" o : J; .A'.'

tlngency any urgent need of money the first In February of eachtheereafte < State of M...... A
arising from sickness. the pur- rea Monday a. m* or as soon !. re ...... e< Albert Byre u-.... We give special attention to fitting out hunting and camping. parties.,, "J, x

. education of p..acUba.i at- which AN ORDINANCE Free delivery,in city: limit. 'Phone No. 12. "
chanse" of a home, the meeting there 'by and To 'all Creditor L rate .. Dlatrtbu- "
I children,, or:. anything of that sort.'from the stockholders aoct Board ol tees and all Peraone having Claimsor An' Ordinance to' Prohibit Interference We are" county!: agent. for good fertilizer Ask us'for"circular' and
Plrtono.lor the' ...uln. year7", Th. with the fire enrlne.' fire hose '
said Estate '
and he do soiln ten days and Demands against
can I price* fertilizer W; .
'Board of Directors so elected shall You, and each of you are herebynotlaed or any .part .thereof,, ,when ..In. opera- on .
this without for selling the ,
> . expense meet.,,Immediately u and required, .. any
.. .ecn tie., i If you sold bonds yon ment of such b.laC'fn'l; the clalma and demands which you\ or Bill _'_' ORDAINED BY THF'OOUNCHj!) .
J, would have to'' pay. j brokerap' andtaka'the stockholder.and shall orranlse by either of you may have ae-atnet thestate OF THE CITY; 011' KISSIMMEB: -
1. That
electingfrom theirown number any person or persons .
of Albert Byre Drourht. -
m.rkeprice,whatever that. who shall Interfere In ,.
President Vice-President," Secretaryand late of Oaeeola County. Plor- any manner '' -
:might, be. .With war savings stampsor Treasurer. - to the undersigned Bxeeutrix ol whatsoever, with the operation of ) SEED BEANS TOMATO 'CUCUMBER MELON SEED CORN
eertl eatea' bun1 l .ARTICLE. Tilt The' ateckhold.raof said e.tatakwithin from the the Bro' engine 'while engaged In the
can get one one year "
you this l shall at the firs! work of'tI bUD<< fire or who shall In 'SORGHUM BEANS COW;PEAS.,
1 dred per cent, raplug interest 'at a"annual meeting, or .. soon thereafter date b.reot. ; A. TJ.: 'utO.' I any manner whatsoever, Interferewiththe VELVET _.
slightly lower 'you >would aa practicable, adopt the necessarybylaws Dated F.bHroary'fth., DROUGHT. Are hose, or any part then.o4 .
,if waited until This;' for the of this -. by drlvlnr over same while engaged *
you ,metarit1'. corporation. .government . *-tt.< JCxeeutrix.HOTICH ,f "
,rate is approximately percent,! ARTICLE IX .. The blithest amountof of a mlbemeanorfianndn eonvioion
'.'Wben:701I.: get four' rant if yom (Indebtedness. liability to which .TO:dUBPlTOaa.In ( shall be subject to -a 'fine of S'E'DS. r
, wait'.until'maturity.,f"X' this corporation shall be subject shall not more than ttf.e* or Imprisonment ; :
.' be Twenty Thousand (10.000.00) DolAJITTCL5 Cears of 'c--; *...! .., Ossssla for not more than SO day.Section ,
; "I,sm glad to say. that the Deceml -; Cy"< .... of n...... S. ''All-ordinances"* or parts t :
sales of ? Until'tbs'ArUI' .t Jeeepb'P.To" JefioMs. of ordinances In conflict herewith be, ..,. ..1.1We'
i >er' jwsrfM lhg ; stpmps ", X' elec- la re Ba4ate; >>" "'
"t ,? : -.' and the same .are hereby repealedUnanimously. < 'can l upply'for immediate 'shipment 'all the leading .,&..4'.0;
, 7.---- -: tees' all and Credltora.all.-Pireona Lerateea.' ha-riaw TMatrlbv.Claims Ion. this. .. Ind.. day paaaed.ot- .,-March, -*open. A.. "sea D.. standard varieties 'of: aU ,kind of.eeedt., for,'planting, in;'out:State.; ,. t

;:. .. or Demanda .aaalnat said Batatei 1.10' ..
1 fwaapes.
'OBO. 3
Ton, and each of you ar. herebynetiped .Attest, President W"Of'P'OXo CounciL SQUASH, SEED.. 'FoTATO oNioN' SETS; 'ECG.'. PLANTS, '
... - and .required -to present any J. R. GILBERT ,

I eitherof claimand. you;demands may have which against yon, the or A,10ro., ve4*< this 4th Clerk.day-of: -' )Marcia A' i, -'(......1.*.***ti;.! PEPPER, OKRA... ui.CiU8'ii j. :

: 1 rIUU Oaoeola estate of County Joseph.Florida D. Jefforde, to the,ate underalarned' of- H-it, W. J. STEED. Mayor. Succe: ia gardening 'or' farming depend. 'to'a', very large extent. hon M
... '
mid .t.
AdmIn .tratrla' of "
the. WaL
quality of seed
within ''from date ., hereof : you
one year
Dated February 14th.A..- D. 1MO. NOTICE- Or- APPLICATION.- -' 'FOR.. -TAX- It b. 'been demonstrated beyond doubtthat I
"desired remits
; MATMSfJHJFFORDli:: : : ., ;"

: Iffil ttIt."r' ,- Administratrix. NOTICB IS That can. outcome "through plantinj'seedjofknmmquality.t .
I jza7icg,1:;, HEREBY. OIVBN. .'
; .. ,
;; : E.: E). Brown purchaser of Tax Certificate '
: .41 lit '''TR10'IHYRNTffiENTiI! ,JUDICIALQRCVI'I' 'No. 14B. dated the (th day of MARTIN'S HY-TEST SEEDS INSURE::CROPSTheviateretsin
caw -,
OP THB STATE or July. A. D. lin. has filed _leI certl-r .
IW r FLORIDA. oiRcurr covar.IB nests In'.my office, and has made application : '
THEUNiyiTRSAt: .CAII, AND FOR OCKOLA.oouMAT. : ( with deed to I.,certifcate fanminalld. gardening a ,the.; grestat we have

,: ., .IIICU1ITT cordance law. Bald ever known a*' everybody',realizes that production isaecessary: +and :
: embraces', the'' following described ,
; !I.'the Ford Runaboac n perfect whirtyriad Dr..U: ; pbtniaa, and j.'B. ... I property, situated In. Osoeola County. ,wiH.reduce the H.. c.'of L. - .. .
'.Here < .fmrm, Co:: .......... va. Florida '
r 'of utility. Etta intxj the'daily' life of Frank .ris: .ct. Ouch Story, bfuwhit 8BVL : to.WII\ Section 1* In Township , Our'spnng11920 catalogue l ready and .will l be .mailed, reo.oL ;
: D_. M. M. Mllleiv and all f .nge I* East lees begin
ererybody, anywhere everywhere'and all the -partten ..ka we clatmtaerM at'North west corner-thereof f run charge on ,reque.t It contains ;Mformatioa'of value for ,fJoric! \.'\\J:
.. *. !. the Breverty to whl.It South ; 14* ,: s.4 yards. ''Trucker and Planter*. .* '"
: 'time. For town and country, it Is :allthat it* relief la aaab bore S., ..Peleaidauta.The North 14' ,..yard.West-*. yards.-The ; ''i
.' name: Implies-a=Ran bout: Low'in 'cost'of :State f of.Florida,. to .all vartleeelalmln of said. Issuance land being of said assessed certificate at the In date the Haw is'the'; isms"; tO place orders for all seed*-you.can't' afford \: :.

'4 % operation }f low ,bst"of maintenance, with: an; Intent In,the property to name of Mary B. Warins. Unless to'wait for ced ',when, the proper ;season arrive: ,.to plant.: '. .i i
which relief I. aoufht. which property said certificate shall be redeemed aceordlnnr .. ,,
all the aturdy strength;dependability and;reliability IB' fully described herein and to, all to law (az-doI-win sue 'COTTONSEED -
>artlee-claiming Intereata' under the thereon on the 14th day of April,, A- 1
W for which Ford cars are noted.*We'd be 1 1520. CANE WE BULLET..PEA-
following deeeaeed peraone namely; '. . ; ; AMBER ,ORANGE, TEXAS RIBBON -
,,r. B. Story, J. XL. Story. Bllaa M. Halrell. - J. If, OTBRBTRBBTr: ;
I, "0 .pleased. to hare'your order tenODe or more. Wo ; ,Jamea Karrell. Reed Story Catherine Clerk: ,Circuit. Court.- OeoeolaCounty. . ; NUTS, HOG ',GOOBERS, 'TEOS1NTE, 'RAPE; 'EGTPIIAN'WHEAT'?

havq.about. everytMng' in'motor car accessories : : .liIto Mfrs.Marentha' Wilson Henry fi Florida.- By 8.8.'BUIS.OCIC.'DeQi. : RHODES SEED SWEET; ': "
Wlleon. R. Wilson, J.- M. Curl, Itl SUDAN. CRASS GRASS POTATOES,. ,, '
have full line of nuin'Fordparugive'aenui ,
and always a andK.. D- Malloy '
s or otherwise. In "said, described real Ctrmlt. Co>ir... State of ........... C 'VELVET ,BEANS, OATS, RTE ,,COW 'PEAS..
M o'Forchcmcc. .. : ....._t. .f....4al Circuit Osesla I : t
.' .a, are.ITUl'a hereby ORDBRBD required that to appear,y....and on you the Coaaty.. ' |a- Chaaceijr.- .Write immediately, for' catalogue I and j price )litL, also" all! on tni '
'Be 'MCe4L;
'rd day of May. ItlO. belnr on a rule Hearts Cesa.lam.e'vs.Maelka. . for 'any special ,information desire regarding
you may
: your crops.
t .... day of said Court to, the bill filed .L_ gear!!, Dot....... ,

N r L ;OSCEOLA' MOTOR"cO... oo.r.. ....t.. yon. -in .Jhe.- ,bove. said,entitled. It the appearinir bill Died by"In' affidavit the above-stated appendedto j 'CCT\ .OUR. (;PLANTING, GUBr) J .GET' OUR,CATALOGUE: ;; .

'I'b.'property.desorlb.d' la bill cause that Martha I* MoOrlff. the deendant GET IIY TEST SEEDS.'
and to-which relief la sought la described ::
therein Is non-real
eadwa7 named
.. '
3l1. '
,, -
as follows to-wlt: dent ef the State of Florida over the ,/
1Cisdnaes ; aovernment Iota L I and 4 of Section of twentyone'ear.. It Is there
FIa; .' are :
,. lL Township 'J I. oatJa., Rangsthirty ore Ordered that the said defendantbo :
'I, rlort4a.East. Oeoeola..Couaty.- .. State of, and aha la hereby required to appear E.. A. MARTIN SEED: CO. :
to the Mil of complaint Bled Inlaid -
: 'AMD. IT: IS TUKTUKK ORDERED _...- on or before Monday, the .
has this order be: published once a Y of April. A. D. ltl. otherwise '
.a week for twelve'........ In Klaelm the alterations of'" bAl will betaken (Oldest stabLUed seed house .b, Florida.. )
sees Wa11.yOsotts. a aewapaper:, laaald as confessed br said defendant. .
myt Oaoeolav.Wltneaa .- - It la farther .ordered that this or ._ E. Bay;,Si rlaekN.YMe: 'flL.iw. .
1,( r band and the seal of der be published one week for Von ; .
.t, said .Circuit -Court, this .llnd..day ofaauary. eonaeeatlve weeks la the Klselmmee ... . ,4 . ... ... S- w
vrf Valley ... a newspaper publish .. II.. ... ... .... ... .... ... . ..... ... .. .. ... ,. .. ...
I W t. a '1. " - L OYERSTREIri' This 4 MaN. 1520. ,fI
,. Clerk et the above UUt4bourt. : '
,: SEAL) I.-
( .
,. K.i DtntRANCR.'. .h'. . erk Circuit Court, Get: Your Job Frew t trre VaJ ,>Gazett
1'rt:.,,' 8. ollcltor or..ComplainantaOrlando, tL--p..BOt.t.OCJC.. .. . .Deputy.-Cl.rk.- Prig : &y .. .

,/' \.. "If- r ",- ... .., ..., .lorlda.. t. - f-lSL. ,......... -..... ..... . .. tll..L Jt........ "Jww; '*Wg) '.;c!: ?&KJ ,r>;'# 1'' '"! : ;.l(

..:.. .If' "!' ., r .. .

if. .. .il ,F :j' .
] I
) I \1, 1',4 .. ... '
1l ';"

. ; ,I' "% il .... (. q
i' .. .
...,. .. .. ... air t''I '.... ,,)oi. ", ,,,. ....... "'J1-'J.. .. .

...50 J.-.",{ :. : . .1'. .>(o'.. ;"" ,..,.. ...'."' :"",,'pus'..", I" .," s t. '. ;1.-" '... ''',', .',k',' i.i"' y, ,:!c ,' ,<.- ": .'

., ,. "at ,,,. "., .. .

4. .. t

; 4'::: / -rather. in .a bad predicament.. POTASH THRIFT'STAMPS' ARE "
Marshal Mis.ed'MeeL' .
Konday the city marshal missed

his dinner because he had to keepan LIME IS NEEDED FINE
eye on the strange female.'ami '
his usual stock of good nature was

getting. Next-low.seen of Nr..' Sellers" she was FERTILIZER PEANUTS % V5a !

in the ticket office of the railroad ,.
a 7.t... ,station asking the agent to give her .
""J a ticketto 'Jacksonville and she Will' ,Be 0.. Of the; Most Popular Attorney General Clifford,,' Walker

i a.r would send back a check for the Crops With the F&rIDen..nit. : Tells 01 .Advantages And ,How

price ance"with of it.the This rules was of not the in interstate accord- Year, .-Planting Time It I They CM Be,\Made Briar 'Extellcnt .

commerce commission .nor the A.. C., About Here.. Returns T. Buyers.'

L. Railroad. . .
With her usual persistence she argued ,The. peanut1 be one of the most Clifford Welker attorney general]

y and the agent; was suddenly popular crops with the farmers this for Geor.la,1. a strong believer in
Tt ''Vf called to answer, the 'wire. A 'few, arid'' planting time' is" about Thrift. He has practiced it from i
aa 4
minutes later the woman disappear- year boyhood: "I am glad to see peopleinvesting ,
eel.to bob-up1 ag.lnlln ,time for the here, numerous requests are coming; /; their money in saving !r
train north, which she and her ,child in to the Extension Division the stamps/ said. "It will be a Godsend ,
/boarded.. rGets College of Agriculture for Information to them 'In times of emergency."
To Ssnford. on the best fertilizers for this Distinct Advantage. __ t

City Marshal Tison was thankful.. crop. The following<; general recommendations ..]dr. Walker holds out that the, investment j : u
.. are being: given; of county sinking funds in
werd received here
And Tuesday w.
The fertilizer should' be .thoroughly
had Treasury Saving Certificates is le
Sanford that Hhe'woman
mixed with the soil before planting: e ,
been put off'th. train there. gal. Of course, the Treasury Savings ?
the ticket office here and it would be a good policy to run Certificates is $100 and' $1,000
While in *
? the planter Just by the side of the denominations are a government obligation $
when the 'attention of the agent was
distracted, she purloined a mileage drill containing;, the fertilizer.rather just as much as a government For rosy cheeks, k kI
r 1 than plant in the same row as the bond, and pay approximatelythe r
book. This she had on the train.
' ', . The conductor had his suspicions tender peanut sprout is easily damaged same interest as the fourth series happy smiles white

? LINCOLN BULLET.The aroused and took a second look at by coming: in direct' contact of Liberty bonds. The Treasury : ,
with the fresh acid fertilizer. Saving Certificates, however have ,
her transportation. The woman had la
People Candidate for.Governor filled it out to take her as far as Potash and Urn. distinct advantage over the bonds, Iii teeth good appetites

Give Him. Your First Choice: Vote Cincinnati. The Atlantic Coast Line The fertilizers most necessary are that they may be redeemed on demand ,

all the time does that far and phosphates, potash and lime. The at the Treasury Department
He a for:all the People Railroad not run /P digestions.Its
SflO to 400 pounds of and
'(Ad..) neither.dld the woman 'ride any'farther application and the holder will receive all thatbe : .
than Sanford. acid phosphateand 100 to 150 put in plus interest. If he leaves
Marshal Tison Sanfordis pounds of Icanit per acre will be sufficient the certificates until their maturityat -

.: Somewhat Queer City welcome to have the woman says in its for suitable soils that have the end of five years, .Jie will receive .

. midst but he certainly feels sorry been properly prepared. In ease the something over four per centAnother S Its benefits areas GREAT
? soil is deficient in organic ammoniaand advantage of these Treasury
Kind Of Woman for the appearance child.In the young woman lacking in humus,. 100 to 200 Saving Certificates is that the as its cost Is SMALL ;,

was anything but prepossessing.Tall pounds per acre of blood and bone interest la compounded automatical
Is Visitor.Here angular without the least added to the mixture will be profita ly.' If you buy bonds'It is necessary '

.: in carriage hair bobbed and ble. The fertilizer should be applied to cash the coupons semiannuallyand ... ;t

:, Stepped. Of After -Act. Acddeat, atn grace<
. Passed Bad GeeD Reused 100-per cent. the fertiliserboverptheessurfaedndthen amounts compound of moderate the size Interest the' Interest On- sweets. and Is beneficial. too. .s:

1 At Win'' Md Stele" RaU- work.Jt into the soil with a will not be large enough to Invest

81 LUKE'SHOSPITAL harrow or disk. readily in a loan. In the saving ";'ri
e v.a.MiI.ag..
; : Other Fertilizer. certificates it is invested for you.
Stable manure may be applied for for a period of five :years. Then you
Queer people drift into communities JACKSONVILLE WANTS peanuts only when well rotted and can get the principal and reinvest it t

and Klssimmee is no exception then in limited quantities. Heavy if you like in a new aeries of savings
in playing nnwilUno host to them attlm. applications of fresh stable manure certificates. ...

... This< statement can be verified TRAIN MORE NURSESMakes applied at planting time will produce Installs***! Plan. 'U"Ih
by City Y Marshal Floyd Ten; heavy tops and a small yield of nuts. It has become popular all over the

Saturday there was an auto wreck. An application given to thin sandy North and West to buy a $100 Treasury :

s, ed between here and Campbell. In Excellent Offer T. Y..., land long enough in advance of Saving Certificate on the installment .
It was a Sanford.man who formerly planting to insure thorough mixing plan. A man $2
can pay a I
lived here, ;and a. young woman.tylinic I Wo.e* Of Florida. T. Take with the soil is beneficial and improves week or $8 a month and in tenmontla. Meal"v C

'herself'Mrs. J. C" Sellers ofti Coone-Te Adadt Thirty. conditions by adding organic have enough with a small .

C1ev.laadUhio' ? and a girl about : Five M..... nitrogen and humus, both of which addition to pay the present value of '
1' years old, whom the woman claimed .-- make soil conditions more favorablefor a $100 saving certificate. For example "

'. as her child but subsequent:'develop : In an effort to make the scope of the nitrogen gathering;' bacteria. a .."
mints proved the little one was her' Its service state-wide rather than I Beat Peanut Land. cats costa $82.80 rand will ,
niece > and. the mother'of the child thrive best limestone '
Peanuts on cost $84.60 in December. By: the 1!
at Jacksonville
local St.Luke's Hospital
e resided in Jacksonville., I or marl soils and even these are frequently first ft January, 1826. it will be redeem r
'1',The. auto was speeding and in tryfnjr .I Fla., has thrown open its I benefited by the addition of bje by the government at $100.

to pass another car, turned over doors to the young women of Florida lime. An application of. two or three Savings stamps which sell for

, The man escaped unhurt and disappeared who would adopt nursing as tons of ground lime rock to the acre $4.14 in March and $4.23 in Decem- I

r. the child had Ha collar bone their% chosen profession, by enlarging will have a beneficial effect. Part ber will be redeemable at $6.00 on
broken and the woman her heel Its student nurse school. of this lime will betaken up by the the first of January, 1925. which is RF Ala :f.

bruised. The auto is in a local garage .While the hospital always has ac- plant as fertilizer, but the greatestbenefits exactly the same rate of increase as >
and will take two weeks to re- cepted student nurses when there will come., from sweetening : the Treasury Savings Certificates -

f 'pair it. The wife of the Sanford man were vacancies in its nursing force, She soil and improving its mechanical '

.was here Monday looking after it It never has Many time been equipped condition. In case the lime is not The advantage of $100 and $1,000
the ------ -- .
and daggers at woman who was to train. as many as now. In applied in the fall, which is the best certificates is that they may be registered -
with her husband at the time of the the student already lime at the rate of FOR COUNTY COM1II.S..ONEB
addition to nurses time, hydrated and thus if the securities; are "
i, accident., in in the hoepItalthe 800 pounds per acre just before lost the owner is protected. l Political Announcements j J Friend of E. '"L. D. pverstreet au- .4us ::
Somewhat Flighty. governing boar of St. Luke's has planting, should be used in prefer- With these advantages the Treasury thorite to announce his name as *.. r.

,I: The Sellers woman may be somewhat arranged for the admission of thir- ence to ground lime rock. The hyd Savings Certificates is an ideal candidate commissioner for re-election from. District a* N.county.. JL ..

