The steamer made the run from Lake In force lodelJoltel,: Far from it; tbe readily responds: to its dampers ;1

Okeechobee to Klsslmmee In ;yMH hours company will absolutely 'advance the that an even temperature can be '
ld and Capt. Bass thinks jsjie will make prlje of all the tots In Grand Pack; to maintained

Mr., R..D. Fuller has veen planting after February 15th. Those who are chancres( -of TJur*varied-climate --. I.

,quite an .extensive orange .grove." '."j>n ; to accept the great' opportunity con Remember, every day that '' CARSONGRAVES --- .. .

his place near Winter Haven, He bee { veyed iu tbs} offer will have .to act I you use the Wilson' you are.

already set out '/ \and quickly . __ . .
\ thirty-fire %cra.v.. a taving\ ont-hal/( your fuel hilL -
r I has five more acres ready for .the trees.Twenty . I A feature of thU offer which ought
acres of this he planted for to dispel the slightest doubt .of its '

: Y;" bimseU. and the Other twenty l I. for: Brat advantage is, that the company :
parties to whom he sold the land and sells the lots for $.)() on lime without \c2// ,

;.If'r planted the trees by contract. ntertst a d without lares to be paid: ,
by h' purchaser. A 1 taxes: will be
I 1.1.:0.: here
H. Hash\ of'Va.Ur't'ived '
paid by the company until the deed for ,
v a few days ago to join Mrs Hash and "e' property has been l'IUld.crn: ad-
.' the, children who are wintering' in dl tin to this the Jacl sonV4lle Deyel .; L

,f" Klsslmmee. Mr. Hash Is a large p .'ent 'Company, offloei-ed" by some L HARDWARE COMPANY.
w. manUfactorer woolen goods. and as of the leading business m'Q of Florida . : : b
c;i 'he la .very )busy man will be .here puts Ita absolute ra tee, behind : .
a' only a few days. He expresses: himself the valnd asked In this subdivision.
c" !>
as highly pleased with our cll-
The prices placed on those lots are .
I I.
K I 'mate ss well as withKlsslmmee., ridiculously low compared with rein r .

1 #''. Mr. John Tlson' with his teams, live values In every suburb of Jacksonville .4DK.
Ofl w, -moveu Mr. Johoathan Strickland from but the company operates --- .
aim )" Campbell 1 station below Klssimmee, toft he maxim that "success for our cusomers -
the Spier place above Orlafido/" Mr. 14 success for us and it has ) J. W. .SIMPSON VJVVVVVVVV. VVJVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV V

" PIrv ,;;) Strickland baa recently purchased this and a wa>'s will do business .ou that r -
| grove and wlll'*make It his borne. asls.. .. DENTIST.' S '
? Tee moved last Saturdav and the The loll In Grand Park are not to Office Oaceola Pharmacy ,,

be offered to colored people. Sajes over CORRECT IN STYLE.
'Sunday.Pinecastle .t 9.. In. tn 12 m.. ; \ ;
,, : are made only to whites, Insuring a OFFICE llOURi! :' ( z t
f 1:30 to 6: 0P. m. ,
" X C. C, Lewis, the ,greatest of all community of the best of people.
No. 76 Jun 6. Ivr.FO. 0 ... ..
, ifcharacter comedians supported. bv a There was never such an opportunly Telephone ,
S ::3\ capable company? will\ present'$1 .for, an Investment In Florida" real 'j 1p-! -: = ;
K.. 'Plankard the opera house Friday estate aft that offered by lobe Jacksonville THOMPSON.Pkyelclea sad Surgeon "

!L'" evening.truthfully' Feb.described 23d. 81 Plunkard as a home maybe and Development of Its Grand Company Park suburb.In disposing Its a6t CALLS. A''W&.a' ). ... G, . 'A pair or rusty! iinstjlisli' ) aliooN) will mar A

r' ,family pia'.."er, member of the doj the opportunity of a life-lime to acquire esldeace 'P".. aa.Offidb'Pb.nn L, . thc ctTcct.'of thc .most elaborate_ toilet. With '67
tnestlo circle, from (he youngest child real estate In Greater Jackson- (33. .
a to the aged grand parent may -witnessC" rllle.-wherv) value afe doubling Inal'lUnflB.' : FLAT ,- lIew". "; :

., 81 Pluokard with pleasure and profit, ____________________ ' i, .
IT'. a play that appeal to almost every' To Cure a CoI4'1.O..08TTake M.' RIVERS. M. Ut1r'.Pby.lct4'n S'- DQRo'r HY DODD" ,
one. ,Of coure there are exciting' incidents and \Surgeon! .

+, r. ,'villainy and pathetic scenes, Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab WITH trea1MMEE' : DRCG CoMrANT J .

I \J ,but they are relieved bv bright wholeveeM eta. All druggist refund the money PHONB9-Office, 4tl ReeldeBce, ", ,-Models, you need have no coiu'lousncss of
,. comedy Remember the date. If It falls to cur' *. E. W. Grove's signature ". <'' JtlUlvMSB,' fLAAlVANS ,

\:: '> Yesterday afternoon. near the passenger ls on each box. 25o.: tf ",. ;, '(} ' . '. . I ", ';your: :,footwear.) r.'' It .will, bo us correct In tiylo

b d ..: boy about depot.16 Grover years old.Henry.nd.a negro white AN ORDINANCE. P. AGNEW' ; ' G7'r Z; .'# I 'n.gitYcs, faultiest In (It.. : I'r'

boy about the same,, age became lot AD Ordinance. Prohibiting the Oprnlor of Ran. :. ". "
yol"edlD a dUlicult1d rlDIZ' which thenegro I bee bop. on the Babbath. Day. aDd. Prohib.Iting | ATT"oRMKY AT LAW..,..... S3.OO. AND S3.5O.DAMN'S.. '
Barber from W '' .
;. boy received a severe .lick ; I '
on and Provldlni renajt* for the Violation AND NOTARY PUBLIC, .
'} 'the forehead.' Dr. Tbomaaon -examined : Thereof y' 7i !L. .. *
L the wound and saidthe skull was Be It OrdaloeL by the Council of the Town KISS1MX\thE. FLA. S I :*:
{ slightly' traduced The boy was having of Kl.nlminteCltyiSSCTIOH -.- -- ;;:J'fr
,, .. !.spasms yesterday afternoon late . 1. Any p.reon'who keep a bart .. ,
t, and seemed in ..'T very ',serious condl.' bar shall t .hi on>tbe open Hobbath on the dar eabbath perform' d.the'. work or who of J..M. WlJLLbON i JR., VVVVVVVIIVVVV1 ssVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIJV OO S.

a'.t ,': '..lon.ID fact It" was; reported aronnd B barber, .ball upon eonrtrtlmi thereof be ( NOTARY PUBLIC-.. l v a
town last night that be was dead. flnett not lea. than $9.00. or be Impi tanned not ..r ._ .1. _....:..:.
'..:' Marthal Williams went to see him tblsmorning bra than JO day. lor each ofTenae ._ \ STATE AT LARGE. S -.

however, ,and found ,him HtcrioHg.ID conflict All ordlnanrv.herewith..or., and pane the or aame ordlnanrea -' Real Estate Agent.

5 walking around, and the boy told) him.. are .. KISSIMMEE. FLORIDA
be did not even bay a headache. Read a and awond time ana .rdao.nlmou..y .
.Ai --
In open aeulon tbl. tilb laT of =

from We the are recent Informed wreck that the the sufferers' r.buU.A.D.I viii. W. L ;;;10": BILL FOR DIVORCE. Pain""
on A Pain less
from PreiMentof.City.' Council of the Towti of KlMlinmee. la[ CIrcuit Court seventh Jodlaliil Circuit PEAR 8 : unable I

r the. railroad company the following' *"",,1-1, R Oil.BkBT, Ja. Btete of Florid,County of Onoeola.
The widow r.p"LI| Clerk of the Town of KlenlmmeeCltv. Alice MoOrader. "
t sums; 'of John Lusade
received 94 000; the widow of 'am' Approved.tbl. Uth.darnl J.. V.".b"AIIERHOLD..!:.,.., A. D. 1MXL James Henry vs MeOrnder \ITo Blll/ot Divorce. Never rest$ pain. : Women'spains

t James, colored, received 2,500; Hugh Mayor the Town of Klnlmmee CJ.,. .JA." HBSBV MOOBOUBB: .are curable. They: the sign of dangerous

Holly, colored, received *50.00; Con I It ppeerinK fiYim the .m 1 : doctor Platt was paid sufficient to coyer Citation' of Administration.T ,A.n.w..vllrllor for iK>>mpl lu"ut herein |III)|MIM organs. which should be'
tbp'los.of.hlaelntbing.' "Tbe.Co I Ip.n1 T "that the dvf.nd.iit In a nun.rrddent of the : attended
COusrlJeooa'.Couai'/ I toot dangerous results will follow.
Mate of riorl 1 .
OhCtOI . that Ml iiddrvu I* Pretoria. In
paid nothing to Mr. O. Osboro CoOKTV. Fk* I the of
county Doimhprtr. ute of
a.. the express messenger who. wasIn. By hrrva.the County. Judge of said. Countvi that then li no ptrn.n lu the tate. Georgia,of' FloridathFsarviee and,
Jurd it Is claimed C A C."o haa applied! to tbl. of a ..ab.Iopoa, whom wouk
aa the Expres e Court for Le "'r.1>f ,"minl.ratlon .
',Company Is.liable for that, but Mr ..... ?"Prank. 0_.<." Dais' ., lsoessed on, the late. E of I U bind over call,*-.
l Osborna bas brought suit against the! aid Thee County. therefore Oeeeola. i It !. tber.fora ordered that do enaweror I
,Seaboard for, 10.000 damages. The end .Insular a ro the kindred"to cite and admonl.h.all demur the complainant' t.II'' herein filedon ; : ,
t ....... and creditor of ala or before the Mb day. of March A. p ItW,, DonIhe'I M411eofJYtiU1y :
railroad paid other small amounts to d"" lobe and app...-before this Court. else. said. 4 til will be taken a eons........ , Cross
t and floor bflnr 'h. Sub day of Marab.. .. .
passengers! took care of them until 1905. and flle A. D. It U further o 1"r-d that thU notice be pub.
they could go on their way., The irantlna letter objection a. .'.if.ant. they. otberwlae:have I te the tbe ll.hed In the Klmlrame Valley Urcetie,. 3,
4 f widow of Engineer; Lambert, killedand came will bw grated. a* prayed newippf pub "'bed.1 tClmlmmve City.In he If, ,,when cooking, yojrget'
countof oervoia) tate of Florida, .
"I Engineer Porter who was InuJ; Wltnee ny ...* ,,( a County '"d.. 0'the work for ale oonnorutlve week.*. once .
i!>4, have received nothing', and Conductor Countv 1 l.uLI aforesaid| ,Ibis lh: W.4a a..of. Febrnary.lMJS WllncM. K. ... 1"e.let. clerk' of lh> Clrault: : poor rc mJtH. Jt nag 'j. IT COMES x xVheheVnidlesufffersfromfuryofvoman'ablttng
O'Neal ... CpuntyJudge. Court, and the seal of paid 1 C"nrt.: at lh.Ht>urt TO WOMAN'S RELIEF
was discharged from "b..e. .
House at Klarimmee City, IhU at day. of J&uu. not bo your 4'ault, bus<1 -
vice of the company.Orlando Itapor- ar: U. ivu :- '"
'ter-Star. Notice to lredltOr8.. L atees rant) *.1*IJtSLKT,O1!'rk. the fault oflUie> ingredients .andweakentngpaW. .
/ :By W. B.JoHMeroir' D. O . j i not only compe\\ the '
. The elegant new home of Mr. E. 8. and Destributees. P. A. Van. Agnew,Covplalnaut'e dollcttor pains to atop. but It follow up and driven out **

!.- Bender, into which h. moved"; a few "If/...........h..I".I..I.... acalnit the ..ta'e you have A1 (1e ,the cause of th.:palna which prevents them from coming backt:

yo'w 'weeks,ro Is one of the show places for Henry W. Barber.daaed. I..*of Oeeral. Notice ol Application BOY ''It Tnakes you veil Try It V
CoII"I: ,. Slate of Florid,will I -lor Tax YOtfR .
Klsslmme. and ,for, luxurious; ,' com present the urn* '
for.payment to Ihe properly Deed' Under Section ,'. ,r Sold' veryvher--ln
fort would be bard tobeat v any where. eM t.j.Ubl. the time .biewrjbed by law,. 8 of .
Mr. Bender bad this place la,comt,m. tbe eame. will be forever .rred.' Chapter 4888, Laws /GRq.JFJIES ,
Mr.. . MANLY' Baltic WMITK.xSoeued I ,
were ouringntheeOrIe,' Bender \ tri1 of Z1 ol Henry W. Barber./ of Florida. -iis alft'you A urrxxfrerfy "W1THOOT A PAJII.Wlftea .' fi
summerand ; OJ will find) snd frankly atrI tnt contU- ',
"' took his Mari; Shelton 'f1f. fId Iar
yo'Y" advantage of opportun Koti'B' <' I i.hereby given that H. M Pfanh and mss, teUtifu' all Vour
1- JtyofMlCu..lnlZ'/ 'the different noun Petition for a Special Tape. hataNarl1ABt9dated?... 1. Slug) wry.PlIl'<'ha..,. of Tan C.rtia evprything absolutely I .-troublss.. Ws will ssikl symptoms''free and Bluff.. o.t. I e.n do Dllt1ouse1l'Or'k.
r;.' i* tries which they visited ouch things aV thealdayofJuly. I ISUO,' slthoucjj.iefor* UWnr'CARDUI, two I
hu flled plain '
m f!: :; "would be useful ,and ornamental In School District, made app'katlon saidcertacate.In' for tax deed tnjr to office I..,...ot.I .- /rcsli, pure and satis. tmsDept.then. MsJedMvslops Address: La4I.)', how ta doctors-had done m* no good. I lull-..
furnishing.a house...and with this end STATE or FLORIDA t eordaoce. with law. Bald certificate AdvUory truthfully ..y. I wu cured ty. Csrdul 1
I in viewbe did not COUNTY or the following deaerlbed. tr >D.rtv.. .'."n..." .. factory in the end) OuttsAoD MedJdn Cps. I want wary suffsrlnc Udytoluiow' of
spare any pains or ---- -- .
.b. OecsoLAA Oxwola pointy Florida fa-wit: :: : Chaltaa00ga, :Tana. ',,,,,,.!. ttto -
liJ.. expense. -As a result_ he has' gotten To be Honorable Board. Jan.ISth IMA. Ccrtlneaui Kit embraclaf oK 01.1.\ .as 1'1( it is cheaper 'to ''buy.t ; : wcnderful 1DCId1: M.
UMretoer a rare ana Handsome ooneofttonof of Public In.UuoUon n rue,4Acate 1UI..b"'I"
Oeceola .. ; *NJ'se HI: r f.
Co. .
rugs; vases,' cblnawaie. plo Omtl.n.n.-, > :/.26e. UDdbeluf ...ealod good'Gr.ocerles.1 L . 1
at the .
Ig idate ofthrn 1" .
tores, etc. The house is simllarto the We. the anderaliaed. "p..tI"lI| the l..''anoe of Such eertlfleate In .,,,. ;. '' -'. '--" - -
K'.avod which be sold to clerk of the court .drlheld.b..hnoI boundary dlatrletl Ia w .DIaI1r..t of ourBexlnnlni'at'center cordluBtol.w Unlew' said certlneile tax deed shall be.ndeemed .ae> ..HOGAN & .FLOYD..I C rA1waYs''

t' K*. LI>aler, except thsp it ,Is. larger of Towhahlptoa, where the Itih dar of March. A.will D. lux.lane' thereon"", : ,Remember. the Full Name ;
{ '' rtd commodious he 11- range line dividing art 84.running Witness '.v olll"lal ,
n> )re entrance due wet on laid line the S't"11*" fld Mal thl.' th. .. .
to KlMlmraee [t's '
N sitting room being W 34 tt. rivers. Wtaday ofr [> hwd.
x thence running. southward down said river to 'bru.L LettY
, pate there are two bef rooms, ooaald Batlnrer aub achool dlitrlet Uienee due seat .cbrkClrottbodnD.oeolsCount Florida'lvW.a.H.aW&LL ,HARRIS' SANATORIUM. :Laxativ Rromo OuinineCuresaCoMiiiOiieDay.GripuiTwoe
'kitchen,, bath room aod Baafngershooldiatriet line to range ) D. .
.: ''A'large 'wtodkiiiraad said line dividing .S4 to and place 161 ol thenoe beftaola due .north ra . I DR. n, u MIS.rni'..

abundance oft ,Grant thl and we will I'SUMERY. AND OENBRAL r
an water, ever 1" Notice '
. tog and jtures % the 'This petition will'' be P"..B' ''rk t".. I Board Offloe Boon,u to I, J to ft.aya. \
quufd be ,a oure<|. TheN I..&be' William-i....lag iasetlag. ..L,8 Marsh. It M... All. ..........."holding etalm.or dtrnahd upon .aR.w..alMBgaIBe, : : i a

'!Y N ; ,massive and'lhl'an' Joll" H. .....ed... : W. R.T.mDlee.tlodwla SzfyizWs for'*. BII.,deee.ed. win prey. BAM, NOSB. ARDTIIR0AY, .
In situ* tber ol llau"_ ( ..004..1 b, time properly ,anales OfflM Bows,/lobllt.L.: ,. ;.o. '
redit .C. a.M' .1__ .. a., A. Bartow, ., same !r':1' "* '.preeeribeii barred and by.11 la"',...:.the ORL.AHDo!" ., -,. ',-< 1f! . ., ;
Ji G. .e>C"" .. a. r. kbai. debted to ?. n.r W. : :. ".LO"' .'-.c. \\1 ,
said .
f ftown( Iff wb fA Is. Wwll'S.iJJT0 W. W. IDIa.... t. Levyp.wdfl. r.t4em. eiUle will make.'aame4./ate/.. 1 ,; . . ... l}
/ ,k1..ra.awJ.T.Dnwdy MwOlllbs.sdenl .. 'J. r . ... Ie; .. '#\I.' '
;; oMr, and U L taste' 4 .. .... I lrmeW I'' 1_
Dmwdy" I L .. ....da i l toiotbtj t New line rlaW ',
,of "
ails. fel ll)"
s .r"A q'1 ti' IItrr.JUt.n$ -.- ." of.rrs. ., ..I, '. 'nd el l QrothlngfeJiV. The,".'" Rod'd 3 It lirfborhe'StYe' ''rbitt ; '" ( ti
t .t. .r t r 'KAti'r tMd !1 jbbu'p1d r" rk''Defiil: js6dpeotup'y;: ,,e-'
.to . aewpsper.l We 1111
jI ;; \ { ... : I a' lif o+9ae.s b, '_ s
4 \ ;
,'- /I I'I\" ""Iii ,,, ]; ;: ,#.-: i .', : ? """"" .'" ., 'f'' ".. \...
'' ? .
"I. I' \ r a ,
; 1' ,j;' ( !, ,._ /fL ",.1' ,.,;, ,?: .;W'' i"144lYn'Rt' \.fI.. ,. )" I ,, 4 .
;. 1.1. ,
p r".4iJ \ tl "' :
i : 7 .bt ft j"
't> :: 1 . Ijyr .r :, ,
: .t :f' .. u? Ft{ .
, .: lv' : N -r !al',.lrlit, t tftIlg l6 \4 "' \) >: j" ,
",,. 1'" .'of- ."'- '.,'..\ , ,' : 1} .. 1il 'Ii-i/ '.' ,; N '.
W "
\ ." --. 7;' { .' "." .. .. !:'.: . '-'., ';. .. ', .- ;. .

'" I
-" -" - .
--- .

T .
;! 1 4' .
ftrnsKlsslmme'e .. :.4

-= ...... :: D__ ..... ,-,,"..... r 'I
'r f' .0.'

Valley Gazette bier.{ week: ; Wade.I the'toner., ., =' 7t.t. ,.. L

-4 Mr., and. Mrs.' > Chlv Wt K.:. CadmaB of Narooos- 1MVWfiW ih. "' '''''''' MAWWMNR
r- TBII.KPHONKNO.1I.; ,; CO..., spent yesterday F. W. BU). of 'N. .. see, ..* Monday and want dp' J. C. LEWIS

.town ..bopDlaw. to Orlando on the noon train for a :
; PURhINHRIEVERY; kBlUey : business. trip. I. C1eata'e Sate

,, It,, FoUND-A combination Ma.o'nlo. : .Spring'Good -, IN THE, :,NEWSi !
/ arriving dally at
.nd K. 01 P. bad . .
w. d. MI111P11..; "e. Ownoc canhave KATZ'8. .1 "
"'. same by uall1ul| a' this office Pluitkard
Mr.. aDd Mr. C.
Bryan enter-
I Official _.ui. Report Mr. James Harp Wt 8&ill tamed .
? ; his borne diy for the young people! at their hopitabla *- ", -
I' ....BA.. t'IIP"a.> .m tTMVMD4T lsil at Lenlie Ga. aft.lora\ short homeSt.,, Valentin* eve with A'I .

tv.ars.Feb.' lS h'; 190. I to friend and relatives\ here. a. heart party, . Rural ALL. WOOLEN DRESSY!a oJ;>s, 1nUt'> ,be, ,eehlreg'ardle'ss

'Phone M for what you want ,..'-tb. If you have any laundry to..send Play of"prevlous'seuIrig''prlces .
Cash .
Mss, Mn.i! talarTall Bargain Store. away, and want li Vdone tin" In good. laa Class ,bY .,. ;
Mr. H. H, shape, phone the City Bakery, -
Petteway .
- a prominent Itself. jt ,
rri kMonday .. ,.. transacting business turned' last .
"lain r. eM:; 44 here.Spring weak from Waycro. Ga, :
....... MEN WINTER will be told'witfi
lunda7 they bad been
on K visit to relatives
ft\ (
.. .... tl2. M arriving, dally at Play I You GantItttorc1. II
.... .... 114 -and friend ,.
Tnead.j.' 0 eaw.A.s.Aa KATH'S. out regard for Its first \Is. '
rAll r.:
... ,. .11I 17jbnnd. isn Mr. Dr. '1'. M.''River been appointed ;; \ 'to Miss I ,
.. a... III M C. Eo, hts hall, : "
.. dwelling/ to afresh' Ico treoftreating alternative examiner for the Mutual
::: paint.
; Life
I. A. t KIMPSON. P. M. Holmes Prather! I I. wielding; the br .h. York for Insurance this county.Mrfc. Company. of( New The Play Abounds

The St. f of our Winter Ooods MUST "BE SOLD .to m..k for
I I --. :
be oloted Thursday February22wIn A. J, Gardner, who has been with Bright and
Spring Goods, of which' we will a fine .
show tock.
bur ratea.for IbserUon of advertisements observance of visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. L. ,Sparkling I '.
among/ the reading matter onthis ,birthc ay. Van. Duzor, left for her home In Jacksonville Specialties.ALSO "-I"" 1
Phone your want, we do the run. hast Monday kTH
page/ U tea cent. per Hoe each Insertion ping H. c. STANFORD

.. KISSDOfEB DRua: KP4NY. Hicks Mrs,,) J.of M.Atlanta Wood (arrived Miss' Mamie last PRBBSNTINaflrtetta . .' ORIGINATOR 0. LOW. PRIOma.' .N' ic...'....... ...

. Kissimmee ha been having siege Friday night on a sit, to her parents.. 'Lewis and "" "' "' ''''
of show for the past week some of Dr. and Mr M.-J..Hicks.' -- ., -- .

t.herofOod ferent./ tome bad'.' and some Indif Messrs.. $.,A. Haft and J. E. God. Baby I Irene Spooner-rammmmimiimnmmimnimmmmmninmmimjnimj" "!" " " ' ' ', "

LocalNews., win, prominent Polk county farmer* .
Misses Albert Hinton Mabel Parker and cattle men spent a few hours hereon Two of the Cleverest .Children WATERS CARSON
." O.3
. --- --- JI | $ GROCERY
and Helen Carson of Kmslmmee. business last SaturdayMr. Upon the .
pent a pleasant day In Orlando Sat 'R..T. Butler was li Orlando e. -- .3MAPESF

urday.-Orlando Reporter. Wednesday and while there made a ,

Wade, the Tuner, Orlando. tfI The City Bakery Is agent for. the deal for Metcalf'a Annex Salo,:>>o. He Prices 25, 50 and 75.Friday .

Wblte' r Laundry-Crrv BAKERY. White Star Laundry-the best In the "will. aesuwecharge next Monday Tii-FILIZERSI!

I State. .. The new: Pfann and Miller brick: '
I Orlando J. W'-Ml Monday Her made a business trip to Misses' Jennie"; Laura and''' Lula building are now fast nearing pomp.etlon February 23d. -_ -i"7Tjr ". '. ------"j-r_.: : : '-._":./ r',_JB-"""." _jj'-' -- ".:.:' -:._' ;_: CMc 2,
Strickland 'from KUslonmee were In and will soon be ready for occupancy. '
I ,I', Mrv C. F. Prevail spent Tuesday Ibeclty Haturdajv calling tin friends The brick: work has all been Highest Grade-Best ,Crops--Lorge8t Returns, a
I transacting buslneps In Orlando and completed and they flooring la
!shopping.-Orlando Reporter. now
I Tlner Gai being laid. Tbe lathing Is also being Watch for the Parade. .... .Perfect Safety lit their'Use. '
Mr, of Marshalvllle, I.I Louisville, Ky., and'return. -rale put oo preparatory plastering. .
I visiting her daughter, Mr.' F. C.. one fare plus 25 cent for round trip. '' '., .1.,
I .Bryan.Photographs. Tickets on sale via AtlanticCoast We have- been In Kisslmmee"tbreeweeks C Send ry' '
I Line', February 24th, 25tb and 26th have worked on' many sewing .' ,P! ; for Circulars'aho.wlDg danger ot using} Acid r 1

I dozen, for the card! size, 11.00. W per H.' with final. limit Alarch 4th. J. C; I machine, hove had no complaints. e.. Materials oh our light sandy soils, and how great .
nexttbirtyday ,
Kirkland, D. ,P. A,, Tampa: Fla. can be recommended by all. Me leave ::: losses were made by farmers last "
-TowplftDd.-*- . now in a. few day*. A perfect sewing I OOOOO3 '' year throughout :=:
Stanford Is'selling all winter--goods machine U bles E the State. '
a family Roberta
I .Ir llr 7'e: .
Photographs! eard size II.OO at' '--00'---
greatly reduced price. to make & Robert, at tht Lake House. Phone
I dozen, for the next thirty days. W.. H. room for bl.-Sprlolf' Mock, 34. \ P2 .. ... ,' IUUUtUULU1U1ittL11Ua1ttTItftlttitt1LICU1liilULUtil1U uuuC ,
I Townsend \ >t
: .
Mr.. and Mr. G.;:A. Beach ot KIsImmee Hon. and Mrs. C. A.Carson went -. C/] .. 5',1' r, ''
I Fewer gallon; wear longer; DeyWI I after a pleasant visit to Mr. up to Betted Wednesday to attend -'- 11C" 1,," :
I and Mrs.J, B..Padgett-left yesterday, the Presentation Day exercises at.' "' ;
nick and his , h
Ilttlegranddaugb- -
I For home. Mr Beach Is a leading naval = Stetson University.. They will remain :) .r.;..t..av4 t; I i .
IVaroe '
ter. Lucy were Orlando yl.I.tQr. C ;,
I *.Tu .day.I .. stores man of that section and U In DeLand the balance of the week; -.- .. ', :, '4' \,' ,'A. CARSO:: JOHN. M. LIB, N. B. CARSON.State t tt _

I associated with Mr Padget7Oaine.ville . and while there will-be the guests of . ,.,."; ., P..t4..... v._............. Cssbl.ri; "
Mr.; 1C. S. Bender' many friend are, SUD.Se.enl. Mr. Jno B. Stetson, the father of the. C I '
I pleased to see him up and about the members of Friendship University. '. .. ... \.1'. I IKi
. Batik
I-*,streets' a aln. I Lodge[ K. of P. went up to Orlando on Rev R. J. Bruo, of Orlando, will .

I We carry Worcester corsets at C. the noon train today to attend a. celebration fl'l his regular/ appointment next Tuesday ,.... :.hti.; "I.\. 8iml1J e,. Fla. ,
I W. Danes.I I of the 48i.h anniversary of the evening seven o'clock:, at the JCQ; I'
founding of the order, which will be Alliance Hall. In the Sears build in :--- '
I Mrs. Oliver. C. Kemp and her son given by the local lodge of that city on Main street.-. Miss. .Rogers, of Wllmlngtun \ . C "PAID UPCAPITAL..1y..a.l..w:: a SO OOO OO- ."

