ufellow.. slack) staaua," says Professor, .1. 1 Real J. estate! Agency. II III

--- am.ther was smaller, while the third :M. Scott of the Mute; KxperimentStation. : .. :

Total ci l edits above running/ I wits <|uite diminutive indeed.; anti ovi. "I'umt(," lie says, "will preserve I Really and sold. .;..:..:-:.{:..:}::..:{.: .>.:>: firr4447: fiv: { ri= }4 }fiv4 :+: ro-::{"fi4rr: 'r{:''> -44':}4 c>-.,
(xpi-nses. _ _ _ $2i:I.lHH.20! : ( .' "tneni wasiitten.. "1Vhn !h rat not the wool I anal prevent' the metal Bought
Our records show. we have-been> milk ?! Aw. g'wun I never did. like |Purl< from. I Ullt!1111(. Two kinds of HOIlt.es rented. I __ __ H _____ __ ______ ___
able to .secure about seventy-five percent ,coiiunidi UtiisVhal, ditfi-ience,' doi1.- paint will In ,n'cedcd: one for the net I Taxes paid and Titles
convictions' for violations of the it make 1 now ? They'll" nil dead. .any 111 I p-iit.s! and the other for the woodtn : verifi-I
lawn and we have a warehouse full WIl}'. pints. 'I 1 he cost of the paint willhe ed for non-iesidents. : GAZETTE "WANT ADS" ARE WINNERS

of illegal nets! and gear that was taken I '. "u-luined in the imreased life of Fire Life and I
The "'111 111'1"' UleMsiiifi I
without prisoners < tht machinery.,
I Too lout h cannot be said in lommendation surance. I
Indemnity. Bonds.. - - - .
F'n SPRAYING IRISH POTATOES IS I of (the managers who stun; Corn is pn.duced on nearly .".1,1100-! ) I )TWoman's - --. - - ---

I.IKE:: INSUR1NC! : ONK'S LIFTI; id this exielltnt fuir. --XJJ'y hurt thepood (OWl( of the (,.)()((1(1(11)( ) farms in the United i e..a.a..ooa.r I nsa<-+.... )4 :- :- :-v >.:-:.**.:. : : -: ''
-- I will! if eveiy worthy )pe"...on.May i States, about !(IIOOO.OJOlCIl'i() ( : of I II h -

"Sprayinjj irish. potatoes for the .itrot-iH-rity' attend. them and ,fjirni land beinir devoted to this crop.Coin I :X:: c.'I'. I'JlII'I'S I 1 J. II. IMIII'I'S :| .

control of lute I.Jihill. \ like varrvimt '' heir[ sleep be ,sweet. May; they be is a native of Ami-lieu, i but is! I .
life insurance," is. the way (C.; 1'. Welivr. bpureil to come' I back at us next, year" I now grown in many countries of the : PHIPPS BROTHERS' GARAGE 3

t'o assistant, i plant pathologist' thl"FJol"ida | with. aiiollur fair I'IIllall1l11.r'n; II ,,IdVo..ld.. 1.
I urtiitei kick than this one. .. I Ii
-- - -- - - --
\ \Experiment Station sums un GENERAL I
the ndvire that has! been given on this I I *
BIIT: RISo1.1'EIII : )
,. .subject by .specialists: 'and practitul\ r I II ExchangeInfant's .f Oil. ,1N: I GASOLINE; : : H\TTJoUY: \\OI.K +
growers. I C ( '. \ l llalloiklliei.lvid Y
"You may never sprav and' iuve i : That( tilt. shall be I , c"J II I t. LO'ATm.rs SIM Kirs HIUI.DINf; :i:
lose a crop it i ir true" but the eh r c's A hipjier! i'f to n-e; I It "
gut : 1'lO\E! :
are that you will lose. (On the other I With, nailer, scone of fiin:: '. sail and( Children's < KISMIMMKE.! : FLORIDA :i
hand, if you sprav, the rhu'ict-1' are hop t: USE I w.)<" :"{" :'r' 34 t-}{" :-{ 4'}440'i: 3( 444SG43P't G4t OC d'6+i44444sY+50G4o'

that you will not f suffer losses from In :Nintt'! "en-t wi nt j'-threi-. 'SANiTMWDAIRYCO'S. Clothes made to order.( ) Fan j
this ecnmionest disease of th" pitlut ) I'll work :and ply, and i plan)

field Dr. Weber, /froes' on to fay. To make thi moving/ span MILK & ICE CREAM '.- '; ' -., >..-. . .
It is considered nen.JBary to spray, OT hiiriied days--in till "ts, \\ > I cy work done. .: .1.-. :". .. _.: ';;:-.: '- ; ; :;,.

for late blight whether or' nat: the .As tile ,ry as 1 tan.Resolved 'VMp
disea' has! mnde its in I t'V'
appeurance Open 9 to 1 : 2 to 5 II
fie field.! This ) I
fungus produce.1 lnrj c I : That I shall slrl\r-- d I

dead spots on the leaves which on the I'ho f.11 tunes' fail to tluiveWith ,t\M ,, .
lower side show characteristic( downy alight and main--a; sI- .->. ofgain )II t a Closed Thursday Afternoon I
riowth. It leads It'o' r. to stem and tuber 1 s'

decay. Once started!, if the weather is I'rom service i to derive: saut, Dkeechobee I

l continuously damp and roollaTj, Areas That I 'hull count it /good Building BUILDING fOR[ SALE
of plants in the fields: will he killedin To strive us strong men shout' : : .
a few days.Bordeaux To do my best with eager: zest Opposite Post Office I
mixture of 4-4-50; or 5- And earnest hardihood PHOXK THE MILK.- TEN
5.50 formula, is the sprayin material BY TWELVE FEET

recommendej for controlling the MAN
Resolved : That I shall seek
disease. It should lie applied first. The counsels of the meek. TIN ROOF
about the time the plants are '
And vanquish pride. that I maygade
fix inches high, and be repeated. every Get us on the wire and
ten: day or two weeks. The grower The wayward and the weak. CEILEDWIRED
o ahould fet his sprayer and spraying That I shall play my part us to delilver your NEID'S BATHS ,
y b.r material ready for use immediatelyafter Without dissembling art. milk every morning.It'll HEALING

;.# the planting has been finished.Dr. Nor fear, nor doubt and keep: make your shopping -
Weber says that so little experimentation throughoutA easier and ou'11 know -.
} Recommended for Rheumatism and r'HHHy.y__
has been done on irish clean, courageous heart! you have a milk of 'splendid i all kinds of Skin Diseases
and Stomach
i y potato diseases in Florida that it is Denver Post. wholesome qualities.AXVITARYDAIRYCo'. Troubles. -
hard to' give the grower detailed in.truetlons. AT

a.h .. ., This is true for the furthr The Citrus Industry published at Also mineral
> reason j that ,condition of soil and I Tampa says "Because citrus is your water for drinking 301 MAIN STREET

climate are 10 varying, in the state. main crop is no reason way you should urposes.CHAS.. __ .
However the expeHencea of many neglect the side lines. Every Flor- aa5 .
.r) aetical growers and result of the dian fruit grower should be able to e -
.1 limited experiments conducted in the supply his own table at least with / Q our 27ilkman' . I IJJE.D, Owner III .

stat t make U Impossible'for' thegen,, home grown fruits ever day Order From .. .
oral ''recommendation'.given;:*boye., lithe year"r!: j Phone 1' /
208 Kli>imin e, Florida: I- I }

.... .. .. ... J* S'- _
.,,"-- '" ....1M": .,.. ." _'1-._ or""" ." .... r ,. ,
1a "'''.." ; ,J"-I- ,.. ,'. .'.1.1'. .: , u st; .. -

[ III fl TIy .,", >. ,. ,
'"''''. '1'''' _> .l.) :r 1. .r.t '. v


# .


THE, KI88IMMKB ,y LLKr-CAZETTi: ; ,FRIDAY, JANUARY.M, 1923 _" _. _. ,_ __ TRUCKf

ROAD CONFERENCE UNIVERSITY. ISSUES NEW o .o .....,....o. o. .o.oo ..o s
ANNOUNCEDProminent BULLETIN: 1)> n .ACK ROT ': .:

PROGRAM Bulletin No.343 has just been Issued 50 : The Biggest Thing in Central So.. Florida'This Year \\
Engineers To Address Big by the University of Florida SINGER C

Conclave( of ,County Engineers and agricultural, experient station. at : -IS THE-.
Commissioners At Gainesville' Gainesville on the subject of black .
'. bulidere' ret The joint authors of the treatise Sewing Machine j
Thestate, conference are O. F. Burger and Wm. Gomme. GOOD '
which will be held at Gainesville, at The bulletin follows:, Agency : SubTropical p Mid-Winter Fair

the University of Florida, FebruaryS Black rot of oranges begins at the 127 MAIN ST. SEARS BUM!
9 and 10, will be well attended by blossom end of the fruit. The' first CIGARETTES

highway engineers' county cotnmisflieners sign of the disease is the highly colored ALL ROADS LEAD TO ORLANDO
and citizens who are interested . fruit, which ripens considerably <= All kinds of 'Sewing Machine ,. .
in Florida's' road building prob.11'ms. before the main crop. At this time Repairs and Accessories.. t For Fourteen Consecutive Years It Has
Been Has
according to Dean J.' K. Benton, J Crowing-It.
there will '
be also 1O
,: small Cost =Timan1
of Engineering1 who Moneys Prodigious Effort To Build the Most Artis
of th! College ng, brown
I spot at the blossom end of the '
the conference hat been fruit. If interested drop us a poet- tic Exposition In the State, It is not a mushroom growth but actually -
"!lye If the rind is
enable Florida road remove. underneath requires the constant labor of the whole to bring it to
failed in order to the brown the tissue in card and we will call at your year
spot '
and I>ci lection. You have your part In it. .
builders to get together exchange brown, or, in a more advanced stag, GENUINE residence
ideas on questions which will be of greeninsh to- black. The blackening! E You cnn help make it hum. Arrangements have been made to
interest to every citizen Round and table tax dlncus-payer 'I, WAV extend through ,the central rag, "BULL"DURHAM :::how the beet of the Products, Citrus Garden, Field Manufacture,
in the state. Including the core. In some cases Home Demonstration, Health, Stock, Poultry Art Needlecraft
*ions in which all are present will ,b. there is no visible sign on the outside W. H. BARNES :
urged to take part, will form a large' that black rot is present In such TOBACCO Johnnie J. Jones'. Shows have a part. So, have the FWlU! Wheel I
imrt of the program. cases a picker or grader is going to MANAGER. : Gii1s., : Joe Killjoy will frolic and the Earle Sisters will perform.
Many prominent engineers will appear let the fruit go through to market and -- .. ..,< -- .. The n.-llamc-ad Troupe of Girls arc said to b+ the fineR "posers in
on the program according to P. the disease will devellop in transit' 1 ,e c nunh )'.. _- ,
I L Reed, professor! of civil engineer. and When PERTAINING TO CHURCHES
storage. the disease hrs
,.f: Sixty Race Horses
of local arrangements.The -- - - -- piuctlclntr.
inn in charge reached the advanced stage- of decay .
gl'nel81 plan for the conference a large green to black pct makes it 1appl'arance 'I Presbyterian Church, x:? Kennel Club Deg SI ow.
fallows: --- I
m as at the blossom end. At
Thursday. February 8 this; time' the core and rag are black Rev W. II. Drssch--, D.. D., Pastor ,:.This is _}.:..cur Fair. Help to make 'it youls. Bring something to it,
Registration.Inrptction and the fruit cells are beginning to I
of models and other exhibits break down. This condition existsin OMr: ;; n, m.-!S-jndny rchool. Prof. (Come Yourself. Bring Your Family.
furnished the United States D. U. Shaver, IIUlel intentll'nl.
liurvau of public roads. !' way the to field market.and also develops on the 11:00: a' m.-Morning Worship I'r r Reduced Rates On All Railroads
of Florida Sermon by the pastor .
State: Road Department road Cause o( Black Rot GJO:: () p'. iA.;.,....Chl' til1n Endeavormcrting -0
cf material
ml manufacturers Black rot is a disease: caused by a !
und l'11uipmcnLAddrCRlles fungus growth known as ,Alternariari : I Orlando
7:0:: ,. Evening : i' Florida-
by members of faculty, This fungus was first described p. ;( : )
University' of Florida, and Judge II. by N. B. Pierce in 1902 en Cal mon bv I? thc tile pustoi.Music ' W1I1'hil.1.1"1 ,
It Philip, chairman: state road deliiutment ifornia Navel orangen. Later this! I by: .
T.W: m-\Ylllne
I )p. ; (
Florida, indny years con-
was described as causHc n droppingof
road works in this Mate. and i Bible study.; 13-17 i
'n 1" cted with fruit in Alizona. I -I \: February 1923
I Choii
7:30 m.-Thursday.
II. J. Monlson, engineer for United At the blossom end of citrus fruit i : p. P"IIC"ti ,
Mutes bureau of public roads Mr. there is a small opening which givesaready 'tl1Il'1 i We manufacture any size ;;.
VKitom\ will find onlial \.1
: u { ; \V R.
stationed in Florida andin O'NEAL. Pros
Morrison is entrance to the fungus.Weather I JAS. L GILES: Trni.C. .
home-like churc-h. tombstone. direct and
charge of road work in this state conditions; also must! influence i to a ___, I I Buy f 11. II. "
:tor the United States bureau of public this disease. Therefore, sincewe First Berlin ChurchRev. I II save agent's commission WCKSON. V.-IYcs. E:. HOWARD, Secy. ...
I reads. have so much of the disease I *
Major C. A. Browne, county engineer . this year, we might assume that I J. A. Sutton,-1). I n. I'II-tor. Write us a line. >rsraaaac a-ea:esa'Fwxw.'oc oo ..O* sXfr f.II sK

Orange county. Many years connected last summer wall favorable for the --- I
with road work in Florida development of black rot. 9:4Fi: u. m. -Sunday Sd1C..1. C/ir- n.\u< ni, iii-iii(':, >t. I', SIMMONS.. II. A. MOfltlSUNJIt.
Wm. F. Cocke, state highway engineer. DistributionLetters I lion 1"/lI'n1l'I', superintend"nt. ('lad.s' LAKELAND MARBLE AND (l-t slit, ut Vice 1'rcaldeut Sec. &: Treoi. ,

; Florida, has been asked to and specimens have been for nil u'':r;"''. Join the IJII tOI"'" clns I Best Fertilizers lute tiqdea/ Sprayers Poultry Supplies
hud discussions on all papers pre. received from all section of the state, 11:00: u. m. -Seimon by the pica-I WORKSG. honest Goods Fair Prices .
M-ntel. complaining of this! diseasf which I tu>-. Theme: "Show Me." GRANITE Prompt Shipment a
lecturers this year is general. Each year I ti.30: .p. in.-B. Y. P. U. Mmsionur.meeting Ask Your Neighbor-He Knows d
E. G. Btrneike. field engineer for there is a small amount of the disease" "Mim..H'iiaiy flats' for IJI."I! : i. L. BLACKBURN: Propiie-t, GET XLW FALL P1UCKLI3T BEFORE BUYING.

national paving brick manufacturer present, but ;o little that the grower 7-30 p. r.i.-Sermon lthe pastor. I E. O. PAINTER FERTILIZER CO.. JacluoaTille Florida i
nSVoeiation-: docs not know that it exists. For I 7:30: p. m. Wednesdaj.] I'injvi' Lakeland, Florida
Col. II. C. Boyden engineer forrtlnnd Home unexplained reason this diseasemakes meeting. I i-tf
'' cement association. I _-___----_- --
l its appearance and (auras considerable Free ,seats and n MpK-onii"> testrangeis u ; II
Friday February 9 damage at different times.In it* Dell its those who 1 belong I I < l
Inspection of roads in vicinity of 1911 Professor Fawcett recordedthe here. KISSIMIMEE PLUMBING YOUR OPPORTUNITY

( ;iiiineHville. (' of (black lot H- doing A church of the Itil>l<> and for the I SHOP
Addresser considerable damagf: Since I thin the people. I I'
E. W. James from Washington of- disease bus caused no alarm' until __ I Acieago ripe for" Hub-diviiling; for groves or Cairns or homes, on.Atlantic -
tire\ of United States bureau of |>ul'lir this season.It Methodist Church i iRI Ocean and 1 Indian Ri.er, across river from Melbourne Bridge
roads-one of the bent authorities was formerly I thought- th'it tv i l Nothing Too Big i ii i,-1111.ecting; Extensive development now going on near this acreage.In .

in the United States will talk on Navel mange was the only: vii liety: -\'. \V. C. Norton, Pa-loi i parcels to fuit front 1 to 150 acres.
maintenance. attacked. In 11(11!( it v'us (ou',1,1 on -- .- Nothing Too Small Some:; sub-divided uirl fully improved, advancement sure, finest locat'Dii ,
(;.eoige F:. littler, county engineer, Pineapple and Ruby lilood. This 7:(OtT)( u. m.-Union Sunrise Piujci I on East: Coast. Demand now on for this property ,
.ikc- maintenance of Florida Meeting in Ilun-raloA Write, phone or call for plats and prices. Get in on ground floor.
l| county- year ((1022)! : ) it IIUH been repuit'd 1 u' / : ,
onls. 9:4: ;, a. m.-Sunday ,school. J. 1.
I occurring' on Ruby Blood Paioi I I All-Work Guaranteed
Lecturers Brown, Pineapple1! .laff., Tanjrerim Ovcrstie-ot Kiipeiintenilent. ,[ Indian RiveriOcearijlHomes I ''i
Theodore Shoemaker, engineer for" i jand Valencia. Our invent ip-aticn- 11:00 u. -Pleaching; bv R-.-v. J. :; To Be Satisfactory ] Company
Warren Bros Company, Boston I A Hcndrj, educational secretary of
I .'W-nrenite-Bitulithis. Pavements." I|No'ember ; th.. Florida Metlmlist; ronferemcfi:30 -. : ,I MELBOURNE, FLORIDA JOHN WINTER, Prcs. )
W. K. American As- Senioi' League* devotional Broadway : Telephone U U: .
Rorengarten. I from A to 25! pet'cent. One grove olI : p. 111 : Af
I''tiHlt Associatlcn. New. York- "As I Jaffa oranges was visitedheie n i service f
phalt Pavements." ('drop of 2.1 'percentjs .lIu8..1 1 li% 7:30: p. m.-!Pleaching b\' lice pn-' I - -- - -

\\'. II. Carruthers. the Bart ett Company i I black rot. There .is no djub' dot tor. i
"Road materials." 7:30 n-Wedncstiq,, Md-xve-k:, :
that a hnget' pc -ntage will f nal'v] : p. <
saturday. February 10 show the disease A e.nsidersblr. l prayer seivice.3SO .
Reports and discussions by count j number, no doubt will. gj through : ::: and 7:10: ) p. m.-Friday.Tcaeli- I
rommisi6nrs. the packing house and v-ill not shoe'the er trainer < la<- .
Address: disease until the fruit arriver, 01 7:30: p. m.-Friday. Choir, prac
Harvey S. Hall testinir engineer, the market. tice. I a
Florid State Road Department.Virit Suggestions Fur ControlIt -- I .

to state roai department. is well to pick up all infected oranges Christian Church
Fire Remote-
testing laboratory. land bury them. The Ma'kened is
BH9HMIMM MB >>h MBM 4* ._ school 'E. .
area !soon! becomes coveted with 10:00 n. m Sundav C. w
EARLY VEGETABLES. IN spores which, nre easily scattered, by Yowell superintendent. .

FLORIDA thn wind. ; ',- ,.,-,- .. 11:00 a. Communion; services, :' : is certainINSURE I
.' ,: ',.,/1-,1,?\\'.''i' < In tho ease of Valencia or'oth..r 0:30: p. m.-Christian l1d'avorlSabjcct ; ,.; ,,taltr'$1r: j' ; Decay -- t
No vegetables s are as good as those late oranges showing the decay at : "What An the Rightful : M
crown in one's own garden, and this tthie, we advise sprovinr wit,a Claims of the Church Upon Us ?" Y
there are no good reasons why fresh)i I a :I- l-rO bordi-ai-x oil. We believe! Leader: Hairy B. Phil)'.
.egetabtes should not form a part of It that coating the fruit Ht thE blossom 7:30: p. Wcrtne'sdiiy, Prayer ,
the daily diet of every family. At the |enl I with the spray x'lll prevent the meeting. Interesting: und( inspirational I
beginning of the new year attention (disease. scrvic-c1:*. 4
yhuuld be devoted to the home garden I' Pai-king-houFe man:,jrers should see Visitors cordially iliviti-il.
advises W. L. Floyd professorof ( ] that none of the blackened oranges --- J.
horticulture of the Florida collegeof i goes into the wash water or remains ST. JOHN'S: KP1HCOPAI.: ('III'IU 11 s
agriculture. I|un the floor of the pa'kinrhou'II'. If --- i
January and February Is the timeto the vat iltv affected is mature, the Rev1.1. B. Ayres, Rector. iI

prepare seedbeds 'and the soil for clop should be !shipped! as: soon 11< 10OO a, m.--Sunday-- School. A.
the garden. Frosts in Florida are possible, for the longer" it hangs on I 11OO) : () a. CeUbration of the I
usually light enough not to kill most the tree* the grunttr may he the (lecay. Holy Communion and sermon by KivJamis .
young plants, specially: if given the Slick, of Winter Puik.
protection of a cold frame. This fact I I -- : with 9ee Mastic Paint
makes it possible for Florida peopleto FEW LKiN EXISTENCE: PARKS NOW 7:80: p.bv in.the-rector.Kvcning; Thayer, and l llormon :ee

produce early vegetables. j FOUM1 IN FOREST I AM
7:30: : Wednesday. Litany.
It I. a good practice to test seed
for germination before planting, in I Elk once occurred in near'y! every Prayers and Adilretis.
order to insure a good stand. Small state, but the larger niSmbcr are now I w
need like and turnip be 'confined to national forests and national Christ's Church with
cabbage can Decay is constantly at work. It begins
tested on a hot stove. Those that parks in 14 states. according to (Pentecostal) .
pop have vitality; the dead ones burn. I the forest service of the United States Corner Brack and Gale Streets little specks of rust-a'rotted spot-perhaps a crack