11' flighty in her superstructure ty-five more young women. rated form is more active than Investment for sinking 'funds or FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER.I subject to the acUon of the democratic -

t=' but she possesses shrewdness and'a Larger Student Group. ground limestone and will begin to trust funds up to $1,000 a year. hereby for the announcemyself office of County a candidate Commissioner - primary to be held In June. t-
nonchalance not easily matched. Her the in the soil .t
neutralize acidity from District No. I, and
first'public appearance in the city Arrangements for a larger student once and the peanut plants will 'get Subscribe for the Kisslmme Valley !. respectfully solicit th* support of thevot..ra I take this method of announcingmy
group were made when it was found Gazette.Classified. of that dUtrct In the June pri candidacy for reflection to the
was' Saturday night when she went of Florida Its benefit while they are small office of Tax Collector of O. *ol..
'behind the scenes at the Casino theater hat many young women 01 .- mary. I. H. WETHERBEB. County In the Primary to b* held on ?
during the cowboy act 'She wa.nmon.trated anxious to follow' the profession SWEET. POTATO FERTILIZER.The June 8th. Since belntf' In this office L
have devoted whole time to- the .'
nursing, were being forced to enter my
with far the AdvertisementsWANTED. FOR SHERIFF
as -
as ofsce not engaging; In any otherbusiness
sidewalk with a big rope thrower hOllpltall'inthe, north because of the sweet potato is one of'the I hereby announce for 'th office of of any kind. If r* nomlnat wed
farewell... somewhat restricted opportunities in Flor: Iherlflt of Osceola. County. If electedI I promise the same careful and
bidding her'a'Texas' in Florida. St. most crops grown will do my duty. I will appreciateyour personal attention to Its duties a* In
Numerous trips were made by the secure training ida. A large acreage was plantedlast support the past I solicit your vole and In'
woman" along Broadway, accosting Luke's is the only hospital, In the year and the indications are YOUNG'TJNDALL.. fluence and assure you that It will bevery ,
'various people with perfect abandon state that complies with the requirements that the average will be increasedthis FISHING TACKLE-We want aeyeral FOR SHERIFF., much .appr.ola.edi.; BANDT.
and she also .requested Mr.. Barnes of the national nurses association -: year. The yield of this crop depends thousand yards of Seine from .
the Red Cross and the army four Inch meah. on down. Any one 1 hereby announce myself as a candidate -
,,3' of the, Postal Telegraph; to cash to a large extent upon the interested In Ashing" with Seine or for the office of Sheriff of 0. FOR TAX ASsESSOR "
,4 'her; check and send .a message to, and navy medical departments.The proper fertilization of same.. A four Trout Line whether you own your ceola county and respectfully solicit I hereby. candidacy"' ti
conductedat outfit not Trill receive reply the .' of the democratic. voter announce my
i ,Mascot. Mr.i Barnes' concluded the Requirements. year fertilizer experiment or prompt In the June: primary.J.I for the office of Tax Assessor of Os-
hoodoo. \ the Experiment Station; showed! to any Inquiry regarding loca ceola County subject to the action of ,
woman was a Contrary to the 'general impression tion of Camp price., term, eta H. SMITH.
'is the highest yield of sweet potatoeswas "* the Democratic Primary, to be held 'i
education not requiredof Frostproof
a college Lake Region Fisheries F
Becomes"': uJaDce.I. June 8th IUO, and will appreciate vyour
fertilized with FOR SHERIFF.
the applicant admitted, -one term made on a plot Florida. vote and support. *
I., She 'went' into several.' 'restaurant of high school being sufficient This 112 pounds of dried blood, 94 pounds today for a frampin ... I am a candidate for the office of JBNN1NQ8 B. PRKVATT. .
Sheriff of Osceol and will
'p. and took possession'of' the kitchens requirement. is ..in .certain Instances munte of potash ,and 224 pounds of copy of the Florida Farmer appreciate your countI' support In FOR '
until ordered out, and I! well known waived if the applicant can show the acid phosphate. Potash was foundto and Stockman published at Jack the democratic primary to be held COUNTY COMMISSIOHBR.
is kicking himself hard .onvlll.. Tell about livestock railing next June. If elected I to ann'-;; ndl.i
Toceryman equivalent of a year in high .ehool.. be valuable in producing''Mph promt L hereby : m Y\
for cashing a check for.her to the three yields.. Ground limestone did not increase -. dairying poultry citrus fruit. administer the duties of .h. office for the office of County .bommla.lon.":
Student nurses are put on and trucking, weekly, at 11.00 pergarthree ,
and level b..atto
Impartially to do my
amount of $S. He got $1.25 of the months ,porbation and at the end of the :yield of the potatoes in > years for 11.00. Qnly make the best sheriff this county action from the of Fifth the Democratic District subject Primary to the

II'' money back.: At two hotels she was.asked this time,' are paid $10 a month, this fact the yield was not as large where livestock and feneral farming paperIn has! ever had.. be held on ,June Stb. rte
I how long before she >,intendedSh.'pnrehased remuneration being, in addition to., complete fertilizer plus the ground the state. Writ today. L R. FARMER. J. H. BAISDEN.

lag away, not howlong she their room board and learnin limestone was used as where just WANTED-Toun a; man to learn auI'- FOR COUNTY' COMMISSIONER. FOR COUNT JUIKJE3. le 4
; J Applications l should' be addressed the complete fertilizer was applied. "eyt"Ir'.nd drautrbtln. Apply AlanJ. _' r.
$!<> worth'ofgo od l lat St..'Luke'sHospitaldackaonvllleFla. The difference of profit. and loss is MacPonough. IB-It. W. Q. McClelland of Kenansvllle. I hereby. apnounoe- andidicyfor
a, millinery store, and paid for it sometimes determined by the fertili FOR RENT announce Commissioner hi* from candidacy District for Count the ofnc**'ef.County Judge,of O-''
ceola County, subject to 'h* Democratic
with worthless; piece of paper' The I ser applied. tToo much study cannot MI'. McClelland has been resident of Primary to b. ..held Jun. Sth..
goods were1: returned ,by \the. .city Small Boy :Say.,':,mister, ,give mea be'given this question\ Complete re DWELLINGS Tiller.FOR .rent., Apply, to at sceola County- for the past twentyy.ara 110. U-.lect..4..l"proml. to ,do>- mjr-
mashal. pound of oysters. suits of the above experiment .have engaged In farming; and cattle duty to the best of my: >ability. ,,' ,
'' raising and If elected.* assures the I -Z BABa .
,In the; meantime City: Marshal Ti Dealer-W. selloysters1 J. bthe: been published in bulletin form,and RENT-Mo.t attractive front office district and county th. 1'SENATOR.

son was ;expostulatinng with, the measure, my.'boynot by the pound. can' be had by applying to the Experiment In the city,. Dr.over Dunaway.pot office Inquire , bestservices, at hi* command. ANHOIIMCRMRNT' FOR STATE
.occupied by
woman .because her actions, and Small :.Boy-Well, ,den,' gimme .a StatJonatXSalnesville.: now Charles, D. Cole. Kt.slmm..f FOR COUNTY JUDGE. v -
the he did not assert' his '
only reason ,
yard.-Es. 'THBJ OFb_
official prerop Un- was because of A want act./In the Valley ,Gasette t'hereby' anno--;;; myself a candl- THE NINETEENTH 8&NATOIUAiI.
the injured child in her care,', or Subscribe for the Valley Oatette .TOR RENTSubject To Bale:'' ConS dat. for County of O.o.olaCounty t-
will South
rent your spar rooms. 'cret bun plow. 10' Fenfleld of Mr. C. F. subject to the Democratic I have entered the 'race "tor Btater
Klsslmme.' Enquire Klsslm- Primary to be, held Jun. Sth 1(10. Senator from the lUb Senatorial District '$.
-\Thrasher Clay Street Summers, I will strive If elected to perform the comprising tb. Counties of Oranre -
,mee, Fla., or Mrs. Mary Flat, duties of tb. office efficiently* couroucly - Seminole and 'Osceola, and
,101 West Monroe Street. Vpper
and Impartially. Di.dge myself to abide by actioni <
.' Jacksonville.-. fi-4t-pd. your :
i' . GEORdB. fOX. the Democratic Primary to b* baldJune
F (th. If elected -will --give mjr,
. .co.. good a*
!qa pO iJdaf ''"' Ceell.r',. ,' .\ JI.' :'f.rl'ic..Prw.' cI.nt .'mad.. See F. H. LawsonItf.. for1 1'b.rby'announce; the -State Senate as from a Candidate the 15thDistrict ,
"" , ,' ,: ''
; . : 7' comprising Osceola, Orange
f' ; f. .: ; .... '\ HATCHING, EGGS from thoroughbred. Teaterlald and Seminole Counties, and I earnest.ly DR. C:.. E., DUNAWAY )
,"' : r ,.". : ) / : ,8. C. W. Leghorn solicit the support of all Democrats
.. 'J> "' "J I. " '1I-'IU.-t''< ...,,' it 1i, '..,. 'I'. ,'" . .....'fI'rr", ,."]" ( : ,. .,:. '''''r"""' ' ''. '. and Ferrl Allen StraIn.Foadlck f,1.00 Klsslmmee per it, poet R. In the Democratic Primary to b* held Will Move From Post
r' : : ",, : 'I' '.;1' . : .j; ",: ) ... : paid. } June $th.. haverred OaoeolaCounty
. limit > er- 'd. Office After
{ i rail from city on Building
'. ; '. "m ..t"I.i". '. .." J' one State
,.', :-....... : c In Legislature' the
.. .r. lastFOR
l' ." ': !i Bt. : To His New S
.. sslons
t t \"",.., ?tr"1'1 ., ' .., ., .., . ". ', .. ta.t' the. respectfully Offices
record there.
( to
.. ;; ':' 'r' " ;,. : SALE!!-On. Beta- Blectrto 'Wall. If elected my I will serve the .district to Over Central,
.. :>< <: '. : ", ,l .. . : Plate.Practtoally prl_ Apply new.'V&B.y'sett. At.< reasonable Ga- h. ,best" ,of my abUlty.N. Drug Store, ,,/ '

"'.' .::0, .: . -S ',.U. .stmmeeYFlorida.FOR
'J:., ;; ,. '''I' : . $ .
. ' ." "
; N I ,
( FOR. 8ALB--Fin* residence Pl'opertY.qual't.rblock"
: r< **..D roomed house, ,TAX COMJBOTOR. FOR SALE'

"t. :Bank'iof 'Osceola orang trees pecan trees lire oak. am''a candidate" for the office of .'
: : :County flowersvin..*, shrub ; Garage, "
I iwoodsned and two 'room In Tax-: Collector for Osceola County In ;'
Modern Bungalow
6 Room Concrete ;
'"* fo .fun.. propertytoo the Democratlo Primary to b* field ..
r ar. Reason r' June 5th 1810, and will appreciate) 608 Fenfield S. Kissimmee lot 6Oi.I" r
,' '''',\ i J aSSlMMEi: :FLOR/DA' ... lar*** for present owner Apply
r S ,j;; . ,' ,- Valley Oa ette._ 1tf.FOR' your: vote v and support.BAJILBJ LUPFER. 100; one lot 40x100,. ideal;loeationr iJf'for
... . u gasoline station,' garage,:grocery
BALK-On BmcrsonTypewriter, '
SUcc.uora to soft .. lot:
store drink stand
( .., .vCitizens model three, visible, as gOOd a. new. X hereby announce my candidacy for or ; one ., \VlH1
.' Apply'' Valley'! Oaaett. tf. reelection a. Clerk of the Circuit 40x100. suitable for either; residenceor ,
of Osoeols. County, subject to business.! cash .'
Bank 'of KissimmeeiiklthAbility Court payment.
)..''l'. ,.>.1 FOR BALE*-Second-band Ford oars the action of the Democratlo Primary monthly payments to. .uit.purCh..r.. ;
,, . ,, .. ; at attractive prigs Osceola Motor June[ fth, 1S10. ,
.f; ': ,7'' Cow. SOT Broadway. I.extend my sincere thanks to the For further' information'call on'or', ;
: .,.: address > ' i i=
.,; . . and solicittyour support.llt.lhis timeand ?
. I .. whit Knrllsh -
." FOR SALE-Ladies new:
.. . '. Broad Cloth Coat-Salt size ISor -it elected I pledge yon a faithful. MRS. MART SUMMERS t,
;f. .tAr; d } $ ', .
40. Sell for 10. Inaulr discharge of my, dntles.H "
O.J.o") O1 ? J "-- co.td7l. 808 W. Monroe St, Y..PPfJC"
f U' ll-lt F1apd'
i i 8i. ; ,J Y/ Flat .u. Building ".I *-I f 7.; I* OVERSTREiET.TORSVraRIN'rBNDBNT Respectfully !'t' Jacksonville, Fla. >. !\ .
..... FOR BAL1I-OD.! hlv. of' hOne," bee "
et .. .j .. Apply to R. 0. LlTlngiton. on Or- !: OF PUBLIC First Hobo > .may be i now, ?

.t..t..t 'ando. Road ar.t. beyond' city,U-U-pd.rnFOR 7'J J 1NSTRUOrIOH.1M-' )! but when I was young. I bad mt; own,
S It* :.1..
I -
W I BALB-Hatoblnir: Eggs mostly to th. offle of.County Bu- ,Second'nobo-l'Tfep/and': ',yerfmawPuh6d
h.BanIi,Wf r-'iH ..,... .,AS.> "", ., St Wblt Leghorn. ...15 p.rs.tling.B. perlntendeat of Pwbllo Instruatlowsubject 1t.-Ex..* +'t r
aiIT : H. Brock Mabbett *tr.et, west of to thdecision of the Demo. I 1f f *, ,
'.and Wlllm.naa-1o-Sft'H ,"' '- "'-; ...' -.: "" .,.. ... DEPOSITS INSURED ,tb. ____b.--" : li-lt-pd. June Itb, 1110. If brave
} ; ellotedJI.promlw...&o"-4ot. In.th. Sam was-making a
'" .. :... : -i .... ..\ -Q 'i .".. -toT ;'. If:.yoa! have anything' to ..u. trade future.'aa I- have In-the$duties h. paC tbwhol.ofjoy to' pronouhce"arithmeUcslIy :-whet.,
.fi.\"t of the
f"r.1y.tf" ._: '\\4f "t.\. i ," ,,} 1.1 -.. \. .a ,} ,'YO -: .v exchange) try an "ad in .our, elas- otA* *."*""*->. "Ox.1AB.TOWXLU tlme.t: *..--, he. "gave thepronunciation: ',...,
: liW'co11UD11o' *\>' .' : ...Arltb-ma7-tlek1.m.; ,w ..
L .-.- .' /I ;; \ '

). ; l -- S ,. "Iii ., t: :,L II t., ,4I' ill .I.
/ 4 it '

j5 .. .. ,((f., f ., :;i J:
< "

" ,t :. ., .' " .. ... ,. _-.. .. .'i :j 1. 4 ff
. \ l
: '. "' brtel,,. ' .4 r
r ,, "IJ<,; .." " .,. -> :, .. o
.'> 'f'.w '" . "" -.,- .,I1"r..r! .1 i : .' i ;; .

Group Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette.
Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
Uniform Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette
Alternate Title: Gazette
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Vans-Agnew & Harris
Place of Publication: Kissimmee City Fla
Publication Date: March 26, 1920
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
Coordinates: 28.303889 x -81.412778 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 24, 1897)-
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Volume ID: VID00952
Source Institution: University of Florida
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'''.. .... -
""" : .. C It 'l'i "/I.. ...,

'.- .. 't .). ,':1 \
Kb,' ,I' . , 1M > .. . ,, ." \N. " " '
". .... I 1 x t t1e Pnrrnri!' i" ',.cr ." 'i

: 'j' ; =-;r I s sr: .E.. 'V AL. LE.'Y' '..('j il AZ. .ri m I, H; .nCeoLAAflDSCnseremsses I>OnTmHt N/O G'1'Maiw

....,. It seers. 1, :1' . ...,.... -- .... ........ -

.' ., -
; b" '1: I'OSC6OLA( Ol1RNALCiruiid.bd'1a.ouj1Y9fS./< .. .104issT. '. " -
,, .. :/ ed ', . . ,
: : ::

.'_1Tall.. -"" ,.,.........'... : i" i "LISS MMU FLORIDA li'RRaAY MARCH lair mo .
....... G........ nee ,:sass' ro.I'.t". .. b 1P..........a..aeaea'i ,_ ...' . , , .' VOl.. :- "IS
._. .

;FRED MBASSBOUNDIr, $ !,,00400p0000000000 t CITY ELECTION WILL r00:*- A0NINNATI. N,, l$ PYTHIANISM IN CITY'' *000000004 BOARD--?",OF"T.44 t DE"To'.0000000, ** 1II0YIHG.PfCTQ.'T4F\u $' OF !i


:* rw.;Teieleetionrof' city official* t Pursuant .:to .the''newly adopt- 1

IN TdESUWS50.00" 5 wHh bit ,held tomorrow w and the 0 OFBIGBIACKASSWith HOLD SPECIAL MEETS .ed,'resolution of the ,JUulnu .. + BIGADVERTISING

; .*ticket i is a simple one for any' . 0 Board. of Trade to give all membera.one 0 .. ... .. .. .
i .. __ .
I 0 -
body 'understand as there 1* week's notice of ,.meetings. -,* """I""

Decisoa! Rendered By' Judge ,T. M.. no opposition to any of the candidates Party' 0* LaW' Hatcaaehah, He. Ramk ,Of.,Page Conferred On Two At *{ "of certain kinds., President* W.'L Hart. Of'E.' Aad'rL,,FBai'Bsl.
{ ; chosen the primaries O .Lads. Twelve S e.--Aai' Fin Session Wednesday Hiht-> I *\John S. Cadel and :Temporary O01Secretary '.... : : Lk_' *
f' Murphy, Of Oaceola.IC..trC.ut : .: the 'early part of the month. .* ') : : Sam I..lupferunder,4 i .- -.
'' Cr.t'Pj..: t
At The Preliminary: 0_ The ticket is as follows ; 0 Pouadenh-:..Abo Number. ,, .. Many t'AppEcatioiu' Are : 0 date: of ;March,, 20. have\ called : To Leading.r'

Hearing Of; Bus i9For mayor, John' S. Cadet; 0 SmaylerOnei. .-.'v Being Received. : v> attention' of. members to a meet.* Mea- H.-
0 for clerk and tax collector J.- R.: : tinjr of; the organisation. be i.- -- f
Fred M. Bass, candidate 'for the Gilbert; for treasurer, J. ".Rob, 0 Early thi*' week. fishing patty Cyfhianism 'In Klssimmee among held Friday evening' March '28. .1''W' ; K.I Hart of. ,AU.6ta".Ca-u a
state senate'from the 19th senatorial 0. ersonand; members of the council -, returned fro Lake lIatehne ah with the] local] eraft"ba. takenon a'regu' !' 0 at 8 i o'clock p. m., at the, city. m.Dtbe.of the E. and, ILi-Films Ex. .,
\:district comprising thee ,counties, of I. for two'' ears. A. S. Gilbert one of the greatest catches nof black lar] considering Fnt'ndshl1'Ire I C council chamber,for the, purpose 4 Changeuof'that"city. < *was In'Kl..im-
'Osceola, Orange and Seminole was O and ,J. .W, Thompson',.;yote, for bass that has been made in this vicinity 'is the'' holding of 0 of adopting a constitution and'* mee, several day >the early 'part :-of
S.turda7'.ftemoon' in the' county i. two, {'o > for some time which is a special!! meetings in order to keep the : 0 bylaws and of electing a full,* the week the.guest.of< Mr.-. and 'Mrs.
.county court bound over to the circuit if '. strong statement considering 'the growing class of applicants' moving I *time secretary..Other matters of J D.. Woodbeck.' and brought,'with
court in the sunhof $6.000 as the '000'0000000' ..6000000OSCEOLA'DELEGATION luck that has attended other fishing along in the' matter- of taking' their I vital'' importance to,the city will him one'of, the best,propositions for
outcome of the encounter. between parties, ,who have been wintering degrees.: *\be. considered., The presence and Advertising Kissimmee and 'surrounding '
him and Editor W. .B. Harris of the here., 'There! has been a big revival' 'of I co-operation of. all members. are.* secUontirat.has ey.r,J>en. .,
,Kissimmee Valley: Gasette which-occurred One enthusiast wai A. Cohn; of the Pythiansim' throughout the state .. desired. submitted.-to the authorities' hered
Saturday March 6 \lasUon the firm of Cohn,'Ilahn and Newstedt, during the past three months and its 0: dOOOO100000:0400000 As a member of the film concern
wholesale jewelers of Cincinnati.Mr. seems to have struck Kiesimnice Mr.
parking on Broadway, during which .. Ilart.has, traveled over the Unit
Editor Harris received serious injuries 'TO BE GIVEN SI 0,000BYSTATEROADBOARD Cohn is :on the road for his establishment. members of'the 'order in' good' .. ed State and ha discussed Florida
'" I
to his ;right eye, necessitating a greater part _of. the Shape. with people of varolns section. : In .(
regular visits to an eye specialist at time and probably''sells more 'dia J., L.; Overstreet; -'-chancellor com FAST PASSENGER this connection he states that there' \
TampaDr.: .. Rollin Jefferson ' monde than any other representativeof mander'of the loeal' lodge, who has I I. a wide impression that Florida Is
Judge' Murphy Presides.:, a Jewelry house who travels rthe been confined to hie home with 'sickness '. nothing but a lot of sand and bath-

Judge T. M. Murphy presided aDd country.' He is now,',out for" 'the' ,fish j for the past several weeks:' was ENGINE HIT AUTO big beaches. People, of the, United
.I after hearing about a half dozen Went T. Ocala Meeting WednesdayAad'Came catching i record. ?: able to be out this week and presidedat ; States do not know of' the fruit,,
witnesses tot the state quickly made Others in the'' 'artywere; 'W. E.Sand.r.on. the' regular meeting; of the lodge truck and farm lands in .this state
his decision. Bass made, pond a'; short I : Away SaeeefsfuJ John Sanderson and,.l. held 'on Wednesday night.' .At this DRIVER ESCAPES and express surprise when, .told
time after& the "" court proceedings M Work'Betw..u'Deer Park'.. Earl Lupfer. .. meeting the lodge conferred the rank about '

.., ended. .'.t.J '" 'j i c% '._* !>" 3 ( .i |i In the string of black bass caught; of Page on Sam H. Prather and Will t _, 1 them.Misleedia
; The' cue of the: state was. looked I'Lb, :: I there were about thirty of unusually Goldstein. The'''lodge also accepted M: L .. .Ia Which W. E. Farmer Wa Mr. cart referred St.yrti d. re 11
.after.by,Joseph.H....Jones, state attorney. Osceola countrydrew the best good size Mr.. Cohn landing the the applications 'of.Bart Bryan and ', cently published in the Country-Gen.Ueman ..'
t' :A. Akerman. of the firm of prize'at' the'meetlngat'Ocala'of the largest which included a,12 pounder M..CDupont: to receive the degree Riding Badly Wrecked At' the.author of which 4.lmbed..FJ.orld

TCribbs. Akerman. and Steed,...repra- state.".:road, department Wednesday, on. ,weighing 7 pounds and another of' 12ha"order-and-two-.dditionaplieationa ""ap-- t .*..- :Drary.: JStreeL.Crotsiag. ," as sandy and bathing resorts *
ented bdr. Harris. The interests -of curing the promise of the payment 6 pounds as well as smaller ones.' He ''for memberahlp"'were'"..received By No.:>1., for'which he baa 'reeel'Ved"bor -;
, the' defendant were in the hand. of by that body to the county of$l-;- "*. asserts at the very first opportunity "and, referred to proper. com only .criticie>A but condemnation and

the',1aw. firm ,f.Jobn.tonand: .GarCharge ....-.. previously allowed by-.It but. er ha will make another trip, so well mittees.1" 'W. E.-Farmer, foreman ..of the the press: of the state ha entered; *
re given;"and' the" possibility 'of' ore satisfied was he with his success. f" New Eden Plantation near''' Nareoos- protest with the publisher of. this.'
-- -- In W rraat.- funds for road work,"but HO 'de ni 1e. Others also had excellent luck and Wednesday a.marriage license w.i. see.' had a narrow escape from death periodical for permitting such a mi*
-The warrant againstBass charged promisee this respect.- in .all there were seven five pound issded' by'Judge'T, M.>..Murphy of Wednesday afternoon1 between ,2:90: leading article to appear in thin rep.
That; on the 6th day.of March. 1920. _There were about 200. Flortdians bass caught:.* well as a number thai county court' to James B. Barber' 1* and 3 o'clock when his '''Ford car utabla.publication. '. *", ,
In Osceola County one Fred M.Bass interested in' road improvements in weighing three noundsiMkhigan and' Ola Partin both of*Oseeola. was on the .railroad tracks at the ,JUr, flirt, has conferred: with John .
r*. did unlawfully and feloniously andwitty'malicious attendance coming from various ,f Drnry street crossing and was struckby 8.Cadel) presidepr of,the Kissimmee'' .
intent to maim and counties 'and the .tate board was SitRobt.Borderi engine hauling' No.,, 91 south.' Mr> Board,ofT..de and, mayor-elect and
? disfigure one W. B. Harris, put out busy the entire morning and afternoon Woman'Desires Farmer.lumped from' his machine >esented 'tohim 'plan of .advertls1g '
,and destroy the right ey. of him i sessions. and the impact: of the engine pitched Kisslmmee;> ene'thafis far bet- ..
the said W. B. Harris by gouging I t r' DdegatesTWalked. To Know'Facts .:JfUfnable'To', Visit: the car0ver" his head and slammedit ter and not so expensive a* the book.' /'
the same with the thumb and with f. 'Osceola count yiwa s i represented by up against the,.tool house along let which. are. so often used for publicity
,! the finger of him. the' said_ Fred YM: ., abont eight .or nine citizens going in ;OfFloridaAsh ttCountryclubV' the tracks ,' purposes'' and .proposition
n...." ,* vSpeciaUat I two antes,'lea vinghere a about 7:30 The''' engineer had stopped' ''the appealed to-Mr.-Cadel as a most excellent '
Teatifiea. in the The start delayed train before it. 'had' half its 4
f morning. was ; '::: gone- ona.W
Dr. Rollin Jefferson specialist ofT.mpa by the St. Cloud party havinga About Lads, Negroes,' Fleas, R..,.... T. lavitatiea Scads" Siat'cere' length and Mr.- Farmer 'was taken -n-- Moving 'Pict are'-Views.'