I I Arthur, of Chicago, are at Hotel/KI..I, this evening. .: Del., with her autoharp will STOCKHOLDERS:: LIABIUTY.-'eo OOO eo r <.
.slmmee for the winter. ,
I It.,. Fred. Nichols WIll preach .at lead the singing. All are cordially N DEPOSITORS SBCURITY,,. .+. ..*-,?.. 100 000.00. i.Prompt'.sd .
I Mr. d. B. Wade the efficient and the Christian. Church next Lord's dayat Invited to attend. | / .. ,us
/ .
I making piano tuner of ,Orlando la. 11 a, m. and 7 p.. m. Morning yup'j Mrs. J 11-ShattnQn,.of.Homewood, / Careful Attittlo giver to alt Matters se.. 'I
I his .regular. rounds here lo-"Paul's Purpose. What was Pa,_who t* pending the winter here treated to .*. Exola..... good at all CYeep..trates. ::
I this week.' E..lliolf-.n. man. of Galilee" We for the benefit of her health, 1* highly -- '

I New line Carl less, ''Coon A Co. col- extend a eordlalln'YILat.loD."' elated over her Improved condition.. 4l x; YOUR,BUSIHE9S SOLICITED e ?
attend these service .
lars l-Dann'sJ and think there Is no tonicequat toKisvlmmee'
t ....
MfJ; S. V.'Trails.." 'prominent farmer healing atmosphere.Since ..
Mr. K: L.. Lesley. sold this week, to > here arrival here she baa gained ,
near Birmingham Ala., Is spending ..... ."--
I A. his and ""
E. Donegan place grovekobwu 12 pound In weight. -" I" 1
the winter here for the benefit of ..... r
L Tree sitF
as the Hickory plane his health, and I. very" much pleased A four o'clock tea was given to..the f 1
uated .t the south end of Allgator\ -
['Lake; with his Improved condition. During guest ot Hotel Klsslmmee Thursday ,' ... p
his stay of little less than two months afternoon from three to six o'clock.

Spring Goods arriving' . dally at.' be has. gslnvd-17 pounds tn weigh,, The past and future was read to each Klssinmee'Drug | bSCEQLA. ,
KATE a., one, from the grounds of left In
Mr: P. A. Vaus' Agnew, thw ll teal '
Me...... J. L. Hyde and C. A. Bavls, known attorney of Kissimmee, washerolastSaturday the cup and their beans \ led with Co '
the and
I state agents' for the Underwriters fire and Sunday 'securing delight at.. happiness good ;: PHARMAqY.
I extinguisher have been canvassing Information to be used by thebia land fortune ID store for-them., ,,/ .

I the town this week In\ the Interest. of companies I:-their effort, to secure an A musicale will be given at Hotel /' Chemicals "
complete line
I their extinguisher., Injunction In'' U. ,H.. Circuit' Court at Klstimmee, Saturday evening, Feb. otioootiB'.ROKE'RS': ej Besides our :olpruffs, and., I.

Jacksonville against the state, In that 24th, at. eight 0'0 lock. Talent ,from Patent Medicines; wa have now on sale the raras ti e''t.'.,
f. Lowest prlOftI ''D' Fresh matter of collection of the five cents out of town, and In town, will||| be represented : : \.bwte&aii. ' '1.. "
I OsceolB Meat Market. per" acre special drainage, / t.aK.-h and all. lovers of. music W.LVanDH/or&Co.: SY.LVAN' ) t i "

I Mr-A.: >#. Bfttder'end wife arrived Myers Press, should not fall-to attend. 'Ticket 26o, .y . . . .. ,_ $.EQ9iJ! )
TuesI Tbe musical willbe given for the .. .',
I Lt Karooosee'a Sanitarium last Mr. Plerson and and. Mn Ralfv .M. l' .
I day. Mr. Snyder ,. a. citizen of Flow of New Jersey, arrived son,berethls. week, benefit of St. Johns church. 4.8 TOILET '/\ilr"\: ,<, ,,'t:1, : 1\,0; ; ,>,"'T,'. ' -

I Ids with large business Interests In bringing a- one naptha.. launch with Orlando now ha. ODiy'one news // . : S 4 -. '
['New York sod. Philadelphia.. themwhich they launched at the public paper. About. week: ago. Mr. Josiah -'-'-- 1r C1

I Contractor Frank Bus, came up wharf and creaked with provision Ferris purchased from Mr. -8. -lU! E A L ESTATE I SOAPEvry

I from Bowling Green; Saturday, where and other necessaries of camp, life, Hudson, the Daily ,andWeekly, Reporter ....
I be hal been erecting a. depot, and left and set sail Wednesday, morning.'. It since which time he andMr.., AND INSURANCE' -
I again Monday morning for San 'An* Is the Intention of these gentlemealo W.. D. Yowell I," publisher tbe Sta< '. S. customer gets Trial; Bar .FREE' ''
I tools I where be Is to build another, Make the trip through to Fort Myers, have consolidated the two paper'Under 7m Saturday. ; ;
a.thence through the Florida, ,,a the name of the Reporter-Star, on "
I Smoke Key West Havana, the' best round to Miami. Messrs. Ferris and Yowell Vre both - '
I fie Cigar on.the market." The eteamerLillie, Caps:,'Clay Johnson practical printers and all round good ,, V i

I .C.pLind" : Mr:*. Alfred\ Ddnegan. carried a'pleasant party of ladies newspaper men with pl!pt ptv of.. push DR. LESLEY W. WEEDON.ftPKOIALIST '

I who have been spendtaff 0>*- pail few and gentlemen of Germantown and energy, and will ,doubtless make ""
I weeks with relative and tr end l here Pa on her southbound t-lp this week; the Reporter-Star one of the best publication .., BYB. BAR. NOSE AND THROAT., i
in tate. Mr. Hud.nowIll
I left Tuesday for Xhelr home In Indiana and will make Una. trip through to 'the M.C. BRYAN,SMrstary. .1
devote-lil.entire-attention C.:: A. CARSON:: Pr.sid..t. < J
Is .. conductor. | now to Private Ho.iit.a1.Amerlcaa"N.tlonal $ ,
I where Capl. Donegan fc .. Fort Myer The party .1* composedof ...
I on a ".U1'0&41'(0.. tIIuj' Mr. and Mr.*. Joseph Thurmao, his book: andxfobprinting, office/ Bank ,Bld'g. Tampa. .. ,, ; 'r 3. E ,

W. 'bane Mr. and Mr Harry W. 'l'burman. Mr., .I
I your thuds* ?EAT C, .. ;
4. j
and Mrs. Cullom Mr. and Mrs.: Ax- '
[satisfaction guaranteed.I . ford an & Carson
I J>r. aerdiderand his wife of BrldgeI expect'to make the roundtrip, s.nd / Waters Grocery

port Conn. 'arrived at Howl Klsslra. will be gone about ten days. NEW 4ROCERY STORE ;

):nee.Ti1ead..,. evening. It Is very NOTICE-All' parties having stocV . W..I..... B>tll Dalere!t. ,
face / ... .
I their . .
pleasant to see familiar ';' ,"
I I and trt known like that topic the.climate to the Doctor.KI. of will any please-klnd remove In the same MoCool by March ua.tlJfej 1. "We:have Just opened"up at Bandy A; DaDd,'.", .:" G.RO-O.E.R'r: : : : : :E s,
slmmee, I h.veleaed. the pasture nti want i old stand, "with a full stock of fresh w

I Seed Corn-'75c a peck.: Leave or- possession by .tbptdate! FANCY AND FAMILY GROCERIES ,

Iders. with, O. F. Parker. JfSv RAVTON. r l .

I The Ch,,s. King Draraatilo Cov'played The hunting and fishing- season lit and respectfully solicit a share of the public UIITY"A..Jf1'tl" roe -
I here three night this week: In small now tn fuU swan / and parties of patronage >'ree'delivery to all parts. .; :::::1.ORAIN
I audiences presenting on !ooDda7DIIlM tourists. are continually going .to v .the c''t'o II .A y Celebrated Fertilizers c .u ; "
I The d I TueadavI and coming" from the bunting grounds I
htuUouee ." Y" S pw&
I bight, "The th' Robbe., down the riyr, all of whom report : COLLIER & COLLIER ''E..T c. x:
I and Wednesday night"Rip Van Win- fine sportJicd recreation. There 1 I. nouetier .
Clrealar. *.4 Pric. .
tkle ", .' In Florida for an outing .
place ""
rarehkMC. .A"llcat. .
There '. d ir(
Klsilmtoee. are ,
than down the : :::::: .
I1 I You will ave money by" trading' athe three hundred mllesr'of o..llt'abJee. .
I Cash Bargain Stort.I .
rivers and banal.rightthroughthe '
I Ueputj. Collector A. "E. Donegan, heart of the most'tropioal'portion : : ;

I oa.* Durcb**';d the residence ,pro rat/' of the state; abounding all. kinds of ),We can Sell our Farm 1 or Business' : : :

I. on upper Broadway of Mr. Z. PhlMlP*' .. 'affording the wildest and > ,, WOOL'
I and will It a* a. loom r. most beautiful_scenery In- Florida; this '. :
occupy ODo"e CM CHIt Coopo below zed _aU at Do sot pft off. ;, g/ : : ;
I Phillips.understand ex Pf'C PIANO TUNlN .-Wade, :the tuner, I : "
I to Orlando, where he will, ngage. .,S&I will make his round here next week. : t.

business. ./ / Orders by mall))' -sent, to Hotel'.To.hopekaliga FARMS ,CUT THIS OUT FARMSChristie ...
suit'' ..will be attended to. All ,
I" Trunks ieleoope ydrei ;cases ; 1*' !
I lowest prtoes! at Danns.I tuolng Is ,Fir. Dollar*, .'each Job. r ,, .,
CyW. Christie Estate
& Real! Agency;
I beautiful. young Thorough work-guaranteed.; .. ,.. '
Two of"Klsilmtnee'* '
I ladle. vUlted rrendshere the past Capt. B/'f.-Hall, Jr., came up from. Drol-Upcks'Cl B IUIf. jKkwrtvOJ,, FU. .. .y' The Ocklawaha 'Nurseries,: N

week.: : These young ladles were borr Fort Myers Wednesday to spend few ''Xlbdli'.end me, by return malt ListingBlank, a* I wlah to take up' ">

i her aodxspent their childhood There, days with friend and relatives'here matter of placing my Farm. In your.hand , . '1-* ._: 1_, >' :w. .
kaud this reasoriTIiey lo..e0 come before leaving for Cuba, where he Is ) r Srr
for Orlando Reftporter8tar. sent'bv' a of Chicago . .. .. . Ii L' To One.onwws who _peel....luP _P P1 ,
Pback<"- Plnecastle nor In being company. Name....... .. .. ...1. .<; .4.,Jk.-*.. ...1..s/ ..j.. . ..t : ., '
capitalists'to spy out a. route for s II 1. .we want to a4 Sew CM&lafO bleh just Went 'f

*SAll woolen dress good-will A be sold line will coastwise look over the steamers route and; Capt.determine Hall d ....... .....; .tf" ......1.1.. j ..i' "i' '';1 .'!' ..,.. .{; "f"('it.." "1.1 .pabllia...1'UM.d..
regardleis'of! cost at Slanfor4'so! lust What class of vessels will be neo .1181II.sad we 1Ie-..... give "........ IafaeY/.s", /

Ex .. Cbkbdler and. M Us Hester wentMown e..arlRaDd then return and. report to new."... .__. Our; +
to Wednesday afternoon the ,:after which the steamer knee,a'1) yalaaeii v.rr.M..r .a"_I h
o. visit the millinery stores In tbatBfcltv will built under bis superintendence.InthetneentimaXJapt. Stood "=The Test 25, Years ,11.; it win be..roar tat re.i salook th.t iblt.v.4sM we...
'ad.. imbibe some .01'.the latestDdeas Hall ha. turn Has I..... ,_waD CI.we b gin yr;jeer p.tree.g.asses 1st W.tS' f
In mUlloerv, for the benefit 'of steamer the Nsoma.3rd over tohls.onEdwsrdwhowtll.sriIv4 _" ... lb.ladyem.ats'vet./eoabtrot.: ....... ls'-umus. ....; r
belr patron. < ; here (} T.... .,sew. to,tail uoI,wl.1et filudy... : y.-

prepared' toe'take' : any. ; .Ab.9Iti.17a.wbitslye _' .- .f.-
xrsaturday .
id Crov s , . : 1
be bad .....
For the" chaapestmeats* : ' go' passengers. who 'may wish .togo by ...
BXBO the > hereto Port M" -. .M

....BfV.Tnther' 1'01l"f of ,:drlsndor'Wlll: ; f. MOTILE. ; :- .T" resS Ch l tTonid " ....' 'Z -"-o; W.OOfll.....; P/tO.itTAN... ..NL fIILAi ,

mew Kissimmee t. d"-0Q'' 89,' and ::+tt .firing tb the scarcity .of.' ood"'and st ,'./ :,!ti I'......... ......M'I'.h" .; ne:' ; ) :;
la the cha I;;at the home;of, to- haul. hereafter- spill . ', < "l-
b6eei4pt.ooe '
all11a. ". :; I -.. ', ; ':. i.. .eiJ .N.J tar : : '
Irs.ATresont ; &tardal' JDGI'ttfQ6' wod 'will be Sl.75 V nran. ,, . 'f.: .. ,,,_," -: ,' ;,....., rr.'t' +
o'clock.' "?' 10; /-h'btt"to ... ., ; i O; D. W0 DAWr. ; ". ,1 & r..T. ; cets., 'b' k .
seven ... u. I ". .: W" .. ....
' .1.r '- >- .. ,- 1- .
.lt.e4. i ; ... I{" '" 'J.... ( -"
1 I OI.'J
I attend are ., :.. '
.J.f ,
'. "" ', tJ. K- *** : r....,.. '.J.,,' ,), .. J '. ; ,..,. :!{, -a .,..l\.t\/l'\.. / ., ,\ \ "- 0'
\ ''" If,-rgL 1 r.;. p jji v '", T.i! fcfeJ. ,, Jr&A.\" "-" ': \ .. :..dY'C! ,.Jt.;? <- ;;."-"01"-. .'-, '.s. ]1'r 1-- tty ,Ir tine ;;!,;
"If'I' /., .' ,* l't: < .
1",. ,;': ., .t. .!. I ,;.: 4"i... ... <<. \ i..' .'.... : ...,..
. .. 4 ..... . .. ..' ..... 1h' 1\\
,' eN' Main' ..' ,, .' '"I: ". 1"
; t -- , ;
4.. 4 "' \ .,>, ., "" '''> ," ' ; J ''' t. ; ..-\M"... .

&.* a.v.4 l3MAa N

'" 'Y "'
t'T11'1': i. < "
; : \, ., .ft t r r
"' "' '


:. .
;: w. 'Because of His Partiality Toward . f"

'.t, 'I'''', ,,, :t,; ,...:..;u. ,.t.:' ',_ >' '.".' .nd'oaynor. Question ,
Greene la .

iIf 'p': II s ftflattersTo.JLIt H1JS!, od.Wifa and-Sori Werd Savannah People Want Settled.. After: Years of Experience, Advises I 'Women. |*j"

# I" .. t 9 r .. ./.yS -. -
$ ; I.
\ Found/ Butchered i'rt Home. Regard to Their Health.

tae Roo.... . Lieutenant Colonel J. D. Quinn, who,
eel I'f To properly air a room, open the window for three years line been In charge .
f 'I. 'i. : J. : Mrs, Martha. PoJlmlLn
at.the top and bottom. Tho r a8on. '
r or the rver'( 'harbol' work of. theSavannah of 55 Cheater! Avenue, +, ,
I for this is to allow impure air, which THE' "WORK( OF ROBBERS ,rand who la kyewaric I
N. J., 110'
\ i epee: r \ [ district, under the chief engineers br t p
+ olway rises, to sNIpe at the top 'Wlille' graduate Nurse from thoU fs

Mrtr ." : tine cool, fresh air will! come 1n at the I t of the army at Washington: lock ley Tratoiua School t 4 ;,1 s p

f4 a: ; bottoiu-.frpni, outside. Heinous Crfme( Was, 'CofnFJ1 Ued Near '!haS been ordered from duty at Sa at Philadelphia, and for t >ry1? I+
: { Chief Clinic'' r : tk ; "
'Cothart Alabama Cltlzene Are !Vannali to relieve Major ChlttonJen, nix years p n
Tobaeeo liltdells. i'd
'0 tft the PhiladelphiaHospital + I' p
tdpit The rrnplensnnt smell of tobacco ',Aroused .and .Thirsting. 'fo t"* at Sioux City. Iowa, and ,asiumo'charge writes" the lotterprinted '; yo '' yp 9
r > of government works on- the has t 11'r' '' 1 ''l 4 i
. rt clinging; to curtains and furniture may Vengeance.Weltering .' below bhe
; ;, bo dispelled/ by. aprlnklinILgroupd.qof J Missouri! rlT%n- and In the Yellow l1i1- 'the adrautag-oof personal i M '1th' ", f I'II

.na fee on a tbovt'l, setting: alight and park. Major Casslua l:., Gillette la. experience, ;, betides her r l'' F

Tarrying the' In Her- about the room. in'big! pool of their ordered to succeed him.- professional: education, l k' r, .4*brand tlp tlI'

,''Coflfeo fumes trP, Innil cases, aduilrti* own blood, their heads'almost severed '\ how .,come. a story that this' trans absolutely, she has to relied!lIaymay' 'w-O.'' 9 // I'b

Mraly -"Wo. as uUinfcctnnls. :, n from their bodies, the dead bodies of fer 'was directed by the war depart. ; t u', ir'1

1 \ Ahoat K'nr nolllnr. J. JI. Christmas,'his wife and sori"weie.discovered ment at the request. of the department uManyotherwomen' are' , yt l' ttt tic, i 'a rr IIU
of Justice/ and that the' motive anilcled A*ahe wna, Theycan '
Y G Jlnuy people boil OKKS'to' their liking : at 'an' early hour Wedrios) refrain hrnlth (In thounmo i A'r IIL
by phicliHt the cogs in coldvntor, Of the requestgrows out- bt the fact iris prudent+ rk 'ill' ,
a, i way ?
day morning' at their home near Cottonwood -
istive \vhlcll is nllpwpd to caiue to the boiling that I Colonel Quinn took a view contrary to heed.such advico from '' "; ;:'

.point, Oiu ) elceepetr-nt lenst'uses Ala --The crime was commit to that of the department of '.uch aaourca. g

salt tlie, slime\ method: for ron hed' '(' j/I, ",ted some time' during Tuesday night, ..justice and that of Major Gillette" and DIrs.1'ohlmenwriteat, ,5- t v J1

P.- taking them from the almost. . boiling. and robtbery is supposed to have been 1 others connected with the government aftorelubtyeuiiof 411 am firmly pKrwmdol-liemoe, Mr's' r* i' J kt ,

bio ; rater:: perfectly) cooked.On ; ; relative to' tho... improvements with Lydia E. 1'lukliaiu's ::11f,
,the .motive. Details are rather mea-! made on the rivers and harbors of VeeotAlilo Comiymii-l, tliatitii Marta l e fla
l;.,noTln Flame.ri .> I the wifcot and l Ot iiimtloln.
cry : ere, and it is believed, that .no definite Savannah district br Greenland r
suRorin( woman to '
ci7 !ltonrekeepersbould'rf:" member clew has yet been obtained. Gaynor who are now' on trial\ In tb| I u. .. pO ITRC'v tl
'lint( sonpj: Is an fllknll and, sctti, vegetable "'immmllatoly after my .,.
ffioRo federal court on charges of conspiracywith '
othwr l.itjm. TU'f'rf'to"e"U The' murdered man and his family ;
. ." a lit! marriage! 1 found ihst n>y tl
k .t.J. stains" should. .were former' Captain O. M. Carter to health bojUm fail mif. I h.-.
: -be removed before the Very popular in the Cottonwood n
4': endorsement of Pe-ru-n defraud' the government out of mil. rains weak and, puln.. .withaoVere '
hudu "My : articles .,ui-! put In n wlll.btllb. The b'
and buarine-ilovru 1:1111110t"rtau
residents of that
I neighborhood ]
: 'j',:Eased. On IU KerlU".Ed. : sooner the- stain Is tirnte.d.. the more.readily lions. 3*. hackafbu sal freprwrniwi d
..rdti. Cr It-:will yield't0 the treatineut. .section took. prompt 'action. A tclo- Colonel QuInn dared, some months uentdlu for '", -1'1..doct .
Tour phone ago, to give' an interview, In which inn, pet I did ; J
boiling; wetetihrouhftult'stahis.\ ' message to Maria nna, Fie ,
CRUMBO, n.1>byo1" of not Improve. I would
a' ED. ,' ind., write from 611 AVhore t>bstlnnti?, noak In. a: solution: oCoxollq brought blooahounda. and deputy slier.Ilia .' he stated that it was his opInion'aa after aatlur.. and frauuetttlrbecome : n
acid. AVash ,'as'lue'slnloll! in an engineer that the work, done by nuummiwl. I u*l ;
.t.tx.y from Dothan went to. the sceno. pain down tlutMigb nir limb to 1OhM\ blllty, IrritlloblUty. ' .!
oug endorsement of Per na i> Alcohol!: pnint in turpentine, keroischn Greene and Gaynor was according to t
Imo hardly walk. It was a* bail a case of female leitineM
melancholy "all-froue"
bl. "ita merits vfa. or elcobofi'varnish, In alcohol l; (genes A reward of fl.OOO for the capture.of specifications In .their contracts, and trouble in I have ever known. Lydia 12. "want-to-bo-left-njone'' (_ .I

,. man is lick 'he loon or other green vegetable stains In1!.- ,the perpetrators 'has- already been of a satisfactory character.; He has ]>tnk baQl'. Vegetable Compound, however, hopelessness they ahoold feelingbinand renien l
cpbol, kerosene or wolll Uti. For'sf)- purwl me wlt '"four uiuutbi. Sine that
for something which will been-summoned as a witness ( the bur there la tried and
core offered. Feeling against the murderersIs or tines I hvo had occasion ta recommend it to one trne remedy.!
t d pe Rill do the work. from )blood, meat juice And "'III. defense In the present trial and/la/ a nunilwr. of ]>atiftita milTcring trout all jLydla E. 1'lnUham'a Vegetable Cbn>]
"I I kn&WHhat it will egg use'cold water. intense, and if they are' captureda due time Is to take the stand. This forms of fomalo dilli-ultJi( mud I find that pound at once removes ouch troubles,! i
v : cure while 'it In .l l red iinurofveiional' to r'oommnnJ ;No other female
In the- case 'Of milk crenrn. sugar: orsirup lynching 'is not Improbable. on < tutsllelne rin th
theMlead oY/stomach, stains evidence will bo.. directly contrary: to a \wit.nt DHxUi-'uP. I sale honestly world, haa received such 1na
Bonk -in cold grater and wldenprekand
headache: and atiyweaLrr or sick trash with ,Some terrible crimes have darkened that of, Major Gillette, whom C61onolQulnn recommend lo'1'1"" K. IYnkfsm'aVrgetabl.\ \. <1 endorwroent. \,
sonp'andwnter. "
<. iTarwheel Compound, for-1 have found that it 'euro
1g. grease or machine oil stains should, be the history of the vicinity, but none, succeeded, and who, Is rellol tank lll.. where nil otbwr nvvttdim"", tai.... It The needless sulferihgof women 11'011Iodl..aae.

.. "Iti_ bound.tohel n,. ne-4J( ..beJjyJULliIrlI u.nUow('d.lo8ta ud quite so revolting as, this, -and- the upon AS one of the strongest witnesses U a'gtauil nlcticlnetor sick wouienJ? to ....... '.The peculiar money td their which sex they U!' tettibtef

according directions: : a few minutes. Then they should be people who have known Mr, Christmas tho government will have Money cannot buy such testimony hs doctors. who do not help them p.1.yaa'|] 1

a "I also lcnow; dorens of mehswho washed with soap and cold water. Ten, Only Thursday did this condition of thin-niurit alone cun produce such re- enprniou' Vrn te. The f. euM|
in the' highest terms of 1'crunaXiJ and his family as neighbors all affairs suits axl the ablest spcuiaHnta now lain I I
coffee or cocoa stains should be re became cenoraljy.: .known, and Xhe money U .. t' Lydia B.,
A an yet" hoar of any one being' 'diva 'b1owith bolifng water; If obstinate, their lives are possessed! with anger, once tho Sayfinnah chamber of agree\ that l-ydia K flukhapi's Vegetable l'Iikham'sVfetnblo Compound., ; t

Mr. Crumbs, in a later letter, with., a weak solution of osnllo odd. which may prove unreBtralnablo.SMOOT commerce adopted the following/ resolutions supocmiful Com|>ouud ia tho roost all univrr- It Is well fur women who are 1111

Awr. 251 1901, says: Use oxalic acid for Iron rust spot, and addressed to Senator Bacon ally known to remedy uieilioino.tYhcn for... write Mr, rinklium. at Lyno. Wan.... I
-Mr health is good ,t present, "for The present Mi'a. Ilnkham U the'J
boulj< have to take any more ink stains use lemon Juice avid salt: and Senator Clay: women are troubled with !Ir- duughter-In-late of Lydia K. I'lnkhan> .'jj

will,fall back!: Cln.I''run.." the hang lir'Uie aim. It the ink: does PROBE RESUMED- "Since forwarding our former reaolutionn regular, stipprM ed or l'ulutnllerlod., her assistant for luany :j-eorabefor her J

There arc-Ja.SS'J: n ,, end procurators ia Italy. lion nnlilHt does. When oxalic aeld'Is from a.most authentic.source that the of the female, .urga's.' that bearinif- since her advice haa been freely given 1
In Rotten Mormon Is
used rmjst be Hearing Case down, feellu Inflammation backache.etlntf . to _I k wonieu. In
care tckra! that the article remova\ Colonel Quinn from this !: <: h..r'lre.t( expert]
How*.* ThU is tbOl'OUSrhs d to remove Again Under., Way Before Special (flatuleucr). general debili cute which covers many year*, aha]
We offer One Hundred Dollars every particle of a any case*of Catarrh that cannot be water: Is used stretchHlustained on the request of the department of tlon. are beset with such Symptom j of cases just like yours.*. ,Uer advise j
U&U!*-,. Cure. parts Justice."It &*dluln...,tatutnCN. la.mltud zclta--J 1* strictly confidential.
F. ;J. Coaxer & Co., Toledo over the bowl and pour'absolutely, boll-
'.' We. the undersigned bav t known ; ing water from a bight uimkjlie stain Hearings In the.cUe of. heed Smoot Is obvious that the last named Lydia f PlnWiam's VcictaWa; CdO9oani succeeds 'bU1t, Othcri''Fsfl'

t t Cheney for the last 15 year, and behave disappears. Be carefulhnt the oiling were resumed Washington' %V dnea- department has. no- knowledge! of the .. _
t. perecly honorable In all Uuidnesa of the Savannah bar
''.' tions and financially carryout water doer'not touch any silk erobfold- .Jay before the cemmltte, on privileges :
a obligations made by Uylr' arm. 'pry or other delicate colors.-:New-: bbr, or of,, tho administration of the
:. '\\.11'1\0" TaDAX"WbolasaIe Druggists, Haven Beglster. and"elecUons. Professor Walter same by QuInn, therefore such :

I k WAUHXO, :KniKAx-- *' MiBTiw' *",- M.-Wolfe, formerly teacher of geology request clearly -cannot be based on FOR EMERGENCIES AT HOME I

Druggists, Toledo, O. i 4: In ltrlgha3n Young college, at Logan, any objection to' Colonel Quinn as .an

;,,' blgdl1''Hall's.Ctlyupon Catarrh Cure the blood U takeu and lotemally muouons r Utah, 'and an apoatle of the church engineer or to the administration' And, for the Stock on the Farm.

