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Title: UF-IFAS Faculty Council meeting minutes
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UF-IFAS Faculty Council (FC) Meeting Minutes
18 December 18 2007
Red Larson Dairy Building, Room 102

Individuals present: David Holmes, Mike Kane, David Norman, Gerry Culen, Judy Butterfield,
Adegbola Adesogan, Sherry Larkin; Brenda Rogers, Monica Elliot; and Maisielin Ross
participated via Polycom.

David Holmes called the meeting to order at 1:35PM. The minutes from the 28 November 2007
meeting were reviewed and amended. A motion was made to accept the minutes into the
permanent record. The motion was seconded and it passed by unanimous vote.

Judy provided a brief report of the last Faculty Senate meeting. Pete Hanson summarized a
draft response to the proposed vehicle management plan, which examines the potential impact
on the RECs. There is concern that the recommendations from the Huron Group report are
being implemented without faculty input. Elizabeth Olsen spoke during a Q&A session; a more
aggressive plan to reduce the number of vehicles will be implemented since a 10% reduction is
needed during 2008. IFAS senators voiced concerns about the proposed policy due to the
unique vehicle demands of some faculty, particularly those located off-campus.

Dr. Cheek arrived at 1:40 PM.

Several issues were discussed with Dr. Cheek. The first concerned the establishment of the
Shared Governance Drafting committee, which was formalized on 17 December 2007. The FC
praised Dr. Cheek for the expediency of establishing the committee, the composition of its
members, and his expectation for a draft document by 15 April 2008. Dr. Cheek asked for a
suggestion of who should chair the committee. Bill Lindberg was recommended based on his
past experience, commitment, and access to related historical documents.

The second issued discussed with Dr. Cheek concerned the vehicle management plan. As an
update, the 15 December 2007 target date that was set by the Board of Trustees was met. A
total of 36 vehicles have been reduced to date as a result of the new $3,000 parking fee. We
can all agree that vehicles can be managed better, especially on campus. It is possible that
IFAS can use more Flex Cars or the new taxi service, although problems with each were noted.
The IFAS faculty understands this plan is not a result of any dissatisfaction on the part of IFAS
administration. The current draft targets vehicles that are pickups with less than 2,000 and cars
with less than 7,000 miles per year; that said, it is possible to justify keeping vehicles with less
mileage although it is unclear who has to make this plea. Since the Faculty Senate will be
involved in the implementation of the plan and Frank Bova is the incoming chair of the Faculty
Senate (with Rick Yost), a suggestion was made to familiarize them with IFAS activities (e.g.,
bring to a Citra REC), especially why a vehicle may not meet the minimum mileage requirement
but still be vital to daily research and extension operations (e.g., to travel between office and
lab/farm, etc.) and/or provide critical support for teaching programs. Judy offered to propose this
idea at the next IFAS Faculty Senate pre-meeting to see if there is need for visit. If so, Bola will
arrange it. The last discussion point related to vehicles concerned the 10-year rule; government
surplus vehicles are older but more affordable and just as effective. Dr. Cheek indicated that if
such vehicles are road worthy and safe (i.e., pass all inspections), then we could likely negotiate
to retain them. Alternatively, there may be an opportunity to upgrade the IFAS fleet as a result of
the new vehicle management plan.

The third issue Dr. Cheek raised was the recent DDD memo regarding measures to improve
UF's fiscal position (e.g., the initiation of transcript fees, classroom lab fees, and other cost
cutting measures). Tim White's summary entitled "IFAS' Suggestions for Cost Reduction and
Revenue Enhancement" has been circulated for comment. Any other suggestions are welcome.
A suggestion to increase fines for parking violations was proposed.

The last issue Dr. Cheek wanted to mention was that the revised T&P process is underway; in
particular that past recommendations from the committee have been implemented (e.g., a two-
year membership process to provide continuity). The FC suggested that there is room for
improvement in communication to the department when a rejection recommendation at the
college level is made (e.g., note specific deficiencies). Dr. Cheek assured that FC that when the
report is received by the administration it will be passed along to department chairs. FC
members also mentioned frustration in the seemingly changing emphasis on various
components of packets (e.g., more emphasis now on graduate education, more emphasis on
international engagement/recognition), which makes it difficult for established faculty members
to advise assistant professors. It was suggested that these issues be added to the list of topics
for discussion with Dr. McClellan at the next FC meeting.

Lastly, Dr. Cheek reiterated his request for recommendation regarding changes to the holiday
social. Should it continue? What is the best way to increase faculty attendance? The FC
thanked Dr. Cheek for the enjoyable event, but was unable to offer any additional

A motion was made to nominate Billy Crow as vice chair of the IFAS FC. The motion was
seconded and it passed by unanimous vote. Billy will become chair of the FC during the
following year.

Mary Ann Morgan arrived at 2:50 PM.

Mary Ann, Director of IFAS Human Resources, reviewed the materials she provided us by
email, including: the new Faculty Recruitment Toolkit and procedures outlining staff and faculty

While not aggressively advertised, the toolkit is the product of an extensive effort to improve
faculty recruitment. It is now available online. Key elements of the toolkit include the new search
and screen committee certification process, which covers a 3-year period and is now required of
all members, and a description of the new "Viable outreach certification process report" to be
completed prior to interviews and reviewed by lead dean. The new procedures that are
discussed in the toolkit are also expected to result in the development of a pre-approved pool of
individuals for when positions become available.

Mary Ann emphasized that unit leaders need to know that abolishing a position may not
eliminate specific staff due to seniority; all lay-offs need to be approved by Dr. Cavanaugh and
Dr. Cheek. USPS and TEAMS personnel must have 45 days notice and approval to lay them off
should be obtained before any notification is provided to the employee. TEAMS do not have
bumping rights; USPS do have bumping rights (an individual can assume a new position if they
can be trained in that new position within six months) so it's more complex. IFAS is a layoff unit;
bumping only occurs within IFAS, which leads to a domino affect. It should be noted that
counties will be layoff units within IFAS. IFAS laid-off four individuals this past fall and may have
been the only college to do so.

POLYCOM went offline at 3:10 PM.

Dr. Cheek left the meeting at 3:15 PM.

With regard to potential faculty lay-offs Mary Ann noted the difficulty in defining a "program
area", which is the responsibility of the unit leaders. The budget will be discussed during the
next unit leaders meeting, which is open to anyone (Feb. 6th; 1:30 at Emerson Alumni Hall).

David Holmes asked for suggestions on a list of topics we would like Dr. McClellan to discuss at
our next meeting. The list includes:
task force report on metrics
need for SHARE funds to go through administration
his expectations for shared governance
his vision of what constitutes a successful faculty (e.g., T&P)
why the emphasis on IDC (what are the expectations regarding IDC generation for T&P
packets? how is it prioritized versus total dollars procured?)

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 3:40 PM. The motion was seconded and it
passed by unanimous vote.

Submitted by:

Sherry Larkin

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