In.ted will khoit his I trip Seiretaryol tli (I r IIJ
'. court of the States un 11' anhoie T..nnl'p.-\.al'f'. 100. ten di\s:, and C'ovliiKton The Stiibouid. stateilChief ) a 1 to tV'ine to I iKih( ( iuiritr>. "X-
t.; ;3}, I the crime of (contempt of the conn ft ont t Ihe eo\e ninentaehl I :Mayflower early h .",) t thotc. beneath' Ainonu t thewa -.,' II..rk Hlodviit of the railway M'pt,t thosewho ha\e iu>- ;11 -. ii.'tu : '

;r itself and the importance of (lie 01'caslon .- here after 1lOllr of Inspection> cfife 11Hml! I-rAcr' 04:0; I IIi cn i-ame ., r" "Stonewall" .alIOol'hrn mHI '''' wi.s l handling/: the "ni ,utah p"jllrp' 'their 'pi --' I.-.. I ,

-t, will be enhaiuil by I the mini I : Manama canalMr I a- loaf \"ar sht had'\ nwIr\ Tart .enilier In the thn first luo |IHlillO ov r )I" Htl igitl.i-i (;"'1111 All.I 1 II 1 Li Mill"I .4
Oklahoma Arnufie 8S, rn .
l>er Of the d fentlanll!. 'I : I 1k hi n i-ott expichsed "I(.':tine) nf .-I dahhe had eurnesily' exclaimed\ ' known as the Hamlet and! Atlanta w lio has Justin VIM lit Sort rimul--- ,

; ,,', !Ii The proceeding will take place In the ,protre( K lielug; made' III the ('(itt- days eaily.GOVERNMENT. I I "I11 I I Indeed! I delighted I t to Ino\ rl'e.' nhljf) the ('('lItl'aJ, t\I" reaching. co I runt a u loUl' of u."u",1 in I the I'hil-'

'3' connection wWh. the rase. of Sheriff: Mnidicn( of I the Panama ('canal but LAND TO BE OPENED. the harmon.l/er of all our heait-- CO.II"Iol (II"1'1: nnd CovlriL'U'li 1",10"II,, ( biH'U'ind(1 In I he 'mi- "i

Shlpp and Deputy Sheriff Gibbon of when a'-k'il! regaiding!: conditloiiK inCa I[ The parade which wa' Intertupted ronio l'rh'J Ph al points are ii.and of i In" ,1.,1; i I it) ''hi- uiilf.with .

1': i.Uamllt.on COiUty Tennessee, and foui .t hi.* .YlaxQower' having loiuhcdthere 900.000 Acres: of Land in the Nortn- I Heal' the < l\>'-'.' by the sudili, n >-iomwas without' servli hcaii'iuuatti, r*. al Athn.t.i Till'

ft '.Other residents t of i that count: ) named on 'the return' tilp, fiom the i n- west Ready 'for( Settlement. on'ut u ihe mom prel"ntiiMi I\1' As the r"H,1, of n f i nf- r' 'ice I IM,, .01"""< has :Ifren.a.iht sini' 'In.

I ;' Nolan, 1'aJgeU I onc. hi 1 lau.."hluKly I K'pllpd "Ionlv \Vir-hlngtcln.; I D. C President Taft I ,,,1'-111"1 I in 'tbe (lout ii IKantifiil\ tween lr) AV Calhoun, :uid .JohnV, of, !ltil>;Hihrr ;,,11 hal' H.iu.Mrn. .L :

and May. These men wic decluid saw Cuba throuph a 'purt' hole. I Issued a jiiiti lamlll lOll provlillns!': for I i float, representing I I we<;K"' of labor. \ (;irant. Atlantn' dlieitnifi of 'the. D. J"Jtut.) _. ," .- I
; -
tl'I; .Id be guilty of an act of lontenipt The t trip t to I'allar.aaK made In 'the opening: uj to settlement and enn were "ti I alhrUl1< in a minute to (Ci-nighr Kallrniid. and Hankinir 1 Com Frank Vrooin'iin, ilauilic'r' j jif
coisonanecwith PresidentTaft's, polIcy of land ''n :| faded bedraggled maautes. On many and, ( ;o"'t nor I loke Smith andAttorney ) 1 .
/ of about 440.und acres pOlY nil
t in combining In Iatl h. 19n5! ( In a > ( 1'r/ral.Johl; I'. Hla k til. He
:j f conspiracy to lynch a negro ted John. I of having;; the members of his cab lh<- lath'a.1.Iolilana. : ; i'OO.Ono"' in 'I'ot[ t the floats rode women and linle I I (-neral I Hart. I In t the oerncr'i "-1' "'.' romnilKtlon. I'l", "paid S.:. 'lii) .

t. M>n. who had been sentenced to death iuet become personally' familiar with ('oetir d'AI<'IIl. Idahn. and between I ('hldr..n In filmy Bummer frock" Thevvere OffliC. I Is stated that membj-rs for the |I''"' ni'xt Ki that, n< ,'uI,1| ,| nj' '

''r by the local courts on the charge of the various J projects under their dlrettlon. :r.0,000 md l 100,000, In the SiH>kane.Wash. drenched bcfoie they could fie1 of tho boail1 urge ( ;Jejieral M t William H. Tuft! in SI Julin'ti ":; 1
.. to shelter.' er T. 'to accede The '
and in whose cage the ., i enervation's. c'ol 10 Bpla'copal church.Washington.. Th.clvurcH -
rape : -
\1S supreme -
court' .had' tbe extent of Reclstration which will commenceon Preident Taft Bpke.Iwl't' daring eiiggeption con1ln'd In tbe jsovern- officer say. thin In the highest

(' 1 ranting an appealwhich had tbe effect j WILL BUILD. DO"OHEADiiU6LITS.". July '15 and close August: 5; roust .the" day, Char- or's (cloBram t Io refer the strike sltv1 price ever vall for a pew -tin that .-.
lone auditorium- then driven nation io conference ot fixGero! % '
be 'exe llled and sworn to In either.I was a edillceMador, ,
of the
-. a supersedeas. On. nIght Prcgram "of the Urrited"State* Navy .Kallspell or-SlJutiQula! ,, Mont. fort he two mile out of the city and spoketo glens, three tn be PJich Ild.a ClarenceV..fiiiiIth' "of J ,i
following the! announcement, of thevcourt's I . ,. Jlio. ;
.. la Outlined. ." ,- the colored students of Ttlddlfi upi.! Ihe-c .; 'I. !
: Flathead; Spokane, fgr.. the .to <> -:"", f.f\ Ntw Vork national In Ih Wah-- ';' ,:I ri
Johnson-waa'taken out ..WaahingtonyD.Tbd! lulldins! Spokane land and Coeur d'Alene' for verslty'. 'Mr. Tar declared that 'Augusta Oa.ThE first prunshots: 'lu'lrtl' .
t I of the jail in :Chattanooga by 'a mob program of the United States navy for the lands In the Coeur d'Alenereservation. would not visit
ii>. .. ,and lynched. There was no resist- the fiscal year 1911 will\ call for two Applications foj registrationmust /: complete without an opportunity 10'i I 1nJy Todd of 311r( ..('a lCn street. Savannah Idab on the pro1e df JOman'dn.\ "
; (if yew You I L 'to (
':L J wee on the part of the jail authorities battleships of the most advanced be .delivered! .through the mails express to the c.olored: people his Interest one of v'ie' eight men, lii'ouislit all1k.'r IU'r. ,In- (!

r11 and Bhlpp and a number of hlb4 'ire dnaught type also five torpedo Jnly to the 'minerintendent of 'the In them and-hla sympathy for strikebreaker'guard h IJetictlvo I a IIIRI'I, ,u.tattt.'I. uitt io An"'rll1 'I
'.'t > *deputies as well as about twenty cllisens boat destroyers and one modern ic- at Coeur n'Alene. which will themIn I their t problems. .J ) utah. h 11111"0'( :.\ Vurl. 1
opening: lf'wlt harbor a lusting' m' : I were proceeded against on the for 'the notwlthstandInr Jt i as .
t j pair ship fleet be the point of drawing for-all three, was guaidlne n tin-man on nn .
f 0 Charge of contempt of the 'fedeiolr. (be" ten-million-dollar decrease reservations The drawing will beginat Newsy Paragraphs._ engine when n crowd of workmen \ race. -

r.. t court. which Is to be made In the naval estimatEs 10 o'clock. August 9. and will continue from I omtia rils Kounfdy sti' >pi|") t'olnncl James PaiUir lommaml'Tat
, .1 CV. former
------ I Rerkham. ,governorof tout ('. dm !
hv order of I'redrtent Taft. until completed. The time for, work. Seeing the big crowd Todd. O"I'ho, kHm""II
i CANNOT BmiQUOn SHIPMENTS. Kentiick.' .% has becomeeditor ofa 1'aik. lifter lunpectlnK ,the ilfle range .
Secretary the battle
I IjtA Meyer) entries has been nXf'd"al April the lost his
making newspaper, In Frankfort. according to police h..r at t ... Cit piibmitted -
: I United State Supreme Court Decides: phil), appropriation reduced would not be affected 10 1910. for all reservations. '[lie slate bank of Cairo NVbravka.was i and fired a nhotaun loud..dlh b".k. 'llO.1 report H" t he var ) ,

'"tJII in favor of Express Co. by the estimates.The Regulation' regarding", ; I the openingof dynamited. Ihe vault alI buildIng shot In' the direction of the men. who asking I hat an additional t""II'lm"lt appropriation j

: 'Washington D. C.-The supreme reduction for 11'11'orne the\ different from bureaus'the appropriation and- the lands will be available about being completely wrecked by i i thereupon.). .>gan throwing bricks.Todd be made-for the PUTP""C'| of Imlld- '.
fly: the United States decided' J June 1.TAVLLERELELT. then IRII the enclosure
,court of fom the three explosions. Every cent of cash toward Inn an additional backstop behlni! the ".
1.b:r ; the case of the Adams Kxpreas Company navyya.rds. _ OFFICERS. was secured and I the robbers made where I the giiarils are In camp armed. line cf 'largetB.Secretary .

.1 vs. The Commonwealth of Kentucky England to Build 8 Dreadnaugbts. ---- their escape on a hand car stolen t III mob followingloucely I after. Todtlr..d' Ballln er aid the Washington '.; I

F t' ,involving the right of he express Tampa, Fla., SeI.ctedAs: Next MeetIng from a section house. j I'' a second time the bullets "sIng state congressional delegation i I

h : to. company to ship liquor Into a London England -The Pall Mall Place. Seven Mexicans In a tent several I the crowd and burying themselvesIn preneiried to President a tnle--

,!::' ,:::'local option county: contrary to the Gazette announce that 'the goVernment Athens, Ca.-The United States-' miles south of Uvalde. Texas were I 'the fencing and poets' on a plazr.a graph key on Tat marble .\

j ; ,.'.;. .-laws of the .tate,\ In favor of the comjt. has yielded to the Inilsient! demands Commercial Traveler adjourned their' killed by a terrific hall storm. The where an aged lady was sitting and mou..te nuKRet with .i
_ V lold i
I'' Ji7i4'Th.cas. .of the public and will build eislon. The next place of meeting storm which swept a large part of across the street. She wan .badly which he will bf' signal from 'f

"'f..' Involved the shipment of eight dreadnoughts during the present Is Tampa. Fla. southern Texas was of unusual fury." Rr.r. ant Ihl added to the mob'Rrale. Washington opening ,the, Alaska-Yu k

.. wblaky from India*a and Tennessee to.Boonlevllle fiscal year. The agitation over The following officer were namedfor The hal stone _fOre the largest ever 1 and was pursued Jo the kon.Pacific exposition at'Settttle. June

l In Hart county, for which heavier armaments hat stirred Eng the next year: Grand senior seen \ I that section. (camp where he wan arrested by the 1st. ', )

!&.. company was fined $50 for. each land more deeply than any other national counsellor D. Kugelmann, Pennsacbla One man was fatally Injured and police on a charge of shooting at an A committee amendment restoring; '

J. .Offense by tbd circuit court of Hart question In many years. counsellor T. 13. I.ew- other.At '
\ : grand jurlod four others were more or lens serious the TJIngley duty on umbrellas and :,
, county. The opinion of the supreme fa.) grand junior counsellor T. B. Lew- ly hurt In :New' Orleans when the jew the headquarters he wan found Increasing the duty on umbrella ma.

; I ;,eoort. waa handed AownT by Justice I Five Babies at Once. Lanier Albany ; grand secretary, W. IJascule trunnion bridge at the Inter to havf' '& pistol concealed and a second terial has been adopted Ir the Ken- J:

/'Brewer! and reversed! the verdict of Guclatre. Wti.-The wife of Fay A. Freeman, Macon : grand!: conductor, section of Esplanade avenue and charge was made. Later, a third ate. The senate amendment IncrnaaIIIK -

'I *" 'Uia.Hart county court, on the ground Irish of Thorpe Clark courtly, has J. H. Tlmberlake. Macon : grand page. Bayou street snapped While being was ald..d for disorderly conduct. I the duty on watched and watch J

i that the transaction, WBJI Interstate' given birth to five babies three R. B. Cole. Jacksonville: grand sentinel given a ;trtaT preparatory to being Bond given for all three caxen In : mo> ementn. and requiring the name .. .'j

...I. :Zooounerce, and, therefore not inbto daughters and two sons. All are alive E. D.' Wier. Athens: grand executive turned _pfr to the city. The structure j the Hum of $750. It wan furnished by of the foreign manufacturer to !

!1 ll ject Interference by tbe Kentucky and well. There are now ten children committee F. W. Thrlcllng. A. J. which cest J30.QOO, U a practical Superintendent Brand of the Georgia pear on watch movement, baa &p J

''r"t. : '. authorities. In the family. McDonnld, J. W. Bates. H. Hostler. wreck. road. been adopted. .',' ,

_.h _h' - ------ ." Recent dispatches from the puke Tbe supreme court has reversed t :

: l'fi If BARONESS IN POOtHOUSE.Oll I Falsey Adjudged Insane. snip SNAkES BY THE TON. of Abrunl 1 are entirely at varience I ARMY UGE-DEFICIT.- I I h. decision against CeHo Cvballoa & '

i "" with published icports of his depressed Co.. made by the court of claim, who 1.
J Subsistence'
'l I_ ; American Married Rascal ande4 Ii untsvtlle. Ala-\\'IIII.JI\\ Hal- Texas Is. Supplying World at Per menial state and of fears entertained I Commitaary Department sued for he cOst of transportation ot f

V" Lost Fortune. Key, slayer of J. R. Jonas a" prominent Pound Prices. by The rest of the expeditionthat Needs $3B.00 More. wlv"l| and children of the Spanish of-

', J1.v! PltUbUrg. }>a.-Baroness I,. F. La- I Insurance man and A. 13. Mc- Gtlveston. Texas.-The Increasing his de"pondenr\ lead to a I Washington. I). C -The commissary flcerH who surrendered at Santiago f.

: ; ".gsrteILwbo.jn her youth, waa uniT -1 Ixiwell his shipping clerk some demand for live snakes has broughtout general dlla811r. The duke, accordIng ; subsistence d"r.llrtmpnt of the and )lan a. They carried the .wtvue. -'

rBaily admired as. the lovely Mol- weeks since was adjudged Insane and a, large of hunters In South.- to the latent advices IB In the army faces a deficit of' An and children of the officers as first .
: lie .Do1Jl.!! at SttubenvlUe. OWo and a guardian appointed to lake chargeof army $8,000 .
WeM Texas. Hrownsvllle Is headquarter beat of health and spirits and his urgent appeal has been con class pasB..nlt'r.. but the Vnl"c
'. .w1ao..fatber, Calvin B. Duty was one his estate. He Jielleves his enemies for the concentration of ratters.gila expedition has moved toward the Interior r by General Alexander Sharp State claimed \ '
gresH ut\er .
k .._ Of the ;.wealthiest men of this section I are trying to poison him and I IB monsters boa constrictors and o India without! arl"lent of chief of the commissary department tract strictly con.trjf, 'y should .
;:'is) said to have been admitted to the rating nothing. ,_ have been I the
consequence. The steerage.
-a ._ __hi other dangerous reptiles. i for a deficiency appropriation. ,
"Ipoor house, at Altenhelm W."a... at The average shipments\ now aggregate : Charles William Kllot. at theage/: deficiency ban been caused by the The steamship company 'WIl reuelvw

:* Jaoer .own. request, i Simplified Spelling Dropped. twenty tons of reptiles a day, of 75 has laid aside I the robe. of office steady Increase In the cost of provisions a large Rum through thin decision

_ ;' \ Bh* married Baron L. Frederick Pensacola, Fla.I -An order was received of which six. ton are rattlers. The which he ban worn with so much and by the fact that I the enlisted "Hill" Jones who attracted wide 'ln-
;i:r;, Ijacerfelt, scion of a noble Swedish. by the weather bureau here snakes are Hold by the pound and the ) force has Increased by 13.63I) trreM during the trial of (Charles Oulteau. ,
\ Jauaall; vice consul of Sweden here, honor for forty years president of the assassin of President
from WavhliiKton Insjructlng that prices range from 12 to (25 a pound. since the estimates were made. Oar-
\.JeeeQJ: 12. 1884. Five year after- hereafter official business be conducted according to the size and viciousneSs the Harvard university. and with For these two reasons It Is expected n.ld. by attempting to shoot Gulteau.IB "-'

:''ws.rds Baron Lagerfelt dlsa.ppeared, lathe old way, before President of the reptile. Within the last two characteristic simplicity., stepped there will he deficits In the next on trial' charged with th. murder or 1'

", ,,, &Rd three ;years later. bs( wife divorc"drhlm. noorseveTTTuaVgurated". his simplified weeks three hundred Ions of live reptiles back Into private! life. Abbott Lawrence two )'ear. unless the estimates and John Mcl'herson a' farm hand on bin

":'-:- .- spelling. have been shipped to mena erle.. Lwel assumes I the omce. appropriations are Increased. place near WanhlnKton.-

: ', -- Tie street cleaning commission of The interstate commerce

,: : Q-SHEHIFF SVIREN ERS. Moonshiner In Trouble. ; NO BLUE LAWS AT CONEY ISLAND. Ilaltlmore baa -opened an "ol horse BARGE WRECKED PIER slon decided that a city which commie em- t-

: *; v Five Years Ago. Harris county farmer, was arrestedby Clapped On. cuperatlng from their hard experience's. Run Wild. ping (communities to and from which
$;1 Charles. Ua.-Ex-sheriff. and Marshal Ily I this system of rest and recuperation -
Deputy he
Lake Dine at a still :New York City.-Two hundred Atlantic City, N. J.-The great Iron .through routes should. he established.
,i*' 3MtX 'Collector"-John A. Perkins, who was alleged to be operating on an thousand persons It Is estimated! usefulness commissioner of the bf'leve pier here was partly remollshed bya "A shipper Is not entitled I fo a throughroute ,
;suddenly -disappeared five\ years ago, Island In the river that the
Uventy mile north went down to C'onev Island to watch > I because
laden on delivery he
stone barge -
running not
and leaving an al.AJese4 the mule of his department will be Jovprnmf'nl may
4gvthgttOIOfldUrs5 of Columbus. The
office threatenedby
revenue * the police clan the lid. us wild along coat after having be as conveniently Ferved by one rallroail -
I of $70.000 in hIs ae- prevented Dixon from word greatly lengthened.
Bhortaxe getting Mayor :McClellan'n recent declaration been torn fiom Its moorings by the aa another.
L ocoUflta." returned to this city, and gave of their movements by lading: possession that the Sendaylosing! law As a substitute! for the baby carriage high wind and heavy sea. :i HOUR- TIle
"f blmself up to the sheriff. of all the boats for a mile above would be enforced.Thoee L I French Inventor 'hajt brought ands of on the board walk navy department announced ''MI'lrtf I
:r. .f Hs disappeared while the "state afcu- the Island and coming down on Ulx- who exnected a da..h' between out a portable hammock by which demolish IIpertaln the theater that the cruiser New York now at -
,,; : : .1 checking hi* accounts. Theia" on before he knew ItTen the law a>p;
'. co ered $110.000from prop-. gallons freih made one 'hun disappointed for no friction; what persons straps from tbelr aboul- Tbe damage Is estimated at there June 12 to join the Montana,

,Jrty'left' by Perkins in Calcuetu.'fJf' dred proof whiskey was captured. ever occurred. ,ders. b. about, $21. OO._ and North Carolina In Turkish water

:,'" j

,>d" "\ .. ,. .!

',. -
( 1' .5. ... -- .
; } .. --.
'. : I __ _ \ - u- - 'I- -
,,.;.-+' /1; .-
, I

4. s,

---- ---------

,' - .
i t,

r //II eoaoaoQOeoc...lpoeaeveo.oalaoeooorooeoeoejJONjjTHESCNT. ,: politely to Monsieur Rlsa 4.- "With "'FROBIDA NETS NOTES.Manatee "' What th. Rep.rlmani"tatlon( Has' '

1 t t the greatest pleasure In my llfev The .j Accomplished the Farmer. 4itWA 4
; -
name of the r..rnll-" county' foas/nhtpppd celery : Daytona, Fla.-The twent.i4eCODd'annual

:,tyt. .. "J. Led'uc." '.* & MonaleurYtigaud."An ., and other garden stuff: so lar"tlils convention of (the Florida State :

.1' , <. elderly lady and gentleman Horticultural scclaty, beard with much't"reel ffoYQjqaaJe
to the
';' ; ; .t' the remain at spring I amount of )230,000. ( ".11 idrei.'J oy cTot, 1". H.

.heJVldentlywIth which ii' hlghwater mark and'means, Rolfs of Qalnsvllle on-"What the Experiment :-
<. : It be the""L ,
t dely r.rlp.
re to a good deal of money for the truck station U Doing... for the ny '
ulse had pretension the 1
? . pleayant leld3
( of that famous
f.oI" OR. ct... Co04..look..and .he, must..havabeea'elderly. 'grower" county. Fruit and Vegetable!.- Orowarp",which. ,j
., ," OR.sab .. .. same. After' A lengthy dlscusslon- house .waa Illustrated Ay chart Mr Rolf jI.'
It i probablythe
\ e vi passed by a vole of :S3 i to 1 >the Far- said In part; "The experiment station .'I'
TRACED. BY S DIVINING 52 ROD. The new of their death was conveyed which the has, bulle- a i
;' rjtt bill, places assessment published ninety-eight ;
.r; l lI to me sir. but I t: never heard. of- oft railroad telegraph arid Bleeping'*JJj and lone hundred .and seventeen THE.' FATHER'S PART.A I,

i what they died." car' properties') In the bands of a com press. bulletins, fully fifty |* r cent of -' , :

I '4' a ily LADY MARGARET ? MAJINDDB.o "Ot fever, monsIeur; It was an Unhealthy rnliislou'to ,,composed-of the .comp which aro directly or Indirectly cone. ," day,or two ago it seems to me. -, .+,

season They died 'of fever, troller attorney general and the president 'ce nl'd with hor culture The mailing ,1 said within- my .YL'n.-"t' ))..a* God" .;.

