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Island Times Volume IX, Number 4 Pensacola Beach, Florida June 11, 2013 Sailing Through The Generations Kids Learn The Ropes At Junior Sailing CampNautical is the norm in these sailing families. It is a just an other wonderful sport to enjoy on the local waters according to Ron Bruce, left, who has been sailing for four decades. And, now, his granddaughters (cent er) Julia and Briahna Ballay will continue the family traditio n. Briahna is enrolled in the Pensacola Beach Yacht Club’s Junior Sailing Camp. Christy Newkirk, right, stands next to her dad Kirk, who owns Key Sa iling. Christy, who will be a freshman at Gulf Breeze High School in the fall, will serve as a Junior Sailing Camp counselor this year. Sailing is a family affair on Pensacola Beach. For more, tack over to page 2.


PAGE 2 Island Times June 11, 2013 Published every other Tuesday SHELLEY W. JOHNSON, PUBLISHER !"islandtimes@bellsouth.net www.MyIslandTimes.comNo portion of this publication may be reproduced without the consent of the publisher. Island Times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

Island TimesPAGE 3Forever ...Barefoot on the BeachAs a tribute to Jane Waters who passed away January 10, 2012 Island Times will continue to run some of Jane’s favorite columns for your enjoyment June 11, 2013 Our latitude will change your attitude Lunch Specials MonFri 11-2 Dinner Specials NightlyCATCH IT ALL! Oysters Fresh Gulf SeafoodOPEN EVERYDAY Waterfront Dining !"" Live Music Gift Shop Kids Playground#2 Via de Luna 934-3660Sports in Hi Def40 TVs 8 Big Screens 9 3 4 3 6 6 0 "#""$" WINGS49Every Thursdayc Monday Cajun Nite Tuesday Surf and Turf Wed Mexican Madness Specials Tues: %&" of Wine Wed: !" Specials Thurs: !" Specials T u e s d a y S u r f a n d T u r f T u e s d a y S u r f a n d T u r f W e d M e x i c a n M a d n e s s W e d M e x i c a n M a d n e s s All Sports Always On Pensacola Beach ChurchBINGO each month @ 6:30 p.m. $20 Dinner available for sale beginning at 6 p.m. www.thebeachchurch.com The Islander Newspaper – August 3, 1990 Sometimes, this column has to get down and dirty. Especially when the subject is litter on Pensacola Beach. We, who live here, and most of those who come to visit consider this strip of sand in the Gulf of Mexico an island paradise. Perhaps, the Beach needs remedial attention in several areas, but when we talk about convention centers or even additional landscaping, there’s not much the average Beach resident can do except adopt a hopeful attitude. But, there is one project which would enhance this Beach considerably, but it would require the combined efforts of residents, visitors and Santa Rosa Island Authority staff. We really need to have a clean up detail that never quits. If our neighbors cross the bridge and trash the Beach, then it will have to be up to us to clean it up. And, we will have to do it every day. Almost a year ago, I received a letter from Beth Damon who lives in Atlanta. She commented on a column I had written concerning the rundown business and residential structures on the Beach. “I join the author in her distress,” Beth wrote. “But not so much by the structures as by the GARBAGE. Four mornings in a row on my vacation, I picked up enough beer bottles, cans, hamburger bags, dirty plastic diapers, etc. to fill three of the Leave Only Your Footprints, Please bags, conveniently placed on the Beach. Much of the trash was thrown down within easy walking distance of the trash bags.” Beth went on to suggest that strong penalties for people caught littering should be imposed and enforced. I agree. However, in the meantime, until this happens, there must be a method of controlling the mess which blows around this beautiful island all the time. Every morning I drive along Via de "&'( &")<&'&) dened by the bottles and other debris which decorate the roadside. When I arrive, I take time to pick up trash at my business location. And there is always something to pick up. It’s the same in some neighborhoods. Fifty or more locals and guests jog and walk along Ariola Drive every day which is apparently a favorite area for litterers. At night, I often see a lady with a big plastic bag walking along $"%$#$!:".!&D#" in the sand along the street. And the next day, like magic, the junk is back again. So, the one single thing we can do to make and keep our Island beautiful is to pick up trash everybody’s trash wherever we encounter it. We need to urge the SRIA staff to care enough about the Island to pick up whatever they drop or whatever anyone drops near their stops as they throw the garbage bags on the truck. Beth from Atlanta brought up an interesting analogy, “If only the people who are up in arms about burning our flag would realize that our beaches and woods represent our country, too.” She truly believed that trashing the island was on the &'1&I &%+"$"%/ Should we let our visitors think we care so little for our beloved habitat that we let it stay littered? Should they have to pick up trash which is not their own while on vacation? I don’t think so. Each of us should be responsible for the areas around our homes and businesses. Although the once a year clean-ups which many people help with are commendable, they are not enough. The key is for us to maintain and love our Island constantly just as we would maintain and love any other thing we own. It is up to us to present a clean and shining face. It is not an insurmountable chore. We can do it. Perhaps, we should feel obligated to do it. We will just have to forget about trying to educate the clods who trash our Beach. All we have to do is convince ourselves that we must keep our own little corner of paradise neat and litter free. [ Editor’s Note: The SRIA no longer collects the residential garbage, and the maintenance staff currently executes a comprehensive clean up schedule daily. Leave Only Your Footprints, Please!] Things to know...'"""#(")"*+++ ,-.$"!+//0("1 2"34"+// ##"(5# ,'$""#(+// '"!'""+/6+ 5#7"!"" 8" The Pensacola Beach Woman’s Club will be under the direction of newly elected Board President Mary Claus. The Executive Board was voted on at the May 16 membership meeting at the Pensacola Beach Church Fellowship Hall. Serving as First Vice President is Melba Argentine. Ginger Pasek is the second vice president. Kim Harvell and Kathy Christoff will take care of the treasury, and Cheryl Collier has been elected secretary. The Club, which is the oldest civic organization on Pensacola Beach, has 117 members. During the May meeting, the membership approved donations to the following groups as part of their annual charitable giving: Pensacola Beach Military Appreciation Fishing Trip, the Trauma Intervention Program, Pensacola Beach Community Church, Pensacola Beach Elementary School, Pensacola Beach Junior Lifeguard Program, Favor House, Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church, Northwest Florida Independence for the Blind, ARC/ Gateway, the Salvation Army, and Ronald McDonald House. The Executive Board Installation Ceremony and the donations will be made during the June 20 meeting which begins at 11 a.m. at Pensacola Beach Church’s Fellowship Hall. As is the tradition, those celebrating birthdays in May were recognized and a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday was sung. For more information about the Woman’s Club, contact Claus at 850-916-0455.Claus To Lead Beach Womans Club Board!"#!$ %&'*"!+/5! "!/""/67$ /8#"+9:;<


