Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
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Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Uniform Title: Weekly Tribune (Tampa, Florida)
Physical Description: Newspaper
Publication Date: December 9, 1897
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
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S-ably nlared. supervision of W. J. Williams, has for
Sa tie a .d lna br 1 br 1 The Tampa Bay otel was the Arst of some time past bpen emooyed in clear-
. .. orfthe hous% o d ) Pi S resort houses to be built. iJg a trct of land here of it native
i'C ee $ :ot t ason be' -!This modern I*al is of Mooriah de pine:and palmetto, wish aciewr f lay-
To Two aw and earm its stately walls from log out no elaborate system of race:and
Bd 1AS^ t >eit Am* oentre of a ale re ground of some bicycle tracks, bas ball and cricket
be low be Ulawn, grounds.
Sb m placed Tbe bos i s ver 00 feet in length, The race track is to be 50 oeet in
S SWt bes e or for tbhe Iaon. P3 Ad, from whatrer point it may be width and wfll be half a mile long.
*Ant >rway s Mv ell rady viewed, preents a splendid appearanc Upon its inner side will be located the
hohMd m large br of promnaMt ~ng, s it doe,- withits giltting bicycle track, which is to be a quarter
b p e.pt for b se w ioh ro Sewers and minavets, 160 feet above o a mile in length, and a splendid sys-
S!* o .of.he s o ea sea 'l ia lbe te shrubbery n which it has bben ten of golf links will complete the
-"*' h e eraee pOraced. Improvements contemplated in this
blaa s lwa been made a parMi- The massive walls are of brick, with direction.
g sta s m on srut., w ail m i see I el beams, aee upon solid cqncret The erection of a commodious grand
Mr M m Vely or as d ta Marhee, and ares oompletaly tre-proof ttd and other club buildings upon
ir reia r w io b u human igenuity ad skUl can the southern sade of the grounds will
Sto %I B kthem. APictureaqae andspro mi give the aeosesary- scoamodation to
the ,BfaQ tfeure of heI house ar the beani- thos forI whosee beeflt the new race
al aroaess tha ornament tbe broad tak is deigned, and the addition of
u hi otI w vst e t ehisat featre tbthe long Iltof
b wltderibar tap -y a"tv sen. rTbe attytone already posaesed by this
wawi e ina s set, hboel, e hardly aS to iriee traIs de.;
meg. t p9 = 0 9 p o im i O f. -be btt y t te -



how :

" 11 r

S PA BAY'S T RIUMP aris Fountains casttheirspray upon
S the velvet sword or this enchanted
. M I* ground, where streams and picturespue
Sbridile, mineral springs and silvery
bathing beaches, all lend their attrac-
yesterday were those of Frank C. de tivenesa to the scene. Pleasure boats
ntf r e 1asur0 Palace Sullivan, New York; I. G. Erwin, lauonhes and stesamyachts lie at the
s Pleasure Palace New York; W. H. Hendry, New York; wharv that line the shore, in redi-
SOeoe A. Partridge, New York; lMrse, ees for the fortunate guest, who flsds
M. J. Alfred, Chicago; Dr. Sollace on every hand something to tempt him
for Another Season. el. acksville; leader abroad feweather; and for who
Brelm, New York: Emil Sterne, New edlflcation and enjoyment a new world
York; G. W. Adams and wife, Thono- of wonders seems gradually unfoldiug
tosssa; A, il. Adams. Worcester, One ofi te churacterlit-tcs iI hi-
aAT lC I M s Mrs. C. Helen Dormer, Bos- modern pleraur! la.ce ai tb he round
ATISTICS ON TH SYSTEM ; E, Irwin Joyce, Philadelphia; In its perfectionu of detail and Its :,Ii..
SHenry H. Barratt, U. S. navy, and i.ieot ve.r nianagemens. The Tampa
S wif, Danbury, Conn.; Jas. late, Bay hibotl may justly be deicr.bed as a
Balimore; Dr. Rent O. Foltz anl: woid with.n itelf, anld Lie touristwho,
S f Wointe Resorts that Have :i^, of A ro.'Ohio; Vincent Guerra, for e tlrt time, inspecir the elegant
o t eq W interR s orts .Have city: M.B. Macfarlane, city: Ptr0.... ,s.de
.M acfarlane, city Peter alertmrsts en susie, that are set aside
..-4 A. Klbnight, city; George R. Macfarlane. for the I1e of families, and moves along
Be Added 4t the Glories of city; W. A. arty, i., ot. ( D the specouscorridors that link togeth-
.. a. tMn ir city; J. W. Rob*lf. aa ie tr the nobe apartments that fnrm the
STrjanso r ti on and Tour- city: F. Bruen aod wife, cit. public rooas of the house, finds him-
SPI ANT'S PALATIAL PLACES self upon e threshold of a new world
Sem Of South The house has the air-the atnos-
Sre -eat Railway and Hotel System phereand repose-of a private man-
SEpitoie. sioo. The four quarters of the globe
Epitonied. have been ransacked to deck its apart-
iiP TERSELY.AND TOPICALLY TREATnED aWhatever else may be sjid .r Fiir ments, and nowhere in the Unitel
ES TERSELY AND TOPICALLY TREATED Flora, her hotel an railwa s-rr Stalescan richer or more artistic fur
Swaterways and roadways-urn certainly niture be found than that whicn has
beyond comparison and above criti- been I laced in the long range or apart-
4e Which NOW Elmraces In Its Limits the cism: and nowbere in the sttte--no. ments that occupy the ground floor of
wheee in the entire South-can be the hotel. All that modern science
aod the Most Attractive Resorts ka All food a more perfectly-equipped rail. and art can supply-all thatwealhb
way system-a more luxurious list of can com-mand-may here be found; and
r-Det1ae d Description and Illustrated winter resort hotel.-than those for- ie broaest conc.. ea.tle range of di.
ever identified with ithe name of Prp-i- vorsuty in iecor.itiir and furnishing
SOn the Popular Pleasure Pehinsular.. eot. B n. ,t i t. t be-n combe I with agood ate
- [ robabl no n ir v cor'py.lhen.v th ti.iv v\cst little to be desired.
eNtd h s >r- acbeme of rn,-rVii-mtnrt and of trans-
lea ned yeer- Plut's rat pa q in beMdy ar- partition h.a e-r r., ,, nd Ie OGRANDEVU OF TRE GROUNDS.
ben t oteo- a Le I bereft itt.e ia-tiainus "erid-of-the-
t ProhDaby na Isuu* il ltbe entire coun- ctury" t S.b.e p try can uwa;tstoeelr t.,i- rooms s0o ei- ite iexitnce to the unerripg argnctt. a Pesdect ne.
lrarl.h ~b.- iBntt-o..coapltell- did Faultes-as the the indomiitnble will and the vih ex- tur has e r oral
lMlf with 's p" BaYs .0I eshtedy as the" peediture of Henry Bradley Plant. fra selected y Pst
Swit hSOW parutmenclt Iyglisteeing in te Sopetchingouti re an frame-selected by Presa.0t Plant Ca
she thig aut i; ralprprlate eating for his grea
PLted wiLL sbn ehinr of r F'lrila winter, tbhy steel from SButfi Carinlna ts. Foria-- pleaur el palace- nd from the water
S thlreW bck fIrm' a thousand Oface1 of hlialh r t geter by a thiu and pusi.ng edge the groups bbar th- lmpres uf
pl bl.i t Sp* raho l an ny and gift the light arteries of commerce Ine fir-clad ,ePps native charm and beauty h &,me u
16A t elt thbrtgh the broad windows of Nova Scotia with the emsslrp, l te finest ieks that ever sertne Ibte ir
vt-es Id asbadourb t be rm4rubbery in which bills of tropical Jamaica-th, lines of rseis gt sb's the ser i of ther
the. U e le isemw6ore, the Plant'System efrm one of the gre te ,l b, e found here, and -
"-;. : "'i-- ff!.v R CC t ,ors of modern .. ....:, ... "ru oy..o
it E acrr fastrs of modrerben trasrtaoi dt.paind p have een"red to utiliz- to the
A edis e E rhat-. Thketno lies have been spared to it must forever be a matter of colgrat uunst such natural adv ntags a tie
eat of the peop- rive the Tampa Bl i ts usual attract- ulation to every ci4en of Tauapn--r~, pot origiaaily possessed.
-* I s J need ha4ely be easd. The nusul every man who4 as t heart rhe future he lawns and fowergarde tat
'18out Florida-that this city has The lawns aud flower gardens that
Soind. oed, all exteseae. corpes of fa&staats has been of South Florida-that this city has surround the hotel are among the most
s dlteiboms, eid for the e o, sod th cuIslne been selected as the southern ermins elaborate in te South, and their codi
'teyl ad ever Mad service %re. as ,s matter of course, of this great railroad system, and that tion says much for the artistic percep-
;nd se t- to bkep at their sal ht level. te bribtest ewel in th litternar- tio and good taste of Anton Feie,
Sray of palatial hotels that have sprung the accomplished head gardener. who
up as by magic along its lines. has been has since the opening of the Tamp
setin bowers iof green above the placid Bay otel, been trusted with the
waters e d ofateH totpl rBy Hotel, been eptrusted with the

Swaterhs ofn the eHllrborofugh.
srs the B ic C d h rough harge of the property Three large
The Plant System list of winter e-e
sort houses is now a long ne. One green houses are kept constatly in
Sehoel aftr another has blen s rad tlly requisition, and their contesas are iu-
hotel after anothr has teen gradually fdicionsly employed in the decoration

acquire d until today the traveler who of these h and the adjoining grounds.
eters upon the territory of the system in impossible ith i ats of an
at Ocals may pao by gradual stages article of this description to give any
from the Brick City through the lake- adequate outline of the picturesque
gemmed gladee of Winter Park, whereaoaa o e th b pe .
the hnms-rhk Seminole stands amid itf uroe ground that lies about the hotel,
goMves of orange and myrtle-past the and in whose winding walks antd
broad praries of Kisimmee, with the flower-decked alleys the lover of the
hotel of that name mirrored is its beautiful may find muoh to claim his
mous take--oath-to Beileair, where attention. A large force of men is
S the picturesque Hotel Bell-view tempts keptt constatla employed under the
the delighted wanderer, and thence on competent supervision of r. Felbe,
-to Punts Gorda, where soother stately who eyery day adds some sew feature
structure, dedicated to fin de asicle to the long list of attractions that have
luxury, rears it~ white wallushovethe been developed in'his domain, and
waters osfthe Gulf; uatil in returning, whose condition is today a living tee-
the picturesquelon at Port Tampa ise
reached upon the very thresholdoftbak omofial to his skill and capacity,
eowning glory of the system--that
lSt elpre slon of modern extraVegtance THE RACE TRACK.
aed luxury-
A Fine Feature of the soLn D e-
All this may be done by the up to-
a d" m.e tourist without once seppisg be- A notble future of Preident
yend the treebold of the Plant System, Plant's program for the winter, and one
t '-p where be w!ll along the limes hdl- to which public attention cannoot too
,!o o sted, te to t fnds himself the often be direct, is to be found in the
goeat of Pretidcot Plant, and whatever axtenete improvement that have
vikatirM le Tatpa Bay iad Wem k be may do, he is nbrtaln to return bee I naugrated in the ground s im-
i tos suompany. florida and hen pouitiltitee consider- A large force ofnmio, under te

old time life and splendor, thronged e-
i ath apleasure-loving people, with an h
budance -of everythu to appease
the pleasr appetit.. t he
Mr. Plant bsow that ietoyage was upn
& plat one, anadfl noi b he
as been surrounded bf many friends, imCe
prbm he left just logesnlyto I
h)e writer an oatliae of hfs arfl
SMrs. Jobh B. J6ees gave oe -o hrar
deligbtfal muPasalea last evesu ba the

eao0, ad erpopi am progreoing
,ap dly. i
B. s. McLean, apromSionet apsagiUs
of Chicago, and wife have arrived
the city snd taken upi their reestieee
4or the Wiater at thel pai.ail titame
yt Myrtle Bea. ,

think you cam%" i, r ,^
A61n 6 -i -.S..Asa -d -ASf ind T

- 7

L r

P ldeat Plat Retrs FMD- fis Al
-i, abu Trip.a

Are Graphically Rcsounoed fr thoi
enefit of the Tribunes Reades the
javaa's Gayety ApLauently Un- a"
impairedd By the War.

i'he steamship Oliveitseeased uto
pqr yesterday afternoon f a Lana.
her every tflg flying gaply ia the soft #tt'
Florida breeze from over ithe swellaungi
bosom of beautiful Tampne bay,
S.?Distir.euished among her pameager
wfs Presijent H. B. Plata, who bas
ben away from the city onAce Monday, .
basking in the sunlight of the city of C d
Etalsna. sni
Plant was reen in the ratuoda of B
tbea'ampa Bay iotel last aight by a
Ts~aa reporter, and speaking ,of -his "t
tri he said: s
S was a most pleasant one to me. som
W rr;ved in Hayana hbabor Wedpas-
daY orpig at sunrise just as a Span- opera
ib gate was firing a alute respon- TI
sivn the cathedral chimes, ringing eas
out honorof the feast of the Im- O
oao. ate Conception. All during the and
day e sweet tones of the crimes were- sad
waf% over the city; keeping the eele*- s5
bralt n in the minds of all. to ti
". e forenoon I spent entirely ashore, play
maid a a ,businew way the city was Of C
dul, But it has always been ob just a li
thls ime of the year. The same gay nor
iehropga were to be seen on the streets,
ho rover; and one could scarcely ee teb
wmy signs of the war. The only war- T
te scenes I loand was the castomary",oe
;frade of the volunteers on the parado a
I ith a concert by the regimental bltd irtl
fo front of the Hotel Pasaje. aPW
'All of the hotels in the city, the tor
asaje, Ingleterra, Roma, Telegrao uel
Sod Mascotte, the leading ons, are all to
open for buioeas and are giving their be"
ame excellent service." b
"The manager of the Payrel Opera
Bouse told me," continued Mr. Plant. of t
*that his new company from New bO
York had arrived and opened up the of d
season on Thursday night to an auda wit
once of 2,00, and to one that is certain- and
ya plain inaication of the condition tiod
6f affairs. I toeTacon Theater is ne- a
pecting a troupe from Europe, which
will remain during the entire season, -o
while the Albirn is playing a Jpano~is h
opera company, as is the new C er P
vaotes. The Yrijac, a summer garden. woe
is playing a Cuban troupe and all do.
tpg a satisfactory business. TI
',All that seems to be needed to make rem
hbe festive season complete ia .gay oHa.-
vana is the customary bull fights, and
( fe famous Mazzantini. A Span.-
ish bull-flghter is expected to acrive di*a
during the first week in January, and iato
ihe season will be on, as he will immie-' eWv
diately engage in a number of thesee, "
thibrilling contests wtth the finest bood.' -
d beasts that are-to be food. Several ,'
ghtse haive takes plack already, bet .wil
they are but lnsifoifoaet when cod- o-n,
pared with the coming u vent." ''. n b
Mr. Plant looked into bhe attlebbM- .
nes somewhat while an iaba and said R
tlsat he learned that a groat dea.l ofdie,- tedi
.atisfaction existed over the tbuazente wbk
From Floridaowing to the tfet that the d.f
atle were crowded too psnleh in shfp. dd
ping, and arrived :o bad -opdition.
This, he said, also applied to she Texas a-
sbipments. -at
- "Mow^"sald Mr. Plant, in concissilo, 'yr;
"My obieration ia that Hava is go- -
ngr to be a gayplace ths wflter,. The
preparations certainly' Indioate Is
mubh, oand thoos who vmt the otty will
Sodits sreet ia spleanid cooditiM on
rnd the oity full to the brim .witss its utt


nagPool n

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I aod+Igsves thea'
ii bseimet hefoes 31
" as- APeO, 0-1

wele or&mtelol~
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w to Ole es fotde"1
Iam off iS.poo l ar
its wiek~waisacjsm
Ioemdsd brsandids
&be droassos' sind '"

sa "Piecs-W4n~
e can beaukscfull

ra bow&lh~

he pcroctiu law*
Dwe; ten ofoatrhe fp
I a aeta e, med g a er i b

p- hibewA buen mO
be the sommkMr Il *0

9wdaitiam Lad &3eW'q
inr bwa bem 49,mO~

Mti jallys-d Open, .00
ptlwerMof T"
thei~ esaela~jlamsm#bat

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b [o.", wam
wunr Swm isI

the astlecauda~
01 aINdab b

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t The oe~o~

Mal below l. la
aldeot P aatAwstaflhu
o be lts tha ~ b.1hEF~

onhe am Azad

vtj4eif n the so",

'0 to eWezpsee0Uas"

