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,!_} consider Ills friends would hear from,, tuDta4.
l j fever and you ned tbe three broiigTtoam :t flhil returned. "I rton't edge of the table and the pretty him a great many facts about this .ITe.out a gas to maintain coming of tb*. mt 0 th* aa.tomobUe .
that I have lost. It will bo a winningIn Illuminating
In to-acd.C..ln.1I be- painted board moved. Underneath pwe" teed not surprised at sa
l horses -yonr church. One Monday be said: w* ( b;
the meansof
"? and the the! *ufl-fov nil: there was disclosed! a large hallow the process .oc furnish tb y
itween ChesterOeW gardens any mechanical device la *
"At last the of lion
meaning eternity: desired forcommercial .
back turned hli .Iho1'.1.- extracting the
uuibnIlC-"ou His was hot: and in this box were a number or prne" dive the wf
j t'lty. I'm not were been made clear to me. 'TUe parson air in sea. or en U.
.4 weleome to the Doreen Now you have lag o. the mantel shelf She brewthat mallei: boxes filled with type here explained eternity yesterday In such purposes. Te datUrUn land.. IntludlntOhe of,:tl.
Itself and ,
V >a motor-coupe, for which you paid be was Intently studyingher reflection the type was set up a way that everybody could under pays for I.clear ptun. Kentucky genius, who propose* .' (ieb, er
J'. ;)' 11 don't expect me to use U. Butthis hd asked. "do you expectto board was slid Into place, tine all automobile on
-.u 'Elernlt '. said the 'is forever I country'e
win" I ) parson .*!..]".Tra. +
'j " fie fruits of 'on, the lump placed backon
cover put
box-containing your roads be by
and five or six: cverla tinss on baa t pree mUlte
Her Al'mllpn t out to him. With n This is a new
\ prp.ratonblcb
have made the table and all was aa before.
yttr'n: finance-y H I1\e. aids announce Aotomobll -
long: tremulous. cry, .he tittcrc l oue top of that. Why, brothers find uls made an appearance in Ce.lon I Is teirmlnc f
t to wa
'promise to go through it-and I hate: "The great difficulty met after Topics, Yx W
millions ard blll.ona: : of
word ters .. "a pure soluble tea. pos 1
: the of
where the printer kept mass
,,ltIIe Idea, : Pictorial. centuries. had rolled awry" In eternityIt I de.cl'lbel\ the' best properties of tea. Oe.A '
He unlocked the box with a shndnwon paper necessary. Ile took mo to tho \
I would still h tI1nTl"'In,1: !' I "
? n f amount of tannin.
,,!bis forehead and about lilo llpx.. ------ ----- ,-lose, nut touched uprlngs her. se- hundred with I min um / Georgia's new
. year to breakfast time. -Xevv 'o.C: holds enough of
.:The :upper tray of the smart red refcettacle A Tltougtit Far the '....k- Ins! In motion hidden machinery. I tribune: one'ounce bottle make fifty Already It lawful to put vaiDCwm.b. e,' "
to caps
,, was full of bundles of cou- Read not to contradict and confute, Various compartments 'were dlldoaed.In tea powder for ways any adult wno.cannot,showfce-
sent use
::poas. bulky sheaves of shares In var- nor to believe and take for granted; which there was ample room to I when Tee Via' New a supply has been to make Its has_regular employment. Aa a. resultof t +
,aona companies, crackling securitiesicayly nor to nnd talk and discourse, but to store paper and otbcr things nexued In Tea in the seventeenth century waa In 80mamane; It Is likely with the enforcement of this .tl*' '

stamped and smartly engrossed, weigh and consider. Some books areto the printing of the Voice.. offered as a curious foreign drint; it way into'Egypt, and It has met highways,of theStatcnre being pat

anlnlng scrip and foreign rolls. bo tasted, others to .be swallowed, "The third room was dark. In tblsroom was prepared with care and drunkwith : Lord JCltchenns appreciation.. in the finest condition! .4 i i.I ,tt

The first bundle be opened caused and some few to be :chewed" and di- there was a flat stone, uPon"bleb some trepidation. A learned ply'atelan r sA Ay}.
'iJ.111m\ to -whistle a faJnt, longdrawuiwtlstle gested. That Is, some books are to be the typ" was laid and the formalocked Dr. Lister wrote that "tea and: Mat tUt* Or*.* .f ''Wtl:t .** ..T. reev..t >*sWS B al0ia K i* -

"\ '" of sheer dismay, that sent her rend only In parts; others! to Ire read, ( and printed, proofs being all coffee were permitted by God's proTt.denee After the death of a reputed witch A. .cork neatly covered with some ga f ;

,,,\4tcj rebellions eye dancing nnder their but,.not earnestly; and some few are to \that the Vole consisted of at that for lessening the number If some .peasants of Hungary,,mutilated dark t material and ,nailed ,to'tb* floor, ;

; canccallng valance of lashes."Jumping i be real wholly;, andrwlth diligence' and lute All was very crude but. ef. mankind by shortening life aia. kind the corpse in the belief that she would about' three Inches out,from tbwaH .

3p;f- Cats. Good heavens! Do j attention..From Lord :Bacon's 'EIJar"ot ; ; rrtlre. of client plague."-Besact's .Survey.of otherwise reappear and suck;*th* bloodof.1lving -* will prerent tbdoor b* BiBaVt>a* ,..3"J' ;
I : i i jiM '
\;'qtr' TOU .mean' ',to tat that Ooatlelghr Stadles.! ??., tf .'--J.. '"drive ..adrcd papers la aa Leer LoDUII., I ., l P rsona. and spoiling the w}U.< > a y3r g' 7an
< ; '

\ r _ ,( _,. f ...4':.. ,., ., ,_ -.1 tv.1yC .
'15'" -:, ''f ,. ., ' .... .. -- .. ,' n ... 1 .

,. .:.t.:; .. 111.4.< ........ v ....... ''{' '' l.fi ,,;... -r...... .oW.... 't ....
; '..... .., ...-t"' .. ._ f.J: .... .., .t. "" __', _,, '_: ,...".. ,:..'" -...,.. ,J"""' ..._... .- -';'- ......
""" h"''''' .-. .t "" 't $1' ::W- ""' /Iff .' . ...."... f...... ".T? "".'. ,
tn. ; "
"' '<'1. .. ..fI'Iitf.1'V,4)tt 1'0'f' { : ., .. , .;w f\'I'"o"\. .
'!( ,. .. ''""" >> !. IP; -' .') r .
.. ,, .. if.J" I ' .. 't!: N -
.. 1.." ; .. .; .
'" ." '''" ).( . c', . J, :.i J :. \ . ' .f'i-. ,: : : ./ ':.t"' ".,.. 1\',.;' w', -1", ,.\'1"" ..,' : ( ., J..'),{ .



i j _

,. I '

JI -, .
J, "
You Know wfcist TOM erie TkiK:, () <> 1>> ..1>>'' _

Ik": 51HNSATIONAL SPORT. IN' FLORID* ,I > -ALL.qR'PRMARIES., : ., Tasteless I ;
; CASE fi' When you takp OroTe'fChill Hereford(
----- -
: i ShorthQru
-" 'I1,. .,,, .owllIlI'lI far democtntlo T.rtrnarIoltar Tonfo because the formula I. and ,
1sl Is Experience ().M>ola county was rasde by tho DMOOrutlo -
Write. of ,
.i- Thurman
I "> \,2 " \ Harry .. Uountr. Exculi Cninmltteo at their plainly prlcted! : on every bottle aho' '
: I In 'Which. with Rod and dun.Klsslminee aaoeUigbued }IanLaI2th. 1MN: lag; \VHs-t U i a..imply Iron and Quinine ; Reglstere/1
< Florida
.L ,. ? ,Officers Are Pebi 23.:Editor RK8OLVKO 1st. Suction' .,-Tba whlta demo 'in a tastIess. form. No Cure, No 150 Breeding Cattle 50

r.. !! .Outwitted by, a Detective Fla., orrntlo voters of Uaoeola County- will hold a P&y. 000. .
: I' ... ..*' Sporting; Life:".-A party of sportsmen Primary Elaiitlon: Tuesday. ')1., 10th 1110., .",dIf ,_ 1.L11o Sale I

t :: : From pbto.- left the Hotel Kisslminee on Feb. hooe.....,, June Ttlt, WW to ti
.,. The Metropolis of recent date contained 1 5 for.a trip ',to Fort. .Uasslnger a til* following ticket to b, TOlfld.or! Real Eatate'' "- ..A.ir11: :.1.:3: anc:1.: 3.3.; ...OO4AU .
b each lwtor, Kxoept: where spwlUcallf' *..ta- '(
>T the following account of the arrest .short distance from Lake Okechobee: r In Ueneral Kloctlojl. luJovombor Kollrti, Is hereby lllwn/ I u> all whom, It inav Immune to tick favor and warrantml against doath f rJm ..ll..._ for si I a ((6V m m ha fo.... ,
and deportation ot one L. El. Ir'ding : : We could-not. get below Basslnger, as toil to the contrary the which concern IhntJ wlllmpuHr" t& it,. <:"..lIty >nx* from date of &1... On "ltoO'Door} II, flu we i-fiU ..... ifnarantm 114 hued.i' '..f
I*' ? not. sal also thorn jfmltlon tn and (fur (uww.tt. 1f.imnty. "ln;o col Piorldt. uil i No outlms for dvatlut vr even HleluMMa. Write for roll particulars
from Tampa last week: the river was too full of water bya- arto be 111101\l r reoommondaltou.: the II!'li, lUiy of Aiirll, ""'4. for an order t.. sell .

4 ,A sensational. race between officers .loth for a boat to get through. One I'lmcllJuKj. for U 8 81 nutor. al thnContily lartYsi.. sale of| Oea'aIs.tin followlns S1s14: rent nf Florida.estate' 1 lying InnV lu; !t-; PALMETTO ,PARK STOCK FARM. :. 1 t

of the Florida and Ohio courts. in Theparty) consisted of Dr. it. M. 1)116 csndMato for Congressman (SecondDlntrloO TtitiXKffnl I NWl< H nti .. (""K" SO( Kant eon tttnlu, 40(> aorta. mare, $ Z. C. CHAMBLISS & Co. PROPRIETORS. OCALA FLA. .,
, which the prize contested for !la Jhe i Taj r, of Washington,' D. C.; U. C. On..candidate 'for Justice. of the Supreme or Pearl!1,8"11.barber.. same WI'llHin being the Ixntio. ""'P"tn'","rhe,l.- I Aiuij n'tn'| i, I

custody of a. prisoner was started in ; Trlgg, of Glasgow, Ky.; O. F. Belcher Court. (Utnn 4 y"arf> "-- <'l\ile II iri>"r *n

Tanpa Saturday night, and Oblo won I of Wlnthrop! Mass.; M. A- Blake- Thee o tIttdKt.4 l f for justice of the 6nproino the benefit Itulr) u'of JO t4-he4rs.H|>|I H. .barber, deceased, for -._ _ _ _ _ _, JJI

.b ,the prise. of Conn..N. R. 8. c.Mir( (M>nti years) .
c man, Bridgeport; March)! U. 1UU4\ )
- The prl.oner U L. E. Harding alias Yewdall U. G. Uaukin, Jo upli! Thur- One "dhh,1AJ for Governor MAMIE K. THOVA8.GnanMnn us$4lefrs!\ I i 'tlor'
Olio .a,01l.o' for I Kwrt-tary of Hint*. of ,
Phlla- . _-.---.-- 4 The lane of bad luck ? :k '
r Ray. Harding was arrerted at nan and Harry Tuurman of Ono ctii-lliUto (.."Au.or.. .. ) (JoneralOno 101.e .
: ,Brooks villa al the Instigation of the dell>l1Ia. ('.".llilatu for Com|.roller.: Notice of Application Tax: : LET US- :

. L United States authorities In Alabama, We chartered the steamer Naomi Ouo r.ndi
___ _ ., II On three charge? of. using the mails No. 3 for the trip, and Capt. B. F :One Btrurtlon candidate forK I/( erliitoiido..t of PuhtteI I Chapter 4888 Laws I II $ IMPRESSTHIS ngcanbeturndLioaregabout : : t t, .

% j for" fraudulent purposes. Governor hell certainly did all he could to Unuuntidldnto f/r' ComroisntoUBr of Agrlcu I dt" Florida.Ni.tlco I II ular ,ring, if you consnlt us .:

I Jennings, refused to honor the requisition \ makour journey an enjoayble one. lure I In hereby Blvpn that .7 I W *Hliiipstinwiix'tumor ) the kind of Fertilizer! :
i of Tun Crrtifleat' Nos :rni 1 mud ..itl.) :
; I ', of the Governor: of Alabama) The Urbt part of the trip wan through One'candidate for Rail roitd fnmmliisloncr dati-d the nil lay at July. A I> 1'0'. h ,*! fllod, you need for your soil. *.* ,
One rsndldata, fur .Vdjulatit) General sail. and Harding had to be prosecuted in LakeTuftOI>ekalijta. and Sou.thpol.tcanal'w One c&ndlilnlu. fM State Chemist nliralUiu! lor .Uu dd U l..ne In apordsnrev. Write for our little*:>ook1st'UPON ;

this State. He was brought to Tampa Cypress Lake In the north- Ona randlilnte, fr>r JII
v.i's'fc . : and Saturday 'had a preliminary net corner of which Is Canoe Creekf .date for htalo. 'Itor cy Ur' the 7thIroult Sc ri lent. |rtipi'lt' situated in Ommlsr. rnwtit, )., : ..b_._ ( for the asking. ..* \
hearing before United States Commissioner here we made of drat stop and laid I. l.ln. .wll: >- ' 4 4N .
rS.1. : Flilnl NW'. 01 AR', and tegtn NW'j ( or -'---
Crane on the three charge. for the night. We got, enough fish Ono candidate for Member of the Holme of K' of l4I'*. Kft.tl ch its.. South in .challIS.tret I Ii, ,
up 4
,(oi.reentiillv.sOna I I'lclmlll"l I Nonl ill' -.,l I na. .lt ln le t.in| -
% Assistant United States District Attorney here to last us several days. randliliiU) fur County, Judge J-r* I 111 T.I ", liiftt) |p !"> ftilth 4.( Hnliiyy jnyaMlThe I .. fllaticst Gasli Price) '

It':: P. Narks prosecuted the Early Tuesday mori.ln we steamed Ouo rainlldHle" for SliurifT the t liwiianno unlit! Innilbelnff nt poOh ,iirtillfat uiuioiiKivl! In nl tin time\ nitmc ilnle of nlfiiliicuM : -l-, '... Paid lor Dm Bones. -

C case at the bearing, and Hard Ing or through Cypress Lake and Cypress Olio candidate for A .....or of txt'sOne : alit II V Ilrle U iiU-HM( .nl.1\) cerUMralen 'I _ _ _ - _n -___ J
hull( l>i< r"'l..e..1" ",' "r.1I1I1I In IHW tax
candidate for T.x Coltc tor
rY Ray was' defended by John P. Wall. anal to Lake: Hatchneha through ( ilee. .l will |IIthenmi. on the fill day ol .
One .-....lIo1..to for Sumirvlmwof Registration, FERTILIZER MANUFACTURING CO ; .
4. (''HD 1'HU.. FLORIDA
Damaging evidence Has produced his Jake to Carder River and ciuce Onornnilldata for !riiiperlulaudunl or 'IMbllciistrucliou >\ ,ntiesn my official' slirnatnre and ....1 UiU, i :

aganst| Ua.rdtngbjthe United States to Lake KU'stilftinee, which Is 20 miles I of Couuly lie 2Mdav\ of March., A. I*) l 1(54..r 1\1.. IKK -. r.AIHKSVILLK' FLORIDA.AQENT ft

postoffice detectives.! Photographs ong and 12 wide. In one corner of One raiiilldiiui fi>r lerk of the Circuit' Court [r..Lj, Clerk Clrcn tcivntOsocxln : 2.

'were Introduced showing Harding in ilslake Is a suiah crock, called Tiger Ouo eendidrttc' for County; TreasurerOno \ C'uty.I..ld" W. B. MAKINSON CO.. KISSIMMEE, FLORID*. \
candidate for Hlate HwnatpOtic II IrS II Ill r.torK. 1) l' ,
:tiJc: the garb of a convict in the Michigan here we tied up abot 2 o'clock ou the :- kooooooocaoeooooooooooooocooooooogoeocoeeooooooocooct
'OJ| cauili.lnlv! forCoilnt> Su'Ve.r Notice) or- fur Tn- :
; penitentiary. Testimony was Introduced second day. .-' flveciUKliilnU.il. for COIIU'Y' C'rs Application --
connecting him with a big bunk BlI'JJhad: we touctiad the *shore- Three ('au.lidaie. for Iloant oC ruhltr liiHtruc, Deed Under Section 8 ol __ 0" 0".1

'swindle conducted In Alabama. when Bob Uankln, who had bt'eu here Ion Chapter 4888 Laws ot '
Four rtelPitato allaN<<' for National Coii\t>n- ATLANTIC COAST LINE RAILROAD CO. j'J
> rHarding made a stout denial of all before, threw a splnuer over into the t ton Florida. -" '. ',' ,

I&.f' ,? :the evidence produced against him.- reek and had three baas weighingabout Notion In hcrfbifcn\ that V I I. I) I llteralriilI .,J.,
: oduli'Katoft from 2nd CcmftreHNlouikl I III"> . 'li' thient and S..nh.'i... fhicaxo i" Florida Limitedsolli
ur4 lulu i if lOX t rliftf'Hlt< V "H *> "' '""I Kxi 'lli-iil (l.aiooiiiier e
Col, Wall succeeded in convincing! two pounds each, about three t..t.. National: ,;.....'.tMitlouOm 107 I ;,, I.NJ: itutt' I Inl'T." i.e vestibule train' uf. I'lillinan .'.(".,.|.1"11. IIms.a i\atlnu. I.ibr..rlUulux Car aud coaches be I"j'
filial, laid ,'ntincmi.il In mi" .11.1. I tic> mime'I liappllt > ,HI AnmiMini' smut hli,..-. (.. I i
: 'Commissioner Crane that there wasnot minutes. This had. all ot us out fishInlt meintcrot. Xstloual Committee of Doinocrello Htlou fnr tax defd. "nn U, futine i> e In imecorilsiacewith I m veil

4 time lartyThlrtt'oi. I, -sv. (Ht AiiK'' ''lii' H.l (C Ry 7.Ml A M )
this law
% sufficient evidence to detain tbe or gunning and from we : : : )
. Member.* at Large or I&nioeraiiIcRIire <(MC.| oerllfl<-*ION einhrnce the follow liar .Ie! Arrl\c I Js'keciivlv]( .( A M ..
and Crane him snipe for meals with ... > .1 l 'k"'III.( I L I. It R u in .\ \l lI .
man, Judge discharged lad quail or jack | Comnrilti -11ei1 (>niM.rtxltualod)| i In 4>m fulA )iinlKlorl.la 1). U a\i >< .. '
_ ; from custody.' uckn curlew lymken and cooti Ono Member of Democratic Htiite t'mninllUe to witWUol ArirelltoaI. ( I l.iml H MI "1
j t.W't it PP 14. X''j ol BK' .".1 Cl,9 l iif IAaypTltt4lu'.SAFItY.. I
4J' Thenthere was a surprise. City brown In for variety. for 0",....'. County R 0.1: Vi-c( n. kwof; sK1 H;>C. '.!'). vTi itwi;. ,. Arrive M' .**,.n 4 (0" II IM ';1, 71!
Ten member "I f County DcnUH'rallr* Coin *KlJi.f SWUaiidN\M let ft: mid :Nliif; I NW I tfi>e Mnc,in cent ol l.a H j .'I" H !M .
'Detective F. A. .Bell and a stranger The. bird life In this country U cer- Seo J* I n T|. J.. H R. > i I', Arrive Atlanta 7 l in I' M n
,inlUoo to booted for la their rcsieTivo| ]>reclnuti The .."i.II.I.,! lii. luX aecceamal| al' I lIe, .1 1.lltilhelNHIIMIIC ,,< Lt'a.11...",. %\ A A K KArrive 7 1 1.ll'I
had been sitting court during the alnly a wonder-crane*, water tUrkeys .> flf HII4'tl 1.I., tltlf I' Hit"n lu the llatni" .lfPdiililPI lialtaniH'K1' .1" ".." I'I i
in .,, ... .h.1I)l lion .. (hattHii.MiKS N ( A.-1I I. M :nu1. ,I'M ';
4;,: be&rloRwat.chDi" the proceedings black birds, jackdaws. and l Five "renldcntial, Elector IT n I. "1.1 .IIIII..te. > .. ) "
di't'ineil" nn'orilinu to law" lax ilitd vlll I I I .iso me. AI''' '''' Sunlirl, 111".1 M :II tt
r -with, 'keen inter While Harding. act, almost every bird one could I One Justice of. the IVa''u for ('ach DlittrlctOne I IlKnHiii ,,,n (lit- 1-lli lav ot April I I .\ 1 I' I"'N'I. IX-.M- I I. .' S Ii It'I II) 'a M r
CoiihUblp. for 'h Ju.tl . Dlnlrli .... Kl: 111.1 '' '.', \ MUste .'
himself his and the rai < < Wit" ii) .m".1) filKimtun' Hud seal. tliisllieZlrdd Arrlte Misi -./
was congratulating ou re- think of, forfeiting everprescut
For Hlalo' Convention for formulating a |'lat. ( ) ..> I ol March I l I' 19114(9Itt\ -- --- - -- -- (
..,:please; and preparing to leave the courtroom buzzard and carrion crow, with i form M !I.FK:. FtaliktllU\ 1.\ S 1It .I.. AM 'i .;
i.-.k Circuit Ci' "irtIH
( >
Detective Bell tehim few and snakes thrown li 1 I . Arrive lit )..m,. !I.t::' I* MImre j
$ stepped up alligators! Agl nut late Convention lor forniulallTiK I a I i din < iMintj) Kl.irl.liiB . __ _ ___ _ _ _ j
i and placed him under arrest. to keep you guessing what was coin I in r platform. ) 8 II HULl (OI'K li iNritico FvaniM:!.' K A T II K It I .V MArrlte .'
- ..
portion 2 That committee of B,'e. coiisint-1 lerrr lUiui. II (hA M I t
., Hardlrur'manlfe.ted great surprise.IP next.We Ing of A E Beaten Chairman anil lour' others, tf Klection.In I !<..!... 11.rn .1.\( ..Itl K R II..-. A 'I .
i/UI his authority, the detective pro- passed through! Lake Ktsliimmee tobv appointed, by the Chair bo niatla a cam- I accoi-dniK will the IHW in 8..h opec A rrin' I 'III.'.t<> 4 10 C M I ',..'
duoed a requisition from tbe Governor to the Klsstrnmee River. which 1 made and iiroVfrfet, It l I. I.e">' aiiiioiini. ...*! Thin trnln U the ulsndanl of luerteet' liini m in iiaMin K..? .**r\ I li'n :
( r alKU ininittve. and that 8al,1 1 comtnlttet.1 havenil
\ f(>! aud dvtliuul, (Ii.1, Kltiitlou will I 4... lull, at .
"n .
For' lull roan reetrI'al lf n sii't\ otln'r liiNirniHtlnn i 'iily tol i 'h'I1' P R C By Ht A.guatlue .-
of Ohio, whloh had been bonored think, is the crookedest river In the ueceioary, blank anil. ballot: i>rlnte or Atlmilii L.mnt 1 Line( Ofli e 1.0." Aunt Hay HI Jackie.> I. a.S .
the notice of election i.uljllnliwl; also sob tbatballoU 4.. Onceola (JolI.I4! on. dNtiirda). lIla' 'IA)'
by Governor Jennings, calling for the world-In one place It actually run of April. A I) I 54. to di-lcrinlnv, wit.. shall ,).
hlanka and ballot boxes art deliveredto
of itself. The river through ntrve as Tnt-4i of the aforenHl'l i>,><'lMlTnK
i arrest Herding or Kay on a charge over pusses -
; ( '" commlttcemeu of oat h product' together t<* hool Dlnlrii Si> 4 lor two >"inri .next after
; /: .tot obtaining goods under false pretense pi'allic and 6" anAl[ fur u\er eighty|; with i.ohl list. "Ie. and name to bo d"lh'ere" btoommltteemen HHld. tl\,><'tliiii and, I Ui (tix I (the ii"aria her nf nillNof ..--------S'S- .ra-fl-
dlatrlct *,1..111" t<, be let'led for iah of -
: ': .., In that State. miles. 0 iua|>ectom. A ho that aal,1comnntttefl said two years

1... -. Deteethe. Bell turned the prisonerover Wednesday' night we spent at Lone name the Inspector and clerks and IT R l lmarrsict'. Charles CKsmllcr K",ihnrtAld TROPICAL
In fact make all neoenaary arrangeiiients IOTaald .rmai'. 1n.,'.>it ,.; to the stranger, who proved LObe Cabbage, wliUli takes Its name fioiu election clerk. of call. elm &I.."

.( a private detective from Ohio, one. lou palmetto 1.1'00.. which can Ix Hecllou primary 8. Thai candlilatcil. be assessed *l Ktmcllon.l>nne( bv Oweila order of,f County the Board' of Putillc, In [

named .,flahan, who bad -authority. been for about 15 miles either way oc decided by the campaign Committee Thin Htb day ol! "n'h. twIt( Pine
H C 8TANFOKII. Apple {
/'te' to take charge of the prisoner. They the 1'1\'er."e left here early the nexirnciniug Section 4 Any tenon desiring to become. a hairiiiiiii f #* .

took Harding the police station. and tied up Thursday night' candidate ror any County omee. Including' W B HJ>TOS.aocrelary. p _
members of tIe legislature. shall Ale his name
Wall determined Morris Laodforth's where we took -- - -- - ,
Attorney was at '
: with the chairman tgether with the sum of' -

'.secure the release!, of bU client. If poe1I un wood. Ou the following mornlrij, nnney assessed. the office by or on the 21nt Notice ol Election. Tar And f

., slble,' and Immediately souhtC1reuIt" we bad a quail hunt over three ai day of April. IWM.aectloi ( In compliance v lib the law In iiucU cane Iij ,.
.. &. The pay of Inspectors and clerks made. aDd [krovlded. it Is hereby .'1110110".*" aur 'i
be found In thi
Judge Wall from whom he, secured. good pointers as can _
.: shall be 12 00 day each ,with Bve cents declared that an Klection will bt hell at n hit- i ,
) .writ of habeas corpus, eall1i1g'for the South. They were Mr" )Belcher i i"Ooldey I per tier In Special Tax H..bool District l No, 8, Uaoeula ,
mileage each way '.Inspector* dallYertnt ballot ,
r County. ria, on Saturday Dth dsy of .<
___ ,.'': delivery of the prisoner to the Sheriff ," Mr: Blakeman's "Spot boxes. and returns April. A D 1\104.10 determliiM who shall serve ".

"O >.of HlUsboroughli: Hurrying .with the and U.. O. Hankln's "Zeb." Four 01 Section 6. One of the Inspectors of election H District Trust
papers,' Col.: Wall and a deputysher1B us in less than two hours returned with nmiit d&lverth. returns to the chairman of election; and to t* the number of mills or .
the County Democratic Executive Committee diatrl.it School taxto be levied for each 01 "
-- went to tbe police station to get! 26 birds. by the IHth of :May. Plot said two yuan p-t
W A Hall W g Thomas and H A Qodwlu
their man. He was not there. We left here and went down to Foil Section 7, All white Demnrrtli ..ho are were apuoluted luspcctor.aaad A. C Bass Clerkof .

: Jo It developed that Detective CeliaI4' IJasslnijor and were shown through qualified as per call of State Executive. Committee salt election
Done by order of th Board of Public 1- has
han, as soon ... be got Harding the one of ttie largest orange and grup snail-be allowed vote In said primary fttmctlon Oaceola Donnty cured more had _ _
Section H rolls slmll be at H. a in This tfth .
open -
day March'
_ t3 station placed sbackels on him, hail- fruit glove! iu the State, and were and clone 014/1/ pm. except( I'redlKl. No I.which 1MMU C STANFORD.liMlrinan. cases of Indigestion -'

ed a close carriage, and putting his told Lo help ourselves, which we did. shall open at H, a m and close at sundown (; ,

_J t J, prisoner Inside drove away with him. This i U a line place and IB owned by Section 1All vote shall, he oil written or W B HINTON.Secretary..! LaGrippe, Stomach -
ballot lu conformity with the
printed prepared
t The force of sheriff' deputies. Col. Mrs. Pieice. Leaving here wo started elate election'l law in, MI far an pnuttcttbli I U-
1 Hectlon 10 ThaI members of the Onceolaouriu < disorders Coughs and(
Wall a half doxen others Interested on our return trip, aud tied up for the '
< leino.-ratio Kxeetitlve Committee be TREIICH muup
scoured Tampa searched tbe railway night! at Micco. The next morning{ elected In said primary but that the name of MADAME DEArS Colds this winter than
the candidate for said committee be placed only i j;
-I depots but could find trace of the two of the boys went quaIl shooting,, : If.f
no on the ticket 10 the precinct in which he resides .
k "a.... r....,. ....... .. __ I
Ohio officer and his prisoner. the rest of us loafing around the boat styli INSeCTS FAIL. a'.i "> ...... ALL. OTHER reinc-
Section 11 That the office of of =
Supervisor aa.. .. $
,TiThey realized that the 'Writ of habeas The writer went about fiO yards from R. glntratlo l.o. placod oil the tl>.Vet ...I.... ...' ..... liii ms,,,.5..y...d mbe.n..,aI..5.s. S. msre9 I
A. K: HKAKDKN': !: Chairman ..... ..".... ....,..... r.... IT,........_1;;_ dies combined.
;: corpus would be worthless: unless they the boat and started up nearly CO jacksnipe W. J. 8. 'AliR: Secretary'. .... ...... I .. '.,.,... ..- C. M. BROWN,

"r'caught Cmflahan :before he got his _au
man out of the State. They watched and Jos. Thurman with their guns At a mmtting, of the (ninnaiffn. Committw* ofthn -- -- i Th. People's Candidate for
Democrat Kxt cutivu OoiiimitUHi, the fol-
lobe trains leaving-no detective or and some very good shooting was hewing InHuncton' and Clerks" of i-ti<.tlon werepiiofnt44l tt.. .... 1 " '
,'" prisoner. done for next half hour. Prwinet.No.i I.-C. Bank
,t Meanwhile good-looking wife of Leaving Mlcco about nocn we went clork.Preoint Ira Wtwthnrliv. inspectors : Prank F'tcrnHworth. .1

Harding or Ray was at the Almerla to FOrt Klsslmmee, where .we passed No 2.-.J. H. ISronnon F. H Tinur, cfflEDYORIySBLACKDRAUGHT 86 TEAKS A CITIZEN Of
.d. G. H lv<>y, iiunotoni, W I Mowlwy. clerk
Hotel half mad with excitement and the night. On the way up from Fort. Pr.xjint No. 8.-W. I*. Campbull> Hoc mo..d THIS: STATE.

3z4,t .;"", apprehension. She feared that some !I Basslnger. ftve>, alligators were shot.., land Ixinlur cmrkPruclnttNo, K..D. Wootra Inxpoctijrx: W. L Htri"< k- See your Druggist or J

bodily harm might be done her bus- N Tl S. Yewdahlgettingn.ostofthem, 4--H O rhonn.T, I, Dixwvn,
', < ,. H Warrvn (InxunctorM A U:H.-nt<>n. clxrkPrnclnct . write theturers. Inuurul'-
; band, and she wanted !the Florida officer and Dr. Ta'lor got some leatherbackturtles V o. & E. A. >li..iiH.ui I W N'-t i A Soldier Under General B. X.

to catch him and take him away i and catfish. tlwi, N, al Raul. ,nH: >ntniip, :.at;: : ; n. :J. Huiiumr.clmk Lee from First to Last Day.

from the Ohio detective. : The Hotel Klsslmmee is a very pretty Precinct N" fl.-.Ianies I. W R ijml THE $
; win:, WilUs Hall iiMuncton, .J. II Itelwlun l : ORIGINAL
_ Deputy Serif Williams returned on"the I Louse and a ;line place to spenda cl..rkPrwclnct. .

