Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 23, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00005
Source Institution: University of Florida
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it- that eds te irocreae the shipping atr lforeo C. W. deput, maheriff ad city.
de the Port; forp r ios i ie g oreat feter in mr'erkn, a terror to transgresaors,.
i, thot Port Tampa is Tiu f amph m at Snd alive to ihe nrgecds of young and
I the Ul ited States government. '&rowmlxity. Heenrries one ,f the

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It is worthy of Roe tlht the Plant the state. including, dry goods, gro.
an ASitem has trwo el itric ele reators hel-, cehich giv hardware, salted mats aer,
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Sthi i. remaint hou- d be o tilme and enjoy aihth general pde. Mr.
gm, that Port Tampa is Tampa's '" most Soaore is an energetic I young businem

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er, ing"sea-on willbe lh-a hUnited St'at known for their integrity. I urns &
fl tmt, torpeoo tmJ t-b w Lars, expIel-. Gilmore carry a fine lire of lurnitnr

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0- tanmes, officers have bten mk e ,yars J e'. oif w dist action ok coming vdinr and

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63 fobce;but it is only quedakias of a 'or n osaoing and beoaing and takr te
Id brt taie evry i of excursions downgW the b hay uon one of tne
re tbh ss i ease cidtern ewilr : c upieti. umanhy Usp paorm enriprecd for that peur
am rLe is Ibe aelkL- a avs pose. At night one Pi lulled to u sleepd,
Ie coinscil aT red is anown as one, of thi l b the r'oip e' water and wake- s im'
se a o ttrintars ditae' i4oA et's. t ma ognafi ewth new life and energy.
p l and portion, ej&anidz aio ave lare MI J. Bdj turdo iouw rde ppPanager

ird.f y emyte.o"ig; ....-ly m.i a tOis noted place Rlis' name is bisa
- ia. & Oo at, n -uarants' H.tal-air pctcaiL. veiew
So t th rR tobe0 hdaket ba.ida-* t moflife snd uet pleasures and leaves a
tricil d i w y .T her nothing utBdone for tbe comarort a
ly- Be sia ~ bltdi.reteiratiqu plas'fe of guesAts. HB is secondedd
6t1 re 1xeI a ready' arket his fforatstrtlegeonial das Hano

Me4a w t o tta e rer
Nd,. wbofse5, s loc,,.lR ..
p"aa a s,,ceefult h .ai '
Dr. oude. and It ali Ul .G 'aa
Marnae Hdbiplirt hy ot ft" .*t,
Tampa .
It is impoerible to siea Ib daeal O 6(
the different busle li'uas ,et .e .
gentlemqp who ma tM ht .
append the, follow t'i e I
peroialof the rtee- T Ar e~-
reliable blaeiees peepie aslW alander-
among the otja'e !acs esetiad Wg

Di. A. t. Me iteao-Peht.iiaplg u sb U

Betandourt Atmvsia-PAzhionebe.5.
Restaurant. "
A, Taffaleae & Co-.brpl MEr-
obasdis. I -<
R. L. Ferreira-3t -et et. e
Mrs. I. L. Perreitr oardif n
House. or
Mrs. E. Ferp.andetakllaod"gHoBe;sise
C. H. Knowle-- ,hatb tirTaHior. .-
J. W. Smith- ,M t inr et. sl nO
Grocerie. e
L>uis Fine-Dry e0oan i. nd f(urn-
sshin rgood. t. ,
B. 0. Hanter .ak ere :rilatr m
c.nse, Cig rs, col.drinkslad fWat, itsOe
iC. F. Miler- nAhifaht idgar, a.4
tLbaccos, vegrabes 0rntaie tid m ete.
-C. A. York & Co-.it)ry oda nd .-
Bf6rishbig goods. .tI
t Burns & Gi lmare-aotnsWl.are i tttse
Taney & Mather--!icty y tno. -Mt
Manuel Membielie eI e i1
_'J. M. Clown-Pro.hbf th-e 'Poea'na" a i
ieat and cozy totel.. 4 h l te r1
SThe above nmdwed' BrB- a I -h VS; .i
nesiaes cards on thsaia IL 'iwb9hs Doe
eBpeoial astention i direcad. 5 tbtWa
SPort Tampa has se as Je ael- :d i
cseoes as any town in 'the.Sa ti" t..>
among the bwitacets r a yor C Wo'
iearkins. B Gareil, w ow 5BIBlH 2
f Jacobs, Mr. Fediashdes', oe amifthe i4a
fira of Gastro and er ,,
Warner T.. Tatwl-. C Reid, ."'t
E Hoadlev, Uapt. TJ iMtez. t i
SAs has already beaaioeiit ad mu-i
icipal government i maaa d i a
'ajy to command the fraat f all. -pt
iaty taxes are vmerelyb soe *l Capt. a i-oi
aitzgers I dta ice located I fariseeiI-s.:&eI
Business .agaoity iqntuatuow $a&ua r a 'ej4
such a way as to.plaiLb tha on a so-e.
Oessful tbais. Be is a I pr t a meea- ai
6er of the ciry cctiau$4 'id
The conesfi at Mprresft iN' f tri6!%: an-, 1
M aludinog. I WVTe
0 i W Perkins. Mayor i .1 f,
Predfdent of thbe nu0t Capt. T
SMitchell. Capt J"s ^irtead1; C' IyI a
Lte; B Garcia; Jw OJ 4,
1s cocLia, aRLIUtOCS-tt TP4 IOyAU* tl i
; Port Tampa tCity:h*.pysqa'i aqd a4Le1io14in1
rabl1 social life ascabsAniaidi.Edlif
Sale. RTrb itdided hfhaxt wninlip^ njtA
1fflliadt-'fori odial nitafcutwr aSnd let- l i
trrtaimsnentaad a adt sqtaqit sb,, Siu
iz. the Cqaumes ail lexrepded alog\04 lt a
iese liner. TI.is club w19t;oi owns h b ?
ueI building, with 1ele0t roods,
provided with all the iacit6afi CB
old-young and Isa Jyoefyita ha i
gt lvesMegular recepti 4hea social season aqd ite t jagijolsty -
owd-har and near. Its Sreflased. eSll t
ere are:-Prea., T. Ztet MJ.Rttiet
rpse-.Prs., J. K. Mernlefle':cof
Lreas.,'W J. Dem{ ('p 'aecaa J.
|. Jobhson, B F. T-.
cia, PlanS Fitasrld, A.B. A llsh.
STh elab -i eout of IdelIkam oeai og
jveral Bfe lots. e e
| Port- Tapa NS#I( Bebme* -.
amisMon 1: Nhe lthtalin* -MI tal Niltt

tb" t tM 6bbk ewhdi. headtmiexh. M.e. Hmanab hh.
tad e lar-a b abd tg warenzpgance is. the be-teL-
4011 PI.l-f.han hu.inesa. kasaur ipe .e o eta witlei
s~ik sq idede ~ g~~,ome of the bWS; k anenummer r-
04 TWA I " L I"~rv lsr~h~t ~ mvr~
SOn. a1 ~-~nctljct; ~and sortsed'ftha'a
-6*6r--"*UbF~ urers The 166 ij t2ni4-t'iryss ear u
lCa~6itesd -t) IAt~. The prbetetiop wnhib Mr.p t S h a

C~Si~~If/awm* w ine banaeaoofa1 ymi Wimt
.%"Low~;lsI U P and wiicaald.w &dp
hae beiasesecopletIj doetcst'
Mu bytfdib.Wt i-46ld f te-b
t:aureH~a lhbt to ; 5la ii~ Jueiat bybp
k ewattomerelao.of Ito& xv,
twB-o jM~C~eSWl~lfU O94O*POn5ut dt1
l#. Ay4"a5 Wtt m st i-kM hnuiSb