PAGE 4 Island TimesJune 11, 2013 PEOPLE ? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ??? ? ? ?? ? ? T ? ?? ?rivia? ?? ? m e as u ae ie, a a Pla a aes eseains 09322319 INN T 10 lida ea as ull eie en Ai G ee e lals ane in e sand Ea e und N Teas ld Em Pe Games in u a u d SI T a ed ue enees amus im alad 21 Via de Luna Pensacola Beach 850-916-5087 paradisebar-grill.com June 11 i aini, PMJune 14 Jn a and, PMJune 1 i and Te ls, PMJune 1 ae, 3 PMJune 1 Ei adinas, PMJune 1 ae, PMJune 21 Tmm Taln, PMJune 22 eam ies, PMJune 23 Te sas, 3 PMJune 2 Te sas, PMB ra oinee B ecipient has een plain the Blues consis tentl for oer ears to fans all oer the orl He is referre to his peers as a iin een a e rleans Blues nstitution as ell as our Braille Blues Da Sun, June 30 n eas ies GREAT AMERCANS Beach Schoolers Zack Smoker and sister Savannah were joined by big brother Justin at the entrance to Publix in Gulf Breeze on Memorial Day. The trio were handing out Buddy Poppies and accepting donations for the local VFW post. The VFW conducted $ ()$$+$"+ Memorial Day in 1922, becoming 1&"N%&"$&$" organize a nationwide distribution. Congrats to these youngsters for carrying on the tradition. EY ATTER Ginny and Jay Baynes are preparing to send their son Taylor off to Jefferson Davis Community College in Brewton, Alabama. Taylor, who graduated from Gulf Breeze High June 1, was a stand out on the Dolphin baseball team. Taylor has been awarded a scholarship to play with the Jeff Davis Warhawks. TWO DOWN Fans of the Island Times Crossword puzzle have to wait no longer. Jane McGrath and Joanne Brooks are gamers. They like to play, so they sent a message to the editor to restore the Crossword puzzle. Now Jane and Joanne can solve the IT crossword, make the scene at the Beach Woman’s Club Game Day and send wrong answers to the IT Trivia question. Turn to page 7 and let the fun begin. NRED RESERVE Too much chopping, stirring and sauting takes a toll on a chef’s shoulder. So, Grand Marlin Chef Gregg has to get his shoulder in shape for the long days of summer. He’s not the only rehabbing beach chef. Joyce Brown of The Native Caf has her right arm in a sling. And, she says she’ll be a one armed cook until at least July. Heal up fast. TORNADO TOWN Marie Steele returned to the Beach in time to see Thomas Fitzgerald graduate from Gulf Breeze High School. She’s been working in Tornado Alley doing her insurance adjusting job. AOY MATEYS The newest skippers at the Pensacola Beach Yacht Club are George and Desneige Atteberry of Pensacola Beach. Ad Exec Trudy Romjue is a returning member at the Best Little Yacht Club on the Gulf. The Club hosts a Patriots Day Regatta, June 29 with a race, a gourmet dinner, specialty t-shirt and over-the-top awards ceremony. AM G WORK ARD Courtney and Jim Winstead traveled to see son James receive his MBA from the University of Southern California. James earned the degree carrying a full time course load while he worked full-time as a manager of marketing and analysis for Guthy Renker. James, a 1999 Gulf Breeze High grad, lives in Manhattan Beach, California. He is engaged to Deborah Campanam who is a nurse. She is starting her graduate degree this fall to become a nurse practitioner. SWEETEARTS The Beach’s Sidewalk Social Director Gena Raymon was ringing the wedding bell to direct everyone to the Shaker last week for an Engagement Party for Kevin Morrell and Libby Sherrill Hollimon. Congrats! LOVE LETTERS Melinda Keathley sent Island Times a love letter. She and her husband live in Memphis and vacation on Pensacola Beach. “We love the turquoise waters, the white sand, the friendly people and the funky vibe. I discovered Island Times I read it cover to cover in one patio sitting. Your newspaper is a delight to read. I ")$1('!$.!" sacola Beach area--full of personality, unique and laid back. MSSED TE EAT Former Krewe of Wrecks Queen Bobbi Cunningham will have to wait out a few dances until "$!$"%'." %(/4!D++&.$"! form soon, attending Woman’s Club and Wrecks events all over the island. TE G SOW Monette Hodges, the Beach’s favorite dance instructor, orchestrated, choreographed and directed her annual Dance Show, June 2 at UWF. She’s got the showmanship of a Hollywood producer and brings out the best in each performer. RNNNG TE RELAY Pensacola Beach Relay for Life Committee lucked out. Beach’s Terry Preston volunteered as the Operations Manager. She needs some help. Ask her what you can do. Who could aspire to such heights? Who took the title as the first woman to be anointed Beach Bum of the Year? She had to do nothing to earn this. No work. No job. No earnings for one whole year. All the while, this lovely damsel kept her social obligations on Pensacola Beach. It was Nini Baird and Karen Hagford was the first person to answer correctly. Karen, a friend and admirer of Nini’s accomplishment, knew that she was not always a lady of leisure. “Nini and I worked together at The Dunes. I was behind the bar and Nini was at the front desk. We also worked &-N#!!&#&( kept her wine in the ice bin,” wrote Karen. Karen, lives in Fernandina Beach with her husband Rick, but is on Pensacola Beach this week to pick up her prize winning Island Times tshirt, and visit her grandsons. The Beach Bum of the Year awards took place annually at the end of the Summer. The ultra secret Council of Winos would convene and the most sought after designations of Bum and Rookie Bum were handed out among other things. Chuck Steele would make the announcements from a wobbly bar stool in a smoke filled beach watering hole. The juke box was silenced and nothing but beer can pop tops and a few hecklers would break the spell. As a nod to the historic nature of the question and his inside track, Chuck answered, “My lips are sealed.” Apparently, the walking beach trivia encyclopedia who supplies a clue or two to a few, was consulted on this. Roundtable royalty Kim Schmitz confirmed that her answer was correct by consulting the Big Encyclo. He raised his Busch beer can in salute to the first girl Bum. Roundtable Royal Knight Sir Morrie Drees, who may be the only person who still has a Sandspur Republic hat, knew it was Nini. There were many who did not. Big Bob Dority thought it was Jane Waters. Oh no. She was busy writing about the escapades of the Beach characters and local government. From high atop her throne in the Kingdom of Wrong Answers Queen Joanne Brooks asked “Was it Jackie Henderson?” Sorry, Queen Jo. You remain the best of the not right. Ella Hess and Chrissy Cook will ask for temporary asylum in the arid area of incorrect, while they get their facts straight for the next journey into the not-known. Our friend Nini lives in West Palm. She left her beach bumming days behind a couple of decades ago for a real job. The Beach Chamber will host the sixth annual Taste of the Beach, September 14-15 to showcase beach’s best chefs. They will bring nationally acclaimed television celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern to the island. It’s not their first food festival. Way back when, they sponsored a Beach Seafood Festival. Do you remember what year the Beach Chamber premiered their Seafood Festival? Skydivers, food, crafts, beauty contests and belly dancers were all part of the three day event. It was hosted at the Boardwalk. If you can hit the mark, you will be styling in a new Island Times trivia t-shirt. Send your answer, name and phone number via email to islandtimes@ bellsouth.net with trivia in the subject line. Better hurry, this one’s easy. Deadline to answer is June 18.


PAGE Island Times June 11, 2013 Human intrusion has damaged the Gulf Coast Ecosystem but the money to repair, conserve and restore the delicate balance will come from the civil penalties imposed as a result of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Hundreds of local environmentalists and citizens packed the Escambia County Commission Chambers Monday, June to receive updates and give input to the Restoration Council. After the disaster, Congress enacted the RESTORE Act which also established a Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council. The Council is comprised of delegates '1)&&%"$&")! Governors of Alabama, Florida, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. This Council is tasked with developing and guiding the implementation of a Comprehensive Plan. The Plan’s initial draft, published on May 2, will be open for public comment through June 24. During the public meeting, Justin Ehrenwerth, Restore Council’s Executive Director, explained that the exact amount of money and when it will be available are still uncertain, but it is important to seek public input at each stage. The goals of the Council are outlined in the Plan to provide an overarching framework for a coordinated approach to regionwide restoration. The goals are Restore and Conserve Habitat, Restore Water Quality, Replenish and Protect Living Coastal and Marine Resources, Enhance Community Resilience and Restore and Revitalize the Gulf Economy. Notably, Ehrenwerth mentioned coordination between partnering agencies to avoid duplica$"&")'&$'$!+" the Gulf Coast region. As a result of the oil spill, there are many agencies who will have different Council Visits Escambia County To Seek Input on Ecosystem Restoration PlanTucked away in his East Hill studio, Jem Sullivan brings laughter to thousands. His illustrations and clever captions are featured on the front of Shoe Box greeting cards which are marketed by Hallmark. The unassuming Sullivan, a freelance illustrator, has been recognized twice by the National Cartoonist Society. The most recent accolade came during the 7th Annual NCS Reuben awards ceremony, May 25 in Pittsburgh. The Society makes awards in 15 different categories which include everything from television animation to comic books. Sullivan’s work was chosen as the winner of the Greeting Card division. In 29, a fellow cartoonist submitted Sullivan’s work for funds to allocate to a variety of projects such as Natural Resource Damage Assessment NRDA, National Fish and Wildlife, National Academy of Sciences and the North American Wetlands Conservation Fund. NRDA funds are currently available. NRDA has awarded Escambia County a 1 million stipend for projects to increase access to the Bob Sikes Fishing Bridge, according to Escambia County Engineer Matt Mooneyham. The improvements include creating an access road, improved lighting, ')$&$"&")&$ to the bridge and parking area to increase safety and handicapped access. Escambia County Commissioner Grover Robinson, whose district includes Pensacola Beach, welcomed the Council to Pensacola and reminded them that Escambia County beaches suffered the most impact of the spill in the entire state of Florida. “I appreciate your service on this Council,” said Robinson. “I can tell you what the oil spill’s impact has meant to us and what the RESTORE funding will mean to us.” The Plan describes what type of projects will be considered and how they will be evaluated for funding potential. The process to submit projects for consideration is open to all and the Council will request proposals from its eleven state and federal members. The deadline to submit proposals has not yet been established, but according to Ehrenwerth, the www. restorethegulf.gov website will contain details on that process in the future. The Council is required to have the Initial Comprehensive Plan published by July To review and comment on the Draft of the Comprehensive Plan, visit www.restorethegulf.gov. consideration. “I did not even know it,” said 4$1&"/>F"$<#&"$)!& I was a nominee.” This time Sullivan sent a few samples of his greeting cards. 0!)#&"&#)! top contenders and Sullivan was recognized as the winner. In the early years, Sullivan provided illustrations only. Now he brings the art to life with words, or vice versa. The process of creating artwork and captions creative enough to be used on a Shoe Box card is illusive, according to Sullivan. The inspiration comes in many forms. “Sometimes I will be doodling and an idea will come from the drawing,” he said. “But more often I can come up with the caption and the illustration follows.” Sullivan’s sister is Pensacola Beach resident Sandee Bredesen, a retired educator. When Bredesen was a Beach School teacher the students and staff were lucky enough to have whimsical, colorful t-shirt art designed by the award winning illustrator. Sullivan’s design may likely be a collector’s item among beach families. Want to know if your Shoe Box greeting card was designed by Sullivan? He let us in on a little secret. His cards are signed with “jem” if he created the art, and “jems” if he was the illustrator and writer. His website is as entertaining as his cards, www.jemsullivan.com ararraaiaillian ins anis ie ad


