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Title: Faculty Senate Steering Committee meeting minutes
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Senate Steering Committee
November 4th, 2010
3-5 PM

Attendees: Mark Orazem Guests:
Mary Ann Ferguson James Klausner Marie Zeglen
Jack Mecholsky Elizabeth Bolton Tim Johnson
David Quillen Barbara Wingo Ron Anderson
Bernie Machen Scott Nygren Bernard Mair
Ken Gerhardt Gaura McLeod Margaret Temple Smith
Joe Glover
Henrietta Logan
The meeting was called to order at 3:02 PM

The October minutes were approved.


Chair's Report Mary Ann Ferguson, Chair

Mary Ann Ferguson reported that she had received a request from the provost to evaluate UF's participation in the
National Merit Scholarship Program. UC and UT no longer participate in the program and other peer institutions
are also undertaking a reevaluation of their participation. Dr. Glover clarified his request with background
information on the program and said that perhaps the funds could be used more strategically by being repurposed
to other academic scholarship programs. He would like to bring the question before the Senate as to whether UF
should reduce or eliminate its participation in the program. Mary Ann Ferguson requested approval to move this
item to the Academic Policy Council for assessment.

Dr. Ferguson was asked to recommend a new member for the IT Policy Council. The IT Policy replaces the former
IT Committee infrastructure. The recommendation will be a faculty representative.

The search for a new Faculty Senate secretary is ongoing. The offices of the provost and president have offered
their support. All committees and councils have been asked to write their own minutes and copy Mary Ann
Ferguson on outgoing committee notices so minutes and agenda can be entered into the official record.

President's Report Bernie Machen, President

President Machen reported that graduate education is being evaluated for the first time since his appointment. With
input from Mary Ann Ferguson, he is in the process of appointing a Distinguished Professor Committee. It will be
a broad-based committee of distinguished professors from throughout the university charged with reviewing the
NRC data, and using it as the first data point when evaluating the graduate programs. The evaluation will also
incorporate those programs not included in the NRC data. The purpose of the committee is to make
recommendations for restructuring of graduate programs and reallocation of resources where appropriate The NRC
data is current only to 2005, so the conclusion may be that we need more updated data from the graduate programs.

Joe Glover said that the NRC committee will be charged before Thanksgiving break, but the timeframe for this
project could be the balance of the school year.

President Machen discussed the recently conducted BOG (Board of Governors) meetings. While each university
has a self-auditing BOT (Board of Trustees) the BOG is important because ultimately the legislature is transferring
the management of higher education to this group. The BOG approved regulations on how universities could apply
to the BOG to be able to charge block tuition (a flat rate fee allowing students to take 12-18 credit hours for the
same dollar amount). In January the BOG will approve a proposal of guidelines for how a program could apply for
market rate tuition. For UF, this will be for graduate online programs. The timeline for this is proposals to the BOG
in Jan for approval in Feb, thus the BOT is likely to have it as an action item in December. Dr. Machen clarified
that block tuition is not about making money, but about encouraging students to take more credit hours. The idea
of a late drop date was discussed.

The President also raised the issue of service area conflicts, especially in the area of online learning. However, UF
has always been recognized as having statewide mission.

Dr. Machen mentioned the recent election and that on Nov 16th the new legislature convenes and will probably
overturn the Shands veto.

Provost's Report Joe Glover, Provost

Dr. Glover answered questions from the Steering Committee about block tuition. He clarified that students taking
less than 12 credit hours are a minority. Most students take 12 credit hours or more and they will be charged a block
amount. If students take less than 12 hours they will pay per credit, and if they take more than 18 there may be a
supplementary charge or no charge; a model is still being decided. Student Financial Affairs will continue to work
with students who are in genuine financial need, and the Dean of Students will work with those students who are
disabled and accommodate them within the block tuition model.

Information Items:

Report on the National Research Council data Marie Zeglen, Assistant
Provost and Director of Institutional Planning
and Research and Ken Gerhardt, Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Ken Gerhardt will be making a 15-minute presentation to the Senate of the process used to participate in the
National Research Council's assessment of Ph.D. programs, as well as how to access and interpret the data. Marie
Zeglen will show parts of the website that compares institutions and gives core data to make it more understandable
and accessible.