u lan. W.teant l .anenw .Wa X !snsI IN* a ea~ ofM totmphe al g re tolak-n- ameta o
MM 4 W s t w NW orfw llar wintg r'eabiNleat sman m egtaidg IoftL. M be 1 tuhes weat ony business atc W- on a n VMS
Igirslictiai Sis ek st fal aaoa moost f mon e
CSIWIitmB-WS ,iwelW ;elodwasio andM el wiekad o e I a .Aeld. toy 0Mr W ~ asi weea.
ti o pr809W -- by =m sid wolm wiald .sh & m e a&p- l eled ha ib, *the. sl e= I Wlkdta i
e.l. ,4 order a ,Chriftmas,withb and I ,,. not W the kegrMR.+take this-- .B
.s .e tSe asom off tlovian h I me ra t sIrtIwas a"ottesnarweUiedbaeOP- thtn, sitNe itIt W only a quellon eura
se 1 masy aft to delayed ChrfialnasIn eo ssoata sLT' 0 of time when %ab view wouldtbe es .5 ga
S to p ryof. Whatever el m work. M W pw ai a deli. sustained by the cour. and that the S am bu lless
St. A VAR.I m on thU 3h of December, ad eaten child and had a homb r which trou- abolition of the commission would '~ e wS ore.am sse pe
bhd him so he oodMnea"ret at lght..&n al i re,.lWt
pi6ps b ft ae. whatewer ehe may be dupe without. e t a soon follow s a matter of coWrMs- Tetb afe wI4
pWd no te, or we awe sure to see that Santa Claus isparlua and now he haa a good appetite Tampa Ta acs. f oShaii- "mo cS
Inea xpies na he a a fquam deal. and is able to sleep." MIam Aun J. There are more anti-railroad com- Mas ,aa 5gthe eOZaaI1107 M Lrempl auiM||
y Hence It is that a great deal of StDury, mission men now than there wer be- a ,um ,er anwotemss asm m .
,wc- -shoppinWg nuot be done in the ne-,t fore the late legislature convened. r10 oi.f .. i... +ie0 =
0 malen^aeabeaM be 10elay.s, deoeltsn thliatprndent E S parillai The season for this is found ibd a east t
7 I L tb'shoppera ape scapning theadverUrtising Iso OneTnrBl'd ier.A"drXir '3-a- fact that many have been diappoint- 3S n mA1po" .W AT'rnRK
.e:-poheenlh eireeueslan d e" .- ...Ai.a ,
m. -it- s columns -of the Tei. at breakfast Hood's Pills k ssa ed in their dPeires ad expectat ,e. ie.t..s e-s.e a/ :
evrry day o see where the best her. They expected f-eight and passerger ayn. mor orv l ie A.-r., ..
cbia 1 mins may be obtained. The Taiw- GOVERMIIZT Y rT INJU TION rates to be cut to half of fuwer o the of tr e el et pI 5 a, r. .
BUNE is reqOgnized as headquarter. ----- charges, and as this has not been done reIe =e a w t
JHs: ^&aavm-s for information of this kind, and the There are a large number of peo- there is much disappointment.: nd for?-W S A lportinaeo
d. ise merchant is early in its columns pie that do not properly appreciate some of the rampant advocatedof a Lnorth abres to se o" f CounZZ2t
,ilke green Chritmas. with his beigains and special Christ. and understand the true and direct commission law seem to think e hae w o e eaM ul as
....non ma attratons,- meaning of Government by lh)unc- have been boodooed. stwe nty ieche diesg,
I i wi dolging oe The Sodey Tias has long been tion" and for that reason the TRI- A few days ago at the government on y ) ,e t ro
Grslltl will do well to ognised as tbe advertising medium BUNE this morning recites a case that building one ruralist was asked; blwy ro.g to e tth wwi eoa
h I clsats qe~o, of Ta.|.l.and the full columns ol has just been terminated in New another how much he. bbd to pa to s mth o a jK.rth |ls. ftFsa l
igtp n power at Washington last ~undad) are only a., earnest of York.-the outcry that has been come to the city, and he said 8t50, Do Of adhrc S ift u.
1n'UOnly lacking in the cour.- hat next Sunday's paper will be It maIle against the exercise of lbe in- just what he had paic a year ago. ht phospha Jmadmr
will ibe the last issue of the Sunday junction process within the last few The inquirer then broke forth '-ud of streams mde d..ra
Wenfiiftl more favorable to TtIBnux before. Cbristmas,and every years would lead to the conclusion oaid, "Now, where's the good of that io.t sb t ent r-e ( n 4t)ioatin
t e wo(U). p towa .ip 01, a n o01 )
pm. who has only hs sum- merchant who knows th.e value of that it was some inventioo of the rich railroad commission that was to ive .ot20 d 'd5b a '"e t. a
i thmd it as to the store man t-umitis first chance at a customer to oppress the poor and never to be us a balf rate fare to Jacksontille? o L"ciA" ocfwtaieoE*skwycOhiw
g trying to sel winter goods. will catch the Ctristmas hopper invoked except when such tyranny It's the same old thing, and I feel ebaCquteo trofsat oo elect
toareany children in the bright ar.d early Monday before was beini practice ed. like a fool for whooping all over.my so e0otabftSft v rg"1a
j*ike'they should be in close other ,,lacts hve g.ttein chance "t it of function is almot as county last ye, ., vote only- for .es yig a .. how
.'mii Santa Claus, wuo is re- bis p.ckektUouk. old as English law, and insueb om- commission candidates." routi ra estY I S
4.taolive at the North pole. Sun. prudent purchasers who mo se ti probably no day passes Nothig but a commission would DAe"aa wi, aao. -1^ Y anaR.sm- ae
illy he will putnuggets in their waint tirat pick at the pretty things at may anb writs or various pur. sty many, a yo t w s.perap the t
S. .lo ut wait until the last week to buy poses re not issued in all parts of the bet thing to do give it to te hp itm -
o/blue ram belles are content'- their present. and the wise merchant coiulntry. Yet the injunction of poli- That they have been d.sappointed is "O neo=,randt<- iao1IN yan
ties is that only which has been issued o rotem orth h o aid loetin i i t. -
Sprivilege of cracking the wll adverte his Chritmas attrac- s is hat ony wh ha been issued beyond doubt, and the cause of the beyndoepae t.
thebowofthe bttleip tionsrigt alog from now n. in restrantof strikers.An injnc disspiitment is that they exect b o a
ka as sehe glides into the water. Everybody In Tampa who has Christ- on was made perpetual byhe New ed too much from a commission- errt1 iave l) i Tt
mahe ^^ Bl- ^ to t d is stua)i the things that were unreasonable ano in sotceo 10 w a h f
pt make it tao bottles and mas money to spend .s stuang the York Suereme Court the other day i aOtaofings that were unreenae ad in eee w e
advertising olumnasof te T us which to show thtit e some instances preposterous. .The or rw aote
ptas for the bi g a They want help from the advertise- made to work both ways. This in- commission is doing as well o( as osahw- Ms'ite ns a
! ,l i fair iinurmeats In making up their minds what junction was against the franchise much as any three men could do. but t '-rodsW o *o,, oi ltardr-
l e, 'lat d work wll so they shall buy, and they want to see o Bookly they have to obey both the m.Sltatetndd J id. ^ ^ a O i
' "e i whebtre the reaeat bargaim a ato be and in favor of the people. the Federal laws, and they cannot do si ll aey t me S,.oar sam.oe.=.u to OuI
The buildings fi be Ot vThe charter of Greater New York wa theselaws torbid.-Jsckson-ille Ro^srestio ota os A WORK
tp-'wra beauty', and- permanent'found. If you have a good thint o he chatr what these lawsforbid.--JacksonilleReeaineieciARtIM N
t rl beuty, and percent lo with a good advertie- provides against franchises in per- Metropolis. 1m thLdpoL nd teboin pdtry buo 213F PaAk 8i
teent. People don't wantto look all petty. In the consolidated city --- __- -e. AO b S 'mm 'm
,' a prominent ct- through& your store to fled out what no franchise can be granted for a ion- Wahinton' 400 have been ra- a cborao gw t StpS m wl
ar tBim, taly sh you have.They want to read ahout ge)ze period than twenty-ve years e y an edt that shuts out from PP tom.
li t right had Satur- it, and then go and look at it. Don't and a number of corporations endeav- cabinet receptions all persons who r 1 m O
while gsetng over a wait for out solicitor to esallon you. ored to anticipate this provision by have hot been inyited. The Wash- eft .1uiOr 00on Rat.
S1 i 0ed sbotga. IThe e tl,-s 1 .rtisers pulling him in obtaining perpetual franchises before ington Times hays: tbe cold,'hard Notioe of Aploaon for L.avato
L soangled that it was a. .irela uses. -ays. Snd iS it went into operation. the writ of winter before us will be -rendered Se Nmnors resftin Land.
iaIMee .be wrist joint ..or p- an'd le.l it tn early to injunction was invoked and the su more endurable than usual by si de. o-a-odz Ivan 9-! S Lios a-
Aunh of lakelaod bee ovtIil the reash. -Vir. otsce, first preme court of the state has sustain termination to whchb the ladies tf the N 0 A. I .1I
Wer the pavlg of mort served, in tyle and position. It. To this manner of government abinet have come with unanatmity l ,eLahd -a' A a
40nd w M prosled within --by in action none but the discm- nd marble hearts. It is annot-ced ty, icr an order IPF -
S3to coetsd within Mrs. Mary Regiater was released forced franchise grabbers would ob- that, hereater, the cabinet rece ions v a a,
.i_ 11 Wl tb Mt from jail sa Jacksonville Monday on Ject. will be ope only to thboe whobare a
pim paVg that will exted a bond of P00, with John C. L'En- The writ of injunction is in fact received sad can produce card of ie- aei4. SollevbgJa-- .
te ofee quarr gie le, T. J. Boyd ins B. W. Adams as one of the most available provisions admission. The cruelty of th r. .osqse s. 5.os s or

--a-eow-.Tn-hoo -during th 'r'nl ur Henry Tyre for corporation should attempt to usurp This action on the part of the ladies mn o4 are*u ...n.-as,
9E ei thrc c.ippl it the mirilr f Ki. ward Register. a right not its own to-the detrimeat wll be very severe uooa a large but ,ow. a, e. 55mas, tlsm.
?r, s Reilsi+ wasu oriinally indicted of the public, the remedy would be nameless mob. who have scored -
ik"|. n' ', clin 11x asrwist ',,urt in oonnetionr au injunction. An instrument for both lunch and apparent social geig. Admtnistrsh NoticeO. il
wit&lin I th iu.li Ts re and Robert Tisca, the peoples protection- would be de. without invitation, aend i oggin the
-"eargeol h the murder of Edward stroyed if the writ of infanction were rereshment*." o .
Register,!. r husband. This indiot- abolished. -- N T l
nest has heeni quashed, however, and [I the labor oubles when the wear- i -memmat.
she"i, w anwder thirge or perjury writ of injunction was used it seem- W Of 'sl Dieaes mS 2ts '1e
ia sdne. ron with he eae. ingly would have been more proper hr hs pectiliar ae e .tin
get e -law .- to have invoked the process of the unavoid and e asSe. sntl hne
| wtlsutk kllig It. Ise ar.e rawe Ii camber days and criminal courts, but even m theme caSnot be ', m, h paw s I Se .

Strt eat~ r to n C~as es, in whateverlight they may ed or treated as we nsot Bit aise nM, a_ a "
have been viewed, it was not so much do those to which m rise ur
the injunction per se tat caused the antis human
P persistent .-" ef" ja...o.... d-r.a
wiw SSSacoplaintasthe trials for contempt amilyar sbct
e F an bave of court that followed violation of tains sukch import aas SVB oA.
0the injunctions. If the defendants stt reltiOmstoibr O oI
ii ht tn them oses had gone iato court on hl t whems
.g y ed ay- r 1f their rights instead of ignoring -the s" U o'usWt dal.rS
P. e s a d s to AcAurts, mtters might have been dif- in it the ars
4506 Vt, ounto she soon becone ., he= We U
WIok ircle on esInfoa .ferent. lan i ud, 1 ervoui. Dote 5 S ,hcrit
eir g M, yes h feprlta i~nl7 needo The old common law system that d irritable, the blooe h er am'w ae p

ns.? J P l perfect iorf of b up iman reason, sa a-1 B7 2" f
N learned E gliti jqrlst obi nce sabb g with *d bt r

there tinweeW-of **ead seanael alF re
Fio w Anglodioa tioasd, m noa t but be thly as

-^l^ tir e of human rpeaso, asn t a orb a Ia
A" d w ndia's well be abridged s ateris el
-j lpoilants wanithoutld no b eigmet of bly ashi W
Our-f y jlXi e It has bvm Wt Tr 71H

ibits rlg t*s. straigt
w albae Iba iasn d t d 'a s 1s i -1lo
-' a well t* bM5L. =Q ~ aML

"els.Oi "A

YI-: ..AV
W ..; ..:.+ .

~- ppq~~~C8 e~~4 -~8~.1

f Tpv-bj -

hw s i. nop.
expanse of groqad fta tLh
FAT*Ep1 Ba hotel is nOW
I :-wKtrsaeds, doted with
at labors, emld paled high

mi tkbt oso stood there. Not
s ,sandieg; every soot has
iaeutON\ad only a few
a bole rem ai to r-
visior thas a few weeks ago
aOseA red by a dense gptn
Od0ak. 7

M egCle (tras apd golf ivr
ftusl ota. Bhi~y ma s

itm a' ero wit l teem
I .t a ded, as ofm I .

.-ii vtmo win Mtoa
i'b Io bided, a room is

rthhlef diedlool
tf greol

n" fthe naet sel
Atbfssak hu iir
erdb removed ri

F.btte gro edse

lrwplace to placid
iawn of the tree ii
I itdbows plainly
@ineand shovel,
s sk been tBrou
o show hbam

will oeco
qf the 'gr
aout the ee
rc. It tsexp
iNtsat. atyfoc
silt, ta w

itw lsove"kaddil

aHIbfr 1

5. Plas e


lies ecouo-
ad ws food
h occupied a
edted by Mr.
kbea nearly
am the higher
7To faotllte
pe of tempor-
Ali have herc
r wam cars,
th i rapily
e. The gret-
9 still in the
the marks of




ot~t ew p*r- Maj. A. J. Russell. long identifle
ibt to a level with the religiouR and educational in
tthe grounds terels oif Florida. passed early thi
letd. year to his reward His widow, Mrs
py the outer A. J. Russell. has written a most in
onsdeI; next tereati, book on his life and labor
ck, Mwd inale Mrs. Russell has shown rare talent i
bhat Oricket connecting aod arrangieg extract
:ted thdt -tM from this popular educatuo's writing
rhle ailders teecaes and speeches. No man i
bp the'" Efleridsa was better knows or more us
"V ~-P-t- verselly beonewd and beloved than wa
d6 to tbh4t- Major BoIees. Appointed in 1886 b
smpleted,t he Goernor Blaham state superintes
Wl hae6' dentaof public instruction. he fulflile
"Ot"heooI 4 the delicate mud arduous duties of th
tiq --4h 0' higi poeltioe with rare tact, fideist
B "r 1 and enlversal ceptance. A profos
'isbear, a deoted Chriseia, a brea
offiBr of the Sod Florida Inflatry,
onreiimem nt di Felle,; he was lo
et fSl ideshfaed wtL i the histe~yand dev
dea t opmeet of Plorida. Mrs. Russell i
jBwI *thiss book reles his brtillat and ue
ad eeay ifoe in am omsterly amaner. He
astsgd as lovingly reftm bered by his co-labo
teMoihrWe rs is the Methodist o:urch. H
Hil '- d ihill 4ese to apecre coDiese
r fctu-Sa book with sa twenat
ai-sie mea n five choice eag*ving.

ot-I-he ste Pr Our eaaim.
rs, a i5--iet
rybh k.d ut O wr eedm wri 1be pieseMd to ,e w ibet tl
kil rta o t rest d oweXy or. Xilmer'sSwamp-Raoot i
a V t b o uaiTiiUFlr tuvoeeuufl ia Cl ng a
be I tone' fora t of kitsey sad blader trablh, tbh
a4d ra:rays those who wisB to Prosefor thesaelam its wro
oi Plot. eartfl merit ay bhese aspmple baele ad
book of vaatle nformattan both eat abs
Ik iw hiyfree bysa it. Ita' ageoaldwe morei f
or gesersea h-enks lieal aser, ad we a
afjinS tt vise ml rade es o write satuoinf uhe Ta
towers of ca and msad their address toDr. Klmer
agenaldeGab o BlBe hnson,L. Y. 6aap- Root is ti
dlhoavery ofa s ga pbysean iBed mdeai t as
bed beea as ai s as -speammended fr everybizi
i esery dl but will be the nd by smens ad women lst s
Profl l nse n ae ed In ca5b e tidrey ond bladder dico
Isbeer oherd se-er tilroletile atigrwn mmweak kidone
e le B a gv l. r2e a intlei pain or dull sa
sage of obGe s b, Uoo equentdestreta pae water
a p Ublc- por-w aesty spp*, aaruW eor berat in puea
sptsmtest yeI i.- SBWIsan"ssiaa*tds the lgUibeht for I
-, eine aoi woi sIt- eam. Th Ibe regiluarizes are br id
druggis, 4i feena d oe dollar.
ilre l some There is mdAs Catarrb i this sectic
i. O thele of the country than all other disease
t n ad pet together, sd until te last fe
teea fte. ys was supod to be incurable. T
i affie ~a a great many 'ess doctors pronoun(
..Sb.d CaLm ed it locl diase, ald pres bced loc
msBsrrettdiles, and by constantly failing 1
u1. of ore with locs treatment, pronounce
mienta.Pl ?' it "osr-blet ccleone has proven c
doaaded t Si. urb to bea cnstitutionalJ idsea, an
wile, at D,. therefore requires constitutional trce
S wn got 3aJ's tarrl Care, manOfac
.ji iter t 'by F. J. Chendy & Co., Tolde
s;0 msRM 4kW-boegais tbe o0,7 oonsitutional cure 0
u"as 'tr, D thbamrkt| Zis atPn internally
idl^d, ^ ^dom pioaq dropjsto a teaspoonfi
aIt sl o to&odapdmucou
i sarfaest ot ss They offer
D?.^ ... ihuondred dllaMh for ay oam it fails I
N u ere. a" fo ciroanCirased testimoc

