: No.; 121 Brack Street Klssimtnee loU wtnll' report or the receipt a4 disbursement*. ..( u.. Bcfceol.. fund t:1..nment. at. th.. discretion of the PUt. Practically' new. At a eec Fine and Forfeiture.IttS.St _ _

.' . of OSCEOUA COUNTY for th* period ending December ... IS1Uwith the baI' sonabie prt_ Apply Valley O>- Fair -. .-------?_ -- j ......
ance. and amount 'of warrant outstanding- a statement of the. Asset and' Heo, S. All.ordlnnc.... or part of ette, t-tt Pick eradication _:::::_?:::__: 11110

liabilities, and the- value ,of School property of th. ..!" ,Oaeeola Countjr a. ordinances In..n lct herewith be find Special publicity' _____________ tHIS
reported on .the list day of ecmber.. l.tf. by the' Coyoty' Bo.rA of Public the. aarae are hereby repealed. FOR RENT Paid warrant were ordered cancell _ _
L Instruction and the Superintendent of P bUe Instruction;I la hereby published Read a first and second time: by ed from the varlou funds:

Buildings Go Under the provisions of Chapter 051*. Act ot ISIS I-awV\ of Florida.lCbr'v . unanimous consent, and passed In op- FOR RENT part 01 twelve (avenue ---------------.__.-.-|1IS4.1 _ _
i : 55() em, :.i:ion. this. 7th. day of March. A. room 'house-Any turn ....4.M unfurnished a toad Fine and and brlda-*____--_____._,.,. 1111.IS -
(jOSt1..rCLLMc.EIt: all modern; on. elubt-room house, forfolturs-------..,?-? 4.....
(MEAL A. a. QILBRRT. all modern; on. furnished apartment Tick eradication ____.______.k tSI.SS _ _
) President of CounciLOILRERT The tax collector's
: GS2NKHA1 SCHOOL FUND report bowed
Attest: second floor:' on all-room
DepoaltoryfeUalance July 1. l.ll.......___.-__._.-...._-..,-,-.,__.-.iO.10..flt. ..J. n house on. fou.-.._ house, plenty the. .amount. 114.So collected a* follow! IA-
Outstanding" Warrant July 1, l.Hl.-___..-..._..*-...__.___.-_-__.. ft4.4e CI.rk. ,, of ahade, two acre of land close to eens The following; poll bill tax. S4T4.OO.

\1 Up Quickly Net Balance July. 1. I.ll.-i..,--"--_--_,.?. .?.,--...T..._----.....-....*'I'**1.*s I I D.,Approved un. this 7th. day of March. A. also brick for road..1..All.He these.' a. R.propertie.ara Chapman. a* approved(.'_.. and ordered. paid were! examined, .
'y Warrants.
, Herein ... Six Mvatksi ;; '''t'rom -*. H R MAT H+J Bet the low pdeea.. 115 Church Heart -aa1'Hrd.. _ _
"-' : Tan Collector Taxes l 527.40 .Ire... city., IS-lf Vmmm
------------------.s Mayor Of'tb. City, of Klsslmme. o W Ashton road foreman100.00 -_ _
Tax Collector Taxes 1S.6SS.1S .._ '
,. bedomption. ...__ ____ . I FOR RENT Johnston, commission513.74
Comptroller ,.;. : __-- ,. -. 1.087.1 -Nicely furnished flat.alodem Joe Johnctmvplat and '
'. Comptroller? 1 Mill Ta*.------.------------<--- 'll.76 NOTICM OFM4IIesKOT1C1fli"WAby" ....I, _nv.nl.n.Low rent for )l'1a. report. on.
m. C. 14 ,___.
.When oir' l lumber uied. IL ;.._.....' -4v
For there ,
' CountyJudge'JlunImgLIcon.-------. ., ___ i '..amm.r.V"_ .'-B. _Ham-t .. 14-tf .J'A-.HIl.- .... _ _
I.-1. -4.
c if;: -no time' ']o lf in electing' good -kuporInt.n4.nL! Sal. of Tim \Varrnt.12,000.0S, .. "" K.Iv.'n! that (In pur- Ii:' i....lJ4J.i'str.otii.psCtIOfl: =r -4. ",..
-.j- ,
Accrued Interest Tim ' --* FOR For the summer one of
Superintendent. on ;: TWarrants. ., ; auaneetoanord.4..nt.ee44h.sndday :.r:7d. I H Wetherbee.
board* or in antchlng.np. The lum .. ..._______" _-v-v ........"."-........ *?8J'I .; . of March. A. O. 11111. In th* case the furnished housesIn E L.O..n. paintlng'.igna.inspection.-.' 'r.lio
'. Bank, Borrowed-,Money I._____JZ.C__.__....... 11.0UO.OO li 1S.W< of Charles A. Carson, Jr. Complainant.. Klsslmmee.. Phew. 16orrcalltt A J Simmons. road "buii,1ing150.00
out _ _
ber sent from here'ri b "used .
130-Bryan stre.L-. 11-tf
versus Carson Cattle. Company a cor.poratlon. \V.U..r Itronson road ..
with the ,minimum amount of working Makln* Halattc*' _______________u___'.:.___-________,.__ ". .1S.OS :..SIMsbMraesaeBta Respondent pending: In the FOIt"RENT JII1!' Clemmone road work.ork.-._:... 48.0"lot'
Mv horn fully furnished.
tmr MX Mesithsi Circuit Court of the 17th Judlc'rl Clr Howell U._, road work..e__: .4ILUO
.' up. Its \l1 a saves time as well as Hxpended ror .$choo'.: cult of the I.te"ot Florida. in. nnd for : all modern cO."hl..r the. 'wen Lanier, road work..__ ... ST.TB
_____ .. .__ ___-.SlB.. ..l .ummer month.. Located on the k
Halarlwf Teacher .-._. ,- .. Osceola County In Chancery. that on Will lAnier road .work_ ..
injuring I\. better' building in every New Building ._______.-.__--_________"___--__._ 3811.61 ( the April Rules Dav, same being the. IVnlnsular no.twt.1t Tarki; live. minute road*-work M ,*. vv.w -, _ _
' And Repair to Buildings _u___.......____________...-, J.JJ1J' Srd day of April.: A.: D. lull, during the walk from the sea. Addreas: Andr..w..CI"lIand. H.ot _ _
way. our: prices spell economy Insurance .:. IKI hours of sale at the front d<.or 'SR. J HPostoOfc*. Ho*. S7S, Hay- : ...... 110.
--u--------- --------- ----- --- ssJ-J! Bass, road ,,._ .
'\'ert1me------ _', -Ja.Itnr- ________.-:.--------:--:-------- of the Court House. In Kus.im.n.e. Oaceola lona. Florida. i4-1t& L. Brown wo. ? _?..-.. '14.0*
____ .. .060.fO- -- r"a : _ _
Transportation County Florida I will offer for
hn-n? Judge Comer .. road work-. 00
.. ..:...- Incidentals for Schools. ___u.__........_.:.__-u-. ___ ?4.OSKmpensea sale 'and sell. Up the blithest and best. poll RRNT-Quarter. en' the lower. T t* Johnson nsh.ii__ ._. S 4>.*'
.. .f A" ...ls>Utratls . ... bidder for cajh In..haiioV the following floor of the. Wlllsmi building on iI.r.Un..ton Ernest[ UI..nn2 camp.DOOk...._...'
........ 1.0110.110Per described Isfirst avenue All ready for oc- |110.01
of Superintendent property > :
WOODWARD ?- -------- Ht Cloud Tribune, coupon bond. _ _
LUMBER YARD Diem and Mileage) of Member. of Board... nt.l4)) ................ cupancy. I".J." M. Wlllson. or Dr. J H. Smith. road work..i. 111.61. _ _
Incidentals for Board and Superintendent420.21. IS head of Jackasses. and Jennie K. D C) Watson, of Watson-Hall 8 U Hlory, road :. 14.60 _ _
: Telephone 220 PrlntlnsT Financial Statement! _______.-_______.... 22.00EZpefl.eW :. Beeemd l>. erlp>tloi Manufacturing; Company. .. Klsslmmen. VV Maklnson.. .work"l.l. SS.I'l.
_ _
____...__ ____. __ -1 head of IS-tf I ..
KISSIMMEE ; I FLORIDA of Kxamlnatlons -- -- : ,1.10 oxen A 1 Ullbert, *uppUe*_...'.._,-.? '.6(1It ( _ _
Hooks, Furniture, Etc.. not dI.trl6uted--------- 1,41.1.Int..r..1 /' Third l_.U.... Floyd. mule t..d... .. (I.08TaylorSystem
r -------------------s----------------- 64'.81 ,lqulty. of Jtedemntlon In contractor FOK IlKNT-Two furnished flats, and upplle* ...__.' "11T.76Osceola ,
Canning Club ________--_______________----__ 1911.10All .ale. dated the Slrd day of Auviist one five-roomed1 cottage unfurnished. Hardware Co. -.. 1.16
Other Purpose- _--____--___________--_____ 72.33C'ompul.ory 11117. between Edw C. 1C wen and wife, All .nodern Improvement H. I \V H Jlansell.. Ras and .u.pl _'. 4T.OS
NEID'S: I BATHSBest Attendance'" _____n_________________ 308.00<> John J. Hupp and wife. John N. Hoi C. Stanford 11-tf. Fleming and bOon .supplies) ..__ IU."t _ _
l'ayme"t Loan. --____--__-____________----____ 0.000.00 44.30654 land. Edwin Eddy and wife, parties of rc Bryan supplies.______ _'lt..l*'
; th.nut part and Carson Cattle Company WANTED. J. H Harris, haullna:____-__.... 14.4 _ _
For Ma., Diseases Net Balance. December SI. 1 tl---n.----- uu_ / 'U.7IHjiW..rrant. ?( nnity of the second part. Involv 'I Osceola Hardware Co.. frelnrht don _ _
Outstanding, Ut-cember! SI. 1921________--___- ?". ing 10480 ..r.I land situate In llrevard \ANTFJn-Mlln with car to sell the Cem..nt Melbourne. road.. 407 SS'
and HI Countiea. Florida best Ford oil axuge made.; SIOO per. ., insurance-----.
' Good baths with water direct: from Iteposltory Hal.. _, PHmh"X r 41, 1821AMMliTM -______.-____- .>- .. .LJI ,7_':' as recoided aroonic.the public_ record, week _and .extra. .. cominlssuius.:___.Ac* 1 .l'-Timmeea.F.rd._*,...,.-ill.U-
medicinal well. Open Tuesdays -- of Ure\ard Count). Floilda In deed c,.....'rl.... Company. BOH Uraham. People Hank, loan ___ _____ ,16000ft
, AND ...ABII.ITIKMAS book 76. jmsce$ 67rearth Hen ton Harbor Michigan.. X People hank Interest .-:_____ 10.05Homer '
, Thursdays Saturdays from 9:30 a. eaerl|>.lon.Kqulty 1'artln. road work. _. 4I.OS
m. to 6:00 p. m. A short drive from 9 KT! of Carson Cattle ComnanX' WANTED-To hear from owner of FIB ..d rrfel. <.ir* ..... .
Kissimmee. Phono 304-3 Cieneral Sehool Fsind.nalance In I.ense dated the 2Srd day of AUHII*I. good, ranch for *ale State cash T I. Comer Judge JUT .,ourt__.$ 116s'
rings.. 117. between Kdw C. Kwen and ..,Ir.,. nrlce. full particulars D. F. Bush.' Ernest warden.-? .OO
., Cash In Depositor __n_______________1..___S B.ll .7TL'ncollectot John J. Rupp and wife John N. Holland Minneapolis; : Minnesota.:** 4-18tx J I. Shv.r., speed frame top._______ 100.e*
Orders for the water may be left Taxes. Iticludlnu current year------------- 41.118.88 anil Edwin Eddy: and wife parties L R Farmer, feed of prisoner. 104.SO
at residence. 614 Patrick street Speelal Tax. Urao Itlvtrlet of the first ,part and Carso i Cat MSCELLANEOUSa I.. I Farmer. servant at jail... HOC
Balance. Cnsh In Ucposltorl s on account Current tie Company of the second part o cost of Monts- '
Uxpenf Taxes __n____________ ___________n____.___S1.6 4.61Uncollecteri Involving certain tt.a In Brevartg.nd a doca and Tracy case.----- 11 **. .
NEJD laxes, iUpeclal Taxes assessed for curnntexpenses 8t LucU Counties Florida, a. rec.rded HAND OOOUa bought old Mr John Carroll,, witness.::::- foe: __ __ __
CHAS. Owner ) Including current year-------------------- 1.911.10 amoiiK the public recordof. Bre and repaired Th. Csslno.. 44-tr W M Rogers wllinss.. _-.____ .oa
yard Florida In deed hook 76. .
County, H 8 Warren, Witneas----------- see
i -4. Total Available Assets -- u_n______________u n_nn_IS6.7S1 page 64 LOSTtJM4TTakn W H MlUson. witnesis--------,. .Of'' _ _
...... JJ I. IABII. iTlsan Fifth Dierrtptl.e.The Ham McItcath.witness .-----i '.00 _ _
Northwest quarter of ttieP* :"i'Ill- from front of residenceIn Milton fees __. :__ Sloe ,
I Telephones Of nee. No. 63,. Re.- (......I Sej4 F.... east quarter (NWf of NEIof I Section \Vlllson bulldln Darlington avenue. PI.d.al. rs- -u 11.1.// _ _
| Idence No. SIS Warrants outstanding for current Pxpefl.ce-------------------------I 144.7/1 Seventeen (17). Township Thlrtv . Monday evening, a 'box containing el TI..I..r- t...... t. ... '-

10\1' I Tim. Warrants ___u_ _- _____uu..______--_--__----______--______-- 11.1100.00 (SO) South Range "Thlrtv-three SJBast. > camping outfit Reward for return Weston Bailey. witness ____,.._ .. -3
Hours, NSO: to 12:00, 1.00 to S:00 :. "_--______--____ _______ --_ 1I.0UII.Ol o"reola County. Florida. to Electric Hhop, at-Un..ton Mrs Weston Bailey, wltne.,.. 5.00. .
<>"her Lmf>llltre"of"rei"kfnd.. not otherwle enunTerafed. and foi' That I will flrst offer for .RI" tho avenue Is-lto M 10 Bampaon. wltnes...J.i.-_ 100
': j DR. B. L. W1LKERSONIKMI which no warrants .or other evidences. of Indebtedness have beenIssuid property accordlnn to the ...parat,- Mach Bros. repairs.W .-...---,....,.. sss
'. "" T *....... T.. Utstrlet hlKhest separate bidder and then ...huHo".r J. Orerstreet. ,. coat ." oil-------*- S.tl '
Special Tax District W irrants Outstanding----------------------------S SS 00 the mute property In bulk and I It R Farmer coat: court.'l06.SV _ _
'k I Office t>\er The Rvxall Store. other Liabilities o.f ..v.r>' kInd. not otherwise. enumerated and for whichever method shall bring the Jessie D Xleinman.co.tcnurt.15.13 -
I which I no warrants or other Idences' of Indebtedness have blrnIssued KreatiM total sum will be conslderod ..... SteveM* ream -

(B. S! II. "-m..)_ ___ __ ... ._ h_. __ __-______________ _.___-_- *41! .sl "" a Cole SiifeNewsArcadia E I* T> Overstreet.. .1 mi.'r.s lu.vv ,
.- -- JOHN S CXDKU Hansell commissioner... t.tO

Total .. _. _____ __ -- __ __ __ -u. -__________ __ ______________ __.1SS.I..7. 15-21 Special Master fM Wetherbee, commissioner.. II to -
,- t .!.. School lr.i>erty A F .Rasa, tmml..lon.r.-_._. S.00S1SS ______
% CIHK OK" Al'l'l.U'ATKO Volt T.%\ W Q McClelland commissioner 14 O* _ _

Hchix'l .ruriiltur.- . __ ___ _ b.oo 00 association. Atorn. < _ _
oou.u .,,,.
Copying Stenographic Work __ __. 2.7000 XX8cbool Notic. la HerrbyIwen that Lawrence Milton IIPr.r. pro. atty... _ _
Alipaiatus chnol -. _:_-_::: :-_ :-::::--:-:::: 1STOAiO: Mt-CnlljHter.. purchaser of TixCertltttate Arcadia had two disastrous fires T I.. .omer. ludice.. Sine _ _
otlit-r H Properly -- -- --- No. 1S )4. dated the Snd dy I, R . care Jail I.._ _, ..__ ISIS
Phone 253. State Bank Building I Hltrelal Tea l>|s.rletH of Jill>'. A. \u. 117. has filed said certificate last week with a money loss of about .1 K B.... Janitor.. __ iu.c. _. ....*
<'huol Houses and l/ots _________________ T__nn.n' a.6o.* In my office, and has made "p- 30000. I. H 'VI.on. county arsot1509.
I School Furniture _. _.u._ ___ ___- ____ ___- _________._u. 1.771\.110 Dlltatlim for tax deed. to Issue In nc U A f. .. county homeMalateaaaev 05.05
Sclvuol. Apparatus _______ ______----____--_.__.__--__ 1.7001.1101! cordiinrwith, law Hald certificateembiaxs ,
Other Bchool Pmpe .Iy--------------------------------- 760.eO Hitfollowlnir I desirllied prop Commencing Friday April 7. A H 'r, Chancey .__,,., ... _.__ IS.0**
erty. sltuaKd i In Osctoltt County: Florida there will be a f6ur-day session of K H Kenyon _____,.. ..-..-,--.15.90 '4i.vthta
Total -*.-___1. ___ --..- ___n___. __,.u_.,un___-__ _.1100.000.0 to-wIt: the Florida social workers held at Thompson _M,____n. 10.410 .
Lots I and 4.V H Farmer's ReKubdllslon Claude Hylvester. ._.-- ->.. 10.09 ,
.j WE: MOVE THE :EARTH! H C..I'rl."T.O OF HSCSHtltT OK "''f''I"I., TAX" 1Ic".UUL IIIMTHHTOSIK4H.A of Farmers. Addition to Miami. There 1 is to be an extensive Mr li WIIIUUis. .yw.-. ..__ -'I0.i**.

'. ." 44>IMT!! prospect Park. I I program for each of the four days ,, Stanley .._..>.--__U----- .'.1' '
l. Or On The Earth SI, 1MI.
: Anything Top -. ._ - -- The said land being assessed at the Mrs H 4'<< .. ..;. ; of said certificate In Toda Peterson ".._. _. '
-i-- ., ; Z'.o, ('Jc' !j0 "c1 dote of Issuance At Umatilla a citizen has a grove -_-_<,. Z t:::
r .. r the name of J.V.. Thompson. Unlesssaid Mrs M.K'onson yuq ---
YOUR HOUSEHOLD GOODS ", : ; ;; :: =' :: ,. !. in his back yard consisting of. twenty- _
E shall be redeemed according f4amiiel . S OS
certificate Montadoca"r
.. 9 "1:0: M-. .. .f ,, :l. . -- _ _
I" .. . '" .
to law,. tax deed wllj' Issuetheieon nine trees. Last year he sold the Frank" Fvune -.---,.?_---.. 610
rO .
Or That Can Be Moved : ; ;; ; !. ;
Anything r 3i; 3W
:; ;ii' 9" ,. = ;: the 12nd day ut ApriL A. Mr H H Smlth.--------J., 1.09
on for -
$1342.12 and
; .. = " ;; C ; .. ; ...cr = ..cr I'. 1SS1. crop this year for Kllallxsx __-.._.j___ ._.__.. 1.0'
:: ::: i ;U Co ;: . j. I.. OVKR8THE5KT 1140. Can any northern communIty IU. Clement ..--?--.__-_.--.r_ '
". Get our price before having. your a C 11II Clerk Circuit Court. beat that -. I II Dukniht. 25J P, -

done. .O.ceoa County Florida. _ Mrs "usan O.rcaPe.I'a "
J hauling Hul\ock.\ C.50T1t16 Brown 2$.". '.
11.11 to By H.. H. P. ; Frank Adams, after' having; con .,- ..
. '
.. W.. H. JONES/-TRANSFER COMPANY 1 $108.61,. ', 8.-60'IT ,-': $' 47.1&- : .. .,, 1. I. 6H611. .. .,.;,: ..\."'/' U'U.1I1, : :OF I\1XI\1.'UTOH FOR FI'3AL ducted a most excellent weekly, >the B M --Iili-..'...*."' i.t3e> ,' .; _______
W Barber
I. I, 17".41 --i .--, 61.1" .. '- I .".84 .' '. :- ". "' ";. UISLIIAHUI2In Sebring Messenger has leased the I cenniasIons.347.77. _
f.J -4OZ.01 .(A \.. "I.U $16600 J 417." 'I" ISsIjtss unconditionally 'J.R.McLeod. Telephone Co.me... C PHONf I .1 ,: :: j ) '1 sis.oooo j! plant to .
4 I- '',106.1111.10' V "60.1/ o ; IIUI.n ' ,"( .it44.0S 4'..rt ;:;;;:<, ..*..... Stale .f C I. 1.noy. commissions.,:. ; 11,14 :'. ., _ _
iI>" "i'\h'\\ the *
: .Ij. .f .\ ; son of Rev. William 'who ,
., Hardj. ,. McLeod ;
' r LMe OrJmrl c. .. ,: "., blank*, 'andle .
.. .
L. 6' ,.. 1.0. .+ 4 ....11. t4554! t "'1.11. :i'/i1;! "J"' 1.97 , ,\\o t. Klerldsr Oseeola tematy. I' V.le, 'i "
7.\ '' .
l\ .. __ 4I.4M
I 119 ': 2.00 : 3518'' .'. ,: ( "I",':.I.n '.. .. I. 89.14'1 '" will continue the publication. Sebringwill . wr sdvertlaementa t : _ _
__. .' SS IS _
and I.lirht Plant. _
1 ."4 4S _ l'' C4.4* 4 In "the' K. l.te of Ulllott. R Burr.. I \ miss the. genial Adams. Typewriter Bervloe Coi repairs- ItOl.

