t For: Sale *. tjnesa week for four'ooneecntlv* weekj .
$. la r'f'
the[ :
'Parties' ValleT Oasete a nw paper -
: topurch.
stove /Xcmcm' to hereby. given that plan and apeeUcations published In said Oomnty and Baa o Better ,
E;', -wood: ran get good wood and prom>t 0*. for proposed. waterworka are new ea, eta Tale August Itth. 1 08.ABTHCRK.. Goods on the Market at These .Price.

;, livrr by balling up J. M. Overstreet, M the enVe of the town clerk. and ear ottisemde.Mnar DONEOAN" I *4t
., Cigars. Cigarettes. Tobaccos '
i phone Ko. 1.f ; .. teepee earn sea da ee br..au...at said Clerk Otroalt Court. *

n seas ,Ivan: Bail, B. ... Andeno. H. M. Hantposiplalnnfr. .. HE. (CASH fr
,:- Old papers,! for sale at this office: '20o Jtr soda ed Oo.aeatkl. Ilk day eC A.., a. D. -4oLMyom. for -- ,- SmORE1 4 -
t *. 11a. .- .. . ; _
.. .
>. -. hondred. f - r" -- .- ,. .
I. B.tliuasjT, Clerk. .Old pars for sal* at this offie*. i>-
: /
.. .
/ POOJ. '

4fe ..... ; .. .; ; ... .. .. _. -. .'. ..,,...of ..' '.. .. '/.'. ...... . I if- 1 .'1" "" ,
'' ," I : ; .1t'T" .' ,. .. .. ...... . .,... ., .Ii
< ,; .. .. _"JKP1' ,d e.l9'ak.''' ( 'La/;: ; :' ] ri.Jir.Wu: ; ; ;. J:; 'tI.J' ,, , .\',.,t. ', .1:,,_ ." ... ;..... ..,. -'- .= .-If. ..v, (tw-: .;:. . by.T, : -w..1;;: 1 ,r-_-, -7. ,.. .' -. ,_ .,1.-.. ;,0-1 -.. -" ,, .....rJ iI-" .'..., '" .. ,.' ;.J. iW*

,;.,"',;<: ,.,.,.t.{!,'. .1,."""

__d ...H'.M....'.. ." .. ,'" ". ." ';'" ........... or- '".,...... ......A, -,. .,, '.,'..' \ '.t

,, (
.. \' , ," ....... ..... \

; ::: 4I


<" f : "
:' .

' I ; 'Healthiest! 'Town v'The ;in: the .;United

"C" : w .
.; : : : : fta.es" > 1 :

l ., .. ,. ._, . .'
r : "
'+. -( -,
; ... '
',. ..',..,..,1' ," r ,. .' .,' :' .-- : ."' ,1\1':;
k '
' .
'' ', ., "
.. .
!, .. "
', '
ft. -
-- .. :1.
I. I _. ;' .' : ,
. \ .
- -. ---- -
--1 - ,- ,' !: ;-; -=- .:::- "

.'. "
I rule of patronisinghome merchants, home factories and home Industrie 'j;
: TOWN la the same as aa individual build up and,, make prosperousmore ..'"
J =." of every character" must be strictly adhered to, not theoretically butpractlcally4lLffawlahaoeveLassum
money must"e6! ,pe In than goes out: If awn spends more money
., the a city. ack.ol1,1
P&'OP' - --
H ----' h.n-e-T&i1rertirwllTTnDirlM onirbetore-b..1sa-b&01c1'1J'p'-illlt1t' [ b". ft.1oD.-O "
j ;vllle has adopted the. rule that If a man patronizes foreign ''In preference 'to "
i the people living in It, spend their money abroad Instead of r'p'a ..onl Ijiatflo-
...... ... -
+" : local businesses! of. any character} he';.. tabooed. In other words boycotted by .
= cal industries and commercial houses) It will be oDI.a shortjime"'untll therewill j
the C\t.1ZtHTlljlen8raU\ as a menace 'to the town! and the result has been that .. "
_.. ...::..........._.___ S be no moaejTbrj hand to spend anywhere for aoytb-tD'/f./ : S -
today ten and twelve story building are beta? erected lq that city and In two .
I Slow for argument's sake, let us suppose that-ttlecltlzeps generalwould! .
.ear.' time It will have one hundred thousand population.. .. .
S send to4 a Cl loafa.mallordaF-bou( e-ror"Their'clothes, shoes and hats, how' jky -
" I Remarks have frequently-been heard on'thd streets of this city, suctra's, r ri
S long{: would our merchants who deal 10 that particular branch of t..de.b S "
"I can such and such tittle I'm to _
fret a thing a cheaper in--and going '
S able to keep their doors open? The same rule"applies our local. clfraf factory 5 5of .
> send for it, '-' Suppose that the gentleman laying this spoke truly, does he'
"::-: i only to a greater extent, for It U a lamentable fact that -almost every 5 '
'. > stop and consider for one that If we alt practiced his rule there
; :," 1 dealer, cigars In this city,purchases his foods from the American Tobacco! 5 .
,: .. : would be no town here In a few onths.and that be would have no money to
Co. the Greatest trust extant. today and the'foremost enemy of all small jkd "
./ t send. abroad and make his purchases, that a (dollar scent locally with Smith'
; ,.:. i l '. Industries that manufacture goods In which It deals. Every dollar spent '
I is In turn transferred to Brown then! to Johnson and so on down the line,
. with that company Is! a dollar lost. to-the home trade, so that no man can 5
6 . each getting his share of the profit on what he sells, but that the doUar he -
point to the time that octopus has ever expended a- cent In Kisstmmee, except 5
sent to Chicago or New York or anywhere else abroad has been as completelylost .
I' for a day's board at some hotel for its traveling representative thou- 5

.:....4.. I' ,..nd.of dollars have-lets our town to add still more to their already _11. -e ,to our local business",as- if It were sunk. to the" bottom", of. the ocean.. , .. -
Without the aid and cooperation of one another we cannot lucce.lfuU.v.live .
filled If merchant tfruulJ the home which ts
".JJI/C' coffers- our purchase product, j -- I
,. "" and the sooner all our cltlzenv=:get acquainted with, this fact. the lIoooer'
;:' = just as good and as cheap and which is made under much more favorable :
'* will Klstlmmee take rank with the foremost titles.of Florida. I 1
," oN 1 and cleanly conditions( : they would build up an industry here that in a 5
''VI There Is a way to make us big and that.war Is to patronize Jiical'buslnesea I
' short. time would rival the largest In Florida. : :
; 4 3 .
in every Instance where possible. !
', .
"''S : ,,v.NNNNNA 1 .
.At. .
"v'" ... . .......................... ..... ._ .. ,. . . '
.................................. -- --- _.. ... { ...r --...N\NNNNNNNNNKaNNNMNNN: tFe
.., .I..

,.. ., / . ., -
--- -
." .7 -
,'; .
; } ,
'f" '
. .
\, r . / .

1'---. :: .. -- Atiy.furtHer information cpiicerniiig this town- and county wilLl e .cheerfully famishedlby "- .


-'" .. '
-- :: _

!,"' "'- / -..... -... ,.. .. : .,.4

Florida: whifeb no other country i in the fact that the soil of Florida is almost rvarhed j full nfaturitv. In consequenceof I wet weather.- It can be cultivated Notice.

i--i: LANDS IN FLORIDA United States possesses and which affords everywhere of so porua and absorbenta :' the considerable outlay of capital re- : with much less labor than any other Teachers' examination will be a held at

great security to the health of character that moisture ia 'seldom ;I qtfired i in the, preparation of this description lands being .remarkably mellow, and the Court House at Kiasimmee, Fla.,
its'inhabitants is that the pine lands long; retained on its surface, that its 1 of land for cultivation, and I its vicinity is generally high and: '
, beginning- Tuesday Sept. 7,, 1909 at
(Continued from first page.) which -form the basisNjf the country, atmosphere is in constant motion, and I I frojn the facility formerly existing for i healthy. These reasons are sufficient' 9 o'clock a. m. ,
and which are almost universally that there is more clear: sunshine than. obtaining hammock land, which requires'' to entitle it to the estimation whichit I '

growing crop. One of the uses of. healthy, are ,nearly everywhere- studdedat in the more Northern Stales.; Itis further ? nd ditching nor draining swamp land is held over all other -lands. Teachers and a..eI'tqUto'tlW to report'

drought is, that it thus bringsup from intervals of a few miles, with, ham- suggested that the.uniform prwya- has been but' little sought after by Some of,the counties in Middle Florida promptly tobring with them legal
: paper, ink and the fee of
1} the. sub-soil, 'wtn' the assistance, of mock' lands of. the richest quality. lehce of sea breezes and the .constant persons engaged in planting Fl ri\.a Gadsden, Leon, Madison: and Jefferson cap$1.00. pens- W. J. SEAR. SUPT.' ',

shallow cultivation any mineral, food These hammocks arenot, as is generally motion of the atmosphere in"th -/pen l- until in recent years; now;, however,, and Jackson, HolfneV\ and Washington '-, : -
that may be/there, :to where it will be supposed,'Jow, wet lands; they never vsula, tend'so much to Diffuse. sfnd! att.n.. there Is a great' and ever increasing- counties in .West Florida, have ;Maps o Florida :.:

,tn reach of'the growing crop. '- require ditching draining; they .vary, uate-whatever. malaria I generated, demand for.these lands by individuals large areas of fine high hammock land To any subscriber to the valley'Gai

T'"..)",;But light sandy > soils-! though 'they in"extent from a few'acres vto-many that ' ll ..ally produce'only the and incorporated Companies,' thus suddenly underlaid with" stiff clay;. These "are ette we will send, postpaid, upon receipt

may.produce freely at first, soon give thousand acres. Hence the inhabitantshave -=of malarial diseases", suchas recognizing their immense productive the best lands of the state for the os of Florida.25 cents, pocket" map of; the 'State ,
" "
;;way and thi' fact;,for frequently it is .
: it everywhere in their power to nt feve; value. growth of short staple cotton and are ;

a'fact, is regarded as' conclusive as select residences in" the pine lands, at The lands which"- 'in Florida are universally ,' The greater part of what are known indeed the cream of the state for general -
against loose and porus sub-soils, where- such convenient distance from the
denominated "rich lands" are as swamp lands proper are mostly located farming purposes. They: are of New
'as it'only proves that these light soils hammocks as will ehable them to cultivate first the- ''swamp lands"; second the in East and South Florida, although the earliest formation of the 'Florida

were not sufficiently supplied'with the latter without endangeringtheir "low hammock Ia.nds"'third.;' the "high there are numerous and quite- lands. As' before stated areas of

'*. humus and the limited supply soon exJiausted. '- health if it should sj happen that hammocks";; and fourth the "first rate extensive- bodies in North Middle and thejse lands in varying extent are foundIn
Such lands can be easily restored the hammock lands appeared to be less section
pine/oak and hickory lands. West Florida. every of the State, almost Meat Market
to their original fe tillty. by-the healthy than the pine lands. .
Low HAMMOCKS every county.
Low hammocks
use of leguminous plants; rotation ..ofcrops .flW.U1P LANDS+The swamp lands are, ,

and careful'cultivation; in fact, Experience" in Florida has satisfactorily ,unquestionably, the most durable rich :. which are practically swamp !lands are Some of 'the largest bodies of rich ...../..- ,,-,""' "'- ............ ...........-
-. suchrmeansHtheywr be vastly improved shown-' that residences only half/ lands in th.state. They are the taost not inferior to swamp lands proper infertility hammock land in East Florida are to
Ty a mile distant from cultivated hammocks -I II but considered be found in I AFTER a long
: their original-condition. recently formed lands, and are still are not quite Levy, Alachua Columbia
over 'I
THIRD-CLASS the are entirely exempt from mala- annually receiving additions to their so desirable. They are- mostlylevel, Marion, Hernando, Citrus, Pasco and delay of some

:". lands of.:the "third PINIC.LANDs-Even rate," or':' most Inferior I riaTdisease/, and those who cultivate Ithese I surface,o' They are intrinsically the or nearly so, and have a'soil of greater Sumter; counties. There is in Levy weeks I have. '

, class, "are' by'no means, worthless hammocks and retire at night to most valuable lands, because they areas tenacity than that pf'tJae high ham- county alone not less thaci on" hundred again openedmy
" pine land residences,,maintain, perfect fertile a* the fiaWroocfcs""and: more mocks Some ditching i. necessary in thousand acre of the very best des-
" under the climate' of Florida ;'Thisclasa'of health: Indeed it is found that residences durable.: They are alluvial in characterand many of them. The soil in them is cription .of lands. adapted to sugarcane Meat Marketand :__,

lands may be divided into two in the hammocks(themselves'ara; : occupy natural depressions, or always deep: These lands are also extremely culture, and there Is but a small solfcU' r
.;-*the time;" comprising high, 'roll generally perfectlvhealthy 'after they well theme of of the a share of the public
basins, which have gradually filled up : adapted to growth of proportion any counties here patronage.
',ing sandy dlltrtctl.lfbich. are sparsely have been one or'two years cleared. by deposits! of vegetable debris etc., cane, corn and in? fact all vegetable mentioned that will not produce remunerative I have secured the services of aa
covered with a stunted growth of
.1> ,"black j jack".and pine/;ands ar the Newly cleared lands -sometimes attended 'trashed in from the adjacent and higher crops, nor are these.ells as subject to crops 'of short staple and Sea experienced meat cutter, also will endeavor -,
v with the development of more or lands. Drainage la Indispensable to the effects of prolonged drought as Island cotton without the aid of manure.
_.lower'' east coast,/scrub hickory._and to handle at all times only
under similar
J fact that
less malaria
,a lands There la not '
higher nearly so The
-' allot them in'theil' preparation tot successful first rate pine oak and hickory .
1 ganlberry shrubs. It is also on much conditions; Is no more peculiar to Florida cultivation. Properly,prepared, large a proportion, of low hammock: as lands are found l in pretty extensive such meats M will please my customers. .'
similar soils along the east coast that
,thart'ny other state. In Florida .
there is of ,
bodies In
inexhaustible swamp of
however, their. fertility many parts the State.
the ,finest pineapples-are produced the
other low ; they/diseases which result from theseclearings l sustains a succession of the moat exhausting HIGH HAMMOCKS: High hammocks From the fact that these lands can call up Phone No. 66 and give me
embracing flaV-swampy: regions '*
of the mllde.t.'type '
'"' which are freqently'studdied J -are generally'' crops with astonishing vigor. are the lands in greatest favor to Florida be cleared at much: lea expenses than a trial order ...

with l and of bilious fever. These lands have been 'known to produce These differ from low hammocks in occupying the swamp and hammock lands, they .
"bay gads: are occasionallyinundated
-: but which are covered with The topographical! feature here noted as much as 600}( gallons of syrup higher ground, and in general have generally been preferred by the R. D. COLLIEK.:

" luxuriant vegetation, and very generally namely, a general interspersion of rich of abour 5,000.pounds sugar per acre ly presenting an undulating: surface. small farmers and have proved remarkably K

with considerable quantities .of hammocks, surrounded by high dry; without fertilizer. We mention sugar They are formed of fine vegetable -' productive...

'n' .valuable timber. The former thesf, rolling healthy pine woods, is an advantage cane in this connection as, .showing the mould, mixed with a sandy loam, in EASE, or CULTIVATION-Perhaps. ..the Osceola County]

..z. Jt.U now ascertained, is allOwelllllUpt- -which no' other:":'etaiierin.; the fertility_of the soil", because jtisjcnown many places .several .feet. ,deep .and moat attractive.feature, 'peculiar..to the _

. ed to the growth of Sisal Hemp, whichrts union enjoy.;: and Florida forms, in this to be one of the most exhausting crops' resting in moat cases on' a -substratum soils of Florida ia the ease witli which '

a valuable-tropical production: This respect, a striking contrast with-some Itis i not, however.! quit'fair" to nuke 6 f clay, marl or lime tone. It will be they-can--be cultivated as-'compared Abstract Company, .

,plant (the AgaveSisaliana! ), and 1 other southern states-whose sugar and this the measure of fertility of similar readily understood! by anyone at all acquainted with stiff heavy soils .of other states, ,

Agava'' Mexicans', also known as thel'l'' cotton lands are generally surroundedby lands situated in different climates and with, agriculture that such a while quite aa fertile., Another is'-that G. P. GARRETT anaM ger.

guey, the, Pulque Plant, the Century I IPlan' vast alluvial regions subject to frequent countries, for we find on the richest soil, in such a climate aa Florida must the greater part of the farm labor and

etc., have both been introduced, inundations, ad that it I. impossible i- lands in the State of Louisiana the be extremely productive. The soil tillage can be,_ and much of it is, performed Real estate

into Florida, and they have both grown i I to obtain within many miles of product of sugar is little more than scarcely ever suffers from too much during those months of the Taxes Titles examined for and reported on

In great perfection on the poorest lands them; 'a healthy residence. about half what It is in Florida wet; nor does drought affect it in the year when the ground further north Is Instruments paid relating non-residents to-real estate.

of the country As these plants derive At first thought- would seem improbable > But this great disparity in the product same dregree as other land., owing to frozen. Still another peculiarity is, carefully drawnCorrespondence

their, chief support from the atmoaphere ,, to many people that the ma- of these countries is accounted for, Its clay subsoil High hammock lands that fertilizers can be applied to greater Solicited.

- --: they will likethecommon air larial diseasesof Florida (abounding in not by any.inferiority in the lands of produce..wjth but,little labor of cultivation advantage because the fertilizing .
Louisiana Texas but by the fact all the crops of the country in an material will. remain in the soil until
' plant, preserve their vitality for mani; these rich'hammock.. land and exposedto or ,
--montbswheuleft out.of the ground | .*,tropical sun).. ..should\ 10' generallybe that.the early visitations of;] frost in eminent degree. Such lands shave no the stimulating chemical ingredientsare _F. H. JENKIN'; '

The".second;,prder: of\ the thirdrate'itf of <4< much''milder form than"those both these states render it necessary to tendency to break up In heavy masses, J assimilated and absorbed into theearn ,.. "- 'o',,1y ,

,* -pin lands are not entirely worthless I which prevail in...more northern latitudes.But cut the) cane in October which is long nor are ,they infested with weed. and are not carried away by '" \ )

M these lands, afford fin cattie ranges j I such however, i* the fact. It issuggested before it has r.ached.maturIty, 'while To sum up its advantages It requiresno washing rains as they are in broken or Surveying ant ;'tDrafting'

:and In/:ome-localities' Urge tract, of in explanation of this fact, In Florida it is permitted stand, other preparation than clearing and mountainous countries, and also because -
;Umber-uapted to th.;.manufacture' of i that the.luxuriant-vegetation which, in without,-t.ar'Clf ''frost, jfllTthe 'last of plowing to, fit It at once for the greatest the porosity of the soil enables -

. '*naval store.and milling purposes. the Southern and Middle States, passes November or December, or till such possible production of any kind of the" atmosphere, through oxidization, ;'

Just her* we feel that it I. not out of I through aQ the stages decomposition, time .. it I. fully matured. It ia well crop adapted to the climate. In "un- more readily to aid the fertilizers In 1 .

-:- 'plac. to say a few words on the topography -i and that consequently the quantity of known that "Uasels" in South Florida favorable seasons It is much more certain the work of decomposing the minerals I :

( i and influence of these lands on malaria generated is much -*. than in ,k and slt :never') va; ;so, in either to produce ,a good crop than any of the,soil thus setting free the food OFFICE m FRATERNITY HALL ;4,,

' Jtbe r climates more avorabld';to decomposi- Louisiana
: ':: & phf.' strengthened Jb ..the! aeWIt-. I,_.videonof Its -havingt ills lea .effected by exclusively! Jry or t the powincel'O. If' KI SS M'MEr.EJ; A
....... 'W'!' '
', ;th.ttoM I'I't ''f.(' ..7.g. ... ..1)) 3 ". ar _'::;0 <:1 ), '- \.. p. --- ':j

;; M ;" I '. __ \ : ; ;. ,. I '. >",,

Group Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette.
Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Place of Publication: Kissimmee City Fla
Publication Date: September 3, 1909
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
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: .. 'i'k
: '

' ..: 'Y"" : : : ". ... .: ". "." =:... ;'
r : "
of' '

."JIeaIdIIe.t tM....Usneftares.T.w...:..' 'T' : fI'E' t. K" IrS'S< .IMM.E.E.I ::0'I.t'V' ..:" v..l: :1;: 'E.1 I ".1 -' ,GAZETTE,\ : tee K Y Tnsddsg -

____ .'. ", ... r. of tN /estloea''u"a

; V.ll ,. 4'.t..it.; .. ib.r 16. l* .,,, .. -
. sett*!haisb* i$wi4'la..i', ...>.all .r .......... J:..20. ieoa. IVISSlttlttiee City. 131......., ,eptember3, 190'9. . '}O.I 'r'J'
.( t-- '" 4 or ., ._. ;, XII 'N O. 36,

: one of the saf.st u.well ad l'one of the ,.

PROSPRCOLONY[ most'lucrative industries to engage In, It Will $) e a' Gala Day These located' their lot and pitched their tent. .