Is at. Zbe e'

aneD1 sa -liwbl'
r 4a05 Objoeo
Ia IdlAg o
*stf eh~ us b~iqt,

oheidfit setsiiriji

O.... Z T lPoor an Weak a40, Weak
ift W I wiknGGS in New York in the steetio. to be Catasrf and B5onchrAl TIoule- 'Jornatwas devoted to an exhs a, v.
held in that State next yearasS well itad in Apptte5o 'wetla-p.S Sb. pecular and* ineh
as IM presidential election of 1900 is Eeaustibleresourees of lorid~a
a . thedivismou that has been made in eadeouldnotgetridof it. Be t5eba genera!ZasTampsand South 11
s pp. mthe republHcan ranks. 1 he republi- toestarrhand brmechial troubIMesEwgs da in particsr. The paper w -
"_ ean press in New York espoused the d ter b. s my l pps anptbiet sbeenafully hMaotuted with, cor.ue as -
Ts . e..as cause of the Citizens' Union and *ork. I bs. taking Hood's picteresqe msee an T the entire n as -'h ii
: TERMS bP SUBSCRIPTION: thereby shattiret the power of PlatO, rilla. In a short tme the cough d p. Licle wa wri ten a very feolerlm **tt Ia A dfelt. eA d a
J a.t. 7ei Sb ar ies but in so doing they pulled down the Pt i d"a"w ,e fa&cin aing manner. dii toll mrilotrie
De t.aan s .. ... da. temple of their party and lie togeth- springIwano~ woingweu, had nospJ.t -.*Ysy Now that the a gma fter
mo iy .... i er with Platt and his followers under petite md no strength. I resorted to 'winds are beginning to blow the s soew -Clnrh
S.......s ow.........- &- the ruins.,o about ourw ear, thoughts or suDID. _eJW h e
55ro l.A YER.1 Ther k n. d i a b kework. My Huk.nephbew waa s-dell- ,tu s au 061e y th, eeiidemi-t
W .RuV.u lS N .. dA YAR. Thi e'w York Sun, set adriftby d d d a hm which r'kies begin to haunt the brain' T tS
ami pirft is advamee. its frequently eccentric course sad bled him so he could not rest at night. t- from the blast hours of a noAh. art hi S
,edM p n tlonl-Me, seized the opportnni- and is able o s le di a wer are abloom, tnwhe birds og s SomI Thleat
operaionrit06wt;h" enderumeopha beepMT ersearewoothebirssigaer
lPam s l- nob py r, ty offered by the defeetion of the old Fx.ir South Duxbry, Mas. md the air soft md gentle, is to w ee s ,sd ,er
o eatbfn e ab dod e pue line republican papers like the Tri-e T S arm a y a soul fro harboring irn t h g
t ser e ade resm s be u and the Mail and Expru s and H O O S parilla sturdier north. ouponf. M.
5- I'P "OVLL .. espousedthe came of the regular re- IstheOneTrsABeiiprrler.Anurggsiss. "With aching hKgs and troubhs on blood nlyt CeUEoJto i W Ga
S 4s I nwhS eaulr te wiSe puiai-n- ..In s doing the un a od'8 Puis setheesarr-d r throats, shivering before theUe difsea 01ofallsancoes Sd.
|apb.eteet5teteih. served to widen the breach in the par- piblasts of winter, tam we to wbs Mr. T. A. W am aldin- .
b: ay. Decebr 99, IW7. ty. It habu made a field for its own TIThS TO OUR LANDS. there is balm and peace for these al. 5hant acdSpetanwmKs.Cmwrt ike Iia
Sa operatloU and will endeavor to keep ments. True, weof this latitude war
Ste is nosing around, ti d by holding the other proe the field by holthe DeLand rnaeltcturts. the blest of mesasind. The ywent 1
l ren ah old ptthe oo eri- sedl republican papers in the guise Toere is a subject extremely inter, rigora of our winters tends to confirm tm
...i. r pedal extremities in good of semi.mugwumpery. eating and important to the farming those sturdy const..tions wbih h t hw
ffILf -~ 'The antagonism between the Plait. community of Florida, and therefore come down tose from countless-ges' i jR x dS S
...-,-" faction and thorn who supported Low is highly appropriate to enlarge upon nations of vigorous Vikings and war,; one (I siRw l,
IS 16 yetrs ofinnmouous deae- in the recent New York City cam- in this journal. Reference is made riers of the shores ot the North Sea;- es
i Sage robbers in Neyada are paign is very Utter and is almost to the subject of titles to our lands. Here the geseiou% soil gives reeoed i --
lmag for a few lices of pros- certain to be carried into future elec- As the imperfection of the law now pease for toil mnd efort, and as& wt ZA ,i j
_" Lions. Even if it does not cause the stands-about half a century behind draw about the rearing fre-os- i- io a
;.e fIs no feasible excuse why nomination of two republican guber- the times-the door has been opened these days huddle close to the son
pl st*eerl atfe ltyhould notbe natorial ticktstin New York next to ingrafting on our body politic fines of the hot air register a 6 i ws
. ti.Mltisaitr. They all need it fall. there will be great disaffection what is known as "abstract offices," comprehend the biaesing of resitence *- -( (sss..Msid .ta ,
I te th payers demand it. on the part of the faction that fails and these have become a sort of re- where the cold i suclkently severe 2 sZGS
f a quinine capeule is worth ten to hold the upper hand in the nomi- cognized institution, and a very to confirm habits of thrift stand slundn. equma s
0p& in gold on tihe Wioodike, why ating convention. onerous tax upon the people who are try, and where thesummer's toil prdo.
bottIn view of te prospective republi- disposing of land. This should nott vides for the winter's comflot. S
hAm htul ito* r can division, it behooves the New be. a proper system, such as is in But not all are thus eqipped. Wr1!
mine with him to that re York democrats to preserve that same vogue in Canada and some of our Gentle borse are, alas, at times uttr and though sawfsSmlm t av t
^Tt.pei i mH ^ t.-, unity that won them victory in the states, afords a most complete index inheritance. And when tb is ti 5ktj4 _w Si taiS
fTbri*r@-onshundied sad twenty last state electiooL It behoovesthem, to every tract of land in the country, case we,- in many instances, seec, mwaunderfei1g --firsbhmo w-s "
a w in Tampas s ItAe further, to pretnt good men for the This is done by a series of numbers, some more salubrious chme where ie ioa2ti ,anbt* ?l5mm =
Sthenomtt thic is the most officestohbefiled. NoCrokerdomt. every conveyance as brought in is may escape the strain and trials incf. StiaLn S erh iW meal.ltim e S. ank ite
0ntl commercial city in Flori. nation of the party should be allow- numbered by a number correspond, dent to a winter passed on the shorV j t b S
'" "_ ___ _ed.cL The good of the national demo- [ng to that in the receiving book, and of the Great Lakes. To these tlce Vain, m tos. Thisren-. asek-es ,
Slte winter ounths roll by the cracy is largely Involved in the out- that number is carried to an index of Journal this morning offers alluring "" -
0Otp f Tampinxousaly await the come of the election to be held in all of the lots of land to which the suggestion of a land where the souQ p Ths -M Th e W4~ s s
of Mr. Edward Maonrra to New York next year. The condi- conveyance re(ers, thereby keeping wind blows; a land where the fruit I y.t havenoQ. .aia ofthe ~ m m.
aILy, ong of Tampa's chief bene- Lious are now all favorable to demo, an account, as it were, with each of the tropiu hang from stem and ib the only remedthetwi hr tMea eSserma Sts t atm
i --. cratic success and the party outside tract. It is on the same principle, vine and tough; a land here t bLe Stesr eofect uponCawm t a ..
needle hundred more such of New York appeals to the party and more simple, than single entry air invites, and permits, out of doe start on the adis s_ he the 0 r e cdi0as asnm l -, si
aonMr. H. B. Planted Mr. within the state to rise above Croker- bookkeeping. The receiving book exercise, and where so.hing comfort teean relying upet eal s tus e meant b t
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maske Tamps a regular New Seymour and Samuel J. Tilden and i fweV only had enough of them. select for their candidate a man who one wishes to know the title of the southern seas, where the fighting af ) will w wtMdausbe5
faer Ci an lead the party to victory on a land he owns, all be has to do is to sings her sirn song of nights; wheN tothecausee t .eS-hehloo..
fath e of Evag b nat Ciw a ros high plane. "get the numbers relating to the con- the pine woods woo with their slum- asdicf-'sotem' the dis.Ta m
sJmm t. fees, but wiL not be .. ..Swift' 4ecifr 31the
by thse United 8(stes. One Roasting the New York Sun for its veyances and at a glance find out brous song as the night watches ft,,l: whih eahe sstsulsm r s'e.
of .t thef o family I greenback policy, the Galveston how his title stands. Or the record- where the orange and grape sad cases;; it .camsC
-' '" - mNews says that he so-called paper er (there should be a separate officer) deecai on of th tro an: w ther f r the Se .
very-i apr ose. f f money used in the South and West is not as now the clerk of the tribe abound, and-where there ms lai- d ee tIt guawt
vya ousrf recp eompoedd mostly of national bank circuit court, for recording deeds, guor luxury and health; this is whith- Pg Vt ,
WiM S f ust be of an especial notes, silver certificates and treasury at least in those counties haying a er the pages devoted to Florid. the
iIH Sbe is wiping to retain the notes issued, under th- Sherman law. population of over 5,000) should beautiful, point in this issue of t e and istheoa tybteimsdm alnqsu
'dlgivse Usle.s ta the bO. Legal tenders are scarce as hen's furnish one with an abstract of the Sunday Journal.'" no . r
.r give I.pte Sam the buzzard teeth. The badks of New York aid tlle for, comparatively with theenor- It would seem from the financial wiSpeciSo j -
,thetbay.g Boston have the greater part of them mous charges of these abstract com. reports of the Ohio democrats th(.t . W HITS
deal of spclation is. be. and use them whenever they desire" pames, a nominal sum, say 25 cents they were running'a souphouse i 0'C. WHITAK 2
a a to wt th next taury gold. This brings about for ecl at st:act stead of a political campaign. ATT T LAW,
endgresrwill aeoomp~ish. tont-sction of ihe currency. A GREAT CATASTROPHE (Washington Post.) With the fo4$- P,, pttse steI baee ,
:r eetIla Mr.elsd, of Maine, The Prince of Wales and his party ball annex it is certainly irresistib]g. l es ei . Tsma,'b o^i
I l alro~eome Jight M the succeeded in killing 2100 pheasants Tbe sudden death of Col. W. D. It is a difficult problem, no mattr p o.No.KGrT. n.-g e
-' ': .. in one day and none of those engaged Chipley as chronicled in the news how judges are selected. Better eak. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOi
N']l atsn oi en- ithU port wias injured. This is a columns of this paper ms one of the ries might bring better judges, ', AT LAW, ,g A.ddnlalatratiQn
| todeor killigGaldeauppe fr. bter showing than that uf our greatest calamitie that has Tecently some localities. -Ex nkBl.) --' oeat, a
ady wdJ was food of owp eastern hbuters whob have bagged befell the people of this State. It ---. J .ph a. w. 8teren Imws oIIT vn cm i .-
b rseedy torecve sym- m'ore of eahb'th r tha"u Ltey have of removes from the commercial and A.i WTJ7 WALL & ST5'uEN% '_ TS
i So wars from emotional game. political circles one of the grandest ,v- ATTORNEl lS-AT-LAW. CW
*Y'rk. Evey ian. las sb-qualities that men theSouth hasever produced and From any cornpll~t peculiar ho wim n- the sled ases tram s .
wThoi aOtofil.at hiswife wishe be did't have and s man loved by his friends and ad- their sex-such s Prof use. rt .,onala *g.a e

