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8u..lo,0 of eMh I for the da,. throughout thp county for all ulate) ,..?. J; ,r'c-. ... . "
. . blood and." ltla trohbl ..*' ,Hundreds brain Etc.HIDES
Pml.arnRuA" -Dtvlue worship 01eervioee. cIRCUL.Aa.15OPMCZ. Bay "Crates
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er7 tint $und.y.iid IuD4ay xv3.: Uryan returned Jo Jacktot cases 1
. MOrnlnlC .srkst II ... ... vllle on Saturday night.Mri. skin'UlHeases have been t>ermaneutl'' blow low-! With such tallarif# and iYou Need .A ; : rDKMlaiIKD: t OLj 1PUCA110X. -
.. It".n'j :
. .. luot *vVto at 7::00 p. rn auudy $ hearted l lsunoefreely offered, ythit2.--
Hancock'. LIQuid .
cured bv the of open'
:46.: _. O. II. .UrIaS at lIb p. .,_Pr..1 Chapman and Mn. Wcey ,.HIIO /
m.etIuThur.dv.v.ung' at 5:00: i. . Sulphur after all other remedies failed tho VALLEY GXZETTE would be laden 11 ,

prbo4y..Ia.....,.......&"P.O.ImiIadIoaItnI I BAIUY spent Tuesday .in Orlando. Cure prickly beat. in an' craven to falter a balr's-brvadtb. upoi In the 'way of Hardware Tinware, FURSWOOL

Mr Key Johnson came to Liquid Sulphur.cum, skin ..
AlEX IHkVirao:*,Snpl.of. fc *. up spent the field of srmi." Graniteware,' Esrihenwsre-Glass- .
Christmas his fmily.Hoe. trouble of every!' nature. No home -
with y, .
--.-..-. should be ..with out It. 'Ask .your -. --,. '"" JJ '. ware, Crockery ware Stovei, etc., l Ijt
W. K. ;;Jactsan of Country Produce a Specialty. :
Official' Weather Report. druggist for a book on Liquid{ -Sul The Ariel Ledloa of UeCe 9wara .. : -

.vIiA.I. T;; _Wa.w-..nDmTHcaan.v .- ,county.__ hoi lately been In town... phur. For sale at the, Osceola Phar-. .. 'tetto. CALL -

._ >....".. Dee. :28.IMXt.Ruin.. P. A. Van night A from gnew Fort returned.. Myers.01Wedneiday macy.. i: fi' .0 No man on earth:: oould'wrltdjj|' .Afscrfptton 0l -_ :
beautiful and cultured: : -
The Indian War Clam Fuml.- of the .
-, MM.TO MID. 111.Moif Mla Emmie: Moteley came horn . ladies and do the subject Justice: H< -f H.O.STANFORD l-Q

....-- ----- from her school to....peod the holiday, The Slate Is Indebted to- tho Time-, would either say .too much or not) W. B..MAKINSON.COMPANY SHOES Orlglnntor o tow Prices
-- jt _ ....,. Fla.g _ _W
Prtday:........... 528aturday . ... Miss! :Julia Leake n. gone tOr- Union and Citizen for a timely. aacpainstaking enough. One pabor speaks of ,! ___Vy.IDx.lm.. __. I. J"
.......... 1 . .. I.ndo'rom Plaoo&.Lleto spend ClirUIMi ... work:' a. i grands I
.""ad.,............. 7(17t( noMl\ .... article which condon.e. their Instrumental work Is brilliant., .--. .'
_ !** .... ..... 47 .... mu. Fan - -----1-- .
the "
while all speak of Japanese -
T''...". .'........... /ill 44 ... most ca"'fuJJ7'.U' the various ideal . -- .
.... .i ;gillie Farniworth came down Drill In costume as dazzlingtwjond!
Wd..lay....... ,7G 41 -' -
'Thursday....... 67 11II .,.. from Sanford to spend the holiday concerning the disposition of, the description. Out of 27.DLe..lnt. oen... Tbo only (Udaranteed kidney! Cure: --S" - I

at hora moneys Inolvej1la this public fund,, given In the last three months-' sixteen . BUSINESS'LOCALS. is Smith' Sure Kidney Cure. Your : .
J. A.-SIMPSON.: P. M.HtfU to room' druggist. will refund your money i: -1 i. i.
were given 'standing I :
J" Mri. :J. 'W1l1aoll, Jr., entertained and we herewith publish It in full: This without doubt 1.' the Santa Clans-Stanford.! after taking one bottle you I j. i TI
only. a
Is ffwvet but tbs bee atltiss. ;
r the Bachelor Girl Club:: at. hi. horn .. :
satisfied results. aiOaoeola
_-Old Proverb. on Tue doy evening.. "The people of Florida Should be grandest musical and spectacular performance ; 'Fireworkat Dane's Bookstore. 6 Cn.
. congratulated on the tone and substance ever seen mt thisplace.. r Pharmacy. tBallartT i
Remember the Arlel Quartet" kt the characterising discussionof Don't forget the piscetand ,date- Xmas Goods. at Ouloa & Bratton's.Box ..
Friday, December :26, 190:1.t : Opera House Monday night. If you the purpose for which the slim Monday, Dec. 29th. at the Auditorium. Hdrehuoad Syrup : .'

lutes It you will regret/ It.I should be used which ho come to our General Admission, 4Oc;\ Reserved and bulk Candles at Tress's. Immediately relieves hoarse, croup SHOEsl.-( : .
State treasury by the payment" the Seats dOe; School children 15. .*. cough! oppressed, r.LLlnlfl ruplnl j : -
The Ariel Ladies Quartet. .. of Do
LOCAL.NEWS. I Indian War data. Kapecrtlly: de we I J Hot Rolls ; City Dakery.Larll' and altcult br.LboJ. lanI'7l.: ,
.. ton, at the Auditorium: next Monday; rejoice that difference have aroused I .-i .
nisrht.. Reserved .fI..Ji.L. ,, t Dann'i. no suspicion of lllreelpx1 and there, t. ; The new Depot.f stock of and bulk Candles consin, DrulCll.L., 20th, 1001: I have '

A merry Cbrlstmaa to all t Mrs. W. B. Ul 'don, of Gainesville. a thorough understanding e f thS 'responsibility ! A new express sbed,40 Teet in length, for the Xmas trade at Tress's.. been selling Ballard's- Hrhound I :

: came down to upend the holiday will 'Involved as well :as the Is to be built od to'lhe present birlM- Syrup for two years and have never i .ES.l
stock of
luck I
May the New Year bring you her parents, Mr.and M.I.: A. Handy good Intent of the various' plans sub tog, U> the northwards wbere'the -olddepot 8eefiBlc .aQ.r&n' a preparation that has given i :1-j-4; ;

E. L. Loalev and wife returned. Monday mitted.: Florida could wisely Use ten Ntood. First the old..aite will be bold-I ) LUr aatl.fcloo. I notice that when -
night.Ms.< Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Bullock and times that sum with advantage to herself filled In and levelled and then the entire Millinery at reduced prices at Mr. a come back for 'C.

their children are spending Christmas and the people of the oountry; the surface arounJ the 'completed Chandler's. I can honestly recommend It .s.t.AaI.M.L.tIJJ
Lillian Norton of Palm. Beach at Narcoosaeo with Mr. and Mm.. W. value of all the proposals only provesthe .trucure..1Il be covered with red mor.. COo and Ol Pharmacy -I = lo -.
is visiting Mr.. S. 13. Aulunau. has In 1 to 11.0 a _ :
J. 8. CarrThehflass/ unanimity now reached af to our gravel, which enough wsteredud'rolled clay ( Lowney's. box and bulk god. atTress's. _____________ i - -
Maj. Alex St.Clalr-A! brains returned and FlurrieBryan need of money and t\ergj for the de. cement together when .
Margaret with a heavy" roller, Tils red Stop* the Cough
to Jacksonville on Saturday' night. have arrived' from the Wesley can velopment save time all and our work resources.for, us Monty while gravel is now, on hand. _"-..:-' 1 0 Dol.., in endless sixes and Variety and work. off the Cold. I c; SHOEo.sHOES,4 .
Female Macon for the Stanford.
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Miller Sftmlnary at ,
Born to
earning big for {itself and the Laxative Bromo Tablets cure f
profit :
on Monday December 22, 1902, a Christmas: holidays.Mai exact truth of this Is to be seen on every .ii.Ti.i; Quartet. of Candles a cold In one Qinine' No Pay. .-,, .. - '

daughA'r.IIurberL! -Ion Carson-and Howard Railrj side. . The attraction In the Klssimmee Lyceum : Freshjlne just received Price 2 ... I
at _
J1onnglefL on Tuesday! have airLved from the South Florid 'There can :"be ho doubt that Lb. course will be the "Ariel Qu.cUt'pf :- City Bakery. _ _ 9n. :
-' pnnd the holidays at 'hi." old home Military. Institute\ at Ba.'Low.oQ spend. east-coast would have become the KIvlera > Boston, who will appear 4u Buy your Chi'istmas Liquors from .- He'FoniKl A Cure.; = ; a .'

atfAtheAs, On.Mrs. the Christmas holidays. of all pur continental ]population the Auditorium 'on Monday cvonloff A. Beurden.If H. H. Foster, 318 S. 2d street, Salt' .. .

Lanier atuXfamtly have Mrs. :JeancUo Roblnson-Murph rast of the Alleuhanln bad no ''rnagl- Decamber 21 lh. This one of the heft E Lake ('ILy, writes. >'lhavebeen'bothererf = ;
K. L. clan devoted his wand its service looking for Christmas with indigestion for .0. W. GRIFFIN -
to or
Olin boauu InNorth wtllllve.n' entertainment at te1n. attractions that will be brcM ht hereby you are [ dyspepsia I II
moved Into
Klssiinmee.! illation M the l&die of, the Baptist but that time would have been In another the LyoeOin!! and.will. prove a r,retreat Goda go to Stanford's.Don't 21 years, have tried many dOn -
church on the night of'Jan. 2<1. ct'alury.nd we would l pot have for all lover t>'good music. without rlefi bull have found E
C. W. Ward! secretary of The United Seen It. There can be oo doubt ibut cserved seats on sale at Dann's forget that you can get oil In I recommend It to all my

""#". Land Company: left Washington Den Hall with 'the iteameiIII the increoiting'aemaods for ]land.* will kinds Flrowoiks at Dann's.Mrs friends, who are afflicted tnatwayaml

on Uatuiday nlghtII. .Nanua, arrived> on Sunday wilt illlmately compel drainage of our -MOTICin + II Is curing theme too. 50o at Osceols I fancy family Groceries !
Chandler has reduced I
2U!: boxes of from H..IlIr\irer.. and > prices
Aultman'returned oTueedanight oranges ( verglads the utilization of Its All parties indebted to me will all tarmac)'. .
8. .. with and bot>e a to I IUAV tomorrow for the economic wealth} but a million Invested please. call at.-my old bu l!,. on MIllinerySpecialties._ .4- ,
r and say he is much pleased It You Can't Sleep at Nlgbt.use .
uamo' place. inditches will
today save 0 century -
and You .
In nose can got your Stanford's Is for Santa -
) laundry. Investment i in th-ter-and- retui, Itself. lu profits Mr. i headquarters. Smith's Nerve Restorer. It I I. a
Rav. Godfrey Cadrnan has arrived account from Jlann In. case am Claus. s= 3.
\ Tampa. from Suwaunee, Teno.:, and W. H. Had with big interest in-twenty. years, besides not there. J; N.. CALHODN. true nerve tonlo. Will cure any c.. :FES: : EATS_. J
Business men report) a brisk Christ.mae ..- cliffs Cadmanfrom Braldoatowrr u' giving us the wealth and production Nice assortment of made-up Picture of Nervous Prostration; do.not contain _.' . .3. .
In with ready of another State rich in J. C. Leako Christmas \itKhSailboat % in Sold by
trade town more spend Christmas M )>.rcoo, 6e wltt as spent 'railing. at :J. W. Thompson s. opium any
moLey flylnpr .about than usual to. a. jl.-C'cl.. and Mrs, Cadman. population and resource. .. the Flor his family In Orlando Osoeola Pharmacy._ Z Delivery every day, at any hour ; patronage solicited S :
surprising extent ida we have !today. What was Dado Fire-crackers! I .
were All the churches gave Christmas twenty years 611"01' What I I. It now!? Tbecllnkrr* .Fre-rakenl, Dann's Book 'l'. The el freiieription for Malaria ; ll11111111111111111111111 -
The NareoosBoe school children tree celebrations on Christmas eve,, In 1800 It did not have bundled built sailboat '. Chills Fever is a bottleof Grove's : 11tJJ11111111111111111111111111111111111 :

entertained at the school house -on. and tho street are full of small girls voters. Su- All kinds of'.JOD' WORK promptly Tasteless Tonic. ,-H I. simply i . ,
Christmas Kve: with thegaitlee. and de.lilt'l. carrying dolls and small boys beating Oovernor would have us devote 0 LET .aa" la. aL and neatly done at this office. Iron and Chi in a tasteless form. :
..... of a Christmas tree- and -- .05." "' 'v'_ .Iurau.. '
drams blowingnoises. They are the fund to the payment of, our State .:-- --- the ..ervlceof No cure No pay. Price I '
Mr. N. V. Bratton and bride, of all very happy and contented. debt. Why We hold) our.owo bonds all lover. of nautical sport. She Large stock of Toys, Dolls, and / Wi j| N. D.:SMi.:. F.; O. Lan J. W. Ia-';' /

j Ceiiti'alia. Mo.. arrived Monday nightto we pay lobe Interest to ourselves, aDd Is first-clas Iq every particular, with Chlnaw.r novelties for the Christmas .' Favorite Family Itcmedv I '
spend lobe holiday! rlth tbe family Todd Carruthers, Howard Katx,, the school fund Is given.:1 safe i Investment. '- thoroughly competent! sailor' the trade. at Onloe & Bratton's. : Frequently accidents' occur In the ;:'
: The .
Bteffec! .
IrvinII' Tampa)4Wonumental Wprks
Simpson, Deauchanip r ,
of hi. brother, Mr H. N. Bratton. and Henry Bais are all here from helm. Apply to Valley.Gacetteofflcf. "1847" Rogers SUver..r. Prices household, which cause burns, cuts, I ii[ ) ,
"Senator .
Mann and others wouldhave for in such
and brulsea; use .
I '.
Everybody will want..0. \. bear the'Arit4 the Utata Agricultural < College at the fund used to advance the .* way. down at ) Ballard's snow liniment has "A"U".OT1A& 8 0. .' ,
Quartet." and U you don.'twant Lake City to spend the Christmas bolllays. MASTER'S SALE. .
'_ cause of good road., and the objection been the constant. favorite -
back Ouava :Juice In cans to make :Jelly. for many year .
to take a seat you'd U urged that ouly a beginning couldbe NOTICE 18 nCRFftY OIVEK. that nnitrr vr & CARSON Quo. Co.Firecrackers family remedy. 2So, M rbl / Granite Monuments
to Dann's and have one're..ed.LeI. cut b, virtue of a decree of fowrloeure end ATE ,:
go made. Is It. too much to hold in .
:Judge M, S. :Jones here\Vednes- sale, made... dogs delight\ bark and bite, day to do some work on his orange this case that a _!good "beirinnlng U. the Fourth Judicial. clrwult of, Florid ,In, end that will pop at Dann's ,
Let. politicians smile, < grove at Klond Ike. The :Judge is an halt the battle? The fund would lay lor: the 1 Ci antI ol Clef In Cheneerf elttlnfcenIhe | Book B*>re.__<___ to Let-Apply at Valley i Headstones and Tablets. 't
Old Santa Claus has kept. hi. night enthusiastic farmer, and takes great the foundation and set the pace. Are 21 thvntln day ol pendlnrnerla December.. ItKU.' The In a Penuiyl'ceiulnrenee Gazel onioe. I Irulh'

And left hi. little pile pride In his orange grove and vegetable w* too sanguine in believing that. the ve.ule ('oin eny for 1-auralicia' ou Llvre endmm Stanford has a large line of Christmas : . I G05 Harrison Street, % Tampa, Florida. 1 1lah
.. Serve
garden.-Kast!: Coast Advocate. superstructure can be safely left to Or.ntI'Iib' "a..ltl.. I. ""lOrl.'o.' .end thsJarkionville R'ood.-preln. for the young KBtOrer
Fletcher Das, who recently married our people V \ Tanipa&' K. We.IIl.II....' Coinpeny : ' and the old. This medicine la to I 1.
Alice WIill.unl 1) Ii Wiluam' ILOIWTtU. .
Mice Kate Roberts at'Bayvlew, arrived Capt. Clay' :Johnson Sr., with the "There Is proposition that we use .;iamaD. I i.1 *osen. II.-T.. Kes4li;i :Just lot Mould- cure all oases of Nervous Prostration 8.. Or xU ..PeBelna; a SpocUHy.BatlematM .
on Tuesday with his wife to Jllle, arrived on Tuesday with (600 the money to establish a technological Aulirnt of Robert. II Colrmmii,theCtmthmn. arrlyed-fine Picture by overwork. It la a true o
. spend Christmas with Mr. and Mr*. :J. box.. of oranges from the River, ac- school, with modern appliances andthe National H"nk. Fxlwird II. WoDonild Jtatph.IW.'krr ng and Mat Doar4.J. eaua Tonic .and restores Nervous es ..lldlns Marble Far>Uh4.gmmmmmmmmmmmmninimmmminn.nim.nK. .
Frank W and lbs uminlpplV W.
I N. Taylor. ompanled by Capt, Clay :Johnson, latest methods of te ach I nil'. ThisIs .? Hour; Corop.ny Pop are Parsons several Jr., with the Roseada, both intent uponoeodlng not bad by any means-It open. a DlTer .....I....ud aull|| to th. hlgheit' bldol....for Firecrackers, Roman Candle., Tor- not only relieve n..rvou.tuble. .. .... ..."..a...s_ "'.._ .
, Mr. W. C. spent Christmas at home. The vista of Increasing usefulness for our riuh at pulille ontorf.: before the Conrt; Houie and weaknesses but -
. Balloons Ac. at the -
his Turkey Hammock door of he acid M CUT.I $ of PloiIda ,
days recently at Conutr ,
Coseada on Wednesday crossed the children, and that I. the beat of all It* the C of Ureen" Hprlnf thoride. po.Papr' to full vigor and manhood. Guaranteed se
Carruthers returning >
ranobe with Capt. Lake to the Lee and Katz groves and possible wealth -for a State. on She llrat MI'n'..jr In b'a rv. A.U.llKM; the .. and sold at Osoeola Pharmacy: 2 .
on Tuesday and going to Bartow brought in froM boxes of one (rraperuit. "Many suggestions have been made name bring the_.nd day of Mid, moiilm, and a Books make nice presents We
the following: day.V. . '". They will leave for the River that t200OOO of'the amount be appropriated lbs Irftal property iwle day.Uneribed wIthin. .!lu>. said Itinl decree houra. of..Mle
, \ L. V.n DUsor bed the. misfortune again on Monday. to the maintenance and equipment I sow.: Book Store. Leave your order for your Christ. E 3 -
lose bis fin old pointer, of a State university, and that The mort MKl propertr mentlonnl and d.- inas with Cbaa. Bass. ;
t. Owing to the question having arisen de/ree' end In the bill of 07.Ler '
orlbed In said complaint
institution of this kind would be In quantity, full weight, UNDERTAKER and EMBALMER i
any I
? on an
"Daisy by poison In Mild' ,paitlrulerly' d..crlb.dluSililbil ICE
the of the w.terw.7' caai !
night. Th poisoning business. always aoncernlng ownership River whet.h.rgoverDmeat. more useful \to the Stale than any : I "ii"tberrto excepting;; the land Owes.infore I cnt pound, for sale by You Kuow What Yea Are Taklnl : ,
the best dog in town\ and leave of the Klsslmmee other, because no Commonwealth can old, dfMrthed In Kibihlk 'H" to the W. B. MAKINSON Co. When you take Grove' uwi t2f'v.
get L
" the mongrels. or private' the United recorda reap fruits. of State patriotism without said lllll, of uvwll' : : ';d"'t"" :lay lylrj, ritraa mid beln, 'ladif.(In theounntlea DeR Chill Toni because the formula E c a 3

Land Company have put upon a central point fur the education of <..... Lake, Lee. ,.....,... Marlon, Monroe.Orange. .' INT:Job Printing done In city styleat on every bottle show- E x .: OO.o..S. ..
Col. J. Hamilton Olllesple, mayor release of all data of title to the its boy and girls. Taken as a whole, Oaoeola., 04. Jobna. Siimter Vnlu.iaPolk this olfloe. Reasonable pri.. Iron and Quinine Lailss! and Qeats .- 33
of Saraaota, arrived in town ou Monday Cypress and Hicpoohee canals.-Kis- and !'u.I..the HUterof riorldeaad
of .
the consensus opinion seems to be No Cure, Pay.
Chri.tmaweek GaselM.. [We-think it described ea followsi. E NICK LINE FURNITURE AND .
night \to dedicate the* Immee Valley For Fine Florida Syrup, send your
. In favor of a State unirsitv."wIlt _
to the sacred game of
to enjoy this festive. .season among outlet ether than overflow, none of be used for part is All Tract----------------- C 80 81 515 'II 11), o, Fla; 12.0.YOu TO CURB A COLD ID OMK DAY E OKDERfl RY MAIL OB TKLKQKAPHO1VKN -
immigration a query AII.I R2 81 64'14.11II\ .
true friend which are navigableand the canal li from Ocala. The question hereis All . .. ........ .. . .. .... Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab PROMPT ATTKIITIOM. DoEs axrsiaino dD rAcnzio :
bleffenbaoh who have no,,. closed. We say' that Uncle Sam to the bent. method only of inducing All.....-.-.-. -.- ..-.-..-.. I at 118 fIIn" can el.your JobPrinting don lets. All 4rlflll'". refund the mM7 E . C

been Mr.for and BO Mrs.long connected with, Hotel has nothing to do wlt.hbe Klsslmmee than It is elsewhere held All Alt:I.I::::::::: ::::::: : :: : : ::3 64975 64564All at this attractive If It falls E W.. .. .Ig E AOBNT 1. THC QKOaOK W. CLARK CO'S 7U.UI1UaL v :UJaJT. HKADeTOMtSFKNCK8. 3 .