'. alit;; require little care cultivation, children: together with the ones lANDS Of fLORI A
-(!rrIs i 1 and)is absolutely certain in .yielding'plendid a WM> _B B_.*B _B now living! here, entitle us t4. school,
Can and we hope the-matter. will be
Well Named, for Prosperity crop. Th. reason that banana

*:*" Be found ia:"tVery Oat of" I Its culture Js'so"remunerative an. Industry . Arrangements_ Are About" Completed, ,for theLBig: delay.up by. the proper' authorities, without Are,;Unlike 'Thos<; Found in Otter '.
, "In Which to'engags is that the land Barbecote.'aiiyd; Fish fry '
,M Sixty Thousand Acres.the. used is of practically ho value.for anything . .on October.. ', '13th. Mrs. Frank Bass'arid'th nephew I ''States, in' That'They' Need], <.
. else, as It is neee..ry' plant -- pent ,inBt-cloud.. JT>,= ,, Less fei lier.' :.
'the :The general committee having"In would be provided for'tboai I Several parties of Kissimmeeites visited
,Wlthl r-.- past two years man" trees immediately a1onlPlde,ol -who honor f '
town'' last ); some
colony scheme jsavebeeaIauncheQ In' water!" orJn.. low,, ,jnarshx: .places,. !andthousands charge the.. arrangement:'.forth big Klsslmmee with their reaenc.-, 1 outand; our week driving fir: oftIc..Ve6n tan y-ui-reee1pt'' ofi -

this state, most of which have proved' of trees can be planted on a barb.cueand fish fry to be given on the It has not been definitely settled that 1 I,train and aom.eomJrt''GIa'returning on 'same.the .evening* letters, from persona living in western
Florida I I. very few acres, tree producing excursions will be run on the lake that I and'northern .
successes, u the coil of usually every 13th, of October.complimentary to the :, Mr. Ed Donegan, wife and two sisters states asking for mfoSmaUon
of that character that will produce a bunch of nice developed fruit. a day, but' if they ire the visitors will I : ..regarding the; character! and
old soldier colonists met-afthe offlc drove out from Klssimmee Saturday ''.
\*bundanYy of all fruit, vegetable andy Within mile of the.banana' farm,I.! .of have the pleasure of seeing some of..theJlnojtfiVYeLAnd afternoon and' productiveness! of the land. of Florida .'
of ' : the VaJ ley Gazette! jpnMcwiavjrfteri! : gard.naln--t.h..ta--.ra :..nturnad bq_moon;: and thrfOBowingiarepmdueod'from y-
: portions saline field .
,;field crops..but.-there.are j growing 4. of rice asever light, b :
j i accompanied Mr. PatJohris'tohT/
this tate that are peculiarly adapted ,grew ,on the.' famous South Carolina noon andlaidod definite plan for, the well a* some of ,the most beautifulj{ YANKIY' MED.SELECTING the -Florida, Quarteriy:BuIletin of the
to those industries, as the soil I* so marshes, being at 'present fully five ,holding of that grand celebration.The and picturesque islands to be found anyI I i : Agricultural Department fat',the hope'
productive that five acres are more feet high and h..lngl'w.lt' developedhead. subcommittee on advertising where.. At that time the fruit on the I that it will fully answer our' Inquirers, .

than enough to produce fruit or truck ... It will yield fifty'bushels to the and excursion stated that endeavorswere frees will be taking on a golden hue, ..AGENTSThe as well u be a source of (Information; '

sufficient to provide the necessities of acre, and at prevailing' price will net being made to induce the rail- the sight of which will repay the excursionists --' 1 to those' contemplating moving to' this .

a familyand" net a handsome .revenue a handsome revenue to the grower.! On roads centering' In Florida to"'run' excursions for their,,outlay in making the New Florida state.Ftn3TCt.kaa, ""\ oJ
,In'sddition. thisjiam.' farm''was growing almost from :alr_ the western! and trip, Exchange- Manager"' "-f-, .

It is (in one of these portloni ofthe *Very"variety of garden truck a* well northern, centers' lthae occasion, A* soon aa the muter; of ceremonies' 'in the North, : 'j PINK LAHM-First-class, ',;'

'state that Prosper Colony ha been lo-. as fruits, which demonstrated that and_ it was.-thought the committee' efforts -of..the occasion Judge G.'F. Parker, The New York Packer of August 27th I pine land In Florida U wholly(unlike:

.e.ted..and .the' projectors rave well with little care a five acre in Prosper would be successful. If they are completes the progrum the same will be says:' "'Sale.. 'Manaeer R. P. >Burton I I anything found In any other State" Its ""
named it, for much prosperity awaits Colony could be made to yield the same the .largest crowd ever assembled ;in published in these column. The Gov of the Florida Citrus Exchange has crrface Ia usually covered- for'. ''several
.those who are so fortunate as to ac competency that in the north and westit this state on a similar occasion will be ernor of the state will be present and been visiting the northern' market for inches"deep with '.'' dark 'vegetable

quire five or more of its acre and required hundreds to do: Here land in Klssimmee. that date., There are deliver an address as will other distinguished the past ten days, nuking arrangeraents -*, mould beneath,,which: to the depth of
.town Iota in the town of Taft. is made to produce every month in the hundred in the west and north who men but the major portion'ofthe for the Handling "Ulle'exchange several feet,;"' is. a chocolate:colored .

Prosper Colony comprise a tract of year whereas in the colder clime It U have purchased tract in the Old Soldier day will be spent in our people fruits the coming season. He has been sandy loam:; mixed for the-mot":part

sixty thousand acre, and begin ..bout'fi..e one and only on. ,crop each twelve ,Colony with the intention of mov- showing the visitors the many truck some time, in New York Philadelphia, with lime stone pebble ,, and.resting;
- mile. to the west and north of month. Here failure are rare; (in ing there this fall but have not a* yet gardens in and surrounding ou town Chicago, Boston and''other eastern upon a substratum of marl, -clay, :'or,"'r

Klssimmee and runs to within few less favored sections they are of'commuii fixed on any definite date, who will take and feeding them on well barbecued cities, but up to this writing has even| lime'stone rock. ':The fertility and dur-
. mile.ofOrlandowd'theresinlin.ofthe "'occurrence ': advantage of the cheap rates offered to Florida beef" arddeliciously fried"fish ..out no ltet 'ofhis "appointments. Mr. : ablUtrof hls eharibtit of Taidiy-bb "T<

Atlantic Coast Une Railway and The cultivation of flower ,is not one be present the welcome our people caught from Tohopekaliga lake the Barton has not been very much-In' ev&.denceandfew : estimated, from, the weU-knowsw-fact
the Florida Midland Railway run least will extend the old soldiers who wore night before. : that In the older settled district this
of the of the many advantage :people.,.Jba!. ., seen him
through it, the first named almost its that will-be found awaiting Prosper the blue. The next meeting of the- committeewill but it I. understood that he has been' kind of soil has been cuhlvated'tor a*.

entire length from north to south and Colony purchaser, a* one of the finest The committee on finance reportedthat be held in-the Valley Gazette office working'diligently( ..and quietly.. Rumor many 'a* twenty years,success fully in

the latter road on its western border garden In the state i II located Immediately a'sufficient um had been subscribed on Monday the 18t.h..t 10'a.,m.. and have! been.flying thlckand fast as to com or cotton without pound any
which will give ample :shipping facilities la the, townof Taft the prop by our citizens to insure thk holdingof every member' is urgently requested to his appointments and Information come sort of fertilizer, and are still a* productive -, ,

to those purchasing farads in any erty of Mr. and Mrs. D. B.. Spabler. a barbecueand -fish fry pn a scale be present, as it will probably be the from Tampa, the headquarter of the : as ever; practically then these .
section> of the colony. To describe the number and variety of equal to any ever given in the state last meeting of the committee before exchange, that he submitted everal land are indestructible., It is- on this> .

Thbard marl road now being constructed j the plants,and flowers in this beautiful 1 and that enough_ ; ,of everything eatable the great event takes place/: names of agent in. the northern mark*, class of jands that both truck and fruit. __
between Orlando- -and Kissim- growing 1 Is most eucceseful. and which' .
garden would require more space than, eta and these were confirmed at a meeting .
nee and of which there is none better produces the finest quality of Sea Island
i can b or more durable in the United States |l state that a sight of..it will repay ah> Were spoken of In the gossip as having cotton 'It Is also fine farming land and'' .
runs directly from the Colony's northeast -' I The Old Soldiers' yield * under ordinary methods -'
goo -
, who care to visit the home of these' : Colony been chpien i for NevYo'k, Philadelphia :
to southwest comer, a distance of I j most hospitable people and' Is an evidence Chicago and Boston. but when these! of cultivation/."By the growing of '
about fourteen miles, and will tw of invaluable -j 1 that floral culture could be rumors Were run down It was' 'found leguminous plant these soils, and ill ',.
service to the colonists who' in that ,that there' do foundation the other pine lands cans De continually l ;
made a 'industry} place. Items of Rit rest Gathered was to
desire to take their produce to the'I byPur RepresentAtive kept In a high state of ':
fertiHlyct *-- '
the the the"men themselves
[ The town of Taft, town projectors reports; denyingall
markets of Kwawnme or Orlando for in Hie Jew Town of St. SECOND-CLASS PINK LAND-TKeeei.
are laying out and In which -- > Cloud. knowledge of being appointed."It ;.
shipment to nort.herd and western '. ond-class pine land., which make:: '
-- >I' each purchaser of a ten acre farm will is known that the plan of the.exj -
markets. be given a lot, is located Immediately 'j change la to appoint agents in New the largest.portion: of lands, are praetl"h
The soil of Prosper Colony is of different -i on the "main line of the Atlantic Coast Mr. George Saunders of Kiesimme'e, i fifty-one years. Mr. J. R. Powell 'of York,-Chicago, Philadelphia and Boston sally all productive. They are not hilly \

varieties but is mostly of the' Line Railway midway between Kissim- Fla., and Mr. George Fisher of D..nver.1 this place has also been a member of who will work on a salary. basis and representative but for the most part undulatingin;, -- .

muck and hammock formation that i*1 |.nee and Orlando, and Is eituitedoe a ,Col., boat builders:! have- locatedmourlmidst the same order for forty-four years of the- exchange .the their surface. Jn'some place., how-: ,
be suited to.fruit and. .vegetable culture | high plateau. And in the center.of a with the intentidn- of starting I and :!,would be! pleased ta meet alt mem- smaller markets- will'be commission J'JbeteJJeYatIooa.-&mount,: hill- -4-";

while there is a 'considerable' I magnificent forest of giant pines and t shipyard ear the lake. Now;people, bers as they alive and render them :men who will handle the fruit on a commission Some of these hills in Hernando Countyare

amount of the land that is perfectly ';oaks, being so located as to be ever I smile if you Hire; but my advice is .to i such assistance as lies in his power. ,, basis. Word came from Tam- regardedamong the highest points
suited to citrus culture 'being of the fanned by the gentle! breezes from then I despise not the day of small things. i Mr. J H. Sublette. at the survey j pa that the .exchange has signed up a in the state. Underlying the, surface' :,

high sandy formation the character o 1 many beautiful lakes surrounding it, While our lake wont float an ocean I camp has a fine $60 graphophone and a fair share of the' crop of Florida. It i I. Is clay marl lime rock: 'and'.sand.

which the successful, orange groves i in' which will make life one continuous liner we think there is. an opportunity I large assortment of records, and will be I understood that State Organizer' J-.A. These. lands from' their accessibility

this state are planted. pleasure for the germ of disease ,oUmildmg"up-quite': [ a business- the pleased to entertain the faintheartedand j I Reid finished his work- of organization and productiveness,; the" facility'of .fertilizing
The altitude of Prosper Colony varies find no'resting place in so cana mall boat line, and these men are clever encourage the hopeful ones as they I this week and left for.his home I In Loa' with 'cattle ,pennlng'and the -
from thirteen to forty feet above the { locality. fellows and we believe will treat you arrive from time to time when he has Angeles, Cal." Impression; of their greater healthfulness -

- average water mark of Lake Tohope- right We are glad to welcome themin the opportunity and the leisure. than hammock lands, have induced
The size of the l lots in Taft are 60x
kaliga at. Klssimmee, the increase f in I' with our midst. Mr.' Fisher's wife is a We are glad we came to St. Cloud at' their'enclosure and tillage, when the I
feet 16 feet wide which .
altitude being from south to': north, a I 1120 alleys for the ,of 'professional 'nurse, and expects to be Its worst. for;'while we do not complain, DELIRIOUS V WITH fEVER richer hammock land,were' near by, ::n
fact which l guarantees I I. against overflows '''j lis ample room building any able to care for the sick here when called we are better able to see our heed and but more difficult to prepare for' cultk,'

and the drowning out of crops'l in I1 i business house or average dwelling and up n. ., ',M opportunities, and one of the greatest L f. VValscman Arrested for Drunk vatlon. ; !" ::10'. .i' It
the town will be .0 laid out as .to give .
*',*- case of eontipuou: heavy rains sueh a every"purchaser oP the'"first"three 'Work-Is! progressing on all" buildingsnow needs of our town .at present (is a'goodsewerage' v Some of these Londe have no' regular("'
have fallen in Florida this'sp1.ng.'an"J [ in course of construction.; ,system .as the. heavy rain enncss,and Dies in Ocala' Jail.- compact clay,under them-or; at'least, ,
in the main
farms lot
summer A representative of this pa- I i thousand of the city. a portion ,- Messrs. Wilkinson and King have lately have compelled some to go barefoot Ocala, Florida August the ,29th.- not in reach of plant roo .'. /This' tfact.1

\per took a buggy trip over the light of j' -their lots fenced and work has begun : to get around with any degree of Mr. L F.. Walseman, a representative i Ia taken frequently as ,an evidence1,

thiscolony this week the day following i 'The land the projectors have reserved on Mr. King's house. __ j comfort. of the New York Packer, ,withheedquarten against them since the popular,prejur., ,,;.
one of the heaviest rams of the season \', for the site of a park fronts the Mr. George Kyler! has part of his We are expecting a good many colonists In this city, died In the dice i I. decidedly in favor/of a clay sub ,

and .after a month in which consider- railroad and i is eighteen hundred feetIn lumber hauled fur a new house, _but i ie'' Into locate from now on, but city jail early this morning from acute soil. This objection if It really be one

able rain fell-almost! every day and can length by three hundred feet in depth, undecided as yet about his building, ube would advise them-to not b'e in a hurry, congestion the brain. i I. taken for more thin,}It I If north,

.peak authoritatively when he "say e along which will run .principal business has only one 26V foot lot and the com- as we are not in shape to' care for a Mr. Walseman has been confined to for clay proper, or alluminum a* the

that after going l it'* entire.length from street, The projectors will not pany wants $60 for the adjoining lot. very large.crowd af present his room for the past several days with chemists: call It, I*,not food for' plants;, .*

south to north and return he failed to dispose of any lot fronting this park to .He has had a well sunk on hit prppe'rtysomeUAiff Our cement block man is here to.begin fever, but showed signs of improvement Its uses ''to the plant'are purely 'me*

see one hundred acres tha t containedany persons other than those agreeing to over one hundred .and twen business., brat f is unable to do so on yesterday morning. Last night, chanical., It.. serve* as a. reservoir fort .
standing water whatever" *, except erect buildings in keeping with a first ty-five feet. Mr. Bass saya deep wells account of' other parties! occupying his be became delirious and wandered about the-storage 'of nioisture"' lri': time ofT

? the. small cypress ponds, which the class and up-to-date little city, as it Is are necessary. to insure. a, permanentwater ground. He will wait until he can ge the street acting in: a peculiar manner, drought''a*,,:well 'as',to bold' firmly the,

projectors do not intend to include'in, their desire that Taft be a model town supply. , a sultabl lo ation..be( re beginning bus which resulted in has arrest.,, It; I II believed root of the growing trunk,,but not to, ;
the five or ten acre tract sold and"every both in appointment and.appearance. Quit6'a'number: of new colonists arrived iness. that Mr. Walseman'death/'er feed the' hungry' 'or thlrity"' plant "
acre to cultivation within The terms/on which farms, and town the week among whom asSeWetilne. Jt hi'been found in small
wa subject are past are; Our new colony doctor' has arrived due 1 largely; to worry over the "r
few hour ,. rains lots sold In this colony Is, 110 down J. 'A. Sims Meeker W. C. Warner quantitie I In the ash of .
after. jJ heaviest Col.; and will soon be ready for business death of his wife. v"v"r< .wood*,'but this
ceased falling:,. and $10 a vrnonth'' -$200.being the price Wellington,. Kan.; H; W\ OlcottiKejtsburg ; While we do not wish the ,doctor any '''The'coroner,upon Investigation decided vjr ( is because the rootlet take,up more or: _
,.,Th. reason" for,that condition lie i In charged for ;a ten-acre to'l..u.farm and town Ill.; Hr O., Hughes, Gurnee-harm, we can ''not truthfully wish him that ait inquest "was onnecessar/ and less of,whatever salt I Is' In solution '
jthe' fact that'theentire.. _tract Js ,tnoroiighly -. lot, a warranty'deed when final IIL'J_F-JFarriar.MuskogeeK-Okla.fand' about them ha-been' '
'' town any- great '*ucce s, 'eape lally in' the the body was turned:overto a local un 'and clay taken
Is"nTade lot!.
drained 'two'large 'and deep with payment two flve-urefarm SA ... 'given E. G..Fairer, Conway Springs, Kan. number of his patients We-, 'under dertaker.A": .mea.aQe1/ru'saetW{ ls up |'n Was w.Yf Just 'a* poison maybe '
,creek-rBoggy; creek,, that run., from.w..t James Corcoran, ..Providence R. I., taken for.tree sometime ,
> :: :' -" 1? *- -a f/fo J'IP stand we have about" parsed the worsepart morning to the Packer Company and up; are. ,
; "to east .and'.mptiee'' into' East Thecondition; of sale T of farms and arid L. White and E.,F;CIIlp of Orange of the season but if.:,this is a.successful Mrs. Lena Herrick, .a sister UYI...' tot killed: by{ pouring poisonous 'liquid* _
, Lake; aM-Shingle creek;: that rUne'dl town lot*'In Prosper Colony lre from county this state; are here as investigators place for doctors we will certainly Glenfield, U. Y. about their reots, but clay never make

rectly through its center from hbrtn to those usually in force In colony projects and will buy If prices'and condition change our location. While living here but'a few months,' any part of the'organiun""of plants nor

south and empties Into Lake Tohopeka- I In"th.t purchaser are shown the exact suit them. /-- The Rev!'Mitchell'of Kisstmmee came Mr. WsJseman ha been very active In Is (it numbered'among .the element

''llga{ -with many smaller streams whose I ground they are buying, and are permitted We heard very.little( dissatisfaction over Sunday afternoon In an 'auto with his work: sod has many ..warm friends which contribute to theirgrowth.Also .- .

meanders are such as to form a thorough -I to purchase a* many farms and expressed the put week; and this Ia the Mr,'and Mrs. E. 1+,Lesley,and preachedto who sincerer regret bis death.-Times- a well-established! fact a* to the
drainage for almost every acre o f I II town lot u they may de.lre..hU.. jo wont time of the year to se* Florida.Mr. an appreciative audience of about Union. value of a clay sub-eoii| i u, that without

land ''that the Prosper Colony' )peopleplace + most schemes of this character It la' a L. A..HipDolite has moved to OrLando forty people and he left out denominationalism (Mr. Walsenuuvwa. well' known I in ,it* pnssnee the appUec1'f.rwlaenleach wil
on the market .(altar unseen nmTmfittinn( -nftvmflney voile and bought nice ''ten-acre tract
a so completely that one party this city: and hisaonual( visits ,here through and be lost ;The, fertilizer ,
This section of Florida'produce..s.** and take a grab at .hb.g.7 In I of land on which was a good house and was forcbd to ask him after the service were. ahftgr looked forward7 to with used are .generallylighterthan/

greater variety of fruit and vegetable i I Prosper Colony the person who buy a bearing grove.' what church he represented. :Thatjsas'lt i much pleasure I by our people;) .& : the soils to which they ar>4 applied or ,
; *, than. ..any.-other..aectiou of...this-;.number'on: farm g'flU.number-one lot, :- Our lumber mart appears to have considerable > should b-"preaclTChrisC;.and keep >- .I.Attak ..-i.4J.. .. airthtwuiter e.mingdotrntfrom. Lh.;==-

most favored state; and as 'the soil ofProsper and so on through the three thousand : difficulty in getting! lumber to ,churchism ae..mucbs possible if d by a Bull, : cloxjdsA :raln* fall some of these

Colony is the'equal of any and farms that have. 'been. placed. on, 'the fill his order We hope this condition you'want to win'the, world to God. While : ferUliiers"are."" ttl eddQvvnrafterrtam. 7'i?"?'"

superior to many portions Will not market. will Improve' but it It doesn't the pea; We met the landlady of the Runny 1.. E. Barbeau'doing piseon Miv of drought; u the, soilfills theyV; ,
be an overdrawn statement when we One of the best features connected pie in the north had better '%e a little made Hotel this week at St. Cloud. the If land are bourne upward agaio)>y the water

say that oranges, grapefruit, lemon, with the opening up'"of this vast area slow m coming lie unless they wish Her twenty-six guests do not seem to W.last'Oliver Wednesday attacked, Comity, Surveyor J. to "tfie::'aurfa: ; i l both a* they go "i d

llmesbananas,' plantain, peaches, pear, 'of land, for colonizing :.purposes, and to sit around and pay hotel bills a few worry her much from a physical standpoint bull was which had gotten by astray' vicious down andvcome 'up, whether they be i,' .'

strawberries,. pineapple, sugar cane, r one which will add very' materially to weeks Until ,they can get their houses ,' a* she seems to be looking bettor Barbeau ) Into Mr, liquid or gaseous, the humus of soils ,
tobacco, rice, Indian the welfare of budded Another lumber and pasture, and wa painfully, ha a'
barley rye, this Immediate section, yard con- than when she took: charge of the strong'absorbing affinity for
' 'buckwheat, cassava, avacado pears ''Ie that the projectors-Mr. B. Beacham tractor might help solve the problem.We hotel and, a* usual meets all 'with a jured.though not seriously bruied/and In them and readily 'appropriate and re-. '
pawpaws persimmons, plums 'raulberiiesi of Orlando and Mr. W. L. Van are glad to welcome Mr. L. Clute pleasant smile. tarns thin/for the uses of the plant,,
. lackberries.rajpberrleC.flgs.' and,Duzorof Klssimmee -err-men''whose FItrgeraldGartoour town.-!!. expect > __!!..was.gotne.do1rJU..lane.with wire whama6esupsnbmdanc.of-hat..lu.- ...

guavas, beans,*cabbage squash tomato every; 'Interest lie in the development .. to make St. Cloud_his home In future We-unde..tandth Rnnnyrneda Hotel fence on either side, when he wa parsed .w.y But If th.'a Q"1a "bot
**.:okra,, celery; eggplant Mr. Clute has been will continue to take care of guests after charged on by the ,viciou raaniinal, and filled back'
beets, cu the prosperity of this state, men a member to ih.surface, so a* to bring :'
the hotel'at St. Cloud before he could retreat
,,cumbers lettuce, cauliflower sweet who. b.Jvi{;' for: yean, been a partytoevery .: good. standing In the L; O. O. F. for open for bus the bull knocked directly any fertilizer In 'solution that .'j
foes him down fcnd booked and "
and white potatoes, watermelons, can- ',advancedstep made in. this M:- braised him wa carried' down,' It Is safer there In .'
W..e. the need of a depot here, and all over tearing his clothing in a fright.
.teloupes *
citrons and peanuts, will tlonundywho will"turn the sub-soil than the ..hillside "
, grow ;" 'every dollarof priM; Its complete success I* assured.. hope the railroad 'eompall1.can..e its ful maimer. His little on I. ,
son went 'his
. there in the'greatest abundance which become Of,dsy,. where what ls applied is'\fre-v:; LL
theYJm.Y'1 j poesessed There :
'. ; are already afewj: colonist located way clear to provide us with... In the rescue, but the enraged animal tUrnedon
In less than smile
of the town of into the channel1 for thegood of Oeceola In Taft quentiy carried away -by the floods
amol1g"'wbom' Mr. near future.A good barber Is also him and with
;:Taft Is the famous Shanibarger banspna and Orange "counties.. Th.y"are home and Mrs:.: 'Carter, Mr.and Mrs. Thomas one of the crying necessities.with us at knocked him through a the'vlclon fence':thrust'he. together with'tb soil.to tb((|:vale* be-'
farm, from which wa gathered low. Whereas down in
last men and have accumulated! enough of and Mr.' 'and ''Mrs. what ha gone
Lennington all ofChaunpaign
season more- ,than fourteen-'thousand this world' good to to'' >: present. Oliver finally escaped by rolling under the pores soil I* .brought back by 'the"captnryattraetlon
carry ;a *ucessful and
a -
Jz more Mr. and Mrm/Coover'aud
bunches, sad which will produce at conclusion'any proposition they Intelligentrefined six enUdren the wire; fGlll quo; o( .e of the ] of the 'yarfaos eoftTiiyameo '
and optimistic ,of colonUUpever' oft Jacksonville Ohio. arrived at' 1pt Hck, + '.
least half-* many more this \ ; .the dyL.id i r' Olio r'w I u.J .* the.Continued
coming may"undertake.. With 1Il1lcJilIIeD' at have or ever'Ui .settle In l #SriJD ; Flo-
t Hotel
t and'.tatei
..Thandty afternoon the 'a : :
...... Banana 'Considered the helm of anti.'s a .
..:,'-"- .- --,.- meritorious enter.. sidarf ,:;.iJ, x and came brat to the Colony_'Friday i :right again in a few day:?; '. -( on. eighth page.) '

T;, :.4 p / .. I "' 'j." ,,1;, "'I< / I foe t'It .,:.
.. / .
I'' ,. '1 1 '.
"I' J' ; "
.. r ( -
I "',. -I .(, : ', ,, : , .. '. I I ,f" 'fl. ., ,Y ...1 t>-.- Iln.)/if < .-" i t'i v; -,,_ C---- <); wrl ,; .''i11 f..f/)"JIII. , . , 1 '" ., >,/'Y'".!..