:;. 'faoes of the system. '-Testimonials cent '. was the only Witness during the sc>tBloos the harbor work here. "

iM i ,\\I- 'JPrloe,79e.Hall's per. bottle.' Sold ball 4'e Pro/esaor: Wolfe was asked to '"Knowing that, at tale Juncture any NOTHING, EQUALS.
Taltt Pills tor
Family ... ' change' In engineer will be very In- # '
;' ,' . tell what he knew of the allesod plural

i;,' .. i, ''Growth of the< City 8c ool. marriage of Professor Cluff" and Florence Jurlous to the Injterejts of this port I g *

The school city has been Reynolds, both teachers/ i of and In 'makl1)f! this statement we wish wi

1I 9 p ted\ln thirty-three of the Myrtle/ Soup_Fry/.}brae chopped Provo, while on .a.tld to Mexico; tp eay. that we .intend no reflection

schools l and in a number of dnloris In. a' little beef "Mrlppbjj\ intlj. Professor Wplfe said he had been upon' any one, we respectfully request 7 '0 ,

I Ne.'YGrk.,8yracu.e, ; and other they are a golden brown; stir in one-' Informed by Cluff that he was married the senators. from.Georgia to take allS

\ Besides this. Mr. ''Gill. at the fourth of'a pound of groundoatmeal;;, tol Florence Reynolds and that necessary: Steps to ascertain the facts
t., tion of Gen. Wood, spent two ,. fry that brown: .add' one quart of. together on that trip. ..Prealdeot.Smith pertaining to this removal and to this fl..
water; a half dozen potatoes cut In.tbjn.
of the end to call for all correspondence vt-II '
as an appointee >
1tattis- Government, 'organizing; ; until,slice the potato*; ,salt jj;and are aoft.tbenstrain pepper-and nbolt .aa: Slater,- he Cluff&ld,"referred. Florence" ; ':and, document 'relating to'' Cbl4 .mat 11 The Great Antiseptic ;h p

i'Cuba.. ,system In the-public schools to ter, so'Colonel Quinn be retainedhere '
v may and SI.OO. 1 i'
Price BOo.
boundless delight ,of the children set on the, etqve again ojioil.for.fre\ (Twelve times. answered ProfersorJWolfewhed : If !* aao.t .
e possible. ----
the hearty appreciation. tie minutes and serve}. asked;'ho"| many ....... Dr. EARL 8.' SLOANt{
Plain ltaliboro'Pte -infi" fyro 'times he had been"through the en
ties The has also !
, government dowment SEA ISLAND'iROWERS ACT. 01B Albany St., BostonMaser ay:,
: to' Mr.. GUI its desire that he sifted'apple' sauce.stir vrhllevlrot house or temple; he "explain .

b' Bo similar work I la the >; two tablespoonfuls.of bnttfc, Beat the] ed! ** the.endowment house was ,torn s Hold Important 'and! '"r?'
Meeting Decide
fookn an-.Open letter" *y Frank" yolks of two eggs; add one cup sugar down many ;years! a$o. "-"Pld you take .. J".
tons In the Century.-. one-half of the grated rind and nil the: 'any' obligations or 'oaths i, when you on' 'Reduction of Acreage. CABBAGE Pl&nls! CELERY,PUrvl.l to r'

.. .. =' '" Juice of lemon.; MIx An Important meeting: of the Georgia ....... .... '.. '
r': _I '_) one this with the. went through' T" asked John G": Car- Mia kit '"r **** *pl ,< sew' all klada.f.
.. p1.515 un..ylelb. DM**Jr 554 wk I n&.4 Of4. urU .1trMot
; apple. Cover plate with a rich,-crutiti and Florida Sea Island Cotton s..e.of tI h. , ...
1.Mle rev
.k "' lisle, who 'appeared for the pro ecu w.d.nw. 5 515.15 M
r' VVhtnJrvlna )WasTUm... .turn Jn Growers' Association held 1. urucl Turn, .*.*...e wvf allr_......... '"
+ \ the. n1Xture. and .bake about was in Valdosta I.h'f"
'tl6n. ... .
Mhor ; l tl.rl> 9. tat. &onlo> 555 5. > pU e.a.mmrlwr.
Stoker /
t.. Bran ,:' fO..JIUnr: ) half an hour in a moderate oven. Cover-! Thursday, fght Florida and aeN >> ; a.deu.s.ap..a >mMfroi.iM was connected-with, the "$very time" he replied. Aalced>iLl W par '**'**!. hMJ ihast m>r..*...._riitot. "-'r .*> i MH.JI yes
with meringue era whipped cream,. or ten Oeor&'lacounUes were represented wt 11... to .1.111I a.r thou.i.n I. '.o. ... *... f,4.I.
of the late Sir Henry Irving, to detail them, he said there had been Bblt.ple.I CSu.lwrerd,
put a top crust on., by delegates: and number = B.. Me-wff .. : ,*, .. .
of itM Lull a t Acrlr li r.vt
a an' m alng Incident "which obligations/ of chastity, sacrifice and . t.iA.... >ll>b*>.l .. KvpeirlinevnteJ .,.tt >.oe*..,..rnii to|..t.ilk. !.*... ieof
I Half Moons-Four by proxies. .. .WIe. ..p.nlail . .,. ,
', during the: ,player's tour of the ) eggs one cupful vengeance. The witness said that this .-.ounn.prafulllrA.H.DLSTIII ItW* ejrl | b* - toiTCloaaiaeiy .
I '.Inel of powdered sugar, o e'cupful of rice cath had been taken: The association resolved Jo reduce NEE OCfiL a. '

IVapp; ars. that-Irving,Jn flour, one teaspoonful of vanilla ,And "You and each of do covenant the sea Island Acreage this year 25
yon '
the Juice and rind of one lemon. Beat per cent, the vote being overwhelm PRICE, 25 Cts :
break a "long Jump from tbo butter to cream and pray;,and never cease ta pray Cod 'f''f'IS
a then
add the
ingly In favor oJ f: this
another"city: was desirous ol sugar gradually! { beating all the Itll to avenge the blood of the prophet redaction. The GRIPINE
for one Blghlthai; he atretof,a to' 1 'T this nation." reduction, however, is not to applyto. :
Add (be yolks of the ,fsst beat again on iN OhE MY
Indiana -Stoker ' those'who
Accordingly \
t1: ? -\ plant leas) ,than eight
;Another s'poltea CUR't
(henadd the whites beaten 'to a stiff plural marriage was ks GUA.SVA.MTK-CD TO

the/Individual/and 'who'of was the both froth jRnd. gradually, tine .rice flour. oC by the :'witness.. This was between acres.: The discussion brought out GRIP, BAD COLD, HEADACIIE AID BEURALQIA.

tor manager Flavor: JteatiUfitlLnnelnhd: 1I tan student at:Brigham -' the fact that something like 16,000 I...a..11'..t, a 4 Mol.r wee wont **.;?
qaeytlonj;;:requesting:1 thatSir ,H bales, of aobliif Lf01t Cinor .. .L'trrDelnerJCL4 *
Into sea Island .cotton will be f your MUXKT: BACK aT :IKIMM'X: VW.F. -
pour patty
puns have
*. ". be which<< I Young ..Academy'and "Brother"Okey. .
given a- night'aengagemen.a K.'aotUNI8prilafllhlttl.
been well buttered. Bake'in a mod. Professor Wolfe laid 'the girlgame carried'oyer Into next season.A .
i,s....; -In a short..while Mr, Stoker re motion .
: erate oven for twenty minutes. . ,to his house 'ande an''ex-' was. adoptedrecommend-
ed -tha following: "Does Irving ; ;
,' lade? 5>-When-- shown this, the \ Baked Squash:"Baked '..QUIllI1I.' a 'eu.e.aa' an absence from school that ing thdt all those who have not yet qpr''i W I Avery & Company

guished Briton was much amused. homely vegetable) but since most PPOo' she bad gone to Juarez, Mexico"; and sold their' cotton hold It for the prices ,. e'er Aere-

I, directed Stoker; to=replr'that"" :pie: arts..fond..of ..sweet.: potatoes of had been married In polygamy. This named' by ''the 'convention at a recent 'eupcgasbae'roAVERY x 1:,,
; was' a tragedian', loot,a, min.trel.i :* which favorite, ,bakeD squasd'hasIall had been with the consent of State meeting, namely, 24 cents, 22 cents, r., d / &: M \ULLAN. '

The further-reply: came. 'Don't' : -the' virtues and several others, ,the President-"- George! ?Q. .Ca non:!- 81 cents, 20 cents 'and 18 cents.' ao- 'e'a ; 01.00 South For.yh Be. Atlanta, Oa,, ''C
'''' 'trying, unless ,B*. aradea."=" J old :rtlmerecipe: for preparing it per. cordtag to grade. .ALL K1HDS orsMACHINI3RY' "
v f.ectly is revlv d. Choose bard Hub- ,

it., A .;'s OrS BREAKFAST bard, squashes and cut or saw them 'SEEKING SOUTHERN HOMES., FOUR WERE KILLED ":

*! ... h ... ,.in large pieces of unIform slae. Takeout IN WRECK.
C .* .a. If.t.. l Wood That :M. .ke v s
Owsi w.,..' ,the'aeeds and bake in moderately { respective Settler from North Visiting ,
Yl .t hot < jintlt 'a fork Official Repo\f Accident on The s
,. : jven can'easily penetrate GeorgIa aIM! Florida, 8Q.uth- DESTof everything
..Triers' a tioluP hI Hooslck Fall tbe'pUlp. Serve In the shell with More thai: ai; hUDdrect he hemeaeeker __ Sri at Greensboro. v

ap ''hood Y. r-hcLta. growIng into'tnrdy salt.and butter. ii 118d'In At1 .nta' a few days ago The official 'report cf: the 'aocldenton -

on qrape-Jfuts breakfasts. .Apple,Meringue Peel the Southern, railway at Greeneboro _
S' have core and slice over the Ejbuthera railway from chat -
might been different wltb'him ten or twelve good-slrad apples. *f.: C.:, Saturday
Ills mother Cook .tanooga. These homeeeekers ,were morning, received l
explains: them with three ounces, of. two'ounces ', at the offices ,of the ,
sugar ,
"*fjr eleven-year-old is for. the taost part rumen from: Ohio, company Chem
boy Urge {
of butter and the grated rind of"a' lU Washington, states that, four- em.' .
developed' and 'eMtve'snd' hai" Indiana and Illinois and the. north .
lemon.Cook as dry as possible, then ployes were killed I & ,
as follows
sea e.eo ,by: hit :tOD4D'tor: ,'C* : beat,>them till smooth ,and 'torm In weal The entire, party, continued onto Owen : _
Nn food. At five a points In Florida aD4..J'louth' O or-. Norvell, engineer train No. .
1 e-- years be was a loaf, shape. Cover. with a meringue ? 24 Yard and therrate tq uanttuoeo>tn.r} :,. .
nerou>,' :: eggs doctor Newman
queit at Fireman Johnson
Wrts -'Indlgesilon{- beaten tilt.stiff, with two tatUespoon- era,were taken'to Savannah and Jacksonville :- daeedwithth.Uberaloseof V1q'ta.I: r

u.e4.. to.rob' ,him of his strength 'fnl* of sugar added to the/egg Jnst,Be |\ frem which.phtoe) *;the party 'Fireman Sparger of train 34 and I C.todA'& rtUlaers.toreta w". ( Reliable Rriok /!--En8lnT; Boll.raAI, $ /
we very troublesome to deal William Bailey, an outsider who ... Untl"iniaurtal ,, 1 ali '.W eparators.
( fore using. Bake In a .nloder te 4Veni 'wtll:break up for the purposed of Ylslitlnf was: M4htbe7artDa4ieoaaaetaoiBioen. !: u ,
;d., ,He' eyes..peemedtcri j car"for' ,. i till a nice golden brownServe: /witha ( I many sections of the wire grass'. on ,the switch engine, were badly Hot tho land,'&nd the plant* tooom*,I .
for his bretjkfas'OintUI., tried I the Injured. j; P rapidly and more prollflo.:-Vie -
boiled1 custard ,< bitt'
sance. ( .
r{ { J [IUl4I, country.I : Vlrtl..c.r.J..... .
; .1Iiut slap f have) never. ttllxer*
t .Oreani. ofCeiery; ; Soup-Wash twdfveFfttlVsi I : 1 I on your fruits and fruit-tzee"' .
frontbstp ,lIe make*'his entire HAD ot all *' *. 'I
fast feC Grape-Nut food.' Itch; : of celery. in small 'piece*. nt -OECIOE-ON' BIO BONO" leSUE.' ;: ; ;... ,, ;: ..DYNAMITE .POCKET. all truoka? .Spf"For wheat n4: 1
:.oyer.the .three'cups of water nd i. ?- ""- : > &lIa.."011 win h.'rothelargest J'
." "r nIl. I"-by., 6etttrntbin the* "a. it bolls / Edward putton.':Meets (for these wlJl' DO""'". amour' rf.sbt. .add Horrible
the Death
celery nth iB-uM.nt' .
T Stockholders .
?: ,.aU. him ) 1 ![ -A M. ( or.tTwa'' yield perSore'' and ftnaet-' \ -
-'; ,_,blade of macs and baIt an onion 1 .** ." ** A C PeouilartWay;: (" "
.' k1D4' .a n4 5- ; "Hundred Million V '} : crops_ yoe "or l.lsad fa all BESt IUPEOYEI SAN KILLOnEAAfLr: ;
t.- Jetlit boll for half an Ffarm Ut... .DoII'U" ,
hour. Then &110
.-' .. -'n P'ffiiq n\"t.I i.'J. . through/ a,puree sieve and. add tint>at t r Announcement is ma4'In,- New' Edward;W,,'Dutton. a farmers, U Inferior ubetJt..te th.. say'tbrMUzerar.ntm.ytrtoper Large' Bnotnes and Boiler*. eupplled f! .
a A
Lit iroa .lrilh"Indlreatioa. or nrn of b1nk'."aalt 'and'wblte 'pepper' an* [:fork.:l that the Southern raUwa/,.o dead at.his home. near Bristol l, Tenn, tuad.yousaputosy.uland.t- promptly.,,,$hjngle., MiWtCenlrMgll, .; .-

\' gas .. got'to be) a thickening made by stirring a: table--A pony, has decided .to1: ask, (he aoott f ,a.(the'result rof thejwcploslonJnhls '. IIIIBlI'I..cAIIOUlI ICAICO.r __ CI""la.awa"w' Dfl;'i fV '

Mir : fellow sine be began to fppe'fgLcfpuriwltt a generous table !holders to authorise aa issae'of ,2bO"j ,reatrpocletrbr"Uiree dynamite cap,. .., Ittt '-............. r' .QOwrn...')p'ulJ.Un."I In.. .sI \'-.'a
-'Ora" .qfr. U6ddJ l.s 1 1tr'fti' diyel.pment 'moRri Agreat hole 101 .AIlM''''
J' poonfat'-oJT melted butter., O,09Ct k wastorn In his breast, ,
.. : !-p1Nrilcb, thitrtnti'boit" ui>' once, aid a Let cup the ef i r c#'''' ..aao'w, bon oa. 10"-Oa1"- : -etjandlnr>tot' },his-':; lung..": Death], V*, f t;.::. "' ...e.a ::.- 'uppl I ugendfed/S lr4lopuaA

.. '.. a'ia'OJIt.ria""rtt1a'il.." : eta. "and'.serve Mth'croutons. I. mote* ,l4vooO. 1 e l Mtie4madiatalr <<.'IJDI- "; I1S\ ta *otU.Lt'n 4carasaoi; ,, , 'the . ; ;' = ,
t Jboo t.well, is ,,, .1'.4
47as ., ...Goad. ,. 4 for bttersoe. '". Piaslontto ufiknowp:! J J - rJLJ ..

: "i. 'il: .:...,,; n'J1V . 1i, > .' .r / .. .1' 'n ,"" '.: t. ( tUO )'"t'rI'f'' fI'7. "4 .... .,. ., . ..... ,, ,
"r t. "' ." . fc' Y., 'I.j""V.'i" \:\. f s'I : rolPft'f!! a"d4) ,\ ,t
t.. ,1 if' "'l
ih t' = ,
.,, t r. ''I:! y .* '" '. M J .' r 11' ,1. '
., ,
." ."
;..,..'. ) "It. .. : .. ., .Lv--" dda o'f '
; k r.z.
; _
r /yet t
," ..." "" ; '. .4' ,,.., % / / "tx : ,
.t'" J ; %; fe 'i'i ,; "' :h'U. :( .
: .. .
1/: j4 oiE> '. ,li1.'n' f1" d.. 4 .y :. -b' f _1 ,," . . . ... y, : '

"'T. . r ;: ,. 1L :'' ;1:; :'I'., ...," '.' .. ' ',', ... ./'.. .,;a I

'tk'5' .'''. ._'' ...,,',- ,:" ,:_:__
-'- -
...... ,

', "


,. ",.'.". ". ,. ..,. ....-;.. ,. i '
. .. . ..
--" ,- '. 'A'! ''''''''":; '(' ">'I'.x'"I" ,-r < 'I-r.1I'1IJI1M,
'r' i" 'vet ' ,
', .....,.. ... :.";1.
dEiEipbf1p1r.. and 111apoIlt1tll. They .. -, ;--- --..........-- I'." '\...
did not aIm It -, .-,- ... -- ,
'IT/lM4d'eure -
recon.tructlnrr-social Dell a.D"rYOl1".,,, : ... r =r.: '\'
. ImpllllUnlJ', f.brlc, but .t ,,-attqr lint dsy'i am of Or. KUB.'S Great 'Y
MOLARLY, SUND.( ' th.x4lteot, (Chrbt.1"the "' 1" .!'01"1'1 bot .&ndtr"rtlMrr. AS ''nitrgen the.
:sERMON''e.1HE raw; ; f.tE
lives ,
the of men baa' ; << '
thheytknee .
REV., -A. NEChtOitg ( that ' ;-;- ,..
tbe.e! ,.I1e., Jj'MnUr'l.lTTs .1deE'elerk'fq'.errici'o ,
social' UTeawopid!! 1e"'I"4, new !, theNatioplOotetnmfntflA, 'r t .1LIent '
combinations t a R.-Di'
n !. ,
If .v They knew :
that '
Ii no ? \ .
sabJjtrt'........ idttorl I 17'' ''. ,lInmen br ni1"rftUItlIt. Ou..teed '

I .. ,) JCP'UI We' Chris'#.e K1l\r/ . .ber., H.Mat;Blind, fllevdit Caro; 1>Toe ro.rm Fibs,,. ,.' ,',,.. 1c fnhnrlel a'a d"I.: are 'sup'' plied'''

irnoklrn'.It.- 1" aim ) I>ralf<<1oat.are anthorlul1 tG r fand tnooerl! 'rr> :; ,, 'tll P ; i.t t ,,. '

-rIL1D> rttscwg'PlaeeptIRt' rem tall to.op r.In g to dayajiae.fongrewroan ,, .
C'Hlr Hip, Rev ft. : ;
"t61', A. c. ilorse 'tonpft.tb' greiitTaiMl" 1 t
t a ', ..' \ .
to I r M .a z
J v4
bra a foreign miss/Jon '''''mon accomplish secondary renU. 1alhefprar+atratteINeN.rfrti) J.. I

| being "KrangeJlMtlon.: ''tII.the the Work JOt' f""Ie'19141190'! rOf.C' the 'Let 4:." Cold l. lh>. Umr a. : !=: -of. purposea'.served..iby .,!tk. "" {

Jttxt '1:"" !from, Jojihua xllllt "Tli.r., life are changed an& tile chic Taks'1r4II O Qnlnln. Tablet. O < ', ' ."T !
remaillptll Tt very 'mnch'1an4t bs J'ecra/Ullzed./'1'J1ottbe, prumrbta refund moijor It U lalla to con! X:. : -t .> ? ' '
pns"'eesPd."b. Mri Immediate aim The'lmmedlat aim M .QroT.'..tnB&mr oa each box. .tSe.." (3w\pea< ,' itola mthe. =, ojj-page y'
'Tbl'r >'II "u andnt'Iareel foci I not social nisi 'dYUliIII '
Its a '1JIocl rn. In.I I. there 10ulII. And 1'llIh1 :. but rellg The i.U .Charles T. v'rkip:Jwa> a!: gold,; ; '
Tfif rthet'ea may ''
fflrt before Nr: filpHr ' .T CoweaV
'miD '
'ID hit yonth. hn l
I }rorl"1'f \ 1 'ThV' 'which also
the was, Uje.esUbll.brafnt! ,o< Cp lity aentbecruetof thebeaho, life of from j ,' .d ;

I be kingdom of COIl lA the land of then\ ; life itoh cvr''11 In lilt mlutit. by Woolfords: ( I . " IJ, , .. ,1. t. (j

pJ'\ml"p. tusk before tbpo lur- cpver that wbole crust with fimltary. Lotion; tosr.r lalU. Sold bf Dr.. ;
JtnIi the estAMlsbment of.the klnedoio the veneer of our social habits" the Druggists;, Mall .ordow promptly, ailed < : splendid results,'> obtained :'from.J

*&O4 In all the world. The work be- 'tnre of'Weste' a elTtIlSlltton. ,we Ly Jr. C.tcbou Cr.wford.Tllle. I.i.Kngland's U:.. hew . '..

fer'theaeancl, ',at (e 'Wu,n.rppn"it Ore l trustees but not primarily> of better first pinning wh&l to beotk.d ,,. l l '' ; ' 'The ''book '
SindtPn "P. f rnstoras but
tery .ewor bfbrb of a-Hfe which will \\ b" peas
I bnrcli I ii* linn .re'lu own ltattsd pf 'M1.. ; | '. '
(the I. sWUat.rernaliis'be:. : civilisation. l'endlebur). \ \ .;.'.
TOn.( \bf work, sppolnHJ 'o\n< It het f and of mloMoqs tll "vanr Ugs. '
hlldt bohlntt the hills.of ttrrnlhr floo.,I t'at: I. tbe iwwirttag in 1111 BABY COY, REDWiTH; SORES. I r "% i ) : er for the', asking. J

"rill suptpmr tbl". then?I" be vsn. the -wot.l;14-0'-0011'. glad' tldlns:.. The inxU .,-. '. '"

geUsritjon\ ) ar, th. .,,"orld. And I rank aim 11 to milk (:"".* known !In all the' tTonid aerateh :anl'lass I th6'FLSp: to' < .Fero *.f .AP1 IAU p tC..' r. !tl h
Ice neology ''thismorning'- world I,, state It thus far 'vt' Ih < &tMr *IN. sd [
\' (>a I eels does ; though It less Haada.' : a. \ .
lyeurf! nlteutionsto.tale'atupMdouarae' not shift our ; MIUon.I 'Women Cane Carriers. 4
b. don' responslb111ty It BUd But For Ce lc.n." ant, ae
11M't. It.-wlll: do us nod to lift onf 'llghtea our burdf'll., It doe. not ',' "Although Ttrel deaf flu been' "+
PTM remove 'illy' little. soli. when iibooi1i: fef fr lend .I In tl
.motrt-own the-obligation ,
| ImmodUt' flMrt. and look the to hasten with a half old, 'b.If'D'to hate.eoDle'01lt.. \ Wu written about ; "
at the world proclamation of' a woc.1
which IN the f\t.CbrJllt. bit It does mlno crIDc"w'kJ
lipid Of find: rellevp onhu face I bad a phyaician treat him, 1' in tag sticks, the .
n. of
iinil jtoI""v* onr \own little the lnnoKibl burden of Of Us| .
bmen ; converting but.the,sore grew-worse. Then they began such proportions, la ae.
ItrscU. an<> to awing wit InM the' the -world.v" > cannot<< con- : / fUDtF1' j
.circle rert.* single*onl : to come- ,,-hi. 'trmt, then on plh.rparrs'of -: .is,. make -familiar noj 3.
where how ,. to
...... ..IIwepf1.. .._1111, tnlChtT. plsns.' Cen. : shall w Nln. hi I : /W&kJ.1ll Ta f
, -- -- -.- 'crt, tile world?, body,' and tb D'oa. etme dn and doubt'a < ,the *-3
uIHunrr iBat-w >
e'.p rq mnce oan-present bnth."eD"
our work .d&
his eb ;
was! .t- wene than the ot4 m.'Then 'i : ; cnnr
an/ionDeed.' and :brreUlean talks have rnnl 'lWli1111 rld' WT to. every -called another Still ha : discussion 41.1 attention t''I
been hf tbe ;" the pbreiei.nt pewworse. I ; .01 '
performAd. 1/; ? that lII .
s11-'catrying a
Mountains- wponal- can 'uo
preju blllty' foi-'wbftt : At t>*, !nij of abptlt "r.apd at ; .,
dice bftve beo'ereled Is1'don* with It. shall jai lags 1.t0 hrJ
; rivers quite 'hsed'to,1t' ;
of Mood rest no half 'aufferiog be grew *b I had to wore .
have been forged fires 'Of persecution longer upon the church nor tie his bands in cloth ;(59( present costume In"Itself would have
upon- at ,night: ,f.a t kee|> ; : : *, club at Her , ,
have been. any th < '
endured church. bat tb.
and whole king him from scratching th. sores ttxf a figure, for '
doms1 have been .. upon the man himself. 'We tearing ; ; : was, Holding be con.ploaoU I
there renuilnVth IIpnt'tbe"IUpII88irt'.of cap nopre- tb. flesh ot to be a mere Ikel"wD..nd the '- was a>achem.i f .gray. She wor.
yet much land to L*. DOS- evanrellcatlon .was hardy. able .to walk.. Mr on '
that aunt. walking1ultt ''of black and of,,
we fling the :
run '
wwrfrr.r '
"" WllnttO you'.tben '
me t4t try sad Oin .
Cutieura joap | .
fhewnrtd'e conversion X. / woolen'.cloth, gray apats covered her
up 'rebe Authority Tor 1Mie back clod '
Foreign incnt. I Sent to the up a
drug! store and Rot a pi .I
"Ion*: and Their Aims' and losplra- Himself for He alone can 'renew .a cake of the' Soap and a besot th.'Oint- and | ,.. black boots: gray Cloves were oa berbands l'

lonT:'', !,'f \ pnrann I' heart. meat, and at the endof about two month ? J, observe Yell her pretty face was crowned

In ,..single word, the authority for Pause do-not I preach npoq mlgntons' be. the, sores were all Well. IU, bas nvtr bad ; ',at. jth ; with// little gayandblack'togne. '
Christian mlsHlonsmust be found flutes ; want to challenge yow iiympa. sn7-sor..' of an, kind ince.= ne' iI. now '' 'stuck It In one of her hands eke a canes i

n the truths!; .we l told!| but In flle .r.r.not which for''they the, philanthropic' results strong I aoel "*.IIIb"( and 'Il.,.,,;sincerelysay 'war un" of,a light gray, .10.e1e .' i I
achieve .
non ,'bom.we love. My Object! Is that bbly for four( mOlt Twonderfulrcmsdies .t i
This may be! seen larger than that. .1 want your aid,fa ;, ('i 'ltbare' -ma band lot( around It'Just
n the my precious ch, d'would haft .ttO
very etymoloar: of tbe /:
for *
intberltyi Is something 'added-word mnklnaJesus kpown. 'I know theseother died front those, terriblo sores ''Mr*I Eg tb 110Yltht m&l..' 1wI1Ot r<
.tldo thingswill follow. I believe that bert Sheldon R.'P. D. Tr1'R'oodvlUe' : 'to* 'I
the .
abstract ,
trutb ,
or duty There Got Is King and that the duet ''tA.Southern "
bandthat Coon., April la, 1905. au Moved, .
an4' authority this 'wn'
apart from ; .
a person. : shaped the t ''
world at first Is In ..
?ben JilJUtli .. b!* ._ ; . recently,
an Weekly
attorney Is .
asked his ; poUtcl& ,
forces :
hat to-day are shaping life. He Hundred. of million of dollars ftr: sums. tlc.
ty. be cites the' decisions ot'.a'judge howatbe'relns -- r t' otTan: ,, ,
; oft polities'and'1' rom ,ally.pent' in .d..ti.lI1l. '
bud when a scholar is his I slight' ." that' of ,
asked I / ,
an- merre and eh1J1MtloO..It war John Tate b
bority, be doe not exploit his oplnona.tbut Newton who.' said he rp.dthe New Taylor's. Cherokee Remedy ;ot Sweet Gum : co' the Gulf States' 'o&"a"many years
bit names his author. The Testament and Mullen Is Nature's gnat, remedy-Con. ture t'te. The ;earthwaa''
to 10 how GoeS loved the ask' .. ago. .
Coagb, :
he mfk liltlmate principle holds In religion. And world bus. be read tbe'newspapers to and ail throat Colds.and Croup limit trouble and Consumption At drua is , ,*,.' ."* : distinctly:'felt:aH; over''the"State, but. *

ind authority must be a peron lee how He governed: It, And I am flit..gee, too. and .).OO |>.r bottla. > : ; woman rspedally'U'thq\ : Btaticapital. -The
person must be i&1
tbe hlvb- convinced () (
that all
everyday affairs Legislature was In session at the time
t. and moreover be must be known do run into the great goals of God> Twenty of London's most expert that ,of -pearl,, : q
t ISl easy to see, therefore,, that And a laugh that find nmberth.ootran
aq- these things, jalrdressera the
our decided
governments ) have
the fashion
hors 7, is tiled from tbe so-called reigtoq.of customs and inventions are but as the for: 190e.() ' angels 'Sure out .of the State,, House,,when" that ,

pantheism, for It posits noteraotisl chaff, before ,thewind as compared 111 waif there .tuctu. began tO'Bvlncs'a ,4.p.,

being. It rules authority also with the supreme purpose that God DEATH SEEMED NEA -, ", to' turn Itself .orer. Of''' >
rom rat>j>iml1m. for reason fallible who Is ; there .'W.. ah end tegllaUrs'pro.
King, shall reignas King andrnlo i ) be'going, mt. t
nd dependent, rennet: be the highest .. :1at---a: elgh : '' body s'
Lord of Lords.Wp'srej'gefing . How << Found 'R.1, ceedings for that flay. Wheel;the
tnd t..u..utborlt""rom agnosti- to understand the rt'hmnop.w.rF.aF.diagsw.r... .4relm"k.a bad re trenedt found that
; tie ; ; WA' ,,
Ism for that declares that God cannot problem, and tbeee last :years- arewitneitlDg -' ) . : P !, ' ,0111 nommemberof I grloilr'humorous ,
xr know Bat I-shsll not Ir. JJ+ T. Gowkl. C14. W. Loke fit! ; : ,
pursue wonderful movements.., Th ,I1U fay "Doan's I Inaudible turn had made .. entry,oa Journal ,
Cliifngo : Kiaaey ,
mssea of philosophy, nnnnal acceii,lons to the"chrrrches ir > and t>u t I '
simply, lay this down as an opening the foreign fields far outnumber.those rill ore all that saved 'me from death! chuckling mo of te'1c.Jlun.Jn words: I

bought/ that the authority for CbrUt n( the churches'at home f Atnl4ti jnany! by Brlght's Disease t I .'1U-- "(100tlo Ho.'the'lc' "
Ian mission I* found In Christ beatise Instances tbelr offprlnps, : to this, meat that I know! i taurortj'ueHrpl.W"k.'