who is now treating the injured break down en route here and baying Moaqaitoe-;; Shakes, Spiders, Regrets=Happening Of aboard and' to. the -station where aphysician It I. to promote- this city and aee'
eye of Mr. Harris, was the to 'walk Into Kissimme for a Etc.-Ali.. Prices Of The ,Interest At Golf Qaartera was railed..In and examined tion by moving pictures. Take view. ,,.
; first witness. The substance his distance of about four mile*. Week.. .. him. Iti i was ascertained that of various places,"weaveinto'them;a ,,
testimony was that tho eye wall per I' In the first- ear were Pat Johnston Various. c... cJities. Daring.....- aside from-a'' numbness in- his" left story- of'a-local character,1 having the i
snanently injured, not put out. The John S. CadeJ, C C A. Canon Jr.. and Mrs. .l..Co Hart-of this city. has he'fame of, Kfssimmee's Country I; leg.and his right wrist;.scratched he leading 'men and women..-of the municipality *
not ,destroyed. It j might : W. C."Base. chairman of the county otherwise the-
,sight was received communication from Mrs Club.-rwhich is acknowledged ,to be was uninjured and went'to act parts in' picture
: be corrected but never a* good as it school board. .In the second car were II. a of one. of, the handsomest ;m any town the Osceola' Motor Company's, garage play ,Such" picture will last for
,.> originally was, by the use of,anartificial I S. L.'. Lupfer. Sr., J. Edward Krauseof C. Benjamin Michigan Onaway.asking PresqueIsle about of this size in the state,',is becoming where"his 'ear 4 was taken. eternity. It-can be preserved in rec-\
lens. Dr. Jefferson added that Narcoossee, Samuel Brammar and Florida ,she desires to to far''reaching and this week- the officers The machine vwas'. badly wrecked 'and'again 'brought before the '
as .move
. ..r. the sight of the eye h.crlmproved Claud" Johnson of St. Cloud. this state two avoid two feet of snow of the organization received a the front and rear wheels were broken public one hundred year hence. .
since it was injured. Pat Johnston ,Talks. the"' top torn 'Wind ,
wonderfully the level and four feet in drifts letter from Sir Robert Borden the ; .away shield Mr; Hart-point out that If then
p. Mr. Barber,, Witness.* k Pat Johnston 'wasj the principalpoke.man which Is rather-disagreeable In winter -' Prdmier, Canada, in which he ex- broken spotlight, 'smashed, i fender had been moving picture during the
'. W. I. Barber tax assessor.of Os- cthe' Osceola countdele..aUon. at her home. She desires .to sellout pnqeaes great regret that he: is un- badly bent. and. the< front axel like.. time'of Washington: today we'couXfv:
eeola county testified that Bass He called the attentionof her holdings at home and come able to visit it, in response to'' an,invitation wise. : aee' what 'history' 'tell' us 'of -'the., ,
talked with him before the encounter the board to its promise to Mr.-Farmer said that,
give to' this state and asks informationupon I he- has .received though be approach Father of His"Country crossing th.
and Bass told t1..''Iwitne.' he would this county $10,000 for work on the various commends it 'very highlY 'saying lag the crossing-rcoming.into' the -Delaware' and other laeidentsand. .
nuke Harris eat what he had said road in this county -between Deer subjects. ,Jie looked south but v
of trade that from the pictures o it. is evident city view' of occurrences 'In hi. lif- "* .
Members of .the
to him Jn .the1 office of the Gazette Park and .Alligator Lake) which had engaged ,in varied board pursuits are that' the--:club: Is one ogreat'! beauty the tracks, was ,obscured by the tool Advertise Broadcast', ,
' requested
the day before. Mr. Barber stated never been fulfilled. The state body to'react the letter Of Mrs, with a setting that,.is. ,most:barmon- house.and he craned his neck to get With' 'these pictures Kissimmee
ha advised Has not to have. any, agreed to make good itspromise... It Benjamin and each such in. ious?" ,' : : I a better view.. He ,also looked north could send out ta different, parts 'of"the.
trouble with Mr. Harris. vas also agreed that the Osceola formation as applies supply to his-business: The-ofncers'of the/'e1ub', had antiCipated !- and at the, time a man appeared to United State, -young'rmeir"efienergy :
Sam Prnthe Testifies. county representatives meet with Mrs. she. has.heard the pleasure, of entertaining be waving to him in warning and he' ':and ability to- appear in 'th0*
Samuel Prather testified he heard Major' Brown state road engineer Benjamin says the machine ,
all the good about Florida and would Sir Robert Borden who is 'one'' of stopped ,and started various'cities and. towns and show
Baas that Saturday; morning say find confer as to the best way of ex- like to tear some of the badsuch Canada's most, distinguished\ men., back ''just as No 91 rounded the I the film< free,of ''charge and >at the,
a- something 'about"'w.IUnJr for, somebody pendlni" this fund. This was done snakes V RecentVieitore.Among curve coming southJThe: engine,of same,, time has'literature of various
as mosquitoes and
and.that he'wa either going after dinner and at another ....ion... Also cyclones. , '. jiggers.. the auto must have gone 'dead-,on kinds .to distribute telling of the advantages *'
+ ,to make him apologise-or; beat 'him with the state body it was agreed Know The Worst. >. the recent visitors who him. according to Mr ,Farmer, and here. ..." '; >
Milton Stout swore that Ball said that as- soon as it can get the Florida have enjoyed the hospitality of.the seeing he could not back off the rails, > Me 'Hart'has been in'' commnntca
something to. Harris about apologizing ; East Coast Railroad put in a aidIng She wants to know the price of club and golf course are the' Reverend he jumped about the same,.time!. the tion with Gunby Brothers,,,' moving
or taking slicking and the next where Killimmee-M elbourns land per acre, improved or, wild and R. ,E...JklacNamara ,and ,hi. wife; cowcatcher struck ,the." auto. The producers of New City., .
witness saw Bass remove the eye'glasses road crosses the tracks that the if grapefruit, oranges., and 'peaches.or who,were guesta?at the 1.. A. Hamilton car was knocked clear .of.him and he end .they have"approved suchia ser' '4'
" of Mr. Harris.: He did not board will 'put down Ojus rock on :Just truck, Is'raised here. Also ifthe hornet Rev; MacNamara- to' enjoying slid along the ground practically: : : lea of picture to be takenln differ.
Q' see him strike.him.. this road.Furtheralthough. : people do all their own work or a much'needed'rest'from''his ,uninjured as far a* be could telL ent of' Florida 'and. I
'the elder
r a .*. 41larri.'Relaa- Story.,,. it was specifically hire it done; can ., butter be made I duties "as rectors of"the '.'St.: "'John'. "*" member part, of the''' firm expressed de.
? Mr. Harris told of the attack how stated there were no promises here;' is it extraordinarily' warm ih Church, of West- Toronto, come states
Bass approached him end demanded made, that if thls.$10,000'Is, not sufficient e\:mmer. She adds she wants to 'following his, services ''.[ in the, .war : ,Orange Blossom connection in this

an apology or take a licking and his to complete the road work at know the wont. ....! when he ranked as ..major. i\: = Mr.: Hart will from her to...
reply that \he bad.- nothing to apologize the ..points' mentioned .the board Further.she-wants her information I Revue MacNamara was strong ..Jnhis I ,.LodgeNo lJO.Of.Maso"sAssemble' Tampa Lakeland go.,and ; other point
for' of Bass grasping, him' by might add enough additional to,' do from' some' 'truthful person. to praiee'of'the country club> and and' discuss .the. matt with the'
the collar, the struggle of the wi the 'work.; Keeping honey,.bees and the price per its surroundings.. saying, ,that. the business organizations with'r view-
ness to free himself and .f.mnJr'witb The* .money!secured will be to, fill pound ,for honey rand ,, butter," milk building was a beautiful bit of architecture securing; about half dozen a ,
Bass, on'top of him and striking him. i In the gap between Deer Park and per".quart,. and cream and,, strawberries .and that the surroundings In the 'a municipalities -

M>. Harris said he turned over,on Alligator: Lake// '. l. per quart. "What' ,an, ordinary were! ;ideal 'for 'rest-and recuperation.He Held .. Banner ,Get-Together:: Meetiag of each would be'.from project.-The-cost 11.000 to $1 ,
his stomach and It was then Bass 'Jt. appears the ''Melbourne people, work horse costs; also a cow,,a pairof expressed it aa -his belief-that With, Visiting Brother ,FroBNia 200. which would be far.cheaper than*>;
felt'underneath with ,his..flnger,,.for, like. the 'remainder-- of those who hens, and eggs per dozen, ordinary no distant'date hospitality would booklets, and real,advertise n

,bis'eye.. Witness said ho turned over went before the .board*;securedprac. lumber s thousand feet, pay of be 'taxed';to,,; the: utmo.t ,throughout I State*-Degree 'Team. log- whereas, a.book ,!. given-hasty -.;, _
then. Hcontinuedhisefforts nothing. :\ an< ordinary'carpenter .'day, and Has'LoU, Work.
'on his back : neatly per the winter season ,for.: he believed glance'and then consigned} tothe: -
'' to..free, himself when some what, it ia worth to clear ,land with that much'greater host of north.mpeop1e"'WUl .
waste baskets and,
fireplaces StoveSvBut.
persons'were. ,.operatinghim! and palmetto on it. taste' of'Ftorida''m.teh Orange' Blossom .Lodge No: 8o F.
a moving pictarrle __ .
Tr"uc t'AndFarmWork impressive
Bass. ; .' : ( 'DO..' It Rain?' 'i. [ and A; )C..' of Kissimmee; last Mon- '
i ; r wii'l/sa - -* ess cHmatevin, ;!iheyear.: to come.Motoring lanel.n' be preserved for future us*.' ,. <-
of day night held one of the most
.. . the testifiedthat Mrs. Benjamin wants to know'the successful rOpportaaltlri: '
,i they beard ,M*... Harris .swear Is Behind cost of 'six weeks< old pigs 'per' pair ..ran,. I meetings in its" lodge rooms [ Mr.;, Hart )has Her*beeaeomeng'4( \ '
; wildgame While here ; Mrs.: that has marked the' of'that etafes :
after he had been attacked but fdid what kind, if Dot hear him use profane'.language vegetables Lateunited is the water good In.\bit.
without with Mr. and' Mrs. John Dick who banner evening with,a largeattend r ;
prior>> to..the encounter.; can crops be .raised Irrigation than anywhere eke in. the coniryr:.
i U '1 : price-of firewood,, per cord and came''over from' their 'winter cottage ance. In fact 'thejr were 'from:?'nine ,
for.young He also
eepeciafy ..
brief-visit different states: 'There"were also men ,
Stale Weather at' Daytona"Beachr
B.rein.Crop is it used for cooking. What isthe .
Trains On'AC.L.Schedu'led .
relatedjinstance.where .ot.m.i.
Special Give 1 license to'use"1 'Fprd. ear'and the at the Hamilton home; They will out of town Mason from Orlando men '
Report Comprehendv.Statement : . extend *'th.lr-trlr'ta' ''other' "Florida and -St.Cloud... Thetrs.ssion-was-a ture vears Jiave located Jn ..... .state.
limit. -
: : Of Coaditioas Existing ; What do northern seed -potatoesand ) et to return here foraiongereta most enthusiastic one the visitors and'are. now\ well-to-do. citizen:.**:t

,Througbeut" Florida.?;: cost boshel : later In the season.; and.' home members 'declaring, they r ".t'! *
peas per planting per ,; > t. I'
,,_ .The men tournament roro 'thebandadmeailver'cnp'offered spent almost{ ,enjoyable Rev:".,
Be Discontinued l.' 'Are' groceries hlJrh J" And, ; : evening t' :w. L Br lllfo'n
; The government'report' on-weather chickens and pig-feed? : byr?' Harry "It'wasIn: the nature of a gefc-te- . 4
and croy'"conditionsInFlorlda"for:: Are the"niggers"' civilized '01'. are Hunter, president of the:club, is gather meeting jot Masons, one of
Announcement" Is made'!'by,.A.W;, the :IweekTending': March..* 23,."showstemperature they abusive She wants'' to know now In progress- and the finals will the first: of 'its.-klnd. that has been 'Will'peak-At:
Fri ot; division %passenger agentof" >to- average 2,. to .8 degrees all about poisonous''snakes and spiders bela.ed-, the ceminR.week" held for' some time--and it-' the intention -
e the Atlantic Coast, Line Railroad below normal in the southeast ," what,, kinds there are! and" do .The' ladies', cup will be awarded on of the members/ Orange ':Casino SundayRev.
with headquarters in ",,Jacksonville and about normal' ,over 'the, rest of the> ..snakes fall out- of (the trees .on Saturday" fort a- driving; approachand Blossom \Lodge, to continue,then and ; .
that the T.mpa.Bpecla1. Jacksonvilleto the state. The week contest draw.the brothers"'of Klssimmee and '
was mostly putt
a,,person, 'and the,spiders likewise. ; .: fe.. okta'no-
Basil Newton' of :,
'Tampa,' ''will' be discontinued dry..Need of rain'is'most decided in St., Cloud,into more.closer, and eo -
D.Fleas BIt..f" . Gift cr wfd .
March 81. ; ,, the' south central and .southern-eonn Mr*. dial 'relations and not I.t..th..hortdlatanee ma, Sunday afternoon at' 4 -pw m.-. at
,' Are there any wild rabbit. here The1' Country Club the" the,Graystone, Casinotheater, ,
Also' the Ptnellse Special Jack- tie. / was recipl- 'of nine f miles' be ;!a barrier. H gave
onvilletn-. Petersburg, via the It war probably the InMt'1aTOra.' and. does anyone raise tara hares tent of a nice present from Mrs;: W. Also to have' ''VI ItlnJr Masons: from an interesting .and instructive ,leer:
for-market.-. I.tbere-'an land near, B. Crawford,recently the fine tennis other ici "i tarecoming here under the auspiee '; s
A.vC. L. ''Railroad< -'etredl. April '29. .' corn planting being\done. Replantedcom Kisshnmeet sale. Do.we-, have,! net to replace the, on. which has meetings. This is\ the, statement of of the American( Lyceum Bateau..The-'

',Ths Coast,Line will continue .three is generally.,promising. Cane, frosts in ,Florida. and do the fleas eat been conspicuous its- absence. The J.- Earl Lupfer,' m stet of the. local speaker imparted many Important,
X71-y times daily service .between Jackson-' peanuts, and melon /were !largely a person up? And mosquitoes members ,of the club who are. tennis lodge. -. ..... i facts in ,history which would, have
:villa and Tampa .following'; removal planted In central and northern di pick. a"person' eyes" ;;out.A' .> ? players,' .will grealy appreciate. : this Daring the. evening there ,werr taken ,the student many .hours, of' re' *
friend ,of told *
Mrs. .Benjamin '
to collect. ,1
four the''' search work
of these trains, ,,which were visions. Irish'potatoes'; that were 'glftMr.'Runter put through Felloweraft
inaugurated ,to' take care of the killed'to;\the ground by frost .early in saw. woman1 who bad been has for' his guestat: degree and twossie raised to Master -: 'Our 'wtnt r' visitors ar.preelaPGI'.net

heavy tourist travel .'i in- the month are' coming! out ,very Mid' Florida six weeks(o after'she rtwo or bad three.returned weeks the Log House, J John Baird.Laidlord Masons. The third degree work enjoyed this rare offered' ,,
: of Canadawho is'. was in charge of Brothers Thornton as tbers heretofore in. KI--
I well'and a'large acreage waft planted .Toronto one ,of
y \SMALL FIRE,. In the northern .and 'rester' counties I home she wag,' spotted with, stingsromheed.randcquldn'tcure thesores f Toronto's prominent men in' Insurance Detweiler, Cheney and Bland,. the simmeer, Tar- ,mode: than our, towns' tt
: '. ,' .; \ circles.- Mt.x.&idlord'. twodaairbte1'l degree team of Orlando and the people. This was'apparentt :judging'from
About the time a majority: the Strawberries and citrus'are'bloomiIng and and -"under her belt she was* \,,.Misses Mary and'' Frieda work .was.accomplished;;, first,classshape. the attendance.. ..
a [(cltluni'of.Klsgimme..were'fallingfInto -'moderate. quantities of raw. -suffering- something awful! have been' here for several months, 'The'Luceum Bureau Is'operatedbr:
a:deep.sleep Jast.nighty:,the .. berries being'-avallablar"citrus ;-i-tree She- must have been near, some th.p..ta of Mr. and Mrs.' R.' W. 'The lodge now' has Moor' more the Free Press Defense League,. ana,,,. '
teterrworks ...of the .siren at the are,, showing..new growth.Tomatoes swamp.. or' low places, ia the, conjecture :- Meiklejon at Paradise Island.' ready 'for' the; third degree and five the second and hut- lecture 'of thiscoarse ,
:shrieked 'forthand! zent of,Mra. njamln. ready for the second degree and two will be JrI.8D..t. the Casino a
lower :
recently set'out in the coun* Rev: and Mrs. R. E. MacNamara
The heard ,
-writer has
''saysshe at
... before 11 more hand. next. Sunday afternoon beginning
the just. ? applications on
atmosphere tieare lookingwellbat truck i* !
"e ; were given a pleasant motor trip
neighbors tall their friends Floridawas free when Rev. W." .
lo'clock m. 4 platform .t'the Refreshments .were served 'daring 4po'ciock p.'m
; p. 'l'u generally poor.Moderate quantitiesof throughout the Winter Park section ., ,
a''' fine place'and they liked it. L.: Brandon Will be the speaker He
of Cabinet the O'Stenl
rear, the Carpenter shop evening consisting of
; beans and. other ,truck; ,are -la Un by their host L. A. Hamilton, during "
Benjamin wants to know will talk The True American-
was -on1' flr .:> The department was market. ' .* prepared in several styles, celery upon
their Other
\ her--. members
stay- thei
there with the bOa. and ''beh1nd.anel where I the best'can ''be found to locate sandwiches coffee and under He will ''dwell"''upon'. patriotim;
,right water All work-1 ,several(.....'kI 'in the of the party were lira. Miles and : cigars,
state. Also how often of. nations and facts regardtag -.
i and soorf had If out.-With4i.gnent: thevegetable crop will be very Miss.Isabel Hamilton., the direction of' Brothers ..JamesGoodman league
;rustsof: ;wind*blowl l"'last evening late as-* compared 'with. *' average trees are sprayed each year. ; ''and Claude Tlsoay .)t'hO some .of the residential: ttmber,+'''

;, "there,.was chance of a ..,rea4 of yeara.i' Moderate rains are needed 'if business advertising ' : made a great success of this feature.'AH subjects now, bebigdiscussed hi'' the'
is.not worth It ia
] yonr said that the Hoover !
;, tree
organcation Bebig every
.sot flames under to other.headway building: .**- -had- -.-the are over provingvjp." all division. --.*...-Range,.,. .. are''''1m''. advertise it 'for sale.in"'the ;'i* not a' political maeldne.t : 'Siamese' : people I enter 1. the claiflj' houe,ahouJd bo fifle. .,,'"aa4standing .
Valley Gazette's: want column.- ia "
.. a aansage ,grinder T: priesthood. fork. time' .( zoom at.a,premium-
\ .. .. ..10
.. ye 1n. I
"I 'f
.J: .
-'.: '.'. .B w.,, ,,', !::o::'
''Ii1tt. j' .r ": ..
.. .1! -fL -.I :- -
: if.
"'" '<. .... ". :;_' u". ': ... w", ,. V', .J. .... ,' ', .... \. .... .. 'ff .; "'" 11" tR'p" .-
"t c ttJ\
( ;,tk '\ .-" .' f. .,' ; ,1. '\! ft' t"\fl. ,. / ... "' ./ ., >,. -."" .' : ..,'r. ....,... ,/

.', :'. ".' :< 5 ( .'. ;, : :., :.. :/': ,h. ':'. ':, ,:1' .; .-.' ;,,,," ,::, ., : ".: '..' ... ' ... ." >.' <;- : "' .
' { *4 ',' , ; ...,.. , {; ., ;;, t" ,.. ,." ,. .; o "! '". ": """ ', .. ,. '>',(' '. '" ''-' ,:v.' .". '.

F ,.
f .l.u f r r ., ar r +IY
,...., I J'\ ., ......r .It< '" ,'" ,.
_' ......... ., ,"., '. . ,. u.r '" '
"{.II. '. "' 1M
r fJ

. ., --- .



State. Ha Fend...... Profits T I

.i Press Highway .......!* Not- -.
. Is On Of P....... PnUesu That
p1 rZT"/ withstanding Expanse la tk* .Threaten To laterfsr JACKSONVILLE LADY HAD TO
CoBftractiesiOf: n... BE HELPED UP AND DOWN IJ'j'
1920 ,Creps-Gives Hi
A Florida farmer;: who cultivates Views 1m Matter.
three hundred acres of land, near Of ;

New Smyrna reports that since. the A. P. Spencer, vie* director Extension Felt Tired a* Draggy Every .... .' .
built from Jacksonvilleto Division CoDe.f Agriculture
highway was '
New S has been able tottanlpolt presents an excellent Idea of lag. Bat Dues Has OvsrcMse 'r -J
CONSTIPATION' harm products i by motor the handling: of the farm .labor sitnatoin. . .AD This Aa* Sfce New At--

truck to Jacksonville,' which is lie says: tends T> Bar Pan**.:
CALDWELLS Syrup the chief market for his products.He The farm labor is one of the perplexing
D Pepsi Is a combination of can do this with less cost and problems that threaten to "I had I such terrible backache Time to Make' Things New
simple laxative herbs with with greater certainty as far .. Immediate interfere with the, 1920 crop. So that''I, couldn't bear to wear *- cor. .
pepsin that quickly relieves the Is concerned, than many people enticed by high wages, set, for the pressure was more thanI age
.. congestion of undigested food and formerly when was compelled to have left the farms for'' the cities could bear even though I felt the .Again-With Paintsand ,

.poisonous' wart natter, and restore '' rely solely upon railroad transporta that a reduced farmproduction is' need of support it gave. m.." sale I .
._' the ..... regularity ofatasral threatened. Farm labor like every I Mrs. Sarah Hanes,,Monroe St., Jacksonville Varnish "
i a action. It does not grip tion.This is only one.of the many reports other labor, is asking for, shorter Fla.; .Y 9
t or cramp and is as safe..daatierchitdraait pleas' received in the large cities hours which means less to be ascompfished II In bad shape ;{
is effectv*oa from Florida relating the progress in week day's and Infrequently'bad to .
" a or a yet up several all with the best of
I ... even the strongest ootmtitatlos.r made by the state in the constructionof time. In the course of tIme much of times during the' night. My TTT TEAIE ready sorts

"* Dr. CaMwelTs Syrup emedtr rood roads. this unrest will adjust itself but for stomach was deranged for indiges W Paints and Brushes-Varnishes, Stains
'the indispensable family r The state has found. that notwithstanding the.present and for this year's crop tlon troubled me daily. My bowel
la thousands homes and.sold the expense substantial the farmers have a troublesome labor were bound up and I had headache floor Wax, and aU kinds of Paint Removers :"
Ia drug storer eYeI'JWben. realized from the good contend with.', .
o profit are problem to every day, morning
I In f,fc*of tfa fact Aat Dr. CoU.i roads investment. as a result of the Inducements Good.. when Pd ret up feeling: tired an< and Cleaners. is
iu.. SMp'" Pepan It to largatnUingtMi ; Increased transportation larger pro Good prices for all staple crops had those dragging pains. I had 'i. collection
' ;' laxaOvt hi th* world then duction and the speedy returns for' seem likely for a number, of years spell and they had to help me ups and Then a whole special of Paints
bin. over 6 million bottle told each their produce obtained ,by the farm so that there is much inducement to down in bed on account of the palm .. and Polishes for Automobiles ...
who* d.Its benefits hav .1''., make the additional effort to producethe in my back. I' lost weight and cot ,
etwed &. If you kavt not,tend Huge Contract Approved.The : crop. Even under present conditions so weak I could not attend to m;)'
mir' namt anl addrea far a fret trial State department of it is uncommon to,see a farm housekeeping: Come in and let us help you select. the best r4

bade to Dr. W,a CaUuwlL'511Wathington Florida has approve a contract involving laborer receiving two or three dollars "A friend told my husband get kinds for requirements. :fI
Sfc? MonOctllo: JIbnoto. an 'expenditure of two million per day plowing with one horseor Home Dreco for me, which he did and your
dollars, for the construction ofa mule in a large field. On other I began taking: liberal doses, which
DR. ALDWB LL'S modem highway from Jacksonvilleto farms one can see one man driving pot my bowels moving: and got them
SYRUP PEPSINTHE Lake City. This contract is the three or four mules and plowing cleaned out. My kidneys got betterso
largest approved. in Florida so far. three or four furrows. The size of I did not have to get up, during: Osceola Hardware Co.me .1
PERFECT LAXATIVE For road construction.It the farm will determine pretty largely the night and all the pain Jin my;
is not in Florida alone, however to what extent the farmer can back disappeared. My food digest .
hat road construction is in progress, afford to buy impel'red machineryto better with no 'gas, no pains in my
the one-man, one-mule stomach; I began to gain weigh
chiefly for the development. of motor -. overcome my
University Of vehicle. transportation.In -- -- farmoperatloa"aDderpr ent backmy .appetiteincreased}- .I W NCffLf1Z Bm1ts
the fall of Chi year the Dixie conditions it seems practically impossible slept sound every night and on wakIng -
r Florida. Names highway, between Cincinnati and for the old method of put- I'd feel fresh with no head- ,
? Knoxville will be completed, and ting in a crop to prevail, and the aches. I take long walks, now and 'r ;: ,
when this has been accomplished,the f.rmer.com. out with a profit. In dont get tired; am. keeping; my .
Sport Events attention of the whole country will the light of things it would ,seem house again and even washed ant
be highway for through travel from that one of the quickest remedies is ironed last week. Dreco has been a

; Will Hank Up 'With 'Ceerrt. Tech: la Cincinnati to the South. I to use labor-saving. machinery. blessing It." : to me, and I,,. gladly 'praise
of this How To Work.:
The highway i
Basal! April 2* ... Z7-F.- should bring a large amount of in One, man can do, four' times as All good druggists now sell Dreco 't
w bat SckeeUe. Is AIM As- and out motor vehicle. transportation I much work with two mules as with and It is being especially introduce ,{

...... Far F aIL to Cincinnati one, and several. times as much' witha in Store.Kiasimmee by the Central Drug: - :
DevelposBcmt Retarded. tractor as with a..pair of mules.

