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Title: UF-IFAS Faculty Council meeting minutes
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UF IFAS Faculty Advisory Committee (FAC) Meeting
December 15, 2004 Minutes

Members Present: Douglas Archer (Chair and Presiding), Edward Jennings, Mike Sweat, Jane
Polston, Celia Hill, John Davis, Martin Adjei, Lisa Guion

Members Absent: Alison Fox, Greg Nuessly, Robert Hochmuth, Larry Parsons, Carol Lehtola

Meeting: Called to order at 1:35pm by Chair (Doug). The November minutes were distributed.


1. Alison will not be attending any additional meetings. She had to go to England due to her
mother's illness then goes on sabbatical. Need a replacement. Alison elected, so need
to find out the process for filling the vacancy.
2. Impact, new issue of the magazine, is out.

November Minutes: Approval of November minutes tabled until next meeting.

Interim Vice President Dr. Richard Jones joined the meeting at 1:30 p.m.

Dr. Jimmy Cheek, Senior Vice President effective January2005, joined the meeting at
1:30 p.m.

Questions and/or Discussion Items for/with Dr. Jones:

1. 2 Dean searches (Dean for Teaching and Dean for Research)
2. Advertisements out for Jean Trotter's position
3. Building Request: Dr. Jones said that we are trying to move Agronomy, Soil and Water
Sciences into another building. He further stated that it does not look very promising
because the list provided by three Senior VP's does not include our request. If the
President goes with recommendation of Sr. VP's, it is not good because two SR VP's
can get together to collaborate.
4. UF President is searching for a new Provost. Dr. Colburn is already out of the position.
5. UF President hired new football coach.
6. Staff increases: The official UF policy is 1.5% merit increase (merit based) these are
funded by central administration through July 1, after which IFAS will have to pick it up.
Central administration has given the option for colleges to add an additional 1.5%
increase for total of three percent. Dr. Jones says we have to decide after discussing this
with department chairs. We must decide what we, in IFAS, will do.
7. Review of Plant Science Research and Education Center: We want an external look at
what is working well. What can we do to review? Only one person from out of state.
8. Genetics Institute Building- No decisions.

Question: Ed asked if there is a site for Soil and Water Science Building.

Response: Dr. Jones gave a historical account of the process, driving decision and factors that
have surrounded the request for the aforementioned building. Dr. Jones said the proposed
building would be located on Hull Road. Securing grant money appears to be the main factor.

Question: Doug asked "Dr. Jones to mention the position that Wynn Phillips has advertised.

Response: Dr. Jones state that he is looking for someone to bring people together across
campus to go after grants. Dr. Jones knows that someone was interviewed but does not know
much more.

Question: Martin asked if Dr. Jones will be providing support to the new VP.

Response: Dr. Jones says there is a search for a new Dean for Research, but he will be there
until someone is hired. Dr. Jones says he will be around.

Questions and/or Discussion Items for/with Dr. Cheek:

1. Dr. Cheek indicated that he has been on trips to South Florida to sugar, citrus, and cattle
operations. Dr. Cheek says it was positive even though they had concerns and wanted
questions answered.

Dr. Jones says Dr. Cheek did a good job and he has spoke to two stakeholders who plan to
tell UF President this.

Dr. Cheek says one issue is to get the center in Immokalee (Southwest Florida REC) more
involved with people in the area. Dr. Cheek says Chris Waddell is aware of this issue.

2. Dr. Cheek said he met with FL senate committee chaired by Rod Smith. Dr. Cheek said
the committee saw the breadth of IFAS programs. Dr. Cheek explained how citrus canker
isn't the only problem with citrus and we have expertise in other areas such as production
agriculture, horticulture, etc.

Question: Jane asked if we are leveraging funds with California on citrus genome research.

Response: Dr. Jones says a proposal was submitted but it was not successful.

3. Budget: Dr. Cheek says he is optimistic about Cindy Littlejohn, lobbyist, and is pleased
with what we have in Senate & House. The unknown is Governor veto but Dr. Cheek
remains optimistic.

Question: Celia asked Dr. Cheek if he met with just a few people.

Response: Dr. Cheek says there were a lot of stakeholders involved.

Question: Is the Immokalee Center still under Extension?

Response: Dr. Cheek says it is a research center just like others. Dr. Jones says what they are
working on now is looking at some research that was done and synthesizing it to make sense and
have application to constituents.

Dr. Cheek shared that our UF President is scheduled to visit Immokalee, Bell Glade, Ft. Pierce,
Homestead and Lake Alfred.

Dr. Cheek said there are plans, thought not scheduled, for President Machen to also visit west
Florida (Marian, Clay, Milton are possibilities).

Dr. Cheek says we have to respect UF President's time. It is important that we use his visits

Question: Mike Is there any opportunity to go to Extension?

Response: Marianna visit will be held at Extension Center and will have advisory committee
members and other key individuals

Question: Why Dr. Machen put a halt to special pay increases (SPI)?

Response: Dr. Cheek says that every year there is 1.5% increase for TEAMS that no one knows
about so we need to consolidate it to one time per year so we can capture it. Dr. Cheek says Dr.
Machen has apprehensions about giving same employee a bonus every.

Dr. Jones says Dr. Machen sees a lot of inequity or potential for inequity in bonuses.

