Title: Considerations upon the Trade to Guinea
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Title: Considerations upon the Trade to Guinea
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Language: English
Publication Date: 1708
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'~ Printe4 in 66e XY.r I' Qg1 lt

fj j ,_ "+ .."" ,
tr -

0 body *ioub. Nt-. Taeis*
a abruptly neceari," to thet
We lWd-eii of Gra Brhw,;.
.- s 'y SouryS ce of bar Ri-
has', thcoJily ~iOcit of our Greamefts,
't (egloe I aisdof our being or oucodn-
r, .io~ to b 'a confidcrablc Natso, ; f:y
re1 oft. Which wc weha made fucira Ei-
C re.~ijrP e of late years, hnd haVe
fi ged f gea ~ are in great and publidk
TcEa4ffios. Tis that by which w' Ub-
5fi at home, and earry on the Wir a.
b oad: in IMor, 'cis our'All. No wonder
therefore jf our beliRadeavours. c'con-
flnIaly us'd to carry on this grcat Con.
qrn, and if all Hands and Heards are a
-work~o, improve and inlarge it. And
bo tithflandirfg.twi O ncrediL r:(pen:e oi"
,e prerencw ar, could Men be perfuia-
d^ to fltuiy the pubtick Profit more, and
. ir iypaarte Gaiu lfs; would hcey be fo
t as not to coutntenance or engage
i A 2 themfelvec

4 I4) ,
thdielves iq a way of T ade C
iprce, whereby the Wbole lodtbfii k
particular Perfiins ger we rhightl l
pot o carry on the Wac till 'tie ventv t
Mfiould crown the S xjfations of .all ho
.peft MnMe ad inoiable Peace,
Nw4' t eat' tfic nscetrn is to*us,
the greater Nbight Ciu fervea an improve it. In a longC6urc~i
of War with a Prince potent at Saa, 'rs l
impqflible to prlferve without' Ls at
the Brancies of our Tride, which yj-
tends it- fclf in fome mearuretp all Psi.
or the knowui World. Some of t0li
Bianchc,, of thie greateft ICport at
Confequence, areWcut ot ftom ls by rii
Unipnof the two Crowos0 : a bnd ythav6
Tffer'd fo mutidch 'o ste- hb"th C
fumptirp of our Bau4ion'and our LoWf-
at'Se, that'.is a matter:of juf Adnirta
tion that we are yet in a 'oridition TE
carry oa any Commecrce f Valuoe or.i
turn the Ballarc of any Nation we -deal
with to Qour'"de. But -if a particulth
Birarih- can be found out where tihe:ST.
SJance, is with us; if this Baltnc I can n'
ipgp 01t 4 if this Tr ge vaf be it;O
..... prqv4.
-. I

'E ia fla k
trand hna
tago o to che rcao, ugyb
'the uc fureI ri
ad berifl'dia ndtal uc M ad
S'piold be. taker to Cultivai E ilidi i~te
a' ai qutuLgifjardsAt wiill maki rn
Sbotheir Cre and Concern. to ;aodrage
.d t r itgr,. And, ip occlon to e-
ic eI htf e faog y.$iE'pS
; ilnquire into ehieprn-
tircumitaccs and Nature, of
AbYle Article, and to wmend and
gtilatc hieErrtrs and Miflake s, andtpe
'Wof an2k Wek Mnagetnenr it laburs
Jievptren ib fair ori as. the 4fr'-
C4fCo thpany *W aoncmii'd In it. I nui0
be undrftooI rqt polite al this wbiif to
''ibe Gais Trad: to winch I lhall iiEp
rrely confineithe- prdejnt Difcour(f; and
Ibot nodt to aake cUt waE is inted 'a
F *ve concerning its VaEiJM and Advantage
ia G r ita#is 'In order to which I
all redcwhat I ba to, fay chicfy to
r'lt flowing Heads, Vi. rjf; In
i at re Trade' to Gaina is of
IA 3 diaY

may become b n auel a ndu t'a
geous. v Nac Mdiew 1
ihods this is toe -
i41. To kid toy' in what refpcls tr eI
ae is.o adh ia' us, it will tb
.ai ry, f taok a -V:iwOf the fevcraf
airg s t. ad uader this Coa-'
de h I. bCi btcodid, the r Cor'mmnd
dys Poimeui tihe lhhviaiion, the N 'Tir-
ber al Sbjip4ixippinyld i the Trade, clbp
ValIrof hbc e rigi.ol' fiu h Ships thi
.Ji por from (hunerl G an4 6*1 aind#
Colqpys, arn t:he Mn rchan.ts ta i
". The CGmmEiltys cxporrt d' Em Er
ind to Gai/n arv chiefly f onr own Pr
dte: Of1 pur Wi'dfcn $iniufhuier L '
export ytaty TWI TA Ptd Maes tr-
6caM aa al. ch e(c W ug*lis 1
YtnA dezfs'd; as glfo ijargt Quaitiy p'
wrought IFron 00%os4 S6orcis, KRoi
Gunpbw4r, sre, hind Fcwcer tle
wvorking upd which iloys vaf- Nuna '
'bas of o0ur 4'doinjiCi t Parts of Ef'i
.Jd. With, "to qco mpit the Ca
go fo1 Gaines, are wt i'ntrid formtiall
vial Merchaodiizs fi-ror fAdia, th i
rarsenm, -HtKA' and Saven' And