4 s ., F.AChsai eToledo,'

s o M l best
of J.as n ville, was

cTL~~ ~iZl~uC.,rr~
iiz~., _
~I "
~... ~

Snan celebrated their crystal wedding. seemed alive with people and traffic
SThe occasion was one that the many Orange packing was going on at
g friends of the popular couple made the great rate, and forcibly reminded
s most of, and their elegant home was of the good od times of the orange
br resplendent with ligLt, flowers and dustry. Fruon this point we pushed I
decorations, to Alva. a little town on the Caloos
d0 The wedding gifts. which were lavish atchie river, which we crossed bere
es and elegant, were sufficient in number a erry. We passed many fine oran
w to stock the Brannan household wit groves here, loaded with fruit th
or cut glass for all time to come, After a looked as though the heavy hand
c- bounteous repast had ben served, all frost had ever been laid on then
a present adjourned to the Calumet Club, Just after leaving Arcadia, we enter
to where the evening was enjoyably upon an immense prarie,whschafford4
ed spent to the strains of Turner and fine grazing ground, but where
SHallowelsorchestra feared we should never find grout
id HaHoweUs orchestra, high enough to camp on. But a liti
before night, we met two cow-boy
Lt- Farmer Harney Kendrick says that who directed us to a small pine islas
o- be has ten acres of celery, the stalks of where we pitched our tents for tt
Which are as large as sugar cane. is night.
-n elegant new building is about con- "After crossing he Caloosahatchi
wt peedn iso. neof, saomet in we pushed in for the Allen place. thi
ul pleted and is one of the handsomest in w-to miles dstat, trough at
u B tTampa. thinly-settled country. At Mr. Allen
Swe met the Rev. Mr. Gibbs, a ver
to The Rev. B. F. Mason, wit his WG
to The 1er. B. p. Mason, with his wife courteous gentleman, who showed d
i- and three children, arrived from Key every attention in his power, as di
West yesterdaywafternoon, and are now Messrs. Youmans. Pippin and Corbet
S domiciled thFrom e Allen place, with Mr. Yo
pleaaanly domiciled at the Palmetto manas a onr gaide, we axted out t.
hotel. the lt long stretch to the Big Oj
iA An njoyablepound party was given press. That bight we camped sa t
la Fday ght as e residence little orange grove, and the cext i
Friday 8&A the reee mof Misan sat our journey's end and at thqe wl
SHenry on Tampa Heights.F A large grove in theeart of the Big Cypre
number of friends partllpated and a We found this grove growing mq
we pleasrS evealar wag Ipsse Vocal luxuriantly, a once went to wes
S" ad t mNrtrSM nDtl msledd to t with axe dd pruning beam thin
10- t i o th oMd bhddigw ti soub bees. I
a flrareoof tbe accaei own thePlaap ed whth e N
^F e .1 sothett
to e!:#- m0 Tortl
&P ir ookb'i
~~ c: -~ .FWe in" no

IIIi W ridge, at

IoN em or ,pe
so alt social
rnaetioasof' the -a The yonrng
ldse who upon this occasion croed
OMmlf ii of the soe;aty and awre
rormally introdQoed to the gay ewli,
1?ft sM)M N^ellie ,HendersOL,
eCsr nd. ClaJWa *otldrtdge.
who, with mte aSmtaucsMre. Wosl-
rdidgc, remBivd th ,gssti who fn-
cneedd d ledearaof Tampa society.
The tea-eoom---tvch was beautifully
decoratd in a color scheme whose pre-
Tvalng tones wereellow and green--
was predded o*er by Mrs. W. W, De-
Hart, wbo wa aistaed by Mrs. Dr.
Stebbin, Mrs. M. Gibbons, and tne
MisesMaiy Rogers. Virginia Wood,
Mary Boaz and Mary Spencer. The
flntcop wau pored at 4 o'clock and
for swo hours the ro ime were throngeJ
with the friends and admirers of the
ehprmlng debutarmne.
, Tbhepception rooms were profusely
and artistically decorated with a wealth
of smilax. palms, potted plants an4 cut
Bowesf The preva-ling unt Ia tho
drawing room was red, while the masic
roum was resplendeut in red and grtee
Not the least eoj y able feature of the
reception was the music, wrlch wai
rendered byJ. A. Turner, jr., and Mis
Olaer, with their accustomed skil
aod discretion.
The lower Md.
"Modesa ashe whev firs we ired.
a sb7, indeed, I esa' f ocget
Her esbeeM red.
And wben sbe mDnted ker pony true
For a caeantr 4r Frfthbvranje,
ie wore ia olaosrt of sober bloe,
iding ber feat ad side-udd e, to. "
Aga bhe aid:
"Now sbe's a boha sid a ry raid.
A bllkng aimr of5uan ht afraid,
AJ eoToynr ted.
Mere arsa y b Mev tfasddls,
ad when meoitea hercyelesrabe
SBe anmbly htap .I d lanessa-trise,
Tha pedestrtaneJst skedaddle,"

A Pomiaeut Methodist.

rf J. P. Clarkson, a wet-known news-
or paper man of this city, ias accepted a
ii position with the TampL TIBsrCw and
' left last night to assume the duties of
^ his new ofice,-J ackseovlle Times-
It Union and Citizen.
Bishop W. W. Duncan, of the Florn-
Sda Methodist Conferenc, arrived last
Night and ts the guest If Col. John
if Trice. Bishop Duncan a one of the I
I;' most eminent divines arl distinguiof I
' ed gentlemen n the Soup and bis visit
Stu Tampa is an bobor th t our people
will appreciate. t
' Braidentown Journal A big pdle
A" driver came dows frc TSmpa last
r week and work W prog ang rapidly
os tbhe loog-atiepated two wharf,
Sof which we ha lre given exten-
srve account. This wi .0f will .O I
South tto the rier ftem t ol a af g kt
eats prdodoistlon i. n ty muadi
wtlibe ndo ubady Lhas in-w

Starmits mat 'Il
,ow WRW- i *lM


a1 py Hearts, a-d .feerema Into the Depths of the "Big Oy-
-XijeJ igfsaJd IA hDOa.s Ha]i- press," Where That Famous Wild
ppo-W-hae to Do Your Holiday Orange Grove Is to Be Found-
bboppino. Scenes By the Way,

oen Fridry a De ly. From F:.day 5 LMtIy.
This s a great week for TRIBCSt Ed- Dr. B.G. Abeinethy, who recently
vercisers. Scan toe columns of this returned from a tooroughly enjoyable
paper thoroughly for holiday bargain trip to his famous wild orange grive in
before making your purchases, the depths of the "Big Cypress," away
The ante-Chrisutas shopping season down in Lee county. gave a highly in-
always unlooses a large amount of teresting and vivid accountof the jour-
Smoney and give a wholesome stimulus ney yesterday to a representative of
to Irade, and the indications are that the TRB'l'su.
there will be greater activity tois year
than for several e-asons past. A feel- 'Itwas on the moehingo Noveom-
Sing of confidence has succeeded to the ber ,th," began the doctor, "that our
fears and uncertainties which have per- little party leit Tampa fur the lung
pleued asd dispirited all clabst, of citi-
zens, there is a iralthier nancil and overland trip. iThe party was made
commercial tone, and people both iO up of Dr. Mills and wife, W. S. Morris,
town and country look forward more who turned out to be the dude and
I boprfuli to the future. Our friends, Mascot of the party, John Pittman,
Sthe farmer, have more money to speod Charley Hyals, Asa Lawrence, E. 8.
Sthri year tiarf tihe have had for sTomero ampa
Tribute ts quota to well the together with BraggCrow, of Sydney
oual bolday expenditures. Altogether' We ad an ox-team, a mule-team, and
There are signs of unusual activity in a double buggy. Our outfit was stored
all braces of business, and the pro with all toe necessaries for a i
noeOt of a particularly cheerful psden- weeks' trip, and we all started out on
joiible Cnrimas. ed out o
SWhile many persons spend more ourten days' journey in high glee
money in preparing for ad celebra- talking of the turkey s-ews, beoa meat
tiog this fetval tlan they can afford, venison steaks, etc., on which we were
there can be no question that tne ge- alouthe
erous expenditures that are mde at to regale ourselves on in the famo
this beasoa serve a guod practical Dur- But Cypretw."
pose, as w Jl as ai entimental one 'Well," continued Dr. Abernethy
Nothing is absolutely wasted or lost in "our firta brought us to the ho
terial world. Three i a ppte e pita a bhode of Johu Bryant, of Keys
a transfer ef financial vatue from one vlle, where the nigbt wan spent witl
person anl pocket to another, bat the a typical Southern family of the older
dimes an oaollars continue to to their time .In the morning we were joined
work and t., assist to keep up the genrher M nd wife, who t
eral irculatiun and ine health, h by Mr. Br.ant and e, ot
The clothes. the jewelry, toe toys, the oultey emj ,td the long and dIfflul
ddiha, the candies, oraiges and cakes. trip. Our ctru, por the next nigh
the Ciristanas remembrances of all de- was pitched at uowiiong Grtle. Mrs
bcriptioes, great aud small, which are Bryant was a I.tIl- uLe,syv bjut bltep
the objects uf holiday purchase, repre- .
semt many nend varild branches o in- lua otn tie ground, but Mr. MoI ris ha
d dustry,aill ft which are quickenrd by thougrtnluly Come provided sitn
the geoerou- patrnace peculiar tl'ti.i- large w*J titit, which, wt.e.i ule, to th
holiday seaaJIi. Even huch aparentir wagupo ti na Leeu rolleu iti.u n, s ad
is trivial stid Uf[imptrtaoit attclee rs
s. d s, wti e es iseeam no suggest stiMry vy ort rerys cr t n. lad,
-. happy hour for childhood. erepr.ea. a Tne ueal day opened bright aii clear
livilnood for tbousandu of persons. Be- and tbe slowness of ourf ecati: % t
d t b he doils the purchaser ma see I n only drawbalck. Wte rialed lur it
a hi- mind's.eye many famiie, i. ral P
ta men, women sat children to w hem~i at- s e rse, outar (,
a, ooewterfeit presentment of bumanity cadta We aDtorgueitan th t hi
n brings happiness anr prosperity ty the etunday, but the wcm d ou a nerihba
l ieenue whinei it produces for ad cou- sinu churcn be:i e a vsweke as t
oemred in its manufacture and diiLri- readitiU sease o oArour puilteon d sO
a- brtion. I t ot only miiatere to the
Py 4* oent pleasure of slves the lnancial problem of life for o early In thbeorip, I shouHld lJtr
d any children of larger growth. So. osbined that imdipe saabe garmel
oe. with all the other thingot, ig and with a bled art and gone to t l r t
t ttle, which me bought dur sg the ev. .
.y holiday. Their purobha involves B r. aol dsUch.
d 4oubll kindeesm, a help and encoour -It was about this time tat Morr
e ement to the unknown ermy of armed hlasef with a bigd ponge, a
workers cnnrcthed with thew manufac- sad fleh bruslah oomb oad Jeokidj
a ureaand alees well as to te parnicu.- tas d tolkeap, d hed
IC r recileont eWe whom the buyer in-_adhedhm
A. tnds them. auy to the riar where he went tihmu
Nor coneldered purely trm the senti- tie pertormaooe ha il Ud "taIkae
mental side istbeif waste or tm in the dip," and this,I may add was oeoun
" cutom of Christmas giving, ule, n-trem
is deed, It be entisel pere atorsy Io it.s piously rerpeaed at ery etred m e
P- manner asd without soy traOe of finer pMsed on oar journey. He was L
I feeling. "I'bee is that seattweth and sard that long before he was throou
yet increethb; here is that withhold- with the Big Cyprems he would rmpe
Sb more than i meet and it death to o the error of ways, and a
r-i poverty," One may be owrorer in ~ r"r ry
pooketaad yetriober in yot after a maattr of farst, It was not long hefo
.wek or two devoted to the pmpose of be forgot hie toilet articles a
i making ohers happy Kitndesa, good rorgha it as heroicalJy as any of tI
will and ueeelflehaessare irtree which pr Th w ned ih
'w are worth cultivating at any price, auni party b Tbwe was one day I wisl
i the miral gai o ouraelvs which mae e arkodakr. Iorms had take a kr
co eome from the Christmas campaign o bSutr/die of 'lauAdry,' rolled up bis pantl
at fthgaving ba a dIstinct and perms- ,v i, witn a bar of sosp in one haod,
ymt yalue in its broadenied aid
'; hnn a ni z ng o 1.uen ce tC" d n w hbiCh rc l ean to the ott^
marched out into the water, which w
r CHYSTAL oUEXONIROS. about knee deep, to do his weel
d- washing. Those who saw tte'laund(
' A Port Tampa Couple Pleaant'y after Morris bad maoipulated it. thil
& Rmembered. i t i osiewbat les of success than t
id famous 'dips.'
SAn inlerestinir social function way "We crossed Peace river early AlMo
st that held at Port Tampa Monday day morning, and took in the little ci
r night, when Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bran- of Arcadia. It is a dry town ai

