcu fur F'rie ndina. Hit ura n 8No. 7
t-oes Ja\ eitJsoaovdii iy: p.m.
0 ~ irew York Fast Hidil No. 6. Leave Jackaon-
1I v\l:l. p,.m.' .L0, for Bame porzs norm and
LAM ILlcr '_an&iLuj. carries lrougn siee era Jack-
a_ sontaioe io New York. and IactAnvati tuovb
n V aleep-r v ia vereti aad Ahlnia. Aao by Anne
ii Eoue. K,)urn o. 6.vem iJaoironv' lr
/ Only tine Throgat the belaUlfal hU Coumry
Sof Aladie Iftondcla^eacou and Steama "ay.
LeaeS Jackonvub a: m. M y' B e. S d2 y
Sfor .hk iL y, Lvre Oak, Madison, Maue____
I I.t uvaee i e rar uao, Pene oos, aobi u.
NI K c d N r kOris a e o Wauawreast.MaL oao airo,.
4ia 4.dtes Ia (haina q 6. hehaepw. me.
mmrelo. I alenrdJactAihlte 7:rl0Le. .
I' Leerse ?ap r r liera :l emn tle : e6 a pa. m
A l e p~yI I(:lE _,,.- P~M,,a a ,.OP



movuls 8:0 e. m. aad* l p. m
ad Manatee rtvln po(d daily m, sBndV.
John S. McFall,
i .. Tel. Dq t.s"t.
rton, A. 0. MacDonell,
I Maug .. Paw. A~g t Jaeolamvite


, to buy in

L wil soon decide &to buy
, Couches, Bed Lounges,
SLadies Desksi Hat RBaok
prettiest Pictures in th.
for less monqy thanlany

iff9TL AJ1 frin

r 7

a gr

Is 'the mF ii

iReliable ui t

The Season's Resu
Our IDEL br at e will at
and so are the goods. A fd
Bone, Acid Phosphatw, Nitrate
all agricultural chemicals and
Write for prices and 'ask for
the Ideal Fertilizers.")

> "Pig Foot" brandBlood

,'*' .-" -.. ^

Safety! Comhfrt Qnick
Flnest Cuite and Bar j. o er ber
The Fleet is compose of tbe cio
"CMbe," (s), "Ali '
^~~~ < OaHBC



rim 7pc

9S ways. The is i l
1way is O ogre local treatment imd Gilli. -
Sofo disease.

neys is the cbief cuse of bi r troo- r ii

Swine or beer, d overcomes that un- or tte t o
pleasant necessity of being compelled Tbh congressional committee on Bny- othn ditrtnet. le leftIerwt *lSa
Sget u Im is colfomeuring to ow that endarors deparatd for sPenacola r Pams whi

urinate. The mild and extruordin- on a special trnin at 4 o'clock Tuesday his aged Wc ai tta lgi.O
a Dr. Kilmer's ma &flp-rt -ulalls Then Ofcia nd ey Cima TSwpmp- ReLoy byw-ne

mot dvery wis tre in.ui cases At druggist the manner in which they werenter- auw r of a P t Syt
f.an d urinary troubles, orre tae d the people oFTamp and cthe nifora Putblic But ewina t

s-eI nand sebnd yo adM hder o Dr. Also the mPltead tfin hed isin- ladi ta
Klmer & Coalls inbility 'o hold r. e tion of the llb u river and e rrd
saThe ldinor stinr o hin paner guarantee Tampa bay on Monday there was noth- 0. i&.ra
or bad effects oliowioR uee ngoff great iportiane to atIend. to

The cut and fit of the BUCKSKIN yesterday so the day was spent in sight. f 1 A a d9U g Work.
BREECHES n kp .ake them better seeing. The entire party of viaitorn Thdbnruseritf feacitydepedadst i
wine or beer, gd and workm an wa i cas M. td Mrses ohyt e sa b o t i
pt-r tha nece v any ot.he that theylled Tio committee and shown every ponEt Immiaeel iMlat. d : ij h tle dar iica.
Tto et ti maoylmes euring,the night ers and Harbors departSd for Pensacola pai. .ot Web w- :i

Sto ucnate. The mild ey cand dorubl oof interat in and around T eampa. cehis ito e fc elwaHiof rb the

macb as they comot n goodr pants The large eigar factorne were vsisted gregat-ons aeeisn, of theu
a he Tthene and all of the parry were preasated Seateb of Wbhob th are nearly
^*l^ ^.^^^l HELP THE NEEDY. with some of the fluent cigars manu- was eitablnhled sanli; ocr ul
oot is soon liz fractured. The visit of ste members of speakagr pepie by E. P. Hrk
hlgest for its wonderful curm of ttee O hmnlras being cgrea t factories was taken ad C in ,

ganized-Two Soup Honsec vantage of to explain to them the pre Begsising with adslt'Bodday .elsl
msEmost distng cases t d druggist situation and which effect there- it b rown anpthpdy iP t hasam rabS
ffty cents and one dollar. Yo m class fiction of tobacco is having upon rot l iji o veri on Its Si y
have sample bottle sad pamphlly ID ie bsies. The manul cturers hope ch O t pps ewa hool w
both sent free by mlil. Mention theos!