.t late Coast Line train and few weeks during the wiaier. Next Nu 7.-Fmnk Walki. Chun ('"tn\.-
4' that the Ohio detective had reported been winter, Mr. Chapman tells me, he will elxrk.Pnvlnt hell.O' A Underbill I..p..to': J. Walkt-r, LWER MEDICINE! Carries four "Yankee" bul

i too smart for the Florida officer*.- hate house boat in one of the lakes No. 8.John K EnnU. F. K. Tl1pI""n !! lets as> a gen Us reminder ot
,.* Callahan and his prisoner had boarded aud his. guests cau go lOud return at | W ,1. 8. OBIT iiuipH-tun U.V ll., almost t' hu will either elxrk.ifrMMHmt'UtH. I ? that great bloody "
havea dhIhllst'
any me, as T -rk : struggle.
tV\ the Coast. Line outgoing train at of 'anllw.w, for officu were JI.
boat i
Ybor City Williams being on the naptha or make Arrangements Sam aa fulloMnMtate : sallow complexion, ditzinem' V

- 'I .same train. The Ohio man was sharp : with Captain B. F. Hall to accommodate Kt..tor.Howe . ..4I 1H (UOMomlwt biliou ne48 and a coated! tongue I .- -

i: 'A however, to place his man in anyone stopping with him. RoprtwntatlvcM IKI) I are common indication
n enough, County JoilK" 15 (WHherifx ) oC. liver TROPICAL '
; 1' the .mall car and remained therein Yours truly, :. HI) teClorkgfCireutt ) and. kidney d meairg. StouiaoU THE FRIEND OrTHE
'tblouielf. When t fa, deputy, sheriff tried Cotirt .. rotn\ bowel! troubles j
HARRyr ,
: J{ORMAN. :TAX: Asec.eer 4O U> severe as they are, : : PBOPIJt:
to get to tbe' deteallv-4 order to serve --- ----- TAX Collector 40 (HIJounty I pire immediate warning pain ,

:4' ..be'writ. of'.habeas. ,corpus) the maily' Gives Health Vigor aji4 Tone. Hupt Pubtiu InHtructioii Ul) U> but liver and kidn y troubles, MANUFACTURING I ,
'clerk! refused him admission. and Williams ; bounty Hnrvcvor 5; fy) though less" painful at Ui > start, are j "
(n Tr .
after going; as far as Lakeland, Herbine is a boon for sufferers from unty Comnmnl4hr; narr : a: txSll tnJonnfcy > much harder to cure. Iliedford's) *
'U 1! Tampa without his man. : aneurula Ry Its use tie blood Is >inU<.n> bbD! I COMPANY ATTOHM. ;
{wulrto: quickly regenerated and the color be- IUHtlCM4 Of Pt..."O 2 tti f.ttliiuiaDetl liver and weakened kid- rdft
." the above state" come normal The drooping strength Oonntoblo. .. 1 : Later ,accounts |o County Ki'KlM ration Offlcor S 2AOn ) ncyi. stirs up the torpid liver Jacksonville I Fia. $ ft
- ,'that when the detective and his' prisoner is i revived The languor Is diminished. motlinof T, M Muriilnj. C miimlttiwtuljourni ) to throw off the germ of lover anti men his fli .t conuJsratlen. kj '
% Health, vigor\ and tone pre d HubJL'{t to ca'l! of tim,< Chitiriiian, fiue. It is a corlniiwpreventive"
-k arrived In Atlanta Harding pro- dominate. New life and happy activity W J. t H, cARl HIIO of cholera and Brichfs duraso of GOOD WAOEa POBT HONEST.

cured: "l w3eranct.bllod; his captor arrested i n" uJU. Mrs. Belle 11. Shlrel, the, kidneys. With kiiluev' *-reinforced *

.\ : 'on a charge; oi kidnapping and :-."dle"W\'ollllh., Illj, writes: "I have --- liy, Thedford''i If hack "" WOItK.I.IBEHAL -

.1 _. endeavored tp"#faln his release by a been troubled\ with liver complaint Better Than Hol!!. Draught thousands of) "persons have :ijj PENSIONS. Ural *
.j'' and poor blood, and have found nothing dwelt irainnno in the >nid.t of -
'writ of babeas'-corpus I but was balked U benefit use like Herbine. I hope "I was troubled for seiul yeais. low fever. Many families live ye-inlriefht FOR SALE i School POLICY. The Jft(.

at. regaining his free never to be without it. I have wiajfed with chronic Indigestion' and nervous. BY '
1thesieota health .
.' and have '
m .
_ : .(\\1" no other :' ) Th. lUllroad .Commit.io'l'l. '
writes P. J. Green oflTjuti- -
that I had known of it In buaband'ilifetIme. deblUtj
', flow *Iso as th*teourts ruled against mv doctor thaji Thedford's liluckDrauirht. :
- lit both measures. 30e at Tboinuson & Rober- ca.ntvr.-y "No remedy helped| me I It is alvayi on hand for Hard Roads. :Economical
P >
him .. '... son's. until I began using Electric: IJitlert, usa in K.ssimmee i
.'" r' an emergency Lnd Administration. '
saves Drug Co
--- --- -- $ Payment .
..1\:\ ,:-, -. which dill me more good than all the many expensive tails of a doctor. : ,
'. V* 'I.valMat>.I.G! for Rheumqtlsm.f Nearly Forfeits His Life. medicIne I ever ueed. They hive: also Mulllns- S. c. $ of the State Debts. :: ...gnat1onof
March 1 ,
for the A alwot.end1og kept my wife in excellent health for 10, 1901. $
h. ;* T ba.beensuffrlnir past runaway fatally I haw .sed Thcdford's Black.Dr hl Criminal Corporations: and
"" a'severerattack of rbeu- started a horrible utenr. on the leg of )rears. She says Electric hitters are .
n'few yearw1th for three !
yearand I hays Ksshrnnee(
act I had Trusts.
'a:" C:: i.ii'matMna.aod: ,found that Ballard'sSnow J. B. Orner, Franklin: Grove, HI. 1 For: uit splendid for female tumblethat, ; to l a doctor lines I have been to go Fla.

; li ,.fi'ufi I", Liniment .-was :tne. .only tntng four ears I it defied all doctors and all they are a eranrlltonlo amid \nitrora- It 1 Is the bait medicine for' takbitlt. -
**> ..au.factlon.and tended remedies. But Bucklen's Arnica Salvehad tor for weak rui down women., No me that Is

it'J.4 .,'H"'mav., l.tAI* me tifl': r wains( .March ..24th, no trouble to cure hliu. Equally othor medicine" ckn take Its place in on trouble the market and dyiptpsla for livtr and and other kidney Your poll tarts for 1902 and 1003 .A.. KAW 01 DUD"''''': .
Ilia. for burns our family. Try them. Only 6Oc.
good skin
" ( ,.egna.rKipsian,; brulbes eruptions compUhib. Rev. A. O. LEI3.I must Pep .ld and your name!
: Tbomao. Rob'e and piles. 25c$ at Osceola Pharmacy. Satisfaction guaranteed by Osceola proberU%
(;ft- .... '.Me'1fBd at !. registered on the
county reBlstratloi.
1._ ."- 1'f"/ ,' .... ; Pb armacy. -
". books
a slI'L,' .tJ1r!' ... .. UXIpulIItlhI'b or you can't Vote 10he 11"1marl. The Registration wlli> loM 'oil <
] .
,' . : ,' \\Noi'tT: 'U ? I i 20th ol April.
''L '.,. '. " ,. If ,. ,. .- .

,of, ....,f ;Iif}!; /. :.rJ.l ",qJf j': ;
j:. <"l'" '!f1o :"' ,
I" Jt. .. ... } i.I''!' '. :. .0< 1 ,
," ... . \ /
,," .11. .
,, . .\.. ", ., ', ) ,r"'>,; i '-..-.- .4. _-v._,'- Aa ,, U
ig' -. : '%i ,


"' .'P. j<" "

Group Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette.
Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
Uniform Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette
Alternate Title: Gazette
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Vans-Agnew & Harris
Place of Publication: Kissimmee City Fla
Publication Date: April 8, 1904
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
Coordinates: 28.303889 x -81.412778 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 24, 1897)-
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: 'i ,P1j7 c e .... +..++..A/f/ ww..o.n..mnwr wmas'en ,
Te R
,,-...: -- r"awu.-,1. .
. "' e
- ;:
; t. c.
'1 '
.. .." '.' .., . : ..L.. ...... ". 1'11I",: .t. !If ""'I'' 'sI


",, .. .

;,I q. .0:: .' 'TU'E"1: '. "By. J GAZETli> ; ',

.. ,, . -' . ) ,, ," ..... ." .' ,. ,.,...J.. ,I''.
--- '
: I' : : : 1
r" .

tlMham':::::*Ur. li i.'I:: !t Oawwle c..1ta.taNowmevYk. algal, e7lrroa.:a 1S97., Jl.a, ao tees:-- Klsslmmee r City; ,: Fla.' ., April 8, 1904., .. i' : .. ,i ' ''r''', :\ 'eN.,. 1*

q' .- ;. . A. .. . ., . . I 7 .: "
-<::9UNTy'OMNlISSIONERS elect Mo.. 6. petition your Honorable THE; SCHOOL BOARD. . Fegbora 'Pointer1.:. iVWWVVWVWWC 1 1

body to remove all gate;. gaps and -. ..., i ;: EDITOR:";'The w..ve..of. time I. -- '

..... obstructions oft .of the public roadslmcthle heir ebb and flow have not. dealt'kindly :. ; IriOSlASON' ;&OBERSON;
'and also that theroadsti11'remaln 4.DREJGGL'r'I.
Foil Report of the,.Regular Meet- district, Fair Proceedings of the last with, your correspondent... Durlrfj; .
i .as they. are already.; the past two. week dire disease like< '

fag, Heid April,, 4th, 190.(.., located .: (19, Burners) ''Hernia r :Meeting the giants of bid has stalked through. -' 1 4 \ '?

' la1 /M KU.lpjme<>; April 4, 1004. 'Mr.; P..A. Vans Agnew;; representIng .: our stricken city causing'' our peOpleto < DOOtf STANFORD'S DEALERS) ,,
I The Board convened at JO, a. m., Mr.. Hopkins' stated to.the board KlsRtKMB:1: !: FLA., April 5, 1904.: ..- seriously contemplate. :future pro. TO INIDRUGS

'there being-present Waller ba.n, Sr., that Mr. Hopkins>> was unavoidably* -The Board of PubJlcIIat.rucLlon tx ctIJ.] ,It appears to, be '.,." :epldeml MEDICINES,

CUalnnaa; O. S. Aoree, J. M. Walkers absent and' In ooqsideration of hit met there belng.present H.0.'' Stanford following' In the wake of 'the':,.despised STATIONERY''

t A. C. Bass, Commissioners: ( and 8H. large Interests in that neighborhood ,-"Chall'm.nl J J. Strickland. 'andA. measles, and for inteneftyof; 'purpose ,

I 4 Bullock, D. O. he hoped that the.board would defer 8. Campbell; also W.. B. tllnton; equals, if not surpasses, that.:com, S- AND. TOILET ARTICLES., ,

'. Minutes of last toee.tlngrea! and action an this petition until Mr. Hopkins Supt.. Public lnstruotiin.The plaint.Ve have passed through the _

. approved.The could bo present... minutes of the last meeting were dreaded ordeal, but with'scarcely puff) I|DFt_ F. O" THOMASONhas' charge of the Prescription) : department -

i'I-,: matter of the costs in the cage It was. therefore. resolved to lay'the read and approved. _. flclent, 'irengkh left to wield a pen.: 1 and J. Z.:: ROBER ON. Salesman andv- *'| i

of the f3tate!:; VI. J. F. O'Derry, on appeal petition over for consideration at the Treasurer Gilbert reported as iol: Very many of 0111''ollolzen. are still Business. Manager. ;,

was postponed until next meeting- next meeting. lows: ,- within the grasp of this. monster which ; .- .

Mr. Burns, repreeeut1Dg.thoFlorlda Mr. S. H. Bullock In the Interest. ol To the Hon. Board or Public Instruction la and however, Is gradually vleldlag to the : '
Give share of '
the that.. city had ..e. I".' us a your, patronage and, we will I I. show"you
Titties-Union( and Citizen, appeared before city reported ; .the for Onoola county: seductive Influence of remedies furnished honesty of to ,

ti )' the Board and asked for an appropriation ceivedno part of the road fund foi:. I herewith tender mv report r S treasurer by our Ofvernpr:, acoompsnled i < purpose." -._ fit C

towards; a descriptive the J'earil001 and 1002. The tax. col. of Osceola count) .-. uie Aonth 'by the undeviating }skur: with which N x :r
W of March. 1004: ._ _
} Oitceola In the lector was Instructed to prepare a '
vrrlt/e-up of Cpunty ... they are administered by the esteemedlady
+ tfs' "World's Fair of the' statement. of what was due to the city TREASURER'S itlrda'l'-: ,
edition paper ;
)I oh. 1, To_I. tram lu& ri 00.... ... ... S22: ftMoh of the executive. ,mansion" (Mrs "
which was refuted. and submit same at th$ next meeting,, 9.I'oemtreo'dawl.. Jtaukof Kl,.- B.) gnmnmnmmnintnimmminmmmmminmmntqi' ""

when action will be taken on U. itmroav, borrowed money ........ 491 '7 .
"Reports of various, County officers) Mob 1U, Ami rood omp trolls' Sep red 63 X Pr f.-,Belton, of Kelly'* Is'amongst :; See That Big Sign

-examined and approved. The question. pf the revision of the Mar.a..al.ol Aral book.received. W 11 flo'tu. 8., t 65Mch29Amtrec'r'W ui, baring: captured. said Kelly's "Bel e ; '"

The Treasurer's report. showed the registration. list was discussed and IE ( B'Hlutoa gutit. Esprit," an Intelligent,''ury of,.his own _
tj { view of the. conflict. In th? law. as to oaab. from teacher school No.: 4i fur', [ CITY BAKERYe : :i
countrymen -
1 following balances on hand: book sold b1.b.r to Mrs IIeru llercim Fund : . . .. ..f 2-\:10: 61 the. time, the Chairman of the board April 1.To ama _I.wr.axe... JV.4 2002 IXlo 'of being a pedagogue and he: wai ,
.. ... .
Road..uull. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 117692 to write to the Chair tax collectoriolla luoit\ 100 ::=
was requested
. ... .. .
... -. cb Pin and Vorfutturv Fu':'<1. T' U: =: man of the State Executive Committee wUTrBy of correction and 'That, Is the Place to ( ;a
,*'boot Sub-lilac. /No I . .... .. . .. 100l 711 months |tn the school. t't.t.
,!School ilat /No 1rtiohool ,. .. . . .. 11II'1 for his views on the construction of . warnnti patdu per L .... ;.1081 21 discipline. nis-innny friends: In .this. -

ttnlxUlal' No' ..-. ., ... .. . }64 the law. . ... .. . .. ..
r aoboul rut-Dl.t. No.l 48 roB.lante I . . .t. 1788 WcHDoiaun community acknowledge .the justice ol
The following bills were examined .mafmiT HO. 1Mcb. fSometlimg GooOd Eat
1 4 Total ., . . .. I tulle; ordered 1.To balance. last report.. .. .. 1 lu? 78 the sentence. and the renowned' Professor : :
and paid: 'noW' his sentence
which I amount he presented cerT aoaoo65U6; nUTfIC7 "+ Is nerving out
t. .for \V Diua 8r County Com.. and.. mileage.. $ 2 9nCeAor..e Mill 1 TO 1 balatic.._. .. ... . . 20 08
P: '. T<>lficat of deposit in the Stave. Bank ".. KC Apl. 1 I'ax Col" l'IMl8.. .. ... . .... . 40 n with a complacency which. proves bin H::: .
11 00 .
1 A C Ham .. .. .. to. be an old offender. ,
Nos. 14 and IB
+ Bonds were ,
County 17 m
I M w.n.r" 110116 :::: Fresh Bread, Pie and Cake Day, >
. received from the Bond Trustees. Being Jno M Lee clerk and auditor 32 0(1 By warrant paid In Fob . ... .'. 06 Mr. and Miss Jane Drawdy, passed g every ;-_ '
C r lrrMiitcar. Jail 12 M ( pr Diamond X Butter:, Made from Pure ea.m.11b'P&Ck. : '
4 l found duly cancelled they were ordered N J O'l&ullln' janitor" . & lilt Apl. 1, To balanoaPCHOOk .. ...._.. ..... ... .. .60". through, this city yesterday. drivingtwo = \ :
t H Cape. 8u|>tpuor farm .... \\ 00 .0.-DI.T.ICT MC i. fine Jerseys for home \use. ., ., _ _ _
'4 died) and !..b.the trustees re- J R t:ape balauee ialarjr for January /A tow Mch 1, To bajauce. . . .. .:, l1S/it e qe"La.r Assortment of Lunch Goods. -
. 11 oelve credit therefor. & C Uro Co )uinl..r road work 1 15w&COr.Conqy Apt ITa. Collector, taxea 11105...... 5302 Beau picking Is now the order of the C '
lea roorfann IM1 Candy We Have Plenty'of'itfrom.38 to' 506 Perlb..'
N' Mi. A. C. Bass asked for a reduction \alloy datelM iirfntliiK, M<:h 10 41Klwtrle slit day and large quantities are being ,', : '
UKhllollKliU' Feb and Manb A M r= Also large Stock of Penny Goods., : : >
i, \ of the taxes on the 'wj' of nwiSec. } U H Ivey, 'road iupenlsor.sy" rot 144 41 By paid warrants aa per lint 10l'l fathered for home use and freight marlets. E If too busy to come to us for Somthing-rOood "..to Eat 'l '"

.th 14. T'p. 20 S. 3.'J. upon which !the vlky print! K roc.: uolkca i ilL Ap'l. L To Balance .. .. . ... .. 161 (MCHOOI. ,'
r ..ment. UK) Ml Phone 65 and will wants Delivery .
IIilglivy atv> a tv .al'H-jlaralcT MU. 4. ::: we supply your through our Free. .
board made the following resolution: K V Hunan lax cull comtnlatlou. 1'11 17 Mch. ,To bsl. tn.no laat report I S3.I a Science declares that the exact time r.;.
I Resolved, That we recommend tot J K Cape,.moving:barge 25 A oilMoryu W! 16:To Coir n ;Sep 19OS r :rrdpmutloa. 44 Between the March equinoxes is 38S E System. (
wardeu -
SW.5me aalary -
Tax euleitor: taxes IwM IVi M
Apt I. ,
the Comptroller of the State of Florida J H l.llhvrt. <'0. 'I',M'lU < ...... R7 11 "D.r 6 .H 9 "M" 8.6 aeoonds. These :fIl111111111'111111l11jl11111111111111111111111111'1111111' 111111111 '
y J W Tlioini>.oi). t"" 'I.r| Hi K eatery V. ooH I riots . ;
that he authorize the redemption O J buwnhcrrv liilrctnnu KM (HiM .. . odd minutes etc. must be the cause of
B,; paid warrants. a* per Hit 16 21
Baaa Mr 'Irrljlil. ol.lufwtauti.. 8 40 !: 'r
un "fir
of f all tax sales against above lands at C r I'retatt. l-iU-,raun . .. 4 IWI To balance ... .. .. .. ... . .. I- 0148 March coming In April this y#ar. The INM """" ; ).
j50 cent fif !their face value on JWThomp..n" .. . 7/\: < transformation is complete beyond a ,
J,I .i per pay- Wilann' A r.rn.lurth "'J>.'" road "k. 2 MlI Paid and canceled warrant amounting .
''i' went of all subsequent omitted taxes :I.Nllaon.: rt in.Ko. 10 OUKHruvalmrlmlM.il in the grand total to Sixteen Hun doubt, for we are now facing all the The Largest:
. HO JU r
'' .. law < coatl dred and and 51-100$18i8.51)( ) severities or March weather although r
.f -and interest required by W K Juhu.t.... Cu Judge crlm costs l711 Hfty-six if''
'da The board then took a recess until C f" I'revalt 'iced prlaouora. V.band Mch 14 40 dollars were burned in open session, April has been with Us for several

3a Paid and canceled! warrants were said warrants belonging to different Our city could well receive the
( ; a: p. in. school funds as follows: days.
1.1: Reconvened at 2, p. m. destroyed in O|>on board. oeu ik.hoti ruha . . .. .'1631 21 cognomen of windy, and no misnomer LINE OF SUMMER GOODS{{ 1k

t Mr. Walter Bass Informed the Bonds W. W. King, wlfh C. W. Special.., VvNo.. ) 2 .. ... ... .... . U/\/ applied.; ;
No. a. 100'l
, board that as there were certain! mat- Hayes and C. B. Hansel as sureties, .. ? .. I .. .. . .. .. . . 16 U Candidates? Yea too numerous> to "'

s 4 ,; 4er.llkely t.O come before them In and of Lewis King with, Geo. M. Patrick Grand total .. .. .. ..... ... . .-$1-1166--M- mention will furnish. particulars here- Ever, Brought to Klsslmmee., J -1 f .-

(t, t y. which !legal advice was necessary her and Frank King as sureties approved J. W. Read was' appointed to teach after.. :. ,:

; had invited Mr. P. A. Vans Agnew toot and signed In open board. School No. 9. Our friendly and voluble candidate Freezers ' ;

' 9J: erve the board. attorney* for the Mr. E D. Hogan. appeared before A petition having been presented.. for Circuit Clerk; Mr. E L Leslie, .. 1 .

yt, day. the board and asked for a reductionof asking for the re-appointment. of Miss bas j just p..sedhroUllh on a southbound Refrigerators,, t ,

w A claim was presented by Mr. I. N. the taxes on w} of se i of set and si I Firsie Overstreet to school No. S, she trip. gentlemanly demean Hammocks*- ;: .

ti 'Tt. n for damage done to bis horse of .el of set of scj Sea JO, Tp. 25 R. was appointed to teach that school the or and"straghtforward\way( of putting : Oo Carts,.Etc. I .. ,

:;;;, .whilst crossing one of the bridges on 2V-15 acres. The following resolu- next scholastloyear. he. Question la gaining him many At. Prices. that :Defy;'CoItI-!'

', Aba turnpike road. After some argument tion was adopted: Bills were approved and warrants fr1en .. 'More anon. petition. r" \ 2 I r 1:.

same was ordered paid.ThefollowLng Resolved That the Comptroller of Issued as follows OKW A8D.. i .. I
the State of Florida be recommendedto A Slmtwon. teacher.No. 1 .............I ,MOOEdfar -. ,
:r: 1 petition was presented: Oliver. ." ....t....p.. M oo) Working Overtime. To be Found at the Store of I
' authorize the redemption of ell tax C a Powell 45 OIl .
i \Ve.the undersigned owners of land, 1&w.
J' " uT dart.7. -Eight bour. are Ignored by '
f Miss Bertie Johnaoa ( ) S* 2ft
.-.d ff; respectfully petition your honorable certificates against the above lauds at .. M. V. Bryau .( ,.........., 45 OOMbn hose tireless little) .workers-Dr.King's '
'certain ditch a valuation. of MO, on payment of all .-,.n>...wor1h- .". .,..... ..". 4.10(1 New Life Pills. Millionairealways ;
t to one
body re-open ...
1 NI..EDlM-yow..1I :......... 4500 GRAVESrr; '
work GRAVES &
t across five acres of land, the property subsequent omitted taxes and Interestas Mlaa V lr 1uU! Parker 4S OU at night and day. curing < '
Arthur and our OQufnsaniiore' Not. SouQM Indigestion, :Ibilllousness, constipation ,
"13 Cf Susan E. Hug-bey, vis: Five acres required bjr law. Hubbard school Mo 4.. .... ... .. 4A 00 sick headache and all stomach .
; y In i of of oej Section 17 Mrs. Temple Taylor asked for a reduction Mlaa Firtle Overstroet.ohooNob. 2-n. 7000W liver and bowel troubles. Easy '" ,
( ne cor. owl, Tp.k" II Beltou school ho 7-16 dart...., .. 88 00 f.
,t 25 South of Range 30 East.! Said ditch of the taxes on Ix>t 3, Block C A miekland school, No 19. *part. 45 OO pleasant, safe, sure. Only 25o at. Os ..

"... cut or opened at the expense of 13, U.....' Addition, and a resolution )II."... Carrl.I'laon".. .. p.rt..1.. M.. No IS,. .. .:.. :... no& M 00 ceola Pharmacy. 4.411e84.VleiFb4Fa.+lI4ei***.*.***.*.*..''iee.***..* '* .' '* t

s:. W. J. Barber and connected with aditch similar to the above was adopted reducing AlblnaBinlth Mbool, No?12 . .. .. M,0 ooMr (|0 UOIOR to Klssltntnee. i r

of considerable cost to him about the valuation to $25. IP K i.rtKory acbool Not 3-day. 8 75 Orange Blossom Lodge No. 80 of SUNNY SOUTH LIVERY .STABLE>> r ,
,:} ... .
J F liwthonre school No 2e, part 4500M .
''''( ', October 1W)2) and by the consent. of Morgan J. Bass, Ash and game. warden .. ... .. : .. . 6 (10MlaaMai7 ) Hsslmmee will have work In the third :: ,

,. .\ I .Susan E. Hughey or her agent, T. A. asked the Board for instructionsas .. L Mason achol No.at part.- 80 10 00 OO degree next Monday, April 4th at 7:30p. : TIMB BA0*. MaHANw.. .- .

Hughey and hat lately been filled up to his duties with regard to seining. W B BI..lon.sl.ry. Supt. .. .. .: a000 m. to which they cordially) invite : "' 1 I ., "' '
H C Stanford M B f I 2 00 ..11 Master Mason of Orlando lodge Broadway Opposite Postoffece; '- I ( Win )
said T. A. Ilughey. Our The board In view of a decision ren- ... .. . ..,, (;r
; toy agent, J BtriStlaod! I.M BI'I " o0ASCampbelMBPI No. 6U. Quite a number from this "' ,I',,...... ,

:+1 li't' object in asking for the re-opening of dered by the lion.. Minor S. Jones, I B Gilbert| 8r: Cum ol Tress:....... ..,. .. 47 IS no 27 odgewlll| attend. They will leave here IClsslm.rra.ee.: : :E1or1d&r ; .1 I, ...,}* .,'
5 maid ditch Is to drain one certain pond stated that In their opinion catfish J R Ulluert Br (oin enclal. rand No 1. . 41 Monday afternoon. at 6.-0..Ddo ...... -
I R Ullbrt Sr Com apodal" fund No 1. . 61 Star. : ;
"tw In on the property of !Su-: were not food fish within the meaningof RUIIbertdr fund No 4. .. 2 01. '
Lt.' lying part ; i Com special the .,
And accordingly they came ; ,
In . that of the law.There J N Walker hauling pupil No 28 ... 29 00 for business with a'fuliequlpme'ht of now. B\if'.; ;
E. and Now
, :tl ti i ; .an Hughey part on S HtorjubaulluK' pupils school No 18 Mf t (10 number of three times thre genial spir open ,,
:; W. J. Barber and also J. to;. Moaeley.Tbli '. being no further business the W J Sean lu*. bulldiiw: school Not SO 00 1 IiA and bright In the work done. Their gle8 Carriages and Surreys, Stylish (yet ,&feY-Horses and Dri-_ ;,,,, :'

pond or basin cannot. be depended board adjourned. J M.rlDS VtllUon avnool. it building bullOluf:! oerratu No I. ..Mid.. lu-. . 87 05 visit was a source of much pleasureand 'vers. your patronage solicited. It will be our: pleasureto, .please. : '
i' W 8 Thomas. caucetlatlon w r'(4IV77 1 IS edification the local lodge whore
t upon to hold water in time of Tragedy Averted."Just HFertlo .... ."-4V!*. 11 26 always pleased to welcome visit our patr ns: Give us a call. . +? ae
t but affects in time of high I B Tutnblln 4&1, 18 to, "r Ilii
60 .
} drought, those of I *
; fag b8thren'e.peclall, ,
.) in the nick of time our little Hommcr Baal 4Vt4. 100 '::Jhoc.e-: t-;;.
4, +l water the property of B. F. Landen J. boy was saved" writes Mrs. W. Watkins A W B Drew Co 8 coplei(and postage) ''to their communications. Dra. M. J. I < I i o eth

t' 4 7,y 'E. Moseley and W. J. Barber' and( we of Pleasant City Ohio. "Pneu- Mr IIC"ouatltatlou r A Youngacbool of .No 20. ... . M 00 80 licks. W. and Watson J. W.rode Simpson the and for Hon.J. the. 1 t.......;..........#..........."'"............"'"""'.... : .1',;; ( it
lIad goat
believe it to be a menace to the health iionlu. had played havoc with him Mix Pearl Guitar* school No.w 9 00 I. -'S v tt
and terrible In besides. Klaflmmee Valler OtaeUe. printing 8 80Clar third time'and they gay they got all t-M4.1' _
''r of the families of said Lauden and Doctors treated cough him but he grew worst 304)0.00. freight on lumber do IX <68 that "was coming to in that ++ ++..<.4.. +H't j tjt4441-i. M .f:.. I I .. ," It t I II*:t i /b.

: Berber, besides overflowing! Injuring very day. At. lengh we tried Dr. J. Strickland! having been called Co ine. Absent brethren will appreciate _
'; x the laud In cultlxatlou by W. J. King's New Discovery for Consumption Orlando at noon was not present at hat fact when we state that the groom Semi Tropical' Nurseries: c ; .r I

Barber. We therefore petition your and our darling. was saved. He's the close of the session, which was extended InK of the animal was done byjthe vis- I . '
# now sound and well. Everybody to the afternoon.H. tors., "J.-
, c ; booo..b'bodJ' to act speedily. utrht.to know Its the only sure cure C. STANFORD, {Chairman. Those from Orlando were T. Plcton Orlando Florida. ... : r'I\t".
((9 Slgnen.) for coughs, cohha and all lung dis W. B. HINTOM Secretary. Warlow' D. D. O. M ; O. J.1)onlel1"P. ,

,ti It was resolved to take this mutter eases. Guaranteed by Osceola Phar- M.; L. L. Paine S. W.;M. L. Dov- If you intend planting any Fruit!' ( Trees'this fall send;me,:list1; ,; ;; ,t uM e"S
ell Sec. J C. Jones Jno. J. Lee
Cured no. ,
tic 91 Trial. bottles Consumption. ; '
J4 up for consideration at the next meeting macy. Price and - Joseph Bumby, Wm. Smith Oscarsaacson. of your: wants! and I can save you money or Orange; Peach :and 'l-
' the \InstructedCo ; free. Mrs. B. W. EvansCharwafcerKan.. kinds of Stock. .,. i .J'' ; .
i1 petitioners being writes; "My husband lay stole for Pear and all Nursery > .. ,lw...\
i :' file a plat. of this land with the A Georgia exchange utters the following three month The doctors said he "' '"
'>( k ordered had We procured The Best CON h Syrup. : : W. B. SPEIR,, J u us
: board, and the clerk was to truism: The county In which quick consumption. = ox883 /

'9''; rivejhe: proper legal/ notice. the most plowing la done this year, and a it cured him. 'That_s was 'six Syrup years S. L. Apple, ex-Probate Judge Ottawa '44 t't. 'M4. ."t Mil. H't < ++M t-l < '11' ,+ 1. '.! .< > i', f..,i.*'."I. tt.. alaJa,..,,,!,. J;
Iso -
Co. Kansas writes -
} A second petition as follows was .md. the least politics' will be the one ago and since then we have always say, that, I have used Ballard's :

I tl f presented: .liiut will produce! ) the largest: number kept a bottle In the bouse. We oan- Horehound[ Syrup for years, and that .

:-f "We, the undersigned voters of pre- 01 f bank depositors. and the least number not do without It. For coughs and 1 do not hesitate to recommend It. &Ithe <

.l. of sheriff Bale*, whenjihe final al&Doe colds it has no equal.A 25o boo and best couch syrup I have ever DO YouTake.Q1J Q J 1" .
!. H at Thoraason Koberson's. 60oan *l Thomasonlioberson's.
sed. 25c at
food' SpirIt.) is made nt the clone of the sea- <\ .. y
-- -- ----
', 1 a Good spirits don't all come from ..un.I'I> Senator Penrose at the dinner. which & t.:"'tt10 to 1 you do :It yoa arOsivl,. t '. (
Kentucky. Their main .source Is the .. BOO Republicans recently gave In Philadelphia p ;
-- --- - - malaria.Don't .
vlf "er-.nd all the lIne spirits .vcr More Riots. *. In his honor was talking AN exchange truly says that. luck .of t 2

1; f 'made In the Blue Grass State could Olsturbanees about liApudeuce. "A good case' of means rising at 6 o'clock In the morn i Do It. I.. Dang.eesaa> '\
of not
strikers. are '
not remedy albad liver or the hundred- Impudence," he said "came under'my and not than half admit olive malaria'lmt'lt: lasmM .
fv and-one 111 affect it produces. You nearly as grave as a.n' individual dig log spending more We'll It will ; r
h ., c can't have good spirits and a bad order> of the system. Overwork, loss notice during the SpanishAmericanwar. .our Income; minding your. own busies almost deadly after efieota. r JwHERBINE r +
( Old Scott ttedway a ColoradQ
liver at the same time. Your liver of sleep, nerll"01lI'ten.10n will be fol. horse dealer, sold some horses to the i and not meddling with other'Peo- :
'( { must be in fine condition. If you would lowed by 'Ut.t.er. collapse, -\nlessia reliable In God and QWD're.ource'j
r Is edlatel ZOVornment for use! in the These ;ple'lj; trusting your
remedy bw:\ employed '
feel buoyant, ;happy and hopeful : }
; horses turned( out to be worthless and keeping appointments. and ;
"; bright of light of step, vigorous There'nothing ao ellloient.to'euredlsotders'otthaliver' < ; <\ ,l' I -' ..... !
eye, the official wh!<_t'ro ught; them, meetingScott .
or kidneys nothing worth doing to chance ibeolutel
.as leaving teed
ana successful In your pursuits. You purely' bLe and
,, one day, told him so. 'Those
Electric( Bitter.' ,It's a; wonderful I ''" 't "tal
liver In fine oo'ndltloa by inairia sick bead bUio'w" '
; can put your ,
horses of yours, ha said, are no use I+
onto and thereatest "
effective stowedcure fat
nervjne au$ 'i'
j.kUslnirGreein's August, FIower'graateit ? for the army' Well,' said. Scott,' 'try It Saved His Leg. i tCTnftr'h ,; est of medicines for the liver 'and 'down[ all'aroundd It> dispels medicine for; run\ them on the navy, then.' P. A. Danforth, of LaGrange, Oa.,, v, .TBT/IT TO-DAY.u\ 1 aSO
systems: nervousness, l ,
a certain cure dyspepsia or Indlfrertlon. months _
? uttered for six with' a .frjgb( "
;. It has been a favorite house' \beumatlsm'add neuralgia and expel. A good old:preacher was a little bU his but wiItemthatBuckWjj Gn* 8041.. AgjDrtigsiat r
;a P 'boc and''satisfaotioggusrautePd.jty lul running sore 011 leg: .. _, a 'r,'.: ':
: 't '*hold for Salve ,
, 3 remedy over thirty-flve years, confuscd..91I'r announcemenvr"Remember Arnica wholly
1 '.'"'1''Aullult.> Flower will make your liver ,. ' Y< Oitaeola' )Hharnacy. ; out qusrterlymeetingnext cured It in ATM da).... For Uloera, ...' .' ".. ,,' li,",.''''' I':3': ', ""
; healthy: and active and thus.! Insure / : : Sunday.>The LQrd-JIrtll .be. With wounds, piles its the best salve In the "- "1 1r. : "' ''''f'''' .' .' '":
or'Sfttcfl1.K:18slrn .
; ,, j"'ii' -'."J '"i -* 't ) !o\ \
1- s : you a liberal supply of "good purl; fi- an.1I lit ii during' th r" morning service and world. Cure 'gu guaranteed Only 25o. : ,' M : t.,
a, +, 'Its ." jTrial ilia)26c.regular) ; bottles CaptMaling'recelved another; : in the eyenlng.' Sold by Osceola'harlnaoy ; ...e i,f', .,r Thomason'' R. e son. j.jv: ? : <
,. ,1st.! :(0' Osoeola Phtwinaor,' ",? ?..od6\,' \ ,pig yesterday' bygxpress., "presWligelder. V *, v.>- .""-" .. !,'' ;. ," {' Q; ? ..., .. >. ,' ...,.#. ,., .l';"'
.' ...."., .. ..... C.x.x. ,., .... .. b ",' #..,- } : 'I). ', ,,''IJ. 1" )l. " .
....." ..tf' ... .'Y'jt t: ./ CT, ..,..M"..... ""..;,,.,,.u t4)" . .'t' 'ly -'I.t ,', ".'., 1/., ",-,..,.. .: 1,''',,'?''" .;.. ''J.. .:r .4 ".
;Gi..'...'.... -.. .- .,.' -."..... wL ,. --*. m a. t" V w. ,: 1"I. .. ..." "'.>u... ''ii ."J.\ ;51\,\ / , ,I. y.;'I.Mlt r".." ..." .i"" ,
f' <<; ,
# ,
.I :
"2+ I .,.,. '( f ... ,r'JI r-. ,_,, .. : .. .' f tT aw i luaN;; . ... \ ; ,::' { : :- > j .rj', :...z ,. t :--' '
;. : ',.,..I\t ". .,..;J>....'..;... '.. >,1, ... . . ':", J e A S 3d ; i'r.:\ .
'- '' .. a'
'r ., t 1f.fi10. ,
M /
.... .
JJ "' -
r :<; ):.."\ .