I J' -EJA' like many others; but the son Escaped of"tbe railroad "commission.. Under IlUt now IncluAfctaJourteen thousand above, abunoan .'fc-
:' the existing\ law this work virtually names Nearly one hundred thousandPieces Blear: Thou our baby with ,
It."The .
OGOpOGO tlf'
1e GOBOipo Iii)4C 000GO GOG) GOtiOGOG 'love; H
reels upon the comptroller en .Of franked mall! go to the and elose I .
? had fam her from pestilence
son But they -no liMP ,
. "CHAPTER ,IV. 4 -' family or I should have heardof ily.:" .. tirely. ..]mars and fruit growers; this year. ee. ,i

f: Continued, It'. | Of my Vita's family none are : A bill baa' been Introduced In the 1 I "Fertilizing experiments are being!! 4 ir
'Pardon. Then It cannot be the Conducted 1 Infa citrus grove at Lone A flay or two agd-an! yet tonight
left the tit. !
the extinct thtft the family 1
are ; .
Ayruers senate providing
,T'_ "Dearest Old Bo-II.ow we miss ; yes, 'same. These Leducs had a son. 1 I'al'k.1111 a view of determining I'm asked. "to" give her. up to luv...,. d*. *
\ one-half of lbemoney''olll'ct'ed ,
lineal descendant Uuniy daughte a convict shall receive t
.W:., you word cannot, tell. I wish you only Come! What was-'his name? He from the quantity; and. -quality of--lertjliaers\ mand. .
and she Is but a child Yet I believe by the state A juntremiesi. ; ClirUFianclionaJT; ai +
: were back Tommy Is awfully ob- was named after some relative in hire of such convict. The measure most serviceable to the orange grow 1 mrad 'til
strange but I
r";, . treverouli. I wish-how I wish we the powers-; France. Forgive me If I cannot reeia.the'inme wan reported: favorably by the senate era. This contract will' last for ten I cannot wrestle, with the blight
Bah the of old "
garrulity 1
; 'ololld dQ.lI'' +T apologize. years; at the end ,of this time den-
"" .n" < mJ.l.--He.- > committee Senator Cook only dissentIng. -
.: Is astonishing. You'should checkme nit* results should A Hay lo : I j begced God' j:}j
reached. or grace
beat age bo ago -
t'--\ l "it notby "
ought to school; it is such a was. chance Paul? said Aapproximately 58$ per cent of '.
madame." f The pineapple 1 fertllliing erperl- JlotCauoe she was no ,little sail! so dear. .tIke
.. !
;. pity for he U -out aqd out the clever- Monsieur" Rlgaud. the convicts of the state are negroes Master, kind' and gracious; calmej t
Aunt been
a for fear 1
it < whole brood. My dear Arthur "Yes, yes Paul I, that was If! 'I remember a my
eight "at Jensen- The result of
"Though I cannot say that I under- of | years and shefora ,
the state In the attitude pensioning Straight-limbed strong gaw"b.4 ;
could you conceive thing well, noW' Paul Leduc. He ( these experiments show that the expenditure "
stand Monsieur Rlgaud; why. the of the convict my face.And .
you family negro I
happening to one of us? Colonel must be a man now-that Is, If he was fully Justified. Plnaap-. k
should have let that The amount of money
Curtis has proposed to Janet! Alas! for Instance, you lived to a. average niglit'i petition the urn. .>
grow up. plo growing" In Florida. Is now on a yet-mv was [
the hire' of
poor creature out in Peru want whenyou derived by the state'-.from I did net seem. 1.0.'know it arhen she, \\
alas! why dlJJhey. not tell me? I ".Then you do not know whether he One half firmer basis than anywhere else In '.
convict la
were rolling In riches! It' passes a $283 per year. grew. (t'l
might have prepared the way; but he Is alive?." of this amount. would be $141,50.The world. 'Hut- "fll "' our little, one and kaep.'her ,.I
did the most foolish thing he could me. Alas, no, mottsieur! I'have been during"the |I "tiach twig blight has been taken true"Ascended "J
"Let us distinguish," said Monsieur legislature present I up as a new protect This disease frcm lips each night' that?
possibly have done.. He went straight absent from Peru for some years now. session has legalized\ he'practice( of my ;)
Rlgaud suavely. "Sue knew nothingof has: not been studied anywhere else. came ?1
'to father.Vbat a want of common "have neither seen nor heard;: any two professions osteopathy and optom- 1 /
also to "The citrus diseaseexperiments
wealth. She
; sense! You would have thought that rely my second life. She of her(belonged Indiscretion thing of your young friend-ot'rela- etry. These professions\ are given recognition f have been divided Into two Sections. Tonight one .pole-l know him"clean and tj\|

father would have been pleased, and tive?" In a. majority of the states. I The first section Includes those diseases strong :, 1
asked help Of my known pov- Told of his I love, anil. then of love re-/I
,,0 he worfld have been? but as .It was "My nephesaid Monsieur Rlgaiul. The. boundary line separating Co- which are produced by micros turned. J
refusal would have_ givenhe'r
; he had the quarter's billsall )pouring erty.Jy "and, sir, excuse my many lumbia --Suwanee-countles will\ beet coplcTorganlsm, or microbes. The sec I must say "\....-," but how my".h.r .,'I.l

i in, and ha was In no humor for more nq. surprise. I 1. on the contl'ary.was questions.! I am a poor man myself lout definitely! settled 1 the senate ond section Includes t those diseases heart yearned. .! *t-l

';' worries. So he Just told.. Colonel the one to feel surprise." and feel for those In similar circum passing a bill to that effect. In discussing which are produced by unfavorable And< nil the years ahead, how' long-how ]
Mrs. Denslone looked- him with the boundary line separating long! "r ",
aol] conditions and unfavorable far-
Curtis that ho could not be bothered, stances. Monsieur and Madame Le- .
.__J ___ =Ed'lIIU.rlile..Ll.t: : '
nI1lhment."The the-iwo-" "" t
---------- - - --ast eunt4es-the-orlg4nal-bNl-d e-
: -lll.i. too := unfetgn poor :: embarr 8edormoney tltzlnJr.Thwd1aeRJle.wlt1ctr1Je1on: r'to ,
that Janet was young dtic' "" were they -------
... denr, wrong-headed old gentleman! Ignated the eastern boundaryinstead this category are known. dieback ."
and she is nineteen that ? The Cruelty of Thoughtlessness;
actually: e all ;
of the western, thereby mHanose
she exclaimed to AI1'hur.'all there : yellow 'spots etc.
could not afford! the expense of a such ?" "Oh que non! said the stranger of Suwanuea "into Columbia county. "The white fly studies have been i Most of the cruelty of the world I.I

e' wedding, and aa I passed 1 the library ever blindness quickly\ "They were comfortablyoff. This. error was only recently discovered. made with a view of getting the natural thoughtless cruelty. Very few pee:;;
traveled third-class which
door I .could not help hearing him They Madame was always-' well enemies to attaek the 'pest. The pie would Intentionally add to anoUler' -
.suited.d Arthur's purse and Monsieur.Rlgaud'a meke--lrfs, bul'tSeart
-- ': s a>Inr, For TTea yen's sake, go uwiyTMy | 'drc? ed; monsieur!! frequentedthe< 'J./F. h lI n'oi.'ho fffrmed on the station officers propose to give the -lo.d br '
pretensIons.'hen they life heavier hit path rougher.Moat ;
good sir, I". entreat you to go most expensive) club. They were not Alex (French place at San/oid this white fly a dim disease that will overwhelm or
reached London, just ns they wereabout of the great heart-wound .
away! Oh' dear, how unlucky It Is! rich biers entendu, but they had an .season introduced a new Irish potato It with destruction 'iro'4
to separate the Qld Frenchman that boars but takes the "Co- Colonel Curtis \a\ as proud as Lucifer ample sufficiency which I, lmadli; e| no name, out often In a moment of anger,
caught hold of Arthur's arm tremu- (' the II' Is being carried at ;
price for largest'; yield. I'an-{ growers; on eighteen -
into the at has descended friend'Paul. '
and speeds shop to my young when perhaps, wa were too rrood ?:
lously. "My deaf )dung sir l! he .(XK-k) shipped several hundred bushels maces and In fifteen different
file most distant vision of our procession to apologize cr to try. to heal the;
said "my !good,: friend listen to me. /of hl14 potato tills season, and sll. the counties.
of perambulators upwards.He i Just so," said Rlgaud, whose conscience farmers"1n- grlavou wounds we had maderj e'J
/ who It declare It to "Ninety-two sessions of
planted <<
I have to go down to Southampton / growers
Can anything be cruel.than tor'discourage
will never get over being told togo "being set at rest trre HrlJert > more
( bo la world-'bc-fiter.. From one barrel stitutes have" been held In the'' last *
to-night. I am on my way home you soul who less been strtstelln .
a : -
away, and Janet looks all to pieces nf his sister's fate cared to hearno planted> fort .'-oll" barrels were dug' two years al which about ten thousand -
have understood. Gooey is In the I > to do the best he can ta throw,;:,
from crying all night and reading one more. as a yield.; From one and a half acres farmers were addressed.
Breton (country. not far from Vitre, stumbling-blocks In the. path of thos* /,
4. little note he sent her all day Colonel They reacfied Southampton) at last. one hundred and seventy-four barr..1Kwprp I --- -- -- who are trying to get on In the wortdU"-'
but I sate
benighted am enoughover
very ; ,
raised.V O. :Nolan, who has a Shoal. In Kay West **
Curtis had not shown himself The stranger !got put first and kindly against great odds? ,

again. I fancy he has left the Grange; '; IMP Channel. I ant a well-known offered his hand to assist Monsieur farm on Soldier creek In Meltlnner; I Harbor Are Now Charted. No lite Is just tho same after'yotj' >,
In a huff 1 think he Is a touchy Individual commission agent; there. Once at St. Rignud to descend The incongruityof ham merk. planted this potato and Key West Fla.-For the past three have once touched It; will\ you le.1a

and If Janet does marry him Malo I am again mj'ttelf. It Is England that hag l again struck Arthur five potatoes In one hill weighed; seven | years a most Important workh... ray of hope or one of despair, a flash;"",

that I fear. Do you divine whatI pounds. Tile potato Is a smooth been carried on In the harbor of Key of light or a somber cloud acrosssome
I Tve shall lose. her altogether for fiewill and for a moment he looked fixedlyat ,.
' want to ask? I will pay your Jour whtttt. satiety, and runs uniform In Went for several 'months each winterby dark life each day; will you br.. ,
I lie, able to tolerate us, t their fellow-passenger. The look
; : size the hills making as many: as '
. ney. Take mu to Southampton; convey tbe United States ooast survey. thoughtless cruelty deepen the .h",.'
I i' even at twelve miles' distance. The me on board the boat with my was returned frankly I the eyes were twelve to fifteen potatoes. Before the party began work here dow which hangs over the life; cr-i-:]
quarter's bills are all\ paid now and bright clear and penetrating, their ''
\little box. You shall not go unre- The Florida orange growers have practically nothing .was known aa to will you by kindness dispel It alto;>
1 'we are quite serene again. Tommy warded. Klance' open and frank. The two determined to eliminate the fruit :the. formation of the bottom of the gather No matter how you reele"'l|

\ has given up' epitaphs and taken to Ho did not like to desert him Indeed bowed a courteous good-night as Ar- broker, proposing to sell direct to tint harbor, except by the pilots and they what 1* disturbing your peace of.?-

riddles but he Is out of hid depth ; thur, carrying the black box In one retailer. They claim that asa resuU! \ | knew only the main channels Under mind never allow yourself to', seed i*:J.

_ there so the editor sent them back without physical force he could hand and supporting his old compahlon -_ of thlj reform the growers will\ receive i the old system! of sounding with a out a discouraging a cruel,'anjnn-i; '' ,

, to him and the snubbing has done hardly have detached t the grip on his on his arm led him away even more for their fruit than lead and line It was absolutely Imposj kind word or thought. *,

arm. have done in the and The cuter. the shadow;;
they ever past j slble to locate the pin head' shoals gloom
f him good. Heforo you are quite set- through the din of the railway sta-
1 I "You must pay my Journey," he that the consumer will\ have the cost which am Scattered about over the thrower, the fault-finder, the sarcastic -
lied down for ever and aye at your tion and across the dorks to the Sf.
I I said bluntly "I cannot afford that.- educed to him more than half. harbor. man, the man who Is always'giving
'work, could you not run home and Male boat. have been taken at Palatkato The thrust somewhere, doe a :
' d I "Yes. yes and your moderate expenses Steps new .hart recently Issued !givesa you pa
I see us? at an'lnn fr the night. ThatIs "Good-night! A thousand thanks! discontinue the 1 poor farm there on good Idea of I the thoroughness/ . of vast amount of harm In a community. .<-,t

J "Dearest, dearest Arthur how I I am at home again" said old Mon- account of no 'applications for admin- the work done by this party. lIunI Men who throw gloomy: shadows ,
understood Tbe boat leaves at 12 ,
...... ( miss you, and, yet I am so thankfulyou sieur Rlgaud, eating adieu with em- I rods at shoals heretofore uncharted wherever they go, who depress .,,en.. ;
to-night. Come he said, changing; Hlori.Tha
", are not here. Letty bets no better presnement. and Arthur stepped onshore orange!; growers of t'mattll-i. and',, arc. now properly\ <'at ed and t the bodY,;who are always looking on.theyX

' I a.m convinced It Is her spine; his tone "we have to cross toYater- as the boat moved off. ilclnlty have flulnhiMl marketing their channels are shown with accurate dark aide of everything, who ass lit- '>
\ loo,* station. Carry your box, my dear depths. tie good or beauty In life are-bad.J j jneighbors
but father says It Is temper. I wish fruit. Tlie crop was large aggregatingabout ; .
w could have good; advice for her. young m'an. and give nx- your arm. 60.000 boxes nearly all sold -Tha t true value of such a chart can and as a ruts un.ueeeu-2-..

vt- You "'n loving This time Monsieur Rlgaud took CHAPTER here. Next year's crop will be about I only be appreciated' by the master fill. unpopular. and little mourned- t

first-class tickets. The company one "There he is!" exclaimed Tola, 15 per cent" greater than the one just tot deep draft vessels The landlubber wheh they dIe. v'Ji/
DOR-WITCH.; : It I the I Insplrer the who
r meets Jg perhaps safer" he said hurrying leaping out of bed as a shower of little marketed. I' would presume that the chartingof man 'i
Arthur rTeterpiined to obtain leave cheers and give* you hope and'en.
htto the compartment. "Se..,- pebbles danced up against the Charles J. Turner and george V. to many shoals would Impair the .
from his uncleHo go home for a few couragenlent.. Ihe sunshine bearertbe1
; I valiu of the harbor, but It doe not.
I have taken both single, you can return window, DeVault, orange buyers at Umalllla, man'who has
'days though he was not quite so san- : If the mariner Js satisfied that the always a -
f., third It U safe for you. and "'VhoT. What?" said Janet, sleepily can boast of having shipped from 'chart you/:who Is ever ready to give you his""!''
his little slater 'aa to the is correct he
as can easily
jgtilne possibility very
here the order for to .
"P'ut !first grapefruit .
you doubtless prefer It. tire box ; hand and bill help that Is loved duiy:
of making things right between steer clear of charted shoals..

icy' under feet Is fine Arthur Germany 'Th order was filled sevieral ,. tag life and missed after death.".
i my so.(: The night "Only I will run down and ---- -.- --, ; ,,
',' his sister and her floe, huffy weeks and the Germans have '
j$ : thank.'lleaven; I shall have'''a good let him In,* And before Janet could ago Important Bills Pafsed, by the Northwestern. Chriitlan Advocate.
'suitor/'; '-.* ', -v, '" ." '' been enjoying Florida's delicious fruit. '" eWe
acattel'ed'enses. '
'" Wuatfemble! her Tola Florida'/ ,
v passage. Howe of Representative
He obtained the'v leave! readily ''. The' around Lakeland are "*'
growers Shall See Him.' )4
The. train was just about to start had plunged into her little blue dressIng -
epouith, and as M. Rigaud was aboutto door now busily engaged shipping Ioniatoon 'T llaha8see, .Fla.-A bank guarantybill Stephen, In the hour of his' mar sar! .,
when the opened and stolen downstairs.
was once more ,
return to his French home It was gown beans Irish potatoes and are differing but little from the Okla1 - tyrdom, looked up Into heaven-and f$'
and a gentleman got In, carrying a .,..s handsome retutns for ''1 home law was passed' by the house
agreed: that they should be traveling ., ,receiving; same saw Jesus, and. be bank down amid \\1/
I companions, as far as London. l large railway rug';, which he wrapped "Fancy his doming at this time of The Reason bids fair to be an excellent ;'of representatives\ by a majority of the pelting stone like a child bashed J

carefully round his legs. night! said Janet turning round on one the yield being quite large 31 .to 28. The bill provides for a to softest slumber Jesus wl'.I slway'f;: ;

"r --- He had grey hair, a great beard the pillow and comfortably betaking t this year. Sweet corn cucumbers,] depositor's guaranty fund. break out Into view If we look toward ro;:,

CHAPTER V. almost white and blue spectacles.\ \ He herself to slumber again. okra are also to be found on the local | A bill providing for a state plant Him with longing.ndexpectant trusti\

The train Was at 10.20. Aunt leant out of the window and spoke to The hall clock had Just struck 4. market In large quantities and withina l I I to do Ail the.slate printing was de- and though we be In tbe vary'..l1e1'1;

Betsy was Quite low at breakfast at someone outside: Tola, shivering with pleasure, excitement few days peaches cantaloupes and tested of tbe'sbadow of death we will te IP"",i-

the thought of the departure of her "'Yes. my friend" he said In and scanty raiment, openedthe watermelons will" \ grace the table of The house also voted against re no evil. To see Jesus: will *ooth. one;-1
Lakeland residents In fact watermelons I considering the bill providing for county In pain, will comfort one In 'sorrow' *>!
nephew. French "I return to Peru within a door and threw her arms round
are -already on the market. j I uniformity of school text book win bring calm In tumult, will allay': :!'. 1
Perhaps will sever comeback I shall'be be her brother In dear
you fortnight. glad to' at ecstasy. "My ,
The bill
The Orange county commissionersare was recently defeated isthe doubt, give hope In discouragement; i' .,
Arthur," she said, sorrowfully."I home again." dear, darling old boy, come In at about to begin a very extensive' house and In every way Invigorate and up-V's

am not given to presentiments "Bah said the voice outside. "A once Are you cold? Are you tired T work pf drainage In what la knownas The Western Union Telegraph Com- lift the soul .. no other exp rleace4;';i;'

bit I have one that I am not to keep Frenchman is never at home off the Are you hungry?" "the Saaford Drainage District" I pany's flies of Tallahassee office are can do. When hearts Are bre.klnc..r

you my own boy, as I wished Co dos pave at Paris. "Neither of the two first, thoughI 'I The board of commissioners of state to be investigated by a special com and tear are".IIInc. and the cbt.Ja."

4 much." The train began to move the travx, walked from Plumtree; but hungry Institutions accepted the resignation I I mJttee of of representative. gone to see Jesus is to find true com.._,
"Don't say that, auntie," said Arthur eler waved his hand. la-I not the word. I am ravenous! I I of Dr. J. H. WIllis as physician of Representative, Hardee who Introduced fort; it I* like tbe breakingtorth of ...

( gaily. "On the contrary" the "Au revolr! he exclaimed. could eat you up bodily! state convicts. The board elected Dr. this resolution elated that aa the stars to the traveler lost'In the'-: ,,v:
depth of wilderness We tan, do .
Is that haTe too R. A.Willisof Greenwood to vacan measure concerning this company a ; :
danger you may Arthur l leaning back sleepily In Tola laughed merrily. "Come to
were pending he wanted the house to netting better to: mitigate the .*or-s:; .(
The change becomes effective \
much of me. the corner of the carriage, lazily the schoolroom she aald. "I have cy rowi and lighten the burdens of the
Uncertain members were send
board of commissioners
"Presentiments are very odd thought what a plump looking hand 'surreptitiously concealed a regal repast July of 1. 1909.state The Institutions i is composedof ing messages free of charge. world than to help- people_:to: -see\ '

thing," said old Monsieur Rigaud.wh'o the old gray haired man had. Their there, and the; remnant of afire the entire cabinet of the governor.The Revision, of pension passed the Jesus. John, writing to the churche.vIn :..:

was eating vigorously, prepara fellow traveler took out a novel triedto house of representatives by a vote of the days when persecution werefierce /
engrossing clerk of the house 1.'
tory to 'his own departure. read It by the'Imperfect light of Arthur caught up a shawl, fastenedher that o"ije hundred and 41 to IS against thus, by the Newtonbill and sorrow and suffering ';
reports seven
"Is madame< often troubled with the compartment\ then, with an Impatient up In' It like a mummy and followed bills have been!engrossed to date this I many who have been receiving were well nigh' Intolerable, the re4jj'
them In words that standout In Jlv-. '
them?" "Clsh! returned .It te" hispocket her to the schoolroom. "Hur- session. This Is fifty-seven bills shortof pehalorts Kill .be cut off The qualification ',j
ing light in his the I
They are generally the result of rah! he said. "You are a jolly little the record of corresponding date of clause excludes all who have, epistle],
that all the have to ancl'1Ioj
\ Indigestion" she answered wiping Arthur shut his eyes. He was brick! hThere the 1907 session.. No: local bills, with I or wife has, property assessed at |2,* .rejoiced In beyond age all else clung there,, writ. ,.

1 Q her eyes. "I hope I don't believe In sitting opposite to Monsieur Rlgaud, was so much to tell. Arthur the exception of a few which were I DOO. "Home"guards" and "reserves"are ten: "W shall see Him *. He I..". '-r

any such nonsense." the Peruvian In the furthest corner, had to answer question after question amended are Included In this record. excluded also. The bill provides .c

"They are also very real," went one with his bark to the engine. before ho could begin on his own I Last session all\ local bills were given for a tour mill tax to keep up the pension The Old Manly Faith. \.'
t the old Frenchman. "The last time Arthur was awakened by the cold side, and when the clock struck 5. early to (the date.engrossing However committee this must at not an I ---- .--- May the courage, may the Jnsl&htj

a" ., I left my poor wife I had a presentiment bony touch of Monsieur Rlgaud's the brother and sister were still be taken to moan that the house has U. 8. Army Shoes may the deep confidence In' truth and 1..,

It 9 that I should never see her hand. crouched over the dying fire, talkingover 'In the search for It which made our .
not been working. This house has" For tha Florida State Troops. (
''f.t again. She was very 111 at the lime." "Arthur! he. said. In a whisper.. all the family affairs as If they had a strenuous session so far and the father In tbe faith strong com to ,
TalabastteeFla.. One of the '
"Then why did you leave her?" "Monsieur Arthur listen to me. That were the parents birds on Whom the last two weeks. give promise of proving sources of adverse comment u*, New questions meet us In our'own
on day new forms of t) ou&ht.M.1' J Jwe
.- -- said, Mr. Denatone, Indignantly.' gentleman.!: Did you not hear? He Is care of the nest depended. But atC record-breakers. the dress of the Florida State troops, have,the old courageous? and magnanlmous -:. ,3,

I . "I did' not believe 'In any -such non-" of Peru. Is It not so?" Arthur rose up. "Now Tola," he The house tilled t the ="-oeley_-gpnl'ral b,'. regular army officers and other spirit the manly! faith of ><,

t sense." It was one of the sharp answers :: --'Ve.." said Arthur, sleepily. "He said. "I mean you to go to bed, and primary bill. This bill was made up who: have had occasion to observe those willing to do, to dare If need ->

that showed that his native Implied It." not waste any more of the precious from all of the primary bills Introduced I The troops In the field during their be to die for truth.-S. M. Crothers.. r? .i; ,

shrewdness still existed, but he went "What do you think? Would It be midnight oil. You dear little soul, during the session by Mr. =Neeleyof annual field duty Is the nonconformity "-r .t ';

l; on. as If to soften the\ effect: "Thereare prudent? He might know something you have certainly grown thinner Leon and eliminated the second ':, of the footgear worn by the sol The Tath of Safety "

strange things In nature strange of the family Leduc. I should like to since I saw you last." I primary besides making' ; other sweii.Ing diers. We yield ourselves to 'Tn.I
changes In the present prlmbtysystem Adjutant General l J. up
I Clifford R. Foster -
hereditary faculties and powers of know" said -the old man, fumbling "Nevertheless, I am as leathery and The house went Into committee has Issued' a circular covering the thoughts and suggestions take conn' <,'

which it is difficult to trace the orlglp. his hands together nervously "Just active aa-as-where shall I 'gq fora of the whole to consider the question In which he states that an sel of.them, listen and then wonder'' ,

They exist to an unusual degree in from curiosity you know nothing simile? measure and when It emerged the arrangement has .been made whereby that we become their victims.. our"t I

j' my wife's family else, what Louise died of. She wan "Go to bed my child ; we will talk bill was 1 so mixed. up with amendments I the enlisted men and officers may obtain safety Is not chiefly in strength of .:

"Indeed ; have they second sight?" nearly of an age with myself; we to-morrow to our heart's content" as to obliterate semblance\ tbe standard United States army will but In cleaving to a holler,comrpanlonshjp I-

said Mr. Denatone, !lightly. played together. My mother commended The next morning the carrier to the original and It was then easily I, shoe by paying the cost I price of which shall arouse tbe0
better otementsof the soul.-EphraltavTi
' "No, not that; a faculty as power- her to my. protection. Bah brought over Arthur's luggage, and killed. !I $2.63:> per pair: Peabody ,r,1

, ful. perhaps more useful. That If not imprudent,'I might venture a he consigned the Interesting .little Representative Keley of Baker de- =. t i;
-- -
ragout is superb! May I venture to question or two if you will begin." trunk to his mother with Mrs. Alfred liver pd an" eloquent /peach on the Avscado: Growers of East Coast .,;

help myself a second time?" "Monsieur." said 'Arthur, takingoff Denetone's'humble little message. lIoot' .f the' house a/id/ won the l>aH' '''I Form An Assoolation. Only Fleeting Words. ';? ',. i

"Have you many relations RI- his hat and addressing their fel- To be Continued. sagevt his bill ma Ing an appropria-j! Miami, Fla.-The avocado grower Take It not grievously if some %j

gaud?" said Mr. Denstone, handing low traveler In French, "may I venture lion Of $2.500<< for Xhe completion of met here and formed an associationfor think 111 of thee. and speak that thou i
tbe Olustre menu ent to the Confederates the of wouldst not willingly hear. Tbou
him the dish. to ask If you are from Peru?" purpose arranging to mar-
Keep Mum. who lie /trIed on that (Florida ket the crop of avocados. Thus far oughtest to be the hardest judge of;,.,'
"No. he answered "I have The gentleman bowed. .
no relations .
battlefield.The the growers of this fruit have had thyself, and to think no one weaker +
In the world. I had one sister "Certainly am at your service" Women as women are pretty lower branch of the legislaturehas uniformity of package, and he express no than thyself. If thou dost walk apl *

Louise. She married a Monsieur he said. "Do you know the country much alike. -They have the same voted live thousand 'dollars appropriation \ company made no rates and It itually. thou wilt not much w.lh.v-j ,

Leduc; they settled In Peru. Once I "No," said Arthur, "but this gen- hair, dlfleringsllghtly only as to color for a silver service. for watt' fd\ind necessary tot the grower, fleeting words. y. .
--- -
heard from her; she wrote requesting tleman Is Interested In a family once and length; same features,. same the. battleship- Florida; now tinder con I IstrucUon. to o.ganlze.It ----- ', !

.mQ]) 'y.L 4 jr/._jiot. in a position to resident there and if you could fell' thoUfhU: "When"we* love one of This with the public subscription was decided to call tbe association Compensation. .r tIt t

grant her request. I heard afterward him anything about them he will bit them therefore, we are lit reality; will\ give this "Dradnought" the East Coast Avocado associa Is some compensation fer.'great,'. crllatbat4hey

t that both she. and her husband were gratified." I loving them all. Bat It is Just u battleship a ten thousand dollar- service tion. Jt eras alsodeilde&J&.iaa&J.o.mao. ..... Dlor"5ruc.-k..e ...