iS ,-^^ trilbte to th uew lo7s bhm fur bain- mired by his enemies. Always will- struatlon, are soon restored :3 _
uscrwith hisninfluenceoor.restored K. OLLIPH T.fT e
t "TBe women ate ing with his money, iDfluence and health by K OLL-PEI A"T.. Ad seo paso
headb for bqs, um>^ ti a po itme to lend his untiring energy and Badfs Famal R regulate. ^o AW,
m in. tisomue Mo.i- zeal to any enterprise of a potential Wd'sF ma1 Prompt attention gRiven to all b.s1i-
was in this ofm Mon. c o n. ... given to all bus..
Swih twolead pencil." f nature that would benefit Florida or It is a combination of remedial ness. Xatsr
# --.aa' d heil. llrUllprl its people. Col. W. D. Chipley was agents which have been used with ". TOCe IS as
n.p tehed their pro- ou recognized as one of the moot enter- t gtest for rore thn sNTN i
'ltlhoigh the 5i rs s ent 25 years, oard known to act speol- i, '"T RN-Ei-AT-L AW 1 recsidiaglai teo
o. Winhe senate VlS EMUNS IN uprising and magnaninfuns benefactoically with and on the orgnsf TORNE T-LA .
..loha body. cureg conauelption? Yes and that ever honored Florida with his Meostruation. a.S d I l lp For ds Lh .
d- W hi-cry ca ? c enhp. In politics he was al- recoteraendedn for isa w
v oriteoAwetId(IioriS aIt a e .
Ad the.Idea -ITStsuch compC iPlos
d No. Wthag*cam- will it cu re u)s a power and would have beLn i tsuh complalrCts 'L i d
rit T r*Pd in order tod S I el i Stnites L /p oor)y. It never Ols ATTORNOB-AT-LAW. tet-
trys 1 1? o ir i r heeled Uoited States sd-or at ti be / /fu \ to give relief oad oBa-rbw."FLOanA .
r e wedtlr that the adopen e st bylv4o
t ry nt re tgs Y I you g lust session of the leegilature had iuis restore the ea h e i Brick uildin on north le tic of ... .. ~s
Y oq not re iBrk xd na nheort' ur e t t. i. de e .
W.. pop ms- no xagP- ul posed friends not have deserted of the suffer ig of Court Hotue Salarme.
s e. Augges-. P Wa
ip a ref. uormE, cld. anis bat we have l'im at the ait niutment. Political woman. It should O
pcaltlve epidcnca that dc:lii ~
22 6 much e --am &at. the defvat more than -i) ,ih3siealal rsia- be taker ) by tDmini*
sl wegiwr l cust budding ocghou gt Skl
1 ig,,vi was the direct cause ot the sad 49 girl on anudd w. essu i-= .e...e -.
dtt ieaWu of one of Florida's greatest de- whei Meristrr a-
b Iutfree Scott Enulsion velojpen ads d ost s anguioe and genu- tion is Scant. SiP-.,
SJ: .... '--1 ine friends. The State will suffer ang pressed. irreguAftr I, b
IHIof^ Xta ft HY o1 irreparable loss and the 'people ,,f all delicate worerq should use V. It.UOO.'ST I
s- of Jimae and Soda Flurida are universal. in expressing as its tonic properties bove a iu '" e &-Co :
in t m & I their heartfelt condolence to the be.- derful I9fluence 10n toning up rrtd "_--.
lt" i reaved wife and children, trengtbening the systen) by div- Tinner'ubers '
There i n th rough Lbs proper chac :t li
a^ini b* how- There is reform on all lines going aOl impurites.p r co tl
__i*'cua hpPOmi- on in Kansas. The school nrms -Adasw a eo as B Woke s
900y7 have issued an edict that children ts s heet Metil Worke
or, hoe P who eat onion cannot come to sebool .sa-.it eiib A Skillftl k-mnen e&Mt .
as. long as athe scut remains upon toiy brer iL 0-trotfe-P.inu .
Sthem. Tbecidren are all eating m ,u M.ARINEWOGit 9A r.LV-
Biba g now, se Sthe shool 5 A .uaiwmanaito='ss 0.5 a; ki* ;
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in-era' goods, geno' furnishing and noti
Standard tlim. Vpoa .all tbhoe liae marked
T. dntionsa bhav recently been made; 1
be latest wma of lnotion have certainly be
ed by the ollppe g ereIf nowhere else; and
By, and eveJycdirect the pruning-knife l
mot im- been used ini januer that cannot i
otud tbhe to attrct ti satuention of clom boy
equipped While it impossible to dwell
im entie length nua the attractive novel
Syester sad staple xoods tat have bi
erpecte- brought wiJtinaelh lofthe masses
I~ who tus firm, m amon meat be made
ai. The the special rive in closed silks, a
iMesa to- the remsarble bargas offered
wea car ladies' kit underwear. The cola
Ipt o. dre gogaide a trRect Isalsaeoau
i pbeen ttlracti and the special sale
will bI portieres isanem that will eult m
a.Wl wIm apedy red ttion of the stok.
a ot her These a'biits fe of the salh
eias points C o i eved is a, hbaty inspect
*tch Mr, of h et es~ anbment i bch at noAti
thepabl a itaar hats s'ha os, ed iduome
AMO M a SagpoteBteittrctikqn'ao vaied I
ab aable.
Will Tr~ boughotysterday for
tot:Wof . eward & Co.,
" adelpr a, an: ace of fnoe CIeu
JIM tegrowhyW. Bonning. of W
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i se." xee l will a pfita
PIEI eIt" e for tbetsrpri&sag- gr
ar 1

fR Th L 60 A 3t lirMA 5 S =S

I hiU Preident H. B. lsnt and party
.seen reteened from Bellemir Frid
eeeatga, after making a thoroeqs i
spiecion of whV new Hotel BeHlevi
SInU, it I*h sly mafl to y o a that t
wern ore'tthan pleased at tbe coae
a to tloa n which the ropwty was fous
and that nothing tat word of prai
5 Pe- were beard for C. Hoadley and tl
AS In manner in whleb de had brought to
sncceas l conelasilo the enterpri
which has coeminated in the constrm
tion of the famous Colisseam.
intarest- Through the exertions of Mr. Hoa
be deae lev. Messre. C. WJ Price and A. V
wo0tag Webb, the wUll-ko wn biscysts, hi
r odl- been Invited ve for the day a
we, 40o made his guests at CoL .Godwin
%me yea- boaelit St. M a t'a Ion At g
Sequip- p m. a series of t*cycle races we:
Py. held under therr Preside:
tie of Plant and party ags amon the i
ally de- tereted Th one mil
inven* oiagle s io.i, b y W. B. Joe
perinte- Ia the tde lime for
conoep- Isateu r ala ; Ml thp mMe is sueh*-b thbeboy's rao
apo" ito both p uro | raidigable aod i
a toi Ita resating.-.i s te were conduct
b y CW. werei ound vei
OWr was eioyble by last, Who, at ti
we weeks eoneleaion of the said that he hi
Itvelty never before M1eq bicycling, b
irClty; that be b eivi that oi couM beco
the first as m en nBus o'overi as over
Is hWer gOe' t p.-. ,e c
nie was f Se .si the distinguish
tmon, pIy we ~drives M St. MaSgaret's I n
-tedoion, akhey emobnked on Mr. Planl
s; siget pirttao ear, we ling tha city at 11:
Itdo at- thai evening. Te venerable railro
passen- kingazpreasedbimself as mucn gra,
spon the fled at the mean i which his pla
six arena d ben carried out by those to who
rem the tUir execution rad keen trust
gstOpoe and was elpeelallk delighted with t
Sthe ear beautiful fouetali that has been erec
Swhich ed in te grauDas ,of the Hotel Bi l
The old iew by the Jappreciative oitizens
amd ton Bellear.
are em- Tbi unique wirk of art represent
as wdi- Cupid,, mounted on a bitbcle, wio
bheweeo hapdleirbars are o arranged as to fo
d by the te typical "bow." Acr s the ten
string is poised an arrtw, and s
e storm patbwesy before the wheel is pay
I. soveD- with hearts, trabisfixed with arrows.
aseioles, One of the mest noticeable featu
be doors of Beleair--and it is one that w
ad pasi- freely comamenied on by those w
remain went over fromnTamp--4l the qmaon
netaa.Pm is which' it Ktreets and public place
has a- aware kept. Te roads are continual
ita upon sprinkled and are to exceilea t condit'
-had al- for either wheeling or driving.
a the na- large force of men is ow employed
m ooly a keeping up ithse highways and t
e o ofar hotel grounds, and the entire to,
bout the might profitably he taken as a model1
many more pretentious cities.
the car While in Belleair arrangements, we
Cbapin, made by Mr. Rrice to secure the atte
e coci- dance of a number of lIcalamateurb
eaid ot the ft meet-t Ballast Point dn.We
ld oa edtbdTibthl they are to be a
s o i, ^>PiqiIlyisr a ounihee oef :osbusiai
e execu- from Clearw eer sd Bellair.

k.,a s .Are Those NNw Offered By Ia Leact
is to be Dry Oood orouae.
or beams In another Qolumn will be found t
s ie oon- attractive ha page advertisement
Florida. B p, Steware& Co., a sflrm whose t
Sthe in- otstion for epterpriae, liberality a
native faur.dealiag s loeg ago gstablisbed
beaumtiful Tampa. The advertisemcnet in qui
: ntl lrl tioa speaks for itself, and it is, mel
latter over. ofne tha ca.n. afe be put to t
tantlai a tea by a visit to the well-arranged a
i turned ommoodious uarters ocuped by t
firm at 5056j franklin street.
eoted at A notable e tttre of the business c
ms wire. ducted by thfa house is to be found
tt bur- the great vlraety of goods carri<
Oee. t1bt which embrae8 everything in tbhe d

Tampa Makes a Good Showing For
the Month of November.
ng The report of Dr. Douglass, the
1igilant city physician for last month
e as published yesterday, and presents
f sanitary conditions that are h'ghly'en-
S i TThe tocal number of deaths for
in oveinber was 84. Of these 24 were
in vhite and 10 colored. Thd deaths
e among the whites wereequalli divided
re- among males and females,while among
L h he colored potlation six femaless
td Biea to four males.'
SThe i e causes o[ eath are tabolted as
n, ,folows: ZoteritLt 5; enter colitis
in tod heart disease each 8: consumption
ed, 4; senility infanrfile lookjew, malarial
Iry fever, meningitis, and inanition, 2
on each; while colitas, dysentery, nfantile
e- atrophy, intestinal obsaructoon, malnu-
the trition, pyaemia, premature. birth and
ene rheumatism are each credited with one
in death.
has The records show that but 11 out of
rail the 84 deceased were natives of Tam-
rs.j pa, and that but eight were born in
at] Florida outside the city limits. Eight
de were of foreign birth, six were born in
eea other states, while one was of unknown
by nativity.
of The meteorological summary for the
ed month shows it to have beenone of the
in "dryeet" on record. The average No-
S member rainfall for 21 years is 2.09 in-
al obes, wbile in the prefent Instance it
of was but 0.68 inches. There were but
the two cloudy days out of the entire 80
&nd the humidity for the month
eni averaged 0 87.
iq Broke His Arm.
ot Last nigbta the patrol wagon was go-
1o iso out on its last round delivering the
policemen to their various beats, Ser-
t geant Timmermma was standing on the
df rear tep, and as be started to put on
his macintoeh,the horses made a plunge
e. throwing te officer violently to the
Selg roiun breakig is left arm. Dr. Op
Wit penbehlma was immediately sum-
bl moned by telephone and succeeded In
S setting the broken limb.
I The latest bncyclst to fall a viclim t
S Tamp a'sl rtten sidewalks i H. M.
Hant, the wel-known bo*fkkeper.
Sesdpsberg'is factory, who had a bad
fallscentl on Jackson ee Mr
SHasnts now a .ail r in mania,
pl reform,

i +. i I, '[ \ ** *

- T

inatter be referred to the city attoral Iary S. Johnsfon, priaorl of the
for a report as to the legal status of ie Tampa graded hbeol. Mr. Toinies
case. The city's contract with e followed wn an 'able paper, entitled
water works called for a pressure V .'Character Builing by the Teaching
forty pounds of the mains; the oot'- of Arithmetic.~ The Formation of
mittee bad found sixty, but at no titpe Obaactter by tbehTeachig ofEnglish"
was a pressure of over thirty pounds by Miss McEtta oancock, opened the
found on the hydrants. Tle question subject for diasctuion. "The Teachersa
was a legal one, and he urged tie Bound Table" es presided over by
adoption of his motion. Superintendent iBucbbolz. All dis-
Mr. Brengle took the bull by te cussions were li ted to "The Field of
horns, and declared that it w6uld b a Educational Civios," comprised within
good move for the city to strike out r two main sub diliions, 8Shool Hygi-
itself and own its own water works n'1ne and "Whb;is Teichers Should
interesting discussion followed, in e Study." In thts work the aim was to
course of which was set forth pe discuss oPy t points that are a part
fact that the action of the city in g r of the teacher' atly problem, and the
anteeing the bonds of the water wos time devoted torit was rich in helpful
company was unconstitutional,- id suggestion for the teacher. In tbe
that the city was. therefore, not liale abort time devoid to a business meet-
under the contract. Mr. Brengle 0e- ing. ce commnteeon resolution ex-
clared that the fact that the company pressed the appreciation of the teach-b
was tfrmid to put on direct pre re ers of the co rtfsy of the railroad
showed tbemains to be worthless. a companies; tt,. regret at the absence
Thecase of Watertown, Wis., being of everallof tn members, and the ac-
cited, It was represented thahathat oity knowledgment oif tbe great kUndieM
had established its own water work at and bosptality of tbe Plant City people.
a cot of $106.000. with the result 1 sat The resolutions Pt loyeand sorrow for
a ten-room house could be completely the decease. l ther, Mis Williams
supplied with water at a cost of Sl a' wre te oann Dous expression of tbe
Syear, as against $66 here. Mr. Bfn- seeotment of te institute as a body.
.. ge w t on to say that the water rite The institute adjourned to meat
Sn Jacksonville are about ooe-thir. of ;s Saturday 1 ard at Tapau adt
I tbetax imposed eread that assilar tie visitorsPa ied to their Alstiaut
Sdffternce exits as to the coet of the 1ome and woa i tat i-m
service in other taseU of tmetaLte. rbe o m and a todtaie t
qpemker dec ted that e ,000 ow able day. .

... -
-ys .-c


Fuihr Trauprtttim ftcilities Re-
,q*9 FoafrbL


The Steamer Is Wanted By the
Orowell-savareae Co. for Its Rapid
ly Increasing Honduras Trade-
Oaptain McKay Beleases the Boat
From Friday' Daily.
R A, Crowell andJohn Savareso left
last night for Key West, where they go
to inspect the steamer Boledad, of
Which the papers have reccecetly had
so much to ay, and which has Isee
under charter to Capt. James McKay
for tbe Cuban cattle trade.
Captain McKay's charter expires by.
limitation on the 8th, but was so drawn
as to give him the option of throwing
it Op before that time, which be has
now done. Mr. Sayarese, in speaking
of the Soledad yesterday to a TRaBssu
reporter said that his object in charter-
Ing the steamer was to put bei on the
Honduras run,as the business o the
firm with that country was so rapidly
increasTig that some such addition to
the fleet already engaged had become
"But of course," he added, "we can
tell nothing about the mutter until we
se the steamer. She may be adapted
to our purpose; and if she is, end she
eas be secured on reasonable terms, we
shall make the deaL"
Both Mr. davarese and Mr. CroPell
are expected to retro on the Olivette'e
neat trip. and it is much to be hoped
thpt they will see their way clear to
make so notable additions to the fleet
already engaged tn their rapidly ex-
panding trade.
The interest manifested in Ho duras
and tne attractions it ftere for immi-
grants, seems daily increasing, and a
gentleman who is prdminently con-
nected with a proposed colony for that
country, said yesterday that every
mall brought himn fresh applheatiols
.for mehbersbip from those who. for
ooe, reason or another, are desirous of
joining the proposed expedition.
The addition of such a steamer as
the Soledid to the line of packets which
the Crowell-Savarese Company is now
running between Tampa and Honduras
cani barely fail to facillate communica-
tion betwe-n the two countries, and
would certainly prove un important
factor in the c,,hiterciat development
of the city.
Thea new wharf hbich the Crowell-
Savasrse Cumpany is building near the
sate of the old phosphate works. is
rapidly rearing completion-. 'the
pienking was put down yesterday after-
noon, and the new dcck--whose con-
truction has been rendered necessary
by the rapid development ir the busi-
nssn of the company-will emui, be
ready for use.