$".60 $1813.72. aUG.oo.$1418.0 tsoo IS600 4 IIn4.51 DecaasedNOTICE L R Farmer, Insanity case of

' DR. R. J. DENNING :._iL3i4.s \-- - I I --- .. whom It may IS concern HERESY that niVKN.on the to Illh all Deputy-sheriff J. A. .Carrutheri, of < I 0 Phillip.__..__,--__--.- *."9 .,

) DENTIST '_-______ .. - . ,. -- ---------- day of May A. D 122 I shall apply Orange county, while engaged in I. Farmer cask, _cost_la-_Mary_ phlllips : .I.U'
Honorable T. L Comer. Judge> breaking in the --- -- -- --
Over the Postoflice.r. .. The ('..rt ..I ..... .....t,. ........ "'_I.halr of the Northwest. quarterof of to said-be I Court, a. Judge of Probate, for I I southern i portion up a crap of the game county was / A Ra*., ..a. suppliea.9.40 pauper..,, .41.O*
13 Bryan
OFFICE HOURS S II So. 1:10 t. I 0.01. t CCCI,. II.rlda.IN the Northeast quart.rV of In)' foal discharge a. executor of the.tate I Co. .
to : :
(shot' "by a who Hardware'Coa, upplle
NWU of NKH ) and West half of . of Klllutt II. Uuir; deceased and I negro was carrying a 0..01. -
Residence ", : (0Kat '
- Phone 174- HE K8TATKJAMKH North half of Southwest; quarter of that 1M the same time I will present i high-powered twenty-five calibre rifle druft-._-w. .f '
M Sons. _._-i___. ._. ..I..tHr
* Office Phone 151 W MIbLER.pECPAl3EI Northeast quarter (W'4. of N>& of my final accounts .. Executor of .said 1 j I Iestate which had been stolen from Sheriff H Urlnson. ..r"'" *,-.-... J _ _
for their approval.l'ated
): SW44 of NISI*) of Section .Sixteen and ask -
To all Creditors Lt'K.t..e.. Distribu ((16). Township Twenty-fUe (IS) South 28d day of March AD.. 1522.VlL.LlAIaI Lv R. Farmer of Osceola county' The Fleming and Son mule feed*.,. 11.16B
4 i 4>4>4X> tees and all persons ha\ln claim. ordrwiand of Han fie containing i BDRR.15ftt bullet took effect in Carruthers left B MakinaonCo.. supplies.ll.St.
: Western Union Co- *.. .... 114
nf-n.c.e1.IJ.or; :: : :: KxecutorTHE m.
You and
1 f
I a..aln.t..ld : ; Thirty or lesa. leg. Os_ola"ira'rdwarV supplieS '.' _ _
M. TILLER ach of you are hereby. notified and Dated 1st day of March. J 12%. - St Cloud Tribune,. .Co.*. .notice.JS. '

required -present any claim. or demands -, Z. BRSSpecial I Times is Mt Cloud Trlbun *.ppll*.. 1S.TStflsaitntne
Tampa offering five hundred ...
which you. or either of you. Master.
p may have aKslnst. the estate of Jam.. KRIBBS A STERnCoun.el dollars to the girl who send Auto Co. car* ..hire.____ 1 1Kllvore ..SOW .
Real Estate Agency. .r[ CLASSIFIED COLUMN]1 M Hansell. aw* and "H_ ,$
W. Miller lal. of OuceolaC'ouitv. for ,
deceased : Complainant l-6t her photograph provided it is the Read .. fertlllaer...&+. S.To

.. .........---.--............ I W MIllar Florida, Jr.. Administrator to the underpinnedJ. of said : IN CIRCUIT COURT. 17TH JUIMCIAI prettiest one' received. In other I'eonlea r .ndJo.n"o.( .,., '"0909 1.11' _ _

Realty Bought and sold. .estate within two years. from the date CIRCUIT OF. FIX>RIDA IN ANn FOR SALE I words the Times will gives a cash Telephone Peoples rent. fo.Vebiurv'. ll.SS .
ber.ol.fated. FOR OSCEOLA ik _ _
COUNTY CH \NCKKY prize of five hundred dollars to the Miss jilblna Smith 1 denw ascent; "100.ee: : ,,
Houses rented. 1922. : Federal Land Bank of Columbia -
I F..bruttrlNi.I: .JR.. a Corporation Complainant vaS FOR HALK Cheap. 160 feet. woven prettiest girl in the state. If one '
: Taxes paid and Titles verified Administrator of Cutale of Jarnes n. Aultman et al. Defendants On I wire fencing and two '' oU Karate special girl in Kiasimmee sends ,her "RVI' ON. BY HART. -
\\'. .,llller ne".all.) Monday the Sid of lIfa '. doors also out-door water.clo.rt.Call .
for non-residents. day ) ml. the : photo she will stand a good chanceof EPICA '
: '. 1.-2u'' -
\\ B CRAWFOItD Attorney.Orlando. defendant. -a."b..lle'arlnar.. *nd at 222 Verona afreet .WET.ER
Fire; Life and Accident In- Florida. ,." her husband R 1>. Warlnfr. are orderd -.I I pulling' down the premium '
' to appear to the bill of complaint In ()$KOtA' FAHM8 Bl'UUIVISION Kx-! vivid* unusualstory; 'a star of

lursnce. NOTM OF H-'II.R.II! \LF.I. the above. styled eau.... It I I. further Ira Rood flve-acre tracts Strawberry Everybody seeing the new hall.I. undoubted merit, a :succession exquisite -
.. ordered that this oriler be publish. cl land : one-fourth mll from Dixie mile track of the Jacksonville Driv- all directed
settings superbly
Indemnity Bonds. In the 'ClrcultCi';; the ''''eveh- for eight consecutive". week,. In TheKlsslmmee Highway: one-half mile from 'ylty'limits. i
teenth Judicial Circuit of the State of. Valley (Jaxette a- newspaper Kino: chocolate sul -..>ll. Havorable i I. ing Club at the state fair ground and artistically photographed -. that ,
...4e.. ....>ooeoooc. . . ... Florida. In and for Osceola t ounty. published In Osceola Count>'. Fiord. teVins of paTtn..nt.'e want i ',concedes it to be the finest In the a tabloid version of William S.,

_ _ _ _ In Chancery: 14. B Owen ..Receiver I ... Given under my hand and sell to show you these lands Also we United States. Horsemen who have I latest
'' of The Waters Carson lrorer>' Corn- this -day of March A. l n. IP!!. have small farm with food dark lart' paramount picture, -
; pan)'. a corporation. Complainant. tsigneU J. L. OVERSTrEKT. soil lIne nowlnx well Rood house inspected it are enthusiastic in their On." to be presented at ,

: ..u.rtbur R. Oran et al. "."v..r'l I Clerk of the Court ami barn close In One berry land praise. This valuable plant Is an asset the Casino on Saturday, _ _
P. A. VANS AGNEWATI'ORNEY.AT.LAW ents Notlie I. Florida farms and Investments Apri'S.
I hereby by Circuit Court Heal) S l&t All kind. of to Jacksonville and the mammoth The
undtrslirn'd ". Special rra.l.r. heretofore Nelson Itfalty Company'. 'p.lctur.II a ,
appointed, In the. abo\e !\()TI< K KOII' r'IMAt.' OIS.'I.-\IUjl\1 grandstand and bleachers, holdIng of aa was In -its, nost picturesque

I that puisuant to a final decree. e.u.1 FOil HAI.K-1922 Ford tourlnn tar. sixty-five hundred people was days when might was right, t
OFFICES ed In this cause on the let day of !. the earl .f t....., Jade *<... with starter demountable rims, and crowded the state fair .
Winter Park. Florida March. A. I D 111:2. I shall otter for I .f Kl.rlda. 0....... 4 ova.,.. extra tire R K Wilson 104* Rose. daily during and a hlghly-.trng. trI'gerfinger
sale. and sell at public outcry for caqh avenue south: phone 174. Klsimnniefe. races. The races will begin tomorrow dictated the law. .I Intouc. many
I In hand to the highest bidder at thu In the E.tat."hhl... A. Case, x and continue ten days. characters which ,
front door of the Court HOUH* In KIsslminee. I.ec wasedNOTICK .. -- bav Ion& t '
OHceola ('ountt. FlurldM. Oil 18 IIKHKHY GIVEN to all FOR HALK:-Kleverr and one-half ...r.... When the bowers costive the exist, chief amon r being -
Monda>, the >d duy of April. A. D I whom It may concern that on the 12th all eleCted and fenced on bi Ick road are fiery zealot traveling from town to, ,
192Z. durIng the leral hours of sale: day of :Ma>', A. 1>. 1SS1 I shall applyto close. III. About two hundred clime waste matter ferments producing a town i In' a wagon painted with Biblical -
the following; described property situate -I I the Honorable T. L. Comer. Judireof I trer on tract. nearly all In bearln. r gaseous condition that is disagreeable. .
:: .CITYMEATJARKET In Osceola. County, F prlct.. a. aald. Court a. Judge of ProbAte for Balance of land suitable for trees In To remove the/Impurities quickly' phraas. preaching the word 'of'
follows: final discharge a. Executor of the. estate one of the beat citrus sections of Os God In' the fa. det.rmiedopposition -
All of lot. One ( I II and Two (1) of of Jennie. A. Case, deceased and cola county Price ...noVIII take a dose of Herbine is needed. It does this, and
W. H Harwell Suhdl*'Islon of Block I that at the asme time I will present late model Ford t..urln..ar .. part the work thoroughly and pleasantly.: ,
"T': of \V. A. I'atrlck Addition to my fInal accounts a. .Executor of said. payment.. A. It. Dennis at Oasetteof Price 60c. Sold by J. Z. Roberson.eeENTERED other respects the pidur I truly '
Town of Klsslmmee I City. Florida th"j estate and usk! for their approval' rtce. 10-tf epic of the west faithfully -
cording to the plats of said .ltr Dated: February-. A. D. \*ttRAYMOND : for posterity the west as
and subdivision flied In the office of CAMK: FOR SALE-At '1.00 each Brom-n. Leghorn PLEA OF GUILTY preserving .
the Clerk of the. Circuit Court of 0.- 14-St Executor. ben, fine layers. U .F Krlblm was as I will never be again,

J Fresh Meal and ceola..County. Florida. 15-tf On one ofthecharges against him
I ALSO: The West-half of tot Two riHCI'IT' {' >l'RT, flI\1VI\1NTI'JIlli'CTII THIS IS .APPLICABLE -
(I) In Block "8' of H. A. Mathews* JinillAI." r.Rc.t"T< OK r"I.OHII. INANlt FOR HALE-Two l-burn..r..11 iffove : Walter L. Poulk former postmaster -'
' Addition to the Town of KlsslmmeeClt rH OS4 KOI.A <'OVNT%'. IM In good condition, one with /ov.n.III i st Kissimmee entered a plea of trullI I MANY, MANY CITIES -,
VegetablesPhone beIng a part of the. North-half I tMANTKHl.tllllaBl We d. <'.... Clyde avenue.. llS-ltx ty and on motion of the United -
'; of the Southeast quart.r of Section ......... TS. ....1.. A. Wee. Defend I The Star is but It does "
(Il) I In Township! Twenty- .... FOR SALE-Fresh cow: very ; States district attorney the other was no pved. '
r.entlll-nO Range Twenty-nine It*. Apply to I'. ) .. cheap 1 ,nolle pressed. Poulk was indicted at know of a If" men inthis

:. 44 (It) East.tated On Monday the Id; day of April. 1922. Brack street. Klsslmmee. IStfcFORSALB i the December 1921 session of the city who thin tat it U a sly pieceof
Jarch.'L, +* J' the defendant. Susie A. .WOOd. I. re.quired away for 4.
PCEIX1KR. to to thl Bill of Complaint -- -One Stewartton truck; I federal-grand jury on a charge of bu.lnel printl.

1 . . Special Master.KRIBB8 . rr.r..r On. International ope-ton truck: embezzling $225 in postal funds while and get it for fifty cents ehe.pl tao '
--- ft STEED. It I I. ordered that thl ordre be publIshed One. Reo speed-waifon one ton; One postmaster at Kissiirimee October 15, the local shop. The :
Counsel for Complainant. lz-6t once a week for four Ford Touring. J. M. Duncan, Man of
; WORLD'S COTTON CROP consecutive Tampa Tribune March 28. pects and doer get, his living out
week in Th* Klsalmmee Valley acer \. IS-tr Lakeland{ .ought" to be willing help '_ _
: WoW-eotton c'roP. NOTIIM OK MA STICK'S BALK. Oaaetta a weekly newspaper publish. t
'The 1921? was ed In Osceola county. Florida FOB HAlIB---Rhod Island Red .eicir! Walter I* Poulk,' former postmas.ter Lakeland institution that. him
; '- 15.693,000 bales representing a total In the Circuit Court of the Seventeenth WITNESS my hand and seal thl. for hatchlnc. 1.0 for 1$. Mr.' W .at Kissimmee charged with the get it.and not. some foreign corporation ',
the 1920 of about Judicial Circuit Of the State of 2Sth day of February. 121J. B. Marrl. I ltf
decrease from crop embezzlement of funds .or.offe* if he is Just
Florida. In and for Oseeola County In : U* OVERSTREET. government h dO
6! OG,00O( bales.'A .. I I Chancery: John. F. lIou... Complainant (Circuit Court.Seal) -.v .. rOB OJB-v For Rent. Furnished waa sentenced! to ..rv... .year ana a a plain e..kat a w* .should > ;'

versus ti]]. I. Lesley et at. Respondents I 1I.5t. Clerk Circuit Court. Room and aroTre8: teCata.l' day in the federal penitentiary at tell his di, to g* >
-I. total posible production capacity : I Notice I* hereby alven by cent each> .
I c ,' Atlanta Wednesday by Judge to that''print. shop saxnice
<.f all automobile factories in the' the understated a* Special Master AN OHPIHAMCHL.An : -. f'-If on a
heretofore appointed la the above I. -. .. Rhydon M. Call Tampa Tribune.-. things about dececscd-b..e> '

.' 1 I.....,. .United tates la..abotlt27O,' per(I cause that pursuant to a final decree! .\Oedlnaae. .. Preklblt .fc.'l FOR 8AL.K- "ou_. and lots!, farm. cans If,.. are forced to tell the truck,
entered In this .cause on the lt dayof *.. *f lllfcrlt' L3.ee. trove*, cypress Umber mm '
-,7tar; '. ; : March. A IX 1SSS. I shall olter for ,1. . -;.- . -, at the old Slate Bank' to'.141'. :: J.It . REMOUNTING .RIMS in print, all hall would .bak.t pieces
.v 'Motionpicture: Alma as.a m.an.f sal* and. sell at* publlo outcry for ea.hin B. It 'Ordained b'the'; Council ot nuncan. Alanaser. S-tf ''':':''''''''r' before night on-some _ _
:j hand to the hie-best bidder, at the the City.. of Klsslmmeei d' ,Wben. remountinerim' 'do 'not this all not ;busmeaafmea _
ija f.. promoting trade 'in foreign countries i front door of the Cowrt Hon. In Kl." Section Whoever ha. I. hi.or her FOR BALK-Fin* .14.flN. pr ...rtF. tighten 'one' lug to the fullest extent .ppU. only '

" are to be tried out extensively In theJir ;I 1 I hnmev. ,Osceola ,County, "Florida on poeaeaslon.' or knowmcly permit .thstorlna Apply at the office ,of The Taller' bar tighten each lag a little at a .trad..out. otW. but te _
of Foreign Monday. the' Id dayof>> April. A. p, ; or her premises the Ossett Kls.imn.ee.tf person who : _
t ,,- near future fcy the 1S11. durlns; the leraV hoar* of sale; City of fc'1.tl .. ., any alcoholic heyra. uatitUarI.snuIy", : to place.beertb ., tlm'l eYr his oat- 'of'pr\ '.. _ _
i '( and Domestic Commerce: of tho J>a-k-th* following 'desorlbed-1 property *.1'IQ. ftuat !.' known a. lntoxlca lna;.>lluor rOR'."ALB-Two.,boys. suns. .4-y.,.ir > money. t
"ommerco I Oaceola tCounty, Florida vll under' '' tae .State Law. rwhlcbT ... "old ats .. ffsv ta*'::valley Oa.., Lakeland Star., :. : .1'. i
; 1'.. /fef} 'p! ,- .. .. ... : : .lion : *| ;v.Zyekooe,4ark-bd, : "f .as .. ; 1 : ; ,
,, ''t- !I \ .. "'" . ''' 0" .,,.
\ < "
.... "' .:;... ." .tf.. tt" j ;: .#> ,;.;! io,. ...... .: ... ".. ... .-...., (f, ',.. < ..; ... '....rJ': < ;" ." v'1. .
; : ;: ;.{ 'f:;' ': -!.. :,. *-'.- L ,' ",.)" :-, 'cr-, ; ,, '!!) ;. ""' '' t., p. ,. i" v'" ". 1'_ .It... .' .IIi, J4.<\ ..tl.: .., . \\.t' ::1{ ,. . ;' 11.
'" .
. . .. ,,- '-. . ; :" ." .. .. .." ; I' '.., '


A May 4 '

0-1 1 i\\


: (! Frances, started for Silver Springs' )I II ''Miss Grace Gilbert, Mrs. Nelson Ma.kinson ''estate, $11,000;r bills and promissorynotes .board. everyone. His announcement is brief ,

!I-taklnlr as guests Mr. and )frs. R. Mrs. W E. Sanderson, Emily ,-- $175; hones, cows and-other':.I' G. C.' Miller announces himself as -yet tells the story, and he asks the
(jti SOCIETY'S RE lMj M. Gruber who have been winter Sanderson, and Helen Reed. .. animals, $$6.100. $ 'debts due en' Open ''a candidate for the office of commislonor support of his countless friends
visitors This was the first' trip to j accounts, $,00; stocks and negotiable/ for the fifth district. So far throughout Kissimmee for this posi
w that beautiful spot made by any of, bonds, $2,600; policies, of insurance, as known he'is. the only candidate for
SPENT PLEASANT SUNDAY I 'e visitors, and their expressions of]; NOTES FROM ST. CLOUD : $4,500) ; and property claimed to beexempted this position-"*nd he'pledges himselfto tion.There seems to be a taint of hesitation .
AT DAYTONA" BEACH admiration over the unusual charms i .$3,000.-Tampa Tribune. act in every 'way, if elected;; for regarding candidates for representative
a A very Joyful and found were most enthusiastic.: The ; '(the'benefit-of the entire county. from this 'county -Those)
g -- of Mr. trip was something over one hundred I Mr. and Mrs.: E. M. Warner left on HE WAS. NO "KIN"BUT 'I, For supervisor of registration W: who could afford to take' the 'Office:
Tyree, of Roswell, New Mexico; miles-but every mile of it was 'Tuesday to spend the summer ,at I REVERSE TINT C. Bass makes announcement. For do not wish It-and those vho wish
Mrs. J. R. Mallette, of Savannah; pleasant,and ... the memory of "the 'their home in Springfield ,Ohio; i ------ sixteen years he has been chairman it 'cannot afford it. Capability is a S r
v Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Tyree and JacK, finest spring In Florida" will long Mrs. Anna M. Peckham was-a Kis Pear Colonel Thorndyke: j'I I'of the county board of instruction-- strong point to be, considered. If Os:
!y .and Billy, Mr and Mrs. G. W. Persons -remain in their memory, simmee visitor on Tuesday.. .. Will you kindly ,tell your' readers and has decided: that he would like ceola cannpt send a man a little above
,I ,. and Leon> Chapman, of Kissirai' E. R.,,Watkinswho has been spend through the columns of your paper to .assume a new position for theeounty'a the 'calibre of many representatives
mee; autoed to Daytona Beach last EASTERN STARS GREET ing' the winter here, left on Tuesday ,|I in this weeks issue, that the news aidIlls announcement speak sent from other'counties' it would be I '
VISITING\ RAND MATRON 'I item in last week's._ Gazette, stating'''
Sunday, where a very pleasant day for'his home in Osceola, Indiana county's'' benefit. His announcement far better that it should not be represented
X was ..pent.'W1OMAN'S. I Mrs. Rellah Milam Warner, x>fi I II Mr. and Mrs1. Il.enbest left on Tires-1(I that "Jim Duncan" hadpl aded guilty speaks for itself. ; but it. Is possible that one
,, td the charge of gambling and
i Jacksonville Grand Matron of the ,day, after having resided here I
CLUB"MEETAT For the same position la announcedthe illy qualified can can be induced to
y r I .Eastern Star, is making an official\ through the winter, going direct to sentence suspended, was a "coloredgentleman" name of'C. W. Griffin.\ Mr. Griffin make the sacrifice. The public is' anx-r.
CHAPTER HOUSE | visit to state Chapters in this vicinity -'''Anandale. New Jersey. I employed at the Candler
The regular monthly meeting of autoed .. I'I mills, and Hot "J. M. Duncan: manager has been known by all voters for iously awaiting the decision of such
k and from Bartow to Kls- Mr .and Mrs Henry Bedford, who ...:.and he In well-liked '
the Woman's) Club will be held at the ," for S. W. Owen i many .yearn by a man.
simmce where she
". on Tuesday, was have a winter home here, left onTuesday I
".- .... rChnpter! : House.'-on -Tuesday- afternoon the-guest of Mrs.- 8.- B...Aultman,..who < ;: for heir=. Bummer, home In J. M. DUNCAN., J I ___ .- .vs
, 'three-thirty'. "At this meeting the gave a luncheon in her honor. Her] Bristol, Indiana." "- - -. . -w'
.,rofficers for the coming year will be guests were the past Worthy Ma- Mr.' and Mrs. A. O. Haymaker left MEN TO BACK GROWERS J.
i elected and it is hoped that there will trons of the Chapter, including Mrs. on Tuesday 'for .their home In Kent, PLANTING STRAWBERRIESThe W.1 T ho XX1PSC>> :ri.J. I

1 Tbe a large attendance. As a part of H, vN. Bratton, Mrs. W. E. Sander-;i,Ohio, after having. 'spent a delightful I I --- '
the entertainment program of this son, Mrs. M. D. Alexander, Mrs H. .season. here. plantinir of strawberries I.In is !

' meeting, Miss Frances Bay, chairman C. Stanford, Mrs. J. L. Overstreet i I i Mr. and Mrs., C. V. Lenox, of Saint; ,', progress. Probably some growers funeral Director Licensed Embalmer
will exhibit wish to this but need Sfor .1111 Cia. ..,
tf the art department, Mrs. Willa Steed, Mrs. Verona'Kennison Cloud, Fred Haberlin, of Wisconsin, plant season, ,,
, come reproductions of statues "(!Xe- of Winter Park. ||and Miss Ella Ewing, of Sidney Ohio some financial\ aid. ] --
cuted by Lorado Taft--one of the well I i-,!I For'your benefiLLJlrri.J.ln.Uo Inform __ A Sle..r., S,..,..M.f.'e. 5 mV. /. ,1t..tI.rH1
| afternoon the -guests-last-Ffidav-ref-INn--am
I In the Grand Matron-
1 Avenue
known sculptors of the day. you t there are several bJsineas'men SlfwartKi All hisses
put on a school of instruction, and at Mrs. J. F. Emert, of Maryland ave
I! seven o'clock a magnificent supper nue. ', in Kissimmee willing -to take ..imm.. r' .
MISSIONARY MEETING !was served; At that time Mrs. War1ner 1 I I Mr. and Mrs. C. 3. Weber, who have you for an acre interested or more call in and Uerries. j jIf'you Nigh Grade Ambulance Service at Call .
delivered a pleasing address, and been spending the winter here left
There will be meeting of Ben O'Bannon, of the Grower Association
with beautiful bouquet their home in
was presented a on Tuesday for South {
Woman's Missionary Society' of theChristian or Leo II. Wilson, county ,. ....
of sweet silver plate Bend, Indiana. This their first -- -- .
a was -
peas on j i -- ----- --- - -- ------ -- --
n Mondav: afternoon church at at the three residence o'clock of boY Mrs. Earl Lupfer, in her usual )winter here-and they were much' delighted touch agent. with Either the one men will willing put. to you back in o.. t oO.. .... .O..006. d t 4040406604Qf4'004JJ.
happy At this banquet there with the "Sunny South. I
j Mrs. C. H. Mclnnis, 603 Emmett way. you in plantinir thin season.
number of and
street Mrs. S. B. Aultman, president were a present past LEO H. WILSOV.
Matrons from Bartow and Haines CARD OF THANKS
will have of the business .
charge( County Agent.Wanted :
City, and winter tourists atse I
and Mrs. L. H. will many ;
section Gedge
( We wish to thank dear
Rev. C. E. Gutteridge, Grand Sentinel our many : clean cotton notmerely
conduct the "The Isles rags;
+- program on of Florida, Mrs. Ella Peck Arnold, friends for the numerous kindnessesshown ,
trimmings or etringsbutdecent Baths Worth
Shall Wait for His Law.
Mrs. Camille Butler during her. .
0= assigned to talk Missions Past Grand Associate Matron, Maine* stuff to use for washing; rollers J
''fi r in the are Philippines, Our on Porto City. !long) illness. Her room wan constantly and presses and wiping bearings. -, .... .-.. -
On Wednesday, by'' filled with beautiful flowers--which Bring 'em along to'the office of The '
s, s Rico Mission, and Missions in Jamaica. accompanied I
she loved well. We sincerely thank
Mrs. David Landers and Mrs. Kenni- Gazette, Kissimmee. 14-tfx
All women of the church and
all who assisted in her
Iron, the Worthy Matron, went to making last j
friends are invited. Each
Saint Cloud, where she was guest of weeks the happier. i! Many I-i s-of prehistoric i j jcivilat'ons $1,000 .
r GAVE PLEASANT DRIVE the Saint Cloud Chapter, and the B. S. BUTLER. I which once flourished in

ye, TO THEIR VISITORS following attended: Mr. and Mrs. J. _MRS. A. .T. MORRISON, i I Central America and Mexico are to II
u' Last Sunday morning' Mr. and Mrs. L. Overstreet, Mrs. S. B. Airltman I be preserved as reservations and national -:
+ A. W. Bailey, and .their daughter Mrs M.. Katz, MTU. H. N. BrattonJfe ,. i 1 parks;" This action will preserve CURED AT KISSIMMEE AFTER YEARS OF SUFFERING ].

