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Title: The Key West morning journal
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Title: The Key West morning journal
Alternate Title: Morning journal
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Key West Journal Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Key West Fla
Publication Date: June 29, 1913
Frequency: daily (except monday)
normalized irregular
Subject: Newspapers -- Key West (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Monroe County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Monroe -- Key West
Coordinates: 24.559167 x -81.784031 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Language: In English and Spanish, <1912-1915>, <1919>.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 314 (Nov. 23, 1911).
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Bibliographic ID: UF00091654
Volume ID: VID00133
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 33273315
lccn - sn 95026771
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Wj~7.' ~ '7




Amonk 'tifoursoore aid idd men
who worked undo ,e wh t! Wa. pit
boss in the Blao; Damohd mine,, as
far as.I can remember, Tomma Stay
..Aet wad the only total alt Ianer. .6
One afternoon a prematurely fired
shot projected a ton of coal, more or
less, in Tammas' direction, distribute.
Ing it somewhat impartially over varl.
ous portions of his anatomy, As was
my dustom when any of the men was
hurt, I mads it a point to drop in on
him for a few minutes every day.
"The doctor says," he volunteered
to me on one such occasion, "that ma
pure blood an' guid habits be better
than his physio. That's win' o' the
"The 'dummy,' Tammas, and what
may that be?' I queried.
"I've never told a soul. But I'll gle
it to you in confidence. It's the story
of ma reformation. Time was when
I drank with the best or, mayhap, the,
wornt o' them,,
"Them days David Stephens and me
was fast cronies. One night I had na
been feelin' weel the day, David comes
to me, as usual, to go to the tavern
for a few drams. 'Come to the tavern,
David says. 'Perhaps, as you're not
feelin' ower weel, a bit o' brandy
would be better than ordinary' speerit,
'Tammas.' So I ca'd for the brandy
ean' teelin' some better after the firet
one, V' kept a calling Now, being' sick
like at the start, and the brandy bein'
strong and unqualified, it soon went
'to ma held. By an' by David said
summat not to my likin', an' I took ex-
ceptions to it. To mak' a long'story
short, we soon parted in anger.
"I declare I never felt so strange
afore nor since as I did when I got
the air that night. The sense of direo.
tion left me an' I lost ma way in a
place I could ha' mapped out In my
sleep. I walked and walked till I was
fair knocked up. 0, it was a peetiful
At last my pins gled out beneath
me. I sunk down in a stupor. It must
'a' been two o'clock when I awoke,
awoke, doused wi' dew, stiff an' cauld.
My senses were still befuddled, but
not so bad as before. I was lyin' in a
ravine near where Hallon's street
sewer empties into Williams' creek.
"My first feeling's was of anger with
myself and David. With myself for
begin' such a beast, an' with David for
ower persuadin' me to drink with 'is.
"As I rubbed ma eyes, trying' to get
the cobwebs out o' them, I caught
sight o' some one lyin' oh the groon
nA. hy, r % -w .,,t I 'a 'twpsl
S. niA. Hior6' ftys i, 'b you tf6lowia'
me, mou?' There was to answer,
'Haud up yet held au' be ceevil, else
I'll baste tha anoot, mon,' I said. Still
no answer. 'I'll mak' thee talk,' I
yelled, an' just then ma han' touched
a bit stone. In my anger I heaved
it at 'im and it struck full on his held.
"There was still no soun' from Da&
vid. I rose up and staggered over
to 'm. I put my 'and on 'im. David
was cold as deith.
"That seemed to sober me. Ma held
cleared up. The horriblee truth came
to me. I 'ad murdered ma best friend
in cold blood. I could na bide the
place, but turned an' ran ae fast as I
could toward whoam. Once there, I
went to ma room and fell on the bed.
"When daylight come, I thought ov-
ery footstep was the constable coming'
to 'ale to jail. On a sudden there was
a knock on the door an' David en.
"I was never a believer in ghosts,
but at that moment my views changed.
All the buried superstitions o' my an.
cestors was resurrected. 'David,' I
gasped, 'ow came you 'ore?'
"David took ma 'and. I shuddered.
But 'twas with relief to find it warm
an' 'uman, instead o' clammy an'
ghostlike. 'Forgi'e me, auld mon,' he
aild, 'I was in the wrong last night.'
,"'Thank God, you're alive, David,'
*ys I, 'I might 'a' killed you in the
drink.' N.
'No fear you'd hurt a friend, drunk
or sober,' he eays.
"'But dd na the stone hurt you,
/ avid?' I Speired.
"H9 looked at me dumfounded an'
edged awaY, 'Tammas, you're sick an'
r out o" your head. I'll get a doctor,' he
s''* '" nays.
"'Na, na, none o' that,' says I.
"'Tammas,' he says again, ''twar an
111 trick I had played on me last eight,
You'll min' it was 'Allow E'en. I left
ma door unlocked an' the boys got
Into my room, took ma best rig, hat,
boon an' all, then got a dummy from
yera' etore an' rigged it ut in all
ma finery. Then they paraded through
tooeen wi' Meester Stephens, as they
ea'd it. They 'left a noe sayin' I
would get ma dUds by otllln' at the
back dodit' o' the Hallen street sewfr.

Come, UIfltat1Wu an' ha' a artIk or ab.'
"'N at DW "Davia,' says;, T'I'm
thrbuth a "'ttl.'' An' I t*"i'
000hrilist by Dilly BI b)r Pub. Co.)
AIPft 11 R 1 r a 4 L .
,o. healt le: D ly i(

go'' W
al. l M.I It
" u .th ^ 14hwoart ,

", : _. m l. a o_"_

, ' .'.. ....


Not a Bank fob0 r as She
Thought, but a Wi0itg Serv-
ant and Lover.

"Do 't move, or I shall shoot!" The
clear |irlish voice rang out with un-
mi r[ ble emphasis.,
p p careless that would be,", r-
pDed the man in a tone of gentle
i ony.
lie paused in his efforts to get him'
self and a pair of saddle-bags over
the rude fence, and turned calmly in
the direction of the voice. A black.
haired, black-eyed girl of about twen-
ty stood at the edge of the clearing,
not two rods away. She had on a
serviceable brown suit and leggings,
her cloth cap was slightly askew--
and she was pointing straight at him
a light but businesslike rifle. Her
cheeks were nalanme with excitement,
and the man co#id sep her bosom ris-
ing and falling rapidly.
"Excusu xne for referring to It," he
said quietly, standing motionless by
the fence, "but if you keep up that
careless, unsociable way of pointing
guns at people, some day there'll be
an accident."
"If you resist, or try to draw your
gun, I'll shoot you sure as fate," ex-
claimed the girl, "and I can shoot
straight, too. Put up your handel"
"Before you get utterly foolish, and
do anything you may be sorry for,"
said the man, disregarding the order,
and still leaning easily against the
fence, "stop and think whether you
hadn't better tell me what is on your
mind, and why you threaten to mur-
der an unarmed stranger."
"As if you didn't know, and you
standing there with the saddle-bags
themselves-my own saddle-bags, and
the money probably still in them."
"Oh, as for these saddle-bags, well,
perhaps there is more method in your
madness than there seemed to be at
first. Do these belong to you?"
"Of course they do; and you are the
robber who stole them from our sta-
ble last night; and there is my silver
monogram on them; and what have
you done with my horse? And oh,
you robber and murderer, I ought to
shoot you anyway. But if you will
keep your hands up and walk ahead.
of me, I will take you back to Clin-
ton and give you up. I don't know
but they will hank you as soon as
you get there. They ouglt to."
"My dear young l dy,' sali the
U- Uflel mni, i the paft--
la g\rl,, whose eyes blagzsd anew at
this address, "I can see tliat there is
some reason back of you' mistake.
But you are making a complete bl.und-
er. I am no robber. And these sad.
rle-bags I fouhd-"
"No doubtJ" said the girl, with
raging sarcasm; "found them growing
on a huckleberry bush probably. And
you didn't shoot at the cashier of the
Clinton bank; and you didn't steal
my horse and saddle last night to es-
cape with; and there aren't a hun-
dred men with guns looking for you
this minute. Now, I tell you what, I
mean business! Will you surrender,
or shall I shoot?" .
"Well, on reflection, I think I'll sur-
"Put u~p. your hands then. I shall
make you walk ahead of me and car-
ry those bags."
"How can I carry them with my
bands above my head?"
"Well, you know what I mean. You
must-Oh, aren't you a hirrid villains
You smile as it it was all a joke.
Take up those bags at once and go
ahead; and remember, my rifle will
be pointed at you all the time. And
I shall be close behind you."
She started toward him. But she
had not fully counted on the difficulty
of keeping a steady aim and at the
same time walking over the very
rough ground. Her foot caught In a
root, and phe tell fiat, the rifle going
off as it struck. In three leaps the
man was at her side, obe hand grasp-
nlag her weapon, and one held out to
assist her. She srang to her feet;
and her brave, bewitching little face
went deathly white.
"Now, fortunately, you will be com-
pellqd to listen to me." said the man
la the same quiet, commanding tone
that he had used throughout. "See,
my mistaken young friend. I have
your rifle. You are powerless now.
Pray, keep your self-control, and just
listen reasonably to what I have to
say. I wouldn't harm you for the
worln. And I am no' more a bank rob-
ber than you are,. ..
The, girl stood white and motion-
les., &r lip- tryti -not to tremble.

