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Title: Women in International Development - WID Bulletin Winter 1990
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Vol. 5, No. 2

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Please contact Teri Swezey at the WID
Office if you are interested in writing a
review of one of the following books:
Matsui, Yayori (1989). Women's Asia.
London: Zed Books Ltd.
Pan American Health Organization
(1989). Midlife and Older Women in Latin
America and the Caribbean Washington,
DC: Pan American Health Organization.
Mackintosh, Maureen (1989). Gender,
Class and Rural Transition: Agribusiness
and the Food Crisis in Senegal. London:
Zed Books Ltd.
Nuss, Shirley (1989). Women in the
World of Work: Statistical Analysis and
Projections to the Year 2000. Geneva:
International Labour Office.
Golda Meir Mount Carmel International
Training Centre (1988). If Not Now,
When? Haifa: Golda Meir Mount Carmel
International Training Centre.

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All pictures in the WID Bulletin were made
available by the International Women's
Tribune Center, New York, NY.


The following articles appeared in Women's
News Digest No. 16, July 1989:
"Women's Response to the Democratic
Movement in China" by Cheung Choi Wan
"Nashu--A Separate Women's Writing
Discovered in China" by Lin Hui

The following articles appeared in WIN
News Vol. 15, No. 3, 1989:
"Assessing Women's Economic Contribution
To Development" by Ruth Dixon-Muller and
Richard Anker
"AIDS and Female Circumcision" by Dr.
Koso Thomas
"International Consultation on Refugee
Women" a report by Refugee Service of the
Commission on Inter-Church Aid

The following articles appeared in Signs
14(3), 1989:
"Shahbano" by Sakia Parthak and
Rajeswari Sunder Rajan
"Sources of Women's Power and Status
Among the Urban Poor in Contemporary
Brazil" by Kevin Neuhouser

The following articles appeared in Vena
Newsletter 1(2), Nov. 1989:
"In the Mirror of Double Standards of
Morals and Rights" by Berthy Thomas-
"Mail Order Brides: A New Perspective"
by Virginia 0. del Rosario
"Impressions about Prostitution and
Traffic in Women in Ghana" by Lucre

"Women in Fisheries" by Hannah King.
Asian Women and Children 5(6), April-May

The following articles appeared in Match
News 13(2), September/October, 1989:
"What Do You Mean It Doesn't Affect
Women? Feminists Redefining Development"
by Beth Woroniuk and Josee Lafreniere
"Latin American Women's Networks" by
Cynthia King
"Linking Women's Struggles to End
Violence Against Women" by Tracy Heffernan

The following articles appeared in Women's
Studies International Forum 12(4), 1989:
"Speaking About Rape is Everyone's
Business" by Diane Bell and Topsy
Napurrula Nelson
"The Limits of Gender Ideology: Bengali
Women, The Colonial State, and the Private

Sphere, 1890-1930" by Dagmar Engels
"Brazil: Feminism, Literature, and
Women's Studies" by Maggie Humm

The following articles appeared in Women
in Action 3, October 1989:
"Growing Vegetables, Reaping Confidence"
by Joan Ross Frankson
"Women in Cooperatives: Implications
for Development" by Muriel Russell
"Sex Industry in Hong Kong" by Cheung
"Gulf's Government Take Action Against
Asian Maid Abuse" by Philip Shehadi
"Namibian Women in the Struggle of
National Independence and Beyond" by Nora
"Bangladesh: Dowry Devalues Daughters"
by Fatemul Jannat

The following articles appeared in Women
and Language XI(2), 1989:
"Finding Our Own Voices: The Need for
Non-Western Contributions to Global
Feminism" by Uma Narayan
"Family Violence and Magical Violence:
The Woman as Victim in China's One-Child
Family Policy" by Ann Stasia Anagnost
"Power Politics and Gender Awareness:
Some Notes on Oral History with Women in
Latin America" by Margaret Randall
"In and Against Development: Feminist
Confront Development on its Open Ground"
by Adele Mueller
"Using the Oppressor's Language in the
Study of Women and Development" by Sylvia
M. Hale
"Same Dangers in Conducting Third World
Feminist Communications Research" by
Angharad N. Valdivia
"Informal Communication Networks: Who
is Listening to Women?" by Cheris Kramarae
"Women in Third World Countries: A
(Very) Selective Guide" by Beth Stafford
"Women and Local Participation: Some
Notes on the Changing Discourse of
Organized Pobladoras is Santiago, Chile"
by Veronica Schild
"Women in the Ecuadorian Press: Some
Notes on Spanish Language and Machismo" by
Mariana Landazuri

"Women in the Media in the Arab World" by
Rose Ghurayyib. Ar-Raida VII(47),
February, 1989.

"Female Employment and Family Size Among
Urban Nigerian Women" by Amon 0 Okpala.
The Journal of Developing Areas 23(3),
April 1989.

The following articles appeared in
Issue: A Journal of Opinion XVII(2),
Summer 1989, a special issue entitled
"Beyond Nairobi" edited by Kathleen Staudt
and Harvey Glickman:
"Toward the Creation of a New Order for
Nigerian Women: Recent Trends in Politics
and Policies" by Simi Afonja
"The Impact of the Women's Decade on
Policies, Programs, and Empowerment of
Women in Kenya" by Maria Nzomo
"Struggling in Hard Times: The Zambian
Women's Movement" by Bonnie B. Keller
"Women in Southern Africa: A Note on
the Zimbabwean 'Success Story'" by
Patricia A. Made and Nyorovai Whande
"Crisis and Structural Adjustment:
Tanzanian Women's Politics" by Ruth Meena
"Can an AID Bureaucracy Empower Women:
The Case of Sida" by Karin Himmelstrand

The following articles appeared in
Gynecoloqy and Obstetrics Supplement 3,
"Causes and Consequences of Unwanted
Pregnancy from Asian Women's Perspectives"
by S. Kabir
"Commentary on the Causes and
Consequences of Unwanted Pregnancy from an
African Perspective" by N.N. Mashalaba
"Preventing and Managing Complications
of Induced Abortion in Third World
Countries" by O.A. Ladipo
"Commentary on Menstrual Regulation as a
Health Service: Challenges in Indonesia"
by R.S. Samil
"Commentary on Unwanted Pregancy and
Abortion Complications in Cameroun" by
R.J.I. Leke

The following articles appeared in
Development 1989:1:
"Women and Development: An Alternative
Analysis" by Peggy Antrobus
"How is Structural Adjustment Affecting
Women?" by Diane Elson
"The Impact of Recession and Structural
Adjustment on Women in Ecuador" by
Caroline Moser
"Development: The 'New Colonialism"' by
Vandana Shiva
"Women and the Debt Crisis" by Anne-
Marie Beulink


Angola is Our Country directed by Jenny
Morgan. This 45-minute video shows the
many ways in which the people--the women
especially--of this southern African
country are struggling to build an
independent nation; it illustrates how
women and organizations like the
Organization of Women of Angola are
working in many and varied ways to build
their country. This film shows strong,
active, and articulate women in villages,
factories, health clinics, government
offices, and family situations. 1988.
Available from: Women Make Movies, 225
Lafayette Street, Room 221, New York, NY
10012, USA.

Frontlines of Feminism: Debates in
Nicaraqua directed by Kovalevskaia Fund.
This video shows women from all walks of
life debating abortion rights, paternal
responsibility, wife abuse, prostitution,
discrimination in housing and the
workplace, housework, and other
subjects. The video concludes with an
evaluation of the current status of women
in Nicaragua, and an impassioned plea for
commitment to the struggle against
machismo by men as well as women. 1989,
105 minutes. Available from:
Kovalevskaia Fund, 6547 17th Avenue NE,
Seattle, WA 98115, USA.

A Woman's Place Is in the Revolution
cassette tape. This tape is a collage of
interviews collected by members of the
Simone de Beauvoir tour in Nicaragua. The
show examines what it is like to live in a
state of war and focuses on the advances
made by women in Nicaragua as a result of
their involvement in the Sandinista
Revolution. 30 minutes. Available
from: DEC Radio, 394 Euclid Avenue,
Toronto, Ontario M6G 2S9, CANADA.