morning. 4

The aanilermsy-y et 4"-
sooety of the Methodit:
ieljdat the chearth Me
ning at 7:80 o'olo e. 5.
Moore, D. D. ,pried,
ing, Rev. B. Ttowr
Rev. E-B. S B otlD, m
the Cubas, read i
gPerbi Linform na
Phillin slan umeli %

wy. Tbe address lve
i etiTue aS Ethe *Oi
poaded libhmftwl t"le

P~'P:.. Ei~

I at. t.U'',-A' Ut;

.,f ^ '


S be" oleuse fega gc- s 4rhe n .
t4ppieaf plants and seeds, ia the
obe been disposed of in suc a s ma*
a*r as to gve promise that t famous
wild orange grove of the Bi Cypress
will soon be a veritable trop al para-
dise. w T

4 Beautiful Weddiyg of Popular
Young Couple.
latcial Correspondence of Tribone! da
T. PrTERiBsaoi, FLta. Dec. 16. pa
SA very pretty eJli g uc4prred here
Lpts nihtl, the contracting ptrtle be-
tu Captain Arehibold Ros and Mi ss
Bsud Miranda, at the residence of the ct
bhide's father, Col. W. B Miranda. P,
1he relatives and a few ievifed friandre P
represents; ib4 hnnse beiPg taatil
decorated with plLts and ftow tr. i
e. t. outhwel, of Utdh Epsaopal ult
oburch performed the ceremony. Mui el
loaglherit acting as bridesmaid. 'and w
9toctor Claude Branoo as bet man.
S Mr. Rnss is deputy revenue inspector
hire and ie oe of St. etenburg s re
qnost prominent aod highly rejected ac
eitiemos .
Mrs. Ros is one of St. Setersburg's
most beautiful and talented ladlr es
,The happy couple re P bovnm to 01
their friends in their elegair resieoeos
dt the corner of Third street and Flfth
Avenue. A host of friends tend con- 3
; uratulatons r o
ji U
An Expert Oives His Vi Uponthe
S Tobacco Market. C
SA prominent cigar mn sifacturer s1
hbo has for some time it conttsued 0
.operations, but wbo still bhdiee more tJ
-or less les af tobacco, said j)sterday, in
a speaking of the outlook foP the Florida 1
n product, that the chief obsecle in tbe o
d way of the native grower Ias the in- a
r.' -ated ideas of the value oftbhe tobacco
t raised in this state, that wpre now pre-
It ailing.
i.- "The ieft produced in Fiorida," said
I- tnio experv,'while easily superior to
d& any other rative tobacco, should never
ne c ropured with the Cuban leaf. It
a' ar in' compete with t-it never can be
ls madr to-and the busineA can never
y, am uot to anytho:g ontilghe growers
r ri a iz that fact, and offe their crops
I" upsn their merits and ma;ke up their
4 minor s to accept a price b4ed on that
r' valiiation. Whea that d nomnes, you
ae will ree rach great buyer as, the Syl-
Ar veStern and the Gots entering the
a Florida market. They Ler not here
i now norare they likely ,to be while
t the Plorida growers are (smanding for
ve pole-eared tobacco mere la the leaf,
04 thoroughly cured sad seasoned, is real-
Sg ly worth."

S Tax Assessor Ivy Re er has this
week made an importaq: aodlcation
i ain the plans formerly e played in the
gt assemment of taaes. Instead of pub-
Slisahiag l the at papIrs notices of
his arrival at the wrlooss, points In the
o: comety, be will sed out ,800 blanks
we for me return of real jiosd personal
property, which are to be nocompasied
g by aeircular, desribig the maner in
SwbicL theme blanks shou he filed up.
t Mr. Register will by thismes a reach
s at least 80 per east of the county's tax
,r payers, some of whom ake no news-
Spaper, and many of whom do not hab-
itual scan the advertising columns
" in which notice of the tax-ceolector's
ed visitaions are ordinarily given. The
Sames of every tax-pavet in the county
t- are reorded in a volume, which also
gives n a majonty or ises. the pot-
Sotice address; and by tby employment
ti of e set of rubber stamls, i ne for each
post-o~oce, handily arrapgea la a box,
p the business of mailing this voluminous
correspondence is constetably facill-
* tatted.

il Col. Frank E. Baxod, clerk of the
: circuit court of Hernaudo county, and
r- his accomplished wife a e here attend.
tf Ice tbse Methodist coaferenoe. Col.
n"' Saxon Is one of the best-inown citizens
e, of Hernando and his many friends sm
a Tampa are pleased to welcome him.
i The date of Miss Amelia ". Lslane'
^ wedJing was anfortunatnJly erroneously
-stated in yesterday's Taua as Janou-
Say eSrd. The time setils the, 23rd of
Sthe present luont, on wichb date the
at nuptials in question will be celebrated. ,

* ~ : t-\^

day At te

The wood da"b fa a
conference of he
0chwd h Sou. t ah.a M wJa
,. yesterday Oh
Iana b eN Dbrtetwing

Sby calling quwt (
Tea wred co vrlonues e

ders made reportsand thtr
we passed, ; .-,
J. Porter was located at hi
quest noder queste ion
Iter of Rev. Mauel EKL .go ,
en Passed he was advrat
ar of tse cead yeas. ejs aa
ol ra i O tbe s o xat ot
Dr.1.J. trgeeb0441 t

iry, addressed the,
based a eolartle forhe Whe
pnd IMtitna for tidmewes -
e olletion Mnou teo il
As sddrem was detlvever b.
Morrison, me of tei'gMMeasu
ousry mnrMtariw. He gfaE.
ragingg report p the
be Vlsmionary work Of t aO
Upon his own requet tl o,
Rev. C Iy was rrfet~t r
committee on conferees
Ssuperlannated eat 'l

iy transfer from the i Nou
conference. Rev. H, W.
elected to teaeon's ordes.- The.
made an impreeive aire- A
reception of r oe. . Owd '
W. Baker into full oq.phectioi.
The usual announcemests
and the morning season
The pulpits of several
bhe city will be filled today 'by
tears of promineso rat t
Methodist conference. T
announcements havebee
Metbodlstchurch-- a. iM i
ence Lovreast, lePt y I s
Il~. 11 a.m.,pretligby
Morton, followed sy trdinatse l
oos. 7:0 p. m.. pAsPuWobilg
J. Iegrat, followed by', Orid
Presbyterian c be-n 1
preaching by Dfr. J. t
7:30 Lp.m., p'eachl 'y -
Corngregtic- l ahrhb- i
presehig by Dr. TZ W.
p. a., preling by Rev. W.
ford. I
Baptit churob-li a m,
by 14. J. J.TwtID. d t
preaching by Dr. HO..
African X. L
preaching by Rev. I a
p m, preaching by Rev. D. b
Congregatieal CbhaM
vion by Rev. HbeW
DeLopee b
Dr. J. Bu Hatensy4. I,
te Wesleysn Female ole
the conference in be alf of
rtotio. 5 -
Qoestion (S0) wassresoaiea
Holmes charmseter s pme
The next business e
delegatess to the nerala
The following deleog$e
Ceroiual, Rev. C. A.J Falwl
J. C. Sale; lay delegates. C.
C. Carroll sad td, A. A
Tbhe selection of the plans
the next season of' the I
feretce was next o brarer. 1
were received frothBeeteesi
Caineaville secure lie

held in that ci-y. I "|

r. The dxl we -.
benediction wae
conference sajoured u

-ir.rl : -I

0, B 0A, 1
M.rd te "

S sbltv to stand
a stut ttlk 'Presiden
tIe fewa ex.p9os

l*e ri Jlaw *olar. lpl
'as :t n11 thivan has

i.As a lsumiliatiao

. bain bense
W tthe ebhames awre
3Z ehcen eeealed

abis mhis prison.
aM""""e a whole"

aohas but 57 miles
-ayp is all Eo R and.
M ass who oovesves I
i4l-, tarphlte ,y minm
a5 a t for inki

. srias Va.) pel
fa c oystersph

%egrd to LtWe
.- gel. S iety-
r b1itey
tj ofg a gelam

-ts a h r m.
ahttrne ss appraoc
to me
91^ Asyauilnaiao

hrervar til

a~ ml tbon se

ebe e

rs t 57~a
n p--v
&(^f~ud frth

^good itpe
A 'raaio~ofl 1or
^i Qtw~ ...a~
^Acn .daylght

,today s..E... l to Op MA .
ttneoand f ree of Peers Tam- iiimiiniandiiiiifc ofliinr Ulm Areianm pmaswsotrNa s, --*r A j
Sae ~p, one of W.the els ee "-M-g ai
e ated a l ye., pod ei prp s eommeretal otisa the