"I km a lufabbr surveyor, a
stranger in this part of 'Michigan. I
walked over from Port Q leman this
morning. More than 4i- hour ago,
doa*n th toad, I fast a (derless
horse, a htte horse, with- ae dark
stocking. I tried to eat~h li, but
he was shy. These MMl I found
while I was prospeatinl through the
tI bds; they lay near the body of a
pran in that clump of bushes over
Mtere. You can id over, .a4t look at
the bOdy, If ydu don't bitleve me. I
o ss he is your robber htll right; and
I Judge e didn't get away without
carrying some lead it hitm. I looked
ina the n and found they were
stuffed wh bankbills, and I guessed
petty, What had happened, I
Wa Uyhi to fid my way to the
t tdwn when ;ou no 'suddenly
; w .go inorueh, for the
tt 1 little z.ot.

t, f', WU-" 16

Mary walked upsitirs and hoisted
baby, Baby liked It; Mary liked itt
auid it, f of' it, that doesn't
(OatteK"" *, '; *'
rt. '
DO:it Laugh, add Save Time.
Bert"* d Shaw has issued a little
"pereoil appeal" to the audiences
attengltS .the Kingsway theater for
the miaiee performances of "John
Bull's Othai Island" on the subject of
their "Bolt generous and unrestrain-
ed apilauqe."
"Are you aware," he asks, "that
you woUld et out of the theater halt
an hour e itlie' it you listened to the
play hine,1he iMd did not 'aptitd d
until- it fit of the curtain?
"Hat 0 yo o-0dtled that it you laugh
loudly and repeatedly for two bdhitt
yo, get tired and cross and w eart
taxt morning that you did #ot ot
at home? '
"Do you know thaIt u rq j t
aog e I slU

., and

"a butshe 04dn'0- =Awl h isrelt
M picuou, and hi Q*wn anatomy felt
lkly well. paired from the accident,
qdit enoPtah to iesfnod sympathy.
"I don't think h could *wat to to
to the otel, Mr. Dix n," "said Evalora'
fiushinj slightly, but! speaking a* ol,
temve's daughter should. "Ie'i ian old
friend of ours, and a neighbor's boy, I
-wish you would place take him hboir
for me, and some one look after tle.
oxen, Then you cap settle with him
yourself for the wagon and slabs."
"Well, If you say so, Miss KinEle
"I do say so. I'm going with you to
look after him."
It was a strange drive ovet the long
road. Tom Dixon at the wheel, and
Evalo'a looking after the unconidid6ds
youngster, Once she directed him to
turn and make for a doctor's house
down the road. They took himn along
with them up to Oliver's farm.
"Anything more I can do?" Tom
asked, after he had waited for tIle doc.
tor's verdict, and left a check that cov-
ered the damage. "Can I drive you
back, Miss Evalora?"
Evalora stood at the kitchen door.
Beside her the double hollyhocks grew
as tall as herself. It seemed as if they
turned their ruby hearts to her in wel.
come. Her hair was rumpled and
wavy, her checks flushed, her sleeves
rolled high to the elbow.
"I don't think I'd better go back,.
thanks," she said, happily. "Itf you
take the doctor with you, and stop at
the sawmill and tell father what's hap-
pened, he'll come up and help, too."
"I don't think It's necessary, all this
fuse. He's all right now," said Tom,
"I know," Evalora returned, shyly.,
"but you see, he's our own folks, ~4d
we like to look after him."
She waited until the buzz and tum
of the, motor had died away far -'1 vn
the hill road before she went back to
the couch where they had put .('.or.
He was bandaged until he look' like
a turbanned Hindoo, but he nldr'd upt
at her.
"I heard what you told inm, Eva-
"Well, that's just what frther'd say,
Isn't It?" She pulled a liue shade'
down to keep cff the Jats afternoon
sunlight, /
"Sit down here," sai "Oliver. "I
want to tell you why I fent up there
today on the long road."/
Evalora said nothing.,/ She took the
low rocker beside him ahd fingered
pieced courthouse stews quilt on re
hbd, There woro sonie pieces of eor
dresses there when she had waited for
Oliver down at the sawmill o0 thA way
to school. He had always carried her
little tin lunch pall those days., lme.
times they hod stopped at the lxrs
lower down,'and "peeked" sI sid to
whiat surprisea her moihe-r Ua
slipped in, a berry turnover or a dough.
nut with jelly inside. She shared her
treasures with him then.
Then had come her schooling, first
at the high school in a nearby town,
and later up at Normal. She had
slipped out of his reach for a little
while. It had been this summer at theb
big hotel that had taught her where
life ran in sweetest places, and she5
had tired of all the shams and petty
battles of that daily round. Life was
what one made it, and the makings lay
in one's own heart, as Oliver would
have put it. She could have her bodks
and music up at the hill farm, with
peace and plenty and-him.
"I know why you came," she whis-m
pered, "just to get me."
"Would you have come along if I
hadn't got all smashed up?" There
was a whimsical touch of looping in
his tone. "Would you, girl?" He
reached out on'e arm towards her, and
drew her to him. "It's a rough road
to travel, the long one, but I'm just
starved for you, Evalora. I know I
ain't the sort of fellow you ought to
marry, but-"
Her hand was pressed firmly over
his lips.
"I don't like the other kind," she
said, softly.
(Copyright, 1913, by the McClure News-
paper Syndicate.)

Mother of Invention,
John and lMary married impecuni-
ously on thirty dollars a week and
went to .live in a "walk-up" apartment,
two flights up. Then baby came, and
besides adding to the family, added to
the impecuniosity. Ingenuity went far
toward solving the problems of living
for two in an inexpensive place; baby
strained that Ingenuity farther. At
first it was no impos,:ble task to car.
ry him, upstairs, .but he grew, as ba.
bies will. and Mary's back became
weary daily as she carried him up.
What was to be done? Oh, for an
The dumbwaitert Of course! There.
after when Mary And baby came in,
baby was put la titnisduuibwaiter. Then

By virtue of a writ of Venditioni
fxponas, issued out of the U. 8. Dis-
trict Court for tli Southern District
of Florida, dated Jane 24th, 1913,
and to me directed, I will sell on
Saturday, the bth day of July, 1913,
at 12 o'clock m.,.at the brick ware-
house of Mallory & Co., at Public
Auction, the part of the charge saved
by Alfred Atchison, et al, Ex-S. S.
"Lugano," consisting of Bble, of
Wine, Cases of Plate Glass Aastd.
Sizes, Cases of Goods, Buckets, etc.,
Terms of salo positively cash.
JOHN F. HORR, U. 8, Marshal,
Southern District of Florida.
Office Deputy U. S. Marshal.
t. July 5.


Some of the "Defeots" of Sohed-
ule K Made Plain.

Professed Proteotion to Apierlbin La-
bor at Amierloeh WA9d Never
More Than a Oateh Ph isle
as Has B*en Proved.

4 'k

SA' L of 2i Choice Kentucky Horses w.
Mules, niext MONDAY JUNE.30th, at We:


in eniefca -wilT drop to the level of
"pauper labor" in Europe. In' pure
philanthropy, in sweet and holy love
for its employes, this company im-
plores congress not to cut oflf the tar.
iff subsidy which incorporated shoe.
makers now enjoy.
Officers of tlig corporation have ad.
mitted to an lr Ptigating committee
that they pay flye tents for fastening
seventy-two shd tips, The penalty
for spoiling a tip is five cents. If a
girl makes a single error in her driv-
ing work she must sew six dozen tips
for nothing.
And this company cries for protect .
tion to American labor!"

Labor and the Tariff.
Tariff barons are at their old game
of trying to scare the wage-carntr
Into support of their robbery. "1Q.
the tariff and we must out wagesE
Abcicry. "Help us to rob the Arm'
the/contents of your pay ,envelope!"
The only effect that the Aldnich tar.
iff has on labor is to increase the
cost of everything that labor buys.
Labor is on the free list. It is import.
ed, duty free, in enormous quantities
every year'.
It was estimated that 9% per cent
of the striking mill hands at Lawrence
were foreign born. The leaders of
that strike printed circulars in eight
or nine different languages, and made
speeches in seventeen.