- - Always on the move. That's him.S. fcr all time some 50 cities.-tem-: .
R. Chapman. pies pyramids and other monuments'of .. \ ,
the Maya races. Mr. Charles Neid.
;- ,. _
Another of the noted "One-Cent -- .
i Sales" is to open on Tuesday at the THE FINAL SESSION Dear Sir: For more than thirty years I have been a ; -.

oneelevencigarettes Rexall Store, and a large announcement from
great sufferer eczema, and have tried every remedy _
a.1 from R. G. Minick appears in JContlnurd from Para One)
N *.} this issue. Sales of this variety have' way--and then he bore down upon I could hear of and have consulted many phyicianabul f

!proven strong factors for trade- Rome of the opportunities for won- all without relief. The affliction covered my legs and body, .
n yYa. building] in every city in which they derful improvements and embellishments ';
have been conducted.' I which Kissimm could secureat my neck and head my arms and hands. At one time I : '

Wanted: clean cotton rags; not a small cost: and told how the depletion -, feared that my ears would drop off ecause'the flesh wi : ,,
Tttrr Fiirndl merely trimmings or strings-but do-1 I I of the fish and the extinction | I I
..GvnMvmmByRLCY actually raw: and in fact. I was a mess of eczema g,ores : .
of the to his
cent stuff to use for washing rollcrnand game was, personal'
't presses and wiping bearintrs. knowledge, keeping many good spend to such an extent that it seemed it was no use in trying lo '
1' Bring 'em along to the office of The ers away from Florida: .
Gazette, Kissimmee. 14-tfx I It was then ascertained that seven \, ;

\. Republicans are awakening. The of those .present had been coming: ;! This season for the first time I J'' came to Florida to see' .o4f...: 'I"'I"live. ,
announcement will be found in this here for ten vears; three had been' r
betterment follow. There
might change in
issue of The Gazette of a caucus to coming fob fifteen years; Mr. and was no
I be held by the faithful at the officeof Mrs. Schaffcr cf Washington, D. C., my condition. At Saint Cloud I happened to get hold of ; tone

w 'TURKISH [ Dr. E. Derbyshire, on Wednesday had been coming for twenty-five of the circulars had issued regarding the excel ""Iif'
+ evening for the purpose of selecting years; while Mr. and Mrs. S. ABOle I you
'I I ,_ ___ i delegates' to attend the state con- and Robert Robotham had lence of t the water from your well and I called on you at ,t.i;f! ."'
lion which is to be held at Palatka made their first visit here in 1877- 'N
VIRGINIA I once. Then I commenced taking baths at your place. I was t,
Monday, April 10. The object of forty-five years ago. 1 I
'. I the convention is to place in nominate Following the singing of "Amerlea -i I ; very soon relieved; then the eczema came back in a less severe 3k '

f.1. a full republican state ticket'' to ," which was joined in by all the form. I continued the baths-and each day I grew j+
be voted oil at .the coming election.FOR audience, the disposition of the surplus .
H-- funds of the club was made. better and the awful disease gradually became less pain- r t

YOUR sToyEWOOD These were made by unanimous vote ful. My flesh began to be firm and clear and I am now
< ? to the editor of The Gazette, but will
.- ;, Place your orders 'for .veneer blocks be devoted to sending subscriptions better than I have been for thirty\ year*. In all I took thir- '. <
.0 and.split blocks at once for the sum where they will be apt to do. the most "
baths and I that each did thousand
ty-five figure f
mer months. Blocks delivered .at good. It fa suggested that three one me a J" :;
$2.95 for .120 blocks: n split for stove months' subscriptions shall be sent to dollars'worth of'good. ..
a, vR dbi '. wood guaranteed full strand $3.111.
which be contributed
,: All delivered. Phone' 911; 516 Brack names members of the may, club. ? by I now feel that I am a well, man,:and I most certainly ;; ,

& 'irVj! street. J.. Bonnln. 15-tf The formation of the Tourist Club can and will reccommend in highest terms the nterits of( thij '< I'.1'

: << ; ,d;,r "' has been resultant in many pleasant wonderful; are Ii
? OSCEOLA[ COUNTY,. FARMER divers varieties and it i; I.water. There thousands. who should! patronWA1'
FIFTEEN occasions of H.; '" . .. .. '..r- /NH\" a
GOES INTO BANKRUPTCY. is'to be hoped that the same old club "Ize this well, and I will do my best t to send you my shire of '
will re-form at the earliest .possible
Liabilities $95 44.24 are listedin next season when the present visitors them. .
' /A a new package that fits the pocket the debtor's petition in bankruptcy with their many friends. shall Very truly yours oj ",

: At a price that fits the pocketbookThe i proceedings Oscar Bass, known as return for another happy winter. IRA McINTIRE. "'
"' hull Bass, a Kissimmee farmer, whichwas (Signed) J.Neillsville. .
,. same unmatched blend of filed with the local clerk: of the ONE BUYER'S DEALS Wisconsin l t tI
.' .,, ''TURKISH,VIRGINIA and BURLEY Tobaccos federal court at Tampa Wednesday.
Assets' are given as 27,917. (Continued from f'ags' One) ]

t The liabilities include $1,186.90 in lug about-as he was willing to pay I ;'if
; : unpaid taxes $16,710 in secured cash for whatever pleased his fancy.S. : : :-.. ,f,
111 PIP"'H. AVE. claims, $38.991.29. in unsecured claims R. Chapman reports that throughhis ,
i .
.aw a 'TY accommodation >> in
'& and $38,356.05 pa- agency Mr. Thacker bought twen- '\
", per. Included in the assets are: real ty-eight houses and lots-making the +. --

_r__ ,_ __ __ Cincinnatian avery -heavy Investor- 'i 4
- - ---- - - as he also owns some ninety acres in' +Ho ffi ".. ..".."...+<<+ ':
lIIl11lll11l1l1m various tracts within the city limits. "
== = -and while there will be some of the .
for re-sale, Mr. II'
=== = properties says
there la evidence
Chapman, every
== ==
= = that many of these properties will beheld ks
and improved.
i== ==
Through the agency of H. Stanley
= = Bullock Mr. Thacker has purchased, A Good Name
paying cash for '.ame, Blocks B, E,
i= = H, and K,.in the R. H. P. Drought addition r
-" to Kisslmtnee these tracts "Blish" is the family name of
The Bank With
twentv houses.
containing some
: '
THE GIRL Through the.same agency Mr. Thacker -. HONEY BOY FLOUR y
the = has also purchased a part of lot -" (Self Rising) ,
"' 4, block 4, of the Robert Bass addi-
't I Ability -000- tion to Kissimmee, including three Abraham Blish established' America's First Mill

residences. This sale adds still more in 1658. and the ninth generation is still making
'' ::=: andWillingness Some day she Will marrythat daughter of yours. The = to the holdings of Mr. Thacker-and r
faith in the futureof :"The World's Best Flour. Buy it at ;
any gro-
: ( shows his implicit
; = responsibilities of a household of her own will fall upon =
Kluslmmee. *%
.. = = : cery.
I her-responsibilities that mean a knowledge I of financing.It's = II. Stanley Bullock reports also the '
=' Serve ale to F. C.. Hart, of Saint Cloud of Blish Milling Co.. R. C. Woodberry Co., .
i -- to an education in itself. Its acquisition will prove more = lot 4. block 1, of R. H. P. Drought's : Seymour Ind. Orlando. Distributor
1- = is y yI
addition to Kissimmee. This better -
,_-, .' valuable than Greek or Latin or Differential Calculus. =_= known as the Hazel Matthews .o+H"OOO."U O.. UOO..Ott .u."u..oouo.. uou+ .,
T '. DEPOSITS INSURED Why not start her financial education_ with a Bank Book? 6 i ih =: Vine property streets.located The.corner: owner of Main has this and I---- .1

,== Mighty few families are made happier by a knowledge = week removed to Orlando, where she .
has purchased a home, and Mr. Hart
of Greek. Thousands are made happier by the knowledge i= will be in immediate possession of CASINO THEATRE WLDNESDAY

= of the Dollar. May make Book for = thin handsome property. APRIL 5 -
e e we out a Savings These sales ahbuld stimulate the \

daughter? realty conditions of Kissimmee, and >\.
your should be conclusive evidence that I k f Her style and. beauty were put, on ;;it.: 1
= = there is a belief from all outside
I .v - parade to make him look success
: the
sources that the city is on up.
> ward trend. There is gradually be- ful.
1j'M ing .broadcasted a more optimistic i eA fir'tawI :'

feeling regarding all conditions in (,.' He never itopped to think that she
both city and county ;: ; will become the more, prominent as might attract other men tee much. t

.8 nk otuOsceola :County .ii IJ the days POLITICS!pass. STARTING, t .!s A gorgeous picture of fashion and .'

married life. Set in New York and i'
: '
I.. : be made(Contlnv'several 'from changes vase whicbwoul4be' On V the bandit haunt of Mexico: 'r

.= beneficial to' the i taxpayers and
4.. w Hoars9' A.M.. :(o ,3. P.' 'M. .. =1 citizens generally, .,, I >*--* r i f

." 1o 1 ', -t 1 'As-.',a candidate:, for commissionerIn'
-.,,' '. : :. the third district I/H.'Wetherbee
," ; =I is serving the last half of his) term BUDDY"j:

< : . in such' hl.'re,position ord ln'his, and is present willing term'to allow to- "HER l1USBANDs'A.Cristi...C

; iI'"bear. the strongest inspection He1 EMS: .* ' :' ?
i u careful worker, andhia'nevermis.ed "OH yll8
II. iIIIIIIIIiIIIIIIIIiIIIIWIIIIIIfilflfillllllll, Jima av vary: ''of the, ,_ ._ .'

,-. -, . _- , .,, a. meeting.

'Iyit, 1\\ r'$:. "..... I"., ...";.;,; 'Jt.f"'a'.1u, .,;:)'s4.42tbrf: .J. v.(f ";,<<.:.,. . ., 'J.. __ ...., .... t..... .. ,,;!, ... "L' ." ...,.....'., "..'. }.!.,,,III -J.. ..f'''," , .... .- "" ... '" ,. '...'. \ '
,. ... .. -" : '' ..
-rl 'ic' ' .jJ.
0' .t .r..f-I ". .t . _
. '
t; ;" 'U/Ii' ; .1i'i' .. > 1. ; .1'1 ; ., ::; _..'_ .v.""' ". : }<-"" .... >>1 ,:JIIJ' ,' ;;;:.;,.; ; .
;} : ; : 1-- < .. ., ,
..; ', .. .;,,; ..1 ;::, :4'",,'f'x:' .,.: "- ; '. x" ; ,1 ' l; fo., tI-V'-i4Jt!' _1. ".,_iL" "''' .;.4. I ' ''-"
, .', '" '' ," ,<. ""' :1, /4 .-,1.. \ _
: ,J"" ;" " : < ,,,.. :. ., .t" ., ';; .L_ .' ," . .

Group Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette.
Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Publication Date: March 31, 1922
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
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v M4. Ns'' Y l
rm .t ,_ ?

.)' '
\11"- :.I

< : '" V : if X *& > :. .*:.:. \
,) .+.. .... .. .... +-w
d PUBUSHINOTHETBUTH 40, '. "" eaoeoeeeeeoeeeil.

.!//t e CAN: HABM, O K r :; ,f.t' Y"" 0. '- I -E' .,.. '. ONLY1' WRONGDOERS]! 9,,",.
0408,44e404t Oe064 THE PRESS GIVES .
rt .. .. ...............,...

L___._ _. Aad ,'0 seE 0 L A 10 r URN A L..C. uelidaUd January 11, IMS., "
: ;
Kl.al..v.'v-_ .... ,.._ ..
y u.er.r. u_.... B.c.......... 'sea. 0- ...... .,fcy B!>*. -..-... <...sa.aa.it sUSSlUMEg." FLORIDA. FRIDAY. MARCH .31, 1922 VOL XXV.-N. It

, .' -, , .




: ............... "
.4 r--", Numerous --Caadidate Drop ,Official .Opportunity 'W-aD' Be Offered Each Fair Wanbf Cirea Bicycle Rider Tw.'Short', Stretches Of Brick- Pave Today I* The?'Lat OpporiaaltJ"ForAD Last Meeting .;-Tourist' Club Held

4, 4. ..Notice.Mi'oWkatJlrey'dLike-' :Reader",o('.The. .Kisnassite.:: VaDeyCa -,- Some Moutks AT to Keep Off' The .eat. Would Add, Materially'' ,]. Interested 'la Propaganda' for Tueday-.vETenmf_ o._Rccreatiom .*.
__ ..No 0.', For. Representative ett/Te Make' A Wjnntof. :Walk or s.-Aift t:,'-'-" Strearta'ef:Kisnmmee: *"-- 'Kissuamee te"GetlaThe: Padres""ItTiappened' Pier Wa Delightful "r a
-T': .. ., -'- .
-- .
1. 'S--- .
'. .1 ---"" ... '
.1 .: Gradually the ;mash in the political There is a treat and a real surpriseIn Several times during Che past year desire is being gradually .expressed' '. In--::-'KlsstmrneT'In: 't was'' nairanur'TaFBweir.'.a f tha-
still U-beginning" :work store for the large number of readers have orders, been published and the a- upon tha. pat of ,many to 1922"- is to :be the title of tb.'Alma visitors met with smile that barred
......: t Already, have the names of three of The Kissimmee Valley Gazette public thereby informed that the or.;I creat a couple of, road districts and being 1 made here this week-and today i every worry and fret; and through
,!'- candidates for the position of state next week. A feature Is about tv be dmancn regarding riding: bicycles on (vote. bonds for the construction and i. the last opportunity offered to I all the remarks the one best bet was
j jtttomey. for the seventeenth judicial launched that will captivate the c stHention the sidewalks >of KUiimmee was to,[completion of brick reads-and.it is the people' aid in the work and be I "Goodbye, Kissimmee; we wont forget
> ,%Ircuit been made public through. the of people in all walk*:of life be.enforced; but gradually the riders,(believed by those who*have atudled ." highclassshape.' !" "
columns of The Gaxette. lit Is sure< all will welcome it when became careless as they noted that the project and the conditions and : The proposition is In charge of' IL 1 'There were' one -h ndred and more
:: ?' The first to announce was Truman yoU see''it. Friday's l..ue'l" the day the'order was not being enforced. and the assessed values of the lands to be Dan 'Aahford., and then is being given gathered at ,the recreation pier'Tuesday -
,: 1!' (). Futch of Leeshurg, who announe' for starting this proposition and the custom of "taklnsr the walk". con benefited by'such improvement that hearty co-operation.among the evening'",when the audience was
.. "'1.ed his pi'atform.in a. clear, concise from present indications the feature tinued. In many instances the rideis Osceola county and Kissimmee'would business men. JWoman's Club the called to order"" ,by J. J. England, ,
and business-like .fashion. Mr, Futch will ,be launched at that.tim..when became so overbearing that they become great gainers if-the..' sections Mothers-Teachers Club and other'institutions. president of the:club who; thought- '
S has held- and still holds-numerous Mall| details will be .-Iven. Whateveryou would whistle or yell for the pedes- of road should .be perfected. The plan is to secure per essly"presented W L.' Thorndyke,of ,
important position in Lake county, do, do not miss next Friday's (issue i trains to "clear the way" that they 1';. One' of" these 'Is.. from the Saint manent records of precisely what The Gazette, as the introductory
and there seems to be none who can of The Kissimmee Valley Gazette.In .might pass. Many' women and i>ion Cloud road to the Partin settlement: ,Kissimmee is at the present time, and speaker. Mrs. Celeste Fripp then, in
>.' say ill against' him. He ia placingsome short 'we are going to take oil have reluctantly stepped aside that the other an extension from the brick there wild be shown all the industries clever fashion, told of,the good things: E,
good publicity throughout the ,readers and, in fact, the entire family. the wheelmen might keep.r on the road which ,runs in front of the county which are"to be' now found. There coming to Kissimmee In the early
district,' and is said :to ,be competent on a real hunting expedition. It will walk. home towards IIilhards Island. win also be filmed the schools, bask future, and captivated the audience i
f in all ways. ,Abe i a real hunt at that. This hunt Things have now taken on a new Neither of these will prove undertakIngs etball games, the churches the fire In her own special style. Mrs. .Amanda -
;: Joseph 11. Jones, the present en- will last about three months, and if aspect, and the numerous cases of of great expense; and it has department, milting and logrlng Wemple, answering a ('.11.. stated
o cumbent, is a candidate to .succeed you don't say. it i iAt e.bellt. hunt you arrests for those thus infringing upon been roughly figured out by those interested scenes, all the business institution that she "was a booster with accenton
himself. He is the beet-known of all'''ever had at the close wo shall be very the ordinance is putting the fear that the additional tax of of the vicinity-and a general show the boost" for Kissimmee. and
.... ",-:--" *-candidates,- for he, ha., been-covetingthe much_surprised. The proposition of the .law..into.theheartsof. riders. eight mills for the first year, with a' ing of each side of Broadway; and proceeded to tell why. Mrs. Wemple I 9 '
f' district so frequently that his ae- afford the vry best kind of educational Those arrested are first warned what, lessened 'nIItAgeIIcb"'- succeeding there-promises to'be a "most" interesting - also declared-that'the-very" best thing "-
1- "quajntanceshlp is extremely larg. entertainment for the entire will happen if found riding upon the year, would be all that would be required three thousand feet -ot film every visitor could; do. was to have '
'*Mr. Jones relies upon his record in family, and r
the diligent prosecution of cases, and that will immensely lease all. nahce was violated there was an ar accessible from both these dis Is proposed by Mr. Ashford to ; list of The Gazette for the
,makes the assertion that in capital As much as we would like to go into rest. In each "first offense" the fine tricts. have these films shown at an early coming six months in order to'ba.e
I oases he has secured a larger per. details and tell you about this very has been, one dollar; what it will be Were these roads to be constructedas date at the Casino--and it is possible some good reading and to keep track''
t. .r[?centage of convictions than unyone excellent project i il very necesssry for the second offense has not been planned there would be a stimulation ,.also, that sections may be taken of what was going on in Klssl mee. ?n
,4in"the: state holding a similar position. that we do not tell tales ort of school stated.-but the intimation has been' ,of land cultivation which has by some film company and shown as John McPhatter then told the audience 'i
''Pi -with one exception. I;until vFridsV. So be patient until then made that it will amount to just five been dulled because of the difficulty features of the day or educational of some of the very early days
fi jR. F. MacGuire, of Orlando, is the and the surprise'will. be more .agree times that sum: i of hauling any load over the rough j] pictures through the entire United of Kissimmee ,when the Indians "?
;' lowest,; candidate for the position. The able. So don't forget the time is The practice of side-walk riding is and sandy roads at present existing.]f States.. "The original films, it is understood roamed the unpaved streets and trod
: 3'Gazette is lacking information regarding !I NEXT FRIDAY. that is condemned in city. With larger acreage under eultiva-j/ will eventually' be placed in the sandy trails hither and yon, and
one every tion there would be more produce to the archives of the 'county as a memorial .
his qualifications for the position how he was still I looking for the five
is vehicle under the
The 'r
but some of his brother attorneys whltevo- is, usual'y it isn't and bicycle has a the be shipped from this city-thus to show in after years what"Kissimmee hundred dollars reward that was his f
law. right
worth saying. no more upon bringing back to Kissimmee "
i money was. due for the of
J have become ttrong adherents capture one bad roan
walk than a carriage or an automobile -
that is needed stimulate all Indus- .
for his and declare but the audience: ,
candidacy many --
on the highway it has the lIameri..ht years ago ,i..
F that no better choice of a state attorney half the road that tries. There Is no doubt that settlers drew. the line at his fish stories.: .
in this circuit could be made VOTING VERY LIGHT vehicle to has.one The car failing to give any would those districts-which in numbers' in DAYS'ON CAFE FLOAT. Quincy A. Hunt has then called 4'
would the
. r The name of E. L>. D. Overstrect one-half the road to the bicycle commits : as upon for a prohibition lOng,'and re-
wheel revolves make assesseM
; has been presented as a candidate to misdemeanor. higher ponded with "The Brewer and Tb.
SATURDAY a ; values and a consequent increase in Sunday School Man ". which well
succeed himself as commissioner in ON LAST : I WAS PRIZEWINNERIN was
\ the first district. The announcements Riders of bicvclesi should heed the amount of taxes received to received. There'was" no set program ,q
as it appears in The 'Gazette is un ,I these points--anoby all means should ry on the business of the county.'car-I for the affajr. J. B. Hale;' who ha*- -
signed, yet there is no doubt of tin MAYOR LEO TICKETNo refrain from using the sidewalks :n : The matter ir well worth THE PARADE been coming to Kissimmee for many
of the incorporated city. I'atlng'-and there is little doubt that
'e"<, ,, genuineness of his candidacy Mr I any portion I JIG years had a few words t to say* regarding -,
, 'j* Overstreet is one of tile very early Otherwse the riding will prove rather the needed bond issue would be al- the excellence of this locality -
settlers in this and has a To Nominees Made expensive. . most unanimously endorsed. -and A W. Sweptlrnd bad'muck
county, very Opposition -- ---.....--- For The. Mot Attrati ..Float in Th ) '
wide acquaintance throughout the entire i Election Much of to say regarding the excellence not
Municipal Very Ford Day Parade The .First Meaty
five districts-having served the only; of. Kissimmee but of The \Ga } '
> county in various capacities for many i A, SpiritJe. Affair TWO TAYLOR STORES SEASON HAS CLOSED j Went For Cafe. Exhibit Kette-'.. well declaring that 'very
I years. lie Is now chairman of the .--,.... few 'weeklY'countr)' papers<'equalled
;' board, serving his second year an The excitement rf election seemed Much\ could 'have been "Vrrftten regarding and none excelled that publication.
oJ such official. I to have exhausted itself at the primary WERE TRANSFERREDBUT FOR PUBLIC MUSIC: the wonderful display made Mr. and Mrs Sweetland,whose ,home r'
Another candidate for the cnmmisslonemhip -and'there tvas little inte-eat in every way by"the hundreds participating I is In Binghamton, New York, ,have
. If".i. in the first district is J. shown ,in the. regular election which and: much may still- be been Deeming to Florida, for the., past
..'. E. Sharp,. whose announcement appears occupied all of Saturday, and required SYSTEM'REMAINS SPECIAL ON :SUNDAY : written when there is a desire' to do I'nineteen years .
: this week in the proper col I the services ,.f A. E. Thomas us some boosting The Ford Day w.a. I, W. M. G.n.gber'told some.good,,
;*, umn. Mr.. Sharpe gave notice two I clerk; C. W. Griffin, John McPhatter great success "due to the direct ef. things-And ./numerous others spoke'at '
.... years ago that he contemplated making and R. D. Guice as inspectors: and II "Taylor System" Cost aa4s A* Before Magnificent Pretrsjn; Prepared<" For forts of the 'committee appointed by ,random?after which'1 L* A. Hamil!
a campaign for the position. lie Stanley Bullock as bailiff. MOst of T. 'A Mammoth "Afternoon *A' the chairman Of the Chamber of.ton,, of Toronto, Canada made :the
native of this and declare the time of these officers was taken ; Taylor Opea Sunday As Corapli- Commerce, John S. Cadel.* This committee -.: of the'nening.teJ11n.; of the, '+e
.;;; fa Ldhftt a he ,know its county needs as well aji up by discussing: what will be the laititntiou at.. .Hsiaea City Meat To The Who]. Public j -oonsiated of Roy Wells,chairman -.!dose: brotherhood, existing: Between. -
.i "/ can and he believes, also, best ,for Kissimmee alone various '" series ; I. P. Timmons, J. M. Willson his country, and the: United States.
55 that anyone should ;he be elected\ there ,would 1 tines; the method best adapted for: ''Two ot the stores. of the'Taylor Sundayifternoon closed the .E D.. Katz, and'' W. Thorndyke -,He gave much Information,regarding'p''
Continued on lags Eight I bringing new money into the county; System have this- 'week changed of band concerts for Kissimmee for ,although,' for' ,obvious reasons, the existing conditions in'. clear conclq\
and taking an optimistic attitude in hands ,the present season, and an excellent work of the latter-named was limit (Continued on Pace JBl.rht) t".,.-y
all affairs. The election officials One Is the store better known ,asl 1 program given drew much applause. ',ed. There were daily meetings of this Ii" '..
: themselves and the Bass Corner Grocery, at the in iii. rlans are foot however to "
MUST RAISE MONEY hugely enjoyed succeeded on keep committee-(which was augmented by VISITORS"KISSIMMEE'S DECUkVD : "
in obtaining nice fete. lunch tersection of Vine and Brack-the: .the band together, and a series of sub-committee selected by it and '
5 other is the Main street store;.adjoining concerts may',arranged for Sun. much credit la I due,allo,to Pat Johnston. . '
"eon.There were 168 votes: cast and Gilbert's garage. Both have become I day afternoons in cities within a reasonable ,. who was an important 'factor :
'. S TO. CARRY SCHOOLS none* were spoiled. Many failed to I flourishing institutions because{ distance of Kissimmee.In In the barbecue which entertained FUTURE :' .
: vote for all candidates-either frnm of careful management, and while the I, order to thank the public for the thousands of visitors. It might be '
carelessness or an unfavorable opinion places will be owned by J. H. Cone ,t large attendance during the closing well stated that the entire affair was d
t. NINE MONTHS TERM of some special memories. The who has been clerking for the System -j season, and to express the goodwill due to a suggestion made by Roy IS tYrt
+, ,total count made by the board shows for some months, it is not the I.felt to all.. Manager J. D. Wbodbeck W I1*-and to 'reward him for the VERYJPROMISINGTwo
'; I as below: purpose to break the plan of keeping has arranged to give what he termsa suggestion has was forced -to occupya
'l. Chamber. of Commerce Goes On Record M.yor-I1. R. May...'___________103\ figures at the established low ricer--I I "complimentary concert" for the position requiring the heaviest Visitor of,Importance, After See.;,
". A* Favoruf Raising Money By Clerk-J. R. iGilbertt-------------trif'! prices which will be uniform through afternoon of the coming: Sunday, work. fag AO Florida. Have Become,
q, Subscription For School. Treasurer-J. Z. Roberson..___._.14'* out.The | commencing the usual hour-four Regarding the first prize for pleas- ,
Councilman N. Clark;_______152 Main street store will be. in o'clock. This promises to be the best I Ing floats that honor fell to the Day- Strong Advocate,.For, Kissir-.. '' .
__ charge of J. II. Cone, who will, it Iss.ldret.ln program thus far rendered and is
There was a fine attendance at the C un'Uman--.J. M. Hnnsell-__ _148 i sort" cafe. Leading the attractive '
luncheon at the Chamber of Councilman-A. S. Gilbert_______152 Miss Margaret Fortenberry given below: I float was George Dayson's biatour.- Among recent visitors to Kissim i'
weekly )I (. as assistant. She has been with M. j I March-Battle of the Winds..Duble : adorned and mee have been E.'A. Smith 'of Mor It "
CMmhierce yesterdtv noon-and there These officers will be in at Ing car, handsomely ,
sworn of'f'
has charge risen Illinois and J. W. Davis
I. Stout, who been in off I Overture*-William Tell -----Rossini. of ,
was also an especially fine menu servd. the first regular meeting in April, is ; Cavallmi .carrying a complement passengers. both of whom .-
I the place since it opened and Fantasla"Sonambula" ___ Davenport, Iowa came f 4
i The greater portion of the time which will be next Tuesday evening.The Then came the floatrepresenting: a .
thoroughly conversant with the business (Clarinet solo, A. B. Yoder.) to KiHsimmee to greet an old'aebool.
cafe with music for thecabaret.
"i discussion of the ,
devot to <
question three councilmen above-nam- ,
was '
I will take immediate"Atlantis" friend D. G. McKay' 'They reunion _
itr. Cone (The Lost Continent- float driven _
The by
'. brought up by Mrs. Celeste Fripn ed, together with A. Rosen and Howard j : was by' a.
the ptoreal Suite in most heartily enjoyed
''' charge of Bass corner four l'artllSafranek was one
; the entire affair
Woodall and
regarding an extension of the school M. Katz will form the governingbody Uiel '
: and Mr. McKay; consumed
though nothing has been made public (Note) Atlantis is a' continent j) decorated. There the trio-
term for the grade schools of this for the coming ye.r-at the ex-: j : was handsomely in showing
regarding the working force. mentioned in Plato's History, and at which a large quantity of. gasoline
'' city. i'piration of which term successors' to I Of the Broadway store' A. G. Eng :extended across the Atlantic ocean I was seated a J.dining-table E. Gilbert and Miss Lillie were his friends from the middle west,
Th matter of IIecurlnaquarters and Gilbert will !
Messrs. Katz. Rosen
land will be in charge. He has been approximately from Europe to Yuca- what was being done' and telling of
for the use of the Chamber of Corn- be elected. What is, unless steps towards Schuman, well-served by Mrs Delsie '
enough done the people
what could be once
with the Taylor System long ; tan. It is the subject of an exhaustive Millard while music was furnished ,
: merce was mentioned The lease on +i I a commission-manager form of to understand the workings of the'plan volume by Ignatius Ponnellv and Miss Mar. went at matters in earnest. ; ;
the present miarter is soon to expire government shall have reached a succegsful I throughout the parade by and ,.beAisalso
Smith is banker
i and has made many also hag served as inspiration for | Mr. a -
Brunson Gilbert and
willthen I ,
In that-the rental garet
-and it known stage. frlendll'l
manufacturer of refrigerators ;
7'" : : .:The parentstoreat No. 8 several novelists. This continent l Clarence Dswson. There was re,l a large
Bi increased-uossibW'to point" be In- sole charge of Arthur ; 1s believed the home of Mr.'Davis is the pioneer cut -
The county STUDIED SUNDAY SCHOOL WORK I will placed ; war a treat : service, also, at the short order counter ; .
? that may be prohibitive. and the South store i which and 1 cumber-growerln the mlddlerwestp
E. Taylor, race conquered civilized! -if there hadn't been I. P. -Tlmmons .
commissioners have been considering I -- doubtless remain it is. the world. The Islands I having pl.nta.In various locationsthroughout '
will as Azore
marshal of the mountedon '
t ''I Mrs. I. L. Maroney and Mrs. J L day,
in which a county fair mav 1 ;
will remain unbrok. considered the Iowa and supplying ,
"The 'System' to be tops of its lofty: his from ,
) not
,i be held, and where the offices of the I Overstreet have returned from Jacksonville en even though two of the storeshave mountains, and are all) that now remain Ford gallant would charger have-starved to quantities of both early and 'late'r rK:
cjbnty agent and the home agent: where they attended as dele Henry cities of hi*,
been disposed of to other parties above water of that great coun crops to the principal :
I death.
might be located, and, possibly!) where gates from Kissimmee the State ," said Mr. Taylor "I have had try. own and adjoining states. Both men- '
the Growers Association might find Woman's Missionary Society -of tho i numerous offers from those anxiousto (a)-Nocturne and morning hymn of The entire affair was'a credit to have travelled extensively' .over the
!1'room, but the figures given for theo Methodist church. Following the conference secure the entire holdings which I praise. | the cafe-and while the performance 1 United States and both ,were enthusiastic
Southland seemed in excess! there was held a training I cost several times the amount of gold I what in
garage they saw'
I' have built up-but I am net yet (b-A) Court Function <, over {
of what the commissioners' felt they course for Sunday school teachers received as a prize, Mr. Dayson considers And of honest -
ready to retire to private life. have (c)-"Love Thee" (The Prince and Kissimmee. words approval
could pay. Because of this it wa in which Mrs. Maroney took instruc- | just closed long lease for the same {I! Aana.) i that he was repaid bv the loyalty from men of this calibre. go'
;' thought possible that the,.commissioners tion. ; quarters I formerly occupied In (d-The) )Destruction of Atlantis I shown by his participation. far and are remembered long. They
might pay a portion of the I Haines City, and within a few days I "AutumnColors" _Bsmhouse left Kissimmee filled with enthusiasm
rent of the present quarters occupied'by that store will) be added to the 'Sys I. (Trombone solo Prater Gilbert.) I regarding' what they declare is boundto a
I '. the Chamber of Commerce-and MAKE GOOD WI.NNING.EACH..GROWER..GAINS" tem,' and I shall there carry a very The Sunny South _____ Campe ONE BUYER'S DEALS come-the building of 'a large city
: locate 10 the same room spaces to be large stock with E. L. Brown in Selection of Southern Plantation which will result from the Improvements
,r occupied by Leo II. Wilson and Miss i charge. It may be easily seen that Songs. In' the land adjacent to this i