lie I.I a person, and because'He Work: I 'go far before our.own.. .. fort ''I Imd eye trouble, :
apt :
* the bJghest person and because'He 'ork-II being assigned to tlIe :nftU"erllurcbl'l r 'bnckncliej; catchei ;
an IMI kno"'.... It is- in view of title and greater responsibilities aa when;'lying ,flbmlor. i

hat He can Bay, "All '.authority4 Is laid -on them. Modern missions 'ar e y ', wlicu beudlntoverf s' of OoMi

IYPD'VDtn Me In heaven and on earth.o 70unlt..but ,we can almost aee the da 7 r. '' lei weJ i .

o therefore, and teach all noIons. when mission. board will not neP.dtolIend '? =i. ; was do. -. '
." ::guld find oftenllxxy "" \.
to foreign fields great sums omoney f "'" to .
Authority -bf'loft.- Chrlt'1)ecati ,tier 1arp"lumber.'of preachersFor : autlbndglcltheadaches : ; I M '
le I* the eternal I ....-or .-and I* also the the native churches (Ire prolific In II oDd s of GreenbacKs1 .
>nly God with whom.we have to dol: r preachers of their own ",who can fine bearing down J : ::

mow there .ire JlI COQd.ry40ur e.I' O C. thf heals of tbelt*people much betterlian t s Ilala. The'? kid:' \ '_ : .

mthorlty't which we'ftI..t'ch.. aSe- ) we canAtid. already the 'Y: t BelseSjetlon s "

tlenre, such M to parents and teachersnd Income,when onrlarcvst attention" ..kFtr ,too copionsvery ' lItDt.'JlDd to the most ,'words ;, ", ,

to tie lawn of tbe 8t.t,., But back srlven'lo the teaching andjedncatton 'of baa in appearance. It vms in 1003 0 ,\
>f all t'bf'tle and over them all is tbe the preachers, and to the general administration that Donn's Kidney Tills helped me so Crom.teso"leU0: ,. ; .. > j .
brlet, and He alone has a of the work. That Is'the t 01'.. > I ,t : .
quickly and cured! of these troublesAnd j J' ,. .'.f ." ,
Igbt .to tell me what are,strata and meaning of this eall for endowment for ;l've.beeu evil me.etcr etude." !' \ !,; : {:\ \\ J'f ; tfJ.f -1 ,- ", J.t M"" ;s f;
luly. And authority blengs't4' Him Urn great Christian colleges! and seminaries tJo/ f '', r. ,
lecans He has,\indrrtaken to ifllspelhe which ar.growing op In those. ' alldcnle. (u4'50 cents A box. of ; \; .' T", G. ... ,
'- -- I Foster-Mllburu'Co. ,
far off lands. Buffalo. N. V. .
darkness of the world by a specialevelatKta .. 'I ,, ,.\. : 1' .
Paul said he was a ""prisoner ol .
of the love of God. He bas : ': '
lined Himself to humanity to save It. Jesus Cbtlst.. That la the essence of Double tracking the Siberian, rah .'.' .' / .'it1. ,r' ,

nd It Is Ihle'relrelatlnn. of God that the missionarylife..' The Lord's prisoner . way will certainly not take place for e. ; t ; ;, prizes.. ', :'' "I all the truth -we hold that -not the prisoner of Rome;; though ,..r'or i, -wll' ar.t' .
onstltntes the authority for mlaslons." be lay In a Roman prison, and 'was two A ; } f '

lesions are the propaganda of Jestis, scourged, of Caesar.:'. He said be was tan his about the ....el. doll to pennies that tbi'eoos I
nd lib method of reconciling an'aposite !'ambassador. in bond..." He (didn't : ; during tl bar w .on our breakfast
look like that/ ,Ills old rosty'cbaln "' I with heart-beat
humanity. And even if n.h.dt ? 1 a ; (I ;eblln' hu.kle a stronger -
uttered file great commission still rattled,on'blslwrUts.tand' clanked In ,Mozley'sLemon have 1tl and and clearer working brain than be ever y

rorld-wlde missions would have their his empty cell. But be said I am
lalros for they are but thejanawerthe an embassy, In retains.. Ob, Elixir greatest num Supp yon 'havei never, really.

.. '
ir hnmanlty' sundered, from God feels radjiredt Sltknees and 'snflFerlng-'anA phia." ) gold pie health that ao each day ?
a destitution! and mlttpr,.. The whole Infirmity and separation from wife and THE JEST I ole tax con- with a Irac your l'l .. a reserve

orhl groans In Its, hupger. You caner children. ..And.wpst are they doing FAMILY, <' t' fj muscle .D bn.that
It In the plaintive song of the bird. Conducting an embassy for heaven in nilfouoes.'la makes the doing.of pl.a.10U
C\OII.U.tlo.\ ", a box cote {
nd the sighing of every breee. And chains and In a limitation which God girls join the army of '. o1d'l'Oml
41..u..n'J Sour stomachi cv11q.: and one
fter all arwotld-wlde mission is only permits: Theydo not complain, they lad aen.e" and start In .now. after.
ii answer to a world-wide need. feet tJjelr ,freedom and are the happiest PIta.lane; H..d.ehe amt User'amo.e. number' you have been 2 or S ,week ,on theGrapeNuts '-
a dllOrdeteit n ) Will '
by ,
The! authority for: missions is "God the earth. I have seen rI training you a statement
isnlftst in the flpch."' But what them! battered and worn: return to the ,., Ire[ is J gold. !' of bow you used to be and bow "

esh Th! flesh 'of tlie Al lrlo-Stlxon.1 churches 'at' home. But' I never -app .,ThaI Drowsy Fellaf its bit of you are now. The simple fact will lntemt. w '

'e are a wonderful people.: Let'. vs them ss some .do wben \.they by p.Ulalf :routl.''4i o. 'e ; : ;tev &., a tter others*J.D surpriseyourself...
speak :
eely adroit that/ we are*the most at national meetings.! We who to work, ben..alf your ppeUle./ eft. '' '" word- can We never .* pxct on permls Cy"
remain at home art not worthy to.uo10000etbe.latcbet. ; n .lOD4 but we often. fasts Inttaerpewspapera
Irlle.rsce upon the earth; that our In- and, loa fact, ,rafta you feel likes t "
of their shoe I : for.abso and -whenrequested.. ::
Itntlons are the. beat; that we possess 'NZ W MAN. : "
The story of modern missions reads give l the names by private letter. i
bulk: of tbe world's culture and re- .. ion
ie .
seas .00 rap d.ertasee % *
hundred ; There;la. ; T
like a. romance._ One years oftlmeto'getper.; ,,
neniint that we are the subjects of .u but pl'ni
; Pr"I df.n. f' Tf .
Tbeo"thedoorl sons! and
It aforlora cause.< ,
tgenioua>e best gOf nnd ernmenti,IrrVenttTe and ana are( : the wealthy roost. ago wee Mtlonti lverelockedfandthe )" . 'oil t4'Dap'': ca' p ,I } ;! ![ i . and write a sensible wlthrGnput i be

aod,* for sent the list of words ,
church itself wag either unmtoslon-, JD.taDe' In aa tbe contestdoesi
ut bow tame to bare this premiersltlonf : '
> We are we onlyjbe greatgranditldren cry or anti-missionary. Now the sky !sent J : not close until April .30th, 19 ,
of heathen and barbarous Is abuse with light and there 1a' no -Grape Nuts" So tart In as soon a* you like te baUd
seir-respectlnjr..cburcb' / 'Jn all tba 'landthat be : \ 10' word. lug using
wo. I Qr.
itbers. We owe our superiority to. M.
remaining heathen nations- the will tolerate a man la Itspulpit 'Cut Your Work A .utbor 'by .0
missions.And : .
tbe letter
who doe not publish foreign keep, X-I-O-Orap Kntvbe ; tf
ct that the Gospel was first preached all over the world" are to be seen in Two at alphabetical +neJ4a and when you.writs your let*, ,

ns. Wonderful we' are. But wee the camp fires of those who have cone. -& > .' to ter yon'wULhare 8m. reason t writeon t
not the Mum total of the race of evangel. '"' 1 : with E_to itbe ; "Why I- Owe,
I thft away o. "Who do men saythat Can\we.lI read the 'sight of the cm ".- NntV' .
of Man am T' ,Thenon 'of what i t mot wood iron'and ,
n times Great days.are crowding upon only l he & "tO'WD. the ,Rtmb2 persons will f frln( .

01. Of Abraham Of tbe? Or b&looD1 ,of- ns, and 'after years of prayer and patient othet'm.teri.!. home A J ,. 'WU, b awarded tn, an H.
Of the
man labor; the IxwrdUs JI\'JIJJUII the tter than any _' n i I later a le' exact and just mDDr.sootf as the- '
lea?' Or the man of thelsiande; of
attention of this cr..t..edloo of thecity other but I 1 spring list can be >a April SOW.19o0.'EverycOntestanttlll .
manhood of hum.nttylo'tho they cut
seat The ,
Can It be saved? Do.we believe "\; be 'sent;
flesh of Jetus.-and ItfaU In the strong arm of the GosplTh. n fPll. t atlsoi e'ebd- a* ppntedUst .of. names,and addreaaeaiof ,
upon the *)Umanity of..Christ, asuthorlty I pour your life into i this- grest : That i* .because they used '' .j> > f'' *.! In gltch )winnenon.ppUcatJ.-a1 in order,,'to

for a world-wide mission. 'The church-tble church exists arVmads of-the'Beit steel invalue; and have proof that,tbe pJa.are sent, aaaareed < / t
that Is what makes me confidentthe than to give the OOspel .\ 10. tbat well known ,
God : other pnrpo < in the world by men that I. The pp.I.I. j'' 'j'
iot ,
Gospel Is the
power to the/.world :Be large in your interest each. Each al over toe .fidelity t ,
salvation to India and China .and our Immedl.te .'Work. But that. Is Anew howl; with the and every single on.
: t lta.lemeDtl
a. to tbe Islands of the sea.. Notwe not enonjch. ,Be large Jn your effort. ,In c... It....... .:'- ._ rur Bta .e .lettex ,may,'depend on recelvlnsj 1

hope to make these, people :worl4-wld evangeUtatloi.i.' ,' ........., sit, era**M kr) all f we _. ..... called of Or.p the prlae-won.* -. '
[pale copy of tbe Anglo-Saxon: but awn, Ca+.l.g..n fM n' not 'Many persons might feel U oseleaeto'contest.
we shall develop that gift of I ,- ,cess '
Cln.ltUa zateri.sathenry E. C.ATKINS OX' CO. Inc.- are but when -one remembers the-
t and heart! which God baa I ) the ; fancy-dour. great number of rises ,-<331> the
'said ...... U ; 0 -
. --.I
: Ik.wadeF..twj
Beecher. one
ht Into their texture :and thVtbe .: Ward chest statements of ._10& ,hx>w?/many lords. ''
ball patterned, not after ni, Shallow '! ;easily muddled. udlurari Oflow,Udteupoll* tot ; : A'person'' I ert7. be. made up evening after; !

tPl' the Son.of Man. .The an.foe After 'a'night of' storm the -waters of ,...uwc.-k... T.i .ca.inp, Mlft.IIe home incipient evening and the good, natural fun sod.,
missions is found in w'ont'hunger the bay aloDr'the beach are foul ...4bl.ell r.... < (Or ), _" .. ... "...._ upwile.e' education ,In competition, H.seemsH,, ,
and nlrt But look M. the -.. tl tb A,
of the heart?? : with-the mire .. ) to give the no.coat. +
utb then for the authority for beyond'on* Into the deep crater i bow I, Aofgta..ubitfil-luletestMAtkl.iBra.d, .. : call ; health and w.tbe lose ta'fee'll( lo1;, t

mitalons. Now I speak of their ? clear lt III t Tbawbite'capaTiolente -iBY better condi 'WIO 'one of the msny,boxes.1:of .04 of,,
"be of
do Inspiration. ,'And this' 1s a e sbowlai COOP ,DEALERS: The I Is made 'greenbacks.. --t'' ,; c
th.wrlndrTbnt an
f the subject which" J* not the iratw Is too deep mean I, ,\V.'make the : i 'florae .

the public mind: t'bave for the storms that sweep Its surfaceto CURED and OD qUlta the who-win a prize pNlctiaUhot .,J:"i .11? \ ,n.

a missionary paper.even. that stir up the earth at V.ebottom. So Gives, lays .' sticky .wlfl also win k and strength l }I r

gn eat missions, we are must to"accompliabresults aIm at'the I. Chrl.UaJ: experteDce. to\\,;tb.lloWdperlenc.I".aaIl1'41.nrbft the merest- ..',O.fQPSY Qalek slclan 0. wheat; for -or more tb.1 -*al a,., .1. "full 4? .i'\ ".... "._ '.

r&'lulzlI.tlon ef the, whol. social trifles becloud,.and darken".:tb> soul Relief. ''some ,- a, dish fit -There anna? preUminna'Ieti iCU3t'unt!{. ' .ti
of-tbjfI'OUl\trl. into"whiehwethat whose plet7.,,i .uper1lclal; falls the' r p.DOaa all .wnn*> la 1 ta a. as soft-boiled 'tbl. statement and:goat,* endd! At.

w Is ah evil doctrine.. You ,mOlt: ,turIQu" Itorm ior1Jf. to "' ri5i.t4 eaxwa.T.rmanentcare Nda7n. 7rlittroemsnl and'1 : and a cup of In tbel.t ( 1 "" .
an .
nothing to Justify It la the fat* darken or disturb tbe soul which,baa ree.Noth ..betaintwrtte the .. amateur f9t :1crp NC ,.

or >ln the experience; the 'attrued l' deep' ;.all.leo ., ct, ,tt.! .JKlaUIbo'. Pt.' $.H, ......' >\ And ; jsway,:O Creek. Mich. and.Jet .I"; rlf.) *H
,. BaM Ita" Ga.
nor.In. pe'example ofour of -',$,or'dIJ''t -. tbtgs. .. of' God. .I, ,rtwr I we' .will* put" a4 DaDlalety'wrtpao, .:.+ j k .. r rt M

t ; .y __ x w ux" .. << ..
.. / ... I
.. .. '
: .t "
*V" '**" 'iii";; ., .... t '
.. ...... -. .aW i '.t & "
0\0\ '**' 'T. f *Tt %V ""'" "" .. ---......." J .\
)1' ;: ,.. ':" '.Ii, ,' .,..; "' t"/' .. ; 'feT t :,. .
f ... .,. .. 't' ; : "
; i 'M \! i4V A ;;; .. ,. ...." \ llf.... ,f)' : .
;r k {. \
.. .. .
'.' MI't '. ..... t, < """"" I .. 'I...... ""i<-. ,,'
.;_ I'''9......, ..ffi, I r .Jt : van'1'. ,s_, --. ;
h. }" "; -..' ., "..,. ,; {, :'1 .! .
'. , ' /, '' "'../!,.. ", ., I ,?.. _.1 J ." ..., f" .J" , .
.. ,
.', ." .:_ : ..; .' J _._. ., '. ." 6



.. '. '.,. ,' <, ,..
--. <
,, ;, .' ...
),:' .' ,

:;" T&;, Pleasures and Inconvenience! ? Turkey now. We conducted spent will several be,a)thing hours of tbe more past among, (C". j Ti- A Mighty Tide of Investment, is now. going Infy ,the Suburbs of Greater' ,Jacksonville:,

9 M ; 4' the ruin and then walked to our hotel Dollar Month for 47
Dollars ,Down and One a Months
awaited ui. Three
of a Trip to the Mediterranean where a good dinner
shortly after' which ourpartv returned\ .
1 myself putting In a horrible nigh: ,:: .
II owing to the. high altitude. However volAyLoti GRAND PARA
1 5.,1CNpRa. the nex::
BY EDWIN ,, :' we were up bright and early n
morning and after breakfast halting! '
Having retired early last night In expense and I think it altogether like until 11 a. m., when the train was to -J'\o'st Promising SUBURB of JACKSONVILL,
Mr order to thoroughly' digest our bad ly that. he is the only ruler who could start. for Damascus. We took a drive . ,a
-dinner .,' the Hotel Alletnanee. we'were have even obtained perralsaton from around the village which was interesting is,twenty-five feet above the level of tho St. Johns Riv r. Property farther' from '
up atfi a. m to have bre.kf..t.'alld his royal highness the Sultan. of Turkey and then to the quarries on the This property ?
(tera prepare for our railway Journey to perform this work. toad to the station. 'center is selling for double what'we are asking for Qrand Park lots. NO INTEREST. NO TAXI(

t 'to Baalbek at 6:3O a,; m. We tonic a we enter these 'wuDdf'rtul ruins by .- The tacky cliffs adjoining the quirrles FREE DEED IN CASE OF' DErH.. The Jacksonville Development Company charges 'no ]

carriage to lobe .nation. and, boarded .the lI"acloli.Vlulta\ at the south east. bear very clear evidence of stonemason terest on deferred payments for these lots and will pay'al1 state and county taxes until the deed K
the which o.t. promptlyon cornM--tbey were probably vaedln the and Urge spaces maybe
train pulled labor
nnB warehouses., beeen delivered to the purchaser. 10 PERCENT: FOR IMPROVEMENT rt per cent! of
time 1:05'a.. m. Fare tor -eachperson nildd ler ages' .stables and seep where gigantic' blocks have j
; flraj class about 15) franca They consist of two long:", parallel been hewn bodily from the mother. the proceeds of the'sale of these lots will be'set aside, for public.. Improvements. : streets, trees,water, ;....10: The railroad earrings are a y..ultedpallaallel' inter- *ct d by rock, One or two of these huge block '
1 'little more comfortable. than ttiuse oo another and bearing remains of.Latinloscrlptions. still. remain nearly flninhed and ready .
a the .:Jaffa Jerusalem line. The railway There are also trawls for removal and vet remaining'' Jn Sale Begins ; J Great Railway;
) wind Ita way up over lh* tbanon of older depressed vaults. over which their orlglnaf position ur.dlsturbed. .
mountains and of course all up the Roman vaults were built. We, very likely, for thousands of years.'I '
'bill traveling: and necemartl. very. now make our way around to the left thought I bad neen-some' big block.* February 15 r rHE Terminals
niy n ':.flow it being only about. 61 mile to'; reaching the outskirts ttfjUeIartresnwhich ; of stone', of which I have written 10 *i ,
Late ..-- Baatlkk. take about flve and a the. Arabs consirccn-U iroro the this letter but conspicuous above al nr SALE of these lots 'Is to beginr opt ''- "T HE Atlantic & East Coast Terminal. I
tfaalf! hours for the Journey. The first two temples.yllere, high up on the other in the.very center of this stone .*
ive peel ; 'section of the railway about 40 miles 'wall side we" see the three colossal.. quarry, them reclines in a slanting ..*- '''Thursday. February 15. at, 9o'clock.,, Company constructing at Orand

P.' y '. 'the Aptor system of rack 'and pinion stones. These atones belong surroundingthe to ..IoefouodaI4m..of" position one collossal .stone-called by; Positively no lots are to go on sale before that Park terminals which are to cost! in the neigh
In wed on tho very steep inclines. terrace the natives."Hajar el-Uebla" or "the million dollars.
borhood-of one This
The railway from the Hart. gradually great Temple un. but were stone of the pregnant ""woman" from j a hour. Send an order for as many lots as' you work Is.
)hioM y
used by the miserable desire will them according to well under'way.. Included I in this vast Improvement
,. .ascends through numerous mulberryplantations unfortunately local legend I understand. connected may and we select
and gardens oroso the. first Arabs as foi'tlficatlons. They rest upon with It.' Note its site, 70 feet'long 14 our best judgment. We regard anyone sectionof is a.large railroad repair shop round house.

.top, EI Hadeth, a mile fartheron a foundation above of four the course surface of of feet wide-and computed to weigh 15OO Grand Park as desirable as another coal chute ;etc.: Every freight train leaving the
ire come to Ba-abda the winter massive stone When one to thlnle that
tons. slops
'of { is to be made in
be. city Jacksonville up thifgreat'railway
home of the governor of .Lebanon. It the ground the three loer' layers cricket: stakes might be set at their '
looked to me on several occasions as 1 Ing.composed of blocks, which any right distance apart on the face of the -, yard which will have twenty miles of
lull If the passenger would be obliged to I 4 where clue would be very conspicuousby block and that tbe'bowler would have Free Free!! tracks., This will make Qrand Park the railway,
out and push but such-* cAianro- their size burwhlch here are completely feet either for his and
:duav. gel : two at end run or center of great growing city, as well. as the'
"pbe did Dot-occur much to"our satisfaction ',, sunk Into were insignificance that a Roman four-horsed chariot race Free natural for factories' **
t At each station it. was amusIng by tbe fourth course composed of six could"have been run .upon Its surface ..... ,. .' location
/ to see the natives gathered to sell tones each about thlr') feet long and and that It occupies a. much space asa immediate
little baskets of fruit cakes and breadof thirteen feet high this course continues ten roomed 4:"uee, room being TO ENCOURAGE Improve-
the Lebanon, We bad the opper-'/I. around the northern and to the 14 feet square and 7 feet high, IOU can ments, and to hasten the sale of these This Oppfcrtunlty"Is
tunlty a number times of seeing the southern klde'of tbe great Templeof form me estimate of Us -collossal'size ..
,tile native women making broad. The' the Sun. On the top of the six: stones and of lobe .1,. ost superhuman lots the Jacksonville .Development Companywill Yours '
t, women squat down in front of'a large !rests the great Till IL.O. .as these three, power that. would be required: to move build;!, free of. charge a cottage to cost no .,
.', roundstone. taking small piece _o'f. great stones were called by the Ureeks.Not .' it to any distance. or to-raise it from less' than ,$500 for ..every twoh hdfedth purchaser
the bread dough It Is twined with both. only is. the size of these at.nes so tbe ground into a position ill a* wall according as the orders for lots are received I T matters not if you live In some distant (
hands through: the air In. a circle UD- marvellous but the iklll'and 'accuracy such
One would think
ill it assumes the shape of a )large ,I with which they have been carved into impossible naturally without electricity' or 'at this Office! This means a house: \ free county or state. Buy one two. three, five,

disc about fifteen itches in dlamieter shape and placed In position is scarcely steam. If it. were not for the fact that to the two-hundredth four-hundredth.. six-hun- or ten lots In Grand Park suburb of Jacksonville, J

1r and about as thin as a piece of card ; 'less wonderful no mortar and no similar stones have actually been dredth, eight-hundredth, etc..,.purchaser. You and they will make you big profits while you are
board. It 4s then very deftly placed cement bus been used to unite them hewn and removed from this identical ,
be the purchaser. paylne for them.
upon ibl. stone which' I. blOated by together and thjfy. like those1, in the quarry and have" been raised' to i a may lucky .

fire-underneath and allowed to remain cause beneath have been simply' placed height of 35 feet Above the groundan< .. ....,
there until another d 110 Is ready'when I side by side, and so exactly have they arranged in the'wall with the greatest ,
Order your'Lott according to the form 'below ,
and In stacks like $ :
it in removed placed been squared--andNfeveled, and so acu- kill and accuracy. After viewing
ti, .. It I. certainly. uninviting I I into their '
rately put places that It this wonderful ston 'we move along to .
looking food we were given' some to : is almost imoosslble with the naked 4 ,
r eat at various places and'I cannot the depot where we find we have an. Date: .. ._... .. .... ,.. ........__..... .... ...:.,.I......:...._..... i
r say* eve to discern where one stone ends hour to watt, and that is short as compared .
,1 that I was particularly carried way i and the next begins. It wjll be .1m-'I II to lobe time my readers will be '
with It. It contained no salt and to The Jacksonville Development Company: ,
possible for me to--writ* of the many obliged to wait before starting for
roe was very unpalatable I j I wonderful things to be'seen Lore, such Damascus. Jacksonville, Fla.
We next arrive at a station called i as-the Temple of Bacchus, the Propy-

Jatnhour from which place the ascent. laea etc., and one could spend a week SIRS:-Enclosed find $ ,. first payment on _....._ .. ...... lots Ih Grand Park
Is and be made the Notice to Tax Payers.To .
P. must by
very-steep i
here and pleasantly and instructively which offering for $50 the basis of.$3 cash and $1 month until
aid o( a cog wheel system sj far as occupied minute but a you are on :a paid. .
every very the tax: payers of Osceolacounty.
Arsya. Here the engine 'Is reversed | & .
.4 S in order to drag the train up themountain ', temples have been destroyed not dated I will be below at !the for different the purpose precincts of listing as Signed .. Address. -. ........ . .. ... ......... ..... ... : .
to a- little vintage called only by earthquakes which have been for the 1UOH() and to
property. year hope
A ley, 9600: feet,above the sea levfll..od
numerous tn'.this locality to seethe
meet the people that I may get a correct
from the station a magnificent view of fearful desecration by the. Turks list-of their. taxable property. The Jacksonville Y
r weave Clan be had down ,Jho v.lie,, They are even toppling river these Shingle Creek . ..feb . . .. .'. .13; Development).
,r rP time to gel out here and en- magnificent coluras KM feet high beautiful Campbell) . . ... . . .It. . :. . .'. . .14
,joy the magnificent' scenery while the Corinthian*'capitals .nd-handsome Peghocn . .. . . "/ .,.. . . . . . ...1'Nrcoossee. Jacksonville Fla. 1 1LI.
engine I. reversed again./ In abouthalf cajnny's to obtain the lead for I ... ... . .... . . . . .. ..It ,
an hour barren the line passes throughbleak bullets taken from of. them Crabgrass. . . . . .ft, . . . . ._ ...21 .' M. WILSON. JR., KISSIMIVIEE. FLA.. LOCAL AGENT.
a and country to Ua 11,1 where they have been joined together Whittier. . . . . .... . . , . ,23Basslnger ordelkwithhim
Baidar the highest station, std about,J[ and then to cap the climax using these . .... ..,.:. . .,:'.u. ,26 will be pleased to show' you a plat of this property and explain fully its ad van tq.... Place an
tbe above highest sea level point on then the line.4878 throughtwo fee i'temples' k* fortifications, but the time Ktsslmmee all ,tbroulb.Pol.rcb. for one of these lots, or if it-iarnot convenient to see him, use the order form above.''. :J;

tunnels with we tb.', second pas one' the i i* coming and cannot be far distant 'J. L. Overstreet. Send for a copy of "The Florida Home." which will be sent you, postage free! and in which you Mil1'
,descent when that miserable government of Tax Asses >r of Osecola County, valuable information reference to this 'andthe Jacksonville
commences and on l. find . property Development Company. \r
from the tunnel a beautiful panorama]
present Uself. Tbe.:"Aoti .
the snow-clad Mt. Uerm >n, acd belo '
us lies the great plain of Co le,' S;.. W fc "" 4
rla. As we are on our way down the 'MAXINS01COMPANY
," mountain our speed begins to improve. : Insurance&Qompany
", We aoon pass through the village ..ifMVallakah I _. .
If ., near which Is the Important AGENTS FOR J.,
christian vlllisge\ of Zabteb the
,S former vllliage being Moslem and under : '

the government of tbe Wall of.Ir .'; FlorldasFerilllzer Manufacturing ; Company ..t\: ;:. \ : : : :D'I'O' "
\ ..:
.r: Damascus, while tb.< latter is underI 'I . !.. : oaf -il.'d"
the ohrlslian government Lebanon. Jf't.,. ..'".".'W> r." :_; );.,''IJI'I.. !!<', .{ 'J 'l ..' :\.IJ'," :i.\Id,\ 1P\Jf, J,r...I {.: :: : "'F"" '; \,I!" ,
", The next station Kayak la where we ,I' :, ,, ,"" "" "" '' AIN..VIU&. P..- . \' . : .
.: ,
ro,;,<; are obliged to change cars In order to .
: reach Baalbek. It is "an eating station L. N.: MILAM President. S. O. WILSON '
'',.{, and the dinner that was servedwas -Makers, of High Grade Fertilizers Sec'y-Treas W.: F. ;,ANDERSON Oen'l. Mwii&'

very palatabletbe only fault .
'it i\ found was that lobe proprietor, a Syrian :.. .
j : of All Kinds. ...
/ 01- who spoke no English but lit'' lit .. Forte Daus alter District No.1.1 comprising Polk '''and DeSoto : .
i .,'dI' tie French wanted to make us pay Counties, had beenoroanlzed i

I' ,no ,about eager*twice; Our as much party..made'the native up their pal."J Orange Tree Fertilizers a Specialty. < we had nearluseven, hundred applications. '

minds 'ho*l, which we .did, tben ; .