RMalt S uU wrouM pay the ll art ea 1t .
Worth of water%*a& &I a per
S.tL, aod advooased iatedlate acma.
Th StMry C i O y !r Dobrowky' ti O y nally pe-
The Study COQUCH= Op"ly I*o- Aiioed. the city attor eM e author.-
itS City ltlt TWo i.eed to ecur re eistne. The matter
W ill probably be brought opat a special
1iy IlICIPLUTIES 191 101T 'n ordinance was itrodced, pro- I
bt ing the throwingiof tacks. broken
For Their Citiaens By Owning Their etc., upon tbh sidewalks and,
On Water Works- ome Highly t beingputt on irt reading, was
J v ,Ved through to ila-lnal passage
Instructive Comparion-Contrat e penalty for the violi on of the
Unxon titutional. provisions of this ordiance isa fine of
~pot over 26 or a oeatince of not me
ian urdav's Dada n jail.
The city council met last night in tian t0 days i jaiL
regular session. The following me iAfterss the council reoed s
bears answered to the roll call: business the council :alroed.
5^ C
Brengle, Dorsey, Kinyon, Ramsey, PLANT CITY OI rN-JS dm
1paMorf, Dombrowsky and Holmes, "
ithb President Moore in the chair.
Mayor Gillett and City Attorney ldun. of a Ooemes' e ad e a
ter and City Engineer Neff were arsin a ture Briefy ?pitmrnsed. t
attendance. ltecall Corrspondenc MYsg Tribe.
After the reading of the minutes, the : On Wednesoay niAht Mr. O. B c
following business was taker up and Jtoitb welcomed hA4 daughter, Mr. 1
disposed of: 'lividen and her littledaughter Myrtle c
A. W. Coates set in a petition. ask- rom old. wintry, Nortiestern Iowa.
ing permlsiuon to erect an iron blild- ~r. Jividen will follow in a few
lat on the board of trade lot, facing La- youths. A Mr. Lochb and his daugh-
fagette street. Referred to the fire Nmeralus cam* with Trs. Jividen, ex-
committee. elctsng to make Flortda their home in J
A communication was read from *he future. Mrs. Loce will be here t
Mayor Gillett, in whictn htisition was 41so as soon as Mr, I ke gets nicely
called to the total lack ou hospital aor gettlel. They are aF~peent the guests
commodations for the colored popula- of Mr. Smith and family.
tlon, many of whom are law-abiding The service on 'ihanksgiving Day I
citizens and tax-payers. BHs hdoor'ere held in the B)ptist church. A'
urged the necessity of taking some ita- Aoion service was pondncted by the I
mediate action in the matter, and of ev. Mr. Forbes, prayer by Mr. T. M.
conferring with the- county commis- Srickland and other. The address by L
stooers at their meeting next Tuesday. ev. Mr. Forbes was; a most suitable
On motion, the matter was referred to lboe for the occasion.' The usual colleo- I
the followoig special committee, who ilon for distribution o the poor was
will dibSeus the question involved with flot forgotten. Theos was a rool con- 0
the c unty cuomisssoners: Messrs. gegation present.
Dumbrowsky, Brengle and Spsfford. Mr. Myron E. titt, an aged and
An aumeudment was adopted, aadingsrelpected citizen of ^ant City, died at i
tie maror to the committee. ,the residence of Mr. ad Mrs. B. B.
A petition from Dr. L. R. Warren, r eatty last Thursday night at 11 p. m.
of Braidentown, asked the acceptance rMr. Witt was oorn i Rtoobester, N. Y.
of the tract of land in the Third ward and later lived a Dumker of years in
known as Hyde Park Place, and the MiionDsta, and badinbe r a resident of '
establishment there of a hydrant, this staie for the palst seventeen years.
Tnst portion of the petition dealing he deceased was a firm and consistent
with the hydrant was referred to the- member of the Baptist church of Plant
committee on fire protection, while the' City.dying a most gltmphant death in
paragraphh aoskirg that the subdivtaio~ the love of a cruifled tSavior. Then.
be accete, n by itie city will Le dealt terment was made Jo Oaklawn ceme-
with by itbltrter committee. tery, Rev E. E. Todd officiating.
The sanitary committee made an in-o There was a meeting of the Plant
formal report on the codi o tb Cit t y my Comma cery:No. 6 on Friday
Third ward, which was found to be ex' night. Several members from abroad
cellent, with the exceptionn of a few" werein attendance.1 Oysters and other
neglected lots. delicacies were served for supper.
Mr. Holmes, in bebulf of the comZ On Saturday morning the Distnet
mittee on streets an'd alleys, reported Teohers' Association met in the school
that the complaints utftbe citizens o i haH with a full repfesentation; besides
Hyde Park bad besn duly investigated tbhteachers there were many visitors
Iand that the grades, whose establish a1n those interested In school work and
ment is necessary to the laying of side pr Dress. After tlje morning session
walk, could at any time be bad upoi m(l y well-filled bikets were opened
twenty-four hours notice to the citf all a most enjoyalile dinner offered to
engineer. The report also set all The evening lesion was one of
forth the fact that the committee couo r moe b interest and profit. 'Tesegatb-
lemplated the paving of Frankliije egs are usually made mostenjoyable
street, between Harrison and Ty'ler td- t 1.
streets, with pbosphatescreening, and 'sv. Mr. Shaw gave a lecture in the
that the proposed pavement on Litaisi P~iyteriao church on Friday night
ette street would be pb'sphate for tlr oo sunday school *Ork anrl also an en-
center, and vitrifled brick or asphaki attainment in theschool hall on Sat;ir-
for the gutters. A communication day. '
was read from KoiRbght Wall, urging Mr. Guy tiunll spelt a fewdays' it
the pavement of tbis street, whoth hrmethe last of fi"te eek. 's,
present condition was described as ai *Every pood thriftj farmi-er has hbIb"
injury both to their. business aod tbeU cane patch, which average Well this
property. This letter alsorecommen44 year. Sugar boili'gs are everywhere
ed the paving cf Ashley street, be in prder just now A large party of
tweeo Lafayette aed Jackson. ]i young folks went JoIt to Hon. C. ].
Holmes annouoDsd that the committee 'Wilder's on Tueslay sight tO the sagpr
had entered into a contract with Bu boiliog. '
ton E.Cos to lay a sidewalk on Lsafa?- BDU TIoiraL
ette street in front of the Crane proper ___
ty, The reort was on motion of Mj.
KEtyon adopted. H i~ahordogh'TechwTEBia]'E-F.
Tbe special committee, appointed \i eating and Feid Iatita -
examine into the water pressure, ri- l pm
ported that they had ,ound the water Plant City, D .c-- iliaboro
supply inadequate in case of fire, aid County Teache w.ic nc-
reoommended that immediate steps veed at Plnt Ciy, Wi an unqu e
taken to supply the deficiency. ,cceas Tre, re, s ir wok of |in-
Dombrowsky moved that the ent/e s:itute was beguo by a teai byAissb


tr Jack to m ttIV
Fright. Depwm em..

seau. .- .

fBsm thesvaSean a.
* Is is rumored tlssteaee'elip.
ehages are to he ailn the4*
d aerta mt oethe' l5a a
10no. Whie t hoehW m e .M
announced f a n e1 t w6M
er bas been generally d
hoe conneted with ohtied l
aent as been give emts o
That tbe reports are j arrPcC a
chao&e6 deosdel upo i e Ta .4=
ippruacbhed'oonearmin tihe re
riune to takf .
Pie present foelgst irpesiW
omprisee three ostafleie_, .j
ack beads the deparmaeat as
rafle maunge Mr. ?.; l.~F "p
oral freighb aeataot dX. Jaiml
die, aeaIaat geaspaj ets a
Prinr to the applnt atae t g M
tbo p yea r ago, Mr. Papy was
Mean of the ideparsesnt -
reight agert. s bie ih dered i
rill now ireti sad leare *-
Iesartseot t* Mr. Jseb f_.l 'I
Ie manager, and Mr. ManIael
tan general eigtS ea. E
would make te tarOrai tora
of the road tiriat to tbhaot
seager depantnUm t, opmealp
pasRnger traffic maesaer, sand
ant general paenger agt,
cbange will aleo entail Oar
clericil force.
It is understood hapt7. w ipa
to leave the Plant system w '
teodered the applntMfitft '-di
freight agent, an poet it abl~ i
management of the P opte ayal
arei nt erte. e w offdAoven th
tdditionJl juriesdctlon, it Is miad/
will make it one of WarmorsiBmp
tman opre ent. .
Mr. Papy is oonsiderd i-
best railroad mem in tbe oath b
there relating to that ade-wltlsm
he s ideatifed. He hasbe-sca
witS the Plant system tea yer
previously with the PFlorid'
nd Peninsular His ftMtapi
with the Plant syszitem w" t
distant traffic manager. Whe
P. Hardee r relged = geerCd
agent of the Savannah, loei
Western railway, prior to 'the i
nation of tbe traffic dea
two poedaMr; Fapy was
that position, and ewld it untl t
ignation of Mi. C. D.OwensI*
manager of the Plant-eystem ,
ago, when be wPAgiMve the
meant be now bojhda. v
Mr. Jack bins^-e" with t
system eeverel years and was,
t~hat. thimvinp ajam-m af n

likely go toa-0 e9i%
The change will
feot Jan. L

Ivery TrMu ;4itw hxmtqA
Yew people resft th1a
of capftl nesrarfl t.rf

yesterey se t rotei e,

Yeo," was the s rply, -
of tbe toet. ThLT ase t
Tepraseete -VAN of -ow

vestr ed.

As InteMig o
raroat, but on probb
oC cbnac fereab a si
bitmaH We bat i sH

w la the BoatminUgIi
protects t whforb ul

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m ttee have been eeMeas

that saied forty the
company It a f

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lad that th e^
iantlyb smaid


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A BMAWam 2L LAI Ioon res-cbs from the bay to
l argre and curiously constructed brid .
83pain a ofsattonomy for ssha A Winter Resort That Is Indeed and the banks of it are lined with
has the a sace of a potiso" Worthyof the Name. cnetto and bear n cocsent si
furih a ano casting their elections in tse c
to buy off mer sympathy f The caprice of ind and wave ems waters over which numerous row o aies r i

'basd Cisitn o pers. the pa n ir in sweet andpure s I am Thebridgeoverlthe entiane to e".

Iss ased m Sea control of the tariff, with th. rang of the true metal of real romance ground e or tah i a large refresumtal
i'i oItatf there shall be prefer-e rsees to ahoer betnres rlad and parlor underneath, and a curio hs,

iR seB5~. und er le. m D e o v built On a lofty elneatio, brewing the ng iatlne; and the smohling and hs-
;e .... see tween o f ated o states and Cubal, twenty.fivei mbies from Pone Tmpaw l ith ro and gun. d
or SII. A VYEAR. ^Whidi _lu ed to have i the "on the Mexcan Gulf. Here b wuti- rd d
I mort tflstory reciprocity treaty ful shells, united and shapely, are cast The Plant System parlor car trains
uS ,4etreted SinS by made by the United >tates, there was up on the aid white sand. Curious swing around the graceful cve
n iose te. or a prferentasi douy of 50 per cent to fashb sa ra d s pra.s sometimes find rough the cacoaut, palmers d n
I_ _eeoeipteas es em b Spal. ie r hies new law, thus their way to iheee hor.ns and a Med palm forest to the very doors of th e
cut down toS 85 per cool Moreov er, teansu r hark twenty le lot. tBel eew. A general aspect of c n-
ef sn apptetse it should t1 e understood that the all native of tnee w teri, drafted. pleteness in gained from a viit to tBis
iv Prefereentalklnties do not cover all in with tI e tie.e was capture td news. t and most erfectly appoitedof
bS the tariff obednleas,e tey did when stmued, and now seems qutie rsignd the West Coas tropical resorts.
the United 8ate and Cuba bad a re- t the situation. The tabhing no- Clearwater is about a mileaStit.' d '
esln e esOtem wUa ciprooity treaty, Out cover only a where flner, and any variety that could Here again comes in the swing qod
limited number of articles. These be obtained at famous Tarpon Sr ng rytbm of an appropriate name for a n
._ articles d.eGbties will beso chosee can be caught at Belleatr or Clear.- em of place. It was originally old
... as not to eSect the trade between the water. The rouper fish is considered Fors Harrison, an honor of the ft
United Staliw and Cuba, so that, very i fi easing sal water trout and president by that nane. and is the
Sprivilege sthe AU iUe pis enjoys the preference lpanish mackriel, the delicious pom- historic pot where stood the ar*'s
Sbe a a fr lir colony. it will not be a p ano adsela.-ls and the mammoth b ospitatl ataion, into wrici the nick
t. jb mpadeesb o sa the Unite d States." arp on in season. The outdoor o a C od wounded men were brought fru m c
In other wo Spaer words, Spain fer tari d. are numerous. embracing hung, their encounters ith the Semirble
bat AbraboviTiesn. vrastages iff United States will re. iolfiog. and cycUng. Belleair boasts Iodans. The hospital chimney. oo r //
.toir Austtnia l hls. fuse to mterfere in Camba matters, of the finest cycle track in the South- fourteen feet tall, with its curious opn-
..Nu tik cut... v 'isd she expects to find th e president er Stahes. tructioc, is still sAtanding. It is n rA a of'
tarlid*.uiu d 07 the property of Mr.an9not1
iedo an hi oand people d the United Stattes so tea llant Systehro new otel, the ht prety i r. a na d't& t
Sb r e wrapedupn tatiffadvantages that .cve lleview, at BelIetir was formally u lnorther hagentlemtn, whot h sy Fp in -
i apase with they will withdraw tleir tacit sui oSpnees au ha pubild January 15, 187. t winter hoe directly on e ayi.
Iu e Unetleeu The pert of tlq patriot's amuse. So e It has a majestic and commanding I omethng entriretly new id apt.rt
tr-b i electric plant nations woild take the bribe, but it ,l., being built on a lofty ilevatio h o oHetmlhne nt diverse n mue nat g
oethbaiy ighbt for Is j7Fsible that the sy. pathv of the feet from te rk of the waters hI of ie o sot
people of tik United States for Cba of rt e arbor, and overlooking the r ate offered. The cononu and orge
Sprsiylelw 'aste hA been ewhl. by a puase love of d ti r paucke of seta far out eom t Ihe Twncs ip iwonaia gao d h fr..it