an exoi layer. It ho bmeen' it is only nine miles from this city mod: *6 anmvwta o r mw I I
O peL- d. howeverthe dlawyerson Tamps Bay, .where hips flyig oer.O"' mi s & Ca.il
do not 8 lw". make grat aS for theo gf ags ofaU nations come ad go. ProwtetorL Massn '
a tli vav es at o, in f ait is t is considered onte of the greatest .v p to ak wi.. H' a. ....
N t d noad no without reMason that shipping points hi all the Southland. .380 7 THU EX Z3O1 DIK.
a nylyears d. d solely to any Port Tampa and the lttl city of its
AR. one study ece -ily narrows the name is inhabited by a cosmopolitan Money has been appropriated out
os.c- vew and prevent that wide range of class of the most hospitable, enter- of he public treasury and sxpedilw
Sothought whic the great legislator uprising and progressive citizens to be Uons will soon sLaat for the relief o
lm bmld pomess. Experience proves found in the State. Men of indoisi- the foolhardy adventurers who risked H t
to us that the public servants who table vita. unquestioned character their lives in the frozen valley of the '
m ti have made the most lasting impres- sad phenomenal enterprise, known Yukon and the perils of Khyber Pass .
amboab aion made uu special pretentious to for their sagacity and integrity have But ,%bat are we doing for the relief..
being lawyers. It is said that when all combined and worked nobly for of a civilization that is rushing a -
-a wiu Erakine first rose to speak in the the advancement and development madly on to as certain ruin. prompt i nl a more l
S house of commons, Ptt made ready of every establishment and eiter- ed by the same motive. carried for Only aay e
wi8t. this note bbok, eager to record rise of a laudable character, until ward hv the same force, led by thq Holiday 1OO ds. .. 6
S the thoughts ,fso great man. But today Port Tamps City and the Port same delusion thaL is responsible foi price on all +C -
.ittP'sa pencf made no mark, and soon are marvels of wonder, progress and the neeld if relief expedition' tu tbo close u 8l
hs book elosedI a gresa lawyer had prosperity. elegant merchartile inhospitable rbores of Alasta ? If the ..
utterly failed as a parliamentary de- establishments, handsome residences, American people .earn the lesson of
as d'ry bater and was itnqver again beard from substantial schools. beautifulI c-Lurch- the Klond% ke incident, the lives tha4q p f I
full of in the house. 'Soe of the mens o no e, stately and imtosing factories nay be lowt and the tieaure that m ay" a
have een most, prominent in the pals unmistakably demotrate the super- be expended will be sacri s .r
standard twenty-ltve.yeaes, Blaine, Conkling, ior advantages that favored section than cou pensated fuo,. -
a few Cleveland Carlisle, Crisp. Reed, offers to the Iovestor, or bomeseiker. A nati.n f the mo: tive. mod m Handkere S. Gloves, hosiery ms
SSam. M ciuloy. Bryan and Iliuxham As it hy magic tua.t truly pheo..t- intelli.ei.t, tHie uet apale us i.te- Holic-y >elties, Drs Vs
masters hav been lawyers in the ser.be nal place ha rapidly Odes eoped into lect and in usIle, a .t ini. t b Jackes, ill inery, i
to see thbat1hey sturt le the law to the Ex- a city with a in.liutioa of nmt less vigur ofr young manhood. pI bs .seingp' Table Li. n n, Napkina. d T~welr
exueed. cluimo of oth-r thoughts. They be- than live thruss.d soiis sud likes a a court ot unparall-eled uatural.s and Cild A 's Underve
risen lo eu o leader r tia tause titewy were men bay itre in Isping time it is goiri o ,i'i- weailt i.. L. nlc .l finds jLeief is tbhe i r -" : f--
tr bic.- let.ed lub I- aff-si .an t they wrd and u ward aill t le ,Fre. mii t, o..u- fsuiroi1.td i,- All Go.o Reduce 3N
ti i .*fckad. U ClosI- dCqU.itLU(7e With hlt.e Pla -i >\ sitm <.f l-.lwisA5 .i| 'i licr ilri1 he rit e cl iznk Of iItOrI,-' ?
Ute old I o quiid it.... e J ,,, .. C...... Great Stock of Goods i a
] in Lhbs t oil r_, .iI- [,oVt1 and ......i t ..t.iri the . ru'li Iliu(' hunt ii tV.i iii.. trn..I i r.i... tnr i.. : ii e.. l Iez tn. .I r
nerds and wai~is ,f their f 3ellowmen. n,'. I .av d- i xiend ed Lndli,-a Is of .ria e i frnut t.f l rie n d nu t n ei b
nteactd It no lotug-r I eans a 13 thib tg in I tLiu.' a of llars i.rwn ii tk:ni < ( n.. I Ly in i i.i. 111 t1o '.i -t -a 'r -e up's
le Is puble life to s this man Hor t ihat til e i i and I i Al in... i- it I :,a t n:r. t Crrs ar r ofs nt
some- oue is a fine ltw er. Very often t titl .liu ,l wf i-. t h w I rk l. I k'r nIc n 'L- A-,, :,i!. i lus rI, II l ltn.- WO
rather hind.le As than aid i cane heis ta a".1r t tl tt ,.;., i,_ from i* i.i r 0 n r o
Sfor preferemlmt. W li itr an expur. w t '-it curt riat: r. r hl At i- I ,,t' r. 1re. ui t1 ri : i" ."1.uit, Ii,
ionecA. Old.t t,- i . .r r. . ,it ,, COc ti. .aa' ri ,gr'N Goods Cha-
old to better ones .- 'I I .
of eKc- THE V TE %- ES BUSINESS 1.* T ,e Tam Ta "thiL iric operation sud in II'r en-r-
T re ei a T u E n I- I, i t..-. 'I L' n:td ntss til t i t i 'be liLter ., c1 + I. .
package illu utr a,:i dt inn us le ,h '. -. ... du- I-bet* al" Ft tire new l t - -.

abd o'h..er sections were 'rominently nL (: "" artl n r1.kn ,,i 5i 'al r .iui' t r e h t -
err p rotreil. Ir e general get u olf t.e r(ow r1 L o nirtieIn ew Enallel
forn, a te ecditio, wa in evyy c credit t ult.u bah 2,U.5 p. t s Lterlt I ,,oll .,,o .o o tom e Y A .
ti Abu It r I ,-ti ,tof hint w .e-h -,to -1 h l to i.r^nuset ur t utir l hn1o11 - a.A .
nter. a le and slieks vo for o ur en- t h trt, of Lat e.. t on .i r.I of -q c r n u s on .. "
trtser BUtE ais an pT to date daily. Durn. antd of broots and shoep i the ,gu L1ent mu inL'n- t: i just1 cnditiotom.
t. -ing the lame bicycle ron-int at Belle. in ihe I fiMtory cf the eatir.n. t+ Ktrtnsu iern iiii themtlcoes iu -," -
some a lr it hdL Pro iht an a msfo Fihures on Nov enbezs aoru chafse a tud of gold such terhel- as tn
hlarstn- pished a-star there each day, giving nxto)rin just has-c been summed. other ueoile have ever beheld. They
ahoei plh full and r tibftery account of tIn.n I: nv show a total of 8 15.630.290 are surrounded by wealth of icu.! 't 'tt '-" 1- '" "
sicou. a f- l a nd c t-.St Pe orysbr Ti e 'hi. tis the excess of exports for lble value, yet they an ,re utn...ned Firitcr ."
ine-c up .-the five months of the bfios al n en-l ule with starvation and their extre utyIj Pot Ta rptk.Oit
over the Gea naoal intre i to *229,212.40l The two weeks in o geat that he goyerniment ba -
ing in the forti g srinr De~eber have keet j l. the merry undertaken to rescue them fr:m nr- r S s

itg o- sts to B e lheld at l iamp te Jn 19. apace and Dun estim ate a the excess eam g d.

."Ph to,, will ah t alsso the rommshi F- The United r Soates is exportingpiles of nuggets may bebeyond U
arh ihe ai frost eal ste. As h n vnmyiaeteu more wheat and corn than ever be- human aid. If the tendency of re-,
with of thin, s inter st the p l aatioe for fore, and at remunerative prices, cent years he not checked, the time A Co lkte line of General Krch

1uwi of robms our leading hetols are grow- "Cotton is the weak point a the will come when liberty and govern- POIt t"' '
Si acriteddeegteach day thoe inler- Orleans as down a lull cent per pound tue pe.rl. iey he b eyond rescue by

I.adia wine wthd oghut u wor iThe icltod w ne i iri the individual gold seeker from

S's : states has been duroe at an actual loss; h oll. l, e tatn-'ot i n Fresh Fish anc ats Cool.D .
ren ali Ha Tewonmaa and the planter finds himself deeper prelr Lu n ivL u ,in thshcue.t atiud s ii hi Port Ta ''
..:'Th lwh lit beeta i rn debt than when the season bsgan. energyy tns hbs prayers 10 saving a ,- "rm . ; ^ y.-
Fa rtagt'e or^ tiue This has been a very hdDrd ear nation dominated by goed seekers. .
ladies Uvh l d M of he throughout the Souath There is loud from the crime of the age, i tht.srutci- '

a good a I ,tai d i complaint of dearth of money fixion of popular rights on te cross y
M invi- 'o yi i s.., . no throut hout that section, of individual greed. a.- t.... t n

4. ctitfrahd withoout realiz- c DryG odsjand-Geats-M ^^
eahles-. at. The American people, deljartiug
inglt;a. much responsible 9 aiid
h=r eild's death. is the uth LCarolina and Connecticut from the patriotism which cliarasOter-
n~t. acr ito s s h' Tho are again uniLed in ldsd of love. ized their early career as a oal".n, Po mpa ir,
sends of babes ara- stilt-ben-
Be. was erry earscwomen n- Ex-.overnor E\a-;s. of Aiken, and giving themselves rver to blind par- .
t f e -e o t Miss Plume. f Wat rhury, hve suit of the almighty dollar. tub.r li-
dintwidE as the 'ho:ie f b r- ct br.'cn i arn-ned. nating the public mtencreas to ti..- 0
Dlaoe Then Is r oni-nmC rne tt ----- ---- satisfaclioC of private greed, al,,u. '.Ma- rr 5
pr e a. ownan for capable moh I opirit
from P IriD t.h 's Favorite Presnripdton. I There are just 21 gentlemen with ing the spirit of comnmercinlium t~ --
P acts 5 rt 1 making the ca stow contests in their pockets seated on dominate it every sphere of act, vi: yE RA
istdy to ih.mn.atior, h a the anxious seat just outside of con. and in every relation of life, fid I o Ta
M es ptia and sives rest i e grasp of a power .
-AIL ves^the toul % Se aa opeioditrt atud tud wrciles and as fatal to
Rie l in-f flbyaa and almost every itilcelt uf the people as the
th of bab TDe collection of professions by snaow and ice and b tering minds m f
tsetl 'i Jrint, Morgan, of Ripley, W. Va Alaska are to the miners whom fti
S a, ;t-&l ThOiusM Ion- forms a remarkable addition to crimi- government will end avor to rescue.
W as tkn wth a ial literature..
_ly r a ato ru The inmportio of tobacco from Mla-
Stim t^ tdoko* vane la Iste mydi;y mncreaangf. T dhes l
.e Pre- Although .thebameb. all 1 of O.oaal Weye..r prob.bitm, i he i i
riS tot over statesmep at Wasthngton are ping of tolisoco has ean sap d.
Sti'l calling torl high hb." The la t steamer brought o vr
bakse for Julius Elliageer o Co,
ins0 ere. TThisf ulags a btes i ot alto. bates r ,Gos ls. Moir V.Q ; -,
'" j"ts *ir going to he b wa. u s. ml ler fs nhipma, f0. < w s
me-now eaed m:r tu etr

p~cwtte n ,og s.i

ITI-_ I-

.;P.-t P
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`' 5r
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r ~7C*'


4 V .-0 3. a3.

IF yu TO da kew PO N

a ie, e at N 0ee b e.Presa idet Dulyj ,to 6tall-
:73 o a e ifect JaueIery 1.
Maoist .m O ,.lwi.bmagm.aon ft due im .o.llealth, A-
^^ ^ S' %"5 ** srr*:"sr,^: 6 Walk
i WeGtla bei J de Thursday at 4. p. f red for a year or more. He went to se b- -
S- S. ai (bome f sUhe l fa Nmw Yehk or tratmemt e ehorst ume. AO T T 1 S PAT1IRN SAYI
.10'4'' 1 10 o. but rit rned withnot uy anpper.-% ( . W..m.,W .kIML e. i L..lkIas "m s ...w M .i A mai
Er it .*mS M1 th. ko 0 1. Vul, utd bnt hr etel result. He hopes by o .

44 -oploe left teamstakely for .0ear home o-nal good health. Mr. Pnninalegon bas bOy. iS & er26 ;n 5o" tlb ae eaAI. 1 2 phO
e ~1s thie ? lscer#goi ad .w uhorf ainy held the podutoo of traffic manager of ..... ,:.-SO 7W .3 2 a o- ., A
ilhale a tfrienis. tbe Florida Central & Peninsular for O L "1 I! F I-?
Mr.and Ms. Ward and little of ten years or more, and is one of the T.r, C P. tr:fn MPC.
2aRundrqds of ati-4 na Ii k am f Mila n haoan &niwe aim &Wf 10
I, lw4" re oe on loFii n ablest and most efficient railroad men oU r dr
r one ataa- li4 tby b, Oney J., Formal announcement of the rtIg. PHYSICIANS' I, ST ~dT 183, 9l C. ,
elW on Mr. and 4. W. beno nation has not a ye.t been made, but it
tra I neallr 'aui kinono, tl L4 ast oon i rweorted that the position will not be
OL j BiJ /re FrldaL L. I. temeltL at Shi.lb. filled fr the present at least, and that Not Always Underatcod. riii
SThe t hve the y tyofa w. H. PlesanLs. general freight agent, A fact often overlooked, or notb 1 -
S. a Captain A. i31a Don 11. en. iays understood, is that women autfer
P a bladd&4r.-ipbles aj io u Tmet rh orub' Short UtNW 6 fida'4d AMLl7wtM.
n9e n i ad mt ar S tin apiati 5vceaiiti#%ident I- t a t b
,1c-moerlag eas? 4inn Ie.everittag the -ab. arid oer ral nhanagAr. bsitdder. Find fot ftnt reason a n di-39;f BM
Ibath so tool Ltl o. ks ea leasiR The breaking pouiii in a air o p nre 11 na opar i- i-roe pn si n m in t. Sav- annahfi, wu A W
Sh _T. etert nmet.t a. i th stroe- t o. n i t he lB rauck eki e"ted inth- Kidneys. ti.c.. t, .ilder or detima. -ew York. foton adtri Ea st

gr-- nte a . 11 ,t-4 oud out i .... d ,,r,,. T
eihu Hc o i. Ot.r r Erteut -fo r h, aurn; .Ani ..ih. 0 a-R 7. .s
wTh be h Sen0.. onf Mr. an p .I '"d -i iuoeel a c im t y oru.o.e t.ey U ti r it e nmet h o Tr ra ola y "ai
m -l+r.c ...,,i.,i .... nc.l,,a ... b e ... ---... .,,,--.h...........- .......... ... . ... l......- .h.. l. i i ... .. M t e
d, r i V) ni d w ed d r w