How to Wean Your Baby is a 20-minute slide
show which provides essential information
on weaning, ways to prepare weaning foods
for infants beginning at four months, the
progression from very soft foods to
solids, and clear guidance on the right
consistency and amounts of foods to give
children at different ages. Also
available as a 10-minute video. Available
from: Caribbean Food and Nutrition
Institute, P.O. Box 140, Kingston 7,

The UNDP, Division of Information, One UN
Plaza, Room DC-1 1909, New York, NY
10017, USA, offers two color videos on
water and health:
The Water of Avole, directed by Sandra
Nichols, shows how a poor village in the
West African nation of Togo is making its
new water system work. English, 28
minutes, VHS-NTSC or PAL. US$15.
The Fiery Serpent provides vivid lessons
from Nigeria about the prevention and
control of the dreaded Guinea worm disease
which afflicts 20 million people
worldwide, mainly in Africa. Available in
French and English, 20 minutes, VHS-NTSC
or PAL. US$15.

Every Day. Every Moment is a 20-minute
videotape produced in Colombia showing
what women can do about violence in their
homes. A section at the end discusses the
Women's Convention as well. Spanish and
English, Beta or 3/4" or 1/2" VHS.
US$25. Available from: Women and Law
Committee, P.O. Box 3439, Boroko, PAPUA


Food, Hunger and Agribusiness: A
Directory of Resources lists and describes
organizations, books, periodicals,
pamphlets, audiovisuals, and other
information on issues of hunger and food
production. "The directory is unabashedly
'partisan and biased' in favor of a
'radical analysis' of third world
affairs." Compiled by Thomas P. Fenton
and Mary J. Heffron. Paper US$9.95.
Available from: Orbis Books, Maryknoll,
NY 10545, USA.

The National Council for Research on
Women, the Business and Professional
Women's Foundation, and Harper & Row, Inc.
are pleased to announce publication of A
Woman's Thesaurus: An Index to Language
Used to Describe and Locate Information By
and About Women. The Thesaurus
synthesizes the rich diversity of language
in use to think, talk, and write about
women, sex, and gender and lists over
5,000 entries that reflect both historical
and current feminist research and writing,
policy analysis, and activist programs.
Hardcover US$37.50. Copies may be
purchased from bookstores or from: Harper
& Row, 10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY
10022, USA.

The following bibliographies are available
from: IDS Publications, Institute of
Development Studies at the University of
Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9RE, UNITED KINGDOM:
Women in Developing Countries--A Select
Annotated Biblioqraphy for Development
Organizations by Janet Townsend. This
bibliography is organized by country;
there is also a general section for each
continent, and a general section concludes
the whole bibliography. All items are
annotated, with their relative importance
estimated. 1988, 190 pages. 9.
Gender in the Third World--A
Geographical Bibliography of Recent Work
by Sarah Radcliffe with Janet Townsend.
This bibliography includes up-to-date
materials on gender issues in the Third
World. Divided by geographical area and
then by topic, this bibliography covers
topics such as agricultural production and
rural change, migration and urbanization,
services, and cultural aspects. For use
by academics, students, and development
workers. 1988, 90 pages. 7.


The following books are available from The
Riverdale Company, 5506 Kenilworth Avenue
#102, Riverdale, MD 20737, USA.
Discounts: One book 25%, 2-4 books 30%, 4
or more books 40%. No shipping charges on
prepaid orders; otherwise US$3 will be
added to your bill.
Changing Division of labor in South
Asia: Women and Men in South Asia's
Society, Economy, and Politics by James
Warner Bjorkman. The articles in this
volume deal with issues such as changing
roles of men and women within the social,
political, and economic dynamics of modern
South Asia; structure of employment;
political action,; and new technologies.
1986, 152 pages. US$25.
Sati: A Historical, Social, and
Philosophical Enquiry into the Hindu Rite
of Widow Burning by V.N. Datta. The
practice of sati is not extinct and this
book discusses its origins, growth, and
incidence; its religious basis; and
efforts for change. 1988, 279 pages.

The following books are available from
Yale University Press, 92A Yale Station,
New Haven, CT 06520, USA:
The Gospel of Gentility: American Women
Missionaries in Turn-of-the Century China
by Jane Hunter. At the turn of the
century, women represented over half of
the American foreign mission force that
settled in China to preach the lessons of
Christian domesticity. Using excerpts
from diaries, reminiscences, and letters,
this book describes the backgrounds of
these missionaries and the problems and
satisfactions they found in China. 1984,
352 pages. Paper US$13.50.
Preschool in Three Cultures: Japan,
China, and the United States by Joseph J.
Tobin, David Y.H. Wu, and Dana H.
Davidson. Drawing on their backgrounds in
anthropology, human development, and
education, the authors present a
comparison of the practices and
philosophies of Japanese, Chinese, and
American preschool education and discuss
how changes in childcare both reflect and
affect larger social change. 1989, 240
pages. US$21.50.
America's Family Support Programs:
Perspectives and Prospects edited by
Sharon L. Kagan, Douglas R. Powell,
Bernice T. Weissbourd, and Edward F.
Zigler. In this book a blue-ribbon group
of practitioners, researchers, and
policymakers provide an overview of the
numerous programs that have emerged in the
past decade in response to the changing
needs of families. 1987, 384 pages.

The following books are available from
Westview Press, Customer Service
Department, 5500 Central Avenue, Boulder,
CO 80301, USA. Postage and handling
US$2.50 for the first book, US$.75 for the
second book, and US$.50 for each
additional book.
Silent Looms: Women, Work, and Power in
a Guatemalan Town by Tracy Bachrach
Ehlers. The book addresses issues of
female subordination and power, focusing
on changes in women's status during the
last decade. 1989, 200 pages. US$27.50.
Struggling for Survival: Workers,
Women, and Class on a Nicaraquan State
Farm by Gary Ruchwarger. This book
provides the first in-depth case study
that reveals the extent to which class and
gender relations have actually changed in
the country's public sector. 1989, 128
pages. US$19.95.

The Household Economy: Reconsidering
the Domestic Mode of Production edited by
Richard R. Wilk. This book uses the tools
of economic anthropology to sort out the
messy territory where social and economic
life are mixed together. Drawing
comparisons among different Western and
Third World cultures, the contributors
demonstrate the complexities and
variations in households. 1989, 266
pages. US$36.95.
The Women and International Development
Annual Volume 1 edited by Rita S. Gallin,
Marilyn Aronoff, and Anne Ferguson. This
annual series published in cooperation
with the Office of Women in International
Development at Michigan State University,
uses a multidisciplinary approach to
explore women's experiences across a wide
range of geographical areas, economic
sectors, and societal institutions. 1989,
225 pages. US$25.
Women's Work and Child Welfare in the
Third World edited by Joanne Leslie and
Michael Paolisso. This book illustrates
the multifaceted nature of women's work
and child welfare and the often ignored
connections between the two. Findings
from these studies are important to the
development of policies and interventions
that will increase women's effectiveness
as economic actors and as childcare
providers. 1989, 310 pages. US$28.50.
Assessing Participatory Development:
Rhetoric Versus Reality edited by William
P. Lineberry. This book, based largely on
the experience of the International Fund
for Agricultural Development,
systematically examines the participatory
approach to development on a regional and
individual case-study basis. The authors
assess the strategy of people's
participation not only as an innovative
means for alleviating rural poverty, but
also in the context of structural
adjustment programs that have adversely
affected the rural poor. Special
attention is given to the role of women in
development and to the importance of
innovation in project design and
implementation. 1989, 139 pages. US$24.
Gender Issues in Farming Systems
Research and Extension edited by Susan V.
Poats, Marianne Schmink, and Anita
Spring. The issues of increasing
agricultural productivity for small-scale
farmers and the critical role of women in
agriculture are brought together in this
state-of-the-art book. 1988, 450 pages.