Large seed, like beets, carrots, andsugar Department of Agricultuie Of the to. that, exposes the wood to the elements-but decay once
corn, can be tested by means tal of 72,000 elk reported several Walter Lorenz started spreads rapidly.
of the rag doll tester, This consistsin years ago, over 52,000 find range on Sunday School Superintendent.
rolling the seed in a wet cloth and I the national forests some time duringthe There is this destructionthe -
only to
Thc once large herds of 10:00: a, m.--Sjnday IntorHatipnal way prevent
location.In year.
placing the roll in a warm I
about ten days open it and calcu nntefcpe found in nil Western states! lesson Clastjci for" all ages/ timely use ot Paint and Varnish.
11:00 a. m.-Preaching. Evangelist -
have been almost annihilated, but the
late Another the percentage point to of consider sprouted/ is seed.that I 2,400 head now existing on the national Aaron A. Smith in charge, Pee Gee Paint Products have "Saved the Surface" for

of having a fertile soil. Stable manure forests in 10 !slates!I constitute the 6:30:: () p. m.-Young People's meeting over fifty-five years. They will prove to you the best
at Revival Tent, near Lake (House.
nucleus of future herds. A total of
is one of the best fertilizers and cheapest insurance and weather.For .
against wear
known. It should be well rotted and 13,000 mountain sheep in 11 states, 7.JO:: p. m.-Revival services at Revival
should have a small percentage of end reported.10,000 mountain A few-goats representativesof in 4 states 2:30:: p. m.-Tuesday., Women's bible house exteriors Pee Gee Mastic will give longest .
ft raw to manure. This should be applied are study at Mrs. L. B. Jordan's emAderhold service at lowest cost. It Is an absolutely pure double pigment paint
other big species are
broadcast at the rate of ten mixed tons still many found in widely game scattered sections street. containing a high percentage of ZINC ground in genuine linseed oil, )
to the acre and be thoroughly raises of the national forests, while fur- 7:30 p. m.-Every evening except and therefore ha greatest covering capacity and durability. It add.
the soil. Stable
into manure bearing animals under protection show Monday. InterckTorrvinutidnal Revival to the looks sind life of your property and U the most economical
the of soil and thus
temperature the,
Services at Revival Tent Evangelist paint for
Commercial remarkable increase in most you to use.
hastens plant growth. ities. Aaron A. Smith, in climge.;(
fertilizers should be used at intervals -- ---- -- "Come." "Pray." "Believe." For every surface that needs protection, whether wood,stucco brick
luring the growing period as a top .
UNIQUE BIRTHDAY PARTY --- cement or metal, specify
dresser to stimulate rapid growth. FOR ALL KISSIMMEE KIDDIES HOLY REDEEMER CIU'IU
Cabbage,,cauliflower collard, eggplant / .-
lettuce, pepper, tomato and Next Monday, January 29, will bf ( ) .
onion seed can be sown in the seedbed the sixth birthday of Aeldgytha Ida Rev W II. Golden, RuctoiFouith '.
: in January. Do not cover more Jordan! little daughter of Mr. and I r1T ,
than three-quarters of an inch deep. Mrs C. C. Jordan, of the Casino thea- 8und-tfiel': Epiphunv Inn

.. Turnips beets and carrots should be ter, and she is going to have a birth- 10:00:( a. m.-Suday school. MIHSFiances
planted in the field as early as pos- day party for all her little friends A. Tress, and Mrs. Ilelc-n' hto
sible. if not already nlsnted. Bru- such as was never seen before. Max Kritz teachern. 1omc O t
eel sprout plants should be set also in Her father has made arrangementsto 100:: a. m. -Mass: with choir nndcongieRational slat them S E 1861

January.An get a moving picture in which singing. Epistle I Komnns -
effort should be made to have Jackie Coogan, the children's favor- X III. 8-!10. Varnlhc.s---Staijnj-Enamels
Tie w.vegetables every few days. This ite, stars, and the has invited all ,the GOKpelIott! VIII 23: -27.
can be done by planting new ones between children, under twelve years of age, Sermon-Christ quelling storm on
the rows every week or two. in Kissimmee to be her guests at the Galilee.At Ask for this beautifully
theater at the matinee at 4 o'clock Illustrated palnlbook OSCEOLA HARDWARE COMPANY
G. W. Morse says: "There is a Monday afternoon. The grown folks the recent meeting; of the Florida -
wide area of countrv to the south of can come too, If they want to, but Banana Growers Association, heldat write toPeasleeGaulbert '
Lake Okeechobee where great number they'll; have to pay the regular admission Tampa, the following officers w reelected Co Kissimmee. Florida
of pigs roam that are so much prices.' This is primarily for the : President, P. M. Shanlbarger,
wild game not being owned or claimed youngsters, and they're all invited to Pine Castle; vice-president, C L. .lt4CO**OMATBAtlanta \
by anybody. Some of the animals attend, and it won't cost them a cent, I Stokley, Mcunt\ _-Dora; Seeretar*- LOUISVILLB Dallas F
will put up a big fight upon suitable for it's a birthday party. I treasurer, W. E. Bolles, Oldsmar.. Mr. ,
provocation, and are actually dangerous Holies, who was r re-elected was the
to human lifer The forage of Yea, Indeed 1 original organizer of the association.The .
these wild pigs consists\ principallyof "The new neighbors are certainly next meeting' will be held in Or- 'I :
grassroots//( wampee, moonvinei, nt>' to the minute." i II)IaWhyV' lando during the 1 Orlando fair in Feb ; I.

custard Apples,' elderberries earthworms ruary. The feeding/ was general ,that
and a variety of herbaceouspi.nb j,1 "r'heq .setn Hn this afternoon toborrow banana growing: will become an im ;
- > our radio. set." portant industry in Florida. '

*ff*%,"* -#.n. ", -,." ,. ,.Ji' .-- I >.--.--.... ..,. > i <

", .. .. . '
JL. "r '
'_ q.t d x' r
I' -, ,'i' '1G"1nlx: Fr ua a 4t e.n s +Y 6tl ni r' g"i J
... n + ,. > +4.'ar4-, .. W y I
jjln; : :r .: .' "' t.;; y.1H cx::" ; >f'" : ) w

I a f't '

4 -
.j I "


1I'OUR :



often has it been said by 11

IIUHLISHKD BT ReHldTiHul' The Colder men who ought to have known or' believed ,
THE KISSIMMEE ,VALLEY dAZBTTI: Hundrvd otherwise "Florida can never .

EVERY Fill DAY, West Seductive Will Look Charms Over and Sunny Exhibits South''a be a great( livestock, state pure The Best- Servant
cannot grow' ll-the-year d'velti
.. I
W. n. HAnllH -p u.K. '.,.,1'rxsldent" Californians to;; h;number; of from crops" ,
O. VANS AONKW8icrot: ] 100 to 125, including my) 'ot the largest t Many ,have agreed with this as

VOL ALLISON T. FRENC11----------Idllor growers of citrus fruits .In Cal sumption. But Home have had fait ,

O"CRII"'I'II\)\' It ,TEll ifornia, will be interested visitors at! in Florida and what it 'can do in the ,

On Copy. One Year-:.....---..JI.OOUne ( the South Florida Fair .and Ganparil- way of growing pasture crops that FUR ;)A&.t. -
Copy Hlx Month*).. 1.0G< F brunry continuous graz-
Editor .__ .JiG la Carnival, which is to open will provide green
Ono Copy, Three Months,- 10. Advices received from E., I in" fo farm, animals FRUIT TREES FOR SALE "
( A. Street'editor'"of-thc'CaliforniA 'Citrograph 1 Heavy frosts have wiped the green
men' FloridataWl' m>.. "clarx matter. ]) ; published at Los Angeles,, ness from the hills and the valleys of IS1 YOU AKB INTKHKHTHI)'ln a tci
---- ------- a or planting shrubbery best servant in the world is of
---- Florida grove The money'
TH All commnnlcatlonK except from' hut state that the party/ of Californians areas of North and West any kind around your place drop m
lionized, rui'respondents niuxl l hll HIKII.o coming to Florida will include at tend, therefore, the best grazing for .a line and I will cull Anti talk it
The ..*d matter will I bo returned If of the largest anti best nu
the Pacific const certain experimental plots at hy sums
called for the party will leave ever, on series /In the Bouth \\'. I. Hall "Th
public" |II| in time to be in Tampa' for the big the Florida Experiment Station Fruit Tree Man;' 415 I'lidmontI'honi M. yourself with your own money by begin-

mee h .... fnir. California has na exhibit along may be seen growing, green and lux- 51UJ, Oilando, Florida' V-4.
the I I "U' the lines of the South Florida Fair uriant, unaffected by cold or fronts four ning a Savings Account now with this bank-
cur a oft FOIL KA1.K' --On grass rUI( ono
had i and Mr. Street thinks the display a number of green grasses. The soil burrier, oil stove: bed, with apt, 'I tr

} FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 1923A citrus fruits and of equipment' etc., upon which they are growing is representative and huntress' ; dresser. and oommodi-'
no ago wathey, used'' in the glove handling l and the of most of the land of I F. II. l"..w. 7 VimMl vet. _...7-llx.

management will be of great interestto the .state. 1.m-HiJ-R5;;; :, : White Leghorn pull tu

We GOOD MOVE the citrus growers/ of the Golden W. E. Stokes, grass and forage crop and 7 ('Oikcri-lw.. nt n-uMoiiiihli |>I.li'iniilno .

in th< / I estate. After the Fair the Californians investigator/ recently took a repoiterto one new 'IJI"'M' tow bout II

was The meeting last night, at which arc to make a tour of the entire those grass plots and pointed out 11. Hudson rfnc.lulc 7-Ztx

zcttehigh the Osceoln Fishing and Hunting citrus pelt of.Florida, inspecting/ pack 1 what theaverage' Floridian has longi FOIL 8A1.I3- )KalrliiinkHMoiMKnsollni; .
in' ing house plants, pre-coolmg and pre- i wanted to see. The grasses were, I I'imliii'. sultublf to Vunrp'liter to --- -
with Club came into being, w8 a step coloring plants /groves, etc., seeing nt i there, growing/ as corn grows in June. I tank 1H hoiHipnwir. 1'. < >I. I HoxS7.

High the right/ direction Onopola comity I first hand the methods. used in Florida 'ond all around could be seen I bermudaand St. I'lo.u.l. 1 1"I"'ld.l., JJlxKdll Merchants and Farmers Bank

p sue thereby came into line! with fifteen and comparing(' them with those in carpet grasses dead from winter i : HAI..K-- I Urr;nrpliiKton; ';' ; ; I-HITB foih.itrhliiK. .

time counties of Florida for a real 1 pur I' ('vllforllill: Visit of the California weather. from bliiirlliljon' wlnnerB,,
Iperty to Florida has been arranged at j These -Vasey and Dallia lit the fair. I'lloi. ti" home |people. :.
Florida grasses
we Hone pose. The officials of the I / I $1 nu IK'r sitting .<( 15 :.I rH., .1 NPiirker. OF KISSIMMEE
this time with the gpocial object in here in the of
planted spr'ng
Fish Protective Association -were / I'll.me I IK*. 7-Ite
Game and
'j view _of permittirj? visitors to seethe j li+22.:' Professor Stokon- explained. -
'are diligently at work withrep"l great' South Florida Fair and the "They have not hud time to get well FOH 8,11.H--8ingcr:: ; ;: Hew.log MufJiIno

TH resentatives of other a array of exhibits of Florida's wide i established, but you can see that being ,I,1 Hli. .Ilillil. 1-oiKllllon,. 125.UU. M 7llxPoll Mat1 -
rheas 21 usury til
Th.. considerable number of these will range of products which can be moradvantageously" /! I i only partly established they are enue--- -- -- -- .--- -- -- ---

observed Tit the fair'more' than holding their own. They HM.K) =-II.n--I;; r.'I. p-ioom, houm*. - - -- - -
1 Highlookii noon join this much needed conserva I In Inillaliititlo. Slelbournei rad INK, -
than in any other way. I nre furnishing grazing that cannot I
movement. ll\fi Small iiMiii-iit Joan will ,.-:-:-ya{ }fi.ri W44aa44aa44' 444'4000444544
tion P. T. Stric-dcr general 1
echo Honoiing bo "beat at this time of the year. I handle, Kroil H Hi'own. M-il'urne.'
"We never miss the sunshine until manager of the South Florida Fuir IliK is probably the best ull-ulound i rioilil.i 7-Itx
thing {Carnival the new" i' ,I .. : :.. ____ ___
the shadows fall might be a good' and, Cinsparrilla prass of the two. .
temp on in building\ at the (Fair Grounds connecting i These were growing in roil SAM 1'''o K.nifi. thi>rouciiiii., .i. II
succe record.J to put the phonograph grasser I Whit Leghorn, hens. Must' nutkiloom Casino Theatre
sentiment therein Snow and" Brorein Halls has beenmade very low soil In fact water has! been .' fir young" ..1..1 It i 1'ilrcH' r (gill
sport connection. The -
letiCH this Strii'iU-r Hall by the directors standing on the land for several A It. :MaiKton I'llHtl.ll-,. Hex 417.Klssininu .

ni at any rate, applies. It has beenso of the Fan. With the completic n of months. This, therefore, shows that j -. 1i'I":
us --- -- -- -- - -- - -- I.I
take few minutes off.run this 'on"'tingstructure the South the low lands of the ,
lessestah easy to a ( nuch of state Clti\i: ( ': 1'olt \1.1':: 1 Hi: ,"null-, tioi'Ht '
down to the lake anti hook n' few 1 Floiid.i I I-Vir Grounds h-s! the longest can bi US("I for raising; liMitock, aivl. tnlliH fii, 'tii I.ou"/l"! / crap" i .

to bass that have given no sinifli building of any fair grounds! in u',1 l profitably. There grasses were linit, ur11ge8titrlget' liu. H nod, kiitniiiits I! MONDAY AND TUESDAY
black we '
fin eontrMld'
stancbigg for the It him! for the, oulh-mol'l' than 1,001)] ) feet in growing oil \light upland, boil julxo |. 'lit.' ..I'n Just t 1)n),l.an, |pLtr...il l"i liv man-

'thought: morrow. length 1 under one I lonf. The new iiii'l, doing almost as well as en tli" 1I ln. .a rS Im .iilji'lnlnu. ) KIIIVIH' If I ti
this no long: been such an easy matter to I-, 'Idiot' will pnvide( space for sit bottom land proving the assumption lull i.I'HI d.. .iililr* ..* l.niK I l li.K: I l.i''. II

in a hop into the old flivver ami in just a "Ic.ist thiity-two, ,'xlihitjllhoot') ) ,". that ihey are well Milted to much ol I.IMII,Inn.in. I I'I.n, id i 1..u1i.1 'd' I I J. ,
-- --
leer few short hours leturn with n hand, ,'bub arc to bo arranged in somewhat J I'lol, Ilia's soil. -:;--;- -: : -i\!- "" n.IlllU u1, l\) i t outiil 'If.of

dilTiTi.til tjlcs than followed heret'i- 1'rf"sor, stokisays tHat with il. .. ". ,\1..1 I I 11 V ", .. I".f ,
meat jump buck' that we have never pained fnii1 The lionths are to he arranged wntil.iniU properly( sucti-J 11" lilt .\1.1 I..II _.till, 1151' i.;Liii.al'i I .
W.l I It :
.. ', ;
to reflect\ on the possibility! of the along; ("-'I'h 'He.; and Ihnl'eII, is to t then, grasses, and with others, which -- .II1.1 I .1:
- -
To time coming when
to d not In' full of dn" Hu! that day apprcachex. the ,.i,-I.I s I me\ ailing the hiili-s! of therenter II.IM' ,nothing tu din r from, u tin nod, .I 1.1,1" .I III ,,, tll'O'' 1"11111" I )'

spinWe i " i icv, '. DiMCtnis. of the fair IIHVC loci'", pa-tun' : standpoint I ( Of iojr=e, : _. .t ::HI/ \10111 MM t tKOH _' _fol.f, I <' :i.!:

.,, d 1. i nfi-d, 1'I. t I fill pall! i. ti In- follow If _ Loral! hunters cent to l hI' in fall n.'w ,II.i i..i I t .

accord with the aim rj thetale aMociution 111',111, :","I( ;, :in' "I I udllIlls" b<- iloiu Si<. 1 of p.illigiiw* can ,Humble. I"1'1'1)' Valley Hn + '

\ Some of the icio'nm"ndt- I iii'i', ''ii1, 11 MI"1'ail.'el i : in the sa-m- man IK. (tu'I'd, of. mei< hauls now', and. -z..I1. --. - --- - -- --- 7-if :

tion which are planned! for "ujrc! <'Stcd i,i.i within u few months <>,' vi-nix" ntmo Toil 1< \1.1 II; "PM "H. TIT "' "rll.-,h.\ !
-- -- -- . I .t: ,
seed be KimniM J 'nun NII 1' :ii.i *i c'tnls 1 Inciils
4b. adopted by the legislatcre germ mi: : )) : t. Vt'i-y grass may easily ail.' at llu,. Ittiiilv' olire.4elr. ,, ti. 7-
11I.INTER olitaim J.I'CACIIIN. :1: .'j'
/ pretty! rigid' but the lift t Known 1 :' : ( -tN1)1): --.--- -- - - - -- -- I' ..1". \'t' % '" -__ j I pr

!fpoitmni'Ti with whom wi ht talk f; UKHKH FIRMING: : ; FOB1.1. -11'--n- u ...101.I.IT. inn l ..
Oilindo calls you t to visit the fouhi > i him' in' .1, "I ly nw. aiiiy:1:"Ml I Milnroit I, c .
all tal nttituilovlinli IN: :.10 .riOKIDX\ ) SCHOOLS) 'j-
oil Bee , Hi l e t. 3"-11
0 I n u annual :ti iJ-11'inter Fir.: i ., I =: )' 1
II e .
,. of .. 511.1' nil telld.I'"I""t. !
I I. ""HIV silioi'Ia Floiiiln, tliuty-
to the state assoiiatun's "ii'd- In- fi, and all nilvi'i, tise,, iii-nt settini'" i. Ai'i-u .it the ..fll. .. (11Vl'S. : Si /
; the funntU
UMIuinjj' nii-n are" teaching ,
ers" speaks yell; for this lonnly'1sportsman'hip. 1 n t tf"yn11I)iiof tinnttraitiois aif.'a't' ,1 i!fa in l It., Kltinii 3.1f
W.an. (Iii: !'>" I "f tinjrri'atc't Industryninl I
shin thiTt
MK ;ini yU j tro
The IniKiiH-s.s aria ,, Foli-RE
. ' I'ISIMS" to about hundifJl
'I.( i ul.i coJily: iiti7i.ilarc.1 :i(-(u-iiiun| 0}
who does not do any hunting 01 fi.-h- inl lvi'II the' Fan at Url.tndo. l ;;-, Cituir )leaders in the state's IIjrL ---- -- I i (
: I'liK!: 1 KI.Ton.> : ' hill .,..I 1 tin tdl. ( lul.Lout nk
I iKultuiu, according' to a of I IJA : !
if such there i i", mil, we iioubt ird I tl who hnt1t'n.ll.d' ill fnrii report
ing 'ace I, -, \\lil I. .n, h.I 1, .-, I-. ?. i111.' I., i'M ,I.- .
it, will iciulily} fall in lini Our representative ] i'i, yet\ k-ii,n' what ::1 spli- del I ivjo l Mnjnii1 l supi visor of U.-TH-J'in' nl pail.I I'., 'il\ fuiniHlii.l, .,' II.'. |n.i
education for the Smlth.ug-hl'-)) month Iodine I il.lrisiColl
ition ill held thc-tc. I u? saute'A
fed |" G I C
in the legislature we 1
schools of Florida. ; i lull K iss iiiiini li-ITAN I I
It i imt local in ihfiincl'T Its I ( r h
r-- ---- -- -----
Ore will lend his full support. purpose is to help boost tho entire Fio-n what may now be considered TED.NTlii I L

The plans call for a sane I programof : >ut'i' Ccnti.il, and Northern: Forth insignificant beginning about fciveais I
-- -- -- ---- -- -- -
conservation and as such should Flulida by IJrin ingtog.thel' products ,' > ago: to the widespread system \\. \ : : Srul .limit,.. Im inn"r11(1st a _
for find little people nn'l ]pi'irple. 'of schools of today this is inde'vl l Hniiaiknble i iI '.' I In. lit, _"oI, 1 innnil.. older, | II
among I .
unTe It ill wc-11\ known fact that' no other development. And when i
'' a
who have the good of the .state as d' -21et'AN7'1:11--i-x11er1'
it is remembered! that this development -
Fair ill the state draws to it so ma- ; ) ROUBL
Sc whole\? in mind. ny winter visitors which is easily accounted is in agriculture-the tcainiTig: j' truck III-IIHT., Call oVfriiliiiiH. S 1'.
-XXX- for bccr.use it is the center" of I! of the young men who will tomorrowbe I Curtis Nijwby: Inn. T.tfWANTKliw 1 0

Imo, THE PRINTER'S LOSS the territory embracing the largest I utilizing our thousands of undeveloped Ii -To ,orrow" 110(10( off- hmr'mortKHire
for the
circle for there: people, this section acres production of real i-Htnto Aililri'tm:

.i,.. A sense\, of loss has! come into every I bcinty within that circle: 'I food? and l'aimEnt-it is most. .fiicCKirrging. :: <; -' I I "lIorIIIlKt'.r.' Uamctte. 1.1 lx .." ":.
1, W'th this fact in view, the MidWinter . I .
office and print shop in I WANTRD-Tjiily gentleman alll'nttnnt..d
newspaper Fair at Orlando exhibits: its I First came agricultural extension I \ In KlriHlmmi'i' In ritallV.it-
8iI Florida, during the last wl'ek.Vhl'n nioiluctii before not less than forty ork-that which teaches the ,iJil l,Ins I'III.IIIHH, Investigate IWM offl 'JI

sT word was received of tho death of : 'housrnd people who are interestedin farmer the latest and best inficm- I .,. 1'1"\1! t ll ullll, lltlllHlll.ll. >llH.ini-
|I'.li" n "in.tlliil, ] fiii \\"iltil.i.lu. J
ing by the demonstration, the IIct..Idoing' \
Arthur Green. Unobtrusive, always: Florida and who visit the Fair rate!/ I 11 \\ r.1khis'nii'. ( "''' \'. l ta-pt H4, MLIIIplils -
;! method., Then about dozen
Juco ularl '. a 'Vi,, ,
in the ) 4-4tx 1
welcome, he has won a place I
Bi !sides these Florida people al years behind came this class loom

hearts of men wherever printer's ink treys evidence great interest,; comintrfinm and project method of teaching agii-:, FOUND

is found. I every part of the state vu automobile inltuie to the farmer l ho)'. Next .

jeg Mr. Green in his capacity of Flor- over R'ou'l 1 roads, and by railroads I could well come a further typanxionif I'' FnUNI1'.111; ) of gold riniiniil ..:1.! ,,,..IBn
( IXhiliit:: Iou IhJI 111 Sntiiiili See
The ulltil'l'I' < >
g ida representative of the Virginia/ cheap round trip fares bein":; two systems ) community = Leo II \\llsi.ll 1, Ml I I'h.lllll.l.l. III 'lImr -
nrviiicil. capable growing farm nu t' *
Paper Company always kept an The people of this section of tin truck or orchard crops had been ADMISSION PRICES: Adults 35c; Children 20c

0K tive brain working for the aC-1 'itat" are heartily invited to do like ( leached. Let them go together, hand LOST

cf the printing\ trade. Nearly : u f Ise. in hand for then father and son will ---- - ---- KXCKirr ?
seven-I better understand each other have LOST A ill.nil..n.l. '. tarot. on liiuiiilin : I
I ----
c tjr years of age, his was the I ... , ,,
'ii) Fair l.viil.linu It -\ aid of-
A TRAP CROP AND more in common, and home tie* on I I Matinee 4 Children Under 12 FREE |
A younger man, combined with the i'rl'LANT (JKT MORE TOMATOES the farm will be more closely bound. I I ufilc r..r".I... If fuuiiil I. rituin In linzitlc; 7.11 Monday p. m. years ;
friendliness of the actual. Florida !
Laboring with the motto "A Practical I

printers havo lost a real friend. I' "Swt<>t' corn attracts the worms I Education of Practical Value for ; MISCELLANEOUS! tooooooooo.oooo. aoooaaaaaoaaaoaa4