S- esied in devising ways and means s that some good witte l of tnhed isin.- Weal ubdietrtiir.m to le V*
for the immediate relir of the lar section ofspe the entire morning river and tetn tl e to

lags e compound as beyond all question ad wa largely attended. parture. A special in, conssting of In cdoe touch with the other Evra
m e y d The proprietors of hias paoer guarantee Tamps lay on Mo and a baggae wa ib- .son The Episcoal
tore d of h ge amo unt of actualng of great importance to attend toRev. B S n and :

Serpn s near every ee The Cuban am ii t of Wte BUCKSKI yesterday so the day wa spent in i todt exists to ulift ad
use or acquaintance with men or Ebor City. The carske to such cond- boarded the traentire party on their s ni t f national

whohavebeen estor t you onsider gooof affairs, it wastated, orkmn-is te northbound trip and on alltwhom aa t
Ship, then tged pants are so much bet' Planie and the members t of te werec p- its edtil onal, bcnte gr x wsai
Saner than any b'tatler make tha they'd ioo ommittee and t o n every po withnt ImmnAes ao- l- today is-'.

;process i be cheapest eben if they c doub2,000 a iThe cstoin h arouse report mpshwing the g a oolada ipof the

impound is able to build up nealh in i ,000 persons who will havetot an, immense amount of business transact- motoa's meeUongsares eld. Mae y .
rudwn body is not hard to n sisted unless they can goodecure e ed annually, the reports of the col ee- as ba belated

id when one observes how surely ployment. tor of internal revenue and the post- thes ey.i food givenS.kte
s ru ,it is they cost theid same as poor pranti office report s were vall ieen te cod af Tasm ilpa and b loire

S o b ropwi p Re. H B. ome illan, s aDY, with some of the f oest ciyrs The a stu- tbe lsteion. Pqblio seower tSll

$ght, bo t feelit radn y take L. Knight, treasurer. The committ and, harbor committee has noth- spoe l Norless Ni n te Ihnld avms
tspae of that anedig ae of tie consists of twenty member who willmem do w th pub building b o K ber t, O o o.
SadTeere pn l th cit Centraliutia ad willef Co de qu ctiong o tially bt stores was tinfenoe for ad I oes of i
ed clasification of tobacco iist having upon froll t of noupple- on ift th q
A meeting of citizens specially in- $be business. The manufacturer's hope Wh O O p p12 .OA3t4WbCo0 II m~t

teres ed in devise s ad eanlat some good m of the vit. uffernrs. All I

wheae t need is a thoroushre- eiicessary steps will be taken to pra-
g of te blood with foe recent the mm ite relie of being e r spending the entire morning
p ol was held in the rooms o the Grand d uponurnedothampa Bay hobytel o~ undsrr which "hasa ea. bi|s" l
hmey of the Republic yesterday afternoon cbeon and then began rin, for de- t a tfwi*h t 7 U
oopoud beyond all question ald ws largely attended. vparture. Anspecial o, couslstinwg of Inhce touch with the odat tw
eom oe remedy that can be depended The situation was trt roughly dis- two Pullman palace ars and a baggage ical q uvissi. The piseopwaL

toAsrenew te vo itrt of eeble per all been appointed look after dc- the proper of the R v.. Daurte, tihNG
I D ios. tore told of the dsre umomnt of actual hotel a dter adieus had oeenn exchangedR ev.. B. 3omeillan I a

p s l ond i g oeral ru n bes sufering Ctey had obhsrved am ong the as-nd withs Re. v f ed

h snitance fof the commit ee and notified L OATUITO Y, i. i M
7 l mpoun, s and also a frspecIal hotdyfoth snifein pee
Sbe f nearly every m on per- West Tmp and ationPort Tampa, urt extended the p tod exists to uplift ad

ary al use orsqoamptance with men or bor City. The as much theo sh would giv brde d the train ad star on their o t

ad Itrs- wr rtrivingfor. The grease mat.a St. Petersburg Times: Mr, W. V. a tsft /was or so jo amn
tat Syateia between the Internationrel to use iion of aeffaic it wdision passenger ted, is the north..bound trip. t .,
L for te eawll be one of tbe greatest eventclosig dont o somf the Plant t df rid eery- The members ofom