Women's Movements of the World edited by
Sally Shreir. This book provide country-
by-country information on the origins,
aims, and activities of more than eight
hundred national women' s groups and
agencies concerned with women's issues
worldwide. Each country section begins
with a summary of the position of women in
areas including political involvement;
workforce participation; data on
contraception, fertility, and abortion;
property; and access to education. 400
pages. 58. Available from: Promotion
Department, Longman Group UK Ltd., 6th
floor, Westgate House, The High, Harlow,

The Next Generation: Third World Children
and the Future by Judith Ennew and Brian
Milne. This book helps us share the
multifaceted, troubling and promising
world of Third World children. Moving
beyond statistics and pat media images, it
provides rich and rare insights, often
based on the authors' personal experiences
in 12 countries, into the problems and
possibilities of children who will grow up
to face the challenges of the twenty-first
century. 256 pages. Cloth US$34.95,
paper US$12.95. Available from: New
Society Publishers, P.O. Box 582, Santa
Cruz, CA 95061-0582, USA.

Across Cultures: The Spectrum of Women's
Lives edited by Emily K. Abel and Marjorie
L. Pearson. This volume explores the
extent to which the field of Women's
Studies has successfully responded to the
concerns of ethnic and racial minority
women. Some of the contributors focus on
the relationship between women's studies
and social movements, and illustrate that
different groups of scholars owe
simultaneous allegiance to movements that
have sharply conflicting goals and
styles. 1989, 154 pages. Paper US$18.
Available from: STBS, Marketing
Department, P.O. Box 786, Cooper Station,
New York, NY 10276, USA.

Promissory Notes: Women in the Transition
to Socialism edited by Sonia Kruks, Rayna
Rapp, and Marilyn B. Young. The essays in
this book renew the debate about the
connections between feminism and socialism
by examining the position of women in
socialist thought from the time of Marx to
the present. The book looks at the
central theoretical formulations of the
"Women Question" in classical Marxist

thought, then explores their Third World
regimes in contemporary Eastern European
countries. The volume ends with a
roundtable debate in which a number of
scholars and activists take up the central
theoretical issues raised throughout the
book. US$18 plus US$1.50 for postage on
the first book and US$.50 for each
additional book. Available from: Monthly
Review Foundation, 122 West 27th Street,
New York, NY 10001, USA.

Water and Sanitation for Health: Toward
the Year 2000 is a new 20-page, color
booklet depicting achievements thus far
during the Decade. The booklet contains
case studies of successful water supply
and sanitation programmes in Togo,
Indonesia, Kenya and Bangladesh, and
describes new Decade strategies for beyond
1990. For a free copy in English, French,
or Spanish write to: UNDP Division of
Information, One UN Plaza, New York, NY
10017, USA.

Reflections on the Way to the Gallows:
Rebel Women in Pre-war Japan edited by
Mikiso Hane. These are stories about
Japanese women who emerge as central
protagonists in over half a century of
political and ideological conflict,
thereby challenging the stereotype of
female submissiveness. 1988, 340 pages.
US$22.50. Available from: The University
of California Press, 2120 Berkeley Way,
Berkeley, CA 94720, USA.

The following books are available from the
New American Library, P.O. Box 999,
Bergenfield, NJ 076212, USA:
Rice Bowl Women: Writings By and About
the Women of China and Japan edited by
Dorothy Blair. This collection of short
stories and memoirs ranges from the Heian
Period in Japan and the T'ang Dynasty in
China to the modern period of each
country. 416 pages. US$4.95.
Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala
Markandaya. This book tells the story of
a woman of India and her struggle to cope
with changing times. 192 pages. US$3.95.

Human Rights: A Directory of Resources,
compiled and edited by Thomas P. Fenton
and Mary Heffron, is a handbook of
organizations, books, periodicals,
pamphlets, articles, and audiovisuals on
every facet of human rights in the Third
World. Contact: Third World Resources,
464 19th Street, Oakland, CA 94612, USA.

Plotting Women: Gender and Representation
in Mexico by Jean Franco. This book makes
a contribution to Latin American literary
and cultural history, and combines the
talents of the storyteller with those of
the historian and critic in its discussion
of women in Mexico. 244 pages. US$27.
Available from: Order Department,
Columbia University Press, 135 South
Broadway, Irvington, NY 10533, USA.

They Changed Their Worlds: Nine Women of
Asia edited by Mae Handy Esterline. This
book discusses nine women who have been
pioneers in new roles in Asia. The women
span the geographic area, having been born
in and devoted themselves to their work in
Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Japan,
Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines. The
Book notes how they have redefined
excellence of achievement in their
roles. 1987, 188 pages. Cloth US$28.75,
paper US$13.25. Available from:
University Press of America, 4720-A Boston
Way, ianham, MD 20706, USA.

The following books are available from:
The Bootstrap Press, 777 United Nations
Plaza, Suite 9A, New York, NY 10017, USA:
Women and the Food Cycle: Case Studies
and Technology Profiles. This collection
of articles includes a number of case
studies of attempts to improve small-scale
food processing. Case studies cover grain
processing, fruit processing, baking,
beekeeping, and small scale oil
production. 1989, 64 pages. US$11.50.
Women and the Transport of Water by Val
Curtis. This paper looks at the scale of
water transport in rural areas and
suggests general ways in which these
methods of transport could be improved.
1986, 54 pages. US$11.50

The following books are available from
Sage Publications, P.O. Box 5084, Newbury
Park, CA 91359, USA:
Invisible Hands: Women in Home-Based
Production edited by Andrea Menefee Singh
and Anita Kelles-Vitanen. This collection
of articles examines women's home-based
production in a variety of cultural,
occupational, and national settings.
1987, 274 pages. US$25.
Women in Indian Society: A Reader
edited by Rehana Ghadially. This
collection of articles examines and
challenges the various roles ascribed to
women in the context of a rapidly changing
society. 1988, 310 pages. US$14.95.

Indian Women: An Inner Dialoque by
Indira J. Parikh and Pulin K. Garg. This
book explores the inner world of Indian
women and traces their journey to maturity
through the many thresholds they cross on
the way. 1989, 224 pages. Cloth, US$25,
paper US$12.50.
Social Development, Cultural Change and
Fertility Decline: A Study of Fertility
Change in Kerala by K. Mahadevan and M.
Sumangala. Using both qualitative and
quantitative data, this book demonstrates
the importance of socio-cultural factors
in rapid fertility decline. 1989, 192
pages. US$17.95.
Fertility in India: A Econometric
Analysis by S.D. Gulati. This study
analyzes household fertility behavior and
attempts to formulate and test several
socio-economic hypotheses of fertility on
the basis of data collected from the
metropolitan city of New Delhi. 1988, 204
pages. ;US$22.50.
Infant Mortality in India:
Differentials and Determinants edited by
Anrudh K. Jain and Pravin Visaria. This
volume presents an analytical study of the
causes of infant mortality and their
interrelationship on which health policies
can be based. 1988, 400 pages. US$29.95.

The following books are available from
Cornell University Press, 124 Roberts
Place, Box 250, Ithaca, NY 14851, USA:
Distant Companions: Servants and
Employers in Zambia, 1900-1985 by Karen
Tranberg Hansen. This book tells the
story of the domestic servants and their
employers in Zambia from the beginning of
white settlement during the colonial
period until after independence. 368
pages. Cloth US$42.50, paper US$14.95.
Chinese Working-Class Lives: Getting By
in Taiwan by Hill Gates. The author
explores the history of Taiwan's working
class, showing how working-class lives
have been shaped by Chinese tradition, by
colonialism, and by rapid
industrialization. 264 pages. Cloth
US$37.50, paper US$10.95.
State and Family in Singapore:
Restructuring an Industrial Society by
Janet A. Salaff. The book reviews the
time during the 1970s and early 1980s when
the government of Singapore transformed
the new republic from a labor-intensive
society, which relied on the export of
cheap goods, to a high-tech, capital-
intensive society. 242 pages. Cloth

The following books are available from
Harper and Row Publishers, 10 East 53rd,
Street, New York, NY 10022-5299, USA:
Don't Be Afraid Gringo: A Honduran
Woman Speaks from the Heart edited by Meda
Benjamin. The book is a vivid oral
history that takes us into the heart of
the wrenching day-to-day struggles of
campesinos (peasants) and their political
conflicts in Honduras today--the
compelling story of Elvia Alvarado who has
become a prominent campesino political
activist. 192 pages. Paper US$7.95.
Lives of Courage: Women for a New South
Africa by Diana E.H. Russell. This book
presents the stories of 24 South African
women who discuss their struggles against
apartheid. With rare candor, they speak
of the price they and their families have
paid for their activism, the difficulties
of being a woman in a racist and sexist
society, and their dreams of a new South
Africa. 352 pages. US$22.95.
Marketing to Women Around the World by
Rena Bartos. This book examines the
lifestyles, attitudes and consumer
patterns which reveal a wealth of
diversity and cultural nuance of women in
ten countries ranging from Europe and
North America to Latin America and the Far
East. 338 pages. US$27.95.

