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Title: Faculty Senate meeting minutes
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Faculty Senate Meeting
October 21, 2004
3:00 pm
Reitz Union Auditorium
Meeting Agenda

Approval of September 16, 2004 Minutes
Action Items
* Policy Councils Elections & Constitutional

Information Items
* Name Change Whitney Laboratory
* New Degree Doctor of Physical Therapy

* Changes to General Ed Requirements

* New Majors Master of Science with Major in
Finance; Master of Science with a Major in
* Sunset Master of Agriculture Non-Thesis

* Academic Learning Compact
* Academic Learning Compact
* Academic Learning Compact

* Tenure Committee Presentation
* Tenure Report Presentation
* Tenure Discussion, Straw Poll

Pierre Ramond, Chair

Pierre Ramond, Chair

Sheila Dickison, University
Curriculum Committee

Andy McCollough, General
Education Council

Ken Gerhardt, Graduate Council

Pierre Ramond, Chair
David Colburn, Provost
Joe Glover, Associate Provost

James Klausner
David Colburn, Provost
Kim Tanzer, Chair-Elect

Approval of September 16, 2004 Meeting Minutes Pierre Ramond
Discussion: No Discussion

Conclusions: Minutes of the September 16, 2004 were approved.

Policy Councils Elections & Constitutional Changes Pierre Ramond

Discussion: Pierre Ramond gave background on the establishment of the Senate Policy Councils, their progress since
established and the proposed actions to enhance the process for election and membership of members. The items
proposed include increasing the length of term for membership from one year to three years, setting membership of each
Council to six and proposing that all members, when elected, must be a voting senator. The other matter to be addressed
included extending the interim seats and to hold elections in mid-January.

Conclusions: The length of terms should be increased to provide continuity and historical background. Nominations
for the councils will be open through December 10. Elections will be held December 16 January 7, Elected council
members will begin their service January 10.

Action items: Motion: The Faculty Senate directs the Constitution Committee to propose an
amendment to the constitution and implementing bylaws, as necessary, to provide for six elected faculty
members on each policy council. Each members must be a voting Senate when elected. Each member,
with the exception of the first council membership, will serve for a three year term. Memberships will
be staggered for individuals elected in 2004-2005. To achieve the initial committee membership, the
two faculty members receiving the most votes will serve three year terms, the two receiving the next
highest total votes will serve two years, and the final two seats will be filled by the other two individuals
serving a one year term. Elections will be held and will commence at the onset of the fall semester, with
the exception of the 2004-2005 academic year. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion: The members of the policy councils currently serving will retain their seats until the new
elections are held, no later than mid-January, 2005. Motion passed unanimously.

Name Change Whitney Laboratory

January, 2005

Sheila Dickison

Discussion: The Whitney Laboratory requests to change its name to the Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience.

Conclusions: A motion to approve the request was made. Motion approved. Later in the meeting a motion was
made to rescind approval because this should have been presented as an information item not an action item. This was
approved This will be brought in front of the Senate as an action item at the November 18, 2004 meeting.

New Degree Doctor of Physical Therapy

Sheila Dickison

Discussion: The College of Public Health and Health Professions requests a new degree, Doctor of Physical Therapy.
This should have been an information item. Senators unanimously passed that the vote be rescinded. Jim Rodrigue
proposed a motion to put this as an action item due to the time restrictions. Several individuals provided data to justify
doing so. The motion to move this to an action item was passed. Jim Rodrigue proposed the development of a new
Degree Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Conclusions: The motion to move this to an information item was passed. The motion for the development of a New
Degree Doctor of Physical Therapy was passed.

Action items: A motion to approve the proposed new degree was Person responsible: Deadline:
made. Motion approved. A motion to move this to an action item
was made. Motion passed. A motion to approve the new degree was
made. Motion passed.

Changes to General Ed Requirements Andy McCollough

Discussion: This item was incorrectly proposed as an action item. Andy McCollough introduced proposed changes to
the general education requirements. The first change states that students must earn three hours of Diversity credit in
conjunction with Humanities, Social Science, Physical Science or Biological Science and that in addition to the 36 hours
of required general education, students must earn six hours of credit in international coursework. International credit
may be earned in conjunction with a general education course when there is substantive international content. The
second proposal asks to disconnect the equivalence between course credit hours and general education credit hours for
international courses. This could allow students to complete the international requirement by taking the first four terms
of a language one general education international credit for a 1000-level language course, two general education
international credits for a 2000-level course and three general education international credits each for 3000- and 4000-
level courses. Several Senators had questions about the proposal. Later in the meeting it was noted that this should be an
information item and it was agreed. This item will be presented at the November 18, 2004 meeting as an action item.

Conclusions: The Senate will vote on this item at its November 18 meeting.

New Majors Master of Science with Major in Finance, Ken Gerhardt
Master of Science with a Major in Management

Discussion: The Graduate Council has approved two proposed new majors, Master of Science with a major of
Finance and Master of Science with a major of Management. The issue of what constitutes an Arts or a Science degree
was had. Further information will be provided by the Graduate Council.

Conclusions: The Senate will vote on these proposals at its November 18 meeting.

Sunset Master of Agriculture Non-Thesis Ken Gerhardt

Discussion: The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences wishes to sunset its Master of Agriculture non-thesis

Conclusions: A motion to move this information item to an action item was defeated. The Senate will vote on this
request at its November 18 meeting.

Academic Learning Compact Pierre Ramond

Discussion: Pierre Ramond said that the Senate Steering Committee has posted a statement regarding the Academic
Learning Compact. The statement can be found at www.senate.ufl.edu.