Jbl edMriekkBDngs' ole wt.i5aie. a break atr and protection of hb. phor treeshugs ruitr anic act 1 her.eseis..ts 5it t18 *hot ale a t
5t5 he aew and the The nameof Amos E. Euo, a citi. telnuer waters of the interior of the a a ounde h e i weris Im o me
i.e hard. sen of New York, ought to be em.- harbor tong drives through these palm forces, intense and dep citag thas an) known a. atwy treuley '
(.Wi.) ea has in. blaooned upsn the pagns of history The Beleview is a gm In modern are an interestingtudy, fr our Semal T"o doe a-rohded live ulsthwoun-- 1* all cats "
5hboa5 Of tourn, as a inspi-4ng example to Wture aronittcture nd flftIh. Oly tint "est sole brothds left them as monumenis ea ke Sthe T bve of-anxiiasd "is h.Sp cs
mot, enated with the gene ~tions., He was the head of of material, from cellar to don e has of their euergy, to say the least. The anneoanses which, they canoBt igoore. 1sewsees, bstma 55
reeat thatIt mayv a firm of merchants who faikd for been use. in its construction. It birds are beutiful-ssa gulls. pelicai The following letter from o of scbe, tle oebiete i
odern iavalwarfare" nearly sa o iondollara At the begin. would not Le saying too much in its and m eking brd. It i t Aese seral hNw ipliitl buseat heees shows -medy t s Pas~s a
our and people' thth ewao ed Stpte siitalybele-epr oeeery of Mr. uDi smal nehe8
no profadi gsng of thecisil war. Every debt pr.iietocallitt"petiteMo.riehAli. m-eseneer tb.lt le.da, ni by their b ponnd i relel st amoung the asi4 ifeepae tate i enirSSI P
It h p!d,- of the firm ws outlawed yars ago. bra." witl its circular porches aud its uaabl lilgimare to thi.< fouutain of inelivge.nt, wel-.to.do fanHi r a, wl imiaelaintp a
ihe rulea. r he and yet he fo today paa lg the chil- rough corners all hndJeo by ome elernal youth, that era health s an ihe many mors humble buos-
F rare dren of it editors 50 cents on the cl ver cons et of t le artists a hand tlli-re is also iiPiit essr ol a~er thcoaot lha e
dollar. a.il many of these lucky hu, flare i mrsi-- 1re are 145 room. in this, new oie<. Ti e Bnew< isno h~r liiik in Il. or. 1 thin ai OfairS e Saofschse,
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ficdelnn-c. defrncn e rtftv r txiatrd tMore lhsn ecablrslhe eje to iurvy. the harbor ,,g n iad ni per t-dbr tly i Io't die ra ,t- *ii J ay uae of Paine' eeey
ll uf tlhiss he rm(dtest Mr. Eno re- from very room I, te bui dinbg. bt a M- t.' A Barr,,. f tie Wi uiT wiuit d.ro a ilmdt r p r ea
etrap. wo u a toong fues i.ositive to be intervened ye axs- dingas it cons lengtwlie a-t. u t in Jl. .- at FabhaN. N" H, trn er protraon, reLtng i
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ioa at tswhe ldie b' of mira dbs ha not pased and won. deceit electric ligh a maril of c. e fri.edreied I would nevr recover,
h'w Iet mn' ati f ders will never .enw. polisLed cedar with hsc'some tlib. A- pysici prescribed Pse', r 4l:
ewstrooftet,. T.u --k m-. n urrncueding thefl-e-p:.aoe. p.liabed ava, it ca saprescribdel ee itanIftU
ie ofit s humau I'uri.hasels of gooi|i, iiu nti c"r So rn and oak .r cherry luriture. INTElESTIrG IrFOR ATIO r dr dy i, p r, w." added improvemt ate bie M
lgt. rha kind, an lway do better t i Learg rugeai many of the roter. und -----I : erm} endstlon. or nealelae butis
Sstr. "f par Pl .asg ular stores, meu wiho enire carpet tl rs r tLo-e hbodSouth Florida's Leoading di y wur .-betler t. 5o wa u see Mm b t
i.tni aoto"d.t .iait in the oiemmintity. They hbep lPrrem Ti ere aIr several nutl*t liab e Guide. for "- t(o continue its use. Stnce thsa ha
! a~st i antt Of iah .jtb taxte. soatribute to benevo ut rooms t watlsh coons ctios; wide Tbe pr -en; elwion of the I Ihav ra s ly, sod a.
ti. its and ".llau ,terprse. al and curviug stair-cases Louil in one e*peitaliy devoted to the Interestt all tlht I elim fr -.

r-.iM. .'z ".1'ofade. Yrk will ,od :htlr ie. to.1 r..w are p ished cedar. I c | riM and will be found particularly adapted ia lipa .llaluts anu InlI
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uf tIILI itL U i. The Southern Terminus of the Plant A Li SY
S ''' =f i *Psbaiesdra. System Deacrbed
.s. pe aCrsio *0n~.C soTribe.r I the UtI @ O Oer Their Comr- Port Ta. nine mile from the S---
J. W. W. Hnwill more into his newr city, is the te minus of the West Coast
......g:onhisrmplace eatoftownitiih nuor t Co
cottagee on his farm place east of town division of the Plant System of rail-
l aB few dayN roads. It is from here that the steam-
-'u.." ., y y are everyiheeb visible in our week to Key West and Havana, Cuba;
l t t e re Z leitMtores and tbhre is every prpect once a week across the Uulf of Mexico
0111" -7Ofa mc=Aulotus Nature That WAu
illll i of a lively rush of bsineU uotil alta bde In Ybor Cit -e Chi to Mobile; occasionally luring the I. ,__ a
i W ldi s laus omes. r Made In Ybor City--The Chiud winter to Jamaica, daily to points on
___ .... _L.. ;." P laliClty aeena to hare a reputa- On the Witneu Stand---A Drio the Manatee River, and frequently
Pio. t of brown reaching ilos tte far matic episode. daily to St. Petersburg. V
es t as well as the ftr west as i __s__ Port Tampa is a very busy place com-
rL her viltos and also sttlewors om. A sensational case, and one that ha mercirly, and ilps flying the flgs of
lrBap withaese ; tag frm the cold rigoa of the New stirred both the Italian aod Jewish all nations are constantly coming and l
fo11 England states. colonies to their utmost depths, is that going. The great pier of the Plant
^ ^.4 .' l Mr. and Mnrs. Peteroa frot trstate of Nicolas Mucceacenciaro. the Ybor System stritvit e4 out into Tampa Bayj . ;
of Conlneticut, have lally arrived and City jeweler who is charged with the for a half mile from the rain shire.
h lse settled orthli.prieest jlstotilide rape of little Lena Kaplan, the elder The trains run to the extreme sod, MellS Cold Weather, 8ad a Warm
t.'M of' town on the eforamge Krove place daughter of a respectable Jewess where o.e.n-gnog steamers are ever IS eS ntial. We have Overoo~at i
fL .aigh. ofMr,. W.H. Youg. Thib casecai up on a preliminary taking on or dischargincaroes. Up- Bee or l osed
estlia dress Oo friday BeR Mr. .. &Bogart, bearing beto udge Harrison yeser- on one side f the pier the Plant Be.over5 Kerseis or Olay Wosted. Ou&
t woe aM'~ his niec, Mrs. Bnwaer iad a friend, a day immediately after the disposal of tem is dredging an enormous canal c of Mo en'S and Oys Overooats is
Mi Clarkson of Dldelay,drove into the Thanasaw matter, and was carried sufficient leesth and depth to afford sI ad %ter to sait dhe mist
0 1gia.g up oa town for a stay of I few hours. on in the court-room in order to a- berth alongside tes oare for a soore of
i5 F5Uliki Tbh gentle abowero ft Friday and commodate the crowd of witnesses and the largest tiips, A beary breakwatr taSer '
ui~a ridved f lSaturday Blghitaideld mcb in mmisten- spectators who wee -in attendance. ba been constructed on the opposite -. '
to siattvas sad st our vegs t e s0d r11 ttpatches and The delease was very ably represent side from the pier, 4o that in times of
Jagaylg thse lBse e l-rees. ed by M. Macfarlane anJ Harris & storm the ships are as aug as the prove
Sual t sle-, on Sabbath reeples. while Messrs. Borcbardt, Car- orbial pug in a rug,
y n> the Bfl tass ad Piesbyterian ter and Mershon appeared for the prose Part way out ca the pier, and built 1 l
a^ ^ S ^ dlfrha. .cationo. A number of witnesses were opon pilins entirely over tbe waters t G
QJobe Moon y o w 6f Tampa, was called f1E the de'enoe, -not of whom of the bay, is the pictureqne Port :
a famUilr iure on ouriastreMet Friday ere Itallare, and tlichild I er-elf was Tampa onn, owned and operated by the i. P, 1VA5 DQ lVQAs. J. Q- RANTiY, .-
to ie T. put upon the stand. Plant System. It is a ooOfortable
W .. .. s tie week. Iuca s, ros N
.-.... Bdgr W rad te ;l1 r csse cxamlration r.hich was topping Illce fur thone arniallg or
f e cu to the home uf on. coduolae ,b Mr. MUr-,li e proved embarking on the ateamers, or for those
msl liei i. TL. r .. .'t. D~r; Iel ad wlle k.s or"usl ly ieoautc, and .b, itt wic ..'j; Ali, slilingand th .e i e
PM h ct wn frv -de 4ard patron on girl who is about ighsbt ears *f0,s, lrillof itoag eXt4ooxr eithbutr to
A6 told her story in a manner thae went the wea. The loa is a fascinating little
r wether" was lpepibly ckl,1r home to tte b artns f her hearts. ew Queen Anne cottage with cosy rooms,
Si-ai ith m.orancg 'with nodisftions of mor -dri.natle epeo ahiavae of r bee a nd b-rgd covered verandas, pavi tions.ItH udV
pA -t.rwt dEacient t chi 1 .:st :eo.;r e en in srampa cuurt room than that WitLlin, it is exceedingly homelike and r 0'
a te-,ble h cacccmbars I C in t h'ch'lte attorney for the d.fene bright,with its old-fshioned freplaos. r
40ofirut e w% )xiem ') t elevated the witness to illustrat- tie instiung divama. Persian rugesand pio. OrmOus stock Of riftB ad Me' ,'I fZile, I j
.M l. ull.ta T m dioussd; Fi--rida fled masner n which tie prisoner carried turpe. Its dining.room has two ides B s of Canned Goods etc. etc. Our O sp~ s
i.C. A.Lte" ^fret teled Japan, orrl is n.w at ma. her in his arms, by taking, up i e- of g as-, and as you sit -atte tableyou an, e tc. sT oplte 1 4'
I mss ity and proves to be in every way ,younger sister-who mat by her-in may fod abundant amusement in Ciliti o ble as to aes any LegitimaM Oomp iatl
wbat ti btttWe bo reprinted To b,. Jt t.he saue ay Every eje iy l t tiowrir piece of food out into the iommeCial WAehoue, Nos. 812, 814 andl iW
a 'a d ?c me .b iedlet nmiy dff weren't waja. crowded court room was fxed upon in wnt, r and warchiDn th* wild ducll Ta&ITpa, Fla. Telephone 175. e -
S trmb"llt. theblonomeas Iaie fall can be child as she rore from her -eat. and, which rwarnm bout and fl8ht ror it. The
on t 4 a thee an, d made in.to a preirve of placirn h-r elendor arm about Irh -is- rwaC, toem with fhb. and it is a literal .
dI a good lavor, tfleo the real Iruit can ba rer, raised I er rrom the fl ar: nd blr tath that you may catch one or more H. p KNIGBT, P8eX PEBRRY 9 WLLIJ Ml Ai Lk
:made ilto delicious jelly,- marmalade composure sad -e!f-po_-ruion during out of your chamber window while. ,
i 1,atXie tii te 10au d fruit bute, or can; be canned in the trying orodal were r marMable.. dreaiog. riag for a bell boy, and in flf-
l.'.Cit. .I .loi i ir ordipJy way for pie use or for Tne I ear.in was cii... ued ui.il to- teen mloutes later have it served hot
1I*.h ui. Hip M..esuuo. Itco-tainsaver large meaut day, when ta examiination of witnesses ano ivitiun, for your breakfast.
-i .. a '. h of jelty4produol g matter considering is to be resumed Frms Port T1mpa there are several .
OAisPT 'w l;M' IT et.Imoueant of aid it oVtainae It is Did you ever stop to biolk wha' in ,side trips from which bhe tourist may
- &t ripte i 1ialo 0 said Lhat this frqt juice caned di- digestion really means? lt mears ,ina- cho a-. Etch will t-ke him through "
iL l ltedmakes a mL t refira ingc pn a plats common y t our omh tiered. I o interesting and be autif, c nt,
ha. s fo ... pgr oo rl a riTh we i lde. dlo ,,or te and I,,ifhe i t wie Pand Sstee time he
md r The lantcan rown o thb astea engine do the work. hy il ts them all. Brie told thg
Sed or popa ted fro t cuttiage. Theo t gnt .ive, s .ostomach a ride: that .ii.. w illtiake n oabe P la n,
-ini el UNf i ,o be lla I l' a of talnD Ialu b'e let sometbing elre do itm work? Foo0s .r-tlie tri by steamboatC t Briden.I ,

itysesdari. r o. which. wllw dis I th is.The e e s-t D i. n W .D
F. Ueti . bt Ci.llted imsilde prihci- b oya tt S. Jn me Cityee Pu on ; Rama SH. S P I AD
Ciy T esda y.' o Caordil cntaino COOL FA B LE R TO
Sgiab pet and eatr ep lant re T beoig pls and is preparation i des gned *- PFon MBrA. oo the Cloa.INtIe T
bllgeh tg sht -,, rsst the stolich. TO. Siakers tht- Rv..r: nd another to St. Pe ersbtrg, iCity -
I le g lel iped trim ti- poist and emie hase such unboonded omfldeucsa B-ilrair(the location o the rew Hotel
c l h seo Ms glPiglood nri"'-. it thit they hare placed 10 creti,, review fthe Plant Syetem), Clear- .
hrel.-hrC Mr.'lbOmasuOli, ireside-ut or Its, smieIs bottles on the market, and i_-
=-" d clu" a "I"r "'wo e' pg .... ...... andgeT ar ponri- 'r a
tWatellU Lunber A Vveeer Co., Is hvw- is sid that even so mall a qua.ntiti nets- Suiterlosd and Tarpon Sprisre. i A
% . III In mr l lem.: G. W. Kaicbt coa proves beneficial in a vast miajurt y on t t division of the Plant dvnm N
d G W. fbri a ei of cas-All drugit kep it. which branM from the main lino at K rausIe da
l" -- egMeftam ilyintoict.j ol is the bet maliomre or child Trif asod follows the Gulf emuatof the -.J
g a*iil-, ll- E M T il o ll at Kgight dren Doctors recommend it in paoe Pinellas Peninsula to St. Pelotbe rau, tr an d rass Foi'.di '
++.-H , J.MIoCH.
tie eo i th lueefor-of-Casio? Oi A. BOILER W OBta
-g-QfOP ese ed ome if sugelrca e grow ers am The fallowle names w, re'pl 'p ted J. W. HeUBBARD, H.JMINICH. 4 iwa.J'Wi.-H
^i. Jr ..f '0 T.d eil i osffr e M r ei s o A. A..i laAl shleleyo .0 t eL

.. "s tbth ood, .,ee a W" 0. m ln,

a Sun la w eigm a lt Less ~ae io he ipiod w e at h bom, a d is wet & Ag ais G.(a

aeifsemh* Iv auceefu is coou sen se o n 'E 'I dP A e Ylle k 5 a t i B C 2 3i3* ^ t
8vtsg~uees~h sLMau, on *i