Delay to Be Avoided.
We have an authoritative account Mr. Underwood has the best of tho
of some of the swindles of schedule K argument in insisting that the new tar-
ina the Century Magazine from Ch lt ift shall go into effect the day it ig
Statistician Stone of Mr. Taft's tariff signed by the president, instead of
board. six months or a year hence. The
Schedule K as i 'lands is shown to business world can better stand tartif
6e a swindle in' "protection" to reductibna than tariff uncertainties.
aool-growers, who ,were supplying Toabe understood the new tariff must
hree-fourtha of the American wool be tried out.
nsumption fifty years ago and are a
w supplying little more than a half. There is no tax more easily 'and
It is shown to be a swindle against cheaply collected than an inheritance
e carded-wool branch of the mann- tax, There 18 no other tax which
ture in favor of the combing or stays with such 4bsolute certainty
rrsted wool branch dominated by where it is put 'There is no other
S Woolen trust. tax which sla so gentle to industry and
t is a swindle in its professed pro- thrift.
t tion to American labor at American '
S eso, as Is shown in the fact that no
o or skilled labor is paid so low a Might Do Some Good. \
a e as that of the wool-manufac- "Just how a scientific reportt from a
t r. Inon-partisan tariff bi.rd Irecommend-
is again a swindle in presuming ing free wool and free %ugar could
th high wage rates mean high cost silence the Wyoming sugar planters is
of production, fhen the Tariff board a frst-class political mystery," says
fouf to the contrary, the Springfield Republican. Of course
Ml Stone directs attention to an nothing can silence the wall of a tar-
Iniquity not so well known which iff beneficiary while being pried loose,
doubles up on all the others. This ia Bult the report of a scientific and non-
achiei ed through "compensatory" du- partisan board might show how muc'
ties whichh on most imported cloth or, hbw little truth there is in t
allow a protection of four times per howl, which to tell the truth is bece
pound the wool duty of 11 cents be- Ing a little tiresome.
Fore the manufacturer begins to col.
lect his net protection of 50 to 65 BARGAIN INSTINCT
per cent...
Accordingly as the ,manufacturer'
Snixes cotton or other cheap sadbtit.
tutes, he adds the "compensatory" i
thities to his net protection. To the
Wool-grower he hands a shoddy suit
at wool priced while dodging the pro-
teoted obligation to buy wool from
him. To his cheap immigrant labor
he passes half-cotton dress goods at
protection prices, after denying its
Ohare in the wool protection. To
.4nriohn consumers at large he palms
ft for wool cotton and shoddy cloth- ////f
|tt a ld blankets under a sneak pro-
;eotion sometimes as much as 100
er oAnt. '
T O Its open pAtronage of delusive /
Ad fti8 ldulett protection, shobedule K Iil ,/ '
Adds this hidden measure of privileged '"
vadoiht and robbery. Revision on the
basis vt free wool as tIn the Under-
wo04 bill can aloat knock out all this
ItlouiQlt. "I hear Miss De oI en
to the duke. Do itt
Sf ypoorsy. case of lave on
i M oea manufaeturip i nI i's I I Ian

The Portor-IAIL'




1)i1i1"1tAb It ii.iM''''01"' ITS M GT~ICA'ItNS.
D)L' stIt S ,1(;l IS ) 111, 18th I-3VAMh I' MU i'lWANTIA ) Ti118ni:-

DEAMYIS' h IT iii(Alt '.',TLO \t.



HaVana, Naunna, Purt 1birp~, WM!1m Key WeOO

The Peninsular end" Occ;.!no al 'I", Go
UNtITE) DT ~* ?"M 1w, -~Ei0M lol tu
VIA KEY IVE'EST AND 1'01.7 ~M t i.1,1iA.
I'roposed sailings iu effect nioin dtes xiov- m'Ii t to -hang- end imdi.

('iouvmni,g at iRe) i~v,'e
U1lP"FCT'Vl', FROM PWVVT'l ~A,1iA, F"LOIDi~A, APL'IL 27, 190,.
fo. Porlt T'i'xiuit, f', '9urdnys, T1'11" s'A a.11. 3 0 P.M.
Ar. Key Wcest, M o ud ay s, F :t'lny 5.30 Pi..

" v. Key
Ar. Hav
Lv. Ilav
Ulv. ICoy

lV. Kp.
Ar. Jlav
Ar. K(
LV. '

West, lMondays, :(lad .. '
una, Tuesdays, Sa i ra,'P,
afna 'riResdlut A r. RoA y 'V t.
'eslt Tu tasiy ,A P'urL T '',illt ,
*i:durdays. 12.;.;0 p.m. :;i;;ildaya, ,
aturdai) 4.3'1 |).ni8. 8n11e(mIvi.
I d. llmll lp I ,.i \v i','1,1'. ,., \V ,ih .' i', ',!. rril.'.' i-
i- Moi! lyi, \',edr 'd.iln y :'id :, .'-
-H li -in 'i'h uridn-va. S tatn rl
<.',(;> "Mti[,mi."

9.00 P.M.
'm.30 A.M
, Vt-^ln ,-'?1

4.'j) p.m.
'l ;l .

-A ~ I PUAV. STIN-joip,

IC~~~LT~~ aplrgusprlI~PI11111~1 I,-r~~`-

- "

~I~PI~S~(FCI~)l~:I~ L~? LAl,


This will be a igraml collection of
"High Class "Kentucky Horses and
Mules" coming direct f1o1n the
breeding farims. t) are thorough.
1' broken and r iy for' immediate
use, among wit! can lie found at
number of good~ ck tenamns and sin
gle back horse ,hd general purpose
horses. Also oie good, useful liv-
ery, saddlers road horses; in
fact, there, l'be some of all sizes
to select fro And there will also
be some g(t, useful mules. They
can be seen d driven by all intend-
ing buyers Exchange or private
sales will e made any time before
the Auti a Sale opens,. the Auc.
tion Sal starts promptly at 1:00 p.
in,, nextMonday, June 30th, whei
every rso and mule will positively
be sold to the highest bidder at the
Key )test Transfer Stables.




-?~'~-" V2

g3T wxsT mo2 NAY JUNE



Puliisfi ) hally, cept Mblonday at
ll;1, Fronit trect by

S Managing Edtor
Telison .oi L.i. part of tManagert
tor ten -cts a lvcwlk. Sent postpaid
' to any part ot c 'oaltal Union for
for 3 months. o

a o .s ..... ...... Publisher
erwiviv .. .Managing Editor
,bison .. .Circulation Manager

we sby Special ('able Service.

S/ \01) O O"(R THOUGHl'T.

Theo news (ontainld Iin the spel('la:
despatch to the Jo.,u'nal from 1-1:-
vaUna concering the psssibllity e f
one ituntdred families of the ('Cuba:
colony residents In Key \Vest lea,-
Ing ius and findling employment by inh
t'uban government I' that country if
of such a serious nature that we art
loath to bolleve that it is anythi !
more than the mere wish of certain
well meaning gentlemn in Havana
iMW'jst It, is perfectly true that busi
ness in the cigar Industry is not at
brisk aits w would likoe to seeo it, and
that as a consequence many, for th(
titome being, are out of work, yet \tw(
do not believe it will remain so fo:
iuuj. il ese contitins are prevail
Ing throughout the country, and Ke.
West is no worse in this respe,
than elsewhere. It can only b. .
matei'r o but a nionth or two whe:
times will brighten and condition.
will .,ocome normal, if not better
The tariff bill wil soot
ttlmniLler will give w.ty ti
VR--and the present dc
11 be a thing of the past
friends in Havana would di
*ell to consider the seriousness (;
the step they are evidently so kiee:
in pushing' along. To break lip oin
hundred homes In one fell swoop is
oo .:a;ve a matter to entertain. WV(
>n ..:' r part, must do all we can t<
.,tai'i them here, They are too val-
iiabh an asset to our community i,
Ip' ro without putting up a nmos;
-ren'juis opposition to the schelim'


1 :- Tampa Tribune has been havt
Ing a goo i imiu r,'I fling at our fail
city and ; i ir f'fl ,nd, Fred Math-
ews, as ti.. It ting its hait on.
('onsiderit.: :le pieloiisness C.
the ocvur,',. ti :1p,. lhas jist heetn
Enjoying,' ,i i, '.Bs It over In the
sanio g( :-i ,' was nto d(oubl
meant. "i reads':
"Frid A' thbr, if Key West, a
refonrieid / r"., man, now leafl-

in, publt(c.fty
the Ov/
Matt t i -'
tor l' '

exiort for the end of
railroad, is In town.
first of the visl-
got here last

time to get

It I .. ....ON

Don't be afraid to express an opin-
ion, even.jL.4t-Is different from the
opinion of the boss. lie may like
a man with spirit and with brains
enough to have an opinion., But don't
have opinions unless you have studied
from both sides. One of the most
annoying types in the business world
is the man who always wants to
start an argument. Don't let one mis-
take make you lose your nerve. Lots of
times a mistake has helped a man,
first by making him mord careful in
the future, and second, by bringing
him Into the limelight. It's better
to be noticed once in a while, even
for a mistake, than to be ignored.
your work has been satisfactory yKF
good work will shine by contra.,
and you won't be unduly blamed for
your error. A whole lot of men have
failed to rise because they wore too
modest, If you believe you can do
a thing, try it. Express belief in your
own ability, but first be sure you have
the ability, Nobody but yourself
knows what you can do, and if you
are too modest to let people find out
what you know, you have only your-
self to blame If the boss doesn't seem
to appreciate you, It's all right to
learn the duties of the man next high-
er up in case you get a raise, but
there are hundreds of men who never
get the raise because they are so
busy learning the higher up work that
they forget their own duties. Do your
own work carefully first, and then
after you have finished it's time
enough to want to do the work of
the other fellow.