?r' every us at us In throwing such waiter chunks in the tbe that'Syrian dicing we-langauge were room afraidof came at ***********"*44* 444 4444###+.#######VlaiMFei. .Initiation Fee papble When Application i l 1 Ig Made, .

being hit with some of It, so we set-! r:

,, tied place and In which went' outside we could to ohaatlseouretves find amulet: r SUNNY SOUTH LIVERY STABLE. I! From 15'to 25. Class 1.12.150. Annual Dues. 9 .75. From 401 to 45e Class fl, 14.60. Annual D'uH. '11.25. '

by a good: kicking for letting. tour From'20 to 30, Class 3, 3.00.. Annual Dues, 75. From 45'to fiO, Class fl, 600. Annual Dues, ,,1. ,

resolutions fall through, we had From 30 to .15, Class 3, 3.60. Annual'Dues 100. From 60 to M, Class. 7, 0 OO. 'Annual Dues, 1.50. '

fc' _" que't some time' to wait here for our !' | Livery Sale I ?From. 35 to 40, Class 4. 4.00. Annual"Dues, 1.00. From M to CO, Class. 8, 7.00.. Annual Dues. L00.M. .
,,..; train'and tbe Dutchman and myself -

'Sp t' door amused and ourselves making by faces walking at our by t la the e The initiation is paid but once; annual dues, twelve months after date of' policy. No :other dues,. ,iG;

I'I i eembatbt, they simply faughed at I Feed if#; Stable except in case 'of death, when each member Is assessed $1.15. The first $1,000 is taken out of ,-

v us ao we got no satisfaction and very the initiatory fe snd depositedfn the State Bankof Jtlssimmea. paY..first .
.1. D claim which
little ; will
:;' amusement. Finally our- train r ... . il'
.. -vti" - 'T' -- -
;- .pulled.toto es A. 1 "fee paid at once. e
V, \ edit, got Jnto Zdtclss'oarriage'byrmistake : .

.. gutted started.with but did.we not ourselves were. notice so tborougly it after until having we dlsf. had- i flGENTS J. W. STf\NDrfRD MILLER.\ PROPRIETOR' OIL COMPrW.Briwdwiyr \ The Best Plan and Cheapest insurance"Ever Offered]!

> been done up at Kayak that. I though!
u .
we ought. Let be punished we had only I i ;Opposite Postoftl!.ti .
>*< an hours ride and. made up our mindsto : ,
stand it.' '
Florldeu. It 1st to>> ths lxxt r..t of PCU07'fIa '' "
: to
wary >d.r b.&v.'h
; On leaving Rayak: we see -the anti' i aivi.ioss:: A11e4.
: ',II Lebanon and the Lebanon ranges/ .qu1ck:1: r. "C"rlr. your.ftl.a 1-1 crowned by'the'snow clad Jebal San : Phone ':1.O2.::: .A-ll .:K:1nda ::aa.u"lIJ'"B':: .,
{ nln nver 8000 feet above sea level. i

i; At, 2 p. m. we arrive at Baalbek and t.N'A ltF....1M ltFl fo1..........."',............+lltMFbfATLANTIC Oo the 9th inst John S. Erwin,. a member of this District No. 1, died suddenly of cholera morbus:

iy" take built.carriage understand to the'by Grand* the same New Hotel Notice and proof of death ,was mailed to the Company on the evening of the 9th and'received on., .

who conducted the hotel to Jerusalem man, . the morning of the 10th.: By return: mall a check. for $568.00 was mailed to :his widow Who \ ,

of the same name and ,at fwhlcb we 'was the Read : .
...1 c; .top_. The pro.pecta'of a pleasant : COAST LINE beneficiary. what she says: ,f

sojourn here was faln; but',< nothing
, I else to do. It was obsolutely the best, THE ,
'we were told "'and. no took chances.After THROUGH CAR LINE FROM FLORIDA. WAUCHUlA, FLA., -aauarl10t.b; IWe.,
*\ ,
surprisingly good luncheon Tbe Florida Mutual Life Association. ,
and been . .
however baring given
comfortable p husband
( rooms, we made up our minds OONP1 T10Nt9. Association My John S. Erwin became a member of the Florida Mutual Life 1on
1- to see what we OQuld In order to' start. his eertiacate baying) been Issued December I2thr, 1005 He died
';' for Damascus the next: noon. " To East Over its own Rails to Savannah Charleston, the 9th day of January A, I). 1000 and on the 10th T as beneficiary, recalved -

\ ... / Baalbek is a town of 6000 'population the Richmond and Washington, thence Via PennLtLt. ., . being One a check Dollar for for the each sum of Five Hundred and Siity-Elght( Dollars (WC8.00), ' *y
member In his '
, one-fourth. Christiana. Ism told district on the date of his death. He ,,;
t, '. thai formerlythepopulation' was very BAIL Railway. had.\ ? SLPhlt the iKMr.811? Dollars ((16). which not only ,covered( oosY of

7' no'cn 'larger history tells us that In To West (Via Montgomery) and Louisville &. Nashville; one In the,New York Life and as the well. He' also carried two InsurancTpolio les. ,r
of la the Woodmen of '
time lobe Homan'emperorsB
.... the *
and "Dixie Flyer Route" Via Atlanta. amount due under the the:Florida .AsKlatloJ ""
;!ofT" >ll\w.. the central point of an the first to be p..Icl. T certlfljjatejn Mutual Life U'
\' Oriental form of ''worship which 'ex To Via Savannah, h ooeaa Steamship Company, forth !r:' their earnestly urge all married women to Insist on'
... i'/-' i'&elldf'Ci over the whole ,tt>> the ancient East New York Philadelphia! and Boston via Norfolk r'7:4' 'I', :F ; : Lusbande securing certflat.s of membership in the Florida Mutual Lift .
:'j -f/; ', ;world and bad in all probability ex- ), Steamer to New York Washington and Ualtlmore, ' :' ,. Association and help swell the membership to its full limit, and tberebr10.0'i'
. . ,
1. crease t,1Jeamouo'
H /J |std la primeval times. via Savannah and Mercbnt and Mfae... Transpor- .(tin j '.. ... '" : Of.ID.ur"Dq8 for aU In a.., Florida. . corporation\,which Ij safar, j- : ''
,.j!) '.-1 t;, r\Ve take with us from tbe hotel ttte Via Steamship. tatldn Co., for Baltimore and PhI.d lpbla.. _ :. ;"3t; ;. ,'OJ'', -cbeGp..odprompt.h1.i6tL11DjoiahDI.----.'. :10' ,L't't"
% .. ; or.' H I y 1.' MRS ,n. 3. 'ERWIN:: to ; !
: as a'guide- 01
: ,- proprietor .. '. 1''w
. .
'' Key'West''and Via Peninsular ,... ,.f .. '" \
; "tl\ ,v!be speaks good English having1 been ,. *:' Occidental Steamship . ...,' ,
"f" '.:I 1.ed."Mf'd"\'Dr.: \' Bliss's college'' at. Havana. Company. '-' "'!!r" r',. '"
ftta walk or a few mln- ,'
.! .11Be"I'OIIL t i tubs We-. arrive, .at the w tranc, .ao'-,(he .'. Rents of the tIO'lew.te trains, pew YOI'll''A 'f brt41. II..I, ? Fl0I14..4' We" J..1I. 'LOC.A"L, ',.JIaECT'O'a: ," wr.t .
ttea.Chies.!A hortds U.-l&ect. .Dd DIal.Slier, t 'f..:'! < .
world .
"a l.;, of wide ?Wpii- ; ._ -
-,r rod"'furru:; rnin. otf toe. lio- ) I. '.' :.s=V 2TI3' ; \ " "t. ': :
Quickest Schedules :
: CS''nO'X'f 1 "
tt "r" Supejripr; Seryice. ; .
: Wan* zed Arabic'''period Red tID* 'J' t' 1

F '.'uf toothing ar ..r'have Furlsformauoai.Nratwseh.dat.' ..,ek\o,eeninll lh. r.rpl.Volduor: "ronnviilcate wit) '''1 < ,M. KATZ-President: N.,:.OARSOH' '; :Se .'Y, Tinge. ,
",JJ t l Ittto u. of "beeo1',1'OU.Dd.j 16. 1t1.11.4111) Division P....".., .ens " Ste.Pi DIR 1rf' ;i' H. C.stahfora; Dt'M: J. Hicke '
.i : wm <5rrKwJ. on..f nee 'UI, "JnUJt80JI. : ,Wa.w Tramgwuwoiw.! .,gad J. ..M...... ,; ,!3'A.'Carson; , ,J..SW alker'Y : : : : : A f
; '
1 site pylw !--.n.- I ; ; ; I., 'DlsErict'Manager .. ..
I \L' "'.. :'JI' :it.:: . ,,; n-;:r t,." ,b:';t,. f._._. .I j.. -.. .",___" _, _. _.;... ....._.,........ '.; __..... ; p oeOlarCoilntylk.l ) ...:$;MeO. :;t.- 'hna. :;- 'v.. 'fr..rsgr r
.. .
,, ; .JY ,
''J / ""- \ '1'r' r" \ .. : , ,'" ,. .. .--.;;.:..., ,...,' r. '.'
<;.1: ,' ... ,', :!1 : J\ f\\ :; "of'r:: I .. 1 .. ... .. .
; ; 'J'(' r..f'j. "... .. ,. ., '" _. .\- ,. .
.p. .
,; ', k Il .. . ", (J j ... i., ,/t'.. "
fi''j . , ,tJ , ... .:r ,: .J.
l t
., 'J";" .J. I?: '''' '> *' .'. 1> ,', \> N : .
rr \ ; 1: n' <" :1 "' : .
of . : "
rit.l.s1t .
/ : ,, ,:";;_;'_/"" :'.",:._ ,::.. ,,...!t {;; )"':.0/-./' :'.;' ,".': ,'. ",.' '. ,'t.\.\ '. ."'" ,' ", ." ..' '':""' ,;:r.y,: .z.1"'r....; '.11'-1": ,'.., .. ,;"' ."" "f1""" .'l.,,,;/...,., .'." ....,.!t'. (., ... ,


- =I.;:::... .;'" '1 .2.-:: ": _.. .:.... :" -==:::-"._-'

Group Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette.
Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
Uniform Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Vans-Agnew & Harris
Place of Publication: Kissimmee City Fla
Publication Date: February 16, 1906
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
Coordinates: 28.303889 x -81.412778 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 24, 1897)-
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r 1 L
AK &iJ.i

rUE '


l.'f' ... Vallejr .... :' : I' -- ,. .. ,
CI..I. .t. la..) !
o.a.o.. .. ...i..4 I.... ... N. ... is ta9t. I .
I : ;. : '
.sib. :', ;. 1,034 Klsslmmee City', ,Fla.,' February: ,16th, 1906. _" V.l. IX' : Ho.' 8 I 'I

:.. !.'.

: Committee . "r
.. State Council . . ,
Proceedings. Stalppinr' Fish From Okeecbobee.: .
'r Called to Meet.Democratic Tue.dalFeb. ] r'- .
I The 6tb. 1906. The new steamer Huoess, built at
lSUDCU met 10 rerular session Klsatmmee for Cap, T.; A. Bass, to
Leader.* Will'Meet U Lbere 10.Pre.ldeo?? present, W, L. Van Dul handle fiah from Lake Okeecbobee to SPRING GOODS ARRIVING..
; H. NO' Praon. E.: ,
". " Mouth to B.t.t Le.le.1. A. Anderson this place, arrl.fId.oo her fins trip last -
W. C. Bass
and /: R;Gilbert Jr. ClerL 'iheboat :& thousand pound of , .. .
tie Date of ,
Primary. atu I I. about 80 feet In .
I h_ The minutes\ of the last. meeting, length and ha t.woel..lpratoora .

Chairman D U F etcher. of' the were Reports read and of approved, For packing about ten ton of fish one Largest Stock ,
f officer were examined being for fish
State Democratic Executive Committee and cat and the other for
Tae Issued a call fur the committee to approved.ti bills scale ftsh.' Capt. Bass expecu to .' -
met* in this.olty Saturday. Feb. 24th. I and ordered following were approved. make three round trips a week between Latest : ,1.
paid u I"lIu.I
: Lake t Styles
to ttx: & due for holding the primary1ecMoo Okeecbobee and this ,place.
JwAderbodid..Myor .........,16m 1 There about.
are now
for fifty men engaged\
.e nominations of state and L llIIlm..11 t.Mnrbal..... ...... noun In
county officers. I : '::, uallt'0 1 0r'.10011.......t.., 2'J 00 fishing on the lakes and Capt. ----
This U taken by some politicians'tomean feedlu prl.. D..and .I....... 10 611 Bass expects to secure a full load for
Lowest ,
,JwReii.terb.ullnp ... the Prices
g A steamer on every trip. Fred
earl primaries but this 0 H fiorrlKra
I I. not o not omtDeh i ni'fiW '
posl'he. IU I.hOCOQ1IDf"e-e. 1t.1..houlI'bt.. G I .I.n.. ... 'J....... .." a on Murray i* engineer on the, new boat, I
will call XI..lmmN ".II.'O..u.prf.'h'. 4,1 and Chaa..Murray fireman.-Ft.. Myers po. *
not them GI '
earlier! than June I ..., .. ... CONSITENT''WITH ' .. D S w Press FRESH HONEST GOODS. ;
lit. The primary wn year ago/ had Mss" a 10.....'. Od..d 40 ... .
to determine\ Dearly all State. offloeri. .0 11II.M poltse duty....... .,....... 1110 '
W II )lollow.ypollseduty 'r. .,...... 10 ell Stencils\ Made to Order.
sad w.u ht'ld'erle.rl.Y.' the first being Wm 8... pol/c.d.""., ..;.:. ...........,.. .33 'Every thing in'Stencils Met 1.'and
I on May 10th and *eoond on June 7th. II N P'.n' ..l$ry s aldrrmiB 1 BOS S 00 ,
These newspaper data,were who opposed claimed that by many they J W W A o C Anderson Van B....Pvsor; ".... ..?> r.*. 5 a U, hand lubber Stencils[ \ ,Stomps Inks, Brushes Line,-Pad of etc.regular, on Cold Water Resolat o s. C ninimnwnmmmmmmmm, mm nt"t nmt; '"in'n1m' 1 1E .

were very Inconvenient to the farmer.of . E: L l.e.1.7. u e N o JS :! -ill-times. Linen Marker. Quite a large numberof, the citizen '
the State. .I a Ollb.rt, Jr.. *.1 lMCIrrkA Tax 001.. SAM for marking table and individual attended the meeting. at ,the opera FOR =-- '

This coming meeting, however will J p"A Lauoa.tsr sal.....fxrilr *.?. MCO 10 oo linen.., A. M. NiOROtaoN.Fin. house on Tuesday night" .

have the tendency. 1.0. bring out. the. W' C KB.. bulldna.toek.d..nE pound. I J 60 Orlando Prof. W. B. Hinton acting a* chairman I
candidate for county. offlues. State. I 1b.WeCUmCo.Iumber .. U 4* called Jlhe meeting to order and DrGoods Clothing
Beoator and BUnford Csnmn urT.. 1114.;...-Co..,, : SOUTH T.Ie lo a abort address explained the. ob ;
"d., .tnokarti tnd pouno ... 110 i : ,
tropolis. t I Oiowils Oou..I,. road m.chlu..a mule \\ sre having some very; fto.wea..hl'r lee of same.Final . -- rli -

Notice U given. ., tt. J A hint Lai es...ler. s..,..wbcal.for.,. 1M :OIl !' fur the past few days, farmer report of the secretary. of campaign FurlsWngs
>";.4ax, slrMt work, ;>* o committee wa read and Shoes. Ladles and .Gents ; y
books of UM town of Kuslmroee, will\ A It bell. baufluiorslrs..t work. J. to: uu are beginning to prepare their land accept- ? ,
blonlonl tsrson Oran llsrawsr. C., for a spring crop J. M. Roberts ha '
positively eloe on March lib. Tai- inds. (or ro.d work. .... n* l K done his report of campaign read --
of tomatoes
payer will take' notice apjl govern W H M.klVw>a Co.:. outs (or road wori. 40 planted spring crop' and I .
tbewselve .coord In Irl.l.' r' ALU.vidsenst u r..i.M...... M w Mr. Leonard ha an acre I ofleant Committee adopted.on resolution appointedt === \IJ >. GO. TO..
planted on Mr. J., F., O'Berr .
: tt'tVaa Dt.orrurvb.drFAgent ,
J, R. Gilbert, Jr.' BrUxsH.rd co.: ....*,,.",... tn place where ts'maklng a crop R.. D. last. meeting. of campaign committee I e
I CollectorsWHITTItI M ." "U"u,nl Klw-trio. 44 M Vlorid ElM-tria Co..-, ..., .. IMS' riggers' has a email place of very .
M 8Iaod. UltColllptlo ,... 12 lit, fine oat. and I II making preparation Whereas at aa .1<'C>tioa held In KANNER&CO.:;
M. ..... ... I ty on Feb lat 1MM the ensue by n ..
ell Hubbard Oo 82 for planting bean and potatoes,, I . ., I IIM
to voted .
w the atr of llanor :
.. . .
Our citizen are not.eriou.11.mle. Jobnaebrl.aopher.. ,... ... nWxKor John Davis I* again In South Port .,wlnee and beer In OteeolaTCounty. .
. .. .. ,
Aoto" Mack K: LP. 12107
ed by the excessive foliation of the And whereas tfcla shout
J W RMl I.Mr1 w. ok for K L P,. .l, ..t. ... JN 00,600 community In the employ of the. Hon.J. rean. t was, brought ::: IfE -
real estate. market property can be T W Kid.. m purchased at reasonable r.aloe.from. The Bunny Buuth Llrrrf BUbiss, bunting .
: in the part a* be has the same at Ibe upon house some months .go.
those who f.1I0 appreciate fox B L K. t M -. AnA wherein this amid enmnllui* 'devoted E headquarters: itt clothing'
.. Nirdware Oo. ) I
Stanford C.nnn Or r .
cold deposit .supposed have been mdM for K: L P .... .. .. .. ... ..... .. 20 16 Job.Horace Brown report very dun heir time, enenire duns,r' towards bent thought, r *"
... ... .. .. .. tbrlrpersnal'1 tos aocomlldhnipntof e
found by our most rapid InOulonltts. R BBrolth. MltorKL P : M) inHobcn time 'r':
In this
The excitement Brattan,cal!for E: L P... SO 00JRalib.rtJV..freltbt trapping the everglades. onaccount ruuK < SPECIAL SALES'' ,
at present existing bal sad 1st. That lb.lbauks of the ettlsensefOsoeola == .. .
....1 dr>7M>.. .. 7\971b high water M
not ydl procured that solid foundation .. to Sat. n:j." oll"lor. 8M.. MOO W, J. Leonard I I. preparing to grind )tendeied County are due.. a' d ar..h.nby 1TAHMD" '
beartllv to the s l<1 lot thematutfloant Saturday and Monday iGO
which would Induce our speculativechizeos N. B. Carson 'appeared before the cane at. the home of R D. riggers, work done by b'I .the =:'t .
to invest' heavily In the suspeeled Board In the. Interest of the HtfcTe for himself and Mrs O'Berry.-' 1'0....... re.nlu of heir effort.. r.ItlluttltlllitlutlLU1UllihUlaaaltt11UWip
district, further exploration R. ."'IId. That while w. rrjolce In the
Bank of Klsslmmee: E. Brown Is still working at his feet that the eonuty baa toni dry.. ( tUttl tUtll'tttll 1
nay produce unexpected results= but Vis\ :-In regard to certain amount. barge, guess he will soon be able to thntltih-rebviendaio 'il. her. .... .
with the present lights to guide their of warrants held by Bank for aeveral run up to town and of course be will mo .elevated ".noepb... In our ... be..DI\\-
nnnlty which will lo the "
Judgment, doubt exist OODOemIDi'luture month without having had sufficient be all smiles then. he entire 110001,. and to.D uplift ". 'TO THEi -
results.. deposit by o tyto the amount of war Hon J. M. leecalled and took din morally and socially still .. ....rot. r
Bro. Guy I* at present In possession cans carried stating t.batlt. seemeda ner with Mr, and Mis. Drlggers on w bout any spirit of boasth f or ...

of Wbtulersnd hi* appeals'to' ,our little unfair for t.beBaok to have .WednesdaylabLh 3 report*__still ,of IhnM who have Sd -1 differed h.t this with-,oaroiMlgn us In this baa ounteetReenlved been. KISSIMMEE LIYERY FEED aud'SALB'STABLB.

bad boy, ha thus far 'been effectual; to carry these"warrants. Indefinitely, loosing some stock. eondueied without ret,re<*ee tauy '<>ne 'who ,, ,;.
,and the good he accomplished ha I and at the same time pay the city interest TM, South Port school house Is still has dlOered with aa pennnal y. Wa have. no I ,

healed the wounded heart of many a . on a lime deposit, and asked ,vacant, bore we will soon be able to Urn la to this make matter upon and tbnswhobav.difhrodwith who ..navehereto J.W.' REGISTER.: PROPRIETOR. f. ...
fond mother and !loving wife, and the that the Council remit half of Interest have school taught again.. fore."(.(ed la the business of selling spirit- aFci'
,heartfelt good wishes of our people on said deposit upon their surrender- ......and vlnwu liquor lor the. have don. eo

will accompany his future journey log certificate. of deposit which would ] Has Stood.the Teat 28 Year* th with. men ths who consent were or thus the I.engaged.. we and appreciate especially ; the best Turnouts\in': 'town.

logs. Kaklo's business engagement be satisfactory. After discussingsaid The old; original Grove's Tasteless Invite ennire In some other business \ :
have. !thus far prevented continuous request, on motion by. E. L. I_. Chill Tooto.. You know what you afetaking. .In tbe .>wn and sincerely trust they may be.ncoe.aful J <.
In nil their undertakings and U will
attendance but oa Friday night we ley, seconded by W. O. Bass, actionon .'. It. la Iron abel qulnlie In a afford ns great pleasure to render '''.18 any ... I',
I heard one of the beet. sermons It' ha. same wa deferred until .next. regular tasteless form.. No cure.DO par. 60o, slBt.nrv we can In any legitimate. bualass in Best of Stock, always on hand.'" Baggage .
'ever been our good fortune to listento. meeting of Council., which they may enirige.krs " (

It was unoomtamlnated. by prepared S. H. Bullock appeared before the Poor Farm Orange Crop. .> ved the 4th.exmitlve Thai officer we hereby and the b.spectfullypetition eoorta of transfer' In connection with stable;' All' ,"' : '(.

unaccompanied by'any egotlstU Board concerning the grading of a Oeoeola County and of Kt...lmne that they re- {,
cat remarks of,. sectarianism bus pure certain,street, adjoining his property, The Water & Carton Crocery Co., p.Mi.athepnllswrew ". by the votes of the orders promptly attended to.
and lmple on the principle expressedby and asked the Council X take some made tbe following statement, of the 0oflseQ.notice and"lays Its enforcement ago e a ol tbehlehest 'of .

the master. Bro. GUY wa* both action rei' a* It wa very account sale of the orange crop of gnat Imponaure to all our' people W. retpeetfnlly -

eloquent, and' persuasive and yourcorrespondent necessary for dratnagsof surrounding the Poor Farm for this .season towit: Is violated nrge In any then/to particular. see to It that that for If the gniltyparti law Satisfaction (Gt j i ranteed. I;Pae" ;61. ; '"
Scotch ,
though a property. On mutton duly seconded To 5407 boxes of or loges. at $$1.05 *.sh.ll be pan..b...........,seal to prevent .
cannot wilh-hold from the the matter was referred to Street.Committee 3577.35. the recurrence of the crime. .
- - -'-
-- - -
reverend gentleman the honor '''due tor investigation. I By receipt from County Treasurer Revolved Sib That we hereby pledge. to a I ; "
and dUcr 1 In the dls the executive officers of tbe -county and Iowaonr Jga accaaaggDCIc <<)OC l.ill i tl Il l.... _,
to .
bit _
vigilance Barbershops \
An ordinance prohibiting 3,677.3$ : . ..
onrdlelsnt port and moral sympathy to enfora .,..... ." ,
Charge of his sacred dutle. .. opening on the Sabbath day Also account sale of grape fruit the_I... ..I* now swede. I I '' ' wy't41'1yy'' ""t"1'r.;,";(t". ,,;< "" ... akf I
danger *09. Resolved Klb lhal .. hereby recommend , hN'I ; ''' :N i '
The rapidly approaching or barber working on.said day and old to the W. B. Maklnaon Co. /

line has caused very little. excitement providing a penalty for*ame was in* Maklmg a total of $3,678.35, for the be the known appointment ea The ol Law a committee and Order of Committee"eltlsena: to .Wt'B": '; ....!;. 1HAKlIwSOrCO. I. ,; .
among our people who believe thai troduoed which was read a first. time Poor Farm crop this season. who shdlh.apeclaliyehargedwish rerderingIells ) . '.' .