- fiom the tomatoes and that idea suggests -, Practical Use of Farm Boys" as their! I
Punctuation in construction of sen- : an important way to protect a guide the Smith-Hughes teacher:; KKKIVii. ): DKfCMIlEll: 25. one cheek -- - -- -

tences means a great deal sometimes. I. have proved that they are not working I fir I1..Isles, i-KKplantH' under, Htcn-, --=-
crop of tomatoes from the worms ril :No 1U.H7 Shlpiii i' notlllpd\ H -- -
Careful newspaper reader had hard- writes J. R, Watson, entomologist of in vain. The young/ men and boys M: IIr",, ". It. 1 V I II :\(,. t I. KIH"II11"w!
ly ceased laughing over the local the Florida Experiment Station in I Inking advantage of these schools Agent for Itohrrt T Cochran A-.
'.. .
headline which asserted that "Venus answering inquiries of tomato grow- throughout thestate in the school -( -"-pang-, New Yorlt 7 :Ui CNewDisryeryAwI

was seen with naked eye suspendedfrom I ei..s.I rear of 1922-23: have already produced ADAPTED nt1NCIf G1IArrS -bring-

the moon," when a headline in I By means of what Professor Wat- farm products valued at more than paying\ return eighteen months niter -

the local contemporary announced son calls a trap crop-a cropgrown thirty thousand dollars. And they plantln1: Plant an iirli-ai anillio .

that n certain defendant was Sentenced :: I bpc..use it is more attractive to insect have dene this when otherwise they Inili-ppnilfiit./lnonlmi Hist In south rotnmorrlalfruit ; fruit

to six years in the circuit pests than the crop the grower wishesto would have probably produced nothing brings highest prlr ... \\'" Inlroiluc-

court"-which even Judge Branning protect-the gardener or trucker .-Agri./ News Service. .il IhiBfr. KrappH Into Klorhla sad t
doubt endorse they have been dolnic well ten eaBoim -
would no as being avery can produce more marketable toma- .
Other fruits
adapted also tree
harsh verdict to impose upon to"s. Therefore, this practice is recommended NOTICH TO ( HIDITOIIS Mui-lion..li-n. l.larklnTi.... figs peaches ; -

any defendant.-Miami Metropolis. as supplementary spraying In tonrt of tae ('oamtr ...d.... 0...-..... .. .etcFull liiformiUl Nurseries. : free calftIOK -.
Adnptiil Tampa' Fla.5I1f
>- or dusting.' t..t. Stale .r Florid' .
BAYS THE STATE MARKETING Recently a trucker of Citrus county

BUREAU wrote to Professor Watson and asked Sarah In re Kfttato of SKl'ONIl' : IIANIl: GOODS bought sold
A Pre\ntt. 1 DcrinstilTo and ri-patrril" The ('a"I"". 44-tf r'r
for how his
suggestions to
\ on protect all Creditor I...lIal': 'es.IIHlrliuteea y
State Treasurer Luning in Ills an- tomato crop from the tomato fru't and all I'eraoiiii havlirx Jlilinn or Ft ill H.".. -Or rentiloml; JVow- check it!
nual shows the Florida f<'as-
report worm. The following quotation from Demands aKnlnat said Kstntn: ,
house" liiAiiii a .inn-esld.. .. -ul.. unit.. .
fi ury had on hand at the close of 1922 his answer is interesting information You and each of you are hereby no- will HIII Hiltf.

i, a total of 245919770. The amount I for tho grower of tomatoes : titled nnd gulrc-l to present any NASH "'All I In gaud ondiilon' far. sale, -1v-noslrils, | sore from blowingfollowing' tIe.I first dose of Dr.
is held balance for 57 state funds. I I ilulmtf. and demands which you or IlIro..t rough) and scratchy-cl..
as I will ,
a "I should suggest tint you plant ..lth"r of you. may have .xgalnatthe(5t or trade fur ii-al/ i clot tight and oppressive with !King's New )DiscoveryI' I How ef
across the field double rows of sweet title of Sarah A l'revatldema.i.1.. late FINK I.fTTl.l.: faun unH' little over and cnnlCes- ecllve-IIIIS cl'endahle! 50'earf -
i The Deland News tells of an indul- half, of a mile fiom, oftlct-\ lioodHlXIIMIMl ; cuug'hingo-what i discom
of onrcola' (
corn, from 50 to 100 feet with'cowpeas County to tin un- old Grandma
apart remedy. will\
fort! tell
gent father at Lake Helen who told rMKiicil l Kx""ulor of Bald estate. IniUHl' With Bhlllll' KUIrounnlnK \ you
Z one of his sons if he would saw some between the rows. Plant the within two yearn from date hi-riot. well fenced gaud barn Inl'1l-c..I. head-clearing relief| It,'lcaaide, cough .rmplorevenmrmbcf
wood he could have the sawdust to corn at such a time that it wjll be just Dated January 24th. A. O! IS in. Itch soil flow /Inn w.ll A li.HKAln' of the Iamily. \ our drulfll'i.1 has 16

circus with. 1 coming: into silk! when the first fruitis O I.' KIUHH.H STOP PAYINl! rentV... have num.-
play forming on the tomatoes. 7-8t Hxeculor nice new bunKaliiwu that w.. ran Bill. 1- _
- '
you for a roil son ably l iaBh -- - .
Lady Jewel, a chicken of Woodland, "The mnths nrefer the corn to tomatoes ---- ------- - - down and ,lialnnnnlmi" >nt like PUN mint|in\- -- -- -- .. - -- -
nnd will lay most of their In FIELD' INSPECTION WORK I
Washington has broken the world's eggs "* rent cholera, cattle
I mange, sheep scabies,
record by laying 335 eggs: in one year, on the corn. The cowpeas supplv SOME BXrr.I.I.KNT";: l.ullilllid; lids fin SHOWN IN MOTION PICTURES glanders and tuberculosis
or 11 times her own weight. shade for the moths.! You should of Hale heap of ; quarantining -
'ZI course /gather the send : JVKI.HON' It Ii: t1.TYNI'At infested with the cattle-
very I fever
"Guarding live-stock
Camphor is now being made from thoroly and destroy the worms otherwise NI-WBY INN health a newonereel ; and disinfection of pen

turpentine. Every day in every way < the trap crop will be worse than ROTH'1: foil PI:m.K'ATION. United States film recently released by the 'i and railroad cars that have held diseased -

chemistry is working wonders. useless. You will want to treat the Serial No. 016094) ture allows the department of agricul- animals.
operations of the I The film be the
worm when it works as a budwormIn may borrowed from
A wood briquette is being made at the Department of the Interior. U 8. Land field inspection service of the bureauof .I department for limited or
corn. For this dust periods
r'r purpose Hone For Those Away From Howe Office at Oalnexvllle, Fla. Jan. 20. 1D23. animal industry.
r Washington, that is said to equal an- lead arsenate into the buds of the NOTICE U hereby given that Joe ed to the Attention is call- I copies may be bought at the cost of
thracite coal in values. This large number of animals ,
corn nlarits. This worm is described in iarpjard. of Klmlmmee Florida who. entering printing.
new fuel is made from saw mill ref Bulletin 161 of this station. If Altrzclively Decorated Ion December '0, 1811. made Homestead the" big stockyards each day
you Entry No. 01 OS4. for Lot 1. Sec and the fact that of .
use. many animals Florida
have not a copy, write to the Exper- tion 14. Township It H.. Range SO E.. pays, a million dollars a
iment Station, Gainesville, and ask Weekly Rates I Tallahassee Meridian. has flied notlco are returned to farms as stockers year for the poultry diseases known -ff
A paper mill at Lcesburg, promoted for it." Of Intention to make Three-year Proof and feeders. Should some of the as sorehead. That has been going on '!
by .Gilbert Leach of the Commer- to tablteh claim to the land above animals be diseased they would ed
Plus 221 Euilleit Huts serve a long time but
', /rial wiU soon be turning' out ; described before Clerk Circuit Court. to spread infection 1 we haven't Interferedmuch.
paperynot' Southern
Missouri! cotton through the Ifs
at Klwlmme.. coun- .
on the Ird .
L only for but for the try. Therefore '
r newspapers, are greatly: interested in a new method lot March, 19X3. thorough search for i .
belt: factories and for commercial use. of controlling the cotton boll Claimant names as wltneiaes: traces of disease is mad. Over $500,000 I
WMril :>
It.will b* made from Florida awgrastsv abort Cures MalariaChills Mart Hunt of KI..lmmee. Florida. worth'of' cor'p wM<
staple ,
or upland cotton ft-J. John, of KlMlmme. Florida. examinattionoofnrailroadl Brown by the 29,000 young UrmVwn
Now much of the used are
v paper lust announced by the Florida Ex- 666 3..i. of "' 74
u and- Fever .Dengse K'.f4 Florida. were members of boys' COT"
>in thin country come from Canada, Mriment Station and SUto Plant Willis .,,'of tCltulmmee. Florida. to discover of the 24.hoaf clubs
e.x florid' in to MY the ROBT. W. DAVIS law; examinationonof year, according to'rport+ ,i i8IX
stfps BoanL-Mo.'Ext. New.. or Bilipos Fever' .. anlmaJ. Jlor t. the ofagriculture.
1. .-.t* United States
y1 situation."I H.Kl.ter. traces df foot-and-mouth disease(hog departmemt b

*-T T

S' 11 .,.... ,, , "I ,, . .'.. \ 'rh. '' t rct.I
'" .' \\ *Lwv-*/ ls +A ; \1 -: .

f \" r,..MMiI.R..> u. '" '

_.at:, '\
, ":" ", ,
'. ,

1VFlVk.I t



r ..,......... 0400400000 PREVENT ,BLACK'ROT OF original strength' to the 'inixturs. ,on a pinnacle from which' he can if . ,,
YOUR SWEET When 50 bushels have been dipped. he chooses, view every; market In. the
LOCAL t ,WEATHER REPORT POTATOES discard the entire solution and makeup country and every tar of produce as <
t,. 4 a new mixture- Disinfecting the it rolls, ,toward those, markets. He BENNETT'S" ti;
PE 0 Official Bulletin>f dally tern-'0 Do year tan to grow sweet potatoes seed will not euro- any disease present can visualize buying and Belling! con
0_perature and precipitations' furnished < this If you do, it l in Important but will kill any pores that may ditions and BO inform himself that he
*. by the Kfssimme* Co- > that; you give aericus consideration to be present and which will\ enter: the can immediately take advantage of SPECIALS
9 operative U. S. Weather Bureau the; disinfecting of, .your seed before cut or bruised tubers. every selling! condition.Cooperative .. .
Mrs. 'J. M. Cochrantf returned to > Station, for the week ending bedding them, in order that your potatoes "Bichloride of mercury is harmless marketing makes possible coordinated '>. -
Kissimmee Wednesday! after a two 4. Friday, Jan 26, 1922 be free of disease. to the hands -or clothing, but is a effort, the elimination of waste _.
weeks visit in Tampa. The' State Plant Board of Floridais deadly poison if taken internally. motion, and intelligent distribution.
Date Max. Min. Prcp. 0 undertaking to control a number of Never leave the tablets Qr''solution Co-operation means economy plus 10 Iba. Sugar. . ; .79c
Shaves' 15c; haircut,. S5o; children 0 Saturday, Jan 20..75 44 .00'. ceticus:! diseases, one of which is where children or stock can reach it. efficiency in management. A big volume lbs
25c at Casino!; Barber Shop.' 18tiMr. 0 Sunday, Jan 21..,.'15 52 .00 < black rot of sweet potatoes. Officialsof Keep the barrel covered when not in of business .warrant expert attention 10 lOc HondurasRice
; 0 Monday, Jan 22...,81 65 .00 > the plant board have issued information use. When ready to be discarded, to every detail. Pooling the . . . r..79c
and Mrs. John 'Fry expect to Tuesday. Jan 23.84 54 .00 4 for farmers which tells then pour the solution into a hole, and tasks at hand eliminates duplicate effort ,
leave tomorrow for their old home In Wednesday, Jan 24.80 64 .00 4 how to control this disease. The advice cover' immediately with soil" and makes it possible to do each 10 lbs. Fancy Blue
0 Thursday, Jan 25..75 54 .05 4 follows: I task thoroughly once for all. The
Kenton, / 0 Friday Jan 26 ':_..55 42 .00 0 "It Is' earnestly recommended that WHAT IS CO.OJ>EUATIOS: cost of marketing through the successful Rose Rice . . . .59c
1 Readings are made at 8:00 a. 4 you use! great care in the selection ANYWAY co-operative organizations of
kodak finishing l at Minick's I Good
Expert m. for the preceding twenty-four 0 of your, seed potatoes and that they this country is therefore lower! than Smoked Meat,
Rcxall Drug Store. 50-tf hours.. s> be carefully handled at the time of The following editorial on "Co-op. i through other agencies. pound . . . . 20c
Mrs.'Guy Smith and daughter Evelyn ALLISON T. FRE1ICH. bedding. Sort out the seed befcre eiation" appeared recently in the Co-operation makes possible the
are in Kissimmee for the winter *- Co-operative Observer. < bedding and all tubers showing anysignn "Diamond Brand News" which is the standardizing of a product to meet Good Bulk Coffee,
their uncle and aunt, Mr. andMrs. 040000 00000v00 of disease! should! be discarded.All official publication of the California the needs' of a market. It means the
visiting e1.4 cut bruised pound . . . . .20c
L. M. Williams. or tubers should also Walnut Growers' Association. This product can be graded, labeled, advertised -
1-e discarded. editorial is particularly significant and public good-will and
Home-made pies served every day, Mr. and Mrs. Steinhoff, and: ;\h'.. "After selecting the seed carefully, because it was published at about the I demand created ,which are worth dollars Full line of Groceriesand
und Sunday, too, at Mrs. DuPont's and Mrs. S. Sheets, of Wichita Kanfas they should be disinfected in a solu- time the California Walnut Growers' an'i' cents to every pioducer.
Cafein the heart of Kissimmee. are guests now at the Nnwby tion of bichloride of mercury at thd Association celebrated the tenth anniversary Co-operation minimizes speculation Feeds. Come to
6.2tc Inn. They are charmed with thd rate of 1 ounce to 8 gallons of water. of its organization. see us. We appreciateyour
town of Kissimmee and surrounding; The tubers shouH remain in the solution Co-operation is the act of working I be-cause,
_. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Ogden, of country. for 10 minutes. Use wooden barrels together toward a common end or of 'i of getting them there and not to render : trade.
Wichita, Kansas, are guests of Mr. or tubes to hold the solution, and uniting for a common put pOlle. The 'I I someone else a profit from the I _
and Mrc. A. S. Nelson. Mrs. Ogden Many things we have sold out of dip the seed in hampers or crates. success or failure of co-operation lies grower's toil. No one can handle our - --
and Mrs. Nelson are sisters. but have lots of new goods about Never use metal containers in such not in co-operation itself, but in the business and protect our property in-
Monday. Silks, crepes, gingham, work. After ten bushes. have been individuals who either co-operate or tcrcsts as well as we ourselves II 6 Broadway, Kissimmee
Regular meals and short orders at t te. It will pay von to trade at Mc- disinfected add a half ounce of bi- fail co-operate.. through an organization which we
Mrs.I DuPonfs Cafe-in the heart of CAULEY'S STo E. chloride of mercury to restore the Cooperation puts the producer up have cl'eated.-l"lorl Grower.

Kissimmee. 0-2tc Mr. and Mm. J. II. Burnett; and .. -. -. -- .. .. - .. .- .. --. .. -- .. -- .. ,-- --- ..
"Po tma"tf'r" Miss Rhea Pherigo, daughter: of El Reno, Oklahoma} are
attended the convention of state a few days here visiting W. .. . ..
postal spending '
employees in Jacksonville Mon- It. Collins, father of Mrs. Burnett.Mr. -. ,,, : . : . .
day. Burnett is traveling passenger;
--"- a pent for the Rock Island! Railway,
Furnished Flat for rent. W. B. and 'with his family Is making a. tour
\Harris. Gazette office. 14-tf cf Floiida. They expect to visit: I
-- Havana Cuba, before returning home. '
Mrs. D. Watcrson, of Tampa| was __ I JANUARY CLEARANCE SALEIS
in Kissimmce Tu.?i day to nttend fie' Alison I I. Griffin, of Oak{ Knoll !
funeral of her sister) Mm. Sarah A. I I Farnn Wettforcl, Massachusetts'! '
Prwatt. formerly of Lawrence, purchased
--- this week the )Lowell<< propc"ty on -
No cxtin cliurge) for diiiining crank {
Sumner stieet. Mr. Griffin, is remodeling '

runtat:Mii'ii: stre.-t.Ciltcrt'M-- _Pilling. -, Station 7-21.1 11 make\ it the his residence winter home and t f.ir tpectsto the STILL GOING ON BUT THERE ARE ONLY A\ FEW MORE DAYS OF THE

Miss IIa/,-l I lines returned 1 to her )prt'Hint" l hilt probably his': pn nmnentlesidincc \ ,
home in' Ki Kimll..'.. this week from later .on.

Hnstol, Viu'inin whet she has ben .luv Wl.icliio!- has- l been\ :. K -

intending school. !Himniee visiting hi< h"ntm' A. L. GREAT FEAST Of
("hildrQI'( hats In Leirborns nod Win. h, rinc? Ap'' il. 1 It ft Sundav ''orHinninfrhnm BARGAINS -
Alal lit- )11) :
:Milan's. Mix.. .1. I) Woodbeck. >uma \\ re-
-I I '
:, ,:._ luin to the !McGiaw-IIill ( Tinpai. -', -
,Mrs T. I 1.. 'VII IIw I'. of Tampa, 111.1 I : tiRineers, with whom he h\-< I lie. n'oiif
i\.I. in KisMnunec, Mondav to.i..it I ccnni-cti'd., end will i.a\i .I'l his '
her Klsh'r.IIK.; A. W. Bailey.Kur tirntory the states of Alalmnu Mississippi 'I.
Louisiana, Te'ni: < " K, nlucky .
I iaitf.il! in ."I' Ucnnetl'n III I a, I , and Oklahoma.Mis 'i'r' ?pIRr7 {
i' n I { III(
this .'. ' till
1'<11( R Ii VIII I
-- . I : Maniie: .( Tilln, felt ... \ ii\ NT vu
M(,,,,,,'H. F.1.: and I'olliei Todd. ofNimpsonrillc ''i finl''iut Tlionvs. Ki-ntii,'l.v. w .itr'
South (Carolina each''the was > alkil l by a leli'piurri an'M'liHintf" ,-
kcompaniet! ; l t.>\. his ilnutrhter, are , t tin<* s"riau,] ill'"f he
pending! route time in KitiMmnu', 111.-...'. :MiJ., J I'h.lhp-: .\ It liar '
being guest! nt tinrranklin. house -IMI", ht ., i "Icarr.c-d, .1 t'l:it :\1" Phliptill' } : < '
I .! li.'l'ini I'r. llliltll). 'I'll- >l I.. tat + '
('11111011 tn-pi-, $:!.5.U.,, at M< CAl'LKY'.S. 'L' ((1 wonuin' was Kn" wn in Ki: ->in mar I V"it
"S .
: "+:"MPC' si'itt'l; 1 the fumiK of h i r jn- '

:Mrs. Lulu Dnnifl.- -of I 1"'l'Khuql'/UI,1 I !h', :M. 'Tillil, ._. f..'\v -i car- ufro. I.

her iter. Mrs. Hurliaia ;Moriow of Among fie', I..t a'lixa'n: n. K 'ssimiix .
Jacksonville' wonin Kissimmee Friday f, 0111 the north an Mr. an'1!
and Saturday with a Mile trip to Mis. F. F.:. Keyr.old. :Mr. and Mr''.
Kill, imm.." Park looking after \\'u.i-, JoHtph nlUhnn.. MrJohn: c. Don)
nUll interests and visiting friends.A ovan. ills Pen Donovan and Ja'rej
-- --- all\ from I. 5lnsaachunDonovan -
McCAU- ) flu
Real SAKE now on at
LEY'S. pttn; Mrc. George Stewart, Swamp ii'etoipd
.- -- scott ; Mrn. John Connor and 1 William ,
Mr. and Mm' Henry Hunt and two Connor, of Nnhnnt.! These :Maasachusetts .1.
children of Ore !nuboro. North Carolina jK-oplf ire in Kistimmec to '
and J. 11. Jcnes, arc guests of enjoy the winter .sunshine and are
Mr. and Mrs. J. McPhatter. Mrs. living at the Franklin house.Interested .

Hunt, who is Mrs. McPhatter' niece, of citizens! have
formerly lived in KUaimmec.: groups
''' --- been watching the working of the Extra 'Special. Out of the 00 of Ladies' of those Men Pants' vai'ues toGrade '
_,,...Wonderful bargains In children's dredge this week filling in the city ,? pairs High Few more pair up
white '01" > blue middy''dresses. f.: MeCAULEY'S. property1. between the municipal: and 4 J Shoes we had on' sale Saturday I last, .we have "5.00 ; odds and ends ; to close out at,
"_ .* ukarurc working! docks.in fine The shape new Wednesday cutter was i pairs ]left, sizes 3 to f. Some of these shoes are per- pair -. .'. . . .", . . . . . . * -** *

c. Rush :Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Rush and, yesterday and: throwing out worth $5.00 the pair. We offer them Miss Viola Rush, and the t twins I Rob- good I vclume of siind. ContractorOaksmith ===============
trt and Ra'ph! motored to Saint 1'<' and Skipper! RiChnrd believe l Special, per pair . . . . . . . . . 10
ft.nburjlondIlY.: They visas I thi" icpairs to the dredge; have Men's Army Shoes, Munson last inspec-flJO 98

Clearwnter and other points., return put it into first class shape. Ri- !'P .. vHOYS' ...
tors'name bottom fewmorepair
on ,
Ong the next days Chard i ii" getting: a nice collation of : ;

'i_"_ Our sale i I., a wonderful MUCCl'."' If evoking parts and utensils, other, knick fire knacks wAod.! flivver sucked A few more of those Blue Serge $ 1 Athreeiiiocp 96

you have not taken advantage of the l in by the powerful pumps alone suits, at. . . . . . 1 eV .
harpainx we are iAVrlng, do so t nlav. with, the future lukende park. ) and I Girls'I:'; Union S HIeae:; I 1. . . . 49
McCAULEY'S. ---. . -- c
- -
Alice E. Pemlleton and A. :Siv; vnuccessful --
business! women of HOP ton. The newest styles. in Satins and White Table Damask with assorted fitr-
spent Thursday night at the Xew'-y: straws for early s.prinil'; wenr. Come 49 C

Inn. in and 'Jet u* Show vou at The Hut m'l's" 80 inches wide ; Special, yard. . . 81 l\: 90 Bleached Sheets, each . . . $1.19
Shop. Mia. J. I 1) Woodbeck. It
3d. It will _.
Our sale clonus )Feb. pay. -
you to come to McCAULEY'S Store. WOOD! WOOD! WOOD! WOOD!
Jennie Boant. of Hamilton Ohii, Place your orders--for veneer blocks Curtain Scrim, yard . . . . . . . . . . 1 n -

week was guest until she at the located Newbv in rcomj Inn with this now$3.15: ;120 J2-inch blocks blocks 15-inch, $2.95., delivered Split for for V c Window Shades, each . . . . . . . . . 59c

Mrs. Helm for the winter. titove-wood, guaranteed full strand; ,
all I Gil- 13-inch for $3.35; 12-inch for $3.16./ --
"Get a shine" for your car, All
Get supply now.
her"'" elevated wash rack. 41 Main' delivered.your Phone 01 ; 51(5( Brack street.J. Received) this week : Case of Draperies, all
7-2t( :
treet. Bonin. 44tfDESTROY I 9 C Army Cots;: $2.95; ; Mattresses: to flO &QmutrOi
--- -_.- ---- new patterns ; Sale Price, yard . . . \J S
Electa Hunt Alice Hunt, Wymnn . . . *Pf
PLANTS . . . . . . . . -.
L. Moore and Joseph Lane, of the LETTUCE
lyceum bureau were guests Wednesday j AFFECTED BY BLACK ROT tOuting
night at the Newby Inn.
destruction of lettuceplants
Have your car washed and polishedon affected The with black rot is the method Flannel, to close out ; assorted col1 3 c One lot of Ladies' Serge Skirts ; colors : 98e

Gilbert's elevated wash rack. 41 recommended for controlling this tie. ors ; yard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . black (or blue ; to close out, eachReceived" . . . .
Main street. 7.2tc structlve disease in the garden and
truck fields of the ttate.
Miss Martha Belle Harris, accompanied This disease affects lettuce both in
by her 'friend, Miss Ollie Alli- the seedbed and in the field. It is FEW MORE BLANKETS AND COMFORTS ;
this week New lot of Black]
Rood{ who is also R teacher in the I! fist evident from the appearance of : : Q'a 98
Winter Haven schools, came to KitHimmec -t innll brown or blackish spots on the Sateen Dresses. We offer them in Sale LEFT TO CLOSE OUT AT COST
last Friday and spent the older leaves, usually near the edges.
week-end with her parents, Mr. and Under favorable conditions the whcln
Mrs. W. n. Harris. leaf noon becomes black and rots. Ifa
seedling\ attacked in this way, it
A. S. Gilbert hag just installed an in soon killed; and if this rot begins

elevated, 41 Main wash street.rack at hit f filling\ 7-2U-station in within total a loss.head of lettuce, it will result Remember the Sale only lasts a few more days, if you miss this

-- Scheeler, cl G. F. Weber, truck pathologist of l lose that has visited this sale
Mr. and Mrs. beet the Florida experiment station, says opportunity you money. Every one
Vineland New Jersey, have
this disease, which has been observed

spending Mrs. Fred two Meier weeks, returning with home Mr. and by that districts in of the Florida main is lettuce-growing caused; by a tells us we are giving the best values ever and all seem satisfied.

easy stages today. certain kind of bacteria.It .