Albina Smith. With this end in view by this: change new A Hunting Scene(Descriptive) SHflWJ.BEUEF' ]IN city. .
.. *SriiT: Ltipfer; --S-'Nel.onand-; : Rf manenrrestdents haTe' been-added-to- :: =rrs.s-,.. __.Buc.al"'aal _. "You have a splendid opportunity
May were appointed as a committee 1 Kissimmee. The prices will be the (Note-The' morning breaks calm Tiers: foT thr added--industry-.f-th" "'".. .. ''
to take up the matter with the commissioners BY THE ASSOCIATION same in each place of bu.lnesa--an,1 and peaceful. The huntsmen prepare KISSIMMEE 'REALTY production of cucumbers said Mr. Y
next Monday. the advertising of the five store will for the pleasure of the cliase.Wie Davis. "I see no reason< in- the world
,rc:; Mrs. Fripp laid the matter of tak- be done simultaneously. In one sense jump in 'ou> saddles; our huntsman why you cannot produce enough early
,- ing a subscription to collect aome.s'OO Grower Will Gain A* Hundredfold .of the word it will make little difference sounds the blast. The parties Gaciaaati MSB New Largest Individual cucumbers here, If you right .' i K
,rr:. for the continuation of the Astociatiou Member i to me as to which store shall be join. The road is alive with horse to supply a large portion of the
,'T';:; grade schools 'one have b beyond the By Becoming I patronized all of them will be supplied men. Whips crack. Dogs bark. Tal Oft_ .,. Kissimmee Property I[south-east.' To do' this require*
.. .,eight months that been forced Staadiac Shoulder to ShoulderThe . from my own wholesale stock.!: ly-ho. The death. We return home.) -Ad Sun Buying i knowledge .of soil conditions and
< upon the school board because of the Msrch-Vanguard of Democracy I I this"your people should have ;- and

,lessened taxes, and the matter was Growers Association has made Since the above was in type anoth .,.._..::......__K. U' King S. T. Thicker, who call Cincinnati the knowing how to produCe and
:well discussed' from all angles. Every o.ten-Itrlke through the leffjrta made er change has been made-by which his home-city, has been looking over(Im.rket 1 at the proper time.' Once you.
,member, present declared himself a* by the appointed committee. look George M. Taylor disposes of all interest GOES 'FROM KISSIMMEE th.'entire state for location wherehe start.the business and get well under'
favoring the project; all would pay afte! '' the fertilizer ''prop' ll1Uon. J. in the Broadway store IT- formerly :MILLIONAIRE'S ROW could invest) aome,money with: the way the values of your land will increase ' z'
r 'r for, one pupil, ,three' : dollars; some Earl Lnpfer was made chairman of Goodman's?Grocery_to M, I. tTO .assurance that there would "be.i .good to a fabulous amount i..i but
v.. :would pay for two: others, if' that committee and, was instructed Stout and. G. A. England,. both of Jobni'u' ,> Townley, )of: Asheville, i returns within ,a reasonable \ time. there must boa sufficient acreage to r
would pay''nine.dollars.. Mrs.needed'i to learn from, "as many: fertilizer whom have been long associated with North Carolina,: and Miami,', Florida i When he arrived in Kissimmee and attract the buyers.who;will 'pay,the + T,
,' A '' ld that if five 1 i plants.aa.alght'reply to;his lettersof Mr.'Taylor. Today Invoicing is,'going spent *few days in Kissimmee greetIng had carefully,,.looked over the city and cash. I'd like to come here and:Jr&'
-i! pay three dollars' e 6ptel project inquiry what negotiations might be on, and It is understood that,tomorrow his ttld'friendsleaving for Asheville -I surrounding r he ,concluded into the: buainese-:=: but my large in..; s :r
J > I brought about ,towards..making, ,special the store will be opened'un to Join his family on Monday. that this was what had been seek terests In' Iowa forbid makinthr%
':.: rates en their products. der the new; ownership ,ana manage Mr/Townley,'' in'partnershipwith his ing." He soon struck tip acquaintance change. But someone should take up
", M would undertake collect the ", '.Mr. .Lnpfer. reported that the.best ment.'' The announcement is made brother" Tom operated' a, drugstore with some'.of'tho' realty; dealers,and the industry on a Urge: scale and \
': J Jt.The body' agreed to RIve 'all mon.Y'1: and most;; satisfactory resolta came that this store will bo run entirely independent here I about 'twentyrflve' Tears ago was sBawn many pieces of1 property 'then others would quickly follow. ? Ifc, 4'I. s
*-f ed moral and financial( support from' his correspondence, with the :of "the system," althoughthe which'they.moved to M lmi.-. Tom .is whleh could bo obtained upon reasonable is a 'product ,which, cannot, beoversupplied --II t
:t|. project, and the ,effort! _to .collect. I Blackshear Fertilizer Company 1 lo- policy' of low price will be:con. now living in 'Tulsav"Oklahoma and ;figure*} the t rtns' he eared noth-) as there I is a market for all

,.Jr now, ia .progress .1'1 1 1'Ii' -:(CoBttoaed_ ?on 'Pate Jfontl" I.tined by the new ownsr+.. .both are'reputed to be millionaires.i j I(00Iltlnue4: . e*J Pugs'. Etabt_ ) .that,..cart be'produced-: ... -..... ,. -.t;.
.U, :
; ,N) t .' [- .'t !

"'!I1i:..'Io;'._ ri.1'!-,(, ,.!, ,, .". .J.t. ',.J 1>" ",'f.)< :;1. .V q;" :, /',1''.,._.,. :"k,,({ M> "" .. I ". f'. .. .. il'w'. ." I'I!. '",,,, .tl '; -_ NI ; SCI/': 1 '
,' n
<:c \ '. .. .' '. ', '", ..... ,', .1 ..' :"-0''''''<::_' """ 1:I! ; ,... "'. " 'C" ,.F'.

.. ,a. .
/ 7r if' n tf tilt n w r r ek

x ..


sL \ -- -- -----
,%' w
''t ''The total number of cattle now under II I RECEIVE-BY OFF ITTE.s'e4

supervision' in the tuberculosis- eecJ"f J :
4 eradication work being carried on by Foreseeing the early an Of the' five passengers being carried
the federal department of agriculture, ambulance for Kiss; 1m me. JWd POTATO' PATCH UNDER STRAW. from Miami to Bimini in the airboat :
r ,4n the co-operation with the states has 'Thompson early last December ordered X Miss Miami leaving on the morning _
the mark, the total front the manufacturers a very Editor of The Gazette: I of Wednesday, March 15, none live to ,
passed 2,000,000
for February being2,027,000., ., During, handsome vehicle: for the purpose-, I have'a plan which should be of I tell the story of the,awful suffering *
that month' cattle and the car has new arrived and is,. benefit to all city gardener, especiallyas which preceded their death., Only tho
200,334 were. tested
bringing the total of cattle tea ready for service.. .The, delay was I have nearly every year' followed, pilot. Robert Moore. who "was picked MIRROLAC ;
ted to 1,181,516 and herd.once to 292 t caused the manufacturers say be.; this plan of railing!, white potatoes; up at sea after buffeting the: waves ,
716.up.There cattle ,. cause of the desire to make this first,, Use a 16 foot fencing plank, six inches for fifty hours, survived-and he was '.
are now 361,826 on
' the list On 1 car ..shipped to this _section of, the wide. Meacure.off with the plank a in so crippled a mental condition that
waiting March more
farmers and breeders had state just a little better than the square by laying the plank! down along for some hours he could relate none of '
.than accredited 12,000 herds.' specifications railed for. the edge of the, walk, or' in 'any bed the Incidents. He finally' told the Furniture, Floor'and tR

: '11 Finished in a silver Frey or antique ,suitable for potatoes. With a chalkor j crew of the rescuing ? vessel that Wooork,Beauty /*. Only,. +
r silver and equipped with the beat of heavy pencil put cross marks every shortly after,.leaving port a broken ';
,springs the vehicle la a most comfortable eight inches across the plank.. This propeller fo-ced her down, but she y IO O /, of,an Inch Deep I '

''V ,. car for the carrying of the gives the correct distance. Fork up rode the waves in safety drifting ,
k' 1m i and injured. There are four speeds the ground thoroughly, top-dress the''' northward in the Gulf Stream. Nothinghappened NINE times out of ten the only ?'
ahead{ !..making it possible to run the ground 'with--commerdal' fertilizer'on 'nntl! Thursday morning between old and new r
'T' '
;car at'a pace not exceeding'two miles year-old, well-rotted cow manure, and I when the hull of the flier began tlJ furniture, floors woodwork is VKf\ T
Inn hour when needed and: there are hand rake the ground and mix the leak as a result of hitting against condition of. the" thin finishing:coal on
four series of lamps each worklnqup- manure fertilizer in the soil. Now somethingMen and women passen- i the wood. 7t
/0. I
--on.'its'; 'own'circuit: The- hoIAte-y---Jardown-on-one-} ide-of-the-plot--tbe--I atooktutnauaiDPUD1PLUnt1La1l + Look about you I How many unap. t
is of the best Spanish leather it is plank so as to make a row'of potatoes II became exhausted and one of the women '* dthing.in.iaurfiom.-Mw--, ;
well-carpeted and has special and on the outside, edge oft the plank. pn Thursda" .night which one nothing wrong with them other than
I convenient ventilation for the occu Cut your potatoes as usual for plant- Pilot Moore could not say' jumped .a few scratches 'and stains on their.urfacet ;":

pant of the comfortable rolling cot ing, having son, ,4dr, { rdA and the possible two attendants. in formalin a gill to three gallons of I was her husband, leaped after her Restore their brightness. and beaut f ,' .;
Probably there is to be found in water for one hour thoroughlydry + with a coat of Devoe Miirolac., Its ,
not and and both disappeared, never to_ be .
thft state comfortable ambu- them. Then cut and immediately high lustre, sparkling" gleam and -
fjgid a more seen again /
4 I f I wonderful color will nuke proud, .;.. .
lance-nor one more attractive. sprinkle or dust the fresh-cut potatoes | The fate of the 'man and woman of them ) you w. ;i
, ilI'( Anpther advantage' of this ambu with flowers -sulphur.. Plant on depressed the other two women and again "/<11\t
lance is the fact that in five minutesthe each side of the plank at the cross they fainted away, but were sunnorted; { v Divo Products arc lime-tested and.
interior may be transformed into marks pushing the ,pieces into the by Moore for seven and a half hours 11:11: l Ii II l I proven' backed of the oldest by the 168 years'manufacturing exi i: 1 a

dtade. |'a hearse of regulation equipment soft earth, cut side down. Turn the-i After seven and a half hours the two pjnence concern in lI S.paint Founded 175,
i The cot, the swinging seats and the plank; over twice and plant at. each women died in the ..arms of tv.r pilot
1,441, .'carpet are removed and there is then mark. This gives eight inches square and-,he gently dropped their bod'e in* '. t yIf
s.it inserted, a finely-constructed casket for each polatoe planted. Walk on the to the water, .which had then claimed W. B. MAKINSON CO. :
+fiMPifP floor with roller-bearings and all Cove as to pack the soil. [ four passengers. I j
r, r ,necessities-the entire interior then the entire piece of ground I This left only Pilot Moore and August (Line -: *r L..eBlacksmith .'
<< i possessing all the somberness which planted with straw old hay or leaves Bulte, vice president of a flour nt
i vehicles of this sort always carry. eight inches d'pp. You will' have no mills company of Kansas City, who Carried Carved "

'I I I The manufacturers also furnished weeds no work to do, and moisture took turn manning the pump in on effort ,,, Here Here
'' with the vehicle"some BplcnrtirHv-iip- in"plenty- tinve-mnde--success rv1 '16'-keein.he: -flying boi r.t'afftai" W.

f F''yc I bolstered springy seats, finished to ery time with this manner of planting They kept this up until Tndry morning .' : touww"

match the fittings and make the<< The last three years my crop has when they were so exhausted thiv -"su'.b. .. I .. t
d statement that in numerous largecities !! been immense potatoes no small ones could no longer man the.purrm. Aboit
: the vehicle is used as a seven and 12 to4 bushels to the plot. When this time a hugs wave came along anJ

Penn's spells quality. i I or eight passenger touring car in done blooming s'ratch"away the straw overturned the flyer.
i I which special parties are carried at as you need potatoes, and there they Bulte and Moore scrambled over the
Why? '1 call. While such use will not probably are, on top of the soil, perfectly clean side of the boat. and Moore fasteneda

Because Penn's ia packed air- be made of this car in Kissim-. This plan may help someone to make rope around himself for support incase ....New.... ?
in the new mee,- it maybe readily -seen there potatoes. -- F; P.' TU RN EK. he became unconscious. He'waved
light patented _
could be no repulsiveness in that ac- a white handkerchief keeping this up;
,A container-the quality is tion as automobiles arc used: for CIRCUIT COURT WILL' I all day. : Shop.Jtt
,, sealed in. 'every occasion' and carry all varieties OPEN SPRING TERM After praying for help. Bulte realizing ; :-
,of traffic. i his condition and that death
80 Penn'e is always fresh. Have you "I have felt the need of an amhu- ON MONDAY, APRIL 10 was not far away. took a roll of money ;''r; !r.i:

tE ever really chewed froth tobacco Innce for some time" Raid Mr. The following--jurors--- have 1 been I I containing $2.000 from his pocketand r In OptMl I Tint l Glut PIact FwHorseshoeing ';:
( Thompson when seen regarding! the handing it to Moore said: "You
BuyP.nn'.th.n.xttlm..TryktNotia : drawn to serve at the session of Circuit and Blacksmithing \:
f vehicle. "To invest between come
new and <
area man
thefine condition-fr sb Penq's. court for Osceola county opening! younger '
four five thousand dollars in two :
but I hold out
through cannot. anv
I. vehicles ambulance and a hearse on Monday April 10: his and all kinds of work in lion. Steel and Plow- v:s sI
-- longer. Then he. too, dropped to
C. C. Bass C. W. F. ABabb .
would result in securing! two earn J. A. Barclay. Burns G. W. Best P. grave benpath the raging! waters it worlc; and will also do Wheelwright Work and I 1-.,

PENNSCHEWING of very common constructionreallynot C. Buttorff. J. '"I. Cummings. J. G the Atlantic.. everything desired in a GENERAL REPAIR SHOP. <(, \
fit to in of this .
use a city size '
.. '
| Pv purchasing one machine ronverI J.Clark Crowder, John Collins H. C. Chapman H. H. Coble J. M.T I I'am a thorough workman and wish to prove by the work I I. shall :,

I tible from one use to the other as Drawdy C. H. Funk L. C. Godwin SCHOOLNOTES turn out nothing will be done but what is satisfactory. Every job >!r 1

(I'this car of ,may handsome be, gives Kissimme and two L. H. Gedgc', T. H. Hughey Walter will be done by,"a Mechanic.--and satisfaction is guaranteed.I 4.e' .\.
TOBACCOBeautiful leach thoroughly to appearance date--and cars Harris. Wade H. Lamer, T. J. Limb.H. I am located on (the alley just north of the Christian church ',"

I of which no city up need feel ashamed R. May, H. H. Myers J. A. Mm- Freshman-Junior Party with entrance either, from Main street or Broadway and invite your :'.
B. H. G. H. Prather
ick. McLelland
.. Of coarse it may be many years be- Joe Prevatt S. W. Porter IL N. Par- Well the long-looked for has come patronage /7: I
fore this car will be put to the third
..., use upon which the manufacturers tin, Mike Peterson L. E. Par tin, N. at last. The Freshmen are going to F. W. MEIER, Proprietor 9 Mai. sleet: ; ,
C. Gehu Rowland Aaron this
.r-- dwell so stfOl'lgly-but the fact thatan Raulerson give a big masquerade party evening ',. '
easy-riding ambulance and a hand:: Reaves. H. H. Simmons M. Warren, at the club house in honor of '

some hearse art at the disposal of O. E. Young. .the Juniors. It has long been the ". - ._ -- -... -- 't-...,' -:

r. the people of this city and the surrounding custom of the Freshman to entertainthe ...,...,..:--o- : .t
: I country is something of BEBE DANIELS COMINGIN Juniors, but this year they claim 0 0 H-H+O>oH o oo O OOOOOOOOt..O OOO.o..to '\\.u'

I which I "NANCY FROM NOWHERE"Bebe the party will excel all others! except -
I' am proud.
I I The car, is from the Pilot Motor I the fig party given last )'ear.
Daniels, popular Realart star But judging from the way the important Women
Car Company, of Richmond. Indiana Must: Register
1 and is of their latest and most popular will be seen here next Monday,"in little Freshmen are buzzing .tri!
design. >'"Nancy From Nowhere. at,the Casino. around the Juniors will be "roughly"entertained.

'It is a story of Grace Drew .