'" C ,. " '' > ;" 'I ::1"1\ r "" ' ...,- : -' tlg 5;< ". ,r. P". a '"*",'e J< i"
''IIIWiP.1\:\ \ 'i1t';if : <1 , : i"lynl :9ttnr! .. .. .. ..
. 4ff'\'f"\
:t,. "" ." !_ '-..-' t --;: :; a r : -' r... aTVV "

_. --' -:. ,- ... ... -.. ....-. .. .. .......-. ----- -- .. .
I. .$ .
; "M''.,'r.f ftoacrp':8..p.tsjDnli.Fir ; : S

i3ig Brgai1i ina'Homelu '. !. era at Cameron, Mo.. ''- : !
t. I 'I In. Tleif',of the' general awakeningfor S 1-2 oFE1--k
:, ,. Portable Machine to Mix and ]. 1rOOd"r ada I will tell the' farmer*
: : : -
_. , Spread atSame Time. who are Interested of the wonderful Xtt BBBMMMMBMBBI BBBBMi BBi
.. : . improvement that baa been_ 'brought ".
j...-.4 +........-...-.. ...._. ;: .... ,.. .', about !..dirt' rosdti-by. persistent ole _J J_' .
.. '
.. '' ''' & .
I.ttl"; .. .../"..."'" : WILL INTEREST'ENGINEERS.. of the road Ant., In 1002 the 'writer : '' .s
:8' -- .
conceived the in
'; :, Idea that the farmers '
.. ", '' .. .' the I vicinity of Cameron Mo."should Lawns
.k', r. Process It Cheap, 'amd |t.la Expected 0 On all Figured .. .s
the benefit of
"I; liar rural free .deUrery '
.. to Revolutionise Work on CountryRoadsCo.tPop > .

-'lit) acres; at Lalvcville on the Orange' : Treating" HighwaysWill The idea was ridiculed carrier but that persistencewon.'Tha'flrat left the g and Silsues'' .1.1S
Vary. Cameron poetofflce was accompanied'by g; .
r : mile vcst of SeaboardcrossiiiiT ,
Bolt Railway, one '
. ; Oiling of city: and country roads la a brass band over the entire route '
Orlando' becoming I and every farmer-hat hid prepared .... ISo S
rapidly a recognized necessity -
. ten miles from .
:. and ; his mall box for the tree delivery wall .
: throughout the United States, and "
nlnc store St. Louts and St. Louis county are aa i "aere aded. Th1l'created.. an Interest -'-sKatz's
a -room rcsldeiicoj two-story -
:r' ,. ... : But-our--roads-were -In a miserable
-- "" usual, la. the t{ City streets have condition full of madholes and deep .
t house anti burn C on premises {jgj. .been treated'! for some time past .and ruts. ,

**e> residents of St. Louis county; are planning At the suggestion of Postmaster Fll- '

Jlisjh pine land, suitable fo '. general. to oil the main traveled roads. lIOn we held a "good roads" picnic ln

Street Commissioner Travllla father- Cameron! for. the purpose emphasli-

;;....- -fiirmliifr: ;; ltiuI frlti1S. (Considerable( thus' id.Piling of streets St Louie end baa Ing the..neces.lt- of good roads In.order -

made a careful study of the propositionwith to secure >the rural free delivery.The | |

". jler.- ,a view to perfecting the work. meeting was addressed by D.
After months of study of conditions' In Ward King the "evangel of good

" Price $1.000. ,', St. Louis and the equipment used In roads In Missouri!," who explained; the,

:. . value pf the King drag, and other I ..
SM.V' {'!\ 1,,>i"I< ,;10.; ,':,. speakers. Of the thousands who at
., WassQ .
- .Address or call ... ... ..""1", '''I ,/';,!''''ftf.. .;, ,,$. .n',.,,.,a;'.,. .'.".....,,'.."-;;,,' .>., teocJed,tbe picnic many pledged them g; NONE RESERVED g
.. '
- -,' $. :,k,, > '!%'l' '!J< : ;! ,. selves to a constant use of the drag. .
. "'){1 > ,:' jf.'l.J; <'' i:t <" As a result"wo bare now In place of . '
y't' l
-{ mud boleti and ruts well rounded, levelsolid s- .--,- S
1; 4':1.t.- -r= == -- -
...y 1' <;,:- ',r' 't : roads In all this vicinity. We
: '. :' g.f-.'j.J'l.. I"S. have eight rural carriers out 'of Canl-
,oo/r/ 'Ii.<., ; : ,
.. t . !'"' "-' ,"'I 1I,>' < eron instead of the one 'we escorted 1..28
)4 4 1-2 OFF
L ;,..:',<.; ,>>I ;}(}};o t. rit: .)ft with a brass- band and since that | .

J. S.: LovelesS ;,...J "r' .0) ,.. event land values have more that
-- : ,. "'':; 1"1fI t-- 1 doubled In this locality. Now even the
;;T.. : ..!' .." renters have caught the spirit of the tip trn t tar f n 111 1101VVVVV

',:"\-,;\o!" ...'t".' ";}t.,(''I.1, \"' 'i"!,..;' food roads qtovement, "and there la no VVVVVVVVVVVVWKIMAMN,
KISSI3I3IEE, FLUKIDA.CONTRACTOR " ;f; ', ", < '> !' doubt that of .
\t' ;" 'toH.!. thevoluntary dragging -- .
. $. J.., '
"I\\>. '..f "'if ",.w.i.-L.;.. .. '!< the roads will be kept up.-.James. William .. r __..___ __ .
'' ., .... .__-__" __ ___________ _
"'' -;:- ':!'LT'"' kt-: .. In Kansas City Star. aA w ---- --- -

'f."""j'C'lf"o. i!;" .. ....,.. ,.H '
..t"""" ,,%; "'0' $ THE NEWEST AND $

''!Y,.,',:'" '..;...)....;.'t.t.! "h,, .1 'ji <.'"
Missouri Farm.r Tails of the Advantage Ij Ijf
of Macadam Highways.
.N. 1' 'i'' a Elijah Carel, who owns farms In

Jackson and Clay counties Mo., la f fJap-O- Nita Talcum Powder \

-k '-K very 'mU<'b In favor of rock roads.
fie lives three miles west of Blue
_ .. Springs on a macadam highway and >
. 1 says It la bard to estimate their value Ask for Sample.

Does General Contracting and Buildmg and Furnishes Esti- I to"If farmers.I were going to buy another I EYe/Read Safety Razor With 12 BladesRRICEONEDOLLAR I

mates on Structures of an size or Dimensions whether ji'-' farm rn Clay county I would pay $20

'.- it be- a Two-Room Cottage or a Tourist H tdl. an.acre more for the same tend on a -- ; _

--r--- rock road than away from that kind
Makes a Specialty of boring ARTESIAN WELLS .. of a road." Mr. Carel said. "If Clay 1

in. which he has met with the greatest success OlL-6.IIPD6.LT TBKATZP BOAD. county farmers once lived on a rock i..Kis.simmee Drug Go.

- of any: man Florida.. other cltles.-porticiilarly ID Europe be Toad and" realized Its Worth to them
bal evolved a portaWo oll-aspbalt molting they would not hesitate to pay f 10 an f J
- -- ,
; ___"Kwwa KKKHHMrwvraw,,_+MKissimm
IInf\'Oudng plant that will revolutionize acre for the Improvement. Over In
Give him work and it .
your rSSlnllnt't' FI tbe work. The plant is the Jackson-county we can haul biff loads -- ::: '
will be a.
well and' quickly first of Its kind In toe( world and will to market at any time when the markets

attract the attention of highway engineers are the highest and when we
- done.'v throughout the United States.. could not Ret thereat aH.ondIrt roads ( e<: Bottlingr

"...- Ita cost Is less than $1.200 and tbe It la a great satisfaction and a pleas-

. .. process to be used ha. been given a ure too to know that we CftD-get-'O'Vf't" '
wAr.&A.' L' U U& IIUftUftU& .& ": borough test. the roads well at any time we may,,desire ;
r-.A. : .
Street Commissioner TrnTllla In describing to. ffO.'beo the Clay the new apparatus and tbe farmers fret rock roads their only regret

, progress of road oiling said: will be that they didn't.get them

oll-uphalt melting; and fluxing port.I. sooner." Q. H. PRATFIER P.ronnrcron. '
I GROCERJESTf le plant I. a new departure In machin- Mr. Carel paid $8O an acre for hie r

r .rxor zperlanca road wlLb treatment.light and Attar heavy two olla yaara I became -* farm of 100 acres in jackson countySve Soda .W ter Coco Cola, Ginger Ale and All the Newest and Bet

sattsfled there was roam for improvement years ago and has refused-125 Drinks Bottler and Crowned by New and-Up-to-Date Machinery.
> DV adding asphalt tio heavy oil an acre several times for it since. He .
,'." for road traatrnant. and the remit of thla relieves It ,la easily worth (ISO an
" a. Investigation of the huv portable rouBbt, plant.about the. construction acre because-ot the.rock road. All of GIVE tJ.S: A TRIAL :CORD =:R

: There la no subject today which la being which It.some different from $100 in < ..
; : "N 'nejbutctbe.Best ::1 : ,: Clay count--the same :::-' r'--.t.- -- '-
_ : : of improving our hlvhwaya: -Tha olllnc of Cannes City . : '.." .: .. .: '. Ii.
,, .., .! , o' \4'a.: roads I* making considerable)raa aaa In ;,
i\; i5f&&kfIDEAL ,,, '' '' l1''. WtJ't. '' \
1lIf1I< # .'':.I/('" "' ;7.-e __ ,,' >.. : ,,' v.. lit" the United Slates with good'..ft.t.but .mental ioooooooo. o<>ooo;

much better' result can be ofetalned by State ..CARSON. J. A. CRANFORD. S. L. LVPTEK.
1 the application of a layer of hot oll-k -. Tho passage of a law In the state of risslilsal.. Vlca-Pr dont. Secretary
phalt compound to the pad: surface. In"tits
way the road abaorbe the mixture forth Dakota establishing a good roads
> 1d&CoJ and also form. a very solid coating and exterln>ental station Is a movement lube
/ ; a strong binder for the particles of sand ".
R.S. rl>*t cilPeftt 1 "The"experimental
and the larger atone tn the macadam
I'oad. which carries the load. roads are not to be great In extent, onerunning KISSIMMEE LUMBER CO.
The duet which usually result from tire from the capitol building at ,
wear of the road disappears, and at the Bismarck to Fort Lincoln and the other
'Or- rtl'ra.r' 9 _'Pr"ar'.e'4r F'el iat ante time the natural expense of keeping from the state penitentiary to tbe-
up the road t* diminished which more i
.. than compensates for the coat of the Missouri river but they are long-
'T -- - >rocess. This come. from the treat reduction enough and to sufficiently close proimlty >
} htAhtrAl..tifkaea>et 8r.lkAuBc>ex>il.lSrikBcinc ls llr rdugj( of expense for sprinkling1 a road to the capitol to be object ,lea- Rough and Dressed
and.acraplna.tb. mud ere-welt aa from the song the
to the member of net legtoature. -
treat durability of the roadlted.The -'
: FERTILIZERS5 North Dakota' entrance Into
cost per square yard for treating the list of tftate aid states may be cea- Pine. Lumber. -:
the road by the new process will'vary .
l" .j. THE CHEAPESTWith X i from T centa to 14 cents depending on fldently looked >far two years hence*

. tbe amount of sand and,asphalt osed.I .
Read Building In MlasourkMissouri
our loaffexperleaucse! : on the markets for fertilizer materials In The plant consists of a melting and agitation BOO
baa miles asacada'd -
'' all parts of the world and ample capital to buy la great goantitleaat kettle, an air pressure for furnishing BOW .
.. .1 the most favorable terms' and to obtain all concessions (given fur = I compressed air for agitating ) roads IS per cent of which? waa HOUSE BILLS AI SPECIALTY
1'l'lot.lYAOllb sales we buy materials.*. at the lowest possible cash the oil-asphalt and for forcing it from added during.tha put year. The mile- 1
I .. caQCccIOCGCIIXoc.oc
a ) ockotrlxloeonoejotkotiOCOibOOaCOC3OCDANN'S
prices.. ace of gravel road was Increased -
.. the-kettle to a sprinkling also
I'Two Of the'lekdlajf railroads h,va raid their tracks to our factory and i\t\ wagon; lag the same season by 800 miles* kaak-
\ any ship than can cross the !St.:: Johns bar can unload at our dock t/I/ a steam pump aa an auxiliary for lag a total of 4,600 miles
pumping heavy oil-from- the tank car ..
ii S. j ao whether we bu. *-at home or abroad we secure the lowest freight "
,; rat.eI'll1d delivery la made %t our door. to the melting kettle and a at earn'boil A tied Roads Movement.We've WAGON WORKS
.: Our factory Is etfalpoed throughout with labor-laving devices therefore er for furnishing steam for the operation had a good roads tnovememt down
.. oar fertilizer Is handled at minimum I oolt. of the air praaaoa and steam to P OIek. on the crick. .
", Our trade U so immense that the office expenses are much less per ton pump. W. raised some ready cash fur what wa HIGH GRADE VEHICLES MADE .
r than Is possible In a smaller business' Oar every condition Is f.If The kettle baa a capacity: of 1360 couldn't at on tick. TO ORDER
vorable for and give the benefit. While An', bate- a partlo'lar Job we thought It )
f' economy we you we make gallons and Is divided trsnversely Into ; REASONABLE
AT }
weld be wiseTo PRICES.
the BEST: we can and DO'sell the CHEAPEST.::
two equal parts one compartment be- get some men of probity to eoaae aa*
.Call on our local agent 4 lug Intended for melting and mixing aurtr.

t't'or & CARSON GROCERY CO. the oil-asphalt, the other for' agitatingthe An' neglect auarantee> 'ajaJaat ebatweee Blacksmlthing. Horseshoe.ngjand; Repair ork oi'

WATERS ollaspbalt.The -- W. took another set of man _' told 'em .'
or address method of operation ..: The oll- to inspect AllJKlnds Done by E l't-class Workmen. '
atnhalt compound la put In the kettle Aa' tbeea arrana monta Aiant lee'

h Wilson & Toomer Fertilizer-Co.; iacklopvalle. d themlxture. matted,.and_agitated: we'de.cuee3 what they ought..m.to.talent aeTHl. .aompetaatsTbtra "
fromtbe low preaaarereservoir to the to oversee,
J J. N
1"V' t.lmperatan and consistency, D4 Proprietors
. e
. . '. aroxa1 mtund.r UuM51n'.'bout amolmnanta > .
"V' F- .. __ .. .pnpvlFw'IF4fr. when It la drawn into the closed com- and rank.

partment and then delivered to the But the payroll checks kap oomln' very ..
...! sprinkling by means of an air regular to tb. bank. .
THE BBHTSTBHE JIIIIOJIINEI11OPS[ O pressure In the meantime another Somehow loaa tbalr the rata blcbwaya aa* lampa.didn't seem to Mrs. TressIS
knm 10 batch la being heated and mixed in An' every time wa want to torn we bad EIt"reeIraiI.llmlttoo.

tbe open compartment On. hours to bump the bntapa.Wa
" and found It bard to eomprahand what Spolbl.
'' time is 1'efI011"etl..for heating
ANTHONY A. LOLL- Proprietor.FairbctiiksMorse such dotty could mean ..
, puoDl.-8t. Louis Re- HEADQUARTERS FOR
tSSO tA '
work ao wall laapaetad auparrlaad.. an .'m_...'1& seeds.
pubic. overseen !>at It tak"time aa4 mODey. w.have
I, AOHNT FOR To only manual labor a* this Job that been l..pr09taa aewer and eegelabie
seemed so Now __ seed for over so :Maratbaawnopcopla Confectioneries CigarsTobacco
Good Road Notes.Good
raluetanee a''' are make
Was done with gnat by Ferry'
t Cms Engines roads will make' the vehicles small boy with a hoe S di anil For,: ....Buy. tha' 'hee.t s>.. j ii/s. Stationery

last longer. Ffmmrm ?... arrs an/thuu Souvenir Post Cards.:
The situation naturally sheckad our atvta
and Irrigating Outfits. Good drainage la absolutely neeeaeary FREE ON *c patted M M.PERRY* Miih. ;
i. la building a good road. Wa some maattn'a, an* the pauper ,
Every> man who owns an automobile people lasllflaiTWa \
,'a horse'or bicycle, la Interested ax>t the -.iaaars to tall exactly what SEEDSNALTM Fine Box Candies a sieol It;.-
fD'coo4 Aaf beard trots the laspaetora an" the uparvlaors '.
;( and roadside an ran- M. W1LLSON
:: too. J. JR., ,
ally a falrlndex: of the people living Than wa draw up resolutions aa' 6aUvarad .
In tile vltdnity.Ne. To Ttadloata our efforts to uplift air tapcoanaa. soma ..."..,.. riLia J 1 NOTARY PUBLIC... > '
The great Iron and tonic restorative for i men \ STATE AT LAROK. ., ..
.Qee4 Thara.i Wa hava solved tile dlffloolty, aa* ear and women preduees?: strencth and vitality Real

t"tVe: Solicit all Kinds Repair IWork They: :road. drag will do, nothing I I At aaaln1 baarta dia ara
l Improve' ,the highway"so lone a* It lies. i that :. bemeaoaea. for'_Ift0&_ BoldVI. _only..!>, o.oeola
"oot"W. .. "J.OR.ID'I
.. mac -
,_ unused at the tide of the road d heatoe I ,0"I

.. '. ; ;))1 I I rii I I ., ,'' ., ..
ri ) . I '" I I"f' .. .

ti'1" '.\ .<'&! ( */ ; (" '. ./ '-. .-. ., / ,iff f _- / ..1. f .' J ,. d..,;hs: ',.
'" p' ,{ : 'o', o .:-r; /* .. ; .'- >/. . IIr L. .. 11.. \" :. ;J-, .

t "J" .. ., \ ,' !t IPI'.:( ,.' ..' .o 1'J 1 .t?""" .!J't\\.. \..(.: "' ,.::'.........-'. .""," '..,/... .. .. . '...."'1P" ... If', . ,' :' i :> ',' .:",.1).' . . ': ,.
' '" .**, ; .. ".. .._ .....__. ..%...._ . ..
;j' :; :: :.> .. .. :" ,. '. _.. c .: .... .' .r' "_ ". .. ,.- _-- .r i k ,

' M .. .

.- .tl .......', --','----' ,."..",.", r I 'Florida : fews,;:Condensed! University ;ot' Florid;; : Ueg e eFOR "'

A \ _, f* tl : llllli.VlLL.r FLORIDA \ WOMEN.,.. i
N .
adyFQr the: : ITEMS Or\ INTEREST GATHERED FROW.THE. *:" \."limitation of the f ONT' RANJf.supported. TU..._.. PtorMs :,:
by, Stets. aDd FEDERAL FUHUS ,I Ida Flor. "" /
'NEWSPAPERS PUBLISHED IN THE STATE. .. MS Young'.J* U. A Ooll'"without' .''p.r.tlel In the South *fferinir _
... ._.. (
.. .. ". .*om. M i \n M Bmt.%Mm.M..mMmm. .Mm .B..nmMmmPlow .. _' .,'. .. . = '. Thorough ConnMs Leading to ,I>.BTM ot B. A.. ucgrwf sod diploma. -IB *Ib* foHowlDf' I,
, ---
"-- '. & .o.,N.A.;X...., and L.L, B. depsrtmnu I A Collar O' *.-lbf r.l Aru x.'vid .
: A local eexchnngewaaorganizedt T Fort Pierce Dredge Company'wasorganized ID' Arts.fcdS r
.Electrical and lleob.nlcsl $ kchoolo/-tn AI'to8.
H ; .. ." .at Tjtusville last week.' in that city-on Monday of I Norana1-chool: O"4Iu"8oIb601. IV.,. A Hobool'for of'I'.oh.E"J".loaV .
j .,, "' ,, -- last :week, *Its object it to keep. open XxptuiM: Esccwiliiely. Low. For; ft..I.. .... No tuition." Oih.r .*.MOMS Terylowr;- Tor
.m.\\\uafc .'.-v..fcm.,>.-...-..! \' A local branch of the Farmers'-Union.- the main' channel of the Indian river I in* _lie teli'J"- .' > farther Informallva xldr***;;,

# , w .. has been,organized in Ocala. let 'but'will demands.do_other work: wheel. occasion *. :- Murpbree..A. M.. L .L. D.. Edward COnradi,. _M. A. Pb: ,,I D.,, '\

The fall term of Stetson University,'.: ...... pRiiaiuENT; I* ""*_ PRESIDENT. .. 'u,

600 Acres of.. ,, Muck Land-Same located at .DeLand, -will\ open on*the At 3 a,.jn. gn. the morning of August .... . .. .. .!
: 29th. .. .. 22d a car on.which six men were riding! : .' '
"' ,;" StrCloud-Cut Up Info< .::.., 't, 1 jumped the track and turned' over be- ..... ...... ... *+ .. :. ..'
as Wor1r fo :.vpj- ,(f t ,;
L:: a'r's {
- a 35-ton ice plant in Miami. Its cost the men under'Qr: and killing four of : 'FF CGLLGEO: .