Rev. Frank Grant, evangelirt of is very essential to control the
Sat- disease' in the seedbed. When foundin
in Kissimmee
was the county fair, and the seedbed, the plants should\ be.
urday visiting
incidentally talking over the plans destroyed immediately, Dr. Weber '
considered of having warns. In the field the plants should
which have been
services in be watched constantly. If a diseased
union evangelical
Kissimmee, some time in May. plant is found, it should be removedand DOLLAR IMT STORE
destroyed, and the ground whereit .
Frank Atchison of, Chicago, has grew should be soaked with a gallon
recently purchased;} the portion of the of formalin solution (1 to 50.)
W..I. Barber place lying south of the In such a spot a replant should not
Ocean-to-Gulf highway. Mr. Atchi-: be let for at least two weeks. ,
will to Chicago shortly to . ... '
son close, return affair there and expects to A motorist stranded by the roadside ... I{ ,"- ",:'.'J., ..

live on up his;newly acqm>ed place next telephoned IrantleaU1.for. a,- G. wv. ;PERSONS co.,, KISSIMMEE; FLORIDA ., ,' ': 4J

under winter,the' -eare0.1'' In his the\,brother meantime.,:>Rev.' .Istance."Iv, turndturtle' ," be shouted." _. '-'- '.-y.---,...... -' ...*>. e ,'.' -. ..;- -, '" _. ,_.: .-..." ,.. .... -. i-- .** --- ., :,, 1;:,. "'! "-

Bert Atchlaon: ,, pastor.C of, the First "Apply": ,the"aquarilun, .came.
, Baptist, church: :'fa ),:galnt' Cloud. back the ,rep y. *! ,r ** .j..,.;. . ''" ..,' .. .' -

; #' J ::1( J II'

f, , W 't' .. *
'* ' ..w : jf "J "Y,5! 4h.' w Y41'.J'IA n' ,. ,ayv"it.2ttlo'dr't9'rH 'fy'i! ,
$*J 1,fer;: ; .>l.',..,*.:'IA'tugh'r,i M't'tiKkNd'' : .."yHfrKi,>f..idy'o< " ,,y7'pass+,tt'X iwtwi. : }ttlv'W 1 vAa. sn +Igl':

- -

: : ..

t. 1I>>


,1 "____ __ --- --- -III '.Jt,
-- = -
-- --
., ---- -- -
-- -
= .,,1
t > F Iir-i .

_________u_ ___ _._ __ ____.___ __ ___- ______ ._. .._ ___ .. __ .____ ._ ___.__ -- J.Av

. .. ,,
-- -- - -- --- --- ----- -- -
-- --- -- - -- -- --- --- -

I t Editor._?_--._?,..*,_-.:Fred Lupfer ATHLETICST SENIOR NOTES : I
Asuirtant Editor...-.Alberta Bronson t .
Last Friday night both the boys When the class of '23 enrolled in t
VOL'' Reporters and the girls of the Oflceola High O. 11. S. in September, 1019 it boasted ,
Twelfth Grade.Lewie Campbell School won victories in basketball. of about forty members.. S.nce ".
Eleventh Grade__.__._____Mae Winn This makes the second victory for | that time .some have left to !go to I IJ
Editor Tenth Grade.h-.Kimbroufrh Oliver each team this season. The girU :won i other schools others hive "flunked" I ".
AsstsU Ninth Grade____...___Evelyn' Elam!: lro.it the. Lake_ _Wales sextet by a I land still others have Just quit. us, until --.,
; Music Pepartment.I.Edna Snodgrass score of 19 to 1. Every gill played l a now it numbers only seventeen.I .
hard and all showed Im- I Still Is small class . ,
---------- /game great this not a for O.
Till Next Monday the mid-year exams provement since the ,last game During -III. S., for it is the largest since the
begin. This will be a,strenuous time the first half, Madge Rivers was class of '19. These seventeen Seniors
The for both teachers and pupils but it all forced ,to go out of the game on account have managed stagger through under
public the pupils begin their studying on of sprained ankle. .We hope I the qjifchty burdens of Geometry( ,
nee \ time and do not wait until the night she will be able to he in the game | English, History, ('te., and, arc how .
the hi before exams to study, they will findit again before long. The boys, too, nearing the. /goal of their high school
cure' much easier Cinmmmjf i is one of played a hard fought game, taking career! -Commencement-next June The Latest Greatest OverlandCIRCULATEdon't
had a the woi-t habits a pupil can cultivate their game from Barlow by a HI'to!) --
ago, b It is oven worn than too little 11 xcorc. The Bartow boys played a In the athletic events held last I Friday ,
no wa studying because it makes the pupil's good frame, |hut OwrohVIIigh School at the fair, two Seniors carried
they < l 'mini) dull. And above all, let'H have just outplayed them in every point of off two prizes each, Uly Chapmanwon hibernate. Get out doors in this beautiful
We no cheating- Let'. show that we areas I he: nan! 'eTonight. first prize fo. the 100 yard dash
in the (rood sportsmen in our xtudic u*> the Osct-ola High School and F. S. Ledbetter won first for the .
waszette n we are in our athletic We are on j BU ':I' Baske.lba'1' Team will go to shoe race. F. S. and Uly together
cur honor to play according to the Bal tow to meet Summerlin Institute won the first prizes for the three- It is easier riding, with Triplex Springs (patented) and oversize
high "lule/t/ of the o-nnie, and l t-o .we are on ( for the svenmi-Rnme-with, them this I'legged race. This ought to furnish first-quality Fisk cord tires. It is better ventilated roomier. It is
with ('UI' honor in school. A. B. year. We hope that the basketball an eve-opener as to the outcome of
High t to -------- fans will! accompany the KiSHimmee the Inter-class' track meet which will better looking, with higher hood and longer lines. It is more
Cue MUSIC DKPAKTMENTNow Lays and root for them. I piobably he held some time this e"onomical-twenty.fto.'e( miles and more to the gallon of gasol\jv
) -- -- But the other cla"
time !sprint! perhaps ; ser
we shone let us call your attention t.i I Last Fri ay afternoon some of the held their best men in reserve and did Think it over. See the New Overland Sedan in our showrooms.
o the MUSIC; Department of our high high tchool students became quite I not want to show us what they had. I
school, conducted \by Miss Myrtilla ambitious and entered the various Which? in
Bouls, who in too well known in Kis- sports put on for the entertainment Watch for the New Overland announcement
THTh dirnniee to need an introduction. This elf those attending) the fair. Although :Miss Leitner says that after the the Saturday Evening Post January 20th
department consists of seventy pupils I I the students who entered the cliffcr- I flirt Semester exams, we wi1oret! /
ranging from .the first to the vat events did not win every time, settled down to \\()I'k, namely, writing -
Hijrhlookii sixth (Trades in music. In addition to they won several of the best l'ont"Ht" our essays ( other
choo the regular lessons, the older pupils 1 The first event! on the program", .for l and one Senior activities
lire enrolled in two classes: the first, the afternoon, was n free for all 75 "
thing: Advanced Ilurniony and the second, I yard( dash for IIOJH. This race was -t The New
temp'succe Music; Composition. Any pupil studying I run twice because the first race was I
music in hifrh: school may enter not satisfactory to the judges;: In-1 lay they begin and-but we ate all
sport ) either of these c riser, fret of thai'jre. I the final race Uly Chapman was the hoping to be exempt, so why worry?
Three pupils are studying Advanced winner, II: flashlight being the prize.. JUNIOR ---
no I Harmony( while sixteen ore learning); I I The second event won by a high NOTES. ;: ;
lensestah< to compose little marches and Honl('''. I school !student was the 75 yard dash Eyeiy one wants---to know what the rru #60
On the night of Thursday, February for Rirl*. In this race Vivian Floyd Juniors are doing. During the fair Sedan i
to rt I, there is to be a joint recital "ran it out" and won the two-pound. of decorated
stand some cur girls a COl'with
Driven by the :Music Department, conducted box of candy offered to the winner. Spanish moss and pink crepepaper Touring, $525 Roadster, $525 Coup, $iJS!
by :Miss Deals and the Expression :Madge Rivers the
this was third high flowers, and drove in the .
parade All I. I Tolrd
in Department, conducted by school pupil to win a prize, a nice on the 18th. Although we did
]learn a Min8 Margaret Stanford. Continuing I, pocket knife (but no pocket). :Madge: not win first prize' we were not alti-
throughout the school year there will had to work, for the brick race was
meal be monthly recitals given by the !1 prize gc-ther for disappointed having the, for most,-we beautifulevy won the! UPPER & PR. ATI! EH
Music Department and the -- -
Expression of girls. \
To Department stu-dent! KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA
---- --
spinWe DOINGS OF NINTH GRADE the tint to get his hoe, put it on, .
I 1 These funny heard in .;; -r-o'- ;; -. ., ...,.;;. = .:.. .. :3: + = ,
Oh here we are, ,Land return to the starting point. Theprize sayings were ::t1o. +f= :;;;''iTJer. ::
which "Beanie" /fine 'the class room and on the grounds,
oon Wc'ie the little ( ? ) ninth grade, won was a .
the We'ie $2.10 shirt. Another of the funny and were always greeted with a
trying to Write
Born But we don't know trade. I events of the day was the sack race. smile:
ipor our Caroll Makmson surprised the spoi I 1 "The Pyramids are a range of
'!+ Now in History and Algebra, tutors by winning the one dollar prize mountains between France and L7V. Tb.c:>> :pSC:> X1I
for this '. I Spain."
We shine event. Uly Chapman and J- I
But when as bright as a star- S. Ledbetter were not satisfied/ with .Molecule; may be killed l b y boiling Got .
Well, our it name comes isn't to writing.made fur the prizes already won, but wanted them." ( a cold Licensed Funeral Director
.so ) I Store onct
the ties, the prizes for the threelegged "A mean man is a man that putsgreen j CloFet

So now when you read this I won those.lace, so they went to work and and feeds spectacles him shavings on his to horse's make nose him MENTHOLATUM on''A 5inc... Jrmpaf Avfir-, Strvic Im ftmndtrmj
allowance just a bit, think its clears it out. I All falrnit.
And That nil with we hope at we'll present is: I "In lfi'20/ the Pilgrims crossed the "A vacuum is a large, empty space : Ki..imm.. High Grade Ambulance
w. you make a hit.I. ocean, and this is known Pilgrims' where the Pope lives." Service at Call
S. I Progress" "What did I ornee 20 rilONKS n.'eld.'v.e
'Sitting Bull' sit on ? i: ;//t

.' ..
----------- ---
--- -
-- -
-- -
--- --- --
-- -- -

for] .

ti TeiScl DECEMBER 1921 -

wit DECEMBER 1922


than $ \,!-'.''-.i' "pdiiNI! .\\t.-.J,\''';I' -, \""\"" '.(,, J1.. t.., : fc C RAND, TRUCK SALES'"T: .f
.. -

ths 5O.2O3 _

.. . .- J ... .
















We have given you these facts as they exist
actually so that if
1. you are planning to purchase a Ford Car
use this Spring or Summer, you can list y6ur order now and take advantage of our dealer's first or Tractor for .

opportunity to make delivery. '


Ford Motor Company' t


lt< ale C. AUTREY Authorized ford Dealer I .
f ,
-- IF
j J' ;' ,

n ..

j I

p ......., __' 1r ,
--., : I'I}! .- f. -(

r -
1\1U .r -' .....
"' ...,.. ",' .' t4 I 'j y ''tIIt.
l-jC A<'T I '
| '.. I. ., . -_-.' '''' ./ .... . .. ... \

r ,nip inv.' .aayyr -L. - 'V'.....,.. _' : !ll;? ,h

i "'A'r>q'yAYAS'r' P1 '''3w'" '+ t'Ft '1t ,"yr ')reA'YA r v rt ,,,.

\ \. a
.' ,Y


._ ,
--- -

r T LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS WILL BOOST THE "OWN I ,...... .. .. ..... .. .. .... ... .... ..... .


la-th-* Vlrerlt.... Cast...ITth.. J....lrtal.---Clr, that at the .ame.tlme wet will present. Florida Home Building Exhibit At .ii.iii.i. ,
cull, (> -olii V r. ....... ournllal ..
,t executors of the I
la Cba.eery.flank Jacksonville ;
said estate and "k for their approvaL Nut Month Expect ..

of Corporation Orange and Trust Come. ' ,Dated January ROUT,8,B.A.FLETCHER.1>. 1.22. ed To Popularize Home Owning: flJ
uany C. WAYNE WARU. .. -
versus Complainant Kxecutor.' of the la.t will and"""te.ta. 'Tremendous impetus to the homebuilding sine '

Isabel Lillian Warlnir. et at., men! of Charles W. Ward, deceased- and home owning movement qua non

Defendant. st throughout the state is confidently TURKISH
NOTICE OF Af'TIiH'HtAt." : / .'_
Notice In hereby given that. under CO-OPERATIVE MARKETING expected to result from the Florida B URLEY1H
and by virtue of A final decree of tore.do.uro HAS WON OUT Home Builders ,Exhibit of.the Southern -is one way of saying if Quality Isatot.inthe

entered on the let day of Jan. FOR THE GROWERS pine Association to be held in flour-, to begin,with none of ;
nary ltl'3. In that certain cause late)' Jacksonville February 12 to 17 inclusive .
it into
liendltifr In the Oil-cult Court Seventeenth goes
Judicial Circuit O.ueoia{ County To contrast the lot of the unorgan under the joint auspices of the

Florida, In Chancery, wherein Hunk ized fruit and vegetable growers of Association and the retail and whole.
of Orange and Trust Company a Corporation south Florida and Manatee. county sale lumber dealers of Jacksonville. I

IJlllan Wnrlnit., In' Complainant II. U. Warlnir and, l Iwr Isabel him- ray' twelve years ago in the fruit line, Plans for the big home'' buildIng Bread I
and five Is the'
hand unit MrCormlck-Hnrinah dumber years in the vegetable line is exposition were definitely decided : p
(C.oml.n)', n Florida Corporation are to make the contrast between harassed upon in Jacksonville last weekat Best

ilrfenilantii, I will on tho first Moiidny poverty and compaiatlve financial in conferences participated in by representatives and
In Kelirumy. IK2S. It being the llftli
day of tIe, \month and a. legal solos day, dependence or us between darkness of the Southern Pine Association Cheapest
during the Ic-Knl hours of Bale, offer and light. and the lumber interests of
for niilo. find Hell at the I leant frvntdoer For to just that extent has cooperative Jacksonville. All lumber dealers and AMfRICAH TIAO( 01 I
at the onceola County Court Houxi. effort, in Food.
Klnnlmmee Florida., to satisfy mild .......>. the following deHrrlbcd rral ..... the soil benefited the farmer and in other cities and town of the '
Into, cltuatc.. lying und bring In Jiire- the fruit grower. state will be especially invited. to attend --- \- ,
nlC''unt\ Florida, to-ult.: Lute l Hlx Freed from the greed of the the Florida Home Exposition -
Building -HEADQUARTERS The Flm .
speculator OPEN Quality Flour. Grocers:
cG), Mi-v.-n (7), light I (8) Nine (I h mid of the
of Illork( rapacity of that class of in Jacksonville when it is believed -
Ten ClO') (>n" Hundred and sell it.
Thlilv (1.10) of the Hrmlnolo l..and and commission men whose business in H movement will definitely take: | FOR .STATE U. DRIVE I
liivcMtm (',,"nllAn8 New HuliOU Ulonr life seems to be to "take it all\ ," the f01'm for a aerie of Home Building'shows '

.. IIIixliH.f 11241 to OIIK sane Hundred Hundred.and I nnd Twentyl.mr Thirty-- vegetable producer and the fruit to-be-held: 'later on at intervals First Time University hiss Asked BLISH MILLING CO. Seymour Ind. ',

e.'ven (137)) of the .Town of St. (cloud grower has achieved a place of' af- during the first half of the year in Citizens (}f State For Help: Q66068
-ciMillnir to the Ofltclnl Mat on file In fluence and influence which even an the principal cities of Florida. i I Local Committee Plannedheadquarters OO Ot.. OOOOOOOOOH-000004" 0L

tinortlfi- of the Clerk of the Circuit adverse season or two can affect only For the Florida Home Building !Exhibit -____ ___ ____ _. ,__ _ ,

= Court Plorldn ot nnd OHrfolu recorded County In rial Htatfiff Ilouk .temporarily.Here. during the week beginning Fcb- I! for the state committee .oooo.o.oooooooooO .000004000 OOO O oooooooooo

"II."-pane llfH-thiei ( 3). co-operative effort/ in marketIng ruary 12, the pcpular "Own Your to raise $250,000 by voluntary
Terms .h. 1'uichuner to products is in itself a good thing. Home" exhibit of the Southern Pine subscription for a new student activities .

p.iyfor. 1 this. .-dImtfil .let day of January. 1928 It means a group arrangement forgetting Association which has been a great building at the University of forI'nsurance

W. J. HTKUU.Km : information as to mal ketinlC attraction in many large cities of the Florida were opened i'n Jacksonville
,rial Mantel conditions, whereby a glutted market country; will be' taken to Jacksonville last week in the Seminole hotel. Men
l >\('KI's.iUAN": : l'U'I Suilrllum for Cuiiiiilalnant Service
--.--- - 4-61 to one which demand more of a certain supervision of trained members headquarters to organize committeesfcr I

NOTK" .!._OK MATiU': H4I.I, .:. vegetable or fruit. It means that of the Association of Jacksonville retail the local campaign in Davtona.SlInfol..I. :
better prices are realized because oft and wholesale lumbermen.This Orlando Miami St. Peters. I .
In the ciirult( Court of the SevtnJudliliil Palm Beach Tampa St. Augustine '
burg -
distribution that famous home building exhibitis
Irel.th / Circuit of the State nf ; more productscan Phone 2LUPfLRS'
blond In liixl fur OKI-I.olu County. In be disposed of each year because credited with being one of the nio f Peiuiu-ola' and Tallahassee.
jt'hn..cirJjinteM I I.. "'I'n| ,(.. UH Kxul new markets are opened. It means potent factors in stimulating t 'e tremendous Leading citizens throughout the
<' ...r or the l.iiBt Will and TcHtamentof also-and here is the "nub" of the wave of home building and state have expressed a willingness to
KllKiilx-l Miixwi-ll. .1"r..a..I. Coin- whole thing that the home that has been give their support to the campaignto
|l.r"III"I. -IKUN. TillHt.TH & CurHIMIilro. growers by owning .J
cry t'oni|pan)'. u col.|>..ralloll. H. II coming together and exchanging the li.nct during the last twelve raise funds fcr the erection of the INSURANCE AGENCY
DWIII an Ile,,'h'r nf The Wnt,m & ideas and ideals have become convinced I months. Among the numerous features building at the university to lie used

Curnon. and llroieiCutniuiny Klmlmitt... Wh..I., a-..",rorpiMittlon le lrn-- that uniform grading and pack of the Florida Home Building by the student body for social and O OLS4 344P J001748+04Q4 04 AO(1 000004 SQ400 .

n"r) ('oiit|>itna '-....|...rRtlon.( R.,epond- ing brings huge returns in dollars and' Exhibit will be mi:nature model bun- leligicus activities. Since this is the .
,I II'+ h'erecl IOHIII<* Notlri' IM he ruby cents through good will and wider galows, erected to scale from designsand first time that the university has directly -- -- -
ll\t-n that i't'' sunlit tv H llnnl decree market demand. plans in the Association's popular i, appealed to citizens! of the

of".nteri'd I I".eembr.In this.\ cmiNe U. 192..n the I shall 2.fiil: ifl.-r day, All of south Florida and central house' plarr book "Modern Homes state for funds, there should be a i

fur Hnlf and l ..II Florida of 'which than generous te'ponse to: the call for J
M tit |iiitill< outcry for which makes up the citrus more :1200,000 copies RheUlIlatislnbanish!
.'"....h11\ li.itul. to tin- hlKhi'Ht. lililili-r lit belt l in l better off by millions of dollars )- have been distributed in the United what is regarded: l as the greatest needat
the front dour of th Court house InK .
.... in ash in the hunks mote mil- States 1 present' till edition is the university.An
'lMHliiinii-4'. l IHI .111 Count*'. r'lortitii, I publlsheti invitation has been issuedto Apply Sloan's. Restore healthy circulation
on the HIM 1 Mondilit. February. ".\1'''- lions invented<<1 in better homes und ., win<< in French for distribution open
being Hi. f.h( tiny of 'lirtniry.. IH21illirlllK improved luring conditions because u throughout: continental Europe the citizens of the stale tj drop ; of blood through congested tissues -
tillliual hiders' of Hllln. the following French anizstion.Another in at headquarters; whenever possible -
Hrrllii-il ,lilopiltv: aft Wte IIIiKitolii Few growers organized the Florida by a housing or : I Since congestion causes the pain '
( (Count. ,."It"I.III, C.-wll Citrus Kxchange. interesting/> feature of the '
I.OlN HIM ( I II. TWO .21. 'I'(,HI.. And here in Manatee county our exhibit will be a model "Country: Es + almost instant relief!,
.l I. roui' H ). "''1". t66 sod Hi), vegetable and tate" or farm home in miniature Thiscontains ; I
growers, funning c'<>nlucting
Ian of
JohitHf Mi I'ti'vatl SubtlllMloll
of Lots "".- Ill Hllll M I.."",- one of the greatest industries the farm dwelling, with the M
41 of Itl'.k. "I of \\' .\ I'itt in the state, have been able to make grounds properly "laid out bin us, Sloan's Liniment
rlrk n Aililltlon to the Tn\\n of I IKlHKlinniee this county llth in counties of thelint pniagt sheds' and various other bnildings Hands chapped?
( Cllv. Klorldii I
KM.IS ...+. U.1VI.i| ion innlue of \egetnble piod- that are necessary: on modern "killspainlbraises