J. -
___ ..... .' If' -.1-- : Q -'
0 i

) _ ___ .-.-- -. ----- --- -'-, -------- -I.-- -" :.-

: GEORGE' W WASHINGTON ROCKer ind Is on the e.s(' within a few. milesof MAGAZINE. 'I EdPRCS5 EUGENIE'S JEWi a.u.

:1F I't f'" * 1 Louisiana. ,. > TACK11AM1 LL3.R How, They W.re, Carded Thrtiugh' I*
-*- ., _. i .
j aU W' lime tbe.t1nltell ..
J.. During .. .\ I ft dH and Sold to a Native Prince. a-- ,
. >*
wi *fcMrta M. M w ? ? ?"rT I t\\
i ar* i and "
$tl States Department of'ARTculture; ) A Machine That Operates on the M.xat iTu* story vof the Servian jewels SS

I 1\4 the State Arlcoltnral'College.of Texas :, 'ElseCaa flac3&4r: .. I muat*recall llo the ex-Empress Kupsnli1 -. S

\ Have_been itudylng-tby insect and tryIng (Patterned. afterth.niasii': gun" 'I. .I 1 her owt :UJ) rlnce wiled the '
to find some tn"eaii8'of, lighting it the newly Invented tackbammer tint warel first began' to dash about' bay

successfully Eight or alee years ago lull recently beetl l'ltentHat.'Va.h.- 'throne.: She determined.to sell, tbe'greaUfpart'o
could have. been stopped and all ' '
It who her Je"-'I.'III: hope to>
Ingtoo. Tlio bead, of ,the Lobe\ !
t this damage prevented by; abandoning returns from lile office alter a hard. do something to .."..'the dynajtPubllollty /.. f?
t the :culture,, c(.cotton la a,ratUerOuproducllre and a .
t + t. R" rl"" all s days ,Work a ndi assigned the delleal" : had to be
awl section Or If the planters
the parlor carpet to' be found ill .Eu: "' ,
\,+ t been to'cutdownand task of putting down market wa pot! '
w Induced .
could : tbe fall will unquestionablyrelish the possession : ..op'e.- newly, :; (thrilled by the horror ,' ,
Uie .tnllt. In I
burn cottoo
: would not of one.of these latest Improved!>> of 8-,dan. Tho Bmprejs looked to .-
It Is probable that tbe limpet <
hammers Huskies<<: not'liavlng: to bottler I the East for a market 'An KnffllJh-

have spread; gad would eventually himself.with a box ot larks, be will nan was on his way home' for a boll-.

.r I..r' f'ntt \ nave been exterminated hare been have the Sffffcd 'comfort 6t being able I cUr, A telegram at Bombay awaited, '
.... All sorts of experiments I Kun...
of the .greatest
....- .. him from one
"' liunsclk'lde mix
.' .' made with dlttcrent/ I informed'him ..
..t" p" :;; : tures and vflth many"dlterent kindsof poan financial houses and -: --
'I ':#/ of the determination of the Em- '
., :1 "I,, The mont careful studies
., .. 4 machines I' The.difficulty bad been to find 'AI
have been made of I the life history press
l krv--r-WelJ' ufflclnt Influence to be ,'.
: 'MIJD with :
a man
,, ,J" et a . and habits of the Insect. Experts I
.f) I ._r'::= < '. able to approach tu*- rlnoes' of India
lowa and elocubn t't have been lent to> Jlexko\ to other portions "I
Y/1. : as a poetess ld Mi ai1 i\C of Central America nnd to thq\ I In secret with a view, : to aelllns ,

Le ngt Ky.f fellsfs6e them the jowola. Not lees hard was
r 1iOJIIst.of, ,: \ West Indies! as well to study the Insect I !
It--ter lay hands' on tho man who bad
In Its nnturul-home-ror>> It Is evidently
'wss'tlircd"of' uterine ..
to with J.
moral strength sufflclant: carry
,t1. +y+ a tropical I'Ipl'cll'l-ln' the hopeof
1 llefleimnatlon'aeid i ova> worth of Inlands ,f,
E Pinkham's natural enemy which might be Introduced >> of pounds' Jawels
: scjl Vcge-
it Lydia
1.. Into the United\ States with beneficial where tho Queen's' writ did not "'

; .. (table C a pounlL' i 4e" ctre<.t. \ I: run, and where the protection of the ',
'I constable la not Immediately avallablo. ..'1'tI ,
6 I. MJ IIII.uit-1"01' Iemjored 3 IS:: TIIICKK'A HI'; %IEUY? I
? Davis ;.P. : year.: '' \
the'best of health and thought .such parasite] hus been '
Although! no I Avery cara had been taken to ln ,
t.1.oa14aswaJ8do: IIOo-'*I attended found and although no poisonous np-( '
had been ;
: The jewels
sure secrecy. :
.T'partte.lad rcrptlons thinly elad/and pllcatlou Iras been dUcovet-ed which .
would be-JY will the weevil, and It hough .
destroy a.
the latter .
a fotitbinlciaKilttlraadt..41eaught a $ from their settings, ;
:il>ad cold ig-hteea'', months ago wbll. no practical machine hits been Invented "jointed" to admit of their holing],

aatru.tlnr.( and this caused laftamnallou tl we hare, nevertheless through our I and \being worn around the waist of. '
of the womb ADd (congested intimate knowledge: of the life history .. f I,
of tuft leather
il I their bearer a
.VraMe-i, Ieufteredezcrnalatlnq pains of the weevil, found a nay to grow cotton
,'andkeptgeLttpEvEdrM. -wry attention ,. ,_ I The Englishman put on' tho belt '
"- -' -- in pnylng quantified lu spite of
aj >:' raa called UryoarjVeBretable Com I, armed himself with a trusty revolver t,
tbe destructive creature '
.' '9ound and the wonderful_.... U had I engaged a trusty servant and set "
''M' 'This nntnral 'wonder :Is 'OCA tt'd about thirty-are; miles northwest of Los In the spring the weevils are few Innumber TUB MAOAZINE: TACKHAUalEIt.to : .
,fferfarmedand I made-up toy mind to I forth on his mlsilon. For three monthsha I
Angeles in tbe Santa Suanmu Mountains, just outside of Chatsworth TarkA the majority of them I
j.lryrlt. for two months and aee what t' ;
'>,'around do for zna... ..Within ooe month I'jfcUwncU chiseled monument! cop It!. scarcely bear a truer resemblance to Geo. Wnsli- I have been killed by the Ions; winter. use both hands In stretching and wandered over road rail and

.. better and at the. close of th JDcton .th n tills?c-baooo picture cut or worn on the ragged contour of a gluut Comparatively few conic out -of lilberNFARL.V ImmnicrliiK limtend of b-tng! obligedto rlrer. The responsibility of his

th 111'1.of.' 4 "'Z" eattrely .e14. boulder.- .::r..r. : employ one hi holding the tuck luplnre trust the constant danger, of discovery .t.
1'1.'; ..* QriafKladjr ...o.umbor: of"mj II. he makes futile attempts. to the"- difficulty of disposing of his .
'/ strike them on I the li<-aJ. burden were worries that combined ,
,. ; lrie d* tp. as* it* and all express
; t---e 1Mhe. asWftll aattsaed with th'Msnlts THE MEXICAN CO ON1 OLL WEEVIL Any one wno hits gone through; !) the almost to 1ti1l him. At last ho wasMiiccxtssful. ,

.. I ..&&",- Wins Rosa NOBH oxporlouc-c of bunging' Hiiiull filrturos, Tho jewels were sold to -r:

., !"Tr 410 8. Broadway. LexlngISOOOfortHlttritlfeJof In high out-of-tlic-wny places/ will n IMOjijiprerliite a prince who esteemed them tho more ; '

.- eaev 1. to* Chief l zrled Slates lice new ImmniwInK tool. for that they woro the property of, a \.)
t! edngr.MwMM'e--A0 """ .
:, r HTL.O.IOTO) v Pnlo1nolo9.LJc. 'J'ln- iiiPi-hiuiiMii Is not couiiillrutotl., dlstrassert Kmpresa. There would ,.

;+ Bjfctrnlng; round after round of ape \B the ilhisirallon uliows. It onslxtn bay!! been trouble, no doubt hall the a'

,, ,' nsmre-" the orator climbs toe bidder< ofJtfs .. of n li.-unHUT., wliose Jolnte l liHiull matter been known at the India Oulc?. I

.". ... IH I K<> nrr'ihlp' I that t n long row of lacks hot! the man who discharged tho un-f r

'. ,. v. I Is lilted into a cliuuncl. \vlllrli tils- dcrtaKIng! aff. >rJed an example! of '.(
f. yjT* . _. e
All. -10:00 . FU LL'G 100\\ S LARVA IN JIOI.L"nutlng
y'. n>l 4AI Cr rune for .nlU... Bm.rtln. dIll r//.:<"< t them" IOU(' :0 t n time In 1)i.| *il ion, cuiiras.and a swlld worth In trying, ;\

'Wred' ,A.kdig.,"Uot. nrF_tCorna and ']iiiiirt<'!'.' In the prig to [ay under the hand: of the ham 1I'l'r.' TlielinniiiKT rundltlona, which merit a place In the ,.j
t ...Iona. Ask tor Allen's Foot-Xewe, a powder. """"""'" the eggs for the <' nilis; geuii.1Ihum.. .\. l h innirnotly.cd KO lint( tinicUK Rtory 'lt.Hall.ke" Into the sboe. C re vwhll yowalK.'At > .\It IfJns: and fruit work d11rillIhf" critical: period of Its
growersuuve single fi-ninle will hate millions of all Drnfoists and Shoe Store.. 25o. @-1. :<:i \ : are : of personal danger. Far 1r:1:}
/1>ot>** amwpt any aul...Ut.t.. ....>" sent i ( been lighting Injurious life nhHnl.utely rrotiK-ti-d. from any up- by iKiiniii, hut tluvsc uiii- a xtiirrurk; | scuds lt< mint Into exrttlng r HiIerprls. have norvad to J
v1>i-axa<;4ednse.AIHII"O..s. G.Boy.N.Y. IIIIiFII hlll'Cls"r since there I pllriitlon' whirl) could be wade to tile llons nre gradually develnpiMl.: tin firpi-tc.J l llniir or other innUTlul. make popular novels before now.-St. o

', irUt sere any farmers and fruit cotton plnnt. It nns the old custom to i pJ k-k cotton - "
. dt.'illt ,..pu1j.J.Pd..i.f jiuwUs.y I) growers Stored l away In old -ornstalks. In In Texas: until punt CbrlstiiuiH, -mil III James Uazrtte. .\,
.y). !" to. It would ... the burk of ,
seem all If, after those\ ninnyyourd clump of :;ru. iiiuler late autumn the weevils are nt their 'j
n' :. I '
f'wo' Art A.W.ds 1D.lrtL1 of experience they \ronld. have trees a ud l logs nod lu all sorts of shel- height lu point of IIUIIlI.)('..... If planters -- "Evt's Apple Tree." rI,

:f f.tAt 1;' : "tin>ely. death so often fon wrneasli > learned good remedies for every Insect Tr.. M.I.I. CUT o.ar, c.rodaiiowiJ places. \Northern cottonseed the plnnt The Ground Plan of an Attractive : A fruit supposed to bear tho mark .
cold. If Taylor' pest. ineHUTA. weevil Design. of Kve's teeth Is one of the '
f ht cough or (J arDi.i-oiiowi from which develop much more' rupld- many '
y of Iwset Gum and Jrful- They hare learned ninny, nail. the passes the I ly than from Texasseed; If they plant While the -illiiHtriited ileBljn; n irny botanical curiosities of Ceylon. The :

\eIa.lIobO.e: ,. it,11I. pr....>t' any BClentlflc men"who( are <-oimt ntlyiwortlnt winter. their rows a little further apart than seem too elnlxiriite for npj( >liriitloii to tree on which It grows Is known by ;-

.Iaa. It.ld.: ahil on tills very Important problem t Protiiptly a. has been the (custom if they cultltnti farm homo grounds, hind they will apply the significant samo of "tha forbidden i:t

'f i jL7drv ti..._...... =e.,. tees and SLOB,a bottle have found excellent economic the cotton the crop and force It to early maturity quite| as well to town or vinall city\ fruit" or "Eve's apple tree." The 'f

t' ( -' means to doKtroy the greht/ uinjority plant uiesup they will be able to raise i a good quantity plot( It Is nut exiieiisire, for tie! nwilu-I klossem has a very pleasant scent, .\,

latteraarroier:: of Injurious insects. Hut every few In the springandearly of cotton before the weevils have Item Is tbntof labor. One's house may hut the really remarkable feature of
years there nppenrs some new Insect summer the tree the one to which It owes Its .:.r;
let him become so numerous as to destroy the not be no |>reti>ntlous Mil that shown III
\1 would be to run
xr: yonrbb that
: I or which lives In such n pl'Cullnr"ny.. vile come Iff this way, on experimental. plot -with the |>i>Uutlnn of the tlralfiii. It hues from the tree In a peculiar manser. #

: ,i' Katflleat Oreea....., that It Is able to do enormous damage forth fly to aggregating! seven or eight hundred will be noticed that two Oilmen In (lie Orange on the outside and deep 4.

..-t- TbeZ-tfon A. Salser Seed c.... T. i.' to destroy millions of dollars' worth of the planteand acres in different parts of Texas, tile design; lire pl''lIllnl''nt-tbe preserrntlon crimson within each fruit has the appearance
(.Wie.$f always have eomething new tome tout .
crops,, ami sometimes to alarm more of having had a piece bitten
snD A Talaab1e,7"Thle pear ..J"JJ offerleuaonik experts of the Division o? "Entomology of n In. rue expanse of lawn and 'r'
their newmenev nskinie Trvetablr than a'filnste country sad affect the of the 'United States Department of the grouping! of the shrubbery tojnanHon of ItS--This fact together; with Its

:', tm E rl''....(f VifMTt x.te Ir'On Oft." H .. ..1' relations of ninny civilized nations. Agriculture have been able to raise liiKlcnU ef dotting! Inj'lTlduallimbs poisonous quality led the Mahome ;: i
.mDV.,ilr.. Farmer and Ga daaer,! A" as soon as the tans to It the
j tfi j 11J few' years ago the San Jose scale and pick before tbe middle of October, here and there over the lawn.I' represent as forbidden
..:tv r1' SEND THIS nonce JLHD lie. A, minute creature which' injures fruit first"squares" from two-thirds of a bale to shale au fruit of the Garden of Eden and to '
,+, .4 tbey will scad you t he.{.r bialHanbsiui t trees'spread)' aU' pver.the United States :5- Un blown.budsate warn men against 'Its noiious prop
.ed .ataot! ,.together with eooufio iced tovjL I JoI acre; whereas from crops not thus erties. I. . .
'. and occasioned the passnjre,.pt edicts I planted and -treated, only a bale from

" !. _ltd C.b and law In. many foreign countries' by .formed lay eight to twelve acres has been scoured f r .. --
which Ain ericanirulta and fruit trees their eggs In Then after this
amount, of cotton
rit\Can-oli Q were prnetlcn!lj-f brtrrod from Interna themThe has been plcked-Uie cotton stalks are ;A, DISTINCTION. a
tional I young,: grub He -Yes, I remembered you at. rare R
0 cut down or plowed up/ left to lie for r
be.eioe 111..11-. And now another of these great In- hatches and as the girl I was engaged to In the
while until and then burned.
...., a dry are
.. r3JtIUt f '(je?? ..Beo\irc Is affecting the cotton destroys the mountain somo Beanoim ACO.!
.. Iflee1 wLntrtMu tnr.t./fev Very many weevils ore destroyed' In
!' >no crop of Texas: and threatens to spread( forming flew-LATZ: WALL lOLL. 'Wha4 a remarkable memory for t'
I' 1IOIJ.19'l.; tet lvliwarj.nled 1l0.1.0 this way. The few that escape have a
eM. .ft4 'alt through! the cotton States. It la cr. causing .UOW.BEBTI.ES. HIDE BI&- much longer>> periodto wait before the r&ce011: have, toavea't you?" y'r

:; .... 'P01I"17f"Ott pP. .01':, t ) partly doe ,1o the great damage which the square to TITEE* IHVOLCOEB crop comes up, and many die. -Tbe "No-for rlnlf" "-Life. i,

: you will retsn"* taetiea.at.. this Insect has) done that the price of drop. The ace BOI- number which will be found on band 1,I IAN 5(5
i sa-ndthetn-SOcf! in pWta.e''tbey. cotton last went to almost grub changes to a pupa within the ?
year up unprecedented FITS
l* tbe .b19_a p.cliap of the I. to attack the cotton on these fields Ji'JTII..rman..nUy..ured tn..nou.-
figures so that Cotton bud and tbe full grown weevil *- after Brat dajr'ii aitoof Dr. Kllno' final f'NerveltetorerIxtrtalbo
""' Csuunower. A.O.L.] next year will\ be v-ry small. The result .
emerges soon after. tlnandy. \ ts.free y
I:1 I:1wegfbebie Is that more cotton can be raisedyear Dr. It. H. [Lass, Ltd., Ml Aroh Ht., l.hU..I.e 1 I
. .
.1.. the man wKo'fan' ; afraid U If When such of tbe nor-ers as escape after - --- I .
for hUt r rishta inu mature. and the cotton The 15,000 nnricta: in England cent J3.dOO.OOO .- ,
Thus cotton be raised In
be want cnn spite
*e aaythisig ,
: boll forms It Is also pierced by the rrrry yr.r. :
of the weevil. But the weevil will not i -, -- ;\;.
... wj i ootafageyr.pforeblldr.S weevil's beak an egg Is laid and another .
Waum.ndneealna.mma. f be exterminated)1) It will probably l continue BW Raoh.l" Murcronl wheal leer Ann. ,
w grub begins to feed on tbe Interior --
:: eere.wIad eolle.t6eabottl. to spread. and It Is altogether Introduced by the U. S, Dept of AV ,(
pats of
the ,
boll destroying all the formIng Tt ,
: U
likely that ItVia ,ln\ude toe other ATTU.I.CTITU LuIOv. a .tro"'l'ntJou. cropper yif"lanlJ' issnort ,i,
produeUon of .Umber California cotton lint, reaching full growth land 80 bu p r acre, and on dry arid 2'Isnh
: second place ."ODC. tbe States. and changing to pupa und emergingas cotton-growing Stales. Then l such an are found in Mont.. Idaho. !J
: tile drives In
;' i i < The work on remedies however Is are simple! curves the IHkotaa. ('n."., ......., it will .....1.1 from .i//( '
weevil. In
a insects
: this way the by which the symmetry of the plan Ispre 4fl to 90 bu. Tin. \
,' 5'5'ptSTORCD r TO HEALTH. still going' on : tl-e search for parasites Wheat and Six-It: and .t"
Increase In geometrical ratio until by \ Hanna
? In countries erveJ. Unrlrjr and liromua Inrrnir' ; and 'J.
't13 late ,summer they occur In couutlessmillions tropical still 'ontlnIlPs. The back of I H-'lion Dollar (,,.*... makta it poihle to ,
"' : j) an7 weak,'suffering women do notkidneys / often Congress' will probably appropriate nt yard the farm proper | n-'W (id bitten hogs and cattle. wherever "A,'
.1>tsww+.t k.tllel. 1: are sick. ; Lardly a boll matures.AN this session, a large. sum of money to If It eX''ol'ttlIek\ from the rear of the :I poll la fnund.j '

} ''JJ.eli..c a. "'. .f nick kldD.-,.., and 10 INVADER KROM MEXICO help In the ",work so that although house In Khut oft from the road 'It'i'j JCIIT IIFet'k'/ Awn THIS TtoTirn : :

.A\- rtdo" urinary disorders. A bale of cotton contains from 450 the nut look; l IR ratiiT i ad. i* I Is by no by a line of shrubbery nt one side oil In .the John A. i Sulrrr: S' <-..,| Co., T.a Croon. ,

r +'. Blcbk/dneysmakebad to COO pound., and in former duys to r.cnnn hopeless, and the prospect that a line with the roar of the house and W'... aad! they will send yon '"... a sample 'i
01 th.lht'at I
v'; |tp blood and bad bloodTbiakea raise a bale or a bale and u half of the United, I'tllII'B111 1 lose tier, supremacy on the other side from a little bnck of 1 tether. with their and otherarm II"'lIIt raUW.:.eels!nlno' to .;,

tJ ,, bad' digestion cotton to tbe acre lu the best parts of In cotton prodiK'tlnn( on nc- the middle of the house. At the Join- I tine.on) to say_wide-awal.. farmer [rA C.L.J j .

.heart' palpitation, dlair AM ADULT BEETLE, Texas was almost a rule. Where tile count of the weevil j it. In my.jiilixl. not ing of the drives (whlchrm-e. also the ;: Mast ;t

z 1 ;: ,._dadI.M. nenrous- ---- ---, weevil : as made its appearance bow. greatly to)0 rI'IIr'ontb'lI Cow. walks) In made a bed for Towering I with, thrmwlvra younv m..n.re to Iw too seriously mush inf.itunted injured ia j.'

r w .pe.L.leepleuusaa.Sclstlcarheumatla mills hare been obliged to stop' thousands ever It la often dlClcult to raise a bale panion. plants other places for 811.11 plauts an ordinary love-affair.4

', i > paint of operatives have been discharged of cotton on ten or even ufteeu acres being provided nt the corners of the t

i- '11\iUd oocsUat. :;I pre.- and bo wages of thousands>> of land. During bloodhound 'trluls near T.enm.ington veranda Tire whole plant Is simple ."'''1''. KKrllMt Cn... :/ .

alon: \ mere hare been reduced. The weevil ctinc to Teas from Jlex-: n bunted in3n7>yho was grant. but very nnrmoulous and artistic and Another sew tUutg. has be eat all .' '

1 Can't be restored Un' leo. where In trtaln ptac.,.. It had J ed an hour's start was tracked down may be readily carried out from the timo during a season and aprouta afai .;i""

: wtttUith,'; kldcy'a'ar THE COST Ob' TllK!:: YVKEVII. absolutely stopped the culture of cot. In thirty-five, .minutes. deals" shown. I Teo.int.with, lightning iwill rapidity.make Neat to Bailer's ".'t I

cured. Stead 'Eightper( ceut. of the cotton crop ton. It crossed the Ilk Uraude at I than aiytMnt-. .. cheap HOT aa dirt green and fodder crowsTenrwban. ".

+,::bow Laewsmsa'wu' : of the worMs rnlaed by America sad l lof Brownsville and '"wasnrrried north I

toq.0. .:;.I7W!lIalq the roll ton raised in the Und across a great.extent of grazing! country Art in Modern Architecture. I II Just Of. Paley's. \ Renovator qtua llistur. +
t\ria& for ,
D'siKldn P111'l $tates TC'XUK'produces nearly our In cotton which -as 'takeu to be drioc: pulnrea aad.me.dow. 't\'1 '

-Mra.', j3T.' A Van fourth. /All the richest cotton counties write. ..", 1Msowed S-t-r's: Eaat Uraa*1'ark.it.rs Hm . .JII t a

811etJt'.Ln.' ..- 1 ..'W..aok.. of Texas hate been Invaded by the .t a sit an Poor two ton _ld not raiM a' , \+
trouble... heredl.BJDd. -' weevil and the looa>> (n cotoo; de.troJ'M on it. sad !. fort,..... day. sitar.o.i.l .
a Ii& I had. the
eland! of
r '!''' .4'beeD'0i by Hi depreciations"In the past sA"Y'e ** the <**!'JJrA'a fr..dat. C..... MistnrMaeirkly :vase- ', -t r

a .wltb UM dUeaaer summer bat surely been as great as _It I and prodnee .II rn..I,.." ,.,

'. i ta14 r, of eras tempor- .$1!'.000.00< 1M.OOO berrels .......,. Reed Potatoes..ALtZE'S ;:

l' I _".-.4 N Ksi Spurred on' by the !hhjjLjjrlce! :/, of cotton rltaw1T nrw MATIOHXI. OATS ..,::1.
bed and by the proMpectlve danger of Here ia a whiter, s prodigy, a marvel .,! H)
eoaonoa > my .
wan n
'V ; Mornwnaly jprob&e .1 (
.t"'I1&heatb ', vigorr"fcJfrE1"'f
.t! great lessening of tbe ) ,
Us ,.back .was Intense m thirty i feu: .*. from 1JO '6. k
foreign nations nre! making J: JUdaMT 4J ordar eaua4'aD .X- everyeffort" busper acre. had bat aow a !;Oii
ark) add to| pry blood which 1meOD.f to raise/ tuelr own cotton. Tht'.t.njt'U.1a let ol it;, Mr. Farmer in 11104 and in the $,IO.!
t ball earl It tefor neihbora' .
Joar 'I be
: rrlonl a
1 J.was .compelled arc particularlytivr. nee _d. [A.C.L.) .- 1.
;.}: ; > ( to*. little and the German colonies, aa well. j' ,'
doctors ,dJsg- Russia Is also making every effort to The port of New Chwang.: at the mouth \ : :
push tbe growing of cotton within market ,RI"I''I Ie Lhe grcptesbbeanwend "" '\ _
ml the kldd .V' r J inIAao the . ;. j
.. 'GP hop when territory. Other nations are doing the IIATCH.DLABVA nr YCUSQ .$ : 'f.
'. Kidney PlUa, but i same. Tbe-trade balance of the entire Q17.uua. 4 I do not believe Ptoo's L"Car for Conjram -./ 1< '
D ;$ t4oHllwb.tJaelf world may soon be affected If efficient ilea bM an.gaal for eougbe aa7 Mold.-Joan :
i .r remedies for the !/.1lor.sTrlaltyaprl: ., lAd...eb. II. 18OQ, .
... proves to my pest are not dlscov- ginned at a place called Alice. From .
of"IIIIIri" Ilevm b.ea Wth ered and used. Alice northward and eastward cotton eoet t)18.3GC1.0&7: to run New York ':

.f. bnlN.alsa...... ,,, t'-f, The weevil Itself. Is an JnslyalOcantcVfatnro culture) Is continuous, and the weevil CityIt daring 1003. ,"I'9',
ant Ib_ eoi4 DFs.tar jf W A little gray snout bottle spread at the rat. of about 1 I
......... ......iV1W. sit Yea a.. do ''I
about your dysi.g ia hall .
a quarter of aa. Inch long but It five miles, from 1804 a
-r-- .. ......;_1..ned 0., year until tb, boor with )UTNAM. 'A & .:
: ] JQI ,ra 0., brdeds! ;.rery rapidly multiplies enor- J present Urns Ithas now reached practically : I I .- Uya .

.." 'I/NUNr.ifn1t41',.. ;'I : pkourJ lnthe. course of a summer,.'and to the northern border of i.xu. NEW xonic'sCDJ> -OM. r.o'USH JUT ITWILL APrl .n. Liverpool 1 baa elated ooo U.II'4 or It.. asr.' : -.
.& J JIJ .
.. ; boos '
... .- "./4'', .. '-".',,-".!, .. during the Iae& t..!,,..,,.. r-..--.--' .... .

-.\,"". :,\;,! ::1 ,'. ..., 'r; t 'i"0)

.. JPt"" :',> .' ... .., .r/, ,.. .,. w. <> .' .' ..
-,., l' i i t. '. .. ,- -. .. -,, -. ,.::. '- ', .}i i.

a' efJ., \, .. { .. .. " .
". 'f .JIb. '" :i ;<. '" :'.,
i1' .Jr" ;i / : '
f11.: ,' <' .f' ,. (
I' '!" '. "" (11 ;.. .: >, :Ii,', "l1'. \ :;.1. ij ( ,&



:: . - ;- ,

4.p SEBMON' :FOR SUNDAY tG be>> perfect5. fa* yo-Tltot the 14f. not Sond 'Letters of Endorseineiit.tbIn.yeutor

from t.MVor I IAN Ima hlln,. Even when the hester ,

' ; ELOQUENT DISCOURSE .BY THS JVather add to Jn.Jfevcn Hi disciples I is, "Be perfect.perfect"' He/: ..rryaJdborapl .Jour) I .' : of a-GMai adi medy :Pri. I ItOLLA

," REV. ROBEftT MaoDO NAlD. 1 ; >>te lie II. ia; and when.Us tko ; ,
, I askedthe.. rich .voung- man if' hewould
'4., 1>, .' ,, r 'j hrperfs42 tofollow" Hlnv H 'really said .,
t \ G ,.*tjveti.. 1 .fCfcr4Ha1i"otitlde\ ; the Chuve. : ifj; yoiti will be full grown,' if) yon would /. : I ,.of- *&&$& General Bic lcw.Corad.J. .,
.. .... cease jo lack the one thing lack rip41.MJe
1\ a Li :ta.. yon now '
alI ... Ula
lout 180-' : recommend P.run4 .0.11. O.: Bigelow.'151 O St ITT,
: -".. H* Cannot come tnd.folio. MA The .reaaonj then *. I IWrit.'I s\\; ,.
: Believe ...
""'" the Wt.-u.rniuI In "' .Ia i_4 we want. you in the church ia that you may \ .tronbl*. I t Jf( e Waahiagton D. c.. '11'I'I1'' '

! ''' 1rJu4I. h heip train u. and let us help train you in tmheViUtlngly; :\ fIC oIat for .."ahop.. "Pewna .has made .'..- w n, and .tt.kai .
t k J3RoQEtTir N-Yo-Ja the truth and righteonsness. Xobody', needsthe convinced Peruna' .1 .
WashIngtoi. relieved lt la glvs i .n BM than ordin atrength and
much more
,1 :&VlZU.FBiiptiut Church ; .+ morn III. help of the church more than )'Olt. whoWril 'effect all the rare ,that U I'f ,
, "" tbft, paator, th. Rev. Rober' Ml\eDonl\ld. not! come-in. If you' still resist our M.-a. .. 't medicine \tbeaidea a spirit for w.rk.5'I
c ,, .r: cI.l.h'.rell the 1.d of the lerlM of sermons iAvitation' to enter where "you belong: ;be> Floyd King, Butler v' ,
:K Gn "ChIi.tiLflI Ouide tbe Church the more charitable toward'ns, anyway.. And, l osLo: B.1iS-ofwsungtoi; c.,
) oPeeI,1 .bj.ct "R.. if you. will not be on. of uspray.do, not Genera) Small, bi '" ,
being *>n* Why Those & f > Writea} ... many.of ny frienda had a1 ,
i" ()utside, -the Chureb: obstruct olir-'".oTk' by' talking against ns.thtu -
d! SUy; Outaide. Th Writeai "I hare uaed Peruna ...... \ qnaintaaoaa aed
text """u front I Corinthiane. i sp.2'.l, prejudicing the world before whom.w. . & ., &-$ successfully <. yonr

; I t "What! detipiH 7' the Cburchof. Chziet?,; should stand in good light that wa may trouble, and Bad it ben 6oial --with) ,arrb'- Peruse aa a eatarrh cure, I eel that it isan '

,, 'i'' :\II'. Ma4on.ij .Idl: do it good. '' that it promia e;-and, (reely; ,Washington; Cjj; .effective remedy, awl I reoonunaad- it
I t/ No chnrch' hal power t ltak. a'man. to-i_ Tour reason for remnini'ng<< out of Heaven. beyond tie power )b* baa- himself may I* that of Biblical or doctrinaldifficulty. *ii t. ; Tost ]3J6.443J .. ,
to I. losing bin soul a moat hopeful course of rlieJan a
IRI4 .ntr.ne.' thEe; ADd Many man ,
i ; not, h*. haa the ; abilisftdependi Aether or, rot'because b. 'cannot believe in" Chriat GenAbbott, of ; : : on bottle of Peruna It., CYBeinaeo.280 Brd.dw.yWeeingtcs.: :; CURIHI