PAGE Island Times June 11, 2013 aii peas, porridge and a dry martini 021242Owner Peggy Henshall is ready to keep you in stitches!auniem aunieamnames, logos, custom artsmall or large quantities Marias Fresh Seafood Marketae a little it of the ulf Coast hoe resh fro the oats ail e can col pac for trael or ship anhere621 Cervantes Street Call for directions fro the each aiva Serving Breakfast and Lunch ar innin serice iaTarr mens nil eals Tar LindaMurphyRealtor@bellsouth.net www.pensacolagulfbreezehomes.com independenl oned and operaed "&/0 y Granda Dorothy Availale at Apple Maret and oe PattisTry Grandas favorite roccoli Salad recipe 49!7" The Wooly Booger Social Club’s “Keep the Hurricanes Away this Season Bawl” was a raging success this year! Queen Shugah Jayne Drees Redmond has her altar set up and ready for operation in anticipation of any storm daring to threaten our shores. She shared some very special talismans with instructions for her Council and Warriors. Below is an e-mail I received from her Royal Consort Johnny Redmond. enin l e es e i e nn een a ane le e ain as een enaed in ll n eaain in e ae e en iane seasn ae ni ans eeded e mannin e a and seam in e l and Inland aes nl an a e e led ea e i e ll n een a i e ea a e ll mn ise and seed e l e ain and is ses ee meein i e i nil I am a e e een as laimed e ae ead s e see sm eel lin alisman een a neiled e ea mai and mseis es e maneism e mass se ill se ale e a a ain sms Tese as ae een assed dn m an ien maines and saman m e das ld een a as aised a s and said e ae ead Thank you Johnny for providing this intriguing and informative insight into our Queen’s preparations. I also shared something very special to me. It’s an entreaty written by D.J. Zemenick &")")'&! W.B. “Keep the Hurricanes Away this Season Bawl.” It served me well and I encourage everyone to learn and use this whenever we are called upon by Queen Shugah Jayne. It reads een a da s nea ase l e eas e island ni and da nd ee e i anes aa Members of the High Council and former Queens Shugah also brought talismans used during their reign to be blessed by the Queen. They were then distributed throughout the attendees of the Bawl. One such talisman was special Red Lip and Conch Shell Whistles which assist with the “blowing to the South” method created and used in my arsenal during my reign as Queen Shugah. Warriors of the W.B. Nation, former Kings and loyal subjects have also contributed to the ever expanding and carefully guarded powerful magic treasures, needed and used by each succeeding Queen Shugah. It makes me very proud to see the representation from our past Royalty each year continuing to support and pledge loyalty to the W.B. Queen Shugah. What a pleasure to see Barry McCleary who with his wife, the &")&1)&! Royal Couple. Louise Turner, who served as the second W.B. Royalty along with her late husband J.R. Also present was Q.S. Judy L’Oignon who served in conjunction with the late Chuck LeBum. It was Q.S. Judy who proclaimed, “There will be NO hurricanes during my reign” thus creating the obligation of each succeeding Q.S. to forever use whatever powerful hoo-doo, we-doo to ward off approaching storms of hurricane magnitude. In defense of some past Q.S. who reigned during a couple of major hurricanes, each Queen Shugah is only as strong as her Nation. If you do not believe nor participate, you are an impediment to Queen Shugah, the entire Wooly Booger Nation and the power necessary to prevent such catastrophe. So, don’t go blaming Queen Shugah. Look in the mirror. I really dislike having to include the word “late” in description of precious friends. After the loss of Bernie Grimes during his reign with Q.S. Rita LovePerry, along with the passing of His High Wooliness and founder of the Social Club, Les Cieutat, the High Council no longer had the heart to search for another King, so there are now Queens Shugah only. So it’s time to get to this week’s recipe shared with us by the Mystic Krewe of Nereids Queen Peggy Henshall. She mentioned on Facebook she had cooked this for Sunday dinner. It caused me to salivate immediately. Queen Peggy claims she is not a cook, but I think this recipe proves otherwise. She did warn that she never measures ingredients a sign of a true cook so I attempted to provide some for her recipe. Any mistakes, of course are mine and I encourage you to mix and taste frequently so you can adjust measurements to your own taste. Let’s cook ead Eue 1 Mae a roux of eual aounts of 1$":-3"$& each Stir constantly over ediu heat until a rich chocolate ron 2 Fine chop celery onions ell "":";$ <-"5" availale in y itchen Yesterday -$&"!" "5#"$) .*("( !('#(ing parsley oregano hatever you ant /'$""" =$:#&#"<$" roux into a gravy consistency 6!&: ">("(<" oil cover and reduce to sier 0$":"##! cups ra rice then sit ac and let 15"&"-$$ ally let it coo until the rice is ready Serve the etouffe over rice Enjoy and don’t forget to share! See ya in the kitchen... l es and anna es aeed a Paadise, June 1 eleae e ee Te uianes Aa al P le ueen ua Jane ees edmnd ields e eul sield ad sms P i a lea asined a seial a, us e l e al e as i ude e is al ns


Island Times PAGE June 11, 2013 Jennifer Byrom, P.A. !The hiring of a layer is an iportant decision that should not e ased solely upon advertiseents &"!$($!$&""&"#$$"=$>)"?Tr irar i air916-9000 Sunday Services Worship y the Water 9 AM Flounders each gucorg Our Lady Catholic Church 9:4 AM Avenida 1 Via De Luna stanngulfreeeorg Pensacola each Church 10 AM Avenida 1 Via de Luna theeachchurchco Central Waterside Church 9 AMiini each ar iing Bacpacing no i pparel oc limbing ear opes hoes ndoor oc limbing alleaedsne ens and mens asual ud lin By Cross in the Sand A In the book, “The How of Happiness,” and the followup, “The Myths of Happiness,” Dr. Lyubomirsky, a psychology professor at the University of California, Riverside, caused $$"!)+&)# a wider audience, cementing her place in a long chain of happiness-industry stalwarts, from M. Scott Peck with “The Road Less Traveled” to Martin E. P. Seligman and “Learned Optimism” to Daniel Gilbert and his best-selling “Stumbling on Happiness.” Her ")$"%&"+1&$1&") at times, counter-intuitive. Renters are happier than homeowners, she says. Interrupting positive experiences makes them more enjoyable. Acts of kindness make people feel happier, but not if you are compelled to perform the same act too frequently. The intent of this and other writings has been to examine what makes us happy or what makes us unhappy. In her research she found that one of the big dials people could tune to affect personal happiness is how much we compare ourselves to others. It is interesting that unhappy people tend to feel better when they get poor evaluations but learn others did worse than when they get excellent evaluations but learn others did better. I think it is interesting that people look in so many places for happiness and yet many times fail in the most basic exploration. It is not only a proven fact that when we give ourselves to the betterment of others it lifts us, but also #!"#")#&(!$".&+ something higher than ourselves we are much happier. Maybe it would not be a bad idea for all of us looking for happiness to listen to some words of the one that has a solution for this problem. Jesus said Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? The happiness quest is simply a way to put things into perspective, and maybe, just maybe, know that our happiness is not found in the things we think. My suggestion is to look a little deeper, stay a little longer in thought, move a little slower in judgment and most of all, take time for your spirit to be at peace. Lesley and Craig Mateer may have to build a trophy room for their children Maddie, Macy and Max’s awards. “We have had a crazy fun time at the Mateer house this year,” said Lesley. The youngest, Max, completed fourth grade at the Beach School. He has to keep up the family tradition of honor roll status and outstanding citizenship set by his sisters Macy and Maddie, who are Beach School grads. He’s doing his best. *"$!)$"")& at the Escambia County Council of Teachers of Mathematics Sunshine Math Competition, April 27. He followed that with string of victories in the Optimist Speech Contest. He won at the Beach School, the County and regional levels. His speech, based on the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” &")!$'&&$"!"& of the North Florida District. Max #&!("%"&$$$"% his skills against high school students. Macy is making her mark in Washington, D.C. this week with her award winning entry into the National History Fair Day competition. The seventh grader at Gulf 5$))4!&) in Escambia County’s contest in February. She advanced to the statewide contest where she quali)'$"!-&$"& June 9-1. The 21 National History Fair Day theme is “Turning Points In History People, Ideas, Events.” Macy is entered in the performance category with her presentation, “Barbara Walters Changing the Channel for Women in Broadcasting.” Island Times readers may recall the story February, 21 about Maddie Mateer and her successful stage career at just 1 years-old when she was selected as the youngest actress at Le Petit in New Orleans. She performed in Atlanta as well. She was so busy, she had to attend virtual school. “After five professional shows, Maddie is back in real school,” said Lesley. “She is focusing on college prep now while attending Gulf Breeze High.” Maddie just finished her 2&'&) tion, where she played Urleen in Footloose. She was also Dance Captain for the production. Maddie will spend July at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, honing her skills at The Performing Arts Project. Hundreds of 1 to 25-year-olds audition for the coveted spots. This is Maddie’s second summer to be selected for the prestigious program. The Mateer kids are wonderful ambassadors for Pensacola Beach. They are traveling to compete and perform at extremely high levels. And, for their parents, who are so very proud, they may need to consider an addition to their Beach house, because the awards just keep rolling in. Beach Kids Make Parents Proud


