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Title: St. Augustine historic area strategic plan executive summary
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Title: St. Augustine historic area strategic plan executive summary
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St. Augustine
Historic Area Strategic Plan
--- '1/_ | i^K*^^



J. Bernard Machen 226 Tigert Hall
President PO Box 113150
k.,njine' il:. FL32611-3150
(352) 392-1311

February 1, 2009 Fax (352) 392-5275
February 1, 2009 www.ufl.edu

Fellow Floridians;

At the request of the Florida Legislature, I am proud to submit this St. Augustine
Historic Area Strategic Plan. This plan serves as a guide for the University to assume
management and operation of certain state-owned assets in historic St. Augustine
as authorized by Chapter 267.1735, Florida Statues. The Strategic Plan includes a
Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles as well as specific strategic actions developed
by the University in concert with the St. Augustine community. While the Strategic
Plan is focused on the state-owned historic assets in St. Augustine, it also addresses
the community context in which the assets are situated. The recommendations
contained herein will enhance the University's educational mission and stimulate
economic activity in the North Florida region.

The University engaged local leaders and stakeholders including the City of St. Augustine,
St. Johns County, the National Park Service and Flagler College in developing this
visionary Strategic Plan. In addition, University faculty, students, and administrators
were integral to this effort. As a result, UF has achieved a high level of community
support for this plan.

In 2013, the State of Florida will observe the 500th anniversary of its discovery
by Europeans in 1513. In 2015, the City of St. Augustine will celebrate the 450th
anniversary of its settlement in 1565. Furthermore, the National Park Service will
observe its 100th anniversary in 2016. The development and implementation of the
St. Augustine Historic Area Strategic Plan will enhance the observance of these
milestones, and garner worldwide acclaim for St. Augustine's history as a valuable
national treasure.

On behalf of the University and our partnership with the St. Augustine community,
I ask your support as we move forward to implement this strategic vision. Thank you
very much for your considerations.

Respectfully submitted,

J. Bernard Machen

The Foundation for The Gator Nation
An Equal Opportunity In.tttunnt


In 2015, the United States will celebrate the
450th birthday of our first successful colonial
settlement St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine
was established in 1565, 42 years before the
first successful English colony of Jamestown.
These first European settlers in America were
Spanish. Hispanic colonists lived and worked in St.
Augustine for two centuries, and shaped the course
of American history. They also created a vibrant,
multicultural society that is little known to most
Americans today.

Many buildings, artifacts and sites exist today in
St. Augustine as a testament to the long and storied history of this oldest continuously
occupied American city. In celebration of the 400th anniversary of St. Augustine in
1965, reconstructed buildings were added to the
St. Augustine landscape to depict life in the early settlement, many of which were
constructed on original building foundations. The state-owned historic properties
in St. Augustine embody the story of this first colony in a collection of original
and reconstructed buildings located on several key properties within the National
Landmark Historic District.




Creating world class heritage tourism experiences has reaped significant economic
return for communities, such as Jamestown and Gettysburg, that are willing to make
a focused, coordinated effort. An economic impact study of Jamestown's 400th
anniversary in 2007 showed that the commemoration generated nearly 21,000 jobs,
$1.2 billion in sales for state businesses and $28 million in state and local tax revenues.
Similarly, Pennsylvania's $20 million investment in Gettysburg historic resources
resulted in visitor spending averaging $293.40 per day. The appropriate marketing
and investment in St. Augustine's significant historic resources can reap similar
benefits for the local community and the State.

These state-owned resources could, with well-crafted, state-of-the-art exhibit and
education programs, showcase this first permanent European settlement in America
and its contributions to our nation in an exciting and highly visible way for students,
researchers and tourists. Expanded partnerships between UF and the St. Augustine
community, facilitated by these state-owned assets, present significant opportunities
for teaching, research and service in multiple disciplines.