Kluimmee left Monday to take Immediate River or Okeechobee, -any more that the strongest Influence for immigration .................: .. ...12 .2 64 'Satin style, at reuo uC\d.Le nature on each ; AND IRON .
on toe Inland lakes in New York: theyire. All..... .. .,.... .... .1. 52 11ft '64474 a E
charge of th. Wilton House, State waters and the State should is that afforded by tbe people Alt.....-.-...............-. III n 81 4tIi/1I : '
;. at Sanford. Their many friend wish them.Florld.l'acIe. themselves; that better communication All ...... .... ........... .,....1". .5. 64564 when 1WLU1LILU1ULUL11LU1LliL1LUL111ULU1U1U1ULULULULtILUWr
make laws governing farms the of All ... ..... 64Alt Sailboats Let This Is not a gentle.wor-bu'
: them success In their new home. *. among lands our to ,the world opening and our lobe :::::::::-:::::i::::::::: ft. : ::: "to you think how liable to .

Cheap All ....... ................28 ItJ .. 118 the only remedyuniversally
authority for '
k It I. reported' on the beet o! A Serlona Ra.way.Lest . dally advertisement of our actual. All...-......-..-.... ....... 52 11\I ss2 purba 1 ont that .
.: *that oeo. W. Hopkins Intend work, condition and prospects can All .............. .. .......80 n .. lid a remedy
soon 10 make a road from .Melbourne, Sunday afternoon .. Mr. and do than the finest pamphlet.a'aDd Alt..... ..................52 n 11\I 54000 BY TUBS HOUR DAY'EEK has had the largest fat. of any medicine .
t the East Coast, to\ connect with the Mr.. :Jno..L. Overstreet and baby were more :L ... = :. .: -w 98 OI MONTH. in the world 1808 for the .f
on from the lowest possible railroad rates. :::::::::::::-..:::.:: 559-20 of Consumptionand
road to Lanler, near Hiram Platt'iplaee returning In .a one-horse wagon "We lrl8d.0 the .. .2 'Sa950 cure and treatment MAYNARD LUMBER
I had been are, again, \ \ ise :L : :: ::::::: :: :: : APPLY AT PHONE 91 trouble without Qo.
bridging when necessary. Shingle Creek, where) they to,dram lands, ::.::/. :::: I 54240All YALlEY.GAZETF. Throat and .ung
with, their fund : overflowed ............... .------c.-4. .. .. .W'l" these .
r Mr. "and H.... Lewis Barbeau left pending the day parentshe sell them to settlers at coat., and All ...................... .. 11II ... .....//11 loaelog It* ia' ppul.rlLral called .
-' home, at Silver horse became frightened and ran use the money over again .for the All ........................ I .. ... ... as\ years, you '
for their Notice
Sunday night church. In Boschee's German -
Methodist attention to
near the AII.I. 64 IS 55550All .
if.!.1. Creek, N. Y. Mr. and. Mr.. L. B. crossing sway the Midland railroad, where same purpose thus fund making be a,returned contin ........ .....:.......... '. :50 emSa your Syrup. There are so many ordinary 1 Saw and Planing Mill .

{ ; Barbeau will be down about remainder the first of there( la a slight embankment, again improvement and the to treasury."The .. All AII..I........... ..............2$. "U 50 .81 64. j" To my Friends and Patrons: cough remedies made by drugglsu
--' of :January to spend the \thrown Out,. and MjsOverstreet'5right ; Times-Union and Cltisen wouldbe All.. ..-..... ......-.211I 5. 51 / I have received a 1.1" assortment and adhere that are cheap and good
.the, season at their winter'.horn an the leg was broken Just above the LII----------------------5 53 5 a .ees50All of Whiskies, Wines, Beers etc. for HgBt colds but for severe Now In operation. Complete House Bill Prnlab.
Island. inkle. She bravely held on to her glad tome all these object accomplished I. = C' :: 56454 for the Christmas' and can save Coughs. perhap -and especially fellow and Pitch Pine Timber .and Lumber .1 Kd.
-If we bad the mean Since All :::::::::::. :::::::::: .. trae.
IK J. Tindall and baby t and ..ved" from injury. Mr. All . 64 :you money on orders. I consumption, where there 'la 1 : .
//MunnU M-D.Tindall Tindall,returned from a several Over.tzeetsiso. was uoburt. The we 'have at prevent money enough the particular to, do only objectto apart All ;.. :: ::::::.:-::::.:, ::= Ill :: 45(05 I make a specialty of the :Jug Trade, difficult expectoration and o ::a ;:.:t O ... .., .

month hunt In the St. John bone ran on about. fifty yards, where be flrst considered! must be referred All All:---------------I.$4::::::::::;:: ::; :: $1 U. .540.410 e4O inAl and am beu.prepared to serve you during tbe nltrbt and mor ,- MAYNARD'LUMBER Co." :.

marsh on Thursday to Narcoosee. toe wagon truck i tree and was de- to the wisdom of the Legislature, and I. .-.-.........-.-........ .. .. _.00 la that year than ever before I II nothing Syrup. Sold
...... .. ..... ..1 11II .4 0188'l civilised world.
All stock is complete in particular. all In the
and report nollahed iiy by druggist
They are all well and hearty we do so with full confIdence that the .11..... .. . ........ 4 95 1M 8111\.78\ every : .
good 'gator hunting, but say that Dr. Tbomason, the attending pbysl- final-decision will be wise, and that All ....-....-..,:.-.......... 0 ..5 ...54 5l695 I ,\ A. B. BBARDBN. G. O. GREEN. Woodbury N. J.

'- there are more otter hunter. than" otter clan badly, report chattered that, and the that broken Mrs.bone Ov.rstret 11- the discussion will hvegone far to All All:.::::.::::::::::..:.::;:...5 :: :: = : tllllla Spell (faniMMl Death..

out there. confined to her enlighten the leR'I.taLor'B' to Chewishes All.....-. .. .-..-.....-.12. 55 54 041211 aged "25 ; IF YOU CHILDto -
will probablytoe 'Harry years
and expectations; of the people All --14 55M 54212All.
j, The case of Needhsm Roland vs. room for several weeks.Lasd.r.AiretiU.. wishes which must be-obeyed and :::::.:::::::;::; u choked to death early yesterday morning SEN lOU
}: '' .Jonathan' Strickland ha been postponed t r I that must be ." All..... ......... '...,P 55 .. '1" at his home In the pr.enc of hi. tu with can
until Monday, Deo. 29th, on expectation All All: :----------------------2::.:::::: ..:::::. ..:;: -: :: 540011 44205All : : wife ,and child. .Be contract'a rest Mstured It will receive the Mine

,f account of tbe prolonged examination In another abort editorial paragraph. .. ..........,...........26 11II, M. 114240 light cold a few day . CITYBAKERY
of the witnesses and because We learn that early this week MI. ll 64(450( but little attention. careful attention that It would
many which we append, the TimesUnionand = :: :: : Yesterday mOr i
MajorAlex. St. Clalr Abram bad an Bertha LaDler, daughter of Hardy M, All::::::::;:::::.:::::::: 466,59 tag he was seized with . ;
CltUen .. .,._.. 55 14 041." aft We do not
------------$2- yottnelf.
give us great encouragement All came
appointment\ appear In the United! Lanier, was married to M*'"'J.. W. All ........ .....; ....... .. .. ....40 'log which continued Urn*. you _
State oour at :Jeck.onVUle.r1 .,,} Austin, and an amusing dilemma oo- by entering' the list again san All .................L. = 404slIOfSflesrv.Y.d..4 HI* wife sent for a physician but .be -rabatittitio ,' Webelievs 1 : :z ,
.. bad ::;::: M4 59 I IiiIi&iiLt -'' -- _
curved in this ways The, license ,old and tried veteran, tf>>> splinter : fore be could coughIng --
. J. U. Graves,' Br.'alTl\'ect from in Osoeola county and All of.naurve.d.5.. ._.. .0 'arrhe anoJle. died only, the bet% .and most. __
." and left been procured srasr along with us In favor.f a Allofwoaurnyed.,59 spell Dukl p
Miami on Tuesday.night.:busti! in- Mr. Lanler's. place is in PeSoto, so for tb.8 honor and All tb.uasrvsyed :.: is : : rou: from .uffocation.-8t.! Lul. Olob reliable dm..*that poelbla'tcibuy.
J" again :yesterday. H was party-sboub75 people geological survey Ail of 0 I> Deo. 1, APlt
1. ". gaged in shaklDf."hat-s! all the y..JODR' >ro.aed the river in rowboats, and the glory 'of our fair lady of Florida All rivet 0'aearveyed o..ure"e.. _L o 56 I' ". .0 emocrat Syrup woul4 111. have saved i Oar tock 1 I keeping tt ,.

:. and looked his more appearance than natural. .He *a)'s happy couple were married all in returned Osoeolalouasy . ."Th.Kiseimmee VAIJJ-T GAZBTTB r .. "...........:...-..:0. I. I him. .25c.50t, and a OsoeolaPharmacy. oar belief. '._ ,*# -" '

that Miss Nanny" Ladd I. fairly well ,whereupon they anler'i la anxious: to have a geological survey ... ............ _. .t.. _.1 .* .: '
ii 10> the fine feast spread In Mr.; of the State, and i* willing\ help >, 1_
but to be back in Kla.i 'A win be re4ar4! medebreeeh .
pining ." US APofectHcflliliBrca
?loepltable. home In PeSoto.Blver thejrork, along with a bit of the Indian bidder wIth tbe MeMer.In or b>tilImltMorr -, DITVfcKJCA ofCrDckon

.II.\. F..z: Shlpp left on Tue$daV for '. War Jtund. A reliable survey eertlfted 1 cheek. before bMdloi.ol.two "- PLASTERSo .
L, Mt Tabor to loin Mr*.' Shlpp and the Httmt.\ ." and carefurreport of the result would eeuupereore spew tbelB4a' includeS . ,

-.: children who'have been there for several WL'sauIPa\lrb..Dd' accomplish a great work: .for.ns, but ..... 'H.H.'JtJCKMAIT.- ( bo ef Ik. / AH /
/ weelts .visiting Mr*.': Shlpp'| Paw Uro., ).fi'.Franklin D. Buck of Ne 10 would any trustworthy expositionof I" '- "vale .ev every .. to 5a BYTH OITV BAKKSIVk

rent*. Mr. Shlpp will and' utdthebollthen 1 on- returned early this vn from VenoceesM our resource and advertisement of :Kotice !' M etlng.c Lxtvc. Bro will gi* tmmeofet* itileThey ", '. ,
day with-hi family go hunt testing MftDL88d days our surpassing advantage But w* bAuua. ( .,.,._ 'C
attend. the annual .meet labored with the legislature*that medicated' Jo .
k to Qulnoy,to Lak.-Upre8' Bat.o11neba.. have anava) I 11i.1dUe f. an cantfolly tftn> J
.. lnT6Y' the .Florid.. State ConfHe --. l in aU, OD aDdbe"a. far .. be- come and go, *o.far, without-. success n."o'.Lae4 vt n "OTICH" set which permit the MBM oT"tl .' I, i TVE' C I 'm"1 VS v ,,
1 '
ICissimmel LIasts.e Kh generall "
held 51 5 'DII
church : ,
baa served the' Methodist, They bad Is this direction and there i* no hope A t1..r \ o'p
.0Nd. low'"Oran.. nammock. da,at II (TeloOk s.eeTeoiday. $-r 9 advance Iskjnto-Imnse4it.tw17I'otb! .th*
V her fqr two year and'l* 'an ,"Pol1y" \ & 5.04 except a*public opinion may demand .( Jaoaam Isosvief the ekeetlMe& I d e' l 1$' : '_ .
-' \''ingly popular pastor.. The church bartoered' the of 4 s. Gilbert and compel.,aoUori.. To-.this 'end .w. and fer luCk e4ker y a* aa In L-euntt., wlshlDI 1 proper 1IeatLo'tPot eongha n, . .. .- ","n :r ,- t
UDd.fllb- ,
,. I'' .will send lit a petition to tbey Confer. w.i. .*dr, and ..a goodly. : num- hoptAlJMCT! QA-U-V1CB Will duPMltU P !.' 'wl'd, beforehand..!' a I I UM ooldk}Jorch4_ 'and paiaa. .. ".., .. <. _ ', .'
4f. .
,4 to return him'r\t TIle, rot mi lon fif tfforU-oerUtnXy UMTlnuM 1.. .... : :
,\ nee, w* understand, will her ('. 71\.th. .stack! of ,duck:: *, : wtUMUftio .' '.0, ." .D ; !O $ t-Ee1J.: 4 ILKPIDrUgISL .
"' this charget sad UM whole' town ahJ . .,ITrvlTrn_ finn CUUwi, j' ., 1. .
Wf ,t . t :} ) -
lod him back t
r to h1ve I : ," '
\ I ,
. r "
# ,
t, ,*_" *! '-L-A' '**." !'", ;:I'. 1. : fA "" t t'J ,,'t . e41. . ,', .. ,.,, 1_, II

'-4-- r,,u."r" -... f' !. .".... .--. .'>", ""-."' '" ..... "- \.\... r-.._>". ............'.."....J._ .o '(At--- AII '.. J,"..4.42.O: \ !
..4".tX.l' ;; ,- j., J. .. ' ; . -
-?:- "..t- ,,, ' ,.. .. '. ic-, '. ' 0 >
-7<<-"; .. ;_ .' :;: ; .2''i.! _.t ; ;I "- ,

.- -. - v------ - ----- - -


: fl f ,., r1 T .,..
Jfc : :.;.
'" : ;' ."
/ 1 i
f ,JI JI 'r'' "
l -. : 0 t"," < ,.1; ''it ...: '" .. Ii .
'f'; ,".'
I\\: f. ':c--r

'i'' t'' ,k ''F.LOWERSI\ \ f I elnth .t..s., I grew niatiytHyacinth1in ]!, ; (renentatative'. I ol theV. brel I warin the.-work'casv be Completed'the r.ISi -I. "

: ,t tnf*e glasses and the beauty and (ra-1 The generalpurpose consist next"day, or U"cold,, two or*tbre days F'H fn

): .\ ,%. grance of the flower kepi me in con 4. mainly of two'' classes- the" Amerc.nand liter. s. !: F' >

.. slant remembrance of the giver* and Asiatic* Thc American 'The', pollen Is- gathered!, from' fully : : :.Pu.c- izir

eech fall, they ."m..r. excellent place eludes ,tie Plymouth RoP before the gathersopen' : .

?- ;A Fit, JiMy when planning fo my window trarden. 4/, dot te*. Javas, and Pominilu.| These .ne alow pollen to loU '_ _' _

.. t : ( kumquat orange that came, from "Another1' most appreciable gift, .* 4 I fowl have *ingl; .and rose ctimbt, yellow Then anthe.must be aprad esp I .

ijciiamine, ii Mot two feet high ,and two potted Cyclamen, They gave mea shanks' and akir..r above .medium on sheet writing paperand, I. I -

.vnrW'eatrdai had forty 1ghtIittIe or.anges number,of flowers, tb. .year and In size, andare' excellent repretcntativci.of permitted to dl .* warn room*with * '
__ the othersyeU I have kept the from yet t it "a few I
slightest breath
.reen1.nd Kear starting into new growth each. They alI hardy, fairly aod .afera. is enough to .
< 4 w: Yesterday some .ne.k stole fall. and their delicate fragrance and dreit of nice mature at scatter the yellow dust.-, I will not do eipe.1s113, to suit *11 I. h. : "
'four of the yeljow one so nor I have beauty have done much towards brightening I aR> are'ener.'U profitable tQ ke.p. to put the anther into closed/ vial Maallt.f

'the plant in a south" window. The fotliage ther dreary,winter days for Asiatic lass include the Brahmas, at one because .there it eaolal I ; 4'II '
: the Cochins, and the Langshans, and moisture in them to QROyE.GAtfDENFIELD' '
i i. so Im.I'tb.t evet'litle orange "Each ye'a 1 receive a Urge the fowl are characterised .by great few hours. When perfectly dry the z

i.,stands. out in sight . H"pUll of hardy bulbs at Christmas; size find I ho> possession of feathered pollen will adhere, like I If are raising Bggpt Lettvee !
I you oat 8twbl.
,the oranges'and try preserving'them. these arc all Hyacinths an't.thsn ."'I thankl.. The skin of all the varieties emblea' four in every respect but color Cabbage, we can. supply you a .rUI. made 0..apla t.that .
pf mixed bulbs, iuch
t are .1 can lntliii class, with the of the: ) 10( tip or a tested. Our No. beat
,, I In, keeping ''a "Shel lily' Alpinia potted at .;liia -Iiine*Wand me exception hair t cmet' been thoroughly t ,
when brash. The sack I W4rlt"'I '
S may now b 'record of au sold In the stat ; W*> lhe bad year practical expssvletee
bucket for 1 want to abundance ol flowers in the. L'ngsh.n.owt ,t.rUi
nutai)3n.inya.big) removed pollen applied .
eelopd. quite plump, and the andythe and time and mo DY crop eSlrlweDtnc that all UesusnuCaclarrrs
see one u bloom. "Here clumps grow spring.- ar > th"'gl' large attractive inappearance. a ca" hair the tip of the I & ,' In"Ibo .tt.. Bvsidea .llallral' 1(r we carry 1

::in the garden and some'in a rich-thel- 'Now if, a few jift. like these can two classes, Amer. finger and the sack replaced. Jo elk all kloda of I" A.sU CUIUUOAl _ _
-' teced. corner are five feet high but (five me so much plea.ur1 who growan 11 lean and Asiatic, lay tinted eK cold. kills"them abundance of flower at all seasons frr shade (from pure whit to the flower is fertilized,, 'tear op. the "the reach te grvwers, ..tac they cheat d bear In.oilud whoa orD! We offerAalafQNIATttSt
to the ground every I sack and tie below to '
? -liovV much more pleasure would they an almost chocolate
wintere, 10 there is ni bl\om.; Where give 'to those who c.njotfford this brown age and permit it toremain unti prent V 4dultbasa.A4pinoUts I UlBUKLLAWtOOUH:

*ne plenty windows bit of beauty and in theirlives. Of the other classes m.ntino.d'in the fruit begins" to-' ,color. fruit 8aitNtisat. ,., .- -
which I have the "Shell lily" is I.. ; brightness American Standard: the Polish the mould now be protected by mosquito oda. C', LJuie '
not 'There are a number of old ladies '
'4) fine 'as a th* -foliage is very Jiving alone--that. is, have, outlived 'f+*1&O9 i < Game, and-the miscellaneous, the farmer *?* f e iibmt- '".' cas ot a wind. .storm .. Dried Utood UaaCopperaa Umo-

fragrant. ,Since the Elm. 'and the all bi( their relatives-'and most of W. wi hilt little notice b.cau.e11./ the. fruit.will bat There isconsidershij0 Dmnro T. *LLE at- D. .lllgb tirade Bluod.and Bon.., a '1. ,

whit .Wisteria'and .Clematis panicu- ilic'se have windows whgre (Isahardy .fl hrt represented in these objection' to the use of (Of Chicago) Hloed and itorte.Bone ". Blue 8t MMi,' I
,. '
sunny ,POULTRY 1 while not' lacking in aack '
lata on the south and west have grown es practicaf'qualities paper buti in outdoor work Oaoatlc
", Marge I--do" noUget} much sun in bulbs could-be growl to perfection S are bred chiefly for their ornanrental something teems essential to keep. i EYE .A SID. (tAR UOEON' ''It C. #

windaws, so'this fall have planned' soujs, and they, would to think give of.these and lonely If* .MM><>>W characteristics,, ,:h4 Polish. away the bees.' However.-Luther Bur- _"- 'aka" flood .. WA.1 Oil Bueip, '

to'keep many things in my pit, I snretln'. *. ere the Chicks< when attention lA') 'glv.n practical -California, removes' a but Itt Ye.,' Experience.fc Dark Cotton $Iecd M .' COl'p' '

t 'call it.which {IA not a pit "at all, at a.U,' fo. .1 qualities, rather t than the. production/ ol of the blossoms on tree "* Dil.AND., FLO IDA eat Poa; ' ', / Cb ..
but just two large one three "Theit there' are malired.\ ovec-' 'J'keeping: hens_ !for eggs 1'0' are' large crest, would fall under the frt and removes the- stamens by the aid ofa .. "' . Oyster 8 '
.Inches smaller than the other and worked wonien .. demand raise enough chick each of the division* we have suggested, shatp-knife anly. .The petals. also be- ', < PT.8DER' Paris) Green and InsecUcJ W generally..TOBACCO .
.. in all around with fled a little bit of brightness, but'who cannot the Games under the "second while ing removed this operation, bees are Potash''
any sort of old year to keep the flock ; This give y Muriate ".
t That was what I last make even the small expenditure each loa number of those In the miscellaneous not apt to the fowera He runs t. .EBIAL
doing week us season quite a rhAI'milhr AFCOLETSTables; "'< < .
necr'fsarj, and to these the present.*) the risk of the 1IKb-rad. l'oJ .
when t belong to one of the fower fertilized
jabbed my young cockerels to be disposed of, besides any { l.w .1.) Cut Tobacco ,
thumbnail .
rlgt a few hardy bulbs would be a real llesslug. sions. by He disead. pot .
off.: ple.c.rfed '
nearly the old hens that do not wisl 1 Ulx-uud
Te we t1'h. P3.aa.tOatarti.i.Cbocotse'oosted .. kalt NQ
There are many girls who brushes also and To.c. '
the pecan .re, to fl in thwalls. would value a floral .ml highly and to keep longer. How and when to sell Sue. are.' the fowls from -'"hich the plies pollen with the tip 'of the finger.ap .Canada nrdW Asbee., ..round
My "pit" i I. over feet .t then there gift, to to the best advantage are questions ofmiportanco can male his selection.' ''And ashis I have found It to be best this MADE KOM( Baled.Tobacoo Blouse "