PAGE Island Times June 11, 2013 The Lizzards Tongue ...........by elizabeth hewson My mother used to always say in reference to me “You can take the girl out of New Orleans, but you will never take New Orleans out of the girl.” So now I am beginning to wonder if that statement holds true for animals. A few weeks ago, we rescued a dog from the animal shelter in Milton. Pete, a four-year-old Pointer, is a north Santa Rosa County hunting dog by birth, but now resides on Pensacola Beach. His surroundings sure have changed, so will he ever adapt? First of all, Pete has to understand that his name is just not Pete Townsend Hewson the Fifth. Once a Beach resident, your name is immediately changed. Its a true sign of belonging to a family who prefers sand and sea oats over dirt and pine trees. I have a multitude of Beach names LizBeth, Lizzy, and the Lizzard, just to name a few. Pete is starting to comprehend Sweet Pete it rhymes, Powerball Pete he hit the lottery of love when adopted, Pink Eye Pete hates this one and will not acknowledge, and Pirate Pete only if he can wear a patch over his one pink eye. Next Pete has to come to grips that the Gulf of Mexico is not the Blackwater River. Though !&"+'(I& which is what he prefers on his visits to Dog Beach it can also produce waves that crash onto shore. It is safe to assume that Pete probably wont be hanging twenty anytime soon on the edge of his dads longboard. Pete, however, might make an excellent Beach lifeguard because the only time he barks is if someone goes under water. Now I know dogs eat grass because it settles an upset stomach. Pete, however, is going to have to learn that grass with a root system strong enough to hold an island together during a storm is not something to chew on no matter how much his tummy aches. He is slowly starting to %!&+&)&%& that are as tall as he is long really dont exit the digestive system very easily. I also think since Pete was originally found roaming the woods, grass may have been a food source for him. I am sure it wont be long until he realizes his new food source comes from a blue bin with a white scoop and a can with a picture of Paul Newman on it. Alligators, river otters, great blue herons, white-tailed deer and turkeys are just a few of the animals spotted recently in the Blackwater State Park where Pete was found roaming. Now he has to adjust to life with seagulls, blue striped lizards, and beach mice. The other day he was engaged in a full on hunt with a ghost crab. Pete was standing still as a statue, pointing at a member of the Ocypodidae family. Eventually, the ghost crab with his oversize black eyes stared Pete down and scurried back to his hole. Pete trotted away looking a bit confused, and returned to napping underneath a palm tree. Finally, Pete must embrace that we dont own a pick-up truck, wear balls caps or drink Budweiser. Rusted out bicycles, I$I&")')$".&! best we can do. Not to mention excellent veterinarian care from Dr. Tim Gossman at Gulf Breeze Animal Hospital licenses, tags and chips that can tell others where he now lives and a home where he is welcomed to come inside and be part of the family. Hopefully some day he will understand that what happens on the Beach stays on the Beach. That none of his buddies in north Santa Rosa County will know hes gone sandy. That he sleeps inside on a dog bed. That he has chew toys and rawhide bones. That he walks on a leash and is always picked up after. That its okay he is afraid of his own shadow and &"N%#!!)%" the other side of the sliding glass door lives.

PAGE = Island Times June 11, 2013 850-206-3156 Joe Stukey Computer Repair in Your Home wwwOycpalsOcom joeQycpalsOcom LOCATED ON THE BOARDWALK Reach businesses touted the success of Semorial Uay Weekend during the roundtable discussion at the Pensacola Reach Vhamber monthly membership meetingX Say YZ at the Uays [nn conference roomO [nnkeepers and restaurant owners said all indica\ tors point to a very busy summer as wellO ]fter a rainy and cold ]prilX the crowds are flocking to the beach on warm Say weekendsO Traffic counts at the Rob ^ikes Toll _acility for the Semorial Uay Weekend exceeded previous years with ZZX`Zq cars arriving Thursday through Semorial UayO Roard Vhairman Reverly Vampbell saidX We want to keep the ball rolling for the ReachO We have been busy at the ^andshakerOŽ Vourtney _ellX representing the ^anta zosa [sland ]uthorityX reminded members that the Rands on the Reach is in full swing with free concerts each Tuesday eveningO Vhamber President {icole ^taceys report included an up\ date on the Silitary _ishing |x\ pedition and the Pensacola Reach ]ir ^howO [ was honored to welcome the military anglers to Pensacola Reach on behalf of the VhamberXŽ said ^taceyO Vhamber businesses make donations and provide food which makes this event possibleO }im ~nell coordinates the whole thingOŽ The Vhamber sponsors a endors Tent during the Pen\ sacola Reach ]ir ^howO There are only two available slots left for the }uly €Y\€ eventX according to ^taceyO Vhamber members are given a discount on vendor feesO [n her isitors Venter ze\ portX ^tacey noted that the design for constructing a new isitors Venter in the north end of the Vasino Reach parking lot cleared another hurdle during the ^z[] Vommittee SeetingX Say YYO [f approved and fundedX the con\ struction could begin in ‚ctoberO Sembership numbers con\ tinue to be strongO _lip ~ey aca\ tion zentals is the newest Vham\ ber memberO ƒong time member Rarrons zealty has changed its name to Rarrons Property San\ agersX [ncO The Vhamber now has €„Y membersO Pensacola Reach ]dvocates President }im Vox announced that the Turtle ƒighting ‚rdinance would be moving forward to the |scambia Vounty Vommis\ sion meeting next monthO The ]dvocates met with large beach stakeholders to assist in develop\ ing an ordinance which would not place undue burden on businesses as they work to comply with the new lighting standardsO Vox also expressed his ap\ preciation for the cooperative effort between the PR] and Vhamber Roards in creating and presenting criteria to the z|\ ^T‚z| Vommittee during SayO This effort was efficient and gave the beach one voiceXŽ said VoxO The suggestions were well receivedOŽ }ane Sc…rathX Pensacola Reach ‚ptimist VlubX said the Vlubs Uerby Uay fundraiser earned over †X‡‡‡O ^he then reeled off a list of beneficiaries which included multiple Reach ^chool events and programsX _irst zesponders UinnerX ^ci\ ence ‚lympiadX [ndependence Chamber Member Businesses Blast Into Summerfor the Rlind and the Silitary _ishing TripO Reach zealtor {an ˆarper introduced Wesley ‚dom to the Vhamber membersO ˆis com\ pany supplied transportation to events for the visiting ^panish dignitaries during the …alve‰ VelebrationO ‚dom had one of his €q‡s replica busses for Vhamber members to tour after the meeting adjournedO The next membership meet\ ing is set for TuesdayX }une Y„ at ZŠ‡ aOmO at the Uays [nn confer\ ence roomO Rusiness ]fter ˆours is the same day at Vrabs begin\ ning at „ pOmO _or a guest pass or member\ ship informationX contact {icole ^tacey at Z„‡\qY\€„‡‡O AIR SHOWJuly 12-13 1 to 3:30 Casino Beach Civilian Acts & Concert visitpensacolabeach.comFIREWORKSJuly 4 9 pm Santa Rosa Sound Happy Birthday Americapensacolabeachchamber.comTASTE of the BEACHSept 14-15 Chef Andrew Zimmern tasteofpensacolabeach.com