.4ead. I Imagine tbat tier, left no "Ye*?.* ald the atfftnger, turnlac well not to mention tuU.-LU .. I crateaf r' the standard crate.- r8tottlab .a"Orlll.rr'1"- ; r

s .. ,,' ..:;.i;..: :'

t r j

: . .. .';*! ..J'. .. 4 t.ij; tie
H--" .... ...1, .. _' '_ -.." a

,.. "r..'f\. '''':.. '','.....!:J.o,:::1od. J.-I.!

k r 1s ft!Itr6 4'r 'TI'' :, .

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y as" L .e VVV\jVG !! !# !! !!!!! ! .
hard. Such simple problems .
I . uL :::: :::::.

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strenuously in the t breasts of our ". ," "
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I" I., Z; DAILY f; --a
About the only thing Jacksonville I' : ..__ \ ==
PlasteringSatisfaction -

is behind in is the standing of Paper Hanging........ .nlt... G, I:, . --'"'SErE'. PUR LINE OF' ICE CREAM '. 3

l her baseball team.4 '- ATI G .. M
-=;:o: == 0 HAMMOCKS MOSQUITO ==

r,(oi' Pensacola is to spend $5OO.OOO i t .. E: NETS WATER COOLERS.L.- ,';::

I .4r: : ort! her s re.ets: An evidence that Guaranteed .... 'g REFRIGERATORS: ETC. _' 3

i+ jt is a prosperous and progressive I KATZ'S :-:-- '

L : :::: ." '.. .
i city _._-=_==-___-_=__ -- . -- I -

!.k ;,', With only- a few days left in which A. ; 0 -

I! J 0: to legislature transact; business will pass'it is the hoped Farrls the GEO.. -' -- GILBERTCONTRACTOR.. ,' "0-0, .. 0" I STBflFOBD$ C SO GRJIVES I I Ip -- ,

.4i: child labor bill. The children are -
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d !h.; as worthy of protection as the gopher 0 HARDWARE COMPANY 3 '

the oyster and the razor-back I vww )wVV> nel nn O nRn eluVV \ -

'; k! _. hog- == == _=__- TheGraystone' VVVV r., VVVVVVx11111f l11fl1111111111111111111111111111111111111l111111111111111. itUttttU ts:

'; y The state senate has."fired" two KI88IMMEP FLA. .
C I' lliiou N Manager|
t'x I .Attaches for attempting to make & "! "f l11Ill1lTTI11l1i11l1f' !"! ' : !" !Illllllllif' lflifllllllflllf' ' "lilt' lIf' 'llf lfZG' I \\ H H.-M\"I.I.i *,M.
l I. On Lake 'rChOPeK ::11jr& SPECIALTIES __
'oI! -few dollars on the side. If the investigating 1 OHAM.EI.HOXF; '

It.k cpmmittee had so desired Bathing Hunting/ Golf Fishing Tennis Shooting Koque, I & .
+ (picket, 'lock Golf. Baseball,
it'is could have .
possible they '
; y' found others engaged in the same Term! : *<2.rI< to JJ.60; per day. FREE II
.4' I '4E $Li to $21 1 per t-ek. PARMS REAL ESTATE BROKERS IMI-KOM.D: FARMS
,4"' business. "
===-=-= _
: When the whisky sellers _m' this To Our Friends: --... I -- ,
Come and try a meal at the -
state are forced out of business )hot*!1. single meals 5<>c; 21 e YOUR BUSINESS SOLICITED

f" they can come to Osceola county meal tickets $10. Kooms 'Lper l i Tickets on Piano with "
day -- If You Wish to Buy or Sell Come to See Us.
and grow garden; truck. They will -

: find it more profitable and a great ..nw".- ti.nn "'_'n'-'''.''--"____"% % .ff
each 25 cent Purchase $
i deal more respectable business toengage H. W. THURMAN, i $
C A MIt40N.! PrCHidcMt !N C. BRYAN tocrel.r.
in than that of booze peddling. PROPRIETOR. F
f 'f 4 ___ s T 3=3: :E
/t- : f _ _ __v -AT - :

, To us state uniformity of schoolbooks DR. LESLIE W. WEEDDN] --.-.... Waters & Carson Grocery Co.

I } is good 'for the people. We -
I, Specialist Eve Ear == ==

havestudiouslysoughtforsomesen- Nose and Throat...... --- Hhol'...le and Retail dealeraiasIiGR0c !

f sable, tangible reason why a few C. W. Darin'sProarc t
: lES -
school.boards and newspapers op- Private Hosoital. American Na- _

,: pose it, but the objections have tional Bank -Building Tampa, -- -.- '

r ;. 1 seen are couched in ambiguous Florida. +. l111111111tst:l $ j/ C0C!:>n-\OI'fT' FOR SY, $
& =
,? i : .,t terms and are mere theories. ::'ta temcnt. ?lttltitltittittitittailtittlttlttUtltttttltiittl'! lillttlttll

I Made' under Section :12.Chapter 6K> Lawa of II A Y I colcbruffd Fertilizer f 1 1a CRATE i
Wedo not,think the'Yi rof words Florida. Bhowlng.the amount: of tmxea charavd .
to the Ttix Collector of Oaceola Counnty.Florida .. 1 X !
Grower. GIIA
nive Orange Are ETC.'Circle .
between the Wauchula .to be collected for the current year SCHNARR'S. INSE \J'ICIDE .
going on
r. "" 1 ('t'.and the ..,rtionment of the same to Spraying withIleeeuscS,4err'sluoer11udeI,6cAIAntlEl . and Price i
and Arcadia papers will add mate- levied.the several fund.for which tAxea have been > (o kill t\i.ry White Fl}'. Lenee. >(lile and Mite' -/T, Fnrel.hed a Application. ? ..1i
bit liili.,' .' prny.| CHII livimid anlime. ol jeer rxt HT v HKN iKir .Aex" "i.ix..M.\ Filly rcnltliernallin .
rially to the growth of DeSoto APPORTIONMENT!; OF COUNTY J'UNDS.Revenue .. Fifty' cent per gallon. Fifty gallons rake 2.UOO gallon of .ttr.y. Made. i 'i"i i
i'' county. The space allotted to To _....... 4tlO' 71 ID Florida \
Amount amount Collected, ......: ..... : 06 J..SCHMARR, & CO.:. /MaRUf.ctureri. ORLANDO, FLA.
Nun .... :
+ abusing each other could ,be. used .BeJ'ral ; 'Fu.d; .,.... . \lOt 6* i UIDES.. 'If..R.. ,. WOOL i
School .
i; to much better advantage in telling Amount Aaieued....... .. ]'J01f199"i "
Amount Collected
the world of the. many,and variedy /llalance to be eolleeted..'.i-,.,...... HMO W ,, S Cous> try SProd-uc a. 3pecta3t r. $ .
A. .1i.d
Road r as .j -w' .. *. ... . ;
opportunities that county has to of To County amount ..-- ............ 94M: Ml .' '. :_WM*. "*" Vlca-Pnialdent. SmsrcUrr X SWKWK ,: NMLtiN1A$ ... ? .
Amount Collected) . ;4 ; '. fer the homeseekerand fnvestor. Balance to be ooliectAKl. 10BO! 24 --- ."-
iY *
: County Special
t' Io amount aaiewted :41.:l I ft?
+i The Sunday Tampa Tribune Amount Collected on-1 ,'> Favorite
{ Balance to be collected 723 ti KISSIMMEE LUMBER CO. Fertilizers
which contained a review of the FiAe and Forfeiture- . I
Amount A. 4 I
A '\ resources of Hilfsboro county,.was Amount ollected gad .W, '
balance to be collected :MJ: 77 FOR CITRUS AND ALL.OTHER CROPS.
,;: J a splendid effort in the newspaper Sub-School Diet. No 2- r ,
To amount anaeeaed 195 78 '
44.1 lipti' and reflects credit on even Amount ollecttd ,dT \93Balance --
to be collect d .. W !DA j and Dressed
such an able man as W. F. Stovall Sub-School Dlat No H- Rough
To I amount......- n.tu! 90 FERTILIZER MATERIALS
; Hillsboro is entitled to all the good Amount Collecteil 64 71
_ Balance to be collected 75 & .
things) that can be said about it, for Sub-School Dirt No.4- Pine Lumber.
To amount uueened 515> 12 INSECTICIDES
it offers many: opportunities to .the Amount ollected 471\ 49 "-
Balance to be colitoed. M 63
,i homeseeker that less fav\> ARTHUR E. DONEGAN. -FOR SALE BY- \
Tribute Clerk Circuit Court Oaeeola
+ .w ..ttons do not possess. The County.lorlda

__ _.. ____ J. M. - j
4 --- -- KISSIMMEE
$ t is doing a good work for South ;:=:c- = HOUSE BILLS A : .
: :Florida, and should receive every Notice ol Application for TAX 1 beoooc 8oooco< oc>ooociO. .
\ aid from the people.Klssimmee's . Deed Under Sections 574 and
; -
575 of the General] Statutes Me": Sanders Fertilizer 'Company Jacksonville FJa. :
} ' Grasses. .. . . . .
l ot the State of Florida. apt 1" 1IM-1y 'I,
A few week the Valley Gazette I Illrel.r i"r -------- --- ------ --
ago NntlreU hereby firm that O. F. Krlbb
published a.n'item to the ef- nf Tax Oertincatei No.. Jrlg and [ School Supplies I.i I. .
37* dated lie3nl day oi July A L>. 1900 hai
that a gentleman here r
R 3 t was experimenting .
6 Sic d! .11 ctrtl(1cnttia( lit my office, and haa
''F 4 this season with a made appllcattou for tax deed to laaua aocordIDC NOTICE l'

small patch of alfalfa and the clovers. to law AND.TABLETS _
Maid eertincaUM embrace the following de
; The South Florida Sentinel bribed property kltuaM t1| Oaceola countv, i I .
r immediately informed us that bum- Florida towllCertlflrate : To reduce stock in order to make loom for my summer j
/ Nn gTA -begin at the northeast I JSJ stock of will 1
EXAMINATION TABLETS $ sprinaioods we selj) our entire lot of Silk at
4F; 4'. blebee's were necessary in the growing corner of lot W.:11I._.... In Bee 111, To 25 :
8. R. 111 k.. and ruu west to uorthwant cor.' .aid Jl MADE ESPECIALLY FOR" $
of.clovers. and
tJi : now comes the
; lot..outh liayarda.cut toea a % r Tampa Daily Times with the statement of old| lot.'north 113)'ard to befinulniiCertlfloate I OSCEOLA: HIGH SCHOOL.JKissimmee.Dru9 t One-Half Original Price. I.I I.

.1't', No.yjH-begin ne oor. I lot 18, '
that alfalfa
does not do wellin"
.Sec.2U,1 p 2S: 8 R.81 6. run aouth 113 1
Florida, and suggestswe try yards,thence west to we.t boundary of Mtld jB I Will sell Woolen Dress ,oods'at ACTUAL COST OR "___
I lot, thence north to north line of said lot, r !
: ,ti jt 'Bermuda instead.' Ihenoe eat to beginning. Company I j for the next 30 days ror Cash Only. .

iftb to the first proposition we The aid landp being' aue..ed at the dale of ij \ \
t the Imutnce of old I tax oertlflcatei. in the nameof
ls!; have ascertained that there are i t
.1 .
1'nkownUuleiu S
H. C.
': r M wrvb. tt COMPANY
'millions of bumblebees in other said, ctirtlflcatei hall be redeemed... STANFORD
la T J, k states which can be had for the asking cording law tax deed will lame thereon on
*3 the:!)th dar of June A. D. !1UOU.W \ .
": ; ;*fit .' and acting on the Sentinel's It IK-HI invodlolal !'nature .ud seal this the ..

," :"suggestion we have ordered a pair :2l>lh .1.| of )1..,. A. I'. 19OOiHeal Kissimmee Wagon Works
AlflHUR .
) E. 1K>MEOAN.ClerS
J 10!--propagation rironft ('n,,'t Oveeola fountr Floilda, ONLY THEPUFest
*'i' ''As
i : Bermuda grass that is en-
too The entire =- = -=-': Under New Management, with Thorough Experience and Up-to-Date
J : tirejy easy. corpo- Notice to Creditprs. .
I rate limits of our city, is.covered as Blacksmith, JBheelwnght and Horsesnoer.. -tAll .. .
f All per>' ob."barlof olalmi agalnit the eatate
:\ 1 .with'a blapket of beautiful Bermu- of C. II. P""inialn.' Work =
Kinds Blacksmith Wheelwright Horseshoeinga
of Oeoeola and 8.....of Ilorl4 will preaent the
1 /'da, upofa which hundreds of the finest Specialty.
flame U lau pruperlalUMted within the MineocrlSe ,
,I I;," ,' dairy cattle thrive the year .... 1 by law.or the lame will be forever r ARE SOLD BY

:. ,'r 'rppnd, and our streets of living barred make ann Iminedlate all penonitlndebtel.Wemllnt'with loiatdeetatewlU the andermlgned. ALL WORK ,GUARANTEED TpISATISFY.: t

. green-are the wonder and-admiration h.a BRYAN. ; __ _n _____ _ ___ _.
I Admlalitrator of the Estate of ... OSceola '
-4 of all who behold them. .
C. U. Fouuutla.Deotiaiel. PharthaOyti
-.j' Treat Yo R4gata O.R.JOHNSTON.
\ Discourage us all you can, brethriA4V February tat.1909. win' .
-_ \
; X\
:< .
.:.... r g ,
i H f r '
y tj' / .

..' -.' JL3.... ....,rel. .
.:: \ -r- ... .... .' '. \ ....., .. '"
i. ". If. \ f'u. ., .. .'.'' '\'' t ,. \ ''' ., ,,/: V ? '
; .

. ,: '" : ".::,"",.,;"''':\'\'."; '--fi e ' "I".'1 I .''-t ,.I.' ,'. .1:.j',,' ,"", .1..I-I.'j, ..,.,,-. ..,...' .., I"v!' .."." ...........", ". .. .. .. .';.. '')\., AI JI_"':.v'""" .""p'. . .I.,
:," ,. :'1>' l";' ..."""- ""'...:;;r.._' _.'_ _'.._ \, .. ._',,", .. ''. .f>;.". /1

.- _ _ _ _ _ ,'I"s. .>
.Th6i"&sl.mtn66Valleu Gazette ; .J. H. Reddlit';) weler and' watch re- Old paper. for ....i., at,, the Van., '

. -; I pairer. nicb-.19-tf\ GaceG&oHloe.' Mhadit We "Sell

.f TELEPHONB. NO. 11.. ,f" styles In' lad fell"* shirt; 'waists. Postmaster. Frank Vans' Agnew speatyesterday GJurch 8ULLo.CK

!' '. ac "H. U.'Staofcrd, Co. I la Orlando. .

,UBUSIDEYRY: .EP.JDAYw. ,"D ors' and window 'screens made to D. itotundo is huvlnst: cement sidewalk ,NOTICES, sAND .' REAL .ESTATE

,,; _. By_ order, at .Barns'. shop. ,. ; laid in, front- of his residence.' ,' I INFORMATIONThere vnol.on waaaaws.s

l S Mrs., J.K. Slntrletary %hero' on a .
EI'.HAAAIS. of the White Star Laundry I IX4SURACI3xaniinathn
" : at tije; Home Store, Phone 154. :. .... ylBlti,I to- her mother,. M r.. J. W. Miller. i will be ''no' services at'the!

i: OPrMClAL WEATHER REPORT. Mrr. W. A. My res' and children"b"'ve Methodistchur4h .next Sunday as it I II. .""

j Average temperature. for week 'ending Thur.- T or all kinds: ot fine repair work 6q gone -to Tennessee to. spend. the. sum Is Commencement-Sunday: ' I [ ) of Titles a

y. days May 1:7.: WOT* ,. . furaitureetc.go to,Barns''a job shop. mer. i* "I, T the positive guaranteethat ,
Rev'; :r. T. Mitchell:;; left \ "
r ila,, Il' 1:1i-} : Mr. N.! 6, Wartojf'was among the 1E'.D.. of Tampa, is a. guest! of for'Forti Mfade to. attend the Bartow I if it does not give satjsfacti9nwe Specialty.

I I'--.1--: .1FrIdat. n' ;: )(ncnlcer\ who came up from LakelandFriday. her brothel1; Prof, H.'' M..Evans' during District Conference, which la nosy in will return the.
commencement : ,
Session there. The reports 'which he Correspondence Solicited

\ .* .. . .. .., . _, :. \ '811 8.\" ,.478atuiI7 Use-Plank's: Chill Tonic. Guaran Buy a Gem Safety Razor Handle carried from this church were encour.aging .entire amount of money paid : 41
\ .. .. ,..., .. I! 6Sb 11I4 teed. Price -25, cents. Sold by. all and 7 blades for 100. Guaranteedby and indicated."progress; In most 'usforit.'
Sunday ... . . : 17 114 drujrfist 117-8 Oscvola Pharmacy. all lines of church work
\ . .. .. and: enterprlles. '
L Monday '.. 114' fill *
1'l1d.. .. .," II I'll 64 Tickets will'be Rev. W. A. Myres returned yesterday .; .We ask ail those who are ,Bargains
. Wedneed.v ., . ..' ft 71 on piano given on all
Tburodall uq! TII accounts paid i between DOW''and June. < from Sutherland: College where .lrs. RexTord' was'' baptized on last "run-down,, nervous, debilItated
;. i he
1st. 'Q. W. P'ANN attended commencement. Sunday afternoon,' and received "' *
. was aged or weak and ..
.. -Mr* -CXfTjOman left- Wednesday r.hs. Huddles\oODI\ ofMIainiis' \l into membership of the church on Sud.) In all kinds oj ReaJ Estate. ,
---'-- ,
lUng her grand daulI'hterMIss MarieUuddleltoo day night. -every'person suffering from _
to speed the summer at -her old home, Fire, and Life Insurance and
I ,Benton, Harbor, Mich. at the Graves. House. stubborn colds hanginjg-on. Armour's ,
The program for tKs Pre cher'. Institute Fertilizers. RentIng "
I I I1 Spend your money' with, us; It costsno Darn your stockings with a Singer to be held in Kissirnniee from coughs bronchitis or incipI- and Collecting Rents a 4:
THE LOCAL HELD. Darenr. can use on any Sewing Machine ,
; more and you may get a piano for July 13th to Kith is contained 'in.the Specialty. Taxes
r paid for
nothing1. C. W DANN. '75c each, at the. Home Store. May.20th. number of the Florid Christian ent consumption to try Vinol Non-residents. _

See that your piano tickets; are numbered 'Mrs; W. H. Bruton'andphjldren, Of Advocate. Than leading ministers with thlsundersta dlng. .

, ""' ''''' --'''' ; if not, return them at onc for Nichols, is visiting her mother, Mrs. of the Florida conference will ,
exchange.. C. W. DANN. Gottwalles\ and other relatives in the speak, and several fine lectures 'will be R. O. MEEK

Wade. the Tuner.| Orlando. delivered during the session Sold bvRODErtsoN's PUARMACY. ,
Stove wood delivered in town at city.Mr. Kisfeimmee Fin. _
and .rd"s. Chas., E. Moore left ,
tl.OO strand.
New spring goods titH.C. Stanford per Revs S. W. Lawyer our Presid tug
"Co. 16-tf,, KISSIMMKE LUMBER' Co. yesterday for St. Petersburg where Elder wm be Jn/KUsimraee June
on Orange Growers
they will spend a few weeks restl/ig
5th andlffth.
Dwellings for rent apply to M. Wanted-To buy\ a work .horse Apply and recuperating. The morning H6/und will evening preach service both on at Bart w. Fla.. May 25th' 1909. W. I YIIflIILOQ
a'' Tiller. Park Hotel. Mr.and Mrs. James Brown, of Day- Sunday\6t / Editor Klssimtnee Valley Oaaette.GENTLlcNstqWIll .

L. Williams Loughman, was in tona. are the IUe8ts' Capt. Johnson W : you please give ... _
Messrs. T. J. Woodall Joseph prominent space for. notice! regardingthe
and Mrs. Brown was formerly Miss Carrie '
town Saturday. Jeffords" and Miss 'MamTWoodall M'abbette, "a niece of Mrs. Johnson. SCHOOL BOARD PROCEEDINGS.EK [ meeting of the Florida Orange ;;.

. Mr. and Mrs. M. Katz spent last spentlkst, Sunday at Wekiva Springs. Growers to be held in Tampa, Fla.,
Fcldayin O lando. Don't forget the performance at. the Tuesday, June IlL, calling attentionto REAL ESTATE
For Sale-A ram capable of pumping Electric Theatre tomorrow-,Saturday the fact that the delegation of Florida -
Doors and window screens made to 300 .tf-ailons of water to a height otSQ evening. Fine moving picture, Kissi f FLA May 4; '09. UrnnirB' Ol'ors: I.) Pa'' Ifcir.iia. -vlllCBPeTlnTiiiripa.
_ _.
order at Bal ns's slio'p.NuTina1ly l feet in 24 hours. Apply at this of- vaudeville specialties and illustrated\ The Hoar of Public Instruction met : M..ndavlIIavheSht..
ee--- --. ., In .1el/'ular. ass on..-tbere being-present .;
IB ll dIiifTfiiek songs. W. C. Ba s. halrman; K. E. Brown toablJpc'th6lr1tiJurLs: 'to b (It'll vereiirtotlie KISSIMMEE ORIDA:

at the Kissimmee Drug Co. Now Is the time to build while men Gen. -W. IL.Jewell and Editor C E. and J. li.-'l mtSUn, also W. J, Sears, Crrnventlon tT foll.iwin.! day.
and material are available. Later Howard came down from Orlando last SuperlnteniMinutes \ The A. C L Hn'I S A. L arc advertising ;\
Mrs. McKlrov of Itunni'mede, spent hut a word to the wise should be suf. Invited bv Prof. a rate of one fare plus 25o.Tor IJ&
evening, having been. tread f last ellular session .
Tuesday in the city shopping. were f"- "j
/ llcient. she M.niiU< tr':u, limn all' point.* la
Evans: to act as Judges in the Declamation and a| rovell.treasurer I. TILLER
Splendid assortment of dress ginghams Medalcontest.' FIo..tlistoTampa.
H. ( Mil
J. et'. reported as '
at II. C. Stanford ('(>. Three acres (lr th .'tamou8 English follows Vorv truly I"< irs.
pea land for rent. Produced peas that Sewll.olC2achlnps: for rent by the : r H "WA(.KKB.: Apc. 1 Real Estate Agency.}
For Sale-A good pnlr of mules.J. ] sold for 9$ pE'r crat('<. Two irood Mowing week at the Home Store. Agents for KI, Fla., :May I. 1St''I. ]>..*. FlliOrisngc Growers to <'al.
v,'. !MILUER. wells m hand. For particulars address the Singer -and Whee1er& Wilson Machines To and the for Honorable ORceola iWrd county of: Public Instruction I it) ..- - --.- 4 .. .

K. V Lanier. Kissimmee. Fla. sold for cash or on installment \ I herewith tendev my report .. treasurer of =
1.; Remember the in On Our
piano goes C.W.sure plan. CalLand see them. Osceola county for the month of April. A. i).19UH: Trolly.- l Realty bought and sold.
July; yourtlcket8. For t---Se yen-room house furnished 1 IoQlmmep two hence .
I GENERAL. SCHOOL FUND. nrs : 4 Houses rented.. |.
'<; Don't forget the "Electric Theatre. for the summer: electric lights. Watermelons and peaches have beenon Trolly Sanford '
To I balance from Ust raport $23W 12 cars l In every hour. Taxes paid and Titles .
verified -
t Tuesdays, Thursdays and 8 LIJrdays.t water bath and all conveniences; located the market for the past two weeks To amt reed from/Lompt Jan. Redemptions.tfl ::17 Ti oily cars to 2,1... CluuJ eCu.') half I fr
In center of business portion of and are now becoming quite plentiful. To amt reed fronV W J Sears. sale books 22 ;6 hO.j r.Mr.. for non-residents.
t For all kinds of fine repair work on The quality of both the melons and To amt reed f raid lax Col. tax-polls 4878 27 = '
town. Apply] toV.. G. Hankins at -'---- -- -- - i : Fire Life and Accident "
. $ furniture, etc.go to Uarns's job shop. K i8ll1 mme Drug Co. peaches is very good this season. Total I 68:11: 61 J. M. Willson ,Jr., has moved surance. -f

- Ladies' ready-made skirts In all My office will hereafter be located II Itev. P. Fox, of Orlando will come By paid warrants .UH per ltbt.' 2-\03 40 hiM real estate and insurance offices I Indemnity Bonds. .,

styles and -OIOPK at II. C.Stanford on the second floor of Fraternity Hall to Klasimmee Sunday, May :30'h. on Dy bala I .--21':1i;;; : into Thurman building on Hroad- .. .
Co. and will he open every Saturday. train No. 8(II. Devotion at 7.3: O In theevening CHOOt. 8UB-DIST. MO. 2. i wav and will occupy the first floor F...."'r........ ...............