;; The University of Florida and Lack of adequate transportation, The work, too can be done ,better
t' Georgia ,Tech will play baseball at la great measure and. in a shorter time so l
) Gainesville April 26 and 27. This crastination which has characterized advantages in the end are even CLUB .

was assured when University of the development of great natural resources greater.The \;
Florida students signed an agreement of the South. phosphate mines that had A varied program interested the ;,
,s to raise money to bring toe We occasionally hear sensational been closed during the war periodare ladies attending: the March meeting;
now opening up and'I am told of the Home Demonstration" Club
Tech team to Gainesville. Art Ph> reports of the natural resources
i Ian.'former seoond-saeker, of the awaiting development in Russia, that these. mines have equippedthemselves Monday afternoon at the kitchen for '
Chicago Cubs and manager of the China and parts of South America. with the latest"and best Miss Smith the county agent; Instructed is hereby given that the
Bartow team in the last weeks of But it is now known as a result of machinery which has eliminated 75 in the use of pectin in the '
the Florida State league season of expert Investigation. that the natural per cent of the common labor for-* preserving of fruit juices and several Tax Books of Osceola County for ,
.;i 1919 is getting the "Gator" team resources of the South are so in. ladies demonstrated favorite red -
into ah. great as to justify the investment. of Up-To-Date Machinery.A :Mi n the year 1919 will
C. J. 13aed.ee of Live Oak Is cap ill our surplus capital in their de- farmer who is equipped with up- Smith distributed booklets
.tain,and George Hartman of Pensa- velopment.If to-date machinery such as modern from the Florida State College' for
cola is manager. Among the old the cultivation. of cotton in the plows and cultivators, will be able Women, which deals with jellies
"F" men reporting for practice are South were carried on in accordance to grow. the usual acreage of crops preserves and marmalades, (then Close Promptly on April First
Hart ,Getxea) Webster; Leo Wilson, with the best scientific methods aDd! with a third the labor plan recipes for making pectin. She t
15."V. Bartowj ,Bill Madison. Jacksonville; supplemented by adequate transportation ployed. The crop will be in displayed a jar of the finished articles r.1
J. W. Llddon Marlanna. and Henry instead of an average of a better prepared soil; it is likely to and later tested juices from
Gray, Gainesville half bale of cotton per acre, these receive more prompt cultivation better; and grapefruit guava, apple orange aDd All taxes not paid by that date
Series d Talks. great plantations could be mad to the return per acre will be I strawberry to determine the amount
Reasons which decided, them In ,field at least a bale an acre. than when the old method .was employed I of- sugar necessaryto make jelly will be subject to all penalties.
or at least thisf experience I Mint jelly was discussed and an excellent
their choice of life work will be told Cotton Crop. SoeeeasfsJ. of farmers who have. ',employed marmalade,
y to students of the University of A report from Arisen tell of theQltI..tlon some such labor-saving. meth tested grapefruit the ladies. was. 'ii
,. (Florida by men of the state until the of cotton land by
the '
of making '
This is .
one Favorite Sandwich" the
worthA odes way "My
field ta'well covered. of ,
Tb. aeries
formerly regarded a* than it ever ,
farm more -profitable topic' 4or the demonstration and
r talk. was arranged by, Rev. George I prominent cotton' glower says: Las been with the shortage of Bullock made . ', -<;
even Mrs. S. H. two : ,
; E.: White Mcretary: of the University WhO would have suspected a few labor and the, many difficulties in dainty sandwiches, 'one of anchovysauce T /.f"rr'r' :: .'l, .', C. L.: ',Bandyvi rya V. k:
Y. )(. C. X who '
gave the first years ago that Arizona was to become securing good labor at the prevailing and the other a sweet sand \ (" i ,, i 1" ',' ,
talk on -Why I Choose the Ministry j 'a cotton 'Itate. yet it planted .. wich. 'The filling for1 the sweet r" : : '
.ace My Llf Work. upon I reclaimed land a year ago 92, sighMarket sandwich was also formed into balls $$ ;;:, ;Tax.Collector I' ." ;
I Fred H. Noble of Jacksonville told 000 acres of cotton. The cotton was white-shelled and brawn- ''' '_" " ( ?
to eaten
and be
March 6 why he chose law; Z. C. 96 per cent perteeand it made the shelled eggs in separate packages. bonbolll. sugar <'f' .
Herlong of,Micanopy..' president of best textile record of any cotton produced broadened
the .'International Swine Growers'Aaoelation ,,I in any state of the union.. The general .,
little from the topic and included I
will speak March 12. The mineral resources' of the South SQUEEZEDTO a when
A and H.'. B. Minium of Jacksonville, can be. illustrated by the growth of Mrs.some Harry economy Meetch recipes of, ete Harrisburg", .
- president of the United the district
States Trust Birmingham in Alabama, -
Pa. Mrs. Eastman of Michigan,
'.Company. and k member of the which Representative W. Perkins ; took
J4'n. Coleman and others
W H.
ti ltitate Board of Control !:March 19. says will equal the Pittsburg district, DEATH *
a ..:Medicin.: engineering, waenID&"deft..tb and yet this is only one of the great part. the of '5,w j+1
r and general farming will be iron. resources of the South. the One afternoon of Interestingfatnres the ofeggs Telegraph. r Orders Promptly Attended t*. 0,.. Day sad Night ; ;
tOMndffenstd was
: When,the body begins '
"included *
1n'theweeklytalk.. The South is rich in sulphur clays
in'water *I-
,' movement becomes) painful, preserved glass.At Aat Hears .
d Th*,, 1920 football schedule for'th* is now,the chief source 'of our supply .- is usually aQ Indication; "that.the for housekeeper held here last sums Q

Wnivenity 'of: Florida U .. follows: petroleum." kidney are. out of order.,. KeT- mer number of eggs were preserved w'.'
October 9-Rollins at Gainesville. With the completion of Improved tbM CIC'PDa.Ithy by takin* in water glass and left until this n
October '18-Newberry: College.,at I, highways the probabilities ,are, that meeting:; On breaking, one .of these ,
Gainesville.. capital. ability.and industry speedily ':COLDMEDALTk **es it 'was found 'to be;perfectly'fresh EISELSTEIN '
October ZS-.Southern at, 'Gaines sources the exploitation of the a-- ; that_is_ there was no unpleasant BROS.., ;
0' .
. of the South. This is the ,
odor the white
w i ",ana' was easily '
ville.October'SO .
son why Florida,Tennessee and'oth. ;
Open. : whipped a-stiff froth.
,November,*-Tulane at Tampa., er Southern States now, are expending ( Jt At the-"close of:the program' the ,Funeral Directors & Embalmers i \ ;
November University of Georgia million in the construction of sandwiches ,which were .demonstrated ;
F ; at Athens ; adequate highways suitable for world*etaadud reoMdy for w-j.;, were served with a cup of tea.Aaehovy ., '' '
November I 20-Stetsona. $, Camel.r' heavy. motor trafle. ..... bladder' and .Hc acid troubles: Sandwich.Flavored : ST. CLOUD FLORIDA
ville.Sovember. r+tr.os lnrs imm"TrTf. regularly ace, minced ,ham ,With anchor'V. II ,
_ ;25-Ogfethorp! *' at Colvmbas. For Sale or'Rent-:.Fin+ *'large seven Keep la good ........: la three i...... a:, .-.sauce ,and moistened with mayonaise -
,, ..' ,roomed boose standing' 'on quar-- droglasa. o-an-4" ropressuts4 dressing.. Spread between thin
ter of the prettiest places tank l...... << ':" 7"'i. slices of 'bread. ..r '
;;; 1; Subscribe for J tb. *' Valley Gasett*: bato, w'n. Valley Gazette.,, .tf t ...weeiy, I.ls.tM' :01 Sweet>Sandwich. : :

1 One cup raisins, one-half cup of Office.sad Rstdscc. ue 60. UV'TIME JI' '" .
nut fine and mixed -
meats'ground ,
: with' on* tablespoon peanut butter .- > - ". '.

$N ,Wat .Does :Your PO WryicedCest to'. ,Produce_ : Dozen Eggs? tract, and This one may teaspoonfnl'be. moistened'vanila". witha . ., ,- -- . ,, ,,, .

.. .. ' spoonful of e..m,1f: the mixture
Poultry keepers lose of the' fact that the'moet'important question ta the production'of '
generally sight
proved too r stiff to spread.. '' '
;' ; ergs i* the cost of feed per dozen,and not the cost per hundred pounds of feed., Our letters, from TO SPRAY PROFITABLY IS, AT HAND: .
$' ,Florida poultry keepers now .bow.that the average. feed cost for a down'eggs is .boat'th1rtr cents, FORT ,PIERCE 'PEOPLE PRESENT .
;, and that the egg on some farms coat more than forty cent per dozen for feed.Baloney and reports The l longer delayed the ,
ATTRACTIONS OF COMMUNITY ,,. ,. greater the expense
from stew show that their feed costs only fifteen :cents.per dozen eggs.: ;. : -

"' Pail. Fdntg Pbrscfleai? sad Plule P.b7! Fee Live wires t"Frt'Pi'.ree. 'Fla., We carry the moat complete,stock Jn jhe'' Stat ,"'aoods are fresh

will-produce eggs"at .a,cost of.thirteen to sixteen cents' per 'dosen. ,It' stand'*"1o reason that one have issued,a handsome folder presenting and we now have a large stock of all materials including::' .

;who ha mad poultry. keeping a. specialty for'more than, forty year has, learned bow to feed :vviewsof that progressive. little Arsenate of Lead Copper Carbonate, "
,and to make poultry feed that, will.'vrodue esp at the lowest, possible cost ,.That is .why JE. W .city.and its surroundings, on .the Paste and Powdered Dry

, Phllo has mad- ar great,success,of the. poultry. business.and can,,,help> '. others'to,get:Just.as goodresults. beautiful Indian River. ,"the,home of. Bluestone odSulphur t', ,
..., '* the famous Indian river orange
.* Throughout' the' publication are .Black Leaf 40 Lime Sulphur SoUon" !
: .
:-- Waea FDwiaff. PVfle's Faediag ,DbctiM ; '
views of various kinds with Bordo-Lead
"'. ".theh;.. *':Win. consume -two 'pounds '.of mash feed to'on*'pound of scratch feed. The mash feed Is '? I health,, climate,. schools dealing. industries., Bordeaux Mixture Paris Creen < .Aiilt, .:.

less expensive and contain 'more, ,e -formlDc,material,.and- .that is ,why, it. should....be .fed,,to,produce .-- business,'fishing, r. boating/ bathing Caustic Soda : ;eggs at:th* lowest cost.' ', (:m( and motoring roads, home sites sou Sulphur Flour ( Flowers .t

100 ',Tarfiaff Has ,SaaeU' Lay 'ISO Deate';:Eggs'la:O.e'''Heath and water' drainage tmnfeeratar TARGET BRAND WHITE FLY, DESTROYER FOR WHITE fit AND SCALEW" i t
q ? ,PHILO BRAND feed will' cost $30.00 to feed ,100 hens 'permonth, ordxtoea: ants ,and two mill and raIDf.n..7' citrus -fruits, glimpsesin 'I ((4
', per-dozen. , v t and. around.Fort' Pierce pineapples . Wtfhave 20,000 feet of half inch three braid Cade Spray.: .,

" ,_ ,100 PalUts SaoaU.' Lay;ZOO\ Dane' Eggs .ta Oa Math' 'J} ,:,vegetables'. financial: ,, conditions sugar ;can and, livestock op Hose best on the market hardly possible to I kink it; witt stand unlimited -, . s}

' PHILO ,BRAND f.ed'win-eoet' $35.00 to;feed 100 pullet*'' *-month'hat are laying at tb* rat ,of portunities.Th .. ; pressure. Ready for immediate shipment. Fresh. itock. :
''twenty four eggs each. That reduce the cost of feed,to twelve. 'cent and,fiv* mills.for, one dozen. UJuatrationa're -_oat 'attractive fust received from the factory. ,M '
_, '&'*. ". ', -'* -,' ' ;, and the reading. ,matter gives. -
; .. '..., Two Tlwasaaa' Paaa;*. *f PW. Braaa P.altry'Feed; Ghrs* Awayfi' comprehensively ,all the ,information' r ..
desired... It shows the andpulltogether Our,sprayers and fi hAw given satisfaction for'fifteen'. '
: energy A
: aad .$SO.ooCaaIt./ Preaiiaau .fas estf April Egg,LayIngC..tat < of that You tin "
r spirit community ye.n. 1

Write,particulars.'Brooders,'26 to 100 chickens, ,$..00'to ,$9.. O., Phllo ,Incubating: : and Broodings . and will doubtless add to Let us know ywoiurbbeads man" wish 35- y *"" experknc, ;,
,Plans with. instructions, boo Free with 10.00< order. ,"' ,} '. Its already internal and inherentpower. 'I' ;

'. FEED ,PRICES FOB''.TEN' DATS ,. _:', .' ,, .

,'.., Phllo' Brand Marsh" :Feed. .$/,60 per 100 ft*. Phil Brand 8e..tdi'F.-' :..'$4JEO, '.per' 100 Ibs.'1. 'Cambric was .first manaf&etu..clat E. O PaJ ter'CFertiAz r".Compan;J". :
.. ; .
; PIIILO'.aDDG..uIBmcI'IO. 'rug : ;
.. Gambrel'Franc .
""'",<,,', '1.dno..me net .. .' SOIIVIur.
; stte.
> "Ga
;' . , ..- ,' r.. Subacrib for:' to* Valley .
'. ?: !,j' ';, ... . ----S' i .. :...1't. 'M .
',, '" ,, j

'i't..J!.....J1\,.,;" .J.. .... .'.. f Jtd'" 'I t. ;f
,, '*""..11. t." to"II.I; f' :Otoo "
'-,,0t ::;$ ... ,. :\ .., ,}t u 'J ,1', 1
'1, ..}"" t.0l( iQ ., ; '} .P
. '' r .... J; .", , ... ,
t '
:-IJ. ; '''' .... Y
: .
.. .
.\:,' ,' ", .
', .;\t Ii J ,!::> ,<".'i"r.<\ ......,.1'"C.'1'1: '''. ,'". . ...r.,, .non : ', .."r't,, 'I", :,, .'0.;\......'. .::.':f'J't..''' .. ', ''"',iii n

1 ; -*
_>' *

M .
,vI'' >
fi t. '-I{

,' + 'n ', '" .. .. .. '_';." 1f I VALLEY:,GAZETTE,.'FRIDAY,' MARCH"M.; It.! fa "
.. , :
.' '

v (Written-for-last. week.) '' ;;

,Mrs., Mary Veeder bat ''recovered !"Nothing wrong. ,.with our 1ali ce".. ;.:. i
from b.r serious Illness and was able ... ,,, _._ , '
.,' .II
\FOR"FIU"( es.:, .. ,s ...fy .y, .'".
to be out this week. ,
And 1 ,
... Mrs....,Jane, Cadman and daughter Was- Twice Exasaiaed Each Time : \'C"eif; Jji "
Miss Margery of Nareoossee, were raid Operation Would. Be .
/1: ... ..., ', :;.I;
..r St. Cloud callers Tuesday. Her Oaly H.... '*TpHE right balance of costly Turkish: .' ;S t';:
Williams '"
and Mr Mrs. ,
Mr.. Be..r.l ,
pup Active YourByitem "
Liver ,1 0'
,, 'Your ,..Mrs. Mot and Mrs. Cooley "I have-just finished my third bottle JL'and Domestic tobaccos! proportioned ,.: .
Purified and Tre From fit; Petersburg last, Thursday of.Tanlaa and have twentyseven ; ) "t
went 'to- .' gained 'by xpertsb': s why :" 'i' f.- ;::;;:f : 1- ; 1
"* : ,
\ V Cold by Takinj:,Oalotabs for a few d. pounds., was the truly remarkable "." '. "
*! O. the:Nau eale i Calomel' X.." and Mrs.' Frank Lockwood d statement made by Mrs TChesterflelds "satisfy./ \ { Sl,:. .'. "..' 'j.. );::;, }
I Tablets that daughter ;.Winifred spent. .the deek- Chas. Peden, residing at 660 Mill St. .. '
,ul Bale tnDdaas end ,at 1 St. Petersburg. Huntsville,Alabama. Mrs. Peden is Every puff brings you the full, rich ;Jo'. ., .' :, ..
Uncle Josh, Ferguson' was a' bnl- oneof th. best known, and most. flavor of genuine Turkish '.tobaccQ .: '
i.-. Bare ness caller at Kisslmroee .WednesMr. highlywhere 'respected women of that city '. ;,
g Ifi de she has mad. her home for'anumber and the lively relish of choice Domestic ''!'. r

,r" 'an! Druggists are' advising -. and Mrs::W. W. :Rfley: Mr. and of years. ." leaf. 4' ,,I"" " ,..
i Pnysielaiis ." '
Mrs. Prank Wilier and daughter "When commenced taking the
to their '
3 their friends keep' systems ..
.J tn+ 'purified and their organ! ia perfects Virginia, spent, the, weekend at medicine,"I,she continued, "I' only ,And theblend=:the manufacturers ,. ; "
. ,working order as a pro'eetlon against ()ea a. weighed 'ninety-eight ((98) "po ands; .
the return of lafluensa They know Mrs. CC A.. Peed of Orlando, was now I weigh one hundred and twen 'private formula- w .
!, ; ;that a elogeed-up"iT.tem.' and,, a lazy thejjroest' Wednesday of Mrs. .J., U."flrsTMoti ty-five pounds and never felt better ,not bf copied. > y
' liver favor voids, influenza. and serious In my life' For years I have suffered
!t iJ."ompUe.tloD... and, Mrs.- WDllam.1.ttThund. with a bad form of stomach trouble .Every package enclosed
. 11: To cut short a cold overnight and to ., for a ;'trip, to ,Daytona constipation and pains in my In glassine, moisture. ,
I : prevent serious complications take oneCalotab Beach. side and back. At times the pains ,
at bedtime with a swallow'of Word was' received here Tuesday took' the form of torture and I was proof'paper'that seals, in
; ..w.ter-tb&t' all. ,;No salts, no nausea, of the death of Mr.' A.: A.'Gri.walel, twice examined and each,, time told the flavor. T ...
t ". '.o griping DO siekealng after effects. at the Soldiers' Borne at Johnson, that an operation would be my, only .
I I,.t liext morning your eoU has yaaished, City.; Term. ,Mrs. Grlwald has the hope. I had fallen off until I only' : ., _
t 'your liver i. active, your system is purl. sympathy of the ;community in her weighed ninety-eight pounds! and -';', & ",ru J-e '
.' fled and refreshed sod you are feeling bereavement.' v :: was so, weak ,I ,could, hardly get ,":itft. rpv'v ;
I '1 b. witJa'a hearty appetite for'break- Miss Ada:Mumnaof of Daytona. around. .' ; ; : '
itr t '" W r '-$- Eat what you please-no Ohio.'arrived here last Monday,and "! had no appetite' scarcely at all t ''fti V:
J ,'$ ''i; Calotabe are .sold only 'In original Mrs. Lewingston on. and? what little I did eat would cause *-"iS''i'f< ': ,; '
;r sealed package*, price thirty-are eenta."livery I Pennsylvania avenue. (as .to'form'in my': stomach which ,.j:M, i ,fi.p.v"S'l ;;;/' \': .. "
.> < : druggist is authorised to refund I Mrs. Elisabeth lIurra7'Uld daughter beart. "", ;' >'* ".{ '?'" -
your: Baoaey if you are Dot perfectly I Elisabeth' are here from Odessa sick headaches and dizzy feeling :. ,
iellfated wfhtke-Ad.. .,). I ,':.Mo. They are' stopping with about the head. When, 'those spell r" I
. : I Mrs. Murray's anut,' Mrs. .BainkerhoQ cam. on "me, I would ret awfully 1 1I
,' who is quite 01 at bet home, on J worried, about myself r
fit' O. ....atBIBBaA.' ...a>r aRU.1rx i Wisconsin avenue. until ,could rest and sleep but ,lit- t
:. W. 3. 8TBKDKKIBBS I Dr.,.and Mrs. W. H., Diebel and tie. : -
AKERHAN AND"STEED '; three children of Detroit Mich are "I hadiaUen off until I"was' almost'skin'

.- -At -yaa, -*"!....riers,.'.". ..., here' to spend the month of March 'aad bones' and my. strengthand
f .,..... and are located in Miss BUrDI't&Ire cot- energy'were slowly leaving me. I ,
K '
I had dread of the future and conk
I 'on Pennsylvania avenue. a I' +
:' _e..e.i e.ct. __ !. all eta"..*Vmttmm Comrade G. F., Smith died March I see nothing but the operation table :
tate c-r- 1 1th,,.at the;;Soldiers'.Home,'.Johnson I and the bif..1 had 'a '"perfect horror ...
City' Tenn. Mrs. Smith expects to of an operation, but had made tip J,
W. B. CRAWFORD return to her home here about March.!' my mind that.Jt ,WAl .either life or
ATTORNKY-AT-UAW -- death and prepared to submit1 it iJq
\ 22.The Ladies Aid of ,the First Baptist I'-had'made all preparations for the I
,,.t1 Offices: I, 4, S, ft, and 7 Citizens church held a food sale Saturday operation and, called on my: sisterto s II r t,
Bank Building March 12,'- realized a good tell her rood-bye, as I "did 1 i I
it.. sum. After the sale the ladies were no Ucnow whether'! would live to a J
Uf, Jssimmrt.. t I i .1 Florida called together and a surprise given see'her again or not. My sister beg 1,
lv" TLf. them when Mrs.J."' O. Vreelana had ged and pleaded with me not to'.I
:, DR. R. J. DENNING the honor of announcing the engage- low them-to cut on me and told me
meat' of MI..- Jane Warnerthe to wait and try a rood tonic for' a f
:,.. DENTIST. trea.urer..nd organist of the St. while. The next day, ar I returned
Successor to Dr. W.W. Carson.- Cloud Baptist'church, to.Mr. CharlesF. from the consultation room 1 I ;"
Over:. the Posteffloe.BODRB . Keanison of Vermont. '\ "4> thought of whatTsBe ,.said' and as .1 I
:'. to 11:10. 1:1' to S.OfAee The,Old Folks dance livlD.Ie' the had beard so much about Tanlac
c01VICD upper G. A. R. ban on the eveningof decided to try it as a last resort,and
Pheae ilL St. Patrick's Day, was a great stopped 'at the drug store 'and cot .. /
success. 200 were in attendance and a bottle. Of.course, I had lost heart
the old folks and young folks as well and had t'-BO faith in"the j medicine .
LIWIS OVtTANATTORNETATLAW enjoyed, the _old fashioned.dance. but to pleue my sister I made up OHIO Atm, PENNSYLVANIA Nr! ; :
my mind to take it, and oh, what a VISITORS HAVE BIG TIME and
,' happy day that was for mel .
IRON (WINE AND' "I have never returned for the op Ohio and Pennsylvania"winter''Y alton Pa. ; ] ,

f:: Waring BuQdiac. eration but just'kept takingTanlacand in Kiss ma last week gave a ton | ;
MAGNESIA myimprovement: has been -so farewell party before leaving for ;
,.. Vat Janeton O. OarreM rapid that none of.my clothes fit me.. their respective homes and a general ; ;
Right from tbe..tart I began to im rood time-was had in'the G. A. R. Mr.
:' JOHNSTON GARRETT The Trtaavkate; ; That Ends CeUs The medicine seemed to take ,
prove. call and the .room formerly used, by ; t
:" Arl'OaNE'ATfAWf' : LaCrippe sad ,Malaria. hold right at once. It had. soothing the.JUd Cross in 'the., .wing of the. '>
t. effect; and in'a'' few days:I felt 110 Graystone hoteL ,, -' home.'t; :
OfOeee 10, 11 and 12 Otlaene h1.ahBuilding Colds. LaGrippe' and Malaria' don't pain-at all. ''''I was so happy over my; A repast..... served,and after the -
last long once 101 Tonic gets on wonderful improvement that I sent dinner an address of welcome was '
JDMI."_ T!. their trail Dr. Williams' 101 ,Tonic for my- neighbors to tell them"how made by Rev. O. B. Falls; followedby
,: I. made up* of IronQuinine >and much better I felt. I' sent and cot Rev. W. .{L 'Drench ana, Rev. H. A. !
J. W.THOMPSONFuneral Magnesia properly proportioned.That another bottle ,of Tanlac and have M. Ingham. I s ,<
combln.tloD will beat,any cold. lust: finished my third and feel like i / William Galllgher presided upon ; '
Director Quinine kills the germ disease Mag I have been'made' over again into a this occasion and a committee of ;
nesia' clears the body of its ,poisons new woman. women-were in charge 'of the edible Va '
Iron strengthens the-blood. ... "As I have said before. I nowweigh part of the program. Among those .
,d one hundred and twenty-five -
No wonder Dr. William's' 101 Tonic attending were:
AND'UCENSfO Is so unversally popular. It's the pounds and,none jof my, clothes are Mr. and Mrs. Caltigher. Mr. and at
logical treatment and more and big enough for, me, and I willhaveto ... 11&

EMBALMER more folks are Ending I it out every. make them over again. I now
day. have a ravenous ;appetite and my "
: ? '
25c and 60c bottles for aale at husband says -I"am' simplyt, eating -
I ; Store and Chapel Stewart .... drug store.POINTERS'. your him out of house and home( 'I, have
even i gone back ,to:'mr'eoft"ee" whichI
r [iNtrre ria. ON. POULTRY was told not to touch.'' Those hor
rible'' pains in my, back and head "'':
'' '1
have al' 'Idissppeared and I sleep like sfv
I Select location that I has natural 1 a child. .I am no longer nervous,and 4 "
.; ; : : M. TILLER"" : drainage a away, from the building. when I get up in the morning I feel
I. l' A dry,porous soil; such as sand or refreshed cheerful and bright. "'Iam '., .... ,
; '|i i tegLJfetgtj Agency:..'i gravelly loam, Is preferable,to a clay now able to attend to my housework
soil. ., ". : again and feelas if I, had started
b : In most' localities r. the' building life all over again. My husband is ,
t ! Realty .bought and sold i should face the south as this Insuresthe highly delighted and my recovery is

:'.' ',. .Houses rented ; greatest amount of,sunlight during the talk of the'neighborhood. I',do ::1 "
:. the winter.- nothing but rejoice all day lone over I
and Title veriled'for
I' ; ; Taxes paid ; Allow at tout' '8 square 'feet of the recovery of my health and'praise. >""...mar., ..,..
< DOD--rea data." '< floor space per bird. Tanlac to. everybody. ,

i : ,; ; .Fire.,.Life ,and: Acudatil.Pl .- J Proper S ventilationand sunlight "I feel' so:grateful for' my: escape .. ..--
from the:operating 'table. and the r ....
means a'dry house and healthy birds. 1"" -
3 3I
snrancsv y '
, knife that 1 I t
"' The partial open-front ,house is you may publishwhat
I' I ;; .Indemnity Bond. < conceded to be the belt type"for most have said;' yon may if yon wish tell \
other women suffering as I,, was to
'!.....ee.e'eeeeeeeeee ...eee sections. c
, Good roost. may be'made'of 2'''by come and see me and-I will.be glad
2 Inch- material with I 'upper edges to tell them about my ca..." ...
"C .Tanlac .is sold by all leading drugI .
.i rounded. : yr f" r "
{ _f *' -te.., ; ; o a.t
DR. BDGKMASTER The Beet, Lintive"Mysedentary :! ,
': habits have necessitated Begin,marketing the cockrela as .1 .>>...
the'use of an occasional lax- soon as ,they weigh 1 1-2 pound, -or u Make.itTT '..w 1 V ., If',
attain marketable
ativeI bave"tried many but have a weight.
KISSIMMEE'OSTEOPATH ; found nothing better then Chamber- : "i l' .'
Iain's Tablet," writes George D. Do ot.ot forget tM'JD ee'Val1.y ...
t. I' Daniels, Hardwick, Vt. Mr. ...u. office-,dees fine printing. : I' .*
j" r ., on.lr proprietor, or. the modern'of the hotels. of DUllel'l Eggs being taken to market should i 'a ,cozy artbtlc; home!", to, ,the way',you 'paint ,r. t.. 3y"

England.,, be protected from the sun's rays. :,aocl'decorate, It=. ; "% a .