'the! back'wtlfi. .,slight slope to the thrm are but 8 have simpyyncglecte! purchase <- and a study'of the market purpose. ao will hia choice be of method of( applying pollen,to where use the 'The Fresh Ripe/Fruit/ ;
front and 10uIl with good sash and it, and wouldMhank so much more will always be found an advantage. some breed or.variety from one of the quantity i is smalL Sometimes. ih ri. .. Ol.h.e Boner" All guaranteed nnlracbrd eel tooev
hinges. lrhigbet. I have a yon "The"iQe'r; who has a' good local three clauses If his'purpose be tils canT be dipped and : ralmetfo Acd ( t1Q,all their fertlllalnc and lnMMtlr
epi tar a gift .of. this kind, than for some famed directly into the polMr. cabbage Pbopl. "' -
shelf for and usually do wcH- to dress 'B proportion.
very- below !bit 'of fancy work -that would soon be to produce Rrnt..t number of len. .1 .. r/
. ,. and.wist. have shelves "for soiled and out of date hit. young cockerels a soon as they rites, he will 1.lect fro the .,- Burbsnk, understand, DOT CIPE : ;
larger plants. Under"the' reach the broiler size. There i i. littk "if table fowls hit primary >'reer Cure* rJMpepeia.; Idi..l .Colp.. ,
.helv. ia a "In 1 first"class) are to' run the risk of mixing the HUIIoe E. t> Fainter Fertilizer "CJAeKSONV1LLE.
good place for Ferns. /Warm, sunny giving to a very busy person if any"addedprofit to be gained by ohjec lila, choice will be made r.lhe than- lose the whole peiAe plains. ol C.pla., \ Coated T._ _'
days I turn the sash back and fasten would advise giving only the hardy; keeping them J.t..a the) gain i iweiglit m from and.if he.ha, no use of the paper 'fowe. .ol* Al> I, 0 Fo Koosty. '

to .a tree so the wind. cannot throw it; bulbs that are sure to bloom, and thatdo' will be offset by decline its other purpose ca"l production of.r.onab a it sck .1. or Coetm Dry Stools, 1.1. / .. F'LAATANTIC ,.
not require 10 much care. But the most of have to Inlo.ia. b It.te tat 5.11.H. ton . .
when real cold weather comes the sash price. us depend number of and reason the act of ; er Earthy < ;
: is down and the whole thing covered 5 .S on outide markets (for the dis' fowls for "RR.. he wil ore hen to the t"Rmatic" .applrjnA the Co.tlYe Toots In Uowelal Moulh.& ; No ;, '. '--"--- -------,,--------.-_.
with commQ oil
in To-day I .ucl. little the. -practice to aettina plants .obliged to chip it will generally J cla11.-F rm Poultry. I ej >rtilize 8 Old. Comflalnt.
s tree (frogs in, and must get some little gifts, in place of the cut flowers, whichare found more ship. alre 5S " *_ HansVn in Wallace' Fam. ', ;.ilionlEBlarsamcm ol-lhai Uoarl .MAST
boy to catch a toad and some Hazards. always so welcome. Several l than! lre sled maket for The ... .. suad'Cre>aPolU : . -', Chronic CAaMlpatloii and Pllaa: FI.ule' -.
I could year chick as Rod,,. Iteui better, Ik Oil*. lNt-
do that.
never To" .etie
keep bugs ago, while-admiring a magnificent bas >. t"1 S an s bain I .
I- -.and-othe--horrible-- thirtgs -outof the ket- f'iut-Re that had been enj to than for dressed. Ther difference i iprice" In Where the' fig, sugar 'cane and tillandsit -. i.c.tb1Ft .,_ :ha loabU The -
the work -o The wonderful obtained by lmpeonsSt.'sngth.Manuo4ynd Cat line
will Lasses|
packing I use a mixture, !In .ault .
once a a girl friend by the seasorI the in ornamental Spani.t
busy florist improving
while of l dre.alng. f
acid and sopstsds. I and And-MalariJ
remarked Anli-Bilioiu a
to thatthey
were '
.., carbole marry expect -the : x .
I have just received returns (from :a plants fathered together from the end. to prosperThe atmosphere \- '
Now (from can any of the readers beginning to wither. 'How much I Cura.Aa a i Baa : -
I of live chicks that were consignee of the earth have made tile and are much eiOou.:.. weak 'tor :, -
make a pit.'? M. C. Pcarce.FINKS. wish that send handsome coop a.rden. condiion. : C
would me a without .
. E Fr.11 of to a Boston commission house and tie and cne.erihousii a realm of too bumid The opuntia eu : NNEOcNS.
.. ' I pot F.rn. or some price received; was. within three tents ..need.not stop here to tell all the wnrk' tuna pi;> mesquite and olive allthrive DSI 10* ADULTSl Cb.,. '
.other instead ol these flow .
living plant bedilma.:
a 'pound of what they would have sold done in crossing fruits. In the limitec on liigh' b.r.n. gravelly,soil. ach most TIHRI.T.ble . .
.era that perish -ao soon, said the RJr Deduct'hriulkage and space available it will be bent to sneak When States '
p'i United Government
for dressed. the Coaaupation. Liver Coaaioalnt I
HwwThey" Orlgfmated am4 HVw t- 'for then I could keep them and_ he and the balance is in fa) of crossing from the standpoint of thamateur before late Civi War purchased a -cIa '. al bedtime iha Sest .I'bl ..., : Over its rails, to Savannah Charleston

Grow TSIOBB. would be ready to beautify itt new fo.dr..ill.I alive. . who wishes to do his part in .tract nt land n.r Fern.ndm.Fla.. to .to 1-1 TtblaU altar aaoh mast East E. t' ow ,

T&e Pink is everybody's (favorite. It home.' This .elinl il nearly always the c.e I Iwarm In imprvinA the fruit of( the norlhweAt grow the cochinealproducing nopal -nOL. r ::* Richmond and Wa.hneo thece'via thPennsyJvania'R

is the flower of f for the "Three years ago a busy woman pre .veatlier. There is tr ple. low.r peo. pared Christma gifts for her friends i il risk from heat and dampness and ton varieties; pf the same species.. Encyclopaedia BriU.aic were. It i.l- Tha F''Extract. 1'laaatnt which Calhartlca.wa aua. la AFC.LErs R; -

this"way: the summer she purchase( : the t 10 such .the Wealthy apole with the Hi ways this are at sea where U it c.e.aacratarooeaa
stock' on .mnrket whn
The working .eopl. of Manchester, a dozen roots of fine Ferns, some Call much poor. ship dr s,ed l erml. or the Dnrhew with the Ben it practical science. The :1 Iha people, havepot -
:. advisable to poll = '
England first Scotcji or Clove 1 and Bermuda Lily bulbs and several make it .? Davis. By hftri.iation is meant the cific .lop. b.rre and,gravelly from twos : to : KMraol. : /
anon.When ,
Pinks their ppularity. I goes with strong young .Palms. These were ,tit try long cooW distances weather at come-s< it will union of. dilrr."t aperies such San Diego .almost to San Francisco,. IS made' h. ' lautive, .l' la ltcrvjda ii50f7 The-Louisville & Nashville,' via Montgomery!

out saying Scoch Pink was a into common pots, and (then an equal 1 he- the Siberian "Ph the Duchess ipfit. produces the olive and nopal but instinct alata It ailpaa and whisk WlT
very hardy else it would not often l he more profitable t 10 M.s the sand cherry with the Minor should condemn'theAtlantic- la overcome by the .. : .o' of
fower. number of size larger were and :
pots a pui
have been In the highlands. ; chased. The empty pots were sandpapered fore ,.;Ii"l 'kel.But it until will cold hardly weatlir. pay- plum as exemplified i in. the Compass, ; Gulf Coasts for ."cl, product' save that the (.I acAssnalag IR..t. ,_ Y V ) The Mobijr, & Ohio. R. R; via.:Montgomery.Via ._
from there .the English ( to Ir.,1 I the Chinese with the from rAUnKTTO VHIIIT.Tha .
1"iufaehtlr; until smooth then given a coat or pear pear prtiOl' Nu. ea river _'
i when qn& w.el .
secured the stock and planted it around of white paint and when this was dry. I find the 1".1 time to .el i three western Europe as exemplified in the Grande. 'On the western Cabbaaje Palm we see -- :, -_. .. --'. .

their cottage doors. This ".the beginning a coat of white The rims were they will .eilh' from Ihr., to flta KieftVr. In other word a hvhrld, individual ridgeof the Ntiecesi -4rom Comu m- AFCULtT "hhs oI.rhbc.. ,- Savannah and-Ocean Steamship Company, for Mew
of the.famous Carnation Pinks, .namel '"and and e'.Iial pOlnd each. Chick In the \ kingdom corrrsnnnda .Chritl to taking in Papalote. la salherad principally h"l. ladlanaol > V '
raggedly gold. paint. 6r el.labl. Unlil. -South rlortda (in Iha Boston.
be in good Qrk."Pildelphia
among the.most important( flowers of then 'each pot had some dainty design have will to 1,1. in the anitna ; < "Eagle 'Pass, down and ia load wy ut into our e' Eorlt. E t Via Steamer
commerce In all countries. upon. one side., -These; designs ; der-at'-triis-. Asthry growolder knl.lom., The word "crossinghow. Ie the mouth of( the Rio Grande, thfi lb. Sos ooneem to nlilire Sb.. fruit la ntatilcina. T : as Notlol. to New York, Washington...
stamped thin It ia uae-t to oouuleraet" *certain objectionable '
The Caryophyliui, Grass. or were either wild Roses, Persia. they are apt to grow in.t'csh fall eJieY is ol.n used, asa convenient term olive and date should flourish. Jt is the oualiuea ol lbs .nrkieh'Eta Kxtract .tinore ,
Scotch, Pink a single Cove. Forget-me-nots yellow Daisies Violets they" .i need extra feed in tl t to m.aninl bf crossing and hybridiring home of the .agave, nopal and mesquilc; Thecembiostio, ol the two. AFCOLETS. Via Savannah and Merchant ,Miners Tranaportatios
.. fit for'lhe market.If O.r fifty atro-Lindley said: "Hybriditation and inhabitants, rarely raise timbrel- "1 he IMeaaant C..h..1.. ..I.a. th. .I. -
tht .C for
the Englishmen of Manchester .undertook. and other delicate flowers. One afternoon y.arl and .no.t pleaaanl or ..r- .the' culture. They ex. was spent in these designs they are kept beyond this age the is a Iam.of chance. played( las. .'d dry.., alu1t h) the richest *ee- ...... that can be hd.t.t. trl _-_1.t.siaukfp 'Plil.delpb.z ,
adopted ' "
citing methods of cultivation, making in oil colors "Rintinl dainty they cockerels should lie separated front the 'between man In other tion the English-speaking world. I'KICE 10 IS and .rgJt'g. TO KEY'WEST- -

I the flowers large and double. The exquisite were when finished. "*" hens and lul"t1., a they worry the word there is no means of f foretelling This sound like a Hibernianism. .0 . -' ,?' u. AND 'Via_ Peninsular & Occidental
is often a falling what the result will be when plant* per cent of the population outside of l '
spicy scent of the Pink was always 1- "At Christmas each pot "plants wa. latter so Afco Chemical Co/ '
and -a seriouscheek are crossed' ; especially is this true wIth! the few Tailroadudivwgs' with population *
off in' the output a -
and will be of the i egg HAVANA "Steamship
ever one into the that-fitted Company
slipped empty po it To the of the pullete.' our Cultivated fruijs ;< all are more b of *>. About "
of all development .pakSplish. '
sweetest perfumes. in and one -
placed the painted saucers IACKONVILLa ,
frs 'ol"mongrel hundred
reasoT when 5 .
the nc.stry. our
is great
one '
-V Alter agriculcural -
There i is not an objection to urge ready for the giver's. caid. I saw themall .al. tti. sight; of, our succestor The main benefit in plant, colleges are abolished land MILEAGE TICKETS. -
r against the Pink. Its i U simple just before they were sent and il not a bouquet*nd flavor was.iuperlcir to the '
culue : In large mensurc upon is to break up the Then in this section will be veiling' for .1.010) '
the flower are.b.utly.anc! sweet and was hard to tell which was the prettifst. depends" of the hen when this is done the. seeds of these an acre and re.h.inK.fH11) an acre cash "finest Assam teas, but its'Yankee origin Interchangeable mileage tickets good over 13.0tK. ) miles ol among the prlnclpat -'

,:_.J the constintion'' hardy. / the freshly washed plants or the the "perfect development bcjor, hybrids should ,.planted largely .t and people will talk of bow old would condemn i it, Its.Ya origin raCroa'da In the southern statue. ai-e dn sale by tbe"prlnclp.l ageBtL
I iiert'm be the
C .. many varieties to select pots'. I received a large pot with < sav separate : to worry .give; an opportunity for the forces 01 fogies ol the twentieth century talkedof condemned it abroad and its Texan orIgin Through Pullman Sleeper, Port Tampa to New York, via Atlantic Coast

from, but the Clove Pink in pure white handsome Boston Fern. and for thre the cockerels get 01 enough this time if f the heredity to assert themselves. Bur irrigation, seasons and diversification. condemns it at home. It remind met.'also via Atlantic Coast Line and Southern Railway .

deep .rose-color, and lavender should .aa it 11M,been constant pteasur the pultt.Sel them at paying' prices, hank of California and Theodore Williams -_ us of the early reception of the American ' Frank C Boyleston', Commercial Agent, \V: D. Stark, Traveling Passenger

-- be1 tile jiist-choice ,or.out-or culture. and reminder of the' giver. mattt wi whether you sell or notThis of Nebraska-find; in. Imprfvinfilium. ExperJinenting'in.'JPlives.. jn Texas book and Amric.n' wine. Someday Agent; 138 West Bay Street, Astor,*liulldlng( ,.,'Jacksonville..-Fla. H. M.
For the monthly Car "This may serve a bint for oth.r blt 'separate hand- is of we "Will all become more'reason- Emerson, Traffic Manager W.Craigfieneral "
renbo.e. 'is "little thing, bnt t'Is that rAAinl use< and The South has been confined chiefly Psasenger -Agent. Wu
nation in whiter pinkr crimson and.but in their' Christmas. .r.paratlonL" a make .onlyn. mainly at first to the fixity 01 to French .Spanish priests and'nuna. able, i not patriotic and instead of mington, Korth Carnltna. (Jr->*'-" '- ' l
that to up
of go ; Battle Creek, Mich.,
many towards .
yellow the finest flowers looking =- -- .
tercup are to S. Try 'it this y"ar.-New type After the hybrid plum treet are Father Domenech; who was censor of -- -"-- -- -
OINTMENTS FOR hen farming. (tot thecorrect thinn-in daily sustenance -
be had. No flowers are' more easily BEWARE obtained they are grown intermingled (the press and confessor to. Emperor

S forced and none more attractive, in win- CATARRH THAT CONTAIN' Vork. Tribune.- . ,-. __.' close together in jiurserv rows' and M."lli8n. first experimented with we wi live like plain folk at '

I''ter.., They last remarkably well acIItfiowers.ioThry MFRCURY", .?. '. ,,Tke" Dln>M.t Pl.." ef Poultry., other, sorts tnp'Rlafed.n (he limbs cathedral here and af.terward home.-E. Coylovski' in Galveston t 'The J3st? Cbast oJTorlcty

JiL stand transportation to V l\-\ -\ , ,'. ?!'' '** V "V ,1,1it' .t The, . and nature at Castrovtlle, in coun .-_ : ::j- Is Paradise J eflalnett. '
:.SHwell that from large Carnation houses .' mercury s-1 wif.tss surely"fdestroyMhsense IfFowfs nYfespoct'to! 't J useWarel'divhfe'dinto'three ha1! (teen given, a chance.' Te result tyThe Sisters of the Nazareth Convent OwJt.

'')Wdiatant. citie get supplies for.elaborate of amel completely derange great 'classes-layers, tal'lefowlsnd will be:. '. at Victoria succeeded with the Kindly give me in next'issue 'of your

floral designs. Carnations can easily the ayoter when'.nterinl it ( general purpose (owls .In the flower is ..If-r rtizit. mulberry d silk'cocoons, but failed paper, i you can not reply e.rler. your
be sent* cut-flowers from New York through the mucous ar- the first 'ol these three included'the Flr.a1 .' may or'nearly with the olive, Victor Considerant of opinion of ginseng a a money. for

to.Sun Francisc'o and lose neither their tides .hould neV be used except on breeds which see characterized revert to one or the other of the par the French communi. colony failed this latitude kind of toil and its preparation ,

!fresh beauty nor fragrance. prescription from reputable phy.icnnk. by phenomenal l prolificacy; ;in the .nU. or, to some ancestor further back with the olive Dala.but succeeded cultivation, etc. Any advice, or U '

Seed sowing i ia ;lce'best for getting a the damage they will do ; ..cond. those which possess in (the .Second-If bees or the wi.d have at San Antonio years ago.Father suggestion along this line will be ap

the out-dor garden well stocked with to the good you can possibly d.rivtfrom highesr degree nuantify and quality of carried foreign pollen still greater ten- Lee planted an olive in the yard preciated. Subciber.Anderson Vr

Clove Pinks* and Chinese Dianthua. them. Halls Catarrh C meat .nl-in JJ> third those which dency to variation Ijeen intro of( St. Patrick' rectory, Avenue-K and S. c. October 18, 19O.