Miss Curre! --Tysoo, who recently Hours H to 11 and 1 to 4. and Mass Monday morning To liffln'tce tfam la.t, report . 'JlII 21 front The move was occasioned by -
10.. WHITE. at 6 o'clock, in the Chapel at the To amt reed rom Compt Jan. Redemp. 2' the necessity of larger quarters, as
moved with her lar'ntsto'lontVprde, ROGERS -LIVERWOrVI
To amt reed from tax col. taxes 47 52
home of Mrs. A Tress. ; Mrr Willson's business has /grown to
In Optician and Refractionlst.
Fla., has been visiting friends town TAR AND CANOHALAQUA I
e $2413135'; such:: proportions. since hh connection
, this week. :Miss !Madeline Hill returned from For the oompleie ot Coughs Colds
... For Sale-An unusually good pony By paid warrant as per list 270$ with the colony that his former offices Asthma and BronchltUaad cure all QDRoonipleJnl.fl,

t 1 !III". M. D. Tindall a leading farmer 14 hands excellent for riding and drivIng Orlando yesterday, where she hasbeen i4aien .. .. . . I 215 V were found inadequate for the successful rlln"b'r conminpti 1U r'Ci&I:4
school. Mrs. Hill who : : ;:
i and fruit grower of the Narcoossee safe for children, perfeettySOundand attending carrying on of his extensive busi hnve for ag e an
business nice ]looking the of Mrs.E. had been spending a. few days in that I SCHOOL 8UB-DIST. NO. 3. Htsiblliihoal reputation a andard conch
, section was transacting ; property To balanre rom lust report 5 1 61 ness. remedy. It ooi,>taltii no oolura or harmful
returned with
" in town Wednesday. Nelson }Fell who thoroughly recommends city her andthey went To amt rec from.Tax Col.. taxes 204 ill drug run be gireo with Btfetr to children*
him. Address P. A. Vans Air- out to thek' home at Nurcoossee on. Price IVK Bold only by Oeeeola Pnaraaoy.::

The District Conference of the A. Kissimmee Fla. I)-14.4tIr. 1 the afternoon' train. :2055213V11Ot.SLTB.DI5T < _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. I'
; M. E. Zion church Is in session here new Atty ,' Nd4. Do you eat enough of jhls? -
Amelia and Ben Lorenz the bright To balance from . r. .
::1' this. week: with about fifty or sixty S. C. Boots, of Michigan, purchased last report .. I 14 iTo Your complexiqn weD
little deaf mute children\ of Mr. and amt reed from Tax C'ol..taxes 66 ttt'W great benefit in health and
delegates jn attendance,. ...') this week twejity .acr lluf line, ', ----..
,' -
Mrs. Wjllter Lorenz who have been :XI: strength that always is enjoyed by
trucking lands from J. W Lily lying 'u U rendered
i; Miss Grace Townsend, State Secre- attending the Florida State Institution l : your temper
along the big ditch in thewestero part "y paid wR nt. as per list. 881Bybsianc regular eaters of good oatmeal to
I tary of the Christian Endeavor] Society for the deaf, dumb and blind at
:t: visited. Mrs. JV. Miller from of town:: This land Is cleared and St.; Augustine, returned home for the ) ''''(1:1: >02 known the world over. Every year miserable by a disordered
all of it la in cultivation.ileproposestoput .
nearly now 'STATS AID rOSfa there more'and
are ol
Saturday till Wednesday. vacation Wednesday. more eater
summer .
In a large crop To balanee d tl Imst report. .. I 80 21 liver. !By taking Chamber
t .. _. J Quaker Oats,_which I Ie.rCOgfilzed.-ia.- .. ,
We understandthat several parties'Who this fall, "The Llllbt_ -Canoe.. jMlss..Annie flypaWw vwpliM- - .b III '
- purchaswl-;\ots'ln the new Carson Carson's recitation in the Declamation .. this country and in Europe M Iain's Stomach and LJvei
baUnce 76
In'fltatloDsha , addition are contemplating building contest last night, is a beautiful II. on perfect oatmeal. Quaker Oata
the C.
houses on them in the near future."X city announcing legend of the origin of the. Tablets
4 marriage of Mr. Kdw. W. Donegan to name County Treasurer. packed in tin keep fresh and *wet you can improve

For Sale] -Five-room cottage In desirable Miss Gracie Belle Geiger, thecere- "Kissimmee and Is f"olIthe facile Paid war ants in the sum of 2544.60 in an/ climate for any length of cleanse .
of fellow-townsman Hon. G. both. and invigorate
pen our cancel ed in session.
residence portion of Kltsimmee.I mony to take place at the home of the were open time.
> Large lot and good well of water. bride's mother Mrs. Florida Geiger F. Kribbs. In a future Issue we will Hills werw approved and warrants .

ARTHUR E. DONHQAN. In Waldo, on Tuesday afternoon, reproduce thd complete story. issued) as tot ows: the stomach .and.

Get school supplies from the June 1st. at 3.30 o'clock. Mr W S. Alyea will leave Sun W I Sears salari supt.W . ,.. ,.. .. .. .. .. ..I 711 00 T. >t RIVERS, M. D, Improve the lilre.tiolL-
your: day for Atchison; Kansas' to visit his C Bass. M HI... ............ .... "uo
4 I''f Kissimmee Drug Company. They ot the state have .. ------ .. .. .
The-Jrjiit! grower look business EB Brown. M BJ I" : ;, 1100J PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON
and after
'f fr! f carry a full line and if they haven" ban called to meet In Tampa on June family matters U Tumblln. M lt> I. ";, <... ','. .., .. ,14 00eu i j. *i For sale by all druggists.ATTORNEYATLAW. .
and will be till. about the middle . .
. .
order it for away B C Miller com treasurer ,' : \ /IiV.IIeJ'
:j; what you want, will you.ts' 1st and 2nd to hear the report of the .. .., : OfOc over Osceola. 'h"rmacy ,
: of July. Mr. Alyea- owns several t1nK .i.\ , nosoou I ,
1 : Mr J. C. Gjlffln returned committee which was recently sent to .hundred: acres of land in this countywhich" Mrs. Carrie V. Bearuen. rent*Ji,'..k......".. t It.fO l eDc .15:1i-i: '.. .
"" 1 G'ir
j'R S
Mrs i SCO
California to irfvestig-ate the methpds F8ears.rentV .iii Jyif.-V; RoNESfDit. f :
Wln- ? ; : : : ' '' '' : ]
it from a visit to .relatives et and he Is selling off rapidly to W B\ '.. : 10 l0> :: :>;-1' :
demere Monday and are now at homein growing, gatheringpacking homcseekers and investors. He will 1 M Will..,... Jr. tnsuVaneeR . .. .. .42 DO ;.. ,
shipping fruit in that. State. Every M Ev.n., teacher 'scnl i 130 wi .
M. E
the Tiller cottage near the home with him a couple of small '
grower who possibly can should at- carry Miss Alleen Moon teacher schl. I 70 UU ) J. H MMPSONDENTIST. Office in the Court House-KI-
church.Mr. tend this meeting.Mr. alllitators as curiosities. Miss Jessie Mlkelt .. ;.. 50 (330Mi.aEmmaFutch .
J. M. Dixon, onP" ot the St. 6U UO simmee, Florida. .
Cloud colonists l arrived !from his A. C. Adams of Cripple] Creek the W. C. T. U. met WednesJav of MUs Fessie Ov.ntreet".. 5000 _
Miss Alblns Smith 60 "0 \
home in Louisiana Wr<] and Colo.] viho is interested in the St. this weelc In their regular] monthly Mi..8.IlyWynn. ., 000 Upstairs( in Kate Building. With whom will be associated in the 't

drove out to look over the colony Cloud] colony arrived Wednesdayand meeting!! at the home of-Mrs. G. Mor M.MBryn .. 50031 trial of causes the law firm of .'
The business of the Mi. Florrie 1 .. :::. 00 m. o 12 .
rison. session awsunMiss .. i ij.a. .
to make his nome'In HOURS: f
lands yesterday. expects ; % Massey & War low of
section. He is highly pleased with was tran acted. The subject ouf the Emma Mamis YovellMiss Woodall .. 40 o oo 00) r : to5:30p.: -

.' Mr. Bert Baxter, of Oklahoma, arrived our climate and what he pall seen of American Woman's League was Miss Ruth Hsrrison .'.. 5 .' 35 110M Tel,\nhorieNo.76un 6. Ivr OrlnndoBLISS' ,
In town last' week and expects to our country and says he will endeavor brought before the Union bv Mrs./ S. MI. Helen K Mann 12 ) ('I ID =r : "

, I become one of the settlers. of the St. to Induce some of his friends to I). Aultman. After listening to Mrs. Miss Miss\ Atcncs Alma: Nicholson Sullivan' ': 14 15 dl 40 on 0l): ke_

Cloud colony as soon as the allotment come here and settle.] Aultman's] inscription of the workingand : C W Griffin. supplies, .. . . 40
of land Is made. benefits of a League should one Kissimmee Drug Co. supplies 15 ,

; The steamer.Roueada ]left Wednesday :\fl" L. Miller, of Joppa, Ill., who he be formed here in our town, the UnIon I 0 W Todd.Co. supplies"H perfectoirraphSCO 1ft 00 40' -wLj_ ""' ri: J'l':: ,p. r t ai

for Guy's Vut.OutcarrylnR' down been spending several days here Investigating voted unanimously to do what! M Tiller insurance ,' .. . 1$ AOi FORSPRING
I the soil and other conditions they could as Individuals] in forward- : Walter Howard labor ... .. ,.. .. . : no PHYSICIAN AND SUKOKONRniDENCB ,
4 a large cargo of lumber to be used-by of the St. Cloud colony lands, log the Interest. and organization of a K 0 Meek. Insurance .. .. .... .... ... 22 60 ILLS
the Kissimmee in Improving
dredge The Board decided to the : PHONB 33. KJASIMHCB.OrncB .
left for home yesterday. Mr. Miller League fdr Kissimmee. postpone L

'i. .,jjtt p he river. navigation. was sect here by a number of his old PRESS REPORTER! appointment, of teachers until the regular PHONB !"._ __ ____ ._ LO D" ,
: The new cement sidewalks\: 'ifl/ front comrades to make an investigationand meeting in June I
r Of and to the north of the court house is now going back to report. He Another valuable addition to the There being no further business'the. W. W. CARSON, D. D. S. Springtime is sl ktlme.*.

( '- 'add very much to the attractiveness stated tbat. ke would return some time citizenship of Kissimmee was made Board adjourned till next regular Purify the blood-defense _ _
when :Mr. A. Rose of Rose DENTAL PARLORe
Saturday '
of the naturally beautiful streets In In the. fall. meeting the system-by the simple
.that section of the city. City Mich., purchased. the Henry Mo- yi. C. BASS Chairman.\ . RIVERS BUILDING
and '
The who will build number of in West Kissimmee effective roots hem 1
man a Laugblln place Attest : W. J )JSKARS Supt. OVER QBCEOLA PHARMACYOfflCm ,;
Dr. T. M. River and family left neat cottage here for rent and sale and moved''with his family into it. and barks contained inB'LISS' '

f Tuesday nltfht for Lake Park,, Ga. will not only make good money for Mr. Rose arrived here ,on Thursday .. ) 8. PHO.. ".
I r rhere they. were called by the serious himself but will prove a public benefactor evening accompanied by his wife and Tile factory for Kissimmee. '_ HOURS ;g 1e2 is* NATIVE .
illness of Mr. River' brother. They a* well. Within the next few two chiidremand his brothers Messrs

4 will be absent for several days. ''month both settlers and visitors will Allen Sand W. A..Hose. They had Messrs Loveless & Sewell experienced -, HEALTH. AND VITALITY HERBS
arrive here bv the hundred and unless expected to locate in St. Petersburg manufacturers of drainagear.d
I t: Iron
if Tax Collector C. L. Bandy Is -preparing treat and bob rentorstlvt For men
to 'build a handsome preparations are begun right but learning of the St Cloud colony Irrigation- tile have purchased a and women produce itrenfttti and vitality, The cost is but .., .
away it is going to be a problem to decided to sop off here and look lot next to the Robert.-NlemeMrbulld. builds up the system sod renews the normal a -. .
r\\ cottage on his lot on Main street. K. vlKor. For ule by druggist' or by nail II.OO; cent day to rid he
house them around a few days, with the result log on the Midland H>. and will move per a blood
b.j.8 boxes
Gilbert. has the and for tAOO. Sold _
contract expect only br Orceola
j"A. work right that. they decided locate permanently. their factory here from: Winter Garden. rharmaer.Osceola. of the poison that causes 4
to begin away Mr. T. E. Spear of Sanford who
Mr. Allen S. Rose who has served These gentlemen were here some Boils
. .. 'The Saturday Evening- Post con- was here last week prospecting, decided weeks looking -Pimples: and other
, in the. Michigan legislatures for several a-'o, over our' countryand
aUs\ a splendidly gotten up half pace to go into the trucking bnsmess terms and is a Union veteran of the at that time were deeply Impressed :! County Skin Eruptions. 200 Tab.

advertisement of Beach am & Van Du- at this place] and rented three acres Civil war, came along to see that his with the character of our soil, as lets for $1.00. A Guarantee .
:&>> zor'fc new Prosper VolooYland .!town of of Mr. L. tl. Ingrain's land in the the unusual advantage afforded
,1 Orothers were comf rtably located, well as to cure or money back. .
Taft. which will prove of treat benefltJn O'Neal & Osborn addition. Mr. Speer T 'artesian weils, for
and will return to Michigan In a few >y our irrigation. Abstract
; 4' ,: ,bringing Dew settlers. to this section. has been trucking at Sanford Tor several week It Is his Intention howeverto Since then they ,have received Company AskforafllisaAlmsnscand '.

_81 IJCt jsIj. of Vlkjnir hosiery Iluaraoi the business years and thoroughly He will move understand his family I I' return wlthjjjs .family.. ln The tall orders .jUArtzea i anteed to wear for six month without here in a short time. when he will locate either in Kissim- and believiug that the business irould 0. P. GARRETT, Manae old-fashioned remedy..
.*: hole id heel or toe. for $1.00. Written ruse or at St. Cloud. !' Increase here at a r.pld rate they determined -

i' guarantee with each, dozen pair. Mr.. H. C. Stanford let the contractfor I to move their factory to this Real estate Made by BLISS In Washington <

,- All size* for men. women and children the erection of a 4-room cc stage No Room for "Knockers." point and get in on the ground floor. Title examined and reported on D. C.FOR \ 4I

- at the\ Cash Store. may28tf on one of his lots In the Carson addition i- Taxes paid for non-residents ( _
It f; : on :Monday to C. A. Waldron. We understand there are some people For Sale at a Bargain. Instruments relating to real estate
We would call the attention of all On Tuesday morning while the lumberwas in Kissimmee who have no Interests carefully drawnCorrespondence. _-4 &A.E BY ....
i. our reader to the Ideal Investment being placed on the ground, preparatory here whatever and have been In One residence Patrick's Ad-
}' advertised In another column. Those to beginning work on the the city only a few months, whose on- dition. Solicited. J. W: HAMPTON.

(.. who do not havw sufficient faith to try j house, the building subject. to completion ly apparent business Is to use the One 7-room residence.- Bass. Addi '
} it on a large scale should try a small was sold by Mr. Stanford to H. hammer on any and everything in :
acreage, for It Is well worth a careful I F. Bryant, who will occupy It as a this. section. To these we would say tion.One 6-room residence Mathews' Ad- i I'+ .4.++4+++++f+++++++++l 1414. +1IlP I ++++++++++++++ +44+

_, -consideration.. 1 home. in all kindness that if thev are not dition. .

oJ, Mr. and Mrs. Robt. P. Glbbs, of I pleased with. their present location One bearing orange grove! about 275 I HOUSE PAINTING{ and PAPER HANGING' ]
I Mr. W. B. Tally the well known
t,' Tampa, came up last.. Saturday and I there are other places both in Florida trees. _
.' spent a day or so looking around architect and civil engineer, of Jacksonville and out of It, and three passenger ,These can be had cheap oft reasonable

if town. Mr. Glbb 1 II an old .veteran has been employed by. the train each way pass this city everv, terms >. ----ALSO----
r"' 'aDd has iaveited in the St. Cloud col- I Seminole Land and! Investment Co., twenty-four. hourp'. There is no room WATERS & CARSON GRO. Co. .
'.4' oby. He will either locate in Klssim- to take charge of their surveying here for knockers. Graining. Striping and Kalso'tnining. .

i1V.inee or St. Cloud this fall. corps now at work dividing up the St. Reduction in Millinery. _____.__ _
Cloud tract.. Mr. will ,
colony Tally New Meat Market. r- --- --- _
1 Rev. J. T. Mitchell left Wednesday also draw the plans and supervise the In order to close out my spring and i
i, :v for Fort Meade to attend. District. Conference buildIpg of several structures which T have opened a meat'market in connection summer stock, I am offering hat and : PAINTING -A SPECIALTY ;

',.:: xi' which .1 is in session in that the company proproses to erect. Including with my grocer store and other millinery at bargain price forth ,- .

- 1. .,Ity this week. His mother. who has a hotel &n' assembly. hall lake this method soliciting a shareof next 'two weeks. This -l.a_ bona .
r' been visiting his family here for several chool -'h6use,- etc.' No 'belter man the public patronage. Cal> up fide reduction sale and it will pay you L....a Get Price- *).- JACK BAS S j: _

days, accompanied him and re- than Mr. Tally could have been secured 'phone 50 and give me a trial order. to inreitlgate. .
'. turned to. her borne at Homeland. for this.
position. R. D. COLLIER. Miss MATYIK: BANDY, 'l"M"M
+* .t-at3_ ,
+++++++++-iti-a.-it--i, i-i-is.+ '


A .
1// If / I/f/
/-Ji1 I f C4 )1

,"I _'., "; L '," ..__,__ 1 r: '-'' ,' C< ..L. --z.,. .. "-... ._ .,a. '''t'r': /; _.-. *. J"'_ .1:' -_ ., .... 5L . / ,. ,W : -

";;' : : d, ,,1.of /
., "" !t., ,. .. . .. ,, : ., ." _
" .
1\ '. .t ., ". h .' ,. 'I ..t"1'" '. ,. .',
.. .
. :" .t'4''',',"' ".. ,."",' '\11'. "" __ .', ""I.. ...., :..,,;,f\\,': _' .(_rtl"_ ..,;:< .'" it' tMI" '' ..: .:_" 'j' "',' .'.''"




- _ _
-- ..... _
-'--'- --- '- -

A .MARKKTINGCHICK. ---KX", LEATHERS' L MR. BEAR DOESN'T LIKE THESE JOY RIDES. ,Chicago,;ht.rNiif.ln1! ct d with; tab* :y

Dry Pick "nd' -Savtho Feather! t'ntll !/' erculosls wll| go to school In the. open) AFTER .
( . air If a request to be made by the
You Have Enough: to Sell. .
Chicago Tuberotilotla institute :U

v? POULTRY Ton of feathers.are probably lost ranted by'the ,Board,of Education

each 'ear 1n smal]1' aniounts\ because

farmers and !poultrymen do not think STATB. or ORtO.'I''T,or TOLEDO: I ._. SUFFERINtiONELYEAR

CULTURE. H-worth while to the few LucAs, OOOJITT, f *
gave ounce
J. 'IIIIR: lIT make Mth that tie M
.,"..' ,. ,.'., l plucked from birds )used,! :at home and 'liP, senior" partner tile firm F.J.ClUBlCT' : : A. I
'- .- : .. for local market. "Another reaaon' "5t5 d- Uo.; dome Dunne** in the City of Toledo!
.....-.;:.: . ." probably, Is that the prlce4 County and BUle kforamid. and that seal]:
," : are IL firm will pay tbesum of ona irUBORKD Jf)(... t
thought to be too small make .
saviniT LARS for _oil and .very ease of OATARiur
theje few: feathers worth' that cannot be cured the
HESS seem by us. of HALL'S
r--bl\e.\ CATARRH CTJBB: Yeast: J.CniHKr.: : ,
--'. t Sworn: to before M ..&aidjub! '.cnbe ,; The, Sull.I.\)) .IHMeu4'(l from the Sin., If ,a few minutes be taken when l>r.i enee, thus 6th'day of Deceuibrr.,. A. *>.. Cured by Lydia E. Pink- j
plucking Is done'.toseparate' the varljus -* 1888 ._ ? A: W. UXkASOIf, ,
;I ," wie ruint of t'\IIIt" \ ),. ( grades and to practice the best (sEAr..) Notary 'frblm. ham'sVegetlibleCompound .
UII'.CAtarrh(Otre.taken int..rnaliysnd
By M. HayDawley.: methods of curing them.bere'll1.. no arU directly on the blood and mucous ur-

)' There considerable controversy P rclreon why-a\ nice llttle um could fare.of the yitnjm. Send for testimonials, I Milwaukee, Wis. "Lydia E. Pink. .i

the not be.saved In each cise, and the aggregate free.. 11'. j. l.'JflCl'I1tr' It eo.. Toledo, O. .'. ham's Vegetable Compound hall made '"
over subject the
of size ot the,
Meld hr st" l>ru !in.t.; 1c". '" L ___ me.a well woman I,
$fr floclt In the Australian laying con-. make a I'onsldel'able'advance 5' 'Take IUI1V Family I'M: for eoutipatioo. and I would like to .
11 sit hens In the annua.1 returns from poultry! .. --/iJ, ..
I- te.y :are kept together. Son, breeders even, keep hens In inaTvTd'ual I -Chkk11t-lH1d't1nt'ir.! as-well\ as goose A SOriAX-KURPRTisF '- .! of"lt: I suffered :;-

pens Laying al1e t the'matter olbreeding r feathers, are always In demand, and .- ; : "So the receptfon Interested you?!" I t'rornfemaletrouble j
: .
z ; and considering only th, should be saved, but ought to be .k.eptt' : -r. ': "Yes." answered! Mr. Mechton "I'm' ii and fearful nulnsln .

ulllltv points, we want to know what separate. and the larger" feathers glad wife took I, my back Inadtlm
; my me It was a novelexperiebre
best doctors and
,' size' a flock shouldbe_ to make 'tBElila' j ".laced by "theinwUes,. in no case ; /:: to find everybody talkingat they njl decide ".
should chicken and lurkey feathers
L ". profit. Sometimes thirty henswill ( once Instead of listening Hen that I had a tiunor \'it

lay as many <*!ggs as flfrv hn In I be scalded, because the hot water removes Cartoon by \\'. A. Rogers in the New York Heiald. rietta's- opinions."-Washington" Star. in addition to a\f
the animal and
F oil reduces
the same pen The reason for this latjiat ( the female, I .trouble, ;and
A--j with fifty In the flock they "were I grade very great b' Such feathers 'etCOD, Ocean-lo-Ocvan Walker, frlTV 1 /iwl\'is *
too crowded.: By r!'
; w,," better the. conditions( Sup.. the price paid for dry plcWed ones. out, feel ther ;ii no use living, just take 'x Vegetable Comp" nd mo
house Another good point Is to keep the your bad thought with you and walk them. a well woman fwd I, have sir) moraf
posing a eight by1E'n feet to white separate. from tjiecplwred feathers Reports f2rom'Corporations Show the Turning Point off IJefor you,' have walked a mile. tiling laekar'he. 1 hppp fi 1 can help others by

b? large enough for twenty hens we because white stock b.rtngs LOOK Since Pass Decided Increase Shown In will\; /. just try It." Have you telling them what Lydia I';. riukliam'a
give each hen the privilege of elghtv a Electric noticed the in'resao in walking of late in Vegetable Compound hall ilnnn for .
higher price than dark. After plucking Steel. Copper and; Supplies. "
square feet of floor space\ : while) If every community* Many attribute it to me \iM\lM'K-813FirstSt( l

< tbe house were built sixteen by twenty the feathers should be spread out I New York City._In an article on "Representatives of the Pennsylvania Vie comfort! which Allen'. Foot,):"" ... the :Milwaukee\ ; Wls. .

at1 feet, each hen would have. '320 until the moisture\ thoroughly
square feet! to roam: o\er or four out During/ this time they should Wall- Street Journal summarizes as bria Steel Company report a satisfactory hovgivei to the million now using t. of grateful letters which are \.

times the bi' turned If they are spread at follows. : Increase In business' A. Weston has said "It ba* real o..rt-. constantly!' beingreceived\" by the "
-- room. The latter house all thlc)
t Should be large enough for eighty while too litrRe amthev come from the United States Steel Corporation says Improving business. 30,000) testimonial*. Order a :25p! packaga :Mass",\\'IIK'l\ prove beyond a doubt that
hens The former house would rtist the corporation is Operating about "\\'estlnghouse/ ri'pri'bentathpg reportmorPmen today of any Druggist and be ready to for. Lydia I,.. I'lnkham'a Vegetable! Com- '\ I
'about J85 and--tfl... latter, tmp. sotne.' 'bird, Are jifleu. chopped .and used la seventyppr rent nfnormatia1.MtTtyand ill'Wurtrt1ml1-: any Rt yon 'have fetr Af trial package. Al-- pound.'smarts--from"roots ftinl lierbapttuillv ; ,

ISO That Is to say, It cost $1 .21 to CIIILlpIll4)W'" *. -, that Indications are 10r.-11. continued time since the l ln'a Foot-Fase. : .ent I-BFK AddruM, Allen -' iloes cure these obstinate
house a hen In the small flocks, while A leading, denier writes that 1 hen Improvement In pwceiTas! v-all "TheArnorican Stpan.1\ Wire B: Olnuted Le Roy N. Y. eases of women after all other means '

in the. large Mucks $1 paf>'jjo for the and, turkey bodfeathers have only as production Company states (that record breaking Ira ye failed and that I every Biicbsuf.