An English manufacturer has
brought out a model motor car, which
can be driven for miles through wa-
ter four or five feet deep, in order
to meet tho rigid requirements of
the British colonies in respect to .mo-
tor cars which can be taken anywhere
and everywhere. All electrical con-
dults, magneto and batteries are pro-
tected by special Insulations, and ex-
tra lengths of pipe are attached to the
exhaust tltpP and to thn intake mani-
fold. When a car of this type 1i
driven through five feet of water only
the tip of the radiator and the seats
show above the surface.

The women who take their vaca-
tion at Atlantic City and who regu-
larly read the papers will muzzle
their hatpins before going to that
popular resort, as the law in force
In New Jersey against the hatpin
rampant takes it for granted that
allf'e 'couatry~nRtows i--w-
ia..ence, and no plea of ignorance
will avail. An Important item in the
matter is that the informer gets half
the fine imposed, and fine feelings
stand little chance when confronted
with easy cash.

Chicago judge having ruled that oc.
cupants of a city flat can tango or
make just as much noise as they want
to in any other way, in spite of other
flat occupants, reminds us that the
practice has been of such long
duration that the common law
seemed to have covered the point In-

A director of rowing at Princeton
remarks: "Intercollegiate athletics as
at present organized means that a few
men go periodically into training, and
Into hysterics." What rank Ingrati-
tude to the noble body of rooters,
without whom athletics would lan-
guish like the autumn flower!"

A professor of the Univesity of
Pennsylvania says that e ery man
who receives wages or liicome ex-
ceeding $15 per week, ge' more from
society than he creates ia seems
to classify professors tte eco-
nomic theories m' n any

The spider's favorite maxim is, learn
to labor and to wait.
The summer girl is putting on her
coat of tan and freckles.
It's either a deluge or a drought to
make the farmer unhappy. ,

Why not spell it "e.reoplane?" It
would be easier to pronounce.
Vacationers regret that the game of
corning back was ever invented.
Almost any small boy's ambition at
this season is to be a pearl diver,
In hot weather, put off all the things
you don't have to do to another day,
This Is good weather for a revival
of the Greek costume of toga and san'
CoasidCation of their automobile
would deter reckless motorists fro
The summer season la trying
tithe good the deficit of heat piled 4
last winter. ,
Yale has given up basket ball, t
heading off a challenge from !the
Wellesley girls.
It takes as much time for a w*ter-
melon as for a man to become thor-
oughly "cooled off."
One advantage of being a pitcher for
the Detroit team is that you don't
have to pitch to Ty Cobb.
Father's pocketbook agrees with
the textile men in the belief that there
is ruin in the hobble skirt.
Uneasy lies the head that has t o
hair, especially when there are fii<'s
in the immediate vicinity.
The Philadelphia Inquirer calls the
theft of an umbrella a "white steal."
That feller has a guilty conscience.
The millionaire who paid $48,000 for
a pair of ancient andironas 1 plainly
started In a way to have a hot old
Now the warning has gone out
against soap as a carrier P germs-.
This time the crusade old w a clean
sweep. '
One of the obstacles way of
the atl-klssing Osq at most
girls would rathm'r ed than
sun-kisse .


Making a Flat


When Columbus set out to reach India

I \


by sailing westward, he met with opposition and ridicule. IHo bellevol
the world to be round.

\Viso men held that it was fla -tlhat. Columbius wai mad-and that'hu'd
fall off somewhere if he departed from established beliefs.
Buo Columbus' bolief found hit a ontinent and male him blossad of
memory. *

The Business World is flat to some men

Their profit-bearing shores of Oppo'tunity stretch only so far ns their
grandfathers trod, Custom, superstition and apathy have uct them con-
fines which they may not pass.

For instance, they believe the business year is a flat one-not an all-
year round of trade, with East joining West, with Spring merging into
Autumn-but just two distinct seasons, with sawed-off edges gaping in-
to space.

They confine their activities to a Summer trade and to a Winter trade.
To them there is no intervenirig continent with stores of wealth. Their
world Is flat. They.y have not oxulored the mid-year mouths of oSunm-
mer trade. June, July and August are never-never land.

Surely this conception of Summer on a n "dull" season is as fallacious as
the delusion that theo earth uas flat. People have just is mulih money
in hot weather and spend quite as f:oely as in Spring and Fall. hraintod
that they are not buying skates andi snow shovels In August, yet they
arn buying staple articles., furthermore, they havo an eye ton ltixuriie
and comforts they are counting uron purchasing In the Fall.

The modern Columbus has discovered this

Bummer trade-this golden West laying between the known entftimints
of old beliefs. Departing from established habit, many have made theti
energies and'their Advertising an all-year-round propoi,!tlon;

Keeping up Advertising during the Summer months not only linake yofir ,
two seasons, but produces rich harvests from the Summer months/

'- -

An Advertisement in The Journal

S is a Safe Investment
I_ I I I I :_. ] II I II

Papa's Hopes.
Jack-"Your baby looks U. Its
mother. It has her nose, eyes, mouth
and ears." Pete-"Yes. I have hopes
that it will look like me when It gets
some teeth."

Maintained Belief In Ignoranoe.
Opposition to state education in the
past was due largely tp a belief that
too much learning was not good for
the masses. The worthy Hannah
More even, who was one of the most
earnest supporters of the movement
for the establishment of schools for
the poor In England, had very definite
tdeas as to how tar the children
should be educated. Tbhe curriculum,
she declared, should comprise only
reading the Bible"ad the sateohism,
and "such eoarse works as may fit the
children for servants," adding deat-
sively, "I allow at no writing for tho

Trawlers Hurs the Tefephed.
Some difficulty Is being experienced
by the Japane e telegraph service ow-
ing to toe ligge caused to the sub.
marine cables off the coast of Japan
by fishing trawlers. Owint to th%
proutable nature of the usinese,
there has recently been a I -ge in-
crease In the number of trawlers, with
the result that an interruption of the
cable services is frequently caused.
The authorities of the government tel.
egraphs and agricultural departments
are at 'present conferring as to the
steps to be taken to overcome the dif.

Ollenoaing Wateh Ticks.
Some slioe people want the time
handy but epnot stand the tUcking of
a watch. this tos the cas, ilaop .the
watch be iatb an ordinary dril'h
glass. Th9 patient can se etho l,
ut the Uoking will Bila b
*., ., .. -,.',

I.-- ---~- .._. .... ii

Hot Water 'a Curative Ageult
The action of hot water on the body
Is the simplest and most effeotive'oura.
tive agent we have. Pain due to
neuritis, iclatica, rheuboatism or in.
Jury are relieved and the first stages
of a cold are so greatly relieved that
the cold will not progress further.
Such a bath is, In no way similar to
the Turkiah bath. A cold bath need
not be taken after a hot bath and poo.
pie living in the temperate gone Will
be greatly benefited by a rally hot

It it h
roM, .. : f,,Y,
S Omit the, Wod "fin't."
et j1 silga that Napoleon he (b'at .,
b ,b word "p and U

IV. [ ": o ,;.



You will no doubt, desire to celebrate the Fourth
of July in a patriotic way. Start now to win your
Financial independence .
You will find an account with the First National
Bank a very substantial aid.
4 per cent Interest Paid on Savings Accounts.

Key West, Fla.

One of Wi Fh oonsloious Jokes of
fate It shown in the fact that a Bel-
gian stamp has been withdrawn from
circulation because the face of the
king upon it has a squint.
A traveler tells us that a laborer Ip
Egypt can live on 8 cents a day, but
there is reason to believe that said
laborer does not eat porterhouse steak
any oftener than once a day.
The young man namedd Wriglt, wiho
cleared thirteen feet In a pole vault,
is not related to the Wrights of aero-
plane fame, but he is considerable
aviator, all wright all wright.
4e proposition to card catalogue
,y public school child In the coun-
try nd keep tab on its record merely
shol how easy it is for the statistical
m- to figure out Jobs for itself.
The Germans have adopted baseball
and are said to have become highly
proficient In the art. But it will be
years and years before they have be-
come proficient in the vocabulary.
Japan is alleged to have no swear
words. This may explain its failure
to produce a first-class baseball team,
which cannot be expected to flourish
without language to hurl at the um-
It is now the woman with the hoe,
as the fair se ,asn been persuaded
that garden work is good for the
health. In course of time husbands
hope to persuade wives that beauty
as well as health hides In the tigor.
ous exercise of the lawn mower, and
when this is accomplished the subur.
banite will begin to see something in
life worth living for,

K" .


- ---- ~

M.- -u- r- TI; iL - I ft

- I

^i~hn.=.iii m.=.m. .i. =m== iiissSIiJ M

---- T~~~ ^ --

R ^ ON'' I wool:




= and De vered.

NO m1s Candies. Refrigerator Show Case



AWAGaMm JFfwam i 0 x I 'Ilill; -

- .,





A Frenchman has invented an aero-
plane which can be worked with leg.
power, and thinks that when it is per-
fected it will enable a man to fly for
half au hour with no more exwt-tton
than would be required in operating a
bicycle. The device should be popu-
lar with aviators whose purses will
not permit them to mount as high as
the present price of gasoline.