Some Questions on Feminism and its
Relevance in South Asia by Kamla Bhasin
and Nighat Said Khan. In this booklet the
authors use a question and answer format
to discuss feminism in South Asia. They
reject the argument that feminism is a
strictly Western notion and examine the
history of women's organizing in the
region. Available from: Applied Socio-
Economic Research, P.O. Box No. 3154,
Gulberg Main Market, Lahore, PAKISTAN.

Hindu Women and the Power of Ideology by
Vanaja Dhruvarajan. This book provides a
case study of the way in which ideology,
religion, and social structure have
converged to subjugate women. The author
demonstrates how this blatantly
patriarchal society is justified by the
"Pativratya" ideology which holds that a
woman's spiritual salvation depends upon
her total devotion, service, and
subordination to her husband. 160
pages. Cloth US$39.95. Available from:
Bergin and Garvey Publishers, 88 Post Road
West, Box 5997, Westport, CT 06881, USA.

The following books are available from:
Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1800 30th
Street, Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80301-
1032, USA:
Each in Her Own Way: Five Women Leaders
of the Developing World by Marion Fennelly
Levy. This collection of biographies of
five women leaders from the developing
world describes some of the social and
economic changes that are rocking that
world--changes that often make the lives
of poor women even poorer and more
precarious. 1988, 182 pages. Cloth
US$28.50, paper US$13.95.
Women in Taiwan Politics: Overcoming
Barriers to Women's Participation in a
Modernizing Society by Chou Bih-er, Cal
Clark, and Janet Clark. This book
explores how women overcome societal and
cultural barriers to their political
participation in a rapidly modernizing
society. A case study of the Republic of
China in Taiwan is presented. 1990, 160
pages. Cloth US$25.

The following books are available from
Women's International Public Health
Network, 7100 Oak Forest Lane, Bethesda,
MD 20817, USA:
Mother and Child Health: Delivering the
Services by C.D. Williams, N. Baumslag,
and D.B. Jelliffe. US$30 plus postage.
The Selected Works of Cicely D.
Williams: Primary Health Care Pioneer,
UNICEF 1986. US$10 plus postage.
Breastfeeding: Passport to Life by N.
Baumslag. Proceedings of a conference by
breastfeeding experts. UNICEF 1989.
US$10 plus postage.
Infant Feeding Practices in the Asia and
Near East Region by N. Baumslag. USAID
Asia Near East Technical Bureau. May
1989. US$10 plus postage.

Harem Years: The Memoirs of an Egyptian
Feminist, 1879-1924, a diary by Huda
Shaarawi, the founder of the Egyptian
Feminist Union. translated, edited, and
introduced by Margot Badran. The author
discusses her early years in a upper-class
family in turn-of-the-century Egypt, the
confinement it brought, and her ultimate
break from the conventional world of the
harem. US$19.95. Available from: The
Feminist Press, CUNY, 311 East 94th
Street, New York, NY 10128, USA.


Connexions is published quarterly and
focuses on a wide range of topics relevant
to women and the world. Each issue
explores a new theme--Reproductive Rights,
Feminism, Religion, lesbian Activism--
directed toward expanding the perspectives
and possibilities of feminism and
demonstrates the power of women in a
world-wide context. Subscription
information: 1 year individual US$15, 2
years US$26; 1 year institutional US$24.
To order, write to: Connexions, People
Translation Service, 4228 Telegraph
Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609, USA.

Convergence is the quarterly journal of
the International Council for Adult
Education (ICAE), a non-governmental
voluntary organization formed in 1973.
This journal is one of the major worldwide
journals of adult education that addresses
issues, practices, and development in the
broad field of adult and nonformal
education. For information on
subscription rates, contact: ICAE, 720
Bathurst Street, Suite 500, Toronto,
Ontario, M5S 2R4 CANADA.

INSTRAW News, the magazine of the United
Nations International Research and
Training Institute for the Advancement of
Women, reports on the work of the
Institute and highlights research trends
and the availability of training
materials. For subscriptions, write to:
INSTRAW, Public Information Office, P.O.
Box 21747, Santo Domingo, DOMINICAN

ANUBHAV, published by the New Delhi office
of the Ford Foundation, is a series
describing the experiences of selected
private voluntary organizations (PVOs)
implementing community health and family
planning programs in India. For
information or to obtain copies,
contact: Dr. Saroj Pachauri, Program
Officer, Child Survival, The Ford
Foundation, 55 Lodi Estate, New Delhi
10003, INDIA.

Seeds offers analysis of domestic and
world poverty issues, profiles, news up-
dates, reviews, and reflections. US$11.95
for 12 issues. Make checks payable to
Seeds and mail to: Seeds, 222 East Lake
Drive, Decatur, GA 30030, USA.

ECHO is the Quarterly Newsletter of the
Association of African Women for Research
and Development (AAWORD), a pan-African,
non-governmental organization devoted to
the critical appraisal of and research on
issues pertaining to the multiple roles of
African women in the continuing struggle
for change in African society and North-
South relations. Subscription fees for
non-AAWORD members and institutions:
Third World US$10, Individuals US$12,
Institutions US$15. For more information,
contact: AAWORD, B.P. 3304, Dakar,

Women's Watch is published quarterly by
the International Women's Rights Action
Watch (IWRAW). Subscription rates: US$20
a year. Available from: IWRAW/WPPD,
Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs,
University of Minnesota, 301 19th Avenue
South, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA.

The Human Right to Family Planning, a
booklet issued by the International
Planned Parenthood Federation. Designed
for use in public education efforts. It
introduces readers to human rights
concepts and documents, as well the idea
that reproductive choice is a human
right. Available in English and Spanish
from: IPPF, Regent' s College, Inner
Circle, Regent's Park, London NW1 4NA,

The International Women's Health Coalition
has issued a report, Population Control
and Women's Health, which suggests that a
broad effort to provide women with
adequate reproductive health services and
to improve reproductive health and
education for girls and young women, will
make for better solutions to population
issues than a narrow focus on delivery of
contraception. The report, produced in
cooperation with the Overseas Development
Council, recommends development of new
education materials for staff and clients
and long-term tracking of clients.
Available from: IWHC, 24 East 21st
Street, New York, NY 10010, USA.

Women 2000 No. 1, 1989, is a special issue
on AIDS and its effects on the advancement
of women, and women and politics. For
more information write to: Division for
the Advancement of Women, Centre for
Social Development and Humanitarian
Affairs, Vienna International Centre, P.O.
Box 500, A-1400 Vienna, AUSTRIA.

Grassroots Development is published three
times a year in English, Spanish and
Portuguese by the Inter-American
Foundation. Its purpose is to explore how
development assistance can contribute more
effectively to self-help efforts. The
journal reports on how the poor in Latin
America and the Caribbean organize and
work to improve their lives. To receive
the journal, write to: Grassroots
Development, Inter-American Foundation,
1515 Wilson Boulevard, Rosslyn, VA 22209,

The Tribune No. 43 is a special issue on
women and water. Available free to people
in the Third World. Write to:
International Women's Tribune Center, 777
United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017,

World Development July 1989 (Vol. 17, no.
7) is a special issue entitled "Beyond
Survival: Expanding Income-Earning
Opportunities for Women in Developing
Countries," edited by Caren A. Grown. For
more information, contact; Pergamon
Press, Maxwell House, Fairnew Park,
Elmsford, NY 10523, USA.