UPPII whether or noth/i.. .takmg wandfollowing his .but because he cannot believe in Jonah "Writea "I am fuEy': : nvt i : of Its curative quali D.C. T
e el'bee' in the-steps e( Jesus and the whale.' More'th.n one man has ia excellent its'e to date. All '
"- remedy Pcmaa an I .' !
Cbl'i.t, Heaven i said were it not for tbe "Garden of Eden"and G.iiezal dua :
l' a state of bleiiedneas ;Aart. Adj.. O.a1,0.A.1.
frienda'Jhave used it hara disappeared, yet
rather thAn a locality beyond the stars the "Detu,. be would accept Jesus anSaviour. vi tny. : I
rJ.( smut 'ocro to tra before we can go'to, and it. I know a manwho h.. loit hiareliriou beneficial reaulta for coughai \ is. as a preventive Writes "Tbe: exoelleo.. -of Pns, ae a' -. - 1 -- n.11:
\. Whatever else U fervor because. he could not reconcile .<. : Powell cure relief or.catantha I. ;
implied in following Jesu tarrhal trouble. -Ira C. : : tonie: -\V.. u. er ] dlatarbaaoaa ; _____
t\ ,
church the doctrine of election with the '
: '
commanded membership heptism i. To included. Jemi* freedom of the human will and the universality St.. N. W.. Washington, D. 1 wall aatabHaaed. Jfany of my frienda have
illustrate hiM
. meaning lie Himself of God' grace. And 'another been benefited by ita sae.B..Y.ka.s... FrornPrnpIos
I-' ,... was baptised in the '
t", \. w; Jordan. )Iii rraaon wa "for to it bermn- who** religious activities have been par Captain Tan ll, 38 Barriaoa St., Anaooalia, D. O.. _
eth u* to fulfill all alyxnl'JMcauss be could not reconcile: the
'c iI.1'' the tcrrc i'L1"11' thought righteouanea it If He ton pnssibiUty of punishment of sin with the AVriteai "Your medietne, .6 neri k 8t 7od r, of Ohio,,: 11
necraaary all all-love: : of Ood. Many such to be the beat medietne for
.110 fulfill all
righteouaneaa. think not for mercy. WrI..j"UJ toSotofuli
t- a moment have found, Peruna U
'. that any one of Hia imperfect followers aninine question are killing men's enthusiasm market. I hare taken only a be/a :>
: for the work of the Lord. If those 1 wonderfsl'reniejjaesl'] need' it .for'a / ;
. r. can be eicused. :Paul in Worn ana shows and can see beneficial : ,
be the likeness of Christ's death inside, of the church are influenred. thus very abort tiaa .DdT.ra thorcmhJy ..'i.S.& a.to ... ,
Ii, fcjljtiarato Jf have been we. ceed: not wonder! that Christian outside G. Yarnall, 2322 Libooln 8U ita '
we nuitd ..
meriU/r S-.STfoderW hTngt
,l; with Him I in, the likeness of His d..tb. we of' the church question so foa'iihly.'Those : .. !ibgton, D. C.G.nersi. i<;
D. a- From
.Ji't.': shall stand in the likeness of Dill ieeurrec.4ii -' same men never think of questioning rr ' ? : Infancy :

.tion. All denominations make baptism the what the president and officers Odd Fellows of! the KoXride,-of Oe&tnl O'Oon&or cf U,"V. Legions, ,
l ooor of club or Masonic order or '
: entrance to the church. At Pentecost ; '
';, 3000 organization to which they belong believe Writes: 1 have BO hesitatl Writes: 5'Ifyo. are suffering from eatarrh '
were added through in
'., : ,''I'" atng e d.,.. Then there is1he!!: baptism Lord's Sup a about the world whether it i ill round or mending Panina to all or physios] debility immediately oollaDi_' : 1
.., ',' "Tins is flat or whether Jesus created in six daysor /LeWd with catarrhal trou to Age
per. My body which was broken : the ose of Parana.' It, .baa boea..f tie
whether the earth
<, ','. for i. the Redeemer's in COM( year, or reverves ,
yon Xbe
. McBride iSO
Penneylvania ,
.... apostle t. the Church of Corinth commend : around the lUll or the sun around greatest benefit add service &to-many of my

, 4 its perpetuation 'as a memorial to their the earth or whether heaven and bell are Waahingtoa.J C. frienda.' "-Dennis O'Connor, 738 S2d: .Bt, I '

"f lord. Baptism and "the Lord' Supper" slates of existence or fixed bodies. information Tbel'el.on General LoBarttretof N.,W., Washington IX C. To those who ,Jiayef8* *

""t.I ,. Christian are then very Church.aignifioant Not to and join belong the church to the you about give these for not questions demanding of it the'::of seeulr the- Army. Oen.'Wright, of the Confederate Army, 'fered Ionsandhope;, : ' .

j ia to deepi.. three helps to the cultivation ] sasociation. yet asking I Writes "I take pleasure in recommendingParana. '
:.c church ia that these are not builded on Writes: "I can testify t. the from Hum ipftb
of the life !
spiritual full sacred
/ so :
these while the church i i. That It i* a remarkable) medicine aol '
: t meaning. All Christiana ahould embraceroth questions rune, both at a tonic and .
,\?\ aa precious memoriil of the Saviour'sdeath. i. where you are wrong. The church. i* edy.; Pemna enjoye the .... should be used by persona who are .ia need. Blood, Skin, and,
of the '
1A,:, To embrace these is to join the not builded on the integrity story tho! Coafodorato of a good tonlo and bf sufferers from _
atarrh. -
Army lost
1 of Jonah and .be whale nor belief, in the tion aa a catarrh remedy of and. who have ,:.1
church. To "
them is the
ne.glect to despise Marcus '
.. Wright 1724 Corcoran
'//t." .,hu h.Vo..... than that. To neglect: garden of Eden nor even in Cna. infallibility yet devised. Jamee : ], recommend your In
/ of the Scriptures. hut on Jesus Christ St., Washington, D-C.) ,
,1\ : them is to di.obevOlar Tx>rd. whom you *Do ville, Ga. a* a very exeillent ... ,
But ask.
and Him crucified.
.4'J: tr' "profess bow disregard to kerve.for Even your: further Lord's dyinare it ia to- hot your members believe :you m them questions General Hotke, of 0. for coughs, colda ca _Oen. Hawley ojfWaahiagton, D. O, aflthlngshumafl, \xf. \ .
I "
I =
? I do know am sure. H. s.
. .: gneat! "Thia do in remembrance. of Me." would not be surprised not to find many who debility.'V-W. Writes: "i" have used PeVnas;, and lad it CUR ; I You would Writea: "I commend Peruna Jacksonville Fla.
submit much
to Inconvenience ,
)y do not. Will.we not expel' them? Y..... if very; benencUl'for kidney trouble and ..-
\' to comply with the dying wish of an troubled with cold and Pills with
: and for are pr< appeal a
find .. indolent! good
: earthly, friend. Bu\ yourLordu dying request -. we them "Waitlngton, D. C, ''pecially] good for oougns, colds 'and caUrrhil -.
..e : who remain .
nothing religiously a* you are a* a cure .
S >. ignored. How ran expect to troubleaAr. Hawley. force to be raitaril.1
you these. reooni'nu.nd hardly
out of the church because of queationn. general tonic."-Chaa. F. your .
? How
j spiritually hope
to crow hear God say. "This i i.ran lit you, beloved ever Hon all their. Hut hearts..if they mind Jove and Jesus strength Christ and with, if N. W.. Waahington D. C. and effective' cure 0.n. Urea] Sptudah War, Yetamu Every hope, evcryexpsc.I'
T in whom) I am well pleased!" Instead of and to who
any Writes I
that love inspires. them towards righteous- : "Many of my friends have uaedPeruna
., pleasing never thought your Lord it w.n you ao offend venous Him.a matter You neaa in private life and make: them eagerfor General Erwin' tonic to build up with beneficial results as an effective tatioh awakened by them

,, before, did you? Sleep not tin* night un noon the think salvation of relinquish of men: our we charter would as asa Many of my friends have. L. Lumax 1003 16th St.. remedy for catarrh." M. Kmaift has bcen.mbre'thantU1-: : :;: r i ifllted.

tilou no/ssFti a* wrll a. profess the Ix>rilJrsiis diriotinn cliurru. aa to expel. such choice as a dyspeneii remedy with UreU, 813 12fh St.. !I. W.; Waabingten. tur '. _
Il..n out and out Christian. great
;? : Sympathize j fleial results.John; B. I
with and come into that, souii .. are, they. D. (Co, D. C. -
that ia these nut a fourthreason you ignore the ton. D. C. Other Army Genenls who praise Pe of Simple ScMulousafldHereditary
perpetuating nnereurites. ,
comrade in
of : rec-
:, \ church of ( )"irist. ia because of dislike mr "
Keep not inolated from the one organization ccrtun member of Ilia church. Klse of B. .-General Schell to my; friend. a.,an in. rune are: Humors', ..
(that God hai for the
let redemption ,
I; its m.ninUr. This. last reason is more prcva'.nt ; build: the "- JfrHffadler-denoral Cook, oftf..hinorton '
-- t, 01( the world. : I ball you haW any uteri r.C. and until .1'........* Ii indeed a .... up syatem. D. C. dally made by them tbaW
Now for these andfeel :
q1 rruoni you stay. out is sanctified I than at 407 eih St., N. W., , ,
nature more
nuiiian for cough and colds I
I justified in doing. aeneruX.Syplivr .
'r so oflEaaIitagt.n,3 C.
;1 You obJert to the erred of the rhurch. present. Ike I"ole church| mill for separate this reason.themselvesfrom Hut if j I better."-F. M. Schell ... GeNeraL Jdiddleton, hancock Bat-' by a11otherBoodi, *..

'.' Creeds are forma. and] you detest the for : .here. ia there no other I ofPa.. VoL U. a A., V. Wa. Skin Remedies 611Mi.1
h i' mal. Yet I know, of na one who need. ] one church fjus you Goneral Dufflold of the tnnt, V. r. Mn0toi D. C. s cot
- ( form more than you who raise thu nro- churi-h., no oilier minister wlll're"u can baa been used by If you do not derive prompt and aatiafae-. ';

. r tent : your religious. life i i.. ao slack. That nnnhin[ at pcaffe find. with such God and and there man? I Writes: "I hive used Peruna At12O4)j: ; as a relief for catarrhal tory results from the use of Peruna, write a single t, cotftlngv YbUt
Your duty ia to !go
4 \ which) to you worthy nerd above ecclnsiintiral all. 'else, order i. to. conform for if not of your denominational order and.have found it a va'.uabie: most beneficial reaulta at once to Dr. Hartmaa. giving a full statement ne"doUar,',Jli1gC:, fte1

: then of some. other rather than. de.ipiso. take. :> in of th, of of and hie will be
\ 1 you ars amazingly< disorderly: rvlixiou ynenlcmir. 'I p aaur" efficacy; Peruna :your caae pleased to sufficient to .
and refuse it
. .:: For others that miv br a coodexcuae. the church universal difference your between who Buffer from catarrh of ( .. to give it my; recom give you his valuable advice gratis. euro,
,;, i' that: but erred hardiy is for you. \"e the all admit life it! support.being at odd is a with some especial.; I who_ require a tonic of Cooper Talley 713 D Address Dr. Hartman President of The most dLtress1k u.
no important a
aa *
"f, contain just cradle iniitortantas church and holding aloof from all churcncsbecause Cairo Washington, D. C. D..C. Hartman Sanitarium; Columbus, O. fallI "
a no i* aa when all else
. \ with that I
not in harmony
: .' ; S the babe rorked there. and.* no suit of 1
r' If cannot walk sympathy: with' someone I
. clothes ia a. important na the man wlieweara you in Americans write about : ; S5I1 _ 000IIawe
you are at fault if you do not walkin ; I t at tJit..s ... Wll. IB* p.VdA.
them. Kevertholes Christian
. a or 4 and that POULTRY FENCEU:94' =: J
sympathy with some other la Brooklyn a year average!: AND .._ _
church without, a ereed i* like aa engine; isolated from ......_.........__J
. without .a track-little protean can b* : no one i iii forced to keep i per cent of all the 1.its Os.g a C..p.i.t. .
made. There i neither i ideal nor practical, aill churches because lie cannot live in harmony i the world. ... ---es-A4i= useis aM essi.
i. '
- l': existence without belief and what a man with, some one church. If you cnii- '-' 361n Hi '. 30 Carb p pet Rod IC'rnW 50 teats p far Boi _,W'
;: believei ia his creed.. And his creed if not conscientiously, enter one. I repeat it. I .loo K.....->l. :
' are at fault for not entering some 48ia 40 Cenfa Rod 72i 'HisfI GO Carll W AvitAsvcczseOBs
/. the. channel through which the very water you The readanof paper Hift& pat ,, ,
' other As .for this church if will permit _ _ _
" 11 of life flow into his thirsty, souL flock: you I learn that there Is at least. : Gdmpi
the channel and the water becomes me to say it, it has been during these ..... that hall .
4' ; up 'j aotaaee been 10 Bode or 166 feet In one roll.Bo! order taken
i last atx year* a veritable: haven of. refugefor : ';& .
; But that ia not the fault] of the '
stagnant. (belts Catarrh. ;
those kind 01 : We have rented for leas than, 10 Bode. This t* not a cheep nettlngf -
, creed, Thou only art to blame. A Cure ia the
) growInK rape only positive euro : : AVERYMcMILLAN
: but la :Fence made out of Ho. 19
' man, it is true, net'di an expanding more pews tl.n more peopeCram this medloal rratarnlty. \ a strong -
J.: erred and woe-unto him wios. creed. t ia other 4Ienomin.tionatb..n. those of tltutlooal dlaeaaa. require a heavy tf.hanlHd wire reinforced every 12 Inches. O1>.BS .aVonath Forayth St., Atlanta, i
I. not eipreislve of the ward of God and the our own denominational faith and train treatment. Uall'a CatarrbCure.L Poultry and Rabbit raising (ay* better than oot. S. i-AtL KIND* OrReliable -

-. : revelation: in .lesiisl We must admit that 1nj. Here are two picture You will in. nally acting directly u poa the I ton. Ben eaek with order foe a Boll;, -.**.
) Christian ia kept ollteide' the Untly detect the more p'.eaaif.g: to gate: .urt.1. the .
aa mans n himself cons ayatem; Uesi th I. paper awol we.will prepay twol.I ... MAc
, church because of Iti.t.-.d. ao many 'a upon.. Here ia a person absenting log the foundation of tbe tijg
man is. in the church for the creed's ....b. from all public: worship! all Christian activity.because the. patient strength by HARDWARE CO. . ,
.' Such a man i i. as devoid of vital hold on troubled over some Ilib.icalml : stitution and awiatlng . .
i.? ',I Christ. a. i*. an Kgyptian mummy tired doctrinal question or because lie. does work.- The proprietor have ao ATLANTA GEORGIA. ..: .-
.' 10.000 Tear Creeds are a curse when they not (like the church, of his early. choice and Ita curative power that they .1 -

: 1. take "the' place of the life and more than lie ia- leading a bitter elf-centercd, indo- I dred Dollars for. any oaae that AT' 0"rt-8w "'&*. Dll t.', cured ROYAtrrboT WASH. '

,-:;' f 1\ one church. in Chriatrndom has loC It* ;..ttll: len Mp n"*x|"ence. Here is anotier Send for list of testimonials. B.m<>'". Odor. of feet, armpits ete. Keeps the feet eool.. --if'
" \ life sad i* clutching only its. creed. BetteP Abo" has a similar grievance, butovercomes 1/'. J. dinar A Co. .
,: 'f stay. out of church, like that and retain It for the Mister ante. He Sold by Lruggt.t76c.. I "0* druRRlsts send S6o to EITOW Daoo Co., AtLaurA, QA.,'
be the of God ) ,t ; your life than. entering in. lose it. Such; believes t he Gospel to power Take flails Family; Pill for
r.. a church ii,. however an exception. to the unto salvation. He i ii. convinced me are
-/; I,' rule that does not strengthen the life of lost without Christ. lie believes.h ia rei Steam haunches with

'4 I> every member within its fold. if they give onaibJe| if the. light' within Urn becomes are now at the service of *rgui !' o iuoft'i.i.ptzss..n '
I. it the opportunity 00 to dc>. It i i. our false dark II"" ,. Therefore he continues to bo wish to view the marine ; :
1' thought about the church that i i. to bo de- identified with that oiganiuition that rei>-
, f. plored. Our nueition is. What benefit rrsrnta the kingdom of Heaven in the Catalina Island. iu a,

r.I f will we derive" Our question ought to eArth.A .
;fcj.s; >- be "What opportunity mil it provide to woman told* ne- a while ago she ;:oined Coo 5 S

": render benefit to my feliowa\ ICM fivorr'l the church because it wa her duty and IT COSTS N E frlek; BnfllneiT floIl.rs, .*
::.- than myself?" Our Christian. profession. ii for no otter reajon.. She did not especially! t.V
% : 8lre
..: , a sham that doca not intcri>ose Uod and like the minister. !She' could not digest all Write uv .a "postal card for a r. Prices *. WheatBEST

ltn humanity in place. of. .,,If. Conversion introduce the creed. !Sine disliked some of its members STUART'S GIN AND : rinefrea S ;g' ii'-T ; "a"4'-

1, ai to God and estranges ill from and [preferred the width of the avenue \Vn' erieorrnllT send It IA all : fJO cents $0
4: self. Not for self's sake, thi-n but far' between herself and them but abe prq- ny. Liver, H'mrv. Hlad>lcr and : 1.50poand .
. : Christ's Bike do we join the church. leased 10 be a Christian and believed. her "n reauest. It will do all that pee.uLl
i''. ,, When vre become new men in Christ ;ilesui p'.acf: vii in the church rather than out. rull directions with pampli' * mata _
and this caper. Addrass STUAItr \ t $0tter -
tike to the church For firtwn ,he remainedoefUjoe
- we as instinctively no yean C'O. 38 Wall Biresi, Ari.AKTA" '. _
does the duck to the water or tbe bird to criticised. A barren. una tisMcJor: a )i.-> TOBACCO may be In toed 1*

the air. S itunl life, was. the eoneeqifence. t-he entered of (table and rant,, Og -
second I hare heard finally for Vhrilt'.n -h..r chuldreuusiuake
---- A reason givefor .
--- you 3 *
4 ,:: remaining ouuide the churcli is because and the lat year had been the, happiest IMPROVED SAW HILL ON _ _

ita members .are not good enough." You' and most profitable( : of her Would esjaunee. Bmr to grow Large Enfllne 'and 'Boll.r.;'ki .
look for perfection. You find Im > 'recton., lyou !believe in Christ? you
" < tash' / t.XOO bubdi I ,
inaide the promptly Shingle MIITa ,ten
honor Him! Your place ia ,
'p-- You arc at fault; not the church. You expert ON RAINY DAYS kiapwa.I
too much. Co mo iota the church' church of Christ aa truly as the soldier'. Pk*. ___ __ r Circular Sawa.Saw Teeth.Paten
a and it will not be month before place! i ii Inside the utfimetit. or the sailor a io.. withschoincierdtr.I1c.t.t.
many youwonder .. Btaam Governor full lImsE|) r
exclaim the 'tOwns _ _
-: how :Satan ever so gut possession on hoard ship. But )OU > sulplMte-producea an I
... .
I Mill ; .n'd
of mind na to beguile, : into expecting creed the doctrine. the membership', the and a good yield. 2OO. r % i.jb.vf .UIIPIl. for frWISAWMILtSn _
you I
; tr your perfi'dion of church member*. Hut I minister.. Well, then seek the c'aurci! youcan r .: I t N I OU linve FtotnsH. John A. Salzsr Seed Co LA CROSL: .

you will'f lino find them much more Christ- : fe"owhip: even thousli: outiiJo. your ; u. : \: "Totwcco Culturt.".con-, I ,
CLOT" information sad
iWoroination and if uch church can be *
like than expected, -not in abjo.ute no *
you obtiia Ires ot
R- ' a copy
.. bo'iinoas, but in leslre for more righjeouness *- fo-ind tr1e vo' rei' ppcedi.y: to JnusLhrU. ; It. ::
j- ,'!' in their lives fend in the world. heart ; Go lola your closet and ahut to B1J1C or thil1i-
; thc oillc. (_ J Saw with Ben's tint..... i-T_
the aposlle exclaim] that life ia a battle: kho do>r with your prejuron o ... StrvM. er j
field : ""}' iht the good fight of fail h." ..< Then fall ":oi yjar kucci.d: rt I 2 IT tits ETCRT DAY tla.-O )" a. DresS ... ear ".'''._.''tWorksasgeoek.Iiug

:t-t Life ie a race course, ao run that you may' to. be converted .oil: ove- again., Some of --- ... The D.L..... Patent Variable rrtstlefi Paee; HUe for AoncaAor Variable ,heed SIM ruciTlJ WersTj
attain. Read hi. letters to the churchon "ia, rou know need to be morethan V --- - Saw Mill wltn 4 b. p. cats 1,_fee'Tn day. AUslxe ITT AMD seen O.OPa.ATIOlt. WL.
: disputing, contentions among you. 'J'hU' onc.. Kren the seventy, time wvcnrocommended :/1 --c-sa.- sod price to suit. D Loach Hhlugl' Mill,, "_rliMlv etnmlar. .. .
pricc'eia: letters to vhe Corinthians woud: by the Master in the olden eM- -...- N. FLIID. I. IMeer*. Trimniers. Plaaen t Corn and Bubi SALEM IROM WQRK...WIi."tI
: . never hare. been written had it not be -n time- Let God overrule your prejudices ) !: Mills Water Wbe ls. Lath MIIU. ; Wood>._ -
_.Had the been. heart with HIS rrace. Our handsome new' catalog will Interest yen
church at Epheiua perfect and flood your pala '
traetorenn-e; .. .. -
Mill Mfg. Ce, Box BM. Atlanta. 0.
: no letter to the Kphcsiana: would have Then go in the spirit of a lilt:. child and .. nenralcla. eolla,
L been penned. Put away lying i i. b... com sale sdm.ittar.ee. of the nearest Christian anil all aetio*and pain. W. L.. DOU _

( t mand. Let him-who stole ateal. no more. hur..h.J.et.. hntbrni: : tand betwren you Ilk. It. Try. a bottln. Thts is What You Want -S
-- - -- dnetvr's bill* Ask
that divine your 3.3'SH
r- Let all olamor and wrath andnvy be put and that important obligation: .. ,, .
t m it. send .
of thta ( or to
Give the
that name
away from ;yon .. becorntfh aaints. pri"i'ertha t necessary ducipane: .W. L .- _
- I Were the church of to-day perfect it price:eo. joy. writing to advertisers-( ) Aawou wanted I; btar paw Dan a Aay .hoe*ha v* by their' I _ _
would ba very insipid. No struggle: to be -- -- ; .. gel -0.... ... -0",14' U.. excellent style
3 ;. good. No fighting. temptation. 1, for one On the Pi...... : ..... to..at.._Ie to&M "asy-Itltlisg'aiii4. Ssuperior

would prefer to be out of it. I would Ilrery; Clay Trumbull. apeaking of the BUll sUDICIIIE CD.." Sta..far'C.. weevrtns
) sooner be imperfect with a desire for holiness misiion of the lowly! road In the Christian's qna-lltlea; oUI.v*a
f q than ba perfect and know 1 it lIt knd life and Its relative importance in comparison 'WFNCHJsrBR ficaMalaliwaa4& ii direstisea.sU east. at A auUHs.entak ead. r:= the l.rg.at .*!. of S
lie it all, and never have desire for any to the mountain road, says: "There are : =i.diuab: =s.d hatseuditssl_, avayaho.* I ilu tbe kworld.

1 I. ",S, thing worth while. I would go so far aa to times in every: life when the soul stands on .. ,-. ;;1\
_ _
, thank God for an imperfect church just the clear heights, and no teak seems, to be CURED'Qlvaa' Tlae7 IAore just; M flood
( ;
\ eta I havs many; a time thanked Him I .. _ _
\L was ; the boundless enthusiasm those thai yW
difficult\ to coat
-I. too _ _ _
a member .f a sinful race. 'with Jesus aaRedeemerWan But what is to be done ; .* CG W-the -
of the moment. DropsyKcmov only
,t of a sinlea. race and know I soul descended into the Powder 'Shells. Qalek. ; dlfferenca la tb ,'. when the has Factory Loaded Smokeless I
Him not. The church holds to ita members -.I is and the R.lfeti. TaM T . -
, %- .
relation which
to the that little bor. As it trains the school him I for does a task remain, T Only to go on bravely Its. DOt sentiment -It.. not the price- that make* die _ ** all swelling'/S*to-.so/.. look for'name' i and I

r i rich intellectual existence by; and by so trusting the clearer vision on Uie mountain moat Intelligent and successful abate shoot Winchester da"l".a. ...'!.. ):: prloaon bottom.c..4-

r., '- the church trains for rich spiritual ,existence : top, and making faithful P'rfc.rm.noefiU Factory LoIIMSecI 8bcquQ Sheila. Ita the results: they'give. given Ii...Nothlnsjcan, b*fairer] OoIt'khe ioe.da.,a.e I
The .
-a, by and by. Th* most important the place of enthusiasm.- its mountain in It's their entire reliability sneso of pattern uu4nlform Write Dr. H..H.*VV Base, .' beth. *-Ps-test ts.verywt'a.r.LP...... pet sau pm'd i1
haa each .
.. the place Sasclalait
and plain
B Altaaia.-
I *
,:; condition of both ia unwillingness to be pest OJ ..
mountain for the clear aboottnc. Winchester L..cS 01' .bell.,1oeuS-e Isa.ta seed. .I4ss.'..ell,. .
taught. The church in its relation to the Christian life tlie Wrila Isa(atae.. w.......,....JIorMk- ___
smokaleas lbs beat loaded ..be11.oa.the
ed with powder,
tbeplain' are
4 .' world is as a regiment with Jeoua. the vision ahead. the lowly road along .....'1'&.....,;.;......,.
c-' ; great. victorious Commander leading the for the actual. performance of the market. Winchester "Repeater" shells loaded wttbmokeJeas =:t -
/ way. In relation to its membership it is asa journey.? powder are cheap In ftiea bat not In quality. ru-

; training school where've an trained for . Try either of theM* branda and you will b* well pleased. p, F.ix-J J 'I

awrvioe and fitted for living in, tim. and A Uttle ....ra. Bej sure to get WlncbsstsrFacsopL.oed.d.bsUs.\ -.. J
i e a- eternity. .. You'll not stay out of the A little thorn may rend the finest fabric;' "- 1Jf .a'.u'OIsat.: _

chnrch tk.n.lo ig.rb.cada..of-thi. sq mar! a littlesin"mar,' the fairtst aonL->- ?flu1lLt6TIIr.CflAP.N&&h.iT: '; :,leeeeu.-' iC'__._ I

- '.rroni.ns idea, .that.; its __bon' ought United PresbyUriaa. / /. ,I -.-eesp-. .......- .... .4
-- r-
:. l' ...I ire !(f 0 -wv..2.urs9.L.e
. 't'.f.( .: ,J. -t, 'f. W f.$ .u- .:-
1 -
-1'. ", 'i; -;- rw : ,;:

. ---.- -- :..., n- -
/ .. ,\ ,
J/s; "" ;ttll'\t.. 'i 'II .\
'"'. ,' :. !


.1 "1rn1
/ i,


1.E' /I : 3 S. :

: & 'Valtbu' !, 'Calais- -I'HK)' *..KA'1It taiMkMCITY.-: j{ '

tr -. '.i s.Rp iso GAIT,. MO.Fltl.AT"a. ItrVBLUUD ' Secretary Shaw 990,000 has for'the asked congreitoappeoprlata erectionof a R :. RIB ; D NN TFfESHiE( i N

White' houseand
a new at ,
: ,
Valley. u** ite mmamir, RVIIUI' ,
kipfti.0.C6ULA000NT1rLa, the' 'Washington! oorrespondet / J -. f,. ., t.
for the New Yo-k World says that It I .
.,. : I ir-oI'lUET .... the president vets" .the new stable!>> be I '" , '
.' , - ,'. ,
can run his expense account upagstinet -
_,. 'J .J. a.: POUND' eaitor._ the government' to over $WO,000 divided i ... -
; :...n04 at tee Ponofflo la KlulmnM, FU., ar follows" ,,: l
r. a'aiaooadelar-_- taut matter.w uRe.t.orlne-It'. and"'refurnishing the . j jTADIES
I" "
aab.eftb.f.uwllt please notlf r tt. offlo. If White house, 476445.
_,,,,-:x.7, 1&1110 Ooum..lo.ttoue(-t Ui. Hipvr. renularlf.xcot from.oar author. Six-room office building attheWhile .HOES. .

'..11&,_I eQTr po.d.DW' man >. BlKavd by the bOUI ,$6 ,100. .
I-.r. the,U. S. S. Mayflower l
.J, Rejeclt4 d..u.r will not be re'l1l'11111 unlenBY Refurnishing OBOCER- ,
..tiled for. .:' for use as the president's. yatch, YOUR ORDER FOR )
E Ih..diutr U not rmpon.lbU for opinions es. .
pjj>rtt.fed bjroorni.poDd.nU.: 9100,000. .1ES V '* OF A DOROTHY DODD will be appreciated at a l
vAilv.rtUlur nttmmar be bad en.ppltostlou. Cost of refitting and repairing the TV
':j. S0B8CKJPTION RATES. Mayflower In 1002 and 1U03\ for the will receive prompt attention left ),, Tglance--tlt e comfort can be determined the instant they are fit 1.

,,fiOB.eopr.iMi.rMr ... . . . ti.no president's use, tI4\\.'>,OQO.Est1rlla.led with us. And what we deliver will "l
.. .. .. .... . their service.
: ,
ti 'Oo.Oopy lx month.: .so.sir of this 'eartJOOOO 9 ted. Time and wear have well demonstrated i
repairs )
1on.oopyrthpamonths. ., ... ". .... , cost <* befound of surpassing good quali-
,, .;. ' 'Friday,' April 8, 1904.l CoVt of keeping the- .Mayflower and ty; right up to the top notch of perfection Oxfords $2.50.

l ',' the sylph, at the disposition of Mr. ; fresh and wholesome. If

' 4 . WITH. Tim CATTLE RAISERS. lloosvolt, in IWi\ and 1M3, CO,000. t Boots $3.00. fytr
doubt about our prices, the fol-
the two you
ti J: ?:.:The meetlogt of the Southeastern Kstlmated post 01 keeping I sMen's
. -
"\Stockbreeder'a Association, recently ships In readiness for a presidentialcall wi ifita-m wily ji i re you an idea -- - ,

,&;t ; ;bell Jacksonville it fraught with this ,mmerZL',0t10.' of the moderate charges prevailing, +
:. : .great Interest to the people of Florida. New White house stable asked for ; -Crossett $3.50 and $4Shoes '
c' ''I!: ,'/The'address of Z. O. QbamblisB, of by the president10,000.\ etc.: :

f-., t<'State,,,showing; that the ..waning: TotaJl12.fI41.\ Damaged.corn $1.25 per sack, to 1
. ''1I\\pi.1t.ura\ of the cbnunons had re- It is explained that these figures do J
.the.average weight of cattle ex- not take into account the great naval close it out. makes life's walk easy. Several styles.. Come | ,

rtec1 from:,'600 to 480 pounds groins, display off Oyster Bay lasf Bumniel-, them.
$ IcU result was also partly due to which disnlay was ordered by the president see
S unwise:'method of Interbreeding for the. entertainment of his visitors W B MAKINSON CO. I

, .&aleat.- ek shows that the stock and, children and cowl tun --- -- --i__.- _ I
ot thla State ny thousand dollars; 'and. 'vet, ... <
are up against a &.r I Shoe
i proposition t.hat'requires brains there are many lepublkan' newspapers) | 1 1 Red Star Brand

\well .as money In 1U .batlsfuctoryin that attempt! to make It appear that 1h The Glen'' ,
f //IC."t 0 there is about Mr. Roos\elt conbldef
1 ijj i-
erable democratic simplicity:-The % ( rA
x' m .bees
applying a remedy led (1 '
l.1 Operative by the showing that Commoner.A jj| a first-class! | ; In Medium. Priced
t .
F ..' ===----- r ''I
; principal customer, Plan Hotel f fI
European ,
Inoe,the war restocked Itself with Cireat bats to Scott Count and |

c t. the and la now looking for higher the State of Mississippi, 1 ara>_a Gents' Little Gents' Ladies' j .
;y law cattle tq cross with" her stock lin- From the nott County (Miss ) Kiglslcr I | i i
ported fronV'thl-.State. The Florida Perfecton, the famous hone, will '; J. S. (ISTRflTTON\ Pro. :
le: rnlser it-now confronted with leave for Florida where he was bold /.
obaditioa l that demands to a prominent orange: glower and /! ;,1 and Misses. h '
a reorjiaDizai -
Have fitted up the room 4 I
.., i o't hi. builnex, both in the mattier real estate man, Mr Van Duror of 'II ', ,J '
:":$.), production and the markets toJloh Kissimmea, Kla, The farmers of Scott! ''Ii' recently vacated by the City .j.jI ) a
I ..,a7! be must pander in the dlsposlJt count! and the Stat at liirfre Hill J regret 1''I, Ba.keryand the rooms above Ii C..8..J-r'.J::: BE :BE.A.'I'_ i -

," of his hU departure, for there. is not a to be .' -1-
a > products. In the matter of ti!, with the best equipment 'Ij ., >::: '" ) '
HtalHon in the State who IK his equal, t -=-' ',"
Introduction the 11 - .
n ; Florida stock ralueiHa I had and am now prepared to rf:
a awake to the fact that large Wcsi in beauty and] breeding qualiiies l'ir __ ( ..tJ';
11A/ cater to the wants of the public . .
.i pdncern. bay for been quipurchaitng ftctbuu wax raised in middle Tennesse r yl 1, -- -- -- - ---- --- -- PH -
years .
large tracts of Floridajlch on the line of 1 Kuutucky, and he I If, . Table unexcelled: large ij
was brought to Mississippi by Dr. 1 p, i4 rooms and comfortable '" t
they: will find io due airy ((1
Of Wwe Phillips as/ a year-old und }has, 'twin reasonable for SEE '- a
r e will be fenced and plan- beds. Rates j COME: AN"D
in the Stale fir 0 He has
,to>> t.he'cra"e: and forages best years produced Single Meals. Board by the j jI
apt.eclao tblsjclimate soil, upon some of the most valuable Imrne ill, -OUR NEW LINE QF FALL ;. .. i
rwblch'will be >n In the State and many of Ins rolls I; Day or longer 1 r rr .-r.!<:' .: .r.r.. -rt.e ijt

__ J., rat Shorthorn and placed Hereford Improved cattle.breeds have sold an high UH K"<.00.'e congratulate \.,.- _. _..-..:;-"-...-. ..'.-_' ;--..'-.-...''.-._'._...,. I

;:'\if The present., Florida stock raisers' his new owner in obtainingthis ( The way! to build \ii; u town i I.. <'oHatioti Dry GoodS Clothing *
", horse r on a fan mid) eiiuitubli-l" isi.uniontr J
nnleaa tbej'wake great <>] :
>: \ up to the real situatioa I .all tlassfH: m-\, '..r losing ,
; and put themselves in the proes8loQ"IDade Mr. and' Mrs J. C. Giiltln I and huh> si-rhi|. of the fact that u dollar kept in ,I, K r. 41
V-( (! .necessary by the force of will leave tomorrow't.o'Iloit relatives mentation at home ib worth a .shipload A '
:awenU, .. will find themselves stranded at New Smyrna. AND NOTIONS. : Tz 1
snob the ,rocks of neglected op- abroad.- i a
P ttles.i ..- ---_ ___ .__ I yt)110400 ,
- -- -- I'
1'+ i nlueof: crabgrass and velvet ..'3.'V .":J' -.--:; "-;:;.. I '

t r i'have of late years forced them- I'' .. .---- - .-. \. -
-- -
upon>> = the attention of the stock -
-rand demonstrated the Itnport- f1o11' N "--- -
o wt -- -----
In: the _fattenlog of Ca.i.t16.and t pi -. .
l.iipon: him' the conviction that

''tM"oat.tJe! t.beia.. always .a food I I! .07 Orri000P.Y1IGCJJr. C1JYl.CY.AcifYit.OOSJ3cY.00rdll0t: if.- "

i'prices.I aV has.: Yet own'these door: flattering'op at remunerai -- : \:- .. I IS THE w LIVELY FEED AND SALE STABLE ]

unities have bees disregarded heM ,, I . .
It was easier to drift with the --
ent and exhaust the ofppea ; '

i commons tbaa by pasturage exercising' / ---4 __ >; TIMETo J. S. STRATTON: Proprietor.

udence. and< "forethought to subdue I ,
ire by a llule labor aid: make his 1
> land bontrlbuttd'-tb. increasing ',;4a'

,kta l '.wealthy.L =- Do THJT timE JOB o.FP N ,ji
fiTaugbter l of,the pine forests' by IBnBG'1 f
i|umber,men have left vast areas of :
Ida land ready for the ploughman fr tJ 'I',t;
Avert 'Into pastures rich with -- 11 ';S- //t

(milking possibilities. These. lands , l kh Y :
Ready Mixed '1 .
1ow'be.eourecJa' a low figure ;:: M .
i J.n.bermen' who bave ex- _
their wealth of timber. The Dry Colors : ., ,'...
men> are next. to the real altua- cC3 ; :
,rand will doubtless appreciate rQ... -
Lgx>lden opportunities and these Oils Stains
vjll' be the means of Improving 9sa4sA1.g a 1 1'r
.i" : .h
3s.: of cattle and a future cu. "V TfS. '
>f rapidly Increasing wealth.
Immediate Vicinity of Tampa/ ..c= ,
k. butter ;. 'r d 'M1k v
and are of h ighi > '"

.:i than beef, our, numerous Plastico
re already done much in the
the breeds of milkJe I

',Devon' i by the cattle fine herds'of that are iup- Cold Water .

|,nod the city. Dut ID theState
-it Is evident that.e' "
== Paints and a fty .
must be interbredto '
secure the best !