....., m Atomas; ai I
RnC rd a -Xlieiae*& l W'eloiand iut eqs Is ea-ljjn p -te a -- il hre I P T
."' r fb tr. 3l rm. E (. r It i ..- .-* t e p Ici e- p 5 r11 %. -,,, o *'. h n c t h i- i-' n t ,:*.*. f,, I exaft C 5^ _
+,_ 6w .T1 lI a... :.xe, ijakl ,,fl r Id4a I.. J .. ,.. r a. O-r r Sl-, -00 >] ,, -l. -,,, I F, 1
The, J < toe.and ew r, .., of i. ..u , .,. ,. .... c e -,our -u" -* -- .1a~" ... ... frr... ; .0

E; ahi e:7a l -p. -. F. low ^ 'u ,L H I^ *,. ....i, ... d ,,,l .... "i ... + + ;. ',,+ +':;; 'v :; .... : :; r ; ;:'. J :'":,.i : f- ...... +,i,.oTr
,ra and Miuw-u. J -uire l Mr i-.I i ai rr . Ldt -; rr-- i.. t ,- .- ii 'rt i-. t. r i. i t a y. \i s -. .a e o
U-_ Ditac; i ,.a4.ElG.. d it-. lfi. l c. .. .., i" i" tc ....... l di :.. an Ar-im

,J- _-_-_m_, _____ r' t --
L i' meyern -- td OP"e y PMa iLr + ;* l:- -, ll"Vo u L; r --'- ue 4 x . . .
+< [., -a, u e -t -it-;.. --rt -ir. - ,i...' ori m A p. W4,it.
n i ot are" .. it .i - .t.u. ,i,-uutt ac--o-,-' ~ . -. 1- -- . I.- I ... --t .i ..d...1 F .r s.

ICA .oe"(, tT ie e e at b llr th e M -s' D i aH a ?I, to i. I

e io f li e Flor a(a WCbta -Ka rwi OateiL ,tra i o aiv ii ....... . 1 .... ... .. o, r. .h . I . .. .t.t . l c .. t. rT a e;-., J a,. ri nei e
,Jo bu Aad nr-jwe,,k t i.a.d ,.- . ia- .. -.. ..-.0 - w ... "I ..l.. )" '1- T-a1f6- .n f "- ' ,v o'
EA le atod R Edl w aI3to, ia. toL a r rVee- - I a . t .S V ; I i... e %k r rUt Ir
r ra T e' aomaye,-t |ierono Our : t --- i- j -'r- tarnsatu

o- "h a -nI O e-h o IM w.. La-r Tr.i-.dr a.- ....rir, rt t -, L n tt.ih y, lt4 ew or ,
li -i It I rr p Ra 1.\ or .. It I ,r LA N I T n am-.rjm W
ad i" a f r tl f J". .r ee-' .an ...e p V a r t ro a e
%eisitmeyer 1""".";1""^ IUiiret .u Oar ."eqi BO.e J1,. *l, r, Iur^.f nri 1o...cOrcu,, o.r il"T

jiB. Chii-,aai.t- n -et 'r-ti -** ;. u.ndcv o- ^^sr Y;^.1 '^ ??.-6"'11 -t
Ueini ni- th s to fix t I ba'l i-.-.-s = in-i -f a ...A b o xtIe.

r.-f heethepW; ,r x.t .rls b wa t hrd wit h k -ll "r-yl M ..'t, -.

Sla.- Br-"r". nl,.,, n ,, B .rnu m ro.C Bfor on ^ ........... The N s. Pennin,,to, _- .A......
,.. .__ .W14. 1t d St.,r <"mmif..,oerr rune,, ;- dm u bo t Ls .. tt.o u-,m

+Recni I ca In t y- 41- r-rVr 1 T ..... , D... A.o= P
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t it, s lTat aucr o)r Ah corner Gl d- the kind r seen ere. tT paint- P - 1 rr AAIm r l cing ll
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S eI t sL~tp. T 1 t e rle' tlery opera of C.arte at the Cnriotm ra pri etor ,pe-t thaB t imed atn ly alter -a t ead e h Jai.I
~ekad ib ,-en nHlIge ti uttllence mti A l ntead of Itbe musi-lirte" i Cnr isre there wil bte a large influx ar mam ,eA n e sia
owd il ap v *taMi o n bi ga- eope of thi s citreque nt ben prta ented s n of 'e i h t,, t o f i
lB td 1 wi s' this tcrt. Carmen" to a urnew trs l wt. t f I rt el of tbe ri lt arhe irt Te6 b0 i,- zl
the dmt day at ia

.eit would r .e d k kit,- paroized at tho e b hris toma maothu ee hC re about tJanuay J i. and sll resde added to t o 1a
Sa wl, abe -elre f u A Ch tm as tree "for the poor chi in C apt Bie cotgeo on C et vi l
a I wen medIood l ee pa r- dien i seineg preleared o by th'e olai ton i their new rsideaone on Pae ntlua Dix cUam i iTa a sr .. ar

^*H.ra9000ly cooked, they Army corps of thin city i The dotle avenue is bflaeing romplet a- Li-RMi. H. i. t uole- iac TAL
d SWpr t a arlbybbne I f n va- n aht heF.2 raw.
eigen-4a^ *nte a n tshal raw folks wt l be enti rfmineid at. the Sal a- A large oak tree that tbood on Anhc -wnll "P C san y ir.aaaa. .- -.v

1 this city. -ame bersof ta Army a ur the little Syno p t H
'spebai 6 1 11 .. 7 ir-,. tbe Ogfmva, in we

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S i parboized a hip al to ains tr open he there s cit y J anu ary The o. hn h will %de abla tvi

atio end of ake ig and for poor dren an d Cap row an people t aredehlgC ted atew a
e d atd Briae ,n s amre grred bo the Tam Bafon trile their new side o Plant

S e IY Sr Appleton, -U aed Mr. asnd i rh Mit F. GOtid e. will ee-
y i city.y edTphdelhed wi e ttle avenue is bei cmpletr wfoi Pa-la -
4 6% 1 le0t in t ir s ill be ea rained Rl th oe dala- ar be o lda ys me d whll aternuwaid
S r arn.,T of Th day ate 3. h e as been cE ith Mdo r and re .
I0 -1"ed Do ritious of be t n, dolls, t lotl p- and there is n ow n obstru. d view

trade s t t MiJ e d P. si will e street tohre the Plant

a A.tasnt acpplei ton, v c mid billed withamir voters amno i

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^.. io?: "" conferredd upo b
rounding points, and that our pshi
i?^^ -, -- title of the Leading Merchants i this ae
So. t .a...te"s of Tamp hae XL E7 BR BIS<

; eBi.8* . B. ple .u..sal activity dun It's because of no particular virture of urs. but t .e
., .'o@rdereo a nn. .this is because we advertise in the Tribune. and ever dt
eaef laesnbrg, Sbeen a rush to supply the demand eXact tS .tS*
lstyprepcieius ep- Ost mene t e r
Svoe ad The ctio of the authorities in Ha-
w.hera--tlc---- Chnednsta S ho|| tie Do98 ofe b A r f
1an a fr:..:'..... Y or a enonre to. Our constant, aim is togive due and.fdlU value,to owit 0*
gcee .o eo.I or wl be 1eod ithae.bf.t.reinoro suggestionshf aoond to keep abreast with l e f s i
a aitle of the a ee Latest, MbostP opuIr el oi

,, ,odd, ,jno l, for A ll. ermit us to assure you that we shall continue, with our ost sincere M6rtS, ym tb^a
g Sn one.ro, Leexeo re r eteives r the people and guard carefully our name and reputation as Tampa leadigMe .
de- ified* a hrisnmas Shopping ofNow Dfa YlV i I

witCS M "r-'ayMer p ri an, With the approach of Christmas arises the usual perple aing quet of i at t
me, a .pa~S C1s enmll o rush to upplmtur e demand er- a abo

l .;t 1 L y 5 nA ef gas e to e iw and lint and satisfaction only a stroll through our mammoth sore necessary. EJvey d upmn
s ain ad adjo#rn- week sinnled ous 000 e ars Tthir brought out especially for the occasion. -, .
oii act tactive ale Up-teiae 8 as.
. "rl. i n tf e slm ut off p or t te ru u til ee --
iT-eee et H. Jwis lr A abou lookigver b r a ,

, ', .of qthe l. tha have e1 The Tireless Toilers for Cash Trade and

S A-tXio l E-.oaB e ara, n 1,. Jfa' fatr- :
T c ker s s on reular g orders. i w .ast it .
t. ei. tte*' forte Week we u toot ooad N. 704 and 76 Franke Str. 142aand 1424 7th Avenusee, pYbor and Main Btb, e Tatpa t
ambblai e 1 t mt o, O aurce wl o- 'w a or, ". "p *W es'.- for Argell .4
ir. M rt encrlgnto ur Permit us to assure you that we shall continue, with our ,os noreb

S-o---,,swe nO Great h eSale w. te T v ed
i a record ta Pked guard carefully our namo and rep station a Tamp l

".ti oI t i0o 00 etpr, EMEMBER that everything lo our house is to o fr a ?
Ip"es--. a btpoeo ... e s oby the tsnerT e T relso

e sontoe T yets grhevd tly reduce o reading this carefulno v
Em eed skb roll. and T t -er m in Havan ha s 114 benTar-

Sa d ipp d h DrM ChssOoods. ents' Who *i Uenow.. e
S in A beautiful moment of ere anopportnityyou
ftin% a"n Wobsooo ith the approach 4 Christmas arises the usual perplexing question of it

rLW.They another of short lengthsent
r y ltE hwtsb> T 0 ci 'tbW W 11di,000y a nd lat a nd satisfaction onli a st romll through our thAvenre beor es an dMav S tra t Tr ;4i^ kj
b i ,u aod adjop wee k v on.L on% i ae d e.0, Their brought out especially for the occasion.

, 0l, ne l l o ite hlv 1240 tm iv1 ptso b "1.000. M r W'n

10 dya o haa Hld the breathe ru
nDis Co reported am Packed houses is the rule now and sce it r
y woe e day a whic put the ball in motion we shall keep indt.

-0aren and MEMBE R that everything in our house is to 'go at
All V 9 t o & r as v greatly redu pries ad history y of oureading thiry s careful m eL youAL

*4 -1 4.A. io tad em outlook A bea opportunitiful assortment of Herving a double purpose bett tythiyou a e youe

pnse onnales wbd ule. P s 'ris at 20 e want may never have again A r we
=bd4d*bo doer oono an teps n Aother lin of short letish department, regarded ofalu
sbilp~dsaat of SW bs by tm e stehere

conf.erie o pEL 4I t at theafirm made 19,800 e s we prefer
U" askor oi sa t e e s wa s0,000o ranging in prices from 3 to oeands 14in on the snue, bor and Main e, IV i a
3s O I hnau

Brre, Das made 70,00 40uc per yard to go now at sc. through the summer,
a~d .shipped k A rare bar in in striped LOOK!5 ui of gnuinu i Po.t.aol..
4;.'- iab tur a sul Skirting, full length to go at8c, Camels Hair, formerly $& now 0 di l
i a' I to pur a e upply of Another much heavier weight $174. i .0 p gi d .
in Carmen esUllio and ws 25c, now 13c. Another line .ws $1.00 pnr gar. 1 .
iv .n of Haenau, are hereAnotherlnewstoPmg .
ba' P'n I ment now 69c. l Dleos t i Dr
,--- ,, o.,d DOnts' Hm(ekWe. Heavy Gray Wool Aixed, .,r woe
ai hodfta orders to fll and 50c, now 8c. 4 .
SI thearf ore o 135 cigar-mak- This is the most beautiful line Others 85c now 19c. O 8pecia"
emhIt w imde ~,i3o0 o ,ra last ls Fandkercief. in i aW
Scia ever shown in Tampa at the WFandkerche.
t, I e tWro. a t orders p1ice. These goods are all new A beautiful line in both4adies JA
ti rri s are ~ in f teZr nw breads and ranged in price from 35 to and Gents. all to go at 1(c. for
-te aw rwltbtrtaay-vnwgr- 60c, any of them can now be Draperies.
I. .. ..:.. ;-'-a1 week* turned out and bought for 19c. Don't fail to Splendid quality and bseauti-
aee ves. ,to" look at them. ful colors to go at 9c.
1Ptpt o 0frCbavea factory was
4 .009 f -s hpMena" amo i ted t We have'a full line of Stamped Linens, Tabla inens,
Tr a,..a .la .e eLin maneIoTved Lace Curtains, Conafqrts, Blankets and our Notions re the
='a' j L lur wbeek ad Leaders of tsie town and our
A415. 'A. L-3ardi0o. were rushed all (D E S -
a9 gatsi.'^ l,^t1 their holid. or- Cannot be surpassed either in price nor quality
YA-ot MatR, t P. STEWART & COMPAGr r
SLUC. C LUCAS. JD..C. CLa.Urt.. 80eAt Wv P. wPL
attue so egasn U
LUC as Bros.
.. . gprio --"
-.. '46* .or- ,'; :" ":]
j "1kid
'~ 3$ s ,7 :::... r 4 K d-ai-