Womenews, now in its sixth year of
publication, reports on the activities of
the women's movement in the Philippines,
with particular attention paid to
developments in the southern island of
Mindanao. For information on subscription
rates, contact: Women Studies and
Resource Center, Santos Building, Room
207, Malvar Ext., Davao City, PHILIPPINES

The Population Crisis Committee has
examined the World Bank's population
activities and found that the Bank's
internal policies--decentralized
expertise, emphasis on large loans, and a
general lack of commitment to population
issues--work against effective funding of
population programs. The World Bank's
Role in Global Population Efforts: An
Agenda for Effective Action suggests that
the Bank establish clear incentives for
funding effective population programs,
develop programs that realistically meet
needs, and work with entities other than
Ministries of Health, including
nongovernmental organizations. Available
from: Population Crisis Committee, 1129
19th Street NW, Washington, DC 22036-
3605, USA.


Public Affairs Internship, an unpaid
position for undergraduate or graduate
students with interests in journalism and
public affairs, is offered by The
Smithsonian Institution. The term of the
position is nine weeks minimum.
Applicants must be fluent in Spanish and
English, and will be involved in a number
of ethnic outreach projects. A letter of
application and grade transcript may be
sent anytime during the year to: Eileen
Hall, Special Assistant to the Director,
Office of Public Affairs, Arts and
Industries 2410, Smithsonian Institution,
Washington, DC 20560, USA.

OAS Fellowships for graduate study and
research for periods of three months to
two years are available to citizens or
permanent residents of OAS countries who
hold a university degree. Applicants must
be proficient in the language of the
country. The stipend provides funds to
cover travel expenses, tuition and fees,
study materials, and a subsistence
allowance. Before applying for a
fellowship, candidates must secure
acceptance at a university, study center,
or research site in the chosen country.
Fellows must study in a country where they
are not citizens or permanent residents.
For more information and application
materials, contact: Organization of
American States, Department Fellowships
and Training, Washington, DC 20006-4499,

Business and Professional Women's
Foundation Scholarships of full- or part-
time study for women at least twenty-five
years of age are available. For
information and applications, contact:
Educational Programs Department, Business
and Professional Women's Foundation, 2012
Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC
20036, USA.

The International Women's Tribune Center
has issued a Funding Newsnote:
Womenshare, full of information on how to
obtain funding from church groups
throughout the world. In English, French,
or Spanish. Available from: IWIC, 777
United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017,


Graduate Fellowships at the Smithsonian
Institution are available for graduate
students to conduct individual research
under staff direction in residence at the
Smithsonian. Acceptable subjects for
research include: archaeology, cultural
anthropology, folklife, agriculture,
biological sciences, history of art,
American social and cultural history,
materials analysis, and science and
technology. For more information,
contact: Office of Fellowships and
Grants, Smithsonian Institution, Desk P,
Suite 7300 L'Enfant Plaza, Washington,
DC 20560, USA.

MacArthur Program Fellowships at the
University of Minnesota are offered to
graduate students in public affairs,
agriculture, law, and the liberal arts who
are interested in pursuing international
studies focusing on developing societies,
including the roles of race, class, and
gender, change and conflict, institutional
capacity and redesign, and human rights.
Students from developing countries are
especially encouraged to apply. All
applicants must be admitted by an
appropriate department as well as the
MacArthur Program. Application
deadline: February 15, 1990. Contact:
The MacArthur Program, University of
Minnesota, 314 Social Sciences, 267-19th
Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA.

The Council for International Exchange of
Scholars has announced the opening of
competition for 1991-92 Fulbright grants
in research and university lecturing
abroad. The awards include about 1,000
grants for periods ranging from 3 months
to a full academic year, in over 100
countries, and virtually all
disciplines. Scholars in all academic
ranks are eligible to apply. Grant
benefits vary by country, but generally
include round-trip travel for the grantee
and one dependent, a stipend, tuition
allowance for children, and book and
baggage allowances. The requirements for a
Fulbright award are: U.S. citizenship;
Ph.D. or comparable qualification;
university or college teaching experience;
and in same assignments, proficiency in a
foreign language. Deadlines: June 15,
1990 for Australasia, most of Latin
America, Indo-American Fellowship Program
and the U.S.S.R. August 1, 1990 for
Africa, Asia (except India), Eastern
Europe, the Middle East, and Western

Europe. Application materials will be
Available in March 1990. For more
information and applications, contact:
The Council for International Exchange of
Scholars, 3400 International Drive, Suite
M-500, Washington, DC 20008-3097, USA.

A number of Fulbright awards for the
Fulbriqht Scholar Program 1990-91 have not
yet been granted in a variety of countries
and disciplines. The Council will accept
applications until adequate pools of
candidates are available. For further
information, contact: The Council for
International Exchange of Scholars, 3400
International Drive, Suite M-500,
Washington, DC 20008-3097, USA.

Grants up to US$1,000 are available to
investigators or US$500 to graduate
students for research in social problems,
sexism, and racism. Contact: Lynda J.
Fuerstnau, Administrative Officer, The
Society for the Psychological Study of
Social Issues, SPSSI Central Office, P.O.
Box 1248, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248.

The American Association of University
Women Educational Foundation provides
funds to advance education, research, and
self-development for women and to foster
equity and positive societal change. For
more information, contact: AAUW
Educational Foundation, 2401 Virginia
Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20037, USA.

The Global Fund for Women is a new
international grant-making group concerned
with women's human rights. Grants ranging
from US$500 to US$10,000 have been made in
the last two years to groups concerned
with women's rights, (including legal and
reproductive rights), violence against
women, legal literacy, image of women in
the media, and access to communications
technology. For information, contact:
The Global Fund for Women, 2400 Sand Hill
Road, #201, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.

The Henry A. Murray Research Center of
Radcliffe College offers small grants to
post-doctoral investigators for research
drawing on their data resources. Three
doctoral dissertation grant programs are
available in the areas of sex differences
or girls' development, life choices and
patterns of women, and personality of the
study of lives. Contact: Marty Mauzy,
The Murray Research Center, 10 Garden
Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.


The Women' s Research and Education
Institute (WREI) announces the
availability of Congressional Fellowships
on Women in Public Policy. These
fellowships are designed to train women as
potential leaders in public policy
formation and to examine issues from the
perspective of the experience and needs of
women. Applicants should be U.S. graduate
students with a demonstrated interest in
research and political activities relevant
to women's social and political status.
For more information, contact: Fellowship
Director, WREI, 1700 18th Street NW, Suite
4W, Washington, DC 20009, USA.

The Kovalesvkaia Fund is a small
foundation which encourages women in
science and technology in developing
countries and through appropriate forms of
support, hopes to increase the contact and
cooperation between women in science in
different countries, and to stimulate the
scholarly study of connections between the
status of women and scientific-
technological development. For more
information, contact: Dr. Ann Kibner
Koblitz, Director, Kovalesvkaia Fund, 6547
17th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98115, USA.

Susan B. Anthony Fellowship is a post-
doctoral fellowship for Ph.D. recipient in
any discipline. Applicants' work should
be closely related to women's studies.
The fellowship is for one year beginning
September 1990, with an option for a
second year. Stipend is US$23,000
yearly. For more information, contact:
Director, Susan B. Anthony Center,
University of Rochester, 538 Lattimore
Hall, Rochester, NY 14627, USA.

The Inter-American Foundation's 1988
Annual Report describes its fellowship
programs which deal with contemporary
grassroots development problems. For
information on fellowships and
applications, write: IAF Fellowship
Programs, P.O. Box 9486, Arlington, VA
22209, USA.

The International Development Research
Centre has created a Women in Development
(WID) Unit to support research projects on
questions related to the roles and
problems of Third World women. WID also
will be an advisory body to other IDRC
divisions that fund projects affecting
women in some way, and will try to
increase awareness at IDRC of the

importance of considering the effects of
projects on women. For more information,
contact: Dr. Eva Rathgeber, WID Unit,
IDRC, P.O. Box 8500, Ottawa, Ontario, KIG

International Human Riqhts Internships are
available for qualified individuals of all
nationalities for training positions with
international human rights organizations
in the United States, Europe, Africa,
Asia, and Latin America. Most of the
internships are for one-year, although a
small number of short-term placements of
two or three months may be considered. A
fellowship grant covers international
travel, a basic living stipend, and health
insurance, ranging typically from US$6,000
to US$16,000. For information, and
application, contact: Director,
International Human Rights Internship
Program, Institute of International
Education, 1400K Street NW, Suite 650,
Washington, DC 20005, USA.