DO to,Will bringing no doubt about con- I 'FINE LINE OF BRUSHES. "I"I"

rable :result.-Tampa .
I. .f '' :

...;, ,
sett Near A clote.of 'i'i\

tt q a small, catboat :,"..r.r

re returning from a1.ty. Parian Paint II IIis 1 i j--t! 1

flue people, lu- .. ..
hers of the faculty of ; ;' .
thodlit Seminary at I :! I,
wife of the presidenton'va. guaranteed not to come off

; student and the no matter how long exposedto
,;ttjacjiers; who washer
colleg'e'' lc d. their the action of the air sun

I in the near Mielote Monday Half
Block from
while thug president of,the semiand or weather and costs no more Depot and Hotels.
another teacher are Incondition. a err \
than Inferior goods. JUtiJ"
Rubber-tired Vehicles
lase.. Mr'B..W.t. Gallter, . _ ._ Stylish Gentle Horse 1
T irj
MeRae: MU Slaughter, . Careful Drivers. Rates ,
toot, Oscar I). Bourland.LW "
Jk rpf the seminary, :GRAVES & GRAVES fi
Phone 61.
teacher,'weM res- __ .
;, a .
q' thMrr + "

iu eu Y

"p. I <., I, .' ,. ; ? y2I ,-, t tr ", ,;'f ,. >I ,yr.
i, v v "" 'Jo(, ;,;;l i
..; _J, ,. ,. ., "' t
. _, .... l.rvwav iunihH -.ilI ?rw4rw. e .to I t. lr"N fL.
> .. < -I.j. It. I': .*> yo ,
? d ."'it !I. rl
.. .1::) .
.... '.I.. .., .. ._ r n. "' ,, :to ,;t
......a """_..,.._"" "'L".""". ._..... .) : ..... Q, rr: ,\", Jrr

'r s fJ4

.. .
:: '
Klsslmmec VaIJ6u'GaZ6U6 II "' i 1'CeW' Co; ..9lt Ora..tze4. h
The A, few trunk lett'.. Walton's. Wane:< the '''D I'OrlaDC1o.: } VV1rV V '

For; Insurance to'/j. Baby Carriage ai Wat. M. Will- .
_L_ >HONaI go : s'
T r NO. 11. '
installed QO TO ,!
on Tueidvj
1 son, Jr.Work. Wlckle: .Xll Store at''fa.t.aOIl'. I"

'l PUBLISHED" : ,XYEKY: VJtlDAT.BT ... upon the new. dock: WM'.begun School Shoe'at.St.& f rd's gv ran4:, the acted DIt"I routine|, elected buslnet. officers and ,iravnt-. 'I' '
Monday morning teed.
POUND a HA..I.. If you' want, a Delineator Pattern go ft ice fresh celery at Warlnj Over- On Wednesday night /tn an adjourned gWATSON'SHARDWARE ,
meeting was held e.nd. orgaalgsEton .*
to D un,'the Shoe Mac. street' .. !

OHUROH. -DllilHOTORY.' ; Blum .Moody of Rt very lew_ was. Visiting' Card lOo at Dann'.' the effected as followi;;. President I: When in Need of : f'
jr. W. Tbompson'Nelected -
WmtoDtar CHCBOH.: -Preaching each Bab- among his friends here Monday.Jim .: Shoe.Mao ""
bath, II a.ra.and 1 o.olock. Prayer memo of the Council and, proceeded, to ; '
evenlnr at 7 p. m. Sabbath Crawford, of Orlando, ,Wae' In Capt and Mm.'Johnson went.to Orlando FURNITURE
.J | >aohoo1:4b. Bunda.m.rnla, the city yesterday buying cattle for yesterday,. appoint Ills committee .M follow:, : : r" '
: ; .
au. ,
? the Orlando( market. Street. 'Sanitary and Improvement-
B CBU.-o. J. Frier, PulciW.'r ,- ; 'I.. New lot'of Picture Moulding juitar- '
/ .. .' ', ..-_ ... ..... '- #CROCKERY,, ; tai ;'
XSK rvn 'u '-1Ii: u :- ; ; ijj-- .. :: .: .. ; ;: :
J '
r. i
.. tJ ;; ... f"J
.J. ... .
; .
.. :
"'>i. '' ., ., : ;, :: ,-, '. : r ,: :', ". i,. '. 1 .
< :
"., ., .,. 1 '" "C' t't .I . I
I'; .i" r
. ili) ... .. .. .
.. ,- .
H ::' ;,: :t,,\ : .;;> ; ... I.t; ; 'iII.:"' ;" ',', "" ':' '..''- ,fr _:, '. "I ':' r. ''<;{'', '.. {1', :'. : i;
; : 1 aa : .. I "
>11 q t": \ .., ';' '7; ,,? MATERIAL.'
.. "I.. '_ '
f" {
; \\1 I \\1':( ', .
4 ''1' 'w. y ... . 4 ......... / ', ia
;,(, t''. ;,- ., ,; .;)o 't".vl. t Ho..T. ..( ',:).1:1.: ,.., ."! :.n -.. .. < --:-" .

.. .
ii9Vktli! +lit+(F+1L Y+ tlw+ +!! ...i "a ;ANNOUNCEMENTS.Csndld.kattaonocementewIll v *'fot},'.pb"'of PaiblU luatractloai.; LL GOODSLMARKED: CLOSE I.

: '1: To tbeVoUno; < Oa-';'..oiwa.( ,&' A r\ .a ,
professional-Cards.\ ; : .,
IMPARK H TELi: I .9uperleteodot. "eandldaejfor the of(. '
l Pllb'I.1a'e I tee of: of fublie. inmrucllou.

en4ur this bead o.Ml Inn for.aS.OO. thank you for lour very Kenerou' rote lpaat :>. t
,,1 primary cioctloua. anti aball be deeply cratef ul forwhatT fflSFACTION GUARANTEED 'S' ,
1 n_ .. M. .Strictly.. advance ; .. ..raupport' yoi may-accord mo at the ; .
P... TNOMASON' 'PROPRIETOR.W.LVanDuzor&Co.. approfioblna, ; !! ;primary.. Youra. 8lnoerelr\
__ 01'1' .
Phyal la ..ct 8. g.oa '
ti ,
...r.State Senator.I .
o.u..gawgasa Rates $1 perDay.pegiral .' e myself aa a eandlaat. For Saperlmtendent Public laatraetiox J.

..aI4.._ *Phoa* 33. ? far. 8t... Senator of the l HHh IMatrlct efVtortdacomDoattd J h.r.by announce' ipyielf ai a candidate'' for VVVVVV ,
0lflo 'Pkoa. 133.: $ ,arrangements ."by ; of Orange and Oareole ooua.tl the offloe of Superintendent of Public. Instruction VVVVVVVV
: em cratl primary.: Neeton of Oaoeola County, subject to tba.Oeino-, .
,. KI88IUUEK.PA. : :; YX.A. the m 0 table.; ( ,crotlcpHmarlea r J .... .
ta.bhdumllJher LOtll11 C. MA.MKT.rW Ifetwrted 1 will falthfntll'and Impartially t r -
room'and' v/.th''r: perform the "plies of.the.offlee.Saipervbor '. .- .
VANS AGNEW, I i the bestir tha pnarltec affordsJ State Ser.toq''To w.J. BBABa if

_t ; the Democratic Voter"of tha. 19lh Senatorial '
1 I taTTORNBY AT LAW... ..... I ... .. ... ......... Ulalrlct of Florida_1 hereby announce of Retlatratlon.T '., '.
I NOTAKir' 1- myself. a candidate for State Senator. from tbindlalrlct herby aunoaco mr..ll a oaodldaU tpf the
AND IPUBLIC I .. .. rM ...bJ1.o the Oentocratle ..,1aa..1"1 to oltloe of Supervisor of KegUi'ration forO.oeola : '
KfSSf11ii JtILA. be hellion the 10th, of Mar, 1_. Jf eleal ., i.i: :<: will endeavor4o faithfully'aerva yon. I shall the democratic voter of the county.' -. .*R ..
.: appreciate an' ?aid that' the Voter of. thlaIMaB.BHACHAJ.V' - JW, TIIOMPSOM.',, r. wr

j54 J1Sr ' ... ,... y f" :, ,Irie.UI.I'.ma.- : Saipervlaor of .Iatratlo. .
1 ,
l ? ti1A1PSONr! .i" i L, 'I J' j'J
I '
3 hereby announce myself a .candidate fortBopernsurelKegietrUonromlelugltelected
.. .. porStat.'s; Attorr.y.j : :: Customers
I,. a DENrrS'll, B R O K: E ; -.'rebY.nn..l1.u.reell\ ;; .. a' candldttefor .. J ).,flors to Every Facility' r

.. Ofll Oectola .UU. >'., Attorney of the 7th Judicial Cltcult, ,and eonaolvntloualyV' onslstent with Sound Management. -
M ores : Phurtuary. .. . ....-r---:'':':' iub).ct to tba aollou of tba Demoeraiio primary. 1KWI3 ,WHIDDEN.; v

< Orrrcm Ilo u9' t.9 a. In. to 12 m. iAt': AL E'S-TATE2; CECIL O. BUTT. For eo..t Traaarerf'II ;; v] -.-- -tmm, . w '1
r 1:30: to /1):30: m. ,
.' > p For State Attor..y. hereby anaonnoe mraelf''a candidate1! for 1 Attention to All Bn81nesf: "lntrn8tea, to UI.i .-
: Telephone( No. 76 S Jim 5, 1"r. AND INSURANCE reflection County Ireaaurer subject to the
I I respectfully announce my. 'e.ndldacy'for democratic prlmarlea.. I aiM tender my thanks .' \ -i i q** .>M HM M.. HMB IMn iH MM M>*BM'* aa>M jI'iJ.t .
( of the SeventhJadlclalChreNOFlorida fur' tbe peat support which has been given-me' ... r
: HR. A. B. STEVENS. mibjeot 10 U.a dem. IIT .... people for this position and solicit the M, N. B. CARSON 8H..A. $ ''
i ocratlnmominatlououraytotb:' ( 19O4.' Came ag ln. If acain elected will' serve you aaa .. O
..I.DRXTIST..., I o/rarand plcdire a clean and fearless 3mln I.. abe paat., boaeatlj and ouneoualy> . .. ... ...,
-- -' - -- -
t/ IstrWonoflb.d0tiespf! ute abare honorable -' Very (eiipectfully, ,1 -- '- ' . .. '. , '.. ,"
offlec, sod re.p .t idly nollclt LheiupportotlbeiMkorii i, K. ttwsaT.rJPor .
Gaa A.dminl.t rcd.ORLANDO. [i W. R. Wheeler j . of the Seventh J. iclel Circuit of Ir' e
Florida. 01011" C; Jomta v
eo..ty Cowrla.lorerr DIet. Ho.3. ::
,Ii '. Office A. M. tour.., and ; I ... if 1Ft -, ,
Nour.j..3 1
l to 5.Jo p, M. CONTRACTOR 'I' for R.pr.s.etativ.> ) i 1 hereby. aonounoe myself aa a candlde1'to f'p H--I .
Comity Commissioner District No 't, and t
j .. FLORIDAr' ADD BUILDER. I hereby. announoa nyvelf a candidate for i noltoit the support of rny Democratic friends In . ..: : :..", ' -
Rcnrn in alive of Oaceqla County,and reipect- the coming primary fromlalnr If elected todoalluinj ...__. t 13" _
-- -,." "------ fully Mlolt| the support of the iSemooratlo-) power to serve the beat lnt reita _, > i .
j Kissimmee Florida.Modfirn..Golloniarftrid .- t.r. of the It a careful aad economlo -
; :
admlul.traten. ,
M. WILLSON J. W. WAT90H.( C. Stanford
.. ; J. Ju., ,
Arti ,1 -"

:! ROTARY PUBLIC... l tic( .. Par t". Laxtlalataire.; For CeI..., Coaaaalaeioater. Dlst. tea I. ,. t
Dwellings a specialty.
.,. ; STATE LARGE. tit
.t\ l AT I reapeottallr announce myself a eandldat my candidacy" for CoootyCommissyon
l' Real 'Estate for the .L<.ffl../lature from Oactaola County Cub -r, District No. 1, and solicit the \ '
( Agent. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED1AM44 lert.to the Democratic primary to be held onNay support of mr rtenda.. The OrlQlnator of! Low1
t K1SS1MMEK. FLORIDA. 10th, and rexpertfully. aoliolltue nippartofthe B T BUTLCE.. .
t 4w Democratic voterm. Prices In Klsslmmee -
I.ro' H. C, STANFORD. For Comaty Coavaalaeloater, Dlat.lNo. a. '

FPy For Clerk Vlrcailt Coart. I hereby announce my candidacy. : for reoom-... MeW\
I nation aaCouoiy Commlaalonar from District J! Jtiention to pfr qod$
:I DR. J. H -POWELL.kpeclallat I am .l'8n.'lIal.' for the office of Clrvltaf the No 2, and solicit the support of the democratic ,
IBOOMPLir Court of Oaoeola County and will abide The reu rrten!, .,1_the County. 1
'l : !. J flU rAnnl WITUOOI t of the democratic: primary. 1 earnfMllyanitrlt -C. .. ACRE: ti;: i
A GROVK orI of the.,OIaDIJ. .
Eye Ear-Nose Throat and E. L LBlLF.Y.Fo. :! For Co..ty Coaaaaiealoaier Diet. No.3. .; ....
I hereby apnoance ntyaeif candidate for

,I hereby. announce mrarlf a_..can, <1Mat .for Jed to the ..-tlon of tbe-Demooratlo primary. If ;ing the attention of the public to my Spring and Sum
.1)) (the olllreof Clerk. of the ctrluTC'Conrt of Oa- elected I will vaclmy belt endeavor. for the ry
FITZGERALD. GA. CeoU aunty subject to the actlun of the Ilew- ad..aoo.m.oa..w. whole County. 3f 1904 I do so with considerable pride, conscious as ;

't ocrmlc apectf" ..prlm.'J't'the be support held May of Ifttti. and re I I W*, GOBLET. I fact that it is far superior in quantity, quality and! all' ,

t 1 r B U.I1SUAN.Per For Co..t Coannla.loi.r Olat. No. 3. B otexcellence than that any previous season;,, and'

w .w..aa.re 811.rlrr. I ITo hereby. announce. myaelf.candidate forth* :- !!am bettsr preparee to take care of the needs of my r.
oltloe/ of Countr Commissioner for District
l' the.Democratic. Volen of Oaceola County:. Lot Onoeola" county,an
J. W. THOMPSON, the I hereby emoe HherilTof annnnnoe! myself Oacrala. aa County a candidate and arae.lly for the delllocraUo. voters .r82AEriL., B store being
I aollclt the support of all Dcinocraii. '. ..., +i- Gap\ even to mention the numerous articles\ that/-are on. 11
,J. M. WALKERPot ,
Funeral 1 Director and Cmbalmcr -, 1 1IlAPN 'I'"' For; Conaity' Coaaamlaalevar District .No.4I and counters; in fact but a very few: of them can ,be,

Sh"rifL, .* hereby announce myself a caudl.lat for i 1'14''fit all .Special attention, however is called! to the .folBJ -

anuouoce; .,.. County Commissioner Dlalrlot No.t.of Oaceola l .
I t hereby myself a udl<5ate for : ;
Oonuty. to tbe action of the democr.tloprimary. ,
) aubjeot
81ierl$r..f Uaoeola County subject the "Uon . ..,. : '. ')
". of the Uemoorailn 1 raped fully aollcli ,
2Szii3sixaaxn.ee .
PJ.a. rrllnarF. 'J. F. WILUAM8.:
: ;
i' ThIiy''At e BU". AND Ut.Coou Ut.supped,,.|. 0" -rotert'' of : )Est fashionable patents, the most useful and':BearableJhere.

rIfOFITA1LlGOIFFING'S .. E L D'OVRIU9TBEET.! For Codaity Coaaaalaeloaier i l.t. No.A. ; No lady should buy materials for her summerI: y

.f' - -- I CATALOG i For Coatnty Judge. ,decided At the lo aollcltationof become a my candidate'. manf-frl.nda CountyUtimmuwloner t have: . $ seeing these goods and getting our prices Ask to)>

',. ................................. I bfrebyaniioorce myself aa a candidate for from District No. 4. If elected I jr line of lawns. Special selections of these 'goods "t
will do ail In to 'further the beat.ID !
3. 1 TELLS ABOUT THEME} re-el clion tulle : T. M. MURPHY of the Itamnrratlo W. 1a. esv aka latest'a '
; I'rlniary tube held ou the loth day of .nish materials for leight weight skirts, and the
) .. I Twenty; I.adto1v.rl.tie. of IVeM J JI May IVU4. bliicenly thanking the voien of shirt waist material, ,
theoouuly for their part. eut>port.I promise that I For Ccaiatjr Corrlaloa.rDietrict No. ... pY
1 ::Justice of tbe'Peace. I A.lao l .. oompletajine of {' Qt. and pro-J elected l will give my ...-.*taleut, and enemy . AND EMBROIDERIES.-Everything, for all par-
; to the discharge! of the duties of the officeW. 1 hereby announce candidacy for the p yr
; ry Public State at Notai i aa-tal tye+ad ..hrubrb.ry.Cgtaioea. U. JOUNHTItK.For !' altlon of Countr Contmualoner my \ from Com ml JIG'a+: the latest styles-good, better, best in quality, yet ,

i; Free.AuSdrae ,,aloner'a Dl.trlct }Vo 6, Uaneola ooU1lt1'.nbleetoO . "tie iff price. the lowest-not the cheapest for "cheap",' rf. ) ,
: Tax Collector the action of the democratic brlmarlea. I
Ii. solicit abe support of-jny trleatdi inferior and this do nat in these
> t. leans we carry goods.
f nem.'as respectfully ;
Omc4 .ta Vu Darer Bredl.g.KIISSIMMEL. t I hereby announne my a candidatefor and promlae. If elected torarefulfy .
TNi Glft'I"NG ..oa. 00.. the .....llIuu of lax",Collector of Oeoaola. pant every Interest. of the county '., ..5, NAPKINS BEDSPREADS, TABLECLOTHS- + .It ,
i t ,JAO".ON..I.II"'t.A'.' County, subject the action thr detnooratlo tbat cornea: under the Supervision of the Board.u . and also fine line material for window curtains p
); :. .rtinaileaand respectfully the support Very respectfully, ., Jine f
.f all those h.y11l8'o'e' therein. If alt-clad Iromtae A. IJ. nraBi.(. .TS--The American Beauty in all styles- ,':'
: longs
t t .&*************..*****..i .. to dlaeharf the dntlea of the oJIloe aaJ ;: i Ni

11/ --- ., .equlred by Jaw. Z. W. BAsa. lee and nurses. There may be cheaper corsets on'' f"' "
.. For School Corris Ior.r Diet. No. 3. . i i but there are none better. :They are perfict fitting; 1', "" I

]#J Por Tax,.Collector. ? : Attbe solicitation of many friend I School .' I I wearers and built for long service. "' -

NORMAL INDUSTRIAL J. >hereto* announce DI.IIeIfJ t eaodidate for th| i Board Btinounnonyaeira from District candidate No. ., aublect for to the the actionOf : 1
( ? and SCHOOL Tax ..., ___
{ offlee> f for Oaceola oonu- .IJhe T> ro ty subject to h. awtioa of the democratic prllaarlwe. with the nomination I pledre UTMlf to ,
f If nomlualed and.elected 1 promlaelortTeavyveraoiMU the beat interests of our Coontv ruboola.' anuthat Agent :for .
r time and attention' the of. I will faithfully, discharge the duties. of the ..
St. Petersfcurg Fla.; .Ace'and.()Jlc1&your rote Uierefor. I>IDo.. The support' f my frleacia throughout' '
.4 '$ Ecepectfully1 1!. N BaATTolt. he County will be greatly a(7 I).lmt tit- -:.utility! Shoes for- Ladies.

id Offer. nnnaual wlrantan to thoMWhd. wlih In rffvlew before taking the CnlformtaloKaamlnatlonforTeapT 4. : uglns Shoes for'Mel1, ,
For Tea Collector.
erand\ totho wh, ()wlah to & abort ooune In Manual t J For School Coaaailaaloner; DIet. "0..2I .
: If rain 1..,.IMniwtlc Hclimce,and PhjrelcalCultare durtnf tbe> *I hereby announce myieJf a candidate for myself candidate for "
hereby announce
a vs.leetoaaagchool
Tax Collector, of Oaoeola County; aubjeot to the .
Special 8U Weeks Ten" Bcla.lif AprB II.achool. action, of the democratic primary 2. and If elected ConitnJaaloner I promlae to discharge from Diet.no thedl1.I. "i" ;-fryr

s , K W B MAKIN8OKR .. of the office with the same diligence In i T _. '
'p Till.flohool) bu .1&<1n'&, nf..venuea' Le..be... four Ane bulldinira with the future a* I have In the pantJONATHAN .
J.. Ymnd.ra.nlplnenta. a Ndl'111a'' depVUI1.ua,_Us.t.I e eparrmentm Model Uraded R Tat AaaeiaMor.Wjlttha STRICKLAND.' : r" """' "'''' .
e" :ecbool a Oot"f'qnlpI>rd .bop'or I.uuel ralnlug Itu. ulpmenta for leaohlna;cook- .. '> l r. ,j .
aolleltttlon f ,
of friends "
ante aewingakoo.jUbr.ryafloe Laboraluryamagnldoentiymna.tumandDrillE my hereby announce ,'
.Ins' /all, a Phynloal Culture department tor rouwi Udleara Cariet. Company., a M'hunt Ol'b..t.! . and a fine l location on the wftle,.. shore ol Tampa Bay, Oaeeala Luunty, .ubJee' Jo the action of the I hereby annotiKoe myself aa a candidate for :. .
fin one ol the moat progroaalve. and beautiful towna In Fto>(ids. -Two ttn* dormitories Democratio primary to be held Hay 10. IWM. if Member of Board of Public Instruction from 'J:' :a: E
''will be available April U. .Thla I*one of thai bert equipped and orcanUed achoola In lected I pledg a my aerviesi to abe people latiietNasg.anil solicit the support ef the'democratic : '" : ,
4, 't>e Month. waoae.support. I o oourteonil' aollclt voter. In the oomlnir primary '. .. '

1 I TUITION I Ir'j IS FREE. i build promlalnf up ,Ute elected school to do interests all ID In my the power whole to :0': {

For Tea Aa..esor.To County J. B..TPIfBLiy-. ': s & Carson Grocery Co. J'' / .

tX Neoerrary expenses for board eln.. for th.special qIx .eeh term betr1 pajpg4,L11.1wN Tkrs DcMookATio Vans nr Oacmoi Coirxfrri , .
need hot exceed 'l6., hoard a'the .or.U..rter.wtH _"' .00 flat/ woos, .-0.0-ew ( : BtaiU Bmocaitlve C-vaaaaltteeaaa .t Wholesale and Detail Dealer l I.- ,<;" iy
tiling nirulahed.Vrll for circular ilrlun full Information In retard to the apeeHl tl hereby announce nv) peIt a audldat for .it J .
.. election, to tbe otBce of Ta* Aiaeimr. aubjoot At aollcltationof o. many frtende I' hereby .,: ; "I
term .
10\.1I\"r.\la< primary, Way 10th. If aleo-. announce my candidacy. for Member of the ... ; IJ } ,
Io JOS. E. GtllSINGER Principal. led I promlae *ame faithful and Impartial State'! Democratio Executive Committee for ..... ; O C .J. I '
JP ., .... . . service In the future aa I have tried to give lutfca Oaceola County, and solicit the Support of the e\; ;l .t\ ., .
.1' I. . .. .: part. Very. democratic voter of the Connty : : 'J -- .
I.p'o.1liy. L
: ;
.. # ,
--- - .
i ',
: ;:

w' : .
I 0

.. 't Celebrated UllATJSB; .
Fertil.ze.-s '
\ 1 : ; i
.. I
i "L iarUslG, o ITt flic V t9 D tktjtl
' |
'io..t ,rrilch n.ru In a number 1''U' r: I I"
>- MBiv*>or-rtM iu inie hudtess: l c-liU5r'TTrm'"fTtt8fflrflB"Yi\n the icist of transportation! added to the GRAIN = ETC. ; .
't of tbe'judge vehicles\ with wheels
characteristic bicycle l
!. of IHW ttdvuntay
/ of fefdinir Drives uu au -
prolll i't9 Clrctalttr sad< Pric4mFamlnfavMl _
VV"I-IIT: : 4
The to
rubber ties. public seem
n'ii. and would Induce
Parker Is oriranl/lne that i c"i'DKlyi: ,
"(I. F. "
\ o* AppUcatlott ,
the efforts in tills line for r
T ,
the further- Htockniou to
Us object
slab having for buuio I
) lice of the candidacy of Judge Al)1.if'p1 \ \ there Is more livery work being done take UD that line of( the business, Cream Vermifuge y
before. :
'. ; of New York for the demotoratlo hero now than ever -: -=

.. nomination as President.> Pac- We hoar some orange grower com- HIDES FURS Woo'p< 4 -

. ,; ter layering Itch nomination and le-- plainlnK of the red spider on their THE BUAJUITEED ,
Ming to become. member ol the Kist trees and one of them recently said the ;

lDamee: Parker Club are requested to pest was more widely spread than a '" '
Ooian-trsr Eroel\ice e. --SpeoleuZ '
l. all. at the Judge' place of business great many would bellevewlt.houtma\-\ WORMREMEDY : sr. ,

.' and Iigq.the,roll, .of noembershlp.r. Injr an examination. The grove la ./ : 1
: '
f ; the clever and this county. have for several yean .vww'xtyvwwwvwa. t
.. Meow Mile,
free from them VrU
olerk of Hotel 1 KUslme bests comparatively ,
;J t
which fact bat doubtless caused many
''' M8)ert.) on.Wednesdailor* ha been.Ws. Tlu honeBridgeport. *" to become Imbued with' the Idea that 5) ALL, KINDS OF'' t
> He
" 1, of the they jet were free from U but according TONIC...
asilatant In the management THE v-
g. 'eneralnt'baa' to our Informant such ''a belief !. WORK THiaTAZLE
u..thla..eaol1.abdbv, nl"-. j DONE, 'ATf
i to be fal .. Look: cwant *r ranTancaie.T
:-;:--.. i-'r made .mac,'".rlendaepeople more than likely ) > ; OCKiMal aeavat *
'01 the who will for the pelt and If found lose no time ., Bsl 1.Inlraont'rCo." :* v
of town CZ r
t ofBordeaumixture.
liberal dose : ,
I It ft
a In giving ardesnow 'a
to .-hlmln, -TAN06,0..c; MOi.
; 1'OP1. BALr
dt *- :: 6.
r 1 again next. lea.on.. \ .1- .. .- ., } **

.. Iv"t.:1.\ / , .\.;..,.": .. ,\J< .' "" ,. rA."fF \( ...' ..... .. ._ .... i> ,... r"'Ao.,..,..... t-ro'. ""'. .

r .' n. .;f" (, ,. 'f sacNSY 1'...._.:......w4_ ....-.,.:/;.\:._,nka I,I. :; wA' .. .T'.:."..'>o1.t.', ,-....'.t...'......-._., .'...I.\o\t.\' '. py si

f. .' 'tf,"", .:' ..t >"" -IiIo "'" .; ; : \



,!" p I II !y 1.\1\ 'II" f,' I, .:

'., I ,

r ., I)' .......
; . . .
... w " '. 'I'' i
_. 'c ,.
r "I '
: _, .
'I' .++ I'' r -- :
0:0.. - -" '-

'.+t I'.1 i mee Vateu'G.ItettCTLPNON ( L turatA'1/t" ; b1MMLIGiTYa g g gg ss gj g SSS3 s =s > ---

.' Secretary Shaw has asked con rer ato'
\ .
:d. r..ru.egavs.vssl.avla MO. II appropriate 100,000 for tha erectionof DANN THE SHOE MAN

a new stable at !the White house
Yallejr OaietteMK BuliGIBlE'[ ,
and the. Washington oorrespondeit
for !the New York World lays. ; that if .
JI., PoUKD '
'If. H.aaia,. I I PBOPKIETOES.POPUP ; . the president gets-the new stable he

can run his expense account upagatnsi &-

a e .'I ....'.E. editor',_ the government U) over -l910,000 1 divided .

;.t N4A1&be M-WoJI..IIDID".Fla.. ar followss"Restortsg": ( /V7V1K
tId-c"" .a11... r. i.. and"'refurnishing the ..