stN- -I.
yearlI Vald eptcd, in time q
'- ,., by.a. .,cmodef Comp -
@4 kafad Thm ;I,?%

'~aMlgion, which 4 tif- y ,. b.1 i-
way. of Comrptialti.l. .'i apple .
.cc the TradI to. Cwi n has JicenV
rjpetichee aveb e in War tC. ..i&
-ty $ ps 'every yea ,r anid in.t*e W
cf.p 4am. -t.. huidrwd, imhplo.fd &di'
4 :t i.d 'ar~idnl that we may
,ii, ,,fe .i a thea Comptea-
I'at the Value myft ccc f
S What we put upon :ic.
pwp thitfr.s thb each S.hiWm
p- a imetrla Tnd
a r4e Ais. ,.s ,tor .t -.
jwo.bundredNgros- the F t

.. Ep ds.,.-.; ..:.. Cam pum e 1
XTW4'. .t ,U ud z e:-
hetof h. .,: il d.Sr ipr S froimthe
Irk" t t T4 f tsl Po kai a-
S rhis will amount ro O* Hundred
4fau4: 'tounds inre W4Wi.1cs, weim-
A 4 por
psps Vedrnt l

pot confiderabli QOuantitys' of
ComnmoditysfromGawine; as amw
'Eephants T bs,. Wix and Gold,. ,
.in time of Peae may.i vjlu'd ar a.J
*I a r iddie T fd EtiPrads per ano.-
,And Iif we anT b alow'd to taki into
is Accotn a yearLs -Vlsc, of .the La.
I rt iB.Twenty Thout and Negros in
-otfr own Planltatons,j at Ten Pounds pi
SHead;-this will amount tot Two Bua,-H .
Thovfa/nd Pounds more. Nor isthis aP
for it mull likewife, by pd gI
ithe firft Hundred ShIpr .I
iatffporting the Twenty et
t to cour ..Colonys, cannot b g bomwc
9i*of the Sugars and. other Cbmoid
spqchas'd .fi the Saleof uihfe ?Jor

:vigaion 'of: whtid will afo amount toia i
another hnwi Ts4bQVda 4 dso per ani.
Iarnd thde Merdainit's Prof to the fams'
Value. Im ghe ocferve in this plate~i E
.bfolute noe ty our Colonys are' usi
toimake- ufe of fuch Numbers of BEls
.i their Seivice, the Europeani not be.*
I l-

kct6 mS ha thti:iurZad Climote of
p e o.nt r y W e t on t l ib
Matieat che Afl cve, by
U SatToba-
prMorchandizu w atr rP r &dr!
I Nchbours a., as li f.bat
; QuUantyy s d6old and SiRand l tiiy
g *^ by 'flingrNcegrocs, ald iibrbrn
Sothbem abn*odis rc e'ANw l aind
of Stips imploy 1' r; porr
*hnta we can f Im of
Ps, to our ar opfsn
it i ours -ad very confidcflbA : Arsi-
4S M tfc ul needs be,,ailaad gr d
,t hey c nitribute rto; he iatIcef' e,
* andi, pport of the TWir and aQlafacem
/ itirey deft on-:ho Trad eb0dw
D'I I t bik tgi tdt,-
t' cafdecrable.e elcti4 wthrtel-
S1vacntgns, to ration t-f rto ide
r.-L-arfed r$l hi^kt tS iI lterfor-
. ny aobrii 14 out rf early
SFPrafit .lir a us, ft-r the tR' mn.-
uiertrd tetdsin fo4'iwing sdutte. -
S,- E port