The Feminism and Family Studies Section of
National Council on Family Relations is
seeking applications for their first
annual Outstanding Contribution to
Feminist Scholarship Paper Award.
Applications for this award (non-monetary)
are open to all graduate students and new
professionals with up to five years post-
doctoral work. Papers should demonstrate
contribution to feminist scholarship and
use of feminist frameworks and methods.
Applicants should be the sole author or
first author of the published or
unpublished paper. To apply, submit five
copies of paper to: Dr. Polly Fassinger,
Awards Committee Chair, Department of
Sociology, Concordia College, Moorhead,
MN 56560, USA.


The Return of Talent Program is seeking
highly qualified African professionals,
who have studied and/or worked in the U.S.
to return to Africa and fill top-level
positions in their home country or
region. Individuals who qualify may
receive transportation assistance in
addition to certain financial benefits for
reintegration. For more information,
contact: Intergovernmental Committee for
Migration (ICM), Return of Talent Program
(Africa), 440 National Press Building,
Washington, DC 20045, USA.


Operations Crossroads Africa, Inc. is
offering several programs for high school,
undergraduate, and graduate students and
professionals to work in community
development projects in Africa. The James
H. Robinson Internship in International
Development gives minority students a
chance to work with a private voluntary
organization in Africa for a period of 9
to 12 months. For more information,
contact: Operations Crossroads Africa,
150 Fifth Avenue, Suite 310, New York,
NY 10011, USA.

The Ford Foundation is currently
recruiting for a professional staff member
for its Mexico City office to work in the
field of women's issues. Applicants need
to have strong graduate training in a
relevant area and appropriate field
experience in developing countries.
Fluency in Spanish and strong English
writing skills are required. The initial
appointment to this position will be for
two years. Preferred starting date is
June 1, 1990. Contact: Joan C. Carroll,
The Ford Foundation, 320 East 43rd Street,
New York, NY 10017, USA.

The United Nations has opportunities for
professionals with knowledge of gender
studies to conduct short-term research.
For information, contact: Tahir Ali,
UNHCR, CP2500, 1211 Geneva 2, Depot,

The International Center for Research on
Women (ICRW), 1717 Massachusetts Avenue
NW, Suite 302, Washington, DC 20036, USA,
announces three position openings:
Public Health Specialist/Nutritionist to
work with current projects on women's
health and nutrition. This position will
play a key role in the expansion of the
Center's program on women, health and
development, policy-oriented research and
writing, proposal development, and project
management. Applicants should have a
Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) in public
health, nutrition, or a related discipline
with experience in international health
and development, familiarity with: women
in development issues, fluency in French
or Spanish (desirable), excellent oral and
written communication skills, and be
willing to travel. Contact: Recruitment
Committee for Public Health Specialist
Nutritionist, ICRW.
Program Assistant to provide
administrative support for publications,,

information dissemination, fundraising,
and government contracting.
Qualifications: good oral and written
communication skills; knowledge of
computer data base program (Symphony,
DBase IV, etc.); organization; ability to
prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and work
under pressure. Contact: Recruitment
Committee for Program Assistant, ICRW.
Secretary to provide secretarial support
and administrative assistance to three or
four staff members. Qualifications: word
processing skills, minimum 6 months
experience with Wordperfect 5.0; knowledge
of a computer database program (Symphony
and DBase IV, a plus; excellent
communication skills, ability to
prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and work
under pressure. Contact: Recruitment
Committee for Secretary, ICRW.

The Center for the Study of Women in
Society, (University of Oregon) announces
the availability of visiting scholar
positions for varying time periods. The
center is especially interested in
receiving applications from scholars whose
work focuses on the experiences and
concerns of minority women. Competitive
stipends are available for those willing
to assume duties such as teaching a one-
term, upper-division course, participation
in a faculty seminar, and giving a public
lecture. Stipends are ordinarily intended
to supplement other income. Duties,
stipend, and length of time in residence
are negotiable. To apply, send vita and
description of your current research
project to: Cheris Kramarai, Action
Director, CSWS, University of Oregon,
Eugene, OR 97403, USA.

The UCLA Center for the Study of Women is
interested in identifying women scholars
doing gender-related research. The
program is primarily interested in
supporting racial and ethnic minority
scholars and women who have limited
institutional access to research
support. Although stipends are not
available at this time, the center offers
library privileges, stationery, and
development support, as well as the
opportunity to participate in forums with
other scholars. For information,
contact: Affiliated Scholars Program,
UCLA, Center for the Study of Women, 236
Kinsey Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA.


International Voluntary Services (IVS),
Recruitment Office, 1424 16th Street NW,
Suite 204, Washington, DC 20036, USA, has
the following positions available:
Agricultural Advisor to work with a
national women-run association which
serves the needs of women, particularly in
rural areas; provide advice on small-scale
mixed farming for cash and food cropping,
irrigation, and livestock issues; act as a
resource person, trainer, organizational
development advisor, and communications
facilitator among the association' s
groups. Qualifications: degree in
agriculture; two or more years' small-
scale farming experience; good
communication skills; ability to work on
required; organizational development
issues; familiarity with farming
conditions in Zimbabwe or similar area
Communications Specialist to support and
strengthen the national non-governmental
organization network of a major
Bangladeshi organization by monitoring and
guiding its networking activities. This
work is to be accomplished through the
introduction of efficient management,
reporting, and communications systems and
through promotion of women's
participation. Qualifications: minimum
of a Master's degree and specialization in
communication; three or more years of
experience and sensitivity to Asian field-
level situations; English fluency
required; previous exposure to Asian
Mulsim culture helpful.
Health Care Specialist to strengthen the
capacities of a women's health care
organization focusing on issues including
family planning, primary health care,
mother and child health, and income-
generation; improve the small project
planning, monitoring and evaluating skills
of the staff. Qualifications: senior
management systems specialist; Master' s
degree in appropriate field; minimum of
five years of developing world experience
in health programs, women's small business
management, and income-generation
programs; expertise in community health
work preferred.


The International Third World Legal
Studies Association (INWORILSA) Project on
Realizing the Rights of Women in
Development Processes: Women' s Legal
Entitlements to Agriculture Development
and Financial Assistance requests papers
that focus on particular laws, policies,
and programs that enhance women's legal
entitlement to agricultural and financial
assistance. Papers may examine women's
legal entitlement to agricultural
development and financial assistance from
a variety of different perspectives,
including international human rights law,
law and development, property, family or
banking law, development studies or
women's studies. Deadline for papers:
August 31, 1990. For more information,
contact: Professor Rebecca J. Cook,
Faculty of Law, University of Toronto,
Toronto, M5S 2C5, CANADA.

The Journal of Comparative Family Studies
announces a special issue to be published
in 1990 devoted to the topic of Inter-
Marriage. Papers can be on Inter-Ethnic,
Inter-Racial, and/or Inter-Religious
family themes, focusing on international
as well as North American families.
Abstracts, papers, manuscript style
guides, and other information are
available from: Mark Hutter, Guest
Editor, Journal of Comparative Family
Studies, Department of Sociology,
Glassboro State College, Glassboro, NJ
08020, USA.

Garland Publishing announces a new book
series, Gender and Genre in Literature,
which promotes the study of the effect of
gender on a broad range of literary
types. We invite submissions exploring
such topics as sexuality and textual
inheritance, the influence of female
authorship on the evolution of a genre or
the creation of new genres, the roles of
women characters in patriarchal literary
forms, and challenges to genre theory from
a gender perspective. Book manuscripts
and proposals for edited collections of
essays will be considered. Submissions
should be sent to: Dr. Carol Snyder,
Series Editor, Box 508, University of
Houston-Clear lake, 2700 Bay Area
Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058, USA.


Gender and Education is a new journal that
will aid the distribution and exchange of
feminist research and ideas in the
multidisciplinary, international area of
education. Contributions are sought from
people of different backgrounds and
different countries who are engaged in
research on gender and education.
Education will be interpreted in a broad
sense to cover both formal and informal
aspects, including nursery, primary, and
secondary education, youth cultures inside
and outside schools; adult, community,
further and higher education, vocational
training, and parental education. Please
send four copies of your manuscript and a
summary of 100-150 words on a separate
sheet to: Dr. Jane Purvis, Editor, School
of Education, Oxford Polytechnic,
Wheatley, Oxford, OX9 IHX, UNITED KINGDOM.