,_.e. ...,... ; Katherine Pinkerton and representsMiss Contest :
T----' Just [likea Man Daniels in the role of a wistful I Declamation : If 1 hey. Would Vote
little nobody, rather than the mis- : ]
husband suffered for several Preparation. ; ade'for
"My being
chievloua hoyden,, which she usually are ,.
; years with stomach trouble. lie of portray the preliminary declamation contest r ,: ,'. . f "a<1.
.. 11.... ','Weinean real be.uty ten had colic attacks that put him to J which is.to be held in the high school .". .,, l, ,, ., , '::.i. ,.;" ,>, ," ;, ,j>, ":\0 ':.;.
, iwr',
+ , k" I ,
I _
\ .
Icarefu&lycultivate4& .' bed.: But a man can't stand the pains MORE WAR MATERIAL IS auditorium, Friday April 14.' At '> w j'k' lrrpi < ;, .."
? t' fi.C : ) .
otgroundsandsurroundines.' that a woman can. He thought he this contest, in which every. pupil !is \ ,. ;: !"' "' i f \'Iiio'it t(. : ,' ,\. ' \ \.,. l' ">I .t.
;- 'This will add largely to money values was going to die and the doctors d'd-l READY FOR DISTRIBUTION supposed to take a part, the ten best! '
:s -< your property. Doesn'tcost much n't seem to help him any. Like a1 Five million bd; feet of lum-1 scholars are ,to be chosen for the final IT WILL BE NECESSARY FOR ALL WOMEN WHO 4L .,
.andt.keebutfittleetrt'Wehave drowning man grasping for a straw contest for the two declamation med- :
r, a book by' experts' that tells how; he tried Mayr's Wonderful Remedy ber and $220,000 material worth consisting of other'. f als. As everycne is taking ,such an .. WISH TO PARTICIPATE IN THEPRIMARY ELECTION: ::1.
TROPICAL, / BOOK.' which a told about and new surplus war > the contest sure-
PLANTING nurse us interest in we are
,Write" for.It;it's FREE.REASONED .' he i is "entirely well and eats any- steam shop equipment and:! gsa ,engines all/ unused and machine-recently'' that it la going to be unusually good. : TO BE HELD IN JUNE TO REGISTER. REGARDLESS' .\ t
thing. It is a simple harmless
.. t e BROTHERS Nurseries aration that removes the eatarrhal was made available to state highway Another Senior Camp : OF THE FACT THAT THEY MAY HAVE:. REGISTERED 5'
k j.
Royal. departments for road construction, .
from the intestinal tract
% Box ,ICT.Oneco. l Floridar and allays mucus the inflammation which The material; to- be distributed by It is evident that the Seniors mist FOR THE GENERAL ELECTION IN 1920. DO NOT ,'}
the bureau of public reads as were have had wonderful tune their I
causes practicaJW all stomach liver a on <.i
a ,0 and intestinal: sfTments, including appendicitis. large quantities which we-e helpfulto camp because it is rumored that they DELAY. BUT REGISTER NOW.. FORGETFULNESS'MAY !
'. ,. many states in road building last another for Friday .
d.\ One dose will convinceor are planning .
Most of the lumber intended < LOSE YOUR VOTE. i
season. was -
money refunded. J. Z. Roberson April 14-so the privileiej Seniors- ,1
7 r r ,i by the army for the construction : .
and druggist. everywhere. will be having a good time while the '
I of a pier at Charleston and is other classes are nervocsly awaitingthe .. EDGAR D. KATZ: .a
: YET NUTT WAS' PRAISEDBY suitable for highway bridges! The contest. t
machinery and equipment are stored i Supervisor of Registration. r '4
NO ordnance the
,. I as supplies at Picatinny THREE FUNERALS SADOEN. : I '

This. Colonel L. G. Nutt of the pro Arsenal, Dover Delaware. This PEOPLE OF SAINT CLOUD ooooooo. OOtooo oooooooo.OOOOOOOOO'oo..ooooo.o.'o..
V THEATRE V-T hibition enforcement army occurs to terial is particularly in demand and ma-\\ ...- '

t I the Star as a nut without much ker- allotment has been requested' by W. L. Finnimore: one of the prom (
of the 48 states.
I nel.tf Coming to Florida on a sluthing inent citizens of Saint Cloud. and a : ,
MONDAY, APRIL 3 expedition he was about as modest director of the People's Bank died ,
I I and silent as a brass band. The A report by the Capper farm research 300 Ohio on
president at his home at avenue
I of the United States visiting bureau shows that the majority March 23. Largely attended i
Thursday, I Iof
l' I Florida gave much less notice than of farmers buy low-priced= tires. funeral services were held at Merchants & Farmers Bank

did Colonel Nutt. He complains that I the Methodist church Saturday afternoon
somebody tipped off the east coast I Of course the purebred sire is the .at two o'clock and the remain* -- - - .. -- -
bootleggers and they secreted their first step, but there's no good argument were forwarded to his former homeat Kissimmee t
stocks. We can't see why the bootleggers against purebred females in Peru Indiana. .
needed any tip. It was advertised livestock improvement_ (1 George O'Blennis who had residedin
in all the papers Colonel Saint Cloud but a .comparatively ,

Nutt and all the prohibition forces short time, died very suddenly last INVITES BUSINESS FROM EVERY r
coming to and what more WORRIED : ?
were town : Sunday morning. lie was a veteran
i., f ...' of a tip would any sensible bootlegger :of the civil war. Funeral services BUSINESS MAN I IN KISSIMMEE
I need? If we had been a bootlegger ) 1 were held Tuesday afternoon at two '

we would have been running two : HUSBANDS--- o'clock, and the remains were placed
weeks ago and would have been i 1"*- I in Mont Peace cemetery.
ej Venezuela by now. Colonel veteranof rr
N I Ia IaI Nutt i William VanArsdale a
; $ hunts whiskey dealers about like an the civil war, died at the age of I

elephant would. hunt weasels.-Ocala READ THIS ,eighty-four at his home in Saint

Star. I ,. Cloud on :Monday, March 6. At the.
request of Mrs. VanArsdale, who at [Every Precaution Within Banking Power Is Taken to
| If yo'IJbelch up a bitter-tasting ill the funeral
that time was critlcaly ,
I liquid, suffer from heartburn and sour ,, Cade's Pepto-Maafan Is The Best has been postponed from time to i

1 stomach, you need the tonic Tonic For Nervous, Tired-Oat. |I I time; but her condition not materially Protect Our Patrons

f, ties-of,.Herbme...lt..ta a purU : '' -- - -WlTetIs improving ,the-services..w re held .. -- _._-"- " .. .. -- -" ._.._ .--- .,
strengthening medicine for the
1 last Sunday under the auspices of
ach,. liver and bowel. Price proper-I: i
and the Masonic
; '" Sold by J. Z. Roberson. your wife "all tired out" and ,I the Grand Army
I' cross and irritable much of the time? I(I fraternity and interment was held
I REPRESENTATIVE Do the children "bother her to death" at Mount Peace cemetery.The l
.BJ every day and do the ordinary house- funerals were under the direct i"
IS KISSIMMEE VISITOR hold tasks that she formerly performed supervision of Eiselstein Brothers of OFFICERS '

a a Mcbct.UsmiesLa in, *.: Representative-S.-S. Griffin drove I with ease seem now to overtax Saint Cloud and Kissimmee. J. M. WILLSON.. President, LEWIS O'BRYAN First Vice-President N

p'?,, .P Nowhere i from Orlando and tier In other words, do you often 1
tv on Monday- was come home to a house of trouble instead REPUBLICANS ATTENTIONThere R. G. MINICK Second Vice-President
greeting a few of his friends
.. . many
I ' of a house of joy and happiness -- -
in Klssimmeialthoagh his chief ;
j errand held
will be a mass caucus
'ym .1nw'.eee-tL.ataf":: was to bring Mr*. J. B. Carpen T r at the office of Dr E. Derbyshire, DIRECTORS
I If your answer la "yes" to these
."..' ,.' r' .., -Nancyclan and well-dressed |or the,, ter that, 'who cityto had the been home in a of hospital,her sister In''pointed questions, don't blame your Kissimmee, Florida, at eight o'clock DR: ,c. D. CHRIST J, M. WILLSON LEWIS Q-BRYAN--; '
\ in her. fife .wonden'.Low'' I I the evening of Wednesday,.April
time, wife .he on "
r' tr st<. until has takenGude's'PeptoMangan ,*'' .
in Kissimmee; Mrs J.. J. Griffin Mrs. R. a ,
\ will wake from thi. d-; .. with her meals for a few b. 1922 to select two delegates to attend : R. .E. .GRABEL A'
soon the up 'Carpenter recently underwent an' ,
,; : operation week is run-down and the state convention to be held '
':..;1.4 4 1\J\...:"wretched''iightful dream:.:old 'elotbea'.And ''have again. .,to: wear'I was: accompanied, and Is mow by':recuperating her mother.,'''and She.' I II ;that nervous"*she She and will needs get simply in the Gude's:kind of.Pepto-i. iron.,j<'at 10,Palatka.+1922,.for Florida. the purpose, on Monday of placingin April .... ..... ....00.... .......... ....... ..... ......... ..-. .q.. ,..

her '
.' 'e '. ,, :: by: .,nurse; Mrs. Gnstafson. f f Mangan her more vitality and nomination, a full 'state ticket to '

; MOTOR VEHICLE TAXES !,strength.tore ,thirty, years doctorshave j be'voted upon at_the coming: general ''
j I
I ', recommended election.COMMITTEE.: Want Ads Do :
"Ip "Gqde. Gazette the Work .
", 1 The; motor,,'vehicle 'Mdustry. paid Mangan"" as i.first-class' 1 : ,
7 JJ' KAKOf. THE :NORTIT special' taxes in 1921 to the federal tonic .Sold by your druggist peptG--1 I 'Nature has .done', wonden, rbnt ,Uwas. : ? ,

,- and state governments...amonntng to liquid and tablet .fornu -( man whodeveloped, 197. varieties, 'I MANY MAVE :.
1 k 1228,759,000. .#! .I' meat). > ::of:dog*. PROVED.* IT

..,/ro'L f *** 14 1//; ,f

i.(<'i"" '>' ."; '?I:).,'.', ,,,,'" : >'. r" 'Y. .. "' .':. ('\i',1'' fih', '''x'M11'1" iii;::. f wp' f' "I' :' ["A*..*f.I-**mi' ..,...*.*',.,a*. ;.......I Y j s
: l \ '
,4 ... j&X'Uy\ ; .
( ;; 'I. :. : .t : ( M; ' J4V "' ..
,. / "'\ ,\0< .' i-' ; ,7, : ,, : ..1'9 '] %.......,I.G 1 I ,..
.7",1: "' . .. .. ; .
'" '.. ; .. '
: .. '
, .. .' >>1 ,. .' ,"':..' . .', ,\ : .1. , ." . ., ',, '. '' '" -, (&J L\.i i it1..j J ...mh &cfatf.,"J j.|M'Ii'y';! }jMtt, rfiJa f r eVi afrtfiislilitli fit\ "i tlikUll *., tisaft itfl* Akji \\ .JlflI'I

.. Y 'L ,
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h 'Ill 11'
..* ,fl. ... ii. . '" '
( .. ._ -.Wi'. I' ,A. 11'
i'r I 4 .. THE K1SSIMMEE;VALLEY-GAZETTE FRIDAY, MARCH '31, 1922 ._ !" 'THftCE 'r
:1 f f 'i;;. ,.'J" . 1 . .-. _. .... ,.,
Wet -'And SUppery-. Like -, I7.

I. I :;;: TAPPING THE 'THOUGHT' TANK The says countyaeat; MThe Qkeechobee of Okeechtfbe Newt*."county <-",- I I AGRICULTURAL ,POINTERS

. ers Okeechobee'" county like dew. tiTH3ATRg0 ...
",' .Dew it? ,
: ; '
;., i'\ : THORN ,* --
'.' 4 I IA N :' Farmers'' are losing, everyday on
:, .1. _ Dirty-Face SUB "* 'IF9s'
I Two new sun-spots b ve'been .discovered crops planted where there is no water
VMany. Many; Kind Words 'May. FeelThe Bht. '\, -Just as doting: mothers have IUESDAY( :APRIL 4 supply. Their fertilizer and seed with

. TJewish to thank, in kit sincerity,the i I Bartow Record heads a wedding ota on their sons. It is to all labor la being lost It eertilnly
fit Member. of the press ot"the state forf notice with "Brown-Shank. For be hope steps will be taken to have :,UJU I -- -. should be 'a lesson to every grower
' ,4 the kindly mentions of tti the aake of making item which them removed with' fie to try and supply. his truck land with
\ numerous ," : ,an at once before the. A Tale ;;I 'T.r..r the
Water by flowing well)) that will
fallen he understood it
Borrow which has upon my would perfectly day commence. : to grow longer.
family.; To publish them-in Tile Ga- 'I seems that the Record might have .* ,S wdut.lUaa', "< give the .necessary water supply during -

,:' fcette: ,would seem like airing grief told the shads of the other shank Makes 'Em Lather . all. seasons. Tile drainage and
.t' which all know 1 feel; but 1 am publishing or It It to be inferred that both I notice that a clothing firm In : sub-Irtigatlon has been the 'makingof
.' them la'another form that the .hank*,were the same tint:! A. umdaJe'offering: a premium of AA p Sanfprd and other truck centers(
;'. mother may keel and appreciate gold-plated safety razor with every ,,, where the growers are making money.It .
,' f them. Jt'i' with difficulty that this $22 suit ,of clothes sold. Is this takes money to do all.this and right .
,: Right In F "hion, Though ( ,, un there where banks of the -
',I>.,; column is written at this time-yet I notice that "miscellaneous show indication that those clothe are so should is back the county t
l A I'm doing. the beat I can. I.ers" still remain in fallbion.-WhY,' between I dumed old that they have whisker : with come money acrcss and, then up we will grower begetting A S.uccessfu11V1
r "THORN"d 'on 'em 7 "
Cincinnati and Chicago I saw . somewhere. The banks wilt
at lea.ta'dozen miscellaneous .showers #" Among the notable professional men'of '
their and interest back
.Title.Doesn't.Appeal snow, rain, mist,. light snow, This Was On The .Qul'TheCocoa.1iewsgoelltbe get money ? this country ,wha achieved: great
and the will\) be partly Insuredagainst ''
:, Verily I'd hate like thunder t> live heavy snow 'n' verythring=-and each ordinary: grower .'success atnng t strictly' legitimate lines
sounds. one was coder than the one before writer one better when he wrtts!' increase :failu-e'bettercropsand, and ready'cash an wa Dr. K. ,:V.; Pierco. Devoting hillattention
it. Some style, too. and moreover', that a "very" quiet wedding took some 'to the specialty of women's,

'k' -"but mebber' everyone. .' there is satinfied. I'LL say. _..'_ ".'_ place in...hi* village.' What does ho the result.coming Let's into get, the behind county' the will..grower be- diseases authority! .In he that became<< line.., a' recognised..
# C'omplainantanddefendantdeafanddumb" and give him a cban ... .. -'.. .. '
._V * !- -'- Over Bfty. years .- to*:-
-- Thuas1
?,. 'Spelling Versus Pronunciation: TIIKIK mismm *. i* er Osceola county miike, gocd. on physician gave" to the -;
the farm, the banker, the -merchant scrlption which has never been .
t, The Melbourne. Times carries a It Make Me Lonesome
I remember-not so long ago- doctor, preacher and all will make equaled for 'the'weakneesel of r
;< large heading "Gof Club Holds An- She may be 'bId for a chicken or .
When good. The farmer is the backbone of Dr. Pierce of Buffalo N.Y.
.*nual Election." Merely as a suggestion ' I 'used to pay for hen, women. ,
y dollar 'n' half young a county or community. If wish long since found out what .i nstn-'
A you *
, I would, that while that is a a seat For I her now'anxS then any
.' say In one of the .close rowsAt only see just ; to prosper;in business, make some rally beet for women'* diseases.. lie ,t "
It .H
/ the'way' t.he'llport' pronounced But I haven't; I swear by my fountain aid the If the learned all thru thousands ,
plan to grower. grower treating
,.... ; net the way the thing in spelled-noO' a burlesque performance. ,
'' ". To see one-tenth as 'much pen wishes to succeed\ I advise the use of of cases. The result of' his
''' by a durnsite. Seen th' shape of. her vlnco heck k
As;.I saw in ChicagoIn ears BOO sub-irrigation.. and tile' drainage. studies called Doctor
1 * known when. s J Favor
just about ten minutes ov CAQ Spray: your_watermelons and cucum- Pierco' Prescription. This'
This I* Honent All free and for nothing- bera every Aea. toyjcWititJJprdeaujL .medicine l I Is /made of vegetable: growths
;" Taste
That Miami banker who was arrested As I walked on State street. Difference In mixture to ward off fungus disease That-nature-surely Intended for back '
.t l on the charge of being connect-'' Twelve years had passed Mrs. S.J.' Overstret *f 'Tltusville, If once the fungus growth starts in ache, headache weakening pains, and '

) : l rd with a band of liquor smuggler: Since I was In that. town..... says"It is impossible to read Pastor your field, spraying will do little) ROfJfor for the many disorders common to .
"': 'j declares that the whole matter !Ij is And now I fully understand Russell's DivinePlan of the Ages 1r time to spray.for these!!! diaeases'Isbefore women in all age of life. Women who
i j merely a "frame-up" upon the part without loving the writer.;" 'I feel the blight or wilt starts' for take this. standard remedy know that
:Why BO people .
many many .
of I he's just that when! I -ad Boccaccio's in Dr. Pierce'' Favorite Prescription
some revenue agents. f\non 'From' Kissimmee and elsewhere way I then it is an easy matter to keep the
IM believe uncut words. Strange. lsn't'It/ ]how reading .they are a safe woman's tonic
t. right; anything a Like to visit 'the ""Windy City." vines free of diseases. If you want petting:
officer assertion will affect people who are 'intent so good that dnigglat sellit
revenue except nn And I'm also here on Information in regard to mixing this everywhere
that he was honest ,in, hi* I 1'\llIinen saying: right any foolish subject? w in both tablet and fluid form.. ,y
material .call. .
. ,That-wbereboae-Lreezea.: spray .JJLtbe..iDuntyagent .
tic'; -- -- --- -. -- .. -Send-its-to' -Dr. Pleree'i- Invalid** "
Used to make some diff Where Is who will gladly assist you. Hotel in Buffalo N.Y. for trial
I t It No.'W'hat The pkg.
As to the numerous exposures, . has fight is on. Strawberry plants Write for free medical advice.
become of the regula
'V ,, :Mebbe Wflrk Overtime At the a-e arriving daily from the north
present! pleasing period Sunday afternoon community "sings"which A picture for all who have,, ever
: I've often wondered about that the soil
There Hint no difference. Growers are preparing setting
''a,}, hunch of girls who h.>lp George Nossir; not one whit; J[ were so much alive but few lovedor eaten peanut at a circus : plants for new plants to form in O F, fCRIBBS W. J. BTBED ,

? Coolaby,c"t out the prettiest weekly In fact, the sight are greater month ago and were planned) to be I order to have more plants to let in the KRIBBS &: STEED
/ In the state-the Advocate. 'at Wai-- When the wind dies away. '* >f l[continued forever- 'and ...ever? Jeff fall. One thousand tp; fifteen hundred::!
,' .chula-and have tried to figure o." T learned in two hours 4 Wall sprang the project --and it took Filled with the lure of vagabond I plants net out now will form plants to *ttaraeya'aw C..ei.n at Lore
.," whether the publisher has to furnishS ;. That the genuine flapper well; there were lII"lPe l conirragation set an acre this fall, and it.will take .' KWl..aree, "'I.r... ,,
lat each session and much benefit romance and things the pubi! .......... ' alt'sut.'aad'O.Itee
,?1/ all the. cnuty-ntuff they use--or dot Is aged: most anywhere from 12,000 to 15,000 plants to the 0..1 ,
..," '. *>ey buy it and administer it on their Between fourteen and forty-one; ap-peared i never sees, under the "big top." acre. If you want to see Osceola county States C;*.rts.' -
kr ( u Ltwn time? Take a girl setting a From a rear perspective I come to her own, get in the berry
'.; three-column ten and how nothing of the "sings" for acumrterable AboHAROLD business. We need to ,
frinsl No one can positively declare as growers specialize Pat Johnston OAJIRET' '-'
r.; many times would she have to wash Which is the mother ) "time.- ., on some one crop and push that 11.p
t: r her fingertip ere she properly applied And which is the daughter. 'I *" LLOYD cron to the fullest extent. I don't JOHNSTON It GARRETTATTORNEYSATYA .

i-' ';' the ointments and unguents! in Those women in Saint Petersburg ,:OucuiiVDera And Girls --iD- I mean for ycu to put all your eggs in W .

1'': proper proportions to hr fair phv Who are scanning the suits i I The WUTInton "Progress says that one basket, and grow nothing but 'and 12 Oscsola Band r
: slog Can it be :possible thuthe Of well-formed bathersOn four specifications are necessary for "LOOK PLEASANT PLEASE" I strawberries but let's specialize on Office: 10, 11 '
:) lets "George do it7 that sunny western roast good. cucumbers: ,they must not be ,some money crop, and let the other Building.KI8BIMMBB. t
". Would go plumb crazy ,,wilted; they must be well-shaped: ; crops you plant be the ,side lines. To FUJRtDA ''rl, tr
'. yVM. This 1. Solacing And be returned to Chattahooche '" they must must be well-leveloped; become efficient in your work, you ,
t ;;, 'The Tampa Times takes an item If they'd visit Chicago ,j i must "be free from damage. Wen!, SPRING TIME IN THE UNITED are required to devote considerable
from The Gazette--and adds its commiserations And stroll about a bit! !'tha:('. just what girls should be--ati STATES of your time to a particular subject ;
rate they can be free from wilt order the the DID PAIN DISTURB)
an below: "Vassnm. |:l I i any in to master project-and ,
"l" ., One of the nicest! of women T remember when I was a kid :I p I avid 'Tr m lhmlllg'e.It might 'be aJi (Note: Th following was written same applies with the' growing of

ye-..! k\ ..| cam*'.InWj thV office'yesterday, :Mother,t had*,mighty hard work .i ted, ahra,that" cucumbers need no lip- by Miss "' Alyce Thorndyke crops. To grow the best money crop YOUR>Si.EEP1'
.tk limping slightly. When 1 ask' Every night to make me ., stick "to ma Ire them pass as*-'Number now 'llena she lay on a bed ol you must specialize in some crop.

+''. the cause she said. 'I slipped Wash my knees:J- ,'l-Ones.: pain in Kissirnmee, and ass published Strawberries is the crop the Plant
: .< and.hurt myself near the po"l- But I saw numerous cases | in "The Uplift Handclasp Magazine City growers have specialized. l in- THE pain and torture of'rheu-'
/7: office!I" Not being a student Where those Chicago women !iXoars Widely Diversified ," of Boston) and there la no reaon why the growers m_ a. be quickly,relieved
,.! of somatology Tm not used to Were keeping theirs white 'Says the T2hrpley Verdict: in our county cannot follow suit. by.. application of Sloan'sjJJaiment.
:' '. \ locations-so the only thing I With one of those daubers Springy time remind us of the When sprlnB roll. round In Oregon ledpussywWow. 1 This week the Osceola Growers Cooperative / and kumyou: warmtht..ease aad

.: could do and be a gentleman: Like what many young women useIn saying "does'fishing make men When everyone to* bloom.th'rttur their arm. Association faded away, but 1 comfort sleep soundly. i
\l' was to keen mv month clo1.. connection with a mirror liars, or do only liars fish?" full ..rhotch Broom; was born anew. The growers saw fit I Always have a \\ Which I did.-r-Thorn in Kisimmec To rem," their nose nhjne.Anil } Why must the liar be confined to Too ._ the trees In blossom (and you to incorporate. The charter returned apply when you fed the Crrt twinge.It .'

... : a Valley Gavette. : they'd have the nerve r ..fish-:fust merely common, everyday The smell pink and the whit soft sprltis of apple; air tree), the from Tallahassee was accepted by ptmttratfi mtMoui ,...". ..,.< ,,ofl
'"...,' Your conduct in the matter Tom through their act .fish? Never yet saw a fish-liar who cherry and the pear. members, and we now have formeda It'a splendid to take the pain out : e ,
c While And violets and daisies. tweet pen stock known the Osce tired, aching muscles.'. sprain t
.u i is Irreproachable Brother riding: in street ears, cotiHi compete 'successfully with an company, as
and talvrv
pink .
trains stifl rod lam back
Thorn. Irrelevant Or after out automobile-liar. Listen to bunchof ( ola Grower Inc. The capital stockis Joints
: Even) an re- getting a While rasa ,tree and rnss bolheibloom '
;a; mark apropos cf the weather a'taxicab' that someone car-owners telling! about how far at everybody1* door; $5,000, with 600 shares at $10 a FFor ..ortwrpaIa'*enemy, .Ask (
,r might have proved ill-timed. Had engaged for them. ''they ran ion "tw* gallons of gasoline And every. one to joyous leans* old share.' We have 170 member of the old : :
In tomb- At alTdragglsU SSe
}i" 01$1.40.x
1>' Discretion i I. quite often the 1 immediately recognized *"< --for Hsow -many + " '.\ l better part of solicitude in That 'Chicago was no place change tires going from hereto, yonIOT tae..1-willows btooml will see fit to take stock inthe pew : .

.', '-V. instances.Tampa .Times.. For a minister's son; -. how quickly. ) they pulled>> '- trrl, When'ir* **dn flea In VlnrlnhC; mad association' It.'1* for you.Mr., Grower.and S.'I' ..
"While ItjnayTae'rtnje-'mycon-' .And',.just-ae ,soon ,I manicured *':tube and hadt1t1l'tin the las are on the trees. 'onr 'de.I..'ill for"you"to"controi .. '
'<, ',' duet was Trreproacna'ble," as you As I could borrow the 'hooey replaced-or how little oil lee needed And. the snow Is swiftly meltlnr. and the company. The Osceola' Grower ..; ..:

'Ii say, U li net going too far to add I started for Kissimmee. by tbear Getyouthcre car or how Comes upon the each scent passing of the syrlnca brctess and the Inc. will mean for you just what the Lini'RobertReid.l'Ci. ,
:... :.. that my curiosity was irritating.: I knew I'd feel safer here-. they evaded the motor cop on their scent ot litho ...-. associations have meant for the grow V .
Vtill, in these days of .cant apparel, For up there every. woman < last trip throulrll."Soandso county Tme the ground to thlcVlcorered. er at such places as Wauchula, Plant P

l ,r'. there 1* so little left to the diagnosis Seemed'to be strenuously hunting: and it will be fount that the fish-liar And with the rsd the fctad.violets' the of blue Mae.bird, and City Sanford Manatee, and many
and the Imagination that if I had only For a handsome ma'i is by comparison a-model little Sun- the ntocXIns bird, .. well other successful truck centres of the ? *t>
one guess 1 wouldn't.."have missed( And I was. .scairt.: day school lad with long light-com- Arc VooklnK'rtrnnd. for last year's_..... state. The newly formed association 1;

r It. fey mare than a half,column, any Yassum.I I plexioned ringlets said named Percl- From In >every wblcm -little pair cabin sntsjht Sonft-s dwell come right now Is In theposition'to save ,
nar. Yanmint.'' -thartk :yriu.w thank you. val. That's- what rm telling you. floating on the br.- you on every ton .fertilizer. purchased - a., '"
When ttm .pr1ft<< time l. Virginia, and the sum of seven dollars-an e ey
the Inras are on the trsesl. amount to the g

;:u t.r 1 _-- ..- _ And' when" spring" comes. to Fforldawhere price of nearly one share equivalent of stock. If cost you .NOVHU ;W K8;
skies. are ever blue- are using ten ton. of fertilizer this
f Where flowers bloom all winter
long .
In every shade and hoe: year, you will save $70 by boing a
Ton take long walks the woods member' of the association' and buy- ".
f4 where, birds are Ins{ : tune- Ing your fertilizer through the asso / a icy
-4 Or else upon the beach you stroll beneath -,
Insurance- the elation. It will take only one shareto j '
s1vry moon. b.
., ,
R Paint You hardly know what spring Is here, become a member. This saving is '
for winter's been so fair for the grower. HOUSE BILLS A SPECIALTT.JLL: '
And ret somehow, ,"ou'r.In.. that

\,>l ,; ,, The the bird Spring are all(s a-twltterlng.In the air; at leastther Watch your children for symptomsof INTERIOR FINISH...WJNDOWANDi. .,., ,

>, e know 'tis true ,worms. They undermine the health DOOR FRAMES ' ND' 'j
""! That' Spring; has come to Florid., and breed sickness. Use White's .,. '' ?
;i ;:' "Destrudion; of your property> by fire is remote. ,* where the skies are ever. blue Cream Vermifuge.: 'It expels worms DOOR SCREEN'" ,. 3e-

:'f ; destruction by decay and neglect is certain.:: Published by request. and restore health and. vigor. Price, '

..... 35c. Sold by J. Z. Roberson. _. '
MORE ABOUT THAT ROAD "I '... ', ..;.: '
; ';; You are carrying fire insurance, "Which protect HER HUSBAND'S "TRADEMARK"

;; you against possible lose but does Got prevents Believe we remarked awhile back WILL COSTUMES Phone '216 For Estimates.,.. Darling;S
sernated. sunlit scenic SHOWJUCH ..
i ton and Halsey Street Kindmmee'Iiourst
highway between Saint{ Cloud and .
., Gloria Swanson;.; has fully established ","
s ... Melbourne Twas while bouncing: the claim of of the
Paint afford and iamsures being one
\ positive proteston you over said trail that-we busted 'a flivver -,
{,'a + ,- against decay tand deter the .elements, besides spring and' laid over the noon and best at dressed the Casino women next on Wednesday the screen,; .9a.nvto4pjn| ,7to9pjn.K1SSIMMCE .- .- e
r Save hour i{ft to have ::
-- 1. it Increases the value of your property. and add Melbonrne-by-the-sea she will offer fuller and mroe conclusive 4.T
It rejuvenated. While time by
ltd killing I
appearance. proof, for she is, playing the
speculating as to the amountof .