-- '
Phone' . . .Let your.home.,reflect.'yotir oWn'' taste! by the* ,;
No.162: AakForTbwe.Fr; e
color effecta. ,
choice of correct and harmonious But ;
: ,
'. wbate'fer'Our.needl'be'ure: '' to apedfy Paint that Past*BOOkI *'
t ,. .... f. \ ,
& I .h ye proven .thelr'wor'th': because :you paint to'h.... ...I l-w... H> .tiMtsrCooKjae -.: ,."" :

:'protect. as. 'well, ,',as;to. beautify.. maay bea..u.IiIl..4lb dec..' 1 ''V* .:
R.-. S. E'L.<'O"1"' : ; '. ... .I fitnctbrmly painted hofnee;shows' '"' ?,
: '... .... ivM epedtcrtfaoa mmd
.ORRSOJ"FRBJJIEB': ,' _, : . . .l1:
: ,
: .,' .!, 'J: ': .., : ..,. -. \'.. .. ttt.eJect. >the- ,licM'. e'Nr .#-osaTfce .', ,t.

f*, {. ., ,- Koden Method e{Dsefirs..as..
I ',' ThietlMmtihaiy,flfaMlrated b.okflvee ,
1 r. SELLS "_ thelatoel aad beet ld M atbe ,
< ',, deeocatioei of iotsrio walU dceUmcs.
r.l t '( ''
d 1e'.Mww. Bwabev l"tomae
i Fire'. Life. Accident and :. Groceries '.andFresh I Ii . riealsnxl by lnding.s'"'

: -i .' :"'11; aWiar ....., .,.
t "Liability J ,.., fa e.totidtheaeet"tiftlmeformorethanifty'years tainia barwo2o: loriucte wfcb. ,
k. Health Plate l GIa .; <
a : i : {.r,,,.' !;m .:and..will .give you longest. service: at. loweat. 'coat.' Pe.. dee FLATtCOATT.Tie .:). '.. +I. ,..
; ,' : / 't""il. .
and Boiler Insurance.' 10. -. ',' .' ,..' "
Meats: Mileri'l/etlred mt W.g' ." .
; : : "': I ""No matter t1t..gtfea-tear: ) to s.. JP.. Oew feltJKoery trr/dot br. W.II .. iasenl ',.
y .n ;
| Bonda,-':Executed ... ;. fm'pex, a numb r ,of tketB. you.. caa.....Ul'' sad. rafiabh. year ...... thie m..n..cI w

Same 1 - ' : ... .. economically. .use yoorseU h booklet will beef great kelp to yarn.;
D.1'Needed._ ,': .,. : ..'r-- __.....ol ,
: ,
._ wood 'peMls. sad glove ; ':'
..;;." advice bow So. take onset. 7IWj '"c

";OFFICE::, \hats ,:alit. ',.BJIIf _,- ''':' : Phone. 176, 302, Broadwayr OsceolaHardware.'Co.1 I' .Aoe l.M..eaa4 weadoork.G.nwetCiw.: : ." *: 8J' -

M '..-.. '.'.". . . .. -.-.... aa r.nW, av.'r.
.;. '''ii, 0 7_ 1 .' .
., .L ,.. ,.... I ,....
-V ,
' t' .. '.
you have"rooms to rent, a man I r n 't "- "- -

r advertisement fa our*classified-col I , ..... > .,,. ., '" 1
',' 'pang will fill then '- .48-tf.. ..1(< ',,- \ "to '\t y. '''' U' -
/ .. .
. - - ' ). . s' : ,
/ ...?... "'. .t a -" i+ ",' 'oJ.., 0(;:,"401i' >' :' r ',.f......74r '1i 'N4 '" ..., ,',' '.\\W .

'L .,.,., ,, "' '' ., :! ."' -JJ: . : ., "'a 1i ,. 1'. ,,,.. ..
.. .
-'* .. J> "' ... '. I ' .Ik;; ''' .. ,. I. 1;' 1\ !
\0- \
1 -',, : ,11' .t'I.> "
'fij. "
17' : !
'I. '. 'I., """ ', .Jif" if. . I v .
'1'.' .'> "" " J ..:. ,. ;,j"I.. -' . "" "" ... ... ...- ...... ." ; 'r. ''' ;; > """
'.. .... ... : ; ..., ,) ..\, ,
., .:. '( ., ; :. ". : ....... '; t ,.W. ..... ., '."" ' ' v. " .'J.,
: < '", 1\,' ,: ',... : tw: :..2. ,." ..,. ''.',, 'I'! /< :7.., ,. :. '1

).ii A ,M IA ? ',"" .
y. \
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.- L r FRIDAY MARCH M, 120 .'- n. 1 I.

::'ISSSIMMEE' ALLEY GAZETTE >TAlrplane' pilots are hired by the FARM AND,LIVE STOCK I .. . .' :, : .,.:
city of Miami to. catch smugglers of RECORD NOW CELEBRATESITS : 'y
liqUor from the, Bahamas. Next Watcher in the TreeTop
.....1.....d 10..07 Frl..r thing these poor smugglers will have SECOND, ANNIVERSARY l 0
fey KlMlaiw \.II1U.tt. .v..p to submarines.'The Re.frig.er rs
I .mmmlmttm J RI.rlda.f ' The second anniversary,,number' of o :

w. H. Harrta.ID. ........ea. Kissimmee Board of Trade the Farm and Live Stock Record a Public sympathy a* expressed in ":v
t O. "aa. Ag..w, a.er tart' monthly publication' issued by the some recentlocal events show / .
........._ '_ .. .. N... II meets selection tonight of when commercial the matter of Florida Publishing Company of clearly that we are not living under .
a secretaryandithe
1 .........11..-Rae.o I constitution and by-laws will Jacksonville proves its great worthto the brute code of. e.fang,* and claw Chests \
1' ODe Copy. On. \ear-....,....__H.n be taken up for actjon.) All, member the industrial and agriculture ? Ice Boxes, u
ODe Copy, SIX Month*._.m_.- 10Oo notification communities of the state and its .val- In money matter It in mighty sweet '. ,
('lop,. Thr. Months-*.-.-..-. ..10r have been notified, such ue to Florida !generally'. To be successful,' and make both {
been mailed them. March 20
having The title meet. ,
All communications except from our last So then is no excule for therbeing page artistically arranged -
nthorlccd correspondent must balsrncd with the birthday cake of But when we work hard and .success
by the writer. .-' anything but a large. attend two lighted candles with a little one impends, .

I If. _nl.a.Rejected called matter for. will. DOt be re.urn.4- ance. V. V surveying delight sweet with an' ex. Alone the comet ends. ..somebody' and, more Duplex Fireless CookersAdelphia 1 ;

Boston pr&ssion of .- (
the y
All afternoon. papers'
"' (mDt.red In tb.Po.tornc.atKI..lm. ) 'Throughout the issue there Is es
4 iEV. 1 Bn*.. Klorldsv.... ..oond-clu. matter.) Mass.*"'most of those In Mossachusetts large space devoted to citrus frJlt, Senator Truman II. Newberry of :

..ndIev.ral.: in other partsof. trucking'' and live. stock generally, Michigan has,just been' convicted of:
.New England did not publish February -
attribute Expert ;\writers have .told of the advantages violating the Federal corrupt, prae '
23. Announcements 'of several counties an"Osceola < ticesJaw and sentenced to two yearsin and DixieOil
t EMe R the omission of publication to the Great"In Area 'And Posslbilitles the penitentiary and ,to pay a ,
holiday observance but it was said ,".U told by!J. C. Sellers. as. heavy line besides. It Ia.''. .serious
the shortage of newsprint paper wasa socUte editor, who recently made an thing to Wake a man's liberty, away; :
factor in the decision in many instances extended'' trip.' Accompanying the but someiltow: in this case we efonl Stoves f

,- story is ''a two-columnu, likeness. of feel a bit li weeping.,, We've triedIt .
b Charles A. Carson Jr:, president of brethern,- and\ the tears just won't II. ]
stgsrArf A' patent.,.medicine show was per the Kaisers'' start. Fact is thinkh
,I' Cattle Association.. of ; ws got just ,
mitted to, sell cures' for every r "
Florida about what was coming to him. \ 1
: ache and pain known to humanity, Mr. Sellers..' at the beginning'of hii . .
: and PaLSSP
mee, last Friday night. The city does Osceola county is greater.,in area has been prowling around Tallahassee
not receive enough license to justify I than the state of'Rhode Island.. Hi and. found out that the Catti
:1 . the, amount, of, money taken away tells of it being a great cattle country family consisting of Governor! Catts C. H Grantham ".
d From Kissimmee by these street corner the three sons, two daughters andone
and in stock
: .. ,men engaged
gf: FRIDAY;;; MARCH zg, 1929 .. _" quacks if indeed a'license was raising here, the number of'ranches son-in-law are pulling down something ;
three shell and ball
taken. The like thousand dollar .
and cattle upon each the rich' agricultural .: thirty-two
ti ;We are going to Governor U rdee'a game worker might as well be permitted lands, climate good roads,I per year in salaries from the ', ;'
y". inaugural .ball.-Tampa Tribune.W to operate here. beautiful scenery, and In fact all the I state"of Florida Pretty, thrifty
4' wjU/ .-.be then 'and dance in every set. attraction of Osceola county. family that Wonder if our governor KISSIMMEE AND ST. CLOUD.
': '.' \ Convinced that newspaper pub- The population of Kissimmee it is the originator of "The Katzenjam-
t ;;AA English seaport: town will not) Ushers of the country do not want to given and the possibilities of its Increase mer Kids?" Anyhow the above
e permit flirting while in bathing on cure' a purely economic condition in : in inhabitants in the near fu seems to prove that Catts will jama
the \beach. It will likely be an up. the1 newsprint paper ..Itu.tlon.by kid into office at every opportunity. -
? popu_ .re'Ort'this 'summer. government control of the' industry ture.The Farm and Live Stock Record Our versatile governor is now ...0..0.0000.00..00.. .... .
I ; or by other proposed leglslaton Sit is a thorough agricultural edition aspiring to be elected to the office of
a -Th*' 'ex-kaiser. 1 I. eating strawberries S. Kellogg; ..eentary'.nd treasurerof and within the reach of everyone' at United States Senate. All who are

which cost'' |125 a piece while the New Print Service bureau the subscription price of 60 cent a in favor of Carts for senator please J. :E. T"I:7a I -.=1I R' .
i hill former, .tarvin old the member of the Optimist year manifest it by the usual voting ..1&11Erhuml ..
t But it must be remembered he is eating club at luncheon at Syracuse, N. Y.. Well then all who are -
d 0. them' to take the taste of crow hat the solution lies In higher rates A LIBEL OF FLORIDA BY contrary minded manifest it by the ANNOUNCES THAT

out of hi* months for advertising, and subscriptions. THE COUNTRY GENTLEMAN same sign-Well, I swan I-The contrary .

f From the 'photos : in 'the newspapers Smailboy: not paying the I Attention haa-heen called wore 'eonsarnyel minded have Itt I Quit yer lafflng H* ... pucbaMd tk* Qnafitr Market,'.... S. L. Har....., 14-.] '

_ '' l I of the Marchioness of Crew slightest attention.to the order of unfair positions in which Florida has ANNOUNCES Broadway, ud asks tae p tre af* of all old ad........ sew ...*. '
t who is V a Judge on the king bench Mayor Steed about'riding bicycles on ,, been by the "Country Gentle- M. O. OVERSTREET .
t in England we'would, not mind being sidewalkAt the corner of Daringten man either through the ignorance FOR STATE,SENATE HE CARRIES .
f; tried before her on any old charge, avenue and Mabbette street is of the} writer and the lack of an editorial .:..
G .Just to get dON view of her. a favorite point for them to whirs cenor.-or the wilful intent to M. O. Overstreet of Orlando whose A FULL LINE OF MEATS OF ALL KINDS
along them. Between the bicycles on hurt this state's -agricultural Interests announcement for state senator from
1 ''Fair! Pric Commissioner McClaln the sidewalk and the speeders in for the building up of a clienelein the Nineteenth senatorial district appears -
Alf of.Philadelphia,' says retail store are autos about the intersection of the West or elsewhere. in this week's issue of the Gazette .0.00..0.... ........ .. ... ... .. . . . .. .
r V 'WOJ'H. than train robber that train streets at this point, a pedestrian Again the Country Gentleman< la one of Orange county's. substantial -
o robbing la fully a* respectable if,not has to jerk his head about like an owl stands convicted of unfairness, if citizens Mr. Overstreet has
i so remunerative.:' Why: dont the to keep out of danger. not, indeed, of actual libel on the been in the turpentine business for
'h Y train >robbers burglarize.store? state through the publication 1 year and is looked upon as a thoroughly -

"" The only difference/ we can see between in connection with a'', .to : conservative 'business man. Low Priced Groceries
I jBonflla. will nee Obregon for the. .Catta and Van Swearengen : Basic Wealth", by' h"SoiL-Our He has a number of friends through
t presidency-'of Mexico.So the newspaper now is that since Catts' son marrieda R. McMahon. This map i* keyed and out the district who will do all they
*V of Mexico announce.: Why: Catholic girl, ,Catts haslet, up on ,marked In sections to correspond can.to- assist him in his race. When you want to know where the Beat Groceries at the
{ not put 'em in' a'bull ring' and let' them and, fiat,appointed a p.tholicto"be with that key. l.Jt .is : a' cheapest price, ]lust watch the crowd and then follow. It will leadLea
them lock horns Both -are good' at sheriff: of Brevard county, map of the Un States based on BUY YOUR' DOG TAGS. to the Cut Price Grocery Store.

:throwing thatkjnd.of. junk. while Van Swearengen is still the the newest data obtained,by the bureau 'Th i8On' We save added a to.* of Ante Tire. The Smothers Tire c.. 6,000
*x ; u. i City Marshal Floyd again .
> the head of the "Guardeens" and theam of soils department of'agricul
VI Sixteen pound of ice for .10 cent implacable foe -of religion I ture. Drawn' for the Country Gen- calls the attention of owners of dogs s ile. r..,..t.... Call aid look Ikea over.

o >VV s nd no more five cent cuts, i* the-an. his own narrow-shelled any kind.- tleman. This alleged "soil who have not yet paid their licenseto 84x4 N. S... __________.... 30.00 80x3 N. S. ________________ 14.00
"% 'nouncement of., the local ice plant. ave Tampa Tribune. Swearengen' hammer ,. diagram the greater part of map"the do so at once. The time limit 33x4 N. S. ___...__________ 27.00 80x8 Plain ____________? 18,00
F ,Well eggs are slowly coming down and anvil cannot drown out that I South Atlantic states, Mississippi i, has about expired and if dogs an 82x3% N. S. ______________ 21.00 80x3% Tubes __________. 2.75 ,
and after Easter, "two over easy"" or thunderous chorus. Alabama and all Louisana except the allowed to roam the streets lacking 80x3% N. S. ______________ 18.00 80x3 Tubes ------_---___ 2.50 .it
'"shipwrecked- taste better. alluvial lands along the F.ther'of evidence of'any appreciation by ow.nen 80x3% Plain ____________ 14.60 War Tax P.I:1

a f 'It isn't every family in Florida When u Is.told in' the March issue Waters, as "silty or sandy light color "- will have-to by being resort minus to their his tags trusty he Gold Medal Flour, 24 Ibs___-2.10 Worcester; Sauce, bottle __.. .85

t that.can or' does 'ayearout of.the Farm-and Live 'Stock'Record generally leached out and poor. "gat." "rod" or gunand exterminate Gold Medal Flour, 12 Ibs___ 1.10 French M", tend, bottle .__. .15
of< The is downas
of the public treasury, but, then one of the great cattle'ranches whole of Florida with put Nevada the four-footed violators of the Lady Clair self rising 24-lbs 2.00 Starch Argo ________,.. .10
,, V very family i* not of _ ,Y a -Florida Times-Union., We the valuable of the state's enormously most of Mexico want to do.ARRIVALS. Airy Fairy, 24-lbs Pailabury'' 2.00 Pet Milk, large ____________ .15
would rather not have so much money herd. it means that westernTexas' and eastern Oregon.Gentleman Corn,No. 2,kiln dried 100-lbs 400 Carnation Milk ________. .15
f. and not be called an old cat Florida 1* to take a leading place in The issue of the Country AT GRAYSTONE Oats, No. 2 clipped ________ 8.95 Van Camps Milk _________. .15-
t the nation for the feeding and dis- containing this ignorant libel Son -Shorts/ 100 Ibs. ;____..____ 8.45 Hebe tall ____________.,---_ .10
United State* 'Senator Newberry tributlon of stock of the highest beef one of the richest agricultural' The statesin Tribune Among the arrival at the. Gray- Butter fat. 100 lbs. 4.15 Hebe, small _?_____,__.??: .05
is 6.
has been found guilty of fraud in securing value.. What, the, Horseshoe Ranch the' Union,, evertrade March tniza- stone Hotel the past week? were .the Little Gem. Scratch 'Feed.4.60, Best Bacon, pound........._ :.80
his election to the federal sen owned by the Kissimmee Island Cat wishes dt<< following; Cabbage.. iT--: _____ .05 Best. Salmon ,..<__--_.--.*......,,,J.35 ,
..... ,And now he ,doubts the decision tie Company, is doing on its 320,000 tion in the state official every in newspaperand Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Banks Fair.field No.2'ft eland Paches. ____ .49 Pink Salmon .____.._.___ ..; =.sO 1 ;
of the court which tried him and i* acres is an object lesson well worth every down public the line congress to themagistrate's Conn.; W. S. Everson and wife, No. 1 Yellow Cling _......,. .84 Tripe, can .?___..__. ..32 "
going to ask a.higher court to .prove'Elm dying by all who are in any way and on constables through to Jersey City N. ,1.: C. L. Schewen No. 1 Pears, can ........___ .33 Roast Beef canes. ___._.___. ..85 'l" t
guilty age" interested in the cattle and live stock and demand ,protest retraction and wife New York City; J. B. No. 1 Apricots; can ____..._ .85 Corn Beef, can __..: _...._ ,,.81'
Industry.-;: Florida Times-Union. loud of and this long falsehood: on Florida a and Johnson, Madison Wis.; W. J. Mer- No.' 2. Corn, can .___.'...;.__' ,18Rio Potted Meat ,_____;.__..___.. Ab
M The ''Xisslmme. 'Board of Trade ha -. and kel and son, Milwaukee, WI..;- Mr. 2 Peas, best can ._.._.. .25 Vienna Sausage _________.!__ .10
? raised $5000 by'subscription which TOO LATE.. an The explanation Board of Trade la invited ; and Mr*. H. Lanning.. Baltimore, No.. 2 Tomatoes, can ....___ .15 Tomato Soup ISe. 2 for..... .26
; will be used'to pay.for the servicesof to Tampa"start .lomething" once; Md.' H. G Malsby, Woodberry N. Seeded Raisins, pound _____. .25 Vegetable/'Soup, ISc" 2 for.. '.25
the commercial secretary'and.. for All this agitation about the Florida and knowing that body as we do, we J.; M. E. Mallory wife and daughter Currants one pound .___.__ ..35 Oxtail Soup 13c, 2 for..____ .2S t'
'' advertising urpoaes.We' foreseen legislature being calls In extra consider it already started.-Tampa Omaha, Neb.; B. E. Newton Arbuckles Coffee, Ib ________ .45 Chicken Soup; lac, 2 for_. ,.26
+ great happenings down',In thatbmsy session for consideration of the Susan Tribune. Strand Okla. Mrs. Hahn Roc Viand, White House Coffee, Ib._.___ .60 Turtle Soup ISc 2 for__... .26 ,
fA V'V'V.i ? section--fluwannee Democrat.. Ri Anthony amendment to the \. Me.; Mr. and Mrs.. Fred Clark, Senate Coffee Ib. ____....__ .60 Ritter1 Pork and Beans, 15c
federal constitution 1* ridiculous. The PROPERTY TRANSFERS Maine; Mr. and. Mrs. C. B. Down Cut Price Leader Coffee _.__ .45 2 for _. ...2b.Campbell's ., ,
ti r The Star Advocate 'of TltusvOle, Florida legislature had a ehannce before THREE Rochester, N. Y.; -H. .R. Drake anJwife Oct. Soap 9c, 6 bars___... .60 pork and Beans 4
telling* of' Rosier ',D. ''Catts resigning this, a ,'lone time ago but did MADE.,IN ,CITY OF KISSIMMEE .',Newark. N. .Y.; J. W. Less,I < P. G. 9c, 8 ba......._. .60 ISc, 2 for ...-.M.. ;__ .25' '1
"V .rat harbor master of Key West add not opportunity.Now .- 'Three ''"transfers; -;of ,' in Cincinnati 0.; J. P. Gunn, Boston Fel Naptha, 9c, 6 b..*._.._- .60 Picnic Ham pound ...____.; '1.i
t ?has ban gone to' Miami to :work in a that women hive about won recorded property in the' of. Mas*,; H. C.' Barrett. ,,New York Ivory' Soap, 9c, 6 bar*....___ .60 'Sliced Hamr 'pound ..:.c;;... ".2 a( {
'' r rarre. Likelrl11e is learning how this. campaign'some of those who so Klnimmee-were: of the circuit court: City; W. S..,Rector, ChicaeoLMn..l. Saniflush( -: -_____;......_. JZS No. 1 Pineapple,'can -_...:,.',, .s5 '.J
1 "io repair "Dad a'.. tin Liny every loudly opposed giving women their nee of week.: H Doolittle Cleveland 0.; Mr.-Hod-,1, Coal Oil; gallon .______>._ .24 No. 2H Pineapple, can__... .60 ,,
during the
; v, :;*une it; .break down during the cam- rights,' want to get on the "band past E. Evan' 'sold to William !. ge., Nashville' 'Tenn.; .Mr.' and Mr*. I Crystal bottle -_.;: ? .15 Macaroni. lOc or. 8 for.._..:... }.25 ,.;
,'palgn.. wagon" while time are good. But Benjamin Yates of Kissimmee. lot 88 and G.' IL. Hulett "? Cleveland' 0.;c F;_ A. White Syrup, 1/.1D, Spaghetti, lOt, or 8'fOI'....:.:.:' '.215'; .
4me will not be good The .. to Kelly and wife. S.: A.. Lockwood and can '' .__...____.__. .20 '- :;
"' i -.. _: TJ e"'! kel.Dd Star last.week'came women of Florida kept tab,,on 89 of the E. E. Lesley" addition- , wife. A. J. Meacham and wife Milan; Crystal Whit. Syrup, No. ,Vick' Salve, Dbottle ,_::, .32'
"' the city of; Kissimmee' ,, .15
;:! out, in' a' front page' dress of'' about those who so emphatically opposed of ; Osceola O.; '*Mr. ,and -)fr.. ,William. Far. *, ro. can : : .60' 666 Chill Tonic bottleHI:_ 1.10"
," ,dive'point type and some of the same them and, have their names down in Esther to John O. Barclay-E. CI.rk'of Seminole eons New ''York City: Miss M. A. 1-2-Alaga' Syrup-----_ .24 .Turpentine bottle t' _____.i :.12 ,
alze Son inside *.' Th Star i I. entitled "Hereafter." county Dawson MMontelair N. J.=; Mrs: andMrs. Rolled Oats 9e. 8 Ib .' .25 bottle ',
page al'little book Iota,,131 and 132, KlI.lmmMHefll'ht. ; lb.t :Camphor, _..,:.___.:; e20
,. looking ahead to the time wh.lt/rint And the minature volume has the county .. ..,C. S..Spofford and Miss Spof- Grits, 6c Ib.. 10 l Ib*___.::... .60 Aspirin .Tablets, 5 bottle .20, .J.
.paper will be doubly ames of, politicians of. this' state M.- ,Marsh' to .Jlda Mills,j Don- ford. Utlca M. Y. George H. Wood, Meal 6c lb., 10 Ibs______.._ J 0 Sweet Spirit Niter,' bottle-_; ...15 '
time'more coat pe-, pound than.now. written'Indelibly in It. MarY north" half of lot 1"and.2.aid Lowell, Mass' M.LI HaUow 1'Nash- Navy Beans, 15c lb. 2 lb..__. .25 Epsom Salts., pkg.; .-?:: -., 05'' '
Jlow.; *. Those, howling for the extra..lon .egan.all-'of lot 3, in ''block ,10 of Robert ville.' Tenn.; Mr"*. Lewis, Miss Lewis, 'Lima Beans,' Ib. 18c 2 'Ibs.. .85 Sulphur"package _______...;;... .05' .
L .
', t night 'read what the Palatka News Bass'-addition; Kissimmee. BAraboo, Wis.; Mrs.'Rolls, Boston, ,Baby Lima 18c Ib, 2 Ibs.._ .85' HUrs.honey and,!:Tar.__._".86.
Fifty 'of ,Akron's Boy', Scotts* will has to say" In part, which;IU to this Other transfers 111" the county Mass _WH.., Graves and MiesGraved M. Cow peas, lb. lie., 8 Ib*., .. .80 Castor Oil ,18e and_..:"...... ..2b .1
make an automobile pilgrimage to feet[ t were 'Ed win.!!. Yates,. St. Cloud,to Chicago Virginia.and Mr and Mrs.Carroll C. Pure Leaf lArd, Ib._.._____? JO Carbolic Acid \xtttl.. ::__,,. .,.20 : ;
the,(;grave-of Theodore Roosevelt at Florida cannot 'vote on the suffrage Albert"C. Shop, 'of Citrus",county, Martin:', Misses Stanverman, Karo, 1% pound ..can..20 Quinine,, bottle,Z_..::_.:;;_.__ .
"f Oyster.Bay, ,L. I.. on July.l.to'pay amendment as the present legslature Martin, Chicago; E. ,
t i Folsom
block A .northwest, s For the convenience of our'CUlltomer. have added few .
homage to The Great the lot 1. ; Birmingham, Ala.; F.-, A.. Tapperson, we .a
elected before
was addition Carl Fnale.of) -St. Cloud to ito ,0urlItock. 20, penny nails, 'fe lb. 10 2 for '
; and all that"his- ideals;, courage and amendment was -passed by ..the United ; New Jersey; II. Greenwold Cincinnati penn'nsU..Sc.\( ; ; .
'spirit -If; ..dventure stood fork in the States 'Senate: This is a provision Carl.Engel' Jr., Detroit' 89( Str Mich.,Cloud., lot., ;I 0.; Miss M. Gill, Mr.' F, P. ,8"penny ,nails, 8e., 2 for 15c., 'p, ...-. : I