-house n.niiKCalue' when dry picked, says "A representative of the Sfandajl.,, Orders have been recel\ed over the TilE :NIGHT OK"\ TUB! GAM.K erring. \\'olllall1'11 itI ii herself '.

the Orange Judd I Farmer They Oil Company Sa8'the business of the jjaftt two weeks At times they.. have n..fllddle4 peronDoesh thUh student east!' !give! lyilii, K I'j nk hllll1'/l/ VoHreta- ,
So have double for .
a advantage .
fr 1f. sjinuld I be laid out on (the floor andforked aompiny Is normal / ..., i r'u'fi as high! ns 20.000 tons\ In a single Belong here:* jle Compound a fiat before xubmit-- -
the hen tbuiIhIT'fg
the house .
largeMoreover "A representative of the General tla> thug to an operation, or giving up
ov..i. daIly. and should be( In aniarketable Landlady (rolllv- all rriv stu- .
J the suullgbt and ventilation Electric Company says the corpora- The Cnlted States glibber Company hope of r"l'uvery.
; t In the large" house are better; .'OflhlIl, Ion In three' class, lion since 1'ebruary has been receU'Ilig repoits thaI "ufTlclent business dents were brought, home an hour Airs. IMiikhain. of Lynn, Mass,

hence it Is easier to keep dry and when thiM; can ,be shipped In burlap orders at the late of between Fl.-- Is on the hooks to assure steady operations ago Wisconsin SphInx. ml lit-s< nil "kk MOIIICII to ,writ

healthy i>aKS '1'111'8"trllli..s are worth IninlilaiitiiMin 000,000 and J53.000.OOa a year and' for the rest of the 51'arHcprr'sentnlHos -- tier for ndvlce }Sh.. hits iruldcdlioiisuiidt

A factor of as much Importance; aI n between four and flve that. orders In the current fiscal >ear of the American Nearly 45 per cent of all the Imports to health tiiiU her

the)) above i Is the amount of labor required -- nuts) a pound Chicken quills should are .JlkI'IY"to' Teach $000.000.. or Cotton Oil Company and the Chemical to China last year paid duty, at aciviec it fr 'e. -
be thrown mixed withsofter equal to the)) boom year. and Kertlll7ors companies reportroaperoris
avvm never ) ShanghaiAnlotnohiliMs.
In having" only one water .Iohn A.
bodfealheis because Topping" chairman of conditions I N
pan to fill, one (place to r"l'd. omplace theySIOIl the Republic Iron and, Steel( Companx'. I "Representatives of t the Amalgamated : I' .
tlwI1'iiiTi' --- \ .
I Turkey quills shouldbe - - --
; -
to gather eggs; and one roost to says all the blast furnace capacity Copper) Comrmnreport large; Read Till.. : ... r..r. rrt''loookl..t.'A: Man- ":
,- r' clean. Instead! of four; roosts the I mailed. the long tails )placed In of the corporation Is operating; and sales of ,'upperat advancing )prices At the etui of the trip when the eyes T.AcR.n"'rll. 'knit i ,, pctr. ft letter

work can be done In much less time, one box those from the first two per cent of the finishing I.and n heavy shrinkage In stocks are stiff and Inflamed from wind and .position. .TlkoiiHftntiM *>,, t"l I.- "t'v.'an'ies' open
Ki&t liltf ft34t 'I'A': ) nionlltlt' I ,laioU, ,ui>pll.*i1 withSoirrnEMN
of the dust there Is
and joints wings In another, those capacity\ 'The International! Harvester Company notblngqulte so soothingas ..
; t therefore the profits are more tei'hr, (!br' ii, irrw.u, : nr/
and tbe cost of equipment' less from the last Joint In a third. The "1'h8 equipment'
4 t shorter quills and those from the an Improvement In hll"lnl'ss.altholl/th, I Tle( Leather companies show s !t- little particle rubbed along the eyrf - -
On tbe other hand a large house ,- ranging; from five fo eight orders are not coming; Iu .as rapidly lsfactor gains In business lashes brings Instant relief At all 'I I his I Is a .\ "ai' of King H t coo ole.-t.

cannot drawn about like a colony I rump as in the case of many other Industries "It i is exident from the above that drug or general stores or by mall. For COITUS and OKU'.

house It has to slay in one place Inches thorough placed In a burlap After I the turning )point for the better! so Price 2Cc Hall & RII<'kl'l. N Y. City. nick's CAPDDIIB U. the twttt reiflo4yrail. -

t The hens have to come out on the a airing theymav packed "The Western El ctrlc Company I far as Industrial conditions are concerned -- - .vM the achlnr and

ame ground and so find less green for shipment Moisture allowed .to shows a large gain In business. has been reached and passed." A EROKKV: WilL the: Cold sod reitorrs normal. conillllun. ltsliquideffects I
ImmvdlftLluc! X&c. fcod&uc.
: food and forage than the hens scattered remain In them rots the quills quick- -- Dyer-Did his widow succeed In .. fttdrutf aloOl'-a.
: I about Ij and thus reduces the grade. breaking Iris will'
In small flocks Diseases
before he died.-
are very contagious, and so the risk I>uell- ; long
- '$-4 wish you could all come to l Kingston :
t II greater In the large house Coop and Scratching Shed, Harvesting; Machinery, Manager Says the Outlook :ll Is 1-k-k MerpTOWER'S, '
I have had and see the fine oil 1 things" hero 'I
splendid results keeping .
.r' z two.hundred hens In one flock In This form of chicken house Is useda Very Promislns. Jt Is called the Colon. 1..1 I City because,
good deal! In the South but Is Well New York City. Edwin D. Met- day advertising for '
a house sixteen by fifty feet with ayard a years supple of FISH BRAND It was" settled In the old ,Colonial .

:: : 100 by 30O feet. Part pf the adapted to the North particularly! If calfe, vice-president and general a certain. class of goods. On the other days, ',,'ay back In 1661 btrt Ht Was ,
of firm In WATERPROOF .
manager a large dealing hand the manufacturers are not anxious
yard I is In sod and part rs.plowed and ealle,1'iltwy<'.k then : HO son ran nee
\ harvesting machinery who Is attend to sign contracts a long way OILED ", I
owed to oats or wheat twite each ing the annual convention of the ahead They are etpE><,lIng a rise In '": It Is very olil There are many oil .

-I ,, / teaaon.l Manufacturers' Association at the prices 'and' are unwilling to bind CLOTHING ,)&\ houses here The oldest one li called I

Waldorf. talked about the return of themselves, down. business Is just will give >ou full value \\ the Senate llouse I

l I prosperltv waiting for buyers and sellers\ to get: for every dollar spent I When the HrltUh burned our cityIn I
The Best W.ter'e8s..1.. "'It seems now," he *ald, "to together, and when that has been accomplished and keep you dry in the ltevoiutionjry'ar all the i
The depend the harvest It It i is good will be back. \
poultr>-man has some trouble on prosperity the wettest weather. houses were burned except the Senate "f 1
I to get a drinking vessel to fill the and at present there are no reasons "or course the manufacturers are -;
it should not be.I look for the House I/'t me tell you something
'S why a hanging back to see what tariff .SUITS322
bill.Here Is very big year in 1910 But, however will ,be It does not matter so mn ch SL1CKERS 322 bout. this bouse It was bjillt 111 t
favorite. .
our YOU can see
well the crops: turn out. the farmers whether it Is the Payne bill or the 1676. and George Washington bad hM
bow handy it is. It is made of galva. will not be getting their money till AldrIch bill. Once the question la POMMEL sue \- headquarters, here once. It was. also "

Bleed Iron. and three gallons is.about next spring, and so It is likely to be settled business! will accommodate. Itself ..3oSal the first,.capltol. of New'' Yorkstate.. I
the proper size, though suit yourself the lower part of the scratching shed next year "before there is.a return to to -fl8w'rates. nE/I/YtWF/M' '
Is made of
It Is two stories ;.high an,{
on that Our first one cost 11.50 be made of glass. No nests should the conditions which, prevailed In "I don't see why we should not ,-CATAiMffiftAJ.TOWER .
c__ 1906 and 190T, have good crops. All the reports of CO. : old atone. It Is In good condHI6n, and i,
blJ laced In a ou.ft.of this kind as : BOSTON.U3A. -
;' ..,. ,.. - it "la 'useful "mainly for confining "At the ,pfesent;Moment-there",''Is. winter'! are good, and although TOWER LIMITED Toocevo.CAN. 'mauy people ,'' to view, the, old ; '

however one hopeful sign. Large in some parts of the Northwest spring relics kept there. The lat! time I ', -;
fowls In bad weather.
buyers have arrived at the) conclusionthat sowing has been delayed by cold went there I saw a spinning wheel! ,
have about reached bottom there Is still time to make
prices it up. Anyhow some of George Washington's clothes.
and looking around to place with the of cereals what The differenceremember
Feeding For Eggs.' are prices old-fashioner] kitchen utensils and: I
:: : large: orders Thus I heard of the they are, there Is sure to he an Increase i
To produce a number of eggs In United States Government the other in the acreage sown" many' other things There was a

winter I feed the fowls at daylight a this- cracker over two hundred; years old. .
light feed of mixed grains, about four r it mar save your life Cathartics, -Samuel 11 irons, in the New York ;

quarts to eacb 100 fowls. As soon; as THE DATE FOR FULL RECOVERY.A bird shot and cannon ball pills-teaspoon Tribune ', f

dotes 01 cathartic medicine ------ - .
they have their first meal the vessels
PlttsburK Estimate on the Progress; of Trade all depend on irritation of the bowel WHY IXDEBD\ ? .f
I It filled with and these
are warm water.
I I IJ II Revival. until they sweatenough to move. Cajcarfts the on the
I You markeji up price 't
.4 I vessels should )>e kept free from ice strengthen the bowl muscles 'v't"
by adding boiling water when necessary Plttsburg, Pa.-Opinion differs as of the capacity of the country in op ao they creep and crawl naturally. Christmas present you bought her

pL during the coldest weather to when the country's business activIty eration. As compared with 1906 and, This mea a cure nd only through "1 <'clld" .4'j

At 9 in the morning the fowl will be such as to pronounce it 1907. this would be equivalent to Cajcarrts can you get it quickly *Dd Why did you do that" .:

should be given all they will eat of a fully recovered from the after-panic about 100 per cent: naturally. NI "Because I knew the price ,would' d" !
reaction. Increased producing capacity One thing that must be reckoned C..canlJOa box-w..k's"" treatment Interest her more than anything else.
; warm mash that has been steamed as compared with 1907, In the with next )year providing the tariff All dn......ta. Sitwset s.U.t
J over night in a covered mixing box. steel trade especially, naturally raises I is not revised to the liking -of the fai UM world-millio*boK..a mooch. Why should" I deprive her of one lotlt.jl., '.

The last feed should be given them at the level on which conditions must country Is Congressional elec of joy ? Ixjulsvllle::_ I CourierJournaLTHINK (!
3 o'clock In the afternoon. and madeup now be Judged A few weeks ago Jt i tlons The speeches made by Sena. A : "iTAIll) ... !

of mixed grain thrown in the lit- was estimated that It will be tbs: end ; tors CummlUKS; Dolliver. Brlstow and / .
ter. To increase the egg productiona of 1911 before full capacity wouldbe others have been overlooked as pos Eight Years Old-80 Are Some of ItsMembers It Pays to Think About Food. ....,.", t,
Several have sible factors in the future. Other. Are '
engaged. things near A Eighty.
cut of raw fresh bone and meat .,, "
since come In sight to affect the pre. Democratic House of Representatives The; :Nature Club of Battle Creek, The unthinking life some people \ {
should be the fowls twice
given : a diction. If good crops are harvestedthis elected next year and convening! in 'Mich, la an example of what may lead often. causes trouble and sick "! '

week during cold weather. A. C. year, trade authorities now predict December 1911, might affect business be accomplished In community ness. Illustrated In the experience of .

Hawkins Worcester County Mass., that the first half of 1910 will conditions considerably Far any a lady In Fond Du Lac. Wls 11
In natural his
In Cultivator. see a remarkable expansion In demand sighted manufacturers desire that the Any person interested "About four ye&l-s-.ago I suffered - ..".
.. for Iron and steel. as compared question be settled definitely even If tory is eligible and welcome to Join. : ,
from indigestion
with the present situation. and they they must give up a larger proportion Common interests cement the group. dreadfully :

Set Eight at a Time. believe sufficient business Is at handto of-their protection than was antic! and bave held It together for eight! having eaten whatever I liked not i

It Is best to set at least eight hensat keep eighty-five to ninety per cent. pa t ed. years. There' Is no constitution or thinking of the digestible qualities.This .

a time. Start them on china eggs, bylaws The club has fifty members indigestion caused palpitation of

and It they settle down well put In who In from 8 to !HO the heart so badly I conJd not walkup 'i//
range age )
GOVERNMENT DETECTS RETURN OF PROSPERITY a flight of stairs without sitting :!!
good the next night. When -
eggs supplying 50 {
""' There is a membership fee of .

Fig. I.-To Carry aad Fill FIg. II. the eggs dust the hens and Immigrants Aro Coming Back and Customs aVid cents. ThIs pays the rents of the halt and down strength.once or'twice to regain breath 't

< -In Position For Service. eggs with Insect powder and apply Internal Revenue Increaslner. where meetings are held once "a week "I became alarmed and tried dietIng I "
the powder twice again before batching ..cs"\
While President that the station during the four winter months. Each clothes loose and ", :
C. Immigrant
Washington D. at Kills wore my very ,
home timer made one dozen Test the about tbe eighth
us eggs
_ The Taft Isn't bragging about It, two II Island again is the busy place that it meeting begins wltb a talk on some many otner remedies but found no ,
: for $6-$1? saved. day, put the good eggs under fewer
departments, Treasuryand Commerceand always is in prosperous times, subject of Interest and It is followedby relief. -

r ch'antaces.-Need not fill everyday hens, and reset the other hens. Do Labor, are polntlngiwlth pride to .At the Treasury Department the a general discussion. "Hearing of the virtues of Grape-: _

; easily filled\ and carried t holds not be discouraged If some of the signs of the return of prosperity first indication that the American The club meetings are held out of Nut and Postum I commenced using '..

large. quantity water; does.not slop hens leave the eggs many hours at a Commerce and Labor has charge of people were becoming hard up was In doors from spring till fall. The region them in place of my usual breakfastof :f
out; keeps clean and sweet; cannot time. The eggs will hatch althougha the Immigration work, and i It is the falling off In internal revenue receipts
i Is full of natural beauty, but not hot
coffee cakes or biscuit and In
burst from freezing; chickens can little later than If they had not been stated there that the first tangible and in receipts from the customs .J
Sometimes will evidence of panic was the departureof These two failures in the anything apctcudar Often mall one week's time I was ''relieved of .
into neglected.
In It water runs eggs
: not drown ; foreigners with the money that great revenue raising means of the groups go after, different things, the sour stomach and other ills attending .,
used and does not hatch when left the hen for
trough only as without they had earned in AmerIca. Now, Government accounted for the tremendous club dividing Into botanical 80I..I.oal Indigestion In a month's time my }
hours I tr weather is "
freeze BO quickly.CautlonDo thirty-six tne the department announces the Immigrants i- ; deficiency that promises to and bird sections Often a general heart was performing Its functiona
I not use acid prepar. warm. Fifteen chickens fs the limit back Washington confront Uncle Sam at tbe end of the
: an coming meeting Is made memorable bya naturally and I could climb stair ,;,
ations In metal vessels Serve ,them that one hen should care for. More has not yet the detailed figures" I fiscal year. June 30 campflre.! and bills and walk long distance ,\
In earthenware. Clean and disinfect than that will\ not do so well.-Mrs.W from the Immigration, Commissionerat With Increasing receipts and deCreasing picnic supper around a ten :.t
"I gained pounds In this
'vlth one of the many coal tar prepar. II. Marsh, Tolland County Conn., New York but; it has the assurance - deficit the Treasury Depart- At one. such supper th* chef was .
4 : Weekly Witness. in American Cultivator. that the tide has turned and ment is optimistic. a banker, his first assistant a Judge, time, and my skin became clear and I
i ations.- says Country Life In America. The completely regained my health and --1'1

-r - f.- Poultry Yard Note more small ones would be better than Claims lie Can Explode Magazines Biggest Boom Ever Expected as president. who la now serving his strength I continued to use Grape- ;

very large houses of Vessels 5OO Miles Away. Soon a* Tariff Signed. eighth tenn, is the editor of a dally! Nuts and Ppstum, for I feel that I :

_; Cbartoal I is. 'essential l to the good J 'New Orleans, La. Tfiat a wireless Cincinnati. Ohio.-Frank A. Van- paper; one of the keenest: of tha! owe my good health entirely to their j t
One rooster 1s sufficient for ten or "
,health of' the chickens. operator In a station five hundred derlip. president of the National City younger men is a letter carrier One use.. "There's a Reason. [,

_ -- r ;Plow at least part of the chicken twelve hens or pullets miles away may explode magazinesin Bank of New York, said at a dinner ot the older men is a veteran bee hun "I like the delicious flavor ofGrapeNuLl !

yard up. spread a little lime Qver It If you force your utility hens to battleships of any navy with the given here to financiers from the and by making Postum ;
#I- ter of the region and' skilled In all
4ti' and low thickly with 'clover seed. moult early, you will be sure of a aid of his Invention Is the claim of East who have been inspecting tbe according: to directions: It tastes slml- ,

f!) from the- good supply of eggs in tbe winter H. A. .Folk who has taken up the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad and woodcraft.A lar to mild high grade coffee." it
y.\;\' The bulk of poultry comes the feature of the Informal after din
matter with the United States Government. Commercial Club of this city, Read "The Road '
when prices are high. to Wellvllle IB 1:1:
it.: farm and not the fancier, but the beat that this country was on the verge of ner on thi* occasion waa :.
_ r .. programme
_ "*.;poultry usually comes from the -fancier The tncubator-1r always on the job -_ Folk has been experimenting- with the greatestTndiigtrtat it-has demonstration of the mat&od! of ..lIk&Eve _ _ ____ ___,_ '
has to leave the for feed Marconi known. read the above letter A'i
never ever
*,I or'smtU: farmer. eggs wireless telegraphy since the bee hunter. He had hi* honey and
:c >0-* --A"beullf: 81, IB a very convenient or water, and require loss time and, >, "I'ed.ltl successful utility. He rif- He said that "this boom would apparatus and he succeeded in CRUDe new one appear from time to Usnet ':

_ site for a small flock of, fowls. If ali care than the average busy. old tit fuMes t dlvulge! details until the Qoron start the minute that President Taft TbeJ' are genuine, true, and fall othamaa ,
_ hah. &' ta the proposition. .. signed the new tariff\ schedule" a U.. to a bee tree. Intereet.
-7' Ur*. flock: J.I to ba homed .two .or tlag i trnmeltt -- - -

,, -. ,,, { i % ,
.11(I (

., -' ".. ,,," ., I ..............""- ....;. J- '.
: ''I .- .. ' , fk'i4I' ... ... .. ,.e
1.I.A ; -"1'V. I4Ji5e --4 ; --- --- .. - L- #' ' ..0 -
: ' :J', f. ,h.. r .. '" '
. t ';::, 'I1 '!J )i J t.'Ijt'(1; : ';
k \ ..!!; to' , r, ;.r.- ,,, :r<, ,

F 1 1I T

- ... . .-- .- : 1"'
-- - - --

m' THE WO-RLTD: OF SPORTS,,. A Hogsrthlsn" Inn! "te.- DYSPEPSIA KISSIMMEE r-- T" t -

1", '()De of the most humorous Inn sign -

)v Is"'Tie Man Loaded With: Mischief."
'be All-Southern'' CoJ.lece Baseball There will be no special investigation ,

team of nOli as picked by J. W. Hels- of .the salary limit of the Chattanooga -. "which. Is found about a .mile frfemCanVbrlde ..

man 'if .. follows: Catchers and club; as asked for' '''by the Columbia on the; Madinzleyroad.) The RIVER ROUTE.

_w- ,aptajna Bucbannan.% Tech:: 'Gantt," franchise owners.- 'Presiding original "MlsohUfs:': wan designed) t>fHogarth

I ?rthity: pitchers, Tucker Alabama; W. A: Jones of the South Atlantlo ( :for' a putyk/Jiouf.) .In ..Oxford'Street "'

.M&'er. Tech. .flrst base McCoy,, Au lea.ue,says. there Is no need of such TKAUEll LILLIBJ > STEAM EHCaatsla OIUl1A.D... .

burn; second base Alabama-Ahlrd Derrlc Georgia/ ; an Investigation, and the agitation of 'It U needless to car that the-- tlB- Claj Johnson, Sr. Captain Clay "Johason." Jr.Ucoiar ,
ebortstop Pratt : the Columbia people U the result of a .
W.- We t;,TrlnUy _Cochr n,, Clemson) misapprehension.! HI board and-BTJRti Jim n 1ICTW'IoIt' 'skly trip to Biuiar! aikl return oaaada leave K .....

outfielders, W. Baker Tennessee; DobbyGilks ago disappeared from Lbe busy Lon '" .ee Tuesday morning '_4 arrives .1sStmme* Friday .".aID,. / '

Ooldnamer Va.nderbllt.' Utility iarth as managerof has resigned/the Savannah from tbe don thoroughfare butbtbe quaint'de- Special Charter Trips to Lax OkoSob. and Fort M)*... oa ,
fimltb AuDurn. South Atlantic league baseball team .vice must bare been extensively cop- C-mtortable" accommodation for pea sengeys. Rat* rtaonallv? .

Montgomery park ('n Mem.pbls 'for and In his stead Ernie Howard out. led by country sign painter. There .irNybN'a DTIPBMIA BtMfcDY 'I'll. Most picturesque Waterway la Tlortda. ." ,
,thirty' yean'and more the scene of flelder of'the team Is at the'steering !.* a MUohler: at' Walllnrtord and arts almost Immediately .oa the Oistrio aDd..tlt.wtIa ., .sl, Pi&aango.r-an4 Stoical Kate apply. to' I_ _
... and 1es lbs stomach tone
of the 111 .1a1. g1 V '
r many greatest running races wheel for the present. It I* probable a "Load of Mischief-,at'Norwich. Tb to attest al tit / CLAY JOHNSON.' SR.. Proprietor.OB 1 1p

tbe-country has .been dedicated ss hat bad Gifts-: remained longer In Ian on the Madlagley road edtlblU j aaa oeea p*%- .;. It, nt'.V"7t1aiq: sadIrrltsited ... / boar4 -Lima Klaalmin I,..
*. _
race track for trotters and ..pacerlll.I steoapas that have Been t.mpstr.d( .
' I EM Goers and other famous trainers. charge of the team the knocking or the sign'in its original form. Thouga I lIT physic-sad InJertoos .....1. We no._. .. -" a .
: "snorts for the Rood.: of the team." the 'colore are much, faded'from ex-i too .re now in Memphis pronounce aa fast. would hafe given him the can. He re- tram soy of the followlur ermpteaas to
.1 aa any track In the country. Adverse posure to the weather traoea. ot KoK-j try this re..ed"f Dletms after eattni.Meat&g ,
tiredgracefully, 4n a nice letter to_ -- _
t -
legislation in regard! bookmaking- The ownership and received, a ntee' let- -.nJiTinior-cair detected: 'JlrniairrIs ,_ .I.rlar...... Boor ht.f.1r.rt. :If--Yout. BusinessIsn't
was the cause of the change from *."mr in reply. The Savannah players staggering under the -weight of I *..,i. Lees of Appetite C..rtlpaU a. -

running harness racing.; Explain who I. 4s back. 8he Is D1.D_. hIDt...... Palpitation of, the _
woman on
by saying "Gllks'Is nice fel- ; ....rt. 8bolltDMa of Meatk,,aad all ateetloDS . -
Tommy burns says be now knows' :-ow/but he's too easy on ys." Howardjmn't holding a <
bow Jack. Johnson flghts and can that sort of a reputation, exept a chain .and padlock are astound tile i: want sufferer eterj from dleroaMceil and or ].*eo|
beat him In a return go. No one the first part of it, and will be man's neck labelled "W Iock.H On't', esat artde all ether medicIne I = Worth I
4dubtB the nrMt assertion.B thu It taOs I.ctv. Advertising
.liven a month's trial The Savannah i give rmwdrxO trUl'f
the side tile i
cause of the poor .showing made fans were demanding a change and It right-hand "U carpenter oj> of-3. stlafartloB-l.' .IU refund WUN"0..ON...G-
Gripe and mart
Pawnbroker a
by the team this year Manager liabb lad to (come regardless!: of Qllks' ability. For sale by all druggists. Price, StSc.SHArTfNG .; "
'I; of the -Memphis Southern 'league" club : The learn wax, and maybe' yet Is 'just going in to pledge bis tools.

announces a general shake-up., Waivers '... on the chute and' some sort of Strand Ma.ga7Afl$. .. I \
'S are out for Cobb the right fielder"] brakes-had to be applied to soothe Advertise It. For Sale.JOB 1DCICBIFTIVS

who will be ..0]<1. Lindsay. the" shortstop 'he." fans. THORNY PROPOSAL _
I has gone to New" Orleans and "Dearest, be mine! aald tbe Mexican '
Apparently desperate In their attempts I PULLEYS BELTS
Shields the :Memphis: pitcher will to back the lad. ,
.bo tran fl'rr..d. It Is understood that Memphis team with so-called whisper. As he knelt on the desert sand; LOMBARD IRON WORKS. AUBUSTA. ilL

Pitcher Fritz: of the NewOrleans' "Be mine and maIt :heart
wagers In violation of the Southern my poor PRINTIN6fl'Vz1tt4'
club has been secured" by Habb and league: constitution which prohibits glad- !