February freecea. ar* a thing of the and referred to ordinance committee ** snch_1..00..... as they eas agalest. anj . .. \ .... .:.'t'. .1, ",,_'
of .
who violate t".I. prohibition. .e "
... I ,. Letter To Walter Baa Sr. .
p. which committee reported- favorably, Rmmlved 7 th. That while we fuel quit..ury'thettbsgood !to. -
Orange continue. ,to ,,show. -.forth and on motion duly.seconded ,lt waitread KlbSIMMEB FLa resultsobtainedat lb..leorlon DEALERS IN' : 4 "J.
,their beauties. on the grove attachedto second time and put upon Its. were due more to the personal effort of the' erne n r.,

the Drawdy plantation and,we still.\ passage. which wa* uqaglrpously clttredf -- Dear Sir; The cheap paint' to-- buj (J. active we rrrognlMns committee a powerful then any other factor eourcv in 'the, still aeeontplishment -.I 4 ' -
the delicious flavor of that noted the eovers'more'tba'' ; of these revolts tbe' Rev W.' *. ir.rpenttr
njoy that '
; you
the .one ol Tampa It. his ...Ierlul address 1 1dellvrred ;t' :. ::'
,fruit. Council the. to u one the hoote at this place he I Iproduced J
think; oheap one wear .t. at over
The dry feature In our recent elect tax collector was Instructed l to close a profound Imprenlon upon many of ', j ''j ,
'Ion ha only sustained the Judgment. the city. tax book on the 7lh .day of that I* young\ when old : iila.hearers and carried conviction to the heart HARDWAREEVERYTHING I }

of a majority of those who voted and March 1900.:' Mr Moore of KelseyvN Y, bought I of some who ware wavering" those, who and unused were alreadyIn greater '

ha In no way disturbed the equanimity There being no further business 16'gallon* Devoe to paint her' house ] enthusiasm....,..LbJ with.among the prohibition canae.Resolved I' > : :
of those who faUed to participate. I Council adtourned to meet. In regular >.b. That a copy Of these resolutions / ; ,
said H'would
two coal* her painters ... tbe dulls '
; so 'as herein bears spec
election.' March bib 1906 at
In the session. Tuesday shall beforwards .
tbe naereht "
inhabit I take that Had 6 ration left. devolving upon pfHeere ,,',
The dear who hunter para 7:30: p. m.. to each of the ofllrers bv the seers ,
dlse are being pursued with" a vigor y W. I*..VAN D0ZOR.President.. .' .Mr James Cklel'. house, In Car' cry' And thai. thme resolutions. be published ,I I.
In the Klaslm: noe Valley aasette. ' I
which prognosticate .
and ( ),NYwas painted
C yrati adopted
future resulu. Fast reverse have J.,R. GILBERT, JR.. Clerk. After which same. '
De.o'it J8.ra and the ,
wore H ; unanimously.In .
discouraged the huntenbut only ,. : Y

Increased not their activity' agd the finality Linen from'lSo to 11.00. per yd. for paint wa Iq \good condition then.-' He' accordance with resolutions.selected the a* ;, NEWT'rS.addles .

may yet show results.) which, .willarpriae \ shirt waist.*.and,.111.... KATZ."ItcbvRlHgwoeot was going to paint, the last we knew, campaign the Law and committee Order Committee.Meeting wa . .

the nation. though. That's the way to preserve abou. 'closed with singing .AmerJ. ....
The of \hhLe..I'I. ha . ..
patriarch ... repaint wbeo.t.bere'. no.occas. Ie.. ;" .. : tt'

of again fallen camp under and hi Jbe..return euchantmeotayour to our April. T. Lucas' "WIDIIO 10 toy12wyears Ion. . : W.. Simpson : Harness "

tribe 1. a futureoonstderltloo. Had 23, 1U02; "For .:Yours; truly l ' '.
maladyknown .
been afflicted with :
attentive andappreciative *
Iva Baa was an F W Devoe & Co '
** _
attendant. on Bro. Guy. a* the 'Itch The Itching. wa .Areyou;
the protracted meet- I most unbearable; I had tried for year And harraised by a bad cough? Stoves : Crockery'" ( ',
during For Sale.Bearing .
.. aennon to flnd>ellf. haying tried all re oed Ie. Use Ballard's 0orebound U ,...; *. r
IJlfi.r Oeo. and Wllll Bull and of doctor. t wish .to state that. one orange grove, $1,000Dwelling3lotsorange will secure you sound.sleep. and effect : : '

Wlllar/i* Sullivan united with the ;single application. of Ballard'a Snow treellOOO.. a prompt and ....dloal''',cure, Tnoma I "Tinware: Glass:. :

Church/ and were baptised' Sunday Llnementcumd." me completely and ued\the permanently Two-story dwelling artesian well son A Hobcrson. u.... :I . I' ". '.
Since then I have \ 1200. ,

mpr Our fsrmere have. opmmenced? work liniment on two. separate occasions for Five room cottage large lot,rentingfor All winter( clot.b.o'ui be -.o'-d.' .In : ' Paints'Oils ', :< :

and should there be no future draw ring worm and cured completely. 25o W.OO per monUb. 450. : the next 30 days at unheard of price '
60o and M.OO. Tbomason, &; Rober- cot.talre.-Oowlar well, rentingfor for, large Spring : r Y I
back we anticipate &. Hoe crop for the . Two to make room' my ' .
season. "*' . 'on. .. 12.00 per month 1000. stock. Now I*. the time to get bargain ' I "
approaching J. M. Jrt ,. n. C. BTANFO&D. I Matting.andY'
community continues yVUUoq *. Window Shades "
The health in our Improved Train Service.The I : :
good not. a single oae* faeyere' Eg" :
Set your ben on Wyandotte ?* : .
present on the Atlantic. Cost Line and lie connection CROUP..
sicknesss5\ .
'docket" : ars now operating" '..otldtbroUl'b 60 cent per dozen.. ;LEE: BANDY Begins with the!YiDp G'D. ol; a common : Farming Implments'r .
The pole hook and line brigade arepMteotly trains from Jacksonville toAtlr.nta v cold; there 'chillness, sneexingore I .: ,

awalHngJheTeturn: proper via Wayoroab''Tlttoq' and A Guaranteed Curefor Pile throat' hot skin quick pulse, I . ., . -* I' ,.IItl
_. _
... '
. Nashville --f---- -- -- j.r. --u. > -i-" "j-L -iL-. :J.v.:-L-"VL--p
coaches to - ? 1
with through .. . I
-.. seasons for a continuance of opera., Macon, Itching, blind bleeding, protrudingPiles. hoarseness and Impeded respiration.Give : ,
tions.' and pullman buffet sleeping car Druggist are authorized: to frequeot''small dose of ., Mallard I ;*

'. > _Tbu far we have 'not bsd''s frost to St. Lout and Chicago. refund money If PAZO OINTMENT fall ,. Horebound Syrup, (the child STEEL EENCE
.during theeziatiog season, peach .Train leave. Jacksonville: via Atlantic to cure to 6 to 14 day*. t 0c. will cry for I it) and at..the first sign of : Agents :for the PITTSBURGH( ,

", tree are in bloom and the orange beginning Coast Line, dally at 11:00 noon . J a croppy cough apply frequently Dal- .
the TUton 1:25 a.' 10. and Tram and Bleeping Car .the throat.Mr I
to bud. the 12th being, arrive at ; Through lard'. Snow
latest that. freezing/ weather. ha ever 4:40: a. m., Atlanta. 7:00 a. m. Chattanooga Service.Effective *. A. Vliet New Oartte.' Colo 5 ;Get_ our l prices before buying :elscwbefe.MAYNARD ., '
be- 1:15 D. m., Nashville 655 p. m. Mach 19 1902:1 think Ball ard'. I .
eenicnown In Florida we almost / Jan. 10ib,4906, the Atlantic writes, .
leve that. we are on tbesafeislde of the Evansvllle 125; a. m.' 8U .Louis' 7:09: CoastLIne. will Inaugurate puqman, Horehound 8,.up a wonderful remedy .

linger Hoe. .. *,. e_ a. m. and Chicago 9130 a. m.."". sleeping car service between J acksnnvllle and so pleasant to.take.. ,Tbomason A I )CClaaaaaaaCi ClcaCiCK 1,.
I Reports front Leghorn\ indicate 'thatr. Good connections are mad at Jacksonville : } I.. and Augusta, Ga. Train Roberson. I -

Joe Stratton! 1* rapidly completing from all Florida point*, thus I.av.,Jacksonville. at. 8-55 a. m/ 'and. : 1, A '.. A .. '. "'. ,+':. '. .
and affording the quickest most con affording .ANOTHER TRPAT. : x # y a .9'. .'J!. .', .: . ,. .... . -
s arrangement lordwelllolt arrive-Augusta at 6:55 p. m.:;> ,. -
ore bouse In that vicinity. Foghorn\ venlent service from Ibis.) territory to. daylight service. betweea. tbe two The Journal announced In it* last' I IBuod&

' II ..ppe.ple..ed with .Increased the west' :---r_ point .. Dining car service will be ,'. edition that beginning'Sunday .; '

1 lltie. for trade thus offered them For further. info'rnnatloti.see ticket" operated between' Jacksonville and ,'February,18, 1906 ft would b#- I 'LUMBER.Co.;, ; ;
a* Kissimmee' spirituous attrao agent: or. consult'the "purple folder Yomaasee for breakfast and lunch. gin publisher] aerially one Of the beat ,

>s have ceased toelswill welcome HEALTH... Evening train from all South FlorIda book of the. 20th century' fiction..
home: market with pleasures eta c' point make'ooonect.ton. ,, at The'of June 18, I '
becoming somewhatlent : Veata the ability. toMo a good the quickest : and :ells
ur people are Jacksonville; affording I Saw Planing
!( over the approach log,''prl- work without. undue fatigue and to find and beet service., between. FloridaandAugusta. The announcement. of the p blbhloi'I I ,
y.. O. l*. Acre being the only cane life worth living. You cannot have .'> .." of this book U in accordance *. L-.7T j. -. I .r-
I *
thus far announced and tna lodigestlon'or eonstlptlon without its For further lolormat.loo.M4t. jHoket policy of 'The Journal to give its ., .In operationComplete, House Bilw ..... 1ed:: ;
: ,Stir the'liver and polluting thebrood. readers the best that can, be secured. I IDon' 1 Timber Laasb.Mf W Blndi s '
aouree \ Pine;
through private and Pitch wand' : ,
> ; Yellow .
I a Dt..o..wrl"' j. _
up Mr.- editor I Its time we begin Such a condition. may behest. v '. J. G. Klrkland,.. \ fail to read first Installment In I ISu04a.l' _. \ .

now democratic whom w.rooter:should keep.Vote one-'for.elbe best and quickest liver regulator' relieved that the Herblne world,ha the* ->--0:. _'D.. P._.;,:., Tampa, Fla., Journal, Februarp18, .given'te.looal' : ', :"Q 'jXLNow ?:r ...,.IIJ- ?C"M '"; '

Klsslmmee ro.<", thin\ ."b* will .ver known M ra. DW.: ,Smith,writes.AprlS.02 fled 1510"'oocL' ;,g *| agent or ..ot.dlrec&.-: tq .the .Journal. e el> Y"AR'D'aUMI .": ,Co.c ::',:',
." use Herb ine', and A Ga.,_ I . '
Atlanta : -
up a candidate for'tbeboys to, : J will f furnish' Stove' Wood, delivered ; .q' t- __ .. t""" .. L'
whlle. Tbey a 1'. h rtwTbe-t medicine fpr ycontipatlon'. We .j Dosut.;Forget i ,
r with after a say. to part of town as, Slfl0 P rSu'and.'i ; ? t. _

that end, ,well., .. wA .c: and -' ulatlnatbe.llv0tever' N'used' : Any. 14ATWABQ LtD UII400.. ,_ 7HByMY! SRRY:.OF,JUrci131' > . . .'
& RoberfOn -- >' "' ."
M; r,11: *,W. ,Tbijnaon, ; y.J .- ... .. 1io.. , .- .' '''- "_. .r"f.r;; ; /, .. ,

",.oJ T; ,- -_".".. ...'..ji' i'r../.1l1...."'!. \ >.f'...;, ..'lOt '_ ,.. '''j ,,.,".;;. ,,.Q.,. .N'I for _'' ') '.P.I., if'.._". .t -, -.., "r.. J>...-, ... \',!*; -*:; .( \),". '!j."Ii.21 .. ..!!''i';:{ I" 'f. t ,"'.,'",. .' ;;;j' '..... .,.;,...." .. 1 j.,. +...'>''.\- ..''''.'.; <.t..:,.. .: .. ".

I . 'r. ; .
.... "I '
.I....' . . ,'. 'I J ,).<, .;. ; .t . ..-". ':.." .. .. "...r, _.-1,' ;.." ...... ',1 ,/:": __ ..". U".. '-.,' ';" .'....' ", JI ,, '.(.4. '. c,.',." "'I'\. '. ,)". '. '


.'.... 'T, ..... NN _
) 1 '
; : ,

,\ tbllt' .....' ...r. w.... .... .... I:.... ...... ..... .... ..... .... .... ... ..... .... .... ..... .....1t ..... ..... '.... .... ..... ... : -
Nothing money. can provide to rnOUTICAL TRAGEDY.Revolvers
make you comfortable shall be lack'ug.

i1; J) cheer up, iny frleudt!' AVe have come -

ATTiR a .:..., lat?, 'but we Lave coma. wIth| a 'pur, Crack on Streets of '.Savan 1 Doings in Flpxida 1

pose nah and M.ny Bullets Find VI*-

t Lt L ri ')fay I nel,* the sick,man Inquired,. *' tim's-Ante.ate.tlon Row.' _

xvlth\ ft feebleness' whicli proved |bflt I ,a. . a; ,E 1 .

the cxclteuient:: : of the moment ,:'!rill 'c' \ ....*. \ ....*""....' .T '...... -4. ... ... ... ." '... ..... -; "";' ...... .... ..... ..... ..... ..... ... ... ... L, ;.
t f wealct> ,lulC) ,'whobron art and .vriy| I ,\ la 1 pistol. &ht..or tIoal\pa"tlJ tT < Hlpher Wapa..Draw
ftwJ 'w ; :" -idly He.d.d. Negro, .
) : pi1a .,
you are eo kind"1. sXns In f.oat of..tbesdthhilil at a.o I V ..
Atlanta Confutation f
t "Hefviddfcwd nrnrtelrTo'mcftiut; Tlirai Congress has been asked throughthe The, the k.:

: naturally: my friend who answered vannaJi Friday afternoon Babe Dyer United States Engineers' at Jack- Following:, Another party ?f 'some .

kiui* .FVm. k l. a bystaiider t; of twentyrflwe' neg1OOI ;i iastOleft:; Allaa't1iM1'
him. v a .: f| to ,aPIU'Ol.ull\tq. a:ltgtaif tfor.
t' i I It'l: . Bonvllle. :
dMaft. ..' II Iy1IIS !1'Cl11 A.taee In.'r'UE oors.keeJ" "ajni Israel/ 1 C t1It1If, ot tie latt was'sibi; ibvoogh: : UM eye; werltteal'eond4tleo. Is In ,$309,750, In the sundry ,elylJ. .bjll ,for ,thQ Key. West ,extension: jIlq ,
f '
.... .a/SM.._ ....,,..-...-.eeMl ..,.-- . flrrn ,of McDonald & Cutting. This entloman with a bullet labia .the. purpose of completing the present Florida Bast Coast road below that' DCiamt ," .'
uY la Mr. JJegraw.! Ifwe..j5eein, wattrj; .at meira These negroes claimed I' : I ,the1l\1.i\ ?,
two .. ... . , !; brain. If -thought Pat Keara.y;: project, for,24 feet .ot)
.. _. ;
M" p I '
and II -" -- J..f>tdlf'labecnuae! your condition ticeina low water, the city,. to the sea were to be paid $lGO per day tot Uoelp' '.. .

by l :' 'CUAPT1: R XXIV. ,might bate doubted. his own. (' .ijtl"IQ to'call for any honest.plan's' sympathy *"'poucoinnn,,off duty.wM' ebottbrouglL This .sum ,represents front:? the amount' \ :yet labor.. '"White there hive; beeh many } ,

,r i 9ontA8 e4f' >>, ,."
80 Ire n r \ c. ; _a long sloj-.n" (he''' tWraiarr ol ti JT Jut) Jlie,, t ariucy) p you' tRpo1w. of ibot.'twVce In tbe ''e... duo. t previous. appropriations have of labor from Atlanta because: lthe "k;

is still pu xBjf 6'vri t hl 'niVter. I '*''nd Xllli"U't, In l f'.th*' be'luuiusv !- ,money, I rime not any. I cannot even The of lack great needs'tor Just this same class: 1".'
fal vojaderiug/ I It!:.. tjio .? :na4'.ctweenjMr 1r .< ,Had known Unit ly telling pay for niy-wy; V A cough, cut blui__, !(Under arrest at the barracks are boon expended: and because ', '' Atlanta,, agents <\. '
libor In
of ,,to
ami< He.Heu.a continue"the'wOrk'theUnited \ soeiq
r, ; nrytT Tils prototype was. J( sooner I should'lave vared otlieu shoit. : pSa&lcher" Dyer and Thomas of funds to '
; pak to beMielditeflcd l b y I ho' .ntt.nce.1t( ffouio. "ceruciioei .'I 'now tremble to "'>\+\'o"ilo\nCt, t. always''knowwbat: ? wohave I private dotoctlva. The parties !lWell "dredges Jacksonville/ comgato this"city and carry off 'a car r I

1. this pair. he'ttd'Arat.o.lbt.twq: : ,, IhlnU (should ccrlnlnl.v not bareletafaed ,''. tf-viitfj. thoJ 11I'\"er..f\llpt".: Uown-'to' ba concerned In the..fight 9''St.Johns' are ,compelled_ to lie load every DOW and then.: ''j'I

darted #ut of the 1caae1uorq rapidly fur ."?rtt.'*' Ions;; is nit only Soiaetliuefc; when we think on richesqviieroorjprovJtlcnce h.ddas;those' under arrest or wounded -: Idle. . |- It is not long since the government +1v!
II i
tin,y ,:' thnn'bedia cnfbWd( ft, antj'Ln.hnfA. ii" w!!h hoe IK-C-U to Jo any duty.
' la.sLi. 'u. lull speedwhistle own the Mr* t'Jui tiis. . tU* .1( "n* .I have Hbiuetiiuci found ft, ,, / fopttiiu, 'ftiU 5 ourlyps, .,t You need Plumbing Inspector Richard. ttcKftsma, must come through the appropriations for "work on the Panama canal. Several II

of +itn,. appnpaclilns Irnln tvnsn and difficult hcyoix niiyt'ulns! / I 1m voVvor .not Wiry "about,< money' ; you have Tim ;.',McBride, a clerk la the 'harbormaster's allowed 1'' In either''the sundry bill or' of, these deserted at New Orleani',. ;
LealOhi 0< lieqr y H )Se. uUdwedV tinr'Toot*!:\1: ' etioujrh.* '' \ Tbe and government officials having been wi
before un "rtll kN) )" ; office?and James LAC e, keeper .In ,special approprlafon measure. if
. me lately I y the fecond per rti. VvHT.ttnlu ( . -"1 "I ninh would rise ncqualnted with the condition
QUill native of KMCland. a-l aCJIeo' though4; tby up out of: the .police stables. passage; 'of this latter appropriation made t

'.." M hearlug tli SUhlllKl, blowing, off utenai lit,. lot and aranii of niau: .. I ppdr4\ Jilt. $? liL\ +/bed, .in.,' foe ?sudden eagerness. : It !cannot be, said by whom Babe bill U regarded 8.8' Improbable, espe'clall.v existing In Atlanta -iTitCU that there 'i
S 24r. &tl't'etl".Jtb iLo'aistlvu( UtWL UHl>U WUW< t'he 4 bow*( 'hnrt I have not 1\ I"t.JtI1OU"I- which vrisod him. ". Dyer! was ehot II\a\ is said to b'av. an Chairman Burton, oT the 'rivers would be ao further efforts to, take labor

'verycuui all determination of nn' .tdlllvlu.jlio"' ,M-wilJi, uiv ' \ll\\ -mainly by McBride aud harbors ,
)(. ( flrdrut pursuer, ,Wli14] Front SAP ipyer seems to have been shot by. against such bill.
( a
i door larotzy:; 1 \\ the two had out flatly '
I mil l li t'J. Into nne'slaps"
not even iMntPSfMl\ )In !>Jnv\ s. : Poured to 'below ,
: James and' Tire McDride. bill' Is certain. to boon taken points Miami
come Jrusling.tJ laimod McBride -But the other go
+aua.row:i ltU friend '
"WTiPtf.; Tbercfcr'S;; "n lawyer of la! thgrsmoney<<: for me? Rem .
doze or more curious 1udlvIduala'anx- lulU hi one ) hot charitable/ Kearney was. 'shot by flap Dyer; through, though whllt'amoUDt.. will begiven from: New York and other northern
stoppprt btifftry O.iy at ourtlI1 money bounty, tjntrnoBc.y : '
Ch.Edur. -lous to kuoiv the termlnntluu/ o,4111, rD": I I t..ol t\ audt hf'l.-koDln& to tnC'. tad! drat is niineftbroujh law and "h*. affair has created tremendouacxcltoment to the different projects now under cities for the work: of Completing"? the '
.counter twJkat( lt : f ? r ddte Le ,. politics! now being at fever ot Is miles of trestle work connecting the
it14edl& 'e( ld. with me and see a curious sl;?Lt.: Justice? ,tins the rasibeen deolded l ?' wlly'ln all parts the country ,

bar their /greatest tvonder.Wliile. I'had no 'motive Tor rcfuslnc'lilm.,and ...\\.e did net niiswor; we did not dare ,heat, and other 'fights having preceded of! course! uncertain. The Jacksonville Florida keys from Miami to Key ''I'lt ,

L.vdd lie Was noting tue'!o 'persoiis Immediately Jumped Into the Uu;.: gynnd tor lit lie should! fall dead before our It.Earlier. engineers have asked that the Is also reported that this work

bad and wo.nderln.ft what*was taking place toojc lilT eat .t his Hide.f ('FeSVe only smiled! but with great than in years before a heated entire balance due on 'the 5 foot project ,J. being pushed forward as rapidly aa

+ bon at tbs>*tatlou.Where the pin-Aied MId I WMut .JfflU' I,nUed.i encouragement, and, ns I rope with local political c campaign hasp been $309, 50'. shall be appropriated in Poa.lble by several armies.-- of work "'

s' time pursuer were'1kC'1.1} qlltatt'u..hlle.nfH( : ); i: !"I ant on my way to A dying,: man great sympathy.: , Inaugurated: In Savannah. eo violent a lump sum: and every effort will bo men. '

' t t sbk 1st felt.,n !nmnt.\ oil 1ifs shoulder and to tell him that he has fallen: heir to d "..o\bl'! ho murmured; after a momentof already had the dlfferenc betweenthe made to secure favorable action on a

e .Lear d,1t'hiepared''very ' Into. fife I. large fortune.. .Do you think It .will'' silent survey, 'you look as if I had Clttsens; Club! faction, and the. opposing the requ'o t. , . ,The fact that Levy county I I. to '

" ..ear"/'I': .IiGul*: i' HUe / rehear t .<- ii>6k bird takeup'/; his bed and'walk? "not gueefecd amiss. It !baa.come, then; People's. League faction beoome a' new up to-date brick courthouse ::11:11hllve' t '

ri'r-: . It: 1 II you Mr. Degraw'.story .Sn'h mlr cIfs have Jiapliened.: I ,come, after years of h'opeloss' waiting: ; that prediction of serious trouble. hadbeen Separation Ordinance Valid. Is hailed with delight through ;
a curious one" 4
, very .retu 'Who la lhl.caan and bow to for burial after hay.Jug '
pay my
b" With a: start lie turned toward this de.' is freely made, and the shooting Jacksonville's. city ordinance prpviding 011,1, J&e county and ,to-the worthy I
big the fortune? tallt'tto/ provide me with'medlclues
.. 'tectlve,,rand blindly obedient to them .. The former I and : Friday afternoon was no surprise. fur race separation on tbe streetcars board of county commissioners who .1
question care.
canno answer
signal which Though, the election is yet many have awarded' the Contract too much, ,
"oy&.roBoUd! ,} followed ; I bake only his name and address 'But we will have no burial now,' haes been clared consUtutlou '
Y', him intft the Jioase. iV Ae'he dldWj( i be 'to KO by; thb lattet will reserve exclaimed my friend. Such an event months off feeling had reached a fever al and valid, and the decision of praise can not be given.; The: courthouse :
f sufficiently sobdaed ,jljhe 'fresh egdt4 repb'lnl' to till Svc: have seen whether should inspire you' with new life." among those most actively Judge R. M.; Call 'In the Circuit court to be built will be a duplicate 'I :'I

; 4 went trbleh.Mr.'Gryfe'a' summons had he is still living 'when we got: there; It ''Too latel too late!I' sighed the concerned. ustalned' In an-opinion banded down of the one; at Starke. Bradford county s

; occasioned'" to remark: el would be something like tbe irony of other, and his arms, which had been. On Thursday there was a fight between in Tallahassee a few ':-a'B: ago by The commissioners have awardeilhe ,*

, iI 2 2j t These-people, are watching; a. +asc. fate to'dad that he' had breathed his lifted ftTthankfulnrsg to heaven, slow. the'two Dyers and John Mun Justice Taylor of the Florida auprenfocouit contract to FM.: Dobson, c< Montgomery iJ
Mr. Degraw. valet Just put in an sip.pearance last before roe driver 'of a police patrol wagon, Ala. tbe t '
touching a dollar of this ly dropped while! his head settled back same contractor who

a, man;,Vvho here evidently, but ba wan frightened followed him by; 'money which he baa been so long ex' and only his eyes showed the triumphwhich' and at times t.I1r.a'Several a wholesale shooting affray An appeal from the decision of the erected! the handsome, building at ... t

. "eo thai 6e ran out of the' petting: this sudden knowledge of riches was revolvers supreme court will at once be carried Starko. It will be erected on .the t/.1?
,tpr hdUstagnhi. 'Does it from had awakened within 'You were proeented during ..that af'-
The other started come a relative: ? him. are to the United States supreme court, Same site which was donated to tbecounty ,
one 'No. I lA law case has Just been set toot deceiving me?' he now said. *I fair, and It w&* believed that the by'the late Colonel William D. \'
the, two.are but unless anadverse decision Is
now down
racing1 the strict .
't "' w .'' " 'fled''' which has been dragging on foryears. have really won the case?' bloodshed that had been averted was .Coulter. ',";1
gie.tatlod. handed down by that body, the ordinance
r No one anticipated n decision "Mr. Cutting! : bowed and showed him sure to follow in time. Friday morning "'I'.

1s that ao,11;!, AVcH. Byrd is a ,lively. In. his favor east of all himself, and some document which he drew out of an altercation at the courthouse, aa It now reads, will stand. r-; ;::; >
one. fV* .ate1J'Jllav"" LAa'to isle The decision of the .Supreme court Governor has appointed
though In'oue mInute It bas raised Ida/ packet.] The sick/ man looked at where the registration for the electionis
'} own devicesCuuiaf And he led the : him also sustains the validity of the Pen- Pf. t}, W. Lamar of Qnlncy Medical 'f.
from the smiled .
; condition of n pauper them proudly and seemed for taking place, resulted In a fight ,
way; up stairs Into a large and comfortably I into I sacola ordinance, similar In Its wording Supervisor of state convicts which \I.\ .#t
h : that a? a man of wealth I four a minute to regain a certain strength. In "which "Bab' Dyer was beaten
;-which furnished room/ piobably. the best I the result has come too Into to do blur 'I knew the money ought; to be with a billy by Inspector McKenna, I and provisions to the Jackson a position recently created by the .},

M t, 1 Mr. theLouspnVgrtesL Deg dw, .Jof'; ,Cleveland. r via muetf edodJ/-I5ut'we NviH soon see, far mine,' said lie. 'but I never expected a ono of the city employeec, who has \lllo I / law. board of Commissioners of State In. tatltutlons.

j eJry awaiting tfcW .tfahdlhfc< Irf tne/ .,raf'td! lifre we\aieIii\ { ,Sa rirt. liect. where Lt jury would agree with me. Ah, 1 if I been banging about the polls, to "' HIs duties will be to Invellect'the .i " Is said to 111"('.'' had only two days before drat 'convict with-"reference 'to',
';of tbo/ +yoom, and what 'astounded( tip me or one watch the progress of the registration. The personally conducted+l I'onn--. :.3.-rj
.. artist{ was not only "the epic ipnd ''jjlgalty VI'wasyatereetetl) by this tljnp. as -nc day. I would-* The two Dj.ers: had determined! oponvenc'ance. I '.sy.1Yaota'raUroad tour which left New their health and ph)' condition r .