Sp. ilnl MiiMter In I '111111" i I I '!(.tH. bemuse ".>IIIC five years ago a up-to-date farms. MENTHOLATUM
KlllltllH( AT HTCKIl" few of them organized' ( the Manatee There also wi'l'! be shown foil' mo.l-
Solll-ltolM( fill, ( 'umphOoNnt.- l- *". t tM '''Ciunty Groweis'. A.viociutionliich il! looms in mmiatuie I -kitchen, dining ; I' heals quickly and Strains, chest colas

-'t'I.KICK", ," 'IE. is today n great fuclurin the county's irom, bed' roomnd 1 I livm'- raol; : gently?
--with (the latest "built-in" f. .tut'e".
-- life mill progress and has ipelled I pi'ospirity :
I'li'li 'mil. I tiv \ltlu I .- orI .It.'r.! .*> of making for economy in fuinishintand 9m
. fur, its men'lur us wall UH foe
fur rluaure and millrimli leil and nirrcil I -
for can"enine of the modem hnisel'nneli
others who benefit indirectly by its .
on July 12III. 19ZJ. b\ I ho lion
C'hll 1"1,.. (> 'Vmlrewii, Judge of t h. C'lriiilt operations. wife. of edge, and flat ura'n;
(dun I In nod fur. (>M<-..tilii ('uurily. Co-operation among the growers of flooring, ceiling siding moulding and Woman Surprises Her friends
l lorlila In ChHiicei ). In n oirtulitHUH' this slate in the of their sminus style of finish fill be on display o
In mild( Comt iienillnu wherein marketing :e: We Are Glad You All Enjoyed
II with automatic cl'c.tricslide
John \\tlmiii. Edwin It 'V(II...." and (l. ( products has indeed become synony- along an
A. 1.fninti.n. HM I FJxm-ntoi of the last IOIIM with prosp.'iity. BradentcwnI machine showing eighty hand "Aftei a spell of typhoid fever 7 a 54
The Fair.
will nod tolamiMit of Theme Wllaun, I'Herald. colored photos of attractive dwellings years afro I began to suffer from indigestion i* :
ilrt-i-niifil.. were ""hi 1,1..I""tll. and Arthur stomach and s
of of and in
hundreds comfortable
photos pas PQ
I ---- ,
(I IKlmmi'p
I': Itnnvwan, Pal Johimton. Kl 1. '
('allliC'onipiin. dun N..)'.-. i lllUMl'S AND NITROGEN' homes tl.nt actually have been 'colic attacks. This gradually! bcrameso }

,nndllllam, R. """"-1'. were. defendant THE GREATEST NEEDS) built and which tan be constructed at bad that my doctor odvUcd an operation 5 MID-STATE DECORATORS
*, lln undemlurncil will offer for ;I OF FLORID SOILS model: ate cost and many other features for gall stones. A friend udI Q'
sale ] Bell ..
HIII to tho hlKhoKt end hent Wonderful '
vised to try Mayr'n
bidder for ra h-In front of the CourtHouse - i I me 'Next Newby Inn
door 'InKlsslmmeeFlorida.: be.Iwen The greatest needs of Florida. soils In addition to the ''show" material Remedy. which I did with wonderful .

the legal hours of sal t nn ha are humus and nitrogen. there will be on hand a large supply of results. My friends were astonished

51 h 'day ilencrlbed of February reel 1021 ''the followInir In. How may these things be applied'The house plan books and home building 'j'at. my rapid improvement. I have no
mtnta situate
_. .
humus bo applied with. and eat anything ----------- ---
until' Dneoola County, Florida, tt.1I1All may literature and information including! more bloating can.
of Hi-rllons' eighteen' (18) twenty out at the same time supplying nitro "Modern Homes" "How to Plan Fl- |II wish." It removes'the catarrh! mucous -

(20), twenty-two eU). twenty- gen in considerable amount and nance and Build Your; Home," "Town !, .from the intestinal tract and allays -
eight thirty-two(28) and thirty(32)' except(JO): all the of Northwest section - vice versa. But there is 'a way by aryi Country Hombs" Hor.ieji) for the inflammation' which causes

which both be supplied at the "Real practically stomach liver and in.
otmrter of the 'Bouthenut qiftrteruf may Workmen. "Farm Buildings. BASS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
nnlil nrrtlnn.: and. all of iiec'tloii. thlrIvfour came time. How? Homes that I tuy Themselves," blue textintil l ailments including appendi- t

:= Honlli. llnnno 31 KnutJOHN
fl CAOWL44t plow them under. prepared by competent and refunded at J. Z. Roberson's and CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS

Specla1..Masier in 1..,,,.....,"',\. I An winter draws to a close and skilled architects! bookc tf r.ttractive druggists/> everywhere.
--- -- --- -- -- I spring approaches time man of the garages, und many others that will t tencourage -- WOOD, BRICK, STONE, 114
\OTII K 10 ('."'1UI'I'nMN.D 1 .
: oil begins to think in terms of crops home bull.linanl a."illtt STEEL STUCCO

(aurt off the 4-nuntr .II....... n....*...lN and fields. Specialists in the College t these desiiing to possess a home of -
f..(..,.. M1ae uf Klnrldnl of Agiiculture. University of Floiida, their own to achieve their hopes. I After Every Meal N. r. BASS JACK BASS ,

---- all the attention of farmers to the Members pf the Executive Committee :S22 Royal; Sheet 515 Sproule AvenuctFLORENCE
re .1..I..t. of IIIl1rhn, .\ CI.I"'I I fact that is the time to to have entire of the : -
'1'.. all C'.IIII..r". Legat.'ea' III'.trlhuC. eM now plan appointed to charge
sod nil "I'elawna hnvln( Plaines iiiuemnnde ',i o vide those two larking things I Florida Home Building Exhibit in- '
nsnlnel sold. Eal 11110' umuH an J nitrogen in then soil eludes representatives of the retail
You. nod 0arh of \'.,... ore h..r..Y. iiitilt.d WRIGLEYSI
and. ..,..ulI..1( tu prra. "C sun I I I No Florida farmer should plan his I and wholesale lumber dealers of Jacksonville -

.1..11n"( uu4 ,1" "",,",,, which You. orelhrr 'year's crops' without including crops und lumber manufuctuieis 'i .
.r ynu. In"y hH"I""t IIii. that will furnish humus and nitiogon.He /> all of whom will unite .to nn ke the I
NOte .r M.lh" A. Gelber. .1..1..
should be sure to glow peanuts show a notable success' and of immense -
'. ..
late "r I'seeulu ( ..unl1",1.1, to ti,
and.rsIMhed Adminls' U.nor. .t sold. "R- and velvet beans und ccwpeus. There value and benefit to prospective your food QIL.CQOKsi: Y SCLEAN
tale wlChlll two ).....1". from lbr dal. ". die other plants which manufacture home buildeis. I well then useWRIGLEY'S
I.r..of nitrogen from the air and store it in A commodious and convenient exhibit ,

1 nleil. luiinihei iiunii hilt H A oKiuKi I': 14'J2.:. I \the soil but these three arc the most bu Hdinis being arranged) fob :- i to neat, compact. Bums

Ailnil nlHtl( 'Htor, 1Isemon'r.( Kloi'Idu practical ones for Floiida.I ] They are ). the (committee and the exact 1 1.- aid digestion. Bakes, cooks and
4-9t I legumes and are exceptionn'ly'! good caticn will soon be announced. I '
friends of the farmer caving him While the Florida Home Building It also keeps I 11 t roasts. Heat automatically con-
911':1:11. '(. I much money on his fertilizer and feeJ l exhibit is being staged by the Southern I I the teeth clean trolled by lever handles.. No wicks,
Not' Ire I. h.-,. hv glten that R up.- I bills providing he plants and growsthen. Pine Association and the lumber '
Iii mP. thug of ii- "c..k.hut".r." utIhr no valves.
on Ins land interests of Jacksonville it ill the purpose breath sweet,
EIMMinoni e 'tittle C'11''Y will I"
held sal Ih' 'ufllr of Ib, 1'ntu"a"" ) iiih to make it a Home- Building exposition appetite keen. Let us show you how simple the
IMNrl1r11, r. 11..1.. C'.I\, '. 10'1"1.1, TinKightetnth Amendment kn ,wn for the entire state: of Florida and how '
sat lU d.lurk A M. 1.n I'.IIII.'y.. I....hI.uuy .. .' as the Prohibition Amendment is new firm which: all the lumber dealers and TIe Great American Florence is itsintenselyhotblue

3.1. A I 193., .111 i uoeder( thequ.stlnu part of The Com titution. The VolsUud all thc people of toe state may derive Sweetmeat flame is directed close up under
of taking ore of Ina (ndlhtedri. -
..MS. the qurMtiun, ot e' Ilioit allY intei act IK an act passed by Congress' benefit. Admission to the Exhibit the cooking and why the Florence
,'et It nuiy III'v, III Inuits III 0..1.. over the Piesident's. veto for the purpose will be entirely free the whole expense -
C'.unl\ III ;uthorlx( the 1lirertore Iii I of providing i means of enforcing of the affair being borne by the means'more heat and less care.
1t..tI'lI1; the 1".ld..llt "r the ('mnpasay the amendment nod defin
I eighteenth
Sruthern Pine Association un the.
to <'\iiiiti> a ileeil. (to Htiih Inml.
iiinMiut t nn>' lllatri.. ..." ,hal( w'1111 lie ",' inghat constitutes: intoxicating li- Jacksonville lumber inteicstn.Investigation i A9
i.H( ar>. I I.. pioteit the Imam" l 1.11 .'I"j quors. CongiesH can change the has revealed thit rS.ra ,
1 1.1'.1' ill' tin ('o"ipnny| ..to. latlfv. Volstead Act but two thirds of the there is preat need of more home in the '"
late of the DIliiLfiiH( In 1 Int ion to
fates, by legislative notion can Jacksonville' and in nlmrst city Ffnppas
htiRlniMH of the C '''"|1''h.,1 iu\\+ (hiolTerer r every I 1
I. I ('hlln"e" the amendment. and town in Florid: that plenty of
This Ilo. (17lh day of ,liiiuar11 \ A I I' capital is available for buildinc the 7
8 Better better and
breeding, culling
HMMM\IIK I I : : \TTI.K: CUMI-ANV( bt-ttti' feeding the by deeded dwellings and that the presentIs ,
ll\ I'hnrlb. ( mitfmiM.ISi I are means the propitious time to stunt the -
ahull beinrlensed.
all An MM S-rlrUrl y. your egg production cun home building- campaign and! work.
62liKlHHiiiiinee := : '. Try them. Cull in your the.
Further mforivfition regarding
------- --- -- home demonstration S. B. AULTMAN
county or agent
( "Florida( JaI 1 lit It. (I'i2t! : I Florida! Home Buildinc:! Exhibit; may
TO THE SroCKIIOl..UKUS o F Till" ': to help ;jou.WHATlTMEANS t"l oht.ainedlpon request made to ,

TU'KI'ailtltl'K: ( COMPANY I I the **"uth"m Pine Association, Jacksonville
the nnnual rrieetlnK of II..-' TuiUei' Florida.PIHMIRAM .
Brick Company will be helil nt tin' office ------
cot the ('..m tinny. whl<'h IH the office I II TONIGHT FOR REAL ESTATEand
of the tornpany'H AttnineyH John-
eton & Garrett, of KlnnlmtTiee. Flondiiat + TO BE "RUN DOWN"A B. Y. P. U T. PIANO FUND: )

ten oilock A. M. on February third,
A. I>. 1123 The bunliie-M to ho taken I DOWN" 7:30 at the
RUN feeling is a dan- Tonight at : Chapter LL6Fr1riMoreHeat
at said will .
up meetln be the general
corporate business of mild( companyand ger signal. If you neglect it, House the ladies of the First Bantist FIRE INSURANCE

such other matter.. aa may come you are leaving the door wide church will render a musical program I
before the meeting. open tBuild dangerous diseases. fcr the benefit of the B. Y. P. U. ,
1 v2 This 8. the 19th day of January A. I n. yourself up to health and piano fund. The public is urgeJ: to It

W. (i. I1ANKINS, strength with f fide a PeptoMangan.It attend and assist the you.lg peoplein. 11 Darlington Avenue 1
7-2t Secretary will purify and enrich your blood buy in
DiaChIAHGE. tone up your nervous system and help will be served at the close of
:OTItK 4>K KINAU you eat ",'ell. sleep well and feel well. the program.' V :

In the .County Judve'. Court of Osceola Glide's Pepto-Mangan is a time-tried In addition to anthems by the choir .

County, Florida. tonic recommended by physicians for there will be piano solos by Miss 666is 'Less Care \ I ;:1'

over 30 years. At your druggist- Christine May. Mr"James M. Johnston .
In He ..
: Estate of Charles W. Ward.
deceased. liquid or tablets as you prefer. : Miss Elizabeth Warinor; vocal! .,.,

NotUu la hereby siren to all whoinIt KtoTos by Miss Ruth Herzberg. Mrs. Prescription for Colds .
may concern that on the 10thdayof Gude'sTonic Mr Geiger and Miss Elizabeth a
Marsh A. l>. I'll.: the underpinned" : , and LaGrippe. It's
M1 T Fever !
'will apply to the lion. T: U Comer VTs-Tingj readino. bv J- E. MAKINSON BIG HARDWARE
Judge of the above entitled enurt..ltting 'n tO l'c. .fan. fer au rtette, Mrs. F, C. Bryan, MIss the.most speedy, remedy wcknow' }
,,. ,
.' a. Jud"r* of Probate, at his office "& Mary Spier, Ruth Herzbenr, and j
COunty In the County Jit court taouae of. Deceola r.J,1'1 : Jratiette Squires: and- M duet br Al.hsrt.utton ,i preventing' ,Pneuin Klaalmmee, Florida, for our
and Blood Enricher '.
final dlar-harra as executor of the e.- find Miss .Elizabeth, War, .., .'f1 ., Near'Depot phone 123:
tate ot Charles W,, Wardjdece: .. ,*ud Ing tiu4.u ..,' .; ; ,. r.w
S .. > rfr It "
. ., ..' .; (, /. .
' 1- -
t, ,I're""P:; :.,Gni'; ::.'EH1Pr..:""'.....\h"'J(,..f.: AAx,11; 'i, .or .' ; tktir4'ci.9 ukJ +.?'; M. ,a a'hyrsro' ,J SP -:.'1i'J.' ,-) "' Hit->' ''- y1! 1.P. v t.1"lt .;. ,..10)11, .- >t., ,t.\f'


_7 :2 : ' ; I-_ -' ; -----r. --'- 4 \ .

-.. '\ \

.- 4 \\' 1, ,.

p- .. .-.


EIGHT _L _- .
-- -

[ Ii. I
f The. greatest of All mystery )play,

1 : Kit-do Hunt Concert Company WellKrreived I! "The Cat and the Canary: is" announced -

von Wednesday MAPLE,Mr. and SUGAR a Mr company evening*. E.PARTY F.vl:at IU-n their' the\jurtiln friend Frank en"iertained .!i,course, The Lyceum first which. number Wcdnr Number the. KUnimuiee d"of y Of An the Season Firht li-ceum,Wom, I. foit Not .)in has theater into n as u generation strictly the such on attraction Friday popular dramatic, of, dramatic February' at favor offering.leaped the laughs Casino ef.as 9.!: C AS I.I NOT" [EAT R E EI

Souder home .on Mabhett street. An an's Club i Is providing this winter for i' this play (.f. chills, thrill and Willard!

Editor interesting program was preno.itecl\ the lovers of good music was preijcnted that was written b)' John

AssitUJ cf songs; charades, RUi'BKltiff' contents, i Wednesday night. at the hig:: I''I when( he had just icturntjd from active -
poems, and jokes of, various kinds.! i Im-hoo! auditoiium. war service in Franca was

The dining room taW! \ui tastefully I Miss Efec-ta Hunt, !soprano, and di- sadly in need of a job. Not more
THE| decorated with a c-cMitiM |iiive of I' lector of the company, was thjoyel than once in the life-time of the ay- 9thHERE

,. biffnonia I dishes: of tUl1.rtntnn I II' a number of vocal !selc-ctii n-, lit I crape man is he privileged/, ti: sit I Friday Nightfeb.

The northern nuts. Napkins.; woie divorated timv with the rest of II h.eonpany, i i through a play of such engaging flc- -
with maple leaves to cull to and with an occasional nunibji with ments as those found in "Tn- Cat:
publish 'I'hj rucsHAssembled The and the Canary," which at once is
mind the sugarbush.' ( violin obbliK-ato. program: open J
mee Vf around, the table- to wax "I I h Miss lioth thriller of high order and! a I
the ha| sd
cur at the maple syrup on ice, or sutrsir it I Hunt I and the1 lonipnny) ainl\ clo-.L-J i comedy cf rollicking laughs. It WISotret.t'tJ
had in their dishes. Th nuts and maple with "The Little 1 Umozcl," :N';ovtllo.I to several producers before it '

gob a nil UI) were products of the Benjamin ',111 i another" number, ensemble. I Hoi" j reached Kilbourn Gordon, a native IS TIlE BIGGEST lIlT OF TilE SEASON A GUARANTEED -
war If farm in Ohio. light njjinbc<, as!'! encoreshich she i Southei'ner, who produced' the play I
thv| Those who enjoyed the evening ''w-ats forced to I lender after her every'iippi.inime i last season. It immediately- became' I' NEW YORK PRODUCTION-AND A COMPANY
< the hit of the New York se: -
We 11 11wall were: Mr and Mrs. A. .1. Kinebroekr) weie especially'' enjoyedby i one big
in the of WnyneRburjr Ohio; Mr. and! Mm. mi audit-nil. fatigued 1 from the I >'I,". Within a' month there were
nzctte < A.V.. Elton East Rochester. Ohio; pi.t., IU4 t two week's ante 'und, post clamors foi a Chicago company and THAT PLAYS \ ,

4 Mr. and Mrs. J. A. ITouifhten, of Au- i Fair i |pal't <3)ittiOli. I'ousthBing a rich | words were flashed from London that
high burn, New York; Mr. and :Mrs .1. J. "(sfipianooife, and! a most pleafeinft 'this. wan the one play to put the thrill BIG CITIES -
with t 'I Tuckc-r, of Grund Rapids :Mic-hifran ; i I nt-fonality, she brought cit'dit upon cl I life into a rather dull English xe.i'son. '_ ,
high Mr. and l\fr6. J. (I. Cliuke, an I :Mis. < Jioisclf and 'her excellent compunj. The result of all this extrufcrjilmary -
p clf Ruth Taylor, of Juncsville, Wisconsin I I Two groups: of three !selections each demand\ for "Tht Cat and the A CARLOAD OF SPECIAL SCENERY

time I x I ; h'lnd Mis.. 1-'. A. Souder, of wne highly enjoyed, tJie fnnt btingCurian's Canary" was thf organization thi ,
weshoneo Kissirnmoe, and Mr. and Mro.I E. F. "I I>U\\'II." St'j-jckland'a "::\\Ia I fall of several ('tonijsanietf for !general I

;, Kenjamin of Madison. Ohio. ''Lindy Lou" ond !N'evin's "The Rjsn- ,I pret<,-ntatlun throughout this country s- -
---.- I'Y.t" vit Iiviol in ol.MitMto by :Mr.l it nil 1 also in London, and 1 in Australia

-- SURPRISE PARTY :MoonThe other /group, "To the I The company and production that Inc.

TH I Mi>>x' Li ah I JI'rzh'I'gWII.t I.t Fii- Stiii." by (urran, Ltoni'Iuhiy;: Ho," will I IK sorn in Kissunmee. will match KH&OURN GORDON? ,

The I. day night the honoiiit a .dI' '|>IIHI' (Hid! 'Soiter' :Jliss, Vuu," anothei' btiuitlflll i in de-tail thoLliuh I ale pre.ting, I -
CK.illKllllth : Midl'l lllillll- '!'thi' plnj in ]Newnuk; and Chiciig -
Highlockli plo t V. ifi\c-n l by IH'I' sistir". Ruth ut I til' '
the Hei/lii-ig. ( home on :Main( nnd 0.)i.- '!altO, was keenlv c'lIjlly.d., 1 ill fail 'ttiiln-it( Tom: who will nppt-ai,
. ,,, ,] ill I thi> l hailing( lull htii1, \\.ii" driift'dfiom ;
schoo .mere( stii't't t >, atlciiltil i I l\ ..ihoutiweiitv }) Wvm: n :Mooieu> -- i.illltlllOlS .\ ': .
J fiKMiiN. if the ,MU'i>-. :Mix. : ',a".d a with t till' ill II.t..,' iiiIii ihv :NIv oik iii.ipanv'' (or" tin* I
thing -, I Ii ,'livn.Ui isiilhn' loin' '. oth," i ,111 lln' ronixinv| ) uill : .. '. .
; I"I Ii'rylx'i'LTa*< I Iho ii'iipnent ol I ninnyprcttv 1 iL.' IIl1a"ty. | ---
temp "linthiliiv! ififts and well vushi'hwe. , ami hi-- M.1 It < 1 li 1 SUCCPI
port I r (;)", "-s .-c- u..1 I to m,:ike a \ 'I'Y (d.\/( /. )II"I |iph., \ ..11;.: ii:' I IKil I <.i.. '- I Iy I.;., | I I. I Itiigi-I, ': di.iii; I llnotht-i Kis"i I i.Ii i.

letics < njoviiblt! f\tiinij I i i)(, t\\ci of t tinmort) >. ( 'iiniiitn, t "Hi I Hi1 I 1\1111"i 1\\( I t ti I"i > .iniu /I'mi's.: Ituliuil, Aiinit.i iI'.iniK i .
i f"t In- 1..1 : 'I .ih 11.111'I':. llumpliri.\ .11" ,,1 I II
t >i>|>uliir* being II iiiavriiviiii') < mti'st in i i ( itr h.n IlIti'IP" 'top t 1 -I i :.
unoIet d f which i :Mr. SIR.I Idon I \\-n-: the )pi i iruinm .i.uinliti-, .111.1' wliu, l \\ijt <."n ., ,1 1 I F'"l1kl i n I I. .is.

establto ] t i., nnd an o".i''I'1 l |' oontist t III :il. 111111'1}h a' Jin> 'p.'il I of .1 \i .v i. .n.1 I.It'nl I. -
111:1.\:I ) I Ell;I ) I MsslMMhKOM' : :
whit'h1. .r. Rc-ilvMiii' i \ielled. Very! j 1""i c!:i a 111. 1..t'I'.1' jj l 'iu> 0
atandlbIge1 Tel I ,'flOj Vii I 110 efrrshmi'iits wtie i -..I'lvidiiy I u l' ..(., 1.1.1 .i.'- I 1.1I1o.t".i l 1 ,,.." a'.. \ \ !'.\SSK: :: ,, \ I -

t the hostess, nuliulinir(' pinenpp'e'i 1"\'II..f\ Illl OV. 11 \\hllll ,111 .lIlil1<.,i ---- '
this I hal lud, sultincK', )puiuh and I uikr. I..l I hi (Cia/\ 1 Fiddh'r.i uinl: "< i'i 1i\i miof ." tI Ii-I Si ii h A. I I'i'tv.tit, w"o"I', ..I II

in a'learni f --- - .- II ."ol"'d, nun ill I it.' atpIo[ \ .i\\ h.-) I m n.ii, -.In itt (C. r 1'rt.valt.. (ii In... I IuN'l.t
t I I --iili"nu i- "niusiiiii-: : \- i-xt'iiintr lit I hiI I Oilando (il-h Mial -
I -
1'KKSinTKlU; ; :JSSIOIn! :SO'Ilrii :
:MI--S \l\n! > Hunt si-li'i, (i: III" diicitoi ,- ( Hospital; fo'iowillg' an upciatoiI
mean $ ( I Mifs. N \M i E: .
MKKISrin .
t a .ii| 1 tin i imp.in) uiin.uiniini' / I In' (Iii" I \ Kill' '-( .k.Mi .
TOIl - nl I I the ..i.II11'. pl.ivmir! ;iiuiiii.iini. | : nt > : I ,. I'rcviitt t \va< hal" liflv' \
f A lou t foity UK,nilii, .i > and, (!tii-st with pli-.c-inir tf,')]iiiuc.) .1, Ii I |1'. oilinn I J. _\ 'H''i'. "10. at .\mi ) i..u' (i"1'igha./ nil. 1i.line I

to d4'ipiri i If the :MiHKionniv Society of t tin1I'renbytenaii I "lIj.) aiIlt- aniii-' tialailt .Ih he I ii. l hi iNvinimci' at (lit' ajri) i o'lifti ,

fliuich i met. :.Mond.iv;, <'1- i,,,i'diir-i.| |":itiiuliMlv, hoot! l'i:i "l.nl.inuten's ' n. \\ith lui:,. paicnts :Mr. 11111 I IMis a.