Rudolph Schwenk last year's NUCCPI$ "smlng/ on the grounds the gambling Senorita, give me your hand !'* SECURE A FREE .
fill pitcher, will Join the'team at once. I 0II -
fraternity who have always been more
"Oh. wait for a whll/' teased the
Alfred" Shrubb. the Engfuh mlddUtdlsla'nre or less 'Source of evil to the Memphis COTTAGE BUILDING LOT

I champion 1 proved his abilityto Baseball n,,"o'latlon are makinglife I Cried dark-eyed tie frenzied belle youth, "I cantIf !!* I I loke ii f i Uillte ,

go farther than fifteen mlle kithgi1'iebrdpfpnTthg1 miserable for the Turtles by caustic : I; AT MER1WETHER WHITE '
-, llcTvry"ST. criticism burled from the bleachers i I kneel aqy'\ longer I know I shall SULPHUR SPRINGS.
I Yves the :Marathon, champion from and stands during the frequent detent i yell-

I France In I th.'4r 1 wplII y.mlIp race on *. I My knee'a on a ractnt plant!" i They Queen of Georgia ReeoHs. DIXIETELEGRAPH
I the Montreal Amateur Athletic association Tom O'Hrien, scout for the Cleveland -,f -:New York Globe. The hAIl already. spent aev-
I _ __ __ company
grounds.. Shrubb won liv American" Icanuo; team was, In I ..nt, thousand dollars In Improvement, ALL FORMS OF INSTITUTEtm
about 1 640> \ > ards Vethe I fncl time- ol ChaHauooga looking over the Chattanooga. -I Tetterine Cures Pilei. I
1:64:85. St. Yves* finished outthe "On ol ' cured, and propone axlllng a few share. of BLOOD
: South Allan-He league players.It application BISI POISON .
of 6 coot stock. To facilitate 0.... ....!..*.Iot.! TKLEOIAPIiy: at half
t J race In 'I 1 ..<; :24.! 1 t IB raid I that litIn I particularly\ anxious , I 'e.J'a ,.ire ...rt.. t". of M., ... Java Do aUMU

, Shamrock III. Sir Thomas Upton's to get: a line on Pitchers Oaskll 1 Barnard Itenlon' Watterboro. R. C. Its ale, they are giving wish eaohihareofatook cure tottay cured Write for Information ..r_ for .. In roar -' ". ktlalaa *s tfvma
cutter which carried the hopes ,.f and McKenzie Outfielder ReId> and I Tetterine cure. Enema: Tatter Ringi : a oottog building lot. il.5.... .. will siv fttn a fv*..,Miknlftvvatl. ano4 %.
I ... ...
: Ga. afwr lot Writ
Ground ) .. In : P. Q Box 91 Atlanta MMr aar ""$ vatuk. ve seal
t' Great Hi Main III I II"* InleriniiUuiiil Plrnl' Pascman .lohnslon. i I fant's Worm gore Head Itch., Pimples ItchingPile, Dolls, Houajhi I 60x1(0, and I the free use of the Spring' ..... *. B. KUDU. MHasYourDo..... ,. .. 0....

yacht racex and wan defeated" declcIvely The Jacksonville mIni has purchased i .< aly Patches on the Vace, Old ItrhlnsI Make application at oooe they will not

'.. by lIT: Helldnce (n 1 iin?:!. bus Pitcher Weaver from :Nashville : I! Korea. Dart4ruff.Caftk.r.d' Scalp. DunInns. 'last l Idng. over oae-bnlf of them already I. WARLICK'Sheet,1til1MallUfaCturiIIgCO. '
ftitlnlarnB and of
Corns. form
heen ennd lemhrtihd' will be sold for has traded InflMder John Hnrkolle 'to 1 Kklh 1>1....... Tetterine SOc every; TetlerlneBoap taken Write at ouoe. I II Distemper?

Junk After being!: defeated. ' l>v HieJtvllaiice. Augusta for InfleldPr Fred [Herman : Sir Your$ldruMst. or by mall from : ? l ., t"R zir&J' Iug .
I I time Sluunroi III was taken nnd, liux cured pitcher jlrard from the manufacturer, Th. Shuptrine Co I Meriwether White Sulphur -J- 8. to ..C.brq i!
Kavaanak. Oa 60 W. Alabama St. ATLANTA, GA. =...- ._::. _-IL .;;'a..i.
out of Ihtwulcr/ at Kri.atn: and Itu- Little Hock lub... o.
I -- - I I
t has b1hlKh mid do for .Ix' ('III'''. President. vV A Jones of the South' Orders hajfe' been given for thee.slabllahm'ntat Spring Co., :r Hot Air Furnaces. r-w I 1 =.I.:.-wd, f-: ..,-'_, :'::::: !
V Room 100 Marion Hotel Atlanta, Ca. PT : OWftjf -
Word haileiirhed 1 :New; Yorl. that' KirThoraaa
Atlantic l league has ruled that thehome Amoy China of METAL CORMICEB. '
ban sold the famou rarer i team can require Mulling: club branch of the American Marine Hos I Ventilators, Skylight, Roofing. . M
and that Its will lireuk It
new lo off lie I
up for the mal <*rial' it (contain games pital.\ Surgeon A. D. Foster will' be In PECULIAR TO ITSELF.'.

Jack .Iohn' I '
'heavy-weight cbaniplon. fiili-l in win and released by the local club, has ,nutti paid on :Manila Imports of io In winter?" J-TOTHE-: .

over .Jack U'llrlvn. I he. I'hiladelphlallgnlwelght. stalled. up with Columbia of the South 1 opium fortuoatelv decreased" from I "Nothing." answered. the editor. Town United Confederate Veteranst.Reunion
; ,.: In 1'x' ronn'd 1 licuit The his Hue of language! : PropertyAT
Atlantic.Clcotte.. "We can't use
11194,381 ,In 1905 to $64.891 la 1908 I At Memphis T.D' J as S-io. 1909
flftht was even and I Die conxi-tikiiK of former wirier .. for anythlpfT, < 'except baseball."-LouisCourlerJoiirrial. Tfc. .."...... Brrmlo.h.B. a AUa U<..11.11..... -III
n Augusta -
opinion wa ,that It should 1 have been !: --- -- ..II ..'...d lrti' "...... r.. Jon. Mk to stk, |aola. >l...
ban developed Into one -of I the foremost INSTANTLY RELIEVES THE ITCHINGDon't 'dhl Skpo..c will h. .11....< ... _.r. trip, at eanstaipnlnu. 1 j
a draw had 1 a djcilon! I I h..11 i pcrralKslble. I ,- I ..._ .r. tw wl on abom o.. _. >er avtieKAAKB > .
O'Mrlen'n marvellouslv fast pitchers In the American ]league.: Milltown Georgia. .....Itd,

foot-work and bin superior l Imlom klnBavcd Huby Schwenck. ont or the mainMavs suffer a moment"longer from Bcz I The. Atlanta Kallraaul nlrmlnKtiafa AtlantleI WkT/oroM.rROM O .t PRINCIPAL, .TA'rmora. ,

him from .In "cvmralclose of the :Meniphlw team I last t ;season : nia, or any form of skin trouble. Don'ecr.1cl1 I To meet our subscription on two new Tiff. O... II lit
llaniiei, .
Will aril aiourslou tickets. at reduced rates' Tlin. Mvtll., Gsv..
mlxen: and three limes. he \\'afor.11 and who hjs held'out for a couple or rub th* skin. Jut apply HaA-I, for the following oo.ouHioim. railway enterprise oumln to our town .."..... ...... : : n II :IS
.... are 011'.1"lug -
with we
I lo his lineex bthe 'If"jro'slM'f'ot of months this year has reported cock'a Sulphur Cumpoond tp the affected I American Association of OptlotUDS, At- :JOOrholoalota .nt..rrrl., the low prl,'" z.r.'fr- :- : .: JO jO i

.. hand weight.. It wan a Herbert :
' fast fight O'HrJen doing': the most turned over lo Augusta; duringthe I preparation that noothna, beats, and cures I I Georgia Educational Association. Ciirn- I This id the greatest "nacriHo evet vat... ,..;.. oib r pnlata. I
I borland Island. Ua., Jnn J3rd. lItlo. ItVF. 1'.'. .Ir .... .. op.ortu.llr lo 01.l tt 5.. of Ike
.lohni-nn) slow on hI'feet I) spring ht.he Atlanta team has I offered In Real Estate, an our town ha* .._. ,_
leartiiiK. was aol
all si4mn and .scalp troul)!;;;'. Druggists sell 1 Annual HeHBlon Anoleut Arabic Order No'lilnsortbe .itl I I. .h.I tlui..Spi' Vll.p: sate.
and apnearu; ] not 'to be tii- Kooel been tinned bark to Atlanta and released I' nearly 2.000 people now, and with oonvlnt .. ...U "
it. Writ hancock CoBa.Itunore Mystic MLiioe. Louisville, Ky., H.l.IinT. CHAB.
Liquid Balphur labor driven out of town a f&O.OOO
ndltion. Ileieatedl I the ihamplnnruBb 1 outright by the latter Pu .... TraMllas PMSSt A,55MILLIONS
| > June tulle .
| for booklet H. O. Berry? of I Baptist College oompleteil, two more rail A11,..... Asa-
('d his --rnallPr alii itgoImtt.: but :Msnaxer Mlque) Finn of the Little I, Couventloo Oil Mill Hiiperlntendxntt' Anj beaded thin xrlth several factory
eldom ]iHiidi-d] effedlvelv A llloIhl' IJo k team bus announced the sale of Baltimore Yrnte: "Hancock's Solpbor, j societieS, New Orleans, La June :ilnd-ith, enterprise ways we cannot way help doubling our I

hand <-oiinter In 'the flfili round 1 rut trher Girard tu Ja<.| i n..v..rwtthout it. for ItiM t be moetdeltghtfut National Association T. P. A., Asheville,
O'Hrleu'K right: eye and I his\ Wa" the South Atlantic league/ This l I. a snap; writ. qulok, as they ""0' I IiDOl
\ adjunct to a bath that wan ever gotten up. I N. 0., May SlM-June Ml, 1U09. You
last No No waiting.
X "um total of tho daniuee!: done In thesli Martin .J, Sheridan the Irish-Amer I cannot iipueJc. too highly of It. benefit to National' Baptist Cocv..otU>n Portland, lonu. delays. e.ompleted.
deed the day payments are !
: rounds. O'Mrlen was In and l Out iran Athletic club world's champion 1 me:" I Ore., JUDO !iatb-Juy: ;and. 11109.I I get n

like a flafh In nenrlv every ,round dl"'IIK thrower sent the newly-adopt LUCK. I I Independent Order of Odd Fellows Seattle South l Georgia Land & Industrial Co. :
the fori- hut the Wash, September :aoth-Xth:. 10011.
stabbing:!: Johnson on ed disc fron a 'even-foot circle at the I Bolt 8e. Mllltowa, Om.
blows lacked force and had no effect "Pa, Is there such a thing as luck? There am other occasions for which reduced
Pastime Athletic club's oval In New
i Of course there U boy. It li tales wll) announced. For further
other than to make the biz black man 4I'my ,
York city for a new word's record ofJ38 information apply to ticket spent or ..Oll1t
grin and wave hi. hand at the crowd. feet 11 3-4 Inclies. The former' always luck when a baUtian) on theopposing muDicatewltb W. H. LEA BY, .

1 't Is a hard matter to keep up wHh record of 132 feet" 11 Inch .wa. held ] team'make.* a home run."-*" General Passenger A Jet., Atlanta, 0... .

tbe 'man changes made by,PrpsJdf'nt by M. FV'lIbrr;' '', -' .. Detroit .Free Press. ". ', ', '. I

-Jones ef the South "All ant _league.on, I, .:.Tlie'-yeleran." Thea-:hrellsieln New; .- "" *" ., ONI.\i '
Ills staff umpires,' aim Che name of Orleans' leading pitcher, declares he Dr.nlgg.r. Haekleberrj' Cordial 1 -Tab'sley-' Mlss'.Passay seemed offfnded I

a new arhlrator hll" appeared' almoit] will never pitch again on Sunday. Not ,: Cares Children Teething, Diarrhoea. Dyientery. with 'you -last evening." What
and Flux all 8tom.
every! dU recently In I the officialcores. account of ] but'believes did ycni Lay!'
on religious scruples, anti and ibwei l Troubles. At Drugglava :2&)
Since the *ea"6n started theSouth hI' the day IK a Jonah 'to him.lie and SOC per bottle. :\udge-"e, think. 1 only asked

1 4m 1<1 Atlantic\ league: has. had no lens. has not won a !'I1I1'dam. / (' in her if she didn't dread having: to wear i
ban thirteen"umpires.. Of the thirteen NOTHING"What EFT. UkodBy The
several and loses
A'1 jean", rarely onweek crinolines\ again."-)New York Journal _
the following have departed for days are" you going- to give; up r

other ellmen Setley. :Mavfleld: Lucid. ?" Who/o Family
Pltdier Bill Hart who, slatted In .for the New Year
Homer. Smith. Butler and Howe Italy l Chattanooga In IgSti, then" to the big "Not muoh. I gave up about all I Ronjrh on Rata, unbeatable exterminator. :

i' tas not. officiated lately and It Is presumed league, retiring two different" times had for Christmas."-Ix>ulsvllle CouP ,I Rough on Hen Lice, Nest Powder, i 5c. I You will never be diisp -t'
that .
he has got his releaKe.The I
with Little Rock I Rough on Bedbugs Powder aile.Rou..h .
rn-entering: playing er-Journal. or Llq'd.
f. present .ta!!f Is reported to .be __. __ _ __ I pointed if you use Lltttiy'mMoid ,
this has three already Firan, Powder
season, won games I on or Liquid, aftc.Kongb !
of We..t LewIs.
composed tervelt. Martin -
MATTER OF TASTE."I and Oonttln -
-two being from New Orleans. Rc.chPow'd **
on lSc.Uq'd 20o.
and Van
: Sycle. I
The work In all three games was of like to visit there. They havethree I Rough on Moth and Ant, Powder, Sio.Rcmgh : I II f on your table. ; : ,.
::11 On behalf of George/ B. Povey. nre<- a hIgh; order.The i i .lovely children" I '
pn Skeeters,. agreeable la use, 850. I
f Ident of the- Boston National league' lobby's have the right taste
Senator of Massachusetts bill before the Tennessee legislature "I'd rather visit at.. a place wbere E. 8. Walla. Chemiiit ,Jersey;, : Oty, N. J. ,
am. Lodge legalizing:;: Sunday baseball was they have a lovely cook."-Louisville which U always uniform I
presented to Taft a special1ass I
lost In the committee room. Damesat SAD STORY. .
to the games of that club in BOil Courler.Journal. and you can depend uponLibby'
Memphis on the Sabbath will\) be from '
Kind Ldy-What drove you
this summer. The pass is engrav-" as being; absolutelypure. k' ::1
continued.Do .
I .Kl on a vllver! plate and ts good for lied Weak Weary Watery yee home. my '(poor bousecleanlng? I

&:be' president and bis family. The Bault. pitcher and Manush third Relieved by Marine Eye Remedy I Sandy Pikes-''No. Mum. me wife Try these: .' '

', Dre ldent thought he would avail him. baseman of Montgomery/: have been Compounded by Experienced! Pby-'o' &... bought one of dem new-fangle-i
,, sold to Jacksonville and Savannah Conform to Pare.Food and Drug Laws MIxed ", oId.. .
jf'-elf of the privilege while spending ,"" UUIIM, Doesn't Smart; Soothes 11>. fain I dresses wid 500 buttons.-Chicago '
%he summer on the Massachusetts Dally New ."
OUvm -
\ S: coast.jy The veteran Jack O'Connor, has ONE THEORY. I Frtnoy 1T

The Western. Carolina league In. taken on a new lease of life down at "Pandora's box caused a deal ot i P., HBDACUE-iiIrk.'i'A PVDINB sa,_ D,..."" : rt

eluding Ashevllle. little] Rock and In playing and coach- disturbance. Whether from Oold. Brat,, Stomach! or I d
Ing Jlk'e a gingery youngster.Clyde |I Nerrova TrouMea. Capudlne will relieve roo. ztpal_rr...,." .. ,
has been !
and Canton. **
m' or- "I wonder what was In It? I It'a. liquid-pleaatat lo laka-acta

t'm F Cerarvlied i&.and The will season play will Its first las' gamesKJrnne three ] of>Kngle.the: New the hard-hitting York Americans outfielder "I preiume! : a lot of people who" :::::.. Tr, tt, leo, SAc and Me. Immedt-// D-...,., Jelly I Ic,8PO"IttfHI OPVYOllN

months.. Charles Bryant of Ashevlllef began his baseball 'career In Nashville wanted to talk during the opera. j YOU'SE ORE5SSED UP. MIlle

as a pitcher In 1902. He WBI"lIb..p.QlIf'ntlv !Louisville Courier-Journal.: .
{ president) of the' league.! Other Grandma's guest was elegantly! but
released to Columbia, S
*owns may come In. C. In the South Atlantic league.Notwithstanding There. is no need. to tuffer with anrenemi slmplv,,, dressed In black chiffon voile! ibby's, foods are the best
muvrlca. A
;- James' J. Jeffries has ,Jumped on Memphis Is at the and little stiffness liamlina Wizard joioti Oil Bpd rubbed in will I handsomely] trimmed with silk over- because they are made from Regard Cuticnra Soap -

: fbe scales In public for I the flrst time tall end, she has naked for waivers Umber them up immediately. '1 hice> Little Birdie. aged four1 climbed : the best fruit and vegetables -

; W. KTnce ho came out of > tlrement and on Pitcher Willis ,8iid Catche.Dalley, on her lap and patted the many I and Cutlcura Ointment ''
,*" the presence of a feV Interented bringing her down to the fifteen-men READY FORTHE DOLLAR.Marjorle gray hairs and smoothed the soft I by the best methods in

persons In Chicago tipped "the beam ,. aged nine. had not been"
limit. lovingly Libby's Or m1Cruunotod
lace and silk then ipeered as unrivaled for Preserve
-B at 243 pounds. Jeffries announced: he rat ,having very satisfactory reports from I
( .er Jack Hardy, given by Nashville Into her' fare and said: WhltoKtohons
would weigh again) before he left ChlVago. -I school! *.
to Mobile gratis la proving to Her father finally said IarI I I
and would Show whether or not "You'se dressed u* good enougli to ing PnrJfymf..and..Jle '
be the batting sensation-of the lengtie. ions f-or the first -hundred you gel .. ..
., p-lJe-Wa* TedUcTng: Mil weight. He salcJhhla be Vnied.: ain't'you? Tlee Hive.
: best fighting weight was. 220. lIp broke up three! games last week &il'll give you a dollar." Time wenton. __.___ __u __ Ufjlng the Skin Scalp

l S I wfrh. long drives. the reward could not be claimed j )IN.Wil"&loW'1I Soothing Syrup for Children Insist on Libby's, and you ,

Baseball teams" have been org nlz' I Throe of the Southern league'" um One day the child was taken violently t.ething.oft.nstheguma Sana-
V ,allay ,cures rmd colic U5c-a: I 0th. can depend it that
mills at Laurens. Newberry and CllnrB'ton pires. Hu -- - - -
and a league f ,rmed. and games The, have are tad absolute big" ]league masters experience.of every When he! h-ad gone. Marjorie said, I I j A (}()()[) REASON you will get food pr<* jg Till be played the several railli "Mama I 111?" '
at In which they om elate. am very j When a Scotsman ans.wers" s question .
-1 Turing the cummer. There ore four game "No dear your temperature Is. n I| he settles the matter In dlsp'i' ucU which are the and for the Nursery.

rm jE trams In this ]league" one at the Newerry Of the players" Who have played ten little over a hundred but the doctor i once for' all. On a crrln'n' 'occaslji I .,
.> Cotton the Watts games or more. 'Rafits,of Birmingham molt sat Uu Londoai, *
1r, mill. one at idactoryfrpmthcstand .Ullol4 tbrotxftout worM. Depots' 7.
the Southern league In hatting think. you will be all right! In a day j the Question was asked : ckart rtap M : r fla. Roe > la PaU A yMva.Ito. .
m mill at Laurens, one a* I the Clinton I "' R. ,_,.tmism Oo "fdjir;;; '..11.. a. k. >a.t
Xanlll, at Clinton and one at the Ldla wjth It percen'aire" of ,.375.:;, followedby or so. "Why wa Mary; Queen of 'Scot* I i Camilla: ; ,binM&ruy. .. HoBf ,( ... tL-: 1'V .
.. U4. Tokln.' -. IhMoowl
Bmlll. at Clinton. Henllne. Robertson and Onlo)'. smiles broke through Marjore'! Viorn? at Llnllt gpw ?" (*.. nI. KDOB. U4, ('are Toes .ao. V *-*.
tear. I point of taste H t,. ; (3 J ,im < 'Columbia club has released Sandy Kerr pmmtitly answere.1'"Bera'use '...
If A novel situation has arisen In Chip The I' cuilcura ItooaMt oa uw SUa ;
Fred Valdols and Now mama. I can have my dola! er unlrhev ws ,
ago ba eball circles, according to Second Baseman I : t' and
President Charles A. Comlskey of the Outfielder Goodman : and has signed Pap ,said he would give! It to m.t .-" j tbefe"; and th.rfl'e actuallv)) seemed lobe purity. w$111w4.Ii yr ThompSOl'5! Eye Water-

J Chicago cAmericans. "These member" Infielder Boyd late of Charleston.. oould get a hundred In anything." I nothing more tJobe said on the eela...

of my team are ..playing such poor "President" Mathews of Charleaton"says" --Bee Hive. J I i..ubject-TitJ3lt I .
I ( 3)
b..eball.Jbat they are ashamed to ask ,
he expects to secure! Outfielder
B me for their salary checks" ," said Cointmlake
m )'. Last Saturday was pay day. Ekimonston from Washington and Infielder .- \1'
Eddie Collins from the Philadelphia
but there are still three checks"
called for In my office. From the athletics] fn the near future. You & -

manner In which the team Is going at Pitcher Syferf, who was sent to lornJPremafureiy 4Im--- '

presenT, TTajrTatrHy-TiBde>stand"" helr Macon "thVNasnvTTIeTSlUDT'hns-bcen- -

I timidity In asking for money. Usu- given his release.! Although be won

.;'ally a ball player ,Is on time long be. the only two game pitched by him : : : \ \: -- -

r. fore the checks are ready, so I am his showing was not altogether! eatls-' ..oaut>...' tr o.. ugty.,_"_ ('t ..t."elre.._ ua.. _.',CA CKKOkC.HAIR. RE3TORIR..prtca.oo..g.ji-- .Ii _
[.greatly surprised but not alarmed. factory.
; C .
.v "t "

: .. ''If. "", .. )); _
.. ._ .T' '
''a oJ A -.1 -";' -, .. -
; ,_,;.. .- tm 'i. "

1. . I


are - 7 Ib '

V tl .
----"---- --

r! f co L D; ,ftRD ,FACTS Them REST Ii When'WJII 'Klasimraeo Leara'rhts.Bo MADE-Less Sleeplessae. 1 People EASY\' ,s.i.j .: CONTRACTOR N';', ..E. " 'and AS.S BUILDER 1 1j ,

1. .-... < '. ,N 'Can't rest at nltfht with I a bad,back, ,. i iI1
A lame
.1' a weak or an aching one.
i. \ '" -. .. .....-.. ... Doan1' .. Kidney. MlU .ace forbac -':Doe$ General t Cojitraetliurand ,:Building and 'Furnishes Eat! "
:vs: ,. ", ;I They cure every'form" of kidney" UI., mates on Structures of an size or'Dimensions, whether '

w' .., .Past experience SHOWN: A. glance at ihe'"pr sent PROVES and' co rlmotr. 'senses'. TEACHES: -*IOID common backache to diabetesThey. It be Two-Room' Cottage, or a Tourist-Hotel. r
are endorsed by Kiislmmm
i r ; thal.Real: l Estate investments Is the business\ Q"|.the age! Air.successful people .are' 'pos tlve. They do people. . Make 'a Specialty of boring ,ARTESIAN WELLS .
t Mrs. M. r4.4udaw, P tJ. box No In which he has met with the' greatest success I
r.. r'\ things t- Its the Walter of wise investment. they take advantage'of every opportunity There is right now 9ti aUY"benellted, 1 Kls.lnamee, Fla by ,Ooan'a says: ''I Kldne wai : '6f any man in Florida. -

fl' ).1; :. :an opportunity for a safe., sane and sure investment that will-yield tremendous returns for those who are Pllli, and la gratitude recommend
''or' .. \ Itp .. them to anyone suffering/ from kldnes Give him .your wbrlrr: .
t',.. "t.},o'". .- shrewd enough. to act. promptly and. take advantage of jt. ". i trouble.plaint! for I lom wall lme.m'a victim of greatest ihjs-riom-suf J will be well 1 and quickly done.Kissimmee, PIa. ,

j'{ .' In this day of commercial greed and getrich-quick schemes, it pays to investigate thoroughly any fering being from pains ,ln my back --
... t
\ .. r I and through tpy kidney., I could not -
1t': proposition presented to you hefqrivynii iinvn-, d-tha.U&-JYSW-h iat:-WQ-see na fiy-you-tn-rfrr. We Uu' llUt" rout at n4ylit. and niurtllntts my back
I would be BO lame that I oould hardly
}i ask you to take our'word for a single statement bgt. come and see .for yourself whether. our statements are I commence the dMY'II work. The'kidDe,
secictions were very Unnatural In op-
t true or false, and if: you find that we have misrepresented" anything. we will refund the money that your lPIAI'IIDCe, glvl:: conclusive proof thatinyifTCneys SUNNY SOUTH STABLES
: were disordered. I tried
trip cost you.. ..f *" several remedies, but they failed to r-
help me Upon road In/{_ of Doan' '

,, First.. We have one thousand acres of land I, lying two miles south' ,of Kissimmee, Fla. consisting of Ki and li"J'l'iIIi procured I a determined box from to the try KUslinniei' them- L. H. INGRAM. Pr prietor. ' ,.$

alluvial muck, prairie, hammock and a small per cent of pine, bounded on one side a distance of one-and Drug Co. They soon banishedthe \ \
puiug' In my back, strengthened my
one-half miles by Shingle Creek ((.Kissimmee.: river' ) ,and on.another side a distance of one and one-half I the kldoe kidney YI and secretions.regulated. I the' actiopof\ Livery, Sale and Boarding j

4 miles; by Lake To.liopekaliga, and on another side a distance of oqe! and one half miles by the coftnty Tor l i sale by all dealt>t'.. Price 50 -
cents Koater-Mllburo Co.; Buffalo,
graded public road, New Voile,"sole, agents for the United Well equipped with New fttoctf and Vehicles and prepared ',' i
States to meet all: demands with perfect satisfaction ,
; Second. We state without fear: of contradiction that there are no lands in the State more fertila.or Remember the' name-Doan's-and 'J
take no other.
> y ''F better adapted to truck farming than this tract of land, or"more conveniently located. Teachers Examination. HEAVY HAULING A SPECIALTY, 'I

Third. We are offering forty tracts five acres each of this muck and prairie' lands. together with a build- .,'i
An extuiilnition" of applicants for BROADWAY---PHONE -'
u: ingJo-t5Ax150feetohthe pine lands I fronting on the public' road with a fine lake view for. the pitiful sum" tea the(+hers' certificates.! will be held at ''' -.
I court house In the town of Klsulmmee - --- --- !1

r \ of $200 for both lots. After, these forty lots are sold as stated above, we will not offer any more I June clt 8.'j,1ft\I.beirlnnini\ Applicants' at\U a. ui.will Tuesday brink _.......%..........................................................

