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Faculty Senate Meeting
Meeting Minutes
September 16, 2004
Reitz Union Auditorium

Approval of April 15, 2004 Minutes
Approval of August 31, 2004 Minutes

Introductory Remarks

Action Items
* Water Institute Proposal (Motion)
* Interdisciplinary PhD Program (Motion)
* Compensation Committee Report Recommendations

Pierre Ramond
Pierre Ramond

Pierre Ramond
Bernie Machen

Wendy Graham
Scott Nygren
Mike Katovich

Information Items
* Suicide Prevention Awareness
* PeopleSoft Update
* PeopleSoft Questions Et Answers

Committee Report
* Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Tenure

Judy Bousquet
Ed Poppell
Fred Cantrell

James Klausner

Approval of April 15, 2004 Meeting Minutes Pierre Ramond

Discussion: Minutes of the April 15, 2004 meeting were displayed and approved.

Conclusions: Minutes approved

Approval of August 31, 2004 Meeting Minutes Pierre Ramond

Discussion: Minutes of the August 31, 2004 were displayed and approved.

Conclusions: Minutes were approved.

Introductory Remarks Pierre Ramond

Discussion: Pierre Ramond provided an overview of the Senate website. He encouraged members to check
the site frequently. He emphasized that it is a prime vehicle for delivering information to senators. Information
includes meeting times and dates, as well as the agenda, minutes and any relevant documents on topics to be
addressed. The website serves as a mechanism for communication and a way to provide information on a regular
basis. Updates are added continuously. Pierre Ramond mentioned that there is helpful information on the new
Peoplesoft system, including a list of the contacts) for each College/Department as well as helpful answers to
questions posed by the Steering Committee to Fred Cantrell.

Dr. Ramond asked each of the Senators to stand and introduce themselves. (by College)

Introductory Remarks

Bernie Machen

Discussion: President Machen announced that a search committee, chaired by Doug Barrett, has begun the
search to fill the position of Provost and Senior Vice President. President Machen mentioned that the individuals
who will serve on this committee will be announced later in the week.

President Machen encouraged the approval of such endeavors as the Water Institute, which is an action item on
the agenda. President Machen encouraged each Senator to contemplate the positive benefits of these programs
placing UF at the forefront of important issues. These programs also encourage interdisciplinary research and

The president provided an update on the destruction and devastation caused by Hurricane Ivan which hit the
Florida panhandle (near Pensacola). Lives have been lost, a portion of a bridge has collapsed and Interstate 10 is
closed in both directions. President Machen encouraged all Senators to think about how the Faculty Senate and
UF can help to provide assistance. President Machen announced that getting to these areas is impossible right
now since there is substantial damage. Pierre Ramond supported this and asked that any suggestions be provided
to him.

Water Institute Proposal

Wendy Graham

Discussion: Wendy Graham presented a proposal for the Water Institute. She outlined the colleges and
departments that are involved, the history to date, the mission, goals, the imminent national and state
opportunities, the proposed structure and funding mechanisms for the institute and the anticipated next steps in
the creation of the institute.

Conclusions: The acceptance of this is for the proposal to go forward but would not require the Faculty
Senate voting further once the details have been developed.

Action items: A motion was made for the Faculty senate to Person responsible: Deadline:
endorse the proposal of a Water Institute as recommended by the
Task Force Report. The senate recommends that the Faculty
Launch Team be formed, as outlined in the report, to proceed
with establishment of the Institute. Motion approved

Interdisciplinary PhD Program Scott Nygren

Discussion: Scott Nygren presented to the Faculty Senate committee the purpose and proposal of the
program. The program is designed to allow a graduate student currently enrolled to design a program that is not
currently offered at UF that blends two or more other degrees. Scott provided details and advised the Faculty
Senate of where they can find and review the full proposal document, including examples.

Conclusions: Scott Nygren asked that the Faculty Senate accept the proposal as outlined by the Committee.

Action items: A motion was made that an Ad Hoc Committee Person responsible: Deadline:
had been formed and created an FAQ in response to Faculty
Senate questions regarding the IS-PhD, in an attempt to resolve
concerns over academic quality, departmental procedures and
resource allocations. Accordingly, acceptance of the program and
the proposal, and the program implemented. Motion approved

Compensation Committee Report Recommendations Mike Katovich

Discussion: Mike Katovich delivered a report encouraging the formation of a Compensation Committee. The
mission of the committee would be the reduction of the gap between rank-adjusted total compensation per
faculty member at UF as compared to current top 10 institutions. They would monitor raise procedures and
results. The committee would annually review colleges for adherence to the procedures. The committee would
report its findings to the Senate.
Action items: A motion was made to create an ad hoc Senate Person responsible: Deadline:
Compensation Committee that will have the responsibility of Mike K
three major tasks:
1) Monitor UF compensation relative to peer institutions, Constitution Committee
2) Monitor raise procedures at UF,
3) Monitor raise results and salary structures at UF.
A request to create a standing Compensation Committee will be
forwarded to the Constitution Committee. Both of these were
approved unanimously by the Faculty Senate.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Judy Bousquet

Discussion: Judy Bousquet gave a presentation on suicide prevention awareness. September 5-11 was
National Suicide Prevention Week. She spoke of her personal connection to suicide and the efforts she is making
to raise awareness. She asked faculty to help improve awareness, knowledge and communication about suicide
prevention and emphasized the importance of awareness among Freshman students. Judy Bousquet also
encouraged faculty and teachers to distribute and sign the proclamation, which can be found on the Faculty
Senate website at http://www.senate.ufl.edu/minut agen/suicidePrevent.doc. Judy Bousquet passed out a
brochure to each of the Faculty Senate members.