Sow the seeds in boxes of rich earth, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & the greatest perfection the duced. Thirty-fifth street. The volunteer The f following will be found Interesting -
oledo, 0., containing; no mercury and qualities of the oilier two classes. branches are flourishing to-day around -
eetjn-'unnjrplaces, at any time in fall Crossing and hybridizing I regard reading just at this time. Many are : -
winter. slow is taken acing directly upo Such classification Is.not absolutely the..decayed mother trunk. It matured around for to.dooutside '
They are to germinate, short in the work of improving) looking somtthing
----- the ot the because there can be no clear cut and bore but it never seemed at '
accurate olvu. .
but hardy from the first into life. fruits. is a mean. of hastening the of the regular lines farming.To
Two whitishgreenblades.t.r come first system. In buying Hal"i Catarrh lines of dtmareatlon between the qualities process of evolutitm introducing new home in yard with the olean- these nut growing, fruiting and : iw
tl others and within Cure be sure you get the genuine. 1 1is It of different breeds. All fowls are, of variation. der and cape jalnine. It was once such things are interesting field of in* ,
folow. two monthsor taken internally and made in Toledo.Ohio the el.mrnt credited that the olive succeeded better I
to some extent, adapted to purposes But, if half of what is
mfre, stocky little plants, with from Co. Testimonials !- In 1101* the writer grew at Brooking: near the seacoast than elsewhere which "etgtlo.
F. Cheney the table. .
by 1., and of for
six 'I doren glass-like leaves wi be _.'- of( laying. use til Seedlings of the Compass, the well has been -- abut Ginseng is true this opensup
ready to Then free. But some groups of( fowls are especially -i proven contrary. a very profitable line of work to a
the known
hybrid -sand cherry,
tranapl.nt & Sold b all druggists, price ">c. per and oilier orign.t.d ; '
eeeds may broadcast on ) characterized by one,' by II. Knudsen of The finest olives w ever saw were few patient,' careful workers. But it

.___5-eligible bit be'.owt and left to any bottle. groups by another quality, and the nesota. The Compassvby the way is those planted by the companions of would not be advisable f for e'r bodyto
% ture till around. the Hall's Family Pills are the bent.. classification is sufficiently accurate for very fru and hardy at Brookingsand Padre Junipero Serra at the old Frarvciscan try to grow'Dr .
/ gra. . practical tful Mission, San Luis Cal. the courtesy ofa friend we are
anj kbont. the sprightly of ' p rps. worthy of a place in the Obis. ;
plants .a The. ral laet consists of two I home garden, furnishing an abundanceof they are said to be one hun able to print the following\ article:'
1 the easily.bitl distin.ui peculiar to may "I waht t
Taken b up with the be'.t. glance. ment to the work of the Courier-In and the H.mbnra. The frt race These seedjings show remarkable variation the coast in the garden home of the Lnngworthy, of Weaver! .. Niea

set inwel' formant, In beh.1 of good roads i In is her running back to the sand beloved Helen Hunt, there are venerable Mich., ha raised on of an are
borders some "
they grow rapid Polk county, a leading citizen graceful bodies well developed tails cherry and others closely' apd prolific olive Al through lard a crop that he sold U8.-

., in the fall. Pinks freely.will Unless planted to the newspaper man. the other and large single combs. Te second the plum in .ppro.chinl Mexico we meet the olive the.Pacif < In making wonderful crop
first not bloom the morning. race i.-mo're compact in the tails selected foi.le.root intermedia! Ic. on the Gulf aide. From Syd- he has done little more work than be
c spring. The must be ..ixnlntb Then continuing along the same.line. are (full and carried at a moderate elevation between the red of the sand cherry and .nntr Rivera one meets the olive wouldhave put into' the cultivtion of

or -a year blooming. he said: "The road from here to Mulberry ; and 'the' conibi are rose. In1! the brown yellow of the plum, and, and they (formed the silent witnesses of an acre of berries,, ,

i garden some hardy'and very showy, which two-third. of the way i I. the Mediterranean class are included' planted this spring as one year seed the most pathetic scene in the historyof Lang-worthy has pt his third ot an
destitute of perfume. The in first-class is discounted asa mankind. is the emblem of acre in ,- of wnich had un
Chinese Dianthus condition! all of the varieties of the L.ghorns. lings. Many of them flowered but did I peace ginseng-
Heddgewii i 11
one of highway by \ disagreeable and recently been raised in Michigan
public the Andalu-
the hardiest and showiest of the Spanish, the Minorcas not fruit., ai they were 'r.nsplnlec motherhoo. t
The, fow.r any' sand-bed encountered on the Mulberry sian and the Ancon'a. In the Uabura C. G. Fatten, of Charles cane, cassava and It i-commonly supposed thst the ode
plants and' "
cas. where are evergreen, end of the road. -. class are found* the six vaietin o obtained very interesting results from figs, jute. ramie, and sisal hemp will plant the root of which cold ,
they i
fresh and bright, in the midst grew of are winter a* He say that strain on'* nerve Hamburg fowl an Redcap. peculiarities seedlings of the, Briar Sweet- cr.b a prove the great staple crops of the to .the Cines. who use for medicine '. .'
in time. Chinese when he has to' pull through that bed are noted among the hybrid of the Siberian crab coast country.eut of the Neuces river/ under cultivation, ", M

i'' are constant a sumiper flowering. From Pinks of sand is something to be dreaded, not moat prolific fowls. They are peculiar Bailey Sweet The experiments of Peter The fig can be handled more advantageously and must be hunted for in the mountain -

November they bloom April to to mention the effect upon his stock. ly summer laer; that 'is, the greater M. Gideon indicate, hoevci''that I ( converted into jam or preserves *,of West Virg.ini.and in a few Jot-t---- ;

come from seed and bloom freely.within They two augurated in Polk county,' which. wit number of their eggs are produced in the long keeping .capacity cannot be coked In sugar cane juice, than other spot in Unit.d States.The' " ,

months of not be abated unti every lcighwsyinthis the warmer months of the year and ..peee from any of the Siberian crab the ordin.r style, of drying and press Miclil.n farmer has demonstrated -

plantinl.Anolher entire equal to the street they.all lay at white egg. Of the two The amateur and the busy ing. great fl cheese of the Turk, grows splendidly there

-very- hardy old Pink -is the of( .', "J. races the Mediterranean much the nursery-man can perhaps do the nest with and chopped pecan and that ,wble hip only $ >* l.OOO
,Sweet William or Bab.tua Drimthus. al the I.Y from me- work in crossing fruits by top graftinglargely nuts, :find a ready m.rket One- mile the ultimate destinationof
They of the We are glad to note that the Counuly larger eggi .gg. half of the the
are irrigation
maroon and Williams in
erlmsn. Commissioners 'to'' dinm t', large. The Hamburg, ras a' as doneby Burbank employed his crop i I. Cia. 10,0 mid distant
,rose and cherry colort, in large, have determined and the seeds. rice belt would prove more successful his :
Jul clusterThe way to manage them utilize the services of the mls4eujanorconvicts class lay an undersized egg the only sowing than the present a* we And dry rice fitable. Undoubtedly ha his success 110 Far aarr sf b.sattfa1bsss.wgees Oaaas eC fisst4&'besis, i(4s '
Black ,
;. i cut' the stem when the seeds upon the road of th* county, exceptions to which .are the in WorkiRih" blossoms ol the or-t farms[ in the vicinity V of f the canals yielding result in the wholesale growing of the p-s.--- FUrtaa,, a.i eta s- liairmatlan, sitraaj
first*ripen and scatter them over some and if this plan ia carried out faithfullyand B.mbura. whose eggs are the spring In Minnesota as rice .the fields with pad- I.a,pszoa-r ,;. .PEEWIII, ',l.LAZJZ; '51sumn

.#((' piece of.' mellow, rich soil- This seed pushed ahead a it should be, w* the Redcap, whose eggs. Ire. 'and the northwest generally U die*. goo white sand deserts- plant. bring from $18 to '2 s -!-'-' mSS Us..5s.,. SEa.
somewhat above medium. work in the
in rill"see our heavy sand beds transformed not the pleasant outhern California we the same '
maturity tor
occur August Septemer mos
of fnd' pound, and more th.n'3.O pond.olit 'a i" IT. OVS'rIN Pi4'
.nnd the plants will like magic into easy pavecroads The class of table fowls consists cold often prevalent conditions. Lands that producenothingwhatever" ,
young present I shipped annually rom the United
c that will be of( three races-the Dorkings the Oriental f.t thn( time of the Operating .
in the fall. The cold a source pleasure ; yea. in the' lormof vegetable -
thmal.e. early States. The think it good lor

-4.' winte only' makes them more sturdy to allwho travel over them ,' Games; and and aom the *French> ol the fowls.OrientalGame TheDnrlrmcyft a on little the essential like taking organs; a ,o.fower is. . 'or. fruit' eightor.' ten mi. froman every ill Cinea to" cn.ump ginseng plants are jiurt by neither now The'people- of'Miami and in fact of
and .t""a., Stocky, thrifty plants'spring Let's) have good roads, mater ; ;are-; ;; ;' i layers' : while out' of Still, a few pleasant irrigated land section when are .upr.or within toe lon nor cold and the ground-often freezes this entire section -of country will( be
'I .1.55 ul oql "oJ Lp& aq m-! what they coat, or what effort of the th'P9 fowls are very days .at the right tit ;irrigated In There are two member of the Lang- below the bottom of the roots without glad to know that all necessary paper
some miles ofcthe both
time; Forest leaes preferably, to put forth. Such a public enterpriseas two or so them. relative to the agreement between the
good though considered under which will permit of some work being in worthy family; en They injury to v
t those of Cedar or com fen. *catf this demands the best there U layenI" we looked for .ublriK.tion the Florida' -
1a.1 J ..classifieda'generalpurpose. done. Any elementary book on botanywill c.e. live alone"in a Jittle two-room at United State government an e this bead reslIyeould be
tered the will some (form, but found ;. slack Ginseng principally from seed.In .
afford th. '
over seedlings pro manhood.-Courier-Informant. give and descriptions of IUe the edge of a lonely country a grows 'East'Coast Rail way-for' the improvement -
Dork '
owi The. have
been derived
tection .ufcient It I rather to equ.l.Ie ," dr.winl. of flower. In .must atmospheric house the outsi3e of which Mr. Langworfhy' garden thejndjvl- of Miami harbor have been J
I would'ata-
] the; employer, White colored Texas
II. log vGray th humidity. Southwest
the of hny.1 1)1. Silve .n dull seed* are planted an Inch below !*?
temperature News
.r tha the vaudeville thow. are'of' ..IEe, have ..ra1lelogtinupatic'bGdies ease of the plum there one singlepistil took the gold medal at the Omaha Ex- tIe most women into absolute horror i the surface in signed, W"amt ; '
protect these Plants from "bee' a gOo average sandy, pine coil. '
andthough white in the centetvof; the fower. hap- lositionor the finest exhibit over all they 'It But i i II not intended fo i I : 'u' s ,.
'f southern N6t only plants I wantr to in thU ; !. woman' and The latter Is then covered with two indies
crdena ta t.k'f ed like Itormsv a ginseng can learn that about,
: from and "Oh, he e"ena., 'in- shank and skin,have an,.hundace something other sections, and yet she tent only occpnc. of-well-rotted leaf mold,, which 'to yesterday we '
seedlings arl bountI th.lks. ( 9fc bt. the-fruit when properly fertilited.Surounding a rusty cook 1,600 boxes of citrus -fruit*, have left ,
A oyr '
of flesh. Oriental- included 40 cent of her.produc b dre
ful of gardens In (! per serve sa, top dressing-or-the ground .
feature 7Cr kind" /i. Te' the cup the but above a modern furnace Gig from Narcoos- t .
oru ; ICissimmee 500 coming
in this the cont.inlnl collet-ted salts lt"e
are the Malays ago we dr during the life of the plant.' -The seeds
Pink are hardy! they are uncm "Not at . thnoght yon 'might Cofnish. Indian. Games,: The .n_ pistil is a circle ollender and pigment ol south Texas a scientific seng root are in every erer.. and literature are field by most to be ,valueless see, and' 1,000 --thereabout from,
'.' monly iweet and pretty; they pick up a new tune to whi.te' Pn\get- and veTlowinh liesd oth. containing organization in Warsaw and concerning O.every for grower point, down the Kissimmee River. '
exceedingry long for
:; ,:most nothing, and cut-flower ling,tired ot. Sunday rol!. -*:. are m-'hnbanl. the pollen, the male""fertilizing elements must have table and shelf and window silL germination, some unknown Kisimmre has also hipped 1.000 crate .3.
prp.e .. neck the layers, Berlin, and they thought we reason, until 18 month after their har
-.t,,_ \; are unaurasd Every.'.rdee -. I' ftossesa preL", ,. bll orresnonding to the pollen in the taiels ranged over th)' the George Langsworthy 1 I. mcb'} vest.- but in the Langworthy >garden of ,vegetable in .the past month egg

Pink.. The i man, who' kills In, hlm.elf becausehe The' Cornish. Indian G. meal.bdies.. 'of corn. In the apple the case jt countr: home in more than one'' < they are planted at once"in the latter plants, beans, tomatoes..squash, etcKissimmee ,- ,
wilt me > that there
I along poorly except fiber and he ( '
, gets Wlrld' in-' American : about the best, ,1."at. 'amiaf Le sang pervades.his every part of August of the early part of :f>lHtember ,Valley Gazette'
of r
get along a deal'worse .tndpint. .re of only oneloth'in / Commisioner Agriculture sod thought '
\ has - I
>. J V S? ." \' Cr.t.PU- ': hell will.ret hls J J.Maay of (hi-class, hvins;yelo*. shanks' ol the apple'and 'the plum ,stamens ; Pu. who introuced.tbe '.ensilo and about read concernn..i.It in the field , '- ,4The'big saw'
thi/titie { f
\ 'Undet tt1 other f b .om length wonderful lie id "ground'through' fuller's"eath plant at Eflen-'
,I two Y. _' . wla yelln.n4 are in .nflmbir. orgo, 'or fer terin. .It, until he knowpossibly-more, 0" the a They' the '
c. .similarthree writer .discuss,'.10 the I .ople complain that'drlnk1n. ( o met. thing like .y.t.hl twenty'more' or; less, i,eme.'r, 'I sorghum cane, once experimented subject than-any.othet, man in'Michigan ( winter,- and ,Ja the late spring feV 'ton is now running jn full force, and i Is

". ,*It'Mayfiowerth.cubject\ of giving milk always upsets their d ae.iio'.tTe The French- fo..h.' Hodn. L ,The standard method'of doing tea in Sooth Caroln: The cash sunk -. ',. .j./" '' plant* com up. ,The vast majority do sending away several carloads of ma' '

.. P l..Idant*, bulb and 'ower.Christmas"present ,reason U sot that the milI \ | Iotwholelme. tenaive'ybred.Fleche and VnieLStts.The to'' take, the flower' at day th.1 in tht .woule have floated a The CO.OOO in tne,LangwortlrJ not germinate until the second spring terial daily.; .Few of our'citicctrs' real- ,,; '
./ "W." not room fo all but that it.has been| ke. lnth" wrl6' it,.would naturally but the tea naterialled'' We .D'ntl each three_feet though those'' that make their appearuafiath ire the immensity of thiS enterprise. It1' '
." an are good we quote quickly. ' ,* Houdan-ls Ih'' t'pPl'rf dieUireevand beor.' (the. showy .op. tried to tea garden are surroundedby first year are the more hardysfJvthe pay roll pms away ftp n the thousandg'p'
JG them to . it I Ja a plum W1" ; ( ptas of. on. wide apd S3 fee long.-id| of( the two.5-Southern month the btlk' t h
stronger .which *
parllsPbsN1 J' .-' . 1. the' ), all the ThIs of the chappa'ral Lndon.we wers'runninga every peptfl
,; : I' earth la placeJ
the '
.5 ,.. ''0 bat 'O' fowl with, raottlef shankaatVd a whio'kin foe > sbmens.fine '!' rural: Parish bar to de.. a4 CultivatorL..., .-, with the .st.rchent tf of the river f''owi/ ,
out I list of 'h..tcl".r.; for"mUe'.ran\ is' k',.taflt e b dn wlh'al.i plo' I .pet-e-be.-: -' "
LaiTIecht- -ot River ,
iknc' Crlum" "he" .p [lof SU Panera at.lho"_ ,ime, and the XBevcansedvoi ;:f. -Manate* ,-JoertiIe- ,
t;J ?.; islif eesbiurcj* .are worb a trto'ti :sec- ".flhl. fowl, with dar* legs scissors.011, ,The paitlot'fne I "plntod1 sanctum was a rlor' Texas museum each foftoirvenlenee I'weedin. ?5he4.i1'wondcVidaddie..- -why"linleToen. "5'U >,>. : ' 'r" -

-i l .why not gIve' something that b ap(torn jo anyone ( the'' I, an4 thcCrevecoeur.Jiaheavy 'tb-a 'sr'tack'to'prevent' the ac-"'' 'chinal the alnt. generally,marry such large worn* !,,n>o you enjoy waljdpgl'Y .

I % *(t 4T.Something-that olf"Every vegetable the market 4 I ia the
'\ ;;'jl.ijreptiftef' the firsbtwo or three nndand the!'sl is able to prOdCee7tan feh a v.. be opened in one place:I!.Id. i it eeretly among the s mpl never grqwW op''aena'foabade the little fellow art! "Goodt' The.I'll ,
J hw' fceoe. from year to Mia\ highest tate 1 ) fewhitb4odflP I''a, taster-and awaited eoverei at height afraid to back of thi "
c1 "ea. b ,VI or io one *aaternd the flowero1 professional tea work ia Call-Udk oat eggacenientsu InJ the1'country in sny atatomobUe ''t
.Iwas. vesjt . . arefBoor), .. o verdict.-'He al4 &ftCrWaIdE.tba* tW_ lattice\ . : ,
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\/t; .. "':: i,\: j : -' ,\ ,. .n1 1 'u. !. ....., b- I c :/ ,: ._ . '" ..1 ",; ". ".1"" ,,%* r '
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Group Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette.
Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
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Title: The Kissimmee Valley gazette
Uniform Title: Kissimmee Valley gazette
Alternate Title: Gazette
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Vans-Agnew & Harris
Place of Publication: Kissimmee City Fla
Publication Date: December 26, 1902
Frequency: weekly
Subject: Newspapers -- Kissimmee (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Osceola County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Osceola -- Kissimmee
Coordinates: 28.303889 x -81.412778 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 24, 1897)-
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Bibliographic ID: UF00091504
Volume ID: VID00052
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: oclc - 33274531
lccn - sn 95026779
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I ... I E tKISSJMMEE" : WLLEY" '. " -GAZETTE.. ." ,

I xuannciiB: YAXOJDT, BTABUUIBO MM.: 00001.. T OONSOUDATBDNpYXUBBBlo % :] .- ... \ v
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. OA. )81 (.f.
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I -.- -r )F .

VOL, VI :(.2. .- KISSEMMEE CITY, 'IttiA.,, PRIDAVi,,BEC'fn, 19O2. 1/ ... PRICE 5 CENTS.: .

___ .
-- --- - .
'' I -- urally feels indignant at being squeezed we think this extended' to twen "' equate; unaccompanied a* 11 It .wt. The Cant.-report reads '.* follows, until it has received a fair and impartial T>e "
STATE in turn by the Toy Trust and Doll I ty-four day if may, b her i is cool Fo HE"EWS'tOFTIBWORLD- guaranteei-to* pay if the .rbte. Mr, ad Mra Gerald Sandiland re- trial at the hands of the. people for I Th Courier-Informant reesi h

l Trust, the Candy Trust.-and the transportation about ten day more they spend against him, and a.reply (ens. turned' East on Thursday afternoon whom it wa made to govern few week ago, a letter from Mr. ,' 41 4. .
ompile. But he I it at a time as nurse bee i in the hive, tel has been, or will be, sent through Minister rind. will remain during' the The ever-swinging pendulum of popular H, Robinson,'. of St, Paul., Mln- ' t

.1:OF FLORIDA -he cannot I the 'l.f.and perhaps'building som, : BOWIn Crc Britain' will'maks winter. Mr. Sndlaad hal ben engaged thought and action has inspired main which he spoke 'of the "discussion, of ,
borne, to lobby in a Legislature .that !comb, though some pretend ht -the t a> .imilr These statementsare for two year .bip the belief that a people'en be wear cane -culture and manufacture '
only sits in the *.pring..Time..Unlonanl comb building is only done by, bee 1 no. made officially, 'but' derived ping oranges from Jamaica to' : safe in the enjoyment of the cohstitutional of sugar at our farmer Institute, a

Citizen. : that bring in the "ioney.' It i i. thus from .I excellent_ source. ,,, York,, Tbe tree are right bequeathed to them by thesovereignty synopsis of which was -given in ,the

"o 'I'&M"-t, NTEttBfiT. VBOM :L about' five week fr-the time the IMPORTANT, HAPPENINGS. IN WILl ARBITR4TE. wid cow natural) ia forests when that sovereignty in newt column of this paper.