Dr. Cheek says when it is clear that you are doing something above and beyond and have a
logical well defined scheme of what qualifies for a bonus, then Dr. Machen would be more
inclined to support it.

Question: Jane asked if Dr. Machen is referring to state money covering bonuses or grant funds

Response: Dr. Cheek says both.

Dr. Jones says Dr. Machen is also looking at employees also as benefiting from more recurring

Question: Doug asked Dr. Cheek about attendance at IFAS FAC via phone or other means. One
member of committee asked to attend meeting by phone.

Response: Dr. Cheek says interactive video might be a solution. Dr. Cheek says he does not
feel you get the same quality interaction by phone.

Dr. Cheek wants the group to ultimately decide.

Question: Martin asked if there is a long-term plan to extend video conferencing to all REC's.

Response: Dr. Cheek says his desire would be to have it much more widespread.

Question: Doug asked where are video conferencing capabilities on campus?

Response: Dr. Cheek replied that currently it is available in Fifield, Microbiology, McCarty. Dr.
Cheek said that there are discussions about Animal Science building having it also.

Question: Dr. Jones asked committee if IFAS pays travel for committee members to attend this
advisory committee meeting if they are located outside of Gainesville.

Responses: Celia says her county car is used when available. If not available she drives her
personal car.

Doug suggested that we talk about it as a committee at a later date.

Dr. Jones departed meeting at 2:45 pm.

Question: John asks how important are grants versus donor money and if Health Sciences are
getting more donors.

Response: Dr. Cheek says that primarily NIH grants that Health Sciences gets. Dr. Cheek says
in terms of dollar values, Health Science is first followed by Liberal Arts and Sciences then IFAS

Question: Doug asks how would the breakdown look if you compare by faculty.

Response: Dr. Cheek is not aware of data on such a breakdown to compare faculty in Health
Science or Liberal Arts to IFAS.

Question: John asked if outreach to faculty to encourage more aggressive grant proposal writing
is part of responsibility of new head of sponsored programs.

Response: Dr. Cheek says that key responsibility for that person now is getting a smoother
process from pre-award through post-award.

Question: Doug asked if IFAS could look at other programs at other universities to see how they
handle the process (pre to post-award. Doug went further to state that what drives Principal
Investigator crazy is not writing the grant, but getting the other forms (conflict of interest, etc)
together and just going through the process.

Response: Dr. Cheeks says most of our grants don't carry much overhead and overhead is what
supports office of sponsored programs. Dr. Cheek says that the new head of Sponsored
Programs and Dean for Research need to meet and talk.

Question: Jane asks if Dr. Cheek has plans to have lobbyist in Washington D.C.

Response: Dr. Cheek says we need to know what is coming up and someone there on our
behalf. Dr. Cheek says he will be talking to Jane Adams, new head of UF Government Relations,
to get suggestions. She is responsible for Public Relations and lobbying for UF.

Question: John asks Dr. Cheek about the role of this committee, specifically whether Dr. cheek
feels that one role is to help him think through issues affecting IFAS.

Response: Dr. Cheek says that he needs to hear positive things and things that are not working

Update: John says there is a university wide program in Genetics that has not started yet. John
says that he is on a curriculum committee that is looking into this program. John says he will seek
input and information from people in IFAS who are working on genetics.

Dr. Cheek departed the meeting at 3:00 pm

Further discussion about the role of this advisory committee:

Doug says he spoke with Dr. Cheek about the role of committee. He says that Dr. Cheek wants
us to be advisory. He will bring things in for us to review. Doug says Dr. Cheek doesn't just want
problems but solutions also.

Continuation with Agenda Item:

1. Competition

John raised point that how can we get growers to see that there real competition is not
Florida but internationally (Brazil, etc) and get them poised to better compete.

2. Sustainability

Doug says he spoke with Mark Hostefler this Focus is on campus only

3. Senate

There is no reason county faculty cannot serve on senate. Refer to email from Susan.

4. Replace Allison Fox

Doug will find out what the process is to replace Allison. He says that this has

happened once in the past and they went back to find out who had next highest

votes. Pretty sure this is how it will be done this time.

5. University Strategic Plan (This item was tabled during the November 11th meeting). Dr.
Joe Joyce, Executive Associate Vice President, could not join the meeting as he is ill.
Doug will invite him to another meeting.

Other Discussion Items:

1. IFAS International Programs

Martin says that the committee may want to ask the head of IFAS International Programs
to meet with this committee.

Doug added that we can also find out what IFAS International Programs mission and role
and functions are at that time.

Jane says she feels that she is on her own in terms of International Programs and it
seems faculty driven.

Action: Doug will invite international programs representative to a future meeting.

2. We need to revisit the issue of an IFAS lobbyist on another agenda item

Action: Doug will make sure that it is added.

3. Dr. Joe Joyce should be invited back.

Action: Doug says it is already on Dr. Joyce's calendar for next meeting.

4. It was mentioned that the PILD conference is coming up and that IFAS needs to speak in a
unified voice.

Action: Doug will get an item on April meeting to discuss this further.

5. UF Ad Hoc Committee on Sustainability.

Action: Doug will add as a follow-up discussion for another meeting.

6. Extension/research formula funding

Action: Doug will ensue that it gets on a future agenda.

Celia moved to adjourn. Martin seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 3:35p.m.

Next meeting: Jan 19,2005

Minutes respectfully submitted by Lisa A. Guion.

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