;rrab rtberatiwtll. 'pl.J. aottf7\b offlo If White house, $47 ,<<.'>.. ji

;/'.trey.., 'ail..tot..e. paper ea rxul.rty.ratleo.muelo.ttons et trom.our auinoranwpaad ., Sis-room office building attheWhjus SrP;| ? Ppey* |%(i 5 ,. .. ,..,. ..' ,.. w
.. .
... .s t.r. U, gauss' !:>. slKowl bl the house": M5.1W1. \ '

,Y. 'W'HW'!m'U'r.irui aetb.return.d unlmi Refurnishing the U. S. S. --' -

.,'e.uedf.r* Th.frdltorli. notWponiilble for opinions ext er for ue as the pmsldent'S';'; ,y' -..--
: tWfM.il br DW""pollc1ellte $100,000. ','ft> L
'f..',Adr'.rtitlu(ratcstuajr be had on tppltoatlou.I '
repuli .
Cost of refitting and S 1904.
.t. l -Kisslmm.ee VallejMiazette, April ,
IQa8C&IPTIONRAT&8.: Mayflower In 11)02 and 1IW3, ._..' Supplement ,

',,)leseopyseey..v ..... ... .. .. tl.io president's use, M5,0K( ). 1II
,. uoathi .. .. . .. AO beaVl-
*. 'Vat eopy,throe mOJltb... .. .."..... It* Estimated cost (If repairs X_ v had across Howard( a"elluelnto neous property-owners lost between Local furniture dealer. were
leaped of dollars
-t1; r ly bit. They had thousands
30,000. A DESTRUCTIVE FIRE. the heart) of the MacfarUne ..lIbelIY.lon ..- 15,000$ and 20000. worth of furniture in the burned
,1 Friday 8 1904. r
., April Cost of keepingthe Mayllothe \
rushing through_ blocks of tenement The heaviest losses of all 'all UpoDthe dwellings, sold on the Installment plan

,' Sylph at the disposition -.rRoosvelt houses,. many of them newly- -tenants of the burned houses.\ on which only a few payments were
? P D WITH TUB. CATTLE_RAISERS.' in 1M>2 and 1103* $4>0 $250.000 Worth of ProDestroyed. rt erected toward Armenia avenue. Very few of them saved any, furnitureor made. This is all a total I 10... L.
The Estimated cost ot keeping household effects. Only a few car- Merlwelher, W. B. Newklrk and C. C.
\ meeting of tha" Southeastern 1.000 People) houses belonging to the this
Nineteen each
'' ..J, Stockbreeder's. ships in readiness for a prat- ried any Insurance upon their belong Burns lost about $3,000 Jn
.; .Association' recently Made Homeless. / Tampa Building! and Investment Co., ings. way.immmmmmmmnimmmnimmnimmmmmmmK. _
,:." rbgld in Jacksonville\ Is fraught with call this summer, Hir.,000.!
. were next attacked and were consumedin _._ .
,,,1 f ; ',g'r'eat interest to the people of Florida New White house stable us minutes. Another ---- ----'
less than tongue
.P 1'c',. yThi address of Z. O. Cbarabliss, ot by the' president, $\K>,000. West Tampa the.. Scene. of flame reached out andllcked another a" ' '! 1 t l
t..u'*,this State Total, *H12I41.. """- .
showing that the ( "
.. the east. =
bloek of dwellings to S= NORTH KieaiMMH. PHONE N. 8 |
x w..p..utaie .It is explained that these fif/
pf the commons( had rc, Fleeing from the Ore were women '

toed the average weight of cattl$ ex- nOt take Into account the grei But a Small Part Covered by and children who got out of their I C. W. GRIFFIN
F display off Bay I last I -
Oyster .
sled from
800 480
to pounds cross, ,
". . Insurance. A List of Someof houses just in tim J to save themselves.
which dlsnlay was ordei-edbyt> :
4chrbaultwaa: also due to j
. the Heaviest Loses;$. each carrying one or more trticles of '
ident for the entertainment of
unwise 3
\ method of interbreeding
household goods that they had seizedas
r 1 same stocl sho itors $nd children and c_,_ '.
-- w HIM! thestock Frodl Taell4., Tampa Trlbuue. These unfortunates
they fled. scarcely (Groceries
i of this Stale ny 'th'luiand dollars; an I fancy family
are against
up / u
Fire yesterday laid waste an area of knew which way to turn, as the fire ,
proposition that brains there are many republican new;
1 requires of West solid wall behind them, -
', ape 25 acres In the !growing city was a pursuIng
well -M money In Its satisfactory that attempt to make! It : _
Tampa, burning/ 130 buildings, Including them with the speed of the wind.-
there is about Mr. I Roosvelt
_c : four cigar factories, destroying Many reached vacant lots and fell exhausted i FBESa: MEATS

t ;,_ m.feces. In applying/ a remedy is enable democratic. siinphcit.Commoner. property valued at $250,000, rendering )literally l surrounded by the c:: -
Y){ de I imperative by. the showing that : ....over 1,000 people homeless and throwIng flames. Others fled as far as tbe pine E
t Florida's ==- ===--= Delivery at hour solicited.
1 ar principal customer, every day, any ; patronage
'}a r! i fine*,the war restocked, Itself with A Circa Loge to Scott Count= between 600( and 00 operatives in woods beyond the city. ==
the cigar Industry out of work. Meanwhile virtual panic had resulted
>ttle and le now looking for higher t
,,4 From Pine street, near Howard ave : in the four big cigar factories directly -
If Ms cattle tq with, her stock imIsorted 'rom thu +i-nolt County (Minn /it\'trtote
1 [ from this cross State. The Florida- Perfecton, the famous hor* nue, the blaze fanned by a strong lu the path of !the darn s-those

k: raiser! .. now confronted with 'a leave for Florida-'where he ws wind, swept westward to the extreme of A. Santaells A Co., .. M. Martinez,

n ltlol1 that demands a reorganiza to a prominent orange growrreal limits of the town, !ts progress being L. Sanchez & Co., and Guerra, Diaz j

i tion, of hit business, both lo the mat- estate man, Mr. Van Dui checked only by the lack of materialfor & Co. The operatives were pouring LUMBER Co.
its further A wasteof From doors and windows and runninglike
spread. great
", ttwof production and the markets tVwhlch Klsslininea, Kla. The farmers o

'I r i he muat'pander in the > county und the State at large "-.... smouldering ashes, with here and mad for the open space beyond.

.j *",( of hit products. In the matter disposion ofJ jfret his departure, for there is there a chimney, and a multitude of The Guerra, Diaz 4 Co. factory, a Saw and Planing Mills

production Florida stallion in the Stable\ who is his blackened brick: pillars extends over three-story frame building was first
J : t.be., stock raisers
Hsast,; awake to the fact that large Wes- In beauty and breeding qualitiefectiou ten blocks of where, yesterday morn attacked. The factory of L. Sanchez

." "eoncerosl a"e for been was raided in middle 1 ing, cosy cottages, great: factories and A Co. followed quickly, and then that Now In operation. Complete House Dills Furnished.Yellow +
tracts years qulLpurohaslog see, on the line of Kentucky I busy places of business made up the of J. M. Martinez. The Barnes then and Pitch Pine Timber and Lumber of all Kinds
large of Florida
ftsVwtioh they y\ll\ find in due was brought to M!ImtiSKlppI ny "Pino City" section of West1 Tampa. leaped to the big, new three-story factory ORDERS: FIZJIED: :PRO: :: P'TLY.:: ....

r*. Ofttoe will be fenced and plan' Phillips as a 4-year" ,ld und lit Resistance to the sweep of this wind- of A. Santaella & Co., which had

J to the'grasses and forages bestopted In the State for 0 years. He hi fanned sheet of flame was well-nigh been occupied only four weeks. It was MAYNARD LUMBER Co. E :

to.thlsjplicnate duced some of the must valunl useless. The volunteer department of reduced to a shell In a twinkling, the

: and roll, upon In the West Tampa was as nothing:, its small high walls collapsing quickly. Another D : . t 0
bleb: will be sex State and many of M
; placed improved breeds _._ .
_ -I-n':, J< Shorthorn and Hereford cattle. /nave sold as high KH 8<.'".oo..V( ) I:supply of hose being itself seized by factory, that of Sam Caro & Co., ----- -- -- ---

?','/,:the pr ent,.Florida stock raisers, gratulate his new" owner in obt the fire and nearly consumed. Two was next, In order, but the flame ez- .

pE E';UsMless they wake up to the real situa- .thin great hOJ.he.: companies fr'omTampaplowed through lausted the available material beforeIt

aion\ d' i 1 the deep sand of the unpaved streets reached this building, which escaped E: R.T.BUTLER
I pro'i Mr.. and Mrs. J. C. Griflln! an E
and fought earnestly to save homes with a severe !scorching./
eesloofjaade.aeoessary by the force of will leave tomorrow to visit re
and 'factories, but the Kind had given! The restaurant A
'fcvents,::Will find themselves sarandedgwnthe at New Smyrna. I large building near A

., ,.' : rocks of neglected I too great Impetus to the blaze and It the bantaella factory, which Dr. H. ALES WINES BRANDIES
( op-
>itl...% 1 bade defiance to opposition.Much Hampton recently purchased, the G G
--- -- --
+ of the burned property was grocery store and stock of E. B. Priest, '!
:of crabgrass and velvet I
; new-the latest ach evtmcnl of the Ind cottages and business buildings L L
of late
years forced them-
men and the Interests who have planned ] contiguous were all burning at once.
upon the attention of the stock E
4 nd, demonstrated the Import-: cyf. and worked to make West Tampaa It was four o'clock 'before the fire CIGARS AND TOBACCOS E

: cigar manufacturing center second spent Itself and" subsided -Pino City
t the ,
fattening of cattle, and 1pNK .
I upon him the conviction that r c.i. c.\ only to Ybor City New factories had having been burned to the border of S

-cattle there it always a good : been erecyod and put Into operation; he pine wood*. S
1 wtis, to acootninodatirthe employees of these Anheuser-Busch
? M a$) I. own door at fetnuneraprices. , .... \"'. SOME OF THE. HEAVY'lXSEU3., A er A
.' .. "', factories, scores of neat tenements and -
Yet these' flattering op-. ,> cottages had'sprung Into ;being with Hugh'C. Macfarlane, head of the : L ON DRAUGHT AND BOTTLED "
unities have been ,disregarded beHlt -0 L
., all !the rapidity that capital and labor Jacfarlane Jnvelt.me Company, says I
t was .Ier'to drift with the
at and eihsndthe. ofdpen'commoa -,-:-r------ .:'\ could exert. Almost at breath,these his company lost 45' houses, valued at'': O Can only be found in Kissimmee on Broadway O

I than pasturage -.-- .- Improvements were wiped out, and, $12//>,000. "It is a total loss," he laid, : Street, at the BRICK BAR BUILDING.

deuce and forethought by' to exercising subduedire --- -,/ last night. over 100 families sought "we carried no Insurance." I : O O

temporary shelter, having lost their M. M. Dobson of the Tampa Building -
by little. labor and make hiss N
little all in the hour of disaster. and Investment Co., said: "Our N
t .l nd oontrlbue to the. Increasing R. T. BUTLER
_.) iW,wealthy .X" Commendable promptness. was shown company lost 19 buildings, valued 1.1)5,000 .\
To Do TfiflT Lr '
!r \1Abt.er of,tbe pine forests by r by the heaviest losers setting about with Insurance of 17.000. Before
the fire bad let
was out. we a contract -
lumber men have left vast areas of the work: of rebuilding their destroyed
for rebuilding/ four of these, and
Ida,hand ready for the ploughman property, and resuming their disturbed .
will/ let .
contracts for ten more tomor-
avertinto; pastures rich with operations. One cigar firm will resume
iking possibilities. These lands work this morning and the others row. If other losers will show like

t flow&Ii.lumber be secured 1 'at' a law( figure I J.Ree will follow companies In a few which days.lost The blocksof investment rebuilt poomptness better, West than Tampa ever before.will soon" be High Grade Whiskey

I ex-d v.. houses announce that they will let A Santaella & Co. state that their

"' I contracts at once for rebuilding, one loss, Including building and stock,
: men are next to the real sltua- C"'d .
firm baring piven contracts for the will reach (05,000, with about 80 per
r'and will doubtless
I appreciate THE
I iroldelJ'' opportunlil.nd these 'Q... rebuilding of four houses before the per cent covered by insurance. They 'CAFE

'.,,JI1 be the means of improving fire ceased burning.. The check to business will proceed at once to secure a temporary ,
building to continue
( will be operationsuntil
Is.'of cattle and"a future operations only temporary -

t rapidly C2J ,:, and West Tampa will soon be itself they can rebuild. Near Passenger Depot Kissimmee
> increasingwealth
L (.immediate!! vicinity of Tampa, ..c= .' again.. J. M. MartinezCo. lost '26,000wlt.b Hotel and the Graves House.. ., . ,
Insurance at 012,600. The firm
The fire started at 1:16: in a bowling
and _
Jk! butter of h '1
are ighe
De i than beef, our numerousjfve r:.. .' alley operated by Robert .Muggee/ on at once secured the Collins building, 'A. B. BHARDHN Proprietor.
Pine street near Howard avenue. It on Washington street, and will resume ,.
already done much in the
the breeds of milk .... grew and spread like: a whirlwind. By operations morning. They have
'. 160 at work.
the local men :
He the time& volunteer firemen,
by the fine herds of >- . thhir arrived The loss of Guerra, Dlas & Co. Is ''I nave the
Devon cattle that --- -... ',L with hosewagons, thelJsmea now largest stock of Wines, Whiskiesand
are estimated at! 8,000 and that of L
heavenward Beers
were shooting in
C"C= ever handled in Kissimmee.
|und the city Dut In the -, & Co. at 5000. All
f great sheets. Chief Harris was called grades at prices to suit the times. :
State, It it evident thattie == .by phone and brought out Companies R. Mugge had several buildings .

,must be Interbredto the bestjn f r '1 and 0 of the Tampa Department, experiencing burned, his loss being estimated, at ..
10,000. T. N. Henderson'
great in cottages
13 difficulty getting
were valued at 93,000. E. B. Priest
will no doubt con- I a- : 1I1e' bea"T'' apparatus to the! scene lost a $2,6000 stock: of groceries. Dr. :3TTO- TAE:: : .A. FJPaCIAZTY: ]

to bringing about I through the sandy itreets. Before the H. J. Hampton's restaurant. budding: .
l.rabJe result.-Tampa == ,*Tampa.department arrived, the flames valued at 0,000; insured. Miscella_

I : : I t,

.., .
-,-"" ,
. -
text near Anclot :

lad: of a small, catboat ,'1"" .. II I-

returning from a P arfaJ. .

irty, Ave people, mbar .. ,,,_................ .. _.
: of the faculty of ill

bodiit Seminary atwife '

of the president Is guaranteed not to come off .

;;a''student; and thehere --' .
matter how -
who was no long exposed .

college' kst their to the action of the air sun r> .
therOllif ,
Anclote Monday ,
in | near
while H pre.idenboftthe'semi- or weather and costs no more Half Block from Depot and Hotels.

add anoUter teacher are la a,pre- I \
than inferior goods. k
oondltioi1. t

sre: t Mra.8..W.;Walker.r. - -, ... . .......... -... . _ -___- > Rubber-tired Vehicles, Stylish. Gentle Horses
.,MgRskJMlsa'I, Slaughter, Careful Drivers. .
nor, 0acsr &t Itourland; Rates Reasonable.
Walker -the seminary,, Phone :
a teacher; wer rest 1/ '. ,

; o theipyeurnedb0ara ,
> < "
'. +3 >1"" I
-py, l v-

1 ((1..' yhT'Y ti I CI. n. ,fir,, y w, ' + .. -tea' =.,. lt- 'wt '.

if" .
*5 t V : +J "._
.. ; .. ,, ." .
... rf 0" Vf'tlie ,,.., """T.. ,., "X -.'.1 ....." a..,...'..''''..."..,.......,. .''.:' .....:_,. F''._. ..t' pr.p- it :;;( '.' _
'" .. ..
r\\ ., ,.,
.. ,. )\ ",".. '"
,, ," '. I. .'It'' \ T 1'"' ,_,
4. \ / ,
.. ., il
,. i'
:: M . ", I' p, \ "
"' ,
... .
.:.- . -

.- \\.1 : < .. ".
Kteslmmee Yalleu Gazette A few trunks ]left'st>,Watson's.J' W&dt.the' tuner.'OrlaBdo.Baby . 111.", Council Ontanlzeil.' I '

To' nll..PHO NO.ft. For "''a.uranoe frO .**< / M WUl.OD. Carriages at Watsvn's.Wlckless .. .. The City Council, 'at their' regular/ Ii[ *, .. ,J.

Jr, Oll Stores at 'Watson's. meeting, on Tuesday..night installed z QOJOpWATSON'S'. Iil

PUBLISHED EVERY JfJllDJLY 'Work upon the new dock tbe newly elected'officer* and transacted !
was begun School Shoes at Stanford's sruaranteed. "
BT I Monday morning1, < rou'lne"bu. nn.. il :

POUNDAHAHBIa. 7 If On Wednesday night an adjourned \
you want a Delineator Pattern go *;N1celre.hoelvy.& Warlnj &Over.
to Dann and .
the Shoe Mall street's. meeting was heldf" an 6rganlstlon .
'OHUftOHDf..OTOftV.1InIlODIn' : ,, 'Hiram effected asfollowstI .'
Moody of interview' was Visiting Cards. lOo at Dann> tbe ol
C.IICRPreiMlblllll Ba1>- nonjf his friends her,* Monday. Shoe Mao. ", W. Thompson was elected Pres ji When In ,Need ,
.-.-...th. 11 ... .... a.ul.T o.olock. ftnjtt inMtlni dent of tbe Council ., .
....ry Tbundajr .veatni a( 7.p. m,. 8..bbtM. .h8ohool Jim Crawford -Orlando, was In Cart and Mrs. Johnson went to Orlaodo > &nd. proceeded, to.

:.468aii,, < ..or01uf'T. 'UtU. Pul r. the t.he Orlando( lV.. yOT<*rday buying cattle. for, /yesterday, appoint his'committees as follows HARDWARE, FURNITU E. ,
BArnW CBUHOM-O.' J., Friar Putur.Preaching .- market. Street, Sanitary" and Improvement

People'eierr* meeting Sunday 11...SO.. m p., and m. 7 Sunday p. m.Touns Mr 'M. A.: Farnsworth and Miss New at lot Thompson's.of Picture Mould. In.To just arrived * W.'Xu; Van Dusor,:Chairman;-,H.Pfann M, ,_ CROCKERY,, I __._- .,"

i school t." am. Prayer meeting, ejrrjr ThanI Flora Farnsworth, visited relatlres at ,,W. C. n...... -:
I day 7 p. ... VUltois. always w...oome.I . Campbell last,add '__ Just think. of ILl! ,'1.48 buys a.Trunk HARNESS SADDLES
1.1. Finance Committee-H, M. PlaDn. ,. *
at Dann'i thaShoe Man. ,
I HT.. JOHN'S Erinooril CHVacii.-David D. .
I Kldd Rector. SerTltoe on tbe aooud SnnI Lancaster .Is well equipped for mai:; L s Bandy 'W< C.: Bass. '
I duT of the month Mornlns prurer .' rtnnuniholyootninunton kInA: photograph..,' -views or enlarg 'Hon. J. W. Watson made. business OR BUILDING MA.E8IA'f'
education, Cemetery and Charity- ,
at 141:110 n'uloc S
Rr Sanford ,
nlng ing. Call 1 and examine tripto yesterday, I :
work.: .
prayer and vermon at 7:80 u'elock. ee.-Bndy ChairmanV; C. Bass. ,
'Cnolce Western Beef Wed ew
PRMBYTBBUN Cno.ow.-Dlfln* worthtp onT Attorney P.A., Vans ARMW add 1.1'' Q. M. Pfann. '
.ry flnt Sunday and third BuDdiy in ach Capt. C. E. Mallng were in OrUnda and Saturdays at C_. ,W. Orlffla's. .
I ..onth. :Mornlnx nerTlce at 11 m. .., CrtD> Rules And Ordinances-W. C, :Bass.
attending!! to business .
I Mrrloe at 7:00 m. Sunday School at Saturday. "Phone Orders promptly delivered.WARING .- '''

I I (IDK meeting:. a. m.Thundar<1. E...er e..,p..ioe enln al' at.:18! T.OO p. m.p. m.Prver iIoII'.rbodl. . :Mrs. J. Ii{ Gilbert Jr. received B$ I &OVKRSTRKBT.: Chairman Band,. W. L. Van 'Dnzor, Xee I ALL GOODS MARKED CLOSE ,80-

I moftoordiallTiaTltel to attend tbI .. Bxpress on Wednesday a. fine Jersey Stanford has' Just received a ful .
I inl
Al.tK I>ATIDfto .8aM.Of .i Georgia. Caraon. returned home a day ,.Chairman; Lee Bandy' H. MPfann. S SATISFACTION' GUARANTEED "S' jI.

____.. Dr. Simpaoo will be away. from his or two ago to thedelightof his friends.Chicaff . ,
Official. Weatlier Report.KT office for three weeks from the 18th. Electric Light CommlUee-r MPfann .
) beef pork, mutton and .au-
.,...... T..lu.1JaW... E.nI". services inst. Parties should needing iiOO him his before immediate that same: tomorrow' at Waring. & OVl'rstreet's. , Chairman 7 ; W. L. Van Ducor. I. '

'1'11..0.1 ..ma. April 7, 1004.lIu. date. Lee Bandy.
Bonds of officers were approved a.
Miss Mary Ryala left on Wednesday
Attention is called the adv.
IIln. :W: of H. C. Stanford. Mr.to Stanford new says afternoon to visit friends' and relatives follows: The bond of Leonard Wll '

- his (lock of Spring and Summer Dress at llartow.. Hams for Marshal and Collector, and J!

'rid a, ,. . .. I<'J fI..turda \() roods la complete and irjvltes the ladies Orange Grove for Sale. 96,000.00.Crop tbo bond of J. R. Gilbert Jr., for

,. . .. .... l'JI I1foI"ada to call and see them. last, year 92,500.00. Clerk. ..
, ... .. ... ... 112Monda -- ,, -. .
J. M. WiLiisoN Jr. The two new members of the council "
. ,. 711' roll Mr. W. J. Waring, while In the ; ,
""....11..'..... .. .. 7 M North Messrs, Pfann and Van Dueor, have
purchased Roma elogant showcases A refre lhlnj..bower fell yesterday.U .
.10...".. .. .... 11 17T State Bank'orKisslmm'e'e
UMld..T< .'. .. . III) fI, IIli and other fixtures, which\ when dime in I good time as the vegetation been appointed to the head of the two :,

--- .-- hey are installed will make. his on! of was much .In need of tha moisture. most Important committees electrl -' .
he handsomest otoies In town.U .
J. A. lUll PilON. Pc'N-
Judge Cecil O. Uutt of Orlando, and lights and streets. There Is much to -;

v. O. J. Frier'* subject Sunday I a candidate for State Attorney from do along these lines and much is expected -

Our rates for insertion of advertisements night will be "The, 1 Itelljrton of Christ, this dim.rlpf", spent a day or two of the of these but Is
among the reading matter on "'rom'a Business Standpoint;" and : week here. gentlemen, con Offers to Customers Every Facility-.. *- ft'
the business men of the town tore re- fldently believed that they will prove '
this page la tea cents per line each Insertion. xpectfully requenled to attend.Mr The Messrs Con Deily, turpentine operators themselves equal to the. .emergency. Consistent with Sound Management.\ !" ;;{

of Connellysvllle, Orange
_._ W L Van Du/or teoelved on ounty were li .i-e Tuesday attending toau still
Improvements are going in .
--- -- '
Wednesday hi" line ttiorrju; hbred Ken- lne"s affair South Klssimmee. them Personal Attention to All Business, "Intrusted to Us,
Among we '
sooeoGoocGocooq tuck)' mallion, !"Perfection. In apwarutice -
1 he In. all that hit> name 1mlien We regret to know that Mrs. J. M.WHlson notice that material l Is being placoc i ..

Local News.jooooooooooooooooocoeoooo ,) u IKI ft-ot ciJco'nicn:' cjf liorueilonhSaturday Jr., has been quite lllduitngbe on the lot south of C. A. Carson's for N. '8 0 A R.S '
past fortnight but are pleased to a handsome residence for W. S. J ,0 .' OA.MWB., _

JAm ". '''T'I<:N't'I<.N: -- know that she is now improving. Carr; Mr. Spear Is soon to build on . . . _, ___ ..__ , . ,
,, . . .. .. .. _. .
P '
April lit I"" WI"> \mil s<.J "Vl' < CSTo\e"ry his lot near the railroad; Henry Fountain - - "

"U-co I"f PorcaN'! in tilt'! house. Come W. J. Waring returned from Baltimore is placing the material on his lot

and! look them over. Hui'quins'! BarAVAR TueBda)'. While away ho purchased east uf the Bullock residence for the ,-'
l'lea ivnt weather this Wf'.k.Cl1pt alu,,:: a 'stock of dry goodn and no- erection of a handsome cottage; Capt .

Hull went down' toT mi iiTinduj '". I !NO rRY) GOODS( COUurintr ions fiV the Waring Dry Goods Co Hall has purchased two lot from JU. .

of which he ia manager.Wednesday O'Quinn west-of the Lake Houne '
: March Mayor\ Ad"i'hold tried ..
and will improve them and J. R
(For ctHTCtt-Tttllorlng. call on Stanford twenty-two offenders against the oeace La t Messrs.. Pfann A Smith has added a new porch to his I

: and lif.rnity of the city and impobei: Slnjlf'tary of this place sold a tract !kitchen which improves the looks anc. I H. C. Stanford
lines anxmulinK U> tlian *lfHli'hiin \ -
inuie ..f timber ,in Dpboto
rain! UmbrellHS 4"'C" c llaun pine county to convenience of his place very much. i :
IA.t it
it. in Unit the of
era > > ]
1 I'ospm"lt| ) Mr. K K. Kdge of Lake county, who But say girls don't all speak for him ,
the Shoe Man. is boinjf' participated in by ci\ery? traile, will open extensive turpentine works at. once .

Karnost OvrBtr went to Orlamlo 'pro iHuIon linU occupatKin. \ upou it. The con ldoration was *lfi.OO. .-

on business Saturday T.'iiKt,Tuesday's .Uileuram wan receiveii ) New shapes in Men's Hats atlKati's. T 6 OrJclnator oT bow ;

ami DesInner: for Mav at hero from TallahaaHee which stated offer Prices "in Kissl ImmeeInViteg
Delineator .. Monday, April llth we you An elegant line of Ladles' Muslin -"
Dann's the Shoe" man that th Buprt-me Court had re- \.T (X>ST every piece of Lawn in the Underwear at Katz's. v/

versod the. decinion of the Circuit itiuae--absolutely at, cost. A glance ------ -'- '
/. \\'. IVtu-way! of Ijoughnmntrun WRK'. Cuurt i in the CUHII. of tliu State vs J. nt theoe goods and prices' costs you Buy your Shoes from Stanford the Attention to [fig HeW ij'OQ(
.. buwlntHfc hue bnlunlaj.PeUr ;
ai ling, I. 0'IIm'ry. who was tharued with notlln&'V: old reliable shoe man. /<*
of the laicunyof" cattle DuGOODS Co.We .
Paul, turpentine operator AKlNfJ
aiUinJing to Stanford has an up-to-date line ofilen's and Summer
CaropH-ll WHS in town : Spring 1904.
business Monday.N . A HtiirHl. Anti-Trust 1""all"uo was are requested by SupervlsrrrTliompson Hals Neckwear, &c. : "r ..
formed here TueMiay witli. u m inberhlj -
to say that the registration ---- .
I"" Orvan of Jacksonville came | of about thli'whoume[ author- 1..0118.wIJl not. close until the2Uh( Inst. Ladies before buying your Fall ,
down Tuewdaj' U.i.ll bin l'a.rt'nLilal1rj ill to repioxnt and not on the ilid find was published Dre s Goods Trimmings, Ac., call on
(It.M relatives here the cluli In a confeicmo of Ilearbt supporters in his liotlce. This will give an H. C. Stanford. and save money. In calling the attention of the public to my Sprint and Sum'

.. of Lakeland airl from all ov r the Htato held In addition of three days in which to mer stock of 1904 I do so. with considerable pride, conscious: as,

.)11.,ed Wednesday Laura Long en route to 1'ighorn J u.cksOIIlilt! v'strclay. qualify for the primary, election. Stove wood. I am of the fact that it ia far superior in quantity quality and all

where be will visit relatives! ""I' hlHe purchased the block of SrocerleH Mrs. J. Roberta who has been a Wit will furnish Stove Wood, dellv- other points of excellence than that any previous season and,

Cattle are n,, upL'I'atl1J1l very faU from OuioeA. liratum. all<1sollolta ;ucst of the Park Hotel for the past red to any paituf town at SI.GO p rSirand. therefore 1 am bettsr preparee to take care of the needs-, of my
the trade in that line.
htforo ilheannual lirve left lust customers. The"stock Is full complete- available jnch of
now and It will 1\ not he long shall keep a full' and complete line at months on Tuesday to ---- every
S.it shipments from this place will loin her husband who la state agent in the store being utilized-therefore it will be Impossible
all times and shall olTur them at as tor To Cure A Cold In.Oue Day. space

egin. reasonable. r>rio s us can be afforded.' the. Davis Her departure Machine Co.Is much, at Tallnkussue. regretted Take Laxative Bromo ,Quine Tabels. in this-space even to mention the numerous articles' that are on

: Don't forget to register and qualify "Free.' and prompt delivery in town. by the numerous friends she made All drugglat refund the money the shelves: and counters; in fact but a very few of them, can bev .

as a voter In the. primary electlo n.-- ;, WAKING A OVKKSTKEET..Mr. while here. If f Us falls to cure: E. W. Grove's mentioned at all. Special attention, however. is called to the fol '. '

I But a few days u>or remain for that John C. Jon ,IJ, a candidate for lgna.ture.ls on each box. 25o osceola lowing lines: ," ;, : ": '

purpose.Mrs.. I Stat te Attorney, WHS called to his home Mrs. Rsy sister of U. C. Chapman, SPRING AND' /r SUMMER DRESS GOODS. TWlatest' ,io::..!, '
West Paliii Orlando from this place the genial proprietor of Uotel KUsinimoe .
: J. P. Peeler of iu yesterday '
t I
i Beach and a former resident of KIsalmmee by the-receipt, of a telegram 'announcing and Mrs. Miles, wife of the clerk designs, most'fashionable patents, the most useful and yrearable

t' Is here un a v.lslt to her relatives the fact tliHt, his gnorl wife hadiiieHnted of that popular hoxtelry, left yester- fabrics are here. No lady should buy materials for her summer

and Irleu lI. him with a pretty daughter tI"3lor' their homes in Bridgeport, wear before seeing these goods and getting our prices: Ask to
lie left un the first train to inalcu her ( onn Their presence will be sorely 'harmacr.FREE ..
Rev O J. Frier and lion C A. acijiiiiintanca.in' nlitsed and their return will be eagery be showd our line of lawns. Special selections'of( these 'goods,:

: ,' 'Cartoon attended a 1tIf't'llnj( of the State I anticipated by their many friends were made as'well as in zephyr and mercerized ginghams, Madras. -,
of Powers
. tint death Y
...'.O? Uoard of M Union. of the naI'l| ii..l t'on-. agi'icultiiialidlloi 1 .Stephen. oftho I 1'111* 1.10t"nloll, In Kilt..hum.. ...,. and Danish materials for leight weight skirts, and the latest : ,
A 5lvention,, bold In the wliole State frustums a clUlinctloss. One day this week Jack Hancock and creations in shirt.waist material, 'I: '

i'. Hev. II. Keifwin !Hynodlcul: Mission Mr. Powers was for many yearnueciottirj Arnold Arralatead shot an alligator LACES AND EMBROIDERIES.-Everything, for all purposes '
.- will at tho 1'1'f'sb'lA'rlan of tho llorlicultiiial und Ag-
; ary, I prtach In Leslie's pasture near !the mouth of
.. church nextSunday althe uIII hour t Icultui'ul societies of the State and Shlnjl'le Creek which measured 11 feet. m all the latest styles-i'ood.. better, best in quality, yet r-: -. .
cordially in\ite l to> attend ,mult' close Btml of the agricultural but grade in price the lowest-not the for "cheap" .
The public i a ) nd-one Inch from tip to Up aod In one cheapest ) ?I: ..

I ., conditions, .mil iiuHhihllities, which hefaithfnlM th.. 'stomach of which was found half generally means inferior, and this we do not carry in these goods.TOWELS. "/"

.:' Ilev J. F Bell wentdown to IIiiim... I'' imnmi'iniMMl' thrtntgh his. de- !'rown goat They skinned the mon- NAPKINS BEDSPREADS, TABLECLOTH5of.: '"

,\ City Tueaday afurnoou u> hold ( (Jilt IrlH'U.t' in Ui '< FlintlSl'llionMi ter, leaving. the head on the hlda and Liquozone A very fine line and also fine line material for window curtairisCOJZSETS. /' '" '1" . ;;- >
. -: ... .. I,: :Xi lm Kelt id have.iirioil wllltan it. Jack says It will make anxcellent '
terl'lut; tllltlful'I'Il\hIJIIIj.\ [ M >n [in sou ..' "
, i:;.. bolder who hall **<**" ui Uuswmrei"lIU"'I'' I' in 1'0'k, from. London ornament for the mantel or .-The American i Beauty, in all styles-longs, 11"'. \

'If. lag Uie pant two \vA-ki.*. .UK! an i>,.w the //Ul.tH: of lion Carl .nter table. shorts girdles and nOrses. There may be 'cheaper corsets on : 3t.'t'. ', ".11'7.. ,1-\
.: .
: eh\lt./. of th.it c-itv. Tho>' are ex- the market, butthere art none better. They are perfict, flttlnt; 1 .. 7'r
I; f., We learn that ll ,v. Ur. HMIWU, .f I I : On Tuesday last a party consistingf ,. Given Away at .
,, ilown vnek wlien, ,, tli will11l1,11I '
np\l ,
.f Virginia who has Wn cII.II..1. u. tlfO'J !'I'CI. < ) MoBdames Md'hattf'Jr. D. C. Lee comfortable wearers and built for.long service. I J._ ....
; take Uii'lr 1'"lrlNlce out at. .>
chlll'-. ! up K I'. Hall. Guice, lirattoju Graham
'{ pastorate of the PieihjU-ilan The Point" 'ifn il.muhu-rs" &ie lit ,
t 1.0 Ut'l' \'" 'fann, Uarned W. 3. J. Overstreetnd
expecwd ,
. r of tJlaplace., i II
scliool In Krancj nntl will hu few dajWe Miss Lucy Overstreet' spent the KissimmeeDRUG ] t for
during Ihe next .und<1 Mr. 1-,11. who IH. In Silx'rla look- fishing wo-Shlngle creek. They .A.goen : .
regret to know that Mrs. John Inir afu.r: hin mining o|" 'unions, maycoriK' aj ,
; iuil fail HUCCCSS in catching fish tho't
Shoes for Ladles.
t lie Quality
burni-n on Queen
Johnson ' rtoverely with thom I
\'I 1 Is, hid( that thflr' uXlml'imlce| was
hand ami toot a. few days air IHMIIHKrreas by tlioovrturntnp If then1 is un ln \enml > *
: of a i citt/tnis of this pl.iw' a \IB' t-ho waoI'! er ..ite box in l l1>tling the largoNt lull
'it ( which she wan .-"Joan.rlnl{ 1Ir to women'. Thoiemp' ',w af them and 1 /;et awa>'. Tin purt>. was in honor I
keep from spllltnjr '," <>nc "r lni> rlu 1)103), 'iiiiinv Hint' n < '., i ]1"' ice-, that in of :Mis.!\. Ilarned of New Voi.k who is I In

; dreu. oth.'i. plaoeB woultl! l",> <'i>HHilernd| exlortloniito guest of Mrs Uratton, and. Was : ,
'; house J>oat Is and vhii tlic one niiniinirthoiu really onjojed I h " +
I Ilarry Van Vleck's / ".-VV% VV V V-VVVV VV 'A''VV'VVA V A''''VVV% VVV%'''V % .'V V -
I;' again at its acouaUmietl plae at thodock would pet nothing to I
,'I, arrived last "'rid a)'. I'fMSOf know of one who ruimd miulj' MSh One day I 1ft st week tho supply of fresh .
. having ThiladelpJiin, "ho halO IKJBII d..lIul'lilasl. week \,ut sW is un exceptional : rnt'utq ( hoof) in the locn. hut<'hl'l' shops) C, A. CARSON, President N C. BRYAN, Secretary
( ran short und we W'I'" on the of
, veige
ilefiart in iiuliihti and
month* woman mu ncss
I forWJ it tij" the homo past upon two hiM! a..lva'.c.. .. skill: :11 well as pol I ic.i".<-t, u ul I honontj H lieef fniiiine. To i>re\ent that n trip I f you 1 ":37: :H:: :: Z3 ======:

ff I: Almost anof th<.m ,i\i-riviri ftjor to Orlamlo was ma, ') hy ono tjf the j
learn from Pohtmusfcer Siimsoii lit ul"l'li. riKjinij hi'ought out the fact !'
Mix dollars it. \\'(MIMlliout! inui'li !
I. , the ifross reLlal.tll,' of hi1offlct' foi.' effort" In fiuf the nvurit'O i 1'1 loo mdoixiiiloiit that for tho past tlneo mouths, and I 'I Nothing Waters & Carson Grocery Co.