PAGE 10Island TimesJune 11, 2013 all ennis emes 0340 denemm denemdenemmaT ? oes for Sale GLF REEE 43 209900 21 99900 NAVARRE rand ne eautiful ne soundfront counity located just 3 iles est of the ridge 33 12900 Call for a personal tour unnin n ana sa und u n ea i 13 aes uild u deam me 10,000 ne ill diide Chec out y other residential lot listings: Gulf reee @"&"(A( B/6"A+( B/"A( B"A( addl locations 6"A( B"A6( eaued isin aen Gul eee Galaxy Girl y andae ea Hey Pals, its Galaxy Girl here reporting from upstate -#6.&")! ger lakes. I am visiting my +!$"&#"4%&/ By the time this article comes out, Gene will have turned 71. You wouldnt know it though. He, like my husband Ralph, is a constant tinkerer. Those #'"&&#&( $"% redesigning something. <"&))$$"!$)$ ous bicycles. These bikes are custom designed for his height &")#$%!/*$)$&"&1 ages between 25 and 5 miles each evening. Watching him go to workout made me realize I need to follow suit with a regular routine. There is a wonderful park near Genes home. I got up early every morning to walk and run. There are exercise stations which $")$!! es and other tortuous items. ?! &$&$" how out of shape I was, occurred #!"<&)""$"%/4' thing was slowing me down. Darn it, if it wasnt my rear end. “Thats okay,” I said to myself. “Thats gravity for you. It will be diminished in a few months.” 0!"!")&#&." ing came in the body lift section. Upper body strength has always been my thing. Not any more with regard to my arms. And why? Because of my gluteus being too maximus and gravity, thats why! I am persevering though. In just a few days my upper body strength is returning as are my lungs. My &"& $"%'!+/ 4<"#.#&) turning minus poundage. Ha ha! And with that I am heading out to the moon where there’s $%&1$(!‹ www.PensacolaMESSHall.org 1-877-YES-MESS Callor visit MATH, ENGINEERING, SCIENCE & STUFF a Hands-On Science MuseumFort Pickens offers unique &")"%&%$"%%&'!$ )")$"%!''/<"&) dition to Fort tours, star gazes and hikes suitable for the entire family, there are a some activities for kids only. irar The very popular Junior Ranger program for kids ages through 11 will be hosted at Fort Pickens this summer, according B&"%4&"(&#!&)/ Rangers Beckie Breeding Mims &")&7))#$&)! grams. Reservations are required. F'$"%$"9EE(& olds are June 17, 24, July 22, 29 '9""/4$$%!(& olds’ sessions are June 27, July 11, 17,18, 24 and 25. 0!7"$B&"%&")4& 4&&$1$(+.&&1&$&+ at the Fort’s Visitor’s Center. 6"%&"'! ercises in the book to be eligible for a patch and a badge. iar 0!&#$%&) grams at Ft. Pickens, directed by John Hunter. 0!7"$$%&) %&'&%EE#$+ )'7"&") 7(/0!%&'#!$! $")#$''$"%" )" building exercises, water safety lessons, basic rescue techniques &"%#$!".$"%&")&") up paddleboarding lessons is an opportunity for kids to become better acquainted with water safety. According to Hunter, this ''&'()%&'$ for those who can swim but would like to increase their skills and knowledge. The CadetTrainee program kicks off this week, June 1 through 14, but continues with special sessions all summer long. ,&)'+EE(& old, and competent swimmers who wish to learn more about water safety, lifeguard programs, tower observation and the EMT community. >0!$%&')" A$&!$%! $"($" swimming,” said Hunter. “One of the things we do is travel to a pool to give the Cadets additional stroke instruction to help them improve.” 0!&.41$)" charge for the program but there &$"11)$"&$$& ing. Hunter said attendees can expect to spend between 75 to ME"!%&'/B%$& $"$A$)&") &$$' $)/,&7!"*"&9E 54 for details and registration information. aa This is a combined beach walk and safety talk is suitable for the whole family, but kids love it. &)+(&&.41$$%&) &&"%)"&!!%&' &&E=&/'/&!4&)&( !%!4'+/ araaTr An introduction to the beach’s original inhabitants, sea turtles. Fort Pickens Auditorium, June 1 and 2, July 21 and 28 at p.m. To view the entire summer program schedule, go to www. nps.govguis.Fun At The Fort Par Progras Set For SuerThe Florida Trail Association organizers have pumped up their +$.$&$)4&)&( June 15 beginning at the Florida -&$"&4"$0&$& Pickens. Riders should meet at 8 a.m. in the parking lot. The ride will return to this same point prior &)!&"!&%% Pete’s on Fort Pickens Road. George Brinkman is the ride organizer and can be reached at 9E/'$" mation or sign up go to www. meetup.comftawesterngate.Bikers Ride The Trail0!"&&48 sociation is hosting a free tennis $"$&!B reation Center, Thursday and $)&(7(/ 8"(.$)&%E&$" vited to attend the free clinic. All skill levels are welcome. The clinic is intended to introduce the game of tennis in a fun, relaxed, and learning environment. Area tennis professionals will lead the instruction. Participants are encouraged +$"%!$#"&.& priate tennis shoes and clothes, water bottle, and sun screen. In the event a child does not have a racquet, free racquets will be available to use during the clinic. Registration is available at www.pensacolasports.com.ivi Tr Tiii


PAGE 11 Island Times June 11, 2013uzz........................B Business mmeial esidenial Aaisal, nsulin ales 103 ayridge Dr Gulf reee FL 0-934-19 gdanielgreenco G aniel Geen, AI, A aee Gen EA 3 eal Esae e 19 AE EAe undesand u insuane needs023092A TA A TE faily oned and operated independent insurance agency ie, usiness Au le mmeial eile menes ld >>><

Island Times June 11, 2013 PAGE 12 Studio98 TT a einar a FULL SERVICE HAIR SALON Call for easy directions fro the each studio9hairdesignsco av rTrai!"#$""%"#&'#$()*" !+"" *(,/"!( 4477 9;$"!( ("(?! ""4//( ntegrat ing traditional health anageent ith natural and alternative approaches rTrai LVNG RNGS T N WE TAKE T OTCarpet pholstery Cleaner ." "$'CD"$ E"#(2!C%"4"(C2-"" Peed eam lean Pess n e060 Seeing Stars... your horoscope for next weekMadame Astra EE EIE B L B PL GS usan aselon-elleMary Kay Independent Beauty ConsultantHeres to a more beautiful you! ree i ih orders oer 40as ordering online or b phone 850-9-865 ara.comshaselon S S S S unrise and S unset DJs Beach Cafe 3 ia de una across from Springhill Suites 09101 un11 AM TO 2 PM Everyday 8 AM -2 PM Fri & Sat 3 9 PM eaas8 AM TO NOON inneFRI SATARIES March 21 to April 19 Although you might prefer moving forward at a steady pace, it might be a good idea to stop and reassess your plans. You could find a good reason to make a change at this time. TAURUS April 2 to May 2 Just when you thought you had everything planned to the smallest detail, you get some news that could unsettle things. But a timely explanation helps put it all back on track. GEMINI May 21 to June 2 Home and work continue to compete for your attention. But you handle it well by giving each its proper due. Someone you trust offers valuable advice. Listen to it. CANCER June 21 to July 22 Unsettling news creates a difficult but not impossible situation. Continue to follow your planned routine, but keep your mind open to a possible change down the line. LEO July 2 to August 22 Lick your wounded pride if you like, but its a better idea to find out why your suggestions were rejected. What you learn could help you deal with an upcoming situation. VIRGO August 2 to September 22 Feeling a bit listless? No wonder. You might be pushing too hard to finish everything on your to-do list. Cutting it down could help get your energy levels up. LIBRA September 2 to October 22 Taking time out of your busy schedule might be the best way to handle that sensitive private matter. It will help reassure everyone involved about your priorities. SCORPIO October 2 to November 21 Insist on full disclosure by all parties before agreeing to be part of a great deal. What you learn should help you decide whether to go with it or not. SAGITTARIUS November 22 to December 21 Your decision to protect the secret that was entrusted to you might irk some people. But it also wins you the admiration of those who value trust and loyalty. CAPRICORN December 22 to January 19 Creative activities take on a practical approach as you realize you might be able to market your work. Ask for advice from someone experienced in this area. AQUARIUS January 2 to February 18 If youre suddenly a bit unsure about your decision, ask trusted colleagues andor friends or family members for suggestions that could help resolve your doubts. PISCES February 19 to March 2 A workplace situation could get stormy. But stay on course until theres a solution that meets with everyones approval, and things can finally calm down. BORN THIS WEEK You keep an open mind on most matters, making you the confidante of choice for people who need your honest counsel.?*"?Jambo hello everybody! Looking good. Feeling good. I am good. Summer is here and the music is playing a familiar tune. The lyrics sound something like “Paradise, oh Paradise, I cannot wait to spend time relaxing in the summer sun.” It is a fact that people love the warm rays and heat of the sun. So how can we enjoy our adult time outdoors with our small infants? The family is planning to go to the beach. The frantic mothers and fathers are trying to get ready. Packed are baby hats, blankets, sun care items, water, toys and the other items of dire necessity. Are we having fun yet? Babies under months and some younger children should not use any type of adult sunscreen, sprays, creams or lotions. Their immature skin will too readily absorb the chemical ingredients causing rashes and mild illness in some infants. Sunscreens designed for babies with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as the only active ingredient can be used sparingly. Infants can tolerate application on small areas of their unprotected body. These ingredients are less irritating and do not absorb as quickly. Using clothing plus shade as the primary method of protection is highly recommended. Some clothing lines manufacture sun safe wear, swim wear with a UV rating. They are also labeled as ultra violet protection factor clothing. Make sure you chose materials with UPF greater than 15. Keep those wee ones away from direct sunlight. Try to get your babies used to wearing hats. Water, water everywhere. The entire family should start hydrating the day before if possible. Short outings in the beginning of the summer will ensure enjoyment for all. Everybody should be putting sunscreen on foreheads, noses, cheeks, chins, tops of feet and the ears Then your day in Paradise will result in you looking good and feeling good. And of course your statement to the world -I am Good! Quaharini until we meet again, Safarisu Pensacola State College students won 2 gold medals at the SkillsUSA State Competition held in Pensacola during April. More than 1,8 students from as far as Miami competed in 112 work force and technical events. Congratulations to Culinary Arts student Victor Hernandez, who along with 1 other students, advances to the national competition in Kansas City, June 2-28. Award winning students like Hernandez will be on the Beach during September. PSC Culinary Program Director Roy Bracken has partnered with the Pensacola Beach Chamber to provide advanced Culinary students to assist with the Celebrity Chef presentation, September 14 at Taste of the Beach. America’s favorite chef Andrew Zimmern will headline the Taste of the Beach. ""7'//