The state-owned historic properties are currently subleased to the City of
St. Augustine. Florida Statute 267.1735 authorizes the transfer of these state-
owned parcels and buildings to the University of Florida (UF) for management and
maintenance. This statute also provides for transfer of all artifacts, documents,
equipment and other tangible property to UF.

In advance of UF assuming management responsibility for these properties, the
legislature appropriated funds to develop a strategic management plan. This plan
is to ensure long-term preservation and interpretation of the state-owned historic
properties while facilitating the education program at UF.


"The story of St. Augustine is more
complex, more variegated, more
interesting, and more rich than a few
headlines might indicate. Here is no
short-lived Plimoth Plantation, no
brief candle like Williamsburg, and no
several days-long smoking meadow
at Gettysburg. Here is a dynamic,
international, constantly changing,
endlesslyfascinating, compact city
existing nearly 450 years in time."
Dr Michael Gannon, Distinguished
Service Professor Emeritus, UF

PRIMARY Construction of a new interpretive center as the focal point for visitor
RECOMMENDATIONS access to state-owned parcels and buildings
Restoration and rehabilitation of the existing state-owned buildings to
protect these important public assets
Implementation of public infrastructure improvements to support
the visitor experience including a wayfinding/signage strategy and
transportation system modifications
Application of the "layers of history," embodying various periods and
themes, as the framework for organizing the visitor experience for both
the state-owned parcels or buildings and other community assets
Operation of a direct support organization with established priority
criteria and an economic model adaptive tool to aid future decision-
making as it relates to the state-owned parcels and buildings

FUNDING NEEDS The St. Augustine Historic Area Strategic Plan includes a cost estimate
with which to approach funding sources for implementation of the
recommendations related specifically to the needed restoration and
rehabilitation of state-owned buildings, construction of a new Interpretive
Center and the development and installation of interpretive content.
Funding requests for the implementation of these recommendations are
summarized as follows:
Interpretive Center
(State portion including interpretive content) ....................... $4,981,500
Interpretive Content for Existing State-Owned Assets.............. $215,000
Building Rehabilitation/Restoration....................................... $26,671,000

SUBTOTAL ........ $31,867,500
Interpretive Center
(NPS portion including interpretive content) ......................... $4,981,500

TOTAL............ $36,849,000

Rehabilitation and restoration costs may be partially offset by Plant
Operations and Maintenance (PO& M) funds for state-owned assets having
eligibility based on their educational use. ($8.4376 per gross square footage
for air conditioned space and $6.2447 per gross square footage for non-air
conditioned space)
Recurring PO&M for Existing State-Owned Assets (FY 2009-10)... $479,000
Recurring PO&M for Interpretive Center (FY 2009-10).............. $143,000

TOTAL.................$... 622,000
The City of St. Augustine, the National Park Service and the University of Florida
have mutually stated their desire to collaborate on the design and construction
of a new Interpretive Center. The nearly $10 Million construction cost is
expected to be met by equal contributions of the State of Florida and the NPS.

ZState-Owned Assets
lnlepreffre Center
IAccoss Pftlts
[Ill c~~sawf

I -




Thi iag of the prpoe ne Interretiv

Cetri state on Rot A okn

Two sketches above provided by: Pressley Associates



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I"' ; ; 5 f "j ..-- an -- A, .,,a .... "a. a a a

^ ^ k ^1 1C' .. .e. Legend .- -- :,. 1 I

I -- ...- .. . "Si tMain Visitor Informatson Kaosks a a-

I.-5JSl..e-O.n- arcel, aaaKey Decisaon Zonesa a a a
sX o.. Banners N
S. 1 ....... .. .... .. . ., ." .... .......* A1A, Sreelscape Jf. .
"--.. : .A-m, -'K ".' ** A Aa-aai '. Imllalala rass -aaka
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a 1 a A. -- .--------- aa a -.aa- a a a a - a'a .a -. a.-a a aaaOrange Street Aa au-stment

... .. . m .. .i. m m A .1 qlI State-Owned Assets : .

a- aa a a - a" a... aa a' "a" a" "- Y State-Owned Parcels" aa HaQ

O N 1, .. aa-
.. :a :, a "--
'Aux w .-_ c'tte*' ,^ ** ^^ 'r' '' -no.-; -* ----- 'E *-I^^^^^^I^^^^H^^H^^^I^^^ ^^^^^^B^^^^B ^^^^^^^^^^^^
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A. Legend^^^Bfii~lBBi~lBiliMBBiii~B3iii
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Main Visitor information Kiosks^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^w^^^^J^Q^y^^^w~f^E^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^



,l .I !