Five Acre Tracts will be $35,000 I' them instantly.]! -__.. ; .: -.. FJ tDA'S OLDEST. COLLEGE: .

Knights; of was and College Academy, an& Schools of. Music Expression. Fine. '.' "'',
\A lodge of Pythias An unknown negro was shot ) instantly .
.- Arts Domestic Hndustnal Arts artd Business. +
........ ' organized at Tort Meade.on August 24th" l' killed by'Mr.Nathan Mayo near ,-, an< .i
\ with twenty chartf members. I Belleview on Thursday afternoon! of + Carnegie Hall and third men's dormitory now; completed! eleo- ..
...;....;....- I last week, after the negro had robbedthe trio llch's! steam and furnace b> *-large faculty; perfect health. ..... .:.:.. .'
,. THe":cornerstone of:the new court i residence of Mr. Tracy Morrison conditions; fine gymnasium ithletto fields boatlnwtenoiscouri., .
..4V golf links; baseball, football and b ketbal.ea.m.\ ,champions of
house.0f St. Lucie county will.be laid near Summerfield. A. Florida In 1909. Nearly a quarter of aXrallllan dollars endowment; i
on the 7th by the Masonic fraternity. ; Y expenses moderate; scholarships. available, Christian but ifndenomloatlooal -, .
The platting is now Might Watchman !Smith of the Ay- + ; ataDd.lor. \. ,. .,fI

The contract for the recW of a cock Lumber Co. stabbed to death a + CHARACTER CULTURE\ ONDUCT ,1
Catholic church: in Fort Pierce-has been man named Schell on theJiight of Aug. +: .
aiiid For Catalogue Address the President- 1
- completed let to a firm of contractors in that city. 24"< Scrtell attempted to go into the mill J

-- --_. over the protest jot: Smith when a fight 'T Wm. Blackman, Ph.D., Winter. ark FIn. J;" '::1
JThere,will be a local Farmers' Educational ,ensued-resuHing In Schell's death. ..
:. named .-. 4 and Cooperative'Union of America I ..................r. NN

organized at Live Oak on the 11 tho Mr. Nelson Andrews, a very aged
; man, committed suicide in Tampa on

The fruit and produce growers of August 26th by shooting himself in the John B. Stepson University :
West Palm Beach have formed an or- mouth with a shotgun. The reason assigned )
Kissimmee Gardens. ganizatibn with thirty-two charter: mem for the act was that: :he was tired LINCOLN 11l iU1Y. P$. D.Lift D. U. D. PreuideetTHE \

,. bers. _of.life. having lived man's allotted 4-time" JEST, SCHOOL ,&? FOR YOUR CHILDREN' -: t
Judge J. R. Welles has tendered his The Bank of Palm Bach was permanently 49 Professors and Instructors College of Liberal Arts '

_. .1-1 i resignation as judge of Washington organized on ,August 24th and 17 University DuIHIags College ot Law

-................ I 'I county. His successor has not yet been the following officers electedA.: P. Ml 2> Acre Students Campus Last Year College College of of Technology Business ."",.l,

appointed. Anthony, president; E.* M. Brelsford, .151....." Endowment Preparatory Academy ..i.
. vice-president; LA P. McCord, ca 1Jjer. 15.*.. Volumes In Library Normal and Model Schootsv>> \
Mr. P. B. Bowie late of Ocala has The bank begins business with a capital *1.,...."Pipe Organ School of Mechanic Arts '. ,,1\\
taken charge of the Crystal River News i of 25000. 10 Lars LaborstoriesJor Science School of Music :'{t''"
J.M.WILLSONJR. I Unsurpassed General Equipment School of Fine Arts ,
- and will edit as well ..manage that pa- .................l.__ .... issue_ c.nhI 1 ..... .d Hersh a..wsieea ..w:::
per in future. On the night of August 26th at Tar- 1beYnr .4..r.mrir tr.YS. Per.......sr -. iw ....... ,1' w far net r.e.rnetMu. tt/arel,

/ Mr. J. Will Yon of Jackson countyhas years of age had both of his legs cut =-- _. '_--'--_---==--== __ ,
I been appointed secretary to the off. Four 'negrues were riding! wn a :
, Railroad OtnrnnissKA, succeeding Mr. S. train and one of) them shoved the boy

I E. Cobb resigned'' off..!he falling_beneath_the..train' Jt is .- -E.A . GlbBER..Tj
. '
---- .
i thought he will survive. ,
Australian pines:are being extensive- .' '
ly used' 'ttsshad*. trees around West I In the speciatelectiontodetermineae' :' j
Palm B* cH, hundreds .having been set to whether hose should have free rangein '
San Juan Garage Co. z lout the past month.A I "Sorrento Mount Dora and Eustis CONTRACTOR and BUILDER ..:

I .the citizens of all three precincts voted J

civil -serviarexamination for the against the proposition, UM vote being:
ORLANDO FLORIDA positions of carrier -'.and clerk In the SorrenUvS for,against;.fount-Dora, .Plans--and. Estimates. Fttmlsltetfji! :

postoffioe service will Ve held at St. 7 for, 31 against; Eustia, -9 for, 91against.Sanford .
1 ......., Augustine on the 8th. -Herald. . -- -AGENT-- FOR-. - ;. 'I i

S Agents for Stualier---E. M., F. "30" S A C'JOIIYeDtiOll'of the lleorlncs of.Jer- Upon thejUlegatkn tbat he is ill and .... i . 41-\

ico a negro' and Studebaker Flanders Au- .
Minor S. Jones has the
in Orlatido. There werefourhun-
: 1.600,000 gallons per hour. "- __,? .-=.-. $
tomoblles. dred delegatea present. of J. C. Fades, under life sentencefor Gasoline Engine, 2 to 60 H:'P: "Steam Engines, fi to 20O. ",H.. PV .
that be be transferred from '
I Boilers Any Size. ..:;;,
Hacclemny is rejoicing over file fact. the Dade county jail to>> the State Hospital 'Stamped.Metai Shing1esCe'lling.an&Dutside .Walls-Any-DeigTi.-?r 0I /.
pending the result of an appeal to
; that a local oltiaen has purchased: : au- .
General Repairing by Expert Mechanics. L Kailes be
tomobile. 3d: 'is a Buu'k' touring ear and i I the Supreme Court. will operated .- -

Full of !Supplies.! is owned,by! :Dr. ELong. on.at th6.-hospital.--- I IRON FENCES AND MONU.MENTS..i.
ne. 'S '- I
tit The following statistics regarding the .
... .
.: :
-A strong 'camp tit Woodmen of the average production per acre of land in "tY \ I'
World was prepared
states'lr'a'th '-" '-" "- "'" ""'" -
s .Office f and Garage in Rear of San Juan Hotel % :'
'; August 25th.: The >camp began' .with by Mr.'C.. II.,Tedder of Hillsboroughcounty : t MIL MAOM. C"NCT 110I..0...
twenty-Awe: charter members.A he using -enty'1he: products of

his'county to demonstrate what Florida '
'I' I
large odeklgation of sea island cot- MACH' BROS. :
i soil can be made to yield: Mississippi, '
ton grownni of Florida will attend the' $9.58; Ohio $13.36; Michigan, $1.42; .
-- convention of those-engaged hi that industry : Illinois, $12.48; Iowa $12.22; .HilI barI -

trv t 1fYC94r'g-. 'iF4" '4rsIFrY"P'9"r'Yr'tfee A tI at Valdosta-Ga. on the 17th.. (I, ough county, Florida_, $142.90. I Livery, Feed and Sale Stable." --- .

NORTH KISSSIMMEE. PHONE NO. 8. The Phoenix Club a Jacksonville .social ;, There is on foot among the Methodists WOOD-i-GRAYING
org-ajuealian, has purchased the of Florida a movement to organizeand ,
I[ Pollak residence, located .on Beaver operate a great Christian assembly $ Everything IS New )iiLFIrat-Clasi.-We-.wii1.
c. W. Griffin : Street la tfiat city,for t.he..llm $18-1 J hall at Enterprise, Fla.t...It-will be the Homier Prompt and Satisfactory'' Ser ;
for conferences bible institutes
000. I headquarters vice Day or Night. All Kinds '
t> and training .schools and religious '
Heavy Hauling..
. Fancy Family Groceries tI It is said: that when .the Chouses now l|i gatherings of. various kindsv It is I ;

J IP < under _troctio are completed Wa- intended,to auks it.A center of influence AT tJ AMAN'S OLD STAND.. PHONE! .113::'
basso will:liave! dmbled the number; of 1 on all Christian work, not only in '
a T>?< "a>T T* "'y rt""">T t Fresh M ats.Delluery . tI her dwelling_,L houses. in the last two Florida but all over the.COUJI ... il.1 f ..;'
:: -
: '- _
'tit -- '
-years. ;
I ; :
"- r -- -- i
" Every Day at any Bo r. Patronage Solicited. ---- City taxes will this ,year be levied "'-

kaDt. tsarille>t4.e.reraeti.l4. ----6oooooo->Dea e tAt-_. Charles Bons. Mho'IdOed.Us,brother- I an assessed valuation of city property *

in-law, Charles W griDS; maar..Jacksonville amounting to$1,227,269.67.: Whenit SUNNY; SOUTH STABLES
.,, on August llth. has been hold I is considered that one building alone :

OOOO without baS to await the ..ae.tiao of thegrand in the city coat snore than this amount, ... ,-,
; jury.According. it can be readily understood that then .
:: I is something deficient in the matter of L.H.. INQRAM. Proprietor. '... '

;St. Cloud Mercantile Co. | to an exdbonge, 4PSO has : assessing properties for faxes. Of this ." .% "
; been subscribed in the Deijfcbodhood of[assessment $304,194.47 is for personal S.

'1 Stuart to test UM_.k ality.f the new I property.-St. Augustine.Meteor. Livery, Sale and Boarding .
ST. CLOUD. FLORIDA <> fish law in regard to being eeineson the : II
?. * ... .... ...._ ...
: ? i '* .
St. Lucie river.According The Road. and Improvements Society ...
:THE NEW COLONY STORE.Groceriwand | I have already completed 3,800 feet of Well equipped with New Stock and Vehicles and prepared
:,, to the Preaa 2.QOO people ditch. The society is constructing two to meet all demands with perfect .satisfaction.

, went on the excursion to Fert 1Dyers I ditches south of tbe Okeechobee road _

on the 24thof. August,;red Wer,.Igyeal ,for"jlraiJ1lng; theI.aDd8'1D'that section,', HEAVY KAlJLIN-i't; :SPECI LfY
General; Merchandise: ly entetainedby..th..dtreoa: : Jtt that the iocietyuuing I for the purpose money
,', pJ'O&'l'eaalve.IttJe city r donated by Mr. J. E. Ingxabam, vice-', BROADWAYPHONB "
'f president of the Florida Eat Coast I II 102

On the morning August 20th Sarasota Railway. It is expected: that these ra. '
Saves you'money on 'Want..r NNN.\NY.N..e.N..a.i "
everything you, ,
I ditches will give suitable protection to -a
was visited by a disastrous fine '
""See our goods before buying elsewhere.Money that destroyed a handsome store house the lands that will be farmed this;year. I WHAT IT' MEANS r "

saved .Is money made. Don't and'stock, a barber shop and a bakery. Tropical Sen. '
I I ".0' .sople&oat kNnw".' Baalt'C.piW for.or the dllr.r1I/ ,- ,
O\.tbrow.tt away. O. There was no insurance the property. i '.eea a book of or al"PI&&I and 0.. with a Iarg..apltaL

9;: :Agents for the Famous Phenix Safe. It 0'i I, A sensational and one-sided shooting A BANK'S CAPITAL AND SURPLUS
mis The contract for building the affair occurred in. Palatka on the night Is th.road the pret0otedepo l.polton from Ian, ih.r.Car..toe Imrsw ". aa tke --
Strictly FIreprooj. Special Prices. grater pro ton bare. "
rhUbaak hu
: ; . .boose-and Masonic temple in Ocala baal of August 26th, when H. Finley Tucker Oaplt.a1.... .... .......;..... ......... ..... ....,. 00 .' '
.110tSTRIOTL.Y a prominent real estate'and: insurance eurpl\. tuna ni .. ..... ......... _
been let to Messrs. Mciver & McKay| "'0" 16. 00
'i 6MMkhakUraliabili'lV, .., ...., .... ..,. ... ... M.OOO 00
CASH I that city. The..contract calls for the, agent was lured from his home by MissIla
..,,, ., '. completion of the. building*'by the first Bond a gifted and attractive young A total of. .... ........ ...................i116oo000 ;
Thl. case thai' w.suet ins(IllaJXXXOO .
before ...
4 06000..00 : of January,, j lady of that city and when in a dark ent. Till protection Nor YOU. d.poeICOw a : :

"4 ...,.. .".. .. ,,:.''' -r- .' . 'I sequestered back street shot five timesat .-. STATE BANK OF f--: .
' l. PLOW.. :' The citizens of White City: have Mr. Tucker. One of the bullets KISSiMMEEOF
'SEEDS VIUIMTAKLB PISLD w; S. HARWELL'/ : ed'a Mutual Qorse Insurance )' struck Mr. Tucker,In the,forehead,, but KII..c.. .....C .., ..... .)J'h.'' ..:,"
" tion.; The association will iusure horses a-IanelnJf-only made a flesh wound. Mr. '
.1..wtU.hlp.a'o T order usme U, u _....s. REAL ESTATE: mules,. ponies and donkeys for two Tdcker and Miss Bond had been close C. A. CARSON Preeid.nl JOB ViM-Pra M. LEI.ldat: K. B. CAK80VWe _. --tu

-!" 1'aeTED. ,. DUBPEE'8EBD".,'' Ol'LY-eMct&llsla-Grow .I' thirds of their mark.t value as agreed friends for years and were on -the best .- -.:-.,..;;;;.;;;;; ;.... ,n.. 1 LUlI..UT I
WAlTOH BIO CO...POs.... .OL, "........ Notary Pu.bUa-at-wI'8'S-; upon by aboard of 'appraisers. Every,.of terms; and her strange act CM aot n4A
c f vllle ..... }.1i parson, insuring stock will be assessed be accounted for..: The attempted tragedy -' t

X M rduiirfetlppvetatIsc. aiognad..writ. Office over jtobsrson'B Pharmacy proportionately in cause of'the death otan' is the talk of the town.-South do but fine lob WriteJ
'jait lass' KISSl?'MEE; FLA. .'-r'l i 'insured, 'animal.ar ,| Florida Sentinel nothing ,
lId .:Lt I,! ., I I ft "l/ .. ,
L ... .. I' ll r .1// J I '''' ... "
I / t / I IA . .. ".
." .' / I .... ." '::1' ," ,I "I., :.4'. ::0.... .. ,,,'.....:..' _. t

: ," .' ry .. , :..,\ 7"' 031'+} .i''J.' ' '1f>w'b'rK7i' r.,v, t'f. )f ,...jr".T'i'.f, P"
. .. -. --, ,, .- \r".t; ., ) ; r"'MMTR1zq :
; .
.. tu. .
. : ,. ,,. > ,:" . .; ,,' 'J\; ; ....
-" ,, ,
- - -
( '

r Tfe f KJsslmfliee e Valley, Gazette '\ Patronize'Home People.. ." . WUITTlfR'NfWS'NOTfS. ,.oD.' Daring 'the' *errlce 'iicoree.' of 'founded'." 'T'believe.: :If "yon' :Will Too"s

; ,Frpln the.C".opnty..T.Imea.thA-fl"'- . t --. ---_._. _, _._ . ... ,Jk, i blanketed brave stood by In sllenc\*. about yn, yon wlJl' nd many of your
tUBUSBUCD EVERT FRIDAY lowing excellent editorial i I. reproduced . Heart Heart -'-Wolt'-Beaf;-subcblef"'oftha'Arahoe' .. fellow-being* worse off.tbaa-.yon.are...

: Office:in Valley :Gazette 'Building.E1a91YYEE It fs worthy-of careful!.,consideration! T" O. I I.'Writes of: the.Wealbef Conditions '16 tribe, delivered the discourse st The .suggestion doubtless" "went. In
rea/Jer r .the grave of Leo Wolf Beet:, V one ear and out the other. 'it
: :.
,OBCEOEA COUNTY FLA. ... every"Not a few people'seem ; Health; Society, Etc. Tbe :arognft brace got drank, Iay\ Privation Suffering? f
to '
think that Rain abundance \ Talks down on.the raliroml .re.ilto' sleep Why, this woman did 'not liven .
in cool
: proP'r.1 If.they ,want anything i I. their bound ,. and pleasant, Vamsbackle rickety atalrs..
te.: ;..W..B, HARRIS, Editor and tjtermometer76. AI the.wet ,weather and WM killed.In tenement up
n duty to, end -away from bonetbget the his address Her Husband never came,home frotothe
does By) EDWIN A. N :E: course of pathetic : .
} not Interfere with
it-that theyroust send to of ; : our the venerable chief deeleiedl"Tbwwhltelnau'swhtsky saloon 'around tbe corner!: wltb unenJpty
one '
-.- -- .SUBSCRIPTION RATES;!....... .. :..-. 11umerou's mail, amusementsjto/' ,any. :onsi Jer bl.nf xtent.!: killed 'and ''loaded wIth
the order houses
'.. oM eop jr.on ysr.....,.,,....,-..h..4. ,.....:.1100OMOOpy. locate andequalize the BE-A BO STER.- jay, : pocketbook t
.' U moat.a. . .e",. So In.various parts of the country.' '''In al. temperature producing i Do not be A "knocker.1 _enly son,". ._ I'llqiior to'drive;ber heaty-handed-*.. into

: m every home in the country may be a CQOln.q.: the atmosphere which C In the siege of Ladysmith during Continuing be said:,, .; the street:! '

*.All wd oonv ornrnunlcjitton pondntv mart, *';beaDed oept from by oar the.uth.wrhar found ore or more catalogues of, these more than compensates .usor" ,tte.dis:;: the Boerwar,, civilian was tried: by I
I wlee. .matter will Dot boo rrturned u..... houseswhich: carry everything from comfort it creates. And..again, when court martial 'and Imprisoned because ;, what the white man's whisky | In 'a two room and closet apartment

f" ,.a11ed ,_. common"'bolt to a grand a we hear 'theexultan't, shouts of our be discouraged the soldiers who' were .will dOv. I do 't'1llame tbe white man ,1'' where yon bPI coal by the ecuttlefnl.
: 'PIano.1"hellf Democratic for drinking 'hi* own whisky but I 'r bread by the balf lost and,,Ice by the
Entered at 0..IVi.taffleIaoondcllto E1..imm." ., Flu.. books are studied, the pictures and rooster, "his numerous wives cetepdlngb j ty. *
I mall matter. and progeny.overthe wonderful I I Tbe man Would go along the picketIlnqand hope the young men, and 'women of I pound. .
.. prices are examined and too when growth I I
-:!--,-- often mytribe will hove She never. haunted the butcher stoop
more judgmentthan
.. ... .. of his say disheartening things to
i tadpole farm, led
.we .are to
" i'9 the. family needs anything an order 11'1 their late Saturday nlgbt, wben the very
.TTrlclav Sept .. lieve therd 10 a bletHM in .be-I the men on dutr-y He told them ..tbeclt paleface brethren. and abstain en
made:! out and sent to.the mail order ig every t >- wee doomed.' He scouted tbe from firewater." poor do their pitiful marketing to bay
of sing
house. The of water that*descends-uponwhthermore F r '"' | -CertaftriT -If- "la-toe esaemyj| tor-almoatinthing.whatwill t kegpUDtll
; question transportation ;tNU 1f of re r.-- ; slncerity.j -
:'... KwBimmee. the City of Gard n charges and the likelihood of receiving thehealth-of our community Tbe court martial did right to put of oratory. Wolf Bear la eloquent >Iooday-to purchase ,a': cheap

shoddy goods is never taken into con- is far above the av'flrage. And. Judge him In prison. And If restrained feeling I I. a necessary soup boIse or a peck of mutton for-a
" Nut Monday is a legal holiday-Labor Kribbs has declared that '' element of or two. .
our ladies At such -successful public penny
a time
siderqtiont\ We doubt Very much.if the I no one sbould be allowed
' Day-the least understood by the general -' buyers ltoDtnai1'order houses rank among the best looking jn the to weaken the beans of men. speech theos this father's stern represloir Ndbt-tbls woman did not know.
.; public of all national and state holiday .ever get I -. -ar-1 : natural emotIon At the She did not know! 1 bat to finds quart
the of their county. SO We eah eat._ .. drink.-.--... ha__ Therm1 I It Is- a pity every,, community cannot
*. actual.worth money. see beauty in addition to the nn'J'and original put \\n prison the man and WOmAn who grave of his son Is tbe height of eloquent ter of a dollnr for tbe slot of the gas

"Aside from ths) though,, the practice saying. go about wltb gloomy:: face and forebodings self control. meter may become a financial problem

The Ku Klux hav*-come-. to We in of buying away from home those ( of.failure ever upon their Up. The warning Bounded by tbe old Indian and rent day a real tragedy.