Island Times PAGE 13 June 11, 2013THE ISLANDER LOUNGE AND PACKAGEA bit of history. The oldest lounge on Pensacola Beach located in the Via de Luna Shopping Center, about one mile east !& $%!/4$& daily. Dance on the pole. drink &!/4!I +&)/F&$ Cypress Room and Sundeck. Live music. Just steps away from The Break., our sister establishment. Open everyday for fun. 85-92-911.SHAGGYS WATERFRONT BAR & GRILLFresh seafood served overlooking Little Sabine Bay. &I & through the open air dining room and side bar. Laid back, funky, family friendly. Arrive by boat or car, bike or on foot. Open everyday at 11 a.m. in the big red building on Pensacola Beach Boulevard. 85-94-4852. www.shaggys.biz PADDY OLEARYS IRISH PUBMay the luck of the Irish be with you as you enter the Beach’s authentic Irish Pub. Happy bartenders serving Happy Hour priced drinks Monday thru Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Have you tried a Car Bomb? Electronic Darts. Texas Hold Em 4444 Fun. Live music. All kinds of shenanigans. Located in the historic district of Pensacola Beach, 49 Via de Luna. Call 85-91-988. www. PaddyOLearysIrishPub.com. FLOUNDERS CHOWDER HOUSECelebrating years of Floundering neath the moon and stars. Offering fresh Seafood including Tuna, Mahi and of course Flounder! Award winning chowder, po boys, burgers and Pensacola Beach Style baked oysters. Sample our Fresh catch including the Shrimp Boat Platterloaded with shrimp cocktail, BBQ shrimp, fried shrimp, popcorn shrimp &")F'/3$)1$&4!$&(%")&) on our beach well within view of dining parents. For late night 1")D$!!#)D "+&!+&")/ Dance all night on Flounder’s beach to the most popular bands from across the south. ")&(&#./4")&("!/8!0& $%!" beautiful Pensacola Beach, 85-92-2 ###/I ")!#)!/'CRABS WE GOT EMOnly restaurant on Pensacola Beach offering breath taking views of the Gulf while dining directly on the beach. Come as you are straight off the sandy beach and enjoy our indoor outdoor bar and gulf side deck. Crabs has the largest selection of Crab on the beach, was voted Best Crab by News Journal readers. She Crab Soup, Stuffed Blue ,&+8&.&"4"#3$"% 2"%"(D ") them all! We have many other seafood favorites on our menu as well as a great assortment of chicken, steaks and pasta dishes. Don’t forget to try one of our signature drinks like The Crab Trap’ which come with a souvenir glass to keep! Open 7 days a week. Sunday Brunch with live Steel Band. Look for the Red Roof. 85-92-7 www.crabswegotem.comMCGUIRES IRISH PUB"8'$&D%&&.!)(1$"%F428 $'4&.&)&")<$!$&$$")$"%<$! man’s bouillabaisse, Corned Beef and Cabbage and Shepherd’s Pie all inside a turn of the century New York Irish Saloon themed pub. McGuire’s is celebrated for its atmosphere, boasting more than 75, signed dollar bills hanging from the ceilings of the pub. Live entertainment coupled with great food and warm and friendly service by Employees who Give a Damn! Visit our on-site brewery and the O’Tolf Wine Cellar featuring the complete vertical collection of the Chateau Mouton Rothschild Artist Series. Featured on NBC’s Today’ Show, highly recommended by Fodors, Frommers and AAA travel guides, Florida Trend Magazine Hall of Fame Member. Open every day at 11, 85-4789, mcguiresirishpub.com After Sundown......................................................................................................SIDELINES SPORTS BAR AND RESTAURANT4‹2"D'$&$"/4$&$"!$%!) "$$"EE big screens, 42 televisions. If it runs, jumps, races, it’s here. Famous for Thursday Wing Night. Burgers. Seafood and Ribs. 3$)'"! JV players. Full bar. Indoor or outdoor seating. Video sports games. Centrally located on Via de "&:&!'&$"&.$"%&")!& $%!/3$. off at 11 a.m. seven days a week. 94-.SANDSHAKER LOUNGEThe “World Famous Sandshaker”a Pensacola Beach Tradition since 197. Home of the Original Bushwacker. Been selling this signature drink for over years. First bar on the Beach to offer this tasty frozen concoction. Monday half price BARE 1 a.m. til close T Hold’Em at 7 p.m., 2 Tuesday ‘3&&.?)")&(M& dies Nite, Thursday half price T-Shirt Nite. Live Entertainment Year Round Wednesday thru Sunday. Check out the Gift Shop. Across from the Boardwalk. Open 1 am am. 85-92-2211. www.sandshaker.com PARADISE BAR AND GRILLA little bit of paradise at this open air, island style bar with its own private white sand beach. Pull up a rattan stool. Cold beer. Live Music. Exotic Libations. Friendly locals. Lunch and Dinner everyday. Sandwiches. Salads. Fresh Catch of the Day. Renee’s Famous Shrimp Salad. Happy Hour 11-7. Live Bands. Poker on Monday and Wednesday. Tucked away in the parking lot of the Paradise Inn, it’s directly on Santa Rosa Sound. Boat and Bicycle parking. Open 7 days. 85-91-587.PEGLEG PETESAhoy, Matey. You’ve found a Pensacola Beach treasure. Pirates welcome. Fresh Gulf seafood served in the galley or outside on the awning covered deck. Glass front bar overlooks LaFitte Cove. All kinds of oysters. Live lobster. Gumbo. Dinner specials nightly. Sizeable sandwiches and burgers for Landlubbers. Take home a t-shirt. Look for the Jolly Rogers I ($"%1!#")!<&")&EE$."B&)/ We’re here everyday at 11. 92-419. www.peglegpetes.com BAMBOO WILLIES BEACHSIDE BARA beach experience under the giant thatched roof. Open air bar serving your favorites. Specialty Fat Tuesday frozen drinks like the Octane 19. Live music on stage. Bikini contests. Craw!$"4" day afternoons. Willie’s Wear Gift Shop. Waterfront on Santa Rosa Sound. Located at the Boardwalk. 85-91-9888. www.bamboowillies.com www.myislandtimes.com .....................................................................................