Academic Learning Compact David Colburn

Discussion: Provost Colburn addressed the Faculty Senate to describe the process that brought the Academic
Learning Compact to life. The legislative budget referenced withholding 10% of the budget based on assessment criteria.
The legislature did not define the assessment criteria, but left that tasks to the colleges and universities. Provost Colburn
said the university provosts have stated that the proper assessment measures are already in place and that the academic
criteria are the province of the faculty. Assessment criteria cannot be standardized due to the differences from program
to program. He stated that President Machen was presently addressing the Board of Governors to express his concern of
standardized implementation and to emphasize that there are measures already in place at UF.


Academic Learning Compact Joe Glover

Discussion: Associate Provost Glover said that associate deans in each college have been tasked with beginning the
process for implementation of the Academic Learning Compact. They must specify the student learning outcomes for
their disciplines and determine the means for assessing the outcomes. Within each College an individual has been
designated to assess and define the measures that are currently in place. The Academic Learning Compact, in its most
virulent form, means that faculty will assess each student learning outcome of each student by the time he/she graduates.
Grades have not been deemed sufficient to certify those outcomes. The Board of Governors continues to debate the
issues of the Academic Learning Compact.


Tenure Committee Presentation IJames Klausner
Discussion: James Klausner presented the recommendations defined by the Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Tenure.
1. The "Tenure When Ready" policy currently in practice should be maintained.
2. UF should adopt a six year maximum probationary period for tenure candidates.
3. A "Tenure Clock Stopping" policy with specific procedures for doing so should be adopted.
4. A tenure midterm review policy should be maintained, and it is recommended that the review must be
completed by the end of the third year.
5. The junior faculty mentoring program recently initiated should be maintained and given a chance to work.
6. UF tenure criteria should be maintained. "Distinction" should not be explicitly defined.
7. At least half of the faculty members serving on college tenure and promotion boards should be selected via peer
8. Individual faculty assessments made by college level tenure and promotion board members should be recorded
in the tenure and promotion packets.
9. The minimum number of outside peer evaluation letters required for tenure review should be five.

Conclusions: These recommendations will be discussed in detail at the special October 28 Senate meeting. A straw
poll will be conducted to determine any recommendations that are favorably accepted and those that need to be further

Tenure Report Presentation David Colburn

Discussion: Provost Colburn provided his response to the report of the Tenure Committee. He thanked the
committee for their work. The disagreements between the committee and the administration are small. Clinical
activities need to be defined more clearly. The deans and chairs will find the mid-career review to be a critical
assessment. Dr. Colburn asked that faculty look closely at the relationship between the faculty advisory committees and
deans. The message from both sides should be similar to avoid confusing faculty in tenure-accruing positions. The
administration believes seven years is a better probationary period.

Tenure Discussion, Straw Poll Kim Tanzer

Discussion: Kim Tanzer conducted a straw poll intended to gauge those recommendations most in need of discussion
at the October 28 meeting.
The results are: Recommendation # 1, Favorable Unanimous, Recommendation # 2, Favorable 18 More Discussion
24, Recommendation # 3, Favorable 34, More Discussion 7, Recommendation # 4, Favorable 25, More Discussion 17,
Recommendation # 5, Favorable 37, More Discussion 6, Recommendation # 6, Favorable 25, More Discussion 15,
Recommendation # 7, Favorable 27, More Discussion 13, Recommendation # 8, Favorable 17, More Discussion 25,
Recommendation # 9, Favorable 37, More Discussion 1.

Additional Information
Meeting adjourned at 5:08 P.M.

Due to significant confusion and the mistaken positioning some items as action items when they should have been
information items it has been determined that Parliamentarian, Barbara Wingo will present a discussion with
information on the procedures and the explanation of each at the November 18, 2004 meeting. It was noted that there
was sincere apologies for the discrepancy and any confusion that it may have caused.


Reza Abbaschian
Bany Ache
Joe Aufmuth
David Barber
Barbara Barletta
Jerry Bartz
David Bloom
Susan Bluck
Kenneth Boote
Frank Bova
William Buhi
MaryAnn Burg
Margaret Carr
Douglas Cenzer
Bill Chen

Patrick Colahan
Dan Connaughton
Roxanne Connelly
Jerry Cutler
Mary Ann Eaverly
Laura Ellis
Richard Foltz
Pete Giacobbi
Donald Graetz
Ellis Greiner
Jesse Gregory
Cynthia Griffin
Steve Hagen
Peg Hall
Peter Hirschfield

Marc Hoit
Marjorie Hoy
Mike Katovich
Richard Kerschner
Peter Kima
Pradeep Kumar
William Lindberg
Joseph Little
Cynthia Lord
John Mecholsky
Cathleen Mook
John Moore
Carol Murphy
Scott Myers
June Nogle

Ygnve Ohrn
Paul Oppenheim
Praveen Pathak
James Pettigrew
Rebecca Pauly
Francis Putz
Louis Ritz
Jim Rodrigue
John Schueller
Robert Shaddy
Charles Smith
Wesley Smith
Laura Bond-Sutton
Jane Townsend
Thomas Vickroy

Ratree Wayland
Bryan Weber
Steve Willis
George Wilson
Danaya Wright
Rick Yost
Naomi Young

Martin Peta Gay
Christopher Richter
Destiny Prezzano

Pierre Ramond, Chair
Kim Tanzer, Chair-
Anthony Brennan,
Barbara Wingo,
Rick Ragan, Secretary

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