#' the Surface I and the communed bill, we with*at in nature probable the city a* she park is its title central role of theme a picture, the beautiful, which has dress.as BUSINESS COLLEGE', "I:. A

ing of beautiful This
a woman. pic-
found In those parts. There are a Merchant .and Farmer Bank: ''
ture i I. "Her Husband's Trademark
number' (sIx, we think it was) of n'

,dud youSaue l commodious' benches there.. and a a theme i I. founded on the, and unusual ita Building Kissimmee; Florida t
flagstaff and a bandstand. The Florida
strange creed of who believed
a man
m East Coast railway very obligingly that a show of wealth would attractwealth
All" runs the municipal commonso JAMES D. "'a<' and believing thus gownedhis
that fast ,and have
oSj ? ) runners
? wife in a most extravagant fash Department ..' .
the; plea of watching' the fast
j ion. But he built his creed on a false ,
For every surf ace that needs to be painted, varnished somewhere.freighters roar We by blew on their in this way to assumption and his plans came tumbling c. K. HILTON. a'

\ or stained you'll find A Pee atiestt cost. .Half about one after .midnight on the town return down with such completenessthat Stenography and TypewritingJ3peciai.JnstructionlnS .
will give you lasting a trip and spent" the remainder of they resulted in his death.' It

P; r' '- .'. century of reputation for highest quality is behind the the night at an Inn where; the break. all forceful makes dramatic a strangely unusual story; .
tense. As .
an ex-
'' Pee Gee Trademark. fast dishes were still hot when they '
of the
ample dressing of one
. reached the table. Later we took ec tariaL _
; , 'JOtrSTK,' "R..Ir. BoolC"l .ii6. 11.. ""' ales some snapshot (of ourselves, and womanth.centralehaneteritha.seldom if been equalled' and* Work.
r for Color writ direct sent cards to friends. No ever, ,
; Card*, or toPeaaleeGaulbert post more "
Gloria Swanson la.
about Melbourne in this colyura for surely a perfect ....
t of in addition .
wearer gowns to' her
Co., .....-m'- LovisTilla, Ky. awhile.-Tampa Tims. undoubted ability a* an actress "

,. .. For rapid healing there i Iii nothing
fI like Liquid Borosone. It mend torn ELECTION AT SAINT CLOUD

fa- OSCEOLA, : HARDWARE COMPANY. flesh quickly, heals no time cuts i*barn lost or from'sore.work., so The .1 ctlon'Salnt: Cloud on' LU MB::'EJ R ..

t brought out but little interest ..... .
+ HeridaA Price, 30c. 6Oe, and 120. 'Sold by Tuesday '
J I. J.. 2. Roberson. ... -except- far a* the clerk was Before -placing7: 'you'; -order. for '
.t.. ., I concerned-for' which,position there lumbers moulding, ahinglaeatb'r

,. OLD" ) ...::,,TUBES,.;;... ,.........J,.USEFUL, t.l +,1.->4. !4. I were wa. .. elected three candidate' mayor".'without'' 8.'. W.;,oppo Porter itipn > for and low millwork'estimate., send Our',.n*?:price 79U.ist.. an ,., ,

A good...*for old tubes i la to use ; Albert Diefendorf was :ejected right grade guaranteed, and
;, can
jW9se Paint Product hem,In your emergency'tire repair a* assessor In 'the same easy.style; make deliveries --
Place piece between the casing and and'I:8. Collins"'was', victorious hi promptly"t

he patch and It will remove possibil- .a three-cornered fight for'the position
ty',of'.felction between",them.,' =, .T qf 'of'city,-**." ''. .. j ." ', p.,. ". 1"- 'The! :'Perry t t Lumber Con|.i
1''l ,
Fbi* Everu Purpose / I I. > .t \ "
\ :, "
.A leK'en4'18 s barefaced lie that hasgrown -'!"Q.. s. T." In rado parlance._ .. mean 'PERRYFLORiDkt; 1'I- J'

old,enough. wearwhisker,, , '-,. l "every bodyJlateo/T :- .t..t.i j. '1 r/

f ,r t

of- .r ......., .
it" r.: '.oJl : : "",,-
. ,: .. ,. .. . .
.J' ,n. .11t ..
'' - '' '
.44 /.10' J '''' >
: ... 0/: .. .. .,"! ';" 'Y ': # '''' ..it J ', c.r'" '_ .tifrj.: .. ''j.:... ,-k1i"l"" '" ;! <-: '!f, '"01'''''. ,. """ ; '" 'K Ir. ""* .... G.! Ir..o'h. ; ,. .it'\"JtI 11.;"."'."...' )> ,1"' ., ...M'f'H .'f 1{.\ :...1) :.' .
oI"vI. r- 4nv.Pk }
t : c oIJ' J "r
"'. ...t, ,..u,:.. :! '.;.rt.hIi'." -"-r.' .....:.j., '- H''S,.."'f..sa ar'dr" ,,"'1'+...,.< ,...:_;; ','tiI'gyp. :'; ,4,:; 'a.p; ;,: ,, "k ., r i.. .... '" ;"1"," '' ;: ,'' '. 1)11-1'..... ;'., ,,' '!.'.. "1,i;, ,'1tJ', ':r,' " "." 4!,;.. A. 1:1: ,' _, .......'W,,'_ .',,.< ,.'..' ,:'. .. .;"" !. ." , ""'j 'It. ;:' ".,

\ \

V t'0 .
: "
\ t. J''y Y'r ., r1r I 'I


BOTH ENDS AGAINST THE MIDDLE- The favorite daughter, of Count Lao ,I Company. as an Inducement for the 'first formed-and has' .been art'ng-lu! : .. l' I

; K1SSIHMEE VALLEY GAZETTE Tolstoy ia the' leader of a movementto business of the OMeola! Growers, like' manner In' every way 'since thi .
I THE time issue--of daily papers which carry the save the great writer's home. It makes! the following! proposition: initial meeting; .and there is.no doub 't,; .
r ' pleadments from Deb that the government show pro- is planned to make the estate a popular We will furnish ample warehouseIn thai the step 'lately taken .will encourage : 1

a I'UBLISHKU EVERY FRIDAY v de employment for the men without wcfrk .or income university, where the-.lovers of. Kissimmee, and keep same sun- other localities to ..have a'- t
S BY THE K1K81MMKK: VALLEY OAZKTTM COMPANTFLOUIUA prints also the information that 'the biggest strike the Tolstoy: creed may come to study: plied at all times,.' with various kinds greater get-toeether: spirit ', .:. ,
KlflBU.nICF. fertilizer citrus and .
lof ,. including -- ---- '.--- -- -------- -=-
world has ever known will be pulled oS pn-the'Crst of MAKE GOOD WINNING truck. =
, .
W. D. HAKnif. r,-...Id..nt 1 the earning month." The idea thai this government (Continued-from; ;; Pas ,Don, Furnish spacefree of chargefor -

I' H.' Blackshear
W. t. THUHNOTKK, Kdltor Georgia. Their
i J .' .'...., . . .j anxious to loaf for a spell until this country fall,into a goods have been used by many growers ; Allow your secretary, or other ,.offl- tta
cial-r-when bonded-to be
. tIIlnllt.HI..IOJW'TICI: condition which will be. deplorable to the' full extreme j* and farmers with axceKent: re" our. '..
Olio"Co|>''', One iY| .j .._._-_..__:+....._...tsek certainly: silly! 9 ." suits; in fact, the opinion seemed t, houseman. '
On. Cop),',' S//on/hs..N___.,..._._.... ,_ 1.00 Pav premium on bond of 'warehouseman ,
Oneopy, Thi,..o )lontha.->- .-... ...-. -..-._..M....... '.6u. : Unions ,tlaim: that their members are anxious to be ter.general Mr. that there werp'ln" bet: and keep' goo-la In the t
Lupfer instructe-1
'.lRi>ler.xl at the t'ueteraco at Klmlmmee, Florida work. Debs declares- that deplorable conditions exist as far as he! liked"was in correspondence to "go I' warehouse insured at our own fx-:

": .. nond-rlna. maltcr.)._' because men cannot) secure,, employment and at 'the with the result that the, flnal ,'otrt'O: \ pense.And. ourr. 9

All) c oltanOnleatldns, 1 <-;xoit. from audioiln-d uurrpRpondcut same time' the union leaders are strong in their desire made by that company waentltusi- I articles. make following. prices on I > 1

i, must be signed by the writer. to slop all work. There is work enough :somewhere for astically.received by the' members of ,, '$&00"per ton off of list price for
the association.The .
i tt..J.'t..d..-- .matt. .. <'r-will- -he. returned It called. for every, able-bodied man to get busy; but;so strongly are proposition Is herewith fertilizer, plus an additional $3.00 for i

Foreign' Advvrtlvlns Rrer..et.Ov.TM ..- ; a great number under the dictates of the walking dele- duced:. repro. ,.Cash within thirty days Heed the Law- ;
$4.00 ton off of list price for
F.AMERICAN( PRESS ASSOCIATIONy gales and the leaders that they dare not job TheBlackshear Manufcctuiing per
accept a I .
.. .. additional 6
._. JWjterialll. plus an
- per.cTRtt
. -- =r- .
where could find .
they .teadyemp10ymeni:
- --- -----
-- for cash within
thirty days.
FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1922 1 If ,this "greatest strike in the History of the country" TO LATE TO CLASSIFY All credit sales to be submitted to r of Economy.

1 _. - . . -- - .- II is to be pulled off tomorrow the day and, date will bemost FOR HJ-iNT-Kooms at 'reduced rat... ua tor approval, which, when done,' ::
Apply at 110 Ihaumvnt avenue.Mouth. relieves the Osceola Grower.. of all I
appropriate. Thai is the day for them. Singles, I'hunn 304. JftiM ;,
twins and triplet! ar.. hnrn nn tnsj rlayj fe- reform responsibility. '" 'r"Yhrintfawoheoaomrrt
-fyfr- -
IIA : for All ras.h sales to be reported and -_ .:
mi mm ) FOR mis WEEK --and none ever die., There is but one remedy (or sucha I'' mcnti; hospItal aralnPng. -01 will mutant recelve accounting made by the 16th of the Mvamoney ,":'.

condition as is threatened and that is for. the director tprm. patients. lod. jn M.her) own home, II; month. following: the date of sale. ( ; the second to protect jt frees; .
to determine that the thousands of plants which are MltchHI etQ'ph; ne 115ethews 'x We name the Bank of Osceola
loss. Your
I. County at the present time, .as our only possible' protection at ,
to be annoyed shall immediately close their doors. To
I .
IP:-If thou draw out thy soul to'the hungry, and I JI LEGAL depository. .' .
to the business will but bring about ADVERTISEMENTS
satisfy the afflicted soul; try run serve to j Every member of the association .
THEN:-Then shall thy light rise in obscurity, trouble and much loss; a few watchmen day and night, la ClrraM Ceart. !.<.... ef F......... II...- expressed himself as favoring the' "- "I.,
I with no attempt to start a fraction of the work will be rmtr+mtt .....1..1.1 < ......... (/..cr.l.Ja ceptaace-and there was not a ds- Safeguard your ''wealth by -
and thy darkness be. as the noonday: and the Lord shall a aty. .'Ioaarc. ,-. sentimr Voice when the motion
the of wasput.
only reaching settlement.If .
peaceful a -
guide thee continually and satisfy .thy soul, In drought, way Hartford Fire. Insurance. :
,2, the workmen elect to loaf they should have that Z. Llpptnett Complainant, va. It means that through cooperation ,
I? -- -- and make fat thy bones,-Isald 58: 10,11. Ciirollnn .. t(. U..f..nd..nt there is to be saved to every individual Your policy )entitles ..you to
privilege. When they become tired of loafing and seek Jt appearing' by affidavit appended who has a membership in the
to the hilt| 1'110'41 In the Hartford's Fire Prevcn-
WHO CAN BE TRUSTED? to go to work-then it will be time to open the plants |cause that Caroline Grace bovv-stuttd Upplnc.itt association a considerable amIIJuf '
and prepare to stock a depleted market. But such i the defendant therein named in a nonresident money each season: he will be furs I Uon Servicealso.! Your : ':
do not tend to bring American institutions back I of the State of Florida and I* of getting his fertilizer promptly; the ,
steps to a resident of Chicago. Illlnol. and needs will be properly filled
CONFIDENCE without it there-would, be bu innovation will the .
.. .. a conditionsyet not ..the.unions are ] .
-- '
ordered that having interest 1 by this
depression.w1l ch..woutd 11avoc"lhroughour the' th"'-*atd non- by. a special afrcncy., .
se'eking. In one oversea country the workmen unanimously : rrnldent defendant be and .h. la h.roby taken in the work; will bring 'new J
entire world. Sometimes if this condition
it at was | required to I II
seems appear to the bill of
brought about with which is request that twelve hours a day might be the I I complaint tiled In Maid cause on or be capital Into Kisimmee;and by per ie-!! ..-Don't hesitate to ask. Call tele.Carson .
being rapidity
a startling. or A Apbaae.
v fore ,
rule because longer hours meant greater Monday the 1ft' day of MaA.. tance in 'holdi1rg'"together'runmnJrtnae'to : ,
{ -- Men-of-high standing in many vocations are dropping as a production' '' 1.1. 11121.( otherwise II,. ll.Kalluaa of fonn"1'T man will standto . ._._--.-
and an earlier return to former conditions. The request aald bill will be taken ua ronfeKsed by *\
the wheat of South Dakota when there sweeps northward Maid defendant. I I make a considerable sum of money ) '
from Kansas the dreaded "hot winds." was granted--and that country is recovering from fcke-l-" It I. further ordered that this order ? under normal conditions.The :
..C effects of the recent war in a manner which is most re : be published once a Merk for .Four this --:... ,
action in ;
In every line of business are there to be found those consecutive wi-ek In The Kle.immerl, I accepting proffer
markable. In America the desire is to work a* little as !Valley Clatetto, a newspaper publlnhcd will add strength' to tbe associationand ,
who would accumulate without the proper effort; would !In aald County and Hrutt ,
possible with wages as high as can be made even under I Thin March 80th, 1021 I will encourage those who are 'Farmer- --
all possible regardless of the unpleasant culimina I
grasp helping to finance different parties to
the best of conditions-thus decreasing the production J. 1* I'VI tion. Men whom the muses esteem as almost faultless Clerk Circuit <"<>urt. act with still greater; liberality. -
increasing the cost, and jeopardizing evety lineof business KRIKMM & BTKI5U.8ollcltur l'- 11
s go to the bad--financially-- dragging down others who and manufacturing. '' for Complainant l5t The association acted well when it AGENT ,;

have trusted them because of past performances. Each H'I-i-o; :rlnmill: __ __ 'E
Those who desire to quit their jobs and loaf a while IN ( ( -- .4'

lll day recites the dropping considered almost out of sight of some individual should be allowed the opportunity, without let or hin- CIH FOR<'1'IT Oal'EOI.A' !:OK FL('UV, HII N'r1'>'.. j\IV 1'IIANl'RRl' AWII- . ..0'000.0. te .ooou.uoOOo'O'' 0'' 000'00 oe o' . .00. 0... '

and beyond previously yielding to temptation.as a person of much merit dracs ; and this can be done by'closing down all plants e EISELSTEIN BROTHERS-FUNERAL DIRECTORS r t

t which have been wonderfully busy. To endeavor to run Mary II Sewell. Complalnunt.; vs.Robert (sNE-WOItI TH I.I.I* Ol H NTOItV {""
a Governors judges, men high in official I ranks bank R Sent II, Def.-ndant.
con and their employees--all must be included in the category them will bring the about rows and riots; the owners may On Monday. Rebut May H "'Int.. 19J2. the defendant. I snR.v: X CJ E: I.: ,:'
sit tight until application comes in that the general H.-W..11 la required .
Governors become thieves-on. a large scale; judg- to appear to the bill of complaint In ('._piste Me.e.r Knmtfwtrmt
''r of desire is to re-enter the employ of the company under the above st> l 1..01 vftuae II is ordered 4Vl Rreadway. terser fII ....I.. r..... SIR KISSIMMKR
bought by pledges that
are promises
ts sorts
many the best terms possible consequently the latter is that this order be published for
they shall be continued if their findings are of the nature ; course four consecutive weeks In.. The Klxslmmee c oooooooO'O'ooooooo.oo.o.o..O'.O'O'o.o.o.oo.' . ,
by far the better.HELPFUL . Valley Jatte a pub-
x *o please those who are seeking to tamper with them; _._---- Ilihod In Osceola dainty, Florida .

1: bankers bearing the best of connections and carrying THOUGHTS FOR KISSIMMEE 30th liven day ut'j.t.h.n:: IX and 1522.seal this n

high 'testimonials", loot and plunder till their institutions J. U. OVKH8TKEET

k; fail. and.bring ruin and desolation upon the many who THAT there can be made :some still greater attraction (Circuit Court Seal Clerk) Circuit Courr.ie-lit: t

have )trusted them in Kissimmee betterments which will ,be of advantage INSURANCETHAT '

I for both the regular :residents and those who
v'' Over at Fellsmere. on the east coast a bank cashier '

I recently was killed by a train by his his own sheer make their visits here- -was told by L.. A. Hamilton, in I PROTECTSSERVICE .

k; recklessness. The entire county and the adjoining territory his excellent and interesting talk before the Tourist Clubon POLITICAL COLUMN : .j

mourned the demise of one so young and stalwart, Tuesday evening. The speaker was most entertaining i '

E.F(:.( and of such integrity-and his praises were sung by every ; in every way, and made some suggestions ,which. the .1
g paper Immediately following the funeral comes the city council might will consider, I "FOR STATH-AI'TUHYICY-
( declaration from the president of the institution that thi Briefly told Mr. Hamilton deplored tne waste of'' I candidate- f ;

l'' cashier was a thief; that he had stolen thirty-six thousand water from the city's plant which might easily be diverted I for the am a Hi'vcnteenth for Judicial,State Circuit Attorney of ..

,; .; dollars; and the bank capitalized at twentyfive to supply a swimming'pool close'to the bulkhead. And I Florida primary'June to succeed myself 0, 1921.In the I democratic hate LUPfERS INSURANCE AGENCY i '

he mentioned other things. Said he i 'I served faithfully. With' .
,y? thousand dollars was forced to close doors. The mighty ; you your endorsement .
I will
continue to efficientlj
', had fallen. The confidence of the people lost by the action "Throughout Canada we make a specialty''' >. promptly, and uprightly. dischargethe ..Ot ..oo.o.oooooooO'.oooo.o.too >oO'o.o..Ot.o' OtOO o. .
rendering ugly thing attractive. You' do the : trust you h..eCly..... me devotlmj
J of the ,dead cashier; will require many years to be re can all such talents and experience as 1peavess

: l established!, by some.- a* in this county there will always same thing here. -only you can do it easier..lYour,, 'I to and.nforclng thelaw .

c t .t emabs'the.,memory'of experience.'" gainedand there water works should be, adorned and ornamented state and an J'roh'"hlll the Df Interests my circuit of th' -

-I' .Will 'ma ;who will hold and secrete every dollar taken by climbing;" plants and have handsome,shrubbery appreciate Relying' upon'the my support record of I uk the and democratic will'

:.:.'""in rather than"trust it' toa. banking institution. Confidence planted about it. Why;;In 'many cities in Canadaeven .'v"tera? men and ...women of the
.: ,;. ha.'JJP e bibtm tin'.',? ;r : .". ."* ', the rubbish incinerators: ,. beautified so, ',thatj circuit. , JOSEPH ''H.-:, JONES' ; a P

' Tha: I I the passersby do not realize what the pl.ce"I'. , Orlando. ,Florida.
.. .'. 'i,, 'people"tryr.queshompgly: "Whom thai IJ) wet { .
;.; trust?.' 'Who it there and where is he to be found who They do the same thing in California' It would ,require :':' : .: FOR. 8TATKATTOHKKY' J J J X J. ? \,

| ; : '' but'little effort to msjke your: waterworks and T am "a candidate for the' office nf ,

withsitthq; ; your light plant very attractive.. Then a cement, State Attorney forthe SeventeenthJudicial :

'I .and lay .by.* .'Jittle-for'declining years stand in daily fear basin of whatever size you desired might be constructed the I>vfn Circuit..rVatlc I of Primary Florida,to subject be hold to

k that by some .devilish action there shall be a wholesale I between the waterplant and the bulkhead June I respectfully II, 1'12. solicit the vote and

w theft,which will rob the many. of their savings. Once the' with the bottom raised so as to allow a complete support Of the Democratic voters nfOnceola.

theft i.a..taken place it is true, in at least one case in one draining into the lake -and that would make an If nominated Orana-and and appointed Lake Countlea I pl.'l O{. '

1 hundreds; the ,thief will punished. ; but he cannot be .I attraction which would be wonderful-and I think. performance to the people of of the thin duties olrcult of a the faithful office / : True Tones n

forced to disgorge to that extent that the sufferers by his the cost would not be excessive. R. F. MAOUIIIK. .

: ';stealing may receive any portion of the amount lost i Mr. Hamilton also regretted that there was being F. 8..1_. ml Hrlm1rmtt... without m tallic" i a',,

What is the remedy? How shall confidence be onceagain ', made a depletion of the fish in Lake Tohopekaliga. He I present my name to the voter. In

established to an extent that worry shall cease and I I j declared that fishing was one of the main attractions for the June primary a> candidate for suggestionThis r'

fear shall be abolished I I. i northern tourists- and said that when the fish supply was nomination to the office of irperyUorof
? there a remedy j? If ao, whatis 1| r"lCl.traUon-aubJt'r.1 to the sapr.- scientific tone chamber, .
it? I exhausted as the game was being exhausted, there wouldbe lon of the voter In that primary.For ?
II sixteen y.ara"I'have ben chairman light as a violin, as tensely
I smaller number of people comahere for the winter.
a ) of the county school boardan4 head fs
drum ,
lTL NOW .that fifteen thousand mill-workers in Massachusetts The remarks .of the speaker-were convincing; Every friends I am herewith whohad t :tlnell my,. In many my resonant largely as responsible a forBrunswick's '

resident of Kissimmee has heard complaints over the ability. If nominated for the positionof ',
""are quitting work upon their own initiative it Supreme Position i
of Omceoln
supervlaoisof registration -
IVH' is time for Deb to issue a demand upon the government .scarcity of fish compared: .with what were here but a fewyears I county I promise that my aeprlce in the musical world. ....
will be lust thorough a In the ,
when with rod and line could a. poll
that the administration "should provide work for the ago any sportsman tlon I have so long held. I spall ap- .Iifi/; / II. '
unemployed. If a man doesn't care to work-well. catch "a mess" of fish in a few moments. The matter ate the of my many The er.nwa!