Georgia":' which means jHJfrf certain citi- articles which can be procured from the )Crops already gathered have been Tbe knocker is a prophet of evil. Is'-pathetic and'.forceful In many She never beard her children cry or"

sere home merchant is a miserably bad business abundant: and those we look forward way. ,cold In winter<< nor moan of thirst In
of that state are slated:! .to go on a pe sees only the dark side of' every _
to are in aprosperous.condition. and we j The wblte man' summer. 8hle"' r bad ,ro partlystarve
: long journey. policy because a dollar sent away cloud. 'Temperamentally be.cannot forbear whisky has been
from home is a dollar gdne, taken out can without any previous prejudice! pronoun'ee -" to throw cold water on generous the greet bane of tbe red man's! his a living child to pay tbe funeral

Stealing cattle In Pasco county must (if circulation with no hope that it-wilt our Florida climate/ both winter enthusiasm and to dampen ardor. tor). The educated appetite for "Ore-I.expenses of a dead one.

be the common custom, as five m..mben' return. It goes to help tor the and summer as the finest in the wort!. He throw over all thingavMke a wet water" has lost tbe American Indian Perhaps my complainant would not
of pay pa- Cattle appear tube in prime .condition blanket, hI. 'doubt and questionings.The many a bargnln; It has caused him to believe that thousands live this life
family that latial
one were jailed
residence of the
foreign ,. to knocker fa commit many crimes\ and has been at bet au _"one half tbe world doe not
and a pessimist.
charge last week pAy.the salesmen who spend all they by trie speculator hogs are as much sought after Instead of tl'Ing-to lift some of tbe : the bottom of much of hI.. race degeneracy know bow thEoth..r half lives"

When get in distant cities.- In fact, it drains as the magnate having burdens ttom tbe shoulders of toll the That' tbe poInt-we .complain out. of
Morse was convicted stated
we the smaller towns and country districts powers of 'appointment by .the knocker puts on new burdens Instead 'As Wolf Bear well says, the Indian our Ignorance.

-it a* our belief that he would never go to build up cities. If the dollar is spent needy politicians.Beulai _'n cf) clearing the way for weary. 1* the last person who should tamper We are all of u* as illogical M this

to the penitentiary. It looks, aa thoughour at{ home with the home merchant, the The Hotel de ." is enjoying a feet he pat*. other obstacle in tbe wltb the white man's liquor. querulous woman: .

: belief! will become a fact chances are that dollar may find its way fine share of patronage.. and a>.t the I I path. Instead of easing the pain. of Moreover We compare our lots In life| "Wltb the
Drawdy mansion Did note In the old man' lots of .tn* more t rttlD'.te. which I*
back into the hands of the original Will's baby i8 still I tbe sufferer be helps to widen the you warning !
They are unearthing human skeletons queen ruling the household with the wounds. I his appeal to the women a* well error. .

down in Tampa./ Nothing i peculiar about spender. tyranny-of an Empress,| Catharine of I The knocker Is a discourager.kln as the men of his tribe That wa no Go' along the street Open lOll

-- ,that A noted divine once claimed that i, Russia .- '. every community men and women accident, of speech.As .- eyes. For one wbo I* better off yon

bell was J located in the vicinity of that '" Broward Will Run. Musical sociables the latest\ are defending their beleaguered cities If to push tbe race down the moral can see 'a down' who are worse off
town. in sOf Ltdjuinlth.! Many of them are hard toboggan slide more rapidly tbe Indian than yon _
The'St. Auguatine\Record. in its issue Whittier meetings l b htg held''-about pressed,, and some are'on the point of women both young and old are

And so Homer Davenport and his : of last Friday in speaking of the matter every night in private Houses generally abjet surrender. becoming slaves to an appetite for WHISKY VERSUS RELIGION.This .

wife are in the cultured class. They II says"ExGovernor: breaking up about 9.30 p, m., and He "who.... goes along the. picket line strong drink. Is neither a religious tract nora

must be, as that is"the class that usd- Browami will be a can- serving the purpose of keeping the social ntterlnf 'the disheartening prophecies And It Is a melancholy fact that a Sunday school story but a tale of

ally occupies the attention of the-di- didate for United:! States Senator at the ties binding and effective. i of failure that make heavy the heart like tendency among the. white women today Illustrating tbeee two thing:

vorce courts. next primary. This question, which Hunter's Paradise is the scene of one I" and palsy! the....hands of the brave defenders 1* becoming ao- general' a* to. be alarm- What liquor will do. .

has .ueen discussed by the State of the most desperately contested cases II nothing less than a traitorto Ins; What religion can do.
Of press his r'-a. But here Is our moral:
course Curtis, the American aviator of ever before witnessed. The intruder is Edwin F. Field eldest son of tbe
late is .
frequently answered. Be aWen !ktulOt"r. .. If tbe American Indian with less'
won the prize i in the airship spent yesterday in the anlom!>n rro'b..1' and .nlr worth of Inherited character less gained
test at Rheims. Whoever thought for the dear Well ; tbe of his
and : worth the herculean e/- ; cable. win confidant
was interviewed Record need the ascendancy of civilization
city by a ; brnrtlisr word oferu-<>tirn cement cannot
an instant foreigners could beat Americana representative.: He was asked the forts that are being put forth to capel I I and good cheer afford to Indulge to whisky a* a beverage fatter and destined for his boslnea
doing anything? ture her. Will not anticipate i There without bringing successor. lie bad his town house oa
question direct and he answered it- as results In a subtle force In suggestionUse upon himself a
but if our belle is captured another | It to lioost Suggest bapplnees certitude of woe, where shall the Fifth avenue, team yacbt, ablM,-
-----New 4Jtat-Auom y G.hera) Trammell] straight.as it asked without. quibbling Talk white man etc.. and wa a member. of the moist
appear .. .
stands ready to take the-" bspplnee.hethappinessbeam
the place she! I - -
has aid he or beating about bush. He exclusive set r-
positively will not be
a can- leaves. I I from your face. Make men see the
didate for the U:S. Senate it said that he intends to become a candidate Then drluk gut a grip on .Mm.Slowly .
is up to blue of the sky. the beauty of the
Our OF
certain papers to explain those "wetate but that it is very early to make barbecue and picnic even under I flower SUICIDE. but"sUftI' be lost lab proper.ty .
tSe most unfavorable Suicide Is said to be Increasing!.
announcement or to launch the cam- weather condi- And and sank Into tbe underworld.For .
on authority" statements ap shall you leave behlivj
youeverywhere Aa
paign. He will be found a very active tions was a decided success. Our irre- a trail of brightness eminent authority declare that ten year the name ef Edwin' B..

factor when the pressables were out in force and although trail that shall suicide Is as frequent today In this Field was not mentioned In 'hi* old
..A i d rho. bankers i in Asheville campaign opens being STOW brlgbter and
were : country M in tbe early .days of the circles a. It was mentioned to'point
- -actually convicted of theft. 'But it a hard fighter; and a tireless worker. Tuesday night's severe rainrendered brighter Ibto fbpcortect day and tight Roman empire. sate
a moral or to unadorn a tale.
a-- .wont-bother them "His business here yesterday was ofa barbecuing impracticable the you to the celestial' City Why I* ItTOrdinarily
,nuphi they Field
ae only fine beef Be hoorter Apparently was forever loft .lathe
produced for the occasion a
go up for two years which means they private nature and he had no Intention was we say of unfortunate depth of the slums
brought to the table in a most improved And many n weary, discouraged who rashly shuffles off this mortal coll.
will be pardoned in a few months ) whatever! of announcing his cend'rdacy Then one night about a year ago la
J picket the
until he was accosted! by the Rec- style our Indefatigable fellow citizen, threatened on citadel outpost shall bless of his life's and Ihfc."poor fellow must have been In a kind of drunken stupor, what wa-
yon '
There has been a greater Increase in ord representative but he did not'heal- FrankGodwin_ securing the favorable take eon" rape, sane. left of him,slouched Into the blstorM,
in' truck tate t- &tihis state of affairs.by the .staunchest kind ... Which in a sense 1* correct. But- mission" made famous by erry McAnley. -
.. acreage planted gardens this a position when asked. When you come to think of It the .
season aroundKissimmee than in any "In speaking of the drainage workIn of pluck. Ice cream lemonade and- SIN SUFFERING.Don't wonder Is there are not more suicide. Either colncMently or providentially '

other section of Florida. We will bet the Everglades he said the dredgesare soda water were jn abundance: cigars b* a "food fellow." The other Complex conditions In our large a famous and wealthy, architect
Uow fttm the fun. and tbe fiddWK -
_obr. hut copper on that'statement doing very effective work and thatan candies and other delicacies plentiful.The :-;Warnln* of a Good you Fellow.pay cities tend to lower physical and medial wbo was Interested In the mission

- immense area-will beTaclaimed. He dancing platform. 6..weJlpatr ..... i ,'vitality.. Discouragement and fail work: happened In H* recognized la' -

In assuming control of the Crystal has not changed his opinion aa to the ized and everything calculated to make Joseph-Greener of Chicago, secretaryof ; ure. lead to mental dejection and dis. Field his old 'childhood. friend and

.' River News,, Mr. P. B. Bowie will have advisability of draining the Everglades up a first-class: entertainment was fur-. a loan"'--and. building association satisfaction. playmate.

-:: _a more extended field, in which. to dis- and still believes that' the State'' will nished. The rice horse. were on hand stole from time to time !f20.000 from However- Tbe architect took bold of the bat
'. play his many talents. He 'Is 'a splendid greatly profit by the reclamation of the but the committee decided! that owingto tbe anaoclutlon fu 1.1.. It safely may be .tatec1.tbat..1't the tered. besotted wretch tbe remnant of

, ,. acquisition to the press of, Florida. \ the, wretched condition of the track tie took mull\ suuXat unit! : but, bavi'nt bottom tbe greatest source of suicide a man, and helped him to his feet *
overflowed land. y
B (" .:s... SELFISHNESS.! ,,, The '
J crumied the Tine of honesty outcome of It all WM thin Ootn-
. > : onlt
to excessive \
this -of
'v T rain part : the
:y-rAlmoet unparalleled-hi\ history have / other ttlfts; followed naturally or a* a "No man llveth toblmaelf..NomlBcaD : ed and In hta right mind. Field stayed *
..... : program would.be postponed until the .
XT lire a normal healthful life of .
act the "mission several week H*
been the disasters of the month. What Does It Do ? t
past next barbecue. It was a great disap Sobbing In his cell at the police station himself. by himself and for himself. came to realize that religion was tbe

The loss of life through the ial What does the saloon do for its pointment to the lovers of this sport, Graeser grew' calm after a time The self centered person can only only thing that could give him bop.
providence has staggered the world patron but all recognized the wisdom of the and Issued this note of warning to travel la a circle-within himself. He For more than a year he has lived

and no man knows what fate awaits in opening or closing doors of op- decision rendered by the committee. ,' young men: get nowhere. soberly and righteously

him: portunity ? The United States Depart- Tne final winding up of the entertain- "Do not think you can take a small '+Contrariwise, tbe man who lives outside He would not go back to his old life

ment of Labor using percentages based : amount from tbe till and pay it back. "of self who line In others seldom even were that possible "Many a
ment WM a gathering at Riley Johns'
And it has finally come to light why several thousand 'ound I think of suicide Ue Is too "
upon reports I You can't Once started your need day. be says "I have stood In a window
the Eitero-colony failed Victoria.Gratia that 90 per cent, of.,.the railways 79 percent which was continued until midnight. become greater all the time until you mucb Interested In the ongoing of on Broadway and signaled to my.' '

the head of the colony since Teed's of manufacturers,, 89 per cen, .f No disturbance of any kind was created have no alternative but continued things to lit op and balance up his yacht to take me up the Hudson to

deatl; married Dr. Grave, mayor of trades, and 72 per cent of agriculturists during the day and despite a shower of theft flight or suicide. personal Ie4ger.\ Be doe. not cry my old borne. But I have no regret

'7 'Je torft; Carriage Is prohibited* by the discriminate against.'employe* addicted rain in_ the .evening .all present expressed "Donot Uv*. beyond your lDf>aua.. about spilled milk.. He.iu&' *d_jatto I have' found what wealth could not

'oreshan themselves as well-pleased with Once In debt you will never. never get live. give me-peace of mind-and freedom
Unity,* to the use of intoxicants as a
: the day's entertainment. O. L C. out. Do not gamble. You are drawn Suicide Is a disease from appeU e."

In iiutt'fo'tfamilies of the dead beverage. The patron of a saloon may tighter. and tighter Into the-toll. I Its symptom are moral and physical Religion did that. '

.! 'the (; should drive a garbage wagon or get.a steady ORPHANAGE: DAY 1 ..Do not spend money to pretend>> I degeneracy. Weakened mind or And ao this man wbo bear an honored '

. v'fller'Florida' cause ,I job aa a bookkeeper of a dance hall, what yon are not Ton get tripped up .f body the would ,be suicide shuts him name 1* day clerk In a Cbatbam
4heJaMt: rigid Investigation to be madeogle but he cannot drive) a locomotive la theejadLto the. shame of yourself self up' to his personal shell and square lodging bouse. H* refuse tie

....:, fcwMent*at Camp Boca Grande cure employment as. paying teller In i Every Florida GUzen is Asked to Give and friend ? -.... I brood Be ba become voured. 'eore.disillusioned. take: a dollar that b* doe not earn .

'f"C thatund-many cast the live of ten men and In- a hank. He clean out cuspidors I -Since 1 took tbe first-$25 oat-.t-tlJe. i Existence I* tiresome. and regard his present job a* a etoa-,

.r-; others. ___ may One Day's Earnings to Orphans.The till I literally lived In belL 1 took the : B* concludes that late I* not worth ping stone to something better-tbe.
In barroom and refuse
.,' a sweep up OQ first money to splay the poole' 1 took !. while. 'Having no outlet the wider beat proof that his manhood has bed
the itreet'bUt'be' cannot be tiuat4'd'torun I first Saturday in October will ,
fTVouldbitoo bailf! fh. investig*; more to,win back what 1 lost. 1 have ,wortd'of lowland sympathy and taelpfalnees restored. *'*' "'

that T>4 instated) by the government a stationary enllDe.drfve a passenger I soon be.here. We..k that every one 'long known what tbe end would be. be *lowly rot.....In his. own Evidently there Is one. force stronger...

'.in totiie..working conditions of the_trust omnibus,"fire a boiler;amputate a In Florida give the earning of that day; and my waking hour have been fined n'-tal'deJ gctlo>l'\9JQ _al 27 t' than the Invisible spirit of wlnsHCaula.1;'

steel plants should disclose the fact that leg, administer medicine, fill] a prescription :- i to the Florida Baptist Orphanage,_Arcadia with agony and my night\ with horrthtrie -. ,* WhereeH *- tI ..lt". : A

:lfr. Carnegie made his million througha ; keep a set or books, try an impor- Fla. Thl Institution I* for poor' ] dream*. who keep In iteocb with the It way be true, as eJleged*, tbattbeTreligion .

system; of peoning workmen. tant cue, manage a business corporation I white orPhans of the state of Florida, My arrest .eame a* an actual relief. world ana love It develop In himself' \of r many, person la inotbtng'f
a moral aod.pbyslcalfvltalltyie eour- ,bat *f,,4octt1.De.orajwtiweat'eela\ )
or do any other work demanding irrespective of religious creed* or na- |
for his of a..DeI' optimism that meeffallnrejirltn form of worship but
with the
But..me.Dd pity family fellow'1
Trait cleat head and hand The tionality. If do not 'anythingon
enatoyvAldrieh tends a a steady ; you _.earn
Money wife and two little children encceeoed fortitude and overcome It. In the depth it appear a* the only.
1 m, 'that saloon Vhich takes ltet! patron' the first Saturday fn October, ae ftd ,....
Morgan aVireless
King "things money the dread of discovery. Son* one ba answered' the' query, lever that can pry him oat of bl* 1D1ICIL...
., are all right. 'Who for a moment double-crosses him for disappointment ua the earning of some. other good day.; "My wife 1*' standing by me. Blot "J.at 731. worth llvlngf by the sententious t::

dreamed the Republican party would do and failure in the rae. of life.-Dr. With many thia I Ie..a very happy day our'it not to. I should have made her statement! :\ I Hew He Wen H...' t''**

anything; that wasn't all right with the Samuel Dickey. because they are working to help the happy, but did not. It nearly km me 1 "]fall depend oa the over" tie studied! palmistry aDd iwa* leokC,

boy who juggle-the' mohey market on orphan We need mean to :maintain to hare her *o faithful after' what I 1 Wblcb.ls absolutely true la whlen- tag for a chance: to marry money '

t Miller I !' and train and educate these orphans, have don." ever.cense you take Itlf They **t in a corner behind a ttff
.. retent eleatb of.Geo
.n. .
_-1'-- '("-- '- ; . thle-maa-ha alternated betwee . .--.'everytluBgi"!iowMlt bank of
WJl'e' . I. lays. .the8ahtga_ '.Courl4r-lntoimmtt and others thatomln : .AJM.ao *- yon : J plan*. ,One L of. berj:
'Arkansas was "murderedand "reminds 'Butl.t "mention 'another matter; purgatory sad haOea.Hls .- and fall..Uf"Jaladed.anJasJpld.thing' band wib-in ads, TII."UW..marIIt.f: :
that that there
robbed of $10,000 she"was ;.n. are now 'than weakness was) la being a "good and all you need Ie the.. courage. to .cat7G11tthlMt..II411. ... that time to.BO*fond of dlatr1b1lw.t
carryingaround More month qbe . ---
** "
but three : twenty "' **
surviving general officers of "
fellow. A friend said: "Come: let's) go : begun to be visible. around the coraera Jef
In her bustle. We may now expect the Confederate army now living innoridaJaJol' gar a sanitarium, which we' have con to the tack rye got a tIp." la the TVeref or* tbe secret of mental moral her yea She. .wm* .tm... peettywoman ; ';

to witness a decided change: In the : Ge a. S. G. French of stantypieded. Today its brick wall* desire to be a ,aport and a good fellow and physical health and satisfaction however and ,notwitbctaaa**,.

shape pf'tb gen tier"%e*t; ha''tlieji will Pensacola and ,,E. M. Law of Bartow stand complete 'and bare, because, we be took the first money. 1* to- : lug tie fact that she bad'burled 'omef

find other places than the bustle to stow and Brig. Gen. Alfred Iverson of Kissimmee. have not had the money to go! forward HI Is the old old story-eo old aa, to Keep la love wIth life husband and divorced soother was to-/

swat their wealth._ Gen. French is in- his 92d with the work. Please help us to finish b* stereotyped; Keep oat of yourself; .' dined to believe that then might be a" -
It 1 tbe BtaoT of human tragedy Get Into the .wlm.at '
good lively
Gen. Iverson I. old this building. romance In her BUD. B* \
quite an
year. .
It know: claimed Mr Loeb is saving Will not merchants, business weaved Into the warp of human sinning II..,. bent low over.the tUm. soft band' He'jf
man, but we do not know' his exact every .
: :
Uncle Sam money since he has been col age. And oat of It wa long ago 'I noticed >the splendid
Gen...Law is-well organization, people In every occopa- 4..w000NTYOUL ring -open- hero
"1eetol'.f way won't indulge: coined this of human experience *
the port of New York. It'* essence BLUSIll S.- fingers H. had beard of the fortoa>
Uoneh,1rchN-SUilday Ichoole'women'ssoclet
about time he the old In. personalities. Now, why did Gen., the divine dictum: of that wa her ,
was saving gen union' and BaW. woman my acquaintance;; at disposal. 1 hate t.;
tleman a few ducata-be: cost him Law raise our expectation thus only to I es young people' or* "The seal that alnnetb |t hall die." HLastV e.r-Dy.lrMbab4 wall, and tell youlanythlag; ," be ealdw'"Hbat-wlUlf

enough during the time be was employ* dash them to the ground? We are' all ganizationa, secret orders:-every Individoal Iq ,tbe year of hi* apprehension, now*my; daughter J* threatened with be likely to make you feel nneoinfoctabl :>

ed in tit* White Houses. anxious: to know just bow young h-: is. In the state end us help. ,on .the shame and remorse the coal of JoeephOraeeer tuberculoato.. ?:pvfsgisxpaaaeesdate *, batbani I teliyoa'wbatlTnyer ;>

S; a i I .! Times-Union. first Saturday October. If you will, died a thousand dearth It hittB.and. ""y_imTlrn*"!'* **|*ry.i* only "Tee" ab*. .aald,. dxawtac'

, A Urge J .numberl"Joeall ties ,W the l i---. -- I ass sure we will be. able.to go forward was spiritual suffering' not mere ptaye- S1XIOO a year Why should we be pat quick tb.r.U me everythtajr-*
with" the work and finish"the"sanita- ical pain.. The prison was a relief. into'tblsworld",to- Buffer *oT 'JUf* isreally "It took*'to me," weut.tiT'sa" : tf >
state are claiming to produce iplendidcrop It i I. possible the gentleman who The man' tool Buffered,
', rium, which we'have Deeded so long. Doll "worth living ometlmee" great Borrow were IB store for yosv? 'n '
of celery. Why shouldn't they writes the editorials that In the If aa' of a sinner 1. Rae
appear punishment Tbl lived la ber borne will come
Send to B. M.; Bean ;Arcadia\&, *rfronjan own along about tbe Urn are
.'when the soil of Florlda'is' adapted to Orlando Reporter-Star will revise Jhi* money. thing God Almighty'\ ; ill quite anotber.v ;anditad\ ...erl.eked for. llfe'B'neceejiarje twenty-seven year old." Two you weeks

,the cultivation of every ...arletrof; veg- opinion of the strike lathe Pressed Florida .. *. later the gossips were asking on. another .

, .table/and it U not bonflnedjto an/.one Steel Car eo:'.. works.' roe flat ,the. f "W.i'ar -p1.aaed.oneord:-thr:fact INDIAN'ElOOUEMCe. said to her.; Mbtnce...bnt evidently ' how tn the world (be ba4-1>e -

- eeetton=every1 pbrtlorToi'.ti'e.state pro e I I government ha. proved system of peon that another of the high-life scandals Isa I .A,.atrtkIq. spectacle wa* ,wltneeeed without effect: com engaged pen such a short eo- .

;?h-'daeb.r abond wtly, far: raore that! any 1 sge wsaprsc4lgedon theworkmen m" closed ch4 ter-Uowatd Gould' wife near Lander.Wyo. a few day ago.' Tbe problem' of raftering, like that gaatotanee.'oWby, he caat'bet': over;" .