.V .. OVSE THH BTATB. J''/ Congressman Davis'says, Flor queen i i. the worker ALL SECTIONS., I.ha*'.been decided at,'Caracal'that 'coonut banana tree some way exeW' Its protectorateover He made some Inquiries, regarding ,,
Idian ever. bees' rout for their first flight V.nezulan difficulty''.hall be arbitrated No. attewpt i. made to cultivate themor the to insure pace the St Cloud 'sugar plantation, and -
: has climate.a large? Now fartune since this magnifidetit i i. ail- -. tr- vU4 -..- m and the discussion of terms of to set them-our in-orderly orchard and happiness to him, who' in said in conclusion: "If ,it was aucccssful '

'Oo dl'loD of asstt'"we'' -cannot'spend., we must continue The-Bay :City Packing Company"-be: Orime>*5 settlement i i. on.United formation.- ia said that tree,in on* through the system' of taxation"- ,, supports or if there are" good reason '
I, OrS aPu.< to have a "large gan canning oy.ter'o last Mondaywith 4DOa.State, Minater owoina undoubtedly plantation which bad been ..eLout..ftel the State.. why it wag not, and there are"equally
New from the Oo-N,, we van now account forune Joree.and the fact a,full of hands. This cannery 01QU.e Plot will be the atitr.ttr. The the California fashion cll- Believing that this peace and happiness good reasons why it might be profitable ,'

'of thai Bavd of tne that every Floridian! a* if be own- gives employment to"about for th. Prealdent, a-ndbtbex. Inter. : government.fears coereve medres *. .ted..howd the ill result the lnt eats be best maintpe.thruRb they should be made known, ,
: ed the earth "at thereof,'' boats and a large number of / :entlngIi.i1ni' ), --will (follow -'he.establishment year,.,and in tbree year, .er. the exercise of the power and the business. usged, I feel that I
Q a* a recent and tie- .-Times-Union the canning and.raw department.. Joseph .'. / ihe. blockade. ". dead ;,/ I State 1 have prepared and introduced Florida and Louisiana should pro, 1
citic Messina i i. the managerof Ii' in the legislature of Georgia a diice this a
Purple scale of
-' and Citizen.. ,'l : i. MRS DEAD': .begun to amlr he country' supply sugar.
enterprise, and .he is assisted this season M'MIsIO :.R : GRANT- Jamaica orange Poro' orangesso to the' establishment O a The public should know about the
Capt. James C. Sanford, of the en- by Thomis W. Bamberger. Th w, Mts. 'Grani: widow ,otPresident art filthy! with lcale Mr. San- ''l operation at St.. Cloud" '
of the United State Guy Metcalf, the irrepressible Bay.Qty Packing 'ComrAny : The U..s The proposed mea.u.e vests the *
gingering ,corps bile cat oprtr aScran.ron at her residence dilaad doe 'not apprehend any great p IClMfcwlncr thaiC nt V' tl PA*. nnr _
'army., opened bid. Saturday *in Charleston plate politician press agent, i'-1anz superior cove oyster, and/they have ad : in Washington Dec. 14th. amount.. ( competition 'with our local pointing; power in the 'Irand juries Kate, chemUt, waa Xamiliar -with, -the ,4:,
S. C, for the construction 01' him.el' busy about .. theei extensive trade for thiaClass/ of. .!od. the mine worker Dec Death was due to hear failure, Mrs. grower f for. th iiland for year to the several counties, provlde thai enterprise at St. Cloud we asked'him''.
two for. the of Jacksonville -i day. must be something doing.rit.AugusUne lApalschicola Time strike comroi* Un..ari d I having.. .: even tizena.1 blamed from each ''
some come ,
.' for
dredle prl .. f 1)t Grat .fr ear < militia ' some -facts relative thereto, and '
Mil 155 1,1 ,
.w PelaclL governmen Record are appearing before frc.'alvUar 'e.e.e of the Fcora Kingston to New York it take dilrict lme. in reply he said: '
.called for some time ago, but _bentbey' It: f., O--4-aJ.One' "a the commissoin I reprcsentng the non by a .severe attack the vessel six' days and.the Jamaica These patrlmen'are to _serve for would
were opened the figure were million of union men, who have been admitted to of bronchitis. Her twelve be fThit qncston be equally pert- ,,
Abut one acres pine'Iandi i i. !interested age prevented grower ha bit troubles; 'from the view month; aDd are' t o exempt -
found to b much above, the.pproprl' h ben sold in Hillsborough De of thegentlemea who the' arbitration scheme*,began calling her rallying (rom 'the shock., point of transportation the same a* his from road duty, their'respective fldntlf asked a* to the 'failure of -
'. tion of $10,0 made tor ech bat, Soto and" Volusia counties, Florida, in the canning factory prop..d witnesses.- The'..I..' were probably leI daughter, Nellie Grant Sror. California, cousin there' is ,the terms, and are to-be compensated front numerous sugar -enterprise in- Louisiana ,
a and the plan were accordingly during the past two week. the purchases fo Barw by our. farmer the liveliest yet the commis only one of her ever-present danger.Firt: of '.sunstroke in the-insolvent cost (und of the- State In ,', Cuba, Kansas, and other localities ." '
ed and new bids tailed"fur. These were havirlg been recently other day-expresses the sion. :At the njorning session the miner let at the time of her death her three the tropics; then ''there manner and form.a* is now providedfor ,.,;where failure"of equal 'or ,
the bid which were ''opened Saturday. formed Consolidated Naval Stores opinion that instead of on cannery *' lawyer challenged the .faire.0'' ions,,who had been here all rain from which' the fruit lathe daily the pay of deputy 'sheriff for the greater stupendity have 'occurred. - '
run on a .cle. it would be bet certain the lummone IU.t 71 ,m familiar -itl41i--biatory-'Of---- -- - -
Metropolis.) Cmpany. which begins business during wage statement to wing out of the protecte4 then there performance of imilacj3ulicfThey ; ., '
early part of th, new year with of- ter to establish several.' smaller one indifferentsectlons. comri..ion' by Pennsylvania Coal She was 76 ea.cty. agg at \tb\ (hmwreekrandTast; -' iaJbangn-o i will be subject to'the call o.An a thi* enterprise, from ,its inception to ''

The' completion of Floridas'remodeled' Sees at Savannah,' Jacksonville and Company, and in the afternpo.Attor.neyDsrrewhadrs'iriteai ;oJ-qeth'- the probability of:"a of fruit. Pcicclcd from their own number the final chapter, and my opinion"ia
Ito-lhaving. "
Thereisnoobjection" -
that the 'failure-'was
and enlarged State housc-a.nag architecture-" ti-lo. canning factories 'in all .parfs_of the with Cbaii'man.Gray as to TRIBUE FORMER.SPEAKER reaching New fifteen York cro the thermometer an, it being* prescribed clothed with that police they pw.hal to extravagance-second, to > .

"ifcrorl'l> celebrated dern' Wednea-, hat about $2 per acre was.paid.-Mac-. county; I in fact, the enterprising far not the mirier had a, right to know A Washington special says! The All of these conditions* bloW aero. patrol their respective districts al of the first principles' of agriculture
chamberby clenny Standard* mer should establish' small plant to who i i. paying the' lawyerrepresent- house December IB, paid a remarkable irretrievable tend the rest all profligate idle add suspiciouspersons the ,neglect of drainage and
day night in the new-Senate work tip hi. surplus crops of vegetables lug the non-union men before the commi.I.n tribute to -the memory of former h.rl of the oran&e .hip and see that all such persona Culture; third, to -
under the auspice -and
a grand banquet '' assartaitthe.. pcaker-Thomas B. Reed. His death per man.
Suchenterprise Mr. Darrow1' 1 carro.
be classed and stock
fruit. *
vagrant robbery.
of Capital Lodge, No. 72, Knight. ..of.Pythias. The exposureof*' the attempt to .1'Jots can be established ete for a small amountof ; r.-employed by.he.'coal i'operator' had created a profound Impression'and been lost .from one of these causes or a dealt* may with as. the law a against vagrancy Cloud after
"St failed having
. in Cuban swamp to Western II money, and 'the expenseof. opera- Precedingthis, Sinion.P. Wol-ron: here.was e Inaverl.desire among the another, C.e. of sunstroke are fre '
successful and profitable sugar
era brings the old Florida'boom day tion would be light. counsel for the Reading Cmpany. members show a signal, quent. 1rvde.a the proposed measure de a most

E W. Bond of Wilou8h\y\ ; Ohio, to mind In many part* ot the country 'I occur* \\a "th.t I a starter, delivered the opninadr.a b.ha mark of rspc'to his memory. For The natural coloring of the scenery dare" .war'' on that das of criminal its plantation,, 'paying large "
, f father "f f F. E. Bond I theP .prejudice still existing to show the possible of. all the cal mpanie. mad the house action on ..thedeatb in'.. Jamaica Mr, Sandilanda !o known arfvactrantsand offer te him to owners
''Lumber Company, was in town this' against Florida because of swindlers results, of ourmer indu.trie. the gentlemen the point in his address that of a former member had only three nounce the fne.t .has ever seen work; the ,enjoyment of -all "The plantation 'was established '
week. Mr. Bond contmplate establishing -I who were never. Floridians, and only Who |re the matter iltlon of the union is jot tin issue before ireccdents. At the opening of the .u' views are 1 highly that whO be.earns- se a" citizen of Osceola county, a practical'sugar
a box, crate veneer factoryat used the name'because there wa magic might do a good & forminl a the commission' ,whIch brought the,occasions of the death of Benton, colored their equal is' not to be len With.this patrol operation planter and manufacturer.who
New Smyrna. WeTiope he wil re- In it, exactly'as.a foreigner-might borrow toclc company thinl. out a protest front Mr& Darrow." The lame[ 'and Alexander Stephenswhen anywhere in Europe,or' America of the horrors system incident to a life in made exceedingly profitable
ceive sufficient encouragement secure your' name on, occasion." We know factory here in Bartow. later claimed that were not, then the house adopt kd resolutions and adjourned Native of Kingston( use the' English the many country be dissipated; in fact, of sugar and rice on, the rich I
this" new enterprise as it will give Cuba will'suffer from the "town lots" To begin with, it might not bewise 'operatorsshould be forbidden out 'f( respect to their mem- lnpale"almost exc1usiveiywith; nearly wi start in idlenes and* of the Kissimnlee-Valley.- '
employment to number of men andboys.ew oomersTmd> we sympathize with her; to erect a. very extensive' plant. and from presenting'testimony that.tended rles. I was decided to follow these an Scotch accents 'While him wb al i ia without mean begin; to idle.Lt "After several year of successful suar
Smyrna. Breeze the Zapata Swampwl not long be the ten the amount -a* to show the union wa responsible for prec.denta.' Rt the opening fthe-el-- they are black. cdal havea.ziglssli and it i i. but a short step to)1le ; and rice growing the late HamiltonDisaton
-' onljr pebbl beach.--Times-1 the dolar. the shares, .ugle.ted am- 11 the alleged violence.commited dur- a cling tribute, .paid to theexspeaker and Scotch a teal Eng that leads to every known vice In. purchased one-half interest
in his Union and Cit I b.*OOO the'strike.. .- by the chaplain. "No butiesi hah nma. idleness he! plantation and furnished fund
Gov. Jennings acted'at once en pIe. Put in a plant to cost.-s government taxes them) shamefully. crime, and the system that check
"'-. transacted the
usual and energetic malnei I or, SI.O and. as the business grow The alleged unralrne.of the wage was except arr&le They have the best roads In the West saves the citizen from this menace Increase the acreage This copartnerhip
when prompt informed the chemical President George Shipman, of the and demands it. add to it. statements came o notice of the the ment to postpone the special orde Indies but a native owning a vehicle to bit personal and property rights, and continued successfully to grow sugar
the U. S. Government to-destroy byeS I Hdridge Sugar Company. is well ..pleas One main thing is to be sure ef commission aa a result of Its inquiry day-Hhe. London dock until'uesday. pays taxesupon-eachwheelanelimgh this law property enforced. will event and rice at large profits.. This

cinthe. 'WU destructive CMtler The ed with lhe succesi 6T hiiuiIatOt-. getting- air active, energetichustling ito the child labor question this.vir -- --S. ea r_ :.The reut'ia thal"TEe' uanydri-'I.nrfobrtt prior--t.o-Uwt--f-tree-.raw sugajriff. '
War Department ordered the work ,: infce Park. The plant is.. running. in man, with some experience, to mange ". Sever.1 little.girls testified that CQAL STILL STRINGENT. poor deny advantages. _The with a bounty of two cent per pound
to stop in compliance: with Gov. Jen fine shape, making abput 400 gallons of the business. This i i. very import- they worked all night in a silk mill in Officials of the Reading taiIroadCohnpany'at"PhilkdeiphiaThold' because taxes thereon would impoverish crime.av"nu who contemplates a crime to American'producer ot refined aug
nings' requestGreen Cove .Springs. .yrup,-daily. An expertfrom Texas .nt.andthe. success ,of the enterprise help their Jath rs_.I'aL"hQ then rarely ever puts the thought into action r. --- -
: out' ho
'and depends largely upon it. were employed in the mine* reciv. unless his to do wrong is accompanied induced Mr. Duatoa
Louisiana has visited the plant, 'of relief from the'pre.ent anthra- Business hours are from 0 o'clock to deir. "This tariff
The committee to whom was dele eit poo/ Everet Warren, wboreprelents hoe with the companion thought of
and he the fine Pl. and his friends largely -
pronounced syrup as coaV thi After that the native
been winter
official has stringency despite shopkeeper
-While no statement a Company which % :
gated the mission of inquiring able the punishment by
issued by the navy department it is .ny he ever tsstcd.-TimeC-Uiiion. and into'th control Com- the effort 'on the. part of the company closes his establishment and goes home being to escape in the capital Mock; to. purchase large
matter are in correspondence the'PFnna.vni"1 the law. With this patrol system
learned through a source high in naval Citizen. to the Ime of. a pany, in whol mine. these to mine and ship to its {lull capacity. or to his club and devotee the, time to criminal could possibly bodies..of,.land, and to invest large
parties sme operation no
receiving hip Lan looking purchase o normal conditions," said one drinking whisky and sod :. turn 1 circles, thate plant such needed here and will ather worked handed to the .comm. "Und.e hope to traverse more than one district I
csterwith 'thrter-h-imm-ed naval apprentices The people of 1 New Augnstino will probably be ready to make avery. flat- a memorandum showing oe of- the ofcil."the anthracite produc- Natives are for the most part indo-or county line blore'being overtaken meantime the' original owner ,
on bcvard has been ordered to probably determine a the tering report to the Institute, lather last year received $1,4 for hiiit- tion'oevr eual tp. the demand during lent and women do moat of the work by the constant prsnce this patrol, manager old his interest and withdrew
Pensacola, t6 be' stationed permanently steps they are to take in reference to which meets. again Xarmer' elf and laborer and that the other the winter. month.and the Reading Wives and their husbands 'engage inperiodical or some part of it, upon the bigbway. front all connection with the
at the navy yard there. Admiral. Wise securing a municipal jovernment. The Courier-Informant. ) lather received vl.OOO for himself ana and all the companies, scraps, the latter coming oil and the secrecy yet cerainty concern At *short interval' the
commandant of the station, upon his fac that they are a water laborer. At the opening of the session have been obliged to,draw, upon the second best a* a rule.: Woincn would,jn my Judgment, I ital stock was increased from ll'W.
made this recommendation to .. ; the miner plced'the two stock various storage to helpout car movement 000 to $300.000, then to 5ooooo.
arrival. or any police protection is W, UJal.U.! t. B. parent on at pont baskets of orange to the (hips many crime.The
the department owinp *o the excellent heir for action. The' refusalof .the stand. and they swore tbat the earn- demands of the country. Thi' cent per day.r-CalUornia .af-Fruit conditions' inthe, South, with to 11,000,000, then *lT>ooooo bond
natural advantages'afturdedt at Fensa- the Gas Company to place a main Thoroughly equipped with immense mentioned were divided among year there is not a pound of coal at any which most people are faihiliar make Enormous sums were spent, on th
,4 cola for the training of apprentices for cross"'"the'San Sebastiaiif to providegas tanks Qf chemical fluid and with spraying inc,(tour to six men. -_ of these srorage point and consumers World asatrtItWrn1 the establishment of a rural police the 'property-rome *&40W-whLie( ) th
the navy. and the recommendation has for the people oVer. there. unless apparatus',.the steam.tugl-e Revewil This testimony surprised the comui4ssioners. are dependent upon-the .-daily.' C.xntntritlon. imperative duty of the hour. To leave field were."not materially increased.Stock I'j"y ,
been carried out by the department 1 there is.municipal government, will leave. Jacksonville It"e" day output of the mine*. the women and children in our farm dis. was old and the proceed ,
i* exported that the Lancaster no doubt be 'strong argument in (a. begin' campaign of Gray asked that counsel Practically all, o Ibe Reading col- A majority of Florid farms.are cut at the mercy of the lawless i* a vested"in land*. The drainage
..s reach,the yard before January. IStlf- vor of. action.-St. Augustine. Record.. on the water hyacinth in the upper St. Cairman indicate in the wage eries are in or.lon The company out en the pater o Lliput. but when wrong that' none can endorse." neglected, and an era.of
Mac lenn Standard. ,' John. river and -its tribtarie says th.tatment'.hether' ) the figures were for lipped from during the pad wl managed they the aackful The'State may boast"of its generous inaugurated. This was the natural result -
i The citizens of Miami and surroundIng 'imes-Union and Citizn. Alon& >ne mr. but Gene two ''day nearly l.UOO cars of coal.This gld which Gulliver found sotusefulin Endowments to the public-school fund of the bounty of two cents ',
r Mayor Jones of( Pensacola i de- country ate pleased over the (fc the tug .a' tender, ,is a on Manager May men be not men* a daily production of nearly BO,. hl trael. but no child of-the farm an enjoy theblessings pound tb American producer*.' ?
tetmined that tle Deep Water City that there is a probability that .he which are two Jnk. with a capacity of know[ whether two, four or .six men ( Our is railroad alrlcultur from vouchsafed by such' a'gift the former _management ,made large ,
.1 shall have an orderly Christma Heha dredging of the deep'wafer channe ,000 gallon ech. and a large boiler. divided the money. that Reading Company ofcal decline to Tampa to 'Jackonvie locomoive when its very life would be in jeopardyin profit telling sugar at two and .
Issued a proclamation prohibitingloud and the harbor will begin in neruture. the latter .being necessary in prepariri" two and four,men'' worked in a place discuss the !the CUt its "atb-pick yellow going to and from school. half to four and one-half cent
and boisterou noises, rowdyism, For- the past several days a the chemical for use. "The capacity of but sid .that the 'cmpany only paid advance of 0 cent a ton made in Oc- cantaloupe, the cucumbersand Give the people perfect police protection pound the new management failed
whooping hallooing or the throwing corps of engineers have.. been busily the three tanks on board the tug is One man. -After-hearing two mine operators tobe would holdlood.durinll9.but the melon which respond to the as this bill insures, and the make expense idling at five and onehalf
of firecrackers into the yards of cit at work .laying out the' proposed basin ,GOO gallons! Thespraying' pumpi i the miners rested their case, they admited cerainl finger'napping. child will receive from the State the to-six and one-half cent, exclulive ,
and Citizen. on the west side of the bay, extend'tig set back in the engine room"of 1 the tug. and Mr. Wolverton formally opened rule bond January 1, 1UO3, the datefxed The vesper bell In the German farm moral and intellectual development necessary of a bounty of two cent from the
len.-Tile-Union. I south 1, pipes to the of the boat old'ate. ,' .ul ; '
The executive committee of'the' : tur- east, commencing "thesouth .side of prow will reading a statement,which represented miles the welcome laen.blp "If you will examine'the bUtory ;
pcntine. operator's association has ordered tbe 'present whar. It is rumored that where the sprayers the beds of distribute it the view of all the large coal com- SITUA Ti \SUAt close of labor; Iway. morning whistle may swell ,with patriotic the American sugar business from 18

--an advance of a quarter cent two lines surveyed from the .One-broadcat over i is fastened at the hyacntb. anie*. Mr. Wolverton contended that I ii to. MAL- oTtoe Florida locomotive imperativelyrallies pride as the story of its fertile field and to 1808 you will note many similar experience
box for cutting. The former price was side of the basins to deep water. the two sprayer- e.xtend outward bw. the the powers of the commission art confined melt instructions that the paper* in the farmers to the harvest the great mineral re..urce ia unfolded to *'in Louisiana. Large numberof ii
1 1-4 cents a box; it is now 1 1-2 cent one leading; through' Norris Cut, the other thus to the question affecting the autemala City have not said anything New York conaipment A beavy.o.e. the stranger who would make his horn planter during the- bounty period
lid-s on long booms a
This advance was made because of the ther 'asung directly through the wide' distribution. The enablnl in rateI'of wage paid and the reduction with reference to the eruption of the i i. he wh< a away cannot in her bordera but' let one shriek of aa expended large *umr frequently borrowed
advance in the price of groceries and point of larfd lying west of' the wharl be distance of wi of f hour of labor, and inno way involve Santa Maria volcano which can be con- "make the traih.1e belabor his outraed be heard from the good money. When tie bounty
act, thrown to
other commodities consumed by the Little i is. known by 'the people 'her. in around a the bow. By the question of recognition or dered because of its nlagiude' a beast through the heay'snd, but misses housewife that succumb to the clutch ,was repealed there wa a general bankruptcy.
an area
John C Powell how extensive the proposed work undertaken fee the entering into any agreement with national calamity. The connection after-all; and his produce of a brute while the husband i i. at workin '
Secretary Into the beds of lOl. During the bounty periodrefined
choppr. by the Florida East Coast pushing along steadily the miner union. He declared that distant and the terror of the
few boxes by German only not lies In refrigeration -more likely a
are a day fed.
all operator to .-cut a* hyacinths, it is expected that the capital sugar sold from W.OO to $TO
the will be the bat of in the anthracite region desolate
people at the rate more
mag- of houses -losing
only surprised consisting weltering the platform famino
this is the on mal
possible, a* in will be able to cover something wale( 00 tn 4..0 with an additional sum of two cents
I Railway is to be% that ia not lowe scene.'Tic
securing destroyed- the de- destined bring him potage
.pr.cent to
salvation of the operator 0,000 yards a day. It readily be .dmachiner quality, pound a* a bounty though raw
itude of the undertaking. There is wi than in the soft coal actually Iftbe " such .rimes as these that. have
r better price f for the otput.OcalaWeekly seen from this on what large acaletfe present coftce'crop. stamp rturn. was-free. Yon can verify.thi* by th
one thing that they are assured of, andthat I higher arid maintained that the prcsnt total destruction of other There is lightning-like farm- caused and are cawing hundreds of ourpeople
many more
Star. is, that Miami will be. at no dis- war. aginst'the is hyacinths alone made is to b .y.te of weighing was the best properties belonging "other foreign. ing than that no of Florida. The bolt of to leave the farms andjook for Agricultural. Report of the bounty period.
ant day, one of the most important hat could be had.CANNOTEXCL. well ti-- added peace and halpines. in' the congested
era, a* as to i'p s, is tothis the merchant's
boilings obtainedby ( retur..trikes
aible under the appropriation omni.sion "St Cloud .in
Cane .grixulingsand
candy proportion at1 the wa* a success
the south Atlantic,
water port. on ad
deep AMERICAN amount the ascend to the rod which is and bright; cente. |
pleasure to Floridian .Florida' 'active delegation in the actuat1.le tal financial and while
the and-cities agricultural
are now giving great and. with that they are satisfied.A an enormous i il misses boggles andleaps ( neglected towns way, ,
unique amusement to many CongressSome time ago announcement the dull-one in the
and lat become and war managed aa a legitimate enterprise.
Washington have till in activity, "and a new eruption'is! from it inter the and it overcrowded
before -made of the
visit6r who never dwelnl' that
( Northern. man giving the name of T. GeorgeVashington .a purchase Tie ofial".t is in- necessity usurp When made a land peculation
eared time. suffering and
,, saw anything like U.-Times-Union Holt was discovered in the of f the tug Le Reve and of the plants that the projected at any is burned. 'There is the I place of right, license suppresseslib.erty. tock jobbing concern, with neglect
describable for besides loss of coffee,
Venezelan a { beyondthe
for fighting the hyacinth This work "peaceful blokade' smaller satisfaction n living virtue vice and
j and Citizen. corridors of the Statehouse Dee 10, o which oi. estimated at about 300OOn, whistle, either gives way to of sound agricultural methods, particularly
of is now practically com portals not against \ sound qf
for Governor Jenning'i preparation oprativ thefnline's the iconoclast stands ever'reedy to teardown *the drainage of the plantation
4 Miami says her tourist season i i. now at nqniring It was readily seen that peted. Before the end of the week the fn\ited\ State' ( least. 11the quintals the corn and wheat field' are when it shippers or" that which others would build with the necessary

open. and the tourist say the tutim*. the's mind was unbalanced. Sher- >oat will leave with her tender for allies seek to.exclude Venezuelanshipping ruind. 0sCORNELIUS itrikes the long .hri."frost wsrmng This.exodus: from the farm 1 following, the iniquitous bounty, law