I ', of thiS tract for less than three times this- amount |I..the pens f fee auk of $and t. legal cap paper; also "" WHAT IT. MEANS \
t' -
1 -. W. J. SEARS, i Many! people <1.i nut fcuow what Bnu k'm .. ) for, the
Fourth. There is a flowing well on this tract that flows 150 gallons per minute and elevates the Supt. Pub Instruction a!batik of little' or u"uplial, and one will t'a'iual', H l 1III'w..llal.A l Ir, or, ). ditTaretioe be.tween .

----" = -. . i HANK'>S (CAPITAL' AM) tiUKPI' I'I I i
water ten feet above the surface. This well the that to --- - -= = -
t is adjacent to )Jots we propose sell and a flowing ..
WILLIAMS' KIDNEY PILLS j frt the tllnllha' protec, the piniiow. from I.1 . tn ruffiro the larger It U the s
Kr tefi>ne.Mloti the .l.-p'j-Kor-, ,r !'II10,bank IIIM a
tf, well can be had on either of the five-acre tracts that, we propose to sell. Rare yo i 'neglected; jour >>ldii<.y."> Hp "' of .
you iiiirixirkMi your nervous ayetelu niiil Capital $rii(MM) al)
,.nerd trouble with >'oiir kldueyn and; bladilir'H j Mirp'u' fuu.l 1 ..f It.,ihxi, (IIr histockliol I
Ar Fifth Plan and terms of sale are as follows: Come and see the lands. select the lot. or lots that you I : acc nil |1.11,.',Iu lofim' Hide. bark aroma and ),lm' liab.lttr '>ti INMI ,ixi, ei
i I bind der'' Hive >'o" n 'flabby ml>l>i'iir nrc <>T the '
: ; : .. ,
fo.'t, ally und.'r the Too freuiiintdcl.nlr A total, (.f $ll't\IHMI' IMIThlv
| ryes' ,
1 1 a want. The terms are strictly cash. You can buy one lot or the entire, forty Lots and subdivide to suit I "' '10 peen urluv If no, Wllllaniii Kidney' mean. that N r Millet 1 I....., Ill I ',"HOIMI, , h..t..r. our It"IH..II' could 1 |on. a
I I'lllc a I III I lire y.-al'ruXht. I'rlee'rfk "Solil cent, 1'tin* )rnlt'rtlll" U for 11 4 "l'. '
yourself., All these should bring Si00 1 per acre: as land that I is not near so fefrile is selling here ncivy for I''""1I" n."e"la Pllarrnacy .
$200 per acre For further information address :
-"rj -
: I Stomach Trouble.Your .. ... .
I 1 'r ) 1 i .<. A. ('AK-ON I 'UN M. I IKK :S..BHHON( :"
: t } is coated. : l'r..II.1] \'1 M< 1'r..d It'ut < ashler :
w tongue I......................of'S
'I Your breath i is' fouL -

Headaches come ana

h' Brown & Harwell These symptom show go.tha WAGON WORKS ,

(your stomach U the trouble. T

r remove the cause is the firt thing HIGH GRADE VEHICLES MADE TO ORDERAT .

uid Chamberlain's Stomach an REASONABLE PRICES. e

I I KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA Liver Tablets will do that. Eas . ri

? to take and most effective. Blncksiiiithiiig, HorscsIiociiiK/ Repair Work of '
; [, Over Rober on's Pharmacy Foi bale bv all. druggists I t

... AIUKil1ds Done by First-class' Workmen.J. >
I .
a \'.athr fiia rSadaalla A ." .its" ii1 11. a& .fk S .ek ,[>r M1rl.' affk tir ..\.1 art..l1r..B.A"": Roberts Niemeyer Co. - 'J1
t t [ I \


r Scroll and Turned Work '

IDEAL Investment FatorU <*qulp|>od with the npcenrvarmachinery >' i PRESSING i
i > and 14'mch,r cof .R. L DYEINGt .-dREPAIRING
Rolwrts, m thorough' mechanic, it"l":.h is ft GRITSTONE GRIRGE g HNSHOPS S
guarantee of work- boiniti wall I : and HP
,l ; tII __ Many seeiu to LblDk.tlmt a/ter the crop is *6tt the |treaa are Koiotf i'A .i,. ..delivered when piomiwad. ,11'

toID" lure it some way and 11II'llilnlotb"y\ \ .can'saye'ou fertiliser! piJ Grits Meal and Feed Stuffs Mill Leave<< word at my'honle und clothes ANTHONYA.' .
'' will be called and Proprietor. i
clear sain, but actual results pl'o'e'that; summer ,fertilizing!! costs 1Ot" returned r ,
\ '
tr 5 le than 1SYfnakinReachJruttEahlit4lelar! ' ,boxes.. .:,.|I : GRI1rDIfIli9ONSATURDAY, . . , ." l 7"> __ '
; nothing.. ;"y!! ) ; \ : : -in any "1", '" " :.:-;. : AGENT FORFairbanksMorse '
J are"added to the crop and the fruit brings a higher price. Then aIt'; Factory located north of- High( School Satisfaction: Guaranteed 'r :,
..a luxuriant growth of bearing WDII! ,is a'necessurv foilndation for a fffl building alongside :Midland Hallroacl t Gas Enginesand 't

< large next \'ea,', and still furihtM' _' in' Keen in the) condition of f .- -- -
40 the tiees. If their: vitalit\ has uses kept ui Llior ate bearer' pippuicil_ -- -- - ---- Irrigating Outfits. .i 5
:M. WiLI.bON Jiu, Ii 5i
for winter and for Htion,' iprui?: intnii! than trees, that havi become J, J .
j( thoroughly exhausted and! have tIt". nniifd up) before, they cm i'e- ,
: epoud to the call of Sprinif." F t \ NolAR-i I'VHIAC . I I Ican AUTOMOBILES RENTED OR REpAIRED 't
? ) STATE 'AT \ I
?, tII Call ononr'local agent WATERS & CARSON GROCERY (> : ).Estate Agent Nobody know .

j or address frJacksonville. China maane to To ipet/all.become every-..axrtertclallita W,ary,rpa. ARTESIAN,\ : WELLS: DRIVEN) : ANY 1)EPTIIWe !I
> KISSIMMEEFLORIDA! In producing the brut flower
and vanrtaul ,.
MNHU. la 61 ye. w*
Wilson & Toomer Fertilizer Co. tf seed Wye{and harome map FipcrtL the nwulti Bow.r our Pmry cans -
4 .' Florida ft Irtaloau.aod for mate everywhere. Head our last Solicit all Kinds Repair Work >!
ZLt'r fi
ivp. t; i n'A.. VANS AGNEW. I Sans 6. on ,
__ D.M.FERRT +CO.. DETMNT. flClil. ,
: | ATTORNEY LAW....... I raax8li....N.aatsbt at3.afhi sea rE. ca ans gk.seises ear a8u/aea1S.tea aetllr
t I Ii I-
KISSIMMEE, FLA i iOld' : .m.' ln Unn Pile Ointment will pure I

MACH BROS. I the Blind tumor., Bleeding.atlMjrft and Itchtnp Itching..Plle once, It mctm tlxurbn a. a i GROCERIES
I be purchased at this poullK-o, ulr... ID Had.relief William.' 10<1la.. i !
papers can Pile Ointment In o'epafert for Pile.and Itohtn
office for 20o per 100 and there U noth of the prlv.M I'art.. PriceMk.andII." Hold I
i inn better to put under malting. only by Onceola Pharmacy
Livery Feed and Sale Stable. :1
g .. .. .
yt/'SFtV'-... iF -.
'V" t" Q rg r1.a.4 4rtlr'W W ar 4 4Ii

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''i Fresh Meats. = .
"'--'V''V"'IiJ''U'.t' ' '' '
] RATES TO TAMPAACCOUNT Delluery Every Day at any Hour Patronage Solicited. lit
lilt .
.. .
.arei A - - - -
; 1 aairac..ik dla.e.faa iaai.a.xe. a.aa aaa tdr aftc tar.Aaie..ea. ----- -- -- --- -- "-- "
OF MEETING .. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.
'.. : ,

; F'1o1--icltETt: Or&-l.1 i ge I!I Malsby Machinery Co. j Kelly Suspenders 15 50c ; :

Grc I
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: i and Stationary KngneTSaw [ J
MUls Wood-workinir Machinery j"" Children, 6. pair $".00. | -l'"p
r: Atlantic, Coast= Line SblDife Mill, Lath Mills and .
: general line of .upollei. Complete .VLfT.H
I lino carried in stock for immediate Better Goods on the Market at These Prices. "

"r ,i Tickets on sale May 31st, June 1st and 2nd "' blpment Sold on easy term ;

''l! ,'." With Final Limit June 6th. It will pay you to consult ui before I :
For tickets..reservation. or Information, call on Dearest Atlantic Coast Line buying. Poatal will bring our .ale.. CASH STORE J -
:J AlleD"-" or man. Write for Illustrated catalogue
*'./" J. G, KIRKLAND D. P. A., ] ** and price i'W. ,+ .'
.....Gmral Soutara Anti far C.khrat.e> Faiwuha.BaofaM..BaOan and.' .' M !I'of.' .1:++++++a.+++I+*+I*, --+*** H . I .....++++I ++I 'I "
+ .__ji -i i,- }_ -* ._ -* i Tampa Florida; ;t
I, 4 ..
... .
: = &
.. ,
,. -L- ..., ,_ " .,.. '__ -, ,, - --
v- -
/ ,
"r w.7 : -E Es1
'I' w. ,. 't)0 T :

a 7,. t >k at ,

< <' ">>*'*' -JI BlPBMat M8l

Group Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette.
Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
Uniform Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette
Alternate Title: Gazette
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Vans-Agnew & Harris
Place of Publication: Kissimmee City Fla
Publication Date: May 28, 1909
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
Coordinates: 28.303889 x -81.412778 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 24, 1897)-
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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s* V" ;
VI U. / Pt a Il M ... :

al t ,. ,
.: '" .. .
... '

:t KISSIMMK, ,. KISSWHffiC : \iA

Healthiest Trm I* '
fie Udted-ttates. w f Tux
/. 8 ttt *f tk*SMtb "
: '
: ,
,' .... ,. onsolltf .. ........... ,"
g lssl '.11. tklUh4 1894.1 "' .t. 16. I8 97. .
*/ :'*< Osc.ol.o.astt..a.tabusb.d189 I. 1 O.c.'Ut".I, by Parch***, J... 3O.,19O3. Klsslmmeb .C ifi ., Fla., ,May 28.. 1909. .. VoJ XII o. 22 yI

I Ifr.COUNTY!! ; ,OF. :, OS' ([OLA. f.Elentyof.Funds: Raised'I THREE' NEW. : NAMES( 1 F-T.-----: =: -T '. : : : ", - =n _

I., ,r*,- '- Mf***.-. w* ai a aa ia. aIs '-... l M I mi ,.

it" in the Midst of Where Everything >*. ; 'Added -l For the'
r>/ ., Are to the"Membership Roll eady, .J 1

: ,ft in Agricultural Can'Be To .Derr y. the Expenses. ,of tlio; BIgJJnrbecue and of the Board of Trade..':AnEnthusiastic' .
.......... ... ... ...._. .. :
_, .a.I' _..._..._._ -- .-. 'N
f Indulged In.. Fish Fry to ifo Held When the Allotment of Meeting. ., . .-.

> "Tracts: ln..tlip Old Soldiers' ColonY.T.akes. PJace. :
i extracts from an ID.VTlth ', ,
:" The following I ,
"i-": ;"' aew-. f!...p1nillfin TT. Jumaa I" ._,_ ___n ,.___, ---- .Sh2mee11ntfflLthe{ 3oardof Trade j' / ,: Plow4' ___ .u "" t tI
: read --. loodar bight was devoted tar 'elv< --. 4 '
; the National Tribune will be with I -- ,
to the tFansacllon. of routine business ..... .....
\ .
1 .
< -- -
by people. Capt.' --
.c;,, much Interest The committees on finance and bar. I from making it u pea. atit. The stand the I .
discussion of that
:.p. ;James was a resident 'of .Klsslmmeefor becue met with the entertainment, committee from which the addresses will be .delivered and measures .
f'. ', twelve years, and Is thoroughly of the Board of Trade on, Mon will be erected in the grove on would still furtiifervadva-nca the Inter- e...
l.N ,qualified to express an opinion regard day evening last at the otlice of ,the the vacant lot of Mr. C. E.. Franklin ests of our growing td! prosperous 600 Acres 'of Muck
'-\.1 w- the resoucoes.s/nd: possibilities Valley Gazette and mapped out the' just across from the court house city each one present exhibiting an eLand-Same ,
: section. details for the holding I of a grand bar rounds.. optimistic spirit never befOr perl--. was
this A
.' The extracts follow: becue and fish fry on the day the allotment The festivities will begin at 10.30 in enced In Kissimmee. -\ .
"Osceola is right In the mid of tracts la the Old soldier the morning when the Governor of President Wlllsoa called the meetin St. Cloud-Cut Up Into
nearly! Colony takes place which is expected Florida will'{ deliver an address of to order at 8 o'clock, and on account. ;,
ageVegetsbleslare to be-about the first of August: welcome he to be followed by an officer I of the, absence of the secretary\ which
elected of the county the mayor of the was occasioned by sickness in his family -
of rapid growth, and Mr. Bert Bryau'was treas-
therefore not surpassed in quality. urer of the finance committee, and all city and some one representing the the reading of the minute of the \ Five Acre Tracts.
Several different crops can be grownon : funds collected will be turn(! -ito his people. Dinner will be served at 12.30, last meeting was dispensed( with .
the same ground each year; indeed, haqds to be paid out only upon orderof and the allotment of the tracts will be The following letter from Captain .
every month can be made to contribute the chairman Of the barbecue com- gin at 2 or 2.30. Of course this program Spauldlog, which self-explanatory, ,
U subject to alteration, but after being read and discussed was referre1 -- ..... 4
something to the0 table or market. mittee and the chairman of he general any ....
Persons who engage in the culture of entertainment committee of the Board. change will be noted In these columns. ''I to a special committee composedof '
fruit and nut-bearing trees mav be Judge G. F. Parker was elected The finance committee have collected Capt. Clay Johnson, C. A. Carson lA
raising Vegetables between the rows grand marshal of the day and upon sufficient funds to defra'y all expenses and A. Donegan, with instructions ,
and securing an Income from the him will devolve the duty of working of the celebration which is an evidence -I to give it their immediate attention: .' Just cast of Itissinimeo ,limits on j jclay ,
ground while waiting for .the'trees to I out the details of the day's program,. that our people are fully alive Jacksonville, Mar' 24, 1909
__ coma,into bearing Cultivating the I in- which capacity hha. no-.superior.It . to.tbe..lmmenliliamount of- good that I Secretary of the Board of Trade,..Xis. -- road.--his :land'1vas-l cted JrlNearly
orchard 'land Is really beneficial to was decided to have the tables will accrue to our .city and county slmrnee, Fla. -
the trees. I laid in the court house\ yard, as the from the locating of this colony near Dear SIr-The board Jf engineersfor by Capt. Rose now State CheJDlstewhen '
here, ar It also demonstrates their liberality rivers and harbors is at presentconsidering ,
'Of fruit trees there Is an extended house would afford protection; In caseIt
Besides the citrus varieties I rained and the grove of massive In all things where the welfareof I my report on a preliminary ,
choice. he in of the Dlss-
was charge
examination of the Klsslmmee
orange,, grapefruit lemon lime and oaks would prevent the sun's rays county. or town is at stake.PICNIC from the information furnished '

citron: -nearly all the Northern fruits _.__ ,
can be grown as well as the fig, cocoanut on I my report and in communications'ac. '... ton drainage operations.) It lies .at

banana, pineapple; but to call I CLOSING OF THE S UOOLS.iSS ON PARADISE ISLAND I companying that! It can not it, conctir the board In has opinion decided
off the list' would be like runningdown' I that it is advisable for my the-United tlie north end' of, and drains Into <'-, 'y
through a nursery catalogue.To
gel fruit ripe from the tree Is a luxury , :States:: to undertake of this stream any or further in making Improvement Lake TohopekaligA. This fine bodyof "'
Kissimmee Schools Enjoyed
Medal in Sunday
well worth a trip down there toenot Inez Carson Wins (
of with that
a survey at a cost 85,000
"r! lowering, shrubs and foliage the Declamation ConteS a Pleasant Outing Friday. I object In view. Before the board submits trucking land will be on the I market ,'
I. I its final views 'on the question,
plants, many of them only known In \ The union! Sunday school picnic )
attain luxuriance Fraternity Opera Housewas filledto however It desires to hear all parties I just as soon as the surveyors
the northern and superb conservatory growth and beauty I its utmost capacity last ev niug held ,on Paradise island last Fridaywas ; interested in the matter, and has there- .

In the open air One does not heed to ; by the patrons and friends of Osceola a most gratitj lay success In every I| fore known directed to be me Interested to notify that any they persons are cfttt"'Niulete the ,platting.. !* : ''

wait for years to make a home shrubs place Higli School to witness the openjng particular, and was enjoyed equally !I Invited to submit to the board within
beautiful with flowers, vines after exercises of the annual commencemenl. bv young, old and middle aired. three weeks fro'm the date of this letter .
and trees, and the realization The program included] the d Promptly at 8.30 he steamer Lillie statements and arguments Betting ................. 4
planning attractive surroundings/ can cluwation medal contest, In which Is aways left the city wharf with two large forth as fully' as possible] the commer- -
lie quickly realized."A I, centered a great deal. .if Interest barges upon which had been arranged cial and navigation'conditions; '
delightful! climate is one -of the i The exercises opened with music by comfortable seats and a barrel, of I Ice In their opinion) render" this local* I
many assets of the. state, I would I the KlHsimmee Concert Hand after, ,eater WitS conveniently placed] for any worthy of Jmp'o\' lllent by the'&il'btrlll! II
rather live here than lu any other part I I Hliich came the recitations', each con Vho might become thirsty ou the voy-, government. I J.M.WlLLSON.jR. -r
of the country, anti 1 have !been pretty testantreceivingahearty round of applause a re On this trip) both barges "and the I Th address of the board of engineers .
\tello\er the \United States I speak,t t > and profusion of beautiful b oat were tilled to oserllowing with for rivers and harbors Is rooms I REAL ESTATE AND *
from 12 years of residence in Kissimmee. (Mowers the merrymakers, and It wits thought ;,O -51O Colorado builOiog, WashingD INSURANCE
My-health: wa uuiformlj good The judges were Gen. W. H. Jewelli there would \\f very few to go on the {>' D, c, -
while I was there. 1 uiu a native of i and Editor\ \ C. K Howard of Orlando< next two which ",,'J'e scheduled to It t is suggested, that: If possible.) .aTl I
{Ohio and owing to the fulling health und :Miss Eizau..thultrn.:\ n. of this. leave at 10 und 11.30.! interested parties *.hall) combine in
of my father 1 induced him to come city however, when the time for the next making a complete and full statementof -
ami live with me He was then'Kl 1 :, At .the close of the exercises Snot.W boat to leave arrived the dock was the acts in the case and forward' lw
\euisolil l. and su poorly] In health ', J. Sears introduced Genl'I'al.Je\\- well tilled with people, the train 1l'om'' same direct to the board of engineers '.
that I had doubts about getting him ;i ell to the audience, who. staled that Liiikt'lund having arrived in the tueantline \'ery respectfully, ,fife
through. lie picked rlghtup. however, i the contestants hud, nil done splendidly with the Presbyterian Sunday Geo. II Spaulding
und lined l for two ears and three I I and! that then was \'"al1)"ery little school of Unit city. about a hundred Captain. Corps of "Engineers AIIS'old 4'I !
months I doubt whether he would difference The committee, however J'onll', Mho had been; in'\' led to join After listening to a, report of the'e h-
hove histell/ another year in Oh. lu I won- unanimous lu their decision with the I local schools in thecnjovinei.t tertiunment "committee, the Board
"The range (if temperature I Is the : that Mist I Inez Otrson had l done'. of the da V, It was- ut /llrst thoughtthat iiassed u'I'ellolu'ionextendillja.' ., invitation
HiuAlletl "*\11 the countryWhen the i just a little bettor than any of the others some) 'ould' have to wait for the to Governor Gllehrii|> to be ,,
sun goo down the temperature,: t falls, null was therefore entitled to the nett bout but all crowded, OL and the present and deliver an address on the : ,
and l 1l I seldom ever experienced a night medal, and to her General Jewell trip, to the Island. was made ou sch.. day theallotment, or tracts In the Old Only I a few more of the o desirable tracts remain
Ills above 70.() .\ file time. The latter which '' _
in the 8UlUlnt'r'h..n gracefully made the uwaril.i boat was' Soldiers'Colony takes place] on which
Hultrv night is practically unknown, i Following Is the. program. ns rendered run at 11 :10 for the accommodation of occasion the citizen! of this city and unsold and they will be closed out Iii time. $
bud the blesslnif of being aide to sleep : those who could oiilv 11'00"1'1' for din )j jqur county will .hold a grand barbecue and a '
to all\ who huve a clear ctnacletice however, was not so heavily ladeu- fish fry. : .
comes and do not OVereat at suppertime Au/it Mu/ic/; Melisxy,, on .Boy..' ....Kimiinmr. ,/1.., J.Concert IrowbridioKUPN Hand Capt Johnson, as! usual, handled\ By motion the Board endorsed the My next offer t: will ,be, ':Just as good but a '
<, felt the ueed of havinga the. crowd It*such to make
I never OUICB.: I manner as action of the executive and 'legislativecommittees .
mosquito bar on window or: door, A Woman Friend, ... '"..Zoe-Amleraon each one feel at home, and that he or in writing Senator Mas- little farther: out.r' >nt , ..:' "
. at certain time we have MILDRED. LKBt I she was an entirely welcome and ap- ; '
although CnUllne'a.DofUnne, ..... ...... .... Crowlny sey and Representative Aoree request
. mosquitoes as they e\'whel'o, but : HEA.D.N.e: "t'Whatlwith5mHenryDld. I predated gueat. .la this.he was ablv,, Ing thfem to vote against certain pend .
!,ill'"f'" '' ' never as bad as they are in the American ..J."...,;.i,' iHyrbour; assisted by his son, Capt. Clay John- ins bills relating to Insurance compa. "
northwest, in Canada and Alaska PHYLLIS JAHaxLLMuelo KImilmm! Cornet Cand son Jr. nies. 8 7 6. 5- 4 3 2- 1
If we are to believe the stories told Iliirher. Culture in Dixie Author Unknown Arrived at the Island each bout was Chairman Donejjan reported 'that
about 'people'' wearing head notup INICZ" CARSON. met by Mr Frank Vans Agnew, ownernf the advertising committee had caused 1 _
there. to keep. them oil 1 never" saw IJ.liror celvee ltabbltt Hrer Grossly'Fas : Joel ( handler Itarrle that luugnilicent spot, which has to be printed ten thousand six-page i *H
need of wearing nets und! gloves In I IRIS 01'.IV*'.. well herb .named "ParadIKe. whoprOed"a folders dascrlotlve of this cltv' and.