; other itato'jn the Union.t that 1n. .tutiOD. Vii baa been granted an baOluti"t vorc.. -As aged Indian chief preached a pro of aUC Ia an old one but to fancy that thirty; they _Jan4..c"'ulO-*be>a-afc -

. -. : nlbttkm Mnnon' over tbe grave of. his one 1* tackle**_ beyond others 1* El least fortyr '. .; < ,w.
t, ..
f '. 'f' "'F -"'. ,' .e', '''' t '- -t--. "' '.. .... }J!
i \ "I' .( .f.
&.r.t:::_'.. ', r" "j eL ."/ .. .. .. ."r- ,. .' ...
1Qr.u; ; ')'''' ,' 104. irI'I " ..to,. ,,. "" \ ".hr": , 4 !'" '.. i I' 7 .t:. #101'.1 ,. r. J: f ,c-..' .40. - '-

""w 'W''Y.' '''''''1'r'' '''f..'M'r'i''f) ''I' ,,... ,.;1.'J'f" : \ : ;>;:; .."':/J'Ii,' '. : ""''''I'j .'' '' ':' .,' ' ..:" ',:.

-: I 5W ;_. {, -. i i4f".., .,/: '_..:: :',: :.( ,:',.- :: ;". : .. .,' ': ::, ; > "' .'_' ; .: :. '.:; .-.. : < .....<...... ,:. ...-, '.-j; ,"1"":..' ,'.:' . ,".io," ,>Ii i1'.I.t""J"1i8Urf : :, ,
f 15 M.. .' .. .. ,.,_....'.J. r6..w.,4.1; .: "- ',....F.w.w. .-:....psi, 1PJj,,. .va..d\ nr+-{ .p.. .r < .WwM" .a !,

r ...... I .. .-. ... .. > ,... .. "
"TfieKlssinunec Vallei) Gazette '" Now on..:special sale*at'Dana'a. "' Special sale 'summer goods) at-Dnns.. i! rS. H. Cull +odylitti. daughter & '

""--- . TELEPHONE. NO.J1. ', .. ,1>.Prio.Ulka-' .-' ... ee-window-dispJay' .. -:at' ': Get prio.atDann..o.torebu11n1'elaiwhere. days Harriet with.of' 'Mrs.9:.1. Cloud rtJA.ley:are: spending.>r* 4h.stew -Metbodil'. Mn arch'lOTICES' ; (C j r, .

., 4nn. 1 i .-.... .. . ',' ,
PUBLISHED' EVERY FRIUAYBY Checked apron iii mat, .. Stanford for Sale-A- good 'h ne and boggy.. The Howard and Say .Musical Comedy REAL4ESTAATBZxffi.u.RANci '
"* r Company .will'open the season's '
Co's.for Be/ per yard. '.> Apply to /. :t.; -.Moon. MID INFORMATION' .
; -' ,.1 r shows at the-epera house'! .September 0.v .
!d wWeather. NA4gIIRr6- .Electric Saturday -night-three\ thousand Pictures framed the Home Store. ". ;

\ r' .: : : feet''of, new. pictures. ., '_ Call! and select your mouldings, "t.muteI"Ftank Vans Agnew left .Bra' S. W: Lawier, 'the' Chairman zExaflnation ;

! \ .. a..e.r.aa.s i' Wednesday for' Coronado'tQ spend of the .Board of Trusted of 'Southern of Titles at

.A 1._" Agency of the White Star Laundryat Big program at'the'Electric": SaturdaynightihFrices - month's outing with his friend,.Wed.S.*. College, at Sutherland, Fla.r has'called .

Report the HoineBtorePh6ne"15i, ;; : 7 ,band, 2Ai:. Carr. ..' upon air Methodlstt 'the'nut to ob Specialty. :

... See iho lawn shirtwaist .prices.cut Saturday,night at the .Electric:-the Prof, and Mrs. R.M..Evaiis returnedyesterday serve"next Sunday as a day of prayer ,

". a ...Following: ". the daily ternperatures'and .. .J irt i half at H. .C. Stanford. CJo's.,, ,,, Dancing 'Worrells. .Singing dancing from, Oxford Ga? where for the continued and'enlaried success Correspondence Solicited.., : j

precipitation asrepor . Forperfect' fitting eyeglasses 'and and talking acts. they have been on visit to M.,.., feans' v. of this, institution. :Southern College "

([ |_J!>y the Government spectacles/1; Dr.p. G. White,. Mr.. R. C. Smith,left' last. week for parents; ' -. belongs to the Florida Conference of, I. . .. , \
: the M. E. South and
Church Ie
station at Kissimmee for the Pantronize the Gray stone- laundry.We Three Springs Ky., .where-- he. will Mr, and Mrs.. J... FBrown" have returned everyMethodist should have, thud 1
an inte1est'in
week ending Sept. 2, 1909. work. spend his vacation.Messrs.Howard. -4 from Daytopa and will make *
,guarantee-satisfactory .It. The college; Is prospering \

f, MAX. HIM. '"AIM , If you want to sell your real .estate . ; and Edgar' Katz ECrssimmee their home through, the and is adding a new gymnasium andboyst'tlorinitory :Z.W: $:As1-$ ;!
to/'entw' - - '
Friday. . . 90 73 . ". lint:it with the ,hustlers: L. A> Minx leftyesterdry for Rolla) Mtf.t fnot1onper.- to its buildingsT Please !

Saturday . .". 91 .72 1- & Co.. .the Missouri Mining School. Mr. J. R. Graves; Jr., has rented the remember the request |o remember.

Sunday . . . 89, ,76 A. Attention is called tv the., advertise Mr. ''L. H; Ingram of the Sunny vacant store room next to Miller's barber ,Southern on next Sunday, ; : COHTRAcToRandll
South Stables do and will open ''a hardware and The W. F. M. S. hekTiKitery profitable : :
Monday. . .,, 82 76 1,48 ment of Colliers new meatjnarket in ,>went rn to Tampa on shop
+-._, _..Tueaday----':,....,?-,8673.;! ._1L: this issuer'- '- ---- business yesterday"afternoon.\ :*_ furniture store October 1st, meeting Wednesday ''afternoonOne !' -- ---'r+
-m-'ta. ' -
Wedneaday. . ,80-13 ... Dr: Hicki has traded his Reo T' 'una'about. = !Rev. S.' S/SnydAr the new pastor f new memberwai added to the BuItDHr
:. .'. . 92 ', . .... Horace Woodall will be pleased to t the with roll.. On next Friday' afternoon the
Thursday n. to',, Mr, W. B. Makinson for a Presbyterian church, arrived $ '
with wash. members' "
figure family will the
you on your hie give a reception at ,tI'
family from St. Petersburg Wednesday
( .. See him at the Graystone, laundry.We make.handsome touring. car of the same and has moved into manse.Mr. parsonage in honor of Mrs Olin Bog' I '

have just received Jarge consignments gees of Plant City; All the ladies of i' Plans ;and Estimates. Put- .
""""' 1000 acres of the best truck land in Jas. R. Powell of 'thVst. Cloud town, are invited to come and meet Mrs.Boggess -
of glass and crockery ware colony was a 'plea ant taller at this office nlshed on application., .:. .
the Well drained Will she is active worker
county. grow a* a very -
and have the The Home
I right prices. .
: it. A bar yesterday. He reports about ai '"' and I.'interested in For- "
JT"1:10CAlfUiD. | Store. anything you may plant on especially -O-. .
gain. .L. A. MINX & Co. teen new houses going up at that placenow ejen MIs.lo'tJ Mrs. Boggess will deliver : .

Lost A pocketbook,containing,a.ten ; ___ an address on Friday ,evening at I Only Union' Carpenters. : Jl;|
General Alfred Iverson returned r '
dollar bill, Columbian half dollar and 1
-' "'" valuable papers. Ten. dollars rewardif borne from Georgia last week,. where Mr. J. C. Lawton of Orlando has 7:30 aVttie Church, and It ji.sure' to be Employed; ;

Wade, the tuner. Orlando. returned to J. W. Thompson. he has been spending several weeks been kindly lending us a helping hand i hiterestin&ssmd entertaining.The .1# -
in the Valley Gazette office this week JuniorM'ague gave a social on
relatives and old friends.
Dwellings for rent apply to M. Tllle'r. Mrs. W. J. Sears and children returned among pending the arrival of our new man last Friday afte oon at the home of I i' led.T,

0' home Tuesday from Henderson WANTED-Small live alligators or who is expected nexfweek. < Dr. Wlnnv 'There wa s a good attend- Correspondence Solid | ):

'Are you looking for bargains Go toD.nn'a. ville N. --6.: where they spent the skins any quantity. Write stating ance and all the childrejt had a good $ PHONE'T3 ::
Miss Florrie Lawson has returned i'
Sears io Jack best prices.-Tubs. C. INESON226 I
summer. Mr. met them ) time.A voluntary offering for the
sonville. Hogan Street Jacksonville, Fla. from Georgia, where she ,spent the League ,work was taken and amounted x rwNr.+:N..vHNrvAMM.. i

Work equal to the best at the Gray- summer attending Normal school at ,,, -' r-. .
'. Picnic parties can be, supplied with Mrs. Piiley, accompanied by her little Athens, and in visiting relatives and'< to over' $2.00. = < ,
atone Jaundry.
a all requisites at the Home Store. Cakes, daughter Mami,! left Tuesday: for Cincinnati friends at other places in that State.. .I!I The Pfcilathea Bible Class will ho wb. BASS

Great bargain in wash skirts at H.' 'confection; lunch goods, napluns to 'purchase her fall stock of I j i its monthly meetln; at the home) of : :

C.'Stanford 'Co'.. icecream dishes In paper dishes or millinery and expects to be away ten : Col. P. A. Vans Agnew returned 'Miss Eloise! Moon on Monday aftemono .:'

All figured summer goods. sold for crockery. days'of two weeks!' -. home Monday from an absence of several I.t" o'ciock. It is the time for the an Wholesale and Rntail : ,
days spent at Washington New election of officers' and all are requested Dealer jn': '/
Agency for the Singer IIIIIS1 Wheeler
WANTED-Agents, ladjespreferred, York and Warrenton Va., on pleasureand and ,,urged,to be present.
Oil 15c per gallon at St. Cloud' Mercantile to sell the best seller in( Florida, good and Wilson sewing machines at the business combined. He reports avery

Co.) Sunnyside.Dreas commission references required. Address Home Store. Machines for rent by pleasant outing. for Sale or Exchange. Fresh
the week. Purchases installments Po k' and
on easy ,
Kissimme. Fine Arts'Co., Kissim
at the 6 Good hotel furnished ,
to 12Jc
gingham complete -
The Atlantic Coronado Fla.
of Next
Fla. $3 per month. door to Hotel, j I
reliable ..tore of H. C Stanford! Co.MJae mee. also business house now rentingat
the under modem improvements
new postoSSoe: phone 15.LSix new management,
Mr. Jas. W. Lilly baa to Ken $40 month located yards MUbton
Binia Smith has returned froman : newly furnished water, per ; forty
tucky to visit his wife who is ill. He pairs of Viking hosiery guaranteed fate from depot in hustling tourist town Infamous
extended visit to relatives Geor- gas, etc. Special for the summer
gees expects to return in a week or two and to wear for six months without of $7.00.per week. lake region, highest and healthiest PHONE 4. s. .

will bring.Mrs. Lilly witJvhim: if she is hole in heel or.toe, for 100./ Written T. B. DEMAKEE. Prop..J4t.1L..Katz..retumedMoDdQ . part of state. For said or will exchange -

Mrs. "Wi A.- Melson j-eturnsd.4iame. able to travel. __, .__-'- guarantee with barb 1.2 d as n- pairs. for good farm. Property un

Tuesday from a visit to friends I an Sanford Dr. D., M. Breaker .returned from AUUZ B for irae>nrw; eiV'find:i ChlBTcn . .Piffht., umbered.. Write- __.,_ _. 7aio.
I Ravenel South Carolina,.Monday night. at the Cash Store. :May28tf"Unele" front.an absence of two weeks spent in -C. C. GILES (owner)
Baltimore and New York purchasing
820 acres of the famous Southport I He has sold his property that place Fred Wcirtosh. who lias his .fall and winter stock of goods. Kissimmee,.Fla. '

snncic land-at a bargain. L. A. :MInx : and expects to make Kiseiuimee his been in heavlldi for ''time f Sale_. Platted
I home fai&ig > name Mr. Katz who accompanied him will r Qwcfc Ready In all 1 kind of Real 'Estate, ,5''
A: Co. permanent now.Dr. left this isMSJiiing froOrlsmdo> to-entertbe remain in for month *.
I Baltimore a longer. 400 meres of land partially cleared, Fire and Life Insurance and '

:Mrs. A. B. Morrison and her mother J. C. Davis, optician has returned Church Home and Hospital Jor .Nine acre orange grove of 566 trees, five miles North of Kissimmee thirteen Armour's. Fertilizer .Renting -*";

Jba. Bryan, spent J WcdrseerfaIn :, to the Park Hotel for a week or treatment Ills moony friends pe toMe I miles South and Collecting Rent'a1
450 bearing, 106 just beginning to bear, of Orlando, in the heart of ; y.
H two. Headache cured with him ivbuiuere, long folly restored
lando 4 miles of Kissimmee, 1-4 mil of railroad Preeper Colony adjacent to the Townof Specialty. Taxes_ ;paid? 'for" 4"
to his DorsBafiheatth.Tax : "'T '*'
with '
Use Plank's Chill Tonic. Guaran- your school cMklrs'Stted: glassesbefore station, Not less than 700 boxes.... Taft, on the main line of the A. C. Non-residents. ,., ? ....' ..., .,'

teed. Price 25 cent Sold l by alldruggists. begins. Collector CL: L. Bandy'snew: :residence ithis year. Cheap at $2750. Xk ICJ., th? railroad running through '

u117-8! Capt. Clay Jctinaon went over to on Msnn'street iias: bam com-' L. A. MJMX A Co.. the'property. This land is suitable for R. O. :M"EEK'i

Seabreeze last 'Saturday to spend the .pleted and W gloved tat, ,1 mib' onto it trucking and for all field crops; water ,
The Home Store now carries the Me- for SalA quit-claim, deed to ..30.acres '
week end with u Ira. .Johnson, who is this week. ':D.!. fcuijdngwas erected accessible; price $6.50'per. acre. Ad Kissimmee-Ftsal i .

Kinlej edition of sheet musJQ, lOets. II on a' visit to her sister, Mrs. I. M. by Contractor: E. A. 'GDbert, aid is one, of land adjoining the city limits dress P. 0. Box 272, Kissimmee Fla ,. ,, ,
for The
on Fla. Midland Ry., {200.
per copy. Mahbetti, at that place of the neateit and meet conveniently.
came kind of land, siroUiarlj located, is
< Our entire stock of figured .lawns, Mr. F. M. Smith, who arranged, eottstges! in KaseimnMe. Notice..
was formerly selling'for more than double the price.
silk tissues sold for half NOTICE is hereby given that w. L : ;

price muHs at and Kate's. here engaged, 'came in down the from turpentine Piheview. business:, Ga., Fox.&.reoenXly'6-roem: renovated owttage, situated, wide werandae .in-, .Fla.Address. P. O.. Box- 272., Kiesimmee. , will remove bath bouses'the same at the within city personwriting thirty dock : m DPZQI. I

Rev.. J. T. Mitchell and family spent on the excursion last week and ..pent'afew block ne.t.0 :MX. JU M. ix-'s residence 1I 1
The old Dock'Bass place in the north days -or the,city council ''will proceed to "
a day or' so with friends at .Milliards days among his old friends. facing Lake mopekaiUga> ,igood ;
end of town owned by Jake Hill (col have same removed from street /

i.,.." a 1.nd, ..'thiaw. ";; ek., h.., ". . If you have anything; ; to 'sel).. "or ,.exchange' well large Jot,'two djaoent vacant oredpf Narcoossee,' was destroyed by : '. -r....;. T.;.M.\ RIVERS, .' ,A
>to &
'...' pMn.; W.'B. Makinson' and children ," or, if you want ,to buy ,something lots price'$SQ'5.'.T mu 4275 cmE;$350 .fire about 1'o'clock this morning.'. The = -Chairman, Sanitary Com... REAL ESTATE sKISSIMMEE

: have gone!T to Coronado Beach for a an advertisement in this paper in one year and 9359 in twn .year. house was occupied by family of negroes .

few weeks outing. will probably put you in communication Property coald not Ike duplicated for whose names we failed to learn Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Rose and party ..., '

with just tbe party you are lookingfor. less.. than double the price.ARTHtm arid was' insured. arrived yesterday afternoon from Rose -
W. L. and aaniy) returned :Aa
Mr. Moseley
Try it. E. DQN c.A.N.;: City Mich., and are guests at the Park "
''' home from an outing at Daytona New people are now arriving in Kis- Hotel. Mr. Rose was here several

'- Beach Tuesday night. Mr. U. A. Laghtsey of Bartow, was Mrs. L. A. Minx left Monday for simmee at tne rate of eight r ten a weeks ago on an investigating tour and FLORID'i

transacting bueiness in the city Mon Ohio where*he was called by a telegram ,day which number will materially increase .
Go to H. C. Stanford Co'a. idepart- was so well pleased Iwith Kisaimmee
meni1 store. 'They are the originators day. Dock I. one of Uw best ,known as announcing: the e1' OUJI illness.f as the season advances. Someof that he decided to move to this. place seuA.aeuat rand IesriratkM. ; ', ,

well as one of the moat ,popular cattlemen her father Mr. Dan Fleming.. Mr.: those coming in are joining tile St. j and r
returned home and made his
in arrangements
of low prices TILLER
" in -Florida, and hta,large number Fleming has spent several winters 1 on ,Cloud colony, and others are locating fcs. accordingly. .: ':4:4v

_. At Oaeeoli Pharmacy you will find of -friends in Kisaimmae always give_ K issimmee'sod is well known and liked and around,JCissimmeeY ------- --. /-

the finest collection of perfumes and him a cordial welcome. here. His ....,erou.--1'riet II-wiH hope / Real LstatrAgeAcym. |
for him restoration -hi .Mr. J. S. Shelton,.of Cov.ingtolt", > Ky..,; WANTED.Your 1
toilet waters ever offered. speedy to .. _
Wanted to borrow f i<{00a) at 10 percent normal health .arrived the city Wednesday for a t

Wlgrend; your .son-or daughter to on ten acres pineapple land-B stay of a few days with turn friend: Mr. '. ? Realty bO &bt"and sold; :
if to sell
r college: out of the State T See Stetson acres bearing-.located .t8anCriatobal.; MrH.. 1>.
: > announcement In this issue, in Province of. Pine Del Bio Cuba,'or position in this office and left Saturdayfor .been spending his winters at UmatUla inK complete description and price including I' Taxes paid and Titles Verified ' '7:,'

Sot bread And will sell half interest for 42,500. The'* his honto in Apopka, whore be expects in.this state ,but it I. possible he will the nsaalxommission to ma for for non-reaidents.,.***";, '

V.*" Phone your orders, five aches will tie set pines : to study this fan and prepare make Kissimmee his home In the fu lam I hajHSring people to Kissim Fire Life and Accident lr&' |
remaining .. :
f', cakes tth Home Store, and h v.*hero for examination buy property, and%after'I have .. . "
w' :'dihveiea I rMj/tulatl7/ \Phone. IWLf ) ,this fall I ...( ..BooUjKiealrainee.Fla.For himself the .t before the ture.Bv.. had several) reliable parties h.,. whom j surance., *% ;,
Supreme in. January for certificate n
Rent-I house a S. S. Snyder, of the Presbyterian ; lean refer to, will move here open:>> 'an t Indemnity,Bonds..,. \
am offering : ,
Mr. 0. B..Howse, of Deals, was bore my to practice law. WIuJe'tine 'regret church in Kissimmee will$ conduct office Jfnm this end of the line, 'Thank- .
'r confer with..kis partner in for rent furnished, from (act.' ,lit to to lose so capable .'man from our inr all, for the courtesies shown marred, -"-'---" .. ----- .
Mopday ; services the St. Cloud colony the
and.. ln"th"tt: have, soliciting
May.lst patronage
: force,i we, wish him, every .aces ,in your ,, .. .. ....
the ..
: cattla/haeideeetrtELraley.. two or three-farnished Tooms"which .I fintsmd third Sundays in- each month, Yours,respectfully) ;. -. ,. -- .