Holt. Reinhart, and Winston is seeking
manuscripts on gender relations. Persons
who have considered writing in this area
and would like further information about
how to put a prospectus together should
contact: Carol Mikenas, Holt, Rinehart,
and Winston, 2726 Prytania, New Orleans,
LA 70130, USA.

Proposals for contributions to a book on
the lives of middle-aged and older women
are being requested. Contact: Evelyn
Rosenthal, Task Force on Aging and Ageism,
National Women's Studies Association,
School of Education and Human Development,
SUNY, Binghamton, NY 13901, USA.

The Center for Southeast Asian Studies at
Northern Illinois University is interested
in receiving original scholarship and
creative articles for future issues of
Crossroads: A Journal of Southeast Asian
Studies. Articles on any part of the
region will be considered. A future
general issue is planned focusing on
Malaysia and island Southeast Asia. For
more information, write to: Grant A.
Olson, Editor, Center for Southeast Asian
Studies, 140 Carroll Avenue, Northern
Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115,

Women and Politics: A Journal of Research
and Policy Studies is interested in
manuscript submission on gender, politics,
and policy. Two types of studies are of
primary interest: (1) studies focusing on
sex and gender as variables within
disciplinary frameworks and policy

problems, and (2) studies that make gender
and feminist theories central to
reconstructing philosophical and empirical
theories about politics and political
life. Send manuscripts in quadruplicate
to: Rita Mae Kelly, Editor, Women and
Politics, Women's Studies Program, Arizona
State University, Tempe, AZ 85287-1801,

Perspectives on Gender, a new
multidisciplinary series, will publish
research from psychology, political
science, sociology, anthropology, history,
and economics, on a wide range of topics--
including gender differences and
similarities, new approaches (theoretical
and methodological) to the study of
gender, and topical issues (such as
welfare policy, family and work) or
research on a related interest. For
additional information, please contact:
Lisa Freeman-Miller, Editor, Allen and
Unwin, 8 Winchester Place, Winchester,
MA 01890, USA.

Feminist Teacher is seeking contributions
for a special issue on international
feminist education. Of particular
interest are materials dealing with race
and class, and accounts of teaching in
non-traditional and community-based
settings. Contact: Feminist Teacher,
Ballantine 442, Indiana University,
Bloomington, IN 47405, USA.

The National Women's Studies Association
has announced its plan to publish the NWSA
Journal. The editorial staff is
particularly interested in articles by and
about women of color, research analyzing
class issues, scholarship examining non-
Western cultures, and research focusing on
feminist pedagogy. Articles must be
written from a feminist perspective and be
run 25-35 pages. Submissions should be
sent to: Mary Jo Wagner, Editor, NWSA
Journal, Center for Women's Studies, 207
Dulles Hall, 230 West 17th Avenue, Ohio
State University, Columbus, OH 43210,



Catolicas por el Derecho a Decidir (CDD)
is a new Latin American affiliate of
Catholics for a Free Choice based in
Washington, D.C. CDD goals are to provide
public officials and family planning
agencies with positive Catholic
perspectives on choice and to help health
care providers address the concerns of
Catholic women seeking reproductive health
care. CDD publishes a quarterly
newsletter, Conciencia, and has issued a
new book in Spanish on sexuality and
reproduction, written by six Latin
American women, entitled Mu eres e
Iglesia. Contact: CDD, Casilla de Correo
Central 1326, Montevideo, URUGUAY.

The Women's Progressive Organization in
Guana has reiterated its position in
support of legal and safe abortion. In a
press release dated September, 1989, the
WPO noted that the debate in Guyana, as in
most places, is about the availability of
safe abortions for poor women. Contact:
WPO, Georgetown, GUYANA.

The importance of large families to rural
farmers is emphasized in a recent report
from Vietnam about its family planning
program. Women of Vietnam notes that
urban families (in Hanoi) average 2.54
children, while almost 80% of rural
families said that they wanted more than
three children. Many young rural couples
accept the national goal of two children
per family, but only if one of them is a
boy. For more information, contact:
Vietnam Women's Union, 47 Hang Chuoi

A Legal Office for Women has been opened
in Santiago, Chile. Services include free
legal assistance, resources for students
and researchers on domestic violence, and
a speaker's bureau. The office
coordinates groups and institutions that
work for women's rights with the Latin
American Committee for the Defense of
Women' s Rights. For more information,
write to: Nelly Gonzalez Tapia, Casilla
51985, Correo Central, Santiago, CHILE.

Police in Papua New Guinea now recieve
training in responding to domestic assault
calls. A new policy of treating domestic
assaults like any other assault, with
arrest and investigation, was announced by
the Chief of Police in response to a

request from the Law Reform Commission.
The new approach is being publicized by
the Women and Law Committee. For
information, contact: Women and Law
Committee, P.O. Box 3439, Boroko, PAPUA

Women Living Under Muslim Laws/Femmes Sous
Lois Musulmanes is an international
network of individuals and organizations
concerned with the status of women who
live in Muslim countries or in countries
where Islamic codes apply to them. It
issues Dossiers, a quarterly collection of
writings and information about action to
improve the status of women living under
Islamic law. Contact: Dossiers, Boite
Postale 23, 3470 Grabels, FRANCE.

The U.S. Council for the International
Research and Training Institute for the
Advancement of Women (INSTRAW) invites
individuals and research centers to become
members. The Council promotes
communication between women in the U.S.
and around the world conducting research
on women. The Council also hopes to
provide international contacts and data,
and encourages the inclusion of an
international perspective in all U.S.
projects on women. Contact: U.S. Council
of INSTRAW, P.O. Box 70601, Chevy Chase,
MD 20813, USA.

The Ahfad Journal: Women and Change,
published by the Ahfad University for
Women in Sudan, is the only scholarly
journal in Sudan. It is looking for
original research reports, literature
reviews, historical or critical analyses,
and book reviews pertaining to the status
of women in developing countries.
Articles should be submitted in English,
double spaced, with a short abstract.
Contact: Amna E. Badri, Editor, P.O. Box
167, Omdurman, SUDAN.

Women's Action Group Zimbabwe (WAG) is a
non-profit organization, focusing on
promoting economic, social, educational,
and cultural advancements of women in
Zimbabwe; to promote women's basic rights;
to encourage public education about their
rights; and to support other organizations
which provide advise and help for women.
Contact: Anne Forden, Administrator, WAG,
P.O. Box 135, Harare, ZIMBABWE.

The Women's International Public Health
Network was formed as a grassroots
movement at the World Federation of Public
Health Association Meeting in Mexico City
(March 1987), to provide all women in the
field of public health with an opportunity
to work together to improve women's health
worldwide. It welcomes any woman working
in public health. For more information on
their objectives and activities.
Contact: WIPNH, 7100 Oak Forest Lane,
Bethesda, MD 20817, USA.

The book Facts for Life, recently
published and distributed worldwide,
strongly advocates breastfeeding but fails
to cover the need for mothers to regularly
consume additional food and liquids during
this time as well. The combined impact of
recommending breastfeeding for two years
without indicating the need for additional
nutrition during this same period has the
potential of putting the mother's health
at significant risk. The Women's
International Network (WIN) requests that
all groups/organizations concerned with
international women' s and children' s
health contact the distributors of the
book (see addresses below) to suggest that
they send letters to recipients/
distributors advising them of the
omission. The distributors are: UNICEF,
James Grant, Executive Director, 3 United
Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA.
WHO, Dr. Hiroshi Nakamim, Director
General, 1211 Geneva, SWITZERLAND.
UNESCO, Frederico Mayor, Director General,
7 Place de Fontenoy, 75700 Paris,
FRANCE. FHI, Dr. Malcom Potts, Director,
P.O. Box 13950, Research Triangle Park,
NC 27709, USA. Please send copies of
letters to: WIN NEWS, 187 Grant Street,
Lexington, MA 02173, USA. (Source: WIN
News press release August 19, 1989.)