4 season has not been closed, and the Pearce wa called by a 'phone mo- lack creek where the first attack on from entry ,to Venezuelan VANDERBILT t t" rol a furrow the planlna.. might say, almostentirely to the ab If' was a stupendous failure a* wer -
t gardeners say business is good. Good .if. and he quickly\ had the unfortu- the hyacinths will be made. All the apparatus ports that miiht. be-permitted, but ILL many countr. in .le. farm sence" of plice. ; but once number of'iimilar enterprise In
enough.-Time.-'nion Citizen harm for the 'boat was madey theMerrillStevens the cannot United Statesships The following bulletin was Issuedat laborer .mutual it be the women and children *
he could .
of United State !
no the
nate man ,one. part I
business unless the house of Cornelius Vanderbilt in robber baronsr .
and Sheriff Pearce The'plant regular a gen- l protection against can be made to feel safe, intelligence
-'" for wired Governor Jennings number of placea.during the i. constructed company of the ine state of war ia ,ecocnizec Re- New York. Dec. 18, by. Drs. Flint and > barbarian hostilitl. Europe. i is dot- and refinement will return to ag Thsov..agsilrdtii' .
Florida should begin preparation to a Harvest[ Chemical Compound Company aidless' pf the merits preant anewayl '. ted all over yet with these village, pursuits, the fertile fields will '
.hihlt' < _at_tfte.St. LouUexposition. afternoon,, and according to the best riculurl Colonel T.J. Watkins is nuking plan
an elaborate-. nlI'.wOrisans.brlecHarvesta* lbe State Department "Since the i issue of the .lastbulletin thepathetic monuments of "mi'an- and the-product--of the
4 .' and the Tribune i* confi: ldlciuui tdiFd&taineditisnowthoughtIt. the patentee- .i. here himself directing le cOy.SY.! vast 1erestlAmericnand. ( (last nig1stiMiVhii&erbfl'rcondition humanity to man;" while Urm caimed to it* maximum."iving to have an extensive exhibit at the bio "-
dent that should possible to get ( man escaped from( theinsane asy- the'putting -up of the plant, and everything adhered to, remains about the same, with a tendency them is a fence!*** and houseless checkerboard an 'income that will enhance the fair at St. Louis. He is wealthy and if '
lYr.. /tflhljam C. Richardson of thu city ham'at Milledgeville,, Ga., last Septem- is now in readiness to The trade demand that this rule be adopted of his temperature to decline, and of dh.linutlv ran value at-all farmingsections, and returning the state does not make an appropriation E

to accept the State col l.sionerhip. >er.. ', Le will be at work bgn. might be crippled at he will' of any urty-six hour ago- he 'developed a is the to the State an ample fund with at the next meeting of the legitla- .
that Florida would be represented in tnR by-Rev next spring it is expected that >ower that sought to retort to the anomalous mall area of inflammation over thespleen. I farmer just ba.t of American that which to maintain a system that brings tune he will do so at his own expense." .. ,.p ,
a manner that ''would attract. attention The first passenger train to cross the loticeable will be observed in "peaceful. blockade." If Great This subsided., and it showed from proteciOI no more to.the taxpayer substantial safety in A. B.,Williford, representing William
tar and wide.:"With such progressiveand in Manatee river'was the Palmetto Flyer, lessening re.ull of aclnthL Te Britain ajid Germany wish to' exclude nO tendency to spread till to-day whenit there Is any enemy. Blt the south the pursuit of happiness. Ti* this kind Weinert & Co. of Philadelphia; ship ,,
thor ughly. posted' gentleman Dec. rf: Hereafter it calledhe' work is directly under.the charge American merchantmen from Venezue- developed a generalized peritonitis. a prowling miscreant, -he darkest of safety thaI my bill insure*. ping his orange, and is well pleased '

charge of Florida'&i. at would St. Loui. Manatee Flyer. It left Tampa at W Bruce. United State engineer The Ian ports they must exclude' hio- His i condition ia, of coura 8raVe" faithful dreg colaborers of that race who are our The country patrol i Is not-altogether at tn' extensive advertising the fruit ',J
the advertising .th State- get allconcerned. "::40, arriving at Manatee at 7:30: p. m. captain of the Reve is John W. ping Incuding their own, a condition .- 1 farmer ., against whom the new, nor i Is it an experiment. The received at the State Fair. ? '- I'
would result ih incalculable good' to The train leave Manatee .for Tampa at larllee. of L an experienced -which b met by recognizing; FAMOUS AMERICAN DEAD. i neighborhood family in should .league with Southern State maintained a perfect All the big packing house.are tun-; ',

.'-Tampa Tribune. 6.3: a. ii)., arriving in Tampa at 9:2U.: skipper. Georletown. crew mans the existence oftaf-war.--an- Con'sul General. Thomas Nast, known Statistic of alienists villages, shown patrol system for many year up to and fling full force, getting the fruit out for, ,, '
'- the Manateeite seven hours comptent in the dismissal hare a to the warandiswaa'a sad day the Thanksgiving trade. The railroad'has '
gives ,
this the boat. Mr. delcribinl pre.nt fricion. the" "Father of American Caricature prior
__._ alarming disproportion of fanneh'wive
Judge Palmer I la a man who' greets in the metropolis. the methods whiph will be - a ," died in Guayaquil Ecuador, Del immured for this country when thersystetn was put,on a special ejtpres train tor. 0*
enry. citizen cordially b ,4i or Ste troying the hyacinths, slid that it had GERMANY PACIFICThe 1. after ,n lllnei of.several days. "result oI.the in insane the asylums lonesome- suspended.-Hon.W. R. Blackburn, in ger the fruit to the market In quick ' ,
; I poor. high or low in social realm. HIS The,It MB., .. remarkable efe. the bayous Foreign, Olce.t Berlin dnie funeral ras by the governor monotony Southern Farm/Magazine time. The fruit has colored op rapidly' I
attitude upon the bench i ia the same at the 'ha drainage Louisiana for ; that Germa the "tendec, American colony pets and the Isolation of the agricultural ' : -_.- is. the last ten days, and is of fine quality, I
all times.: There i ia no respecter of per. The Italian Bee Is undoubtedly with.I which reason seeing the good results. lan waters has orders to seize and by many friends. The coffin le.Forid/ need no "Marianne in the News conies from Lake City that one There is a Brest deal of frnt! 'unsold. '
"the duties Expected best f for be&inner tostart engineers adopted it* adding' that no occutacion in the and stripes. of the'' largest schemes
sons;- he realize* b. price the Government Margarita lJand. was wrapped star remote and melancholy immigration the grower holding for I1.6O per box'oq
of him and perform them. A millionaire and 'it a with higher colonyf The same process I."used in Mexicond of territory of Venezuela Mr. Nuta wokasQroon t wa moted'it aralll.only but i ever organized is now being worked"up the tree. Most of the orange have
\ would receive the same aentenct for them than.' to start a the best Australia, the latter country being trill 'occur-V ." f'- well "I and in. IOt to the unnecno.. interest -* by Eastern and Northwestern capitalist been bought by the car, 10 it 1 Is difficult
J for hoestealingwould a tramp ne. f black bee. The Itlall the are quietest troubled with a" cactus growth In the ;The F9ol Ofc.'ofd.-;' (act his fame world-wide. even cont.r farmer bel wife ia worth *. The company will have a capital to estimate what the fruit i* bringing ,
gro.-The State Attorney has no' more honey gatherers when the treams. 'Te fluid used shows'it*.tfeet that a He was appointed conaul to Guaya- ( -h. by the scale of hu of W.000,000, and wilt operate in, Georgia per box. . c -
influence with him than baa a local to handle seldom stinging on hyacinth ,in two houl'wh'en being made to represent .Germany I in May of this year. He was : flrm.ISbO know Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. 'W. A. Lanier; ha '
qui snd'we old his
practitioner in argument. A* avmatter' e"e. and ,often going on they shrivel tipi. and lit 'a very the propelling power in the coercion of J at Landau. Sept. 25, !<**>. man commerce ; its general southern office will likely range -
4 the ; r wise of day to William Mcdenithan and F.
1 Jaal. that the '
Pal- with their whe'the eovr.of afterwardsdisintegrate.. for _. planter tboae. in Lake '
of Judge be the. north
of we Have known short time T..olution Venezuela, and as being responsible established rove '
less tot' 320. .
far. this term of; court to "cl) Jiv'has been taken of They are I I follows the plant dowh to all the harsh measures.' For In.tance.they rmlmm OsOifesvisua R.turaa understood well the value of a western office Cleveland, Ohio., and Mr.' Lanier expects)
,f 'er durn. to .bee. or wax r dispensation oMhe banjo and to plant out a large grpve In the near1future. ,
? Attorney as atack'-oL presI I roots and' "destroy eYr.e.Tey say, the bombardment Of the forts 'fp.-Onba. dncinl the'eastern' office in New York'City. -
.' other attorney He'do. notwant a moth as they quiCkly t.e L. de- "r disintegrate so at Puerto Cabello is. ascribed to Gen GeraldSandilands, of theoldtime. to animate and benefit v the coton They will also have offices in European A '
committed without a ,just the hIe need felt of the withered plant man Initiativewhereas the Foreign Ofice J 'concern of Sandiland ers. 't of cities; and will ticket direct to.this section Four year ago E. A. Thomas set out'a -
prisoner them. They can reachthe nectar b On fruit shipping Considered merely as a piece fan tangerine'and Satsuma the Li.
beeznmade troy drifting official without reservationlet colonies of Swedes, German, Italian ? grove on
if\ will cause he permit* a .aaain.L.I..Or; In tbe flower where the black beer cannot acount dow towad.large n JackonYUe, Iteam. the bombardment say was at the Brit- Bros..Indies i* back, The-in Clifomifromtbe World :not popery, the farmer's wife needs a front northern Italy and other edge of He has a fine crop of ' ,
the West
conviction for a ha rant viol tion arid they will store honey from, which are now densely .packed lab commanders theTop Frit interview.Mr stimulujhe) will prepare the farmer place '. Land will be (old them'on the fruit this year, which is bringing fancy j
a tWit;' nectar In the fower after that the work ua8e.ton. lad an opportunity ; a far repast after a forenoon U ,i is in the in prices.. Owing to the'rapid,growth of '
of law. More such l u ..a- wter It ,is expected eiig) a British commander bter same' plan aa west on
{ but to.welcome ,
hyacnth. iandiland are glad
Palmer in.Florida would 'a rin. which the be wijl them will take three participated in the firing ala. *. we hour's with a neighbor.*The (farm atallmmts,. The partie at the head of the tree, he baa been compelled en's",
.. suppreision of cr i hsa a colony beor Claim that will br cmpleeannbnated -,---_-----_. I I_ _ __ _' of Mr. Sandiland rtt from I I. dumb a* to te of tW..nei b-I about January" / Thomas-think the growth will be very,
ocrat. can one, one- cheaply, it cn b the'1.t Le R. of WILL ACQUIESCE 'r the Anaeim G.2et. .:: Sndlnd.I4 bor' gown"' \- little retarded.- that the trees will '

hanged to Italian in a single Kall Te &be able to penetrate AMERICA Tio-efTorf on-lhe part of' one te moa The farmer living In a 'villafeB may The first'book and'the",first'file for have a,fair crop next year.-TU..-& C.
The Oca-.t fox hunten'lem faY b y introducing a* Italian queen draulht the shallowest .trem. government, at to rer Valencia Lat orange grove in the Ful- lose a title time condncnl'his operation the archive of-the Florida Historical eleven fine deerfive of them being;

rf*.'a prolonged. t.'tformane in *accsasv.' has been fertilised; aft having fond In order to reach them at the vf JO the a war blockade Wahin&on diaric and as his ex- at arm' l, will be. to.h Society was 'presented Friday,by. Mr. large bucks./ In addition to this they .
.1" chapters, buv'practice U possibly necessary .rtd-destroyed tIi quen:Sy putinn' of the creek, however a .tem against merchant ships..C" patience ba costly to intellectual betterment of his fami 1-i H.' M. Flagler.: It i is a rare book of In- got all the- smaller game they wanted.'
to insure a collective return of in the hive In a queen cage launch is ,carried along and-Oil. cst tom 'I thai due notice shall him doubtless be glad to- have boy i I. father to the m'l. tittbe estimable value-one ,'of the' original Theron Wirtclim to hive -led the
: the .pr..en. The habit"of waiting uch'he'a* Is used for( andln them by which will act a* a further distributor.equipped. given'''culre.blockade.'and''that' b i the good Fruit World folk ,prverb'but'; two. boy ,pta edition of Garcillassa de la Vega' La crowd --in the core for, Individual '
\: tre' tbecl to pas by U the bee will become. famia. with] ..with a .long nine of . connection.with the f aow something bu the ol down !better lnn' on hIm Florida deJLYuca, being one of the ear gem bringing down three ofthe deer.' ,. w
N, one, which to Flor. mail, out ion*. that have beta madeftn. dca""Cuby." licit books relating to Florida'publish Bert Child and John' Seed claim two' "
Mastic until the ladles take to the wood, be wbie' J1e.are' flawing' soon do I sa.-has -great sh Parliament by the" rep- :While Mr. Sandilands would have to .*'I.""* :;: .1"WJ'I-. ed I in. 1000 at Lisbon. -The book i* in each-and AUto Wilson one' The other ->*

a* they do'' 1 New. Jersey.-Time-' fter t thVy. find ,that the old ,queen.;1* !T. Cummer,Cp of rentative .f the uthoted* nay about 930.000 for hi* Fullerton !ii with ihat I'eomoly with the-SpanUh tongue, la ge, clear print three were shot at by several of the
It measure
Union and Cl without 1deposlts. Gp bf; roperty he e4d for 8OOOwhen,/' / parties,' who divide the honors. > '
j un gene If pot to b.c..f 1lg..d' l la Bnderttood'bV "c.l wWe request to dUcuss.-- tHI-otagh teul frorn Us\original plate but it ha been , .
trf\ -' might bill her at .once./ It tad.tbe'w..t:' r wi'i all neutral nation*ia_ ss*, left, { enough-of '*:.ce..tu j.1 of valuable the bill elegantly\and beautifully rebound in Ii was a great trip' and'.the boy., '
I- A cog mist have dipped In..dh* R. lacs well pp l among tIe carefla brooidsTlnd part of, the-_ standing tht. stale of war'doe ua-8t. bcwines* -ttandi, the_. YO\I before the pp. ,a.albly Ae best atvle of the binder' art It wlflhsv, something ter'talk'' about"for Si.'
.publican machineThe of Mr. f while doing this be C exteawveir at preent.and", lit >wa x. 'might in the re--long a* learned such a vahtaM n" the e.tabltnnat in Geor gives a complete history-of DeSoto'i months lo come.-BartowCourier *" '-
: l McGourin 'a* United Marh to' remove queen -mile that have stated yesterday that there wa* a rO alf. (: .TI. -'a.: proclamation ot l llama .tb..ept.vahie'of life fO State '//7 .:'V? woyagesn4: 'scoverl t. 'The. seers formant. :-," ' ' L.J ' -
*'or'd..o: District! 01 t Ford: been. aar f. :, as liber- pectj ( thecompany pnttmsf in- _ra neutrality $by,President-Roosevelt, but aad i pt eompet1i TV* making oTa nwtc'tb. guidance tarjrof the. H orical.Scvcinty U'BOW "
v ''p1'fot W.-J.: 'c..she will begin lay new-mine*. The company U a t1is.'lt If' .would>ot ,1 be1melynw % cltr..w..a 'eareful orone's ; time ae ready to receive taanuacript* and book 1
seetTil,'to thus fif' and,the ite'tOm. W bee t. IUlbOUtfI'YI one-.and always'operates onen etR ,' 'f'I.te i lyW I' "?..yiK ,.S4 '.5" rcein. Worn' t'.G, wh pleat. rep.iitul! (for filing in the'arehivee of the octety, attic to Dv.1' M'W1lso and flon. r j" -
i litter, hal-, beck'' withdrawn from .Ahe $b : I 4 4'.t. cells J *..' *.caltIfltsvtII4Ne'wLo.4cfafl particularly about. pied legislator, and ha provided ak Iron safe in.which '
''c!. 'Augustine. i ... .*ing1a.cordp , t .a w aae anwhtcb .. V ? : ; Med groves not. In CWJt.rlw1, versed in the affair ofState, C begin to keep them uotU* aVpUce for 'nernis. ft

.- .p :; ,. p I ,t 4. suceessM,. L) ".i"7rSB llWmWMnth**> tK aml i : prophecy with a" degree cr* r ent archive* emi"r *"fouied.k-jsaes'. '
"." r..H I'r-\, .. "d .f a..,ly'c 'L. .;i'r" '. .. .. .,''.' .. t.P-: experienced! grower.-,; 1' t\\' :t the practical effect 'o a t Union *nd ,Citizen._ ."' ,' fa ,i ,
*" _" ,." ., .. I 0 --- .> t. .- I i* i j. li t ,
; e. t' '
3't1f ., '
I Jf" I., 1 i. ." '. ", > ,V- ', c'',; '.- .I .Y , '. o. "te" -: "t! '' -
o ; \ , l. ,
,; '' J'':''' 1JJ .. .. .,. )E' ,r : .. ,. .1 i4\ : J. .. } '. : '
". [ 1 ,
; '
o- v'-.d"t-- J
I : 1 :.. ; o , ''.1r '#"-"". --.-. >- '-" T. 'J'. '' ". L; "" ."; \y '-' x '- --" -k'' "'i ,;
.J311 "
., to _
fV, ,
( .
Ic ,( .'(- ., ., I'I. i._"" r.' '. ,_..'-'I .,'' ;"j:' '. ,' ";'-..\..', ., '.. ,". ,' i .'1 ;', ' ','-' '' ',t i i"i ', '" -


; ___ _ _

., ,;
... Jff I \..". ..,' i. --i'' SfTILKP ..
-I' P\\' '\, r ;
I 1 ? ,
4- : '"
*!/> ( 4 .. I[
I .. .1,
.' ""I "" ..
.'f',"' v 1 :.r.. -h-- :: \: (_ 1t-. \' \\.1< ....,

. '-.. ,
..--' .. -' - -',-- -
--- .. .
; '"
---,-- -- :- '

'. "' b Klsstrnme8"V: fl. b. z6tt6. 1';: tlowevlr, publlo.'meetings are* SII'.I- : Them[ All.jJie4tu1ual i '

i. :; !, a howling success in Ft. Myers, and Leads ". JNo L: B.e'A CL0. wlQn
.. we believe when our eltisens. are per .
,_. ONB MO.vsar. !t1'.LI.Ilt1D __-....:.. onally-Interviewed by the eommiuee : \ 'LiCe Insurance zI N Store ji 'Nw Stare 11AN.y --'- -5. >sxmt for
.rniD4; will be found In tho S fU'FIE" S 'tN < *"''.*' > u
.. they right place.; Company of New York lead W.t( ,
";t Office lu Valley
1t1&8UUUB.OdCBOLA..... .COUNTY.FLA. [. 8; 'Slngletary to the chair and all other, : companies. F S
-- -,- ISKEf
.. made the editorof the -Press secretary I. .poI4"' Biltor LI.dai : '
P. It.. VANAJUNEW,1. ( .r.-.n _nw.-. ..... /- It was hoped that Capt. Hendrx '.RIFFlS&GODW.IN'I I _
W"U.: HARRIS, r could be present!, but he could not boon $5'69 I 5'9,48b.34' fl -

A. VAHS!:! AUSKW Kdltor.Bnl band and sent a communication S p; : si. f S
which was and which is published 1. fresh -

>, .rd *t the IMilafflo I (In KlMlmmM, Fl*.. oq our-fourt. page.. It. wee S $ j'SPE ._ .
M_,,411"l mll ID_ ..j.Bimonixw. .' moved and carried that the article bo i I ,
$35 fancy
--, 2,838,971.67 6' .
Ifthr placed on file and that a vote- of #.+4-+++++.4 l +4S ++ JIIftLS S
S ..... S will;'pi***.* Bollfjp the olnoe .!thanks be tendered Capt. He'ndry: I i. : STRLt S .5.
arlv. '
All 1%111 oooiiBualoatloiii& W ru l the paper*MO r.tuI..DI from our aalnor.tied ; "Mr. Slngletary was appointed a S 1. .Urf ot'IIIpld l gwee' I I .