, Mr. and Mrs.-. Edw. W: Donegan returned will rent tq responsible parties. For his. choseij profession.The ? '. Oa September 5th the servieewill, 'A. 'S. NELSON. For'}Screens;, Door ;.and;+
writer of tile biographical sketch- at the printing office at 8 m / AnaJIe ;
': to their: home a( Waldo Monday particulars call on or: write Ms*. Helen p. 'Wichita Kansas ,.. i, s '
' of Dr. Breaker'. life invited. i'
ommittod most cordially .Regular
some :
after'brief visit with relatives here Perdew. July 23-tf. ,, ''WiOuow 'Flames''
points be Intended 'to'inetude"aad as ree dig and evening services will be '

': .: '*:,v: Stove wood delivered. in town at..$LOO,. Mr. Jas. Carson has returned home he did not"... It uti It was' printed held Jn Kissimmee the second and If l terested.inerida' . .__ ..
f1 .
'' .
W '
per strand. '3 3S: ,1" A :;I from .d' : OfvUJe''Iwbtnr:: ; c be been therewas no chance for correction: fourth SIanda).. / .J t ') -r If I1 I-

\ ,16-tf llasunMEK LCMBEE Co.::I pursuing4. hUf law", :stndles) daring thewmmertqtbqoffieiy The first is, the fact that be was a I I Roseada returned from Subscribe 'for ,urnituri:;fv Repairing, 'and Any '
The steamer
, }. _. Btckv' : ;; tJ e uB>cJe. N. professor in a medical college a position thing' in the Carpenter'or,A Cabinet/ e
j,. has"Just"returnedft this week with thedredgeboajt ,
., Miss Ruby P. He will leave in about ( Basinger '
Bryan. twoweeks Liner .. .:.rGorvat
; 'j tk': .
to of
given- only a man marked '' rMe < "i'-'I. ''
borne from Tampa where she has been KSasimmee hi tow; which will be tied J
and Lee The
Washington University Kiss Gazette.One
The mmCe I I Valley rBARIVS'
ability. secondris. that as' a mili j.4 Ii
'__, yislUng..her .abler::;for. the .last: four where he will templet bJa eoure tary'officer/;; N'IIt.,..an'when' up at_ the dock here ,untitan thel' p- ... tt.j!
onthl.. .1 I .. propriation is sade by congress to on- : iTE
present term. : Year : 'SHO
; -1 $loo: -
be -
" i' was not willing to go himself The '.we1Ct J '.. ..: t. : ;
jEa :;
fire Pt.\ ? n lea
.' In perfumes the important thing is 1 Miss Alleen Moon will leave tomOrrow third i., his extreme fondness for..child .eryr(fhavi .yfge tI), beta; fcuJkbeadin! Six'Months: - 60c ,Oppote. Ffelg4t ISepoti4" ,' Ia !Ir
shows in the
Quality dainty
quality. and their
f for New York where she will l enter ten corresponding attachment dead and ,
off the streams
:. '..,odor of Bacadla. Sold only at Osceola; Columbia University and take a to him. bayous and shutting which,Jead, off from the main, Circulates in Every State in the.11nloo. . "- ',. .:1

: I' Pharmacy.Mrs. Ph. D. course to bettor prepare herself Mr. and M .. W. M.: Hinds of Elaine, channel which it"!is expected will materially Best Anvertising Medium in this Sprfgg_ Fleininir:
and children for her chosen avocation, that of
S. H. Bullock Ey.:.arrived in the city Tuesday afternoon help in keeping the waters at a tion of s.c-I
who have been spending the past six teaching. Miss Moon was assistant :_ 'I
on their way to St Cloud, where navigable stage2 . fr, r '
weeks at Hendersonville N. C.. arrived principal of Osceola High School the I t, -, - CLEANING ;)
they expect to reside in future. Mr.
past term which position s>e filled PRESSING ,
borne Wednesday night. : Hinds has been interested .
an reader of > The BEST ORANGE t
' with credit to both herself and the .: -- .-. BOXES
J LL._Miss Grace Jolly_returned?from_At- school.; :the_Valley Gscette for the.past: several alai p'-- --- ,DYEINa , "
" ., larita Monday. grandfather Dr months.and paid this office a pleasant REPAIRING' "
, ? .... J. Hicks, went up Sunday night Mr. J. H. BraUey,.of Wichita, Kansas call on Wednesday.-,had found one Are madjewith'!!the) Blllln gs- .* .. tLrr"A- ''': '

:j.v.; and meet tier in Jacksonville.Mrs. spent a few days in the elty'peetlne pros or two statements in the paper 'which ,,1. 16 '4 J, I ley Dovetailed Heads. ;;I- .w -.. -' .t:: f',
this week. Mr. BraUey had be said were' difficult for him and bisfriends .4ltI Las. 'word 'atny: done and eloibe, '.

r H. C. Stanford'and children re- Just returned fromthe lower east to believe vis About the Any leading manufacturer can, ,*111 be called lor and. returned.Sntl8tnctlolnGaarlinteet..' 'l :
turned home from Coronado Beach eoastt ; : big . ......J'r .a ... .." '( *' .

r:-";?' ,' ,;where! they! have been- spending the where h!:.bad been Investigating tlaverglade weed and"Hansen's.peach tree. On the I i furnish there.:; .li. rour dealer '.....".......: "*- 1 ,*" "" " '
lands. He was very favorably former had .he "
, we narrow.escapey as. cannot supply you, write
' summer, on Wednesday night.i' impressed with this section and arrived J just I in time to see the weed before A

; < Mr. L. E. Barbeau returned Friday expects to return later and' make a it collapsed from decay and had to oCALA BOXOCALA ,'PiLO. r PILRB 1C PR.U l' ,(21'

:', :' from Silver Creek N. Y., spend a more thorough investigation. Mr. Brat- be thrown out,'but the1 peach will CO.. wines'tu4laa'. .pile'OIamee' $ trtJt'....

'few-days looking after business"' matters "icy represents several ,famllien Wichita probably 1 here f 'some' amid we zJi:: ;: ld D;: '- the ninrl_,-ni on.. clUj 1a...
>. his plaCe! ready for who desire to come to Florida If determined that ooal$1..i..lo.t.atreuef WW1.'JMIaa, .fA.
and getting oc- are he shall suit also'and .
rx, ", : ,, .FLORIDA,. l'tl. IB P"M, for P1he.... ltoloi ., ,_
wpancy the coming winter. a suitable location can be found,' measure. it.for himself. , of lh. prrv.tepans.. roeas4lOQ1", "'" .
,J>- ?'- ---- -, ---- .o --tIf .---. '%F \ff only bf us..o1a J''I'IDM1'' .' 'I. ", .,'
.. .
f. "
/ L ". .. 1
.. .. \ ;
: <

&i'JI A. :.;. q.'.' ,..........: ,i1 '. I" .'; 1; 4., ., ,< 'Nr.,., ,,1_ Y,.. t -. (., ," ,'... ''t.;;;.'!C1 .. !' ." , :

.:,,. ,. ' .. c. I 7 ." : "" -- -
: 'I"'P-,7.'i', ; w.1'I lrlrg9sA! wing P
/ , : -- ,
. ,. :
I .. a I--c'


-CJPID APiD CHOST3I rOb.-"And; ,Walter who Ire, It yosT moat"be your! v c y zrv& r y pGlearance

F It was not a ,host that reached onta

cold, wet hand and found her" in the ." : ;
darkness,,. and it was not In ghostly
that they' begun to talk.. Welter Sale ,4 '
f A Vacation In the Country ThatDidn't whispers .
:' .I bad left tbe train at the depot ,"
Effect at Cure. hrev mile away. ,to walk across' the '. q
,>. ." ? I' 'f '''''1:: : , ,P"-' ,
" !..' Country to the home of the towheaded '.. '.' "."" ..:

'" \lOoprrtfbt By., UOt.DON. by:LD':Associated ALLEN; ;Llt.r. >- cured boy house.where for him board.Be had bad'already blundered. been IntoHbi ... One Lot L \1Ies' Wii.ttx:' Shirt Waists, regular price $1.50' reduced- "to-75i :'',:, '';ii:' jtt.r.; j\\',, ','' ';'f_', j ,


;iw.1:, ' It' had'been"' decided Press..!._In" frrirtJyelkre ., : fore itvwas* Vbw, storm an .hour paned after away his arrival sod 'IflttI br- ., One, Lot. Ladies'( ,V ash Skirs, regular prlcer$2.CO'rednced 1 ( to $1.59.; :' ,'. .', . :$<

tQ ebdDUda to" Ui.. country. .- .
the road itmostJtnee' deep 1n mod and "
for the'summer.? water, naodsln nnd-tb coupli> setout All Special Prices '' StrJctly: '
tnVs ecltne Her I are Cash If yon have a charge,: account with us . ,
Hilda not ape
was Sometime
they : "
, r petite 'WM good. ,\Vba troubled' her I puddles and oinet'lme! It' Will only;: : an ,!. request any of the'advertlsed, goo.ds .charged, regular pricesvlll prevail. :',::

, lather and mother wa fcKjlnd. that stick: mud. Sometimes they. fell and ,

,.Hilda was in.love, ... Tsomeflmes the mud about their feet -" ... '

, John Wayne-her father was a'1 . held them upright until they could PHONE. ____ __.Hi

, :yer pat of Into note his, and bands when by the.the "ceue mother was he brace' tip hired for man another wnw,Arrncrgle.'he heard/ hrfotlnjr ())3... '.' : :: ". .C-e- Statifof.d_', 60:: -

long before the. ,)JIving gboot renrbpd
handled It like a lawyer. la this In-
tbe $ te>,,.oDd grim, Aunt Judith wise. :-_ .:
he coriitftutad himself counsel
tance found there with n lantern. tt r-oureeshe ;
,Judge and Jury' and the verdict was was worried half to dentb. .\" the -4 "

. ttnt.MljM, Hilda was to be packed'off" bedraggled couple stood before her she -- .

--"torthe" borne "of'a'mnCIen-.nunt: In the held upthelantern and surveyed AGE 1O BAREverybody 1 rl- "n1f!!!!!nnnnnmnnnmnnnnttn"imn'njnnntmtfnui'!! !! !!!!!! !!!! ;, 1! '

country for three month. them.you The Graystone
The mother doubted but the ,father went to carry old Mrs. Iteofe

was confident Hilda bad only reached a berry pie!" she anally said: In Ktssimneots Eligible.. I LATEST

the childish age of nineteen. This "1'..," was the' demure" reply front"HJldn. ; KI88IMMEF. FLA. THE A N'BEST IBSSIBBIBBSBBSBBBBBBSBBBBBSfSBBBBSBS.iaJSSBSBSSaSBISBBBBSBB
people stooped with ,
Affair trine. Aunt Judith 2e
was only a
was an old maid and bed no sympathy "And she! threw a barrel of water Youth Middle protesting age courageously impatiently fighting, On Lake\ Tnhopekalia.Uuntlnjr v 7 j' ,,-.,.,.__!_. BBaBBSBSSBSBBaBBBBl JMIE ::
over yon and then rolled you in tbe ? ; Plshlntf- Shooting :
with such nonsense and would give Children unable toexplaln; .[ =3
mud! Bathing, Golf 'T
: ennltl, toque, -
the adTlce. That conclave All in misery from thier kidneys. '
girl sage "No. Cricket Clock Golf Baseball,

tied eon'alatlng tblnga mostly In half of an the hour.father There set la: along"And and then she thin treated-this person him In happened the same Only Comes Or-when a when little you backache you strain catch the first.a back.cold,' ., Trap Terms Shootl-n. : 2.50 to ......50' per day.. .. lln Dry Goods( Shoes and |'

$15 to 921 week
.popular complaint about the law's delay manner!" Many complications follow per ,
but there are times when it moves "No aunt. -1 got caught in tbe rain Urinary disorders, diabetes, Bright's -
"rj swiftly.Hllde and took shelter In the old deserted. disease. To Our Friends:

was not told ID BO many words house, lie also-got caught in tbe rain I Dean's Kidney Pills cure backache. Come- and try & meal at the II' Gents' Furnishings 1
hotel fit ins In meaM 60c 21
Cure form of kidney ills.. :
abe off to turner every
packed j
why was and did tbe same and t b.- has helpedme
Mrs. Sarah E. Rexford, Kissimmee. meal tickets *10, Rooms. *1 per
With the !' and bumblebees and "
geese home. Fla., says: "Our little daughter Buff" day E / ==
milkweed. but abe bad her susplcioos.8be "* ,
"And tbl -this perron's name Is? from a Kidney weakness for four .
knew nothing whatever of law. "Walter Allen ma'am and I was on she seemed ==
to have!! no Control over the Uoom In The Inn ,annex for AT M
but abe at once set to work to beat my. way to Farmer Brown's. to IHH-OIIIP kidney secretions and this weaknesswas rent for 50c and) 75c per night ,I 1-- --
the lawyer. Aunt.-Judith waa grim a trammer boarder for a couple of j especially' bothersome at night. We Special rates by me ween or -

and watchful and unsympathetic and week" .': answered the young: man. j consulted doctors regarding her case month. ;
held Cupid In contempt, and that was "To lie near Hilda of course: She | and tried many remedies<, but nothing .

where her case was weak. Within a left a letter tying around today that brought learned satisfactory of Dean's results. Recentlywe I I C. W. Dann's'l
Kidney and I
week of Hllda'a arrival by means of explains all. Well. sir. Farmer Brown j procured a box from the Kissimmee I H.. W. THURMAN,
the towheaded boy on the ant: farm. is and be to '
a respectable man roes
Drug Co. I them to the child as': PROPI/I ETOIt.
I .gave. ,, .
the girl was receiving and Binding let- bed at 9 o'clock and here it Is an hour directed, and they gave the relief for ::::: : ==
I -
ter.. and a half later. Come In. sir. and c The aunt had figured .It out to her' of those sopping clothes and fet | daughter now bus no trouble from :?1LULLUUUU111ULULUU111a1ULUU1111LU1111ULIfll11t1111tUjU11h
that. would sulk for her what"vl"r.V.... i
self her niece' Into bed and yon can go on after I kidneys are v..ry' ,
Stoat four weeks and that she would breakfast. grateful for the benefit Doun'g Kidney Wood's Descriptive I ,

have to read her at least a down lectures "And what about aunt?" Pills have brought"Fotsale |

She was thus agreeably ,disappointed asked the girl.me plaintively Foster-MilburnCo.by alldeaierg.,;Buffalo Price, New 50 cents.York .. Fall Seed Catalognow gmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnSeasonable'!"!"! "!'!" " "!"!" !"!!"!!"!"!"!!,!! !!!!"! " "!"!"!!"!"!! C

when nilda did not sulk
"I wfll see about your case in tbe I sole agents for the United States. '
Out In the orchard, under an apple morning miser! Remember the name-Doan's-and ready give the fullest
tree rested an old soap box. Twice a But Aunt Judith was a bluffer. Sbe take no other. information about all

week the towbeaded boy came sknlk- waited .two weeks.__dnrlng_which the I. =7 .' .'-. -.---, ------ =- Seeds-.for the II. .1---.11
".,"tax atypee.tbe.Held to leaveletters yo Gbg:" man was almost a boarder in

under that box and take receivingO her hone; end tfen wrote. to her To Owners of-500 to 2000 Acres Farm and Garden, == ::::::

fee-found Cher He was : bro'ttier-In-jaw' In the ; & **< S>qr only of good unencumbered farm land. 1 == ..........................................-..........................................................,, -
cents a letter and he bad a career before Wf'oi may"i be a good lawyer. John Grasses and Cloven -- ::::::
A special proDosition I If ready. 1're-
htm. The soap box was not quite'ii'QmanUe and 1 be old maid. Vetches. Alfalfa. .
may an Argus eyed tenet) locution convenient to tritns- IE ;3
as a.stiver chest would but' Cupid has beaten both of us, and pot-tatlun. Send pi ice and particulars. Seed Wheat. Oats.

: ,but |t'.WM a. .fairly, safe we might as well Diake'tbe! best of it." I at once .* Rye Barley'etc. w Goods <
. t'V'-s.. ,. w
poetom. Sl FLORIDA. UEVELOPiNO COMPANY" Also tells all about w : "

1/ 'Ta1lbla er told that .Walter I J.ck.onvill. Florida > ww ==
Armour's Generality. .
",.Allen would have Ua two weks TaC,- The employees of the late P. D. Armour 8Ct- Vegefable & Flower Seeds sow ._ -- ..-..................... /" ==
tjon beginning at a certain date andtbata tROGERS' I <
certain event might be expected((1 I .alw.,, referred to him as tbeold that e*o be planted in the fall to -- ::::::'
man." This was not so much tbe LIVERWORT advantage and profit and about == AT'LOW -
to happen. Xbla letter was worth an ::::::
of of "
result habit workmen
extra dltoeto1 Hilda, and abe conaclen.tlooaly" I. among the cumt.l"te cure ..t Con,,:-J- t"*<.-.i'*. Hyacinth. Tulips and otherFtowrln --
calling their employer "the old man"a and ::::: .
t Bulb, Vegetable
leffv be, same under the box Asthma rod broiifhUlb iu" Mil Luuuc."nplatuu
an eccentricity of the "old man" tending to< m 8 um|tl<.u L.tiruort. Inr in<1Wild Strawberry Plants Poultry
when sho replied. She aIM Bang BO llmself. When be wanted to give aid : Cherr.IMVU for *.e*.niM.iiAiued; ... MII Supplies aDd P'ertmaees-: !
often and/waa adxbeerfnl In and out *Btmbli lt**" re".I"| HH n 'ntidNr*! < >uirliremedy. PR9ES1
anonymously- said. "That's from It coiitain n., ..,.10..11 u r hwrtnfuldrug ET.PT Firmer and Gardener should
of the novae that Abnt Judith held a the old man." Many gifts went out of o:.n Ian atom u lib wart to chtldrvu biT this eatalot. It I* Invaluable In ::::: ::::
,conclave; with beraelt and amusingly Price *.1.11(1.old." ftly by OveeoJH I'ti.mmeytHE it* belpralnin and saiKMtlT. Ideas for
ils pocket under the signature of "The a pros tabi. and allBlaotory Farm or "-
announced to the audience that wasn't"bar.
Old )Man:" ... --. --- '- -- Garden. Catalogue mailed, free on ,
1be request. Writ.for It. wE
A girl went to, tbe business .. '
young ./ -a
.delivered'only three lectures ,. .
office of the great packing concern one SEE'UR LINE.OF--ICE CREAM'- - "
on the foolishness of calf love and the.fluty I T. W. WOOD "SONS, t .t

., of children to their parent but day to report tbe illness of. a friend' NORTI1 'KI SSIM MEE i 3 *8.edsm.n Klehrnond V> 5 .d FREEZERS, .. HAMMOCKS, MOSQUITO ,
I' they iTe been atifflclent open the jrho. orked" a* a stenographer, In the . ""'' r ',. ," ..'c. ,..:.b'l i
oID e. )(i. ,ArmoorJiappened'to! stand NETS'WATERCOOLERSREFRIGERATORS '" '
3yap and make different .. ;
dear girl's g '
. U. 1"and erh :J1h. gIrl'J.riUI t BARGAIN"STORE -- ::::::

brlnlt--9f: gels"' for an adfance in bejrfrTendV"sAlu'rywith : _- ; ETO. .=:'
g 66P, darkO le summer evening which 'To" pay The JoUoTif"bill. I UPTODAI'ESign' w -
Hilda.-'was asked It she wanted to ::1 w -a::::
Thrusting his thumb Into his vest -
cart a berry pie to a poor old woman I I ww .
that seemed ::3
pocket- pocket which aeDt .
half mile tbereadf
living In a-cottage a down
Hilda did and she"'was bumTSInJ of greenbacks-be banded tbe girl I A. S. GILBERT 1 1 and House
. roll of"blll8. .
'' so herself as ,be wltbiltliu wa! a "Take.thatlo --' friend," be said . ., I ST8KFOBD CARSON
, .; rY''r f r1t your: _. ? I II GfiflVFS |
lien to relieve tbe girl's astonIshment I
:a1trP'lbf lpec: -. BDt abe
"Tell her the old man sent DEALER IN :::
had fo'ctrry' T berry pie very care-
, jba mr i YCHM> ttgSa** i i Painting COMPANY
jfiifoy..and not expect f : mucb.Betweeo. tBetor. E HARDWARE 3
tbe girt could thank him be
." her aunf home a&dQitold Dry Goods, NOtiaasGlasssiware. : .' :::::: .
but Just as she left the
was gone -
wolain'i ... eeerted farmbo.w
building be again appeared and findng :71 U111UULU000tttUUULULUtiUULUUUULULULULUUUULULUC. :
..Btmndlng cloM.to he highway, ,Win"jdows ud Enamelware -- '"
her hurried hatless Into tbe |
and floors were gotae the root gone '
' falling,in and'the'yard! grown up to treet."Here. I
here! I forgot something. Paper Hanging II' Plasticoing .
Weeds.' The towbeaded boy could have -- . A. CARSON. President N. C. BRYAN, SECRETARY
he called i I
'tae. Hilda that It was a haunted house /
Tbe girl turned back, and without a
, and'that ghosts'bad been seen troop: Patterns and 1 '
We sell McCall's '
word Mr. Armour pressed something
' lag le and oat. n Into her hand. She looked down. It Publications-:: Guaranteed The Waters & Carson ;:
One cant simply band In a berry pIe Satisfaction
'' was a twenty' dollar bill. ,
a'poor old woman and then rush Subscriptions taken for McCall'sMagazine ...... -
Mr. Armour bad decided that bIB
"'87. Bbe'muat question about only 50c per year post- '
sufficient and. hastened to .
rift wa not
her TbeoawUmn. and other ailment
and cheered up to live another twenty Increase It. Grocery Company :i iI

year*. By the time the good Samaritan Phone as Kissimmee, Fla. GEO. A. GILBERT

WM ready to,ay goodby It,wa dark. The Laughter Cure.It ,

8JwlbBdni 1'paid any,. attention to the la all very well for a German doctor CONTRACTOR.T tsWholesale

sunset and the gathering cloud, and to prescribe hearty laughter as a WILLIAMS' KIDNEY PILLS ; I and Retail D.aI.'nQROC.ER.IES' '
:abe bad hardly gonexteq .rod* when aIde remedy for nervous diseases,' but per- H.v overworked.. y"'t nee4mei. >our yon? Klliiv\.' yMcm? Iluve ai.nuMKl .<< I t :

raindrop struck 'be*cheek. She be- lap* be wW also be good enough totell yon trnnMc with. 11\\" >. *U't blsd.rrr D
- to navbut the drops came faster n* where we are to g t the ingrodienttt Hire '...|.fi blwldvr H"vo roil a fl >by aptv irminc .
and taster and by the tlme.abe had for his prescription. '.rtI. ..p oUll. under the eyes f Too frtMjimnt AND SURGEON -- /
and .....Brine If .... Mllllamii'It"hey PHYSICIAN r
..-ebe4'the' deeerted' DOOM the wasdrenched One cannot well alt down laugh, a desire to P .
Pill' will cure yon_t Dnit|.1.', Price SOm\ >ld :,
. : and thought only of finding "till the tears.run down the cheek: at only bjO,ce Ia Pbarmiwy. Ofl\ce\ over OaoeoU Pharmacy

,belter until the* wont! of the atottn nothing at all, however anxious to i Residence J53f

'was paed.' rare a severe attack of neuralgia PHONICS' Office 148 ;. .'..,

, v.BI14aJboaabt.ot"KbOItIas1IOOD a* ;beD one come to think of It few u._ .. .

...*;***'under Bbelter. but owing to, olng make one laugh to this extent. D' . . WE 'SELL: WE BUY LT'-

t.the.leaks': In the roof. ah* had to move aDd what I* one person' meat where ; Tarrea DR.) J. W. SIMPSON .