We 1 ternoon; at the homo of Mi I <. I'. A. "\Vi-.t"d\, !: :Al.idni'---..' and :antit'ii : I >oi.k Ias: ". I'liiee Mats I. lii i iIn
Xlavc I 19 Spinule iivennc. Respoiiito . ' : .. .A.c-' .3Y"
eoUllt' i 1 IKSw iinniinn! l.i--i> wliuli, inariii'il (Chailc-v I' I'livatl fir , rA'
the the roll call war )liv II \i>rxipcriptuii "f. lie MM.\ i ffi"i t t.\ I v' i u'ncli,. ( il.lost \. """," Vial ,1"'lIlf l of ( )'ii'o1a in intv 1 a I \ dOHI'4 WlLLiRD I HAOS

SemPrii,. or an item of mission( \ .' .|ih Lam tr-Ili-t., t .pl.i\d. 1.H.i 1.. ">lu. \\ its .i mi' i.Iar i of t t'li' (' I-' nIliapti i iI
.po i interest and :\1,i-ii. Ri&'hn/ idson. a touiist i- 's "Sduti' d'II''I ," .in I :M.I.. **. I : 't thiii ih of Hi!"vimmce, and o'',

1. from (;icoigia who, has/ -tn nt .several -. ,nit's "Kliifit: ( .," aol had I his, mn, I k \I 'it 1 :i I I'H'' Kastt'i: SIll t ami I')'I thi,.in Sist, ti i is, .

,. ;. wintem.. in KNximmpp, pitMintedthe I the iilln ajipniiatiil III I tin' i t'l i < ..1veil mid iiumlii i "'.1 ainoiiir her fmii'ls, PRICES( : FIRST 12 ROWS ORCHESTRA $2.00
I sciipture I..on in aci. \ fiiii Illl' tun. \\ifh! :M-( '\\i' pun' t tinillv all I of I the' oldc). 'i' I 11Hli.ntif ,

ful I and 1'iiloyalile I mannu.Mr. i i )Hunt at tlu piano .nd: :\1"1'1,""M ( I till' l'',Ullt> "
Puttl'r"on. .mothc-i I lOll! I o-.t t. and /L.IIK.', violinist' t anil (..illinl,, a aI uui.ddtil I I'm (.!',il sorvui"IK i hold nt I tin NEXT; .> ROWS, OIU'IIESTn.1.5U. .

hailmfr( f l oil) (Ohio 'lelighti'd, those' '11<"(' \'(' .. 1.11<1'111' ) ( )l\i i iI I''list 1 linptist churl on 'I Tw' a\

pitsenttih" a leiulition of I'he' I Mol.NC'ity. / I tnx ," Il.i.! and 1 Tdliinis.. Ii uhig.ii i n'oiiiinir. I tinUi'V I .. .1.. :\ .Sul toi;' I BALCONY ENTIRE . . . . . 1.00
:Mis. I lu-h" "ltl'g11I,1 i :MrU. -*. .
.111 I antte) litsatie., | :.1 I )luiip 1011slslllltr 1"l'lId'llIg': .1 MIV u impiessivtf. '| |1'111' "-1 -
J. HUIIOWH '11'0"/
mid I'inpps i.fl| |'s("IIH'!.nfl's "-I( 'os-.uk H.\ T'I H.iptiMi: (.]lionaii|; a IlliahilierI o'I :'
w. lonUibuteil to the m.iMiial I pio 'iumdurrur i-'Is." -1'| .,, hiknski's: "( ';iiit :S.uis |ht.t. I II". fa\oiiti' lijmns of the "",' a..I.I I.in .MAIL OHDEHS11'11 CHECK OR POST OFFICE ORDER
tie) afternoon.A .
i.ill-- ," all I !!i.:.!nis" "Hum'! 'ui.iiiI ' .iiiinf (Illi. n ln'intf, "Axli'p In ..Ii'siisIMIII. ," ,
tier the cpininir llMiin, mil I p ItY I lame,." :\; : :Mv (;ucJ. To Th....." and"Jisiis ICLl'DTAX: ) : ; OF lOc) 0EACH: TICKET. SEND SELF-.
:Mis.V.. I II I. .
ei bf i I Diesih) fevmin
a "
'I akt .i' iltithe; lls \\tli I a as indnidu.illv. l.ovii of :My Soul. aimI,I II
utes were devoted' to a II'ISIIH-KH met t- the |"i>. fc"i in.i'u, UH* .lM'i I'liiai I k'llilc, piofutioii IIf VIMV lii'auti,. ADDRESSED) ENVELOPE
after which the ,
H nip, mis lon.iry piutrmm t-Mt'lltnt ,11,1,| ful' flit uI) otfiii'iifPu'l liiareisv .
> ow. one \\ iii auliuis i (
r'nd..I'l"1.The .
was will fir. I ii eLhia---< "t i| | !h.> (.1'| i ic old, fin-nils if i the family" 'in i iI

was "China general( ," and topic several for. thin inteiestingpapers ( vening foils t of t the 'inian' ( lull> to )pmidrood > i lu.liner. 1'hatter, S. I.. l.tipftr.Ii. i

I ) mjsie, if {)he nthii t nuniheis on :\1. K.I'W. .1.I suidlttiiiit. ..'
'''''rc' ie''l iin ann I the eouise an- of i"mill nuiititli t the \Vlitliliii.I andV! II Harris I -
Mrs. F. A. Nave _.
spoke en
for I
fit it. 1 I'ltiiiniiit, malc- in (the, SliJiiir'i:
und "A new mjt<..ionIoI'V look at old China \\as 'I' III SI'OUIS:: PKIK.ltM) ; I : j ,.r,1 J I ln-il{ i iNti'll if eivt-d tilt
I CifC'k with the .
Tei ;" Mrs. Katherine West discussed ,A.KI( \\INTEU- V1SI10KI ) :i femett'j Star. ,eliet's. 'impulsiveICastprii I. riCMSIIKI I( ) M 1l,11 I'l'NCVttiltnu ''s r..u ', ial pr'iTtu !' ', '

% Sch) 'Canton Christian Colle e," and Mrs. FROM I ILLINOIS: :: judges! for the !ter BIG AUTO RACES
David Landers subject "A Characteristic '"I : DIES]I : Following the wishes Of Mis. Prevail I < < (;l f I'oiti; I'.i-'c Omby -> : X1'iday. -
was : .
win the music M the noon .IioitM progiam were I Hiiaoncr I -
Incident.' ,I I| Mrs Margaret J, Hale; who:, hut: cemetery; played Wanner-Sawyer '
] bv'thc Kissimmce band at IWf'I'c Company| an'winner Mayor H. K.uMay, Rev, J. A- Sutton,
ek An interesting literary and musical been i u winter visitor in K)"sinijiic\! [ wim -"Rock1 of' $ and- for the !boyn.,. . and ,
'' ouest Ages,5
the program followed MI'.. E.. P.' for! a .number of.ycfjis,' died /iThursdny AlddVithNrs. ' ( ( So many entniesweu-p,1n1IloIhl,; ,'th// ihakmAlfe: t 4hi,> J .' .
." Caldwt'Il' ' L .. ., ;)Me. /'W\i.\ q4 ,iS| pi j.Hl:rf\<,. : "'.\> .: : ,(.uports tea.watilhirmanager .
leading "The l
am : Perfect Gift. night ofilasfwci-krat$'' (he'hoiie'of her 1 boys"sack racethat: if th !? jurlgt-s1 had \ of thevt-nt.and .
the H. J. Nave reciting "The Lord has a gland 1 daughter, :Mrs. !fj.'; W. Prather, thrpt" 1'ievatt leaves t-ix-x-hil'-ren, to limit it to boys! over twelve Theythitiit'fiite prize ili-pen-H-r$ and 1 Coach. "Pill": ('aii
daup-htt-rs, Mrs. :MattnFlyrd tfi POLO
Job. for You. Joy Makinson, Donald in Emmett street : ; ( stagi! (ii i an fxtia I i I.KI-, .1 i 7.;. -. in.. mlu\ Iitt' tin, -!poiti, ommittiM'. ,
I i h 1'nik. :.Mis. HubSI"II"'M'
gi.o it linjj a i ,
Ste nman. and! II. J. Nave "Lit- A ,skint flillerlli'h', t tii'il sarI dish, for Ii iimti. .
sang n d.i III '. "\ i I \M| i'. amiUison - ,'I i i f mi gciph"iii,< i.1 1'I.nu. aid Mi'I lama (OMMi.f ntiiioiinii ) '
tle li) 'cp of Water l Kissinimii Siituidainoinin.i i i i.. .ml I t'i', S IL 1 '1"1'111"1,1. .' Ii f.iii ,, , '
Ti t 1 i i. I a i p t i I :.- tI I i L' t t\i < nid t 1111".'" II"HI" mil' '
.11( " KissHiinm and! I ". "
( ; iniitsin
-- I "d\ |I"fl i 1 that .a 1 Ii , 'IlO.'l". f" 1 I" ..!I. II J ... "i p'' 'tii.;; 111"1: ? I 'Banlllll'IJI"'d I. ... .! ,' !h-: ,nd will !be seen at Kissimmee
v.Norimi- ( ('II I liuli-" I j' I Ii p. I Joe Pio (I' ( ti thihigh s.hoiil
\-CE mi )
\ rhi nnrngs.(
I home, .u (Omaha" ) I Illnidi I I a '" ,i a... .. C/"I/'d/ i /, I Ih (n lac I"i f-ti-! ii- 1..1 i ..i jun.ihitialig .", I I.. '.. MIIIK--1, t tin. ,, I nit tifv .
Veil'til ol l' KissllllllHM .Ml \M1jnsopi <' spuis! Fair
eori l lI It.\WllIiHIlYSIIOlnT.K E 4iliei. t 1\\ K sfn) al t I lit- funual'i't ;Mril'id. , ( I III.. \ ".tiii,," ..i" i .- \I "ii 1 tit. i.i,I. i 'A.II, (, i\iii! in. I llu- fan, Grounds, 2 : 30 p. m.,
: 1lI""I
) )' -
jej Th I d".1 l( ( I '\ :as" ,-i ,' ,: I .I\, \. 1.1'1" 1.\, " i-i .iI. .''' ''''. Jt., i-'iKit, SATITRDAY
hit I.Hilio' Aid Soi'ntv Society{ of I J: I "ho' i i- ill ;it liel 'liomiKokoiiK ' : .ulnu-ssion' / thiugi' ( "' JAN. 27,1923.Hol .
anil hnd ;
.101)1. ) I p, at1 t . l\! ..Ii!i I I.'i, --- ,' I'a(a It'd w.III'n'" i ''.tt',. i-i duiC ..-
I the (liristianhurch. will nc-ll) stiawlieriv hi fiiii. (i J- ll.itin I-OIIIHX i (11"0" ; |Iii. - --- -- i Icl"1 0111", "l'.ta t "ItO> : Ireon; and Dare Devil
Bhoitcake 1 \\ ( t '. ]li.Iuiiia> and. a aiplilaugh-! ) ( I ti "111"1 g-a'H" i.hiOlihto $ IIITIIAh.S I :
ii, withvhipped, cieam, ihtwa! lioin |Hi"i |,: h., )h".I"II'.1.!" I iii. :Mis'\ S.nn: \, l'i at It.'I, f. K i :-al u I (lily beifininn!! ut ili-xcoi o'clock |I.{. I , who .'. Ji I Wilson, two most -
IiiIi. ism h KI'''''1')1 I, 'liii'I l 1".1'a, -PII"1 I for i tin :NilsiUl: :\ ,,". \11'''. I lI"w.lld Aul ,- ) t \ttnd" oui h mr < popular
at IruHton'the fonner. Ill( at ion of I the Central l I. J'j (es two sons' i;.' |II| |11..i| !,. ",: ,t I",' I ',"i.t 1/' I flip I 1 li\, .1. W I liompionfi ( \1| r'. V i-riion 1 i'oiti, .. and I t..it, i i. .j mil Ii. jeuail. wh > wi-ri 'i.kio. auto polo players will be

<< / tondale. Illinois, and II. \I. 1 11.1 i '. fi"''Hi dll if ( tol \1..rA.. < I l'y-i, :Mis 1 u |1..1..1| i p iHily | .: i 1..' Idplul/ t I., us dining... ,ill. ,
I iin .'ai iw :tV fioin I tin- othi I lime mid "," -it (S j (Ji'.ith of
Ctt "I rot' t'lc' hat dOllal"d l ".\, ;\Ii-. J1J ,. il-.i.. I'm' (lie many ln-autifcil laO is known the most

bF -=lli 11I11I11I11I11I11I11I11I111I11' "11I11I11I11I11111111I"".II II m""iliff II""11I111I11""""III""II!"11I11/1/ ""II!I!II 111I11I1111I111111I11I111I11I11I rn ;\i'odlio\.l 11 1 is i-i., ,and l\kon i k's leiiuid, imlli-d nulliniiv an doun' aluminum-HIM.si"('it"d, | ',\hllc lion teapot ,il.ii' a i'-i 1 j ::Mis.ii\i i Il'I1 gs. ,.. Kuliv:Mattithli'tI. Shiaiouslr I! ".. [ spectacular feat as ever performed

= Bill
-= ... --- fioiii\ the ( ;iiuntham fiunitUlistoi I 'I -. .'.1iu. tt-ttt-t OveMtiti-t. i \' by automobile.
= eNct: I ( I ha,, I I- .' I'll salt. Lee, a nationally known
\\ .1. \
a .line a liovs : "d.a ,jrirlv'
1H I Ihut*.I'g-I'd' u inn., \\hlh' 10" i;iiihtiimuoiiiint '(( .It nnMILTS I It;. "I'it\atl 1 u race track driver, has already -

C -- spills/ and. i hafi.d i-iiKlc-b, entered his famous
*'.j I II.F..V: < \1
I Uly Chapman and, I I' S. /dlu-tti-i< :
; A(Me the best( lunmis. II l.i Sianil'Mctuiim. I UNVMI: : OKDCItl) ) : I I 110 horse power Velie Special

-- among; I the i Io'y ,. and gut(; ( ncuiHikties p\\ . .
4 Fortify Yourself u .I| fIOlt! "l'fl"0 IIIH'' I that has a record of
for. I heir' oil( ,11111,| .
p ( fr i-i I i''' i ii ''I. t thi v i"| I man nr I tin. '
The Bank Withthe their, ", .'c'lo'l.). oni' fl".m.\ S. I tiillnit'haherd.i.hei ; I 1. ""h..o'' :at-1 u : nis lln-) jounif-'ti-i s in .102 :j-10() miles per hour, andis

l i: v and I tin- ohi-i: u I ttom i I the a II.(1 i l l ; ( ". .Ionian I
< 111(11111 expected to off the
I I, ']lcs V. carry
> Story stole I Kuth and T.vu; '
: a, -i'>> MI .1. lu- time 'in Spa 'iihli iittnca .
= .- ..rli., buun I li\'< roie| ::11I,1 I fami'v''! ties! d I .--, .tt(!." <. Itiilliiik and Mis' Piano purse in all events.
and those dependent the won the (fill-I ,* riota' "d not( the knife' I 1.1 wUkChi' lii.' ith
upon you against .u ;' of thi ,,1"hI"1 i I and! A
Ability who made
tI yen by the (Oct'olu I llarduaieon I . ( th' i "uuiit' litht-,! 'slinki. newcomer, has
wpio I tht-if
fear of the Wolf at the Door by your sa v- verti-d to uisli, tui the ii'omuls, | andthe I'iiinit- :.11,1)) ( ov\ lios' .real and( a' good in all races he has en-
= and .
t .
"kc-ds"I ,-
f iii Kieil OllhiTt'sTin ;I I I I ,iii. i.... .d'.1. I i.u ii'us Cillu-r
= ings. Your Bank Account determinesyour === (-ro au I tli'-n in(ivi.1 I over u I to tIt "'W"'I"' j an-i I inti i u-stinct get l'i ups iMi' ti i :> lercd so; far, is Indian Russell -
= Willingnessto '0' ncr of Chin i t hIn,1 Sproukave to '. nip'
r.u'i .
i < '
ii.ael 5V.. ( a speed king of Orlando
= course through! this world I I it = titles for thelirenun's h"se. nnd. hariil Mis-, \ a-mi Mid"| ,
; IS your = 11'1'1'\\ t Iii-, t I" t
c-ontest I In tins
Serve sport a VOUMI g doll u |"I',,. .is tin. I lij.st I. \\itli lastit. driving a New Creation
anchor when without it you would be drivw.w ht-twti-n hairc-1') icpo--c-d two I poles upon l a A I ii phit ret tilled, 1.11 x'-0:' ':0 l/i'. :and till', !111'.(.s riVMnSpi.n | || \ known as the Dixie Special
team of
E --- ----- two '', a sinking' and .utistu'
:= en from pillar> } to post. tioned men, aimed with (lie h(; I'VII" sta Tie ciottds a wcu. too lliKk"i couoli foi This car is being watched
lit either
end and the
t winuijii'I
DEPOSITS INSURED i I team wa-i tn be n.mil 'Ullf<'tli t III (.\hulg( arid t tlic. poy: with much interest.
i docidod I h the. spied Si, III t ,, i ""u had the _
om -"
START ON THE HOAD OF INDEPENDENCE with along which the ropiti it lould the drive opposite(the' hat end re-I/ wisie.t'i( : "i-ommodii,vthing) lost money' ion Otht-i fOI'hat AUTO POLO is seldom seen

Roy fjnivt's; and I ( ail u I "Riedel'i 1 I 'i-.e alme t O-i) I I thu ilo-diiLT} / wc-nt swimmingly( in cities the size of Kissirrtmec -
night ,
).r:( TODAYff\ opening a Bank Ac- ''Oiik| end.Suhl with at the c. othi A.V11Ilalll'"r. Roth sti, aliI I I li-rvuU: va. inaiigurati'd( a series! uhvie of the ill. as it is very expensiveand
earns i 'I'i fet ti In-tame

,, (1i4S.) count with us': WE INVITE YOU TO DO I.Ipluvcd t tionaly,on but the! the barrel po'es' it, lutwun lennunid nta liioutfht, ( thi* hoys moie n I little Pt)neart'i hula, ,I', and I the I dangerous to perform,

= \\ huh (l'' P' of the hole.
_ I the' rope- wastrctihed, did They finished I the usually requiring large city
IK.1.t and '
BUSINESS :tion: ill said! hole
HERE. __ soon the "barrel wait Ii however HO far I
en, a-id I real
II lope uci tdigging thj niRehes 1"1111'11. : o that they had to reach up to touch crowds. All lovers of -
I with no advantage to tuluisido, The woikeii, like. wasn't their fault, they sport will consider. a treatto
= judges declared the Iii, 'it. round Trojans.'! They sold( al-
n most and
a clolars have it shown here
t = draw, and the rope was n-striinc, be 1 tificates( of worth of cer ,
I I tween two trees on the corner nf, the the fair !good fellowship to enable should take advantage of

r mrrtn high school wericoached grounds. Meanwhile q'" to t the (tint tin- boy vi nded stunts committee free of to charge put on, and the cow-they the opportunity to seeA$5.0QSHOWFO50C

points of the game, and shortly after peanuts and popcorn and orange

1 Bank of Osceola II m whistle brought the water, the' own finances Juice, and balloons, but on their '

County ; Ciraveo-Ricdel; team directed their another' the the/ lost. But that's ", ".

stream in the faces of their oppon( work will story be money for their

ents. With their aim thus spoiled ways for forthcoming in other -

the Suhl-Williams' team swung its t h i'm.'fliti' everybody's strong for : W. 1"VtV

f Eoura9A.M.to3j'.M. the nose onlookers around into the crowd '/giving committee in charge of /A
some damp fine sport. street the dous\\
inic = =- In just 43 seconds the barrel hit the for the danc s deserves( much credit /

-- tree on the SuM-Williamll' end of the successful job they did. Roscoe
== : Roberson
rope, guying Graves ,and Riedel the Mrs. was the ehatrmnn.with I J
4 i 1I =

'j: : ,,';- ,. III1/JnHIIIIIIIII'lIIl/1l1/ / IU""IIIUIIIIII""mlll"IUI'UHII""IUIlIllIIllIlIUIIIII"IIIlII"" "" .' A,' "" In"lI"" "' ""IIIIII"")" 1I1IIIIUIII! test victory flrrt':Ian The for of second the the two-out-of-three.same lap" resulted team, in con.and a the assisted Aifderaon.Judge Edythe the Mrs.committee Cadel D. and Wllton also)frl,Alderman.a*Howard one of .' DtKINGPlILS. 'far: constipation81X. 'J -'II' I .:if.,.