Ancient mythologly is authority for
the statement that the month of May4
gets its name from Mala, the moth-
er of Meroury. Mercury seems to
have remembered the fact this year,
and to have felt warranted in get-
ting high, but there have been other
years 1A which'the case was different

Young women of a Chicago church
congregation have found themselves
unable to agree on the Ideal main.
But this is as it should be." If all
agreed on gv ideal, what chance
would the rest '. -mperfect mas.u-
linity have?

Uncle Sam makes enough paper
notes each year to reach twice
around the world, yet that' doesn't
eep some of us from walking almost
far around in order to dodge the

a of the reasons why the prune is
'oro popular is that it takes no
In its personal appearance. A
prunes looks about as inviting
h of chestnut coaL

Jersey a coal man was sent
hbl is too late in the season,
for hopeful excitement. It
en an ice man there mnght
i cause for Joy.

woman suing for divorce
married on a bet. Don't see
would call it a bet. To make
i sidos must have a chance

few Jersey man who killed
when his wife made him
pets has oceans of unspoken

3all II suggested as an aid to
atic, It will help in geography,
hen the recruits are signed.

g family plOdetor.ill short-
e' A44ed to a maon's list of
jle : ...,_

- ~-4n ~ F I ~r~pul asllllBII#L~MI1~

I __ I - L, d r'-u~~s~r --- Fl~l III~IPIICI IC1 ~

F Wlw- 'Mum

-+' v

3mT wuon VG O1N gottole.


1' /4

ing O u-.tI





: The Naval Store .

Undersellsth.em '5 al!the time. +
IJ .LEBbVIT, 1 A Si^ ST. 4

4. 4 4 *, + + ... 4 + I 4-0

VAL 4evilk Ai



(W T O=' N"7[ .-_ .14..v2B^^> .....L,. Y .Ii.:,,t*',t^


'~ ~ ~ ~~~~~r *'^^^ ^ ^^i^j^ ^ ^





Whii in doubt'go




to the MONROE;

always a good show, often a great one

.1 ~

rner Duval and Greene Streets.
hWh!00 wa'ht'something out of the ordinary--
somiltj',JtI.t $ a Jittle better than you usually get,
then.drop im' i qur dining room. Ouw service Is
. flrst Celss inI, y yrespect.and ladies and gentle*
amon ur place an. Idepl one in which to
M41 -4 otik '
/:|j||,$,. ::t
^ :'.a i.: -';."

Yesterday morning Charlos Sands
was struck by a0.automobile and se-
verely tut and .ruised. e

Do your Raturday and Mondaty
shopping at Theodore Holtsberg &
Son. Free souvenirs with every pur-
chase of $5.00
90x90 sheets, extra large size,
jcod heavy sheeting, every whero
$1i.00. Our price for Satturday and
.Moinday 79c. AX90 sheets, our
,price 69c each. Theodore itolts-
borg & Son.
Another shipment of 49 inches
mercerized voile. Our price for'
Saturday amid Monday, 19c the yard.
One piece of ialneook, 12 yards for
$16.09.. Theodore Holtsberg & Son.
ALLEN 1., CURRY-Candidate
for police judge,

Saturday and Monday sale, cross-
bar dimity, small and large check,
regular 101, special 10 yards for
69c. 71x9o sheets, with center.seam,
regular 50e, going at 35c each. Read
other specials of Thlo. Holtsberg on
page 8 of this issue.
Keeolna, the tailor, has moved his
lace of b1iisinoss from Duval street
to Front street,opposite the Journal'-
Olffice, where n will be glad to have
his old customers call on him and he.
will continue to (do the best ot worI
In the tailoring line. "Nice fitting
suits at. a reasonable price" Is the
motto of this shop. Jue, 25- tf.
Notice to the Voters of Key West.
I will beo a candidate at the next
city election for the office of Captain
of the Night Police and If elected will
do my duty to the best of my ability.
S-- ,
The sponge fleet that arrived from
Marqueas l lst week with a goaid
Satci of sipoXge is getting ready to
leave the first of tf week for the
,Marquesas,. The fishermen report
that the catch at present is the best
that It has been fqr the last year.
Key West, Fla,, June 28, 1913.
Editor Journal:
Permit me, through the columns
of your paper, to contradict a state-
ment that I will not be a candidate
for Chief of Police In case the pres-
ent mayor enters the race for re-
elertlon. The statement Is incor-
"rect. I am in the race to stay and
I the action of the present mayor will
have absolutely nothing to do with
my candidacy.
"Hionses"Are Attracting Attention of
Horse Lovers.
From all appearances the Ken,
tucky h'rsea that are to be sold to*
morrow has called for more atten-
tion than any lot of horses ever
brought to Key West. The Transfoe
Stables has been crowded all day b)
tho0 admire a good horse
The .' bniber of good saddlers
and n ers, the kind that hat
made -Attucky famous, as It ht
well known to all that their blood'
stock can't be beat, for enduratne
and style. Furthermore, this cll
mate thoroughly agrees with them
Those In need of horses of any kiln
should take advantage of this utn
usual opportunity to get a good onM
as there are some of all sizes to se
lect from and they proved to be al
thoroughly broke and ready for im
mediate use. You don't have t
bother breaking this stock, as the
are all used to city sights.
The auction sale starts at on
o'clock, prompt, tomor ow noon. W
13. Curry will do the aihotioneerini
so be on hand to get a btrasln.
* We have reopened tht old 'Pag
Bakery, on Varala St., and make
specialty of home-made sweet pott
to bread. We use the world fame
Tidal Wave flour, made by the Texa
Star Milling Co., of Galveston, an
the best Swe-et potatoes on the iar
ket. We bake twide a day and intk
a morning and mid-day delivery'
all parts 'of tho' ty at any time th4
yo(u want. an extra loaf. Call ie u
. amd we will *en, it.
* Pill AGE & WILSON,
June 21. tin. Phone 5B12
wiAT n fR BUHAv..
S 8,M8. 101s.
Barometer "* .......80.00 19.9
jTimperatU. '.'.,.:.... 82 8
Wid diretn ......S.E. 8.1
Wind veldetol ........ 10 '
Precipitation .......... 0" .
State of weather . A ,,Cloudy Clea
SHighest tomilerature .. ...... 8
Loweat tempratur ....... ..
Junogo,,1018. g
Sun rise ..............449 a. m
Bun S$ t, ...... .........86:8 Vp, m
Higbtlde .. .4180,9mg. M, f.} b. n
Low tido4 ,.. 8-; 5 Pl

- PWI--I xq2 o




-Th 'tug Eugen 1., Pribe is to sail
today '
The custom receipts for yester-
day were $1,407.94,
The schooner Blanche is oh the
ways at Curry's Sons for repairs.
The schoouer/nfe Is on the ways
at Curry's BSons l'i minnr repairs,
The Olivotte sailed last night for
Tampa with 81 first and second
class passengers.
The schooner Irene that sank sev-
eral days ago after striking a reef
In the harbor Is on the ways at
Curry's Sons for extensive repairs.
The tug Triton, Captain Partridge,
from Mobile to Norfolk with dredge
21 of the Coastwise Dredging Co., in
tow, came into, port yesterday for
coal and water,
, Theo. Holtsberg & Son are ad-
vertising on page 8 of this Issue
some specials which appear to be
hard to beat. This is a'uother of ou
reputable firms whose ,statemnents
past experience have shown never to)
be anything but facts.
We wish to contradict the rnlnor
that we are going out of business in
Key West. Such is not the,
On the other hand we are going to'
double our investment in the Furni-'
ture and Floor Cover business here.
Double the stock and the facllltied
tfor taking care of the busineos you
give us. ;We will make sakannouncb-
ment shortly that will nipn one of
the most modern storseebf its kind
In4he south for Key West. We are
most decidedly going to stay in the
business here and going to stay' in It
Cor. Grinnell and Division Sts.
Attention is drawn to page 8-of
this Issue wherein will be found an
advertisement of Louis Wolfson,
"The Store of Fashion." .Mr. Wolf-
son's reputation calls for full confi-
dence and Mth, high grade -of goods
he carries fully justifies the appela-
tin he has given, to his establish-