I :,:.he month of March \.'pro W41.W: an.Jthat to niuko an. )' t{,it.il L-xertion at inobabl, )' Iou gel', they' have. handled ,
the expwnsos during. that I'cl'lo nothing here but w stern beef for tho .
! ;J f ere only 1 *110,77 leavmK *3aV>3 asv'the season that of (he'thousands of cattle -Whole**!* end Retail Dealers i- ,
j '' net proc el1l. A pretty (food showiSnu Tli M\'fi'yincn i of iiUhiiiiince are a in thig country none could be found of :

! for such a small town. liv'e and cnirprli ; not of citl1.t"nsand tit condition to slaughter, by reason RIES'
the equipment of at lonet' two of

I ,/111, On March, 30th. Mr. and Mrs.of Maude the the Iotl\bloH hoie" aie equal In.the! quality of been which Hunt a away large that amouut, should of money have been has : IFREE
: the- members vehicles and hnrsf's of
entertained of
j Wt.ee aniitny kept at home. I Huch> condition would i is0e.ni '
'_ lOrn' Yuksa Club at their pretty IIOIIIBin those of the < Itio-*. Of Course this does I I
the 1-ih:! to be. u reflection upon enteriilsinn '!
,' South Klsslmniee, it belnR not imply that the stables will compare qualities of our people, and COUNTY AOBITTS FOB
1' anniversary of their nmrriatre. An.rt I with th.He of the cltlea in extonsiventno {such it is Cattla can be fed here and
, ,4 Gallery contest waa much (:lIjO>'L..l, but, only to the fact that wliatJ-hev i HAY
fattened foi the miviket as cheaply GKATES
i tLer whlcM. delicious i-efrenlniK". 'ntsonj JM" U right up to now In stjle. Ilectntlj pound 1 for pound, as in the went aodthe Celebrated Fertilizers 1
,served in the dalnt.} inamm'hlch Time,Hasw has put in a. number
\ of added to the
ho, u'ox. : <.r>st transportation GRAIN ETC.
of hievcle
} is churacteristio of newel hkle9 l with wheels
of feeding gives us an advantage
ties. Tlio public toappreclll.e profit vVHITIC'S Clrcnlkr ..it PriiP .. .
uiid rubber seem ;
) orgarUljig a would
''i' !" Judge'O. F. Parker is that -iceiniDKly, Induce
the efforts In this line for rn4nlie<] o. Apptlcstlo*.
"nslub having for Its object the lowe 01 our enterprising stockmen to .. ,
< *nce of the candidacy of Judge Alton there! ia moie livery work: being done take flu that line of the busiue I Jream Vermifuge

'f -93. Parker of New York: for the demo- tiere now than:! ever liefore.We = "" =-'....,---,-..,...- :,

.' ,;WatlQ nomination as f'J'l:>sldflut. Pacles hear some orange growers complaining '.hff'r.:
FURS WQOlOoxxzxtr :
favoring such nomination and I dth of the rod spider ou their THE CUmiTEED SIDES : : -

becoma member of tbe Kls- and one of them recently said. the . .
Tslplng >o trees \ .
f to ), .
requested widely spread than e .
Club are a
lmme Parker was more
,*all at the Jl1djl 'l wlaoe of buaineasJtnd pest great many would believe without making ; WORMREMEDY : r :t='::t'odu.ce a,' 'Spoeieuity. ,;,." : .,.' "

: sl t the roll, of membership.n an examination. The groves in ,. .. .. ., ', ..
,< 1M.' .., O(Krg\' Miles, the clever and this county have for free itveial, from years them yvvvvvvvvvvvvvv%. vvvvvv """" v vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv- ., !'1:!. !;.' .
been comparatively '
Howl KlsBlmWleft '
:aoooinmodatln clerk of for Wa. home which fact ha doubtless cauied many c. c ., L, ._ 'r>lo.. _' .... ...:
''''| on Wednesday. has been. va1ua- to become jmbued with the Idea that LT KINDS OF ; "' "t.
* -4' in'Bridgeport.v-He from Itbutaccordlng c ''', '1 ::
.gemeD& of the they yet; were free r.: " .. ... -.t"li
'' ; ** assistant. la &be-man and by his Irenel'al to our Informant such ft belief Is TII ,CHILDREN'S FAVORITE'10N1ci. '. JOB \ DONE ,AT : '1: : ;,I .
thia WORK
1 ou. season '-an likely to be false; Look CWAIIC .' IMITSTIOB" ., :
>en6'has ,mad maBy mends more .. mtv9mm rn"w.".w ww.., w, < .. f11E'i ,-
found loss time TOV '
.;(, 'anjonir the people Ii1m1i..h14 of the town, who hr.C8'will:.' in for giving the pest ip a and liberal if dose,orBordeanmixture. no. ", .JallArd-Snow/LInlEientlCo.,. 'LJj Y 'G'' Z :: i ;f ,.>>::: .'

;r .JlleloH4 to 1M :' .. ,. "O.. L. .lv'.T N"P"C si-r., X.OUIM,; ;MO., f .
again next season. '.I II f'!- '/'-" 'of .f ... ""- ft ""A'f f.j" r-: ..' ;.::. .. ,- ." ,...:t.
.r -
01'l ;
I "w '... ., ." ..,\ ; ,,;v. :: elt.J:. \ : .., .... ". 'f. ..,:.f . '" > ........." ',hl' '."; T' ' .. .1. ., r" < rl, t1 :;; : : -"Ii
I -.q.'i"1>4 ..-.. : ....----., .,>,....._ .._.. ,-t"_....."' .._. .... *.n__ ", ,...., 10... r.'C'I',...- .. ........ .''''' '''''''''''.' .. ... _...! ..- jt .- '.... "'::!':>..!'I' ;) j?' :, .: ""' ..... / .\,,,",,_, _!.. ,, -v'I: .. '''' ._..' ..,.......-. .,.., '.' '-,f'-i. ,
: .. ' J( . "
: 1-t;: '. . .
... ,.. :; , "f' fl' ..' : '
\ MI" , : ,
'''', .... , i,.. -. Jf --f.. ') . .",',, '..'fI Ii'i!,;,". 4' ;t. " :',.1. !'; ,.'n . . ;" .' ",:r'i , (, ,_ .: ..:;. ,, J "
. / ; .





.. 1 1t

( I"J

,f. <- .... , --
-.. -- --- --r- -A ,
-- e;
and .01 Iter. places' and sundry rnelf'o '

J? chandls delivered to,divers iradersta ; JOHN L. BEAM

j iur.st { lH 1JJ tUoso-pluces whodealt In 'em ettaa ,
: w
commodities.:, .it,'nson, ,t5ic.lxteeutb 1 itNG (

day afterour: departure from Venice ,

) when we put off from T.enmna, and

r 4 all bnd gone well with im In that time. Feel

r *: Our; Journey being almost accomplished Livery e ,

IjHiJLrlu;; u\y wjbln cogitating: ,

how 1 might with the least.jlnrehnees) Valparaiso all Jbo conductors On .H.SaID .

return(; Anita to her father\ ; for-I bad I 'th? trolley cars! Ul'O. woiuen.Sleepers le. -

J ,gathered from bet; discourse; that she .Stab ;.. . > /

_ . \ I Ml. entertained the hope of my returning! i ,of pnrthenwnre nrc used-on .

r r i I with betto Venice In the( Orlo :JJallpletro some of the. rnllroiuls of Japan. -"

I '" "WALTER" BLOOMFIELD nod that, If disappointed In tba.t. '

v ,, expectation, slip was prepared, to accompany 'l'l1 e mother\ of Governor Ul'ckIJllll1.- I Finest Turnouts in Town. ,

me. for so bug,: as I chose to of Kentucky: << tins a reinarkablo record I .

. Copyrtiht 18 e, tar >feo.n> BiMHl'l Bonk. travel In the dominions of the Great. Slip. |hits tlin 11111>rrH'iiluil_i1lsllin lmi' I

.... :v.1 "; .CHAPTBn TurkrNow; 1 wart fully determined > of baring been the mother of a Jov-
X.f' off with a quarter of a million gold sequins I
neither to' do the nor permit the I j (ei-uor the tIn ugblpl; of a (;,)\'erl1mtile :
so I accepted the situation with 1fi dard
r" Continued."Whea.11 of I Klxtur of Cim-ruor\ : and the cousin of A Sta Oil'CmDDany

.i ? wan frequent i a confidential with him). Signer mood (which Simoca the the same boat grace time roeot I could.iag.couuuuud thAt so ,lIoon, at other IIl"quah1nj111Ia, but\ concerning with the' my manner resolve I .I a (;o-erlior. [in r all a :

I had delivered stood lu pnuxe. Wtmknessfis' a fntfll
as charge to SIgnor
bad Informed me that be was own- my ; :
h, thing, an.ll cursed follyin leaving Women In Austria- nre never p Battlsta I would send the my
of only hajf tbe vast business be subtlQ w'
..s Venice In circumstances' such ai to Involve :i prison\ A feiinilc erimlnnl, no\ limiter d
Anita back to Venice In her (nlhpr's
.4 t c1. his
equal partner being: one terrllilo her teeord'instcnd 1 af boIng .
"" me In thin ,1 *< J,( BattlaU. a yenetlon merchant frlgatoon, and pursue niy trnvcls us I (
rti twha;.had been tor many years located had originally planned them In Eu//c- I clearly now that It was too late, that sent to jull. Is conveyed to one of r.

land my proper coarse wns to have plainly I the r"II"'I1I01(1! \ to thnt l purpose .
#, 'At Constantinople where be bus-
told Signor/; Plimmn Hint I hud no feeling 1 nod there slit is kepi until the( explrntlou '

wk led with affairs sucb as he wa him- for Ills daughter' oilier than Hint | of tliiterm! for which she wnsI -
'iY ? engaged at Venice It waa Ken'trnced.i RIVER ;
of common friendship, anti to have I I
the wlsfe of SIgnor Slmona to transmit T1t1UtIU.N: HIB IUECOBD: CONTINUED i _
left Venice us I had eutered'Itnone.Thereis I
11 great treasure of money to bis partner November 14. The Orlo contained 1 nn -advprtlsement .
frlgntoou hi I
I ; and hewas.In doubt how to do so."With no practical use perceiving, I' I I STEAMER: LILLiE STEAMER!: OSEADA,
AAtr Mallpletro was a noble (craft well good conrspn after I he occasions to reading thus: "Any thin per- Clay Johnson, Jr. ,.
assurance of Its Captain Clay Johnson Sr. Captain
safety. On two found and In all fit. I went 181111 will It'I\I'n I how to gel fat I l by sendIng ,
respects which; they apply ,are linl M previous' occasions: when be had essayed with I cents to the iindwrshjiied. Regular weekly trips to nasfllnger and return. Roseada leaves. Klsslnv-
my worthy host to see her while : one's self as a fool I* the first llfty I'I
to send much smaller sums to she lay In the arsenal where three step! toward wisdom, nnd thin I did A gullible! fellow, wiio( Is an thin as ni mea Tuesday morning, and arrives! KUslmmee Friday evening. .asp

bis partner Ills captains and sailors centuries before the fumes of boiling very fully, albeit wHb" much chagrin. i rnll. for\ ariMMl. the sum asked I liy, I I Special Charter Trips to Lake Okcschobee and Fort Mjcrs on the Lllll .. "

A' _,- had amd treacherously' betrayed their trust, pitch" had assailed the nostrils of the Suddenly, nnd without any warning! :, mall and received this reply : "liny I Comfortable accommodation for passengers. Hnlea- roallonallle. ,y

gone off with the money to some immortal Florentine. A swarm of my'reverie was dispelled hy the deep 1 The most picturesque Waterway In Florida. I,
t mall Island la the : butt-here.
Mediterranean or workmen were busy about her. and boom of a (cannon and the next niln- For Passenger and Freight Rates apply: to "' ,'

to the northwest coast of Africa and, the Girls In must know how tor"n' JOHNSON; SR.. Proprietor,
.id arrangements for the comfort of ute Captain rcrugla entered/ my cabin, Norway CLAY ,

there become pirates, but goods, how- her two passengers surpassed rinything very pale} but quite mini and feltpoHScsscd. Unit t nn ever valuable be had
h .. never lost In this, of the kind I bad seen or sup ',''\"e are lost," said he; ( will ,permit. them to hire: lieiiux.' : .
The occasion.! I .
though, afforded posed possible. Two stately cabins "no earthly power ran save us, but Some of them 'n re so eager: 1o ii,'.!lit!Ire

an'excellenrdpportnnlty: for me. to had been specially constructed, oue we will die like men." mid with great' 1he useful uucnmplishmeiit* that they 1

', \:lIerYe. he Interests of myhost, and la I fore and one aft; tttey were divided by deliberation h<' mmlf 1 he sign of the UKleuriieil cforc tliey enn iteiid' and

1, mo doing to reach Constantinople wlth- a tl .Sc1aul. general cabin, and bothrlchy cross upon his forehead and for a write.; In tliN eountr.v. In Mime fiimillrv. |I Zoo as a College ,

out expense to myself, and I was be- furnished with all things needful few moments his lips moved is If he household) 1 laths nre Klmnned, liy i,

"J Vv: ides anxious to begone from Venice for comfort. The crew consisted were Kpr.iuiu; but lie lit ft ri'il no girt( ; they nre tmujht 1o .pound\ (the Ancient History. ;
that I might be rid of
ftentlona of the amorous st- of seventeen men; that Is to say of pound. "Lrf>n I :" 1 echoed( for 1 WHS |IIIK| : >, to sin;?. nnd\ lin'tlrr, 1'ri;'ueh! In I

( of Anita, which I found much Captain Jacopo l'erugJa-a line man downright nmazcd// "how lost? The !iiiny ItiMiriiice they nirirrj, fellows too
difficulty in NCIta .
resisting Nevertheless. 133'I-Iet'1)lrt u.Ou
of sixty or thereabouts who had ship is sound the weather fair and )nor to even Inv" II11111'01.' ;""l too 1 I.- C

'for her father's sake and for no other served SIgnor Slmona for forty ;years Venire at with State." r.(>\rnnt to sii"ik !gad, ltgllslf: \ I h.ulil tike\ ale "i.t., '-i to .
peace vt a.raiit lit', .ity
teason I (\lt
spared bet It -was In these I \ 1'1'I'HOK\ :
-and sixteen sailors. The fore cnblu At this moment three 1I'rJ'111'1I0110f\ \ p--- 01 li" told. I .1.l ." much.
noith Notliini!: :
.. : :
tmcxiiy M
circumstances 7-on al fSi!
that I the
acquainted Slg- "flea on I'm-tli: .
was assigned to me the after cnblu tlu air. IVruela | of the .jarltcM s (iriiRj-.Ii-s:' "! th
charges rent Cnptaln n.lirl.i, th" '
\ story
t'.ulf: :
[ nor Slnjona. with my Intention to visit "Yon Cull say: what }uu. p69tar nlmtit fi to 'tech on
to Slgnorlna. Klmona nnd her maid. '" .
{ I shook his licnd Midly.! 1'he Turk isiisclecellful . .
Constantinople, at the same time showing Rc'.ii'j:, Iklll wilier," acid. ( "ii'it. Tn.-kcr. human fR. und th.fl hap.IIdnn -
In nil | --"nd 1
L there was accommodation for n as Sntnn'ea1 t l the :1 pIn Ill ; they go, I t'lej) ahuti; ,; ruin/ the .
him my passports and letter Hie w-rlhknottii }pilot tin-. other tiny + <'rs
my nxi-t piuft''
score of souls. Signer Slniouu Introduced "tlioUH spcakcst: I truly. yi'I sliiml matters t !ie. of Darw 'in 'snf "p?;''':1' <1,1 l }11" :
of) introduction to Sir Thomas Roe "liirt, my iitilhlni. ; imiiln-l: 1 llc: In-Ill-: | \\081.\1 lit! file' flr-t\' Ji:'II great'
1 Captain Perugia to me as a ( ns I have salilTu the niuilixviiixlriile lilstorv .1"' n.h /ItI'1I1/ I'. liirwln
Xngllsh Ambassador to the Porte. \xire. It Is. tul!\ Ii., ..t \\ .11.'i', in' .lio ,
V man of whose fidelity and good seamanship 1 thirty-four (If t the Crliilt In the "I t (if our hi ,111I'11''' .
Ifned by' King James's; own hand. If he had had frequent \\orld.1 | unit.. ': ct.ind. \ b'xtHvvio! 1 la I* n.1 lira, I,':'rued, miw.". "I\t .

... would tit cut and man'a.. frljratoonjfor and assured that proofs, IJUI'I'! oft er.'scciil. jiutl urc'cntiy lui'.-- As I'-ipf Tii'-rter" : |"":".' ..-:, \ lues. on Nu one .an the to.inilatii.n.!, s.i tru.t: fl"1\ ,,.. HI"r.! and 1 < Ky aii, I 1 rco: ,
he laid
me luul'oyn,1! will onc-losi" 11". If I Ih'.v I, ilo not HOCHHTsink Ideas I He : oit
Constantinople would, I said th" rivii (I.one,, \\ii.\i he uurht: ,! In Uu.ixv. .Illl' ) t'e \\oiK, 11 'ininl 'iils-.i\: tit in-- te'mtlnbI.i \ Is UufTilr t'' .V
gladly make the 110 many times between Venice and us will lie 11' gull: <." "lint "'. nle :inndgicn: ; : ; ln-T -, 1 I. :':J'|'' : voyage therein the that IJtlt: till' 'li'i'''irlrr\ NXMI.U'l I I lc.l-.ons' j It'htarted qiitc n this\ ( rn II. .
Constantinople be could "
safely :and l the Tonne are in peacr: 1 niiii'intod. -- S; i ,.,1 Homo flni' all 1 riiiXon ;'( t '''rt'a -
being and I Iail lint . ti.' hits, V in the y.; MI ; 9 sr<
money packed treated as navigate the Grecian "I uuut t :' IT II > >I' |>'i ini: | I'} 'itM> 111'I t mil.i
I my baggage, but none the less faithfully out archipelago with "What! of IliaIV" rrlurii'd Ihr llll".lnli cl.HMir..' 'Aiitii- Iliiin, any '" I'l the ; .lrI.y. t 1(11' to |I''ie anti, 1'-V"-.y: riM'lver: (gulf I iw. >-n: ...nl'e.. .' 'j 6mind
a chart; whereat I scrutinized narrowly captain hi, !huwt th" : 11' iii:'>:n< ni., u : .Id- /
warmly were lit rune'
delivered ; may .., Inlh. vvi.nle, ; tiy 'to :-Mill.-; >r r
by me to Signor Mario the the ithcr on ('birthl. cud MI Muuld rt cry n\ \
face and bead of captain Ad mil-ill }' 1..111..II''s or the
: jBattlsta immediately on my arrival : sport < ''HMin.'i:' "lnl.- I KII.MV It Iii 'tr< (:0",1: | i innJ hr.pn. n'
thus appraised, and was allulled that Sulinn iicciU, tli anti wi'lv panthetM 1 Jvnx.'s. 11'naru J . and! 'l' has:
'ju..Iau! "es. noVenetian 1 ,i-ins. tls -Jtbat city. My host was delighted wltb 1".1 of nil it l.'rpt.| | Not I ('M'i ,. 'aouldl
he V.:
deserved bill master's testimonial.! old to I the p.-opl., \i-i tin-, i i'y.
vcusrlvitliin 1 a hii'>,ilr\ ("l wrulil! n.l )l'i' free ti'i.i. \hut II.q' <
nly/ offer, and that same day gave orders Kirni| ;: uiti-r: luix II,' Keeping' ; ..jnalit.oKtli.'it
S Notwithstanding that Its owner li'npucs of in fo tell I life l."U'I I him1snld fluht ti.'m! .th i.ilii-s tied! Mnnnd bait Land'1
for.a frljratoon to be made readyor IhlM ri\,'iwniir Iii": )110 strllu IPriivvUil I I.: t-ty.;1 "r 1
i ) '
spared no expense the fitting out of '! nit nail! to ;. ;! the will: wlml.nf 1 t' rrul tlliIU.1
It ; I the Ta,it; is more i'-ccnfnl f 11 Jl" r' ,
Vie,, aa I had suggested. lie also the Orlo Mallpletro proceeded slowerthau 'Inrv'untrr: -poil'. liKjiiiri'd: theSripile. ( ) 1 l.c-uajc II n t 1\ I liil''I IUK us burr" a.i t'le I I -li "
than mid U'Pn1',1 .
,(caused ten chests to be made of stout I S.'ilMi: 3011 niny prepuceeither l I mlI ; on mrn tram, l.tiniiMils and w'lilr.iirti I :1
( h
could Lave wished and three" ;iH'i'tilaii'l.' w ::1
11'1. (1111 ;
for iinincillnlc iSi-alli to lie
) bony, lined with sheet lead and weeks before or "( rralulr.( ," replied! llio canialn.: : ; .,',,11 j thin the rnrt"| IB af.A t. ".iy that even liinin.'t.u.! 't'". Iho .'
.+ passed she was rentl3'for clinlncJ to III (lie the ("J
nn oar guilty
_ n ':Abound; on the outside with bands of sea. And here I o n xiiip's" til ilk with the purest, iii.d! best mul.nJ! of money ,nld\ -ti;"i'; fo'r a few (!I\R. .
\ copper. Each chest was of about one hand of perceivedthe Infitlfl. Do us you will; 1 I'll'IIJ'' l men iiii.l\ III n few wiM-lis (it t lu.-,"ra" its tiistc: , ns. llrwlt tIh: n"' tl
'1::''1 cubic foot content, and Into each Signer divers Slgnorlna Anltn, who bad fleet to tile.l He tvini"il and nvaiuavcruilcd get tint YIH It were, and, tlint: 1 I... win-re , for '1' 1' 1\ rs -ali.-t! wild ,,,, 1. Vliev 1111 I .. ,rmi'. 111 ex( epln !t1 KBn. + I

; .. Slmona women-' at work making clothes to the deck. Hn.-tUy maicliliig : f'on.nnd I in .,nud- ;o'i: ) <> lirlk' aid. fro i linn- ", t II \' ; > "
packed with big own hands which she desired the I 110'1:1\1111'< Is nlira.l. Its v.-Hrr !hasbtln H'o I 11. .
not to depart without a brace of pi"loII.-.o1)1 a lot-leer I and l ;the01d' lilt'.ii :V 1 I ti l-" -r tlmn any: II i 1 1" 26,000 ,1'
gold tequlns. When all the but could kiiov.n to tiistifr.'sh after: no..\ oldmal.
a not sooner get com followed tIP| cnptaln the in the, Zoo (
II -
,b ,besta were fllled they were fastened ;) conipnnlonwoy .f.r"> to CJiinn. Tills !h. duo to (the 11:1- .
pleted. SIgnor Slmona win a shrewd tlilukliiK of 1hr remark of lhere'yon see I n!" of ti") l'n'a ."I I 1"MII'I'I1 (if n11'' :, I I "1' HoW
;with screws, the bands mado tnt'e of the Moil,I that is .ilmind, the '
copper ,
well ,1! VMIn I
man, versed In *
the ways of his signor Shuoun when lio presented! I did it Inin''n/ that tills bOi i au'cr I d( ni'I :. or < ( ; 1"1'11.
'' jfast with metal studs, and the whole kind, in fixer. The iiKxintahis jin-l! the alnlr( | and : !awi al.I jr.-ii.-t! str. I l
a yet dealing with Ills daughterhe them to me, that I should ccrlulnly hot th. h'u.'H' with the !lung t-<'lh tinMiarp" .1rlb :
ld coated with a resinous .black:: paint, to was but as clay In the hands of the regions c.f. the, Helawnrc: and I.eliitll ] did not hill off the, well; liiinian b'ngV"lhtrwin
need to U" Ihl'lllvlllle aboard tile
;Which later was added my name, In potter BO great la the blindness of a Oslo Mallpletro. rivers supply[ certain clii'inlcnislmb, ,I explains thli nvfory h> Klv'.iK!" Il three" iOf"oq for tin vt- ,.1

!white characters, upon each. fond parent. act as a 1 preservative[ and, make the of man over Ih,- nTilina-! 'He Bn\n Hint mnn ertinnn-fl! the world froi\ the

When the design of my journey to At last the On reaching t the deck I eaw.tbe! formidable water different from any other. Why wild beauts be.aiihe_ (III 1 I hf lenuieU I how tu l oink : I C > lit, I 1.. ni :a. ; b.v t. co. ;
day came when Cnjitnln .
I, Constantinople became known'to xAnlita Perugia Turkish fleet\ jdljitnnt i not I li.ivo actually: known captains'! to put operate; and ((3) ho learned hq'w to use I IH hands lit making weapons and traps.It '

she Opposed U.with all herwit, that > his 'reported to Signer Siiuoua more than Valf-nn\ English; mile, and in from sea luring n voyage; solely to Is said that an African explorer.wlio D was walking In tAe forest Without:, ,

V' and exhibited a great wealth- ot'artifice' frlsatoon lay ready to, sail disposed at Captain Terugla had de fill their Lanka wIth' lnwllrl! water bin rifle, .('rt1 Away thrc tlDh' by throwing his Reid glasses( at them. ManY
the first I Irould
favorable-- wind-that her scribed. The a thousands of ba.v wived his' life by throwing
himself savage
la her efforts- to prevent It. She captain I could ,Jn' preference other,"-I'LIIa- )CII..RIO. way. : sUe\
of any
represented to her father how cargo merchandise was well and nowhere see, but after I had stood n delpbla or clone at a wild TDII was a trlcUUr.at none of the, lower :
essen safely stored and all his Telegraph do and It look them J'. .
daughter's surprir
minute or BO gazing In spent wonder _. ,
: I
:, tlal was a change bf scene to one who. baggage aboard. It was then that at the gniinl "spec-tack1, before and I Little by little the wild, II-SKIS, t n-nrd" that human Vielnrs were dangermia.Men .

like himself, had lived long-mm SIgnor Slmona ordered the ten cheats me, I'oloon. In the Iiny hail, too ninny tricky wav of f:hn They h'I'I' traps ; ( that ..wd"aly! !

Worked bard !In one'p1ace, and who of sequins to be placed the floor wondering wl <.tl.rr ale Turks !intendeO The body, Is a factory of, poison. It a heavy" tree would fall 0:1: n I lion's l> ui: They dun hones In 111.- pruunil, and'

tt ttr ... besides suffering from recent bereavement of my cabin; where -should upon haw to do 11 H any inlet. hlef or not he al'- these polKous., wlileh lire constantlyIM coveted teen over with 1 h,"ar.thr4) 'so tae: ag ,.ljjliintTxvoiilI I fall Into, on.or' ";

from which ebe argued them In .tll'on'ItIIIl"' from the ufl<'l..purt of the I IIIK prxliiee( l in large: nantllies In them and. break his :leg TLet dropped( '; ( Mi< rtoncK from th,- trcitops ,."ril.o,

J that, he would do well In going to Constantinople a sealed constantly letter for sight delivery and with gave the 11'" vessel, ht'dinq 1 :) Anita and her maid.!. -1 ht' 1.11I1.lrl' Imprrfrrilreumiviii. or'nre of all. I hoy had 1 habit ot 11\1.' ; one a-.iother. ur.d mot .';: aln tit :.n) Urn*> .

t; more especially a* abe was cheats te ( Both the women uiiK' >:arfil' clnzed with produced. III ton.(Tent qua ullly. ns nuniltrrs 0- '
f'fT' w capable with nly' protection of takingei't Signor Marto Batllsta, ,-.<. fright, but 1 they o'ueyeil Ihe I eaptiiln'sorders the result of ovtrfeedlnp. the llu.ils' For thousands of r"lt' the )I'.nttl"! r.ir.( ,d. In many purrs: nf the ward it

Constantinople. lie commended his qu.'oler: and with greater: : l 1M Htlll I on In India I f.ir lns-ance. there: were nearly ,(bun nntlvet: k 1led'y !
exprditlon \\Ulch surround Iooo :
*barge of his Douse and affairs. But ; the bnihi tells nnd nil
-- daughter to my care, and both our that I slinulil l have expected: or l"pr! 1102. A al ill larger no mb"r were llil'"l' by make "If.- ,
finding that the old man could not be limp living/ tissues lire' contHiiniiated: I
lives and fortunes to the protection of them.' The stein of frlvalooti I The wild lieasi was 131'" (first < n'Miiy MIlMonx: of BaviySe bong 11.1 1 t era ...
n :: liclus with ;
persuaded to undertake ao perilous avoyage God'In a manner to natural and affect- and polHOiious( snlist.'irces which nIiliyxlnte *- and wolves tried to destroy IIi' ,111.1 rr.c.: and they r"I<', Tcy war; ? driven-: '
,as- ," she changed ber tactics, and log that but few persons could have large Kjnnre! It ntTo-l n better and paralyze Ilie cells, and iointerfere back I Into: the heart of the forests. \ I

after some honeyed com plim in marie for an enemy's Kims: tliiin :nn)' I with their ndi'IITills! I The horse and dog and ,
en concerning witnessed the scene unmoved. As for i nt mirr-'n.l.'red 111,1 )""'ama mans rhnibidi Tne-
d '\ my honor and probity endeiv- Anita she wept abundantly, and other part of tlw'O..d.:, Cud| III thocnptalu's fart' ..XIIII, I..". in pnrt. nt 1 lenst. the : others have he n defeated or Jddxnicnt
red td show that It vai .nft- t for rtunldlty which Is lifterinier them alive and locking them, for :
$ 4.v It was unfair to SIgnor showed either filial n common I nj ;n "mal cage 1:1; u.inn.-"ir.cnt i
great devotionor
r Ib.omt'n 10 be concealed, In of boys and girls.It .
Battlsfa my :
to entrust a great treasure experience t with I: many pcrs"os.1S'htn |
consummate skill In acting; And the cabin, situated In the fo!'r part ; where food is retained In the IH not net eBRsry to'r 'rnnrk that men their inked'hands
In which he \had a half interest to the wind sloinncli I i I I'nll Id'.ti ji
now serving the Orio Mallpletro they were ,iftic.-c l all all the nrinU's of wild! I beta: 't t ; ,
custody of.one who was entirely unknown stood accordiiiKly ] with beyond< the nurnnil' lime, either Jpe-, ret dlpl.v tht; any 0'' b'r vm-niy: of
,l out te sea. hasty:| nUll I the door linrrieadeil, ; 011 the 1111"1' of Its indlseMibllUy( the the human race" any money: I Hnc or !IT, I :' r. In lusfrlal nicuaroh. vvlllM '
to and whom inklnij
him. lie (Slmonn) bo
It with allowed to do
was .
strange: emotion, not I' ol1t..i1le'il1J bales or m.-n-hainlise. ( any H'rllllll Inrm."W; furl; Jnurn't1 .1
'had of too large a iiinntlty of lt
himself known but little more unmixed | ? or" a I
than a hundred :drays and that lila plres with'Uadneea ,Hint I watchedthe '.. 4!'He arTcujcineitK: &: h I,. i ivg ,speedily crippled, slute of the rtnmnrh, thi'sc\ I| '
.and, campaniles of Venice made the c'ci'itiii' r.u'lre. il I himself .
S' .
merchant wisdom would be more .ap- ehniiKci I1r. crrt.iln to (clue plnee TliiR .
wax dimmer and I
parent In devising some other and sails yet more dim as the to me> nnd, his jiion in we stood In f.ict 'xplnln, a very I lu-K"" shiire, of th'rrtllid ,!
swelling of the Orlo
Mflllpletro :
roiiii'l, about Ii i.i
K''onp helplcs."lyiazilis 'III"lolJI"hl"h nftlict 1hech'onlc Y
more regular means of getting the bore }
southeastward ire .
d money' to Constantinople. This advice us along the Adriatic ( : ; ; J Iii the Ln\;laIs! of the T.irlc-! il.vtieptle.l !| The ::1, (1111l''''', thetnugling Irresistible Man

being also rejected she feigned Illness and I could not repress though\ (icu vessel: rev they ii'.i.i.Maehcd;f nn: : ; .......ullo"..., (the.. rnnnmlon of. I .
of a11.w.blch
kept to her bed and inflicted upon her I Strut set foot la happened that marvelous to lUP' since "C'oinrncle :iK.1 l felt,'V-raizetla-Ile; : I Hioiiirlit, mid even mrtil| ;;, in"eiiKil>!ilily.which By Nixolu (; re-1c3' lllih] '
fliejny" orur\ S'.nie: ; -mil: \ nf nil ( ill'is"I nfe net Infreiiir-utly oh'Txcdn

aged be father such fears for her life that -appropriately called ho bride of I U'U-the, ninny few hours after m:'nl < II' \t. dyspeptics I 1? IlAVK all fret the Irredtt'i'c'' man-yo.i., .' "nO native with -
W spatcbed a special courier to pa44u&
h- the lea. Anita noticed W him whenever lir '
abstraction ponipailo'ir. see
fetcl'a my : proofs of his .Iripclis-i-j'" ::red. rou'.uitce.( ,' nre due to tlili! cause.' HereIs .arIP gayea vonlfuily; IntO
to learned leech of that
and with the > our eves aid holds), you I hand with a lo'in
admirable ( lingering
tad ; ( >r>'S urO"
lehod! ! |
; Venice !.id I tllr. TurlcH; are it: the explanation of (lie Iniscdiillty> ; _
Ity. Severs days passed before tbe which seems to pertain only to feminine and tells you what a won'!h' rill feeling It him 10 do It. '
peace; oir.s( \Is I r. nii>:il!! \-.1.1 Imilt! for th" despondency; th" ir-xsipiiuM, \ : theIndeeiKlon . 11'(: .
cb reached Venice and when bee natures sought to .Inl you whui- masc'.ill.i. and perhaps rout't nipt,! itoux ( balm -"
dispel It
by engaging and : 'yO
< uol fwv.,4. And it hce-ui ; nl1l1'lIl'i(ns rlhforms: of from the ,'
momentarily editorial
he made but a hasty and .uper meJ1 conversation. D. strayed ('1111. you glance with(
examination of the patient. "Tour Anita 1 I pitied her Poor that the In'HlI'11ti"'h> sri" : isirt; u;.,i'.i: n! mcntnl) jiprverslty' and\ even mural" defir.ivlt.v qul//.ical 8pll\1 nt him every: lime you eland on one too 1.

jhter; ," said the leech to SIgnor 81- had fixed her grentlJtor she the OreJlt Turk is to I.e ilehnsc.I\ to : which ore not Infrtipienllvnssnclntcil the mirror and tie your led, ::11. la-t

"Is Buffering from on Indetermitngulahment bad affections on one who doing the work) of u Vor.-i'.r.s; ; gilley, with certain forma" IIf /:1": I Oh. nonobody y Is klMIng( ) yon. KOI 1:5: dead! sobor earr.-t every man !'. r 1

and die at determined not lo reciprocate we being; tlxe xletiu\-\ \Vchave but t trb-liitestfnnl (1I. 111I'barc.s. .- rauilly, I Irresistible to some woman and soaict-Unui! ninny "omlo. the' I. ore'l the pity ,
may any them-on a who li.iu .
man never so one brass cnnuon ubor.nl. and that hotter, T.onJon. What makes hirr) so? 1.
the best thing for'hel. Is a pro- much as spoken to her and Why. it Isn't bec/mse/ !he 1 U for J
vt love for good for nothing! but siKiuilliiiK! while! : han-lfome some perfectly: ir'ests lull e meat ',!"