,. that is his business; but while he is loafing he should of stocking the lake should be taken up with the federal rrl"w.. c., BARS oJ'IbowWILDER'S A.yM11M
authorities and there should be secured large quantities -
make( no yell for government support. as Wr ..swrlae*' .l Resrtetratleav.T r
'- of fry as the government would supply. Just what STUDio .
would be made by the before it hereby announce myself a candidate
4 stipulations government for the offlo of supervisor of .
- - THEman who only half tries doesn't half
: even would consent to even partially're-stock the lake'ja-now registration of Oa'ceola. county subject .
? make good.-Farrington. to the action of the d.mooraUo'rl- KISSIMMEE ---- --- -
difficult to state-as new rulings are frequently made; mary. Your vote and support will be I :
"f1 t *. but that many fry could be obtained beyond question.The appr.. ,lat.d. Co 1V.'GRIFFIN.. '.Ii!!: ''I'I '

MAN is not the creature of circumstances; circumstances beautification of municipal buildings is'a matter 1f .

are the creatures of men.-Disraeli. which has already been taken up and discussed by FOR are COUNTY authorised COMMfSMIOlVKRare to announce the .
f I'
a 1 1.v 1- the Woman Club ,- ,and every member of the dub name of B.for U. .D.- OVERBTREKT. to the of as Doe acandidate .

THE best education in the world is that got by should have been present at the meeting on Tuesday of County Commissioner'.from.the FlmtriUtrlct.
'struggling to make living. Wendell have heard the words of Mr Hamilton. subject to the action of the
n a Phillips.Y evening to June primary. If -nomlnated> and REFRIGERATORSOur
.elected he pledKea the same diligence
- ---------------------------------------------------------- -- -- -- - -
In his du4l. which haa heretofore
'I CALLED TO SICK MOTHER' Immediately Love was taken into SUFFERED.. LEG'' FRACTURE'IN characterized his Incumbency., "
the car and carried to some distant .
6 O. D Middough, who has' been point, where he was given a severe TO THIRD I FOR herewith COUNTY present COMMISSIONER.my name e. a fin* ef "Victory" Refrigerators is. complete.
pending his third season at the home whipping paddling He was also The first accident of any momentto candidate .for nomination for the position
of Mrs. W. H. Swain. 22 Beaumont advised to. change his course of 'action any member of the local baseball First: of District County, Commissioner subject to the from expreislon the They are beautiful golden. oak finish.raised panel. ,

avenue, north, was called suddenly to., ,in regard to the associations he team -happened: Wednesday_ while of the voter at the democratic walls
his home at Woodbury, Michigan; by !',was -then brought back to 1M.men were at practice. Captain! ( primary on T>ieday, June '. t am a triple akkle plated trimmiar rid. Jawrs. ..lock

the receipt of a telegram on Wednesday :,!I the Lanier house, and forced to deliver R H. Grant, in' stealing third, figured fully native understand of this '' uatYI' and Its feel need that If I with key. Interior, wLdt..ameL Air Vigkt antaaatic .

which stated that-his mother was _a, message $o tho_occupants. the only!. wyh could reach I It wan toalidsand elected. I promise my efforts toward '. .
j, probably fatally Ill: He left bytbe The members of the Klan then disap he proceeded to slide.: But conducting threountrall'alra In a bu.- drip"cup,- swinginf base boards. Galranixed'-
r i first train. The mother was suddenly anew way -for I have' no peelal rnterest -
peared. In some manner it was done so .
to serve-.xoeptthe Intere.t.of iron Ice
stricken--as a letter was received woven adjustable sHdiaf "".ea.
quickly: that even Roscoe Roberson., every man. woman and child In
.from her the same day the..-wire MOST KINDLY', EXPRESSION who was holding the sack-1! .conldnt Osceola county. I will appreciate the

J' '!'reached Kissimmee stating that she The .Mothen.hera: Club desiresto tell Just how it happened-his leg was support of th. votersJ: m. BR.ARPm. '. .. Ya.
was spparentlyreco: Bring from a re-
twisted to fracture.lie
:.. .centindigposition; .t Thorndyke express Its to heartfelt.Mrs and sympathy Mrs. W.for L. was *t. so once as, ',removed cause a >'to the Los FOR copirrrT co..a..OIlICK Ice Cream' Freezers ?, : ?i

1I0 .. m.n reduced the ean41cii"fo."h'-.lectlon.
, physicians to '
am a '
YOUNG MAN PUNISHED their bereabereavement in the
.. great : I"Inc' fracture, and he is.now resting ....1 the offloe of CounCoeimts.Ion.r for ..s... ftalT steel frame 'fre p.., ads ,? "; "f'
t I.' BT MEMBERS OF KU KLUX away of '.their dauchter14. fly, Mr. Grant Is .*.* pllewjf BarryHunter I District No. 1. subject to the Jung es ers.
comfort to tho bereaved Democratic Primary and If elected I : -: 1
,.' "";" ""' come ; onesin Vargbia skits cooWBiol;wire' k :. '
:- and-was one of th* star ; promise to do my duty la the future. . :
Tuesday the of .
z night body of the thought suffering patiently .. "
a KnKlnx ,
t; Klan drove to the residence oft borne-" and now in God's mercy end players) of the aggregation. I fA'.I-r'L.ve tn the. JL pa.t',W1IITHJIIRBlDft ...,...._, .. .triple::..., ..'paddUs',.,'c..... 'ate :" Ma.' ..._.._'.; >.:.;
r '
% Lee Lanier'in the south part'of K'st ed, and that is what ,iii ,their great NOTICE' OFAPPRECIAflON .-.-.. <--.I..LL-v.--Jro'" '\'.'_'' II I z.-.1 ''."'' _...\I' ' '
/ >0.V OOCJOTT,COaHUSSIOHBW"<< o'f'-.I" ,.I
-.called for'a young man loss is'her.gain. .s -_, ?, 'jLf ' l- v ?',.? .- *'*' * ..r'' ,1 f "i .
t V .named Tho reply from soreralstated The loving ifHn..ThorDcIrt.aDcI! and prayers of ,- The) Chamber oCrCommerce extendsto .At ft the 'repue.t- of'a'naanVsr'ot Jthevoter WhB : ;
fi on the porch was that no such many s : .witb 3r,'lsn all ita'. :hearty appreciation for of the FIfth eomnlMtonelrs dl" I J.: :: :.MWK 1 NSON': t fMp y, ;
L trot I have decided to IMOMM ,a candidate ; '
$ man was present. One of too visitors : the r trust that then renaroua donaUona and support for County from .. ,. _.,,
;''i t :Ita flashed ',hla light over those Time;tho Great Healer i". God's mercy . in making the barbecue and Ford DayKlsslmmoa ikile v district J. tk Commlr.spomeery .11Ft. : : ' 'TMlIl1i.UD: ; JM

.authored'and, picking'ont Love will bring.comfort... a 'rueeaa, ' -. : .ad.avor*. alecte* I Will be} 4 HARDWARE- T u'r. WJLL .. ...,. ..! ,
to promote .the 'Interest*. 0( !
-.w: .Illat's 'oar. : man..""'Von are Kissimmee, -n< . Chamber of Commerce' Oaceola opeatr at' all U..._ *,," .\....><* !. '.- e .; i .. '.1.- Jo \ ',r ,: ,

rF l''p 'r" I I Thursday, March. 16?3/Yttyy;' :: >.J...Woodbeck Secretary.. + : 0.. n._Uftor._ _', .- ... '" ,.
:i 1 'G, "-" -- --x .. -. .y ,. ,
., .
/ ..,
.1 [ AV

I'1j ..
.. < 1' .
., 1 Ii'1. 1 l .
.,. tY. -i "M .,.;t. ......,cM1 f .. ..
: )
," \ ; '
""ty 1.r'rr';, .... -, : "/ : ( ...,. ... .4... ..,'''r .j ;.JJ :'' !:: ''''' .'. .
; 5.'I'-.t;;" 'r\. :_,iJI,) ; .. ,.\-Pi.-'f/;;:!; ; '.- ., ....:; '. ..t"t: '"hl
I,...:. ,..;;. ';:;-',' : t, , :' ,..','','; ,"' .., ,', ;... . . ':., ''''' ,., ... .. l<, ' :' :" '
n ; "
.. : ., :: : t.'. .', ". e',..". ," ) : .." ... , ." . .., ,, :,_ . :', ; 1.

! .,' jp-V ,- .,.- .
V .. O v . .
"f 7jf r.. *
7' *' *"- -* :
.1, Yr ;'\ """ <, 1 a, ..
T' .
q 4' Y" -v _"' .e J .,
., THE'.KISSIMMEB .VALLE1 .G.U11'TI1faID '..MA cIE311.122 ':"! ': FIVE *.

---.-- ,
c. '
I I Sl SorT Valley;"Gazette., I. See! S,.R. 'Chapman.' Hs'know*. I* s,' R: 'Chapman J makes ion happy.- .0.000. .. .. ... .... .. .......... ... ...., .... ...... . .... ..... .

R 1 H. Stanley Bullock was In Orlando'je.UrdaJ'looklntr' I. P. Timmons l'returned on Tuesday '
Wantedclean cotton Tags; not LOCAL after realty mat from a brief visit to his relatives in WATCH THIS SPACE EACHWEEK' '1 1"-":;
' La 4. Merely' trimmings or string*--but de .tern Gainesville. '
cent stuff to use for'w..hinl': rollers of --AT-
I&& r B lag 'em along to, the office of The : I AT ,MINICK'S.. FOR .,I.CENT.SALt.. A. S. GUI-SERT'.S''
j Gazette JCiMimmee.{ 14-tfxN By .mutual 'agreement all barber: X H*. Thompsbn...who is doing special :
-- -. -- I shops' In Kissimmse are to lock their work for the Reporter-Star of 'COUNTERt.
_ !doors promptly, at ten. fclock every' Orlando, was in Kissimmee .on Wed. BARGAIN ,'
S. R. Chapman can tell .'
. :you. ,Saturday might nesday. .
f":. A, ,S I N Regular seaslon"of the county com if suffering from .''any sort of ski: If suffering from rheumatism. try
e 0 mlssioners will occur next Monday diseases, try Neid's Baths 40-tfc Naid's Baths '40-tfc
{ THEATRESAi: Bin l-CENT SALE NEXT WEEK C. A.. Caaak, who has been spending Mrs. Julia Bass, wh'o has for long 'W, have' just received a new stock of the very best Ginghams '
AT MINICK'S.Mr some time in Kissimmee as guestof been sufferer underwent another which_We are putting' on our Bargain. Coulter at the, lowest prices havail4ble.

;J. 'A., Sutton left Kissimmeeon Herbert Fleming,returned on Saturday at Orlando hospital. on I .,. M '
Tuesday for Cleveland-where he to his home in Athens Georgia. Monday last- SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY AND MONDAY:
JRDAY APRIL SSTOP expects to make, an extendld visit.' For information kind ak tax books will close
Read our classified? S.R., Chapman of' any April City 1. Pay now and avoid,Saturday the pen., Our Regular 25c yard forper yard.__.._..___.__..i8e.
j, r1 ----' NelsonRealty, .' ).dvertisement'l, Members of the Presbyterian Chris', altv. J,. R. Gilbert,.cltv{ clerk. 12-5t Our Regular. '35c yard for. per' yard------( ..._..:._>_.22c
11.... Ji:, B.' nan% Endeavor' Society will sell. plea .Richmond, Pearson Hobson 'spoke "- CAN YOU BEAT ITT
Georgia! ,*' has arrived In' Kissimmen and.cakes at the Recall drugstore on 'to a large audience on Monday evening A V
: and is her ';the afternoon at the Baptist church-and his
g-vesfof sister Mrs.'J..1. of Saturday, April 8.
: I ; Griffin Try _DuPont's Automobile Repair ..h.ln-a" was highly 'praimd. . .' : '. | r
' S-R.' :. Chapman sells groves and ing.. 110 Emmett.etreet., Phone, 77.14tf. Bad debts collected or no pay. Resuits -
; Now and timber lands.Miss . guaranteed..:M;'Wlllson'di. .o.to..ooo..OO.O .O.O..t..t
go seeJSee trict manager. 15-tfc _.-__. .-----'-_......_ ._. __.._._-_-_-----------r"- ., '
*) Lena Lord; arrived Wednes- Mr. and Mrs.. J, W.Tyres' who have '
w.N'4' --: ..... from Sa..n Mnln to offnJ thlf-.been visiting their son, 'I... B; TyteeT Mrs.' J."It.--M itette7-aftW; a Vtr'y '-1'--U'O"OOT'O"O, '0.00000.0010.00., .... O. .00000. .. .
,,' bedside of her aunt Mr. D.< E. Lowell amid family, left on Monday for Viola, pleasant visit to her daughter Mrs ,
who is seriously ill and not expected Kentucky; ; where they will visit a G. W; Persons, returned to.her home
.,,:I2. I. t.>r. O.'L. Buckmn*ter.:osteopatbist.l;;;home fat Roswell New Mexico. you have anything to sell at auction .
,9) .t r Saint Cloud. Office In .I I ONE-CENT SALE BEGINS TUESDAY see S., R,".Chapman. He can sell
I 13-tf APRIL 4; CLOSES 8ATUR- it. 16-lt & IDOL STORE_
2."t' 'W. D. Eiselstein"d rove over from!?1DAYV APRIL.S.. John Holden one of the.-regular : :
,. IIJ lrl Saint Cloud on Wednesday to lock<< I I: C. R. Peabody representing the winter residents of Kissimmee-who
i; ; after the interests of his new< undertaking 'Bel-Jar Coffee Company of Sanford {is well-known and much-liked hereby
.(,,'I, establishment which his firm which ismaking a specialty of the I I a host of friends-left on Monday for GET YOUR SUMMER DRESSES' WHERE PRICES ARE.:RIGHT. '|
;.:,r' has opened in Kisafmmee. i GradeACoffee w. .. circulating his home in Mount Ayr Iowa Mr.
1 CIRCULARS ARE BEING DISTRIBUTED I':among the business men of Kissim j jliolden was forced to shorten his vis- HERE ARE SOME WONDERFUL FIGURES '
, \1; {: -. t FOR l-CENT/ SALE.The mS-1 mee on Wednesday.Be 1 jit' here because of the Illness of his

..'.,/., <..'"11.' needed repairs to the sure and place your orders 'for son.City Delco Cnambrey. the y.rd..._____._-_-_-:--.,..,,-..:---, -__..- c'
tax books 'will .
1 .; 4 .- the Cape Breeze section on the Saint ,'the perfectly sanitary milk, delivered -i 1. Pay now end close avoid Saturday the Delmar Ginghams. the yaixL.___..-_________-__-.__.___._..

... ;. / tbe-.trudure-pl.eed-11I-.xceIJent-ao Cloud road; have been completed, and n ,,(only fresh$ _at quart.your door:._'Ordex-from-the.as ordered, at!;iCity J. .R.__Gilberts; city_clerk.,I 12-5t pen- Romper Cloth, the yard---.-...=..--_--.-.:,:..-.':,:,-..__..--..,20c, :

, $ dition. There is now no intercepted Sanitary Dairy Company. 16-tf Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Grable, who 'Percales.'assorted"patterns, the yard.--.;___;__-------.aSc.! ''

:' :, -,r.f .. traffic between Kismnnnve and. Mel. Stores were generally closed yesterday have been making their'headquarters l Everett Ginghams the yarct"'...-..--..-...-...._...--_. ->.15c ,'
bourne. afternoon in order that, the during the past season at the resi- Tissue Ginghams, 27-inches wide, :the yard J_ __ __. _-------3Sc
\ ... :: j .
f\ : :: :,
denec-of and W
-Mr Mrs. A. Bailey17 :
; Ait Shave l&c!; haircuts :S5e: ..11'other attendance at the ba11'park'might be Mabbette; left < Tissue GlOgl ins. 31=mches wide, 'yid43c.White : >
T1'7 work In proportion. A clean towel increased. The result was a large i .street on Tuesday)1 and Pink the ___ =_ ______ .. ... ._ '
I for each: customer. Casino BarberShop number of rooters to Eee.the game in for their home in Lucerne, Indiana ;, Crepe, yard :ua _i -_ _. ___i.20c, h'
'" N .. .' 16-lt I which Orlando was victorious over and are already making plans for j India Linen, the yard.____.___i-: ________._____-_____.____17e
- ;' the Kissimmee players of their return here next season. They I' Printed Voile the _ ___..:1.____.____ _
i :"]... Miss Elsie Diets, who ha been, by a score have the winter. yard -,--- ____ ._,.___>.29c r
y with her sister, conducting the Vanity 14 to 0. greatly enjoyed j I Organdies, Pink Blue. Lavender the yard. __________--: _____..:" -, ?
;liA''.. .atJ> L9' Fair Tearoom in Sooth Jackson' City tax books will, : close Saturday, HAY ONE-CENT APRIL SALE 4 CLOSES BEGINS TUBS-- i', While Organdies the yard__-...__,-_-._____..._: __.___..___.38e'S',
J. I w ville.; arrived in Kissimmee on Tuesday April 1. Pay now and avoid the pen ; SATURDAY India Head the __ "
8. :Suiting? yardRamitex .-----------I.c. :.,
.' and is her alty. J. R. Gilbert, city clerk; 12-5t APRIL | ---- ---
.I'j. and, Mrs. A.visiting A. Diets, parents of Pinedale Mr. Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Smith,of Mount Mr. and Mrs H. F. Boyle and two Suiting, the yard -__________________..;__________.19c
j' .1 :ihim ''fight the worst town in the street Vernon, Ohio, who has been touring children, and Mr. Boyle's brother Peppered; Half-Bleached Sheeting. 81-inch, the yard___.___..._48c >ff i

.. Well 'fight through the wildest When in Saint Clond dent fail to the state during the past season ar George Boyle 'returned on .Tuesday leached Pepperell Sheeting. 9.... the yard_____..___._-_____.56e '
Mi-: visit the Variety Store, corner IHh t I rived in Kissimmee on Saturday and from a lengthy trip on the west Pillow Tubing the yard.-____________,______________30c x
wr f .storm scene ever filmed I -fight for street and Pennsylvania avenne. 15-tT i I dence are making'of Mr.their and Mrs.home A.at W.the Bailey resi-, coast burg,, including Pass-a-grille Tampa Clearwater Saint Peters, and Men's| Light Shirts with Collars each..,.____-_____.;;___.___$1.00 r

:, ji :jpvat :rove-fight for his better: Mr. and Mrs. A. W. SweeUand< ,who ,' 17 Mabbette street, for.an indefinite .other points. These neople have been Men's Palm Beach Shirts, each.-.._____._____?_______-,_.$1. 0
self and win I have been coming to Kls4anmee an- time.g5,000,000.oo. spending the season at the home of Shetland Floss for Sweaters, the balLu.-____________._______25e

-AJeo- have nually concluded for the past their nineteen visit here year.fpr,: DONATED TO 1- Mrs., north.W II. Swain Each, 22 annual Beaumont visit they avenue Brooms, 50c.gr.de at 30c; 75c grade. at__-_____---___. .. ...-Qc- . ;

the season, and expect to leave tomorrow CENT SALE DEPARTMENT THIS make--and they have made at least ,
A 'COMEDY for their home in Binghamton YEAR.MINICK'S GET REXALL YOUR STORE PORTION NEXT AT eight-they feel certain that they will COME EARLY: WHILE THERE is A'GOOD ASSORTMENT'I"
New York-- mtM-Vpathig an early ,
buy property here so as to be sure
-THE REAL LOVE EGG"Bowen's return. of a winter home-but they f.nto
'r 5000000.00 DONATED TO 1- City tax books will close Saturday, do so; this year however, they have
CENT SALE DEPARTMENT THIS' April 1. Pay now and avoid the pen- become so thoroughly la love with & lOc'StoreBROA r
YEAR. GET YOUR PORTION 'AT I alty. J. R. Gilbert, city clerk. 12-5t Kissimmee they promise themselvesthat 5c : -
MINICK'S\ REXALL STORE NEXT Miss Orpha Rose, of Kissimmee the purchase shall soon be made. "
WEEK. spent Saturday and Sunday at Winter The offices of Dr. W. L. Winn are W. X
Grocery 'Mrs' Vernon Porter who was a.. '.Haven guest of Miss Mattie new located only in Saint Cloud. .
contestant in the subscription contest' Belle Harris, of the public schools of Phone 122. Office in Odd 'Fellows .oo.ot..O ................O...... ... ... t. .. .
Y1 recently conducted by tlttt Reporter- ; that city. block. 12tf.
Star of Orlando, although distanced ._ -- -- ----
----- -- ------------ --- - ----- - ,. -
General Line of .Groceries by competitors' for the grand prices .,. ,
was winner of a handsome money
:.. +. and Vegetable prize which she has already rEre'ved.
? Mrs. Porter feels that her thanks) are
e, due the many who aided and assistedher 0fn
vln the e< : ,fRff OfilvmY'[ Good.' morning, Mr.: Stranger, are ,
you looking,for a homeT: See S. R. :
-Mbbet' Chapman ' ,
-1 !\'
?!rose 102 fe Street unanimous' vAte'of'' thanks wasgiven' ., i. ,0,.}
the Chamber'of Commerceat i
l by r<
,,_h" the Thursda"- luncheon to the San 11.l
: itary" Dairy--the proprietor ,Lee f" '
: .
f THE QUALITY MARKET Rogers, having proffered a weekly \
gift to the Thursday meetings of a
half hundred Individual bottles of
(Now under. new- MS..,..eat) fresh Milk -The gift is a most tlasely t -
is still a 'Ca.1.n Carry Market"with' and welcome one. \
r 1 How about four-room house-all. .. f]
a nice line of Groceries added -a .
|modern? New', range, hot and cold
r; You see what\ you are buyingandmust water, one and a half blocks from i
lit pleased Baptist church; $12fiO-half cash I.
Tea Pfttroaafe Selicit.dJO"N See S. R. Chapman it
Mrs William Badger. and Mrs. W.
T. DAVIS C. Williams, who' have been spending
the winter .in Kissimmee left on
Monday for their homes in .
! J3; Man.gerf Long Island--expecting to .. remain i r
14 Broadway KISSIMMEE about a week enroute at Saint Au- '
r gustine. Mrs, Williams has been NEXT.Tuesday J i:
'.# r making her. home with Mrs. G. H.Newhouse. _. > "=, = t

{ Have. si ;-room house, all modern "

,BASSCONSTRUQION land lathed.120-foot and.ana other plastered deep trees;; on;garage 75-loot corner; grapefruit front one- Wednesday" Thursday Friday y :S turday'., t ttt !

.block: from road '
brick : $3000-$300 '
; COMPANY ''down. se. S. R. Chapman 225 i : ; Y
'Church 4 Both InclusiveIr i -I : ,
street, city. April to April 8, { \ n
I'I 1 1'The band concert. for this season -. ..
I'I 'have ended to schedule \
,. .
.. "
PHONE 117 in any event the pay has stopped. '
.. Merely to show the good will of the What, : Xs .One: : CJeJD."j: 3a1i ? -
players however there la to be rendered iY r ,

PracticalContractors ..on.. the coming Sunday after- It Is a sale, where you_will buy an item at the regular price.-then another item,_... '", '

: and tarsK I noon of the- affairs.t--pI'omllleBto..be thus far given thebe-and it ---of the- mme-kind-for-lc.---As-auJllustratlont. standard price of Rexall ToothPaste .> ,_ _

#- ./ is promised to be 7 hoped program that.and all be will present read the at is 25c. You buy a tube at this price and by .1c'more"r',26c, you get -."" '

Structures of All Kinds the concert. two tubes. Every article in this sale is a high-class' standard piece of merchandise .
Tanlac'ia the result of of
study experimentation and years researchby the same as we sell you every day at>< regular prices and have sold for years.
some of the world's greatest ,
chemlats. Hence its merit. Central
L' STUCCO Drug Store. A :1 riew Way cf .i.A.d.ver..s g -
Wayne Thomas, who Is among the ,.
best-liked of al the fraternity I 'This sale was developed by the United Drug Company as an advertising plan. "
+ Paiatbif, Tisitbff, Paper-H..ria to be found In Flora, who '
Ererytaiar In tie. Boildlaf Lbe Is now a very Important factorof I Rather than spend large sums of money in other ways:to convince you of the'merit '

'- of Jacksonville the Thomas Advertising as well as a Service part-, of these goods.. ,hey are spending it on this sale permitting us to sell you a full- a

i :N. F., BASJACJC BASS owner of the Plant City Courier, was size.package.of high standard merchandise for Ic.: .It costs money to get new' cus>. ', ,
In Kisimmeee his

;, '- 322- Royal- StV -515 Spreale Are.KISSIMMEE Jacksonville.-th.orAceottheGaaette.,! on..Saturday Mr Thomas on was w.J'to ; -acallerat -.. .tomel'p);_,tho loss. taken_ ,0"_ .this. sale.! Will! be well spent:. i ll thegoodsplease.you.: . . ,r:

."TanlM did. what everything else r } ,
failed to' do." Thousands have saidIt. There will be many' special bargains. A partial list of.the goods that will be :,...
So will J'oa.. Central Drug Store'
.' pip Two tablespoonsf l.of.Tanlae in a handled at the Ic price maybe found ott 'Our'cl"clllors, and there will be no restrictions '
PLUMBING'SHOPX little water taken three times a day '
'#. last before tt win make yon eat on the quantities purchased.. Get a circular, --and then secure: your bargains.
( H S* better.,feel better and v
E" sleep
: C''
... ,, Work better. tra1 Drug Store.Mry .- . 4r1'b _
.',,1.1'' .'t't'ri.' Nedu.tTe'. .*.. .Kr.. ., '/ .,1 < ,"J.'Ik* Smith :arid Mrs R. SI: \

.. '4!.>1t. ,.1 .... .iq.'T.ek.tll; w I went Flojr4 t,to M,OrlandoNunda .custom. 4 > f : , vh' .IJ. 1 : .1I"7jaK', ': '

_. ,.,.', .. 1.. -. .o--"! r.. : .."..."i"... .''....,...,. ... _...1 their'another\ Mrs;.' 8.' G. Barber, ;to who see :'';. -'*'."' w. ,"". ',>R. ...l''. ,--- .. ,,".MI'N' ' ., ... \
ban been
. several weeks la hospital I "
... .. a
\ I. RritC.ar M. . ,. .... :' ... .. ... . : .
r. .,.. ,, .t( .. \" In that place: where they were gratis : ;. 1 - \- .fl't\ :. ,
. : ..' . t'T": SalWadan'. hdto, :learn that the "patient bad ..... " ".. : ,\d I ,...J-' t '
.. Lei 1. OJ.. ", -- -; --r.: 1 : i ) : ,. Florida ,
1' ... .. been dischargedand desired to be Kissimmee ; : c ntr" 'Sfaiw': .
J -
;i; . .. ought- 'to 1 Kiaimmee,' ':'An'ambu. ) : y, ,j. l,,,,,, !;':""; ,., A .,;10 , ..
.to" ' ;:;1 I''S', I/t't, .' lance was at once secured from Eisel- L_ ,0-. 1, e '''.'1"..,,.,.. "''.. 'r' ... r.: J ,

', ---I'. .. -. : .. . stein Brothers,. and Mrs.Barber was i ..' . '.. 4 f.,, . .;;;. w .,;tI.4..' , n'i .. -......",.. .-'"'*' .-- ...,........". ',,-.J-.'''...... -.,......,...""""'-, ...... -. "

,t"a',:. :' ...-t .... returned,. to the home,of .Mrs..Fiord.. ,,. ,.. .. ...........-...- .. ........... ...."...- ... ..!. ." .. .. ...-"i4'-. '. ... - .