6 Tigris "

4 Mighty Reels

1500 Performers



+* SAi' CARLO)S. 4
'4 *4 *. ... A Roaring
Monday the orld-famed Deve' Sensa on
Merry Manlkn open a one-eelt n-Sensation
gagement at San Carlos, tlo' .'first I
presentatloit of this great act In,
Amerida in ,6 years, comlui to Key I -;""" ...
'1est direct, from B 41 -
"the cap Italn of the 1 f'lwhere -
Deavesn won a world-wide reptUon itively
for the excellence of his al t
"Marionettes," or mant)'t1 4, *wre
the first i own actors of f ama,
operas or drantietli',perto n 'esi
'generally. They were orltlni In O nI-In
produced by the ancient ree and One t Only
Romans: bLiiter marionette-tha ~t*
were estaVrhlhed all over "C6ft10 sj-
tal Europe, also In the Latin Antrl-
cis. In Milan, Italy, is. perhaps the '
most pretetiotroue, with a ea fl, a-a -. A P
paclt of over 2,000. Martinttets f ..
were great ;favorites of COas. Dil.. "- '
ens, 'kewl" B| Ma^.,. Twaln, ,bo h. , '! ,
writers repeatedly refe ring, to the L. Ul Nivrr.
in their various books. J .,.alI
The Deaves' Merry Mqnlkik g .
the most famous know true o '
marrotb'etts, surpaslalp anythh 1 "" h So g .1Tr
its class. The greatest act of it '..
kind In thI world, measuring U',to .-
and Conserme circuits which it has of. the out .
successfully played repeatedly.. .t ,
rare that a show of this cljaq \ d
a magnitude is seen outside of Atfro-
" politan citi's and none of our the-
Stre-goers can afford to miss \ 6g
t the merry manikins. The tnattage. She ba su .g
meant of Sap parlos feels confident
* that Its patrons will be played, ,se j, 1
a amused andi entertained with" 1thi mcC, Ucel i -
marvelous a' t.
Monday, a new picture service will
I be inaugurnted. Hereafter bnly' e iJrated ariU ex,
licensed-pletu rs, the cream -of the ,
s world's outplli In photoplays will be 1ti h
k exhibited at on Carlos . -C slvY elU .,
4 Altogether te bill for Moday ,
* night is a moltattractive onewyih. I i in eW
should appeal to and atlyr'the -t i nW
- most critical tIatre-goer. .
- . + .. + >A r :' ,,t
o 4 ,, '4' _
+ + + + # +
9, The Monroe showed its all-star. A rare treat or
four-reel-Vitlgra)ph-program to ca- ..
pacity business from the opeanlp .to IlUS l VrM
the closing of the show, hun U.., lov rs, "
comedy pictures can evoke hearty
to and continued laughter and applause -
a and dramatic pictures create the
I- hushed abated stillness of ctspenston \ .
d they niust be the effective ones in T A 'Tu l ,
s8 their class-the picture with the di- AM .I. EI a i
id root appeal,-that's the quality kind
r- commonly called the "best;" ia A r fln ,RiA ..A
o0 other words, the surt of pictures that V* .LJa.i!
o The House of Good Entertarhment
it exhibits for t e delight and edifica-
p tlon of its patrons and rightfully en- \ '
titles this particular theatre to ad- i
vertise "w'henl",ln doubt go to the '
2. Monroe, alwayi,a good show, often
a great one.'-. Most all who wit-
neised the SBlt. ray Uhpw would
class It as a ,r ,t nr.." From the
3 frame up for lonl" ntlight's pro- NW
o gram it cound.i 'o + said to be 9A "X0 t ,
I7 quality A bll9 1' ,
O The sublimet ti h rd,1 ulo W a
6 *nttAsovg r4! dtlit i h w
,1iOtult to a.rteil ,, 0 UlDl Wl IIM II
_ '* t p a b o v e tiiem n u tai p :
g _ .m t "he i r ,

Like Candle iugr--.a bright, clleerful, ample, radiant,
iu 'it .,
glowing Electric light will draw them from afar,
Just as sure as It will draw the hugs.
The people won't bunmp their heads against the glass.
* and cut up as many didos, but they feel the pull of n
bright light just the same-and it draws them.
All nature .aiwers to'the nall or a bright lipht--oveni.
the flowers of the .lelr twist their ni'lSa i. 'Wd irA'
theJ.c faces '"w.r:,aj;'>'m. vr'n.
Mrs, Mother:--Keep ih good, bright, warm, glorious
light in the mid dle o' your family circle--it will
hblp to'draw it'close agird h6ld It tight.
Mr. Merehant:-Your' show windows, your silo-wall:,
your store, should be made to attract people-to do
this inmake tlem all light aiid bright.


Sales Department


Proper Furniture
contributes more to the value
'*" w 'sant'room than anything. else
Well planned a room may be it

SFurniture in Harmony
S bur stock"offtirs yaci' wil
selection of the style, finish
S variety that your rooms -re
109. %^ V_ 11 ^^ LL -_ ...

prices will D rigni

t. See us n

con ,

)ne 10-



.'/if Is l"

a plIe-
a fai'ire

e rang&
and I'f
squire, The
)W. .

eRdy Furniture C ..

S Corner Grinnell Division Streets

II I 4 V



25c to $25.00 each at A. ouis &
004S ,,epartmer Stor nWaa& 4g
fine VOl ,atines, Lin ? 1, Lade"
and Embroideries, Mar Aesets, in
White, Pink, Blue and Tan.


In Silk, Lawn. and Crepe $1,25 and d ,
$1.50 Value, Special for this week j- 1
Sat only9c
We extend cordial invitation to out
many customers to come in and in-
spect our uperb stock of ready to .
Wear Gdods. 1,

A. LOUIS & SON Dept. Sto.

I Pe le are Like Bugs : t

'fe xli


Comhilhsion Rf*MhA3U*De qV *.4

ptsof O~ai'm e in T a



4k Im il

ira, k" .9 =




::I-;"FF ~L~PIP~I;JRaPn ~41~I~~.-~~)MI~~LIPwl(Yae~~

"..I a LnI


hcwftrK --*--r M ia--aWaa----





"";f' II'
4 4.*.'.

~ *c. (?

- i..; ~


1 4 4. 4.4.4. 4'< *4.4.4..4.4
4 . 4. 4. 4. 4, 4.4 4 *. *


ST. H. DICIINSON, Manager. *
U PHONE a-0. +
@ * 1)Ht)Nt ] iO, *'* I

+ + + +
*4, 4.4 4 4 + 1 + + +4... 4 '
ni I or your lig stock of +
+ 'lTRII S 4
+ Of all poiplnlar Inakos at a *
4+ price to suit the times. 4
4' BAILEY. 4
4 44.4. 4 4.4 4. 4 4 4 .4.. 4 .

4. 4. .4. 4. 4 44+ 4 44*4.** 4
'+ T. II. DICKINSON, Manager. 4
,16 820 GRINNELL ST. '
S PHONE 24t0. @
++ ++4+ 4

+4..4.. THE. .K. WE.ST. +:4..


.t Phone 187

4. + + + #+
(t F '12:11 0l S OPS8. 4+
+. .1 4.4.4.... 4 4. 1 + .4 4
+ @4
S Cw016 EE SHOP, *
.4 4
4 4
+ *4
# Corner Green and Fitzpatrick *
S CStreet. *R
* *
e + *


' tUeuaro Augule, Prop.
4. u28 Duval street



4 Coffee Sandwiches 4
' Flnoe Cigars and Cigarettes +

STHE G 0 L D CU P. 4+
+* Liflefe House and testauratt. 4.

120 Dural Street, next to the
Hotel Jefferson.
Meal at all hours. Coffee
and sandwiches Cuban style.
Everything first quality. Espe-
clally cleanness and good serv-


ffli t &HO

4.1 4. 4, ,t @ 4.
2 204 Eaton Street. *'
I No lleds after 9 o'clock. *
B4 lleds for 15c and 25c.
1,. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 . *

+* lit'iT STANDS. *
4.* 4* 4. .. . . + 4
4. 110rlves a friesih shipment 4.
+* of Fulit and Vegetables each 4*
4 steairevl'r'omt New York and 4.
+4 Tampall. |'
4. Cher''%ri, Avatcado Pears, Celery 4
+ J. TROI'AS, Prop. '
4' 511 Duval Street--- Phono O 4
4 4 4 4* *4* 4. g o < < >

First Siburbanite--1id you ever
try' gardening?
Second Suburbaulite -Onco. Dy tha
time I had read all tho publications
necessary to inform m1e on the subject
the season for pnlnting lowers aud
vegetables was over.


...... *...,+ ..++ 4
+. AV E 4.EIAIy
+ + + @* . . . .+

4. .I A. GREAUX. @
. Watchmaker and Jeweler. *
@ Established 1877. +
. FinO repairirtg to dellcate 4'
@ watches and jewelry. Work 4
S(10don promptly and with satla- *
41 faction. t
. .4 4......

* ..4 .4.4.4..4.4... + 4 .4..
4. 4. *
Real Estate, Loans %nd 41
+4 Insurance.
+ P. 0. Box 50, Key West. -
* P. 0. Box 188,
4. L ,. -- 0FLA.
* ftAI. W *ih' t, iLA. ,*,

4 FOR SALE-Somea fine Red- .*
+ lands property, also bargains +
+. in Mla-'d lots. If interested, 4.
+ let v.s know what you are ,4
+ looking for. +4
+ Miami, Florida. 4
+ <

, 4. . 4. ..e .> . . -oil

4. .
.' Is located at 117 Duval Street -le
+ and solicits your patronage. 4'

. GEO. LOENSSN'ER, Prop. 4:
+ I

. .;,
4. CLUB.
+ All Work (ianrantedI. ,*
+' S1i1elalty on 1Ladles' Wor1k.,
4. Work called for an(i (eillvered +}

+ .708 CA110LINE ST. 4t
+4 --. 4 ,I

+ 7 Tololhone 370., 4
":" 0 4.