Florida\ for protection 1 uguinit I insectsof ,Cutting From "Under....,,,Two,, WINN I"le"o" Ouida most obliuing and entertaining county, also that he had inserted a.. .
any klud. I The I I.Urht Canoe Hon. G. F K ribb. host, providing a wagon and man half-i>age article In the Tunes-Union :
-1il. kinds. of live stock do cell ANNIE. <.....UN. to transport, ore lunch baskets ice of like character., I 4
iM>ulii'> knows uo winter, and l bees. Music Kinjitmme Cornet Hand etc.. from the boat to the grounds, and 1'resident Willson reported that a I
he' all the veur Agri.culture back und forth the .
can kept busy Scene From "The Rivals" Marine: among tile works would 1x3 established In
should! !become a great industry Preparation. ) for the Duel throng with a welcome greeting for all. Ivissluimee at an earl v date, and would y
t Pasture can be provided; In all Mr. Robert A....... Unvrlllinir Du..lin"A Mr. Vans Agnew seemed to feel that he of such proportions as would enable -' '
8e'a"on8. pigs root for themselves and Mfr Ixrota A'Trhncer.. Hia Second Parker the entire crowd were his guests for I It to make any class of tiling., 9
where they are given any consideration the day, and lent his utm)endeavors i Uv unanimous vote Mr. C. C. lirown
hog raising, as well as raising Decision of Iud..... and Award\ :lfte'rdeft: to see that everyone had an enjoyable was elected to active membership and \\I 10( 11 12 13 U 15 18: _. b '
chickens. can b- made verv prolltuble., Tonight Miss Mean's class In expression time. )I Messrs H. W. Lynn and W. S. Aljoa ..
There are line openings for dalr\men. will irLve'a recital., As each boat arrived and the jolly ,were elected honorary members. tE
A living Is so easily made that the native Qu Sunday the commencement sermon Vicnlckers disembarked they were piloted I The Board then adjourned to meetIn . ,
population do not find It necessaryto will be preached at the Baptist up a newly cleaned path through regular session on Monday night .
overwork. church by Rev. A. M. Chlsolm pastor the dense hammock of magnificentoaks June 14th.
,,, '"There is still plenty of feathered-- of the Christian church. to the opposite side of the Island, I J.
.I. .and four-footed! game, the mocking The commencement will close on I passing in front of Mr, Vans Agnew's KISSIMMEE THE GARDEN SPOT 24 23 22 n 20 1D U Xis' f
; .' bird Is the chlel\ songster;and nowhere Monday evening with exercises by the residence, which' Is one of the most
is there better fishing and a greater graduating class. I; picturesque places In Florida. I o.
variety of the finny tribes. ". r The committee in charge of the ,
"Florida Is specially blessed in the To Move Postof ice. ,'grounds had done their work well Here Can Be found Everything That .t.
posession of an abundance of good having cleaned out all brush and undergrowth
water. Around the lakes of Osceola Postmaster Frank Vans ':Agnew was and put up swings for the Makes Life Worth living. .
tl "county flowing wells are found at a notified, bv the partment last Satur children and comfortable" seats for the Mr. Editor. u
w couple of hundred feet Dug.or driven day that the proposition to move L the older ones. The Jacksonville Times-Union asks .
en wells provide water at a depth of postoRlce to the Stun. ford building 1"bad Barrels of Ice water and several where Is located the garden spot., of
from 20 to 30 feet." The water In are oeen favorably acted upon, and that I) large tubs of lemonade provided am- Florida? Please inform that able paper
tesian wells has a sulphur flavor, But the trknsfer could be made as soon as 1 pie refreshments for the crowd in the that It is located right here In dear
not strong, as a rule. In wells for the building and fixtures were ready to war of drinkables. old Klssimrnee, and It reaches to the
domestic use the water Is free from receive it.Acting ... I The Klsslmmee Concert Band was 'I borders of Osceola county. ,Around
sulphur taste. upon this advice Mr. Stanford out in full force and added largely to this city there are thousands of acres 23 28 27 28 29 30 31 32

''I know the site of your colony very had ordered the new fixtures. the pleasures Of the day !going to and of as !fine muck land as can be foundon .
well and remember when the Dlsston which are expected to arrive In about fro on the boat and rendering sweet earth'. The water from our wells .
people operated the sugar mill and refinery two weeks when Kisslnamee will have music for the edification of the excursionists has been analyzed In New York, London NOTH-A rood hud road-rune OJI all four.dd.e.of this PI"IIPeI'tF" PJ
there for which they grew their a modern, up-to-date postofflce with as well as playing at the and Paris and pronounced absolutely
.w own cane. The soil there is, as a rule oily frills. grounds.Our ,1 pure. Kisslmmee is the only The above'diagram represents I! rt fty'eacre :;
(4 as good as the best In Florida and Everything will be brand new and Lakeland] visitors were profuseIn plaCe I' know of that is wholly free ,
;t: when the mill was in operation the land made to ptlhe_buHdiog. _ ____ their praises of the -from horse and cattle flies sod moBiqultoei tracts; the land iq Vigil I and dJ'-iL; !!'llj_ ,;

. A9' was held-by'the owners at agurs ahigh"as the. Island as., well as the duHnThe*t "t fre yrir.aDtrU t3urei1it] IH-I cafe(]"one mile[ frOllt (] liotel '!
rte- $500 an acre. TUT sugar enterprise : Kissimmee For Him. cordlaf treatment they received while is the healthiest. town on the American ,
Involved an expenditure of a Mr. S. C. Boots! returned to TampaWedol'sday among us, and it Is safe to say for I continent. two miles from the lands of the Old Soldiers' Colony -
coupleofpillllondollareformachinerybulldinga \ then\,that Klsslmmee never entertained There is'a peach tree one and-a half
i etc., but It was started when business ratters to straighten there before,up taking some any visitors who proved more con I I miles from the.courthouse In Klsslm I and Is of that character of soil best ( to the '
the Sugar Trust wtfs being organized, genial and appreciative. Withoutthe the bank of our beautiful lake,
up his permanent. abode in Kissimmee wee, on I '
y and, being too far from the distributing I lie is already an enthusiastic Kissimmee presence of these good people the occasion I that I measured on May 23. 1909, and cultivation of fruits and vegetables. is excellent

. trade centers, it was,squeezed cut. i booster and carried along with would have been less enjoyablefor in the smallest place between the bulb ]I boating and fishing being located a net-
a "I do not see /hy a most: prosperous him a bundle of Board of Trade liter all I of the root and the branches It req'ulred -
! community cannot be built at St. ', erasure which hewill distribute among The dinner was spread 'neath the a string' fifty-three and threequarter work of beautiful lakes. The climate is the in to
I are attrac shade of the towering oaks, and the it
Cloud. The surroundings his friends and others who be Interested Inches long to reach around it' '
( Live the land Is productive the climate In-locating In the I garden may spot profuse array of good things would is fully thirty feet high and thirty-Ova the United States, both winter and summer, and"ll1 s.
healthful and genial, there Is plentyof of Florida. have tempted the appetite of the most feet from end to end otthe limbs The'' ;
!good water, the transportation facilities exacting epicure. However, when all measurement was made In the presenceof locality Is totally free frohi mosquitoes. It Is convenient ,
are ample and the northern I II I II had done full justice to the table there Dr. i. C. Davis of Kansas City, W' to market. i
markets need the products that can be I radel- are getting along' In years and was still enough left to have fed a S, Alyea of Atchison, Kan., Mr. t |
grown The comrades can live thereas I are not anxious to do much Work but mu Ititude. Brewer and son of Soufh.Carolina,
they cannot live in the north. I his is not necessary A small tract The crowd was, estimated at from Col. Lilly of Kentucky, S.: C. Boot of June .
have seen people suffering from rheumatism I'/Of land in fruit or nut trees and berry seven hundred to thousand, and the Michigan, Joseph Murray'of California I Price, $100 a Lot Till 1 '15th., ,, "
and throat and lung ailments bushes will not require exhausting- hammocks and fastnesses of beautiful Albert HanUch of Illinois and T.

get quick relief. I boy to keep up, nor will It be hard to Paradise were probably more thoroughly C. Morton -of Florida. Mr ,Hansen, For further Information regarding Jtljis( e ;yri ;', i"
i .. "Allow me to suggest that those who I work. garden which canbe made to -'explored by the J''lthan ) who-owns the tree, says it Is about I '
go, and I hope very many may avail supply the table with something good they ever were before nine,years old. write to or call on "f ,,,...Ji'" l, -.t
themselves. of the chance, will adapt every day in the y .ar. I see possibili This picnic will go down in history If those/sited.above and a thousand "
, a themselves to conditions there, in I.ties- ID 'canjolntvand dr.ingfruit and as a red letter day with Klsslmmee's other advantages I could mention :: t,1
';". methods of cultivating the land and vegetables and in the development ofa Sunday Schools and will be reckoned doesn't make this the garden spot of W. S. ALYEA AtcMson
),, ways of living, and if they do there I great variety of small and large industries. among the most enjoyable ever, held. Florida, then my reckoning Is bad.. Kansas
. can be DO doubt; about their making a Altogether The National Yours respectfully, -- ..fl..
living and prolonging their lives Of Tribune colon should prove. a, great Th first oantaloupes the season NEBRASKA.! JOHNSTON. TiLL JULY. ,, IB-fit.-' f
course I know that most of_the com- uooeis to..t.heoI4 bori.!' wets la the marketj: this week.. K1a.immNMay-24.' 1909. / :tl

t te 1

.. 4 . ..Jnu ,-" ,
.., .i .X tr'h ,
a]' w' ._'... . .w w ".' '.1.' ,,- r '.y ; g.
'. ... 1 '- J .J ',, '
ur' l ,...... ''Vi !tNrc ',., ,
"",,,'''!!'" "" ,; ',' lf :V l' f', Ii v' ,' "
'. vy \ .


:: _
i----c-- (
e : : i 4:

R _
1'--';;' = '.


: ;
_. *
.. ; fa pr.adiiug.- of "olitical. Tolerance. The Standard OH company Sfl"

) National Highway Congress Asks Cape Halfen Maytl.By courier Condition Good Except inTezis' Charlotte. N. C.-President Taft' Striluni Firemen A By'Engineer nouncc* another, five cent reduction. v .

trom.* ,Monte .Cbrlatl- Santo. Do-Santo. came to' Chiarlott : the 'home of the .ite In the- prices,of crude oil, .

Gorerament and State Aid. Uomineo. ) Where.. Planting. W.. Ut j. Mecklenburg declaration .of independence *' Refuaal to Run : to 11,68 per' J>arrtl._ .

.. The revolutionary movement in signed In May'of'' 1775. this *
Santo fiomlngo: IB -..prea llng.; General and tfltliwit into discussion The orange 'crop ot Cuba eatwlf" -
entering! the MAYSnTLEBYlRBlTRATlONGeneral of -
CANNON URfiES EXPERIMENTS Camancbo. the former governor ofAlonje ..91.4 PER ENT' OF lASTJEAR an to tb'G wording of these res.>- ."be,I.nd'the\ .:and largest will in.ibe'bistOrY reach. .800,000( ( :. ,4

.. CbrlBtl. who la working In unison lutlon of _liberty, placed himself 'hueines& of 'orargcul/ -
.. 7'he
0< boxes,
'" I with) General Qulrlto Felice for squarely on the side of those who
rrv,...... /ThaI Government Appr pri-. the-overthrow of the government haaau..kf'd Crop I. 15 la 20.Day. Later la;" Tern**; look back upon this' declaration a.'< Manager Scott the Railroad, lure In the Island U almatentteFl} "
0 tbe bands of Americana.
: .. ate T.. Per Cent 'of ''Dtemaa'R.... and"elzed Quayubln -\.nd Da- 1SD' .7. Earli.r la Oklahau( Hardly one of toe first significant-steps which E. A. Ball UM B. of L F; .E andCemmUaioMr in Mrs. Footer' Avery jr of/ Pblladvlphla "
i jabon, which are situated on tb Ha1t. led' \ ultimately to American Independence 0 Rachel] .
,,\ ._u. If Stale Ci.. Equally.'Washington i len frontier, tbe DaJ bon river being . . .w..iI.e Lo..EI..wa..r.; Nail Meet I. Atl.nt has given but a .tae eDt to :'
-- the northwest boundary between: Haiti In his address to the people of (the effet that there will present- ; '

: D. C.-The second a'a and the Dominion republic. Mempblg. Tenn.-The Cop mer lal- North Carolina, the president took Atlanta, Oa.-Tied up'bard and fast I next its bpenlD on* "
.tional Good Roads Confess. at the 'I There has been fighting between the Appeal In its, weekly cotton report occasion tp, explain more fully his the traffic situation on the Georgia December a petition urrlng a AlxteentH
million ,
revolutionists and the loyal forces at policy toward the New n.mes.
\ Cloalnc _Ion. Adopted resolutions Monte Christ The fate of JoseHordas cays': The acreage Is 97.. per cent recent appointment of a democrat lltfown I Railroad has assumed a status I that the ( tltlol glvrng

1 favoring the active co-operation of governor of 'Puerto Plata, Is- of that of Jut :year... to the federal bench In this state I may well be termed 'Impossible. Thereis women -the right to -

a MaLe and juatlon In the. construction! uf not known but It Is reported; that he The outside of Texas, where the gave him an opportunity to expand I'' no Indication of a train movement Without any flourish of trutopel* i

: '(tost road and the .employmentof Is cither dead or a prisoner. q-. crop 1 la fifteen to twenty days later upon his views Mr. Taft urged again until the 'atrike Is settled arbitration Japan ha.. made considerable trta"" .:

.tf* pvict.labor*.la-l.iuLbuUd.Jng| and main CoImunIcUoni&rlnierru:\ p ted, than laeJL jejUt .a.nd..fH alwm&-wJur.e. -the--adTi.a1)t1lTy-of an Inte1Jt&eDtlolj'181 by In tire matter of airstrip buildingand- -

,tenauce of public voatLj : and government troops are 'expected It !Is fifteen days earner. there hi less opposition party. or otherwlbe.Ko wliilr the utmost secrecy I* maintained "

:t? :With practical: ) unanimity, the con- to reach I Ihe disaffected dlstnlcu -by;; I than weeks loss In tbe'advancementon I "I 1 don't believe that we are on the -. train, either pa pengc or llfere I 18 reason to litlleve that \. "

U ': ATM urged that the I"u lied Stale* government this date as compared with\ last )point of political revolution In. tbrI'ou'h freight are moving'on any portion of au Inventor01 tome xpule ha 're- .- .' .i
I"of appropriate at leasl 10 aMrSATf yar.Thaicrop. I said- the ( eently patented, Improvement that. 4
:I percent )president. 'T never tbe e. 'L.ocal towna along the road
; of the internal revenue for b'ylldJng ) FOkINJUSTICE(; DONE. condition are bent In the Ixave nad sncH dream,. What I do d,- In are calculated to startle aerolli'_ all /..
-- eastern part of the belt and worst In sire are reported fo bo suffering fo pro- oPtthe I world. "
and believe
; p and maintaining public roads, pro; Government Give, Job to Mr Nina- we areon I the eve .
I a the where weather baa made :
''I; Yidvd that any particular slate. using west dry I of. Is a complete tolerance of opinion visions and eupplies. and tho local .A(kanaas claim to have I the largest
Carrington.Vashtiton the small, late.
: >l such an appropriation *shall expendaa \ '( D. C.-President Taft That cotton and the he planting .and .that there shaH grow Into respect mall MtI'1'1'e. except 10 Madison Cov- peach orchard In I the world and 1 Ir..n I/,')(>
L. prior to May J. spring wasa
il''' equal amount: for the purpose of. nas issiitd an order, which permits the dry and cold one. Since May 1. and power an Intelligent: fighting Ington and Social Circle, bhu beendiscontinued. and threa bundl..d team are
public: roadn. I i I Ir. opposition party In each state of harvemlnK I ho crop. TIlepr'hald 1.
$ appointment' to a clerkship In tbeciKiHtlfled ,
have In
rains been abundant, except
r... In an tddics-s. presented, to the anoclallon \ service without' examination : withal I1 be union. [ The action of the engineer, under In Sovler cOlnly and Iiu I two hundred .
but have
Texan ,
i, 1 by Representative llufihcaof temperatures | The prt'f I of )1 rHo :Nina I- Carrlngton wife been low art the cotton plant ban I "
lerelved' with the same fervor grand chief of the brotherhood In declining thousand hundred acre and
Georgia which he wa unable to eight
or Plunk! 1)PL.1 Carrington' late major grown: idovrly. In the\ immediate
I deliver jiersorull> he. said: FlrM 1 United Stutew Infantry, who was Mississippi very valley,
t "Atlanta and New York are KOOII jot dismissed from the t army a* a revultof wan but has been Flgneiu of the Mecklenberg declara mae It "practically)' Impossible to turn( Five hundred. trc-Ilh cUrt' will
t '\\t. ..he a demontra.1tun' of good .roads court martial proceedings completed. necessary tion. The auditorium where be spoke a wheel on. the enUre rud. Tl. be tired to haul the crop market. .

\. 13 and 'automobile endurance from New Senator Clay has introduced 1n the That the la'nd was prepared i In an was' ero\'d..tI. 10 Its capacity and he eIghteen strikebreakers brought to Gncllelmo'x Fererro the Indian nl 1-

? t York to At lama. This will be a great senate bill 'tor ',11.. relief of Major unusually thorough lUann...'!'. and i Is constantly that was interrupted by tbe Atlanta on b'bol of the road. r..fuht. torlan, wrllnl; I IA Flpttro. a French .
1: on the anulyxiH of I bit

f orrr "tjie" State-; for food, l shall be testored to hU former rank That there has been very little cuP, his southern hearers. As to his appoiuttmc.nt P, Nell, fulled States coint5issloner American mlllionalrr. rulln Carm-nle -'

1 roads." ; : and, be given back iay. for the time tlvatliLg done. | of a democrat upon thejbench. of labor. arrl\e -Allnutu. the Ideal American Crofmii, on >f. -

,, Mr. Hushf-B/ declared that 'the t-x- : he was.f tho rolls< as part rompen- That the rains of May 17 and 18 affords t the""presldenl declared lhatthroughout i and Is "endeuvorliiK lo T>enire an a liii- "-uittit of his cenerosity 1 Me"Kay.t I fha.t .
\ 4, .. .the south beintended_ tojiuruiie | lti i.f Ifr.. --- --- ,-
r.hlp pjn ) 1r + Rctt.fii4rtn'iwi,1l4Lit
a : qem COaL Of ..1ranAjJor'I"n.1"1 -a.tiQri'tOl' tin; .Iou" Jnjuatlce done -.mat-erlnl relief --in--all 1tt1'f'11fflt1t"ot e u.--- -Ht.- H1V--
-roflds in ,this ('OUIlII'IImount. ..\! Texan, save the westernitton The policy he already had Indlcnted At a mapM met-tlng of t the stilklngfiremen 1 t tlif m.vRti'iy! in Ktjuh 'the; oil l,Jn<
I him.The of to office only that and t their"inpathlttm. .
"Jnllllll a hid hirnseir.Colonel
: more than S3(1(1r1\1I.fIJj'( \ ( a. ) ear | official order 1..I\u"d l at tire white produclnR area.
. .KIIe4 Cannon addn.g..1. the run- IHlII -" I is as fnjlows : ":\lrR, :Nina' D.I'liirlngion. That th.. a renIalll'd ,to corn or i man. who J'"uhllcan or I number of sii.-a kc r'. a 1011: them KoocevolnliitlvcB! ; hiiM"

1 i I ; Ion. Mr. Cannon said I that iii'' ( whoi-e <-on \e-tency Is certified other grain Is quite generally fr to 10 commend hlms. If to the community I more than one (it ,the !I'I ...t I-".J"I| 1 now I that' H I" 'Oloin-l., (I.--
In- whiih helives..
., and water transportation T the | to by ,thOKe lvll' offlcero with per cent greater than that of last t known lalnir ;n< n, set bi'foie, I theseprexenl ndx I\.llnl llou: . l I"(,-s. a rhlnem .
whom she, has lia' employrnenl. :Mr. Tal'l: ph'ar for liolil cal Aoler- I the facts prrtiiinins; to the ha. ', up- :
touchv.ltn. temporary inMlwboll e'o11en a
must lie'-i) In \ | year and that. \\ !'I a'ld ItppOI..III'"I"| | ;
.. : thf people. and I the/ people must ulso may I be appointed to a clerkship tloim of Lxiulxlana and :Mississippi. sun e in I wanted'the( tenth and bin ciatcmenl'that I IH.etient ,lrIH'. git log r tb<- fr"ml'l sreasons tiiK-il ;titisi. a r'lul",1 i ',,IIRI) lih-:|'
I t of the'
In I the 'clasHlle! l service without examination 1popl. for striking, and, | | iiuKnoMti li iii h' 111'1"I a'f-
: ]reap In toUt h with t the Kovetnnicnt.To ; ( there has brn' considerable! reduction niaking 1.lall < rto IK- I
t do this he said every one must for the reason. that her in the amot'iiw of land under < ultlvnilon. j southland' to kllow. Ih. \Vanni ': I the exact demands.. made upon ih*' offVlalK lug ,...O.lhlll hct\\e,.j I a 1<'iia .aud, I nfii '

,llQOW what the f.oeriitnnt' "C"" ts und husband./ ( ') 1 Frank Del.. CarrliiRtnii. late : and a marked, ''* lucr-a. e In i Inltol o\'nm"11 was not u government of i l hiCeuij, (; :)IL road.I'ractltally . i I f.
to I them had all the effect
tha\ the ..tror'',,- to obtain upproinia- majfir.' First I I'niied( i States infantry.WHH the plantliipw of other, ciops than cot of f'.t"n.r utterances for the withoutexci'pllon' the A b(--f ftnrtni1 1 If ,,11' i 01,1, 1 iiod, In

Uona for good roads, -411-"n i-Vula I ....tIng urijiit-tly" con\lcted 111 the. (1'. ll president'mpor8nl''us, .t speeches dealt with white Mipremai( > tuioii' ui.i 0: aernuni > ,the alai rnlntc 1
erformanl'p.I" I courts i f the Philippines of certalnciimlna'l tonThe acrenare"' and days eatOr) late ; "Iok. wlholl' notes or and I III nii-nace to the totiihern hoik. shot 'tii- (if import' ol, Aiiienraii ant

!MfJ. The\ speaker said f It was the I prov !" l ( harl<::4.''. as now decided by llri compared with' last ) ear In the i| pianiiscrlut' once dilfted' inlo ,, ills man-the I""u.... ,-dclit which th'yexpresMd (Ciiniiilian4ttle Thi IIM-III' <..1..1>

ihitipremo tOllrl. and Ihlg' action' Is several ,,1.alPB. Is shown : 1'0111. t tbe bwlief that the (";ieuiKia to ih yov i nni'-nt (ic>
. Inc-e, ot the Ktale l goveinment io on- A < burst breaking over the cllvI a81'1.1'0111 .
In 'he nature of il remecfinl nit llIrP North Carolina, acreage lofl.( H-\.. . to .,; remove ( AiK-u'inw
within th,* power of hip .preMdont. I ) to dave eaily.Souh. I ) I. I 11l fffiMt , i ante.liipiin
-that it 'to
was nccfcksnry IIrou"'j.ulJ1Io".eonl1mt'nf anil, l In
( HI. was review -
rectify I the InJuq' ire .of I thofco pro- | ((Carolina-Acreage !.ifi. us 1.1 \a..II! i" successful '
of ,their '
In favor
cnnatructlou. of pir-xldcnt. "-,1 serious
reidiDKnhlth) lift' H ltd I to I lie try early a" la.t vear.Georgia 'h. I I. .M I l'c-i, i/,11] svipei' Int eiiiU nt of t h'lailvsuv Wachngton.
The pe) t rai",'hK liedahd l nei 1 e-nitoiih( condition / rtagclit.. as eaily: as1act I mail' seixire In All.., stand js aitlnc in P <"J) fi t ih witlilie' u .
vcated In';!),, cc"t of building! bettervroads \ I ill nwclv packed throng!: In ft ont' of .
of :Mr? ( 11111( I Ii, 1(1011 and her fain thai his uus i
: added 'tk{' PI"irahr.I vear.' the reviewing stand' into' H panic and d"lfllD1 <1"111/.1 ( I t uiueti-iuith| i- in .1/,111' ''"11.
ilv Alabama-Acreage '.\1' I ( eci1- "
.uall. H I
- t there WJIK rush for (CI i irrn 1.IIIII" 10 .I. I
: late ayld h..I. lc other lines \ ,er xis>-llleTh7 !
'CHATTANOOGA( SHERiff l.TROUBLE.. INSPECTED CANAL ZONE. The president'A- was a goal for Ill > "h"r' | ( < ill 1 Kf'le: Mill! ( ollli't: i K'dWllh j :
:\1I"lh"IPIII-A'rfoa. !S.j! ; :; five dais through mall Io AiiK'isia.' he stated. olHI
und women and t cJhlefee I Hie plfhldeut "II < I II
: :l 1"m.n .hl bin routed, ithe, Cen- > dll"rl .1' Q
:.. fi United State to Punish Official, for Secretary: of War Dickinson Arrives < tills e had, io I-IIUl"I"d i to wa. 11 I tie (01 i i,4nl' I He ,I"( I"" ] Dial iliinil- I
LouisianaiieflgC f.4.::;, fifteen. 'to Kal of tiiHirKia. tvhllril t te mall fur t
., Allowing, Lynching.: I Home from Panama. sate him from the "' rush '
: froh. Japan, to I ll.c I 1 iiiitiStatic -
;' 1- Washington/ 1-'. C -For the1/fir-s4_ Washington I 1) C Weak from ,the tweutv da> v laeArkansas \ The president. t t ."I.I'1.. ynlte a Gf'OIIa i Huilroad I ics al oil'a"' (j'Alol j''
I 1; -Acrehgc !II;. five da f< simply i.llinH. I in. At l.ljita., .x.1I lia, ( I'iiHi'il. and U.'H N
1<\ tithe in BO serlouN a case.-ihe Htiprcme "tretH, of his lllfi,".sK. whli I h compelledhiiir ,ill cm lililK i ,and for 1 I HMie i I It I ueemedthat up .a..f
late.' the eases ntadl' Soi ial (Ciule I II> pnH"poits Ui, n.lOe
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