"* Th'r"AkauishNt oef T

.-4 .. .a. t' . ai c-

m s r ao s V w w emlineg w away. s sas

y e- His -Ne SciAetitetta ImtaM" bhas
08*7 MA be 6oosaderBe italply
s prolcuis onal duty to suffering humanity
.= I ty toddeitoaa trialiof his infbllibler.
e t o bib ence daily develops now onmn,
seft w iife ailu and !this greatOheumist, padeatly -
- 1r y a per tdaleting for bra, produced re-
ad M salo en alr n o humanity a "canh
a.t at d for ae claimed by any modern gius. His
1 sse tlon"o tt luag troalem sm r ton-
sw satvai to t & Wu&y sotut m tai o u curable to any climate :
. L n p_ o ven I by "baseatf lettrat ar f t mi-
._ sw larde," Bled in hb Amer mao pad El.
t oe t t iWr- o an mam itrontla inthomaida f ro
"at. e **a M inr trfnadb cured in ll pats or the world.t
twtefld a ii b Nedlhs eo r experts o, e tuat brnl.
Ab W s ei ad f e troasle teed g to
r^.- ." r ...e .-t bl 11 .. ch, runinrrrpLt ed
uatL~ 5 y writs IT. A. AlSocimA, L. C.,
fla svort. Low lok, Tr a, eg poset
Zfd d insdail hs p thefree
Wr V V yea c Ie s i ariang mM. e rill ba pmeptd Migt. 8ufP
;i bliogeseroos proposition.
" grter- are41na "e' of leas tell the dnetnr that you saw
rdedlte .Oe is JCkhBODVille this offer in the TAMPA TRaIBU e.
" tbheuL Chrintash box son- Jy21iy.


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eaitttle 'eo
Ly tling :
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The bel thi
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As, mid poitold
^naied .

FqV toe %7htp tW w0 s x
r i";4ribute aie r- Indietments Found In the OCircuit
e ia domatles to toe Cot Yest-rday.
rfter. 4 sotieirint
It$sing of Mrs. Circuit court is still in session and a
*s'd Mis Jni, rumSter of minor cases have been dis-
i |arrorw an their powd of. Thepase of Moaes Stewart.
iltaUncet i for dOtma charged with murder, of which an in-
to tsb Tampa chap- dictment was found by tw -rand jury,
tWsany a&itance to- has been set for trial in Wedre.day,
Wad th~s. adding to January 5th. and a venire of twentr-
I ecosfort crf the old five jurors ordered, returnable on that
alv The case of Lee and J. C1 McNnil,
n w d *Cta Hankton. were arMrirged and plead not
S i 'it da uilrty. This ca e hs been et for
a ll Hn M trup l on Monday. January r. and a
l e1r Pi lm, ru no speal venire of ffty jurors ordered to
a ours& Pilea, or no
ImolrUes d to orve ~-select a jury to try the ease.
Is "ted toIdt r The and jury has aq returned
a > g mreunded. t ^^ indictments asiist Tom Wil.
br For sale by & s m for order and Niolas Moo-
ceo for rape.

is n w a t o ' ._
c van cat A BXMTHA7AT rTIW e.

B. B,) 14 pftte and Col. Peter 0. roiht Olebratee the
.iU ates moad Animerary of EHs ttal Day.
lIds nseet Coli. rP a 0. Kieght ela oa oted ble
thirty-seooBd birthday last oveninK at
hmwl hoel Ma iHds Park. ver mae
Umarriaea of Mr. and Mre. Kaihbt,
S about el*e ywr ag Mra Knight
l t' h"retted her bhbe nd and his frielda
r Y on to a iPlexid dtnow-Perty ip honor o
Barson Phialips ol .BAd
1ial. r r af ir a s elaborate .
s T tcold oA be w aell d the s os ooel and
h.)is wf s ne tareamd m t dihtfully.
i Y oF AT adoes re-so e of te aKsttemptiaga
^ tqltllbjr ment iab w ervw d and nqihbir im
o-- mlS e d wieoh comld add Ltothe eojoy
Slt lt. T "ain Bof th IwLMts. The vwrlal see
SN .---d t ei"O rope the arliite i heani.
S aibrt, anw.i work of Mrs. Knight wbo exaei in
daIS&lB. ehawd Ia lainosg. No more delightful
b a eate Utatlere, tha Col. aod Mra.
Sg e Kibha ever beeo known in Tam
lpa P.sooty.e. oo'bis occasion they
w m thorougly theBs.eles. The
e o" u ed tumb eae aond wa ere, Judge
a H Ban Phillitp Col. J. B. Andernon,
7'Y'li ORl~_ C4L A- J. Boardmana, Frank Brueen, W.
A Varty, jr., C. C Wht allr, P. W,
i S arihm Sith, John A. Hansborouqg, A. C.
LW C t-a lelsid G. D. MuMeaing
,, i i t To -y that twade ooetiD ood
qb5 larif wiht T. X. Bush Co. iadmiw4Fn it toe
Tey- it AL bethe public bha inveeti

r t s offreId ia lorisda, the rog
tr l Ve tor and J eoods, at 4 rate that
tWNrW.B toOeasroat the Otook, aud
S sdde doti it were not kept co.

5 J. Tiger, booked torand eda.
*Dr~i.J~r A t 0 of mes g tley review of m e

Bt U otpch o w a yrfyem.

'I iL C U11110 1o1189161 1"


Thme ttal oBenwie wowM whar-
rt oa mmarrut tad by Jede

tthe murder ws Ph miiTy T m-
sata ut mae w me weie

deta um tmot arm f aM by t Ibl
neighbors. SES
The ooly other butter bfore the
court wu sa he ruing oe tme ttsbh
meoot case of the First Natloal Bank
af Tmunpa vs R. RtBau, a sit for
POOO. The plaintiff wa rpremoted
by O. B Spark man ad the defendant
by Peter 0. Knight and C. C. Wbitsia-

The trial of Beoe St. John. cbarldu
wit e the urer nf Phillip Thomp,
o Key West e on ovembt 2, winll
ame up tomarow moriet anord will
attratu caiinrahi atttnuoa.
Durtin the day Jim rn osao e, who
wle itdicd f. r murder, a browgh
iAtoe oort anJ tbrourb his attorney
mveri fur ac untinusaoi. The motion
tm gruoed anr d t h e defdant was r
'mended to jill.
Nicola Muccoaciaro, an Italian in-
dieted for criminal assault ws ar-
rairied and pleaded sot guilty. Hin
ease was set fnr trial on Monday, Janu-
ary 10th and the -heriff was ordeed to
-urmon a -ppcial tenure of fifty jurors
rrom which twelve men will be Tieected
to trythe case. The venire is return-
able the day th e i&e is et mor trial.
After being out for seeral hours the

the warurt
Bwag toward l E BLLTrns.

Getting ready For the Winter-
Poatae of lteert Noted.
pa.ia i Carrhspondenoe Mornlge Tribune.
S e. Brengie, or Tampa finished
muvlny r the rra d s:andon the Beile ir
bicfla track, which wasr moved twelve
.Ifecti hck r ,mi the teack to give a bet-
ter vievy t tthrie in the grsad atand.

intr a house.
'r were elad to egret Mr. J. W.
.Rob.rts lromu Tamp. He wsahaking
hands with friends en the tretra nad
waS last seen behind R ae pair of blay
roieg towards Cleerwates. Long may
you live J. W.. hop tn to see you ofter
In our burg.
We are having atbhin but'fair
wether over ao the Wet Coasu at
Fisrbla from the pier W never bet-
ter lan now, mackerel, grunts, red e h
and dounder are being taken n iburge
C. E. Hoadley, maunar of Mr.
Plant's lreuert bere is qrlte buily ise
gIged gettUo ererytblog ian hap for
the amlg seamsa.
Mr. Kibrooa h ha fitted hie stable
out with some rte t-em for the hotel
Mrrvia. He baa some fine bgfry and
carrtge hones.
Wee muay naw faces our straits
We are looiong forward wihbieaah
pieuare to tue return to Belesir of the
circuit chanwf4 for the winter.
ree of OChua to Sulfbe .
Cut thi out and take it to your dnug-
iat ad get a eaple bottle free of br.
Kinl'a New Diseovery ifor CoMuomptio,
Couglh and CoMld. Tbey do not ask
you to buy before trying. Tb will
show 70 the grer t merit of thie truly
wonderful remedy, aod how you what
aan be aoemlplised by the regular u ge

bottle. This ia no experiment, and
would be dmastrous to te psopWla.,
did thy not know it would invarably
cure. May of the bet phyiolas are
aW using it In their prntiee with great
result, mad re relylun onI it In mot
severecasesIt as uaratead. Trial
bottles free rt Le irdl & Co.' Drug
Store. Begaltr ae Ooatse uad $.
"In a amlte onedoee of Harst e-
sece of Glger will relieve a.y eo
ary case of Cole, Odampe, or Nause
As meMxaeuld easmdy for Dearr*e,
COelea 'Merbms, Baeuse emegplaiase
sef a lateral p-al. Fer e* by
Mai. ms KDaM' Puemny, Oesti.l
rim m ara I stages, *ad Tamp

asaeN he tea sib the .o .tIrb
em aeh imWW-.0k as s~e Ba.

i ."^,m^^^^^^^^

Is the most imp~~ item

liable, Qck-A ctinl)!io

The Sesa B 8|

s am t&&Aheg .-' fuD f0t6 6
oieAcM Phpheos, Nitrate of So.dC..
11 agiculcnatal t he icals and materi s
rite for prices an ask1 for oar boqkfWte
She Ideal Fertiliers.

"Pig' Foot" braBlod andBod p J
i^^AOL Alb.^

sirotj!" Ve! % tin?.
Theminsta k( ep ef the seeswoaog
uysm.kO(pad), rl / *ii

5b aenl~.tsen..OhudLit55l. 'm~.... seayrE W
sbsm an -tome mm rarm EIR
A, ..."R rdl4 it.~
A New.bI b iL ad I

roomFoot of B =5weMJ4 ho ds"aeb Vsia


.JAocksonvi~o, P~a~kl, 8nordn
m I4pdingsoathdo S6.7

ttAW. W. 7-4.~
i~rs i~d~arllr ... .r..;.?............... .,,,;
IGoenera P M selismin andTiamket Offfoea 304

U. MCIh.i

tbset waist-- an staLti eloaa t~i

Cabred -, iOmx

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a Cual

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'; ; 1' I ., "i'

diad, 'Ali r ih tOdayf ad the defendalt will know her to their de otion. Yben he
as rest---aun ar

wta >achheahtlns- golxttutnat nt rofyoo l110w begunandentinued C nTil She boar of provided. The steamer, with Blia
Ti v"a W L1 Oa epa* O

rtoeh b wo u r ._ e l.. d h .p order bythe attorneyy: Jud re J. H. center board t rai ed andlo eedbya
eibe eb -o*tnblg 00- and wud nte -ptb ane the a-t
Sys r a e.t e; as Attyor- the wa Thiser from e tanks the

th.' affair-.tiee u h e g na .il with-himad f t nnode ti aer for h ; eorge esse are b t of steel a a
a tthon wade b~e, h it t Hrs of, and e stat Hon. . Mcfarlanme for Mr. Appleton ma oneor h p di jeo r
tf :t.Jo rosectchb onen wotep hiy- a of rhiacqe aro, u be loaded onme
.' c ss e- Tesng w mac. rceir e saier as ingS the bense an of ha c ool. A lre hp ae from thes far sut
!ifdt 'll thot R n saiy te defendant will know her v esee to Laer iart iao Eie n in