Weary Willio-Dat's do worst pie I
ever tasted.
Mrs. Jones-Walt just a iiLnute andl
I'll give you a dollar. That 110o was
baked by my husband's mnolwr.


Dook Agnt- I'veo ]'ot a splendid
book of lecture. lyre-fifty-two of
them. One lect'rt.'e li"r every wo%'ek.
Mr. Staylat.(-- You' e got nothing on'
my w'ife. hle i(Ift.lly lectures me
about three tiiU.s .icveeik.


I ". 'I
, ~
4 71'~~.


iBusiness Diredory
_ _____ *'. \ V ,,^^| III IIi ~II______ __ __ __ __

on ll Ii I.'L .

.)I I 1, I,




Fl.- .I ' '--- ..1, 7 ,. t A- .

.PM'. ,

REV. R. A. CHAMII R1 lditor,.
702 Whitehead Street.

Today in the Lord's day. Let us'
all go to llil houjiu of worllI p and'
ha v'e it iltifli)tti J )lay's if)oItl t '
clvWar ( tih.. holmiul prelp'd' 'orl "he
linal ;itlIuL Th11 jou"1.1 ,' will b,
Sunidaiy Il the o1ul's day. It Is
Ihe duy onl which tho SoItl expects
its slippIly, ,uld should not bo disap-
poiillted }l : any indlit'roi o on11 o01n"
pari. 'i'hL nl' I t \ 'vill. weaklln ol r
sp 'll o l .(I\\'mers j sit. our phy1 i'lJ .1.
ipov 'rs v,'o.;nld I).N \\ eiakelned i1' we
lllg :'.lo'l:' ;l I0 t' l rIl',t tlk" tileIll W ith
I1i'Ir rI', laor, wl);a ki(nd of sood
V:W'.' 3 'o ;i," to sOW today? aiid1
'whv l \' lL II I arvoe,t.' and ho'w
w ill il l ig cIIo l lill'!ru w ith tin,"
i(\ilgi'.' :- N1 1hC )nt si)t1Ill yo 1 1 )'
I.!! od li ton l I tl' '.' ; 11 i41' how hall
S11o 1 i'3r;1 \.1 1;:; 3 on liIav t' .o\'n today'?
Ill joy or ;";';'
\kcit 'ii' L .'V'I\oryy lI an hL 'thle size oL1
I1:1 I hl'eli Il : 0. I ln' .11 Il I i. .l l I''Lr
lli! th l lu ; a'i) 1;';! r Il' o\w IlLn i.V
Irul,',; iyon l lil, i ( to :l', I his exile
A ile ll(Ol !' [ .(a l ,; i \ ;. l IellIra tl'-
ly il;io 1 B1 hl 'I'i 1 'I' I'.'i le i li

TA i C:1'l :."',,10 11 ;. i', I r111 ,11 }0all to

yon. 11' :,1 1l ai'( illof h1 1 :.h ati t21-
i1 ', D II : I. .'. ( ', .* li ; 2 t \ .'V ) })kb t
1l' 0itI, W)! lh ,'tl!'v ;. k Il I'i,!i | )3 i t !i) e l
I. o8 t ,r; aid )bolth will be helped.
It I l thll rhis l '; fi r. .\'11:t0 ( ) you
thi nkt?
Gtdi lha;; c'thargt d 11up lo i : t,.ll hI'l
goldeill t :!lloicnt'-t; hatl t 11; lia1 giv'n l
It.; :l V,' r lllst report to l : ll tox.
acIly \'0 l ,', 1io one wii] thlI,1h .
H does not illtell( m that thty 1 tll
U( \V a.r i t lot [ vtliatll.4; thar t 'Io:

What a'' we, doing; wi\\ theh tli a y,
what are wo doing' wiith them.'
Time lI money, and 1 about all tlhN
cash tlhat,. many of u1 have, and it
Is as \vis ( to throw away money Uzi
It is to throw away time. "Lost,--
Detw3ee1 n n11rise and sunset, two
golden hliour Set with ixty diamond
minutes. No reward, for they are
gono forvoer. Trouble u6t to
search I' or thrl,"

Tle Tho'nia Cadets Company No.
17 Is oieveiodto t h,(,L mtnayi at thlv
Odd Follows hall at 12 o'clock. All
offlteL' Ill.l i'yfmibers expected 'to b1
nr11-1 .. ,y order of Capta4p ito
unill" :\.. -- .. ... '
MrAs. JoslCphh Iogans, N1, 71 '
BalIker'a ane, received a lett-'. l'roiti
he'" J4.ler, who,iS in oMia ii, ilol-
i.'',: he 'i ihat she Ji much b t;, rV within
lier ar *' Her. arm was fractuird by
a fall lom e time ago which was, roe-
portLe1 i thi colinn. We are glad
hat s.)'a. Hogans hau this rell'frl, a-
11 fH! a very usefill wom0a4 In the
il ir ', ald very faithful in the coil-
Inir i.., LAld we do nIot like to see
hur ,liWi 'Tbed. We tri'ot 18s nIews
* ', l T r (i hbr from all Inxily.
S... Hosale'o Smith h '; loved
elieL, H... Julia ntMrot to 2:'" Angoi.
S ''i YoII will lind hv'r I. li. a-:
'h/'i 0' l au. cheartui,. :. d s
I ;n p]Ra;iynt,_
1 'r ne o fllco rm ;in d m n ,m ,l *,l' .
P /x .clB; r ,Iov1 lllo (C l;'l ; :; tr,
) (h:'"!'M ) ;'l( to nl\0 ; .'0 :' Il M
4.'... I o 'c lo fl [:l I ; )1); S. .
1 111t'1- i hull. i;v ,, ;-i I
all, V h \. lW e,h' G( :,)."

they can fit in the bulIdlng. Ser-
,lce4 (or today: Pr#bfilng, 11 a.
nI. anlt :00 p. .nM.; Buninay o9huoi,
3 p. n 0. M. M, lutosh, Psltor.

Nothing. but. the true religion of
thle Lord Jesua Chrlat will:do to truat
at'the croastin, of the river. All else
.wll fall uis In \he hoqr of greatest
peed. You may say 14' that, ori
tle. other, will do, b"t when we t1ol
pU.feet being chilled by Jdarnn'as
'Cold waters we will'find thnaL IfolhiI"r
'1ai nii !. uB hut tha trt o of Culvary'P Illeeding Sacrllve.
Trurit nothing elae. Lean on no Other