+ , when.we drew up 'before a small, one* 'l1a-(> you any r convict
Jacksonville tho camps. -a-
greeted vIa railway. !: ..1
lilt ct the
: apptaroiice: i but the 1Jij., : na.was.ezpoeted city exchangefor
doubted f&pMr'sTjkwnhaih j,foryj J"f>osiers\ Bttucfpro, of Jpoijnn ;hut "Tha sick Wall shook his head. inar i I. a fine physician and of
t : by"the: __ *" : tue Afternoon's work and lay In the next day, consisting) of three sleepIng 'Ij t
not uncleanly aspect! to bear, throughan I have neither kith nor kin heanswerl."d.
: .
itecllre, who first bowed and then observed window wait -for him UTien he got off the -cars': a diner! and *a.feaggage car splendid character and his appointment .f 1
open the sound of a racking 'I have not even so much '
mildly) ; car "and was about to-enter the building with about 100 people on board, Is now will be a very popular. ono.Palatka' :
"There Is ee8'' cougb.",wh 'h.} ectuied; ,to' a *ures ;;ng a cousin; in fills \voild. *
' ; I non Introdectletitiere that the sufferer still( lived, even It h'ajerogpect.df : II 'Is It poesablel'! exclaimed the the Dyers attacked him and It on the East Coast of Florida The boars of trustees

atatlora'UOderllrid believe. Gentleman' oj equal} ,living long:; VOa email.'W .- 'lawyer; 'whom la this money going; was then that ,Kearney went to ;;Mo- party )J. visiting all the loading resorts bond ._,

aides, I' believe have each Other Be- '* *wercimct Ill\\. tile door}lira: palnllarlaoklag tor Kenna'a aid. and that tbe shooting- began In the state. These personally conducted deem (determlnod to have constructed f-!

: .to-dar.-.' 'you already met- ; 'oman of fprelgnr I aspect 'IIo-w much! Is It? asked Mr. Dolan .' tours to .Florida inaugurated a system of municipal waterworks tad \ ;

to ,whom I at once took an invincible (',.. : by tbo Pennsylvania railroad afiil line. have set about In.tbe' right-Way: to act' 'J!

4 .' ,I' The artist, thrilled as TV til as dazed, dislike. But I bad uot.lotigln'wWcttto ." 'Oh a largc'suin: ,hundreds of thou- 'entering Florida have crown In popularity compllsh It.; ""Blda were advertised,toy, ",
; for arrange- 'and war" *, looking at' him with Indulge this I fc Un&.tfor'at,the tirn. : .tands.' . I.The a. :. '- . each season and several!'of thetfl and twenty-three Alma submitted proposal vl I

s ., !8xTved. 'tinexpected' benignity, intimation.pMhe,lawyer'; '* jlcslreaahc ... sick tuna uttered an exclama:: Eastntan tours will 'probably bo run before-the *. On.account of the large.number t
It at aa. Burned and
weoderlnjr be
was to'1t''dteAm flung open"th(? door of the sick Uou..then.Jooked. !. of biddeN and the
; kii.' ttie room .lowy and "'I..h..ou! tourist season Is over, tact that'the
i;yuue ; gsnuewatt JI,,lrgntQjevetaaduhedt a"ndwe passed fn> >>*?>,.-Joe---? expressive comment, round'' the 'room :. ?: Three Men Loee. Live .. amounts of tbe several ''
> .Hems each bid
'forward J I .-:----- . .
j chairs with : :
: '
*,.air of hespltality that 4t was such, : an 'A, remarkable face greeted us.. n that. would not' ha ve .Lgen.coi.JlderedaideeentLomroforan'ordlnary! ; The town'" Jail at Kaatmaa. 1 Oa,.' ": 'Interest"' the coming automobile covered had ;'not been given I In the

": nee',that; Mrt' Grye had .nof)easy ftlretvealed to- rjolhe liunip-yjacc that,oould minting: front" rags of,!bed : : ':" '"1 hod- b.ui.e4': Friday night, together'" :with tournament on Pablo Atlantic Beach aggregate, no definite,action was taken

bis boeiLese'to.himprjii in. 'Equate'tke'faetibal not*l1.ul.e.b W+* man, ,erlsh-their >orrlet.lid.. I oVe.for.this, ?*, be exclaimed. three;inmates-D. A. Cooper, 1t1baK during the first week la April,, Is ,In- at the meeting .as, to the deposition

1P revealing 'ft be had found tbd tables,so lag In penury,and neglect was a wallot'JUiJnl.apc1 'May I ask,' here he turned with Mullis and John Hart These--I, men greasing among,, Jacksonville enthusiasts ef the.matter. ,
y completely turned upon him that there and ;Mr. Herbert B. Race, seovt -'
"' *a"'nOl; onoojtho) possessor of posit strange persistency to m?. 'that one were locked up Friday afternoon on y
ongr"quetlon: of By filing a denmrrer 'to the bill
a arrest or ) beauty. Tie ry of the Jacksonville Automobileand ,
was no longer 'of gentlemen will
w .a even susplcloo. young yon ; be: good enoughto account of being Intoxicated on'thestreets.
F of the' complainant and also ;
; Ttat'ttte I bat beneath the death-damps that nl- pay the woman who rents me this Motorboat Association, stated that a motion .

artist coon latter Inferred vaa frfcui the real'casjr the readyi> lit. fprebeSd one covld room all that I owe her? I ibould he had 'already received several local to dismiss the suits without forth i

tectlve now said hint what the Vie-N discern intlmatldna> ; at a/diaractcriof\ l like to see It done with my own eyes. About 9 o'clock. It was discovered entries for, the .tock- ar events.. Many *r answer, the Dade'Cunt oomml-< '

"I bar brought to>youii:Ii W If. t 1 do meant ..tlUD!>.\'''' fitting bnherjtorjof Perhaps she.! will/ swear at me less and that the Jail was In n blare and before of them are ,for new cars that have alone mae their ' In the i

ly remarked, "with cotutlqt ort.:;LiecaBj) ;: >- Wgrent focrttio. 11Ei li.ibow sad Uat let me have a cup of tell that Is not an trance could be .gained the men not yet arrived In the city. 'SenatorW. -Instituted against them by the !

+' gentleman who has thf sim ot:tl\JI\i If tbdul4 bava cometoq: ; ( atI ' atone cold mined had been burned to death, and J, Morgan will visit Jacksonville/ Rosters and Atlantic Coast Land'""com

: )o make .t*.daIYThiugh* ctranj reIations :the\C ;.y"ffce frt idnt tny sl.I ld Advanced; Intothe "The lawyer sprang to the door tvlih when taken out were practically nothing Immediately after"'the close of the Cu pany and 'the Florida 'Bast Coast.Ball- sWay

ft interviews which: you bare hitherto ttesolate nnd:miserably appointed alacrity. As be did so we heard a more than a mans of bones. /ban'races next week nn
8:1:' had together bare.Dot beeirniarked: s room. I followed hjm' 'hutting! the bustling sound without but when he :Mr. Cooper and Mr.. Mullis were' all the details 'for the tournament seek to have the drainage scheme In ,
;1,' ; .. y door:.hebtnd me.H1Xb: man on the bC( had reached the 118.JJ'Ie' found no v
k the one each about fifty
; mo.bpleasant'hndl'rapadl4A! l ?< Le Is .rear..o1 age and wi\l be completed.That Dade county declared invalid apd unconstitutional
opened: his ryes Btlll wider, and his and had to'cal1 again and before the
'so convinced\ by certain revelations again among most highly esteemed and and the cmml..lon per v
fccc took on p etratgelj'engef: : the horrid old woman,,who seemed to i
I' loot
had which, IhaTetmadortQ5hIiatliat you Itad hi seen.iioirpdiy' faces, to( days? be the sole owner and Inhabitant of prominently eonnected'm'en la the Colonel James B. ,Qulnn, 1Ih'!.. manently enolnel from collecting the ,,,J
ample :: ut4 j '
county having the '
that lie fa toxcpfc f brfy distrust 'AViis his hunger\\ie\ of the souli I began this establishment appeared. only unfortunate sloe chief" of United States Engineers, tax ,

s !In the light disposed of to regard you rather to feel a strange: stirring at my yhat docs; thus gentleman owe habit! of occasionally getting Intoxt-/: is to .be! no longer In charge of the '
I a fellow-sufferer than in1 cated. The other was some younger division that Includes The'tamou. tug Dauntless. -
heart-strinss.'aud the Jacksonville
that ofon intentional forgot the wretchedness youWo.lI\ the lawyer's brusque Interrogatory ftlbulteMn&
t '. parity ofj>; name euemx) the sim of the surroundings; In my yearn- / ns her -nyicked.face showed but I Is said to have been an extremely engineering district win be received Captain Vf. Lwll, with two
1I > LUvIuj! led .to 11..e\i\l-\( Icgrplty, for the man"hlmeielfi' 'Ment tuelf, good citizen. All three men have large everywhere with new barges In tow, sailed from Jacksonville .
:;-'V'', larlty Of experience, : both haring: 'Wen : \' J Insid the iloo .* regret, not 'ag
kt ,1 arrested bn a charge which in white?: his attention was Died not ilpoh] "She kta.m met'Cd.! eemed at a loss to Immediate families. only by those who are personalty .ao* a few day ;ago for' Miami.
i instances .
:. I, was a mistake deeply to. be rev the! lawyer, but upon myself and bvtvreen mentloti the sjua! -end Anally-said; Qualnted/ 'with Colonel QuInn, but ball The barges were built in' JacaonyJe '" t'

,. .grette4 by the lnspcctor'iaivl>tiyirfi.*'. the coughs that constantly 'A hundred dollars.:; :. Fifty Die In African Gold<< Mine. who have followed toe Improvements at Anderson's shipyard, for the Florida !

'""TheJl.' began: the artist/ thrown entirely turbe him I saw something like d 'Jfo.; no,' came from the bed. nUt Fifty five natives were drowned Friday made throughout; the district {East Coast Railway extension.

, old[ his! balance by this sudden smile of welcome stir hit feeble lips the lawyer, with a wavy of his band during the time that the popular officer Other. barges are being constructed 4i
owing to the
and flooding of the
Irradiate his feverish South
,t land unlocked for Issue to. ahyrstrjoii; ." eyes calmed the man behind and Intimidated Has been in charge. for the same and will be kF
affair, "yfu have heard of a third Ata you :]MlcbaoI.Delancyr'insked the'Woman before him. Rose, a deep sold mine near Jenan_ Miami pre. .
1Uton: Peg-raw of found Indisputable the lawyer speaking:; in a klrid: but 'A undred dollars/ he repeated burg. South Africa. '-! t later.: 8 ?
; -
evidence-" here he business-like tone' 'for a room without a carpet a bed was issued from the' executive b
glancadrat thfe table 'I am,' Issuedlalatlyfrom] office at Tallaha.aeol Tho County School Commissioners'
on which various docuineiits the sick without sheets! a plate without food! revokIng
tered-"that JthJs second bolder lay scat man's. mouth.: '){I'hot'l Delaqcy. oncea If :you-get'tea.-you-will: do well I ama FOR FORTY NEW LOCOMOTIVM. the death warrant for Noble Colllna. Association of Florida> ha chartered a 4

name ,lsno. tbg. jrentleaian o( the gentleman nnd student, but DW', lawyer woman, and I have seen the -- of Lake county convicted of mOTiler special train t attend"the" National '"

it lately made himself BQ Ijlsr.ezl:wgolia) to girls s i dytngrItf.JoiieUnoMtaod.yass i; : ..' a. poor like of ,you before.. Where are this! Southern Railway Place Order for. and sentenced to .be hanged Educatloaar convention at LoulsvlUe,'

.Dame. Jenny Rogers.\ forsaken:! and utterly friendless wretch.* gentlomun's clothes? And Cue' watch Extensive Bqwlpment.! :flaY. and the members of the association ;

y :' "On trio contrary ""No, no,' cried the lawyer, strivinge :; that Used to )hang In that case., and the The Southern 'railway' baa placed revoked !In order to allow" some will make this trip Instead of hold j ti
l new
?,..other "I'om unfortunately:" r.$. that ;terV /(to 'reM gtitpge Use IIOOT",man.who.. In. books that bead to lie on that shelf r an order for' forty locomotives) for de- evidence to be examined by the. boardof InK a convention,, of their own this ?

person. nut y leedt. looked as If he had not many 'Gone, slid cited; 'be pawned them'd lrv ry during till present year. Moat jpardons. year. 4f
iny Interest lit these girls hours to Uve.\ 'You bare friends an Aud you the r of these ,
t .had Its ; ause'la motives rave money! It Is engine are of err! high et
; from thojo.{ aatunUJy.ascrlbied so different: I Ieoiuf you are not poor. Though} comfort not ten Hollars y<;iui want, but a'month grads and powerful type and range In While rocking her thre'monthegld Accordingtothe ,report of the cen'i ius .
i, to iao by ;late, It,comeg IUrt'IVCt.4fe Iu,*the penitentiary You have of Duval taken last
been i county summer
price from to
the polf/< the ( $15,000 $20.000 each.
e # JUljal4l sl4ou4! hero lotwake; last baby to sleep before
r Sour cheerful a blazing '
.' Aays> paid for all tic has fire; 1n'the
bad from and filed
1 i>., rvjorded'wltb sympathy you, over This would make the entire contract Ella office of tile cler ,
than withltruit.'e8hairi if not Tyson,
.! : tell to pros ee you with a cure that and over and now you owe him. Give In. the, neighborhood' of ''''50,000. Or. a Jacksonville negro of the circuit 'court, the total pOiAiIfi"MI ,
Port roy stor J" will y'ot woman, died suddenly
tusks you a well man.: and the
us the
'C JtaJ IT." responded! the-arlt.( Bis l '," I 'do' not uiiderstaud/: bis 'gesture would 'not dollar. you ask It ders have already! been placed .,for rolled into the fireplace and baby I of Duval' county la 46,406. Tbe n
the books
,more Instinct buy you havestolen some 10,000 freight and coal was p ( of Jacksonville according 'r '
generous In
coming to the seemed to say 'I am sick cars burned to ul"ton.
very ; nothing from'11 IIIK' 'r death. No 'one
," was la the" f
:sir,' ,.urtace. CertatrlIT' Il.j..1IlIlI' bet'\very 'will everbring pie cure but'death." I "Her face; which wa. as brown nsold addition to,, many l pager ooacboa. house .at the time and when tbe t census report Is 33,696, of
,"i. .Jad to bu which
: .
.f bcnCpnrrxiamV-compl 14,196 white
tely ex00e "' 'Can anything bring '* band are ; are art
I. !; you happiness jiardbmcnt.! tool'on a livid hue. returned from hlsl work'he 1.07
te4jrrom -oiljusplclon of evil/ T I asked. HELD ON CHARGE Or AR9ON.Twe found colored and 25 designated as
; She slunk back ; his wife y
and and child
.disappeared from ,
dead '
\ i ,And ret hf COUld.lJot,toJ'b'ni thInk c" 'Oh' he races.
:: sighed, 'I Should like to die tight and_ the lawyer, wltb a quiet/ tf,
: S that" whatever: tale the other,might tell 1 in the face of some one's smile and (chuckle, fluus: A'silver piece after her i ''Yomna Wt t., Men Accused ofMbrp r---.

fae, could never .explaloralway all the _(kindly, .look {.havelain, here months, and shut the,door. Barn Burners: C. R. Hawk, editor of the Tampa Bparkman- in'W

a'": J.i."'doubtful( .circumstances that surround.:, and not.a gentle word/ha cTI, beard 'Excuse Jne: said he. 'but' I: cannot Jessie aDd Albert Ilaasell, two Dally Herald was-.fined' 1100' for con nepreenttYe a concurrent .authorizing .' ;w
[ : now and see eyen a: rich man robbed Whft.e.1D8A 'of In
: the
TJfsey Oawere to Issue
Springs, president, ,proc d
the bo)* of poisoned Joabon.lor, InStance then Is harsh and am'Jlot I the crmlnal} and ,
gruff. I [ used .. cpurt: the Judge
"Tben. observing how the sick '[' or,* <;
pal arrested'Friday one
; warrants .states to
) ;
and" dered JmatoD. asking
}roidredrvhy .mon.o# to j-onghness as Iam m the edltof tin
,,, DOl'II.ed'to: filsorder > an'wa. blowing.! > : he grew;suddenly charging.them with burning the' barn custody, until the II'an exposition tobe held at'Tamp.
oryce'tr'7 Jtrplcddtt.'D$ eIIj fine
: was
3 slionld.'Uito to WeatueJnasivcet alarmed., : paid, which waa'dona '
andwhisperedforme, to .
go of; ,8mtth'Brotb the a few In 1808. The resolution
ra. big also provide
discretion h6uld nurserymen
f own be .ao .1J7 and hours later.
,. atmosphere, feel my light for the nearest .doctor; as lie realrf ,' The'Herald published
of an ''
led 't..m' .a susplclpn .0: .hell go eut'In'a place of peace and beauty' feared :that Sir.. ''Delaney uld not Concord O-, on the morning editorial asserting'that for naval partltlpaton'lo' the.1 "P.t. "
Judge "
'...otuided la cempronjtolnr facts. But ""YoalshallJ\ \'That you shalir crled Jive' long enough to make bla.will.. ,"Deoeraber! 21' last. -. bad reserved Gordon tion and, ,. __of.; .j"
,,' 116M tb#':atlst' 'The flre destroyed fifteen head of sentence.on aeveral'per'eons : vftatloai to foreign"'powers 'send
.Y/f :;ihat3lf.lrlceI ; ,; uiyytwyer4rlendh tlie lmpetuosltyof ."ButII'hen 'I started to go, the sick who had;.pleaded t 'IE
.... not lti.,other's' lval matters 'Ions'experience. stock,' mostly ftneumulea, with other ; guilty;to gamb- .
;, In : which his had DQt t man: lhowell'.o'much disJrou! ( that J, UngJu: ,.:order that .to exbltl Tbe exposition' is tresp -r'; .t
16r ae ,.ver."affect';the' judgment And 3et.rQ bf4 htnr. "'If ,you are',,strong paused.astonished! 'I.' 'vafuaMesi amos ang to over four.thou' , public sentlment emph.llelthe'm nc o *';

; a', tW.prejudice./,' ,Jf, be dad, .he_ enough, . you..., shall* be;t,' moved at once x. :To; be continued.? I sand '4oUan.-.ttb. O Insuraaoe.: tepee, aC9dingly'+\,,and*,.//.make .hl.' '.en-. *orld ;of' te isthmian ,.eatial and t 1f 1
.<:" .;.41 '! ,', .. +. ... '4 4" buten'lt.:'| ; t :
.1" ,
.;.IL, ''.'..'.' '. .J'' at". " ' J ,. yIi f mp1eUoa ll
"V" ; 't 1 .t I .. ,,'j. 'I I ..
J :1.
l ( 4 r\
,,,. .{, ;,.. '. .;J.
/1 .
't ,".x t,, '. ,(' ..p.} ... .1 I \ f'' { .t
11. .
;. I ,t! I c
'' rt .. ', l ft
: '< : ". ''>i"" , ::t... a
: ; "" "
.' j' :,'t.: . r

-,_.. .. ,

1 IY
-' '

P1IHE 1KQAwAY .. --..------ --
- -- -
QUERIEs'wORRy ti.-- -
B -

-_"->;"':. --. 1>- -CORMERiNG-COIT-OH.I A, "MUTUAL" ARREST.gether ;;
.. w y- .
t .. j .iui,.Mi..u-ft,.! V>. N.I..v Plain Citizen t -.Robinson, $, *__of_. the itebmos. ; :"=lNew' : ::' :::"' :: : ' \\i /.!.:.r'r.' i <.*....,,' -.. .
'Is the Gratuitous, Demand of of Panama t i i. Tt'atVl ; ... .. I. 'r ...""" Safe' and Sure }

Secretary Taft. York Syndicate Will Buy Attract .Attention on the| ;
-Grantl ? -.
t : Array Nrh. y "'"r w61' ri ,.. ,' Street of St. LouI r ' t ,,qy Y:. dT t ?
r. *Arfyol, |, aJCaeaartin) eta or :' "fuiflit'Hll9.'l'' !' f.t., Mtil.ft: r'-" ,..;.;...;.;.., of'

T'AR5 rbn| DfSC:1KE :S wniatlipn soide Iturbanel, r edam , r TT tbtonefsolo
A6 6
: BARS't' A.WOnwllo.. d* of J oratrsi, farther: secnredcu i>yr I

i' 'This question has :been put to See-, < !)ro PAY 71jIT I EN'[CENTS asked thfovgh'/be 'streets I BALIARD'S

' : l' I re; TOar| ( Taft by no leas vLtouiv'Mo.v: '
,' i !>. ., M..1 a per j > ': St ; Monday'followedf .
I -, Southerners Consider ( .Mi"* ITracy\ Roblnaon. former 't'X: :I.) .,' "* L' W..1 T "L "'' L.i JL'*
Arbitrary Action eu> ous c: \Xd. 'Theywere'slghtacand *
resident: of ew'Yorfc, who fo/I forty-, Spot HoldersJHaVkthe.tOsptlon( of Releasing ;
Tajpri By Department ef. J ot6rrtaoAbsolutely "' ,flv., ycenrljas; been, a' resident the ": alThstlp.lgvre .or AwaitCentc Inf thelV rouse;lue3uded't.i foi!* 5 .f

418. irnworthy of-, isi isthpnusbof' fanama, Mr. Robinson J' . ,urtjr all'd' 'mafij '' aaloonsLr .OiSe. 4! will'E..W. :

,r., :, i-. -" -. Consideration": .' his a grlevaaoa: '. .nd.Secretary Taft Ip l'g.A.) Ivaacsd.' to 1G -The ,p t drttn.$( MJ hk tar nqrfr:
.. 1fln as Outlined 'f
It, .
: : He does ,( _
--r- not at all like the refer- " .. FIaC0.ea.'eni:; ; lf.&q er, wit;
A Washington special 'RosoTu-' onces. to himself In the secretary's ] : .1 JCURES
says; haul If. liarttW.-arad-il.r.Pft1'04'1'*
Very pointed the:/'nnu< unottroent that_ the
tlona omm nt1Pon' the so- '' : +
Pro against ; ,13ilt'UL UvU
testing trot display called expose'refPanam'conditons South, ColtpayAsEoclg.Uoa'iuay:cotnv ii t ,
'oktriij & : Barne.l'\V1L"thO rtson<< 'fiy iuutujLl'tl ..
confederate "
a tt'cn public.oo.! written.''by ,,PoulUeyf( Wfftioyi+ \ 'pleted"arran4gijtanwith, ( an'ea t5faa, 'consent '..lthbut'ryerraant'bt' '; . ... ;
.irafclciis ;sad- + lathe .. "
.: : : were. adoptod'
encampment of the department of the g'Ive.Mr. Bigelow miich of"'the- material "' 'Gfl half \ courts,...:The han eVcc : COUGHS COLDS. CONSUMPTION; BRONCHITIS,
for'' that .Juf)' i } this )'.ar a .. others,% ad a4d; C IUCHSO: E:THROAT:- HOARSF
tot( ;mac. grand army of tli, republic; article to which Secratart' mllljou) bales,of'cotton'' from southern nervous, asked to >see :the cjjtof( ; CM AJfD

Saturday, night Taft took such strong exception.111' 1I a'"minimum: : police. To an officer he said- ; GEXPECTORATION'HEALS'THELUN.? rft'k . ."
+ I plgelow can take care of hlm.j.planterat priceot s .
'. "This man Is my prisoner., '
The resolutions, which were'unanl- self. He' can d<
uiougly: adopted read: antidote for'the' venom from'your. ca- : steps. In the his oryeof the. association;; taking him back to, Georgis'jandL t Children Croup and Whooping Cough bed saeer")

"w er c1" ;Jit', is creditably report' paclous: ..dl8Ull ry..he" writes '"14 am vas I made public. want you to hold'him until. 3 +O'cloc1C,4 contains NO OPIATES. The action of, BaUard'a,Horehound -

t.: cd Uiat,,tU> .Hag Of.HhW la,e''so-called. obsciird, rooreje4slly: ; "orushoJ. [Iby')'OUI' Tho'step, \if successfully carried out;, I when, my train, goes ouU. I )Save t't, : : Syruplrr Ild and benign,it isadapted to infants,**w.U '

Confederate States o'f America Is be.' great \weljht.He resents the 'suggestlon -' and elabor ted-ln') the future,*" 'x111practfcally got i warrant for him and !tJ'UIt.' .. aa adults of every variety of temperament and con8tltp lon.. '

Inc displayed Jo.public places: apiion of 'having"an animus' loompleto\ the scheme'ot .been indicted, but here C"are' the. ua- I Read This RemarKable Testimonial
I public occasions; and, .,.' against the government," because he Association'that' pars;" II, ,
i "WMoreas, to !all defenders ot''the failed ,to get a good job, under the the Southern.Cotton / tie showed 'document signed- tyr MRS. BJ; W. EVANS. Clea,..,.'.". Kaa; rrt9teaMyr .husband *a
of staple
"of restraining.the, ;
{ star*: and'hIiipeii) and ifllj i canal commtoslon. supply himself and -by Barnes, accordingthe .was sick for three months and the Doctors told me be bad quick: consumption. -*
wEo''wereLoyal t "brate .And controlling its appearance on We procured bottle of BaUard's Horehoond ,and'It '
i ) Mr.' Rdblijson | calls ] him a syrup:
to; ( of which Barnes
tjie uaioin..lhaty ,; 1s'and! the market that the< planters will 'be terms agreed '. cured hIm.' He Is now a wall man'butwe always keep a bottle'ta
lever will be, the Insignia. bf\an'\ attempt Poultney jBIgelowandjaay. he- told enabledto ;secure a goodprofitbeart. 'accompany. Martin tram Pfeasajxt HI the house and think has' IJIi( equal for pulmonary*disease*."
by force of the'truth about the sWafop conditions 1. Ill.,. to 8prtn lace, t
arms to divide our coun- at Colon. he Ing price for |Ithelr_product. ;"\. OaWlthOj Easy toTaUe;Sore to Core: Every tt1 CoaraateeAr
y ut to Secretary -
and .says 'requisition. '
try destroy our sovernmentfand( i E. .U..'Thomas, 'of. -New: York well! :ltlltftilttssire. o".LOO,. ,
f ,1
Taft "are a" .. .;t
t posing, as great man'which "Now he's balking and sae
"Whereas, if _In this reunited land ..not. ] known ,as" a;"banker and! financier, ;jl'. heMissouri'la 1 BALLA.1D-S SHOW LIHlKEHT.CO., '.,I. ST."' ...,.,.. ILO. e
There, Is! room for but".one flag,' and ,.' you .are And thereuponhe 'at, the,head of the. syndicateto:take such a good place that
.puts to;:the secretary these qtiestlo f he wants to stay here, and so' I
that one th6->star- ang-led. '.banner,;.:j the 600,000 bales this spring.. guessI'll .
therefore, be It }BV"Are ,you above i a.nd beyond 'carries. have, to havehim. locked vpf SOLD' AND RCCOMMBNDBQ II' !uJty. V ",
,1 I I the- law of Do TlI''s' agreement \ .pro.. I .
'Kesolved Ilbelt you hold tho fair said Martin. '. f :!