Scholars typically describe the
story of St. Augustine through the
following chronological periods:
* Settlement Origins and the
Early Colony (1565-1600)
* The Developing City
* The British Interregnum and
the Arrival of the Minorcans
* Spanish Restoration
* U.S. Territory and Statehood
* Civil War, Reconstruction and
Gilded Age (1861-1917)
* World War I to the Present

Cutting across and bridging these
periods were numerous thematic
* Prehistory
* Religion
* Maritime History
* Military Life
* Indian Relations
* Warfare and Sieges
* Trade and Commerce
* Lifestyles
* First Schools and Hospitals
* Architectural Styles
* Agriculture, Fishing and
Ornamental Horticulture
* Tourism
* Minority Residents

The Exhibit and Educational Strategies propose a visitor experience
strategy, which defines a format for conveying the history that is
the story of St. Augustine. The "Layers of History" strategy was
developed to support the creation of an authentic heritage tourism
experience utilizing state-owned assets to complement surrounding
historic sites and community context.

The "Layers of History"framework is a more generalized approach
that attempts to organize the complex history of periods and
themes into "layers" that can be presented to the uninitiated
visitor. In this way, the "layers" I' ..T
serve to whet the appetite of the
visitor to seek a more in-depth '' '
understanding by visiting the ik '
various interpretive sites in '
St. Augustine.

The imge aoepvidbyF lordaMue m oNaulHistr

toe l i n


liig hitr, rhtetrl eus
i a


__ -, --9
when mutil culure ar liin with

cmei 9 is9ons.

A 9Experien n aods 9

z o ri al 999-

heitg of 9i n -99 99oid an St. Augstne

V 9 ~ *g

9~9 9 9M 99o9Ag
Phot byMaueenOrtgus Plno dl Cstilo el resdiade S. Austn d /aFloida Pabo Potoby auren rtaus, ublc IageConultng rou

PulcImg onutngGop otllc. 74 Cutsyote K oneLbrr f~oia itr

40th Anniversary to Commemorate the
Civil Rights Demonstrations, Inc. (ACCORD)

79 Bridge Street

......'.++ . arL- e. ...........
ib ..* h ,. I- i lk I.. I ". i lu.d .. |I 1 t

i MofrL,, -"Gjw-dm



*Experience the Gilded
Age of Railroads and .
Flagler's vision to bring
tourism to Florida as
a winter retreat for the wealthy, with luxury hotels.
Celebrate the art and architecture that distinguish
St. Augustine from any other city in the country.

S hirley Williams-Galvin,
ACCORD Photographer
*Visitors can learn about the history of the struggle for equality during the Civil
Rights era and earlier by seeing key sites such as the St. Mary's Missionary Baptist
Church where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke. Early African American history can
be interpreted at nearby Ft. Mose, and the broader struggle for human rights can
be presented through St. Augustine history involving Spanish women's rights, slave
life, free blacks, and Native Americans.



The experience of visiting St. Augustine
can become relevant to today
by interacting in real time with
archeologists, historians, architects,
interpreters and preservationists.