minds; of the youthof America. ,,. of the.constitution. The last special 1 I.-2. 7 and Funk F. Cuahman : Hamilton"Janeeville. .wl..j Mr. and '
to' L.
V VL $session fiasco i is a* about a* much. Benjamin' township 25 I Mrs. F. O. De Land, *. and Mrs. 'CUT PRICE CASH '
ectlon' 7- GROCERYPhone
L VV ,, /AfCMeago' married man Mtoolacytd .s Florida, want for a time."" quarter of comprising 40 'Richard Arthur."Ticonderogay N. Y.; ,23'r'
__ support his family" has been friven .0 south, range ?9 flat i B. E. Yartcy, Atlanta Ga.; '{L. Nich. "
acres in Osceola county. 'Mr and Mrs.'T.H. 141''
three months at hard labor Now'M.wif olson. Mihnesotar 422'Broadway
Grant Eckley;
,, wiU have to work harderrsnnevot LECTURE B TREAT.' Lena V. Eckley to I. \VEldridgeHartford: ,' >Conn,,} Mr*. '
"to support .the, family*- -- lots 8, 9 and 10, block 100., St.'Cloud. M. N; Anderson Nsw.'TTork' City; QUICK'' SALES;AND SMALL PROFITS t

Tampa: Tribune.'; Oh'not; 'She won't Th. people of-Kissimmee last'Sunay John H.' Haner to, Myrtle' Row,12, William Morris and ,wife Daytona; ;Out.of:Tow Order. Given Prompt.Attention., :
missed a treat by not attending Q'sceola county 'traefl8section Bo.ton.iMa. M '
,..r have the, husband to _support-: for ,at A.' F.. Kapp and wife t ;
in the
lecture atthe Casino thea- 80( east,
'least three Months.Admiral ' the free township 26, range F.:! L. Parkhurst, lala
ter to bear Basil .E"; Newton.of and Investment,Com. ,
Rev Seminole Land W. Collins, Atlanta. J

'l"U "/ Sims .say*. Admiral' Ben- Oklahoma lectors under the auspice pany Inc., sub-division Of section CaledoniaCounty 12. G Mass..' :W.George.Hartley.; CRleago. Ul.j; F.: ,NEXT. .,WINTER'S. ... FEED, "SUPPLY..What .' i FAMILY;::AND 'FARM ,SUPPLIED 1
of the American' Lyceum Bureau. Scott-'M. Farnum of ''
Tapperson Summit N, A.C. \ _
,sOS a* ,chief: of naval operation, A.' ,. : ; -
'told him "We would as soon ft the There were a number of winter tourists ;. Vermont to :W. M. Adams Wilford. 'Elba; N. ''Y.; H. P. Rout, -': ;'you.feed )'oui. hog*, cattle; ''Is the'farm producfng'ioch l of'ths"

:., British. as/the Germans." ,It.had to who took advantage, of-the'horns oportnnity >f' OsceoU. county' lot 21, block -62, Charleston S. C.J; ,"J..K. Crotty,-Sav horses, mule and sheep next winter '.mjly food; a* are adapted to loaf
,be: gced-out of him by a '''eenat but a great,, many St. Cloud. ; annah; Ga.; "Mrs.. LHUe Kaster and will depend very largely on the plan condition, in, ample quantities. for
"t/h committee before- he, would disclose .oik* failed to do so.' lecturers I FRAZURE HOUSE.,pROPERTY on,. Louisville K1'.; G.: E. Scanlan' you make for it ext two the, welfare of the family < 1'
,- ,Benson. looks Tb.L'eeuJII Bureau are Much. H. Lewis *nd wife. .. taken'the The '
;the name of i ?U. a* Dowagiac. month. Have :you time to value-of the family living furnished
k than : men who are student, logician: and ,IS LEASED TO.J., .,K- FINK Mr.. and Mrs. C. L. Spoffordand ,
though men. higher Chicago and .
i'l'' navy up of who discuss ; stop think how much 'corn, or- directly from the farm I. one, ,
1 :.Sims ,have got hi* 'nerw*. I men urrrent deep event though of' national ;and international J.:.KIngsley Fink 'of the Southern Miss Spofrard? Miss M. A. Dawson ghum, velvet.'beans'peanut*, cowpeas of the important factors*determining .,
character and great Realty Company, has just leased.the ,. Utica, N. ,Y.; Mr ll' v Atlanta'printing' louse .id 'suing deal valuable Information a can be Erasure house property at the sonth- family Rome. Ga.;; Mrs. Calvin need for your five stock next November farm and the degree',to' which therrm '1

'the Anti-Saloon League for over leaned by attending these courses. _. )Eleventh ,. street and Holmes and famllyKrioxvilleTenn.; '.December January and February business is safe. and profitable ,;
'$4,000 for work done, claiming that The lastof" the ".Hn' will be the Boulevard,- -at Miami, from EU: E.' Frederick, ,. Reading Pa.; Mr. .1. Perhaps you are trusting to lays the United State Departmentof
organization Is broke and Its drive Sunday next*at 4 o'clock p. m., at the Charles M., Frarure the owner.for- a and Hra. Charles.,Grln' Camden.'N. luck that next .r'yoq' will have.avery Agriculture. This, is especially
for funds .in* Georiga wa.a-f.Uure. Casino! .. Rev..W. Brandon will be period[ of 99 ,eare,- on an average J.; Miss Kfrlfin, Philadelphia; JRa.: ; mild winter,and that you need true of. the smaller f.rmSJ. '.
:That being-the ease there Is no even heard, and will tell his. audience:'of rental basis of $8,400 per year and a U A. Nesbitt New York Clt.dk. but.little feed for your tock.. Do 'V garden and l Hv*' tock which :i
: >seta the Anti-Saloon League in. dear happenings of the past,' which 'are valuation, 105000... The property Martin: Atlanta,' Ga.| P. H, Horsha not take'chances on the weather.. It apply'the' larger part of UM family ;.,
{ :old Georgia. la having rough sled- not easily obtainable even tat the baa a frontage of 60( feet on the and wife, Portsmouth;. 0.; G. W. is true that good weather saves some food are usually cared for at ,(times (
,'......'." c -- volumes ..of today anti will also dlsuss Boulevard ,and 125" feet. on,, Eleventh Davis, and wife Fullerton; Ky.A; feed but weather is" a poor substi that ;interfere comparatively ,little,
Cohn Cincinnati.; W. J.-Zimmer tate for feed. with the regular, farm Commercial
conditions a* they now exists itreet.* It 1* understood that Mr. .
.4t.t..re':worth Ii dollar' and tense In ,this'' country. ,and 'the. world at Fink ha taken thr lease on an in- m.n.- New Orleans' .':La.Shire: L. -M. Wells .Jinn M. Scott Animal Indus enterprises: and by labor which otherwise '
Atlanta Ga. J. R. would ,
not be utlll&ecLFat': \
remarks'the.LakelandrfWefrram. tment..: The .Is. improve" trialist at the''
cents v. property
-far- ou' Mr.'anJ ., Flicklnger .Experiment 'Station
\Winter tourit .; Mrs.'P. J. then it has been found that up to s
--- .' But will the .gentlemanif grasp the chanceto' e4 with a- large, frame, rooming says to PUnjronr spring crop now '.oi. ;!
MFllckhu:\ erl H. B. IIartaa.an.ClDc.Im.U. considerable alas of farm business,
bear these the bouse. .
that.name tn i Florida '' kindly"re- .peakee.knowing ' so that yon will have feed enough toeany
.(Hkin. 'himself-from .che tine.s until knowledgee .which will be given themand 'Ma.Fnz.re is'well known in Kiswihnmee : Ohio. , your 'tock through next win- when the family. food I* produced>> on ( I
'....&*>ve had time to add 'ittat'they the people of Kissimmee she go ,'',he Vfonnerlr resided ,Hyy are*,.wetta't1Iat\OIIIy-.tter"tiiq ;:ah U. hear, Rev; 'Brandoq Sunday will and has host of> friend' here who gives live, stock the wont kind of a I shelter'furnished by ,the farms
t.- -.'TUses-Unioiy: ,, : ; com.',way wwiser' and with* supply wiU'be 'dellpted.to.heal', of hi.*.,suc- or exthanf try our clasaKled set-back., In fact,, very few animals amount to an equivalent of the .,.
\ ,
.skfayaed. ..JMlbdal:" ". 'yi.lan:. '"maa*\ *.!, *.:.*,.jytW.V'K-411 : ;' J lot food' -for.\hoapt.: .: ?',1.?d'.' .. ,seas-in-hi*i..adopted,;horn*., 7 It bring' ..' result' -.' 7. ever recover, from, the.,Affect*.. A,joie, ,farm.tnvetm entire. farm, !'if',or fatorwt; '/" ,an' than,;.'), ,

V V V i r v V "..'it ." ,..."' '"A,'','"'"' ,'- ,..,,!"."', 01""". '"" '.. \ ,"" .. ':'I"it/:.:, ........, ....-. II.Ji' ._.,.. ,' ',1/.;;."..4.:-, i . ; Y. .... \ '."'.'.'1' ".)'' .. I<

:r. m'vj, "" '"
,55 ., ; ,
"'" l.-r. ').10 ', 1'',
.. ,
..: ) ., *
**' .?,<' wwjl. ,;i UAI



.------ 1 1 _.l.._ | I I ...11, ..-_ -T _.-_,(.., _-- ,

'Mr, 'ii':: B. Caster and son Samuel .CasirioThutre" ROMANCE'.OF,TARZAN ,
of:'Loubrfle'Ky. .re' guest' this : u. .>'r "t
I : weak atthe.. home* oL'Mr.andrMrs., .... _. .,. ,,,, .. .' ........., .n ...'..' ,AT ,CASINO' THEATERS r ; .. i ''ii'cr '
H.,C., Stanford. TUB iriB or oon PICTURESWeek I' ,' _GRIPPING_ PICTURE. ,' 'I '., C 1.; frt:' ,

Mr?' and Mrt. J. ')[. Campbell of of Mart 29th, 1920. ,/'The' "Romance 'of Tarsan"a cataclysmic 4 ,, 'DJprlng'o'noeS:;' .'

4 Goodrich of K1 llmm..- was a Campbellsburg, K y.. arrived Tuesday Tlli of .,,
H. MATIKfcB: 4 P. M. MIGHT .! romance primeval man !We " ., ,/; '
recent visitor to Arcadia.r for a visit with Mr. and Mrs H. 'C. and his modern mat midst Jungle ) ., :'t ? t .H ..., 'C V.;

,, "' '. You will enjoy the the Christian Y. P. 9.Church C. E. Stanford.
next Sunday evening. .. Mrs. ,C. E.:Hilton and'MisslNewton CtairHBHBKMHiw! AND A QIaL. comesto the Graystone Casino- Friday. '" ,'.
ftfV") the, delegates from adopted from the play "The Three To the vast audience who' saw 1
'Kissimmee among '
ir is Mrs.visiting Wauchula O. J.her Rountre.sister Advocate., Mrs of .S. B., Hogan -, the attending Methodist the annual church state. Kissimmee Sunday, Fifth. ..: I.odfl of8MASHINO BARRIIIIRII.", the'" first to these picture lovers this of screen will be shows coodDe" Oxfords and Pumps: ,;[ .::

'- school convention at Gainesville,this T' who were left somewhat In suspenseat
Mrs.'' C. A. Warren (nee Miss Ignore ;: TUESDAY Fof Men Ladle .anel.ch i1dreq "
week. Vivian Martin In the conclusion, of "Tarsan of the I .. ...
,r f_ ;Fortner) Is the guest this week J.' C. Hall who was Carlstrom .MIRANDA SMILES." Apes" shown at the Casino about ,,",,
Ira Best. *
sister Mrs.
of her Okeh Co six weeks
Arcadia, tllaINo.1'HINGII. :: ago.
Field! the
during war, washers -$ *
4 L. Deyoreo of Jacksonville was a this week with his flying ma- is 'of gripping interestthroughout.
recent guest of his ,daugh er-In-law, chine. On his way here he brought va>anlmaDSY, It shows Tarson in civilisation. Walk-Over For Men,
Mrs. 11. M. ,Deyoreo, and family. Mr.. I. C. Piano from ,Avon Park. Viola"PLIIIASIIIOIllT Dana In MARRIED.' .. the courtship 'with his

Mrs. Clara Sims, Mrs. Julia ,B. While here he took,.Mm., Piano on One Of the tower and b.tt.r .pictures. sweetheart he rescues fn hero ' Red Cross For. Ladies'LibertyBell
"' ,French and Mrs.' E.W. Settler of St. several flights. Don't mlM this one.r "The' girl friends of the are ,
. Cloud Kissimmeevisitors\ thet MUttWtraiNO; ' shocked and. both suffer bitter: hu
were Mrs.- D. G. Wagner and daughters, TOUR 'l ARTT.f: miliation. .
past week, -calling\ upon' friends.Leave .- Misses Maude Alice and Ada C. Entirely' without guile Tanon becomes ForChildren

a your'' kodac films today get Wagner and Mrs. P. .Lawrence of A Paramount- THURSDAY. Picture AnnoquoedS: ,lo the ..victim of an adventuress, L
your prints tomorrow Kissimmee Nashville. Tenn:, last Monday motored lobby ',. who both loves and seeks to destroy '.
-- -- '
Photo Studio, now open'for business to Daytona Beach,returning home Rolll, Comed 7. him .rather th.n... him another's -; .'
p ,at 23 'Eminett street. 16-4t. Tuesday evening. While at the beach "FLA'1'BROm.' At last realizing" the'hopelessness 'of _

The subjects .of sermons at the hey had a most enjoyable time' ,and FRIDAY.Mary ,' his predicament. Tartan breaks intoa FRED, S. GILBERT:

+ ' Christian Church next. Sunday are: a pleasant'' drive both ways. ? "ANN Mile.OF Minter GREKN 1ft'OABLE", ,mad Jungle ragerun amuck ata _
11:00 a. m., "View Points;" 7:80 p. An 'autoparty''composed' of"Mrs. - Ruler fashionable gathering, wreakinghis ,
m., "Outer and Inner Life." Every ..,M. .1ohD tOD'.nd daughter Delilah Two 'R..l'Com. 4jr. .Bur' Laugh Pro-.. vengance upon the society, he .has .. We 'Appreciate:Your. Business 4rt
.'''W ; body welcome.' ' Miss Rachael Davis Miss Katharine duc-.r. 1t.t8.lt c.nta.. learned to hate. \ ... .1\.1I
5 For>Sale-Cerrls!: strata White Leg- Derbyshire'and Mrs. S. H. Cottrell \, ," Broken hearted he returns';'to his I
born hatching eggs and day old chix. today .motored to Sanford and 'sur- SATURDAY ,. Jungle to find all changed i and himself .
VL.. E. Thomas'TeL,215-8; rings.. -tf rounding' country.._ Mrs. 'Cottrell and Wallace. ALIA8 R"ld In MIKE- > MORAN.- *': stranger to his former animal I ,,: . ..
Miss Davis are aunts of Mrs. .John ntimates. But this is not the end
wt L. ;Aw Hamilton and his'party enJoyed ,' Paramount. \ ,,(, ,,' .. ...
weekend visit recently with ston and are guests .t. bel' hom. 1.thandlast'Episode ;of Pearl Whit one must see the picture. : ,
' dr. and Mrs John Dick at Daytona; D. H. Ferguson R. H. Ferguson Q" 4 ( S.turda7.DIJrht Charles Say in"the .. .' I'
,. ".. BiACS cc x: Sheriffs Son will bef the ;attraction :
Beach' where. they are spending the and A.1'S. Nelson mad"a businessrip" .HIII J a1' -iCornlnc .
; Friday April eta.. at'th. Casino. It is western story I lot, ". '
1 to Palatka this '
4 ,
b roads bad from Springs In HK BRATINTERESTING' / .with,a lore affair intermingled. :M '\tlf' "tf'1 '", "\' .
very DeLeon , ... .... .
Ii3 has thebusiness ," ,
J. Tucker purchased J .1" Jrt. '
Clark InfThreeMen '
.1i to within seven'miles'of Palatka but : >, Monday Margaret ; comes SeD'-
' Y establishment of S. L. Hag- state that much work is being donein MEETING $ and a Girl",'1 1t is a '

erman, the QualityMarket. .-1Broadway / t trading'1,and'preparing: for*hard ,.. .:4.JOF': '' MOTHERS'' CLUBThe' pretty,story' with a strong'I|support- ,. '. ', Your."Far. : it. I.
aska the \
and patronage surface They !Home last lag cast.: a! ) "'.M. .
returned .
: J W. lUwSvUOvwtajBOariMMtoDMe.A.Strout '
Kissimmee. -
of ith. 'i ,
of the 4
people ', Mothers' most ti
: night. v f c.J. Club, one 'PRETTY ., 0. 0.{: ., Me............,............ ... Y. ""'"
The ladies of the M. E. Missionary George Debout, wife and son, active. Jand influential woman's organisations k, SHOWER FOR, BRIDE ..' .-.I..b.r.hb.rw.-wfr. i is
Society-wilt hold a cooked food sale started for. their Pittsburgh borne I in the city ",.held an lnwresUng S ELECT. m.-....- I. '4i
'w .y .
at the Roberson drag store SaturdayAfternoon. Wednesday; -after*'spending a month's, '' the : . v- I Farm Afeacy:
Mrs. C. H. Summers and vacation on their Park Garden prop-' mortal building Fridaycafternoon.t; i 1Mrs... Marion A. Farmer' .was a .I ; ,
t; Mrss A.,W. Bailey will be.to charge- erty.:' They will'return next year:! 7 The'feature ,of the session was a charming hostess Saturday after I

Let,us clean the old worn out ol for their annual vacation be spent! story from the pen of KIssImmee's noon1 at her home I-Cape Breece addition i Do ;

from your crank case. Dlxl.:BerYIce here; and are looking forward to the well ",known ",,author ,Mrs.i' :Minnie. ,-giving 'miscellaneous; shower YoWau,. nt 'to. .Sell, Your, .. Farin
1; Station No. 118 Broadway, KissinvneetFia. time when they can arrange for Moore-Willson entitledThe. Birdsof ,for Miss Ine Carson.'whose wedding '' >J
{ ., residence here. -permanent .. ..: the Everglades and.Their Friends,, Is? announced.to. take ,place'\in y. 'Grove City Property' t
in the Seminole Indians. .. r i ::> R. -/ the near future. '* < : or
Dr. C. Dnnaway announces W. Abbott Of Detroit Mich
E'-1., E. ,
Mrs. Willson makes 'tap.peal 'rooms Thur-
a strong The of the
1 .
1 another column that after April : who has beenspending the ...a.onh.re. i
from his for a.greater federal protection man home were elaboratelydecorate; ../ .. ,
present .
next he'' will move has Joined the ranks of property of the migratory birds which winter ed in1 cut flowers roses and sweet 'CALL"ON'WRITEI' > "
office building -
location in the post owners this week by; purchasing '" 'J
here. plan, generally, peaking, predominating.1 1
and will have his offices over the the residence on Mabbett street for- is to establish a bird reserve .In the peas clever flower contest 'provided" w.;,
.A ( < ; _
Allen \
Y', Central Drug Store. merly owned by M.n..T. F. Taylor of Everglades. .This ,,could b'easily be amusement for the early. part of the .E psdickAGENTFOR :

Jamin Kessler and last "week Ben Orlando. For the present he will done by making this tract an Indian afternoon., Miss Mildred Turville receiving . V"I'
4-' F. Mr Margaret make alterations,. and repairs and expects !o
reserve as this people protect bird abox of candy for her correct ; ..r
'' !
A. Tillls, both licenses of St.and Cloud were procured'm.rrI.ge married will occupy to return; his .home.next ,:fall, when.J.J"lbe < -he .life Owing Mrs. to Willson the-fllness says.; ''"of: Mrs.-Will.\ \ "; answers with and a kewpie.Mrs. Hornsby' was' consoled .. E... A.-: 'STROUT. ... ....,.....FARM i AGENCY- ._ /

"by Judge T. M. Murphy of "'he -county --, 'NewEurope'Trading-- son.she ,has':not been able to attend The honoree was then 'Intruded Up-stake( ..r.pJ"olflcilBallJl'i': '"

court. pany; with principal"place*or'busi- the meetlnc"and her,story was read to follow the rainbow which?wai a - - : : :;:-; t. -1 :I } ;JIIr.Jjifftrf.: '.
a' Alan J. MacDonongh of the Dixie ness in Kisstmmee.il i. soon to be Incorporated by her niece Miss Elizabeth Ault- part of the decorations when true I

Service -Station Wednesday signed a by.W.B./' Crawford,;John man. and was beard'wit, interest by to ..traditions she found not,the casket . .
contract with the Seminole Sale S. Cadel'an M. W.,JSargant.The one of the largest audience attending, of gold but lovely gifts from her : I

+ that-Company firm here of' Tampa in handling to the represent Olds capital general stock nature will of'lhe be ..10000.business will The the.Mrs meetings Harold :Smedall gave" an added friend.Mrs. Farmer assisted ;by''' Miss ... .oo. .. .......... .......o...-.-.... ...........f..'