Al, ;!.a- a .emals t third cash in the amplaLed room to- &8SORTec b......
_mlea4rIgc .it. m emst to aglao. em r are cordlally levited to ble peesat, and .. TOREl. Ti '--"_

of,; a r ir lbtthe Las Beyl odae Is the banner lodge of ABND:-
A. m.r 1thkt We, dedlte the scate a rare treat maybe expected. ell O CmmiOssion,Y. 0,U 7n lt 13 t&l *,L rdm t.i t a
cm-- bepi Bpolsd tDels1 llttl hig imo ce lrGb Ta c~ m
liaSwttl Mir. Pi i to Isugge- to having ewtrythigr rtgh areo all fSDE G LCTD,
Sa if budi ing hiplt c t make the uctahin Brel wb-
-. OW tr Ltbe e 10%i tmed he m t parm t p opol ki working |pntu awon 'Tr
she Weihowin ee R GonbyL.L 5. h Tbhe sa. s are rightecut right Swnirs.
iS .PoI .ok B W." W. Di. look right-tbey ketp theirr buttona s aI a
pU.eX o o i"#f Tail e Wrro. sn dsever rie ptbor P are almst wfaer-f .
.1A I DivtbeipaJ .oart. P.- F6eA t* lea- Id
l a spii hnet s ad i hp A iare crowd to expected to, at l te andTo r er
-h Asie ith e exBa bbtio to be given by h bl. Tobacco ers
V stI ol tia for t l -- icyclists t Biliast Point this after-
^ ^ ' ,VE~DIBf Gt t tingS troon. St and DSeollerlsade Mitl soft .
We m -',. n .' of C roop,.
HIsi-, hsleton msdh nl reon, r Clearwater. ins A
n w- Ite ity en routs to thbe go leldasof g LORDA LEAF Cured. Selected
Ds' tt mas Eosy Ad' gol F and Baied, by Cuban Methods, on \
:AHAbde V6e pabe most resonable treas.
lthe 9 We ip street oHl on ome r aitle, county CORRESPONDENCE SOLICITED I -,
4pet U40 o fo a de ro er from Dunedin, reports the T
=- u. picking stout finished on the F. M. .SA & CO. oI %o ,1,n- .
Q.tAew te .Ta an West- r ea s 0 t, and the p ropwers happy w |ehou | I Tasai P. O. Box, 3. rs so. -we
At J. T. i Palata. Tampa. Fla&
with othe In their polkets. 'O._ of tin
oil r paai fewi dils A.r< : R = U. K ..... Bum: .pon crwrea 1.
H HessTaled ImirEeo of thoe of a w C Meore, a prosperous tamerd of" | |_ tI
dipaLe.0ati.L rwone GOP- PDover,*"ain the city Saturday sad C .,I
-tlerrssbhtishepesa IPt;i- I paid the Taiuisz a pleasnt call. Trhe *amDE".
-bqil5l a o h-p ed g range trop ItL the Dover sectionbps rm.aLke sa.sp.calty, of --.A I
Rciini5 rithouit I !, --
Sat bees pold on to trees at an average n a -thoe eE
eabsisx and the people are happy.pad-moveCiyers andi;ngec T-. . s .I N710 .,l
of iuha e l trh is te firs car was shipped yesterday by eing Pbyy-csio u a P5%
ew a tcieeis biler in George Hooker, who lfowarded itlto ems stoee i n\ishhag 1e-a a li s av :
e e e ty Wo haveheard of oe eat er.
Oy th M., ip of Misssolpp.. ; @x dng T TOuH Au n TA A AD W Y
db 0Po.-L"o for Eo0' Lu .bad..CU. far__ yp _
Soi-m Mrs. James McKay. rho was s.' dhdhm Here ... y--i l for a i
lv burtled several weeks ago by the qxes b i 0: m.- or5zmps g ata i lla 1
ltosiqnjof an oil lamp, eis not tidproith "" w ki n i ioP. m lyn ClueCtsi 7: u MIS a t
O l s apio]y as her family andf fri _r -ew k.ooawif s a as e sw wem nsa s
.. '. ir ;like. 'Dr. Solale MiteL ellRofs ad.
4ap asviile, has bees called if conspl. o : .R u
&AoG l +pith Dr. Stebbiks., hbr atteid, w ;r &nniLiiresIa d .-pdr
+ es.. a, E ein" n .;S,. 4
.i >- -: i -"
2" 5 -

"~;"Q~rl~"~`" l~"' ~ ~ 46

- ... 1-


ill Bein Saturday Dec. 4th

o lose put all Winter Goods far belbw the former prices. We are not going to move Or close out ur business, but expeo
t business at the same pl8, and will give to the public ot Tampa and vicinity induce ments that hvye never been known in t

I vT1i s ..A.d va.e BlSe
Is to serve the People in time of need and with ENTIRELY NEW and RELIABL GOODS.* We invite your inspection c
Stock and some at the following prices are but a brief description. These goods will be sold only to the Tradg
... Public ad none in quantities_'- '

A FEW OF OUR Best Talcum Baby Powder, sell 10c now................. 7D nliU I.0nir 1

IR ^ Jg~dM4nnJ~i~ovd4tieB a3 q e go 4
now at the Advance ale, only.............. C
S Inch Fandy Novelties, all colors, formerly Ild for 1
25c now only........................... ......... .
InchBlack and colored Serges,fine qualities,all wool
S W-we p ,them for 68c. To besold regardless of cost8OO
8Qij B lriliafetines. T-asM0re .gTAtas
'ey go fi s asle t .. . O. u c
S- nch lack and Colored Cashmeres, great values for
-- ,Ut^- '. ..pow. ...... : 'O .... "

SA1 Silk Black Brocaded New and Select Designs, actual
Svlu $3..25 at tke Advance Sale for............... 7
;Ii e"s Jich Fancy TaEetss for WaistS $1.00 quality69
. f .' . .. ... .. .;.. ..... ... ... . ... ... .. .. ... 6 9
Our Notion Department his always been a leader. The
prioe are now Phenomenal .

01ie QUCastile,. :Was 10c, now.................
SPare Glycerin6 was Sc, now............ ..... .. 3
The beat medicated Tar Soap in silver wrappers, was 10c
'L now: only ................ ................. 4C
.The llknmown Cuticle Soap sells every *here.at 25c now 6C
Xlnest.Perfumed Transparent Glyerine was 10c, now .4
h t4_.'M achine Oil....... ............. .......... .... 3C
l s e^in e. ........................... 4
'b.,tl itag Cotton,, all numbers .................
iaest Iqdia Bay 4um, regular price 35c..........

i r.( i. . -,c

100 Pairs! extra heavy fleece for.......... .,
50 Pairs full size Wool Blankets only...........
Hundreds f other grades ranging i all prices and:
net cost
4 Cases French Saten comforts full size, were $3.50
close but .... ...... .... .. .... ...... .... . ,
4 Cases same as above, only not quite so Heavy....

Latest designs oTTapestr% Curtains worth $6 pair
Latest designs of Oriental Portierse per pair ;... ;
Chenile O'rta; s, excellent quality, regular s elli
$3.50. ................ .. . ..
Chenile Curtain, 40 inch wiA, was $2.75, ntow.....
Other prices And qualities to numerous to mention

.Our Specal Leader for this sale is a Nottingham
tain, worth $2.50 to go at....................
Big lot full sizes, was $1 now only........ ... ......

Crochet Knitting Silk all colors on spool....... ... ......
Hundreds of other Notions such as Darning Cotton, C
Hook and Eyes, Box Mourning Pins, Etc. for.. 2

Our entire stock of these goods are bran new, but like the r(st of
the Stock will be slaughted without mercy. The first selection
is the best.

Best Cambrib for Skirt' Lining' at ...................Q 3l2
Best Percoline sells everywhere for 12 1-2c, now.......
Best Taylor Lining 40 inch wide .... ..........
Best Moire Russaline at ............................ 7C

Jersey Union Suits, best grade for ................... 0C
Ladies Jersey Pants ..................................
Ladies Jersey Vests........ ................ .. .....15

In both Cotton and Wool.
Natural Wool and Camels Hair, sells everywhere at t1 at 69
AdvanceL Sale ........... ..................
Heavy Fleeced Rib Vests, regular price 75c, entire lot at
this Sale only .................................... 4 3 C
Heavy Wool Camels Hair Suits, was 75c now ........... 48c
RA Tnrn "Mar'a R ^ Vp1. worthi .ir 4 e5 no.

For Lack of spoce we cannot quote prices on these go&
this Department will be found some of the greatest 1s
this House. .



z e e y e.
*av VUZULI switu is V Witav W i n bV, 00C ...... ..
:~rT~~ls~iEe c


Tuma r aa.r, .o a w We etlWe eat, violent swerve today. Don't be shocked ibt HeWd.. We hen
oee Aitle5Zureekmelhods that have enduredlandsoe
um ".forme test wae sta -la" I d de-oPs of The rare coot genius that created a conservatism stigmatfzd by someets eol-fogyism, datriedby others apOri
fti uyistkv&r 0h nma' T mTai ad way to any of tha innumerable evil customs that are so frequently found iS cordial association with the general mer
little difculty injiocating tla.ntsesOIV
- t d ef tbicbild, wte ae Greek fruit eal- s of the period.
Iplj omelavo, e ato tablish the fact .er; prec "* a'takin to say We aTe not re arm'irs. It is not our self-imposed mission to correct errors, suppress shams or enlighten igi..
b"a'fi tiwotd*6is M . < noohing . the f.t ily until the arrival undivided interest nd industry are centered upon th~ -honorable occupation of developing this business aceom
At h at1im tme P"Gmr with two of begir,and Friday nigbt a tele- principles that obotrolled irs original plan. The sincere appreciation accorded us has been generous and encoora
<5* o ff 1 x mJzp6E Q& @ oiiseunced her de serve isall is our aim. Evidence of the truth of this declaration appears in today's announcement. .
ea -" I A.a---n-wbo a"se e "g ty+ ENTHUSIASM REITNS ATITHE BIG STORE,
w.m ci. fr 4# pound. wjpsea jt qp t.latyrrved yester- 9 BUYERS, SALESMEN and CUSTOMERS all join ia the good times. Buyers and salespeople a
W t l ts at is i this i day oe jt oraeg train, and wA at t are havi ng the best business the establishment of low prices and superior merchandise in Tampa, cUwp
IWs* 5ydats onelosed,0d onoe ki ho She seemed over. cause trey are getting better bargains than ever. believe in striking the iron while it's hot; theref6reiw
W ssa w seomn arrival and recognir her tinue the GREAT CHALLENGE SALE another wee. Another week of Challenge Prices on the most a
tle Isd*. Tbe pol IntInvolved ps tilp before ise retched -
m- ftipebaW bit settled by the sbe frult ad, She had with her a ficent stock of goods that ever graced the.counters art shelves of this or any other house; another weekfeset
thM feperS or0of the counDct ile Ieqb hAkt,.wit which tb Sa- dima activity inu jis always busy store; another week of d sghted buyers, pleased heads of departments and
Mggi t t I andobttdiy beadverse vannabh 'fthortes bad shoougf lly maby goois were sold last week that some nights our clerks rked until the wee 'sma hours in order to make pirotp
fsMsaye. providedter,and clug to the bpx to but they were glad-to do it, for they have the good of the Bil STORE at heart. Some of our buyers we wbra o'lb
.* I., A-TY. tth wta back to New York for more goods with instructions to forwa' their purchases at once by express. This'is indeed an
SIsi opposed that the child wab left times for the Big Store, and it proves again that honest ntmtLs and real bargains will bring better and more pernai
i Oe, a C eatwit relatives o friends ineSava nab, than the empty newspaper blow and bluster indulged in by s many houses on the street.
.- Ss, sponWigree oapp..edto ,--DRY GOODS, DRESS 00ODS AND MILLINERY
T"i 1ld5U d o T weee thn aM uetbg The.hondsomest, the most unique, the most colossal th "most superb, the most bewitching and npr
wsh tboeorasedewed iyt th uochndren' s etertainment tobeheld offered the trading public. The goods must go and they are going,new ones are taking their place every day. Oumr
M iM at f wr omarade in arms. as Baker hall; Wednesday night is eating and our prices are phenomenal sellers. See these remarkable bargains. Every body is cordially greeted
kea']eojwife and married daugh- the date set for the Turman-Lykes buy or not. Ceme and see us, see our goods and get ourprices-you will buy and your neighbors willdo like
SM sedthe Crscient club op. The STRONG, STYLISH, SERVICEABLE SHOES
Md ieesmd ar buried, first bi cle meet at Ballast Poict wril
a nd Bladder tome du teeri bel ternoon, and. That's the kind we sell' And we sell them at prices that cin't be duplicated elsewhere. We don't say that noby else
2,"& la ] ller 06- last, but by no mean. least%, the doors of
d hs istw e"Nev she TamnpaBay botel will be thrown as good as ours, but we do say that nobody else keeps such good shoes at such low prices.
.gmsIna mmesM unn". open for the season upon this eventful' KEE P W ARM
spremptmem im The report that Mr. Theo Le lqy had
S mnisWM, bnk beena pointedd deputy collector of cus. Undeniably, incomparably the best Underwear in the world. If you are easily subject to colds, coughs or
pa s inge tom tby collector Matt Macfarlane, is should wear no other kind. We have 'em in just the weights suited to this climate. First and last they save you
a~ w sel l lea, entirely erroneoud. Mr. Lesley is you health.
f oodl*g iani smplyioldiag on like bthe rest of the MACKINTOSHES-We have dozens of styles. Souts that combine comfort, dressiness and pr
16M.M i ferce ot the offloa The only have a distinct function. Wind and drizzle keep them to6the front. A fineline is now ready at price re
yeSw it Yet made by Collector d d k te to t f A f line
SO .. r Maset ane is that of Dr. Bru-e, as

,n:- J. T. 4we % ...pa.Sthe

~~T ~ II V

;~-r-a~--- C




S.of thp -eeW VWork
ocded Revtival AU
W UaL -Ztiqayr Ordetr

rti-trae a fast filing
ieeatly givenbausiness
ob- of the holiday season
liMrable number of new

tir-eeeadin more than
'wi available Auich of
ied, Tea supply of to-
OBbe abnandot with the
wa.d mangy large par-
neattly been made.
tor-tbhe-week, asgivea by

me of te WB O ctivi-
las te volie of bum-
to en malins at the

ie of Ybor & Maarar
k'wth asoutput of 244.-
tbovaipeeatei or tse week
" re mturn ot Edward
bwia beee deterred and is
epIa noowe until after

f o. are olbdfng their
ipsMeteof u0, and an
O(Wo, -This frm is run.-

t.. forw.aded 178,000
K the week and =an-
ILj Ii hos be i os ne
i eiaeeea I always sa Sfeo-
eaee h-sede bare a high
mtse market.
kAlvaez aedoia d land
waedalre work ag a full
iWl o see imapromve their
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WeTh. toal .eppmantr


kt output bsalga10,000

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aC e working a
aIP m, aft t aold, Ths

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oi f te b i has tor-
^& 686,0110e andded