I oorrainpudenl. mutt \M .IOH l bf' tbe committee to canvas the oounty and Founded Years Ago' Family,.; In. Town. _
wrLlr. solicit funds for the work. : 59
S a.i.5t.d! matter will notbt return** anlM. I TANKSPUMPS _
that .
moved carried
S ein.d Tb..fS'ior: U uot ronpon.lbt. ..for oplulon..& I Capt."It. Hendry was ,.R. 'A.and Henderson. I. 8.Slngletary The Mutual Life Insurance t; ',"Large Stock Best .Brand of : .Canned.Gods 0tiiigars 1(

v p1.1.14 by oor..4..u&l. lppllCIIOU..c .': E, L. EvauS: aed 1'hilipIsaac. Company of New York is a Standard Oll.Coinpany and NTI ,
b had on
Advsrthtnl raUMOuij *
be appointed a committee. to ; :Agent' ,5,5S
S IVBIlc'aQ'TIO ( 2ATn. call on the County Commissioners at synonynifor. j -and( 1.I REMEMBER EVERYTUIKQ M o r g ft hBulldln 11 9F Arino Fertilizer 9C . r46' ETO'.ETC.

. .. their next meeting, and ask for a con RtTY ',,aUinmt dwfwd; A< ConltIo fnr1,
755 An*oopy., nix One, mouln,**r'...... . . ..$1.00Opseopy .01 1 button of MOO towards the canal SECU -. Ths bjrtnvwtor 'l Tob'accos'.mESH.. -pHonE 0.98. '

S On oopjf. Ibn*monuii.. .. "Not only Is it necessary to pay for ArtesianAKJ
I the work: accomplished on .the canal 8ECtJRlTVlod.peudeot. o( crop rauu'pat -, SS

Friday, pecembtra6,;' '1903, out. It Is necessary to keep: two met >1c", trtVe., or _. .

employed there at .an.'expense' of .70( - -.- .--.-.-- '5- '.-' -'---' > S
: 'w.... -dy f> _.SKU I Inft J.f >. ; T '
and this must be
month provided'Ipo

S S KIND OREET1PIOS; TO ALL. ( to as abandon It Is altogether the work out now of the, for question the- THE. -MUTUAL' LIFE INSURANCE U., > tI ,PumpWcll3.KlaAltntnee.; .

,, Christmas! has' passed by' sud tb* rood apparent to all, aDd COMPANY OF-NEW; YORKRKKAMI I '- -

S New Year will be wl bIII before our It would be a great. calamity to have A. McCvuv. ,INildi. *.. .: PlaHave :

next Issue appears. We Uke extreme. ma&A.erllro' back to their. former 'Ioat.e.It CE IL WILLOOX. I The GRKVES HOUSE !i '> :I a'

all he At this "sllmly.attended" meeting T
St. pleasure in wishing everyone ( J Jacksonville Fia.M.iILLEfl.Agent .. KENTUCKY EXCHANGE. ,

'V v compliments.. 01-t.hele 80n, with for. a t long communication_ .was sent. bj .,:Kls.lmmee,, Fie. . '. f,. S 5,. .

will seise the first Capt.'F.: A. H ndry W I -- ----- I T. OWiENS. :>t.oi'iuioii
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most sanguine expectations. Wbo which 1i now on 111. Id th#office of U'.Meorvlery .orn" .
I'8I\1 mbered'by those who "pledging are the beneficiaries? Everybody of .Hint of Ih.Male o*Florid - brandsnd,. ; oan yon monev...', '

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day" that every man is hlaown Ii.n.Claua : ... financial beneficiaries are the land :Becttou *Krlw d U.otc* .

: .and the. stocking" itaiig? owners. of th.Hlate of Florid. ' .. 1 0-CTGr .0A. e takenfor 4'
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5- ; which "Financially i ; lholff"Wli,1ia Ta Br -euber..D.tltt.. = '. '.. Ec ;oJ.J'- S i'r.e. ._
In the doorway is himself .umed the task: of this canal and so "LIJ" c f.: .411.-. FlU .
S is filled by his good{ or bad deeds; so nobly acted thjs! part" of. publlo benefactors < JKO. M. Lt*. 1'j : O. pe .
let nor man In the "future grumble at are hard pressed and naturally); sA0L5yU.. BUUOC __. _ _. _- _' , A.-E.-BEARDEN Proprietor.: "It Is th"only proper and- atIshctory -- '

Good expect the beneficiaries to aid finan PROPOSED!: CnARTFR. OK. Till!: tEll. .-rAft.S -- way of buying your
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.5 pledges. are like wine, bad ones like that they will do It. The County. Coin. tntfether for:" in.-l.r: ;: bottoming (Boor* -- -'S -ameATLANtIC' from tha tailoring line ol f

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., 2 I of Both) UeSotoand.. Lee fcr virtue of thl.wii of; tkxuahi of Fori4swith 1

;.., HICPOCHBB CANAL DAM., ahould) ..utborbe.n assess tar. iud uudor lit. .following.. proposed hrTb 'ank of' s-s STRAUSSBROS:
.-tS. ,. mOnt reclaimed lands '. State K mmee'
S 11i.its. latest. *.f sue, the Fon'M.r.Pres. dent to onXthose stKengthen and maintain sutll thIs 1. nom- of.tho 80..110.. Ihln be Th. COAST LINE RAILROAD CO. .5 Est

# reprgducea- full the correspondence canal dam. Lee I.........CtUim Company and lu I,UBU_ '. Ch'fcago 18. S.
ball be oondurHsl in I h..tow not KliKftnin. SS S SCHEDULE IN IKS.Ma ,
from General'Glllesple, "It is confidentially .hoped that the ID tli*Conutjr, of Oo.oi. HTM..t _Ie of S JRI 1 o . ,
strong sentiment of the people of Lee lu O.UCMB Btiftll be in amid .town. ,. IM : 17It 21 '
I Captain Deakyne, H. W. Davis an4 and DeSoto counties toward: cloain 11. C it VIMp :.. LV.., .. ...... .. ... ..Ar ..1. ". lOp T 00* T noe" 10 oop Yeu'Utind world pleasure
8: M. Sparkinan: handed to. us for Offers to Customers Every Facility 10 ... 401.MI. ,.Ar I ....I..ICIL.L.. .... 12 MB 04k stOp OOP id wearing-the ciotbestnada .:
this canal will be maintained .a'ld Tho guerai l nanr( of the bunlncM b 10 ii a I WP 0 .. .ArAiC .. 10 45* 60* 8 45
S ;Wb publication by Senator Carson, together verified by a liberal I finanClally. Iransacird by the said rorporatloo shall be th. SOOpI 6 60 f oiT Ar ,. .I.I.nd-.L.. 's'66'p I 10 DO p t.p by Strauss.
with article published'' at Mr. H. E. Heilman response a gentleman refuloif I bn>tnK .tid .alllim::;. of or ot.rwtiidealln Consistent with Sound. Management.Personal .. .::.: -i.I SW u* =!: .. :.:::: ..:"K: S l>|. s ::::::. :;: :,: .:::.: 'Ia'ityle fit finish B'-f.ultle and mater
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the samo time. It comments' in a of 'unquestionable Integrity 11 g'sU: _.._ other' kfnrt of, livestock ..... 4 lOp| .1.o..A."u. *.......& 400p 1 < ..... .... lals. They're much better
the 'and treasurer. of the -other nlintMt and bids and flub and nil IS . ..... ... . : ..... IBS 4WI' lOp I
lengthy manner upon our.deductions, secretary con klD.1iof ware.and tni iMliti corn; remit to him and every dollar frull., grains, mlu...... and oihor' pntducuofUnd 1 C6It .. ..... ISa.. si.: anp.. Crdln.r
l t; and It Is unnecessary to say much in will be most. profitably used. If indeed . ; also) tile. HOiintMlilou' OWiitnir. ......: oo S IWp AOp ? .: .::. ':,..:.Ar Ar ki.stmm..Lv.:' :,:: :.:::::::.::::::: r n* f 42p| : : clothes,y.t.prices are sstoif"Isblagly . I
the question in point not the State should open Its heir cut$>.Uon. ciu tlvfitlou. davalapmnni and Imptx a Wp '. .' Ar '. ; Lv..I. 1 uoi. & l low; and you're -

S answer being altered In the least. That .1, and do what. justice and equity and demands t/ement th'f-oniitruptl' of Ihndso. of<1 ih".''ad.b.hl..I..m.broduoU all\ .Iher.olU N. B.. CARSON :cA.HI'' *'WI Mp. 4 T.4'>... :.;:' .. :...:...Ar Ar: :...:.:.::. . : :.:::::.:::..::.::.::...:::::::.. .lp'*.' V.80|.a. :10)1& safe la.oerlng perfectly b (

I It will refund every dollar wjr*. 1rr wttilon; Workv and biiilnlncndtnicioruB S
5' would take the view that It. has was to the: oumluut: of said: 5 cause If sat- _
much toward this iieuctniiary 7* garentarefot

merely a foregone conclusion :' work.more" !great public t uf u.litHi ttnUcHt: ;;,Inclartinc and l other iha bntt craft':.ltnn% for, *the,.d.operation transar. !. 7 .. ... . ...'Tami.a,. 'T. S._.,. .._... ._ _...._ 2.I 1.I.cor. you needn't take

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This state of affairs must. be Indeed S 5 H : ; . .: : :: .. ; : : 5 : .t ple.c
'';'' Jrom--lhe Klsnunmee V ALLEY GA< most h.rrowlntfor the--county 'Of 'to'b.'n.--flf---eKfvulaio.' tmoh, powers-'eoepra.Itobuuder41.*n mT"nw liift \
ZKTTK:, with it) .subjoined correspondence I I.*v'of tho Mild Stole of I'louS". 0 cITsrThlsTl- : S .

that our citizens may see the Lee, and reiterates what we have fro 111. I : .: .. ., . .::::.::? :.' I : ::::::::: :: : : :: :: ::::::::.l: 45
55 ataiij taken by that paIr and the quently. said concerning.... section The ninonnt. of Ilie-fHpltNl .,,,,.11 101 *.1 I. little grouhd Khan for trying to drag| of It Which Is Khun be flfleen ttioiiMud. rtnllani a ... : to :::.::..A ::.:' .. .. ...:::.: .City..Ir..7: : :::::: :: : :: :.. :: .: ::: : : ::
S -Government into the, Hiopochee trying to cun Its affairs ,ils.oiNt> lh>nr*.iu l">*tllvlrtod 'UIO ono huitdrodrttid C. J",. . .. ... ......... . ....: : lOp

f: canal matter. Nohlnlltha., wo could Cai> % Hendry then. continues -by an drfd fifty l>o Ivtrtt'earti allures of tlip*, the weakness of' this the h"v"e 1.5 . f
: say can show up nounolng same prbphoiy | | rapltMt took hnH bo iiibfrlbd' and fullypaltl I 'S StIp. Ar. ' S
k paper's case ID I its effort \o prove that staled publicly'when we said that In hnr.. Mid! ooriMimtlau shall iraoiact S wee. yl" -aa ". .Cl 8 a. a 5111. ..: Ar .: ::': :. :.:.: .:.wa; ::: :::: ::: : :::::: .::: :::..::.:. ; :

the artificial waterway Into the Caloosahatchee .. "wet season" would destroy the dam, any bualuvu.The 1 IV. C u.ftI *.o. .MOl Y". I ew srr. LOUW. MO .......Tampu. ... -.n A l 7.1'1,.,. .. ,6 ._ '. S S
1 U a navigable stream..All .rI8.. ----5- --- -
1. there U to the correspondence and we differ merely In degree of wetness .. ,(httllbvFlfiyT.Mj**rm for" whl\ h() yograV.said(I oornomllonCxlat aII.1I .DB. f.J. rJ>. _._ 5 a SO* I lIe oc. C'g', 100.'.|.I....... rmv..... .. Ar. .: -. *.IMp S'-
... S MM T i 10 .. S refers to the appropriationS although. the. "extreme abnormal Ut' o.1.. "A'ct ... fop | Cit') .Ar S "Out WI 'lIsp
published susd I ; "' e\ Slip IV ""I Ar... Po Tampa ....I..* 15* .lO "ft lIe
S for the KUaltnrooe waterway conditions tu sections Tii buIora., of **ld rorpnratlnii shall be ", .. 4.V .'.. '
common 'all or .:'zP'ra..UI.VI5JCHAS. 7 )I' .t..C..o. Lv 'tf W.. ...... 11iUREI1
.. .
from that. city to Bamranger!! principally I .du..4 by tliofillou1, iw. intrra:. A rrtde 1'"l .5'.' "lap .. ...... X'.o.y? 0 41, .
the Improvement-of the Southport ., our country"are frequently called >..t. VIov-l'ivaldMUt" a 1 rfanitrvr a .$ocr.tarys.i | .. ... S ..lIp, Ar..Tnrpoa liirliigl .. . : .:.
t '.1.- and h otherom.1.ri. .
; a BoHfTI of llrae am -- :
did Cypress canals- which unite Just "wet "&lUn. when there i 11: *.. innf hfrwiflvr .b* .4..eni.*d-nrr.>.rror ) = 5- 5 5 Dllyx *pi Biinftity. -

S East Tohopekallga, upon situated.which the nothing "UTgaln by doing otherwise of ilftfTtntucu Direct.. .. a. TlieoUlce from It,".of'bIble Ihe Vic by..,Ilivv-Hnnrd l'realIeuiao,1 l l t PROFESSIONAL CADRS. Pullman.sleeping car*-on 21 and 32 between Jacksonville and Port Tampa. ingioslow There; la'aordisoase but sure, as 8 fino.t S
town of Kleslmmee is These are'hls words: rm.aurer may 1m lirM by *'tbeanm prr-iot. ". -, TO EA T ) TIlE WKHT The
S :
Til .iuO or so
: symp
a couple of hundred miles horn LakeS Tho nuuiltfr of inuml, >H .ol tliv Uoi-rJ, o> l-irvo-I : T wlle-pr
I be that "It'wlll require hut. a few bund re bra becliav "d' from tlmoaatoayboprovidtHl BASS g VANS .'01 HOW I.v ..Tampa.. .Ar lOOilp 57 i All tr_ln. dally. tom generally
Hlcpochee it can readily seen buy : th'! Dr.: P. AGNEW, ? 'lWU'.J| -k.mvlIU .Ar 000t I lIp -i-i .. _ = \.9 I 1 agh' .t
the. matter cannot in any manner in dollars to' make this canal dam ah In fly-tees .corpor- 5 tSp 10 iOu A r. Wuren .L.Olt'0. 5 fOal 500pILv .T.m.A. mo 7 10to'
clude thatlake or the canal running everlasting fixture guaranteeing to ilou. ,Nr hut.*.html nol b* lan that. hUeS or InureIliac ", -I I ATT.OHNKTAr LAW. .,. taM tl p'A'.IYou.' : .1.. a)1 .4.. 10* Lv.iiekoBviiiY.ArSIKp S".tO p fnt appear I Ip

S .. S fralD'.t. '.w', .re-h' to .Iacl ud. It, Ei.54 .- every interest. on tbe Caloosahatchee -'lli, l>ln--iif ni thall b...'........ tn serle Torih' S DELEn'I' .1 N6-i' : J 1 - 1 '" -j. ,' . ..,.v I 0'1.. 'lIpjlO4h.lAr., ...5Vam'ro..4.. .Ly coca I.I'I the ucue.wUI eflepto..Tl>e
... .... ... I AND AHy PUBLIQ. Ar \VlluiltigkmAfi.TRfchmnnd .I. 'in. t .11 Ar .''''a. .Ly 4fi* vle
.lIhol. v
,simmee'a 124,000 appropriation. would river absolute t immunity from excess t' rinof OHO year by the at .14" 4L ._ t 1. I .... ,.I.I . quu" lWY Ino or -
eli' 'ilisn to be hold on the ..,*amt'1 Tneiday In KISSIMMEE. FLA I fSp *1 .Lv USa A. 'bo..yl. vI i. I colored -
of water, except it be from phenomena. ; Fish'sANl' .Il I I s .. .IAr. oroaaed; IsliltoljT
y: not. last over night. Uncle Sam January Af cavh *ar. and the fflrra hail bvlintiml Fresh 114n" r .:1 ." I
would have to loosen his purse strings cloud bursts and extreme abnorma, for a .iinlI&r! term by the ]>(rrou. >ra II Inrinodltiely z; S 1 lSu S lr.'.. W.hl. ,-.. .Y I lap 75XJ.UIW 4 a-| and soaldlug; It maybe paleor
niiur. the e'ocUonof the Din. nor* bythe ii: 1'1' ,. 11\ I' .N"IYllo. V S o. thick and with aIlment
b a much more liberal way before be conditions common to all sections of J) J. W. BIMI'SON fl'J Pbll.'I.hl..I.' 1"I't top ... i .Lv S thin or milky
Th 1lrectoni shall h.cpow.r A.JY.n.YI.
ktorkhoiilvrii NwY .. Lv a Mi .... 5 Later on
"to Kisslm- our country."The .j 5 Ita toi> : pro-
5 could expect even carry tu adopt ly-Lt, for Ue nontrol of aafddorpuratloh : p
moe's little steamboat 'with- Its.. half canal in question extending | nrasiy limo In-for tho'.lato ol the ; -- g S DEN1'I T. i'HRUUR CAB SRKVICE. -5-- .ydI.: Alh. ..... ,7.y .-Mp. nouo.Yluplm. -will b present,
dozen tourists 'through! this canalS from the head of navigation on the. flirt-anniml nifM>tlDic, aid' ther afl r at-anr No; ? carry Pullman sleepusn: ,. * ; amtnd, altur, modify or rescind Maid ..Ofli" Oso. 01.. I ,, :" ... .I.V '
.afel" : -,- Caloosahatchee river on and up to 8-- S over I phQFTIOB "" IY: cr. between New York, Jacksonville ". : A. I : I! with marked blader ,, .
S "But read Brig. Gen. Glllesple's letS this dam having .been' washed and< i b*tiaine of the offIe.nt who are tooondnHlHi / S Oysters. nornts: 900 a. m., to '1 m.; and Port -Tampa.. Day Oonolieg beC 50. At ...elinu1o, ( uoe.aI.;.... disorders.PoKonntu.

t er. He says the-work on the Klsslm- scoured so many years by the. force ot luminous. of ..1.' corporation until tho*. ; | l:3O: to 5:30: p. m.aATISPACTIOM. , 5 : twecni JaCkBO'IUe' and\Washington Dining Car* between tiavatiniih .a73 tb. blood .f .t..att'Is of ele
1 be
aieoUxlatth Aral ule iball y
Millou qu.U"
:S 'mee improvement has been delayed on water and current direct from the. are as fulfowai. < "' 0 IJA RANTEuD. New Nu. 78 and'23 cai-ry Pullman Sleepers-between .Jacksonville .and oarrtaa to .I. kLdae,.*.. ..*
of rellnqulshment great. lake. above, now- double Its SS S .5 and New . Washington and Tunn. R. R. Nor.-78 and separated nd ul oat through tb.HIM. .
aooonnt of the-Eueoeastty a ,' -, /.OFFICERS. V -l-l'Wi ' Telephone) No, 'G. 'Jun''J1r.. 23 carry Pullman -
.,. / : DELlVERylg : between Tb* kidneys deal wIth U .blood I
of its' rights In the canal.Is orlglpal\ capacity, .ub .ntl.Uy.w.r.' ..-"it C: PA a sons. Prortdont.: ; F11EI3 Sleepers Jacksonville and Bt. tioula via Montgomery. only I dtnvlaf Dourl>bm.Dt tli.raIrom. -
S not'thl 'an' admission on the part shuts. the above statementa"He *?>,HN M tzz-Vlo.-Prrsldent( cad'?roauurer.STAnLIY.U. .J. Illch < V. W. Hollow." S Steamers leave Punta Oorda 7.00a and arrive Bt. Fort Myers limos, If Uia,blood t b.

.'. of the'government that. it recognizes, concludes with a statement which BULLOCK.DIRBCTOJ&8 Bwrotary, g S HICKS A HOLLOWAY. Ste.mO' leave Fort Myers at O.OOa and arrive Punta Oorda t.Op. pally fetdnvy *lloir not only el\-I:..-
in the . :
the claim. of parties .
'S)( r' .,me of these canals private, and being the explains the slimness of the canal JOHN WILLIAM M. I....pans. ..... rjiyslclaun( and JSurgcousOrtloe -- eal for Key tSteamers West and Havana Tuesdays. Thursdays" and Sun. lor blood, 'bh.r' :Ml. Itisplafuwhy th.