The Afro-Asian Center promotes
international friendship and cultural
understanding through a classroom program
of correspondence between students in
Africa/Asia and the U.S. For information,
contact: Afro-Asian Center, P.O. Box 337,
Saugerties, NY 12477, USA.


A workshop on Women, Public Policy and
Development: Utilizing Microcomputer
Databases will be held at the University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from June

S18 through July 13, 1990. The workshop
will draw on the availability of the
United Nations Indicators and Statistics
(WISTAT) database, which pulls together a
large base of comparative gender-specific
information on LOTUS files and thus can be
manipulated and analyzed in IBM Compatible
PC's. For more information, contact: Sam
H. Johnson, University of Illinois,
Department of Agricultural Economics-
SHJ690, 437 Mumford Hall, 1301 West
Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL 61801, USA.

International Women and Health Meeting,
The Philippines, November 3-10, 1990.
Write: 1990IWHM Secretariat, c/o Women's
Health Philippines, 1589 Quezon Avenue,
Quezon City 1004, PHILIPPINES.

Women, Health and Development will be
held in April 1990, in Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, in order to exchange research
results and activities of Belgian,
British, and Dutch medical anthropologists
in the field of women, health, and
development. Papers centering on gender-
specific factors, possibly in connection
with sex-specific ones, are preferred.
For more information, contact: Ms. J.
Buringa, Soendastraat 25, 1094 BE

Fourth International Interdisciplinary
Congress on Women (IICW) will be held at
Hunter College (CUNY) from June 3-7,
1990. The theme for the 1990 Congress,
Women's Realities, Women's Choices, was
selected so that participants can explore
this Congress' theme as it intersects with
analysis, research, theory, and action.
The Congress invites work on women in all
fields. For more information, write to:
Fourth International Interdisciplinary
Congress on Women, Box 733 HN, Hunter
College, 695 Park Avenue, New York, NY
10021, USA.

First Sino-American Conference on Women's
Issues titled "Holding Up Half the Sky"
will be held June 25-28, 1990, in Beijing,
People's Republic of China. The purpose
of the conference is to provide a forum
for the sharing of research, information,
and ideas on four key issues related to
women: education and training; employment
and career advancement; family and child
care; and health and well-being. For more
information, contact: Global
Interactions, Inc., 3332 West Thomas Road,
Phoenix, AZ 85017, USA.

1990 Colorado Women's Studies Annual
Conference will be held May 4-5, 1990.
The theme will be "Feminist Scholarship as
a Catalyst for Change." Send a three-page
double spaced proposal for panels or
papers to: CWSA Meeting, Women's Studies
Program, Campus Box 246, University of
Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0246, USA.

World Conference on Slavery and Society in
History, organized by Arewa House, will
be held on March 26-30, 1990. The
conference will look at: causes of
slavery in traditional societies around
the world, slavery and religion in world
history, African religion and slavery, and
European slavery and slave trading. For
more information, contact: Dr. Bashir
Ikara, Director of Arewa House, Centre for
Research and Historical Documentation,
Ahmadu Bello University, P.M.B. 2006,
Kaduna, NIGERIA.

Impact of AIDS on Maternal-Child Health
Care Delivery in Africa will be held May
4-6, 1990 at the University of Illinois,
Champaign-Urbana. If you are interested,
please advise no later than March 15,
1990. More information is available upon
request. Posters will be mailed at a
later date. Contact: Sue Swisher, Center
for African Studies, 1208 West California,
Urbana, IL 61801, USA.


The Joint Committee on Chinese Studies, of
the American Council of learned Societies
and the Social Science Research Council
will offer fellowships for research on
China in any discipline of the humanities
of social sciences. Scholars doing
interdisciplinary or comparative work are
encouraged to apply. These fellowships
are not intended to support research
within the People's Republic of China.
Support for these programs has been
provided by the Chiang Ching-Kuo
Foundation for International Scholarly
Exchange and the Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation. Completed application forms
must be received by March 1, 1990, and
awards will be announced in late April
1990. For more information, contact:
Office of Fellowships and Grants, ACLS,
228 East 45 Street, New York, NY 10017-
3398, USA.

The Pew Faculty Fellowship in
International Affairs, a program of the
Pew Charitable Trusts and John F. Kennedy
School of Government at Harvard
University, is a year-long program
providing 20-30 faculty with
instruction. Each fellow will receive
tuition, travel and expenses to underwrite
participation in a two-week summer
institute and follow-up workshops, and a
stipend of US$9,000 to foster the
development teaching of a case course in
international affairs. For application,
write to: John Boehrer, Director, the Pew
Faculty Fellowship in International
Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of
Government, 79 John F. Kennedy Street,
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.

Graduate students with expertise in
management, international economics,
agriculture, agricultural economics,
agribusiness, rural development or African
studies and fluency in French with
excellent writing skills, are invited to
apply for an internship in sub-Saharan
Africa. Those interested should submit a
curriculum vitae and a letter stating
their availability to: Lynda K. Barrow,
Assistant Program Director, The Pragma
Corporation, 116 East Broad Street, Falls
Church, VA 22046, USA.

The Global Nursing Conference sponsored by
the University of Texas will be held April
27-27, 1990 in Galveston, Texas. The
future of global nursing education and
practice will be the theme of the
conference, with speakers from Mexico,
Pakistan, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, the
Philippines and the United States. For
more information contact: Continuing
Nursing Education, The University of Texas
Medical Branch, 1100 Mechanic, Galveston,
TX 77550, USA.

Mrs. Uche Azikiwe, a Research Fellow at
the University of Nigeria, Nsukka seeks:
literature related to the topic of
curriculum development for non-formal
education for rural women, instruments for
data collection that could be modified and
adapted to Nigeria, and information about
NGOs and International Organizations
interested in this topic. Contact: Mrs.
Uche Azikiwe, Institute of Education,
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Anambra



Women in the Middle East is a perceptive collection of essays on the predicament of
Middle Eastern women. It includes essays on Egyptian, Palestinian, and Israeli

Reviewer: Niket Kardam, Political Science, Pomona College

The essay by Hamida Kazi provides a good discussion of the participation of
Palestinian women in the National Liberation Movement. Women now have more freedom
of movement but perceived gender relations still limit women's participation.
Participation, however, occurs only among middle class women and is circumscribed by
gender-ascribed roles. As Hamida Kazi points out (p. 35) "The participation of
women even in the most radical faction, the PFLP is subject to male domination. It
mainly involves working on women's projects, or domestic support for the
revolutionaries (producing children, arranging social activities and so on)."

Magida Salman has written an article on the place of the Arab woman in Muslim
societies. She shows how the Islamic perception of female sexuality as an active
one threatens the security of men. This perception has confined women and justified
women's control by restricting their movements.

In an article titled "A Palestinian Woman in Prison," Laila al Hamdani speaks of her
experience in a Jewish prison and the differences and similarities between
Palestinian and Jewish women prisoners. The similarities of their experience in
gender oppression, as well as their political differences, are poignantly expressed.

There are many positive aspects of this book. First, it attempts to take a wide
perspective of the Middle East as a whole. Second, the essays are mostly by people
from the area who can give perceptive analyses from an insider's point of view.
Third, it is straightforward about its political view in support of the struggle
against "imperialism, zionism and the Arab ruling classes." On the whole it should
be seen as a "committed" publication that is politically and academically useful in
spreading knowledge about women's experiences in the Middle East.

Middle East-A Directory of Resource, (Orbis Books, NY, 1988) is a collection of
annotated entries on organizations, books, periodicals, pamphlets and articles, and
audio-visual resources.

The entries are chosen with the purpose of "creating fundamental changes in the
status quo." Therefore, one is able to find entries in this book that would not be
included in more mainstream directories. It covers a wide range of resources that
those interested in the Middle East will find useful.


The Doctor, engaged in family planning programs in India, was chatting with the head
man of a village in which a program was about to begin. "How many children do you
have?" the doctor asked his host. "Three," replied the villager. "That's a good
size for a family," said the doctor approvingly, having feared the typical reply of
six or seven. "But you haven't asked me how many daughters I have," said the
villager. (Source: World Development Forum, Volume 7, Number 3, 2/15/89)


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