....I'J' ;) t 1 'wr **- Aittf 'I'1' ... '" _.

a >,109.jl!-"( *"** * *. ... .......... ... e',.'.1 f",,'..(","r -: -
: "
,._ ."Mi irL , -o.. ... "' '" .ri.
"r ie ** t v.'If' ? ... : "
.... ""Ii ,. Ks. s -y ;:,:" ',..,"..., fiI'"r.,. :.! ,..?" .J.! -yl' . ," -.

'. '? '" 3'e ,

s. *", ... ., a .. rail ,, 16;,,

> ,III'' THE 'KISS "VALtEY 'CAZETTt. FRIDAY, MARCH 31,1182 ) \, '

.;: -. .... ,,,


% .
r A prominent merchant Fn Taunton,, --- kissimee Is seriously., considering1 .rr '
... {
All Clogged Up ? 'Massachusetts. oromised to an eccentric -, Senator W. A. MacWilliams. of. ,I'I'G.. B. 'Munn\ has J just returned from --- the proposition of going in for a city ..4I' {
old woman named Lucy King Saint has extended auto When we rolled Into Klssimraee tl.e
Augustine, announced hi* an trip through states manager and commission form of < D. O "T let H get A ftart. DC.: KiogV i living in the neighboring town 01{ candidacy for congress from the to the northward) making about 2800 other day on our way homeward bound ernment.' The Valley Gazette, a few
New J>illCOVt'ryW, get right I Berkley a very desirable prize if. tak- Fourth Florida district. He will -oppose miles all of which: was run- :without having just about recovered our' self-! days ago declared that the matter .
down to work relieving; the tight JetSog ing her subject from the Bible she Oenrreaaman W J Sears, who; i mishap of any-sort. He left KI IIlm- possession after getting the conceit was coming forward rapidly( and the" '
in'' the .chCllt. quieting the racking j( would compose a riddle lie could not is i ill understood will be a candidate I mee some eleven weeks ago to'drive knocked out of us on that; rotten, partisans for this new method o-f : I
''-'ttW"l gently siimulitting fhe bowelsIhu.T'Umiinating /i: 'guess, .She won'' it witk the following for-re-etectJotL This is the fltst ant Ia party in/ their car, to wherever rough and rutty road between Mel town 'and city government were, making '" :;..,

the cold poisons. . nounced-opposition to, any of lorl- they might care to jro, and now feels bourne and Saint Cloud we glimpsed ( headway. 'A mass meeting recently .

Always reliable. Just good medicine Adam; nod] made out of d.ua'.. da's delegation .'Jn congress: that he can chauffeur with the best =a barbecue ,In progress on the village held at the Chamber of Com) :.
.made to cone colds and cough of them-as he knows the roads scuse on the city common .
Hut thought It heat to make flue first in a bung merce showed a 'Strong: sentiment in
For fifty year.* a standard remedy.-,, 1<0.1 wan nm<--I'Wforo.. the itinn.To FORMER RESIDENT DIES number of states. -and an hungered we three I favor of the change: to the commission ,..,
All the ljjn.ily tale it with / answer Uud'a, mint hu$' |>lun.MK ) The drove Budds steered whither our di -.
4 can helpful IN CALIFORNIA HOME party < through 'Georgia, noses andmanager: and In a short time' t
-.., suits. Ivaws. the childree'e'croup. | body Oort did ninka' ('l>mpll"fI.) South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia rected. But, alas and 0 heck, we were the change may be authorized Or- .11
JVTO har'nifui. drugs healing Hut without .. toss foot Word has been received Ohio too late. There staff of life .;
Convincing, mm r "r ?. by Mrs..M. Kentucky, Tennessee was galore lafido and Leesburg, also are considering l
taste that tlio UdJies. like ,At all ,Myways and aria hn, did c-onlrol H., Porter of 104 Bass streeteast< of and terminated the trip at Fort but the meat had pursued the ,evmi the advisability changing to '
Hut body made"
Ao 110
druggists, 6Uc.Br. iny soul the death) last week at.. San Diego Wtayne Indianafrom which point tenor of its way, down the long long, the manager plan and it seems like
A living" hi-lim bAonmo, California, of Mrs. Margaret Armour. Munn returned by rail. ,he-has mach i lanes .whence no food should return. s both will make the change. J:;; '"\'$1' 'hr.
And Axlum KHVO to Inn my nHI"<> For Mrs. Armour to of the scenic : But by' their bones we knew thai'those Punta
Kin 's 1 from hlrt iirenonoe I h." ,,'.O>4lr..w. many years. with say beauty of the Gorda Herald.. .,
And mere of A New J>iscovcrv simmec, but last summer disposed of .-of the excellent roadsartd' of so by the heaps of ineligible remnant: Cold settled'In the muscles of theneck I
t did my MifUer'nnw obey her here and then roads. At which the 111' old black darky ,
Nor frc m 'It rvrr writ antrny.ThoiioxiKlo holdings moved t* poor Chattanooga the boys arms or shoulder makes every
r For Colds and,Cong Xa of iiillcw, I K() In fear, Pennsylvania, from which point she : went up the newly-completed road to were sneaking away with did we know movement painful. Use Ballard's
'- llul4lonl on the land mipcnr.P went to California. Some weeks' ago the tip -of Lockout mountain :8900 that-we-wore late for feast.-Darn Snow Liniment.It relieves the pain

Feel. Badly rliuwels siiIlavcn'i IIIL ?r nnrtiom- "" "A u..hl..h n.... ..',I ... I Mrs. Armour felt and fractured her] feet altitude, and he also tells of the that: sand road anyhow-Tampa I and relaxes the muscles. '. Three acres, 4
I '- any1 |x'pj jn wurk or play. _.. ,put a livliitt soul I I.. tn,,: 1 pacciden which lcd"toTr"ratali,;' great "care--takcn--br the: .Tforcrnmontr TateT -__ .'SOc-tiOc 'and/.$1.20. Sold by J. Z.J
You're vonnijiie The stimulating' A soul. from fix" fir Plod did' 1 ,'lam) termination I officials in examining the brakes ot Roberson. **
: Action of 1>r. hinge Tjlls brings back And took flpm; me that soul aituln.. every car before ascending and be. Usually the louder a man talks'the'

f' old lima energy All druggists, 2Sc. Hut when, from mo that soul had l find THE STORY HOUR I{I fore descending. lees It amounts to. Subscribe for n e Valley Gazettes .
PROMPT I wan the unirnM.. wh-n ,first mnd. "A fellow doesn't.make such bit --- -- -.----- \.
% WCWT GRIPE And l without. tinndfl or feel or mini..).I.I I -
The hour this "
. story week was very daily runs as some might think said
travel on from pol to pol.,1 "
.L; r. Kin 's Pills'ATSON'S interesting to the thirty attentive Munn. "One day'we made 230 miles Fertilizers Insecticides '
labor hard. liy day "h<1 iilKht.To ,children present and- the program from early morning till late at night; Honest Sprayers Poultry Supplies k.
fallen. man I Klv great. been .
of people, young and old prepared by Mrs. I, L. Ma- but that was over a wide road ar Prompt ShipmentBest .
Will Tmy d"H'h. !CreRt IlKht lifliol' roncy, who led with a story-"How smooth as a board. Take it on the Ask: Your Neighbor He Knows .1

the Rabbit Tried t o Coast. This whole, 75 miles a day is about_ alt' MJL-0. PAINTER FERTILIZER CO. Jacksonville Florida .
No 1 ,
l-liI'ht roneHvo.rlpluri
nor wrong ran followed; ; : i
Th' n<- >ii I" cHiinot MIv.\ was by a'Rtory-"Gold Fin- one may count on take it one day Get March 1922 Price List
'/ PIANO Although. my name therein .IN found( eer" by Mrs. L. B. Tyree and a with another-if he has. to look after before buJ l'. Now" farai. i.,
ONDR Tlrey are to ITU an empty nouiid. by TheiParty"eandeit"tThees; his car." "SIMON PURE and "GEM BRANDS" '.
l ORKR OLIS" No fear of death doll trouble mo, .
.' l Item lHij| >'lnfi>.. I nr't-r shall ace.To School" by Mrs. G. W. Persons, who PERTAINING TO CHURCHES .
J heaven, I shall n<-vr "". was highly applauded: story- "The -
or .lo the or hell i-lo\V I -----'- -
: Works wonders on Pianos 1 TalkIng Little Pig, by Mrs. Maroney; "The I Methodist Chorea ,
Now wh*n those. llii... you slowly ri*.. Machines, Furniture, Autos t
'. etc. I honcKlly that fly to iiaim-you d".*<'I'ecordvrt..r... UKreI An Airplane," by Mrs. Tyree who I :
9:45 a."m. school.
will read a chapter every Wednesday. : -Sunday
... For painted, enameled, and Who can correctly give a solution The stor L hour is very interesting to I 11:00: a. m.-Preach'ing by Mr. Put-
leather surfaces. of this the children. I! nam. Theme: -"Messages to The Sev-
-__,___ i I en Churches."
Satisfaction guaranteed: or money Approximately 150,000,000 poundsof STAfE" INDUSTRIALS 2:00: p. m.-Junior League and Junior I

back. :Made: in Kissimmee. beef was produced on the ranges -- I Missionary Larue.| Miss. Katherine -
of national forests in the inter-moun- The 75.000 bond Issue of Inverness Tiller and Mrs. J. R. Sinque- "

t lain region during: 1921. has been disposed: of and contrasts field, managers.
-SOLD BY- have I been awarded for a modern 6:30: p. m.-Senior League levo- --i - 1
waterworks and sewer system. lone! cxTcise.
WILDER'S' Willson & Aultman I Gus lIardin. a local contractor, has 7:30: p. m.-Preaching by Mr. Put .111
., been award-Hi the contract for Un nam. Theme: "Messages to The Sev- t4muaku.dW r
I building of n Baptist church at Pompano en Churches." )
fiOc BOTTLE REAL ESTATE at a cost around $7,000. 710: p. Wednesday. Prayer

Moore Haven will soon have : meeting. Columbia Dry Bacteria .? ... 'tJ
other modem business \n'l 3:30: m.-Monday. Woman's Missionary How N
new p. work better and Ian many uses you y
Subscribe 11 Darlington Ave. Kissimmee with stores on the ground floor and) Society.
for The Valley Gazette hotel above. 7:30: p. m.-Tuesday. Meeting longer Columba:1:1:1thef
r Prospects are very favorable for. n I Board of Stewards. tot bn>mmd btuammf have for :
.. .00.O OO .....4. new railroad from Greenwood- f; 3:00: p. Wednesday. Song -"- .j

Marianna. Approximately all of the Hour. -4" do ......... For doorbells, buzzers thermostats, and._ IInIIIIr :-,!"
All and all home
finance needed has tourists people
teen .
N Notice subscribed.The invited! attend all ther'i'es _, alarms use one Columbia "Bell Ringtr" ;:
To are cordially to !
Laundry Patrons contract has been awarded t'+ ....... "I
: )Mugger Brothers of Montgomery AI of this church.Presbyterian T y..-....M the Ford.or two Columbia "No.6" Batteries. t
ahama, for the four buildings of the For i and .
Church whiIa u1ag gas engines tractors, 'I ..-
College at
Th Columbia ,
1.\" cost will be over half a million dot use "Hot Shot" Ignition Battery f,

OUR TRUCK WILL CALL AT EVERY HOUSE IN KISSIMMEE lars.J.. Rev. W. D. Dresch, D. D., Pastor Tae. ,.or't;;-J..u..h, No. 1461. Full power when you : ;

is" : !. MONDAY MARCH 26 C. Hanna of Orlando( has been 9:45: ; a. m.-Sunday school. _;.;41 dt.b ;;:: / need -it moat, while starting.' For quick At" 1,,, 1
j awarded the contract for the erectionof Pegs Sws 0. .... Fords the '
starting ignition on use same
11:00: a. m.Worship and sermon:
10.FOR LAUNDRY PACKAGES ANP WILL DELIVER THE SAME the"'school building at Lake Worthat 0:30: p. lii-Junior Christian En. eM ml mf cMrp size Columbia "Hot Shot",; Ignition Battery '" ..

.... ...' . ... ON WEDNESDAY Plans a cost are of being over $70,000.formulated. for the. deavor. No. 1461. Saves.your back, temper, :' :

., LL'I It building of two meat packing plantsat ( ::30: p. m.-Senior Christian En- and time. Fits under the front seat.
> ;; Fort Lauderdale. '
I 7:80: p. m.-Worship and sermon. .No.6 Sold/ by electricians auto supply shops and. I .;;
The building of the First National C'LL l* .
J 0 Bank at Bradentown is about com service.7:30:! p. m.-Wednesday Prayer lONITOf.UAT garages, hardware and general stores, and

pleted, and work has been started on t itf implement dealers. Insist upon Columbia. ; i

;I: LAKELAND STEAM LAUNDRY the new Methodist church. Christian Charch .
Wauchula has let contracts for it fi

I two unit electric pl nt. Heretoforethe 10:00 a. m.-The bible school meets. Coluinbia
R. A.'
'. , SNYDER Agent current baa been bought from a Subject: "Amos Relies Upop God." s
.Rl: H. Rutherford. Special Agent Telephone 4Q local manufacturing concern. Good teachers. Great lessons. Come '

: Work has started on the $200,000 study with us. .

... .....e".. .. ..,...._. ., .' ., .Ot.o..oo..o.o..toooo..oooo. o steel bridge which will span Choctaw- 11:30: a m.-The minister nreachee Batteries J;t ,.
hatchee "river at Caryville. A Pen- on> "The New Commandment. .
., sacola firm has the contract for the 7:30( "p.m, ._>. Sermon.: Subject: ,.., -
construction..which 'will.be over 8.Q00 1'h.' Propheey. and Sermon on the
feet jn length. '. '' Birthday The Church...., r .. S .

" '" .The Yowell-Prew'Company, of Orlando ; 7:30 p. m.-W<" Inei.day.: ,. Prayer ,
; has recently purchased the -"A.. Missionary! (.
meeting.! : i' I !
; r'.L, "", >. Orlando Potteries plant of that city Church." .. E. A. MARTIN SEED COMPANy -" .i
" '" and are planning to extend the fac. All members expected to be
.' tory. ent and be hosts to cordially welcome
: t'" ,, '''''j Work has started on the new buildIng aU strangers and friends to all serv- rAre

.; :\\,01'1, for the Hardea County Trust< Ices "11 Blia'l. .MARTiN'S HY TEST SEEDS .

.I:' J will Company be artistic at Wauchula.in design The and building modern | SL joss (Episcopal) Charch *--.- Known For Qnauty ,

h Gall in finish and fixtursl.Th Seed Corn, Beans Peas Pepper, Eggplant Watermelon Cantaloupe *
: , 'Ph"o.n e > school officials of Duval county Rev.. L. H. Kirkby Rector. Potatoes Tomatoes, Cucumber, Ccwpeas Forage and Field Seeds.
I Price List will full information. We '
< 7:.-A'\;, art contemplating! an addition to Our Catalogue and give carryall
.'. .. the high school l at Jacksonville the Fifth S'unday in Lent. varieties of garden, field and farm seeds that have been tested .
V.,,....i,.W .. 9:45 a. m.-Church school. Florida soil and climate and l.
: 0' : >- doming) summer at a cost of 50000. and proven to be adapted to our yearsof -, 'y
.. class. ..
Bible -.
... The Sumter county officials will 10:00 a. with experience enable us to handle the Florida Seed business to ad
Short Sermon
. award contracts very shortly for address a. on the "Origin of The vantage. ,.
worth of for
about $30,000 pavement
Church followed by
the streets of Bushnell.Approximately Moravian ,the Commun- Martin's Spring Catalogue js now ready. Write for it, Everyoneinterested p'
of Holy
two and one-half administration in. Florida spry and summer crops should avail them-
, million dollar bond issue has been Ion. afternoon at three selves of information "in-our.'descriptive-catalogue.} Supplied f l'' "
Each Wednesday FREE on' to those who send in their ....
\, r, issued for the 'development of the will be meeting at the request names promptly. .
'1\1' 'to town of Kelsey City Palm Beach o'clock residence of Mrs. Thomas a Ilornsby, Write for it today. Full information and prices on all seasonable
t Harbor and surrounding seeds. ..:
: country. ,
south for mission '
'**, Among the improvements will be a 121 Drury avenue, COMPANY : .
/ '
'.", ,, $30,000 railroad station. The same afternoon Lenten E. A. MARTIN SEED : ;I
"... serves will be held at five o'clockIn 202-20 East Bay Street Phone 4277-1230 '
..K church.
Saint John's
'" .' Sojourners in .Kissimmee are cor- ..
. ,
... diaHy invited to this service. I
Nearly a quarter of a billion passengers 00000000000000000000000.0..000.0000000000..0000.

........,.....co1 --, were carried by automobileIn Christ's Chorch ; '
Canada in 1921. ,'

,--" ,; :': ..; : : -..' _._______._ .- ward Airplanes-off.flocks in -California of-wild ducks rice fields that Corner Brack and Oak. Streets ,

"/ come down from the north each aut R. D ,Walker Minister.

,, : ,, : :. aSo the People May Know" umn to feed on the grain. Parsonage Rear of Church. Phone 326 TAX NOTICE i

1- chief Justice Taft of the United I
States supreme court is Just three 10:00: a. m.-Sunday school. Inter-
days older than Associate Justice national lesson. Classes-for all.ages. 000NOTICE
Gazette's -
The Valley desire Is to their Justice Divine rahlp. Ser
Clarke, aged being $4. 11:00: a. m. w .
F print all the news all the time phone but .' Day and Van Devanter have the same iron Special bible teaching.
unless items are sent in by '
card or letter we cannot hope to get Evangelistic is hereby given "
I It all. If yon: know of any Item of During 'recent eruption from the :
volcanoe Caulle in the Andes Moun.tains ng.
I ,._ : news glad t The* print Valley it. Gazette* will. be very 'a rain of ashe fell over a wide 7:30 p. 'm. Thursday. Praise. Tea- that the Tax Books of Os-
the volcano timony. Preaching.
r ? area adjacent to seriously
''M; Club,' Society, Lodge Church or damaging crops. Steam poured Everybody cordially invited to all .
ca .
School notes people going away oreomiag from the crevices of the mountainside i services. Come. Pray. "Be. ceola County for the !. \'
h; backs marriages, death. er during: the eruption lieve." year """ ,

-.5- ..- births_.items _concerning_visitors..::-... .. - -Chronl olatoT.bt..oa -rulera1'e' I -"-_.- -- .

; building operations U, real estate oat deals and to be rated by the Pennsylvania state. Pint Baptbt Parch. 1921 will close promptly 'J''
neighbors meviag or golat their registration card. In this -
La fact anything that will make Th. of way Rev. J. A. Sutton D. D., Pastor. ,

i, e 'Valley. Ga ette more Iat..U... to its every police motorist by means; will carry punchmarks rhis record on All are welcome-.-to- the following on April first. All taxes .
: with him and the card will be ready: services the church-bowse on Sun-.

,, .- The Taller GaseUe metto Is: "8e exhibit to the. prosecuting attorney,' da yj that date will
the People May KMW. and t* that. France has six living soldiers who 9:45 a. ro.-Sunday schooL S. L. not paid. by r
end w. ask ywr to-eperatto*. are unknown'.Their memories are' a Lupfer Jr., superintendent Classes .
., complete blank as a result of the ror.ron for all ages. Join the pastor's class. be subject to all penalties.C. r. '
of war. Photographs and detailed ll00a-nu .-Sermon by the pastor.. : :
z description are to be) given met' Themei ."Indebtedness/* i ,

ropolitan')) and provtncal newspapersIn .:30 p m*-R Y. P. U. and servIce L. BANDY .
an attempt to locate their,relatives. Dr. B.Wittrson, president. : .. .
t 'H&lDusboostKissimmee"v; .1 Official of' London'':have* i decreed 7:30: p. nu Sermon -by the pastor ., -

; : i. e.." 1 that 'chU ," : Jt certain =ntottonpietores'nnless'accompanied 7:-80 pi, m. Wednesday. Prayermeeting. 1 ....- ) ;
) \ :
. by.parents 6r"guardians..There / I- ,Jto. '1' .. .1' "'. 'N' '.' : .!<' ;:1;0-
:twelcopwa :
..A '':" . an two classes ''of'films that'/.- are "Free seataiaAd;; a ; -to ' .,
a 01 ;. P' -' 4t . ."- passed by theji British board of*film strangers: as;well. .Mi those- .whoA be- . /
censors.- ,One class U passed for universal hon here. r'l + r tI1dX i; u 1TI 't ''it
t 4.
.,. exhibition and another for'a- chrch of the bible'and for the ,1 !

: . .. . . dolt! .uld yitlon.nlyJ l. : r .-....: 4 ; -' ;1 : '!: s: 1. .' t *fl

1 p"E-E

> I'MC* Xt :w I. I 1 1oJ ? : '

'*. '\ -

t ., Y ,_,'' 10./>0...... .e 11' ,....,} .. .... .... .;!I.'I'., .' .,.,....... j\j.-1\ ,.. .
crk .,., h.4. JL!......' ;.: ..r-...I.f' .p: 'f< 'f. ..w.:; .::... ., '", ''' '' :;{h '1vr"o.,
1 .' '11 (. 'I .,'. ', ;'f'I....., .'.": ,"','." :;';.,'. .t" ( ,.' ">1:. ". '.',..ii.: ','..: '


.- .

I __ _
' '

' .
% \ ..
: : -: -. --- ,

' 'I f have been Illicitly manufactures ad dark kreen, Ruaeten Kyle, '.. FINANCIAL MKVOHT MAnn .
:i B. DiCKERSON 1' commonly .called. Moonshine, aokins-- oullsr and cuffs, detachable. TO COUNTY .M'.I
,., 'f LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS ham.liquor,or shall other upon/conviction Illicitly manufactured such new Apply let Mala .... )''J. SSOMTH o.. b'S.KIJANf. _ _

: CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER _ offvuM, be punished by Imprisonment FUR SALE)-Wood.n washlnc The lpoltory reports showed th/
FCJto.'OSC&a1'OI1J1T: la the City Jail *5 hard labor for a chine; nearly ..... Apply *el Main following balances 11th.*. varlov
! Brick-laying Lathing Plastering RBPORT OF SCHOOL. ; r Krlod= not exceeding: Ninety. I nays orJl'fttnoIrr' .tr.... S -tfTOR 'und.: -.

:_ FOR rum rUHIOD ICNDUIO DlllCIIIJIBf1II. .!, IMS.Th .xceedlnsr Two Hundred 1nu.d" ...._?..,.?--......-SlfSI.SI _ _
Painting *.
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