' > ,
I ::.,' "tt; J.I'-: "

As* ..._. ..,. (: .. ,..!.. .'" .. .... .. ... ./ .. . ;1-" ;-..' .JOJ. ,. ., ."i'i :.J>J! 4.. Si ..t"ilIt. -.a ...., ... "
: ; . :
-.0J.4 "' '''I'- -r.i' '' -- .'. ---f\l' < :.l ". )'.. }Thi'.. ". . ..-, -", -t,-,..,{"_-__,t"'J ;-_,..''lv. ,-.\' ''r"" : ", .'. i- i' ; ) .5 tS. ht a' _
) 4

Group Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette.
Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Publication Date: January 26, 1923
Frequency: weekly
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
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-"r 6 ; W9-t
c iwPc T
: 5

I\\ '
; .
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:::t. ..: "L : ::: '


00. .. . . . ., ... .. : ... .. .. .. ,.
.' _.
Ami 0 seE 0 LA JOURNAL. c... u..... Jaa.ary. 1L MIS..,;'. '/

__ V.liey. ...r.I..... 14.I v._......., N'....__. I" I.,.. KISSIMMEE FLORIDA*, FRIDAY JANUARY 26, 1923' VOL. XXVIJ -N,. 1
01. ......... E........ ....... .-.Ia .1_. .., "a_._ a.....'''' -


FURNISHEDMVCHFV. Sanford Band To Play Sunday In A DOUBLE HEADER : BODY Crowds, At The..-Might- Dancing: Increased COWBOYSJAAKE GOOD

Klssimmee While Local Boys Each Night Brought

Athletic And Comedy_ Races (Take Their Places There Girls Defeated Lake Wales Official Of State Fish And Thousands Amusements Thrills Provided When The

But Nations exchange college profes And Boys Trimmed Bar- Game Association Finds The street dnclng. arranged by Wild Steers Get ExcitedAt
Brought Big Crowd the dance committee of the amusement
Too Few "Snowbirds" Pore, but they haven't anything on tow In Friday's Bill Osceola) Branch Ready section of the> Osceola County Big Free Fair Show
Floridians. Florida cities exchange Fair, proved to be one of the mos'
afternoonT bands. Thereby both cities get good The Osceola high school girls basketball Local Ike Waltons and Nimrods popular of all the big attractions. On More than two thousand people
Friday sport program advertising. All of which is by way team showed some improvement who. didn't show up )last night at the the opening night two thousand people were lined up outside the arena con-
of the county fair transferred to the gathered around the enclosed section structed beside the high school bask-
west side of the high school grounds. of getting started to tell the folks that last Friday night when they Chamber of Commerce missed a of Darling-ton avenue to watch \ ball court for the wild west show

Church street, furnished a lot next Sunday afternoon' the people of met and defeated .the Lake Wales meeting full of.pep, and lost out on the dancers: and to participate The Saturday morning, another one of
of from enjoyment, and one good struggle. Sanford will have the opportunity to team* by a score of 19! to 5.M.ry a mighty good line of chin music.F. following night a conservatively estImated the big free attractions of the county
C. Calkinn president of the Duvnl] there
three thousand were ffir. According to the contract the
The climax of the program there hear the Kissimmec Concert Band Kritz proved to be the star of the
Anglers and Hunters Club Jack
.vhile on Saturday night the S. R. O. local committee had to furnish the
proved to be less exciting than had j and Klssimmee will have the opportunity game IIccrlngsix: of the nine field sonville the
principal speaker
was sign was out for that section of Kissinamee. rtock for the Oklahoma cowboys and
the basket
been expected on account of refusal I Co hear the Sanford'band.. Fair goals i having her eye on the He is also a member of the hoird o' There Were surely between the riders had' specified that they
His Porkthip to run. Dutin? ill though guarded bY a
of good style
the who "enough. Some of the powers that be Elilabeth governors of the Florida Fish and four and five thousand people in ad- wanted wild steers. They got; 'em.
Thursday night sometime coat pig of nice in band-dom concocted the idea of good playing Lake shot Wales the othe girl.* three Game Protective! Associatirn, and ,e endnnce on the closing night with a In fact they were so much so that
sentenced to
had been a various Florida cities exchanging Moiteley passed out the wlse-un as to what the
hundred couples dancing at one time program was somewhat- delayed! :
| -slippery grease and a marathon got bands and the local and scored the foul goal as welt. that organization expected to try and
in their occasionally and as many more participating at on account of the difficulty getting
nwAv. His_substitute diminutive the Vivian Floyd playing her fiflt have the next legislature enact along '
band authorities fell in with intervals. them into the city and then into their
size, and lazy in inclination, refusedto idea and next Sunday starts the ar game as jumping center deserves! a I the lines of conserving Florida's nat- Friday night was supposed to be a. proper: enclosure.. It wasa good natured --
be a party to a. lengthy chase I lot of credit. She was up against a ural in the sporting line-. -
rangement. The concert will be at resources ; "Rube Dance, and a number of the crowd, however and there was-
stood in his tracks while two boys bandstand taller opponent, and playing a new Quoting him Florida is "gettine!'
the usual time, at the Broadway couples who came to trip the' -light no kicking manifest. .
made a dive for him. What was left position, but she got away with lit down tc the bottom of the barrel,"
4 p. m., Sunday. fantastic "dolled up": in the worst Meanwhile the'. thronKs were entertained -
of him was finally awarded to Don The boosters for the KiHsimmee in good shape. Mary Sanderson p.Jtup when the subject I is fishing and hunt- raiment they could find, exhibition with three pretty cow pony
Olive whose clothes testified that he I band know that the shows an excellent exhibition as guad! ,, ing. There has been so much of of Church
are glad to worst that is, for some the costumes races on street, while rows
had been one of the pile. Julian Graham the band conducted in their tent every following the ball and playing a hard, them and they have been so easy approached the artistic. Manager of automobiles were parked along the
was, according to much of the I night of. the fair netted them in. consistent game: throughout. Madge to get that they have been gradually C. C. Jordan of the Casino rouree. and the top of the high school
mall boy testimony a tackler of 1 the neighborhood of a hundred Hi verts playing a guard, sprained' reduced to the danger point. and it theater and Mrs. Jordan pulled down building looked like the reserved section -
equal speed but the judges decided her ankle early in the game: and wasrhIaced will be but a time unless rem of
lars', which means that much dOl-I short the prize that night for the costumeswhich a world's series grandstand.
that Don was a split instant- In the' music. The band did their )part hy Edith Dann, who, with edial legislation is enacted before the the judges declared the "tack Two heats were run, with two poniesin !
lend. What excitement was lacking ward making the fair the Katherine Moseley running center state's far-famed hunting and fishing iest" though others declared them to each and the winners of the first
in the pig chase was more than made I was, playing for the parade and for upheld the standard of the work\ of will be as scarce as the old brass be such as are worn for Sun< Hy-jjo- two competed in the third. Beb Harris -
up by the firemen's contest a few. the dance; and managed to put on the team. : foot-rail. to-meetin in some sections, though had two ponies entered, Charlie
minutes later, and the progiam before three nights of mighty good shows For Lake Wales M. Davis did all I: Actording to Mr. Calkins the sentiment where those sections are they didn'tsay. Dc-iegan one, and Dave Bass one.
that had furnished enough excitement I a* well. the rearing, but the whole team wai '' all over the state is changing At any rate Jordan s high. The first race, between Beb Harris'"Bill
to prevent anyone wanting I I Unfortunately the collectors for the playing ball the guards outclassing and whereas there used to be a superabundance water white "britches" and dinky ," Youel Johnson up, and Dave
his money back particularly since tho 'band are not finding as ready response the forwards bv a slight margin. I' of sentiment against straw hat, draped round his active Baps' "Beauty," Albert Bass up wasa
whole shooting match was a fret ad"l I in same quarters tan they had Line-up anything that made a noise like trying figure, and Mrs. Jordan's bonnet neck and neck affair, the Bass pony
mission affair. hoped in collecting the pledges made I KUsimme..' ((19)! ) Lake Wales ((5)E to shorten hunting seasons, or "gown" and curls affected the judg- finally crossing the tape a nose
The most excitement was '! for this winter's season. Director J. Moreley forward M Evert take any other rteps looking toward (('5 to the extent that they handed ahead. Charlie Donegan's horse with
up in the tug-o'-war. This had been I D.I Woe' 'beck is getting worried \ M Kritz forward M Davis leaving the kids something to shootat over the ten simoleons to them.. and Tom McLennan up and Beb Harris'
ndvertised as a contest between the" about the possibility' of continuing V Floyd jumping center W ..KelleyK : there in now a decided feeling in nobody seemed: to question their judg "Dan" ran the second heat another
"Crackers", and the "Snowbirds I the conceits longer than this month Moselvy runningcOntel" H Warintt favor of 'doinesomething.." Fifteen ment. very close race, won by a quarter
which \is, being interpreted as to the unless the pledges are met, as the exchequer ''I'' M Rivera guard K BrantleyM counties in the state have been organized Saturday night 'twas msOquera'de.and length by Oscar Clemmons on 'Dan.
snowbirds, the visiting friends from i is getting low. The money : Sandei won guard the north. A full complement could made during th 'fair'yrelife saver, Substitutes: Edith })ann for Madge association and a number> of the oth- the scene which would have done )an," Beb Harris, and Jockey Clem-
not be secured to repiesent the but music has to be bought and the I Rivers; referee: Miss percie Oliver. ems are outside looking in and l hunt- ciedit to a comical musedy or an n on.. The prizes offered for the
"Snowbirds," however and the result ',other expenses met. The band wants Kissimmnee(19)( ) Baltow (11)) in"for the ke/ hole. Arabian carnival movie Mr. and pony races were: flrtt. Stetson hat
was a tug-o'.war between two sides to play soil, the people want it to''play. ', The boys showed better !passing Then there's the reforestation matter Mm. Vernon Porter not content with given by Katz Brothers; second, decorated -
chosen by Marion Carson and Monroe -''I' but the "want" will have to be i: than heretofore, but were unacquainted -I not entirely confined to sport spending thirty six hours a day at spurs given by the Makinson
Thomas respective' captains. The backed up with the "donate" if the l with the art of dropping tho ball I but unlese some long-headed action Is "their" duties with "his" chairmanship Hardware Company. Officials for the
aggiegation selected by Thomas hail ,'reason is to be completed. I inside the hoop. If they had scored taken there will be hunting along of the sports committee found pony 'races were: Joe Johnston and -
the better of the argument for a few Plans are now being made by the .nil the chances they ha1 at the basket i that line-hunting! for lumber. All time somewhere to fashion a pair ofI L. H. Ingram starters, and Malcolm
straining minutes and almost had members to raise sonic more money the scorer would have had to use i these factors are being taken into costumes which cnly lacked a few Overstrcet and Jennings Prevatt
the decisive knot over the designated themselves. In the near future they both hands and a stenographer t> i consideration in the plans of the state I,I Rkulls and human bones to make the judges.
spot Carson's team assisted by will! present u c inc-ily drama which record l them. In spurts they got acquainted -I II )organization and it plans to sponsor ; trembling onlooker think himself in The cow-boy group which the
good-natured outside' coaching finallyot in said tr be s mighty fine attraction.I I with the hoops, and in other some mighty important bills for the I cannibal land. Black tights and,. a. sports' committee had secured tot a
the "heave" into rythmical action crowd Advanced notice are out for it now spurts succeeded intpeeding upthu legislature to look over. For instance, I ring in his nose (specking of .t.luun.le free' exhibition performed as per
and, to the delight of the I "The Girl of the Flying U." I passing. Tyner and Harris probably i the big mouth black bass will, according -I portion of the team no wjand? a bloodcurdling schedule to delectation of every
which always likes to see' the)losers ------ showed more basketball foi m than to the present tentative plans I yell from the wilds of Africa body. Popularity was somewhat divided -
win, pulled the erstwhile champion Rev. J. A. Hendrv educational ROCretary did the otheis, Tyner making several ; of, the organization have n chapter ;I brcught all the small boys into the among the four six-footers
beyond the deciding line and won the of the Florida Methodist conference good: l pauses and shots for goal \vhile\ all to hlrmelf. The idea in for the dancing portion of the confetti-strewn tfom Oklahoma. John Carruthers
cigars offered by the Stanley Phar I will JII'each at the MetSodft I Harris played a fast guaid.; Th\ association to try its luck on getting? I I f INmtlnupd on lnic' Eight) the cow-boy clown passed out a line
macy. The |winners, in addition to church Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. I passing, an mentioned before was a doped ..(npason possibly during the ---- cf: chatter during the stunts which
Team-captain Canton were: J. C> I All aie cordially invited. No special' I better than in the previous games, months of February and Match in brought amusement to the onlookers,
Griffin U. J. Burrows S. II. Fcrtic, : 'lection I will be taken. but it needed considerable' speeding which taking of the black beauties : THE FREElLAlWAS nnd seemed to get a surprise himself
William Seal, Orick SuM Stanley I up as the advantage gained getting shall bu prohibited. The organiz when the big grey steer charged him,
Largent. J. II. Smith J. II. Everett the ball was lost in carrying it down tion is out tooth and top-nail against i He rode this steer and another one
and Robert Buckelt. The defeated NEW COMMISSIONERS the field. Simpson started out the fieh wat"r neiniiur.: HH. embers A GRAND SUCCESSFed from the Pat Johnston herds which S
pullers were: Monroe Thomas, Allen first quarter in good foim but slowed want to see a couple of weeks I'pnedolf because of their bellowing and bucking -
-Stockdale Fred Lupfcr K. C. Brun- down and played a rather listless the open season on deer and they led many in the crowd to believe
Hon, T. J. Arnold C. A. Williami DISCUSS tame Chapman Harris, and Tyner. may try to get a law confining the Between Two and Three they were trained animals. As muchexcitement

-E er.on Squires, Roy Graves Elmer i -- got several good passes working: and hunters' skill to bucks only. Thousand People: Had as was afforded duringthe
ichweikart and Ed Lucas. Session needed them up occasionally. Gor. The state association's plans, so whole' performance came when
One of the most interesting events I Met In Informal don Bullock as usual got his eye on tar, are purely tentative. On the seventh Abundance Left Over the steers, being run back into the
was the brick race where the con. MondayNight, And Read the basket better in the second half day of next month the executive reserve (enclosure kept on going The
tegtents proved. to be all girls but our than in the first," while the reverse. committee and. the board of governors Just as the daylight was creeping big grey hit the fence north of- the
little Harry Bert Dale eoon fell off j Several ApplicationsGeorge wan true with the other shooters. will 'meet in Tampa at two up over the lake on Saturday morning arena and went through it with ease.As .
his bricks and disqualified. Each Taken as a whole the game showed o'clock in the afternoon to thresh out dim figures could be reems hurry he tangled in the wire and trippedPat S
had to walk on two bricks and carrya W. Persons Howard M. some improvement and when sufficient the mooted questions and prepare to ing around among a number c.f limes Johnstcn's earlier training replaced
third "laying her track" with the Katz, and A. S. Gilbert city commissioners practice ha" been had to get piesent u* solid front when the rollS 'on the vacant lot back ot Tno Gazette his legal talents for the time
two, placing the third and picking up elect got together Moil- the PUSKCK speeded up, and when im- called up yonder at Tallahassee. : : office. As the sun came vp and being, and he "lit on the steer" aboutas
the one stepped from. The nine contestants tiny night to lay a few plans ahead. pioveirent in shooting comes the Os- They want to see a state conservation allowed better vision the rca!"n for quickly as the steer lighted on the
were: Vivian Floyd, CairolMakinson The meeting was informal devoted I cola High will be ready for its harder commission, to be composed of five I the people and the fires became apparent. -i ground and then, with the assistance S
Mary Kritz Madge Rivers, muinly to an exchange of ideas. Scv- iCamell.II members who shall serve without pay There was H. N. Bratton of other Osceola county cow men
Jimmie Squires, Virginia Sigler Mae '' eiul applications for the position of The Line-up and meet at least twice a year. They land Eail 1 Lupfer with various; assit.I I held the steer dcwn until the fence
Winn, and Eunice Rivers. As soon city manager for Kissimmee had Kisnimniee ((19)) Summerlin ((11)) I want this commission citfpowerci to i ant. and all kinds of pork lUll I coffee was repaired.Carl .
as one stepped off a brick and on the ,ten received and the commissioners II Simpson forward Dean I appoint a chief warden. who shell m and sugar and great big kettles! Beesley rode a blac-k buckerin
ground she was disqualified and gave their careful attention to these. Tyner forward Phillips I turn appoint deputy wardens who I and bread, and rice, and tvJ.ything: good style which performance
haste made waste with a good many Direct applications, or letters of recommendation I G Bullock center Johnson may, if advisable, be transferred from I else which goes to make a piUu. It brcught; out yells of approval. Later 4
racers. Madge Rivers' methodical weie on file from six Chapman guard Tillman one county to another. They want to [ was!!! a Eight worth seeing, and aU>npr he did a steer bulldogging stunt under -
system brought her the victory, and different men who would consider be- I Harris guard; Bartleson pay these officials enough so they I about an hour afterwards when the I several handicaps. The arena
the prize which happened to be a $2 coming city manager for Kissimmee.Jesse Substitutes: Davis for Bartleson; can camp on the job and deliver the aforementionlJ gentlemen its rted wan too small' for a first-class bull-
pocket knife given by the Makinson M. Wood, well and favorably I Bartleson for Davis; field goals: Kis- goods. They are enthusiastic about eating breakfast which me-u.ti' ld logging: and his horse was "green."
Hardware Company. I known in Kissimme, where he taught simnjoe) Tyner 3, Bullock 3, Chap getting fish hatcheries, one to start been cooking on u stick befor" ..meof Ordinarily he performs this stunt on
9 Two 75 yard dashes were run, both school for a time prior to l finishing 'man 3; Bartow: Dean 3, Phillips with, that is, and have it located I the fires it was worth eating t.o. '/ft track and with a trained horse. He
the winners being fleet footed high hill law course, and now a very suc- Bartleson. Foul goals: Bullock,JohnOn. ) Homewhere where 1t will be themost For Mr. Bratton was generous with jumped; horn the horse to the steer's
school basketball players. Uly Chap- cecsful[ lawyer of Atlanta wrote to Referee M.I3. Carson. advantageous to the whole his breakfast and the writer helped loins, however and threw said steer
man won a flashlight, given by the ;.the commissioners about Howard L.tihlwater -- state.' They'd like to see a law hm- him eat acme of the most delicious' in the regulation bulldogging fashion.
Dixie Electric .Companv in the boys' ; of Atlanta. Mr. Wood EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY:- ting\ any one man cr concern to 640 meat that ere sizzled bcfoic a tire! Two range ponies from Henry Par-
racp. and Vivian Floyd won the box gave a very impressive description of FOB LOVERSOFEXC1TEM EN"I acres as a private game pieserve. By noon, when the crowds canto over tm'e:) were brought; in for additional
of candy from the Palms Cafe in the I Mr. Stillwater's qualifications, among; I __ They have a lot of' things up their in drove from the round-up, everything riding and bucking stunts. The first '
Qltl race.Probably. which ithe fact that he was formerly Coming right after the excitementof sleeves which will put Forida on the I I was in readinesi. 1iPic' '\ wild little black one. insisted on F
the most laughter tame city manager of Su inter. South I the sporting rection of the fair same conservation system as all the I: spirited men and women of Kisaim- lying down when it couldn't have its
in the two shoe races. Here each' Carolina. Mr. Stillwater i is an engineer the announcement of one Of the best other states and insure a continuance mee offered their services and the own way and the riders attemptedto
contestant had h deposit his left now. holding down an important thrillers in the country for tomorrow of two, of her finest sports and I I huge crowd was all fed and provided<< put on a saddle. It locked lik.. aease
shoe in a pile GO yard from the position in his home city.II. I afternoon l is welcome news. Auto polo one of her best industries. i with coffee in record time. Mrs. of playing "possum" for a whil',
starting point run the fifty yard i II. Hobbs of Alachua had a let-I is probably deserving of its heralded Last night; at the meeting of the I Hrward Katz was in charge of the and nobody had any smelling silts in '
put on his own shoe lace it up, an' I ter on file asking consideration. reputation as a thriller. When local !sportsmen, and not a sing'e man serving, and u number of people the crowd when Carruthem said the '
get hack to the starting line. Twen- : lint been superintendent of light and two fast cars' run into each other often present put un any objection to the proved very efficient and generous : horse had fain el. Bee'lev then dis- -
ty-five boys entered one race and wAter in Alachua for some time.F. turning entirely over, usually plans Mr. Calkins outlined they helpers, among whom were Mrs. W-l- 'carded the saddle and rode "with a ?
seventeen girls the other. The rules, 1 A. Greene chief engineer for tieuking a wheel and not infrequently showed plenty of pep and decided to la Steed, Mrs J. M. Duncan, Mrs. F handful of mare" piitt'ng up a good
as announced permitted a contestantto the Century Coal Company, of Century "rearing up on their hind put over the partly formed ..organiza E. Woodward Mrv W. J. Sears, Mrs. "xhibition whil th. hor..e was fresh
throw everybody else's shoes as I West Virginia was another ap laigs"-well. there's excitement! tion' in Osceola county. They selected t. T. Morrison, Mis. Lewis O'B'yun, enough to buck. Roth this and the
far as' he pleased, and for a while the I plicant.F. The auto polo and auto races which the name "Osceola Fishing; and Mr. Dolph Walker Mrs. J. V. T-ceo, yellow one which Can-others finally
air was filled with leather. "n nle" D. Pittman of McAlester Oklahoma appear at the fair ground; tomorrow( Hunting Club: ," and, they already "Dutch" Tress Roy Wells Dr. Jn.np. rode had been on" range so long
Ledbetter won the boys' piize and ic- I I was in line for COn idl'ration'l afternoon are appealing in Kissim- have a memberrhip in the neighbor- UicfVoodall, and a host of others. that they lacked I tha endurance which;
ceived n shirt doiftted by the Dollar 'With his own application, mce by virtue of an arrangement hood of a hundred. Last fall a larg'number These people handed out pilau, )bread the crowds like to 'ee in bucking:; con-
Limit Store while Eugenia Oliver I..by an impressive' array of recommendations -I made by the promoters conduct a of people signed up to get and coffee with a remarkable absence tests.
winner the girls, got a pair of various people who I series of such shows in Ocala. Orlan- behind a similar movement also andit of confurion. while W. J. Steed S. R. The exhibition requiring" the most
of silk hose among given for the occasion by ,, know /him. lie hilE been coinniission- do. Kissimmee and Tampa. It l is not was the concensus of opinion at Chapman, and others!, directed the hair-width accuracy was that shown
J. W. Thompson. I I ei of public works for six years and often local amusement seekers have last night's meeting that the ChAm- crowds to the virious tabu's, and by Tom Elis'! Cherokee Indiap, and
Eight" teams lined up\ for the I was in charge of the water department 'the oppottunity to see these exciting ber of Commerce would get: behind along tho lanes, toward the eats. ft master of the Australian bull whip.
wheelbarrow race each team blni'composed 'I for three years befoie that. : contests and the thrills out at the this club, that practically the whole was a big day a big feed. a big He cut cigar ashes from under Car-
\ of a girl and a boy. The I I| P. M. Childers, of Bartow and B. B.Doughten. 'fair grounds will be well worth the county would be its backers and that crowd, and a mighty efflcien. pieceof uithers' nose, did double paper CQts,
boy was the wheel part having to I now sojourning in Kissimmc unusually small admission to be the Bounty's representative, lion C. work on the part of Mr. Bratton. frontwards sad backwards and cut
walk on his hands without letting his' ?, were two more applicants.The charged. _ _ _ S. Acree would be heart and soul in and bin committee. the clown's hat from his head. Not
knees touch ground while the girl commissioners took no action favor of the legislation as presented After it was all over and there wasa satisfied with that he flicked small S
with the "wheel's" ankles in either on any of the applications. but prepared RECEPTION FOR NEW MINISTERThe in final draft, since Osceola county great deal left, Mrs. Katz Mrs.Steed bits of paper from the 'wavy locksof
hand furnished the foot work. Teams a specific questionnaire to be board of stewards of the Methodist has so much to win or lose accord- I and Mrs. Woodward piled Carruthers' head. and tied whip
: entered werer Madge Rivers and sent to each ae! well as to such other I church are arranging to hold a ing to the success with which the organizations great: containers of pilau and bread knots around his body and his neck. \
Fay Lucas, Virginia Sigler and Earl applicants as may hereafter be i for Rev. W. C. Norton and function.It into an automobile and went to tho Weaver Gray did some mighty
Babbitt Eunice Rivera and Raymond heard from.A I family reception at the spacious home of Mr. was planned to have R. E. L. Outskirts of town where they gladdened good roping! stunts the two most appreciated -
of The Gazette' Chancey attorney of Tampa president home which had not being roping! horse bV the
Tyner Mary Krits and F. S. Ledbet- representative and Mrs. J. Wade Tucked on Thurs- many a
tar Jlmmie Squires and Uly Chapman asked the commissioners what the day evening, February 1. of tile Florida Fish and Game been repreeented at the down-town tail and roping Beesley and his horse