'o the Key West public. WVe tae k
pleur:tstc In annolluncilng to you tlhati
ilinig lily pr'ionial knowledge of
this city for tlih last, 15 or 2o( ynera
no mer(cihalt lhas been talll. fmolvi'o
(intolt'cm In tile biF.lneass illatters, aawl
doliit; j o'nithlnlg for the tbiline1-'s
'telion ]l)orte thall we hnve, whicll h
niy ft8 ;a provo before you, which 1
have ,n;'l no1'e than 1 was able to
Jo.. 1 iit 1 Iulled tlhrou! h inn.l bni't
thei (ll):artilinent store wilit-h i1 s :
t',r:llt (o mr' aind I boli )v1o mii) l-o -
:t I) I l l ))plilationi o' tile t city. 'Thii
tore .i a nlIeulo ol' the latest type,
\ li f :;il 'j' ixti ll'lur ; IIu ) uollt r
i'lirlI' n t('l 1 ,10;. 0 inl thOe Cly h ;'[ (
with :' clh mI odltrl i fixtlires1 and \W[lth
S4c1 'h )V ik,15l(tC, tu thI I xt() a t 1i;.I
11 iH a i )l(': trt Io i nyone to co'o Ils:
and bIy. No suc'h dtiartmient storc
in tho cite l:- i \l cl'l (h n j)l aiso you bet-
ter. \\ ('i rtn p)lasi f you lllli 'e, allnd
,ive yoi l)(.tbtter aiitem onl thl] !l iII.v
o(her store in Ithe city. Wet call
your attention to the I'act !;.at all1
lheL Ir i l h' I '' liis iii ,'(i)tl bo
lir ilast-iil.d il ouily ;t; lt. \' W e im v,-
tp(.r ,l rl. A lk to l ill lii,.1 of g(i 111
111011i! illg tgoodsI! ; n '11 1', dlress tlhilrt
roi'lit )n c'Ients to Ie $3. it w r Blshirt,
Ai.longlt th11s4 a're 0 th0u ArlroV shirtsI
and coll h i, f ll;rl andil W il iou lirts
altl collars. \\V 4 Ihall m l intit.ioi t1 \
itenis of' tho lcadin;g branllds o1' hoos:
\VWl have the ltca;l shoe for lahdite;
alld genim iu) 'll or bioys anti. 1 -1irl.1 t
AIlso [ 1l Patric a ife. dou only for l;a-
tldie:. Wr ct' ry th," l;,:At line i,
ahlue I fr i i i io'n ol' any. Ol
in thit, clty. Atl k l I l i ,r iiiil ibo''1.-
:.oi n11 ');'0 thll wo, c (m')1. 'Th111e Wi1 :
l'tv io,(:t bo el vea.'t''ig thoAliI broiiF
t0r ,ilo(,-; are ai!r;:l to give them l
ti;al and yoX t will be thnnkfuil to 110
I'(ix calling your allenltio to liue't
ian, thankful to yourself for trying
tin inm. Ask your physiclan and lit
will! tll Ytil that a good shoo i0 '
moO I important for you to wear thall
naing ,a good In walking the.
weight of the whole bodiy is throws
on thi foot. You 1 iy not notice it,
but AN'tl you (o1 notice it tit will be
too latl to remedy, A W 'etal) sihoc
will livt you orns nd hbuiont ald
cri|)i)le N ,o)l for life. So after tlh:l
il" yon want to )uy t1 $220 '1hoo It will
be too late. It will not help in th'
|Lege C,\- ieml wJAlIlt coajto (1t"',
1. Ilal),"11 d1e :.) I ,liI,t-nt tor 11 at ii l o'O
!anl h a fitted witlhinly i11:.Il olf a h.n(
to 1pl-asHO you nI'et. Co'el alnd buy
ita hpo witl a n111me1o which the malnu-
facturlers have been ititil;iop baeiore
you wer 1ornT--lon who have spell
millions of dollars to Impiove their
shoes--and this shoe Is not ontl'.
known in Key West, but all over thl
world. Everywhere you go you will
find this shoe holding its ovwn not by
Cavcrltism, but by merit.'They'laugil
their rivals to scorn. Wo thn I lIaL
colinl(tt1e4 of fiMoends who brought
the members of the State Grand
Lcdge o1' GCood Saniaritains to our
storo and itroduced thelnT to uiS at i
otlr way of doung bhlsitsuI I A)-'
(llcigh iv were very bu y lit ilhe
tilne \vo\ ilstruc ',d li( 'o ill;(iii tot I.,
fll((, them light th'ro lgh till "Ion
and show thuinl everylhlilg, antid' we
l're also (ia!Jful for thie I purchaw.,
lidc by thiy n ii, and w d are thankful
to tlioso t ho ou'vis d ltho strani ,.ve
'o) cOIm.o ( o ur store, Also don't
forgo that.h tli Illost of i :,' wor'c i:
building hsu bneon dono ily colorell
i;" cl ailic( ant[,d .cowion Inbo rcrui. \WU
L]ave l ,'-lways gilntel tbe colo 'el I;eo-
ple aly ffavo .tWskol ;r miy lt dw ,
.iud aiythi. f nthit VRain do Ior thol
l shall bo only too glad to-do It. \\-
haovc hlstrtcteod our ) dloris tto (g;v
io enille Iti' llitil to uh r (' r, i Or-c


grove property and town lots. The
VAIN'Thi 0] UA I AN KEa summer season is the time to buy.

II lA'id.I, IT W V L4&I" 1 "nj;1e NtvWAT iI


130 Duval Street

llomestee'd arid Redland District is
tho place to buy for quick and large
See or address

R. F, atum.

H~onestoaO, FIa.,.

.' ; lI; xa u l; : :, i f l n i ;;ln
f'' I ]Spi ;" A \ I ) 1l '
S it st Ill
S :n th;t ( ll kno

! at \, M'. I,;. Zion t s', !,-y -.hool t)"

I. ice, 04 *4 .4 :t t I- a itr, )oo4 ', 1!. th h ( '" I 11-:
O + (RED M[080. : ,'id .'l .Mr. .Ic1, 1 J s A. lHuniailml.
S+ 4 * <* * * *+ + TAILOR, La, I : V l;V el o liO:'""':On to eiv'
m+ il r' pt,'.tlng C'hik'' 'i' Day01. \W'r
4 4 4 4. 4. ]. 4 4 Fashionable Sulti Made to +* 1l1 l l'tl'it. su8P 0 'Ih1 ,ll ',).
DENTISTS. I '4 O *rder. Dinkli-If you struck one (f the 4 { * ( i 6 i * 4 4ot 46 1a +d +t + ma .' ithe *ye a. tw ,
f. > A.1 knads orf it4lrce4ss work q# ,what would you do?
S ). Il CAIPBELL, + + neatly done, Alterations, clean- Wll kIs (an euthusi stic R(p r)- Oh The following is 'rhm Itov. '. M.
Sing and present. Ladies' tall4. 'I'd h ave to play it j ntt frj o where M Intosh. Rad I Who van de-
+ DITAL SURGEON.1 oriug ln the pre ainhg modes. found It. ar yt from .e,.',vIg lhe ('Lor.I- Can
+ GOLD CROWN N MSDGE 419 0 Street, ti orin 4. gs m
4. o~rpgS? WORK A SHE KNEW HI1 I IfLGo:: ? We
a WORK A Po 01 +11 all e Ch h the llt h sa-
4+ Office hours: 8 to 1214 tO. a +. 4 of res Chric ilit let II'1-
,,.4 01fl ; S I MEING RIT ll lil now thIlt tn miI n tiltrs are

*. # #. # 1,01,'or the salvation ml'n If Iwe don't
4 4 4 4 . 4 1(t do 0111o dut( 3 \A 1111pe 01o r II"ople
4.4. 3) D.IWV. 0. K 1x M P + w ill con e an1 1 II i it' youi have the
IhDB. L ENDRICS sIirlt.'of Goil, In 1l; and yo,i will
SI 4 VET1 RINARA sy' 1 do w llt th1 Lod 1hi
4.' VDIT.NAR4 t' Isp I' ,t n 1
NTIST. 16 4twrol & Olivia Sta. Phone 818 I '\ (141' W ar1 Iliot that some of >in
+. 1''r.' 4646 'I )opl e o ar nolt lel)'. 'Th y arv Ile
GOLD 01QWN AND BRIDGE 4 3of~nmeiy with V1. S. Q, M.* +,. t / )V.lin u"Pln l'rla} Jsin" for .Ial
,. WOR A SPECIALTY. # # Department, Mansaalllo, Cuhba, 4 i,,) dnnaht f)R deludod ,
i I Otlce HOUr'S 4+ after the Spian$sh.Amer en I4. h II'" hint lhe oIh n t aAc..llgcel .11
8.80 t0 1 2.30 to 6.00. War A lssitant ,V*Mtrii ln I t lied .John 0.1 1copi .
' Office v 'to Dr' g Stoiw + 4 F1or the 111th TitJttd State4 l/an be blorn :ilnii hl cannot Fro'
'r ON 0, vlt. / 4 .1, 4.o d ." nmno in j
a r thhls oxl. Reached. WAo nia
''< *" .': * i n thiai t tsomle t liII 110 tru
]. v ''/,* ',O .' { Pr^ \y of Inca( it) fallglon. You
S' n i * cet to thle hart
IW O.LWe v-4,f0W00 mudato^00 Woa w ro-Bt 1c' t you have arg m ,Ptado, ith 0 Pa er tile SoU,
..n I H m Cdm o to ...

T' J'"ew W'4 .. 3do 4, 1 tO
hia, a Mlhi"" t.or. a. o
so MPPCrtdo de wwith mny us ;, 0 c, 0 t1%
e, the. le d- for s .We. ,4theni
*--p,,,din" ls '" / ,, -/ i otUqr'plze. whe7t

M 1 ,"1* .'; W.. ", I ', 0_ _

"..S.e v,..n First las .

S RGANS that We ore going ta- .

at a sacrafice, \i ytou want

Good Music in your Homne, now

is the chance of a lifetime'to

,3=t a real First Class Organ' ,
bJo iOW '''lGiesale COSt.

Sold an pa-yments of $1.00

; down and theic balance $1.0)

-t ..-.. ..

4 "" '
*. "

_ Y = [. .. . 1 I


~lC ~ '4 .


Commonweltthl Hotel
fipacon Street, ospo, itClte Ifito 0nus'
BQoaStoI, MIss.
Storer F. Crafts, General Manager

.t' . ..
s n --- ...,

offerss rooim'i with hot and cild
water for $1.00 per day and up,
which Includes free use of public
shower baths. Nothing to equal this
In Now England. Rooms with pri-
vate baths for $1.O) per day an, up;
I 4)tes of two roonia ant) bath fr,
W D4.00 er day and up. I


W-4ikN.I' -P -r . mm-M


The Redland extends from Goulds
South to Detroit. Homestead Is the
Headquarter place for the Redland
district. It is aud always 'will be the
biggest town between Key' West and
Miami, and Is growing fast. Lands
and city property are comparatively
cheap as yet, but Is advancing rapid-
pine grove land for $35.00 an acre
and will compare It with anyone's
$65 an acre land. You can buy tO
or more acres of this at this price.
. Don't be deceived about Home.
.stead city property, I have It iW

catldn for $65 a lp and up on easy
pay merits. Don't buy a lot. Ies than

get them from me, closer in, than
THE LARGEST LIN4E N lH Hl, i from anyone else for $65 a lot on
"IITY IN CUT GLASS, I'LATip A NT easy. terms.

% rk.

I have the largest list of groves and

-,* I 13 ,1&7


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