PeopleSoft Update Ed Poppell

Discussion: Vice President Ed Poppell thanked the Senate for the opportunity to keep the communication
lines open. He explained how every payroll, personnel and financial process was changed July 1, 2004. Ed
Poppell explained the rationale for having to switch to a new system. Although the transition has been trying,
the conversion team recognizes the problems and is committed to addressing and correcting them. The biggest
struggle has been with the security access function for employees. He said the conversion team wants to hear
the problems so that they might correct them. Ed Poppell identified that each of the colleges has been assigned
an individual to serve as the "go-to" person and they have direct contact to a Bridges team member. These
contacts are identified and listed on the Faculty Senate website at http://www.senate.ufl.edu/psftContact.pdf.
Ed Poppell encouraged all individuals to bear with them through the process.

PeopleSoft Questions E Answers Fred Cantrell

Discussion: Fred Cantrell said they have created discussion modules on travel, grants and purchasing. Others
will follow. These modules can be found on the UF Bridges web site. Tutorials and FAQs are attached to the
modules. Reporting has been frustrating, so a UF reporting catalog has been established on the web page. It
will list every available report. Each college and major unit has been assigned a Bridges liaison, and there is a
SWAT team that can go on site to assist with problems. Fred Cantrell answered questions and suggested that
lingering questions and problems be sent to him via e-mail. Fred Cantrell advised that he would take the time to
answer these questions and will then post them to their site, as well as provide to the Faculty Senate for posting
to the senate website. Currently there are answers to some questions previously submitted that can be found at
http://www.senate.ufl.edu/steering com/peoplesoftUpdate.pdf.

Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Tenure James Klausner
Committee Report

Discussion: James Klausner gave a committee report from the Tenure Committee. Some of the topics
considered by the committee include tenure when ready, maximum probationary period, stopping the tenure
clock for childbirth or serious illness, mentoring, midterm review, tenure criteria and assessing teaching
performance. The committee recommends tenure when ready, a six-year maximum probationary period (with a
maximum extension of two years), stopping the tenure clock, mentoring and a midterm review. In a survey of
deans, most supported these measures. A special Faculty Senate meeting to discuss this report has been set for
October 28, 2004.

Conclusions: James Klausner advised that if anyone had any suggestions or comments to let him know. James
Klausner also advised the Faculty Senate that their proposal is ready and that what was presented is the
completed proposal.

Additional Information

Meeting adjourned at 4:56 P.M.


Voting Senators:
Reza Abbaschian
Barry Ache
Janaki Alavalapati
Ellen Amatea
Samim Anghaie
Joe Aufmuth
Swapna Banerjee
David Barber
Barbara Barletta
Jerry Bartz
MaryLou Behnke
Karen Bjourndal
Paul Blaser
David Bloom
David Bloomquist
William Buhi
MaryAnn Burg
Margaret Carr
Doug Cenzer
Sandra Chance
Carlene Chase
Bill Chen
Chunrong Ai
Patrick Colahan
Dan Connaughton
Roxanne Connelley
Jerry Cutler
Timothy Davis
Laura Ellis
Tim Flynn
Richard Foltz
Paul George

Donald Graetz
Jessie Gregory
Cynthia Griffin
Steve Hagen
Peg Hall
Peter Hirschfield
Alice Holmes
Marjori Hoy
Mike Katovich
Richard Kershner
Charles Kibert
Pradeep Kumar
Christy Lemak
William Lindberg
Joseph Little
Bernie Machen
Lee McDowell
Cathleen Mook
John Moore
Paul Mueller
Carol Murphy
Winston Nagan
June Nogle
Scott Nygren
Ygnve Ohrn
Paul Oppenheim
Mickey Parish
Karen Parker
Praveen Pathak
Rebecca Pauly
James Pettigrew
Jim Rodrigue
Bhavani Sankar

Steven Sargent
Robert Shaddy
Stephen Smith
Wesley Smith
Chris Snodgrass
Lewis Sussman
Laura Sutton
Crystal Thorpe
Thomas Vickroy
Eric Wachsman
Bryan Weber
Luise White
George Wilson
Danaya Wright
Allen Wysocki
Rock Yost
Naomi Young

Anthony Brennan, Past-Chair
Rick Ragan, Secretary
Pierre Ramond, Chair
Kim Tanzer, Chair-Elect
Barbara Wingo, Parliamentarian

Student Senators:
Andrew Hoffman
Alan Bliss
Varenda Gosein

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