PAGE 14 Island Times June 11, 2013 CLASSIFIED ADS are 5 for 2 words. Additional words are 1 cents each. Send ad with check made payable to Shelley Ink, P.O. Box 844, Gulf Breeze, FL 252. eal Esae aleSSIIISINGPensacola Beach Vacaions enals. all or he ET ATE on Beachron condos and beach homes. oll ree 800-22-22. Visi online gulblueacaions.com eal Esae en NE 11: ouse Seat District To Voting Day Polls open at each Church 11: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free Modern ElDorados 12: Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting p #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic sria-flaco 14: Star Gae Gulfside Pavilion Dus No Charge Also on une 1 1: ie Ride ith Florida Trail Assoc Meet at Ft Picens Gate Lunch at PegLegs http:eetupco ftaesterngate 16: Fathers Day 1: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free Category Four 20: P Woans Clu nstallation of Officers 11 a each Church Felloship all 20: each Church NGO 6:30 p 20 All are elcoe 22: Pensacola Fishing Rodeo Weigh-n at Flounders Noon to p 23: Pensacola Fishing Rodeo Weigh n Flounders Noon to 6 p 24: P Eleentary School oard 6 p Capus 2: each Chaer usiness After ours Cras 2: o Seet T s Dessert Contest Preliinary Round 6 p Cras each Chefs to copete 2: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free Mr ig the Ryth Sisters 26: Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting p #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic sria-flaco Pesa ie a 19 ise a L 01 1203 aldnad 929900 L 07 all oda.all Linda urph eller illiams eal 850-78-0865 e nsuin aarre. oundron communi. 182900. o sor. Beauiul deails. ennis emesch ea on he oas 850-8-7607. ATET ul Breee. Lo in ana osa hores. 79000. rea alue or aerron proper on he souh side o ul Breee. erem ohnson Lein ine esor eal. 850-77-15 aulus Gul n me ha as buil or eneraining. B.5B. 500 20 oo ceilings in liing area beauiul hardood loors ichen ih double sins double oens double dishasher sub ero rerigeraor granie counerops. Balcon ih a sunen o ub and glass railings or abulous gul ies. ome also conains mooried sorm ts tie for a ne friends Adoptale dogs and ittens f you dont have roo in your heart and your hoe for a pet please ae a donation to help the Pensacola uane Society huanesocietyofpensacolaorg Dog Eat Dog Thursday Nights at Surf urger Dog friendly for friendly dogs Located upstairs fro Key Sailing 00 uietater each Road Pcola each Pensacola each Dog Pars Open Daily to 10 a Leashed friendly dogs Located near par east and par est P 2 ediins delieed diel u mail end 32 elle In P 44, Gul eee, 322044 reading Island Times... is like having front row seats on Pensacola Beach eal Esae aleLY 2: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free ohnny Earthuae 4: Fireors Extravagana 9 p Gulf front appy irthday Aerica 9:ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free Letric Mullet 10: Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting p #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic sria-flaco 12: Pensacola each Air Sho ith 21 civilian airplanes 1 to 3 p 13: Pensacola each Air Sho ith 21 civilian airplanes 1-3 p 13: FREE Concert p The Tas perfor 16: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free The Reunion and 24: Santa Rosa sland Authority Meeting p #1 Via de Luna Open to the Pulic sria-flaco 30: ands on the each Gulfside Pavilion -9 Free Class AGST 3: ushacer K : unior Sailing Cap pensacolaeach-ycorg shuers. Paradise oasal eal oe Billingsl ice Phone 85092-0067. ell Ph 850-291-6761. TE ATET T TAGE A I o bedroom1 bah renoaed. 12900. Plen o land o build our larger dream home or us add on. ish and aa rom our bacard or us eno he aer. eached garageorshop has o garage doors alloing or drie hrough access. ichen has granie counerops and uali cabines ih sel closing anislam eaure. rea amil pars in he area locaed minues aa rom Pensacola donon or public boa launches. on miss his aerron opporuni all oda.all Linda urph eller illiams eal 850-78-0865 ad aleAT, J 20, am St Augustines Episcopal Church 10 Navarre Py in Navarre next to The Leis Funeral oe At noon all prices ill e reduced y 2 p the prices ill e slashed clothing ill e all you can fit in a ag for 1 There ill e tales ith free things 0-939-2261 lunee each Chaers Taste of the each Sept 14-1 Eail: infotasteofpensacoleachco


Island Times PAGE 1 June 11, 2013 aineandam 1 Pensala ea ld a e aine aina en eeda a 9 AM09343141 Happy Hour Mon-Sat 9am-6pm Sun 9am-3pm Tuesday une 11: Trivia ith Little Tiy :30 p Wednesday une 12: ar NGO :30 p Thursday une 13: Karaoe ith ecy p Friday une 14: Karaoe ith ecy p Saturday une 1: Southern reee p Sunday une 16: The lenders 4 p Tuesday une 1: Trivia ith Little Tiy :30 p Wednesday une 19: ar NGO :30 p Thursday une 20: Karaoe ith ecy p Friday une 21: Karaoe ith ecy p Saturday une 22: Moondags p Sunday une 23: Avenida 16 4 p Free Sunsets Daily Poker is an American card %&' &()"!5$$ $$B$1+&&")'+&)+( !#$)&")'$)#!$.)! !&"%/0!0&*)’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ames &&() &&))( D&(D <$!+" 0!)&( &")4")&(/ 0*' !(. &!!$ "5&(&1$"%2""$&$" ")&/0&#$&") &#$"14,2+ $)'&""5&(E/?!!$ #&&"H$?&!) &")!$#$8"%& "$!)" #$"!5&('&!/ 0!4&")!&.!&&"" &$%&+!.&( "5")&("$%!/"" "&)7&'>70@ 0&(!#$""5&( +)")&+ !$")7"?)!&'"7"/ 5$!%$"! .)$1&$)$"! 1"&&&!$" 08.$"""5&(E/7$" 4!)$" !#$""D$ "5&(#$!2+ $)'&""$"% $"&")& '&"/ 4&)&(& ""%&'& &()&0!2./ 5&(3&(?) )&#&1%) &)&")'&&( && %"5&(/0! +&!'& .&"5&( E#!"!'( $?&)2 ") "#" #!$I ($"%&&")&!0 8.$""&$)+(&#!$/ 0&*)’H'"$ "&"("E)#! !&&+&$."#)%./ 0$)&(1$$&")& &#'&(/' $"'&$"&/rrTraiir May Texas old E 4444 Fun Player of the Month ustin Scher STAR GAZEFriday, June 14 Saturday, June 15 Casino Beach Telescopes set up at dusk. Weather permitting.


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Island Times PAGE 1 June 11, 2013 via limae onrolled el orage rie p ccess Boa Paring oing Pacing upplies27 igial ureillance ae lean ecure rea aes Proessional anagemen smasselsaem 1 lue ie Gul eeeforerly Storage Advantage nda andsae, PM Tusda Padd eas, PM auda Te 2 PM unda Padd eas, PM EA AET AIG AG u simmin sae :#>!?!D D : e ae added ein sim in aeas i lieuads E E ae lsed Puli E i aadi u and n uensE edium aaddeae u and uensGEE aadalm ndi ins, Eeise auinPPE aneus aine ie ales Geen SAT 4">F"" ,-'"Never Hurts To Tri a u $LM49 Via de Luna 916-90 B"!-"$# .$-"$# ') oldEs n T as iendl a We have gone back to basics. Expect the same incredible quality food delivered in less time. ee u lu1 an li ee, an ime i E lael mu 20 an li ee, an ime i A lael mu850-932-1417 !"# Open Air Waterfront Dining Area is DOG FRIENDLY for friendly dogs. Mon:ed eans ie 199Wed:aae 9 PME$4$#E#" 1 20!#"G '$":G IE uy one entree !$" 88 irst ou riOkay, so you’ve had it. You’re tired and you’re frustrated. You’re tired of being out of breath, you’re tired of being afraid to look at the bathroom scale and you’re just tired of being tired. So, you’ve drawn a line in the sand so to speak and you’ve determined you’re going to exercise and you’re going to watch what you ingest every day. Then you think, heck, I could even run a triathlon. Well, the absolute truth is YOU CAN and you’ll get in shape and change your diet while you’re at it. Seriously. Trust me. You can do it. You know the basics it’s swim, bike, run in that order, right? There are LOTS of step-bystep training programs and tips on the internet. You’re determined and you just need to take that !+&.)/" way to succeed is by starting and training with a group of likeminded athletes. Fortunately for you, there is a training group on Pensacola Beach that meets every Sunday during the summer and has a long history of success with triathlon newbies that’s you. Mere Mortals is the triathlon training group conducted by TriGulfCoast TGC. TGC is the well-organized triathlon club of Northwest Florida and includes beginners as well as complete stud ironman triathletes. Every Sunday morning from early June through September they meet for training at a.m. relax you’ll get used to it at Casino Beach. They start off with the basics and are very patient and inclusive with even the rawest triathletewannabes. The first sessions start slowly, there are usually 1 or more people there and you’ll feel comfortable in the group setting. At the end of the summer they hold a practice race cleverly called the Members Only Triathlon or MOT. You yes, you will practice for three months and then (D"&") "$!!50 successfully. If this interests you and I think it should, welcome to the multi-sport world you’re about to get a whole new perspective on #!&D!/0! $ to go to the TGC website www. trigulfcoast.org and click on the Mere Mortals page. It will give you with all the basic information including the schedule. To participate in the training program, you need to be a member of the club. Why? Because of their insurance and risk management requirements and, hey, you want to be a member. For members, the program and the MOT are free. Then get yourself up, get out the door and be there early next Sunday morning and you’re on your way. A few questions are in your mind so let me throw out a few along with some answers. What equipment is required? You will need swim goggles and a brightlycolored swim cap for the sessions in Santa Rosa Sound and the Gulf of Mexico. Usually someone will give you a new swim cap. WHEN you are on the bicycle, a helmet is absolutely required. You need a decent pair of running shoes. What about my physical shape? You probably need to be able to swim at least 2 yards non-stop. Mere Mortals will help with your swim technique, with swimming in open water and with swimming in groups. You need to be able to jog some. Walking and jogging are a good way to start. By the end of the summer, you’ll be swimming, biking and running #$!" )"/?!(&'< certain? I started from ground zero and that’s the way I did it. Let me say it one more time you can do it! 7O9#Q+UUUUL WZ[$ \]U$]^^M Pensala ea lieuads a ule and ale is ie e ses insuin n e sim in e Juni ieuad us, auda, June 1 a uieae Peain sim ae an n le, ill Painn, alie mi and aan Paule Te ee ananimals uau a aine anda as an ei a ai June 2 ead ula dane ae a J Tiis, aen alee ell, Anela e and ee ueen ianne ild