The Marketing Stategies provide recommendation ^^M^for economically viabl
op9era9t9B9^ion 99 9t-. s999-9-.a.s9etsBin St.Aup
edcaioa miss*-* ^ A -i -*on. Itinclus*tedvoent of an eonomic moel as a
decision 999l and 9a tiketn 9 9s9trateg9

The model measures incremental budget im t aIpacts 9.s9the porff property

use o9r rela9ed cost assumptions change. 99 addresses 99ree 9di99 n999n99
fi V9nan9ia9l 9p999mance: 9perating 9,i et
9i 99n9v9e99s9 9 99 t999t .999

Changeable Model Its
9 Property use: interpretive, 9999ational 9r commerc9al
" 9ease r---------9 cu9ren9 99tesarereflectedinmodelassumptions

When 9ssigned 99 9 pr9per9y 9se, 9he 9odel 99tomaticay adjusts revenues
e 99xp9e 99nse9 99sed 9n 9odl as a e wh 9h p
(inte999rpr9e9^tM9 9?9 ~ 99iv ?3seuctional!s.?3m
9n educational 9999 interpretive---rpose-are-el999bl forsat uds e sur

The ^^^^^^ SImplemetaion ~fStaeis incorprat rlmiayrcm mendat~ions for
the business plan, management strategy, funding strategy and a suggested
system of performaiB^^B^nce ^mo~n^HnMiaitos ndmesre. s heeresonsibilitiesar
carried out by the direct support organization (DSO), the performance measures
will^9 99lp to st9ady 9he c99o9u9rse

According to Florida Statute 267.1736, the DSO for St. Augustine Historic

A 999 999^ 9 ^9 99rea9wi9 9b99e9:^999 9
9"9"9Organ 97?iz a99nd operateiinr

an to mak 99ediue 9 t9 9999o9, 9h benfi o99 9hnvrsti
mane cos9tn 999h th 9oa9 9f 9h unierit 999 99n thes9ntrs
of t 99 9st99a9te.,"- ~ ~ *

9ao R9es9ons999l999e99 9f th9 DS9:
9 9upr hisori prsrvto efot andctonlporm

A Mak fiania deiin (rvne an expenditures





3900 Government House

3904 Dodge Outbuilding 3905 Gallegos House

^^j^^H^^U ^~^

3909 Gomez House

j5lu terveau nouse

3906 Ribera House

JYi niaas nouse

3907 Ribero Kitchen

3908 Triay House

3912 Peso De Burgo-Pellicer House 3913 Peso De Burgo N Outbuilding

3914 Peso De Burgo S Outbuilding

J-Z4 ipanisn iviltrary Hospital

3915 Joaneda House

JZ/) wrtson nouse

3916 Rodriguez House

-vzot 7aicecio Kitcnen

3917 Benet House

3927 Salcedo House

3918 Coquina House

3928 Gonzalez Restrooms

3931 Old Blacksmith Shop 3932 Harness Shop

3933 Public Restrooms

an Naioa *ar Service

Ed Poppell, Vice PresidCTentnfor Business Affairs., University of Florida^^^^^^^
Contrctin. Unvrst of Florid*-a ..

Proras. Colg of Desg. Cosruto an Planig. Cnvrst of F-l.ridC

*ln Hsins Exe9tie Diete- St Johns Cout Cors DevlopeC Coni

Chris ^^^^^^^^^^^ SvilvelSr, Dean., Colege of Desgn., Constuction and lanning., Uiversity o
Trcy Uchr, Assitan Prfeso Cf C a C n C oenet C C C ColCeCC

Gordon Wilson, Superintendent., Castillo Ce Can Marcos National -enument

CfiW*? 7C C -7H 7
Pressley Assc*ates For 9more*iAfo*aion cac

Economics 9 esearch associate Ed University of FlCoCCCaC
3521392*133B, CCppeirKufllfdu
Gallagher & As*soc C C C CCCB-iate*s*3

F^^^^^^^^^^^^BRA \ \l a a --a? A gB 9*99BBBl 9 9 9'a^^BBBBBB

Habc Deig Grup A nc *517-00 g -o~ul~

http://wwwfacil-.ies 99 -ed


2 C1"' 4. 5 .
*Ir Am 3. St. Johns County9Tourist Development Council
5 S. JhsCout a ors Deeomn Coni
9 9 D^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ a. 9^^^K7??ff~B

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