Tetrain the country and will attract visitors thing in hi p t le tain t et.
Th cange forthe better In coor, and the consequent cutting off of te not allowed to VeitTampo without tl thati hiel Itl

ri pt the from Net w York and other facies in the so Coast was the feAt part a Floe e
lea that repir or the wasted income the members of the fami having o he theTt- beebuilta .ded Ikt di
Iei might well be called a renoewasl who are a le to work. ()e gertlmn pubc uling for thi ei held whies .-'
he tra at the Tampa Bay 's elerqui stated that therelf are been 000 a custom hse reports showin the wig school and
t Imp-lmndel 3,000 persons who will havebuild al- immense amount of business transact- mo Let 1ytinre il i l -i
tun-dowrn body is cot hard to all.sisted unless they can/sE 'decure em- ed annually, the reports of the tulles- mood,, hs e" beef, diOd-b..elt
when one observes bow surely ployment. torof internal revenue amd the posi--the scid food disi.f.
the bowels to act regularly, It was decide 'to at once 1 rgaIlze a office reports were all given the sum- I kus and a w s'f Tamp a amJ
Simi~te t food.tanderegulates the C -bef committee and the or- mittee, and the members of the local t ee b
all deier the body-. ganiF.%Von was perfected by th Nelece- committee gave the visitors all the de- are a kl akg the Oi&e 6:loh-U
i besy, larmigl pain in the back .:tm of Dr. Echeverria, as president, sired information concerning the :Dd.touriU are cordially i
alns dipppears, the growing pat1.. Rev. H. B. Someillan. secretary, aouk T. growth and prosperity of the city. The vist', the mission. Pqbie
and low of fles stopped, udd a L. Knight, troswrer. The committee ed harbor committee e noh- schtpirest will be hle onibt as ,
eIg to do with' the public building Y (Gity, wrrhe ietlaw cell Oso .8i l
ei c of h ipresi i n.o solicit contributions acd will gladly ac- question, officially, but their influence for rioes of .se.gn.ioc
6100's slerI wpoendis the exatt cept and dlstribate dioeations 'of cash
remedy for tl geelanm of feeble, and supplies for thq sufferers. All .
tMM n-blpoodsn hysterical peAiALne
wbo e t need is a thoroeuhro- necessrstops w i be tk on to prb-
f(t'owig of te blood with the t, -vent the committee JtronA being iml-
poem 66a upon whichb-Ialth and hap-. posed upon by tUo undleservl og.
ptess In such larlg measure depend. Two soup.hou'es will 'be opened at
Tlbe extraordinary virtug9 o Paine-'so e
pcdo compound to increuae tte pro- F ROMP MY MIT,.1N ,'
I S the snures of greattpower over ali been appointed to look after the proper- IT O : BRIN. ..
blboid dumisel, rheumitfm,eneuoralgia. distribution ofthe sUpliliies,. -
maleare kildney disease book aches. lIoo o1111 q "
ldaee cofl- mh and goperal run-doln oondition. ACabei lady nohly came to the ags-'-
sistance of the oommit ee and notified OIMtrlll-ro O" t,40,
them that she would e ontrioute "-0 per Al..
wr. .ill be rob, and also a special beot dayfor the suffering Meople. Others IdpN 7=ME---

1, Ct .


Week of Tremendous T

SYou have to; thank the unusually warm weather of last i
S week that the indescribable values advertised are still herein
large quantities. Don't infer from the foregoing that business
S" has been dull. The reverse is tire. The first of4his Janu-
ary was the briskest and busiest we have ever k But buy- j
era did not come in the crowds that gave force d impetus to
the trade of December. However, tIle results indicated by sale
.: sheets make us glad. Prolific opportUnities this week. t Segain
that create a new standard for your dollar. If you did not know
how scrupulous our public statements are prepared for the
types, we shbuld- eiae to pint ite xact f We nd
stand the uaei and power of words, anil employ them accordingly
r Our comparisonse are strictly correct, and our debsitSions of
I mercha se e e fictitiois or ovrdrawu a Read o., and..
Sake no allr rac fo cant, metaphor, exaggeration or entha.
sm, Eeryatemin M e the.represe stations th
; appea y ese colti A. who wrongfnfly thxik.
-ast irate ti. OI, $ae dieray ue argued toC -W
SWeaves We'd rather cnwin.ce tha to t-sell to a fMun. The
ored a friend e skeptic is encen 1ew feaift re



Q B~Qur
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4". -AijL _



kl -.~=s

~ I'.-e
~:; :r

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