Campus Safety Discussion Scott Nygren, Chair-elect

Scott Nygren presented a timeline of the Corry village incident. A series of recommendations are in progress and
the Senate can help ensure these are followed. Dr. Nygren gave a preliminary report in anticipation of submitting a
concrete proposal next month; he indicated areas where faculty might make recommendations to the advisory
committee and Senate.

University Curriculum Committee Proposals Bernard Mair, UCC chair

1) Termination of BAE in Middle School Education, by the College of Education due to lack of student
participation in the program. This BAE has already been reported as terminated to the BOG.

2) New Program Proposal in Biomedical Engineering, by the College of Engineering to the BOG. The
proposal has been in progress for two years and the resources have been allocated to this limited access, in-demand
program. Both proposals have gone through the UCC and the Provost's office.

3) University Calendar. Bernard Mair distributed copies of the proposed academic calendars.. There were two
items to approve, a change in policy on calendar creation and the actual calendars to be placed on the website. Both
had already been approved by the UCC and the APC. The change in policy concerned cancelling classes on the
Wednesday before Thanksgiving due to concerns for student safety while travelling. The 2011-2012 calendars are
already approved and do not include the Thanksgiving holiday, but the 2012-2015 calendars are constructed based
on the approval of the Thanksgiving holiday.

4) Structure of the General Education Committee. Bernard Mair brought up the inconsistency in the structure
of the Gen Ed joint committee. There was consensus that this will be sent to the APC for review.

Ombuds Introduction Ronald Anderson, Ombuds

Ronald Anderson introduced himself to the Committee. He comes to the position of Ombuds from Student
Financial Affairs. He will be introduced at the Senate meeting.

Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Programs Anna Prizzia, Office of Sustainability Director

Anna Prizzia has asked that this item be moved to the December meeting.

Regulations Summary Margaret Temple Smith, Constitution Committee Chair

These regulations should be published next Wednesday through a DDD
Regulation 1.006 Non Discrimination Harassments and Invasion of Privacies Policy: It adds a stipulation
called invasion of privacy and includes a number of additions dealing with unauthorized recording of a person who
has a reasonable expectation of privacy. Committee members noted that the language of the regulation may be too
broad for enforcement. There is a 14-day window to submit written comments at the time of posting, and it has to
be posted 30 days before the BOT meeting.

Violations of the student conduct code also had proposed amendments in the section regarding disciplinary
offences and recording. The language was similar to regulation 1.006

The Constitution Committee gave all the proposed regulations a "red" light to encourage faculty to carefully review

Shared Governance Evaluation Mary Ann Ferguson, Chair

Mary Ann Ferguson said she will ask the chairs of college governance units to be involved in a shared governance
evaluation process when she meets with the Chairs group in early December.

Honorary Degrees
Mary Ann Ferguson, Chair
While the Honorary Degrees Committee has not completed its work, this item will be on the Faculty Senate
meeting agenda as it needs Senate approval before going to the BOT in December.

Council Reports:

Research and Scholarship Council

Henrietta Logan, Chair

Henrietta Logan reported that the Council continued to discuss effort reporting and had a conversation with Angel
Kwolek-Folland about the T&P electronic reporting process. Concern was raised that other reports are being
populated from effort reporting which is thought to be flawed. The Council will be meeting with staff on
November 22nd.

Budget Council James Klausner, Co-Chair
David Quillen reported for James Klausner that they met with the deans of journalism, building construction and
design, and health and human performance. The deans' overwhelming concerns were joint degrees and RCM; how
do interdisciplinary programs divide credit for RCM? A methodology will have to be developed, otherwise joint and
interdisciplinary programs may be seriously impacted.

Infrastructure Council Mark Orazem, Chair
Mark Orazem reported that he will be meeting with Elias Eldayrie tomorrow, and there will be another Council
meeting in a week to flesh out more about the proposed IT council infrastructure. The meeting in October was
inconclusive and Orazem hopes for a more definite report after the next meeting. The Council also will make
recommendations for the IT council with regards to structure, operations and the type of people suited to the IT

It was decided by the Steering Committee that a blurb on the National Research Council data be sent out via email
to faculty and that this item be treated as directed discussion.

Action Item:

Approval of the November Senate Agenda Mary Ann Ferguson, Chair

The November Senate agenda was approved.

The meeting adjourned at 4.49 PM

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