mar Tractor. be the exportation and importationof pleasure J in two beautiful vocal Turville, served dainty ,strawberry f i

When you buy your tires from us, all products and goods" of, all numbers, "A Winter Hilaby. and shortcake with whipped cream and J. H.: LIN DSEY' &- SON IM :

we repair all punctures for 60 days kinds, etc. "Dear Old Pal-of Mine." ..--, coffee at the conclusion of this delightful ,, :
Dixie Service Station Nb.118 BroadWay Mr and Mrs. W. R. Hart of Kansas -, event.Enjoylnlr ./
,Kissimmee Fla. City, Mo., were guestsof Mr. : MRS. GEORGE'GARDNERENTERTAINS the afternoon were Mrs ; : :

I J. D. Hull of Richfield Springs, N. and Mrs. J. D. Woodbeck for the BRIDGE CLUB. W. H. Thurman Mrs.'' Marion Carson Storage Battery Repairs :
Orders for Batteries
t Mew
and her
has been the win past three .four days, leaving "- _, Mrs. C. A. Carson
"Y who
ter. season at Orlando spending Tueaday.vbit-; Thursday foreSt.. Petersburg and The Monday afternoonBridge club daughter Miss Ines, Mrs. C. A.' Car- placed. General! car oTerkamlaf aad electrical week a specialty .iaAt
entertained this .
M. Casler Tampa. They will stop over in Kis was very prettily sonJ.Jr., Mrs. B. B. Simpson Mrs.
-r -ed of Kissimmee his boyhood and friend an'enjoyahln D. time simmee upon ,their return trip. Mr. week by Mrs. George Gardner. -at: her: H. S.Claude r,:Mra., Marion ....non. way of starters, tor*,''rciterator, electric. from*;etc._ .. a ax
their earlydays. nnd Mrs. Hart are engaged in moving home on Broadway. ,. Mrs.' Harper, Mrs. N. C. M \ '
was spent .reviewing picture feature .work-Mr. Hart Two tables of players Included the Bryan, 'Mrs. Dapont, :Mrs.' Belle q.f .* -' .* r. r
being partner in a film corporationin members 'of the club and Mrs. W... Hornsby.. Mrs. Coombs, Mrs.' W. H. rti
Judge and Mrs. A. W. children. Atlanta Ga. H. Hart, of Kansas City Mo., who Is Bocce Mrs. S, H. Bullock and'Misses 16''' -
: Mrs. FV C. Reeves and Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Cole will leave I now the guest of Mrs. J. D.. Wood Mildred Turville. Dorris Mauck, Helen .' StewartAve.; .
and Mr. Glen
'Christineand Ferney, Morton
beck. Ball Elsie Maude and
Spank, .motored ,UJ! to Kissimmee In a few days for Chicago 111.- and .The prizes:for tt1eafternoon'werea : Tiller O. .O..O OOOOO..O .O..O.. . ... .
;, and Benton Harbor; Mich; They expect 1 LouiseThomason, Virginia .. .. ,. ... ..., .f. N
,. from .Avon Park last. Sunday
: thhighest
pretty Japanese porch,vase Frances Bay M. C, Bryan, Violet'
to return early next to look after
the with -Miss Marion I I
spent day the" anda
members >
their property here and score Bullock and Marion Hornsby.ST. .
s', *.Sargent': I Florida'se matchless climate to through enjoy' small bottle of catsup for the con

Hood Fabric Tires are as good u longer While here solation. These were awarded to .. CLOUD GIVES TO ,
most of the other make of Cord a purchased season.the ,handsome brick bloc Mrs. W. J. Steed and Miss,, Mildred NEAR EAST RELIEF FUND I

"'Tlre.\ Dixie Service Station, No.. liS at the corner of Posiiel avenue and Turville respectively dainty '
Broadway," Kissimmee'Fla. Broadway which houses\the post office handkerchief, was presented' to the 'Mrs. G.I w:; Best, the county chairman POLITICAL ASPIRANTS
Sheriff Campbell Wednesday guest of honor. in the Near East drive has
Deputy ar, well as;stores and offices.The dellclou.1 received
k returned from Titusville, bring At.: the close of the games 'word from .Mrs.- L;' U. Zimmerman
:'.:' ing back with him a negro.' Frank folio wing.' ;vial tors to IClasim- strawberry shortcake was served I. ; 'the chairman of St. Cloud ., ,- \ _
Thomas, arrested on a warrant by mae during the past week were with whipped cream and coffee, that nearly $500 has been subscribedfrom ,
Ellerbee of Deer Park, charg.ing guests at the Hart Memorial Library The Methodist church ...rl',
H. H. that city. '
and Social : D. E. Atwood YOUR FACE
him with obtaining.. moneyunderfalsexpretenses. alone gave $152 which established a ..
i ,1 Chelmsford Mass.: 'Herbert *. FOR LADIES' ,CUP. __ record for any one organiutionoutside ,:, 'BETTER NOTtENTER . /"'
'I'bomp.on"Tul1ahoma. ,TennY Mrs. "' -. "THE RACE I '. ,'I
''ilarry Hunter is 'not:'.ilafled with Charles Loomis Eustls," Chardon,. 0.; There will be an' approach and putt: the. subscription from ;"Kissimmee's "- ; ,
r schools. .
owning one of the handsomest win- Ben R. Eastman Benton Harbor contest at the golf course Saturday public : ,.' ,i, ,
The following is the St. Cloud subscription >>- .
' 'y, i-ter residences In this section of the Mich.; Mr.; and Mrs. A.'W. .Sweet- afternoon when the ladies who', are : :

' 1 d ;T.tate,"The Log House, remodeled" but and Is having redecorated - man, Binghamton N. Y.;.Mrs. SusanM. members it.extensively for the'
Clark, Chicago IlL;'MrIo' H, Bur- compete cup; Christian:Science Society ... 11.00 ,
work.being'in progress on dett.. ; Plymouth Miss. I offered :both the interior ana exterior. Pnrsley' 'Mr This will llkelJ'.take placer near the Presbyterian; . ? ,, : :'. : ,_ ,
,Mr.- and and
Mimrjud. Christian church ,..._,_.._.,, 50.00Baptist
r S., J: Triplett', has reached Fort :Mrs. C.. ,G. McAfee of ,Tampa club house and"will be followed by; : church ..-,._.:;-w. __"" 86.00 Single .Cobnut. Cats. far Newspapers.Doable ....:.:: :'__...;....;...;..--'M: :;; '
'Pierce .from ,Okeechobee and Is, an who several weeks ago' passed: the_usual teas. Order' ___. ; 15.00 Column for N' ", """'" ..,
Eastern Star I-- _' Cuts, """"' ......:... SMj
mechanical force of f. -- -''''- ''-''
addition the > through Kissimmee en'route ,to Day* 'TACKY PARTY FRIDAY NIGHT Masonic Lodge .._.:-._..__*.. 5.00 Halftone .... ;' ,,., .. .<; "",:',.-, :< -. "" ',
News-Tribune. Mr; Triplett ,: ,Copper for Small Carda.
The and after
tona MiamiWednesday $
Rebekah ,Lodge ____*-__. 8-44 ---r': :': -ooi! '"
published the Okeechobee. paper for noon were here en- route 'home to the Misses' Gl.d Griffin, Lauretta Public echool -......__.'"'_.__. &.87Woman's. Copper Half-tone.for-. : Lary;Cardseuu, 6x8)_ .... ....._.IS":
nd was ,..formerly'connectedwith : .
a Messrs. and .
tt year west coast city. Curstey Snodgrass! 'and .Dorothy Wells- entertained Foreign M. S._.-,_ 8X0 '
the Kissimmee Gazette,":'Fort McAfee are members of the Seminole Club' 1
their friends Friday evening Improvement (women)? -'7.67 4
t 'Pierce News-Tribune.. -Sales Company, Inc., of Tampa ; .'_ ._. 36 ',
with a tacky.party"' at the home of; Hudson Bullard .-- ,,, I? ,$
For Sale or. Rent-Fln..i.rge seven dealing in ee..ral..of the best"makes Mr. and Mrs. '' M. O, Wells on Emmett Mrs. Dora Thone _..,.w_.._., 50.00 :SEND CASH'WITH ORDER' '
roomed house standing on quarter of. autos,;the> Oldsmar Tractor, and street., ,.' Friends ._ .....-...............v,,. 16.40 ; '
block. One of thefprettlest places auto trucks. They report .most enjoyable ': Programs'' for the*. ,evening, were Mrs. Wells v----__:..__ 2.00 Fint-ChM W rk'an. "
;in town.; Apply Valley-G.zettotf f outing-along' the fast!: ; Coast. made out and the young: people dart, Mr and Mrs.' Earl Cowger,.. ,10.00! Prompt Service. . : ,_ .

'r ''B.'C. 'ng..T'o;' ; Moore Charlotte, >rOn ''Monday, March 16, Miss":,Lenora ed or promenaded as their'fancy, dieAtanIntermbston' ..." "
u JJC.rFrank: t lciweU.-T/J.? Mills, Fortner,' a, former well known tated. .TAMPAFLORIDAFOR ,

,iJr., Tampa 'Jas., G. Gordon DeLand; Kisftlmmee young lady, was marriedto In'tie program Mrs. R.'WV::Meiktejon and Miss Isabel 1" ;jit: r , ... ..., ,.
'. "W,! J. .Williams Jacksonville\ J; J. C. ,A. ,Warren at Jacksonville. Theceremon1" an ice cour..'w.. served. Hamiltonarerarrsnging'for. a .
1.'Tucker. J. Wade Tucker, Krll\mmee\ ; *was witnessed"'by 'ra few The'guests included Misses 'Alpha moonlight boat ride and carnival at "
; 4.J.., Davis, Atlanta Ga., were relatives and- friends of the. happy Weattall, Lola Overstreet,.. Margaret Parading Island for the I beneflf of . '" .' I '
", among 'those' 'transacting, business couple.'' MV. Warren is; timber and BronsonLuicle- Hawthorne /Messrs., the,.Near East: Relief drive which .is kt'z'. .. y .
Courier, Sheldon',Johnson Raymond Bearden,. ; .
City ;
7 ere Saturdays-Plant: tie inspector for the A. C.' L.; Rail -now interesting' the Klasimmee people 4.
at road and .will make his headquarters Roy Graves Clarence Herring Bryan 1. _
r' Miss Ettamity Suhl.. .her'holM' d 1'hla will take place after.Easter. "
rat : Mabbette street Friday eveningof at Lakeland. Mrs, Warren Is the Simpson/, Joseph .sear."a John ,
On last .week entertained? 'about'twentyfive' daughter': of Mrs. &- B. Savage and Graham" \ STATE HEALTH BOARD " .
her friends atc has a wide circle *>f friends ,here who SAsLHudson \ 1,
; s weennle and of m.rshtn.Uow'I'Out.young \ will unite In, extending their'wishes ST. .JOHN'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH i .ADDS 'TO ITS ROLLS \ l'' ,, '

' The* 'merry' young folks spent thefe1'ening' for' happy and" prosperous' married" L. Net :Sunday'.will "Palm Sun- ANOTHER ..SfECIALIS1''The \ ,, 1 ,
[ playlng-games of all kind., life; nay" or' the< Sunday nest' before : health k w' u I '
state: board of announces e
.and-all. seemed,to-greatly, enjoy the Easter. that the clinic of the .
day ambulatory
YOUNG PEOPLE ENJOY WEJNfllE'ROAST. Services, ,10 a. nt, Su :' schoo -
.vent.. '# 'IfW ,
of that
venereal, disease bureau body
y -
11' .. with
.m.. Morning
The'. Utolakean. the official organ Lord''a'Pray-eft has been laced in. charge- of Dr; J. Six .
High{ mad itiappearance --- sermon on / Triumphal ;
School :
v ;'of the Osceola ". C. Detrain who'succeeds (Dr. Daniel ,
Entry. "
"' 'number .
-A KIssimmee's : ..
w for March;' this wieek, 'of- you 1tr Campbell,'appointed director of
six four people,were the guests of Mrs. L. H. 7:80 p. m" Evening Service and :' "
Interesting page .
and is an the bureau. Condition. 'f.
Perfect Tor ,Sale' Clleil' \
:, -' column publication gotten up by the Ingram Thursday evening of last sermon." on "Growth., -' Through; BibleStudy. Betram is1.a well known authority F.

.... tudents. It contains great amount week at a weinnie roast at Hammock. ; ; 'Is on this disease, having had '.. :,\ '. bJ ,
Everyone -welcome'always.KEV.
and Grove In honor of ,Clarence
'of interestingreading matter ; her nephew, chargeof the venereal .disease"de "fo.
x' .advertising' haying :,the appearance Herring,"who ,Is visiting' at theIngiram ..H.",M.-INGHAM, ;; Rector.;, p.rtmant'of.the navy hospital at Also 3' Fords :

; < ;i of ..a regular weekly'ieeue, of a'newspaper .. home.motroed'' ' \ J "Holy Week at St.-John's- Episcopal Charleston' 'during the '"war/- 'Hscoma : '
: >v'. The party to 'tbst'pretty: to the state' board of health "
ChnrcK Tuesday, Thursday' andGood r .
,For ftile or RentFtoe large aeven spot and enjoyed .gaines around a Frlday/the services will"be at from the Baptist Memorial

i s't. 'roomed house standing 'on quarter bon ales fire and the after accompaniment.of disposing of the .vrein-rolls, 4.o'eloek." Wednesday. ;:service Memphis, .Tenn..where. be was. house, '. One ,Empire" .J ,
place. ,
block. One of the prettiest at 7s30.p. m. IIIIrgeoa.r .
In town. 'Apply,Vallei''Gaz.e .. tf pickle, and marshmallows .- I Since it was first placed in",operation -
; .
Enjoying' this outing were Mrs..
CARD OF THANKS. during November'' .the ambulatory '
+ The ladles of the) ,St. John's 'Episcopal Ingram aDd' daughter MI. Irene; .. '- : ,._ ,: :clinic' has treated and cured :
Church are preparing ,:for a Misses. ,Lois Overstreet,, Frieda Sch- .We wish' to 'extend 'our' sincerest 400 eases of venereal disease and ,F.t BROWN. : .
bazaaron..-Friday and Saturday: welkart, Lillian Harris. Gladys; Grift tbanks to the many1: friends who 10: now baa about 60 under treatment;,
4 ,April 9 and 10, .the 'proceeds to'betor fin Alpha Westfal Margaret -Broa1 kindly assisted'm .with sympathet. the latter being among' the mill '
therectory' building fund. All 1 son Ladle Hawthorne. Delilah Johni words and acts during"the last in hands at Watertown.' 'W'Cc: tralkAye' .QrJaildoFla .
haTIDe- rtld.. intended. for the .. I son Dorothy EEtthyllVR i Lesley, ness and ,I death of toss beloved wife ; .;,

:,: are requested to leavjr them with Helen Ba... n I and nether., We also wish to thank In 'French Class-.Cornelia,.'translating . ,. . .... ';'........... ... .,(,
a Kr Ingham. in the Willson 'apartment Geneva Roberson; Messrs.* Clarence our'friends for\the ,many; beautiful about a man's agitated :fa .- J.

block.' ,ldp.yllngtonavenu.. Herring.iC.H-i'Summers.,* Sheldon floral', "His eontsnan- was deeomp0ee4 .. . .. -- .\ .
Details of the sale and entertainments Johnson,,,, Soy" ,Graves... ..Raymond M.'I'CROWDER that i hie"wife saId to him". etc." ':,
., BeardeD Roscoe 'Roberson and..Mrs.. GERALDINE ,,, - .
to-be provided will be, given CROWDER.,, '
later.. --, *I rI\ :;ft,. ' .T..'Z.. obersotv'- ,HARVEY,,CROWDER., .,Subscribe' for ,tie ,',VaDey' GaottS.t Enryii'w4 v) -. "is'.'r..u.: LI. Taek "Waaiiw iJ '..." )In I'ijAo* yiitjQrMt1. ,

I,t iF ...... ' I
{ -/ -14 ... ... .1.1w
1 : .( ... 'f, t, ..' ; }): { rC'
-7. '
...., ", .... fl\ ,. ,z, "M '" ., i
::. ''f' '.I;.' 1\-, . ,"" ... .... iIi. "'; .. ., , t' 'IJ,; '( "" .
",-, > ..tr ,'. .. ..t .',; ...". ,', '"" .'. ':' .' ,', '"' '.. ',' ". ,.,' ".':: ,.",." t!. .'J', !.,t. ,. ? ', J

v y.._
i. t ,r .
w ie r .. L7f ""
; \' 'wSfe-t'f .
\ J
> > ...... VTH ,I, .
"To'' '

l a
.. (

,.. .. -" DSB l Kl,7 VALLEY-:GAIETTE. FKJDAY..:MARCH'.: ;.1.2" . ,. ._ .q _

;-, : .. .. . ..

:f' For Colds. Catarrh or Influenza' C.K.McQuarrze: }

I . .
I f Talk.-O Sugar ., ""

Cane IndustryC.

K. McQuarrie! ,- state agent. In Goodyear Advantages in Tiresfor 1 I
t that
discussing .1' cane says: ,
we should ask the average general' .
farmer which of the staple crop of '
the state he would consider the sanest .'
4 4I
q HiI and safest to plant under general A the: 'SmallerCars

conditions in all parts tot the state, .
wmht we believe ,the' answer. would be,. : 't--; .
sugar cane.
f' Suitable Crops. '
I I :
The sugar cane' crop t has: always .
been a very satisfactory one in the ,, . 'i 7
work head weak and tuMNjaal to the general scheme.of staple -crop farmIng "\ Just as Goodyear is successful in building ;
of :yon t ,Do yoo itlll couch and larger fields of it should be {
; a- little, or docs your npee bother y }? Are yon &l.T It' your blood thla and crops that is suitable for every: section

.shape.watery-Build')let._.troogtAn ., pot- your- body..... late- ery'typeofsoilprevailing of the: state and for almost- inthe ev- ... 4 b ,go..on, the highest-priced motorcars is.

" old reliable blood maker and state. The one exception soil we b.b unusual
successful in
,, herbal tonic made from wild root sod would make would be the blackjacklands Goodyear supplying

barks DtMorery.U Dr.Thli"nature Pleree's Golden rwm dreoiMs Medical, the -soil, as owing to and'the the coarseness of r worth in ,Goodyear Tires for,smaller cars. .
texture droughtynature
a 'a tablet or'liquid form. I'will build uproar
: body and protect you from disease this crop would suffer for 111I 1
t r (arms which lurk everywhere One lack of moisture, as it .. a great 1A Into ,the' making of Goodyear Tires i in the
of the active lnredlenU' of this tem- feeder of moisture as well as ox soil ,.;
peranee' alterative and tonic li wild fertility: 30x3-. 30x3- and 31x4 incli sizes have '
i_ cherry bark with Ulllncta, which ta so Some Statement : gone

good for the lungs and for eoarhi| Some seemingly exaggerated statements the full' of '
: advantages Goodyear experience ,
y alao Oregon rape root., blood root., In I I
the of the II
'Vl ,t .' stone root., Queen's root.,-all tkllfaUy appear press: I ; 4 .
ti : combined In' the Medical Dbcov...,. state from time to time regarding .- ; skill and modern facilities.
Tow roots .have a direct actloa oa the :yields obtained per acre from this 1 f I 1.3o 1.I 1.I 1. .
'stemaea.Improvtnr direction" aaslmllatloa . crop and while some of these statements .
. .Tbee herbal extracts la the may be to. certain extent The results of this unusual .endeavor are (
"D1.ee cry" aid In blood-making aadate correct yet '.the most optimistic of <
1, ti beet for erorela.' By Improrlnf the them are not beyond: the possibilitiesof easily available to ':every owner of a Ford,
blued they fortify the body ...1.."." "'.production, considering, the cost .
I attack ef grip or eoldi. of Ha production. Chevrolet Dort Maxwell other n.
k Catarrh shonM be ......... IrsLaa a The tonnage produced per, acre :, or any car

blsod.....,with Ibb.JsU'... Tkeawfa varies on different soils of the state, I f requiring the sizes mentioned.Go .
aodltlOB, the should be waaaed I ,
t r Sally with Dr. ....'.Catarrh ......,. but we can safely: ..y'that on any
the best of with
of land
E '' types proper
.... 10 for trial pkg.of Medical Dte preparation of the seed bed aDd -the to the nearest Goodyear Service Station :
G ,eevery Tablets Catarrh Tablets to Dr.
amount of commercial fer
. K fierce's I vates> U..... Buffalo, X. Y. necessary
titter with the methods ofbusineu'forthese and
V I N used proper Dealer's place tires,
of cultivation prolonged to the point ,
where the crop gets to the ripening Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes. He carries
,\ state that about twenty tons per acre -
is not beyond possibilities. them in stock.

'Syrup Per Ate

A twenty-ton: crop with a IBm giv

Il.b say: 80 per cent extraction of
maid on the ordinary: : soils, and showing -
14 per cent sucrose should give

c r acre.about 850 gallons Baume syrup; per 'S

This, at the present price of syrup, .
would make this crop one of''the
9 most profitable as the cost of production ;! -,,= .
; -
should not exceed 25 cents
f ere air e.,. '
per gallon. I :

BOTH NEGROES MDC4JP o.-tr- Ooodreer Heavy Tourist Tabs are thick strong ...... that
I ; Pabd4 AJIoW__. efra CmMmtt B pVO.Ce+V* WIly risk a ..-' eating with a
1 ) cheap tuber Goodyear Heavy Tomtat TDLee CiOIIC IkdeON
,TirtW Slmpidll"i; his $ than tubes'St of leis i.t&. 30.3 else bu _.t__ $45
.a.hrr.cla. a s..a O. T. wife, MarySlmpkins r.kaArrT 21soI "
w .-.- .... ...... --. both Friday at r
nea-ro :
.... __It.
a '" ItIO.; disturbed the .
........,......,...dIe__ their home here,
; e.-.c..e"I eslIb. ..... d..S. tine neighborhood in a rough and tumble I ) ... .
I V...-lei.H1.16kt..d ,.I.st and free for all "scrap" in wihch I _-.4-. S '
P s....r..a.It Ie ta.eed-war fists sticks of wood and an axe and I -<*
k k
1''% .,..e..p.....11".It.....___ any: kind of weapons that were
lea doe ertudea ,'", handy: ,were brought into play.:
r .' 'Ai Ie a te..a ,ter ,0uti It appears an argument started
,_ .... CaskS..... about some wood as to who would
'" ARMS cut it or which one of the pair "did

0'11 J.'STEVENS.... raw, sow COMPANY. U.L A. not other.cut any: wood or ice" with the ,,

Simpkins is charged with combing
the hair of his better half with a

stick -and massaging her features .. '
with,, his "Cincinnatf ;; alias -

ftat.. not altogether" blameless -, '. 3
VITC H Mary: was "
according to evidence brought '
out in the court of the mayor. She ft
? NONIT BACK managed to get hold of an .axe. PEPTOMANGANFOR MRS.'MARY A. CROWDER DIES
H vfchM.. vMttM. tf whereupon Simpkins did a Marathon AFTER: TEN DAYS' ILLNESSMrs.
t \; fcOU"""" ...twtniram..._..,1....._--Dea"- that qualifies him for the international ,i $ fs/ t
# meet this Mary Adelaide Cro rder,wife
-- ---- year : ;
-....w:4: ...... .
City Marshal Floyd Ticon appeared of M. J. Crowder residing in the ,
.. ........ ........ ., -
j -'Y----- on the scene of the conflict and "SPWNGFEVER" eastern section of the city, died l
e 11I *v a..a G_........ decided that all rules of sport were about midnight Saturday: after an e
H MOT. sea TODAY. ..-*TZrw being violated as well as the city ordinances illness of about a. week or ton dcys, st
>toraDjp y and placed both under ar- Spring Days Are Treaehersss-Germs of cardiac asthma, in the 62nd. year

I -' ti 'CENTRAL DRUG STORE Don't Disappear with Cold Weather. of her age.Besides .
"" rest.Mayor 'Steed -levied a fine of $26 her husband she< leaves
i >;- ---, -- and costs upon each. AND. BLOOD IS, SLUGGISH AND two sons,' in business 'in Detroit*

i. '!9. Z HE RATS WEAK Mich,, ,one son. about 20; ,Harvey. :
Has Had Stomach Trouble torSeven and,a.danghter.Geraldise/about It 0
. Years.' | _., Don't Take a.-Jf;;; Ton Feel BatT yeas of age*.living at home. t
Theodore'' 'Sanford of Fenmore, -Enrich ''Y.r',Blood With The"funeral.,was held from.the
Mich., has had stomach trouble for *. residence yesterday", afternoon,' the I
a wven'years and could not eat vegetables Pepto-Manfam. services being conducted by: Ber." R. 1'I
T -DAY: or"fruit without pain tn the '-"'-- Hodnett, of the'Methodist church. wt
stomach "and restless nights. By: :There. Is {a great' deal of. serious Interment was in'Rosehlll cemetery.:
By Using taking Chamberlain's,;Tablets he 'is sickness in"the Spring. _. .The pallbarers were Messrs.James
STEARNS"PASTEtats.NteolaN.dnde. now. able to eat vegetables or- fruit ,'Andit is easy to see why. Long Miller I... H..ID&'J'am. H. :M; Breaker
i without causing 'pain or sleeplessness. weeks pent up in doors too little exercise W. C, Bass,,, J. Overstreet and.
.tcegala. .Ines..; .' If troubled 'with Indigestionor and fresh air winter sickness Howell Bass.. '
CcirIiU MX)WMM-buc constipation give these tablets a not entirely over with, generally Mrs. Crowder moved here from

Jt. ...r for WKtaTKBd th .m u t..aa..tomn...Iramltmte'eetld.,4rln.oottM.MDQnMKIUi' trial. They: are certain to prove, lowered 'vitality.: Blood weak' and Michigan with her husband and ,
I..y..._... S'wo"__.....tl.MIIooGJ4 beneficial sluggish. Then come line Spring children six :years ago and was -one -
lie____. "- ......400.... days-that are not as warm as they: .of the.moat estimable women of the ': Sometimes :It: Is-But;
tili//Ig1. Ag LITTLE MARY PICKFORD IS seem j .or. sudden, changes in the community.: The family: originally. : Look.,' ,
t. DIVORCED FROM OWEN MOORE weather> and :yon, havent taken :was from Canada; I .
' Out "
proper precautions., I' When, :The Comes alptl'
,'Devotees of'D' ;: performances, Vigorous, red-blooded 'people don't I, 'A n..1j'Sac".uOllo'. ump

I who recently: '..". Mary Pickford in often get sick. If :you're not fetlingyour Next time yon have "a cough'1 or J mace uy: ggo oa ouit* a whil sptndnf'eftl'1 doOar'ha. ....... '#
film at the Casino thea- best, getPepto4Mangan 'of Chamberlain' . .
a production cold try Cough Rem- a. .... .. before abst..vesblaQJ
I sir.may be interested to know thatlittle druggist and take it to build up your edy.: It Is pleasant to take and you lebll-aad.... a.great the,dais.11.
a Ualrs4NCM Mary has Just secured a ,divorce blood.;: This effective and agreeable are cur to be pleased with the re- : "than" will dm.16e .
[ from her husband 'Owen tonic has been tested for.over thirty: lief which it affords. This remedy: ', '"raf.1 day"..G Maid i. .
: case. '
years and physicians 'eve1J'Where.recomJDeDd' .seesgr:w late, when w., '
MOON, on the grounds>of desertion.She has-a,wide reputation for its cures -
Obtained.the separation in Carson it for 'run-down' pale, of, coughs and colds.' istispent dies. .ud. doD" n' ..."d..c... 1st. -17 pod play. .

r hC)vIIA OcERir .' ,She City has,Nav.been,I'UflDg' on m ranch, [and The anemic whole people.family: should. .take. Pep-- n. ..: .* tkr.w'of'th. spading habit! It mew_ ,

near a< deserted town called ,Genoa I to-Manpa-lt. good health Insurance dart by dcpodlisf: jut 'a Kid each week 'i. ibis. ,.