1 -ease the government. will refuse to mass meeting, and shows that"our re; totAULlT. H. flUU-OCK.. Notice of Applicatron For ,Fax 0. Osoeola days at 11. purlfl.r a

I touch the .Hlcpochee canal because erenoes to a "section of LoB county" >i; Deed Under Section,8" Calls day P.ra"I'01 Connections made nt .ak.on.Ue for all points norh. east and _& *h***"'Delr.f ally* used'Iroa In trBtln Ton *;

private. parties, in -iaot some of the are not misplaced and that,there is a The highest a .<>unl of indebtedness. or 11- '' .n.r PHONES: Information rc;ardln< aedulel. through arrangements. reserva kldar and la pr.sssl4n.sze.,
parties who built these canals bully to whIch the ald rp4iratlou. can at Chapter 4888 Laws f.SIO Lions, etc., be secured la Wood Ih* klday arc
very nicks, No.pmee may to ticket AOL ;
any .
Holloway, .
decided \ ._.
till have an Interest. in them. It is to opposition down there which i time{ subjort. Itself. shall .b* Fifteen Tbous"S of Florida. Fhone No. 3. G. F.&n' A"''. .** WIU*& tlin*.

the Interest of the owner of the Cypress will probably manifest itself. con Uuiiara. VH.Th 8. P. COLLIER, JR.. Division P... Ag't.. TampS Fi PAnE. S these ttntuiB. The .U.UIJ..D

) and South port canals to have splouously" when the hat I. passes I names and pierce of ..**.de.(*. of the d.HOT1CK...pnrcbMorof. IS HRRKBY T* VKH Til No.'T leil,4ld B. rL.n O.A. TOIUIM VairruT T. M. EMERSON, ''Nf M<<'r.. W. J. CHAW O. P. A. H!. M. EMJEKBON T. J*. a vwy out story iPiira .

the river ,. there and therefore round."But'. ubacrlblne' : Iniwrirorators and th-amount Mo lutdarnfjuno. A. o. fit\lffM ATOW. FI'D4. S S Wlmlnan, N. . Emm, Kr. .a"MM.f .
they have relinquished their stock subscribed fur by arb are sa Mlowa: oartltieato I In mr 0mm.: dI ha. north Will..1 I Mlmia ..six, or slight wook*. C %.Dr.Jferter *, ,a.typao4 .
now comes a complaint... WlltUu C.Parsnne MoCabe. Yavapat. County,. lion 10 r ItfutA to liwu In ., M-
rights' to the oanal. just much navigation of the Caloosanetchee Arlaonsm, emy-flve. ., '76)>share :law. .r:Certlftoat. , the | __ Will mk.. reduction la priced fo thowvuutlu Gsevnswswl -. .
to the Interest of the owners of Hlcpochee John.:: u. !<**, Klsslninee aTlorid*. a.v.niy. dewrlbed iliMQIy .* m..B . fever.1. yn af canal to have It closed and river-will be materially effected or destroyed I four((74))aharee.6tni . Klnrld*. to-wli:r".LI."I. : Mallory Steamship Lines kldny IB I have trim
will keep by the closing of this canal. .r II. Bullock IU..I......*. Florid,one la oh*. W. a! H. K, K 0 I e. .
therefore. the gdvernment "To meet all the varied conditions, ((1)) aIrra.TU1.1.: S 1."f O11' W'"1 ., ":*"e-; i. 'Po$.J F.G TMOMA".7lct.. a.II. ot 1.t trs**
t N hands 'off,. particularly since the I.One hundred aad fifty(UW) shar**. *: : .. L eat from daoUM. ,.U.J
and adjust them to meet all contingenoies lnK. "
S United States engineer have recommended . -' 11)4. twin *.. the 44 *l .C4L .. r' THROTUGII Tool has done us mor good
that there Is no' necessity for, is a problem which ptivateminds .rn'l: or FLOBIDAIOttCBOUk the ... ". of uh -! I DUB ol 33. .. 4 I _:; TICETS.tOJew sYsrylbing L
S have never solved. Extremecan COVKTY. f fBeforo Unknown., Vlle.* **lil certified* ibnil 1 Ix 1..0 .. om e
$ S'S the improvement. of 'this. part of the I never be harmonized so as to suit tee. th* nndenilgnftd nffleor. dnlyanthorlmtby deemed thereon'aooonilug. to Uw,tsfl** ; lb ,
S work. lw to tk i id..s.ilino..Il m il7th day of December, A.D.
ckaowledgm: o
"In thl* connection and bearing on every varied interest. Extreme : appeared William C. 1'*...... 11* raromAlVl S .;. 5 .' D'. STEVENS.: 5 Stonmgton, Providence, Do.tQ1 all Northern points.LOWE9 There are tbou of J- such
tin article'in we havesome drouths come, bringing all their Inconveniences tnly H. Hnlloek., I to meash WITNB8B uipnaiur. flId. ease as tha are treatedwithout
same .
; from Hen., extreme rainfall and .know. to:b* th* InillvlilnUidMCribMI. : I lit, '.N'L.t .llhl.\.b. wIlt dA 01 01ev.mbmr. -AT results. because they so*
S correspondence Capt. aol who subscribed. their to,and. wbo D..IW. .D.NT..T. .
different wet weather bringing along the sam nimcs KO. M. LaI. SS wrongly treated. Mr. Cordell'a
which still
dry presents a 4 tha and
cx ont for.olog' Instrument severally '
; .
phase Of the question of title to-these! inconvenience. One-half of u. are acknowledged: the *a :tttlon: thereof: for CI..I. Circuit Coo aoodlUon reaulUd from an wrhaTisi-

S S canals. He : The question of wanting one thing, while the rest ofU. UipurpiMtli... ...x p...iiil. BW.R. IOIINO'rON.0V D. C.NOTICE. Coupty. .I O""clnilfe. '. RATESTHAN log favarttba UdneWaa well .

,l the right to these says canals is one by no want and pray for the reverseWhat IN WITDEHS WRERXOr, I hv liners, 4 usrs; ..I..,aD tha rest of the .y t. n, b I
... hruuto let my hand and oOelaluaa..J Ofce
I wasted
means *o easily settled .. one might want. is ;..tojtrlke a happy [ ] eeai M Klulmmre.Florida. this ,.JO r. .. S by disease. No D.1.ln
S. 1.'. suppose. True,jve can see nothing at. medium. This canal not closed, as a .u\.b dy of .Ge"IL.! A. U1IXM. vIt ORLANDO. TTlORJDAM. VIAANY'OTHER- TODla ,
matter of fact, kept the river flushed rUled and enriched the
.. in'the United LandCompany
v1- .." objectionable hereby gIven that I will to'lh: .
flushed -- -' --- A. S SNotary apply blood
that but
little and blood carried
0 required ,
transferring all its.. right. to Publlo U and forwo. BUM ol tid" CountJuJ, ol Oorol County rliirIA. lora WILLSON Jn. LiNE'Pa'HDgerl eh newstrength
*. these) canals to the war Department, rain to inundate and overflow large I at Larf*. order to Mil *t private s&l. tho of the : real *stte. to-wll: .,,, kidneys and all the .
areas CaAoppabatchee; valley d..lh. organs.VOS
9s but from a high legal atandpolnt the .t the nonavulVwracr of> uthMiti ( NOTARY PUBLIC. ) &
Board of Trustee Closed, as It Is, the river must depend nl rthw leave Jacksonville Thursday followsVU SAL* BTZftTWUU
canal the
.4l. belong to M rt Motion ono. towa- -( STATE -AT LAROX. S- 5- every :-
its. natural )
upon own
of the Internal. ImprovementS resourcesto RHEUMATISM ship tweniy..lz) oulh,' .
supply water sufficient-. float the. west 1034 ch.ln, aulk. l7 ehalns.aa$ Real Estate Agent. the "Sea Islands" .
authorized the
This board 3oioa. .
S loi4rbale.. unrthl7'4ehslostob.gtnuluee' .
steamboats. up to the head of navlga KISSIMMEE. FLORIDA Limied -S. -
cutting of.the canal and have talalns 17*.orse, raor or Iru. -' -
r.ld lion which l is Ft.- Thompson. For KI real. Via Plant System .
51.1. Hi MlmU
blolns of
for them paid LAST
dearly one acre 0 CURED AT t 3 45 P. m.
lnfonna'lon .
the. Charles .
and overflowed lands for of those who are fear Wo. d.o.e and biased. I .R WELL
jl.W. '
S swamp every .
to . '
." twenty-five oent-. spent in opening ful that a. scarcity of water. will impair <(psr*lil, .|>pllotlon I will: :pmvolod- o.*lb.Blh Via Seaboard Air 7140 p. m. (Fast Mail.) '

IL .r" these canals, add there is not a court navigation\ to this point, we will Good News for All Who: d y of J.n.1". D. 1 ,>,-. JUSTICK TH. PBACX *50

1 6n' earth but would rule that. these state that from the point. where the .8 A.L DAVinSOtCl NOVTAHV PUBLIC AT LAROXMARRIAOXS Going aboard steamship immediately on arrival a Brunswick.,
:t Mcanals are legitimately. the property dam has been fixed to Ft. Thompson, SuflVjr )Vtth. Rheumatism idnilnlitntorot EUte of Chai.Wuod S DFORD '5

: >, of that Stat Board.-1 Common law the bead o/.navigatlon', feet ,"" .esoo4. i., ... ,. ; !i i. A SPICLaLTY.Ofllce .Baggage Checked Through Deltiu tloii. ,
: '. and equity must *o rule. And why t fall and from Ft.; Thompson to Fort : Free. < S o Stewart Avenue, 5
I.E.S '; Because they canal of Myers there is only 8 feet fall. The Hysol'.tha. 'er, KIS&1MMEE. -. FLA For
t are drainage tide from the sea has lie Influence all To all'who'' suffer with Rheumatism Wet ,. Iuatrated'matter.. diagrams, reservations,, apply to iDiiIoiii
:. In the Act. of of
a. provided Congress I will send free the wonderful Complaints ire made that.
gladly being
Sept. 28th 1800, (read the Act. ) TheseS the way up to Ft. Thompson. This how mothor.was cured tie ; r A..W. PYE, t..uoW.U st., JACKSONVILLE. .
? ,. lands under fact. must convince anyone that the \\)1'1.of my are being poisoned by> tbo ,sprsyInir FLA 5', FORcONSTIPATIOPJ"
that Act could
\ swamp
E fall from tha dam to Ft. Thompson after years of suffering together with experiments'" for ihe
'..' ,; .o. not be applied In any way except for giving a rapid current to that point the most elaborate I realise on Rheumatism water ., and U. deltucJoq I Insurance. "
their .
and reclamation..These
own drainage
ever published. undoubtedly true. The drink -
then meeting a slow sluggish currenton cttl
'. c.n.I..a opened under the contract No what form of Rheumatism the tainted-water and "
down to the Hat more or less Influenced your placethirty i1ollPE'I
between Mr. Dlsston and his "KISSIMMEE RIVER
associates Is, whether chronic supposed to have been And S
1' ,,and the trustees of the Inter by the ebb and flow of the Ecsl.Katats.
nat tide, will never destrp'y. or very materially muscular, Inflammatory, determent kil from that cause. Vnle. some ,
Improvement Fund are not.biDwjI .
c but effect' the' navigation. of the solatia, neuralgia* ,, gout lumbago can be.found 1.0' Jre' this Phoenix of London.German "
drainage O&n.ll. out I
never or
etc.-no matter. how doctors occurrence li will be ucfortu.nate .
> river for light draught steamer such many "
: opened for navigation and are today a* now navigate. the river.. have failed in your ease-no matter bet it .seeois highly probable ; .mricn. St amer Lillie Steamer .
Home of
Instruments. of drainage a system Inaugurated -, Roeada Conatlnatlon I ia ;
True, tbe accumulation of logs how many sooalled"sure cure" youhave that. methods ..0 be used to, obviatethese notilna
I Insurance
this board and Co., of than S
by never tried-I want' to write to disasters. Nor a clogglnfr of the m

_ _ abandoned basis put held by the board as a: may S'nag give and much the formation trouble of during1 sand a bars low me and let me.tell, you you hotr. my motherwas PonlJ of . _ S Captaia (1.7.Jahiiso.'Sr.. CeptsTlsi Clay JoueaoB.S., 'Jr.Regular . and aotlmmltM*tov
of diatl
; &n extensive.drainage
-S '
!. to be completed l in the future..system .It. period of water. It. I* the duty of the cured.' S S S n.Uo U. or, I D reln. 'J

.i* that Honorable government to remove' all debrl I anv neither a Doctor nor a Professor -. Fire and weekly trips and return. 'Roseada leaves S could realtie n ,
..,. hardly possible our -simply a plain man of business- TNEOLD REUABLE Marl.- 'to'-t'gr, that ha is 'S
which l Is Iu the of, steamboat
.Board of way CiUsen of ;
l Trustees of the I. I. Fondwould'releaseall now" navigating the river.Tbe recent. bat 1 have a CURB for Rheumatism MI.ourl KI.imme Tu.laf Kisiimmec/Frida'y eveniuir.T poiaonona filth to ..1..IJJ.
claim which they and I to tell. who suffers Georgia Bom.New Special I Tripr Lake Okeecbobee and be woqlci icon Ret relief.
j, ) poI.1 toob.. tairbf the river a* anticipated when want everyone .. tti Fort1 Myers on,the .ytm.
legitimately atlon
canals Invites
--- .. all kind-ofcontagion.
wishto Comfortable
.ble'canal with Rheumatism all about 1UI occommedation for
closed has
t. & Rate
was brought to
S and for which hwVe passengers. reasonable '
they paid *o dearly .: biliousness -, .
1* t for in the interest. of navigation."Navigation I Ii the surface of the water a great many be clearly understood and trust I IS The most Picturesque Waterway Florida.' colds Iea. ail.'
with this J. M.
\b..n who .
lunkea,. log and -other debrl which are-suffering WILL30N.JR .
.: Is ., For Passenger aed Hate meals
on thing and drainage I Freight apply to 'di.appear when coesti4\
terrible however apparently :
i % another. :To make ..thl route. anavigable have caused sand bar and ..zpo.ediany disease S '. CLAY pated|. ,.
into; beyond the reach of will write' tome JOHNSON. S It.
4 o one extensive point jutting out the river cure, KI88IMMEE. FLA; Proprietor, lord' S SS
Ii S ) eanaling 1,1a from this this day and I will\ send by ( On board s UUck-Draogct thoroughly
: and than you
cause, more "LIllie1CJssimme.,7laGiove'sCkron'i i
would have to b*' done;;' with look to yj _ _ .cleans out the bowels in aoeair
return nail this work of mine. !; :
; .
want of water which at this time sp.peal --- ,
.bold Okeeebobee Lake reservoir and natural
a* a <. manner without
make navigation' difficult. especially to the 'chronloalll; '\" U
which look would absolutely. destroy This S her
1 trouble U only temporary. Tire river ill" who are wearied and discouragedwith. \ c v .
tbe great lake about which *o moon when cleared of these- difficulties will .: "doctoring" and., to thosewhoKave o ,." .Formula teUs the .j. S D.that yc. sat the orf
S 1* said and wrttt. n." readily conform Itself' to the,new condition been caat Mid a* 'incurable. .' 'hARINL story : 'r. IllckDru2b.aiLand tn.To' -.
*.' The appropriation mad by All you have though about Bheuma2time '
'S b.ifA IUas.KuThm. Congress 1* ample to remove those may be wrong.. Let me ,tell you dneCo. Sold C.tte S
THATjr .
S lop.,- and- ther difficult experience.' .Borelr If you have & .
.alltfll of Cure
Spelt Pr.s.., $1. ..
.5 Myers :. I psekage.
navigation,'which if proper Rheumatism or, havs "ft suffering .
-: "TbI' netlng 'called:at the courthouse i* mad IIf' Department Mend it. .U\\ .to investigatemy \ .CIIII _...lN,

last Friday.night In the Interest wilt be attended, : early day.Wha oiier.llnw.\and prove for yourself 'tto** "'"*.'' ? a -.0.. : .. L.__ S
' , S'' of the canal dam was Slimly\ at.&eDdedr I IS these claim 'I make. . ; _.1 __.
+< > tfcH 110. Dt can 1mlflll It : VluId ..
1. although .those .who were onThamIS t .Send me you- addreea today-a ., nelcb.PU&8 BARK = ;
'' .
,,:,....""'.. /'were-'all. substantial citizens who I IS : u&I" and. "remov'' all debris which postAl eerd.-wm |Aft-end I will mallyduthla.wonderful : POWDER S ..UFftaM : S ., t _- .
: showed .deep &inter. in the ubjeekWith I Is In the way of steambqat. now navi.galinjf story;--If you tract: 1.PVA.B. .see..M.f5. -
: ..U.b.. facts before it*"*.'. 1.I : friend suffering 5' DG.\WOO ,BARK' n ; r ..,.,-:
1i. ... "* 'rivertby? removing* have any wit R '' 1.SM" S SS
? "" S ).!;;, ."1..17"" JIII&--'Or" " auuri.e. foIM''i' I (; \ Hlopoehe' Dam there, It matism, no' matter 'wh lt 4soIu4eWPw' : \ t:'otbtH-' .. .
-ths4 wfai v.greet;. interest at 4tU.\\ .no* .sod and I .5' Ioi'\.t.Cbt Tonics '.\ .! M
.. much doubt left I t ad4J nan is NO SUBSTITUTE .. u c'
I ..... .... .gtsv.towwksupoth.IS M to-their tutor ao- them VICTOR : '- 5. .
S = : j.asr.I Hot la the matssr.v:' !IM; : -V i 1 \rB1' .d4. 'S 55 'iC"Nc' ', f
_.UII torr. :. .' . :;_ | M .. .
.. hI' ( I -" 1. . S 5 1.f .. .
11 ,
S J? S
S . ,, ,/, ''I ,. II.f'c
1... .r,1.. : i :. .: J s / +j
: > -i .5 ), '
r.1- r..z ,
d ,... t: ,. it .n :J!; .. .. ., '.. .. ._.......-.','\-' I\ ... ,t, S -' " "j' Ii' j'1 y .
'. r '
.. '.
'", . ' , .
. ; 1 ,. ..

_________ ___ __
PP( Pt

; //iJW <* V "rTW n vffl%/ & /'' 1? _

,. i-r -. I( ., V v
I'' ,P1 '" .
., '!I ? "I\ fI a* 'f'

__ II "Nt!

.. ,. .
I__ __ _ ___ _ ______

: :: : - ,., VI: ... i 1
/ ; .. 1. .

,---- - CALION. -i- I

Po _- 4 . - -pOR' Highi Grade Christmas Goods: [ Oscebla. PharinacyI ;

. lU X JCLOTHING. <3I -* .,;

;. [( I fDrY6o8 : - -+- ; I MRS L W, FILLET, MANAGER. -

'' .
TV "' I 2T .

'>>>'.'" 1' fGl Genuine i Gold Plated .
2 : .I t -
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....:. '
: Mountings .
:' ,' f''>>o.' ">> i>>'!I --. -C ciii; I ; ...Pure Drugs... ,- ,
. Glass j ''I on Toilet 67 C n I ION | CAIEFWI.Y; C ; ( -
)4 :
g; .... ---- :_ PIES O'tNDJJ
"- .... .. .:-- !
0 Wedgewood < l and TableWare \

" 'THe Klsslmmce Vallcu Gazette O '
..:-- -
"-- .
i'lUUSHEO:: KVKSY KliIIUY. . : .. + President. Secretary
-- . '
,- .
:[ -
.rE- .
Fruits Nuts CandyLowneji's
: ,

-. O.V..OH' 'DiA.qTO- Y. o p "C"'n :E: ,e- .z'E, : :: :a: I. X1SSWMEDRUG' COMPANY, WatersCarsoiiilrocery Co./'

!VBTHOIUIIT ..'HIRcaf.-pyLaehIn; : .;" ....h falMb .. . Couillet Unequtllod\" lor Smootb....... ftilfoar? and Fl.v..r. fI), .
II ft in D"d' o.oiocPrefer' mvetlnxfvorf _
., Thur.,4r ....II.ulf mt T p. m. '0bbuHuliool '

( V.t-Buud.yeaui'uinf: '. .-. j. P.'*:"'.''irrpiilor.BArrluT -** : :rRE8's ::TRESS"B', .eTREBtSAriel ( .....,, ... -. .. 1., : : OON. :JN.... a.r.a.gor.1& ..... '' WHOLESALE NDBXTA1L, ;DKALBU III_i,. -- -

eII.KCHO. J. Priur. FMlor.FronoUiut .- ._ .. .. .,. ...."
etcrv 8nn1a. 11 .., . ; ....... .L1 -- .;. ,f _.' \ COUNTS AGENTSTOR :
Jfeorlas mnatlnc XT n. m. inu<1Bnhooi .. 1 GROCERIES.
, Yniiuii : --- -
:::: ; : L
U a. m Prayer .t4ng every ThurldftVTp -
... .
--- ---- -- ,
. Vleltore. i "
rn always weioome.HT. --T--
..JOHN'S RnwarAL, UNuaoii-ArahileseoiGray. :;; : at \ c; .
'-.I-ef .ervloe every tftunle, I' QuartetteMonday' nlgbt.. HatibockV Liquid Sulphur fs en' I rUl'rIJ I .." :,,
mr'; fum
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