^_ t. ..th were dcigiadd wThelma Earle and Ae soon as itgt ome grt expect ts that the introduction of betis
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0 e w t ought you p30o1 Thbdefense closed its side of the cae and croase the bar a lare cent r board
]OF Vile y ied me *ina wserd guing to drisk at a0:s0 yesterday morning and tben is lowered and water 1 taken into Jair

4ft a .blted L-fDr. any more l a t e h hatu wtoula Othe arluennd a ts a d the attorneys wers haml her with which the ver sls re
ti gemt wieh t he sh ao the egatin Phil i am on the yow begunJd con tinued otil te or o provided. The steamer, wmith bi
I i l~jCd .O thae t m s m an ll i not a nice woman. 'rou

told t a- wasn't e odo anves;t hinp d to p ten dj oor ment last night. The arge r tll i u-~ec is then

Wepo x cent Pheborhsilt ^ei e weti the enrS
t'W b s at'iw an boomn ,, r toid o eeim. bsid the defend t furl. T ddrese Frai .k liart-i- e r IG -W]Z. -h
| .agry cease i bed OU need. tad tant her! will go down mor tat dele.deWe w a. te saliilebd pl y
. byou, aD.I d m oj shoulrr dayou l the tugs to me ape were mtade it n th he urolrin u s

matoi.' this said: l.oot hae behalf of is client. A Pretty Wedd rn a ft Plmant ity
lP.e lt tlestifled that R t, Ill kiek you-,----im ous S ta he Atorney lt atl e th a o a e e a o he ia nk he
ifi r n. k- lf il Thompson "I said, hat to that?'L EIning
_.O 1. xl i-e.t a 'rg l ttsit rd d ith iml& ea e dressed the Jr ury, going th refelsarly il s l and r
o b a 't1r a likee killionnmyself. After this we Raney, jr, barry Peeples and Louis la e freight capacity

h lto The defe oant a hat, s he turnd 1 timony tha tdin atd the aent cC the w tier ceno ne o pretty wedding ast
i blow hi ead ,h w jloW and tQ e r.w ppleton pistol defend ant to til Pilp 'ght h ws at ded by njecrs
cros ex fTe rom g which cthompn d dra wnfe ie ng the defense nde Cold tt i Palmtr for of The ship canal from the sountrat
wT1e skillfully ^ b ons% ; e Scdojhn smud htth in the state t b m end of Lakle Mchigan to Lakte Erie fad

SI t e- el de ge when they w r in Nasho out a ce nd a3l, d t el a erdit iEare p oanda e n a as i t ar A b me gel e
tde da t Wile Tmpftr. O enked rst ha- apect that the introduction of

ig no d thet i qt contained a csrt- of guilty of maoelannr ter. ie arg- daughter iof G. W ells, and r.- J.
Wat e, oa a d. r ment was s as erl3 t e a!d his Kniht onourt rorn tlledof with innight.ted
T a elsa.e br, t I Iu dop to hyou," at edrnetnes and el oqndlce was m at he orwei n geal pla urr teanal as. tui
to tial y i the h e ie rarn the fI. The pil fa oraby cda en ed upond te Ir al b le ws le.
ad to o n at d potItilng" he arms Gorge tP. Raney, jc., ard arrt y e Bil o d ecart it fTor c s h*dp
Io.r nodd Ph l, Phll th ate P oen teowpe o ttee ehd f t ee ur,, se anda t ers

Seen sum- thing we it off d' e o y briefly presented their views of th ever reens. Tie wedding match at
it o te 6 t that rd e He! u hae shotme cas coten g that the state bad I play ed t e rtby Mrs. P. E. Gregory. A
ft p0The Phw al1ip theatold how abhe as-e

o so s d that she did not mea r failed to prone thot the hlling was the ceremony a reception was hel a

S t .m and that ae udid not not accidental. Then Latoi Harris of the P residence of the -brid ao p nte
e1 t a. 'ol wa' lonided. Se told Key Wena t, wo lhas rere ntep the do and wi s attend IWed by a large nunt
Su ouse to getfl Y him up irT ad fendant from the taime of the t f eor r o frdeiens o thwae youg Te couple

i frr ap om bleeino g to hate aI bearr- a eal a to te inpathv w the w he e joy and happi s in hir
teoB r tst y ex sa a ni came. Seo toldj. T St Hewenttho rbl tter eidn e in de- j re n y W through lfe. e t y
kediPhil fer him util S h e tail andr d c ttention to t he ompeaco- Mr. W tEod Mrs. TgKnight will go to Nn.

t o: of oa home. Sthe iid mit of the tlte's pnipal the w evidence and p g il at.the first of an ch u aryh atnd.
lead e Eoa- ih e s t st o hatr ar aeio tiroo the pmica theid in enat the e thereens of t a Mr. K ht weddinrh a

So pateeh amounts of dant wie c aten tled ti te di f I ot edore t a medicinal college.
O e of her guilty ndd andin a burst of e arrn of e .e rsd o8W f eW M briDeWG .p
Iblow his head noe sndt nota Hn. e. B. Macfa itol defendantaeosed the A Popu a Youg night i s ate d by .opeai

etata be e tmu tt ~, ard g u .en ts fo the p mo. te ano ry od is- fr id tyo cup r
from which hhomp s wie, had sted that the jury a dlio thW eell r find i hand rao ae d hi.e. hie nor ..
W.o drawfrom terd athe dt cam his wifSe and t in th e deendat nor d guilty ora vtoiri oft i he weddru g thi morni g t Y ~ls
at a fie.m adtit mhe murder in the freatnegi. Its c tor- oloc at the r C t. oJicchsanh ofd M r .

e thd wife.r th a~t shed hot He daookaL the defeno~so cta tant a Edward [D. Fitzgerald snd Nina Afa ish a-
g l"ol d and *t b aIt ontind h oared of mas guilty ofa er wdlt r t e r I Mac- eaar ns of that gatu.re ever .led
e t &A sid: mert was a madteT ar his ht son o o f n gln

eD.- bI Thet .w eddi. i farlane spoke for nearly tW o seout-A and under the Yoong i!t t edi le .of. l
..p y Sh e.wh Onhestand up doto the hou," at earestes and eloqae t t as Th d ia .
to tnofyoim thrleda e tol be day. The cndatl dfaorabl commented upon t. of he eremodno y ts oeroraledg a by .

m y he u de today .d tAst the conlsip o u lr. aafar-t Miss Laldne tea Fi utifeld and gult*SrA
sHe.was led nto s he r Sherseg la re e tden .atls aersca Eal B anert. The church ws ion
t dna.. ma-nt nvorable rneamnts wre beard ren extended aqo i an ed ~ u uldar
~ a ao an ~ ao nd'lli* s tad:,'*' ubPhi l, that, Peeples followed for tne e f a-n b and prettily d beurated with flowers

ftd been m- hingtr o rt to cs brie' y presented their oirs ofeerge P. er ieas o. The edohodin match -n as
not pmicei lie ,-e Y-ou hav e shot me." case, contending that he state ad played by Mrs. P. E. OG regory. an 'ter

Sf. '" telt othe id hlo snht failed to prote that thra aekiia. s te eremon a reception was oeld,': at
e- hlln tatin that the didsupreme not manslau ler such as enLoui ste atr- t rsdece or the -brdet j par. t-
ia. h )j it4tol. wasml aded. She t n oey e t, who has re res wanted oe de. grd w is attended aby a large nui ert

ted o o geh to ennp po the as wir of that te wman would e ent o thortu the friend Is of Tampahe you g plded
a saf haereoso to innotate affair, began hies address to the wies hed thet ojego and happiaes in teira
_.i r tazxte s him utentil he tail an d called t w en bsc to the dmpeaa d Us no t g to
red .PW doctor thatshe sbot He took the position that t ot d en- side there until e Mr. Knight finished a

s pealed to the 1fubeey to qsu it his el ienb L

Trat y M ay of New York vs. the negroes. Mr. Peieple-' .r-g Iuent year ago and s ayounog man tnoa 1ery
ll lsu Eleti Light and Street "howed that he had gi%-n the casect re- forcibly reflects credit on the riJnr
w-BattfasJtt wa" 'lomtpaulk i "d the Tampa ftu! e ..ideration' d- C ;pealt t the ieneraion. The happy couple .-ill
w *Ell -Bburba Railway company. jury was vee ry rciii e leave immediately forsavannab where
Pht Fh .lbe .a ,preseted by Wheion court aunytn~ed .t 7:1O, Hson they will in the future reside, carrying
i bL. Stackl ef & et gill and iit object Thomas' Palmes began hi-. arguhuent, with them the be-t wishes of their
1 h &ais 66i otli Jude Don A. Pardee, t.e closiog address or the prosecution., numerous frien4s for a loog and -pros-
JlE Mt, he United Stas A large number of persoons were pres- pertous Lfe of domes0ie tranquility,:
5t-Kurtbs eso caie before the s .u- eit to listan to MW. Valmet and beful-
i to preme oprt for his'action in grant'ug ly sustained his reputation as an oratr Broke H AAm.
it rW asremtraiing order ao4 appointing'a and a lawyer of ability. Having tthe The litte son of Cbief'Harris othe
re fqp r apgplcatiqp of the plar! closing argument id considered to l- Tampa re department met witb a se-
m it'wa tiff o fasnj T;qis aippealto dpays b a great advantage and Mr. cident last ndiht that resulted i:bl
e..' T Un id'sitate*jn it coou of af- Palmer not only reviewed all the evi- anrm beia.g broke,. hs little- .ilow
to ieal- pt e Orlapme an4thiseffort'to deoce but did it iu such a manner that was playing on the book lad dader
0'*ret ; e'-the/ IepraRe con T has eveuithoa most'sanguine ofr 1 verdict t-uck when befell to the ground i 'ith
-B l ami e stotg~54i will behLd of acquittal'before le began were far his arm doubled under 'bleh W inhen
S t i Jaary:. from convinced bhatAitch wold be the I picked up it was found that bse ~arm
SOa ming. resulwhbes he.con.lpded, was broken. Hie was amrred'bome and
S.Ad ar..o te great W The last.proceeldpg was the charge a docaor.summoned and at last"' re-
4" trtol.r C .. J-ora UM c ts o tle jury. I was clean ports was doing aicely. The sameArm
Bis o"e}rtisf a logicl anal i partiW as l y has been brcpep. tica before.
EHoe f l di mhent atr- ehbahe coaid well ue, T)uaO wee w T.- e'regelar bi-2woekly hop fI".th.
ncd iscity ayItorey. Every il- 0hea given to the.jUy and A ju. ry Ore ceot citob wat given et ni~Ut
.citaey me r tod dei T wil atno a
" a or ty mtlab Isc u r TO tt"-handeime u-ooa of t""a club.-Tbs.
p hs exuev-' & k.Oo us hit Hb1?f'5IV' -t wb Rls0 rswi attended by ; :O6
S4.on al- Death of J'. I .Sekiaod cityy set lDd the viroltoh er--e y
a leTad 3J 3 Jd L6J, l. Staulapli, ormsby s*ot Port- edilteralaed b# tite *meae*rs-* .o
aIB5c yTkmpUhyp a aS.twhaUeMeiOaWin.ampa, dtinb.id4B e4s- are lWayi
SWW died atB Ii^< s k ay aptaiBgt events aed *to-oae lmap4Oe^w b t
aL_ honq iest ~lttl~ ideB rit .miya o"%i eP__ 4 ..
S- . a. ,a h -ft a^ IM iB i. d r-bpim- t a aR e.ia I at jW rs e
he lum060 AM -whm- WrW H. Fflteodmd

Honorably C pudnatf
Lofty ictCon iption,J.
0 nipotent i
Splendid in (lrganizat
The purest, Cleaest, Migh
Men Institution

Circe, Nus,
Three rings, half mile iA .: trck
phenomenal acts,05i Clowa, 0 b
acres CanvMA, 10o,A seats, O,500 empla
a drove of camelsa 15 open d ,a heac.
daily expens.. iCtl,3, K3,0lO
The Greatet Per emer s the

$10,000 Chaieng Act, T ,efswta-
Martefls, 1Bi0ycl SI YF< B g
Statuary Artists The San4blr
Principal Mle Female
Bar PEit i Df Le..
the headL bi Gamd
by 3 Siste- aa i .e

i .- gl .-.-r ) f'?

ad t. dS. l esp B6a amSep
A. triumph a, rt.
ftfect,. gthff e
every line of a ve g
dlaappotnts "t i,

. .. r.,.' -., '*> ;,,

!- '

"l,'" i^A ^s ^S-~~~TL

mid'ortrftha ^
splendid -8
fi. d flu
cur ridai N f
fine ^^

b uq ati|F*

"AI tlfc
...^ H-
.? K'ra:

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