5'Co. n>^ .S/W an

Cholera Morbag, Summer complaints Macfarlane, aud his friends were busily
and al internal pains. For sale by engaged in congratulating him last
Maximo, M. Dis' Pharmacy, Central night upon the receipt of hi. commis-
Phar nacy, Bay Pharmacy, and Tampa sien to a lucrative i,osition whose re-
Drug Oomnohy, m sponsib e duties he is well-qualfied to
Inmmntinenceo Water during sleep disonarge with credl to himself and
stopped immediately by Dr. E. Detch- to the satisfaction of his official chief.
on'g Anti-Diuretie. Cures children and The whole story of the wonderful
adults alike. Price$1. SoldbyS.B. nres by Hood's Sarsaparilla is soon
told- It makes the blood rich. pure and
ear & C., druggists, T mp'Fl. nourishing. it cures scrofula, catarrh
dt. and lheumatism.
BairUbefte *0& ajmbno" low &Away ----
quit- e eaIs easily andforever.bemnr. Hoods Pills act harmohiou.ly with
eto ts totsee emily asit teree h d oe m-a eere
1e-tullot fliUfe-.am e afed vigor, take No. H ood' S-prsapanrlla. Cure al; lier ills
Bo., tolwems wer-ws- e .that mi s weak men 10 cents.
etdeW. Al druWa sgIs AL.or Crepguarsao-
5eth. ,ooklt and 5mple ftee. Address gEdcate oor owel 'Witit t.ncanret.
.3Wt j Ore Oadi, CeIaro or New York Candy Cathartic. cure constipailoo foqeIer.
N',entwin i0trmt, pr t or 10e.2le.- It C. C. C. fail. drncgists rf-rnd monev.
No entarprBie, iptereet, ropect or
bieliecan'arbti e be without rep- Our ready remedaie oea patent media
melentation litb q0 Soutb Florida and cine" Made to suit the diseases cj the
Qhistamae4ditoI :a the Tthmes-Unmon "timste. Anglo-American Drug Co.,
,% Ctitiaen, whiseWitll appear on De- corner Case street and Florida avenue.
eabl. th lmo tf
a mat kew r-re may be othe.n When a man is sufferlng'from an ach-
S4111 lI0."'b vsdP.ieelrersTbllu ingbead--a sluggish body-whns his
L -muscles are lax and lazy--bis brail dull
S bosom'th h .t7 ai e l I sew and his stomach diedaifaing food be
iI0~M pidw ill, it wise heedthese warnings and
i > aweon e e resort to the right remedy, before it is
f ol a i no too late "Parer's sarapariltip' he
i8 II. Say. "KIng of Blood Purifie" make the ap-
SgpealIe keen and hearty, invigorae the
hvs-, t PIelie the blood and fills it with
toe U ag elmentse of -0o e fo*d. i&
tam nas ino sdfol hInesi nemaw ...A e


l0g Tr sial ,if l l IlL Cu kb

That Wlu the Teit Pasd On An
A llminet Wew York oh rasit and ad D Ona
olenttst Makes a Free Ofer to BtlS.
Our X d _
Thedistinguished New Yorkchemi.t. WIlTON THIS WHITE WOWIS WOBK
T. A. Slocum, demonstrating this VI.-
covery of a reliable and a solute cure A Young Girl In the Garion
for Coaasmption (Pulmonary 'ubt~rru-
loais) And all broachil, throat, lung Takes Up Wih a Negro-A Child
and chest diseases, astbbori cousas. Is Born I hem-Scanda'ous Is
atarrhal affections, general decline This Story.
and weakness, lou of flesh, and all o.- o_
ditlons of wastiag away, will send prom 8smday 'Dally.
three free bottles (all different) o( bhi Foraome time past the local authori-
New Diacoveries o any aflicted reader ties have been quietly engaged in the
of The.TmalBE writing for them. investigation of a scandalous and son-
His "New Scientific Treatment." 1as satmonal cake, the particulars of whieb
roared tbCrtsonod permaniontly by its are now for the first time fet forth for
timelyuse, and reconsiders it simply toe edification of the TRIBUN'S read-
proteaional duty tosuffer ig humanity ers.
to donate a trial of his infalliblecure. scene is laid in the garrison, and
Science daily develops new wonder. he scene is laid in th garrison,
aod this great chemist, paiiently ex- U e heroine is a young woman who is
perimenting for )ears, has produced re- st present boarding with a family in
oult asbenefsial to humanity ascan that quarter of the town. This par.
be claimed hay ang troublesrn aenu Hion- ticular 3oung woman, like many oth-
eampuon a re iiurble in any climate is erof her sex, some tim sce strayed
proven by "heartfelt letters of 'ratL- from the paths of virtue. In fact, she
tsde, filed to hta American and Euro- not only strayed-she made the wild-
esan laboratoriea In thonuande from
those osrd in all part ou te world. eat possible detour from the strait
Medical experts concede that broo- and narrow way, a d is today the cen-
chial, lhet aad long troubles lead to trial figure of one ot the most unsavory
coosump1ion. which, uninterrupted scandals that ever assailed the nostrils
,mans speedy and certain death.
Simply write to T. Soum, C. o the people o Tampa.
98 Pine street. New York, giving post- It was some weeks ago trat this
office and exprem address, and the free young woman gave birth to a child.
medicine will be promptly sent. Suf- The event was not altogether unexpec-
feers aof d take instant advantage of ted- t was the sequel that took away
bhlgeneroos propeltiuou.
Ple ea tell the doctor that you saw tbe breath of the garrison. Tne moth-
this offer in the TAxPX TBaiBim. er had no particular use for the child,
jy221y. which was neither ornamental nor uee.
A Cure for Rhemantim fal; and it was not long before it was
Bm-rro. A, quietly shipped off to a respectable.
M es. Ln. nrrMas s..avaanniih, Ga. out ctildiess family in Port Tampa
T.sama :--I had Rheumatis smaut two City. wnu Ioelt the netd of such a
mstes doaeslae wter., wascu eosrned to my
aoRaimwest o'thb Uoe. I sawuasadvee hous-eehold necessity.
meInt the tlai5 5aCser rsmees ,dleg P: V.
P. ass time fa osrtLrmsm: Isnons three Etrange to say, the bab though
testleh L before Irt tt1 roughwith Ibe third healthy and well- formed,fai ed to suit.
ble easred, and hae e ft theess ad we t
s feet of lbheamsu m si e, It s rndo ly It was not up to the aepcrlption in one
she bes mamwdy ns eaemmledm I tried .
I eaSeet l yeemsssfdit to the eb-a. important particular. Something was
YoWts uly, D.M.Cauirxo AN. lacking. The babe was not junt the
take advantage of right tint. A mistake had been made
tha offer. Send 10 center to ns for a somewhere, and a cloe examia-
g*eneros tnialt onsrk your drug Iat tion revealed unmistakable indications
Xetiuoais tralshi or ask your b fagt enL
r ro ryo'Ce.am m of its neero paternity. In the words of
Ask forEly'sCrem Blman t mostthe song, It wasn't colored: it was
E'LY"BSRO"1 Warren St. N.Y.City. The indignat family promptly
I iatfed from eatarrb of the wors The indnant family prompt
kinfd ever amnce a boy, and I never shipped the unwelcome hy iid hack to
pnbed evar na a hot Ely n C n Bralm theb garrison, ann, little by little, the
or lynsavory story began to .-one out and
wmertoadoovea ttiL Manya Mqdnai
ameme to v d it witha. excellent a set the scandal-mongers by the ears.

Ch eoa4 Ill. mother had for a lonr time been keel -
SWanted-Trustwor~hby and active ii g company with a colored man, and
gentlemen or ladies to travel for re that they had a regular meeting place',
eponsibl, established house in FIpride. which they frequented so constantly so
Monthly 85.00 and exrenset. Position to excite the comment of the fishermen
steady. Reference. Enclose self-ad- and others wb i had from time to tinne
dressed tamped envelope. The Domin-
ion Company, Dept R., Chicago. observed them during their nocturnal
deo-2-16-wk trysts.
Naturally, this scandalous case of
No Cure-No Pay. misoegrnation proved thoroughly of-
Iha &'ht way al di rrt"tnOraW'se fenaive to those who w-re cognizant
evees. It Is orm rw o insines a= of the circumstances, and threats of
ianaso h.. asaea loeit. Oresdults violence are said to have been offered
fai It to bl-,tertaamtLngrt Was. I-r oelt;
vet, fi d-w the-amorous coon by some of the hon.
;- fr vt 9WlO estfishermen who have seer him pbil-
.C-hisbe tCDdj saartlatbhemostweadt wandering after the girl even since the
l dflm-bof h e, p birth of the child. For some reason, it
M Ila hond a has thus farbeen found impossible to
elae tk sys'irpalcd^bco idenidf) the -'nero or to learn his
esrJ~it mPTese bhy and trr abox name; and thbe authorities seem qnite
ofCS.0.Isdey;10 ato. olde ua much in the dark as the garrison
-u rgossips themselves. Upon several oc-
ief Ii EHr Mrca. s caooue the scoundrel's arrest seePed
e Dlaetsttam lidbhy sd Bladde- ito Ma re- probable, but at every point he hans on-
t ISa sbe--evlnmn a.^.t tndio in some way to escape bobthj a-
rat Marprl ose e ae is f exeeedlg rest and identification, nd as he has
nsrr a obreIStai la sis .r .itaect Ms n probably gone into hiding, the TisthE
maIn a lmSitaltl ndlvestasesr f water has concluded to give the story pub-
yac WMa qsik ressef sed re *hi te yourre.m Itrity.
sfy. sold byta.B. L & alo..,ding,lam. Two things are certain. The child
u bhaa again been sent away. this time
Thie 'lTaB officeIsa headquarter 'for keeps;" and the mother's board is
for artstic'job printing of a kinds being paid by some philanthropist, who
"In a mintite" oe doee of Hart's Es- discretely keeps himself in the back-
aecce of Ginger will relieve any ordi ground.
nary came of Colio, Cramps, or Nausea Iheo Lesley haa been appointed
An unexcelled remedy for Diarrhoea, deputy collector under Collector M. B.

Lumi.er Co was in the city last night,
and g.ave the TRIBUNE the wBlcome in-
formation thtt the removal of the
roil: t- Pin't City had been decided up-
oi.. rnd tint ihe drst steps had already
teen i kri. lnino'movemint upon the
nI art f Mr. Ainolie airt his associates
is on' that will prove of incalculable
eenfit, not only it Piantt City,
*bit ti Tampa onil t,he entire
county. The present pay roll iif tlhe
concern embraces some 22' hands and
involves payment of $4,0(0 a monthb.
''be work of removal will hardly be
completed before July next.
Wbhy allow yourself to be slowly tor-
tured at the stake ofi disease? Chills
and Fever will undermine, and eventu-
ally break down. the strongest coneti-
tuion"Febri-Cura" (Sweet Chill Tonic
with Iron) is more effective than Qui-
nine, and being combined with Iron is
an excellent Tonic and Nerve Medicine
It is pleasant to take, and is sold under
positive guarantee to cure or money re-
funded, Aceept no substitutes. The
"iust as good kind don't effect cues.
Ior sale b y Maximo K, Diaz' Pharmacy,
Central Pharmacy, Bay Pharmacy and
Tampa Drug Co.
That ithe way all druggists sell
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic for Ma-
laria, Chills and Fevers. It is simply
Iro and Quiine in a tatel ssform.
(hi'rea ioye it. Adult prefer it to
bitter, anuesatiog toeai Price, ffty
aent. d-w


A Tampa Man s eturn From the
Edmund Pntley. who will be well-r-
membered as the Cuon porter of the
Almerta up tn a month or olgo, and
who has for some weeks been absent
from toe city, turned up again Tbhrs-
day night, and was seen about the hotel
yesterday. During his absence from
Tampb he has been In Cuba. where he
has been enacting wich more or les
success the picture-que, bus arduous
role of a Cuban insurgent, under difi
culties. *
The difficulties in Mr. Finley'a case
aere in pert composed of aa abcess
that was formed on his neck through
change of climate, export re and hard
living. The expedition on which the
ex-hotel porter left was formed in Flor-
ida lest month and sailed for the scene
of the revulutioi, on' the famous
Dauntless. S.?venty mep are said to
have been embarked on the Jackso-
ville filibustering boat, and the arms
with which they were to be provided
were sent out in the schooner Silver
Heals, and were designed to te trans-
ferred to the tug at a point fixed upon
Through some understanding, the
rendezvous was missed, and after some
delay the Dauntless proceeded on her
way to the Cuban coast, where the men
were landed. The steamer then ie-
turned for the purpose of hunting up
the Silver Beeli. Her search was auc
cessful, and after taking the arms on
board, the Dauntless returned to Cuba,
where her munitions of war were land-
ed in safety.
During tvis enforced delay Finley
and his c )mpanions were iu hiding on
the Satilio river, where they remained.
undisturbed and undiscovered, until
the arrival of the arms enabled them to
tak lthe field.
Mr F.ileyv' physical condition soon
became such, however, that it was
found i ecesaary to send him back, and
ie will pribibly remain in Tampa un-'
til his health is filly rontored.
Fill a bouLle ur uiuomon glass with
urine and let it stani twenty-four
hour; a sediment r settling indicates
an unnt-allby coniditon of thekidneya.
Wiien urine stains linen it is evidence
of kidney trouble. Too frequent desire
to urinate or pain in the oack, in also
convincing proof that the kidceys and
bladder are out of order.
There is comfort in the knowledge
so often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Rou', the great kidney remedy
fulfills every wish In relieving pain in
the back. kidney.e liver, bladder and
every part of the urinary passage. It
corrects inability to holt urine and
scalding pain in passing it, or bad ef-
fects- following use of liquor, WILe or
beer. and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to get up
many times during the night to uri-
nate. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of dwamp-Root is soon realized.
It stands the highest forit wonderful
cures of the most distressing cases. If
you need a medicine you should have
the best Sold by druggists, prce fifty
cents and one dollar. You may have a
sample bottle and a pamphlet both
sent ree by unail. Mention theTBIBTuRl
and send your address to Dr. Kilmer &
Co.. Binrhamton, N. Y. The proprie-
tora of this paper guarantee the gen-

Excellent Entertainment.
The entertainment given at the
Kindergarten on the Heights last
night proved to be a complete and
gratifying success. An assemblage of
over 150 of the best people of Tampa
was in attendance, and indicated by
their constant and generous applause
their appreciation of the long and*
varied programme rendered. The
success of the evening's entertain-
ment not ouly reflects credit upon
Miss Metz, the accomplished principal
of the school; Out indicates the deep in-
terest that has been aroused in Kinder-
garten aims and methods among the
thinking, progressive classes of the
Moving the Mill.
V. L. Ainslie. of the great Warnell




; '"

S et CoFort I tQcT1 eI Iwhaa
FInest Cuisine ad erele. o tmie bte wnb eal rrda ead -ei Tlr6.
The Pt is e ompoeeo eof the dftowings adomeMOSalw gtneslenem- P.
"C-eh," (a,), "A~gqmiu ujnqjifc oC.gtofc" ..rUli I
: 8tauuin appointed tonal I&aonUl*6t"ead&. A,
tem Jack s ( sl e sraoa) dsys 0*vtsesst Sa
r m Chr _on, I,. . ............. ...,,.......... .... m ,W-- --- -
Paer heor of ailng see "Clyde Lise" aoedl or Jaea ac tM p6
8teamers are appolatedito-all mm Perm eat HUtra, ew Yor at' I.ta.~6ni;d
fi CharetontcS C.-...... .... ...... 4a ....,lo.lr w &l
FC Jacesosuvilula.. (ealfast Chrleton ...........ed.. avil mal4

Qyde New Englada and Southern Uie. reit
'(C.it sat harsit on,8. C. bMoth v :-
tearmueoen *sDelowarre" andl'Omeida." ..
S o :Are appointed to l ul u foows.
-ou.m FFoIs Hesn Steetsiacktsnl a, Fro Imwl.'We
R .D YS. n I =

Jacksonville, Pal*tka, Sanford, Enterprise, Fla., and It
S mediate Landings on the St. Johns River.