1 .Potomac, !grand, bythe army'department of the republic of the' fame'of men In your keeping Have vision cotton for ready the for syndicate's,: maiTtcV tai taking"August ad His request was refused, becautliere'was'no :' For: Safe' I\t. 'RQBER$pIS'S' : .Dl !Jc1; :'STOg . aIISS

,ou expropriated 'for canal use the. : arra.nt&ut.h$1 toeSt."Louis .. ,., I"
That we view with 1 , I'' '\
; .regre | and"sorrow, vasty and 'September ot this 'fear at": the, \ I. 'I '
( 'jDutlylng jungle of lies : pollen to\hoid( thd.:prison
tho public display of 'theeobtaining to'be'not 4 ;' \\t t
(an emblem market price t rs ;1 H 7
'SecVetary/Taf t wears a 'Worrlel'look., After; being "'requested'to! }Jeare thachief's .. .
,; 'Which tends to .keep alive the bitter; leas than the"minimum"fixed ,bY, th.Soulh'erh .... -IMM'E I .1' (
iess lie I*' wondering whether" it can be omce' Martin :said. ; 'to a rfc- L 'II'' Jt 1
and engendered' -
animosity the : Cotton Association. The '
by *
true that ho is a ''Caesarian atavism.Ho porter I j' '_&
war, which be Is but to affect those who' : .
should the aim of agreement _
I '
Is wondering, also, what a Cae- "This tellgw'wa'sao1ng: I n!
| every good citizen to allay? -' are holding their staple for IK cents. young' : BOITtS
atavism ist; a Spring Place'sawmlll'' Septembc V tIVEEi
1 ", 'i
"Resolved, That h'a.- course It la stated' by President JoriJau ,
There I. some mystery about this) and [boarded .atmy; housed) ,He wl\8 I ;
1 orv(>. to Instill in 'the minds of the that'Te New York bankers are fully I Ir
letter., it has been sent to-: the press known i there as. Larry ..Orockckt,'' 11e' '
coming generations aversion It dGthoaUfity prepared to finance'southern .bankers ; ,STieAMERI4LLTE. ISTEA1< Eii ld S& :t.i
as coming from Mr. Edmund Clarence complained that tab>> : i I .. A} ;.

to our national emblem, and Stedman, the author, to' whoni I in assisting J.he holders for' higher hartt, \pnd r' hiredhlm.ta'aetpoultrbfood + i '' Captain Clays ohneonSr.Captun; : Clay, 10l1DfP.Jl', (

is not .\ac'cordunct with 'the toil-re, I Mr Dlgelow.ln'rtatestlmonj; ;. referred .prices. for mer" -Gte( left toy house with I"". Regtsllar'alekly; tri io,' Baiatpgea.l-Qrsarn. ReseaAa'ies.'vea. tU .iijsaes

(peated profession' made .by'tho southern -i as a close friend rot; '.)Crl; Robinson, Following is' the omclal statement my horse and buggy1'and forty: pac -! Tuesday; taorpingMlpdjarlireilydaatmmee'lhiday.venfeg, : ,t>> .:- .m-..
people'of their lore for the. no- I prepared and submitted .Monday by Special Charter Tripe to Lake.Okeechobee and Fort bathe IJlDe
but Mr: Steaman'.has. repudiated any : ,Ages> of' the food 'September.. 26 and My era ;
't tlcnal emblem. connection with 'It. President' Harvle Oordan never returned" : I 'Comfortable accommodaUon-fon pasenters* Rate rsiatpnablel:; Co"> r .T It "IleHolved That In the Interest of 1YOU'MU8T "I have: Becuredan agreement with < ;'".Ttae most picturesque :Waterway: .In Florida." "- *f '' '' 'VTor'Passenger
; T
; the peace and good will to aH,>which- CLAIM KIN. syndicate of eastern capitalists,' WHIPPING' PO8T LOSES OUT.' '. and''Freltht', RaYes"apply, .to ', ? _ v ",
'' r headed by* Mr.' E: ''it: 'Thomas-,-; the ... _, I CLA.Y".JQHN80N
we earnestly desire tfl 'promote, we J. j -,,1:' ,. '; :.l54r? Prop!itor, .,
earnestly all -.I well knownbanker and"financier, A - -- ,AaDpsrd"Ist IJI,1Q > eiiltkL, '
request" ex.confederate80141era Or Be Deprived of Invitation to Wedding ; tWife' h" ; ; lIlm1P. ; ; .

once our gallant foes,, but of President's Daughter ]New York to take 500,004 bales of Be.tar.'ln' District' of. Columbia. I . ''I ,ot) ..'!.'., f. 'al", 1 .. ...
ji6w :.cur- felloV cltlsensj... and sharers President Roosevelt autblrtzed the jnlddllng 'cotton' lroni'' !outhein'"plantera .. ..W'LNot' 'Be; DlsturbMv. ," \' >.. '-':

with, us In the pride of American fyllowjAgstatemdnt,..which given ajt a minimum price of;,13"cents A Washington, ;; special i ,says: The f 4'

valor anA Mro SW, and' all'the boblaspU1td out at the white bouse-, Fridays.was per poundi>,''deliverable. af.Interior i,houtie, Monday: had sport with' the,TTHl NORTH. I '" KI83IMME. .. ,' '", Q -,; ;,.'"HOl,'''Ig'tlds'tt I 1'' .

( people bf'the'-beautiful: outhr potntf or the ports' By or before July ,. . ., ,
The presldant and )Ir.. Roosevelt so' ,, establishing a whipping post for wife- ,I"" ; J A":. ;J' ,1
deal be closed
the to soon
1, 1900.
land: to. abstain from all public diav ''If- : J .
ask the kind' consideration-
"of many '
play, of that emblem, which tends friends who would.under'ordinary circumstances as optionsjjon, the syndicate'srequirements i bearers in, the ,District, of 'Columbia. 'C.-.W.' .GRIPPI'N" ;":,J: .. ;

. only to keep alive feelings which receive Invitations' to MlegRoosevelt'a have bein secured. The agreement -*,,, and' then laid It on''the ;Ubls, effect- . I 'AI I

ought to be -burled." wedding.: The capacity turther',providealfor the taking' belT disposing of,'It,' I by .a-'vote ort '. ""Sf.f'. :iuo' "

:The ppbUcatlosipf these.resolutions of 'all cotton ready for market next 3"no 80'.- 'The' most Impassioned $I '4:
,. < Of the white house required that under ; ;
Sunday piornlng attracted some atten. existing ,clr DS \ance8'
tion< among so therner.' In' ."""hID.n. . limited to, 'the 'closest klnsfofk, the of 1906., at the then market ,price*. Mr Hepburn of Iowa;-whodepleted .
to be not less than the.minimum price, t.he' brtitallt/ of 'the. who would It 1 .i. ",t
but the., general feeling, among personal trledda of Miss ,Kou$even ,man .nl'
,ta:. 'ex confederates ,Is thai- they are not. and Mr.: Ubngwortb and Certain classesof fixed by the Southern Cotton Association. beat his wife, and declared that to 4 ( .. .ytl ','
serlbu 'consideration offlclala .; This agreement Is ,not .fatend-i' be whipped was hardily: adequate punlahmenl ''A'T.c- ,
worthy giving )In ,Washington. No friendsof . ERESH IME <
Southerners feel 'that the action 'of,, the president or Mrs Roosevvi are ed-to\ affect holders'who: are demand's' ''Mr.- Adatns-' opened the discussion :.. : (;H.+ t ': ., I

''yp,' tie grand army, ,.of. the republic post.. being asked, unless they also,.come Ing a maximum of'J5 cents at the' wlCh! a' serious speech, In'favor ..... .'DeliVery.everyjday' at'apr hbpripstrapi"' ., i. fa '111 '''I'' ,

< serves't6,show how little the real feet within'one! of ttio8e'C'I..le'f' ? and even present time. ''New Pork bankers"are of the bi1L'< All the opposing-speeches .. ,; ; .NW- -i,.'V ,r ,;.. I ,

C Atq. lisp of( southerners are appreciated! ,,with_
K' .,the.north! ""' .; ;' -\, '. 'V; guests threatens to.. overtax,the. capae- southern bankers'i In..assisting' .bolder. more than*ono fling becausehe *=i , :... ."' ) ..., 'fj. .., ./1 '
+*f _'. Sty''of'the'whlte nouse.i '- of cotton for blgher prlces"' ?: Option Is 'a bachelor;):, '-, .: ', {. C' ) I.l l). . '_ . .. .... . I .'
contracts will bo at once forwarddd, Mr, film of Tennessee, opposingthe I I l- '"'
CANE GROWERS NAME OFFICERS ai.w ., oj "fIfIiiw....,
; N A# N'"r ; .. !;,
all cotton . . .
f ,_ J. ,i 'DEAF D'?. BODY' IDENTIFIED.: upon appllcgUon.'to crow-. measurer predicted, that it mould .
era,'whose rFQQrpasen.atengtralreddy. ; got'ODe vote only In1' the ,-ho Jie.: 'Thep..ldenl .} ft : : : .T.\ ,,:':;,:r.
of a
President. Purse vPf\h / -
IgainFWadab' :- v I
aYJaalenlbeueonvenUcrj'of Remains Found 'In Virginia Wcod. In jsrty', poeeesaloal '-' hit s+4d., ) -advocated 'Increased .i' eker sf U; af <
\ ,: 'I I..agreWio: yt0'the'oFAer' ; of City D'
: Were Those of""Missing,, CaehleK'ar7 -.; eH punishment for' 'wlfbeatersr : .: ,
\/ the- Interstate the badly,,decomposed; ,body of a Harvlei I :"Jordan"er'the"Southern Cotton -; a year ago, "but: ,he Is; a 'ear elder : d i u ., r, ,..i. # K

Cane Growers'":AssoolaUon;which waa : maa?with'a."bullet bole through'" his' Ar.oclatlon-for the.JIL.n. Thomas now and his last 'message sold"noth- I '

bird 10. -Mobile, Ata4 ,lec' ed the:lot' bead..,whlch ,was found .In a thicketon Syndicate Of'' NewYork"City.bales'middlingcotton ,'_ > ing about,It.". He made,thefurther : f II.: FRESH; .,BREAD.. ,, :p.I3Skl".; ,,
at'I: cents per' I' " ," //111') .,
point that the report of the local chiefof ; ""
outskirts of Va., Is '
lowing omce.ra. .. the ,Roanoke, i'AND'&AKE : .:s. ': .' ,
poln4.and; further, ', ,
% pound aj.interior police Indicated that 'comlQol1lawwlv. . . .
cashierof ', ,,
Jj'a.: lSirse.f Qa that of 1Jturl8T'C Armstrong , , u. '
Savannah,, .. wet '
.. .
the Washington Katlonal Bank.who agree to ship'same,on demand on, orbefore i. .. and otner,,.females"i received -j, t, . . . ' pre.identand mysteriously! disappeared from .Pit s- I July 1, ,i$06.( 'The. title, to .and most of the beatt( p. 'Some one has "' a.I ln9.'Cp.rianls.;' } ; tlt'rpn.JPeei i,. ,d

the other offlcer' chosen are'a* follows burg oq'Jpngary; ti iT .1den.U. cptwaamad& poa. aa1oq.. of ...Id c!? ttorktoremaln} suggested ,we, i amend,the bill to apply . >: 'Ollves;5weet-fckles.., -' .,IV,4 ;; ', :, ; 1

: 'i'f.f JB.J '. i-r1 j ? p saUJilwbdn, the nu bar with ''bwneA.ustir. 't as. mono ''fa; ,on'*Ite chasers he declared, further ': "r' I : Sour PkklestUxed'Plckles..c; / J ';j

[JlritV vtcel! president I ; B. BofeTallahMseo / UU: attached to k"linnet' ot. keys. {i: ., -I- (;> "I.don't know .who, that..,would' t

t. Flw treaiurer"' J. A. "which were found on the body, wen Pritt.{ lnc I Is:the form pf-,contract hit. (Laughter.) ;.v ';. 'to.' ,LUNCH I ; ,GOOI>S.,.. .' I -

Holloman' -Tallatiaaeee. .Fla; 'secre Identified an( the'number of the acCi. agreed upon by Thomas,.his associates! .. For' five 'minutes! Mr.,.Stanley ,of I ",

tary T, O. Hoffman, Mobile, .Ala: a.r ,. h\lIuranC&"pollcy carried by4 .and p're8Ident.Jordan; ,"* 1 < Kentucky made fun of the .bill and Incidentally 'I ', :'. 'Candy ,Ffjg8j( ftates. . '
statant secretary, John W. Jackson,*, ant \ cashier.'f' tine t", als6. .agree' to' sell to;;'said' 17q'dic.te i took Mr.' Adams-''task'for .

.Palmetto, Fla.; assistant secretary, -U. missing'.Armstrong'' was 'well knoWp $v jn, all cotton. made'' by me' during ne r.maf"YIng.;' It:Was!:'he' said. :' Fresh Walnuts'acana;;; t P ea, 'uts.: ; t '

BJ, Ellis, Bcrant n. Miss.Virp tBe'mq ths of ''AumJ strand "September, a "bratal measure'. brutalizing'abrute. ; "
.. .
accounts tNc
:.Presidents" by states' 'were tab" *. backing found to entirely' correct, were He -at:"the" then price,.,to bV ot': ,." ' i :A<3EisiT; .yvifiiTB; ST TAR, ::0 tiD V:. ;

elected! % t four len than the mrnlniumj! price o be 'M,: Calnes <)t Tennessee IIIk d..what. ,
leaves a wife and (Children:; : tr s SJ a f .., sg fgfci s M MipfewJ
: -
.: I fixed for 'the new crop: the gentleman would do If,i-he were .

Heavy'. Loss Caused by..Jf., M.-., carrier Arrested' for- Robbery.The ,. Cotton Association. : to witness a husband.beating his'wife., :,1.'" .... t. 1 .
Fire early Monday'corbplet.I7] dpistroted :Mall ehieflnepector'a, office) in Chattanooga The e.'\apc4 of tbjs.contract'la thesecuring' "It would depend 1 replied Mr. Stanley -; '" ''''' ' ',
; OF A''Rl'D1JEAl'
( from the''plantera 'of the husband tbe'wife. ; ISLANDCapt
i "on'the and, -
tpo' cat) barns_.114 power hou e "'has been J notified of the ar- [' on
south not. less than 'tpO.OOO bate 9f 'Ifl8he wan redheaded even' sontaern -'
} my
j '
ooiapan Rural Route 'Carrier James '' the 'cares' of'roytlty'wearheew11ynCon'b1mTN91
of the C'anCn-AkroQ'Tt '- rest 'ofJ cotton'of the present hop at the abovementioned { 'chivalry Iwould not. tem'pt-'tne to !'c' CJ\Rivers ii.nowbsolute.; 'Do , C4&41; ; porer, Ohio.: Loss |100.000. .- P Warren. The v charge. Is robbing:the prlceJ > t Interfere." '(Laughter.), / ruler: of;fhe :Island, pf prchllja.\ ) In..the ; ; ;\be alttpjy sees that.

.. with 180.000TDllura.oee.w. . -;_, tlA :1"> ,m.r ., 'l. |i.i iTWCNTY ',. .!'iName. ...*,. *rr't r.. %ti...... ,. Caribbean'sea, says the Baltimore Sun. the rise;-men there get are out _no at theirwork'at omen! : oa, 'sua th.,

', : STATION PLANN'ltD.i.L. "P.; O. ''Address .. . ... ,'. .. .. .. .. ,sFPUR LIVES 'TAKEN'BY 'PIRE.- lie "threw put his lines and made, fast .Island-and.I that they k..p at It GaUl '

i PAT CftowE I ON'TRIAJ'I! ..; i" ;, ,,' ,."llals1 retain "";" .ibales tf'cotton, ,l. ,'. j., there twelveyears ago, ndiwilLprob. sundown save for the two-hour 'rest C

,. -' ',ke"1'Establish,' To'wae'Along 'bJcl\, ,I will pledge. rte hold f for. a Conflagration In 'Portland,,, 'Oregon,. ably make-It-hlauharbor.'tasr "reti'of at JlooRl''''Need;an'army oreoart' .ot
) Young'' Ciidahy Facie .' AN.' Head maximum 'of':5 cents'. bis life-Oils> though .Jle"U the only ,
kidnaper .of price Deals. Da.\h'a d Destructlon ; Justice I The captain'mi1ea' Nor: of
Jury in Omaha Court N.w''.'ranoh LinoQlficlal J t "Name;'.i" 'f4 ,.... ..., .,,: _\. white man,'on the Island." and though' course, there are times when '4ladpoline

jTh. Jury was secured at Omaha.NVb ,, announcement Is made by. "Acceptance ot this proposition will ,. Ai, least four' persons'jloB' ; ,;jthelr'live he\ hits, seen the members of his family, 'must b*'enlor+e4."but then *'nam S

: Thursday, for. the trial of- Pat theLoasl5ville.. and "Nashville.! 1'.bed,, that be mailed yoh\ immbdlat'ely.upoa; the In 'a fire that swept a busynom? 'wjibT live'at''-2103 Cough'street,.t"eniy Ii owl 'how.;;tordo tb&t..;The captain. s

-Crowe: 4 charged wltfc-.robbing' ]a! 'A.CBdahy twenty stations e tab *n completion' of 'the syndicate requirement mercl l' dletri ein4Pertind: { : Ore., en1 twice. InMte; ,, ar..J' ha l.Bot bad-twen7 years ofeeafarlag.

pV of 2,000 la connection with : the-.KuoxTllle-Cairtorcvllle! llne, ..south' '!idoctfOO:lot' pot cotton,"l) i .' i| Monday.; JJlev'en person\were serlour'Iy C'pt.-: Rivers is king"and,?:'cablnet for' nothing.before .he,toofc;cbarg.if i

he.latter'a con In oft Etowab where ,,theold! ,i Atlanta, : '' ". combined, and. not-'one. of-h!. thirty the: tslanc< . ..
the of "' ""
kidnaping teetlmony KnoxrtHe and Ma' hvin&'llnea diverge . ; 1 X *, : >?'P i Injured. ,\ ,: > J.! . West Indian) negroes injidex.hissway' "'My greatest dlfflculty.-i>> said.'*!* .T,

'. ',loo;: the {IntrodI&CUOII.'of adjournment.Edward to!"Blne 'Ridge and Marietta,'And the Alice Is T'w.nIt7Two Year Old.Prealdenl 'The.Are started'rn'the Mount Hood dares 'Question his. rule abut, when be tb. fait -that rte meD will -get.inrak;,

:was'; beguii Cudahy.)lust before: nW line goes ''direct 'to, ,CarterstlHe.Five and.Mrs. Roosevelt entertalnfed saloon, and (';(consumed that"'place'.and leaved OrchUla he\leaves\hliroyalty\ \ Jlow"<5ci'they: ;Wet'ltf' Ear"bDOnih'Q; '
Jr the- boy'who
vk /A. the, first, wltneur 'nations wilt., bo'a' Tenjiesseta.and a' tti Inrgejparty oj('rrf ndll'at the ,the. todglngi',houe above 'In .which A I behind \, tpfya! Ik surfo ndl'by'a| mimb r' of, '". '

kidnaped, wan his fifteen In Georgia Station.hoa.. .* White hoilse 'Wopday\ night te celebrate majority,qf' those,"killed :and .Injured The ''Captain Is 'not: a comlo-op*, l smaller .jalanda. .,' Jn. lie,.easossi! ;wbea _
of '
r called, ,ate gave h an account! . '
es wlU be 'ereCte4'!.majority: of i were sleeping... Twenty-two: horses. king. 'He doem't.wear birds;'Oft: pars'' d,! }t9 harp,. any' moo. ,!
.... 'eJ[ edencewbJle',a prlaoaer.- wad'wu"aa'loarned the'polote,'but some will be only 11111.statlOD :; Mss,| l4tpeR9bsevelte{ ; tweaty .;property,; ,ot. thejEaflti, 61de''-Transfer' dine plumes when he's on the, throne: ;; I n.. ,.tbetr,;:.eU5 :t' \'._T.arry .,,. -, ;
still on tae stand wh .n court .-" -' .second birthda com'werd'deatre' od. : but ry untie 11: "rumv >ddeniy: tyou- find.peer, .
<< : 'do"D"the':4\'IJ1, ,
for the'd"'; . ... : \ ( '.ft :!) ; ,'' r ) : 1 and'T7ou-"Jrnow>, k -
r'! 3(' :t Y 7JJ.1 ", i .. i i i spot;'i .' '1 f'T'j' C 1' e: JOHSON'POUND 't3UIL1'1rrti'6blfs ; III.' OATES 'EN'tER8THE; I ARENA.' and the) tropical>> otzbts. ,;above, ,he' Uiat''somewBre)6ttt"onthe"kyna{; ..
8URRrDERED.: ( '
COTTO '.B ON. 'SHIP.8tanlirAlbergta.C SOLDIEB8. ARE '" - T -* *' superintends the; gathering 'of gna t tlirl'egg.hditai .,,1'W st'ImaMmentdhave !
*' * * MrtSr* V. 1 .
? ;: <. V, .); i Aj-Bk
elt' ... ;.. I WI1'i t;' ?A-r "';i>}I >> .-i ii "> tftfrom the,.cOral.reefs. ,.whlch.the: sea< ,.tpgtIeeDwo". ; ; ;'. t'been.
!: ch."' .Flrn': .; W SentlaaGnt,4alttif fti b Ict Coo Down. [!. r.'f"91rit.: J tl, egrglalAut t eltlee. AI.bama''; ;Est povernpr,WI| :Try.tor the U eternally. nAcoverlng' + ,
/. 'W ; jMuMervjMCtsattagootadlpDXkliyyef' Onlted'' '''StAtii' Senate. first''bought the ,>'oL'Orr, they.waat'that. v n1ta.wp". ,s )
pf '. ;product
isOars ,. ; op.1i HL'tts.e 'on"Cbarge' slats; '
"Uf hev
td 1 _
r- ,'
: keep "
Cargo ppd JuryJToaneon Frfr ch'lllaiThej, securedt Cspt. :Rhea'gvtcei > 'icou e; yoaeln'; ,
\ gates of ;
; .G(] ,. Uie negro'cbgrthe I Ivates L( e ex-governor mee'qt eblidres tIroe;
t roes' their
: r'o. ; Island
q48which \ ,..aiVi t .t1( } J\PI Cre.aand-'Jona, of.the been'TWeUnlteet I Alli.b ; a former, ;member of Is, now 'owned.fifteen br-a tears'gqTbe,:e6mpany'of;'- I.tiatl.w'Phey'Dpteh ......Is few
tUJ'Doed "
arrived at Trieste Austria, Feo-, trial, *jreaehed a verdict of guilty. Stat loathe'c-Ml-io-lioMrJis'at> Ji4eaf"ri'-'e Laf.yetteaddn ;lth.:;i tpwec.ioasi'pf.ooagress. : f rvin'the more'ptJier' $( laadsr,;'&! )Jttf! ?ba ,ao4Quired ,lilgeet'): "tNdsoaee'.ta'a ...
over1 1'1 .... .
J. 1.
For'.oU '
.; nary 1.from (]a1T'I)! n. Texas, eaght : : Ithlr Jdlstrtet'of.thej ftatev'sSmotuwU.iMonday iy-ithe ompany.-aad tfie'< ap4tain ; I ""T'r." ;
} g
.. fire .Thnrsday attRan .Adak p>lieai dtial \Q seit'tTgr 'b : a unit ( \ ehargeiof.iajl'l; \-' thai,atSrovld' 6> *TesUdlb ,fl td, \\f .I.I; . W11I. .

: "'"'W 'rro Anndred! acq-iffy gt'th-. f(: ,ttb r.:Lactloay.kPDU4a4AtimegtIwilt .. Private Kane'of" Oclethorpe,- Gs o01i"r'b 'y> '.the dfrmpcriUd,prUnarrAngort.for .!>s. him',in the,' au vmenitol lek/'bly', . .... ......,. .c, ,
J . ."t TAeli"iaaiie: r wnr;1,1,1fetitatadbby ..... .." .-J ...... _
much wrought up will w *-'. I' ' t. ,; 3. 1. .
\, fire and water was ( I) Btates -- 'j1; "t. .. ..
: bales were damaged by tiltltnldl"Ual -: 10m. t ,, .. ,', -
'" vuo5baevier.ldtetroyed.n; 41.Haw f or.e.itt;. )" ;) ". Rrsti 4 Vie;;}" ,t he.vr.nd. 'Jpryrt'. .t ..., J.H'I "r i't": b: -', ."It ::::; t .. ; c'J
r I
aad- ; , ... / J J"i '"'"' I ''" ,. '.'
kt J' :
u ,: "ll9a '' '
,, t..1.rtt4'l J ,' '0 '" f. 1; w l ", : ....4J. [I' ,' "''Ith
tJ" .11' i' :
,', ,:; rc : '1' 'J..t'f" J. ', ... .. --.if y JN ,.; .' ,. 'SfIT
/ fl. .. .,
,.fIT'"" ""10 J..;.,... .........;, j 41. J< :I ... ...t :f(1( "' r- '11''f.1 .\ .. '.. '
. C "
," "t r 1 1 1.i .. .
11 J r 1.1- ; ' '
)&., :1. .. 't.. .,. ' f .. ( ... ,," ,, / '" '",. .. ,
ti 7 .'' '< ,: ',. f. )'.,t'.' " ",.<. "'. .' 1'' '''\ ,. t : /, .,"" .
'. ::. i f' . Ie' I

F n" .. \> ". .
.. "..
I. .
y ,'" .. 0// .. '
I> "1'',

'--1" ,,,, .:II/"L''': .u l._' """ .4,. ...":"'- .. II .' = --".,... .........,...;....,....,-'" -

:t, t jl '.)'i- ((1 _Val'en' ''t Gazette: -,'BUY- -- A LQT INUHEATER: : .' I .

# : 1\. "
r "T[LI HONK 114.11ruaumtbavaaTrathay'
I ,[ Grand Park,the Railway and ".c- _
pr t .. aiH'
tory Suburb!! of ..J.I:1LAO.Yllle.Recent. .
;.., s@)9ee'tn Valley UatetteKtflSIMMKE.OSCIOLACODNrr.'lhIUCI1_&"' A FULL LINE
) .. : FLA. transactions and the dally -
L advance In,realty indicate. positive" j '

Mrr 'w. K.HAIHIS. EaKor sad Prosdetor.RewnA that all suburban property in Jacksonville

;t.. Is worth every dollar 'askedfor .
". : at the Po. o Bce In.KtMlmmee' Via.,, It, and even more But while -Y' ; ALL KINDS OFHEATING
as*ecoodlaM all..atwr. apd
., the utmost
pl tulakoowledyre
. : of :Jacksonville v
Lilt aobeerfbe** will pleaee notify the office If
\ .they fall paper renal.rlv.. real estate values, the Jacksonville
pen :; talemmovlo.tMO..arotlromouranlbo r Development Company offers all of
.' lard tiorreepondenu must :*e signed b* the, Grand ,Park a most attractive and

g0 h'.writer Ree .ie4 matter;will not"' returned ualeaiealled most desirable piece of property: just KEEN q ,9 .
a, for. outside of tbe city limits for $50 a ,
j t .
lot, and on a plan which places the 1 ANDCOOKING
RCBflCfUrTION.tfATKa./ proposition within easy reach of everyman
i" One copy,one year ?. ..... .... ,,,:....1.00 and woman In the United States
-* ... One copy .Is mODlh."j'.".,. ..,,..,.,..... ,.1\0\
r f.. O..oop'.three..onlh. . ... , ....... .20 A paymept of (3 down and $1 a IDoo'thfur ;a
wavy less than four years will aIvetbe

l ar '',. Friday, February 16th 1906. purchaser a deed to a lot, 10' a most ; : 'STOVES
dlvislon Greater
sub of
f1 ' ... . T"f promising I
Jacksonville, just outside of the city
I1Llo IiIIJ RS A +, A ,
ealtPe f" . More Local News. limits, free from city taxes but in sightof a .. d fi

., Jacksonville's ('skyscrapers, and In '" Prices
i'' the most desirable factory district ..o"a ., at ,
;, 11,,1'1'locution classes of
la Ohio + _'.,?,., rtbf hlRhafbaof ",lIt (live one of their! great A tract and of land growing, high city and dry, being Save One-Half Your Wood f '
; '" t Uejlghlfal entertainments at the audi

t':L: rlum this. J'r! "iPiaoo'nuodor th* twenty-five Sv. Johns river.above. In the the levef.tif of the the i If you .
center r5qN'woori' That f
.M tRo "y entertainment IMone6t of'' the Is for a worthy causemod. Thl greatest transportation dTsVtot of a I ; HEATER Defy Competition.GET .

r should be Ilberall1'p.tro"Qlzed. great and prosperous' city, with ,great: .
railroad repair' shopsr round-houses, your wood pile need be only half tho size of 'yourneighbor's
Cull : Dr G. Goldstein\ the .specialist
eye twenty miles of sidetrack, coal chutes, '
Cha '.. will close his, engagement here to- and all that,Is necessary fd r the grea who uses the "other kind. The patent.. '..,
EduIbt'ia morrow Saturday... Dr.. Goldstein terminal facilities ,In' the South, Hot Blast Down-Draft found only in the Wilson makes" .1

was here a few weeks ago. ai.d did a cont.em..1ated or Under construction; a i if possibla to get ICO i per cent of heat from your fuel, ''

Lay. ',', good business, and says he found all property through which pauses all of gases :which.ordinarily! crises c from the fuel and 'es' PRICES BEFORE BUYING
bis former customers well pleased with
the trains. which enter Jacksonvillefrom
":' their glasses) and ready to .speak a the North and West, and -cape unhurried Op the chimney in other heaters, are all .. 'Iii'Iiihe

bout y food word for him when ,be returned.' where the first stop 'in the State Is consumed in the Wilson. These cases constitute one. +

The steamer Success. Cnp'r'"Tr. A made by the mugnlilo nt p dare tour half the burnable part of the fuel. Tho Wilson burns \.

Bias Jr. arrived. from Lake Okrwho-' let trains which enter' Florl/ la. anything-corn cobs, shavings, chips, btu'k.r ets and '
bee Tuesday with a load of dresaedcatfish The Jacksonville.Dovi lop uent. Company cord wood. :
which were turned over." to the doer i.ot make the greatest offer .
W. B Makinson Co., t
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