Carrol Makinson and Harry outlook) is for the mayor's job under All members and visiting friendsOf Protective Association, and about Mr. Calk the feast: . _ _ _ _ with three lariats at the same comedian time.
that Kissimmee somewhat of a
Potter form which provides invited to Ins. come to Gray is
Bert Dale and Mrs. Vernon the new the' church are cordially and
the bunch SCHOOL his share:
to meet RECITAL OF furnished
Th last- three commissioners: shall 18th of February himself and
. and Elmer Schweikart. the attend.
fleetest com- of their own number mayoreommissionel' -'. again and tell them what's' happened.If DEPARTMENTS POSTPONED then some of the amusement. Ha
i'ame&teain proved the one ..
developedtha WILL, HOLD the' other counties of the state\ and Carruthers and Ellis .all did rypretty
of The quertlon BAPTISTS
;Vblnatioa; Schweikart getting a pair the series of recital
) : of
; state orraftl tloft' plans .Il'hl first and lariat skipping Grayeulllng
considerable the
i that there will be REVIVAL meet', rope
4fl:. gold 'cuff Gluttons from the Sanderson fact OaceobtFlori to- be glren -Jointly-by the deptrtLments in excel
5 .JWelrylstore ,-aloijg with the' .andTtT .rivalry for that office. Every as heartily as' did :i : and of expression of the double loop skip .,,
.Oklahoma City, : of music '
Scott jefomstAtJi'pad
J. A.
commissioner has aspirations win easily, : lent form.
.purs-ikrhls: hands. and Mr lPorter do.n' on* of the new that line for the will conduct a series -of evangelistic fish'and game onssrvaUoncohtinQdsport ; : '[the high school which had been ,r

)!LteeeIvInghe.pousd. box, of candy fellow alone! None" of the three were meetings at the First Baptist church; and eternal progress'-alorttf. scheduled for nutMonday Di ht. PRIZE W1NNKO3 ,AT '", ,'
hated.b-j eJbe. Oft'. drug store,' . other been postponed until Thursday .
and Sunday evening, FebruaryS FAItt;
these COUNTY
had sixteen entries at all enthusiastic about the job. beginning Imps.Mr os EoLA ,
pack tJ,
Thegirl's race night. C. C;' E'y ; night, February -- -- '
to every .
of .why'he
line excuses ; ;: .
and ,that.of the boys sixteen. each had a good A. W: BaUer. Mrs. "
I Missouri willonduct and Mrs, e -
tn* not be a* good a mayor- p sinprot'Aurora nd.Mrsv W.' H. Dresch, Mrs. of.ptl..Jnner..tit. .* at.
; Carrol Makinson rn away from ', would the music {These evangelists -''T..L" .Walktr... r>f Tamp MV..,. S. Dr. X completelist
s V' field in the 'former and, ot-a.dollar ,commissioner as' one of the tree othergentlemen.i it \' are c sent out' rrom.Atlanta. by I,[.Harrison. and Miss LueUa'Harri M Eo''Turner; and Miss Orpha Ellis; ,- ne&ftt.eountijtair) will appear In 9J
''man up a for-an automobile-trip:
hill tfvrn.bv.; Vernon" Porter while t /To a the : Bap- '.motored" to;.Miami;.Monday*, returning (left; Monday isane.of. : 'baGazetta' : *
I Kis. the home board of- Sputbern, son, next-week's *
Gilbert witt.be Miami.' /- ,
S. visit at |
Oiapraan. the book glvetr looks aa if'A ,I and week's J "
Stanley: .
got Wednesday.. / | ,, ' "
tilt V.* on .
.opvUtlon.4. . "' 1'.1 '
.,- ---- ->, -'" j" !. ",
.h.nmee'.next mayor.
: v (r Contta4op'PaElIhU;) V' ,: r -' ( 4 J 1, :. S.

( ... ,,, ''" ,w'"" "";;".t" "'...'''.' ..M''.,..''.< \\II. _... ,ftI1h(' ;:; : :;f, )...".',.1\.1\ < ...".,",,;!i. 1jf\1.l.1I.. .JI.;1>!".'."... ',;"' .;J); J.-...: .. \\\10\\- : )": ,


/ ? KT r.. ._ ._.. ., , r ;. ,j anti, ; erst "Ig yjMrltt lr.1, 7 "y;

,,, -, '
\ (

n \ t


BIX -.;----- -
--- tO.000004..0000.tOOO (
: +4t

DR. FLETCHER 1.;. BROWN oCt Mrs. W. S., Graham <-

THE NERVE BLOOD AND SKIN DISEASE SPECIALISTI p(. Perfect SnllitfacUon. _! Ounrnntood.1IAIH (4). t SPECIAL NOTICE If unquestionable {, \VU11K lA 81.'I. CIALTY <-
successfully treat the 'following. diseases .,. 4) '
I by the most eclenlilic'advanced' skill, earnest efforts,- fidelity to obligations 0:' Phone 235 103 Part Avc., Cft :
method which universally indorsed and an etUblitili'eJ! reputation! in 000 -
t' .
VOL .Rheumatism, are liladdrr : accomplishing1) resuUa.? together/ with :+:-.: .:..:.*;..:.<----o<-.c..:.<..x.<. _
M HW Sciatica; Affections, .. scientific, equipment, yer.rs: of experience, I '--1

Editor Gall Uric( Acid(coca, Coalrntcd! appeal, to your intelligence! and discretion !! I II I B. DICKERS. I II

.AasUt Stomach and Kidney! 1)i",, eases, f, in tho election of ft phjvlcian t! to treat "I ---.-- I .....

Troubles! Piseuscs> ct Men, 1 you, toi.io) to sec me. and invcstl-gale niy <'(} TlAl"rOH- AND BUIL1>ERIn tt l'/i ,. $ .
I Yl
Till Blood Poison, J\\1'Chrrr.lc\ udvaicil. : system of treatment which u \V mil. lu-li-lc 1<< tar. Finale t MKIIllrl 1 ,
tf I "< \k-lnvlnu uml: .,, l'n! ..trli 1I. ; I
Epilepsy! COl'I.'r! "';iif Hiscases.ratrrl t tY' yk. 1J)1.\ 'rsl'lIy indorsed. No ir.cuinble CI'::e5 .
liloml, and : t I I. I
Th Diseases I "; in All .rr'+"3l ]p; ,rd, no ff.se! promises made! n11:1 <> SI/I: "ltli "X'l'UKKT
!F* t'.' publimee Diseases of : l !: r, imp-jsaibl; /guarantees! Kivn. I -- - - --I
\rOml'I1, ( '.'111 -rialand: Other I I ,iiiJxer'-'si" \\ lu-l I civrl do! what II.d\ et'I'l.h'i'ant ,' 1. F. K1UUI2S vv J. STEEr

the h I'i,,.lurg,;(.". ''mod J !i'; -. Liinves) / 'J'J/ : terms ana'lfrfii ; i KRIBBS & STEEDAalornryr I
n| i
cur a Cntl'1'rhnl 1 I'il"q Fit'I"I' | to suit nuliciit'a! convenience. Call\ I

had (nc"-ol''l"nlh',,) C\O J\uiC) _1 L to.lay and invostiirate! my advanced sysRI""I anJ tmntielorn ttt LawI t, i
ago, DR rLETf'JlFR ti-m' of ti-ealmcnt. I do not. allow nnyticieptive I I KIwNliniiM-r.. l'lorltlai I fet7
no w ,Ii ., untlo. ? "I Man In t,,1II" 1 t"1 BHO"oI'h.nlilol: { ; i ..
i e'" ', "'"u,,.'l'h.IJ' j(1): ,.". .. 1.1' ( n\l"fealUHt, or unllueinessliltehln 'i' intrml |ir,,.'('<-. lu nil .<...<.. ..4'
theye .'''''' +'_ dI, "ul'"" Pd ('UI"'",,I'. ',.." I u. 'ori'! >ns or statement; to enter into my I iiirril Slulr-l' < """ I u '"n 111,nos lleemt! n ta. I
in thwas '1''l"t: Ii r. U.\IIIII''l"r
i I'\ i i IN;
A ! sil'l; ? rl'"ljl, why' contniplalo/ (aping tret'tr-ient can com: to my offices forn
But the bon
in laying abIlity. on :: r
yette n (personal Inlt'n'wunci explanation of their conditirtn. JOHNSTON & GARRETT EQUAL t)'
high ATTOKNKYSAT1.AW'Offices : right was fed a common grain ration
with I' the other was fed Purina Chicken Chowder and
High Hours, 9 to G : Sundays, 10 to 1. Rooms: 15-18 U. S. Trust Building, Corner Laura and / : 10, 11 and. 12: Ost-eoln Hank Purina Hen Chow. Grains have lots of material "i'

timewe p su Forsyth Sts. Fntrance, 2-5 Laura Street Jacksonville Fla. Building. for yolks, but far too little for whites. As they I Ican't
I_ I ,":1\\11:1': : ;. FI.I.IIII: grain-fed hens lay fewer eggs. .
s lay yolks only, .
-- -- '
one i _ _.- i iI I Y .
I -- I Purina Poultry Chow Feed from '
- I
--- I
STATE FISH INDUSTRY 1-- I WEEKLY CITIU'S RKVIKW: II i Tflei>li.m> .I'-Iftl.-<-.. No t:ITI n"I1- i'I C/ TH 1I hi are No. 313.Jlouis contain- .
I ration
I THE WATCHER a complete
WORTH MILLIONS: I The week'citrus'; leTTew by !F. I.ISkelly i.. I : numberof
,r 3o. 1 12 no> "1 a" ', t.no' log material for an equal -
Th I a" .issued, from. the oflice of : S I" ; and ___ .. _
whitM yolks. They ctUw --
Highlooki llrport, Of Shell(( l"inh CommUionerShown filE ('Ol' TI'IH i the Ameiicin! : I Fimt Omwetsas; : week'tin : \ \ DR. B.: L. W1LKERSONmvi moat out of your hens, andcuttb.f..dingcoetperdozsn.gg.y .
load; Halanc-- \nd Lur (eIVrrrnlaRt" Orjinj'ij-) : Inuring: the Past' 1 ,
IIch Of ('oni iclionsT. It was the'nt..twl'. pri\il< i" I.i. I'i.t ', t I mm, Uit ml 1 oraugIS: been \ cryae I : ITurilii >! PURIMA L* Irl PURINA II

thin : '' \ (the Osee"l.i (County fair, Mid, ...iwhe :i\t. Although: shipments wer' I i ner The l R.!, tat II ht.n| ,>.. GuaranteaYou ; CHICKENCHOWDERK I

tem K Hodges/ stall slull lishom- mushed around' tliiounh f:1'! IN )l-ea\\ pricts. a-hnnced inaU'i(lally.nd t\o I grtyour money back if Purina HEM DlOW
succepor ni>.' MOIIIT" hUll issued i! a brief reportovcrinjt hilts, brushing' elbow, with"! 1 d. \\ the tad) <>f the week. At pry- I ---- .:=:::=_ =: := I II II Chicken Chowder and Purina Hen iRa aaltRq.
hi1 incumbency low citi/.ens be ftlt I that be waa .inidenl i-nl oianiris' ) .u ( in strong/ pusiti.iiaiid I chow, fed as directed don't produce - sins
the of :.:
period of this fair iininty. The art |ironne to !"-,,,,,ill the!".. provid' more e tX* than any other 1a.ur .et.
which should l of interest tn I I Auto
UII all of the prove stute., His repoitfollows and needle! work hand-painte) | ,elnra, shipments aie 1 norma! and spre-td | : ntion. Why anould you put off -
lellll people. wood,) work, made I'roiii our, I) it 'tr ,nit. miltlie. period, they should Im.Jriipefruit Inroini" T-iix Hi-lurns <>r ,other 1"-< .a trial when we take the risk

i The :most valuable! of .ill natural tilt ninl, b.-wildi'i mv i ihsilauf) !: .->:' (; : l'r! irton grapefruit' "lI"llInl0..1<. I II
to , l hu' Ih') I ,Delivered promptly by>>
advance.1 considerably ive
,-soure H in l-'londa is the siilluateiti .., it i "r -. have .1 H.ilnY1:1Clat( !' Hunk HuildiiiK: i ii
( and ". Thbt n,t I : : ) .. I ,>i-f.> imiitit! ; of the week' closing, / Linn,( I It
big oysters IIIIOII"it do happ.N. Kven tin' little! \lay \\ lo'harked : :at! the alit' ill spite, of it vooii volinni D7ICLEINMAN
thlll industry, extending as Stypruximattly i JESSIE.J 1 '
thre.' thousand. miles atone' ; for theoft drinktiind\. ; ,- < f .shipiiients. Tlu outlook f,1'"I"/ "' t-- _. I 1
in a the ,suit wateis, of the tact midvet vbowi'd "lItlllli" .-I11. Tile lorul. li.m. 1 1uiuitl tout. i is stay ('lit nlraging if tru- volume ____ -- --- I 1i i
learrmee r.l itself well. 'I'm- eoineiK.utled \ tt shipments, i i-. lestrict.-d I.., FLORIDA FEED STORES
sad ;
roasts of Fbolida i l i is of |I'e aural> | DR. R. J. DENNING
vital inipotlunre to avvrcllu, 'tI "I I tbe bar< hunt boniiied ai' I 'natal turbot demands.Tailed I MNTISTOver :
the state and is today, nffordtig einployment the' tuba \M ,it oom-piih-i; I oni I'lIh) "..mi'| ine : On illig"tin" I I1.I .
T to more people' I than unv until turn the mo-t 0 r late i.l'i"i: n-aikrl: on vr" ,1 I IMock. "is \'(ly slrulg.Ilutnttr ) the I'ohtofnce.JKKICli .

toI other industry exiept peihups" '' faiininff fill tin llni'l.') of the oceii-ion, a lar-je :amount I ,.f (recenliipiiit .Hol'HS., ; 9 to is 3n" 1 JO to I 306 Broadway
M und f.irmeis nit "its are' >ho\>. nijr di'\n'ss, ; > wad Residence I'honc 171-
s epir''a a great!: niiinv "
fishtimc-H for half the. year in t'-e, !I! (law They ( 'line hate .old| l at f -I-smmlinjHy| low pii11 Ifh -Office I'linne 1St
eountier. 1'\1'{ \ low ,..1 came from. ; fii", harlot,' :iif.i1. -. j
For the plat: two 'I''I', I have hud The fiirmcr. . < "me in hi* :ant' i :r. ugh 'n.any piitkni' |>; houses, IMsmile TELEPHONE US YOUR NEEDS
the honor of adiiiinisli; i injj/ the law ''Andlup', ----I II
for the protection of tin-, treat industiy :\1..,.,( libi"rally luoh ineypent. aunt fiom l-'loi. ida I the 1 pist: 1 w t ark I P. A. VANS AGNEW
.' and 1 feel that the titixens. Th''tI1l' lmi.es. fan : (< >I. Id.-- 111<'.1 "fate steadily nureaseil. The piolalilitie ))- I Call Up No. 218
1. who are the sole owners of it, should MaltDisplayed>>! ) ,' -. ale t tilt shipments \\P| continue ,, ATTOHO;":Y-AT.I.\W'

hove a pulilir accounting/! of my stewardship .. their own ilonif-tie :ait- lu-avv fi r the lute it., Sbipnient I OKKICr.S I
und he 10'M' jusl how' |'teatthe Till', nte'cliant. cam>- with,, t luiu lit- of *. of California( n.ivels' alit 'IUIt.| .1 I Winter Park. Florida TWOONEEIGHT'mINING '

b. industry renlly i i". > gain) : anodl.ate<1 ; tho.-i from Soiithein, (C.il-
) 6, A ceiisu!; token l h j tin-. -lull. IMi And. tbe ui'iitlit'i, ]1'1"1'101'1-' | -.tid i ifoiniii 'cue leportijl I coloiim tlnwly.'aeU ( .
department develops' the hint t'lat' 'Iwojlt 1 ram ; :\ are" !ainiij. : ) strength| (.,P1al- ..
the scale fish shipments during the Pal tile young/ ,11.1 ?.!.1,111"'r :all Iv I'l' I tit. t. o.. l b. Illalkets of J Car: WistCintial ::. I
+++++++ ++++++++ kO+ + I++
.. '
( parr ( ) Califmiiia, has less than tiltvems : Tl I.M-U: \Kltl.KX I CliAMTI-; :: .
W.I hullBred 1 .\ :,Il u,llvl 'alall'' k to 1 :,1 t ...::1111 I 1'.1'. of na\eU left Jnnuiuy 1 1 '!. T':ha .shunt -:. riMP.\.NY.: T \ :

mad l fifteen thousand pounds uhil-: Soulhcin ( 'Culifoi! ,:I 'are jiisl: .:. _ MI'.j 11
the shrimp. shipped nirl inn ei J ( hiekeli:? now. leac'hm;[ till1 eastein ''''' mil-. .> :.M INI: :MF'N'I'Sr. : *
amounted to nineteen In.llin live Ntinlv Ihiity l bar' iron kepis fnl1,\ ('ahti.sma! pi .'bail'y' will (emleav.' t -- .} : ROOM

Pre hundred and liftv-tuo t ::>iliaim': of, ili'lirious ehirki-n pilau \veli, ;: ,Mutilate shipments in t the II 'xi six <* :11..1. ( V, ..\Mlri" .\gent, Ki.,--iininr <.
pounds. One hundicd und nin.lythousand sleaniinjr/! ,.11 the lawn and jrav e :iulks weeks to give( Florida a chance I. .}
ta-tr of fowl ih.lvoie) bri-lle, .. ..... .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .
barrels of oyster.ve e titan. up its oranges( tc some' extent' : < :--:-: :-: :--.jtt-x. -:-: : : :--:-: : ,

.shipped aid 1 canned during the) l\vo 1'isliy as Flrrula oranges! /generally( are in I : i I'NDKK: : NEW MANACE.MKVrThe ;. : :
years and nine million two' hundred. On Si, turdav an eighteen: |viuinl much batter demand and! .lIinJl"]] alnnlth
fish thai' had, been frozen into aka'
an and six thousand sponges were mn I k- a )liLtier'piiffs than ( 'u1fOIn', -
for eted during the biennial period. Tilt ol n-e lit 111( n soiree near the njnldlt, ,)! wliich will) have better tinting ijualitvafter CITYMEATJPKET : (;iraystone Hotel Dining Room under the milliu/oC"'l1l'1.t/ ors

ern approximate value of the combined uf the exhibit( hull. He had been February 15: than ut ,,,'c''nl.' : JVIr. alit Mrs., Collado is prepared to serve meals equal to the best

TeSC industry to the .state l Is twentyeightmillioli :: caught in our and big cattish his pasture first By the lust. of February Flbri !la I X that can be had in the larger cities.

S five hundred and sixty-three visit south to of Kiasimmee.town wa It 'is on/also under- should" have at leant, fifty percent of i'' Our Menu for next 'Sunday's Dinner. will include! Key Went
thousand dollars for the past two iltr.! fruit, moved; and with the bent X Crawfish Saltwater Trout
; ,
, ' Ftood. that this was lilt last appcmr-. Pompano, and other hitch-class food not
:.y ars. shipping! months, then remaining undoubtedly
usually found the smaller cities.
t I ance as a public entertainer, In ',
.This department without for 1.11'1"
tfl, V appropirlation prospects are very "atr / .
: th and relying entirely on license, f$'f\o ''t\\\1\\! I'l.\-. ;) ShortcaI kt"" \ i'>! A, 9{. .I1fIlCtOI'yJ|! ,' prices. .providedshipmentssue ;, Fresh Mea .i and We are also preparedto fur'nishjrejrulai'SSpanish equal ,
taxes collected\ i from those engaged in I, Some inspired genius'aplit fluffy sincad out properly and fruit is I to the best that can be had in Tampa or Ybor City,' for parties up

the industry has been able to patrol baking powder biscuits in haft lap-: ,, ''aid town in good: condition. VegetablesPhone to 150 persons. .
the entire line and enforce the
1 I,1 I a wild of crui-hed strawlie1- You will find our Dining Room a.t'onv"lIi'nl place to t.tlu over
laws and has accumulated the followinjr l--tween. the pieces und over all! pourpil ('.\IW THANKS I 'j- I'lisiiu-ss> matters" and form new acquaintances.Our .
credits. above running expense- the richest, kind of \\iiippil, I eienni'

111.1c UP to December 31 : Ah, me, the delicioiism- of it linge's "'(' wi>h to thank all the iifijfhl.'irKfind -. 44 Motto: "Nothing; ;is too good. for. Hi;.A1 i.1 IIIC( ."
.1c Cash! in treasury _ $!).877./>S I I" vet When 1 they; place' a plate of / fl i it nds v.ho It<11 kindly assisted' 1 Aisthioui'li l 1' .
Cash in bank to he deposited Hiil-h tats before a fellow it ,m.iVes) .' the sit knesta und death of
.1ci in treasury Jrn. 1 1----- 4,951.il: ( . nut' dear wife and. mother. .
him uhsh i I."a t twin- ;<*<- -><**<' >* >:<->< <' "..
Cush deposited in generalrevenue .1. 1!. Hale and., Sons.Mr. .

fund _ _ '2,19o.24 1ts- : and :.M !s. Sam I'rather.'Repair . M. TILLER
i Boats and other pre.prrty: 111'I. I '1"h 'll'''( stutTeil white ,uit! < from, the -- - - - Graystone Hotel!

_ _ _ _ . : ; ftarnl i
quired - -I.HmUi :-.II1t' litter we'if on ixhilntlon. O. eMail und paint machineryin
0g Replanting oyster 'h:
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