PAGE 1 Island Times June 11, 2013 Tr BY DJ ZEMENICKraT Nest pdate: for Pensacola each Gulf slands National Seashore as of une 4: Perdido e 2 Pensacola Beach Picens 1 ana osa 1 “Here, turtle, turtle!” That became the wistful call of sea turtle patrollers by the end of our '"!&#!")&( &)#$!#/< "&( discovered my first nest of the season on May 1, but it was only the third one found in May. We were heading into June with one nest on Perdido Key and two on Pensacola Beach. Though our first month of patrol is generally slow, our spirits drooped a bit with nest numbers that low. Some theorized that our sea turtles arrival was delayed by the cooler-than-normal weather but we kept faith that it would still be a good year once sea turtles started coming ashore. I checked the status of patrol areas in other parts of Florida and compared their nest counts to ours. It turned out that many, both near and on the east coast, were experiencing a similar situation. One group near 7&."1$&!!&)") 1 nests and one false crawl by May 1, but stated that at the same time last year they had 25 nests. Occasionally I’ll talk with !'" ") what’s going on from their perspective. Local sport enthusiasts can be a good source of information since they are focused on the water while patrollers have to focus more on the beach, searching &.&")"/" man who frequently sets up near Park East told me last week about a large, curious sea turtle which kept coming close to shore, raising its head above water to “eye” him for a moment, then turn and head toward the horizon only to return later to eye him again, repeating the process several times. His and other stories of loggerheads, greens and even some leatherbacks which were sighted buoyed our hopes of another good year. Sea turtles were cruising around out there, literally keeping an ("+&! !'&" said, “they must be waitin’ on somethin’.” There was a sudden turnaround on June 1 when patrollers on Perdido Key, Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa, each found a nest, doubling our total in one day. On June 2, another nest was found at Ft. Pickens. At last, we were in business and all four patrol areas "&(!&)&"/ A mature female sea turtle does not nest every year, instead she will skip one to three years. In her nesting year, however, she will come ashore multiple times at ten to fourteen-day intervals to lay eggs. The frequency of both depends upon the species. Once more this year we are hoping for a leatherback nest. The last one we had was in 2. Sadly, that was the same year a large leatherback turtle was killed by a boat strike and washed up on Casino Beach. We’ve had none since, but we are getting more and more sightings of leatherbacks offshore. Last year both Bay and Okaloosa Counties had leatherback nests, so they’re getting closer. Leatherbacks can eat their #$%!$":( !1()&(&") since they can weigh up to 2, ")!&D&:( stings for humans! Keep your "%)'&(+!$$ year for a leatherback nest. I have an update regarding "!&"#!$! was found on the east side of Pensacola Beach on May 11. I commented on the fact that the female loggerhead picked out a dark area near four vacant lots to nest. After my column went to press, I discovered that she had '&!+!$")! in the core area, but did a u-turn made a false crawl and headed east to a darker area. Remember to turn your lights off to increase the odds of a nest near you. Until next time, Lights Out! Blue Sky Gift Shoppeeed e ee i e ae R e ni !"!#


Island Times PAGE 19 June 11, 2013 By Terri McKamey rarria PARASAILINGSMILE HIGH CLUBeel e Till in e l n s smilin een i Pensala ea a e adalAE ETA KAYAKSSINGLE/TANDEM093220eailinm PE 9 eae emiin HOBIE CATS SAIL AWAY PONTOON BOATSHOURLY/DAILY WAVERUNNERS FAST & FUNenals Inlude All sae ea Ee insuin As au e aa us paddle boards E ide u aain ae am TOGA PARTY June 22 9PM 1AM Buzzcut performs Get A Shaker Shirt! Visit our Gift Shop! M 10 AM -Close alf Price Drins Shots for ARE Custoers Poer Trivia:30 10 AM -Close 2 WineeerWell Karaoe ecy PM Ladies Nite PM-Close 2 Wine eerWell Fatty Waters and PM R PM-Close 12Price Drins Shaer Shirt Live Music PM SUN: 9PM TIL KARAOKE & MUSIC W/DJ VIC M\?#?!#_?+>#; 09322211 Something is always Shakin sandshaker.com Online Calendar Wed, 6/12 Fatty Waters Band Ricky Phelps&Dennis Gossman Krewe of Brewe Party Fatty Waters Band Buck Nasty Buzzcut Toga Party w/Buzzcut Its Shaker Time You know its the little things that put a tough week back into perspective. I took my son for a day on the beach last week. We headed out early for our day of fun and sun. As I grabbed our stuff from the car, he just couldnt wait and ran headlong into the waves. The look of pure joy on his face as he surfaced and threw his head back made all of my hectic week just disappear. Laughing with him, I carefully set the rods down never ever drop the reel into the sand and joined him for a wonderful romp in the water. And just like that, everything was good again. Sometimes we just need a little reminder. We are so lucky to live where we do and have the sun, sand and water. Its the cure for anything. The day with Michael was absolutely fantastic. We swam, played and even '&"&%) !&$‹ What have you been doing? If your week was hectic or even if it wasnt, head out to the beach with your loved ones. I guarantee youll soon be feeling $%!&%&$"‹ Mullet have arrived and you can see nets being thrown quite regularly. The Spanish Mackerel and the King Mackerel are just starting to move in. We will see these pick up over the next few weeks, as will the Flounder. "!I &!B)0 and just about everything else swimming is eating right now. The last couple of days have been a little challenging due to the #$")+! !$%&&‹ !!B) Snapper season has just opened 0!+$$" /,&/B( Smith on The Entertainer reports his June 4 charter met their quota $"! '$"/0! are usually 8-12 pounds, but '&")/ A quick reminder for those 1"$"%"!I &#$! your boats, please pay attention to the water depth and the areas that you are running in. It will not only save you from some possible damage to your boat and motor by not running aground, you will be saving the sea grass in our bays. It’s terrible to see someone with their motor trimmed up plowing across a +&$%&I &.$.$"%& mud rooster tail destroying the bottom only because they werent paying attention. So, be careful out there and enjoy what our area has to offer, incredible beaches, beautiful water and a fantastic $"!&")! !(/ The pier anglers are report$"%4&"$!5&.&)( Hard tails, Black Drum and a few Sharks are making their way to !)./,+$&&('! done for now. The weather is cooperating and conditions are just about perfect. What are you waiting Œ&+&.$)&")% !$"%/ <#$)(&#)%)‹ he Pensacola Beach oce eam rolls around on he muli-spor cour a ole Par ihou much anare. ear round hrough blisering summer and rigid iner he pla simpl because he loe he spor ha has been adaped rom ice saes o inline roller saes. he inied eams rom Panama i and ongomer or a ournamen a 18 -19 bu he local gus proed oo srong o bea. ih he ournamen roph are bac ro L o ames lare Paric erdes lan ee homas igerald co ilbreah and ae eering. ron ro L o are an Buccella le ellscapain an ceil and ddie ells. Loo or he salar plaers on ednesdas and undas or srap on some saes and oin hem. ishing pediion unloaded heir cach a he Beach arina a 22.


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