} MI WELL HWSG'r 'I'which was first settled .by ,the .Mormons. Besides, what a joy it is to I. hair, ud.... haw Mch more caamfwtabl sad Ia-, 4
.' I feel fit and tlD..dr.for( anything!
'1'i.! : : dependent w w81 f eel.u ". habit ;
Owen It appears, roamed too To have an abundance of ....r -.andenthualall1lll' ,grew. asd, .ywr
c and Sell .' '
'''N; 1. COf-FEE much but recently: went into N...* Buy ";, ,
'" ;, .
Pepto-Mangan for'sal
da to take pictures and one day: while
:, 4, eating lunch the divorce papers were and in< both liquid and I' I A r?
served on him as a relish at tablet, form.- There is no,'difference \
"SPRAY TOMATOES FOR NAIL -- meal In. medicinal -value. 'Take whichever. :Old Hats STATE BANLOFKISSIMMEE
r I HEAD'RUST ADVISES Chip or deliver eggs twice or three :you"prefer.; Bat to'.make''sure .yon ."
; times weekly: get the genuine; .ask' for "Code's
"4, Pepto-Mangan" and sea that the, t I",
'Nafl beidnst': ..<1.h.moetl important > .name ..Gu...'." ," on the. paeker-. ., ;
& COLDS bred and '' .
/ disease of :y . Advertisement ". $ ti .
""on the' lower .East and west coastof'tho ,

> state.' 'The dlna.' not only: :Spread, INFLUENZA! WllWJ' MRS.. MINNIE MOORE-WI.LSON -, .
.' .iI.! '; pots the leaves and in that way: ref ; WILL MATERIALLY of all kinds.... ,Also; buy and ...uold' RESOURCES, "S7SO.OOO.OO "'Capita -
,dueea the vitality: of the,plants; but ,! S ; .100,000.0d. t ,
l..,.. it, also ,spots the fruit yThU spotting. WITH WINTER,.PARK; BIRD .CLUBMrs' ; 'v Cots 'and.Panty,,,to.'(Mil, ata; " , j-,+,*:4'
"' -/1 < .of th.:fruit causes.the greatest :$: .- j price' Abu> : '- . .
reasonable Officers '
: : ; 'cleaning M sad ;
Director ,
; o damage which' often amounts .to 60 : Minnie K oi- -WDhon. champion " ;
I ;>1.'.''per.eeDt'of nor .of the :yield according of:the to Dr.; C. D. Sherbakod-of the (;) bird Its In tho',stats, 'who recently: ,, L .(\\IT) ** X. ,. .LESLEY.T-P. '
yKxperiment; Station. Spraying with gave an\ .-Interesting .'psper hero ,'-)1' B, BEABpEtf/Aast. olahler;, ..
:.fcordeanx mixture of ,4-4-W formula ; BirdS of'tho I Everglades,", Is 'going : .N. B. CARSON;,, 'a:A. CARSON"is... afcJS-;
-wilr- ..nndoubtedlvcontrorttie to have this will
U properly: done paper published and f '
CrrA; -
f ;disease.t Whenever possfble '. give the proceeds to,the Wlnter'ParkBird : ) *' >* IlL.yi.ttiumtfft,

a' ,..nae .Y rar, r that will maintain ,Y ......... el. ee.dr. tW'ti yw.up dub ,to help.,along the good 0; T. ,SIMPKINSOne ; K.'C. (BRTAN., '15., L.LBSLEt.Directors.; '
v_, .... "1*.ipounds pressure"while ..... taWft... ..... _ BTkv'i' -. ,.*. .. . .. '" ; .
........;.,Use -good,nonles. Under ....... ....... IP'I.. eo4" ... 34AtAgpmsrlra' . Mrs. Wilson In .writing ''to the .' \\.J/Wb$'T UCJT ER/ .. . r { ,.
Illlp&Mr.>"}.'GlladItioat.. spray ,, II-r"" ....... .. Post saysj "Yon.,get ,up, a splendid Block! 'From ,:Depot "' ;
.wrRgsgMr ::tWo',... but''''It .the ....... ..... np-to-0ato. paper'L-r, get more interesting ; .. --- J-I. .I '
. 1 .
. .
; .
;a.- -
.. disease- nows of loeality,from it ""
........ ,11; J .
fsptsrlsy' .
.. '' ext1agglM : ***** Wr"" X '
5"T i"tE
...... : :: WmVi'Srk .
__ .... ,. '- f,, ,.,...'.,..At : '....'.. .'' 'I//,,.. ..r "1!' . ; .Pod.J, - 1' L." Who'Is.AayW'y Adrertises' Their *11tiM' 'hi,+ ib.Yaeq ., / .6: { l

"" ... ., ;
'I f l j., ., C /
:1 .... r :' 1 ",t. ". I'. .", , .,, ; ,l ... ..'I\f ;Mi' of ,
;c. .. "' ,\1. "f' .-'.."' ;r ,,,_ .. I.I' ''.". J<; ,I. '" \\I' , ....".;.. ".. ft'..' \" ,. ...', ,'. ."," .

,: .." f.4. '. PJ,

.. c: ... .7wI:WHMMfr.. .VALLIT GAZETTE FIUDAT.; MAftCH M,..1 M .'1 ..... .

.- . Lt
0 \ :the. ;United'tSates and inthiedislliot tioe" of'oili...,.. tJae- 'ot.'t';ta I, It.Aft -. onDINAx m..

Saving..Stamps : .. Nall be eosruete4 lit (befofrowtng ; .
the Southeastern :
osmposiag .
\ .. :
M i .. named a rsoaa: to Amend' UdnJIlnaaoea Ir "j" w iZr .:' .
Stales.: were larger than W. B. Crawford.; President. oftke .vls.d' of the City "
Are A ''Godsend: during any: wonth of 1419. From this John 8. Cadel. Vloe-Prealdent. of ]Itl..lmm. of I> 1111. "

we -hope that the,people have.made. *C W, Barttnt.. Secretary:<< \Treas. ., BOF'/ Oao..ux.D l. CM'Y eOO1\i\ ; '.
: .
To T hePeopleAT up ,their, minds to 'get' back"on an andr'satd"oMo.ra'ahart' ooaatltnte 'the ect, Ioa &; That 'stIca 15 stalk: ', .. .".,. .,:
economical ,basis.' It is, :blab tune ,Board of Directors. Kevlaed Ordlnanoee of the City ot I
; they -. .ART1CL.B XL The names sad reel Klaalmmee. of December. U" be. and
Sral were doing ao. dense of the .....on...... of these er the same la, hereby amended to read -i.n.
H. of 'tkd aste.i .State* ". will wlthsta tleles of Incorporation. together with aa follows: "Section t 4:-All Railroad
Infertile eggs marketing the number of .h.... of the capita crossings upon the publlo streets
Have bereaved Tadr ParckasM conditions much. better .than took subscribed br eaeh< sat opposite. of the City of Klaaimmve shall be .'

Over Moadi Of'December.'' fertile eggs' his ,name,' are* as follows'' : z opaatrueted to properly of heavy accommodate lumber suMcient pree-- Invigoratinga .' : 't'. I

1919 Say Report. N.m. 'a..ld.noo"o. 'Of Blkarea eel traffic, and ahall be built up flush "
Uniform poultry products commaai W. B. Crawford Klaalnaraee. Fla..... with the Railroad Tracks ..In. such r
the best prices. Pure-bred ,fowls John 8. Ca4." Klsslmmee, .Fla ..... 1hereunto manner aa to reduce to a minimum .Tzb1e
"Savings Star have bees a God. produce uniform products M. W. llar..nt".I..m....._ Fla.__ jolts and atralaa on vehlclea and &wr8ge t
vend to the people? Mid Boiling H..Jones IN WITNESS :WHEREOF w. have shall not be laa In width than the ,
set oar hand this the. glad. width of the street crossing and shall
postmaster Atlanta. "IncompCeting day of, March A. 0. 1550. bo properly graded and laid down )
the paymentof' homes W. B. CRA WFORDo and all euoh oroaalnca ahall be provided "

bought la meeting 'the expen.es: ofatckness' LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS JOHN W. a LUtOICNT.CADEL2L .. of a euffldeat with/ suitable else .|pipes o property or eulverta drain ,- : reed;: part of the meal..

; and in paying the schoolpen.es the same _

;"'(. i of boys aad girls at high NOTICE IB hereby. riven-that the STATE OP 'JI'LIUDA. I of..ordinances..Uon.. AU ordinances, .or part. not merely to

schools and colleges' savings stamps undersigned will on April 14th. 110 COUNTT OP OaCBOLA. ) and the same are conflict hereby. repealed herewith!, be- something -

have done 'wonders,? continued Mrs apply to the-Governor.of Florida forLetters B. It known that before "ofe.. the Unanimously paaaed In open _.- drink with your food ,
Patent Incorporating our.alvs Undersigned Notary Public; I. and for slon.
Ind of
Jones this day March.. A.. D. '\ ,
our associates and auoceeaorsInto .ald-Conntr and Btat. p."ronallr ape I'IO.. ;
.This .wa. found to be true all over a body politic and corporate Under peered W. B. Crawford, John 8 Cad-I 011I0. W'FOX,
the United States durinr. the first the name of the NEW EUROPETRADING and M. W. 8arant. to me well known Attest: Prld.atof Council
COMPANY. and know. to me to be the individual. J R. GILBERT
flu during' the fall of 1918 : Caerk.
and epidemic hat been equally ao this year JOHN W. B. 8.OA CADBUM WJI'ORD.. foregoing corlbd Ipno.a.nd who Charter'executed.of the the D.Approved ItlO. thte. 4th. day of March. A.. POSTOMIf .CEtE! L

'during.the'trying weeks of.January W., 8ARQBNT.'We New Burop Trading Company, and W.' X; ATEE .
and 'February when the second flu the underslsmed hereby associate each severally acknowledged that hxeouted. ll-Ct. Mayor.MAYOR'S .
ourselves together for the purpose the Sam for the uses and.
epidemic came on,-'causing ao much of beoomlar a. bndr politic and purpose therein ezpr ssed.' p / PROCLAMATION.Under .
aickness: aDd expense to the people. corporate under and pursnant ,to the In Witness Whereof 1 have hereunto .
law. of.Florida. p I for- ..t my hand and affixed rny official and by the power '....t84 In feel that: '
Thrift Helps. .: manss.m.nt.tle. ItahWtle.:; andImmunl sal thla the Had day of March. A. me. L W. J. Steed Mayor of tb. Cityof you something
In Atlanta where tea thousand of corporations, and we D., 1+1t' Klaalmmee. Florida, do ".reb".-.n. I -
hereby declare that the following articles 'O."J. ROUNTREE. declare, that an interferes withy ur a
young men and 'women are at.college of Incorporation dealt .constl- Votary Public State! of Florida.Mr .' 1=cn.srnaoa.r;: :at the City Hall. *

or' in technical 'schoolshundreds tuts nnd ... the charter of said corporation Commission ,Expires, 'March 14, In- said City, during the legal hoursof ,
'them have been able' to:c pay- their upon, the Issuance of Jj.tt ... 1.4t. voting on Saturday the 17th day health, stop tea> and col :: ,
with .re Patent aoeordlnr to Few. of-March. A. D. 1110. for the 'parpo.. .
ly war savings stamps ARTICLE I. Th. name 0' Ibis 'Or. MASTBRSJNOTICB .ALIII. of electing the following officers for fee 'use" this
bought previous'' months. -Thus poratlon shall"' be NEW EUROPE that'nna.r the term of one year ,Via.. I : and .popular . .
the saving habit to odn.cate TRADING COMPANY., Is hereby given On. Mayor. "
and gulls ARTICLE IL The principal" placeof and by virtue of a Final Decree In One Clerk and Tax Collector.: drink.
worthy.boys in a prac- busine.'of this corporation shall Chancery. In the Clrealt Court of the Ond'l'reaur.n' ... : b '
tical' way.: In the high schools of be Klaalmmee. Florida, but tb. Boardof 17th Circuit of the State of Florida, Alec to serve for the term of -two '" I ''e
:Atlanta the' attendance II' four times Directors may ..abU.h'branch of- In and'for Osoeola Countr In the cue rears: Two members of. theCity 1here : .
6o.., at other places from time to. of L. U. '. Zimmerman Complainantvenu Council. 19 l'R ason
as large as it was fifteen'years ago time .. may be desired. J. w.' Russell and MarraretRneaeU. I hereby .'N. Clark. JrMcPhatter ,
although there is no such Increase in ARTICLE IIL, The period of< e z. .;' hie wife respondents, -dated K. t7poGuloe '
population( !, ,Thrift TIBS" helped thepeople' Istance of thle corporation ..bn be March Ird. A. n, 110. I.wlU offer for end .J. M. Will.on'Jr.: ,,as..Inspectors CI.rk"of, .t; No raise. tA :piJC
to educate their children; bet perpetual and It ball exist perpetu- h.nCto.sale at public he.higbe.t, outcry. bidder, for cash at the In _lei dectlonIs . '. .J

ter..', : *- ARTICLE IV. The reneral''natureof M '' I front door of the Court House la Kls-- witness whereof I have bereunto I . .
.Imm... County .Oeoeola, State of e.t.m" hand aa Mayor of said City ,"' aft/We/ Po turn .Cereal Compaxry* '
In the meantime! the same thrift lathe th.' u.lness 'of'" this corporation and caused the seal of said City to be hy '
., shall be the exportation and Importation Florida during tbe legal hours of .
of war savings stamps of all products \ of all sale, oa the rule day In April 110, hereunto affixed, thla. llrd,. day of Betttle Creek Mtch16a r
February A. I>. 110. ,
helped .
has hundreds of people to ac.. kind.,. the creation, warehouse As Ill.a1/M0the ith day.. .rib d SEAL) W.'J. STBBD. .
homes and complete-the ' arenoles or representation .
quire payments property, situate In the County, of Mayor of theClty of Klaalmmee.
firms societies or corporations of every -
,on homes already bought,' at description to participate In all Oeceola. State of Florida, to-wit: '. ; Florida.-.. -
I a time when it vwas almost impossible kinds of financial, commercial and In All ; of Lo" One (1) and Two fI> Attest' "
to rent comfortable homtea; du.lrlal'afair. or, to. create- Independent of Block Six (i>. containing Ten.(1,) J"., Ra.; GILBERT. I City Clerk11at C.A. CARSON Precedent.'; ,R C. BRYAN Secretary.; ,
.companies.'.. >or byf affiliationor acres) more or less. aa shown on.BIt ,,-
Special "Advantages..' __ combination or subscription or of Klsslmmee Park, recorded In MASTER'S: .*.... ; ,

..!'. wish the people fully trader contribution specially the or acquisition In any other of way any,and or records Book ,o.t1.OaoeolaCounty.JMMTS. 41, of tnepublia. Florida, Seventeenth Judicial circuit of Flor- THE} WATERS & CARSON GROCERY CO.

atood the special advantage of savings all klnda of Industrial and commercial and being Township ._ .n. ,It-It I Ids Circuit, Court of Oseeola County ; .
stamps and." treasurery' saving .stock) all transactions Balsa II 14 of II Bo..t. Range In Chancery. Nathan Porter Complainant
!' Baet,'and fractional potion IS and vs. Lucy Davie .Defendant.
purchase, commission and brokerare
.certificates" said Silas W. Davis of all products' and .merchandise ol part of Section It. of Township I<. Notice la hereby given that on Whole. :aad Retail Dealors j ia
f .1fOYII'IUneD\dlreetot of the war loan any kind the acquisition ceaaloa and South Rao 20' East Monday, the *th day of April 110 JwU"pfr.r'.tor
association of Ra- exploitation of patents, licenses. pro. Purchaser to pay for deed.' sale to the niftiest bld- :
"FSmta cesses. Inventions and Improvements Dated ..this Ird day ot March. ItlO.aBOBOB dor-for cash the following described
srdistrict. the of all kinds; transaction of any W. FOX propert for ..I. under a foreclosure :GBQCERIE'S.IWE '
aavings stamps and treasury. eertlfl- kind In property and real estate relating k pTHEDMaUer. decreed entered by the ledge of theabove .
Which savings directly or Indirectly to' business KRIBB8. AKBRMAN court on the 4th day of March ,
catea are simply
.11-it. 11. In a certain . .
stamps In $100 and $1000 denominations . or social I..t....... or found necessary Solicitors for Complainant. cause therein pend-. '- \. .
for such Interests to buy and InsWherein Nathan Porter la com.Kainant ,
with the registration privilege ell municipal bonds,. mortreree. debentures MASTLJPS aALIII.' Lucy.. .Davis la defendant \ "
f? *re not subject te market flnetatioas trust receipts., commercial' thand sum ttt,15rbeforythe -
sad in this respect have 'aa import- papers, console and rovernmental ..- 8eren eenth Judicial Circuit of Florida Court satisfy House Door of. In XI..I..m_ toLot *> > > > .., d> > > d> 4> > e> .i. .. . 4JWB
ouretlesi'to apply" for > acquire, buy Circuit Court of Oaooola'County "
ant advantage> over government sell.aeslrn.. .. mortrare In Chanoeryt Nathan Porter Coraplalnant. wtti r ", : :' ., 2
londs. This Is.. true because. they otherwise -a-r..t:: patents ... John Mallory and hta dmmee.IS of Boswell's Addition to' SELL .- BUT>:, '
of the V.It84.States. ore of I wife. Anna Mallory. Defendant Under s "IJ .
redeemable the on any .
government ol .
f oral all ri virtue of decree of fore- Recorded plat said Addition on file ,
nonce "' am country or or any < . In the Clerk's Office
ten days' .- territorial or<. otherwise, thereto; to oa_.... entered by. the Boa. C. O. An- In Osceola ,
V .'Anotherimportant advantage '4 is apply,,, for, acquire hold.'sell, aaalirn.l : drew. Judge of the aboveh namedcfshavetakes tor County dad Florida.'. Purchaser. to pay .BAT' ,. '. BlDBS. '

\-that the interest is compounded automatically ae patent... mortgage rlrhts.or licenses otherwise prlvllerea.Inventlona disposeof 4tnd charare&:y!o[and will. UIO.offer. .... -- MIt/rON. PLBDOBR 4> .' f iii, .

on savings stamps and trademarks, trade names I for sale to the hl -b..t. bidder In E. BASE Special Master.Solicitor' . GRAIN -FURS .1'. ''
for 'J
.certificates. If yon' ,buy a bond yon and : pendlnr application ., therefor, I front of the Court Hou_ In Klaalra- Complainant 11ILNOTICE. #' ; ,.I
"have to .collect the interest and reinvest relating to or useful In- connection mee. Oeoeola County Florida, on the '. 'I' r.
.. :
with any business of the corporation: Ith day of AprlL l 10. the following FERTILIZERSSHINGLES .
it.. If you buy savings stamps to use,.. manufacture or grant licenses described property b.iougInr to tb.d.f.nd.n" : WOOL '( ..1
; !
b-.n .q
or eertl8catea,"they mature in fly.year. under any letters patent owned or John Mallory. In a certain NOTICB la. thai the 1 ,
. ., the interest. is approximately controlled by the Company; and to expend cans In said court pending wherein undersigned will apply to the Oover- .; ,ac .,t. 'f''' :' -.': ..
and the nor of Florida April 1(10. for '"
money In experimenting on and Nathan Porter la complainant on Ird .
[ 'l our per cent compounded quarterly tint the validity or value of any eald John Mallory and hie wife Anna Letters- Patent amending Article' I AND ll ; _.... ,
I and reinvested fop yon, ao that at patent right the Company, may acquire Mallory, are defendants Said _a. of Its Charter ao aa to make It readaa 4 .
the end of five years the government or propose toaoqulrs.ARTICUD will be held before the Court House followsThe business of said corporation ORANGE BOXES Ni ...... X 1 .
; between the honre of 11 o'clockA. snail be conducted by the .
The of "
V. amount the door .
turns over in cash.ths whole of your.capital stock'Afl this corporation shall M. and o'clock.. P. M.- on said f following ptaoera: c ;A. -President on . j i ALL .. :( + .
principal plus four per'cent interest'..bs Ten Thousand Dollars '<|I 10,000.00 day. the same being legal sales day. or -Vice-Presidents"o': Board of .. ORANGE WRAPSVEGETABLE .. ..}. '
.for the whole period.:' divided Into On. Hundred (10Shares > to the hlrhret ddrRobinson{ at AAdt. Dlrectera to cond.of less than .
of the One Hnn- Lot I of Block five nor more than thirteen members .
_,+ Caa B* c....... I derd i ouara (00.00).aoh.! SaId cape tlon to the .Town-of KlaelmmeeCity, a Cashier and such other offloers and, .. COUNTRY 1r"
Ita' stock or : . .thereof ..-per plat on file In the of new of the employees aa -corporation may ... CRATES, '
"Another' distinct advantage .. nay be for la-property, laborterrlcea CI.rkt Circuit Court. Oeoeola County., thorise. The Board of Directors may .
that the.. stamps and certificates or -d.: Just valuation to be ..loriaL, appoint subordinate offloers and employees
'maybe cashed at m..on tanda.I' fixed by ttie In a meet- Purchaser to.pa,. for PLffiDoER. with such powers duties and + CRATE NAILS .. PRODUCT '.
thatwpurposa .. KILTON terms of office ae they prescribe tt
of Ins called for - may -
notice in case need.: This is i. 1
ARTICLE VI. Tb. business of this Z. DABS Mil iL as may be provided the By Laws '
Coompplainant with .
a great safety clause and a man may 'corporation shall b. conducted by aBoard Solicitor ..for waotnconsi.tent the banklnrWBANK . . . . . .. .,+ . . .. .. ... >,...
be comfortable in buying'those of Directors of not less than . .. .
perfectly ''' ,,
saving stamps, because he threenor more than eight KOTICB TO CTtKPITOIta.:: ; 'OF FLORIDA.OBCHOLA COUNTY I.; < . :, ::;': < ': ' f. 't'''.

will be in a position to meet any con, ARTICLE the .tofkhold.r..hall VII. The annual be In"'tlnll'of held on I. Ce r4 .f '!be -C*..
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