1 cruise In the Mediterranean; him she had abandoned her used the Ul1r ,}'.rou;' '..1'm'l.1..' aril armed, I ]It Old Tim.... I have been so ugly oa t to border on the Krote i
nch means her life may be spared father (for whom I am sure she hud n und the lightest of l;icm U three tl Once Vines did nil tbe I"nro\: :KOVcrtir.ient. black one pitted, by emalp'jx.aH! ho wa, waj one of the most successful: ladr" "
?, many years." When SIgnor SI- real affection), and had: cuiltarlced ou aperilous heavy nc \1','. Ka 'e 1 L. laipossibie.: Thus, we bear of ICii,|[ Sol I, killer world, has known, and the colchrarpl Kngll h Jack; Wllkos, who boast, .\ :
acquainted me with, what the Journey under circumstancesthe but though -we nuuilit'f' tiiiion acting us fudge; aril| jury. 1 Kings i Ing that his physical un :IUll'HS was BO flight a han/lv' that in 4
oiily eighteenmen was never more than fifteen minutes botind tt- :
eeb bad prescribed for biz daughter most damaging to her : went to war niut led their armies on lnrlmPl man In London .
we cnn avoM! bcinc, : ; taken mite I And It not because h"'s Intellociual.: i
FT,perceived at once, what bad bap- Had I to 1 are many :
never suffered suck treatment victory or defcn: : Litter certain wondertul4
Let with scholars and scientists
us fight all o-.iv sii-en;ih. a.nl<1 whose hearts from long dlsuee hnve !
net" Clearly Signor Anita's courier os befc'l me at the bands r nobles thought; they should; < have I' btcome ) .
> a woman so do! ) remeuihf! ',: tbl: life with the something summer's duet and In wnnm.women toko no more Interest than
they do
ad.p d fatter than ber lathe?., and In England I should to do! with the I ID" r
probably have Turk Ls worse thin niiny: ilpr.ilis. :pivcrnnient. nnd specimens at a natural 1 history museum. '..

LS waa a prescription which had been Content wall tats brave young Thought Keeo'id to roux! !n valor It iinally! their Anima! : were granted. Still And there are authors who chloroform their own souls and other )people's' ')c

ten.first dictated by the patient -to Venetian lady for A wife, for I doubted wan but a feeble: < litexn.ii. wiiich! the ,:ltC:' i-crUln ii::uded gpiitlpjn deemed anfl slick pins In them and Spread t'm! out on pieces or white papor' like .o-' "'

e. preacrlber. Matters fell out aa 1 not abe was as faithful as she was Venetian tailor greeted( this! speech it only right that they should have n many drlo buterfle. whltrt or spotted, according. to the huttcray-anil th1"yIn,'ti I

expected they would. A week before persistent bat my KngIIh affair still Had they been about to In voice lu government since they had soul mstter. But no woman ever found an author 1
|th. 'rlptool1 was ready to put to searnor engage a though she may have loved .man who wrote books, which Is Irrehtble'?
rankled In my; hiart, and my oath fair battle none would have been large Interests that were affected and thing. .quit 1
Slnacna took; me aside and aft never to regard any woman other than this claim was granted. Inter on all i' '
l -
more -.enthusiastic- than they but And yet IhouRh'a Is not
t prof.... expressions of his. affection alone In whom no faith should be put execution excites no enthusiasm an !i men claimed the right to have some tsinly cannot hope to Interest man Irresistible but because Imall his Is Intelligent, he cerw i
especially any very number
$ti,0&' me said be bad resolved to entrustme was too recently registered to be lightly In the 'victims and such (It voice In \government and this carats he has brains. of women, unless.. W.,;!
not onwith'! his money but his broken. granted.: During all this time For matter how '
,, no silly
teemed was to be the character of: the women a woman may be herself, she' Is aJwsja, a
,slaughter :' also and'atralehtway unf Our progress WM extremely slow coming encounter. .were entirely overlooked. Now the enough t recognize and condemn .man's intellectual shorcomInKs: :

folded bis.desire that Signorlna Anita I and suffered several Interruption butI To be continued.In I'I .women think they should hare a voicein them It: I.b. ':'i,)F

: other health. I Jane, and the which sailed as large Interests any one's being able to tell why. ' ; ,
seas on we a Dublin paper some time since at s'tic as men' and

[ 'expected ..Jmuch..l1d.wa. not locked by'the most beautiful lands In was a biographical' notice of Robet- this seems to be a' reasonable couclu- out When realizing people that want to describe them they say that they are charming, wrttM
they have
IR<<.- ',,though heartily wished the world Truly tbe ancients, did well pierre, which concluded as followt: lion 1 something that cannot be really said nothing enllhenlDI. since charm Isu (

haul. girl. at the bottom' of th.o In calling the, Mediterranean such; it "This extraordinary man left no chll- We find thes men and explained women or Irresistible denned, but la, L s

!''raised any(objection to was a compliment an error, as dred behind him except his brother/ A Shell's ."...t. n81a them but just. because are ao altogetherpleasing we are 1nabl..t ; 1
A shell tbey
/would have savored ann have ,from a twelve-lncb gun that .we dont want- .",
0" some .a 1rJnel .. Stoppages weregarde who waa killed at the same tJm.- Why; we wouldn't withstand their fascination If -

.,> tar,part.. to. feloniously: } aie. At Trte te,'.flumeZara, Bru Glasgow Tlbteg.h two makes; its flight of nine I rUM In forty log, World -. I' we oouldj -Nor,>TorkEye.: ,

,. .1. .) } u ... ttnnd \ f y '. .- ,
,..;r..' --.. 'f/J. 1'i.; i. ,.. .. .',"" ... I vS ( oj"

''''' : ....1t. "'
'' _
: ''' "" n '
> -

i '' ,.,..=.v- 'ft,; ,' ,-........JiI"t; lrnvw, :Rec.r..5".,...""" ;"" '''''1''.w /tie .............'.+ t'L..Y..G.N. ......,..,. ..... . J,. '<*>" +". r '' -
I' .' ,' rilh"; a-r 'K7un" .. n,t.a......,."....)._._ ...._a.tS. ; :' '.If. ?"' tt."J "'.' ' ..,. I''. .. ... I .... <"V".. II I, .Fgra.nuamtcnr.r" ' ..jr ivoanv mL 1La ,u w, 'i ,. n.y
':., 1 ,. ,. . 1 . ,... 11 ". 1,. > ;. .i6.1 .h r "".' .a'! -A f 1 wx .. \'. 1iI SH
ij, '. .it1t/ A-!!.." ." _.' ..-y. -":, '1 .;:v ''.... -tP.- fir

,. ," .. ..
.. 1 '.1", "' (-. 'o'' ;:II,; /" .
J' '
I ,, !: ,.
1 \4 :i/00 .. "4, .. ""

-.:, \, i.... "

''t ,,"', ..Y\.:\:... ..'" ,, " .. ''' I ..'
,_ .. .... ,....,., -- 'l'u..__',
'" -
r .... ..... ...
7RIFLE" ''W' --. .. '"'-' J. Ir------
,', .. : 1. Knolle f pr. Lady; : Cecil ,, *" 'fI' .
The merest mote ,\ swindle like those nilnes n * TVti.r. the ttmfm AN'etepe ri".t ... t
Upon the teleacepa rna a slar.i 1 i ''T. do 11hepnajusele.said ie Qr....,.... rant......,
One faulty no"r ' l tl wife RUSSIA'S' UNDERGROUND PRESS
Tb a1JD hon1'a clear harmony: man suavely, "they 'endeavored<< to dissuade .' .A.certain..boy.-.rUb a tanapuii appetitefor
mad '
fruit discovered early in his careen
Line from the .speculation.. Why ,lire (i--4. a __ e ,
Count eotliing flt.ri"1111t' i ou,1Awgiling?"' '- v i that the trees wltb lb. best fruit were
A woodland *. be found In ... evss'filledthe"hospital" '
Or May mile lead, illumined, in power by, love's heIr) tithe, tier Ills busbnud'wns sense of humor:shaking stirred with at amusemontrovera last-- A, PRINTING; .SHOP THE POLICE: to of his.J.t' tfatber'a fruit

_A'noul,to conquest o'er the hosts ; at Neal .
-Erne :
Lon in refuse small for
ai.g.sain. pulled out of the red dispatch box trea.ble were to "
lae7i:1yt Th ICIectrlc =-=- --- :_, ; ,
... Cooking compI any, uatoert a" wh1cl .rettok. I.
Tlirrliey set ul',' to have douo you tI1Nar / ) I'". frn.Eitsd.fa Ik* *..<.
;..rit rm.<<'ra rf-Pa'lft1J aU.c.- pretty lhoi'ouzblyit'Ibe clectrlOk-( Five Years It Iles'Published : ker'. the boy enjoyed in bo.plaJ says a 0 movement calling for popular -wriiI
'fI .
\ <<
<5'i"\.IyU'an... 'C!>';'U1Eji;!/ In Pearson's bat It aid or co-operaUv
ery 'plant did prove fallure? Ha! Jia! Voice'1!.-Monthly Methods by :Which the wrier Mllcaale ifs" y
.'a \; laa!-' was not until ha slstancelslatlv the ,,
.came t tblaldnJge 01 pa1e. t
"Magazine: Used 'to' De Got: .; -
': .1.\ $ .!@ 150 not, Oh rtc not" Tie Implored Out that hoTea'lced\ why these parlCI. and kt

.,;.,u.u:;. '. K "try to be tlllllt).." But he dJd uot bear Seizure' of, the First Press.OJi. .- lar.trees bore An. crops,,.Uhocl they, bodies bas'd lade anrti rapla'so'short'a'timPas -,

@ FairFinancier. Ills rye .were .tr lIllIdalrtloand bis -- -- never made .strong "" ..._. the is

''; hanakcrclilef lu. piny,, as be locked u m U ___! :f m ... .t'1... .. .Wi.ld.., : i: ;:i1. Th reason was =simply that they good ..roncls movement la'', t0."nontb.While ..
himself! nlitl'roarcll' Wltli Lelpfesslaughter u ; ''' P, ;:'''''' '' were often mO'e' nd that th ground : this movement Is 'general'throughout

; over;n new trouvaille. IllSVOTAJTIOJfARY JewW have been printed by. 'band. 41, the round abut tb.1 often.dug over. tli*',cut'and seems tt I Lbe J:

1{ . 1"iOO "'Tiff Music eitlrt-IIniiser'; :' Ypn i\ F l Ian magaelno of from printers were vcrxespcrt and bad (de.vlcedanarrangcment Understanding this tie began''to Intro- attracting to Its .ap.t
.. bought that patent for eight hundred D A a twenty-four to thirty. of rollers to run duos n new system of fruit cultivation port in the South wbeiVgreat !
'@:{ { :<
your fcklit{ *' on -it' "fli Pa"U'ut CJulllotltip slit! every month, and for I of tile ype. When A umber: of the healthy by.keeping their roots. near the r.&*>recdentol. rat, and pherefacll1J
jto LILY bad Qulshed dluner )1 tIMl'trllp.' ;you bought lint In- tbc lust fire years the spies and de H pap rs hudbeen p Intcd u1e\Ilbers of surface, pruning the trees frequently, tel for' transportation area matter1 or

il 1! 1\ crony t.'tlHI-toftp dinner, \pution.: too.. Flto) hnndred for a i_let-tiro of the police hr.vo been searching tho Lund would coma and carry (them and moving tbe treea.lt necessary once ID.elateprc.IIJ-; ; roncern'iargely

.T' o elegantly ,scrud tip on a ji; tent mousetrap; Here HIP more : : in vnln for the place of Its publication. away. In about two 1-ar. In this way the a past three years. 'G

.ft round table and diolcclyvookwl. 1r.lut8--nU wildcat. ''Tlie Ber>n-5
t oM riiilliiuin 'Syndicate1: 'The North many; proclamations' handbills mid (lowed to stay :u the Laude: If the are produced.lu whys is taklDJ deeper root with the

hue Huller and bin subotdluflie had ICeriy loll Prospecting Company.' booklets orI revolutionary character police should happen! to rnid'tba house. old.tablone'orchards trees:ire people most otbe uctOD

It hdr via, after IIII1 dill;; It mnurt red The lrpnt Sahir.l Klrctrlc ,Hallway \, bleb aro spread broadcast' < throughout the bundle /fTsti red Ollt,"'It wonW not .I grow tt whatever size and The commerce 01 "'" cornea t 'y.. t.

I llmtt'l1 lJox.'hldt' Ibrjll; bout the (ojuipniiy, "* Great t Scott: An electric the Czar's dominion, do to lose the current Issue of the In whatever shape they will, and the primarily from ground, nnd,.asa', "

. coral had ()<-cut>lAl u 1)1mJIIl'lIt puI l- railway IJ1) the desert! Tbe Carpathian Tb members of ttia! Central Jewish paper. grass I allowed to grow beneath,. for rule;the cost ot transporting a productis

lion oil. the Mldvbo.ml. upon the shining Coal !Mine/ United' the 'HoKnla Oil Worltlngnien's League of Russia and Tuo carpenter was a natural meclinnlc food, may b for cattle., But now relatively higher In the initial stag

, | -clotli Uofoif the :IIII tl'l' of the IIOUKC.I Pnn.plng: AHHOplalloii. I'm nt the bottom Poland, who engage in the publicationand and was cousta!!.tly Improving. the orchards a,orchards In miniature, -frora-rh*UeU or mine to the rird. I 1 1 ,

1 |dI !'*, merely! noJdliiK. looked OMT ut of the box, and-".UP panned over a tbe distribution of revolutionary the plant. Even lu Lose days befon condensed orchards, .with trees'only a river o canal-than In any otbe part I

. Ills wife tholtbunt n avoid drew a rapid mental rnlMilatloii"-"yomfve( In. rlo4tter!; are constantly smugglingrevolutionary the discovery of the baud press the few feet In height, and generally either of"its. Journey' the' world's.. maUt.
r ilttl>v /gold key from the toilet 'of a ,\CHtetl-and lout-exactly a.1OOO, ome pamphlets across the fron Bund was engaged! with the problem IrawJalln shape or like little bushes The most expensive and th* most op' .

:rather inuculve Heal ring! and banded if odd dollars over the rottenest spec illations tier. The: adren.prec which this_ busliicin of making r >ress that should work: IDt beneath them 1s care preaaa"kind transportation bi wagon ,,

f lle 11y across the 1a1J1e.I . that ever. were boomed l>y a In contraband literature leads to without noise. It was at last made, fully cultivated. transportation, where it 1* accon+'

I ,. You are very-olillgini;," HIO| Hitld, bucketwhop.You've bad the beet) ad- and the many escapes the smugglershave : but was not Installed In Babrolsk. but An apple Orchard.of one acre planted pi.he over bad roads,brut this fact 1* y'

r with a cold little smile upon' her )benutlfully 'IIIt.'rM-ll\1! you might Ian-..,. ImU the would furnish a great fund of in another city the secret-of which) t with dwarf trees will contain lon ot.u lost'stghl'oZ, ,, by communities

r out llpw.\ and n must provokingjrlltUr \\"orllt-lInd the whole tiling; Is wonderfully mnUilnl for romantic novelists but for remains with tbe Bund. than COO trees shaped either as broad address themselves to the work'" J

lu tlje eyen. "1110'"t ni>lf.tlenjlng puzzling" the 'greater part these stories will remain Where the new Issue of the Voice! Is little bushes or as regular Plr.mld. of correcting .nesetl'Inequalities' 'lathe y

f I to concent, no uinNt against the grain, There nas a new tone of Ibimness. untold.* A few striking Incidents published cannot be told. The Inut and there win be space for some 700' I freight rate by. railroad

; to ovorh .uJLtU* results of my year" of In his volre. bis eyes were brighter, -of this underground Journalism! number was a handsomely. printed smaller bush fruits between the i and steamship companies. '

j tflnanclul labor. Tile sheaves I bate nnd; the fold between: his eyebrows may be related here magazine of tweuty-slx pages Among; Tbo effect On the fruit trade te..I. A village la the West, which Bad its) g, a. '

l .reaped at the stock l'xdmnSI'-IH'1' eye- hud been pieimeil. out by MIIIIP Inli To begin with there Is the secretpress the articles was one dealing with the been wrought by'such revolutionisingIdeas 0"1. peculiar 'aeUB' touching '

; 1u.I14 played at livmlllty-"nrt gathered \'/'lbli. fairy Iroiu-r The sullenness of the Bund the JI'\\':.<11 o.-Ulugmen's late Labn Is'intad. a woman leader of cannot be calculated. The llttl freight rates, .....I tba all.

: In. tbat dispatch. box, to a tfialu of tlio luooilliie' the clepipfislwn were dengue referred to. As has been raid the Bund, who hired In New York. The b\lsbor, pyramidal tees make very flue the incoming freight delivered: ) tie lt ;t

A i corn: 11'0111' tile printing: of th: twenty-four page paper Is ot good quality, and there ornaments for or gardens. local rlrl had,to.be hauled up.; a '

"Of coiirse I rnii't refuse filncp > ou "Plensp ,fi\e! inp n PlgareltP," ]lie i monthly journal of tbo 1t'It'ue"bl11/ ore imny articles/ of gcueru Interest Still more Interesting Is the method steep wagons,' on:which only ,

, "jrto keen upon my f-uinx; through; wife took one from the eiine be held 1 U/cnlled the Worker's Voice, baa been besides those! demoted to the worE of of growing fruit trees in pots as ornaments half 'an ordinary load couldJH 'drawn.

the dip' and HO fortli . But youwere to her. and fit IIP Sire her n llht hrl'1Itt.1 kept;: up for live years revolutionary prop:1 audo.-Sun. for conservatories. The trees This condition ''complacently submitted -,, tr

IIlwII>'a un c-xc-elleiit: "oiiinii oflnt.lnessyou (liiKt-r st/I.| / out and timidly rented. 'ibis Is the second press of the Bund -TU-Tal. with their beautiful foliage' and'fruit to tor a number of years when 5 4v
have line) ( the first one haug"neu: discovered Enr.Lp e.--- it to to '
'ootklgh occurred somebody aoggest
mi the tip of Ins.. "\cs. nH yon say, I are! as decorative as any exotic flower,
1lIolJ"8 to ad>'lK<* jou :i lunil who nbi line luul the 1 1xt n'JI..r"--! by the police an1ago. destioyed. ; five years An envelope has bee.( designed that and would be we-I worthgrowlsg for that the point of ''attack-might' be pro % $

.. >lnti ly Ic-HdH the llniiiulil 1I'liI-ulI,1, "And )'UII'\'I' niniiBKPd! to muddle The bundltits who were wOl'klnc ,mall thieves cannot tamper wllhIn. their beauty alone even I their fruit ttblj shifted from' the ,,1alro.4'or el

1 line: no doubt join oittfin.il, JUHMKK awnj all.juiir '11I1))01)'lthuut) :etllng" on the paper at tint t1l'IIeI'I'C all detected. There me two ways In were uneatable. In the gardens at ton'the eobJet of.fegh gt +

lm'r multiplied; Into n mTr1 llll. Hut anything out of It." allotted but ten days later the which ordinary cuxclopeu/ may be Snwbrldgeworth, in England small or- rates to tbI MIL' When,' sug.esUo' '

.pct tliHi| that l III why you viuit me tl'11 Your pardon*" She blew II'ln\ t: of \\'orkl'I"1011', better printed tlinn before opl'netl-olle by forcing the flap open chards are In pots under glass- was .cte, upon"finally, ;"8 .
Ill) '.'"81', the I contents of the cllii perfumed unmUi nncl wutilntl It Kmriilrpwntd and full of new life, came out with a thin metal blade< and the! other I orchards of gown! nectarines, cherries suiting cuttg"?down :of ,tb*

llntl"ll i box, You were> rich when I "The again. by steaming: the envelope until the -nnd while are cr.detbe :cost'of local ,
I giowliiK puler. moneydid grown
rum......id you n jear HI-' ,von are fiil>nloiiKlv bring tie XJinethHis.: Mist of -nil.It The men who were arrested were nil mucilage uo longer lioldir (llio flap. In In pots In p\lma. orchard pp.r houses without 'art e one.-batf, and a'corresponding;; ;

wealthy now, Accept my con brought: nl' )ut--.HII' iiu.iricl. If jou stilt for varying term. to Siberia: !but cither! case It It* clltlicult for even the artificial heat.-Youth'sCompahion. saving in cost of transportation greater -
4fratulHtluiis," nic-iiiluT," the Ilund soon tilled their placeii. To prison to whoiu the letter. 1 la addressed. than could possibly'iave"resulted' _

Hlii". bad thrown off her innnk of Indifference "I di() not foiget-but thesevoith- how the enterprise of tho. :Bund It i to ascertain whether tae'envelope has WORDS OF WISDOM.. had the railroad granted all 'that' was,

now and the shimmer in IeeN. III\'I.'IllIwnl':'' may be said that tbe pl'P89011 which been opened unless' sumcllilrg bus .ke the blane men of ..thU'T ,?

the ryc-n that met his. I\MI, war. IlLe), "They will not prove worthiest In tbe 1I0Whue of the magazine was been cxtiactcd. TIm Improved) envelope Spirituality means honesty, truti- tJat they bad ,guilty -..' ,

the play of moonlight oil the blades of the end They ne going! to bring mo printed wan n new one, the printing diners: from the ordinary kind only: fulness, purity and reverence. of an error of omission In not having

In a hundred: time \the vnltu- eichanped :- material was ill new. and nil had in having a sheet! of tissue paper attached You cannot prove that you are g fIre at an earlier day,. th* cost of M! >>, ,
for them." The hand holding been obtained within ten days after to the flap and extending down 1 oy proving that, somebody else is b.d to and from the"dor

will forget-that, unlucky aboiuln- I the clgaiette shook a little the rupee the confiscation of the first pre i. Inside the pocket. This sheet attaches He alone Is an acute observer who of their stores and .. : +

able Idiotic speech of mine, made aini of pearls strayed. : The voice as produced by tilt list itself to the aurfica; of the envelope can observe, minutely without being- of be'wel station on the railroad, and'

)nd. alter our miirrlitge. In tbe heat "They -w'.ll make me-rich-an. you areas was a very crude : i Hair the 'with the sealing. of Ute letter, and Its observed. thftt it U possible for a snort piee'o *Il tneglected

of our' nrst quarrel I have eaten these have sail; u wealthy woman In the copse: ',)('Ing proof slips taken from obvious] that alp attempt to force Men satisfy their consciences by feelIng wagon road to.be an IPr'

1; -words. a hundred times-you have for- way In wlilrli a woman would bpwealth the galleys: but tbe copies of ttte new the Sap would tear tbe letter and. In their wilt not come toplalebem ant adverse factor In the. 'c' :"

given them o.tl'l1aIlJlj-but you. do not }-. 'ConntermaiVs.. 'n tph.' Issue that found their way into the spite ef the utmost caution the torn wrons-olnj their community with distant,markets

really, mid thank to your Scotch Almhlp Oenerul Omnlbu..e.... Mumping hands of the Government officials were tissue would be plainly siren when However vast appear the worldIn ",Tie encouragement given to tb* goodroads'movement

"'>looil, yon: never will. They rank injou Cat,' Ingle Sklrt-Haiijjers,* nud neatly; printed. Since then the :Uuud the envelope was opened tbe proper which we more may, we all of us Uve in In the Soethpyr the

uow" t the other thing: are genalno tnve'tt- ban set up other presses. way; To detect any subjection to the a limited circle.It Southern Railway, beginning 1901.

He bit bis cigarette through la the meats. I assure )'ou. I would buy Where are these presses! located? steaming! process the tissue is securedto when It ceoperatedvrith ,*J>* United,, r'"i
How is the bulky material handled! the la a great misfortune not to have ?' p
sudden closing of bli strong square them nga'n: tm irow 't.1 bad any flip by a colored mucilage, States Agricultural Department land
l with budf j-llo-wlslt that no sounds are bcnrd by which liquifies: when wit to speak well or not fnougn Road Association
'tee(h, and threw it 1181do a money left. Unfortunately"- -''': Instantly brought enough the National Good bs
*bat book a little. wntchlng tho face opposite w'th desperate people living: near the printing/ shops? into tile presence of tot steam, duu- judgment to keep silent in an expedition for building object i

"No. You're rlgbt be ackn< wUedited eniteruess, though her tone w.as Where does the paper come from? lag the Inner and outer surface: of,the -The cause of irritation is .alwayswithin. lesson roads In southeastern sections

after'a'moment'* pause. ''tVowre calm arch level, and bon looped(, eye'lasllea'wtro.langnid"tmPortdnhtelr How is It brought) into the country"Bucb. I letter until It pJclnly: indicates thc use That' which,,'Is external can of the country II a- consistent

I, baring a quarrel. :tbe.r.t-.a1 I are tb.r question'which, for tUo of Improper methods to ascertain tb,,' .never ,be more than an 0(1101 whichenables part of the policy wblcb alms at:the
i' word bad IUld. post f1To'.rarah"Tf l puzilcd the Gov" contents (,. "..., ,, the cause to become operative. ,-,
I' J swap. we aver Neither; a m a i>a nj.cr-dependent. upon uiy Uiis- ,. ,." development its territory-
-_ ,-pf ua was In earnest at the beginning.; band '' eminent officials.. '" Eradicate the cause U you would. pintranQullt. Oneoftbe, most promising,an* gratifying ,y
aareess.. .
will be thrown those' matters Tbs Alphabet of '
we'weDt Light upon
.- tll.tbln!: developed as on. features ot ,
"If It not beyond( the boiindn'ofprobability. Sutf Jd"TeOpt
were Attend to .
And yon told mo I had married you I should suspect you ofHind by an' account of how the! Voice carefully details.Be The habit of ,blaming others when spent tt,. I* *!/ "
: In all "
was got out by the men !In charge or prompt things.
for your money. things go wrong Is an Insidious and by commercial,, bodies In pnuoto
Tbe accusation wasn't likely to boldwater -" the first press.. The printing place wan Consider well, then tlccl ? In the city of babrolst. In the Jewish: Dare to do right, fear to Co wrong. .
even with my enemies or with but purpose to inquire within whether the of the burdens In
ecrta lrtc
"IVrhajn not quite glad Endure trials par mal
itny friends for I happen to be what Is ; ;inly not (101'1"/' quarter there was a married carpenter life' battles patiently.Fight bruveljv fault pr much. of It may not He at ad tu' Recognising "bt:1 b d
In the same Louse was another ,
But '
irenerally railed a rich man. youThad borne. so Ignored- r
"Y el' k-ouie husbands would moura. Go net Into the mata
society of the vicious.i
: said It-and. >s you 118-1 don't JU\J family. ; terest and : 'to
"I am nut one) of thl'UIVt'I.ft you Hold Interee.nc
forget. 1 can't! Nothing bas been the The! carpenter bad llttie outside eus- integrity sacred. 1. .'It. aekq.paProfessor and country important "'
golllK Into the drawing; roomr'"I'll Injure not another's reputation.Join Frankfurter, Minnesota mot ,
-aamslnes'nnthing will ever brinic toni and the neighbors bad (JuiprTB8lon movements of'th' time.,
lb'l'k"-ht" drew a harsh breath' -"what "Yea that he worked at home for nfurniture band only with the \lrtuous. University, .been Ituc'hig the'mat I ,
..me, If I may. You' uwd t. factory.Often' thesaw Keep your mind free from evH ter of utU.lng the Immense'*number I A VVMh-r Imrotml. j' Lt I
-m "The day after our quarrel I took wing to mea year ago Will you packages: carried oat' and believing thoughts of stumps the great boughs flr i| The .uce.stl experiment M1 'ranc ,
five ma some of the old rouge tonight Lie not for consideration which thousands of square c
measures-w won't detail them" the them to be articles of furniture the any forest cover of an t.clIU.Ntl't:
'i" nan went ou, "to Insure your having .t"' matter caused! no comment. Tile real Make(/ few special! acquaintances.Never : miles of the Pacific Northwest Lum; not a cans for t t. a lt', '
-command of mono'-I" fact ofevery "111m so out of practice. she mvr- business carried on In the house wnl try to appear what oJ'OU are bermen leave high stumps In cutting I .familiar with lur modsi'
your inured hut she w -nt to the piano and, not. because tbe amount of : pablUte
of these trees
the wilier member
stick:, rag or l>one Iwlonglna: toyoucommand described to by a ern motor nhlee. Tia dwa by
"Ie's Coronation" Her voice
sang the Bund. Observe good manners. resinous pitch In- the tree near the' .

e f ;,slble, that even more the married absolute women's It POll' throbbed across the gulf of a of year'se.h'angemdtt love "Once when, I visited the bouse I Pay your debts promptly.Question ground makes them difficult. t cut I conditioned., of are course.17,, on pr.ctcble f.1.r4 ,

J vproperty act ensures. I absolutely pro. with a measure brought a package of lead type Th not -\cracityof_ a friend. Professor Frankforter says: I Discussing this eperlment the; ,
of longln. of pence. Respect the counsel of your parents. "It long been known that the i
5 .
rblblted you from spending! any of It package was quite large and heavy; adelpb. ,
lIe r'rt'h.'tI It. standing: very erect Kapi'lnce rather than abandoned bad a .a X
money principle. pitch In the stumps
invention 1s tbegeneral
$ upor. the household. I requited of you but no embarrassing attention vrv. practicable;
and alit upon I the- hearth rug calm Touch not tn"te not, handle not Into -. commercial value but means of ex- : betterment of "* '
we should Have caused."I our common
undertaking Il\ntlf
.n cool and composed, the model, to All lcaTlng drinks. it had not been-at hand. It
settle entered tbe ..hop'wllh the carpenter roadways perhaps
children :you would not tiny noitlon .tadlns 'o
njpppnrnnces! of an ordinary husbandof Ue ,"ollr'I..IIIUI'I". for Improvement. provide. these mean that I
of your money upon the boy, but whom I met at tile statioit special
the superior (clnsa!: but ills collarseemed Vciitury not-upon the threshold of months b
: reserve. such manlfpntntlonii fit your The first room was to outward appearance spent nperlw.ntn: for Improvement on the 'broom-*
to him and the heart t I will t
ntrmie results
w rone.Wnteh give tersely
for the girlsIf> therevti.. an ordinary carpenter'sshop. Oliver;
;gelJ beneath his formal I shirt front bout carefully over your passions.Kxtend I say that each stump contains forty tall Immorile. b
, *ny; madly to everyone!!' a kindly, greet cent of Its bulk: in pitch n contains prd a
Ills wife burst out laughing '"IldlJ.3Iyslerlcol '. The second room was well fur per movement, in r'
DW Tadu.
: I sobs gathered In her throat "Thank j-od," be said 1111 she finished nlshed. In the centre was a Quo tea IIII!:. I five or six cords ot..o Of the activity in country, I receive

a iand broke from hew lips, her eyes << the song "I always liked that" table covered with o_ bg cloth, 011 Yield not to iljicournxcroent.Zealously pitch in the stump twent per tl1t can fresh Impetus 1 from the automobile
"It 1 t. to theoeeusloa. labor for lbi lpht.. and .
certainly npproprmto. be easlly turDtne ,
unolsteaed! the filmy handkerchief eboFcu'essed which stood a lamp. Good roads.
t ." she returned "find would Kiirccss Is certain Ladles' Home JournaL Into tar .nel cntc&"o lat
thirty .ld
per cent. 01.
against tbe-ui. "In a corner of the room was e.t mtcb rJe
3o wheat chose i he more so If a little altered. Tor Ihll'en't closet.. Of shop there was fifty per tnt Into common tar. prlncple electric '
M01<.; 1 asked you to.. you a printing thatf steam or rdbe ,
... of even half a crown to give you. not the least indication yet the mos "AH the products of the fir stumps_ antomo'll will
'with. :your money-sli&rt spending 4 !.'.* rim. Te displace t. bO;
what I* techplcaHj-,
I removed by
If wanted on ran-fee
at household Tou had gotinto you Important part cf tbo plant was 1" great extent for .the
upon my Budd Doblp. the veteran relusmnn. ,
: 'destructive distillation. t.p'Un
"You take losses coolly known Ole
the Ardlelgbs your very this room. of and > "
-t a gambling set used to attend\ frequently'n: Iqueerllt.tie that passengers /
w'-tady Cecil Wllbrara.! and Ccmtlelgh he fJb1k r1'ed: "The ca..penterj.k the lamp and church on the outfklrls of Pliiadelphla. : 'of the most m.nelo..featre. nr tckl..train. will become a t.m.' .
'stock "As 1 had the hon
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