~ Sieoae r -Wst. ak Pre- -
uLyo s Jacksonle... ...........................Tundaysa d
Laeves Sanford ......... ............... ...... .........M da n
General Passenger lnd Ticket Ofnce. 204 West Bay Stjok.,J l
W, H. IWaourton, E. P. A, :F. LK. sL.maersw-s 5s ti to
5 Bowling qreen, New York. 20 West t
M1H. Cllde, A.T. M., Jmo. L. ow atdr
5 Bowling Green, Nw York. FeOt Efas i
Their. O. Edger, '. M.. i 5 Bow Oreen ,tlewYork. -I
e.wliaho reen, N. Wm.P. CLYUDI & CO.,Gene l ra gb gento. 5. ii De

W e show sonqe great bargains in Rough sed .Smooth C
svwe bought thaemnat old tariff prices. Write to us 'r (ar e
hed you want a drass, stating color and' price yui rwish''

SColored Dres Goods n_....w..........
Iree cayes of the very aestyles of l f e uPr .l ..
ultanga en the popae viOtf.pee .dee, S, ie.
;wide, a rpee~ bin t open Up the Smpm An -Wooi aliieoi k 41 h6 bl tb aao-
ith ..............0. 25c L ~ seess
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Cheek SaiUng., i all n colons; would beka wak e per yrd ...
*ihiesmnerat Se ayard; opeprisisgle.856c .- 9.
WLse stylLd BstylOsetom have ansihotern Blami

Blacl Dress Goods I
4u Woe reseat f8gS, J. wdee, tak of ,

'05v M J'M IM

2 5 t -50


Is the most Important item a grower bFys I
should be

*Reliable, unick-cting and Ir

The Seaspn's Result Depends on It.

Cur IpEL brands will suit]you. The prioe,i right
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Bone, Acid, Phophae, Nitrate of Soda, 8. .WalM
all agricultural chemicals and materials at lowest prices.
Write for priced and ask far our book, "Why W I MaW't
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IP "lyg's Foot" and Blood and BoneqU17,per ton' ,...i

Sd- iver- Oti
tipenflf in the
age, Coermap-
aMdlng Pbhysi-
3Jr aele by
eecy, Crtal
oa b T&mpa

6ewi of all
nt'o' Im

' '

7!t; r.'--
K-17 Z

r? ; '~1i`~;~t T:F~Z ;~-r~ec-. ~n~r
i .:
;e r
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-- 7

A Nedel MiEWtanter Resort De-
;a Detal.
.ja;AImig9H V TOh 1r1 bailsto Florida once
depended o the erity of the weatb-
r a the North; bo that was irt the
dayle when bcHmate was the only at-
4r' U6l00d 0 triotn, toers wae a doubt as to
S hotel K odatioes. Now, the aild
S I fi tert han ano:appikciable effect, and
'ra- ]~a _At t.h veiy cold aones tt a slight effect.
S- At t Thin is attrbatable ~ely to tbhe superior
iiA banquet At railway saiceandlhbg reat'improve-
meat in boel aecotumodations all over
thbe sate aoledCaba.
.. ta The trat If the hotels of the Plant
S t 8NdSynke@ the4 thducestUe traveler from
hi boae, aipd then (aeteeces him to
qiP.xn!-.' .Tilte break his journey, i ast Winter Park,
PWiWia Wii l'Teved. and beers th beatdifal adrta name
St:UitB t hbuchmcb "8emtoole4 is reAembranoe of the
t. rThe.d. rtbe u oae ros iethis country
T ad T ad afew n:boee4reedante oocea
rdamratet and we oall~je to the roet to e heo
q acittohradItw tbhe p fees have dese-
peoeia of tOate ihel UtiUongroundsa.
S ; ter, k is id the midst of the
srsf i 1 ad yet sr an, altutde of
,:a-m"a`-W '' Mmed 6' 1 feet wLve.e-.wa;ter,
I h ie B ceW tA drWtog Th are
et R n1" leae,a d se e ere, not some
fscIeoWalMe awil aY, bt ID 416 of the bhote
a-ff bassea btImkndi0t, to the let and to the
4g btlpl fItilelakes of clear,
"afei eater, abouasdlg i ftst. Yet,
toitab the ar flDad dry,ad there
M l ase (rbtrtal location auay-
vhme.r w worltd al. t Winter

t;"hi 3 Pu resori". atsed on the
as U of tbe 0ath P eidai"on of
Sbth Pbait owatem, JL8 mid south.of
a oknenfile, ad 100 paile0 north of
TseOpe the piae and the baseo
-t SS imf c lakes aof Orange
ASaeifAStlOn1Bny. 1ur n ended l by benumerous
B ttain .thty groves a deligulul
Sof Nrthet visitors, ln
l J t or ist l eithfBlness.
A sbei e S aid ds t sa Isy mo bher
SIdaa"- vteruists lo'p to learn
bl that eae of ao"l^ U.J^ utfactltt dn the state la'r exactly ino
OA 9reJheof e n pealerla. Here are
e iAt g*n bllfe hWrated from each othir
J. a h^l etil ibe O ean of elear, frhe water;
eL n'W ir"nte* bn by clean, taH, straight
V^iatp"tes; w ea ose eeood oee with oa-
a M'ia a t runs,
a'rd*Miw the hogle nerbborbod; oill
n'Ld, air ure, and a oHate that la
ine thit feared region a number of
:people M"aend founded.
lsteor thlrP
amusm in m

teamu sai bot, aan a staolaet
'ta ta" ev etng; guides for.

e to the tastes of all who
.eeeitrtD tibi ieu tifut wa
.rp's ad lakei offer
e edrie Io inrtalt

Hl, o+, te, ofi o bbh ."
tea^lg of finyplay roade pdItI

BS TsE ' tn~rri

4 I'
-. I -r

p wived ate
a bevy lmed

il" ,. IL-
,npee of tu
hY -a"t Twd.


In the City That Is sow Soth Fnlol- HebrasaU
da's Itropols


The Town'a Rapid Re" From An He Intrt
Obscure Coontry Hamlet to Ite Pres- the 8en
ent Proportioun--ome Strking a Helpi
Statistics. and D$ifti Beingl
It is not many year ago th.t Tamna tion at th
-now universally Irecognized as the W. Mi
commercial centmrof South Florida, brief bu
and the coming metropols of the entire Senator G
state, was a aregglisg hamlet, spare- Mr. Dai
ly populated aid poorly built aid or- toe comn
dered. Tedy it ia the second cdty in bill probhl
the state frod a point of view purely in (he Nc
buiaet e, and one that is, II some re- immedaie
specta, without an equal or a pert. bat Mr.
The streets that a few short years ground of
ago were given over to the rode teams ue and a
of tbe cracker farmer-to the primi. Mr. All
tie outfit of the backwoodamas and 'reolutiou
trapper, are now lined wltk handsome of the seu
commercial structures and lMpundwith all due an
the bustle of trade and buslnen activi- adfe by al
ty. depeudenu
Ten years ago the oity ofl ampa was that he 1
practically a terra incognita; today it State to
is the leading.cigar mepufacturing oothe Cub
town of the So0th and bears updn ite ligereucy,
borders, and mirrored within Itsafuous knowleorg
stream, one ofle toeast hotels that an librt.
ara of extravagance apd luxury can advned b
boast. The Tampa Bay hotel speaks luasma
for icoel, and in the merl fact that th atwo
such men sa President H. 8. PlaOt have de ons
liberty, h
seen their way clear to epand their reeognitio
millions here may be found the surest and that
gParantee of the towns' future and ul. them witt
Ulmatesuccess. necessary
barked by
The city now contains, approximate- Caban wa
ly, 123oiWgar actories, whose anDual He exp
output is estimated at (,000,00O In of Spanisi
these hives sf industry no less than Ouba. wh
5.000 operatves are mploybd, and the tep, had
internal revenue and custom house ool- tion of Cu
lectiOs mount, respectively, to t ,-T9 e minu
58 and 68,786 Pr) repo
The hotel property of the city alone bill the ft
to worth $8,000,000, and the number of and gave
tournts who annually pias through up immad
the city has been eatimaied at 85,000. elections a
The establiatlment of the colossal and curry
plant of te Tamps rewlag Compay during thb
marks a new eta i the commercial as 1:15 t
development of the city. and te daily HOT CC
output of 100 barrels is one that not
oaly gives employment to a large nom- a
her of men, but which is distributed far WASHrm
and wide throughout the entire South, committee
Few otitie in the Sat have a* more which wil
extenaiv pys r of sree railways, double
than Tampa, apd,q' iln ct, the tire
plant of the Conomm t' Company, i saLons bef
one that ca safely i take as a model meeting a
by other commeaitlae. Thirty mile action. I
of-car ebke thread he eity's street reoo nuen
andd 8J, i0nandeew$ li hgbta illumine vision of
It dark place; The extensive improve- a resolutic
mete now bet O arrnid on at Port eretary
Tasmp, by the Plant y item mean deep he oomna
water, cheap frelght and pceao Vom- secretary
marce in the nearl future, sand the r1. and
steady and legitlmalt growth of the ten cowmm
town is somelbthag that a best be Mr- Hai'
me red by a reference to In history tstd a I
for the lasidecade. the oomm
so the hou
OOumja: 80WroOv. BOARD. the nsan
bodied in
Pall Proodedingea pf Tht Auguat Mr. Brosi
dy e rdysHil now
TbeboardofpaMlto instretioo met mediately.
Batdn dec
with Melsr4. Wall, .parkman and Pro- on eircul
feeior Boohhbol preeeot. W. J. Mar- sent; the
ti,. a member tl the Iloard, wa unable in rural c(
to bepreeot on aecuuat oa sickness ; tan wi
but submitted i written report bearing wemat over
on ool matter. he minutes of the .los havtuj
a&t meeting pprovd and the
board tben to .dihine the t Wsnav
qeetion of the y olldj va rttion. it be- committee
ing naJlyede that the soo d o of io ae
tCaeoqebrnt rrp^bee co Weloo es- ^
day afqto.e )ncembei2r2-and re uleofthe

noewo k ca e oy. January 8ri prodeiolo

o of I teacher b, saaor uSaeomen
ant aao for the third thanap

pThe tlatr Wroetae taree w nas n
ef warrant td e for te

oretwlugnmedt"aool abuiadnge for the
county. Otatbr Wall aptoke ome t dper- an

length ao this impo*rta,' ant, leaen am

tary wan beutel to qcd porate m
thy.h tb thre us es, that was the w w

Mense of the rth amose should Wamos
beinifed by at means leie o to= wo
eaweOne fthe.ui thm e for.e e a m

eo tdoa tbe colaof I- whieb rau
antol sea
Co tabnad gI h b e W twSH l be nso"ad
ag onhlaiso iuWetan%' s terth pniw j
daos wee 8os oS W d1 -1 a U eb on an It

l"49. V"I VOWME.g~P(~ Cf 3s rr
Wk pr~ ol jCCY~ly;ieO~~ 0on, I51

cothe tatea
,and a te peaN a masd
d ttirWtith ih a taw
se IXdsok arof shi b1
timon wl be n btter
emt to ak thM otr tw
prqbibet POlaIO R 0

rTOX, w0. (k.--T 'ioB^ 1>,

rist thk mldv-eoo tr
iof thto b

nea te e whanem
Shown e beda irah.L

a tatd thi wol toi
bat wIll be other

mrrx, Dec. -Sen-tor Pao.
South Clrolina Is down It

I whoet he ame to Waa p.
Ierw iuem of 1Lta eoMr
in weak and it in is t he
a ard time f it
WnwAt at na"rom 4
iTPo. Da. o-.The atIek

e CsioW^ w^ P?^v.^ 5^

WA ,

i Demi s tit Cabt- be
Ramognstd IloT.


nduce a Resaltion Asing
ate to Extend the Zlno.unte
sg Hand. Say Congra
3eld in Check. *
eons, Des -In hi intioca
a opening ohe senate Lr.
born. the liaplln, delitred
it touching iogy of thellate
sorge Of Mi ppL
rvi of Minueta reported from
icttee on f Biffn realarIA a
bitiug the 10ing offur eala
north Pacific at. He iked
e ootsiderai:on for tohe tsl,
ale of Miame objected 4. the
she.importacee of the ea-
sked that phe bill be priletd.
Le of Nqbres ra preseu ad
deolaring i to be t e Ime
ate that 'Wkgres shnold Igb
d ecoanve nt s peed. a wl
pprop a the poli e ic
e. of Ouaba Mr. AUlenad
had' long arged the ited
resoruiea the iudependeub of
t isarsgeoah He would be
with tbe reeoguitloa otn b .
but would inu upon h aso
reteun of abhite pl 4catl
ie wos aiasfled that tb eo.
npe be oontent with the ctBren
r the adtmiumrtratiou.
ch as the CObans for ure4
years ou many batteflildepad
Lead their valur and lowed for
m fset that they had e ed
n of their poliial liby
it ought to be ac to
oout further temiporiniti- lf
tlhis recognitto ubn nal be.
a fleet of American ve9 lu
teaed a belief that the oners"
Sbonds in" this onuntry ud
ocitieno holding in
o micht be affected by a&I a
joined to prevent' the ro i-
bea' political independent
son of the boome ated .l
ea Mr. W. A. Some (1 .'
ted the peusaon appro
rst of the apprprt
nolioe that he hoo e
lUtely after the readLxg
nd theay. The cmCommitteeaon
any were given Itea t
Ssession of the houae T U
he house adjourned.
te Ovar a Moat Lh Rtpa a
Ftnaoein Miram .
To.w Dec 9. The h4an
a on banking and eurren y,
1 have the shaping of a j.
portion of the financial l
'ore the houmi. held its
nd outlined itr trtlteral p1 o
n new of 8--retarry 0i '
IdItiOU of a comp|r eaeiv _e
Ir ncyw aud banLukiiiu ntlqf
a waq lutitttei tvatittc |LIN
to embouy his views tla in iL
ulttee wal iuforumeoa t, I
was now at work oa nit .-
;hat it would be available u.
ittee in about a week
I of Oonnectiset then pred
harp debate by movuaL
ittee not at aoe by rpor ja
M a bill embodying the o
mial features which had ftb
* appoTval These were I in-
a balL heretofore offereAry
on of Pennsylvania. and r.
roponed that the fiat tWe
b placed before the hae ueo.
The three aeeiona prorvb dt
lauou up to the per nlohof
melted; reduction of the ax
atian to one-forth of 1i
ewtabliabment of smail bik
ate wa proceeding with -
ten at 12 o'clock the meIg
* a vote on the Hill mo w
< been reached
* Nap Petare *el*ng.
OTOS, Dee. -- The gakedL
aaorableh report npee a ll




.; -
'~ iU^

-- *. | eU ay


^ * ~t' i'i

ldl il

I ln'I
a dn ;r^
c~;ur^ -i4rt ,:srp


sr ssZ *'^'S

, lg.


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S\' ;J^
~..... ,


-v ,..1, :.-
^~~~' yrt~~ici

^ th ycaano ba~x

^ fL; Wela~r; l
^ 1M r h~t .P

f1 K ^^ ^






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