tie i t rf Ifuran c.
L oi1oo .. r1,
i'b *Si p Irorn i1- -i!r ~da c -

"Am t ,to Y ey arly z

rufKfuil;pqTrigt!L nor

imoV04whbtI0MRr 4,ia~ PT
Aver 16ipfife pa,

~ fr~ed~Fi~oni dw in mbrn& .
ii a~~ti~~t rdI up ei a s d .
~~x~a~t~rs ] u~c~

, i.'d Bo .om .a ts my.be.
. fed', is t thebjh do
,^ t- mr ... 4 ,, y Di
Sn 4 .,Wn Cor "ffs p -er,
'I crave lmta. to one a
Sthis Tradb, i will gd
ib Repu atio :* as ce
Scrge a UidO lbp happy I lo.t A ,
irf .-pulcl itl ohe l rne trutil afl i
fome ohmctiandFraes carry'd on jl.gt t
dighti, is.Nation. The i s~j uher
A, and mclred C0r6a but the
.own Country Manuac-
'i emPploys ythoLI'ncflh oHfjads
A,~ 'rt wiCtYm qnd the .
.Qi ageedt iTrcfu)^l slttpirufy- a add2i'
1g o; an4, in riq j (pet Opppre or
dftrutaiv be Priauceo.r .tabowrpf
:uir own Pco .r high is a peac
sryw ttris Trciprnot. jiki.
,ice oP withpuPr ne&Pd andh gc:ar
'ation of W'4 *: who ci gagd'
inurr. i Bu iwdth,'f cobI airiti;
ierwin isi i o4 erfd by. wliat
pMflans and Mca ds tsb Trace is to be
tiarIhd on and inprov'd.
I!.. Sucond/y

-_w 'IAit .4 'lop. 1p

gATO FO1i khic f
Apd bbv jbW' a om& UgneV~ tnd
N qs 4w 11ny. was creae
tji Pa me nm4i~ft d 14 ri wk~ b.: tfblc
~ra4!wpr~ Q3aCl at mdb rii~e- drJr mites
inCkL, l %ciclt~ve ofaflaor e H~w:
6.6 Tru.1E y r paftdm by
e-y~d'b conlinualr COMpzo.90
Di4Jt444&i or this tn
PWifs ~whkh ~bey ciuiich z jCp pb
with a'r parr of thC: fiucnt af 7N
- W" r acld T-hebf 6OJ.ii
?4 fo C. a -he d;tc Wd ark
Exmt~imwon oafpartwt!er' PFarllmurtrr
anOd tioe-C~ eir-1I Aa- OLad Wf~
* ~Iup hur Ma. w _i41iberty *as
yen o~n O~IiWNtuL~ys tC EQ
6-a~r'-it~b 'ihc lidikg" bgr
paying a pL~ey "0', e(a. f:r or
fpriviljp; IOW4-tih P Ic with 4
i1ird #arrt of @a GPar Was fq hz
"Ciaft-M t.:y A rhiS fboo ic


cit rcl Mb-1ig At~
-14O ivnt from,~

ha impd 'Wb
ofl 00W to c9~
M h re and.
Itk be IM, will b e fee

atetj O the prrem;...pay
h- f w

ui~iit it ane&dsi
I t the preft

el ancer f iol ~c
'r . -;p. .. 0 cp~
... ... ... ...
~Y6, a
J* AUi~~t

Tlfr it: r -tAg-~tproe~ r~ra

WRund~r'l c~rntip It iA6~f
iano as that which d&alswta.
Rw&iis 'vbIr& Vcr dlnde n~rC~i

AS, As er tfi OmrE:
(=,fmm ra'fL- ift i 'rr -a
itrttfm Oitjl'Ej "EAU rc c

Me- l pf~

sO W.,~' fo ud0i -I

thasIi t.wgia

j,, v, akr Mapot' wou tbir-hsrtb

F oP t iid to
,~~~WS. toios a dorn,
an~d w 14.

df' w n6 men

'for Ibrperl
upll up 6rCrn tishi~~j

'As vih @1Cc by, W+ fi
vento ~h~-J~~i: 1 rrShich
~~~3~e' wr~~:.4~C igte~ cc h ie~
ht~..6j ~~jC;n3i~"~~~

Othe' ;.

di'" c~ey *cl

c s ~msii Roe
~CP~ ch~P razdew
Ch lillc'' m M'a ."ts

:Fipw '
Ofher P cwIUWqatFhcrid

lpto. asictv
~~RFR5 ~64jU~q.
FI~~; ~ L :j~l~W 9~~!9'~~=tba t

.M. 0 1

I '.T'i


1 4 0 .N .I 6 1,
[it, t, u


^ :'


, 'B .


I, L. ,o t. .

*\ '-.

lai~e~c~ircr *Dd'

aq s the Ib#ief, T-W

aul !imD


I1 m W-A


r) i*ba t iy

* AA~tli~i;P!l~t


4 -

9 r

La .

)s~J 2ev~j;

~~4. d



be dcwT ,A 4M

a~~8,~att~-d~: Ki


yD 1



. .

... . L ..




jaipwa'is u0d* ch~ s tet0 c

auta~o~s h 4e~ri mc t

..iJ them.. CothA

hol l, ,afpic afit iA
rwi da ~pas

A A.

oh". Rod, .
Ulm Of A,



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