.back until she wa again the wall of hilarity ixconoerndd may prove so .
what bad once been the Urge front poisonous to another a* to plunge him I DENTIST. HAY HIDES

. room' of the booae. Tbere abe shook and If There are peoplf'ho will double up FURS
and treniblad and ,wept. I t tJ a. m. 12 m.
ttJ with merriment when they see someone OFFICE HOURS } & .
w4 at heroine abe cJkt 't know It r 1:30 to : p. m. FERTILIZERS
waotwenty; '-.thirty minute passed else tall down a flight of steps Telephone No. 76 Jun 6. lyr WOOL

and then a gboet walked. Despite the and afterward. describe It as "the.funniest Chamberlain'sColic SHINGLES ... -

,.aoia of the downpour.. Hilda beard thing/ they-ever saw," but most .. AND"
:that ghost plow its way through the nervous patients probably would DOt Cholera. and ...... --ORANGE BOXES
'' laugh 'at mil IfID'oder to- effect -a< "--
tangled and odden"weed'before the ORANGE WRAPSVEGETABLE -ALL' ;

door and "._.1,. ''It shook Itaelf like a cure an attempt were,made to excite : Diarrhea Remedy -,-

. wet doc. It mattered. The waterj' their hilarity by throwing relatives I+.' 'C7CTINNPHYaI CRATES COUNTRYPRODUCE
Its soaked garment dripped on and Wrvants down stalrm. Nerve' specialists \1
who 'adopt:tbe laughter cure Can always be dgpsuJed upon., ACID 8UBQION. ':
the door.. The girl bad never. divided CRATE NAILS .. : ;
, ''the-ghost family,Into wet and dry,but will have either to practice: clowning Rttansaca Paows'm. ieoatatsaorrrdraoaa .
or keep trained !fool to et their patients During the luejuMt xaautom children.r..aottobowetdlesder.andshould -'tm
needed no outsider's asrarrsnce Fwnaa
she (7.
sow '
" : -J
-t.bat she was'In-the presence of "In a 1'OU'-lA47'a' PIctorIal receive the most oarstnl attention Am : ,j.:

", wt ghost,,She :was apeeclilcec with T I oos as say manatural looMneee at tbe W. W. CARSON P. D. S. We sell field and garden seeds or all kinds. ,':

,terror-nutn'be'beard the ghost softly I A Little VI..letS80 t I bowels U Mottoed Cbamberlata'e Oott*, DENTAL'PARLORSHIVBNS We give ,special} attention to fitting out hunting and .camping ,;i!

Bovine,la her, direction to,g t sway you want the privilege of voting ..Choleraand DIarrhea Remedy should be parties. 't"
;aru.s'TIIeD .shesoddenlystaussad'out for people of whom yea approver, k"Noe .f given Goats but 25 cents a Dottle,and UILOINQOBCKOL Free'delivery in city limits. Phone No. 12. > 1
" Ft is economy to always keep a bottle .OVMH. PHAtMAOYOFFIOi ;
the suffragette- '
: I I J w9 county agents for good fertilizers. Ask for circular
? band Toss do not know when it may are \11 :
a '.Xf. 7OG.po.trjt' desire the _aattifactlon of publicly, refusing . i be..e.4. but when yon do'i not it.70G1InId . HOU" I III.TO O 12 .aosa I and, prices on fertilizerY' *. a. "
I I,I .._ _a. III
''RtAr+''ktayotrr came tII.-IQ7. to rote for people whom I doatMk .Ht a bpttk Sday.; "'. t .
who are'7o.I" *,"-Washington' Star _
t. t"Zbe. .. : I '
1Iij. II
... .1,
;f ", )4 .:, .

". t"!'"= ",......'...'" ,...f" 1rt'. """C':r'U"W.dI.'IJJM!" .. ...., !I!!.\\ItJ. : ::r.\\ .,",r 't'\\ ;"" f\t'r"\1f\! \ {.';;; !,"'; ,,\ ,.,. .r :" ., .

" .. ... \ .., 4//, ..,.. ...;.(...4. -/ ......;..... .. ..;;);ji.L., '' :;. : ..;.. _" .4 .,...-.1.:. ... ,; .-f'.
.'. o=- ..: ", .... .. ... ..

'. kj.GENERAL . ., ,:, .
'AFRICANS.f Shenll's Sale.

,- Under and 6r virtue of a certain eHeouUoa la-:
f'Caught aeidorp Heard'Jn the Upnar. sued set ed and under the 'mall of the Circuit :Prosper. !
Of the Churches and fraternal Sod. : .Coonyl3ompally
of theN.tlve.. Court fotOeeeaU Couatr. Florida and datedlA.Uvuat !

;' eties ( nc the African native there CAB M 1 ,...D.irW. wherein. I.L.'Mooa to plaintiff ., .If). Ju
Kissimmee."CHURCHESL .
; "."1' ... '
. <. .8:. I" ,:
/on'ei .fendanU
.. be Dotblnc done' without noise, mo- pntO Sheppard L i ar .
' J r who I ban levied upon... will aelt to the highest 4
cording tool Ftttstmrgman has ,
rI........... : and I beat:bidder for sash before the court home -- .....;0:1:
: :: traveled. crtfeiuilTel? In Africa ". : ;
: : "It is simply> palling,.the ?nab the door la Kiaalramee. ,Oaeeala Count). Tlorlda,'oathatthdavaf Offers tothe.Jny68tor andrliomeeeekef. h llthful i Climate '
O.tober.'A. D,1001, the tame Jt>e-
r-; .
'I.. x BAPTIST. 6,1 roar the cbattsrSuul the bustle like .lug a rule cIat'for said Court, 'between na leon! good water, good roads.best railway transport- f

.. Bedlam broke tooae/Ntbe traveler laid."The 'hum pC}ale. t IVclAolt/ : a. m. and |t.. Banyan Stephen, put. r.\ principal object of conversation the following.....rlbed real>atat*. to-wlt) UndKUwloiMhaUtatereatlnhcuae ; Pit08 PER; '> Qprida: for-lOOT Terms $10 cash; balance la nine '\1

;; /v. Sunday,SchoollU5a. m.-N.C.: Is said to1 be money; and the hubbub and lot to the :'. COLONY f equal monthly' payments'of $10 each.. ,".;;'
,superintendent. _j... bawling and uproar In all aorta of gam* of Ktoiimmee.!!*,. more particular dvearib.d -, Remit $10 t6 the
Preaching 11 and m tone from shrill and screaming to a*'...... ..-...t; Beginning ft north of the Bank andI'IVet Co.m- %
: a. m* 7.45p. m. pany, Orlando '
/ 'land accompanied by southwest earner of Park and Bar atreeta at theirero.sing Florida,,for each flreacre farm you ;j
gruff growling -
Prayerm.eting'f,46Thursdayevening at the aorner of Block ().,Robt. Ban ad. ; wish to purchase, the cashier wiU sand you contract "-
'. B. Y. B. U. 7.45 Friday evening. all aorta' of gesticulations, with tonga. dltioa. to" the Town.of'Kl..almme. Florida.and o and when ten acres are purchased ;
+' head and feet are be> 71 4.thenoeaaattoriahtof
! Visitors always welcome. sunning north feet to the corner' of In Taft 60xl 0 feet; ," l. '.. ,
U rather is almost rr
"It odd but laughter
warof the South FloridaRailroad. t.rIPROSPZR ,, ,./
\ '' -
never beard In fbls uproar and.aforvrbisuingitigtlo.tartr' Then**aoutft along aid rifht of way COLONY
; _-:---PRSBBYTSRtAN.=- --- ; It r 1. Partlcafais-'D -+\ '
t to a')'olnt due east of berlnnlnff.! Thence suet to v flllustrated) Book .WHt e
Sunday School 9.(6 o,....tn.-aeoJF., there are any quarrels they are not to a point of....."nl.... Levied on a< the propertyof
Park.rt-silperint ndent" be' heard In public, although wbeji<< ; a d.H. Shepparv.defendant and old to satisfy .
j "" ChristJanEndeav. 4 m: company of natives. gets to carry on ale. .....yt .nd costaC.. --PrOSper Colony. .
to Company
anUaated conrersatlon.lt *
an appears
I :No preaching or prayer .meeting.till . Sheriff Oaeeola County.FlaAutTflat. .. ,
theO ertr-aalf.the next act wouldbe .
f. I ... ._
f : -
October lat. *> 7 ;IWWv v --
melea. "v DE K1SSIMMEE .
a -
I Visitors most cordially l.nvltedt.Oall "In addition to these natural sounds .1

1 services. "" there are others of an artificial character Sheriffs Sale. AQBNTa WANTKO .. '!;., "
{> :that are equally familiar 'to the r ; .t
i CHRISTIAN.i ., traveler. Snob Is the noise of the Under and by virtue of a certain execution la.ned In writing pleas mention Ibis papeiC; ,
out of and under the sal of the "intuit .' f
A. ChUholm, pastor. drams called tomtom., which are beat. Court In and for Oaoaola County.'Florida! and ...
and third of so on every occasion, and .'kind of dated September" lat.x900, wherein. the Water eV /,.),
first? Sundays
Preaching pipe' about eighteen inches long, with Canon Grocery Company la plaintiff and Frank ..........N .
and 7.45 N .
each month at 11 a. m. p. m. boles like those of a cute and breathed Franklin la defendant I have levied upon and will : or' .

Bible School 9.45 a. m.-C. E. Yowell, through in a way that.produces a MIlD the hlcheat. and beat bidder for oath be. .

, superintendent variety of notes of a wild, discordant fore the Court House; Katolromee. Oaeeola

Christian Endeavor first and third character. A frightful noise is made Couatr.' Florida on Monday tbe-4Ui day of Octo :
, "her A.O.. 1999! The earn "being Rule Day for
( Sunday Of each month at 6.30 p. m. by the kaffa. men blowing on a .big a
said Vourt .between the legal hour of ale,, 11 .i.n.Stock .allI
Shalt"Washington PostTHE Iwe'-"ilve
1 every{ o'clock. m. and I o'clock p. m.the following I
( deeerlbad real ..tat.. to-wlt: Eat half of BlockB. .

i -. WITCHES' 'TREE. .L.Robert City.> Baaa Florida.addition to th.. town of atlaalmroee .

i EPISCOPAL. superstitions Regarding the Influene LevIed on aa the property of Frank FrsnkUndefendant .

\ Rev. David. Kidd rector. of the Cld.r. and aid to satisfy said execution and

, Serviced every second Sunday at 10.30a. ( Country people speak of the elder coat C. F. PREVATT, I
Sheriff Oaeeola County Fla.
m. and 4 p. m. tree as "t* e witches' tree" and planted Au.. 111. 1009.Litatlon. I .I

t Morning prayer and litanyevery: Sunday It near farm buildings and dairies to I .
off witches. They also that Prices
] man.at '11.30 a. m.-Conducted. by a lay. the keep roots should never come.say near a of Administration.In .

i well still less Into It, or the water .
} School 1st 3rd and 4th Sunj County Court Oaeeola Count FIorId.-B the ..
Sunday will be spoiled. Evelyn's opinion County' Judge o18ald Countyt ."..,,,. ..... .
day 10.30.m., 2nd Sunday 9.30 a. tn.-
was also unfavorable. The diarist Whereaa. B. Woodall baa applied- this
\; W. G. Hankins superintendent says: "I do by no means commend the Court'for Letter of Adrolniatration on the !:e- .

.' All services suspended during July scent of It, which Is very noxious to tate of Ella E. WoodalL v deeeaaed. late ef aaM. ,
' and August the air. County' of Oaeeola.
These.... therefore to cite and admonish .n .
"We learn from Blealns that a certain -
and singular the kindred and creditor of MId "
house In Spain, seated '
METHODIST among deeeaaed to .be and appear before this Court, on .
L- Jas T. Mitchell pastor. many elder trees, diseased and killed or before the 4th day of October, A. D. 1909, and ""
nearly all Its Inhabitants, which when file objections if any.they have to the granting '-- .-"

.. Preaching eVery..Sunday morning and at, last they were grubbed up became letter aa aforesaid otherwise the came will be ... ... . : .
evening. a very healthy and wholesome place." granted aa prayed j
Sunday School 9.45 a.:m.-J. M. Lee Cattle scarcely touch the elder, and Witness my name aa County Judge of the "

__ superintendent. _. ti e.mole4rtvea awayby-tbe.scent.. County aforaaakU this End day of.a sot.mbuti'4 - -- -------
\ Prayer meeting every Wednesday Carters often: placed branches on theirboraetl'

t. night. heads to keep off flies. NothIng - County' Judge Carload of Nails c

1 Choir practice every Saturday night will grow well in: the company ot .
\ the elder and when it baa been removed NOTICE of Application for Tax

and all Its roots carefully grubbed Deed Under Sections' '4 and y.r

FRATERNAL SOCIETIES. up It is some few years before 55. General Statutes. oitha Carload /
! p'Be feGt
the ground becomes perfectly sweet : _
State of
{ MASONIC. and good for anything. ... -- ..
The berries besides feeding the IK hereby given that George W. '
, Orange Blossom Lodge No. !80, F. & birds, make!, excellent country wine Davl..1.\Ircha..r; \ ol Tax Cvrtiflnatfl No. 104, Wire.Carload ., ;

1 A. M., meets first andlthird Monday delicious with soda water' In .summer dated the Tth day of July, A D- I'KK, 4. of Tax' Fencing '

I nights in each month at 7.30 o'clock\ in or taken hot In winter. The wood is f'ertlllcate'No. 117% datnd.the Mh day of Juljr :-
, A. D l"9i! ban died said ,
Fraternity.Hall. particularly good for skewers, and a oenlflrntea In my: of
floe and"" male application for tax deed toiwiue I' .'
J'. W Prentis, W. M. curious red fungus gro'WI on elder iu accordance with-law ;

R. O. Meek secretary. stumps. A species of elder: in the Bald ccrliftcatei embrace the followIrg I decritwd >. Paroid Roofing --
With beautiful scarlet .
! Tyrol is covered property situated In Oaceola county.
berries.-Selborne's' Magazine. Florida,towlt: 7 .
t' KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS'. Loa and 6 of I. .Plckren'a Subdivision ot '

Friendship Lodge No.; 10; meets every lot 7(1 of the Florida LandA Improvement Co'" Carload BarbedWire
Notice.The Addition to Klmlmmo .. ;
: Wednesday night at 7.30 o'clock i irj Fraternity City / .. : .

Hal\ Home Building Company of Kls the The issuance sold lands of laid being tax certiflcatei accessed at In the the date name of . . ..." .. .. .. ."( '..,"" .. ,-. .',. ., ., '" I, "' ., ....., .,.,.', ,/. .. ", ,._,'., ., ". .....:....... . .' :,.:
. T. M. Rivers chancellor,commarrtlert, slmmee Invites correspondence with till\ K. J, Currie and/. CS Gilbert. / ., ,", ."".. ,..........l<:'.;'" ,".,," ", 'I,r.I\ ;1).1'.c) \ ./n.\. .:..;'), "'; I-if>; '.". ,r 't \! 't-J .fS1. f::;'> . .,.

"I'n-: :O. Meek, keeper of records", and seal, parties desiring to build in Kissimmeeor Valaai aald ortlfloatea shall, ba rdoiued;; ao- .. .. .r'', ',.'. \ "".; "" 'rr. ''i (,'.'' :>i'" fli'/.'".,'f.1.. "" 4" ,,,J.>,,,' i\ ': r..' J'Lv' "j".' ,,.. ' '. ."

. ",".,.. ,' .. "NOSCEOLA... .." .', " : : ..-... its Immediate-vicinity. This .company the cording 13lh day law of,_tabued Sept, A1,1900. will l laue.,. theroou. '' .*on..,. I '.,.....;,.,,''"...:.I..,,;,.::1/''.' : .. ' .,.;.;:."ti .
1w..O.:.w.. is prepared"to'erect any kind, of Witness offlclal ) ." '" ... '. ,- .' . ., .' ,," ".' '" . ,. Rt\ 1 '.
79 ilrpatur Bud seal this "
CAMP N0. my tbePt.h ' .,t. . )
- . ..:.-.: _3_ .. ... : ::-... ..::..- . ---.--_ .:._;.>__ 4'--.t.
residential' buildings on (inptallm'entplane. Jay of Ang. A. D. 11WJ.Heal \. -u--.o
Meeting nights sewn and fourth
Tuesdays at 7.30 p. m. \. ,Clerk Circuit Court ODoeola. County Florida" : BEFORE BUYING CALL ON +

A. D. Gilbert, C. C. '\. A sad drowning accident is reported ."

C. W. Dann Clerk. \ from Pensacola. Rev. C. W. Woodruff 0# (
For Publication. ..
-- aged 65 years in charge of the Baptist : :

DCCI1ANGI:7\ church at Camp Walton near Pensacola In..the Circuit Court, 7th Judicial Circuit, Onceola - ..

FOR , had just completed his gospel l boat County:; Florida-In Chancery i .' . . '
( >
4 "Evangel," which he intended to use Keen VI.
Reinhold heifer, alias Werner R.8cheifer-
Three hundred and twenty acres of as aq-errand of mercy Returning frontthe Rill to Remove Cloud From Title.

good land I In. Graham county, Kansas L .shipyard! he had_tied! up Kt the camp] It appearing by affidavit appended to the :

for land in Florida. The Kansas farm where W aged wife watched him proudly bill lied In the above. Stated cause that Reinhold .B.MA.KINSON: ; f
Scheifar alia Weroer R. Bah if.r, the Defendant 'iW
has 160 acres in cultivation and 140 from the landing and was going to Cft
., therein named 1< a non-reId
acres fenced into two, pastures,: of,.excellent throw out the, stern anchor when he the Bate-ot Florida and a resident of The

T, grass, water pumped, to tank (In stumbled and pitched headlong; overboard German Empire and U over the age of twenty ; .

. i pasture from an excellent well pumped The diets ted wife rushed to one peers:It la therefore ordered that eald non- ,
Maiden Defendant be and 1* hereby; required ............._ W ., a ',. .
kby windmill. Also good. well house get.assistance, but twenty minutes had to appear to th* Bill of Complaint filed In aid ; w.. ..* j.v wa

water flowing through tank in elapsed before.help arrived. The body GatiM. on or before Monday, the lat day of'No I '

. which is kept milk and butter (inlsumjn was recovered in about eight feet of: somber A. D. lep, otherwise the allegation of .

er;"splendid hog house; with water water and the work of resuscitation aldblll will be taken a* oonfeeaed. by said I -" --

i./' piped( to the pens; chicken house, large promptly carried on, but without re- Defendant II la farther ordered that this order be < . i .' ... 'i.,'.__.

-"*. .barn grain bin, corn crib, cow stables, sults.-St. Lucie Tribune \ llahed once week for eight consecutive weak pub.. Your Money' TBack '
wagon and -buggy shed, six-room housein In._tke KlmlmmeeTalley Gaaetto *newspaper J. H. REDDITT ,. (
good condition 600 bearing fruit published. "" la said Couuly aid stated .
If don't
Notice. This August 17, 1909. s' JEWElER YOU say this i8 the beat -ofter ever made "Best v
trees and Fine improved .
a splendid arm. by.ttle
NoUM.U hereby given that pursuant tq) notlefUM 1 ARTHUR 11:. DONEOAN: Paper in Dixie. .,'J. J
farms surrounding this place, --"'- AND .1 : r.
Board of CountCommlMtonm. Clerk Circuit Court ,
met on July> TII..S..Wkly .
prices ranging from $20 to$40 per acre. 1". IMP.for the purpose of auallxln the tax rail J. MOON, WATCHREPAIRER Th. Jnraal. six stortiib ?
This farm sold for $8,000 last year, and for 111 11. and nude the following ChaD_: illcltor for_Complainant Carrier and Patnm sl; siths I,

Js held at $8,500 by the present owner, R- B. Alderman Mnonal property.. IneroMdIn -T _/ Th. Woman's World Mag.cl.e, six Mo.th. ,'

Jwno desires to exchange' fer lands in valuation from III A to,1.000. OrBer For Publication. I .;.
O. M. Hut, personal property; Inoiwuwl In | All Three Six Months 0 C/
,&'the south and will accept or pay difference valuation from 11.400 la$,000. lit tie Circuit Court. Seventh Judicial Clreuit nET : ;

according to merits &fjthe :deal. J. M. )foDUd_ personal property. la......... Oareola County, Florida -In Chancery.lIffardLKiBowen I for-------- .. 33 1I .
. . .
Kansas. a very rich state and this is.a In valuation from' $tt to-990---------- ,Joined byherhueiandJ0hn; lie, eo........ .u.w.c
Jordan Th_. ......... f. Boiran, ve. DgbbU I I ,/
. good farm rented for one-third the personal property. *!. U H-Thnr-mfn.....H..-W-: _
radiation from 170 to(110. Thunnavn.the button Bank, a corporation un - -- - -- .Sand today, as this won't last long. *
crop.. Write what you have: to offer. The Board will meet at their regular meeting der the law of Florida doluf business at j /
-- ;: -- L: 'S'-NELSOrc. :tii., on September th. at 10 a. m for the 'purpose of OalBMillW. R Thomas, Austell Bank,' a B: C MILLERBARBERSHOP DEFT. 91 :

I hearing eoraplalnta. and making borrecUona. oorporatlon under the. law.of Georgia, Byd L. I :
Wichita Kansas. E. L. LESLEY. Chairman. Carter sod O, R. Layton ao-panen, doing The 's
SALE.-Situat.1 ARTHUR E. DONEOAN. ClerkNotice. : bualnea under the name and style of Carter A Semi-Weekly I Journal Atlanta Ga.

ORANGE GROVE FOR Layton. and S. J. Thomas -Bill For Foracloa.ure. ., ,

ed about three miles from Klsslmmee .
-, I It appeaHng by affidavit appended. the i i ry
on railroad, less than one-quarter mile bill tied In the above sated cause that 8. tIhomaalaa UP-TO-DATE SERVICE BY
from station and within 100 yards of SCALED bids win be reeeired by the CouneO of 1 noo-reldent and a resident of
Clealnunea. City> at their next regular _.... I Col EXPERIENCED
church and school house Dcnter. and to over u.e... of twentyoneyean WORKMEN m
; thickly set Tueeday night September
7. 11181I. for eorerlncth ., and Amtell Bank U a non.reaident .
'community. Grove contains 12 I ditch from Ilakl_'. earner to, the railroad of the state of Florida corporattoa
- 'acres, about 60 Plans and._llIoatiou can .be had from the ands reaidentcorporation -
large, bearing or&ni'etr.ea altyeJerk > ol the State of Georgia; It to them ;
and over 400 grapefruit trees at ills ofllee tore, ordered that the said on-raldnl d.. Kelly sust5
IIbId.must .be sealed and the Coeoca .0c
I reserve 'endantt be and are hereby required Soda
into to FountCold
jusJLcoming bearing also appeal
; nearly 400 :the"right to.reject... and all bida. to tile bill>> ...complaint filed tn said '
.- 'peach trees. Will sell at a bargian. ..... J. M. HANSSU, or before Monday* 4th day of October. A.on

tor particulars address box 283 Kis- W. J. 8..... D. 1M, otharwtoe.,th* allegation of said bill Drinks and Fine Viking Hosiery for Men .

.,..,k.slrnraeej Mmbsr., 'Street Commitbe.NOTTC will be taken confessed. by said defendaata. Women'and! ee: 4C

Fla.Wood n h further 6rdered thai thin order be pnbabe4 Box Candles ,/ 'Children,
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